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After enjoying stories here for many years, I am going to contribute. All names are fake and the story is fictional.

Taking the innocent teacher's virginity.

Tan's heart was beating very fast from excitement watching the worried look on his teacher's face when his 3 friends broke into the library with their face covered and wielding knives.

His secondary school teacher, Miss Wong, looked exactly like the kind of teacher he always fantasized about: sweet and innocent religious girl who always dress simply and wear glasses. Slim, not so tall, with long hair and very white smooth skin. Tan saw her small petite breasts when she downblouse during class one time and always fantasize about sucking on them or cupping them with his hand.

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As WWE's Ryback would say 'Feed me More!!'

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During his secondary 4, Tan joined a gang of Poly students outside and planned for weeks on how to make his teacher willingly let him fuck her. Tan's opportunity came when Miss Wong asked for a volunteer to help her organize some books in the library on Sunday morning.

Miss Wong meekly tried to scare off his friends by saying she will call the police. But that only caused his friends to laugh and tell her she can call the police after they take turns fucking her in the ass and cutting scars on her face. That scared her so much she just teared up and said "no...please..." in a weak voice.

One of them took out a cheap video camera and told her they're only here for a good time. If she do what they want and let them enjoy, they will let her go without any harm. Miss Wong became very scared and whispered "please don't rape me" softly while looking down at the ground. The group of men laughed, and said "if you don't want us to gang rape you then you follow our instructions".

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wah, tis 1 maciam jap porn storyline ... :D

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The guy who looke like leader pointed to Tan, who was just standing there and pretending to be scared. He shouted "hey you, boy, come here". Tan pretend to meekly step forward. "You must be very horny facing a pretty teacher like that everyday. Today you get to enjoy all your desires!". Then he turned to Miss Wong and said "I give you a choice: we all gangrape you in the ass or you willingly fuck your student!". Tan pretend to protest and say he will never do such a thing, and was punched in the stomach quite hard. Tan thought: "knn acting only why must punch me so hard" as tries to steady himself on the floor.

Miss Wong, who is very caring towards her students, ask them to stop hurting Tan. And then shyly said OK to their demands. Tan's dick immediately stand up like a flag pole when he heard her agree.

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more more more plsssss

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One of the men said "Tell your student to take off your clothes. We want to see you naked". Miss Wong trembled and showed a reluctant look, but in the end went over to Tan and softly tell him that its ok, just do whatever they want, she won't blame him. Tan pretend to protest again, saying he will never do such a thing to his teacher. The leader shouted that he will beat up Tan and cut a few scars on his face if he don't comply. Miss Wong pleaded with the leader to not hurt her student, and then tell Tan to don't argue and just go ahead.

Then, she walk up close to Tan and closed her eyes. She was so close that Tan could smell her sweet perfume and see the smoothness of her perfect skin. "Wah shiok ah!" he thought and slowly lifted her blouse, and removed it from his lovely teacher who lifted her up hand. Tan's heart was racing wildly as he admired Miss Wong's slim figure, snow white skin and her white lacy bra covering her small breasts.

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Good writing TS,

But anyone else find this story familiar?

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am i reading a Jap porn storyline...:D

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sound familiar story..later on they use camera camcorder to record the those action.. am i right??? someone post before this story...

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yes. the other story had bangla workers.

The student had just bought a video camera, then he and the teacher got waylaid by some workers. I think the gangbang the teacher too. can't remember full details liao. that story died abruptly.

28-01-2013, 06:14 PM
Very familiar story indeed. The teacher was captured by some construction workers and then the student was forced to fuck her teacher or something along this line.

Carry on though, would love how to see how this story unfolds. Cheers :)

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Next, Tan took off Miss Wong's shoes and slide her skirt down her legs. His dick as throbbing like crazy as he stood up to admire his teacher blushing in just her matching white lacy bra and underwear. He tried so hard over the years to see her downblouse and upskirt in class but now he get to enjoy the full view.

Tan snapped back to reality as the leader shouted "Eh boy quickly strip her naked leh. If not I help you!" Miss Wong looked away embarrassed after hearing that but Tan eagerly step forward and reached behind his teacher. He had to lean in close. This was the first time he enjoyed a nice close up view of Miss Wong's fair white skin and the nice smell of her long hair. His unclasped her bra and step back to see her looking away, blushing and trying to hold up her loose bra by hugging herself.

Joe Fox
29-01-2013, 06:35 AM
yes. the other story had bangla workers.

The student had just bought a video camera, then he and the teacher got waylaid by some workers. I think the gangbang the teacher too. can't remember full details liao. that story died abruptly.

wah... thks for the info...

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"Bitch, remove your hands and let us see your boobs!", one of the men shouted. Miss Wong frowned and briefly showed a defiant look but soon gave up. Still looking away and looking down at the floor, she reluctantly moved her hands to her side, letting Tan slide her white lacy bra away and onto the floor.

Tan was speechless at the sight. He always fantasized that Miss Wong have pink nipples but can't believe it to be true. All the men in the room were stunned and speechless as they admired the beauty of her small firm perky breasts with nice pink raisins.

Miss Wong was dying of embarrassment showing her near naked body to 4 men, one of which is her student! She has a steady boyfriend but being the religious type, they only kissed and held hands. She has never let a man see her naked before and now she is going to bare all...

Tan had to force himself to look away and kneed down to slide Miss Wong's panties off her legs to reveal her shaved pussy. Now, the object of his deepest sexual desires for the last 3+ years in school is standing in front of him totally naked!

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Good writing TS,

But anyone else find this story familiar?

Very................. but the previous story the student was innocent.. this story the victim student was actually the mastermind and the plot is in the sch library. take it as a pinch of salt, all stories do share similarities (but this 1 got more than 50% plagiarism). :D

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Very................. but the previous story the student was innocent.. this story the victim student was actually the mastermind and the plot is in the sch library. take it as a pinch of salt, all stories do share similarities (but this 1 got more than 50% plagiarism). :D
Bro, Colonel Hannibal smith?

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One of the men ordered Miss Wong to go and sit on a nearby table, and open her legs to show them her pussy. Miss Wong reluctantly comply and sat on top of the table. Another men shouted at Tan to hurry up and get naked. Although Tan can't wait to rip off his clothes but pretend to be reluctant to strip. Mean while, Miss Wong slowly open her legs a bit to reveal the treasure she has been protecting all these years.

"Faster hurry up and fuck her boy, or knn I take over!" said the leader. Tan eagerly went over to his teacher and admired her naked body as she blushed like crazy and looked away to the side because she has never seen a man naked before. She saw Tan's huge rock hard dick and wonder if that thing can fit inside her pussy. Tan went in close, between Miss Wong's legs. Her smooth white skin, beautiful body and the smell of her perfume almost want to make him rape her hard right there right now...but he resisted.

He looked at Miss Wong, who turned to look at him, and said "I'm sorry Miss Wong, I am going to start already." Miss Wong flinched a bit at those words and just nodded.

03-02-2013, 06:54 AM
Tan lean in close, held Miss Wong's shoulders and kissed her lips. After all these years of lusting, he can't believe he finally get to taste her sweet lips. Tan broke the kiss and saw Miss Wong's reluctant face with her eyes closed tight. He wrap his arms around her naked body and hug her close, feeling her small boobs squashed against his chest and his dick rubbing and resting against her. Then, he held her head closed to his and gave her a deep animalistic kiss.

After a few minutes of kissing, Tan started to suck her Miss Wong's upper lip and then lower lip. And then he proceed to lick each of them with his tongue before sticking his tongue inside her mouth for a deep french kiss. The room was filled with the wet slurping sound of Tan eagerly making out with Miss Wong while holding her close and running his hands over her arms and back, enjoying the feeling of her smooth skin.

Tan then moved Miss Wong's hair to one side and proceed to kiss and suck on her neck and shoulder. When Tan moved one hand to cup one of her breast, Miss Wong recoiled in shock, opened her eyes while and gave a soft "ah". The furthest she had allowed her boyfriend to go was to grab her boobs with her bra and clothes on. This is the first time she felt a man squeezing her breast! Tan, still kissing and sucking Miss Wong's neck, gently groped her breast. He slowly enjoyed how perky yet soft they are when pressed and squeezed.

Tan then moved down to suck on one of her breast while still groping the other. He suck and lick one of her small pink nipples, and then moved on to the other. Miss Wong, experiencing all these stimulation for the first time, cannot take it anymore and started to close her eyes and moaned softly.

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set up camp already...

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Nice. More please

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nice story... making me quite horny!

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camp camp. cont pls

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After a while of groping and playing with Miss Wong's virgin breasts, Tan moved back up to her face by kissing her chest, neck then face and lips. Miss Wong jumped in shock and blushed as Tan used one hand to touch her pussy. This is the first time her special and private area is being touched by a guy and its her student! Instinctively, her hand went to grab Tan's to try and block him from going further.

Tan whispered into her ears "Miss Wong, you need to open up and let me lick you down there." Miss Wong showed a reluctant look and weakly said "but...cannot. you're my student, must respect your teacher." Tan replied "If its too dry it will be very painful one..." Miss Wong still looked reluctant but nodded, removed her hand and start to open up her legs. Tan start to go down on his beautiful teacher and was greeted with a warm, slightly moist, clean shaven pussy which he hungrily devoured. Tan used his expert "painting" skills he learned from having sex with secondary school mei mei. This made Miss Wong bite her lower lips and look away in embarrassment as she is both enjoying the sensation of being eaten out for the first time and the shame of letting so many guys see and film her first experience.

After Tan is satisfied that Miss Wong's pussy is wet enough with his saliva and her pussy juice, Tan stood up and held Miss Wong, and park his dick at her pussy entrance. After so many years of lusting after his pretty and innocent teacher, he is about to penetrate her! Although he is no stranger to sex with secondary school girls, he is extra excited because this is his first experience fucking an adult woman. Tan whispered to Miss Wong: "Miss Wong, I am going to enter inside you ok?". Miss Wong seem to panicked slightly and then said shyly "no wait pls. i need to tell you something...this is my first time". Tan and his other schoolmates have long suspected that Miss Wong is a virgin but now he finally confirmed it. His dick became super hard, much harder than it was ever before and his heart race super fast and he realize that he is going to take his teacher's virginity!

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great story .... camping

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Thanks for sharing.

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I trying to hook this girl virgin too. :D

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Bro, Colonel Hannibal smith?

bro, u know ar.... :D

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Tan think back to the times when the boys in school discuss about Miss Wong's sex life. They know she got a boyfriend. But she always dressed and act conservatively. Some boys say she is a staunch Christian who always attend church. They wonder if secretly the boyfriend has been fucking her brains out because who can resist having such a pretty and innocent girlfriend. But now Tan knows: Miss Wong has been saving herself up for many years for her future husband. She has long dreamed of losing her virginity to the guy she marries on the wedding bed. She thought she will be wearing her wedding dress and be taken in the traditional missionary.

Miss Wong never ever thought she will be doing it for the first time with her student! Instead of a wedding bed, it will be on the table in the school library. Instead of missionary, she will be sitting on it with legs spread with her student standing in between her legs. Worse of all, 3 horny men will be watching and video taping her! However, Tan is much more excited at what is going to happen. He almost couldn't stop himself from holding Miss Wong down and raping her right there after hearing about her virginity. But he managed to stop himself because it will be much better if he can turn around their roles for today: instead of him the student and she the teacher, he can instead become the teacher and "teach" her about sex while she learns.

Tan turned around and looked at the 3 guys. All of them cannot tahan anymore and has taken their dicks out to wank. Even the guy holding the video camera has put it down on a nearby table aiming at them and is wanking his dick like crazy at the erotic scene. Tan whispered to Miss Wong "teacher, i'm so sorry, if i don't do this they will rape you...". Miss Wong shuddered and meekly said "no...please don't...". Tan looked her in the eyes and said "i will be very gentle ok?". Miss Wong became very very shy, blushed and looked away. She gave a very small nod that can barely be seen. But her body language is clear as she slowly spread her legs wider a bit.

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Great story TS, pitching tent ;)

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Pretty interesting piece of fiction, good read bro TS. Thanks for the effort, cheers, ..........

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Miss Wong gave a soft surprised "ah" as Tan held her close and rub his dick head on her pussy lips. Tan's dick is super erected as he enjoy the shiok feeling of rubbing it against his teacher's pussy. He finally cannot tahan anymore and push it inside a little.

Miss Wong's pussy is so tight! Even though it is quite wet from all the foreplay, Tan only managed to get his dick head inside after pushing for a while. "Miss Wong!" Tan cried out as he buried his head in Miss Wong's nice smelling hair and held her close. "Miss Wong! So shiok inside!" he said as he is overwhelmed by the feeling of her warm, tight and wet pussy on his dick head.

Miss Wong opened her legs wider as she felt Tan trying to push in some more. She feel so stretched down there by a very big soft and yet hard object, and cannot imagine the whole thing can fit inside. She can hear her student calling her "Miss Wong...Miss Wong..." over and over again with his face buried in her hair and rocking his hips back and forth trying to get more than his dick head inside.

Then, Tan gave a big push...

19-02-2013, 10:37 AM

23-02-2013, 09:32 AM
...and his entire dick went inside Miss Wong!

At that moment, Miss Wong went "AH!" and opened her eyes in shock. She has read about sex and often talk about it with her female friends but nothing has prepared her for the feeling of a large warm hard yet soft dick filling and stretching her virgin pussy.

Tan held Miss Wong tight and kissed and bite her shoulder and neck while enjoying the feeling of her warm welcoming pussy squeezing his dick. He can't believe he has finally taken the virginity of the innocent and angelic Miss Wong! Tan really want to start thrusting deeply inside this woman but he forced himself to resist the urge because he know he is so turned on by the thought of taking Miss Wong's virginity, he will cum within seconds if he starts fucking her.

He starts whispering into Miss Wong's ears: "very shiok inside...you're so warm and wet and tight..." as Miss Wong squirmed from embarrassment. Tan felt more shiok now than he ever did fucking secondary school girls or masturbating while fantasizing about Miss Wong.

"Miss Wong, I am going to start fucking you." Tan said into Miss Wong's ears. "Cannot! You're my student. We cannot do this one!" replied Miss Wong. Tan held Miss Wong's small beautiful face in his hand and kissed her deeply. Then looked into her embarrassed face and said "We are not teacher and student anymore...we're lovers already..."

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Nice story bro, keep going :D

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cool story bro.
Keep it going

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Tan held Miss Wong slightly away so he can admire her small breasts, pink nipples, nice smooth skin, slim curves and her shy blushing face. He then slowly pull his dick out from her pussy a little. The feeling of her pussy wall grabbing onto his dick was so shiok he had to concentrate very hard on not cumming right there. He pulled out his dick until only the head remain inside. Then, he started pushing it in gently and slowly, enjoying the welcoming feeling of Miss Wong's warm, wet and very tight pussy wrapping around his dick again. As he pushed in, Miss Wong made an "ah" sound but still looked away shyly.

Tan's fantasy has finally come true! His sweet innocent and angelic teacher is now naked in front of him and has spread her legs to let him fuck! He slowly quicken his pace a little as he continued pull out his dick until the head remains before pushing it back inside. Every time he pushed inside Miss Wong will make an "ah" sound, making him super horny. This continued for a while until Tan started to run his hands all over Miss Wong's body, fondling her breasts, kissing her on the lips, breasts and neck, and french kissing her with his tongue. At the same time, Tan did not stop fucking her pussy with his dick. The whole scene was super erotic and steamy like two long lost lovers making intense love.

After a while, Tan began to speed up his pace. This caused a "piak piak" sound when his dick moved in and out of Miss Wong. At the same time, Miss Wong was going "ah...ah...ah" every time he thrust his dick in. The whole room was filled with "piak piak piak.." and Miss Wong's "ah ah ah".

25-02-2013, 08:26 AM
The feeling of fucking Miss Wong is too shiok already. Tan finally cannot take it anymore and can feel that he is going to cum. He slowed down his thrusting, held Miss Wong closer and kissed her shoulder and neck. Then, he whispered into her ear: "Miss Wong, I cannot take it anymore...I am cumming inside you!". Miss Wong was shocked to hear that and tried to push Tan away weakly and said "no...cannot...".

Before today, she has only thought about sex and occasionally discussed it with her female friends. Her boyfriend has never even seen her naked. Because she is very religious, she doesn't even masturbate or touch herself. Now, she has lost her virginity to her under-aged student and he is going to shoot his sperm inside her! But Miss Wong's body is already starting to betray her. All the stimulation and long foreplay has cause her to start feeling a very shiok feeling rising from within her. Because of her inexperience with sex, she is unable to resist this feeling and is going to have an orgasm!

Tan held Miss Wong tight and used one hand to push her head close to his and french kissed her deeply while starting to thrust faster. Then, he broke the kiss and pressed his face close to Miss Wong while saying "Ah ah ah...Miss Wong...ah ah...going to shoot...ah...inside you..." directly to her face. He can feel Miss Wong's sweet breath on him as she went "ah...ah..no....ah....please....ah...ah...don't...".

Miss Wong tried her best to resist but she finally cannot resist the urge to cum and gave in to her body! She wrap her arms around Tan and held him close to her body, her small breast squashed against his chest. Then, she wrap her legs around Tan to push him deeper into her pussy. Her "ah...ah...ah.." start to become more loud and she closed her eyes and started rocking her hips together with Tan's thrust. Tan was super turned on by Miss Wong's actions and knew that she is about to cum. He sped up his thrust in order to cum together with her. The two of them went faster and faster while moaning loudly into each other's face.

Finally, Miss Wong cannot take it anymore. With her eyes still closed, she showed an orgasmic face that look as if she is in pain while her mouth is opened in a big "Ahhhhhhhhh....!!!!". Tan felt her pussy wall tighten and squeezing his dick as Miss Wong experienced wave after wave of orgasm and cannot take it too. He held her tight and pushed in deeper than he has ever done before and his dick just exploded inside her! Tan went "Ahhh...Miss Wong...Ahhh...I'm cuuuummming! Ahhh...shooting...Miss Wong! Miss Wong!!!" as his dick fire shot after shot of sperm inside his lovely teacher. His cum so hard that he even felt a little bit of pain as Miss Wong's tight pussy milked his dick hard and she held him tight inside her.

Moments later, Miss Wong has an unfocused look and her body lie on Tan resting as she recovered from her orgasm. Tan continued to hold her tight and held his dick deep inside her while his dick still throbbed a little. He pressed his face against her hair and began to kiss her while recovering from the intense love making.

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i wonder why the teacher dont call police? weird.

25-02-2013, 03:55 PM
First Blood!

25-02-2013, 06:15 PM
i wonder why the teacher dont call police? weird.

3 men barged into the library with knives and threatened to cut her if she doesn't let her student fuck her.

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Bro TS, is this the end of your story. Or is there more to come? Thanks n cheers, ...........

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Woot.. Read until i feel like PCC.. Support, anymore???

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Miss Wong had a dazed look as she thought about how Tan has taken her virginity. She is a very religious and conservative girl and believe that once a man had sex with a woman, she becomes his. Tan's dick slowly soften and slip out of Miss Wong's cum filled pussy while he is sucking on Miss Wong's neck. Miss Wong cannot forget how animalistic he had become when he fucked her and ejaculated inside her.

Suddenly, the leader of the gang shouted "fuck finish already or not!". Tan remembered he promised to let them have his innocent teacher after he has taken her first time, and reluctantly stepped away from Miss Wong.

"Teacher, now its time to teach us things about sex!" said the leader. Miss Wong sat on the table, naked, with her legs open an a creampie filled with Tan's semen. She shuddered and meekly whispered "no...please don't..." as she thought about what those 3 men would do to her.

13-04-2013, 11:40 PM
:O TS going for JAV style?

13-04-2013, 11:46 PM
good old dayss ever since I graduated

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Oh man, i shld be yr teacher.. Wld hv fun..

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Nice story TS.. Keep up with the good work...

Really reminds me of my secondary sch time fantasies man...

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nice one ! camping for more , thanks

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this is the thread you mentioned?

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Miss Wong panicked when one of the men rushed forward with his super erected dick. She is super religious and said "no...cannot...I already give myself to one man...cannot have anymore". Tan felt very manly knowing that in his teacher's mind, he has "taken" her as his woman.

Luckily for Miss Wong, the men had no intention of fucking her cum filled pussy and after she has been licked and sucked by Tan all over. The guy who went forward said "teacher, your show has made us all so horny, now you must help us release. there are other ways to please a man...". Miss Wong looked embarrassed at the thought and said "but I don't know any...".

The man grabbed Miss Wong's hand and dragged her off the table, then put her hand on his dick and started rubbing it. Miss Wong blushed like crazy when she realized he wanted a handjob. After the steamy sex scene between Tan and Miss Wong, he cannot tahan anymore and vigorously thrusting his dick while holding Miss Wong's small petite hand around it.

20-04-2013, 10:14 PM
wowwww.. really enjoying reading ur thread

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It didn't take long before the man was screaming "teacher...TEACHER...ahhhhHH!" and shooting his sperm while forcing Miss Wong to catch it with her other hand. Miss Wong feels disgusted as she felt the warm semen on her hand but she was also shocked at seeing a penis cumming for the first time.

The man threw Miss Wong her skirt and made her wipe her hands with it. She didn't have much time before another man drag her over and start rubbing his dick between her breasts. Her small petite breasts with pink nipple wasn't enough for a breast job but the man was so horny that the feeling of two soft warm breasts of a beautiful innocent girl rubbing against his dick was making him very shiok.

Miss Wong blushed as the man rubbed his dick against her. She has heard about "perverted acts" like breast jobs before but never thought she will be performing it on a complete stranger! It wasn't long before the man started to cum. He aimed his dick at Miss Wong's breast and used his hand to rub it. Then, he said "Miss Wong! I am going to cum on your breasts!" Miss Wong's heart almost skipped a beat when she realize he was going to do the "cum on breasts" on her!

She tried to say "no..." weakly but it was too late. The man was shooting semen all over her chest and breasts while screaming "Miss Wong! Miss Wong!!" He even rub his penis on her sensitive pink nipple to clean up afterwards.

20-06-2013, 07:57 PM
And then? Do carry onz, cheers, ............

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Bro any more cum to update?


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For a while, Miss Wong sat there dazed, with cum all over her breasts. Tan admired the view and then went up to offer her tissues so that he can get a closer view. The look of her tearing innocent face as her various "first time" is taken away from her by strangers almost makes him want to rape her again.

The leader passed the camera to one of his men and pushed Tan away. He grabbed a shocked Miss Wong, turned her around and pointed his dick at her butt for anal! "I am going to fuck you in the ass bitch!" said the leader. Miss Wong panicked like never before and screamed "no!! noooo!!".

"Your pussy, hand, breasts all not virgin anymore. What else can you offer me except your virgin ass?" asked the leader. Miss Wong struggled to think of a way to avoid getting anal raped. Her heart skipped a beat as she remembered the filthy act they call "blow job" that she and her religious friends promised never to do during one church meeting. But now she has no choice but perform it on the leader.

28-06-2013, 06:17 AM
She moved her face closer and timidly use one hand to hold the leader's dick. Then, she started tearing and looking disgusted but started to slowly kiss the dick. But the leader cannot tahan anymore and tried to push her head forward. His huge dick was forced into Miss Wong's mouth!

"Look at me bitch!" the leader shouted as Miss Wong looked at him with teary and hateful eyes. The leader thrusted violently in and out of Miss Wong's mouth while she is making muffled "mmmmm" sound with every thrust.

It did not take long before he started cumming inside her mouth! He forced Miss Wong to put his entire dick into her mouth and held her head there while he screamed "teacher! teacher!!" while shooting his sperm down her throat.

28-06-2013, 08:20 AM
nice narration :)

28-06-2013, 02:45 PM
WOW!!! Steamy story sia... after reading it, i had a hardon and leaking precum...LOL...Continue more bro...

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The leader cummed and cummed into Miss Wong's virgin mouth while she is forced to swallow. Her eyes were wide with shock as her head is forced down onto his dick. Afterwards, the leader took out his limp dick and rub it over Miss Wong's lips and forced her to lick it while still saying "teacher...ahhh...teacher...".

After the men left, Miss Wong curled up on the floor and wept. She keep thinking about all the filthy things she did today, the filthy things that she promised she won't do during church and how she and her "sisters" in church made a promise to keep their innocence until after marriage. Tan knew that with the threat of posting her video to the internet, she can never call the police.

Fast forward to 3 weeks later...

01-07-2013, 06:28 AM
Tan stared at Miss Wong lustily as she wrote on the white board with a marker. Her slim figure, long and nice smelling hair, her short skirt, small petite breasts, smooth white skin still turns him on like crazy! The gang gave him a copy of the video three weeks ago and he has been masturbating everyday to it and shooting a lot of cum onto pictures of Miss Wong while thinking about how he took her first time. But he is still bloody horny every time he sees her in person.

The rumor in school is that Miss Wong has broken up with her boyfriend after an argument. Tan thinks she told her boyfriend about the whole incidence and he could not accept it because he is also religious and does not want a wife who already belongs to another man. Tan tried several time to make eye contact with Miss Wong but she just avoided him shyly.

01-07-2013, 04:33 PM
While masturbating to the video of Miss Wong, Tan often fantasize about her fucking him in the "lotus position". This is a position where the man sits down and the woman sit on top of him and ride his dick while the man enjoy her breasts. Even more shiok is that Miss Wong will be reluctant to do it and since she is innocent, she will be learning and Tan teaching her. After three weeks of fantasizing about this, Tan is determined to make this a reality!

Tan finally manage to cornered Miss Wong and made up stories of how he used to be innocent but now she has taken his virginity and so is responsible. Miss Wong, being an innocent religious girl, believed his story that she has corrupted an innocent youth and caused him to become horny and desperate and is now responsible for satisfying his urges. Miss Wong is very reluctant and kept saying "cannot...we cannot...we are teacher and student...". But in the end gave in and agreed to do it just once in order to "release" Tan's sexual pressures.

Later that weekend, they met in the school library again...

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Good Story. Keep it coming....

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the posts are a bit short

but still a nice story! Try post longer TS bro

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nice story u have :) keep it up

03-07-2013, 11:48 AM
Thanks for carrying onz bro, very interesting way of cornering the teacher! Staying on to support you bro TS. Cheers, ........................

06-07-2013, 07:34 AM
Tan and Miss Wong sneaked into the library during the weekend when nobody is in school. Tan was super excited the day before and has hidden some pillows and blankets in the library beforehand. Miss Wong gasped when she saw the blankets and pillows set up in the corner of the library, surrounded by bookshelves. She blushed when she realize this is what people call a love nest and tried not to think about what Tan will do to her there.

Tan made Miss Wong sit down in the corner among the pile of blankets, and sat down beside her. He looked at his beautiful innocent looking teacher with her petite breasts and short skirt revealing her smooth milky legs and almost wanted to rape her again right there. But he forced himself to remain calm. Miss Wong is now shyly looking down at the floor and nervously wringing her hands.

In one motion, Tan put his hand around his teacher's shoulder and pressed his face into her hair, took a deep breathe and said "teacher, you smell so nice!". Miss Wong frowned and squirmed, appearing uncomfortable with her student's sexual advances. Tan used his other hand to grab Miss Wong's tiny hand and interlaced his fingers with hers. His heart start to pump faster and dick start to erect feeling his pretty teacher's warm body heat, smooth skin and nice smell.

"come Miss Wong, kiss me" said Tan as he moved his face closer to hers. Miss Wong shyly tried to move away and said "cannot...". Tan said "before we make love, must have foreplay or else will be very pain for you". Miss Wong hesitated before saying "but I don't know how...". Tan smiled lustily and said "remember how I kissed you the last time we make love...". Miss Wong cringed as she recalled the day she lost her virginity. She reluctantly closed her eyes and moved her lips closer to Tan's.

This made Tan's dick shot up like a rocket! The feeling of an innocent older woman who is your teacher, shyly trying and learning to kiss you is super shiok! Miss Wong timidly pressed her lips onto Tan's lips and quickly removed them. Then, she turned her head slightly and pressed her lips onto Tan's again. As she become more confident, she pressed on for longer and sometimes their nose brushed against each other. While her eyes were closed, Tan was wide open and watching his pretty teacher clumsily trying to kiss him. Tan enjoyed the feeling and power over his teacher a few minutes and then gently broke the kiss, and whispered "Miss Wong, stick out your tongue...".

06-07-2013, 08:08 AM
Miss Wong shyly obey and sticks out her tongue. Tan licked it a few times and sucked on it hard, drinking her sweet saliva. Then, he said "teacher, do the same for me" and sticks out his tongue. Miss Wong blushed and awkwardly licked his tongue as few times and began to suck it. Tan felt like he is in heaven!

He finally cannot take it anymore and grab Miss Wong in a tight embrace before kissing her like an animal in heat. While kissing, he runs his hands all over her arm, shoulder and back. Sometimes holding her head or her face close to his while deep kissing her. The whole room was filled with a "slurp slurp slurp" sound as he eagerly devoured her lips.

After many minutes, he finally broke the kiss and they gasped for air. Miss Wong was visible embarrassed by Tan's attack on her lips. Tan continued to hug Miss Wong and smelled her sweet perfume as he recovered from the intense kissing. Then he whispered to Miss Wong: "take off your top, I want to see your breasts...". Miss Wong gasped and blushed and said "cannot..." weakly. Tan said "teacher, I already made you mine last time. and you promised to satisfy my urge today". Miss Wong reluctantly nodded and said "we can only do this once ok...", and slowly removed her short sleeve top...

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Miss Wong reluctantly removed her short sleeve top with Tan's eager help, revealing her lacy white bra. Then, she shyly reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She hesitates for a moment before hugging herself with her arm to cover her breasts, and then loosen her bra strap and dropping the bra to one side. She looked down at the ground blushing, arms hugging her body to try and hide her breasts from Tan, who eagerly removed his shirt.

Tan took the bra and pressed it against his face, smelling it. The sweet smell of Miss Wong's perfume and natural body scent on it makes his dick super hard. Miss Wong winced a bit as Tan put one arm around her, brought her close and hugged her. He started kissing her shoulder and used the other arm the caress and push her hands down from her breasts.

Miss Wong resisted a little before giving up and putting her hands down, revealing her petite but firm breasts with pink nipples. Tan immediately cupped one of her breast with his palm and whispered into her ear: "Teacher, you are so pretty!". He continue to gently fondle her breasts while kissing her shoulder and neck, making Miss Wong squirm comfortably.

He then used both hands to hug her tight, feeling her warm soft breasts pressing against his chest. Then, he gave her a deep lusty animalistic kiss while pushing her face close to his. The room was once again filled with a "slurp slurp slurp" sound as Tan eagerly deep and french kissed his teacher while running his hands all over her should, back and arms, while occasionally fondling her breasts.

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Tan continued to kiss Miss Wong's neck, then shoulders, then moved down to lick and suck on her petite, firm breasts and pink nipples. Miss Wong is inexperienced with sex and gets turned on easily by all the foreplay. She started to softly moan "ah....ah..." as Tan sucked on one of her nipple and fondly the other breast with his hand.

She gasped when Tan whispered: "Miss Wong, take off your skirt and panties". But then looked down shyly and starting taking off her skirt. Tan eagerly stripped off his pants and underwear to reveal his big red angry erected dick. Miss Wong shyly put her panties aside and used her hands to cover her most private part while blushing, embarrassed because of Tan's exposed penis.

Tan grabbed Miss Wong's hand and said lustily: "don't be shy, show me..." and he pushed her hand away. Miss Wong stared at the ground, dying from embarrassment as Tan greedily look at her full beauty. Tan exclaimed: "Teacher, you are so beautiful!" as his dick became even more erect than ever before. He once again hug her with his arm and use his other hand to touch her vagina while staring at her straight in the face. It was wet from all the foreplay and Tan said: "Teacher, you are so wet!" before slowly putting his finger inside and pulling it out over and over again. Tan never stopped staring directly at Miss Wong's face and looking directly into her eyes. She did the same but her eyes are half closed and she had a dreamy look as Tan stimulated her vagina like no man has never done before. She went "ah..." softly every time his finger went in.

After "torturing" her like this for a while, Tan stopped and said: "Teacher, I want to have sex with you!" He sat with his back against one of the bookshelves and pulled Miss Wong up to him, grabbed his dick and motioned for her to penetrate herself on his dick while she is facing him. After fantasizing for all these time, he can finally make Miss Wong reluctantly but willingly fuck him in the "lotus position"!

The inexperienced Miss Wong of course said "...but I don't know how to do...". Tan gave a lusty smile and said: "don't worry, teacher, I will teach you how to do it". He held his dick and guided Miss Wong to place her vagina over it and made her lower herself down slowly. As his dick touches her vagina, she gave a "ah!" sound and gasped in surprise. She continue to push herself down on his dick with her eyes half closed, feeling the unfamiliar sensation of having Tan's dick inside her once again. After stopping a few times because her inexperienced cunt is so tight, she finally managed to get the entire dick inside her!

Tan hugged Miss Wong tightly so that her arms are also around him and her legs wrapped around his lower body. He felt her warm soft breast pressed up against him. Miss Wong's eyes are closed as she hugged Tan and felt his dick very deep inside her body. Tan felt so good that he screamed "Miss Wong! Miss Wong!!! Teacher!! I am inside you!"

09-07-2013, 06:48 PM
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Tan continued to hold Miss Wong without moving, enjoying the feeling of his fully erected penis inside her warm, wet and very tight vagina. Miss Wong was blushing like crazy, feeling a large warm object deep inside her which is both soft and hard at the same time.

Tan whispered in her ear: "Miss Wong, kiss and suck on my neck and shoulders." Miss Wong reluctantly started to kiss Tan's shoulder. Tan pressed his face into her hair and took a deep breathe of the sweet smell while enjoying the feeling of Miss Wong's wet lips on his neck and shoulder. Tan then started kissing her neck and shoulder back. "Teacher, bite me like that", said Tan as he gently bite Miss Wong's shoulder. The two of them held each other tight and were kissing and biting each other.

Finally, Tan could not take it anymore and want Miss Wong to start fucking him. "Miss Wong, lets start making love" said Tan. Miss Wong gasped upon hearing that. Tan push her slightly up and down and showed her how to make love to him in the lotus position. Clumsily, Miss Wong started to move herself up and then push down again. Every time she pushed down, she makes a "ah...." sound. Tan eagerly thrust upwards to meet her when she does that and made a "ah..." sound himself.

The room was filled with a lot of "ah...ah....ah..." as they slowly started fucking. Tan couldn't take how shiok it was and exclaimed: "Miss Wong! Ah... We are making love! Ah... Ah... Very shiok!", making Miss Wong very embarrassed. Tan held Miss Wong close and deep kissed her, lustily drinking her saliva while they fucked.

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They continued fucking faster and faster. Tan started moving his hips up to meet Miss Wong's downward movements. As their flesh meet, it makes a "piak" sound. Tan ran his hands all over Miss Wong's body, enjoying the smooth soft skin on her arms and back. The whole scene was super steamy and the room was filled with sounds of "ah...ah...ah..." from the both of them and the "piak...piak...piak" sound of their fucking.

The inexperience Miss Wong quickly felt and orgasm rising from all the foreplay and love making. Although she was initially reluctant, she guiltily gave in to her body's urging and timidly allow her orgasmic feelings to take over. Miss Wong suddenly hug Tan tight and fucked him harder while the sound of her "ah" became louder.

Tan knew what was happening and hugged her back tightly while thrusting his hips harder to meet her motions. He went "ah...teacher...ah....cum...together....ah....". Miss Wong completely lost herself in the shiokness of love making and forgot about how reluctant she was to do this. She responded by hugging Tan even tighter, fucking even harder and making louder "ah".

Tan realize he finally have Miss Wong completely! In that moment, the two of them became one, like how the Tan's role of the student and his role as her sex teacher merged together with Miss Wong's role of the teacher but at the same time his student in sex.

Soon, Miss Wong cannot take it anymore and orgasmed! She stopped, put her arms around Tan and hugged him closed and shut her eyes tightly while screaming: "aaaaaahhhhhh....!" Tan can feel her pussy gripping his dick tight and pulsing from her orgasm. The feeling is super shiok and drove him to the brink of madness.

Tan finally cannot take it anymore and screamed "aaahhhh....teacher! aaaahhhh...cumming inside....aaaahhh!!!".

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Tan ejaculated shot after shot of warm sperm deep into Miss Wong as the wild contractions in her vagina milked his dick. Miss Wong's eyes are tightly shut as she screamed "ah!" with every shot. Tan shouted "ahhhh...shooting....ahhh...Miss Wong...shooting inside...ahhhh...". His orgasm is so intense that his dick feels a little bit painful with every shot.

After Tan finished shooting all his sperm into Miss Wong, he did not take his dick out but left it inside Miss Wong as her orgasm subsided. When his dick became smaller and come out of her pussy, he moved Miss Wong so they are both lying on the floor covered with blankets. He hugged Miss Wong from behind and spooned her, and use one hand to cup her breast.

They both lay there on the floor, sweaty and with heavy breathing as they recover from their love making. The room was hot and steamy and smelled of their sexual intercourse. Still cupping her breast, Tan kissed her shoulder from behind and pressed his limp dick against her butt, still dripping with a bit of cum. He whispered into her ears: "teacher...you are so beautiful...".

14-07-2013, 10:59 PM

06-08-2013, 05:08 PM
Tan soon fell asleep hugging Miss Wong from behind like that. Miss Wong's heart pounded fast and her breathing was heavy as she recovered from being fucked and cummed inside. She can feel Tan's warm sperm inside her vagina and flowing out onto her thighs. Soon, she also fell asleep from fatigue.

Miss Wong was later woken up by the feeling of a warm, large, hard object touching her butt. Her heart skipped a beat as the thought of Tan penetrating her from behind and taking her anal virginity crossed her mind! Anal sex is one of those sinful act that her church has repeatedly condemned. Is she going to taste the forbidden fruit?

Fortunately, Tan is not into anal. As he woke up from his nap with a hard woody, Tan remembered that he hasn't "properly" taken Miss Wong in traditional missionary position! Miss Wong is such a innocent virginal religious girl, she must have fantasized about being taken for the first time by her ex-boyfriend in missionary position. Tan's dick became even harder as he just got the idea to have sexual intercourse with Miss Wong like a traditional religious couple!

Miss Wong was surprised as Tan turned her around, lay her on her back, and put a pillow under her head. Tan eagerly spread open her legs, running his hands over her smooth silky thighs, and climbed between them. He then lustily embraced Miss Wong, pressed his face to hers, and kissed her deeply, while she stared back with open eyes.

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The room was filled with a slurp slurp sound as Tan lustily deep kissed Miss Wong and forced his tongue into her mouth. He hugged her tightly and enjoyed the feeling of her warm smooth white skin with his hands. Miss Wong's fair white skin with a pinkish glow has always turned him on in class, and now he gets to thoroughly enjoy it. He is turned on even more by the feeling of Miss Wong's small but firm breasts pressed against his chest. Miss Wong was initially surprised by Tan intimately making out with her but after a while, she closed her eyes and start to timidly enjoy it.

Tan moved to kissing and sucking Miss Wong's neck and shoulders, while his hand cupped her petite breast. Miss Wong blushed bright pink as Tan enjoyed her body in missionary position and rubbed his hard dick against her vagina opening. Back when she was a pure innocent religious virgin, she would imagine her first time with her boyfriend in this position and how her boyfriend would cup her breast while sucking on her neck and shoulder like that. This is exactly her innocent sexual fantasy but instead, her underage student is on top of her!

After thoroughly enjoying his teacher's body, Tan cannot take it anymore and slowly pushed his dick head passed Miss Wong's vagina lips.

10-08-2013, 02:45 PM
Miss Wong softly moaned "ah!" and is surprised as Tan pulled out his dick head and pushed it in slowly again. This is just the third time Miss Wong's vagina has been penetrated and it feels incredibly tight.

Miss Wong has fantasized many times about marrying her boyfriend in a formal wedding and being taken like that in missionary position. To her, this is the "proper" sex that she has been preparing herself for since she was a little girl. She is reluctant about being penetrated by her underage student but at the same time, she felt herself "taken" by Tan in this position and is quickly losing her resistance.

Tan moaned "Ahhh...Miss Wong!" into Miss Wong's ear as he hugged her closer and pushed his dick deep into her vaginal. Miss Wong went "Ahhh..." as she felt his warm hard dick penetrate her again. Tan held his dick in there without moving and rubbed his nose against Miss Wong's nose before kissing her. Tan made tender love to Miss Wong by slowly kissing her, enjoying the sweet taste of her lips, kissing her neck and shoulders, and occasionally cupping her breast or squeezing them gently.

Miss Wong never thought she would be so turned on by Tan. This is exactly how she fantasized sex with her future husband would be. Tan could feel Miss Wong slowly lowering her resistance and whispered to her: "call out my name". Miss Wong blushed and very softly moaned out "...Tan".

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Remember last time in my secondary school got a maths /music teacher also named ms wong. chiobu type, white white skin, petite breast, her legs was the most attractive I lay my eyes on, she will always wear short or long skirt one.

Last time I went over to her desk to ask some maths question. saw her sleeveless white shirt exposed abit due to her writing something on the desk slightly bend down, her bra view from her shoulder down to the cup. nice view.

another time, I more lucky. she and another 2 students were picking up paper drop on the floor. I & another friend were walking up the stairs, saw the perfect view as she was squading down...side facing our path as we were downstairs coming up. the whole white panty view . nice

13-08-2013, 03:15 PM
As Miss Wong called out his name, Tan slowly pulled his dick out a little bit and pushed it in again, making Miss Wong go "...ahhh" softly and close her eyes. Tan gently said "Miss Wong! hold me tight...". Miss Wong wrapped her arms around Tan as he pulled out and inserted his dick slowly again. Her eyes are still closed but her face had a tortured look as her vagina experienced immense pleasure.

Tan pressed his face to Miss Wong's face and said all sorts of dirty things to her as he slowly fucked her in missionary position. Things like "...ahhh...Miss Wong...you're so warm...ahhh...and wet...ahhh" and "..teacher...you're so beautiful...teacher!" Miss Wong has completely lost herself in sexual bliss and actually pressed her lips to Tan's lips. Tan is shocked as his inexperienced teacher is clumsily trying to kiss him!

Tan enjoyed the wet feeling of his teacher sucking on his lips and drinking his saliva. Miss Wong used one of her hand to hold Tan's head close to hers so she can kiss him. She has been fantasizing about sex for so long but has been repressed because she is so religious. Since her virginity has been taken by Tan, she is no longer pure, so she secretly thought she might as well use this chance to enjoy the sex she has always been curious about!

Miss Wong timidly moved her hips up to meet Tan's slow gently thrusts. Tan encouraged her by going "...ahhhh...teacher!" each time she did that. Soon, Miss Wong and Tan were making intense love on the floor of the library like two long lost lovers. They were kissing, touching each other, and slowly thrusting together, and making lots of "ah...ah....ah..." sound and calling each other's name. Tan especially like to hear Miss Wong's voice soft gentle voice going "...ah....Tan....ah...ah...Tan".

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Suddenly, Miss Wong pulled Tan close to her and hugged him tight, pushing his dick really deep into her vagina. Her cries of "ahhh...Tan...ahhh...Tan!" also became more urgent. Tan knew she is about to cum! Tan whispered into her ear: "ahhh....teacher...if you want me to...ahhh...push harder...ahhh...say you're cuming...ahhh..".

Miss Wong gave an embarrassed look and was initially reluctant to say such dirty things to her underage student. But the pleasure was too much for the sexually inexperience teacher and she eventually started moaning "ahhh...cum....ahh...cumming....Tan...cummming!". Tan heard this and held Miss Wong close and tight as well. Then he made his thrust harder and faster by a bit. He said "teacher...lets cum together!" and started to let himself feel the cumming feeling, and eagerly tried to cum together with his pretty teacher!

Miss Wong was so lost in sexual pleasure that she actually instinctively wrapped her legs around Tan as she gets closer to cumming! The whole room was filled with "ahhh...ahh...ahh.." moans and "piak...piak...piak" sound as the lusty couple eagerly thrust into each other while holding tight. Miss Wong soon cannot take it anymore and started to cry "aAHHHH...AAaaAaHHH..." out loud.

Tan knew this was the moment. He held Miss Wong tighter than ever and gently bit down on her shoulder while speeding up his thrusting speed to maximum. Miss Wong totally lost control as waves of pleasure spread through her body again and again. She cried out "ahhhh...TAN...AhHhAhHH...CUMMMING....TAN!!". Tan could feel the orgasm in her vagina, squeezing and milking his dick. After a few minutes of giving Miss Wong multiple orgasm, he finally cannot take it anymore and screamed "Miss Wong!!! Cumming!!! Shooting inside you!!!!!!" as he ejeculated shot after shot of sperm inside Miss Wong.

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17-08-2013, 01:39 AM
Tan's dick fired so hard that it actually hurts a little but he continue to shoot and enjoyed the ultimate shiok feeling of cumming inside his teacher's warm, tight, wet vagina as they are holding each other tight and cumming together.

After their common climax, Tan continue lying on top of Miss Wong as they both breathed heavily. He kept his dick as deep inside Miss Wong as possible and enjoyed the feeling of it coming out naturally as it becomes smaller. On the way out of Miss Wong's vagina, his dick even fired a few more mini-shots as her almost virgin tunnel is too shiok for Tan already.

Tan tenderly kissed Miss Wong's neck and shoulders as they both lay there breathing heavy and slightly sweaty from all the sex. Miss Wong, blushing and embarrassed, asked: "Tan...you always cum inside me...will I get pregnant?" Tan has come prepared. He already asked his gang to get him a morning after pill and confidently assures Miss Wong that she will be alright after taking it.

Tan, still on top and between Miss Wong's legs, hugged her and kissed her deeply, sucking her sweet saliva. At the same time, he said many dirty things to her like "teacher...you're so beautiful...your breasts are so soft and warm..." and "Miss Wong....your lips are so sweet....". Miss Wong closed her eyes and hugged Tan back, letting him do whatever he want to her body.

Tan has taken Miss Wong's virginity and made her his woman!

Chapter 2 - Taking the innocent student's virginity.

A few weeks later...

Tan's heart almost skipped a beat as he spotted Diana on all fours on the floor of the common area. She and one of her female friend were doing some art project for their club on the floor of the common area. Diana's friend was sitting down crossed legged but she crawled over on all fours to write something on her friend's stuff. Tan thought to himself as he quickly walked over to get a better view: "this is the best chance to see Diana's zaogeng downblouse!"

Diana is just in secondary 2 and has small developing A cup breasts. In her position now, her shirt is wide open and if she is wearing a loose or oversize bra, Tan might even see her nipples!

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Today was Tan's lucky day as the inexperienced Diana was wearing a bra that was too big for her small breasts. They were completely useless and Tan could see one of her entire breast and brown nipple! Tan's dick immediately shot up to its fullest size because he knew from one of the other girls that Diana has never shown any guy her breast before. He is the first man to see her nipple!

Tan was able to enjoy the view for only a minute as Diana's friend noticed him and told her. Diana realized Tan could see down her shirt from that direction and quickly turn away blushing bright pink. Tan almost wanted to rush to the toilet to shoot all his sperm while imagining that he was cumming on Diana's breasts but managed to stop the urge because he was saving his sperm for Miss Wong tonight.

Later that night in the library...

"Ahhhh...Miss Wong...your breast is so soft..." moaned Tan as he used one hand to cup and grope Miss Wong's small soft breast while imagining it was Diana's. With his other hand, he held Miss Wong's small beautiful face and stared into her eyes.

They were lying on a blanket completely naked in missionary position. Tan's dick is buried deep inside Miss Wong's pussy. He kissed her and licked her lips, enjoying the sweet taste once again. He held his dick in her tight, wet and warm pussy without moving.

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