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15-10-2005, 02:28 AM

He hadn't been watching television very long when Hui Shan came for a visit. She was unaware that he was not to be disturbed, and wanted his undivided attention. She came bounding into the living room dressed in her cheerleading uniform.

"Howdy, Shawn. What's shakin'?" She shook her pom-poms as she said this.

"Oh, nothing much. Just blowing off some school work. I've become such the juvenile delinquent lately."

"Hey, if you're wasting time, can you help me out?"

"Sure. I'm just looking for excuses to put off this essay I'm supposed to write anyways. What is it?"

"Tomorrow's a big football game and I want to make sure I've got all my routines down right. Can you watch me do my routines and give me a review?"

Shawn thought as he smiled to himself, Ah, the ol' "can I practice my cheerleader routine on you" gambit. Joanna tried this on me not too long ago, and to great success for the both of us. Dang. That seems like years ago. I was a totally different guy back then. I wonder if Hui Shan knows about that incident. Probably not. I don't think Joanna's been talking about that kind of thing with her. ... The question is, what should I do? Sis said don't play with Hui Shan too much. But maybe an inspiring sight will revive my energies and turn my day around.

"Sure. Sounds great." He turned off the TV and sat back in his chair.

She cried "Goody!" and picked out one of his CDs and put it in the stereo. The song was "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)" by En Vogue. Shawn liked that one. Before she started, she shyly said, "I hope you don't mind, but I'm kind of not wearing any underwear. Since that is the house rule and all."

Sitting on a couch across from him, she placed a leg up, hiked up her skirt, and showed off her shaved pussy. "So you might see a lot of this."

Shawn smiled. This should be good. Just what the doctor ordered. "Why should I mind? That's all the better."

She had a worried look on her face, but it was apparently just an act because then she then said, "And if we don't watch out, you might also see a bunch of this." She turned around in her chair and pulled up her skirt again so Shawn could get a nice eyeful of her ass. Shawn swore he was able to see a knowing smile on her face peeking through despite her concerned facade.

"I think I could survive that too. Please go ahead."

"M'kay!" She stood up and clapped her hands, suddenly exuberant with joy. She launched into her routine and danced up a storm. She was good. Very good. She had a natural knack for cheerleading, and was reasonably adept at showing off her pussy or ass at every opportunity. It seemed half the routines she did involved kicking. There was lots of high kicking where she brought a leg all the way up to her face and kept it there.

But there was a problem. Shawn was unmistakably aroused mentally, but his penis just wasn't responding. It lay there like a dead fish. That wasn't terribly surprising since it was sore and he felt like the walking dead generally, but it was still disappointing. So far it always seemed that no matter how bad he hurt or lacked energy, he penis would rise for the occasion.

The song ended with Hui Shan doing a dramatic splits. Shawn clapped and said positive things about her performance, but still he frowned. He asked, "Hui Shan, can you do me a favor and take your top off for a minute?"

"M'kay! Heck, why not take all my clothes off? Don't you think that's better?"

He thought that was a great idea, but suggested they go to his room first. When he opened the door to his room, he looked over his shoulder at Hui Shan coming down the hallway behind him and saw she'd already taken her top off. That made him smile.

Shawn thought, Okay, I'm pretty much a breast man. Not a lot of breast in that dance. Hui Shan's got a great pair. If this doesn't revive me, nothing will. Hui Shan pirouetted around the middle of his room. Shawn was most definitely inspired mentally, but his penis still was still limp. "Dang!" he cursed out loud.

Hui Shan came over to where he was now sitting and put a hand on his shoulder, looking intently into his eyes. "What? What is it? Did I do something wrong?"

"No, no. You did great. You're really inspiring. But for some reason I can't get happy. I think I'm just too tired."

"Oh no! That's bad. Can I take your thingy out and take a look?"


Hui Shan unzipped Shawn's shorts and flopped out his penis. It didn't look very impressive in its flaccid state. She tried to rub it, but it wasn't even partially hard, and there was no reaction. "Aaaawww. It's so sad. I'm so sorry."

"You? Why should you be sorry?"

"Shawn, I hate to say this, but it's true. I just don't inspire you like the others. This is all my fault. I'm sure if Vel, Cheese, or Joanna were here, this would be very happy." She squeezed the penis, but no reaction.

Shawn wondered if she was right. He thought about the other females, one by one, and imagined them naked and cocksucking, but there still was no reaction down below. "No Hui Shan, you're very inspiring. Just as much as them."

"Well then why don't you do stuff with me? You're doing all kinds of fun stuff with them. I'm not totally blind. But nothing with me. You hardly help with my shaving any more, even." She stared downcast at the floor.

But then suddenly she hopped up and looked energized. "Look! I can show you! I can do stuff. All kinds of stuff. I can even do stuff they can't. I'll do anything with you that you want. Anything. Here. Look at this." Hui Shan stood on her head. Then, resting on her forearms, she leaned her body away from her head but stretched one leg far over in front of her head until she looked either like a work of abstract art or someone in a very tough yoga position.

"See?" she said with her body still upside down. "My body is very flexible. I'm double jointed and stuff. I can do all kinds of things. Not even Mom knows this position. I may not know much, but I can learn. I like you so much. You can play with my body any way you want. Why don't you, you know, take me and do all kinds of things to me?" She dropped back down onto the ground.

Shawn was intrigued by her comment, "Not even Mom knows this position." He knew Cheese had been a gymnast back in high school, and he pondered what that might mean when they were fucking. He wondered if great flexibility could be genetic thing in the Tan family.

Next, Hui Shan she spread her legs apart and did the splits so wide that it was almost painful for Shawn to watch. Then she bent her whole upper body backwards in a big arc until the back of her head touched the floor. "Or this. We tried to learn this in cheerleading class, but no one could do it. Not even Joanna can do this. I'm the only cheerleader who can stretch this far."

15-10-2005, 02:30 AM
Her position opened up her pussy so wide that it seemed like a penis had just evacuated it. For a moment it looked like Hui Shan was opening and closing her pussy like the mouth of a sucker fish. It caught Shawn's attention so much that he leaned forwards in his chair and visually examined her shaved crotch. He started to get some stirrings in his loins, but it was a struggle.

"Hui Shan, sit normally for a second." She did so, and panted with exhaustion. "Look. I'd love to do all kinds of things with you. But I sort of made a promise with Joanna that I wouldn't do some things with you until I did some more things with her. But it's only a temporary thing. This will change, probably in just a little while."

Hui Shan sat up closer towards him. "Hrm... Is that why I didn't get invited to the card game with Angela last night? I can tell you all had a lot of fun, even though everyone is trying to hide everything from me."

"No, that's because of your mom. She also wants you to go slow and protect you. So you have to have patience."

"I don't wanna wait! I wanna do stuff now!" Shawn wasn't precisely sure what she thought they were talking about when saying "stuff" or "things" except that it was sexual. He was pretty sure she meant she wanted to fuck, but wasn't positive how much she even really knew about intercourse.

"So do I, but we have to be patient or Joan..."

"Look!" Hui Shan interrupted, her eyes wide and looking into his lap. "You're starting to get happy! Here, let me help out." She reached forward and took his semi-erect penis in her hands. She rubbed it vigorously, and it responded even more. "You DO like me!" she gurgled joyfully. "I guess I just have to try harder to please you. Boy, this happy penis stuff is tough to do!"

She leaned in even further, and rubbed her tits across his chest. Her face was now inches from his, and she kissed him on the neck repeatedly. "How do you like that? Is that good?"

Just then, the door to his room flew open. Joanna barged in. "Hey, what do you guys think you're doing?" She was angry and she crossed her arms in a defiant stance.

Shawn felt a wave of guilt, but then wondered about her timing. "Hey yourself. How did you know to come in just then? Were you eavesdropping on us?"

"No. ... Maybe. Just a little," she admitted. "But that's not the point. You said you wouldn't play these kinds of games with Hui Shan. At least not without me playing too." Now she was pouty. "I'm hurt."

"Oh damn." Shawn looked down between his legs. Hui Shan had stopped rubbing his penis as soon as Joanna came in, and it had deflated like a punctured balloon.

Joanna saw the problem and walked over. She was still cross. "Hui Shan, you just don't know how to please Shawn. Here, let me take care of that." She pushed Hui Shan's hands away and took over.

Hui Shan felt hurt by Joanna. She backed away with large, doe-like sad eyes. "Shawn, is that true? Am I no good? It did take so long to get happy..."

"No, it's not true. Take that back, Sister! Tell her that's not true."

His sister seemingly ignored the question and had all of her attention focused on her brother's dick. "God dammit! It's not responding." Joanna was rubbing frantically, but Shawn's penis wasn't even half hard. "Hui Shan, what did you do to it?" Joanna wasn't wasting time. Her face dove down and she sucked on it like an industrial vacuum cleaner. But still no response.

"I didn't do anything!" Hui Shan said sadly. "I'm so sorry. Did I break it?"

"Hui Shan, it's fine," Shawn soothed. He momentarily wondered at her comment asking if she broke his penis, and wondered just how naive she was. But he pressed on to the matter at hand and said, "Joanna just said some things in anger. She didn't really mean them, did you Sister?"

But Joanna was too busy cocksucking to talk, or at least used that as an excuse not to answer. The three of them sat there in silence for several minutes as Joanna licked and sucked with all her talents. She probed his asshole, fondled his balls, sucked and stroked at the same time, and yet there was no response. She eventually had Hui Shan to join her. Hui Shan even lathered up her tits with the KY Jelly sitting next to Shawn's bed and rubbed her oily tits up, down, and all around Shawn's back and chest, but that didn't help either. Finally Joanna had to admit defeat.

Shawn was happy that he was able to say to Hui Shan, "Look Hui Shan, it wasn't just you. Like I was saying, I'm just really tired. Sometimes it doesn't happen. You did even better than Joanna did. You had me fully going there for a while before she came in."

"I did, didn't I?" Hui Shan said happily. She smiled for the first time since Joanna had entered.

Shawn took Joanna aside and said quietly, "Can you please apologize to Hui Shan? She's very sexually naive, and you're confusing her and hurting her feelings."

"No. I'm not going to apologize because you were in here without me. You broke your promise. I'm hurt!" Joanna quickly left and slammed the door behind her.

Shawn talked to Hui Shan for a while until she was feeling better. When she left and he was all alone, he let out a big sigh. What a crappy day. Can't get it up. I upset both Hui Shan and Joanna in different ways. Hui Shan is right to feel left out. That's not really fair to her. She's so able and eager. And I'm holding back for Joanna, who's acting like a totally immature bitch today. Grr.

Shawn wanted something to take his mind off of these things. He sat down to write his school essay, and to his great relief found that it seemed the words flowed out as if he was just dictating them. It was like his mind was so tired that he shut his consciousness off completely and the essay wrote itself. He finished the essay in a remarkable two hours.

15-10-2005, 02:31 AM

By the time he finished his essay it was eleven o'clock. That wouldn't give him nearly as much sleep as he needed in his exhausted state, but at least it wasn't a total disaster. He had half a mind to just drop his head on his pillow and fall asleep before doing any of his nightly rituals like brushing his teeth, but there was one new ritual he didn't want to miss out on. He wandered down the hallway to his mother's room and told her he was going to bed.

She'd been waiting up for him. She was wearing an old-fashioned, frilly night robe and was knitting Joanna a sweater. She looked very much like a granny in the dim light, staring at her knitting needles through her glasses. She said, "I'll be there in a minute, Tiger."

Shawn returned to his room and lay on his bed. His mother came in, her appearance totally transformed. The granny night robe was gone and had been replaced by a semi-transparent nightie. She now looked like a twenty-two year old sex goddess. She acted like one, too, and didn't waste any time.

She said, "Oh dear, Tiger. You look like something the cat dragged in. I'll bet you're not even hard." She dipped and swayed her way across the room and then pulled his covers down. "Oh my. I was right. My Tiger not rock hard? I hardly know what to do with myself. Looks like you need some visual stimulation, don't you think? I just can't give you your goodnight kiss if I know you're not hard for me."

"Mom, I'd really appreciate that. Today just hasn't been a good day, all around. It had its good moments, but I've been in kind of a weary funk. If you can get it up, it'll be a pretty good feat."

"I can't stand to sit here and do nothing while my son is in a weary funk. I guess I'll just have to get naked and strut around like a nasty trollop and then suck his cock until he feels all better. That's what the best kind of loving mommies do."

Shawn was amazed at how quickly she'd transformed herself. A few minutes earlier she'd appeared to be completely sexless, or at least as sexless as someone could be with movie star looks. Now she acted as if she was a professional whore who lived to fuck, yet at the same time she never lost her kind, motherly demeanor.

She didn't do a strip tease. Instead, she took her clothes off in a flash (not that it was hard to do, since she only wore the one-piece nightie), and then got down to teasing. She stretched and preened her body in every possible way. It was almost as if she was doing naked warm up exercises for him. She thrust her chest out at every opportunity. She pulled a leg up over her head. She stood up, touched her toes, and then backed her ass up until it was literally in his face. Half the time she looked like she was in the throes of orgasm, as if being fucked by an invisible man.

About the only thing that she didn't do was show off her pussy, at least not deliberately. She didn't want Shawn to be thinking about that and thus thinking about fucking her. She only aspired to be his favorite cocksucker, and tried to push other desires involving her hungry vagina out of her mind. But he still got to see her pussy half the time anyway since she was completely nude, and her obvious efforts to hide it made it that much more fun when he could clearly see it.

She kept the occasional eye on his penis. It took a while, but it slowly began to stiffen.

After a couple of minutes, she reached into Shawn's lap and felt about for his penis, as if she couldn't see it perfectly well. "Hmm," she said uncertainly. "It's starting to feel a bit hard. It'll probably just take a couple more minutes to reach full strength."

Shawn cried out in agitation, "MooooOOOooom! What do you mean? It's as stiff as a board!"

She smiled at him, and then he realized she just wanted to play some more first. "Tiger, I don't expect mere hardness. Not from my stud son. I expect it to be throbbing and hot to the touch. I expect it to pound through steel. Since I'm obviously not exciting you..."

Shawn interrupted again. "Mom!"

She winked. "Since I'm obviously not exciting you, perhaps I need to talk with my dirty mouth at the same time." She resumed her sexy contortions. "Did you know I got a phone call from Angela today?"

"You did? What did she say?"

"Hey, none of that." Vel was referring to the fact that Shawn was starting to stroke himself. He stopped. "Leave your slick stick to me in a minute. Anyways, she was very happy. She appears to have remembered quite a lot of what happened yesterday. More importantly, she seems to understand what a total sexual stud you are. My son. She totally wants you. Carnally. Biblically. We talked about why you wouldn't let her suck you off. She's going to try harder to please you next time so you'll let her. She's beginning to understand her role in life, which is to be a big-titted cocksucker just for you. Do you like that?"

"Mom, come on! You know it turns me on. But she didn't really say all that!"

"Okay, maybe she didn't. But she was thinking it. I could tell. Her voice was practically oozing desire. And we really did talk about some of this stuff. But Son, I'm concerned. Are her tits really that great? Don't you like mine?" Vel stopped another stretch where she'd been pointing her foot almost directly into his face, and stood up. She thrust her chest out again and pushed it right into Shawn's face, smothering him. She rubbed one of her nipples in circles around one of his cheeks. "Aren't your mother's tits good enough for you?"

Shawn was relieved that one of her hands dropped into his lap and started stroking his shaft while she waited for an answer. He was dying for relief. He licked a nipple instead of answering, but Vel wasn't happy with mere licking. She lifted her chest up some so his forehead was now encased in tit flesh. That enabled him to speak with an unobstructed mouth while enjoying the depths of her cleavage.

"Mom, you know I love you. You have THE perfect body. I even love your glasses. They make you look more intellectual and sexy, like a naughty professor. Your legs, your ass; hell, your back. Your earlobes. It's all so glorious. And your tits are perfection itself. Sure, Angela's are big, but there's such a thing as too big. She's right on the edge of being too big, and almost becoming a turn-off. Whereas yours are huge and just right." Shawn was being honest. Angela's were almost too big. But he loved them a ton just the same. Still, he loved Vel's tits at least as much if not more, if only because of who she was, so he wasn't really lying.

"Oh, Tiger. You say the sweetest things. No wonder Cheese calls you Sweetie. You ARE such a sweetie. I like to see Angela turn you on, because you deserve more cocksuckers of her caliber. There's nothing you should be denied. But only so long as you don't like her more than me. Then I'll go on the warpath."

"Don't worry, Mom. You're number one. You and Cheese."

She laughed, even as she jacked him off with more intensity. "Tied for number one. Well, I guess that's better than before, when I was behind Cheese. And I've got Joanna chasing close behind. Looks like I'll just have to do an even better job for you right now."

She stopped talking and took him in her mouth. At the same time, she squeezed his balls and sawed into his asshole. It was an all out assault.

Shawn held out a surprisingly long time. Once again, he mentally thanked Caelist for her PC muscle control tip. Vel was forced to try new things in an effort to surprise his penis into giving up. But all good things have to end and he shot his load. By the time Vel was done, Shawn had nearly completely forgotten about his tiredness, and the classification of the day as a bad one was right out the window. Then Vel started the goodnight kiss. By the time that was over, many minutes later, the day was safely reclassified as an excellent one.

He wondered why his mother had made him hard when Hui Shan and Joanna were unsuccessful. Well, that's not true. Hui Shan had succeeded, and it was only when Joanna came in and really irked me that I became completely hopeless. And I did have a few more hours to recover. The fact is, all four of these femmes are so hot that it would be inhuman not to get hard. I can half-seriously imagine being simply stimulated to death by this bunch. Dying of sublime pleasure; either that or my penis plain falls off.

He mentally reviewed his day and surprised himself in that he'd only climaxed three times. He told that to his mother.

"Three times?" she complained. "Even including what we just did?"

He nodded.

"Oh dear. You're going to throw off your whole average for the week. This is for your own medical good, Tiger."

"What is? Oh that." Her hand was back around his flaccid penis and stroking.

He thought, Now, there's simply no way she can get it hard again. I'm on the verge of death. But even as he said this, his body contradicted him. I'll be damned! It's rising again! He looked at his mother closely, tracing every curve of her body with his eyes. Fuck. She's too gorgeous and enthusiastic to ever be denied. My mom is simply unbelievable! Damn this hurts.

"Looks like I don't have to try too hard to get you going," she giggled. "It's up and ready to go already. This is the Shawn I've come to expect: always hard, always ready. Mmm, yeah. Mommy is so naughty. She likes to live with her son's cock in her mouth all day long. This time, do it on my face so I can lick it off in my bed after you've gone to sleep." She planted her mouth on his prick and resumed licking.

Shawn groaned; his happiness and pain mixed together.

15-10-2005, 02:35 AM

Shawn turned off his light and closed his eyes. He thought that surely his wearisome day had ended, but it had not. Five minutes after Vel left, the light turned back on again. He opened his eyes and looked towards his door. It was Joanna, wearing a loose robe. She walked over to his bed and stood there.

She seemed serious and hesitant. She brought herself to say, "Brother, can I have a good night kiss?" The hands behind her back grabbed the fabric of the robe from the back and tugged, opening the robe in front. Shawn could now see her shaved pussy and most of her tits. But he didn't feel aroused.

He did feel a bit sad for her, but more pissed than anything. He said, "I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that Mom is coming in here every night and giving me a kiss. And you're thinking: 'why can't I?' I can understand that feeling. But I don't feel like kissing you. Frankly, I feel like telling you off. I think you were very mean to Hui Shan today."

She crossed the room, got down on her knees, and put her hands on his. "I'm sorry. I really am. After Hui Shan left I stewed in my juices a bit, but I did eventually apologize to her, and explained some things to her. We've been a bit mean to her. Both of us; not just me. We've been taking her for granted. She and I talked about that a bit. But I was particularly naughty today. And I apologize to you too. But I feel so disappointed." She turned her head away, and it looked like she would cry.

Shawn gently held her chin and turned her face back towards his. "What is it? You can tell me."

She kept her eyes averted, but said, "I know it's selfish of me. You're probably going to be mad. But it just seems like you're not interested in me any more. It's almost two weeks since we first fucked and I said I wanted to be your fuck toy. I thought we'd be fucking like rabbits every single day. But no. I know you've got your reasons, like secrecy reasons around the house, and I know I should consider myself lucky compared to Hui Shan. But I can't help but feel frustrated. That's why I was so petulant earlier. If it weren't for the occasional fuck sessions at Kim's, I think I'd go crazy. And it's great to have Kim there with us, but what I really want is to be alone with you and just feel you in my arms for hours. But you don't seem to want that."

She was closer to tears now. Shawn's anger drained away knowing that she'd apologized to Hui Shan. He moved his hands to her face, and stroked her cheeks. "Sister. I love you. I can't tell you how much I love you. If we had the time and the place, I'd love to hold you forever." Before he could get any further she broke down, buried herself in his shoulder, and cried. He'd been hoping to avoid tears but instead his declaration of love inadvertently created them. He held her in a tight hug for a couple of minutes until the tears slowed.

He continued, "It's true. I love you very much. And I love making love to you. You're very beautiful and such a great, enthusiastic lover."

Her sadness turned to visible jealousy. "Maybe. A little bit beautiful perhaps. But nothing like Mom and Cheese. You know I love you too. Terribly much. But when you're not with one of them you're with the other. And now Hui Shan. Grr. And especially lately I can hardly even find a chance to say 'boo' to you without finding Mom sucking your dick. I had to wait a loooong time before she was done just now so I could come in here. I doubt you two were discussing the theories of Aristotle."

Shawn felt like sighing, but he repressed it. "Sister, we've talked about this before. You should not feel like your body is inadequate in any way. You're the hottest girl in the whole high school, in my book. One look at you gets me hard as steel, except when I'm half dead like now. But maybe it's best that I'm brutally honest. The fact is, there are a number of women who want to please me. I'm loving all the attention and I'm not going to be a monogamous guy. As long as so many women want me, I'm not going to turn them down. That's how it is. Period. Please accept it. You have a special place in my heart. You and Mom have very unique and special places. We're family. That'll never change. Women like Kim or Sera or Caelist don't even hold a candle compared to you. Even Hui Shan, as much as I love her, can't compare to you."

"Ha!" she complained bitterly. "I notice you don't mention Mom or Cheese there. What about them?"

Shawn thought about how he'd told his mother earlier in the evening: "You're number one. You and Cheese." He wasn't really thinking when he said it, and now it irked him greatly as he realized how much he was being forced to make comparisons between the people he loved.

He said, "What you're asking isn't fair. It's not right to have me rate how much I love people. I feel bad even for what I just said about Hui Shan. I shouldn't have said that, because I love her dearly, too. I'm not going to say if I love you more or less than Mom or Cheese, because I love all of you very much. Sexually, yes, they have some advantages, like greater experience that comes with age. I have to admit that being with Mom in particular is a big turn on lately. There's the Oedipal thing, weird as it is. There's the big tits and me being a tit man. Not that yours don't turn me on, too, mind you, because they're totally great. There's her reluctance slowly breaking down. That turns me on, to see her changing like that."

Joanna punched a fist into an open palm. "Dammit. I shouldn't have been so eager. I should have fallen into debauchery more slowly, just like her. But I can't help it. You captured me totally from the very beginning and I had no resistance. I just can't help wanting to fuck you twenty four hours a day." She grasped him tightly and a hand went underneath his sheets in search of his penis. She quickly found it, but it was flaccid.

"Whoa, Joan. Hold on. There's no way I can get it up again. My penis is hurting me so bad that I can't even contemplate how painful it will be to pee. Please don't even touch it. If it gets hard again tonight I'm going to be in big trouble. This is kind of a recovery day."

"Sorry." She reluctantly withdrew her hand, but at the same time she pulled the rest of her robe off and threw it onto the floor. It didn't make a big difference as she'd been wearing it wide open anyway.

"Look. Here's the problem. There's only one of me. There are too many other women. I just can't give you one hundred percent of my attention. That's a simple and honest fact. I'm sorry. But I'm like a kid in a candy store. With all these cute women throwing themselves at me, how can I say no? I challenge any male on Earth to be given this situation I'm in and stay completely monogamous. It's just how us males are. Maybe some guy would say, 'I'd never stray from my one true love,' but that's just because he hasn't seen the likes of you up close and in the flesh. I mean, imagine if that guy wakes up to find a randy and naked Marilyn Monroe lying on top of him. There's no way anybody can resist. That's kind of what it's been like for me. I'm trying to make sure I spend at least some time with you every single day, but you're going to have more energy for me than I am for you, 'cos there aren't any other guys you're doing it with."

"Maybe I should then. Maybe I should start dating some other guys at school. There are many who would kill to date me."

It appeared to Shawn that she was saying this just to make him jealous, but he answered honestly regardless. He said, "Maybe you should. I wouldn't try to stop you. But I'll admit it would hurt me and make me jealous. I know that makes me totally hypocritical, given all the women I'm with, but those are my feelings. I can't say no if a woman throws herself at me, and I can't but burn with jealousy if some guy throws himself at you. If you're with a woman that's cool, but guys burn me up. It's fucked up, hunh?"

To his surprise, she said, "No," and hugged him tightly, kissing him all over the face and neck. Then she said, "I'll tell you what's fucked up: that I don't mind. I don't want any other guy. I only want you. I know it's not natural to love my brother that way, but I do. And it turns me on to see you with other women. You deserve it, if only for your medical needs. I like to see you so happy and asserting your dominance and sexual prowess. It especially turns me on to see you with Mom or Cheese or Hui Shan; to see that sexy but profound love. Did you know I had my ear to the door while Mom was in here just now? I couldn't really hear the smooching or cock slurping, but I could imagine, and it got me going big time. I'm so bummed your penis isn't up for more fun right now, because my blood is boiling with passion."

15-10-2005, 02:38 AM
"Even if it was, that would be against Mom's wishes. And you've promised to be good around the house."

"Brother, Big Jackhammer Brother, you're so totally mean." She was playful now, and ran her hands over his chest. "The fact is, I am your fuck toy. I LOVE being your toy. I would NEVER go out with any other man. I wouldn't even think of it. I'm so glad to hear that you'd be jealous if I did. All I want to do is be naked for you and spread my legs for you so you can fuck me silly on an hourly basis, my handsome and hunky brother. As a fuck toy, I shouldn't question you. I should just obey you without question. I'm trying to be like that, but it's so hard. I get too jealous. I can't help it!"

"Sis, I don't want you to be a mindless sex toy. I like that you're intelligent and independent. Having an independent woman sometimes act like a sex toy is sexy, but don't stop being yourself. I need a good friend much more than I need a fuck toy. And I like that you get so damned horny all the time. I just wish I could please you more often, like you deserve to be pleased. I'm totally fine with you fucking other women. We should fuck more women together. That would be a happy solution."

"Now you're talking!" Her hand went down into his crotch and found his flaccid penis, but then she took it away.

He playfully pointed at her and commanded, "Busted. Banishment to the foot of the bed for you."

She scooted down the bed until she sat just past his feet. "Oops. Sorry, Big Javelin Bro. I forgot you're tired. But that idea gets me so turned on. For instance, how would you like to get into a threesome with Cheese? She may already be willing to do it. I'm game if you are."

"Don't even talk about that. My penis is cursing you just for mentioning it. But the other thing is, maybe I've been too cautious about not doing things with you around the house. With Dad gone and Mom turning into such a huge cocksucking enthusiast, I don't think we have to worry too much about getting caught as long as we don't actually fuck. I don't want to disobey Mom. But there's no reason why we can't be a little more physical, as long as Mom doesn't specifically prohibit the action. For instance, kissing. I don't remember her ever specifically saying you and I couldn't kiss on the lips. Probably because she didn't think she'd need to say that, but hey, the thing is she didn't say it. Or if I just wanted to go into your room and feel up your tits, would that be okay with you?"

"Brother! You know it would fine! I'm your fuck toy. I'll do anything you like. Anything. Anything! My body is literally your toy to play with 24 hours a day. Wake me up in the middle of the night if you feel like cupping a tit or whatever. I need to apologize to you again. Your fuck toy is so sorry for being jealous. Since you're the owner of this particular toy, it's your duty to punish me. I think you have to spank these jealous feelings clean out of me. Starting right now."

"What, you want me to spank you at this hour? That's totally going to wake Mom up. And then we'll be majorly busted."

"They don't have to be loud spankings. In fact, I'd prefer it if you gave rather mild spankings followed by lots of fingering of my pussy to make it all better. That shouldn't tax your penis."

He rolled his eyes. "I don't think that's much of a punishment. Sounds like a reward to me."

"Oopsie. Is it?" She put an extremely stupid expression on her face, and then broke out into giggles. "I guess you're right. You did just say you wanted to please me more often like I deserve to be pleased. You don't want to get your fuck toy all rusty from lack of use, do you?"

"Hey. I just gave you a good fucking this afternoon. And you're supposed to be behaving yourself in your banishment there."

Joanna was sitting up on his bed with her legs spread wide. Her fingers were spreading her pussy lips open as well, as a nonverbal invitation to fuck. She smiled naughtily and let go of her nether lips, but otherwise didn't respond to his admonishment.

Instead, she answered, "You did, and I love you for it, but that was hours ago!" She giggled some more. "Your fuck toy needs a good, solid brother-fucking every night before she can get to sleep. But a naughty spanking will do the trick in a pinch."

Shawn shook his head in wonder at Joanna's constant teasing. He seriously considered the idea of a spanking. I could help her get off, and it'll leave my sorry penis safely away from her aggressive hands. Not a bad idea, actually. I really owe her more orgasms.

"I should be sooo asleep right now. I can hardly keep my eyes open. And my penis is crying for mercy. Today's been a weird day, but I guess every day has been a weird day these last weeks. But I'll do it to show you how much I love you."

"You will? Really? Cool! You're such a good brother. But first, I like what you were saying about kissing. I want my goodnight kiss too." She slid up the bed and they kissed on the lips for many minutes. Shawn was put in the paradoxical position of enjoying the electric kiss while thinking unsexy thoughts to prevent a full erection.

At the end of the kiss, he said, "I really don't mean to neglect you. It would be a dream come true for me if we could fuck every day."

"I know that. Sorry for being so demanding. I really do deserve a good spanking, so give me all you got."

Joanna bent over the edge of his bed and presented her ass to him. He stood up and spanked her repeatedly. The sounds of his hands striking her ass cheeks wasn't so loud; it was about the same as a loud clap. He knew the walls of his room would muffle the sound and she diligently refrained from crying out.

Just as she'd hoped, his strikes weren't terribly hard, and there was actually much more fingering of pussy between the spanks. However, the spanks were harder than she expected, as he let out his subconscious frustration her treatment of Hui Shan.

As with the kissing, Shawn had to think unsexy thoughts to preserve his penis. He kept his eyes closed and spanked blindly so he wouldn't get too turned on by the sight of his sexy and nude sister. He was doing it solely for her pleasure.

She made it more difficult on him by talking between each spanking. She whispered things like, "Oh yes! Do it again. Your dirty, nasty sister needs another." So he gave her another slap.

She responded with, "Yes! So good! Brother is teaching sister her place. She needs his firm hand and his firm pole. Oooooh. Firm finger too." That last comment was in response to the finger he put back in her pussy. "So nice, but give me another bitch slap with you finger wiggling around like that."

He spanked her again.

She replied, "Again! Again! Train me! Bend me! Mold me into the perfect fuck toy! But don't take your finger out! Oh good Lord fucking Jesus H. Christ! Yes!"

"Sssh," he whispered. "And don't call yourself a bitch. That's not nice."

She had several orgasms and left his hand coated in her pussy juice. Yet she still demanded more spankings. It wasn't surprising, since the spankings were hard enough to smart quite a bit but weren't intensely painful. They just heightened her overwhelming feeling of pleasure and elation like sour food making sweet food taste all the sweeter. Even though no single spanking was that tough, the sheer number of slaps took their toll and her ass cheeks turned rosy red.

After he gave her about twenty smacks, he looked at the clock and was startled at the time. He whispered, "Crap. Spanking's over. Another half hour of sleep I've blown thanks to your visit. I'm going to be so hating life tomorrow that I can't even bear to think about it. Time for my Leaky Little Sister to get out of here. Go!" He slapped her on the butt one last time, making it particularly hard just for fun.

"Now that's the brother I love. We need to have these talks more often, especially if they always end in spankings. I like how you slapped me so hard. You're taking firm control of your sister. I love it. I felt like I died and went to fuck heaven." She giggled, "This'll keep me satiated for a few hours. Goodnight, my love!" She grabbed her robe from the floor and blew him a kiss.

Shawn didn't have the energy to ponder her strange attitude. He fell into a deep sleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.

15-10-2005, 02:40 AM
CHAPTER 10 (Friday, Nov. 8)

Shawn couldn't wait for Friday to be over. The reason was the tennis tournament. He was so physically tired from playing too much tennis and not getting enough sleep that he hardly had the energy for sexual fun anymore. He went from eight climaxes on Tuesday to six on Wednesday and four on Thursday. He worried that if the pattern continued, he would ruin his six times a day average. In the morning, again he neither masturbated nor was pleasured but slept until the last possible minute. Vel had to drive him to school so he wouldn't be late.

Peggy could see he was dragging. Responding to his needs, she made sure their lunch together was more of a nap for him. He would have gone without an orgasm except that Peggy knew he was falling behind on his schedule and insisted he do it. He lay on the ground of his classroom and cuddled with Peggy with his eyes closed for most of lunch, drifting in and out of consciousness. But near the end of the lunch period, she began stroking him and finally got him quite worked up. It ended with an impressive blow job. She put everything she had into it, and he left feeling better than he'd felt all day.

He rode that high until his sixth period tennis class. He lost two matches and won one, which put him in the middle of the pack for the tournament as a whole. He was fine with that result. Truth be told, he didn't really care that much. He did exert a solid effort, but things like his appointment with Caelist later in the day were much more important to him. He hurried home and squeezed in a half an hour nap before he had to leave to meet Caelist.

As Shawn drove to his appointment with Caelist, he realized, Shit, I've only come once today, and it's nearly five o'clock. That's pathetic. There's no way I'm going to make it to six times today. All I want to do is sleep. No doubt Caelist will want me to cum twice or three times, and then there's the women waiting at home, wanting to play even more. But I just can't do it. I've gone eight, six, four - today I'll probably manage two. Six times a day every single day is just fucking impossible. If it weren't for the likes of Angela showing up, and the amazing and creative things that keep happening to me, I couldn't have made it this far. Shit. I'll be so embarrassed if I get to Caelist's and I can't even get it up once. I might have to tell Caelist that six times just isn't realistic and we need to make some kind of change.

But as Shawn continued to drive to the appointment, he psyched himself up. Rather than go in complaining, he determined to go in confident, energetic, and aggressive. As a sign of this new attitude, he met Caelist in Dr. Fredrickson's waiting room with a polite wave, but then as soon as the door to the examination room closed, he kissed Caelist passionately on the mouth before she had a chance to speak. Taken aback at first, she began kissing back. They kissed for several minutes while Shawn fumbled around with buttons and zippers, getting her dress off.

Finally he succeeded in getting her dress off even as he simultaneously managed to take off his shorts. They ended the kissing.

"My! That certainly is one way to say hello to your nurse!" Caelist said, pleasantly surprised.

"Caelist, you don't know the half of it. You wouldn't believe all the things that happened to me since our last meeting two weeks ago. I want to show you some of them personally. My life has totally changed for the better, thanks to you and my unique diagnosis." He quickly undid her bra and pulled down her panties. The very idea of finding a bra and having to take it off was almost entirely foreign to him now, since all the women he played with were usually naked or free of underwear to begin with (except for his teacher Peggy, who still dressed conservatively in class. She usually left him a lot to take off during lunch).

"Whoa boy," Caelist said as she halfheartedly tried to prevent him from taking off her panties. He pulled them down a bit and was reaching for her slit when she grabbed his wrists. "Hold on just a second. I'm excited to be shown those things you’re talking about. But first, this is a medical appointment, and we actually do need to get a few formalities out of the way. Namely, your blood test. Let's do that now, so we can have nothing but fun afterwards."

"Okay," Shawn agreed, seeing the logic in her idea. Not to mention, despite his show of eagerness, he wasn't actually that horny. He hoped that if his mind led, the rest of his body would follow, but that hadn't completely happened yet. He took off his shirt and lay in the examination chair, putting his feet in the stirrups. He sat completely naked, not bothering this time with his usual flimsy patient gown.

"By the way," he asked while Caelist readied the needle dressed only in her panties, "where is Dr. Fredrickson? I haven't seen him since the first time I came in here."

"He's in his office down the hall. You'll remember after that first appointment he agreed to give me complete authority over your case, so he stays out of direct involvement. I periodically report to him about you. If you want to see him today I can get him later."

All that was true, but she neglected to mention what he was doing in his office. After Shawn's second appointment, Dr. Fredrickson had several video cameras secretly and very unobtrusively installed in the examination room where Shawn had all his appointments. However, Caelist was fully aware of the cameras. She certainly wasn't happy about them, but felt she had no choice but to give the doctor permission to use them. A sound system allowed him to hear every word spoken quite clearly as well. The doctor continued to fuck Caelist on a daily basis, but he also got off watching, especially if were to involve a drop dead gorgeous woman like Vel fucking her son and a pretty nurse. That’s what the doctor was hoping for, although it had yet to happen.

At the very moment Shawn asked the question, Dr. Fredrickson sat in his office without any pants or underwear on, adjusting the controls from several video monitors and getting ready for a show. Vel was the main attraction for him. She was the reason he risked his career and a prison sentence, because of the chance to watch her and maybe even do something with her. But he was disappointed that Vel hadn't shown up to accompany Shawn. Watching Caelist fool around with Shawn was fun and got him off, but was a pale second to Vel since he already knew Caelist and her body intimately.

"Yeah, why don't we do that." Shawn wanted to meet the doctor again. Although he loved fooling around with Caelist, he wanted some reassurance that he actually did have a medical problem needing treatment, and wasn't just being told a story so Caelist could have fun. Not that he would change anything or even tell anyone if it was all a lie, but he wanted to know for himself.

15-10-2005, 02:42 AM
Caelist answered, "Okay, sure. Why don't we do that when we're done? Meanwhile, as I do the shot and run a few checks, why don't you tell me about your last two weeks? Sounds like you have quite a story to tell."

"Yeah, I sure do! Man, I don't even know where to begin. Two weeks is too long. It seems like years since I saw you last. Let's see. I'll just leap straight into it. A couple of days ago, I woke up with my mother's mouth wrapped around my penis. She likes to suck me off a lot. Then later in the day the head cheerleader at my school came over and fucked me in my bed. I'm also fucking another cheerleader and my sister at the same time. Yep, that's right. My sister. Then there's my neighbor Cheese; you've met her. She likes to blow me as much as my mom. Then there's my beautiful history teacher. She helps me climax every lunch at school. As you can see, I'm getting a lot of help. It's fantastic."

"Holy cow!" said the nurse, truly shocked. "I figured something like that was happening, but I had no idea. I can't believe you're the same shy and virginal boy who first came in here. No wonder your penis is only partially hard. I'm amazed you can get it up at all."

Continuing his bluster, Shawn decided to go all the way with a front of confidence. "Oh, but I can, and I will. Today I plan to finally fuck your pussy after you teased me so many times. At home I have my pick of four incredibly beautiful women to see who wants to make me orgasm next. Every day, it seems things get more and more intense."

She took it as a given that she would be fucked. She was so excited by that prospect and what he was saying that she picked up a stethoscope to see just how fast her heart was beating. She could no longer look him in the face because she was too busy staring at his crotch.

She asked him, "How could it possibly get any more intense?" She put the stethoscope on one of her nipples. She gasped at the feeling of cold steel and then put it on the other one.

"Believe it or not, I haven't actually fucked some of these people yet, like my mom or my teacher. But they're soooo ready to go, and so am I. Kinda like you and me. You are overdue to get fucked. Are you ready to do it right now?"

"Well hold on a minute. Are you... I don't know how to put this. Are you turning into an uncontrollable sex maniac?" She was suddenly genuinely worried about Shawn. She slipped the hand not holding the probing stethoscope down her panties.

"Well kind of, but no. Really the answer is no. The fact is, yes, I've become addicted to sex, thanks to your treatment for my lack of energy. But I'm still maintaining other things in my life. For instance, I'm still studying and doing things with my friends." Shawn was exaggerating on these points - sex was taking over all his free time. "And I've gotten more sexually aggressive, but I'm still a pretty mild guy. I would never rape a woman or do something like that. It's confidence combined with manners and control, which I guess is a rare combination women really find attractive. In fact, I think I've had an almost incredible level of self-control, if I do say so myself.

"You should see how it is around my house. My mother has been running around naked or in the sexiest, most revealing clothes she can find, and for weeks! She's been having me do things like massage her or put suntan lotion on her, even while she's teasing me, jacking me off and sucking me several times a day, and the whole time she's given me ridiculous rules about not touching her. Which I've scrupulously obeyed, pretty much. And now she lets me do most everything but fuck her. In fact, in recent days she's become seriously addicted to cocksucking. Yet I still hold back from that final act, at her command. How many people would be able to hold back in the face of such temptation? You know the Freudian thing guys have for their moms.

"And it's been like that all around. Women are just throwing themselves at me, but I hold back until they want it or even beg for it. In fact, I don't think I'M the sex maniac at all. It's all these women around me who are the sex maniacs! Take my sister, for instance. A few months ago she was the most prudish high schooler you'd ever expect to meet, but now she literally lives to suck my cock and have me fuck her silly, whenever possible. She's having lesbian sex with three other cheerleaders, and even eyeing my mom! I mean, I think I'm keeping a better bShawnce with my schoolwork than she is! You should have seen the way she demanded that I give her a good spanking last night. I'm just surrounded by all these nymphomaniacs, and how can I say no if they throw themselves at me?"

"Did you?"


"Did you give your sister a good spanking?" Caelist was heavily panting and her fingers looked to be very busy inside her panties.

"Uh, as a matter of fact I did. Kind of a spanking and finger fuck at the same time."

"Whoa." Caelist masturbated herself for another minute as she fantasized being in that situation. She'd never been spanked before. Her eyes glazed over and she stared right through Shawn.

Finally she pulled herself together a bit, and struck a more professional tone. "That's a pretty remarkable story," she conceded. "I must say I'm a bit worried about you and some of these women, that things may be going too far. But at the same time it gets me pretty hot. All your talk of incest is so ... wrong, but so ... hot! Damn! Let me get this shot done so we can get down to some serious fucking. We can talk more about this later."

The nurse finished the shot in record time.

15-10-2005, 02:44 AM

Once they had all their business out of the way, Shawn said, "Caelist, take my place in the examination chair. I'm going to see just how wet you've gotten."

She eagerly obeyed his command. All the talking about his sex life was slowly reviving his libido, but he still wasn't fully there. He'd gotten erect talking to Caelist, but then the shot caused him to go flaccid again. Somehow, he'd have to start all over on another erection.

Spreading the stirrups with her feet in them as wide as possible, he dropped down on his knees and began licking her pussy. He didn't know licking a pussy from a hole in the ground (so to speak!) but it was described in the sex books he'd been reading lately, so he thought now was as good a time to try it out as any. Mostly he thought of doing it so he could stall for time and hide the fact that his penis still wasn't hard.

Caelist didn't really notice his inexperience. She was beside herself with joy because cunnilingus was something her regular lover, Dr. Fredrickson, never did, as he found having a nose in someone's pubic hair to be repugnant.

Actually the hair wasn't an issue. Although her pussy was unshaven, she had a rather sparse bush. He found he could lick her pussy lips without touching any of her pubic hair. He was very tentative and a little grossed out, but she loved it just the same. It was a lucky thing for him that his first time wasn't with someone more experienced with it, like Cheese, or he might have been chastised.

Caelist loved getting eaten out. She had more multiple orgasms and leaked more cum than she had ever before. But it only inflamed her need. Soon she was begging him, "Fuck me! Enough of that! Take me! I want your cock, not your tongue! Do me! FUCK me!" She yelled this so loud that Dr. Fredrickson didn't need the secretly placed speakers to hear her quite clearly from his office.

Shawn pulled off of her altogether. The delay, along with the smell and taste of her private place, made his penis hard and ready to fuck. But rather than satisfy her sexual cravings, he just stood there as she squirmed around in agony and anticipation. "Nurse, I appreciate your enthusiasm. But do you remember what you said last time? You said tit fucks were very therapeutic. I completely agree, and believe me, I've been practicing them a lot, just as you requested. You said I should come back here and tit fuck you again, then we could compare and contrast with a real fucking. So why don't we do that?"

"NoooOOOooo!" Caelist cried in desperation. "Let's do it the other way around! Real fuck first and tit fuck later! I can't wait!" She frigged her pussy with her fingers, but that just made her want Shawn's real, larger penis in her pussy that much more. The examination table/chair was in the up position, making it more like a chair, so Shawn worked the controls and brought it down until it lay flat like a bed. He took his sweet time making the changes, and she squirmed even more desperately with every passing second. Finally he got up on her and straddled her stomach.

She still protested. "No! You're too high on me! Scoot down, towards my pussy!" As though he hadn't even heard her pleas, he placed his penis between her boobs, pressed them together, and began thrusting in and out.

Soon her cries of "No!" were replaced by cries of "Yes!" and a lot of loud moaning. With Caelist now pressing her boobs close to make a fuck tunnel, he put his fingers in her mouth and thrust them in and out of her mouth as if they represented another penis. With his other hand he pulled at her nipples so hard she thought they would twist right off. He repeatedly pulled her entire tit up into the air by the nipple, repeatedly, and she loved it.

Shawn felt he could last forever. He finally had mercy, and moved himself over her pussy.

"Lower! Lower! Yes! Right there!" Caelist screamed as he scooted down her body. When he got ready to put his dick into her, he knew she would scream even louder, and he was worried about Dr. Fredrickson hearing (not to mention the rest of the neighborhood), so he decided to lay down on her chest and stick his fingers back in her mouth since he was too tall to fuck her while kissing her. That quieted her just like giving a baby a pacifier, but he was slightly pained when he finally speared her pussy since she reflexively bit down on his fingers.

Shawn fucked her hard for many long minutes. He liked the fact that he had the nurse in the usual position of a patient on the examination table. It made him feel like a very naughty doctor.

After about twenty minutes, he played out his doctor fantasy more overtly. He said to Caelist, "Nurse, you seem quite hot. I'm afraid I'm going to have to measure your temperature. Turn over so I can insert a rectal thermometer."

Caelist turned over and presented her ass to him, expecting that he would take her up there. He considered it, but decided that was too gross. Instead, they did it doggy style. Caelist was just as fine with the new position.

But after several more minutes, they changed positions again. Shawn had her sit on top of him. He watched her boobs rotate in circles and she bounced up and down on his pole. They fucked and fucked and fucked, and then fucked some more. Caelist could not believe how long he could fuck her without cumming. It was far beyond anything she had ever experienced or even heard about.

At first she was greatly enjoying it, then she moved into a nearly nonstop climax. But he kept on fucking until she transcended to a level of being literally fucked senseless. She clenched the sides of the examination table and held on for dear life. She had no idea who she was, where she was, or what she was doing. She simply gave herself completely to the overwhelming pleasures engulfing her body. Shawn was enjoying it too, but it wasn't the transcendent experience of total gratification being reached by Caelist.

They had lost all track of time when he finally emptied his hot load of cum into her. They'd completely forgotten to use a condom, but he figured correctly she was on birth control pills. She fell back on top of him, and they lay there exhausted on the examination chair for many minutes.

However, while Caelist felt exhausted, Shawn felt re-energized. Despite all the exertion, he felt better and more energetic than when he entered the office. He wasn't sure whether the sex was just good therapy or if bravado could be a self-fulfilling prophesy, but he was definitely amazed at himself. He had reserves of energy he never knew existed. He'd just gone with the flow and ceased to care, and the result was surprisingly good. He felt like he'd entered some kind of zone, like a runner who ran so long that he ceased to feel tired.

15-10-2005, 02:45 AM

At first Caelist simply stared into the ceiling as if struck dumb. It took a while for her to regain her wits. But as they continued to rest, she whispered sweet nothings in his ear, telling him what a great lover he was. Whispering extremely quietly and directly into his ear, she said, "Don't repeat this or say it out loud, but just between me and your ear, that was the best fuck I've ever had, bar none. And I've had quite a few."

She whispered quietly and asked him not to repeat it out loud, for she knew Dr. Fredrickson would be listening and watching from the other room. Given that the doctor was fucking Caelist on a daily basis, he wouldn't be exactly pleased to hear how much better a lover she thought Shawn was.

She got back up and sat down on a chair. Shawn also sat in the other chair the room had. She put on her demeanor of being a professional nurse as best she could in the circumstances, such as still being totally naked and being nearly fucked out of her mind. "Okay, after that, I think I can put your earlier story into better perspective. Shawn, you're a very impressive lover. That's the fucking understatement of the year. Those women you say are nymphomaniacs - you've made them that way."

"I have?"

"Definitely. I definitely, definitely, see what you mean about having a lot of self-control! Doing the tit fuck first nearly killed me with anticipation. And then with the fuck, you kept pausing and recovering, and then coming back for more. It was unreal! It was like five fucks at once. Do you please them like you just pleasured me?"

"Hmm. I have to admit, that was probably my most impressive fuck yet. I don't know what it is, but my penis just kept staying hard. It's been doing that a lot lately. I think having pretty women give me prolonged stimulations every day has caused my penis to build up endurance levels that I didn't know were even possible. I mean, I'm erect almost all the time now, and it feels fine. Like Tuesday, I did it eight times, and I've even done it nine times in one day. Nine very prolonged stimulations."

"Holy... fucking... shit," Caelist said, her mouth literally dropping open. She thought, Imagine this kid fucking me like that, but lasting literally for hours! No way! He could seriously kill someone. Death by fucking. What a way to go. If I could do that eight or nine times a day... I'd be in the insane asylum by the end of the week! Composing herself, she said with a nurse's demeanor, "I see. Very interesting. I definitely approve of you being more active this week so you can keep your average up. Do you think you could sustain that higher level for a longer period of time?"

"I don't know. Sometimes my penis feels really good and sometimes not so good. Right now it feels not so good. To be honest, you should have seen how I felt when I came in here. I was feeling like I couldn't take any more. But just when I thought I was all used up, I have a great fuck, as you know firsthand. It's weird. It seems like the longer this six times a day treatment goes on, the easier it is for my penis to stay hard for a really long time. Your tip to strengthen my PC muscle has helped, but it's more than that. I mean, how long were we going at it? Like thirty minutes, at full speed? But I'm already feeling hard again."

Caelist was fascinated. "Wow. Your case is so interesting; I think it would make a good clinical case study. For instance, I wonder if your idea of such increased prowess through practice can be verified and objectively measured."

"Well, perhaps if you kidnapped me and did nothing but had me fuck you all day for weeks on end, we could establish a statistically significant body of data on it," Shawn teased.

"Perhaps. God, don't I wish! But seeing how I can't kidnap you any time soon, why don't we add one more data point right now, by having you fuck me again?"

"If it's for the advancement of scientific knowledge..." Shawn said joking, as he climbed on top of Caelist. "Don't forget though," he added, "we need to take a sperm sample."

"Damn. I was hoping you could shoot all over my face and chest this time so we could save that for fuck number three."

He laughed. "Believe me, I've noticed that trick before." He thought of how his mother forgot to do the abnormality check so they'd have to do it again.

"Oh, by the way," Caelist said as Shawn slid his penis in her pussy. "As you may know, your mother talked to me again on the phone earlier today. We talked a lot about these abnormality checks she's been giving you. I didn't even know she was doing that to you. I think it was just a trick all along so she could get to know your penis. She seems quite keen on you, you know. She got quite horny just talking to me about all of this, although she'd deny it. She says one thing, but her tone of voice says another. I doubt she realized how heavily she was breathing into the phone. I think you should do it with her."

That sent Shawn into overdrive. My mom was using the abnormality check just as an excuse to get physical with me? No way. Shit. So that means that the very first Tuesday of mad cocksucking, she was planning that all along! No fucking way. That gets me so powerfully aroused! He shouted, "Look out, Caelist!" He tackled her to the floor.

Once again, Shawn gave Caelist a mind-bending fuck, this time right on the floor. It wasn't quite as intense for her and she didn't lose her senses, but it was better for him. As they climaxed, he huffed and puffed, shouting, "Uh! Uh! Oh! Fu-! Fuck! Su-! Sus-!" Realizing he was starting to say his mother's name, he tried to cover it up. "Sue Me! ... Cheese! ... Cheese! Fuck me Cheese!"

Once they were done, Shawn was a bit miffed that Caelist was chuckling. "What?" he asked testily.

"'Sue me?' Do you have some kind of lawsuit fetish? A desire to be sued at the height of climax?" She chuckled some more.

"That wasn't it. I just tripped over my tongue. I was trying to say Cheese."

"Mmm hmm. I'm sure it wasn't some other older woman whose name begins with Su- that you were thinking of saying. What was that you said earlier? 'You know the Freudian thing guys have for their moms.'"

Shawn repeated defiantly, "I was trying to say Cheese. She's really hot." He grew sullen and quiet. Caelist decided it was a sore point and refrained from any further ribbing.

On the positive side, they did get a sperm sample, which was a good thing, because there was no way he could possibly manage a third time right then. Caelist had made him pull out just before he came so he could shoot into a jar.

15-10-2005, 02:47 AM
His penis seemed to give out right after that, and his energy level crashed completely. He wondered if he'd even manage to drive home safely, he felt so tired.

Caelist wasn't much better. Her pussy was so sore that she could barely walk. She was grateful that his was the last appointment of the day because it would be all she could manage just to get home and take a long, hot bath to recover.

So reluctantly Caelist had to end his appointment. She put on her lab jacket, but she felt so thoroughly fucked that it seemed a shame to confine her still throbbing pussy, so that was all she wore. But before it was over, she discussed his medical condition some more. "Shawn, I wanted to mention that your latest test results show good news. Your thyroid levels are up 25 percent. So that means you should be having more energy, though you may not be feeling it yet. Remember how that's the point of all this sexual activity?"

"Oh yeah," he responded, only half joking. Having to cum six times a day had become an end goal in and of itself, and while six times was a little much, he certainly didn't want to stop his sexual fun completely. Vel and everyone else gave little thought any more to the connection between the sexual activity and his energy level. But he still greatly desired having more energy and not having to always take a nap or feel like a useless rag.

Caelist resumed, "I'm very keen to see what the blood test we did today will show, to see if that was a one time fluctuation or if it can be equaled or hopefully bettered. This new level is good, but you could stand to boost your thyroid 100 percent, not just 25. So I'll call in a couple of days and let you know. Depending on the results, we might have to make some changes in your regimen."

He nodded in understanding. He asked, "Is there any way we could make it five or four times a day?"

"I'm not sure. I can't make any promises. Depending on the results, we might even have to increase it to seven or eight times a day."

Shawn sighed. He thought, Impossible. Completely impossible. Six times a day is the absolute outer limit. Please may the results not fall that way. I just couldn't take that much help.

She didn't mean that of course, since there were no real medical tests to base such a decision on; she just wanted to see what his reaction would be. She was intrigued at just how far one person could go. She took mercy on him and decided never to mention going more than six times a day again.

She added, "Also, if you're still feeling sluggish, here's prescription for a potent vitamin supplement. You don't actually need a prescription for it, but this note will help make sure you pick the right one." Caelist wrote a surprisingly long note while the both of them sat nearly naked in their chairs.

She handed it to him and he took it and read it immediately, curious about its length. It read, "If you want vitamins, here's the name." A certain type of multivitamin was listed. But below that, it continued, "But screw vitamins. I shouldn't be doing this and I could get in trouble so keep it under your hat, but here's my home phone number." The number was listed, and her e-mail too. She went on in the note, "I can't wait two whole weeks until you fuck me again! PLEASE CALL ME, ANYTIME! I know you've got a lot of amazing people helping you out, but I'll make you feel soooo good. I promise! Love Caelist."

Many words were underlined for emphasis, such as the word "ANYTIME," which she underlined three times. Shawn took the note, and with a poker face simply put it in his pocket. There was something about Caelist's vibe today that gave him the feeling he was being watched. He thought suspiciously, Why does she say this in a note, instead of telling it to me?

But he held his tongue for the moment, and he replied in a bland voice, "I will follow this prescription to your satisfaction, nurse. Thank you very much." He put his hand on the doorknob as if to go.

"Oh, will you? Good!" she said excitedly. She wasn't as good at acting as he was. "I'll go get the doctor now."

Just as he was turning the doorknob, she said, "Oh wait. Clothes first." Shawn looked down and realized he was buck naked. Caelist also was only wearing an open lab coat. They both went to get their clothes amidst much laughter. Shawn was very chagrined that he'd almost walked out into the hallway in the buff, although it actually wouldn't have mattered much since Caelist always arranged for the office to be completely empty of patients and even other staff during his appointments.

Before she put on her clothes, Caelist pointed toward her wispy bush and said, "Remember Shawn, you always have a special home here at the doctor's office. Right here between my legs. Next time, come well rested. I want to see just how many 'sperm samples' it takes to fill me up to overflowing."

"Will do."

"By the way," Caelist added, "I'm still very concerned about this nymphomania problem. Please try to stay on top of your studies and have a social life with friends. There's more to life than sex, believe it or not. And regarding your sister Joanna, her case sounds very severe. I think it would be good if we could schedule an appointment so she could come in here and we could test to see if her sexual response falls within the norm."

Shawn greatly clarified the message: "In other words, you want to have lot of sex with her."

"That's another way to put it," Caelist said, smiling. "But don't worry, if either you or your sister or both of you come here in the future, there's no charge. Hell, I'll pay YOU if I have to. Both of you is better. And next time, let's make sure Vel comes in with you too, if she wants to play, otherwise, for the love of God, come alone. "

"Yeah, I think she'd be into playing, now. At least watching, I should hope. She was a bit scared of you before, I think."

"She had a very different attitude on the phone, that's for sure. She was treating me like her savior for helping to initiate your treatment program."

Caelist finished putting on her clothes. "In any case, why don't we go out and say hello to the doctor. I think its better you see him in the lobby than in here, since this room positively reeks of sex."

Just before leaving the room, Shawn said, "I'll mention the idea of coming in to Joanna. I have a strong feeling she'll say yes." To himself, he added, But first I have to find out what this whole secret note thing was about.

As he walked out, Caelist thought to herself, Such a good kid. So all around decent. He makes me feel so good. I feel awful about this video thing, even if the doctor is forcing me. I have to do something. He melted my brain, and I'm standing by silent? I can't let that happen. If the doctor films Shawn and Vel next time, they could be blackmailed for life!

Dr. Fredrickson meanwhile had turned off his video cameras, shut and locked the cabinets where the video monitors were hidden, and put on his pants. At Caelist's insistence, his video system had no way to record, so when the show was over it was over. Caelist understandably didn't want videos made of her that could somehow wind up in the wrong hands and get her in a heap of trouble. There was nothing else worth watching outside of Shawn's appointments, so he typically only opened those cabinets once every two weeks. However, that morning Dr. Fredrickson came up with a good idea, and used a camera on a tripod to take photographs of the video screen while it was playing. That way, he could have something to masturbate to later. Caelist would have been very upset to know the pictures of her he was getting, but he hadn't told her about it yet. He thought to himself, I should have thought this through and not resorted to half measures. Next time I'm gonna get another video camera to film the whole video as it happens. That'll show Caelist!

He juggled taking pictures with masturbating while watching the live video feed. He jacked off several times watching Shawn and Caelist, turned on by Shawn's explanation of his sex life at home even more than the visuals of fucking. The doctor was more than a little jealous of Shawn's situation.

"Hi Dr. Fredrickson," Shawn said, extending his hand for a handshake as the doctor walked into the lobby.

"How you doin' Shawn? I haven't seen you in a while. When Caelist takes on your appointments, that gives me a chance to bury my head in paperwork. How are things at home, and with your beautiful mother Vel?"

Dr. Fredrickson smiled broadly at Shawn, but Shawn got the feeling that the friendliness was fake and the doctor was pissed off at him for some reason. But he kept up the charade.

"Oh, things are good. Same ol' same ol.' I'll tell her you said hello."

Needless to say, Shawn didn't do anything special on Friday night. It was a near miracle he could summon the energy to eat dinner. Cheese came over right after the meal, eager to do something with him. She actually wanted to take him out on the town (and while out of the house, continue where she left off with her "Elle" seduction the weekend before). But it was clear that the best Shawn could do was stay awake so he wouldn't go to sleep at an absurdly early hour.

It was Cheese's cocksucking turn, but she could see he wasn't up to it, so they just watched television together. He turned in not long after and was in bed by nine o'clock. Despite his appointment with Caelist, he still only had four orgasms so far.

Vel wanted to give him a hand job as part of her extensive goodnight kiss so he wouldn't be too far off from his six target, but his penis didn't respond easily. They just French kissed for a while, and he ended up two below his target for the day.

Continued in part 12...

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15-10-2005, 02:06 PM
CHAPTER 1 (Saturday, Nov. 9)

Shawn took advantage of the weekend and slept twelve hours. When he woke up the next morning, after nine o'clock, he felt like a new man. And it was a lucky thing, too, because after having gone merely four times a day for two days in a row, the women were all keen to make sure he would have an extra-active day to make up for it.

Vel cooked her son breakfast, but when she was done she had to leave to run some errands. Joanna was still asleep from having gone to bed much later, and Cheese hadn't come over yet for the same reason.

But right as Vel made to leave, Hui Shan came over. She told Hui Shan that Shawn's penis was extremely sad and that she should help "visually stimulate" it.

Hui Shan clapped her hands in glee. Once Vel was gone, she hurried home and immediately came back with something scanty to wear. She used the underwear cabinet to change, as usual. Her outfit, if it could be called that, was a robe that failed to even come down to her pussy and exposed her shaven folds to anyone who cared to look. It used to be much longer, but she'd shortened it to a very strategically sexy length.

Hui Shan walked into the dining room where Shawn was still eating breakfast. He took a look at her and nearly choked on his French toast. "Hui Shan," he sputtered, "quick, you'd better change out of that."

"What? You don't like it? I made it especially short, just for you."

"That was very nice of you. I think it's great. But my mom's just gone shopping for groceries and she'll be back soon. She'll have a hissy fit if she sees you like that."

Hui Shan smiled happily. "No she won't. I'm sure of it because she's the one who told me to wear this. She told me you weren't being stimulated enough in the past couple of days and that I was supposed to stimulate you."

Shawn nearly choked on his food again. "She said that? She told you that you could stimulate me? Did she say how? Like with your hands or mouth or something?"

"No. She just said you needed a lot of stimulation today. I'm the only one around to help, I guess." Hui Shan purposely failed to mention that Vel only meant visual stimulation. She twirled around. The robe was cut even shorter in the back. More than half of her ass was exposed. Shawn's eyes went wider in response. She noticed his happy reaction, and turned around again, making sure to bend over lewdly this time. With both hands wrapped tightly around one of her ankles, she winked at Shawn as she looked him, upside down, from between her legs.

Shawn rapidly stuffed his food down his mouth so his hands could be freed. "Stay like that," he said as he unconsciously licked his lips.

"M'kay," she answered happily as she thrust her naked ass further up towards where he sat. She reached her left hand up to her pussy and absent-mindedly rubbed her lips as she added, "Gee, I never realized how cold this house can be sometimes. Do you feel a breeze?"

Then Shawn thought to himself, How strange. But then what isn't strange lately? Mom did say last night that she expected a big orgasm day from me today, but why would she include Hui Shan? I thought she was protective of her, just like Cheese is. But should I look a gift horse in the mouth? Or, more appropriately, a gift horse in the ass. What a lovely ass. How am I supposed to say no to that ass? ... Actually, now that I think about it, the other day Mom did say that nothing should be denied me. That was in relation to Angela, but surely if she felt that way about Angela, she feels the same about Hui Shan?

Shawn finished off his last bite and put his silverware down. He reached out and grabbed Hui Shan's ass. He said to her, "If you're going to stimulate me, you're doing a good job already. But do you remember what I told you before, about the three parts of the female a man likes the best?"

She giggled as she once again grabbed hold of her ankles while Shawn gently massaged her perfect derriere. "Gosh. That's easy. The boobies, the puss, and the ass. Everyone knows that."

He ran his fingers up and down her ass crack, and didn't hesitate to probe her pussy lips. "Yeah. This outfit is good at showing off two of those, but let's see some more of your boobs."

She turned around and undid the sash of her robe. She opened the robe but only on one side as she tilted her hip in the opposite direction and struck a seductive pose. "You mean like this?" she asked coyly, her voice high and airy.

"Oooh, I like it. Yeah. Just like that. Showing a little, but still hiding a little, leaving me wanting more. And you've pushed your boobs together with your arms and given me a sultry look on top of it. You're really getting good at visual stimulation."

She wanted to keep her sultry look going, but couldn't help but break out into a shy smile. Fortunately, the shy grin made her look even sexier.

"Now, let's see if you need another pussy shaving today." Shawn reached out and fondled her pussy and tits, occasionally working on her ass.

Hui Shan just stood there with a big smile on her face, happy to let him touch her anywhere.

He was still at it when Joanna walked downstairs a couple of minutes later. She said, as she walked into the dining room, "Looks like I'm missing out on some fun, Big Super Dildo-sized Brother. Maybe you should give me a good spanking for sleeping in too late and neglecting my sisterly duties." She winked at her purposeful reminder of the spanking she had the night before. "Where's Mom?"

"Off to buy some groceries," Shawn replied. "Hui Shan here says she was left behind as a kind of gift to occupy me in the meanwhile."

Joanna's eyebrows were raised in surprise. "Whoa. Our new mom is full of surprises, isn't she? Let's see if Hui Shan needs another shaving." Joanna moved in on Hui Shan and began to fondle her, too. Shawn instantly understood her meaning of "new mom" - it was as though Vel had become a completely different person in recent weeks, although many aspects remained the same, of course.

Shawn laughed. "Hey, I was using that pussy, Sis." Hui Shan writhed in pleasure as four hands roamed all over her. Her robe stayed on, but only because it didn't get in the way of access to any important parts.

After another wordless minute of this, Hui Shan said, "You know guys, I most definitely need a shaving. Right away. I'm getting all tingly. Please help!"

Joanna pointed out, "Hey, Big Sister-filling Brother, it's been too long since we've done her together. You should see the things the two of us girls have been doing lately in these shavings."

Hui Shan butted in with the proud mention, "Joanna says I'm a good ass licker!"

Joanna clarified, "She means that in the good, literal way."

Shawn chuckled. "Why don't we give the shaving a shot, and that'll give us some cover to make sure we interpreted Mom correctly."

"Oh goody!" Hui Shan exclaimed. "Shawn, can I lick your butt?"

They took Hui Shan's robe off and led her to the bathroom. The first thing Shawn did was explain that he didn't feel happy. Hui Shan would have to stroke his thing to make him happy again. She already knew that and was eager to help. She was pleased to see his penis had rebounded from yesterday.

15-10-2005, 02:08 PM

Shawn explained to Hui Shan how she and Joanna could jack him off. A few minutes after he started this, Cheese came over to the house and let herself in. Shawn had to get out of the bathroom and greet her before she figured out what he and his sister were doing to her daughter.

Cheese was very happy to see him as they met in the living room. Shawn had stuffed his penis into his shorts only a minute earlier as he left the bathroom, but as soon as she saw him she noticed the cucumber shape begging to be freed. She unzipped him and began to stroke while she talked. She didn't even ask; she just saw him erect through his shorts and took what she thought was the necessary action.

Shawn thought to himself, Now this is the life! Moving from one perfect ten woman on my dick to her mother! I'll bet Hugh Hefner doesn't even have it this good. Heck, these women put those Playboy bunnies to shame. Those are all blow-dried, air brushed, emotionless statues out to make a buck. These women are real in every way.

"Good morning, Sweetie," she said as she lightly blew on his penis tip. "I understand today is going to be a big day for you, isn't that so? A chance to get your daily average back up?"

"Yep. I guess that's so."

"Good. You can see I'm not going to waste any time. Has anyone blown you yet?"

"Nope." Shawn thought to himself, Because I keep getting interrupted, not that I can complain.

"Then there's no time to lose. Here, a hand job isn't good enough. You deserve better than just another blow job too. I'm ready for another deep throat. Would you like that?"

"Sure. But here? What if my mom comes back?"

"Oh. You're right. Quick - to your room." Cheese had rather hoped to get caught in the common rooms by Vel, but let the point slide.

So Cheese deep throated Shawn, inadvertently finishing off a stimulation started by her daughter.

Across the hallway in the bathroom, Hui Shan and Joanna had plenty of fun even though Shawn couldn't be with them.

Shawn, though, had the most fun. Hui Shan and Joanna had gotten better at sexually pleasing him, but neither of them could yet compare to Cheese and her considerable experience. And now that she knew how to deep throat, she was even more of a force to be reckoned with. Her first deep throat was just a partially successful experiment, and the second wasn't much of an improvement, but this one was much better.

She just kept coming forward and forward, until her nose brushed up against his pubic hair. Again, Shawn was amazed that so much penis could fit in a mouth. He just couldn't get used to it. Her saliva covered his penis until she could slide back and forth on it like it was a greased pole.

At first, that was all she could handle - getting the penis in all the way. But before she was done, she had already begun to work on moving her tongue more actively. Cheese considered her tongue her "secret weapon" in both blow jobs and kissing. It was remarkably agile and active, and had excellent reach. A few times Cheese was able to snake out her tongue and lick Shawn's balls even as her lips still slid around his penis.

Shawn couldn't hold out long against such a skilled tongue and throat. She pulled his penis back toward her lips when he came so she could savor his cum in her mouth.

For Peggy, a deep throating was a special occasion. But Cheese seemed very nonchShawnt and eager to do it again. On the other hand, Peggy was still far better at it than Cheese was. Peggy had her special lips, tongue, throat, and hands quadruple attack. It wasn't easy to do, which is maybe why Peggy didn't do it often.

While they recovered, Cheese talked about her plans for the day. "Sweetie, you and I have never gone to the beach together, just the two of us. I know you like to go to the beach every weekend. What if you went with me instead of your boring friends? I think I can do a couple things they can't do, if you know what I mean." Cheese, again, was scheming to get him alone outside of the house so they could fuck.

"Hmm, interesting idea," Shawn replied noncommittally. He was all in favor of the idea, but worried about the personal politics involved. If I disappear for the day with Cheese, then Joanna and Vel won't take it too well. Even Hui Shan might be disappointed. I left her in the lurch just a short while ago. Would it be better if maybe we all go together? But one can't exactly get a blow job on a public beach anyways. But then again, Cheese might think of something. If anyone could find a way to swing it, it would be her....

Cheese impatiently leaned over Shawn and cooed, "Sweetie? Please? If you go with me, I promise you won't regret it. I'll make you feel really, really good. I have a special surprise." She didn't want to just come out and say she'd allow him to go all the way and fuck her, as she wanted that to be a surprise.

"Special surprise? Better than a deep throat?"

"Mmm. Much better. Trust your Aunt Cheese on this one."

Shawn mumbled, "What about the others?" He found it very hard to think. Cheese and he had just finished dressing, more or less. But Cheese's semi-transparent nightie did nothing to cover her charms, as she now hung above him. She ground her pussy down onto one of his knees which happened to be between her legs. Her mouth inched right up next to his, and he could feel her fragrant breath and smell her strawberry shampooed hair.

Cheese delighted in slowly torturing him like this. She knew he was putty in her hands. But right as her lips nearly touched his, there was a knock on the door. Damn, Shawn thought, What lousy timing. Interrupted seconds before a kiss, just like in the movies. Today has been the morning of interruptions.

"Who is it?" he asked as Cheese pulled away.

"It's your mother. How are you doing?"

"Pretty good. Cheese was just helping me out."

Through the door, Vel complained, "Cheese, what did I say about getting permission from me first? Can I come in?"

Shawn got up and opened the door. "We just finished up," he said to his frowning mother.

Cheese sat covered in some blankets which had fallen to the floor, as she didn't really have any pants to wear when she came into the room and didn't want Vel to see just how scantily she'd dressed. "Sorry, Vel," she said, "but you know how we're hoping Shawn will reach at least eight today to make up for these past days. So I thought we shouldn't waste any time."

"No problem. I agree. It has to be paced out through the day. But in the future, consult with me first, okay? Especially if I'm home. Now, since you two are done, I think... Oooh!" Vel stole a glance at her son's crotch and saw he was hard again. Cheese crawling all over him no doubt helped him get that way.

Vel pointed at it. "Would you look at that, Cheese? Isn't that just lovely? Didn't you say you just finished? How insatiable. Tiger, are you ready for some more assistance? Because if you are, I'd very much like to help out. It seems Cheese can't take care of all your needs."

"Sure, Mom." He thought, Dang, this thing is really getting a work out this morning. Straight from Cheese's mouth to Mom's! Fuckin' A. And I've got a really high target to reach today.

"Will that thing ever stay down?" Vel asked rhetorically. She cast a "please get lost" glance at Cheese.

Cheese ignored Vel's catty comment, and said, "I'll go see if the mail is here. Maybe that 'Cocksucking Monthly' magazine you've been waiting for so eagerly has finally arrived."

Shawn was puzzled. He knew there was a recent profusion of specialty magazines like Cigar Aficionado, and seriously imagined a glossy "Cocksucking Monthly" sitting between "Good Housekeeping" and "Better Homes and Gardens" on a supermarket magazine rack.

Vel looked puzzled, too, so Cheese clarified, "Joke, folks. That was a joke. Ah, well. I'll be off now."

Vel failed to watch Cheese leave, because her eyes were now completely fixated on her son's crotch. Shawn unzipped his shorts and Vel licked her lips as she moved into position. She hovered over Shawn. She winked. "I think I need to subscribe to that magazine and buy all the back issues. Don't you?"

Shawn thought to himself without irony, I have the feeling today is going to be a very good day.

15-10-2005, 02:09 PM

Shawn made an effort to have a normal day. He read the newspaper for a while, and then surfed the Internet. Cheese went home to take care of some errands of her own, still without a commitment on the beach idea from Shawn, since Vel was underfoot and they didn't have another chance to talk.

Just before lunch, Vel strongly suggested that Shawn take care of his "problem" yet again. Shawn was feeling up to it, and Vel appointed Joanna to do the task since Joanna hadn't been given much penis lately. Again he retired back to his room, which had filled up with the smell of cum again, even with the window frequently open. There was so much sexual activity in there that the cum smell permeated every inch and pore of the room.

Shawn whipped off his shorts and sat on the edge of his bed. Joanna wordlessly took off all her clothes and assumed the cocksucking position between his legs. He idly commented, "I don't even know why we bother with clothes lately."

She answered, "Clothes are fun. Taking them off for you and teasing helps pass the time until the next time you put your cock in one of my holes." She leaned forward to engulf his penis.

To her surprise, he held her back. "Just a sec. Do you want to do that, or a tit fuck?"

"A tit fuck? Oh goody! You'll let me do that in the house? But wait. I got a better idea. We can do both."

Shawn poured some KY Jelly he had by his bedside into his sister's cleavage, and she demonstrated how she could flicker her tongue at his penis head while he pumped his penis between her tits.

He discovered that if he made very short strokes, she could keep her lips on at least part of his penis head at all times. He paused from time to time and she gobbled further down his penis, focusing on the sensitive spot beneath the head, until he was ready to stroke some more.

They went at it for a long time. Joanna was content to ride the peaks and valleys of his arousals, keeping him on edge and then giving him a chance to recuperate. She still talked excitedly about the previous night's spanking when her mouth wasn't full of penis. She clearly angled for a repeat performance very soon.

During one break, he asked her, "So which do you enjoy more: a straight cocksuck, or a cocksuck-tit fuck combo?"

"Your fuck toy doesn't care," Joanna answered while referring to herself in the third-person. "She's happy just to have her brother's fat, cum-filled baseball bat do nasty things to her in any and every way. He always gives her lots of orgasms and a big load of sweet jism any way she takes it. And that's the truth."

"Sis, you don't need to talk in the third person. I'm still your brother, you know."

She giggled. "Please forgive me, Big Zucchini Brother. Maybe your sister, I mean, maybe I deserve a spanking for my disobedience."

"That's about the fifth time this morning you've suggested you deserve a spanking for something or another. If you don't stop it, I'm NOT going to spank you anytime soon. And you didn't disobey. In fact, you're not even supposed to obey my every whim. When did we decide that?"

"I decided that the first time you fucked me. It felt so good I literally saw stars. Your fuck toy lives to be fucked by you. Speaking of which, how can my mouth be so close to your penis without being fucked hard like the second pussy that it is? And look at my soft, sweet, firm tits: they've been tragically unfucked for a good three minutes now." She made big, sad puppy dog eyes and he relented as they both broke into laughter.

So Shawn ended another break and resumed thrusting into her tits. Most of their conversations were in a similar vein to this one. Shawn upbraided her for her degrading talk, but secretly he enjoyed it, and she knew that. She enjoyed it even more.

Shawn eventually came. The tip of his penis was inches from her mouth, so most of it hit her there, but she turned her head this way and that so the flood of cum could hit her in the cheeks, nose, and chin as well. By the time Shawn was done, he looked down at his sister and saw that he'd given her an impressive pearl necklace, gobs of his sperm dripping down the sides of her neck and chin like viscous milk.

When it was over, he still felt weirded out by his sister's attitude. So he said, "Sis, now that we're not in a sexual mood, things go back to normal, right? We're just the same old brother and sister, right?"

"Yeah. Sure. It's not like I'm gonna do your dishes for you or anything. We're still cool."

"Good. Because I'm just a little freaked. Let's do something totally nonsexual for a change. Just like the old days." He found it a bit difficult to discuss anything nonsexual when she rubbed his cum into her skin all over her face, but he persevered.

"Okay. What?" she asked after she licked her palm clean of his sperm, her eyes doe-like and pretty as she stared up at him quizzically.

"Oh, I don't know. How about we play some video games? One on one shoot 'em up? I know you like that." He unstraddled her and stood up, his penis still at half-mast as it hung between his legs. He offered his sister his hand to help her sit up.

Joanna glanced at her brother's penis and noticed that there was a large drop of unspent cum that dangled lazily from the tip. She scooped it up with a finger and said, normal as ever, "Cool."

So they played a video game together in the living room. Shawn was actually greatly relieved to have this revival of old habits. He was even relieved to see his sister completely clothed, just as Vel was clothed as she worked in the nearby kitchen.

Joanna saw that he needed a mental return to normality, so she purposely avoided any flirtation or exposure. Indeed, he was happy to see they could still relate just as they did before. Soon they were laughing and having a great time. The only lingering evidence of sexuality was the smell of cum and a slightly different sheen to her face from her facial.

She thought to herself, Looks like Shawn needs some time to adjust to this whole fuck toy idea. I'll just have to take it slow for a while and tone down the language until he realizes his- or my- rightful role. I guess no spanking for me today. Shucks. That's okay, though. The important thing is what happens in the long term.

They finally had to call it quits when Vel announced that lunch was ready.

15-10-2005, 02:11 PM

After lunch Shawn napped again. When he woke up around two o'clock, he wanted to do some swimming. Although it was November, it was still a hot, sunny day in Southern California. He went to find Cheese so he could take her up on the beach trip idea, but when he came downstairs, he found Joanna, Vel, and Cheese out back by the pool where they sat in lawn chairs. He went out there to join them.

When Cheese saw him, she commented, "Since I didn't get a promise from you about the beach, Vel insisted on this instead. Seems she didn't want to be left out." Shawn noted that Hui Shan wasn't around, as was the case when Angela came over on Wednesday. Shawn correctly guessed that Cheese had sent Hui Shan away so the rest of them could engage in more sexual shenanigans. Cheese was blissfully unaware of Hui Shan's sexual activity earlier in the morning. Hui Shan was a blind spot for Cheese's otherwise very observant mind.

At first, all of them swam in the pool. But the swimming together started to increase everyone's arousal. Cheese's bikini top was so skimpy that she had no problem repeatedly making it "accidentally" come off whenever Shawn was around. Vel, by contrast, wore her most conservative bathing suit. She shot Cheese some dirty looks, but less and less as time went on. In fact, the only reason Vel minded Cheese's displays was because she worried Cheese would steal all of Shawn's attention.

After swimming, Joanna, Vel, Cheese, and Shawn returned to four nearby lawn chairs.

Cheese and Joanna would have gone topless or altogether naked, but they still took their cues on what was acceptable from Vel. Shawn's mother was an enthusiastic cocksucker in private, but around others she was still shy to even dress scantily.

Their lawn chairs were all only a few feet from the edge of the pool. Cheese and Vel lay in chairs next to each other, and Joanna and Shawn's chairs made another pair right behind them, but facing in the opposite direction. They had punch to drink, rock music that blared in the background, and trashy novels to read. Cheese had secretly spiked the punch with alcohol, to help further things along. Shawn thought it strange that both Vel and Cheese wore high-heeled shoes even while sunbathing, but didn't say anything about it.

Spirits were definitely reviving. The lawn chairs were all in the shade of some trees, but the afternoon wore on and the intensity of the sun lessened. So after a while, Cheese pulled her chair out into the sun, and everyone else followed suit. Cheese, with her pale skin, normally avoided the sun like the plague, but she knew that moving into the sun would be followed by a need for more suntan lotion. As she'd expected, all eyes turned to Shawn.

Cheese was also the first to speak up. As she held up a bottle of lotion, she said, "Sweetie, would you be a dear and cover me up?"

She undid her bikini top and let it fall to the ground. That act set off some kind of secret nuclear arms race of nudity. Vel quickly excused herself. Upset that she wore such reserved garments, she quickly reappeared in her most revealing one. But by the time she got back Joanna had joined Cheese in being topless. Vel wasn't willing to follow suit, if it wasn't just Shawn watching.

She couldn't exactly order Cheese around, since they weren't related. But she could order her own daughter, so she forced Joanna to put her bikini top back on. However, despite all these efforts, she knew that she was still upstaged by Cheese.

Surprisingly, even Shawn flashed a lot of skin. Cheese had recently given him one of those European styled bathing suits that he said he’d detested only a month or so ago. The short red suit that he wore for the first time was almost like a male bikini bottom. He wondered what would happen if (or, more accurately, when) he got a hard-on, because there was seemingly nowhere for an extended and engorged penis to go.

Shawn began to work on Cheese first once the bikini situation resolved itself. She would have been his first choice anyway, because he wanted to get the greatest potential for mischief out of the way early before he got too excited. He remembered how, when he was asked to apply lotion to the three of them last time, he had to flee for fear of losing all control to not just start fucking each and every hole. He was determined to control himself better today, so he could take things a little bit further.

He wordlessly moved over to the pale beauty and brazenly straddled himself right on top of her. His hard penis was in severe danger of popping out of his tiny suit, so he pushed it along the thin fabric that connected the front of his suit to the back. It kept it covered, but just barely.

Cheese's toned and firm body felt wonderful underneath his hands. All the workouts Cheese and Vel did together continued to pay off. Their bodies were the essence of perfection. Shawn started on Cheese's back, and worked his way down to her feet. Along the way, he devoted great attention to her ass. He would have slipped his hands under her bikini bottom, but there really was no bikini to speak of in the first place - just a single string that ran down her crack. So he had free reign over her butt. It was in direct sight of his mother's watchful eyes, hidden behind her sunglasses, but she didn't say anything to stop them.

Almost as soon as he began, his penis popped out of his far-too-revealing bathing suit, despite his precautions. He modestly popped it back in, but each time he shifted his weight or made any sudden movement, it would pop out again. His mother didn't even chide him on this, as the application of lotion passed in nearly complete silence. The anticipation was killing her - she figured anything Shawn did to Cheese would soon be done to her. She licked her lips and her pussy quivered in anticipation of having his penis rub across her naked skin.

It took a good fifteen minutes for him just to do Cheese's backside. He figured it would take him a good hour and a half to finish all three of them at the absurdly lazy pace he took. They all seemed to make similar mental calculations. So Vel and Joanna put their own lotions on themselves while he did Cheese, to prevent them from actually getting burned. Of course that pretty much negated any reason for Shawn to put lotion on the other two, but no one wanted to point that out. Only Shawn's skin remained unprotected from the very penetrating sun.

Cheese and Joanna had arranged a bit of a trick before they went outside. They'd worked out a way to talk extensively about Shawn's penis to get Vel more worked up. Cheese started it by saying, "My, my. Looks like Shawn is hard as usual. Joanna, didn't you just take care of him a short time ago?"

"I sure did, and it was fantastic. As usual. I don't think I could ever get bored of putting my brother's thick, wide, fuck monster deep in my..."

"Angel!" Vel chided. "Please! Let's have some decorum. Let's not forget the boundaries. There's no need to talk about that kind of thing."

"But, Mom, there is. I'm concerned." Vel sat up in worry. Joanna continued, "I'm concerned about the state of Shawn's penis. As you know, I've given him hand jobs and blow jobs before. A good deal before we were even caught, as you know now. But today his penis seemed even bigger than before. Thicker. Longer. Tastier. And the endurance! Jesus! It's unbelievable. It wears my mouth out. His penis is so huge, and growing, I'm wondering if it'll reach a point where he simply won't be able to fuck a woman with his oversized tool. I imagine it could barely fit into a vagina now, and if it did, it would fill it up and push against the sides and ram against the back so much that it would practically seem like giving birth. Imagine that feeling of fullness. It must be ten inches long now, at least."

Of course Shawn's penis hadn't actually grown in any way, though his endurance was continually improving. But this is what Cheese told Joanna to say to get Vel worked up. And it worked only too well. Vel complained, "Angel, what you're saying is impossible. Nobody's penis just up and grows a couple of inches overnight. Really! You're too much. In any case, we're outdoors. Anyone could hear us. Please don't talk like that about your brother..."

"Mom, it's so true! Don't you agree, Cheese?"

Vel saw Cheese nod. Cheese then said authoritatively, "Vel, sometimes this can happen. Think about your private parts. Aren't your tits, ass, and pussy always kind of tingly and ready for action these days? I know mine are. Aren't you always thinking about how good it would feel to have Shawn penetrate you in all kinds of exciting ways? Well, when a man is similarly and constantly stimulated twenty-four hours a day, his penis tends to just get bigger and bigger, in the same way that your nipples are almost always hard and your pussy lips are almost always engorged, wet, and ready to be fucked hard."

15-10-2005, 02:13 PM
"Wow. Is that really true? I didn't know." Vel considered, I AM always tingly and ready for action. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a package of tits, ass, and pussy put together, because all three spots are on fire all day long and they do most of the thinking for me. At least when I'm in a horny fog, which seems to be most of the time.

Joanna enthused, "Measure it yourself, Mom. Would you like me to get a ruler, so you could take his giant organ in your hand and hold it against the ruler? Do you want to take it in both hands and rub his fuck stick thoroughly so it gets nice and long, and then you can measure it at its maximum size?"

"Yes! ... I mean, no. Maybe. ... No. I shouldn't. That's improper outside the house like this." Vel fully writhed about in her lawn chair now in absolute and direct evidence to the contrary of what she'd just said. She desperately wanted the conversation to change before she was forced to blatantly rub her clit and get off. "And Angel! Don't call it a fuck stick! Oh, my!" she gasped with realization. "I just said...! Please watch your language. In any case, I'm sorry, but it just doesn't get that long. And how could it possibly get even more tasty? That's pure silliness."

"Maybe it's your technique, Mom. Maybe Cheese and I know how to make it get longer and harder than you do." The daughter had gotten quite worked up with her own talk and hefted her bikini-clad tits with both hands.

Vel didn't seem to notice and replied hotly, "That's absurd! Why, I'll tell you, it gets PLENTY long, all slicked up and sliding around in my soft hands. And when I put it in my mouth..." She launched into a spirited defense of her skills. The conversation went into detailed discussions of hand job and blow job technique, and a heated debate as to who was the best cocksucker.

This was just as Cheese planned. The idea was to keep the conversation sexual at all times, to continually raise the sexual tension and leave the "boundaries" behind. Even though Shawn was there, he was almost completely ignored. No one solicited his opinion on such questions as to who could blow him the best, as they all knew he would give a diplomatic reply to try and keep them all happy. Soon Vel and Joanna writhed around and rubbed their privates against hard corners of their lawn chairs at every opportunity, their brazenness of their behavior limited only by the fear of being seen by the other females.

Meanwhile, Cheese had more pleasant rubbing to contend with. Shawn continued to apply lotion to her fabulous body. He spent even more time on her front side than he did her back. Starting from her legs, he saved the best for last: her giant jugs. They were completely unencumbered by any fabric, yet still held out so stiffly that it seemed as if they must be fake. Shawn spent more time getting to know them better than ever before. He pinched or brushed over the nipples at every semi-plausible opportunity.

By this time the conversation had died down. Vel and Joanna both sat up in their chairs as they panted and watched Shawn's squeezing hands very intently. But, in an effort to maintain some level of decorum, Vel finally said, "Okay, Shawn, I think you've gotten Cheese's breasts more than thoroughly covered with lotion already!"

Cheese replied with a lazy, contented smile, "I don't know - my skin is so pale there. It pays to be extra careful." Of course, her skin was equally pale everywhere. She added teasingly, "I think someone is just jealously waiting for her turn."

"It'll be sunset before the poor boy finishes, at this rate," Vel grumbled as she dodged the comment. By this time, she wanted Shawn so bad that she could literally taste his cum in her mouth. She clenched her legs together fiercely to prevent herself from touching down below. Most importantly, from Cheese's point of view, was that Vel was far too hot and bothered to enforce her boundaries.

"Poor Shawn," Cheese pouted. "Sweetie, you must be getting all worked up, and there's no relief in sight!" She tugged at his bathing suit and caused his thick pole to pop out yet again. It seemed that each time it came out it took him longer and longer to put it back in.

"Vel," she went on, "Joanna was the last one to help Shawn out today, but it looks like he needs some more help. Can I do the honors?" She began to play her fingernails over Shawn's still-exposed penis. She held the nails just far enough away from the skin so that it was almost impossible to tell if contact was actually being made, but it created an exciting tingling for Shawn.

"What? Now? Here?" Vel asked incredulously. Vel had assumed that Shawn would get hard from seeing them all by the pool, but figured he would be taken inside to be pleasured. To do that in front of others had been done the night before with Angela there, but Vel in her erotic mood forgot all about that.

"Look how bad he needs it right now, Vel." She began to stroke his penis openly. "Isn't it better if he can calm down for when he does you and Joanna? Do you want him to suffer in complete torture for the next hour? Is that how we repay him for helping us out?"

"Well, no, that would be mean. ... But you can't just do it here, in full view of everyone! In front of the neighbors? Can you?!?"

15-10-2005, 02:14 PM
"Who is 'everyone'?" Cheese replied. "Just you. No neighbors can see in here. Not even Joanna can see from where she's sitting." Joanna lay less than ten feet away and could see easily if she only turned around, but she quickly closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep in hopes that would help weaken her mother's resistance to Cheese's schemes. Cheese added, "And if you don't want to watch, just close your eyes."

Cheese had softened Vel up so thoroughly with the long cocksucking technique conversation that Vel put up nearly no resistance to this first-allowed and public penis stimulation. All Vel said was, "I think I will, then," and she did close her eyes. She leaned back deeper into her lawn chair.

But as she lay still on her back, with her bountiful and nearly naked tits thrust into the air, she realized that behind her sunglasses, no one would know for sure if her eyes were open or closed. Her resistance to keep her eyes closed quickly broke down, but she was careful to only look over at Cheese out of the corner of her eyes so her friend wouldn't suspect. However, she only fooled herself.

At this point, Shawn had been straddled over Cheese's stomach, in the optimum position to play with her boobs. Cheese motioned him with her hand to scoot backwards, and he kept on scooting until he reached her feet at the edge of the reclining chair. That enabled Cheese to bend forward at the waist and place her head in Shawn's crotch. When she pulled the fabric of Shawn's nearly useless bathing suit away from his balls, she began to suck his meaty organ. One hand grasped his balls and the other fondled his ass, while her mouth did all the rest.

This is wrong, thought Vel as she watched. Why did I agree to this? They should have just gone inside. It's just that I feel so sorry for his 'blue balls' condition... But I really shouldn't be watching this, right? There's no real reason to watch ... except maybe to see how Cheese does it. ... She's good - better than me. I could learn some tips. Maybe they do get it more excited than I do? ... If only Shawn had fucked me at the Halloween party, I could have satiated my horny urges, and I wouldn't be like this. … No, can't think that way. I'm going to be the best cocksucker there is, so I have to learn everything she's doing, and do it better. I'll show them!

Oh my God! Did she just stick her finger in his anus? She did! She put it up his butt hole right here outside in the back yard! I can even hear that damn slurping sound while he's ramming into her greedy mouth. The neighbors could be watching. I can't believe it! And now she's moving her finger in and out of it like a mini-butt fuck. Should I be allowing this in the outdoors where any neighbor might see? This is too much; the neighbors would think we're anal perverts. I have to say something! But Vel didn't speak up to stop it, and Cheese continued until he climaxed.

Cheese was a very good cocksucker indeed, even when she wasn't deep throating him. Amongst other things, she was excellent at swallowing all of Shawn's big loads. She began to drink in everything his pumping penis shot out, but half-way through, she pretended that it was too much to take, and slowly pulled her head back until his penis squirted on her face instead, and cum drooled out of her mouth. She figured the sight of all the cum would help excite Vel even further. Since she couldn't fuck Shawn today, she wanted to work on her other scheme: further corrupting Vel.

"Oh, it was just too much!" Cheese bemoaned to Vel as she lifted up her head from Shawn's lap. Vel had nearly cum just from watching, but she didn't quite get there, and she was even more flustered than before. "Look how badly he needed to go - he literally filled my mouth with cum! Shawn you must have been in pain, backed up with too much semen!" Cheese turned her body towards Vel to show just how much he had shot, even after she had drank much of it in. She showed off the cum as it dripped down her nose and chin and fell onto her tits, as if she was exasperatedly showing how someone had playfully splashed a glass of heavy cream over her.

Vel had a nearly overwhelming urge to lick all of Shawn’s cum from Cheese’s face and chest. She practically rose up out of her chair, but managed to restrain herself. She thought, So much yummy seed. Mmmm. Yummy, yummy, yummy! Mommy needs it. Cheese, don’t just sit there and let it all fall to the ground! Don't waste a drop! Mommy knows what to do with it, even if you don’t! She involuntarily and unconsciously licked all around her mouth with her tongue, as if the cum were on her face instead. Her pussy literally twitched with the desire to be filled and pummeled, but still she couldn't cum.

Joanna experienced similarly pleasing frustrations. She also wanted a face full of cum. And with all of her recent lesbian experiences, she was turned on by Cheese, too. It would have been a double pleasure for her to lick Cheese's face clean of her brother's cum.

Shawn saw his mother greedily lick herself and thought, Jesus! My mom is acting like a total cum slut. Is she? If she is, why does she always deny her true feelings and never let me fuck her?

Cheese went on, "But don't worry about me, Vel. I'll get myself cleaned up. Why don't you put some lotion on my cute little Sweetie or he'll get burned for sure. Then, since you're nearly as pale as me, he can do you next."

15-10-2005, 02:16 PM

Vel was shaken out of her reverie. She saw how Shawn was still not covered in lotion and in fact was getting slowly burnt. She called for Shawn. "Come here, Tiger." Vel sat up in her lawn chair and arched her arms back, which caused her bikini to ride up and momentarily expose her nipples. Shawn’s eyes ogled. She pulled her top back down.

"Thanks for that, Aunt Cheese," was all Shawn said to Cheese as he got off her, as if she just did some inconsequential thing like hand him a glass of milk.

Vel smiled wide, as it fully registered that Shawn was headed her way and what he’d soon do to her. Her face was wholesome; she just looked like a normal, happy, suburban, soccer mom. Her innocent look contrasted with the sex slut she felt to be on the inside at the moment.

Shawn straddled his mother on her stomach just above her crotch, but he put his back to her face so she could apply the lotion to his backside.

She tried to act restrained, and she moved slowly so she could calm down a little bit. "Now, Tiger, we've done some things lately that perhaps weren't so wise. I'm thinking of a certain chocolate frosting shower recently, for instance. If you have any urges, that's good and very healthy, but let me know so I can take you inside and help you out there so we aren't a spectacle for our neighbors." Shawn nodded.

From her reclined position, Vel covered him thoroughly but quickly. Mostly she rushed because she wanted to get to where he was putting lotion on her instead. He turned around and straddled her the other way, and she ran her hands lovingly all over his face, arms, and chest. The prescription sunglasses she wore weren't really dark enough to hide her eyes, but they gave her an emboldening sense of anonymity anyway. She moved her hands down to the edge of his suit which hung so low that some pubic hair stuck out the top. She looked at his penis through his suit. She could see virtually every detail, every vein, as if he had no suit at all. But she stopped there.

To get at his legs would mean having to get up from her reclined position, and she felt really lazy just then. Is there something in that punch? she momentarily wondered. I feel so relaxed! I have this overwhelming desire to spread my legs and let Shawn get really comfortable with my body. But that would be wrong, wouldn't it? She took the easy path. "Tiger, why don't you do me for a while, and then I'll get your legs later."

Shawn simply remained where he sat, on top of her stomach, and began to cover her chest, face, and arms with the lotion. Her boobs came last, before he had to move further down her body. Unlike Cheese, Vel still wore a tiny bikini top. Just two little triangles of fabric were all that protected her nakedness. So he avoided those two spots, which meant he couldn't play with her nipples at all, even as they stuck out temptingly like hard erasers.

Vel's pussy was on fire. Her nipples screamed for attention. Her mouth longed to be filled with a penis or tongue. The only reason she still kept her bikini top on was because she was worried that if he touched her nipples, soon she’d beg him to suck and milk them. That wouldn't look good in front of Cheese, who spied everything through her sunglasses. In fact, the real reason she generally let him fondle her butt more than her tits was because her nipples were extremely sensitive, and when he touched them it absolutely drove her wild. She reveled in a fantasy of him sucking her nipples like a full-grown baby and that thought alone almost pushed her over the edge.

Shawn didn't know any of that, except that he could sense her poorly hidden excitement. But he gave the rest of Vel’s boobs a LOT of attention. His fingers plunged down into the tight crevice of her cleavage again and again. He put lotion on both hands and pushed her boobs together from the outside. Then he pulled them away from each other and then, scant seconds later, pushed them inward. He pushed and pulled and mauled them every which way.

He thought, I cannot believe my mom has such perfect boobs. I must have been blind all these years to not think of her more sexually. It's like someone took an ordinary pair of tits and pumped them up with a bicycle pump. They look like balloons. And they feel so soft and pillowy! So nice!

He must have spent at least ten minutes on just her tits before she finally, quietly said: "I think that's enough, Tiger." She had him stop because her pussy was very wet and she didn't want him to notice as it got even more obviously soaked. Again she was on the verge of a powerful orgasm and feared thrashing around with Shawn right on top of her. Somehow she restrained herself. In yet another remarkable display of restraint, Shawn had avoided her still-covered nipples all that time.

Shawn got up and rotated around, so he could begin to work on her legs. But he’d long given up on trying to keep his penis inside his far-too-tiny bathing suit. As he stood over her momentarily, Vel looked up and gasped as she saw his penis poking far out of his tiny suit. About half of it was out of the suit and lay against his stomach. Pre-cum dripped out of its tip like water from a recently turned off faucet, the liquid thick and translucent as it pooled near his belly button like clear honey.

Holy mother of God! Vel thought. That looks so good! Maybe they're right and it IS ten inches instead of the eight I've come to know and love. There's only one way to find out for sure, and that's to test its size with my mouth. I would give a kingdom just to suck it all day long. No longer am I just a homemaker. I've started a new career: cocksucker extraordinaire for my darling son. That's what I do. I live to suck his cock. But I can’t right now, with Joanna and Cheese expecting me to be the restrained one. They're watching me. I'd feel so self-conscious, especially to have Cheese judge my every move. I'm not going to sink to her level and just do it anywhere, with anyone watching, like some kind of common whore! I'll just wait until he says he wants me to go inside and take care of it. … But it looks soooo good! So long and thick and tasty. Maybe if I just touch it, like I’m trying to help him put it back in his suit… No, that’s not gonna work. It’ll just end up in my mouth right here in front of everybody.

By this time, Shawn had straddled his mother again and now faced in the other direction. She could no longer see his penis and breathed a huge sigh of relief. What a close call! I almost came AGAIN! What torture. I would have lost it if he had stood there much longer.

But just as she thought she was out of the woods, she felt his penis lay down onto her lower abdomen. It pointed towards her pussy from mere inches away. Good Lord! God, if incest is so wrong, give me the strength to resist it. Give me the strength to tell him to put his thing back in his suit before I embarrass myself in front of Cheese and my own daughter. But she said nothing.

Shawn began to work on her legs. He started at her feet and worked his way up to her crotch. He kneaded her flesh and gave her as much of a massage as an oil rub. Her legs were tightly shut together. As he got up past the knees, he said, "Open your legs a bit more, Mom."

Vel replied sheepishly, "Mommy doesn't want to."

"If you don't, your thighs'll burn later." He began to gently pry her legs apart with his oily hands.

Finally she yielded and relaxed the muscles in her well-toned legs. "Okay, but don't get too close to you-know-what..." Behind his back, her face was beet red with embarrassment even though she thrilled at his touch and slightly insistent manner.

15-10-2005, 02:17 PM
Shawn took a good, close look at his mother's crotch. Her tiny, little, yellow bikini bottom barely made a pretense of covering her pussy and he could see a bit of pubic hair stick out the sides. He also saw that his mother was really, really soaking wet. The miniscule triangle of fabric was soaked through and juice dribbled down her thighs and onto the lawn chair. This was one reason for her shame, but Shawn said nothing to embarrass her further.

Shawn's hands worked their way up her thighs and he saw her juices continue to flow. The closer his hands got to her pussy, the more she leaked. There was a series of rivulets all over her upper thighs. Finally, his two hands reached up to a couple of inches from her pussy and the gooey wetness around it. He could sense her hips begin to slightly gyrate and the heat from her moist mound practically left him intoxicated with lust. Her legs also began to spread on their own accord, as though her lower body was readying itself to be penetrated.

Vel looked over at Cheese, who blatantly stared and sat up in her chair to get a better view of Shawn and what his hands did. Suddenly, Vel felt a great sense of shame and said, "Tiger, I think that's enough. I'll take care of the rest ... in that area."

She felt a tremendous sense of relief that the exquisite torture was finally over and that she'd survived all of his temptations. But then Shawn said, "Okay, then, turn over."

Oh no! I've forgotten about the backside! She exclaimed to herself, Oh God, dear God, Shawn, no! It's too much! If he touches me any more, I'm going to cum for sure. I'm going to cum buckets. Everyone will see! But at this point the idea of cumming profusely sounded very appealing, audience or not. She obediently, almost joyfully, flipped onto her stomach.

Shawn said, "Mom, if you want me to do your ass properly, you'd better take off your bathing suit bottom." The bikini covered so little skin that it was fairly absurd to ask her to take it off, but Shawn sensed Vel wouldn't object.

She replied, "Tiger, do you want to see your mother all naked in front of friends and family?" It was a rhetorical question and she knew it. "Okay, if you must. I guess you've seen me naked so much already; everyone here has seen me so naked. I'm like a totally naked..." She wanted to shout "slut!" but she knew Shawn wouldn't approve.

Instead of finishing her sentence, she turned to a new thought. "Do my ass. Do it properly!" Then she realized how that sounded like she wanted him to butt-fuck her, especially as she said it so enthusiastically. So she added. "You know what I mean. The cream. I mean, the lotion. Put the lotion on."

Shawn began to do her back languidly. It was even more like a massage as time went on. She felt completely relaxed when his hands dug into the skin around the shoulders in a pleasant and penetrating massage. Even though her pussy had calmed down a bit, she continually leaked and rode a wave of erotic bliss that seemingly never stopped but just varied in intensity.

By this point, with her eyes no longer able to see what he did, Shawn not only kept his penis on her skin, but he deliberately rubbed it against her. It rubbed deliciously along the silky skin of her ass as he swayed his whole body back and forth to vigorously rub her back. She obviously knew what it was that poked and stroked her, but she didn't speak a word and instead enjoyed every blissful, secret moment of it.

Whenever he had a chance, such as needing to get more suntan lotion on his hands, he’d put a hand on his penis and rub it, which also pushed it further into her flesh. Soon it took him minutes at a time to get more lotion and the ostensible application of lotion slowed down even more. He tended to leave a trail of pre-cum wherever he placed his penis now, like a water gun that leaked a thin, continuous stream of viscous fluid right onto his mother's ass.

Shawn moved his hands down to her butt and massaged that briefly as well. His dick rubbed back and forth on top of her thighs.

Vel suddenly realized how close they were to fucking. "Tiger, be careful!" she said between very heavy breaths. "I trust you. I trust you won't stick your thing right in my..., right in my..." she was too worked up to finish the sentence. Finally, she rushed out, "That would be so improper!"

Shawn decided to obey her wish, especially since, if he changed positions now, he’d have an excuse to go back later and do her naked ass more thoroughly.

He was quite a bit more sexually experienced than even a week earlier, and he could sense how close to climax she was. He enjoyed keeping her right on the edge without letting her go completely over. Just when she thought she would finally lose it and explode into an overwhelming torrent of sexual delight, Shawn would pull back a bit, or even stop altogether. She was like putty in his hands and almost completely ceased to think; she just gave in to whatever he wanted to do and let her feelings wash over her.

All the time he continued to apply the lotion. After a while he pivoted around and moved to her legs. With each stroke of her lower legs, his erect penis also stroked along her skin, right on her ass cheeks, and pointed directly at the barely-hidden cleft of her pussy lips. As a result, he spent more time on her lower legs than he otherwise would have. Soon, he only used one hand at a time to rub her legs. He used the other to move his penis around and simultaneously stroke it, instead of trying to guide it with his hips.

She thought to herself, Mmmm, that feels so good. His penis is so hot. It feels like it's branding itself into my skin. What a great idea! Imagine if I had a brand on my ass that showed I was his property? His slave! A big "A" for Shawn. His fuck-cow sex-slave. I'm a big, fat fuck-cow, but instead of having to be milked every day, I need to be FUCKED! Fucked AND milked, actually. Oh yes... Tiger, fuck me...

Shut up, Vel! Stop thinking these demeaning thoughts. Even though it feels so good. I'm his cocksucker now. That's what I am, and that's as far as it goes. I have to accept that idea completely. Every day from now on, I'm gonna suck him dry. I don't care where he goes; he's never going to get rid of me. Every day. He's going to fuck my mouth. He's going to fuck my tits. He's going to fuck my ass - even that. Especially that! He's going to fuck me and use me and abuse me! I'll take his seed into every orifice I have, except one, and BEG for more!

Stop it! There you go again. Those things are not allowed, either. Just think about the cocksucking. Imagine the taste of his penis in your mouth. Mmmm.... Mommy loves it... Tiger, your mother needs your cock right now. Put it in my mouth. No, don't just put it in. Shove it in. SLAM it in! God damn, fuck my mouth! Slap your balls against my chin and yank my hair with your hands as you force yourself into me! Fuck it! Fuck any hole! Take me anywhere, in any way! Fuck your mooooommmmmy!!!

Vel, to her great relief, finally had an orgasm, a thunderous and fully engrossing orgasm that started from deep within her belly and fluttered straight out to her toes, like a shockwave of pleasure. Juice poured out of her pussy like Coke exploding from a shaken can. She was so overwhelmed that she literally saw stars. Her heavy breaths turned into brief yelps, which turned into screams. Her eyes were closed the whole time. She had no idea how Cheese, Joanna, or Shawn reacted, and she didn't really want to know. She was completely lost in the moment.

But as she came to, a realization overwhelmed her. Tiger is still here. He's on top of me. He's still not done. There's so many hours left in the day. What'll he do to me next?

15-10-2005, 02:19 PM

When Vel finally came to, she expected a wave of post-coital guilt to hit her, but that didn't happen. Yes, she was ashamed, but that didn't stop her before. She tried to pretend that Cheese and Joanna weren't there.

Shawn's penis still rested on her skin and she decided that, if she focused on that sensation, she could drive the conflicted thoughts out of her brain.

As she luxuriated in the sensation of his penis as it rested on her thigh, her horny feelings flooded back at nearly the same intensity as before. For some reason, she found herself thinking in a British accent, Thank you sir, may I have another? Then she giggled inside and repeated it again. She thought it was from some movie, but couldn't recall which (it was "Oliver!"). Thank you sir, may I have another? It was even funnier the second time and she idly wondered if she hadn't lost her mind.

Shawn wasn't idle and kept working the lotion farther down her legs. When he reached all the way down for her opposite foot, his penis moved onto her ass. He surreptitiously used a hand to wedge his penis right into the crack of her ass, and it stayed there, its tip like a homing beacon that sought out her deepest, darkest depths.

Vel clenched and unclenched her butt muscles in an attempt to drive it away, or at least that was what she told herself. But it only served to drive it deeper into her crack. She finally gave up the battle and it lay wedged lengthwise across her sphincter. She could easily have moved it away by reaching around with a hand or saying something, but she didn't want it to move. Indeed, she wanted it to delve deeper into the crack and, with any luck, penetrate her puckered hole until he filled her completely.

As Shawn's hands worked their way up her thighs from the back, he didn't have to ask her to spread her legs again; they were already spread widely and invitingly as he drew closer. When his fingers finally came to the back view of her pussy, she began to shudder in quiet, tiny orgasms.

She bit down on her lips and prayed that he wouldn't notice her passion, but her body gave her away. Her pussy lips practically trembled in delightful anticipation of being penetrated, pummeled and thoroughly fucked by her son in the outdoors and in front of both her best friend and daughter.

She fully expected that to happen. In her mind, she cried out, Fuck your slutty, cocksucking mom! She wants it! She needs it! Yes - right there. Closer! Put your hands on it. Put your fingers on my pussy - put them IN my pussy! No! Not your hands- YOUR COCK! I want you to push your hard, throbbing monster into your mother's pussy! Punish me with that pole!

Joanna and Cheese had similar thoughts, just from watching. No one looked at them, so they were free to indulge in open gawking at Shawn's hands on his mother's butt. Cheese had been recently satisfied, so she wasn't too wound up. Weighing the pleasure of masturbating herself versus the potential displeasure that might give Vel, she decided to just rest herself for a while.

But Joanna was agonized. She was still forced to wear a bikini top, though it was so tiny and tied on so loosely that it fell off of her nipples more often than not. She nonetheless resented the restrictions placed on her even as her mother fully enjoyed herself. She especially resented not being able to finger fuck herself to satisfaction.

She thought as she stared, Shit. When is he going to get to me? Is he ever going to get to me? Once he gets started with Mom, he doesn't stop. She's going to drain his balls and leave me nothing. Dump a load on MY face, Brother! Dump it in MY ass. Anywhere. Just come over here with your healthy, monster fuck-pole. Your number-one sex toy needs it! Have mercy on your sister. I'm going to explode with frustration over here! Arrggh!

Vel was completely oblivious to her daughter's mood and, in fact, knew of nothing in the universe except the penis trapped in her ass crack. She thrust her hips up and down and clenched and unclenched her butt muscles. It was practically as if Shawn was fucking her, or she was fucking him, just from his penis being squeezed by her butt.

But, surprisingly, he kept his cool. He worked his hands on her ass almost as though he was on auto pilot, his mind lost in an erotic fog. He didn't think in the normal sense; instead, his mind was fully devoted to absorbing all the sensory information that flooded into his head. Not only did he concentrate on the squeezing around his penis, but also the sliding of his hands over her oily skin. And even though they were outside, the smell of sex was overwhelming. He sniffed it in as he would a fine wine.

By this point, he didn't even bother with the pretense to actually put more lotion on his hands. He just kept rubbing her skin methodically. There was enough suntan lotion in the area to make her butt deliciously slippery and fragrantly oily, and he imagined that all the slickness was caused by numerous cum loads and sweat from his dick, not the lotion. So much pre-cum drooled out that it seemed as if he'd dumped at least one load on her already, so that helped his fantasy.

Without warning, Vel was overcome by another tremendous orgasm. Her contractions inadvertently and delightfully squeezed his penis even more. Her body stiffened and her mouth opened wide as if to cry out. She desperately wanted to yell "Fuck Me!" but no sound actually escaped her lips except for very heavy panting.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, a wave of shame passed over her, finally. She realized, I can't bear to look in Cheese's direction, but she would have to be completely blind not to notice that. I'm supposed to be helping Shawn out, but that kind of orgasm is not supposed to happen! This is all about pleasing HIS penis for HIS medical needs, and I shouldn't be enjoying myself so much. It's ruining my judgment. I have to calm down and get Shawn off of me before I do something I'll really regret! Otherwise, this might go on all day.

15-10-2005, 02:20 PM
She replayed her thought: Get Shawn off. Heh-heh. That's right. I have to get Shawn off! Tiger, fill your mother's mouth with your cum until it's all full and spills out onto her big tits. My tits... They need to be yanked at, just like the teats of a cow. I'm your sex cow. Moooo! Moooo! She giggled out loud. Give me another orgasm like that last one, Son, and I'll be your sex cow forever.

But Shawn kept going on his mother. Vel tried her best to keep her butt still, since that was the focus of Shawn's attention. And she was pretty successful at that, but her body was full of energy that needed some release, so the rest of her body writhed in ecstasy. Her hands and legs silently flailed in the air, as if she tried to swim away from her lawn chair. She simultaneously wanted Shawn to stop and not stop. Even though she'd just climaxed, within minutes she worked towards an even bigger one. Do me all day, Tiger. Do it to me again! Keep me naked, happy, and well-fucked. I'm your mommy, Tiger. Do fun and nasty things to your mommy!

Knowing that Cheese's eyes were upon her, Vel tried her best to make it look like she was having an ordinary lotion application and massage, but she knew she had failed miserably. The only thing she was really successful at was to keep her mouth shut. It was about all she could do not to moan, because she knew that if she gave in to that, before long she would scream or say really weird things. She had a nearly irresistible desire to cry out, "Moooo! Moooo! Sex cow! Mommy is your sex cow! Moooo!"

After a few minutes, she couldn't even control her butt and she began to flex and unflex her butt muscles again, which again served as a sort of masturbation or fucking for Shawn's penis lodged along her ass crack. But, eventually, Shawn had to take his penis out of his mother's crack, because he wanted to replace it with his lotion-covered fingers and he didn't want to cum yet.

Vel almost cried out "No!" as she felt it leave, but she let it go and hoped that it would soon find its way into other, deeper openings. She wondered, Maybe Shawn should stick his thick pole into my asshole instead. That’s not really a violation of the boundary rules, is it? He’s allowed to touch me on the butt to get my attention, so isn't sticking his penis into my anus and pushing it in and out just another way of touching my butt? It certainly would get my attention! Maybe I should tell him that from now on, in order to get my attention he has to fuck me up the ass! But still she didn't talk.

Now that Shawn grabbed his penis to pry it from her butt, he couldn't let go. With one hand, he began to stroke himself and, with the other, he began to explore her ass crack. He quickly found her anus and fingered the opening. He was so aroused by the ass that he even considered butt fucking. However, he decided he shouldn't dare insert his penis there. That might cause her to freak out and end all this fun, he thought. If only he could have read her thoughts!

He pistoned a hand on his penis in time to his other hand pistoning in and out of his mother's asshole. He imagined that he fucked her asshole. He considered the idea to be gross, unclean, and "gay," but his feelings had started to waver. Certainly, the fantasy of doing it was very powerful for him.

Meanwhile, Joanna knew that her mother was far too occupied to look back around her way, so she pulled the thin fabric of her bikini aside and allowed herself to finger her pussy busily. She tore her bikini top off and frantically rubbed her boobs, without a care for who saw her or what they said.

Cheese also badly wanted to fuck herself but still held back because she knew Vel could see, if she ever came out of her throes of ecstasy long enough to look up. The way the lawn chairs were positioned next to each other, it was hard for Vel not to look in Cheese's direction if she ever lifted her head. But just the view of Shawn on his mother caused Cheese's juices to flow again. She found the sight of Shawn repeatedly giving Vel the most intense orgasms extremely arousing.

But Cheese's restraint could only take so much. When Shawn began to pay considerable attention to Vel's ass and backside, Cheese reached behind herself and began to play with her own ass as she watched. As Vel began her orgasms, Cheese plunged her hands into her own pussy from behind as if she did herself doggy style. She started to have her own orgasms and hoped that Vel was in too much of an erotic fog to still remember that her friend sat less than five feet away.

So everyone masturbated themselves to climax at roughly the same time. As Shawn reached a climax, straddled over his mother, he unconsciously sat up a bit and pointed his penis down onto her butt. He sprayed his seed all over her ass like a fire hose. It was almost as if he had to hit a moving target, because her whole body shook so fiercely. She was already lost in a continuous series of orgasms from having her son passionately explore every inch of her body and when she felt Shawn's semen splash onto her ass, she thought for sure that she would pass out. She'd tried to keep quiet, but she couldn't help but gasp out several loud screams.

Joanna and Cheese both sat up and watched the sight as they both climaxed themselves into ecstasy. Again, Cheese was reasonably satisfied. For one thing, she could still taste Shawn's cum in her mouth. But Joanna felt her fingers just weren't enough compared to the real thing.

Shawn was so amazed that he sat back for a minute and admired his handiwork underneath him. Between his torrent of cum and Vel's own juices dripping down, Vel's butt looked like something out of a gang bang movie scene. She certainly didn't look very motherly.

Shawn thought he heard her mumbling, "Moooo, moooo, moooo," but couldn't figure out what that meant.

15-10-2005, 02:21 PM

After a few minutes, everyone calmed down and recovered. Yet still, no words were said by anyone. Luckily the radio still played, or the silence would have been deafening. Vel, in particular, had never felt so good in her life. She thought for sure that her intense experience was over and Shawn would move on to Joanna.

But Shawn wasn't done. He decided that his fantasy of covering her in cum instead of lotion could become real. He said, "Mom, I'm applying some more lotion here," and he began to rub his still-hot seed into the skin of her butt. As she realized what he was doing, she quickly regained her intense erotic buzz.

Vel still kept her eyes closed, but now that she'd regained some consciousness, she was well aware that Cheese at least must be watching her closely, if not Joanna as well. Even though this disturbed her, it simultaneously turned her on.

She thought, Certainly Cheese can see that my butt is just completely covered with my son's jizz! Here I am, buck-naked and with my ass high in the air so my son can coat every inch of it with his sperm. Can I get any more depraved than this? I think not. God, forgive me, but if Shawn can get hard again... Hell, what am I saying? Of course he's going to get hard again. This is my Tiger we're talking about! Anyways, WHEN he gets hard again, if he wants to fuck me doggy style like this, I'm just going to have to let him. I don't care if Cheese is watching. I don't care if I'm going to hell! It feels too good to say no. At least do me up the ass, Son! Fuck your mother's asshole! And if you don't have the balls to do that, then get off of me altogether, because I can't stand the torture of your penis being so close to heaven.

But Shawn neither fucked her nor left her. He just kept rubbing his cum into her skin. He had cum so much that there was too much cum for just her butt, so he massaged it into her thighs as well. She was like putty in his hands. Every time he strongly kneaded her flesh, she let out a loud moan of intense joy.

He went right up to the edge of her pussy and rubbed his seed in with her own copiously flowing juices. He was glad that she was infertile, so he didn't have to worry if some of his sperm found its way into her and made her pregnant. He pushed some cum directly over her asshole and watched as the stream rolled down along her crack. The rivulets flowed down to her pussy lips and he wondered if much would make its way inside. Her clit became even more engorged than usual. It stuck out as if it cried out to be sucked or rubbed vigorously by the shaft of his penis. But he still didn't dare touch her fuck hole, for fear that doing so might make her end the whole thing. Again, things would have been very different if he could have read her thoughts.

"Tiger, what kind of lotion are you using there?" she finally asked him, but her tone was playful, not accusing. "I don't know if the kind you're using is really so PROPER!" She nearly shouted the last word as she shuddered to yet another orgasm. Now that her orgasms had started it seemed they would never stop.

"Oh, don't worry, Mom, my cream is the best. It even tastes really good. Would you like to taste some? I could put some on my fingers and you could suck it off with your mouth." As he said this, he put a big gob on his fingers and ran it up and into her butt crack. He even stuffed some of it into her anus.

"Oh no, Shawn. Please don't." Vel panted heavily. "Please don't stuff your cream, your tasty cream, in my mouth! What would people think? So wrong. So wrong to fuck your mommy's mouth. No! Not yet. Later! Fuck it tonight! All night! Her second pussy will be waiting for it. But now just keep doing what you're doing to my ASS!"

"Oh, you mean this?" Shawn plunged his cum-soaked finger all the way into her asshole.

"Yes!" she cried out. "YES!" But then she thought of the eyes of Cheese and Joanna on her, and said, "Um, I meant no. So good! So good! But you'd better stop! Please don't... Uh, take advantage... Uh, Oh! Uh, of your.. God! Fuck! Poor, defenseless mother! Yes!"

Her whole body shuddered and shook so violently that it seemed to Shawn like she had been churned by a giant blender on a puree setting. The main reason she discouraged him was that she simply couldn't take any more stimulation - she felt like she would literally lose her mind to lust. When it was over, her senses returned after such a dramatic departure that she felt as if she'd died and been reborn.

She opened her eyes and tried to make sense of the world. The first thing she noticed was the sound of Shawn casually say, "Okay, I'm done anyways." Then she felt him hop off of her. She could hardly believe it.

She felt such an intense sense of loss as the pressure of his body on hers lifted that she wanted to cry. How long has he been on me? she wondered. What kind of naughty things am I allowing to happen? What the hell did we just do, for crying out loud? What will Cheese think of me now? Does it really have to end? She just panted and recovered a bit. Then she realized his legs still hadn't been covered with suntan lotion yet.

"Tiger ... your legs!" It was the last thing Shawn expected her to say. Then he realized how hot and exposed to the sun his legs were. They were dangerously close to being sunburned.

As she regained control of her mind somewhat, now that he was off of her, she said, "Tiger, lie down where I was and I'll do your legs before they burn." Her tone was firm and uncompromising.

Shawn looked at the lawn chair and noticed a huge wet patch on the lawn chair that was his mother's cum. He lay down on the chair, which made the cum stick to his lower stomach. The chair was made of horizontal plastic slats and most of her cum had fallen between the slats and onto the concrete floor. But enough remained on several of the slats that it seemed almost like he had laid down on a puddle.

15-10-2005, 02:23 PM
His mother sat on the ground next to him and began to apply lotion to his feet. Her thighs and abdomen were slick and wet with her cum, but she didn't care. She gradually worked her hands way up to his butt, but because she was so sexually exhausted, didn't spend much time there. She used this as an opportunity to slowly come down from her intense erotic high.

She very much wanted to strike up a casual conversation with Cheese, to make it seem that the situation was normal, but she was too afraid to even look in Cheese's direction, guessing correctly that Cheese was likely to make some kind of wry observation, like, "My, aren't we having fun?"

Shawn turned over. His penis pointed straight up into the air and his bathing suit hung uselessly below it, only covering his balls.

Vel gasped in delight at the sight of his hardness. Then, as if her hands had a life of their own, she began to apply oil over the front of his legs and started again at his feet. She quickly covered him up to the edge of his balls. Then she sat there and stared openly at his penis. She thought about her boundaries and the need to obey them, but she felt her resolve quickly slip away. Shawn lay back with his eyes closed and silently prayed.

Cheese spoke up. "It's not a matter of whether you want to suck his cock or not, or whether you enjoy it. What's important is what's good for Shawn. He needs to be stimulated many times a day. Now is your chance to help." Cheese completely failed to mention taking Shawn inside for more privacy, and Vel forgot about that option, too. All she could focus on was the penis in front of her. She still didn't even turn to look at her best friend.

Cheese was like the little cartoon devil on Vel's shoulder, but there was no corresponding angel on the other shoulder to tell her no. Vel thought, I can't believe this is continuing. I've died a thousand times already today. She closed her eyes and reached out with her hands to jack her son off. Her logic was, This is much better from a moral point of view than having him fuck me. Anyways, I have to reward Shawn for making me feel sooo good. If he wants my mouth, it's not for me to say no.

She wanted to cover his prick with lotion first. But it seemed her mouth had a mind of its own. It beat her hands in a race to his penis and soon she began to suck him off contentedly. Shawn had just come, so his penis had greater endurance now. But Vel battled to defeat his penis.

Inspired by what she'd seen Cheese do earlier, she did things with her tongue that she never did before, things that she didn't even realize she could do. Again, thinking of Cheese's superior technique, she pulled out Shawn's balls from inside his suit and began to play with them as well. Then she used her other hand and reached into his ass crack. A lingering sense of restraint and acute awareness of the fact that Cheese watched from only a few feet away stopped her from putting her finger in his anus, even though she'd done it before.

But then she thought, Why should I deny my son anything? He made me see stars, and God dammit, I'm going to make him see stars with the best cocksucking ever in the history of the world! If I have to fuck his ass with my finger to help, then dammit I'll do it, even if it shames me in front of Cheese. That's just tough shit. My body exists only to please him now. So she plunged a finger deep into his butt, found his prostate gland and stimulated it. But she still kept her eyes closed in embarrassment and tried to pretend that no one could see her ass probe.

Vel decided she had to better her friend in something sexual. I'm not gonna let Cheese be a better cocksucker! she thought fiercely. My Tiger has to realize he needs to come to his mother for ALL of his cocksucking needs!

She pulled his penis deep into her mouth and then almost all the way out, again and again. Then, she decided she had to try something new, if she was going to be a wonderful cocksucker for her son. She figured that if Cheese could deep throat him, then so could she. So she stuffed his penis as deep into her mouth as she could get it. But she had no idea how to deep throat properly and gagged immediately. She had to give up the effort, for now. To make up for that failure, she sucked on his balls. Shawn found that surprisingly pleasurable.

Vel thought to herself, How does Cheese do that? There's no way to put a penis down a throat. She felt an urge to immediately ask her friend and that caused her to remember anew where she was and who she was with. Oh dear! Cheese is really right here with us! And so is my Angel! I'm sitting here, sucking off my own son, I actually have one of his BALLS in my MOUTH, while my daughter and best friend watch me! I can't bear to check, but they MUST be watching. The shame! What have I become? I have truly fallen. Completely fallen into sin and lust. Please forgive me, Lord! But Vel didn't stop. In fact, the thought of being watched only propelled her forward with even more lust.

Her efforts, especially the way her tongue played with the tip of his penis, soon paid off. Shawn began to cum and Vel saw another opportunity to better Cheese, since her friend had failed to take in all of his cum when it was her turn. She held on for dear life as he shot a big, hot wad of cum into her mouth. She took it all and didn't even miss a drop. One of her hands drifted to her crotch and, when she touched her clit, she exploded into another orgasm. It only took the slightest touch. She managed not to scream this time, for fear that she might do harm to her son's penis, but she breathed so heavily that it seemed as if she was on the verge of hyperventilation.

She lay down and plopped her head on his legs, utterly exhausted. She could scarcely believe that she'd cum so much in such a relatively short time. It looked a bit odd that she still had a bikini top on and no bottom. But that was just forgetfulness - she would have ripped her top off if she'd thought about it.

For the moment she had lost all moral restraints and would have done anything and everything Shawn would have tried with her. All she could think was: It tastes so good! I want more! More...

15-10-2005, 02:25 PM

Shawn came to life, as if from out of a dream, and looked at the world around him. His mother's sticky juice was on two sides of him now. He suddenly felt gross to be so sticky. He looked at his emotionally and physically spent mother as she rested near his feet with her eyes closed and thought of all the semen he'd slathered all over her, even though it had worked into her skin and couldn't be seen anymore. Her own juices, though, were visibly all over her and she looked like a mess.

His mother repeatedly licked her lips, lost in deep thought. Yeeeeesssss, she thought with complete and utter satisfaction. This afternoon has been the best, most pleasurable thing I've ever felt. Forget about fucking - that was better than any fuck I've ever had. I'm going to concentrate all my efforts on cocksucking now. It's soooo good! That'll keep me more than satisfied. Yes, Son, you don't know it yet, but your mommy's your happy little sex slut now. My son has conquered me with his potent, cum-filled fuck stick! Or maybe you do know it, Son, because your mother is such a shameless hussy, blowing her son right in the open, in front of everyone!

I love it! I'm going to make you feel so good, every day! ... I'm like a junkie needing another fix. I'm dead to the world now, but I've got to feel like that again. Soon! I'm a sex junkie! Yes. Sex junkie. Sex cow. Sex slave! Sex, sex, sex! Yes! Sex with my son... Despite all that happened, that last thought sent a shiver of excitement down her spine. Yes. He's going to fuck me. My own son is going to fuck me so deep and so hard that I'm going to DIE of JOY! YES! But she had no energy to move and just reveled in these thoughts.

Shawn looked up at Cheese and saw her calmly sit back with her sunglasses up on her forehead. That was all she wore. She looked and smiled directly at him. She gave him a knowing wink and he winked back. Shawn had had a great time, but he didn't fully fathom what a transcendently orgasmic time Vel had just had with her multiple orgasms beyond count. Cheese, though, had a much better idea and was very jealous. Even Joanna, from her poor angle where she sat, could tell something important had happened.

Shawn looked over at his sister and saw her apparently quickly move back into a sleeping position. Finally stripping off the ineffectual bathing suit altogether, he announced, "Thanks, Mom! That was great. You were super. I'm going for a swim."

He bounded nude into the pool and cannonballed in with a big splash. He swam quite a few laps in the pool. The water made him feel completely fresh and alive. He also had never swam naked before in his life and found it extremely invigorating. When he finally stopped for a pause, he looked around to get his bearings and saw that his mother and Cheese now both stood in the pool as well. They caught his eye, and smiled. He was happy that both of them seemed happy, naked and unconcerned, despite all that had just occurred.

What Shawn didn't know was that after he dove into the pool, and while he swam his laps, Cheese hurriedly got up, scuttled across the back porch and into the house, and grabbed her purse in the living room. She took out a small egg-shaped vibrator and pushed it up into her pussy until nothing could be seen of it from the outside. So now she stood there in the pool with a vibrator designed "for the woman on the go" throbbing deep inside her.

He swam up to where the two women stood next to each other. Their boobs hung just above the surface of the water and bobbed up and down like a line of four giant buoys. He noticed that his mother's bikini top was now off, but looking closer underwater, he saw her bikini bottom was back on. Cheese was still completely nude.

The four naked and lined up tits were truly an unprecedented sight to behold and his exhausted penis was hard again in seconds. He was struck by how similar their bodies were to each other. No wonder they're friends - it's like they have the exact same bodies. And they're both so unusually tall. Joanna, too. It's a good thing I'm over 6 feet myself, or I'd be pretty intimidated by their sheer size.

Cheese spoke. "I was just telling your mother that it isn't fair. Seems like she got a much better rub down than I did! MUCH better."

Vel blushed. She appeared somewhat rested and recovered. "It was ... nice, very nice ... but I'm afraid it can't happen again."

"What?" both Shawn and Cheese said at the same time. Shawn figured for sure that her taking off her bikini top was a sign that things would get wetter and wetter all day long. And he wasn't thinking of the water in the pool.

"You heard me," Vel continued. "We need to maintain boundaries, and I'm afraid I forgot my own rule, that Shawn is not allowed to touch me in certain places. That can quickly lead to even more boundary violations, as we saw today. Why, Shawn, you almost put your fingers in my... in my you-know-where hole. And doing this out in the open in front of everyone, it's much too improper. ... I understand we have to get you off as many times today as we can, and that's fine. I'd love to give you as many blow jobs as you want, and I hope you'll, uh, you can..."

Her mood had swung so much that she was now embarrassed to admit that she'd had her own orgasms. "Um, I hope you can make me feel good, too. But we can't just do it willy-nilly. We have to have rules."

They saw that she was serious. Somehow she had rediscovered her self-control. Once Shawn had left her presence, it was like a fog of lust had lifted from her brain and all her usual after-the-fact doubts had come rushing back. She was ashamed that she'd let Shawn get away with so much in full sight of Cheese and possibly Joanna. She worried she'd lost some of her authority. She was even more ashamed that she'd luxuriated in the thought of being fucked by her son.

Shawn was glad that he hadn't just reached out to play with their boobs, as he was about to do. Great, more teasing, less satisfaction, he thought bitterly. He started to say, "But..."

"No buts! Laying out here together and swimming and all is fine, but us ladies are more than capable of putting on our own lotion, thank you very much!"

Looking to lessen the defeat, Shawn asked, "What about the back? Nobody can put lotion on their own backs."

"Okay, the backs. But that's it."

"And what about Joanna? I covered both of you, but I still haven't covered her, and I'd promised."

Vel vacillated. "Okay, I guess that's only fair. But keep those boundaries in mind this time and keep her bikini on or you'll both be in big trouble! And this is the last time you do this." At heart, she was a big softy.

Shawn hopped out of the pool. He figured that he'd better start with his sister right away before his mother had a chance to change her mind. Joanna sat up in her chair in anticipation of Shawn's ministrations. She'd been naked, but she put her bathing suit back on after she overheard what Vel said. She tied her top on as tightly as it could go, so her nipples could be clearly seen.

"You need some more lotion or you'll burn up," Shawn said as he provided the thin excuse to explore her body.

Joanna was frustrated that she had a fairly ordinary bikini, instead of the impossibly small kind Cheese had found and bought for Vel as well. However, Shawn didn't really mind. He figured that given everything else that had just happened, he could take Joanna's top off in a few minutes regardless. Vel would have to be extremely hypocritical to complain.

15-10-2005, 02:27 PM
Shawn sat next to Joanna's lawn chair and put a big gob of suntan lotion on his hand. While Vel talked to Cheese in the pool, Joanna quietly and wickedly said to him, "Hey, Big Iron Spike Brother, why don't you give it to me like you gave it to Mom?"

"I wish, Little Sugar Walls Sis. But she just told me 'boundaries, boundaries.'"

"Yeah, I heard," whispered his frowning sister. "That's not fair!" With a whisper even more quietly straight into his ear, she added, "Your fuck toy is so horny. Her hole is so empty. It needs a filling of brother-cock."

Shawn was a bit shocked by that, but played it cool. He whispered back, "Well, let's keep our eyes open for an opportunity and maybe we can still have some fun."

Joanna lay down and Shawn straddled her. As he was naked, he made sure to rub his hard penis all the way up the inside of her leg as he moved up her body. It eventually rested on the inside of her thigh. She whispered, "Mmm. Just a few more inches up..."

"Shawn! Your bathing suit?" his mother yelled at him from inside the pool. Reluctantly, he got up, put his tiny European-styled suit back on and then straddled his sister again, sitting on her legs below her butt. His penis immediately popped out and he left it that way, in the exact same position it was in before he put the suit on.

So he began to cover his sister all over with lotion. He could hardly believe after such intense encounters with one gorgeous woman and then another, he would immediately do it again with yet a third.

Luckily, for him and his sister, Cheese and Vel were tired. Vel especially was wiped out after so many intense orgasms. They soon retired to their lawn chairs. For a while, both turned their heads around and took frequent peeks at what Shawn did to Joanna.

Shawn’s greatest concern was with Vel, who was worried again about boundaries in the wake of her incestuous intercourse fantasies. Her resolve was also greatly strengthened by the fact that now that it was her daughter who had the fun and not her. Despite the fact that no less than a square foot of clothing was between the two siblings, nothing too risqué appeared to happen, so Vel was somewhat mollified. She turned her head less and less and finally stopped looking altogether.

Shawn eventually decided that Vel had fallen asleep. He wasn't sure about Cheese, but the important thing was that Vel was now out of it.

By the time Shawn was sure Vel was asleep, he was already done applying lotion on most of Joanna's body. But, cleverly, he had saved the best for last: her tits. He wordlessly took her bikini top off and gave her a secret wink.

When it came to his sister, he knew she was willing to go as far as he wanted, and then some. After he squirted a big gob of coconut-flavored lotion into his hands, he began to rub vigorously. He liked to imagine the lotion was his own seed. But, unlike with Vel or Cheese earlier, he didn't feel the need to hold back much, now that no one seemed too terribly interested in them.

After he slathered her tits with the oil, he devoted his full attention to her nipples. He pinched, pulled, sucked and bit them until Joanna was ready to scream out from both agony and ecstasy.

Shawn would occasionally look towards Vel and Cheese's lawn chairs, since he faced that direction anyway, but all he could see were the backs of their heads as they apparently still lay asleep.

Joanna closed her eyes so she could fully concentrate on the tactile sensations. She was afraid to speak much, for fear of drawing Vel or Cheese's attention. So, instead, she had fun directing her thoughts to Shawn and pretended that she could control his actions with her mind.

That's it, Brother. Touch me there. Tweak it - yeah! You know how to turn me on so well! Now scoot forward. Put your cock right in my hole. You know you want to do it, so do it! Come on! Don't be a chicken! Fuck me right in front of Mom and Cheese! What are they going to do? They're only going to fight over who gets to be supremely fucked next - you know it. Come on, just scoot a little. Slide it down, right over my smooth, shaved skin. Oh yeah, and do that too! So good!

Shawn more or less followed her commands, not because she had any powers of mental telepathy, but because he wanted to do the same things she did. Sitting as he was below his sister’s crotch, yet reaching up to her boobs, it was only natural that he would scoot forward and bring his thick rod within inches of her pussy.

With only one hand on her boobs, he brought the other to his penis and began to rub his shaft around the entrance to her love hole. With another glance at his sleeping mother, he poked the tip of his penis right on his sister's pussy lips and pushed the fat and engorged lips even further open.

Her pussy was already really wet from his ministrations. She was nearly delirious with anticipation. As the head of his penis slid over her wet inner thighs, the feeling for Shawn was incredible. He looked down and saw pre-cum ooze from the head of his penis and mingle with her juices. He grew even more erect, if that was possible. He could see the penis throb as it literally bounced up and down on her wet and juicy pussy.

"Hey, Big Beef Injection Brother," his sister whispered very quietly, "do you want to fuck me right now or what? I’m game, if you are. Let's do it!"

He felt playful and cavalier. He whispered back, "I don't know, Little Velvet Tunnel Sis. Have you been a good girl?"

"If by good girl, you mean a good and obedient fuck, a willing fuck toy creaming at the mere thought of getting repeatedly speared by my very own brother, then yes."

Shawn was tempted. He looked around and realized that it wouldn't be too crazy to fuck her. They just might get away with it. But then he imagined Vel discovering them, and yelling at him in red-faced anger. He realized just how insanely dangerous it would be to fuck her. "Too risky," he whispered and scooted his body forward until his penis was up beyond the entrance into her. But not by much – his penis now lay on top of her smoothly-shaved skin where her pubic hair had been, his pre-cum now flowing freely towards her clitoris.

In her mind, she cried out, No! Bring it back! Stick it in! Fuck me! Take me! Do me! Do your sister! Your fuck toy! Don't you want to fuck your sister? I don't care who knows or who sees! I love you and I want you to have me! All of me! Bring it back! But she did care who knew, at least somewhat, because she kept these thoughts to herself. She was much like her mother in this respect: thinking much nastier thoughts than what she was willing to say out loud.

Joanna was now too excited not to get her hands busy, too. She grabbed his prick and started to rub it back and forth over her sensitive, shaven skin. That turned into a hand job with one hand and the flicking of her clit with her other hand. But then she put both hands on his penis and began to go at it with pure abandon. Soon four arms flailed wildly across their bodies: Shawn had his hands high up to mash and pull his sister's boobs and Joanna had hers underneath double-pumping his penis. Both rapidly built up to a dizzying climax.

15-10-2005, 02:29 PM

"What do the two of you think you're DOING?" It was the unexpected sound of their mother shrilly shouting.

Shawn looked up and saw Vel sit up in her chair and shoot daggers at him with her eyes. Cheese was up and turned around towards he and his sister as well, but she wore a more bemused expression. The two siblings removed their hands from each other as if they had suddenly touched hot irons.

His mother got up and headed in their direction. Even though they'd just been busted, about the only thing Shawn could think of was how sexy his mother looked in her miniscule bikini bottoms as she angrily stalked them. She had kept her bikini top off, despite the rediscovery of some restraints, and her jugs swung from side to side and forward to back with every step.

He was right on the edge of orgasm and was afraid he would shoot his load just from the sight of his mother walking. As he realized that ejaculation wouldn't make their predicament any better, he clenched his PC muscle with all his might in a desperate attempt to stave off a climax.

She folded her arms under her breasts and glared, with her boobs pushed out further, which made her look even more fuckable to Shawn's eyes. Despite his predicament, all he could think was, I wonder if she needs me to apply lotion to those nipples and all over her tits. I should point out that they're exposed and are going to get burned. Maybe I can even put some of my special cream on them, heh heh.

But, in fact she was very irate. He struggled to focus. His penis repeatedly jerked as it tried to shoot out a load, but his PC muscle control barely held it in check.

"Didn't I just finish telling you about no touching, Shawn? And, you, Joanna! You're supposed to ask my permission first, young lady! You also are flagrantly ignoring my wishes and violating the clear boundaries I've set out. I don't think I can trust you two together. Just look at your penis! It's all slippery and slick and wet. And throbbing. And hot."

She lost a bit of focus as she stared intently at his dick. She was nearly overwhelmed with the desire to drop down and shove it deep into her mouth. Shawn saw the desire in her eyes and the way she licked her lips, and he was so aroused by the idea that her angry rant could be cut short by a penis in the mouth that his penis twitched even more and he had to redouble efforts not to cum.

But then she turned her head away from his crotch, looked at Joanna, and continued, "Your sister is all wet, too. You two have been up to something. Shawn, you're grounded for a week. And not only that, but no blow jobs from me for ... for... three days!"

She'd meant to say one week for that, as well, but right as she gave out the punishment, she realized another Tuesday would soon come, and she didn't want to miss out on that. She sheepishly and quietly added, "Counting today." That made her red in the face, but she wasn't about to miss out on a Tuesday full of cocksucking for anything.

Then she turned to Joanna. "And Joanna, I was too nice canceling my intention to ground you last week. This is how you repay me! I don't know what I'm going to do. ... You're grounded for a month! And no helping your brother with blow jobs for that whole time as well."

Shawn looked down shamefacedly. But Joanna maintained a defiant attitude. "What?!? What about you..." She started to launch into how hypocritical her mother had been, given how she had just busted through her own boundaries a short while before when Shawn was on top of her, but then Joanna realized she was supposed to be asleep the whole time. What a gyp!

"What about me?" Vel said angrily.

"Nothing..." Joanna trailed off. She’d rarely seen her mother so angry and didn't want to exacerbate her tirade.

Vel went back to her lawn chair, lay down and tried to cool off emotionally. She poured herself another glass of punch and quickly downed it. Damn, I hate having to get tough with them, but it's for their own good. Not that I'm really being fair, I'll admit. Cheese and I both got Shawn off, so of course she figures it's okay for her to do it, too. But it's different with her. She's too young. And he's her brother, for crying out loud! It's not right.

As usual, Vel's feelings for Shawn were too passionate for her to see the hypocrisy in her ideas. Jealousy, more than anything else, forced her to maintain a hard line.

Shawn sheepishly got up off of his sister and retired to his own adjacent lawn chair. So far this afternoon this was the first time he'd actually used it for more than a few seconds. His erection finally subsided.

"Not so fast, Vel," said Cheese. The neighbor stood up and walked over next to Vel. Cheese was still buck naked and folded her arms as if in a huff, just like her best friend just did.

Vel thought that Cheese would try to defend the two youngsters, but instead Cheese said, "Those two need to be taught a lesson, but I don't think Joanna got the message. Did you see how she defied you even after you spoke? Here she is, flagrantly violating your will just after you've grounded her. Not only that, but you heard from the card game with Angela her own confession of things she'd done with Shawn in secret and against your orders. She's been defying your will over and over lately, and simply grounding her isn't going to work. In fact, it'll probably just give her more opportunities to fool around with Shawn behind your back!"

"I ... was thinking that," Vel replied sheepishly, "but I couldn't think of any other punishment. It always worked in the past." In fact, she was bad at giving out punishments because she so rarely had to. Joanna and Shawn had always been model children in an attempt to win more of her love and affection, not out of fear of punishment. The number of times Vel had been forced to get angry lately was completely unprecedented.

"Sterner methods are needed," Cheese said firmly. "You're too nice. You need to be made of tougher stuff. Joanna needs to suffer. The only way to drive thoughts of pleasure out of her mind is with pain. She needs a good spanking! It's Pavlovian. Associate her misdeed with an immediate dose of pain and her body will connect the two together. It's automatic."

Joanna's eyes lit up as she fondly recalled the spanking Shawn gave her just the night before.

"A spanking?" Vel was shocked. "But- but, they're not babies any more! Is it really the only way?"

"Are you too softhearted to punish her properly?"

"Come on! There has to be another way. Joanna, Angel, you'd never agree to this, would you?" All eyes turned to the daughter.

"I agree with Cheese," Joanna confidently replied. "I really need a spanking."

"WHAT?" Vel nearly yelled in shock. "What's gotten into you? This isn't the Middle Ages!"

"I know, Mom, but I've been naughty lately. Cheese's right. I've been doing all sorts of naughty things. The only cure is discipline and a firm hand. Literally."

Joanna had begged for another spanking that morning and could hardly believe her luck. Her only concern was that it would be a real spanking and not an erotic spanking like the one Shawn gave her. But she figured that Cheese was the one who engineered this whole excellent suntan lotion session and further figured that Cheese was probably going somewhere sexual and fun with the spanking idea. She looked up at Cheese to quell her doubts and was rewarded with a surreptitious wink.

"You see?" Cheese said triumphantly. She questioned Vel, "How can you disagree with that? Or is it that you don't have it in you to administer this proper punishment?"

"Well, no, that's not it..." Vel was on the defensive now, embarrassed and hesitant. "But... Maybe it would... Okay, I'll admit it, I just can't do that to my daughter!"

"I'm willing to help out," Cheese volunteered. "Is it okay if I administer her punishment?"

Vel finally, faintly nodded.

Cheese had been naked, but for Vel's sake she put on bikini bottoms, then got up and came around to Joanna's lawn chair. The tiny bikini bottoms were all that she wore, unless one counted the small vibrator secretly that hummed deep inside her. The vibrator didn't provide enough stimulation to send her over the edge, but it kept her close to it, thanks to the other visual stimulation all around her.

"This chair will do," she said of the lawn chair Joanna lay down on. "Joanna, get up and change the setting so that it lies completely flat. Then lay down with your butt in the air. And take off those silly panties so you'll feel the full impact of my hand."

15-10-2005, 02:30 PM
This last comment was completely absurd since Joanna's soaked bikini bottoms were so small that they were lost deep in her butt crack, but the dazed Vel failed to call Cheese on it. Despite Vel's partial recovery of her senses and morals, the glow and arousal of her earlier orgasms still had not worn off, and people being naked seemed to be completely natural in her current mood.

Soon Joanna lay down completely naked. As Cheese ordered, she thrust her butt up and wiggled it about a foot up in the air away from the lawn chair. She also spread her legs to the very edges of the lawn chair and wished it were wider so she could spread herself more. Additionally, she tied her hair into a pony tail so that it wouldn't fly around as much in response to the spankings.

Vel still sat about ten feet away in her lawn chair and pretended not to be particularly interested. But curiosity compelled her to frequently turn around and watch from behind her sunglasses.

Shawn had an even better view of the proceedings since his chair was adjacent to Joanna's. By this time he had given up all attempts to keep his penis in his shorts, especially since Vel was unable to see his hard penis hanging out, as her chair was behind his. But he was tired from all the suntan lotion fun and was content for the moment to just watch.

"Alright, Joanna, get ready," Cheese said sternly. "You've been bad and now you have to pay. Keep your butt up and brace yourself." Cheese straddled herself over Joanna's knees and raised her hand high up in the air.

Cheese brought her hand crashing down and it made a great smacking sound. "Oww!" cried Joanna. But, in fact, the spanking sounded worse than it actually was. At the last second Cheese pulled her strike a bit so that the smack was much gentler than, for instance, the first spankings Peggy gave Shawn last week. Joanna didn't really mind the pain much.

Vel had watched the first spanking, but when the blow actually came, she turned away and closed her eyes. She absolutely abhorred violence of any type. Even though she didn't see the actual strike, she cried out, "Oh, dear! My darling Angel! Cheese, please, don't be too rough."

Cheese replied in her sensual, raspy voice, "Sorry, Vel, but that's the whole point. No pain, no gain. Don't worry, though - it'll be over soon."

Curiosity got the best of Vel and she periodically turned back, but only if she guessed it was between spankings. She wanted to make sure that Joanna didn't get hurt too much. Since Joanna was faced towards her, she kept an eye on her daughter's facial expression to see if the punishment got to be too much to bear.

As for Shawn, he began to lightly stroke himself. He knew full well that his mother was unable to see what he did from where she sat. The way Joanna was positioned, with her butt a foot in the air and her legs spread wide, was so blatantly erotic from any angle that Shawn was quite surprised Vel would allow it to happen. It caused him to throw caution to the wind.

"Be strong and don't cry out," Cheese said sternly. She brought her hand down again from a dramatically high starting point. This time Joanna kept silent. However, her face grimaced in pain and Vel, from her angle, could see Joanna's face quite clearly. From Vel's vantage point, it looked like Joanna suffered quite badly.

After the second slap, Joanna's butt retreated back flat against the lawn chair. "Keep your butt up so you feel the full force," Cheese ordered haughtily.

Cheese reached under Joanna and pushed her crotch up. Then she left her hand there, inches from Joanna's pussy. Her fingers slid around a bit and were delighted to discover the smooth feeling of Joanna's shaved pussy. Against her wiser instincts she began to feel it up a bit more and Joanna didn't offer even the slightest muffle of complaint. Far from it: Cheese heard a distinct but subtle moan of pleasure.

Cheese and Joanna had never touched each other's privates sexually. Though they hadn't spoken about it, their desires towards each other were so strong that Shawn could practically feel the waves of desire that radiated from the both of them. But Cheese was in a bit of a fix. To probe the girl's pussy lips would require Cheese to reposition her hand into a far too suspicious position.

Cheese suddenly thought of a new idea which could help shield her true intentions even better from Vel. "Just a second," she said to Joanna. "Let's see if I can adjust this chair so you don't need to hold your butt up quite so much."

The lawn chair was the kind that had three joints to bend. Cheese got up and adjusted it so that the middle section was up high and the other two hung down towards the ground. She had Joanna slide down towards the foot of the chair quite a bit as well. The total effect was that Joanna's head now hung down and her butt also hung off the edge of the high middle section. Now her butt was nearly completely out of Vel's sight. Vel could only see the tops of her daughter's butt cheeks.

Cheese repositioned herself and once again placed her hand underneath Joanna as if to hold her up. But now that her actions couldn't be seen by Vel, she stuck her thumb up Joanna's pussy with preamble. Joanna's pussy lips, all slicked up from her juices, allowed Cheese's thumb to easily slide right in her tight pussy. By using only the thumb, Cheese could keep her hand in a position that didn't look too obvious, as the palm of the hand and the other fingers were further away from her pussy lips.

Joanna didn't say a word or give anything away in her facial expression, but she was secretly very pleased. She had half-expected that Cheese would do something like this once she heard the spanking idea. Ever since Joanna fucked Shawn for the first time, she'd started to look at Cheese in a whole new way. Lately, Joanna had begun to figure that things had been so highly-sexed since Shawn began his "treatments" that it was only natural for everyone in the house to fuck everyone else sooner or later. She was ready for more- much more, if possible. In the past few days Cheese and Joanna had eyed each other and even French kissed each other hello and good-bye sometimes when Vel wasn't in sight.

Shawn watched the repositioning closely and the idea of Cheese finger-fucking his sister mere feet from Vel was too exciting for him. He got out the suntan lotion, covered his penis with it until it was slippery and shiny, and sped up his masturbation. Cheese was the only one in a position to see what he did and her only reaction was a knowing wink.

Cheese brought her hand down again on the cheerleader's exquisite butt. "That's four," she said. "I think ten will do."

15-10-2005, 02:31 PM
"Ten?" Vel asked from her chair, true concern and worry writ large across her beautiful features. "Don't you think that's being too harsh? It looks like you're really hurting her!"

"Don't worry," replied Cheese as she began to move her thumb in and out of Joanna's pussy. "It may look like I'm hurting her, but she's not really in so much pain. Right, Joanna?"

"Um, right," answered a highly-aroused Joanna. After the initial shock of the spanking wore off, she began to find the smacks quite pleasurable, in a weird way. It was just like the night before - the pain of the spankings only heightened her pleasure. If anything, she wanted Cheese to spank harder, but she couldn't figure out how to convey that without Vel possibly overhearing. She was so ready to orgasm that it was all she could do to not thrust her butt up in the air even more, to accentuate and encourage the movement of Cheese's fingers.

"But, uh," she added, "although it hurts some, I neeeeeed it! I really do. I've been so very bad! So naughty!" Her long legs writhed and she clenched and unclenched her butt cheeks.

Luckily Vel's suspicions weren't aroused despite the enthusiastic way Joanna said, "I need it!"

Cheese's thumb continued to probe Joanna's pussy even as she slammed her other hand down onto the insatiable girl’s butt. Joanna almost cried out again, but this time from pleasure, not pain. All the excitement was too much and she began the first of many tiny orgasms.

Cheese thought to herself, Good God, I love this. I can't believe I've never engaged in sexual spanking, when it's this much fun! I thought it would be mildly amusing, plus arousing for her, but it's making me horny beyond belief! I have to do Joanna in the worst way! We've got to get inside, away from Vel's prying eyes, and fast.

Meanwhile, Shawn continued to stroke his oiled-up penis. He could see clearly what Cheese did to Joanna and now both Cheese and Joanna could see what he did to himself, although in her new position Joanna could barely look back in his direction. But everything appeared nonsexual from Vel's visual point of view.

Cheese continued to rain her hand down onto Joanna's butt. Joanna did her best to scrunch her face up so it looked like she was in agony instead of ecstasy. Cheese finally abandoned restraint and repositioned her hand so she could probe even deeper into Joanna’s pussy with more fingers. Vel remained oblivious.

Shawn finally had to slow down his self-love. His well-oiled hand, as it slid up and down his greased pole, felt so much better than usual that it was especially torturous to stop, but he had the self-control to hold back. If he had kept on, it would have led to trouble. He was ready to orgasm but didn't know how he could do it or where the cum should go, given that his mother was so close. Even if he had cum into his hand, Vel was so attuned to his penis that he feared she'd be able to smell another load of fresh cum waft through the air, like a bloodhound, and then investigate.

Cheese reached ten and came to a halt. "We're all done," she said and she stood up. "You did very well Joanna; very tough." Just the unexpected sight as Cheese stood up and the consequent jiggle of her massive rack nearly caused Shawn to lose it, but he carefully rode along the edge of orgasm. Joanna's orgasms came to an end, but she didn't make a move from her lewd position with her butt stuck high in the air. "I'm sorry, kiddo," Cheese added.

"Don't be!" Joanna quickly replied. "I deserved it. Mom, did you hear that? I deserved it. I think I've learned my lesson. Can you forgive me now for what I've done?"

"Of course you're forgiven, dear," Vel replied. "It hurts me so much to see you suffer! Let's hope we never have to do that again. Forget about the extra grounding, this spanking was too much punishment already. Well, I suppose I should give you some grounding. You get one week, just like your brother. Cheese, you're too tough!"

Shawn raised his hand quickly and said, "Wait. A week? I thought you said three days."

"No," Vel corrected with a glare at the obvious attempt at subterfuge and the painful reminder of her own "sacrifice." She pointed to herself. "For three days you don't get any blow-jobs from ME."

"Starting today," Joanna added for her mother.

Vel blushed a bit in admission as she repeated, “Yes. Starting today.”

15-10-2005, 02:32 PM

Cheese walked around, first one way and then another, as though she looked around for something. "It pains me, too," she said, "but I think you'll find Joanna will be much more obedient now."

Joanna interjected and looked Shawn right in the eye, "Oh, yes. I'll be very obedient. I'll follow orders exactly and do EXACTLY what is asked of me, at any time of day or night." She winked at him and barely suppressed a giggle.

Vel, mistakenly thinking Joanna's words were directed at her, answered, "Um, that's good, Angel. I guess." She was a bit flummoxed by Joanna's strangely enthusiastic obedience and sudden attention to rules, and wondered about the power of a spanking.

Cheese announced, "Now that the punishment is over, we should soothe her sore butt. I'm looking for the suntan lotion, but I don't think that'll be good enough." She still scanned the ground, but, in fact, the lotion had been all used up and tossed aside by Shawn and she knew it.

She looked up at Shawn with a curious look in her eye. "Sweetie, can you run in the house and find some appropriate cream to soothe a red butt?" As Cheese said the word "cream," she looked directly at his exposed penis. She winked to make sure he understood she had given him a secret message.

Shawn got the message loud and clear. With a conspiratorial nod, he stuffed his erect penis back into his miniscule bathing suit and ran back into the house. The penis bounced back out immediately, so he had to hold it to his stomach as he ran.

As soon as he reached the bathroom he resumed stroking his penis with one hand and started to rifle through cabinets for an empty jar with the other. He opened cabinets and began to test bottles by their weight. He found a few that felt nearly empty. He reluctantly took his hand off his penis because he had to use two hands to open them up. One was a skin moisturizer which had just a little bit of lotion still in the bottom and sides of its jar. The lotion was white and creamy and it had a wide cap, too - perfect for his needs.

His steel-hammer penis was more than ready to go after he watched Joanna's spanking and heard her proclaim her total obedience to his will. He ejaculated into the jar and shot a surprisingly large load into it, given how many times he'd been satisfied already that day. His whole body shook as stream after stream of hot cum shot into the jar. He mixed his warm cum in with the cool, white lotion. There were about equal amounts of each.

The whole process only took about three minutes. He rushed back outside and found Cheese already massaging Joanna's butt. Vel was turned around and apparently sunbathing with closed eyes, content that the spanking scene had been resolved. She was glad that all the sexual excitement was over and that the group could have a "normal" time outside on a nice, sunny day.

But, from Cheese's point of view, the sexual fun had just begun. Vel's distractedness allowed Cheese to replace her thumb in Joanna's pussy with four fingers. She willfully plowed them in and out, over and over, while she waited for Shawn to return. It looked like she practically fisted the girl.

"Sorry it took a bit," he said to Cheese as he reached her side. He handed her the jar with one hand while he held his penis against his stomach with the other to prevent it from bouncing all over as he caught his breath from the run back.

Cheese put a dab in her hand, brought it to her nose and smelled it. She smiled widely and winked at Shawn. Once again, he winked back. "This is just the kind of lotion I was thinking of," she said out loud. "My favorite brand."

She walked around in front of Joanna, who was still completely naked and unmoved from her spanking position, and she held the cum/lotion in front of Joanna's nose. Joanna took a good whiff and smiled grandly. With a glance to make sure Vel still wasn't interested, Cheese took a dab, stuffed it into Joanna’s mouth and briefly plunged her fingers in and out of Joanna's mouth like her fingers were a penis. Joanna smiled even wider and also turned her head around towards Shawn and winked at him. It was a good day for winking.

Shawn wanted to help Cheese but felt obliged to return to his lawn chair. There would be no good excuse why he would have to help Cheese massage Joanna's butt if his mother turned around to see. Cheese rubbed the cum into Joanna's skin while she continued to deeply finger her. The vibrator in Cheese's own pussy continued to quietly buzz and shake. It made Cheese want to do even nastier things to anyone within range of her sex-hungry body. She was tempted to put some of Shawn's cream on her fingers which slammed into Joanna's pussy, but she didn't know if Joanna was on birth control pills or not, so she abstained. But she found the idea of feeding Shawn's cum into his sister's pussy highly arousing just the same.

Cheese ran out of most of Shawn's cream after a few minutes, but she continued her ministrations for another fifteen minutes. Joanna's butt bucked up into the air over and over and she lost count of how many times she silently climaxed. Whenever she was ready for another orgasm, she would nod and Cheese would stuff a hand in her mouth so she wouldn't scream. That naturally would lead to a face fuck with Cheese's fingers and, before long, Joanna would have to cum again. So Cheese had her hand in Joanna's mouth as often as not.

It was lucky, too, that Vel didn't look towards Joanna anymore, because Joanna's second round of orgasms soon created a flood of pussy juice which dripped through the slats in the lawn chair. It grew so obvious that, eventually, Shawn tossed a towel towards it and Cheese positioned the towel over the puddle with her foot to make things look less blatant and muffle the sound of pussy juice as it dripped onto the concrete.

After a while, Shawn's overtaxed penis grew hard again but in an attempt to pace himself, he refrained from touching it. Eventually, he slowly caressed it as he enjoyed the show, but he made sure not to get too excited. He'd already cum seven times so far for the day and he knew the day was far from over.

After some minutes, Joanna raised her hand in a "cry uncle" gesture of surrender. Cheese wasn't sure if it was because Joanna couldn't take any more pleasure or if she decided that the massage had gone on far too long and was worried about being caught.

Spanking Joanna had taken Cheese to the edge of orgasm and the fact that she rubbed Joanna's butt with her brother's semen moved her even closer to the edge. So now that Joanna wanted to stop, she made sure to bring herself off. She brought a finger to her clit, expecting to rub it, but the mere act of touching it set her off. As her body buckled with pleasure, she looked over at Shawn's rigid penis, and then up to his face, and winked yet again. She spread her legs wide to avoid falling and managed to stay upright, even though the orgasm was fantastic and prolonged.

"That should do it for now," Cheese said as she popped her fingers out of Joanna's pussy. It was a good thing rock music on the radio covered up such tiny sounds. "Does your butt feel better?"

"Much. Soooo much better!"

"Alright, if we want your red marks to go away quickly, we should do that again soon. Shawn, that cream is nearly out. Do you think you could find some more?" She winked as she said this.

"I think there's a whole other jar," he lied. Shawn was really turned on by how much his cum had been spread around today.

"Good," Cheese said officiously. "Joanna, in another hour I'll come by and we can do it again in the bathroom, with more cream. How does that sound?" Cheese was still jealous at how much pleasure Vel had gotten from Shawn's lotion application. She was determined to keep the sexual games going until she'd cum just as much or more.

"Sounds great. I'm ready to do it whenever you are. Whatever you say. I'm very obedient now, thanks to your spanking." Had Vel listened, she might have wondered at the way Joanna said "do it." Joanna realized that in the bathroom they could do most anything, now that the ice between them had been broken. She looked forward to a hot session of Sapphic lovemaking with a chance to finally explore every inch of Cheese’s perfect body and feel the workings of the older woman's experienced tongue.

Cheese announced loudly, "I've had enough of the sun. I'm going to go inside. Vel, there's still a little bit of cream left over. Would you like me to put some on you? It's really quite exquisite skin moisturizer, and after sunbathing for so long, it's good to put something on to prevent wrinkling." Cheese had kept a little corner of the cream untouched in the hopes of rubbing the son's cum into the mother. She had a really naughty desire to stuff it up Vel’s pussy, but realized that couldn't happen, at least not yet.

"No thanks, maybe later. I think I'm going to go inside, too, and take a shower. This sun is beginning to tire me out."

"Sounds good. Can I use the shower in the other bathroom?" asked Cheese. All of them made their way back inside.

15-10-2005, 02:33 PM

Even though everyone moved inside, the day's sexual activities were far from over. Cheese wasn't about to let the fun stop. She sat in the Chen living room and felt quite pleased with herself. She had taken a shower at the house and had put only a bathrobe back on. She figured that was best for getting quickly naked, something she figured she’d do a couple of times more that day before she went home for good that night. She left the robe partly open just in case Shawn might wander by. She wouldn't have even put the robe on at all but for a concern that Vel might think she'd gone too far. Hell, I wouldn't EVER wear ANY clothes in this house, if I had my way, she thought wickedly.

The application of suntan lotion went far better than Cheese had expected. Vel seems very primed to be fucked by her son. Damn, he's such a good lover. And the spanking idea was an inspired improvisation on my part, heh-heh. She'd watched for a way to get into Joanna's pants for the past few weeks, but had restrained herself while Vel's husband was around. In one fell swoop not only did I secure Joanna as one of my lovers, but it happened under the eyes of Shawn, who clearly approved. I'm very happy to see that. And the fact that the whole thing happened within ten feet of an unsuspecting Vel made the victory that much sweeter. This is actually better than if I'd been able to get him away from the house and fuck because we're setting Chen family precedent here that'll last forever.

Shawn needs a reward for being so understanding about sharing. I can go further with him now that barriers are coming down some more. Vel is so horny that you could knock her over with a feather. Although, tickling her with a feather would be more fun, heh-heh! Not to mention, it would be nice to get some more of my Sweetie's "cream" in time for my second round with Joanna coming up soon.

Of course they didn't actually need his cream. They didn't need any cream at all, since Joanna's butt wasn't even red anymore from the light spanking. But Cheese figured it would be a fun thing for the two of them to play with.

Mmmm. That reminds me. Spankings. How delightful. I've been reasonably aroused when Shawn has treated me like a submissive or a slut. That Daisy Duke thing gets me going any time I think about it, for instance. But that's nothing compared to the enjoyment of spanking someone else! I must be a natural dom. A sexual dominatrix. Today has been such a watershed day! Wow. Just imagine if I could spank my Sweetie. Now THAT would get me HOT!

Even as she thought these things, her tiny vibrator continued to buzz deep inside her. It felt really good, like a constant high. Why don't I keep it inside me all the time? she honestly wondered. I've only occasionally used it in my house to relieve the boredom there, but I think it's more fun here in this house. I'll have to do this much more often! I seriously wonder what it would be like to have my pussy stimulated all day long. I have a feeling I'm going to find out, the way things are going around here.

Cheese had no desire to fuck her own children. She considered that real incest, since Brad and Hui Shan were her own flesh and blood. Brad was just on such a completely different wavelength that she couldn't even imagine wanting to seduce him. She knew Hui Shan was very attractive, but Hui Shan was so naive that she figured to seduce her own clueless daughter would be downright mean. To her, Hui Shan was the essence of innocence; Cheese shivered at the thought of anyone doing anything sexual with her daughter, especially after what happened the year before with Hui Shan's near rape. In any case, the Chen family was infinitely more appealing and challenging to seduce.

Cheese's scheme to fuck Joanna, Shawn and Vel had advanced well and was still only held back by the level of Vel's restraint. So today was a big victory because Shawn had so clearly worn down Vel's resistance. Later she could exploit this breach in Vel's defenses herself. For instance, blow jobs in front of others had been a no-no, but not any more. Such public acts were key steps in turning sexual situations into all-out orgies.

Cheese had a feeling that Shawn and Joanna had gone a lot further with each other than they let on. I'll bet they’re fucking each other, she thought. There's been a subtle difference in the way they interact with each other, especially in the last few days. But where and when? Maybe late at night after Vel's asleep? Shit, if they get caught by her that would be a big setback for me, too. If I had a private place to regularly fuck Shawn I'd be doing it already, but I can't even get him out of the house for one day lately, it seems. The party didn't really count since he was so out of it and wasn't even aware that it was me he had fucked. Today’s massaging was ten times as much fun for me as that, and probably even more fun for Vel, damn her. But an opportunity like that party comes along so rarely.

How do I get him alone and out of the house? If I took him from the house on a regular basis, then Vel would certainly guess why. And now he's grounded for the week. Dammit! On the other hand, perhaps it's for the best. Maybe I could get away with taking him to a hotel for the afternoon once or twice, but once I start getting healthy injections of his cock I'm not going to be satisfied with just a little. It's better if I stay the course and keep corrupting Vel and Joanna until the Chen house becomes a complete, nonstop orgy. It's been taking longer than expected, but if today has been any indication, it won't be long until I can fuck any of them at will!

Speaking of which, I believe it's time for Shawn's reward. One thought bugged her, though, and she lingered on it before she left for Shawn's room. What about Hui Shan? She's over here all the time and she's highly fuckable- even if she IS my daughter, I can admit at least that much to myself. If my plan succeeds, it'll just be a matter of time before she's sucked into the vortex of sex the Chen house is becoming. And that'll be one more person I have to share Shawn with. I think she's already well along the path and I see how even Joanna looks at her lately.

But Hui Shan is still my cute little Honey Pie; I have to protect her from sexual dangers until she's fully ready. No way can she just jump into this sexual madness, or she'll be hopelessly corrupted. I guess I've always realized that she's a flaw in my plan. I'm going to have to figure out what to do with Hui Shan sometime soon or else I'll wind up finding myself fucking my own real daughter!

15-10-2005, 02:35 PM

Cheese walked into Shawn's room and still wore only a robe. She made sure to lock the door behind her and turned the stereo on to mask the noise of any activity. Shawn was in bed asleep, but Cheese didn't mind waking him up. He couldn't imagine any more sexual games without some more rest first. He also badly needed to shower and still smelled like coconut-flavored suntan lotion. He'd fallen asleep while he waited for a shower to become available. But Cheese didn't mind his tropical and cummy smell, and knew he'd soon revive. He looked up at her with bleary eyes.

She sat on the edge his bed, next to a tent that rapidly formed underneath the sheets. With a devious smile, she said, "Sweetie, I have to ask you a favor. In about half an hour I'm supposed to put some more cream on Joanna to soothe her spanking, but it seems like I'm all out of your special brand. Do you think you can get some more?" She held out a mostly empty jar of skin moisturizer, the same one used earlier.

"Hmm," replied Shawn with mock seriousness. "I only know one container with more of that and it takes a special pair of hands to get the stuff to come out." Cheese got down on the floor and kneeled next to the bed. She threw Shawn's bed sheet off him and noticed happily that he'd slept in the nude. She was also pleased to see that Vel had bought him red satin sheets recently.

"What do you think about my hands? Do you think they're up for the task?" She took his penis in her hands and began to stroke it.

"I'm sure your hands are fine. The question is, is my penis UP for the task, if you know what I mean?"

Suddenly Cheese stopped, with a concerned look on her face. "Oh dear, Sweetie. I think I've drastically overdressed for the occasion!" The robe was already completely open in the front, but she slipped the robe off altogether. Now they were both buck naked.

Shawn's mind reeled in the face of such beauty and enthusiasm. His penis sprang to attention with the speed of a submarine surfacing out of the ocean from a deep-sea dive. He thought, This is not happening. How it is possible that I'm hard yet again? I've been cumming or on the verge of cumming, like, all day! ... Cheese. Cheese is what's happening. She could make a dead man hard.

"You know, Sweetie, I could give you a hand job," she said with deliberate irony because she was in the middle of doing so, "or we could do something else. After what happened by the pool today, I don't think we have to worry about barriers too much, don't you agree? It seems your mother is ready to suck your cock anytime, anywhere, in front of anybody, and is willing to let Joanna and me do the same. A bit of an exaggeration, perhaps, but not much, you must admit. Mark my words: that'll be happening soon. You'll hardly be able to walk from your room to the bathroom across the hall without getting blown by somebody."

While she talked she continued to absent-mindedly stroke his rigid penis and slide her hand up and down its full length. It was still somewhat greased up with suntan lotion. She stopped at the head long enough to massage it gently with the tips of her fingers. She thought, God, I loved this big cock. This is heaven right here. Endless stroking and my big, tasty reward ready to burst out of the tip if I keep going.

She continued, "I love it when you touch me all over. There's only one barrier that really matters, and that's fucking - the penetration of my vagina with this rock-hard cock, right here." She bent down and licked the tip, as if that was necessary to indicate which penis she referred to. She never stopped stroking. "I know that isn't something you want to do anyway, is it?"

That was a tricky question. Shawn couldn't really decide from her tone what she meant. He decided sarcasm (plus a compliment) was the safest route. "Of cooouurse not! What guy in his right mind would want to do something totally gross like that? Especially with such a beautiful woman like yourself."

It seemed that he'd said the right thing, as she smiled broadly. "Well then, we're in agreement. As long as we're careful not to do that, then why don't we try out a few other things, then? All in the name of your medical treatment, of course. Not that I would actually find pleasure in any of this!" she added with a sly smile and the same sarcastic tone Shawn had used.

She gave his penis a squeeze and let go. Shawn sat up in bed and reached over to the kneeling Cheese to fondle her boobs. Despite the many blow jobs and hand jobs Cheese had given him in recent weeks, in his opinion he hadn't been given nearly enough opportunities to play with her giant melons. She didn't stop him, but asked coyly, "Sweetie, I thought that was against Vel's boundaries?"

He answered, "Cheese, you know as well as I do that her boundaries are more than a bit flexible. Technically, nothing is allowed except hand jobs, cocksucking, and 'getting her attention' with ass grabs. Oh, and goodnight kisses. But there are violations of that every day."

Cheese had never heard of the "attention" tradition, which wasn't a surprise since it was so new. Shawn had to explain it to her. She was pleased at another sign of Vel's slide into sex.

Shawn had lain down as Cheese jacked him off, but she took his hand and pulled him up so he sat on the edge of the bed. She used some of the skin moisturizer from the jar she'd brought for him to cum into and lathered her cleavage up. Then, without any discussion, she grabbed his penis and guided it between her twin peaks. He naturally began to fuck her there.

He had just fucked Caelist's tits the day before and he thought about the differences. He was impressed at how enveloping Cheese's flesh was compared to Caelist's and even Joanna's. He remembered a comment from Caelist about Cheese, and realized she was right - his penis could easily get lost in Cheese's cleavage. The downside was, her tits were so big and her body generally so tall and broad, that it was difficult for his penis to reach Cheese's mouth unless she made extra effort. He decided, There are plusses and minuses to fucking big versus medium tits. I guess the lesson is that I should fuck them all. Heh!

She asked, "So, what do you think about tits? Do you think it would be okay with Vel if I let you touch mine?" She said this with deliberate irony since he more than touched them.

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her. I've explored her tits in so many ways today alone that she could hardly complain. That's a seriously hypocritical boundary and I, for one, am not going to worry about it. What I'd like to see, though, is more pussy action."

She smiled knowingly. "Oh, would you? But what about your homework?"

"Homework? Ugh! Why did you have to remind me of that? Talk about cooling my ardor. I'm so far behind that it's not even funny." He still swayed back and forth as he plowed Cheese's chest.

"Sorry. I wasn't meaning that homework. I'm talking about the homework that Caelist assigned to you. You know, to regularly practice tit-fucking."

15-10-2005, 02:37 PM
"Oh. That. Yes. If only I could find a willing partner..." They both laughed.

She started to nibble on the penis tip each time it swung near, so he took over the conversational floor. "You know, Cheese, I remember when you and I first started doing things to each other. It was only like, what? A month ago? What a month this has been! Anyways, you mercilessly denied me your tits forever. It was so mean. You have a couple of serious weapons there. Big-time milk wagons. I fantasize about them so much at school that I think people are starting to think I'm retarded or something. I have hours and hours of missed boob-fondling time that I need to make up for right away!" She'd pressed her tits together with her hands, but he took over, and groped at them most enthusiastically.

Cheese was amused and somewhat chagrined. Men only think of me as a walking pair of tits when I have so many other assets! "Sweetie, I'm hurt. You only think about them at school? What about all the other hours of the day?"

He laughed. "That, too. But let's talk about the pussy. Yours, to be specific."

"Yes! Let's!" she eagerly agreed. Since her hands were now free, she began to frig herself as his penis continued to drive into her chest.

"So, you're still denying me access to that area? Why don't we just cut to the chase and let me play with your pussy?"

Cheese imitated Vel's voice. "But, Shawn. Tiger. What about the boundaries? So improper!"

They both chuckled, but Shawn began to feel aggressive. He pointed out, "You're dodging the question."

"Hrm. You're right. I'll have to think about it. We don't want to make Vel too upset. Look at how she tore into your sister today."

"Wrong answer. Normally, I would punish your disobedient mouth by stuffing it with my cock, but it seems to be gainfully employed elsewhere at the moment. So I'll have to use something else."

He took one hand that had squeezed and explored her tits and shoved four fingers into her mouth. She immediately replaced his hand with her own on her empty breast, so he could keep tit fucking.

She purposely tried and failed to speak. "Mmmphf! Mrnn! Prompf! Mmm!" She so thoroughly enjoyed the idea that Shawn would punish her. She opened her eyes wide and pretended that she was unwillingly violated. Inside the mouth, her tongue and teeth lovingly ran over his fingers one by one. It felt so good, especially combined with the continuing tit fuck, that he made the mental note to do it more often.

After a couple of minutes of this, he asked, "So. Have you learned your lesson? Are you going to let me play with your pussy, or will I have to keep shoving my penis and fingers in your mouth all day long?" He pulled the fingers out so she could answer.

She replied, "Well, first of all, yes. You are going to keep shoving them into my mouth all day long, but that's beside the point. You need to do that anyway. The question is, what will you trade me, if I let you play with my pussy just a little bit?"

He noted with interest how Cheese switched the situation from him ordering her what to do to them bargaining on even terms. He was fine with that, but he mentally noted how different it would have been with Joanna. She would have eagerly said something like, "Yes, sir!" or "Your fuck toy obeys!"

"I don't know," he replied. "What would you like?"

"I drive a hard bargain. You'll have to give me a load of cum in the jar I've brought with me before we're done here. It's a selfless sacrifice. I need it for Joanna's painful recovery."

He laughed again. "Recovery from what? Oh, yeah. Her, quote, spanking. Unquote." He added sarcastically, "I'm sure the cum is very necessary to her health."

Cheese countered, half seriously, "Hey. I'm willing to forgo taking it in the mouth this time, so it's important. You have no idea what a sacrifice that is."

He grumbled, "As if Joanna's butt needs soothing in the first place! My only regret is that I can't go in the shower to take part."

"Sweetie, your mother might find that just a tad suspicious. But there will be other days. And by the time I'm through with you here, you won't be able to get it up for a week! Which might be a good thing for you, seeing how you're grounded for a week now."

15-10-2005, 02:38 PM

Shawn paused to enjoy the tit fuck and just contemplate how great his situation was. Sensing the lapse in conversation, Cheese made sucking noises with her mouth and he responded by putting his fingers back in her mouth. She sucked contentedly even as he rode her chest.

He thought, This is so right. This is how Cheese belongs: naked and enjoying the pleasures of sex. Seeing her drive a car? Wrong. On the phone? Wrong. Shopping? Wrong. Having her do anything nonsexual for any significant portion of the day is so utterly wrong. It would be like giving Hercules a job as an accountant. Every inch of her being is meant for sex. In most any historical era she would be a mistress, harem girl or prostitute, and make love all day long. To have her be an unloved, unsexed housewife all these years is absolutely criminal. She's very smart, but there are lots of smart people in the world and only a very few who look as good as her, much less anyone who oozes sex and enjoys sex the way she does. She's even more naturally sexual than my mom, and that's saying something! There's something very wrong with our society to have her sexual talents so tragically under-used. Her husband is a fool! He must be insane or gay to not fuck her twenty-four hours a day. His loss is my gain.

Strangely enough, Cheese's thoughts also came around to her husband, Eric, at the same time. Now THIS is more like it! Forget that sloppy encounter at the party - this is the Shawn I know and love. Damn, this guy's power of endurance is incredible. I'm in heaven. It's like he has two penises. This is how it has to be more often! ... I wonder what my husband is doing right now. He's probably just a few hundred feet away, in our house next door. If only he could see through walls and see my tits getting fucked by what he still thinks is Vel's cute little kid. I'll tell you Eric, Shawn is all grown up now, and he sure knows how to fuck!

Eventually Shawn took his fingers out of her mouth and got back to their "negotiations." "So, you were saying something about a deal?"

"Ah, yes. A cup of cum. Then you can play with my pussy. Just a little." She was so far into the tit fuck that she didn't want to talk.

"Just a little? Why not a lot?"

"Too much is bad. Little is good. Just hands. No penis. Not near. Dangerous. No fucking. Not allowed. Vel'll get mad. Angry at you. At us." She spoke in short, choppy phrases because she was very near another climax and found it hard to talk while she panted heavily.

"Okay. Fair enough. I'm going to cum!" He positioned his penis so he could do it all over her beautiful tits.

"Not so fast, Sweetie!" Cheese exclaimed as she grabbed the jar from the floor and brought it up to her chest. "Aim for this. Remember?"

Shawn was disappointed - he loved to spray his seed on the tits or face if he wasn't about to deposit his load straight into someone's mouth. He expressed his disappointment. So Cheese, sure that he deserved some extra stimulation for making her feel so exceptionally good, ran her hand the down the crack of his butt until her finger found his anus. She massaged his puckered hole with the fingers of one hand while she jacked his penis with the other. Somewhat mollified, he shot a very generous load into the jar.

She was exhausted. She'd had a lot of sex so far and looked forward to even more intensity with Joanna in a few minutes. So she got up and lay down on his bed right next to him. They lay together as if they had just made love. They tenderly caressed each other and French kissed. To kiss Cheese on the lips was a relatively rare experience because they had no goodnight kiss tradition and, during the day, a disapproving Vel usually loomed nearby.

"That was nice," she said, but she got up after just one. long kiss.

"Is nice, you mean," Shawn corrected. "Where are you going?"

"Sweetie, I could stay here forever. I like how you can be so tender. But it'll be time for me to go home and cook dinner soon, and before that happens I've got a date to keep with Joanna. I'll need to shower, too, to get the smell of both Chen kids off of me. ... Wow, isn't that the most delicious thought? Today is like a dream come true for me. I've dreamed about these kinds of days for so long. You don't mind if I'm attracted to Joanna, too, do you?" She began to put on her robe.

"Mind? Why should I mind, as long as you invite me to the threesome?"

"I'm glad to see we think along similar lines. Don't worry, though - I may fool around with other women, but you're the only man for me. I'm through playing around outside the Chen house. Everything I want is right here. It won't just be a threesome, though - or do you not want to fuck your mother?"

Shawn didn't respond, but just blushed a bit. Cheese pushed into his shoulder playfully. "Oh, come on. Who do you think you're kidding? You think I didn't see you and her by the pool today? Jesus. You all but fucked her in public and now you're blushing? I want to hear you say it. Look me right in the eyes and tell it to me."

Shawn looked her resolutely in the eyes. But then after a pause he turned away and blushed even more. "I don't know..." his voice trailed off.

Cheese decided to drop the subject for now. "Roll on your side."

He was confused, but he did it.

She slapped her hand hard down onto his butt. "That's what you get for not being honest with your Aunt Cheese."

They treated that as a joke, a playful reference to her spanking of Joanna a short time earlier. Both laughed. But Cheese thought, seriously, That's a small down payment until I can give you a proper and thorough spanking. That's going to be so much fun!

She turned back to the topic at hand. "Okay, well, tell me at least how you feel about your Aunt Cheese. Look me in the eyes and tell me if you want to fuck her. Don't hold back now." She held her hand above him, threateningly.

He was less embarrassed about this and now he could tell she wanted a yes. With a steady gaze, he stated, "I want to fuck you. Bad. I'm GOING to fuck you. Just say when and where."

She kissed him again, this time hard and with sincere appreciation. "I feel the same. But that's the rub, isn't it? When and where. And these stupid rules." She stood up to put herself out of reach. "Wouldn't it be great if you were allowed to play with my pussy? Then we could really have fun."

"Hey! I can! You just agreed. Don't leave now! What about our deal?"

She winked playfully at him. "I said you could play with the pussy cat, but I didn't say when, did I? Not right now, because Joanna is waiting. I'm actually late, because it takes ages to get you to come. Tomorrow you can have a pussy-fest. But right now I have some hot lesbian action waiting for me."

"Well, okay. But Jesus Christ, Cheese! You're insatiable!"

"I'm insatiable? What about you? How many times is that for you already today?"


"Eight? Wow. I had a lot of lovers over the years, and I never knew one who could cum eight times in one day. And your day still isn't over. I'll bet you're not done."

15-10-2005, 02:39 PM
"No, that's it. I'm definitely done. That was my target for today, to make up for some sub-par days, and I reached it. I'm totally wiped out. I'm just going to watch TV, and who knows, maybe even do some homework." With a quick thought and a wry grin, he added, "The traditional kind, not Caelist's."

"That's what you think. I'll leave you alone, but I doubt you'll be able to keep Joanna or Vel's hands off of you. They're so revved up from what we did by the pool that you haven't seen the last of them. I'll take care of Joanna, but you'll have to take care of your mother. By the way, personally, I think you and Joanna have gone much farther than you're letting on, but luckily your mother isn't as perceptive as I am."

Shawn was noticeably silent. He failed to confirm or deny her suspicions.

She took his silence as an answer of sorts, but didn't press the issue. Instead, she said, "And speaking of perceptive, Sweetie, there's one thing you've failed to notice today. I was wondering what you'd think when you put your fingers deep into my pussy and found this." She pushed her suit aside again. After she reached into her pussy, she dragged out her small egg vibrator, which still buzzed away. It came out simply drenched in pussy juice. She put it to her nose and smelled the delightful aroma of her own pussy. She playfully licked it along its entire length and enjoyed the taste as well as the smell of her juices.

"Holy shit! I can't believe you just did that! And that vibrator! Wow!" Shawn replied, totally surprised and his eyes wide, like a kid who'd just seen an impressive magic trick. "I didn't even know they made them like that! Like, what's to stop you from just keeping that in you all day?"

"Nothing," Cheese replied, a grin on her face that was actually wider than Shawn's. "In fact, I put it in when you jumped into the pool earlier and I've kept it in ever since. I haven't worn it much, but maybe I will now. It doesn't actually cause me to orgasm, or I'd be a quivering wreck, but it gives me a satisfying feeling of fullness and keeps me happy all the time, like being tipsy. It's kind of like if you imagine your penis being lightly sucked all day long." She paused for dramatic effect. "Wait a minute. You don't have to imagine too hard about that one, do you?" They both laughed. Then referring to the vibrator, she asked, "Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's kind of ... I don't know how to explain it, but I imagine one day you might just be sitting having dinner with us acting all calm, when in fact you're secretly on the verge of orgasm. That's pretty sexy."

"You're right. I think I have a new gift idea for Vel and Joanna. Wouldn't it be fun if all three of us women were stimulated by these vibrators 24 hours a day? We'd be naked and stuffed all day long, and only take the vibrators out whenever your penis was ready to give one us an even better stuffing. Would you like that, hmm?"

She drew her face to within an inch of Shawn's and examined his eyes intently. Her naked tits bored into his chest. He tried to remain mum, but the thought of all three of them being so well fucked made him crazy with desire. She could read it in his face. Finally she broke into another smile and pulled back. "I have a feeling you'd like that. You'd like that very much, wouldn't you, Mr. Mute? Wouldn't you like to take turns fucking the three of us, one after another, all day long? Maybe do a couple of us at once? Hmm?" She gave him another playful shove, but again he didn't confirm or deny.

She grabbed his penis. "Does that thought make you hard?" In fact his penis was flaccid but it already began to show signs of life because of her arousing talk.

Shawn realized it was somehow possible for him to get hard again, but he knew he'd regret it later. He cried out, "No! Please! You just said you'd leave me alone. And, and - you're late!"

She pondered and then let go. "Damn. I did. Oh well. I'll just have to fuck your sister instead. While you stay in here, aaaaaalll alone."

She slipped her robe back on. "By the way, can you open the door and see if the coast is clear?"

Shawn got up, not bothering to put on clothes first, and stuck his head out into the hallway. No one was there. Shawn went back to bed. He was ready to nap some more, but realized he'd have to change the sheets first because of a new big puddle caused by their latest fun.

Cheese blew him a kiss, closed the door and walked a very short way down and across the hall to Joanna's room. Prior to today, the two females had never done anything more than kiss. But now both were ready and eager to go all the way.

Continued in part 13...

Hint: Next chapter will be on a hot trip to the beach with.......

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CHAPTER 1 (Saturday, Nov. 9)

Joanna eagerly waited for Cheese and wondered why she was late. Cheese had said she would get to Joanna by six and it was already past the appointed hour.

Cheese quietly knocked on Joanna's bedroom door and led her to the bathroom attached to the master bedroom (Cheese preferred it over the nearer bathroom because she knew the bathtub was much roomier). While Vel had heard that Cheese was going to put more lotion on Joanna, Cheese figured a "don't ask, don't tell" policy was best, so she and Joanna would be less constrained. So she didn't announce to Vel when she was starting the "massage." Silence was another thing to keep in mind.

As soon as Cheese closed the bathroom door, Joanna was on her, French kissing and feeling her up. However Cheese took a moment to turn the bathtub taps on a bit, so that a decent amount of background noise would give anyone outside the impression that someone was really taking a bath.

Joanna's hands zoomed in on Cheese's tits. She was nearly as keen to get her hands on her neighbor's big hooters as Shawn was. For someone who was ostensibly not a lesbian, she was definitely getting into having sex with women.

Cheese's robe fell to the ground. Joanna wore nothing but a thin, oversized T-shirt - the bare minimum of decorum needed in case she was seen in the hallway on her way to the bathroom. Cheese reached under it and found Joanna's pussy. She was excited by the feel because, although she'd fooled around with other women in college, she'd never touched a shaved pussy before.

But soon she pushed Joanna away, and said, "What about your treatment? We have to soothe your throbbing ass." She held up the jar that was half filled with lotion, half filled with Shawn's cum. It was the same jar she'd used earlier, so Joanna quickly recognized it.

Joanna was surprised. "Cheese, you don't have to play games with me. You and I both know what we're doing here, so let's just get down to it. I've been waiting for this so eagerly!"

"You have?" Cheese laughed, delighted at how easily this part of her overall scheme was unfolding. "So have I. But humor me. I like playing games. Let's start with this" - she held up the jar again - "and take off from there."

Joanna directed her attention at the jar for the first time. "Does that still contain, you know, Shawn's seed?"

"Yep! In fact, I just got a fresh injection a few minutes ago. If we act fast, it might still be warm."

"Cool! Okay, if you're putting that on my butt, I'm game for pretending. Please soothe my oh-so-sore butt with Shawn's jism! Don't be afraid to shove it up my twat!" Joanna pulled her shirt off, and stepped into the bathtub, which was the only place in the bathroom to get really roomy and comfortable. The rich Chens had a bathtub so large that two people could lay in it (Vel had thought she and her husband would be in there together to spice up their sex life, but it never happened). Joanna lay face down in a small puddle of warm water.

Cheese straddled Joanna just because she could, and began rubbing Shawn's cum into Joanna's butt with one hand, and plunging her finger in and out of Joanna's pussy with the other (she assumed Joanna wasn't serious about wanting Shawn's cum straight into her pussy). As her finger went in and out of Joanna's now sopping wet hole, the aroma drifted up to Cheese's nose and turned her on even more. They whispered between labored breaths because they had a lot to say now that they were in private and open about their feelings for each other.

"You know, I'm not a lesbian..." Joanna started.

"Nor am I," replied Cheese. "Nothing beats a good cock. Especially if it's your brother's cock. However, guys can only get it up so many times a day, even a tall, dark, and handsome boy like Shawn. But there's no limit to a woman's orgasms. I'd rather have your hands in me than my own."

"Exactly! I'm just starting to get into some female action with another cheerleader at school, but mostly it's just another way to get into Shawn's pants more often. Like just about any guy, he gets turned on watching his women so hot and horny that they turn on each other in a sex crazed feeding frenzy. I get to enjoy another woman, and then there's more hard cock to be had by all. Talk about a win-win situation for everybody! So far it's just this one other cheerleader, but I hope the circle will grow."

"Care to mention any names?" Cheese's curiosity was definitely piqued. She knew the names and appearances of all the cheerleaders since her daughter Hui Shan was also on the team.

"No, I probably shouldn't have told you that much, without asking Shawn first."

"Where do you do it?" Cheese pressed as she rubbed the girl's butt and explored her pussy.

"That's our problem. Finding somewhere private has been our biggest problem by far." That was true, but Joanna was also being deliberately vague.

Cheese decided it was time to bring up a very delicate subject. "Joanna, I have a confession to make. To tell you the truth, I'm not too crazy about your mother's boundaries and rules. I'm all for doing anything and everything with Shawn, and I only hold back a bit out of respect for her, and fear that she'll catch me and that'll ruin our friendship. I think she'll come around eventually, but I'm trying to be patient. I'm guessing you feel the same way."

"Yep." Joanna was finding it harder to talk since Cheese was devoting all of her attention to pleasuring her. Wordlessly, Cheese had begun exploring Joanna's ass crack more and more with her hands.

"So you don't have any problem if you and I go all the way? At least as far as two women can go?"

"Nope. Bring it on!" She wiggled her ass invitingly, but Cheese already was all over it, and even rubbed her nose and cheeks along her peachy soft skin.

"We'll get there in a minute. But I'm curious. My suspicion is that you and Shawn have already gone further than you're letting on. You two seem to be extra close to each other lately, to say the least. And you and him being together with another cheerleader... Don't worry, I'm not going to mind, and I'm not going to tell your mother, but has Shawn fucked you yet?"

Normally Joanna would have been very horrified at being found out. But with Cheese on her, she knew she was in good hands, so to speak. "Yep," was all she said, giggling.

"I knew it! You HAVE been naughty, haven't you? How was it? Tell me everything!" Cheese was so excited that she took another gob of the lotion/cum and plunged a finger up Joanna's anus. Another finger was already in her pussy, so Cheese kept both of Joanna's holes occupied at once. Joanna was soon loudly moaning and climaxing, so it took a while before Joanna was able to respond to Cheese's queries.

Cheese realized they were forgetting to keep quiet, so she warned Joanna to keep her voice down. She also turned the shower on behind them, to make more white noise. The bathtub was so big they didn't even get wet. But Cheese wasn't overly worried, because the shower was on a very low setting so she figured she would hear the sound of the master bedroom door open before anyone could even get near.

16-10-2005, 09:55 PM
Joanna began to describe her first time at Kim's house in detail, excited that she finally had someone else to tell.

Since Cheese had to get up to turn on the shower, they used the opportunity to reposition. Cheese knelt before a standing Joanna, and munched on her pussy. As her tongue explored the inside of Joanna's vagina, she noticed how sweet her pussy tasted and smelled. She thought, I could really get to like this. I wonder if Joanna understands just how momentous this is. If I have my way, this will be just the first of thousands of times we do this. ... Funny how sweet she tastes, given that the taste is similar to her brother, yet the two of them are unrelated. I wonder: it's true they were both adopted, but could they be adopted from the same family and not even know it? They both have these natural dark tans, dark brown hair, brown eyes... Mmm. I'll worry about that later. I just wanna enjoy this...

Cheese wasn't lying when she boasted to Shawn recently that she had a dexterous tongue. It did have an usually long reach. She hadn't done this in years, but soon she figured out how to put her exceptional tongue to excellent use, and fucked Joanna's pussy with it, as if it was a miniature penis. She knew she was onto something good by the way Joanna started panting heavily.

But Cheese's curiosity got the best of her. There were so many things they could never discuss until now, and she was fascinated by the idea of Shawn and Joanna fucking. After a minute or two, she stopped briefly to ask, "Sorry, but let me ask one question. Have you two been taking the proper precautions for pregnancy?"

"Hell yeah! I don't want to have a baby while I'm in high school! There's no way I'm going to let that happen. Shawn was able to not only get condoms and pills, but even diaphragms. So we use all three at once, just to be sure. And we keep an eye on the calendar, too."

"Good. I'm really glad to hear that. Not just because it's smart, but I have an extra reason. This afternoon I wanted to stick some of Shawn's cum up your pussy, but I was afraid to. Now, I assume you don't mind?"

"By all means!" Joanna replied excitedly. "Didn't I already tell you not to be afraid to do that? Let it join all the rest! I hope there's a bunch of sperm still sloshing around in there. That's one of my fantasies - when I'm in school I like to think Shawn's cum has filled my vagina and that it sloshes around with every step I take. I'm not wearing my diaphragm right now though. ... But wait! I've stashed some in this very room, in the hope that I'd get Shawn to do me in here someday. I've got them stashed in my room, in the other bathroom, in the car, all over. We've got, like, a supply for a couple of years!"

Cheese hummed, "Mmm. Now my tongue has something to look for. Bring that beautiful box of yours back here."

Joanna was standing. She rooted around the bathroom cabinets until she was able to get her box of supplies from out of a remote hiding place. She proudly held them up. "Look how many. I'm going to use each and every one with Shawn. Just think how many fucks that is."

"You never can be too careful," Cheese said. "But where are you getting all this? I mean, you're both so young."

Joanna inserted the diaphragm. "Shawn's so smart. He got some condoms first, I don't know how. But then he got nurse Caelist to give him loads of stuff."

"Yeah, I'll bet you he's given her loads in return, if you know what I mean," Cheese joked. They both laughed.

"Too much talking," Cheese complained. "Your turn." They repositioned, and Joanna licked Cheese's pussy for a while. They could have done each other at the same time in a sixty-nine, but Cheese wanted to devote her entire attention to the sensations of being tongued by one of her most loved people.

Joanna was also happy to completely devote herself to the task. She'd tasted a few pussies, namely Kim's, Hui Shan's, and Sera's. They all tasted roughly the same, but Cheese's was different: a bit more tangy and bitter. It had a potent flavor. But she decided that it wasn't unpleasant.

They both were so excited that it wasn't long until Joanna's tongue in Cheese and her fingers in herself resulted in an explosive mutual orgasm. The two of them rested up and prepared themselves for more.

16-10-2005, 09:56 PM

After some more minutes they repositioned again, and Joanna lay back in the bathtub. "Here goes..." said Cheese, kneeling over her, and she stuffed Shawn's seed up into his sister's pussy. Once it was in, she kept plunging in and out with three fingers. "Imagine my fingers are Shawn's cock," she helpfully suggested.

That caused Joanna to begin moaning loudly. But she also loudly and jokingly complained, "Three fingers? If you want to be Shawn's cock, you'll have to fist me!"

"Shhh!" warned Cheese. She wasn't going to fist anyone, if indeed Joanna was serious with the suggestion (which she was not). But she did increase her penetration to four fingers. "Now tell me the rest of your story. And by the way, how is your butt feeling, honestly?"

"It's fine! You can spank me anytime. I knew you were up to something sneaky and sexy, so that's why I agreed to it. Shawn gave me an erotic spanking last night, and I just love it."

Cheese was still exploring Joanna's anus with her other hand, going full blast on both holes at once. She said, very eagerly, "Okay! Do you want me to spank you some more right now?"

"Umm, let's not go that far. It is a bit sore. Some other time."

Cheese was disappointed, but decided to let it slide for now. She consoled herself with the happy knowledge that Joanna quite enjoyed spankings, and that Shawn was doing them to. I'd prefer to spank that lovely young man, but I wouldn't be adverse to getting spanked by him too. A little bit of everything is good, as long as it's sexual.

Joanna added, "But I feel bad - you're making me feel so good, and I'm not giving anything back. Let me turn over and help you out."

She flipped over, grabbed an aroused nipple with one hand, and stuck her fingers in Cheese's fuck hole with the other. She quickly came across the string leading to the egg vibrator. She pulled it out, laughing. "What's this, you naughty woman? Damn, that was deep inside there."

"Hey, if you're gonna take that out, you have to replace it with something better," Cheese chided Joanna, and Joanna quickly obliged with an ever-increasing number of fingers. "Now, you were telling me about the first time you and Shawn fucked?"

They carried on. Their bodies became more familiar with each other, and they started to explore more ambitious positions. The only problem was that Joanna's hot story of fucking Shawn became more ragged in the telling as each minute passed. There was a lot of fucking and not much talking.

And they got so excited, they kept forgetting to keep the noise down. They huffed and puffed and squished and moaned. They looked fantastic together, with Joanna's deep tan contrasting with Cheese's pale white skin. Had anyone seen them, they might have thought two perfectly-formed Playboy bunnies were going at it.

They sat face to face, and ground their pussies together when they weren't fingering each other. Their legs interlaced one another, allowing their wet pussies to literally kiss. They rubbed their pussy lips together and felt the soft folds of their labias slickly slide over each other as their juices intermingled. The aroma of two hot steaming pussies filled the small room.

Sometimes they French kissed too, but Cheese kept pausing the action and forced Joanna to tell a little bit more of her fucking story. As if they weren't aroused enough, the occasional reminder of fucking Shawn raised emotions to an even higher level. Somewhere along the line Joanna let Kim's name slip, but she was too far gone to care much.

All the while, they were getting quite wet, both between their legs with more orgasms, and by splashing the water from the tub on each other. They grew hot and sweaty as they rubbed their pussies together, and the bath water seemed to grow warmer, too. It wasn't long until the mirrors in the bathroom fogged up, and the room started to fill with steam. Yet, there was much more in the air than just physical arousal. Even though the two of them hadn't been together before, their long years of loving friendship showed, and their movements were filled with tenderness and deep affection.

In a pause after one of many mutual climaxes, Joanna went on with her story. "So, then Kim came in and asked if she could watch. Of course we said yes. Shawn was already hard, even though we did it three times already!" By this time she'd completely forgot that she wasn't supposed to mention Kim's name.

"He sounds like a total stud," said Cheese, sounding like a giggly schoolgirl. Cheese was glad to hear that Shawn's drunken performance with her as "Elle" at the party hadn't been typical of his lovemaking skills, even though from everything else he did she already knew he would be a fantastic fucker.

"He IS! Oh my God, wait till you hear how much he got it up the second time we went there. But anyways, he started pounding me again. In and out, in and out..."

"You mean like this?" interrupted Cheese. She stopped grinding her pussy against Joanna's and poked her fingers into Joanna instead. Joanna did likewise.

"Exactly!" Joanna giggled. "Fuck, this is almost as much fun as being there. Going in and out, in and out..." Their fingers worked on each other in time to their words. Both of their pussies were sopping wet and they sweated profusely all over from so much exertion. Their pussy juices flowed freely and lubricated their plunging fingers.

16-10-2005, 10:01 PM
"And the whole time," she went on, "Kim was sitting in a chair right next to us, frigging herself with the same rhythm we were using! If I wasn't feeling horny enough - not bloody likely with Big Brother inside of me, mind you, but if I was wasn't - all I had to do was look over and see Kim totally lost in the moment and egging us on with her eyes and fingers. God, it was so amazing! And Shawn was like a nonstop endurance monster. As he always is, as I learned later. After those quick fucks earlier, he was just going on and on, like he would never stop. His penis was so incredibly hard and thick too. But I'm sure you know that very well already; he's always like that. But you don't know how it felt when he totally filled me up and stretched my pussy to the limit. It was fantastic. Maybe I'm biased because it was my first fuck and all, but I don't think anybody else fucks like that. He's something very special. I mean, he made us seriously late, ‘cos he kept going to the brink and then pulling back. It was like he couldn't stop until he fucked me to death! In and out, in and out..."

They both said the words "in and out" in unison repeatedly, again timing their frigging with it. Then they broke out into giggles. They kissed some more after that, delaying the story once more.

Finally Cheese made a move to leave. She stood up, and Joanna stood up with her. "Really, we should stop," the older woman said. Cheese had been engaged in sexual activity for hours with only a shower as a break, and she was tired.

But Joanna with her youthful enthusiasm didn't like the idea of stopping. She wrapped herself around Cheese as they stood, massaging Cheese's clit with her fingertips, and said, "What's the big hurry? Just a few more minutes. I'm so excited, talking about fucking Shawn while fucking you. You're so much fun to be with, and fucking him is sooo good. Talk about the best of both worlds. Seriously. Have you noticed how my mom seems to be living just to suck his cock lately? I'm like that too, except I live to be fucked by Shawn! We can't stop now, because I still have to tell you abo..."

But with perfect timing, a sound broke them out of their reverie. "Cheese! Cheese, you up there?" It was Vel, loudly shouting from the bottom of the stairs.

They could just barely make out the words, as the sound had to travel up the stairs, down to the end of the hallway, then through two doors, and over the sound of the running water to reach them. The two of them froze and concentrated on listening.

More clearly, they heard Shawn reply. "She's in here with me, Mom!" Cheese was surprised to hear his voice, because she thought he'd been sleeping.

Then more dimly they heard Vel yell, "Cheese, your husband is calling. He's wondering what's happening with dinner. What should I tell him?"

Shawn answered, "Mom, Cheese's mouth is preoccupied at the moment, but don't tell Eric that!" Both Cheese and Joanna couldn't help giggling at hearing Shawn's lie, obviously covering up for them. He added, "We're almost done - I'm sure she'll be along in a minute!"

"Okay!" Vel yelled. "Remember the boundaries! Also, dinner will be ready in a few minutes. Angel, did you hear that? Angel? ... Tiger, can you tell your sister dinner is ready?"

"No problem!"

Joanna and Cheese paused and waited until they were sure Vel's attention had passed. When Joanna was finally convinced they were safe, she said, "Damn! Damn, damn, damn! Just when things were getting really good."

"Oh come on," said Cheese, disappointed but already disengaging. "What was I just saying? You have to know when to stop. This house is a lousy place to keep secrets. Anyways, if you came any more today I think you would have just plain run out of cum. And if you don't run out of cum, I'm bound to. At least we didn't get caught. Though I admit I would have liked to hear the end of your story."

"Well, that's basically the end," said Joanna, as she drew her body back into Cheese to finish explaining. "He just kept fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking me" - she punctuated each 'fuck' by plunging her fingers back into Cheese's pussy each time - "until I was literally fucked out. He seriously had to carry me back to the car. I was sore for days!"

"You sure there was enough 'fucks' in your description?" Cheese said playfully.

"No. As a matter of fact, it was more like he fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking fucked me until I couldn't fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking stand it!" Joanna again threw caution to the wind, and now frigged Cheese like there was no tomorrow.

"Okay! I gather it was pretty fuck, fuck, fucking good." But Cheese realized time was running out. She disengaged herself from Joanna and picked up a towel from the ground. "Come on, what if Vel decides to go to her bedroom to change clothes or something?"

Joanna reluctantly began drying herself. "Yeah, you could say it was pretty damn fucking good. And that was only his first time! You should hear about the time with the seventeen erogenous zones. I can't wait until he gets experienced with the likes of you and then he shows me all he's learned."

"You think YOU can't wait!" Cheese said with exasperation. "I want Shawn to fuck ME until I'm the one who's too sore to walk! And you got to take his virginity, too, you lucky bastard. AND, you're doing a threesome! And here I am, forced to go slow with him."

"Yeah..." said Joanna, aglow with her fond memories. "That's about the only edge I've got on you, that I took his virginity. And he took mine. Shawn's going to be the only guy to ever fuck me, if I can help it. But that's all I've got going. How can I compete with you? Or should I say you two?" She grabbed both of Cheese's boobs with this last sentence, and started playing with them.

"Hey!" Cheese took the hands away. "Let's get dressed already! You're his sister. I can't compete with that."

Joanna ignored that comment and continued as she started to dress, "And anyways, it's not all wine and roses. Remember that Mom has grounded both Shawn and me for a week, and we've resolved to not break Mom's boundaries rules here in the house. So he can't fuck me again aaaaaallll the way until next Moooonday!!"

"That's very wise. Be patient. You have lots of time. But speaking of time, let's continue this talk later. I've gotta go cook dinner for my very unfuck, fuck, fuckable husband. ... But the afterglow of this day will make dinner a lot more bearable. This will help too." Cheese stuck her egg vibrator back up her pussy, and both of them giggled.

She enthused as she put a robe back on, "What a great day! You go first and make sure the coast is clear - it's less weird if you're using this bathroom than if I am. Then I'll go. But stay in your room for a bit. Vel won't think it weird if I look like I just had an orgasm, given what Shawn just told her, but we can't both be looking like that! And the smell. This whole bathroom smells like a giant pussy. Let's air this place out."

16-10-2005, 10:02 PM

Cheese quietly made her way downstairs, hoping that Vel wouldn't notice her. Shawn went the extra mile to cover Cheese's tracks. When Cheese came down the stairs towards the living room, she looked over to the kitchen for Vel and indeed saw her there.

Vel was facing away in front of a counter top while Shawn kneeled behind her. He had her skirt pulled up and was rubbing her ass intently. She continued to fiddle with food on the stove and even happily hum, acting as if her son wasn't exploring every nook and cranny of her butt.

Cheese pondered, That's funny. I thought Vel said Shawn couldn't touch her in places like that. So much for boundaries! Then it occurred to her, Oh. This must be the "getting of attention" I've heard about. Nice!

Cheese walked away from the kitchen and towards the front door. Today's little poolside scheme is already working wonders. Looks like Vel is going to crumble even faster than I'd thought. Excellent. She went to the underwear cabinet and changed from her robe into normal clothing without being overheard.

Before Cheese left, she walked back to the edge of the living room and peeked to see how things were faring in the kitchen. To her surprise, Shawn now had his face buried up his mother's ass crack. He looked like he was rooting around for something in there with his nose. Vel no longer appeared calm, but in fact clutched the counter edge as if she was about to climax.

Cheese chuckled to herself. I should just let the happy couple be. But if I speak up, I might help push things forwards a bit further. She said out loud, "Shawn, did you lose the car keys? I don't think you'll find them up there."

She laughed at her own joke while Vel and Shawn disengaged and frantically scanned the room to find the voice they'd just heard. When they looked back and saw it was only Cheese, they relaxed somewhat. At least Shawn relaxed. He'd jumped up, but he got back down on his knees and grasped Vel's legs so her marvelous ass wouldn't be able to scamper away.

Vel though was flummoxed, especially since Shawn was once again lightly breathing onto her ass, giving her goose bumps. He'd discovered that drove her crazy. She stood straight and tried to act casual, even though her ass was completely exposed. "Uh, hi, Cheese. Very funny. It's, uh, not what it looks like. Uh, okay, maybe it is, but, uh... We were just, uh... Shawn was helping me, ummm..." Her face reddened further as she failed to think up even one vaguely plausible cover explanation for what Cheese had seen.

Shawn stepped in to save her. "I was just helping her by getting her attention. I told you about that, right? It's kind of a rule we have that I can play with her ass as a kind of foreplay before she gives me a blow job." He went back to blowing on her skin, causing it to tingle.

"Oh. Of course," Cheese replied in a level voice, as if Shawn had just told her about a nice sale price for rental cars. "Certainly Shawn has to get your attention in some kind of special way if he needs a blow job. Otherwise, how are you going to know?" She was just saying whatever would make Vel happy. She wanted to make up for her naughty interruption and put Vel back at ease.

Vel was already losing herself in another erotic fog as Shawn continued to stimulate her ass in exciting ways. She already had put the interruption so far behind her that she struggled to come up with a response. "Um, yeah." She tried to change the subject. "Did you just come in? You surprised me."

"Yeah," Cheese lied. That was better than saying she'd come from fucking Joanna. But she brought the conversation back around. "Tell me more about this attention ritual, Sweetie. Exactly how do you show her you need a blow job?"

"Glad you asked. When Mom cooks, she usually wears something like this apron that can easily be brushed aside so I can get to her ass no problem. She's always thinking that I might sneak up on her and grab her ass, so she gives me easy access. Don't you, Mom?" He was heavily kneading one of her ass cheeks even as he blew between her legs, certainly exciting her pussy, which was a mere couple of inches from his lips.

"Uh, um, yes... But really, Son! This is not the type of conversation... Oh my God! Please take your hand off! Cheese can see!" The hand she referred to was now deep in her ass crack.

Cheese calmly noted, "Big deal. I saw a lot more than this by the pool this afternoon. Please continue, Sweetie."

He continued with his probing and his explanation. "Like I was saying, Mom is dressed so I can get to her ass. No underwear, of course. She keeps it very clean for me too. And I've managed to surprise her a couple of times, including just before you came in. It kind of reminds me of when we used to surprise tickle each other when I was a kid. Anyways, I grope at her ass cheeks, like I'm doing now. She really digs that. A couple times she's pretended that I wasn't there at all, and let me fondle her for ages. But today I felt like zeroing in right at her ass crack. I wanted to see what was in there. Like this hole."

At that, Shawn stuck a finger into Vel's anus. He carefully placed a couple of his remaining fingers outside her ass on either side of her pussy lips. He was going as close to the limits as he could.

She cried out, "Shawn! Please! Cheese is here!" However, her body betrayed her words. Her pussy opened up and rich smelling lubricant started to flow out and down her inner legs.

Shawn acted dumb. "Please what? Please saw my finger in and out a bit? Like this? Or do you mean you'd like Cheese to take over?"

Before she realized it, she heard herself saying, "No! You're doing just fine! Uh, I meant..." Vel was at a loss for words. She bent over at a ninety degree angle to give Shawn better ass access and also to hide her very red face. Her asshole and vagina opened wide. Her body was primed and in the ready position to be mounted and fucked hard until she passed out. It felt like the most natural position for her to offer her son.

She thought, This is so embarrassing, but let's face facts. I'm a hot horny mother ready to be used for pleasure in any way necessary so my son can empty his dick of another load. And then, when he's given that up, his balls will fill with cum again and I'll help him drain them again. And again. And again. Forever! Life is so good!

She mashed her boobs into the cold kitchen counter, which stimulated her nipples. That alone nearly caused her to scream.

16-10-2005, 10:04 PM
Cheese chuckled at Vel's response. Before Vel could complain more, Cheese rushed in to say, "I see. But Shawn, what were you doing when I came in? It looked like you were trying to shove your whole face up that hole."

"Oh, that. I was, sort of. My mom likes it when I lick her ass crack. It's something I just discovered today. Don't you dig it, Mom?"

Vel failed to answer the question, as she put on a false "nothing to see here" smile.

He immediately dove back in with his tongue. Its probing wetness found her puckered anus. He spread her cheeks with his hands to give him better access to that secret spot. He plunged the tip of his tongue right in her hole. She let out an excited gasp.

But Vel looked back at Cheese nervously, and pushed his head away. "Tiger. Please. That's so improper! That's enough ass licking for now, buster."

He abruptly withdrew the tongue and stood up. "You're right. That is enough. I'm ready for my blow job now." He whipped his penis out of his pants. It was rock hard and throbbing like a beating heart as the blood coursed through it. The head of his penis was already shiny and slick from pre-cum. He clenched his PC muscle, which caused his penis to bob up and down.

Vel was still pressed face down into the counter, but he spun her around like a rag doll and put her hand on his rod. He continued, "Cheese, you're more than very familiar with this next part. Vel now drops to her knees and sucks, licks, and strokes my penis until I feel reeeeaaal good. Don't you, Mom? Would you like to be a helpful cocksucker right now?"

Her hand was already naturally stroking, and her second hand quickly joined in. "You know I would. But Cheese is here. And.... And there's something else. On the tip of my tongue... What was it?" She continued to stroke as she stared into space, and then it came to her. "Oh yeah! Your punishment! No blow jobs until Tuesday. Don't you remember?"

"Dang. My punishment. Hunh. Well, you only said no blow jobs. You can still give me a hand job, like you're already doing now."

"I suppose I could..." She stroked for some more moments, pondering again. But then she looked up and saw Cheese standing there across the kitchen, and blushed all over again. "Cheese! You're still here! Um, of course you are. What am I thinking? But you're so quiet. How can you just stand there and watch me do this?"

Cheese stepped forward. "Oh, you're right. I'm sorry. How rude of me. You must need some help. Here. I can take care of his balls." Cheese drew nearer, with an outstretched hand.

Vel let go of Shawn's penis in shock. "No! I didn't mean that. Tiger, that's enough of that! Put your thing away right now. We can't do this in front of other people. It's time for dinner. Look. You've made me nearly burn my pot." She turned back around and moved to the stove to tend to the food. Her whole body was shaking with excitement.

Cheese laughed again. Partly it was the sight of her friend acting serious even as her ass was still unwittingly completely exposed now that she was facing away again. Cheese also partly laughed at her own chutzpah in stepping towards them and seeing if she could join in. Oops. Tried to much there. Maybe I'll have better luck next time. It was a bit bold and unwise to even interrupt their privacy. But it was worth it just to see the look on her face. I'm such a meanie these days.

Since Shawn's erect penis was still hanging out of his shorts, Cheese took another step forward and held it in her hands. "Look at this, Vel. Shawn is still hard. Are you just going to ignore this and leave him suffering? Isn't this why he was getting your attention? Should I take over if you're busy with the food?"

Vel turned around with another look of total shock. Shawn's penis was already dripping with pre-cum, and now Cheese's hand was sliding up and down his slippery rod.

But Shawn spoke up. "That's okay, Cheese. Thanks for the offer, but Mom's right. It's time for dinner. Anyways, I've already done it eight times today and I could honestly use a break." Actually he hadn't meant to have things go this far - he was just rubbing his mother's ass to allow Cheese to leave unnoticed, which turned out to be a moot point, anyway.

"You sure?" Cheese kept stroking.

"Yep. I'm sure."

"You positive? Because I would hate to leave you hanging. So to speak." She smiled now at her own obvious attempt to draw things out, and he smiled too.

"Well, if you insist, you can do that for another minute or two until the dinner is on the table. But please make sure I don't cum again. I don't think my penis will be happy tomorrow." He cupped his hands and yelled loudly, "JOANNA! COME! I WANT YOU TO GO DOWN! THERE'S SOMETHING HERE FOR YOU TO EAT!" Cheese and Shawn chuckled, but the comments flew over Vel's head.

In less than a minute, Joanna bounded down the stairs. She was in a great mood after having so much fun with Cheese.

Vel turned around from the stove to greet her daughter, and saw Cheese still jacking off Shawn's prick. That wasn't much of a surprise, but the fact that Cheese was now topless certainly was. "Cheese!" she griped. "Your blouse. What happened to your blouse?"

As Joanna flew into the kitchen, she took stock of the situation and quipped, "Hi Mom. It probably went to the same place as your dress."

Vel reached around and felt her ass. She realized in horror that her ass was still completely uncovered and now three people were staring at it. She finally pulled her dress back down and covered it up.

Meanwhile, Cheese answered, "Vel, you don't expect me to jack off Shawn with my clothes on, do you? That's so unstimulating for the poor guy. We have to think of his needs." Cheese technically wasn't blowing Shawn, but her mouth was so close to the tip of his penis that her breathing stimulated it even further.

Vel was now increasingly irked, both at herself and at everyone else. She felt like she'd been made a fool of. She said crossly, "Well it is technically possible, you know. And there are more important things in the universe than stimulating Shawn, believe it or not. But as a matter of fact, I'm putting my foot down. Please stop that right now. Shawn, it's time for dinner. It's time to get seated at the dinner table. You too, Joanna."

Shawn was greatly enjoying things. Getting blown or sucked was such a common thing for him by now that he felt completely relaxed, and stood casually with his hands in his pockets while Cheese had one leg snaked between his and her tits pressed into his pants-covered thighs. Even though Vel had just covered up her butt and was now actually fairly covered up, that was almost made up by the skimpy dress Joanna wore. Life was good and the only limit to his fun was how much his penis could take. Today he was certainly testing the very limits of just how much stimulation one man could stand.

Cheese's blouse hung wrapped around her stomach. She pulled it back up and buttoned it together. "Vel, you're cross. Sorry. I'm really not trying to be flip or undermine your authority here. It's just that, well, thinking about Shawn's penis makes me want to do crazy things. Of course I want to throw my clothes off and suck him to completion."

"Don't we all," Joanna giddily interrupted. "What did I miss here?" She grabbed some plates and silverware and set the dining table.

"Oh, not much," Vel said, glum but a little bit mollified. "Just the usual. Too much talk about sexual things." She turned to the now-standing Cheese. Shawn stood next to her, but he was finally putting his penis back in his pants. "And I understand where you're coming from, Cheese. Boy, do I understand. I can't believe I let Shawn do that to my ass, but I get carried away too. But let's try to respect each other's wishes a bit more, okay?"

"Yes. Certainly. And speaking of dinner, I really should be going. My husband and kids must be starving. If my husband only knew what was keeping me, he might get a little bit angry! I've gotta run. I'll see you later." Cheese rushed to the front door and left.

16-10-2005, 10:20 PM

Vel left to change out of her cooking clothes into something more formal and more alluring. The Chens sat down at the dinner table. Then Vel said grace. Finally Joanna was free to talk and she asked, "So what's the special occasion, Mom?"

"What do you mean?"

"You're actually wearing clothes!" Joanna laughed at her own joke.

Vel wasn't so pleased. "Very funny," she griped. She nervously twirled a strand of hair in her fingers, afraid Shawn might not like her appearance.

"Well, I think you look great, Mom," Shawn said positively. "You know, sometimes you're just as alluring all dressed up as when you're naked."

"Thank you, Tiger." Vel was very relieved to hear his compliment. She was wearing a lilac dress with long white sleeves. It exposed a tremendous amount of cleavage, but compared to what she was wearing lately, it seemed conservative, since it didn't have any potential for her nipples or tits to pop out. The fact that this dress was now considered conservative showed how much things had changed in just a few weeks.

Of course, she wasn't wearing any bra or panties. The feeling of her nipples and mound rubbing against the rough fabric helped keep her in an aroused state.

"What do you think, Sis?"

"Oh, I think Mom looks totally steaming hot. Good enough to eat." Joanna lewdly licked her lips. Coming straight from sex with Cheese, she was very aroused by the prospect of doing the same to her mother.

Vel could feel the sexual desire radiating from her daughter, and nervously tried to change the subject. "Speaking of good enough to eat, let me get the food."

When Vel came back to the table, Joanna asked, "So what's all this about your ass, Mom? Why was it hanging out so deliciously naked when I came down, and what did you say Shawn was doing to it?"

Vel sighed. "Here we go again. Let's see. How can I explain this?"

Shawn helped out. "Sis, I was fondling Mom's ass when Cheese came over. But I wasn't violating the no-touching rule. You see, when Mom set that rule, she also said that it would be okay if I got her attention that I needed sexual relief by grabbing her butt." Vel made an excuse to go back into the kitchen, blushing profusely.

Joanna quietly grumbled and was jealous about that until she thought some more, and came up with an idea. Then she enthused, "Oh great! What a great rule! If you want to get my attention, why don't you do something similar? I know! You can stick your finger up my fuck hole. Or really, any object of that general size and shape. That'll be sure to get my attention, heh-heh."

"Kaaaathriiiine!" chided Vel from the kitchen. "You know Shawn shouldn't do something like that. Even talking like that is so unladylike. It's so very improper! Words like 'fuck hole' - for shame. Angel, I thought I raised you better. Why don't you think of something else?"

"Okay," Joanna said, delighted that Vel didn't mind the general concept of having her own special way of getting Shawn's attention. "Let's see... the butt is already taken. We could make it the boobs, but let's face it, mine aren't as nice as some other people's around here." She made a frustrated, screwed-up face at that thought. "Oh, I know: my pussy! Not the inside, Mom, but the shaved smooth outside. That's something special. Shawn could pet the outside. What do you think, Big Fa... Well... uh, Brother?"

"Sounds fine to me!" He picked up his fork and knife and began to eat.

"What about you, Mom?" Joanna asked. "Is that an okay signal?"

"Well, Angel, I don't really see why we need these signals in the first place, but I guess since I have one... Shawn, do you promise to restrain yourself and go no further than the outside with this signal?"

"Yes, I promise. I won't go any further when signaling." But to himself he thought, However, when not signaling I'm going to keep fucking her silly. Shawn had never broken a promise, as far as his mother knew. But he often would only adhere to the "letter of the law" and this time he realized he'd found another loophole. He even justified fucking his sister by the fact that his mother had never explicitly forbade them from fucking each other.

Before Vel could fully process his clarification, Joanna cried, "Goody! Why don't we try it out right now, and see if it works?" She stood up and walked around the table to Shawn. She wore a short dress and pulled it up, so that Shawn's face was inches from his sister's bare pussy.

"Joanna, not at dinner!" Vel said. "You haven't eaten yet."

"But moooOOOOoooom..." Joanna whined.

Shawn more cleverly said, "Mom, do you suppose we could try it out for just a minute? I think it would be important to establish just what's acceptable here, while you're nearby, so you can help us clarify some gray areas. Otherwise we won't know how far to go when we're alone."

Vel felt trapped but compelled by that logic. "I don't know. It's so improper. I mean, doing something like that in a common room, in front of someone else..."

"But Mom," he persisted, "you were just letting me fondle your ass when Cheese walked by. And you blew me in the back yard in front of two people, even."

She blushed some more. Shawn thought that both cute and arousing. As usual, she relented. "Don't remind me of my shameful mistakes. ... Okay, okay, fine. But just to clarify the boundaries. Very briefly! Your food is just sitting there."

"Excellent!" Joanna cried. She immediately took all of her clothes off. The two of them moved to a couch near the dining room table.

"What do you think you're doing?" Vel complained to her daughter. "Your clothes!"

But rather than let Joanna answer, Shawn immediately placed his hand on his sister's pussy and asked Vel, "Here's a question: the clitoris. What do you think about my touching the clit? It is on the outside, you know. So isn't it okay?"

Shawn naturally rubbed Joanna's clit as he asked this. He used his left hand to pull back the hood and rubbed the tip until it stuck out like a little prick, red and swollen. He used his sister's moans as an excuse to push things even farther. "I hope I'm not being too rough; maybe you need a little lubricant." He licked his finger and rubbed her nub even faster now that it was covered with spit.

Vel waffled. "I don't know. I mean, that seems awfully sexual."

"But is it really that different from pinching a nipple after touching a breast?"

"Well, no, but..."

He cut in, and went on before she could think, "Then we're in agreement. But what about the pussy lips? That's a tougher one. If I put my finger right here, along Joanna's slit, I'm still on the outside, but I could kind of press down, like this."

His finger first circled around the outer lips, then slid back and forth in between the inner folds. He was still holding back the hood with his other hand. He managed to rub her clit while massaging his sister's meaty pussy lips.

Vel was silent, as if struck dumb by the sight. He said, "So that's on the outside. Whereas THIS is on the inside." He dramatically plunged three fingers into her hole and started up a rapid fucking action with his hand. Joanna moaned loudly. She was in a very happy place as his fingers explored her clit and then caressed her pussy lips, all wet with her juices. She could even smell her own aroma which was filling the room. Her mother could easily smell it too.

"Tiger, please. Outside only! And in any case, the proper time for that is after dinner! Your food is getting cold. I thought you were talking about just petting the area where she used to have hair." Vel looked down into her lap and noticed that her legs were rubbing together, as if someone else were in control of them. It took all of her self-control to force them to stop moving.

"Oh, you mean like this?" Shawn took his fingers out of his sister's steaming hole and caressed her silky skin all around her pussy lips, which was very sensitive. His sister moaned again. Vel formed a serious, disapproving frown, so Shawn tried to wrap things up. "I'll try to keep it like this and go no further than what I was doing earlier."

"Fine." Vel sighed. "Now that we've got that sorted out, The two of you, please sit down and eat the food I spent so much time making. You really shouldn't be doing this kind of thing in front of other people, even me. Can we be a normal family for five minutes?"

All three of them sat down and began to eat. Vel glared at her daughter. "Joanna? Forget something?"

"Oh yeah." Joanna got up and put her clothes back on.

"Really!" Vel complained as she ate, "I think you two take far too much advantage of my kind nature. Imagine. Eating dinner naked! Remember, you're both grounded for the week."

"Which means I can stay home and suck Shawn's Popsicle all week long!" Joanna happily pointed out. She was sitting again after quickly throwing her clothes back on.

"No, young lady, remember the other part of your punishment? No blow... um, oral stimulation tasks for you. But since I'm in a generous mood, I'll let you stimulate him once a day with your hands, but that's it. And you're done for today. After all, you're supposed to be having a punishment, not a reward. And Shawn, remember, no touching her either. You're grounded too."

"Except for touching her pussy, to get her attention," he pointed out.

"Yes, I suppose. Except for that. Just once a day though. God, I can't believe how weak I am!" She wagged a finger at both of them in a mothering way. "And no more stunts like this pussy-petting at dinner or whatever you call it. Is that clear? ... Oh my. I said 'pussy.' Is there any decent word for that area? Bush? Mound? Oh dear. Nothing works. You two are corrupting me." They nodded in agreement at her restrictions and tried to hide their smiles.

16-10-2005, 10:22 PM

Vel continued, "We're a normal family eating a normal dinner. So can we please focus on talking about something at dinner other than sucking Shawn's Popsicle? Um, I mean, uh, stimulating Shawn's member?"

"Sure. But Mom, you're not weak," Shawn explained. "This week I'm going to need all the help I can get. Remember that my Boy Scout hike is coming up this weekend? I'm going to be gone all of Saturday and Sunday. This means I'll probably need to aim for seven or eight times a day for the week before and after, since I'll be lucky to have even one orgasm on both of those days."

Shawn had been in the Boy Scouts for years, and he was on the verge of becoming an Eagle Scout. He had all but dotted the i's and crossed the t's. But ever since he had begun his "treatment" he had been neglecting the Scouts. He realized he had to go on this camping trip or he'd be in serious trouble with his scouting troop.

"Oh my!" Vel exclaimed. The implications sank in as she imagined blowing her son many times a day. Her pussy started throbbing and her nipples grew harder than ever, but she clenched her legs and tried to think wholesome, religious thoughts. "Oh dear. Tiger, that's going to be really tough. Do you think you'll be able to handle it?"

"I don't know. To average six times a day is so hard. As you know, even though today has been an exceptional day so far, I was below target the last couple of days. So you can see I'm really going to need a lot of help. Especially from you and Cheese, Mom, since you won't let Joanna help much. And the sheer amount of time it takes to get sucked off so many times! Luckily this is a weekend and so we can really take time and enjoy ourselves. But how can I manage so many times during the school week? I'm thinking that sometimes it may be helpful if someone could just milk me with me hardly noticing. Like, for instance, if I'm doing my homework, Mom, and you come up and jack me off and I never even stop doing my homework the whole time."

"I don't know, Tiger," said a visibly worried Vel. "I'm supposed to be punishing you, even if it's only until Tuesday... I promise that when Tuesday comes around I'll really help you out a lot..."

Shawn could see she was wavering. "You just said the punishment was for blow jobs only. But in any case, you'll hardly let Joanna touch me, and you won't touch me now, so you expect Cheese to do everything? She's here some of the time, but not all the time. Like she's never over in the mornings, and I need a lot of help then. I can barely make six as it is; how can I do seven or eight without a lot of help from more than just her?"

"I don't know, Tiger. But you've hardly eaten a bite yet. Is this really an appropriate topic for dinner conservation?"

So they changed topics and finished dinner. When it was over, Vel went back to her room to change. Despite the compliments, she already felt overdressed. Screw this "clothes" shit, she cursed to herself as she stood before her dressing closet. Who needs all that heavy clothing? We live in Southern California. Clothes are unnecessary in this weather. There's a penis out there to be pleased and sucked. With Angel out there as competition, I'd better wear something that'll allow more "accidents" so he'll notice ME. Let's see.... This'll do. She grabbed the lowest cut dress she could find and put it on.

Shawn and Joanna were eating ice cream for dessert as she sat back down. "Now, where were we? Now that dinner is over, we were going to finish our discussion about penis stimulation."

"I think we're near a decision," said Shawn. "Come on Mom, what'll it be? Can't you help out more, or have Joanna help out more, or both?"

"Hmm... I don't know," she said uncertainly. She hoped to at least make it without blowing him until Tuesday. "What if you just have Cheese help you a couple of times a day, and 'do your thing' to make up the difference? For the next two days?"

Vel sat at the head of the table, and Shawn and Joanna sat on either side of her, as they usually did. Vel leaned forward as if deeply engrossed in the topic, which caused her skimpy orange dress to slide down. Her bountiful mounds spilled forward, fully exposed to his eyes.

Despite all her talk about wanting to act like a normal family, she had specifically changed into this dress just so it could slip down in this manner. Her face looked demure, but her erect nipples betrayed her excitement. The fact was, she'd been so sexually aroused at the pool earlier that she still had an erotic buzz she couldn't shake. Shawn's ass fondling before dinner got the buzz humming even louder, but then they'd been interrupted before the two of them could get off. Furthermore, the fact that Shawn was doing things to her right in front of Cheese and Joanna turned her on even more. The idea of being ravished by Shawn in a crowded public space kept intruding on her thoughts.

It was all Shawn could do not to reach out and pinch his mother's nipples. But he was equally distracted by his sister across the table from him. She wore a thin top which barely had enough fabric to not qualify as see-through. Worse (or better, depending on one's point of view), it was about two sizes too large, and one or the other of the two shoulder straps fell off her shoulders practically every time she took another bite to eat. This frequently caused her top to fall down enough to completely expose a boob.

Shawn finally tore his mind from his mother and sister's tits long enough to answer, "Um, Mom, if you have me 'do my thing' that often, my penis is certainly going to get seriously chafed."

Joanna giggled at the always absurd notion of penis chafing. She said as seriously as she could, "That's a big problem, Bro. Are you sure it isn't chafed already? Maybe we should take a look."

Shawn looked to his mother for permission.

She coughed nervously. "Ah, yes. I think that, uh, for medical reasons, it's good to see its condition now before we consider the future."

So Shawn unzipped his shorts and released his eager penis. As he'd just finished eating his dessert, he pulled his chair away from the table (and closer to his mother) so the other two could have a good view.

It was as if he'd hit a button controlling his mother labeled "pant." Vel's chest immediately began heaving as her breath became heavy and ragged from seeing the mouthwatering penis so close to her. He felt he could watch her heaving breasts for hours. He eventually tore his eyes away long enough to look back at his sister's chest, and noticed a similar reaction. It was almost comical how loudly the two of them were now panting.

In fact, Vel got so horny so quickly that it was all she could do not to reach into his lap and start stroking. But she still had enough of her old mindset to worry about doing that in front of Joanna, so instead, she said, "Tiger, why don't you scoot up to the table there, and I'll get you both some cookies."

She didn't really want to get them cookies as they'd just had ice cream, but it was an excuse for her to get away before she did something rash. She stood up to go.

Shawn replied, "Okay, but you know there's a certain morning alarm clock that I've been greatly missing. Honestly. I thought after Tuesday that maybe I'd see that more often."

Vel gasped and fled to the kitchen.

She somewhat composed herself, and remembered to pull her dress back up. She returned to the dining room with a plate of cookies a couple of minutes later.

Shawn was scooted all the way forward, so Vel couldn't see into his lap from where she now sat. But what she didn't know what that while she was in the kitchen, Joanna had started to play footsie.

Shawn was all the way forward to help facilitate the movements of his sister. As it was, she had to slump in her chair, acting as if she was really full, in order to reach across the wide table. Her foot found his exposed penis and trapped it against his thigh. As she built up a good rhythm of pressing down on it and rubbing, she couldn't help but briefly let out a wicked smile. Vel was still too flustered to notice.

Shawn wolfed down a couple of cookies, and slouched back in his chair, giving his sister's foot even better access. He opened his legs wide, and she experimented with two feet on his penis at once. It wasn't easy, especially with an unsuspecting Vel sitting only a couple of feet away, but she managed to trap the penis with one foot and rub the penis against it with the other. However, it wasn't worth all the extra effort so she soon returned to rubbing his penis into his thigh with just the one foot.

Joanna commented, "Hey, Bro, I'll bet it feels good to relax after a nice meal like that."

16-10-2005, 10:29 PM
"Oh, it sure does, Sis. It feels incredible. You have no idea how good." Of course, they were talking about the footsie job, but Vel didn't know that.

"Oh, I think I have some idea," she winked.

He turned to Vel and said, "Boy, that really was good, Mom. And homemade chocolate chip cookies, again!" Ever since her husband Ron had returned to Asia, it seemed that she was cooking Shawn's favorite dishes and making special desserts every night. The house was overflowing with homemade cookies. She smiled widely at his compliment. She couldn't explain why, but lately she was extremely eager to please him in all things.

He added, "Now that I'm done, can I get Joanna's attention, properly?"

She frowned at that. "Certainly not! I said..."

"You said," Shawn interrupted, "And I quote, 'The proper time for that is after dinner.' So we're just obeying your instructions from earlier."

Vel wrinkled her brow in consternation, tricked by her own words. She was mostly worried that the sight would get her too aroused again. She wavered. "I don't know. My Angel is still eating a cookie and I..."

Before Vel could get any further, Joanna took that as a yes and yelped in glee. Then she said, "Don't worry, Mom, I'm all done." She stuffed the rest of the cookie into her mouth and finished it off. "Come over here, Brother." She took her foot off of his crotch, and he stood up.

Shawn walked around to the other side of the table to sit next to his sister. He stepped out of his shorts as he got up, and his stiff penis bounced proudly as he walked.

"Tiger!" Vel complained. "Your shorts!" She'd managed to calm down a bit when she went to the kitchen, but her boobs resumed heaving as she watching the glorious penis bounce right past her. He deliberately made it worse by pausing right in front of her. With his penis nearly at her eye level, he reached forward and grabbed another cookie. She grasped at her chest as if struggling for air, and that caused her low cut dress to fall below her nipples. For once, she didn't do it on purpose; she was just reacting and clutching instinctively, and the dress did the rest.

"What, Mom? Didn't you ask me to take my penis out earlier? And I'm so stuffed after that wonderful meal that I can hardly expect to keep my shorts on." He stood above his sister and admired a great view down his sister's top, the nipples clearly visible through the fabric.

Then he sat down next to Joanna, and she lifted up her skirt for him. He asked, "Aren't you stuffed, Sis?"

"Gosh, I'm very stuffed!" she proclaimed. "But I like it, feeling stuffed. Don't you think, Mom, that sometimes it feels really good to just be totally stuffed?" She tore her eyes from Shawn to look at her mother as her own shoulder strap fell for what seemed to be the thousandth time, but her wide-eyed and panting mother completely missed Joanna's double meaning.

Meanwhile, Shawn began to caress Joanna's bare pussy. She'd thoughtfully pushed her chair far away from the dinner table to give Shawn better access to her lap, but also so her mother could see everything.

"I don't know," their mother replied, "I try to watch my weight very carefully, so I feel too guilty to enjoy feeling really full." She felt like she had to put her foot down and calm her children's behavior, but before she could respond to one thing, something else would come up. At that very moment, she had to complain, "Shawn, take your hands off of her tits. Uh, her breasts. Isn't the pussy good enough for you?"

"Oh. Sorry." He obeyed his mother's command.

Vel's brain wasn't working well. She was fantasizing that it was her pussy which was shaved to look like a girl's, and that his hands were running all over and inside her most private region.

She normally would have felt angry and/or jealous, but she was too aroused. Instead, she thought, All I'd have to do is give the word, and I'm sure he'd be delighted the rub me down there. Just like that. It would be so easy. Maybe I should have him do me, to save my precious Angel from his rapacious clutches. Is he pulling on her clitoris? I'll bet he is! She leaned forward and confirmed that was what he was doing. God yes! Of course he is. He knows exactly how to please a woman; how to take her to the pinnacles of desire! I'm so worked up that I can barely breathe! Pull on my little nub, Tiger! Make your mommy feel good! She rubbed her legs together under the table, but it was merely a feeble glimmer of the stimulation she really wanted.

Joanna gave up eating and spread her legs wider. "Well, Mom, sometimes you just have to ignore your guilt and let yourself go every now and then. I think it does a world of good. I think you should get stuffed and just enjoy yourself. Don't you agree, Brother?"

"Oh certainly, Sis," he replied, as he happily stroked. "Mom, one of these days I'd really like to stuff you myself." Joanna nearly choked on his blatant innuendo and her eyes went wide as he still pulled and played with her clit. "After all, you're always cooking for us. One of these days we should cook a really nice meal for you." The extra sentences helped tone his meaning down, but Vel seemed remarkably oblivious in any case.

"That would be really nice," Vel said, wide eyed and breathless. "Maybe you can surprise me for my birthday or Mother's Day. Meanwhile, why don't we get up and clean these dishes?"

Vel's jealousy was kicking in and she couldn't take much more stimulation. She looked over at her daughter.

Joanna was bold enough to lift her left leg and hang it off the armrest of her dinner chair. It gave Vel a clear view of her crotch and allowed Shawn greater access to her entire erogenous zone. It was clear the her slick oil was running out of her pussy and rolling down over her asshole.

Vel stood up. Both of her nipples were already on display, and now her top dropped completely off of her tits and fell down her stomach.

"Believe me, I'll definitely surprise you with it, one of these days."

Shawn found it a bit difficult to converse with his mother. Not only were both of her tits hanging out, but her chest was heaving even more than before, as if she was on the verge of hyperventilating. Furthermore, now that she stood up, she rubbed her thighs back and forth against each other as if she was trying to start a fire with two sticks. Her pussy juices were flowing freely under her loose, orange dress, and she delighted in the slippery sliding between her wet thighs. It was a most distracting sight to watch, even with her dress in the way.

16-10-2005, 10:30 PM
Vel had a strong feeling there was something extra going on, something sexual in the words her children were saying, and she didn't understand it. But the idea that they might be tricking her and toying with her somehow turned her on even more.

She closed her eyes and imagined that both of them stopped what they were doing and jumped her instead. Her fantasies weren't just about Shawn; she wanted both of her children carnally and in the worst way. She imagined the two of them tying her up as she screamed for mercy. Joanna then sat on her face and forced her to lick her hairless crotch while Shawn sank his penis into her vagina and fucked her mercilessly. She thought, It's a mother's duty to provide for her children. In my case, that means I should provide them my hot body so they can fill up all my orifices with their fluids until cum is dribbling out of my mouth, ass, and cunt. That's just what responsible, good mommies do. She could feel Joanna's slick, shaved skin rub against her nose, and feel Shawn's dick rhythmically bang against her cervix.

Her fantasy seemed so real that when she opened her eyes again she could scarcely believe they were still at the table and not all over her. She stepped forward and grabbed the table to brace herself as she felt a mini-orgasm quake between her legs.

Given that both the females near Shawn were obviously as horny as cats in heat, he felt he was doing a pretty admirable job of keeping up the small talk. He continued to stroke his sister's pussy, and while he didn't put his finger into it, he focused intently on her pussy lips and clit. She was as wet as her mother and she was barely able to restrain herself from attacking his penis as it was slapping her legs.

Suddenly, Vel shouted out, "No! Don't do it to your mommy!"

Her two children stopped what they were doing and looked in her direction. She was still engrossed in her rape fantasy and at first didn't realize she'd said something out loud. "Do what?" Shawn asked quizzically.

Covering for her accident outburst, she stammered, "Um, uh, don't disappoint your mommy, I mean your mother, by doing that to your sister too long." Gathering steam as she realized her words made sense, she added more forcefully, "I want you two to stop right now and clean up. Joanna, the kitchen is a complete mess. I want you to clean it top to bottom. Shawn, you're in charge of the dishes." She didn't actually care about the kitchen at that moment, but she needed things to cool down before she literally burst with desire.

"The dishes?" he mildly griped. His mother hadn't been giving him chores for the past week, ever since she'd openly fallen in love with cocksucking, and he was getting a bit spoiled about that. "What about my penis? It really, really needs help! And Sis is right here..."

"Put on your shorts and behave yourself. Really!" As she said this, her dress slipped further down. Only her wide hips prevented it from falling all the way to the floor. "Joanna is grounded and shouldn't be enjoying herself with such things. I'm going to take a shower right now, and I fully expect you two to behave in the meantime. I'm at the end of my rope, especially the way you two violated my trust by the pool this afternoon, and if I come back and you aren't responsibly doing your chores, I think I'm going to break down and cry. You make me feel like a bad mother. ... When I come back, we'll see about your penis needs."

Vel hurried out of the room. She'd decided that she needed a quick, cold shower to cool her ardor down. She was inches from just ripping her dress off and yelling, "Do me! Now!" She didn't even care who - Joanna or Shawn, or preferably both.

16-10-2005, 10:34 PM

The cold shower did the trick, and made Vel feel much better. When she got out, she felt nearly normal. But, in anticipation of more cocksucking to come, she decided to just wear the dark blue bath robe hanging in the bathroom. She walked into the kitchen dressed in it, and was delighted to see her children hard at work. Shawn even had his shorts on and zipped up. She joined in for a few minutes until the dishes were done and Shawn was free of obligations.

"That wasn't so hard, was it?" she asked. "Now, Tiger, let's see to this problem in your shorts. Do you still need help?"

"Mom, you want to see something hard? I'll show you something hard." With one fell swoop he pulled his shorts to his knees and his penis sprung out and bounced around wildly.

As Vel was calmed down now, she merely responded with a curious, "Hrm." But, taking a closer look at his entire crotch region, she noticed how surprisingly red his thighs were. Then she remembered that when the four of them lay out earlier in the day, his legs were the last body part to have suntan lotion applied.

"Oh no, Tiger, look at your legs!" she cried in dismay. "You're getting a serious burn there. Here, Angel, you finish up here in the kitchen and I'll go get some aloe vera to put on your brother before he burns up. The floor could use a good mopping." Vel went out the back patio to break off fresh leaves of aloe vera from plants in the backyard.

"Oh great. Whoop-de-doo," said Joanna, rolling her eyes. "Mopping instead of my brother's cock. I can't wait for my punishment to be over."

Vel overheard Joanna from outside, and chided her daughter's language as she walked back inside. "Angel, please be polite and refer to it as your brother's penis or member, not a cock." She temporarily forgot or ignored how she'd already called it a cock many times in the heat of passion. She was trying to keep the atmosphere more "professional" than it was before the shower.

Even as she tried to maintain a typical suburban soccer mom attitude on the outside, on the inside, the sight of Shawn's rigid penis standing at attention was beginning to get to her. All she could think was "cock, cock, cock." She was hardly back from the patio for ten seconds when she felt the bath robe suffocating her. She loosened the sash and parted the front until her nipples were exposed. That made her feel much better.

Shawn retired into the living room and sat down on a plush reclining chair. Vel stayed in the kitchen to cut up the aloe vera. She took her time, psyching herself up to clean Shawn's penis without getting too excited. Memories of her fantasy of being raped by her children were still fresh in her mind, and she was horribly ashamed by her thoughts. She resolved to never, ever think such nasty things again.

After a couple of minutes, Vel came to her son with freshly cut slices of aloe vera. The edges of her bath robe were already being held in place by her extended nipples. She walked over to him dressed like that. She looked at his crotch with some trepidation, remembering that she wasn't even allowed to give him a blow job until Tuesday. She hoped that she could restrain herself to a mere hand job, but she had serious doubts about her willpower.

As soon as she bent over, the nipples couldn't hold the robe in place, and it exposed the rest of her tits and stomach up above the sash. It opened below the sash too, as the fabric fell off each side of her legs. It was almost as if she wore nothing below the sash, and the only reason he couldn't see all of her pussy lips was that she kept her legs tightly closed. A wave of excitement and relief surged over her with the awareness that her whole chest and crotch was exposed to her son's eyes. A big smile came to her face. She felt as if she'd just been unshackled from prison chains. Needless to say, she pretended not to notice how much she was showing so she could stay that way.

Shawn's legs weren't terribly red and probably wouldn't peel, but they did hurt some. Vel applied the aloe as she talked to him about the importance of covering up and protecting his skin. She worked all around his erect penis, acting for the moment as if it wasn't there.

As she finished his thighs (the backs of the legs and lower legs weren't nearly as bad because of how he'd been sitting), he took her hand in his and pulled it to his penis.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Vel said nervously, as if she hadn't seen and touched his penis many times already, as if his penis wasn't already exposed, and as if she wasn't aware that nearly her entire front side was exposed. It seemed all her efforts to calm down were in vain, because she was heaving and flushed once more.

"I'm even more red right here." Shawn held on to his penis with his other hand, and slipped the hand up and down as if to show just where he was red and how she could help.

Shawn had naturally dark skin everywhere, but it was slightly paler under his underwear. So that skin was a bit redder than his thighs, especially in the areas not covered by his new skimpy bathing suit, which was most everywhere. "You can see even my penis is red. I think it needs extra help." This wasn't really true, but Shawn figured that would give his mother a nice excuse to stroke it.

"Oh... my," was all Vel could say. Finally she picked up another aloe leaf. "Let's get it all covered then." She began to rub the cut aloe leaf all over his penis. The jelly-like material inside the leaf slowly squeezed out, and felt deliciously cool against his warm, engorged skin. She deliberately leaned in close, so his erect penis remained inches from her mouth. Several times the tip lightly rubbed past her cheek or chin, nearly driving both of them crazy with desire.

She thoroughly covered it with the slippery aloe leaf. Very thoroughly. At some point, probably without her even realizing when the change occurred, she stopped rubbing in the aloe and began giving him a fantastic hand job. The aloe functioned like Vaseline, and they both loved the oily effect it gave.

She'd never rubbed a thoroughly greased-up prick before (she'd almost done it earlier in the day with suntan lotion, but she ended up giving him a blow job instead). She soon began to enthusiastically throw herself into the job. She bounced up and down from her crouched position as she imagined the hot rod between her legs instead of in her hands. That in turn caused her boobs to bounce in every direction and even crash into each other. The sash on her blue robe opened more and more until the robe ended up in a heap on the ground all around her.

She was just about to take a hand and impale it into her dripping pussy when Shawn began to orgasm. She froze for precious seconds while the first ropes of cum hit her cheeks. Then, thinking nothing more than Yummy!, she stuffed it in her mouth and sucked.

After the ropes of cum stopped shooting into her mouth, Vel looked up at Shawn briefly and said, "Oh dear. I forgot I wasn't supposed to do that. Your punishment. I can't even keep your penis out of my mouth for three days! Heck, I wasn't even able to do it for half of a day. Your mother is just too naughty for words." She giggled delightfully at her own naughtiness. They were the first words either of them spoke since she began applying the aloe vera on his penis.

16-10-2005, 10:35 PM

Somehow his penis remained fairly hard for another couple of minutes. Not much cum had landed on Vel's face as she'd managed to swallow most of it, but there was a fair amount on his penis. So she carefully licked it, and at the same time ended up sucking off nearly all of the aloe vera as well. "We have to get you nice and clean," she said. "It's part of mommy's daily duties." The restraints she'd regained with the shower earlier were long gone, and now the overriding and nearly only thought in her mind was Yummy cock.

She meanwhile used a hand to pump his penis and prevent him from getting flaccid. Between her hands, her mouth, and her infectious enthusiasm, Shawn was soon hard again, if he'd ever really gone flaccid at all. She drew her mouth in close to its tip and said, "Tiger, why don't we just forget all about your punishment? Mommy needs your cock in her mouth every single day, or she just doesn't feel right. Not to mention, I have to reward you for giving me so many wonderful orgasms today."

"Okay," he gasped, as his penis disappeared far into her mouth again.

She sucked lovingly and tenderly for long minutes, naked on her knees before him.

She alternated between sucking and licking. When she licked, she said sexy things between licks, like, "Tiger, I'm your mommy. Is it right to have your mommy suck you like this?" and "Why does Mommy like to play with your penis so much? It's so very improper!" and "That was number nine today, wasn't it? You're such an unstoppable sex machine!" Shawn's favorite was, "Mommy's going start to use kneepads tomorrow, because she just loves to be naked in front of you. Don't you think Mommy belongs on her knees at all times, sucking your cock?"

But her questions were rhetorical, and Shawn knew better than to answer them with anything more than affirming moans. So when she said, "Tiger, if you're going to get your cock sucked, you'd better come to the best cocksucker around. Mommy's the best," she was surprised to get a response. She was even more surprised that the reply came from someone other than Shawn.

She heard Joanna say, "The best cocksucker? Some of us might have a different idea on who that is."

Vel looked up in fright and confusion, and saw Joanna and Hui Shan standing in the dining room and looking into the living room where she was kneeling before Shawn.

Both smiled, and Hui Shan said, "Great performance, Vel." They clapped for her performance.

Vel stopped licking and tried to cover up in shame. She put one arm in front of her boobs and used her other arm to try and hide Shawn's penis. She pushed it up against his stomach and put her hand and arm over it to try and hide it as best she could. But the effect was more comical than anything, because it made her look much naughtier than if she'd just let go.

Angel I can understand, she thought, I completely forget she was right there, one room away in the kitchen. But Hui Shan?!? Oh shit! She must have come in the back door. What's she doing here? Vel's horny mood drained away instantly, and she shrank back from the two girls in abject shame. Shawn, however, wasn't embarrassed at all since he knew he had nothing to fear from the happy observers. But with a lack of further stimulation his penis started to get flaccid, even as Vel continued to hold it against his stomach.

Vel cried out in distress, "Hui Shan, I can explain! It's not what you think! I, uh, I was..." She was caught red-handed and couldn't think of any excuse to explain away her incestuous act.

"Don't worry, Mom," Joanna quickly said before her mother freaked out too much. "Hui Shan pretty much understands everything. In fact, she's massaged Shawn's penis a couple of times herself, haven't you, Hui Shan?"

"Yeah. It feels neat!" Hui Shan said breezily. "I like his thingy. But when I did it, it got all hard and happy. That gave Shawn energy. But look - you're making it all small and sad!" Hui Shan ended up frowning by the end of her explanation. One could see through Vel's fingers that Shawn's penis was semi-flaccid by now.

"Um," Joanna added, somewhat embarrassed, "we told her a lot, but as you can see, we didn't tell her everything."

Even Vel couldn't help snorting a laugh in response to that. "I guess not," she chuckled. Vel felt incredibly relieved that Hui Shan didn't disapprove of a mother's enthusiasm with her son's prick.

Shawn stepped in to the conversation to explain. "You see, Hui Shan, it turns out guys have the same leakage problem women do. If you stroke it or suck it too long, then a bunch of white stuff comes out, and it gets soft again. But that's okay. That makes me even more happy and gives me even more energy, ‘cos it feels really good."

"Oh, gosh!" Hui Shan said, looking like an idiot. "I didn't know you could suck it too, although now that I think of it, that's what guys must mean when they say 'suck me' all the time. ... That looks like fun! Vel, are you going to suck him some more or can I give it a try? Oh wait! Look at me, I'm overdressed. I'm still wearing panties!"

Hui Shan threw off her clothes with her usual abandon. She stood in her birthday suit in seconds, and Vel just goggled in surprise. Hui Shan walked into the living room and then across it down the hallway to the front door. Everyone watched her wide, naked butt wiggle seductively as she walked away. She placed her panties in the underwear cabinet and put her clothes on top of it and then came back still stark naked. The sight made Shawn get hard again, and Vel could feel the change as she continued to hold his penis up against his stomach.

"Um, aren't you going to keep some clothes on?" Vel said, still trying to come to grips with Hui Shan's presence. Vel still sat on her knees in front of Shawn, and was still nude but for the robe fallen around her feet. She also had forgotten that cum was still dripped down her face from Shawn's climax before the two girls arrived.

Hui Shan pointed out, "I thought that Shawn said when we do these kinds of things, it's best to not wear clothes."

"These kinds of things?" Vel asked suspiciously, turning up towards Shawn's face. "Just what exactly have you done with Hui Shan?!?"

"Joanna and I have helped shave Hui Shan's pussy a couple of times. Especially Joanna. You've noticed it's been shaved, and that's how. Everyone on the cheerleading squad is going for the shaved look - look at Joanna, too. So she came to us for help. But the only thing she's done with my penis is rub it. She got it hard a couple times. That's all."

"Hmm," said Vel suspiciously. She paused for a few moments, lost in thought. Then she looked up to Shawn again, and whispered so only he could hear, "Tiger, do you want mommy to shave her pussy? Would that please you?"

He thought about it, and whispered back, "No. I like you just the way you are." But her willingness to shave got him excited and his penis began to revive.

16-10-2005, 10:36 PM
Vel then looked at Hui Shan seriously and asked her, "Does that explain it? Is that what they've been doing to you?" Vel found herself strangely excited that Shawn had been playing around with the innocent Hui Shan, and wanted to know more details.

Hui Shan responded, "Yeah. I didn't even know the white stuff came out. But aren't they nice to help me out? I figure I'd be glad to make Shawn's penis happy any time, after him helping me out on that and the leakage problem."

Shawn quickly answered before Hui Shan could. He realized they were getting in more dangerous ground here - Vel wouldn't like it if he and his sister were fingering Hui Shan's pussy. "The leakage problem," he said. "It seems that shaving her pussy while she was making me happy started her pussy to leak fluid. We said we didn't know what that was and called it a leakage problem."

"You two!" Vel chided them. "Hui Shan, that's not a problem at all! That's what happens when a woman gets sexually excited. It's perfectly natural." Vel was having more than a little "leakage problem" herself at the moment. Today seemed to be her day to be naked and performing sex acts in front of others, and deep down she loved it.

"There. You see, Hui Shan?" Shawn said, still keeping up the charade of the explanations they told her as much as he could. "What do you know? We should have asked Vel for the answer. Looks like she knows more than we do." Vel just rolled her eyes in exasperation, but didn't say any more.

"But why does the pussy need to leak?" Hui Shan asked. She began masturbating herself though she stood only a few feet from Vel. "You see, if I put my finger in here, it only takes a couple of minutes until..."

"Hui Shan!" interrupted Vel with a yell. "That's not really necessary to show me! I know what you mean. The body releases those fluids in anticipation of having sex. It's lubrication so the penis can go in easily. ... Um, Hui Shan. I thought I said that's not really necessary." Hui Shan still hadn't stopped fingering herself.

"It isn't?" Hui Shan said dreamily. "That's okay, though. It still feels good." She sat on the ground and kept going, getting more into it. Shawn smiled and Joanna giggled at Vel's exasperation with getting Hui Shan to understand the need to stop.

"Thanks, Hui Shan, but we don't really need an anatomy lesson here," Vel said dismissively.

"No? You don't?" Hui Shan asked innocently. She pried open her pussy lips. "Well, I do, since you seem to know so much. You see the flaps of skin around my special hole? What do they call..."

Vel interrupted again, "Hui Shan, now's not the time for such questions! I'm trying to maintain some decorum. I run a respectable house around here!" But even as Vel said this, the sight of Hui Shan spreading her legs right before them made her even hornier than she already was, and she found herself unconsciously stroking Shawn's penis still in her hand.

"'M'kay. Never mind." Hui Shan went back to fingering herself.

Vel tried another tack. "No, really Hui Shan, it's better you do that in a private place, like a bedroom."

"Oh, is it? M'kay! Joanna, let's go to your bedroom! And maybe you can finally let me borrow your dildo. Thanks a lot for the explanations and stuff, Vel!" Hui Shan skipped off joyously towards the stairs, naked as the day she was born, and Joanna lit off after her.

"Hey Joanna, wait!" yelled Vel. Joanna turned around and headed back.

"What is it, Mom?" Joanna asked as innocently as she could. The short run had dropped her flimsy skirt down to her waist, so she quickly put her shoulder straps back on in case her mother was going to chide her about that.

"Umm..." Vel's mind reeled. Dildo? Leakage problem? Hui Shan masturbating right in the living room? Nobody can keep their clothes on for five minutes. What the heck am I supposed to do as the only parent around here?!? Kneeling like I am in front of Shawn's penis, I'm not really the first one to throw stones. Arrgh!! Vel somehow failed to recognize that not only was she kneeling in front of Shawn's penis, she was still unthinkingly stroking it. Such stroking was becoming second nature to her. "Angel, just what to you plan to do in there, in your room with Hui Shan?" she finally asked.

"I don't know. Shave our pussies, I guess." Joanna didn't bother to mention that she'd shaved Hui Shan's pussy that very morning. Even Hui Shan didn't expect another shaving, but she knew enough not to say anything. Joanna continued, "And if we both masturbate ourselves a little, that's all good too, right? The doctor said there's nothing wrong with masturbation, didn't he?"

Vel sighed. "Yeah, I guess," she finally conceded. "Just behave yourself, and remember the same boundaries you have with Shawn apply to Hui Shan. After all, you're still grounded. You're not supposed to be having fun, dammit!"

"Okay! We'll be careful. Oh, and by the way, do be careful who you say the best cocksucker here is, because some of us might disagree."

Joanna quickly bounded up the stairs and was gone. She liberally interpreted her mother's instructions to mean that just as she was allowed to stimulate Shawn only once a day, she was only allowed to stimulate Hui Shan once a day, starting from now. And the rules didn't say how many times Hui Shan could make Joanna orgasm, since Hui Shan wasn't a man. And there was nothing in the rules about dildos, either.

The two girls ended up not shaving each other, but just kissed and played with each other's pussies for the next hour. Luckily Joanna had two dildos handy and both of them got well used that night. She realized she really needed to buy a strap on dildo, and soon. If there was any lingering pretense that what they were doing wasn't sexual, Hui Shan's discussion with Vel certainly broke it. So they got even more explicit in what they were doing. For the first time, Hui Shan explored another woman's breasts, and Joanna explored hers. As with seemingly everything sexual, Hui Shan took to it effortlessly and without question, as if she'd been doing it a long time already.

16-10-2005, 10:37 PM

Meanwhile, back in the living room, Vel sat thinking about her daughter and Hui Shan, even while she still unthinkingly stroked Shawn's penis resting on his stomach in her hand. Her other hand still tried to cover up her boobs.

So Shawn has Hui Shan helping out too, hunh? I guess that should be no big surprise. And probably someone else at school, judging by the checkmarks on his chart lately. Looks like he's building up quite a little stable of cocksuckers! she thought delightfully. He has a medical condition, and it's up to us women who love him to help him out. We just have to keep suck suck sucking my beautiful, cum-filled boy until we suck him dry. Hui Shan's a real good kid. I don't mind sharing him with her, as long as she doesn't get in my way when I need a good suck. Which is going to be quite frequently, admittedly. Maybe she can take care of his needs at school, and I can handle things here at home...

Shawn interrupted her thoughts. "Pretty weird, hunh, Mom? But I'm surprised you couldn't even stop stroking me long enough to talk to them."

"What do you mean? Hunh?" a confused Vel said, and then she looked and finally consciously realized what her hand was doing. "Oh no! I was doing this in front of them? I didn't even realize." But rather than stop, she redoubled her efforts and brought in her other hand to help. "What an embarrassing day. One thing after another." She sighed deeply. "They must think I'm a cum slut."

"Mom, remember what I said about calling yourself a slut? Be proud of who you are. I don't mind in the slightest if you talk to them while jacking me off and with cum all over your face: you're my mom, and nobody calls you a slut. You're just trying to help me out."

She'd forgotten all about the cum on her face, and began to wipe it up and stuff it into her mouth with one hand. As with her penis stroking, she now automatically ate any of his cum within reach without thinking. "Oh dear! I must look quite a sight. You're too kind to me, Shawn. You really are. And the orgasms you give me... Let me thank you with an extra-special blow job."

She leaned in to his crotch, but Shawn stopped her with his hand. "Wait!' he said. "Are you sure? Now that I had a chance to think, it occurred to me this will be my tenth time just for today. Isn't that too much?"

She rubbed his penis against her cheek lovingly. "It's never too much, Tiger. Never. As long as your penis can handle it, then you should do it."

"Well, okay. I'll admit my penis is in surprisingly good shape, considering everything that happened today. But before you do that, can you finish up the job with the aloe vera?" He turned around and exposed his butt to Vel's close face. It clearly was just as red as his front. The short bathing suit had left him too exposed there, as well.

Vel made another, even heavier sigh. "Why do these kinds of things always happen to me?" she asked Shawn rhetorically. "It's so tough being a mom these days. What would you say to Joanna in that situation she just gave me? Why is everything so sexual lately?" Shawn lay down, and she straddled him and began rubbing Shawn's naked ass with another aloe leaf.

"Sorry Mom," Shawn said contritely. "I know that ever since my treatment started it must be very tough on you. Please forgive me for ruining your life."

She sighed yet again. "You haven't ruined my life. Nothing to apologize for. It's just so confusing. I don't know sometimes if I'm doing the right thing." The hand that wasn't holding the aloe vera began massaging the area she'd just covered, and quickly found its way into Shawn's crack. Her finger even began to poke idly at the entrance of his anus as she talked.

"Mom, when you put your finger up there, you're definitely doing the right thing. Please put it all the way in."

She laughed. "That's not what I meant, silly." She kept talking as her hand movements became more sexual. "Don't worry; I'll do my best to help out this week. I guess it goes without saying that we can forget the no blow jobs punishment. I wasn't supposed to blow you until Tuesday, yet I've already blown you once this evening and am working on a second time. But that's okay. Your medical needs come first anyways. If you need extra help, I'll do what it takes. But just to get you through this Boy Scout thing, okay? Scouting is very important; you shouldn't miss that. After you get back on track with your six times a day, then we go back to the old rules."

Even as Vel said this she realized that, in her heart, a return to the old rules wasn't ever going to happen. It wasn't even clear what the old rules were, since she didn't want to stop cocksucking for anything. In her mind she meant just lots of cocksucking without all the slippery slope violations of all the other boundaries.

"Thanks, Mom! You're the best. But you know what would be an even better way for you to thank me? Don't just poke at the anus - stick your finger all the way in. It feels really good."

Vel knew how good sticking a finger into an asshole felt, now that Shawn had done it to her. He was able to talk her into doing it to him, but only after she made her usual complaints about how improper it all was.

Vel spent an exceptionally long time on his butt. She coated his ass with aloe not once but twice, and kept going when the aloe ran out. The whole time, she pistoned a finger in and out of his anus. She worked on his prostate gland like a real pro. She even stuck two fingers in, something no one else had done to him before.

Eventually Shawn turned over to reveal another massive hard-on. "Since you're willing to help out, and you're okay on blow jobs again, can you help me with orgasm number ten?" His penis pointed invitingly towards her mouth.

She sighed again, and began sucking his tool. "Ten. You can still reach around and finger my anus you know," he helpfully suggested, and she dutifully obeyed his request.

"Boy, you're a demanding one," she complained half seriously. "Is there anything else you want me to do?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact. Why don't you take your tits and slap them and rub them all over my chest and face, since they aren't doing anything?"

"The correct word is breasts, Tiger," she pointed out even as she obeyed his orders and rearranged herself over him so she could drop her tits down onto his shoulders. She soon grew to quite enjoy this request so much that for a while she switched to a hand job so she could work her tits on his face. For a time she mostly alternated between slapping his cheeks with her tits and then enveloping his face with them before eventually returning to more cocksucking. Yet she periodically sighed at her lack of willpower.

After a few more minutes, she wanted to see if he had any other fun ideas, so she popped his penis out of her mouth and asked, "I don't suppose you have another demand for your helpless, big-titted, cocksucking mommy?"

"Why, as I matter of fact, I do. Thanks for asking. It saddens me to see your pussy so neglected. If you won't let me finger you, then I want to see you do it to yourself. And the second thing is, I'm getting pretty close to cumming. I want us to cum together, and I want to do it all over your face."

"That's three demands," she whined, and she acted all put out by his requests. But secretly she didn't know which one she loved the best. She loved the feeling of his penis spraying like a fire hose all over her face, and loved even more the feeling afterwards of the cum dripping slowly down, leaving her tagged as his property in the way a dog pees to mark his territory. She would demand that he shoot in her face every time, except that it inevitably meant she didn't get to swallow as much as if she took it straight in the mouth. So she was always torn on the face versus mouth question. Her hunger for cum usually won out.

16-10-2005, 10:43 PM
Shawn indeed came all over her face, and she fingered her pussy so they came together. The load he dumped on her wasn't that big, but she marveled that he was able to give her a facial at all, given that it was the tenth time for the day. She used both hands to rub the cum in her skin or find gobs to swallow, and at the same time she licked his flaccid penis clean.

When she finished and rose from his lap, he said, "Thanks Mom! You're the greatest. I'm gonna need a lot of help like that in the future, especially with the Boy Scout trip coming up. Can I count on you?"

"You can, Tiger. I'm sorry for being difficult before when your dad was here and everything. It's not that I don't enjoy helping you. I do. I love it so much! But I'm afraid. Afraid we'll go too far and do things sons and mothers aren't supposed to do with each other, if you know what I mean. We can't have that happen. Promise me you won't take advantage of me? I'm so afraid of losing control! I don't mind your little demands. In fact, I love them. But remember the boundaries, okay? I don't seem to have the willpower when it comes to the heat of the moment, so I have to rely on you to be good."

Shawn promised to be good. But he still planned to fuck her - he figured he just had to get her full agreement first so he wouldn't feel bad and she wouldn't feel bad about him taking advantage of her.

Vel's goodnight kiss to Shawn that night was surprisingly chaste. It was just more kisses on the face but not the mouth. He asked her about it.

She replied, "After all we did today, my mouth tastes exactly like your penis. You don't want to kiss your own penis, do you?"

That logic worked for him, but the real reason she didn't have an extensive goodnight kiss session was because she realized he was pretty much "sexed out" for the day. Even though he was still riding a wave of energy, the more he did, the worse he would feel the next day. So she let him be.

As for herself, she was surprised that she could have kept going, and only stopped for his sake. What's wrong with me? I feel like a could literally suck his cock all night long. Maybe it's the smell in his room as I went in for the kiss. It's beginning to smell like a giant cum load again. I should remind him to air out the room. ... Or maybe I shouldn't. I love it like that. Actually, I don't know what I want. Today has been the most amazing day of my life. The orgasms I had! Wow. They're worth dying for. Incredible. Somehow knowing someone else is watching doubles my pleasure. But that's wrong. It's all so wrong! Why can't I be satisfied with a simple cocksucking? Anything more is morally dubious. Heck, at the height of my depravity I was even thinking about Angel sexually! What's wrong with me?

Later that evening before she went to bed, Joanna pointed out that Cheese had left Vel some moisturizing cream to use. Vel took it back to her room and began putting it on. She began thinking of all the arousing things she'd done that day, and wound up masturbating herself. Little did she realize it was the scent of Shawn's cum in the jar which helped keep sex on her brain.

As she lay there in bed, she thought, No more false posturing. The fact is, I love it all. I'm not going to resist Shawn any more. Intercourse is one thing, and I don't know about that. I'll have to say no for now, at least. Even as she said this, she unwittingly shoved Shawn's cum "cream" up her pussy. But I'm going to pleasure his penis every other way I can from now on. It feels so good, so intense. Hell be damned. I can't live without it! I'm not going to overtly encourage him to do even more depraved acts, but if he commands me, I must obey. It's almost as if that's what I'm here on Earth for – to give my son sexual pleasure. I have to be a good mother and help him in every way. Nothing should be denied him. Nothing...

She masturbated herself many times that night, thinking of Shawn and all the sexual things he could force her to do. The more he forced her, the more she loved it. When she slept he occupied all of her dreams.

16-10-2005, 11:07 PM
eh?? where is the promised beach part?? hmm guess GF took most of his posting time after all hehe

17-10-2005, 01:43 PM
CHAPTER 9 (Sunday, Nov. 10)

Shawn woke up Sunday morning but all he wanted to do was go back to sleep. The Chen family didn't always go to church, but at dinner the night before Vel mentioned they would this week. He hit the snooze button on his alarm clock once and then did it again. As he lay half asleep and contemplated snoozing for a third time, Vel came in.

"Wake up, sleepyhead," she said in a kind, motherly tone. "I know church isn't as exciting as your video games and movies, but we can't forget the Lord." She sat on the edge of his bed near his face, and tenderly brushed his hair from his forehead. Then she got up and announced she was getting ready for church.

Shawn was a bit surprised at her new surge of religious feeling. She seemed to go back and forth, but overall he'd felt that she had drifted away from it in recent weeks as the sexual games heated up. "Mom, but what about, you know, what we're all doing physically? Don't you think God would disapprove?" Shawn himself was agnostic, but wanted to see what she thought for her own beliefs. At the same time, he joked to himself, There must be a god, and a very great god, to have given me such a mother.

She continued to idly brush his hair with her long, sensuous fingers. "You have a special medical condition, and I think God has to understand that. I've made peace with what I have to do to help you. God must want me to help you in this way. I have a special role, and I'm just doing His will. I have a set of clear boundaries in my mind now. As long as we don't give in to temptation and go further than we should, we'll be fine."

Shawn was silent. He didn't want to say that Vel had a habit of going further than she'd planned on an almost daily basis. The thought, for example, of what she'd done the day before, and the memory of the things he did to her by the pool got him instantly hard. It was a bit of a curse at the moment, as all he wanted to do was go back to sleep.

She clapped her hands. "Come on. Enough chit-chat. Let's get this show on the road. I'm about to make some breakfast."

Shawn rolled over and closed his eyes. "Okay. Just give me ten more minutes. One more snooze button."

Vel tsk-tsked, but lovingly. "Shawn Chen, you are a hopeless case. Five more minutes. Max." She got up and left.

Five minutes later Shawn still wasn't up. Joanna barged right in. "Hey, Big Pussy-pleasing Brother. I've been sent as a messenger from the big-boobed one. She says no more lollygagging. Breakfast is almost ready."

Shawn rolled over and opened his eyes. Joanna stood there in hot pants - tight, dark orange, leather, short shorts - and an equally tight tank-top that had a giant heart-shaped hole to expose her cleavage. He'd finally managed to lose his erection after Vel left, but groaned as he felt it elongate again at the sight of his sexy sister. "Dang, Sis, you're not planning on going to church like that, are you?"

She guffawed. "No, silly, Big Mouthwatering Brother. But wouldn't it be fun to see the face on the minister if I did! Ha! ... No, these are my 'get Big Twat-pounding Brother out of bed' clothes."

"You really love those Big Brother names, don't you? ...Um, Little Moist-holed Sister?" Shawn sat up to appreciate the view better, even though it literally pained him to do so. Yesterday's festivities, while enjoyable, had taken their toll on his body. He wasn't in agony, but he wasn't exactly prepared to start a sex-filed day JUST yet. He at least wanted to get his bearings first.

She smiled. "That's better, Big Heat-seeking Missile Brother. Mom said that I should use, quote, 'any means necessary,' unquote, to get you out of bed. And the only excuse for any delay is if I have to give you a gob-smackingly yummy hand-job. That's literally what she said, minus a couple of adjectives. No blow-jobs for me, 'cos of my punishment. But she said that even if I do lend you a hand, so to speak, I should hurry it up, because you have only thirty minutes to shower, dress and eat breakfast."

Joanna wasted no time. Even as she said this, she moved to his bed and threw back his covers. Her hand was on his instantly-erect penis just as she said the words "hand job." She squealed with glee and thrust out her chest, to make her cleavage even more obvious. She muttered, "Hard as diamond already. I should have known."

Shawn groaned, partly in delight, partly in frustration. The fact was, he felt strange. The events of the previous day seemed bizarre in the light of the new morning. He thought, I know I say or think it ALL the time, but this is too surreal! Mom comes in my room and pious and dressed for church, and then she sends in Sis like this? It's contradictory. Completely bizarre. I kind of don't even feel like another orgasm right now. I mean, I had ten yesterday. Ten! And everywhere I look I see someone naked or taking their clothes off.

Even as he thought this, Joanna took her shirt off while she gave him a smoldering, seductive smile. He laughed at that coincidence inwardly. I just want to have a normal day today. Heck, even going to church doesn't sound so bad, for once. I should really ask Sis to stop and just get up on my own...

But Shawn grew transfixed by the sight of his sister's tits as they shook in time to her strokes, and the sensation in his loins was too good to bring to an end. Given that, for once, her mouth wasn't filled with penis, she was free to whisper sexy things to him. She took full advantage. He found that he loved it, just as he always did. He decided that he should try better to give as good as he got, and attempted to whisper sexy things back to her. She talked, as she usually did in these circumstances, about how desperate she was to have him fuck her. After hearing her say things like, "Your fuck toy hopes that today will be the day you take your big strong hands and teach my naughty ass how to behave," his reluctant feelings melted away.

Soon he was saying to her, "Watch out, Little Bubble Butt Sis, it's a good thing I can't see your sweet ass right now, or a spanking might not be good enough for you. I just might have to spread your cheeks with my hands and do you doggy-style from the rear. I'd get one of those ass dildos and fill up both your holes, and then shove my hand in your mouth so you're filled up in every way. How would you like that?"

"Oh yeah, Big Tree Trunk Brother! Now you're talking! Let's do it right now!" She made to pull her shorts off.

Shawn had to stop her with his hand. "Just the hand job, Sis. Remember the no-fucking-at-home rule? Let's at least make some tiny concession to obeying Mom at least some of the time and not get majorly busted, okay? I was just trying to get you hot with some talk. Geez!"

She giggled. "Sorry. You don't have to try to get me hot. Just holding this sister-fucker in my hands gets me so hot that my shirt would get ironed right on my back if I was wearing one. Luckily I never do. Keep going and fuck me with your words. And by the way, do you think if I breathe on this big sister-splitter, that would cross the line into a blow job? Let's find out!" She giggled even more.

So Shawn continued to talk dirty to her, as she blew air on his penis head and frantically jacked him off. But in a concession to time, he didn't exercise his PC muscle to prolong the experience. As a result, the hand job ended nearly as fast as it did for most males. Technically, Joanna wasn't allowed to give him a blow job, but her blowing slowly morphed into soft, gentle licks. She finished the hand job with his penis in her mouth under the excuse that she didn't want to make a mess.

Shawn felt bad for once again violating his mother's orders, but under the circumstances he wasn't in a position to say stop.

When it was done, he kissed Joanna on the cheek and thanked her politely, which caused her to modestly blush a bit. Somehow that led to him play with her tits for a minute or two, since her shirt was off already.

She whispered to him, "That made me so hot, but for once I didn't cum. You were too fast! Make me cum. I have a steaming hot pussy. It's ready for you. Just slide right in, Big Torpedo Bro. It has your name on it. Any time you like. You own my hole. Make me cum, my nasty, naughty brother. Just from your hands on my tits. Yes!" She slid her hot pants down her legs just seconds before she froze, clenched tight and let loose with a joyous and loud orgasm. Apparently just the fantasy that she was about to get fucked pushed her over the edge.

That was a good ending for Shawn. He took his hands away as he realized it was getting later and later for breakfast and church. Joanna commented as she pulled herself back together, "To think. All these years Mom saying to me, 'Go get your brother and tell him he's going to be late for church.' And it was such a bother. It was certainly a lot more fun today! Now I just love any excuse to come in here. Or should I say cum in here. They're nearly one and the same! This room is starting to smell good again; just like your cum. Don't change it. We need to fuck repeatedly in every room of the house so there's no escape from this smell anywhere."

17-10-2005, 01:47 PM

Shawn thought that he would at least have one sex free hour during church, but he wasn't spared even then. The sermon happened to be about brotherly love. That pleased Joanna to no end. She sat next to him and, while she refrained from touching him, every time the minister mentioned the words "brotherly love" she would look at him with knowing facial expressions that seemed to say, "Are you paying attention to that?" or "See what I mean?" At one point, the minister mentioned "Love thy neighbor." Joanna nudged Shawn, and pointed to Hui Shan and Cheese, who sat near them in the pews. She thought that was a hoot.

She had a hard time not giggling throughout the entire church service. For some reason this teasing turned Shawn on to an unusual degree. He suffered with a raging hard-on throughout most of church. Vel was calm and respectful of the church environment, but every time he looked at Joanna she purposely did something like lick her lips. He loved it, but was nonetheless weary of having a hard-on so many hours in a day.

Cheese's family attended the same church, which gave Shawn a rare Brad sighting. He idly wondered, What would Cheese's clueless son would do if he knew what I was doing to his mother and sister? It's a shame how Cheese is so clever but she didn't raise the two brightest bulbs. He'd probably try to kick my ass instead of doing the smart thing and join in. What an idiot. But I feel bad for him, because Cheese is over at our house so much. I have a feeling something bad is going to come of this whole Brad thing. Any day, he, or his dad for that matter, could wander over via the back patio route just like Hui Shan always does. And then we'd be in deep shit.

As if to prove that she was much closer to the Chen family than her own, Cheese came back to the Chen house straight from church. She wanted to press her idea of taking Shawn to the beach. As before, the beach idea was just a cover so she could take him to a hotel and fuck properly for the first time. Shawn was amenable for whatever she wanted, and he would have been very eager had he known her true intentions, but Vel wouldn't allow it. After all, she pointed out, he had been grounded just the day before and for the whole week. For once, Cheese couldn't get the normally very pliable Vel to budge.

Shawn meanwhile continued his atypically unsexual mood. Hui Shan came over too, and the four females all strutted about in various states of undress, but he hardly pulled his head from the big Sunday newspaper that he liked to read each week. After lunch he continued this mood, leading to lots of questions. More than one female asked him about the state of his penis, but he merely said his penis was fine. Joanna asked if he didn't need some relief after all the teasing in church, but he said no, he was flaccid. He was also repeatedly reminded that he needed to maintain a better than average number for the rest of the week. He said he knew that.

After they poked and prodded too much, he finally lost his temper and cried out, "What's wrong? Jesus! First off, I came ten times yesterday. Ten times! That's a record, and it's left me a little wiped out. Secondly, I've only gone a couple hours without any action. Are you all so perpetually horny that you can't give me one more or less sex-free day?"

The fact was that, yes, they all really were that horny. Vel, Cheese, and Joanna found the day before simply incredible, though for Joanna the highlight was her sex with Cheese. The day was like a sexual epiphany for everyone but Shawn (for him, it was just the latest in a never-ending series of increasingly amazing days). The three females wanted more, like another shot of an addictive drug, and Hui Shan desperately wanted to get involved. Finally, more to maintain his average and get them to stop bothering him than anything, Shawn allowed Cheese to slowly stroke him to orgasm while he read his newspaper.

He tried to ignore her efforts and continue to read, but the others were not so disinterested. One by one, Vel, Joanna, and Hui Shan stopped what they did and came close, drawn like moths to flame. They all stood around his chair and watched every move Cheese made. Nobody said a word as they didn't want to interrupt his reading. The room was deathly quiet except for the sound of Cheese's hand as it slid up and down his penis, slicked up with pre-cum.

Shawn didn't want a hand job. He didn't want to get excited. He just wanted to read a newspaper for once. But having three females watch him drove him to distraction and crazy with lust. He grabbed Cheese's head and roughly pulled her into his crotch. She finished off his orgasm with a blow job. He didn't exercise his PC muscle control and shot off quickly.

The others all went back to what they did before and pretended like they hadn't seen anything. Shawn left to take a nap. He seemed irked and tired.

Cheese was pleased to see how sex acts had become increasingly public, especially in the last twenty-four hours, but she was disappointed that Hui Shan had to see it, too. She was even more disappointed at Shawn's attitude. She called the others around her. "Did you see that? He didn't really seem into it. Of course he got into it eventually and filled my mouth with a load of hot and tasty seed. But it seemed like he was fighting it; like he just wanted to be left alone. I've never seen that before. Do you think he's getting tired of us?"

The four females put their heads together and tried to figure out what was wrong. After some discussion, the others came to agree with Cheese's observation that sometimes a person just needs a break, a chance to step back and absorb everything that's happened.

But Vel pointed out with concern, "That's fine, but he's been doing that half the day already. Here it is, past one o'clock already, and he's only cum twice! If this keeps up, he's not even going to make his six quota, much less seven or eight. And he's already in danger with three sub par days in a row before yesterday, and the scouting trip coming up. He can't take the day off! We just have to find a way to keep making it interesting for him so he can at least get to six."

17-10-2005, 01:48 PM
They all nodded in unison. "But how?" Hui Shan asked. Shawn's medical story hadn't been completely explained to Hui Shan yet (mostly to protect Caelist and Dr. Fredrickson in case Hui Shan slipped up and talked to someone), but now she knew enough to get the gist. Just earlier in the day, she was told that Shawn needed to be "made happy" six times a day, every day, or he'd feel really tired. Hui Shan continued, "We're all acting really sexy. Super sexy." She looked at Cheese. "I especially like what you're wearing, Mom. If that doesn't get him happy, then what will?"

"Thanks," Cheese replied. She wore a skin-tight black leather outfit. It was brand new and the first time she'd worn it. With the dark glasses she had on, she looked like she'd stepped off of the set from one of the Matrix movies. "But obviously this kind of thing isn't working. Maybe I'm not flashing enough skin. Or sometimes someone just isn't in the mood. But in any case, I have a more radical suggestion. You know what I was saying earlier, Vel, about the beach?"

"No beach," Vel replied firmly. "How many times do I have to say no already?"

"Wait. Hear me out. Instead of just Shawn and I going to the beach, what if we all do? I know Shawn is being grounded, but if you're there with him, you can supervise his punishment. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery to liven things up. If going to a beach with all of us in sexy bathing suits won't get him going, then nothing will."

"I don't know..." Vel said doubtfully.

"Oh, come on! It'll be great," Cheese enthused. "Just imagine. There will be sexy women everywhere. Shawn's tongue will be hanging out of his mouth like a horny, happy puppy-dog. But we'll be the sexiest of them all. Shawn will be sooo hard. And he'll wear that new skimpy bathing suit I got him, the European-styled one. His hard, throbbing penis will barely be able to stay contained in that little slip of cloth. He'll just have to whip it out and get a nice cocksuck from his mommy."

"Mmm. Lucky you, Vel." Hui Shan spoke up again.

Cheese turned to her daughter, a bit horrified. Cheese frequently forgot that her daughter had slowly gotten on the same wavelength as the rest of them. She thought, I really, really have to have a serious talk with Hui Shan soon. I keep putting it off. I guess I have to accept her watching these things, but there has to be a boundary. ... Fuck. There I go, sounding like Vel again.

Hui Shan continued, "When will I be able to get a full load of his yummy cum to fill my mouth? I keep hearing so much about it."

Cheese was even more disturbed by that. "You aren't going to, dear. Sorry. Vel and I were discussing this earlier. I know you've been stroking him some, and you've been a big help in the visual stimulation department, but you have to leave it at that, okay? You're just too young and innocent."

"But I'm the same age as..."

"That's final," Cheese cut her off. "I really shouldn't even be including you in discussions like this, but I'm trying to be accepting of what is, and what you've already done repeatedly. Okay, I guess you can stroke him all the way to orgasm, since you're doing that already. Then you can eat his cum off of your hands or where ever it lands. But no more than that. Okay? We really need to get you a boyfriend, and fast. ... In any case, Vel, if we all go to the beach, we'll be able to send his libido into overdrive, and at the same time we'll be assured from going too far like what happened yesterday, because we'll be at a public place."

"Hmm. Possibly. But what happens if, you know, he gets all excited, and needs relief right there?"

Joanna naughtily clarified, "Relief? What do you mean, Mom? Do you mean if his big, thick, hard, pulsing penis is crying out for the warm mouth of a sexy and buxom, sweet-assed woman such as yourself? Do you mean if he's just so aroused by the likes of us that he can't take it any more, and he just has to rip his bathing suit off and shove his penis down your throat?"

Vel blushed and coughed nervously. She unconsciously crossed and un-crossed her legs as her pussy began to dampen at the thought. "Um, something like that," she meekly admitted. She cursed her own body part: Damn pussy. Always betraying me. Can't you ever get satisfied or are you going to make me die of dehydration as I just plain gush myself to death?

The more they discussed the beach idea, the hotter she got and the more she found herself amenable. "But what will we do if that kind of thing happens in a public place? I would be terrified. Anyone could see! Maybe it's better we just hang out by the pool in the backyard. That's what we have a pool for, after all."

Cheese had an answer for that, too. "There are two kinds of beaches we could go to. One kind is a very busy, public one. The other is a very empty, private one. Not exactly private, but I know of a beach that's so remote that we'll be the only people in sight, even if it is a weekend."

"Are you sure?" Vel asked in a worried voice. "You know how I feel about letting strange men look at me." But inside her mind, she'd already acquiesced to the idea.

17-10-2005, 01:51 PM

A little over an hour later, they arrived at the beach after a very long drive. Cheese took them to a far-off beach where they could have their privacy. Hui Shan joined Shawn, Cheese, and Vel, but Joanna did not. She very much wanted to, but Vel wouldn't allow it. Vel pointed out that Joanna was also grounded, and since her offenses were much more serious than Shawn's, her grounding would be adhered to more rigorously.

Cheese drove. She parked the car in a parking lot that was on top of a two-hundred-foot cliff from the beach. As they gathered their things to walk down a steep and winding path, a male surfer-type walked up to them and said to Shawn, "Whoa, dude, one guy with three total babes? Are you lucky or what! What is this, some kind of photo shoot or something?"

Shawn reflexively replied, "Yeah. Yes it is. A photo shoot." He leisurely put an arm around Vel's shoulder possessively, to make it clear that these women were with him and him alone. Vel, while surprised at the move, didn't say a thing or discourage it. As a matter of fact, she rather enjoyed the way her son had suddenly gotten so territorial about his women in the presence of another man.

"Wow!" The surfer answered, completely believing it. "Right on! What kind of magazine? Can I watch?"

"No, you can't watch. And it's, uh, the magazine hasn't been decided yet. Probably Maxim or something like that." He did have a nice camera, so he purposely took it out to bolster his story.

"Rad, man. No way." The surfer then asked, "So who is going to be on the cover?" He looked from one of them to the next and tried to determine who was best-looking.

"Who do you think?" Vel surprisingly replied. She wiggled her body back and forth in her red bikini, as her body language tried to shout: "Pick me! Pick me!" Shawn looked over at Vel and was stunned by the way her tits swayed from side to side as the golden sun beamed down upon her fair skin and the sight of the ocean off the edge of the cliff far below them. His breath caught in his throat.

"I don't know, lady," the surfer uncertainly replied. "I would totally say you, but then I look at this woman, and then this one..." His eyes jumped from one female to the next, each of whom mugged for him seductively.

It occurred to Shawn that all three of them preened and posed, eagerly wanting to be the one chosen. It further occurred to him just how competitive his mother could be. That was very unusual - she was so shy around strangers, but in an attempt to be picked she moved her body like a practiced stripper and thrust out her hip to each side as she made bedroom eyes at the surfer.

A few more seconds passed and it became clear the surfer was unlikely to make a choice any time soon. "Diplomatic answer," Shawn laughed. "We've gotta run." He wrapped his arm around Vel's shoulder again and dragged her off, even while she continued to mug and pose.

The surfer gave Shawn two thumbs up with his hands. "Excellent! Good luck. And whoa!" He whistled appreciatively at the three women and then walked off.

Shawn was extremely glad that the stranger didn't pick one of the women, because he always tried his best not to verbally play favorites. If one of the women had been picked, it would have caused all kinds of damage-control problems for Shawn.

There was a lot of joking as the group walked down to the beach. The women were all very flattered to have been so easily taken for fashion models. They'd been called beautiful and many things besides, individually or together, but they'd always shown themselves off as suburban family types. Whereas now they were dressed to kill, so it was very believable that they were models. For instance, Cheese was still dressed in her Matrix-like black leather outfit (in total defiance of the hot weather), and Vel also looked cool behind her dark glasses and flashy red bikini. Hui Shan maintained more of the girl-next-door look, but that was sexy in its own way, especially given how revealing her dark blue bikini was.

When they made it down to the beach, Cheese was surprised that it wasn't as empty as she'd hoped it would be. She'd actually picked an unofficial nude beach, figuring that would come in handy if, or more likely when, they got nude themselves. The beach was mostly empty, but not totally empty. They couldn't find any spot completely free from sight of anyone else. They picked a stretch of sand that had two men, naked, about three hundred feet away in one direction, and a family, partially naked, about two hundred feet away in the other direction.

Vel immediately commented on their neighbors and their nakedness. "Cheese, you said we'd be completely alone. And why are those guys without any clothing? This is a public beach!"

Cheese rolled her eyes behind her glasses as she stripped off her black leather. She had a bathing suit under that, but that came off, too. "Vel, don't tell me you don't know about nude beaches. Don't worry about those two guys looking at you. I'll bet you a million bucks they're gay. Half the people on these kinds of beaches are gay men. That family on the other side are probably Europeans. You just have a grandma, mother, and kids there anyway. So, really, we're pretty private. And I'm sorry it's not completely empty. That's how it was when I was here once before. But I guess since it's such a brilliant, lovely day, even though it's November, and the fact it's the weekend, put a few more people here. We'll live. And not to put too fine a point on it, but have you considered what they might think of US being here? If they have the courage to stick around, why can't we?"

Vel bitched a little bit more, but it wasn't as if she was ready to go home.

Shawn took a moment to survey the pleasant scene. Vel sat up on a towel on one side of him while Hui Shan and Cheese were on the other side. Cheese was still changing out of her clothes, since she had so much clothing to take off and had gotten caught up in the argument with Vel. Hui Shan, by contrast, was already nude as the day she was born. It had taken her mere seconds to take of her clothes and lie face down on her towel. She looked back up towards Shawn and flashed him her usual winning smile. Of the four of them, Shawn had fully expected Hui Shan to disrobe first. He was amused to see that he'd been right.

"How you doin', Hui Shan? You liking the beach?" Shawn asked with a grin. Meanwhile he slipped off his own bathing suit. He saw, off in the distance, a small flock of seagulls swoop and glide gracefully in the pleasant beach wind.

17-10-2005, 01:52 PM
"I love it! Wow! It's super duper cool. A nude beach! That's the bestest idea, like, ever!" The look of glee and excitement on her face made her appear even younger than she actually was, which also made her seem even more beautiful.

Shawn smiled approvingly. That's so Hui Shan. She's naturally all over nude beaches like white on rice. I don't know where her love of nudity comes from, but it seems to be infectious. Heck, my package is hanging out all over and I'm not minding it at all. I don't even care if those gay guys over there see. It's not like I'll ever talk to them or see them again. And Hui Shan. Look at her. She looks so good like this. Just one look at her cheery smile gets me hard, not to mention her cute, round, naked butt. That's a damn fine butt. Or Cheese - turning this way, Aunt Cheese. Yes! Turn around some more, you giant, pale goddess. Awesome. What a great-mother daughter combination!

Shawn, with his penis stuck out like a flagpole, asked Hui Shan, "You ever been to a nude beach before?"

"You kidding me? Certain people" - she rolled her eyes, both to express her frustration and to motion towards Cheese - "never let me. She doesn't even let me run around naked in the house!" Hui Shan made this sound like she was the only teenager in town who didn't live completely naked in her home. She turned towards her mother. "Thanks so much for allowing me to come, Mom. I feel like one of the gang."

Cheese smiled benignly at her daughter as she straightened out her towel and lay down on it. "Sure thing, dear. I guess maybe I'm too protective sometimes. But it's hard for me to see you turn into an adult. I still think of you as my little baby."

Shawn looked in the other direction, towards his mother. She was wearing prescription sunglasses and a very skimpy red bikini. The sight of the dark fabric against her light skin with the ocean in the background was breathtaking. It seemed completely improbable that someone so beautiful, such obvious centerfold material could be the mother to a teenager. But it occurred to Shawn that it could get even better.

He said, "Mom, we're at a nude beach. Cheese, Hui Shan, and me, we're naked. Can you guess what I'm hinting at?"

"Oh, but Tiger, I can't! At home is one thing, but out here... Isn't this good enough? Don't you think I'm good looking like this?" She scooted closer to him and then sat up on her heels in a dramatic cheesecake pose, with her hands behind her head.

Shawn gasped. It was like some supermodel photograph in a magazine come to life. He had a nearly overwhelming desire to push her backwards, down into the sand, and roughly fuck her then and there. But of course he couldn't, not in the middle of the beach.

He tried to hide his approval, and managed to eke out, "That's nice, Mom, but it IS a nude beach, after all." It occurred to him that he could use her own favorite phrase against her. "It would be rude to stay clothed. It actually would be SO IMPROPER to stay clothed." He couldn't help but grin at that. He could hear Hui Shan and Cheese giggle behind him.

She grinned too, despite her consternation. "Very cute. Let me think about it, okay?" She thought back to her behavior with the surfer, just moments earlier. It was one thing to preen a little to be chosen as the most beautiful. It was quite another for her to actually get naked in front of any other males, even if they were probably gay.

After more teasing, Vel finally broke down and undid her bikini top, but only to lie face down on her towel. That was a big step for her when it came to being out in public, and the others were content to let her be after that.

Everyone put on waterproof suntan lotion simultaneously. Though the idea of Shawn putting on the lotion was a popular one, Vel wouldn't allow it. And, as Cheese wryly noted, if Shawn did that they probably never would have made it past that by the time they had to leave.

In fact, they didn't have much time. They'd had a very late start to the beach and the days had gotten short with the season, so as soon as the lotion had been applied, everyone ran into the ocean to swim. Shawn could hardly believe his luck to swim in the ocean with three incredible women, two of them totally nude (Vel had put her bikini top back on). They all tried body surfing for a while, but the waves were disappointingly small.

Afterwards, Cheese said she wanted to take a walk with Shawn. Again, she was scheming to get him alone. But Vel wouldn't have it. "Shawn is still grounded," she pointed out. "I'd better come with you."

Cheese noted, "I was planning on going that way." She pointed down the beach. "Ten minutes down that way, the nude beach fades out and it becomes a public beach. A very crowded one. Are you sure you want to go down there? Dressed like that?"

Vel looked down at her skimpy bikini and reflexively put her hands over her chest. "No. I'd be so shy. ... But I'm not leaving you alone with him! You're always full of mischief. Take Hui Shan, too."

Inwardly Cheese groaned, but outwardly she acted unconcerned. In reality, Hui Shan was a serious restraint on her plans. She'd been hoping to find a private spot behind some rocks and before the public part of the beach, and really have some fun with Shawn.

17-10-2005, 01:58 PM

Cheese, Hui Shan, and Shawn had a nice walk, though it was nothing compared to what Cheese wanted. Hui Shan was so excited that she ran off ahead of them, totally naked. It was a very amusing and arousing sight for Shawn to see, as Hui Shan ran this way and that like an excited little child at the zoo. She just gloried in being allowed to be naked in a public, outdoors setting for the first time since she was a baby. Her tits bounced around wildly. Shawn had never seen anything like it. He seriously wondered if she could hit herself in the face with a tit.

She didn't mind that they passed a few other people, because those people were also naked (and most of them gay men, Shawn guessed). After a couple of minutes, however, she ran up to Shawn and Cheese all out of breath and huffed, "There's lots more people up ahead! Mom, Shawn, I'm worried people will see you. You'd better get changed."

Cheese handed Hui Shan her bikini, which she'd carried with her. "Here. You put this on, too."

"Oh yeah," Hui Shan pouted. "Me too. Bummer. Do we have to go that way?"

They put on their bathing suits and continued on the walk. The walk through the popular beach was quite an ego-trip for Shawn. Hui Shan and Cheese walked hand in hand on both sides of Shawn. Nearly everything sexual that had happened to him had happened in private, so this was his first time to be seen in public with his new sexual persona. His chest swelled with pride.

Soon the beach was so crowded they were threading their way through people coming and going. Nearly everyone, even other females, did a double-take when they saw Cheese and Hui Shan. Shawn felt like he had walked into the Academy Award ceremony down a red carpet, with two movie starlets on either side of him. Men playing Frisbee in the shallow water stopped what they did and just gawked. The two women basked in the attention.

They walked in silence, but Shawn finally spoke and asked Cheese, "You seem to be enjoying yourself today. Why is it that you never go to the beach? Heck, you never even swim in the pool. Not our pool, certainly, but I doubt even your own pool."

Cheese thought and then looked down at her ghostly-white arms. "I guess it's because of my skin. Being so pale, I've always avoided the sun. So I'm just not a beach gal. But in recent days I've learned that if I cover up from head to toe really thoroughly, it's not so bad. Look - I may even be getting a tan." Cheese pulled at her bikini top to show more of one of her tits than was already exposed and pretended to show off a tan line. But it was a joke because there wasn't any tan line at all. She pulled the bikini so far from her skin that Shawn could see the entirety of one of her nipples. He was surprised she'd do that with so many men staring. It got some loud whistles.

Shawn replied gamely, "Sounds like what you need are some strong hands that will completely cover you..."

"With suntan lotion," Hui Shan completed the sentence he had purposely left hanging.

"I was thinking of some other kind of whitish cream, but that would work as well," he answered jokingly.

Cheese ribbed him, but added, "Maybe someday soon you can cover me with both."

They continued onward and swept up attention from everyone as if they were royalty. Shawn thought to himself, You know what's amazing? There are a lot of gorgeous women on the beach, but none of them are as good-looking as the two I'm with right now. Not even close. And the killer is that both of these women are MY women. They're both totally after me, and not anyone else. I could probably do whatever I wanted to them. ... Well, within legal limits, anyway. For instance, I could just put my hand on Hui Shan's butt, even though we're a public spectacle.

Shawn did so. First he switched from hand-holding to an embrace with both females and then he slid his hand down Hui Shan's back to her butt, even as they continued to walk. When he found no resistance, he put his hand underneath her bikini and explored her ass crack with his fingers.

Awesome! he thought. That's what I'm talking about. Yes! With Hui Shan, I could probably fuck her right on this crowded stretch of beach, and she'd just go, 'M'kay!' Joanna said lay off of Hui Shan but I don't know how long I can stand it. Next time I see this girl alone, I swear to God, I just might go all the way. ... And as for Cheese, talk about fucking lucky; I have no idea what I did to deserve it, but she's totally into me. I'm going to do the same with her and see what she does.

He slid his hand down Cheese's back and into her bikini as well. Just as with Hui Shan, Shawn couldn't even see any change in facial expression as he turned his head from side to side to look at their faces. They only wore big, contented smiles.

Shawn wanted to test just how far he could go. So after another minute passed, he stuck an exploratory finger right up Hui Shan's anus. Hui Shan's eyes flew open and her mouth opened as if she said "Ooooh!" but she didn't say a word. She didn't even break stride as they walked on. The only change was that her smile grew wider. Then he did the same to Cheese, and laughed inwardly as her smiled also grew and her facial expression nearly perfectly matched Hui Shan's. Like mother, like daughter, he thought bemusedly. I guess they really are alike in some ways.

17-10-2005, 01:59 PM
Somehow he continued to walk and probe two assholes at the same time. He had fun watching them try not to squirm. He very much wanted to see the expressions of people behind him who could see what went on with their asses, but he couldn't see in that direction.

Suddenly a strange voice said, "Shawn? ... Shawn Chen?"

Shawn looked around and saw the face. At first he was confused, but then he placed it. "Darryl?"

A teenager who waded in the surf in front of them turned out to be an old friend of Shawn's. But then Darryl had moved away and changed schools, so they lost contact. Shawn stopped and chatted with his friends and introduced his two sexy companions. But something possessed him not to take his hands off of Cheese or Hui Shan's ass, not even to shake hands. In fact, as he talked with Darryl, he continued to saw in and out of both assholes with his fingers. That, plus the idea of being watched by so many had gotten to both Hui Shan and Cheese. They started to squirm as if they both had to pee incredibly badly.

Cheese thought, What the heck is with me? I'm supposed to be one in charge here, but Shawn is treating me like some kind of bimbo. And I'm loving it! My face is all flushed and I'm probably leaking all down my thighs. Shawn's friend must certainly know what's going on, not to mention the countless people standing behind me. This Darryl guy must be able to see the glistening juices running out of my pussy. Fuck! This is wild!

Shawn's treating me like I'm some kind of ho. It would be embarrassing enough if it were just me, but I'm letting him do the same to my daughter! It's like he's the pimp and we're just a couple of his hoes, not even worth introducing. I've always been the one in the driver's seat with my other lovers. If this was anyone else, I'd slap the guy upside the head. But this is just too much fun to stop. Especially seeing how the timid and nerdy Shawn is blossoming into a total Don Juan. Wow. What have I created?

Hui Shan, if anything, loved it even more. Having always been behind the other women in sexual acts with Shawn, this caused her heart to pound much more than it did for Cheese. When she got horny she loved to get naked, and she had a nearly overwhelming desire to rip her bikini off. She imagined falling to the sand in the buff, then having Shawn pounce on her and fuck her silly, with crowds of beach goers watching. (Shawn was right that Hui Shan would have eagerly welcomed that in real life.) Had Cheese gotten naked and joined in their sandy beach romp, so much the better. But she restrained herself, even as she helplessly writhed more and more, the longer they stood there.

Shawn was loving it too. But he saw it in a different way, and thought it was a great practical joke. However, out of nowhere his experience at Baskin Robbins with Sera torturing him in public came to mind. He recalled how painful that experience was to him, and feared that he might be making Cheese and/or Hui Shan feel the same way he'd felt back then. He had no idea how horny this made the mother and daughter. So he broke off his conversation with Darryl and said his good-byes. Then they turned around and headed back to Vel.

Now he could see the faces of all the people, male and female, who had clearly seen what his hands had done. There were a lot of thumbs ups and approving whistles from the men. Some of the women even made approving signs to Cheese and Hui Shan. He thought, That was a really close call with Darryl. Lucky he goes to a different school. Of course it makes sense since we're at a far off beach, but there was a chance, is a chance, I could run into someone from my own school. How the heck would I explain walking with these two, especially if some school mate saw where my hands were? Or what if Peggy happened to be surfing out here today? Whoa. She DOES go to far off beaches to avoid her students.

He pulled his hands completely away from both asses as this idea of being seen sank in.

Hui Shan audibly griped, "Awww..."

He was suddenly feeling bad, and said, "I'm sorry, you two. Did you mind, you know, what I was doing with my hands?"

Cheese mumbled out of the corner of her mouth so other people nearby couldn't hear, "Do I mind? Let's see if this answers that question." She grabbed his wrist and put his hand back on her ass, and slid it inside her bikini. So he continued what he was doing with her ass, and with Hui Shan's ass too. He played with their ass cracks most of the way back.

They returned to the lonely Vel about half an hour after they left. As soon as they crossed the line they guessed marked the start of the nude beach, the two women took off their bikini tops again. Cheese said, in the voice of a complaint but with the intention of a command, "I suppose you're going to have to shamelessly play with our tits now, Mr. Pimp."

"It's a bit hard when we're all walking," he pointed out. Inwardly, he wondered, "Mr. Pimp?" What's that all about?

"I'm sure you'll manage," she replied. She grabbed his wrist from near her ass and guided his hand to her chest as she thought, And to think, we might even have been fucking behind those rocks over there, if Hui Shan didn't have to come along on this walk. So fucking frustrating! I just need a few hours with him alone. God damn this stupid grounding of his - I thought today would be my one big chance. But it hurts so good to have the anticipation build up. When I finally fuck him, he's gonna know what it means to be truly and profoundly fucked by a woman who really knows what she's doing. Watch out, big boy. You don't even know what's coming. And I am just going to positively die of joy as he pummels me with that marvelous cock. My Sweetie!

A little bit further on, all three took off the rest of their clothes. Shawn played with their tits and Cheese naturally held him by the penis, which she repeatedly squeezed, so they were nearly a walking orgy as they continued down the beach and passed the occasional stranger. They let go of each other's privates when they got within sight of Vel, but they were nonetheless quite a sight to see when they returned.

17-10-2005, 02:00 PM

Vel stewed in her juices a bit while she waited. She felt like she had missed out and fallen behind because of her fear of being seen naked by others. But while the others had gone, the two men who sat closest to them left. She'd put her top back on since Shawn had left, but when they all came back together, Vel was again persuaded to take her top off. More importantly, she agreed to not cover up with her arm or by laying down. Cheese, Shawn, and Hui Shan went completely nude, so she was still a bit behind, but for her, actually exposing her chest in a public place was a major concession. Being naked in front of Shawn was one thing - she loved and craved that by now. But being naked in front of any other male was a completely different thing. She nonetheless kept her hands over her chest as much as the others would let her.

Now that they were all completely nude, or nearly so, Cheese said, "Sweetie, I'll bet you're pretty worked up after that walk, and seeing so many lovely ladies on the beach. I'll bet you could use some relief right now, couldn't you?" Cheese was the pot calling the kettle black, since Shawn had gotten her and Hui Shan very worked up and he damn well knew it: they were still dripping-wet with excitement, while he was hard, but not especially so. But he appreciated the offer.

"You know it, Aunt Cheese. I'm all over that idea. But how can we do that here?"

"Vel? You want to do the honors?" Cheese asked.

Vel looked to Cheese in horror. "Me? No way. I could never do that in public. You do it! Hui Shan and I will guard you."

So Cheese sat on top of Shawn's leg and jacked him off while Vel and Hui Shan sat on either side and tried to block the view from any onlookers (there were none anyway, except for the European family which sat off in the distance). Both Vel and especially Hui Shan were more intent to watch instead of stay on the look-out for strangers. They practically salivated over what Cheese did. Vel muttered things like, "The things we have to do sometimes for your medical treatment."

That caused Shawn to think, Oh yeah. My medical treatment. It's so hilarious. I've almost forgotten about that completely and gotten into the six times a day thing as an end in and of itself. Let's see. Is my energy level any better lately? Hmm. Not really. But then, who the fuck cares? It's not like I'm gonna ever want to stop, even though all this attention is slowly killing me. If I'm going to die, this is the ultimate way to go.

Cheese could feel his balls tighten up, but she pretended that she didn't know he was about to cum and he followed her lead and didn't say anything either. Cum simply started to fly up in the air and headed from where he lay up in a big arc down towards Cheese's chest. Her big tits were an easy target to hit, but she expertly aimed his penis and made sure that some got in her face as well. By the time he was done there were bits of cum all over her and even some on his thighs and the towel beneath him.

Cheese would have preferred to swallow it all, but she wanted to push Vel a bit further. She knew the sight of Shawn's flying cum reduced Vel to a quivering mass of horny nerves. Sure enough, Vel stared at all the splattering like her eyes would pop out of her head.

Cheese asked Shawn, "How did you like that, Sweetie?"

"It was great. As usual. Thanks a ton, Aunt Cheese. I think doing it in public makes it sooo much more exciting."

"Me, too. But now we have this big mess." Cheese started to scoop up some gobs and licked them into her mouth. "Vel, would you like to help me clean up here?"

"Me? Uh, no. I really shouldn't. ... Well, if you insist." Cheese inwardly cackled with glee and she felt Vel's hands on her tits as she swept up gobs of cum and ate them. "You know, we really should stop this," Vel said halfheartedly even as she gloried in rolling the cum around the insides of her mouth.

Hui Shan also reached over and scooped up some cum. Cheese didn't notice at first because her eyes were closed, but then she realized there were too many hands on her. She opened her eyes, sat up, and barked, "Hui Shan, what do you think you're doing?"

Hui Shan swallowed another big gob. "Can't I help too? It's so yummy."

"No." Cheese lay back down while Vel continued to feast on her and ignored the minor dispute. "Darling, what am I going to do with you? You're too pure and precious to me."

"Oh, Mom, that's not fair." Hui Shan got up and stomped off. She was a bit peeved. That was a very rare emotion for her.

Vel and Cheese continued their cum feast. Cheese hoped that Vel would get bold enough to lick the cum straight off of her tits, but apparently fear of being seen held her back from doing that. Shawn just lay back on his towel and enjoyed the sight, though he stayed flaccid.

There wasn't a tremendous amount of cum, but the two of them took their time to enjoy it and savored every gob. After a couple of minutes, Cheese said to Shawn, "Sweetie, could you get up and help me for a minute?"

Shawn was already right next to them, but he sat up and said, "Sure, what is it?"

Cheese sat up on her heels and then stretched backwards so her crotch was on prominent display between her bent knees. "Vel, do you realize we've been forgetting our manners? Here we are, eating a nice little snack, and we haven't offered Shawn anything. How 'bout it, Tiger? See anything you'd like to eat?" She pulled her pussy lips open and allowed Shawn a glimpse into her hidden depths.

Shawn was a bit chicken at going down on a woman and with such a hairy bush like Cheese had, so he wasn't sure. It further occurred to him that the last time he was alone with Cheese, she'd promised that he could play with her pussy. But he could scarcely believe the next opportunity would be like this, with a compliant Vel resting her arms on Cheese's thigh.

Then something she said occurred to him, and he said, "Hey. You called me Tiger, Vel's nickname for me. That's confusing me."

"I did, didn't I? That's okay. I get confused myself. You have two tall, naked, big-titted mommies to service your every sexual whim. It's easy to confuse us when we're both so sexy and hot for cock."

That was a nonsensical explanation as to why Cheese said "Tiger," but it worked for Shawn's libido, which was her point. He drew closer to the gaping pussy.

Vel was busy wiping the remains of Shawn's cum spray off of Cheese's stomach, but she paused long enough to interrupt with an objection. "Cheese, we're in a public place! I refuse to allow such a lewd display. There's no one around at the moment, but if anyone saw us, why, why... I don't know what."

Cheese laughed heartily. "If anyone saw us, they'd get quite horny, that's what."

17-10-2005, 02:02 PM
Shawn took Vel's objection as an excuse to decline, sort of. "Cheese, since Mom doesn't want to do that, how about if I finger you instead?"

"Works for me!" Cheese said as she leaned all the way back for him. "Now that the children are gone" - this was a reference to Hui Shan - "let the adults play some nice adult games."

Shawn stuck two fingers into Cheese's dripping and still-open pussy hole before Vel could further object. He distracted his mother further and said, "Mom, there's lots of cum in this general area." He waved his hand over Cheese's crotch and thighs. "It would turn me on to see you clean it up."

So Vel searched for and eventually found each and every cum gob below Cheese's belly button. Shawn and Cheese were both disappointed that she didn't use her tongue to lick it up, but it was an inspirational sight, just the same. She stared intently as Shawn's fingers plunged in and out of Cheese's pussy. Drool actually fell out of her mouth without her noticing. Her pussy actually shook and trembled with excitement as she imagined that it was her own pussy getting violated by her son's fingers.

The situation was all too much for Cheese. It was like her grand Chen orgy scheme had already come true. The thought of Shawn fucking her while Vel licked at her clit pushed her over the edge. She started to cum, and once she started she just couldn't stop. She came again and again. Her legs twitched and thrashed, but that didn't stop Shawn's fingers, nor did Vel stop with her cum hunt. Hui Shan came back not long after Cheese's massive climaxes began, and she sat next to Shawn and watched her mother writhe. When Cheese first noticed Hui Shan, she was horrified, but she was too far gone to even say anything. As she continued she realized the fact that Hui Shan watched helped make her even hotter.

Cheese thought, It's like we're all non-stop sex machines. Toys for my and Shawn's amusement. The only thing holding us back is the thin veneer of restraint Vel still has, and that's falling down by the hour. This whole thing with Hui Shan is killing me. As a responsible mother I really need to keep her out of this. But as a lust-crazed woman I totally want to do her myself! That is so wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong! Don't even think about it. I'm not thinking about it. She's my daughter; that's real incest. No. No, no, no, no, no....

She tuned Hui Shan out and thought about Vel and Shawn and all the wonderful things the three of them could do together.

Vel also thought about how wrong this all was. But she was helpless to stop her own actions, so she struggled to justify them. We all know Shawn's cum is very precious. It cannot be wasted for any reason. Hui Shan can't eat it off of her own mother, so it's up to me. That's all there is to it. There's nothing wrong going on here. I'm just enjoying a yummy little beach cum snack. I am NOT going to lick my way all down Cheese's stomach, exploring her belly button with my tongue, lapping up my son's cum along the way. If I start licking, I just might find my mouth down there right next to Shawn's plunging fingers. Soon I'd be lapping up her love juices he's so copiously creating, straight from her quivering hole. No. I have willpower. That's a totally different thing from just enjoying some of his cum. That's a lesbian thing! I am NOT going to do that!

Once Vel ran out of cum gobs on Cheese's skin, she didn't stop. She kept searching for more, which meant she ran her hands all over Cheese. She openly cupped and hefted Cheese's tits, mentally comparing their size with her own. But she didn't realize that she was doing something sexual. She still thought she was just being very thorough in her cum search.

There was a lot of panting and moaning all around. But somehow Shawn still didn't get hard. He would have liked to order Hui Shan to service his penis, but his penis didn't feel up to it at the moment. Plus, he was content to just give pleasure to Cheese.

Cheese realized she might be able to go on for a very long time with Shawn, Hui Shan, and Vel all focusing on her, but her body could only handle so much. She eventually had to cry uncle. They all flopped back down on their towels, completely drained.

But Cheese did have the energy to say to Vel, "So, I'm beginning to think this beach trip idea of mine was a pretty good one. What do you think?" She laughed with pure delight and they all laughed along. Cheese thought, I never knew I could feel this happy. I'm a friggin' genius. Who says crime doesn't pay? My six times a day scheme was the most brilliant thing I ever did, hands down!

17-10-2005, 02:03 PM

A short time later, Shawn and Cheese were back in the surf. They splashed in the waves while Vel and Hui Shan remained on the beach. Since the waves were small to nonexistent, they had a good chance to talk as they played and swam. At one point Cheese idly made the comment, "I love you when you're naked outside like this." That got Shawn to think very seriously.

He said to her in a contemplative voice, "You know, it's funny. I mean, you're practically like family. I even call you 'aunt' a lot. But you've always officially been Mom's best friend from next door, and not officially family, and so there's been this formality. Especially with the way Mom was, you know, how she was so proper and formal. She's still kind of that way, even though she's loosening up with her body. But anyway, even now, you or I can say 'I love you when you're naked,' but not just 'I love you.' But that's what I want to say: I love you. Because I really do love you. And I don't just mean physically. You're, like, one of the most important people to me in the whole wide world. I really mean that. I really, truly love you deeply."

Cheese normally had a very jaded, sophisticated demeanor, but as Shawn went on, she felt herself become weak in the knees. She stared at him with an intense longing. When he said, "I love you," she was glad she was nearly neck deep in the water or she would have literally fallen down. He, in turn, tried to stare into her eyes during this emotional moment, but had a hard time from drifting down to her chest. Her boobs were easily visible just under the water and the way they rose up and seemed to float made them seem even bigger than ever. They looked nearly Angela-esque in size.

She held out until he said "whole wide world," but then she couldn't wait any more. She cried out, "Sweetie!" Then she grabbed him tight and kissed him on the lips.

As the two of them were already completely naked, the kiss naturally developed into an all out, mostly underwater, intense grope. After a couple of minutes, when they had to pause to catch their breaths, Cheese panted, "Sweetie! I love you! I love you, too. If you only knew how much... What I've done, to get you to... Well, it doesn't matter. The important thing is we have each other. I love you!" They kissed some more.

Despite the cold water, Cheese had a hand on Shawn's penis and kept it long, hard and happy. Shawn similarly found her pussy and put two fingers into it without so much as a second thought. As they worked on each other under the waves while remaining in a hug of sorts, Shawn said between more kisses, "Don't think I'm saying that just because we've been so physical lately. I felt that way before, and the physical has just added a new dimension to my love for you."

She said, "Stop. You're killing me. This is too much! This is like a dream come true. Sweetie, Shawn, I love you so much! So very, very much." Shawn could see tears as they down her cheeks. She pointed out, "These are tears of joy. I don't care if you're half my age. You're the only man I've ever met who I really loved. My husband can go hang - I wish he would if it means I could be with you! Age doesn't matter. And you're such a great lover, too!" She pulled herself even closer to him, so his penis was right on top of her bush. Her hand was wrapped around his tool already, but she went farther. Using both hands, she pushed his hand down there out of the way, and then pulled his penis between her legs, as if he would dry hump her.

She felt very devilish and decided that Shawn deserved something a little more special than just a hand job. Since their bodies were mostly covered by the ocean water, she felt that now was a perfect moment to take such a bold risk. "You know, some times, accidents can happen. For instance, what if a big wave came by and sort of bumped you into me? What would we do then?"

There was no big wave, but she pulled his penis right into her pussy lips. She kept on going and brought the head of his penis into her vagina.

"Cheese!" he gasped as his mind boggled and his eyes went wide as saucers. "Are-are-are you sure? I mean, I, well, this is a big step!" He was completely thrown for a loop and didn't know what to do. Even in his mind, he could hardly think at all. Holy fucking mother of God! Cheese is... My dick... Fuck! ... Her... She, Cheese... No way! We're fucking!

His heart pounded frantically and trip-hammered in a way that he hadn't experienced for several weeks. But Cheese appeared calm. She smiled wryly and said, "What do you mean? Big step what? I'm just noting that accidents can happen sometimes." Ironically, a wave did belatedly arrive. It swept both of them off of their feet, but they hugged each other tighter and remained connected down below. Cheese pressed herself into him and his penis slid in another two inches. Shawn's eyes went wide as saucers in awe and amazement.

"Bu-bu-bu-but, what about Vel?" he asked even as his penis slid in another inch. He looked toward the beach to see if his mother watched them. They were floating deeper into the sea.

"What about me?" said Vel from a ways off.

Shawn heard Cheese gasp and knew from that that something was not good. To his horror, he looked past Cheese and saw that his mother was in the water, only fifty feet from them but quickly closed the distance. Thanks to the sound of the waves, he guessed she hadn't heard anything clearly until he said her name, but she could obviously see something was up. No doubt from the beach she could see all their intense kissing and that caused her to come closer and investigate.

Shawn belatedly tried to answer Vel's question as he attempted to pull out. Cheese turned, saw Vel, and let him vacate her hungry vagina. "Um, we were just talking about love," he said as Vel came even closer.

"Yes? Love? And?" Vel looked very suspicious. They maintained their close hug because to completely break away would be even more suspicious.

Shawn thought on his feet, even as his feet were scrambling to find a foothold on the ground. "I was just saying that I loved Cheese. I told her, 'I love you.' And she was saying that she loved me. She said she loved me more than anyone in the whole wide world, so I said, 'what about Vel?'"

"That's not fair," Cheese complained. She played along with what was actually very close to the truth. "You can't compare love between man and woman with love between two women. I meant I love you more than any other man. Of course I love Vel just as much, as a woman."

She thought to herself, Oh, my! That was close. That's some good quick thinking, Sweetie. Maybe he has it in him to become as big of a schemer as I am. Her fingers found Shawn's penis, and she grabbed it tightly. She missed the all-too-brief sensation of being filled by his penis and wanted that experience just a little bit more before they had to stop. She tried to put it back in her hole, despite the reckless danger. She hoped the water would cover everything. Shawn had a hard time stopping her because he was still struggling to touch the ground (considerate guy that he was, even in his predicament, he didn't want to pull himself down deeper into the water and drag Cheese down with him because he knew she hated to get her hair wet).

Shawn quickly corrected, "And of course I love you, too, Mom. I love you so much. Loving Cheese doesn't diminish that at all. No one can come even close to replacing the special place you have in my heart." He used a hand that was underwater to fight Cheese and keep her from putting it back in. He was too flummoxed to realize the irony of trying so hard to get into that hole, and now fighting to keep out.

Vel closed the distance completely now. Shawn managed to reach the ocean bottom just as the three of them hugged. Even though Vel's bikini bottom was the only stitch of clothing between the three of them, it was a mostly platonic and loving hug. "Cheese. My Tiger. You two are too great!" she cooed. Vel's close presence caused Cheese to give up her desire to fuck, anyway, so she let go of his penis and allowed the water to force their bodies apart naturally.

Shawn thought to himself as he hugged, Dang. That was too close! Cheese and I were about to fuck! Fuck! Wow! I mean, technically, I was already in her! And right in front of Mom! I guess Cheese got carried away with what I said. What if Mom would have come here a couple of minutes later? We would have been going at it with total abandon! I know I would have. Totally fucking wild abandon. Dang. Just one minute later and I could have at least done a little! What'll Cheese do now? Is she going to step back and regret that or can we finish what we started later? Please God, please, let me fuck Cheese! Pleeeaasseee!

17-10-2005, 02:06 PM
At the very same time, Cheese thought, That was dumb. If only I was a little more prudent and made some distance from Vel, we could have gone all the way. What a torturous tease I am, just like when I pretended to be Elle at the costume party. This does not count as our first time. No way. We're still at zero in my book. But I just couldn't hold back after he said he loved me! Screw my scheming. This is so far beyond my scheming or just winning another conquest. This is love! I'm really in love! I haven't felt like this since I was a teenager. I didn't even know a woman my age COULD feel like this!

Meanwhile, as Vel hugged the both of them, she thought, I love this guy. My very own son! I just love him all up. I don't deserve such a great kid. Of course he loves Cheese. She's so great; it's only natural. How lucky am I to have her as a best friend? She's always there for me. For us. But things were a little fishy before I butted in. Good thing I came out here because I think Cheese is getting a little bit carried away. The look in her eyes.... Later I'm going to have to talk to Cheese and make sure she's straight on the boundaries. I don't know about that kind of kissing, even though I've kind of slid a little in that direction myself sometimes lately...

The three of them ended the hug and retired back to their towels on the beach. Hui Shan sat there in all her naked glory. She was a bit suspicious about all the hugging and kissing in the ocean in front of her, but kept her mouth shut.

Shawn let his erect penis bounce proudly in front of him as he walked up onto the beach. "Can someone help the swelling go down?" he asked as he sat down next to Hui Shan. "What about you, Hui Shan? Would you like to help out?"

"M'kay!" she said. "That sounds super awesome! Cool!"

Cheese threw cold water on the idea. "Wait a sec, you two. I know I said you could help out with your hands earlier, but I don't really feel comfortable with that, out here and everything."

Hui Shan was crestfallen.

Vel said, "Hui Shan, don't worry. You can have your chance later today. I'll make sure of it. There will be so many chances. Let's give this one to Cheese. She and Shawn had a special moment out there in the ocean, so it's only appropriate. Today just seems to be her day."

Shawn thought, Mom, you have no idea how "special." Dang! I cannot believe Cheese almost fucked me! And shit! Fuck! She isn't wasting time, either! Shawn responded to the fact that while he was lost in thought and before he realized what had happened, Cheese already had her mouth around his penis. That took Hui Shan and Vel by surprise, too. They quickly went into position and shielded the blow job on either side.

Hui Shan couldn't help but pout a bit, however. "Mom, you get all the fun stuff. I want to have a special moment with Shawn too!"

Vel responded since Cheese and Shawn were well occupied. "Don't worry, Hui Shan dear. I'm sure you'll have lots of special moments with Shawn. Isn't that right, Tiger?"

Shawn was so overcome with the pleasure Cheese's mouth gave him that he could barely answer. "Mmm hmm. Yeah. ... Definitely."

"Just watch and learn, Hui Shan," Vel said motheringly. "Look at your mother's technique. Before too long, that'll be your tongue on his penis."

"Really? Cool!" Hui Shan said with her usual enthusiasm. Cheese groaned inwardly at the thought of her daughter giving a blow job, but her mouth was too occupied for her to say anything about it.

Cheese knew just what turned Shawn on. Like all men, he had a sensitive spot just under the penis head and she constantly worked on stimulating that in one way or another. She could go down into a near-deep throat and meanwhile flick her tongue right at that spot that drove him wild. She even knew how to gently use her teeth in a way that aroused him further. Not even Peggy went for doing much with her teeth. When Shawn had his penis in Cheese's mouth, he was truly in heaven, and Cheese felt just as good in return. She particularly loved the naughtiness of it all. Having both Vel and Hui Shan watch close up was almost too much, and made her nearly lightheaded with happiness.

By the time Cheese's very prolonged, expert blow job was done the sun had already started to set. The three knockout females began to develop a crowd now that they'd stayed seated in one place for a while. A couple of male passersby had parked themselves on the sand a discreet distance away. But they obviously checked the women out from behind their sunglasses. As a result, there was no big cum eating production like earlier. Cheese just let Shawn fill up her mouth with his seed while a number of joggers went by and wondered if their eyes had played tricks on them or if they really saw a woman's head in a man's lap, surrounded by two gorgeous and topless women.

When she was done and her mouth was finally free, she say the need to correct what Vel had said a few minutes earlier. "Now, Hui Shan, remember you're not allowed to suck Shawn's cock. So don't listen to what Vel was saying. Hand jobs okay, but that's it. We have to set some limits, because you're still so innocent. You're not ready for sex."

"I am too ready!" Hui Shan protested, but she couldn't convince Cheese.

There were more joggers who came by as many people liked to go jogging in the cooler hours at the end of the day. Vel put her bikini top back on in response. As she saw two more people run past and another off in the distance, she said, "Look at those goobers. I think that's our cue to leave."

Hui Shan said, "M'kay, but Shawn, didn't you bring a camera? Let's take some pictures!"

So Shawn took out his camera from his bag and they took some pictures. It occurred to Shawn that he didn't really have any pictures of any of the females naked, so he wanted a lot of those. He got Vel to briefly take her top off again so he could get the three of them topless, all in a row. She also took off her sunglasses so her eyes could be seen.

"Perfect!" he said as he snapped them all pressed into each other. He joked, "I'm going to call this one: Cheese and her two kids."

Vel and Hui Shan laughed, but Cheese said, "You're gonna get it now!" and raised her fist threateningly in mock anger. Shawn took a picture of that, too, which made them all laugh some more. But the fact was, Vel really could look like a teenager at times, and Cheese could not. Even when she was a teenager she had an older, more sophisticated look about her.

"Too bad Joanna isn't here," Hui Shan noted as they posed for another photo. "She'll be bummed that she missed out."

"She IS being punished, you know," Vel pointed out as she put her glasses back on. "Maybe this will be a good lesson for her."

Shawn commented, "I'm just bummed I can't have all four of my favorite women in the same picture, with the ocean in the background."

"Next time," Vel pointed out. "I don't know about you all, but I want to come back here to this very spot again and again." And to think, she thought to herself, Before we got here I was dead against coming to this place. It's a good thing I follow Cheese's advice. Vel had a brief vision of returning to the beach. In it, she was alone with Shawn, running up and down the beach hand in hand with him. Both jumped up and down in the shallow waves in complete naked abandon and not caring what anyone else thought.

Hui Shan tugged at Cheese. "I wanna come back too, Mom! Can we? Can we?" The others had a kind laugh for her child-like enthusiasm.

They stayed long enough to watch the sun drop into the ocean and then they made to go. They purposely ignored their nosy onlookers, the only negative note to a great beach trip.

Continued in part 14...

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hell no!! its my most anticipated thread in the whole forum man.

hope we got a double dosage today. keep it up bro shawnieboy. really wishing that you can mail your friend about asking the title of the novel though...

17-10-2005, 06:36 PM
Worst sex story ever bro. You outta stop please.

Hey Hey, you don't like it then don stay here than.

bro shawnieboy i support you all the way. ;)

17-10-2005, 08:56 PM
Hey Hey, you don't like it then don stay here than.

bro shawnieboy i support you all the way. ;)

Agreed... u have me support...

personally i love the stories...

Keep up the good work... pls post more

17-10-2005, 08:59 PM
CHAPTER 1 (Monday, Nov. 11)

Shawn woke up the next morning and lay in bed with his thoughts. Ugh. Monday. Another week of school. Not like I can complain, though. Yesterday was like a dream come true. How many times did I climax? Let's see. Twice before the beach, twice at the beach, and twice after. It sure seems like more. Man, the way Mom "tucked me in" late last night, that was unreal. Too bad I didn't get a chance to be with Cheese alone later on. I'm dying to hear what she has to say about what we did in the ocean. I'm even more curious to see how far she's willing to go.

Yep. Yesterday was a total dream. But then so was the day before. Dang! Every single day, it's like I'm a little kid on Christmas morning. Seriously! Heaven can only be a comedown from this. And now I've gotta slog through seven hours of school to get to the good stuff back home, but come on, even that is not that bad. Especially with Peggy there. She's so great. The talented tongue. Queen of the deep throats. I am so fucking blessed, all around! Today I just know is going to be another mind-blowing day. I can't even wait to see how Mom and Sis are dressed for breakfast. I've got so much to look forward to!

He hopped up out of bed instead of dragging himself out as he nearly always used to do.

He deliberately didn't masturbate first thing, as he usually did. He expected more help now. As a result, his tool was hard as iron by the time he showered and came down for breakfast. Joanna was already down in the dining room and ate her cereal.

To Shawn's surprise, Vel wore a nightgown. He'd never seen her wear one in the kitchen before, and with good reason, since it was so revealing. It was as if she was naked, but somehow even more alluring. She'd always limited what she did when Joanna was nearby and vice versa, but after the events of the weekend that restriction appeared to be pretty much gone right out the window.

She greeted him with a happy "Good morning," and a kiss on the cheek, which was what she always did, but then she explored one of his ears with her tongue and a series of small kisses, something that certainly wasn't part of the Chen morning tradition. Then she went back to kitchen work, as usual.

Shawn sat at the counter that divided the kitchen from the dining room so he could enjoy the display of her body through the semitransparent material. Joanna already did the same and didn't eat her cereal at the dining table as she normally did. Vel handed Shawn a bowl of cereal and made no comment on their new seating arrangement. After all, she secretly loved it when he watched her.

As he dug into his food, he said enthusiastically, "Mom, you look so damn sexy this morning! This is such a big help for me. God, I'm rock hard. I don't think I can stand it. I feel like I'm going to burst." He roared like a lion. "Arrgh! I hope you don't mind, but I just have to take this thing out." He unzipped his shorts and whipped out his penis. Joanna, who sat next to him on a stool, immediately reached out and began to play with it.

"Angel, is this going to be your one time for today?" said Vel with disapproval, even as she smiled benignly at the sight of Shawn's penis. "Are you going to use it up so early?"

"I guess not," she said, bummed.

"Well then, stop playing with your brother's penis and eat your cereal." She tried to say this in a stern, motherly tone, as if this was the kind of thing mothers usually said to their children. Joanna immediately complied with the order.

Addressing Shawn, Vel asked with a straight face, "Tiger, I see you have a delightful emergency here. Do you need my help?"

"Most definitely!" Despite all that had happened recently, Shawn was a little stunned at how quickly things had occurred. He hadn't been downstairs two minutes and already his mother was about to suck him off.

Vel sat on her heels in front of Shawn. She looked approvingly at his crotch. She said a little prayer out loud. "Dear Lord, thank you for giving me such a handsome and well-endowed son. Bless this blow job, and may it contribute to his health and well-being." She appeared very serious about this prayer. When she belatedly thought of her daughter’s presence, she said, "Angel, please don't look. This is a rather private duty."

Joanna turned towards her cereal and grumbled something about rules, boundaries and greedy cows.

As if she wasn't naked enough, Vel slipped her nightgown off her shoulders and pulled it down to her waist. Then she placed the tip of her tongue on the tip of her son's penis. That alone sent shivers through Shawn's body like bolts of electricity. He simply could not get over how hot his mother looked and acted lately, never mind his sister as well.

Vel, too, couldn't get over her son. Just to touch his penis nearly sent her over the edge. She began to suck Shawn's penis with a hungry passion. She acted as if the twelve hours she'd been without his cum were far too long, and in fact that's exactly how she felt. She felt more boundaries of decorum start to crumble. I don't really care if my daughter sits watching only a few feet away, as long as I get more of this cock! Sure enough, Joanna couldn't stop herself from watching for long and gazed openly.

Within minutes, Vel sucked Shawn off to a particularly powerful orgasm which she simply could not swallow completely. Then she meticulously cleaned him dry. She sat topless at his feet for a few minutes, wiped the cum that had dribbled down her chin and recovered her strength - not from the exertion of the cocksucking, but from the Earth-shattering orgasm she had doing it.

I wish I would have known years ago just how much pleasure a woman can get from giving a blow job, she thought. I thought it was all about pleasing the man, but this morning's blow job alone was better than any actual fuck my husband's ever gave me! My son. So kind, yet so confident. So manly. If only he was more aggressive with his confidence and just a little less considerate. I want him to tell me, "Excuse me, Mommy, but right now I'm going to fuck your face," and then he'd just do it without asking, and I'd LOVE it! I always do. Or what if I asked him, "Is there anything else you want with that breakfast?" and he replied, "Yes, Mommy. I want to fuck your ass." Then he'd roughly throw me to the ground and fuck me all over the floor, like he was pushing a vacuum cleaner around. Wow.

She continued to sit there after Shawn's penis grew flaccid and looked up at him with a feral look in her eyes. Shawn thought, She's just begging for me to fuck her, with that look. But then later we'll be so regretful and she'll never forgive me for taking advantage of her in a moment of weakness. Not to mention with my sister right here! Joanna wouldn't mind it but it would heighten Mom's shame. I just have to hold out for a better opportunity.

In actual fact, Vel just hoped for more cocksucking as an end in itself, she enjoyed it so much. But Shawn's penis stayed flaccid, even after she fiddled with it a bit, so she finally pulled her nightgown back up and went back to cooking eggs in the kitchen as if nothing had happened. But she still didn't behave like a typical mother at breakfast. She bent forward over the stove far more than cooking eggs required. For many minutes both Shawn and Joanna sat transfixed and watched Vel's ass and pussy lips from a few feet behind. If Vel wasn't bent over something, she would walk around the kitchen on some task as her giant jugs swayed obscenely wherever she went. Shawn got hard again. Even Joanna got extremely hot and bothered, as she felt a powerful desire to stick her tongue in her own mother's pussy.

Vel chatted like she would any morning, but Joanna and Shawn were too distracted by her movements to talk, and mostly replied monosyllabically. Vel repeatedly reminded him to drink lots of orange juice, saying, "Drink up. You want to have lots of big cum loads, don't you?" It made him feel a little like a cum factory, but he didn't mind much.

They sat down to eat eggs and toast, but already Shawn had to take his dick out of his shorts for the duration of the meal. He ate with barely an eye to his plate. Joanna was at a disadvantage in getting his attention, since she wore the clothes she needed for school that day. She even had her underwear on already (she vowed not to make that mistake again). So Shawn gawked at his mother's soft breasts through the soft silky fabric, as if he'd never seen them before.

17-10-2005, 09:00 PM
Out of the blue, Vel asked him, "Tiger, are you okay with this? I'm just thinking that if we're going to get you to at least seven climaxes today we have to start early."

Shawn smiled contentedly, like a Cheshire cat. "You know I love it. You're such a great cocksucker and you cook a great breakfast, too!"

"Thanks. You're too kind." She blushed with pride. "Looks like someone likes lingerie." His mother chuckled as she reached for his shorts and grabbed his newly-erect penis through the fabric.

"I sure do," Shawn agreed enthusiastically.

Vel reached over and held his exposed penis. "Would you like me to suck you some more, you big, cum-filled boy? Will we ever be able to drain you of cum, even with all of us combined?"

"Thanks, Mom, but that would make it really hard for me to eat breakfast. I can't even think while you do that, much less eat. Why don't you just stroke it a little while I finish my food?"

Vel got on her knees below the counter top and tenderly stroked his penis. She knew what he wanted at the moment, which was something low key, so she kept the pace light and slow while he continued to eat.

Shawn rode a pleasant wave of a light buzz. Now this is what I call service, he thought. An excellent breakfast made that much better by some mellow stroking. What more could a kid want in life? He suddenly became very frustrated, almost angry. Aside from wanting to FUCK my MOM! Arrgh! Why did that have to pop in my head again? I can't think about that, or I'll go crazy. If she's content to just suck my cock till the end of time I think I'll slowly go insane, not getting to do the ultimate deed. Fuck. I just can't have these thoughts or it becomes ten times worse to bear.

Joanna however, once again felt neglected. I think Mom snapped or something in the past two days. She's normally so afraid to do anything in public, yet she's jacking Shawn off in front of others without shame. This morning proves it - she could care less that I'm here, as long as she gets that cock. I literally cannot even imagine how she used to be just weeks ago. Now she just seems so eager to please. Too eager! With the way things are going, Shawn's gonna be fucking her within days, and then my big brother is gonna totally forget all about fucking his little sister! Fuck that shit! I'm not gonna just sit here and take it lying down. So he's into lingerie and I don't have any. Damn again! At least I can put on a robe and get some attention hopefully. You think Shawn would treat his little fuck toy just a little bit better. Grr!

Joanna hurried to her room and changed into a bath robe. When she came back Shawn still ate his breakfast and Vel was still on her knees underneath the breakfast table, happily stroking her son's rod. Vel thought, Squish, squish, squish. My pussy is so juicy. Always so juicy and wet. I can't wait to tell Cheese about this later. She'll think I'm a total slut for sure. And she'd be right! Every time I cum, it's like I cum twice. Once while pleasing my Tiger, and then a second time hours later telling Cheese about it. Life is so damn good!

Vel looked up from under the table and immediately said to her daughter, "Isn't that robe a little bit revealing, Angel?" Vel knelt very far forward and her own exposed tits hung nearly to the ground.

"Yeah, I guess it is. I was just inspired by your nightgown. Or lack thereof." She giggled. The last part was a bit cheeky, but Vel let it slide. "It occurred to me that I could help Shawn out more with visual stimulation, too. We have to keep him hard at all times so there's more cock to suck. You don't mind, do you, Bro?"

Shawn had his eyes fixated on Joanna now, especially since he couldn't really see Vel under the table. "Mind? Of course not. You look great."

Addressing Vel again, Joanna said, "As for this being revealing, it all depends how you wear it. If I keep the sash closed, then the best I can probably do is expose my tits." She did so. "But if I open the sash" - she did so as she said the words - "then he can pretty much see full frontal nudity. Especially if I walk over to him and lean over like this." Again she obeyed her own words. "Brother, it's like you can practically reach out and touch my cunt, can't you?"

Shawn started to do so.

But Vel turned her focus from his penis long enough to say, "Joanna, that's quite enough! Watch your mouth. Please close your robe and finish your breakfast." Her daughter, in fact, had never used the word cunt before in reference to herself.

"Mom, you're hardly in a position to complain about my clothing when you're naked between Shawn's legs again. I was just hinting he should get my attention, if you know what I mean. You did allow him to do that, you know. Anyways, the important thing is what Shawn thinks about how I'm dressed."

"I like it," he answered unsurprisingly. "And by the way, Mom, I'm done with breakfast. Thanks again for the food."

Joanna sat down at the table across from Shawn, happy to win at least a small victory in being recognized. She kept her tits uncovered by the robe. But her victory was short-lived.

Vel said, "Joanna, we'll talk about this later. I'm a bit busy as I have to help Shawn out right now. Tiger, since you're done eating, are you ready for your mother's lips to lick and suck every inch of your manhood some more?"

"You know I am, Mom. Wow, I wish every morning could be like this. Feeling your sexy and talented tongue on me, Mom, even as I look at your sexy, naked body, Sis. This is living the life of Riley!"

Before Vel launched another oral attack on his penis, she pointed out, "This may be a bit improper and unorthodox for most families, but we have a special situation here. There's no reason why we can't have more mornings like this, as long as we all respect the boundaries." She thought, Angel, you can eat mere food. Mommy's breakfast is going to be my son's cum! Every morning, so help me God, I'm gonna bathe my mouth in semen. She laughed to herself as she added, Hell, who needs mouthwash? I want my mouth to smell like my son's penis, all the time. Wouldn't it be a hoot if all my friends knew me as "Penis Breath"?

Vel didn't even bother to ask Joanna not to watch, she was so focused on Shawn's penis. When she sucked on it, it became her whole world and she could hardly think about or care about anything else. Joanna was a bit mollified by Shawn's compliment of her sexy body and the fact that he continued to hungrily stare at her during the blow job (it was hard to stare at Vel as she was beneath the table). But just the same, she made a mental point to go out and buy as much lingerie as possible, ASAP. Unfortunately she couldn't see when she’d have time to do that until next week, because she was grounded.

17-10-2005, 09:02 PM
Shawn knew that Vel was bothered by Joanna's presence, even though she was so cock-hungry that she couldn't take her mouth off his penis long enough to talk about it. He also noted that Joanna was aroused and alertly watching, but also uncertain what she could do with herself or how she should act.

Killing two birds with one stone, he said, "Mom, I'm really glad Sis is here, so she can help me stay aroused with vivid imagery". He needed more inspiration to stay erect the way the galaxy needed more stars, but Vel was too busy sucking to answer in any case. She wasn't messing around with any light licking at the moment, but seemed intent on sucking his nuts out through his penis.

Turning to his sister, he said, "Tell me something sexy. Tell me about, uh, about the cheerleaders when they shower. What do they look like naked?"

She immediately warmed to the idea, and began enthusiastically, "Well, there's Hui Shan and her excellent ass. But you know that already. Let's see. Candice. Now she's a fine piece of work. Red hair, decent boobs, though not as nice as mine, if I can say so myself. Very pale skin, just like Cheese. But you know all that too. I'll bet you didn't know what her pussy looks like, though. Red down there, too; nicely trimmed. Sera is always feeling her up in the shower."

Shawn hadn't been paying close attention to her words, due to the sensations caused by his mother's lips around his penis. But that last sentence caused him to jerk and say, "What?"

Joanna winked at him, and he realized that she would tell any tale that would help get him hard and sound at least vaguely plausible to Vel. Vel meanwhile had stopped, and belatedly looked up to her children to see what was going on.

Shawn patted her on the head and stroked her hair. "It's okay, Mom. No big deal. Please continue." She resumed her happy sucking.

Joanna went on to tell more lies about the cheerleaders' sex lives. She didn't want to say anything that was actually true for fear of somehow accidentally exposing her or Shawn's role. In her stories, Sera was always the evil one, molesting the other cheerleaders. (All except Hui Shan and Joanna, that is. They were left out so Vel wouldn't get too alarmed, if she was paying attention.) The stories were particularly exciting for Shawn, because he knew that while the events hadn't happened yet, they well might, and he might be involved.

Joanna was in the middle of describing in great detail all the girls except Hui Shan taking a shower together and soaping each other up when Shawn lost control. He let his load rocket into his mother's mouth. He held her head fast and calmly continued talking to his sister about how he would love to watch them shower. When he was done he calmly pulled his penis from Vel's mouth with a pop and casually zipped up.

He helped her up off her knees and said, "I think a thank you is definitely in order."

Vel blushed as the cum dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and said, "Thank you, Son, for letting me suck it."

"No, that's not what I meant," he complained, silently cursing how she was already getting him aroused again, at least mentally. "I meant, I should thank you and Sis for your great efforts and teamwork in helping me out. Thanks." He gave first his mother a kiss on the cheek (avoiding the cum dripping down her chin), and then a kiss on Joanna's cheek. Then all three had a big, chaste group hug.

Shawn went to school deeply sexually satisfied. He practically floated through class, with an absent-minded and bemused expression on his face everywhere he went.

His mother was extremely satisfied, too. Her latest philosophy and rationale was that, the more often she drank her son’s cum, the less she’d feel like she missed out on not being fucked by him. She was determined to empty his balls daily, cocksucking as many times a day as she could.

But she was also chagrined at her growing addiction to his semen. This is why I should have been firm with those boundaries, she thought to herself after the kids left for school. The more I have, the more I want. I can hardly wait until he gets home from school already.

And she grew more upset at herself as the day wore on. Shawn says he wants me to retain my dignity, but I'm acting like a willing sex slave. How can I please him and stay dignified at the same time? It's a lucky thing he's such a kind boy and doesn't take more advantage of my desperation to suck. If he only knew how badly I need it. Daily. Hourly. He could get me to do anything! Literally anything! What if he said something like, "Mommy, you're going to have to go grocery shopping buck naked and with a big dildo up your cunt, or no penis for you today." I'd have to do it! The idea gets me so squishy!

Joanna, on the other hand, left for school extremely horny and frustrated. She was turned on by Shawn and her constantly naked mother and unable to get any satisfaction from either of them. Vel didn't realize it, but her seductive moves for Shawn's benefit had a big effect on Joanna, too. After what happened with Cheese over the weekend, a lesbian relationship with her mother seemed possible, but she didn't know how to go about it. She wished she could be scheming like Cheese.

After the kids left, Cheese came over to the house. Building on the pleasure of their sunbathing experience the day before, she convinced Vel that the two of them needed to sunbathe in the nude to get rid of their tan lines. The idea was just an excuse since both of them hardly had any tan to begin with, much less tan lines. But Cheese figured that could create a lot of opportunities with Vel as the week went on, especially since they now freely told each other the most intimate details of what they did with Shawn.

Vel could hardly wait to get naked and find some kind of pole or chair edge she could rub her pussy on while she told Cheese all about her morning.

17-10-2005, 09:03 PM

Shawn breezed through his classes, content and able to concentrate. For the first couple of hours in school, he couldn't get an erection even if he wanted to. Having two blow jobs just before class is just the thing to keep me sexually satisfied until fourth period, he thought. I need that every day.

After fourth period, his teacher Peggy also attacked his shorts with a thirst. She'd given him the most skilled hand jobs and blow jobs of anyone all the past week. But it seemed that a weekend without his penis had greatly whetted her hunger.

Peggy had promised Shawn a special reward if he did well in the tennis tournament from the previous week. Shawn had ended up in the middle rankings, but that was good enough for Peggy. She said, "Shawn, I know just how much you like my deep throating. I'm not so crazy about giving it, but you seem to like that the best of all the things we can do. So, as a reward, this week and this week only I'll do it as much as you like, whenever you like it. Starting right now."

As they often did, they got wild right on Peggy's desk, even though it was still filled with the papers and books from the class Shawn just finished. Peggy lay on her desk and sucked Shawn’s penis from an upside down position. It quickly turned into a joyous deep throat for Shawn.

Peggy stopped for a bit. Shawn thought it was to recover and then resume until she brought him off. But she sat up, straightened out her skirt, and sat back in her chair behind her desk. She looked officious and fiddled with some papers that had managed to remain on the desk. She stared at a piece of paper in front of her and said to him in a dismissive tone, "Thank you, come again."

Shawn was confused. His penis still hung out of the fly in his shorts as he expectantly waited for the rest of the deep throating. "Peggy, what do you mean?"

"Thank you, come again," she repeated and rudely waved him off.

"But, Peggy, you were just giving me a..."

She cut him off, and smiled. "Young man, sometimes you have to know when you're being teased. I'm just yanking your chain." She giggled as she said in an aside, "Though there are some other things of yours I like to yank more. Of course I'll finish that off. But it's no fun having you cum so soon in the lunch break. So I thought we could do some role-playing for a while. As we've discovered recently, that's one thing we both love."

"Oh. Well. That's better. But damn, you have my penis crying out for mercy, cutting me off like that! Let's do something quick so I can get this little guy happy. What kind of role play do you want to do?"

"I don't know. It doesn't always have to just be me as the teacher and you as the student. Use your imagination. It's your reward day, so I'll play any role you like. I'll even be extra submissive, since I know that secretly delights you, despite your protests to the contrary. Just remember my restriction not to go all the way."

"Hunh. Okay. Let's see. We don't really have any props or costumes except for teaching stuff. Well, you're still all dressed up, and you're dressed all fancy, like a bank teller. Why don't we have you be a banker?"

"Sure. Sounds fun. A bit unconventional, though. I'd like to see how you can turn this into something erotic. You're in complete charge here, so just tell me what to do and I'll try to play along."

"All right." He looked down at his open shorts. "I guess I should zip up my fly." He pushed his unsatisfied penis back into his shorts and then walked to the door. Then he turned around and walked back. Peggy still sat behind her desk. He pretended to knock on an imaginary door.

"Come in."

Shawn walked closer to the desk. Peggy again pretended to read some papers. He said deferentially, "Ah, excuse me, miss."

She stood up and shook his hand. "My name is Ms. Lee. How may I help you?"

"Uh, hi. My name is Shawn Chen. They say this is where I should come to apply for a $100,000 loan."

She arched a curious, delicate eyebrow at him, but nodded her understanding. Then she indicated an imaginary chair at the end of her desk. "Yes, that's right. Please, have a seat. That's a lot of money."

Shawn pulled one of the students' desk chairs over so that it was right in front of Peggy's and then sat in it. "I realize that. But I assure you that I'm very deserving."

"We'll see. Now do you have any proper..."

He interrupted her. "Excuse me. Sorry, but before I go any further, I'd like to know what the interest rate on that loan will be, because I've gotten a very good offer from another bank and I've almost decided to go with them. I just want to do some price comparisons first."

Peggy managed to look surprised at this and said, "I assure you that we have the best rates in town. We charge only five percent yearly interest. Not to mention, our service is second-to-none."

"Five percent? Screw that!," Shawn scowled. He had no idea if that was a good rate or not, but for the purposes of his drama he wanted it to be bad. "Sorry, but the other bank had a much better offer. Sorry to waste your time. I guess I'll be going." He stood up to leave.

Peggy jumped to her feet, too, and held out a hand in supplication. "Wait! Hold on, Mr. Chen. Don't go."

Shawn still pretended like he was on the verge of leaving. "Do you have a better offer, Ms. Lee?"

"Uh, no, not per se," she conceded. Shawn again made to leave and walked closer to the imaginary door. She stood half way out of her chair and exclaimed, "Wait!"

He turned back to the desk. "Look. If you can't better that offer, why should I stay?"

"We'll at least match any offer another bank makes, and as I said, we have the best service in town."

"The other banker I was dealing with was friendly. She was VERY friendly. If you want me to even stay here and talk to you, you'd better take your shirt off right now."

Peggy pretended great shock, but now she finally saw where he was headed with this. "Excuse me? Did I hear you correctly, Mr. Chen?"

"You did," Shawn said archly. He regarded her with a severe look of expectation.

"That's outrageous! I could call security."

"You could, but there would be no need, because I'm leaving now anyway."

"Wait! Wait."

He turned back around and glared at her with folded arms.

"Look. I really need this account, to make my quota. ... All right, I'll do it." To her surprise, she found herself so caught up in the role that she actually blushed with genuine embarrassment.

He stood and stared as she feigned tremendous reluctance and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Her shamed face and profuse blushing not only made her role that much more convincing, but also got Shawn hard as a steel bar.

Shawn sat down as she finished unbuttoning and then opened her blouse wide. He said, "As I said, the other bank had a very friendly and attractive employee, and she was very, very accommodating to my needs. Take off that bra, by the way." He openly leered at her chest as it heaved with excitement.

Peggy muttered under her breath as she stripped off her bra, "Linda. Damn her."

"Oh? You know her? So you must know just how friendly she can be. Nice rack you have there, by the way. She's a regular office slut. I must say, not only does that bank offer great rates, but the fact that she was jacking me off while she told me about them made them sound that much more appealing."

"Damn that whore!" Peggy complained. "She always does this. Steals all the customers. Well, look. I said we offer the best service in town here, and I mean it."

"Okay. Fine." Shawn stood up and walked around her desk. He brought his desk chair with him and sat on top of it. "Show me what you can do."

She still acted hesitant. "Wait a second. How do I even know you're a worthy customer?"

Shawn suddenly thought of something that greatly amused him - a cultural reference that was almost too perfect for the situation. He asked, "Do you know the Bob Dylan album, Bringing It All Back Home?"

"Yeah. What's that have to do with this?"

"Recall the line: 'They asked me for some collateral..."

Peggy finished the lyric. "'And I pulled down my pants.' Very amusing, Mr. Chen."

17-10-2005, 09:04 PM
Shawn thought so and laughed out loud. Peggy couldn't help but laugh some, too.

But then she reverted back to her role. "All right, sir, that's all well and good, but I'm afraid that here at First Prudential Bank a five-inch penis is not sufficient."

"Who said anything about five inches? Take a look at this." He unzipped his shorts and let them fall to the floor. He commanded, "Touch it."

She hesitantly reached out and barely touched the tip of his thick, eight-inch tool. She acted amazed and a little frightened.

He griped, "What are you waiting for? Grab it. Jack me off. Or I'll go back to the other bank and have Linda do it. Again."

She grasped it more firmly and then started to stroke it. Within seconds she had a good rhythm going. "I have to admit, Mr. Chen, this is a more sizable asset than I expected. We just might be able to do business together after all."

Shawn was beside himself with delight to have her hands back on him after the interruption of the deep throat. "Oh, we'll be doing business, all right. Take off your skirt and undies and let me see your pussy. But don't stop stroking for even one second. From now on, if I choose your bank, or even if I don't, I expect you to jack me off at all times from the instant you see me."

"Yes, sir. Remember, Mr. Chen, we do promise the best service around. So I suppose it's only right that I service you." She stood up and pulled off the rest of her clothes, but she couldn't take her open blouse the rest of the way off since she had to keep one hand on his penis.

But when she wanted to sit back down, she found that Shawn now occupied her seat. "Sit back down," he barked. "Sit on my lap."

"Yes, Mr. Chen." She sat down towards his knees so she could continue to pump his tool.

Shawn said in a different tone of voice, "Time-out from the fantasy, Peggy. At this point, I'd imagine he'd go on to demand that she sit back and submit to a good fucking. In the story my character is very demanding."

"I noticed that. I'm all for realistic acting, Shawn, but I'm not going to go that far just for the story! No way, no how."


"You're dangerous, young man. Very dangerous. You're tempting me. Okay, I'll tell you what I'll do. Since it is your reward day, I'll let you dry-hump me. We'll pretend we're fucking, but keep that thing out of my hole. And I'll only allow it just this once, because even with good intentions accidents can happen. Is that completely clear?"

"Completely. Okay." He unfortunately knew that when Peggy said "just this once," she was much more likely to stick to it than his mother would. He resolved to be good and enjoy the dry-hump to its fullest.

He resumed his character's role. He reached out and groped at her tits. "Ms. Lee, you talk about service. But is your bank willing to go all the way for the customer?"

"Oh yes. We will back you up to the hilt."

"That's good to hear, because you're going to get filled up to the hilt." He grabbed her and pulled her towards him. She cried out as his penis slid right underneath her pussy lips and kept on going. The warmth of her body around his penis both aroused and frustrated him. As his penis slipped into the cleavage of her ass cheeks, it barely grazed her pussy lips. He could feel her wetness coat the top of his shaft.

She shouted, "Mr. Chen! You're fucking me!"

"No, you fuck me. I want you to do all the work while I just sit back and enjoy your squeezing vaginal muscles. And, as we know, the customer is always right."

"Yes, sir. Right away, sir!" Peggy grabbed his shoulder with one hand and the chair with the other and slid her pussy back and forth over his penis. His penis and balls were forced down onto the wooden surface of the chair by the weight of her body. Peggy was already wet as a water slide. She slid her body back and forth over the entire length of his penis and repeatedly dragged her pussy lips from the tip of his penis down to the base, where she reached his pubic hair.

It would have been easy as pie for Shawn to reach down with a hand or slightly bend his hips and push his penis into her vagina. But he just wasn't the kind of person to do that, since he'd made an implicit promise not to. He actually wasn't that frustrated, since the frustration of not being able to fuck was now an assumed, ever-present constant in his life.

As he humped, he tried to maintain a conversation. "So, Ms. Lee, do you fuck all your customers?"

"No, just the younger, more handsome and aggressive ones."

"So, does that make you the office slut around here?"

17-10-2005, 09:05 PM
"No, we're all sluts here. That's how they pick us. You should see the job interview. A virile man like you, you can take your pick of any employee. Even the owner of this bank, Cheese Tan. She's very sexy and quite an excellent fuck, I hear. She's slept her way up the ladder from being a simple teller slut. We're all promoted mostly based on our fucking skills. I think you really need to fuck her to see just how great this bank is."

Peggy cleverly knew the mention of fucking Cheese would excite him even further. She assumed Cheese was the one who "helped" him at home. She knowingly winked when she mentioned Cheese's name.

"Excellent suggestion," he replied as calmly as he could, though his voice had become very ragged. "Next time I come in here, I want a naked meeting with you and Cheese; both of you lubed up and ready to go. I'm gonna fuck her just like I'm fucking you right now. I'm gonna fuck you both at once!"

"Yes, sir!"

While the fantasy excited him, the dry-hump excited him far more intensely. In fact, it was so exciting that he ejaculated well before he normally would have. Peggy had only slid back and forth over him a handful of times when he shot his first slug of sperm between her ass cheeks. By the time he said "I'm losing it!" he already started to shoot off.

"Oh shit!" Peggy shrieked as she realized delicious cum was being needlessly wasted. With lightning speed she flew back and dropped to the floor so she could drink up as much cum as she could get. Her athletic skills came in handy because she made a difficult transition and got her mouth over the penis in time to get almost all of his ropes.

Shawn mentally kicked himself for prematurely ejaculating, but Peggy took it in good stride. She came up from his lap and said, "Looks like you're a very eager customer, Mr. Chen."

"I was a little too eager. Get back down there and clean me off."

"Yes, sir." As she resumed the cocksucking position she asked, "So will you be using our services here at First Prudential?"

"Oh yes, I will be using your services. Frequently. I'll be making many deposits here, if you catch my drift."

She pretended to sigh. "I do. I suppose now that you know I'm a slut for big cocks, you're going to use me at will."

"Yes. That's right. But the question is, will I choose your bank for the loan?"

"We're happy to have your deposits any time, Mr. Chen. They're so creamy and tasty, and you're such a good fucker. But don't tell me you're going to go with Linda's bank for the loan! I can't stand that bitch." Peggy was confusing borrowing and depositing money, but it didn't really matter for purposes of the fantasy.

"I'm not sure, to be completely honest. I've already banged women at three banks, but there's still a cute red head at First Mutual down the road I want to try out. Not to mention the buxom blonde over at Wells Fargo. I'm saving her for last."

"That would be Debbie," Peggy growled. "She fucks all the customers. Damn." She squeezed his balls excitedly and swallowed half his penis in her efforts to clean him, but he couldn't get back up so quickly. She belatedly added, "Whatever bank you pick, Mr. Chen, we appreciate your patronage. And remember our open door - and open legs - policy." She looked up from her place in his crotch and winked.

While Peggy continued to lick Shawn clean, he stepped out of his role and concluded, "That was really fun, Peggy. A great reward. But I'm bummed out. I didn't get a chance to get the rest of the deep throat, and now there's not enough time for another go-round. And it's not like you let me dry-hump you every day. I blew far too soon."

Peggy sat up. She looked at the clock. "Don't worry about it. It was fun. There will be other days where we do things like this, I'm sure. Maybe tomorrow will be one of those days. Maybe not." She winked playfully. "But we should start cleaning up here. We scattered papers all over the floor from earlier. It's a complete mess." She took out the air spray and sprayed the air. They did this every day in an effort to get rid of their sexual smells before the next class began. She didn't bother to dress just yet. She liked to delay putting her clothes back on as long as possible and knew that pleased Shawn. He did the same for her.

He thought to himself, I wish I could be half as aggressive in real life as I act in these little dramas. Here Peggy all but offers up her pussy to me, and I don't have one hundredth the balls of the bank customer I played. I'm just too fucking respectful of people's wishes. Grr. Out loud, he said, "I love these role plays, Peggy. We've been doing one just about every day this past week, but I'm not getting tired of them at all."

"Me neither. I say we keep doing them. Did you just come up with that banker idea off the cuff, or was that something you thought out beforehand?"

"Off the cuff. Because of your clothes, I guess."

"That was so creative. Channel these creative energies into your class writing some more, young man! ... Wouldn't that be strange if banks were really like that? All the tellers complete sluts? I was surprised at the way you ran with that premise, because, you know, in real life if you ask for a big loan it's not like they bend over backwards for you. If you're reputable and put in a lot of money, maybe, but not for a loan."

"Hmm. Maybe I'll have to open an account with a lot of money, then. Because I've eyed some cute females in some banks around here, and I'd like to see one or two of them 'bend over backwards' for me, as you put it."

Peggy laughed. "You're too much! Talk about sex on the brain! The trouble is, knowing how you're exuding sexuality lately, they just might." The two of them bent down and started to collect all the books and papers that they'd scattered on the floor.

To be continue... will post more at 9.45 need to go shower and do stuff..

17-10-2005, 09:39 PM
ARGH!!!! I read too fast!!! not 9:45 yet:(

17-10-2005, 10:00 PM

Joanna's cheerleader practice that Monday held quite a few surprises. After two weeks of utter normalcy in cheerleading, Joanna half-figured that the rest of the semester would be like that. But when she arrived at practice, the first surprise was that they would switch practice locations. Instead of practicing outdoors, their head cheerleader Sera announced they would practice inside instead. They went into an abandoned room in a remote part of the school that had once been a theater. It still had a stage, but all the seats were ripped out. The drama club had died out and no one put on plays in the school any more. There was plenty of room for the cheerleaders to move about, but the room was dark and gloomy compared to being outside.

When they all relocated, Sera got up on stage and gave them a speech. "I'm sure you're all wondering about the move," Sera said in a loud and decisive voice. "I requested it, for the time being, and I think you'll soon understand why. I have some news to report that deeply hurts me, and troubles me. I've been keeping my ears close to the ground these last two weeks and my worst fear has been confirmed. One of you has been talking and told someone else about the panty punishment I gave Kim and Joanna." There was a gasp from the other five cheerleaders who stood below the stage. They looked from one to another to see who it might be.

"I happen to know the name of this person," Sera announced. There were more murmurs in response. "However, I am not ready to say who it is. If this person is going to win back my trust and our trust, it's important that she confess to us all what she did, take the punishment, and never do it again. Luckily, news hasn't traveled far. But to tell even one person is too many! I know who your friends are and who you might talk to. If you tell your pet dog even, I have ways of finding out! I'm serious. So someone here needs to confess."

Whenever Sera's eyes moved from one person to the next, all the other cheerleaders followed with their eyes and suspected that person was the one, only to have Sera look at someone else. Sera made sure that she looked at the other cheerleaders an equal amount of time. Tension was thick in the air.

Sera went on, "You all know the punishment. The person who confesses has to go without panties for the week, including during the football game itself. If no one confesses, then everyone has to partake in the punishment. So either way you're going to have the same punishment. But by confessing you'll save your fellow cheerleaders from being embarrassed and hating you for betraying our squad. Now you can see why we're in this room for the week. I thought I would be nice and at least give you some privacy in experiencing your punishment for the week before the game."

In actual fact, Sera made up the whole story. She didn't know if anyone had said anything, although it was true that she'd snooped around intensely in the past week. She'd had a lot of fun with Kim and Joanna and wanted "the punishment" to happen to someone else, to put more spice back into the cheerleading practices.

Sera considered this a win-win situation, no matter who got "punished." If someone confessed, then great. If it was Esther or Candice, then all the better, because Sera thought it would be a fun challenge to play around with their reluctant minds and bodies. Hui Shan, Sera knew, would simply accept the punishment with little more than an "M'kay!" and that would pose no challenge whatsoever, even though it would still be quite fun to see the innocent sexpot prance around with black paint on her naked butt. But best of all was if no one confessed. Then everyone would have to go bare-assed together and things would likely get way more sexual very fast.

The cheerleaders continued to look at each other as if they played the kids’ game Murder. They were all extremely nervous. "Does anyone have any questions?" Sera asked. No one asked anything. "Does anyone have any problem with the punishment system?" No one spoke. "If you agree with this punishment, then raise your hand." To not raise one's hand might be seen as a sign of guilt. Everyone raised their hands, though reluctantly.

"To the guilty one," Sera said dramatically and she looked above and past all the cheerleaders, "I will give you until the end of the class period today to come to your senses and confess. I already know who you are, so you will be punished. It's just a matter of how you want to do it, and how great your punishment will be. The longer you wait, the harder I'm going to make it on you."

Sera looked down and walked off the stage. She was prepared to start the practice when she realized that one of the cheerleaders had just stepped forward, with head held down and eyes filled with tears of shame and dread. It was Esther, the one cheerleader who had expressed the most reservations about the punishment.

"I-I-I did it," she muttered and began to cry.

Sera was taken aback. After a week of snooping she was almost certain that no one had talked. But the head cheerleader kept her cool and tried to act as if this was what she expected all along. She immediately rushed to Esther's side and began to comfort her. "There, there," she said and gave Esther a shoulder to cry on.

"Esther made a mistake," Sera said to the others. "But it's okay because she's confessed. Let's not be angry with her. Esther, tell them who you told."

"My younger sister. I didn't think she would tell anyone else, I swear!" Esther was so overcome with guilt that she began to shudder from nervousness and fear. She genuinely liked the other girls in the cheerleading squad and didn't want them to feel upset with her or betrayed. She valued their trust.

"Don't worry, she didn't," Sera answered as she thought quickly about how to run with this unexpected "gift" that Esther had just laid at her feet. "I just knew you told her by the way she looked at me not long after you told her. Your secret is still safe." Sera surprised even herself at how logical it all sounded. Esther's sister was a year younger and also in the same high school. Sera did see her around from time to time, so the story was rock solid. She could have seen Esther's sister and figured it out that way, even though she didn't, and there was no way the sister could confirm or deny. She was secretly quite pleased at how this all went.

The other cheerleaders took their cue from Sera and for the next few minutes they gathered round Esther and did their best to make her feel better with a group hug. Sera made it clear that Esther would have to go through with the punishment, so all of them did their best to encourage her and get her to buck up.

Finally, Sera said, "Okay, enough of this. We still have to practice, you know. Jo, can you go get our painter and bring him here? We need to start Esther's punishment right away. Today. And have him bring a razor, too. She needs to be shaved first."

Joanna was incredulous, not to mention irked to be called "Jo." Sera had just pretty much given away to the other cheerleaders the identity of who had painted her and Kim. "What makes you think you can just summon him like that? He's got class to attend. And what makes you think he's got paint and a razor to do your every whim at a moment's notice?" Her eyes flashed with anger, which was something to see, because Joanna very rarely got angry. I knew that Sera could pull some pretty risqué and underhanded stunts, but this takes the cake! she thought to herself as she crossed her arms expectantly and glared at the head cheerleader.

Sera replied haughtily, "I don't know any of that for sure, but I know he's a very clever guy and he can manage. He can get out of class if need be and he can get the supplies again, if he got them once. And what else are we going to do? I don't know the first thing about how to do it myself. Anyway, it's just for a short time on one day. What's it take? Ten, fifteen minutes?"

As she realized that she was beaten, Joanna went to go find Shawn at the tennis court. Sera started to lead warm-up exercises as Joanna walked out.

Sure enough, Sera was right. Shawn was able to manage. He pretended that another teacher had sent his sister to summon him for something important, and since Shawn had such a good reputation the tennis coach bought the excuse without question, even though he'd pulled a similar stunt recently. Shawn still had the paint supplies in a bag in his locker. He had all his other "just in case" supplies there too, which included a razor.

17-10-2005, 10:41 PM

Joanna led her brother back to the theater. Shawn had never been in the room before, since it was always locked. They had to knock to get in, as Sera was very careful to make sure it always stayed locked. He was surprised there was such a big, unused room in the overcrowded school. Apparently it couldn't be used as a classroom because the floor sloped so the back seats could be higher than the front seats, when there had been seats. An uneven floor was hardly ideal for cheerleading practice, but Sera figured secrecy was more important and there was the stage, after all.

Practice stopped when Shawn entered the room. The mood changed because everyone was curious about what he'd do. He was briefly introduced to the other cheerleaders, but in fact he knew them all by name already except for Candice and Esther. In fact, he was sexually involved with them all EXCEPT Candice and Esther.

Sera pointed out that Esther was the one he had to paint, so he briefly checked her out. Esther was rather short, but not as short as Kim. She looked like the stereotypical brown-eyed, brown-haired, fair-skinned California cheerleader. Overall she had a nice body, but nothing really stood out. Her boobs were, if anything, average or less than average. But she had very big blue eyes and a really winning smile. She briefly flashed him her smile and acted as if everything was normal, but quickly went back to her worried and nervous mood.

Shawn decided the best way to handle this extremely odd situation was to be quick and business-like. "I can only skip class for a few minutes, so let's get this done as fast as possible. Esther, please take off your underwear, turn around and tie this string around your waist to hold up your skirt. We need to keep that completely out of the way."

Esther reluctantly did what she was told, even though she trembled in fear. Her eyes were shut closed fiercely tight.

"There's nothing to worry about," Shawn said as he tried to calm her and gathered his supplies. "Just imagine you're a marble statue and I'm a painter painting the marble. Even though I'm a guy, I'm going to be completely professional. I painted my sister in a completely nonsexual way, so I can do that to you, too." His words had a definite calming effect. "This is already old hat for me. And you can be sure I won't snitch to anyone about anything."

That last comment seemed to strike a nerve and caused Esther to sob a bit. Sera pointed out, "Esther is getting punished because she told someone about what happened to Kim and Joanna. But luckily that person didn't tell anyone else."

"Oh," said Shawn as he realized what he'd said to set her off so abruptly. "Sorry. I'm going to start painting your rear-end now. Are you okay with that, Esther?"

"I guess so. Please hurry and get it done."

"I'm hurrying. The first thing I'm going to do is draw the outlines with this small brush, then I'll fill in the rest with a big brush." He began to paint quickly. The rest of the cheerleaders gathered round and watched with great interest. Only Kim and Joanna had seen any painting before, and both of them had been too busy with each other or with Shawn to really notice what he did, so even they were interested, too.

Shawn finished the back side in record time and, after a few minutes, had Esther turn around. She put her hand over her bush and squealed, "Please don't look at that!"

"Sorry, Esther, but I have to," he said reasonably with a sympathetic look on his face. "How can I paint without looking?" He gently placed his hand on hers and moved it away.

"I'm just so embarrassed!" Her friend Candice took one of her hands and Kim on her other side took the other. Together they gently stroked her hands and comforted her.

Shawn put the paint aside momentarily. "Okay, Esther, before I go on, I'm told you need to get shaved. I've never shaved, um, one of these before," he lied in an effort to make her feel more comfortable. He hoped that if someone else could do it she might relax, so he asked, "Does anyone else want to do this part?"

There were no takers. A few of the bolder women like Joanna and Sera who would have helped, wanted to see Shawn shave so he could push things further along with Esther.

So Shawn began to shave Esther's quivering mound. Already her aroma began to waft up to his nose and Shawn fought valiantly with himself to ignore it. "I guess it's not that different from shaving my face. Could someone talk to Esther while I'm doing this to help her relax?"

Kim and Joanna talked and referred to their own experience of being shaved and being a cheerleader without underwear. But they stressed only positives and, needless to say, omitted all sexual interactions between Shawn and each other. Esther gave brief replies and asked a few nervous questions.

It took a while to shave Esther. Shawn went to great lengths to avoid touching her private parts, but some contact couldn't be helped. He touched her clitoris a couple of times, and had to wipe off the last of the shaving cream from her skin with his hand. But he generally maintained as professional and dispassionate an attitude as anyone could have expected in such circumstances. It helped that Esther was too nervous and shy to get sexually excited in the least, so her pussy wasn't wet and her pussy lips weren't engorged.

"We're all done with the shaving," he announced. "Does anyone have a mirror, or even two?" It was no problem to find a couple of mirrors, since the class was filled with cheerleaders who obsessed over their looks. "See how you look," Shawn said as he handed a mirror to Esther.

She held the small mirror away from herself and finally angled it correctly to see her own bare pussy. "OH ... MY ... GOD! I'm soooo embarrassed!" She closed her eyes again and put her hands over her face, as if that would make the bare pussy go away.

Shawn then got to work on painting her butt. After a few more minutes of cajoling she was convinced to look in the mirror again. This time they also positioned the second mirror behind Esther so she could look at the painted butt. That caused even more squeals of mortification. The other cheerleaders watched all of this with rapt attention. Already a good fifteen minutes had transpired.

Shawn was finally able to move on to the paint job in the front. He painted it all quickly, including most of the shaved pussy. But after all this painting of private parts, Shawn found his nobility slipping a bit. He decided to push things just a little, both out of selfish desire and because he simply had to in order to get the job done right. So before he was done with her backside, he said, "Uh-oh, we have a problem."

"What is it?" Sera asked.

"When I painted Joanna and Kim, they were both ... sexually excited at the idea of not wearing underwear in front of a big crowd. That would excite anybody, I thought." It was true they were excited, but much more by the fact that Shawn painted and touched them, but of course Shawn didn't mention that part. "But Esther is so frightened, I guess, that she's not excited at all. So her, uh, nether lips are not aroused. That means I can't paint very much of them. Which means that if the game comes and she gets excited, then a lot of pinkness will be exposed and it could be highly embarrassing."

"Hmm, I see," Sera said. "Can you do something about that, Esther, and open up your pussy lips? Maybe hold them open?"

"What, right now?!?" she asked in total amazement. "No way!"

"Well, do you want him to paint that part, or would you rather be pink for the game?"

"I-I-I-I guess, paint that part. But I just can't do it right now! I'm so embarrassed, I’m ready to die!"

"Okay, okay, relax," said Sera calmly. Turning to Shawn, she asked, "Shawn, Joanna probably told you this would be a one-day thing, but could you come back tomorrow to finish that part up?"

"No way!" Shawn protested. He was hoping by pressing the pussy lips issue he'd maybe get to see someone stimulate Esther, not be forced to come back. "I'm pushing my luck by getting out of class now. Do you realize the risk I'm taking? And for what? Just to be nice as a favor. What if someone came in right now? Don't even make me think about it!"

Sera said assuredly, "No one is going to come in. You saw that the door is locked. I changed the lock, so not even janitors come in here. Anyway, what about lunch time?"

"Well... I guess. I'm busy at the start of lunch tomorrow, though." Shawn tried to figure, How can I possibly juggle this with my sexual lessons with Peggy tomorrow? Ah well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

He concluded, "Maybe ten or fifteen minutes into lunch I can come by for a few minutes, I guess. But, please, let's not make a habit of this!"

17-10-2005, 10:45 PM

Back at home, Shawn felt like a dam of sexual energy had burst in his happy abode, thanks to Vel's increasingly enthusiastic attitude. The only question was how eager the females there would be to please him. The answer: very eager. Extremely eager.

Vel had spent much of the day with Cheese and verbally relived their sexual encounters with Shawn over the weekend. When they ran out of real-world events, they discussed some of their sexual fantasies and dreams which involved Shawn. It was a near thing that they didn't resort to masturbation in front of each other, especially when they talked while they sunbathed in the nude. There was a lot of talk about just how "squishy" they were, though. That became the operative word, "squish." For instance, if Cheese asked Vel for feedback from a story, Vel might reply, "Oh, so arousing! That was a three-squisher. Squish! Squish! Squish!"

Meanwhile both of them would furtively rub their legs together and rub their pussies onto any object that presented itself. Vel frequently sat up in her lawn chair as if she leaned towards Cheese in rapt interest, but she really sat that way so she could sit with a particular metal bar of the lawn chair between her legs. Then she slid up and down it as unobtrusively as she could. The bar helped, but wasn't quite enough to get her off. Vel grew to think of it as a game and tried to get away with as much as she could without Cheese noticing. Cheese noticed all this, but pretended not to, and followed Vel's lead in what she'd allow herself to do.

The end result was that Vel was kept almost constantly horny, but rarely had any chance at relief. Only when Cheese left could she run to her room and bring herself off. But Cheese was over at her house nearly the whole day.

So when Shawn got home from school, Vel practically attacked him. She met him as walked through the front door, and said, "How ya doing, Tiger? Need any help with your problem?"

Shawn looked at her and blinked in surprise. She was dressed in nothing but a towel and held a bottle of liquid soap in her hand. Every day was filled with more pleasant surprises from her. He asked, "Did you just take a shower?"

"Yes. Funny coincidence, that."

"Mom, you never take a shower at this time of day." He reached out and touched some of her hair that wasn't wrapped in a towel. "Not only that, but your hair isn't even wet. Not in the slightest."

"Oopsie. You got me. Sorry, Son. But sometimes your mommy gets so horny for cock that she can't even think straight."

Shawn smiled wolfishly at his mother and stepped closer to her so that their bodies were mere inches from each other. "Is this one of those times?" he asked in a low whisper in her ear.

"All the time is 'horny for cock time' with your new-and-improved mother, Tiger," she answered with a slight blush as Shawn stepped away again to better appreciate the view. "Not only that, but this stupid towel is far too short, don't you think?" She wiggled in distress and tried to pull the towel down a bit further to make sure it covered her pussy. That only caused it to slide farther down her boobs.

"You're right. Not a good towel for you. Here, let me help you with that." Shawn gave the towel a yank and pulled it clean away from her. He threw it across the room.

She squealed and pretended distress. "Oh, Tiger, now I'm all naked! Whatever will I do?" Even as she said this, the fingers on a hand feigning to cover up a tit acted on its own and tweaked one of her nipples.

"I'm sure you'll think of something," he quipped. He was in a very relaxed mood indeed. His calm sense of control and security gave him the courage to yank away the towel, something he normally wouldn't do.

They stood right next to the underwear cabinet where Vel had lots of clothes to wear, but that's not what she really wanted. She grabbed the zipper of his shorts. "But, Tiger. I lied to you about the shower. I just wanted to run around in a towel so it could fall off and my own son could see me naked. Isn't that too naughty? What kind of mommy willfully flaunts her naked body for her son? Don't you think I deserve to be punished?"

"I do," he said, smiling with an agreeable nod. The reminder of punishment brought back to him just how sexually pent-up he'd been from his experience with Esther not too long before. "Why don't you drop to your knees and suck my cock? Worship my prick with your tongue. I think, then, you'll begin to see the error of your ways."

"I'm way ahead of you there, Son." She already pulled his shorts down his legs. "I don't know if I can learn my lesson in just one day, though. It might take me YEARS of daily cocksucking to even BEGIN to see the errors of my ways. If that's gonna be my punishment, then I guess I'll just have to suck it up and submit." She was on her knees by this time and slowly fed the penis into her mouth.

Shawn grabbed the top of her head and pulled the towel she'd wrapped her hair in clean off. He grasped her hair tightly and held on as her mouth tried to mate with his penis. "Mmm. Now this is a nice welcome home," Shawn mumbled. "Hey, Mom, rub your tits up against my legs while you're doing that, okay?"

"Mmm hmm." Her boobs mashed up against his skin and conformed to the shape of his thighs. It only added to his pleasure to feel her tits slide all over his skin. It seemed like her massive hooters completely enveloped his legs. He loved the feeling of her hard nipples as they pressed insistently into his skin.

He further suggested, "Speaking of rubbing, if you won't let me rub you between your legs, then I hope you take care of that area yourself. Just like yesterday. It really turns me on to see a woman masturbate."

She stopped sucking momentarily to talk. Shawn thought she'd say something like, "Are you sure? That's so improper." But instead she said as she reverted to licking for a while, "Cock. Mmm. Big cock in Mommy's mouth. Fills me up. Hot load. So delish. So naughty. Yummy, yummy cock. Mmmm...." She fingered her clit and as she grew more excited she slurped even louder than before.

She spent a long time sucking him. Cheese had also told her a lot about deep throating earlier in the day and she tried her best to do it, but she couldn't get the hang of it at all. She had to give up again, but that didn't stop him from firing several ropes of cum down her throat anyway. And, even though she hadn't told Shawn that she'd try to deep throat him, he appreciated the attempt and was quite pleased.

When Vel was done, all she had to say was, "God, I love this. That's what I call a fun way to spend the afternoon. Each time it happens, I love it more. Look what you turned me into. I'm hopelessly addicted to your cock." But she wasn't mad.

Shawn, feeling deeply satisfied, went to his room to sleep after he kissed her on the cheek in appreciation.

She was satisfied, too, because she got off at the same time as him, greatly helped by her fingers deep up her pussy. To calm down, Vel walked around naked until she heard the sound of Joanna coming home about fifteen minutes later.

After Shawn woke up he tried but failed to actually do some homework. There were too many women on his mind. The situation at school had just gotten a lot more complicated and he wondered what the new painting duties portended. He pondered the mystery of his mother: so eager for cocksucking, but so disturbed by the thought of actual intercourse. He didn't let anyone know he was awake because he just wanted to spend some time alone in his room.

17-10-2005, 11:21 PM

Joanna's cheerleader practice that Monday held quite a few surprises. After two weeks of utter normalcy in cheerleading, Joanna half-figured that the rest of the semester would be like that. But when she arrived at practice, the first surprise was that they would switch practice locations. Instead of practicing outdoors, their head cheerleader Sera announced they would practice inside instead. They went into an abandoned room in a remote part of the school that had once been a theater. It still had a stage, but all the seats were ripped out. The drama club had died out and no one put on plays in the school any more. There was plenty of room for the cheerleaders to move about, but the room was dark and gloomy compared to being outside.

When they all relocated, Sera got up on stage and gave them a speech. "I'm sure you're all wondering about the move," Sera said in a loud and decisive voice. "I requested it, for the time being, and I think you'll soon understand why. I have some news to report that deeply hurts me, and troubles me. I've been keeping my ears close to the ground these last two weeks and my worst fear has been confirmed. One of you has been talking and told someone else about the panty punishment I gave Kim and Joanna." There was a gasp from the other five cheerleaders who stood below the stage. They looked from one to another to see who it might be.

"I happen to know the name of this person," Sera announced. There were more murmurs in response. "However, I am not ready to say who it is. If this person is going to win back my trust and our trust, it's important that she confess to us all what she did, take the punishment, and never do it again. Luckily, news hasn't traveled far. But to tell even one person is too many! I know who your friends are and who you might talk to. If you tell your pet dog even, I have ways of finding out! I'm serious. So someone here needs to confess."

Whenever Sera's eyes moved from one person to the next, all the other cheerleaders followed with their eyes and suspected that person was the one, only to have Sera look at someone else. Sera made sure that she looked at the other cheerleaders an equal amount of time. Tension was thick in the air.

Sera went on, "You all know the punishment. The person who confesses has to go without panties for the week, including during the football game itself. If no one confesses, then everyone has to partake in the punishment. So either way you're going to have the same punishment. But by confessing you'll save your fellow cheerleaders from being embarrassed and hating you for betraying our squad. Now you can see why we're in this room for the week. I thought I would be nice and at least give you some privacy in experiencing your punishment for the week before the game."

In actual fact, Sera made up the whole story. She didn't know if anyone had said anything, although it was true that she'd snooped around intensely in the past week. She'd had a lot of fun with Kim and Joanna and wanted "the punishment" to happen to someone else, to put more spice back into the cheerleading practices.

Sera considered this a win-win situation, no matter who got "punished." If someone confessed, then great. If it was Esther or Candice, then all the better, because Sera thought it would be a fun challenge to play around with their reluctant minds and bodies. Hui Shan, Sera knew, would simply accept the punishment with little more than an "M'kay!" and that would pose no challenge whatsoever, even though it would still be quite fun to see the innocent sexpot prance around with black paint on her naked butt. But best of all was if no one confessed. Then everyone would have to go bare-assed together and things would likely get way more sexual very fast.

The cheerleaders continued to look at each other as if they played the kids’ game Murder. They were all extremely nervous. "Does anyone have any questions?" Sera asked. No one asked anything. "Does anyone have any problem with the punishment system?" No one spoke. "If you agree with this punishment, then raise your hand." To not raise one's hand might be seen as a sign of guilt. Everyone raised their hands, though reluctantly.

"To the guilty one," Sera said dramatically and she looked above and past all the cheerleaders, "I will give you until the end of the class period today to come to your senses and confess. I already know who you are, so you will be punished. It's just a matter of how you want to do it, and how great your punishment will be. The longer you wait, the harder I'm going to make it on you."

Sera looked down and walked off the stage. She was prepared to start the practice when she realized that one of the cheerleaders had just stepped forward, with head held down and eyes filled with tears of shame and dread. It was Esther, the one cheerleader who had expressed the most reservations about the punishment.

"I-I-I did it," she muttered and began to cry.

Sera was taken aback. After a week of snooping she was almost certain that no one had talked. But the head cheerleader kept her cool and tried to act as if this was what she expected all along. She immediately rushed to Esther's side and began to comfort her. "There, there," she said and gave Esther a shoulder to cry on.

"Esther made a mistake," Sera said to the others. "But it's okay because she's confessed. Let's not be angry with her. Esther, tell them who you told."

"My younger sister. I didn't think she would tell anyone else, I swear!" Esther was so overcome with guilt that she began to shudder from nervousness and fear. She genuinely liked the other girls in the cheerleading squad and didn't want them to feel upset with her or betrayed. She valued their trust.

"Don't worry, she didn't," Sera answered as she thought quickly about how to run with this unexpected "gift" that Esther had just laid at her feet. "I just knew you told her by the way she looked at me not long after you told her. Your secret is still safe." Sera surprised even herself at how logical it all sounded. Esther's sister was a year younger and also in the same high school. Sera did see her around from time to time, so the story was rock solid. She could have seen Esther's sister and figured it out that way, even though she didn't, and there was no way the sister could confirm or deny. She was secretly quite pleased at how this all went.

The other cheerleaders took their cue from Sera and for the next few minutes they gathered round Esther and did their best to make her feel better with a group hug. Sera made it clear that Esther would have to go through with the punishment, so all of them did their best to encourage her and get her to buck up.

Finally, Sera said, "Okay, enough of this. We still have to practice, you know. Jo, can you go get our painter and bring him here? We need to start Esther's punishment right away. Today. And have him bring a razor, too. She needs to be shaved first."

Joanna was incredulous, not to mention irked to be called "Jo." Sera had just pretty much given away to the other cheerleaders the identity of who had painted her and Kim. "What makes you think you can just summon him like that? He's got class to attend. And what makes you think he's got paint and a razor to do your every whim at a moment's notice?" Her eyes flashed with anger, which was something to see, because Joanna very rarely got angry. I knew that Sera could pull some pretty risqué and underhanded stunts, but this takes the cake! she thought to herself as she crossed her arms expectantly and glared at the head cheerleader.

Sera replied haughtily, "I don't know any of that for sure, but I know he's a very clever guy and he can manage. He can get out of class if need be and he can get the supplies again, if he got them once. And what else are we going to do? I don't know the first thing about how to do it myself. Anyway, it's just for a short time on one day. What's it take? Ten, fifteen minutes?"

As she realized that she was beaten, Joanna went to go find Shawn at the tennis court. Sera started to lead warm-up exercises as Joanna walked out.

Sure enough, Sera was right. Shawn was able to manage. He pretended that another teacher had sent his sister to summon him for something important, and since Shawn had such a good reputation the tennis coach bought the excuse without question, even though he'd pulled a similar stunt recently. Shawn still had the paint supplies in a bag in his locker. He had all his other "just in case" supplies there too, which included a razor.

17-10-2005, 11:47 PM
hehe our bro musta been tired to double post the chapter 3 ;)

17-10-2005, 11:53 PM
hehe our bro musta been tired to double post the chapter 3 ;)

18-10-2005, 03:07 PM
Meanwhile, Cheese came over again and did some nude sunbathing with Joanna. It was actually fairly absurd for her to sunbathe, as she'd done it with Vel for about two hours earlier in the day. But Joanna and Vel both loved the feeling of being naked now, so they understood Cheese's desire for nakedness completely. The sunbathing was just a thin excuse to get naked. In Cheese's case, it wasn't even real sunbathing. She generally sat on a lawn chair under the shade of some nearby trees or an umbrella. If any sun actually hit her fair skin, she had some powerfully strong suntan lotion, so she never got tanned in any event.

Joanna’s tan, on the other hand, had developed nicely to a rich light bronze that she thought offset her areola quite impressively. She was eager to finally get rid of her tan lines from her previous bathing suit, but they were slow to go away. She and Cheese spent a long time putting suntan lotion on each other, but they had to behave themselves since Vel could see them clearly from where she worked in the kitchen.

The two of them moved into the house as it began to grow dark and they talked to Vel while she continued to prepare dinner. They were still naked from the sunbathing. Vel, who actually wore a fair amount of clothing to cook in, insisted that they put some clothes on, but they delayed doing so with more chit-chat. Shawn finally came downstairs and still the two of them remained naked. Such nakedness was hardly a big deal anymore. No one even immediately commented on it as Shawn came in.

Just before Cheese had to leave to her own home for dinner, Joanna asked, "Cheese, can I ask you a big favor?"

"Sure kiddo, what is it?"

"You should have seen the way Shawn went wild for Mom’s nightie this morning. I’m so jealous of my mother!" Vel, who stood close by, blushed with pleasure at remembrance of the morning. Shawn also listened in from across the dining room. "He’s so into that nightie and lingerie stuff, and I never knew it. Could you please, please, please go shopping tonight and pick up some sexy lingerie stuff for me? I want to look really good for him tomorrow morning."

"Sure. I know just the place. In fact, since your mom doesn't like us just standing around naked, let me show you an item I got there and haven't worn for Shawn yet." Cheese walked up to the underwear cabinet in the front entrance way and picked out a top. She walked back to the kitchen counter to put it on, since she knew Shawn could see them well enough from there, and he would appreciate the show.

It was a red and black leather top that left Cheese's shoulders, tits and stomach uncovered. "Check this out," as she pirouetted for them. "This is pretty typical of the stuff they have. They've got a lot of S and M themed stuff."

Shawn grinned with delight, and the others saw his reaction. Joanna clapped her hands together in glee and thought, This is exactly the kind of thing I need to compete with Mom. "Wow, that's a pretty neat outfit. Cool. But why the pained expression?"

"I have a problem buying certain items. It's hard to find clothes designed for larger breasted women like me. I should have gotten a larger size. I was so keen on getting something really tight to really please you-know-who" - she nodded her head in Shawn's direction - " and this fits nicely everywhere, but it really cuts into my boobs. You get used to it after a while, though. It would be the perfect thing to wear when you're mixing pleasure and pain in a spanking or something like that."

She added to herself, As a matter of fact, I think I'll wear this very thing the first time I get to spank Shawn. When am I going to get a chance to do that? Not only do I need to find him alone, which is nearly impossible these days, but I've got to find a half-plausible excuse to punish him to make it really fun. But he's such a good kid, except for a few things he's keeping from his mother these days.

Joanna raised her voice, and said to Shawn, "What do you think, Big Brother? Like this kinky stuff?"

He watched intently, even as he still made a pretense to be reading. "Definitely. Though, I like my little sister's outfit just as much." Joanna was still buck naked, and pirouetted around for him in response. "Buy some more," he added.

"We will," Cheese answered. As she turned to Joanna, she asked, "But why have me pick the stuff out? Why can’t you go yourself?"

"Remember, Mom won’t let me leave to go anywhere ‘cos I’m grounded." She exaggerated her pout as she said this. Being grounded, she knew, was both a blessing and a curse. While she could stay home and tease her brother mercilessly, she couldn't do much else with him except once a day. And even though she thoroughly enjoyed prancing around the house naked with her mom and brother, she did have a social life and missed it, if only just a little.

"Oh, yeah," Cheese remembered. Vel was still with them, across the counter in the kitchen making dinner, so Cheese said, "Vel, that’s really mean. How can I pick out the best clothes for Joanna if she’s not there? It’s not like you and me, where we’re the same size. I don’t even know Joanna’s measurements at all."

Vel answered, "Hmm… I can sympathize, Angel, but you really should stay home and take your punishment. What kind of grounding is it if I let you go shopping? And I don't want to have to ask you again: please put some clothes on already! Don't be so disrespectful of your mother."

Joanna, who stood right next to the kitchen counter, stretched and wiggled her naked body, and she urged, "Please? Please?" She looked at Vel earnestly, but in fact she was more focused on shaking her ass. She bent her knees and clutched her hands before her as if her whole body was filled with yearning. But it was also a very effective show for Shawn behind her and across the room. It looked to him like his sister did some kind of exotic belly dance, as her hips swayed widely and her legs spread and bent down even more. He nearly laughed out loud at just how arousing everything around him always was.

Even though Joanna supposedly tried to convince her mother, almost all of her attention lay with Shawn, and she occasionally looked over her shoulder to gauge his reaction. She was pleased at just how flummoxed he looked.

Cheese had an idea. "I know. If you let Joanna go, just this one time, I’ll make sure to pick up some extra nice things for you to help you please Shawn. Don’t you think he’d like it if you wore an even sexier nightie tomorrow for breakfast? But I know you only have the one. You know you're too shy to go to these kinds of stores yourself. Not only that, but we’ll be gone a long time after dinner, leaving you all alone with him. To spell it out, you'd be all alone with your hunky son and his always-erect and tasty treat."

"Damn you, Cheese!" Vel said in frustration with her friend and her own lack of self control. "How can I turn down that offer? I could really use some more sexy clothes. I'm going to Hell, and Cheese is the devil who stole my soul. Okay, Angel, you can go just this one time, but you have to give something up in return. You have to give up your one time stimulating Shawn today."

"Arrgh! I should have done that earlier!" Joanna cursed in frustration. "But it'll be worth it. Cheese, this is going to be fun!" She jumped up and down for joy. Shawn couldn't see her boobs jiggle from his rear view, but he was mesmerized to watch her long, dark hair cascade over and over as if in some shampoo commercial. Every move she made was designed to turn him on, and she had his attention so firmly that he could barely follow what anyone said.

"Don’t worry about money," Vel said. "The more stuff you can get for Joanna and me the better, and I’ll cover all our stuff, whatever it costs. If it's sexy and you like it, don't hesitate. Just buy it."

18-10-2005, 03:09 PM

Cheese then left for dinner at her house, and not long afterwards Joanna, Vel, and Shawn had dinner together. Once again, Shawn was driven to distraction by the clothing, or lack thereof, on Joanna and Vel. Still trying to outdo her mother for his attention, and reluctantly acknowledging the social norm to at least wear some clothing, Joanna wore the sexiest thing she could think of.

She didn't know where Cheese had bought the extremely tiny bikini that had proved so popular with Shawn, so she'd decided to devise something of her own. She took scissors to her skimpiest bikini and cut the fabric even more so there was nearly nothing there at all. It made Cheese's bikini seem conservative by comparison. It was literally nothing but spaghetti straps and the bare minimum of fabric to cover the nipples. She made the cuts look very professional-looking so her mother would think some women actually wore such things in public.

Again she decided that short skirts were the best way to go for showing off her butt and pussy. She used the same scissors to cut her shortest skirt even shorter. They were now so short that even when she stood straight up and perfectly still, one could see the bottom of her pussy. It was almost a misnomer to still call it a skirt. Her bikini top and skirt were matching dark green.

Additionally, she wore high heels as she always did now whenever Shawn was home. Only Hui Shan was still slow to catch on and fail to join the other women in wearing high heels constantly when around Shawn.

So Joanna outdid her mother, who cooked dinner thoroughly covered up. There was fat being fried, and Vel didn't want any of it to land on her skin. She realized that she was being temporarily outdone and was very eager for the new clothes Cheese would hopefully buy for her later.

While Vel cooked dinner, Joanna stood next to Shawn and let him "get her attention." Her nearly nonexistent skirt was just the perfect thing for him to access her pussy. He spent many long minutes rubbing her clit until she cried out in climax. Vel, able to see them from the kitchen, was driven to distraction with jealousy, but there was nothing she could do except to try and hurry up the cooking.

Shawn had learned that to talk under such circumstances wasn't wise, as it could lead to trouble. But he decided to talk a little this time, mostly to push his mother even further. Joanna rubbed his penis through his shorts (he almost never wore underwear any more) while the two of them discussed the merits of shaved versus unshaved pussies, the various ways to stimulate clits, the merits of using vibrators, and just about any other pussy-related topic they could think of. Joanna quickly realized the game was to get Vel hot and bothered without saying anything "over the line" and she eagerly played the role Shawn hoped for.

Vel had a hard time cooking. She found herself rubbing her crotch up against sharp corners, like a cat desperately in heat. After about ten minutes she could take no more, and ordered Shawn to stop caressing his sister's pussy.

Joanna beamed as Shawn mostly ogled her and ignored her mother throughout dinner. Normally Vel would have chided Joanna and made her wear something else, but she didn't because she worried it would appear again that she was hypocritical, and Joanna would argue that her rules and punishments were designed to keep Shawn all for herself. On top of that, Vel was just plain damn horny and even got a thrill out of looking at her daughter's nice body, while she learned through her daughter some different ways to flash her own body.

Joanna was on a roll. It wasn't enough for Joanna to tease Shawn while they sat at the dinner table - she made every excuse she could think of to stand up and walk around. Joanna especially enjoyed dropping things on the ground right next to were Shawn sat and then picked them up without bending her knees, nearly shoving her ass and pussy into his face. At the same time, she'd rub a hand all over her ass and make innocent small talk and say things like, "Oh, no! Can you believe I dropped the salt shaker AGAIN? I'm so clumsy. I hope you're not looking between my legs right now Shawn, 'cos you'd be able to see EVERYTHING!"

Vel finally complained about Joanna’s outfit and asked, "Where on Earth did you get those postage-stamp things?" But her real agenda was to try and find out where Joanna got them so she could get one like it. Joanna didn't let on that she'd made it herself.

A few minutes later, after Joanna bent over lewdly for Shawn yet again, Vel happened to be nearby and caught a good view of her daughter's crotch. She realized Joanna's pussy was soaked. She said, "Angel, your cunt... Uh, I mean, your pussy... Um, uh. Let me start again. Your nether regions. They're very wet. It's just a .... big, gooey mess. Why?"

18-10-2005, 03:12 PM
"Mom, do you have to ask? Isn't it the hugest turn on, exposing yourself to Shawn? Doesn't it just make you wet all the time, or is something else causing that?" She giggled.

"That's not really... That's a private matter. Please! Let's settle down here. I run a respectable family."

But Vel got a revenge of sorts. Finished with her cooking, she rushed to the underwear cabinet by the front door and changed into a revealing nightie. During much of his sister's sexy display, Shawn's penis was too exhausted to take advantage, but by the time Vel came back to the dining room it had revived and he'd already taken it out of his shorts.

Vel's eyes lit up. Without even asking him, she reached her hand under the table and stroked his penis while he continued to eat, much like she'd done for him during breakfast.

As she started to do this, she said, "By the way, I really have to apologize."

"You do?" Shawn couldn't imagine for what. He was loving life. With her hand doing amazing things to him at that very moment, he couldn't possibly imagine how she could be a better mother.

"I just feel so bad about all the dinners you've been eating lately. We dress so skimpily, and it gets you nice and hard, but then you suffer there until you finish eating. Take last night. We got you so hard that you had to whip out your lovely tool halfway through your meal. But then it just sat there on your thigh, completely unattended until after you finished eating. That's just cruel. Don't you agree, Angel?"

"Definitely," Joanna replied staring at her brother's lap while Vel continued to stroke his penis lazily. It seemed the entire Chen house now revolved around him and his penis.

Vel went on to say, "I think it's more important that you get instant relief than it is that we all put food in our mouths at the same time. The needs of your penis come first. Next time I’ll try not to keep you waiting."

"And what, suck me while I’m eating dinner?" Shawn asked incredulously.

"Okay, if that’s what you need," Vel grinned, glad to see that Shawn had said exactly what she'd hoped he'd say. "I promise I’ll try harder to please you. Like what I did this morning during breakfast. Don’t you like it when your mommy gives you visual stimulation" – she pulled down on the fabric of the nightie below her boobs, which caused one of them to pop out – "and other kinds of stimulation?" Her other hand jacked him off more excitedly.

He just nodded. Shawn thought, Dang, my mom is one horny mama today. And it's a frigging Monday. Tomorrow's a Tuesday. I'm going to be literally and actually killed by my mother's horniness before I can live to see another Wednesday. Not to mention, Joanna is a total vixen tonight. If I can make it to Friday I deserve an Olympic gold medal for sheer endurance.

Vel stated, "Tiger, I've been thinking that sometimes you're so busy trying to reach your six times a day that you don't have enough time for things like homework. But I'm thinking if we just lightly stroke you for long periods of time, you'll be able to reach your target and get things done, too. Think of it as a stealth stroking - you won't even know I'm here. We can start practicing during dinner, right now, to see if it bothers your concentration. If that works, then we can try doing it when you're doing your homework. Kind of like when Cheese jacked you off while you read the newspaper yesterday. Does that sound good?"

"You know it does. But what about Joanna?" He cast a concerned glance at his sister, who looked fit to be tied at Vel's blatant and wanton display. It was obvious that she dearly wanted to get her hands on her brother's dick and do all kinds of wild things to it. Shawn felt that it was his sister's turn - just as soon as Vel finished the delightful things she was doing. This damned grounding prevents Joanna and me from having sex, he thought resentfully. I can hardly wait until it's over! But then again, frigging everything seems to conspire to keep me from having sex, it seems.

"Yeah, what about me?" Joanna seconded. Her postage-stamp bikini top had ridden up her chest, and she had her arms underneath her tits to thrust them out even further.

"I'm thinking this is a two-woman job. One of us can stroke while the other one eats. And then we'll switch. That way, our hands won't get so tired from all the rubbing, and we can all finish eating at around the same time. I'm trying to build up some stamina with my hands and my mouth, but nothing can match the endurance of your John Thomas," she said to Shawn.

Joanna's eyes brightened as the prospect. "Mom, that is a GREAT idea. I don't mind missing dinner completely if I have to, as long as I can have my brother's hot stick in my hand. When can I take over what you're doing now?"

"Remember that you're still grounded and you gave up your penis privileges for the rest of the day. So this love-pump is all mine tonight. You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that if we, as a family, practice this a lot, then eventually Shawn will become accustomed to being jacked or sucked off while he's doing just about anything. Kind of like dribbling a basketball without thinking. You and I and Cheese can keep him hard and leaking tasty pre-cum every minute of the day. It doesn't matter what he does - studying, showering, eating, reading, sleeping. One of us will be ready with hands or mouth to take care of his needs at all times. Then he'll never have a problem reaching his six times a day target."

Her eyes looked wild and she panted, just with the thought of this new idea. She thought, I'm going to be permanently attached to my son's penis! Morning till night! I'm going to show him my love with my mouth every minute of the day! Literally every minute!

Shawn said with a cocked eyebrow, "Sleeping?"

Vel nearly hyperventilated with excitement. She took a moment to breathe slowly and calm down a bit. "Well, okay, maybe not sleeping. I guess I got a little bit carried away with the whole thing. But that's to better explain the general concept of stealth stroking."

Shawn thought, Jesus, Mom is getting seriously out of control. I would never have imagined her casually referring to my penis as a "love pump," or even a "John Thomas." She's getting soooo into the cocksucking concept that it's not even funny. Maybe she's diverting all her pent up desire to fuck me into cocksucking? I mean, the way she's going on, she HAS to want to fuck me bad. Just hearing her talk, even I get so excited that I want to fuck me! The sexual feeling in the air is so thick I can cut it with a knife. Look at Joanna. She's got her own heaving tits thing going on just from hearing my mom talk about this new idea of hers. And she has pretty ample tits of her own. Dang. It's a miracle I don't just spontaneously prematurely ejaculate every time I see one of these women.

18-10-2005, 03:20 PM

For the next twenty minutes Shawn finished eating dinner while his mother lightly stroked his rod. He never ran out of inspiration as he took turns staring at his mother’s and sister's tits. He didn't actually have much food left to eat, but he had so much fun that he ate extremely slowly, just to see how long he could prolong the experience, and how long his mother could last. Joanna's nipples were exposed to his eyes more often that not. Especially once Vel grew intent on Shawn's penis as he slowly neared climax, she stopped looking at Joanna and focused her entire being on pleasing his penis. That allowed his sister to openly pinch and tease her nipples, make lewd faces with her tongue, and obscenely eat phallic-shaped food.

Shawn's penis was in fine form. He finished eating dinner and seemed close to ejaculation, but didn't quite go over the edge. So Vel reverted to stronger measures.

First she stood up and got him some strawberries and whipped cream for desert. That gave him a few minutes to recover. Then she took off what little clothing she still wore and sat directly on one of his blue jean-clad legs. Shawn had to pull his chair back a bit to make room for her, but otherwise he carried on as usual, ate his dessert and talked to Joanna while Vel jacked him off. There was no pretense at going slow now.

But technically it was still a test of the stealth stroking concept, so Shawn tried his best to ignore the silent and naked woman in his lap. He carried on talking to his sister as if his mother wasn't there, though he couldn't resist a stroke of her long hair from time to time. It looked like he ignored her, but it was like trying to ignore an attacking 800-pound gorilla. He barely managed to keep a conversation going and connect the food to his mouth.

Vel also seemingly completely forgot about the idea of sharing the duties with her daughter. Joanna realized it would be futile to ask Vel to swap places, since Vel was so obviously worked up, so she just enjoyed the show and did her best visually to keep Shawn horny.

His mother was more than happy, because she was able to rub her pussy directly on the rough fabric of his blue jeans right at a bony spot on his knee. It provided excellent friction; more than enough to create a wet spot on Shawn's pants.

Shawn had developed many tricks to delay orgasm and prolong the pleasure for himself and others. He had a remarkable ability to hold off on short-term pleasure for greater, more delayed pleasures, and he showed that ability yet again. Just as she had him on the verge of climax, he said, "Mom, I'm thirsty. Could you get me some milk? You always say I need to drink lots of fluids so I'll never run out of cum."

"Now? But, Tiger, we're so close." She looked over at Joanna and indicated with her eyes that Shawn should have Joanna do it.

"Now, Mom. Please."

So Vel got up and hurriedly got the milk. When she came back she found that he'd taken off his blue jeans and had nothing on but a T-shirt. She was disappointed at that, because she'd loved rubbing her pussy over the rough denim, but Shawn wanted to feel her rubbing right on his skin. He knew she wouldn't be able to resist the idea now that she'd started.

She worriedly looked over at Joanna, but Joanna was poker-faced and tried to seem uninterested. Reluctantly, Vel sat back down over his leg and immediately started to slide her wet pussy lips over and around the bony parts of his knee. She quickly got back into it, and loved the feel of flesh beneath her lips even better than she did the jeans.

Looking over at her topless daughter, who had one hand on a nipple and the other below the table edge but no doubt up her vagina, Vel commented as she rode her son's knee, "Things sure have changed in this house lately, haven't they?"

Everyone broke into laughter at the great understatement. But all of them were too worked up for sustained conversation.

Soon she was so far gone that Shawn tried to push her a little bit more. "Hey, Mom, you know what you're doing to my knee? Pretend that's not my knee. Pretend that's my penis. You're sliding your pussy all over my penis, Mom!"

"Oh, Tiger! Oh! What an idea." Both her hands and her pussy moved faster. "But that can't be your penis, because I'm holding it in my hand! Mommy is holding your big fucker. She's going to get off all over you!"

"Imagine that I have two penises," Shawn suggested. "Imagine I have a clone twin. A second me. One is sitting behind you and you're sitting on his penis. In a minute we're going to double up on you and fuck your mouth and pussy at the same time."

"Oh no! Dear God! Two Shawns! Fuck! Yes!" Vel exploded in a multiple orgasm. Shawn found his knee simply drenched in her pussy juice. It dripped all down his leg. But still she kept on and jacked him off all the while. She'd never thought of two Shawns before. She knew already that she would fantasize about it that evening and for a long time to come.

Shawn survived that erotic eruption without cumming and thought he could last forever. But, in fact, he didn't hold out much longer. When Shawn finally came it arrived so suddenly that it was a surprise even to him. One second he was doing fine and the next there were ropes which shot straight up into the air.

Vel was not in a good position to get her mouth over his penis. It happened to be pointed up and towards the table when he started, so the first rope went high up and landed right on the table top. The next two hit his clothes and the floor before Vel finally turned the penis around and aimed it at her chest. The rest of the ropes hit her all over her legs, stomach, and tits as she tried to direct it like a powerful fire hose overwhelming the holder. By the time she managed to get her mouth over the end, there was no cum left, to her immense frustration.

They ended up with a bigger mess than usual, since it was rare for any of his seed not to be directly aimed at a mouth, face, or chest. Both Vel and Joanna were disappointed, though Joanna acted quickly and scooped up some of the gobs from the table before Vel could think to do it herself. Vel didn't give much thought to the mess, or the increasingly public way in which Shawn had been pleasured, or the outrageous way she and others behaved. She just reveled in her pleasurable feelings. And though Vel wouldn't admit it to herself, to have Joanna or someone else watch increased her pleasure even more.

Joanna still wore the micro-mini skirt that failed to even go down far enough to cover all of her pussy. She walked over to Shawn and sat on his knee almost as soon as Vel vacated it. Vel had walked away towards the kitchen, but she turned around in surprise to see Joanna squish around in the juices she'd left on Shawn's knee.

18-10-2005, 03:22 PM
As Joanna gave her brother a hug, she said, "How was that, Big Salami Brother? Did Mom jack you off as well as I can? Watching made your sister soooo horny." She slid her pussy lips all over Shawn's knee even more ostentatiously. Vel's juices mixed with her own and she found she could slide around as easily as a skater on ice. "Do you think you could get up for a repeat performance?"

Shawn's entire knee couldn't have been any more wet if someone had poured a pitcher of water on it. Joanna slid many inches forwards and back as he tried to focus on her face and talk. He was still so aroused that he had a hard time thinking or even focusing his eyes on her moving face. "Ummmm.... It was good. Very good."

He looked over at Vel. He thought she'd gone to clean herself up, but in fact she only went for a glass of water. His cum still remained all over her upper torso. She now stood close to her children, with one hand in her pussy and other on a tit. "You were really good, Mom."

His mental facilities returned as he saw an opportunity to tease his mother a bit. He pointed at his knee and stuck a finger in some cum which dripped off. "But look, Mom. You shouldn't have created such a big mess. Sis is having a hard time sitting on me. Your daughter is practically drowning in your cum. Look. All of our juices are mixing together. Why, it's so slippery that it's a near thing she doesn't just slide off me altogether."

"Dear Lord! Forgive me, God!" Vel shrieked. "It's too hot! Too much!" She fell to her knees and fucked herself with her fingers even more vigorously than before. Huffing and puffing like an old coal train, she finally dropped the rest of the way to the ground in yet another unbelievably intense orgasm. Her legs continued to twitch long afterwards as she lay helplessly on the floor.

She thought, as she came to and began eating the cum that still remained on her chest, Forget my other reasons. I can't have Shawn fuck me - or two Shawns - good God, I can't even let myself think about that - because if he did he would kill me. I would simply die of sheer delight. He almost killed me right now from across the room. It's too much! ... What kind of mother am I? So irresponsible! But I just can't stop. Can't stop....

Vel was so blissed out on her goal to be the world's greatest cocksucker for her son that nothing fazed her at all. Shawn foolishly failed to take advantage of her wanton mood to push the boundaries in other areas as much as he could have. If he had gotten himself erect yet again he could have walked over to where she lay and played with her like a rag doll. Her only reaction would have been to cry in joy for more. But unfortunately he was completely spent. Joanna repeatedly got herself off on his knee while she hungrily watched their mother writhe on the floor close by, but he couldn't do any more with his penis.

A short time later Vel managed to calm down somewhat. As she lay on the floor, still catching her breath, Joanna removed herself from her brother's knee. The daughter walked over and stood over her mother, examining the sight. There were still uneaten gobs of cum all over. "Yummy, Mom. You've got a very yummy mess all over you. Do you want me to help clean it up?" She licked her lips suggestively.

Vel thought back to how she'd cleaned Cheese's "mess" up at the beach, and how she almost couldn't control herself from diving into Cheese's pussy with her tongue. "NO!" she shrieked, filled with the fear that the same temptation could happen to Joanna. Then, more calmly, she continued, "Really, Angel, this is too much. We have to have some kind of decorum around here. We can't just sit around sucking Shawn's penis and eating his cum all day. Can we get up and do something productive for a change? I have things to do. I'll take care of this mess myself, thank you very much!"

She picked herself up off the floor and went to have a reinvigorating hot shower. But before she turned on the water, she finished licking up all the remaining cum gobs. I'm such a hopeless case, she thought. Where's the leadership? The moral authority? The firm boundaries? It all crumbles the instant I get horny. She sighed a very heavy sigh and lolled Shawn's cum around her mouth, savoring the taste.

Despite her attempt to restore some normality to the house, she knew the evening's sexual games were far from over. She looked forward to being all alone with Shawn and his penis while the others shopped, and that was for starters. The funny thing was, she didn't really have other things to do. Since there was no need to work for a living, she didn't have much to fill her time. She idly wondered just what she used to do all the time before she started her new favorite pastime of cocksucking. It occurred to her that she'd spent far too much time watching television, shopping, cleaning, and socializing with friends she didn't really like that much in the first place. The house was a lot messier these days, but no one seemed to mind.

She thought cynically to herself, Maybe I should just announce myself to the world as a full-time cocksucker. People would ask me, "So what do you do, Ms. Chen?" I'd reply matter-of-factly, "Oh, live-in cocksucker for my son. Yep. You heard right. I suck my son's cock all day long." I'll bet that would turn some heads! Ha! I wonder what my husband would think. He'd call me up from his job in Asia and ask, "So, how's the cocksucking coming, Honey?" "Oh, great, Dear. Shawn just filled my mouth with the most marvelous load just an hour ago, and I'm jacking him off as we speak. How are things with you?" Wouldn't that be a hoot? But in all seriousness, this is, like, my calling. I love it! I can't get anything else done. I know I'm just gonna sit around and fidget and watch the clock until I can do it again later tonight. It's all I can think about! I just have to focus on the cocksucking so I won't cross the line into fucking. There's no moral ambiguity or excuses for that. That's just plain immoral and wrong. ... Even though it would be so good. If cocksucking is this great, imagine how fucking a real man like Shawn would feel. But I can't think about that!

The stealth stroking wasn't exactly stealthy, and certainly wasn't in any way low-key near the end. But it was successful in that Shawn's penis was sated for a while. He hit the books shortly after dinner and was remarkably able to get some work done for once. He purposely didn't shower so that he could smell like the personification of sex. His room was nearly the same. Meanwhile, around seven o'clock Cheese came over to get Joanna, and they went to the store.

18-10-2005, 03:23 PM

Cheese drove Joanna to a store in a nearby business district called Stephanie’s. Cheese had never been there but had heard of it. Her regular store to buy lingerie and other sexy items was already closed. Stephanie’s was open until 8:00, so they had less than an hour to make their purchases.

There were a couple other customers milling about when they came in. Cheese immediately grabbed a few items she found promising, and said to Joanna, "Let’s go try these on." They hurried to the changing rooms.

The changing room was reasonably big, and had a large mirror on one wall. There was a bench on the opposite side, but there was no door, just a curtain that parted in the middle. The two females quickly got naked, and put on some lingerie they picked out.

"What do you think?" said Joanna, as she pirouetted around in a one-piece nightie.

"It’s hard to tell just by looking," replied Cheese. "An important factor with these kinds of clothes is: how easy is the access to your best assets? If I’m Shawn, for instance, will I be impeded in reaching your tits?" Cheese grabbed one of Joanna’s tits, but pretended that having the thin fabric between her hand and Joanna’s nipple greatly bothered her. "You see? I want your nipple, and all I get is the nightie."

"But why don’t you just slip your hand underneath?" Joanna guided Cheese’s hand with her own, until Cheese found Joanna’s hard nipple and began properly pinching and twisting it.

"Yeah, but what if he has to do that, while Vel is bare chested? And she almost always is these days. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage. Get something that says ‘Fuck me now’ a little more." While her hand continued to grope at Joanna’s tit, her other hand reached for the girl’s pussy. "And what about down here? Again I’m impeded. I want your pussy now, not next week!" In truth it was no bother for Cheese to push aside some fabric and begin finger-fucking, which is what she did.

"Now see how the access is on mine," Cheese said, and soon the two of them were on the carpeted floor, busy licking and sucking each other.

A pretty employee named Ginger came by the changing rooms after about ten minutes to see what was taking them so long. She could hear moaning easily enough and guess what was happening, but to better satisfy her curiosity she knelt down and looked under the curtain, since it didn't go all the way to the floor. As Joanna and Cheese were now rolling on the floor and completely naked in a sixty-nine position, Ginger didn't have to leave much to her imagination. But working at a store such as this one, such scenes happened every now and then. So Ginger just smiled to herself and went to check on the other customers.

After Joanna and Cheese both climaxed all over each other, Joanna said, "I give our current choices the thumbs up. Not that we're wearing them!" They had very quickly gotten naked. "But if we’re going to try every item out with a practice fuck, we’ll never get enough shopping done in time."

"You’re right," Cheese said. She said with an amused smile, "We should have come in here a couple hours earlier so we could practice fuck with every single item. But let’s go out there and find something even more fuckable." Cheese pulled some hankies out of her purse, and they wiped their faces free of cum.

Cheese put on the lingerie instead of her street clothes, and shamelessly went out into the store with her tits and pussy faintly visible through semitransparent fabric. A few of the other women customers eyed her strangely.

The employee who spied on them earlier walked up to Cheese, and said with a friendly smile, "Hi, my name is Ginger. How are you finding everything? I was afraid you and your young friend got lost in the changing room."

"No, I think we’re finding everything we’re looking for. We believe in giving products the full test run before buying them." Cheese said this in a knowing manner. From the way Ginger was looking at her, she had no doubt that Ginger knew what happened in the changing room, and that the employee was more than fine with it.

"That’s commendable," Ginger said. "I see you like one of our latest models," she added as she began caressing the shoulder straps of Cheese’s lingerie.

"Yes, I’ll take this one. However, I was just saying to my friend Joanna…" Joanna walked out of the changing room as she said this, also dressed in lingerie. "Joanna, can you come over here?" Turning towards Ginger, Cheese added, "My name is Cheese, by the way. Joanna is my next door neighbor’s daughter."

"I’m sure she is," Ginger replied, while doubting it herself. She wondered if Joanna might not be Cheese’s own daughter, judging by the age difference and the similar unusually tall, dark haired, and busty bodies. Joanna meanwhile walked up to them.

Cheese gave the brief introduction, "Joanna, Ginger. Ginger, Joanna. Ginger is going to help us shop, aren't you?"

"I’d be delighted," said Ginger. "What in particular are you looking for?"

"Well, as I was just saying to Joanna, we need items more sexy and revealing than the ones we’re wearing. In particular, we need some that leave the private places exposed instead of covered. Do you have anything like that?"

"Of course. Let me show you to the back of our store."

Ginger reminded Joanna of Sera, mostly because of the same shade of long blonde hair. But Ginger was shorter, somewhat less stacked, and far less tanned. She also seemed a lot kinder, and had a very gentle face.

The back of the store was a separate room, but was still connected to the front by an open doorway. People on the street at least couldn't see what was happening inside it. There was a whole range of extremely revealing lingerie, and a large assortment of sex toys and accessories on the walls and in racks. Cheese found something in particular she liked.

"Ah, Joanna, you see? This is what I was talking about." Cheese held up a negligee like the one she was wearing, except there were holes for the boobs and pussy. "Just my size. I think I’ll try it on."

Ginger started to say, "The changing rooms are located…" but stopped because she realized Cheese was already in the midst of taking her clothes off right there.

Joanna gasped and put her hands over her shocked, gaping mouth. She thought, I'm feeling playful, but I wasn't exactly expecting public nudity!

Cheese put the new outfit on. "What do you two think?" she said, as she proudly strutted her bare tits and pussy to any and all who would look, walking up and down an aisle as she modeled the outfit. Aside from Ginger and Joanna, there was one older lady in the back part of the store, and she looked at Cheese very disapprovingly. The other customers were on the other side of the curtain in the front of the store.

"Very good, Cheese," Ginger said with a professional demeanor.

18-10-2005, 03:24 PM
"I think it looks waaay hot!" Joanna said, surprising herself by just how excited she was. "But I can't believe you'd just wear it right here!" Cheese's public nudity was getting Joanna very hot and wet, not to mention what it was doing to Cheese and even Ginger.

"Why don’t you try one on?" Cheese encouraged Joanna, and Joanna soon found a similar item she liked. She started walking to the changing room, but Cheese grabbed her arm, and asked, "Where are you going?"

Shaking nervously, and blushing more than she had in weeks, Joanna hastily changed clothes right in the middle of the room. Cheese thoughtfully blocked the aisle in the direction of where the one other customer was, but Joanna wasn't so worried about that. She was more attuned to the fact that Ginger was standing just a few feet behind her, watching everything.

Joanna somehow thought the ordeal would be over when she finished changing, forgetting that she was putting on an outfit that exposed her tits and pussy. She covered up her exposed privates with her hands, and nearly died of shame when she looked at the one older lady still in the back, who was giving her an evil eye. Joanna was so flustered and embarrassed she didn't notice that the lady was holding two dildos in her hand, sizing them up for purchase.

"That outfit is also very nice, " Ginger said encouragingly as she checked out Joanna’s bare pussy and impressive boobs.

"I come from the ‘show me’ state," Cheese said as she reached out, pushed Joanna's protective arm away, and cupped Joanna’s exposed tits. She groped at them in a blatantly sexual manner right in front of Ginger. Joanna closed her eyes in delight and embarrassment. She was amazed that Ginger and Cheese acted as if public nudity was completely normal, and tried her best to act cool too. By closing her eyes, she unfortunately missed when Cheese deliberately turned towards the older woman in the store and gave her a sexy wink. The stranger opened her mouth in shock.

"What do you think, Ginger?" Cheese asked. "Try them out for yourself and see if this is the best choice for her."

Ginger wouldn't have worked in a lingerie store if she didn't enjoy seeing and touching beautiful women. Without much hesitation, she reached out and cupped a tit while Cheese worked on fondling the other one. "Joanna’s boobs are impressive," Ginger said dispassionately, as if she was discussing the hem of a dress. "We should find clothes that draw special attention to them." Turning to Cheese, she said, "You on the other hand have such big breasts that I’m at a bit of a loss on what best would suit you." She turned around and grabbed Cheese’s rack with both hands.

"I’m sure you could think of something to do with them," Cheese said in a provocative voice.

"I’m sure I could as well," Ginger replied, "but that might not help you find any more clothes." The other lady in the room finally walked out of the special back room, apparently disgusted at the shamelessness of the younger generation.

"I know what you mean," said Cheese. "For instance, I could find a lot of things to do with this," she reached out and rubbed her hand along Joanna’s shaved pussy lips. "That’s why I need her pussy unburdened by any covering at all times."

"That’s why we’re here to help," Ginger said, following Cheese’s hands with her own and now fully devoting her attention and both hands to Joanna’s crotch. There were now three hands down there, all enjoying the tactile sensation of a bare and slippery wet pussy. One of Cheese's hands expertly worked the clit.

Ginger asked, "I assume it’s important that a finger be unimpeded if it were to … say … enter a certain hole?"

Cheese replied, "Why don't you find out for yourself?"

Ginger rammed a finger into Joanna’s already wet pussy. Joanna cried out. Then the helpful employee began rubbing. Joanna was delirious with excitement, well aware that at any moment someone she knew might walk through the curtains and see her. She reached out and held on tight to a clothes rack: her knees were so shaky it was all she could do not to fall to the ground.

"Yes, that is of supreme importance." Cheese agreed. "But don’t forget the access to the anus." As if on cue, Ginger stuck a finger up there too. Cheese was pleasantly surprised that Ginger was so bold. "And also let’s not limit ourselves to just fingers. Dicks and dildos too."

Ginger apologized, "Sorry, we can’t help you with dicks today, but as you can see, we have a wide variety of dildos for sale." She pulled a hand out of Joanna momentarily and pointed it in the direction of the walls that had dildos hanging on them.

"So I see," Cheese said. "Why don’t we try one of those out on Joanna, to make sure if will fit in the hole of this negligee?" Ginger smiled deliciously at that suggestion and Joanna shuddered, afraid she couldn't take much more. "But before we do that, Joanna, why don’t we pick out some more of these sexy clothes. And Ginger, could you also be so kind as to model some of the more revealing items? Look how embarrassed this girl is. Her whole face is tomato red. I think she might be more at ease if you get naked too."

"I’d only be too delighted," said Ginger. She walked to the open doorway between the front and back rooms of the store, and made eye contact with the other female employee there, who was helping a customer near the front door. Winking, she pulled a curtain closed across the open doorway.

Joanna meanwhile whispered to Cheese, "Have you no fear?"

"Nope," Cheese answered happily. She whispered back, with Ginger still out of range, "You mind if we share Ginger?"

"I was kind of hoping to be with just you a bit more. But I guess these kinds of opportunities don't come along very often. And I'm so fucking hot that if I touched a red hot poker it would cool me down."

Cheese smiled a grand smile, pleased at everything around her.

18-10-2005, 03:27 PM

Cheese and Joanna spent the next twenty minutes or so picking out a large pile of items to purchase. Sexual fun was largely postponed until they were sure they’d have enough stuff to bring home first. There was some danceable techno music playing, and they all swayed and grooved as they shopped.

They both continued to wear the outfits exposing their pussies and tits. Cheese concentrated much of her attention on her fingers and her pussy, but Joanna was too shy to follow suit. At one point, Joanna whispered to Cheese, "How can you be so calm about this public display?"

"Pshaw. I haven't done this kind of thing in years, but you should have seen the way I was in college before I got married. I'll have to tell you some stories sometime when we're both naked and squishy."

"As opposed to now," Joanna said, causing both of them to giggle. Joanna was slowly loosening up, especially since no other customers had seen them since the one older lady had left, and it was nearing closing time.

They tried out clothes with the excitement of little kids on Christmas morning. Cheese put on a black leather dominatrix styled outfit that covered up most of her skin except for her pussy, stomach, and cleavage. "What do you think?" she asked Ginger and Joanna. She pretended to swing a whip through the air.

"I like," Joanna responded. "Definitely sexy! Hit me, mistress, hit me!"

Ginger pretended to be more doubtful even though she was secretly loving it. She walked over to where Cheese was posing. She thrust two fingers up Cheese's pussy with a loud squish. "I like this part," she said as she yanked on Cheese's clit with her other hand.

Cheese laughed heartily. "And to think I've been shopping at your competitor's all these years!"

Ginger kissed Cheese square on the mouth, then the two necked and fingered for a couple of minutes. Finally they snapped out of it thanks to some loud coughing by Joanna, who felt left out.

Ginger now stood back and gave a more honest assessment of the dress. "Joanna is right. Lots of pussy and ass..." - Cheese swirled around to show her ass - "but it covers your nipples. With assets like yours, I'm not sure you should ever hide your nipples."

"Good point," Cheese said, "but I think it'll turn him on anyway. Put this in the 'buy' pile." She wiggled out of what clothes she wore and then changed into something else, even as she grooved to the music and frigged herself at every opportunity.

In a whirlwind of activity, they set aside for purchase just about anything they liked at all, and threw the rest into a pile. They were so excited that they were leaving their fluids on just about every item they touched, but Ginger didn't see it as a problem, since they were buying most everything they tried on, and the rest could be cleaned later.

Much of the clothes they selected had an S and M theme to them, Joanna found herself drawn to items that made her look submissive, like dog collars and hand cuffs. Cheese found herself drawn to many of the same things, to her own great surprise. But there were many other styles besides that they liked. Their only criterion was if they figured it would turn Shawn on. They were careful not to refer to him by name, however.

It seemed that each new item was more revealing than the last. Most were specifically designed to show off and expose boobs, asses and/or pussies.

But Ginger turned out to be the one to wear the most revealing outfit of all, which consisted of little more than rope, dildos, and her favorite cap. Joanna was gratified to note that Ginger also had a noticeable bikini bottom tan line, just about the only other female she'd seen naked sharing her tan line problem.

"What do you think, would he like this?" Joanna asked Cheese as she modeled yet another S and M themed outfit.

"I don’t know," Cheese said with indecision. "What do you think he thinks about the whole S and M thing, anyways?"

"Not sure. I do know he likes spankings. You should hear what he told me about being spanked by… uh… well, I’ll tell you later." Joanna realized naming names wasn't wise, despite the friendliness of Ginger.

"Well, if he’s totally into it, would you want to be whipped and beaten by him?" Cheese asked.

Ginger intruded on the question, walking up between Joanna and Cheese, and cupping tits on both of them at the same time. She breathed, "Getting whipped is sexy and fun. You have to try it. I could show you."

Joanna tried hard to ignore that, and considered the question for a moment. "I’m not crazy about the idea, but then I never thought I’d enjoy a finger up the butt or a spanking either. Or being with women, period, for that matter. So I try to keep an open mind. The important thing is, if he wants me to do it, then I have to obey."

"Same here," Cheese said, surprising herself with what she’d be willing to do for Shawn. "But still, let’s not encourage him too much in that direction, okay?" She bent forwards and licked one of Ginger's nipples.

Ginger was intensely interested in finding out who this mysterious man was, and his relationship to these two gorgeous women, but neither of them let any clues slip. Ginger suggested to Joanna, "That’s a nice one you’re wearing. Why don’t you show it to Cindy, who’s working in front of the store?"

"What, you want me to walk to the front of the store like this, and model myself in front of who knows how many strange people?" Joanna immediately became bashful again, and covered up her exposed tits.

"Unh-hunh," said Ginger. "Sounds exciting, doesn't it?"

"Maybe, but I’m not into dressing scantily in public. There might be guys up there! My only goal in dressing this way is to please… my master." Joanna said "master" at the last second to avoid saying Shawn’s name, but she liked the sound of it.

"Not just our master," Cheese pointed out, though she wasn't happy to use that term. "For instance, you also please me." She stepped forward and kissed Joanna on the lips. The idea of walking to the front part of the store, or even trying on more clothes, was forgotten as Joanna and Cheese once more got into exploring each other’s bodies. This new concept of Shawn being their official master made both Cheese and Joanna very hot.

"And just what do you to think you’re doing without me?" Ginger asked, pouting that she was missing out on the action.

"Oh sorry," said Joanna, as she and Cheese turned their attention to the store assistant. "By the way, what does it take to get a preferred customer discount around here?" The two of them reached out to Ginger and ran their hands all over her.

"Umm, I’m not really entitled … That is to say…" said a flustered Ginger as the two overwhelmed her and brought her to the ground.

"What about an Ginger sandwich?" Cheese suggested. "That should be worth a ten percent discount, at least!" Ginger was unable to answer because Joanna lowered her pussy onto the assistant’s face. Cheese meanwhile buried her tongue deep into Ginger’s pussy.

There was no pretense at any more shopping after that. Cheese and Joanna stayed well past closing, but unfortunately the other cute but older sales attendant Cindy had family at home and couldn't stay and join them.

After everyone got off several times, Ginger said, "Speaking of S and M, there’s nothing to worry about. Why don’t I show you how it works?"

"Um, thanks but no thanks," said Cheese.

18-10-2005, 03:28 PM
"No, really. It’s no problem. I know it seems weird to think of being whipped, but how about being the person who does the whipping? Why don’t you give it a try? You can practice on me." Joanna and Cheese could see that Ginger's offer to be whipped was hardly an altruistic act - the cute employee was trembling with excitement at the prospect.

"What do you think, Joanna?" Cheese asked doubtfully.

"Oh, I guess trying out a few cracks of the whip wouldn't do any harm. As long as no one tries it on me."

So they went ahead, tied up Ginger and then whipped her repeatedly on the butt. Neither Joanna nor Cheese really got off on powering over Ginger, but Ginger got off on it well enough. Before too long they dropped the whip and went back to using their hands and mouths. But they kept Ginger tied up, just for fun, and gave her the occasional spanking or hole poke as they went through a final selection of their clothing.

Cheese was amused at the situation: two total strangers were in a locked store after hours, and had tied the only employee up with rope. Cheese pointed out, "I wonder what a policeman would think if he happened to wander into here right now." All laughed at the delicious thought. Joanna immediately grabbed a strap-on dildo and role-played being such a policeman discovering the other two.

Ginger loved the treatment. She said, still tied up and bent over the floor, "You two are seriously the funnest customers I've ever served. Not to mention the best looking."

"I'll tell you what's being served," Joanna said in a naughty mood as she fingered the helpless woman. "Something spicy. A big steaming plate of Ginger flavored pussy."

Cheese walked over and sawed into Ginger's asshole. "You forget the side of Ginger ass. And a nice glass of Ginger pussy juice completes the wholesome meal." Ginger cried out in ecstasy at the double assault.

Ginger's only gripe was that her two customers were too timid. As she lay on the ground with her face in the carpet and her ass up in the air, she said, "Toe me."

"What?" said a confused Cheese. "Tow me? To where?"

"No, toe me. Stick your toes in my cunt. Do what you want. Go wild. You have me naked, tied up, and helpless. Get medieval on my ass. I love it when my ass gets seriously abused. We've got the toys around here to do anything."

But neither Cheese nor Joanna really wanted to put their toes in someone. And they were getting tired. They were also well aware that there was a lot of fun waiting for them at home and that they needed to save their energies. So they reluctantly untied Ginger in order to make their purchases.

When all was said and done, Joanna and Cheese paid for over three thousand dollars in clothing and sexual paraphernalia. To their surprise, Ginger did end up giving them a ten percent discount. She joked, "I forgot about the obscure regulation stating that an Ginger sandwich IS good for ten percent off. I wish more customers knew about it! After all, we want to encourage repeat customers. Our goal is to have you cum again and again."

Joanna smiled wryly and corrected, "You mean come back again and again."

"That too," Ginger replied, barely able to keep a straight face. "I seriously wish I could give an even bigger discount, but I don't own the place. Maybe you could get an even bigger discount if you bring your master in and have him help try on some clothes. I wouldn't mind getting in some trouble for that. And if you introduce his penis to Cindy, the owner, you just might end up getting everything for free. Who knows? But call first and make sure I'm working that day."

On the way home in the car, Cheese asked Joanna, "I liked Ginger. Do you think we should introduce her to Shawn? Not to mention that other woman? That was quite the offer she made."

"Hmm. Shawn would definitely like her; she’s beautiful enough. And she’s apparently single and has the right ‘can do me’ spirit. But frankly I've got too much competition with Shawn’s time as it is. I don’t want one more. Or two, for that matter. And to be honest I’m a bit afraid of blondes, even fake ones." (Ginger’s dark haired bush showed her real hair color.) "Maybe later on."

"I’m with you on that," said Cheese. "But if Shawn says he wants more women to fuck, we should be obliged to get them for him, don’t you think? Especially since a girl like Ginger wouldn't be just for him. It's fun the whole family can enjoy, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, sure. A girl like Ginger is nice enough, but really no competition for Shawn's affections compared to the likes of you and me. So let’s keep her in mind, in case our master asks for a new fuck partner. She seemed very keen on meeting our mystery man. But our main goal should be keeping our master so well fucked that he won't want anyone else."

"Do you really have to call him Master?" Cheese asked. "Isn't that a bit much?"

"Can I just say it around you? It turns me on."

Cheese raised an eyebrow and looked at Joanna questioningly. Finally, she said, "He is just your brother you know."

"I know. But I'm enjoying this fantasy, okay?"

"Whatever. You know, by calling him Master, that implies you're his slave."

"I'm aware. I'm Shawn's sister slave fuck toy."

"Okaaaay. I guess that's why they have the saying, 'whatever turns you on.' Just like Ginger. She's into some weird stuff. Phew."

So they didn't mention Ginger at all, but both Joanna and Cheese now had a new favorite store to buy lingerie from. Joanna also started calling Shawn "Master," but only if she was alone with Cheese. The older neighbor found the term both repelling and strangely exciting at the same time, but she certainly had no desire to say it.

But now they were to go back home. The night was still young, and Cheese had an idea on how they could best show off their new purchases for Shawn. She was very confident that Shawn would love it.

18-10-2005, 03:30 PM

Shawn continued to study while Cheese and Joanna were shopping. Hui Shan came over and also did her homework next to Shawn. She wore short shorts and a white T-shirt with a low cut collar that she made sure usually hung open for Shawn to peek inside.

Hui Shan's presence really frustrated Vel, who was looking forward to a long, satisfying cocksuck while Joanna and Cheese were gone. She was more than willing to suck Shawn's penis in front of Cheese or Joanna now, but not Hui Shan. She didn't understand how far Shawn had gone with Hui Shan in private, and still thought of Hui Shan as an innocent who would be safe with Shawn. Additionally, she thought it would be highly irresponsible to stop the two teenagers from doing homework just for her own cocksucking needs.

So Vel worked on things around the house until about 9:30 PM, when Joanna and Cheese finally returned with their arms full of shopping bags. They'd been gone about two and a half hours. Vel was considerably cooled off and disappointed by then.

The two happy shoppers snuck off to Joanna's room and hid many items. This included many of the things they’d bought for Vel. Some of their purchases for her, like the dildos and strap-on dildos, they didn't want to show Vel yet. But other most of their items they wanted to show off right away.

Finally they were ready. They moved to the living room, and then called Vel, Shawn, and Hui Shan to come and join them. They suggested they all put on an impromptu fashion show to display all the new clothing they'd bought. Vel protested as usual, saying, "That seems so improper!"

Shawn pointed out, "Mom, didn't you say more than once that nothing should be denied me? Certainly there's no rule breaking here. Just lots of nudity. Lots of good inspiration for my daily needs."

"Well, that's true. ... I suppose. But what about Hui Shan?"

Joanna replied, "Don't worry, Hui Shan, you can model some of my outfits." Nothing had been bought for Hui Shan, because Cheese still wasn't very comfortable with Hui Shan getting so sexed up.

"Oh goody!" Hui Shan replied, shucking her T-shirt off right there, knowing Shawn liked to see her topless. "Let's go get changed."

"That's not what I meant," Vel complained. Her concern was protecting Hui Shan's innocence, but she was clearly behind the times on that point.

Cheese commented, "Oh, come on, if I can handle including Hui Shan, then you can. I'm not crazy about the idea of including her, but they're right. It's just a little visual stimulation, and Hui Shan has done that much many times already. I'll bet you're just worried everyone will be showing off clothes but you. Don't worry, we've got lots of very sexy stuff you can model for Shawn."

The happy prospect of Vel strutting her naked body in front of Shawn broke the last of her resistance, and all the females went to an adjacent room to change. Vel was delighted at the purchases they'd made on her behalf.

Joanna promised Hui Shan that the two of them would go back to the same store and pick up some more things, making Hui Shan feel much better. Joanna mentioned something about how Hui Shan would really like the "ten percent sandwich discount" there, but Hui Shan didn't understand the meaning.

Hui Shan was particularly excited to be included. She realized it was another important step for her becoming more included in the sexual "gang." She modeled the first item, which consisted of long black gloves, long black boots, a top hat, and a small leather piece barely covering up her tits. Nothing came even close to covering her bare pussy. "I love it!" she cried. "Gosh, this is just like Halloween all over again, except more fun and sexy!!"

She held a cane in her hand, and expertly swirled it around in the air. She did a little dance of sorts, ending with her legs lewdly spread in front of Shawn. He and the others gave her a big round of applause.

But Cheese complained, "That's enough, dear. As Vel no doubt would put it, that's a little improper."

"What? I thought Shawn loves pussies. Shawn, don't you like my pussy? I'm keeping it shaved just for you." She stroked her bare skin where her bush used to be, a mere two feet from Shawn's face. He could see every detail of her invitingly open and wet pussy lips. She positioned her cane as if she would stick it into her pussy at any moment.

Vel protested, "Enough, Hui Shan. Please. Listen to your mother. Cheese, I can't believe you allowed Joanna to buy such a risqué item!"

Cheese didn't want to discuss that. She simply announced, "Next!"

Hui Shan walked off, but as she left she said, "You know what would be cool? Some groovy music. Getting in front all dressed like that just makes me want to dance." So they put on a compilation of disco hits.

Vel continued to make her usual "It's so improper" complaints, until it came her turn to model her first outfit. She stood before Shawn and the other women dumbly, and burning with embarrassment. Her outfit had a Western theme. She wore a cowboy hat, Laura Croft-styled utility top that showed off her ample cleavage, blue jean-styled bikini briefs, and cowboy boots. It was a fairly conservative outfit in comparison to the couple that had come before. It didn't expose her pussy, nipples, or ass crack. But the others thought they should start slow with her.

She was burning with embarrassment, and hid her eyes. She rarely thought of her husband Ron anymore, but for some strange reason the idea popped into her head of her husband looking at the scene, and seeing her dressed like an erotic cowgirl in front of all these other people Ron knew so well. She couldn't imagine what his reaction would be, unless it was an actual heart attack. The mental image of this confrontation bothered her and shamed her.

"How do you like the outfit?" Cheese asked her best friend. "Do you give it the two thumbs up?"

"I give it the one finger up," she answered in an exasperated voice, and gave Cheese her middle finger. She didn't even realize she'd made a joke of sorts. It was the first time she'd ever flipped the bird at anyone, and it felt good. "This is all your fault, you know. Why the heck did you have to pick this outfit out for me? I look so dorky."

"What do you think, Shawn?" Cheese asked. "Dorky?" She didn't know what he'd say to describe his mother, but she was sure it wouldn't be "dorky."

18-10-2005, 03:31 PM
Shawn answered, "Mom, you look so totally hot. I think I'm gonna faint from the heat coming off of you. God, that outfit makes me sooo horny."

Vel was very pleased. She blushed even more and pushed her arms against her sides like a shy little girl, but it also caused her tits to push forward even more. "You think so?" she asked coquettishly.

"Definitely, Mom! My penis is just about to explode with hot cum just from looking at you!"

"Well, why on Earth did you make me wear this without my glasses? You know I can hardly see a thing without them."

"Sorry, Mom. Just for this one time. I just thought it would make you look even more exotic and different. And it sure does. I seriously can't even believe this is the same mother who drove me to soccer practice all those years and make such great birthday cakes since I was a baby."

"I know!" Joanna exclaimed suddenly. "Brother, you know what Mom totally reminds me of? A porn star! She looks totally like some kind of porn star in a cowboy themed movie. Some corny porn flick like 'Fuck Off at the O.K. Corral' or something like that."

Shawn laughed but he had to agree. "You're right. She is SUCH the total porn star! She needs a name like Darlin' Debbie or Janet Juggs or something. Oh, I know. Suckin' Vel." Everyone guffawed at the appropriateness of that.

Then he commented, "You know, Sis, I'm amazed just how similar you and Mom look when she has her glasses off. It's hard to believe you were adopted. So, if Mom looks like a porn star, do you know what that makes you look like?"

As Joanna giggled, she answered, "An upstanding, prudish, God fearing, church going fuddy duddy?"

"No!" Shawn said, and as Joanna was in reach he leaned over and started tickling her.

Everyone laughed at the good fun, but Vel seemed a little disappointed to be called a porn star. So Shawn said to her, as the tickling let up, "Mom, sorry we're laughing at you, but this is so much fun. And the idea of you being a cowgirl porn star makes me sooo friggin' hot. Jesus. This is my mom we're looking at here! Everyone should stay away from me because I'm a serious fire hazard. I'm about ready to burst into flames. The only thing that could make me any hotter, Mom, is if you dance around a bit."

"Hrm." She stood there. She was torn between pleasing her son and further embarrassment. She was aware that the others already had their turns and each one had danced, and the pressure was on for her to do so as well. The idea of her husband stumbling onto the scene still disturbed her mind, but then the thought came to her, I've come this far. A little dancing is nothing compared to some things I've done. Finally, she said, "Well, partner, I reckon I could do just a little bit of dancin'."

"That's the spirit!" Shawn jumped up and went to the CD player. The disco hit "Le Freak" was playing, which seemed very inappropriate for her get up. "Just a sec. Ah. Here." He put on a Blues Brothers version of "Rawhide," the old cowboy TV show theme song.

Vel wasn't good like Cheese at doing accents or improvisational dialogues, so she just tipped her hat, said, "Thanks, partner," and started moving her hips. She strutted and posed to the music, hesitantly at first, but more boldly every second. After only a couple of minutes the song ended and the music changed styles, but she was on too much of a roll to stop. She galloped around and whooped it up as if she were at a hoe-down. She completely abandoned herself to the dance.

Cheese called time at the end of the second song, and Vel ended her dancing to great applause. By then Shawn's mother was a solid convert to the whole fashion show idea. She rushed back to the changing room like a kid who'd just discovered an exciting amusement park ride and rushed back to the line to ride it over and over again.

Each of the four women took turns modeling. One would stand in front of the other four and Shawn and sexily model an outfit for a few minutes. Then all four women would disappear into the next room, pick out another item, and help the next person up to put it on. That left Shawn alone a lot of the time, but he didn't mind, considering the show he would get each time if he showed a little patience.

Shawn desperately wanted to take his penis out. So he took it out not long after his mother did her cowgirl strutting, knowing she would no longer object. In fact, as soon as he took it out, Vel immediately took it upon herself to jack him off as he watched the rest of the show. And she kept at it. He was amazed at her stamina in being able to jack him off for long periods of time without getting tired. When it was Vel's turn to model an outfit, Joanna temporarily took over.

After a few outfits, Cheese wore one made out of an unusual, fuzzy material. Shawn asked, "What's it made out of?" and Cheese answered by saying that he should try feeling it himself. From that point on, no modeling of an item was over until Shawn got to feel the outfit, which quickly turned into a feeling up of the entire body. He would make various comments, like, "Look Cheese, this doesn't cover your bush at all," and would proceed to feel up her bush to prove his point. The comments were stating the obvious, but were part of the game.

Vel grew more excited as the show got more erotic and interactive, but she still tried to maintain boundaries because of Hui Shan. For instance, each time they went to the other room to change, she could barely stop from fingering herself to relieve the tension, and she knew that as soon as she did, Joanna and Cheese would eagerly follow. But she worried what Hui Shan would think. Little did she know that Hui Shan was only holding back herself from such frigging for fear of what her mother Cheese would think. So everyone got more and more aroused, but no one got off.

18-10-2005, 03:32 PM

As they continued to show off various outfits, Cheese and Joanna especially began putting on spontaneous one person mini-dramas.

Joanna went the furthest when she displayed a bunny outfit. Like just about every single outfit they'd bought, it left her pussy, ass, and tits all uncovered.

As she modeled it, she made up a dialogue that resembled a twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood. "Oh no!" she cried out in mock anguish. "I’m a helpless bunny, lying here on the ground. Oh dear! Here comes Shawn, the big bad wolf! What is he going to do with me? Is he going to eat me? I hear wolves love to eat us cute bunnies. Oh no! It looks like he wants to eat my pussy right between my legs!"

She spread her legs wide at this point, and exposed her pussy for all to see. "Big Bad Brother Wolf, what a big tongue you have!" She put her hands on an imaginary head of someone licking her pussy, and she shook all over with pleasure. "Mmm! I guess it IS better for you to eat me with!" Then she frigged herself some more, thrusting in and out in time to the pounding beat of "Staying Alive."

But she went on, "Oh no, Big Bad Wolf, what a big penis you have!" She turned over and kicked her legs up again at the knees. "Oh, Shawn, my sexy, well-hung brother, are you going to fuck me in the ass with your big bad cock?"

"Okay, that’s enough, Angel," said Vel. "You went too far. No feelies for you. Next!" She was enjoying the show as much as anyone else, but realized they were right on the verge of breaking into a full on orgy. She was disturbed that Joanna would so openly talk about fucking her brother, and made a mental note to lecture her about it later.

Joanna pouted, "No feelies? Mom, you're so mean!" Feelies was a term spontaneously coined during the show to refer to Shawn's groping of their outfits. She complained some more, "I did an extra sexy display - I should get extra feelies!"

Vel made herself the arbiter of making sure that things didn't go to far. She denied Joanna that particular feelie, but as time went on, things got more sexual and she grew more lax. The air was so thick with sexual excitement and frustration that one could cut it with a knife.
Rather incredibly, no one had climaxed yet, not even Shawn. The hand jobs were slow and delicate in order to make sure Shawn didn't lose it too fast and thus put a big damper on the show. He also was still left alone during each change of clothing, giving him about five minutes each time to cool down somewhat. But he could only take so much physical and visual stimulation.

The end of his endurance came when Cheese walked out in a "dress" that in fact was nothing but lines of chain links all over her body. Like the other women, her pussy was flowing like a faucet by this time. One of the chains went right up her vulva and bush, and that was a big part of the reason she was leaking so much. Every step she took, every movement of her lower body, and the chain pulled tight into her pussy. Appearing like that was more than she could take, and the rubbing of the chain helped push her over the edge. She closed her eyes, stomped her feet a couple of times, and had an orgasm standing there in front of everyone.

As if that wasn't enough for Shawn, Vel leaned and whispered in his ear (she'd been making sexy comments to him on each outfit to augment the hand job she was giving him). She whispered, "Look at Cheese, Tiger. Doesn't she look just like a slave at a slave auction? But don't worry, you already own her - she's your sex slave! We all are!"

Shawn cried out, "No!" and frantically tried to push Vel's hands away from his penis, but she responded by jerking him even more vigorously, and he lost it all together. His body thrashed around in one of the most intense orgasms he'd ever had, but Vel wasn't deterred by his thrashing - she locked her lips around his dick and drank it all up.

As soon as Shawn recovered, Joanna came over to him and started running her hands playfully all over him. She was still dressed in the last thing she'd modeled, which was a stethoscope, nurse's hat, sterilized gloves, and not much else. "Did everyone see that?" she asked. "Did everyone see what finally got him off? It was when Vel called Cheese a sex slave!"

"No, you're wrong," Shawn complained, but his face practically turned purple with embarrassment. Joanna knew she was right and that the sex slave comment was at least a big part of it, though by that point just about anything could have sent him over the edge.

"Aha!" she cried triumphantly to the other women. "Look at his face! I'm totally right. Shawn Chen, Mr. P.C. Politically Correct himself, gets off on the idea of sex slavery! Is that fucked up or what?" She giggled gleefully.

He protested, "No I don't! It was just that Cheese looks so gorgeous. And Mom's hands. And all the outfits. Christ, the outfits! And then when she started shaking with the orgasm..." His voice trailed off.

Cheese was still standing there in chains, now smiling at him. Just the renewed sight of her and the thought of what she did a mere minute ago was likely to make him horny again. She purposely put her hands behind her back as if she was tied up, to emphasize the slave idea. But his penis hurt now so he purposely turned away and tried to think unsexy thoughts. The fact that Vel was now licking his crotch completely clean didn't help matters any.

Cheese thought to herself, That's odd. I really enjoyed the chain outfit. Really, really enjoyed it. I was thinking I was a dom with the way I got off on spanking Joanna the other day, but maybe I go both ways, sub and dom. I think maybe I just like sex in all its forms. Any and every way to do it. But I am NOT going to get all "I'm your submissive little fuck toy, Shawn, I'll do your every whim like a mindless slut," the way Joanna tells me she does with him. That is just not dignified, and not necessary to have fun. I'm the one secretly directing things here, and I'm not going to run around calling someone else Master, thank you very much.

Vel had what she most wanted: a drink at Shawn's fountain of semen. So she broke up the show, leaving Cheese's chain dress as the last item modeled. The show would have had to end soon anyway, as they'd modeled about fifteen outfits, new and old, and were beginning to run out of things to show. Everyone had a good time, and Vel noted approvingly to herself that although some boundaries were pushed, things didn't get out of hand. Shawn for instance, managed to keep his fingers actually out of any pussy holes except for a few furtive pokes with the last few outfits that Vel didn't notice, although he petted many bushes. (He spent a long time petting Hui Shan's pussy with a thumb furtively jammed up her hole, which was ironic given that the show started with an admonition that Hui Shan shouldn't even be lewdly showing her pussy to him at all.)

They all agreed that they should do another show soon, as this one ended far too quickly. Everyone secretly hoped that the mini-dramas would be more physically interactive with Shawn the next time around. Joanna, Cheese, and Vel ran off to Vel’s bedroom to look at the rest of the clothes they'd been given, especially the ones that Shawn wasn't supposed to see yet.

The bathroom was also heavily used as each female found the opportunity to relieve themselves and get themselves off. What disturbed Vel when it was her turn was that, for once, it wasn't the thought of Shawn that occupied her when she masturbated. She instead thought about all the naked female bodies she saw. She couldn't get them out of her mind. But she told herself it was doubtless a one time thing brought on by the fashion show. She went back to her bedroom to look at and fawn over all the other clothing.

18-10-2005, 03:34 PM

That left only Shawn and Hui Shan in the living room. It was very late by this time, but Hui Shan wanted to wait for Cheese to go back home with her. Hui Shan was a bit disappointed she didn't get to keep any of the outfits, and tried to hide her sadness by suggesting that Shawn play checkers with her. He did, but Shawn's mind wasn't on the game. After seeing and feeling up four beautiful women, he was incredibly frustrated that he didn't actually get to end up fucking anybody.

Since Hui Shan was sitting in front of him, with her big boobs nearly hanging out her shirt as she leaned on her elbows in front of the checkerboard, he set his sights on her. He'd noticed lately how simply taking his penis out of his shorts usually led to a good result, so he figured he'd try that again. "Sorry Hui Shan, if you don't mind, can I take my penis out? I'm getting excited all over again from thinking about the show, and it's hurting in my shorts."

"Oh sure," she replied. "Do you need any help with it?"

"Actually, yeah." Too easy! he thought gleefully.

She clapped her hands. "Goody!"

"I think it's time you start your cocksucking training. Would you like that? To be one of my regular cocksuckers?"

Hui Shan jumped up, all thought of checkers forgotten, and with one hand took off her shirt, while the other took off her shorts. "I thought you'd never ask. What do I do?" Despite all the sexual play she'd been involved in lately, she'd never actually sucked a penis before.

"Just hold it and rub it like you did the other day," he suggested. "But if you do that long enough, some white stuff will come out, like what happened when you saw Vel doing it earlier. Or like when she did it on the beach. I noticed you paid real close attention then. Also, you can try putting your mouth on it and sucking it. It's good to run your tongue around it. After a while, when the white stuff, the cum, starts coming out, you may want to try to drink it up. Otherwise, let it splash on your chest or stomach so it doesn't get on the nice carpet."

"M’kay! Let me try this first, and then work up to the more complicated stuff." She began rubbing his penis. Of all the women pleasing Shawn, she was the least experienced, and it showed. But she still had a lot of infectious enthusiasm. "This is great!" she said after a few minutes. "You know, I think... I think I'm getting all tingly myself! And nobody is touching me, even."

After another minute or two, she abruptly stopped and put her mouth around his penis instead. She had never done that before, but she quickly started getting the hang of it. Shawn talked her through it, giving encouragement and suggestions. "Oh Shawn," she said after a few more minutes elapsed, "I'm getting even more tingly, and all leaky! Oh! Oh my God! Oh!"

"You're having orgasms, Hui Shan. Don't you know that? Does it feel good?"

"Woooooowww. Gosh, that was good! Let's make that happen some more. Can you touch me up my special hole, like you did earlier with your thumb?"

"I don't think I'm supposed to right now. My mom might get mad if she walked in."

"M'kay. Bummer. Let me do some more of this then. Boy, Shawn, your penis is so big I can barely put it in my mouth. But I love it." Her mouth went back to his penis, after giving it a brief respite.

She did some unusual things with her tongue, as she experimented about what she should do. At one point Shawn had to say, "You need to suck more than blow. That's why they call it cocksucking." Another time he cried out, "The teeth! Not the teeth!" But some of her experimental ways felt quite good.

Shawn was getting near a climax and Hui Shan's naked body was writhing around, knocking over the checker board, when Cheese came walking in. She was heading back home from being in Joanna's room. Cheese was alone because Joanna was too busy with her new dildo toys to see Cheese out.

Cheese was not terribly surprised to see Hui Shan like this. Hui Shan was obviously getting more and more involved in all the sexual hijinks around Shawn, and Cheese's attempts to stop it had been surprisingly halfhearted and ineffectual. But still she was disappointed to see her daughter actually sucking Shawn's penis. Amongst other things, it meant more competition for his attention, and no extra pleasure partner for herself either since she wanted to stay away from her own daughter and actual incest. She was painfully aware that unlike the adopted Shawn and Joanna, Hui Shan was her real genetic offspring. She was also frustrated that she had specifically forbidden Hui Shan from cocksucking several times already, including just the day before. Hui Shan was normally a very obedient daughter.

"Come on Hui Shan dear, time to go home," said Cheese calmly. "It's past eleven and past your bedtime." She wanted to scold and punish Hui Shan, but she could hardly do so given the wide variety and quantity of sexual things she’d done with Shawn already.

Hui Shan briefly pulled her mouth off Shawn's penis, but replaced it with busy hands because she sensed he was building up. "Oh, Mom, shucks. Can't I just finish up here?"

Shawn decided to make an argument moot. He'd been holding back on sheer willpower, and gave in. "Too late! I'm starting to cum. Hi Cheese, how's it going? Quick, Hui Shan, your mouth again!"

Hui Shan locked her mouth around Shawn's penis. He began spasming into it, but she was completely unprepared for the experience. She seemed to be choking, and quickly pulled it out. With her eyes closed, she held on to the penis but just let the cum fly wherever it would. Nearly all of it ended up on her face, while some hit her chest and more dripped down onto it.

"Oh no!" she exclaimed in frustration when it was all done. "I'm so sorry Shawn. I wasn't expecting that. It just came out all of the sudden, so much. I wanted to swallow, but I couldn't keep up. That's hard!"

"That's okay, Hui Shan. Don't worry about it." He caressed her neck and gave her a hug, though he was careful not to cover himself in his own cum. "You'll get better. I guarantee it. And you did a great job up until then. Did you enjoy it?"

She suddenly brightened. "Did I ever! Gosh! It was awesome! Can we do that again right now? I promise I'll do better this time!"

Shawn looked up at Cheese as he said to Hui Shan, "Thanks, but penises take some time to revive. And I think you're mother is waiting for you."

Cheese stood naked by the underwear cabinet near the front door. She was looking very cross and annoyed. She tried to look sympathetically at Hui Shan, and said, "Come on Honey Pie, it's time to go."

"MoooOOOooom," Hui Shan groused. "Please don't call me Honey Pie in front of Shawn. That's private. You only call me that at home."

"I figured if you're on good enough terms to suck his cock, you're on good enough terms to let him hear your affectionate name. Not only that, but isn't this house at least as much our home now as our real house?"

"But Mom, it makes me feel like a little baby."

"Hey, I like it," Shawn interjected from across the room. "It sounds sexy. I wouldn't mind putting my fingers in your honey pie."

"Cool. M'kay, Mom, you can use it any time."

Cheese smiled and affectionately patted her daughter's hair. "Isn't Shawn such a polite gentleman? But you still are my little baby. I love you."

"Aww, Mom. Don't get all gushy." Hui Shan was happy.

Cheese grew cross again. "Would you rather I get upset? I'm mad at you, you know. I explicitly warned you yesterday NOT to suck Shawn's cock. You defied me."

Hui Shan instantly went from happy to sad. "I'm so sorry Mom, but everyone else was doing it, and it seemed so much fun. I just had to try it. I'm really, really sorry. But I'm no good at it. Not like you." She seemed like she was going to cry, both from disobeying her mother and from "failing" the blow job.

Cheese again stroked Hui Shan's hair consolingly. "That's alright. I understand. You have raging teenage hormones. I guess there's no stopping some things. And Shawn's right. You'll do much better at it tomorrow." She hugged her daughter as a sign of not being really upset, but wasn't able to completely avoid Shawn's cum. A few strands of Shawn's semen connected the two like cobweb strands hanging between them, before falling back to Hui Shan and Cheese's skin.

Hui Shan changed moods again, brightening some. "You mean that? You're not going to punish me? You'll let me do that again?"

Her mother grudgingly nodded so she turned to Shawn. "Hey Shawn? Do you mind if I try that some more?"

Shawn had been watching the interaction closely, not least because of the fact that both the gorgeous women still stood naked just across the room from him. "Of course, Hui Shan. It's my pleasure if you want to suck it any time."

18-10-2005, 03:35 PM
"Oh goody!" She clapped her hands together in glee. "I promise I'll get it right next time. Tomorrow! Definitely! Can I try tomorrow?" Shawn nodded.

Cheese began to reach for her clothes in the underwear cabinet, but it occurred to her that she and Hui Shan couldn't exactly return home with Hui Shan's face and chest dripping cum. She had a strong desire to lick the cum right off her daughter's face, but stopped before she started when the incestuous implications hit her.

She turned to Shawn and complained, "Why did you have to give her such a big load? Jesus H. Christ! Hui Shan, what are we going to do with all this cum?"

"I guess I'll go wash my face," Hui Shan replied.

But Cheese countered, "If you do that, we'll never hear the end of it from Vel. One important thing you have to realize, Honey Pie, is that Shawn can only give up a certain amount of cum per day. So you don't want to waste a drop if you can help it. Why don't you lick up and eat what remains here. That's your reward for giving him an orgasm. Here. Let me show you."

Cheese encouragingly ate the few bits of cum that ended up on her skin after hugging her daughter. She did it with such enthusiasm that Hui Shan eagerly followed suit with the much more copious amounts dripping all over her.

So Cheese and Shawn stood there rather awkwardly as Hui Shan ate gob after gob of cum until she was all cleaned up. Like everyone else, she praised the taste. She complained loudly when there was none left to eat. They quickly dressed.

"Thanks a lot, Hui Shan," Shawn said as the two went to the front door to leave. He playfully added, "Aunt Cheese, your daughter is a natural cocksucker!"

Cheese turned back and gave Shawn the middle finger, partly in jest and partly in sincere frustration at seeing her daughter do such sexual things. She really did still see Hui Shan as "her baby" much of the time.

Shawn didn't know how to respond to the finger. He knew that he was to blame for "corrupting" Hui Shan, but he didn't feel particularly bad about it.

He simply waved good-bye as the two of them opened the door and walked away.


Shawn went back to his bed. That was climax number eight. No need to pleasure myself tonight. What a way to get there, too! So much help in one day, and didn't need to touch myself. And so nicely paced all through the day, too. Fuck, what a show that was! Seems like half the day, someone was on my penis. Yet my cock is still in one piece, and I even got some homework done. Even though Joanna and I didn't get to go to Kim's house today, what happened at home more than made up for it! My mom is just totally breaking down lately and letting herself go. Good-bye boundaries, hopefully! Good riddance. And Hui Shan - today was like her coming out and full initiation into the cocksucking club. Heh heh, cocksucking club - I like the sound of that. Hopefully Hui Shan can help to open things up around the house even more.

Every day is better and better. How good can it get? If every day could just be like today, or even yesterday for that matter, not to mention the day before, then it's okay if I haven't fucked Cheese or Mom yet. I've died and gone to heaven already! Heck, every day is great.

But still the day wasn't over for Shawn. Shortly after he thought this, Cheese knocked on his door. She’d returned after making sure her daughter Hui Shan had gone to bed at a reasonable time for school the next day. Shawn let her in, and was suitably impressed. She took off a loose, conservative dress she often wore to cover up when walking to the Chens, and revealed her real outfit: a see-through top and extremely low cut cut-off jean shorts.

After Shawn let her in, she said, "Sweetie, I know you must be tired, but I’m hoping you still have some life in you. I was going to go to bed, but I realized I'd be haunted by all that cum on Hui Shan's face and wouldn't be able to get to sleep unless I got some of my own. And not only that, but tomorrow is Tuesday. You can't have me go without for two whole days!" She made an exaggerated pout.

"Cheese, I can't. For one thing, Mom still hasn't given me my goodnight kiss. I expect her here any minute."

"That's another reason I came back. Your Mom is asleep for the evening. She was so exhausted that Joanna and I literally had to drag her to bed. All this sexual activity is very tiring, you know. So I figured if she can't tuck you in, I'd better do it."

"I don’t know Vel. I mean, Cheese. I wish we could, but I've done it eight times already today. I really wouldn't make sense for me to do it any more." Shawn thought it was interesting that he was confusing Vel and Cheese with each other, and Cheese noted it too. It was something he'd only started doing lately.

"Oh, that’s okay. You know, these stupid shorts." Cheese hung her thumbs in her shorts, and began slowly pulling them down. "They must be too big on me, ‘cos they keep falling off my hips all the time!" She kept pulling until her bush came into view, and still kept sliding them down.

Shawn was already hard just from looking at her. In fact, it had pretty much come to the point that just looking at Cheese or any of the other three women at home would almost automatically make him hard, no matter what they were wearing. He'd seen them all naked so much lately that he could literally mentally undress them. He knew every mole and every blemish, which wasn't hard to do since all four of them had such flawless skin.

Cheese kept sliding her shorts slowly down until they were around her knees. That caused her to learn forward, with the very pleasant side effect of her top hanging forward and loose. He finally replied, jokingly, "Cheese, you need some new shorts. You're right - those are far too big on you."

Cheese ignored his comment. "Sweetie, the fashion show was great, but it left me soooo horny! You don't expect me to put on such a great performance without a little reward, do you? Just one teeny weeny blow job?"

Cheese had actually hoped to have some actual intercourse. After her role as Elle at the party and then the close call at the nude beach, she was ready to have her first "official" fuck with Shawn. But given his current condition, she decided she'd better content herself with a blow job. One thing she learned from the Elle incident that it was no good forcing it in a less than ideal situation.

Shawn found his willpower to resist her charms rapidly weakening, but he still held out. It occurred to him how odd it was that she, just like the other females, considered a blow job a reward for herself, when it was generally considered that the point of one was to please the man. "I’d really love to, but I really, really can’t. I mean, eight times! That's such an absurd number for most people."

"You're not most people. I don't think you realize the total sexual stud you've turned into. I think you can handle one more time. And I'll bet Daisy would agree with me."

As Cheese said this last sentence, she slid her shorts up and down a couple inches around her knees, as if that was how she normally wore them. She changed her voice and adopted her Daisy Duke southern accent. "I only hope you can do it again, ’cos I’s got a powerful fixin’ for a good cocksuckin’. Mammy says I’s been a suckin’ and a fuckin’ my pappy’s cock far too many times a day lately, and that I gotta help my brothers out more often. You needin’ any help there, Brother?" She let her shorts drop to the floor, and then shifted her weight from one leg to another in an exaggerated manner, keeping Shawn’s eyes glued to her crotch.

"Oh no!" groaned Shawn. "You’re evil! Pure evil, Daisy Duke! How can any sane guy possibly ever refuse you? You’re so impossibly beautiful. Come on over here Daisy, your brother needs your body in a big way." Wow, he thought, I can hardly believe it, but I'm gonna get pleasured by Vel, Joanna, Cheese, Peggy, and Hui Shan all in one day. Those are my five favorite people in the whole world!

"Yee-haw!" she yelled. She threw her thin top over her head, and leaped into Shawn’s bed. Shawn buried his face in between her huge tits. She grabbed his dick and pumped it with her hand. "Daisy’s never met a cock she’d didn't love to suck, but yours is my favorite, Jim Bob, ‘ceptin’ daddy’s of course. Oh, by the by, mammy said I's gotta remind you you'd best be doin' your chores or she's gonna tan your hide with one of them erotic spankin's. If you do, you get to be spankin' her, so I 'spose it's a spankin' either way."

"Chores? You mean I gotta feed the goats and milk the cows?"

"No, I mean your fuckin' chores. Don't tell me you plumb forgot. You've been drinkin' too much moonshine? I's touched you like me best, but you gotta feed all your other sisters with your big fat cock too. Fill 'em up till their holes and mouth are overflowin' with seed, just like you do every day. Then you've gotta milk your mammy's big, creamy tits. If she don't get her milkin' and fuckin' every three hours her nips hurt so bad with leakin' milk. Downright criminal not to fuck her, it is. Ain't you rememberin' nuthin'? Ain't you gonna help out your milky mommy Vel with a good fuck and suck?"

"Vel?!? Oh God!" Shawn groaned as he succumbed to Cheese's pleasures. "Daisy" kept him up for another half an hour, with the emphasis on "up".

18-10-2005, 03:37 PM
Cheese didn't really care anymore if her husband was worried about where she was and when she might come home. They hardly ever spoke anymore, anyway. She knew that it wasn't really fair to have Shawn perform again, but she couldn't help herself. She had her pride, but in fact she wasn't that different from what Vel had become. Cheese had to guzzle Shawn’s addictive sperm down her throat at least once a day or the day was a total loss. Nothing else mattered as much.

Shawn stayed hard seemingly for ever. Cheese loved it, and the penis she licked was positively dripping with his pre-cum and her saliva. But midway through her licking, she suddenly stopped and looked up into Shawn's face. Using her normal voice, she asked, "So, the idea of me being your sex slave really turns you on, doesn't it?" She licked his penis tip while waiting for an answer.

"No," Shawn protested. "You know that can't be. That's not right. I love an independent, emancipated woman, not some slave."

She continued to slurp up his pre-cum. After a pause, she said, "That's your answer? Shawn, if you're not completely honest, I'm going to stop doing what I'm doing." It was a bluff - she didn't even have the discipline to stop licking completely while making the threat.

But Shawn believed her enough to confess, "Okay, okay, you got me. I'll admit it excites me a bit. But Holy Christ - who wouldn't be aroused by that and the way you looked? I'm only human!"

"Mmm," she said contentedly as she took his penis back into her mouth. After another minute she popped it out long enough to ask, "Would it turn you on if we all called you Master?" She was thinking back to how Joanna referred to Shawn by that name earlier in the very eventful evening.

Shawn cried "NO!" far too loudly. But his penis twitched, and he couldn't hold back. She found it interesting that the word "master" obviously turned him on so much, but she didn't have time to contemplate or comment. Her tongue dove back in as he began to shoot his semen into her face.

But Cheese was in for a disappointment. In comparison to his usual gushers, he didn't cum much, and then nothing came out at all, even though his penis was still pumping.

Shawn was disturbed. "Oh shit, Cheese, what’s happening? Where’s the cum?"

Cheese continued to shake and stroke his penis, as if more would come out any second. But she finally gave up, and commented, "I've heard of this happening. It’s nothing to worry about. In fact, I’m surprised it hasn't happened to you already, given how active you are. It's amazing you have anything left at all after that load you left on my daughter's face. Don’t worry, just get a good night’s sleep and your body will make lots of cum for all of us to enjoy tomorrow. Actually, scratch that. Lots of cum for Vel to enjoy. I keep forgetting tomorrow is a Tuesday and she's already been working to make the rest of us femmes scarce. Grr."

Cheese lay back and put her head upon Shawn's chest. She said, "You know, the thought of this whole Tuesday thing, you know, I must admit, it makes me a little bit jealous. I'm afraid you're more attracted to Vel than me. Are you?"

"Cheese, please! Don't make me make those kinds of comparisons. It's not fair. You know I love you very much."

"I know. And it isn't fair. But I'd feel a lot better if you could just name three things you like better about me than you do Vel."

"Well, I guess I can do that this time, but only if you promise never to have me compare you to Vel or anyone else."

"Okay. So flatter me."

"Three things. Hmm. That's tough, because both of you are so incredible. But your voice. I definitely love your voice. Your voice sounds the way you look. Sooo sexy. No wonder everyone compares you to Jessica Rabbit, because you sound so sultry. You could make a fortune as a phone sex operator."

Cheese laughed, delighted. "I'll keep that in mind," she joked.

"But seriously. I don't even have to see you to get aroused. You've got this kind of slight raspiness, too, as if you've been up all night screaming and fucking, so now you're voice is a little sore."

"What an excellent idea!" she joked again. "Sneak into my bedroom a couple hours after midnight. Odds are good we won't wake up my husband, he's a sound sleeper. Just don't bounce on the bed too much. Let's see just how sore my voice can get."

Shawn rolled his eyes and ignored her comment. "And your accent. Vel has this Midwestern, kind of normal sounding accent. But you have this slight foreign accent."

"I suppose I still do have a bit of a French lilt..." Cheese then played up a very heavy French accent. "I lived in France with my husband a couple of years after college, mon amour. Even though we'd had the babies already, I hung out in Paris cafes, smoking like a chimney, and acted like a character from some art noveaux film."

"I can imagine. Dark glasses and scarf, right?"

She laughed, because he was right. "Oui."

"Then there's your hair. My mom's hair is great, don't get me wrong. Perfect like some shampoo commercial model. But I love how yours curls in unexpected directions. It's like, every time you look at it, you never know what you're gonna get. Even the color changes, depending on how much the light brings out your reddish tinge. Sometimes your hair is dark brown, sometimes you look like a redhead. I could look at it forever."

"There's no reason you can't touch it too," she pointed out, drawing her head closer to his.

He began playing with her curls. "And, still on the hair, I love that one long strand that hangs down. It draws the eye to your chest. What's the story with that thing?"

"I don't think your eyes need much help finding my chest," she said playfully. "You mean this strand?" She pulled at her strand of teased hair. It bent back and forth several times before stopping above one of her nipples. "I've had that since college. I thought it would make me look more sophisticated. Now maybe it just makes me look older."

"No way. Please keep it. And the third thing is your legs. Again, mom has awesome legs. Don't get me wrong. But you're so flexible with yours."

"I'm double jointed."

Shawn thought, Ah. Just like Hui Shan. I guess it runs in the family. "Well that explains things. You could seriously scratch your nose with your toes. And the tone! Both you and Hui Shan are so soft and pillowy, but yet so muscular. When you're at rest, it's like you're a human marshmallow. But when you tense up, I can feel all the muscles in there, and it turns out you're not fat at all. It's like ... soft muscles. Is there such a thing?"

Cheese laughed gleefully. She was pleased with all the compliments. Even as he was speaking, she flexed her legs in one direction after another, to show just how flexible she was. "I don't know about fluffy muscles, but at least it looks like my daily exercising is paying off. I feel a lot better now. I was beginning to wonder if I'd created a monster in getting Vel to help you so much, but I think it's gonna be okay. So are those all my good points?"

"Not by a long shot. But I actually gave you more than three there. How 'bout a little kiss as a reward?"

They kissed for many minutes. Shawn made a point to grasp at her thighs, and she playfully flexed her muscles every now and then. Both of them would have loved to go farther, but Shawn's weariness was painfully obvious. He needed sleep.

Cheese left thinking, Tuesday means another day without a chance to finally fuck that lovely boy. God dammit, I never should have pulled that Halloween party stunt. However, that seems like a hazy dream compared to the better memory of him slipping his penis into me yesterday at the beach. Now I've got this itch and I just gotta scratch it. Not smart. Not smart at all. Not prudent. But I've gotta have it! And when I want something, I get it.

Shawn also was busy with his thoughts. That was such a great fantasy. I used to have fantasies like that, but I don't any more. Hunh. Now that I think about it, I used to be a complete daydreamer, but hardly ever have any fantasies at all. I guess it's because real life is honestly much better than any fantasy. It's so much more solid and real. Now all I think about is reliving what happened earlier in the day and in previous days, and imagining what's gonna happen tomorrow. Or even tonight. Shit. Mom'll be here for her goodnight kiss in a couple of minutes I'm sure. Who needs fantasies to escape from reality when reality is this good?

Continued in part 15...

18-10-2005, 08:50 PM
good job bro keep on going, give us the 2nd dosage of this juicy story for the day!!

19-10-2005, 11:25 AM
CHAPTER 1 (Tuesday, Nov. 12)

The next morning confirmed the changes in routine first seen the morning before. It seemed Shawn, Joanna, and Vel all got to the kitchen area earlier than usual since there was so much fun likely to be happening there.

Not messing with success, Vel wore a nightie in the kitchen again. The only difference was that this nightie (just purchased by Cheese) was even more revealing than the previous one. This nightgown actually thoroughly covered her from head to toe, except for her feet and hands, but that was fine with Shawn because the fabric was nearly completely see-through. The only fabric that actually visibly covered anything was a thin strip of extra fabric that went around her waist, and another strip that went straight down the middle of her front.

But today Shawn decided to do something he'd forgotten to do on Monday morning. When he came downstairs and into the kitchen he stealthily crept up behind her, lifted up her nightie, and fondled her ass. That was the only touching he was technically allowed, under the absurd excuse that it helped him "get her attention." He bent her over the sink and the movement of his hands pressed her up against it. He rubbed his hands over every inch of her ass. But he stopped his hands right on the edge of her pussy. He was a bit stymied by the thin fabric between his hands and heaven, but that also allowed him to take more liberties without her protesting. He could see space between her vagina and asshole as a boundary area that he could slowly redefine over time.

After a minute or two, he announced, "I'm taking off my shorts to give my penis some air."

"Okay," Vel said uncertainly, "if you must, but please remember the boundaries. Remember your promise to me."

Shawn thought, Damn, why did she have to bring that up? She's soooo fuckable! He took his penis out and held it with a hand while the other hand still worked on her ass through the fabric of her silky nightie. As he "accidentally" rubbed it up against an ass cheek, he thought, I'm probably the only guy on Earth to endure such pleasurable torture. I could just stick it in right now! It's so close! But she seems to think this is okay and fucking is incest. I just have to live with that boundary and get used to it. I have to be the good son. Obedient. But damn. Fuck! So fucking close! Well, I might as well enjoy what I've got.

In the midst of their heavy petting, she said, "Tiger, I'm so sorry about last night. I was so tired. I didn't even plan to fall asleep and the next thing I knew it was morning." As she talked, she pulled her nightie completely off so he could have unimpeded access to her ass.

"That's okay. Why are you apologizing?"

"Because I failed to tuck you in and give you a goodnight kiss. It's mommy's duty to make sure you fall asleep deeply satisfied. Please forgive me!"

She nearly shouted this last part as she felt his penis slide up into her ass crack. He was eager to take advantage of her nudity. She thought for sure that he would stick it in somewhere much deeper, but he was content to keep the length of it trapped between her ass cheeks. He was so involved with that that he didn't respond to her pleas for forgiveness.

He steered his body down and rubbed his penis all the way down one leg until he reached the back of her knee. Then he did the same to the other side. Wherever it went it left a trail of pre-cum like the slimy path of a snail. She was moaning like an animal. But still he wasn't satisfied. He drew his standing body up closer to his mother's bent over figure, and imagined his penis going only the few inches forward it would need to enter into her pussy.

She could sense from the way his legs rubbed up against hers and the hand bracing on her ass that he had his penis poised as if to strike into her pussy. Her legs slowly spread apart, causing her to slide a little way down from the sink. She wiggled her ass seductively. Her body, and especially her pussy, wanted it bad.

Her lower body seemed to act on its own, but her mind wasn't so sure. She thought, This could be it! My son is going to fuck me! Should I let it happen? I could. All I need to do is say the right word. I need it so bad, but it's so wrong. I'd be on the express train to hell, but my body has needs!

She whispered, "Please." Shawn's heart skipped a beat in joy. But she continued, nearly inaudibly, "Please don't."

Shawn thrust his hips forward. His penis drove between her legs. But he purposely went too low. He stuck it between her legs instead of inside her. He cried out, "Fuck! Aaarrgh! Fucking cocktease! This is killing me!" He was so frustrated he thought he would cry, but, by a matter of a couple inches, he managed not to break his promise never to disobey her direct commands.

He consoled himself by slowly dry humping her, sliding his slick penis back and forth between her legs. The penis was a bit low, so it was actually squeezed between her thighs.

She closed her legs tight and her thigh flesh folded around his penis kind of like a tit fuck. She moaned, "I'm sorry, Tiger. Yes, I'm a cocktease. I'm so sorry. Please fuck my thighs instead. Does that make you feel better?"

He just grunted his agreement. Her thighs and his penis were both so wet that he slid back and forth effortlessly. It felt amazingly good - he almost could close his eyes and imagine he was really fucking. He idly wondered why he'd never heard of thigh fucking before. Then it occurred to him that if two people got this intimate, they normally wouldn't mess around with this but would be really fucking instead.

Regardless, soon they were going with all the enthusiasm of if it was the real thing. As he rammed into her repeatedly from the rear, she cried out between ragged breaths, "Oh God! Punish me! Punish me! Hump my legs for failing to tuck you in! Mommy's so bad! Use your penis to teach her a lesson. She needs to be properly punished!"

Shawn liked that idea, and slammed into her even harder.

When Joanna walked into the kitchen, at first she was completely shocked, thinking Shawn was in fact finally fucking his mother. They were going at full speed with Shawn driving into his mother repeatedly like the pistons of a engine going forward and back relentlessly. Only on closer inspection did she realize how he was holding back. It was easy to be mistaken – Vel’s feet were completely off the floor by this time.

Vel also was panting and moaning so loud that Joanna had heard her from the top of the stairs. She was beside herself with lust. It was only the barest thread of resolve that stopped her from crying "YES!" instead of saying "please don't." What they were doing now only broke her willpower down further. Had he kept at it, eventually she would have been begging him to really fuck her. He had no idea how close he was winning all of her, and with school starting in a short time he unfortunately didn't have the time to keep going and break the last of her willpower.

"That looks like a fun way to say good morning," Joanna finally said. "How's breakfast coming, Mom?" The second comment finally succeeding in tearing Shawn and Vel apart. Vel stood there panting for some moments. She went over to the stove, where some oatmeal was in danger of burning.

19-10-2005, 11:27 AM

"Good morning, Angel," Vel said. She tried to sound normal, but her voice was quavery. She grasped the counter around the stove to keep her shaky legs from collapsing. "How are you doing? Shawn was just, uh…"

"I'm not doing as well as you, I see," Joanna replied, giggling.

Vel frowned and busied herself with cooking, still trying to maintain some reputation and decorum. Then she realized she was still naked. With trembling hands, she found her nightie in a heap on the floor and started to put it back on.

Joanna added, "If I didn't know better, I would have thought Shawn was FUCKING his mother!" She giggled, as if that would be cute, but no big deal. "Was he fucking your thighs?"

Vel finished dressing burning with shame. She had no way to respond to Joanna's comments without adding to her shame, so she didn't. She reached for a pan but missed and sent it clattering to the floor. She tried to compose herself, and just breathed over the stove, head hung down.

Then she turned to Shawn with mournful eyes. It looked like she would cry. "Tiger, I want to thank you for being strong and listening to me. But I really don't know how we got into that kind of situation in the first place. It's not right. Could you please not do that? All that rubbing up against me like that. It's more than I can take! If we keep doing that, something might happen! We really, really can't do anything like that again. Absolutely."

"Okay, Mom, okay. Sorry." He sat down and buried his head in his hands for a minute and tried to get a grip on himself. Fuck. I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown if I don't get to fuck Mom soon. Fuck! He sighed and then looked up at his mother. Now she's just cooking breakfast as happy as you please. I don't believe it. Well, I gotta fuck something. I need to put my penis in some hole right now or I'm going to burst.

He looked up at his sister, now standing up above him.

Joanna said lustily to her brother, "Big Brother, aren't you going to say hello to me as well? I don't think you've fully 'captured my attention.' This outfit is especially suited for just that very thing. That's why I wore it."

"I'm sorry, Little Sis. Niiiice outfit, by the way." Shawn took a better look at his sister standing in front of the refrigerator just a few feet away, wearing something she and Cheese had bought the night before. At first glance it looked like a shiny silver one-piece bathing suit, until one realized the boob and pussy areas were left completely open.

He walked over and rubbed the smooth skin of her crotch, careful not to go inside her pussy with his fingers (as per their new rule on touching that his mother had specified). But her clit was fair game, and he paid a lot of attention to it. His other hand ran up and down her legs. He thought, Maybe I'll be able to fuck her somehow before school. At least fuck her mouth. Something. Anything! I'm so horny it's nearly not a joke to say it's a good thing there aren't any sheep around here.

Vel turned from her cooking and watched her two children. "Okay, I think you've got her attention now," she said after only another minute or two. Normally she would have had a hissy-fit seeing her daughter in such an outfit, but as happened frequently these days, she couldn't really complain given what she herself had been wearing and doing lately. She felt completely naked, since she wore the silky nightie very loosely. The feel of the cloth as it brushed against her skin was a constant turn on. The fashion show was the unspoken thought on everybody's minds, and virtually all the outfits worn in it were just like what she and Joanna were wearing now.

"Hey, no fair!" Joanna complained. "Talk about double standards. You said he could touch my pussy just like he could touch your ass. You've just been at it for way longer!"

"There are advantages in being the one who sets the rules," her mother said wryly. "Now you two sit down and drink your orange juice. Tiger, down that whole glass so you'll have lots of cum for tonight. Then I'll get you another. And Angel, we wear clothing here that at least makes a pretense of covering up one’s private parts. Really! Where did you even get that thing? It's so improper."

Shawn's quest for satisfaction was further delayed by the fact that Vel served them breakfast. Once again, Joanna and Shawn sat on stools at the kitchen counter so they could have a better view of Vel. He thought, It's ironic that Mom said that one had to wear clothing that made "at least a pretense of covering the private parts," because her nightie is about as see-through as can be. It's at least as risqué as the one she's criticizing Joanna for wearing, Man, I can't take it. Mom has me seriously wondering about rape for the first time in my life. Not that I would ever do it, but to even think about it!

Shawn still had his shorts off and was in no big hurry to put them back on. But instead of relief he only got more tantalizing, sexy torture.

Vel clearly knew she was on display and was loving it. For instance, when she crossed the room and opened the door to the refrigerator, normally she would have just stood there and opened the door with her back facing away from them. But this morning, she approached the fridge at an angle so they could see her side profile, which allowed them to ogle her boobs and ass at the same time. She bent over at the waist and spent a good time looking for something near the bottom of the fridge. This allowed her boobs to droop forward dramatically, the useless nightie doing nothing to hold them up. At the same time her movements caused her butt to stick out dramatically. She wiggled her ass seductively, knowing that Shawn was less than five feet away.

She went a step further and spread her legs so Shawn (and incidentally Joanna) could better view her hairy pussy. She looked nearly comical, with her straight legs spread more than three feet wide, and her ass thrusting up so high over the rest of her body. She wiggled her ass up and down, as if she was a professional stripper and not ostensibly a mother trying to cook breakfast.

19-10-2005, 11:28 AM
And that was just one such display of many that morning. The fashion show had fired up her desire to flaunt her body creatively, in tantalizing costumes. Her only frustration was that there weren't enough excuses to flash her pussy from the front, but she tried her best to be creative. For instance, she stood directly in front of Shawn, grabbed a spoon, and pretended to wipe in on her nightie, which caused Shawn’s eyes to lock to the front of her nightie right at her crotch where she was rubbing the spoon. She looked out the window so he wouldn't be shy to stare (not that he was, anyway). Of course Shawn could see her dark bush just as easily through the nightie - it was as if she was trying to hide behind glass. But the nightie made all the exposure and bending much more fun.

Shawn, sensing his sister's frustration at being ignored, tried to devote some attention to her as well. While he mostly looked at his mother (how could he not, with the display she was putting on?), Shawn reached out and fondled his sister's crotch. This occurred below the edge of the high counter, so even the motions of his arms were not very noticeable. This time Shawn didn't hesitate to stick his fingers into his sister's pussy. He did this hoping that she would get the hint and reciprocate, consequences be damned.

Luckily soon she was stroking his iron bar penis too. They sat right next to each other engaged in mutual masturbation while they both enjoyed staring at Vel's lovely body.

They restrained themselves enough to not draw suspicions and stay collected enough to carry on a normal conversation with their mother. Vel was so busy putting on a show that she paid little attention to them anyway, except occasionally to check for Shawn's reactions.

In fact, perhaps the most remarkable thing about the morning was how well everyone could pretend to carry on a mindless conversation while all of this went on. Talking idly about the weather seemed somehow to make Vel’s free show even more delightful, because it heightened the false impression that all her exposure was accidental in nature.

Shawn didn't want to hold out, even if that meant splurting his seed all over the wooden paneling below the counter. But every time he felt himself getting close, Vel would walk over to them and Joanna would have to take her hand away. The two of them were unwittingly painfully prolonging his torture.

Vel had no idea what they were doing down below, though she could tell they were playing a little bit. She could see some things. For instance, Joanna liked to lean in towards Shawn so that while he was rubbing her clit and she was rubbing his penis, she'd slide a nipple up along his upper arm. That only drove him further into near insanity.

Shawn was wearing the clothes he'd wear to school that day - another variation of his same ol' same ol' T-shirt and shorts. But when Vel brought them some more orange juice and then leaned over to check out Shawn's crotch, he didn't even try to hide his exposed, hard penis. He swiveled his stool around so that there was no way Vel could miss that fact that his penis was sticking out like a tree trunk. He hoped that if he flaunted it enough, it would soon find itself in a nice, warm female mouth and he could finally get the relief he so desperately craved.

Vel smiled and said to him, "Does someone need some special help right now?"

Joanna replied before Shawn could. "I sure do, Mom!" She giggled, but it was true - Joanna really wanted to get off after watching her mother's hot display.

But Vel merely rolled her eyes in mock frustration and said, "I meant you, Tiger."

Shawn answered, "Yeah, Mom, you have no idea how much I would appreciate that. No frigging idea. Please help!"

Smiling, Vel walked around the counter, knelt in front of him, and began jacking him off. She breathed sexily, "Mommy is so sorry. She's such a hopeless cocktease. Thank you for putting up with me. Shawn is such a good boy. Such a big, good, smart, understanding, cum-filled boy. Mommy's so proud of her sex stud son."

It only took a few strokes for his balls to tighten up. She quickly positioned her mouth, wrapping her luscious lips around his shaft in time to get the first rope of cum in the back of her throat. She too hadn't completely recovered from his earlier dry humping and the feel of cum sloshing around in her throat was like heaven on Earth to her. The only reason she had any willpower to resist being fucked was because she loved taking it in the mouth so much. In fact, she was increasingly distressed whenever she saw his cum being wasted on the ground. If she couldn't take it in the mouth, then she at least wanted it on her face or chest so she could happily lick it up off herself, and maybe end up sucking her own nipples in the process.

Shawn closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He was in ecstasy and gave in totally to the experience. When he came to, he looked at Vel. He facial expression was an incredible turned on. She was as overcome with bliss as he was. Cum dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and flowed down her chin. But mostly he was pleased at how good he'd made her feel. With each new blow job she gave, her nervousness and doubt grew less and less, and her skills got better and better. She was more than fully comfortable with her cocksucker role now. Now her face was one of pure contentment, like a crying baby instantly turned happy when it was given a bottle or nipple to suck on.

Only a minute or two after the blow job ended, they went back to chatting and eating (food, not each other), as if nothing more unusual had happened than, say, someone having to answer the phone. Vel ate her breakfast on the third stool at the other side of Shawn.

Shawn felt a wave of relief to finally get his satisfaction. His desire to fuck his mother temporarily abated, and for a little while he felt bad about his thoughts of even raping her. But within minutes he was already getting horny again. This is the disadvantage of sitting on stools instead of at the dining table, thought Shawn. These two beautiful women aren't on display as much since we're all staring forward, and I can't play with Joanna under the table. Oh well, at least that's still doable at dinner.

19-10-2005, 11:32 AM

To Shawn's disappointment, despite having two nearly naked gorgeous women on each side of him who loved nothing better than cocksucking at the drop of a hat, and despite feeling very horny mentally, his penis didn't recover throughout breakfast. Cumming nine times yesterday must have worn me out, he realized. Wow. Nine friggin' times!

Shawn didn't realize how lucky he was. Not only was he constantly surrounded by an incredible number of beautiful and horny women, but he also had a longer than average penis blessed with delicious cum. Two months ago, his sexual technique was nothing to boast about, but in recent weeks of near constant stimulation and daily PC muscle exercises, his penis had quickly grown impressive powers of endurance and recovery. However even his penis had its limits, and it was weary after so many intense orgasms in past days. And his body was literally nearly entirely drained of cum.

Shawn's orgasm wasn't up to his usual gusher standards. Vel obviously had that in mind when she placed the bottle of milk right in front of him and said, "Drink a lot, Tiger. Replenish your body with lots of fluids."

Joanna and Vel kept taking concerned peeks at his penis (not hard to do since he still wore only a T-shirt). It slowly engorged again thanks to more flirting, and by the time Shawn finished eating, it was half hard. That was hard enough for Joanna to interrupt the conversation and ask, "Big Bro, would you like me to help you with that?"

"That's okay, Angel," Vel said to her daughter, "I can handle it."

Joanna reacted to that grumpily. "Hey, I can help too! What am I, a potted plant?"

"No," Vel answered, "but not only are you still being punished, but today is Tuesday. And that's the day the nurse says I need to pay special attention to Shawn's penis. You know, check it for abnormalities and so forth." Vel knew she was blatantly lying to explain the "medical need" for her to pleasure Shawn all day long this day of the week, but she did it anyway to maintain some pretense.

"But I still get my one time to stimulate him today, don't I?" Joanna asked, worried.

"Actually, I'd rather you didn't." But before Joanna could angrily respond, Vel quickly added, "However, in order to make it up to you, you can do him twice each day through to Friday to make up for it. How's that for a deal? Three for one."

"Well.... Okay, I guess," Joanna grudgingly admitted. "You must really have a thing for Tuesdays."

"I do." And in fact Vel did. After all that had happened in recent weeks, just thinking about Tuesday in the abstract made her hot. If someone even mentioned the word "Tuesday" in a conversation, it usually started a whole series of hot fantasies for her. She was trying (and succeeding) in building on past Tuesday experiences to create a Tuesday "tradition" within their family. She'd already made clear to Cheese that she wanted to be alone with Shawn for the day, and that Hui Shan should be kept away as well. In return, she hinted that she would step back and pretty much leave Wednesdays to Cheese and anyone else who wanted it.

With so many people now openly allowed to "help" Shawn, if Shawn actually masturbated himself it could make a number of people very unhappy. Increasingly, there wasn't enough of Shawn to go around.

Vel kneeled down before Shawn. "Here Tiger, if you're going to reach eight times today, it would be good if you could do it twice before school. This is a good opportunity to practice the stealth stroking I was talking about as well. Can I help you make it hard?" She reached out and held it even before he answered.

"Sure," he said belatedly. There still was plenty of time before school since everyone had woken up early. Vel tried to massage his semi-erect penis back to life while Joanna sat on a nearby stool, looking on. Vel tried everything she could for about five minutes, rubbing him and sucking him every which way, but nothing helped. It still stayed only partly erect.

After a few minutes Shawn asked her take off her clothes and of course she did, but even that didn't help.

Joanna took her clothes off as well and started masturbating herself not two feet behind her unsuspecting, kneeling mother, but that didn't help either. It didn't help Shawn, anyway - it was helping Joanna a lot. She was the only one of the three achieving orgasm.

Shawn started to get concerned, especially since he’d literally run out of cum the night before.

Vel and Shawn proceeded in silence, but finally Joanna said saucily, "Mom, maybe it takes a sister's touch."

That prodded Vel to pop Shawn's dick out of her mouth. She said huffily, "I think a mother's touch is just fine, thank you very much." She noticed Joanna had a finger in her own pussy, and said, "By the way, just what do you think you're doing?"

Joanna defiantly answered, "What does it look like, Mom? I'm masturbating myself. Don't tell me I'm not allowed to do that either."

"No," Vel sighed. "I suppose what you do there is your own business. But to do it in front of your family just seems so unseemly!"

Joanna just shrugged. "I'm just keeping my pussy warm and ready in case Shawn wants to touch it."

Vel frowned, but said no more. To herself she thought, Shawn likes to touch his mommy's pussy the best! Mommy is Shawn's hot and horny sex slave! And today's our special day. I'm going to get so many loads in my mouth that I won't be able to swallow it all, and cum will constantly dribble out, like baby drool. So take THAT, Angel. You get nothing today, except for one tiny feel up. Big deal.

She was smiling now, but then she frowned again, remembering the nearly flaccid penis poking her in the nose. Turning up towards Shawn's face, she asked, "What seems to be the problem, Tiger? It usually takes more than one orgasm to cause you to give up, and even then you can usually eventually keep rebounding until it's just too painful for you to continue."

"Yeah, well, that's 'cos I'm surrounded by so many amazing women. Dang, you're so sexy moving around the kitchen in that nightie! Believe you me, I want to get hard so bad. But I think yesterday wore me out. It's like if you don't sleep enough night after night, one day it all catches up to you and you crash. That's how my penis feels today."

Vel said, very concerned, "Oh dear! And on a Tuesday, no less. Isn't there anything I can do? We still have ten minutes or so to kill before school." She got up since his penis seemed hopelessly flaccid, and took a seat at the table.

Shawn pondered. It was rarely like this when his mind was so ready for action, but his body wasn't complying. "Well, perhaps if we try something new, that could raise my excitement. If you'd let me kiss you on the lips or put my fingers between..."

"No. Sorry, but those are boundaries that can never be crossed," she said firmly, blatantly ignoring numerous times such boundaries had been crossed already. Vel was in fact fairly strict on the no kissing rule, except for the nightly goodnight kisses, which could and usually did go on for some time. And Shawn had repeatedly explored her body. By the end of the fashion show the night before, there was no bump or mole on her body that he didn't know intimately, except for the region right around her pussy.

"Except for the butt," Joanna pointed out.

"Except for that, in special circumstances," Vel conceded. Joanna thought, Yeah, limited to only whenever Shawn wants to touch you there!

"Well..." Shawn said, as he pondered for a few moments. Addressing both Vel and Joanna, he suggested, "Since both of you are here, what if you kissed each other? That would be really sexy. In fact, just thinking about it is already starting to help out."

"Hmm," Vel thought out loud. "Maybe that would be okay..." But then she changed her mind. "No, on second thought, that goes too far. I've been far too lax. I have to put my foot down."

Vel was sitting in a chair, and Joanna came over and sat in her lap. "Oh Mom, don't be such a square! Please? Pretty please? I feel like you're always helping Shawn out, and I never get to help. Here's my chance to contribute to his medical treatment. He needs constant stimulation. Won't you let me help just a little?"

Vel was disconcerted that she was completely naked and so was her daughter, and yet her daughter was now sitting in her lap. Joanna scooted up close and put her hands on her mother's shoulders, but Vel didn't know what to do with her hands. At first she held them away from touching any part of her daughter's body, but realized to keep doing that would be very awkward, and she put them on Joanna's hips.

Meanwhile, the way Joanna was sitting, Vel couldn't help but press her heaving, huge tits into Joanna's stomach. Joanna leaned even further down to look at Vel's eyes from inches away, and now her own ample boobs also pressed into the tops of her mother's even more massive orbs.

Just as Joanna was hoping, Vel's brain was fogged by the closeness and touching. Their eyes and mouths were so close, that Vel felt a strong desire to move her head slightly forward and kiss her daughter on the lips. But still she said, "I don't know... It seems so improper..."

"Oh please?" Joanna started bouncing up and down like she was five years old and asking for a new toy. "Please, please, please?" The bouncing fogged Vel's brain even more. Joanna slid forward, making sure that Vel could feel the shaved pussy riding against the skin of her leg.

Vel couldn't take any more and her defenses crumbled. "Since we're in a bit of a hurry, I guess it's okay. But just this once." As an afterthought she asked Joanna, "Are you sure about this, Angel?" Vel's hands unconsciously moved forward from Joanna's hips until they were firmly grasping both of Joanna's ass cheeks.

19-10-2005, 11:35 AM
"Very sure. Anything to help Shawn," Joanna answered, secretly much more delighted than that. They both stood up, to make it easier to kiss. It was easy for their lips to meet that way, because Joanna was almost exactly as tall as her mother.

Vel leaned forward and quickly kissed Joanna on the cheek. Then she turned towards Shawn. "How was that?"

He started rubbing his penis, now almost full sized from seeing Joanna bouncing on Vel's lap. "That's not what I meant. I meant a full, passionate kiss on the lips."

Before she processed his words, Vel said, "Don't do that," chastising his masturbation. "You should never have to do that, if one of us is nearby. Remember how it can distort your penis. Come here."

Shawn stood up and walked right up to Vel. She moved his hand away from his penis and replaced it with one of her own. She didn't even have to think about stroking it - her hands did it automatically as if that was the task they were born to do. Stroking his penis made her deeply content and put her worried mind at ease about the kissing problem.

She pondered again his words about kissing her daughter on the lips. With her hand going to town on his penis, she was amenable to most anything, and easily deceived herself. She didn't even logically realize that if his penis was now nearly fully hard, there was no need for the kiss any more. Lust took over.

She justified to herself, I have no desire to kiss my daughter, and in fact I have no interest or experience in women at all. Since it doesn't affect me, then there's nothing wrong with doing this to help him out.

In thinking that she had no lesbian desires, she conveniently ignored thinking about all of the times recently she'd been lustfully staring at other women's bodies. In particular, the fashion show the night before had been a real watershed for her. She would have repeatedly creamed herself looking at Cheese, Joanna, and Hui Shan strut their stuff even if she hadn't had Shawn's penis sliding in her hand most of the evening.

Finally, she said, "All right, since today is a Tuesday, I’ll go the extra mile for you. But just this one time, and I really mean that. Are you ready, Angel?" She took her hand off of the penis to give the kiss more of her attention.

She leaned forward and drew Joanna in with both of her hands. Then she kissed Joanna tentatively on the lips, but refrained from using her tongue. At first Joanna was shocked. She was big on the idea of kissing her mother like this in theory, but actually kissing one’s mother in practice took some getting used to. But by and by she grew more enthusiastic, drawing her mother into a close embrace and probing her mouth with her tongue. Joanna pressed their boobs together, making sure it was done at an angle that Shawn could see and appreciate.

After a minute or two, Vel managed to remember to return one hand to Shawn's penis, and still kept on kissing. But Vel still did little with her tongue, even as Joanna hungrily explored Vel's mouth.

"Is that enough already?" Vel asked as she finally broke off the kiss.

"Wow, that's perfect!" Shawn cried. "But I’m still not all the way up. Just keep going like that!"

Vel knew Shawn's penis well and knew it was as hard as it got. In fact, it finally dawned on her that with the penis so hard the whole kissing excuse was moot. But she kissed her daughter again anyway. She also began responding more enthusiastically to the kissing, finally moving her tongue into her daughter's mouth. Neither Joanna nor Vel had ever really touched each other since Joanna was small, except for the usual hugs, so this was a new and strange experience for both of them. Their tongues now battled each other delightfully.

Vel explored Joanna's back with her free hand, and Joanna's hands ran all over her mother. Vel was too shy to rub Joanna’s pussy, even though she'd been checking out the outfit Joanna was wearing that morning and repeatedly wondered what it was like to touch it. As they continued to deeply explore each other's mouths, Vel realized that somehow one of her legs had found itself between Joanna’s legs. Joanna was bouncing up and down a bit and thus rubbing her moist crotch up and down the skin of Vel’s thigh.

After another minute, Shawn said, "Whoa, thanks helping out so much. I don't think I can last for long." Vel immediately pulled away, kneeled, and devoted her full attention to Shawn's penis. She took his hardness into her mouth and milked him with her tongue, but in fact he wasn't quite ready to blow, so she just kept sucking and licking.

Joanna watched jealously. She trailed one hand down to Vel's ass and finally, reluctantly, let go. She remained standing right behind Vel, impatiently waiting for the blow job to end. But Shawn was really holding out well now. After a couple more minutes, Joanna placed a hand on Vel's hair and began caressing it. She asked, "How's it going, Mom? Is he getting close to finishing?"

Vel bobbed her head up and down even more than usual in an attempt to indicate yes.

Joanna continued to caress the long and silky hair, now with both hands. She ran her hands all the way down Vel's back repeatedly, nearly reaching her butt. After a few more minutes of this, Shawn still wasn't blowing his load, so Joanna started giving advice. "More tongue, Mom, more tongue. Are you hitting the special spot right under the mushroom head? 'Cos that's my favorite. He loves that."

Vel mmm-hmmed a reply.

Joanna continued with more advice, even though she was no better at blow jobs than Vel was. Then she said, "Mom, maybe you need longer stroking. Bob your head more. You gotta go all the way in and all that way back. Like this." Both of Joanna's hands were already on Vel's head, but now she pushed Vel forward and then pulled her back. "Come on, Mom, bob your head more. More!" Joanna pushed and pulled Vel's head back and forth over the full length of Shawn's penis.

Vel initially resented the advice and especially resented being pushed. She thought she knew what she was doing perfectly well. But as Joanna continued to force her head into Shawn's crotch, Vel found herself loving being roughly handled. She stopped moving her head at all on her own, forcing Joanna to move it even more, so it was really like Joanna was fucking Shawn's penis, using Vel's mouth as a tool. The idea of being used that way made Vel so hot that she reached down and launched into a great climax merely from lightly touching her clit.

When Vel climaxed, her whole body shook in a special way. Shawn could tell what was happening just by the way her mouth quivered around his penis. This finally brought him over the edge. It was like flood gates of cum opened up, and a torrent of cum overwhelmed his mother's mouth. But Vel somehow managed to drink it all up - she now considered herself an expert at swallowing an entire load, no matter how big.

19-10-2005, 11:37 AM
As Shawn finished his orgasm, and while Vel's lips were still wrapped around him, he exclaimed, "I can't believe how horny that made me. I don't know what it is, but for guys there's nothing more exciting than seeing two women together. I swear, that could have raised the penis of a dead man!"

When Vel finished, she looked up to the kitchen clock. "Anything to help, Tiger. Though Joanna, I think I could handle things myself just fine, thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed the show though, ‘cos that kind of kissing is not going to happen again around here. Kissing my daughter - I mean, really! I have my limits!"

The remarkable thing was that Vel sincerely believed these words, but Joanna and Shawn both knew that another point of no return had just been crossed.

Vel continued like a typical mother, "Okay, we're running a couple minutes late. Let's all get ready ASAP, and I'll drive you both to school."

Everyone rushed around, dressing up and also washing up to clear away the strong smell of sex. Vel though still had some of Shawn's cum in her mouth. She kept it in there as long as she could, sloshing it around inside with her tongue even as she drove them to school, as if it was a fine wine to be savored. That wasn't exactly the behavior of a typical suburban soccer mom and she knew it, but she couldn't help it.

They acted like a perfectly normal family on the drive over, and all three were even fully clothed with underwear. No matter what happened inside the house, Joanna and Vel still maintained their exact old personas outside the house (except for rare exceptions for Joanna, such as being at Kim's house with Shawn). While they maintained meaningless small talk on the surface, on the inside all three were thinking about the kiss between Joanna and Vel.

Vel was surprised how much she liked the kiss. In some ways it's nicer than kissing a man. And a woman's skin feels so soft and nice. But she's my own daughter! No way is that going to happen again. I mean it this time. But I keep saying 'no' about things and then breaking down. What if Shawn needs help getting hard again? Surely it would be okay to help him out again by kissing my daughter, wouldn't it? Maybe it's okay in those kinds of situations only, just when Shawn asks for help... After all, there's nothing more important that helping his problem. If he commands me to kiss Joanna again to get him hard, how can I turn him down?

Joanna was thinking, A month ago, I thought women doing it together was totally gross. Now I'm doing it with practically every woman I know! I gotta tell Shawn to keep asking for Mom to do that. In no time Mom is gonna break down even further and we can turn her into a bisexual. I just hope she can fully get into doing women! The way she kissed, I think she could definitely get into it. Heck, what am I thinking. The way she was looking at me at the fashion show last night, she's liable to up and jump me when she gets into one of her horny mental zones. Fuck, I can just imagine Shawn fucking my pussy while Cheese is doing my ass with a dildo and Mom is sitting on my face! Wouldn't that be great? ... How am I going to get through school thinking these things? I need someone to fuck me right now!

Meanwhile, Shawn was thinking, That was so totally hot! First Joanna's doing Cheese, and now she's starting in on Mom. Soon the three of them and Hui Shan will be all over each other. This is going to rock! And what's really great is that I can do no wrong. If I get hard then I get pleasured, and if I don't then I get a free show like that and THEN get pleasured. In fact, it's better if I can start out flaccid and force Mom to do new things. Fuck! Is there any limit to how amazing this can get?

Finally Vel dropped them at the school. They ran off with backpacks over their shoulders, waving to Vel as they went.

The only problem was that school was an almost unbearably boring let down after a morning like that. At least Shawn had grown somewhat used to the flip flopping between his porno world and his mundane world, and was able to concentrate on classes, though not very well. He was helped by the fact that his penis was once again dead to the world.

But there was one thing bothering him, preventing him from focusing. He couldn't stop thinking about the dry hump. It haunted all his thoughts, making him nearly forget about the kiss between his sister and his mother. He thought, over and over, That was so much like real fucking. I was so close. So close! So fucking close!

19-10-2005, 11:38 AM

Cheese came over as soon as Vel drove her car back into the driveway. As soon as she walked in, Vel rushed up to her and cried. Cheese held her in a comforting hug. "What's wrong?" the buxom neighbor asked.

"Cheese, I'm so awful. I did all kinds of unmentionable things this morning. Shawn and I, we... Well, I'll just be blunt about it. He was getting my attention when that somehow turned into him dry humping me between the legs. We were practically fucking! I don't even know how he restrained himself. It was so like he was fucking me doggy style that I can hardly believe it. It was horrible!"

"Was it really?" Cheese asked as she comfortingly stroked Vel's cheek. "Didn't you enjoy it?"

"Enjoy it? I can't even express words on how good it made me feel. That's what so horrible. I have no control! And it's so wrong, but I only realize that after the fact."

"Vel, remember this is for Shawn's medical benefit. You're not just doing this willy nilly. This is for his medical benefit. Repeat after me: medical benefit."

Vel was hesitant, but Cheese nudged her, and she grudgingly said, "Medical benefit."

Cheese realized that Vel needed more reinforcement than that, so she launched into a long lecture about the importance of helping Shawn. By the time she was done, Vel was convinced she was performing a sacred and noble duty. But still she felt worried because of what happened between her and Joanna. She wasn't comfortable talking about it with Cheese because she was also feeling strange feelings toward her best friend.

That crisis averted, the two of them went down to the basement gym for their daily exercises. They remained focused on their exercises while they did them, but during breaks they would talk and gossip. Lately, it was mostly about Shawn, and such talk had been growing increasingly arousing and detailed. For instance, the day before they talked extensively about the beach trip on Sunday. Cheese still kept secrets, such as how she'd allowed Shawn to stick his penis in her vagina while playing in the waves, but even without such details the stories got them both hot and bothered as they mentally revisited the experiences together.

The exercising inevitably got them quite sweaty, so they took showers afterwards. But lately the showers had turned into very prolonged masturbation sessions. With two showers in the house, Vel would get in one and Cheese in the other and they'd take twenty or thirty minutes relishing all the arousing things they'd talked about. That now was as much a part of their daily ritual as the exercising, even though it was unspoken. Vel, in her sexual denial and naiveté, imagined Cheese had no idea that she was masturbating at these times. Cheese of course knew exactly what Vel was doing, but didn't want to embarrass her further by mentioning it.

As the two women didn't need to work for a living, they had a lot of free time on their hands. Previously they had spent a lot of it going out and socializing and playing tennis or bridge with other women, but lately they'd been spending more time in. For both of them, more and more of that time they had their fingers or something else in their pussies, or Shawn's penis in a hand or mouth. Cheese was using her egg dildo more often as well. She was a bit disappointed that so many weeks had gone by and she still wasn't fucking Shawn, but overall her plan to the seduce the whole Chen family was proceeding nicely.

So this was their "exercise routine" and they followed it again today. The only difference was that Cheese was wearing a cut off T-shirt instead of her usual spandex top. And cut off it certainly was: it was cut almost like a bikini top, with all of the bottom half of her boobs hanging out below the fabric. She'd never worn anything like it before, but she figured it could only help to keep Vel horny.

The topic was Shawn, as it usually was lately. They discussed the previous night's fashion show for a long time. Taking a break from the expensive exercise machines, they reclined back on adjacent machines. Cheese marveled, "Shawn really outdid himself yesterday, didn't he?"

"He sure did," Vel replied with fond remembrance. "The chart shows nine times! But I only assisted him for four of them," she added somewhat bitterly. "I wonder who else was helping out." A disturbing thought popped into her mind. "Oh dear! I hope he isn't still masturbating himself all alone! I keep telling him not to do that."

"'Only assisted him for four of them?'" Cheese repeated Vel's comment, chuckling. "My, my, someone here is getting awfully greedy for a certain handsome young man's penis. And today you're keeping him all to yourself. Remember to share and share alike, or you'll have a revolt on your hands."

"Okay, okay," Vel said, smiling at her own stubbornness. "But please humor me on Tuesdays."

"I do, but between your monopolizing of him and Hui Shan unfortunately getting in on the picture, I'll be lucky to get a couple licks in a day, so to speak," Cheese said.

"Hui Shan getting in on the picture?" Vel asked quizzically. "She did get pretty involved with the fashion show, but she's not THAT in on the picture when it comes to his penis. You've forbidden her from joining in the cocksucking."

"I did forbid her, but she was surprisingly disobedient last night. Do you know what I saw as I walked out of the house? Hui Shan and Shawn were in the living room alone, and she was sucking his magnificent tool! I think it was the first time she sucked him to orgasm, and it happened right in front of my eyes. I don't know what to do about that girl."

"Mmmm, that sounds nice..." Vel said dreamily, as she imagined Hui Shan naked and sucking Shawn, and then imagined that it was herself instead of Hui Shan doing the sucking. "Hui Shan is a good kid..." She closed her eyes and unthinkingly ran her hands over her own spandex exercise outfit.

Cheese was even more obviously focusing on her own boobs and crotch as she ran her hands over herself as well.

Both of them felt the frustrations of not being able to reach everywhere their hands wanted to go through the tight fitting clothes, especially compared to the open access clothes they were almost always wearing now. But Vel wasn't ready yet to blatantly masturbate herself in front of her friend and Cheese let Vel set the pace. Cheese's loose cut off T-shirt gave her excellent access to her own tits, but she refrained from reaching under the shirt, for the moment.

Vel said more seriously, "Cheese, do you think maybe we're corrupting our children? I completely agree with what you said about the supreme importance of stroking and sucking him every day, but there are side effects. I mean, what happens to us old broads doesn't really matter, but having the girls help Shawn out might be warping their normal sex lives."

"I think you just don't want to share Shawn with anyone else," Cheese responded, half seriously.

"No, that's not true. His happiness is my happiness. But consider: since Shawn began his treatment, he gave up his interest in Christine, and he seems to have no interest in asking anyone else out. And Joanna used to date almost every weekend. There was a whole line of guys wanting to go out with her, but she hasn't gone on one date with a guy in weeks! And I know Hui Shan isn't even allowed to date after what happened last year, but will she even want to, now that she has Shawn to play with? All three could graduate from high school without dating at all anymore, the way things are going."

Cheese said reassuringly, "I think they're just going through a phase. At first I was upset last night at seeing Hui Shan getting physical with Shawn, but the more I've thought about it, the more I realize it's a good thing. She has to discover sex sooner or later, and who better to teach her than Shawn? Unlike most other guys, we know he'll go slow and be gentle and understanding. He certainly won't rape her like Jack Johnson almost did. I guess trying to stop her from becoming one of his cocksucking helpers was like trying to stop the tide. I can't really blame her for disobeying, after all the things she's seen at this house. And as for dating, I'm thinking: what if Shawn dated Hui Shan? If you think about it, it could be a pretty good match."

"Hmm." Vel pondered the idea. "You know, you're right. They're clearly attracted to each other, and there would be nothing 'funny' about it. But what about Shawn and Joanna? They have totally unnatural, deep feelings for each other! What am I going to do about that? If Shawn goes out with Hui Shan, that might create big jealousy problems with Joanna. I think she wants him in a very unsisterly way! He feels the same way too, I think."

Cheese interjected, "You think? What gives you that impression?" She sounded serious, but she rolled her eyes at the fact that this was only now dawning on Vel.

Vel didn't notice the sarcasm, and continued, "It's true! Just think for instance how Shawn was rubbing his hands all over Joanna at the fashion show. I really shouldn't have allowed that. And did you see that bunny routine Joanna did? Was that just an act? It's like she actually wants her brother to have sex with her!"

Cheese was incredulous that Vel would have any doubts whatsoever that her children wanted to fuck each other, but she kept a straight face.

19-10-2005, 11:43 AM
Vel continued, "But when I try to keep the two of them apart in some situation like that, Joanna just thinks it's because I want to monopolize Shawn for myself. So I have trouble being strict, ‘cos I don’t like being a hypocrite."

Cheese didn't have any quick answer to that, so Vel kept talking. Despite the problems being discussed, Vel felt increasingly horny, and cupped her boobs with both hands as if she was afraid they would fall out of her tight spandex outfit. "And it gets even worse! Today Shawn couldn't get a hard-on at breakfast. For the second time, that is. Lordy. The first time was great since I got to swallow his load."

"Tell me all the juicy details. Was that before or after he dry humped you? Relive it for me. Make me feel like I can taste his cock on my tongue."

"That's not important now. ... Maybe later." She broke her serious mood to briefly smile as she said, "Definitely later." She knew that she and Cheese would relive every moment in great detail, and momentarily lost her concentration as she stared off into space thinking about doing that.

Then she got serious again. "Anyways, the thing I'm trying to say is that he couldn't get hard. You know how important it is he gets pleasured in the morning so it can be spread throughout the day - he really needs it twice before school. So I tried everything, even though Joanna was sitting there only a few feet away! I'm so shameless. I wore that nightie you just bought me, the see-through one, and I was bending and twisting my body every which way. But nothing seemed to work."

She paused. Should I go ahead and tell her about everything I did with my daughter? Cheese is my best friend. We don't keep a single secret from each other. I have to tell her. She can help me with her usual good advice. I really need to know what to do.

She closed her eyes but kept on talking. "Finally Shawn suggested that if I kissed Joanna on the lips that would make him hard. So I reluctantly did so, and it worked. Especially since we were both naked by then. But at what price? I was shocked - Joanna really got into it. She was running her tongue all inside my mouth even as she ran her hands all over my naked body. What kind of respectable mother lets her daughter do that? And I figured it was okay since I don't care to kiss women, but I'm afraid Joanna may be bisexual. I never considered she might be before, but lately I don't know..."

Cheese was very surprised but pleased at the new revelation. She could hardly contain her excitement as the implications sank in. Score a home run for the Cheese plan! Vel's falling into my hands through her daughter, and the brilliant thing is I didn't even set this up. I'm going to have to thank Joanna in a big, up close and personal way for this later. Vel is going to become an all out bisexual. I can tell. She's a natural nymphomaniac, just like me.

On the outside, Cheese kept a level facade. She advised, "Don't be hard on yourself, Vel. It's true that things have gotten very sexual in your house, but that's only to be expected. By the way, did you suck on his penis after the kiss?"

"Hmm? Oh yes. I did. Mmm." She closed her eyes and was transported in her mind back to the experience. "I even stroked him during the kiss! Can you believe that?" She added in a whispery voice, "God it was so good. But I'm so bad. I feel so terrible. I almost was too ashamed to tell you. What should I do?"

Cheese advised, "Remember what I told you to say earlier: medical benefit. This is for Shawn's medical benefit. You yourself said the kiss was essential for him to get hard. Think how he would have painfully suffered during school if you hadn't thoroughly drained his penis first. I don't think you're focusing on the importance of pleasing his penis nearly enough, if you're still having these doubts. I want you to stick your fingers in your mouth and suck on them as if it was his meaty shaft. That'll put you in the right state of mind to think about this issue."

So Vel obediently stuck three fingers in her mouth and sucked. The task came easily to her, as she had her fingers in her mouth a lot lately, while constantly fantasizing about sucking Shawn off. She did this a lot in her lonely moments, but she'd never done it in front of another person. All the practice on her fingers was greatly increasing her sucking endurance. It seemed lately that she was either sucking Shawn off, masturbating about sucking him off, talking with Cheese about sucking him off, or working on her sucking endurance with her fingers. That seemed to take up a majority of her day.

Cheese wasn't sure how well Vel was listening now, but she continued over the sound of slurping, "How many families have a son with a problem like Shawn's? If they did, they'd be facing the same issues. I don't think we realized all the implications of his treatment when this started. But now that I understand the situation a little better, I have to say I'm impressed with the resolve you've shown."

Vel wasn't exactly showing a lot of resolve at the moment - she'd taken to sucking her fingers like a fish to water, and was barely able to comprehend Cheese's words and she thrust the fingers into her mouth like Shawn was straddled over her and fucking her face.

But still Cheese pressed on. "I think a lot of mothers, maybe most mothers, would have quickly completely given in and begun fucking their sons immediately. But your 'bend but don't break' strategy appears to be working. I have a friend who's Armenian, and she says that when she was growing up all the women like her did everything and anything except straight sex with guys, including blow jobs and anal sex, so they could preserve their virginity for marriage. And it's a system that works, ‘cos it's part of the culture, and guys respect that. The further they allow guys to go, the easier it is for the man and woman to keep their virginity, because both sides are having pleasure. So I think it's the same with you and Shawn. As long as you don't actually have straight intercourse with him, the rest is okay, and in fact is great in helping his problem. Remember that: the further you go with him, the less you'll have to have intercourse to be satisfied."

Vel apparently had been listening enough to understand, and took her fingers out to speak. "Thanks," she said, "your words always make me feel better. You're saying I should actually let him fuck my tits and fuck me in the ass?"

"Yes. The more you let him have his way with your body, the less he'll need to fuck your pussy. Paradoxical, isn't it?"

19-10-2005, 11:45 AM
Vel put her fingers back in her mouth and nodded as she thought, Oh yes! I've been holding out from even giving my tits to him, but Cheese says that's selfish of me. I should let him fuck my tits. He NEEDS to fuck my tits. I can't even imagine how good it would feel to have his big hard schlong filling up my cleavage and ramming his hardness into my chest. But anal sex? I don't know. To have him fuck my asshole? That seems so very improper. I mean, one has to have limits. Imagine if he could just grab me at any moment and throw me down on the table. He'd bend me over and shove his big jackhammer monster up my teeny tiny asshole. I don't know... That could really hurt. But Cheese says I have to do it. I HAVE to. I have to give him my tits and my ass. I must give myself over to him completely. I'm just a sex cow. It's not my place to think or say no. My place is just to get FUCKED! Yes! Fuck me, Tiger!

Cheese watched with amusement while Vel pumped her fingers in and out of her mouth with greater and greater speed. The idea of being allowed to get fucked in the tits and ass was so exciting that Vel lost all sense of propriety and completely forgot about Cheese until she reached climax.

She cried out, "Oh!" and in seconds realized that she wasn't alone but that she was still with Cheese, and that she had four saliva covered fingers deep in her mouth. She shamefully pulled them out and hid them behind her back, but her mind was still fogged with the excitement of new possibilities.

She tried to push many naughty thoughts from her mind, even as she fought against slipping her hands underneath her spandex outfit. She made an attempt to resume the conversation. "Uh. Where were we? What was that you said? Something about bend over but don't break? I like that. But what about Joanna?"

Cheese acted as if nothing had happened and pretended that she'd been looking away the whole time. Vel let herself believe that Cheese had failed to notice the climax.

Cheese turned back and said calmly, "Same deal. As long as she and Shawn don't have actual intercourse, then the rest is okay. Can't you see how their physical intimacy brings them closer together? Can you even remember the last time they were sniping at each other? I can't. They've so close and loving now. You can see how Joanna's eyes light up whenever she sees him?"

"Mmmm hmmm."

"You remember what Caelist said about the importance of Shawn not chafing or abusing his penis. Nothing is easier on the penis than soft tit mounds, properly lubricated. That's as true for Joanna as it is for the rest of us. And it's not like she's missing out on some great guy. All her dates before were bozos anyways. She’s not going to meet a serious guy until college. Shawn will be moving on to college in less than a year, so both of them will be dating others soon enough, no matter what happens in the short term."

"That sounds reasonable, I guess...." Vel imagined Joanna naked and bent over the dinner table, and Shawn behind her, feeding inch after inch of his long penis into her butt hole. In the vision, Joanna screamed out in both agony and ecstasy while Vel herself stood in the kitchen wearing just her apron, looking on like a proud mother. The idea drove her crazy with desire. She further imagined laying on the kitchen floor in front of both of them, sticking her ass up in the air, spreading her ass cheeks, and saying, "Now, you two, don't forget to tend to your mother!"

Cheese snapped her fingers, bringing Vel back to Earth.

Vel thought, and then said imploringly, "But what about Joanna and me and the kissing?"

Vel didn't seem to notice that Cheese had finally snuck a hand up under her loose T-shirt. She was now obviously pinching her own nipple with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. The movement was very subtle and through the fabric, but it was there. Cheese was encouraged by the fact that Vel's view of her was blocked by parts of the two exercise machines between them. She just couldn't stand still when her best friend was burning up the room with sexual heat.

Vel's imaginings returned to the idea of bending over at a ninety degree angle, and having Shawn shove his penis right up her ass. When she wasn't thinking about that, she imagined his penis in her mouth so clearly she could almost taste it. She would have happily gone back to fucking her mouth with her fingers but for the need to speak.

Cheese on the other hand, while delighted at the prospect of being profoundly anally penetrated by Shawn, was more excited by the immediate sight of Vel. She wanted Vel bad. She'd been holding back on making any moves on her best friend, but she couldn't hold back any more. Her mind schemed how she could at least get some action with Vel without scaring her away and tearing down weeks of progress.

19-10-2005, 07:03 PM

Cheese finally came up with a plan. She stopped fondling herself momentarily and returned to and repeated Vel's question, "What about Joanna and me and the kissing?" Then she answered with a question of her own. "When she kissed you, did you enjoy it? For instance, did you put your tongue in her mouth?"

Vel was silent for a while. She thought back to the kiss, and unconsciously began roaming her hands over her body in imitation of what Joanna had done to her just an hour or two earlier. Finally, she admitted, "Yes. Yes I did."

Cheese was very pleased at the revelation that Vel enjoyed kissing her daughter on the lips. She said, "Don't be shocked, but I think that's perfectly okay. I've kissed many women on the lips and found it lots of fun. It's not a lesbian thing; it's just a friendliness thing. Of course normally you don't want to do it with your own daughter. For instance, I would never kiss Hui Shan like that. But you have to remember you're in a special situation, doing it for a good cause. His medical treatment. So the situations aren't comparable. I think that if Shawn is flaccid again and asks you to kiss Joanna so he can get hard, you should agree. Guys really get sexually excited at women kissing each other, and you should use that fact to help him out."

"I was thinking that too, but I wasn't sure if it's the right thing to do. I'm so glad you agree. You're such a great help. But you don't think it'll warp Joanna's development?"

"Hell no! Women kiss each other on the lips all the time. I would kiss you on the lips every day just as a greeting, except that you've been so conservative. Think about some of our friends, like Julianne or Angela. They kiss me and each other on the lips sometimes to say hello or good-bye. Everyone just avoids kissing you like that because it's obvious that would make you uncomfortable. But it's totally common. It's just being friendly."

"Really? I kind of thought so, but I wasn't sure. Do Julianne and Angela even have prolonged kisses and roll their tongues around inside each other's mouths when you kiss them?"


"If that’s so, then why didn't you kiss Angela like that when she came over to play cards the other day?"

"Friends like Angela avoid doing those longer kisses when you're around, ‘cos they know how frigid, um, I mean, uh, conservative you are. Or have been, anyways."

Vel was getting more and more horny, and said, "But Angela has such big boobs!" even though that had nothing to do with kissing. Vel imagined feeling Angela's boobs. She rubbed her own boobs over her spandex suit more overtly, as if she was feeling up Angela.

"Yes she does," Cheese replied, a bit confused at the connection. "But the point is, just because women, even big boobed women, kiss like that, that doesn't mean they're lesbian. It just means social norms are different for women, depending on their upbringing. Just like if you go to a Muslim country like Turkey, you'll see guys hugging each other and holding each other's hands as they walk down the street. That doesn't mean they're gay; they just have different ways of expressing friendliness."

While Cheese was being factual about Turkish guys from having been there, she was making up the part about their friends doing any more than lightly kissing each other on the mouth. But she was ready to say just about anything in the hopes that it would get Vel to kiss her, and soon.

"Really?" said Vel in wonder. "I'd heard that about guys in some Muslim countries. That's weird. Do you think there are women with huge jugs like Angela in Turkey?" She was rubbing her boobs with both hands most vigorously now, as she imagined Angela in Turkey, getting gang banged on a busy street by a dozen Turkish men.

Cheese didn't answer the silly question. Suddenly Vel realized she was expected to keep the conversation going, and asked, "But am I really that frigid? I'm sorry about that. It's funny how someone like Angela would be so shocked at what I'm doing with Shawn even while she thinks I'm frigid for not French kissing her."

"I'm the one who should be sorry for calling you frigid," Cheese said very apologetically. "You're far from frigid these days, obviously. But there still are effects from your small town upbringing, even after all these years. Like the fact that you don't even know how women kiss here in Southern California."

The idea of Vel being frigid seemed positively ridiculous the way she was carrying on and rubbing her chest, not to mention her wholehearted devotion to cocksucking lately. But Cheese realized that there was still a part of Vel that was very moralistic and very religious. Vel really did consider any lesbian activity as something beyond the pale and expressly forbidden by God. Cheese knew that what she planned next was a very big and pivotal step. She took her hand away from her crotch to take another swing from a bottle of water.

She said, "You know, you've made a lot of progress, and I think you'd agree that your life is much the better for it. But you could stand to loosen up a bit more. You still have a phobia about physical contact. Relax. Try kissing another woman. We're in the very open minded and liberal California, even if this is suburban Orange County. Everybody does it. It's no big deal."

Vel was thoughtful now, and nervous. She said, "Thanks for your patience. I know I've been tough on you, like when I've gone to the beach all covered up and with an umbrella to boot. But I'm trying to change, really I am. Let me... Let us... try kissing. On the lips. If that's what the others do, I want to be one of the gang too."

Vel was already sitting close to Cheese, but she brought her face in even closer. They stared right into each other's eyes. Vel's nervousness doubled. Even the normally cool Cheese found her heart pounding with nervous anticipation.

Cheese was also understandably delighted. We're going to really kiss? Damn, why didn't I try this line of argument years ago? I've been desiring her for YEARS. Actually, upon reflection, had it not been for these weeks of her sexually opening up with Shawn, she would never have agreed to this. I still have to bring her along bit by bit.

19-10-2005, 07:04 PM
On the outside the wily neighbor remained calm. "Okay, that would be great. Like I said, it's just a sign of affection, especially when people greet. Just stand up, and I'll kiss you like you did with Joanna earlier."

Cheese kissed Vel once on the cheek. Then she kissed her on the other. "See? It's easy. You rarely even do this much with another woman. Give it a try."

Vel kissed Cheese's cheeks, several times. But then they paused for a painfully long time. Both again stared into each other's eyes again with trepidation. Cheese was well aware that what would happen next was a big step that would permanently change their relationship. Even Vel in her erotic fog had glimmers that this might be the case.

"I don’t know…" Vel said doubtfully. "Is this really … proper?" Her mouth was no more than two inches from Cheese's and getting closer.

Cheese answered encouragingly, "Sure it is. There's nothing to it." Their mouths continued to draw nearer ever so slowly, but the movement was unstoppable, like two magnets. The kisses so far were nothing much, but in getting in position for the kiss Cheese embraced Vel, and that drove their remarkable racks together. Their boobs rubbed against each other, facilitated by Vel's slick spandex top and Cheese's nearly nonexistent T-shirt.

Their lips finally met, and Cheese kissed Vel's lips as both kept their mouths closed. That seemed to overwhelm Vel a bit, and she pulled back. Again, for a minute, both just stared into each other’s eyes, as if in disbelief of what they were doing. But Cheese couldn't take the tension any more. She decisively planted her mouth over Vel's and firmly held on. With her hands on the back on Vel's head, she held her friend's head in place and kissed her firmly. She should have been more gradual, but she impatiently stuck her tongue into Vel's mouth and began exploring. Vel passively let Cheese do what she wanted. But she made no active movements herself, like someone in a complete daze.

Slowly but surely Vel responded in kind, and Cheese dropped her hands to her friend's shoulders. The kiss went on for about a minute.

When it was done, Cheese pulled back a bit and said, "There. That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Vel was even more stunned than ever before. She was stunned by just how much she liked it. When Cheese put her mouth firmly on her own, she felt tremors of excitement all through her body. The nerve endings in her pussy quivered, just as they did with a nice goodnight kiss with Shawn. Then the kisses just got better and better. It made the earlier kiss with Joanna feel like child's play, because on some deep, deep level Vel had been desirous of her best friend's incredible body for ages, and now both of their long held, forbidden desires were coming out through the kiss. It was more than electric. Both of them had to stop and catch their breaths.

Finally Vel asked, "Women greet each other like that? Isn't that kind of... sexual?" That was a gross understatement.

"Sure. All the time. You know, maybe there is a little bit of passion in it, but the fact is we live in a society where the men make the rules. And men like a little bit of a sexual charge between women. So this is considered very acceptable even while men are too chicken to hold each other's hands. Imagine two guys French kissing each other to say hello! Totally absurd. But that's how our society is. Double standards."

"Yeah. I guess. Funny how that works." Vel was still reeling. The lightness of their conversation didn't match the heartfelt intensity of the kisses. It didn't help her concentration that Cheese's face was still inches from hers and their boobs still pressed into each other. Cheese surreptitiously rubbed her own boobs in slow circles against Vel's, as if she was constantly adjusting her posture, trying to find the best grip for her hug. Her cut off T-shirt had long ridden up her chest, so the only barrier between them was Vel's slick spandex.

Vel's rock hard and very sensitive nipples frequently brushed against Cheese's nipples. Because Vel's nipples were so very sensitive, she could hardly cope with the deliciously delightful feeling this caused. She loved it even more than the kiss.

Cheese suggested, "Next time we meet, let's greet with a kiss, like other women do. It'll feel more normal the more we do it. Why don't we practice it again? I'll stand back and pretend to walk into the room. You kiss me like we've been doing it for years."

"Okay." Vel was so sexually overheated that she was just relieved to have Cheese's body pull away from her own momentarily. It was like stepping away from an open furnace.

19-10-2005, 07:06 PM

Vel's relief was only temporary. Cheese pulled her T-shirt over her nipples, walked back ten feet, and pretended to knock on and then open an imaginary door. "Hi girlfriend! How's it going?" She walked forward.

"Hi Cheese!" Vel said in mock surprise, as if she Cheese had truly and unexpectedly just entered the room. Cheese kept walking forward, then suddenly and boldly grabbed Vel in a tight embrace and planted her lips on her friend's mouth. She immediately began tonguing, and even dipped Vel back a bit. Vel again replied with her own tongue, but more actively and passionately this time.

After another minute Cheese stopped the kiss and pulled back. "It's going well," she said, answering Vel's nearly forgotten question. "How are things on your side?"

"Good..." Then Vel broke from her acting role. "Do women really truly kiss like that? It just seems so passionate. What if my husband Ron saw us kissing like that?" Vel's brain was fogged, especially because Cheese still held her in an embrace, and Cheese's big melons rubbed against her own in distractingly delightful ways.

Cheese answered, "If he saw a kiss like that, he'd probably get horny and give you a good fucking later that evening. Oh wait, I forget I'm talking about Ron." They chuckled. "Most guys would get horny, anyways. That's probably why guys encourage this kind of thing. And it's more fun that just saying 'hi,' you must admit."

"Yes, but it was just so emotional. And passionate. I just can't imagine this is how women normally kiss. I mean, like you and Angela. I can't even picture how your two faces can meet in the first place with all the big tits getting in the way. When you kiss her, do you feel shivers down your spine? Do you feel tingling down in your... Well, tingling all over your skin? Doesn't it make it hard to even think when she's got her beach ball-sized tits pressing into your chest, rubbing her remarkably long nipples all over your own soft, white mountains? ... I mean, how can you just casually greet someone like that?" Vel was getting herself quite worked up thinking about Angela and Cheese together.

Cheese was lying when she said she kissed Angela on the mouth, but she replied, "Kissing Angela isn't that different from kissing you. Your tits are nearly as gargantuan as hers. Same as mine. You and I are both prime centerfold material. You may deny it in your endearingly sincere modesty, but that's just a fact. Bodies like yours and mine and I'm sure Angela's are designed for pleasure. Our tits, our lips, our pussies, our hands - every inch of us has more nerve endings than the typical female. We're so sensitive. Maybe that's one reason that we've become such good friends, because we're kindred spirits. You know, when Shawn puts his hand on my ass cheek and strokes it, that's enough to make me want to cum, right there."

"Me too! I love it when he touches my ass. That's my favorite. But that's partially 'cos I'm afraid to let him get near my tits and especially my nipples because they're just so sensitive. I can get off just by pinching my own nipple." Vel demonstrated by pinching a nipple right there, and while it didn't get her to climax, that was only because she'd climaxed recently.

Cheese unconsciously reached under her T-shirt and pinched a nipple as well. "Yes. See what I mean? So that's part of it. There's going to be more electricity just because of our bodies. Call it a blessing or a curse. But more than that, this is a new and scary experience for you, so you're excited and charged up with tension. That'll pass. Think about kissing you husband when he comes home from work. Even if you kiss him on the lips, it's no big deal anymore, right?"

"Yuck. Don't remind me of that loser." The unpleasant thought caused her to pull her hands off of herself.

"Sorry, but the point is, that's how it'll be with other women when you get used to kissing them. You and I need to practice more so that next time Shawn asks you to kiss another woman you won't be all frazzled and excited."

"You're right. This will pass. I couldn't handle the intensity if every kiss was like this, thank God. It's even better than kissing Shawn! This will pass. Yes. You're always right. What a friend."

Cheese continued, "Note also that I said 'hi girlfriend'? You ever notice how women call each other 'girlfriend' but guys never call each other 'boyfriend'? That's another example of how our society likes a certain amount of low-level lesbianism. It's titillating. Boy, Shawn will be really turned on when he sees us kiss each other!"

"He will? ... You're right, he will!" Vel realized delightedly. "Cool! I have to be a better kisser for Shawn. I think we should definitely practice this some more."

Cheese and Vel practiced kissing right then three more times, Cheese pretending to leave and reenter the room each time. Cheese's cut off T-shirt was up around her shoulders more often then not, and rubbing their tits together were as much or more important for both of them as the kissing.

Vel realized that Cheese was a much more talented kisser, and bemoaned her own lack of skill. "I'm sorry I'm such a bad kisser. Kissing Ron is like kissing a dead fish. I just never got into it."

"No worries," Cheese said reassuringly. "We'll practice this until you get really good. Shawn won't know what hit him when you kiss him goodnight tonight. Then he'll learn from you and become a better kisser, and all your kisses will be better. If it helps you, just imagine that my tongue is actually Shawn's penis, deeply penetrating your mouth. Treat it gently with your own tongue. Put your growing cocksucking skills to use. Then switch roles and imagine that your tongue is his penis, and my mouth is one of your wet, dripping holes."

"Oooh!" Vel squealed with delight. "That might help. Let's try again!"

They kissed some more, and this time Vel was much, much better. Cheese could hardly believe how good it felt.

The rest of the morning, whenever one or the other would leave the room to go to the bathroom, answer the phone, get a drink, or whatever, they would greet each other again with a passionate kiss. Then spent the rest of the day doing their usual things (Vel would work on household chores and Cheese would help out just to be friendly. Cheese had a maid so she had even more free time than her friend). But pretty much the whole time they discussed Shawn, and sex, and sex with Shawn, and generally stayed as horny as could be. So each kiss grew only more passionate.

The last hour Cheese was there, the two of them sunbathed in the nude in the back yard for the second day in a row. That gave Cheese a couple of opportunities to "greet" Vel again while both of them were completely in the buff. By that time both of them wanted nothing more than for Vel to get her spandex top off so they could thoroughly grind their naked tits against each other. They did so for many minutes, often continuing to work their chests into each other even while pausing between kisses.

Cheese used Shawn as a lever to get Vel to do more intimate things without really realizing it was lesbian activity. For instance, as they were about to start another kiss, Cheese said, "Kissing is even better if you stroke the ass. You know, like in slow dances. Imagine that my hand is Shawn's hand, and that I want to 'get your attention.'"


Cheese clenched Vel's butt and held on for several minutes as they kissed. A second hand soon joined on the other ass cheek As they came up for air, Cheese asked, "Is that how Shawn does it? We have to make this very authentic."

"No. He's more active. He roams his hands all over like he owns my ass. He puts his hand in my ass crack. And he even puts a finger right up my asshole!"

"You mean like this?" Cheese stuck a finger right up her anus, and Vel moaned quite loudly. Then she attacked Cheese's lips with renewed vigor.

19-10-2005, 07:07 PM
When Cheese finally left the house to run some errands a couple hours later, the two were kissing each other with very intimate familiarity, as if they really had been doing it for years. They didn't bother to put any clothes back on either, after the nude sunbathing. Though it went unstated, they wanted to be naked when kissing. Vel absolutely loved how her hard nipples pressed into Cheese's soft flesh, and Cheese's nipples did the same to hers. They reached a point where they openly played with their nipples, circling them around each other's in all kinds of ways.

Cheese was sorely tempted to stick her fingers into Vel's pussy and go all the way, and she was sure Vel's defenses would easily crumble. But she thought, I've been fantasizing about Vel's body for years, even though I was in denial most of that time, so I can wait a couple more days. We've made so much progress today; I shouldn't push my luck. Gotta keep the eye on the bigger prize. It's better if Vel buys this "friendly greeting" story until she's kissing everybody with abandon. Then I'll go for the kill. I have to make her a total sex slut not just with me, but with everyone here.

Cheese also wanted to rub their bushes together, but she thought that too would go too far for one day. But several times she opened up her legs and let Vel put her leg between her legs. That caused the outer part of Vel's thigh to rub up against Cheese's furry bush. Cheese slid her body up and down a bit, as if she was scratching an itch against Vel, but that's as far as it went.

Of course when Cheese finally made to leave they had to kiss yet again, even though they'd done it at least two dozen times already. Standing next to the underwear cabinet in the front entrance way, Cheese pushed her luck and kissed Vel for nearly five minutes. Breathing wasn't a problem: Cheese could breathe through her nose to keep going, and Vel was ably learning how.

As she'd been most of the day, Cheese was the aggressor. But Vel was a very happy and willing victim. Cheese ran her hand all over her friend's back and even her butt. Especially the butt. Vel's hand movements were unfortunately still more restrained, and her exploration of Cheese's butt more tentative. Similarly, Cheese led the way in grinding her pussy onto Vel's thigh. Even though both of them were dripping in juices, they pretended they weren't, and both pretended they never came, even though they did, often. This was because Cheese was playing along with Vel's self-deception that they were merely kissing and not engaging in near all out sex standing up.

When the kiss finally ended, Vel leaned against the wall, panting, with Cheese still pressing her tits hard into her. As she caught her breath, she said, "Now don't tell me women regularly kiss good-bye like that!" But she was deliriously happy, not accusing.

Cheese finally disengaged. While walking to the underwear cabinet she said, "No, but I figure you need all the practice you can get. Your husband is as bad a kisser as he is a lover, it seems. I can't help it if we're both good kissers." She put on her bra first and then a blouse. But then she stopped, still naked below that.

Vel slumped down the wall and sat on the floor, nearly too overwhelmed to move.

The two of them just looked at each other happily from across the small entrance way for a moment or two. There was a deep love in the way they gazed at each other.

Finally Cheese stood up. "I'll see you later. I can't wait to see Shawn's face - and his penis - when he sees us kiss!"

"I can't either!" Vel said happily, still sitting naked on the floor.

"And just think when you can practice your new kissing skills on him."

"Yeah…" Vel said, staring out into space, imagining the scene. The electricity of their first kiss had hardly faded at all with later kisses. Vel was delighted to bring that kind of firepower onto Shawn, thanks to all she'd learned. But then the thought came, "Hey, wait. That’s against the rules."

"Oh, right." Cheese figured she’d pushed Vel far enough in one day, so didn't press the issue much. But she said, "No kissing. Except of course your goodnight kiss. You can show what you learned then."

"Oh yeah. You're right." Vel was delighted.

"And remember that the rules are up to you. The more you do with him, the less you'll need to have intercourse. Bend over but don't break, as you so colorfully put it." Cheese smiled as she recalled Vel saying that, and that made her also recall Vel stuffing her mouth with her fingers.

Cheese finally put on her panties (making sure to give Vel a nice show of her pussy as she slowly lifted her legs), then a pair of pants. She opened the front door, and walked out of the house.

Cheese was content to pretend for the moment that they were merely practicing kissing, but it was obvious to anyone who could see (except for Vel in her self-denial) that the two of them had begun a torrid lesbian relationship. That made Cheese very happy. Her friendship with Vel had always been partially based on a physical attraction, and she could hardly believe this was happening after being friends for over 15 years. As she walked home she thought, If I only would have known, I would have started this kissing weeks ago. It's perfect because kissing seems so innocent, but in fact it's so passionate. This is going to destroy the last of Vel's defenses for sure. Then we'll all be one happy orgy family.

Vel still sat in her front hallway, naked. Her earlier worry that she was going too far sexually was long gone. Several hours of erotic talk about Shawn certainly helped drive her worries away, but the kisses erased her doubts even more so. Her fears about going to far with Shawn or her daughter were replaced with a newfound conviction that it was her utmost responsibility to go farther with both, if Shawn desired it for his "medical treatment."

Cheese's kisses were so distracting for Vel that for once the idea of sucking or fucking Shawn wasn't constantly in the forefront of her mind. Instead, she pondered women and what it would be like to "do it" with a woman.

But eventually she came back around to the more immediate idea of Shawn and what might happen when he got back from school, since it was a Tuesday. She knew he would be home soon. She went to her room to masturbate to pass the time until he arrived. But this time, instead of just dreaming of Shawn, she fantasized a threesome with herself, Shawn, and Cheese, all pleasuring each other. She was in heaven.

19-10-2005, 07:08 PM

Back at school, lunchtime finally arrived for Shawn. That meant two unusual appointments for any student: an orgasm administered by his teacher Peggy, and the task of painting the pussy lips of the cheerleader Esther. If my friends only knew... he thought, for what seemed to be the millionth time in recent weeks.

When the fourth period students had all filed out, Shawn said to his teacher, sitting on the edge of her desk, "Sorry Peggy, but I'm sure I can't get it up today. My penis is reaaaally hurting. There's just no way."

"I like a good challenge," she responded. "Let me see what I can do with it." She grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him close until his legs interlocked with hers.

"No, please, really. It's not that I can't get it up, it just hurts too much." Actually he probably could get it up, and it didn't hurt terribly badly, but he figured he needed to save himself for after school. His mother at breakfast had sounded extremely keen about helping him later, and he didn't want to let her down on a Tuesday.

"Oh. Bummer." Peggy was very let down. "We've been doing some fun role plays lately. I was hoping we could do something like that today. And to be completely honest, I've been hoping and longing that I could be with you more than just during these lunches. You say you can't see me after school this week, and you're penis is all worn out, probably from overwork. Tell me, young man, am I competing against a whole battalion of women or something?"

"No. It's not like that at all. For one thing, you know I've been grounded. And, okay, obviously you're not the only one. You know that. But I want to spend more time with you, too. But it's taboo for you and I to meet outside of school even when I'm not grounded, so our options are so limited."

"Now, just a minute. Who says we can't meet outside of school? That's a social rule, but rules are meant to be broken." She rubbed her hands against his chest as she talked.

"But if you and I were caught in an intimate position couldn't you lose your job? And what about your boyfriend?"

"Well, there is that. Damn. Don't remind me. I honestly don't care much about the boyfriend any more. The thrill is gone. My thrill, now, frankly, is with you. He and I are going through the slow process of breaking up. It's a bit messy and slow because we share some big possessions. But I don't want to lose my job. Realistically though, we're in more danger of getting caught here at school than somewhere else. Somewhere else, first off someone would have to recognize both of us, and I look pretty different when I'm not all dressed up in my school teacher garb. Then they still would have to prove it to some school official, which they may not want to do or be able to do. Whereas any school official could walk in here any minute. You know there are master keys that work every door."

"There are? Oh shit! And that doesn't bother you?"

"It does. But the odds of someone like that coming in here during lunch are astronomically small. Unless rumors start spreading, that is, and I keep my ears to the ground and know those better than anyone. But maybe it would actually be safer to meet sometimes outside of school. What do you think? You could go to the beach, and I could just happen to wind up at the same beach. Wouldn't you like to meet the real 'Surfer Girl' in the flesh?"

"Would I ever! What a great idea. But beaches are so crowded, and full of people my age."

"Not all beaches are crowded. And everyone at this school just goes to the couple of closest beaches. Travel a few miles north or south and you never see anyone you know. Believe me, I do that all the time, and I know. I could chart it on a graph, the odds of running into someone. I'm thinking in particular there's a nice nude beach a ways from here. I surf there a lot and have never seen a single soul from this school there. There are big cliff walls making it really hard to reach, but it's really beautiful."

"Sounds great," Shawn said, delighted. "I think I might just 'happen' to go there real soon. I can borrow the car most any time."

Peggy couldn't resist pointing out, "You must be the only kid in a family as wealthy as yours to not have your own car. But in any case, when can we do it? How about this weekend, or even sooner?"

"Shucks. Can't. I've got a Boy Scouts hiking trip all weekend long. And I’m grounded by my mom all this week, like I told you already."

"Young man, you really are avoiding me, I'm starting to think. And don’t think I’m not mad at you just because what you’re doing to my boobs." As a kind of consolation prize to make up for the fact he couldn't get horny at the moment, Shawn had started fondling Peggy’s tits under her blouse.

"No, really. You know how into the scouts I am. Or at least have been. I'm kind of losing interest now that I've discovered women. But what about next weekend?"

"That's so far from now!" Peggy whined.

"But this weekend I have the scouting thing, and we can't really do it on a school day, or it'll be really rushed. We could do it next Saturday and spend the whole day together on the beach."

"I'd like that," Peggy said, thinking. "Okay. What a busy man you are. Nearly two weeks from now. I can hold out that long. I'll have a special surprise for you, so don't come all pooped out like you are today."

"Cool. But just ‘cos I'm pooped out doesn't mean we can't do anything today. We can still kiss and stuff. And I'd like to make you happy."

19-10-2005, 07:10 PM
"Young man, you're such a thoughtful lover! I can't believe you're only a high school senior. But don't just kiss and play with my tits. Not that I want you to stop, mind you, but there's so much more. You've got a lot more erogenous zones than just the penis. Let me show you a few things."

"I know some of that already. I've learned a woman has seventeen erogenous zones, and I try to work on them. When I first started getting blown and stroked, I would just lean back and enjoy. But now I try to give as good as I get and roam my hands and mouth all over those zones."

"You do. That's one reason why I love to suck your penis so much. And I'm sure that helps explain your sudden superstar popularity with the women. But you're missing out of some of the very best zones! Most importantly, you have yet to lick me down there. Since your penis isn't up for much, I think today is a great day for you to work on that."

"But Peggy. I'm kind of, I dunno, kind of grossed out. I did it once before a couple of days ago, on Friday in fact, with an Asian woman. She had very sparse hair down there, but ugh! Even still. Pubic hair. Gross."

"Hey. How many times do you think I've gotten your pubes in my nose in the last week alone? You get used to it, and then you learn to love it. As your teacher, it is my obligation to teach you what to do. The female population of this town will love me for it if I do," she said half jokingly. "And if you refuse, then I'm just going to have to spank you instead." She said this completely seriously. She enjoyed giving and receiving spankings, but especially giving them.

"Okay. But let's take this slowly, alright? Tell me what to do."

So Peggy instructed Shawn on how to please a woman with his tongue. She was an excellent teacher, and made learning fun. Shawn wasn't too comfortable with his face down there in the juices and hair, but she cracked a lot of jokes and put him at ease. He kept telling himself that with all the countless blow jobs and hand jobs he'd benefited from, it was the least he could do to prefect this new skill. He said to himself, Come on, man, if there's anyone with a moral obligation to learn how to do this, it's you. Payback time for all the pleasure you've been given. Come on! So he kept at it.

He wasn't good at it at all, and didn't take to it like a natural pro as he did with some other sexual things. He enjoyed stimulating clits, but he considered them to be in a dangerously hairy zone, so he didn't do that as much as he otherwise would have.

It took about five minutes, but he finally did get Peggy off. He was greatly helped by the fact that she was already quite aroused before he started. She came mightily, and her pussy juice dripped down his chin as a result. He didn't particularly like all the fluid on himself, but he didn't complain. He did like the smell of Peggy's pussy though. He looked forward to closely inhaling its fragrance more in the near future.

Having recovered from that, Peggy said, "Now it's time for your reward for a lesson learned and job well done. Normally I would have loved to suck you or even deep throat you, but you say you're not up for that. So I'm going to show you just how much pleasure I can give you without touching your oversexed penis. Take your shorts off, because I consider your balls and ass fair play. If there are seventeen erogenous zones on a woman, then there must be an equal number on a man and I'm going to find them all right now."

Peggy just about did find all his sensitive spots. She focused on his nipples, armpits, ears, toes, balls, and more, devouring all of him with her mouth like a hungry beast. Her hands were very active too. Shawn felt like she was a giant spider on top of him, because it was more like she had six arms instead of two.

His penis grew very erect, but she maintained her promise not to touch it. At least she didn't touch it with her hands or mouth, but it did rub all over her body as she constantly repositioned herself over him and around him. She seemed to delight in running the hairs of her pussy over his penis as she slid up and down him. She had a furry bush, not at all bristly. He decided that, licking or not, he wanted to spend a lot more time in and around her crotch. Petting her fur alone felt great.

When she was done, Shawn quipped, "Peggy, that was glorious." Shawn was on a kick about the name Peggy lately. When he was around her he like to say things like glorified, gloriously, glorification, blaze of glory, crowning glory, and so on at every opportunity. He was even using these words and phrases during her class. Whenever he did, it was a shocking jolt that reminded Peggy about what they did during their lunches.

As he left her classroom, he thought to himself, Dang, I wish I wasn't grounded so I could be with Peggy after school too. Not only have I had a crush on her forever, but if I only knew all the things she can do to a body! Hot damn! I would have failed out of school just fantasizing all day. And now it's a dream come true, but too risky. We can't get together as long as we did today every lunch or even any lunch. It's too dangerous. But it's so addictive.

Although they'd done a lot of things, they didn't spend much time on them. There still was about twenty minutes left in the lunch period. He still had his appointment to paint Esther. He hurried out, calculating that it would be better showing up late than never.

19-10-2005, 07:11 PM

While Shawn was busy with his teacher, Kim, Sera, and Esther had already arrived at the unused theater room a few minutes after the start of lunch. Joanna would have liked to have been there, but she decided that more people might just make Esther more nervous, and furthermore, she should steer clear of any potentially sexual situation involving both Shawn and those not in on their secret. Esther's private parts were mostly painted black already; only her pussy lips still needed painting. The plan was that Kim and Sera would use the first ten minutes to get Esther aroused so her pussy lips would engorge and spread wide so Shawn would find them easier to paint. Joanna figured things might get a bit dodgy if she was there.

When Kim entered (using a secret knock and password), Sera already had Esther naked from the waist down. Esther's cheerleader skirt was up around her waist, tied by a string. "You're just the person I'm looking for," Sera said to Kim, as the two of them undressed. "Esther doesn't find this situation at all arousing, so she's going to need some help. As our resident dyke, do you mind letting your fingers do the walking?"

"Not at all," Kim said, delighted. She put her lunch bag down and got on her knees before Esther, who was sitting on the edge of the stage. "Esther, may I?"

"I know we agreed it might come to this, but..." Esther said reluctantly.

"But what?" Sera replied testily. "How else are you going to get aroused, if you're unwilling to put your own fingers in there?"

"It's just I've never had a woman touch me there before," said Esther, red faced and embarrassed. She was truly frightened.

"I think you'll find it's as good or better than the touch of a man," Kim volunteered. "And much better than your own fingers, because you never know what they'll do next. Here, let me show you."

Kim began working her fingers in and out of Esther's pussy. But more than five minutes went by and nothing happened. Kim was having a really tough time getting Esther turned on. It didn't help that Sera just stood there, arms folded like a disapproving teacher. Sera was annoyed and made unhelpful suggestions. Finally, they heard the sound of Shawn's knock on the door. He was quite late, but they still had about twenty minutes.

Sera let him in after hearing the special knock and secret password ("Picasso"). Shawn was somewhat impressed with her daring - she opened the door wide for him while standing in the buff. True, it opened into a little-used hallway, but there was always the chance someone else could come by.

Shawn was panting because he'd run from Peggy's classroom to the theater room. He had a bit less than twenty minutes left in the lunch period, and he was determined to make good use of every second. "You're looking fine," he commented. "Don't you worry about getting caught?" He walked in and she closed the door without even hurrying to do so.

"A, don't I always look fine? And B, no. I never get caught. Plus, I know you're not a fool and you're not gonna have me open the door with someone else close by. Duh."

Shawn thought, Dang. She DOES always look fine. Especially today, for some reason. She's practically at the Vel-Cheese level. And what a tan! I didn't realize a good, all over tan and such flawless skin could be such a turn on. But I don't want to feed her swollen ego even further. While Shawn was thinking of a reply to her remarks, his attention was diverted by a sight beyond Sera. Kim was still going at Esther's pussy on the other side of the room.

Esther looked up in horror at the sight of Shawn. She tried to cover up her naked pussy, but could hardly do a good job of it with Kim probing its depths. She thought, Oh dear God! I can't let Shawn see me like this! But there was nothing she could do. She cried out, "Please! Don't look at me!"

"What's going on here?" Shawn asked. He averted his eyes from Esther, but knew that couldn't last for long if he was to paint her privates.

Sera explained, "Kim is trying to get Esther's pussy lips to get engorged, but she's not having much luck. She's been at it for at least five minutes."

"Oh," said Shawn, drawing nearer. He stole a glance at Esther and was momentarily struck by how odd she looked, wearing a cheerleader top but only painted on underwear below. "Esther, what seems to be the problem? I would think anyone's body would react naturally to that touch after a while."

"It's just that I'm so nervous and scared," Esther said shyly. "And, to be honest, it takes something romantic to get me excited. Not just brute force."

"Hey, I resent that," Kim complained.

Shawn answered, "Well, it may have come out wrong, but she has a point, Kim. It would be different I'm sure if you were kissing her and caressing her, but since it's lacking that, it seems so impersonal. ... Esther, do you think it would help if Kim kissed you, too?"

"Maybe, but I really don't want to be kissed by a girl. I think that would just freak me out even more." Her body actually trembled in fear and embarrassment.

"Hmm." Shawn thought out loud, looking at her now. "I know: what if I kissed you?"

Esther practically leapt at the idea. "Yeah! That would be much better. I'm so much more aroused by a man. This lesbian stuff, I just don't go for that. Would you be willing to help me?"

"Any sacrifice for art," Shawn joked. "Sorry Kim," he said, taking her place.

Shawn got down on his knees, since Esther was in a semi-sitting position at the edge of the stage. He began kissing her tenderly on the face. He spoke between kisses to get her in a romantic mood. "Esther, you're so beautiful. Any man would be so lucky to have you as a girlfriend. I've already admired you from afar, even though I didn't know your name."

"Really?" she said, surprised and pleased. Her nervousness was rapidly fading away, although the fact that Kim and Sera were watching her every move still rankled her.

"Really." He had scoped out and lusted after all the cheerleaders. He kissed her on the mouth once, and again. Soon they were necking passionately.

Esther thought, Now THIS is a guy who knows how to kiss! I thought my boyfriend was good, but Shawn... Oh my God! So good! ... Oh, but I'm naked from the waist down! And Kim and Sera - I wish they'd stop staring like that!

19-10-2005, 07:14 PM
After a couple of minutes Shawn took advantage of Esther's partial nudity and began caressing her pussy and her butt. Realizing time was wasting, he didn't hesitate to put his fingers into her love tunnel. The pussy lips were definitely aroused, and getting more so all the time.

"Girls, I think we're getting somewhere," he said, pausing after more kisses. "Sera? Kim? I'm ready to paint." He finally turned his head around to see why the other two weren't responding. Sera was lying on the ground, and Kim was between her knees with her mouth in Sera's bush.

Esther looked over at them finally and exclaimed, "Oh ... my ... God!"

"You didn't expect us to just sit around and twiddle our thumbs, did you?" said Sera, as she had the only unoccupied mouth. "There are much better things to twiddle, you know. Anyway, it's your fault. You got me all aroused."

"Don't mind them," Shawn said to Esther, still kissing her every instant he didn't have to speak. "We can get down to painting now."

"Screw painting!" said Esther. "We have time to do that later." She gazed at Shawn's crotch longingly and ostentatiously licked her lips. I don't care about my boyfriend! Kim's gossip is so dead on! Shawn is some kind of fucking Don Juan! Fuck! I need to get fucked right now. That's all there is to it.

She took off her top and bra as quickly as she could. "Why don't you finish what you started, and go all the way? Do you have a problem with fucking me?"

"Um, no. But I thought, I thought you were so shy and nervous..." he said, genuinely confused.

"That was then, and with women. Take your clothes off, already! Please! Don't leave me like this, I beg you!" She leaned back onto the cold floor of the stage and spread her legs. Her knees went wide to each side, and her lower legs dangled off the edge of the stage.

Shawn didn't need to be asked twice. He whipped his clothes off in record time. She grabbed his penis once it was exposed, and immediately pulled it towards her pussy. Shawn barely had time to slip on a condom while she tugged at his penis in anticipation. It seemed she didn't care about protection - she just wanted to be fucked. She moaned like a cat in heat until he finished with the condom.

Without any further ado, she guided his penis straight into her hole. He pumped into her, even as the whole situation still slowly dawned upon him. I'm actually fucking somebody for once. Not enough of this. I get so much God damned cock teasing. I mean, even after weeks of blow jobs, I still can barely fuck anybody. But Jesus - I've known Esther on speaking terms for all of a few minutes, and I'm fucking her already! No way! But I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. That's for sure. This is a VERY pleasant pussy. So warm and inviting. She's so eager!

Aware of the time, he pumped quickly, and tried to climax as soon as he could. Esther moaned loudly, seemingly not caring in the slightest what Kim or Sera thought, or if anyone else could hear. "Fuck me! Fuck! Fill me up!" She unleashed a non-stop torrent of sexual encouragement. Esther was also a very loud panter and grunter. She made a lot of noise with every thrust.

Not that Shawn needed all the encouragement - he was ready for any chance to fuck after weeks of sexual torture. He didn't particularly feel anything deep for Esther, as she meant little more to him than a fine piece of ass he'd scope out walking in the school hallways from time to time. So to take things to a new level, he thought, Since she's a cheerleader, why don't I imagine she's Joanna?

As soon as he thought that, his excitement level doubled. After some more thrusts, he thought, Oh, fucking you Sis, so good. So good! We don't do this nearly often enough. Here's your Big ICBM Brother, heh! ... After another minute or two, he thought, But as good as this is, God, what if you were Cheese? Now there's a woman who needs fucking! Yeah! Take that, Cheese! You've been fucking driving me crazy and now you're gonna get what's coming to you! Fucking devil in disguise! Take this! ... And this! ... And this! He let out all his frustrations with each thrust.

Esther could hardly believe the assault driving into her and overwhelming her. There was no point to cry out to be fucked harder or deeper, because it seemed like Shawn was truly a human jackhammer. She panted louder and louder, wordlessly until she cried out, "Oh my God, I'm melting! Melting! My brain! My brain is melting! Too much! Too good! Slow down!"

Shawn could have kept going like that for much longer, but Esther seemed genuinely overwhelmed. It appeared as if she was going to hyperventilate at any moment. Further, he remembered the lack of time. So he let his control go and filled up the condom with semen. He fell backwards and left her lying as if dead.

19-10-2005, 07:15 PM

"Holy cow," Kim said to Sera. The two other cheerleaders lay in a sixty-nine position, but they'd stopped playing with each other to watch Shawn screw Esther. "Has Shawn ever fucked you like that?"

"No," Sera admitted. "I mean, it was good with him. Great, even. But I want me some of THAT!"

Shawn and Esther rested with their eyes closed, both catching their breath. Once Shawn opened his eyes and looked around, Kim wryly noted, "Sounds like your painting job has some nice fringe benefits."

"Umm, yeah. I must say though I wasn't expecting that, at all," Shawn answered a bit sheepishly. He thought to himself, Wow, just thinking of fucking Sis or Aunt Cheese is such a turn on. Imagine if I'd thought of fucking Mom? That's, like, beyond the pale. I probably would have literally killed Esther with my enthusiasm!

Getting back to business, he said to Esther, "Can you rouse yourself? We have to hurry."

She slowly opened her eyes. She had an extremely well-fucked expression that made Kim and Sera very jealous. She looked at Shawn serenely and contentedly. "Oh, Shawn..." She breathed the words lovingly, as if they'd been married for years.

"Quick, let's get you painted while you're still aroused," he insisted, trying to avoid her intimacy.

She didn't feel like moving for anything. But then she realized that if the painting started, Shawn's hands would be all over her pussy. That inspired her to action. "I don't think that'll be a problem, now that you're here," she said huskily. He leaned over her impatiently. She sat up and began running her hands through his tousled dark brown hair.

"Esther, we really should paint you quickly, so you can dry before your fifth period class. In fact, we've got the opposite problem of what we just had. We need you to stop leaking your juices quite so much, so I can paint."

Esther hardly seemed concerned about the problem at hand. "Screw fifth period," she said. "You did that so much better than my boyfriend. So fucking much better! Good God! I didn't know it could be so good. Kim was right. You're such a fucker! I thought my boyfriend was pretty studly, but he can't make me cum like that in five minutes flat."

Shawn said sarcastically, "I'm sure he would very much appreciate what I did." He rued, "I imagine he's going to find out and beat me up." Shawn pushed Esther's excited hands away and got his paintbrush and paint.

"No, he's not like that. He's very understanding and cool. We've both played around with other partners. Plus, he wouldn't hurt a fly."

Sera disengaged from her muff diving to speak up. "Esther, I thought you were all prudish! And you were so disapproving of the punishment idea."

"I admit, I'm slow to get started, but once I get going, I really get going."

"I noticed," said Shawn. "I'm starting to paint you, so please slow down that engine just a bit."

"Okay," said Esther, "but only if we have some more fun after you're done. Promise me you'll fuck me again. And again and again and again! Any time you want. Please! Fuck me! "

Shawn contemplated having a second fuck with her. So much for saving myself until after school, he thought. But one fuck right now is all I should do, or I'll be all wiped out again. Now that he had more time, he also contemplated, I'm really going through the cheerleading squad. Joanna, Kim, Sera, Esther. Hui Shan's in the bag. All that's left is Candice. I like her. Sexy face. Nice body. She'd be a good fuck.

"Sorry Esther, I can't make any promises 'cos of the lack of time." Shawn quickly painted Esther's pussy lips. There wasn't much painting to do, now that the lips were fully visible. "Okay, that's it," he said after only a minute or two. "But you'll have to keep them dry."

"I guess that means more fucking is out, at least for the moment," Esther realized. "But would you like to stick your thing in my mouth?" She made a big inviting "O" with her lips.

"No, we can't do anything more right now, or you'll get too excited and ruin the paint job."

"Don't say that! I want more! Oh come on, just a little bit. I just want to taste it."

Sera was busy with Kim's body again, but she was overhearing, and commented, "Shawn, I hope you're not planning on leaving here without giving me what you just gave Esther."

Kim piped up, "Me too! You haven't been fucking me nearly enough lately."

But Esther had the advantage of location. She grabbed at his penis with both hands. It was flaccid for the moment, but she intended to quickly change that. "Please? Fuck me? Please?"

He looked Esther in the eye and answered, "Sorry, maybe some other time." Are all women on Earth such nymphos? Or are cheerleaders a special breed?

Esther got upset, and nearly angry. "Some other time? Some other time?!? No guy ever tells me 'some other time'!" She decided begging might be a more successful strategy. "Please, please, please?"

Shawn wavered. "Well, it is quick drying paint. ... If the paint gets dry enough and I'm still here, and there's still time..."

The paint did dry somewhat, and Shawn had a little bit of time. Kim and Sera were thoroughly involved with each other. So Shawn said, "I suppose the paint is dry enough to stand a little wetness down there. But if I put my penis back in, it'll ruin the paint job for sure. And there's not enough time. But if you want to suck on it for a couple of minutes, I guess that would be okay."

Esther didn't bother with words. She replied by swallowing his penis as far as it could go. She'd gotten to be a pretty good cocksucker by practicing on her boyfriend, and she was determined to give Shawn the best blow job she possibly could, so she'd rise in his books and he'd want to fuck her all the time.

He could have started the blow job earlier, but he didn't want to give her enough time for him to cum again. He figured he had to save himself for more action later in the day. He repeatedly had to urge her to slow down and take it easy.

Sera had set an alarm at the start of lunch, and it went off. Shawn pulled his thick stick out of Esther's mouth, to her utter dismay. But she accepted the intrusion of reality, and quickly moved to put her clothes back on.

As she dressed, she was so happy that she gratefully said, "Thank you so much for letting me do that. It was such a pleasure. Your pre-cum tastes so good. Kim wasn't joking about the taste. I can't wait to get the whole thing."

Shawn was puzzled why she would be thanking him, when she was the one making him feel good. I do not understand what's going on. Period. You fuck a girl once, and it's like she wants to be surgically attached to you for the rest of your life. Geez. What the hell did I do that was so special? Doesn't her boyfriend satisfy her?

Shawn had no idea how badly most of the guys in school fucked. Esther had fucked more than a few of them. He'd truly given Esther an amazing fuck, but it seemed even better than it already was by comparison with all the clumsy and inexperienced lovers she could compare him to.

He put his clothes on faster than any of the women. As he readied to leave, Esther asked, "How about tomorrow at lunch we do this again? I need another touch up job, and I wouldn't exactly mind another fucking!" She winked.

He didn't really know what tomorrow would bring, so he just said, "We'll see." Both Kim and Sera eyed him so hungrily that he thought, If I'm not careful, I'm going to end up getting raped by this bunch. Seriously.

After the blow job was over and Esther had left, Shawn thought to himself ruefully, That fuck was great, but I really shouldn't have agreed to the blow job. Now I'm all excited, and I can't get it down while I'm thinking about these three cheerleaders all acting so hot for me. Now I'm gonna have to suffer in class. I'm beginning to sound like my mom, with her "Okay, just this one time," non-logic. That's 'cos I'm thinking with my penis too much lately, and I'm getting to be a slave to my desires. Just like her, I'm unthinking during the act, and then only afterwards wonder why I did it. That was really dumb. Right on the edge of orgasm with no relief in sight.

Letting out my sexual frustration was great, but I'm not going to be truly satisfied until I can fuck Cheese and Mom on a regular basis. I still can't get over how close we were this morning with that dry hump. Christ. I probably could fuck Mom for real today if I really wanted to, but it wouldn't be right. I shouldn't take advantage of my mom's "just this one time" thinking. At the time it'll feel great, but later she'll hate me for it. Maybe not hate, but she'll feel guilty and disappointed in me, and conflicted, and all around bad. I don't want my mom to be regretful or feel tricked or pushed into the things she does with me. I want her to do it of her own free will. She needs to be okay with it and fully into it. But it's so hard to say no to her luscious body. I guess I'll have to just tide myself over with girls like Esther, until Mom is mentally ready.

Shawn also pondered Esther's personality change. Was this whole thing a set up? Was she acting all coy just so she could fuck me? Maybe. Hard to tell. I'm glad she has a boyfriend already, ‘cos I wouldn't want some kind of Fatal Attraction thing with her chasing me down, attractive as she is. She's really aggressive. Geez!

19-10-2005, 07:20 PM

The last school period of the day brought cheerleader practice. Before the practice started, Joanna took Kim aside when they were in the lockers changing, and moved her to a more private spot. She whispered quietly into Kim's ear, "Guess what happened to me this morning? Vel kissed me right on the lips! Twice. She's totally becoming bi."

Kim asked, "Vel? You mean your..."

"That's the one," Joanna interrupted. She didn't want anyone to say the word "mother" in case someone was somehow listening. "You should see what she's doing to Shawn. She was pumping his cock with one of her hands at the same time she kissed me! I just had to tell somebody, and you're the only one I can tell."

Kim was already worked up from lunch, but this worked her up even more. "You can trust me to keep a secret. Damn, that's just so hot. Can you get me a picture of some more of that?"

"No. Even I can see that would be a security nightmare that Shawn would have my hide for. But who knows. If she keeps going like this, maybe one day we'll just have to invite you over."

Kim bit her lip in excitement at that thought. "Can you just get me a regular picture of her? Maybe in a bathing suit? That'll help me when I masturbate."

Joanna nodded and smiled.

Once cheerleader practice began, Sera took advantage of Esther's change of mood. Although Esther was acting all shy and embarrassed again, Sera now knew of the sexual dynamo lurking underneath and waiting to come out.

Sera and Esther stood on the stage above all the others. Sera clapped her hands to get attention. "Esther has now been properly painted, thanks to Shawn. Esther, why don't you show everyone your newly completed paint job?"

"Do I have to?" whined Esther. She looked like she would die of embarrassment, but she was still riding a post-fuck buzz from lunch, and was very malleable.

"Yes you do," Sera said firmly. Esther slowly, tentatively raised up her skirt, exposing her shaved pussy to the four other cheerleaders standing below them. Actually, they could already see her pussy even before the skirt was lifted, when Esther was just standing there, because they were so much lower, down below the stage. Kim whistled in appreciation and the others grinned.

"Show them what a nice job Shawn did on your pussy lips."

Reluctantly, Esther used a hand to pull her pussy lips open. The contrast between her black painted skin and the pinkish interior of her pussy was startling.

"This is Esther's week to be punished," Sera said, "so I recommend that everyone punish her as much as possible." Turning to Esther, she said, "Hey, did I tell you could put your hands away? Keep your nether lips open." Esther reluctantly obeyed. Then Sera turned back to the crowd. "For instance, if you have an opportunity to stick your finger up her cunt, please do so." Sera led by example, stuffing her fingers into Esther even as Esther continued to hold up her skirt and spread her pussy lips wide in reluctant invitation. Esther's face turned beet red, but she did nothing to stop Sera.

"That's outrageous!" the cheerleader Candice said, angry at the treatment of her best friend. Sera's use of the word "cunt" just made her madder. "How can you do that? It's too humiliating!"

"Candice, if you've got a problem with it, you can come up here and get the same treatment. After all, remember what she did. She almost made fools of us all by tattling. But there is a point to all of this treatment. We need to get her so that she's enjoying herself shaved and naked by the game on Friday, so she can be the best cheerleader she can be. So try to arouse her at every turn. Candice, are you going to cooperate, or not?"

"I, uh, I guess I will. But only because you’re forcing me." She glared back at Sera angrily. She cursed to herself, Fucking bitch. One day she's gonna get what's coming to her. I'm not gonna let her lord over me like this. I'm not a Goddamned wall flower.

Sera smiled to see Candice squirm with hate. She went on, pleasantly, "At least you know who’s boss. But since we’re seeing such reluctance, I want to make sure everyone will obey this order. Joanna, can you come up here?" Joanna walked up to the stage. "And Esther, I want you to bend over the back of that couch, so we can see your ass." Esther did so, though she was dying of shame.

"All right, Jo" – Joanna hated being called "Jo" but the insensitive Sera sometimes forgot, or did it intentionally – "stick your finger in there. That’s an order." Joanna lifted up Esther’s skirt and put a finger in Esther’s pussy. She pretended to be reluctant to preserve her goody-goody reputation, but actually quite enjoyed it. Sera had to finally tell her to stop.

Then Sera made Kim, Hui Shan, and Candice all do the same. Kim and Hui Shan were very amenable to the idea, but Candice was another matter.

Candice was the last one to go. She was still seething at Sera, but obeyed. She said to her best friend, "Please forgive me, Esther. I’m so sorry! I promise I’ll make it up to you, but I don’t want to be kicked off the squad."

"Oh, how touching," Sera said sarcastically. "But Candice you fail to understand she’s being punished. You will not make it up to her or apologize. In fact, since you’re being so stubborn, I’m going to make you put your finger up her ass as well."

"What? That’s so gross! There’s no way."

"There is a way. I swear, if you cross me, I’ll make you regret the day you were born. Being kicked off the squad would be just the start of your troubles. Do it. NOW."

Candice sheepishly and reluctantly stuck her finger up Esther’s anus. "I’m so sorry, Esther," she whispered.

"You still don’t get it, do you?" said Sera testily. "No apologies. I want you to call Esther names. Nasty names. Call her a slut."

Candice closed her eyes, and whispered, "Slut."

"Let’s have some more enthusiasm. Speak louder. And use it in a sentence. And let's see some pumping action with that finger."

"Esther, you’re a slut," Candice said, louder but without conviction. She reluctantly pushed her finger deeper into Esther's butt, and slowly pulled it back.

19-10-2005, 07:23 PM
"Wow. Really creative use of the word there," Sera said sarcastically. "You can do better than that. Tell Esther how much she loves what you’re doing to her."

Candice tried to drum up more enthusiasm for the task. "Esther, you really like this, don’t you? You like how I’m sawing my finger in your butt?" There was silence as Sera waited until Candice sawed with her finger a couple more times. Though she was burning with shame and anger, Candice looked at Sera tentatively to see if she was on the right track.

Sera nodded approvingly, very smug and happy with the situation.

Candice thought to herself, I swear to God, I will get you for this, Sera. You are going to pay for your cruelty. I'm going to play some kind of trick on you, and you won't even know who hit you or how. But she went on, "You’re just a slut who likes to take things up your ass, aren't you? In fact, a finger up the ass just isn't enough for you. You need big things in your asshole. Big, nasty things. You need both your holes filled, don’t you? How does this feel?" Candice rammed a finger from her other hand into Esther’s pussy even as she kept pistoning a finger in and out of her anus, going faster now.

"Oh, Candice, no!" moaned Esther. She thought, Ohmygod, what's happening to Candice? She's my best friend! What's come over her?

"Shut up, bitch!" Candice answered surprisingly fiercely. Unconsciously she was channeling her anger at Sera into Esther. "You like it. Admit that you like it, and that you even love it!" Candice rammed her fingers in and out of Esther, harder and harder. Candice had gotten quite aroused watching all the other cheerleaders frig Esther, but she'd kept it bottled up inside. Now that was feeding her behavior too, and everything was coming out of her all at once.

"No, Candice, no! Don’t!" Esther cried.

"You love it! Admit it!" Candice yelled. She no longer needed Sera’s encouragement, but was seriously getting into frigging her best friend. In fact, she’d completely forgotten about Sera altogether, and kept pistoning and yelling at Esther for several minutes. Both fingers went at Esther's holes with complete abandon.

"Look how you thrust your hips back. SLUT! Fucking tramp! You want more, don’t you? You’re begging for it! You love it!"

Candice was right: Esther in fact was thrusting her hips as if she needed to be penetrated deeper and harder. A part of her was enjoying it, even as her conscious mind was screaming not to. She was so confused that she could hardly think, and just let waves of mixed feelings wash over her.

"You fucking whore!" Candice yelled. "Making me do this because you can't keep a secret! You just did it because you want us to all fuck you! Fucking cunt!"

Esther's knees buckled as she was hit by a massive orgasm. She fell to the ground, but Candice fell down as well, and kept her fingers going, ramming the pussy and butt holes nearly violently. Esther's face was bursting with excitement and lust even as she moaned and shrieked as if she were in her death throes.

Candice cried, "Slut! Bitch! You love it! Admit it, you lesbo! Lesbo slut! Cum dumpster! You belong on your knees!"

Sera had been watching intently, amazed at what Candice was saying and doing. But now she interrupted, "Okay, that’s enough. Very good, Candice." The situation was slipping out of her control. Within minutes she'd gone from prodding Candice to having to stop her.

Candice pulled her fingers out, and stood there, dazed. She looked around at the other cheerleaders, who were staring at her in shock. Seeing the others snapped her out of her erotic possession. She cringed and blushed. She muttered, "Um, yeah. Uh, I’m sorry Esther. Sera made me do it. I’m really sorry." To herself she thought, What just happened to me there? I'm never gonna live this down! Esther especially is going to hate me. Did I just destroy our friendship? May God curse that fucking bitch Sera. This is all her fault. She is soooo dead. I am going to get her for this if it's the last thing I do!

Sera commented, "Candice, you still don’t understand about apologizing, but I’ll let it slide this time since you executed the rest of my orders so well, not to mention I wouldn't want to have you do that again. Now Esther, get down off of the stage, and let’s begin our practice."

To herself, Sera thought, I didn't see that coming with Candice. Is everyone on this team secretly a sexual dynamo or what? How odd! I guess I picked a good team. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I picked them mostly not on skill but by how much they turned me on.

Esther hopped off the edge of the short stage. She kept her head down and refused to make eye contact with anyone, especially Candice. Now that the experience was over, she was already starting to wonder how she could have enjoyed any of the experience. But she didn't blame her friend. She walked up to Candice and whispered in her ear, "Don’t worry, I forgive you. None of us can cross Sera." Then she nervously moved away, for fear of more punishment from the head cheerleader.

19-10-2005, 07:24 PM

Sera announced to the group, "Today, we're going to do some warm up exercises, and then some running outside. But first, Hui Shan, what are you doing wrong?"

Hui Shan was the cheerleader now standing closest to Esther. She shrugged cluelessly.

Sera chided, "You're forgetting something. Since you're next to Esther, please continue with her punishment."

Hui Shan casually reached under Esther's skirt and began frigging Esther as if it was no big deal. Esther didn't say a word, but she didn't seem happy, either. A few were amazed at what an experienced hand the supposedly innocent and naïve Hui Shan seemed to have at this, but others, such as Joanna, knew very well about Hui Shan's newfound experience with fingering pussies. Esther continued to acquiesce to the treatment, even as she squirmed and blushed.

Candice however, was only further shocked and appalled. Shocked at Esther's apparent enjoyment, and appalled that Sera was corrupting Hui Shan. There was an unwritten rule that Hui Shan was protected from all things sexual, and Sera was blowing right past it. No one seemed the slightest concerned, not even Joanna. Candice thought for sure she'd entered a Twilight Zone of insanity.

Every moment of the practice, as long as they were in the theater room and not jumping about doing a routine, Sera made sure one of the cheerleaders kept their fingers pumping up inside Esther's pussy. Even if they only stood around for a few seconds between routines, someone plunged a finger into Esther.

But halfway through class, during a longer break in their routines, Esther whispered to Candice, "Please make it stop."

Candice could hardly believe her ears - Esther's body certainly seemed to be reacting favorably. Esther was panting heavily, and her thighs were sticky with all the juices flowing out. "What?" Candice asked, uncomprehendingly. She'd had a finger in her friend's vagina at the time, but quickly took it out.

"Yes, I'm wet," Esther grudgingly conceded, "but that doesn't mean I'm enjoying this. I just don't swing this way. Not only that, but where's the love? I'm a romantic, and there's nothing romantic about this. Sex should be fun, but Sera isn't making it fun. I know that I am to blame. But I just want it to stop."

Candice was very upset to hear this. It occurred to her, This means... This means that I, she... Oh no! I've been a willing participant in all of this! Worse, I've been enjoying it. How horrible. I totally getting into this lesbian stuff, and I just assumed that Esther was. I thought that she and I... Oh no! Disaster! Is our friendship over? She doesn't seem that upset, but what if she realizes I wasn't just acting before? I must really have a dark side. ... I've got to DO something!

Candice stood up, straightened out her cheerleading uniform, and went over to the head cheerleader. "Sera, this has to stop. This has gone too far! Don't you see that Esther isn't enjoying herself?"

Sera laughed, snorting, "What, we're all here for her enjoyment? She sure seemed to enjoy fucking Shawn earlier, while I just had to sit by and watch. She committed a crime, and now she has to pay."

"I thought you'd say that," Candice replied unhappily. "Let me make you a deal, right here, right now, in front of everyone. Let me take over Esther's punishment. I'll do whatever you want her to do, and double. I do anything you want. Just leave Esther alone!"

Sera looked Candice over intently, as she considered the idea. "But Esther was the one who did the crime. She should be the one to pay," she pointed out.

"I'll take care of Esther in my own way, so she'll never do it again, I promise." Candice was very insistent and pleading.

Sera seemed to waver, and then finally conceded. "Okay. Let it not be said that I have no heart. Fine. Go ahead."

Candice jumped up and down and yelled "Woo hoo!" Esther leapt up from where she was sitting and the two of them hugged while Esther thanked Candice profusely.

"Hey, hey," Sera eventually butted in. "It's not all wine and roses, here. Don't get so excited."

The two paused and looked at Sera to see what she would say.

"First off, you two, what I say goes. And rule number one is that neither of you get to fuck Shawn. Period. The more you fuck him the less I do, and I don't like that."

"But wait..." Esther began, but Sera cut her off.

"No buts. This is the law. Second, Candice, you'll take over Esther's spot. Shave your pussy tonight, and tomorrow we'll bring Shawn back in here to paint you. But your punishment won't end on Friday, since you've missed some of the week already. I'll think of more to do with you later. Esther, you'll keep your paint job and go to the game like that, but nobody's going to touch you from now on if you don't want to be touched, okay? But you're not going to complain or say a word to anyone else when the rest of us are enjoying themselves. And we're going to be doing that a lot from now on."

"Okay," Esther agreed. It isn't much of a deal, the important thing is that Sera's gonna stop abusing me. I can live with the game if she quits trying to drag me into her weird sex games. But what about Candice? Now she's gonna pay! What have I done agreeing to this? Maybe I should say no, before Candice has to...

Candice saw the look of concern come over her friend's face, and could guess her thoughts. "Don't worry, Esther. Don't mind me. The thing is, I'm kind of getting into this. I think I just might enjoy some of Sera's punishments. I hope you don't think less of me, but that's how it is."

Sera spoke up, "We'll see. I'm not here for your amusement either. I'm here for my own. And I see that hateful look in your eye, Candice. If you agree to this, you have to swear you're not going to get back at me in any way. You're freely agreeing here. And you're not going to tell a soul about any of this. Especially not Shawn."

Kim, Joanna, and Hui Shan were all intently watching from a short distance away. Sera now spoke to them. "That goes for the rest of you. None of your say anything to anyone. And Joanna, you are NOT going to tell your brother about this. Is that clear? You saw how I found out about Esther telling secrets. If you tell Shawn, he's gonna start behaving differently, and I'll pick it up right away. Then it'll be your ass."

"Okay, fine," Joanna agreed. "If that's what makes Esther and Candice happy. I'm so sorry, Esther. I didn't realize. I thought you were enjoying it." The others all joined in with profuse apologies to Esther. Hui Shan seemed especially sad about the whole thing.

Esther spoke up. "Listen, I'm not traumatized or anything. No need to apologize. It's just that everyone was assuming that I'd be bisexual, but I'm not. Sure, I get aroused if someone stimulates me, but I'm not REALLY aroused, if you know what I mean. So, no offense, but I'll just sit this kind of stuff out, if that's okay with all of you. And thanks again, Candice. What a true friend."

Candice didn't feel much like a good friend, though. If only you knew how much I was getting into calling you names and stuff, Esther. You wouldn't call me a friend! Sera really opened a Pandora's Box. I think I may have romantic feelings for you, and now it turns out you're not bisexual in the slightest! What a fucking horrible day! And now I'm under the thumb of Sera, that total bitch, and I can't even get back at her for all her evil deeds. And I can't fuck Shawn either. I was so looking forward to that. AND I'll be humiliated at the football game on Friday, and beyond. How can this get any worse! At least I've redeemed myself a bit in Esther's eyes. It's going to take a long time before I redeem myself in my own eyes, though.

Esther seemed happy now and didn't realize how troubled Candice was feeling. She asked Sera, "About this no fucking Shawn rule - doesn't that depend on Shawn? What if he comes in here tomorrow and wants to fuck me or Candice? How are you going to stop him?" Esther was still thinking about her incredible fuck, and was determined to get a repeat performance.

"You're right that I can't stop Shawn," Sera conceded. "But if he wants to do that, the two of you will politely turn him down. You both have boyfriends - say you don't want to cheat on them. Shawn is such a gentleman that he's not going to go against that. And he's not much of a liar either, so I'll know if you told him something behind my back. Sera sees all!" She cackled dramatically, in a semi-parody of her image amongst the cheerleaders. Most everyone else in the school knew her as aloof, but didn't realize just how self-serving she was.

After more discussion, they went back to the cheerleading practice. Whatever sexual mood there was had been broken, so the rest of the practice passed by without incident.

Sera felt a bit bad about her treatment of Esther. She'd assumed from the way Esther was randy as a goat around Shawn that she was very sexual, all around. But though she was proven wrong and felt apologetic, she was too proud to actually apologize.

Candice put on an untroubled face, but after all the other cheerleaders left, she stayed behind. Sitting on the floor, she pondered her situation.

I don't regret that I made that deal with Sera. I AM regretful for acting like such a fool earlier. What on Earth came over me? This is like the worst day of my life, and I can't even tell Esther all about it, like I usually do. I have to keep my feelings a secret.

This is all Sera's fault. These feelings for Esther would have never come out had it not been for her. I don't know how or when, but some day I'm gonna give her her comeuppance. But as for now, I'm basically that bitch's bitch. That fucking she-devil! I don't know how I'm gonna stand it, but I'll have to be tough, for Esther's sake. I can take whatever she can dish out. Gotta keep my end of the deal.

19-10-2005, 07:25 PM

Shawn was blissfully unaware of all the dramas going on amongst the cheerleaders. He walked home since he'd been given a ride there that morning. He actually enjoyed the respite during the walk as a rare chance to be alone and think.

Amazing that it's still only halfway through Tuesday. How will my penis ever make it to Saturday? If this is being grounded, I wish I could be grounded more often. I'm actually kinda glad I can't go to Kim's for the "Service Shawn Club" this week, ‘cos there's only so much I can take. And there's another appointment with Caelist on Friday, too. I can almost hear the sound of my grades in freefall, splatting onto the ground. I've got a couple of big tests on Friday, and I haven't even started to study for the SATs or apply to colleges. How can I juggle it all?

I mean, all I'm doing and thinking is sexual. Why, the sheer amount of milk and juice I've been drinking lately so my penis won't run out of cum - it's insane. And now, whenever Mom says, "Tiger, would you like another glass of milk?," it takes on a whole new meaning. I imagine her patiently waiting for it to run through my system so she can suck it out of my penis. And I get so aroused. Being handed a glass to drink is actually arousing. Every fucking single thing is arousing! I'm going to flunk out of everything in life, except getting aroused.

He sighed, and thought with mixed emotions, There's no doubt I'm getting pretty good at that.

When Shawn arrived at the front door of his house, his mother was waiting for him, and had a couple of brownies ready for him to eat. Nudity had become so common that it wasn't so surprising that her outfit, an apron, now left her chest completely exposed. But in fact it was the first time she had worn clothes where there wasn't even the slightest pretense of covering up her privates, and she looked unusually embarrassed about it, and unusually nervous as well. For one thing, Vel never owned this type of clothing before, but thanks to Cheese's recent purchases, she had lots of these types of clothes.

Shawn momentarily had the desire to say sexy and nasty things to her in response to her new look. But he realized that it took a big leap of courage for her to go this far, and the best response was just to act as if it was a perfectly normal thing until she got more used to it.

"Hi Tiger," she said, "How was your day?" She walked up to him as she said this, and kissed him on the cheek as she usually did. But then she kissed him on the lips, and even briefly tongued him. She rubbed her body up against his, making sure to slide her hard nipples up against his T-shirt.

"Whoa," said Shawn. He was used to his goodnight kisses, but a kiss during the day was a welcome surprise. "It just got a lot better. What was that for?"

"Cheese told me today that I need to be more friendly when greeting people, so I'm trying to change my ways. Especially when it comes to kissing. You like?" When she asked, "You like," she wasn't just speaking of the brief but intimate kiss. She stepped back a few feet and pirouetted around to show off her new apron. It was a specially designed erotic apron, which had cloth in areas to highlight the fact that there was no cloth covering the tits or ass.

What she didn't add was Cheese's advice that she could do just about anything with Shawn short of straight intercourse, and the more she did, the healthier it would be for the both of them. She wanted to break new barriers right away, but was a little bit afraid how. She'd never been fucked in the tits or in the ass, or even had her pussy licked. Her husband was as bad of a lover as he was an infrequent one.

"I most definitely like," Shawn said. "You look even sexier than you did this morning! I couldn't imagine that was even possible. I like how it exposes and hides at the same time."

Vel laughed. "Well it doesn't hide that much. It mostly exposes. About the only thing it tries to hide is this." She lifted up the front of the apron and showed off her pussy.

"Mmm, that’s one spot I’m like to get to know a lot better." Shawn was struck by how willing she was now to show herself off like this, despite her nervousness. He figured the fashion show in particular had done wonders to get her to enjoy showing herself off.

"Now, now, Shawn, remember that I’m your mother. We have to have limits." She still held the apron up, and even wiggled her hips a bit, greatly diminishing her authority to talk seriously about limits.

"Do you remember what we did this morning?" They both knew that he was referring to their dry hump.

"Do I? How could I possibly forget? But I'm serious. We can do many things, but we can't do that again. I just don't think I have the self-control to get that close to you know what. Sorry about that Tiger."

He frowned. She seemed unusually determined to actually maintain this restriction. She felt safer with anal sex, even, than more dry humping.

To compensate for his disappointment, she moved back to him and draped her arms around his shoulders. Her aroused nipples again poked firmly into his chest. Shawn wished his shirt was off so he could feel skin against skin. "How's our little friend doing? Are you going to keep him locked up in those shorts forever?"

"Forever? I've been home a total of two minutes. He's doing fine now, thanks to you," Shawn said as he took his shorts and underwear off. "I still have four times to go to make eight today."

Vel did some quick math and frowned, realizing he must have gotten off in school again without her. She'd noticed from the chart on his wall that he appeared to get one check each day while in school, and sometimes even two. But she hadn't asked him about it, respecting his privacy, even though she was dying to find out who was helping out, and where and how. She realized getting off wouldn't be an easy thing to accomplish in the middle of a crowded high school.

Shawn's penis sprang out, and Vel enveloped it with her hands even before it had stopped bouncing from being freed. Shawn asked half seriously, "Mom, how on earth do you expect me to concentrate at school, when I know I have someone so hot waiting to help me at home?"

Vel was fishing for more compliments. "Don't talk about your sister that way," she replied, knowing that wasn't his meaning.

"Mom, I'm talking about you! Joanna is gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but you're like one of the all time greats. The greatest beauties of all time. Like Marilyn Monroe or something. I can hardly stand it. One of these weeks I'm going to have to get sick so I can stay home with you all day, every day. Just so I could play with your perfect body."

Vel blushed and trembled with joy. "You say the nicest things! But your studies come first. Why don't we get your penis irregularity check done now so you can hit the books. Then we can enjoy the regular cocksucks later on without having to worry about doing that. You have such a silver tongue, but maybe I can show you that my tongue is good for a thing or two as well." She dragged him by the penis up the stairs and down the hallway, towards his room.

"Not so fast, Mom; I haven't gotten your attention yet." He reached forward and grabbed her ass. They made their way through the house laughing and joking, with him attached at her ass somewhat like a two person conga line.

19-10-2005, 07:27 PM
Vel thought to herself, His hands on my ass! So natural. They belong there. What I really need is to have him FUCK me right up the ASS! Right now I should just tell him, "Excuse me Tiger, but your mother really needs it. Your mommy needs your big fat cock deep up her butt. Fuck my asshole, please! Do your mommy's butt deep! So deep!" But I'm afraid. It's gonna hurt. I know it's gonna hurt. And he might hate me for being a weirdo. He probably hates the idea of anal sex. I know he does. I wonder if there's a way to change that. He sure likes my butt, at least.

When they reached the door to Shawn's room, Shawn pushed her past it. "Let's use your room," he said. Shawn found the idea of doing sexual things to his mother in her own bed even more exciting that doing the same things in his own.

As he stood there with his hands roaming her ass while she played with her nipples, he said, "You know, Mom, there’s something extra sexy about this apron. I hope you wear it a lot. It’s so sexy, but at the same time it reminds me that you’re my mother, who cleans my clothes and cooks my food. And that makes me so happy. Plus, it shows off just how huge your luscious tits really are."

She smiled a wide smile. "It makes me happy too. And I’m so proud that my tits can give you such joy. I used to almost hate my tits, but now I love them." Her thoughts began to drift. Cheese said it's okay if he fucks my tits. He needs to start doing that immediately. I don't know how it's gonna feel, but it's less scary than anal sex. Shawn, be a good boy and fuck your mommy's hooters. Do it now!

But she didn't let on as to what she was thinking. She merely smiled benignly, and said, "I must admit, I've been fighting it, but I’m so glad about your treatment needs. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I've never felt so happy, so alive, as I have been in the last few weeks."

"Me too, Mom. Me too. I love you so much!"

Shawn stood behind her and felt her butt again, since it was the only thing he was technically allowed to touch. He worked his way towards the center of her rear and ended by sticking a finger into her anus.

"Shawn, I’m your mother!" Vel cried in dismay. "If you respect and appreciate me, you’ll do that more often." It took a few seconds for Shawn to register that she was saying the opposite of what he was expecting she’d say, and that her dismay was feigned.

"That’s a joke, Shawn," she continued. "I know I’m not very good at them, but I’m working on it." She thought, Cheese says it's okay if Shawn has my butt. It's okay! Shawn, take my butt and do crazy things to it. Get sexy all over your mommy's ass! Take out your finger, and put your cock inside me instead! Fill me with cock! Mommy wants to be a butt slut! Take my butt and fill it with your beefy rod!

But outwardly, Vel again only gave a contented, motherly smile. Shawn didn't have the slightest clue about the thoughts raging in her head.

"You’re the best, Mom," Shawn replied. "Not a lot of moms would be willing to help out so much with a son’s medical troubles. … By the way, I like this big bow on your back. What would happen if I undid it?"

She was horny beyond belief, and nearly jumped with joy that he'd finally mentioned the bow. "I don’t know, since you've never undone it before. It holds the apron together. If you do that, my clothes will fall off. If that happens, I imagine I’ll have to fall naked on the bed and suck your cock quite a lot."

"I could think of worse things that could happen," Shawn said jokingly as he undid the bow.

19-10-2005, 07:28 PM

Sure enough, the apron fell down as he undid the bow (she helpfully pulled the straps of the apron off of her shoulders at the same time). Vel laid herself down, spread eagled on her double bed. She put her knees wide apart, and made sure to give him a good look of her pussy lips. "Just what do you plan to do to me here?" she asked seductively. "Are you having unwholesome thoughts about your mommy? Your cocksucking loving, penis hungry-mouthed mommy?"

He crawled close between her legs and had a good look at her pussy. But she didn't want him to just look. She rolled onto her back and stuck her ass up into the air, visually inviting him to "get her attention" yet again. "Your mommy is having some very naughty thoughts about you right now. I think you need a big reward for saying such nice things about her." She couldn't get over the fact he'd compared her to the likes of Marilyn Monroe, and it made her giddy.

"That’s all I do all day, is have unwholesome thoughts about you. But I love you. And I keep my promise to respect your boundaries." Shawn took off his last bits of clothing and hopped up behind her. He grabbed her butt with both hands and began kneading it. Emboldened by her frisky move, after a few minutes he reached out and cupped her pussy.

She thought, Oh no, he's gonna fuck me for sure. I'm going too far. No self control whatsoever. I have to pull back a bit. "I love you too, Shawn. But boundaries, remember the boundaries," she told him reluctantly but sternly. "You were just saying how you respect them."

Shawn was a bit surprised. He'd never seen her so eager. But he obeyed her wishes, and pretended that he was obeying the "boundaries" all along. "I know, Mom, I am respecting them. I'm just getting some lubrication." He wiped up some of her pussy juices onto his fingers and then plunged a slippery finger into her anus.

"Uh!" she groaned. "I guess that's ... uh!… okay then. But don't go too far and force me to stop what we're doing. There's just one place you shouldn't touch!" He pushed his index finger in and out of her butt hole. Using the excuse of getting a good grip, his other fingers brushed her skin on both sides. Since her pussy was mere inches away from her anus, that meant his thumb lightly rested on her slit most of the time.

"I wouldn't think of it, Mom," he finally said. He let his thumb "accidentally" run up and down her slit.

Vel began thrusting her ass up into the air in time with his finger's proddings. Using the excuse of probing deeper into her ass, he tightened the grip of his other fingers, causing his thumb to slightly slip into her pussy lips. But to his disappointment, she quickly said, "I think someone's idea of boundaries is getting a little too blurry. If a neighbor were able to look in the windows right now, they might get the mistaken impression that you and I were doing something incestuous." She said this with either great self-deception, ironic understatement, or both.

She raised her butt even higher, and Shawn just concentrated on her anus for a while. She thought, You know, right now if I wanted to, I could say to him, "Fuck me in the ass." And it would happen. He'd probably get over his anal sex phobia and do my ass. But what would my mother think about that? She would just die of horror and shame. Or my father? He would kill me! What if they could see me now? ... Oh dear, why did my parents have to pop into my head?

Thoughts of the ass were now momentarily tainted for Vel by the thoughts of her parents, so she decided to do something else. "I'm going to roll over." Shawn removed his hands from her ass and let her roll over.

"Your turn to lie down," she said. "Someone's a little too overheated, so I'm going to calm him down."

Shawn laid his head on his mother's pillow, and watched as she crawled towards him on all fours across the big bed. He was delightfully reminded that the only thing she was still wearing was high heels.

She climbed up a little past his groin so her boobs were hanging down right where his penis was poking up. She grabbed her tits and pressed them around his penis. But such contact (technically a violation of her own boundary rules) was all too brief for Shawn. She said, "Oopsie! How did that happen?" and she soon scooted back a bit so her mouth was over his tool. She added, "If you continue to be a good boy, I just might have to move the boundaries just a bit. We might have to allow you to fuck Mommy's big tits. But right now she wants your slippery hardness in her mouth too much to play around." She took him in and began sucking.

Shawn decided that if she was almost okay with tit fucking, she wouldn't mind a little tit groping. So he hefted her weighty, hanging tits, and grasped them tightly while she furiously licked. He could just barely reach them, but she readjusted her body a bit to give him better access. From the get-go it was all he could do not to shoot his load, so most of his concentration centered on his PC muscle, and preventing a semen explosion.

After a while, she stopped for a moment to rest her jaw and said, "Now, just because I’m sucking your cock on the bed where your father and I conceived you, don’t think this makes you a replacement for my husband. For starters, he doesn't even want me to suck him off. The idiot. For another thing, I’d rather have you here than him any time, but you have to realize we can only do this on my bed on special occasions. Boundaries, you know."

Even as she said this, she had the sense that particular boundary was crumbling. "To call you a replacement for that loser would be an insult to you! I wonder if I should break it to him that I've become addicted to the taste of my son's sperm…" She resumed her sucking.

"Um, Mom, are you forgetting that I’m adopted?"

"Yes, I am. Now, don’t question what your mommy says to you. And don’t make her talk. Just make her suck your meat. That’s what mommies are best at."

She smiled to herself contentedly, and resumed sucking again. Whenever she had his penis in her mouth, she felt like she entered some kind of special land. A perfect utopia with no trouble or distractions. All that mattered was the penis, and she was overwhelmed by waves of joy and love. Nothing else entered her mind but the sexual feelings in her mouth, her mauled boobs, and her tingling pussy.

Shawn looked down and saw her still on all fours, her chest now pressed down on his thighs and her ass high up in the air. He reluctantly let go of her tits since they were pressed up against him too firmly for him to fondle them properly. He wanted to grope her ass, but it was past his knees and too far away. So he stroked the silky smooth skin on her back.

She pulled her body slightly away from his, so now her nipples still touched the tops of his legs, but the rest of her boobs swayed enticingly. With such a sight before him, and the increasingly practiced things she was doing with her mouth, he suddenly felt inspired to say, "You know, Mom, I'm serious about what I said about your beauty. Sometimes looking at you is so overwhelming I think I'm going to faint. I try not to think about you at all at school any more, because I just can't function if I do."

She stopped what she was doing, and moved up his body, kissing him all the way. After she planted kisses up his neck and chin, she put her mouth right above his, and then stopped. With her mouth an inch above his, she asked, "You're just saying that, aren't you? I know. I know you're a tit man, and you only love Mommy because of her big hooters." She pulled back from his face, which disappointed Shawn greatly, but he didn't completely mind because she put on a nice display for him. Sitting up over him, she clutched at her boobs with her hands and squeezed them together and up, proudly pushing them toward her face.

Shawn was going to protest her comments, but he was left breathless by her beauty. She smiled and closed her eyes, allowing him all the time in the world to luxuriate at the sight of her bare chest.

He reached tentatively forward with a hand. She opened her eyes and saw this, then grabbed the hand and firmly pulled it into her chest. Then she grabbed the other one, and rubbed his inert hands all over her tits.

The hands didn't stay inert for long. "No, Mom, that's not true," he finally managed to say, as his hands rubbed her tits together with her hands still over his. "Yes, your tits are fantastic, and I fantasize about them, like, every second of the day. I swear, my IQ must have gone down ten points in the last week alone, just from my brain thinking about your tits. Probably another ten points from thinking about Cheese's, too. But there's so much more to you. Every inch of you is perfect, inside and out."

She giggled with pure happiness. "Ten points, eh? Is that all? I must be doing something wrong. Maybe I need to let you play with them more often." She leaned forward and kissed him, but only for a second. Then she said, more to herself than to him, "Maybe you need to suck them and milk them every single day. Yes. You do."

She kissed him passionately on the lips, but before he could really react to that, she pulled away and scooted a couple of feet down his body. "I didn't just kiss you," she giggled as she scooted down. "I'm only allowed to do that at our nightly tuck and suck." She thought to herself, What's with me today? I just feel so playful and naughty, even before he came home. I just want to do everything with him, and now Cheese says I can! I'm going to make this a Tuesday neither of us will ever forget.

19-10-2005, 07:29 PM
She tried to get serious, and said in an authoritative tone, "Now, Tiger, in all seriousness, you have to understand. Your mother has needs. And one very important need is that you have to love my tits. They need to be groped and sucked and fucked every day. Seriously. They neeeeed it. They want your attention. Do you want to fuck your mommy's tits? Do you think you can handle that?"

Shawn gulped. "Um, I can try." A combination of sudden nervousness and surprise made his voice crack on the word "try." It was the first time it had happened to him in weeks. Both of them laughed at this reminder of his youth.

She held his penis in both hands and placed her mouth right over it. "Now look what you did. You got me so excited with even more compliments that I completely forgot about the most important thing, which is sucking your cock. Speaking about fantasizing every second of the day, that's all I ever think about any more. You think your IQ is going down? The only thing on my mind anymore is this juicy, yummy, yummy fuck stick!" She wrapped her mouth around it, and took it as deep as she could. Both of her hands did delightful things to his balls as the head of his penis tickled the back of her throat.

As she sucked, she made up a little song in her head:

I am Shawn's whore
I'm going to suck him, more, more, more
I am Shawn's slut
He's going to fuck me up the butt
I am Shawn's wench
He'll cum on me until I'm drenched
I am Shawn's toy
Sucking him's the greatest joy
I am Shawn's mom
I suck with my clothes off or on
I am Shawn's cow
Gonna suck his prick like I don't know how
I am Shawn's bitch
His cum is thick, the taste is rich

She made up verse after verse, repeating previous verses until she came up with a new word to rhyme, and then the new verse would get tacked on at the end. Finally Shawn neared climax and she had to concentrate fully on pleasing him. It didn't take long for Shawn to start cumming.

Shawn gripped the sheets tightly as Vel’s head madly bobbed and she sucked him dry. Shawn actually passed out from the ecstasy of it all.

Minutes passed. For once, Vel didn't feel any post-coital guilt, but instead went back to singing her song, over and over. She held the huge mouthful of her son's seed and let the slick goo roll over and over her tongue. She rubbed her tits and pulled on her nipples, hoping she could make them even bigger for her son's benefit. Her song played over and over again as she tweaked her nipples and savored the tang delighting her taste-buds.

Shawn lay there with his eyes closed, savoring the feelings of her best blow job yet. He woke up and felt two huge mountains pressed into his chest, and a leg wrapped around one of his own. He remembered where he was, and could hardly handle how good it made him feel. I'm in my parent's bed. I'm Mom's new lover. She's never going to fuck Dad again. I can tell. Someday soon I'll be spending all my nights in this bed, at least when I'm not with Joanna. This is so awesome. This even makes the excellent fuck with Esther pale in comparison.

He opened his eyes and patted her on the head. She cooed happily in response, as she continued to snuggle next to him. Then he said, "Mom, you sucked so good there I think you actually bent light."

She giggled happily and responded, "Your mommy is your cum junkie. She's addicted to your sperm."

"You mean semen, don't you?"

"No, I mean sperm. It sounds more naughty. Your mommy loves you so much that she wants to do very naughty things to you. Yes. Very, very naughty things."

That returned Shawn to full awareness. He looked around the room as if for the first time and saw his sister standing in the doorway. She was fully clothed (by the relative standards of the Chen house) and doing nothing more than staring at them intently. "Hi Sis," he said.

Vel jerked her head up in surprise, briefly shocked and embarrassed. She'd been caressing his front side lovingly, tracing the paths of his muscles along his stomach and upper chest. But seeing that it was only her daughter, her fear quickly drained away. "Oh, it's you. How are you doing, Angel?"

Joanna laughed. "Pretty good, Mom. Glad to see you still use your mouth for talking, too."

Vel, moving to her usual spot between Shawn’s legs, grabbed Shawn's now semi-hard penis and began rubbing it against her cheek dreamily, flaunting her position with Shawn in front of her daughter.

He gave his PC muscle a little squeeze and forced a stream of pre-cum ooze to bubble out of his dick head while Vel was rubbing it back and forth along her face. She felt oddly proud that Shawn would want to "mark" her in front of his sister. She used his hard cock as a paintbrush and smeared the slick coating all over her lips, allowing the heavy aroma to carry her away. "Cover me in cum," she whispered, as she imagined a bucket of her son's cum dumped over her head.

The only thing bringing her back to reality was that she was a bit miffed at Joanna's slight jibe. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "Can't you see Mommy is very busy?"

"I can see that," her daughter answered, giggling. "I was just checking to see who was home. I thought you two would be in Shawn's room."

"We're doing just fine in here," Vel answered, licking his penis from top to bottom. "It doesn't matter where I am as long as I'm between my Tiger's legs." She went on in a voice as if talking to a baby. "Big bad tiger. Aren't you a scary, big tiger, Shawn? The scary wary mean old tiger wants to eat Mommy all up. Starting with her pussy."

She turned back to her daughter. "Now if you could leave us in private. Shawn needs my hole. ... Um, I mean, my whole attention," she said giggling, purposely making the mistake. She was surprised that she'd made a word play.

"Okay," said Joanna. "But remember those boundaries you keep warning us about, Mom. When you said you want to do very naughty things, that sounds dangerous to your own rules. I think I'll check on you two periodically to make sure you're both on the up and up."

"Why don't you do that, dear. I assure you though, that my behavior is perfectly exemplary." Vel giggled after saying this, and looked at her daughter defiantly as she once again ran her tongue up and down Shawn’s shaft.

"Exemplary cocksucking," Shawn joked, and the two of them had a hearty laugh.

Joanna left, a little bit peeved that she couldn't join in on the fun. She was acutely aware of the fact that it was a Tuesday. She'd been mostly cut out by Sera from playing with Esther earlier in the day, so she was a bit testy and unsatisfied. Her mother flaunting Shawn's penis in such an immature way steamed her up in more ways than one.

Shawn was spent however, and told his mother that he felt like a nap before he got it up again. He asked her, "Mom, would it be okay just this once if I could stay where I am and sleep in your bed? I'm so tired."

She responded playfully, "Hmm. So you want to sleep in the same bed as your naked mommy. What would Freud think about that? Hmm. ... Well, okay. I’ll let you since this is a Tuesday, but don’t make it a habit." She decided to nap next to him in her big bed. Shawn took that as a sure signal that their sleeping together would soon would be a regular thing.

As he drifted off to sleep, he thought, It's gonna be so good when I wake up. Mom is totally ready for more sexual games. She's promised a tit fuck, and I'm gonna do it just as soon as my penis bounces back. Not only that, but I'm in my parents' bed. Wild. Mom is certainly feeling more uninhibited that I've ever seen her before. Just how far will I be able to go with her? Is she ready to fuck? If only we could fuck. Maybe I should just take things in hand and make her do it. I KNOW she'd love it, once she got over the shock. But she'd be crying, "No, no" at first, and I couldn't bear that. ... Do it, Shawn! Get some balls. Just fuck her.

He fell asleep and dreamed of nothing but fucking his mother.

Continued in part 16...

19-10-2005, 10:03 PM
yummy nice doube dosage today, unluckyly this caused my O2 mini to drop in the damn toilet while washing my face:eek: gonna send for repairs tomolo sianzz:(

21-10-2005, 02:23 PM
CHAPTER 1 (Tuesday, Nov. 12)

Shawn woke up first. Taking advantage of this fact, he decided to pretend he was still asleep and roll into a more pleasing position. His mother Vel was under the same light sheet as him, but facing away. So he rolled over, draped his arm over her shoulder, and put his hand on her boobs.

He tried to play it cool and act like it had just accidentally fallen there while he slept. But with his hand on such a delightful orb of flesh, he couldn't restrain himself for long. Soon he has subtly squeezing and feeling the skin below his hand.

That woke Vel up, although he had his eyes closed so he didn't know it. Vel opened one eye and saw what he was doing. She realized he was awake by the intent in his hand movements. She pretended to sleep just as he was doing, and thought, Now that's more like it! This is the kind of Tiger I want to see more often. An aggressive Tiger, taking advantage of his mommy while she sleeps. How delightfully naughty! I wonder what he'll do to me next?

She rolled over a bit, so he could have access to her ass. That frightened him at first, but he waited another minute and decided she was still deep asleep. He waited another minute and then scooted his groin up to her butt. He carefully slid his penis along her butt crack, and wedged it in lengthwise (he still had no real conception how much he might enjoy anal fucking). Had she been faced the other way, he might have gone further, but he figured this was the best he could do in the circumstances. He knew how he sounded when he snored thanks to a recording his sister once had made to prove how loud he was, so the whole time he pretended to snore.

Vel was getting so excited that she had a very hard time trying to keep her breathing regular. She was very aware of the penis wedged in her butt, and thought, Damn, I should have rolled the other way. Then he could "accidentally" stick something in my pussy! Oh, Shawn, fuck your sleeping mommy; then I won't have to feel guilty about it, because I never knew it happened!

But, although she fantasized this, it was just a fantasy since of course she would have been fully aware. There was a reason she turned the other way, because she was still protective of her pussy.

She turned her thoughts to his hand on her tit. His pinky rested against her nipple, and moved ever so slightly back and forward, slightly stimulating it. Oooh, she said in pleasure. I wish I could wake up every morning with my Tiger on me like this!

Why don't you? the proverbial devil on her shoulder asked. The angel on the other shoulder had been conspicuously absent lately. The devil continued, The only person stopping that from happening is you. This bed is made for two to share, and God knows your husband is never in it.

A slightly less naughty voice in her head answered, Yeah, that would be nice - in bed with Shawn! But if that happened, he would be fucking me before long.

Her naughty voice pressed, And the downside of that is...? Aren't you his sex toy now? As a sex toy, you have responsibilities and obligations. Are you willing to suck and fuck him every minute of the day, or are you going to let Angel or Cheese win out as his favorite cum receptacle?

I'm trying. I'm trying! But it takes time. I was raised to be such a prude!

Think about all those juicy loads you're going to miss out on. Think of all that yummy cum sliding down your throat that will be sliding down someone else's. Are you going to let him sleep alone each night? Will you let poor Tiger be lonely? So very lonely? Wouldn't you like to wake up every morning with the full feeling of his penis deep inside of you, pounding, hammering, splitting your pussy in two? Or at least, what about the alarm clock? Shawn's special alarm clock. It's your duty to wake him up every day with a blow job. And then a nice, solid fuck! Some people need a cup of coffee to get going in the morning. You need a good motherfucking!

The less naughty voice in her head replied, Don't go there. Not now. Joanna is checking on us today. Checking to make sure Mommy is being good. That drove the completely naughty voice away for the moment. Thinking that Shawn was still asleep, she took his hand and started rubbing it against her boobs. But it just hung there like the arm of a lifeless puppet. She decided that it would be more fun to be sucking his penis and wanted to wake him up so she could. She momentarily pondered giving Shawn the "alarm clock" treatment, but her devilish voice had scared her a bit. So she pulled his lifeless arm to her face and began sucking on his fingers.

"Wake up, Tiger," she said between sucks.

Shawn pretended to wake, even though he already was fully alert. "Where am I?" he asked.

"You're in your mommy's bed. And you have your dick stuck up her butt. You know that's not allowed," she chided him, but neither she nor Shawn made any move to remove it. She continued to suck him one finger at a time, and Shawn found it much more arousing than he would have imagined. "Do you like that, waking up in your mommy’s bed, and doing nasty things to Mommy?" She ground her crotch into the top of his thigh, and slowly slid her pussy up and down his skin. "Do you like filling her holes with such dirty, filthy body parts?"

"You see what I mean about bending the rules?" an unrecognized voice said. Shawn turned around and saw it was coming from his sister. Joanna was now sitting on a sofa near the bed, dressed only in a see-through nightie. She already had it pulled down so all of her tits were exposed. Between Vel and Joanna, Shawn thought for sure he would pass out again, from sheer delight.

Vel pulled away from Shawn reluctantly, and said to Joanna, "Angel, today is my special day with Shawn. You know that. Can't we have some privacy?"

"Not if you're pushing your rules like that. You're acting all weird today. There's even a weird, kind of wild look in your eye. I think I'll have to referee."

"Whatever you like," said Vel, pulling her head down to Shawn’s penis. "Just so long as you leave my Tiger all to me." She said this to Joanna as she once more rubbed his penis up and down her cheeks and then all over her face. She gave Joanna a look that nonverbally said, "Don’t you wish you had this in your hands?" She realized it wasn't very mature, but she couldn't help herself. She liked to literally rub in the fact that she had possession of Shawn’s pole and Joanna didn't.

She was in a strange mood – she was really letting go, and discovering just how wild her wild side was. It was thanks to Cheese's "bend over but don't break" advice that she was letting her hair down so much. But had she thought about it, the effect was not what Cheese promised it would be. Vel was thinking about having intercourse with her son in a more blatant manner than ever before.

Joanna watched attentively, silent but frowning.

After rubbing his penis for a bit longer to get a reaction from her daughter, Vel sat up in bed, and then ran her hands over Shawn’s body under the pretense of changing positions. Once again she positioned her face over Shawn's penis, but feeling extra naughty, she put her body over his instead of getting between his legs as she'd always done before. She bent down and began rubbing his penis with a free hand while she used the other one to prop herself up. Her legs were on either side of his head, just above his shoulders. Her pussy hung a foot above his face, and her boobs dropped down onto his stomach, where the nipples lightly brushed against his skin.

Vel previously wouldn't have trusted either Shawn or herself in this position, but she figured that now the gloves were off, thanks to Cheese's latest advice. Maybe it's time Tiger learns how to be a rug muncher. He's gonna fill his face with Mommy's dripping hot cunt! Oh, I'm gonna love it! That's what I have - a cunt. Not a pussy, but a cunt. Pussies are for pussies. She laughed inwardly at her little joke. Then he's gonna fuck my tits. With Angel refereeing, I don't have to worry that we'll go all the way. Bend me over, Tiger, but don't break me!

But she gave him contrary instructions to her thoughts, just to drive him wild with desire. "You heard what your sister said, Tiger. Keep your hands still and make sure not to touch me in any way." She dropped her face down and began licking his penis.

Joanna had come prepared for such arousing sights. She brought a small bag of sexual accessories with her. She pulled her favorite dildo out of the bag and stuck it in her love box. It was Mr. Excitement - the big black one that Sera originally owned and had somehow come into her possession. It hung out of her hole at least six inches all the time. She soon found herself pistoning it in and out.

21-10-2005, 02:24 PM
Shawn lolled his head to the side and saw his sister pleasuring herself. But as delightful a sight as that was, his attention soon returned to his mother's pussy hanging above his face. He drank in the smell of sex and watched rivulets of cum drip out of it and down her thighs. Vel periodically shook all over, and Shawn realized those were orgasms. When she did this, some of his mother's cum would shake off of her skin, and a few drops flew onto his face.

Her timing was perfect. The closer he came to orgasm (thanks to the workings of her mouth), the lower his mother's pussy appeared to drop down, and that in turn drove him ever closer to the edge. He stuck his tongue up into the air, and was almost able to reach a few stray wisps of hair.

Vel was deliberately and slowly lowering her privates down onto his face, waiting with electric anticipation for the moment when she finally made contact with it. Her legs slowly spread wider and wider, even as her mouth slurped up the sides of his penis.

She thought to herself, Should I really do this? Should I put my pussy, I mean my cunt, right in his face? Even with Joanna as an umpire? Maybe I should do this when she isn't around? ... No. It's important they both know just what a big slut their Mommy is. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll want to punish me. Hopefully Shawn will even give me a spanking. Yes! Tiger is going to spank his naughty mommy! Won't that be good? But not as good as his tongue up my cunt. Oh God, I can almost feel it. It's so close...

At least Vel could still think semi-coherent thoughts. Shawn was so excited and overheated that his brain couldn't think at all. He was running entirely on some kind of primal sexual autopilot, completely incapable of thinking if what he was doing was wrong or not.

Vel slid down another good inch or two. Shawn's tongue was still sticking up, and he suddenly found it in amongst his mother's pussy lips. This pushed him over the edge, and he began to feel an ejaculation welling up within him. Pussy licking was still a new experience for him. He still found it a bit gross, getting his face in all that pubic hair, and had he thought about it, he wouldn't have been eager to repeat the experience. But he wasn't thinking. All he knew was that a big hairy pussy was right in his face, and he had no say in the matter. He had to lick it.

"Foul! Foul!" cried Joanna. "Vel, get your butt up some more!" But Vel was too busy with Shawn's penis in her throat. She could feel that it would begin shooting out semen any second. She stopped merely licking, and swallowed it deeper than ever before.

Joanna hopped up from where she sat, the dildo still sticking out of her. She got up on the bed and tried to push her mother's butt up with both hands. "I said, get your butt up!"

But far from moving her butt up, Vel now appeared to be grinding it down onto Shawn's face. Meanwhile, Shawn's cum was filling her mouth, even as his tongue filled and explored her pussy lips. Her whole body exploded in such a powerful orgasm that it was all she could do to stay conscious and keep sucking his penis. Vel felt her climax arrive with such a force that her pussy juice gushed out of her hot hole and ran into Shawn's mouth just as he was filling hers.

Taking more drastic measures, Joanna plunged two fingers into her mother's pussy right above Shawn's tongue, then she stuck her thumb into Vel's anus. Vel cried out in delight. Grasping Vel's privates like a luggage handle, Joanna pulled her mother's ass up into the air. The rest of her body had no choice but to follow, and Vel finally rose up and away from her son's tongue.

"NoooOOOoooo!" Vel cried like a little child, especially as the surprise movement had forced her mouth off of his penis. Semen was shooting into her face and she barely managed to close her eyes before it stung her there.

Joanna now had Vel's pussy free of Shawn's tongue, and she seemed content with that for the moment. So Vel dropped her mouth back down and resumed sucking Shawn’s stiff pole as it continued to shoot out ropes of cum. The quantity of each rope was sub par compared to his usual standards, but still generous.

Joanna naturally had been pistoning her fingers in and out of both her mother's hot pussy and anus from the very first instant the fingers entered the holes. She could hardly believe the opportunity that had been presented to her. She realized that if Vel complained, she could use the excuse that she'd been trying to lift Vel up the whole time. So she sawed away while Vel finished off Shawn's load and then licked his penis clean.

When she was finished sucking, Vel eventually lifted her whole body up so that she was resting firmly on her knees and elbows.

But still Joanna didn't take her fingers out of her mother's pussy or asshole. Keeping up the pretense, she complained, "I said, get off of Shawn already."

Vel though was too excited to think or respond. The pulsing fingers attacking both her holes caused her to climax in yet another powerful orgasm. Vel was so overcome she yelled, "Mmmff!" She stopped licking her favorite shaft just long enough to shout more coherently, "Yesssss!!!!!" Another gush of Vel's cum covered her daughter's pistoning fingers, allowing them to jack in and out even at a faster pace. It was as if Vel's body was completely abandoning itself to sex, and only a lingering hint of her strict upbringing held her back from becoming an uncontrollable nymphomaniac with both of her children.

Shawn lay exhausted six inches beneath his mother's pussy. His hands were resting and his penis was now lifeless, but he enjoyed the front row view of the double finger fuck nonetheless.

Shortly after her best orgasm of the day, Vel finally said, "Thanks for the help, Angel. I think you can take out your fingers now."

"Are you sure?" Joanna asked, still wiggling the fingers. "Do you promise to behave?" She was playing for time and trying to establish precedence on what she could do in the future. She rubbed her thumb along her mother's clit while trying to dig her fingers deeper into Vel's dripping hole. Her mind screamed, I can't believe I have my finger up my mother's cunt! I'm pumping it like there's no tomorrow and she doesn't care! And her ass! This is so awesome!

Vel's body involuntarily writhed with the new wiggle. "Yes. Mommy has been very naughty, but she promises to be good now. Please let me go."

"Okay, then." Joanna could see no more excuse for delay and her fingers came out with a loud pop. She sucked her mother's juices off of her fingers in full view of Shawn's eyes while Vel's butt still hung up in the air and Vel was facing the other way. Joanna really played up the licking, and gave Shawn a wink.

Finally Vel sat up and moved away, forcing Joanna to stop her licking fun. She ended up lying in the bed next to Shawn.

21-10-2005, 02:28 PM

As Joanna sat back down next to the bed she commented, "You’re acting really weird today, Mom. What would have happened to you two if I hadn't been here? I shudder to think."

"I just shudder," Vel joked, making reference to her many loud, very visible, and intense orgasms. "But Angel. Thank you. Having a referee isn't so bad, I guess."

"No problem."

Vel laughed as she said, "But daughter, you know there are other ways to pick a person up. You don't have to lift mommy up like a bowling ball!!" They all laughed at that.

Vel greatly enjoyed the touch of her daughter. It was the first time she'd felt another woman's fingers insider her pussy (Cheese had probed her asshole earlier in the day). Deep down she wanted more. But she couldn't consciously admit that to herself just yet. She had to ask Joanna to stop or else she figured she would have to admit to herself that she was a lesbian. After what she'd done with Cheese, that wasn't a topic she wanted to think about at all.

She also was pleased with the whole "referee" idea. She didn't have to control her own desires, but could rely on Joanna to intervene. She wished for more. This is great. I can go right to the edge of fucking, and don't have to worry about losing all control. I can't wait until Tiger is fucking me up the butt. Angel would have to watch to make sure he doesn't slip in the other hole. As long as she's watching, I should probably play with her clitoris just a little bit, you know, just to say thanks for keeping an eye out. Oops! I didn't say that. No clit sucking for you, Vel. Not legal. Boundaries. Lesbianism. Bad.

Shawn said, "By the way, Mom, I've hardly ever done that before. Put my mouth down there on a woman. It was all so sudden and overwhelming that I couldn't really figure out if I liked it. I don't think I've gotten the hang of it. Can we try that again some time when we're both more aware of what we're doing?"

Vel was flummoxed. "Tiger, don't ask me that. You've got me very confused. We'll talk about that later. ... Of course I enjoyed it, but your sister says we're not allowed to do it."

She looked across Shawn to her daughter, with a face that acted as if her daughter was a jailer. But Joanna rightly pointed out, "Mom, I'm just enforcing your rules. If you don't like them, why not change them?"

Joanna was still sprawled out on the sofa across from where the prostrate Shawn lay on the bed, and the giant Mr. Excitement dildo was still sticking out of the bottom of her nightie.

Vel was intensely curious and wanted to change the subject. So she asked, "What's that thing? That, that, ... dildo? Vibrator?"

"That's right, Mom, it's a dildo. Don't you own one?"

"No. Don't you remember I'm sexually conservative and frigid?" They all had a hearty laugh at that. As an aside, she noted, "God, I don't know what's come over me. I think that's the fourth joke I've made today! I feel so loosey goosy. It's great. I feel so alive and unrestrained!"

"Why don't you ask Cheese for one?" suggested Joanna, still talking about dildos. "In fact, I think she's already got one with your name on it."

"Is it as good as a real penis?" Vel asked, very interested.

"No, nothing feels as..." Joanna answered, then stopped herself. She was going to say, "Nothing feels as good as Shawn's cock filling my cunt," but luckily stopped herself in time. She recalled that in her mother's eyes she was still supposed to be a virgin. Instead, she said, "At least I don't think so. Not like I would know, first hand. But how could something plastic compare with real flesh and blood? The big size is just for show. It doesn't actually help, though the wideness feels nice." She began pumping the plastic penis in and out of herself, as if to demonstrate.

"Okay, Angel, I think we get the point," Vel said. She looked over to the clock beside the bed. "Tiger, I take it you're down for the count for a while. Why don't you two run along. It's still an hour and a half until dinner, so you can get a lot of homework done. But if you get hard while you're working, you know whose lips are always waiting for a cock stuffing."

Shawn reluctantly sat up in her bed, somewhat surprised it was all over. Joanna was surprised too. Both of them were hoping that they were at the beginning stages of a full on family orgy. But Vel's fear of lesbianism gave her enough willpower to stop.

Vel grabbed her son's hand and held onto it. "Tiger, today I'm feeling a little ... I don't know what. Naughty. But don't expect this kind of thing all the time, okay?"

"Mom, I feel so good in your bed. I just want to stay here forever."

She put a second hand on his and caressed it. "I know, I know. Me too. And believe me, I plan to suck your cock in this bed so many times that it'll be your new home away from home. And if you want to kiss my pussy a little bit here and there, like you just did, that's okay. Not only that, but I mean what I said about tit fucking. As long as we don't get carried away. But we have to do responsible things too, like homework. Maybe we'll save the tit fucking as a reward for when you finish all your homework. So get going before you make me all lightheaded with another one of your sweet compliments. And you too, daughter. Next time, if I'm standing by the kitchen cabinets and you want to get some breakfast cereal, you don't have to fill up my cunt and ass with your fingers to get me to move, you know. There are other ways. So improper." But all three of them were smiling, because she didn't really mean her admonishment very much.

Joanna thought to herself, I am SOOO going to be fully fucking Mom really soon. Kim is going to die of jealousy! Family orgy right around the corner. Yes!

21-10-2005, 02:31 PM

A few sex-free hours followed. Shawn and Joanna actually accomplished some homework. Both of them were far behind. Shawn had a test he knew he would do poorly on, but choosing between studying harder and more sexual games, he always ended up with the sexual games.

Dinner after that was also relatively free of teasing. Joanna and Vel even wore clothes more covering than just nighties. The reason for the mood shift was that Shawn made clear his penis was still hibernating, needing a rest from overwork. The other two tried to pace themselves to him and so let him get some space. The only exciting thing was a decision made at dinner.

Joanna said, "You know, Mom, since you were so naughty this afternoon, I think you should be punished. I think I should spank you. Just like I was punished with a spanking by Cheese for breaking the rules."

"You're right, Angel." Vel was all too willing to be spanked, not to mention poked, probed, kissed, fondled, and licked. "But let's wait for tomorrow. Maybe Cheese can administer it, since she's so good at that kind of thing. Today is my special day with my special Tiger." Vel went back to humming the song she made up, which she now called "The Shawn Song." She liked to vary the rhythm, tempo, and words, which came out slightly different each time:

I am Shawn's cow
Gonna suck his prick like I don't know how
Son makes mom go "moo"
Rewards her mouth with a load of goo
Mommy's chest's a hit
She can't wait until he fucks her tits
I am Shawn's rack
He owns my chest and that's a fact

But she was too shy to sing or say the words out loud. But she thought, Wouldn't it be great though if he could read my mind and hear the song? Maybe he'd get so excited that he'd throw me on the table and do all kinds of nasty things to me right in front of everyone. He'd show everyone just how much he desires me and needs my body to temporarily satisfy his endless lust. Hey. That's a good idea for a new lyric:

I am Shawn's hole
On the table here he'll take control

Vel wasn't very good with quick sexual wordplay, but for some reason she was better with rhymes and could turn just about any thought into a new lyric for her song, given time.

They were interrupted by a phone call during dinner. Vel answered it, and soon was happily chatting away. Shawn thought, The outside world. What a trippy thought. It's like a cold slap of reality to recall there are other people out there living normal lives, and occasionally...

His thoughts trailed off as he started paying attention to the words.

Vel spoke into the phone gaily, "Yes, it IS that big. No, I'm not kidding. You've seen it, so why do you always ask me to describe it? ... Yes, it's about that thick. Imagine trying to stuff a giant cucumber in your mouth. Can you imagine how great it is to have your mouth filled with that much cock? ... Yeah, it can be tough and tiring, but man, when you get that payoff.... ... Yes. ... Yes. Tasty. Delicious. ... Sooooo good. Don't worry. You'll get your chance. ... No, I don't mind a little bit of sharing. He deserves help from the likes of you. ... Of course he likes you. He loves your tits, naturally. I told you that yesterday. AND the day before. Maybe he loves them a little too much, but I try not to get jealous. ... Yes. Maybe tomorrow night. You ARE Shawn-worthy! How many times do I have to tell you that already? Where did your confidence go? ... Be patient. It's almost here. Just one more day...."

Angela had been invited to come to the next day's card game. Vel and Angela talked on the phone quite a while longer, discussing various outfits they might wear to the event. Angela didn't realize that Shawn was in the room where Vel was talking, but Vel took full advantage of his presence. She looked straight at Shawn and posed for him as she described in great detail all the sexy clothes she might wear to the game. Her hands ran all over her body as she described to Angela the cuts of her clothes and just what she'd expose to Shawn, and then what Shawn would do to her. She also thoughtfully repeated nearly everything Angela said, so Shawn could imagine what Angela would be dressed like too.

Even though Vel was fully dressed in a light green low cut dress and she was merely running her hands over her clothes, Shawn found he was as fully aroused as if she'd been naked. Between his vivid imagination and her sultry looks in his direction, he had no choice but to take his penis out. Joanna was also heated up by her mother's wanton display. She immediately grabbed his shaft under the dinner table and went to work on it with both hands.

Vel heated both of them up even further with her language. For instance, after Angela described a particular dress she might wear, Vel replied, "Are you sure the fabric is thick enough, or are your outrageously erect nipples going to poke right through it? And how will it look wet, when it's soaked through and through from your pussy juice and Shawn's big loads? You'll look like you won a sticky wet T-shirt contest by the end of tomorrow night, I guarantee you."

But while Angela didn't realize Shawn was in the room, Vel didn't realize that Angela took off her clothes as the call went on. By the end of the call, Angela was buck naked and wildly frigging herself. She finally had to end the call just so she could devote two hands and all her attention to her pussy. Plus, she got so aroused that she found it difficult to keep talking or even breathe regularly. As soon as she put the phone down, she let out a piercing wail and came in proverbial buckets.

"That was Angela," Vel said as she sat back down at the dinner table. Shawn and Joanna had already long figured that out. "She's calling all the time these days. It's like getting bugged by the Jehovah's Witnesses or something."

Angela had been calling a lot ever since their last card game, but she usually did it in the middle of the day when her son Adrian was at school. But he was off for the evening, and Angela just couldn't constrain herself from calling for what was the third time that day. She was becoming hooked on a drug - talking and thinking about sex with Shawn. Vel was hooked on the same drug, so the two of them usually would talk for ten minutes or more with each call.

Vel continued, "I'm kind of warming up to her though. She's nice. You don't mind if she comes over for the card game tomorrow night, do you, Tiger?"

"No. Of course not." Shawn's mind boggled. So much for my "normal outside world" theory. Other moms in this neighborhood are talking to each other about their kids playing baseball and the TV show they saw last night. But here, everything is sex, sex, sex! I'm going to fail school for sure, not to mention trying to get into college. Forget that. But it's not like I can stop to save my life. Not with these women. I mean, Angela. Fuck. Playing with watermelon-sized tits or doing algebra. Not much of a choice there. Not only that, but I'm slowly turning... I don't know what. Complacent. ... No, not that so much as expectant. I expect Angela to become another fuck toy. Maybe tomorrow. It's like she was put on the Earth to serve me. But surely she has her own motivations. I wonder why she and Vel, when they talk on the phone, why do they go on and on about my....

Vel picked up a fork and interrupted his thoughts by saying, "Good. I must admit, that call really worked me up. But let's finish eating up here first, and then we can get down to some serious fun. Okay?"

So Joanna continued lightly rubbing his penis with one hand while the three of them resumed eating. Vel didn't seem to mind, despite it being a Tuesday. She thought, Angel's hands are warming him up, but my mouth is going to be the main act as soon as dinner is over. Or maybe my tits. Maybe it's time for a tit fuck. Yes! Tit fuck!

21-10-2005, 02:49 PM

A few minutes later, the phone rang again. As Vel went to answer the phone, she grumbled, "What does Angela want now?" But it turned out to be one of Vel's cousins, living in Chicago. That was a real cold slap of reality, especially to Vel. This cousin happened to be very religious and uptight. Vel was grateful that for once she was actually fully dressed as she furiously blushed imagining what her cousin would think. Joanna rather sheepishly stopped rubbing Shawn's deflating penis.

After dinner, Vel was still so obviously spooked from the second call that there was no further teasing or talk of penis stimulation. Shawn cooled down a bit himself seeing her face get upset, so he figured a break wasn't so bad, since he was already flaccid. Joanna and Shawn went to their respective rooms and studied some more until a favorite television show of theirs came on at eight o'clock. Cheese also liked the show, so she came over a few minutes before it started. She walked into the front door of the Chen house just as Shawn and Joanna were migrating to the living room. Vel was making a snack in the kitchen.

Cheese was anxious to finally fuck Shawn, and knew that he certainly felt the same. Even though this wasn't the moment to fuck, she thought she'd have some fun playing with him about the idea.

"How is your day going, Angel?" Cheese asked Joanna from across the house, as she took off her panties from under her heavy clothes, deposited them in the underwear cabinet, and walked further inside. Cheese was starting to use Vel's nickname for Joanna lately, since they'd become intimate.

"Good, I guess. For a Tuesday, if you know what I mean."

"I do." Cheese could relate to the lack of Shawn penis access these past couple of Tuesdays.

Shawn was sitting on the floor, and Cheese stood between him and the television, so she towered over him. She smiled as she looked down at him. "And how has your day been, Sweetie?"

"Amazing and surreal, as usual," he answered honestly.

"But you look tired," she said consolingly in her usual, slightly scratchy voice. "I'll bet you had a hairy day." She lifted up her dress as she said this, so her pussy was hanging right over his face. With a happy snicker, she added, "You look really bushed."

He looked up and nearly drooled at the sight of the pink pussy staring him in the face. He was genuinely surprised though at just how wet she was. Rivulets of her juices flowed out of her hole and down toward her stockings.

Joanna quipped, "He's weary from the daily grind."

Cheese giggled along with Joanna. "Exactly. He's knackered."

"Knickered," Joanna giggled some more.

Shawn asked, "Aunt Cheese, how did that happen? I mean your wetness. You're all wet, but you just walked in the house. You haven't even done anything yet."

Cheese stepped forward and planted her feet on either side of him so her crotch was directly above his face. "You still don't get it, do you? I'm so hot for you that just the idea of walking into this house gets me wet. Just the mention of your name gets me flowing like the Amazon. Do you know what you and I are going to do really soon? We're gonna..." - her voice dropped down to a barely audible but still hoarse and sexy whisper - "fuck."

Shawn cleared his throat nervously. He looked over to his sister sitting on the couch and noticed that she'd heard. Her only reaction was to giggle a bit at his obvious awkwardness.

Cheese lazily rubbed her pussy lips with one hand as she held her dress up with the other. "That's right, stud. You're gonna get to know this hole really well. Imagine lying on top of me right now, and bouncing up and down on me like a pogo stick. My pussy can almost feel the fullness. Your penis is gonna live in this hole if I have my way, and to be brutally honest, I usually do. What do you think of that? Are you ready to fuck your Aunt Cheese?" She again whispered the word "fuck" but this time really spat it out as sexily and naughtily as she could manage.

"Y-y-yes," he stammered out. Somehow he felt nervous in the face of Cheese's overpowering sexual magnetism.

She smiled at the return of his bashfulness. "Good answer. That's right. You're going to fuck your Aunt Cheese silly, every day. She's going to show you what fucking really means. But in the meanwhile, you've gone and made her so wet. Maybe you could lick her boo-boo up with your tongue, and make it all better?"

"I don't know," he answered as he looked all around. He knew the only problem Joanna would have with the idea was that she wouldn't be the one doing the licking of the enticing pussy. In fact, she had a giant shit-eating grin on her face, watching him and Cheese interact. But he worried about Vel.

As if on cue, Vel shouted from the kitchen, "Cookies are ready! Here they come!" She walked in carrying a tray of hot, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Cheese would have had time to move to a less exposed position, but didn't bother. She flaunted her pussy exposure above Shawn for Vel to clearly see. She briefly acknowledged Vel's presence with a "Hi, Vel."

Vel's face wrinkled with concern as she saw Cheese's stance. She mumbled, "Oh dear."

But Cheese ignored Vel's mood. She commented to no one in particular, "Can you believe I'm still wearing all these clothes? We had a fancy dinner with some of my husband's business friends. What a bore. I'm actually still wearing a bra. Can you imagine? I'd better fix that right away."

She took off all her clothes in a slow strip tease except for her garter belt and stockings. Vel and Joanna watched just as intently as Shawn did. Then, as she continued to tower over Shawn, she put her dress back on. It was a very low cut one and exposed just about everything now that the blouse underneath it was gone. She wore it so that the slightest tug would carry it over her nipples.

21-10-2005, 03:06 PM

Vel meanwhile handed out cookies to everyone. She still frowned at Cheese's impropriety, but waited until Cheese was done dressing and then went to give her a cookie too. But Cheese had other ideas. Finally stepping away from Shawn, she whispered to the teenagers, "Sweetie and Angel, don't miss this." Putting Vel's cookie tray down on a coffee table for her, Cheese said, "Vel, I'm a bit insulted. Where's my friendly greeting? What was all that practicing for?"

Now it was Vel's turn to get a bit nervous. She stammered, "But my cousin in Chicago... And the kids... Not in front of them..." She looked over at Shawn and Joanna anxiously. But Cheese put her hands on her friend's shoulders and directed Vel's attention back her way. She acted quickly before Vel could complain about privacy.

Cheese took Vel in her arms and they began French kissing. Vel was very hesitant at first, as she was still reminded of her old ways from the cousin's phone call. But Cheese kept working with her magically talented tongue, and before long they were going at it as if they'd been kissing in front of the kids for years. Cheese's hands roamed down to Vel's butt and grasped at the fleshy butt cheeks through Vel's skirt.

They broke off the kiss after a minute or two. Vel had intended to end things there, but seeing Cheese’s beauty, she just couldn't help herself. She licked all over Cheese’s neck and ears. All the movement pulled Cheese’s tits free from the low cut dress. Now facing Cheese's back, Vel reached around and grasped Cheese's tits while she nibbled and licked at her neck like a hungry vampire. Cheese moaned with pleasure, delighted at Vel's aggressiveness.

Vel eventually realized that she was just supposed to be showing Shawn a kiss, and pulled away. Any signs of hesitancy were ancient history, even though she blushed as she realized just what a spectacle she'd shown. She never forgot that she was being watched by her children, yet that only made her hotter.

"What was that all about?" Shawn asked his mother as he chewed a cookie. He was surprised at the kiss but not terribly surprised. The way she'd been kissing Joanna lately, it was just a matter of time before she did the same to Cheese. It seemed his mother's boundaries were falling further down by the hour. He half seriously wondered if he might not be fucking her by the end of the evening, the way things were going. Her completely relaxed mood she'd shown in the afternoon was back in full force.

Vel answered, "Like I think I told you earlier, Cheese told me I needed to be warmer with my greetings and good-byes. So I'm trying to improve on that. She told me that this kind of kiss is perfectly common in certain, hip social circles. So I'm trying to be hip. And Tiger, there's no reason you and I can't be more friendly in our greetings too. The ass is good, but don't limit yourself there."

She smiled, thinking nasty thoughts about the many ways she could be "properly greeted" by Shawn. Ever since her morning talk with Cheese she'd been thinking about tit fucks and ass fucks, and now she imagined Shawn casually greeting her with either or (preferably) both of those methods.

"Cool!" said Joanna. "Does that mean I can kiss you like that too?"

Vel found herself daydreaming so intently that she didn't even hear the question. She imagined Shawn coming home from school. In the dream she was already naked and working in the kitchen. She was bent over the kitchen counter as Shawn walked up to her so her ass stuck out at a ninety degree angle. He dropped his shorts and slid his penis into her asshole without comment. In the dream it was something he did many times a day, so there was no need for words. "How was your day, dear?" she asked as he started pistoning into her rear.

Oh my, it occurred to her conscious mind as she observed the fantasy unfold, I'd better start lubing my ass up just in case the butt fuck mood strikes him. There's no telling when I might get lucky for the first time. Bend over but don't break, right Cheese? Heh-heh.

Joanna repeated, "Mom? Can I kiss you like that too?"

Vel broke away from her fantasy and focused on her daughter's question. She managed to answer, "No. You're my daughter so that would be inappropriate." She ran her hands over her ass, and pulled her ass cheeks apart, even though she was still wearing a skirt. She was still mostly lost in the thought of getting it up the ass. She clenched and unclenched her ass cheeks, trying to imagine what a butt fuck would feel like.

"Aww, shucks," said Joanna, thinking of the strange and uneven standards. Her mother's reluctance irked her, given that she'd been fingering her mother's pussy to orgasm a few hours before (though admittedly that at least was technically against her mother's will). But then a new thought struck her. "But that means I can kiss Cheese hello like that, can't I?"

Vel hadn't really considered that. She couldn't see any objection, so she reluctantly said, "I suppose..."

Joanna bounded up to Cheese and the sexy neighbor took her in her arms. They kissed even longer than Vel and Cheese just did, acting as if it was a completely natural thing to do. Vel didn't realize this was because Joanna had been getting lots of kissing practice with Cheese lately.

Cheese still hadn't pulled her dress back up over her tits, and Joanna took full advantage of that fact even more than Vel did. She subtly pushed Cheese’s dress lower and lower until the only thing still holding it up were Cheese's wide hips. Joanna was wearing a dress held up by thin straps, but Cheese made sure to push the straps over the shoulders so the two of them could mash their exposed tits against each other. They went at it as if they were struggling for sheer survival, grinding and mashing their flesh together from head to toe.

Eventually they broke away. They stood there next to each other, smiling like naughty school children. Shawn marveled at their casual nakedness and the fact that Vel hardly seemed to mind about anything.

Clearly this was way more than just a "hip" greeting, but there were no cries of "So improper!" for once. Vel was a bit preoccupied. She still had her hands on her own ass, and was flexing her ass cheeks open and closed. She was fantasizing that Shawn had been so turned on by the kiss that he was now standing behind her, and about to slip his hardness up her back door at any second.

But Shawn was still sitting on the floor. He said, "You know, between those two kisses, I think it's finally stirring." His penis had been hard since Cheese's pussy display, but now he took it out of his shorts so everyone could see that it was back at full strength.

"All right!" said Vel. "That's what I like to see! If you two gals don't mind, since it's a Tuesday, Tiger, let's go to your room." The show they all had planned to watch was long forgotten. Cheese picked up a cookie from the tray on the coffee table, just to be polite.

Shawn felt extremely relaxed and on top of the situation. He nodded at her suggestion. Then he casually waved a hand at Joanna and Cheese, and then pointed at Vel's chest. He wanted her to be topless just like them. "Mom. Your top."

She looked over at the other two, and merely said, "Oh. Right." She pulled her blouse over her head without any complaint.

Turning to Joanna, Vel added, "Sometimes a referee is good, but other times I need privacy. I'll behave myself. Cross my heart and hope to die. I was in a strange mood earlier, but I'm better now."

21-10-2005, 03:07 PM
"Okay," said Joanna grudgingly, "but leave the door unlocked just in case." Mother and son got up to go. Shawn stuffed another cookie in his mouth.

Cheese was a bit puzzled by the turn in the conversation about refereeing but figured she could ask Joanna about it soon enough. But before the others could leave, she said, "Wait a second, Sweetie. Joanna and Vel just greeted me, but where's my greeting from you? Vel was telling me that you now have special signals to get their attention. You grab Vel's butt and rub Joanna's bare pussy. But what's my special signal?" She walked towards him, with her dress still barely clinging to her hips, and no clothing anywhere above that.

Shawn let go of his mother's hand and closed the distance to Cheese. His decision wasn't hard to make. He fondled her boobs and pinched her seemingly always hard nipples. "How's this for a signal?" he finally said.

"Excellent!" cried Cheese. "Just what I thought you'd pick." But he mauled her so enthusiastically that she fell backwards onto a sofa and bumped her head. She was momentarily taken aback, but he was hardly fazed, and kept kneading her boobs with his hands. His shorts were still unzipped and his penis fell in between her legs.

"Hey, you crazy lug, trying to get me killed?" she said playfully even as she rubbed her sore head. "Lying on top of me like that, it's like you're planning on fucking me or something. Especially since your penis is hanging out and rubbing against my thigh."

"That's not a bad idea..." he winked. "Thigh" was inaccurate - it was actually now resting right on top of her furry bush.

"Shawn!" Vel said in a menacing tone from across the room. "Don't even think about it! And anyways, I have dibs on that load building up in your balls."

Cheese had been trying to turn Shawn on with her talk, but it unfortunately cut their session off too soon. She conceded defeat with her eyes. "Go to your mother, Sweetie. You'll just have to find where to put that thing some other time."

But then she realized she still hadn't been kissed by him, and turned to his mother. "What about my kiss, Vel? Doesn't my Sweetie still get to kiss me?"

"Oh, all right. But please make it quick. My mouth is watering for some tasty cock."

Shawn French kissed Cheese for several minutes while Vel and Joanna stood topless and watched. He continued his vigorous exploration of her tits the whole time. His penis seemed to burn into her leg. She fantasized that it actually burned and left a brand right on her upper thigh. She found it strangely appropriate and arousing to imagine herself branded like that. But then she snapped out of it. What the hell is that thought all about? I'm beginning to sound like Joanna with her "Master" fixation. No thanks!

Eventually Cheese had to reluctantly push him away, because things were getting too hot and heavy and Vel tapped her feet impatiently. Cheese sighed at the withdrawing penis and her own strange thoughts. She waved Shawn away. "Go on, run along to the twin towers over there before she gets mad at me." She consoled herself that at least she'd have Joanna to play with once Vel was out of sight.

21-10-2005, 03:12 PM

Shawn reluctantly withdrew his hands from Cheese's bouncy melons and headed to his room. Vel, still topless, sprinted up the stairs to it before him. She clutched her arms to keep her bouncing boobs under some semblance of control as she ran. By the time he climbed the stairs and entered his room, he found his mother completely nude and impatiently waiting on his bed. She'd only had a short skirt to take off, so getting naked wasn't difficult.

"I was just feeling up Cheese's boobs," he said as he walked to her with arms outstretched, like Frankenstein. "Can I feel yours, to see the difference?"

"Nice try, but you know that's not allowed," she said. "We have to stop all these rule violations and act like a normal family. Now come over here and let me suck your cock already."

He rolled his eyes at her strange and ever-changing boundaries, but he didn't complain. He dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. Then he walked steadily forward - her mouth was at just the right level, so he kept walking until his penis found itself in her mouth. As Vel sucked and licked, she alternated between making little coos of contentedness and louder grunts of intense arousal. One part of letting herself go was that she was freer about making noises.

But her unwillingness to let him play with her rack was just a ruse. After a minute or two, she stopped and said, "If you're a good, cum-filled boy and fill your mommy's mouth with a big load, then maybe, just maybe, she'll let you play with her Marilyn Monroe-sized tits. But only afterwards," She giggled again with glee in recalling his earlier Marilyn Monroe comment. "Do you promise to fill my mouth all the way to the brim with your sperm?"

"Of course, Mom. Don't I always?"

She chuckled. "That you do." They both knew that he didn't literally fill her mouth completely, but it sure seemed like it to Vel when she was trying to swallow it all. "Now, since you're such a good and complimentary son, you can play with my tits as I suck you. But only if you say you like mine better than hers."

His hands flew to her chest and pushed her tits around in circles. "Who? Marilyn Monroe's? I think yours are much bigger and better."

She punched him playfully. "You know who I mean. Ms. Jessica Rabbit. Cheese."

"Mom, you know I don't like making comparisons like that. That's why I'm going to say stop making so many conditions and just suck me off already. Not only that, but you're going to let me play with your tits because they crave the attention."

She decided to reward him for his aggressive comments, and so stopped asking about the comparison. She saluted him deferentially while giggling. "Yes, sir! Right away, sir! Sex Cow Vel reporting for duty!" Her face dove into his crotch and gobbled on his dick with renewed vigor. Meanwhile she pulled his hands to her tits and helped him grope her boobs around in big circles with her own hands, even pulling on her own nipples like teats on a cow.

She brought him to orgasm with her mouth yet again, and came herself repeatedly, until there were wet spots all over Shawn’s sheets. Although Shawn's penis was done for a while, his hands were not. He asked, as he played with her tits some more, "Mom, why did you call yourself a sex cow? That's a weird thing to say. It's not like you're fat at all. I hope that's not it. You're actually pretty muscular with all the daily work outs you and Cheese do, even though both of you look soft as marshmallows from the outside."

She arched her back in enjoyment at what his hands were doing. "No. It's not that. It's just that I picture I'm a cow that really has to be milked. The cow's in pain and its udder is dripping milk. I'm like that, and I need to be milked daily, but it's my pussy dripping cum instead of an udder dripping milk. And instead of getting milked, I'm the one who needs to milk you. I just have to milk your cock and empty it of it's creamy cum every day, or I simply don't know what."

"Oh." Shawn thought about that while one of his hands lightly brushed up against the tiny and nearly invisible hairs on her stomach. Another hand yanked on one of her tits. She panted and her chest throbbed and heaved, but that seemed to be how her chest was almost all the time lately - unclothed, panting, and heaving. It still never failed to arouse him though.

"You know," he continued with both hands on her orbs, "I would have never thought you were so horny. Never in a million years. When we went to movies as a family, you used to close your eyes at all the sex scenes, and make Sis and I close ours. You used to change the TV channel if even a particularly racy beer commercial would come on. Now, Cheese I could figure - she's so naturally sultry that it seems criminal she's just a housewife. She has a natural nympho vibe. But you're different. So innocent."

His penis rested against her thighs, and he began working his hips so it dragged up and down her skin. It felt like a hot coal burning into her leg, just inches from her pussy, but she loved it.

She managed to answer between excited pants, "I know what you mean. I keep wondering if this is all just a grand dream, and when will I wake up? But it's true. Your mother is a sex cow. She'll die without a daily injection of your tasty cock cream. Your cow needs your fuck stick in her mouth!"

"Mom, since you're so keen on being called a sex cow, maybe I'm the one that should be milking you. Why are your tits so big? Is it because they're sloshing around with milk on the inside? I think they are. Maybe I should drain them of their milk with my lips every day." He concluded this by planting his mouth on one of her nipples and sucking vigorously.

She squirmed beneath him. "No, Tiger! No! Don't say that. No!"

He immediately pulled away. There was nothing that hurt him more than hearing his mother cry "no."

She pushed his face back into the tit. "That was a rhetorical no, you silly boy. I love it! Keep doing that." She felt for his penis, but it was still flaccid.

He followed her command and soon had her panting even more heavily. He listened intently to her talking as he sucked.

"I said no because it's such a fantasy of mine. It's too exciting for me. Don't feed my fantasy. Maybe that's the real reason why I want to be called a sex cow, because I want you to suck my tits. I want to be milked every day, just like a cow! I want to lactate for you, Son. But it can't be. It's too impractical. You'd have to suck every couple of hours, twenty four hours a day. Forever. But that's a fantasy of mine, to have my baby son sucking at my breast. And that's why I've been keeping my tits from your touch far too much until recently, because it arouses me so terribly much when you touch them. Do you have any idea how many times I've cum today? My pussy positively hurts. When you suck on my tits like this I'm so crazy with desire I can barely breathe! I hyperventilate! My nipples - on fire! Oh! God! No! So good! Yes!"

He kept sucking, one nipple and then the other, and then back again, until she reached yet another powerful climax. Afterwards, as they rested, she ribbed him, "Speaking of milk, you and I have to drink lots of it. Every day. We're losing so much fluid through our privates that it's not even funny. You need to drink even more than I do, since I get so much liquid from drinking your cum. And if you do what you just did again, I'm going to end up on the funny farm."

She placed his hands on her tits again. "My nipples, my tits - they're yours. Yours to own. Don't even let me joke about denying them to you anymore, because it's not my place to deny them to you ever again. It'll mean that I'll be that much more perpetually horny and crazy for cock if you get me excited playing with my tits, but so be it. Please, you'll have to spank me if I ever push your hands away. I'm sorry to deny you my pussy, I mean, my cunt, but take my offering of my tits instead. I would ask you to tit fuck me right now, but I think I would pass out if you did. Let's do that later. All I ask is that you go easy on me, because I can't take too many orgasms like that."

He laughed. "Okay Mom. I'll only pinch them now then." He pinched both nipples at once.

She cried, "No! Don't! Too sensitive!" But she thrust her chest closer to him in delight. For once, even Shawn could realize that a no was a yes.

21-10-2005, 03:19 PM

Meanwhile, out in the living room, Cheese and Joanna "greeted" each other some more. They played with each other's pussies and clits, knowing that Vel wasn't likely to come back for a while. Lately it wasn't unusual to take a half an hour or more of extremely vigorous and talented sucking and licking before Shawn would finally give up a load (given that there'd be lots of kissing and groping and resting going on as well). They all knew about his PC muscle control now, and both blessed it and cursed it. It was downright exhausting on the jaw muscles.

They sat on the couch next to each other, semi-clothed. Cheese still kept her dress bunched around her waist, as if she was incapable of pulling it back down ever again. Joanna also kept her dress in a similar position. It didn't block any vital access, but it allowed one to quickly cover up. They figured that when Vel came back they’d have a few moments to hear the door open and get decent before she could walk down the hallway then down the stairs and get in eyesight of them. If worse came to worse and they got caught, it wouldn't be the end of the world, but it still wasn't wise.

Before long, they got into a sixty-nine and really went after each other. They munched each other to orgasm seemingly without ever tiring. For nearly an hour, they hardly moved from their sixty-nine, because both of them had penis-starved pussies that needed pleasing, and satisfying any other sexual need was far down the list. Dildos or strap-ons would have been perfect to give both of them that "fucked by Shawn" feeling, but for once neither of them had any toys handy.

They still kept their dresses hanging around their midsections, and kept as quiet as they could to hear for the sound of doors opening or feet walking. They heard the door to Shawn's room open, and so managed to dress and assemble themselves before they were caught. Not having to wear bras or panties allowed one to get dressed in a hurry.

Shawn and Vel spent an hour with each other before they returned downstairs. They both seemed quite satisfied with each other and walked into the living room hand in hand, practically glowing.

Joanna and Cheese wore expressions that made them look like they'd been watching TV the whole time. Mother and son had hoped to catch the last of their favorite show, but they'd played tit games far too long instead. Cheese and Joanna were relieved that they didn't have to fill them in on any plot, because although the TV was on, they hadn't paid it the slightest bit of attention. The smell of sex filled the room, but that too wasn't very unusual any more and didn't cause any suspicions.

Cheese had quickly pulled on her fancy clothes, but after only a minute she seemed to reconsider. As the people in the group were making small talk, she pulled her dress up past her hips and opened up her top so her tits came falling out.

Vel was flummoxed. Everyone knew that there would be teasing and flashing of skin once Shawn had some more minutes to recover, but Cheese clearly was taking things to another level of behavior in the group. It was one thing to get naked at the height of passion to help stimulate Shawn, but Cheese was just getting naked because she wanted to. There wasn't even a pretense of covering up anymore.

Vel protested, "Cheese, I love you dearly, but what on God's green Earth do you think you're doing?"

"Just getting more comfortable. Between the three of us women, we're naked more often than not around Shawn. Isn't it so? So why pretend? Why can't we just get as naked as we want to be, wherever we want to?" Cheese deliberately kept her dress over her stomach to highlight the shocking white skin of her twin tit wonders. The dress also pushed her tits up and made them look unusually large.

Vel was going to protest some more, but Shawn spoke up first. "Mom, what's the problem? Cheese's right. She's just helping me out with visual stimulation. But even if she wasn't, then so what? Why should we have any rules about clothing at all?"

"Well, if you say so," Vel agreed reluctantly.

Cheese seconded that with a "That's right." Her legs had been pressed together, but she opened them wide so everyone could see the entirety of her pussy. Vel gasped, but made no further protest.

"This is sweet," Joanna said as she took all of her clothes off. She was ready to revel in her newfound freedom. "No more of this 'Keep your clothes on, Angel' and 'Angel, looks like your blouse has fallen open' stuff that I hear all the time."

But Cheese said, "That may be true, Joanna, but you have to think strategically. Sure, it's fun to undress and loosen up, but you'll still want to keep most of your clothes on most of the time to best tempt Shawn. Look at me and then look at you. You're already out of clothes. You've got nowhere to go from there. But I still have all kinds of possibilities, all kinds of ways to recapture his eye if it wanders. You have to work your way there slowly."

Joanna saw the logic in that, as did Vel. They both nodded, as if students taking stripping lessons from the experienced Cheese.

Cheese then said to Joanna, "Now, put your postage stamp skirt back on, then your flimsy shirt that you cleverly always keep unbuttoned."

Joanna quickly complied, and then Cheese continued, "Stand up, and take your shirt off again, but slowly." Joanna had opened her shirt up wide from the front when Cheese said, "Freeze! Hold that position. Good. Now wait. Pull your skirt down further to where the top of your bush would be showing, if you had one. Good. Now go back to holding your shirt wide open."

With Joanna frozen in place like that, Cheese turned to Shawn and said, "Now, Sweetie, tell us. Which is more attractive: Joanna like this, or her totally naked?"

Shawn pondered. While he was thinking, Joanna said, vamping it up, "Boy, it sure is hot in here. If you'll excuse me, I'll just have to take this off all the way!"

They all laughed, and Shawn said, "If you put it that way, I like this better."

The lesson learned, Joanna sat back down with her shirt still on, but wide open in the front. She kept her skirt low slung, and in fact dropped it even further. She basically imitated the way Cheese sat topless on the couch, and tried to consciously mimic Cheese's always sexy gestures and movements.

Vel was nervous in front of the others, but her competitive nature wouldn't allow her to stay dressed while the others slowly lost their clothes. Soon Shawn was staring at six tits at once. Being a tit man, he'd never seen a lovelier sight.

21-10-2005, 03:21 PM
But that was just the beginning. The three of them seemed to have some kind of unspoken competition to see who could arouse Shawn the most. They once again followed his mood: since his penis still needed time to recover, they started slowly. For a while, everyone just watched television. But within half an hour, skirts rode up. Phallic objects were held, stroked, and even licked. Tops came completely off. Mostly though, the teasing was verbal. For instance, they joked a lot about fruits. Shawn was asked if he wanted just about every large, round fruit imaginable. But this was mostly Joanna and Cheese's game, since Vel wasn't adept at innuendo. However, she paid close attention and started to learn the language.

The unspoken question hanging over all their activity was: who would get to take care of Shawn's next blow job? There was the sense that whomever aroused him the best at the moment would get the privilege, but there was no telling, because it was ultimately up to Shawn's whim. Normally Vel would have been out of the running as she'd just done it, but since it was a Tuesday, that was far from certain. In fact, the surprising thing was that she was magnanimous enough to allow the other ones to remain over at the house and compete in this game at all. She was working on being less possessive.

But at the same time, while she wasn't normally the competitive type, she was very competitive when it came to Shawn's penis. It was clear from her mood and actions that she was determined to show the other two that Shawn loved her the best and would pick her. But Cheese felt the same. She thought her sexual talents could put her ahead of Vel. And Joanna also thought that she alone deserved to be picked. She hoped her status as the most willing and eager fuck toy would cause him to pick her.

Shawn realized that he was in a pickle. No matter whom he picked, the other two would be very offended. Although Shawn still had his penis in his pants, the situation was rapidly spinning out of control. The three women dropped the last of their clothes, and started reaching out to him, essentially begging. Cheese, looking uncharacteristically desperate, actually cried out, "Pick me! Pick me!" Soon Vel and Joanna picked up the call, and all three were crying "Pick Me" in unison.

Shawn was highly aroused by their eagerness, but he knew that there was no way he could in good conscience pick one and hurt the other two. He wanted to pick and please them all, but he doubted his mother would take part in something with either or both or the other two at the same time. He was about to announce that he wouldn't take any help at all, when an idea came to him. I know! I'll let chance decide. Then no one can blame me for losing.

He stood up dramatically, and said, "I want all three of you equally. You're all so great; there's no way I can pick just one. That's why we have to play paper rock scissors."

The three grumbled, but they went along with the idea. Joanna and Vel picked rock, but Cheese picked paper. Realizing she won, she was very cool and collected about it on the outside, as if she'd known she was going to win all along. But on the inside she was surprised by the strength of her emotion on just how happy the victory made her feel.

Shawn was diplomatic. He shrugged his shoulders and said to the other two, "I'm really sorry. I'll make sure it evens out later. I'm especially sorry, Mom, for this to happen on a Tuesday. I'll be yours for the rest of the evening after she and I are done. Okay?"

Vel was so upset that she didn't say anything, but she nodded a tiny bit.

Cheese stood up next to Shawn and took his hand. She wagged her finger like a lecturing mother and said, "We might be out late, you two, so don't wait up." She realized it was immature to rub in her victory, especially since it was a chance victory, but she found she couldn't help herself. She really swished and swayed her naked ass as she walked upstairs with her hand in Shawn's.

She thought, as they silently made their way to his room, That was too close! It's time I clearly establish myself as Shawn's main lover, or we're going to have many more awkward and ugly scenes like that one. The other two just have to accept that I'm in charge here. I'm madly in love with him and I NEED him close. I've never felt such need, not even from my husband way back when we were in love. Yes, we're all going to fuck in one big orgy, but he needs to think of me as his primary partner, almost as if I was his wife. That's right. It should be just like if I was his wife. Me! Mrs. Chen!

Okay, calm down. You're acting immature. Irrational. Get your act together.

22-10-2005, 03:14 PM

They'd reached the door to his room but she wasn't done thinking, so she said, "Just a sec, Sweetie. Let me freshen up." He went ahead, and she paused outside his door and continued pondering the situation. She realized that lately she'd been a bit like Vel where she'd been so busy just doing, that she hadn't been thinking things through properly. She wanted to change that.

Pacing up and down the hallway, she thought, Okay, the problem here is how to counter the incest factor. I'm his Aunt Cheese, but not his real aunt, and in any case aunt status doesn't come close to competing with the mother and daughter roles in forbidden fruit desire. We're all about equally attractive and personable, but I have two things that puts me ahead of them. One, my scheming wiles, and two, my greater sexual skill and experience. In the short term I have to wow and overwhelm him with my sexual prowess so in the long term I can fundamentally reshape our relationship to something more official and substantial. If he treats me as a de facto wife, then I'll have as close a relationship as a sister or mother. Then I'll use my wits to stay one step ahead, though it won't be easy.

Problem is, Vel is so into blow jobs that she's overcoming her lack of experience through sheer enthusiasm. I can't get a clear edge there. But fucking. I can gain ground while Vel continues to muck around with her indecision and moral qualms. Shawn needs to fuck me now. It's way overdue. It's risky with the two of them waiting downstairs, but I have to solidify my position with him TODAY, not tomorrow. Things are too unsettled. There's no telling what one or both of those vixens might do at any moment. For all I know, he could announce tomorrow that he and Joanna are going to go steady. So I'm going fuck him this very minute. I'm so very ready! To be honest I don't know if this makes the best strategic sense or if I just like the option that gets me fucked fast, but frankly I don't care. I need it!

She pushed open the door, and saw the welcome sight of a ready Shawn lying naked on his bed. Locking the door behind her, she practically dove at the bed. She covered him completely with her body.

After they kissed, she asked, more as a statement than a question, "We're not just going to be giving you a blow job today, are we?"

"Uh, no," Shawn replied hesitantly, hoping his newfound "go with the flow" and "the less talking the safer you are" strategies would pay off again.

"Do you remember what I promised you the last time we were together alone, on Sunday night?"

"How could I forget? You promised that I could get to know your pussy a little bit. Finally!"

She chuckled with pure glee. "A little bit? I want you to get VERY well acquainted with it. Tonight." She lay back on the bed right below where he was sitting up. She spread her legs very wide, giving Shawn a great view of her pussy. His penis was naturally hard and mere inches from it.

She pulled her pussy lips open, and Shawn noticed just how thick those lips were. She had a luxuriantly thick bush too. It seemed that when it came to Cheese and sex, she always had more than most. He bent forward to closely examine her nether lips and the gap in between them. She said, "Cheese's pussy, meet Shawn Chen. Shawn, say hello to Cheese's pussy, your new best friend and home away from home."

He bent closer, and marveled at just the delicate light pink shade of lips and inner membranes now that she was wide open. He figured her light color went with her ivory white skin.

Giggling gaily like Joanna often did, she asked, "Sweetie, don't be rude. If you meet someone new, don't you give them a handshake?"

Shawn got the idea, and put three fingers into her slit. He spoke into her crotch, "How do you do, Cheese's pussy? Do you come here often? What's your sign?"

Both of them laughed. Once she recovered from laughter, she responded, "I do cum here often. The cum room. I just love walking in here and filling my nostrils with the smell of cum. Mmmm. Good memories."

Cheese was eager to fuck, but first she wanted Shawn to get her off. So, suddenly all action, she said, "Sweetie, I know you know all about the G-spot. Joanna can be a bit secretive about what you do and who you do, but she told me that much at least. Can you find mine?"

Shawn had no trouble finding Cheese's G-spot. Like everything else she had, including her clit, it was bigger and somehow better than the others' he'd experienced. And unlike when he tried to figure out mysteries of the G-spot with Joanna, Cheese knew exactly what she wanted. She taught him how to best stimulate it, and he went to town doing exactly what she wanted. But just as she was about to cum, she had him stop completely.

That surprised him. She pointed out, "Sweetie, I'm just doing the little trick that you're becoming so famous for. Get right to the edge, and then stop and get a second wind, just like you always do. You should learn that's good for a woman too. It's not just how many times a woman cums, but the intensity of the cumming. After a few of these pauses, I'll have the mother of all orgasms. Just you wait and see."

So he worked on her G-spot some more, even as he fiddled with her clit and she jacked him off. She urged him to go faster and faster, so he did. She was concerned that they wouldn't have much time with Joanna and Vel waiting below, and she wanted to get to the fucking. She was especially concerned about Vel, knowing that this interlude was imposing on her friend's Tuesday "tradition."

She built up toward that big climax, but before she got there, she had Shawn pause again and take his hand out altogether. She decided to hold out so her massive climax could take place when they fucked. She thought, I've got to build this up, just like Shawn always does, so this'll be the mother of all fucks. No ordinary "boom boom" fuck - with Shawn I've got to make it the best fuck ever. I have to keep building and building with more foreplay.

But no sooner did she say this when she betrayed her own plan. She sat on her heels on his bed, and said, "In a better world I'd tease this out and make a big production out of it, but I can't stand it another second. It's time that you fuck me now. Hard. Give it all you've got. Do you have any problem with that?"

Shawn's penis was clearly twitching and ready to go, but she was surprised that his face showed more concern that excitement. He said, rather loudly, "That's a good one. Funny joke. What should we really do?"

She was beside herself with disbelief, but before she could demand an explanation he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Just a second. I'd love to do that. I can't even begin to tell you just how much I've dreamed about it. But we can't in this house. No way, no how. What do you think the odds are that my mom is pressing her ear to the door at this very moment? I'd say very high. Almost certain. Come on, Cheese! We have to be careful. Strategic. Or she'll blow her lid. Especially after catching Joanna on Saturday. She seems on the edge lately. Who knows what she'd do?"

Cheese was so raring to fuck that she'd forgotten all about the possibility of people listening through Shawn's door, even though she'd done it herself on several occasions. She'd thought locking the door was good enough. She still couldn't believe they wouldn't get a chance to fuck right then. Hoping that she could prove that they were alone and then get on with fucking, she said, loudly, "Let me think about that. All the delightful possibilities." Then she crept across the room to the door.

She put her ear on the door. Even though the room was generally soundproof, an ear on the door did wonders, and as she listened carefully she was just able to make out the sound of heavy panting on the other side.

She stepped back and curled her hands into fists. She was so angry that she wanted to punch someone or something. She yelled, in her own mind, God fucking damn you, Vel! Fucking getting off listening to us in here! Give me some fucking privacy and some fucking time so I can finally fuck this guy in peace, the way he needs to be fucked! Not to mention my needs! I'm dying! He's dying! Let us do it!

She paced back and forth. Shawn had been hopeful that in fact they were alone and his precautions were unnecessary, but by looking at Cheese fuming he knew they weren't alone. She momentarily pondered just jumping on Shawn and having her way with him, but she realized that would be damaging to her long term plans, and wasn't likely to work well with a rapt listener at the door.

Cheese shook her fist at the door. FUCK! That's it. First chance Shawn is free, he and I are going to rent a hotel room and fuck like insane bunnies. Put that in the bank! I'm going to craft a cover story that'll give us hours and hours of prime fucking. The cover isn't so much the problem as the time. Between his school, afternoon naps, dinner, tennis tournament, S-Club, and God knows what else.... Oh, there's a stupid fucking card game with Angela tomorrow night, so tomorrow is out. Damn! ... Oh no! God no! Even worse! He's got the Boy Scout hiking trip this weekend, too. FUUUUUCCCKK!

22-10-2005, 03:20 PM
She shook her fist again, and then thought, Compose yourself, Cheese. You're losing it. Losing your edge. Don't lose your reason and your ability to scheme. It's the only thing that keeps you ahead of the pack. Relax. Breathe. Think. Just take a deep breath and think.

She breathed slowly several times, and then thought, This is a quandary, and my time with Shawn right now is limited. I'm going to enjoy this time with him, and then figure out when we can fuck later. Thursday, maybe. Gotta do it by Friday before he leaves that evening for the trip. Definitely. Damn.

Making sure to walk back to his bed before talking, she said, "My hand is getting tired from jacking you off. Let's try something else." She said that to cover for the time she'd spent across the room, knowing now that Vel was able to hear everything she said above a whisper.

She hopped back in the bed, and in fact got back to jacking him off, but her face had a heavy frown.

Shawn was much more composed. He was actually amused at the extent of her frustration, and smiled at her. It was amusing because for once the tables were turned and she felt the way he'd grown used to feeling nearly every day. But weeks of such constant frustration had given him some immunity to situations like this. Experiencing the excruciatingly frustrating inability to fuck was such a usual thing that this was just more water under the bridge. He knew that even if Vel wasn't listening the whole time, she wasn't going to give them much time alone. She looked far too antsy when they'd left her. He was surprised that the normally extremely astute and observant Cheese hadn't picked that up as well.

But Cheese's senses and skills were dulled by an overwhelming desire to fuck, and it was getting worse every day. First, her "Elle" experience and then her few precious seconds of fucking in the ocean on Sunday had brought her so close that she could taste it. Shawn at least had other delicious women to fuck, such as his sister, which made the constant torment from the likes of Vel, Cheese, and Peggy somewhat bearable. But Cheese had no one to fuck. So as her desire kept increasing, she was starting to act rashly.

Back on the bed, with Shawn's penis in her hands giving her some consolation, she pondered what they could do to take the edge off of her raging need. She pondered the possibilities. Let's see. More blow jobs? Nah. Tit fuck? Anal sex? ... Ah, that's a good one. But he's so resistant to that. Now's not the time to talk him into that, with Vel listening in and time running out. Cunniligus? YES! That's what I want. I've got this massive orgasm still welling up in me despite Vel's rude interruption, and he can release it with his tongue. Yes. Maybe that'll allow me to endure another day.

Shawn leaned forward and whispered, "I'm really sorry, Cheese, I'd love to fuck you so terribly badly, but when it comes to doing stuff in the house, I have..."

Cheese cut him off, whispering back, "Never mind. Let's talk about it later. Just shut up and lick me. Go down on me. Please! I beg you! I need release so bad. Right now."

Sitting on her heels, she arched backwards until her head hit the bed. She was presenting her pussy to him as if on a platter.

He licked his lips and eagerly accepted the offering. He'd done this a couple of times, and was getting to like it a little more each time. He thought, I'm going to fuck Cheese soon. If she wants it, she makes it happen. But in the meantime, I've got to make do. I think going down is going to be a lot of fun, if I'm doing it with Cheese. Knowing her, she's got some secret sex tricks that'll make it twice as orgasmic as with anyone else.

As he moved his head between her legs, she spoke from her bent back position in a low voice she hoped Vel couldn't hear. "Let's be real quiet so Vel doesn't know what we're doing. That'll drive her crazy."

Shawn nodded, and placed his head right above her pussy. "Cheese, you're so very, very wet. I don't think I've ever seen you quite so wet, and that's saying something."

"Sweetie, who always makes me that way? For the love of God, please stop talking and do me already!"

He dove in with his tongue. Cheese was radiating an aching need, and he knew he had to do his very best to give her the satisfaction she craved and deserved. But he hardly had to do anything. After only a minute or two from when his tongue found its way into her inner lips and his fingers found her clit, she flew her upper body forward, and still sitting on her heels, grabbed onto any parts of Shawn she could reach and grasped him as if holding on for dear life. Then she let out a piercing scream as the climax that had been building for the past half hour finally found desperate release.

Her fingernails tore into the flesh on his back as she continued to scream and cum. Shawn found his face drenched with her juices. The fluid came out with such force that he wondered if it would have squirted out of her, like a man, if his tongue and face hadn't been in the way.

She collapsed as if dead and then sprawled out onto his bed. Shawn though was in better shape, and in fact had yet to cum.

Curiosity got the best of him, and he hopped up to see if he could hear the sounds of his mother panting. To his surprise, just as he put his ear to the door, he heard the sound of his mother talking. Her voice grew louder and he realized she was walking down the hallway towards his door.

He couldn't clearly hear Vel's question, but he heard Joanna answer. "I don't know what happened. It sounds like Cheese came in a major, royal, first rate climax. But I have no idea what they're doing. They said a few strange things. Cheese said something a few minutes about wanting to be truly fucked, but Shawn laughed it off as a joke. Then she asked him to quote do her. Then it's been pretty silent until this scream."

It occurred to Shawn that Cheese had screamed so loud that Vel must have heard from downstairs and come to investigate. So it wasn't Mom listening, but Sis? Fuck. Too bad we didn't know, but the effect now is the same. No fucking tonight.

He heard Vel say, "Fucked, eh? Will see about that." Then he heard a colossally loud sound, and he realized Vel was starting to pound on the door. He quickly pulled his ear away and backed off towards the bed.

Vel said through the door, "Cheese? Are you okay in there? I just heard a scream. What's going on?" She pounded on the door some more.

Cheese roused herself on the bed, and answered, loudly, "I'm fine. Never been better! Shawn's taking great care of me."

Vel kept pounding on the door and repeatedly trying to turn the doorknob even though it was locked. "Can you open the door? I want to make sure everything is okay. Please open the door."

Shawn was back near Cheese's side, so she pulled him close and whispered the obvious. "She thinks we might be fucking, and is trying to break it up. If only she were right. God DAMN."

Vel continued to knock. "Shawn? Can you open up? Please? Tiger?"

22-10-2005, 03:28 PM
Shawn went and opened the door. Vel and Joanna stood there, both dressed for once, and both looking very concerned. As their eyes settled on his face, their eyes went wide, and Shawn wondered if he'd done something wrong.

Vel pointed at his face and asked in wonder, "Is that cum? Cheese's cum?"

Shawn put a hand to his face, and rather sheepishly realized that it was dripping with Cheese's juices. For once the shoe was on the other foot, and he was on the receiving end of a facial. A very wet facial. "Uh, yeah. Sorry. Cheese was just teaching me how to better go down on a woman."

Vel said in shock, "So you didn't... That means you and her didn't..."

"No, we didn't, Mom," he replied, as if the idea was silly. He protested a bit disingenuously, "Don't you know that I always obey your boundaries? Whatever gave you that idea that we would do something like that?"

Vel briefly glared at Joanna, who now looked to be the sheepish one. But the mother was much more relieved than upset to be wrong. "Sorry. It's just the scream was so loud. I trust you..." Yet it was obvious to everyone she didn't trust enough not to check. "But never mind. Since you two look done, why don't you come downstairs and we all can do something nonsexual for a change? Hui Shan just arrived."

Cheese sat up in bed with a start. "Hui Shan?" Her voice was so filled with amazement at the name that it was as if she only just realized she had a daughter. And in fact she'd been so out of it that was how she felt. It occurred to her that when she'd set new nakedness rules earlier in the evening that she'd completely failed to consider Hui Shan. She ruefully realized that Hui Shan was unlikely to wear anything any more, the way she loved nakedness. Thinking about her daughter made her remember that she was a married woman with children. The "real world" came flooding back.

She'd hoped to get much more of Shawn's tongue on her box as soon as she'd recovered, but she surveyed the scene and realized that wasn't going to happen. Shawn was flaccid, and the other two were looking at her expectantly and impatiently.

She'd come into the room buck naked, so she walked out of it the same way. As she passed Shawn standing near the other two by the door, she grabbed him by the balls and whispered, "I'm sorry to leave you hanging like this. You're right. No privacy in this house, and too many interruptions. But I'm sure your mother will take care of this problem soon enough" - she squeezed his balls tighter - "if she doesn't give me another chance."

She walked off to the bathroom so she could slip into a bath robe before greeting her daughter downstairs. She thought, I just realized something very key. Shawn has a nearly inhuman ability to delay gratification. That's the key to understanding everything. There's his respectfulness and the way he just doesn't up and rape us all... And then there's his ability to always barely fend off orgasm with his little breaks so his penis is seemingly always hard. And by delaying so well, he ends up getting far greater pleasures in the end. Things around here would be quite different if he gave into his urges more. Things have been getting so intense that he's slowly turning us all into his nymphomaniac servants, probably without even realizing what he's doing. Look at me. I'm a wreck because of the anticipation, but he can deal with it. He just keeps going and going like some kind of sex maniac Energizer bunny.

Shawn went back into his room, also to change into some clothes. He just shook his head in wonder at all the strange things happening to him on an hourly basis.

22-10-2005, 03:30 PM

Shawn walked down the stairs a few minutes later. Despite not getting off with Cheese, he'd nonetheless shared a very emotionally exhausting experience and was looking forward to doing something mellow like watch some television. He'd been taping some episodes of the British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, and everyone had gotten into the show's wacky humor. He anticipated sitting down and watching a couple of episodes. As it was already about 9:30, he figured when they were done with that the others would leave and his mother would give him a very intense "goodnight kiss" and blow job.

But he was mistaken. Cheese may have been deeply satisfied after her "mother of all climaxes," but Joanna and Vel were very worked up. They all moved into the living room and Shawn explained his Red Dwarf plan.

Joanna spoke up. "That sounds fine, but before we watch that, now that you're here, I think it's time for us to welcome Hui Shan into our home, since we haven't done that yet, what with the racket you were making up there and all."

Shawn was confused what this welcoming entailed, but Joanna stood up and demonstrated her meaning. To everyone's surprise, including Hui Shan's, she embraced Hui Shan and then gave her a long, passionate kiss on the lips. This in fact was the first time they'd kissed on the lips, but it seemed perfectly natural after everything else they'd done to each other. The kiss went on and on.

When it was over, Joanna explained, "We have a new greeting custom around here. My mom has finally caught on to the California custom of women kissing each other on the lips. So now we're all doing it. Do you want to join us?"

"M'kay! Sounds super!" Hui Shan's agreement was a given, which is why Joanna only bothered to ask after the kiss was over.

Joanna then said to Vel, "Since I've greeted Hui Shan, now it's your turn."

Vel sat silently. She was tensed up from hours of not being able to jack off or suck off her son, and in fact she sat with the fingers of one hand jacking off the air as if there was an invisible penis hanging in front of her. She didn't even realize what she was doing with her hand.

But even as she fantasized about more cocksucking, kissing Hui Shan was a different matter. She told herself that she only wanted to get back to her favorite position, with her head between her son's thighs. Anything else was an unnecessary distraction, and unseemly.

Her daughter goaded her, "Come on, Mom, aren't you going to greet Hui Shan already?"

Vel obviously wasn't planning on moving from her seat. "Really, I shouldn't. She's just a girl. So innocent. It's improper!" Vel truly thought kissing Hui Shan was going too far, though she didn't feel nearly as strongly about such things as Cheese did.

"Aww, come on," prodded Joanna. "Chiiiickeeen! Bauwk, bauwk, bauwk! Chicken!" Joanna clucked and flapped her arms like a chicken.

Cheese was noticeably silent, but resigned to the situation. She only paid half attention, as she was busy thinking about her failure to get fucked and her failure to control her desires.

Shawn smiled at his sister's chicken antics, but thought it would be diplomatic to stay clear of adding to the clucking. He did add though, more diplomatically, "Come on, Mom. If you don't, you'll hurt her feelings. Hui Shan is always feeling left out. She's growing up now and should be treated like an adult, not a baby. It's okay. "

That persuaded Vel to go ahead with the kiss, though she remained very reluctant. The others, even Cheese, watched closely as Hui Shan and Vel drew their bodies into each other. Vel didn't want to get too erotic, but her tongue had a mind of its own and played with Hui Shan's tongue deep in her mouth.

They disengaged after only half a minute, even though it was obvious Hui Shan wanted the kiss to go on. Hui Shan managed to keep licking and making small kisses on Vel’s face for another minute or so before Vel pulled away completely. Vel didn't exactly mind the extra attention, and moaned in delight.

Cheese was flummoxed as she watched the kiss. I guess it's good and natural that they kiss. After all, I want an open-ended orgy in this house, and I don't have a problem, in theory, with Hui Shan with any one else here. But to see this in reality.... She's my little baby! ... I have to accept that she's become a woman, and has needs. Given that she has my genes, she must have very great sexual needs.

Vel said to everyone as she flopped back on the couch, "There! You happy? Now we can watch some TV."

"I am," said Joanna.

"Me too!" said a bubbly Hui Shan.

"But there's one thing we're still missing," Joanna added.

"What's that?" asked Cheese curiously. Usually she thought of every angle but she knew today wasn't her best day for thinking. Is she going to ask Shawn and Hui Shan to kiss? ... Oh no. Is she going to ask ME to kiss my own daughter? No way. Ain't gonna happen. Even in an orgy tangle of bodies I'm not gonna so much as touch her. She's my real flesh and blood!

But Joanna anticipated Cheese's reluctance to kiss Hui Shan and was thinking of something else. "We all have an attention grabbing sign for Shawn now, except for Hui Shan." Joanna quickly explained to Hui Shan about another new custom, Shawn's "getting of attention," and what everyone's signals were.

Hui Shan clapped her hands in glee. "Ooh! Ooh! I definitely want my own signal too!"

"What'll it be, Shawn?" asked Joanna. "You've already picked some good spots. You don't want to repeat yourself." She pulled up her skirt, spread her legs, and rubbed at her bare patch, to remind him of his signal with her.

"Hmm, that's true," he realized. "What if I kiss Hui Shan on the lips, since everyone else here is. But since that's a bit tame compared with the other greetings, at the same time I can run my hands all over her while the kiss lasts."

Cheese in particular wasn't too happy about this, but before anyone could voice a dissent, Shawn leaned in and physically demonstrated his idea.

He and Hui Shan locked their lips and kissed intently and ravenously. Hui Shan was beside herself with joy at getting unexpectedly kissed by three of her favorite people, one after another. Shawn meanwhile stuck one hand under the band of Hui Shan's shorts so he could rub her butt, while another hand reached inside her shirt and groped at her boobs. Naturally there was no underwear to overcome. Relying on Hui Shan to keep himself from falling, he even shoved his knee between her legs, and repeatedly pushed and ground one of his thighs up into her crotch. He pulled her shorts down to her knees. The hand on the butt soon migrated around to Hui Shan's shaved pussy. He was fingering it by they time they ran out of breath and the kiss had to end.

Shawn looked around. Joanna looked jealous. Vel and Cheese looked doubtful. "I don't know..." said Vel. "That's like you're getting a three in one deal, or even four in one, with the kiss." She tried to be a responsible parent and put some brakes on, but she was all hot and wet from watching such a great kiss and grope.

Upset that she was wearing fairly unrevealing clothes, Vel pulled her shirt up to her shoulders and thrust her exposed chest out. She thought to herself, Tiger, look over here. Not at Hui Shan. Look at your mommy's tits. Don't you love them?

She started pinching her sensitive nipples, not caring who else might look at her. She lost focus on the situation at hand as her mind drifted back to when Shawn was sucking on her nipples earlier. This is how my tits should always be: naked and fondled. By Shawn. Only by Shawn. My Tiger is going to suck all the milk gushing out of my nipples. Oh yes! Do it to me, my sweet baby! Milk your mommy's tits. They're so bursting with milk that they hurt. She started singing "The Shawn Song" in her head. (I am Shawn's whore / I'm going to suck him, more, more, more...)

A slightly more level-headed Cheese said, "I agree with Vel. That goes too far." Cheese still felt very protective when it came to Hui Shan and sex. She looked over at Vel and rolled her eyes. Vel appeared to be zoned out, staring off into space. Looks like I won't be getting any more support from that direction. Sheesh. She's really crossed some kind of mental line today. I can't wait to find out what happened earlier in the afternoon that made her like this.

Shawn spoke up. "Well, I have an idea. But first, Hui Shan, I have something important to say to you, so could you take the rest of your clothes off?"

"M’kay!" she said enthusiastically. She still had her shorts hanging around her knees and a loose shirt open down the front, but she took care of that in seconds. She didn't question the logic of why she had to be naked to hear something important.

Cheese started to say, "Hey, wait a minute. What does that have to do…"

But Shawn interrupted. "As I was going to say, would such a kiss be going too far if Hui Shan was my girlfriend?"

22-10-2005, 03:33 PM

There was dead silence for a few moments. His words slowly sunk in.

"What?" said everyone else in unison. They all began talking to him at once. Everyone was shocked, and Hui Shan was the most shocked of all. She squealed a high pitch yell of pure joy. Vel even stopped fondling herself temporarily in surprise. Joanna frowned, extremely upset and much more jealous than ever before.

"Wait, wait, wait. Just wait a minute, everybody," Shawn said, until the others stopped talking. He turned toward Hui Shan. "I know we haven't discussed this, Hui Shan, but would you want to be my official girlfriend, even as I continue to have sex with other women, including all the other women in this room?"

"Why sure," said Hui Shan, overcome with joy. "Anything you want!" She squealed in delight again, and then pumped her fists in the air. "YES! Woohoo!" Then she leaned up against him, and he embraced her tightly.

Vel wanted to point out that Shawn wasn't actually having sex with anyone in the room (so far as she knew) but didn't want to break the mood.

"We can try it out," Shawn continued, keeping casual and fondling her ass, "but you'll have to remember that it would mean you're no more special to me than anyone else in this room. I love you a lot, and I'm not trying to be cruel, but I have to be brutally honest about how the situation is. Obviously, in some ways Joanna and Vel are even more special to me than you are, and that includes sexually. Even though they're my relatives, they're also my fuck partners."

Vel again felt the need to correct his statement, but let him continue. Joanna was going to start an angry outburst, but his last sentences temporarily silenced her.

He went on, "And even Cheese, while not family, has a longer and deeper tie to me than you do. Although I've known you forever, Hui Shan, you and I didn't really closely bond until recently. But Cheese has always been my Aunt Cheese, ever since I can remember.

"So what this all means is that we would go on dates and do stuff together publicly, but in return, if Cheese, Vel, or Joanna want to do anything with me sexually like suck my penis, or even fuck me, their wishes would come first, over yours. It's a trade off. You can do more in public, but they can do more in private. In reality, I feel like all of you are my favorite girlfriend, and I'd rather have Sis as my girlfriend since she's my age, but obviously that can't happen publicly. Hui Shan is the only acceptable female for the public eye. If I was, say, fucking you, Hui Shan, and my mom came up to me and wanted to me to fuck her right then, I'd have to roll right off of you and pound her pussy into oblivion first."

Vel finally felt she couldn't stay quiet. "Shawn! I'm your mother, not your fuck partner! Stop talking about fucking me already!" Her shirt was still hanging up around her shoulders, and in her mind she was still singing "The Shawn Song."

He just ignored her. She's deceiving herself again, but she'll understand in time. It's amazing how she denies her true feelings, even now. "What do you say, Hui Shan?"

"I'll do anything you want, Shawn. I'll gladly share you with anyone. Especially if it's these special people. I love everybody. I'm just so happy!" She bounced up and down excitedly. Shawn watched her boobs jiggle endlessly as she kept bouncing and bouncing.

She leaned in and kissed him, but he said, "Hui Shan, let’s not just kiss, but let me 'get your attention.'"

"Oh, right! M'kay! Sorry!" She unzipped his shorts and took out his dick, even though this wasn't part of the "attention" tradition, at least as practiced so far. They kissed much more passionately and physically than the first time, which was already very intense. It was as if they merged at the mouth. Once again he roamed his hands all over her, while she tried her best to get him to shoot a load by pumping his penis with both hands. Soon he switched to dry humping her, with his penis thrusting between her thighs and right along the outside of her pussy. He was all but fucking her standing up, even though they stood in front of his mother and his sister, and her mother.

Joanna in particular was still fuming at the idea of Hui Shan being Shawn's girlfriend, and the way the two of them went on right in front of her steamed her even more. It also aroused her terribly. She didn't realize a person could be so turned on and angry at the same time. She at least felt somewhat mollified by the arrangement Shawn had just explained. If he hadn't had qualified his statement with that, the whole house would have gone into an uproar, not just from Joanna, but from Vel and Cheese too.

Shawn planned to talk to his sister about the girlfriend idea later in private and calm her concerns some more. He'd thought this through already, and was confident how it would all play out. He would repeatedly soothe Joanna with the thought that he considered her more of his true girlfriend than Hui Shan, which was true. Hui Shan was pleasantly pliant and would agree to anything. He could even humiliate her in any way, and only didn't because he was a nice guy. He didn't know that Vel and Cheese had already been discussing the idea amongst themselves that very morning, but had he known it wouldn't have surprised him, because the idea made so much sense. Joanna would come around. But that was later. Right now he wanted to enjoy Hui Shan to her fullest.

To call what they were doing a kiss or even the 'getting of attention' was an understatement. They were all but fucking while standing up. The two of them went at it without much concern for time or their audience, doing whatever they liked.

Shawn found Hui Shan surprisingly active: she wasn't just the pliant and well-endowed body he'd come to expect, but she groped at him with the same aggressiveness her mother Cheese usually showed. She kept one hand grasping his penis, tightly squeezing and stroking it at all times. The other hand ran through his hair, felt up his chest, explored the flexing biceps of his arms, and more. She even stuck her fingers into his mouth so he could suck on them.

22-10-2005, 03:38 PM
She also was more vocal than ever before. When she wasn't moaning or squealing, which was often, she said things like, "Oh yeah. Grab me there. That's good. Squeeze that tit! Tighter! Good! Yeah!"

Shawn meanwhile spent a long time concentrating on his favorite part of her anatomy: her ass. He enjoyed the fact that it was so wide and big, yet so firm.

In the midst of all this "kissing," they did manage to kiss some too. He was a good number of inches taller, so Hui Shan had to stand on her tiptoes or Shawn had to bend down whenever their lips locked. Height difference was not a problem with any of the other Amazon-sized women in the house. Hui Shan was actually fairly tall for a girl her age, and only seemed short compared to them.

When the kiss ended, Shawn looked up and asked, "Is everyone else okay with that idea? The Hui Shan girlfriend idea?"

The others had been watching intently. Vel was still fondling her own boobs. She was huffing and puffing like an old steam train, and was in no shape to object to anything. Insofar as any conscious thought crossed her sex-obsessed brain, it was pride that Shawn had added another gorgeous woman to his de facto harem.

Cheese was a bit shocked at seeing her daughter get so physical, but she restrained herself from complaining. She realized on a theoretical level that Hui Shan and Shawn together made sense, and had even suggested it on her own. She thought, He does have to take someone his own age, for appearances with his classmates. I should welcome this, because it's much better than him doing the same with Joanna. But will this derail my plans? Not if I'm smart. I can use Hui Shan to pull him away from the other Chens and towards us Tans. Hui Shan will do anything I say. If I can embrace her sexual role, I may be able to get things done through her to keep the other two well fucked, sure, but not his number one sexual partner. I just have to embrace this. It sure isn't easy though. Hui Shan is still my darling little baby. But she's also a woman now. I have to face reality... Her mind kept racing around on these thoughts.

Joanna on the other hand wasn't thinking logically but was operating on a purely emotional level. She was ready to kill Shawn with her jealousy, but she bottled it in until she could be alone with him. She realized on some level that Shawn and Hui Shan made sense, so she bit her tongue.

Everyone but Joanna nodded in response to Shawn's question, including an enthusiastic nod from Hui Shan. He found that cute. He took Joanna's lack of an objection as a yes.

Somehow he’d managed to not cum yet, though it wasn't easy. Hui Shan just didn't want to let go of his penis or stop massaging it, even now. She said, "Shawn, I like to feel your cock sliding all over my tummy. Can you put it back there?" She closed the distance between them again and rubbed her boobs into his chest.

He finally had to pick up his shorts from the ground and put them back on, then stuff his stiff engorged penis back inside them to get her to stop. He purposely held off from cumming because he had special plans for that particular load and didn't know how much more he could manage any time soon.

Shawn looked around the room as he continued to hold and caress the naked Hui Shan in his arms. He was fairly amazed to see the other females just sitting around patiently, in various states of undress. The last "kiss" alone had taken at least five minutes, but no one complained. Vel especially seemed to have a "let the lovebirds enjoy their moment" attitude - actually, more of a "let the lovebirds enjoy their moment while I enjoy sucking my own breasts" moment. Joanna's eyes shot daggers at him, but her hand was also frantically moving around underneath her skirt.

The fact was, all of them, even Cheese, were too sexed up, too eager to please, and too under his thumb to object to his desires on this, even though he and they largely failed to fully realize this. For instance, the main reason Joanna didn't have a public fit was because, through her anger, it occurred to her that a fuck toy doesn't complain. Somehow, not complaining and thus reveling in her subservient role actually powerfully aroused her.

He said to his new girlfriend, "Okay Hui Shan, that's how it is."

She grabbed his hand, and they held hands tightly. "M'kay!" she repeated. "I'm psyched!"

But he continued, "However, some bad news. Even though you're my girlfriend, I may not be able to be with you much in the near future. I'm grounded the rest of this week, and then I go to the hiking trip this weekend. So the first time we can go on a date I guess is next weekend."

"I can't wait!" said Hui Shan joyfully. "You’re the bestest, most amazingest boyfriend I could ever want! You've made me so very happy!" She pulled away from him, because she was so happy that she couldn't help but frolic. Thanks to all her cheerleading training, her frolicking was much like a cheerleading routine. The only difference was she was now doing her routine moves in front of her closest friends while utterly naked.

Shawn watched her leg kicks with amusement, and after she calmed down a minute or two later, he continued, "I hope I can make you happy. Very happy. Even though we may not go on an official date soon, we'll be doing lots of fun things before then. Like this. Come here."

She obediently rushed to his side.

He put one of his hands back on her crotch and then stuffed three fingers right up her pussy. He wanted to see if he could go this far in front of everyone, but he needn't have bothered testing. He looked at Joanna, Vel, and Cheese in the eye, one by one. All three of them have various gripes, but none of them said or did anything to stop him.

He smiled a very happy smile. Yes. This is how it's going to be. I'm going to fuck them all, separately and together. Nothing will stop me. Shawn had never felt so elated in his life. Stranger, a sense of power swept through him, flush with the knowledge that so many beautiful women were obedient to his sexual wishes.

22-10-2005, 03:40 PM

Shawn continued to explain things to Hui Shan as she stood naked next to him, one of her hands petting the front of his shorts. Everyone else sat around in what little clothes they happened to have hanging on, watching the new couple. He talked with three of his fingers up her pussy, but he tried to act as if that was nothing unusual.

"One other thing you should know, Hui Shan, is that Tuesday is a special day for me and my mom. Only she is allowed to pleasure me on Tuesdays."

"I knew that already, silly. Everybody knows that."

"Oh. Since that's today, I think it would be good if she does that right now in front of everyone so you can understand how things work, and see if you're okay with it and if she's okay with it. Vel, can you do the honors?"

Vel shyly nodded and stood up. She'd made huge strides in what she was willing to do in front of the others, most of it just in the past two days.

Shawn took his erect penis out of his shorts yet again – it had been covered only a minute or two. He took his fingers out of Hui Shan so he could fully enjoy what was coming.

He turned to Vel and smeared Hui Shan's juices all over his mother's chest. Vel didn't seem to mind in the slightest. She always liked to get sexually tagged or marked. "I've been holding back my cum just for you, Mom. All this talk and kissing has me plenty hard. This will be number eight today, by the way. ... The numbering is something we should explain to Hui Shan finally. She's gotten the gist, but we've never fully explained the six times a day treatment."

Vel was quickly becoming accustomed to getting sexual with Shawn while Joanna was watching, and she was willing to do what she was told to do, but she nonetheless felt very nervous in front of a total of three other women. She tried to psych herself up. I have to do this. I have to show them all who is number one in Shawn's heart. And show them who the best cocksucker is! I have to remember his words: "Thrust your chest out and proudly poke your tits high up in the air, because you have nothing to be ashamed about." I'm the boss around here, and his REAL girlfriend. Nobody can love him more than his mommy. It's only right if he makes me do this, because this is what I do now. I suck his cock and let him play with my body. That's my rightful role.

Her shirt still hung around her shoulders and her tits wobbled around freely. She arched her chest forward to emphasize and display her tits even better. She still wore a relatively long skirt, though as usual there was nothing underneath it except dripping pussy juices.

Shawn and Hui Shan were standing next to each other, while everyone else sat around on different couches that faced the TV. Shawn walked between couches towards the TV. He sat on a low table where everyone usually put their feet up while watching TV. From there, everyone could see him clearly. Vel got off the couch and fell to her knees before Shawn. Everyone else leaned forwards in anticipation.

Vel didn't say a thing. She just leaned forward and began sucking Shawn's penis. Doing such an act in front of just Cheese, Joanna, or Hui Shan alone would have been okay for her. But by doing it in front of all three, she felt like she was on stage in front of a crowd. Yet she found the feeling strangely exhilarating.

After about a minute of loud licking, Shawn said, "Wait a minute, Mom. I think you're far too overdressed. Please get more comfortable."

Vel began pulling her shirt resting on her shoulders the rest of the way off.

"Wait," Shawn said again. "Stand up while you take everything off."

So Vel put the shirt back in place and stood up. Shawn's command made her feel even more like a subservient object on display to all for his amusement, and it drove her wild with lust. She stared at the ceiling, too embarrassed to make eye contact with anyone. She then started to take off both her shirt and dress at once, trying to get this humiliating experience over with as soon as possible, even as she enjoyed every second.

She took both items off in as seductive a manner as she could, but Shawn still wasn't satisfied. "Wait," Shawn said yet again, after she was all done. "Start over. Can’t you do it more sexily? Actually, I want you to put on a strip show. Pretend you’re the conservative Vel we all used to know. Put on one of your old dress shirts and act like the old mom even as you strip for us all."

Vel wordlessly walked to the underwear cabinet at the front of the house to get one of her old blouses that covered her up completely. The others could still watch her from the living room. She also put on a long dress that she now only wore when going outside the house.

"You think I’ll do anything you say, don’t you?" she said to her son in mock exasperated tones as she picked out clothes to wear.

"Let’s see … yes!" Shawn replied with deft comic timing. Everyone laughed.

Vel quickly put on the blouse, saying to Shawn, "How is it, that after being turned into this sexual … addict, this predator, who wants to fuck his whole family and the neighbor's family as well, he even wants to fuck his own mother for crying out loud, how is it that you’re still so cute and lovable?"

"Excellent mothering," Shawn replied, both joking and serious at the same time.

Vel, now back in the living room, took that as a cue to begin her strip tease. Pretending that no one else was in the room, she said to Shawn, "So, you think having your mother strip like some sleazy lap dancer constitutes excellent mothering? I’m shocked at you! Shocked!" Even as she said this, she began to unbutton her blouse and wiggle her butt.

"The very idea of nakedness – I find it appalling," Vel added, now parodying her old self. Her voice changed, sounding more terse and uptight. "It’s almost as bad as sex, and we all know how bad that is." She completed unbuttoning all of her shirt buttons. "It's so improper!"

"But even worse than that are these two big things," she said as she briefly flashed her boobs and then closed her blouse. "God, how I hate them. Maybe I should have them reduced. What do you think Tiger, are they too big?" She opened her blouse all the way, as if to get Shawn’s feedback on having breast reduction surgery.

"Oh wait!" she said in mock horror, as she continued to wiggle her butt more enthusiastically, "You’re not supposed to see those. Quick, look away!" She acted as if rebuttoning her blouse was not an option. Instead of trying to hide her tits, she cupped them from below with her hands, making them look even bigger than they already were.

"You’re not looking away, Shawn! If you stare at these too long, it will make you go blind, and you’ll go to hell too, as a blind man. Wait, I have an idea. If I raise my skirt, that will distract your attention." She pulled her skirt up and exposed her hairy bush. She put on a very innocent but shocked face. "Oh no! I’m not supposed to be showing you that either! Whatever will I do?"

She herself considered what to do next to make her actions sexier. She wanted to make him forget all about Hui Shan. In the meantime her wiggling turned into more of a dance, even though there was no music playing.

Shawn considered getting up to turn on the stereo, but he realized he didn't want to miss even a second of the strip tease. He also realized that this was too good to watch without being pleasured at the same time. Vel was now standing a ways from him. So he snapped his fingers in Joanna's direction, and beckoned her with his eyes. As he'd hoped, she crawled over to him and stroked his penis, even though her heart was heavy at this Hui Shan-as-girlfriend news.

As Joanna's fingers skillfully played up and down Shawn's penis, he thought, This evening is so perfect. Everything is going my way. And I'm learning that I can get any of these women to do anything I want, in front of anyone else. They don't want to fall behind in the competition. I'm in control now.

But just after he said this, Joanna painfully pulled and twisted on his penis. He looked down and saw part angry, part apologetic expression on her face. He realized that was her way of saying, "You'd better believe we're going to talk about this Hui Shan idea later." The point made, she continued stroking more pleasantly.

Suddenly an idea came to Vel. "Oh, I know! I'll cup my hand over my most private part, so at least you won't be able to see all of that. I mean, really! Having my son look at me there, why the very thought is just so improper!" One hand continued to hold up the dress while the other cupped her bush.

She realized her hands were working at cross purposes, so she went on, "But now Shawn can see my tits and I don't have any hands free to cover them up! Oh excuse me, I mean my breasts. Tit: what a vulgar word! Uck! I should wash my mouth out with soap just for saying such a foul thing. Oh wait, I just forgot I'm all out of soap. I guess I'll just have to put something else in my mouth that's long and hard and thick and slippery. I can't possibly think of what that could be, but later on I'll close my eyes, and Tiger, you can surprise me with something. You always know just the right thing to put in your mommy's mouth."

22-10-2005, 03:46 PM
Vel stared hungrily at Shawn's crotch, with her daughter's hand sliding up and down its slippery shaft, and she felt an uncontrollable need to crawl over to it and impale it deep into her mouth. She didn't care about having to share it; in fact, in her current sexed up mood she thought it would be all the better if she and Joanna could lick it, and each other, to death.

But she realized her blow job fantasies were taking her out of the character she was supposed to be playing, so she resumed her strip tease show. She said, "But anyways, what to do about my, uh, breasts? I'd better take my skirt off all the way, so I can free up a hand to cover them."

Vel used both hands to pull the skirt all the way off, leaving her more naked than before. All that remained was the blouse hanging wide open. One hand returned to her bush and the other cupped a tit, doing more to thrust it out than cover it. "Ah, that's better," she said, as she continued to sway and gyrate to the music in her head. "Although one breast is still exposed, I suspect this is as good as I can do. Shawn, you're not looking at your mother's disturbingly erect nipples, are you? I don't know how that happened; it must be the cold air."

Shawn just shook his head no. He didn't want to interrupt her creative monologue. He couldn't help but chuckle at her "cold air" comment - the collective heat coming off of everyone was literally heating up the room, and Vel especially was now sweating profusely.

"No, you say," she said to him, ignoring his laughter. "And I guess it's true, but only because you're still looking between my legs. Why are you looking there? Is it because you think I'm masturbating myself?" Vel started vigorously frigging herself as she was saying this, and the hand on her tit moved to squeeze the nipple. "Are you looking at my CUNT? Oops, I shouldn't say that word. Why would you think such unseemly things of your mother? Can women even masturbate? I didn't even know that. Well, if you persist in staring there, I'd better do something else to hide myself. Let's see..."

Shawn could guess what was coming next, and sure enough, he was right. She said, "Maybe if I turn around then you won't be able to see my naughty bits." She pivoted, now exposing her backside to Shawn and the rest. Since she'd already lost the skirt, there was nothing to hide her fine, firm ass. As if there was any doubt of what a magnificent ass it was, she bent further over and proudly thrust it out toward the others.

She got more into the dance she was doing, swaying her hips from side to side. "Oh shit!" she finally said. "Pardon my vulgar language - Tiger, you'll just have to stuff my mouth even more with that lovely soap bar of yours - but I just realized you can see my rear end now! Whatever will I do?"

She got even more into the dancing and stopped trying to carry on a dialogue. She still wore the open blouse, but as she danced she slowly but surely pulled the arms free and slid out of her blouse altogether. Then she dramatically whirled the blouse around her head a few times and let it fly across the room, just like a real stripper would. She kept dancing completely nude. The utter silence from the lack of music was a bit disconcerting, but somehow made it all even more captivating.

Vel had started the strip tease burning with embarrassment, but now that she was fully into it, she didn't feel embarrassed in the slightest. She reveled in her sexuality and was having the time of her life. She went from being ashamed of the crowd to wishing that there were even more people to see her wanton display.

She threw her arms up in the air, and danced like an exotic belly dancer or gypsy, wiggling her stomach and repeatedly thrusting out her hips. Then, after a while, she began running her hands all over her ass and other parts of her body until finally she returned to openly masturbating herself. Soon her gyrations had less to do with the timing of the music in her head and more to do with the needs of her body.

She suddenly came out of her masturbation stance and threw her arms into the air again, stretching her whole body out as if in the height of ecstasy (which she was - she had another intense orgasm as she did this).

Shawn had heard of people mentally taking a picture, but he fully understood what that could mean: time seemed to freeze and the image of his mother in rapture etched into a memory he knew he'd never forget.

As he sat there, watching her exultation and hearing her scream of joy, it occurred to him, This is not just about me, or about sex. And this is way, way more than just about the strip tease dance. For Mom, this is about freedom. Liberation. She's throwing off the chains of convention and conformity that kept her down her whole life. It's like I can see the chains coming off at this very moment as the dancing frees her. She's fully embracing her true self, and it turns out she's a very sexual person. To think that she might have gone through life without ever discovering this! Such a close call, and her opening up is all because of my freak medical problem. What a tragic waste life would have been without that, for all of us. Wow.

But even as he was having this intellectual epiphany brought on by her dancing, his body was having a physical reaction to the same sexy sight. Somehow, the notion that his mother was so wantonly letting go in the middle of the living room, the same room where they'd opened Christmas presents and watched Super Bowls every year, was more than he could take. He would have erupted even without Joanna's hands busily jerking him off. As his penis started to explode with cum, he simply said to his sister, "Aim for Mom."

Joanna pointed his penis as if pointing a gun. His ropes flew a few feet forward, right into Vel's legs.

At that, Vel's whole body began to buckle and shake, and she fell to her knees, unable to stand. That also allowed Joanna to aim Shawn's shooting penis at a higher arc towards Vel's chest. Vel continued with one of the most intense orgasms of her life, as she arched her back and thrust her chest out to catch all the flying cum. Everyone was quiet as can be except for her. She made up for their silence by incoherently crying out as loudly as she'd ever shrieked. She collapsed on the floor, completely spent.

There was a stunned silence broken only by her heavy breathing. Then Shawn clapped, and the rest joined in enthusiastically. Vel seemed to "come to" and felt very self-conscious again. She blushed furiously, but also was still relaxed enough to stand up and take a good-natured bow to the audience. She was surprised to note that everyone was completely nude now. It was as if her dance was so hot that no one could stand to bear the burden of any clothing whatsoever.

22-10-2005, 03:47 PM

Vel continued to stand in front of the others for a minute, reveling in the attention even as a part of her felt like fleeing from it. Everyone complimented her performance. Seeing the looks in everyone’s eyes, she wondered if the three other women were all keen on having sex with her. That would be wrong. So wrong. But I should do anything - anything - to help Shawn. Maybe he’ll make me please them all, one after another. Maybe he'll even fuck me right now in front of everybody, and then have me do all of them once he’s through with me. Whenever I obey his commands I end up feeling so good. I’m here just to serve him. I must obey his every wish no matter what he tells me to do!

These thoughts tingled her with electric excitement, even though some part of her knew that she was high on sexual energy just like a drug, and that when she "came down" later she'd regret fantasies like this one.

Finally she looked down and saw Shawn's hard member swaying a few feet away from her. That caused her to remember why she had to take her clothes off in the first place. It was still recovering from shooting off a couple of minutes before, but that didn't slow her down. She crawled over to her usual spot between Shawn's legs and pushed Joanna away. She wanted it to fill her mouth until she gagged on the sheer fullness of cock stuffing her throat.

She said, "Tiger, I think it's time you wash my mouth out with soap for using such filthy language. I'll close my eyes and open my mouth and you put whatever you want inside it, because I've been such a bad girl."

Shawn's rapidly recovering penis had been dangling inches from her mouth as she said this. He moved his hips forward and that put the penis through her lips. She took it in as deep as she could, though she didn't try to fully deep throat it, as she knew she wasn't trained for that yet.

But as soon as it was all the way in, she opened her mouth with mock horror, pretending she was her old self who would never have even conceived of such a thing. Even as she sucked, her stuffed mouth managed to say, "Awwan, wha kinda thoap ith thith? Tho wery unpwoper!" Shawn grabbed the back of her head and pretended to force her to keep sucking, but in reality she needed no encouragement at all, and attacked it with renewed vigor. Shawn could hardly believe his penis was fully hard again, though feeling pained at such an assault of stimulation.

Shawn moved his hands to her butt and kept them there. He felt up her pussy, and saw she was dripping wet already. Shawn asked, "Hui Shan, does this bother you, seeing us like this?" Vel had eased up a bit on her oral assault so he could last longer.

Hui Shan replied fairly honestly. "No. Well, actually it does make me jealous a little bit. You know, I'm wishing I wasn't just watching." Hui Shan was also more than a little jealous with just how sexy and slutty Vel could act. She knew she couldn't put on half as good a performance, at least, not yet.

"That's understandable," said Shawn. "If it makes you feel better, you can masturbate yourself, or have Joanna help you out."

"That's okay. Maybe next time. I want to concentrate on watching so I can learn to do better."

"Good," said Shawn assuredly. "You'll have a lot of chances to watch and learn. Around here, since just one parent basically raises us, Mom pretty much calls the shots. And lately, as I'm sure you've noticed, she's been in favor of giving me lots of blow jobs." Shawn was now vigorously rubbing his hand on the outside of his mother’s vagina, stroking her hairy bush as if he was petting a cat. She feebly tried to swat his arm away, but that was only for show. "So if she orders it, we all have to oblige. If she ordered me to fuck her pussy until she couldn't walk, I'd have no choice but to do it."

Vel answered, "Don't worry, everybody, I'd never ask Shawn to do that. And Shawn's a good boy. He stays away from my uh, pussy." She sincerely believed it herself, but she would have been a lot more convincing to everyone else if she didn't have to take Shawn's penis out of her mouth to say it. Not being buck-naked with Shawn's hand blatantly violating her rules by probing her bush even as she said, "he stays away from my pussy" would have helped her credibility as well.

As soon as those words were out of her mouth, Shawn responded by pushing two fingers into her pussy. Her only response was a loud moan and more breathless heaving of her lungs.

Both he and his mother acted as if his fingers weren't where they were, and neither of them said a word about it. But Shawn thought to himself, I actually have my fingers in my mother's cunt! Yes! At least I've got something up there. Yeah. This feels so good. But what'll feel even better is when I replace it with something thicker, heh heh. I just KNOW I'm going to fuck her, and soon! She's so horny all the time that one of these days she gonna break down completely and say the magic words. She's gonna get on her knees and beg me to fuck her. And I will!

Actually, I'm fucking her right now! My fingers are my penis, and I'm fucking my mother! I'm a motherfucker! Shawn liked this idea so much that he really let her have it, and forcefully dug deeper and deeper into her pussy with each thrust. She responded in kind by sucking and licking his penis with even more than her usual great enthusiasm. It was as if they were in a frenzy.

Perhaps surprisingly, the other three behaved themselves and didn't masturbate to the sexy scene. Probably this was because Cheese didn't want things to get even more sexual with Hui Shan there, and the other two followed her lead. With both of them going at each other like jackhammers ripping through concrete, Shawn knew he couldn't last long, and he didn't.

Vel reached her climax at the same time. It was no ordinary climax, partly thanks to Shawn's hand digging a hole to China right through Vel's pussy. But it was also due to her realization that he shouldn't be touching there at all, and the sensation of the eyes of her friends upon her. She came hard, loud, and repeatedly. She'd never felt the joy of cum exploding into her mouth at the exact same time that her pussy seemed to explode with an overwhelming sensation.

When she was done, she lay down on the ground between a couch and the table. She was a sweaty, dripping heap of exhausted ecstasy. She thought, once she was again capable of thought, There's only one thing I know, and that's I have to feel like that again, and soon. Mommy got a nice reward for all her hard licking and sucking. Tiger is such a good boy to give him mommy such a big, wet reward. Double reward. Mmmm. Yum.

She looked up at Shawn and said, "Thank you for teaching my mouth a lesson in using naughty words like tit. Oh shit! I said tit again! Oh shit! I said shit too, and tit even more! Oh well. Looks like you're going to have to wash my mouth out with your cock, let's see, one, two, three, four, five, six more times tonight. Oh no, seven, because cock is a dirty word too. Oops! I said it again! Make that eight!" Everyone had a hearty laugh. "You're going to have to fuck my mouth eight times. Oh wait. Fuck is a dirty word too. Make it nine. Oh wait..." She finally stopped when her voice was drowned out by laughter.

She joined in and they all laughed until it hurt. Then they just sat around and smiled at each other. It might have seemed strange to an outsider, but there was a heavy feeling of love in the air, as well as sex. Events like this just seemed to tie everyone together close than before.

Shawn eventually broke the silence. "So that's how it works around here," he said to Hui Shan with great understatement.

22-10-2005, 03:58 PM

Shawn would have liked to stay in the living room and play with all the naked women around him. It seemed like a real breakthrough evening and he wanted to take advantage of the increasingly permissive attitude to bust through more of Vel's boundaries. He especially wanted to get her more used to committing sexual acts in front of the others. But he realized that he had to take care of Joanna's feelings first.

He took his sister to her room so they could privately discuss Hui Shan's new official girlfriend status. He dressed on the way over, thinking that would help create a serious mood for a serious discussion, but she didn't bother.

She started crying before he could even talk. She complained, "I thought I was number one in your heart! I want to be your number one fuck toy! Why won't you let me? Am I not sexy enough? Are my tits not big enough? Even though my tits aren't the biggest, I'm still your sister and you should love me!"

"I do love you! It's not that! It's just that I'm spread thin between all the beautiful and eager..."

She didn't give him a chance to finish. They sat side by side on her bed, but she impulsively got up and literally pinned Shawn down to the bed and shoved her pussy in his face in a frustrated attempt to get Shawn to forget Hui Shan. "I'm a great fuck! Aren't I? Don't you want to fuck me?" She cried even more intently even as she tried to sexily smother him with pussy.

He was forced to push her off, frustrating her even more. He held her for a while, and let her frustrated tears come to an end.

Then he tried to calmly talk to her. He told her as he wiped away her tears, "You know I love you more than Hui Shan, don't you? I don't usually say that kind of stuff, but you're my sister, and as great as she is, she's only my neighbor. I love you."

She nodded weakly, her eyes still red. Tears still rolled down her cheeks and fell into her lap.

Shawn's heart nearly broke at the sight of her crying. Her wide, innocent eyes could look as sad as a forlorn puppy dog. He felt swayed by her heartfelt emotion, but knew he couldn't have her as his official girlfriend, so he kept his resolve. "There are just certain things society can't let us do. You know that."

"I know. But fuck society!" She sniffed as a few new tears rolled down her face.

He shook his head no. "We can't do that. For one, you have to realize that it's completely impossible for brother and sister to be publicly going out together, even if we ARE both adopted from different families. Yet I need a public girlfriend. My friends have been increasingly teasing me about not having one. It's more than just a little bit ironic that they still think I'm a virgin, but they do. Having Hui Shan as a girlfriend will also protect her from the constant stream of boys only interested in having a fuck from one of the school's most desired girls. She's so clueless that she needs a lot of protection. And lately, more and more girls have been trying to go out with me. Honestly, a couple of the most beautiful girls in school have asked me out just in the last week. Of course I turned them down. But what if something strikes a perfect chord and I'm asked out by a girl who sweeps me away and makes me feel like I used to feel with Christine? Do you want me to be available like that, where anything can happen?"

She ground her teeth, fiercely possessive. "No! Of course not." His line of reasoning was working. She was far more worried about another Christine-type personality than she was about Hui Shan.

He saw her reaction and decided to focus on that point. "Well then. Look. I love Hui Shan in a protective way like I'd feel towards a younger sister, and I love her in a physical way, too. I like spending time with her, but I don't feel a deep, soul to soul connection. I'm looking for a strong, independent woman who's smart and challenges me with strong, intelligent opinions. Hui Shan is too passive and accepting to be like that. Christine is like that, but she lost her chance. I'm soooo over her. You're like that too, especially if you'd pay more attention to doing well in school. You're so smart, but don't really apply yourself. You're the one that I want, forever."

He let that sink in, and then continued, "Hui Shan would make a good ... mistress. Maybe when we're done with high school, the three of us can go to college in the same town. We could change our last names, and you and I could be boyfriend and girlfriend, openly. Hui Shan could be my mistress. Our mistress. I think she'd accept that, and even welcome it. I'll make sure to steer her in that direction. In fact, I won't even have to try. She'll love it."

"That sounds so good." Joanna momentarily dreamed of being his wife, with Hui Shan as their mutual mistress. But then she returned to the current situation. "I'm still upset, but I guess I can live. I was so afraid you'd forget all about me when you said you'd go out with her. ... But you and Hui Shan are one grade ahead of me. You'll be in another town for a whole year without me!"

"Don't worry, we'll work something out. We're rich. We can do whatever we want." He kissed her lightly on the cheek.

She forced a smile, but was still pensive.

He added, "I'll tell you what. I'll make you a deal. For every time I fuck Hui Shan, I'll fuck you at least twice. How does that sound?"

"Now you're talking!" She threw her arms around him and they kissed much more.

After some kissing, Joanna interrupted to say, "You know, speaking of being a mistress, I've taken to calling you 'Master' when I'm with Cheese. It turns me on so much to imagine that I’m literally your slave, your sex slave, and forced to do your every whim. I know how much it turns you on. The idea of being a slave turns Cheese on too, I can tell. But she’s won't admit it to herself and doesn't use that word. Yet. She's too proud. And of course Mom is a total goner, in complete thrall to your cock. But anyways, the point is, I think Hui Shan will love being your mistress. I know she will. It fits her personality so well. And you’re such a good master. So kind and fair."

"Come on. I'm not your master. I'm your brother!"

"I know! Isn't it great? You my brother AND my master! Two great tastes that go great together! Though funnily enough, both taste like cum." She giggled with pure delight, and licked her lips.

"Sis, let's talk about this later, okay? I've had enough emotional upheaval for one evening. I'm happy with you just as my sister."

"Okay, Master. Whatever you say. Your sister-slave happily obeys her well-hung fuck monster brother. I'm going to make you forget all about Hui Shan by being the best, most obedient fuck you've ever had. Let your fuck toy make you feel good! She wants you to fuck her right now!" She threw herself around him again.

"Fuck toy? Sister-slave? Come on! I thought that was just sexy talk." He was disturbed, but also terribly aroused. He tried to hide his arousal, though.

She looked at him intently. "No. How many times do I have to tell you? Your fuck toy takes her responsibilities very seriously. And she needs to make you feel so good that you pass out with joy. Every day."

22-10-2005, 04:03 PM
"But what about my desire for a strong, independent, intelligent woman?"

"No prob, Big Brother. I'll be your strong, independent, intelligent fuck toy! Okay, scratch the independent part, as I'm an obedient cum slave with no free will except for a constant desire to be fucked. But two out of three ain't bad. I know you as well as anyone, and I know what you like. Strong and intelligent is good, and I can do that too, but deep down, you want a SLAVE. Who doesn't? And the beautiful thing is, I want to be your slave. Isn't it wonderful how it works out?"

Shawn was very surprised at all this and wanted to discuss it some more, but had no chance as his sister practically attacked him. She pushed him back down into the bed.

As she nearly tore his shirt off, she said, "If you’re going to fuck me twice for every time you fuck Hui Shan, you’d better get a head start right now!" With a quick tug, she brought his shorts down past his feet and then threw them across the room. Then she lay on top of him, grabbed his penis, and tried to pull it in towards her pussy.

Shawn still wanted to keep his vow to not fuck at home, and was still worried about getting caught. His mother was sliding further into sexual oblivion every day, but Shawn knew that seeing her children fuck each other would still freak her out in a big way, especially since both of them were already grounded for violating her rules. So Shawn struggled with his sister and fought to keep his penis out of her hole. Finally, he grabbed her roughly by the hair and guided her head down over his penis.

Realizing what he wanted, she stopped struggling. She fell to her knees at the foot of the bed and assumed a cocksucking stance with head bowed low. She thought that would help show how serious she was about her subservience. Plus it just plain turned her on to be an obedient cocksucker. She made a salute, and said, "Number One Fuck Toy reporting for cocksucking duty, sir."

"Cut that out." He worried about cumming before she even got started, just from her words.

"Master, forgive me for my enthusiasm. Your sex slave sister loves you. She loves you the most. Hui Shan barely knows you, compared to me. I'll show HER! ... Now your fuck toy is going to prove her love and suck you off better than Hui Shan could ever even imagine." She immediately grasped his penis and began sucking contentedly.

It’s just like giving a pacifier to a baby, he thought to himself as he listened to her happy slurps. But a hell of a lot more fun! Obey your master, you slut slave! You cum slut fuck toy!

He was too shy to say this out loud, however, and immediately felt bad for calling his sister a slut even in his own thoughts. What the hell am I thinking? That's wrong. I'll have to talk to her about this later. It's not healthy for our long term relationship for her to act like this. This is all very disturbing. The way I just snapped my fingers earlier, and she came crawling to my penis like an eager... well, like a slave. It's wrong! I'm being corrupted by power. We really need to talk ... and discuss how we... But oh! Oh my God! So good! Just like that, Sis! ... Right on! Yeah!

They repeated what was by now the standard procedure: she sucked him off until he was on the verge of cumming, and then they rested, giving his penis a "second wind." The two of them had much to discuss, and they talked some more during these breaks. Admittedly, Joanna had her fingers or even her mouth wrapped around Shawn's penis through much of the discussion. But she kept the stimulation to a minimum during his breaks. Sometimes she just liked to rest his penis inside her mouth so she could feel its presence there.

Shawn didn't criticize her fuck toy sex slave ideas, as he thought that might ruin her cocksucking mood. He figured that discussion could wait until when he wasn't feeling so aroused. Instead, he soothed her emotions about the Hui Shan girlfriend idea. He repeatedly complimented her and professed his love. That only made her want to suck him off even more enthusiastically. When Shawn finally came he hardly had any cum to give, but he wasn't as perturbed about it as he'd been the night before. He'd given up copious amounts of pre-cum as well in her near solid hour of licking. He was amazed at how much fluid he was losing lately.

Thanks entirely to Shawn’s self-control, the two of them successfully refrained from fucking even though both very much wanted to fuck each other as another way to reaffirm their mutual affection. She gave him the best and most prolonged blow job she'd yet given. As usual, she came much more than he did. She got so excited from the blow job that just lightly touching her clit set her off, more than once.

Shawn was left very sexually satisfied. But he was also very aware that it was a Tuesday, and he knew that he likely hadn't seen or felt the last of Vel. So he and his sister rested some more until he was ready to face more action from his double-decker mother.

22-10-2005, 04:04 PM

Back in the living room, Cheese and Vel conferred with Hui Shan. Cheese insisted they all put their clothes back on, as she didn't want to further Hui Shan's fondness for constant nudity. The two mothers explained the entire story of Shawn's "six times a day" medical treatment, now that Shawn had indicated Hui Shan should be in the know. In actual fact, the lies Shawn had told Hui Shan, such as how his penis was "sad" and by making it "happy" he'd get more energy, were fairly compatible with his medical treatment reality (if it could be called "medical treatment"). In any case, Hui Shan took it all in stride, as she usually did. But the story took a long time to tell.

Over an hour later, Shawn and Joanna emerged back in the living room. It was nearly eleven o'clock and everyone was getting tired. Shawn walked back out wearing shorts, though he figured they wouldn't stay on or at least zipped up for long. He announced, "I'm horny again. I was thinking that Mom could help me out, since it's still her special day."

Vel's eyes lit up and she stood up, ready for action. As she pulled her T-shirt off over her head, she proclaimed proudly, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!"

Shawn smiled and was once again struck by just how young she looked. But he added, "However, Mom, today is a special day for me and Hui Shan too. I know you and I haven't really had much time alone today, but how about we go back to your double bed with Hui Shan? As you suck my cock, this time you can carefully explain to Hui Shan what you're doing, and have her practice on the spot. She's really only sucked me off once, yesterday, and other than that she's completely inexperienced."

Vel grudgingly agreed, "Well, alright. It is her special day, it seems. But next Tuesday you're all mine. Okay?"

He nodded, and the three of them headed upstairs. Shawn and Hui Shan held hands, which delighted Hui Shan to no end.

That left just Joanna and Cheese in the room. Even though the evening's events were helpful to Cheese's overall scheme, she felt a bit sad and marginalized. "Did you notice?" Cheese said to Joanna ruefully, "We're left on the outside again. You would think that any young man would want to fuck a body like mine, but I can't compete with the taboo of mother fucking, and I’m too old to be his girlfriend."

"Oh, don't worry too much," Joanna sympathized. She was feeling a lot better and more optimistic after his explanations and some sexual time with him. "This ebbs and flows. Right now Vel and Hui Shan are getting all the attention tonight, but tomorrow may be more of your day. I know I've had my days. Our master does his best to make everyone happy. We just have to wait our turn, and then give him our best."

Cheese wanted to say, But I'm the one who started this whole thing! I should be the one getting the most rewards! Jesus. A couple of weeks ago I had him running behind me like Pavlov's dog. But it's slipped away from me. However, she knew she couldn't say that to Joanna or anyone else, so she kept her mouth shut. And what's with this whole subservience craziness that seems to be infecting everyone to one degree or another? "Master"? Give me a break! Maybe that's why I'm losing my touch. I don't understand the psychology of what's happening to the others. Or even what's happening to me, to be honest. We're in uncharted waters here. There's something about the competition for his attention that's bringing out strangely subservient feelings in everyone.

She thought for a few seconds, and concluded, God, I want to fuck him so bad. Yes. If saying "Master" would get him to fuck me, then I'd say it. But not with any enthusiasm. Hell, I'd probably rob a bank to get fucked by that loving, lovely stud. I had no idea when this all started that he'd turn into a living sex machine. I've got it so bad, and it gets worse every day.

But she didn't want to discuss these things either. So she and Joanna commiserated in general terms about Hui Shan and Shawn instead.

Back in Vel's master bedroom, Vel, Shawn, and Hui Shan got completely nude. Shawn sat in the middle of the bed and the two women sat on each side of him. Vel explained to Hui Shan the finer points on jacking off and sucking a penis, and pleasing a man generally.

The lessons quickly became "hands on." Vel was a big believer in the "teaching through experience" method. For a while the two females merely took turns lightly fondling his penis while Vel pointed out and discussed all the different parts of his anatomy. She'd developed names for some of her favorite cocksucking techniques - the Candy Cane Stripes, the Lollipop, the Ice Cream Cone, the Second Cunt, and so on. She unselfishly taught them to Hui Shan (though she kept a couple of her most effective ones to herself). First she'd show Hui Shan the technique by practicing it on Shawn. Then Hui Shan would practice it a couple of times. They talked all the while, and everyone learned new things about the ins and outs of penis stimulation and what each of them liked best.

With each new lesson, there was less talking and more licking and sucking. Before long, both Vel and Hui Shan had their tongues on Shawn's penis at the same time. All attempts at conversation stopped, as words merely got in the way of their total devotion to pleasuring him.

Vel generally licked one side and Hui Shan the other, but periodically they would bump their heads together or their tongues would find each other. They would also kiss each other, but not for too long because that would leave Shawn monetarily neglected, and nothing was more important to either of them than pleasing Shawn and keeping the waves of pleasure flowing in his penis. Periodically they switched to taking turns sucking him in all the way.

Both Hui Shan and Vel were very vocal. Vel liked to say "Mmmm," varying in intensity from one moment to another. Hui Shan also hummed and mmmmed, but she liked to let out little squeals and shrieks when something particularly delighted her (which was often).

Hui Shan repeatedly tried out all the things she'd learned. At one point, she exclaimed, "Cocksucking is fun! This is super neato."

Vel stopped licking to warn, like some kind of sexual training guru, "You like it now. But do you think you can handle doing it every day, day after day? Even several times a day? Do you have what it takes - the tongue, the jaws, the lips - to be his official girlfriend?"

"Sure. At least, I think so. For one thing, it's so yummy. Even this pre-cum stuff. And licking makes me all tingly down below. But if I get tired sometimes, that's just more cock for you, right?"

"Hmm. Good point." Vel smiled mischievously. "Don't knock yourself out too much, then." Vel resumed slurping.

22-10-2005, 04:09 PM
Shawn's mother meanwhile made sure that his balls were fondled and his anus probed by at least one of them at all times. Hui Shan seemed to have a special knack for stimulating his anus (near daily practice on Joanna's ass certainly didn't hurt). It was all so pleasurable that it nearly drove him insensible.

Vel found she liked sharing the cocksucking experience. It's like watching your friend eat your favorite food for the first time, and seeing them enjoy it so much, she mused. Plus, we suck Shawn off so much better as two, and that's the main point. It's such fun to see him moan in ecstasy like this. I feel so much pleasure and pride seeing my son have a great orgasm.

Hui Shan was her usual enthusiastic self. She seemed completely unfazed sharing Shawn’s penis with his mother, and was very generous in sharing penis access.

Shawn of course was ecstatic at having these two women on him at once for the first time. I should have more of this tag-teaming. This is so cool! And with this I can please two women at once. It's getting hard to keep everyone satisfied. This dual blow setup is so good it's almost criminal! It's almost TOO good. I could seriously lose my mind if I get pleasure like this every day. He marveled at the length of time his penis had been tongued today, and the number of different tongues used. But he was also weary, and his penis was weary too.

Between four busy hands, two tongues, and two sets of lips, his penis could only last so long. Shawn decided to shoot into his mother's mouth, to help make clear Hui Shan's position in things. He called out, "I'm ready to shoot off another cum load. Mom suck my dick while my girlfriend sucks my balls!"

But very little cum came out. Shawn took a minute to explain why to Hui Shan. "This isn't very common, but after a busy day of blow jobs like today, sometimes my penis just runs out of cum. That's a sign that it's time to stop."

She replied, partly confused, "M'kay. So we suck you off all day until you run out of cum. Then we stop. Right?"

"Not exactly. I'll explain it better later." Then he asked her, "Did you like that? Did you like sharing my dick with my mom? I hope you did ‘cos you’re going to be doing a lot more of that soon."

Hui Shan merely replied, "’M’kay! That’s fun! I like sharing!" Turning happily to Vel, she added, "We make a pretty good team!"

The limber girl hopped over Shawn's legs and tackled Vel. She started kissing her and proceeded to lick a few strands of cum from Vel's lips and face. Shawn chuckled at Hui Shan's enthusiasm. Vel relaxed and returned Hui Shan's affection. They shared Shawn's cum with a brief kiss. Hui Shan seemed as guileless and friendly as an eager puppy dog.

When they reached a pause, Shawn asked his mother, "How about you, Mom? How did you like that sharing? I hope you did, because I expect you to do much more of that from now on. I want to see you doing that with Sis and with Cheese too."

Vel's pussy tingled at Shawn's tacit command to share his penis in the future, and the way he assumed she would obey. She loved it when he acted controlling. "Of course, Son. Sign me up for any cocksucking deed or duty. Though your mommy isn't ever allowed to fuck you, she's going to more than make up for it in the cocksucking department."

Her pussy tingled even more at Hui Shan's easy acceptance of these ideas and Hui Shan's general malleability. I know it's kind of a naughty thought, but I could really enjoy playing with Hui Shan's body some more. No wonder Tiger wants her as his girlfriend. She has such a lovely bubble butt. I wouldn't even mind licking down there, between her legs. I'd like to get to know that butt a little better. Her cunt has a nice aroma, too. ... Oh dear! I really am turning into a lesbian, aren't I? I'll have to talk this over with Cheese. She'll set me straight. She always knows just how to handle things. Maybe if I fondle Cheese's body a lot, then I won't desire Hui Shan's... No. These are just the kind of thoughts I have when my mind is all fogged up with sex like it is now. Tomorrow I'll come to my senses. I've been in some kind of sexual wonderland just about the entire day long! Must be because it's Tuesday. Tomorrow we'll have to be better, more responsible.

Even though Vel had a sexually exhausting day, she knew she'd masturbate repeatedly all night long, reliving the day's experiences and dreaming of future ones.

Shawn kissed Hui Shan and Vel goodnight and went to bed without even bothering to do such routine things like brush his teeth. Both he and Vel were too exhausted to have any special kind of "goodnight kiss."

Just before dozing off, it occurred to Shawn, I've cum, let's see - nine times today. It sure feels like more, though. Double that, at least. So much stimulation, but I was pretty careful in limiting the actual orgasms. I'm gonna have to do more of that if I have any chance of surviving the repeated attacks of this naked army. It was only this morning when Mom was reluctantly kissing Sis, and now she's kissing and sucking everything that moves. I can't wait until tomorrow, especially the card game with Angela.

I just hope Mom doesn't go all moral again. After a day like today she's bound to have at least some qualms, like a drunk waking up with a painful hangover after an all-out binge. By all rights, I should take a week off to recover from a day like today, especially after yesterday. But I'm going to have to get Mom sucking first thing tomorrow morning and keep her that way to stop her from going seriously prudish on me.

He fell into a deep sleep right away without taking time to seriously ponder his incredible luck at having such a willing and sharing "girlfriend." Such things he treated as givens. Mere weeks ago he'd never kissed a girl, but such a world was almost inconceivable to him now. His also didn't take time to ponder his growing concerns, such as his sister's slave fetish and a feeling that all these activities were distorting and corrupting his personality.

Neither Vel nor Shawn even noticed then or later that she had failed to "check his penis for abnormalities" even once that day, the supposed whole point of her "special attention" to him on Tuesdays. Excuses like abnormality checks were no longer necessary. Vel knew every inch of Shawn's penis so very intimately by now that there was no point in having special checks even if they had really served a valid purpose. She was content in her role as her son’s cocksucker, even if she was just one of many.

But deep down she wanted more. That night, she had another dream where Shawn fucked her silly. It seemed incredibly real, but when she woke up, she was crushed to discover her pussy was still achingly empty of his hot, throbbing penis.

Joanna eventually went to bed and left Cheese all alone downstairs in the living room. Cheese was dressed in a robe, as she was going to take a shower to get all the sex smells off of her before returning home (she'd been forced to do that a lot lately). But first she just sat on the couch and thought. She was uncertain.

I just don't understand. What happened today - was that good or bad? Technically it's good - the complete free-for-all Chen family orgy I've been dreaming about is almost here. Things become looser and more sexual daily. Certainly this was a big, big day for Vel's progress, and that's the main road block to total sexual freedom for us all. But what about Hui Shan? She's my Achilles heel. I don't know what to do with her. I can't tell her to stop, but I don't want her to go further. There has to be a way to turn this to my advantage, but I can't see it yet.

The problem is, I'm not in complete control here. Shawn really took charge today with his Hui Shan idea. That surprised me. I never factor her into my sexual plans, and that's my main failing. I should have seen this coming! I have to get back on track and regain control of the speed and direction things are going. I can't let my overwhelming urge to fuck Shawn fog my brain. Starting tomorrow I'll have to develop some new schemes, especially to solve this whole Hui Shan problem.

And what am I going to do about Joanna and Vel? They're so enthusiastic that they're starting to make me seem like the prudish one! Vel especially. She's become the cocksucking queen. Even though I'm better in technique, no one can beat her enthusiasm. She's channeling all her repressed desires to get fucked into a superhuman cocksucking joy. And both of them have the taboo relationship forbidden fruit thing going that I can't compete with. I've gotta figure out how to leap ahead of them somehow, so I can be my Sweetie's favorite. This is going to be tough!

Continued in part 17...

22-10-2005, 08:48 PM
any double dosage today??

23-10-2005, 10:24 PM
CHAPTER 1 (Wednesday, Nov. 13)

The next morning Shawn woke up somewhat refreshed but still weary to his bones. He'd been up too late getting his penis sucked by both Vel and Hui Shan and his goal was just to make it through school so that he could take a long nap in the afternoon. He shook his head in wonder of just how amazing the previous couple days had been. I would say last night was especially great, but then I'd have to say that virtually every morning. It just keeps getting better and better. So many adventures! A week ago feels more like a year ago.

In the kitchen, things were like they had been for the past two days, only slightly toned down in response to his subdued mood. Once again he greeted his mother and sister by rubbing his hands all over his mother’s ass and his sister’s pussy, respectively. But he was so exhausted from the night before that not even that and the sight of their amazing bodies was enough to get him fully hard.

His mother still put herself on display for him with all the skill of a practiced stripper forced to work in a kitchen instead of a stage. She again wore the erotic apron that had proved so popular with Shawn the day before and put her huge breasts on prominent display for her son's pleasure. She figured it was especially appropriate in the mornings since its supposed purpose was to be worn when cooking food.

She contorted her body so much in attempts to please Shawn that it almost seemed at times like she played a game of Twister with herself. Joanna again sat on the stool next to him. They secretly played with each other's privates as they enjoyed their mother's show. Fortunately, the counter hid their lower halves from their mother.

At the same time, she spoke to him sexily. "Tiger, did you have a nice night last night?"

"I sure did."

"I hope you're not going to forget your sister and me, now that you have a girlfriend, are you?" As she said this she spread her feet apart and bent all the way down so she could touch her toes. Her ostensible purpose was to get the bottle of maple syrup from a low shelf (everything in the kitchen seemed to be on the highest and lowest shelves lately), but her real purpose was to help ensure a good answer to his question.

"Are you joking? You must be. As if I could ever stop loving you and Joanna!"

She smiled. "I, for one, am glad about what happened last night. With you and Hui Shan, I mean. Though things like the strip tease and shared blow job were so much fun too. I’m so glad you have a girlfriend now. Aren't you?"

He just mumbled, "Mmm-hmm," as he ate.

She went on, "I mean, all this cocksucking is well and good, but I’ll bet you’re dying to finally fuck a woman properly, aren't you? I can only imagine how much you long to fuck a woman." As she said this, she leaned against a counter and spread her legs even wider than before. She rubbed her hands all over her groin area, which caused her apron to ride up and her cunt to become exposed.

He recalled that he'd told Vel that he'd fucked "Elle," so he reminded her of that. He added that he'd fucked a couple of girls at school, though of course he didn't mention that one of them was his sister.

"Oh. Right. I think it’s only right that you get to fuck lots of women, and I'm glad to see that you're starting to spread your seed all over town. As it should be. It should be the duty, no, the honor, of all the best girls in your school to spread their legs for you. But I'm talking about something else. Fucking your loved ones. Hui Shan is practically family. Won’t that be great, fucking her? Don’t you think she’ll be a great fuck? Or is there someone else close to home you’d like to fuck instead?"

As she said this last sentence she put her foot up on a chair and exposed her pussy even more clearly, in case Shawn had any doubt who she was talking about. Vel ran her hands down her belly and stopped at her furry mound. She held her lips open with her left hand and started to dig into her hot hole with her right hand. When she got her fingers all covered with a slick sheen, she proceeded to flick and rub her clit. She held back the hood of her clit and pulled and twisted the fleshy nub. Her excitement was starting to boil. Her pussy was so wide open that the pink folds inside could be seen glistening like morning dew.

Needless to say, there was no way Shawn could remain flaccid in the face of such a tease.

Joanna, meanwhile, was sullen. She was still irked that Hui Shan was Shawn's girlfriend, not her. She'd barely slept at all the night before, ruminating over that. But she couldn't help to also get aroused at her mother's display, even though the show wasn't meant for her. With her lap safely hidden underneath the kitchen counter, she was already furiously cumming to the sight of her mother and the ministrations of Shawn's hand. Luckily, Vel didn't even glance in her direction, as she couldn't tear her eyes from Shawn's crotch.

Shawn was so frustrated by Vel’s comments that he said, "Mom, you can’t talk like that! Are you trying to get me to fuck you? Because if you are, you’re doing a pretty good job. I could take this penis and pound a nail into concrete."

"Sorry Tiger, sometimes I get a little carried away," Vel said, genuinely apologetic. She straightened up and forced herself to look him in the eyes. "Of course we can’t fuck, so I’ll tone it down. Teasing is so much fun for me – I forget how frustrated it can make you. Let's not tease or talk about fucking. We'll just stick to blow jobs and the like."

"Yeah. Thanks," he said in an exasperated tone. "You don't have to go so far in getting me aroused - just knowing you're near usually does it to me. Thank God I'm not a virgin anymore or you would have destroyed my heart with your teasing."

"That reminds me," Vel said. "Who are these other girls at school, then?"

Shawn didn't want to say, since she might keep prying and eventually figure out that he and his sister were fucking. So he just responded vaguely, "I can't give any names, but mainly a couple of the cheerleaders at school." Technically that's correct, he thought. He hoped Vel wouldn't recall at that moment that Joanna was one of just six varsity cheerleaders.

Vel was filled with pride. "That's my son. Nothing but the best and hottest cunts in the school for you. Of course you should fuck the cheerleaders. I hope you give that bitch Sera a good fucking."

"Actually, I already have."

She reached over and gave him a big hug. "Oh, Son, that makes me so happy to hear! She's definitely Shawn-worthy. Spear that cunt good for me, won't you?"

Shawn didn't know which was more surprising: his mother's newly dirty mouth, or her genuine pride and enthusiasm in seeing him fuck the cheerleaders. Like most everything else, it was all too mind blowing for him to contemplate, so he just accepted it as part of his new, bizarro world.

Joanna wore another item that she and Cheese had bought at the sex store a few days before. It was less a dress and more just a few thin straps of cloth. There was one strap around the waist, two shoulder straps about an inch wide that barely covered the nipples, and one in her ass crack that also covered her vulva. Vel tried to discourage Joanna from wearing it, but felt, as she often did, like the pot calling the kettle black.

Vel focused her attention on that. She complained, "Angel, I hope you're not planning on wearing that around the house all day."

"Why not? It’s no more revealing than what you've got on, if you think about it. I mean, you couldn't even cover your boobs if you wanted to."

"Yes, Angel, but this is an apron. I have to wear it for cooking," Vel said, having conveniently forgotten the other aprons she owned or that she could wear other clothes underneath the apron she had on. "But your outfit - it just seems so absurd."

"But Mom, last night you said we could wear just as much or as little as we wanted, any time we wanted."

Vel sighed. "I said and did a lot of things last night that I regret. Today is different." Of course she was already well into another wanton mood, but she was barely aware of such changes and seemed to think that she was "better" today. "But I guess I did say that, didn't I? So be it. In any case, doesn't that tiny strap of fabric ride up into your pussy and ass?"

Joanna's mood picked up a bit as she showed off the dress. "It sure does. Just about any move I make causes it to go up there. I can practically get myself off just by shrugging my shoulders up and down repeatedly. And it’s so tight that if I sit down it nearly cuts me in two. It’s great!" Joanna stood up to demonstrate. She used a hand to lift a shoulder strap up and down and delightfully moaned in response.

Vel complained, "Really, Angel, it’s too much. Whatever will I do with you? And in front of your own brother!" Vel realized as she said this that in fact she was more trying to stimulate Shawn with the things she said than actually discourage Joanna from wearing the outfit. By this point everyone knew it was a charade to say things like "And in front of your own brother!" but it was fun for everyone anyway and helped to make their actions seem naughtier.

"Mom, you really should try it. The fabric just expands and expands on me, but it would be even more deliciously tight trying to wrap itself around your big hooters."

"I don't know. Maybe I’ll try it just once or twice. Just to see what kind of mischief you’re getting into, mind you. And by the way, let’s not use vulgar language like 'hooters' – the proper term is 'jugs.'" Everyone laughed at that. Vel had always been tightly wound up, but in recent days letting loose sexually had changed her demeanor and she was making jokes for practically the first time in her life.

"Try it anytime, Mom. Or, even better, should I ask Cheese to pick one up for you next time she’s at the store?"

23-10-2005, 10:26 PM
"I can ask her myself, thank you very much," Vel said in an authoritative tone, her chastisement of Joanna's outfit just moments before already forgotten. Vel definitely wanted one - she allowed her pussy do all her thinking lately, and her pussy very much liked the idea of having the strap ride up and rub around all day.

"The only problem with them is that the straps are so hard to keep in place," Joanna added with mock dismay. She then ostentatiously slipped one strap off of a nipple, then she slipped the other strap off of a breast altogether.

With Shawn and Vel raptly attentive, she then moved the strap that vainly attempted to cover her pussy to the side. Still on her feet, she moved back from the counter as she did this so that Vel could better see what she did. She knew that it made her mother horny, even if Vel wouldn't admit it. She thought to herself just how right Cheese had been the night before when she said that it was more arousing to be partially dressed.

"Look, Big Bone Brother!" she said with even more anguish in her voice. "All my straps are coming undone!"

Shawn joked, "You should cover your tits and your pussy with your hands, before you catch a cold from the draft."

Joanna smiled. "Good idea." She stuck a finger up her pussy and used her other hand to fondle a tit.

Vel said to Joanna, "I think Shawn sees your vulgar display well enough. And by the way, please take your hand out of your private places and try to control yourself for a few minutes." Vel said this without much conviction, as she was already highly aroused by showing her own private places to Shawn and even more aroused as she took a good look at Joanna’s equally wanton display. She pretended not to see the dripping fluids leaking from her daughter’s pussy and rolling down her leg, or else she would have been obliged to raise more objections. In her current mood, she felt more like licking Joanna clean.

"I’m just trying to put the straps back into place," Joanna falsely claimed.

"Sure you are," Vel said in a tsk-tsk voice. "The way you’re acting, you might as well not bother with clothes at all, and just keep your finger in your pussy permanently."

"Oh goody! Is that a request or a command?" Joanna asked.

"Neither." Everyone laughed, even Vel. "As fun as it is, we can't just sit around and masturbate for each other all day, or we'll never get you two to school. Now you two just sit still for a few minutes, for once." As soon as Joanna sat back down and Vel was safely on the other side of the counter, Shawn and Joanna put their fingers back on or in each other’s privates.

After a short spell, Joanna moaned, "Mmm, I know something I’d rather want in my pussy than my finger." She snickered as Shawn continued to frig her, "Not that there's a finger in there now."

"What’s that dear?" Vel asked with feigned innocence from the kitchen.

Joanna was so surprised that she wasn't berated for her comment, that at first she didn't know what to say. But then she came back with, "Hmm. I’ll give you a clue. It’s long and hard and throbbing. Right now it looks like it’s aching to fill a hole."

"Oh, does it?" Vel said happily, glad that Shawn's penis was hard again after having gone flaccid for longer that she'd prefer. Then she remembered her role. "I meant, uh, Angel, it’s not right to think of such things. Besides, I’m sure Shawn wouldn't want to stick his red hot poker in his sister’s or his mother’s hungry hole, so you must be speaking of something else."

Vel bent over forwards as she said this, and spread her legs so Shawn could see clearly what hole she referred to.

Joanna moaned, "Mmm. Red hot poker. I like that. What do you think of that, Big Red Hot Poker Brother?" She no longer bothered to hide her many sexual nicknames for him any more.

Most other guys would have jumped up and fucked someone by this point, but Shawn had slowly grown used to this level of teasing and just enjoyed the scene. He merely complained, "Mom, you said no teasing about fucking."

"Oh sorry. I don't know what got into me today. I must still be excited from last night." She went back to her kitchen work.

Joanna giggled, "I know what I'd LIKE to get into me today, Mom. Do you know what I mean?"

"Mom, make her stop. I have to eat some food every now and then or I'll die of starvation. Death by sexy teasing."

When Vel finally put the pancakes on plates and served it to her children she once again stole a peek over the counter at the state of Shawn's penis. She smiled to see Joanna was right about its hardness.

Once again, her children had taken their hands off of each other before she walked towards them, but they had been generally too careless this morning and not quick enough.

Vel said reprovingly, "Don't think I don't know what you're doing to each other. Keep your fingers in your own privates, if you can, please. Generally speaking, Angel, I expect you to keep him hard while he eats with some light, gentle stroking, but absolutely nothing more, or he says we'll kill him. And he's far too young and sexy and unfucked to die just yet. Is that clear?"

Joanna giggled with glee. "Yes, Mom."

Vel turned to her son. "Tiger, it's a violation of the rules to finger fuck your sister, you know."

"Sorry, Mom," he said abashedly. He had no idea what the rules were anymore. They seemed to be more or less whatever Vel felt like at the moment. He couldn't tell if she was serious or not, after her false chiding of Joanna's behavior. But he didn't raise any questions.

She continued, happier, "That's okay. I'll forgive it since you obviously need a lot of help getting hard this morning. And you can really make it up to me if you shoot a big load of your cum in my mouth. You think you're up for that, or do you want more time to eat?"

"I think I'll go with the death by cocksucking."

"Good choice." Vel smiled. She turned to Joanna. "And as for you, young lady, of course it's fine for you to stroke your brother's cock whenever he needs it. I especially approve wholeheartedly of any stealth stroking while Shawn has to eat because I normally am too busy then to help. But no sneaking around my back to do it. And remember that you're still being grounded and you're allowed only one of his loads per day until your grounding is over."

"Yes, Mom." She had her head bowed. "But remember you said I could get double the penis access until Friday for leaving him be on Tuesday."

23-10-2005, 10:29 PM

Cheese didn't come over right after Shawn and Joanna left for school, as she normally did.

Cheese was still puzzled over what to do after the events of the night before. My grand scheme is still going forward, but it's slipping out of my control. How to get it back? There is one idea. It would be a bit of a neutron bomb. I don't know if I have the duplicity to use it. The problem? Vel and Joanna have the incest taboo going for them, making sex between Shawn and them that much hotter, and making them possibly more important to him than I am. The solution? I have to become family too. Neither Vel nor her children have the slightest clue about Shawn's genetic parents, except for some kind of vague guess that he comes from a Mediterranean ethnic background, due to his naturally dark skin and general appearance.

I could drop a bombshell and claim that I am his real birth mother. Wow. Suddenly, I'd be more of his mother than Vel is. I could say he was the offspring of an illicit affair I had with a swarthy man during my couple of years in France. The timing would work out - I was gone when Shawn was born, and it would explain why Vel never saw me pregnant. Keeping it secret from my husband would explain why I gave him up for adoption right after birth and never even told her. And I would have wanted him close and treated him like my own son, so I made a secret arrangement with the adoption agency to put him in her hands - it all fits together so neatly. Plus, the whole Chen family is so nice and trusting that they'd certainly fall for it.

The only problem is that it would be a complete lie. It's so dastardly. Am I so desperate and conniving to actually use that story? ... No. The answer is no. The problem is, it's not a harmless lie, like most of my lies in my schemes. It would hurt Vel very much. She has just about convinced herself that her children are her real children and not adopted. It would be devastating for her. I would be torn apart by guilt and unable to enjoy my victory. I can't do it. ... Yet. I can't do it yet. But if Shawn were to completely spurn me, God forbid, if he doesn't even let me suck him off daily, then I don't know what kind of craziness I'd be capable of.

I have to find another way. But how? I could find a lot of cruel ways to push Joanna or Vel down, but they're just about my favorite people in the whole world. I couldn't hurt them. I have to make Shawn love me more, without loving them any less. It's great if we all love each other more and more, it's just that I have to be number one in his heart. I have to! I know it's an immature feeling, but that's love. I want to possess him. Being his favorite would mean more to me than anything in the whole world. But how? How? HOW? I'm already doing everything I can. It's so damn frustrating!

The other way to become family is to become his wife. That's been my secret fantasy for over a year now. To be his wife: Mrs. Shawn Chen. But it's so pie in the sky. I rarely allow myself to think about it. He wasn't even considering me when he chose an official girlfriend yesterday. That really hurt, but it's no wonder. I'm twice his age. And of course there's the very unpleasant fact that I'm married. I could change that with a quick divorce, but then I wouldn't live next door, I would cause trauma to Hui Shan and Brad just as they're finishing high school, I might have to get a job... Lots of problems. But it's a moot point, because Shawn would never consider marrying me in the first place.

Furthermore, SHOULD he even marry me? I should think about what's best for him and not just what works for me and my fantasies. Why saddle him with an old broad when he's just starting out in life? ... Oh no. What if he actually marries AMY? He doesn't deeply love her like he does his sister or mother, but that could change with time. I hadn't even thought about that possibility last night when I was dumbly agreeing to the official girlfriend idea. I'm just not sharp lately. Too much time fantasizing about getting fucked and not enough time strategizing.

Woe is me! I never thought I would use that phrase in all seriousness, but that's how I feel. Woe is me. Think of something, Cheese! You always think of something and get out of every pickle, so think of something and get out of this one!

Cheese brooded for over an hour, but still could see no solution to her problems. She decided to go over to Vel's house and do their usual exercising and retelling of the previous day's events. Between their new kissing and nude sunbathing habits, not to mention just how arousing the previous day was, she knew she'd be in for a hot time. She figured after a couple hours of that she could be alone and focus again on her problem.

All the time Cheese spent in deep thought gave Vel a rare opportunity to be alone and think for herself. In the past week or two, Cheese had kept a close eye on Vel and made doubly sure that she stayed in at least some kind of erotic mood nearly every single hour of the day. Cheese took care of most of Vel's mundane chores like shopping so Vel wouldn't ever have to leave the house. Whenever Vel left the house for long periods of time, it was a big setback for her mental state, so Cheese continually tried to prevent that.

But now Vel had a long chance to think, and the more she thought, the more unhappy she became. While she cleaned up everyone’s cum from the kitchen floor, she had a dramatic change of heart. She had a flashback to when her children were small and some food would always fall to the floor. Now instead of peas and spilled milk it was crusted cum hosed all over her face and the floor by her precious little boy. The reality of how things had changed hit her like a ton of bricks and frightened her.

Cheese walked in the door thrilled to see another day. As she took off her shirt and put it in the underwear cabinet, she thought, We're going to have LOTS of fun even before Shawn gets home. What'll I do with Vel first? Just how far will we go?

But then she looked up and saw Vel. Her best friend looked like she was in mourning, fully clothed in black. On closer inspection, it was more like how a high priced call girl might dress for a funeral - the shiny, black number was cut to show a deep valley of cleavage. Cheese thought with amusement that this was now Vel's outer limit of what she'd wear; something ridiculously conservative by her new standards.

As Cheese drew near, Vel requested, "Please don’t kiss me. Please. Today’s not a good day."

"What’s the problem?" Cheese asked. She privately thought, Uh-oh. Here comes trouble. Another bump in the road.

The words poured out of Vel. "I don’t know why all of the sudden now, but I’m filled with doubt and regret about how things are going with Shawn. I feel things are spiraling out of control. … I mean, things started out because of Shawn’s medical condition, and I just wanted to help him out. But I’m too weak! I've let it all go too far, not just with Shawn, but with you, and Joanna, and Hui Shan too. None of this has anything to do with his medical problem any more. I've been in such a sexual fog that I can barely even remember what his problem was in the first place. I have to stop this while I still have some willpower left. You know what happened last night. I was so docile and just let Shawn do anything to anybody, including me. The way he forced me to do that strip tease, and then suck him off together with Hui Shan. It was humiliating!"

Cheese cut in. "Oh, come on. He didn't force you. You loved it, and you know it."

Vel thought, and then conceded the point. "I know. But that's the problem. I love it too much! You should have seen how I was acting this morning. I woke up thinking that I would act more responsibly, but that lasted all of about five seconds. As soon as Shawn walked into the kitchen and put his hands on my butt, I was a goner. Within minutes I was all but begging to get fucked. It was like an orgy instead of a breakfast. I mean, really! Sometimes I wonder why Shawn doesn't just up and fuck me. Before too long, everybody here is going to end up having sex with everybody else!"

Cheese stood there, topless, at a total mental loss. She had been in the process of changing, as she always did immediately upon entering the Chen household. She thought to herself, And an orgy would be considered a bad thing?!? That's my whole plan! She was still getting used to the fact that she wouldn't get to play with Vel's body, and had trouble relating to Vel's new mood. She asked, "And you have a problem with that?"

"Of course I have a problem with that! Cheese, you have to back me up here! I mean … it’s not that I’m not enjoying things. That’s the problem. I’m enjoying them too much! I can’t maintain any boundaries, and all I can think about is sex, sex, sex. I've got Shawn's hunky body or his penis on my mind all the time. I think I’m going mad!

"Just this morning, I mildly scolded Shawn for finger fucking Joanna in front of me. That’s not what normal families do! Especially because my main problem with his action was that he was doing it to her and not to me. I don't consider myself the jealous type, normally, and sometimes I enjoy hearing about his other sexual conquests. But I'm slowly changing. I want Shawn to be with nobody but me, all day long. It pains me terribly when he has to go to school for seven long hours. They're so painfully long! If I didn't have you to keep me company during the day I couldn't bear it. Obviously I can't keep going on like this. But I’m not blaming anybody but myself. I haven’t provided the leadership and discipline my children need. I just keep giving in to my urges, over and over."

23-10-2005, 10:30 PM
She thought to herself some more, then continued, "I mean, my problem is that I'm mentally split in two. There's a part of me that really wants to fuck Shawn, and even do, do..." She whispered quietly, "Do things to women too!" She continued in a normal voice, "That's how depraved I am. The things I've been thinking about doing to you... You don't even want to know. I can't say! But there's another part that finds it morally reprehensible and spiritually wrong. I realize now that I've been clueless lately, not thinking things through and not really thinking at all. That's because my mind is at war with itself. So I've just been turning my mind off rather than open up this can of worms. I don't want to go back to how things were before this all started. No way. If I don't get to suck Shawn's cock every day, I think I'll just die. I can't go on without loving him, physically. Deeply. In every way. But I really can't go on like this either. I'm too obsessed!"

She sighed. "I have to strike a bShawnce somehow, and have some level of daily sexual interaction while having a life free of sex some hours of the day. But the boundaries aren't working. It's not Shawn's fault. He's been heroic in his restraint, I know. It's mostly because I always let things slide because secretly I just want to get fucked. But I can't. I shouldn't. I'm so torn! And what would I do without him? What if he were to move away? My life would be destroyed. But he needs to live his own life and not have me hanging around his neck."

Cheese's heart went out to Vel's plight. She thought, I had no idea that Vel was so conflicted deep inside. That's probably because she's riding an erotic buzz most of the day and suppresses it all. She's a pretty smart woman normally, but these past weeks, most of the time she's so sexed up she has the intellect of a potted plant. But it looks like her childhood strictures against incest still haunt her, and it all comes out whenever the action stops. There's really only one solution. She has to get over the hump by humping, so to speak. She has to get used to fucking her son, and over time all her doubts will ebb away.

Vel sighed deeply. "I think I need professional help. I have to see a psychiatrist, immediately, before things get even more crazy!"

"Hmm. A psychiatrist, you say?" Cheese said while her mind frantically schemed. How am I going to spin this? With no outsiders interfering, my plan to turn the Chen house into a giant, non-stop orgy party has been slowly but surely succeeding. But if she talks to someone like a real psychiatrist, fuck knows what’ll happen from that. Wait – I know what’ll happen. The psychiatrist won’t buy Shawn’s medical condition story, because let’s face it, it can sound absurd if you don’t want to believe it in the first place. They’ll ask a few other doctors about it, and the entire thing will unravel. Dr. Fredrickson and Nurse Caelist may do prison time, for starters. No way can I let that happen. I have to convince her not to see anybody. That’s the…

As if Vel had read Cheese’s last thought, she said, "Don’t try to make me change my mind. I've got my mind made up. I know what you’re going to say: that no outsider should learn of Shawn’s medical problem. Who knows if even a trained professional will tell, and so on? And it’s true I don’t know a good doctor that can be trusted. But I think the situation demands taking the risk."

Cheese failed to answer that. To stall for time, she diverted the subject and said, "By the way, I feel frightfully underdressed. How embarrassing." She went to the underwear cabinet to retrieve her shirt.

"Oh. Sorry about that. Actually, it's fine if you leave it off, but if you put it back on that could help me think. This is one of my problems: my arousal when I see... when I see..." Vel didn't want to bring up her recent lesbian urges with Cheese, since Cheese was the main focus of those urges. So instead she covered up her verbal stumble. "It's not like we suddenly can't go nude. After all, the task of helping Shawn with his six time target never ends."

"I think I'll just put it back on then." Dressing allowed Cheese to stall for time while she thought of new ideas. I don't think this would be the appropriate moment to take the egg vibrator out of my pussy, too. But it's so hard to think with it in there! Damn. Focus Cheese. ... Okay, how about this. If she doesn't know a good doctor, what if I get a fake doctor to tell her lies? It worked so well once before to get this whole ball rolling. Caelist really grew into her role. But whom can I pick for this? I don’t know any psychiatrists at all, so I can’t get one to lie like I did with Dr. Fredrickson. What if I get someone to impersonate one? Wait! I know the perfect person. My old college dorm mate, Henrietta.

"Vel," she finally said once she'd slipped her shirt back over her shoulders, "as you can tell, I’m pondering this situation deeply. I think you have a good point about seeing a psychiatrist. Personally, I think pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of, and these last few weeks have been the best of my life. But we don’t know the long-term psychological effects, for you, or for your children. I didn't realize you've been so conflicted inside."

Vel explained, "That's because I've been turning my brain off, more or less, so I could just be in denial about everything and enjoy the moment. And they've been the best weeks of my life, too. But the slippery slope! Where is this leading? I can't control it."

Cheese continued, "You should see someone about this. True, it’s a risk. If this gets out, you could destroy everyone's lives, for sure. I know you said that Shawn still needs his help, but do you personally really want to stop altogether? Do you really want to give up your daily dose of your son’s cum?"

"Of course not. No way. I was thinking maybe I wouldn't be fully honest with the psychiatrist…"

"So you need someone who has some sympathy to Shawn’s medical needs, and your vital role in helping him out."

"Yes, if there's anyone out there sympathetic. Do you think there is? We have to keep helping Shawn with his medical treatment, no matter what. He can't do it alone."

23-10-2005, 10:31 PM
Cheese pointed out, "Not many professionals are going to have any sympathy for this whole situation, even though it's all very medically justified. But I think I have the solution. I have a friend who’s a psychiatrist. She’s someone we can trust. She’s also very open-minded and has a healthy attitude towards sexual things. It would be an almost perfect fit. I just hope she’s around. I haven’t spoken to her in years."

"Oh, Cheese, that’s great!" She’d kept her physical distance from Cheese this morning, afraid they might end up kissing or more, but she excitedly walked up to her and gave her a big hug. "Who is she? Tell me more!"

"Well, I don’t want to get your hopes up and then have them crash. For one thing, she doesn't even live in this county. She lives up in Los Angeles, last I knew. But she could be in Timbuktu for all I know, now. Let me go back home and make some calls; try to track her down. But I’d trust her with my life. No worries about the security aspect, if she can do it."

Cheese left not long after, indeed so she could track down her old friend. As she walked back to her house, she thought, Too true! I haven’t spoken to Henrietta in years. What is it, five years? I think she’d definitely be into helping, as long as she hasn't died or turned into a Jesus freak or something. She’s so wild, she makes me look tame. Or at least she was. Henrietta, be home!

Cheese rushed into her house and found her phone book. She was in such a hurry that she didn't take the time to remove the mini dildo that pulsed inside of her. It was set to change intensity levels at random and happened to be on high. She immediately dialed her friend.

"Henrietta? … You’re home! Great! It’s me, Cheese. … Uh hunh. Look, I need to know urgently: no big changes in your life lately – married, kids, new job, something like that? … No, same old you, living life, having fun? Great! ... Unh! Oh yes!" Half of her excitement came from the dildo. "This may sound weird, but I have a huuuuge favor to ask…"

Cheese briefly and vaguely outlined the situation and the need for her friend Henrietta to play the role of a psychiatrist for a day. Henrietta proved to be game, especially when she was told that there would be some excellent sex involved. To sweeten the pot, Cheese promised plenty of money to cover her time and hassle.

Henrietta worked as a dental assistant by day, but lived for the nightlife. She was in her late thirties like Cheese, but remained unmarried, and was addicted to L.A.’s swinging club scene. Over the years she’d experienced plenty of boyfriends, orgies, drugs, rock n’ roll, and every type of hedonism she could find. But she still looked great and kept going strong. In fact, she had a very similar tall and buxom physique to Cheese and Vel.

Cheese truly did trust Henrietta because she knew her friend lived just for the moment. Something like blackmailing Cheese to keep quiet went deep against her nature.

The one problem Cheese had was that she couldn't really imagine Henrietta as a doctor. Given Henrietta’s past jobs as such things as a professional stripper, the best Cheese could do was conjure up the ridiculous image of Henrietta nearly naked and carrying some books. But luckily, Henrietta had done a lot of acting in Hollywood (mostly minor roles in soft-core porn movies) so she could at least play a role convincingly.

After she got the initial thumbs up and outlined a brief plan, Cheese hung up and called Vel. "Hi, Vel? Guess what? Henrietta is still around, and still a psychiatrist! That’s the name of the friend I was talking about. … Not only that, but I briefly outlined your problem and your urgent need, and she has agreed to make room to see you the day after tomorrow! Isn't that great? … Of course, you’ll have to drive up to Los Angeles, but her office is only about an hour and a half away from here, so that's not too bad. She also wants to see Shawn and Joanna to see the problem from all angles. … Uh huh, on the same day. They’ll obviously have to miss school. Figure on at least half a day, with the driving. … Just have them call in sick."

After she talked to Vel some more, Cheese called Henrietta back and they made their plans. Henrietta really did live in L.A., an adversity that Cheese turned into an advantage. If the "doctor" was in the same town, Vel might want to have weekly appointments, and that would never work since Henrietta didn't know psychiatry from a hole in the ground. Plus, they’d have to immediately rent short-term office space and if it was nearby Vel might pass by the spot some other time and notice it wasn't there any more.

Cheese drove to L.A. that same day to discuss the situation for hours with Henrietta so she’d be coached on what to say. While she was there, she made all the arrangements to make a believable office.

Cheese wasn't happy that Vel had this psychiatrist idea, but she looked on the positive side. If I can pull this off, I can use this to drive Vel and the others even deeper into sexual abandon. Get the doctor to say everything is okay as is, and she’ll no longer to have any excuse to hold back any more. This could actually get rid of what remains of her moral qualms and heal her mental split that's been troubling her. True, we'll all benefit, but really it's for her own good. God, I’m brilliant!

23-10-2005, 10:32 PM

Shawn's day at school was very "Peggy-ious," as he liked to put it. He spent most of lunch with Peggy to make up for the fact that he couldn't get it up for her the day before. As they were doing pretty much every day when Shawn had enough time, they had fun with role playing.

They played a fantasy where Shawn was a vampire. But he wasn't just any vampire. He was a vampire who needed pussy juice instead of blood to survive. After much chasing around the room and the holding up of crosses, Shawn caught Peggy and playfully bit at her neck and her ears. As he tore open her blouse (she was losing a lot of buttons lately, as he really liked to do that in their games), he sucked on her nipples and tweaked her tits for a few minutes. Then he had her bend over the table and pulled down her pants and undies.

In a Transylvanian accent he said, "I vant to suck your cunt! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" Then he got down to the business of pussy licking from the behind. He pointed out that as a pussy vampire he needed a heck of a lot of pussy juice, so he licked her hole from a variety of positions.

In fact, he steered the fantasy in this direction because he wanted to practice his pussy licking. They did that for most of the lunch period.

Slowly the fantasy dissolved and they reverted to their natural roles of teacher and student. Peggy continued her lessons about the finer points of going down on a woman. He still wasn't good at it and would have much preferred doing most anything else with Peggy's body, but he pushed himself. She assured him that he would slowly get better and more comfortable with it, and she was right. By the end of their time together he began to enjoy it. He found it was a lot of fun to do something arousing with his tongue and hear the moans of great pleasure in response.

But he preferred to lay on top of Peggy right on the table she used to teach his class. With both of them completely naked by now, he fell back into the vampire role and really got to know her neck during the times they didn't lock lips. He gave her enough hickies and small bites to last a lifetime. She was happy to have her boobs mash into his strong chest, but she wasn't so comfortable with the fact that his penis was only inches from her pussy lips. So she clamped the penis between her thighs and kept it there to make sure "it didn't get into any mischief" as she put it. Since she was so athletic from her love of surfing and other sports, her thighs were quite muscular. She squeezed his penis with her impressive thigh muscles, which kept it hard and happy.

The grand finale was one of Peggy's extraordinary blow jobs. She took him deeper and deeper until it became a deep throat. Again her tongue, mouth, lips, and hands all worked to drive him over the edge. Nothing made him feel so good. He suspected that even if he could fuck her, the deep throat would probably feel better. But he still wanted to fuck her bad just the same.

Yet, for all this activity, they only spent about twenty minutes together. Shawn had been talked into another cheerleader painting job, this time for Candice. So everything they did felt a bit rushed.

Aside from the usual lack of time, their biggest problem was that they had no bed to lie in. Even though they still weren't fucking yet, they usually wanted to get more intimate than just mutual masturbation on uncomfortable desks and chairs. Peggy had taken to keeping sheets and pillows in the closet behind her desk, and she would lay them out on the ground so they wouldn't have to roll around on a cold and dirty concrete floor. But she could hardly go any further and bring in a mattress into her classroom. Even the sheets had their own dangers. Despite their best efforts to keep things clean, on a day where Shawn stayed for a while the sheet would get covered with sweat and cum. Then Peggy would have to smuggle it out in her bag and replace it with a new one. They longed for a better and safer place to play.

Their problem was compounded by the fact that they both loved role playing so much. Just before he left, Peggy asked him, "So what are we going to play tomorrow?"

"Hmm. So many excellent choices. You want to get really wild? Okay. I want to be Father Shawn, a Catholic priest. And I want you to be Sister Peggy. Or Peggy. That's better; sounds more religious."

"Young man, you are one twisted fuck. I love it! Okay! But how? If we do that, we'd have to take it to a whole other level. We need costumes to really make it work. And that's just one fantasy. We're gonna need a lot of costumes."

"It was just an idea. I can pick something simpler."

"No. I'm into it. Except that I call dibs on me being Princess Leia and you being Han Solo the day after that."

"Okay. Cool. You don't want me to be Luke Skywalker?"

"No. I like my guys to be a little more rugged and complicated. Plus she's Luke's sister. Gross!"

"Oh. Right. Forgot." Shawn blushed and hoped his reaction wouldn't somehow give away what he was did with his own sister.

She appeared not to notice anything unusual and continued, "Anyhow, so we've got the lack of bed problem. The smuggling in and out of sheets. The pillow in the closet. Getting rid of the cum smell. Looking all hot and bothered at the start of fifth period class. And to top it all off, now I've got to smuggle in and out a nun's habit and a priest's outfit. What if I get caught? That'll be a little bit awkward, to say the least. A teacher bringing sheets and costumes into the classroom? How to explain that? Plus, all these props are gonna cost money."

"I'll go halvesies with you on the props. I don't get a whole lot of spending money or I'd be more gallantly generous. But you'd pretty much have to buy them because I always have to ask before using the car. ... If it's too much trouble, we don't have to do this. I love being with you just the same, props or no props."

"No, I want to do this." Not only did Peggy enjoy this role playing tremendously, she also thought this might give her an edge over some of the other women Shawn got sexual with. She didn't want him to come in every day with a penis too sore to use. So they made their plans.

With lunch half way over, he was in a rush to leave, but as he headed to the door, Peggy said to him, "Wait."

She paused, and Shawn thought it would be something very important. "You know, young man, that we have a school assembly the last period of class today, don't you?"

"Yeah? So what?"

"I don't expect you'll actually be going to that, will you?" Her emotions were a mix of mischievousness and apprehension.

Her meaning slowly dawned on him. "You mean, you want me to come back here? I could get in trouble for that."

"Ah. You're such a good kid. Don't worry. I'll give you a pass. I'm the one who's likely to get