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22-04-2005, 06:06 PM
Rhonda... - Part 1

It all started around the seventh month after my girlfriend and I began dating. We had one monstrous weekend of Sex, where my lady and I had done it twelve times in three days. Now I know what you're thinking. You're saying to yourself, "It's impossible for a man to have sex twelve times in one weekend. That's impossible!" But the fact is it happened. Now I'll tell you how it happened. Condoms. I have always hated using them and the reason is that they take almost all the sensation out of my penis. So by using them, I got hard and then screwed for about twenty to thirty minutes, and still could not achieve an orgasm. So I had sex with my lady twelve times in one weekend as earlier mentioned, but out of those twelve times I only came about four or five times. Needless to say my lady had a little more than five orgasms that weekend. She said she had never experienced a "multiple orgasm" until she had met me, and while there was a chance she was lying to make me feel macho I preferred to trust what she was saying. So if the weekend was counted by how many times I orgasmed, then we only did it five times. Yet if you were counting by her amount of orgasms, we did it twelve times in one weekend. While it was the best weekend of my life, it was a moment that would be my infamous downfall...

One weekend, my lady went home to visit her friends and family for the mid-term break. Since my home was out of the province and too expensive to travel, I had decided to stay behind and catch up on some studies. I was alone in my apartment that weekend cause my roommate had also gone home for the break, so I was well on my way to finally getting caught up with my studies when there was a knock at my door. I paused for a moment and thought to myself, "Who the hell could that be?" Huffing myself away from my studies, I placed by glasses down and walked over to the door of my basement apartment to see who was disrupting my studies. When I opened the door, there was a slender and very attractive looking woman, with long red hair and fantastic blue eyes.

Her name was Rhonda and she was one of my girlfriend's buddies that she liked to hang around with at the bars and on Campus. While comparing her with my lady would be like comparing oranges with apples, Rhonda was a fantastic woman all on her own. She was wearing a tight pair of black jeans and a coat since it was very cold outside. Without staring at her too much, I stepped aside and let her come in. She walked by and then took of her coat before tossing it on the couch. Underneath that coat she was wearing a black tank top that clung to her body like it was two sizes too small. Her breasts were magnificent and I could clearly see her nipples poke out and demand to be noticed. I couldn't help but wonder what she was doing here especially in the selected attire.

"I don't mean to be Rude, but what brings you by here?" I quietly said as she was looked back at me. Needless to say my attire wasn't as hot as what she had on. I was dressed in a loose white t-shirt and a loose pair of pajama pants.

"Well Peter," she said while checking out what I was wearing, "I just came back from hanging out with a few of the girls downtown and I thought I would stop by since I was in the neighborhood. You don't mind do you?"

"Of course not." I replied, not trying to look shocked. I knew that there was a chance that she was just returning from drinking downtown with the girls. There was a good chance that she was a little horny and looking for a piece of action. But she seemed to look quite sober, and since it was only eleven at night one shouldn't just to conclusions, "Nice outfit." I said to her trying to make conversation.

"Does it turn you on Peter?" She suddenly asked giving me a decent glare.

It was a question that I wasn't expecting so soon. I paused for a moment, and then finally replied, "It sure does. Who wouldn't be turned on by that?" I said trying to be a nice guy. The comment had made her blush and she stepped closer to me. I could see a little bit of cleavage as she walked closer, but never looked down that long as I didn't want to seem rude.

"What would you say if I wanted to get a piece of action, from the man who can do it twelve times in one weekend?" Rhonda asked as she slowly licked her lips.

Now I knew what was going on. My girlfriend had gone back to the group and told her friends every little juicy detail. While I wasn't really in the mood to get into too many of the details about that weekend, it was clear that she was impressed and wanted a piece of what I had to offer. She walked closer to the point where her breasts were started to brush up against my chest. I paused for a moment and enjoyed the sensation and then said, "Are you sure you want to be doing this?"

"Oh I am very sure." Rhonda said as she cracked a smile, "I won't tell anyone about this if you promise to do the same." Just as she finished saying that, Rhonda leaned forward and our lips touched. It was an awesome sensation cause I will confess that I did sometimes fantasize about having this woman, but never thought that it might happen. Our lips pressed for a few seconds, and then I could feel her mouth open as she slipped me her tongue and we started to French kiss right there in the middle of my living room. As few seconds later, I was into it as well as my tongue returned the favor and our hands began to caress our bodies as we embraced deeper. I could feel her hands caress my back and even though I knew that it was wrong, I wanted her bad. I slipped my hand underneath her tank top and realized that Rhonda was not wearing a bra. She was more than eager to help as she slipped of her top and let me gaze at what were her very awesome breasts. I had caressed them for a moment and then began to lick her nipples very gently as she gave a little whimper that gave me the impression that she liked it when I did that. Then we kissed again. She had removed my shirt by this time and her breasts were rubbing up against my chest and that was making me rock hard. After we kissed very passionately for the second time, she looked me in the eyes and said, "I wanna screw you so bad Peter. Do you want to make love to me?"

I paused for a moment and then pondered what I was getting myself into. She was a very hot woman and someone that I would die to have sex with. But then again she was a friend of my girlfriend, and it would almost be like betraying her in a way. I thought about it again for a few moments and said, "Yes, I want you bad Rhonda..." right after I had said that, she deeply embraced me again. We played tongue hockey for about a full minute before I finally got her to lay down right there on the living room floor. I again went on the attack and started to caress her big and very beautiful breasts with my tongue, flicking them off her very erect nipples. She then moaned with great pleasure as myself and my tongue started to work our way down. ...to be contd

22-04-2005, 06:07 PM
Rhonda... - Epilogue

Slowly I began to lick her belly and Rhonda even laughed when I licked her belly button. As I slowly made my way down to her pelvis, I was already unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them off her hips. She was eager to get them off as she wiggled to help me get them off her gorgeous body. From there her underwear was no trouble, and as I pulled them down I say the most awesome sight I never though I would see. Rhonda had a small but very nice patch of red hair that made it a snatch that I was eager to get into. As I was pulling her panties past her knees, she moaned with delight as my tongue started to play with the lip of her vagina. I had always wanted to make out with a redhead, and took full advantage of the moment as I dipped my head in and went all out. Rhonda was moaning in full delight as my tongue penetrated her and slowly gave her sensations that would make any
woman want to sell her soul away. I could feel her hands slowly caress my hair as I never let off and continued to give her oral pleasure, eagerly wanting to make her orgasm. I could feel hear back arch as she started to buck her hips with excitement. I could also tell that Rhonda was a screamer, as she never hesitated to groan out in pleasure as she has what seemed like a really good orgasm.

I could tell that she enjoyed that little bit of foreplay as she was already sweating and huffing from what was good oral pleasure. I leaned over her and kissed her again, and she rolled over on top of me. She paused for a moment and then smiled, "My turn." she said quietly as she then started to move down towards my pelvic area. She slowly untied the lace on my pajamas, and was surprised to see that I was not wearing any underwear. To explain, usually when it's just me alone at the apartment I prefer to go "commando" as it relaxes me and helps me study. (Yet I only do that with the roommate is not around.... Ok?)

She was delighted to say the least, and all I could see was her gorgeous red hair as she started to bob her head up ad down over my groin area. I couldn't help but give out a tiny moan as I felt her lips slowly engulf my penis as Rhonda took it all into her mouth. Over the next ten minutes, I would say that I was given some of the best head of my life. She was awesome, and I was surprised that I had not orgasmed. Still she had crawled back on top of me and there we were. Two naked and very sweaty bodies, both yearning for each other and wanting to go all the way. I could tell by the position that she was in that she wanted to start on top, so I gave no argument. She slowly straddled my now rock hard cock and I loved to sensation as I could feel her very wet lips wrap around my hard shaft and swallow up my cock. I couldn't believe I was doing this but it was really happening. About five minutes into it, Rhonda began to moan again. I clearly could tell that she was coming again, as I could feel her wetness as her juices started to dampen my pubic area. This time she moans and wailed out even more, calling out my name and everything.

After she had her second orgasm, I asked if we could change positions. She agreed and we then proceeded to do it doggie style. Clearly my favorite position, cause in all honestly I don't have what one would call a very "Massive" penis. So through this position, you can achieve greater penetration and help her along while also pleasing one's self, cause this position stimulates the penis more. Once in that position, I could clearly tell that we were going to have a great finish. She was panting and moaning up another storm, I too was started to make sounds I as too was getting close to my climax. We both started to moan and groan together as suddenly we both began to orgasm at the same time. It was simply awesome. We both came and I could feel myself shoot an awesome load right into her, and I loved every minute of it. Once we were finished, we both laid down on the floor beside on another and held each other. We spent the next twenty minutes kissing quite passionately, and telling each other what a great time we had. (again, I don't know if she was lying... but let's just trust her... ok?)

A few hours later, Rhonda and I did it again. This time it was in the shower. Both of us had tried to clean up, but we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We both again managed to peak to another great climax, and I am sure that this night we were keeping the neighbors up with all our moans and groans. After making out for a second time, Rhonda and I finally had separate showers and cleaned ourselves up. Rhonda was thinking about going home, but later we had decided that she should stay over so that no one would suspect anything if they saw her leaving at such a late hour of the night. I offered her the bed, and said that I was willing to take the couch but Rhonda us to go to bed together cause she wanted to sleep in my arms. I pondered the idea and came to the conclusion that since I had gone this far it was not an outrageous demand. We both went to bed with not a stitch of clothing on and slept in each other arms. It was the perfect ending to what was an amazing night. I thought that I had gotten away with the perfect crime, and that no one would know what had happened. Little did we know that someone had been watching from a distance.. :eek: :D

22-04-2005, 06:10 PM
A Lazy Sunday - Part 1

It was another lazy Sunday morning. We had both woken up earlier, cuddled close, and then fell into a dreamy sleep. When I awoke again, I was spooning her, my hand on her breast, my growing cock wedged firmly against her ass.

Now that the kids had grown and moved out, this kind of lazy weekend lovemaking had become something of a ritual. As I pulled her closer, I reminded myself just how lucky we were. Many married couples lost their passion after only a few short years of marriage, yet after 22 years we were still going strong.

I lay there next to her, my hand softly caressing her breast in an effort to awaken her. I slid my hand across her stomach, down to her freshly shaven cunt. I cupped her mound in my hand, and slowly slid my finger in to her damp pussy. She was awakening now, and a gasp escaped her lips as her eyes slowly opened. She smiled and pushed back against me and moaned.

She turned to face me, and kissed me hard. Her tongue entered my mouth and now I was the one who was moaning. She rolled over on top of me and continued the wet sexy kiss. She pulled away and smiled. “Good morning handsome” she said. I kissed her and grabbed her ass playfully. Suddenly she got a rather concerned look on her face.

“Dave, I need to talk to you about something, and…well… now seems like as good a time as any”.

Now, after being married all this time, I think I know when my wife is trying to tell me something important. And anytime she says “I need to talk to you”, it usually has negative connotations. I could feel my manhood begin to lose it’s enthusiasm as a result. I swallowed hard and said “go on…”

She kissed me again, this time while opening her legs a little. I could feel her wetness on my wilting cock, which reversed the trend immediately.

“You know I love you right Dave? And I think the sex we have is absolutely wonderful.” At this point she kissed me again, this time with a whole lot of tongue. I grabbed her ass and reached one finger around to stroke her slit. She was going to have to make her point quick, as I was quickly losing any ability to concentrate on anything other than slipping my cock into her.

She broke the kiss, and said, “I’ve been thinking. And I want to try something that we have never tried before”. In the state I was in, I would have agreed to attempting sex with an uncooperative tiger in a phone booth. All I could do was nod and mumble something that sounded vaguely like “uh huh”.

“I have always been curious about eating another woman”.

I think I gasped - I am not sure. The shock was complete and total. She was far from being a prude, we had tired lots of stuff from oral to anal to toys, but the suggestion of her wanting to make love to another woman was totally unsuspected. And hot.

Then, as any self-respecting male would, I panicked. What if she was telling me she was gay? Wait – that couldn’t be it, she was laying on me naked, wet, and…did I mention she was wet?

She watched the expressions on my face as I did the mental exercises necessary to come to terms with her statement. She began to laugh. I smiled, and then started to laugh myself.

“You serious?” I asked.
“Yep” she said.
“And I could be there?”
“You would have to be there, or I wouldn’t try it!” She was laughing again.

I paused for a minute, then kissed her hard. This was too good to be true. If this was a lazy Sunday morning dream, I hoped I would never wake up. I rolled her over, slid into her, and we fucked hard and fast. God she felt good. She always did. I fell back asleep wondering what it was going to be like….

The 20-minute ride back to our apartment was filled with a sexual tension and excitement that I had never experienced before. Both Jan and Sophia had climbed into the back seat. I was driving while trying to keep track of the action in the back using the rear view mirror – not the safest approach to driving by any means.

They were sitting close together, smiling at me provocatively. I was trying to drive, watch them, and figure out how all this came about at the same time when Sophia spoke up.

“So did we surprise you?” she said through a mischievous smile. “Oh yah – just a bit” I replied. Both of them laughed at my obvious understatement.

Sophia continued as she played with Jan’s hair. “We had this planned for weeks you know, but we were just waiting for the right time.” I realized at that point that the planning for this whole evening was probably done during the Friday evenings when Jan and I had agreed to meet at Romeo’s after work. Often I would arrive late only to find Jan sitting in our favorite booth chatting with Sophia before her shift started. They always seemed to be enjoying each other’s company, but that was a far cry from getting naked together.

Jan’s voice broke my chain of thought. “Some of those evenings when you were late meeting me, Sophia and I would just sit and talk. One night, she asked me about how our sex life was, seeing as we had been married so long. I told her it was great, but that I wanted to try something a little different…and she asked what that might be. I was too embarrassed to tell her that I wanted to have sex with another woman, but she persisted, and I had downed a few glasses of wine, so I told her about my desire to taste another woman. I must have turned bright red after I told her, I was so embarrassed”. Both Jan and Sophia were smiling broadly now, inching a little closer to each other. Sophia picked up the story. “I was surprised, but told her a little secret of my own – I told her that I was gay, and in fact had been in a relationship with another woman for several years now.” I noticed Sophia’s hand had now disappeared up into the slit in the side of Jan’s dress, and that Jan’s legs were spread a little wider than before. Jan gasped, and in my haste to see more, I just about piled into the back of a delivery truck....to be contd ;)

22-04-2005, 06:15 PM
A Lazy Sunday - The Finale

“I asked her what it was like, being with another woman” Jan said. “And she told me how wonderful it could be, and…” Jan’s voice grew faint as Sophia’s hand started to move under her skirt. She caught her breath and continued. “..and she got me so hot listening to her, that I asked her if she would show me…I mean show us…” Her breathing now was getting a little faster, her voice higher pitched. “And she agreed to show me what it was like while you watched”. It was obvious now that Sophia was fingering Jan’s tight cunt through those crotchless panties that I had been encountering just minutes before.

I don’t remember much of the ride home, at least not what it looked like through the windshield anyway. Somehow I managed to negotiate the rest of the drive home without bending any sheet metal. I pulled into our parking space in the garage. Before we all piled out of the car, my conscience decided it needed to be appeased. It’s hell to have a dick and a conscience; the two often are at odds.

“Sophia,” I stammered, “what about your significant other? I mean, will she…does she know about this?” I had this vision of a pissed off and extremely jealous female wrestler-type beating the crap out of me in a dark alley some night. So maybe it wasn’t my conscience asking, maybe it was fear – but it seemed like a good question to ask at the time.

Sophia looked at me in the rear view mirror, smiled, and said, “Well Jan, you are right…he is a rare man indeed. Most guys would have gone through with this and worried about the consequences later.” Wow, I was scoring big points. “I appreciate your asking, but Tanya and I discussed this, and she just said to have a good time”. I was tempted to ask for a permission slip with Tanya’s notarized signature on it, but my conscience was satisfied enough to let my dick take over. “Good enough for me!” I said.

The three of us got out of the car, the girls holding hands and running toward the elevator. I could barely keep up, seeing as I was having some difficulty walking what with a rather large erection hampering my progress. I followed them into the elevator, the door closed, and the next thing I knew they were locked in a hot and wet French kiss in one corner of the elevator. Jan’s hand rose to Sophia’s breast as I stood mesmerized in the opposite corner of the elevator. Jan’s eyes made contact with mine, and she broke the kiss and said “one of us probably should press the button for our floor”. We all laughed as I selected the third floor, and the elevator headed up.

We made it into the apartment, where I excused myself to make some drinks. Jan surprised me by following me into the kitchen. “Honey, I want you to know something. I love you, and while I really want to have sex with Sophia, nobody will ever ever replace you – you know that don’t you?” I answered “Yes hun, I know, and you are the greatest wife a man could have, and…” I became at a loss for words, so I just looked at her smiled, hugged her close, and kissed her with all the love and passion in my heart.

We went out into the living room where Sophia sat seductively on the couch. I noticed that her blouse was unbuttoned now, down nearly to her navel, and my heart skipped a beat or two. Jan sat on the couch next to her, and I sat in the recliner opposite them.

Sophia is younger than we are, probably in her late twenties. Like Jan, she has deep brown beautiful eyes and olive skin, but the similarities end there. While Jan’s figure is more full and curvaceous, Sophia is slight, with more of girlish figure. Her light brown hair is cut short, and her breasts are a perfect hand full with erect nipples that were showing through her beige silk blouse. Her legs were long, and slender, and although I have never considered myself a real leg man, I was captivated by the gracefulness of her legs. She was wearing a plain black skirt that ended well above her knees, and a simple strand of small white pearls graced her voluptuous neck.

It was like I was seeing Sophia for the very first time, and she was beautiful.

As I stared at Sophia, she moved toward Jan and set her drink on the coffee table. She reached for the buttons on Jan’s blouse, and started unbuttoning from the top down. Her movements were slow and sensual, and she didn’t say a word.

As she continued to work the buttons on Jan’s blouse, Jan reached one hand inside Sophia’s blouse and gently stroked her breast, teasing her nipple softly, and then pulling on it with her thumb and fore finger. Both of them were getting hotter by the second, and I was not far behind. I wanted to free my aching cock from my pants, but waited not wanting to distract either of them.

Sophia now bent her head down, un-tucked Jan’s blouse from that sexy green skirt, and quickly sucked an erect nipple into her mouth. Jan moaned, and so did I. My cock demanded freedom, and I unzipped my fly and gave my cock a few strokes. I need not have worried about distracting them; neither of them gave me a glance.

Jan grabbed the back of Sophia’s neck and pulled her hard against her breast. Sophia responded by sucking harder, making slurping sounds as she worked first one of Jan’s nipples, then the other. Jan now dropped both her hands to Sophia’s breasts, and roughly pulled her long nipples as Sophia continued to devour Jan’s tits.

Sophia then sat up, stood, removed her blouse, then stepped out of her skirt. She hadn’t been wearing any panties, and now she was only wearing her black spiked heels and those pearls. Jan and I both gasped as we stared at her beautiful body. Sophia’s pussy was shaved clean, like Jan’s, and as she stood with her legs spread slightly, you could see that her pussy lips were swollen and wet.

Sophia then silently coaxed Jan to stand. Jan did so almost as if in a trance, pulling off her own skirt and those wet crotchless panties. They stood there smiling at each other, naked. Then they looked at me and smiled, giggling. Without saying a word, they held each other close and kissed, sliding down to sit on the couch again.

They started French kissing slowly, then faster as their passion grew. Sophia slid one thigh between Jan’s, and Jan rubbed her wet pussy on Sophia’ leg and moaned. Sophia’s hand slid down Jan’s stomach to her wet pussy, and she quickly slid her middle finger in to the hilt. Jan moaned through their kiss, and whimpered.

Sophia then kissed her way down to Jan’s navel. As she knelt on the floor in front of Jan, I kicked the coffee table out of the way so I could get a better view.

Sophia kissed Jan’s swollen cunt lips, then dove in with a passion. I stood for an even better look, stepping out of my pants, and pulling quickly on my hard cock. Sophia’s tongue worked Jan’s clit faster and faster, and I could tell Jan was close to cumming – so was I. Sophia’s hand was working feverishly between her own legs, and she was moaning while she ate my sexy wife.

Jan’s climax began to build, and soon her hips were bucking wildly. “I want to eat you – god yes – I want to suck your pussy till you cum Sophia…harder suck it harder!” Jan came in waves that caused her body to shake, and then she came again, screaming. “Fuck…yes fuck…ohhhhh…..”.

As Jan’s orgasm subsided, Sophia climbed up on the couch, put one leg on either side of Jan’s still shaking body, and presented her bare cunt to Jan. “Eat me. Give me what I gave you, and do it now!” Sophia grabbed Jan’s head and pushed it against her snatch. “Suck it now. Hard!” I was startled at Sophia’s aggressiveness, but Jan started to lick, then suck, then bite softly at Sophia’s clit. “Ohhhh bitch!” Sophia screamed. “You like my hot snatch, don’t you, tell me you like it!’ “Yes!” Jan replied I love your snatch!” I was going to blow my load any second, and as I prepared for the cum of my life, Sophia’s hips began to buck wildly. I moved behind the couch, and from my vantage point I could see that Jan was sticking her tongue into Sophia’s pussy, then circling her clit, then sucking it hard. “Fuck….oh…oh…FUCK!!!” Sophia started to cum, and as she did I began stroking my cock faster and faster. Sophia was grinding her hips into Jan’s face, and Jan was moaning and grabbing Sophia’s ass as she tongued her. I started to cum as Sophia screamed and shook, her hands buried in Jan’s soft hair. I pumped my cock hard, and began to squirt my cum into Jan’s hair. I couldn’t believe how hard or how much I was cumming.

As Sophia’s orgasm slipped away, she slid down Jan’s body and she ended up sitting in Jan’s lap facing her. She gave Jan a wet kiss and sighed while fingering her own nipples.

They held each other, breathless, and the sight coupled with the intensity of my orgasm made my knees grow weak. I stumbled back to the recliner to admire the beautiful sight before me. They kissed for a few minutes, tasting each other’s juices. Sophia quickly rose, kissed Jan again deeply, then started to put on her clothes. I sat there numb with a stupid grin on my face. My cock was still twitching. Sophia finished dressing and turned for the door. She stopped for a minute and looked at Jan. “Thanks for letting me be your first!” she said. Jan just looked at her and smiled. “And, if you ever want to try it again, you know where you can find me.” With that she was gone.

I stood and walked over to Jan as she sat on the couch exhausted. I sat next to her, and asked her if she was ok. She smiled and turned toward me and kissed me softly. “Yes, I am fine thank you.” she said. I laughed and told her that it should be me thanking her, and she laughed and kissed me again.

We made love passionately two more times that evening. The taste of Sophia on my wife's lips was erotic beyond belief. We fell asleep in each other's arms, tired and spent. I dreamt many slow, sexy dreams about lazy Sundays with two women in my bed, and my beautiful wife and Sophia starred in every one of them. :D

22-04-2005, 06:26 PM
Many thks to bro u noe who for your point and kind words. U r on my repay list 4 sure :D Can onli post more on weekends whilst in semi-retirement hor! Cheers :)

22-04-2005, 06:49 PM
The Hot Sex Fantasy cums true - Part 1

I always had a hot sex fantasy about a girl called Lauren that was a teacher assistant in one of my classes when I was younger and in College. I would quite often stroke my cock to explosion just thinking about filling up Lauren's soft pussy.

She was a few years older then me, and we were on different carrer paths, and outside of class I had never seen her once. So my chances of getting her were rather slim. She was a real knockout though; 5'6", 125 pounds maybe, tanned skin, light brown hair with highlights, nice curves, and probably at least a big C cup. Her tits were the first thing you noticed about her. She always whore tight shirts that took form around her perfect breast. They were very perky and made you want to run up and start licking them until she moaned in orgasmic pleasure.

The Spring semester let out that year and she had graduated, so pretty much my chances of seeing her again were pretty slim. That summer my freinds and I were going on a trip to Jamaica; so to make sure I did not bake down there from the unforgiving sun I decided to get a base tan on my skin seeing I didnt have one because summer had just started and I lived in a Northern State.

One blistering hot afternoon I made a trip over to a tanning place in town about a mile from my apartment. On the way over all I could think about was what a fool I was going to make of myself going tanning in 90 degree weather and how nobody else was going to be there, but I was leaving in a week so I had to get started. As I began to approach the doors I couldn't wait for the air condition from the store to cool my overheating body. I got about a foot into the door and realized that it was about as cool inside the store as it was outside. I walked up to the front counter to get a tanning bed, and out of no where my eyes met no other then Lauren the girl from school working in the front. "Hi, I'm Lauren." She said to me "Have you been here before." I stood there caught of gaurd from seeing her. "No." I told her "Ok I'm going to need you to fill this out for me. She handed me a form to complete in order to tan. I was filling it out and I could not help myself from glancing up from the piece of paper and check Lauren out. She was wearing a tight black shirt. The sleeves on it were just a little below her shoulders; the center of it was spilt down about 6 inches down. The shirt was a thicker material so she wasn't wearing a bra with it. The jean shorts she was wearing were slightly frayed at the bottom, and her ass wasn't hanging out but they were very short. Her long tan legs were enough to make you submit to her. Lastly she was wearing a pair of black flip flops. Looking at her I began to get a hard on.

As I was filling out the form I began to get a little hot, and I used my writing hand to wipe the sweat away. As I did it she looked up from her magazine, "I'm sorry it's so hot in here, were closing in 15 minutes and I went ahead and turned the AC of for the day." I give her a nod and went back to the form. I finished filling the form out, and handed it to her. She began to put the info into the computer. As she moved around I tryed to look down the front of her shirt. She moved to the left a bit, and I got a nice look at her left breast almost down to her nipple. I could feel my cock in my pants swell even bigger and bigger every second I continued to look at her beautiful tits. She leaned forward a bit then and started to say something to me. “Ok, you’re going to need to…” I couldn’t stop myself from looking down the front of her shirt as she began to talk. Everything she was saying to me I completely ignored, not purposely, but the sight of her fantastic tits just knocked me out. I could feel the heat coming from my cock as it was rock hard now pressing right against my stomach. She had finished talking, and handed me a packed of lotion. “ Are you ok with everything." She asked me, “Ya, I got everything.” “Ok, I’m gonna go ahead and finishes closing while your tanning.” “Alright.” I said to her. I moved around the desk kinda of aquarelle trying to make sure she didn’t see my hard on.

I walked down to the end tanning booth, and walked in and closed the door. I immediately dropped my pants and let my big dick loose. I took a look at it ; big purple head, with big low hanging balls. I had always taken pride in it, and that’s why I trimmed the pubic hairs twice a week and completely shaved my balls. I could just not get this hard on to go away without stroking it. I took a look at the tanning lotion Lauren had given me. I figured there should be an enough left for me for tanning if I use a little to lube my cock. I finished taking my clothes of, and set down in the chair next to the tanning bed. A squirt a little of the lotion into my left hand, and a little on my right hand and set it down. ..to be contd

22-04-2005, 06:50 PM
The Hot Sex Fantasy cums true - Epilogue

I started stroking my rock hard cock up and down taking extra time to focus on my swollen cock head. I took my other hand and started rubbing my nipples back and forth getting them hard. I sat there and stroked thinking (like several times before) about having Lauren suck my cock. The ideas that she was in the same area as me made it even more erotica and hot. As I sat there for no more then 30 seconds sense I lubed up, almost ready to explode, out no where the door to the tanning room opens. Lauren walks in with a handful of towels. We made QUICK eye contact, and she dropped the towels. She immediately knew what I was doing. I sat there with a huge hard on and tanning lotion dripping of my swollen cock and just looking at her. While I was staring down the front of her shirt I must have missed what room she TOLD me to go into, and that I was not suppose to just pick one.
I couldn’t say anything to her. It felt as if my heart was ready to explode in my chest it was racing so fast. Lauren eyes were fixed up my cock. “Wow” she said with a gasp of air. She shot a smile at me, and quickly turned around to close the door. She walked up to me and got on her knees between mine, and about 3 inches from my cock. “You know Chris I always saw you looking at me at class. I always thought you were sexy, but was afraid to talk to you.”

Lauren smiled at me, and then started giving me a hang job. She squirted some more tanning lotion in her hand and started working my cock hard up and down. With her free hand she played with my balls. “I love balls with no hair at all.” I could feel myself ready to explode right then and there, but knew that I had to make this one last. “O god your good Lauren.” She kept working my cock hard, pausing for a long stroke on my head. The Lotion began to drip onto her tits.

“Put it in your mouth” I told her with hardly any breath. She took her hand away from it, and put her lips around the head of my cock. She put just the head in her mouth and started licking it very fast. She began to work her mouth down the shaft of it moving her tongue around. She kept taking it in her mouth until she could not fit anymore. I started moving her hair around for her, and set my hand on the back of her head. She grabbed the bottom of the chair I was in, and started bobbing her head up and down slowly on my shaft. She began to work up speed, and started up and down on it in rapid up and down strokes. She looked up at me, and saw how much pleasure I was in.

Lauren took her mouth of it “God your cock is big.” She stood up and front of me and unzipped her pants and let them fall to the floor. Her tanned legs were so hot I remember. She had on a red g-string that left only a little to imagine. “Take your shirt of Lauren, let those tits go.” I told her in demand. She graved the bottom of her shirt and took it of slowly and finally let her fantastic tits free. They were perfect with big nipples at the ends. Lauren reached down and took her g-string of to show me her pussy. She had a very thin patch of black pussy hair leading down to her cunt. “Please suck on my tits” She came over to me and sat down on my lap with her massive tits facing me. I put my mouth around her nipples and started sucking and locking them. I could feel them getting hard in my mouth.

I took my lips from her nipples, and switched position with her. She spread her legs wide, with one against the tanning bed and the other against the wall. I got on my knees, and started licking the inside of her legs where her pussy came in. I went up and down in long strokes fast and slowly. I took my lips away and pushed a finger into her hot hole and started fucking her with it. I worked another finer in and kept fingering her fast. I took my fingers of and licked the pussy juice of. I started at her pussy again. Licking up all the juices I could. I moved up to her clit, and started licking around it slowly. “O god that feels good.” Lauren moaned out to me. I then started licking her clit slowly and then picking up speed. I put my 2 fingers back into her and started fingering her again fast. “I’m gonna cum.” Lauren let out a loud moan and then a powerful orgasm went through her body.

Lauren began to moan louder and louder. I could feel her pussy juice dripping down my chin. “I can’t wait any longer; stick your big dick in me.” She stood up quickly, and I graved her hips and put her against the tanning bed. I drove my rock hard cock right into her soft, hot, wet pussy. “O god yes. Keep fucking me hard Chris.” I drove my dick in and out of her as she was bent over holding onto the bed in the doggystyle position. My crotch was slapping her ass as I drove into her harder and harder. “O god I’m gonna cum again.” Lauren screamed out. I kept driving my dick in and out of her as orgasmic waves of pleasure went throughout her body. Her pussy began to get wetter and wetter, until I could not stand it anymore. I took my dick out of her and turned her around. She got on her knee’s again as I exploded a huge load all over her face. Wads and wads of hot white cum was coming flying out of my cock head covering her hot lips all over. She swallowed all of it and licked around her face. She put my cock back into her mouth to get the last drips of it. She cleaned her self up, then stood up, and pressed her hot body against mine and we shared a long passionate kiss.

Both of us got dressed, and I helped her close up. She gave me a ride back, and then gave me her phone number and asked for me to call her whenever I feel like hooking up again. :D

23-04-2005, 12:51 PM
A Fishing Trip in the Rockies - Part 1

I have always enjoyed hiking, camping, hunting and fishing -- with others or on my own. That's why I happened to be camping alone one summer day a few years ago at a secluded site on the northwest edge of Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. In fact, I was taking advantage of the remoteness of the area since fishermen rarely hiked in to the high valley. The valley's pristine mountain creek was strung with beaver ponds that were teeming with unwary brook trout.

For two days I didn't see another soul and I was almost bored with catching and releasing fish after fish. The afternoon of the second day I was casting lazily in a pool about a mile upstream from my camp when I was startled by the appearance of a girl in hiking clothes on the opposite bank. Making her way closer through the thick willows, the girl called to me in accented English.

"My friend is injured! Can you come and help us?"

I left my fishing gear in a pile and found a place to cross the stream. The young woman met me and, with brief thanks, began leading me upstream alongside the creek. I was soon thankful I was in good shape because
she set a grueling pace. We marched for a steep, rocky mile, pausing only once to introduce ourselves and gulp water from my canteen.

My companion was Dagmar "from West Germany" and she briefly related that she was backpacking with two friends and one had badly injured an ankle. Meanwhile, I couldn't help noticing that Dagmar was about 5'6", with a pretty oval face. She also had thick, wavy brunette hair falling to her shoulders, well-muscled legs and, under her shorts, one of the shapeliest butts I'd ever seen. Finally we arrived at a spot near the tree line where her friends, two German girls, were waiting. They were Erma, a tall and thin pale blonde with a serious look and a badly sprained ankle, and Angela, a short, black-haired cherub with an olive complexion and full, pouty lips.

On examining Erma's ankle, my EMT training told me she needed care but not hospitalization. I wrapped it, but knew Erma needed a couple of days of rest with the ankle iced and elevated. My campsite was the nearest spot with good protection from the powerful mountain thunderstorms, so we headed there. It was downhill all the way, but carrying Erma's pack while helping her made it killing work. The path was narrow, uneven and so steep in spots that we had to pass Erma from hand to hand. We were all exhausted and dripping sweat by the time we reached my camp. Luckily, I had some codeine in my first aid kit because Erma was in considerable pain. I pitched their tent while Angie and Dagmar made Erma comfortable and moved her inside. Soon she was dozing in a sleeping bag with her leg propped on a pack. My muscles ached, I was sticky with sweat and my clothes were dirty and clammy. The girls were in no better shape. I told them I was going for a bath in the stream even though it was icy cold. In a minute, they eagerly decided to join me and we headed for the stream loaded with towels and fresh clothes. Once there, Dagmar and Angie surprised me by quickly whipping off their hiking boots, sweaters, shorts and underwear. Since they weren't inhibited by my presence
I followed suit and soon the three of us were wading gingerly into the waist-deep stream of crystal-clear Rocky Mountain ice water. Let me assure you I had no fear of getting an erection even though both girls looked good enough to eat. Dagmar had creamy, pale skin contrasted by a very abundant, curly patch of dark brown hair between her legs. She also had a small brown clump of hair under each arm and dark hair on her lower legs. Her gently swaying breasts were C-cup sized with prominent nipples surrounded by dark-colored areolae the size of 50-cent pieces. Her tits pointed slightly outward. I agined her hidden pussy lips pursing against the icy water as I watched her areolae contract and grow almost purple with cold. I ached to run my hand over
the goose bumps covering her beautifully rounded ass.

Angie's fine olive skin was also covered with goose bumps, but the hair between her legs was finer and straighter than Dagmar's, and glossy black. Naked, I could see that her thighs and buttocks were thick and muscular without a trace of excess fat. Her waist was slender by contrast, while her chest and shoulders matched her athletic legs. Her wonderful, D-cup breasts hung down slightly under their own weight and and quivered prettily when she took a step on the rocky streambed. Angie's nipples were about the same
size as Dagmar's, but her dark chocolate-colored areolae were more than twice as big, even while shrunken with cold. Despite the effects of the bitterly cold water, my libido raged inside me at the sight of these two
beauties hurriedly soaping and washing themselves. Was there some reason they seemed to pay special attention to their pussies and asses, or were they just being fastidious after days of hiking and camping? I couldn't tell in the brief glances I allowed myself. But I clearly saw Angie spread her legs wide to give her soapy fingers access to her hidden asshole, and Dagmar
used both hands for a long time on her thickly covered pussy. The girls seemed to glance at my body naturally as we passed the soap and shampoo, without showing any carnal interest. Certainly there was little to see as
my cock and balls had shrunk almost to invisibility. Finished with our icewater bath, the three of us hurriedly left the stream, toweled off and pulled on
fresh clothes. We were shivering as we trotted up the path to camp and my hands shook so much I had a hard time putting a match to the fire I'd laid. Finally the fire, several cups of hot tea and a simple meal helped us stop quaking inside our sweaters and jackets. Dagmar woke a groggy Erma and gave her two cups of strong, sugary tea.

After the dishes were washed I suffered a couple of hours of torturous restraint. I wanted both of these young beauties, but hard as I looked I saw no sign that either had any special interest in me. Our talk around the campfire was friendly, but somewhat limited by the language barrier. Dagmar, a school teacher, spoke good English, while Angie, an office worker, spoke only a few phrases and understood a few more. Still, our conversation was lively. The three girls, in their 20s, had been traveling in the States for nearly six months, making their way gradually from the East Coast to the West. They had loved most of what they saw although some things clearly baffled them. Dagmar noted critically that American men seemed to be interested mainly in drinking, sex, rock music and cars with no thought for art, politics or ideas. Before I could mount a defense, Angie laughingly said that most young German men were the same.

Then it was time for bed and I reluctantly zipped myself into my small tent alone. For a while I heard the girls talking as they rearranged things in their
tent. I briefly considered just walking to their tent and asking them to invite me in for the night, but I discarded the idea as impossible. I was on the point
of masturbating when the long, strenuous day caught up with me and I dozed off. Some time later I was awakened by the sound of the zipper as my tent door was quietly opened from the outside. A dark figure appeared in the opening and called my name softly. I answered and she gave me her
hand to guide her inside. It was Dagmar, carrying her pad and sleeping bag.

..to be contd

23-04-2005, 01:13 PM
A Fishing Trip in the Rockies - Part 2

"Will you let me join you for the night?" she said. Still a bit sleepy, I eagerly agreed. She thanked me with a lingering open-mouthed kiss that left no doubt
about her intentions. Too hurried to try zipping our bags together, we put mine below us and hers on top. "I think you will be good to me," she said, snuggling close for warmth. I needed no more invitation, but I
decided on the slow approach. I spent the next half hour kissing, caressing and holding Dagmar as she gradually got more and more aroused. Many times I let my open hands float down her back and sides, over her ass and hips, then down her thighs. When my fingertips finally brushed the crotch of her panties, it was damp with pussy juice and her hips jerked convulsively
upward, seeking more contact. When I finally took off her loose undershirt she responded by pulling off my T-shirt, eagerly licking my nipples and running her fingers through my chest hair.

"Please," she whispered urgently. "Move faster."

But I had no intention of moving faster. I was enjoying the gradually building intensity. I slowly kissed her lips, her face, her ears, her neck. I licked her
breasts everywhere but her nipples, and she gasped when I accidentally brushed my stubbly cheek against their hardness. I kissed my way down her stomach to her mound then retreated. Finally I attacked her nipples with my
tongue, flicking them quickly back and forth, at first softly then harder, from different directions. I enjoyed playing with her stiff little nubs in my mouth.
Her moans of pleasure filled my ears and my little tent. She held my head in her hands and I could tell when my tongue hit a particularly sensitive spot
because her fingers tightened in my hair. My left hand was buried in the thick hair at the top of Dagmar's neck while the fingertips of my right hand
caressed her writhing legs from ankles to hips, con-centrating on the sensitive skin behind her knees and on the insides of her thighs. Her occasional moans became louder and more frequent, almost grunts, as she
began rhythmically thrusting her hips upward. I judged she was ready.

I shifted myself until I lay full-length beside Dagmar. Her lips sought my mouth and she attacked me with a kiss, urgently thrusting her tongue inside my mouth, crushing my head to hers with both hands. I let my right-hand fingertips drift one more time across the taut, wet fabric covering her crotch, then drove my hand beneath the waistband of her panties. Lifting the
fabric away from her dripping pussy, my middle finger drove down through her tangled, sopping hair to find her slick, swollen labia. Pulling her lips from mine,
Dagmar gasped and thrust her hips upward. Quickly my finger traced her pussy lips down, found her opening, then sank inside her as far and as fast as I could thrust.

She cried out loud and gripped my arm with both hands, trying to force my hand into contact with her burning clitoris. Instead, I avoided touching her pearl and thrust my middle finger inside her half-a-dozen times, gently stretching her vagina each time I slowly pulled my finger out. Then I added my second finger to the first and thrust into her several times before pulling
out altogether. Dagmar moaned with frustrated lust.

"Bitte," she murmured urgently in my ear. "Bitte!"

With my wet middle finger, I traced one outer labia up, circled her clitoris, then traced the other labia down gently to rim her opening. Next I put my fingertip firmly against the upper edge of her opening, then drew it up her slit towards her clitoris, her inner lips parting around my finger like soil around a plow. But I avoided her swollen pearl again despite the quick upward thrust of her hips. This time I pulled my hand entirely out of her panties and I saw her questioning eyes open to watch me as I put it to my face and slowly sucked her juices off my fingers. Watching intently, she panted deeply three
times, her taut breasts and their hardened nipples heaving upward together in the dim light. One of her hands squeezed my dick so hard it hurt.

Then I thrust my hand back into her panties. This time I quickly found her clitoris with my middle finger and began to flick it fast, but so lightly I could barely feel the wet little bump. Dagmar's breathing quickly accelerated until it was a hoarse roar in my ears and the tension froze her leg and stomach muscles solid. Cresting hard, she held her breath entirely for half-a-dozen heartbeats then began a deep-throated groan that opened into a sharp, high cry of completion. She raised her hips entirely off the ground and held them
suspended, jerking slightly, until her orgasm had run its course.

My hand stayed locked on her dripping pussy as my finger drove her over her orgasm and down the other side. My finger didn't still until she began to squirm her hips away from it, becoming too sensitive to be touched. Then I cupped her soaking mound with my hand and pulled her naked shoulders against me with my free arm as she began the long trip down. She shuddered
occasionally as the aftershocks of her orgasm hit her. By this time I was eager to plunge my aching hard-on into Dagmar's dripping pussy. I was pulling my shorts off with one hand and holding her with the other when I stopped in surprise. The tent door had again begun unzipping from the outside. When it was fully open, another dark figure groped her way inside. Despite the
shadowy light, I could tell it was Angie.

She said something in German that started Dagmar giggling as she translated.

"Angie says she couldn't stand listening to me any longer and had to come to get something for herself," Dagmar said, obviously amused.

Now my little tent was truly filled beyond capacity and, while I had no intention of kicking Angie out, I also had no idea where she could go. Dagmar was pressed full length against one wall, I was sitting hunched nearly double at the back end of the tent and Angie was kneeling at the front, closing the zippered door. I only had a second to think about it before Angie
impatiently pulled her t-shirt over her head, her large breasts bobbing, then lay down and put her feet in my lap as she struggled to push her panties down her legs.

I thought it was only reasonable to help, so I pulled her panties off and found the crotch -- like Dagmar's -- already damp with her juices. Now, I truly enjoy
eating pussy so it seemed natural to pull Angie's legs towards me, guiding each of them over a shoulder. I planted a kiss on the inside of one thigh and was rewarded by a quick sigh. Though my dick was aching for release, I settled in to tease Angie to an orgasm, kissing my way slowly towards her hole. Then Angie erupted tersely in German and Dagmar translated.

"Angie says you should not be slow, but very fast with her," Dagmar said.

I readily pushed her thighs a little further apart and, planted my open mouth over the gaping wet lips of Angie's pussy. The hair guarding her gash was much finer than Dagmar's and my tongue parted it easily, immediately finding her finger-thick and juicy outer labia. I sucked her pussy lips, pulling them into my mouth, caressing them with my tongue. She cried out, arching her back and pushing her pussy up against my open mouth. I rewarded her by darting my tongue down and firmly rimming her opening. Angie began to pant
loudly for air and dug both hands into my hair, as if she were trying to push my head inside her. ..to be contd

23-04-2005, 01:19 PM
A Fishing Trip in the Rockies - Part 3

Three times I stuck my tongue in her hole, then drew it slowly up her slit to circle her clitoris, tasting her tart, flowing juices along the way. She ripped out a sentence in German that needed no translation. "Stop teasing and finish me, you bastard!" is pretty easy to understand. I covered her clit with my mouth and began the same fast, light flicking motion with my tongue tip that I'd used on Dagmar with my finger. The result was the same, yet wonderfully different. In less than a minute Angie began to come, her whole body convulsing time after time. Her muscular thighs locked themselves on
either side of my neck while her hands tried to push my head even harder against her crotch. She came forever, pumping her hips up against my mouth while pussy juice flooded from her gash down her ass crack.

Her deep, drawn-out climax groans filled the tent and echoed among the trees outside. Then, as her orgasm had clearly crested and was beginning to slacken, I thrust two fingers hard and without warning inside her one into her gaping pussy and the other into her wonderfully tight and juicy-slick asshole.

Angie exploded. It was like riding a bucking bronc. I had to fight to keep my mouth on her pussy, my tongue lashing her through her renewed climax. Her heels beat against my lower back. I could see her head with its cloud of black hair whipping back and forth and her big, firm tits quivered again and again from the shock waves rippling through her body. I pulled my fingers
nearly out of her, then shoved them in again, and again, and again. I don't know German, but it sounded like she was screaming, "Yes! Oh, god, yes! Yes! Yes!


It seemed like an hour before the rock-hard muscles in Angie's thighs and stomach began to relax. I slowly let my fingers slip out of the warm grip of her pussy and the even warmer grip of her ass. I clearly felt her muscular asshole grasp my finger several times as I gradually pulled it out. Angie was murmuring softly, almost inaudibly, to herself, one arm across her
substantial breasts while the other hand caressed my hair. I wasn't given much time to rest on my laurels. As I gently maneuvered my head out of Angie's swollen, soaking crotch, I could feel Dagmar's soft breasts and
hard nipples against my arm. She was attacking my right ear with her tongue. One hand grasped my dick like a vise, while the other seemed to be everywhere at once, roaming over my body. I turned my head to kiss Dagmar
and she got even wilder, alternately sucking hard on my tongue and kissing all over my face though it was coated from eyebrows to chin with Angie's pussy juices.

Dagmar would not be denied. She roughly guided me onto my back beside Angie and straddled me. Her left arm supported her weight while her right hand found my dick and guided it between her swollen pussy lips. A half-
second later she dropped her entire weight downward, eagerly impaling herself with a cry to the full length of my penis. Her pussy felt wonderfully tight, wet and warm. She must have enjoyed the sensation, too, because
she paused a minute, gasping, her weight forcing her pussy lips against the base of my dick. Then, with both hands planted on my chest, Dagmar began
rhythmically lifting herself halfway off my dick then dropping back down to encase me inside her. Each time her sopping pussy plunged to the base of my dick, she gave a little grunt of pleasure and her panting filled the tent. I groaned. It was all I could do to stop myself from coming instantly as the warm, clasping walls of her pussy slid up and down my cock. I held back with difficulty, watching the concentration on her face and the bouncing of her lovely breasts as she fucked me. I was dimly aware of Angie lying beside me,
watching us contentedly with one hand between her legs and the other lightly pinching her nipples. I reached up and cupped the considerable weight of Dagmar's tits, hefting and caressing them for a few strokes, then took her thimble-sized nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She groaned but kept going, her head now thrown forward so her hair hid her face. Each time she lifted herself off me she nearly pulled her nipples from my fingers, stretching them tautly downward. She whimpered with each tug on her nips.

Dagmar gradually speeded her rhythm and I heard a low, growling sound coming from her chest. A faint, wet slap was audible each time she drove herself down on my dick. The tangy smell of pussy filled the little tent.
Then Dagmar muttered something harshly in German and was no longer lifting herself up but rocking quickly back and forth, focusing her weight on the point where her clitoris nestled against the base of my dick. Her
fingernails dug into my chest and then she was coming, coming hard, with short hoarse cries of completion that went on and on. The minute change in sensation drove me out of control and soon I was trying to thrust up into her, my throbbing penis spurting what felt like a quart of hot semen deep inside her muscular belly. Finally, she collapsed forward onto me, groaning,
drained of strength. I could feel her rock-hard nipples as her breasts flattened against my chest and her ragged breathing roared in my ear. I wrapped my arms around and caressed her back and neck with my open
hands. Her slick pussy still grasped my dick firmly, squeezing it occasionally as her inner muscles continued to convulse. It was a long time before my sticky dick became soft enough to finally slip from her gash.

Angie joined us then, snuggling close, taking my right arm to wrap around her shoulders and tucking sleeping bags around our three naked and wet bodies. She said something in German which started Dagmar chuckling, then laughing out loud, and Angie began laughing hard, too. It took Dagmar awhile to answer when I asked what was so funny.

"Angie," she gasped, "Angie is saying you are a very
BAD boy!" Then I had a good laugh, too.

We slept that night, exhausted, in a tangled heap of arms, legs -- asses, pussies and breasts. Angie woke me at some point in the night by gently stroking my dick. Too tired for anything else, I fingered her to a quick, intense orgasm while giving her long, lazy tongue kisses. On the other side of me, I don't think Dagmar even woke up. Around dawn they each gave me a
quick kiss and left the tent while I continued to doze for awhile. Giggling like a couple of 10-year-olds, they had breakfast ready when I got up.

I spent the next four days teaching Angie and Dagmar the mysteries of fly fishing and taking care of Erma's ankle with cold, wet compresses. Dagmar proved to be naturally coordinated, casting easily and catching nearly as many fish as I did. Angie had a frustrating time at first but then developed into a very competent fisherman. I sometimes just sat napping or reading on
a sunny slope overlooking the scene while they used my gear to fish in nearby ponds. The girls took over the cooking after sampling my primitive efforts and we shared the other chores.

As for the nights, Angie and Dagmar must have arranged a system between them. The first night after the wild episode in my tent, nothing was said but Angie simply moved her sleeping bag and pad in with me at bedtime.
Dagmar stayed in the other tent and took care of Erma. The next night, it was Dagmar who moved in with me. Then Angie on the third night and Dagmar again on the last. Erma, whose ankle quickly improved, seemed to find the whole situation laughable and never showed any interest in participating. I didn't care. Erma would ordinarily have been very attractive to me -- with her thin, good looks; long, tapering legs; and small, round breasts. But I didn't have the time or energy for any interest in her. Angie and Dagmar each wanted a lot of fucking and weren't shy about demanding their share. There was simply nothing of me left over for Erma...to be contd

23-04-2005, 01:22 PM
A Fishing Trip in the Rockies - Epilogue

Angie was the more demanding, eager to try a different position the minute the idea popped into her head. She enjoyed it, but was essentially impatient with fore-play. As soon as she felt her orgasm building, she wanted to come, and quickly. Angie wanted to be fucked hard and fast, egging me on if I slowed by rocking to a faster rhythm or digging her short nails into my ass.
She paid little attention to my body, other than to pull me into the position she wanted and guide my dick eagerly into the gap between her muscular thighs. She climaxed readily and noisily under my fingers or tongue but clearly get the most enjoyment out of a deep, fast, pounding fuck. She had, at most, two orgasms in one session, then quickly fell asleep.

If Angie was a glutton when it came to sex, Dagmar was a gourmet, and much more my style. She obviously savored my slow, teasing foreplay with tongue and fingers, and had the patience to endure a long, intense
fucking with several fast and slow intervals. She was capable of three or four orgasms in a two-hour session of lovemaking. Dagmar liked to get on top and slowly, teasingly, rock herself to a climax while looking into my eyes in the subdued light. She liked a lot of cuddling, caressing and kissing afterwards and loved to have her pussy eaten. She wasn't shy about giving head, but clearly preferred me to come inside her.

Finally, it was time for me to return to my home and work. Although we made love the night before, Dagmar woke me at 4 a.m. on the last day for a long, intense session of lovemaking. Her goal seemed to be keeping my dick hard and deep inside her as long as possible. Later the girls hiked to the trail head with me and accepted my offer of a ride to Estes Park. There, Erma
and Angie pecked me on the lips and Dagmar left me with a deep, powerful kiss and a soulful look in the eyes before we reluctantly turned away.


A year later I got a mysterious envelope marked "personal" addressed to me at work and postmarked from Germany. Inside were a letter and photo. I immediately recognized the vibrant, stylishly dressed young woman
in the picture as Dagmar, looking as lovely as ever. Then I remembered standing beside a mountain stream and telling her about the company where I worked. She was holding a cute little tow-headed baby in that posses-
sive way mothers have. The letter told the whole story.

"Dear R---, I'm sure you'll be surprised when you look at my photo and see the souvenir I brought back from my trip to America. I didn't plan to get a baby, but when I found I was pregnant I felt nothing but happiness. I wanted to keep my little boy as soon as I found out he was coming. Someday I will marry and have other children but for now I am selfish to have this
one for me alone. Please understand I have wonderful feelings for you and our few days together and that memory and my little son are all I want from you. He's very smart and strong and, as you can see, beautiful.
Angie and Erma are his aunties. We think of you often with warmth and love. Thank you. Love, Dagmar" :D

23-04-2005, 02:03 PM
when i go fishing, always guys one :(

23-04-2005, 02:08 PM
when i go fishing, always guys one

hahaha...u dun noe where got chio bo meh!!..U remember the place u do reccee b4 during your NS ;)

23-04-2005, 02:13 PM
hahaha...u dun noe where got chio bo meh!!..U remember the place u do reccee b4 during your NS ;)

alot of places wor.. hehe..

when we do watermanship dat 1 lagi best.. all the wakeboarders :p
but well.. can see cannot touch.. like stories can read.. cannot do

23-04-2005, 02:17 PM
can see cannot touch.. like stories can read.. cannot do

Read & learn....then go GL & try out the various styles bah :D

24-04-2005, 11:20 AM
The Life Guard - Part 1

To be in a car in the middle of winter in the north of England with a man you loathe when you’ve split up with your boyfriend is not an ideal situation. But that was the way it was for Melissa Wightman and she guessed she would just have to live with it. She and her colleague, Tony Price, were heading for Harrogate, North Yorkshire for an annual Pharmaceuticals Trade Fair, the idea being to massage the egos of all the current clients and hopefully reel in some new ones. It was pretty big deal and all the major players in the industry would be there. It was an opportunity to really make some hits and since it was Melissa’s first time, her bosses hadn’t tired of telling her how important the whole affair was. She had been with the company three years and was fairly experienced but would not normally have been let loose at such a high profile clambake. However, Dussier-Vandenbergh Industries best marketing agent had gone down with a touch of flu the night before, and Melissa had been summoned at short notice without notice. It was a case of drop everything, pack a bag and ask questions later. Tony, her traveling companion, on the other hand was an old stager, a veteran of ten consecutive fairs. A star, supposedly. He was doing the driving, and glanced over at her as they crossed a junction.

“You know Melissa,” he said, rather knowingly “the key to making an impression at these things is this; forget about selling the company, forget selling the product, and think only about selling yourself. That’s the only thing you need to concern yourself with. The rest will follow. The clients know they get the product from John Smith down the road if the want to, or Joan Smith even, but they’ll work with us if we give them that bit extra. Its what its all about.. Its about making contacts, being busy, getting your face known.”

“Right.” Melissa said.
“You don’t sound too interested.”

Certainly not interested in you thought Melissa. She knew what Tony’s angle was. Everyone at Dussier Vandenbergh bar the tea lady knew that she had just broken off a two year engagement with her boyfriend Tom only a month before, and for that reason she was fair game. And why not she supposed wearily. She was twenty four, intelligent, blonde, very attractive and had the body of a Dolce Cabbana underwear model. On the surface she had everything, a 40K a year job, an apartment in Islington, a good job. No, a great job. But as of November 15th 2001, no boyfriend. Until two weeks previously the possibilities seemed endless. Marriage. A house. Holidays in the Caribbean. Babies. No more though. Tom’s problem, she had concluded, was that he possessed a lethal combination of being just about the best looking man in London yet having zero will power. He just couldn’t say no. Just exactly how many other girls he had been fucking since they were engaged she would never know, but it was double figures at least. She supposed it was only a matter of time before she had caught him. On this occasion it had been when she had decided to pay him a surprise visit at his office and he had caught him with his pants around his ankles with his PA giving him a blowjob. Less strong minded girls would have fallen for his pathetic explanations, his crass attempts at reconciliation (flowers, chocolates, courier delivered taped messages etc.), but Melissa knew that to do that would be to keep on forgiving him forever and ever. Therefore, she had to end it right there and then. It had hurt to do that. Big time. He may have been a weak willed, fornicating, public school educated twerp, but for that she loved him.

A lot But she supposed, what had been disastrous for her love life had been great for her career. Since the big split she had literally lost herself in her work, turning in one nine o’clock finish after another. Out had gone the late nights drinking and partying in the West End, in had come hours glued to her desk working, reading and researching. Mostly it was simply an attempt to prevent the whole thing getting to her, but it had also had the effect of making her very good at her job. Clients had suddenly started asking for her by name to run their accounts and she had secured two big contracts on the strength of her growing reputation. Her efforts had not gone unnoticed by her superiors and a promotion to senior status had been mentioned on more than one occasion. And with that would come a substantial pay raise and an upgraded company car. The fact that she had been summoned to fill in on this high profile marketing event was a clear indication of the growing esteem in which she was now held. It didn’t stop her from feeling unhappy though. Or from being lumped with a complete idiot as a traveling companion.

After another half an hour on the road, they found the hotel, an old style establishment in the outskirts of Harrogate that had been bought up by one of the big chains and then refurbished. After checking in they found their rooms, and Melissa was pleased to see that she and Tony were on different floors. They agreed to meet for dinner. Melissa didn’t really want to and would have much preferred something from room service, but given that Tony was effectively her boss she figured that she had best make the effort. The hotel restaurant was about half full when they arrived, and inhabited mostly by people in suits as well, many talking secretively. Melissa presumed that many of them were also there for the convention. They ordered food and Melissa made as polite and congenial conversation as was possible.
“That one over there,” said Tony, thrusting his fork in the direction of a table by the wall, “is Andy Taylor. Pretty awesome reputation. Awesome. Been in the industry fifteen years. Worked for all the big names. Knows everyone and everyone knows him. As for the girl whose with him, that’s anyone’s guess. Andy always was a bit of a player though. Over there is Jan Robson, another big hitter.”

Tony looked in both directions and then leaned forward conspiratorially. In a loud whisper he said, “Rumour has it that Glaxo Wellcome have just headhunted her but noone officially knows so don’t mention it to anyone.”
“I’ll remember not to.” she replied.

Melissa studied Tony with detached contempt as he spoke, fairly uninterested in his industry gossip. He was about thirty five and balding rapidly, very bad teeth as well. Not a particularly attractive man, but from she had heard he was very good at his job.
“Another thing I should have mentioned Melissa,” he continued between mouthfuls, “these things aren’t all work, work, work. The guys know how to party too. There have been some pretty legendary times down the years. Its tradition for the all the delegates to get together on the Saturday night. It can get pretty wild.”
“Oh.” replied Melissa

“But hey, that’s what were like yeah? Work hard, play hard. That is if you can keep up with the pace” With that Tony took a long sip of his wine, and had a pleased look on his face. He winked at her. Melissa groaned inwardly.
“If you say so Tony.” Melissa was loathing it already.
“I do. Listen, how about we have a few drinks in the bar afterwards, go over our strategy for tomorrow?”
Melissa shifted in her seat.
“If its all the same Tony I’d rather get an early night. Its been a long day. I’ll make some more notes before I go to sleep”
Tony looked a little disappointed but then nodded, “You do that. You’ll need all your energy. Plenty of time for socialising later.”
“Er, yes.”

Melissa did not go straight for bed after dinner. Instead, she made for the hotel pool which was located in an adjoining building on the ground floor. When she had got the call to arms she had checked out the hotel’s facilities on the web and remembered to throw her swimming cossie in with the rest of the stuff. The pool area seemed fairly new and looked clean enough, designed with a kind of roman baths theme in mind, lots of white marble and so on. The lighting was soft and the poolside was adorned by some large tropical looking plants and a couple of fake statues.
There was no one around and she carefully draped her towel over one of the poolside loungers. She then carefully lowered herself in. The water was lovely and warm. The pool was only about twenty metres, but Melissa made good use of what was available, alternating between strokes for about thirty lengths. Gradually she felt herself begin to relax, stretch out and focus her mind on the next day. She had always made an effort to stay fit, even through the excesses of university. Working out for 2 hours a day was her way of counteracting too many cigarettes, late nights and vodka aftershocks
Eventually she stopped for a rest, and leaned against the edge, the only sound in the hollow chamber that of her breathing hard from the effort. She ran a hand over body through black material of speedo. Her breasts were a good asset she knew, high, full, not too large, kept taut from exercise. Her mid section next. Still quite firm, but a little bit of a tummy developing, probably the result of too many chocolate bars consumed for consolation in the wake of the break up. She was about to turn around and start swimming again when a voice called out.

“Closing the pool soon.”...to be contd

24-04-2005, 11:22 AM
The Life Guard - Part 2

Melissa looked up. A guy dressed in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops had appeared from nowhere and was busy gathering towels from the poolside.
“Okay.” replied Melissa loudly, “Just give me a minute.”
The guy nodded and carried on with what he was doing. He had short blonde hair and was a little boyish looking, maybe in his late teens or early twenties. Nice smile. She couldn’t help but notice that he also had great legs, slim and lightly muscled. That was the downfall of many a good looking guy she decided, great up top, but let down totally by legs like pipe cleaners. He began to heap the towels into a laundry bag.
“Excuse me.” called out Melissa.
The attendant stopped what he was doing and came over to her.
“Can I help?”

Melissa nodded in the direction of a glass door on the other side of the pool. “I see you have a sauna. It looks locked though.”.
“Yeah.” said the attendant at length, “Problem with the thermostat. They’ve meant to have been coming to fix it for ages now. Hopefully it will be fine by next week.”
“I’ll be gone then, “Melissa said glumly.
“Just here for the weekend?”
“Yeah. I’m work in marketing for one of the big drugs companies. Got a big sales fair tomorrow and Sunday.”
“Oh yeah. Heard about it. There’s a few people staying here for that. Come here every year apparently. Saw some of them before in the lobby, lapel badges and the like”
“Spot us conference lot a mile off can’t you?”
“I can hear you a mile off more like!”
“Sorry.” The guy looked genuinely embarrassed, a little humble, like he felt he had spoken out of turn
Melissa shook her head, “Don’t worry about it. I’m teasing. The industry is populated with idiots who think that lapel badges, laptops and suit carriers are the very hallmarks of success. What about you? Do you work here full time?”

“Me? No. Just on weekends. I’m studying medicine at Leeds University. Second year. Do this to keep the wolf from the door. You know, impoverished student and all that. My parents know someone in this hotel group and got me the job that way. Its okay I guess. Better than serving in a bar.”
The guy bent down to pick up a couple more loose towels. Nice backside too, thought Melissa, if only subconsciously. Having studied him for a couple of minutes she decided he was pretty good looking overall. Bit like a grown up choir boy without the floppy hair. Not that she was interested in that kind of thing in her present state of mind. From now on she was little miss career minded. He was probably a bit young too. After all, Tom had been ten years her senior. For some reason she then asked;
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
A pause. Then he looked at her a touch sheepishly and shook his head, “No, no.”
“Oh surely you must.”
Another pause.

“Well, there was someone. Last year. Someone very special. But....” he broke off, his eyes tinged with a little sadness, “Let’s just say that medical degrees and relationships don’t really make the best companions”
“You go out a bit though.”
He shook his head, “Not much, between studying and working here there isn’t a lot of time.” Then he broke into a smile, “Or money for that matter!”
Melissa grinned also. She felt for him a little. By dedicating himself to something so worthwhile he was forsaking his youth to a degree. She recalled her own time at university, all wild nights of partying and getting drunk, stoned and laid, the routine broken by the occasional lecture or exam. And then straight into a good job after that. These poor souls had to study properly for five years for the privilege of working 80 hours a week for ungrateful employers and equally ungrateful patients. Why anyone would do it she couldn’t fathom.
“You must let off steam somehow.”
“I guess.” he shrugged, “I swim for the university team.”
“Really? Are you good?”
“Okay I suppose.” Almost as an afterthought he added, “I was in the Great Britain squad for a bit. Did the pre Olympic training and all that.”

“Okay?” she chided, “Okay? The Olympic team? That’s amazing. I’m very impressed. What happened?”
He sat down on one of the lounger and sighed. “I took it seriously for years, but then figured there are more important things in life than swimming up and down a pool all day just for the sake of winning a little bit of metal to wear around your neck. I swim now because I want to.” He brightened a little and smiled, “And because it stops me from becoming an alcoholic chain smoker!”
Melissa laughed. She liked this guy. He seemed different from the majority of men she knew. He had a good heart. He also had that little touch of vulnerability that most girls couldn’t help but find quite sexy.
“Why don’t you come in and join me for a swim?” she asked. Again the words left her without actually having been granted permission by her brain.
The life guard looked a little embarrassed and then shook his head firmly, “Not allowed. If the management found out I’d lose my job. Besides I have to throw you out now anyway.”
Melissa felt slightly foolish having asked him. She hoped he hadn’t got the wrong impression.

“Okay. Just give me two minutes.”
He looked uncertain. “Alright, but only two. I’ll expect you to be gone when I come back.”
“Don’t mention it.”
He turned to walk away. But then turned back. He squatted down on his haunches.
“I’m Matt by the way. Matt Smith.”
She took his hand, “Melissa. Melissa Wightman. Pleased to meet you.”

Saturday morning was an early start. Melissa and Tony took a light breakfast and then left their hotel at 7.30am. The conference facility, an old country house, was about two miles away and it took them a good half an hour to get everything set up. All around them were their competitors all busily making their own preparations. Tony disappeared occasionally to make banter with someone he recognised but generally he spent his time organising and fussing. At 9.30am sharp the delegates began to flood in and soon Tony and Melissa were at full stretch selling and promoting the company. The next eight hours were among the most exhausting Melissa had ever known. Many of the people who came to see them were people they already supplied, but there was new blood too interested in what they had to do. By the end of the day her face ached from smiling so much. But it felt good. She knew that she had performed well. Tony was a revelation. Repulsive he may have been but he really was a master at this game. He knew the industry inside out and most people recognised him. His appearance belied a silver tongued elegance when delivering a pitch and he had a whole battery of techniques at his disposal; although mostly variations on a theme, flattery for the ladies, banter with the guys. Several prospective clients had taken an interest in their stand and had gone away with brochures and flattery ringing in their eyes. At the end of the day Tony looked pretty pleased with himself.
When they returned to the hotel Melissa headed straight for the pool again before dinner. She was slightly disappointed not find the young life guard there this time. Instead there was a guy in his fifties who looked like a Royal Marines fitness instructor.

“Is your colleague not here this evening?” asked Melissa after she had completed her swim.
“Who? Matt? Not sure. I think he might be studying for an exam for something.”
“Oh right.”
Melissa headed back to her room and changed for dinner. After eating she reluctantly agreed to attend the traditional conference bash at another nearby hotel. It was a hellish as she had imagined. Lots of overweight executives drinking too much and trying it on with every piece of skirt available. After being so great in the day, Tony returned to normal. He was particularly annoying and insisted on making crude and suggestive remarks all evening. Eventually Melissa made her excuses, citing a headache and that she was tired.
“But the party’s just getting going!” pleaded the drunken Tony.
“All the same, I’m going.” replied Melissa and walked herself home.

Sunday was traditionally a quieter day at the fair and Melissa and Tony actually had time to stop for a breather from time to time. Tony needed the rest for the previous night’s exertions had clearly taken their toll and he was not the bright and cheery spark of 24 hours previously. It was not quite as successful as Saturday, but still a good days work. By about four o’clock things went very quiet and Melissa and Tony began to pack up. They were back at the hotel by five.

“Well, that’s that over with for another year.” Tony said over dinner. “We make a good team me and you. Hopefully we’ll do it again next year.”
I doubt it thought Melissa. By this time next year she would be the one deciding who did and did not represent the company at these events.
“By the way, you’ll come to round two tonight won’t you? Its at the Marriott. And hey, you’ve got no excuses for not lasting the distance this time.”
“I don’t think so thanks. We have a long drive tomorrow”
Tony leaned forward toward her in a manner that made her feel a little uncomfortable.
“Listen Melissa,” he said, “There’s no point in denying it. Let’s not mess around any more. I like you, you like me. Why don’t we see if it can work.”
Melissa raised her hand, “Er Tony, I don’t think...”
Tony was seemingly oblivious to all reason. He reached forward and placed a hand on her breasts and leaned forward to kiss her. Melissa had encountered this situation before and pulled away sharply.
“Tony! What do you think you’re doing?”
Around them people stopped what they were doing to watch.
Tony turned angry...to be contd

24-04-2005, 11:25 AM
The Life Guard - Part 3

“You’re nothing but a prick teasing slag, no wonder your boyfriend screwed around on you. You’re not even any good at your job. Yes, that’s right. You only got the job because of your looks. The directors figured you’d be good for a few contracts on that basis alone. And don’t think that fancy bloody education is your ticket to fame and fortune. Everyone knows that any old slapper can get a degree these days.”

Melissa chewed slowly, digesting the hurtful words carefully, resisting the urge to take the wine bottle and smash over his stupid thinning head. Instead her rebuke was purely verbal
“You bastard. You absolute bastard. You pathetic, ugly, foul smelling, inadequate bastard. I wouldn’t sleep with you if you were the last man on earth!”
Tony took the insult like it was an everyday occurrence.
“That’s it. Consider yourself out of a job as of Monday. I’ll see its done, mark my words.” Tony swept away from the table, “I’m off to find some real action. Have a nice night.”
And so Melissa was left on her own, fighting back the tears. She had shown defiance, but the cut ran deep. She was not as tough as she liked to think.

It was an extremely angry, upset and pent up Melissa that took to the pool that evening. Foregoing style and grace for raw aggression she thrashed up and down the cool cyan waters for as many lengths as it took her to work out the worst of her bile. She stopped for a quick breather and then started again. The next twenty lengths were calmer and more controlled, and her mind became engaged in thinking up ways that she could put one over on her odious workmate. Various ingenious schemes came and went, some of them particularly cruel, others devilishly clever, but all eventually abandoned in the face of reason and a desire to keep her job. She decided that there wasn’t much anger left in her that couldn’t be cured by the bottle of unopened red wine in her room. She was already plotting her defence and wondered what trumped up charge Tony would try and make up against her. Whatever it was she was damned if she was going to go without a fight. She was good at her job and had every intention of keeping it, every intention. She just hoped that her bosses would give her a fair hearing. She was just pulling herself out of the pool when Matt arrived carrying a mop and bucket.
“Hello there.” he said.

“Hi.” replied Melissa, wrapping a towel around herself.
Matt stood in front of her for a while, not saying anything. It was all a bit awkward for a moment and Melissa figured she would make for the door and finish drying herself in her room. Matt started to dip his mop into the bucket.
“The sauna is going again by the way. They came today to fix it. If you want to have a go. you’ve got about thirty minutes before I close the pool. See, the door’s open now.”

Melissa swallowed hard, thinking. What the hell, she thought, what the fucking hell. She dropped her towel to the floor and could see that her nipples had hardened visibly against the stretchy fabric of the swimsuit.
In a low, almost inaudible, voice she said.
“Okay. I will do. You have five minutes to come and join me.” She began to move away but stopped to utter, “By the way. You won’t get a second chance this time.”
Melissa left him there and made for the sauna shutting the door firmly behind her. There was noone inside. The room was filled with dry air and moist wooden benches. She added a little water to the coals and took her place on one of the upper benches. She stretched out and began to relax. Clouds of steam began to rise around her. She didn’t have a watch on but she reckoned that Matt must have used up about four and a half of his allotted five minutes before he finally arrived. She glanced sideways from her prone position as the door opened and could just make out his silhouette through the hot mist. He sat beside her and she could see that he still had his t-shirt and shorts on. Melissa sat up.
“I thought you were never going to come.” she murmoured.
“I’ve locked he door to the pool.” was his stilted reply.
“That was a good thing to do. Here, let’s get that shirt off.”
Melissa helped him ease himself out of the now damp t-shirt. His chest and shoulder muscles were coated with little droplets of sweat which ran downwards towards his navel, joining together in salty rivulets. Melissa lowered her tongue and gently scooped one of the droplets from his skin. It tasted sweet and salty, she could tell he was in good health. She began to lightly caress his well muscled upper body, delighting in its firmness. What a difference it made to be with a man in shape. She felt his leg shudder a little.
“Don’t be nervous.” she said, taking his hand, “Put your hand here.”
With that she inserted his hand inside her costume and let him feel for her pussy. He was not green as he appeared and stroked her with a gentleness and a precision she had not expected.
“Are you always this wet?” he asked quietly.
“Only when I see what I want.”
Melissa took his other hand to her breast and began to kiss him, around the lips at first and then deeper inside his mouth. Running a hand over his thigh she detected a hardness in his shorts. She got up and made for the door.
“I think its time we went somewhere else. Room 23. Ten minutes. Don’t be late.”
And then she had gone.

By the time Matt arrived Melissa had changed out of the costume into nothing but a pair of black thong like panties. She opened the door and let him without uttering a word. She reclined on the bed and nodded in the direction of two newly poured glasses of wine on the table beside.
“Not yet.” he said.
Melissa detected a cool purpose in his eyes. Something was going to happen here. What was he going to do?
He removed his shirt for a second time that evening and lay next to her. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Don’t move a muscle. If you do I’ll go.”
Melissa opened her mouth in preparation for a rebuke. Who was he to make demands? But she thought better of it. She had clearly underestimated this young man and decided that he was playing a game she liked. She did as he said, lay back on the pillow and waited.
First of all she could feel his hand tracing itself across her stomach and ribs, lightly so that it stimulated the most sensitive upper layer of her skin. She shivered. This carried on for a while until eventually he reached her breasts, circling beneath them and over them, round and round. He never once touched her nipples but they had become hardened again to such a degree that they hurt. Next came his tongue, retracing the same areas where his hands had been, skillfully sliding, flicking and caressing. My God! thought Melissa, a shiver of excitement running through her.. This was incredible, more than she could have hoped for. She had expected an enjoyable but brief romp against the bed head with an athletic but sexually naive stud. But he had so much more too him than that. She prayed that he didn’t look too closely at her pants because she was sure that they were by damp from her excitement. Then his tongue withdrew and his mouth was next to her ear.
“I going to turn you over, gently.” he whispered.
She didn’t resist.
“Raise your hips a little.” he commanded.
She did. She felt his fingers hook themselves around the fabric of her panties and then slowly, ever so slowly begin to draw them down towards her feet. It was an exquisite sensation feeling the material being pulled away, resisted only vaguely by her skin. His next move was to trace his tongue in a trail from the small of her lower back upwards whilst one of his hands caressed her buttocks in a circular motion. He tongue licked her again along the same line, moist but not too much. This continued for a time, and then he rolled her over again. She knew what was coming, but that did not break the anticipation. He started by kissing the area where her calf met her knee, staying there for an age, licking and caressing in a mixture of short and lengthy strokes. Then he progressed to the inner thigh, with more gentle flicking, just enough to tease and torment her, raising her expectations without quite taking her to the brink. She hoped that he would dwell there for a while and not reach her pussy too quickly, for she knew that she would come the instant his tongue touched her clitoris. Eventually the inevitable came, and sure enough she was unable to prevent her orgasm. But he was so ensconced that she let him carry on his delightful work. This he did for another five to ten minutes before saying.
“Open your eyes.”
Melissa saw him standing next to the bed now. She almost gasped with awe and not a little fear when she saw the size of his erection. It was enormous. But the thought of it inside her thrilled her. He was wielding a condom packet.
“Help me.” he commanded ..to be contd

24-04-2005, 11:27 AM
The Life Guard - Part 4

Years of skilled practice had taught Melissa how to perform this little task with the minimum of fuss. Job done, he lay down on the bed and beckoned her. Melissa nodded and climbed over him. Taking his swollen phallus in one hand she lowered herself down onto it. He was impressively large, but the extent of her wetness made the penetration easy and she felt pleasantly filled. She began to rock up and down upon him and felt his hands reach to grip her buttocks. She was fully in control now and exercised supreme skill in her movements, using his hardness to pleasure herself just a little, but not too much. Normally in this position she would take time to stimulate herself manually, but resisted on this occasion. She wanted to last longer this time, not let him think she was a lightweight pushover. While his hands caressed her buttocks, she began to stroke his firm abdominal muscles and teased his chest with her hair by bending forward from time to time. Soon she came again but he was still as hard as ever. They switched positions with him on top this time and he continued to stroke and thrust in the same controlled way, then finding a new urgency which quickly accelerated his own arousal..
“I don’t think I can hold out too much longer.” he gasped breathlessly
Melissa smiled, “Oh I think you’ve more than earned your reward.” And he had. She had climaxed twice now through his skillful prompting and selfless passion, and she saw little sense in letting him suffer any more. With that she raised herself onto her knees and faced the bedroom wall. She gripped the rails of the iron bedhead tightly, pushing her bottom backwards toward him. She turned to glance over her shoulder for a moment and saw him readying himself for what was about to do. There was a glazed expression on his face somewhere between anticipation, disbelief and sheer excitement. He had the look of a high jumper about to take final attempt for the gold medal.

The sight of her curvaceous buttocks and glistening pussy there waiting for him were evidently to Matt’s liking because his cock looked even bigger and more erect than before, the thin translucent skin stretched tightly around the shaft like a drum. It looked like it was going to explode.
Melissa faced the wall again and felt a tingle of anticipation as he penetrated her from behind. She gasped from the power of his entry and felt the sensation immediate build around her clitoris and labia lips. She could sense that she was going to come again, very soon. In normal circumstances, doggy style wasn’t her thing, but at this moment she wanted someone to fuck her that way like never before in her life. She felt like a pampered princess with her own personal stud to satisfy her every lust. Just the thought of this hard young buck pleasuring her for all he was worth blew her mind.

Like everything Matt had done, his movements were studied and careful at first, but then became faster and less inhibited, and she could hear and feel his swollen balls slap against her upper thighs with every thrust, his fingers digging into her buttocks. She followed his lead by reaching down to massage her engorged clit, allowing the sensations from her bud to compliment those of Matt’s skillful strokes. Understandably, given the situation, most of his concentration seemed to be focused on sliding his swollen prick in and out of her sopping cunt lips, but at times he still managed to find the will to slow down for a while and reach forward to cup her breasts or kiss her back.

“That’s it, no more,” he groaned after a time.
Melissa could well believe it. It was a miracle that he had managed to hold out for so long as it was. Such focus. Such concentration. Such discipline. It must have been all those hours he spent in the pool training she reckoned. Then, she felt him leave her altogether for a moment. A slight aberration on his part, a brief lapse in concentration maybe, but she would allow him that for his impressive efforts. Sensing her moment, Melissa swiftly twisted herself around to face Matt again and quickly took his prick into her mouth. Their eyes met for a moment and he seemed to be paralysed, hynoptised almost, powerless to stop her. It only needed one deft slide of her tongue across the smooth, swollen head of his penis to achieve the desired effect. She withdrew her mouth. Involuntarily, Matt’s hips bucked forward and he let out an agonised moan, spurting three or four powerful jets of semen onto her lips and face. He had evidently been saving himself up for some time.

As he slumped back onto the bed, exhausted and satisfied, she began to massage the sticky substance into her skin. The next few moments were spent attending once again to her clitoris with her fingers, and soon she had come for the third time. After a moment, she moved forward and lay across his body, allowing her breasts to nuzzle against his chest.
“My, that was a performance and a half,” she teased, “I shall have to speak to the hotel manager about some kind of bonus for you.”
Matt’s eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily. He half smiled, but Melissa could tell that he was so exhausted the remark had not really registered. Kissing him on the cheek, she whispered, “Hey lover, I’m just going for a shower, back soon.”
“Okay,” he murmoured.

Still naked, Melissa skipped nimbly across the carpet and into the bathroom. She hopped into the shower and squealed with delight as the hot jets touched her body. She grabbed a bar of complimentary soap and began to work up a lather between her fingers. She felt so wired that she couldn’t foresee getting any sleep that night and a glorious tingle of satisfaction ran through her body from her toes to her ears. She stood under the invigorating waters for several minutes, enjoying the moment. Was this not what is meant to be like when you are 24, single, have no inhibitions and are at the height of your sexual powers? Having a 19 year stud with the body of Greek god enjoying you as much as you enjoy him? Yep, Melissa mused, the world was definitely a nice place again....

Suddenly her reverie was broken as she felt what seemed like many hands start to caress her stomach and breasts. She resisted the temptation to turn round but glanced down instead. There were in fact only two hands, carefully and skillfully smoothing the soap into her golden skin in concentric circles. She felt an impressive hardness touch the small of back and begin to trace itself around the base of the spine.

“Mmm,” she crooned, turning her head so that her lips met his. She and Matt kissed for an age, then she said, “I thought you had finished for the night.”
Matt placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her all the way round. He lowered his mouth towards hers and grinned mischievously, “I thought I’d earn myself some more bonus while I’m here.”
Melissa giggled and took his tongue into her mouth again, caressing it gently with her own. How good was this going to get? Suddenly she pulled away from him and reached out of the shower for the bottle of baby oil that was sitting by the basin. Matt looked on, slightly puzzled. Melissa deliberately poured some of the clear viscous liquid onto the palm of her hand and then closed the cap of the bottle. She reached around herself and began to massage the oil in between her buttocks and then into her anus.
“I think,” she said, gazing at him intently, “that you’ve yourself earned a very special bonus.”

She could tell from his eyes that he knew what she meant, and his prick instantaneously swelled to its maximum potential size. She turned to face the cubicle wall. ..to be contd

24-04-2005, 11:28 AM
The Life Guard - Epilogue

It was pitch black outside and Melissa had to squint to make out the time on red LED alarm clock by the bed. Five am. She had slept for about two hours. Matt lay beside her, his arms draped across her stomach. Since the session in the shower they had returned to bed and fucked twice more in different positions, with her coming quickly each time. After only a very short recovery period, Matt had come to her again for a third effort, but she had pushed him gently away on this occasion, for she was by now totally exhausted, a spent force. Instead, she had placated his needs with a delicate blowjob which he accepted without any argument. As before, she had withdrawn at the last moment this time finishing him off with her hand, allowing him to come spectacularly on her breasts. Where he stored it all she had no idea. Together they had rubbed the pearly white drops into her nipples and belly button. That seemed to be enough for him too and he had fallen into a deep, contented sleep. Mindful of the fact that Matt would have lectures in a matter of hours and needed to get back to Leeds, she prodded him gently so as to wake him. He stirred, a peaceful look on his face. Eyes still closed, he traced his hand downwards towards her muff and began to massage her gently. Melissa felt the sensations start to well again but tempted as she was, quickly took his hand away.
“No more lover,” she mumoured, “You have to go now.”
Suddenly he realised the urgency of the situation, “My god you’re right. I’ve got a prac at nine o’clock.”

He sprang from the bed and made for the bathroom. Melissa heard the sound of running water and a couple of minutes later he emerged, wrapped in one of the hotel towels. He looked amazing, his stomach muscles taught and defined from the night’s exertions. Melissa ached for him again and wanted nothing more than to whip the towel away from him and take that beautiful cock of his between her lips once more. But there were more important things.
“How are you going to get back?” she asked as he dressed.
“It’s okay,” he said, “I’ve got my car. I’ll just have to survive the day with that old doctor’s stand by, a packet of pro plus washed down with double espresso.”
“You’ll be fine.”

Soon he was ready. He sat by the bed and ran a hand through her hair. He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek.
“I don’t know what to say. I guess I’ll never see you again.”
Melissa shook her head and reached for a pen and some paper sitting by the bed. “Don’t be so ridiculous. Here’s my mobile. Come to London sometime and call me. I’ll show you the bright lights.”
Matt took the slip of paper and considered it. “I’ll see if I can make it.” With that he was gone, leaving Melissa all alone again.
She sat in the silence of the room for a moment, recalling the glorious events of the last eight hours.
“Am I in love?” she said quietly, “I don’t know. I just don’t know.”

After a couple of hours of snatched sleep Melissa rose herself to pack her things.. Once finished she took a brisk shower, dressed and then vacated the room. She took a light breakfast and waited for Tony. He arrived just in time to miss breakfast by two minutes. He looked slightly disheveled and had dark rings around his eyes. Melissa could smell the booze on his breath.
“Heavy night?” she queried?
Tony looked at her for a moment.
“Can I have some of your coffee?” he asked weakly.
Melissa obliged.
Breakfast over with, they settled up their bill and headed for the car. As they were loading up Melissa studied the rather pitiful condition of her colleague and said, “I reckon it best if I drove. Don’t you?”
By way of an answer Tony handed her the keys.
They travelled in silence for a while before Tony finally said something,
“I didn’t mean what I said last night. You’ve done really well this weekend. You were a credit to the company. It won’t go unmentioned back at head office.”
“Ah, forget about it Tony.”
“So you’re not mad about those things I said?”
“Well that’s one thing. And at least we’re getting out of this god forsaken place and back into the real world.”
“Its no so bad round here. In fact...,” Melissa paused for a moment, “In fact, I’m thinking of going back to that hotel for sometime, you know like a weekend break.”
“Don’t make me laugh. You ? Little Miss London? I thought you hated the north.”
“Its not so bad. I believe the phrase is its growing on me.”
Tony look at her for a moment, puzzled.
“Rather you than me.” he shrugged and closed his eyes. Melissa reclined the seat a little and concentrated on the road. They had a lot of miles to cover. :D

30-04-2005, 10:44 AM

When we first got married, the sex was great. Kris surprised me with her carnal knowledge. The way she would dance her tongue around in your mouth or the effortlessness with which she took to power strokes. But make no mistake I was the master, I could ride her like a surfer on an endless wave. I knew what buttons to touch and when to move on to another part of her gorgeous body. At least that is what I thought then.

Things changed. One night we were making love/screwing/fucking and I was in heaven. I was driving myself into her, sweating and holding back the urge to ejaculate - which by the way was getting increasingly harder to do - when out of nowhere she reaches down and with her index finger starts pounding on her clitoris. Her eyes held steady onto mine and the look in her face was filled with confidence and a touch of arrogance. As she increased her finger motions, I felt her clit begin to swell, until it was actually crawling up my cock. I was stunned, she looked calm and self -assured. I started to moan, because the sensation was to much. “Fuck” I muttered. She smiled at me asked if me if I was enjoying it. And then I came and came and came. I was finished, exhausted and flacid. But Kris was not finished. She gently forced my head between her thighs and whispered for me to “lick her”. What a change. And even though I was tired, I couldn’t resist. Her brown thighs were spreading and the smell of her hormones made me crazy. You know some people just have that fuck power. I was only starting to realize that my wife was one of them. I timidly ran my tongue around her swollen and wet vagina. She used her fingers to open herself up and used her other hand to guide my head to her clitoris. Fuck, it was huge. Until that day, I had only thought of men as being well endowed or not, but I now realize that women are the same. If you don’t believe check the internet. And my wife was the stud of clitoris sizes. I could actually suck her into my mouth. Amazing how some people get everything; good looks, fuck power, and sexual endowment. As I licked her I began to realize something else, she had amazing fuck stamina and muscle control. She was able to cum when she wanted. I could feel her using her pelvic muscles to take her to the edge and then hold back. When she finally decided to cum, it was volcanic. She was lost in her own world, thrashing about the bed like a wild animal. From that night on our sex life took a dramatic turn.

Over the months Kris’s ability in bed grew and grew. She began to realize just how much better she was at fucking than me. It was good to see her confidence grow. But I could not fuck for very long without cumming, she was simply too powerful, too good for my cock. What was amazing was that the idea of her with another man really began to turn me on. I wanted to see two studs fuck, it was a fantasy and one I enjoyed thinking about a lot.

Kris began to spend a lot more time at the gym. She was a personal trainer and she was very good at it. She was always getting way more work than what she wanted. It also meant that she was probably in the best shape of her life. Muscle literally dripped and hung off every corner of her body. I also noticed how she would talk a lot more about some of her clients and their bodies.

It was clear that she had a favorite. His name was Ric and, from what she told me, he was quite something. I soon decided it was time for me to gamble. I turned up at her work one day and made certain that i met Ric. He was younger than I thought, maybe 24. Later I went through her business files and found his phone number. We set up a meeting for coffee. He was a nice guy and after an hour of shooting the shit I realized he would not hurt a fly.

At home we started talking more about him, what a nice guy he was and how his training was going. Kris loved to work with him, because he was making such progress. Then one day Kris came home very strange. She told me that Ric had tried to make a pass at her. I began rubbing her shoulders and asked her to tell me what had happened. She said everything had gone normal, until they were left alone in the gym for some extra help he had asked for. “Every time he passed by me he made a point of rubbing himself along my back side.” she said.

I told her he was young and harmless. She said she was also about to brush it off as just a horny young male, but something else happened. “He was doing his cool down and he asked he to please hold his feet while he did a few crunches. and he got a huge boner.” she said. I laughed.

“So, what is wrong with that?

“Nothing, except he didn’t do anything to hide it, it was like he wanted me to notice.” She giggled

It was then that I could smell her. I looked over her shoulders at her sexy thighs and I realized, she was horny too. “Did you” I asked.

“Did I what?”

“Notice” as I said this i slipped around in front of her got to my knees and began licking her calves and the insides of her thighs. I knew she was wet, I could smell it.

“I did notice” she said.

With that I dove my tongue into her and she began gyrating her self all over me. Her smell and the taste of her me made me crazy. I wanted to lick her forever. Soon her massive clitoris was erect and in my mouth. She squeezed her muscular thighs over my shoulders, grabbed the edges of her chair seat and began fucking my mouth. She had lately learned how to use my tongue to fuck herself. It was incredible to feel her hips, thighs and pelvis move around the tip of my tongue. I wanted to cum.

She heard me moaning and sensed I was bulging and ready to burst. I could feel her relax and slowly she drew my tongue to the base and tip of her clitoris, and then just before she came she stopped and pulled my cock into her. It was tight and deep, like I could push forever. Her clitoris wrapped itself around me like a glove and she used her pelvic muscle to fuck my cock. I threw my head back and moaned like a baby. It felt good and she knew it. Then as if on cue she looked straight at me and said. “I am cuming.” She arched her back, threw her head back and pulled me in. She was in her own world of ecstasy, and she rode and rode every moment of the ride, and the ride went on forever. I could feel her cum shooting past my cock, a puddle forming on the bed sheets. It was 3 to 5 minutes of power cuming, she confirmed her stud status by having the best clitoral orgasm I had ever witnessed. She was good.

With satin cum still leaking out of her, she placed her hands on my hips and pushed and pulled me out of her. I was amazed by her, she was willing to go on fucking to satisfy me. She would endure a little discomfort to make me cum. I felt bad, I wanted her to enjoy it, not to put up with it solely for the purpose of satisfying me. After all, there was no way a women felt like fucking after having an orgasm. With this in mind, I began to slow down my strokes and was preparing to cuddle and hold her to sleep.

“There is more”, she whispered.

“Really”, I replied.

“He was so persistent, showing me his penis and his body, that eventually...”, she paused.

“Eventually what?” I asked.

“I got wet”.

“I could not do anything but sit down, I felt flushed. His persistence really flattered me. Made me feel good. It was then I decided to lock up the gym and to see where this would go.” she stopped.

“Go on” I insisted.

By now my cock was starting to assert itself in her again. She felt it and looked deep within my eyes to search for any pain. If there was any, it was clouded by lust. She knew I was enjoying this. She put her arms behind her head and looked at the ceiling.

“You sure” she asked.

“Sure”, I swallowed.

And so she told me what happened. She sat across the room and slowly spread her legs. She could feel his ears and crotch pick up. He turned towards her - he groaned. She let him crawl to her and lick her. Then she stripped him naked and walked all around him feeling her way along his steel sculpted body. “I’ve done a good job on you, your hard as a rock.” She squeezed her self tight behind him and began rubbing her clitoris on his ass.

She reached around his waist and felt his washboard abs, his thick, long cock. She rubbed it and stroked it until it was like a steel shaft. She wanted him to cum. She pulled him closer and whispered in his ear. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?” He muttered yes. He could barely swallow. She ground her huge, swollen clitoris into his tight ass, rubbed it up and down until she felt the blood rush from her head and her knees began to buckle. Her hand tightened on his cock and she felt it bulge, its huge veins swelling to the point of bursting.

She loved the power. She dug her clit deep into his ass and let the sensations wave throughout her body.

“I am good aren’t I.”

“Yes” he stuttered.

She squeezed hard on his cock and he moaned and bucked, but with such grace and skill that she only felt her clitoris rub even harder on his muscle. His cock suddenly jerked with the force of a fire hose and he unloaded on the wall across the room. Kris wrapped her one leg tight around him and let herself go. She felt her cum pour out of her onto his ass and down his leg. He was still ejaculating, after all he was young and in his prime. She had really fucked him, and that is what she liked the most.

He collapsed to the floor and panted, completely out of energy. She left him there and went to shower. When she came out he was gone.

By now I was coming in my wife again. She smiled and kissed me hard on the lips. We went to sleep in each other’s arms with the scent of love all around us. I loved her and admired her more than ever. :D

30-04-2005, 10:46 AM
A Foiled Rape - Part 1

Please note : this story is completely fictional and never try to realize it in life.

When I was senior in high school I went to a graduation party for my class at the home of one of the seniors. I wore shorts . It was a hot humid night so I chose to wear a loose fitting shirt and no bra My bust isn’t very big- 32 B, and even the outlines of my breasts weren’t likely to be visible with the shirt br> Keg beer was on tap and someone smuggled in some bottles of hard stuff which wasn’t allowed. but they sneaked it in anyway. I know there were a couple bottles of vodka and some gin I think. A lot if the kids began spiking their beer with the hard stuff .

I hooked up with a good looking guy in my English class, Ronnie Smith. He got me a mug of beer and we circulated around talking to the others and having a lot of laughs. It was so hot and humid .that everyone got pretty thirsty.I was eating pretzels and chips and that added to my thirst. Ron kept going back refilling my mug . I know the dangers of drinking too much and after Ron got me the third mug of the night I decided I wouldn’t drink anymore regardless of how thirsty I got.

By the time I had finished the third mug I was feeling a bit light headed. I wasn’t staggering around but I was somewhat disoriented. I told Ron I was going home and he said” Don’t go yet. The party's just starting to swing.”
"No", I said, "I think I’ve had enough to drink and I feel a little woozy. I started to walk home and Ron said, “Wait, I’ll drive you."

I thought about it a minute. Ron was a nice guy. He was funny and a good student and kind of sensitive so I said OK. I got into the car and we started out.

On the way he was saying how attractive I was and explained that he couldn’t understand, after four years together in school,that he had never asked me out. After tonight I’ll change that,” he said.

I was flattered. I put my head back on the seat and dozed off. I woke when the car stopped . I looked out and realized we were in the county park.
“This isn’t where I live," I said .
“I thought before you went home you might want to sober up a bit. I know how parents can be."
Made sense at least in my muddled conditin.I slumped down in my seat and we started talking. He took my hand and put it to his lips and kissed it. “You really are a very attractive young lady,” he said .“ You know something. Ever since I first saw you I have wanted to put my lips on yours.”
I began to warm to him.The drinks had made me feel all warm and cuddly “Well, why don’t you," I said.
He leaned over and gave me a kiss“This is kind of awkward, sitting in these bucket seats , he said. “Let’s go sit on the picnic table over there.
We went over and sat on top of the table with our feet on the seat.We talked a few minutes about school. Then he kissed me again and leaned me backward so that my upper body was lying on the table. He continued to kiss me and i began to breath harder and faster. I felt my breasts tighten and my lower body react to his kissing. "You remind me of a poem" he said. "The way your eyes shine and the softness of your hair"
"What poem, " I asked.He started reciting:
“She walks in beauty
Like the night of cloudless climes and starry skied
And all that’s best of dark or bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes.
I smiled "Lord Byron," I thought how romantic to be with a guy who compares you to a poem.
"Yes, Byron but it seems to fit you so perfectly"
He kissed he again and then I felt his hand go up under my shirt to my breast.
I sighed. “You shouldn’t do that “ I said.” But it felt good and I seemed to have lost my inhibitions with the alcohol I had ingested .His touch was gentle and I could feel my nipples expanding.

“Maybe not, he said.” But doesn’t it feel good? I sighed. "Here let me take this shirt off you. I like to see what I'm playing with." He unbuttoned the shirt, I started to protest but he just kept taking it off so I let him. Everything was just feeling so good.What diffeence does it make. Besides every woman likes to show off her boobs.
He kissed me again amd gently messaged my tits and then his hand moved down and he rubbed my stomach and my abdomen. “I squirmed as his hand went back and forth up and down. his touch was so smooth, so exciting’ I just closed my eyes and totally relaxed.
His hand‘s downward movement was stopped by the waistband of my shorts. The waist band was elastic so there were no buttons or zippers.. He began his motion again and now his hand went under the waistband to the top of my pubic hair. When I realized what he was doing I grabbed his hand and pulled it up.
, “That’s low enough.”
Oh, sorry, he said, I guess I got carried away." Then he started rubbing my abdomen again. It just felt so wonderful and my lower regions felt enflamed. In a bit he kissed me again and slowly started to move his hand down toward the forbidden area again. I couldn’t say anything because his mouth was covering mine in a kiss so I struggled, squirmed and reached for his hand. He was too strong He was under my panties and rubbing my crotch.

I tried to get up but he pushed me down . He quickly pulled my pants and panties off and tossed them on the ground,each one in a different direction. My first reaction was embarrassment. I had never before been naked in front of a man and I tried to cover my crotch with my hands. Then fear set in. Now I realized what was coming. I became frantic. Everytime I tried to get up he pushed me down. I pleaded with him to let me go. I told him I was a virgin and he said that makes it all the better. I said I was afraid I would get pregnant and he just smiled as he held me down with his forearm. I still had my hands over my crotch and he smiled at me and said, "What are you hiding down there?" and he pulled my hands away leaving me totally exposed. I was so ashamed. and started to cry, pleading for him to let me go . “Shut up,bitch “he said “and stop that babbling or I’ll smack you. “ He held up his hand threateningly.

Then he put two fingers into my vagina , moving them in and out. “ Just getting you ready ,
babe but I can tell you already are ready”

I was desperate. I didn’t want this guy whom I hardly knew, to take my virginity away. When it happened I wanted it to be on my terms, the I way had always dreamed it would happen.
I weighted all my chances to escape and there just didn’t seem to be any. Then I remembered what my older brother had told me.I had come home one night from a dance and my shirt was ripped. I told him what had happened and he said, "Ginny, I'm going to tell you what to do if you ever get in that kind of situation again. Then he had told me in graphic detail what to do. He said boys have this weird belief that thir penis is about the greatest thing since sliced bread. They are just so proud of it. Then he told me how to use that perception to my advantage, what to say and what to do. "It might not work, "he had said, but if you're in a desparate distution it's worth a try." I thought about what he had told me and summoned up my courage for my only hope.It would take a bit of acting but it's worth a shot.

Now I laid back and relaxed. I watched him drop his pants and take out his cock. I had never seen an erect penis and it looked so big. I was sure he would tear me apart if he shoved it in me.
“Tell you what I‘ll do, Babe. “just to show you I’m really a nice guy, If you don’t give me a hard time and let me fuck you in peace I’ll do you a favor. I’ll wear a raincoat so you won’t get pregnant.Ok? Promise to be a good girl?” he asked.

“Yes, “ I said. “I know you don’t mean to hurt me.You just want me to have a good time." "Well, I see you're coming around."He looked at my crotch "I like the way your pussy smiles at me."he grinned. " Those big red lips just look so happy."
Then he reached in his pocket and pulled out a packet of rubbers. “There’s four in here. Think we have enough for tonight? ” he laughed.

He took one out of the package and reached down to put it on. Then I said,” Here let me put it on you."
He was obviously surprised and smiled. “Now you’re getting with the program. You relax and you’re going to love this." Then he reached out and handed me the codom.
I was still sitting on the picnic table. He was standing and his dick was about even with my chest. I took the rubber and started to put it on him. Then I drew back. “ I‘ll tell you a secret."I said softly, bashfully. "I‘ve never seen a man‘s erect prick before. Can I look it over, kind of exam it?”.

He laughed. “Sure, Be my guest, But don‘t be too long. My dick is throbbing for action .” I
began playing with it , rubbing it on my cheek and saying things like it’s so hard and so long . It’s a beautiful piece of machinery. All the time I was talking my hands were messaging, squeezing, tickling. I could tell he was enjoying it by the agonized expression on his face. My actions got more intense I rolled it between my two hands, teased the skin on the top and slowly began a back and forth movement that got faster and faster. By now he was mesmerized, his face contorted, his breathing heavy. And then he came. As my brother told me I let his cum splash into me - on my stomach, my chest In a short time his penis shriveled up,went limp. This was my opportunity, my brother had told me. After coming there is a short period of time when the man loses interest in sex - he loses his focus. That is your chance to get away....to be contd

30-04-2005, 10:47 AM
A Foiled Rape - Epilogue

I got down and picked up my shirt and pants. “Hey, I’m not through with you., he said. Where do you think you are going.>
"Whose going? I have to go to the rest room and wash this stuff off of me.It's sticky and it smells. You wait here and don't you dare go away. I’ll be right back."

"All right," he said,“But leave your clothes here just in case you get ideas about taking off. And don’t be long. My prick’s getting harder by the second. and it wants to be shoved into you."
“I can hardly wait," I said dropping my clothes as he had told me to. “ Don’t go away.”

“I’ll be right here waiting for your hot pussy, he said.

I rushed off and made like I was going up the road to the rest rooms but when I got out of his sight, I ducked into the bushes , went in a ways and hid behind clumps of bushes and trees. Then I peered out, watching..I had no shirt or pants but I was thankful I still had my shoes. As I thought about what had happened I cam to the realization that he had been spiking my beer with vodka.No way could i have felt the way I did after just three beers. >
After 10 or 15 minutes I heard a loud shout. “Bitch, you fucking bitch“ Then I heard his car start and he drove past me looking for the restrooms. He kept going up and down the road over and over again, stopping now and then to look in the bushes . When I thought he had given up I went back to the area we had been to get my clothes. All I could find were my skimpy panties which he had thrown under the picnic table.I picked them up and they had been torn at the crotch where he had yanked them off. In the dark he must have missed them when he left. I started walking home practically naked. It was a long walk, at least three miles, but it was dark and very few cars came along and those that did were travelling pretty fast.

Finally I reached home. My parents always leave the backdoor unlocked and a light on in the the kitchen whenever I or my brother are out at night. Last one in is supposed to lock up. I sneaked in and thought I could get to my room witout anyone seeing me but when I opened the door there was my brother sitting at the kitchen table about to eat a sandwich."My God, Babe. What happened to you? Where are your clothes? Did someone rape you?" He was really agitated. "You saved me, big brother."I threw my arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.I couldn't believe I was standing there naked in front of my brother and not being the least embarrassed. "Sit down and I'll tell you all aboutit" Then, as you can see I need a shower."Here, put this on ," he said giving me his jacket. We both sat down. I reached over and took half his sandwich. "Let me start at the beginning," I said and I told him everything. :D

08-05-2005, 09:04 AM
Flames of lust - Part 1

The nice summer cool breeze blow through the camp, it had been a hard day at the beach, the sun pounding down all day. There were 7 of us camping down on the east coast enjoying our summer break and celebrating the end of the school year and just having a good time. It was getting late at night but the moon was all but full so there was some light illuminating my path back to the camp from taking a leak. I was expecting there to be no one else about as the previous nigh after we had finished playing card all the others had left me to sit by the fire and enjoy the night by my self fantasize of how nice it would be to spend the rest of the night with Riannon.

That night I hade been paired with her when we were playing card and had enjoyed her smiles and giggles coming from the other side of the circle as we thrashed the others at 500. She was of average high, short brown hair slight build with breasts that would be ample on a normal person but on her they looked quite large and glasses that only enhanced her appearance. We really worked well together as a team and from her smiles across at me that night I had hoped that we might have a good time later by ourselves but sadly after the others had gone to bed she followed J into they tent. So I had gone of disappointed to relive myself in the bushed nearby.

On my return my hope rose and when I got near I could see the reflection from Riannon's glasses coming off embers of the fire. That cool breeze after a hard day in the surf was good for it for another reason, as it blow through the camp it had cause Riannon's nipples to stand out from her ample bosom and I found it hard to keep my eyes of as I approached, as well I could feel my jeans getting tighter around my crotch. "I thought that you had gone to bed." I said. "No I just went to get some stuff out of my tent so I don't have to wake up J later. I wanted to stay up near the fire and keep warm," she said, "though I see that you noticed that it not working to well". My hear caught in my throat, while we had been waiting for wave that day Riannon had told me that she hated people who just stood looking at girls chest as they talked to them. "Well maybe you would like me to come help you keep warm?" I desperately joked trying to keep any chance alive. She just looked at the ground, and said, "Yes I would."

Not sure if I had heard properly I just stood there, then figured what the hell I had been waiting all year at school for this, if she was playing with me I could say I was just mucking round. I slowly approached the fire and sat besides her, giving her plenty of time to pull out if she wished. As I put my arm round her and pulled her closer she pulled in a sharp breath and let out a relaxed sigh. She moved her face close to mine and whispered, "That's nice isn't it, your hands are so warm." I could feel the heat coming of her face as she moved even closer and kissed me on the cheek. Quickly coming over my stunned shock I turned my head and said; "Well let me see if I can warm you up some more" then kissed her fully on the lips.

I gently grabbed 2 hand fulls of some of the firmest breasts I would ever have the pleasure of touching in my life. I could feel my 6 inches straining against my jeans as I felt those 2 breasts simultaneously beneath my hand as well as Riannon's tong trying to search every inch of my mouth. After about 5 minuets she straddled me, causing my cock to push against her crotch, which caused her to let out a moan, and then she strated to rub up and down with her crotch. "Do you mind if I go back to your tent? Its getting a bit chilly out hear to be taking of my clothes."

I needed no more invitation, as we entered my tent I could see by the moon light that she had planed this all night. Those things that she had gone to get out of J's tent were her sleeping bag and pillows. I spent the next half hour kissing, caressing and holding Riannon, though as soon as I removed her top to let her bosom spill out I avoided touching her nipples completely with my hands or tong, tough I gave the rest ample attention and well as the rest of her body. Occasionally my cheek would brush her nipple and she mould let out a moan. Then all of a sudden I released all that built up tension by biting down on one of her nipples and squeezing the other hard. I could tell I had hit a particularly sensitive spot because her fingers ripped at my back as waves of pleasure rolled over her. She let out a moan and a gasp that surly woke the rest of the camp and alerted them to our activities if they hadn't heard us already. To this day she has been the only girl that I have none to orgasm by upper body stimulation only.

She gradually got more and more aroused as I continued to probe her body, her hand continually reaching down and stroking my cock, which was now only contained by my damp cotton underpants. Many times I let my open hands float down her back and sides, over her ass and hips, then down her thighs. When my fingertips finally brushed the crotch of her panties, it was soaked with pussy juice and her hips jerked convulsively upward, seeking more contact. She responded by pulling off my T-shirt, eagerly licking my nipples and running her fingers through my chest hair. "Please," she whispered urgently. "Faster!"

But I had no intention of moving faster. I was enjoying the gradually building intensity. I slowly kissed her lips, her face, her ears, her neck. I kissed my way down her stomach to her mound then retreated, I still do enjoy teasing girls to orgasm to this day. My left hand was buried in the thick hair at the top of Riannon's neck while the fingertips of my right hand caressed her writhing legs from ankles to hips, concentrating on the sensitive skin behind her knees and on the insides of her thighs. I danced my moth up and down her legs carefully avoiding her crotch as she desperately tried to move her hips so that my mouth could provide her clit with the relief that it desired. Her moans became louder and more frequent, almost grunts, as she began rhythmically thrusting her hips upward.

Riannon's lips sought my mouth and she attacked me with a kiss, urgently thrusting her tongue inside my mouth, crushing my head to hers with both hands. I let my left hand fingertips drift one more time across the taut, wet fabric covering her crotch, and then drove my hand beneath the waistband of her panties. Lifting the fabric away from her dripping pussy, my middle finger drove down through her tangled, sopping hair to find her slick, swollen labia. Pulling her lips from mine, taking this opportunity I quickly moved my fingers to her mouth so that she could taste her own juices. Riannon gasped and thrust her hips upward as I place my right hand over her panties and rubbed round in a circular motion. Then quickly my finger traced her pussy lips down, found her opening, and then sank inside her as far and as fast as I could thrust.

She cried out loud and gripped my arm with both hands, trying to force my hand into contact with her burning clitoris. Instead, I avoided touching her pearl and thrust my middle finger inside her half-a-dozen times, gently stretching her vagina each time I slowly pulled my finger out. Then I added my second finger to the first and thrust into her several times before pulling out altogether. Riannon snarled with frustrated lust.

With my wet middle finger, I traced one outer labia up, circled her clitoris, and then traced the other labia down gently to rim her opening. Next I put my fingertip firmly against the upper edge of her opening, drew it up her slit towards her clitoris, her inner lips parting around my finger. But I avoided her swollen pearl again despite the quick upward thrust of her hips.

This time I pulled my hand entirely out of her panties and I saw her questioning eyes open to watch me as I put it to my face and slowly sucked her juices off my fingers. Watching intently, she panted deeply three times, her taut breasts and their hardened nipples heaving upward together in the dim light. One of her hands squeezed my dick so hard it hurt as she snarled at me and gave me a look that said "Stop playing with me you barsted!"

Then I thrust my hand back into her panties. This time I quickly found her clitoris with my middle finger and began to flick it fast, but so lightly I could barely feel the wet little bump. Riannon's breathing quickly accelerated until it was a hoarse roar in my ears and the tension froze her leg and stomach muscles solid. Cresting hard, she held her breath entirely for half- a-dozen heartbeats then began a deep-throated groan that opened into a sharp, high cry of completion. She raised her hips entirely off the ground and held them suspended, jerking slightly, until her orgasm had run its course.

My hand stayed locked on her dripping pussy as my finger drove her over her orgasm and down the other side. My finger didn't still until she began to squirm
her hips away from it, becoming too sensitive to be touched. Then I cupped her soaking mound with my hand and pulled her naked shoulders against me with my free arm as she began the long trip down. She shuddered occasionally as the aftershocks of her orgasm hit her...to be contd

08-05-2005, 09:05 AM
Flames of lust - Epilogue

By this time I was eager to plunge my aching hard-on into Riannon's dripping pussy. I was pulling my underpants off with one hand and holding her with the other when Riannon pushed me down on my back, pulling my shorts down and clasped her mouth round mi dick cleaning of all of the pre-come and then slipped a condom over it. Then straddled me. Her left arm supported her weight while her right hand found my dick and guided it between her swollen pussy lips. A half- second later she dropped her entire weight downward, eagerly impaling herself with a cry to the full length of my penis. Her pussy felt wonderfully tight, wet and warm. She must have enjoyed the sensation, too, because she paused a minute, gasping, her weight forcing her pussy lips against the base of my dick.

Then, with both hands planted on my chest, Riannon began rhythmically lifting herself halfway off my dick then dropping back down to encase me inside her. Each time her sopping pussy plunged to the base of my dick, she gave a little grunt of pleasure and her panting filled the tent. I groaned. It was all I could do to stop myself from coming instantly as the warm, clasping walls of her pussy slid up and down my cock. I held back with difficulty, watching the concentration on her face and the bouncing of her lovely breasts as she fucked me. I reached up and cupped the considerable weight of Riannon's tits, hefting and caressing them for a few strokes, then took her thimble-sized nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She groaned but kept going, her head now thrown forward so her hair hid her face. Each time she lifted herself off me she nearly pulled her nipples from my fingers, stretching them tautly downward. She whimpered with each tug on her nips.

Riannon gradually speeded her rhythm and I heard a low, growling sound coming from her chest. A faint, wet slap was audible each time she drove herself down on my dick. The tangy smell of pussy filled the little tent. Then Riannon muttered something harshly in German and was no longer lifting herself up but rocking quickly back and forth, focusing her weight on the point where her clitoris nestled against the base of my dick. Her fingernails dug into my chest and then she was coming, coming hard, with short hoarse cries of completion that went on and on. The minute change in sensation drove me out of control and soon I was trying to thrust up into her, my throbbing penis spurting what felt like a cup of hot semen into the condom.

That was not the end of our adventures that night or that week for that matter, but after writeing this I think I am going to have to go and and relieve my self. :D

08-05-2005, 09:06 AM
The Hunger

I felt so restless and horny that evening as I walked into the bar. I was there for only one reason. To leave with someone. I was selective, but not choosy. I immediately zeroed in on a fellow sitting in the far corner. He was nursing a drink as if he was just dumped by his girlfriend. He was my mark. And, after I listened to his bullshit story, I asked him to leave with me. I don’t believe in playing games. I couldn’t wait to be alone with him, and as soon as we left, we checked into the nearby no-tell motel. Room 26.

He threw me down on the bed. And climbed on top of me. He kissed me in a way that felt so raw and animalistic, so dirty, so cheap, my pussy was wet in no time. I couldn’t wait for him to take me. It had been so long since the last feeding. That is what I called sex, … a feeding. I ran my fingers down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt on the way. Then to his belt and pants fastener. My body was pumping. I could feel his hard cock in my hand.

My pussy was aching. “Oh, God, do me, lover!” I commanded “Please”, but he wanted to play. He was playing out a fantasy revenge gig on his girlfriend, and I was his plaything. He was teasing me.

“You’re mine. And I will have you when I am ready.”

He then kneeled over my face and placed his cock on my lips. He lifted my head forcing it in as deep as he dared. I deep throated him as best as I could. I licked and sucked him until he started to moan. I increased the tempo at that point by biting little nips at the tip of his cock. He seemed to enjoy that--- a prelude of things to come. I licked and sucked his hard worm from the base to the very head. Then I nibbled his balls as I stroked him to orgasm. He came hard in my mouth…..” Ohhh, baby. Hmmmmmm. I’mmmm cummminnng. Oh, sweet Jesus. I’mmm cummming. Ahhhhhhh. “ I swallowed most of it, but as he pulled out, he ejaculated over my chin and breasts. I licked it up like I hadn’t tasted cum in a month. I hadn’t.

I undressed, revealing my red panties, red garter and nylon stockings. I was bra-less. And my breast were still damp with his cum that dripped through. He touched my breasts ever so lightly. His touch was fine. It aroused me. It made me even more moist with desire. He caressed them. First one and then the other. He ran circles around my nipples. I wanted him to touch them, to pinch them, to bite them.

“Oh, baby. Touch my breasts. Kiss my nipples”. Ohhhhhh, that’s it. Sooooo Goooood. Ahhhhhh.

I was ready. I couldn’t stand it any more. “Do it to me now. Do it now.” I commanded, and threw him off me.

I made him sit on a chair. Then I straddled his cock and slowly guided into my hot wet pussy. I slowly sank lower and lower onto his lap, until he was fully engulfed. With my feet firmly on the floor, I began to raise and lower myself. Slowly, at first. I felt my pussy getting wetter and hotter as his cock slid up ad down in me.

”Ohhhh, lover. You feel soo gooood in me. So deep.” I reached behind, and touched his balls. That set him off as I tickled his scrotum. He started to shift his hip up and down. And I started to move in unison with his bouncing. I moved my hips back and forth. Up and down. I was looking for that one spot that would send me over the top.

I found it. His cock brushed up against my g-spot. Time and time again. I was going crazy. I couldn’t sit still on his lap. “Ohhhh, god. That’s it. Donn’t stop. Ohhh, yes me. Yes. That’s it. Oh, God. Oh, baby.”

My head was bouncing from left to right. I was screaming. Swearing. Urging him on.

He grabbed my bottom to steady me. He lifted me up and down on his cock.

I then felt his hand moving between my bottom cheeks. He wet his finger with the juices dripping from my pussy, and he then slid a finger into my ass. Oh, did that feel good. He moved it in and out so slowly. And he reached incredible depth in my pussy. I could feel his finger moving in and out of my ass while his cock fucked my hot pussy. I pumped my ass for all it was worth. I knew he could feel his own cock through the thin membrane in my ass. I was being double fucked.

It didn’t take long. “AHHHHHHHhhhh. I’mmmm cummmmming. Oh, yes. Jam that finger in my ass. Make me cum.” Ahhhhhhhh. I was delirious. I almost fainted
From the feeling. My eyes rolled back into my head as he caught me.

He came with me as we both let out an incredible moan. We continued to sit for a moment until we could catch our breadth.

“Mmmmm…yes” he moaned. “You are incredible”. And he kissed me.

“I’m no through with you yet” I told him.

I jumped off his lap…and onto the bed. I lied on the bed face down, and asked him to do me some more. “This time”, I said, “ slide your hot cock into my bottom. Give it to me.”

My pussy was on fire. I was so wet, my cum was dripping down my leg. He scooped up some of the dampness onto his fingers and lubricated my butt. He then positioned himself carefully.

He kissed and nibbled my bottom cheeks. Squeezing, pinching. He slow licked the folds, as he guided his tongue so slowly, so softly. I couldn’t stand it. He was making me so hot with anticipation. Then, he touched my orifice with his tongue. Electricity shot through my body. It was unbelievable. I moaned as the chills rippled through me. He licked me and stuck his tongue I me over and over. I needed him in me. I begged him to give it to me, to slide it in me.

He circled my hole with his cock. Tickling and teasing. Then he slowly eased it in. The feeling was incredible. He was gentle at first. Taking it slowly to allow me to get used to it. To adjust. I immediately slid my hand under my belly and toward my pussy. I fingered myself as he slipped his dick into my ass.

Slowly at first. Then deeper and deeper. He fucked me so good. I heard him start to moan. His moans became louder and louder. Then he screamed. He came with a howl that shook the walls. My hunger was being satisfied at last.

“It’s nipping at me. It’s biting me…Ohhhhh, it’s swallowing me up.” He cried out.

And it wasn’t until he slowly pulled out that he realized what had happen. A good three inches of his cock was gone. There was nothing but a bloody stump. And he was writhing in pain.

I tried to console him. I said, “Hey, even a tapeworm has to eat! Even if it is only once or month or so!” :eek: :D

23-05-2005, 09:19 AM
The School Girl

Shannon returned home from a long day of school and shopping. The eighteen year old blonde had spent her one evening off of the week looking for new clothes so that she could start going to job interviews. Her current job filing papers for a prestigious law firm had grown dull. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, something she could learn from and put down on her resume’e when she went off to law school. Instead of learning how to put crooks behind bars and protect the innocent, she had learned that Mr. Baxter
liked his coffee black and Mr. Marshall, the younger of the two, liked his with a double shot of cream.

After getting out of the car, Shannon straightened her pleated plaid skirt of her school uniform and gathered her bags from the back seat of her car. She hurried into the house, noting a black BMW parked in the street in front of her house. BMWs weren’t that uncommon in her neighborhood, but why was there one in front of her house? she wondered. Her question was answered when she opened the door and entered her house.

“You’ve got a guest, honey,” her mother announced from the kitchen. “Mr. Marshall is waiting in your bedroom for you. I think that he’s here to make an argument to keep you.”

“Good thing I made my bed this morning,” Shannon said, continuing her trek up the stairs to her bedroom.
She opened her bedroom door, and sitting there at he computer playing solitaire was Mr. Marshall, his black hair slicked back except for one lock which curled over his forehead. He turned to greet her as she put her bags on her bed.

“Hello, Shannon,” he said standing up.
“Hi, Mr. Baxter. To what do I owe the honor of your acquaintance this afternoon?” she asked, pulling a blouse out of a bag.
“I have come to ask you to stay with us, but I want you to drop the formalities. We’re not at work. Okay?”
“I think I can do that,” Shannon said, hanging up her blouse in her closet and reaching back onto her bed for another.
“We want to know what you want so that you can stay,” Mr. Marshall said, moving next to Shannon to offer his help putting away her purchases.
“Well, Mr. Marshall,” Shannon began.
“Call me Will,” Mr. Marshall corrected. “We’re being informal here; remember?”
“Well, Will,” Shannon continued, hanging up another blouse, “I haven’t really given it too much thought.”
“Is it the money? Are we working you too hard?” Will asked, handing her a pair of pants.
“No, actually everything is good. I just don’t think that I’m getting enough learning out of this experience. I feel like all I do is get you and Mr. Baxter coffee. I want to learn how things are done, instead I’m out standing in a long line at Starbucks.”

Will stopped to consider what she was saying; he picked up the next bag and pulled out a lacy white thong. He handed it over with a blush. “I think that I might be able to do something about the nature of your work load,” he said.
“What could you do?” Shannon asked, opening a drawer in her dresser to reveal more undergarments. All kinds of lacy bras and panties were arranged in that drawer. Will gulped and handed her another pair of underwear. “You could work under me as my personal assistant and help me prepare case files. Usually we only offer those positions to students who are actually in law school, but Mr. Baxter and I feel that you have potential. I believe that he said that you have a good head on your shoulders.”

It was Shannon’s turn to blush. “What would the difference be for me?”
Will sat on the now empty bed. “First off, no more coffee runs. I take that back, you might have one on occasion, but only when it’s an emergency.”
Shannon laughed and sat beside him on the bed, her skirt riding up an inch, revealing even more of her long legs. “You would also help me prepare case files, like I said earlier. You also get a bit of a raise. A whole dollar. Its not much, but you’re getting that learning experience that you wanted.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Shannon said, leaning forward and kissing Will on the cheek, her chest brushing his arm as she wrapped her arms around him. “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” She leaned forward to kiss him again, but this time Will turned his head so that their lips met. Her moment of celebration deepened to a feeling of wanting. Their lips stayed together, pressed firmly in place. Will’s tongue darted into her mouth, and she didn’t resist. She welcomed it and kissed back. Their tongues massaged each other; their lips gently wrestled, pulling back and then going in deeper. Will’s hand rested on Shannon’s knees and then crept its way up until it was
touching the hem of Shannon’s red and black plaid skirt. Shannon touched his hand and urged it under her skirt. Will felt the smooth inside of Shannon’s well toned leg and continued to pull his hand up until he felt her underwear, damp with excitement. She spread her legs further, and he started to rub against the underwear. Shannon sighed into Will’s mouth, as one of his fingers snaked into the confines of her underwear. He started to touch her clit, and she let out a little “eek.”

“Are you okay?” Will asked, pulling back.
“I’m just fine. This is just my first time with a man, to be gentle,” Shannon said, pulling him in for a deep kiss.Will’s finger found its position again and continued to rub the swollen clit. Shannon moved one of her hands down to the bulge in Will’s pants. She began to stroke the bulge. She stroked it until his pants could almost no longer contain him. At which point she unzipped his fly and fished his cock out of his pants. Shannon positioned herself leaning on the bed and took the cock into her mouth. Her head bobbed slowly in Will’s lap, and he reached over to lift up her skirt. Her ass peeked out of a black thong, looking very tan. As Will’s hand rubbed Shannon’s firm ass, he realized that there wasn’t a single tan line on her entire backside. He then leaned over on his side and gathered her pussy into his mouth. She tasted so new and clean. He licked her clit and tensed with pleasure as Shannon’s sucking became more vigorous. Will stuck his tongue into her wet pussy and heard her squeal from between his legs.

“Fuck me,” Shannon moaned, pulling her mouth from his cock.
Will happily obliged, positioning himself between the school girl’s legs. He slid his seven inch long shaft into her virgin pussy. She moaned and he stopped, his cock still in her pussy. “Keep going,” she begged. “It hurts, but it feels so good.” Will slowly pulled his cock back and then pushed it back in. She moaned again, but he continued. She was so tight, and felt so good wrapped around his cock. As he humped, he unbuttoned the white blouse revealing a shear black bra with a clasp on the front. He unfastened the clasp and admired the tan breasts and their lack of a tan line. He thrust his cock deep, and smiled as she gasped with pleasure. She gripped the bed as he ran his hands over her beautiful tits. He squeezed them, making her moan.
“I think I know something that would help you enjoy this even more,” he offered.
“What’s that?” Shannon panted, squeezing his cock with her pussy as he hit her in a sweet spot.
“I’ll lay on my back and you can be on top. Just make sure you fuck me good,” he suggested through clenched teeth as he laid into her with some rapid bumping and grinding. Then he slid out of her revealing a cock tinted red with blood. He leaned back, and Shannon mounted his hard cock. She gasped as it slid deep into her pussy. She started to slide up and down on the wonderful cock. She would slide up until the tip was teasing the entrance to her pussy and then she would slide back down. Then she started pounding it into her, like a little girl jumping on the bed. She moaned as she ground that
hard cock in deeper, suddenly she spasmed and her pussy tightened into an orgasm. A few more bounces and she was off. She climbed off of the cock and licked some of the blood from the tip. Will gasped and gripped at the bed; being inside of her had made him incredibly sensitive, and she had done a good job fucking him. She started sucking him again, taking him deep into her throat. “I’m gonna cum,” he warned, his back arching. She continued to suck that cock until he exploded in her mouth. She swallowed it all and

“Now I’m ready for my boyfriend to take me out for some dinner to elebrate,” she said, licking his tip.
“I think I can do that,” Will said, kissing her. :D

23-05-2005, 09:50 AM
Nice piece of read ...bro...

23-05-2005, 10:16 AM
Thks 4 yr support :D

23-05-2005, 10:23 AM
The Greatest Teacher- Part 1

It was my first day of the tenth grade. It had been a long day, and the day was only past halfway through. I was ready for my fifth period class to begin when the teacher walked in. She had short, dirty blonde hair in a pony tail, small A cup breasts, and a tight ass. She walked past me and walked to the front of the room.
I had had her for a class the year before. Mrs. Sarah Underhelt was her name. She was about 23 or 24. She was married, and she had a picture of her husband on her desk.
As the bell rung to signal the end of fifth period, I started to gather my things and walk towards the door. Mrs. Underhelt stopped me and told me, "I need to see you after school."
I thought I had done something wrong, and I was worried about it. I never liked to be in trouble.
At the end of school I went to my locker and I rushed to Mrs. Underhelt's room. She was sitting on her desk with her legs crossed reading. She looked up from her book with green eyes and said, "Oh, Jon, hi!"
I replied, "Hello. I was wondering, what is this about?"
"Well, my husband is not going to be home for a while. Every Friday to Monday he'll be gone, he has to travel on those days." she answered.
"Yeah, but..." I said.
Interrupting me, she said, "I get lonely. He's gone, and since he works long days, when he comes home he's tired. I never get any fun..."
"Fun?" I said.
"Yes, fun..." she said while uncrossing her legs and rubbing her hand up her right thigh.
Mrs. Underhelt bit her bottom lip and eyed me. She handed me a paper and said, "This is my address. Come over Friday after school."
So I did. I went right to her house after school. I told my parents I was spending the weekend with a friend.
I knocked on the door, and Mrs. Underhelt opened the door. We greeted each other and then she said, "Don't call me Mrs. Underhelt now. Just call me by my first name."
She walked up the stairs in her large home and said, "Follow me, I have a bath drawn..."

We sat in the large bath tub together, naked. I cradled her in my arms as she rubbed her head against my chest. She ran her hand up my thigh and said, "I just get lonely and I don't get pleased. But now I feel I won't have to worry about not getting pleasure."
After the bath, she told me, "Lie down on the bed, I'll be there in a minute." I did just that. The satin sheets rubbed against my skin and I laid myself down awaiting her.
She walked in nude, her shaven cunt glistening. In her hands she held two pairs of hand cuffs. She stood on the bed before me and said, "Bitch, lick my coochie!"
I obeyed and began to roll my tonuge, and then lapping my tongue within her juicy pussy. She moaned, and I could feel her putting the hand cuffs on me and cuffing me to the bed posts.
Sarah got off my head and I said, "Why are you handcuffing me?" And she replied, "I did this so you'll stay put like a good boy..."
She straddled my cock that was hard as titanium, and she began to rub my chest. She laid on top of my body rubbing her hard nipples against my chest.
"I love you, Sarah." I said.
"I love you too." she moaned.
We moaned as she slid her cunt up and down my cock. I began to move my waist in a gyration and she let out a high pitched moaned. She smiled at me and said, "You're a dirty little bitch!"
She came and then laid her ass on my chest, leaving her pussy for me to lick. I lapped up her juices she moaned more.
"Jon, you're so sweet! Please, please me more..." Sarah said.
I stopped and replied, "Only if you take off the cuffs."
She took off the cuffs and I told her, "Get on all fours." She obeyed and laid her head against her pillow. I began to fuck her from behind, taking her juices on my rig, and then proceeded to rub my cock head against her ass.
"Don't tease me!" Sarah said.
I rammed it inside of her and she let out a high pitched moan and she began to move her ass backwards taking my cock deeper and deeper. I could see her juices dripping out of her pussy, and I laid down and began to suck onto her cunt. She turnedher body around and we began to orally pleasure eachother. She sucked onto my dick as I lapped her pussy, and after we came, I held her in my arms until we fell asleep.

The next morning we walked around her home nude. She made breakfast and afterwards we cuddled on the soft couch while watching a porn video. She leaned in to kiss me. I took her soft tongue into my mouth and then I drew away. I started to nibble onto her earlobe and she giggled.
The sun came in through the small sections of the blinds. I could see her beatiful face, and I could feel her hands stroking my rig.
She kissed me and I laid her down on the carpeted floor and began to suck on her bottom lip. I caressed her thighs and then stopped licking her nipples. I ran my hands across her smooth, tanned legs and then proceeded to kiss her belly. She giggled and then took a serious look at me.
"I love you. At first I was just going to use you as my little sex machine, but I love you now." Sarah said.
"I love you as well." I said."
I slid my cock into her pussy and said, "Take it all this time." I pumped my rig in and out slowly gaining for depth everytime I pumped into her. I began to gyrate my hips more and she began to moan.
"JON! JON! JON! YOU'RE THE GREATEST!" she moaned in orgasmic delight.
"Well, you're the greatest teacher." I said.
We came and then I ran my hands over her smooth body. "Its only Saturday morning. I hope you realize we still have the rest of this day and tomorrow to have our secret pleasure." she said.
"I know... I know..." I replied.

More to come later... :D

23-05-2005, 10:24 AM
The Greatest Teacher- End

After Sarah Underhelt's and I's sexual romp, we had gotten together quite alot. As you may recall, she had dirty, blonde hair, green eyes, small A cup breasts, and a tight ass.
We got together often, and everytime I was in her English class, I yearned for more of her.
One Monday I walked into her room before school started, and she smiled. Our weekend had been fun and I asked her, "How are you doing?"
She replied, "Every moment without you makes my cunt wish I had you in it." She began to rub her cunt from outside her skirt.
I walked towards the door and locked it. Sarah bit her bottom lip and I laid her down on her desk. I hiked up her skirt and pushed her g-string to the side and slipped my tongue in her vagina.
"Jon! Not here! Oh my God, Oh, Jon!" she moaned.
I began to caress her hard nipples from under her shirt and she was breathing quite heavy. Her pussy began to leak out her juices and she grabbed and began to run my head as she came. She laid there atop her desk for a while as she rubbed her tits, and smiled a sweet smile to me.
I unlocked the door and went on through the rest of the day.
That weekend I knocked on her door and she answered. "I've missed you. C'mon, I have something special for you..."
She said to me, "Go on ahead to the bedroom, I'll be there in a minute." I stripped down and laid myself down on the white, satin sheets.
Sarah walked in looking at me in a school girl uniform. She had a white dress-shirt with the sleeves rolled up on, a black skirt, and black leggings. She bit her bottom lip and leaned against the door frame.
"I never told you, but when I was in high school, I used to go to a privated school," she said.
I looked at her body in the uniform and my rig began to grow until it was at its hardest. She advanced toward me and began to unbutton her shirt. She sat on the side of the bed and I leaned towards her, kissing her lightly and running my hand up her right thigh.
I began to run my hands down her legs taking off the leggings. I took off her shirt and then reached under her skirt to find that she had no panties on. She smiled at my suprised face and kissed me on the cheek.
Sarah pressed my body down onto the bed and then stood up above my chest. She caressed her ass and hips and said to me, "Jon, when I'm with you, I get this feeling, and I love it." She had her juices running down her legs and I said, "I'm giving into you."
She threw the skirt aside and then straddled my cock. She pressed her body close to me and her nipples rubbed against my chest. We kissed and I could feel her hips gyrating atop my dick.
I ran my fingers through her soft hair and then rubbed them down towards her ass. I then began to rub her thighs in a circular motion. She looked me in the eyes and said, "You are a dirty little bitch. My dirty little bitch..." I lifted my waist up to give a firm thrust and she let out a high ptiched moan.
"I'm about to blow..." I said to her. She smiled and then got off my cock, only to run her lips over my cockhead to taunt me. She began to suck on it, and as I came she drew it out of her mouth and let it spray onto her tits. She rubbed it over her breasts and then proceeded to pick up the rest wish her ands and swallow it.
I bent her over got behnd her and began to fuck her from behind. Each thrust I pushed my throbbing rig into her deeper and deeper until she was taking my whole cock inside her. I caressed her thighs and then took my right hand and ran it through her hair.
After we were done, I held her in my arms and we cuddled.
The next morning we sat around her house and then we decided to go out for dinner at someplace no one would see us. We sat in a corner, lit by candle light, and I stared into her loving eyes. She began to cry and said to me, "My husband's divorcing me. He says that we never get to spend time together and that he doesn't want to hurt me. I don't know what to do. I honestly love you and him, but I can't believe he'd do that. He even had the nerve to say that he had met someone else."
I stared at her and said, "Sarah, you're the sweetest lady I know, and you're my teacher. I don't know what to say other than I love you."
She I wiped the hair out of her eyes and wiped her tears away. She said, "You're a big sweety."
Sarah had worn a black skirt. Her small cleavage pressed against the table and she eyed me up. She ran her left leg up mine and I could feel something wet on her leg soak through my pants. I looked at her and she smiled. We left early.
When we got into her home she said, "I want to try something..." I agreed to try anything with her and she told me to strip down and go to the bed room.
Sarah walked nude and smacked my ass. "Bitch..." she said before giggling. "Suck on my cunt," she commanded.
I obeyed and ate her cunt until she came. She commanded me, "Fuck me hard like I'm a little slut!" I laid her down and she said, "Don't hold back."
Immediatly I rammed my cock as hard as I could and she grabbed my ass, pinching it. She smacked my face and said, "That's what I want... that's what I need... You're what I want... you're what I need..." as she moaned.
As she came, I kept going until I came.

At school one day, I came after school to see her. I was going to suprise her. I opened her door to see her in her chair leaning back with her legs spread on her desk fingering herself. She was moaning, "Oh Jon, Jon..."
She saw me and smiled. She stood up and I ran my hands up her legs. She pulled up her khaki shorts, but I removed them. I ran to the door to lock it and then I leaned her against the wall. I held her right leg in my right hand and began to fuck her. She giggled and began to moan, "Well, you're a man of few words today. Fuck me good, lover..."
I fucked her cunt for thirty minutes, and we kissed passionately afterwards. I held her in my arms and we walked out of the school together. She offered to give me a ride home, so I accepted.
As I was about to exit her car, she said to me, "I really love you, Jon. I want to be your girfriend. We've never really established our relationship, we're just lovers, but I want you, and I know you want me." I smiled and kissed her lightly on her suculent lips and smiled. :D

23-05-2005, 10:29 AM
Nice piece of real estate

Frankie liked the looks of his new house almost as much as he liked the looks of his real estate agent. The house was a two story, four bedroom with a Jacuzzi in the back yard and a fantastic view of a wooded valley. The real estate agent was a 5’6 California blonde with a genteel Georgia accent. Her black power suit was fitted to her curvaceous body and the skirt rose about four inches above the knees and when she sat down it revealed even more of her well formed legs.

They had met at the house around noon so that Frankie could get the full effect of the sun coming through the skylights. The house was still sparsely furnished even though the owners had moved out two or three months previous. The real estate agent, Vicky, had taken her time with Frankie; her clients wanted to get rid of the house so that they could finally settle their divorce and move on. Vicky led Frankie up the carpeted stairs and into the master bedroom. “This is the master bedroom,” she said flourishing her hands like a game show hostess. “The last owners had mirrors installed around the room about a year ago. They tend to give the room a feeling of more size.”

Frankie nodded as Vicky continued to talk about the plaster molding around the room, but instead of appreciating the architecture, he was admiring the view of Vicky’s backside in a mirror. Her skirt had crept up to reveal the lace of her slip, and Frankie could only imagine what else Vicky had under her skirt.

Now Vicky was moving on. In the next room there was a small office. As Vickie talked about the large closets, Frankie glanced down the window to the Jacuzzi which was nestled next to a kidney shaped pool. “I would like to see the pool now,” he interrupted, pointing out the window to the sparkling blue water. Vickie then led him down the carpeted steps and out the back door. The backyard was fenced in despite the lack of neighbors for about the equivalent of two city blocks. On the other side of the fence there were trees. Four chairs surrounded the pool, and Frankie took a seat. Vicky turned a dial on the side of the house and the Jacuzzi started to bubble.

“I feel like taking a dip. How about you?” Frankie asked, pulling off his shoes.
“I don’t think that we can do that,” Vicky said nervously. “Besides, I don’t have a swim suit.”

“So?” Frankie said, pulling down his pants. He almost couldn’t hide the beginnings of an erection that had started as he pictured her dripping with water. Frankie then pulled off his shirt, revealing his chiseled physique.

Vicky shook her head as Frankie stepped into the Jacuzzi. “I don’t think I can,” she said.

“Why not?” Frankie prodded. “No one’s here but you and me, and I won’t tell anyone. In fact, if you do this one little thing with me, I might be more inclined to buy this beautiful house.”

Vicky shook her head one last time and then gave up. She shrugged off her blazer and laid it on the chair and then slid her skirt down to her ankles. Her body was even better than what Frankie had expected. As she stood there on the concrete still wearing her heels, taking off her blouse, Frankie noticed a tattoo at the base of her back. A little red dragon snaked its head over the waste band of her white lacy underwear. Her flat tummy also had a surprise, a little hoop piercing on her navel. As Vicky got into the swirling waters of the jacuzzi, Frankie’s hard on became even larger, but thankfully the bubbles concealed his growing cock. “Isn’t that better?” he asked, lightly splashing Vicky, making her white lacy bra even more transparent. “This does feel good,” Vicky said, leaning back in the tub. Frankie touched his cock under the water. Her tits looked so delicious seemingly floating on the waves of the Jacuzzi. The chill of the air against her wet lingerie caused her nipples to become erect, and he could see every detail of her nipples under the thin
fabric of her bra. Becoming more accustomed to the water, Vicky rested further into it, dunking her large round tits into the water. She then removed her bra. “You don’t mind do you?” she asked. “Lace gets so itchy when it’s wet.” “No problem,” Frankie said, giving his cock a little squeeze. “Would you like it if I washed your back?”

“I think that might be nice,” she said, turning her back to him and leaning into the wall of the tub. Frankie scootched over so that he was sitting right next to her in the seat and started to rub her back. He cupped his hand and dripped water down her back. By now his erection was demanding attention.. His need for her was strong. With one hand he continued to rub her back; with the other he freed his cock from his wet boxer shorts and started
stroking. Vicky was so still that he was almost sure she was asleep, but she wasn’t. She reached next to her and started to stroke his throbbing cock. “Did I do this to you?” she asked, her eyes still closed.

“Yes,” Frankie gasped through clenched teeth. The swirling hot water combined with her hand around his 7 and a half inch cock was a wonderful sensation. She turned around then, revealing her beautiful white tits. He licked a drop of water from one of her nipples and smiled as she gasped. He then leaned in and started to suck on her nipple. Her leg rose in the water and wrapped around his body. The only thing separating his cock from her pussy was the thin layer of underwear still on her well toned ass. He took his cock and rubbed it into her cunt through her panties. “Finger me,” she moaned. Frankie moved one hand down her side and into her panties. He rubbed the clit lightly with his index finger. “Finger my ass,” she begged.

“You like it in the ass?” he asked with surprise, but continued with the lady’s request. The water was a good lubricant, and she was excited, so it was easy to slid his finger up her little asshole. She squealed as he slid his finger in first up to the first knuckle, and then out, then up to the next knuckle. By the time he had his whole finger in, she was begging for his hot cock in her ass. He obliged her request; he thought that he would be a fool if he didn’t. First, he helped her off with her panties, and then he slid his cock into her ass. She was tight but not to tight. She was experienced at taking it up the ass. She moaned as he slid deeper into her ass. “Your cock is much bigger than my husband’s,” she gasped.

“Your husband’s?” Frankie asked with a thrust.

“Oh yes!” Vicky squealed. Frankie was all the way up her ass; he pumped in her vigorously, grabbing her hips. With one hand he traced a line of water down her back making her shiver. Then he slid that hand around to her swollen clit and started to finger it. She gasped and gripped at the wall of the Jacuzzi. Her tits swayed, her nipples rubbing against the frothy bubbles. She squealed and screamed with pleasure as his hard cock gyrated in her ass. She came violently; her body tensed and she let out a cry of animal
pleasure. Frankie pumped vigorously a few more times and then he came in her ass.

“You like my jizz in your ass?” he asked, pulling his cock out of her ass and rubbing it against her sensitive pussy.

“Oh yes,” Vicky said turning around and positioning herself so that she could lick the remnants of his cum off of his tip. :eek: :D

23-05-2005, 10:30 AM
Room Service Please

When dad first told me that we were going up the coast I was a little hesitant as I had a soccer game I didn’t want to miss and I really couldn’t be bothered with an eight hour car trip, but when we arrived at the motel and saw the room I had all to myself, I was so glad that I did come along. The room was massive, with a double bed, a television, my own bathroom and a great view of the pool, as we were staying on the top floor. I remember have 1 great night and 1 great day on my holiday and I just had to tell someone about it

The first came on night one. We had just had dinner and returned to our rooms as we were all tired from the long ass drive up. Mum and dad told me to keep quiet and to meet them for breakfast at 9 : 00. I went into my room and walked to the window to look out upon the pool area to see the pool was well light and that three really good looking girls were sitting in the spa right below me which allowed me a fantastic cleavage shot. I turned all of the lights off in my room so as not to be seen, took my pants off and started jerking it while looking down the tops of the three hot chicks. Two of them stood up and exited the spa and stood facing in the opposite direction wearing their thongs, exposing me to their perfect asses. I remember going weak at the knees at blowing my load like never before at the sight of two hot asses and a pair of fantastic tits. I fell back onto the bed and used a few tissues to clean myself off before returning to my spot at the window and continuing to enjoy my view. The three girls left to my frustrations as I was just starting to get hard again. I sat at the window in the dark on a chair with my pants around my ankles and waited in hope that something hot would decide to go swimming. It was about 10 : 30, which was the time the pool was suppose to close when a young couple, and I mean young, they couldn’t have been any older than 16 or 17 caught my attention, kissing in a room across the complex. I took out my binoculars and looked through them as they closed the blinds and saw that I had a great view of their bedroom from my bathroom window. I stood at the window and watched across the complex as the young girl took the young man’s pants off and wrapped her mouth around his cock

I started beating my meat at this sight... she was hot and he was one lucky son of a bitch. The young girl stood back and took off all of her clothes and mounted the young boy. She sat down on him and started fucking him. I once again exploded right as the two started fucking each other quickly. My god, that was the best masturbation orgasm I have EVER had. I must have continued to cover my hand in cum for about 25 seconds. I continued watching as the young girl tipped her head back and bucked big time before climbing off her man and sucking him and taking his massive load in her cute mouth. I hit the shower and once again cleaned myself off before returning to the bathroom window to see that the couple had turned their lights off, totally destroying my view, so I returned to my window above the pool to see it was totally dark, as it was shut for the night. Rather than do anything, I decided that bed was a great option so I lay in bed, changing the channels with the remote. I went to push the 2 button and then the 5 to go to the sports channel but accidentally hit the 5 then the 8 and watched closely as my TV picked up the order in movies from the front office, and that I was watching Spiderman. I decided to try my luck on other channels, and went all the way up to 62 where to my excitement I found myself watching a black girl having her ass fucked by a huge, black man. I lay on top of the covers with my cock in my hands, once again jerking off... damn I loved this holiday. I held off as I knew this was a Triple X video to see what the next scene was and was REALLY happy when a young man lay on the bed with his cock in hand before a woman piled on top of him and shoved his prick into her pussy and then had another man drive his dick into her ass

When watching a video like this, I always pretend that the girl is one from school and I am the guy, and if there was another guy involved I pretended it was a pal of mine... so there I was, jerking off while softly calling out the name of Nikki, my cousin (which always made me explode in orgasm as the thought of fucking my hot cousin was a major turn on. The girl on video gave out an almighty scream before bursting into tears and screaming out in pain as both men fucked her hard. Both men pretty much at the same time groaned and shot their loads into the poor girl. I gave up and joined them in orgasm, ejaculating with such force that the fluid that shot out from my organ, hit me in the face and then landed on my chest. I closed my eyes and continued jerking causing more cum to shoot from my cock onto my chest and face. I took another show and went to bed, and had a very happy dream

The next day I woke up, got dressed and had breakfast before telling mum and dad I would catch up with them later as I wanted to watch the footy game on television at mid day so I went back to my room. I entered and turned the tele on and went straight to the channels I was at last night to find that once again there was a great X rated video on. So I closed the curtains, took my pants off and started watching the video again. Suddenly my door opened and in walked the two young Asian girls who were obviously here to clean my room and make the beds. I froze as both girls, who couldn’t have been any older than 20 stood there, looking at my erection and then to the television where a girl was being fucked in the ass. The younger of the two put her hands over her eyes and told me she was sorry and that they would leave but I said not to worry, and allowed them to clean the room. I made no attempt to cover up as the fact that while cleaning, both girls were sneaking looks at my naked body was a MAJOR turn on. The red hot maid walked past me and brushed past my penis, rubbing her ass against it was quick to apologize but when I showed that I was really turned on by this she suggested that I spank her

My god, I nearly died right there and then. I felt like my penis had doubled in size as she lifted her maid skirt and bent over my knee and pulled her panties down and exposed her ass to me. I took my hand and spanked her on the ass to her playful screams as the other woman sat on the table watching this. I spanked her Asian ass three times and told the other it was her time, and that she was being punished for not knocking before she entered. I bent her over, removed her panties and almost shot my loan then as I spanked her PERFECT ass three times before pushing her head towards my erection. She opened her mouth and sucked me in as her co worker licked her ass. Both maids were soon on their knees, taking turns on sucking my 16 year old cock. I soon found myself unloading everything I had onto the two girls faces and onto the floor. I fell back on the bed and struggled for air as the two girls wiped their faces off and cleaned up the mess I had made. They put their panties back on and told me to enjoy the rest of my holiday. I just sat there with my cock covered in a mixture of warm spit and cum wondering what I did to deserve that. I showered down, watched the footy and enjoyed the rest of my holiday

As soon as I got home I promised myself that I would go back one day as I enjoyed the service so much :p :D

29-05-2005, 09:58 AM
Zay's kat

It was evening, a simple evening, the cool breeze in between trees causing them to whish the way they do. The air felt the hint of hint a soon apporaching fall and yet there was an enough warmth to insense one’s skin. A tall dark man stood outside her apartment building deciding to venture further as he finished inhaling the vapors of his cigarette.

Zay found the door of a woman's apartment slighly ajar, as he started to knock. Somewhat cautious he entered her abode unafraid. The sight he found was pleasing to his eyes. The Kat was in a semi-prone position on her sofa, dress in mystical garb. The revealing yet concealing chiffon and lace linagre accented Kat’s sinful body. Without a word exchanged between Zay and Kat, they exchanged desires.

Zay glided over to his delectable meal and gently kneeled down beside Kat, her eyes told of a hidden passion and her body showed the way. Zay without panic nor great concern began to touch lightly Kat’s body as to beckon it to come alive. Suddenly he planted the kiss of a thousand timgles upon her lips and she responded as if she had found the greatest secret in the world. She had.

The onslaught of nibbles and soft wet kisses sparked the inner flame to the passion of Kat’s fortune. Her innards started to twitch, her pelvis mound rose and descended, her breast yearned to be touch. Zay was in no hurray, but his tongue was, as his own body was now intrigued fully by the rapture. As if his golden tongue came from heaven, it traveled the distance of Kat’s stealth body, but it deliberately stayed away from her ache deep in her pussy. His tongue made its own map of her contoured body, her nipples felt the coursness of his tongue and the puff of air from his warm breath.

Her inner thighs felt the tongue as well, her knee caps gave way to the Zay’s dancing tongue. Kat now realized she was being tortured, trapped by a tongue with no shame. And just when she was getting use to sensious relaxing feeling, she felt Zays mouth gnawing at her thin panties, his saliva made an already pussy even wetter as he chewed upon the material between her legs.

Zay’s tongue moved aside the crotch of the panties and with one long swipe his tongue finally entered her once forgotten pussy. Kat uttered a long glutteral moan as if she told him she wanted more, she did. But still he didn’t comply. Frustrated she jumped up from the sofa, standing she removed the panties one leg at a time, revealing Kat's thick and trimmed forrest. Zay grabbed the leg that was raised in the air and swung it upon his right shoulder, while bracing her back, while his tongue dived bombed into Kat’s pussy laterally. She could only rock back and forth, the pressure gave in to pleasure.

With all the strentgh his manhood could muster Zay stood upright, his face still impalled in her now rich moist pussy. Kat thought she would tumble, she grabbed his head tightly. Zay braced her body against a wall of her apartment and continued the lingual onslaught on her vagina. Now with both legs on his shoulders, her back firmly against the walls, her hips dance, trying to break Zays neck, but his tongue had more power. Kat’s pussy brought forth a frothy quart of her womanly essence, not once, not twice, but three times. She now proud of her deed and exhausted she climbed from Zay’s shoulders and ran to the bathroom to freshen herself.

In the meantime, Zay went into the kitchen and got a can of whipped cream and met Kat in the bedroom. Kat opened her legs wide as if she had double jointed hips. Her pubic reminded Zay of an ebony golden meadow swaying. To her surprize, Zay introduced to her the cold whipped cream deep into vagina. He also lambasted his now throbbing dick with the whipped cream and glided into his desert.

Kat’s moans and Zay’s cheerings reminded one of a Vandross and Regina Belle duet, simply enchanting. Their bodies meshed briefly to slow the pace, then their bodies would clash with a crescendo of fervor, reverbrating through the mattress springs. There was no more Zay, no more Kat, no more time, no more space, just two beautiful bodies desparately trying to elude the bliss, only to recapture it again and again. The sweat poured from their bodies, the cold whipped cream became an ingredient of the aromatic fragrance that filled the bedroom.

Just as Kat was about to release another pleathera of orgasmatic matter from her soul, she felt tiny sweat drops from Zay on her forehead and then a loud boom. Kat sat up in her queen size bed naked . Her thighs wet, her one inch nipples were erect, as she looked around and saw it was raining, her window opened. Damn she thought to herself, it was all a dream, she pulled the covers over her head and glanced around her dark bedroom one more time.

There in her bedroom doorway stood a shadow of a tall dark figure of a man, calmly smoking a cigarette. The brief flash of lightening cursing the darkeness, confirmed it was Zay coming home from work. The Kat was now cool, as a devilish grin came upon her face beneath the covers. The rain outside her window didn't compare to the moisture gathering in between her thighs. :D

29-05-2005, 09:59 AM
Auditing my neighbor

I am an accounts student studying in an outstation college. I have a neighbor female, married with no kids and her hubby is always on the road. Being a student of accounts, figures are a second nature to me, I know when I see a good figure and this female is no exception. She has a 36-28-38 classic figure, fair, tall long legs, filled boobs and a well grown arse. Her body contours are very evident when she wears a saree mostly. I regularly shag thinking about her. I had returned mid term home from my college while I was in the third year bcom.

Seeing her every now and then gave me a strong desire towards her, one day I presented myself to her and during conversation with her I learnt about her hubby’s drinking habits and how she disliked it. Also how he is away most of the year from her. I felt sympathetic towards her but did not show. She was dressed in a orange saree with a brown blouse. She is a housewife but also runs a cottage industry at her home which keeps the piggy bank ringing. I was seated in the chair and she was on the floor working, it was warm that day and the fan breeze was just not enough. She was facing me and we continued to talk to each other. She removed her pallo from her shoulder and let it on her lap exposing her breast. I could imagine her big milky boobs, as she had a lot of material scattered around the floor, she was bending and stretching ahead, her blouse was loose near the front giving me a nice view of her cleavage. I wanted to get near and touch her. I told her since I have a break and Iam going to be here a while why don’t she offer me some work so I could help her out with her small business. She appreciated my offer and asked me to do some minor but time consuming work so she gets some spare time. I thanked her and started in earnest. I started visiting her house regularly from morning till early evening to help her out.

This got me closer to her and I started seeing her daily and my frequency of masturbating shot up. Those were too hot days for me and her. One day while I was with her she excused herself for a bath. Her bathroom door is open ¼ of the length from up as the glass covering that portion was missing. When she was away for a small moment I got tempted to see her bathe, so I climber up from the side of her bathroom door to have a bird’s eye view of my subject. She had just removed her saree and continued to undress her remaining garments. When she was naked my heart started pounding heavily, her figure is just too damn right for anyone and she could give all those fashion models a run for their money. I got envious of her hubby for being married to such a beautiful women. Her boobs are well formed and soft, her nipples are dark brown, are curves are immaculate and her buttocks are big. A figure that I would want to audit all my life. She sat on her toes and started fingering her well trimmed pussy. I thought she could use the services of my lund, I saw her all through this full development till she had started to take bath. I wanted to audit her fully. I returned and continued to do my work, my heartbeat was still abnormal. She came out of the bathroom with a change of saree, dried her open hair a little ahead in front of me.

Combed her hair in a buff, and took my leave to go to the market. She had left about 5-7 minutes and I got very horny filled with thoughts on her. I went into her bathroom and all I could think of is to relieve the tension by shagging. By now I was filled with lust for her, I saw among her dress her bra lying on the hanger. I removed it and put her bra cup over the head of my lund. I started masturbating into her bra. Not knowing in the meanwhile she had returned, not seeing me around she latched her main door of her single room house assuming I have left. As it was hot those days may be that’s why she removed her saree and her blouse to enter the bathroom to wash her changed clothes. She opened the door and found me in action with her bra over my erect lund. I was shocked and did not know what to say or do. I just said “I want to fuck you”, though she had not been English educated she understood what fuck meant. She stood there in a state of trance looking at the sticking juice between my lund and her bra as I removed her bra from over my lund. I stood with a harder than ever lund. She was wearing a light blue petticoat and a white bra. She is so inviting , I let off my dress and inched closer to her, she kept her stand. As I drew closer, she closed her eyes, I kissed her lips and pulled her into my arms. She is sweet and sensual, when I withdrew from the kiss her eyes were still closed. I pulled her bra straps down from over her shoulders to remove her bra as it rest on her waist.

I pressed them softly, shaking them a bit. I said “bahot dino se tumhe chod-ne chahata tha, aaj mujhe chance mila, tumhe chod-ne bada maza aaye ga”. With her eyes still closed she replied “meri chut badi sukhi hai, isse chod-ke gilli kar do, mera aadmi tuo nekamma nikla, main usse mujko hath lagane nahein deti”. I now was at a very stage to commence my auditing over her. I started sucking her boobs one by one, they are stuffed. While sucking her boobs I removed her petticoat and bared her naked. I moved my hands all over her body exciting her. I took the pleasure of slapping and pressing her arse which always used to be covered. I sucked her boobs which were so much teasing me from behind her blouse. We were regularly shifting from one side of the room to the other as our loving got intense. I pushed her on the bed when I could no longer wait to fuck, I fucked her, she opened her eyes to see me in all glory driving my lund into her. She moaned and begged me to come harder into her, I kept to it until pussy got wet with my juice. I let off a sigh and rested by her side on her bed. :D

29-05-2005, 10:01 AM
My Friends Mom - Part 1

It all started when I met my friend Brian in the eighth grade. We bacme friends and then we decided to do something on the weekend. We went out to see a movie and I decided to spend the night at his house. His mom came to get us and when isaw her i realized that she was the biggest milf that i had ever laid eyes upon. She was gourgeouse. Her tits were plump and round I would say a 36-38 C. They were so perky and perfect that I was not sure that they were real. Her ass was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. It was small and plump and her jeans hug around it perfectly.

She gave us a ride home and we decided to smoke and then go swimming. She came out a little later to tell us that she was going to bed. I looked up and realized that she was wearing a bath robe. She was standing above me abd I could see right up her robe. I could see that se was wearing a skimpy black thong. I had an instant hard on like never before in my life. My cock ached to get in those beautiful panties.

A few days later I was at my house which is acrfoss the street and I saw her go out to the pooll to get a sun tan. I krept over to the fence and could see her rubbing tanning oil all over her body. Her beautiful tits were glisstening in the sun and her ass was just tempting me. Noticing that nobody was around she decided to take off her top. That was all I needed and I whipped my cock out and started to stroke it. Before long I had busted a fat nut all over the fence.

The next day I spent the night at his hous again. We decide to drink and got pretty faded. We decided to go to bed pretty late and brian was out cold in about ten minutes. I decide to use this time to go snooping around the house looking for some sexy things that his mom has. I krept out of his room and into his mom's room. She was laying there sleeping in a pair of pajamas. Damn did I wish that she was wearing that thong that I had saw a week before. i decided that I should go to the laundry room and look for some bras and panties.

I got into the laundry room and found a pair of white lace panties in the dirty wash. I imediatly licked the juices from the croutch. Her juices tasted amazing. I could taste her pussy aand ached for the real thing.

Weeks later after many trips to there house while they were not home to go through her panty drawer I spent the night at his house again. They had just gone on vacation and her husband was now away on business. She had had some trouble sleeping lately and I saw her take a few sleeping pills.

I dedcide to get my friend drunk so that he would pass otu again. We took shots of vodka but little did he know that mine were only water. Soon enough he was out cold on the couch. I decided that this was my chance to go and pay a visit to his mom.

I krept into her room and saw her sleeping on the bed. I decided that I would try to wake her up to see waht would happen. I went and tried to wake her up but she was out like a light. I shook her hard by trhe shoulders but she did not move at all. I then decided to slip her pajamas off and look at her in her underwear. I carefully unbottoned her pajamas and revealed her bra underneath. She wasss wearing an dark gray lacy bra. Her beautiful tits were being barely held back by the sexy material. I reached around her back and unhooked her bra skillfully. i then slipped her bra off unleashing her geurgeus tits. Slowly I began to rub them and her nipples. i could tell that her nipples were starting to get hard from the attention. By this time my cock was so huge that it had to be unleashed. I whipped it out an dhad never seen it so big. I bagan to stroke it and then had an idea. I grabbed some lotion out of the bathroom and rubbed it on her tits. I squeezed her tits together and stuck my dick in between them. I went cxrazy titty fucking her harder and harder. I soon could feel my orgasm coming and kept going at it. I then erupted and spurted hot cum all over her tits and onto her face.

I then decided to take off her pants and reveal the sexy panties she had on. I soon saw that she was wearing a thong that was matching her bra. since I have a panty fetish a decided to roll her over to look at her ass with her panties on. I saw that she was wearing a thong that hugged her pussy and split her beautiful ass cheeks. I then moved in closer to her pussy. I was inches from the pussy that I had been thinking about and jacking off too for weeks. I movd her panties to the side and revealed the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen...to be contd

29-05-2005, 10:02 AM
My Friends Mom - Epilogue

I could not help myself so I started to eat her pussy out. I finally got to taste the juices that I was getting from her panties straight from the source. It tasted like heaven and i could feelmy cock starting to regain life again. I continued to slurp up her juices and licked her clit to get her juices flowing more.

I just wished that I could fuck her but knew that I could not without a condom. I decided tosearch the bathroom for one. I looked and looked and then found something unexpected. I found a little package of pills. I knew at once what they were and knew that since I had found her birth control that i could fuck her. An d best of all without a condom. I rushed back into her room and turned her back over. I grabbed her legs pulling her closer to me and pointing my throbbing cock inches from her juicy pussy. I moved on closer and could feel me cock start to part her pussy lips. I slid in nice and slow feeling the warth of her cunt around my rock hard cock. I pushed all the way in until the base of my ten inch dick could go no further. I then began to slid in and out slowly. Sonn i began to thrust with all my might my balls slapping against her ass turning me on even more. I could feel her pussy juices flowing as she was getting turned on too. She must be having an erotic dream. Soon I could feel her pussy starting to tighten around my cock. I pinched her nipples and her pussy gave a final squeeze. I could tell she was coming and I felt mine coming as well. Finally with one last powerful thrust a shot a huge load deep into her beautiful pussy. Her cunt seemed to be sucking all the cum out of me. I got off and cleaned her up abit. I put her bra and pajamas back on and decided to keep the panties for my own pleasure. I returned to the couch and found my buddy still passed out. I helped him to bed and went to sleep on the floor.

Later that night I found someone waking me up. It was my buddys mom. She told me to follow her and I though for sure that I wasbusted. She led me into the living room and at me down on the couch. HSe told me that she had woken up during my little experience and let me get on with it . She also said that she had never been satisfied that much by her husband.

She then told me that she only missed two tings from our sex. with that she came over to me and started to pull down my pants. She took out my hard cock and started lickeing the tip. She then suddenly took the whoel thing in her mouth and started going to town. She gave me the best lblow job of my life. I told her tht I was about to cum but she just kept going. As soon as i started to cum she took the whole thing into her mouth I could feel my cock slid down into her throat. She kept on sucking me off and drained my cock once again.

She then stood up and walked away. i took a moment to gather myself and followed her into the bedroom. She was laying on the bed and motion for me to come onto the bed. She then got a bottle of lube out of the canimet next to the bed and rubbed some onto her hands. She then started to rub it onto her ass cheeks and into her ass crack. After it was lubbed up she grabbed my cock and bega to stroke it with the lube. She then bent over and pulled mr closer. I couldn't believe that I was going to get to fuck the most beautiful ass that I had ever seen. I stuck my cock in slow and showed no mercy. I pounded my cock in and out of her tight virgan ass. She was overcome with pleasure and pain and soon was drippiung juices from her pussy. I shove dtwo finger in her poussy and started fingering her. She screamed wildly that she wanted me to now cum in her pussy. I pulled out and shovd it into her Pussy. I could feel my orgasm coming up. With that I felt her pussy tighten again and we came together. after draining my cock for the fourth timethat night I fell over in exaustion.

From then on I started to spend the night over at his house whenevr his dad was away on business. I had a great time hanging out with brian but a much better time fucking his beautiful mom. :D

29-05-2005, 10:04 AM
Car fun

It was another hot, boring, summer day, and Zach and I were headed to the beach. Even though we've seen each other a million times at the beach, I still couldn't wait to watch him slide off his clothes to show his nicely built body. It wasn't perfect, but more than enough to make me melt. As for me, I'm a petite asian girl. About 5'4, dark hair, dark eyes, tanned, 115-120lbs,and an average chest size -- 36B.

On our way there, Zach decided to take the longer route .. Through the closed, abondoned Air Force Base. We had our memories , but never better than it was back in my bedroom. As he was driving, I started to stare at him in his shorts and plain white shirt. I was getting myself hot thinking about all the things I could do to him, and when he looked over, I just gave him a devilish grin. He always knew what that grin meant, so before we even got half way to the beach, he turned into a contruction place. There were huge mounds of dirt everywhere, so there was no way anyone could have seen us. It was broad daylight, but we didn't care. We've done this many times before to be paranoid. His car is small. It's a black '88 mustang. We had the windows half way down, and I was already climbing down to the backseats. He just adjusted his chair in the front, not coming back with me, trying to tease me.

Paybacks a bitch, and I show him what teasing really is. I climb back up front only half way so that half of my body is in the back of the car, and half is in the front with him. I unzip his shorts and unbuttoned his boxers. To my surprise, he was already rock hard. I take his cock in my hand and start to stroke lightly, then pull away. Then I bring my mouth down to him and lick his cock up and down paying close attention to the most sensitive spots. I put his head in my mouth and suck a little, and pull out. I stroke a little more, and put it back in my mouth, probing my tongue around the base of it, and then finally putting all of it in my mouth and give him a nice hard suck with my hands still rubbing up and down.

As I'm sucking him, I reach for his balls and start rubbing slowly and softly. I take him out of my mouth and lick from the top of his head all the way down to his balls, giving him little kisses. I look up at him - his head tilt back completely enjoying every minute of it ... And then I stop, sit back down in the back seat, and wait for him with nothing but a smile on. He climbs back with me and sit next to me. He lies me down with my legs wide open so my pussy is completely visble to him .. and anyone else outside the car. He slides one finger in to feel how hot and wet I am. By now, I'm completely dripping wet. He then slides another finger in, penetrating slowly at first .. Then hard and slow, and then fast and hard.

By now I'm moaning, knowing I'm about to burst with an orgasm. I pull his fingers out and tell him to take off his pants and sit up. I slowly climb on top of him with my back facing him and slide him into my hot throbbing cunt. I start out slow, and start to pick up the speed. I push myself up and down on his thick, hard cock. I'm basically riding him backwards, giving him the perfect view. As I'm fucking him, he reaches in front and plays with my hard nipples while I'm screaming my ass off. Once in a while, I'd make myself tense up, making my pussy feel tighter than it already does around him. He finally decides that I've done enough work, and so he helps me off and pulls the backseats down so that the back is completely flat. I love it when he's demanding, so I start talking dirty to him .. Telling him to fuck me like the slut I am.

He knows what I want now. So he tells me to lie on my stomach, and I do so. He gets on top of me, and slides inside me. After he does so, I cross my legs, so I'm even tighter. he holds on to my shoulders and starts fucking me from behinds hard and fast. I immediately start having orgasms one after another, and i beg him to stop, but he knows better, and he doesn't. He starts pulling my hair and smacking my ass, making it hurt. by now, i can't stop moaning and screaming his name. We fuck like this for a long while until I finally stop him, and push him over on his back.

I straddle him and immidiately slide his cock inside me. I start riding him nice and fucking hard. He sits up so he can suck my on my tits at the same time. I start to rock harder and faster until I feel him siffen up, so I tense my muscles, and feel him explode inside me. I slide off his cock and lick up our juices .. Then he leans down to give me nice passionate kiss.. And with that, I know we've only begun ... :eek: :D

29-05-2005, 10:05 AM
Naughty Kat

My maths class is one that can be described as great... Every time I go into Maths I partake in my usual "What colour undies is Katherine wearing today?" game. One day sticks out in my mind more so than any other. I came into my maths room, sat at the back and watched Katherine enter the room, sit down, let her pants slip and present her pink panties to me. I wrote the results down and added them to my list of results as I did every day (it was a game a few of my friends and I would play) Katherine sat on the table next to me as usual and went through her usual yawn, stretch, fix pants routine which would every day turn me on beyond explanation. Anyways I was so wrapped up in sizing her cute stomach and panty, covered ass that I didn’t realize that my fly was undone and my usually hidden erection was set free. Katherine looked up, which caused me to quickly look down at my work to realize my boxer short covered erection was showing. I quickly zipped my fly up, a few seconds before Katherine spoke

"Blue boxer shorts... Ha! Ha! Ha!"

I froze... SHIT, she was onto me and she had seen me hard and ready. I made sure not to look at Katherine for the rest of that class. I then made my way towards my next class, still turned on by the thought of Katherine sizing up my crotch but I was feeling a little sick. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder... IT WAS KATHERINE

"Hey Dan... I don’t usually do this but how about we skip this next class and I help you get rid of that erection of yours"

"Look Kat, I’m really sorry about, well you know"

"Don’t be Danny, now come on, you UP for skipping class?"

"Yeah, I only have English anyways"

Katherine and I headed down to the oval behind the school with evil intentions. Kat lead me around the back of the oval where no one could see us without us seeing them first and then having time to run off. She spoke

"You were very naughty looking at my ass in Maths... Luckily I didn’t wear a thong today or you would have split those boxers of yours. I’m going to give you what you want"

Kat turned around, lowered her pants and lifted her panties with her fingers and moved them aside, revealing her perfect, little ass. She turned her head and looked at me over her shoulder and spoke

"Well go on, whip it out and blow your load… I told you I wanted to help you get rid of that stiffy there Dan"

I slowly unzipped my fly and poked my cock out through my boxers and took it in my hand and started rubbing up and down, with my eyes fixed on Kat’s ass. Kat then bent over and slid her panties down past her knees. She stood up straight and looked over her shoulder and took my cock in her hand and helped jerk me off, just inches away from her ass. I put my hands around her waist and then with both hands, played with her pussy as she continues to jerk me off. She placed the head of my cock in her ass, and continues to jerk me off

"Oh yeah Dan, cum in my ass"

I went dizzy and felt it rush on… BOOM. I remember groaning out loud to her laughing as I shot load after load of warm cum into her ass. She suddenly gave out a groan herself as she joined me in cumming. My cum covered her ass, and then poured out of her asshole and down the back of her legs. She pulled away and turned around, looking at me with cum down the front of my pants, and then looked at herself to see that she too was covered. We decided to take a towel each from the school hall and wrap them around our waists and run back to Kat’s home where she changed and gave me a change of clothes, belonging to her brother. We noticed that it was nearly bell time at school and that we had to get back and make an excuse why we left

We arrived back at school and delivered the story that Kat had been sick on both herself and me and that we went back to her house to change clothes. We got away with, ONLY because we knew the English head teacher personally. We were lucky, but let off. After school we both went back to Kat’s house washed the clothes we had dirtied earlier. Kat was full of evil that day as she picked up her video camera and positioned it at level to her bed. She pushed record and pushed me down onto the bed

"I hope you’re not camera shy... just relax and make sure you RISE to the occasion"

I sat back with my head on her pillow as she took my pants and boxers off. She then took my shirt off and picked the camera up and filmed me laying there without any clothes on. Knowing that she was filming this made me as hard as ever. She gave me the camera so that I could film her stripping before she stood before me totally naked and with a smile on her face. She told me to video tape her while she "sucked me off"

I sat up and filmed her as she wrapped her mouth around my cock and looked up at the camera. She started to bob up and down on my rock hard and ready cock and gave out little sighs of pleasure as I played with her pussy with my toe. I told her to put my toe inside her which she did and then went back to sucking me as hard as she could. I started to go warm, and then with a massive rush I unloaded. She opened her mouth as I continued to hold the camera and film her. She took a massive load in her mouth before rubbing cum all over her face for the camera. She pulled away from me and told me to film her as she masturbated

I stood up and filmed her as she fingered her pink pussy lips and played with her breasts. I zoomed in to her face as she gave out a loud yelp and bucked. She bucked three or four times and nearly hit the roof before going totally limp and falling back onto the bed. I laughed and told her she was a regular and that we should make more movies which she agreed to

Well time for a quick wrap up as that was the end of action for the night... Kat and I have made one other movie, depending on how this rated I might type it up… and we do plan on making another one… Every night I watch our little feature film and enjoy the experience over and over again as does Kat. :D

04-06-2005, 10:46 AM
BabySitting Next Door

Note : This story is complete fictional : never try to do it in real live!

It was Friday and I had just been asked if I could look after my next door neighbours children for a couple of days as their parents were going a way for the weekend. I was only 17 at the time but nevertheless accepted. I was left to look after abbey who was 15 and Elizabeth who was 13. I was told I could sleep in their parents bedroom and the girls could not be in bed any later than 10. Late Friday night I was going up stair and one of the girls was in the shower. There was a slight slit through the door from which I could see abbey, with her nice 34C tits and her tight little shaven pussy. As I was watching I suddenly saw Abbey slide her hand down her body and starting to finger herself. I could feel my 8-inch dick beginning to rise. Being careful I made sure her younger sister Elizabeth was downstairs, then took out my dick and started to masturbate. A couple of minutes later Abbey turned off the shower and put a towel round her, at this point I was just about to blow my load. Luckily abbey began to get dressed in the bathroom, but as I was blowing my load over the bathroom door I could hear Elizabeth coming up the stairs. After hearing this I quickly rushed in to my room forgetting to clean my load off the door.
I stayed in my room until it was 10 and then told the girls to get ready for bed. As they were doing that I went to clean off the bathroom door, but to my surprise someone had already cleaned it up.

Once the girls were in bed I went to check on them , and Elizabeth, the younger one told me to come in her room and close the door. As I did this she said, "I saw you spying on my sister in the shower." at this point I couldn't really say much and I tried to deny it until she said, "I saw you blow your load all over the door". Again I tried to deny but she began to blackmail me, "I licked the door off for you and in return I want you to fuck me"

"No I can't do that your only 13 years old" I said but she then told me she had being playing around with her dads video camera and had it all on tape. At this point she began to unzip my jeans, Elizabeth took off all my clothes and started to stroke my dick, my dick couldn't stand it anymore and rose to attention. At this point Elizabeth took off her silk pyjamas to reveal a lovely pubeless tight pussy and some lovely small tits. Elizabeth lay me down on her bed and started to suck on my dick, she swirled her tongue round and round the head of my dick and bought me to the point where I could blow at any second. Suddenly Elizabeth stopped and said she wanted me to lick her, as I did she began to moan, louder and louder, and screamed "I want you to Fuck me!" I then had to remind her, her sister was in the next room. I did as she wished to make sure that the video never got in to the wrong hands but as I began to slip my penis in to her slit her sister walks in. "What are you doing to my little sister you pervert!" she screamed but was soon silenced as her little sister told her that she had a video of her fucking some boy from school and would show it to mum and dad unless she would join in. Abbey agreed and took off her nightgown to reveal her wearing a black thong that was too small for her. Elizabeth took my dick out her young cunt and went over to her sister and gave her a full on kiss, she then started to play with abbeys tits then slowly sliped down her thong to reveal a tight shaven pussy. She started to play with her sister pussy and ordered her sister to touch her all over while I fucked her. This was a dream come true, 2 beautiful sisters that I could fuck.

We stayed up all night fucking each other, me and abbey both enjoyed Elizabeth's nice little pussy, as it was so tight and warm. Me and abbey were so surprised that her sister new so much about sex, as she was only 13 and hadn't really hit puberty yet. The next morning we all went to get dressed but Elizabeth stopped us and demanded we stay as we are and fuck all day. :D

04-06-2005, 10:47 AM
The Disco Pickup

Roshni and Kirk danced by the bar as Roshni scoped out the area.

“You ready, darling?” Kirk asked her.
Roshni smiled. She had loved the plan that they had made up. “Certainly….and that’s the girl I’ve picked.” Roshni pointed to her.
Kirk turned to see a beautiful Indian girl, 5ft 7in, huge breasts, waist 26in and she looked like 22yrs old. Kirk pulled Roshni closer to him. “Then let’s go.”
They both went on the dance floor and hugged up while dancing. Roshni kept her stare on the lonely girl who was not taking on her friends. Suddenly, the girl surveyed the action on the dance floor and caught Roshni’s stare.
Roshni was pretending to be bored with Kirk while they danced and made sensual moves with her body and mouth while admiring the girl. The girl smiled and stared at her, licking her own lips sensuously. Roshni smiled and whispered into Kirk’s ear and walked over to the girl. They both talked awhile and soon Roshni and the girl went to the bar where they both drank till they were tipsy.

Kirk opened his apartment door and the threesome went in. The girl said that her name was Candice. She was so sexy and while Kirk drove home the two girls were talking, laughing and feeling up each other in the back seat.
Kirk had adjusted his rear-view mirror to see the two giggling girls. They were all over each other. Candice stretched her silky legs on Roshni as Roshni glided her hands along the inner region of her leg, into her skirt. Candice blushed and giggled more as she slowly adjusted herself to kiss her new playmate. Kirk was unable to see Candice’s hand moving up Roshni’s back under her tank top, unhooking her bra. The two girls melted into the moment as they kissed, their tongues carelessly slapping about on each other’s cheeks, lips and faces. They were not giggling anymore but enjoying the soft touch of each other’s wet, hot passionate tongues. Kirk almost crashed as he swerved the car back unto the road and squeezing his hardened cock between his legs. The girls never noticed the swerving. They just groped each other’s breasts and half masturbated each other on the soft upholstery. They were grooming each other for the adventures of the night to come. The half hour long drive did not pass slow enough for Kirk as he eased into his driveway just as Candice was topless, gyrating her hips on Roshni’s and sucking on Roshni’s nipples through her tank top. Roshni’s lipstick was all over her own face and partly on Candice’s lips. The girls appeared intoxicated with passion.
“All right girls, let’s continue inside,” Kirk said.

Kirk locked the front door to his house and watched as the two girls started to kiss each other, right there in the living room. They could not keep their hands to each other. Roshni placed her hand under Candice’s straps and felt for her huge breasts as Candice lifted off Roshni’s top off of her. Roshni took off Candice’s straps and allowed the top to flow down her legs. They were both topless.
Kirk, by this time saw Candice beckoning him to come. He took off his shirt and went behind Candice, lightly kissing her back and letting his tongue caress her back as he placed his hands around the two girls.
Suddenly, Candice (being the smallest) jumped on Roshni and hung off her like a baby getting a lift up. Candice’s legs were wrapped around Roshni’s waist as Roshni propped her arms under Candice’s ass, inserting her right hand into her skirt and panties and driving her middle finger up her asshole. Candice moaned abruptly. Kirk lifted Roshni and admired the two women kissing relentlessly on his arms as he carried them to the bed. He gingerly placed Roshni down and Candice slowly released herself from her lover. They both stood up, kissing with Roshni’s finger still up Candice’s ass. Candice could feel Roshni’s ring inside of her as she gyrated sensuously to the emanation of her anally induced orgasm. Candice quickly threw her own hand into her skirt to masturbate herself and force out the orgasm. Her wet, pink pussy could no longer stand the pressure and with the light touch of her groping sexy fingers she exploded in her panties. The smell of sex enticed both Kirk and Roshni to devour her.

Suddenly, Roshni released Candice’s asshole and pushed Kirk on the bed and the two girls took off his belt, pulling off his pants and underwear together. Candice began to suck on his chest while Roshni pulled off her pants and then slowly climbed on Candice. Kirk then pulled off Roshni’s pants as the two girls rolled on each other kissing, sweating, sliding , fucking. Then Candice and Roshni sucked on Kirk’s hard dick as they kissed each other with the huge shaft in the centre, giggling with each other.
Roshni then crawled up to Kirk and kissed him as Candice began to suck his whole dick. Kirk slowly caressed Roshni’s pussy as she moaned for more. Suddenly, she felt Candice sucking on her asshole. She begged for more as Kirk’s fingers went in deeper.
Suddenly, Candice sat on Kirk’s dick letting it slide into her ass…..her muscles stretching and she screaming. This prompted Roshni to suck on Kirk’s lips harder and Kirk stimulated Roshni’s clit more and more as she screamed out. Suddenly, Roshni screamed out as her orgasm exploded……Candice screamed as she felt Kirk’s hot semen drip out of her ass and her muscles ached with pleasure.
Suddenly, Kirk placed Roshni on the bed and went up to Candice. “You don’t find Roshni sexy?”
Candice smiled, “delicious!”
Then Candice crawled up to Roshni like a snake and began kissing her as Kirk opened up Roshni’s pussy and began to suck on it. Then Candice, in a full split placed her pussy on top of Roshni’s mouth. Roshni sucked and sucked feeling the sweet juices pour all over her face. She searched for more as the cum flowed out like a waterfall and Candice licked her own nipples as she felt the orgasm getting stronger and stronger. Then Roshni screamed again as Kirk began licking all of her cum from her second orgasm.
Then Roshni pushed Kirk flat on the bed and placed his dick in front of her pussy while Candice sitting on Kirk’s stomach, facing Roshni placed her pussy in front Kirk’s dick. The both of them jammed their vaginas together with Kirk’s dick in between and then they began to rub each other stimulating each other’s cunt as Kirk’s dick slipped into their pussies on and off. Suddenly, Kirk’s semen sprayed up onto them, all over their pussy and stomach as they screamed out in pleasure, giggling.
Then Candice licked the semen off of Roshni’s stomach and pussy swallowing it as Roshni did the same for Candice.
Roshni then slides on top of Candice as she is kissing Kirk and ties them both up together. She watches as their hands and legs are bound together and all they could do is kiss and gyrate. It was time for Roshni to have her fun.
The three of them then endured the entire night of fucking with Candice and Kirk being tied up to each other and Roshni having her fun with them. She took pleasure in inserting Kirk’s huge, thick dick into her pussy and watching her cunt hole expand as she inserted from one finger to her fist into Candice’s ass, leaving an expanded wet hole of pleasure to stare at her. She bent over and sucked it as Candice could just moan and explode on Kirk.

They soon fell asleep for 2 hours.
Kirk then awoke to see Candice and Roshni fucking in the shower, the water sliding down their sweaty bodies. He then joined them. :eek: :D

04-06-2005, 10:50 AM
Lessons Learned - Part 1

“Eddie? This is Lisa. How are you? I’m moving into my new place, and I need your help. Do you have time?” I asked. I was so excited to be moving into my new place, but I had so much stuff! I decided to call my cousin, Eddie. He’s a big, tough guy and can handle moving the big stuff.

“Of course. It’ll be no problem. I’m on my way over,” he answered.

A few minutes later, Eddie was knocking on my door.

“Come on in, Eddie! The door is open!” I yelled from the bedroom. I heard footsteps coming down the hallway, and a few seconds later, Eddie appeared at the bedroom door.

“Hey, Lis. I’m here; what can I do?” he asked.

“Ummm. My bed and dresser still need to get in here, and the T.V. stand needs to be put in the living room. Anyways, there are a lot of things out there, as I’m sure you saw. They all need to be brought in here, somewhere.”

“OK. No problem,” and with that, he walked outside. I went into the kitchen to unload some boxes, as I heard him grunting and groaning, carrying the large bed frame in his arms. I couldn’t help but stare at his muscular arms and shoulders, as they flexed to lift the heavy bed. I had pretty much always had a crush on him. It was just a really big bummer he was my cousin. But he was a hot one. A great body: strong and lean, and a really handsome face. Very tall, with dark hair and eyes, I’m sure all the girls loved him. Not that I couldn’t get him, if I wanted him, and if he weren’t my cousin, of course. I’m 5’6”, 125lbs, long, thick blonde hair, and bright green eyes. My breasts are the perfect size, and very perky, although I hate to use that word. I didn’t have any problems getting a date on Saturday night. The only problem is, my dates weren’t Eddie.

I continued putting things away in the kitchen. A couple of hours must have gone by, when I realized I hadn’t seen Eddie walking back and forth in a while. I put down the cups I was holding to go look for him.

“Eddie? Are you there?” I called, as I slowly walked down the hallway. No answer.

“Eddie?! Where are you?”

In here, Lisa. Come here, will you please?” Finally! I thought something had happened to him! I walked into my bedroom, and found him sitting on my bed, reading something.

What are you…?” Before I could finish my sentence, I realized what he was reading. It was my journal! You see, I write in this notebook from time to time, and mean I write EVERYTHING.

Eddie! You shouldn’t be reading that! It’s personal! How much have you read?”

Oh, I definitely should be reading it. A lot of it is about me! And don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’ve read plenty to know that you need some help,” he answered, with a huge grin on his face.

What do you mean? Oh God. I wish you hadn’t read that.” He stood up and walked over to me. I backed away, but he kept coming closer, until my back was against the wall, and he was standing right in front of me, so close that I could feel his breath on my face.

I’m sure you don’t want anyone to know about all of this, right?”

No. You can’t tell anyone, Eddie. They’ll think I’m crazy!”

Right. So, if you want me to keep my mouth shut, you’ll have to do exactly as I say. You’ll do as I say from now on, no questions asked. Is that understood?” he asked sternly.

Yes,” I said, so softly, it might have been a whisper.

Good. When no one is around, you’ll call me master, for you are now my slave. If I tell you to do something, you’ll always answer with, ‘Yes, Master.’ Is that understood?”


Yes, what?!” he screamed.

Yes, Master.”

Good. Good girl,” he said softly as he began to caress my shoulders and arms. “I’m really going to like this.” I wonder if he knew how much I was going to enjoy it, as well? He ran his hand under the strap of my dress, and looked me in the eyes. Then he leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips. I felt him open his mouth a bit, and slide his tongue over my closed lips, trying to break through, so I opened my mouth a bit and his tongue immediately went inside. It felt so wonderful. Our tongues dancing in circles, as he lightly sucked and nibbled my lip. I reached up and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I never wanted the kiss to end, but he let go of my mouth and began to lick and suck down my neck and shoulders, as he reached down and grabbed my ass, pulling my pelvis to his. I felt his cock through his pants, and knew he had been hard for quite some time now. He was hard as soon as he started reading my journal, no doubt. I felt him lift my dress and squeeze my panty clad ass again, then slide his hands up and under my dress to caress my bare back. God, he knew exactly what I liked and wanted. Well, I suppose he should have; he read what I fantasized about almost everyday! I reached down and lifted off his shirt, then I rubbed his arms and chest.

He rubbed his hands back down to my ass and down my legs, hooking his thumbs in my panties on the way down. He slid them off me and found them to be covered in my moisture. He looked up, and smiled at me, as I blushed and looked away. He ran his hands up my silky smooth legs, then in between my thighs, finally coming to rest on my hairless mound.

Wow. I’ve never had a shaved girl before. I’m really, really going to like this,” he said. He slid a finger over my dripping, wet slit. “Lisa, my slave, you are soaking wet! I’m glad you’re enjoying this, love.”

Yes, Master,” I answered, and he smiled again, as he jammed his finger inside me.

“Mmmmmmm, Master,” I said and grabbed his shoulders for support, as my knees weakened. He pulled his finger out to the tip and then pushed it back in again, harder and deeper than before. Then he pulled it out, and added another finger, pushing them both in all the way.

“God you are tight! These fingers barely fit into you.”

“Ye… Yes, Master,” I said, sighing deeply after each word. He continued fucking me with his fingers, and rubbing my clit with his thumb, as I held onto his shoulders, barely able to keep from falling to the floor.

“Master, I’m going to cum!” I yelled, still sighing with every thrust of his fingers. Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out, and I fell against him. He pushed me to the bed and yelled, “How dare you, you cunt! You do not cum until you ask my permission! Do you hear me?!”

“Yes, Master. I’m so sorry. I’ll never do that again!” I cried softly to myself, hoping he did not see the tears.

“For that, you will be punished!” he said. “Get up, pull your dress high, so your breasts are showing and lay down on the bed on your stomach, with your ass hanging over the side. Do it Now!”

“Yes, Master.” I did as he asked and heard him walk out of the room. I didn’t dare get up or look around, for fear that he would catch me and punish me even worse, although I had no idea what he had in mind. To tell you the truth, I was really nervous! What was he going to do to me? I heard him in the kitchen moving some boxes around, and then walk back down the hall, into my room.

“Now, no matter what happens, don’t you dare move from that spot, do you hear me, whore?” he asked calmly.

“Yes, Master,” I replied. What the Hell was he going to do?! Of course, I didn’t have to wait long to find out. A second later, I felt a stinging on my ass, and knew he was spanking me with something from the kitchen. SPANKING me! Oh my God. The humiliation! I could have just died! But he continued, harder and harder, spanking the left cheek then the right. I realized after a minute he must have been using some wooden spoon, or something, because I could hear and feel it vibrate every time he smacked me. At first, I could deal with the stinging, but then he started hitting harder and it really hurt! Every time he smacked me, I’d jump away from the spoon, but he’d just hit me harder the next time! He hit me again and again and again, for at least 2 minutes straight. It felt like an hour!

“Have you had enough, you cunt?” he asked. But to tell you the truth, it was really starting to feel good. It hurt, yes, but it was a pleasurable hurt, and to know it was him giving me the pleasurable pain was the best of it all. So, I had to tell him the truth as well.

“Master… please don’t stop,” I whispered.

“What? What did you say?”

“I said please don’t stop, Master. I want you to spank me more,” I begged, a little louder than before. I knew he was smiling then, very widely.

“Ask and you shall receive, my slave.” And with that, he began spanking me again, harder and faster than before, and I loved it! Then he started smacking my thighs as well as my ass, and I just wanted more! Every time he smacked me, I still jumped, but then I stuck my ass out for him to hit me again. And he did, over and over and over.

“Spread those ass cheeks, love. I want to smack more of you.” I reached back and spread them as wide as possible, sticking my ass high into the air, and then I felt the most wonderful feeling ever! He was smacking my pussy and clit, then smacking my ass, then pussy and clit, then back to my ass. It was heavenly bliss!

“Master! May I cum, Master? I’m so close…” I yelled...to be contd

04-06-2005, 10:51 AM
Lessons Learned - Epilogue

“Yes, love, cum for me, your Master. I want your juices flowing out of you, so I can see them. Scream for me, love, scream!”

“Oh, Master! I’m cummmmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnng! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” He continued smacking my clit and pussy as my juices flowed out onto the spoon and my bed. We could hear the squish, squish, squishing of the spoon against my wet, gooey cum. When it was over, he rolled me over and put the spoon in my face.

“Lick this clean, you whore. I can’t believe you liked the spanking. What a good little whore you are!” I licked and sucked the spoon clean of my fluids and handed it back to him. He let me rest for a minute, as he put the spoon back in the kitchen, and I was able to catch my breath a bit. But as soon as he returned, he got right back to it.

“That was a good little cunt. And now, for your reward, you can suck my cock,” he said, grinning.

“Oh, thank you Master!” I replied and knelt down in front of him. I undid his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling them down to his ankles and he stepped out of them. Then I slid off his underwear, releasing his 9 ½ inch cock. It was so beautiful, sticking straight up, and hard as a rock. I caressed the sides and then grabbed his balls. I stuck my tongue out tentively and licked the tip. It was salty, but I wanted it in my mouth so very much. I knew he’d want me to make it last, though, so I simply licked down the top, then back to the tip. Then down both sides and back and finally down the underside, but when I came back to the tip, I sucked it gently, as well as licking it with my tongue. I could feel his cock pulsating, and could wait no longer. I opened my mouth wide and put the head inside, sucking gently and sliding my tongue over and in the tiny hole. I then sucked it into my mouth as far as I could get it. I had well over half of it in my mouth as I sucked harder and harder, rubbing it with my tongue, still rubbing and squeezing his balls with one hand, holding the rest of his cock in the other. I was sucking so hard, I can’t believe he didn’t let go right then, but he had other plans.

“Lisa! You don’t know how much I want to just let loose right now.” He said, as I continued to suck it, making another inch go down my throat. “God, how are you doing that? That’s like 7 or 8 inches down your throat, love! Oh jeeze. Ok. Stop now, and stand up.” He commanded.

“Yes, Master, but why won’t you let me continue?” I asked.

“Because, love, I want to cum deep inside of your hot, wet cunt! Now get on the bed, on your hands and knees.”

“Yes, Master.” I climbed onto the bed, still a little sore from the spanking I received, and kneeled on my hands and knees. I felt him come up behind me. As he scooted towards me, he slid his cock into my pussy, very slowly all the way to his balls.

“Oh, Master, you’re so big. I can feel you touching the end of my cervix. Oh god, it feels so good, Master. Please, fuck me, Master. Cum deep inside me.” I pushed back on his cock, gently, but he just sat there, with it buried deep in me.

“Lisa, my love, my whore, my cunt, my slave,” he said as he caressed my back, neck and shoulders, “Your pussy looks so good wrapped around my hard cock, I could sit like this forever.”

“Thank you, Master.” I said, but sighed in relief as I felt him start to slide out. I knew he was watching his cock slide out of me. He was so big, it felt like my pussy was being turned inside out. When he had pulled it almost all the way out, he pushed it back in again, much faster than the first time, and I felt it hit my insides again. I moaned loudly as he pulled it out again and then slammed it back in. He started going faster and harder, fucking me like I’d never been fucked before. I felt his cock bang against my insides every time, and I started to push back with his every thrust. Both of us moaning and groaning, he continued to fuck me, grabbing my hips and pulling me against him. My breasts were swinging back and forth, until he reached forward and grabbed them, tweaking the nipples, and making me groan so loud, I almost screamed. I felt him fucking me full on, his balls slapping against my already red hot ass, making it sting again, and I knew I was going to cum soon.

“Master, ohhhhhhhh… I’m going to cum again. Ahhhhhhhhhh. May I cum again, Master?” I asked anxiously.

“Of course, my little slut. Cum for your Master, and milk my cock dry.” At that, I began the first of many orgasms, screaming and moaning the entire time. I came and came and came, my cunt muscles pulsating and squeezing his cock.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Master. Oh God. I’m cummmmmmmmminnnng so hard for you, Master. Please let your cum flow. I want it in me,” I yelled, then screamed again. He pumped me one more time, then slammed all the way in, and I felt his cum filling me.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Cummmmmming in you, Lisa. My cum is filling you completely and dripping out of you. Mmmmmmm, I can see it streaming out past my cock.” He scooped up a little and brought it to my face, so I could lick his hand clean.

“Mmmmmm. It’s so good, Master. Thank you,” I said. He lay down next to me, pulling me with him, never once pulling out of me. He held me in his arms, brushing the hair out of my face, his cock very slowly shrinking and sliding out of me, and we fell asleep.

My Master has taught me many other things since then. I learned that his cock fits very snuggly in my ass (after a lot of pushing), and that girls can have sex with other girls, among other things! :eek: :D

04-06-2005, 10:53 AM
Cat Fight - Part 1

The two sexy women stared at each other with hate in their eyes. The first woman, Natalie was five feet seven inches, waist of 26in, 36D cup, long black hair that enhanced the beauty of her eyes and a soft, tight, smooth body to match. The other woman, Linda was five foot six inches, her long, brown hair accentuated her golden body. Her nipples poked through her spaghetti strapped top as her rippled, hard flat stomach on her 25in waist moaned to be sucked.
Kirk sat on the couch, caught red handed. For months, he was seeing the two girls behind each other’s back and tonight they had both decided to surprise him by showing up in his apartment.
To his surprise, the girls were not angry with him. They were angry with each other. Kirk stood up, moving between them. As much as their quarrelling was turning him on, he could not stand to see the two sexy women hurt each other.
“Please girls, how about we just sleep on it together. We’ll see how we could all get along,” Kirk said.
Natalie watched Linda scornfully. “I’ve fucked many girls before but never would I touch that whore!”
Linda, hands on hips raised her middle finger at her. “The girls I’ve fucked were all wet and delicious. Not dried up like your skanky ass!”
“You cunt!”
“You dried up bitch. Probably was not even using Kirk’s cock right!” Linda shouted.
“At least I know where to put it, you bottom feeder.”
“Hey. At least I could suck on his ass and feel comfortable with my sexuality, hoe!”
Natalie took one step forward. “Why don’t you come here and say that, miss bitch who needs an instruction manual to use her pussy!”
Linda rushed up to her, swinging her fists but Kirk held her back. “Okay that is it! It is too late for anyone to go home so Natalie, you take the upstairs room, Linda you sleep downstairs in that bedroom and I would be in my own room. No sex tonight for anybody.”
The girls agreed.
“You hear that you bottom feeder,” Natalie provoked.
“Oh I hear that fucker!” Linda said.

Everyone retired to their beds but Natalie had another idea. She had come to give Kirk a surprise and that was what she was going to do. She tore off her clothes and put on her dominatrix outfit. Kirk was always a bit kinky, she smiled. She pulled out the handcuffs and proceeded to the room opposite.
She knocked lightly on Kirk’s door. Tonight she was going to scream out so loudly and show that bitch downstairs who was Kirk’s real woman. Kirk answered, his cock enlarging against his boxers.
Natalie giggled and moved in, kissing him. Kirk kissed her back but she could feel his strong hands keeping her out of the room.
“What’s going on baby?” she asked.
“Not tonight. Not until you and Linda sort this out.”
“No way baby. Not me and her!”
“We’ve been talking for months to bring in another woman and you told me to get one so I did. She even agreed to it.”
“She agreed to fuck me?”
Kirk sighed. “Well, before she met you she had. I think she hates you now.”
“I hate her too. Fuck that bitch.”
Kirk kissed her again. “Not tonight baby. Why don’t you go do some laps in the pool.”
Natalie thought awhile. “You sure baby. You don’t want to join me?”
“I am sure,” he kissed her again and squeezed her ass. She squealed and giggled. He then closed the door and she went back into her room.
Kirk was right, she thought. Some laps in the pool would calm her down. She tore off her outfit and wrapped a towel around herself. Since Kirk had owned the apartment building the pool was for his use only. The other public pool for the rest of the tenants were on the other side of the building.
She closed the patio door behind her and placed the towel on the chair. She then slowly walked naked into the cold water. The water looked inviting she thought. She just wished Kirk was there to make her cum. She ducked under the water and came back up allowing her hair to fall perfectly along the arch of her back. She decided to masturbate in the pool before she left there tonight.
Suddenly, she jumped in fright as she heard a noise behind her. She turned. Linda had just surfaced from under the water. She too was naked. She rubbed her eyes and exclaimed equal surprise to see Natalie there.
“What are you doing here?” Linda asked.
“Look, this pool isn’t big enough for two of us!” Natalie said, admiring her body. She could actually see why Kirk fucked her. :eek: :D ..to be contd

04-06-2005, 10:54 AM
Cat Fight - Epilogue

Linda judged her competition. She actually liked what she saw. “Take a picture bitch. It would last longer. It ain’t like you getting any of this!” Linda told her.
Natalie moved up to her threateningly. Their mouths mere millimetres from each other as they faced off. “I don’t want a dried up whore like you anyhow, cunt!”
“You don’t have a prayer in hell to score with me bitch! Imagine Kirk wanted you and me to fuck. Dream on darling.”
“You dream on fucker. You wouldn’t even know how to give a woman an orgasm.”
“Like you can, you skinny bitch!”
Suddenly, Natalie slapped Linda across her face and the two women grabbed on to each other, fighting and swearing. Their hard breasts slapped each other as they both scratched at each other, biting and pulling hair.
Linda kicked Natalie away and then jumped on her ducking her under the water. Natalie then pulled on Linda by her navel and pulled her underwater as the two women proceeded to cuff each other.
Finally, they surfaced and Linda wrapped her legs around Natalie, biting on her lips. The duo fell back against the tiles and Natalie bit back, feeling their saliva mixing. Linda squeezed into Natalie pussy with her legs and pretty soon the woman was feeling an orgasm emerging. She could not believe it. She opted to release her hold on the other woman but then Natalie may get the advantage. The orgasm rose up to her and Linda could hear her distant moaning rising. Natalie, however, sensing what was happening pushed her fingers into the woman’s cunt and smiled.
“You want that baby. Well fuck you!”
She inserted her fingers masturbating. Linda released herself pushing away Natalie’s hand.
“Oh, you bitch!” She then slapped Natalie which spun her around. Linda then hugged her and from behind pushed her fingers into her cunt. Natalie moaned as she felt the sudden surge of eroticism into her body. She bent her hands backwards and grabbed on to Linda’s ass gyrating her hips for her. Her pussy rubbed against Natalie’s ass, making Linda melt into potty.
Suddenly, Linda’s grasp was released and Natalie turned. The two women watched each other, the arousal in each at exploding point.
Suddenly, the two women kissed, fondling each other. They wanted each other badly, their bad-ass attitude making the sexual pleasures heighten. Linda moaned hard, “Fuck me you cunt!”
“I will you dried up bitch!”
The two women leaned against the tiles as they kissed and slurped on each other’s neck and breasts. Suddenly, Linda ducked underwater and covered Natalie’s pussy. Natalie moaned as she never felt anything like it before. Linda’s tongue probed every crevice in her cunt and her clit erected, allowing the strange tongue to explore the undiscovered region. The tongue slipped in and out and the water made her melt even more. The orgasm exploded and she could feel Linda sucking on it.
“I love deep sea diving! Now let‘s see if you could make me cum you dried up whore!” she said as she surfaced.
Linda then backed into the corner of the pool and propped both her legs over the sides into a full split. Natalie pulled opened her wet, red pussy and sucked the fruit. She sucked like there was no tomorrow. The split had enticed her so much. Linda screamed out this time not able to contain herself. Natalie inserted her hands in but then jammed in her fist as Linda screamed for more and Natalie felt Kirk’s huge dick insert into her ass.
The three of them moaned as Kirk drove his dick deeper and deeper, feeling it enlarging in her. Linda then opened her eyes and squealed in excitement as she saw Kirk. She then fell back into the pool and the three of them rose to kiss each other together. Their tongues wrapped around each other expertly and Kirk inserted his hands into both their pussies.
While kissing and feeling Kirk’s fingers in them, the two girls grabbed his cock driving it up and down hoping to feel his hot cum spill all over their hands. They fought each other passively as they tried to hold the tip of the penis. They scratched and pinched each other, heightening the sexual pleasure for them.
Suddenly, they felt his cum integrating with the water. The two women giggled as they wrapped themselves on Kirk and exploded on him as his fingers moved inside of them. Their tongues elongated and slapped each other as the orgasms exploded upon each other and the juices mixed underwater. Kirk had never felt the two girls’ pussies so wet and slippery.
Kirk then backed away from them and the two girls watched him.
“Rub pussies for me!”
The two girls eyed each other giggling. They advanced towards each other, smiled and kissed, fitting their pussies like a jigsaw puzzle into each other. Their hands fondled each other’s silky breasts and they sucked on their hard nipples, nibbling on it and getting turned on by the moans of each other.
Suddenly, after a few minutes they jumped on each other, slapping pussy cheeks and squirting juices before their orgasms exploded again and the two women rode each other until their red pussies could fathom no more cum. They moaned hard and Kirk masturbated as he watched them but not hard enough to cum.
The two girls melted in each other’s arms as their orgasms exploded but then they waded over to Kirk and Natalie sucked Kirk’s entire cock leaving only the end of the shaft for Linda. Linda becoming jealous and sucked on Natalie’s lips and bit her, forcing her to release the cock and allowing herself to take over. Natalie then pushed Linda with her mouth and the two of them settled on the sides of the cock, kissing each other and driving the shaft up and down, using their tongues to masturbate him. Suddenly, his cum squirted out as he moaned and enticed them to allow the cum to settle on their lips. The girls then sat up and kissed each other passionately sucking off the semen from each other and swallowing.
“Ooooooohhh,” Linda said as she tasted Natalie’s sweet cummy lips.
“You are so delicious!” Natalie whispered to Linda. “Bitch!”
“Cunt!” Linda responded.
They then settled on the steps.
“You set this up, didn’t you?” Linda asked.
“You sent us both down here?” Natalie enquired.
“Oh yes. It seemed like a good idea when you both came to fuck me earlier in my room without the other one knowing. Did it work? Do we have a future together?”
The girls looked at each other, leaned over Kirk’s chest and kissed.
“I think so,” they both said. :D :D

04-06-2005, 10:56 AM
My sexy trucker

I have a really high sex drive and i am so addicted to sex. I am a married women of 37 and my husband works hard to provide us both with a good income but he is never around when i need sex. Recently i went out with a friend of mine and on the way home we pulled into a motorway cafe for a break. I saw some of the most roughest men i have seen anywhere in my life. One guy had stubble and was huge and i imagined fucking him. If he got on top of me he would probably squash me to death. I am quite a petite women, a size 10 and i work out to stay in trim. I get a lot of glancing looks as i walk past people but i have never been unfaithful yet, But just latley my sex drive has gone up and my husband cant keep up with me so i have been looking around for it elsewhere. In the cafe a guy sat on the table next to us and i could see he was eyeing my legs.

He was about 40 and he had black hair and a short beard. He was a big man and as he ate his meal he kept glancing over to us. I thought about what it would be like to fuck him in the toilets. After my friend and i had finished our coffee we left and when i got home i continued to think about those men in the cafe. A few weeks later i decide to go back to the cafe alone just to look at the men there. I dont know why they attracted me so much i guess its because my husband is well groomed and i come from a very wealthy family. As i pulled up to the cafe i saw two men by a truck. I got out and i could see them looking at me. I was wearing a short white skirt and a black shirt. I also had black high heels on which made driving difficult. I walked into the cafe as the men stared at me. When i got in there i went to the counter and orderd a cup of tea and sat down in the corner. A man came into the cafe and orderd something and went to sit down just across from me. He was in his late 40s and had short black hair with the usual stubble and rough look and he was large. I made a point of going over to him and asking him some directions. I made it sound like i was a complete idiot and i was lost. He said he had some maps in his truck and went to get them. I followed him and when we got to his truck he hopped in and i sat in next to him and we looked at the map. I noticed he was looking at my body so i began to flirt with him. He knew that i had sex in mind when he asked if i wanted to get in the back with him. I climbed in and he followed and i unziped his dirty jeans. He began kissing me and i could feel his rough chin on me.

I moved my head towards his cock and began to suck him off. He thrusted his cock in and out of my mouth and then he pulled my top off and started to suck my tits. He could almost fit my entire tit in his mouth and he suck me hard. He was so rough with me and he ordered me to remove my white skirt and panties. I removed my cloths and was totally naked and he then stripped down and was only wearing a white t.shirt. He asked me to bend over and when i did he began licking my wet cunt. He tounge fucked and fingered me for ages. Then he put his big cock into my pussy and pumped me. I could feel his balls slap against my arse as he thrusted me. I was sweating now but he wouldnt stop he had alot of stamina. then he puled out his cock and made me climbe on top of him in the 69er position and i sucked his cock as he tounge fucked my pussy. I could taste my own jucies on his cock as he licked me. He moved his tounge and flicked it across my arse hole and he asked if he could fuck it. I said yes and layed on my side and he layed behind me and put the tip of his cock on my butt hole. he slide his cock up my tiny hole and fucked my arse slowly.

After a while he got a bit faster and i could feel his pre cum lubricating me. He grabbed my hips and fucked my arse hole banging me harder and harder than all of a sudden he pulled out his cock and told me to lay on my back. He then lifted my legs up to my shoulders and pushed his cock into my waiting bald cunt. He banged me hard and fast and i started to pant. The sweat dripped of him as he let out moans of delight. I could feel myself cuming and i put my hand down to my cunt and felt his balls, then i screamed as i came. He pumped me then pulled out his cock and wanked it and spurted his hot spunk all over my cunt and belly. We both sat there for a while and i played with his cock until it hardened again and i began sucking it. I sucked it while he rubbed my arse and he put his finger into it and fucked it.

Then he cried he was going to cum and he shot his load into my mouth,some of the spunk ran down my chin but i managed to swallow some of it. Next i put my cloths back on except for my knickers and we got into the front seats of the truck and he showed me how to get home on the map. I never told him wheer i lived but he said he uses the cafe a lot so i will go back there sometime and meet him. As we said our goodbyes he kissed my lips and pushed my back and i opened my legs and he sucked my pussy then went back to kiss my lips. I got out and he slaped my arse and i blew him a kiss and flashe dmy tits to him. As i drove home i got wet thinking about sex with him and i am definatly going to go back there i might even try to fuck two truckers this time. :eek: :D

04-06-2005, 10:58 AM
It happens when you least expect it

My name is Gina, Im a 27 year old Dental assistant. I'm 5'8'' 140lbs 36C with blond hair and blue eyes. I have recently been attending a gym to try and get into shape. I am a single woman who's only means of pleasure lately has been my vibrator. That was until I met Darion last Friday. I was on the treadmill when I first saw him come into the gym. He was a sight, very strikingly handsome and about my age. He was tall about 6'3'' and was in definetely good shape black hair and blue eyes he was wearing a pair of spandex shorts and I got good look at his package that seemed alot bigger than average.

I really didn't talk to him that first day, well actually I didn't say anything to him at all but stayed to watch him work out. Obviously making sure he didn't notice me. It was on my next visit that I had this urge to just go over and grab that cock of his and see if it was real. I thought what the heck just go over and say hi. I finally got up the nerve and walked over to him while he was on the bench press. Once I got right next to him I noticed the outline of his cock perfectly in his tight shorts. I wanted to just grab it. I felt my pussy getting wet just looking at this man's beautiful cock through his shorts. I was surprised when all of a sudden I heard "Hello are you waiting for the bench?" I knew it was now or never and I was exremely horny and didn't want to let this opportunity pass me by thats for sure. I said "no actually I'm waiting for you". I kind of figured he would think I work for the gym so I said " My name is Gina and I just had to meet you. I have noticed you a couple of times while i was exercising and thought you are very appealing". I knew I had put myself out on a limb but I didn't really seem to care. "Oh really?" he smiled "my name is Darion" as he reached out for my hand. I reached for his hand and by just touching his huge strong hands my knees became week with lust. I knew I just had to have this man. "Gina" I replied "nice to meet you." "Like wise" he said.

Darion had asked me moments later why I needed to meet him and I was trying to think of some mature reason. I didn't want to say, oh i just caught a glimpse of your cock and wanted it, that would be ridiculous. So I told Darion that I just thought he was really attractive and thought since I was single I would check it out. Darion is a very nice man, I could tell he had a heart of gold from his soft voice and the look in his blue eyes I could just tell.

It was a relief when he said he too was single and was looking to get in shape because women don't like flabby men. I couldn't help but think, well if every woman caught a glance at the cock I kept peering at through your shorts, you would be surprised. Darion and I worked out together and stayed and talked long after the gym had closed. It had to be around 12:00a.m. and getting late but I wanted him so badly I didn't want to let him go. Then finally I just said "Darion lets go back to my place we'll be more comfortable there". I couldn't believe I had said it. Darion said " yea sure thats sound great" I told him to follow me that I only live a couple of blocks away. In the car on the way home I could see him right behind me in the mirror. I couldn't resist myself from rubbing my pussy through my shorts thinking of what was about to happen. I was extremely horny I hadn't been with a man in months and my pussy was aching.

I pulled into my drive with him pulling in behind me and went to unlock the door, looking back I saw him coming across the lawn. I smiled and he did the same as we both entered my house at the same time. I asked if he would like a drink he said sure so I made a couple of screwdrivers to break the ice, and we both sat down on the couch and started to talk.

We were talking about past relationship when I couldn't handle the temptation anymore, along with the alcohol, I couldn't resist. I reached over and rested my hand on his thigh and leaned over to kiss him. He grabbed the back of my head and kissed me passionately for several seconds, As I worked my hand up his thigh I felt him cup my breast in his huge hand. I ran my hand over his huge cock and could feel his cock was beginning to harden as I rubbed him softly through the thin material. Darion reached down and started to rub my pussy through my shorts as I began to kissing him deeply more agressively now. I released him and stood up in front of him and stripped my clothes, Letting him see my naked body in front of him. I saw him looking at my neatly shaved pussy right before I knelt down in front of him and leaned over and kissed his huge member through the material. I grabbed at the shorts and tugged on them and he quickly helped me pull them down. I had been with several men in my life and the longest cock I had ever had was 8'' but when Darions cock sprung free of the tight shorts everyone else I ever had was small in comparison. I grabbed his thick base and was amazed that I couldn't put my hand all the way around it and took it in my mouth. I tried to take as much as I could in my mouth squeezing his huge balls but only a couple of inches was all I could take of his huge cock. I grabbed his cock with both my hands and he had about 4''. I started to rub my pussy as I licked and sucked his huge cock and I really needed him in me. I couldn't help but wonder how I was going to take it all but I sure wanted to try. I got up and looked at him and then his massive organ and said "lets go to the bedroom so you can give me that giant thing of yours". I guided him into the room and I quickly jumped on the bed and reached for my nightstand drawer and got my K.Y.jelly and rubbed some on both my pussy and then his cock and layed back spreading my legs as wide as I could.

He positioned himself on me and I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy and all of a sudden he inched the head in, and a few more inches slid in as I gasped and moaned in ecstacy he pulled a little ways out and came back down sliding more of his mammoth cock in me "oh god baby" yes it was sending quivers up my spine as he finally inched it all slowly in me. Darions cock was stretching my pussy to the limits as I looked into his eyes as he began to fuck me faster. I wrapped my legs around his waist as tight as I could, as I reached and scratched his back with every inward thrust of his cock. I couldn't stop shaking as I came continuously the whole time he rammed me. He felt so good deep in my pussy. He grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulder and I could see his cock going in and out of me like a piston. I grabbed at his chest and rubbed it mercifully as he fucked me harder and harder as the moans escaped me over and over. Darions pumping got faster and faster when he looked down at me and said he was cumming and at that moment jerked his body into me making me scream and cum as well, thrusing in about 10 hard times, deeper than all the rest. Filling me up to my max by far, he gave me his load. I felt his shots pulsating deep in me over and over as I reached up and kissed him. Darion spent the night that night and he made love to me over and over until my pussy was begging for a break and then he left in the morning. I havent heard from Darion but I haven't been back to the gym yet . Im looking forward to having lots of fun with him ;) :D

04-06-2005, 11:00 AM
Hope all liked what was posted today. Will try to post more when I have the time...Cheers & Many Thks for your continued support :D

05-06-2005, 11:28 AM
Fornicating with Jas

Jasmine woke up with an excruciating soreness between her thighs. Lifting the blanket off her naked form, she eyed a trace of semen dripping out of her cunt. Starting to feel wet, she licked her lips whilst she proceeded on to stimulate herself. Taking care not to touch her sensitive inner thighs, she grabbed a soft-toy from beside her bed and began to caress herself with the soft furry toy, coaxing in her a clitoral orgasm that flooded her mind with euphoria as images of yesterday’s marvellous escapade flashed through her mind.

Jasmine Ho. The personification of every guy’s wet dream. With a height of 160cm and her vital stats standing at 36-24-34, she was amazingly sensuous. Her full firm tits always seemed to threaten to burst out of the confines of her bra. Moreover, she also had a round perky ass that begged to be spanked.
That Saturday afternoon, she was alone at home. Her parents had gone out overseas for a one-week holiday. Staring listlessly out of the window, she was interrupted of her thoughts by the ringing phone.

“Hi Jas, can I come over to your house for a swim?” There was no doubt that it was her good friend who lived down the street, Eugene. Though they both lived in bungalows, Jasmine’s house had a swimming pool while Eugene’s hadn’t and he often went over for a swim. With nothing better to do, she told him to come right over as she picked out a swimsuit. Not bothering to draw the binds, she removed her clothes stopping before the mirror to look at her body before slipping into a black cross-strap swimsuit and she had just pulled an oversized t-shirt over her when the doorbell rang.

Letting him into the house, the both of them immediately proceeded to the back of the house where the pool was. Dropping his terry-cloth robe on the tiling, Eugene pushed Jasmine, shirt and all into the pool before jumping in after her. The next few events completely enraptured his mind.
Surfacing for air, Eugene caught a glimpse of Jasmine’s beautiful breasts heaving up and down in gentler approximation to her breathing, Her t-shirt was now completely soaked through and the chill of the water made her nipples harden into pert nubs that were clearly visible even through both her t-shirt and her padded swimsuit. Looking at the sex goddess presented before him, Eugene could not help it but succumb to his body’s natural reaction.

Feeling a tad playful, Jasmine began to engage Eugene in a game of underwater tag. Swimming about in the water, Jasmine was shocked when her hand accidentally brushed Eugene’s rock-hard penis. Ignoring it except for a deep red blush on her face, she pretended as if nothing happened. However, it was no accident, when Eugene swam behind jasmine and bumped his member into Jasmine’s ass. Not one to think herself as horny, Jasmine was pleasantly surprised when she felt Eugene’s hand cup the underside of her tits. Rising to the bait, Jasmine no longer harboured any sensible thoughts as she ground her ass into Eugene’s very erect cock.

Literally ripping off her t-shirt, Eugene proceeded to peel the swimsuit off Jasmine’s beautiful teenage body. Guiding Eugene to the Jacuzzi, which was adjoining the pool, Jasmine let the jets of water fondle her breast as she began to get more and more fired up. Turning round to face Eugene, she caught sight of his exposed member but before she could reach out for him, Eugene lifted her onto him, putting her arms on his neck, her legs wrapping his waist. Thrusting up Jasmine’s virgin pussy, he felt her hymen tear and at that instant, Jasmine gasped out as the pain mixed with unmistakable pleasure coursed through her. Taking a nipple into his mouth, he was amazed at the reaction Jasmine was having. As he sucked hard on her, Eugene could feel Jasmine’s tight virgin cunt tighten around his maleness, as if seeking out for more.

Though unused to such an experience, Jasmine could feel herself responding to Eugene’s sucking and his penis thrusting hard into her, reaching her deepest depths.

However, as the intensity of her orgasm threatened to black her out, she knew somehow that this was just the beginning.
After the water fornication, Eugene carried Jasmine, still limp from her orgasm, into her room. Laying her down on her queen sized bed; Eugene parted Jasmine legs as he lowered his mouth to her. Finding her clit, Eugene began to lick at this tasty morsel until it was reddened, swollen and withdrawn into her slippery folds. By this time, Jasmine was panting hard and moaning a little as she was brought to seventh heaven by Eugene’s tongue. Disappearing downstairs, Eugene returned with a slightly warmed Mars Bars in hand. Turning her onto her side and with a leg propped on his shoulder, he slid the Mars Bars into her dripping wet cunt. What happened next completely blew Jasmine’s mind. As the Mars Bars started to melt inside of her, Jasmine felt her own juices intermingling with the warm filling of the chocolate, giving her a unique fizzing sensation inside of her. Opening her eyes, she saw Eugene kneeling on top of her. Looking questioningly up at him with her big doe-like eyes, Eugene was further aroused. Cupping the side of her breasts, he squeezed them together and watched them plump sumptuously. Inserting his finger into her cunt, he pulled it out, soaking wet. Spreading her juice onto her cleavage, Eugene squeezed her breasts together again as he started to fuck her cleavage. Having seen before her father’s porn videos, Jasmine decided to experiment with what she had seen. When Eugene thrust into her cleavage again, Jasmine lifted her head and sucked his 6-inch long penis, which was sticking out through her breasts. The sensation was simply incredible. The titty-fuck, Jasmine’s warm mouth, and the ardent look upon her face as she looked up at him. Fucking incredible. Releasing her breasts, Eugene guided his penis into her mouth as he grabbed her hair and started to move his penis into Jasmine’s mouth. Cumming inside her mouth, he unloaded a huge load in it. Though already feeling a bit limp, he was aroused yet again as Jasmine swallowed all his cum, licked her luscious lips and licked the remaining cum off his penis.

Ducking into her parent’s room, she came out triumphantly with a vibrator in hand. Eugene was simply amazed at the horniness of Jasmine as she lubricated it with her own juices before sliding it into her ass and turning it on. Unable to stand it any longer, Eugene told her to go down on all fours. Kneeling behind her, Eugene jammed his penis into her, making her cum instantly and gasping for breath. As he continued on with his assault on her now no longer virgin pussy, Jasmine stopped him halfway. Pushing him down onto the bed with a ferocity fuelled by lust, she balanced herself with her hands as she lowered her throbbing cunt onto his penis. Placing his hands on her ass to help push him into her harder and deeper, Eugene raised his head and began to bite and suck on her nipple lightly, making her moan and pant urgently. The combined momentum of Eugene’s hands on her butt and Jasmine impaling herself on him made her tits, pendulous between them, bounce each time her crotch slapped against his. As Jasmine began to move with increased urgency, Eugene knew she was cumming soon and he himself could not hold out any much longer. Stopping her, he laid her down on her back and placed her legs onto his shoulders. Completely leaning on her for support, Eugene thrust into her for the final time, the combined force of Eugene’s thrust and his body weight made her cum with an intensity that left her with no voice left to scream as she arched her back and grabbed the bed sheets. Jasmine collapsed into Eugene’s arms as he stroked her to sleep before leaving the house quietly, grabbing his robe and trunks on the way out.

Smiling at the thought of yesterday’s marvellous sex with Eugene, she broke out into a giggle as she reached for the phone. :D

05-06-2005, 11:31 AM
Send me home

My best friend Jocelyn :
Jocelyn walked briskly on to the bus station, glancing nervously over her shoulders. There had been a spate of rape cases the area and with her voluptuous body, she certainly had something to worry about. Hugging her duffel bag close to her body, she took out her mobile phone. As she was about to call one of her friends to accompany her home, she saw her friend, Derrick, sitting on the railing by the sidewalk. Happy to see someone she knew, Jocelyn immediately ran over to Derrick.

Derrick, on the other hand, was waiting for a friend. The ‘o’ levels had just ended and he was about to go out to party. So, it did not surprise him much when a pair of hands covered his vision. He expected the person to be his friend but when he felt something warm and soft resting on his back, he knew at once it was someone else. However, Derrick decided to act dumb and he reached out behind him and touched Jocelyn’s soft ass. At his touch, Jocelyn immediately jumped and let go of her hands. Turning around, Derrick feigned ignorance and Jocelyn seemed to accept his reason. Hearing of Jocelyn’s predicament, he offered to send her all the way home.

Walking to the bus station together, the two began to talk about how their lives had been. However, Derrick could not concentrate at all as he admired Jocelyn’s beautiful body and perfect figure. Wearing a tube-top and a short leather skirt, it was impossible not to have an erection while looking at her. But amazingly enough, Derrick managed to suppress his bodily reactions.

Boarding the bus, they were surprised that even though it was nearly twelve in the night, the bus was very crowded. Having nowhere to sit, they stood at the isle. However, the temptations did not just stop there. Whether she was truly tired or just wanted to seduce Derrick, no one knew. Sighing softly, she did not say a word as she rested her head on Derrick’s shoulder first, before going limp and settling into his arms. Once again, Derrick could feel her soft breasts pressing gently on him and her nipples making slight indentations on his shirt. Trying not to get aroused, he shifted his glance to somewhere else. However, he could not prevent his eyes from staring down the back of Jocelyn and noticing her small waist flaring into her wide hips and beautiful ass. What made it even harder for him to control himself was when Jocelyn moaned lightly and adjusted her position, making her breasts rub against him. Thankfully, it was her stop and the both of them got off the bus, with Derrick trying to conceal his bulging erection behind his bag.

Walking behind her, Derrick called his friend and told him not to wait for him and go on his own. Having done that, Derrick came alongside of Jocelyn and put his hand around her waist. Since they were friends, Jocelyn did not mind it much and attributed it to Derrick’s flirty attitude. Knowing that she wouldn’t mind, Derrick decided to move his hand downwards and satisfy his curiosity about how her ass would feel like. However, Jocelyn stopped him short and he removed his hand, frustrated at being unable to touch her. Not giving up, Derrick pretended to glance over Jocelyn’s shoulder while he caught a glimpse of her cleavage and the rounded sides of her breasts.

Coming along a fork in the road, Jocelyn was about to take the left fork when Derrick pulled her to the right, saying that he had something important to tell her. Jocelyn, ever inquisitive, ran over to pester him about what it was, her full breasts bouncing until they peeked out of her tube-top. Derrick glanced briefly at her tits just before Jocelyn adjusted her clothing to cover her modesty. Arriving at a secluded park, Derrick began to sweet talk to Jocelyn with his glib tongue to get her defenses down. Edging closer and closer to her on the bench, he grabbed her hands suddenly while clamping a hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming.

With his free hand, he pulled Jocelyn’s leather skirt up to her waist and tore off her thongs. However, she was not quite wet yet and Derrick decided to let her have a taste of forbidden pleasure. Taking her tube-top off, he pinned Jocelyn’s hands to the ground, while stuffing her hanky into her mouth. Trying to fight off Derrick in futility, tears began to stream down Jocelyn’s face. But as Derrick lowered his mouth onto her pink erect nipple, she gasped between tears as the sensation both excited and ashamed her. Lifting a hand away from her arm, Derrick began to fondle and squeeze Jocelyn’s breast as he sucked on Jocelyn’s nipple hard and then licked it; tracing small circles around her nipple with his tongue. Gradually, Jocelyn stopped yielding to his touch and she grew less rigid as her breasts tightened deliciously and grew taut to his touch making her nipples retract in even more, as they grew sensitive to the touch.
Encouraged by this, Derrick moved down her stomach to her pelvis tantalizing her with his tongue along the way. Reaching his destination, he latched onto her cunt with his mouth. Taking care not to touch her now very swollen clit, he began to move his lips, making her pussy contract and expand at his whim. Inserting his tongue into her dark wet passage, he began to explore the inside of her until he knew he found her g-spot when he heard her moan loudly even though she was still gagged. Teasing her, he felt her now free hands pressing his head towards her pussy. Intoxicated by her horniness and the smell of her cunt, Derrick could feel his penis pressing painfully against his tight jeans.

Taking the hanky out of her mouth, Derrick immediately began to kiss Jocelyn senseless, getting even more aroused as he felt Jocelyn’s tongue touching his and Jocelyn sucking hard on his mouth. Reaching down, Jocelyn undid Derrick’s fly and started to fondle and touch his very erect penis. Grabbing her hands, Derrick moved them up and down his penis, enjoying the sensation of her soft silky hands on his erected member.

Moving her hands on her own accord now, she looked up at Derrick with passion-glazed eyes as he plunged his finger into her cunt. Increasing the pace of her hands as she herself grew even more sexually charged. Knowing he was cumming, he removed his member from Jocelyn’s grasp and shot all his cum onto her breasts. Glancing down at the mess, she smiled sweetly at Derrick as she lowered her mouth to her breasts and pushed her breasts towards her mouth to lick the cum off. The sight was too much for Derrick to stand. Grabbing Jocelyn’s hand, he led her to a swing. Sitting down on the swing, he made her sit on his erected member in a straddling position. Using his feet to kick the swing into motion, he began to fuck Jocelyn as the swing increased speed. Jocelyn was oblivious to what was happening due to the intense penetration by Derrick. As the swing was swinging at a considerable speed, Derrick’s thrusts were intensified due to the centrifugal force and gravity pressing her onto Derrick. Panting and moaning at the same time, Jocelyn felt as if Derrick’s penis was about to rip her into two. On the final downswing, Derrick thrust with all his might into Jocelyn making the both of them cum in a gratifying orgasm.

However Jocelyn was not done yet. Even though Derrick had already had three orgasms, she wanted the gratification yet again. Whispering in his ear for him to lie down, Jocelyn smiled at him mischievously and knelt on him, burying his penis into her cunt. As Derrick played with her reddened nipples, Jocelyn began to rock back and forth on Derrick’s member. As she rocked harder and harder towards orgasm, she moaned for Derrick, calling him to play rough with her. Amazed at her, Derrick pushed her off him and lifted her by the arms onto a nearby wall. Holding her in position with her back facing him, he rammed his erect member into her tight cunt again and again enjoying the feeling of her ass against his thighs. Unable to hold on anymore, Jocelyn arched her neck and screamed a silent scream as Derrick buried himself deep into her.

Letting her down from the wall, Jocelyn hugged Derrick tightly and thanked him for the beautiful experience. Putting on her clothes, she promised him that if she needed someone to send her home, she would definitely know who to ask for. :D

05-06-2005, 11:32 AM
A Day At The Beach - Part 1

She was sitting at the beach on Galveston Island. Looking hot in her little blue bikini... tight ass.. big full firm breasts, had to be a DD. Long legs, beautiful tan. Long brown hair with the most beautiful green eyes. She had a bottle of Corona next to her with a lime in the top. Reminded me of the commercial. Wanted to grab her cell phone and throw it into the ocean. Wanted to do more than that to her but I was with my boyfriend.

MMMM... my boyfriend... sexy as hell.... tall, built, black hair with blue eyes. A long, thick, always hard cock. Beautiful. But would he ever go for me being with another woman? I've always asked myself that question but never him. His name is Lee and he is gorgeous in every sense. But innocent... never had a threesome. Never cheated on his girlfriends. Faithful.

He stopped and looked out at the ocean and told me this would be a good spot to set up camp. We had brought a picnic basket filled with wine, cheese, summer sausage, crackers and chocolate covered strawberries. And a big comfy blanket of course. He went to spread the blanket out and poured a glass of wine for the two of us.

I glanced back at the beautiful brunette and that is when our eyes first met and while looking at her I told him to pour another glass. He asked "why?" I looked at her and looked at him and my eyes said it all. I wanted her. I wanted her and him at the same time. I wanted her to eat my pussy while I sucked on his cock. I wanted to eat her pussy while he fucked me in the ass. I wanted it all.

He poured another glass. I asked him if he would set out the food while I introduced myself. Still penetrating me with her eyes, I got up and walked toward her. The sun was glistening off her silky skin. She was a beauty. A sight to behold. She began to smile and I at that point so did I.

She had a cooler next to her and I saw her dipping her hand in it as I approached. I didn't know what I was going to say... it was so sudden, the attraction. She saved me. She winked and said "Hi I'm Jennifer" and offered me a beer. I couldn't resist, even though there was a glass of my favorite wine waiting for me. She got the bottle and twisted the lid off... beer spewing down the side of the bottle. She licked it up with her succulent tongue, watching me the whole time. She got a lime out of the cooler and squeezed its juices onto her chest, lime juice running down her cleavage. She asked me if I wanted a taste. I was a little apprehensive because I knew that Lee was watching us and waiting on me to return. I looked over at him and I could see his hard stiff cock through his hawaain shorts. God he looked ready. I raised my eyebrows at him as if to say, "Is this OK?" He gave me a nod. A quick sexy nod.

I looked back at her and said "yes and by the way I'm Heather." I had longed for this moment for so long. Thought about it so many times. Being with another woman. But never been brave enough to follow through. But this time was different. I had to have her. Everything in my being told me to pursue this. No second thoughts, no doubts, no what ifs. No worries, just be free and go with the flow. And flow it did but we'll get to that in a minute.

She handed me the beer and shifted her position so that her breasts were arched straight toward me. They were beautiful. So round and perky. Being tipsy I guess she didn't realize that her bikini top had slid down on the right side and the top of her aerola was peeking out. mmmmm. Wanted a taste so bad. Wanted to suck on her nipples. Wanted to see her slit.

I took the beer and the body shot. I leaned down to lick the lime juice off her breast when I suddenly felt bashful. She asked me what was wrong. I told her I had never done this before. There was noone around but I still felt funny. And I felt the presence of Lee behind me, wondering what he was thinking. Was he mad? Nah... Did he want to join in? Yea... I think he would. And should. The more the merrier.

"Honey?" I called to him. "Come here I want you to meet our new friend." Much to my surprise he was already on his way over. As he approached I said "this is Jennifer... Jennifer meet Lee." I saw his eyes meet hers and then his eyes slipped down to her breasts where the juice was there waiting to be licked off. He raised an eyebrow as if to say "WOW."

I leaned over her body and started to take the body shot when she touched my chin and lifted my face to meet hers. She looked at me with want in her eyes and leaned towards me and began to kiss my neck and worked her wayt up to my lips. I felt her tender lips on mine and then she slid her tongue in my mouth. Feeling her warm tongue... I began to quiver from my pussy all the way up to my spine. I was so engulfed in the kiss that I didn't realize the ectasy that was coming from my pussy was the touch of Lee. He was rubbing my clit from behind as she kissed me. I turned to him and saw that he was stroking his cock, watching our embrace. I kissed her back. I moved down to her breasts so that I could get that taste that I had been craving.

I pulled her top down exposing her lucious tits. At the same time I was pulling her top down, Lee was pulling my bikini bottoms off. I licked the juice off her breasts and started sucking on her nipples. She moaned with delight. I did too. So did Lee. He bent over and started eating out my pussy from behind. I licked my way down, tongue encircling her navel as she laid back on her blanket. His tongue felt so good exploring my pussy. I wanted more. This was a tease. He gave it to me. He stuck his finger in my asshole as he licked my juicy cunt. Now he was getting a body shot... literally.

I worked my way down her body as I pressed myself into Lee's face. I was at her bikini bottom and I could see the outline of her pussy lips through her bikini and I had to have it. I pulled down her bikini bottom with my teeth and buried my head deep into her cunt. Her pussy was so wet. Waiting on me. Wanting me to delve deep into its depth.

Lee stuck another finger into my ass and I quivered. He started eating my pussy faster... lapping at it like there was no tomorrow. I ate into her cunt. It tasted so good. Her pink lips, her swollen clit. Such a welcome to my wanting tongue. Her juices flowed.

Lee told me that he couldn't wait anymore he wanted to fuck me. Fuck me in my pussy and then my ass. I was game. I was more than ready. He left his fingers in my ass as he put his 8 inch cock into my tight, shaved, wet, throbbing pussy. He pumped. He rammed me as hard as he could. I leaned back into him all the while eating out her delicious hole. She let out an aching moan and I knew she was about to cum. She embraced my head with the thighs of her legs and rubbed my head, her hand getting tangled in my long blonde hair. I looked up at her, she touched my face, wiping the juices off my mouth and asked me to kiss her. I kissed her and I felt her explode as our tounges entwined. She let her moans out in my mouth and I breathed her in . All of her...
Lee was about to come to from the sight of it all. I told him to cum because there was plenty more in store. He came deep in me. Thrust after thrust. mmmmm. It felt good. His pulsating cock deep in my pussy.

She wanted more too. I wanted to cum though and they both knew it.
I took a sip of the beer and Lee smoked a cigarette. Jennifer wanted a glass of wine. She asked if we could go over to our blanket. I said "sure, we have lots of goodies over there." We went over to our spot and I fed her a chocolate covered strawberry. She enjoyed it. Enjoyed it so much that I decided to stick one in my pussy and let her eat it out of me. I started to swirl it around my slit... my pussy so wet that the chocolate was melting around my lips. She quickly got the hint and went to work. She ate my pussy masterfully, licking off every drop of the chocolate. Her tongue felt so good in my slit. All of a sudden Lee said "Hey, I want a stawberry too." I honored his request and asked Jennifer to stick a berry in me. She did along with a couple of her well manicured fingers. She fucked me with her french mannicured nails while Lee ate my berry. My berry.

He told me to turn around, he wanted me doggy style. I turned around, feeling the sunshine hitting my back. mmmmm. It felt good. So warm. Jennifer is relentless. She still is fucking me with her long slender fingers. He tells her that he wants to fuck me in the ass and will she spread my cheeks while he slides it in.
She is on the side of me and he is behind me and his big hard cock is ready to explore my asshole and my ass is waiting for him to penetrate me. I look around and see Jennifer with a big smile on her face, butt naked, spreading my ass cheeks with her beautiful hands while Lee is eying my ass. He inserts his cock into my ass and I am his. Completely. She spreads my cheeks further apart as he plunges deeper and deeper, ramming me over and over. I can't take it. Oh God... it's too much. I can barely breathe. She takes one hand off nad rubs my tit. I tell her I need more, need it. Got to have it. She slides underneath me and get into the 69 position with me and starts eating my pussy while he fucks my ass. Never have I been pleasured this much im my whole life.

MMMMMMM....ECSTASY. With every pump of his thrust I felt her moan against my clit. Driving me wild. Insane almost. I could feel it in me. I'm about to cum. I can feel it. MMMMMMM. My body pulsating with the vibrations of her tongue and moans and his cock ramming me. I release and explode into the temptation I've been longing for for so long. Lee is moaning and I feel his release in my ass. Jennifer is moaning and squirming into my slit so I suck even harder on her swollen clit. She releases as I feel her legs embrace me once again. ..to be contd

05-06-2005, 11:34 AM
A Day At The Beach - Epilogue

She smiles at me. He smiles me. I smile at them. Everything is OK. Everything is great actually. She goes and gets her blanket and her cooler and comes and sits next to us. We drink Coronas and wine together and eat strawberries and cheese. We watch the sun set and it is a beauty. Orange and round and full. Glistening off the water. A beautiful sight.

She wrote her number with a smiley face next to her cum spot on the beach blanket and I was sure to call her the next day. Jennifer, Lee and I have been spending lots of days at the beach. We've gotten to know each other inside and out. And we have a relationship that would knock your socks off... we're supposed to meet for dinner tomorrow night.... stay tuned! I can't wait to tell you what she wants to do to me after she drops her napkin underneath the table. She is a naughty girl. Aren't we all? :eek: :D

13-06-2005, 09:35 PM
Send me home

My best friend Jocelyn :
Jocelyn walked briskly on to the bus station, glancing nervously over her shoulders. There had been a spate of rape cases the area and with her voluptuous body, she certainly had something to worry about. Hugging her duffel bag close to her body, she took out her mobile phone. As she was about to call one of her friends to accompany her home, she saw her friend, Derrick, sitting on the railing by the sidewalk. Happy to see someone she knew, Jocelyn immediately ran over to Derrick.

Derrick, on the other hand, was waiting for a friend. The ‘o’ levels had just ended and he was about to go out to party. So, it did not surprise him much when a pair of hands covered his vision. He expected the person to be his friend but when he felt something warm and soft resting on his back, he knew at once it was someone else. However, Derrick decided to act dumb and he reached out behind him and touched Jocelyn’s soft ass. At his touch, Jocelyn immediately jumped and let go of her hands. Turning around, Derrick feigned ignorance and Jocelyn seemed to accept his reason. Hearing of Jocelyn’s predicament, he offered to send her all the way home.

Walking to the bus station together, the two began to talk about how their lives had been. However, Derrick could not concentrate at all as he admired Jocelyn’s beautiful body and perfect figure. Wearing a tube-top and a short leather skirt, it was impossible not to have an erection while looking at her. But amazingly enough, Derrick managed to suppress his bodily reactions.

Boarding the bus, they were surprised that even though it was nearly twelve in the night, the bus was very crowded. Having nowhere to sit, they stood at the isle. However, the temptations did not just stop there. Whether she was truly tired or just wanted to seduce Derrick, no one knew. Sighing softly, she did not say a word as she rested her head on Derrick’s shoulder first, before going limp and settling into his arms. Once again, Derrick could feel her soft breasts pressing gently on him and her nipples making slight indentations on his shirt. Trying not to get aroused, he shifted his glance to somewhere else. However, he could not prevent his eyes from staring down the back of Jocelyn and noticing her small waist flaring into her wide hips and beautiful ass. What made it even harder for him to control himself was when Jocelyn moaned lightly and adjusted her position, making her breasts rub against him. Thankfully, it was her stop and the both of them got off the bus, with Derrick trying to conceal his bulging erection behind his bag.

Walking behind her, Derrick called his friend and told him not to wait for him and go on his own. Having done that, Derrick came alongside of Jocelyn and put his hand around her waist. Since they were friends, Jocelyn did not mind it much and attributed it to Derrick’s flirty attitude. Knowing that she wouldn’t mind, Derrick decided to move his hand downwards and satisfy his curiosity about how her ass would feel like. However, Jocelyn stopped him short and he removed his hand, frustrated at being unable to touch her. Not giving up, Derrick pretended to glance over Jocelyn’s shoulder while he caught a glimpse of her cleavage and the rounded sides of her breasts.

Coming along a fork in the road, Jocelyn was about to take the left fork when Derrick pulled her to the right, saying that he had something important to tell her. Jocelyn, ever inquisitive, ran over to pester him about what it was, her full breasts bouncing until they peeked out of her tube-top. Derrick glanced briefly at her tits just before Jocelyn adjusted her clothing to cover her modesty. Arriving at a secluded park, Derrick began to sweet talk to Jocelyn with his glib tongue to get her defenses down. Edging closer and closer to her on the bench, he grabbed her hands suddenly while clamping a hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming.

With his free hand, he pulled Jocelyn’s leather skirt up to her waist and tore off her thongs. However, she was not quite wet yet and Derrick decided to let her have a taste of forbidden pleasure. Taking her tube-top off, he pinned Jocelyn’s hands to the ground, while stuffing her hanky into her mouth. Trying to fight off Derrick in futility, tears began to stream down Jocelyn’s face. But as Derrick lowered his mouth onto her pink erect nipple, she gasped between tears as the sensation both excited and ashamed her. Lifting a hand away from her arm, Derrick began to fondle and squeeze Jocelyn’s breast as he sucked on Jocelyn’s nipple hard and then licked it; tracing small circles around her nipple with his tongue. Gradually, Jocelyn stopped yielding to his touch and she grew less rigid as her breasts tightened deliciously and grew taut to his touch making her nipples retract in even more, as they grew sensitive to the touch.
Encouraged by this, Derrick moved down her stomach to her pelvis tantalizing her with his tongue along the way. Reaching his destination, he latched onto her cunt with his mouth. Taking care not to touch her now very swollen clit, he began to move his lips, making her pussy contract and expand at his whim. Inserting his tongue into her dark wet passage, he began to explore the inside of her until he knew he found her g-spot when he heard her moan loudly even though she was still gagged. Teasing her, he felt her now free hands pressing his head towards her pussy. Intoxicated by her horniness and the smell of her cunt, Derrick could feel his penis pressing painfully against his tight jeans.

Taking the hanky out of her mouth, Derrick immediately began to kiss Jocelyn senseless, getting even more aroused as he felt Jocelyn’s tongue touching his and Jocelyn sucking hard on his mouth. Reaching down, Jocelyn undid Derrick’s fly and started to fondle and touch his very erect penis. Grabbing her hands, Derrick moved them up and down his penis, enjoying the sensation of her soft silky hands on his erected member.

Moving her hands on her own accord now, she looked up at Derrick with passion-glazed eyes as he plunged his finger into her cunt. Increasing the pace of her hands as she herself grew even more sexually charged. Knowing he was cumming, he removed his member from Jocelyn’s grasp and shot all his cum onto her breasts. Glancing down at the mess, she smiled sweetly at Derrick as she lowered her mouth to her breasts and pushed her breasts towards her mouth to lick the cum off. The sight was too much for Derrick to stand. Grabbing Jocelyn’s hand, he led her to a swing. Sitting down on the swing, he made her sit on his erected member in a straddling position. Using his feet to kick the swing into motion, he began to fuck Jocelyn as the swing increased speed. Jocelyn was oblivious to what was happening due to the intense penetration by Derrick. As the swing was swinging at a considerable speed, Derrick’s thrusts were intensified due to the centrifugal force and gravity pressing her onto Derrick. Panting and moaning at the same time, Jocelyn felt as if Derrick’s penis was about to rip her into two. On the final downswing, Derrick thrust with all his might into Jocelyn making the both of them cum in a gratifying orgasm.

However Jocelyn was not done yet. Even though Derrick had already had three orgasms, she wanted the gratification yet again. Whispering in his ear for him to lie down, Jocelyn smiled at him mischievously and knelt on him, burying his penis into her cunt. As Derrick played with her reddened nipples, Jocelyn began to rock back and forth on Derrick’s member. As she rocked harder and harder towards orgasm, she moaned for Derrick, calling him to play rough with her. Amazed at her, Derrick pushed her off him and lifted her by the arms onto a nearby wall. Holding her in position with her back facing him, he rammed his erect member into her tight cunt again and again enjoying the feeling of her ass against his thighs. Unable to hold on anymore, Jocelyn arched her neck and screamed a silent scream as Derrick buried himself deep into her.

Letting her down from the wall, Jocelyn hugged Derrick tightly and thanked him for the beautiful experience. Putting on her clothes, she promised him that if she needed someone to send her home, she would definitely know who to ask for. :D

13-06-2005, 09:36 PM
Working Saturday

I don’t relish the idea of working on a Saturday, though I often find myself doing so. I shouldn’t be so quick to complain though. This particular Saturday was an exception.

I had gotten to my office about 10:30 a.m., thinking I would work about three or four hours, get a few letters written and maybe catch up on some reading. I was dressed in shorts and a polo shirt, my weekend summer uniform. I hadn’t bothered shaving, though I took a long shower to wake myself up and to try and motivate myself for “weekend work.” Things were going amazingly well when I heard the main door to the office open. I thought maybe it was the cleaning people (I had purposely left the door unlocked so I wouldn’t have to get up and let them in if I heard a knock at the door). I stopped what I was doing to listen. Nothing. So I figured they were about their normal Saturday routine, emptying waste cans, dusting and the like. I went back to my reading. I thought I was losing it, but I soon heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps. Then, before I could move out of my desk, there was someone standing in my office doorway.

“Hello, Tom.”
“Hey, Linda, what are you doing here on a Saturday?”

It was Linda, her last name escapes me, but she works on the same floor, down the hall. I think it is some charitable foundation or something, but forget that, Linda was, to say the least, really attractive. I had often thought about asking her to my weekend place about forty miles outside the city, but never really got around to it. She is a brunette, about five foot five or so. Her hair isn’t long, but it isn’t exactly short, all I can say is the way it frames her face makes her very appealing. She has large, round breasts and it seems as though her nipples are always erect (or is that just my oversexed mind reacting to a very sexy stimulus?). Her legs seem unending and I have to say, I’ve fantasized about her more than one time, though we have but a casual acquaintance.
“I actually saw you come in, Tom, and just thought I’d drop by and say hello. You know, I’ve been meaning just to stop by and get acquainted, but time always seems to get away from me.”

“C’mon in Linda, I’m ready for a break.”
I hope my inner lust wasn’t showing. Looking at her standing there…she was also in shorts…they were a bit shorter than mine and I was imagining things I probably shouldn’t have been imagining. She had on a sleeveless cotton shirt, sort of like a polo type shirt. She was in sandals, which, as she sat down, she kicked off.

We chatted for awhile about inconsequential things such as the weather, work, recent movies we had seen. I was wondering about how I might break the ice and ask her out, and maybe engage in some other types of recreation with her. It was then she got out of her chair and acted as though she was leaving.

“Hey, where you going so soon?”
“What makes you think I’m leaving, Tom?”

Without saying anything else, she turned back into my office, and, as she was walking towards me, began lifting her shirt over her head. I should have realized it, but underneath, she was braless. I was so surprised, I couldn’t even gasp! I have never seen tits like those. I mean, they were perfect, round, nipples full and erect. The brown area around her nipples was the perfect shade of tan that complimented her hair (listen to me, am I crazy)? Before I could say another word, she unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop to the floor. She was wearing simple cotton bikini briefs, but I could see the outline of her pussy lips through them (or was it just me “seeing things” again?). She said nothing and came over to me as I sat in my big swivel chair. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled the zipper down, reaching in she took out my now erect penis. I simply sat there, like an idiot, with my mouth half open.

“What’s the matter Tommy, cat got your tongue?”
I gulped as she began stroking the shaft.
“Tom, stand and take these damn shorts off, both pairs.”

I did as she instructed. That done, she pushed me down in the chair and I watched as she continued stroking my member. She cupped her right hand around my balls…as I recall the events of that afternoon, I think of her slim, perfectly manicured fingers…you know some people just have great hands, no pun intended. She was still rubbing gently, feeling up and down the length of my cock when she leaned forward and put the tip between her soft, full lips. I just sat there and looked on as she took the head in her mouth and began swirling her tongue around, caressing it. She took me out of her mouth and began tracing around the head with her fingers.

“Tommy, did anyone ever tell you that you have a really nice piece of meat here? I mean the length, the girth, perfect for a Saturday afternoon snack.”
With that she placed my penis in her mouth again and this time began fucking it in earnest. As she took me into her hot mouth and lowered it up and down my entire cock she began sucking as she withdrew me from her mouth and then she would thrust down again. I could feel that sexual tension mount as she continued. My organ stiffened in her mouth, you know like happens when climax is imminent. She sensed this and withdrew me from her warm, wet mouth.
“Tom, rest for a minute.”

At this point she stood and removed her panties. I gaped at the dark triangle between her thighs. Her pussy hair was a soft brown color. It was trimmed so that it outlined her very swollen vaginal lips. I could see that her juices had seeped out of her opening and made her lips kind of shiny. I instinctively stood, and this accentuated my erection even more. Neither of us said a work. Linda pushed the magazines I had been reading out of the way and slid on top of my otherwise clean desk. I approached her and she lifted her legs so that they were over my shoulders. She wanted to be fucked and I wanted to fuck her so badly I couldn’t stand it any longer. I eased closer and brought my stiffness close to her opening. Before joining with her I couldn’t resist spreading those beautiful pussy lips with my fingers. I could see her clit, swollen, wet and ready and the pinkness inside her vagina was smiling at me as if the welcome me into her. I couldn’t wait any longer. I put the tip of my penis inside her opening and pushed forward a bit and then I placed my hands under Linda’s ass and eased my organ into her pussy. I pushed it in as far as I could go…I saw her clit rubbing against the top of my shaft. I began slowly thrusting in and out of her pussy by pushing and pulling with her ass…what an ass, let me tell you. She was extremely wet inside and very warm and stimulating. She began contracting her vaginal muscles around my stiff hose. As I was pumping in and out of her I fixed my eyes on her ample tits. They seemed to change color and the nipples seem stretched to their limit.
“Tom, touch my breasts, I’m gonna cum and I like having them fondled…”

She was barely audible. I could see her eyes glaze over. I took my hands from under her ass and gently massged her nipples….I could almost feel the sensation traveling from them to the area between her legs…I could feel her pussy tighten as she began to moan softly. I knew she was climaxing. She shuddered for what I felt must have been two minutes. Then, she did something that surprised me.

“Tom, please, pull your cock out of me…just trust me for a second.”
I was mesmerized by her and I did as she asked. I began sliding my penis out of her vagina and I watched as my cock reappeared. She sat up slowly and slid off the top of the desk…she led me over and made me sit back down in my chair. She took my very aroused organ in her hands….I was very wet and slippery from having been inside her for the past twenty minutes or so.

“Tommy, sweet man, just sit back and let me make you happppy”

At this point I was so turned on I was almost blind and I think deaf. She began sliding her fingers up and down my shaft asking if it felt good. I couldn’t answer. She must have taken that for a yes because she took me into her mouth and began fucking me with her mouth as she had done before we coupled. She was teasing my balls with one hand as she did this….I have come to enjoy having my testicles fondled during sex and this was bringing me to the point of no return. I felt my insides tighten and the rest of me began becoming as stiff as my cock. Linda knew this and began sucking on my penis as my orgasm began. That sucking feeling on my cock and the gentle squeezing of my balls was creating such a force inside that I knew I couldn’t contain it but a second more. As I began erupting, Linda began sliding my cock out of her mouth so that I could see myself squirting what seemed like an endless stream of semen into her mouth. It was dripping out and a few drops landed on her tits as I kept squirting more into her mouth. When I stopped ejaculating she put me back into her mouth and gently massaged my over excited organ until I began to relax.

She took me out of her mouth and kissed the head of my penis.
“Thank you so much, Tom. You know, I never knew what I tasted like until I tasted your cock after it was inside me.”
I couldn’t speak. I was at a complete loss.

“Okay, listen, I have to run. If you’re not doing anything for dinner, would you like to come over to my place? I’ll whip something up for you.”
I thought to myself ‘I bet you will/’
“I would love that, just tell me where you live.”

She told me as she replaced her clothing and then left as quietly as she came. I was left sitting naked in my desk chair. It was two o’clock. That was certainly enough work for a Saturday. :D

13-06-2005, 09:39 PM
An Intimate Encounter

The cold October night air caused Jane's breath to condense as it escaped her mouth, forming large clouds of mist as she made her way home from the party. It was a little after 1am as she travelled the short distance through the deserted streets to the small flat that she called home.

The party had been good. Not great by any means, but Jane had certainly enjoyed herself despite the fact that she now made her way home alone. On the whole she had been very well behaved this evening, whilst still managing to attract a reasonable amount of interest from the various men present. She hadn't gotten too drunk, although she could still feel the alcohol coursing through her body, giving her at least some protection from the bitterly cold temperature. She hadn't made a fool of herself at any point or appeared too desperate, although she had to admit to herself that she was rapidly getting desperate for even the briefest of lustful encounters.

Jane frowned as she turned left off the main high street and into the long narrow lane that served as a shortcut to the road where she lived. She couldn't understand it. She considered herself to be a very pleasant woman; sociable, easy going with a sense of humour that seemed to get people laughing so why was it that she oftend found herself making the trip home unaccompanied.

Jane was a very attractive woman and always had lots of men drooling over her gorgeous body. In the right circumstances she wasn't shy of displaying her body to the full through her choice of revealing clothes, and yet, she could never seem to 'close the deal'. Tonight she thought she had looked especially stunning. and had managed to turn the majority of male heads and even some of the female ones too. She was 5'5", with deep blue eyes and long blond hair that, when allowed to run free, stretched down to the middle of her back. Her body was slender but not skinny; curvy in all the right places with a very generous bust and legs that apparently 'went all the way up'.

The slinky black dress she had worn with its non-existent back, plunging neckline and hemline that barely reached the middle of her thighs was complimented by her modest high heels which further arched her back and calves. Her hair had been teased up into a complex affair and pinned in place, with tiny wisps escaping here and there to give a soft, whimsical effect. In short the two hours she had spent getting ready tonight, in her opinion, had produced the overall effect of a sophisticated, intelligent gorgeous woman who looked devastatingly sexy whilst not being tarty. At least that was what Jane had been aiming for.

She pulled her coat tighter in around her against the cold and sighed with frustration as she hurried on down the dark lane, her sigh the only sound other than the rhythmic clicking of her heels on the pavement.

On the bright side, she mused, she would have a nice relaxing hot bath when she got home and take her frustration out on one of her vibrators. That thought cheered her slightly and she felt a warm tingle across her nipples as she pondered on which vibrator would best sate her lust tonight.

"God, I'm dying for a shag" she exasperated to the empty night air.


Jane stopped dead, startled by the sound of another voice. She hadn't noticed the man who had been approaching from the other direction and was now standing a few feet in front of her.

"I didn't say anything.", Jane lied unconvincingly; flustered and embarrassed by her most personal exclamation. She scanned the man who stood in front of her, acutely aware that she was a woman alone walking through a darkened street at 1am. Adrenaline started to flood through her body and her stomach tightened as she tried to work out whether she was in danger here.

The man before her was, she guessed, in his late 20's early 30s, a few inches taller than her and had very short mousey brown, slightly thinning, hair. He wore black jeans and a short jacket zipped up against the weather. His face seemed pleasant enough and at that moment displayed an expression of total shock.

"Sorry, I thought you just said that you needed a shag", the man said looking uneasily at Jane.

Jane blushed deeply and shifted from foot to foot averting his questioning gaze.

'Why am I still standing here' she thought to herself. 'Just apologise and walk away'.

But Jane didn't walk away, she stood there for a moment unable to move trying to think of something to say. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was shock, maybe it was the fact that she was dying for a shag and this bloke was outstandingly qualified in the sense that he was a man and he was here. Whatever the reason she stayed rooted to the spot.

"err.... well actually I did, but I was only thinking aloud and didn't even notice you were there to be honest".

Not the greatest of retorts, Jane thought but it could have been worse.

"Oh, right" the man said and seemed to hesitate for a moment before adding with a nervous smirk, "...anything I can do to help?".

Jane was even further shocked at this. Did he just proposition her? She didn't even know his name. The man had obviously just noticed the shock on her face because his smirk faded to an expression of concern.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry, that was totally out of order." he blurted his face flushing to a crimson.

"I didn't mean...well I shouldn't have...oh god you must think I am some sort of weirdo or something...shit sorry" the man babbled as he stepped aside and hurried past her.

Jane turned as he swept passed her and did some very quick thinking. Surely she couldn't press a liaison with this stranger... could she? it was wrong and he could be an axe murderer or something. On the other hand if he was an axe murderer, surely he wouldn't have just run away from a veritable gift victim. The thought of having a stolen moment with a complete stranger excited her dramatically causing a slight tingling between her legs. He was rapidly disappearing out of sight though, so if she was going to do something she decided she had to do it now.

"Hey, wait" she called after him and started to walk in his direction.

The man stopped and turned round with a puzzled look on his face. Jane had made her decision and she knew exactly how she wanted it to go. No messing around, no long chat or forced pleasantries, just lust and that was it. As she walked she let her coat fall open revealing her outfit and alluring towards her sexy body that lay beneath.

'I might as well get the ball rolling straight away' she thought to herself.

"Yes?" the man asked, wide eyed and confused as he saw Jane walking towards him, her coat hanging slightly open hinting at a gorgeous body underneath.

"I'm Jane, and actually you can help me out with my problem. " she said. She was about 10 feet from him now and started to sway her hips slightly as she closed in.

"The only thing I want to know is your name and that's it.....deal?" Jane said slowly as she walked slowly towards him with a sexy smile and a glint in her eye.

"My name is J-John" the man replied dumbstruck at what was happening.

"Well...J-John", Jane teasingly mimicked his nervous stutter. She stopped a couple of feet from him and placed her hands on her hips pushing her coat open revealing her lithe body and pushing her breasting out slightly, "What about that shag then?"

Jane didn't even wait for a reply, instead she walked the final step towards John and pressed her lips to his in a slightly tentative kiss. When John didn't pull away she became emboldened and the kiss became more passionate. Jane parted her lips slightly and John slipped his tongue eagerly into her mouth. Jane let her hands encircle John and she pulled him into her body feeling his chest pressing against her breasts and the rough texture of his jeans against her thighs.

John's arms slipped under her coat and around her back caressing her shoulders as the kiss intensified. He slowly ran his hands down her back and onto her full buttocks. Jane moaned softly into John's mouth as his hands stroked and squeezed her bum cheeks forcing her body even closer to his.

Jane was suddenly aware that they were standing in the middle of the street and whilst it was deserted it was still to risky to continue this out in the open. She broke the kiss off abruptly leaving John with a startled expression on his face. She searched the immediate vicinity and noticed a small alleyway between two buildings on the other side of the street.

"Come on" she said as she took his hand and led him across the street and down into the small alleyway which was dimly lit by an ancient looking wall lamp towards one end. :p

13-06-2005, 09:40 PM
Monsoon F**k

It was raining hard, well, after all, it was the monsoon season. Yeah, monsoon. It’s a funny sounding word but believe me, the rain it produced wasn’t funny by any stretch of the imagination. It had been quite a few years since I was in Southeast Asia and some of the old memories were coming back to me. I was in what used to be called Saigon on what I loosely refer to as “business.” The company that I was in this city on behalf of had provided me with an office in an office building downtown (and I use the term loosely). I was looking out the window of that office (on the 7th floor) and wondering how the hell I was going to get the two blocks to my hotel. I sort of chuckled because there really was no “good way.” I decided though that I’d had enough for the day so I grabbed my umbrella (not that it would do much good) and locked up and headed for the elevator. Outside, it was as though there was a wall of water that descended from the heavens. I opened my umbrella and commenced getting totally drenched as I walked the two blocks to my hotel. I mean there was no use in running, it would only make me wetter.

One thing I will say about Asia, well, this part of Asia anyway, is that if you are an American business person and you are staying in a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, you certainly get quite a lot for your dong, no pun intended. The Hotel used to be called the Eden Roc years ago and was now operated by Hilton, or Sheraton or one of those big hotel outfits. I was on the 15th floor in a suite. It was very comfortable, small kitchenette, mini bar, bedroom, large sitting room and “office.” It was comfortably furnished in western type décor. I was looking forward to getting out of these wet clothes, getting into a hot shower and just relaxing with one of the many books I had brought with me for this trip. I put the key into the lock of the suite door and opened. Instantly, I knew that either someone was there right now or had been there recently. There were fresh flowers on the bar that separated the kitchenette from the main sitting room. There was a pleasant, incense-like scent in the room. I was wondering as I took off my jacket and began unbuttoning my shirt, what was going on.

“Mr. Jones, don’t be startled….”
I turned and saw this Asian woman dressed in what I thought was my bathrobe (it had the hotel monogram on it and I had been using it).
“Your company asked me to come over and keep you company.”

“Really?” I said, incredulously.
“Yes.” She said, simply and left it at that.
Well, Asian women are small and they always have black hair and this woman was no exception. What was different about her, I noticed as she let the robe drop to the floor, is that she had larger breasts than most and I wondered if they were real. But, I wasn’t going to ask.
“Yes, they are all mine” she said in English that was almost unaccented, a rarity with Asians.

At this point, I didn’t know what to say. I felt kind of stupid standing there with this naked Asian woman. Well, I guess she didn’t leave me too much more time to feel stupid because she took my hand and led me back towards the bathroom and my bedroom. We got to the bathroom (which was very large and contained not only a shower, but a spa on sort of a pedestal). She began unbuttoning my shirt as I just stood there speechless. After she did this she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants, easing them off me. I stepped out of them and watched silently as she folded them and walked across to the bedroom to hang them up.

“What, may I ask, are you doing, Miss?” I summed the energy to ask.
“Well, for starters, as you Americans would say, I am called Meg, not my real name, but that would be hard for you to pronounce. You look tired, and chilled from the heavy rain. I am going to bathe you and make you feel better.”
“Oh, I see.”

The spa was already filled and the steam was rising from the water. Meg poured something in the water and twirled it with her arm. She stepped down and put her hands in the waist band of my shorts and removed them for me. I have to say looking at this naked woman had started getting me a little bit hard, I mean, what the hell. Anyway, she commanded me (you know Asian women have this ability to sound commanding, whether or not that’s what they are intending) to step up into the spa. I did as I was told and damn, that water was hot at first, but was very relaxing. I don’t know what it was she put in the water, but I tingled all over. The next thing I knew, she was getting in the tub with me…well, it was a lot bigger than your normal, run of the mill, bath tub. She didn’t sit though but took this large sponge which she had positioned on the ledge of the spa and squirted some clear liquid on it. She began washing me….my back and shoulders and my chest. She told me to stand and when I did, she put the sponge down and squirted some of that clear stuff in her hands and rubbed them together. The next thing I knew, she was rubbing the insides of my thighs and then reached around and was soaping my ass, between the crack and all. Now she was gently washing my balls and my dick, which was getting kind of large. I mean it doesn’t do that when I wash myself, but standing there while a strange Asian woman is washing your cock, well, it was responding. She didn’t say anything but told me to sit down in the water. I did as she bade. She rinsed me off with the sponge and then told me to sit on the ledge of the spa. Once again, I yielded to her “command.” I was semi-hard and kind of getting turned on. I was sure it was improper “form” to say anything, so I just sat there as she took me in her hands.

“You’re growing, Mr. J.” she said without smiling.

She stroked the inside of my thighs again and without saying anything, put my cock into her mouth. She sucked in away that I had certainly never been sucked before. I got harder and harder and soon, the head of my prick was getting that shiny color it gets when it’s all excited. Without a word, she stopped, got up and told me to do the same. We got out of the tub and she led me down the two shallow steps to the floor of the bathroom where she reached for a large towel and began patting me dry. She took great care to be very gentle with my private parts (she even dried between my ass crack).
“Let’s go into your bedroom” she said. ;) :D

13-06-2005, 09:44 PM
Discovering Cath

My friend Cath and I have known each other for over 15 years and supported each other through a series of marriage and relationship breakups. Yet in all this time, there was a secret that I had never guessed.

Cath called me a few days ago to say something I had ordered from her catalogue had arrived. I arranged to go over and collect that evening. Cath has recently started seeing someone new and I was keen to hear all the details about him.

It was a fine summer evening and we sat out in the garden enjoying a glass of wine. I asked Cath how things were going with Mike. She told me just great. Mike was a lot younger and I could tell that Cath was enjoying every aspect of a relationship with a man not much more than half her age! However, I could tell that there was something she needed to tell me but was finding difficult.

"What is it Cath?" I asked gently "Is there something that Mike's doing you don't like?"

"No", she said "It's something he WANTS me to do".

It turned out that Mike had told her he wanted to see her with another woman. He wouldn't touch either of them, just watch them and masturbate. He had first asked for it to be a friend, but when she said none of her friends were lesbian or bi, he suggested advertising in a contact mag.

"The thing is" she told me, "It's not doing it that I mind, just the thought of it being a stranger".

The silence hung between us for a few minutes. Since I was very young I had always had lesbian fantasies and a few experiences along the way, but had been happily married and had put all of it to the back of my mind for several years. Now I had to confront my feelings and also help my friend.

"Cath" I said "Would you like it to be me?"

Now it was her turn to be shocked. "I never thought..." she started to say. I shushed her, telling her not to worry. This was the best way round her dilemma. I didn't have to do anything that I felt would be really unfaithful to my husband.

We talked about what arrangements we would make with Mike. He had a really fantastic house a few miles away with a pool and jacuzzi and that would be the best place for it all to happen.

Cath suggested that perhaps we ought to 'practise' before our real scene with Mike. I felt my pussy begin to get very hot. I said I needed a shower, and maybe we should jump in together.

Cath has just spent some money fixing up her bathroom and it has a big walk-in shower with plenty of room for two. We got naked and found some foamy shower gel. I turned the shower on and took the head out of its holder. I got the temperature so it was just barely body heat and got Cath wet all over. Then, while she did the same for me, I got going with the lathering. I gently ran soapy hands over her back and shoulders and ass, then to her breasts, running my thumbtips around her nipples. She gasped a little, and her arousal got me even wetter. Standing behind her, softly, I massaged her mound, running streams of water over her then very slowly ran a finger between her pussy lips. I opened her pussy lips and turned the shower stream to pulse onto her clit. She arched her back against me,c rying out in pleasure. She was already very close to orgasm, but I didn't want to rush.

Now it was my turn. She turned around to face me and gave me the shower gel treatment. She was just as gentle when it came to touching my pussy for the first time, but I couldn't control myself and grabbed her hand, holding it tightly against me, as I came and my juices flowed. My orgasm was heightened as she slid a finger into me, and my vaginal walls pulsed, holding her finger tightly.

When my legs had stopped shaking, I washed the soap off both of us and we got out, wrapping outselves in big fluffy towels.

Cath sat on the edge of the bath, and spread her legs. I knelt down and kissed and licked her from knee to thigh. She pulled my head to her, and I spread her lips and tasted her honeyed pussy. She handed me a small pink vibrator and I turned it on, running it up and down her pink surfaces and against her engorged clitoris. Her head was back and she was moaning. I slid the vibrator into her, moving it in and out, and lapped her clit. In seconds she was grabbing my hair and nearly screaming as she came.

We went to her bedroom and spent an entertaining hour or two 69'ing and playing with her selection of vibrators. We especially enjoyed her double dildo. It was the first time she had used it with someone. We got it all the way in, so we could rub clits. What an orgasm that was! Then I showered again, I didn't want to go home smelling of hot lezzie sex!

When I got in, my husband was in the study, playing a computer game. I fed the cats and got a drink of juice. I could still taste Cath's pussy and would need to clean my teeth before bed. We had great sex that night, but he would have been shocked to know that I was re-living my encounter with Cath.

Next time I'll tell you about what happened with her and Mike. :eek: :D

13-06-2005, 09:45 PM
Cath, me and a little of Mike

I called Cath the morning after our first lesbian experience. She said that after I had left she had called Mike and told him everything that happened. He was away on a business trip and in a hotel in London. He had been watching an adult channel on the TV, but Cath's story was far hotter!

Cath arranged a time for us to go over to Mike's house. I told John that Cath and I were meeting up with another old friend who had moved back into the area. He never questioned me, always trusting me completely and I felt a bit guilty.

Mike's house was fantastic. He had moved there only recently after making a large amount of money on foreign exchange trading. The house had belonged to a rock music celeb. who had moved to a Caribbean tax haven. There were two swimming pools, one outdoor and one indoor with a jacuzzi to the side of it.

He poured us large glasses of champagne and led us on a guided tour. It was more luxurious than anything I had ever seen. When Cath excused herself to go to the bathroom, we were in the main bedroom. Mike was a bit obsessive about tidiness. The room looked like a magazine feature, no clothes laying around, all surfaces clear, just a single book on the bedside table next to an electronic alarm clock. I was looking at the view from the balcony, but he had a question to ask.

"Are you and Cath long-term lovers?"

"No" I replied, in perfect honesty. "She only told me a few days ago what you wanted, and we did it then for the first time". I looked him straight in the eyes and hoped that his promise not to touch me would hold out. He was good looking and had a fine muscular body, but I had no desire for a man tonight. It was Cath I was looking forward to caressing and tasting again.

We went back downstairs and out to the pool house. It was warm and steamy, and the windows to the garden misted up. Not that it mattered, there was no other house for a couple of miles, and we would not be seen.

Mike suggested Cath and I had a shower to 'warm up' while he had a swim. The shower was open to the pool area, no doors, so he could see our initial playful caresses. He swam a couple of lengths, naked, then leaned on the side of the pool to watch us. We couldn't see, but he was already getting a hard on, even in the cool water.

Cath had been looking forward to my attentiions and came quickly with my tongue lapping her and squirming right inside her. We got into the jacuzzi and I sat on one of the water streams while Cath massaged my clit. It was a fantastic sensation. Mike got out of the pool and came into the tub with us. His erection was impressive, and I had a sudden desire to see it filling Cath's pussy while I licked her clit. I was to get my wish later, but meanwhile I was enjoying Cath's fingers and her mouth on my nipples, along with the water jets playing on my pussy and I climaxed. Mike suggested that we use the futon mattress that was laid out by the window. Alongside it was a selection of dildos and vibrators. Mike sat in a chair close by, his bathrobe open and stroking his cock. The aim of the evening or him was to see me satisfy Cath in as many different ways as possible and I wasn't going to disappoint him.

She lay back on the mattress and opened her legs wide for me, her pussy facing Mike. I turned around so she could get to my soaking slit too, and picked up a big black rubber vibrator. It was ribbed and veined and had a head like a huge dick. When I turned on the motor, it seemed to have a dual motion, extending and contracting by an inch or so, just under the head. I used a little KY on it and rubbed it up against Cath's pink inviting pussy. She wriggled and pulled me down onto her face.

I felt her fingers inside me and returned the favour to get her going. Then I slid the monster dildo into her an inch or so. She had no trouble opening up to accommodate it. I pulled it out and ran the vibrating head over her clit again. I wasn't sure how much of this she could take, but I pushed it back into her vagina till a good 3/4 of it was inside. She really loved it, and shoved it in the rest of the way herself, writhing in pleasure with the in-and-out motion deep inside her. I helped her come, my fingers rubbing her clit. As I withdrew it, she oozed juices and I lapped them, licking the dildo too.

She used another similar vibrator on me, and her mouth at the same time, using her teeth on my clit . My orgasm was really violent and I found myself screaming out. Mike was amazingly still in control, although he was jacking off faster now. Cath and I gave ourselves a few moments rest, kissing gently, rubbing each others pussies with the lightest touch till our orgasms subsided and we were ready again. When I started to get really aroused again, she turned around, back to Mike and gave me another hard tonguing. Her wet open labia were right above my face, and I was not surprised to see Mike's engorged penis rubbing against her then sliding inside. I've seen similar on vids and the Net, but never close up. It's the most amazingly arousing experience, seeing your best friend get fucked and love it.

I helped by holding the base of his cock as he thrust hard inside her and licking Cath's clit. This time they both climaxed together, and as Mike withdrew, my face was showered with a mix of her sweet juices and his sticky cum.

We relaxed in the jacuzzi again before the next round. When Cath went to get more champagne from the kitchen, Mike asked me straight out if I wanted sex with him and I told him no. He didn't look very happy and I was afraid that he might force it, but he didn't. It was just the one bad moment of a fantastic evening though. I lost count of how many times I came and made Cath come with mouths, fingers and toys. Mike had some more fun too, getting sucked off by Cath while I used a strap on dildo to drill her, doggy position.

We have already had another session on our own since, as Mike is away for a few weeks. Cath has the key to the house so we can have full use of the pool and jacuzzi. It's a wonderful place to have sex, but I'm afraid Mike will realise that Cath prefers my attentions to his if we have another threesome in the future. :D :D

18-06-2005, 01:15 PM
The Pussy Barber

One of the things about women and sex I have always loved is their pussy hair. I have always thought it best to get right to the heart of the matter, so I make this statement early on.

I had been going out with Annie for about a month. We had had sex a few times and, it was great. She had one of those beautiful pussies that sort of pouted when she got turned on. Well, you know, the large lips became engorged, got pink and jutted out to meet my lips or my cock or whatever. I have always gotten very hot over red heads and, yeah, you guessed it, Annie was a red head. It was last Friday, I think. She had invited me over to her place for the weekend and we figured we would rent some moves, get some take out and just fuck a lot. Well, that was never stated explicitly, but that’s what was in my mind, anyway. I went home first to pick up a few things and then drove over to Annie’s. I knocked at the door and proceeded to enter, as I usually do when I go over to her house. She was standing in her kitchen in a very short robe and I wondered what the hell she had up her sleeve…or her robe, hehe.
“Hey, hi, you, c’mon in, I’m getting a few things ready.”

“Like what? I’m here, what could you possible want to get ready?”
“Well, I have a favor to ask of you, and you don’t have to do it, if you don’t want, but, if you do, there’s something in it for you.”
Oh, I’ve heard that one before, but you know, I was still very much in lust with Annie and I would probably do anything she asked me.
“Well, I want you to play barber for me.”

As she said this, she let the robe fall open. She was naked underneath and I couldn’t but help looking down at her pussy. Well, not just her pussy, but her tits were something to mesmerize you. Her pussy though was surrounded by very fine red hair…a little darker red, not the carrot color you always think of when you think of a red head. No this was fine and there was a lot of it though she had kept it in a nice, neat triangle.
“So, what’s the deal about being a barber…is that what you said?” I answered her.

“Well, honey, I want you to give me a pussy shave.”
I stopped, sort of stunned. A pussy shave? Well, I mean I’ve done a lot of things, but never a pussy shave.
“Annie, you mean you want me to shave your pussy hair off?”

“Exactly. I just want to experience it. I mean all the times I’ve had sex, I’ve always had this bush and I just want to try it “free.””
Well, what she was getting ready were all the “barber” supplies. I checked them over: an electric clippers (small), two safety razors, some shaving cream, some towels, some kind of lotion.

“Is there anything else you will need, master barber?” she asked me.
“Well, I think I’m going to need a basis of warm water.”

I took care of this myself, using something I found in one of her cupboards. I got the water temperature just right and headed with the basis for her bedroom. I went back and got the other “instruments” and called for Annie to come into the room.
“Annie, you lay on the bed, with your legs over the side and spread them so I can kneel between them.”
“OK,” she replied.

She laid on the bed as I had instructed and I began getting one of the small towels soaking in the water. I reached for the battery operated “electric” clippers and started to kneel between her legs.

“Hey, you’re not going to work on me dressed like that.” she said.
Without saying another word she got up and began taking off my shirt, then my pants, socks and shoes, leaving me with only under shorts. And today, for some reason I had decided to wear briefs instead of my usual boxers. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me very provocatively, making sure her breasts rubbed against my naked chest and making sure she pushed her hips close to mine, swirling her hips against my penis.

“Annie, I thought I was going to be a barber, but you’re turning me on and into something else.”

“So, can’t you handle both things?”

Well, that little action on her part had the effect of making my member begin to grow as we stood there. I mean just the sight of her naked breasts and that hot pussy was enough to start it. I pushed her back to the bed and she resumed her position as the client.

I turned on the clippers and began to gently trim the pubic hair shorter. It was a bit long, so I had to be careful not to move to fast and hurt Annie. But, easy does it. I trimmed off almost all of the longer hair surrounding that cunning and fragrant cunt. Then I went over to the basin I brought in and squeezed out the small towel, bringing over to the bed. Annie was sort of leaning up on her elbows to see what I was going to do. The towel was pretty hot and my idea was to do what a “real” barber” would do, that is soften the hair with the warm, moist towel. At first I patted the towel against her pussy lips and where the longer hair had been. There was still sort of a “five o’clock shadow’ around it and I couldn’t resist kissing each of the lips before applying the towel. Annie didn’t say anything.

As the towel was moistening and softening the pussy hair still left, I maintained my position kneeling between Annie’s legs. I began stroking each of the toes on her right foot (she had very nice, smooth feet, nice toes) and I went up each leg, and then stroked the inside of each thigh. I lifted the towel a bit and I could see droplets of moisture forming just outside Annie’s vaginal opening and I knew this was having an effect on her. I took the towel off and felt the hair, carefully inspecting each of her large, now swelling pussy lips with my fingers. I could feel that warm, slippery lubricant between my fingers so I tasted it and it was the beginning of that pungent, aromatic flavor that seems to find its way out of a woman’s vagina when she’s aroused. I took the can of shaving cream and put a small amount on my fingers and began spreading it gently over Annie’s pubic area and over each large vaginal lip. I just knelt there for a minute while the cream did its work. I realized I was really quite arouse myself, so I stood and saw that I had a full blown erection. I lowered my briefs to free my cock and Annie asked me to move closer. She leaned up and took my organ in both hands, stroking gently, careful not to mess up the shaving cream on her pussy.
“When you’re done, Mr. Barber, you get to be the first one to try me out.”

I knelt back down and reached for a safety razor. I began wiping a bit of the cream off so it wasn’t so thick. Then I took the razor and gently began removing the remaining pussy hair, rinsing the razor off in the basin before beginning the next “stripe” of pussy hair. Before I made the next stroke down the middle of Annie’s pubic area, I thought I should be more careful, so I inserted my middle finger into her now very lubricated pussy hole. It felt warm and slippery and I was definitely aroused. I used my thumb to act like I was smoothing out the area I was to shave and then I would move it down to get a feel of her clit, just below. I could see it was engorged and I think it was throbbing a bit. I continued my shaving and soon finished. I took the second towel I had moistened and began wiping the remaining cream off Annie’s cunt. She leaned up and tried to see exactly what I had done. I know she couldn’t get a real good look, but I told her I would make sure she had a good look. I did bring in a small mirror for this. I felt her pussy area and it was just like she was a young girl. Smooth, her large lips swollen and now quite wet with her juices. I stood and took my cock in my hand. Instinctively she moved closer and I inserted the tip of my cock into her opening so I could get it moist with her juice. I then pulled out and began rubbing the tip of my penis against her clit. I just teased it and watched it grow a little.
“Oh please, put it inside, I’m so close, I’m gonna cum, baby, please.”

I didn’t say anything, but I lifted her legs so that they were over my shoulders and put my cock into her opening, easing myself in and waiting a moment while she shifted her position to allow me to come in more deeply.

“Here, look in this mirror.” I said

I held the mirror so she could see my cock finding its way into her newly shaved pussy. I stood there for a minute or two letting her look then I put the mirror down and put my hands under her ass so I could get the leverage necessary to fuck her properly. I pushed all the way into her cunt and she was so wet inside and so tight. As I brought my member in and out of her she fondled her nipples and then began moaning and I knew that she was ready to climax. I pushed her back on the bed so that I could position myself above her. I wanted to feel her tits against me as I went deeper into that soft, smooth pussy. She arched her back and I could feel her internal muscles squeeze my organ and I felt that pulsation as my cock began to throb like it does just before I shoot my load. Annie sensed this and grabbed my balls as I shot into her. It was the first sex experience I had with a shaved pussy and in this case, I was the pussy barber. To say it felt good is an understatement. It did make Annie and I just a little bit closer and somehow I felt that my experience as a pussy barber would lead to more pussy! :D

18-06-2005, 01:17 PM
Floating Orgasm

It had been a long winter and I hadn’t gone anywhere since the seminar I attended in Miami in January. Yeah, the seminar and the woman ….well one woman out of a couple thousand that had probably attended. Her name was Ann Mc Allister, but damn if I had even thought to ask where she was from, oh well. My mind was back in Chicago now, where my body was. Like I said, it had been a long, cold and rainy winter in the Windy City. My condominium was right downtown and overlooked Lake Michigan. Sometimes that was scary in and of itself..that Lake might as well be an ocean and is sometimes more ferocious. May can be a great month in this area and right now that was the case. I decided to go for a walk along the lake and left my place to take the elevator down the 30 floors to the ground. It was sunny and probably in the mid 70’s, not bad for old Chi Town.

I decided to hoof it down Michigan Avenue and then cross over to one of the many walks lakeside. I was just enjoying the balmy breeze off the lake and the everyday sights we Chicagoans enjoy. I was wandering around Buckingham fountain, recalling some of the many visits made there as a child when I saw someone I thought I knew. I just couldn’t place her. As I walked around the enormous fountain and got closer to her I thought for a minute….it sure looked like Annie Mc Allister, but hell, that would be too much of a coincidence. Then I hear :

“Hey, Mike, over here…it’s Ann, you know Ann Mc Allister from the meeting in Florida.”
“Yeah, I am seeing that now. Ann, how are you, I mean this is just too much meeting you here by the great fountain!”
“Hey, it’s not as strange as you think.”
She didn’t give me time to ask for an explanation, she just took my hand and led me down a couple of sets of steps to the sidewalk.
“Where are you pulling me Annie, girl?”
“Just wait, you’ll see.”

We walked for a few blocks south and soon came to the entrance to the huge marina, or I should say one of the huge marinas found lake front. She led me on a crisscross of walkways until we came to the enormous (well, to my way of thinking, humongous) yacht. We stopped in front of it.

“Well, what do you think, Mike?”
“Think about what? I mean it’s a big boat.”
“I own it, Mike and I wanted to show it to you.”

Things were moving much too quickly. I leave my home to take a walk in the park, so to speak and I run into this woman I met at a seminar in Miami Beach, Florida four months previously. She appears out of nowhere and acts like it was only a day or two before that she saw me. I don’t know where she is from and, hell, I don’t know if she really is Ann Mc Allister. All I do know is that she seduced me in Florida and made one evening there very special for me. In fact I will say I don’t think I’ve ever attended a seminar so well before.
Before I could manage another thought she had my hand again. We were climbing a ramp to the main deck of the yacht. I was flabbergasted by the size of the whole thing.

“Ann, this is magnificent…what kind of …”
I never got to ask what kind of business she was in. We were entering the main cabin, I guess it was the main cabin of the big boat. It was like the most plush living room I had ever been in.

“So, what do you think? Want to be a sailor now?”
“A sailor? Hell, the only time I ever drove a boat was on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin and that thing was only about 12 feet long and had an outboard motor on it.”
“You won’t have to drive this, believe me, in fact, you don’t drive boats, silly.”

Well, I don’t know what you do with them and I don’t even know what the names of all of the ‘stuff’ on a boat are called. I mean, I know they call the kitchen the galley and the bedrooms are called staterooms or cabins or something quaint like that. My mind was flooded with all kinds of visual information that it simply didn’t know how to process right now. Ann, I noticed, was removing the light jacket she had on. Underneath she was wearing this sleeveless, ribbed knit blouse, or sweater or something. All I knew was it looked great on her and made those magnificent tits really stand out. Whoops, I guess I should have referred to them as breasts, now that we were here in the civilized world of Chicago.
Before I had another thought, Ann came over to me and put her arms around my neck and began kissing me. Those kisses brought back some very fond memories.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” I managed to get out.
“I’ve missed you all those months and I just wanted to give you a hello kiss.”
“Well, I can live with that.”
Before I knew it she was unbuttoning my shirt, damn, was this some sort of dream or what?
“Annie, I mean we just came on board, what are you doing? Is anyone else on board with us.”
“No, I gave the crew and staff the day off.”

She continued relieving me of my clothing. I was standing in this great salon with nothing on but boxers. Ann was now removing that sexy sweater or shirt she had on. As I might have guessed, no bra on either. She had been wearing shorts of some kind and those had been “lost” to reveal dark green silk bikini briefs. She took my hand as she always did and led me over to this very big, very overstuffed chair and pushed me down into it, but not before relieving me of the remainder of my duds. I was now standing-sitting with a very huge erection looking into the eyes of an almost naked sexy woman who was continuing to push me backwards. I finally gave in and let myself fall into the comfortable chair. Ann pulled my legs apart and was now kneeling between my legs and s+++ing the insides gently. She told me just to sit back and enjoy what was going to happen. She lowered her head so that I could feel her breath on my organ. She kissed the tip of it and took hold of it with one hand, s+++ing it up and down. The other hand she cupped under my balls and massaged them gently. Damn, I had to admit I was definitely liking this but was definitely confused. Ann came closer to me and said nothing but put the head of my penis into her mouth. She teased it with her tongue and then began taking as much of my shaft into her mouth as she could. I could feel the back of her throat as she took me in to her mouth. It was warm and very wet and I was getting quite excited. Without a word, she raised her head and began licking the shaft with her tongue. Then she began licking my balls…they were tense with the expectation of total release as she ran her tongue over both, teasing each with little licks. Then my cock was back in her mouth and she began sucking as she took me in and out of her warm mouth, much the same as I would have done had I been inside her vagina. That unmistakable tension was mounting and I could feel an orgasm was imminent. I hadn’t had sex for some time and I knew it was going to be a gusher. I said:
“Annie, I’m going to cum any second now, I mean if you don’t want me to come in your mouth….”:
“Mike, shhhh, please, you’re breaking my rhythm.”

About a minute later I feel the contractions as my penis began its orgasmic physiological reaction to her superb stimulation. I gasped as I began to ejaculate into her mouth. She kept her s+++e up and the waves just kept coming and throbbing….finally I couldn’t stand the pleasure-pain any more.
“Annie, please?”

I could see that her eyes were closed. She opened them and let my penis slide out of her mouth. She licked her lips and I could tell she had swallowed my semen.

“I could tell you enjoyed that, Mike, I love doing that to you. C’mon, get up and come with me.”
I got up slowly, my erection had hardly subsided and I was still internally throbbing with the pleasure of a superb orgasm that had just taken place. She let me out of that magnificent salon and we were going down a narrow hall, I supposed to one of the bedrooms, oh pardon me, staterooms. We went into one, it must have been the master suite and we walked through to a bathroom as large as any in a regular house. She turned the water on in this locker room size shower and we waited a few minutes until the steam was beginning to rise.
“I’m so horny now, Mike, can you help me?”

I stepped in after her and her arms were immediately around my neck kissing me. I pulled her close and I could feel her stiff nipples against my chest. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her closer to me. This doesn’t normally happen to me, but I was definitely getting another full erection. We were close…she could feel me stiffen and took my member in her hand and moved closer to me. She began rubbing the head against her clit…well I wasn’t looking down, but it was warm and slippery and each time she slid my organ between her legs she gasped. Finally, she said
“Mike, I’m going to climax, I want you inside me.”

I lifted her up and she eased my erection into her vagina, wrapping one leg around me and pushing me inside her all the way. I used my hands underneath her but to move her up and down against the base of my penis until I heard her begin to almost cry as she began climaxing. It seemed as though she throbbed for several minutes and I could feel the very pleasurable contractions of her vaginal muscles on my penis. I knew in a second that I was coming again and pulled her tightly against me as I released more of my hot juice inside of her.


We let our genitals spasm together for what seemed like hours. I could have stayed there another hour feeling myself inside her. My erection was not subsiding and I do believe we could have spent the rest of the afternoon joined in that steamy shower. I had also figured out that I did indeed know Ann Mc Allister from a different place and a different time, but that’s another story, no not just a story, stories, wow! :eek:

18-06-2005, 01:18 PM
The Sex Technique Institute

Gina and I had come up with the idea last summer and we spent the entire winter working out the details and in a few short days, the first session of our Sexual Techniques Institute would begin. The weather was perfect so many of the sessions would be held outside. We had purchased a hundred acres out in the country and with the help of several friends erected the beginnings of a lodge we hoped to develop into plush accommodations for the participants in our program over the next months and years. There was a lot of work to be done, but our first “class” would at least be able to enjoy the beautiful countryside location in a place where the climate was as near to perfect as you could get.

What our institute was going to do was teach people how to have really good sex. At the beginning we decided to accept ten members of each sex for the two week session. We interviewed each of the applications we received (we got over 120 for the twenty spots we would have in the first session). The interview consisted of a several step procedure designed by Gina and me to insure that everyone would get the biggest bang for their buck, no pun intended. There was a psychological test administered by a licensed psychologist. Then there was a review of each applicant’s application answers with the applicant, in person. Finally, there was a second interview with either myself or Gina depending on whether the applicant was male or female. This part of the interview was conducted with the applicant completely naked. If the applicant was a woman, I would be the interviewer. If the applicant were a man, Gina would be the interviewer. Before the person entered the room for this final “interview” he or she would be instructed to remove all clothing. One of our assistants would then usher the applicant into the interview room and either I or Gina would be sitting in a reclining chair, tilted back. Let me give you an example of one of the interviews I conducted with a young woman named Melanie that we ultimately accepted for the first session. I readied myself for the interview by removing all my clothing and stimulating myself until I was fully erect. To let you know what I look like: I am about 5”11, 170 lbs. I try to work out a few times a week. Fully erect, my penis is seven inches long and six inches around. I know because this was part of our “self-assessment.” I’m not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but I can effectively use my equipment with the right partner. Anyway, I was sitting there stroking myself when the assistant led a completely naked Melissa into the interview room. I stood (and of course this accentuated the now very positive aspects of my body) and said “Melissa, I’m Jack and I’d like to welcome you to STI.”

Before I continue, let me say, Melissa was very attractive. She was (according to the information provided by her) 5’4” tall and weighed 117 lbs. She had blond hair. She did have blond hair and she had blond pubic hair as well, Her breasts were ample, by my estimation 36C, with perfect nipples that were somewhat aroused (a good sign in a place like this).

“I’m happy to meet you, Jack.”
She took my erect penis in her hand and stroked it saying “Glad to meet you too!”

“As you know, Melissa, the purpose of this Institute is to assist our clients in having the best sex they can. Not just today, but everyday of the rest of their lives. We are also confident that our clients will be able teach what they learn here to others.”

I invited Melissa to have a seat, which she did. When she sat down she kept her legs apart and I could see that small drops were forming at the bottom of her vaginal opening (another good sign). As I questioned Melissa about her sexual interests I kept stroking my erection, careful not to stimulate myself to the point of orgasm. I was going to advise Melissa that she should feel free to touch herself in anyway she wanted as we talked because the more information I could glean from both our conversation and from my observation of her, the better chances she had for admission.

“Jack, do you mind if I move much closer to you. I would like to examine your penis closely, it helps me learn something about the man I’m talking to.”
I motioned her to move closer and she actually kneeled on the floor between my legs and took my penis in her hands quite gently. “Jack, you have a moderately large penis, I would guess you are about 7?”

I told her I was about a half inch longer than that by my own measurement. I let her continue with her examination. She circled her finger around the head of my cock, feeling the ridge which was now quite engorged. She then formed a circle with her thumb and index finger and encircled my organ. She ran the circle up and down my shaft.

“I think about 6 in diameter? Is that about right, Jack?”
“Very good, Melissa.”

She took my balls in her fingers, cupping them both with her right hand. She could never know this in advance, but this is one of the things that can quickly bring an orgasm for me. I gasped reflexively, not in pain but in complete pleasure.

“You know, Jack, one of the things I learned early on is that there are as many nerve pleasure centers in a man’s scrotum and balls as in his penis and I can see this is definitely true with you.”
“Unhuh.” is all I could manage.

Without saying anything else, Melissa brought her face closer to my organ. She could see there was some pre-cum oozing out of the hole at the tip. She ran her tongue across, licking it off.

“Slightly salty taste, I like that. I like it when men dribble, it’s just sexy.”

She then proceeding to take me into her mouth and then as she began drawing me out she sucked on me and the sensation was amazing. She stood up then and began to sit down.

“Melissa, are you a virgin?”

She responded that she was not, but that she was very tight. She also volunteered that she regularly exercised to strengthen her vaginal muscles. She stood again and walked toward me. She took my hand and brought it to her velvety pussy and I began feeling the soft pubic hair which was now becoming damp and fragrant. She bent down and lowered the arms to the reclining chair I was sitting in.

“I would like to demonstrate to you Jack just what I have and what I can offer the Institute.”

She straddled me and as she lowered herself on top of me, guided my erection into her vagina. She was very well lubricated and she moved easily to accommodate my entire organ inside her. I took her hips and moved her up and down over my erection and asked her if she would mind if I sucked on her nipples. All she did was nod so I held her left breast gently and brought the nipple to my mouth. I let my tongue caress it to full erection and then I did the same with her right breast. I could hear her breath more heavily.

“Jack, how could you have known that kissing my nipples sends jolts of energy right between my legs?”

I didn’t know, but I could have guessed. She lifted herself off of me and knelt again between my legs. She took my cock in her mouth again and this time sucked until I began to climax. She slid me out of her mouth so that I could watch as my cum squirted into her mouth. Before my cock stopped throbbing she had me again in her mouth and then began licking the entire organ. I could see a small drop of cum at the corner of her mouth. Melissa then sat on my lap sideways so I could massage the area between her wet pussy lips. I did this for only a few moments when I could tell she was climaxing.
We relaxed for a moment and I asked her if she had any other questions about the Institute.

“Well, what kinds of things will we be doing?”
“I don’t want to spoil it for you, Melissa. Half the fun is in the surprise but I will tell you that the session begins in two weeks and I want to welcome you to the first class.”

She smiled, turned and walked out with the assistant to get dressed.
Later that day I told Gina about her and that I had accepted her on the spot. Gina told me about one of the men she had interviewed and said that she thought he would be an excellent partner for Melissa, especially when we got to the Sex Playground part of the program. She told me his name was Peter.
Well, I think you have a feel for what might be happening at the STI in the weeks ahead. I think you see what kind of applicants might be successful as well. Make Sure you get you application in as soon as possible! :D

18-06-2005, 01:20 PM
The New Babysitter

It was a Friday night which means that the Jacksons would want to go out to eat by themselves, but their longtime babysitter had moved away. Desperately they called their friends daughter Sarah who was 17 years old had the night free so she agreed to come over and watch their eight year old daughter for the night. When she arrived at the Jacksons the two of them were had their coats on and about to leave.

“Jenna is asleep and you shouldn’t have any problems with her.” Mrs. Jackson told Sarah.
“Ok. I’m sure I’ll be fine.”
“Oh, and Brian our 16 year old son is next door if you need anything.”
“I should be fine.”

With that Mrs. Jackson and her husband drove off. Sarah shut the door, went into the family room, and turned on the tv. It was ten-thirty when she realized that they got HBO. When she turned to HBO there was a softcore show on. Normally she wasn’t interested in this stuff but there was something about the house that excited her so she left the show on. Soon she found her hand move down between her legs where it was already a little moist.
Next door Brian decided to come home early because his friend Jake had work to do. He had forgotten that his parents had left for the night and was confused when the only light on was the family room light. He decided to take a quick peek and he saw a hot blond girl sitting on their couch watching nude women on tv. The window was position right behind the couch so he could see down her small tight shirt that had to hold her D-cup breasts from popping out. His cock started to get hard as he saw her hand down her shorts. When he realized how long he had been starring at the babysitter masturbate on their couch he walked inside.

He heard Sarah jump up to change the channel but forgot about her hand and he noticed that her hand was soaked with vaginal juices.

“Hi, I’m Sarah.” She stood awkwardly, “You must be Brian.”
“I’m babysitting your sister.”
“Ohh, ok. I came home a little early from next door. Do you want some company?”
“Sure.” Brian walked into the hall to hang his coat up and returned. As he was about to sit down next to her he motion to the opposite corner.
“Do you want to play a game?”
“Ok.” As Sarah got up to get a game she noticed a bulge in Brian’s pants and she got an idea. On the floor along the wall were a pile of games and she stood on the other side of them so she was facing toward Brian and bent down. Brian couldn’t help but stare down her shirt and at her gorgeous breasts. Then she looked up.

“How about cards?”, she asked and a smile appeared on her face when she caught his stare.
“That’s fine.” he barely managed to say. They sat on the floor on opposite sides of the coffee table and started to play gin rummy. After a few minutes he noticed her play with her hair, run her hand across her breasts and even lean over more to give Brian a better view. Now with a semi-erect penis he went out on a limb.
“Mind if I change the channel?” She shook her head. Brian changed it to 77 and entered in a parental password. Sarah realized that he had put it on the Playboy channel and was unbelievably horny now. She paused for a brief few seconds and grabbed all the cards.

“Lets play another game.” She said.
“Like what?”
“Strip poker.” Brian quickly agreed and she dealt the cards. After the hand he won with three kings.
“Well I guess I need to lose some clothes.” She stood up and gave him a look that could only mean one thing, she was horny. Sarah started working her small blue shorts down revealing the top of her underwear, turned around, bent over, and pulled her shorts all the way down. She was wearing a pink thong. Brian had to adjust himself because of his hardening dick. They played another hand and this time he lost.

“Looks like you’ll have to wait to see my chest.” She said with a smile. He jumped up and took off his shirt showing her his flat abs and big biceps. Sarah found her hand under her thong again. They played another hand and this time she lost.

“Strip girl.” he commanded. Sarah pulled her tight shirt over her head and the two large firm breasts bounced out along with hard nipples. She fondled her boobs for him which he enjoyed greatly. They were large enough that she was able to lick her nipples. They quickly got off another hand and he lost.
“Lets see your underwear.” He had some trouble pulling his pants down past his hard cock. When he was done she saw his boxers were acting like a tall tent because of his hard on. She licked her lips. Again they quickly got another hand off and she lost. She pulled off her thong and quickly replaced it with her hand. Then she grabbed a chair and spread her legs so he could see her extremely wet pink pussy. Then they he purposely lost the next hand. His 9 inch cock sprung out and Sarah started to orgasm a little as he started stroking it.

“I have a new game to play.” she said. And she crawled across the table and grabbed his cock with one hand she started to stroke it . He told her to put it in her mouth. Sarah not only took in her mouth but she swallowed the whole nine inches right off the bat. This turned him on so much he grabbed the back of her head and pushed it back and forth. This was the best blowjob he had ever gotten. He reached with his hand to her pussy and started rubbing it. Her free hand met his at her wet pussy and she made him stick his fingers in it and rub her clit. He made her place her hands on his ass so she was gobbling up his entire cock with her mouth.

“Ooh yes bitch.” he said. “You’re the best cocksucker ever!” Sarah was turned on by him thrusting his hips in her throat. He pulled it out of her mouth went he was about to cum. Now he eyed the huge breasts. Brian lowered himself and started sucking her tits while finger her clit. The hard nipples felt good on his inexperienced tongue.

“Fuck my tits.” She begged. He laid her on the coffee table and straddled her so he could slide his prick between her tits. Every time he pushed it in her tongue was there to greet the head. Not that this wasn’t fun for Brian its just that he wanted more.

“I wanna fuck your pussy.” Sarah moved onto the couch and went into doggy position and Brian went behind her. Slowly his cock went into her pussy causing her to moan fairly loud. He grabbed her shoulders and sped up his pumping. And she got louder with her moans to the point where she was screaming and gasping. Then he saw Jenna, who was apparently woken up by her inability to hide her pleasure, standing at the door watching. Brian was too far into screwing the babysitter to mind her. When her panting died down a little he pulled out, laid down and she climbed on top of his long wet cock. Sarah pushed herself up and down hard making her orgasm quickly. She screamed loudly, her bouncing breasts were glistening with sweat, and her hair was flailing about. He was knew he was going to cum soon but he had always wanted to cum in her mouth and on those great breasts.

He quickly repositioned her so she was sitting and he had to work a little to get his cock in and out of her vagina. He pulled it out, raised his cock to her mouth and pumped. Her body was still convulsing from her enormous orgasm as he shot cum all over her face and those boobs of hers. He had never shot out a load that big ever. Sarah ignored the hot sticky cum and sucked everything out of Brian’s dick. Brian then looked up to his confused little sister and Sarah turned to Jenna completely covered in cum and Brian’s cock in her mouth. She wiped the cum with her hands and ate all of his juices. In fear that his parents would be home soon Brian cleaned up the wet couch while Sarah grabbed Jenna still naked and wet to her room and told her not to mention it again. They then fondled each other for the next hour and she gave him another blowjob. :eek: :D

18-06-2005, 01:21 PM
My faithful girlfriend

I've been dating Sara for two years already, and my trust in her was and is very strong. We're both 23, living in Florida, but not together. Sara is beautiful, 5'8", 145 pounds, brown hair and green eyes. She has bouncing, C-cup breasts, and by choice, leaves her vagina unshaven. It took some getting used to at first, but the sight of her dark bush gets me rock hard. For some reason, whenever I get the chance, I rub my hands all in her thick bush. The sight of her vagina lips nestled between her legs, with curly hair protruding all around is mesmerizing. Before I met her, I felt the lesser the hair, the better. About me, I am 6'4" 220 pounds, brown hair and eyes, and, well, I have no complaints about what I keep in my shorts.

I got a call from an old friend of mine, wanting me to come up and see him. I decided it would be good to see the guy and get out of town for the weekend. Let it be known, there are no problems in the relationship, but I wanted to hang out with the guys, alone...which is what she wanted, too. Sara was fine with my decision, we said our good-byes, and I went on my way.

Sunday night rolled around, I made it home, and Sara came over to give me a welcome home. Before she changed into something "more comfortable" she told me she had something to say. I told her she should get changes first because I won't listen. She came out of the bathroom wearing her black slik robe, and I new she was completely nude underneath. Sara told me she got in contact with four of her old college friends, three guys and one girl. She never dated the guys, never dabbled in lesbianism, but I remember she once told me she had a thing for one of the guys who came over, Brad.

Sara began to tell me the night consisted of them drinking and playing cards. After awhile, everyone's inhibitions were lowered and someone, she can't remember who, suggested strip poker is in order. Everyone agreed, but the rules were, someone of the opposite sex removes your clothes. I asked what she wore that night, and she told me "the usual" which was tight jeans, T-shirt, and of course, a thong. Sara was seated at the table, with Brad next to her, Tony and Becky across from them, and Freddie adjacent to Becky.

As she was telling me this, I could feel my blood boiling and my heart racing, but rather interested in the outcome. After losing a couple of hands, Brad had removed Sara's shirt and jeans, leaving her in her bra and thong. Sara told me she had taken all of Brad's clothes off, except for his boxers. She then lost the next hand, and she then stood up while Brad got behind her, and removed her bra, exposing her bouncing breasts. She said the guys hooted and hollered, and she giggled with embarrassment.

I asked if Brad was hard, and she said she wasn't looking. Then on the next hand, Sara lost again. She then stood up, but turned her back to everyone, while Brad got in front of her. Brad asked if she was ready, and Sara told him to go for it. Brad put his fingers in the tiny waistband and removed her thong, exposing her naked buttocks to the group. Brad knelt down to help her out of the thong, meaning his face was at level with her pubic area. She said he took one look at her hairy vagina, and up at her, giving her a wink. Sara then turned around, giving the group a perfect, full-frontal nude view of her body. She sat down after the cheering ended, and this time she said she noticed Brad may have been getting an erection.

My heart was pounding at this revelation. More importantly, and as a surprise to me, I was getting hard, but wanted to hear it all. A few hands later, Brad lost, and it was Sara's turn to take his boxers off. Brad stood with his back to the group and my fully naked girlfriend took off his boxers. She said his penis was erect, and it was about 8 inches. As she stood up, his erect cock protruded into her thick pubic hair, but she did not back away, nor did he. Brad turned around, and said the only reason he's hard is because of Sara. She told me she blushed at this comment, but didn't take it too seriously.

Before they knew it the game was over, but only Brad and Sara were completely naked. After some time, and clothes back on, everyone crashed throughout her house. Still drunk and in need of a shower, Sara went into her bathroom and started the water. As she stepped in, she heard the door open, and it was Brad, but he had no clothes on. Without a word, he entered the shower with her. She said he began to soap her back and neck, and down to her ass. By now I'm insanely jealous, but completely horny.

Sara then placed her arms on the walls to brace for whatever was planned. Brad began to soap her breasts and down to her pubic hair. She said she felt his erect penis nudged between her ass cheeks and she reached around and began to jerk him off. She said she then perched one of her legs on the tub and Brad inserted his soapy middle finger. She said not three minutes after, Brad came all over her back. He then got on his knees, spread her cheeks and licked her vagina until she squirted all over his face. Sara said Brad came again when she did that. Sara said they finished the shower and went to bed, separately.
I was speechless. Not only did she screw around with another guy, she broke my trust. Not knowing why, I had to have her now. We must have fucked for five hours that night. I'm still debating to go out of town again. :confused: :p

18-06-2005, 01:24 PM
The Cum Factory - Part 1

It had all begun quite innocently when Jim phoned in response to the ad he heard each morning when he called the “Weather Line” on his home phone. It announced that healthy, non-smoking males and females could earn up to five thousand dollars assisting with some medical research at a local medical research facility. Mike called and talked to a receptionist who didn’t tell him much but asked him some general health questions and then some personal questions about his sex life which he found sort of embarrassing. Anyway, he made an appointment for a personal interview and was told that he would learn more about the research at the completion of the interview.

On the day of the interview Jim showed up at the Regional Center for Human Medical Research and was shown to a small office. In a few moments a young woman with shoulder length auburn hair and dressed in a white lab coat entered the room and introduced herself as Dr. Julie Thompson. She had a file with her and Jim guessed it was his own “file” which couldn’t consist of much ore at this point than his answers to the questions that had been asked of him on the phone.
“Jim, tell me, when you ejaculate, how far does the stream shoot? Ten feet? More? Less?”

Jim could feel his face redden. He was sort of shocked at this first question, but then he felt that he had no right to since he had called them without knowing what was coming next.

“Well, most of the time I ejaculate, it’s inside some woman’s vagina” he answered innocently enough.
“Well, certainly, but if you’re like most men, you masturbate, don’t you?”
“Ahh, well, yeah, sure, sure I do,” answered Jim.
“Okay,” Julie continued, “Let’s go back a step. How often do you masturbate?”
“I guess two or three times a week” responded Jim.
“And when you do masturbate, are you usually sitting down, laying down, what position?”
“I am normally laying on my back.”
“When you climax and ejaculate, how far does the stream of ejaculate go? Ten feet up, five feet, less, or does it just dribble out of your penis?”
“If I had to guess, I would say about three feet.”
“Normally,” Julie continued, “A man will release about seven to ten milliliters of semen out of his penis, that is about a teaspoon full. Would you say you squirt this much, more, less?” Julie queried.

“I honestly don’t know,” said Jim.
“Well, don’t worry about it. During the next three day we will find out a lot about your semen production and how much you ejaculate and much more about your sexuality than you probably ever knew.”
“Three days? Will I be staying here, or do I go home at night?”
“You will be staying with us the entire time. Don’t worry, you will be well compensated. We have to find out what happens at different times of the day and night.”
“Oh” was all Jim could muster. “Well, Okay, it sounds interesting, anyway.”
“Jim, you are going to enjoy this. I can assure you there will be nothing painful, only pleasure. All the doctors and staff that will be assisting you are women, very beautiful women.”

Just as Julie had finished, another woman in a lab coat entered the room and introduced herself as Pam. She told Jim she was going to take him to his room and give him some general instructions and information about what he might be expecting the next three days. Jim followed her down a corridor and then into another. She slid a plastic “key” into the knob on the door and led Jim into a very luxuriously furnished suite. There was a living area, kitchen, wet bar, bathroom, two bedrooms and sort of an “examining” room as he had experienced in many doctor’s offices. Pam explained that this was for his comfort and experience. She then told him that what they would be doing over the next several days is testing an herbal extract that was supposed to make males produce a greater amount of semen. In addition, the personnel at the Center would be using various techniques to stimulate his testicles and others to strengthen certain muscles in his abdomen that are involved in the ejaculatory process.

“Hopefully, after a few days, when you ejaculate, you will be able to shoot across the room, and the amount you shoot will exceed the norm by many hundreds of times. In other words, Jim, your load will be considerable and will be transported out of your penis with much greater force. I am going to ask that you begin taking the herbal supplement right now.”

Pam handed Jim a small vial of clear liquid and told him to put it in an eight ounce glass of water. She told him it had no taste, so not to worry about that. She said that in about a half hour or so he might begin to experience sexual feelings and in fact, the substance may cause him to have a spontaneous erection. She advised him not to masturbate though and assured him that nothing that he was taking would cause him to climax if he didn’t want to. She told him a technician would be in to see him in about an hour and a half or so.

Pam left the room and Jim went into the kitchen and got a glass, mixed the contents of the small vial with 8 ounces of water and drank it. She was right, it had no taste at all. She was also right about the other thing. In about a half hour he felt very amorous and could feel an erection beginning. He tried not to think about it, but, it kept growing. Fortunately, very shortly after he was fully erect there was a knock at the door and he opened it to see yet another beautiful “technician.”
“Hi, Jim. I’m Andrea and I’m going to be doing some initial testing. You took the herbal extract that Pam left with you, right?”
“Yeah, and I have to admit she was right. I have an erection that’s really beginning to bother me.”
“Excellent, Jim, this is really good. Let’s go into your private examining room. “

Jim followed Andrea into the small room.

“I am going to ask that you take all your clothing off, Jim and have a seat on the table.”
Jim did as he was told. He sat on the edge of what appeared to be a normal examining table.
“I want you to lay back and get comfortable” Andrea said.

Jim laid back and put his hands under his head, trying to relax. He felt a bit embarrassed as he was laying there his seven and a half inch erection was so obvious, at least he thought it was. Andrea said nothing. She brought over a device that looked like some sort of mesh measuring thing and slid it over his penis, making certain adjustments so that it fit snugly and accommodated his entire erect penis comfortably.

“Jim, your erection is very good. You are about seven and seven-eights inches long and about six and a half inches in girth. You have a very nice size penis. “
She removed the device and felt every inch of his organ beginning with the head. She ran her fingers around in a very clinical fashion and then began feeling up and down the shaft, paying particular attention to the underside of his cock. Her hands then moved to his nuts and she began a digital examination of each testicle. Then she took another tool off her tray. This one resembled a micrometer. She used the calipers to measure the size of each of his gonads. This was beginning to feel a little too good for his own comfort, but he didn’t know how he was supposed to act.

“Jim, I know what I am doing is stimulating you sexually, but we need the information. When I am done I will make sure your condition is relieved.”
She then began feeling behind his scrotum and palpitating the muscles.
“Jim, I want you to stand up, I want to feel your prostate gland.”

Jim stood, facing away from Andrea. He could hear the rubber glove snap as she put it over her hand. She then spread his cheeks and shoved two fingers up his ass. He could feel her manipulating his prostate and for a minute he though the sensation was going to bring him to orgasm. He heard another snap and knew that part of the exam was over.

“Ok, Jim, back on the table, on your back, please. I’m going to bring you to orgasm now, so just relax and enjoy it as you would any other sexual climax.”
Andrea opened the drawer and extracted a bottle of KY Silky lubricant and put some on one of her hands. She began with the head of his penis and then rubbed the slippery, odorless liquid over his entire shaft. The liquid had much the same feel as the juices that a woman produces and discharges from her vagina during sexual arousal.

“When you feel like your going to cum, Jim, please give me a moment or two advance warning, I want to collect your semen so I can see how much you shoot out during a normal ejaculation. Remember, you’re just starting the herbal supplement.”
Andrea continued massaging Jim’s erection. She could feel it expand as it contracted and was thinking that it was a damn fine penis and that she would mind feeling it inside her vagina. Damn, whenever she did this part of an examination, she always found that she became aroused and wet.

“Andrea, I’m very close” Jim said, barely audible.
“OK, thanks.”

She stopped her manual stimulation only a moment, long enough to recover a small receptacle from the shelf. She held it in one hand while she continued manipulating Jim’s cock. Soon he began panting and it was apparent he was having an orgasm. He tried to watch as his penis began shooting his white semen into the small bottle. It felt like it was coming out faster and harder, it almost hurt, but damn, it felt good. It seemed like an awful lot of cum was shooting out of his penis.

“Wow, Jim, this little bottle is almost full. From the notes I have, this is quite a bit more than you normally produce. I will evaluate this. You just relax a few minutes and let your arousal subside. We still have some tests to run, but don’t worry, you will be able to have another erection very soon. I also want you to take the tablets I’m leaving on the table over there. Just take them with a glass of water.” to be contd

18-06-2005, 01:25 PM
The Cum Factory - Part 2

Jim waited about ten minutes for his penis to return to a flaccid state. Well, it never got totally limp and remained about three inches long, very little “shrinkage.” He grabbed the two little white pills, put on the short hospital type robe they left him and went into his kitchen to get some water. He took the pills and went into the living area to turn on the television. In about fifteen minutes, he was getting very drowsy so he went back into the bedroom to lay down and watch the tube in there. He laid down on the bed and flipped the T.V. on with the remote that had been conveniently left on the night stand. About the last thing Jim remembered as he drifted off was how relaxed and comfortable he felt.

Andrea had been monitoring Jim by way of a closed circuit television camera. She noted he was sleeping and called Pam and Julie to advise them. Andrea was designated as the lead and she took two technicians and went to Jim’s suite. The three entered to find Jim comfortably asleep with his television on.
“Well, let’s see how he’s doing, sexually,” Andrea said.

Without another word, the two techs, Jane and Hillary, went over to Jim and opened the robe he was wearing to find that Jim was sustaining an incredible erection.

“I’ll measure” Jane said and took out the same sort of device that Andrea had used previously.
“Wow, looks like our herbal treatment is working,” Jane said. “He is now eight and a half inches long and seven inches around.”
Hillary wheeled in a small cart and began examining Jim’s balls. She was attaching two electrodes to his testicles as Jane and Andrea began stretching a thin, tarp-like cloth over the bed so that it was about six feet above Jim’s body. Andrea explained that this was so that when they ejaculated Jim they could see how strong his shot was.

“After he comes, we will have to collect as much of his semen as we can so we can see how much his semen production has increased and then count sperm to see what the production side is,” Andrea announced.

Without further ado, Jane activated the electrodes on Jim’s balls and Hillary took out a bottle of KY silky and began massaging his engorged penis.
“He’s getting even bigger,” Hillary said as she continued to masturbate Jim.
“He’s at the point of climax, at least physiologically,” Hillary said. “Is everyone ready?”

At that moment, Jim began ejaculating and the women noted that his cum shot up to the cloth that had been extended and made taut by tying it to hooks which were on the walls at various intervals. After two minutes, his penis was still shooting forth a strong stream of semen which was now dripping down as the three women tried to harvest it as it dripped down.

“Even missing some of this cum,” Andrea said “I can see that his production has almost quadrupled from when I checked him a couple of hours ago. The size of his penis has increased considerably and I think later on tonight or maybe early tomorrow, we’ll be ready for the ‘range,’” Andrea finished.
The three women quickly cleaned up and cleaned Jim up, wiping all traces of semen that had dripped on his body from the cloth above. They also took care to clean his penis and balls after they removed the stimulators. The three left the suite quietly.

About an hour later, Jim woke. He thought that he must have drifted off and looked at the clock. It told him he had been asleep for about two and a half hours. He got up and took a shower, thinking to himself, that was one sexy dream he had. He was recalling that he dreamed that two, maybe three women had ravaged him and that he had the most incredible orgasm he ever had. He saw that he was becoming aroused, but remembering what he was told about masturbating, he turned his mind to other things. He finished his shower and went into the kitchen to see if there was anything in there to eat. Before he had time to look there was a knock at his door and two male attendants wheeled a cart in with a full steak dinner.

“Dr. Fullsome will be in shortly to talk with you about this evening’s procedures,” one of the attendants told Jim.
“Who’s Dr. Fullsome?” Jim asked.
“Oh, that’s Andrea,” the man said.

With that both attendants left the room and Jim sat down to eat. Damn, he was famished. With his food was a small vial of clear liquid with a note for him to mix this with eight ounces of water and drink. He did this, assuming it was more of the herbal stuff they were testing on him. He continued eating when he began having that sexual feeling between his legs again. He could feel his erection rising and at the same time heard another knock at his door.

“Come on in,” Jim announced.
Andrea came in and sat down in the chair across from the one Jim was sitting in.
“Jim, you are making incredible progress,” Andrea said.

She then went on to explain that they had done some measuring while Jim slept. She told him they weren’t sneaking around but had to be sure he was relaxed when they ejaculated him. She smiled when he told her he thought it was a dream, the best dream he had had in a long time. Andrea told him about his semen production, his penile growth and the distance he shot his load, even while laying down.

“Jim, I think you’re ready for what we call the ‘range.’” “This is a carefully controlled test where we actually bring you to a room much like a shooting range. You will be stimulated by one of our technicians and you will be able to watch how far you shoot when you climax. We, of course, will measure that distance and your semen will be collected at the other end. You will be attached to a vacuum tube that will assist us in collecting the semen.”

“When is this going to happen?”
“As soon as you finish your supper.”
...to be contd

18-06-2005, 01:26 PM
The Cum Factory - Epilogue

Jim was becoming aroused by the minute and Andrea, sensing this, called for an attendant so that they could bring Jim to the ‘range’ in a wheel chair, as his erection was now substantial. The attendants came and they were on their way. When they arrived at this room, Jim was told to stand up and the two attendants that had assisted Andrea while he was asleep, Jane and Hillary, were again present and began taking Jim’s robe off. By now he was getting used to this female attention and rather liking it. Hillary began measuring his penis and noted that he was 9” and 7 ½ in circumference. Jane had the KY and, after attaching the electrodes to his balls asked him to move forward to this glass plate. Jane administered the KY, rubbing it all over his penis and testicles and eased Jim forward telling to place his swollen member in the opening.

“This device will stimulate you to orgasm and allow you to shoot freely. We will be measuring both the distance and the amount of cum you shoot.”
Jim did as he was instructed and several second later he felt the pleasant sensation of this machine massaging his cock. He began breathing heavily as he felt further stimulation to his testicles and shortly began climaxing. This time the orgasm was so intense that Jim could hardly notice that his penis was shooting the ejaculate over twenty feet. The pleasurable feelings kept his cock pumping and he almost fainted from the pleasure. In fact, Hillary and Jane moved forward to hold him up as he continued to spurt. Even after he was finished, his erection didn’t subside. Jim sat down, feeling faint, but otherwise very well.

“Jim, remember me, I’m Dr. Julie Thompson, we met earlier today when you checked in. I don’t know if you noticed it or not, but you shot over twenty feet. And, look at this.” Julie held up a large bottle, which must have been a pint or so. “This is what you made during this part of the testing.”
Jim was flabbergasted. He was too spent to say much of anything. He just smiled.

“You will also notice,” Julie continued that as long as you are on the supplement, your penis will be much larger when it is aroused and will be longer in its flaccid state.”

“But, if I take this supplement, I will have a constant erection,” Jim was saying.
“Right now, yes, that happens, but as your body gets used to this herbal mix you will be able to control your erections much as you do right now. In other words, you won’t get hard unless you want to. Right now we are going to take you back to your suite so that you can rest.”

Hillary wheeled Jim back to his suite and left him at the door, bidding him good night. Jim entered feeling energized at this point. He noticed his robe was open and thought his penis was no longer erect, the size of it was incredible. Whereas before he had been maybe two and a half inches when he was soft, his cock was now maybe five inches. The head was bigger too. He smiled to himself. He thought he would watch T.V. in his bedroom awhile so headed back there. There was a small light on one of the bedside tables and he could see there was a woman in the bed.

“Jim, it’s me, Andrea, I’m here for a field trial.”
Andrea pulled back the blankets to reveal her naked body. Jim thought to himself how gorgeous she was. Large tits, god maybe 38 Cs or Ds. Her strawberry blond hair was evident around her pussy, neatly trimmed but copious. The labia were beginning to swell. Andrea was playing with her nipples, which were erect and large.
“Jim, I want you to fuck me. During the time I was examining you, I had to contain myself and maintain a clinical demeanor. Now I want to feel that massive piece of meat between my legs.”

Jim removed his robe and slid into bed next to Andrea. She faced him and kissed Jim softly on the lips and then put her arms around him inviting him to move closer to her. They began kissing more passionately and Jim could feel himself rising to the occasion. This wasn’t lost on Andrea as she reached down and took his organ in her hand and stroked it softly, playing with the head.”

“I would say your size has increased wonderfully, Fuck me with that monster.”
Jim was surprised but raised himself as Andrea opened her legs, spreading her lips with her fingers so Jim could insert his cock in her love hole. He put the tip in, and finding Andrea drenched slid it in as far as he could. He went slowly realizing her cunt was tight. He was also much bigger.

“Hey big boy, easy, I can feel the head of your cock pushing into my cervix.”
Jim began moving in and out of Andrea’s pussy and then slid his penis out of her and began massaging her swollen clit with the head of his cock. He could hear her breathing become heavier as his massage continued.

“I’m cummmming…..”
Jim inserted his penis into Andrea so that her clit rode its thickness. She climaxed violently. Jim felt he could go on forever. He withdrew after Andrea had calmed a bit and she rolled on top of him, guiding his stiffness into her sopping hole. She slowly lowered herself and leaned back. He could see himself going into her pussy and couldn’t believe how wide he had stretched her pussy opening. Her clit was still swollen and he massaged it gently with his fingers. Then Andrea leaned forward so that her tits were just touching Jim’s chest. She began moving up and down on his erection as he held her hips, as if controlling her movements. Then he as he began feeling the first spasms of his orgasm, Hillary and Jane entered the room, both naked, both incredible beautiful. As Andrea continued to fuck him he saw Hillary lay down and take his balls in her hand. As Andrea continued her cunt stroke Hillary was massaging his balls and Jane was stroking his cock as it came out of Andrea. He soon began cumming and like before, his orgasmic spasms lasted for what seemed like hours. He knew his orgasm lasted a full three minutes and his cock was still throbbing. Andrea looked wasted as she lay atop him. He realized she had another orgasm herself and so intense was his he hadn’t noticed. Hillary was licking his cum as it kept pouring out of Andrea’s pussy. Was this heaven, or what?
Andrea lifted herself off Jim’s still engorged penis.

“Jim, tomorrow is another day and the testing will continue. I hope you enjoyed your first day at the Cum Factory as much as we enjoyed making your cum.”
With that she was gone. Jim didn’t have the energy to get up and take a shower, but he noticed the glass of water and the little vial of clear liquid with a note for him not to forget his herbs. :D

19-06-2005, 01:32 PM
Holly in the Pool

I usually take my little brother to his swimming lesson and watch him for the half hour session but this week I saw something that made me do something different…

Once I had dropped off my 7 year-old brother with his swimming instructor, I made my way up to the balcony where I usually watch him. He swim’s in the ‘deep pool’ and then when he’s finished he swims for a bit in the ‘fun pool’! He likes the water flumes and the wave machine, so I let him enjoy himself for a but after his lesson. Today however I was jus watching the people in the ‘fun pool’ while my brother had his lesson, when I saw Holly sitting by herself in one of the jacuzzis! She was the most beautiful girl in collage. Long straight brown hair, perfect body large breasts. Mmmm!! Everything I was looking for, except she had a boyfriend. He happened to be one of my best mates. Holly had been one of my closest friends for a lond time. We were very competitive! She appeared to be alone still so I seized the opportunity! I pelted down the stairs and into the changing rooms. I found a vacant changing room and got into my swimming shorts. I was soon swimming as fast as I could towards the jacuzzi island at the far end of the pool. I was just about to slide in next to her when she saw me coming. She eyed me up and down (she had never seen me with my shirt off let alone soaking wet).

“Mark! What are you doing here?” She asked in a slightly shaky voice.
“Same as you! Is every thing ok? You look upset?”
“I’m fine, I just broke up with my Edd! No big deal!”
“You’ve been going out for months! What happened?” She looked at me, now sitting oppersite her in the bubbling tub. I was slightly taken back when she suddenly lunged falward and wrapped her (smooth, wet) arms around me. She looked down solemnly and sat on my lap. “Hey what’s up? You can tell me!”
“I told him I fancied another guy!” Slight pause. “I fancy you Mark!!” I knew she didn’t, she had to think about it too long, but I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like this! We looked at each other for a few seconds and then, painfully slowly, she lent falward to kiss me. God she tasted good! She cupped her lips around my mouth until she could slip her tongue in without anyone noticing. We made out for another 10 minuets until I felt her hand rubbing up and down on my stiff cock. In an instant she pulled off my trunks and gripped my knob in her soft hands, she began rubbing the head with her thumb but she didn’t stop kissing me! I untied her backinni and let her soft round breasts float on the water. She pushed herself away and floated on her back in front of me. Her bussem bobbed up and down on the water and the droplets of water on her flat stomach began to collect in her belly button. It was driving me wild. I felt her foot now, rubbing me under the water. She stroked my stomach and chest, and played her toes around my lips. I puled her towards me by her legs and pressed her groin to my body. I pulled off the dainty garment concealing what I had desired for so long. Her pussy was amazing! Bald, except for a thin line of hair at the top. I pushed 3 fingers inside her and kissed her belly. She moaned softly as I moved them in and out of her. I then used the other hand to rub her hard clit and she would duck her head under the water to scream out in pleasure! Without warning I thrust my erect dick into her tight ass. It hurt like hell but she was the one that screamed. I stopped rubbing her clit and put my hand over her mouth. Her muffled cry stopped and she began to lick her cum off my fingers. Each time I pushed my dick into her butt I felt her squirm and twist in the water. Her body was so perfect. She raised her arms above her head and held onto the other side of the tub. Water rolling down her arms and across her smooth arm pits. She moved up and down on my cock until she felt I was about to cum, then she through her arms around me and sat up to lick my face all over. I opened my mouth and her tongue flew in to fill it. She rubbed her belly against mine as hot cum rocketed out of me inside her. Once I was completely spent, Holly kissed me again before we found our things and headed for the flumes!

One of the three flumes was closed and had no water running down it. There was quite a que for the other two and the life guard had his back to us so he didn’t see us slip into the shoot. We crab walked down the tunnel until we could neither see the entrance or the exit. With out a word, I instinctively climbed onto holly and began kissing her franticly! Our hands rubbing and exploring each others bodies. I sat up after a while and lay holly on her back. The tubes dryness stopped her from slipping down. I placed a finger on her forehead and ran it down the length of her body. Across her lips, down her neck, between her firm tits, across her stomach and through her belly button. I slipped it into her wet panties, and pulled them off with one action. She opened her legs to reveal her dainty pink twat in full. Every few seconds a cold breeze would blow down the tunnel, making our nipples harder and tiny goose bumps to cover holly’s body. I kissed down one of her legs until I came face to face with her sweet pussy. I began to tease her by kissing the inside of her thigh, getting ever closer to her burning clit.
“Ohhh! Do me now Mark, I want you inside me” I then dabbed my hot tongue on her cunt lips, just tasting her cum. She couldn’t take any more! She pushed my head into her slippery crotch and I began licking at her pouting cunt as fast as I could. I slipped three finders inside her while I sucked at her erect clit and moved them in and out as fast as I could. She came in seconds, hot sweet girl cum rolling down the flume. We changed places so she could take care of my throbbing member.

Once she had rid me of my swimming shorts, she cupped my balls in her hand and fondled them as my cock was squeezed between her pert breasts. She began to jerk me off with her tits until she felt my balls tighten in her hand. Then she stopped what she was doing and stood up in the flume. I was on the edge of orgasm and the suspense was killing me!

“Oooh, goddam Holly! Don’t stop!” I was in desperation.
“What the matter” She said sarcastically “Mark begging for me now!?” This was evil, how would I get her back for this?! She could see my erection was failing so she straddled my face and bent down to finish me off. Her sweet cum was so hot. I was just about to clean off her drenched pussy with my tongue when I felt her mouth tighten around my dick. She sucked for all she was worth and just before I came I was able to force my whole fist inside her slit. It slipped in one massive push and she shut her eyes and screamed until her lungs ached! The screen echoed down the tunnel. My cock then splurged a huge quantity of spunk over her face. The sour taste of my cum of her lips turned the pain into pleasure and she licked my knob clean. As I removed my hand from her throbbing pussy she climaxed again, spraying her cum over my face. She then lay on top of me and licked her salty cum of my face while I kissed her neck.
“ANY ONE DOWN THERE?” An angry voice echoed down the flume. With out a word we quickly dressed and shot down the shoot as fast as we could.

A lot of swimmers gave us bad looks as we slid out of the dry tunnel. We hurried to the changing room. People mistook the sticky liquid covering Holly’s face for water as we ran past. Soon we were locked in the privacy of my changing cubical. I sat on the seat and watched the girl of my dreams wipe the jizz from her face and smear it on her tongue. She opened her mouth to show he the cum slide down her throat. She swallowed it down and noticed I had become aroused by this sick display. She stepped close to me and brushed her stomach past my face the beads of water running in lines across her smooth skin. She removed her top and proceeded to give me an intermit lap dance until I became fully erect. Her fresh tits bouncing in front of me were such a turn on! Harshly I grabbed her by the waist and began to tongue her belly button. She moaned in pleasure as my tongue scouted her body. Holly failed to notice me removing the string from my shorts. I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her passionately. Knocking my towel to the floor, I wrapped the string over the cloths hook and tied her hands above her head. She bent her knees and hung there for me beckoning…

“Oh Mark your so good! Do me here you naughty boy!” I clasped her exposed breasts in my hands and kissed and sucked her nipples. A little bite sent waves of pleasure rippling through her suspended body. I bent down and removed her wet panties. There was her flower once more I pressed my tongue against it and caught a drip of water, heated by her adrenaline pumped anatomy! I stood up to face her our eyes met. I then turned her head and licked her right ear as I plunged my cock inside her burning pussy. She moaned in ecstasy as I began licking all over her face as she had mine. I felt her legs wrap around my body and pushing me towards her. We fucked in this position solidly for half an hour or so when I pulled out and turned her round to face the wall. Then I crammed my nob into her grateful cunt once more and pushed two fingers up her arse. With my free hand I reached round her waist and found her hard clit. I circled it and rolled it between my fingers until we both orgasamed in unison! I clung to her loosely as my erection died down inside her. Our juices flowed down our legs. Holly unhooked herself and watched me, panting and exhausted, as she dressed. :D

19-06-2005, 01:35 PM
A Day at the Office - Part 1

I awoke before the alarm rang and rubbed my eyes, trying to see the time on the clock radio beside the bed. “Hummmm...ten to six”, I thought, “I guess I’ll get up now instead of waiting for the alarm.” It was a Friday so I figured I’d get to work a little early, eagerly anticipating the upcoming weekend. I also figured, the earlier I got in, the earlier I’d be out and relaxing with a drink or possibly lining up a date. Ever since my girlfriend Janice and I broke up a couple of months ago, I had been looking for a new love.

It was only after I was dressed and riding on the bus that I realized I had really misjudged the time; I wasn’t just ten minutes earlier than usual but an hour and ten minutes ahead of schedule. It had been ten to five, not ten to six... “What a schmuck!”, I thought to myself. On the other hand, getting into the office an hour earlier meant I’d be able to leave that much sooner...not so bad after all. Luckily, the security people in the lobby of my building were on hand early to let people in who often needed the extra hours to get work done.

As I got off the elevator and strode into the huge room filled with cubicles, desks, computers and other equipment, I noticed that I was not the only early bird that morning. Lorraine, the attractive girl in the cubicle next to mine was in already and busy at work. She was about thirty-five, the same age as me, a bit on the overweight side but very pretty; her dirty blonde hair was always styled loosely and kept slightly above shoulder length. As I passed her, I said, “Good morning”.

Lorraine looked up and smiled, returning my greeting. Although I hadn’t dated Lorraine yet, I was attracted to her; so far, however,our relationship had been strictly cordial although we sometimes flrted with each other. I paused by the doorway of her cubicle; as the girl looked back at her computer screen, I took notice of her outfit.

She wore a white, lacy top that was quite thin; I could see the fancy bra she had on through the sheer fabric. The bra was also quite sheer and I detected the darkness of her nipple through both layers of material as well. The top few buttons were opened and her cleavage allowed her tan skin and well-rounded breasts to show. Her rather short skirt would have probably ended just above her knees if she stood but, sitting now, it was hiked up far enough that I caught a glimpse of some beautiful, tanned thighs. Lorraine suddenly looked up and saw my eyes focused downward and she asked, “Did you come in early just to see me today, Daryl?”

I quickly raised my eyes and smiled although I was suddenly at a loss for words. Thinking fast, I replied, “Well, I always look forward to seeing you...it’s just that...”

Lorraine interrupted me, saying, “Look Daryl; I like you a lot. But you’ve never asked me out so I don’t know if you’re involved in a relationship or if you have any interest in me beyond our work here.”

“Well, I was living with someone for a couple of years but we split up about two months ago.” Lorraine began to sit back in her reclining desk chair, allowing her legs to part a bit more as I spoke. I stole a quick glance downward and could now see Lorraine’s white, lacy panties. Lorraine could see the bulge in my pants beginning to grow. “I’ll admit I am attracted to you; maybe we could get together after work”, I added.

“You know, Daryl, you’re a nice guy...good looking too. And I get good vibes from you...we might hit it off pretty well together”, she said, but added, “I must warn you, though, I’m a very horny girl. Are you the kind of guy that appreciates really intense sex?”

I was a bit shocked but smiled, about to reply to this very brash statement as Lorraine next lowered her head a bit and took the edge of her skirt and tugged it higher, lifting herself off the chair slightly at the same time. When the hem of her skirt was at the top of her thighs, she then spread her legs even further and inserted a finger from her left hand under the elastic by the crotch, and pulled the fabric aside, allowing me to fully see her shaved pussy. She then took her right hand and, with the thumb and index finger, proceeded to spread her cunt lips open so I could see the rich pink flesh inside. She now looked up, probably awaiting my next move.

I glanced around quickly to make sure no one else had come into the office yet and then walked close to Lorraine. I knelt down in front of her and placed my hands on her knees, saying, “I’ll tell you this: I do appreciate a beautiful pussy and yours is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen.” With that, I lowered my head and began to lick at Lorraine’s clit, now fully erect and pointing straight up at me. Lorraine sank lower into the chair and rested her head on the top of the chair’s back as I began to tongue her cunt.

Lorraine took my right hand off her knee and slowly brought it up to her breasts. As I fondled her ample globes, Lorraine unfastened the next few buttons on her blouse. I felt my way inside the material’s enlarged opening now and pulled her bra down, exposing both tits. As I took turns rolling her two nipples between my thumb and fingers, I paused briefly to admire the gaping cunt spread so inviting in front of me. I could now see Lorraine’s juices beginning to flow freely out her pussy and onto the material of her chair. Lorraine was breathing very hard by now and simply said, “Oh....don’t stop now...I’m getting really close.”

My cock had been hard for some time now and I could feel the wetness from my preejacuate coating the inside of my boxers. I began to massage her cunt again with my mouth and tongue but stopped long enough to say, “Lorraine, I’ve really got to feel your pussy around my cock...it’s so hard it’s going to split my pants”.

At that, I stood up and opened my belt and the top button on my slacks, lowering the zipper and pulling my cock out from the opening in my shorts. I didn’t dare get any more naked than that, for fear of a co-worker walking in on us. I suddenly stopped, the thought flashing through my brain that I didn’t have any rubbers with me... “Who expected this?”, I wondered. Lorraine sensed my concern and said, “It’s okay....I’m safe, lover”, as she pursed her lips and blew me a kiss.

I quickly glanced around and, not seeing anyone, proceeded to insert my cock head between the very juicy cunt lips that Lorraine now held wide open for me with both hands. I slid in slowly but fully and in a matter of seconds, was buried inside this very excited girl. “Oh, my God”, Lorraine said, “you’re so far inside me it feels like you’re in my throat”. I thought to myself, “Hummmm...maybe we can try that another time”. For now, I was enjoying the tightness of the girls cunt; her inner muscles were gripping me so tightly, I knew I’d be cumming very soon. As I pumped slowly back and forth, Lorraine began to emit a faint, high pitched squeal; I could feel my cock getting harder as each movement out–then back in–squeezed me ever closer to orgasm.

19-06-2005, 01:36 PM
A Day at the Office - Epilogue

Suddenly, Lorraine squealed louder and began rolling her head side to side, with her eyes closed, whispering, “Ohhhhh....I’m cumming, Daryl; please don’t stop. Do it faster, pleaseeee.”

I felt the girl’s muscles tighten even more around my cock as she began to cum. She attempted to raise her ass and greet my thrusts as her orgasm peaked but her movement was limited by her position in the chair. Even so, the added tightness from her cunt as she came sent me over the edge and I finally felt my load emptying inside her cunt; my semen splattering on the walls of her virgina. My movements in and out of her pussy remained deep but I was now moving so fast, the sweat of our bodies caused our skin coming together on each inward thrust to emit a plopping sound. Finally, I stopped moving but kept my cock deep inside her, savoring the fantastic feeling I had just experienced, as my prick slowly softened. Lorraine opened her eyes, saying, “Well, lover...I guess that answers my question”.

I lifted myself from Lorraine and watched as my cum seeped out of her cunt and onto the chair. Lorraine felt it oozing out and dipped two fingers inside, raising them to her mouth as my fluids dripped onto her chin. She parted her red lips and sucked the cum juice off her fingers as I watched, slowly putting my cock away. I zipped up my pants, tucked in my shirt and readjusted my belt as Lorraine beckoned me closer; I bent down and we exchanged a long, passionate kiss; our tongues probing deep inside each other’s mouths and I tasted the saltiness of my cum on her lips. Lorraine opened the top drawer of her desk, found a box of tissues, and proceeded to wipe the messy white juice from her chair and pussy. I said, “I think you’ll have to send that chair out to be dry cleaned”, as we both laughed.

It was then that I saw movement out of the corner of my right eye and turned my head to see Susan, another of my coworkers. She was sitting at another desk, about thirty feet away, watching us through the thick glass above the half paneled wall that separated her cubicle from another. She smiled at me and then lowered her head as if she was going back to work. I told Lorraine that I’d be back in a few minutes; I wanted to see how long Susan had been there. “How much did she see?” I wondered.

I walked over to Susan’s cubicle and stopped at the doorway opening. The petite brunette looked up at me and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t say a word”. I smiled and said, “Thanks”. But Susan slid away from her desk, raised her own skirt up to expose her panty-free crotch and added, “Besides, that was the greatest turn-on I’ve had in years...I came three times while watching you two.” Susan’s desk chair was also quite wet. My attention was drawn away from Susan’s hair-rimmed pussy, still dripping with her own secretions, as the elevator opened and a dozen more people arrived to begin their day of work. I walked back to assure Lorraine that everything was okay and told her, “I guess it pays to get up early sometimes, eh?” ;) :D

19-06-2005, 01:37 PM
Orgy in the Woods - Part 1

I couldn’t wait to leave town. It had been a really tough week and I was going through one of those “down” cycles where every minor setback seems like the end of the world. I decided late Thursday afternoon that I would leave early the next morning for my little cabin in the mountains. My family had owned it for years and recently it became my “responsibility” when my uncle passed away. It was located outside a small town in a wooded area nestled in the mountains. Well, mountains is maybe an exaggeration…these were more like big hills. No matter, the setting was rustic and the cabin well-built and quite comfortable. My favorite part was the big covered veranda that extended across the front of the cabin and on to its north side. I could walk out the front door, follow the path that led from the door and be lost in the wooded solace in minutes.

I planned to enjoy Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and return to the City that night to begin the grind again on Tuesday. For now, though, my occupation was going to be reading, walking in the silence of the trees, soaking in the hot tub and maybe drinking a little vino. The one thing about leaving for the four days is that I won’t see Julie, the woman I have worked with for over nine years. It’s just Julie and I. Over these years we have developed a real rapport with each other. It’s all platonic, but I just figure that can’t be helped. She’s married and I have never wanted to interject myself into that relationship. No, all I can do is dream about what it might be like to lay beside her and caress her and feel her ample breasts rubbing against my chest. We’ve joked about playing hooky from work and driving up here to have a picnic, but that’s about all. So, what do I do on the three hour drive to the cabin? I dream about Julie straddling me and making passionate love. I chuckle as I let the thought grow in my mind’s eye, heck, I even felt an erection beginning to grow. Well, I’m a realist and I accepted the thought for what it was: a fantasy. I arrived at the cabin about 10:00 a.m. on Friday morning and unpacked the car and stowed the supplies that I brought. It was a beautiful day, autumn cool and crisp although they kept saying that rain was possible. I put the thought of rain out of my mind and went out the front door to check out my woods and enjoy the beautiful day.

By the time I started to walk back to the cabin it was about 2 in the afternoon and the clouds were beginning to roll in. I was hoping I would make it back before the clouds opened up. Still, I walked at a leisurely pace trying to remember it was “relaxing” time not hurry up time. When I got to the clearing right before the walk up to the cabin began I stopped in my tracks. There was another vehicle parked in front and it looked familiar. I walked closer and recognized that it was Julie’s SUV. What the hell could she be doing here? As I walked up the path to the cabin, Julie’s face appeared in the doorway. She greeted me and said that the office was kind of lonely and since we had joked numerous times about sneaking away here for a picnic, she thought she would do that. I noticed a small overnight bag on the floor near the front door. She noticed me looking at it and said that she thought she would stay with me for the weekend since her husband, Tom, was on a fishing weekend with his brother and another friend. I was kind of shocked but I picked up her bag and brought it back to the guest room. I spent the next couple of hours showing her the area immediately surrounding the cabin and then told her I was tired and that I was going to shower and take a short nap before I lit the grill and cooked us some dinner. She said that was fine, she was going to do the same.

I was drifting into dreamland when I felt her sink onto the bed next to me. She was dressed only in a T shirt and some panties. At first I thought she was dreaming but I turned to face her. She moved closer to me and kissed me gently on my lips. This is something that never happened before with Julie, I mean what was happening. The next thing I knew, her arms were around my neck and her face right against mine. She began the kiss and it was as though I was paralyzed. I put my hands tentatively around her waist, feeling the bare skin on her lower back. Her mouth opened and, as if by reflex, I let my tongue enter her mouth We held this kiss for what seemed like a lifetime. I felt my hands going down, under the waist of her panties and as I did this, she lifted her left leg over my thigh. I felt the beginning of her crack and I felt myself becoming erect. She rolled to her back, never taking her leg away, so that my leg was now between her legs. Her T shirt had pulled up a bit, but from the way her hard nipples pushed through the shirt fabric, I knew she was free underneath. I leaned raised myself up on my elbow so I could look into her eyes, see her short blondish-red hair. ..to be contd

19-06-2005, 01:38 PM
Orgy in the Woods - Epilogue

I traced my finger around her lips and then kissed them again. She was breathing softly and her scent and the taste of her lips was completely arousing me. I pushed any thought of impropriety out of my mind. I didn’t have a shirt on and she was tracing her fingers around my nipples. This sent a tingle down my belly and I could feel myself rise. I ventured my hand under the T shirt and inched my way up to her tits. I had always tried not to stare at them, but so many times her nipples became erect and it rendered me helpless for awhile. Now, I was actually going to touch them and look at her breasts and taste them myself. As my hand went towards her breasts, she raised both hands, my signal to lift the shirt off. I lifted it off, making sure I brushed against those magnificent tits. When the shirt was off she moved against me and I could feel the stiff softness of her taut nipples against mine. I pulled her closer so that her still covered pussy was against my erection. She said nothing but was breathing more deeply. I moved from her lips, down her neck as I gently fondled her two nipple clad mounds. Finally, I circled the nipple on her left breast with my tongue, taking it into my mouth and gently biting it to experience its full flavor. I did the same to her right breast, then its nipple. I continued kissing them and then under them and finally I moved down her soft, flat belly to her secret place. Before I could place my hands under her panties, she stopped me and said “Brad, wait, I want to take your shorts off so that when you taste me you will be naked and I can feel your hardness against me.” Those were the first words she spoke since laying down beside me.

I moved back as she slid her hands inside and eased the shorts over my stiffness. She then returned to her supine position and allowed me to continue my journey to her pussy. I gently eased my hands under them and immediately felt the softness of her pubic hair. She lifted a bit so I could ease the panties over her ass and off. She kicked them off and she was totally naked. I continued to run my fingers through the soft, trimmed down around her vaginal lips. Dew was already forming on them and as I ran my fingers over her slit, so as not to disturb the puffy labia, I could feel her slippery moistness. I couldn’t wait any longer and eased my finger between them and at once felt almost a gush of juice against my fingers. I tasted the tip of my finger and then lowered my face between her legs and sipped her lubricants as I began my exploration of Julie’s private life. She was very wet and my fingers slid easily into her vagina. She was tight and I was getting more excited thinking about what it was going to be like fucking her with my cock. She spread her legs and I could see her now swollen love organ peeking out waiting for my tongue to caress it. As soon as the tip of my tongue touched her clit I could feel her tense and asked her if something was wrong. She didn’t speak but pushed her pussy up, my sign to continue massaging her clit with my tongue. As I did this I curled my fingers inside her vagina and I could feel a slight bulge a few inches inside her. I pressed gently and this was enough to begin sending her into the throes of her first orgasm. It was very intense, so much so that she began weeping softly and telling me she needed to kiss.

We began an embrace as she let her temporarily spent pussy rest on my leg, making it wet where they touched. I kissed her softly for a few minutes and she said “It’s time for you to come inside me, I have to have your penis in my vagina, please Brad, don’t wait.” She rolled on top of me, taking my erect member and easing it into the opening of her pussy. I could feel myself sliding into her warm abyss. She sat upright, driving me as deeply into her as I could, all the way to the hilt of my cock. “Brad, I like how you feel in me, I’ve wanted you there for a long time.” As I lay there I held her breasts, running my thumb over her nipples, just enjoying feeling her warm, arousing wetness around my cock. She leaned forward, then arched her back. I could feel a shock of pleasure as she began rotating her hips as she moved backwards then forwards. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last long. As she moved forward I grabbed her ass cheeks and drove myself further into her. I began meeting her movement with upward thrusts until I could stand it no longer and my penis erupted in violent orgasm shooting what felt like gallons of hot cum into Julie’s dripping pussy. As I was still climaxing I heard her gasp and stiffen as she experienced another very seismic eruption which, when it was over, left each of us spent for the moment.

“Julie, damn, I had no idea you were capable of giving such total, blinding sexual gratification!”
“Brad, my god, I’ve wanted to be with you and to have you fuck me for so long, god, I don’t think there’s going to be enough time to satisfy me totally during our stay here in the woods.”

Not a work was spoken of Tom and I wasn’t going to be the one to bring it up. As my penis softened, Julie rolled to the side, her pussy still oozing a combination of her own juices and the semen I had deposited inside her.

We got up off the bed. My legs were a bit wobbly and I have to admit my penis tingled inside like I hadn’t felt it tingle for a long time. I took Julie’s hand and led her to the bathroom and turned the jets on in the hot tub. We climbed in and I sat on the little ledge and positioned Julie so that she was between my legs facing the same way as I was. We let the jets of hot water mesmerize us. I couldn’t stop stroking Julie’s tits, feeling the nipples harden in response. We must have stayed there for three quarters of an hour before Julie got up and got out of the spa. She began toweling herself off and told me she was going to make some hot tea. I toweled off and went to the bedroom thinking I would find Julie dressing. I was wrong, she wasn’t dressed but standing in the kitchen brewing some tea. She was totally naked, her body still tingling from the hot water. Her nipples were fully erect and her pussy hair still damp from both the sex and the spa. :D

02-07-2005, 12:29 PM
Just Friends - Part 1

We were always friends. Even today if you asked me what our relationship was I’d tell you we were friends, just friends. Except for that one memorable moment the summer we turned 18…

Glendale is a small town, population less than 500. Everyone knew everyone else and we used to joke that the townspeople knew what you were going to do before you did it and if they didn’t, they’d make something up. We moved there when I was in the fourth grade. I grew up there and I loved it. My name is Katie. I’m a 5’8”, 145-pound brunette with a nice smile. I’m smart and I graduated at the top of my class, such as it was. I was valedictorian and my friends voted me most likely to succeed. Succeed at what I asked them? My classmates were my best friends and I loved them all. But, as with every group, there were some who stood out more than others. Jamie was one of those. He was a 6’2”, slender, blue eyed, blond with large hands and long fingers. You know what they say about long fingers!

Graduation was behind us with our entire lives stretching out before us that summer. I hadn’t seen most of my classmates since school ended. I was working fulltime at the café as a waitress and saving as much as I could for college in the fall. One day when things were really slow Jamie came in for a soda. He sat at the counter and we chatted while I filled the salt and pepper shakers. He played some songs on the jukebox and left me a one dollar tip for an 85 cent cola. The next day he came back with his best friend, Greg. Greg was also blond, but green eyed instead of blue. He was 6’4”, had a gorgeous body and a killer smile. The two of them could have had anyone they wanted and presumably did! They left me a substantial tip and that set the pattern for the summer. They would come in while it was slow, play some tunes, get something to drink, maybe a piece of pie, flirt a little and then leave.

Along about the middle of July, Greg left town for a week to visit family in Montana. Jamie’s job was outside and he was tanned a delightful shade of brown. He came in one day while Greg was gone and caught me looking at him. He played some songs on the jukebox and insisted I dance with him. I looked at his dark hands on mine as we danced and it sent a shiver up my spine. He held me close during the slow songs and come to think of it, they were all slow ones! We were friends, but that night I fantasized about being his lover.

He didn’t come in the next afternoon but that evening he accompanied his parents to the café for dinner. As I was serving them, he winked at me. I almost dropped his burger. His parents were discussing a trip they had planned for the next day. It was obvious they were going to be gone until late. When they got ready to leave, Jamie made an excuse to come back in as I was cleaning off their table. He came up behind me as I was bent over the table reaching for a glass. I heard a sound that might have been a moan behind me. I stood back up and spun around.

“Are you working tomorrow?” Jamie asked.

“No, I’m off tomorrow,” I answered.

Jamie tucked my tip into the pocket of the apron I wore over my uniform. “Come see me,” he winked and turned and sauntered off.

I stood there watching him, feeling the tingle where his hand had brushed against my lower stomach when he pushed the money into my pocket. I wasn’t sure what he meant but then again, if that was a moan I heard, maybe I was sure after all.

The next day dawned hot and sunny. It must have been 95 degrees out by the time I got up the nerve to see what he meant. Small towns have small town ideas. I knew we were inviting gossip if I drove to his house. So, since his house was only four miles up the road from ours, I decided to ride over. I saddled Princess, my buckskin mare, and took a bottle of ice water to drink. I left the small blanket tied to the back of the saddle in case I found a spot along the way where I wanted to stop. Going cross-country meant three gates to open and a low creek to get across but it would be worth it if I could avoid the curious stares of the people passing on the road.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to go all the way to his house. When I crossed onto their land, I saw a tractor with a figure on it in one of the fields. As I got closer, I saw it was Jamie and he was baling hay. I rode up close enough for him to see me and left Princess tied to a tree where she had grass to eat. She was munching happily as I took my ice water and started across the stretch of field between the tractor and me. I took a long swig of the water and one of the ice cubes spilled out into my mouth. It was a large piece and I left it in my mouth as I closed the bottle.

I watched Jamie step down off the tractor. He had his shirt off and I could see how shiny his skin was with the sweat running off him. He picked up his shirt and used it to wipe the sweat off his face. I’m sure he had his own water but as I stepped up to him, I handed him mine anyway. He took it and opened the bottle and began to drink. His head was tipped back and I could see his Adams apple move as he swallowed. I began to feel flushed and it wasn’t just the temperature of the day!

I took the ice cube out of my mouth and moved closer to him. I reached up and placed it against his neck just below his jaw. Jamie shivered but didn’t move away. I let it slip down his neck and Jamie’s eyes closed. He stood there with the bottle at his side while I ran the ice down his chest and circled one of his nipples with it. Before it could melt anymore, I slid it across to the other nipple and swirled it around that one as well. A trickle of melted ice ran down into the hair at his navel and I reached out and licked it off. Then I stepped back. Jamie continued to stand there waiting to see what I would do next.

I turned and headed for the trees. Even though I knew his parents were gone for the day, I still didn’t want anyone to see us. When Jamie realized I wasn’t going to do anything else and opened his eyes, he saw me walking away toward my horse. I untied the blanket from her saddle and turned back to Jamie. He was still standing where I left him. I motioned for him to follow me and I ducked into the trees.

By the time Jamie got to the trees, the blanket was spread and I was sitting cross-legged in the middle of it. My boots were off and I was just waiting for him. Jamie stepped onto the blanket and without saying a word he lifted each foot in turn and removed his own boots. Then he knelt down in front of me and pushed me back against the blanket. He followed me down and pressed his lips against mine. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven being in his arms.

One of his hands reached around and grabbed the braid hanging down my back. He used it to anchor my head in place and then his tongue was sliding against mine. He pressed himself against me and used my braid to hold my head against him as he rolled over so I lay on top of him. His tongue continued to rub and dance against mine and I could feel his growing erection against my thigh. I moaned when one of his hands moved down to cup my breast.

He rubbed his hand over it and I knew he could feel the nipple getting hard against his palm. I pulled my shoulder back to make it easier for him to touch me. He rolled us over again so he was on top. This time we ended up with both his legs in between mine. The hard bulge in his pants was pressed against the crotch of my jeans. He groaned and pressed himself harder against me. Then he pulled back and unsnapped the western shirt I wore. My bra was a front hook style so I expected him to unsnap it as well. Instead, he lowered his head and bit at the nipple he could see poking up through the smooth fabric. It felt wonderful. I was pressing up against him by the time he finally unfastened the hook.

When my breasts were finally free, he wasted no time in sucking one nipple. His mouth was so hot and wet I groaned at the feel of it. He continued to lick and suck on it and I could feel the wetness between my legs deepen. I was running my hands up and down his warm back by the time he pulled back.

He lifted himself up onto his knees and began licking his way down my stomach. When he reached my waistband he sat back on his heels. His hands reached down and unbuttoned his own jeans then mine. I could see the firm bulge of his long cock pressed against the fabric. He slid the zipper down on my jeans and pulled on the sides so they slid down my legs. I pulled each leg up in turn so he could slide the jeans off while he crouched between my legs. He hadn’t removed my panties.

He settled back between my legs and laid his hand against my mound. He pressed the heel of his hand hard against the top of my slit right above my clit. I couldn’t help pushing up against his hand. It just felt so good. He continued to rub his palm over me while his fingers pushed my panties in between my lips. I spread my legs wider apart and brought my hands down over my breasts. I wanted to touch him so bad but I couldn’t tell him to stop touching me.

Finally he bent down and placed his lips against my stomach. His tongue slipped under the waistband of my panties and then he grasped them in his teeth. I lifted my hips as he pulled my panties down with his teeth. When my pussy was finally uncovered, I settled back and lifted a leg so he could pull them down. He didn’t bother pulling them off the other leg before his lips were pressed against my slit. No man had ever put his lips there before! I didn’t know what to do and then his tongue was probing between my pussy lips. He put his tongue right against my clit! I moaned as my legs fell all the way open and I pushed my hips up against his tongue...to be contd ;)

02-07-2005, 12:30 PM
Just Friends - Epilogue

“Shhhhh,” he whispered before he pulled my pussy lips apart for his searching tongue. He lapped at my clit and I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt! I was on fire. I didn’t know whether to beg him to do it more or make him stop because it was so decadent. I didn’t get a chance to do either because he suddenly pushed two fingers inside my pussy. He twisted them around and moved them in and out as his tongue licked all over my hard little clit. I could feel my orgasm building. It was almost too much. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as I tightened my muscles around his fingers. All I could do was moan and hump my hips against his face and hand. Suddenly I shivered and my entire body clenched as I came on his face. He knew what had happened even though I hadn’t said anything and he looked at me and smiled.

I lay there gasping for breath and feeling the spasms of my pussy on his fingers as he watched me. Finally he slid his fingers out, sat back and unzipped his jeans. His cock was long and hard. He slipped his jeans down to his knees then pushed himself up and over me. Our mouths met, hot and greedy as his cock pressed against my pussy. I spread my legs further apart as he rocked his pelvis against me. He just kept pushing it against me as we kissed, letting his cock slide against my clit and pussy hole. My hands were pulling at him and I finally reached down and placed them on his ass. He pushed back against my hands then harder against my pussy. I grabbed his hard cheeks and tried to pull him against me. Jamie groaned into my mouth.

He moved back and reached down between us. He pulled his cock up and I watched him run his thumb across the hole at the end. It glistened with his pre-cum and my juices. The head was so swollen and it looked so hard before he pressed it against my clit. I rolled my hips up and his cock slid down until that gorgeous, big head was poised outside my pussy hole. I wanted to ask him to fuck me but I just couldn’t say those words. Then I didn’t have to as he sank the entire thing inside me. I closed my legs around his waist and put my heels against his ass. He thrust hard against me and my heels ground into him with each push. He bent his head so he could look down the length of our bodies as he fucked me. I wanted to weep it felt so good having him inside me.

He planted his elbows on either side of me and thrust into me again and again. I wanted it to go on and on but much too quickly I felt myself spiraling up toward another orgasm. He looked at me when I whimpered and moaned as it built up. He kissed me again and groaned when he felt my pussy clamp down on him as I came. My own groan answered his as I felt his cock expanding with his own spasms. It jerked inside me and I felt his hot cum squirt against the walls of my pussy over and over again. He tried to hold himself above me but I wouldn’t let him. I wanted to feel his full weight on me. My legs slid down and we held each other close. When our breathing returned to normal he pulled back and we grinned at each other.

We both felt so good that we broke out laughing. He held me and we rolled back and forth over the blanket kissing and laughing playfully. When our silliness passed, we got up and got dressed. We both knew this wasn’t a forever thing. It had no future but, that day - that afternoon, we didn’t care. He went back to work and I rode home. Greg came home and things went back to the way they had been. And it wasn’t until later when I looked back on that hot afternoon that I realized the entire thing took place without either of us ever saying a word. :eek: :D

02-07-2005, 12:35 PM
Sister Made Me Cum - Part 1

I met her at a company party. She was standing alone by a window at the far end of the room. She had dark red hair, green eyes, long legs and the most incredible tits I had ever seen. I figured what the heck, if she’s not alone, she’ll tell me where to get off.

“Hi, my name is Greg. I noticed you were standing here alone and I felt badly that you weren’t talking to anyone.”
“Hi Greg, I’m Kristin and I’m new to the company, I only began two weeks ago.”

When I asked her where she worked before, she was non-committal, telling me she had worked in various locations and at different jobs. I just accepted that. I spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing with her. It was one of those rare acquaintances that actually turned into a friendship. It started the following weekend when I took Kristin to dinner at one of my favorite places. I picked her up about seven and we arrived at the place about 7:30 for our 8:00 o’clock reservation. We sat in the lounge and sipped a glass of wine. The whole dinner was very romantic and the ambiance of the place struck just the right chord with Kristin. As we were leaving, it was about 10:30…these romantic dining places have a way of stretching the evening out. We got into the car and Kristin laid her hand on my right thigh. It sort of distracted me and for a minute I couldn’t start the car. When we arrived at her place, she invited me in. I was sort of taken back as this was really only our first date and she really didn’t know me, but I gladly accepted the invite. She lived in a townhouse, very attractively decorated and quite comfortable. She said she was only renting it right now but hoped to save enough to purchase it in the near future. She went into another room and came back with a bottle of wine which she proceeded to open. She poured two glasses and then sat right next to me on the sofa. We sipped the wine for a few moments when she handed me her glass and put her head on my shoulder. I took this to be a sign that she wanted to “Cuddle” a little, so I put my glass down on the table and put my right arm around her. She snuggled closer to me and looked up at me as if inviting me to kiss her. I moved my lips closer to hers and she didn’t move. I thought maybe I had misinterpreted her desires and moved back a bit.

“Greg, what’s wrong?”
“Well, nothing Kristin, it’s just that I think I misinterpreted what you wanted….I thought you wanted me to kiss you and…well….when you didn’t move I thought maybe I guessed wrong…I certainly don’t want to offend you.”

“Oh, no, you thought correctly, I do want you to kiss me, it’s just that, well…”
“What Kristin, what’s the matter?”
“It’s just that I don’t have much experience at this romance thing.”

Now, thought, maybe I was really thinking incorrectly, but by my estimate, Kristin was about 37 or 38, maybe a little older. I mean, I wasn’t going to ask, but the notion of a beautiful woman like this having no experience, kind of blew my mind. Nevertheless, I pulled her closer to me and kissed her cheek.
“Kristin, just relax,” I said.

I placed my lips against hers and kissed her softly on the lips. She responded by putting her arms around my neck and pulling her face closer, as if she could move any closer to me. I teased her lips with my tongue and she opened her mouth a little and I eased my tongue in, feeling the warmth and wetness of her mouth. She tasted good…no experience? We kissed for awhile and then she pulled back a little. I could tell she was really perplexed.

“Greg, I think I owe you an explanation.”
“No you don’t Kristin, you don’t owe me anything,” I replied.
“No,” she said “I’m acting foolishly, I really don’t know what to do.”

Kristin then went on to explain that she had been a nun since she was barely 18. Not only had she been a nun for all these years, she was a virgin, that’s right she had never had sex with any man. She had never had any sexual experience. I’ll have to admit, I was flabbergasted at this notion. I had had nuns in school, but that was years ago and I hadn’t given any thought to what they did or didn’t do sexually.

“Well, Kristin,” I said “I have to be honest, I’m really surprised, you’re not pulling my leg, are you?”
She assured me she wasn’t but asked me to kiss her some more. She told me it made her feel warm and that she was very attracted to me. I could see that her nipples were erect, so I sensed she was feeling sexually aroused, at least a bit aroused. I took a chance and began unbuttoning her blouse. When it was completely unbuttoned, I could see her ripe tits pushing to be released from the material.

“Kristin, is it OK if un-hook your bra?”
“Yes.” was all she said as she moved forward so I could unhook the hooks in the back. I hadn’t felt like this since the early days of high school when I had my first experience with Sally King. I continued gently, lifting the bra up so I could touch her tits.

“Greg, I like this feeling and I’m not a total idiot, I do know that if we’re going to have sex we have to get undressed.”
She got up and took my hand and led me to her bedroom. When we were there I eased her blouse off her shoulders and then eased the bra off so that she was completely naked on top. then I unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She removed her pantyhose and was left standing there with green silk bikini briefs and I mean very brief.

I began unbuttoning my shirt and she took up where I started. I let the shirt fall to the floor and she took the initiative of unbuckling my trousers. I put my arms around her and pulled her closer to me, close enough so that her breasts were against my chest. I kissed her softly and began running my fingers up and down her back. I grabbed her ass and lifted her a bit so that her pussy was against my now full erection.... :D to be contd

02-07-2005, 12:36 PM
Sister Made Me Cum - End

“Greg, can I take your shorts off?”
She put her hands in the waist and began pulling them down. When she saw my erection, which I guess was about 8 inches, maybe a little less, she gasped. I could tell she had never seen an erect penis before. I wondered if she had ever seen a penis in any state. She took it in her hand and stroked it softly. As she was doing this, I eased her panties off of her and she kicked them out of the way. I made her put her arms at her side and I moved so that I could run the head of my penis between her vaginal lips, which I discovered were quite moist. Well, at least there were no problems with physiology.

“Kristin, have you ever had an orgasm?”
“I don’t think so, I was always afraid of committing some sort of sin, they were always after us about keeping pure.”
“Well, before I try to put my penis into your vagina I think I ought to teach you a few things.”

I eased Kristin onto the bed and, as we were facing each other, I began stroking her back, starting at the top and going down to that point right before it melds with her ass. Then I traced my fingers on the outside of her ass crack. I kissed her neck, her shoulders and her arm that was free. I eased her onto her back and kissed the area of her chest right above her breasts. I began stroking the side of her left breast then the front of it. They were beautiful, nicely formed, full and firm. I then stroked around her left nipple, teasing it as I played with it. Then I straddled Kristin and massaged each of her breasts and nipples with the head of my cock. She was simply mesmerized and said nothing. I moved back to her side and took her left nipple into my mouth and then the right one.

“Kristin, is any of this making you feel good?” I asked.
“Oh, yes Greg, don’t stop, please, it feels so good right between my legs.”

“Kristin, you know sometimes we call that area your pussy, sometimes we call it cunt, but it’s all the same. Sometimes men and women, when they’re having sex like to use those other names, just like they call a penis a cock or prick, sometimes other names, but all it does is heighten the experience.”

I began kissing down her belly and over her soft cunt hair which was a really nice reddish color. She had a lot of it and it wasn’t trimmed, but then she had never even had sex. The hair was slightly damp. Her pussy lips were pretty swollen, to the point where they were separated and I could see her smaller pussy lips. I kissed over her slit and then eased the lips apart with my fingers. When I separated her lips there was a torrent of pussy juice that poured out of her opening. I licked it and then ran my tongue the length of the space between her lips. At the top of her vaginal opening I could see she had a clit that was quite aroused and engorged. I teased it with my tongue and her response was sort of spasmodic. I continued doing her clit with my tongue and then I ran my fingers on the insides of her thighs. I moved back up to her pussy and tried to see if her hymen had been broken, which it had. I guess this must have happened when she put a tampon in, but I didn’t know if that would even do it, I doubted it. Anyway, I eased only one finger inside of her and I could hear her breathing more heavily as I explored her inner pussy. I felt inside for her spot and I could feel an area inside her about two inches or so on the roof of her vagina that was swollen so I pushed lightly against it and the response was immediate…she began breathing very heavily so I continued doing this and began kissing and stroking her clit with my tongue. She began to climax violently, arching her back as if to drive her cunt further into my fact. She was screaming my name and telling me to keep “Sucking out her pussy.”

Finally, her arousal began to abate and she turned to face me, putting her arms around my neck and kissing me as she cried softly.
“Greg, if that was an orgasm, I want to have another one, then another and another, I don’t want it to end. Can you do the same thing with your pen..I mean your cock?”

“Yes,” I said “Would you like me to try?”

I eased her on her back and she instinctively spread her legs. I told her to take my organ and guide it into her cunthole. I purposely used the word to get her used to it. She put the tip of it into her hole and then hesitated. I told her it would be easiest if she got it wet. So she eased a little more of it in and then I helped her by pushing my self in. She lifted so I could get my cock past her pubic bone and then I eased the rest of my penis slowly into her very wet, slippery, tight vagina. I couldn’t believe I was actually fucking a former nun. Damn, I think it really turned me on. I pushed forward as far as I could, ramming the hilt of my pole against her clit. We both moved slowly, small thrusts. I wanted to make her climax again. She had this far off look in her eyes as I moved my cock in and out and up against her love organ. I lowered my weight on top of her and lined my legs up on top of hers. I told her to close her legs as I put my legs outside of hers. She felt her legs closing in on my balls. This also drove my pecker deeper into that vaginal well that was so full.

“Greg, I like the feel of your things, testicles, against my legs, does that feel good to you when I squeeze?”
All I could do was groan in pleasure. I kept moving and I could hear her beginning to moan as she neared her second climax. She actually was screaming at me now:

I was nearing orgasm and that about put me over the edge. I lifted myself up on my hands so that I could watch myself going in and out of this virginal pussy. Finally, I could stand it no longer and I released all holds and began shooting my load into Sister’s pussy with such great force that I said “God I like fucking your sister!” Kristin stiffened as I continued pulsing my hot cream into her drooling pussy and she began shouting again as I felt her inner muscles tense with more sexual spasming as her third orgasm erupted.

We lay there beside each other, still joined, but spent. I told her I couldn’t believe she had never experienced an orgasm before. She said she couldn’t believe she hadn’t either. I told her that no one would ever believe the fantasy that I had fucked a nun. She corrected me “former nun.” This was the day Sister Made Me Cum. :eek: :D

02-07-2005, 12:37 PM
Long time no post..Hope all will enjoy the posts. Thks 4 the support :D

02-07-2005, 12:39 PM
Horny housewife gets layed

I am a 36 year old married women and i have been fucking two school boys during their lunch break. It all started when i was struggling to get the shopping through my front gate and a 15 year old boy offered to carry my shopping in for me. He took my shopping in the kitchen for me and i gave him a drink of lemonade.

We spoke for a while and he told me he was on his lunch break and he was just off to school. He seemed quite mature for his age and i asked him if he wanted some lunch here. Unfortunatly he turned my offer down and went on his way again. I thought about him for about a week until i saw him walk past again. I must admit i did have a bit of a crush on him so as he walked past i tapped the window and waved to him. He waved back and continued to walk away. I kept looking out for him but i never saw him again for a while. Then when i was out doing a bit of gardening i heard someone say hi. I looked up and saw it was him and he had a friend with him.

He seemed a little more confident with his friend there and i think he wanted his friend to think that he knew me quite well. I told him my name and he told me his was Gary and his friend was paul. It was a hot day and i asked them if they wanted a drink. They came in and we sat down at the table and began to talk. We chatted for about half an hour then gary said that they should get back to school. I was a bit disapointed and i asked them if they wanted to come back tommorrow and the both said yes.

As they both walked away i watched them out my window and began to fantasise about both of them fucking me. The next afternoon i was getting ready for them and i brushed my blonde hair and looked in the mirror. I am slim and have a nice firm pair of breasts and i have been told that i look good. I knew my husband would be home late so i knew i could have a bit of time with the two boys. I had a pair of tight jeans on and a white shirt with no bra on underneath. When the door bell rang i went downstairs and answered it and invited my two guests in. They both sat on the sofa and i sat on the chair oposite them. They were both wearing black trousers and blue shirts with stripey ties on and i thought they looked sexy sitting there together. As we spoke gary kept on looking at my tits and nudging his friend paul at this point i left the room and went to the kitchen to make a drink. I over heard them whispering and i went in and told them to stop talking about me or else.

They both laughed and said or else so i went in and sat in between the pair of them. I told them they could talk about me now and paul said to gary "i think she wants it" and began to laugh. I laughed and said "maybe i do" and then i put my hand down to garys cock and rubbed it through his trousers. His cock was hard so i began to undo his zip and i pulled out his hairy member. paul undid his trousers and got out his cock which was smaller and less hairy than garys but it turned me on. I took turns sucking the two boys off while they pulled of my shirt and played with my tits.

The pair of them were tweaking my nipples and groping my breasts while i carried on sucking them both. I was sat in between two school boys and i was having the time of my life. I was wanking gary off and sucking paul when all of a sudden gary got up and undid my jeans and pulled them off to reveal my skimpy white damp knickers. He took no time in taking off my knickers and ramming his tounge up my bald pussy. I opened my legs wide and let him tounge fuck me while i continued to suck pauls cock. Paul then began to kiss me on the lips and then went down to join his friend sucking the life out of my cunt. They both licked me out and fingered me until i almost reached an orgasm.

I asked them to come upstairs to fuck me and then i got up and went naked upstairs and layed on my bed with my legs spread open. They both entered the room and stripped of and they both got on either side of me and sucked my tits. Then paul got up and layed on top of me and thrusted his cock deep inside my cunt and pumped my for all he was worth. Gary had his cock in my mouth and was pumping fast and then all of a sudden paul spunked inside me just as gary came in my mouth. I managed to swallow it all up. We spent the afternoon in bed together and they both wanked their cocks near my mouth and then they came in turn and i swallowed pauls load first then garys it was fantastic.

My two scool boy lovers fucked me in the arse hole in my mouth and cunt and they fucked my tits and i think they fucked me in evey position i could think off. I would have liked to see them fuck each other but the closest they got was when gary helped paul slide his cock up my arse hole while he was fucking my shaved cunt. When we had finished fucking the boys left and they returned the next afternoon for a quikie. I would fuck them near enough every afternoon and sometimes i would fuck gary on a saturday morning while my husband was at work.

Most of the time they would bunk of school and fuck me until my husband got home then they would go. I want to see them fuck each other and they said they would and i cant wait for us all to make love together but thats another story. :eek: :D

02-07-2005, 12:40 PM
Candid Camera

Mariko and I met for lunch at Crown Center – a large indoor mall in downtown Kansas City. We were both reporters at two KC newspapers and had begun an affair at another midwestern paper before meeting again.

She had full lips, haughty cheekbones, ink-black hair, large, liquid, deep brown eyes and a body and mind to die for. I was married, soon to be divorced and she helped me out of that jam before we eventually went our separate ways about a year later.

Because of our work schedules and my marital entanglement, we hadn’t seen each other for nearly three weeks and the sexual tension was at its peak as we fondled each other’s legs and crotches beneath the long white linen tablecloth.

“Meet me for lunch at 1,” she’d said a couple hours later, calling from home. “I’ll pick you up outside.”

“Don’t wear any panties,” I’d replied.

“Don’t you either,” she’d said, laughing.

So I’d gone into the newspaper men’s room, taken off my briefs, put my jeans back on and stuffed my wadded up underwear in a pocket and hoped none of my coworkers would notice my already bulging eagerness as I quickly went back to my desk and pretended to work while willing the clock to hurry.

We had trouble concentrating on the menu, only ordering soup and sandwiches – which we hardly touched -- and knocking back a carafe of red wine while our fingers interlocked, tracing patterns on our burning flesh that we imagined tracking elsewhere in private.

I let my fingers roam up her firm thighs, beneath her blue and white flowered sundress and I felt moisture on her thighs. She hadn’t worn a bra, either and her nipples strained against the cotton fabric – two ripe red berries beneath blue print flowers yearning to be sucked and stroked.

“Mmmm, you’re already so wet,” I whispered.

She returned the favor, tracing the head of my swollen dick with her red nails and squeezing its fat girth with her small hand. I squirmed and felt some pre-cum squirt out, making a small, dark spot on my faded blue jeans.

“And you’re so hard. I can’t wait to feel you in me and in my mouth,” she said.
That did it. I threw a couple 20s on the table, more than enough for a generous tip and we bolted to the parking garage and her car.
Markio never even got the key in the ignition before we fell on each other like animals, oblivious to other Crown Center patrons coming and going, car doors slamming and engines humming and coughing.

I slid the spaghetti straps from her sun freckled, white soft shoulders and suckled her swollen bare breasts, concentrating on just the nipples, nipping the bright juicy hardness with staccato bites.

Heat flooded down both our spines and she gasped, exhaling hard and baring her long, white throat for me to lick and nuzzle. She parted her legs almost obscenely and I thrust my hand between them, sliding between the delicious folds and silky black hair with three fingers while using my thumb to knead her erasure hard clit.

Her hips jumped suddenly from the driver’s seat and she began pumping herself up and down on my stiffened hand and wrist, her breasts bouncing and swaying slightly, her head thrown back, eyes closed and swollen, lipstick smeared lips agape as her uneven pants and moans grew more urgent.

She was nearly singing now – a carnal pagan hymn to Eros. “Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God, Ummmmm! Don’t stop, don’t stop, please omygawd, yes, yes, harder, harder!”

I worked my hand and thumb into a probing rhythm, feeling her juices spill down my wrist as she pumped up and down fiercely, demanding more.

“Use me,” hissed, before savagely kissing her, feeling her suck my tongue out of my mouth. She loved talking dirty and fell into our nasty groove immediately, hips thrusting and twisting, pussy squirting like a faucet.

“Oh yes, fuck me. Ummmm…..god….yes! I need it, Auuggghh!”

I could feel the car shaking with her heaving, heated body. The side windows were partially fogged and this was late May. We were oblivious to whatever other Crown Center patrons might think or see, bent only on our mutual heat.

Mariko suddenly stiffened on my hand and fingers and screamed suddenly, an unearthly sound, quickly quelled when I jammed my other hand in her mouth and felt her teeth bite down hard.

Quiet. Nothing but our panting and the smell of sex filling the small Pontiac Firebird.

“Your turn,” she said bending down to unzip me.
Her hair fell on my thighs, a soft counterpart to the feel of her lips enveloping my cock. She could deep throat but had refused to say how she had learned it or if it came naturally. “I learned it in the circus,” Mariko had once said, laughing during our first afternoon in bed.

I jammed my legs hard against the car floor and flipped the seat lever going as horizontal as I could as she hungrily slathered my rod with her tongue and lips and throat, moaning when she came up for air.

It was then that I looked through the windshield noticed a security camera about 7 feet above the floor of the garage. It was on a swivel and I recalled vaguely that earlier it had been pointed to the side of our car. Now it was pointed directly at the windshield.

“Marko, I think we’ve got an audience,” I said as her head bobbed relentlessly between my legs. “The security camera….”

She withdrew for a moment, brushed her disheveled hair from her face and looked out the window at the camera, waved “hello” and giggled.

“I want them to watch. I want them to know how good your cock tastes. What a good little cocksucker I am. How big your cock is and how much I like sucking it.”

“Oh, yes!” I moaned. “Please. Give them a show!”

“Spread your legs more!” she spat out.

I compiled and she began tickling with my balls with her nails and jabbing a finger into my ass as her mouth worked overtime. I fell back, oblivious to nothing but the pleasure she was giving me.

It didn’t take long, especially as I raised my ass and allowed her to find my prostate as she continued swallowing.

“Oh shit! Oh god…Oh Mariko…oh…!” My cum shot out as my soul seemed to leave my body. Her mouth never left my cock as the hot spurts kept pumping and her finger kept probing.

She finally withdrew, her red, smeared lips white with my juice, some dribbling down her chin and a trace trickling down her throat. We kissed, smearing each other with my cum and our sweat.

This was nearly 10 years ago, but I still wonder if that videotape is somewhere in a "secret" file in the Crown Center security offices. I hope it gives the staff as much pleasure as it gave us. :confused: :D

02-07-2005, 12:42 PM
Hot Reunion

I was more or less happily married when my 25th high school reunion began a spark that would turn into an unexpected sexual bonfire nearly five years later. My high school was overwhelmingly white, but even at that age I had a serious thing for Asian women. Probably due to a couple years spent in Thailand as child and peeping at our 20-year-old maid as she took showers. There were only two Asian-Americans at our school, and one of them was at the affair -- a single, second generation Japanese-American woman named Kay.

Unlike many of the graying, beginning-to-bulge white women mostly in attendance, it was clear she'd taken great care of herself. Her ebony ink hair was nearly waist length, with a slim figure and skin with an otherworldly sheen. We danced a couple dances and flirted harmlessly and after that she was mostly a memory.

Fast forward four years. I was divorced, miserable, horny and at loose ends when I recalled Kay. I lived in Boulder, Colorado and the last I remembered she'd mentioned working for a software company based near Aspen nearly three hours away. I hit the Internet search engines and eventually found an e-mail address for her at her company.

I'm a writer and had been in Aspen a few years before doing a story on a well-known rock star's home studio. It wasn't much of a stretch of my imagination to concoct a tale that I'd be up in her area in a month for a story about .... a rock star's home studio. And I was now single. Would she like to get together for dinner after my "interview?" Pay dirt! E-mails followed and we agreed to meet on a Saturday night at my motel for dinner.

Was I nervous? Sure, but honestly I did not expect what ultimately transpired. She knocked at my door at the aptly-named Comfort Inn at about 6:30 pm. Kay was wearing an outfit of my dreams. A long white mink coat that set off her cascading black hair, dark, almond eyes and vibrant skin. Her dress revealed an enticing glimpse of her pert, still-youthful bosom and she wore black leather boots with the proverbial "fuck me" heels.

We spent a wonderful evening at a small Italian style bistro eating, talking and knocking back more than a couple drinks. We moved to the bar, where she and I began holding hands -- about as far as I hoped to go that night. Back at the hotel parking lot, I gathered my courage -- aided no doubt by the aperitif brandies -- and asked for a kiss. You've heard the cliche, lips sweeter than wine, no doubt. Her lips were. We were in a passionate clinch -- and she began moaning a little -- and it that began to get hotter second-by-second when we broke for air. She looked at me with her soulful almond eyes and briefly brushed her dark hair from her cheek and said (I swear to god): "Would you like to have sex?"

My immediate thought was 'This does not happen to me! What movie am I in? This is some kind of perverse cosmic joke!' (My other admittedly cynical thought was along the lines of 'No, thank you. I'd much rather go back to my lonely room and beat off to $12.98 soft porn ...')

I paused for a second and suavely replied: "You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm not," she said, smiling a little. "You're sure, right?" I stammered. "I don't have any protection. I suppose we could ..."

She cut me off. "I'll drive back to my condo and get supplies. You wait here, I'll be back in about 15 minutes."

I went to my room and started jumping up and down on the bed like a crazed teenager. "YES! YES!" The minutes ticked by. It began to be later than 15 minutes, and I hit the phone book, looked up her number and called. "You're there? You're coming back, right?" She laughed. "I just got some condoms, yes, I'm in my way." Thank you Jesus (or a reasonable facsimilie)!

We literally fell on each other when she hit the door. She still wrapped in mink, me wrapped in...uh.. desire. Yeah. That's the word. Clothes began hitting the floor, lips still locked we fell on the bed. "Keep your coat on," I begged, the kinky part kicking in. "No, problem," she gasped.

Her clothes came off. Nipples erect out like hand, dark ripe rich berries, hair brushing partially covering them - I sucked greedily as she moaned. A waist I could wrap a hand around -- all in a soft, white mink package. I dove in. Licking her was heaven. I could literally feel her sweet tasting pussy pulse as my tongue met her clit. Taking it between my lips, sucking, blowing and slurping, as my hands cupped her sweet small cheeks and pushed her harder into my face, I was in heaven. Her passionate moans and the way she grabbed my head, hair and ears and pulled and pushed me in further told me I was on the right course. She bucked repeatedly, screaming finally, involuntary convulsions pulling her hips and sweet lower lips into my mouth which was smothered with her squirting, involuntary juices and my saliva.

"Stop, stop!" she gasped. "Fuck me. Put it in me. NOW!"

Uh, no problem. But Kay's small, soft hand and long red nails guiding me in almost made me cum in an instant. The way her nails grazed my balls and her tiny hand wrapped around my pulsing dick...it was almost too much to bear."Give me a sec," I protested, withdrawing. I waited a moment, then began running my swollen cock just along the furry, dark soft ridge of her pulsing cunt. I felt her throbbing clit get harder, and worked my way up to her firm tits where she grabbed my cock and began sucking it and pushing it all over her chin and face. The sensations of her demanding mouth, wet tongue and hard, begging nipples grazing against my equally hard rod was almost more than I could stand. Kay was incompressible by now, just groans and slurps and sounds I'd only heard in the "Exorcist" as she rubbed my cock on her nipples between bursts of swallowing it whole.

"I need to fuck you, right now" I finally mumbled. "MMMmmmm," was Kay's only reply as I slid in. Her pussy lips felt like her mouth on my cock. Tight, accepting, clit hard like a tongue on my red dick, so wet, as I began working back and forth, licking her nipples and swallowing her tongue almost simultaneously as she writhed beneath me, her ebony hair whipping on the pillows. "Just a minute." I managed to pull a pillow out from beneath her head and stuff it under her convulsive ass as I cleaved her.

She was butter. I've never heard a scream like this in my life. I clenched her wrists, holding her down and began pumping madly as she twisted and shouted beneath me begging me to fuck her harder. Her dark, pleading eyes rolled back in her head. Now it was just colors, sound and sexual feel and fury. White eyes, red screaming lips, soft, incredible skin and ink black hair whipping the starched, white sheets. Kay screamed, "Harder. Harder. Fuck me, you bastard. Fuck me, you son of bitch, please!" and almost choked, speaking in sexual tongues. My spine seemed to rip out of my back and our hips were possessed, thrusting like pistons gone awry. She sucked our tongues til pain made us part: she tasted herself on my dick again, moaning as we fell into a drowsy haze, only to go for Round 2 about an hour later.

Her white mink later went to the dry cleaners, with a torn lining and stains. I picked up the bill, happy to do so. :D :D

02-07-2005, 12:43 PM
Brian and Clare

Clare was your normal teenage girl. She indulged in clothes and went crazy for all the pop stars and all. And because of this, nobody would have guessed or even believed what had happened to her a few months ago. Though she had a curvaceous body, nobody really fantasized about her as they saw her as prude and wouldn’t be into these things.

It all started that Sunday evening. Clare had gone to a class gathering at a restaurant. The day was pretty hot and Clare decided to wear something light and comfortable. Searching through her wardrobe, Clare emerged with a white cotton tank top and a pair of denim shorts. Dressing hurriedly as she was late, Clare was out of the house in less than a minute. However, she had just left the house and was on her way to the restaurant when the skies opened up and rained heavily, leaving her soaked, cold, and upset.

Arriving at the restaurant, she saw that everybody was seated and were waiting for her. Spying a seat beside Brian, she gratefully plunked down into the seat, the impact making her breast bounce, catching the attention of Brian. Glancing to his side to talk to Clare, Brian found himself unable to control his gaze, as his line of sight kept moving down towards her tits. Her tank top was completely soaked through and the air conditionings of the place combined with the rain made her nipples erect and were clearly visible. The tank top was completely soaked through and was sticking to her skin and Brian caught an eyeful of her big round tits. The temptation however, did not end there. Dropping her cutlery on the floor, she bent down to pick it up and Brian was offered an unrestricted view of her cleavage and a nipple, as it played peek-a-boo with the lace of her bra. Brian was thankful that he was sitting down as he was having an erection and when Clare bent down even lower and the denim stretched over her tight ass, Brian almost lost control of himself.

That was how it all started. After that incident, Brian could not forget about the day at the restaurant and he would find himself fantasizing about her naked whenever she was in sight. Clare however, knew of what he felt about her. She had known it from the day at the restaurant when his gaze kept dropping to her tits and she had purposely dropped her cutlery on the floor to tease him. It was not conventional however, for a girl to just go up to a guy and say, “I want you to fuck me” and so, she had to keep her emotions under wraps.

As hard as it was to not concentrate on getting laid, Clare couldn’t help it. Just talking to Brian would elicit a thought from her mind that this was the guy that wanted to screw her and she would begin to get wet. In addition to that, she would have wet dreams about Brian and in short, Clare could no longer take it anymore.

Then one day, as luck would have it, the both of them were stuck with councilor duties. They had been instructed to do some packing and stocktaking and the both of them were alone in an empty room. At first, the atmosphere was a bit iced and neither of them talked to each other for the first few minutes. As time passed, the boredom of the job at hand moved them to talk to each other to rid of the boredom. However, the teacher dropped in on them and their conversation was cut short. Resuming their work, Brian proceeded to place a box on a shelf above Clare and in the process, accidentally rubbed his dick into her while also getting a full view of the tits that were so irresistible. He was about to move away to tend to the other stuff when he felt Clare grind her ass into his dick. The sensation made Brian’s erection even harder as Clare now ground into him fully, leaning onto him for support. The two of them were fucking each other in their clothes, oblivious to everything around them. After a while, Brian stopped the two of them as he was about to cum and he didn’t want to do that in his pants. Moving to the door, Clare closed and locked it. Sitting down on a chair, she pulled her skirt up and showed Brian the wet spot that had nearly soaked through to her skirt.

Bending down over her, Brian pulled off her panties as he began to lick and suck on her clit. The sensation in itself was already heavenly for Clare as she closed her eyes and squeezed her thighs together, feeling the semblance of an orgasm begin to come over her as Brian continued to play with her clit. Stopping the oral stimulation, Brian inserted a finger into her cunt that was obviously virgin as it was very tight and Clare suddenly gripped Brian’s arm tightly as the pain washed through her. Fucking her with his finger, Brian could feel Clare begin to respond as she squeezed his finger with her cunt muscles as wave after wave of orgasm washed through her.

Exchanging positions with her, Brian undid his pants and Clare automatically lowered her soft velvety mouth onto Brian. Now without clothing, Clare took Brian’s hand in hers and placed them on top of her tits and kneaded them, as if telling Brian what to do. Not needing another hint, Brian began to play with those beautiful breasts of Clare’s and also her erected nipples, making her breaths come in short gasps. Though she had never had head before, Clare did not feel like an amateur. Her tongue was doing wonders to him as she bobbed her head on his member. Feeling himself come close, Brian let go of her tits as he grabbed her head and made her come down on him faster and faster till he finally came and shot his load into her mouth. Clare could not swallow it fast enough and some of it dripped from her full pout lips making her look like a cockhound.

Unable to control himself, Brian laid Clare down on the table with her legs dangling from the table edge and her nipples rubbing against the linoleum of the table. Grabbing her by the waist firmly, Brian inserted his member into her, watching her pussy take him in bit by bit. Right from the get and go, Brian could tell that Clare was multi-orgasmic and as he began to thrust hard inside of her, Clare had had already at least three orgasms. Thrusting into her, Brian would never forget the view of his dick disappearing into her tight ass and cunt and he could actually feel Clare’s cunt contract around him as she cunt was stretched to its limits to accommodate him. Moving faster into her now, Clare gasped hard and her breaths were irregular as she neared orgasm. Grabbing the sides of the table, she cried out as the both of them came at the same time and she could feel his searing liquid deep inside of her.

Dazed at the experience, the two of them sat there for a few moments before coming to their senses and they left the room hurriedly before anyone discovered them. :D

02-07-2005, 12:45 PM
The Office Visit

Rob Wharton sat impatiently in the waiting room of Dr. Charles’ office thinking that he was getting really tired of waiting. His friend Barbara had referred him to Dr. Charles when he was notified by his long time physician, Dr. Hamilton, that he was going to retire and move to a warmer climate. Rob was just about ready to bolt when the nurse opened the door and called for Mr. Wharton to follow her into an examining room.

“Mr. Wharton, please take all your clothing off and sit on the table there, Dr. Charles will be in momentarily.”
Rob always hated going to doctors’ offices. They were always having you take your clothes off and then wait, and this place didn’t even offer you a robe or anything to put on. Suddenly the door opened and in came Dr. Sarah Charles, like a gust of wind.

“Hello, I’m Sarah Charles, thank you for waiting, Mr. Wharton.”
Suddenly, Rob Wharton was no longer angry. Sarah Charles, M.D. was a blond bombshell, my god her hair was tied in a pony tail and wrapped up and, from what he could see from her lap coat, she was stacked quite nicely, probably 38 Cs, at least. Rob couldn’t help himself, he felt his manhood suddenly take a turn skywards. He also found himself speechless.

“Mr. Wharton, it says on the sheet here that you were having some problems with your penis, is that correct?”
“Err, yeah, but, well I’m kind of embarrassed about that.”
“Oh, no need to be embarrassed, but it does look like your penis is working pretty well right now, I mean it looks pretty stiff to me.”

Rob looked down at himself and began to turn red as he looked at his pride and joy sticking out its full eight inches.

“Mr. Wharton, why don’t you lay back on the table there so I can examine you.”

With that Dr. Charles began unbuttoning her lab coat and, much to Rob’s surprise, she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath, in fact she had nothing on at all but the stethoscope around her neck. Rob noted that her nipples were fully erect and that her pussy lips were quite swollen and surrounded by a soft blondish down. Dr. Charles bent over Rob and took his organ in her hand and gently stroked it.

“Nothing amiss about the hardness of this piece, no sir, it’s a veritable shaft of steel.”

Rob was totally shocked as Dr. Charles put the tip of his penis in her mouth and began sucking softly. She raised her head and noted that the taste was quite satisfactory. She continued licking the tip of his manhood as she took his balls in her other hand and began rolling them between her fingers. Rob thought he was going to loose it when suddenly Dr. Charles stopped, withdrawing Rob’s stiff cock from her mouth.

“Let’s switch places, Mr. Wharton.”

Dr. Charles proceeded to raise the stirrup on the end of the examination table and then laid down herself, putting each foot in a stirrup.

“Mr. Wharton, you know what you’re supposed to do, get with it.”

Rob moved between Dr. Charles’ legs and stared at her swollen cunt and thought he could actually see steam coming out from her opening. He caught a whiff of her female scent…the scent of a vagina that had been sexually aroused. Rob reached a hand out and brought it close to Dr. Charles’ blond triangle. He could feel the heat exuded by her sex organs as he stroked the fur gently, feeling the dampness as he neared the doctor’s puffy, red vaginal lips. He ran his fingers over the slit and could see as well as feel the silky juice that was oozing from between the labia.

“Appears that you have normal external genitalia, Dr. Charles. I’m going to begin my examination of you by tasting your vaginal secretions to test for taste, fragrance and smoothness,” said Rob, not believing he was playing doctor.

He ran his finger between her lips and slit the tip of his index finger into her hole. He then pulled up a stool and began sucking the juice from between her lips as he ran his tongue in and out of the opening of her cunt tunnel. He held her lips apart with his fingers and could see her ever bulging sex nodule above her opening begging him to examine it. He said nothing but lowered his face to her pussy and began probing her clitoris with his tongue.

“Normal texture, aroused, wet and quite tasty,” Rob noted.

Rob hoisted the chair up a bit and moved closer to her pussy as he inserted two fingers into her opening. He was deluged with her sex juice as he curled his fingers, looking for her “spot.” He felt the swell on the roof of her pussy and as she squirmed in the stirrups he pressed a bit harder and began tonguing her clit. As his probe became faster and the movements of his tongue against her pulsating clit more pronounced, Dr. Charles began arching her back and pushing her mound against Rob’s face as if to force him to eat her pussy even harder. Finally, unable to control her inner pulsations she literally sat up and began shaking as an orgasm with the force of a rocket being launched into outer space commandeered her already sopping pussy. As the good Doctor screamed for Rob to continue her pussy spewed forth a torrent of cum as though it were a fire hose shooting water with geyser force. Rob’s face was covered and as he continued massaging her clit with his tongue he was totally rapt with the violence of her climax.


The Doctor removed her feet from the stirrups and leaned to the side of the table and flipped a switch. Soon there was a whirring sound as two lines lowered from the ceiling, each with a Velcro fastener.

“Mr. Wharton, please raise my legs up and attach each to one of those movable Velcro stirrups.”

Rob did as he was instructed and was now looking at Dr. Sarah Childs laying on an examining table with her legs stretched into the air as far as they could go.

“Mr. Wharton, time to test your penis.”

Like an idiot Rob stood there with his cock in his hand.

“Come on now, Mr. Wharton, do I have to tell you what to do. Let’s see if that little head can think for itself.”

Rob approached Dr. Charles and stood at the end of the table on a small stool. He hoisted himself up on the table and assumed the missionary position above Dr. Charles. Without a word she took his stiff pole in her hands and inserted the tip in her vagina. Rob eased himself forward and before he knew what was happening, Dr. Charles had slammed her body forward forcing his entire organ into the depths of her hot, wet, steaming cunt. He found himself massaging her tits and leaning himself down to taste those swollen tidbits on the face of each breast. As he took each nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue around it, he felt Sarah Charles’ pussy muscles wrap themselves around his rigid sex tool. As he leaned forward into her pussy he could feel her hands massaging his balls which were becoming taut as he became more aroused. He could feel the unmistakable orgasmic sensation at the tip of his penis when Dr. Charles ordered him to withdraw his penis from her vagina.


Rob did as he was ordered. He straddled Dr. Charles so that his erect cock was between her bulging tits. He raised up, massaging each pulsing nipple with the head of his engorged cock, feeling his balls rub against the firm tit tissue. Before he knew it

Dr. Charles had taken him into her mouth and began fucking his prick with her warm, wet, mouth. He felt himself cumming as did Dr. Charles. She eased his cock out of her mouth just far enough so that she would watch him spurt a hard stream of white cream into her mouth. He kept shooting and he though he was going to die from the pleasure she was torturing his cock with. When his penile spasms subsided he eased himself off the table and, while Dr. Charles’ legs were still in the air, proceeded to begin sucking her pussy and tongue fucking her pussy and clit. Seeing that he was again becoming stiff he raised himself on top of the doctor again and let her guide his staff into her hole. As she massaged his balls with each stroke in and out of her pussy he could feel his balls contract as he shot another load of hot, steamy cum into her pussy. Both of them were covered in sweat and each other’s cum.

As both Doctor and patient calmed themselves, and Dr. Charles had again assumed her physician position (having once again donned her lab coat) she told Rob he could get dressed.

“Mr. Wharton, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your penis, or for that matter, your balls. I want to see you again in three days for a follow visit.”

She handed him his file and told him to take it to the receptionist. With that, Dr. Sarah Charles left the room much the same way as she entered. :D

02-07-2005, 12:46 PM
Rising to the Occasion

“Well, there’s nothing physically wrong with you, at least.” The Consultant Urologist had the biggest and bushiest eyebrows that Ben Farmer had ever seen. “I would say, at your age, the problem is most likely psychological.” Ben nodded. He’d thought that was the case but better to be safe then sorry. “I am reluctant to prescribe any medication. The risks of side effects are always there and medication treats physical shortcomings, er, if you understand my meaning?”
Again Ben nodded. It was what he was expecting. “I could refer you to a colleague of mine, perhaps some counselling?”

Ben found his voice. “No. No thank you, Mr Sandford. And thank you for your time.” “As you wish,” said the Consultant. “I am confident the, ah, ‘problem’, will correct itself in due course. As I said, there are no physical problems, none at all. You are in excellent health, Mr Farmer.” Ben had nodded one more time and made his exit.

Ben’s ‘problem’ had first manifested itself some twelve months before. His erstwhile girlfriend had been sympathetic, at least initially. “Poor Darling, I expect you’re just tired. We’ll try again in the morning.” And they had, with no better result. The sympathy hadn’t lasted long. Within the month she’d moved on to pastures new. He found he wasn’t too bothered. The relationship had been fun but wasn’t going anywhere. They had enjoyed each other and now it was over. ‘Done and Dusted’, as the expression goes.

He felt a vague sense of loss, but nothing more, and this soon vanished when he met Rachel. His ‘problem’ seemed to have vanished as well. They had made love acrobatically, Rachel seemed intent on working her way through the entire Karma Sutra, but then, a few weeks in, the problem had reared its head again. Or rather it hadn’t. Reared, that is. It wasn’t too long afterwards that Rachel’s toothbrush had disappeared from Ben’s bathroom and once again that vague sense of loss came back to haunt him.

Emma had followed Rachel, albeit very briefly. The ‘problem’ reappeared on their second night together. Not enough time for Emma’s toothbrush to have been relocated from her handbag to the bathroom. This time Ben started to worry. The offending appendage seemed to act normally. It was standing to greet him every morning and responded in a perfectly behaved manner to his own ministrations. It only acted up - or rather down - when Ben was with a woman. He couldn’t understand it. It had never happened before.

Sarah came next. Or, more accurately, she didn’t. That ‘amour’ lasted one frustrating night. Ben was able to convince himself that he had been distracted by the fact that her tits were noticeably different sizes and her voice had grated on his ears, once it was not disguised by the pounding music of the Disco. But then a nagging little voice told him he was only fooling himself. It was time to seek professional help.

His own Doctor had been distantly professional. After a detailed explanation of the mechanics and hydraulics and an intensive cross examination on Ben’s use of illegal substances and intake of alcohol – none to the former, moderate to the latter- he referred Ben to Mr Sandford at the County Hospital. Now, walking back to his car, Ben felt particularly low for the first time. ‘My God,’ he thought, ‘I’ll have to see a shrink’. He had the ordinary man’s horror of anything to do with mental illness. To be truthful, the prospect scared him. He had debated with himself long and hard before even visiting his GP. The thought of ‘someone messing with his head’ was anathema.

His gloom persisted through the rest of that day. In bed that night he wondered if he was gay. He tried to masturbate by fantasising about men but he found the mental image of a pair of ample, hairy buttocks less than arousing. There was nothing for it. It would have to be the shrink.

Ben was shown into a spacious office with light décor. He glanced around the room and a female voice said “Looking for the couch?” Ben coloured. That had been precisely what he was looking for but all he saw instead was a pair of comfortable-looking settees each side of a coffee table. There was an antique roll-top desk off to one side and a standard lamp of possibly Scandinavian design. He noticed that none of the pieces really fitted together but the whole was pleasing. He turned now to the speaker and saw a tall young woman with short blonde hair and very large, very round glasses that magnified her eyes to an extent that Ben found comical. He suppressed the urge to smile.

“Dr Williamson?”

Just plain Ms. I’m a psychologist, not a physician. You must be Mr Farmer?”

“Ben. Please call me Ben.”

“Only if you will call me Jane.”

“OK then, Jane it is.”

Truth to tell, Ben was far from happy discussing his particular problem with a young woman. He’d rather imagined some elderly gentleman with wild hair and a Viennese accent. He decided that he’d better just make the best of it.

“Well then, Jane, where is the couch?”

“I don’t ‘do’ couches. Actually, I don’t think anyone does these days, outside of Hollywood. Just sit down and make yourself comfortable.”

She paused to read the contents of a slim buff-coloured file. He watched as her nose wrinkled and her lips made a sort of sideways twitching movement.

“Hmmm. Erectile dysfunction. You’re very young for that. Good, I see you’ve seen Mr Sandford. No physical causes, good. Look, I know it’s embarrassing, but can you give me a history? When it first started and what the circumstances were, that sort of thing?”

“ Oh Jeeze! Uh, I guess it started with Chloe. Everything was all right, you know, normal and then one night, umm, I just couldn’t manage, er, to perform.”

“How long had you been together?”

“About four or five months.”

“And you found her attractive?”

“I suppose so.”

“Put it another way; what didn’t you like about her?”

“Oh I don’t know. I guess that she was just a bit, well, shallow somehow.”

“Shallow? How?”

“Well, look, please don’t get me wrong, Chloe is a nice girl but just not for me. I mean we used to go out and then go back to my place or her place and … What I mean is we never talked. It was like we had to have sex to fill in the silences.”

“I see. What happened to Chloe?”

“Well, when my problem came up – or actually stayed down, if you’ll forgive the expression, she split.”

“And what did that suggest to you?”

“That she wanted regular sex and I wasn’t providing it?”

“So your relationship was entirely based on sex?”

“I suppose it was, now you say it.”

“And how do you feel about that?”

“Great! I mean what man wouldn’t? No complications, no emotional hang-ups, just good old fashioned bonking!”

“I see. What happened after Chloe?”

“I met Rachel. It was fantastic for a while, six or seven weeks at a guess, and then back came the problem.”

“Tell me, Ben, do you still have the desire or does the desire go along with the, er, performance?”

“Oh no, I want to do it. I want to do it like crazy but the old equipment won’t co-operate.”

“Are you concerned about your size?”


“Have any of your partners ever intimated that they were unsatisfied with the size of your penis or have you ever felt that your penis was somehow inferior to other men?” She gave a tight smile.
“I have to ask, you know. It’s a common problem.”

“No to both. I’m no pony but I know that I’m OK there. A good average, as far as I know. I mean you could get a complex watching these porn stars but they’re freaks of nature.”

“Do you watch a lot of pornography?”

“Christ, No! I mean I’ve seen a few videos – stag nights, that sort of thing, but it’s not a hobby!”

The session continued in a similar vein until Ben’s time was up. Jane Williamson instructed him to make a follow up appointment for the following week and Ben left, feeling just as confused and depressed as when he’d arrived. He couldn’t see what the session had achieved. He simply couldn’t picture how any future sessions would help. He thought about Jane Williamson; she seemed to be hiding behind those monstrous spectacles. Looking at her glasses somehow prevented him from seeing her face. ‘Physician, heal thyself,’ he mused. He tried to picture her without the glasses but it didn’t work. He grunted. “Camouflage!” :D And found he was wondering why. ;)

02-07-2005, 12:48 PM
Teacher's Pet - Part 1

Robert Brown was a thirty year-old chemistry teacher at Washington High School in Silver Springs, Maryland. He had taught there for five years and was regarded, by the female students, as a hunk. Robert knew of his reputation as a good-looking ladies man and enjoyed the attention he got from both female students and female faculty. He especially liked the attention he received from female students. He dated quite a few of them after they had turned eighteen and had graduated from high school. He liked his women young. There was something about a young, firm, well-built female body that turned him on, him and countless other men.

During his chemistry class, he would enjoy looking at all his female students, particularly the ones with the low cut blouses. It seemed his female students were only too eager to show off their bodies, especially to him. Some of them got so bold that when they would ask him for help, they would rub their bodies against his. Just another perk of a high school teacher, he thought. It was all harmless flirtation; as long as he did not make any advances back, he was safe.

That all changed when Heather Young took his senior chemistry class. She was a beautiful young woman, with a figure that put most woman to shame. She was extremely intelligent, had a great personality and was a star basketball player on the high school team. Robert was helping her secure a scholarship to the University of Maryland, his old alma mater. They have an annual full scholarship that they present to the most outstanding chemistry student in Maryland. In order to win the scholarship, the student must do original research and present a paper on their research by March. That meant Heather was spending a lot of time after school, in Robert’s chemistry lab, doing her research. The more Robert worked with her, the more he got to know her. She was one of the most mature students he had ever taught. It also seemed to him, she was flirting with him more and more, as she worked on her experiment. She always seemed to wear something revealing when she stayed after school. Robert enjoyed looking and started to look forward to the days Heather would spend working in the laboratory area. It was harmless enough, but that was about to change.

It was basketball season and Heather had to practice after school. That meant her work in the chemistry lab would not start until after basketball practice, usually around Four O’clock. At that time of day, there were not many people in the school, usually the custodial staff and some administrators working in the office. It was one of these days that our story begins.

Heather came in to Mr. Brown’s classroom ready to work on her experiment. She had just come from practice, where she took a quick shower and rushed up to his room.

“Hey, Mr. Brown, I’m ready to work,” said Heather as she entered the room. “I wanted to work on the energy transfer part of the of the experiment. After I get it set up, it should take about thirty minutes. Can you stay until I’m done?”

“No problem Heather,” replied Robert. “In fact I am waiting for a phone call from a supply house that needs to ship me some chemicals that I need for an experiment next month. So I would be staying anyway.” Robert looked at Heather as she walked to the lab table where her experiment was set up. What an ass she has, he thought to himself. She always has on the tightest shorts to emphasize it even more. Just then, she reached the table and bent down to get some supplies out of the bottom drawer. The tight shorts got tighter and rode up exposing a tiny portion of her ass cheeks. Robert could help but stare.

“Mr. Brown, I can’t find the lighter for the Bunsen burner. Heather asked, “Do you know where one is located?”

Robert got up, adjusted the bulge in his pants and went back to help Heather find a lighter. She was still bending down, looking in the bottom drawer when he arrived at the lab table. Her scooped necked blouse was hanging away from her body, giving Robert a clear view down her blouse. Her large tits were encased in a push up bra, the ones that show an ample amount of cleavage.

“Here it is,” Robert said and he reached in the drawer to get it. Just then, Heather turned her body so that his arm was pressing against her right boob. She made no effort to move it, in fact when Robert moved his arm away; she seemed to press her tit even more against his arm. Finally, Robert got the lighter and they both stood up.

Heather looked at Robert and said ”I would like to thank you for spending all this extra time with me. I really do appreciate it. Is there anything I can do for you?" She asked. “Anything at all.”

The way she said it, Robert thought for a moment, she was insinuating something sexual. She was a mature girl, but she would not be so bold as to come on to him. Maybe she saw how he tended to watch her, especially when she wore rather provocative attire. No, he was just imagining it, he thought.

Heather turned to face him, “Mr. Brown, I really think you are a very good teacher. I am so happy to have had you for chemistry.” Then she moved closer, so that her boobs were lightly touching his chest. “I know you have spent many hours helping me and I would like to pay you back, if I could.” Saying that, she pressed her body tight against his titled her head up to meet his and began to kiss him. He kissed her back, at first out of instinct, but he broke the kiss and tried to move away from her.

“Heather, we should not be doing this, we err I could get in trouble.” Said a rather excited Robert.

“Mr. Brown,” said Heather, as she drew him back to her. I have seen you looking at me. I know you want me as much as I want you.” Saying that, she grabbed his ass and pulled him tight against her. “I can feel your hard cock pressing against me. Admit it, you want me.”

Robert could not believe how badly his body betrayed him. Yes, he wanted her, even though he knew it was wrong – wrong and very dangerous. Still, he had to have her. He took her in his arms and pulled her body close to his. His hands slid down her back until they we on that beautiful ass, the one he watched for so long. He looked into her eyes as he brought his lips to hers. Just as their lips touched, a voice came over the intercom. Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown report to the main office for a phone call.

He broke the embrace. “I have to go and get that phone call, Heather,” he told her. “They know I am up in my room, if I don’t go down to the office, they will come up to my room looking for me.”

Robert broke the embrace and quickly left the room. That was close, he thought, in another few minutes, I would have not been able to stop, he told himself.

He was out of the room so fast; he did not hear Heather say “shit.” Or see her reach for her cell phone and dial a number. “I almost had him,” told Heather to the person on the other end of the phone. “I did what you told me and he held me in his arms and was about to kiss me, when he got a phone call and was called to the office. What do I do now?” Heather asked the person on the other end of the line. “Oh, that’s good, that should work, if it doesn’t, nothing will. Let me get ready.”

Robert walked up from the office after taking his phone call. He tried to think how to handle the situation with Heather. She was a very attractive girl and he would love to fuck her, but it would be too dangerous. He would just tell her, what they did was wrong and it can’t go any further. He would give her the old standby, when you are eighteen and have graduated from high school, then we will get together, but not now. He felt more relaxed as he neared his room, he was sure his plan would work.

Robert opened his door and walked into his room, Heather was at the lab table working. She had put on her lab coat, like she always did and was conducting her experiment. “Heather, we have to talk,” said Robert. “What happened between us was very exciting, but it can’t continue.” Heather was facing away from Robert and did not stop working. “Heather, do you hear what I am saying,” asked Robert?

“Yes,” replied Heather. “I can not stop what I am doing right now, but keep talking, I am listening to you.”

“Alright, as I was saying you are a beautiful, sexy girl and if I was a boy your age, I would be asking you out. However, I am not a classmate, I am your teacher and I can not date you, not until you turn eighteen and have graduated from high school. It is the only way that a relationship between the two of us can happen. Do you hear what I am saying, Heather?”

Heather stopped what she was doing and turned to face Robert. “Mr. Brown, I am sorry if I did something that upset you, I did not mean to do that. I just thought you wanted me as much as I wanted you. I have seen you looking at me and checking me out. I believed you found me sexy and you wanted me. I guess I made a mistake.”

“Heather, you are right, I did look at you and I can see how that would give you the wrong imprecation. I do find you sexy, but I cannot allow any thing more to happen between the two of us. Let us just think of it as our little fantasy.” :eek: ...to be contd

02-07-2005, 12:49 PM
Teacher's Pet - End

“If that is what you what, Mr. Brown, then that will be fine with me, but are you sure that is what you what?” With that, Heather opened her lab coat and let it drop to the floor. There she stood in front of Robert totally naked. “Are you sure you would not like any of this,” she asked him?

Robert was so shocked at what Heather did he could only stare at her. As he looked at her, he started at her head and her beautiful reddish-brown hair. Heather had hazel eyes that accented her hair. She always wore the appropriate amount of make-up and today was no exception. Robert’s gaze shifted downward and he gazed upon her beautiful breasts. They were full, about the size of a grapefruit, but her being young; there was no sag to her breasts. Her erect nipples were the size of a quarter and stood out about one-half inch. They were a brown-brown in color and almost matched her hair. They looked so inviting it was all Robert could do to keep from taking them into his mouth and sucking on them. He continued to move his eyes downward and saw Heather’s tiny waist and flat stomach. As his gaze went still lower, he found himself staring at her hips, which were the perfect size for her body. Then, his eyes finally settled in on her pussy. She had shaved her hair around her lips so they were totally bare, and trimmed the rest of her hair so there was only a slight tuff of brown hair above her pussy. Robert’s concentration was interrupted by Heather’s voice.

“Don’t forget this,” she said, as she turned around allowing him to view her beautiful firm butt. “You are always checking it out, I thought you would like to see it now. And by the way, I am eighteen.”

Robert’s gaze went to her gorgeous, firm hard butt. He had always been a butt man and before him was the best butt he had ever seen.

Robert could not control his urges. He knew he should leave the room or ask her to cover up, but he could not, his little head was now in control. He had never seen a body like that the one in front of him, Most woman look better with their clothes on, hiding imperfections. Usually, ones imagination is usually better than reality, however, not in this case. Before Robert was a perfect body, one that measured a ten.

Heather moved even closer to him. She took his hands in hers and placed them on her tits. “I know you have wanted to do feel them for a long time.” She squeezed her hands, making Robert’s hands touch and grab her tits. When she removed her hands, Robert’s hands continued to massage her tits. Robert was lost to lust. He grabbed Heather and held her close. He could feel her nipples pressing into his chest. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips, a gentle kiss at first, then a passionate, tongues intertwining, kiss. His hands traveled down her back until they reached that spectacular ass. As his hands groped and grabbed it, he thought her ass feels even better than it looks.

Robert broke the embrace, grabbed Heather by the hand and led her to his office. “We better go in here,” he said. “We will not be disturbed and it’s much more comfortable in here.”

Robert’s office was huge, eight foot by twelve foot. At one time, it was a supply closet. However, as the safety laws for storing chemicals became more stringent, the school refurbished another room and made it the storage space. That allowed Robert to have an over sized office. He had his desk, with a computer, a telephone, filing cabinets and a large couch. If anyone inquired about the couch, he said it was there in the event his back acted up and he had to lie down. Really, it was there so he had a place to fuck. He had screwed a few of the young female teachers. They found him helpful and understanding when they approached him with problems in their classrooms. One thing would lead to another and before they knew it, they were laying on the couch getting laid. :p

04-11-2006, 01:37 PM
Summer Vacation - Part 1

It was the night before we were to leave on our standard 2-week vacation on Cape Cod. My wife, Dot, was having difficulty falling asleep and kept tossing and turning keeping me awake. I ask her what was bothering her, with no answer. When I woke up several hours later she was still not asleep so I ask her again if there was something wrong. Her response was, "Yes, we have to talk". "Don't be mad with me, but I have to tell you about last years vacation before we go back again. Please let me finish the entire story before start in. We have to work out this problem." What could I do except prop my head up on one arm and tell her OK I promise not to say a word.

My wife is 37 years old, 5' 8", weighting 130 lbs., with a flat stomach and 36B breasts that do not show the wear of having 2 children. She has always worked at keeping herself in good shape and enjoys show her off body with her one-piece tight fitting black nylon swimsuit with high cut hips. I am always proud being seen with her and know she attracts attention from young and old both. She has a great body.

While we lay naked in bed, she started in with her store from the previous year. Tell me first, that she loved me, and then asking me to please don't get angry with her, since this was going to be hard for me to hear.

Last year on the second day we were there, you went fishing with the boys and I was going to the beach to sunbathe and read. After I got her suit on I went out back to get my chair and umbrella. The rental house behind us was rented by a group of male college students. When I got to the back of the house I noticed that there was one of the male students sitting in their back yard watching me. As I turned to leave he call and asked me if needed help caring the things to the beach, one short block away, and would I like some company on the beach since he was not into the beach volley ball seen. A chill of excitement overcame me and I decided too live on the edge, by accepting his friendly offer. As he stood up to come over to help, I noticed how well endowed he obviously was by the signs o his erection, which increased my excitement. Here I am an older woman who is stirring the desires of this younger man. With this my nipples hardened and poked at the front my suit. I felt like a young girl again. Before we started to the beach, he offered me a beer, so I figured what could be the harm. When we got into his kitchen he status=ed two beers and offered me one. While he was directly in front of me hold the beer, our eyes met and he leaned down kissing me with a long deep kiss. I returned the kiss with my tongue as his hand slipped the strap of my suit off my one shoulder. His hand started drawing circles around my nipple and flicking it on each pass. He proceeded to pull my exposed nipple into his mouth and started sucking me like a newborn baby. The excitement was more then I needed to reach my first small orgasm.

With that he pulled the other strap off my shoulder leaving both of my breasts exposed to him. His hands were all over me and my hands were concentrating on the large erection in the front of his trunks. His fingers slipped in the sides of my suit and he slipped the suit over my hips as I stepped out of it completely. He picked me up and sat me on the edge of the desk in the kitchen, then stepped back and removed his trunks. His penis was pointing straight at me about 1 1/2 inch in diameter and 10 inches long. As he moved forward I held his erection in my hand and guided it towards my awaiting vagina. My desire was up and I wanted the excitement of his cock inside me. He slid his cock easily between my labia as he took his time entering me with short smooth pushes, even as my heels dug into his butt, pulling him towards me. The feeling of a strangers cock in my vagina only excited me more. When he reached my cervix, one quick push and he was through into my womb, sending a massive climax through my abdomen. He picked up his rhythm and quickly deposited at least 1/2 a cup of life giving semen directly into my convulsing womb. My body shuttered with overlapping orgasms as I felt the hot mixture entering me. When we was done I looked down at his erection pressed into my crotch, with my legs wrapped around him and realized I must be a slut I must be have been have fucked by a man I only met less then 30 minutes ago, and who's name I didn't know. With a feeling of embarrassment, all I wanted to do was get out of there and clean my self up.

I pushed him back gently and reached down picking up my suit, but he had other ideas. He picked me up and carried me into his room, laying me on his bed. The cum from our first encounter was seeping from my vagina and pooling on his bed now. He sat down on the bed between my legs, inserted one finger into my vagina, pulling it back out covered with his cum. He then wrote on my stomach, the name Joe. As I lay there I told him my name was Dot, that I was 37, married and had two children. He told me he was 20 and was working as a waiter for the summer and went to school near Boston. He told me that I was the sexiest mature woman that he had every seen and that I aroused him so much that he just had to meet me and fuck me. He told me he was not into younger women because they didn't understand his outlook on life and they acted so immature. He then asked if I had ever considered shaving my pubic area completely to better show off my beautiful labia against my flat abdomen. As we lay there talked for about an hour before I noticed that his penis was becoming erect again. I wanted him inside me again, even though I knew it was wrong for me to be like this, but I needed the thrill of uncontrolled sex.

I pushed him on to his back and moved down to his groin taking his cock into my mouth, I wanted to taste the weapon that had given me such pleasure and was ready to do it again. I could only get a small portion into my mouth before I started choking; but the expression on his face told the whole story of his excitement as I pressed my tongue into the tip of his penis. When he was wet, with my saliva, I moved over him placing my vagina directly over him erection. He massaged my breasts as I sat up and started to lower myself onto his cock. His cock felt larger then before as I work it into my already slick cunt, until it contacted my cervix again. I wanted him in my womb, where his could spill his sperm where it belonged, when he ejaculated. He sperm in my womb would have been a problem except for the fact that my tubes are tied after our second child. The head of his penis was now pressing on the back wall of my womb, causing my vaginal muscles spasm, increasing both our pleasures. He started thrusting up into me work his way to his second climax in my mature cunt. We got into a rhythm both knowing that it wasn't going to be long before we were both satisfied again. With one last major thrust, he once again deposited his cum deep within my orgasming vagina. I knew I would have to have him again and again.

After coming down from my sexual high, I realized I needed to get back to the house and clean myself up, before you got home with the boys. Joe and I kissed deeply and I told him that I wanted to meet him again. I pulled my swimsuit over my body as I stood up weak kneed, walking for the door. The physical movement of walking caused the sperm inside my vagina to pour out onto the inside of my suit. The warm semen was leaving a large wet stain on the lower abdomen and butt of my suit as it soaked in. It was obvious where it was coming from and I felt an exhilaration as status=ed the front door and moved out into public. As I step to the edge of the porch, Joe's three roommates turned to enter the house from the beach. They stared at my stained swimsuit crotch and smiled at me as I smiled back, all of us knowing how the stain got there. A feels embarrassment and thrill overcame me simultaneously. I knew and they knew, I was freshly fucked.

04-11-2006, 01:38 PM
Summer Vacation - Part 2 (epilogue)

I moved quickly through the back yard to our house and went up stairs to the bathroom, where I looked in the mirror seeing the afterglow in my face and the stain in my crotch. I started running the bath water while I cleaned the semen from my suit. As I lay in the tub soaking, dreamed of my past hours and how they had changed my life. I picked up my razor, smiled to myself and shaved my pubic hair off; dreaming of the next time Joe would see my vagina. I was a changed woman now, knowing my deep sexual desires and waited for my next encounter.

My next opportunity was two days later when you and the boys went to play golf. I had spoken o Joe in the back yard and set up our meeting to match your schedule. It was going to be a long wait, even though you made love to me every evening on vacation. I wanted Joe and his youth.

On Wednesday it seemed like forever while you and the boys packed to go golfing and I waited to be fucked again. When you left I ran up to our room and put on the sexiest panties and bra I had, a short skirt and pullover top. I then proceed through the back yard to my young lovers house. He was waiting for me in anticipation of our meeting. We promptly when into his room, closed the door and start to grope each other's bodies. I felt like a teenager sneaking out on a date against my father will. We have all day since you were out golfing. He started to slowly undress me studying each area of my body with his hands and mouth. When I was down to just my panties, I stepped back and slid them off showing him how I had shaved just for him. His excitements forced him to through me down on the bed and start to lick and suck my clean-shaven vagina, taking my labia into his mouth and rolling them between his tongue and lips. I had my first orgasm of the day while he covered his face with my secretions. He proceeded to move up on me aligning his erect cock with my vagina. I pushed up trying to get him in me, but he wanted to tease me by rubbing his cock head between my labia and pulling back each time I lugged forward. When the time came he pushed forward and was all the way in me with the one thrust, status=ing my vagina and pierced my cervix in one smooth push and I was twitching in orgasm. I wanted him to cum so I could feel the warmth of his semen, in my womb; but I also wanted his to wait so I could have him in me longer. I wrapped my legs around him and held on. It wasn't long before I felt the familiar sense of his cock swelling and his cum spurting out the end. He must have deposited several ounces of hot sperm in me again. I was at the top of my climax now with my vagina rhythmically tightening around his spent penis. I wanted and needed more.

When we recovered his semi-hard penis was still inside me. He told me he had a surprise for me and called out for his roomies. The door status=ed and his three friends entered the room moving around the bed. I was embarrassed lying there naked under Joe, impaled by his cock, but excited by the idea that this presented. He told me that his friends had seen me and my cum stain the other day and wanted to 'help', if it was all right with me. I looked at Joe and told him yes, they could 'help' on one condition; that they only came in my pussy and I only had one partner at a time. They were more then happy to oblige me.

With that Joe rolled off me and introduced me to his friends, Mark, John and Bill. Mark stepped forward and removed his cloth. I pointed for him to move between my legs and then I helped guide his fully erect penis into my already sloppy vagina. It took no effort for him to enter and I wrapped my legs around him as he started pumping wildly. Within minutes he was dumping his semen into my womb, to combine with Joe's. It was start of one long continues orgasm as John and then Bill's cocks erupted inside me. I have never had such an orgasm as they each took their turn in me. By the time they were finished their first time Joe was ready to start again. My crotch was soaked with their combined sperm as each man forced the previous man cum deeper into me, and the overflow out with his entry. I wanted to lie there and have them fuck me all day; and that was their plan.

I spent the next four hours taking each of the young studs in turn until they had each ejaculated 3 times deep within me. When Bill pulled out for his third time, I roll my face toward Joe and suggested that I should get cleaned up and get home. Joe agreed and his roommates left us alone again. I smiled a Joe as he inspected my stretched vaginal status=ing, commented on the amount of cum that was still visibly pooled inside me. I ask he for a cup so we could see how much cum there really was and he produce a 250ml beaker from the shelf. I had him hold it under my crotch and help me sit up over it. The residual orgasms were still weakly contracting in my abdomen forcing the bubbling semen to be ejected into the beaker as I squeezed my stomach forcing even more out. I sat back as he picked up the beaker and read the amount, 75ml. I took the breaker from him and looked longingly at the slimy white mixture in front of me. Here was the result of my four lovers efforts. Then without think I poured the solution into my mouth and swallowed it. Giving the empty beaker back to him with a sloppy smile.

Joe helped me get dressed except for my panties, which I carried in my hand. He offered to help me back to our house, but I refused, not wanting anyone to see me with him. As I slowly made my way back through the yard a stream of cum was rolling down my inner thighs past my knees. When I got into the house I went up to the bathroom, bathed and douched to clean myself for you. Not wanting you to find out how I had spent my day.

I met my young lovers five more times before we had to leave at the end of our vacation and each time they fucked me depositing their cum deep within me.

My first response to her story was that of extreme anger, but as she continued I became increasingly aroused. "Why are you telling me this now, are you trying to make me angry or jealous"? "No!" she answered, " I'm telling you because they will be there again this year and I want to have sex with them again even more times then last year. And I don't want to have to sneak around anymore." I thought about her concern and request for a short time and then told her, "OK, if it's what you need, on one condition, I want to watch you get gangbanged at least one of the times!":D

04-11-2006, 01:41 PM
Valentine Creme Centers 1

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day, a day for lovers and couples. At least, that is the way my wife Suzy and I always look at it. Valentine’s Day has always been special to us, even though we’ve been married 15 years now.

Suzy, I might add, still looks dynamite, at the age of 36, even after a couple of kids. She has honey-blonde hair, sassy green eyes that flash with lust, full, sensual strawberry lips, and a sweet set of knockers that are in the D range. She has a luscious ass and enjoys anal as much as a good pussy fucking.

Anyway, Suzy always likes to give me a Valentine present as much as she likes receiving one. Jewelry’s always a good bet, and this year I got her a diamond bracelet. Oh, it wasn’t huge, none of that Michael Douglas pretentious look-at-how-rich-I-am kind of bracelet, but it was classy—a lot like Suzy—and my wife loved it.

When it came Suzy’s turn, she said, “I know how you have to stay away from candy.”

“So true,” I admitted. Being 40 doesn’t make it easy to keep the pounds off.

“Still, I think I am going to be able to give you a some nice Valentine crème centers to satisfy your appetite.”

I looked at her quizzically.

She called on the phone. “Ed? . . . Yes, it’s all set up. . . . He’s right here and so am I . . . . waiting,” and then she laughed at whatever “Ed” said to her on the phone.

“Ed is . . . .?”

“Going to leave a Valentine present behind for my hubby. He is a personal trainer where I work out.”

I got a shit-eaten grin on my face. “I think I know where this is going.”

“Do you?” my wife replied. “Did you know he is going to bring a friend along.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

About that time (they couldn’t have been more than a few blocks away), there was a knock on the door. When Suzy answered it, in came a couple of muscle-bound guys. My wife stood on tiptoes and kissed Ed, pressing her voluptuous tits to his muscular chest. The kiss went on for a long time, and I saw his tongue slip between my wife’s strawberry lips. The other guy’s name was Jerry. And my wife kissed him for just as long, as if she had known him for years, instead of two minutes. Jerry’s big strong hand went around my wife’s waist. He squeezed and gripped her sweet ass like he had done it a dozen times.

When my wife turned to me, her lips looked a bit swollen. I could see her chest rising and falling rapidly. She was already obviously aroused.

“Shall we?” asked Ed.

“Sure.” I nodded.

My wife took the two guys by the hand. Walking between them, she led them down the hall to our bedroom. I watched her ripe ass sway and jiggle as she walked. I felt my cock. It was already growing rigid.

The guys were eager to get started. No subtlety here. But then I suppose none of the four of us were looking for subtlety. As soon as Suzy sat on the bed between them, Jerry began to kiss her neck. Ed quickly status=ed the top half of her dress, pushed it over her shoulders. Jerry unsnapped her bra, and Ed lifted it from her shoulders. My wife’s beautiful breasts spilled into view. They were like two ivory melons. The way both men murmured I could tell they were impressed.

Each guy scooped up one of those lovely melons. Ed nibbled on the nipple on his side, while Jerry sucked his in hard. Suzy put her hands in their hair as they nursed at her sensitive tits. A small moan floated from her throat, and for a moment my wife threw her blonde head back. I could tell she was wallowing in the sensuality of having both breasts pleasured at once.

With a sigh, my wife almost melted right onto the bed. The two men quickly undressed. It was more than a little obvious that they worked out and worked out a lot. Bulging biceps, broad chests, rope like muscles in their legs was more than enough evidence. And their cocks! My god, I hoped they wouldn’t split my smallish wife—at least, smallish compared to them.

But if Suzy was concerned, she sure didn’t show it. Instead, her eyes positively glowed at the sight of those two well-endowed naked men.

While Jerry slipped off my wife’s shoes, Ed pulled my wife’s dress down over her luscious hips. Jerry tugged down Suzy’s panty hose. Then Ed slid her panties from her waist. There my wife was, trembling and naked before those two horny guys. Their eyes, in turn, glowed with lust, looking at her exposed and voluptuous body. She had her left knee lifted and her right arm above her head in that classic sexually beckoning pose.

The two studs slid on either side of her and started to nuzzle her neck (which I know to be very sensitive). One sucked on her melons as the other kissed her and nibbled on her neck. Then Ed’s hand started to drift lower over my wife’s flat tummy. His nails grazed her inner thighs. Jerry’s hand followed. His middle finger went to her love slit. He located her clitoris, caressing it. My wife was trembling.

“Like that, baby?” he asked with a small laugh.

All my wife could do was nod and bite her lower lip.

“Time to get onboard,” Ed said, stroking his enormous erection.

Sobbing softly, my wife mounted Ed. She reached behind her and inserted the massive prick into her pussy. I could see her honey dribbling down over his staff. She made little hurty sounds as she lowered herself onto his fuck-pole. Finally, he was buried to the hilt. I saw how his cock stretched my wife’s pussy lips . . . so wide . . . so incredibly wide.

Slowly, Suzy started to ride the stud. Her whimpers of pleasure filled the room. She rubbed her own tits, lifting the level of her desire higher and higher.

Jerry knelt near Suzy, offering her his prick. Suzy tossed her blonde hair to the side and leaned forward until her mouth engulfed Jerry’s shaft.

He closed his eyes, savoring the sensation of her warm moist mouth, the feelings of her squirming pink tongue as it wrapped itself around his shaft. My wife licked up one side and down the other, tracing the large thick veins in his meat, then devoured it.

As she was pleasuring Jerry, Ed started to move. He held my wife by the waist and lifted his ass, fucking her with short jabs.

“Damn, you have a sweet pussy!”

Suzy’s answer, whatever it was, was muffled by the hunk of meat in her mouth.

Jerry took his cock out of Suzy’s mouth. Ed pulled my wife close to him. He kissed her wanton mouth.

“You did say you wanted both of us?”

“Well, yes.”

Ed smiled, as Jerry positioned himself behind my wife’s butt.

Suzy’s eyes got large for a minute. “But I meant one after another.” She paused and her smile grew larger. “Why not? It will be a new experience.”

“That’s my girl,” said Ed. :p

04-11-2006, 01:43 PM
Valentine Creme Centers -Epilogue

Jerry hadn’t said anything. He was too busy playing with my baby’s asshole. Jerry tongued the golden rim until Suzy squirmed. I watched his tongue’s tip drill into her, probe and tease. I watched my wife’s puckered anus flex and try to grasp the elusive tongue.

Finally, Suzy exclaimed, sweaty and squirming, “Fuck me in the ass, you bastard, you’ve made me hotter than hell!”

Both Ed and Jerry laughed at that.

Ed held my wife in such a way that her big hanging tits were pressed passionately against his muscular chest. They were kind of mashed against his muscles. He held Suzy’s ass up in the air for his buddy, held her full asscheeks apart. What a fucking inviting target! I thought.

Jerry brought his thick meat closer to my wife’s anus, preparing for the double penetration. He pressed the full head against the golden rim. Suzy gave a small gasp as the head of his prick entered her behind. Her body, glistening with perspiration, trembled ever so slightly, so it appeared she was a golden shimmer.

Ed held absolutely still as Jerry pressed more and more of his dick into my wife. I could see that it was not easy for her to take the two large cocks like that, but she wanted them both. Slowly, a look came over her face. The slight pain she felt started to dissipate. The pain was replaced with a lust she had never felt before. A lust that was overwhelming.

My wife began to move while the two men held still. I could see she was trying to relax, relax her breathing and everything. Down she moved onto Ed’s huge staff, then she would move up and backwards allowing Jerry’s prick to penetrate her. Suzy whimpered and sighed with the pleasure the dual cocks were bringing her. Finally, the two men started to move with her. It was obvious to me that they had worked in tandem before. As Suzy moved her pelvis down, Ed lifted his ass. I could see his cock penetrate her all the way. When Suzy moved up and back, Ed pulled partially out, and Jerry plunged in.

“Jesus, you guys are cramming me with cock!” my wife exclaimed.

“Any complaints?” asked Ed, grinning.

“No-no-no,” my wife stuttered, shaking her blonde head.

Pretty soon the three were panting too hard to speak. The only sounds in the room was an occasional sigh or murmur of pleasure. Every now and then my wife groaned with the stretching she was getting. The room was filled with the smell of raw sex, of sweat and pussy juice and the acrid odor of precum from cocks.

Jerry grunted, slamming into her from behind. Ed’s cock made squishy sounds every time it penetrated Suzy.

My wife just went “Ah-ah-ah-ah,” each time one of the studs slammed into her.

They were fucking my wife with blinding speed now.

Finally, Ed muttered, “Fuck, I’m going cum.”

“Me too,” said Jerry.

Between them my wife simply screamed, delirious with pleasure. I watched their massive cocks spasm. I saw wave after wave of their jism pour into my wife. Impaled, helpless, captured between the two beefy men, my wife writhed and groaned.

“Fuck, you’ve got a talented cunt,” exclaimed Ed in awe.

“And your asshole ain’t bad either,” Jerry joined it.

But my wife was breathless, lost in lust, thrashing about, rolling her blonde head. Finally, she quieted down. Jerry moved aside. Each of the men kissed her. I could tell she was one contented lady. Finally, the men got dressed and, after telling me to call any time at all, they left.

Then Suzy called to me. “Darling, your Valentine’s Day present is ready and waiting, nice and hot, just the way you like it.

I laughed, shedding my clothes. When I got into bed, I found it warm from all the hot bodies.
Suzy got a pillow and put it behind her back where she rested against the headboard. She likes to watch me clean her out, she says. She lifted her knees. Her pussy and asshole sparkled with the thick, stringy cum, calling me, calling me to taste it.

I bent over my wife steamy pussy. It smelled of hot sex and cum and sweat. I dragged my tongue along my wife’s thighs, tasting the salt of her perspiration. I slithered my tongue through my wife’s muff, cleaning the drops of Ed’s cum from her pubic hair.

“Mmm,” my wife murmured, laying her head back against the headboard and closing her eyes. She put her hands in my hair to guide me.

I slithered my tongue a little lower to taste Jerry’s sperm in my wife’s asshole. It was brownish and creamy. I tasted it. It was rather pique. I went from Suzy’s asshole to her pussy, back and forth, taste first Ed’s pungent cum, then Jerry’s, which, if possible, tasted a bit sweeter.

Above me, my wife was purring. “I’m so sensitive, darling, from the double fucking.”

My tongue flicked out, scooping up another dollop of crème. I rolled it around in my mouth and swallowed it.

My wife was whining now, undulating her hips, fucking my face. Eagerly I sucked up some more sperm, wrapping it around my tongue and swallowing the string of pearl.

Again and again my tongue went out, searching, exploring my wife’s sloppy cunt, probing her gaping asshole from which sperm still trickled. I tasted and swallowed and thoroughly cleaned out both of my wife’s lovely fuck holes.

Suzy cried out, arched her ass and a spray of her cum trickled over my tongue. At the same time, I came myself. A tidal wave of sperm poured out of me spreading over my thigh. In a tangle of limbs we collapsed together.

“Oh, love, that was so fucking good.”

I smiled up at her, my cheeks stained with her nectar.

She brought my face up to hers and kissed me sweetly. “Did you like your Valentine present?”

“I loved it,” I assured her, licking my lips one last time :p

04-11-2006, 01:44 PM
Valentine Creme Centers -Epilogue

Jerry hadn’t said anything. He was too busy playing with my baby’s asshole. Jerry tongued the golden rim until Suzy squirmed. I watched his tongue’s tip drill into her, probe and tease. I watched my wife’s puckered anus flex and try to grasp the elusive tongue.

Finally, Suzy exclaimed, sweaty and squirming, “Fuck me in the ass, you bastard, you’ve made me hotter than hell!”

Both Ed and Jerry laughed at that.

Ed held my wife in such a way that her big hanging tits were pressed passionately against his muscular chest. They were kind of mashed against his muscles. He held Suzy’s ass up in the air for his buddy, held her full asscheeks apart. What a fucking inviting target! I thought.

Jerry brought his thick meat closer to my wife’s anus, preparing for the double penetration. He pressed the full head against the golden rim. Suzy gave a small gasp as the head of his prick entered her behind. Her body, glistening with perspiration, trembled ever so slightly, so it appeared she was a golden shimmer.

Ed held absolutely still as Jerry pressed more and more of his dick into my wife. I could see that it was not easy for her to take the two large cocks like that, but she wanted them both. Slowly, a look came over her face. The slight pain she felt started to dissipate. The pain was replaced with a lust she had never felt before. A lust that was overwhelming.

My wife began to move while the two men held still. I could see she was trying to relax, relax her breathing and everything. Down she moved onto Ed’s huge staff, then she would move up and backwards allowing Jerry’s prick to penetrate her. Suzy whimpered and sighed with the pleasure the dual cocks were bringing her. Finally, the two men started to move with her. It was obvious to me that they had worked in tandem before. As Suzy moved her pelvis down, Ed lifted his ass. I could see his cock penetrate her all the way. When Suzy moved up and back, Ed pulled partially out, and Jerry plunged in.

“Jesus, you guys are cramming me with cock!” my wife exclaimed.

“Any complaints?” asked Ed, grinning.

“No-no-no,” my wife stuttered, shaking her blonde head.

Pretty soon the three were panting too hard to speak. The only sounds in the room was an occasional sigh or murmur of pleasure. Every now and then my wife groaned with the stretching she was getting. The room was filled with the smell of raw sex, of sweat and pussy juice and the acrid odor of precum from cocks.

Jerry grunted, slamming into her from behind. Ed’s cock made squishy sounds every time it penetrated Suzy.

My wife just went “Ah-ah-ah-ah,” each time one of the studs slammed into her.

They were fucking my wife with blinding speed now.

Finally, Ed muttered, “Fuck, I’m going cum.”

“Me too,” said Jerry.

Between them my wife simply screamed, delirious with pleasure. I watched their massive cocks spasm. I saw wave after wave of their jism pour into my wife. Impaled, helpless, captured between the two beefy men, my wife writhed and groaned.

“Fuck, you’ve got a talented cunt,” exclaimed Ed in awe.

“And your asshole ain’t bad either,” Jerry joined it.

But my wife was breathless, lost in lust, thrashing about, rolling her blonde head. Finally, she quieted down. Jerry moved aside. Each of the men kissed her. I could tell she was one contented lady. Finally, the men got dressed and, after telling me to call any time at all, they left.

Then Suzy called to me. “Darling, your Valentine’s Day present is ready and waiting, nice and hot, just the way you like it.

I laughed, shedding my clothes. When I got into bed, I found it warm from all the hot bodies.
Suzy got a pillow and put it behind her back where she rested against the headboard. She likes to watch me clean her out, she says. She lifted her knees. Her pussy and asshole sparkled with the thick, stringy cum, calling me, calling me to taste it.

I bent over my wife steamy pussy. It smelled of hot sex and cum and sweat. I dragged my tongue along my wife’s thighs, tasting the salt of her perspiration. I slithered my tongue through my wife’s muff, cleaning the drops of Ed’s cum from her pubic hair.

“Mmm,” my wife murmured, laying her head back against the headboard and closing her eyes. She put her hands in my hair to guide me.

I slithered my tongue a little lower to taste Jerry’s sperm in my wife’s asshole. It was brownish and creamy. I tasted it. It was rather pique. I went from Suzy’s asshole to her pussy, back and forth, taste first Ed’s pungent cum, then Jerry’s, which, if possible, tasted a bit sweeter.

Above me, my wife was purring. “I’m so sensitive, darling, from the double fucking.”

My tongue flicked out, scooping up another dollop of crème. I rolled it around in my mouth and swallowed it.

My wife was whining now, undulating her hips, fucking my face. Eagerly I sucked up some more sperm, wrapping it around my tongue and swallowing the string of pearl.

Again and again my tongue went out, searching, exploring my wife’s sloppy cunt, probing her gaping asshole from which sperm still trickled. I tasted and swallowed and thoroughly cleaned out both of my wife’s lovely fuck holes.

Suzy cried out, arched her ass and a spray of her cum trickled over my tongue. At the same time, I came myself. A tidal wave of sperm poured out of me spreading over my thigh. In a tangle of limbs we collapsed together.

“Oh, love, that was so fucking good.”

I smiled up at her, my cheeks stained with her nectar.

She brought my face up to hers and kissed me sweetly. “Did you like your Valentine present?”

“I loved it,” I assured her, licking my lips one last time :p

05-11-2006, 11:03 AM
Checking Out at the Supermarket Will Never Be The Same - Part 1

I've been making a lot more trips to the local supermarket since my wife of 30 years died. I really miss her. She was a great partner for all those years, in more ways than one. Up until the last few years when she was so sick, we had great sex. It's been over a year since she died, and over 3 years since I've had sex.

Well as I said, I do all my shopping now, and I seem to make 2 or 3 trips to the market every week. I just can't remember to pick up everything I need. I always notice all the young pretty high school checkout girls, but to me they are just that; something to look at. Just like a piece of art, something to admire at a distance. Besides they are mostly immature and I just don't have anything in common with these young kids. Not to mention I have children of mine own that are older than these girls.

There is one lady however. She seems a little older, maybe in her early to mid-twenties. Her name tag says Amy, and says she is the 'Front End Manager'. I guess that means she is in charge of all of the checkout girls. She had very beautiful face, with such a beautiful smile with perfect pearly white teeth. With a slight olive tint to her skin, she could have a little American Indian in her family tree. She has a very ample bust, as the buttons are always about to bust on her tops. Her waist is nice, but not super thin like some of these unreal girls. Very nice hips that usually sport beige hip huggers. I have been noticing her for the past few months as I have been coming in. She is always very nice and pleasant.

On this day, I pull my buggy up to an empty checkout and one of the usual girls began to ring up my groceries. Then Amy comes up and begins to sack up my items. She and the cashier begin to chit chat about the new tops that they are going to be required to wear. The cashier asks Amy if they are going to get her one big enough this time. As I hear that remark, I look up at Amy and catch her eye. It seems to catch her off guard, and she seems to blush at first, then she gives me one of her famous smiles. Then she says, "oh, they'll never get one big enough for me."

When Amy finishes bagging up my groceries and I pay for them, she ask if I'll like for her to take them out for me. Sure, I say. We exchange some small talk as we near my car. Then she says, "So, you like the way I look in my tops?"

"I think you look great" I reply, shocked that she would even ask such a question.

"I have noticed you coming in a lot more since your wife died." she said. "I hope you're doing OK"

This is a very small town and everyone knows everyone, so I really not surprised that she knew that my wife had passed. I was fairly well known in the town, as I had retired a fairly succesfull businessman.

"I'm doing pretty good" I replied. "It just gets lonely sometimes".

We chatted a little as she finished putting the groceries in my car. As she finished, she asked to see the receipt. I thought she was double checking something when she pulled out a pen. Then she wrote something on the receipt.

"Here's my number, call me sometimes when you get lonely" she said.

I damn near shit my pants. Here I am, nearly 50 years old, just an average old Joe, even somewhat overweight, with this hot young thing hitting on me. Am I dreaming or what!

"I'll do that" I replied, "See ya later".

As I drove off, I couldn't believe what had just happened.

For the next couple of days I couldn't seem to get her off my mind. This just couldn't be true. Something was wrong. Just what was the catch. When was I going to wake up from my dream? Should I call her? What if her boyfriend came and beat me up? I just kept running over all the scenerios in my mind.

I finally caved in and gave her a call. I just caught her before she was headed out. It seems it was her day off and she was running errands. I asked her if she wanted to meet me somewhere or could I pick her up later. Since she lived in another town and had to come into my town to pick up her check later on that day, she asked if she could just drop by my house. Not being a quck thinker, I said OK and gave her directions. She said she would probably be by around 7:30 or 8, buy not to have any dinner for her, she would eat before she came by.

It had been over 30 years since I had talked to a woman about any kind of date. After getting off the phone, I started having second tnoughts. Again something didn't seem quite right. Her wanting to come to my house, not wanting to meet me anywhere, her not wanting me to have her anything to eat. Is this some kind of set up? I am getting nervous.

I make sure my house is straightened up, not knowing what is going to happen. You can cut the anticipation with a knife. I am scared to death, yet excited too. As 7pm rolls around I'm almost shaking. It's coming a thunderstorm outside. Damn, what's going to happen? Either I'm going to have one of the worst nights or one of the best nights of my life.

Soon the door bell rings. As I peek out the glass, I see Amy's pretty smiling face. I let her in and ask if I can take her coat. As she takes it off and hands it to me I gasp! What a body! Her breasts are not bound up tonight! She has to be atleast a 42DD. Her white lacy blouse is gathered and tied just below her boobs. Her black leather mini skirt just barely covers her round butt, and almost shows the tops of her stockings just where the garters clip on.

"You can see the problem I have with the tops at work" she said. "They just never have them big enough so I always have to keep my boobs bound up with a tight sports bra." "It's nice to be able to set them free on occasion."

I'm just standing there in awe; she's stilling standing in the doorway.

"I'm sorry. Come on in. You'll have to excuse my manners. I'm just not used to this. It's been over 30 years you know." I said.

"You're not used to dating or you're not used to this?" she asked as she started slowly massaging her massive boobs through her blouse.

"Either" I replied. "But I could get used to both"

At this point I reached over and took her hand and started gently squeezing her breasts.

"You like those?" she asked, as she untied the blouse and slowly removed it.

I moved over to her and cupped both breasts and squeezed them both. I could feel both nippled getting hard through her bra. I leaned into her and kissed her lips. Gently at first, then harded. God this feels good. At this point, I'm still waiting for something bad to happen, but I'm to the point of no return.

As we kiss, our tongues intertwine. She reachs and feels my semi erect cock and squeezes it through my pants.

"I haven't eaten yet" I tell Amy. "Will you be my dinner?" I ask as I sit her up on the bar.

I slid her skirt high up on her voluptous hips. She slids up to the edge of the bar as I grab a chair and sit down to dinner. I gently spread her legs apart widely. I begin to tongue her inner thighs from the tops of her stockings all the way up to her pantiless 'y'. As I lick and tickle up both sides, she is squirming in delight. Her clean shaven pussy is glistening as I insert my index finger deep inside. She sighs deeply as a slowly fuck her with my finger. Her clit is begging for attention as I begin to lick and suck on it while inserting another finger and fucking her harder. As I suck her harder and now have 3 fingers fucking her harder and harder, she is bucking wildly on the bar. God, she is getting wet. I take some of her pussy juice and rub it all up and down her ass hole. I remove my fingers and fuck her pussy with my tongue wildly. My fingers are now soaked and I take one and gently moved in slowly into her ass. Damn, I think she comes 3 feet off the bar. Gently in and out, In and out, I finger fuck her ass hole. All the time deep tongueing her pussy and sucking her clit.

"I'm cuuummminngggg" she cried, "Damn, fuck and suck me, I'm cuummiinnnngggg, shit."

What a sweet tasting pussy. Now I slide two fingers in her ass and fuck her harder and bite down on her clit.

"Oh, fuck, shit, damn, I'm cummmminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhitttttttt."

I thought she was going to flood my face with her sweet pussy juice. Damn she was hot. I licked her clean.

"Come here, damnit" she demanded as she sat up on the bar. She hopped off the bar and knelt down in front of me. "I've never gotten off like that before, never. Let's see what I can do for you."

She reached down and unbuckled my pants as I pulled off my shirt. As she undid the button and unzipped me, she said "I see you're going commando, I like that in a man. Nothing to get in the way."

My erect dick sprang forward and almost hit her in the eye. She was such a beautiful sight, knelt there before me still in her lacy bra with garter and stockings with my dick in her hand stroking it. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer this way.

"I'm not going to be much good for much longer" I told her. "Not if we keep going like this."

"Just let me do my thing" she replied "Just enjoy yourself":D

05-11-2006, 11:12 AM
Checking Out at the Supermarket Will Never Be The Same - End

I did just that as she took the head of my dead into her mouth and gently sucked on it. As she sucked on it, her tongue was licking all around the tip and head, while her fingers were tickling my balls and the base of my dick. Then she starts slowly running her lips up and down on the shaft of my dick. Up and down, while continuing to lick on the head and sucking. Licking and sucking, rubbing and tickling, I'm in heaven and I'm almost ready to squirt. Amy senses this as she grabs the base of my dick and squeeze hard. God what a sensation. And she's now licking my dick all over. Now she takes in all in her mouth at once and sucks hard for a couple of breaths, while still holding the base. I think I'm going to die! It's obvious she's done this before. She removes my hard dick from her mouth and smiles at me as she raises up.

"Where's the bedroom?" she asks. I lead her down the hall to my kingsize bed.

"Cool" she says as she notices all the mirrors on the walls. "Now I can watch myself fuck you silly."

"Or vice-versa" I laughed.

She lay on the bed and pulled her legs up to her ears exposing her sweet pussy. I love eating pussy so much, I bend over and bury my face in it for a couple of minutes and bring her to a squealing delight.

Then I raise up and point my rock hard dick into that steaming pussy. My God is she hot.

"Fuck me, damn it" she cried. "I want that hard dick to come out my throat"

Pounding, harder, deeper with every stroke. I could hardly hold back.

"Shhhiiiittttt, I'm cuummmiiiinngggggg againg," she screamed. "God dammmmnnnitttttt, shiiittt, fffuuucccckkkkk, heerrrreee iiiitttt ccccuuuuummmmmmssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

I could feel the hot juices burning my throbbing dick. My god is she hot. I pull out and taste her sweet pussy juices. UMMMM she tastes so sweet.

Amy suddenly jumps over on her knees and hikes her ass up in the air. Doggy style, I think. Boy am I in for a surprise.

She reaches in her pussy and starts rubbing her just released pussy juice into her asshole. "Do you like anal?" she purred. "Will you fuck me up my ass hard?"

Not being one to let down the ladies, I rubbed some pussy juice on my cock and eased the head toward her spread ass checks. She grunted as the head first plopped into her asshole. Then as I slowly pumped into her, her groans seemed to come from deep within.

"Fuck my ass" she demanded. "Fuck my ass hard"

I complied with her demands as I continued to drive my dick hard into her ass. She was meeting my dick with every thrust. I was driving her face deep into the pillow as she was rubbing her clit with her free hand.

I grabbed her hips and seemed to fuck her for hours. Long and hard strokes. Harder, deeper. She was whimpering something into the pillow.

I feel my balls begin to tighten up and my dick begins to twitch. Amy reaches around and fingers my balls.

"I about ready to blast you into outer space" I tell Amy.

"Can I join you?" she ask.

"Don't shoot it in me" Amy tells me, "I love the taste of hot cum.

"Well get ready" I reply, "Because here It cums."

Amy jumps up and positions herself in front of my dick. She grabs my dick and pumps it with one hand, while fucking herself with her other hand.

"Ohhh Shhiiiittt" I say, "Here iiittt ccccuuummmmmsssssss." I spatter cum all over her face and tongue and mouth.

"Ohhhh hheelllll yyeessss, I'mm cccuummmiiinnngggggg ttooo." Amy replied, as she brings herself off with her finger and she licks all the cum off her face and swallows.

Being completely spent, we both colapse on the bed.

After a few minutes, Amy says, "I'm 24 years old, and I've never, ever had sex like that before. And I'm not stroking your ego either. It was fantastic."

"Well, being married for 30 years, I can't say it was the very best I've ever had, but it was close. I hope you understand that." I said.

"I certainly do understand that" Amy replied "And I wouldn't expect you to say anything else.

After Amy cleaned up, I walked her to the door.

"You understand that due to our age difference and everything that nothing really can come out of this" Amy aaid.

"Yes" I replied, " I understand that"

"But that doesn't mean we can't still see each other every now and then" She purred as she walked out the door.

Every now and then has turned out to be around once a week. And the sex keeps getting better. Also, the girls at the supermarket seem to be getting nicer and nicer to me. And keep dropping little hints along the way. One even gave me her number the other day. Should I call her? Maybe? Would you? :p

05-11-2006, 11:15 AM
Hunted - Part 1

Kel Darry pulled on his sweater and padlocked his locker and yelled to the attendant, "Seeya in a couple of days, Johnny, have a good one!!!" It was a crisp and clear September evening in New York, and Kel was thinking about how much better he was feeling since he started working out twice a week as he approached his car at the far end of the parking lot!!! He was just about open the door on his new SUV, when out of nowhere a vice like grip around held his arms tight to his body, before a handkerchief doused with chloroform was pressed roughly over his mouth and nostrils, quickly rendering him unconsciousness!!!

He didn't know how long he had been out, but his nose burned from the chloroform, and when he tried getting to his feet, he found that he was tied up and unable to get off of what he thought was a bed!!! With the room was pitch dark, he had time to ponder his situation, and for the life of him, he couldn't figure out who would want to kidnap him!!! He wasn't rich and neither were his folks, so money was out of the question, so what in the heck was it!?! Since he wasn't already dead, he figured that who ever it was probably wanted him alive, but as of that moment it was pure speculation, so he lay quietly while working on his bindings!!!

It was useless, who had ever tied him up knew exactly what they were doing, because the harder he tried to escape the tighter they became!!! Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours, and he was just about to scream out when the door burst open, the light came on, and much to his surprise, there stood a woman dressed in army fatigues with black face toting an M16 rifle!!!

"What the fuck's going on around here," he demanded in a voice that sounded much more sure of himself than he really was!?! The woman ignored his question and turned to someone in the other room and said, "He's awake now, whataya wanna do!?!" He couldn't quite make out what the other person had said, but within seconds, three other like dressed females burst into the bedroom, grabbed him around the waist, and dragged him out into a shabbyily appointed living room!!!

He started to ask again what was going on, but instead he got a rifle butt slammed into his belly which instantly dropped him to his knees!!! "Don't ya just love it when they're on their knees," a tall slim blonde laughed, "I think I might as well take advantage of the situation, don't you, girls!?!" The other three women either laughed or chuckled at the blonde's remark, but when she started removing her pants and panties, Kel knew right away that this could turn out to be a very long night!!!

"Okay now, baby," the blonde said gently while roughly pulling his mouth to her bulging pussy, "now be a good little boy and mama won't have to punish you!!!"
"Way to go, Candy," one of the other women urged, "make the little maggot suck you off, make him do you good!!!" Candy's head rolled from side to side on her shoulders as Kel's tongue slithered up and down the hot pussied bitch's slit, educing a long moan and sigh as her orgasm built deep inside of her cunt!!!
"Jesus christ, we finally found one that knows where a clit is," Candy moaned as her pussy convulsed wildly in Kel's mouth, "I-I'm fucking cumming so fucking hard, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck that's nice!!!"

Even though he was on his knees and tied up, Hal couldn't help himself as he greedily lapped up Candy's profuse cunt juice, until when she was finally spent, the hot pussied blonde fell backwards onto the floor with her legs splayed wide apart while struggling to catch her breath!!
It was at that point that a chunky brunette announced, "Since we seem to be gettin' an early start on things, I might as well see what our boy had hidden inside those pants!!!" Kel turned to face the dark haired plumper, but when he began to protest, one of the other women pointed her rifle at his groin and said evenly, "Honey, you ain't got no choice!!!"

Kel lay helplessly on the floor while his pants and shorts were jerked from his waist, leaving his erection standing at attention in front of the four crazy women.
"Oh my," The brunette said softly while running her hand along its length, "I'm gonna enjoy this to the max, I surely am gonna enjoy riding this!!!" Kel threw his head back and closed his eyes, wondering when this nightmare would end, but before he could contemplate his future much longer, a warm mouth engulfed his hard pecker causing him to moan loudly as his nut sack automatically tightened!!! When he opened his eyes, he nearly fainted when he saw the huge brunette's huge fat bottom slowly lowering itself onto his shaft!!!
"Oh god," he whimpered as her huge cunt swallowed up his nine inches like it was nothing, "p-please be careful!!!"

"Listen to him, Maribelle," one of the other women said with a laugh, "I think you're scaring him, I know I'd be scared if a fat ass like that was sittin' on me," which made Maribelle stick out her tongue at her tormentor, before slowly beginning to grind her pussy hard all around his hard thick spike!!! With her breathing growing more shallow, Maribelle cupped her full fat breasts and moaned, "Y-you were right, Candy, this boy's got a gift, oh myyyyyy he fucks me so nice!!!" Up until now Kel had tried to remain still as the fat assed brunette fucked herself on his thick pole, but now, his cock was drifting slowly past the point of no return, and without warning, he began slowly thrusting his erection hard into the cunt of the panting woman!!!:eek:

05-11-2006, 11:17 AM
Hunted - End

"Oh, god," she groaned, "h-he's fucking my pussy so hard, I'm gonna cum all over him!!!" She wanted to ride him, well she was gonna get her chance, as Kel rammed his meat up into her now helpless pussy until both of them groaned in unison as his pecker shot load after hot load of cum into her steaming quim!!! "F-fuck," she stammered as her own orgasm shredded her spasming organ, "just fucking incredible!!!"

After taking a couple of minutes to regain his breath and bearings, Kel asked softly, "Can you please tell what I'm doing here!?!"
The women looked back and forth between each other until Candy announced, "Well to tell you the truth, Kell, you were selcted because we thought you might give us a challenge!!!"
"A challenge," he aske warily, "what kind of challenge!?!"
"It's kinda hard to explain," Candy went on slowly, "ya see, we kidnap men and turn them loose in the woods, and after giving them a head start, we chase them down and fuck them!!!"

Kel just stared at the quartet in front of them before stammering, "Are you gals nuts, kidnapping is a federal crime, you can go to prison for that!?!"
"Well," Maribelle answered while pulling on her fatigues, "after a guy's been fucked six ways to Sunday, do you think he's really gonna call the cops, after all, it's probably the best time he's ever had in his life!!!"
Kel's head was spinning at that logic, but in a way, Maribelle made some sense, how could a guy go to the police if he'd just satisfied four sex crazed women with rifles, and besides, who the hell would ever believe him!?"
Finally his shoulders slumped and he replied, "Okay, I'll play, but can you at least untie me!?" Candy gave Maribelle a nod, and quick as a flash she pulled a huge survival knife and with just a flick of the wrist, cut him free!!!

"Let's hurry up and start the game," a redhead said excitedly!!! "You and Angela don't even fuck'em," Maribelle said sarcastically, "all you ever do is eat each other out and watch me and Candy screw'em!!!" "Well it's the thrill of the hunt," GIna shot back, "and my sexual preference is none of your damned business, thank you!!!" Maribelle just laughed at the tiny redhead and declared loudly, "Why do we even have these two cunt lappers around, Candy, all they ever do is watch us do all the work!?!"

"Ladies, ladies," Kel said quietly, "I've got and idea, instead of chasing me through the forest, why not just let Maribelle and Candy fuck me while Gina and Angela do their thing, come on now, whataya say!?!" Candy and Maribelle looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders before Candy replied, "Okay, that's all right with us, do you think you can get it up again for both of us!?!" The answer to that question was already becoming evident as Kel's penis began to grow in anticipation of his pending encounter with the two kidnappers!!!

As if they were having a race, everyone began throwing off their clothing until all of them were standing naked in the middle of the living room!!! Kel eyed Angela and Gina as the two lesbians began necking and nuzzling each other, but his attention quickly returned to Candy and Maribelle as they made a human sandwich out of him by pressing him between them!!! "Come on ladies," Kel panted, let's get down to buisness shall we," as he pushed Maribelle to the floor and buried his mouth in her huge hairy muffy!!!

"Oh fuck," the chunky brunette gasped, "Y-you're right, he knows exactly where my clit is, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck is this good, suck me, boy, suck my big fat pussy!!!" Candy let her hand drop to her pussy as she began mindlessly fingering herself while watching Maribelle getting her cunt eaten, and of course, watching Gina and Angela beginning a long session of sixty nine!!! Maribelle was so turned on by the oral attention she was receiving, it only took a matter of mintues for Kel to bring her to a shattering orgasm that reduced her to a quivering mass of fat female flesh!!!

As soon as Maribelle had let out her last moan, Candy quickly pulled Kel away from the huge dark cunt and force him onto his back where she quickly mounted his hard erection!!! "Good fucking god," she sighed as his meat disappeared inside of her, "he's hard as a fucking rock, mmmmmmm, I just love riding a big fucking boner!!!" Maribelle was still in no shape to move, but just watching her best friend riding the huge stallion cock made her cup her huge breasts and bring one of her hard nipples to her mouth where she greedily sucked on it!!!

Candy groaned loud and long as Kel's spike filled her to overflowing, and just as his body stiffened as his cock spasmed, she joind him in one of the best and hardest orgasms she had ever experienced until she was totally and completely strung out from her cum, at which time she rolled off of him and gasped for breath as her heart pounded like a trip hammer in her chest!!! The room now was filled only by the slurping sounds coming from the pussies of the two cunt lapping lesbians, Gina and Angela, who were now grinding their hot boxes hard into each other's mouth while their orgasms shook like earthquakes in their convulsing cunts!!!

Everyone was quiet for a while as each of them slowly came down from their own sexual high, that is until Hal asked easily, "Now, could someone please tell me exactly where we are, I gotta get back to my car!?!":D

05-11-2006, 11:20 AM
The Restaurant

We're sitting in the restaurant, listening to the gentle music and the chatter of the people around us. It really is a wonderful scene to be at, perfect for our one year anniversary. We order a bottle of wine from the waitress, and begin to have a glass.

After a few drinks too many, she leans over and kisses me on the neck. I, in a drunken state, kiss her back and slide my hand to her chest and begin to rub it slowly. She breaks her kiss and sighs. I realize we are still in the restaurant, so I pull away and begin to drink some more wine. She looks at me, and I can see the lust in her eyes. A small smile flickers over her face, and I feel her foot against my pants, slowly working its way up my thigh.

She arrives at the bulge in my pants and begins to massage it slowly. Suddenly, she stops and stands. She walks towards the women's bathroom, and looks at me, telling me to follow. My heart begins to race, and I slowly rise and walk to the door. I open it and walk in, instantly being met with the soft lips of a woman. I knew these lips, for they were hers. I rake my fingernails down her back, trailing my way to her beautiful ass. I massage her through the soft fabric of her dress, and spin her around, pushing her against the wall. We begin to make out passionately, our hands roaming over each others' bodies. She pulls away and begins to undo the buttons on my shirt, pulling it off me. I reach around and unzip the back of her dress, revealing a red lace bra and matching panties.

My hand slides up to her breast, and I begin to squeeze and massage them. She gently bites on my neck as I lift her onto the sink. I take her panties off, slowly sliding them down her legs and tossing them on the floor. My hand works its way to her crotch, and I slide two fingers into her hot pussy. A small moan escapes her lips, and she leans against the mirror. After several minutes of this, I move my head down, and begin to lick her soaking cunt. Her breathing quickens, and I slide my tongue deeper into her, working all around while gently sliding my fingers over her clit. She starts to moan a little louder, when I suddenly stop. I pick her up and take her into one of the stalls. I undo my pants and guide her head to my stiff member. She glides down it, working her hand and head in unison. I lean against the stall door for support.

Never have I had it like this! I moan quietly, and start to shoot my cum in her mouth. After I have finished, I press her against the stall wall, and begin to finger her again. My other hand runs up her stomach onto her tit, where I slide my hand under her bra and begin to play with her nipple, squeezing, twisting gently. She moans and breathes sharply. Suddenly, we hear the door opening and freeze. The distinct noise of a woman's heels approach the stall next to us. We look at each other, hardly breathing, when I smile mischieviously. I begin to work my fingers faster, slipping a third one in. She squirms for a moment, but then claps both hands to her mouth in an attempt to stay quiet.

The toilet flushes, the sink runs, and the door shuts. As soon as it clicks shut, she lets out a deep moan and cums over my fingers. She begins to forcefully make out with me, grinding me against the wall. By now, we realise our dinners have probably arrived, so she quickly dresses, and I put my shirt back on. We walk out smiling, waiting for next year's anniversary.;)

05-11-2006, 11:23 AM
Tough Treatment

Carlton Adams, Carl or 1 ton to his rugby friends was a pro rugby player and had just completed qualifying as a sports physio, dietitian and trainer when he crashed a friends Harley.
Taking a girl for a ride, a speeding car had run them off the road, the girl had minimal injuries but Carl had rolled with the huge bike sustaining back and leg injuries.
After 12 weeks in hospital he was wheeled to the physio unit to start work on walking and regaining mobility.

His assessment was a shock, in walked Ronda Adams a consultant Physio who specialised in sports injuries and treating sportsmen and women at her private clinic in the village.

Carlton grew up the son of a farmer and the other Adams family moved into the old manor house when Carl was a teenager. Richard Adams an accountant and business man was quite an awful man, the manor's previous owners loaned the gardens for the village garden party and let local kids use the pool in the holidays and made large donations to the local church and village club and cricket team.
Richard Adams donated fifty pence and closed the gates to the village and built his wife's private clinic in the grounds, he was a nasty piece of work and hated in the village pub. Caught chasing a woman who helped keep house she rejected him, rumour spread and the local women called him "little dick". Ronda kept herself to herself, but was the centre of attention when she ran most days in tight skin hugging body suits that showed her slight trim taught body and big firm tits and her rock hard arse. A little more generous than her husband she donated money to the local causes but generally kept herself to herself apart from an odd brief chat in the village store. Carl's mum called her "No Nickers Ronda" as her friend Mary worked at the manor and she noted that there were never any knickers with the washing.

Carl had always looked for a pantie line when he saw Ronda as he did sat in the wheel chair. "Hello Carlton" said Ronda "were going to get you fit and well again" she said looking at his X-rays. She gave the physio's some instructions and departed her trim legs brown in her short skirt that many younger women would nor be seen in.

Carl made quick progress, he was in the same business and knew what was expected of him but after returning home to his parents he found it hard going. With two years on his contract with the club they wanted him fit an well for the coming season. The coach called to see him and explained that the club wanted to protect their investment and that he has been booked into Ronda Adams private clinic.

Carl walked tentatively past the manor house to the clinic struggling with his sticks as "little Dick Adams" sped past him in his Bentley without a glimpse. He had been seen with yet another woman in the town according to the gossips. "Strip off and lay on the couch" said Ronda's assistant as she closed the door. Carlton laid on the couch covered with a towel as the heating started to warm the room and he heard a phone ring and he dozed as he waited.

His letter to Ronda asking to work with her in his second year of training had never been answered and he ended up miles from home in a small hospital clinic traveling miles for games and lectures.
"lets look at you and see how mobile you are" brought Carlton to as Ronda pulled the towel aside. "oh" she said a she saw that he was naked under the to well, "you could have kept your pants on". "I go commando" replied Carl. Well wear swim shorts for the pool will you please" she said a little flustered as she moved his leg and his thick cock rolled aside and her face reddened. She asked about the rugby and made some notes and then asked him to walk around the room. Taking a stick he walked as she wrote and she then looked to see him naked. "god you could have put the towel around you" she said as Carl hid a little smile as he could see her swallow a little as her eyes dwell'd a little to long on his crotch. " Get on the couch please" she said as she called her assistant "can you go into Swindon now and get those supplies from Harper's Anne". Anne's car left as Ronda approached the couch, she studied the deep horrific stars to his legs and thighs and asked him to part his legs, Carl jumped a little as she moved his cock away from the scarred hip. "Sorry" she said a little rosy glow spreading on her face as she ran her hand along his inner and outer legs. "can you hold them out the way" she said pointing to his big ball sack. Carl cupped his bollocks as she examined the damaged leg and moved it to assess the mobility and then moved to the other leg and placed the towel over his groin. "does it worry you" asked Carl, "What", "my cock", "Don't be silly, I just thought you would feel a little more at ease".

Ronda Adams bend a little facing his feet examining his lower legs as she checked the lower limb x-rays and looked at the notes on her desk, the clinging woollen dress she wore showed a clear outline of her bra but no pantie line. May be she really was "No Nickers Ronda" and with that thought his cock embarrassingly started to stir. As she approached the couch still looking at the x-rays she asked " `why do the locals call you 1 Ton". "It was my older sisters friend, my first, um agh, well , girlfriend. I'm really called Carlton but she said I was 1 Ton compared to her other boyfriends".

Ronda looked puzzled as she turned to feel and move his leg "I don't understand" she said. Carl pulled the towel aside revealing his semi hard manhood. "1 Ton" he said with a smirk". " I was talking about this leg, I'm not interested in that " she said with flushed cheeks and a trembling voice. As she moved about Carl studied her back and arse as his cock stirred and he caught her glimpsing eyes, stood right by him, his arm at his side her legs slightly apart as she manipulated his leg he ran his right hand up her inner thigh under her dress straight to her naked shaven snatch his thumb parting her labia "just checking mobility" he said cheekily.

"What the fuck are you doing" he would have answered but she had not jumped away or slapped him and he felt the warmth and tell tale moistness in her horny little pussy. Pulling away she sternly rebuked him, "I think we need to improve the strength of your back and thigh muscles before we get carried away with the walking problems, I can start you with some basic hip movement and thrusting exercises she said as she moved the other treatment couch adjusting its height. As he went to ask about the exercises she pulled the hem of her dress up above her waist and bent over the couch her crack glistening as her juice flowed in anticipation.

" are you thick? fucking well thrust my cunt you wanker, stuff that fat cock in my honey pot and make me fucking cum" she started to finger herself as Carl got off the couch and reached for his jacket.
His fingers and thumb replaced her hand spreading her tight hole as wide as he strained his hurting body to get his fat nob in her pussy, as pain wracked his hurting body Ronda cursed at him telling him to fuck her hard as he struggled to spread her desperate opening. His fat eight and a half inch monster slowly sank home and defying the pain he fucked her till she cried out and begged him to stop as she flopped on the couch, Carl shuffled around the couch taking her hair in his hand and offering her his fat dome that she had trouble getting her mouth around as he probed her throat she grimaced as she saw the camera phone and he recorded his conquest " insurance " he said smiling as she eagerly sucked him back to hardness and he shuffled back behind her as she begged to be fucked he pulled the expensive woollen dress over her head and pulled the bra apart her tits spilling as he viewed them in the wall mirror. Before he turned her on the couch as she lowered it and he suckled her firm tits and stuffed her cunt full of cock and she humped him dry. Laid on the hydro room floor she squat over him so he could explore her pussy and clit dripping hot juice over his face before they cleaned up in the spa"two of us have walking problems now she said as she kissed him at the Manor gates and his fingers stroked her naked pussy.

Hydro therapy quickly improved Carl's mobility, fucking her tight pussy in the spa daily soon helped his damaged back and Ronda checked his qualifications and decided to expand her sports treatment facility with a new partner. Months later Ronda and her partner attended a conference in Malmo.

Mr and Mrs Adams were able to share a suite and her well reamed pussy milked her younger fit fat dicked partners seed.
Richard Adams was away on business and would nor bather about his wife as he would probably be trying to screw some you secretary or assistant.
Explaining that he had mislaid his key Mr Adams approached the door of the hotel suite and heard Ronda's voice from the other side.

"Surprise" call slipped away as he closed the bedroom door behind him and saw the scarred body of Carlton Adams fucking his Mrs Adam's, his fat cock pumping her tight cunt as her tits swung mirrored in the bed head mirror. "Fucking split my pussy you animal, dump you horny spunk in my womb" drifted across the room followed by "Fuck off little Dick, this dick is wider than yours is long".
Carl slapped his horny partners arse and slammed her, spewing cum deep in her pussy. You might drive a Bentley but this is a Rolls Royce cunt that I drive" rang in Richard Adam's ears as he skulked away.:eek: :p

05-11-2006, 11:27 AM
An unusual honeymoon- Part 1

Well here we are on the plane and in the air and on our way after the wedding and the reception on our honeymoon. My new wife's uncle had treated us to a three month all expenses paid hotel accommodation on the continent, just a few hours and we would be making love in our hotel room, my wife Bess had long ago decided to wait until we were married before having sex , ( she was a virgin) but had told me earlier on during our courtship that she wanted me to have sex with some of her “selected” girl friends so that I would be able to teach her all about sex. I had intercourse with eight women , one of them a virgin and so I considered that I was somewhat experienced, Bess wanted to have children as soon as she could and so she had worked out so that the first day of our honeymoon would be on the most highly fertile day of her cycle.

The plane was just landing and soon we were collecting our luggage and left the airport to get a taxi which had been ordered to take us to the hotel, there was a man standing outside with a card with our name on and he said that he had been instructed to take us to the hotel because the taxi driver had been taken ill, he took our luggage and we sat in the back of the taxi and were driven off out of the city. I felt tired and so did Bess and soon we both seemed to drift off to sleep and I only awoke to find myself lying on a bed in the hotel, I looked around to find Bess but she was not there. I got off the bed and went to the door but it was locked, I heard a sound behind me and looked around only to see a television monitor which showed Bess asleep on a bed in another room, a young woman came into her room and approached her and started to undress her, she first took off her blouse and then her bra and I saw for the first time my wife’s beautiful firm breasts and quite large nipples, then she took off Bess’s skirt and then her shoes and stockings and then removed her knickers , at this time the camera moved in to a close up of her virgin pussy and again this was my first view of her lightly hairy cunt , her pubes looked slightly swollen , she was after all at her most highly fertile time and it was obvious that her cunt was ready for my cock to take her hymen and deposit my sperm in her virgin womb

My cock began to swell with the thought of what I was going to do and imagined that this was something she had fixed up to amuse me, the woman then shook Bess awake and gave her a drink from a glass which she drank fully,the woman then left and a few moments later a man entered her room Bess tried to cover herself up with her hands but soon realised that she could not move her arms, the man then took off his shirt and moved towards her and began to stroke her breasts and the camera moved in so that it was showing her nipples beginning to enlarge and protrude further , he played with them for a little time and the camera focussed on her cunt to show her pubes becoming engorged with blood and a small trickle of her juices emerging from her enroused cunt.

The look on her face was one of joy as she became more and more aroused by the man’s caresses , he then took off his trousers and exposed a huge limp cock at least 10 inches long and about one and a half inches in diameter, he took one of her hands and placed it on his cock and then moved her hand up and down as it began to swell and lengthen it was obvious that Bess had now got full use of her hands and that she did not try to stop what the man was doing, when his cock was standing proud and over a foot in length and it must be well over 2 inches in diameter she pulled his foreskin back to expose a large swollen purple knob , Bess gave a gasp at the size of it, she had seen my 7 inch cock and so she knew that it was indeed a monster cock she was looking at. He moved between her legs which she had opened wide , she had obviously forgotten all about what we were supposed to be doing, he put his huge organ onto her swollen cunt lips and gave a small push and the camera showed that his huge knob had just entered her virgin cunt, he pulled it out again and the put a finger inside her cunt and then looks surprised and said quite loudly “ she’s a virgin , this is going to look good , so get a close up when I take my cock out to see her blood on it when I break her hymen and make her a woman “.

He replaced his huge cock at the entrance to her still virgin cunt and gave a push, Bess gave a small cry and pulled back from him but he placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled back just a little and the gave a long hard thrust, Bess cried out but as his cock was thrust further into her now ravished cunt she gave small whimpers and cries that sounded that she was enjoying this monstrous intrusion in her cunt, he withdrew his cock and the camera enlarged to a view of a bloody cock , Bess cried out for him to put it in again and with a long hard thrust his cock vanished into her bloody cunt up to its full length , I looked down at my swollen cock and realised that I had just shot my load of cum which I had meant for Bess all over my legs, he continued to fuck her for some time and then thrust his cock in to its full length and gave a gasp and it was plain that he was filling Bess’s cunt with his cum and it was then that it hit me that because it was her fertile time she had now been made pregnant by this monstrous cock and unless she was to take the after sex pill I would not be the father of her first child. I cried out to her but all I could see on the monitor was a very happy looking face of my wife, she had enjoyed having that huge cock in her cunt , how could My small cock give her the joy she had just enjoyed.

05-11-2006, 11:28 AM
An unusual honeymoon- End

The screen went blank and a young woman came into my room and I leaped to the door but it was locked again, she gave me a drink which I afterwards realised was a foolish thing to do I drank it, I fell back on the bed and the young woman took off my shirt and then I found that I had got no feeling in my arms or legs and she took off all my clothes, she ten took hold of my cock and began to stroke it , I soon became aroused although I tried not to and when my cock was fully swollen and stiff she climbed on me and lowered her self onto my rigid cock and as my cock entered her wet cunt she gave a cry and I felt her hymen break , I could not believe that I had just taken her maidenhead and that she had lost her virginity, she moved up and down and I moved her over , I now had regained my senses so that it was me that was fucking her I soon shot her cunt full of my cum and pulled my bloody cock out of her red cunt. The monitor came on and I could see Bess looking at the screen and found that it was me that she could see, she was not smiling. The screen went blank.

The next morning I was awoken with the woman and she had brought me my breakfast but she would not talk to me, a few moments later the screen came on and Bess was standing there with another man and as it came on she looked at the camera and gave a smile, the man was in the nude and had a cock nearly as big as the one the night before and then she took hold of his enlarged swollen cock and again pulled back his foreskin to show his large knob , a quick stroke of his cock and a small drop of precum oozed from his piss hole, she rubbed a finger over it and a little more precum emerged and this she spread over his cock head, she moved closer to the man and he stroked her cunt lips and then pushed his cock into her wet cunt , she was being fucked standing up, something I had never been able to do, he thrust in and out and the look on her face showed how much she was enjoying it, after some time she cave some small cries as he shot his cum into her willing wet hot cunt, he withdrew his cock and some of his cum ran down her leg, she put her finger down and caught it in her hand and then licked it off and gave a large smile to me.

Each morning the monitor showed me what was going on in her room, her being regularly fucked by one or another of the well endowed men.

We had been here for about 8 weeks when the morning show changed , the picture seen was one of the shots taken on the first day and it was of the mans hand sliding down Bess's flat stomach, but then it began a series of pictures take at intervals during the last 8 weeks and I plainly saw that her stomach was no longer flat and had developed a swelling bulge, she was certainly pregnant. The following morning my bedroom door opened and in walked Bess, her belly was indeed swollen with her baby, she sat on the edge of my bed and said that she had something to tell me, in fact several things, firstly that I was the father of a beautiful healthy boy, name after me, but that I would never see him but his mother will from time to time send me some photo’s of him, it was the woman whose virginity I had taken and the reason she had wanted a child was that if she had a child during her 21 st year she would inherit a very very large trust fund. Secondly that it was not her uncle who had paid for our honeymoon but her friend as long as she was pregnant, also that we were not at the hotel but at a fertility clinic, her friend had obtained the details from the internet and that we had not been kidnapped but that Bess also had now that she was pregnant on her honeymoon inherited a very large trust fund amounting to several million pounds, Bess had arranged the clinic because they guaranteed that she would get pregnant because the men who fucked her were selected studs had a high fertile and high sperm count, the reason that he had been given the virgin woman to deflower was so that he would be able to start his honeymoon first fuck with a virgin.

All she had done when I first saw her had been play acting .I was at first angry but then realised it was too late and when she said that we would from now on be sleeping together and also that the clinic had a method of permanently enlarging his cock so that it would equal the studs size I agreed that it was all right and that the other thing was that we could now walk around the grounds but only in an unclothed state, also that if we did and we met another inmate then if he wanted to fuck her she had to let him and that it was the rule ,it also applied to me if I wanted to fuck any woman then she would let me. There was one condition and that was that we could not enter any room unless we were invited and if we said no then there would be no offence taken. We spent the rest of the honeymoon meeting and fucking women and her being fucked regularly , it was a lovely holiday.:D

06-11-2006, 08:28 PM
Halloween party with the phantom - Part 1

Jamie's pussy was still tingly, and a little sore as she dressed for the
Halloween party. God, she loved the way Steve fucked her in the shower,
and she would have loved to drag him into the bedroom for 3 or 4 more
hours of fucking. But Steve was on the board of a local charity, and
scheduled to be emcee at tonight's party. She had to admit that it was
very sexy that he took the obligation seriously, and truly enjoyed his
work raising money for the charity.

He was the best lover any woman could ask for, kind and gentle one
moment, aggressive and forceful the next. He was a man's man; he loved
sports, especially football... but he also appreciated the finer things
in life; theatre, wine, and clothes. She always marveled at the way he
could work all day in the yard, strip out of his sweaty clothes, shower
quickly, and be positively glowing in his tux in less than 45 minutes.
And be incredibly handsome and sexy at each stage... especially in the
shower, she smiled.

And that's exactly where he was now as she rushed to finish getting
ready; downstairs in his tux - this time with a European medallion and
a cape as accessories. Oh, and with pointy plastic incisors as well, he
was the very picture of a very sexy vampire. Jamie had finished her
hair and makeup in record time, and was now starting to dress. She
paused in front of the mirror in just her black lace bra that barely
contained her firm round breasts, and the matching thong that almost
highlighted rather than hid her recently fucked pussy. She whispered to
her reflection, "You are going to get the fucking of your life tonight
Mr. Alexander, and you're married to just the woman who can do it too!"
She smiled at her almost naked body, one last time; feeling her pussy
moisten as she did.

"Come on Babydoll, we're going to be late!" Steve's voiced boomed up the
stairs, in a gentle and yet firm voice. "I'll be right there, I just
have to throw on this dress, and grab my shoes." Jamie responded as she
wriggled into her costume. She had decided on the "Sexy Witch" outfit
after much indecision and wavering. With its faux leather bustier and
short skirt, it was very sexy; which she liked. But it also had an
outer skirt of sheer lace that hung to the floor in several places, and
a shawl to lessen the impact of the top. She had chosen it as the
perfect compromise between sexy and ‘appropriate', not that the 4"
heels she was wearing with it did anything to tilt the outfit in favor
of ‘appropriate' she smirked.

She stepped into her shoes before she dressed, and bent to buckle the
straps. Her sweet round tight ass was high in the air as she bent over,
her long sexy legs straight. "What a lovely ass!" The sound of her
husband's gasp made her look up, and she caught her reflection in the
mirror. The tiny strip of black lace that had been covering her pussy
lips had actually begun to slip between her swollen bare pussy lips. At
the moment Steve wanted nothing more than to drop his pants and ram his
rapidly swelling cock deep in his wife's cunt, and fuck her senseless.
Jamie actually braced for him as she slowly rose up and looked at him,
her hands on her hips. "Well, are you going to fuck me, or just stand

Steve actually paused to consider his wife's question before she
interrupted his thoughts, "don't worry baby, you'll get plenty of what
you see before this night is through... but right now can you help me
with my dress please?" Steve knew his wife loved to tease, and truth be
told he loved that about her. But they also knew they had to get going
before they succumbed to temptation, as they usually did. Steve held
her dress for her as Jamie stepped through. He made sure he got to feel
her body from many different angles as she did, and Jamie allowed
herself to linger as he did.

As Steve went to pull the dress up, they were both startled out of their
erotic haze by a long loud ripping sound as a large portion of the
sheer outside skirting tore away. "OH NO! My dress ripped!! Now what am
I supposed to do?? We should have already left 10 minutes ago!" Jamie
was beside herself, not so much angry; but upset that she had spent so
much time looking for JUST the right costume, and NOW it was torn.
Steve saw the tears welling in her stunning bright eyes, and felt his
heart breaking for her. Suddenly, as he was looking at her, the answer
was obvious.

"Babydoll, you didn't need this part of the dress anyway... it was
covering your sexy legs. You'll look even sexier without it." Jamie
looked in the mirror and realized that Steve was right; the dress
looked better on her without the outer lace, and the torn remnants of
it made the costume look even spookier... and sexier both. "You don't
think it's ‘too much' for your party, do you?" she asked Steve in a
sniffling little girl voice that melted him every time. "No baby, it's
perfect... just like you." Jamie through her arms around his neck and
kissed him deeply. "You are the smartest man in the whole world, and I
am so glad I married you!" As he watched her walk across the room,
Steve smiled at his sexy wife, "Me too." he thought.

As they pulled up to the recently renovated Hilton in Steve's Saab, a
werewolf and the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz came out to greet them
at the valet parking stand. As Steve came around the car and tried to
hand the keys to the wolf, he completely ignored him. When Steve turned
to see what had him so distracted, he saw where his full attention was
diverted. Jamie had started to get up out of the low-slung car, and had
to part her legs slightly to get enough leverage to stand. In that
moment, anyone looking in her direction was treated to a spectacular
view of Jamie's completely shaved pussy barely covered by the tiny
piece of black lace that constituted her panties. Jamie suddenly
noticed where the men were looking and held down the hem of her dress
as she rose. As the wolf reached out to take her hand and assist her,
Steve could have sworn he saw his wife wink; "that little tease", he
thought and a subtle smirk crept across his face.:eek:

06-11-2006, 08:30 PM
Halloween party with the phantom - Part 2

As Steve once again tried to hand the keys to either the wolf or the
scarecrow, he was told in a familiar voice, "I'm sorry sir, but you'll
have to go park it yourself while I devour your sweet wife here."
"Barney???" Steve laughed when he realized that the lecherous wolf was
actually another member of his charity board... that would make the
scarecrow Rob, another board member. Jamie rose up on her tiptoes to
throw her arms around Barney's neck and kissed his wolf snout, "Hi
there, Barney, how is my favorite wolf?" Barney just growled as he
hugged her. He held her just a bit longer than he really needed to,
enjoying the feel of her body in his arms, and coincidentally giving
Rob a good long look at the spectacular ass cheeks tightly snuggled in
her skirt. When Rob realized that Steve was looking at him, he blushed
furiously. When he saw Steve smile, he just shrugged and all 4 walked
inside to the party.

"STEVIE!!!" a woman dressed like Elvira practically screamed as he came
into the room, and ran to embrace him, her sizable breasts wobbling
under the open front costume. It was Joan, the morning deejay from the
local radio station, and she made no secret of the fact that she found
Steve to be incredibly sexy... even when she was on the air. Jamie was
not crazy about her, not because she perceived Joan was any kind of
competition for her. After all Jamie had a vastly superior body; to say
Joan was a little ‘chunky' was a kindness. Not only that, but Jamie's
face was also stunningly beautiful, where as Joan's was barely average.
But Jamie disliked the kidding she had to endure from friends,
co-workers, and even strangers at the gym, because of Joan's effusive
crush on Steve. But Joan had done a lot to support the charity,
although Jamie suspected it was as much so she had a reason to have
Steve in the studio with her as it was for the kids. But it was a
charity event, so Jamie smiled politely while Joan pawed her husband,
knowing that Steve could probably see her entire breasts from where he
was, although he didn't appear to be looking. Besides, her husband
despised being called "Stevie" she smiled to herself.

Not that Jamie wasn't enduring a gauntlet herself; every male board
member and patron who even casually knew Steve used the occasion as an
excuse to embrace his sexy wife. A few had taken advantage of the open
bar as well, and the booze made them a little freer with their hands.
Not only was Jamie having trouble getting the men to look her in the
eye, but many felt a certain need to rub her back and stop halfway down
her lovely ass.. Suddenly, she was having second thoughts about
discarding the longer outer skirt section so quickly. On the other
hand, seeing the "radio slut" all over her husband seemed to allow her
to more easily enjoy the attention from all the other men.

As the dining room doors finally opened, they were both caught in the
sudden crush of bodies as over 300 costumed people pressed to be the
first to claim their seats. Jamie was suddenly aware that she and Steve
had been pushed in opposite directions, and she found herself
surrounded by a civil war general, Chewbacca from Star Wars,
Frankenstein's monster and other assorted party goers. She never liked
crowds very much and was feeling very claustrophobic and panicky.

She also became aware that whoever was directly behind her was pressed
firmly against her, and his cock seemed to be swelling rapidly. As she
squirmed to get away from his clinch, he continued to work himself even
more aggressively against her. She was horrified to realize her dress
was being lifted, exposing her naked ass to the rubbing of his cloth
covered erect penis, even as they continued moving slowly toward the
dining room. She tried to turn around, but the crush of the crowd made
it impossible, and she could feel his hard cock clearly as he wedged it
between the cheeks of her uncovered ass and began to grind against her

She quickly realized her squirming was probably exactly what he wanted,
and was actually getting himself off. But when his hands actually came
around and grabbed her hips she was just about to scream for help, when
suddenly... he was gone as quickly as he had come. She watched as he
pushed his way through the crowd, only a black cape and a hint of a
white mask visible as he disappeared. She pushed the thought out of her
mind, as she pulled her hem down, and held it securely. She glanced at
the clock, barely 3 minutes had passed; it had seemed like hours.

Had it been her imagination, or had a man actually gotten himself
aroused by rubbing against her ass in the middle of a crowd? The
thought was both extremely disturbing, and yet highly erotic at the
same time. Just then, her mind spinning with possibilities, she was
shocked from her thoughts as her hand was grabbed. She reflexively
recoiled from the unseen attacker grabbing at her, and prepared to hit
her unseen assailant.

"Jamie, what are you doing??" It was Steve. "Did you see the guy in the
cape?" Jamie asked breathlessly. Steve laughed "Only about 50 or 60 of
them. Why?" Sill unsure of exactly what she had experienced, she just
muttered, "Nothing... it's not important." Steve was confused, but
shrugged "Come on babydoll, our table is over this way." She was so
incredibly relieved to see him, she wanted to just throw her arms
around him, and tell him not to let her out of his sight again, but he
was already leading her by the hand now as they made their way to the
head table.

They were the last ones to make it to their seats, and the other men
stood as Jamie came into view. In addition to Barney and Rob and their
wives, neither of whom cared much for the younger and prettier Jamie,
the chairman of the board Paul also joined them. Paul was an older man,
maybe in his late fifties, and had joined the board several years ago
after he lost his wife to cancer. He was tall and well built; but it
was his piercing blue eyes that made Jamie shiver. Paul was a good
friend to Steve, but made no secret of his affection for Jamie. Jamie
had gotten to know him after his wife was gone, and found him to be
both charming and warm in an almost paternal manner.

06-11-2006, 08:32 PM
Halloween party with the phantom - Part 3

She certainly felt incredibly honored to have her seat at the head
table, especially the one between Paul and Steve, arguably the two most
attractive men in the room. Although she quickly realized that Paul's
height probably allowed him to see down her low cut top, especially
when he was standing at the podium. Unlike the incident with the creep
in the crowd however, it made her almost proud to have the attention of
a successful and handsome man like him.

During dinner both men rested their hand on her back of her chair as
they talked over the top of her, Paul making the greater effort to
include Jamie in the conversation. But a few times Jamie felt his huge
hand clamp onto her thigh under the table, although it was easy to push
it aside and pretend nothing had happened. Despite his size, Jamie was
confident she could handle any situation that might come up with Paul.
Steve would have had to be blind to miss the way his friend was
practically groping his wife, but it was easy to dismiss it as "just
Paul's way", whereas he probably would have decked any other man.

As the evening wore on, both Jamie and Steve as the official ‘hosts' of
the event were very much in demand as dance partners as well. At one
point Jamie looked over to see Miranda from the country club dancing
much too close, pressing her new 38D breast implants against Steve.
"That bitch may actually spill out of her Wonder Woman costume at any
moment," thought Jamie. She was tempted to go cut in, but she saw Mrs.
Bartlett, a wealthy wrinkled socialite in a Marie Antoinette dress and
fancy dress mask, had beat her to it. A moment later Edna was copping a
feel of her man's ass, and Jamie laughed as he struggled to remain
composed. Many of these women had written sizable checks just to have
an opportunity to dance with him, and they often joked about how much
Mrs. Bartlett and others might pay to get him in their beds. Jamie had
little doubt that the old woman's dreams tonight would be filled with
visions of fucking Steve. As would hers, come to think of it. The
difference being that she planned to actually fuck him to exhaustion.
"What chance do you have ladies?" she giggled to herself.

On the other hand, Steve was less amused to watch the parade of the
wealthy letches that lined up to grind against his desirable wife.
There seemed to be no end of the line of assorted cowboys, pirates, and
miscellaneous monsters waiting to dance close with and hoping to cop a
feel of the sexiest woman in the room. Jamie handled it all with the
same grace and elegance that she handled all social situations; a
cordial smile, a gentle reminder of where hands belonged, and an
occasional casual inquiry in to the health of their darling wife.
Usually that was more than enough to stop the touchy-feelies but if
that didn't stop them, she simply walked away and left them alone on
the dance floor... usually with a boner.

Jamie was starting to grow a little weary of the constant onslaught from
the men with the "Roman hands" when she a man in a Phantom of the opera
mask came over and offered his hand in the international gesture for
"may I have this dance", but never said a word. Nonetheless Jamie
allowed him to lead her to an empty spot on the dance floor, and he
pulled her tight as the band started into a slow waltz. Spooked a
little by the silent demeanor and the eerie mask, Jamie tried making
conversation to no avail. He danced well, and was obviously confident
on the dance floor, and Jamie quickly relaxed and allowed him to lead
her around the floor as he held her tight. With no wandering hands to
fend off, Jamie's mind wandered to thoughts of her plans for Steve when
they got home.

Suddenly, her eyes grew wide as she realized what she was feeling. The
Phantom was apparently having fantasies of his own as well, and his
cock had begun to grow rigid in his pants. At least that's what she
thought she was feeling as he continued to pull her tightly against
him, making his arousal obvious. But the Phantom held her even tighter
as they danced, his throbbing cock wedged between her legs, now
unmistakably erect. He still hadn't said a word, but seemed to be
making a low moaning noise. Jamie was panicking as he began to rub the
swollen rod against her, hitting her clit each time he did. She willed
her body not to respond, but in her already aroused state she was
quickly losing that battle, and she could feel her pussy growing wetter
by the second. Just a few more strokes, she thought, and she would
actually be cumming in the middle of the dance floor, aided by the feel
of the huge cock of a costumed stranger. It was so wrong, but she felt
powerless to stop it.

Suddenly the Phantom pulled away from her. Jamie looked up to see why he
had stopped the delicious stimulation of her dripping pussy. Instead of
the eerie mask of the Phantom, she was staring into the bright hazel
eyes of her husband. "Steve...? What's going on?"

"Are you ok babydoll? I thought I'd come rescue you before that guy
started actually humping you out here on the dance floor, so I cut in.
Who is he anyway?"

Jamie's head was spinning with a thousand different thoughts, and she
had to force herself to focus.

"I don't know... don't you know who he is? It's your party." Jamie was
both confused and a little indignant that Steve felt the need to
‘rescue' her once again. At the same time, she told herself she was
glad that he did... :D

06-11-2006, 08:34 PM
Halloween party with the phantom - Part 4

"I think you need to be more careful with guys like that, Jamie" Steve
said in a serious voice. "Ol' Phantom there looked like he wanted more
than just a dance with you." Jamie relaxed when she realized he wasn't
angry and hadn't realized the Phantom had actually aroused her. "We
don't need any more scandals tonight babydoll. Why don't you come with
me while I thank a few people and pull the raffle tickets."

"I'd go anywhere with you, Mr. Alexander." Jamie whispered, then kissed
her husband deeply as the song ended. They made their way across the
ballroom arm in arm like a couple of horny high school kids, Jamie even
copping a feel under Steve's cape as they walked. As they climbed the
steps of the stage where the band was set up, the rest of the crowd
began to gather and pressed in tight so they were looking up at the
handsome couple as Steve spoke into the microphone.

"Thank you all for coming out tonight to help support us." Steve
started. As he went on, Jamie watched her husband with tremendous pride
and admiration. Besides handling all of the publicity for them, He was
also the spokesperson for the charity... for obvious reasons. Jamie
watched as he held the audience spellbound while he talked about the
children they had helped, and pleaded for continued financial support.

As Steve spoke, Paul joined them onstage, standing off to the side with
Jamie. She could smell the booze on his breath as he whispered to her
"He's so good at this, we're very lucky to have him." Jamie smiled
politely and nodded vigorously, then applauded along with the crowd as
Steve acknowledged several outstanding volunteers. "He's lucky too
Jamie, to have a sexy wife like you" Paul continued and rubbed her back
as he did. "I'd give anything to have a woman like you" his breathing
was heavier now as his hand slid down her back. She gasped as his hand
slid under her skirt and cupped her naked ass, and he moaned as he
fondled her.

Just then Steve introduced Paul, and he stepped forward to acknowledge
the applause. Jamie took the opportunity to also step forward to
Steve's side as he stood aside to let Paul take the microphone. She was
standing to Steve's right as they stepped to the left side of the stage
and ended up right at the edge of the stage itself. As they listened to
Paul speak, Jamie felt herself being watched, and looked down only to
see several men and a couple of women looking up at her. She returned
the smiles of Barney and Rob, and she noticed someone standing to the
side of them, closer to the stage. The handsome man in the Phantom mask
was looking at her as well, a grin playing across his lips, his bright
eyes sparkling in the footlights. She could still see the lust in his
eyes, but it was only when he winked up at her, that she realized... he
could see right up her skirt!

Jamie was immediately horrified at the thought that a complete stranger
could see up her skirt, and even worse - all the arousal from the
night's events had swollen her pussy and her lips were open and wet. As
a result, they were actually protruding on either side of the thin
sliver of lace covering them... much of her bald pussy was exposed to
his lustful gaze. To make matters worse, Steve had decided to take
advantage of this opportunity as Paul spoke to surreptitiously caress
her ass, using his cape to keep his actions just out of the view of the
audience. His touch was driving her wild, and the more excited she
became, the more her pussy opened.

Slowly it crept up on her... she was actually excited at the thought
that his handsome stranger could see her pussy. Between the thoughts in
her head, and the touch of Steve's hand on her burning skin, she was
incredibly aroused! The nectar in her pussy began to flow freely, and
her lips swelled even further. She could only imagine the sight that he
was now being treated to, something akin to a lace ribbon through a wet
flower. She wished Steve would throw her down and fuck her right there
on the stage while the crowd cheered him on. It took all her strength
to resist reaching down and rubbing her dripping cunt until she
exploded for her gawking audience.

Mercifully, Paul stopped speaking, and Steve had to quickly pull his
hand away as attention shifted back to him. Jamie skirted away from the
edge of the stage, carefully avoiding getting too close to Paul at the
same time. As Steve began to read the winning raffle numbers, Jamie
turned to retrieve the prizes from the table where they were on
display. She tried to be as discreet as possible not wanting anyone
else to get a glance at her wet pussy. But the thought of him watching
was exciting to her and she bent a little further until the round
globes of her ass were just barely visible under her skirt. It was only
the sound of Steve clearing her throat that snapped her out of her
erotic trance, and back to reality.

Steve recognized the look on Jamie's face immediately, and truth be
told, her exhibitionistic streak excited him as much as did her. As
they made their way off stage to thunderous applause, it was Steve's
turn to whisper to his sexy wife. "You naughty little slut, I can't
believe the way you show that cunt off to strangers. When we get home,
I am going to put you over my knee and spank that sweet ass you love
showing off. Then I will fuck you for hours... until you scream my name
out loud and beg me to stop!" he moaned in her ear.

The effect of his words was immediate and dramatic; she felt he
wide-open pussy soak the front of her panties, which was now completely
surrounded by her dripping pussy lips. Jamie had reached her breaking
point, she knew she had to have Steve right then and there or she would
surely burst. She grabbed him by the hand, and led him into a dark
alcove behind the stage. She turned and faced her life's desire, kissed
him deeply and with real hunger, then dropped to her knees before him.

"I need you Steven... right now, and more than I have ever needed
ANTHING in my entire life!" She unbuckled his belt as he looked around
making a feeble effort to protest. "But Jamie...someone could see..."
He surrendered to the mouth that was now covering his cock. She
grabbed him and sucked him with such hunger. He was instantly hard.

Her small hand wrapped around his shaft and slipped him right into her
mouth, taking in all of him. She sucked at his delicious cock as her
hand followed with long strokes; the tip of her tongue licked the tip
of his manhood as she stroked him harder finally swallowing him up
again. The warmth and moisture of her mouth drove him crazy, the fact
that anyone could come looking for them and catch his sexy wife blowing
him put him in a daze. He knew the thought turned her on as well and
that is why she was doing it.

From the corner of his eye, he spotted the outline of someone behind the
curtain; he tried to concentrate on who it was, but as Jamie's tongue
and mouth did wonders, he closed his eyes and tilted his head back. "I
have wanted to suck this cock all night. While those creeps pawed at
me, I could only think of this beautiful thick cock and how much I
wanted to taste it".

"If you think this is it for tonight, you can think again babydoll..."
Her tongue licked up and down the full length of him before heading
down to his balls...She lowered herself a little and opened her mouth
wide before sucking and nuzzling at them. Steve opened his eyes again
and saw the figure behind the curtain; it was the Phantom! He was
enjoying the show...his and Jamie's show. And the way Jamie's was
bent, her skirt lifted practically over her hips, he knew the concealed
stranger could see her bare ass and her cunt. That thought just about
drove him over the edge, and his cock began to swell even more in his
wife's mouth.

"Cum for me Steven...cum in my mouth, the way all those other men would
have liked to." Her words, the Phantom staring at his wife's pussy,
the thought of the men pawing at her fueled him. "You little whore,
you liked being watched don't you?" He slipped one hand in her golden
mane and turned her face slightly so she could see the Phantom. She
almost stopped but he held on to her determined to give the Phantom his
show...after all isn't that what she wanted?

"Suck me good and swallow every last drop, you wouldn't want to
disappoint your audience, would we?" She was surprised at Steve's
exhibitionistic behavior but she was more than happy to comply with his
demands. ;)

06-11-2006, 08:36 PM
Halloween party with the phantom - End

She sucked him harder and faster until she felt his engorged member
about to explode. Steve held on to Jamie's head to make sure she would
take in all of him. "Take it all you little slut!" His body
contracted, then shivered and his big cock began to explode in her
mouth. She felt his hot semen blast out of his cock like a fire hose
and slide down her throat, as she swallowed as fast she could. Again
and again he erupted in her hot mouth, and again she swallowed his
load. He shivered again, spent, but not before a last dollop of cum
spilled into her mouth and trickled down her chin. She got up in a
flash, not yet completely out of her erotic trance; but almost
embarrassed that the Phantom has watched the whole thing.

"What a good girl you are Jamie." She seemed a little angry. "That
wasn't fair Steven."

He laughed as he zipped himself up. "Not fair? You showed your pussy
and ass to half a dozen men and that's fair? The score is even now
Jamie. You saved yourself from a spanking"

She wasn't sure if she was relieved or disappointed, the thought of
being spanked had appealed to her.

"Kiss me," He demanded as he grabbed the back of her head and pressed
his lips to hers. She surrendered to his embrace and returned his kiss

"Come on, Babydoll... let's say our goodbyes and head home."

"You go ahead, let me freshen up and I'll meet you in a few minutes."
Steve disappeared behind the curtain and Jamie straightened her clothes
and ran her fingers through her hair. She thought she heard a noise
and felt someone behind her.

"Steve?" She turned to speak to her husband, but instead found herself
face to face with the Phantom. She froze as she stared into his
beautiful dark eyes. They were both icy cold and yet, oddly compelling
at the same time. He stepped forward toward her, invading her personal
space, and she retreated a step. She didn't speak. The lust she had
detected in his eyes earlier was still present; with his pupil dilated,
his gaze fixed solely on her. She was backed against the wall. She
wanted to scream, but she found she couldn't. She wanted Steve to
rescue her again as he always did, but he was out there in the midst of
the guests.

The Phantom slipped his leg in between her thighs and parted them
slowly. She was frozen, her eyes locked with his. His hand moved
smoothly under her skirt and slipped into her wet panties. He felt the
nubile flesh with his fingers and cupped her mound, his eyes never
leaving hers. Jamie closed her eyes and gasped at the feeling of his
soft hands on her wet pussy. He smiled at her response.

In one quick motion, he spun her around and pressed her against the
wall. He pressed against her, demonstrating how hard she had made him.
Her eyes flew open; it was HIM that had groped her in the crowd! She
tried to turn around and confront him, but she seemed incapable of
moving. As he lifted up her skirt exposing her bare ass, he pushed her
legs apart with his feet. His hand moved her g-string aside. He
rubbed one ass cheek at first then the other before sliding his hand
down to her pussy from behind. His hand cupped her bald pussy making
her moan in pleasure. His hand massaged her cunt up and down and Jamie
felt dazed, almost drunk and incapable of stopping what was happening.

She had just blown Steve and was incredibly aroused, and now the
handsome masked stranger was stroking her cunt; she was on fire and
begging for release. She was soaked as his finger glided in between
her cum slickened lips and he thrust one finger inside. She gasped.
His fingers pumped in and out of her pussy, her hands were resting on
the wall to help keep her up. She tilted her head back. His finger
danced inside her wet open cunt as she moaned slightly and pushed back
against his hand.

He pumped his finger in and out of her with speed, his mouth close to
her ear he whispered his first words in a deep bass voice. "Cum for me
witch!" Her body quivered as her pussy squeezed the finger inside. She
squeezed her legs together to prolong the wonderful sensation. He
pumped her cunt harder and faster. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she moaned as
she exploded again and again. He slowed his pace as her orgasm
subsided. She tried to catch her breath as her removed the finger from
her now dripping cunt. He lowered her skirt and turned her back around
to face him. He was grinning as he stared into her eyes, and slowly
raised his moist finger to his lips. As he tasted her juices from his
finger, he moaned, "Mmmmmmmm" Jamie stared in astonishment at just how
sexy it was to watch him do that.

Jamie tried to focus once again, trying to determine if what had just
happened was real or a dream. Just then Steve appeared through the

"Jamie! We're waiting for you, come on!"

Panicked at the thought of what had transpired, she looked back to the
Phantom, but he was gone. She glanced up and down the hallway, but
there was no sign of him

Jamie followed her husband back to the party to say their goodbyes, and
found him with Bill, the ballroom manager. Steve smiled as she appeared
and then said to her, "Jamie wait until you hear this.... Bill was just
telling me about the fire they had at a Halloween party like this one
back in the 80's."

Bill sized up Jamie, quickly surmised why she and Steve were backstage
and smiled. Bill was instantly smitten with her as many men were, and
he was eager to impress her with his knowledge of local history. "It
was actually on Halloween night; the fire started in the kitchen, but
quickly spread to the ballroom where a huge costume ball was being
held. They thought everyone had gotten out safely, and they decided it
had become too dangerous, so they just let it burn." Both Steve and
Jamie were fascinated to hear the rest.

Bill continued, "everyone was horrified when a guy in a Phantom of the
Opera mask appeared at the window.... He was on fire, pounding on the
window and screaming for help until the flames consumed him and he
disappeared." "Wow!" both of them gasped at the same time, but Bill
continued. "The odd thing was, they never did find his body in the
rubble. Nobody really knows what happened to it."

Just then an outside door blew open and the stage curtains billowed in
the breeze. All three turned to look and saw what appeared to be a man
standing on the balcony above the stage. The outside door slammed shut,
and all three spun in surprise. When they looked back, the man was
gone. "Where did he go? Was that the guy in the Phantom mask we saw

Bill's face went pale "what guy? I worked the door tonight; there was
nobody in a Phantom mask. We don't allow any of those since we
reopened; it freaks the old timers out too much. Trust me... nobody got
in tonight with a Phantom mask."

Jamie just shivered at the sudden drop in temperature, and felt her
nipples harden. "Steven... I think its time to go." :eek: :p

06-11-2006, 08:39 PM
Super Mario --- a burning sensation (Part 1)

Being 24 years, young black, with a nicely toned defined body, is what attracts most people to me, but in the end my friendliness and charnming personality that always win them over.and to me this is quite exciting, especially when having to dream about hot bodies. while getting laid with hot, young, handsome and sexy men is the icing on the cake. for this is exactly how i felt not to long ago.

now as i sat reminiscing i have no idea where to start, or should i just write about my previous wild encounters. Nooo!! i should let you into this moment the one that have me sweating while my fingers are stroking the keys before me.

I had befriended this guy who over the past few months became a very close buddy of mine, he is from dubai and loves to party. mind you!!he spend most of his free time working out, driving his car and chasing after hot women and stood at about 5ft 9". I calls him super mario. where as i stood at 6ft 1".

One hot thursday night after we both had spend the earlier moment at the gym, mario called me up and wanted to hit the clubs.you have to know that mario is not the shy type, he is the kind of guy who is very comfortable with anyone especially me. He constantly would walk infront of me naked and even shave his pubic hairs, balls and butt, while i'm there without feeling shy. there were even instances where he would asked me to help him shave, for he was a bit tired and i would go ahead and do it right away.

Anyway that night while getting ready, the phone rang, it was mario, we chatted a bit and during our usual conversation he said he will be going out of town this weekend and asked me if i would like to sleep over. i kinda had a suspicion that something was up but never mention it to him, for in the back of my mind i was thinking that tonight i was finally going to let him fuck me. for i know he wants to, but pretends because of his girlfriend.

On our way to the club, mario started joking that tonight i was going to give him a massage, which is normal thing between the both of us excepts that whenever i do that, he will have an erection and i would usually massage his dick until he comes. so i said no problemo. while my cock twitched, for in my head i was planning and thinking all kind of dirty thoughts.

At the club the music was not to great after about 2hrs we headed to his house, when we got there, i used the bathroom to freshened up and so did he. Inside his bedroom he made it a point to let me know that he sleeps naked, to which i replied, "so do i".

Now naked except in our briefs, with the lights lights dimmed i asked if he was ready for the massage, he said yes and just lay on the bed with his eyes closed, awaitng my sensual touches.so I then sat on his legs, as he lay on his back and so begun my most erotic moves ever. I slowly ran my hand over his chest, with soft stroking movement, up and down , gently brushing his nipples, teasing and pinching in the process. I then caressed his neck, with deep long ad sensuous strokes, i kneaded his shoulders like the way the waves makes love to the ocean floor. sinking into every muscles, while brushing my ass lightly over his legs, inches away from his now throbbing cock. by his novement, I know he was loving it and so was I.

My hands moved all over his stomach, searching everywhere, while his breathing increases, then in a trance like state i removed his underwear, squeezed his cock, which was rigid , hard , straight and dripping of pre cum, i licked my lips and so was my painfully throbbing cock as the pre cum soaked my balls, he moaned!! and so I continued to massage his body. Now his nipples hard and erect, I pinched them hard, with a pain of sensuality, lust and passion. He lifted his stomach, high! while the back of my hands roamed all over his lustful hard body, man he was hot!! my fingers now found his hair, they began to massage it, soft, so curly and silky. my cock tremble inside my briefs.

My ass now wiggling over his cock, i was loving the sensation and so was he. i grinded into his now hard and throbbing cock, but yet my hands ignore them for my ass crack was satisfying it. they were getting moist>

Mario his hands now began to caress my legs as i continue to caress his hard body. we were now both sweating, yet i wanted him to remove my underwear even thoug my cock was straining against my briefs. Tension rising his hands became bolder and off came my briefs, freeing my cum dripping rock hard black cock, with a huge vein, running fom the head to the base, and it was all shining from the pre cum.

Then slowly i began to kiss his neck, my lips nibbling his ear, then his nose, as i move towards his eyes sucking them, bathing them with my tongue as i kiss his cheeks, gently until i moved for his hard lips, munching them, nibbling all the burning sensation. they were moist and salty as he soon opened his mouth and swallow my tongue.

Gently and erotically our tongues collided, he pulled mine sucking the sensation out of them, i then went deeper into his mouth searching the entire core, for all that it worths.

We both started moaning, as he embrace me with his strong legs and our hard cocks crush into each other, oh Man what a feeling!! soaking wet i beagan to hump him, hard, woving my hips in total slow motiom, up and down then left to right, grinding hard, our bodies were hot, creating a friction from totla sweat. my heart and pulse were racing like wild fire.
I then stopped for I wanted to taste his cock for the first time,to enjoy the aromatic lustful smell of it, so I moved down, inch by inch, as my hands began stroking the hard cock, all slippery and wet with pre cum. as my lips approach his cock, i kissed the head, swirling my toungue around it, over and over my tongue went licking his cock like it was the last cock alive, with my spit trickling all over it, mario began to moan, i let my tongue suck the base then the tip , yet refusing to put it inside my mouth. i began to pull on the knob , ,forcing my tongue through the big pee slit, his body went wild as his arms began to scrath my body. AHHH!! ahhhhh! ahhh ahhh!! uuhh!! he continue to sigh and moan. then down deep inside my mouth his cock went, the same time he lifted his head in surprise, our eyes meet, but we said nothing, for we trusted each other, deep inside my mouth i took all of his 8" cock, he looked at me again, i smiled and continued sucking his cock. i could feel him tensing up, getting ready to cuuum, i stopped.

I then sat on his cock once again and beagn to grind it, while pinching and squeezing his nipples, his moans increases. with my ass crack all hot and wet from the sweating, i glided up and down his cock with total madness, soo much pulsating between us , he was now trying to put his cock inside my tight ass, but finding it difficult for it has been over a year since i've been fucked and i worked my ass muscles a lot at the gym so it was really hard fo him to penetrate me, for my ass musccles were definitely tight.

soon he had me in doggie position, but we had no lube, he inserted a finger, i flinched from the pain, yet i wsnted to feel his fat hard cock. so i relaxed a bit, he used some spit to make it easier, then after about almost 15 minutes of trying , his cock head entered, oh fucked i scream, "fuck mario, it hurts , take it out" yet i wanted it, but he pulled out and waited 3 minutes then we tried again, then slowly inside it went, as he pushed long and hard deep inside me, i screamed out loud as i buried my face in the pillow and continued to moan in pain and pleasure, "MARIO oh mario , yes , ahh !! yessAHH !! AHH HHhuHH AHH ohh fuck it hurts , it hurts , yess ohhhh" as he continued to fuck me hard. my ass was hurting , the pain was killing, but i was loving it. he asked if it was my first time i said yes, even though it was my second time, i just wanted him to feel he was the first.my ass hole was on fire , but with a burning desire and full of pleasure , it felt so good after such a long time of being fucked, knowing we both wanted it made it even better and hotter. Fuck me hard i said, real hard.:p

06-11-2006, 08:40 PM
Super Mario --- a burning sensation (End)

In and out his cock went, as my ass hole cry out in pain but a sensation was burning in me, my balls felt heavy and my cock was dripping pre cum like crazy. feeling the pleasure i started to rock back into his cock, ""oh man , you so hot" he said i rocked harder, i then grab his hand and put in on my cock, he began to jerk me off. i went wild, "harder, yes harder, oh man , yes harder, fuck me super mario" i moaned as his hard cock pounded into my ass, as his hands jerked my big black cock to a feeling like never before. sweat pouring over our bodies, while they make a music of it own, then he pulled out afraid to cum inside me, so he grabbed a condom like if i cared, for that moment i was lost, forgeting about condom, thank god he remembered!! now my ass felt funny and empty, as he put the condom on, then he placed his raging cock before my ass hole and "WHAM!" his cock entered me with a force like never before, i screamed forgetting that in the next room slept his brother and wife, they had no idea and really did not care. his hands held unto my hips as he rode me , wild , strong and hard. then they found my cock as he pumped me crazy. my cock then stared to tense as my balls became hard, i was cumming and so was he.

His waist became wild, his hands, stared to pumped my cock, "you the best , oH fuck you so hot,yess i"m cumming" he yelled as he explode inside me with wet , wild, animalistic passion. at the same time my cum started exploding all aver his bed, loads upon loads, "yes oh mario yesss , oh fuck it yesss , yessss! ahhh ahhhhh, yess!!fuccckk!!it was the most i came ever, cum was every where as he pumped me dry.

"Oh man you are the best i ever had, damn you were hot" he said. you were not too bad yourself" i replied as he pulled his cock out of my now sore ass and discarded the condom, we then kissed and tiptoed into the batroom to get cleaned up, as we heard his brother moving in his room. back in his room we both went to bed naked, yet so bewildered for what just happened was months of build up sexual tension between two best buddies.

Next morning we said nothing as we drove to my house, blasting the summer music, for a new friendship was born and so was what happened next. "bye super Mario, see you soon" i whispered ;)

11-05-2007, 05:26 PM
Complete humiliation and milking

Megan was now the womean who controlled my life and i was to do anything she said. at the time it seemed ok then i realized she just didnt want to be in control of me, she wanted me to be her complete and total bitch.

The next morning when she woke me up she told me it was going to be my training day, and after it would be my total submission. She told me to go into the bathroom and shave all the hair off of my body which i did. Then she had a bra and panties laid out on the bed and ordered me to put them on. i didnt at first but all she did was turn around and show me amazing ass, then i put them on almost mechanically. she ordered me to lay on the floor and she put that amazing ass right above my tongue and said taste me my little bitch. i stuck my tongue in her ass and was again in heaven.

She then made me get on all fours faceing away from her and as i turned around i saw she was strapping on a huge dildo. i was so humiliated but at the same time felt there was nothing that i could do about it. She came around in front of me and said " suck my dick like a lot of girls have done for you." i couldnt help it and began sucking the huge dildo she taunted me a lot saying " my what an eager little slut you are, and i have a gay friend that would love for you to suck his dick, would you like that?" all i could do was nod my head yes and continued to suck the huge dildo.

Megan then took the dildo from my mouth put a leather pillow right under my throbbing cock pulled down my panties and laughed at me. " my oh my i never thought you would be graveling like my little bitch, beg me to fuck you." I begged megan to fuck me with the huge dildo and wiggled my ass right in front of her. Again she laughed and said "my you an eager little bitch arent you" i said " yes i am and i am your eager bitch" she laughed out loud and said " thats right you are." she began fucking me with the dildo and it felt great all i could do was moan. i knew my life had been changed forever and i loved it. i was already about to cum and she could feel that my moans were getting louder, and louder. the feeling of that amazing leather pillow was to much to bare. she said i was allowed to cum on the pillow within the next 3 thrusts or i would not be allowed to. however it only took one and i unleashed a massive load all over the pillow.

She stopped fucking me and let out a huge laugh, after removing the dildo she looked down at me and said " you know what to do you pathetic little bitch." and i did i mopped up every drop of cum off the pillow while she held an evil smile on her face the whole time.

I thought i would be done after that but she had other ideas. she said that " it was pretty good training and i was a good boy but its time for your final submission." she continued by saying " my total dominance over you will be final when i make you cum with my foot while you suck my toes of the other one, then you will know who controls you because there is nothing more humiliating than licking your cum off a womans foot."

I was drained and didnt thing i could even get hard again, but that changed very fast as she put her perfect foot in my mouth and i began to suck on those lovely toes. she placed her other foot on my swollen member and said "now i am a pro this wont take long." as she manuvered her amazing foot on my cock i sucked her toes like i was a girl with her last cock in her mouth. she was right it didnt take long and i was ready to blow again. She smiled the most evil smile ever as i sucked her toes and said " are you ready to cum my little one." i responded with a totally beaten mans response of " yes mistress megan i am ready on your command." she smiled again and said " right now cum for me bitch, cum right now." as her wish i came right there when she told me to. she stood up pulled her foot out of my mouth and let out a triumphant laugh and stood up after catching most of my cum on her foot. she looked down at me beaten completely by her and said " i think its over your mine arent you? your my little bitch." i couldnt even talk and she smiled again and said " if you are my little bitch and agree to this just give in the final time and clean my foot with your tongue." i did just that and for the 3rd time in 2 days had eaten my own cum, and it never tasted so good. as i finished she smiled and siad "your life will never be the same", and i knew she was right.:D

11-05-2007, 05:27 PM
3 having fun - Part 1

My story is about the events that started my break-up with the only woman I have ever loved. It started in 1998 when I met Bev. In two days she seduced me and with in a month we were living together.

Bev was a buxom raven hair beauty 16 years younger than me with a zest for live and living. At the time I had a career as a designer and traveled 200 days a year on the road. I had just moved home to the place of my birth and was hoping to change my life.

We had a wonderful 14 months together skiing and being out doors all the time. The next winter while I was on a road trip she started to have an affair with Ernie and started to cheat behind my back. It lasted through the spring and summer. She would never admit that she was doing it but I knew. It effected my work and it became the start of the end of my career. I was on a tour with a major motor vehicle manufacture and my work really suffered. On the last stop of the tour I had a two day affaire with a co-worked that I had known for 10 years and we had shared a mutual lust for each other for many years. When I came home on the first night I admitted it to Bev. She however continued to deny any affair that she was having.

It wasn’t until the next month in October that the truth came out. We had Ernie and another woman over for one of my dinners and got a buzz on during it. Bev was wearing a fishnet leotard with a short blue skirt and a blue blazer and sitting on one of our couches with Ernie and I was on a facing couch with our other friend passed out. Bev got up to go to the bathroom and a few minuets later Ernie followed.

In a few minuets I followed. I saw them kissing and when Bev saw me she backed out of the bathroom and I moved her into the bedroom which is right next to the bathroom. We sat on the bed and kissed and she tried to tell that it was Ernie that was starting it. As I kissed her Ernie entered the bedroom and sat on the bed with us. And even though Ernie did not fuck her that night It was the start of out 3-somes.
The story I want to tell is what happened a few weeks later.

In early November, the night of our towns benefit barn dance, Bev told me Ernie wanted to rent a cottage in town for the night and have a night of sex. I was all for it and was quite excited about it. We had our kids at the house for the weekend and went to rent them movies and also a portable VCR. and told the kids that we were going to the barn dance. Bev dressed again in the fishnet with her nipples showing through as I got some of our porn films together and prepared some dinner for the night. We took separate vehicles to the rented cabin and I was so hard my 6” cock almost broke through my shorts. When I arrived Bev and Ernie were already there. As I entered the cabin I saw Bev setting up the VCR so I went to the kitchen to make dinner. Ernie had drinks and a joint ready for us and we all ended up in the living room. Bev started her favorite tape and as we watched we had dinner we played around and teased each other while having a very arousing time. Bev was being very shy and coy even though this was the third time that we were together.

We finally got Bev to take off her blazer and could stare at her natural 38DD breasts through her fishnet top. Her nipples were standing out like erasers through the top. Both Ernie and myself started kissing her neck and trying to lick her nipples as they poked through the top. Bev was still trying to be coy but I could tell she was getting very aroused. She began to rub Ernie’s cock through his jeans while I was playing with her nipples. She told Ernie to take off his pants so she could feel his cock naked and he complied. When his cock was exposed she told him to play with it in front of her face. I tried to slip her to off but she wanted me to take my 6” cock out and play with it. As I complied she started to play with Ernie’s 6” cock. As I exposed myself my cock so hard at the scene about to happen it could break a diamond. Bev leaned over and took Ernie’s cock in her mouth and licked it a few time then asked him to play with it. She turned to me and with her tongue licked the head of my cock. Bev said that we should move to the bedroom for a more comfortable place to play and gave both our cocks a playful squeeze. We got up and followed her there and as we entered I stood behind her and unzipped her skirt and slid it over her hips . Her leotard had an open crotch and she was not wearing any underwear. Bev keeps her pussy shaved very close and the view of her exposed moist lips was almost too much for me. We sat her on the bed and Ernie started to kiss her and slide the top of the leaiotard down to expose her bountiful boobs. Her nipples were hard enough to poke your eye out. I spread her legs apart and moved my tongue up her thighs and circled her pussy with my tongue. I then took her small bush in my teeth and started to pull her hair with my mouth. As I was doing that I looked up and saw that Ernie had freed her breasts from their covering and was licking her nipples while she played with his cock. I moved my tongue to her shaved and puffy pussy lips and first sucked one side of her lips and then the other. Bev was moaning like I had never heard her moan before. Then I ran my tongue around her dripping inner lips between her outer lips. She had a stifled moan as she had Ernie’s cock in her mouth. I finally started to lick around her clit and she was bucking her hips against my face. I took her clit in my lips and sucked it while running my tongue over the tip of her clit. I had never heard Bev ever scream so loud . She released Ernie’s cock from mouth. I looked at Ernie and said to him “put your cock inside her. He replaced me and for the first time slid his cock inside her without a condom. I saw his cock split her dripping apart and moved to kiss her with my mouth dripping with her pussy cum. Bev kissed me deep and sucked her cum from my mouth to hers. I was so hot watching another cock postponing in and out of her cunt that I ad to jerk off while kissing her. Bev came and came and came.

I wanted to enter her and told her it was my turn to put my cock in her dripping pussy. Ernie slid his dripping cock out of her soaked pussy. Bev rolled over with a large smile on her face and mounted my hard cock. I had never felt her this wet, juice was flowing out of her pussy and drenching my cock. There was no friction between my raging hard-on and her pussy walls. I say Ernie get behind her and though he was going to ass fuck her. But no then I felt his cock rubbing against my balls. He pushed his cock hard and it also slid into her pussy. Bev screamed louder than I have ever heard. I didn’t move as his cock slid into her dripping pussy with mine. I had never felt such a feeling as his cock slid over mine and neither had Bev. She was just moaning and Cumming. The feeling of his cock rubbing against mine the head of his cock sliding over mine in that wet vice was making me cum without ejaculating. Bev wanted us to play with her tits and pull her nipples. Ernie did that form behind and I moved my figures to rum her drenched colt. Bev went to another world and as I was drenched in her juices she almost passed out. Bev was had and out of breath and we had to slide out of her. Neither Ernie nor I had shot our loads yet and both were still really hard........contd

11-05-2007, 05:29 PM
3 having fun - Epilogue

As Bev regained her breath she looked at us and asked us to jerk off for her till we came. As we sat on the bed Ernie and I both started to jerk off and Bev sucked her own breasts and licked her nipples. She also played with her wet pussy and clit. After a few minuets Ernie said he was Cumming and Bev put her hand over the head of his cock and I watched him shoot his hot cum through her figures. I however was too exhausted to cum and we all fell into a wonderful sleep in the king bed.

I awoke the next morning at 5:30 with a Hugh hard-on. Both Bev and Ernie were sound asleep so I went into the living room to watch some more porn and play with my cock. I went to the kitchen and had some of last nights dinner when I heard noise from the bedroom. I went to the bedroom and say Ernie between Bev’s legs and his cock was buried in her hot pussy. I sat on the bed and watched his going in and out of her wet and swollen pussy lips. The sight of this made me stroke my own cock faster . Ernie face was getting red and I say his balls tighten as he pumped away. He asked Bev if he could cum inside her and I knew that this was the first time he was going to shoot his white juices in her without a condom on. Bev did not say a word but I told Ernie to shoot his cum in her pussy. I watched Bev’s cunt as Ernie’s balls contracted and he started to fill her with his hot cum. As he was Cumming I saw her pussy lips pulse and his white cum leaking out around his cock. Ernie’s cock just kept spurting into her pussy and as he started to pull his wet cock from her pussy as he had his cock almost out he shot off again.

Ernie roll off Bev and I saw her wet pussy open and his white cum dripping from her lips and running out of her to her ass I knew I was ready to enter her. I brought my raging hard-on to the shaved lips of her pussy and slid in. The feeling was incredible and knowing that I was sliding in on another mans cum drove me crazy. I watched my cock slid in and out of her lips and watched Ernie’s cum leek out around my cock. As I had not cum the night before I was ready to shoot my load too. I told Bev I was ready and she said “shoot your cum in your slut Now. The feeling was incredible, I felt my cum start up my cock and I can’t believe how much cum was coming out of it. It seemed that it would not stop. Finally I was empty and rolled off her next to Ernie. Bev got up to go to the bathroom and cum, both of ours was poring out of her and running down her leg. I was never so turned on watching her go to the bathroom to clean up.

Soon after I had to go back to our house to get the kids breakfast and start the day but although we had a few more 3-some I will never forget that one.
Bev continued her ways and we finally split up this year but that memory I will never forget.:eek: :D

13-05-2007, 09:59 AM
She does more than dancing

I was out on the town with my wife. We went out for dinner, then we hit a couple bars. She likes to dance, so we went to a blues bar: live band, large dance floor.
Now, I'm not one for dancing, but she doesn't mind. Usually she just dances on her own, and once and a while she has to put up her guard with guys. For her, it's worth the hassle. She really enjoys it when I watch her. And, If there's no one around to talk to, I love to watch her move her body. As long as I don't look like a creep.

I was sitting at the table with a couple friends I met. I got up to go to the bathroom. On the way back I wondered to the dance floor. Some guy had kept her interest enough to get a conversation going. Most guys try. I imagine many think of what they would like to do with her. I'm sure she loves the attention. I think that's why she dresses the way she does. On this night it was pretty simple: short skirt and a tight t-shirt. When she move the right way, your could see the top of her stockings and the straps of her garter. Both were white.

Shortly after I got back to the table, she joined me. When my friends went to get some more beer, she told me she was going to go for a walk. After she finished her drink, she left. It was quite a while before she came back, most of the bar had cleared out, including my friends. We lived pretty close, so we walked home.

On the walk she told me she had something she had to tell me. She said she went for a walk with a guy from the bar. They were just going to smoke a joint.
"I think I have to tell you what happened."
I agreed.
"We went out back and walked to the parkade. He told me about how he doesn't get to meet many girls, especially pretty ones. I guess I liked the attention he was giving me. I told him he shouldn't have any problem meeting girls."

"He showed me his car. He asked if I wanted to sit inside it. We did. Then he leaned over and kissed me. I didn't know what to do, I was a little excited. I told him we could only kiss, because I'm married. He seemed fine with that. We kissed for a while. Then he asked me a question. He asked me how much he could pay me for me to suck him off. So, I gave him a ridiculous amount. I told him five hundred dollars. Without hesitation, he agreed and started undoing his pants. Before I could say I was joking, his half erect penis was in front of my face. It was the first time I had seen another man's cock in so long. I reached out and touched it. It started getting harder. I thought mabye he would just come if I stroked him a little. So I did. The he said "Come on, put your lips around me, I wanna fuck your mouth.""

"I leaned over and slid my mouth over his cock. As much I as I tried not to like it, I really did. His cock was getting hot in my mouth; I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue. Then I felt his hand on my thighs. And I thought "I'm not wearing any panties." His fingers touched my pussy and his found out how wet I was getting."
"He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. I nodded, still sucking his dick. He told me to get out of the car. I did. He told me to bend over the trunk of the car. Right now I didn't care if anyone saw me like this, I just wanted to get fucked."

"He stood behind me and slowly slid inside me. It felt so good. I must of looked like such a whore, bent over a car with my skirt flipped over my ass, being fucked by somebody who was paying for it."

I told her I didn't believe her. I mean after all, we've been married for five years without any extra-marital distractions.
She reached into her purse and pulled out five hundred dollars in cash.
"And, I'm going to met him there again next week." :eek: :D

13-05-2007, 10:01 AM
Special Appointments- Part 1

A Long Daydream : Special Appointment

I ran into quite a lot of money recently. More money than I know what to do with and I’ll certainly never have to work again. Fortunately, I’ve always had this fantasy about one of the things I’d do if this situation ever arose. Since I have a fairly extreme passion for long hair on women, I thought it would be great to open a salon catering to the longhaired woman. Nothing new in the idea but think of all the longhaired women I’d meet. I knew exactly what I must do. I found a location out in the country and started building my haven for longhaired women. It has to usual salon equipment but with a few extras. I put in a juice and sandwich bar and a living room with a turn-of-the-century country look. In the back are two personal massage rooms. I’ve called the place ‘Cascades’.

The first order of business is to hire someone to run it for me. Not having much of a business background I knew it would be better to let someone else have the reigns. I wanted a woman to run it, thinking this might put most women at ease. I advertised and started with the interviews. On the second day of interviews in walks a woman I would soon find out to be the ‘man’ for the job. She was wearing some unusual clothes for an interview but I thought that might be a good sign in this case. I told her about the salon specialty and said she had a great resume. “What else do you think you could bring to this salon?”

This woman, named Rachel, stood in front of my desk in my temporary office and pulled off her leather hat. I didn’t think I could fall in love this fast! Her shiny, silky, super thick dark red hair fell quickly to a few inches below her knees!! She said, “I think I could bring some understanding of longhaired women to the job”. And she turned. Her dark red mane had some gold highlights to it and was pencil straight until the last few inches where there was a two-way wave. Somehow I managed to stutter; “you’re hired!”

I continued to tell her about my policies for Cascades. I wanted her to help me with the hiring of hairdressers right away. I also told her that because of my financial situation I could afford to pay employees very well and didn’t mind if the place lost a little money. She looked a little puzzled and that’s when I told her of Cascades’ special long hair policy. Any woman that keeps her hair past her butt (if she can sit on her hair) gets all of our services free. I definitely wanted to encourage these women to keep it growing. Rachel said, “this is going to be a great place to work!”.

Rachel and I became very close very fast. We would sit in the office and talk after hours. After a couple of months we became lovers and she found out how strong my fetish for hair was. She found out that she could make me cum quickly with a few kisses and my shaft wrapped in her thick hair. Sometimes she would barge into the office in the middle of the day and lock the door. “Try to be quite for a few minutes,” she whispered as she pulled on my zipper. I grinned as I grabbed two handfuls of her thick soft hair and she started caressing my ***** with her tongue. “Oh, look what I’ve done now,” she says as she gives me a wink. “I’ve gone and got it all wet, I better dry it before I go.” She pulls all of her long soft tresses to the right side of her head and proceeds to wrap it around my hard shaft until there’s an enormous mound of red hair on my lap with just the tip showing at the top. She knows me well and just a minute or two of pumping my hair covered ***** she has me cumming like a fountain all over my stomach and chest. She unwraps her hair from my ***** and hands me a towel as she ties her hair into a beautiful ponytail. She whispers “thank you” in my ear as I wipe myself and wonder why she’s saying that to me when it should be the other way around. “I have to talk to you about something after closing tonight,” as she winks and her long red ponytail swings as she goesback out to the salon.

After closing she locks the door and starts sweeping the floor. As casually as possible I bring up what I’ve been trying to guess about all afternoon. She walks over to the counter of the juice bar where I am cleaning. She leans on the bar and says, “We’ve been open for about six months now and we’ve had some beautiful longhaired ladies as regulars.” “Yes, I’ve noticed a few,” I said. She continues confidently, “I guess I know you well enough to ask this straight out.” “What do you think of lesbian sex?” She really already knows my answer. “I love it very much, it is a really big turn-on for me. Especially if the women are as beautiful as you.” She says, “I’ve thought as much, which is great because you’ve probably already figured out I’m bisexual by now.” I told her I had my hopes up about that but I thought it might be too good to be true.

After six months in operation we have a couple of women that come after hours for special attention. Rachel tells me she wants to get to know these two women better and asks if I wouldn’t mind leaving her alone with them when they come in for their next after hours appointment. I wholeheartedly encouraged it and it wasn’t more than a few days when the first of the two women called for another special appointment. After about a month later Rachel walks into the office with a very big grin on her face. She has a reserved excitement on her face. I signal to her to close the door and practically beg her to tell me whatever it is! She says, “I think BOTH women seem receptive to my advances!!!” I can’t hold back my excitement, “if you make love with either of them, I want the details if not the video!!”

The two targets of Rachel’s passions are Carol and Deb. Carol is a wonderful Greek woman who stands five feet on her tall days. She’s made a point of saying she’s 4’11” and ¾. She’s a funny woman who gets very special treatment from us because of her soft thick brown hair. She has to wear it up in some way because if she lets it all down there is about six inches dragging on the floor!! It’s almost as wide as her body. One night during one of her after hour’s appointments, she showed us something amazing. She let all of her hair down and put her hands behind her neck and then spread it all around herself. It completely covered her body leaving only her face showing. Rachel has known that I’ve had dreams about Carol ever since that night. She has too.

Deb on the other hand is a giant in comparison at five foot six. Deb could and has modeled. A very beautiful face and incredible body, Deb (like Carol) is more than just great hair. Deb has got that sexy two-tone blonde hair and it stops at mid-thigh. She says she wants to grow it as long as Carol’s hair because she loves the compliments she gets and the way it feels on her skin. I can imagine that feeling very well! Deb’s hair is incredible for another reason. It’s so silky that it doesn’t stay in any style for long. If she puts it in a braid it falls out within a few hours. It’s absolute heaven to watch it move when she walks out of the salon. Rachel knows I’ve dreamt of sticking my ***** in it over and over.

Carol walked in on a Thursday afternoon. Rachel called me out of the office when Carol came up to the front desk. Carol looked fantastic as usual with half of her hair tied up under a hat and the rest hanging in a ponytail down to her waist. She said, “I just stopped in for a minute to request another after hours appointment for tomorrow night. My hair could use the special treatment it gets here.” Rachel and I just smiled at each other and said no problem. Trying to keep the excitement out of her voice, Rachel says, “see you tomorrow after six!?” Carol smiles and starts to turn towards the door then stops, “and I’ll have a surprise for the two of you tomorrow evening.”

The next 24 hours seemed to drag on longer than the Civil War. Waiting and wondering made time seem like one of those hallways in a science fiction movie. It just keeps getting longer as you walk down it. We closed up shop and started our routine. About 6:15 we hear a knock on the windowpane. Both of us could hardly contain ourselves. We literally dropped what we were doing. Rachel opened the door and Carol stepped into the doorway. I could see right away that all of her hair was up. “This is one of the surprises I told you about” Carol says. She turns her head to the side to reveal the most massive and intricate bun Rachel or I have ever seen! It seems like she tied her hair into a ponytail then twisted it and pulled it up into a series of turns and figure eight’s and fold throughs. It was a little less than twice the size of her head!!! It looked like four pounds of hair! My mouth was stuck open and Rachel just blurted, “OH MY GOD!” “I take it you like it then?” Carol laughs. “There’s one more surprise I have tonight.” She leans back a step and reaches for something outside the door in the dark. In walks Deb! “I hoped that I could get some of the special treatment too,” Deb whispers. Knowing we wouldn’t say no, she smiles. Rachel practically pulls the two women into the shop and locks the door behind them. “This way ladies,” as she turns out the lights to the front of the salon. It’s when Carol says, “For a little while I’d like to be in charge of things” that I get the idea Rachel and these ladies have already gotten physical with each other when I wasn’t around. Carol kisses Rachel gently and asks for two of the shampoo chairs to be put back to back.....contd

13-05-2007, 10:03 AM
Special Appointments- Part 2

I have a hunch this is going to be the best night of my life. As Carol starts to take off Rachel’s clothes, Deb walks over to me and starts unbuttoning my shirt. She whispers in my ear, “we didn’t want you to be left out of the fun anymore.” I’ve been hard as a rock since Carol turned her head at the front door and now it was getting even harder, if that’s possible. Within a few minutes we’re all naked and Carol starts directing. She sits down in one of the shampooing chairs and points to Deb. Deb playfully stands at attention. “Get over here and lick my pussy like you do so well!” she commands. Deb immediately kneels in front of Carol and dives between her legs. Deb’s long silky blonde hair slides off the sides of her back and hangs to the floor as her tongue eagerly goes to work. Carol quickly directs Rachel to take all the bottles off the nearby shelf and lay the shelf across the arms of the chair. She tells Rachel to sit on the shelf facing her so she can start to work on Rachel’s incredible tits. There are many great things about Rachel and one of them is her beautiful 34 E cups. And Rachel loves them as much as I do. Apparently, so does Carol!!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Carol getting a great pussy licking from Deb while she is sucking and licking Rachel’s beautiful tits! In between moans, Carol points to the chair behind her. She stops long enough to explain, “Rachel has told us all about you, so get on the other chair in back of me and fuck this bun! And don’t stop, I want that special conditioner of yours dripping all over my bun!” I was so hard I almost came without touching anything! I climbed onto the chair and bent my legs slightly. I teased myself a little by taking my hard shaft and rubbing it along both side of this massive bun in front of me. Rachel starts saying the sexiest things while she watches me. “Look at that massive head of soft hair! Don’t you want to stick your ***** in there and fuck it?! Pick one of those folds and stick your hard ***** all the way in!” I push my hard ***** down and pick one of the folds in this intricate bun and slide my ***** in. Carol’s moans are getting louder as I push my shaft into her bun all the way up to my balls. It’s such a big bun; my ***** goes all the way in and still doesn’t hit the back of her head. I place a hand on either side of Carol’s bun and squeeze her soft locks around my shaft and start to pump. From my vantage point I can see Deb’s head moving side to side licking and fingering Carol’s pussy. And I have a perfect view of Carol licking, squeezing, and sucking on Rachel’s E cups. I know I can’t hold out against such exquisite pleasure for long. As Rachel starts yelling, “fuck that big soft bun!…cum on her bun!…hair fucking is great!!” I start squirting the first of my cum deep inside Carol’s massive bun. I pull out and make the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth squirts create long streaks of white across the folds and curves of Carol’s hair. Rachel keeps her wonderful sexual comments coming as Carol pulls her head back in ecstasy as Deb’s tongue does it’s magic. Rachel suddenly says, “It’s my turn!” And I know this is going to be a long heavenly night in the salon.

Rachel wants to wash the cum out of Carols hair and instructs Deb and I to give a little show while she’s at the sink with Carol. She gently takes Carol’s hair out of its confines and lowers most of it in the sink. There’s so much hair on Carol that only half of it actually fits in the sink at once. The last two feet of Carol’s cum stained hair falls over the side of the sink. Rachel starts the warm water rinse while she commands me to go down on Deb. Deb’s all for that as she flips her long blonde tresses over the top of her head and points to the floor in front of her. I kneel down on the floor in between her lovely soft legs and she lays her hair over the back of my head. Carol really gets into this show quickly and she cheers me on as I start licking and sucking on Deb’s clit. As Rachel creates mounds of lather in Carol’s hair she leans forward so Carol can easily suck on her right tit. Carol alternates between sucking and watching me work on Deb. Deb starts to moan with her spasms as I can hear the sound of the blow dryer on Carol’s long tresses. Carol’s five and a half feet of hair is soon soft and warm again. I want to fuck it already but I know there’s more to come.

Now that I know Rachel has had sex with these two women, I can tell she’s already thought of some “activities” she wanted to try with the two of them together. She grabs Deb by the hand and says, “this way ladies….and gentleman!” I can tell I’m going to love Rachel even more after tonight. She’s sharing these two longhaired ladies with me and she has the excitement of a fourth grader on the first day of summer. Rachel’s reveling in the director’s role now and she instructs Deb to get on the end of the message table facing inward. Then she tells Carol to lay down on her back with her legs draped over Deb’s legs, their pussies facing each other. Rachel then climbs on top of Carol in a sixty-nine position. What a dreamlike site. Deb has straddled the massage table with her thigh length, thick blonde hair hanging off the end of the table. Carol’s on her back underneath Rachel and her super long brown hair is hanging off the other end of the massage table with about two feet of it lying on the floor. Rachel’s on top and her long red hair is flowing down her back and over her ass. Rachel points to her ass as she turns to go down on both pussies. I climb on the end of the massage table and guide my rock hard ***** through Rachel’s thick red hair and start to fuck her from behind. Carol enjoys the view as she caresses my ass with her soft brown hair. Soon our massage room is filled with moans and the smell of sex. Rachel soon cums as Deb has her second orgasm of the night.
In a gasping voice, Rachel says, “ can I direct one more thing?” Deb blurts out, “OF COURSE!!” Rachel asks Carol and Deb to clear the table and tells me to lie on my back. With Deb on my left and Carol next to her, Rachel stands on the right side of the table. I think I know what’s coming as I hold my stiff ***** upright. Rachel tells the other two ladies to pull their beautiful hair over their right shoulder and she does the same. “Now Deb,” Rachel says, “take your gorgeous blonde silk and wrap it once counterclockwise around his hard *****.” “Carol, you do the same just above Deb’s hair.” I know this is going to spoil me for life and I didn’t care! Then Rachel takes her super thick red hair and finishes off the stack of hair on my *****. “OK ladies, we know what to do” says Rachel.

13-05-2007, 10:05 AM
Special Appointments - Epilogue

The three women start to gather their hands around my hair covered ***** and slowly pump up and down. Rachel whisper’s in a low almost husky voice, “Come on dear, fuck all this thick soft hair wrapped around your beautiful *****….yeah….that’s it….fuck it!….fuck it!!!” Soon I’m cuming like a fountain. Some of it lands on the side of Deb’s face and the rest flows over their hands and into the red, brown, and blond tresses wrapped around my shaft!
I lay on the table almost exhausted in my hair fucking heaven. With my eyes half shut I hear Rachel say, “I think we may have spoiled him for good, he’ll want this kind of fun every week.” Then I hear Deb say, “If this cum in my hair has done what I think it has, he can have this kind of fun anytime!” She continues, “I believe it’s time for some hair washing fun, girls.” After their cum soaked hair slides off my body, I follow the three of them into the shampoo room. Deb gathers up her long blonde hair and slides into one of the chairs as she rests her golden tresses into the sink. She asks Carol to do the honors with a lot of shampoo. I lead Rachel to the other sink and set the chair for her. Carol wastes no time and starts to rinse the cum out of Deb’s beautiful locks with very warm water. I keep one eye on Carol as I straddle the chair and pile Rachel’s thick red hair into the sink. Carol quickly has mounds of lather built up as she caresses Deb’s scalp. Deb is purring with the soothing fingers of Carol and she starts to massage her left tit. As Deb reaches up with her right hand to pull one of Carol’s tits into her mouth, I turn my attention back to Rachel’s mound of hair. I’ve done this before with Rachel because she loves it when I cum in her hair. She says her hair is silkier where ever the cum lands. Rachel gently caresses my ass as I massage a cupful of shampoo into her red tresses. The combination of lather in my hands, Rachel’s E-cups rubbing against my stomach, and the moans from the sink next door, unbelievably I’m stirring again. If this is going to be a regular thing, I don’t know how long I’m going to last! I pull myself over to one side of the sink. As Rachel turns her head slightly to watch the other two women, I surprise her (just a little) when I gather two handfuls of warm suds and start to spread it all over her wonderful tits. She arches her back in grateful acceptance as she starts to squirm in the chair. I come around front again to continue washing her great tits. She steals some of the warm lather and spreads it all over her pussy. With one hand she pets her pussy and the other hand scoops up some lather and deposits it on my now stiffening *****. I look over for a second and see Deb’s beautiful hair is getting a rinsing and they’ll soon be switching places. I believe Carol’s five and a half feet of hair is going to need more than one pair of hands.

Rachel is now cumming and bucking underneath me. As her spasms subside, I lean forward and start to rinse the suds out of her thick hair. Rachel looks up at me with a grin and I wink at her and tilt my head towards the other sink. She looks over and nods in silent agreement. It’s time we reward the lady who brought us the two surprises in the first place. Rachel gets up and I help her with a fresh towel over her hair. She arranges the towel and we both walk over to stand next to Deb at the other sink. Carol looks up with a big smile as she sits in the shampoo chair. “What’s this!?”, she coyly whispers. Rachel puts two fingers on Carol’s lips and declares, “It’s time you got the royal treatment for the wonderful surprises you gave to us tonight.” Rachel stands directly in front of Carol and grabs both of Carol’s hands. She places Carol’s hands right on Carol’s own tits and says, “Relax and enjoy, that’s an order!” I reach for the shampoo bottle as Deb piles Carol’s hair in the sink. Rachel kneels in between Carol’s thighs and her toweled head dives into her pussy.

In just a few minutes, Deb and I have four hands working up tons of squishy lather and Rachel has Carol working on another orgasm. Rachel keeps gently licking Carol’s clit while she signals me to switch places. Carol’s eyes are closed and she doesn’t seem to care about the movement she is hearing. Rachel takes my place in Carol’s hair and Deb takes some hot water and suds and goes to work on Carol’s tits. Carol arches her back in lust at the touch of these two women, that’s when I take the opportunity to slide my now rock hard ***** into her wet warm pussy. Carol moans with a little surprise in her voice as I slowly push my ***** in up to my balls. I work my ***** in and out in slow long strokes as I balance myself on the arms of the shampoo chair.

This is another great picture I’ll have in my mind for many years. I’m kissing Carol as Deb is massaging Carol’s wonderful tits and Rachel and Deb are kissing each other. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take very long before I pull out and cum all over Carol’s stomach and pussy. Then again, I should have known three very longhaired beautiful women could easily make me cum three times in one night.

The next morning Rachel and I open the shop for our busiest day of the week, Saturday. We go through the morning routine and as we are both walking past the shampoo chairs towards the office, Rachel strokes one of the arms of the chair and smiles at me. I playfully grab for my crotch and she laughs. Even if this place loses money, it’s going to be the best investment I’ll ever make. Rachel and I will be quite happy living together, having fun in between “special appointments.”;) :D

13-05-2007, 10:10 AM
Dinner Party - Part 1

I met the owner of one of the companies that the company I work for does business with as I was working on his account. He was an older guy, in his early fifties I think and we got real friendly, so he invited my girlfriend and myself out to dinner with him and his wife a few times. I know he liked what he saw with my girlfriend as he would give her those looks when he thought no one was watching and she is a hot blond with nice tits. He came into see me at work one day to tell me his friend was having a private party at his estate and wanted to know if I would like to bring my girlfriend to the party. He told me I could make a lot of good business contacts there and that he had already talked to a few of his associates about me. How could I say no, so called my girlfriend to get her okay and then told him we would happy to attend the party.

He emailed me directions to the estate and when Saturday rolled around, my girlfriend and I were both looking forward to this party. The estate was huge, it was fenced in by a brick wall all around the property, complete with a gate and a guard. The guard checked us in, told us to follow the paved road to the front of the manor and there would be someone there to escort us into the manor and also park out car. Us being two middle class kids, this was really something, the attendant who met us at the manor was in a uniform, different from the gate guards and he escorted us into the manor, which was so big it looked like a government building. My business friend saw us come in, came over and took us to meet our host and hostess, who greeted us like old friends. A waiter came over with a drink tray with two drinks on it for us, the host told us to make ourselves at home and my friend took us around to meet some people. There were waiters and waitresses walking around with trays full of finger foods and whenever our drinks were empty, a waiter appeared with fresh ones.

After a few drinks time seemed to have stopped and everything seemed to merge together and then I realized my girlfriend was not with me. I asked my friend if he had seen her and he told me not to worry, she was in good hands and I would see her in a few minutes. A bell rang, my friend took my arm, told me it was time and we followed everybody into what I thought was a basement, but as it turned out, it was a really large room with elevated rows of seating that went all the way around the room that looked down on a kind of stage. A voice bade us welcome to the show and that tonight there was a brand new participant for our viewing pleasure, so sit back and enjoy the show. The lights went out, the stage lit up and the next thing I knew, my girlfriend was standing there with a big smile and three young boys about twelve or thirteen. One of the boys waved to the crowd, turned to my girlfriend and told her it was time for her to be undressed so everybody could see how beautiful she was. She just stood there smiling as they undressed her and in a few seconds she was naked as a jaybird, letting the boys touch her all over.

I know my first instinct should have been to run down there and get her out of there, but I was mesmerized by what was happening. All three of the boys were hard and as small as their cocks were I knew they had just entered puberty and they were now rubbing their cocks all over my girlfriend. Then two of the boys started sucking on her nipples while the third was rubbing her pussy and my girlfriend just stood there smiling. Again instead of going to her rescue, I was sitting there with a hard-on, kind of anticipating what was going to happen next. The boys pushed my girlfriend down on the floor and one got between her legs, burying his face in her pussy, while the other two were rubbing their cocks over her face and when that boy between her legs started licking her pussy, she started moaning like a little whore. When she opened her mouth, one of the boys stuck his cock in it and she started sucking it like it was a gift from heaven.

The boy that was eating her pussy then turned her over, got under her and put his cock into her pussy, making her moan again as the other one put his cock back in her mouth. Then the third boy pushed her down, spread her ass cheeks and slid his cock into her asshole. Even with a mouthful of cock, she was moaning like a porn star and moving her ass up and down, trying to get more cock in her ass and pussy. The three boys fucked her hard for a few minutes, the one with the cock in her mouth was using her mouth like it was a pussy and since his cock was so small, I could tell my girl was really enjoying what was happening to her, even if she wasn’t quite aware of what was really happening. Then the kid that was using her mouth like a pussy, stopped moving, buried his cock in her mouth and you could see his whole body twitch as he emptied his cock into my girl’s mouth and she swallowed every bit of his cum. Then the kid that was fucking her ass, slammed into her ass, stiffened up and emptied his cock into her asshole and when he pulled out you could see his cum dribbling out of her sweet ass. The third kid fucked her for a minute or so more, then gave out a loud moan as he came in her pussy, pulled out of her, turned her over and spread her legs so you could see his cum leaking out of her pussy.

She lay there with her legs spread and a smile on her face, not even attempting to close her legs or cover herself. Then a young lady made an appearance, leading two studs by their dicks, looking like the cat that ate the mouse. She let go of the cocks, bent down to my girl, told her she did a very good job with the boys and told her it was time for the big boys now, while my girlfriend smiled the whole time. The girl got on the floor with her legs spread, the boys picked my girl up and put her between the girls legs, so her mouth was right at the girls cunt. Then one of them got between my girl’s legs, lifted her ass up and drove his cock all the way into my girl’s pussy, which made my girl push her ass back into this new cock. The other guy got down so he could play with my girl’s clit and while stroking my girl’s clit, began telling her that the other girl needed some relief and it was time for my girl to eat her pussy. He pushed her face into the other girl’s cunt and much to my total amazement; my girlfriend started licking the other girl’s pussy. My girl seemed to be really enjoying getting fucked and eating pussy at the same time as she was going at it with much gusto. Even with her mouth buried in that pussy, I could hear my girl moaning and she was moving her ass around like she was auditioning for a porno movie.

It didn’t take long before the girl that was being eaten by my girl started moaning like a porn star herself and then she grabbed my girl by the hair, pushed her pussy into my girl’s mouth and you could see cum gushing out of her pussy. My girl couldn’t swallow all that cum fast enough so it was running down her chin and onto the mat. The two guys turned my girl back over, the other girl licked my girl’s face clean and then the guy who was playing with my girl buried his cock into my girl’s pussy and he had a real big cock, bigger than mine and her ass came off the mat to meet that big cock. The guy who was fucking her now put his cock in my girl’s mouth and she started sucking on it like she was born to do so and the two cocks began a rhythmic fucking of her two fuck holes. It didn’t take long before my girl stiffened like a board and her ass came off the mat as she came. She was turned over again so the guy with the big cock could get under her and put his cock back in her pussy, the other one put his cock back in her mouth and then a third guy came out, put his cock at her asshole and pushed it right into her waiting asshole. She took that cock in her ass without even flinching and then all three cocks were fucking her fuck holes at the same time. The cock in her mouth slipped out and she actually screamed out, “Put it back, put it back” and when the cock in her pussy slipped out she screamed the same thing. All three guys came in her fuck holes about the same time and when they pulled out she went nuts, begging for more cock..........contd

13-05-2007, 10:12 AM
Dinner Party - Part 2

Three more studs appeared and immediately filled her waiting fuck holes and she went back to sucking and fucking. I was totally amazed she could handle all this sex but it got even better, after the three new studs emptied their cum into my girl’s fuck holes, the announcer asked for volunteers from the audience to fuck my girl. There were twenty men in the stands and twelve women and they all got up to take a turn with my girl, leaving me sitting with my host who kept me from rising. I sat there as the men and women all undressed, including one man who looked to be in his eighties and he still had an impressive hard on. My girl was still on all fours, so one man got under her, put his cock in her pussy while another fucked her asshole and one of the women got on the mat and put her pussy at my girl’s mat. My girl ate that pussy like she had been doing it forever as her ass and pussy got pounded. It didn’t take long before the men and women would cum and I could see that male sperm pouring out of her pussy and asshole as she took on so many cocks and cunts. As soon as one of them came, they were replaced with another cock or cunt and I was truly amazed my girl was taking this kind of prolonged fucking, but she seemed to be really enjoying all the action.

I have no idea how long this went on for but it was a while as most of the men and women came back for seconds and in the case of the old guy, he went unbelievably for thirds when he had my girl suck him off. When they finally finished using her, the girl that she ate in the beginning appeared, helped my girl to her feet so everybody could see the cum running out of her ass and pussy while everybody clapped. I was sitting there with the biggest hard on I ever had and the host told me it was me turn now and led me down to the center stage. There were actually puddles of cum around my girl and the other girl pushed my girl down into them and spread my girls legs for me, so I got between her legs and drove my cock into her pussy to the hilt. My girl had her eyes closed, moaned loud, opened her eyes, smiled at me and said, “Hi honey, is it your turn to fuck me now, fuck me hard baby, I want to feel you cum.” Here she was after taking all that cock, still wanting more, covered in other guys cum, laying in cum and wanting more, so I obliged and as hot as I was it only took a few strokes before I pumped her full of my cum and we got a standing ovation.

The original girl then lead us away to a shower room, give my girl a shower as I watched and to my amazement, she got on her knees between my girls legs and ate my girls pussy and made my girl cum twice for her. After that my girl was exhausted and fell asleep as we were being taken to my car. The host came out to see us off, told me we had put on a great show, to expect a lot of orders at work and that they were doing another show in two weeks and he wanted my girl to be one of four ladies they were going to use for the show with the men being between forty and sixty that they were recruiting and my cock got hard thinking about it, so I told him she would be there. I don’t know what they gave my girl but the only thing she really remember was seeing my face while I fucked her and the girl between and legs and she knew she enjoyed that, so I told her that the same girl will be at the next party and she is really looking forward to that party.:D

14-05-2007, 09:05 PM
Dinner Party- Part 1

I met the owner of one of the companies that the company I work for does business with as I was working on his account. He was an older guy, in his early fifties I think and we got real friendly, so he invited my girlfriend and myself out to dinner with him and his wife a few times. I know he liked what he saw with my girlfriend as he would give her those looks when he thought no one was watching and she is a hot blond with nice tits. He came into see me at work one day to tell me his friend was having a private party at his estate and wanted to know if I would like to bring my girlfriend to the party. He told me I could make a lot of good business contacts there and that he had already talked to a few of his associates about me. How could I say no, so called my girlfriend to get her okay and then told him we would happy to attend the party.

He emailed me directions to the estate and when Saturday rolled around, my girlfriend and I were both looking forward to this party. The estate was huge, it was fenced in by a brick wall all around the property, complete with a gate and a guard. The guard checked us in, told us to follow the paved road to the front of the manor and there would be someone there to escort us into the manor and also park out car. Us being two middle class kids, this was really something, the attendant who met us at the manor was in a uniform, different from the gate guards and he escorted us into the manor, which was so big it looked like a government building. My business friend saw us come in, came over and took us to meet our host and hostess, who greeted us like old friends. A waiter came over with a drink tray with two drinks on it for us, the host told us to make ourselves at home and my friend took us around to meet some people. There were waiters and waitresses walking around with trays full of finger foods and whenever our drinks were empty, a waiter appeared with fresh ones.

After a few drinks time seemed to have stopped and everything seemed to merge together and then I realized my girlfriend was not with me. I asked my friend if he had seen her and he told me not to worry, she was in good hands and I would see her in a few minutes. A bell rang, my friend took my arm, told me it was time and we followed everybody into what I thought was a basement, but as it turned out, it was a really large room with elevated rows of seating that went all the way around the room that looked down on a kind of stage. A voice bade us welcome to the show and that tonight there was a brand new participant for our viewing pleasure, so sit back and enjoy the show. The lights went out, the stage lit up and the next thing I knew, my girlfriend was standing there with a big smile and three young boys about twelve or thirteen. One of the boys waved to the crowd, turned to my girlfriend and told her it was time for her to be undressed so everybody could see how beautiful she was. She just stood there smiling as they undressed her and in a few seconds she was naked as a jaybird, letting the boys touch her all over.

I know my first instinct should have been to run down there and get her out of there, but I was mesmerized by what was happening. All three of the boys were hard and as small as their cocks were I knew they had just entered puberty and they were now rubbing their cocks all over my girlfriend. Then two of the boys started sucking on her nipples while the third was rubbing her pussy and my girlfriend just stood there smiling. Again instead of going to her rescue, I was sitting there with a hard-on, kind of anticipating what was going to happen next. The boys pushed my girlfriend down on the floor and one got between her legs, burying his face in her pussy, while the other two were rubbing their cocks over her face and when that boy between her legs started licking her pussy, she started moaning like a little whore. When she opened her mouth, one of the boys stuck his cock in it and she started sucking it like it was a gift from heaven.

The boy that was eating her pussy then turned her over, got under her and put his cock into her pussy, making her moan again as the other one put his cock back in her mouth. Then the third boy pushed her down, spread her ass cheeks and slid his cock into her asshole. Even with a mouthful of cock, she was moaning like a porn star and moving her ass up and down, trying to get more cock in her ass and pussy. The three boys fucked her hard for a few minutes, the one with the cock in her mouth was using her mouth like it was a pussy and since his cock was so small, I could tell my girl was really enjoying what was happening to her, even if she wasn’t quite aware of what was really happening. Then the kid that was using her mouth like a pussy, stopped moving, buried his cock in her mouth and you could see his whole body twitch as he emptied his cock into my girl’s mouth and she swallowed every bit of his cum. Then the kid that was fucking her ass, slammed into her ass, stiffened up and emptied his cock into her asshole and when he pulled out you could see his cum dribbling out of her sweet ass. The third kid fucked her for a minute or so more, then gave out a loud moan as he came in her pussy, pulled out of her, turned her over and spread her legs so you could see his cum leaking out of her pussy.

She lay there with her legs spread and a smile on her face, not even attempting to close her legs or cover herself. Then a young lady made an appearance, leading two studs by their dicks, looking like the cat that ate the mouse. She let go of the cocks, bent down to my girl, told her she did a very good job with the boys and told her it was time for the big boys now, while my girlfriend smiled the whole time. The girl got on the floor with her legs spread, the boys picked my girl up and put her between the girls legs, so her mouth was right at the girls cunt. Then one of them got between my girl’s legs, lifted her ass up and drove his cock all the way into my girl’s pussy, which made my girl push her ass back into this new cock. The other guy got down so he could play with my girl’s clit and while stroking my girl’s clit, began telling her that the other girl needed some relief and it was time for my girl to eat her pussy. He pushed her face into the other girl’s cunt and much to my total amazement; my girlfriend started licking the other girl’s pussy. My girl seemed to be really enjoying getting fucked and eating pussy at the same time as she was going at it with much gusto. Even with her mouth buried in that pussy, I could hear my girl moaning and she was moving her ass around like she was auditioning for a porno movie.....contd

14-05-2007, 09:07 PM
Dinner Party- Epilogue

It didn’t take long before the girl that was being eaten by my girl started moaning like a porn star herself and then she grabbed my girl by the hair, pushed her pussy into my girl’s mouth and you could see cum gushing out of her pussy. My girl couldn’t swallow all that cum fast enough so it was running down her chin and onto the mat. The two guys turned my girl back over, the other girl licked my girl’s face clean and then the guy who was playing with my girl buried his cock into my girl’s pussy and he had a real big cock, bigger than mine and her ass came off the mat to meet that big cock. The guy who was fucking her now put his cock in my girl’s mouth and she started sucking on it like she was born to do so and the two cocks began a rhythmic fucking of her two fuck holes. It didn’t take long before my girl stiffened like a board and her ass came off the mat as she came. She was turned over again so the guy with the big cock could get under her and put his cock back in her pussy, the other one put his cock back in her mouth and then a third guy came out, put his cock at her asshole and pushed it right into her waiting asshole. She took that cock in her ass without even flinching and then all three cocks were fucking her fuck holes at the same time. The cock in her mouth slipped out and she actually screamed out, “Put it back, put it back” and when the cock in her pussy slipped out she screamed the same thing. All three guys came in her fuck holes about the same time and when they pulled out she went nuts, begging for more cock.

Three more studs appeared and immediately filled her waiting fuck holes and she went back to sucking and fucking. I was totally amazed she could handle all this sex but it got even better, after the three new studs emptied their cum into my girl’s fuck holes, the announcer asked for volunteers from the audience to fuck my girl. There were twenty men in the stands and twelve women and they all got up to take a turn with my girl, leaving me sitting with my host who kept me from rising. I sat there as the men and women all undressed, including one man who looked to be in his eighties and he still had an impressive hard on. My girl was still on all fours, so one man got under her, put his cock in her pussy while another fucked her asshole and one of the women got on the mat and put her pussy at my girl’s mat. My girl ate that pussy like she had been doing it forever as her ass and pussy got pounded. It didn’t take long before the men and women would cum and I could see that male sperm pouring out of her pussy and asshole as she took on so many cocks and cunts. As soon as one of them came, they were replaced with another cock or cunt and I was truly amazed my girl was taking this kind of prolonged fucking, but she seemed to be really enjoying all the action.

I have no idea how long this went on for but it was a while as most of the men and women came back for seconds and in the case of the old guy, he went unbelievably for thirds when he had my girl suck him off. When they finally finished using her, the girl that she ate in the beginning appeared, helped my girl to her feet so everybody could see the cum running out of her ass and pussy while everybody clapped. I was sitting there with the biggest hard on I ever had and the host told me it was me turn now and led me down to the center stage. There were actually puddles of cum around my girl and the other girl pushed my girl down into them and spread my girls legs for me, so I got between her legs and drove my cock into her pussy to the hilt. My girl had her eyes closed, moaned loud, opened her eyes, smiled at me and said, “Hi honey, is it your turn to fuck me now, fuck me hard baby, I want to feel you cum.” Here she was after taking all that cock, still wanting more, covered in other guys cum, laying in cum and wanting more, so I obliged and as hot as I was it only took a few strokes before I pumped her full of my cum and we got a standing ovation.

The original girl then lead us away to a shower room, give my girl a shower as I watched and to my amazement, she got on her knees between my girls legs and ate my girls pussy and made my girl cum twice for her. After that my girl was exhausted and fell asleep as we were being taken to my car. The host came out to see us off, told me we had put on a great show, to expect a lot of orders at work and that they were doing another show in two weeks and he wanted my girl to be one of four ladies they were going to use for the show with the men being between forty and sixty that they were recruiting and my cock got hard thinking about it, so I told him she would be there. I don’t know what they gave my girl but the only thing she really remember was seeing my face while I fucked her and the girl between and legs and she knew she enjoyed that, so I told her that the same girl will be at the next party and she is really looking forward to that party.;) :p

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A wet dream come true - Part 1

I’m a very sexual oriented woman, some might even say over sexed or border line nymphomaniac, but I really love to fuck, which accounts for this story. My husband can do without sex his life, on our honeymoon we fucked every other day and now after four years of married life, I’m lucky if I get it three times a year. Up to the point of this story I have never cheated on my husband but I play with myself every day using a rather large collection of dildo and sometime two or more times a day. A few times I have spent the whole day making my pussy happy and I do a dildo in my pussy and ass at the same time, quite a bit as it really makes me feel like a whore being used, my favorite feeling in the world. My husband makes a very good living, so since he wasn’t taking care of my sexual needs, I made him buy me a very beautiful three story Victorian home so I could decorate it like I have always wanted to decorate a home.

We have been in this house about three months and I have gotten very friendly with the lady next door, she showed me all around town and we have coffee together a lot when she comes home from work. Her husband, a real hunk, I would let him fuck me in the street if he wanted to, works the third shift and I don’t usually see him until the weekend, but then I secretly salivate over him and wind up in the bathroom with a dildo in my pussy. Well this weekend in question my neighbors had a pool installed and had it’s grand opening so to speak, so I went husbandless of course, he was busy at work as usual. I wore my new bikini to show off my hot body and when I saw Marty, the neighbor next door, staring at me, my pussy got wet, God I wanted to fuck him so bad I would have spread my legs for him in front of all the guests. As it turned out I got into a conversation with the hostess and a few other ladies about our husbands and I told them about my sexless husband, Dee, Marty’s wife and my neighbor said her husband and I would make a good pair as he always wanted sex and she was more like my husband.

I had to go to the bathroom and Dee told me to use the bathroom in their finished basement as the other was probably in use, so I went to the bathroom in the basement. As I was walking down the steps I started thinking about what Dee had said about her husband and my pussy got wet and I was lost in a kind of reverie. I walked into the bathroom not knowing Marty was right behind me and when I turned to close the door he pushed me against the sink with one hand while he closed the door with the other. I didn’t even have time to react, he had his hand down my bikini bottoms and was telling me he wanted to fuck me from the first moment he laid eyes on me. When his hand made contact with my steaming pussy, my brain and pussy both went into overload and I spread my legs apart for him. He was rubbing my pussy and telling me what a good girl I am and all I could feel was his hot hand on my pussy, making me insane with desire. He kissed me and slid his finger into my boiling hot pussy at the same time and my cunt exploded cum like a volcano.

He took his tongue out of my mouth saying I was a hot little cunt wasn’t I as he dropped to his knees and pulled my bottoms off, then he pushed my legs apart and buried his tongue into my cunt hole and my hot little pussy exploded cum again into his mouth and all over his face. I couldn’t believe this was really happening to me, but I sure didn’t want it to stop and when he asked me if I would like him to fuck me, I think I screamed out, “Oh Yes, fuck me now”. He put his hands around my ass, picked me up, putting me on the sink cabinet and in one motion buried his cock in my pussy and he had to kiss me to keep me from screaming out loud. His cock was so awesome, it was bigger then my husbands and hard as a rock inside me and I had never been so fucking hot and my pussy had never felt so good before in my life. He said to me, “Wrap your legs around me cunt and hang on, I’m going to give you the fuck of your life.” I wrapped both my arms and legs around him and he proceeded to do exactly what he said, give me the fucking of a lifetime, pounding my pussy for all he was worth.

Now here I was, naked from the waist down, getting fucked in a bathroom and the man fucking me called me a cunt, making me feel like the whore I always wanted to feel like. I was moaning like a porn star when Marty muttered into my ear, “You’re going to be a good whore for me aren’t you my little cunt” and my brain along with my pussy exploded, cum was gushing out of my pussy like a dam had broken. At some point while I was getting the fucking of a lifetime, Marty had taken my top off because I became aware my bare tits were rubbing against his chest and I came again for the forth or fifth time and now I was totally naked for this man and he was using me like the little whore I had always aspired to be. Now this man could fuck, my husband on his best day lasted maybe seven or eight minutes, we were in that bathroom for about twenty five minutes fucking our brains out. I don’t know how many times he made me cum, but it was a lot. I felt his cock getting bigger in my pussy and I knew he was about to pump his hot load into my hot cunt and I got so excited I came again. He slammed against me, held me like that and his cock started pumping his hot cum into my pussy like a fire hose going off and he came a lot, so much that when he pulled his cock out, his cum was running out of my cunt down onto my ass and it felt so good, I whimpered like a dog.
We stayed like that for a bit, my arms and legs still wrapped around him and then he told me how nice my hot little pussy was to fuck and how good it tasted when I came in his mouth, which made me squeeze him with both my arms and legs, I was truly in fuck heaven. Then he said that I was going to be his fuck bitch from now on and he knew I was going to be a hot fucking whore for him wasn’t I and I squeezed again as I whimpered, “Oh yes, God yes, I want to be your whore so bad.” He pulled his cock out then and it was still half hard, telling me to get down and suck his cock clean for him, which I did with any hesitation and it was so good I didn’t wanted to take it out of my mouth but we heard his wife calling him, so he left me to clean myself and the bathroom up. I went back outside to find that nobody had missed me, Marty was on the grill looking so hot and I couldn’t stop thinking about how he made me feel and I made a vow to myself that I would do whatever he wanted me to, no matter what it was. We all ate, talked and about two hours had passed when we started to clean up and Marty asked me to give him a hand cleaning the grill parts in the basement, making my pussy wet again.

We went to the basement, he locked the door, told me to take my bikini off so he could get a good look and then he made me model my body for him when I was naked, making my pussy drip. This time he took me to the couch that was there, sat me on it and got between my legs and ate my pussy like it had never been eaten before. I found out that he loved eating pussy, that he liked making me moan and beg for more and he made me cum twice before he deemed I was ready to fuck. He had me get on the couch on all fours, my favorite position as it made me feel like I am being used, rammed his cock home in my pussy, took hold of my hips and started slamming my cunt like it had never been slammed before. He also smacked my ass, telling me to fuck his cock like a good fucking whore, told me I was born to be his cock sucking bitch and I was going to be the best whore ever. I had never ever been that hot in my life before, the whole world could have walked in to watch me get fucked and I wouldn’t have know it, all that existed for me was Marty and his magnificent cock. This time he fucked me for over a half hour before he filled my cunt with his hot cum and again he made me suck him clean when he was finished with me.

The couch was leather and I had cum so much my cum was dripping of the couch onto the floor, so while we were cleaning it Marty asked me if I had ever tasted another woman or my own pussy. I told him I hadn’t so he made me lick my cum off the couch and not wanting to displease him, I did it and I found I liked the taste of my cum. When I finished licking up my cum, there was Marty’s cock in my face, hard as a rock again, so I lay down on the couch with my legs spread and Marty filled my hot cunt with his sweet cock again. He made me tell him how happy I was being his whore now, that my cunt belonged to him and I was there to service his cock like a good little whore, which of course made my brain go into overload and I begged him to fill my pussy with his hot load. Again I sucked his cock clean, cleaned our cum off the couch again and all the while he was feeling me up and rubbing his cock against my ass and I was in love. We walked to the top of the stairs, Marty took me in his arms and kissed me like I was his property, which I was now, pulled my top down, kissed my tits and then we walked out to face the music but the party was going strong, everybody was drinking and nobody missed us, not even Dee...........contd

14-05-2007, 09:09 PM
A wet dream come true - Epilogue

The party went on for about two more hours and when it broke up, Marty walked me all the way home, fifty feet or so after we had put Dee to bed. It seemed she had a bit too much to drink and passed out, which was very thoughtful of her We got on my porch, I could see my husband sleeping on the couch, Marty told me to sit in the swing and to take his trunks off and I have to tell you I couldn’t believe after all the fucking we did, his cock was hard again, but it was. I took his trunks off, he told me he wanted a blow job from his new cunt and he wanted me to swallow his cum like a good whore. I went at his cock like it was the world’s greatest gift, which to me it was and I gave him the best blow job that I knew how to. I licked and sucked his cock, licked and stroked his balls, played with his cock while I played with his balls and it still took me about fifteen minutes to make him cum in my mouth. I was not prepared for how much he could cum when he came in my mouth, I couldn’t swallow it all there was so much, it just oozed out around his cock as I was trying to swallow. It ran down my chin onto my now bare tits, as he made me get naked while I blew him and I had swallowed enough cum to make me choke but I was still covered in what was left that I couldn’t swallow.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, told me what a great cock sucker I was and made me walk naked into my house covered with his cum. All this happened on a Sunday and Marty had to go to work that night but he told me he would me over first thing in the morning as Dee was on her way to work when he got home. I strutted into the house feeling like a well used whore, went upstairs to the master bath to wash, saw my cum covered self in the full length mirror, put a dildo in my pussy and fucked myself looking at Marty’s cum and thinking about what he did to me. I came the first time and couldn’t stop, so I made myself cum again, left a puddle of my cum on the floor and went to bed still covered in Marty’s cum. My last thought before I went to sleep was should I be naked for Marty in the morning and then slept like I was dead. I awoke with a wet aching pussy to the sound of the doorbell, so I went to answer it, covered in Marty’s dried cum, naked as a jay bird. I made sure it was Marty, opened the door and he got the biggest smile on his face and said, “You ready to fuck cunt,” I shook my head yes and he then asked me why I didn’t wash, so I told him what I did. I thought his smile was going to break his face when I asked him if he wanted me to wash first.

He pulled me to the couch, bent me over the arm, rubbed his cock against my cunt for a minute and then put the head in my pussy and while telling me what a dirty little whore I was, rammed his cock home. I made a really loud fuck noise and came all over his cock because I was his dirty little whore and I loved it. He was pounding my pussy hard, smacking my ass and telling me what a hot cunted dirty whore I was and I was doing what I was made to do, spread my legs and fuck. Again I had no idea how many times he made me cum but the whole arm of the couch was soaked with my cum and he fucked me like that until he was finished using me in that position. Without taking his cock out of my pussy, he picked me up and carried me to the front of the couch, put me down so I was on my knees against the couch and couldn’t move at all. He raised a bit so he was kind of sitting on my ass while he fucked me and I went fucking crazy. What a feeling of being totally helpless and being used that was, Marty said we should have recorded the noises I made, totally animal noises. Again the world could have walked in my door and I wouldn’t have known, I was in total fuck heaven and then I felt his cock swelling up inside my pussy.

I went kind of delirious as I knew he was about to fill my pussy with his hot cum and I was going nuts trying to move my ass against him but was pinned so well, I couldn’t do anything but make those animal noises. He slammed into my ass, held it there and I screamed as I felt his hot cum shooting inside my pussy, god what a fucking feeling that is, I would do anything to get that feeling and I did. When he was finished using me, he pulled his cock out, laid me out on the floor, put his cock in my mouth and told me to clean his cock like a good little cock sucking whore, so I sucked his cock clean like a good little whore. Then he told me he wanted breakfast, scrambled eggs, so like a dutiful little whore I went into the kitchen to make my owner eggs but he had another surprise for me. After I had scrambled up the eggs he told me he wanted me to cum in the eggs before I cooked them and he made me get in front of him and he held the bowl against my pussy while I played with myself. I’ll tell you what, with Marty watching me play with myself and me thinking about him eating the eggs with my cum in them, I made myself cum in his eggs quickly.

I tasted the eggs and from that time on I always made our eggs with my cum added to them, very tasty that way and I got to play with myself while Marty watched me, quite a turn on. After breakfast we went up to bed, I needed some down time, so much to my surprise and delight, we lay in bed making out and talking and I told him about my whore fetish and how I loved being used like a little cunt whore, which was right up his alley as he liked being the whore master. He has fucked me in the movies, in a men’s store dressing room plus I gave him a blow job in a men’s store dressing room, in a department store women’s dressing room twice, the swimming pool in broad daylight, our cars, every room in both our houses, our garages, our backyards, a few highway rest areas and he has made me get naked in the car and play with myself in daylight so the truckers would have a show and you can’t believe how hot it made me doing it. I have a feeling very soon I’ll be eating a pussy while he fucks me as we talked about it today and he really wants to do it and like I said, I’ll do anything to make him happy.:eek: :D