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VF 35
21-03-2008, 05:01 AM
Second Swinger Resort Visit

It was just a short walk to our cabin we entered and realized Elle had left a lot of her sexy swinger club outfit pieces laid out on the extra bed. After apologizing for our housekeeping I went to the bathroom to find a bottle of hydrating conditioner, our 3/4" wide "shaving ribbon" and a sharp new razor.

When I came back a few minutes later the girls were giggling compulsively. As I approached I saw what had caused their amusement. It was Elle's 9 inch neon purple jelly dong toy she had brought to pose for pictures in our room which she had forgotten was under a hot lacy bustier she was considering for the evening's club attire. Elle was still topless but had put on a white crotchless g-string she was considering because it would show nicely in the clubs black lights.

I noticed Jenna was giggling but very impressed with the erotic sex toy and smiled sheepishly at me when Elle told her it was her favorite toy because it was the same size as my cock. I gently patted Elle's firm tanned ass and said "Okay girls you can checkout club outfits later after we show Jenna how fast and easy this is."

Elle smiled excitedly and quickly wriggled out of her g-string and sat back on the bed, pulling her feet up with her legs wide and pussy perfectly exposed. Jenna sat down on the other bed opposite, quivering with excitement. What happened next was completely natural for me. My wife has an extraodinarily small tight and the sight of her spread wide was more than my discretion could stand and I gently buried my face in her naked crotch licking between her small hot lips and sucking her swollen clit. I heard an immediate sharp intake of breath from Elle she had not expected me such attention to her pussy right away and, I noticed as I raised up, neither had Jenna and she had a shocked but interested look on her face. "Sorry!" I apologized. "I just couldn't help myself."

I explained to Jenna that we used good quality hydrating hair conditioner to shave Elle's pussy with because it softened her pubic hair quickly and made shaving much quicker with fewer repeat strokes on her sensitive crotch which meant less irritation. I slid one end of the ribbon under the middle of Elle's ass and handed her the other end to hold directly over her belly button. "This ribbon is our pattern." I explained to Jenna, "something like painter's masking tape."

Will continue in a short while

VF 35
21-03-2008, 05:02 AM
Will upz you soon and at the meantime please post somemore stories hor . Thanks !!! ;)

Thanks in advanced. :)

21-03-2008, 11:17 AM
We Actually Swapped

I sat on the sofa with Keisha, our arms wrapped in a tight embrace. Her full lips kissed and sucked at my neck. She reached out to undo my tie and the first couple of buttons of my shirt. Then she kissed my chest, purring and cooing as she returned to my neck. She dropped a hand between my legs to check my hardness, satisfied with my arousal she wrapped her arm around my waist and touched her mouth to mine.

Just arms lengths away, at the opposite end of the couch my wife Laurie was locked in an embrace of her own. Laurie's mouth pressed softly to Keisha's husband's with their tongues swirling together. Her smooth white face and his dark black skin were pressed together like yin-and-yang.

Laurie and I were not swingers and I far as I knew, neither were Derrick and Keisha. So how did this start? It was a simple dinner. We had some drinks, but no one was drunk. Maybe it was Keisha's flirting. Maybe Laurie's it was curiosity. But we were two married couples completely immersed in heavy foreplay. We knew what was happening and seemed almost powerless to stop it. Instead we succumbed to the passion of the moment.

Keisha excused herself for a minute, asked if we wanted something to drink, and pranced down the hall. Derrick soon followed her. Laurie and I gazed at each other for a moment, both very much aroused. I took her arm and pulled her toward me, pressing my lips to hers in an open mouth kiss.

"I can't leave you two alone for a minute!" Keisha returned.

She stood over us with her arms on her waist, as if she was scolding us. She had changed into negligee, white thigh high stockings, white French cut panties, and a tight white corset. The white clothes contrasted sharply with her deep ebony skin. She looked hot.

"Come on," she said to Laurie, "Let's get you out of those clothes."

Keisha extended a hand to Laurie and pulled her up off the sofa. Laurie was wearing a lot of clothes and Keisha happily helped her out. First she unbuttoned Laurie's sweater and dropped it aside. Then off came Laurie's black blouse. Laurie next slipped her silky cami over her head and tossed it to the floor. Keisha watched as Laurie spun her pinstripe skirt, unzipped it from the side, dropped it, and stepped out of it.

Laurie stood there wearing black thigh highs, black tap pants, and a black strapless bra. They stood face to face, a complete contrast of black and white. Keisha, dark skinned in white and Laurie light skinned in black. I sat on the edge of my seat, eyes wide, expecting a little girl-on-girl.

Instead Keisha turned to me, "What you waiting for?" She glared for a moment, "out of them clothes honey!"

I stood and stripped down to my boxers. Laurie and Keisha watched and smiled. With my clothes off I sat back down on the couch.

"Oh no you don't," Keisha pointed at my boxers, "you're not done!"

I hesitated for a second, "I'll take mine off, if you take yours off"

"Don't you worry, sugar," she replied, "these panties are coming down!!"

With that she grabbed at the waist of my boxers and tugged hard. My stiff member snapped hard against my belly as she pulled off the underwear. True to her word, Keisha slipped out of her panties. Then she climbed up on the sofa standing in front of me with her crotch just in front of my face.

"Don't just stare, boy," she commanded, "kiss it!"

I reached up and grabbed her ass, one cheek in each hand. Then I pulled her toward my face. My mouth easily slipped between her wet and swollen lips. She bent backwards a little so I could slip my tongue inside her. Then she rolled forward again, positioning my mouth on her clit.

"Yeah, I like that!" she said as wrapped her hands around my head. She held my head firmly in place.

I licked her for a while, gently massaging her most sensitive spot. She cooed as I flicked her clit side to side and as I wrapped my tongue around it. Finally she drew away, stepped down, and straddled me on the couch. With her left hand, she positioned my cock at her hole, then forced herself down the shaft with a sigh.

"Now you fuck me with that white cock!" she began bouncing up and down, her hands on my shoulders.

I glanced to the side. Derrick had returned. He stood in front of Laurie, who sat legs wide at the edge of the sofa. He had no shirt, and his sweatpants were pulled down to his thighs exposing his cock to my wife. He was huge, black as night, and hard as a rock.

Laurie bent over and took his balls into her mouth. Her hands wrapped around his behind, where she explored between his cheeks with her fingers. She tilted her head to one side and slid her mouth up and down his shaft, like she was playing a harmonica. He moaned with encouragement as she slid the head into her mouth.

He was huge. She brought her hands around to hold his cock. Laurie gripped it at the base like a baseball bat and still could not take the rest in her mouth. But it did not matter, for at that moment she became a porn star, wildly bobbing up and down on him. Moaning. Shaking her head. Gagging.

"You like that baby?" Keisha teased me.

"You like seeing your wife with my man's cock in her mouth?"

"Wait 'til he cums baby," she teased more as she rode my shaft, "he cums a lot!"

Keisha, it seemed, liked to talk dirty. She climbed off me and swiftly sat on the sofa next to Derrick and Laurie. Keisha spread her legs wide, raising her knees in almost a fetal position. Then she grabbed my cock and guided it back into her pussy.

"Now fuck me white boy!" she said. "fuck my hard and fast!"

I pumped her hard, as hard as I could. We grunted with the force, then I withdrew and pumped again.

"Faster!" she was yelling now.

"You like my pussy don't you?" she shouted the question.

"You like fucking my pussy don't you?" Keisha loved talking dirty.

"Look at Laurie! Look at your wife swallow that monster dick!!"

"Fuck me hard white boy, or I'll make him stick it in your ass!"

She kept on, "you'd like that you faggot! You'd like that monster cock in your ass!"

Then she stopped and groaned with a look of pure ecstasy on her face. We stared into each other's eyes, but not so much into them as through them. I pushed my hips as fast as I could. Our bodies slapped with a rhythmic whap, whap, whap, whap.

The energy was building up inside me and I did not want to hold back anymore. I pumped harder, and talked back to Keisha.

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21-03-2008, 11:18 AM
"I'm going to give it to you, bitch!" I scolded her as I slammed her.

"I'm going to fill that cunt. I'm going to fill you up!"

Whap, whap, whap, whap, whap.

"Fuck me baby. Fuck me baby."

I blasted my cum deep inside her. Thrusting slow and hard with each squirt. She reached down to feel the throbbing at the base of my cock, screaming and groaning. When I stopped cumming, I gently rocked inside her and turned to watch my wife.

Laurie was pumping Derrick hard with both hands. She pulled her mouth away so she could watch the action. In barely a second, a small burst of cum dripped from the tip. Then a moment later he exploded with a thick stream that caught her in the throat. A second stream landed on her chest. Then another. And another. And another. Keisha was right, he came a lot! He finished with a loud grunt.

"I need to cum!" Laurie said, looking desperately at me.

"Sorry sugar," Keisha replied, "He gave all that stuff to me!" She still held me firmly inside her. It was sloppy wet.

"Derrick honey," Keisha asked, "could go get the king?"

He left for a minute, returning with a large dildo. It was pure black, smooth, as large as Derrick, and a strap-on. Keisha grabbed it from him and quickly strapped it on. She had obviously done that before.

"You're going to love this honey," Keisha grinned, "hold her down boys!"

Derrick and I each held one of Laurie's arms, but she gave no resistance. Keisha slipped her hand up Laurie's thigh, easily sliding past the loose crotch of the tap pants. Laurie jerked backed when another woman touched her pussy, but Keisha persisted and pushed a finger into Laurie's hole. With a glance at each of us, Keisha removed her finger and pushed it up to Laurie's lips. Laurie licked her juices off Keisha's finger.

"These panties have to go," Keisha said as she pulled the tap pants over Laurie's knees and to the floor.

Keisha stood in front of Laurie, with the King protruding like a man's cock. She pointed it down, as a man would, and aimed it at her target between Laurie's legs. Laurie winced as it entered her.

"Slow! Go slow! It hurts!" Laurie cried.

Keisha inserted just the tip. Held it steady, then she pushed in a tiny bit more. She withdrew and repeated until the head of the king was thoroughly lubricated by Laurie's pussy. When Keisha thought Laurie was ready, she slowly and smoothly pushed the entire length of the king inside. It didn't seem possible for it to fit, and to this day I don't know how she did it, but Keisha pushed until the two women's bodies touched, mound to mound.

Keisha backed out and with long smooth sensuous strokes she moved between Laurie's legs. I watched transfixed for a while when I noticed that Derrick had returned with more than the king. He produced a small ivory vibrator about the size of a man's finger and shaped like lipstick. He twisted the base causing the toy to buzz quietly. Then placed it, tip down, between the lips of Laurie's pussy on top of her clit.

Laurie lurched back when the vibrator touched her sensitive spot, but she soon adjusted to the soft vibration. The sensations of the king and the vibrator carried her away to another place. She bit her lip and took on a far-away gaze. Keisha rocked smoothly in and out, being sure to press her mound to Laurie's, then withdrawing the entire length of the shaft. Derrick, meanwhile, drew tiny circles around Laurie's clit with the vibrator. Everything was getting wet from her juices.

Laurie made a face like I have never seen before. Her eyes rolled back until all I could see were the whites. Her cheeks were swollen and flush. The veins in her neck popped out as if her muscles were tightly clenched. And she made noises like I had never heard her make before. At first there were high pitched "oh"s. Then she grunted like a weight lifter. Laurie threw her head from side to side moaning at the top of her lungs.

Laurie announced her orgasm by throwing her head back and arching her back. She raised her hips off the sofa. Her face had a look of desperation; desperation, pain, ecstasy, and concentration. She muttered something about cumming, repeating the word cum over and over and over. Then she let out a loud and terrifying scream, took a breath and screamed again.

Finally she collapsed whimpering "no more, no more, no more. I can not cum any more."

With that Keisha withdrew the king and Derrick set aside the vibrator. Derrick's enormous cock was erect again, and it got Keisha's attention. He sat down in a nearby easy chair and Keisha climbed on his lap putting him insider her. My cum soaked his cock as she rode it up and down.

Laurie and I collapsed into a sensuous kiss. This time we were content to watch.

The End

21-03-2008, 11:22 AM
Gardening Is Fun

On a very hot and unreasonably humid summer day around the middle of August, I found myself on the receiving end of Mrs. Nadine Broome's affections.

I was mowing her lawn that day because their regular groundsman was off sick and word was getting about that my services were excellent and highly recommended. The lawn covered approximately 6 acres alongside the River Thames. In some ways it looked more like a bowling green than anything else, Rob always mowed and groomed it to perfection.

Mrs. Broome or Nadine as she likes to be known; is approx forty-seven years old but looked every bit as if she were ten years younger. Her skin is taut and its colour that nutty-brown you always get with people from the Caribbean, her breasts are full like two ripe melons.

Her eyes dark and exotic, her hair a natural glossy dark brown and her legs and arms were toned to perfection. Quite simply put, Nadine is highly 'shaggable'. She is always nice to everyone and seems to be totally oblivious to the lust she generates from the men who met her.

As I said before, I was the lucky bastard who landed the job of mowing her lawn that humid summer's day. Unusually for England the sun was beating down mercilessly and I found myself working without my shirt. I usually didn't do that but considering I was sweating 'like a pig' it was more a statement of survival rather than attraction.

I was halfway through, riding my mower along one side of the beech hedge that boxed the lawn in from the rivers edge. That was then I noticed Nadine lounging on the veranda; when I realised she was naked, if it hadn't been for the hedge I would have driven straight into the river. So as not to miss anything I slowed the mower right down on my approach to the veranda and as if on cue, she stood up, bent over and adjusted her lounge chair thus giving me a view of her perfect ass.

"Fucking hell," I mumbled to myself, still busy lusting at the sight before me.

Suddenly the mower bucked and jumped as I clipped an edging stone. A chip bounced and ricocheted inside the mower housing as the blades ravaged it. I quickly let go of the throttle, raised the blade housing and hoped the stone would find a speedy exit.

Shaking my head in disbelief I shut off the engine then cussing like mad I jumped off the seat, knelt down and flipped the mover onto its side. The blades seemed okay, just a few small notches along their edges. The metal housing was scrapped and dented from where the 'chip' had made its numerous impacts otherwise everything else looked okay. I gave a grateful sigh and quickly righted the mower.

"I say..... is everything okay?"

Doing my best to remain cool and calm I turned around; there, in the mottled shade of the trees stood Nadine. She was as nude and carefree as she had been on the veranda. My mouth gaped open almost as fast as the chip had whizzed around in the mower.

"Errr.....Mike?" she asked as she took her sunglasses off, "Are you okay, you look a bit shaken?"

"Yes.....I'm okay" I managed to squeak out. My head was throbbing for some reason, possibly from too much sun.

"What happened?" she asked. I was in awe at her casual attitude about being naked in front of me.

"I ran over the edging," I stuttered as my eyes slowly scanned her body, finally coming to rest on her large, melon shaped breasts. I became fascinated by the way the light and shade from the trees fell on her naked bosom in a sexy patchwork.

"The edging?"

"Yes," I tried to smile, hoping my rapidly rising cock wasn't visible to her eyes.

"Is the mower okay?" she asked.

"Yes," I nodded as my cock betrayed me and began tenting my shorts, "Yes...Just a few dents and scratches."

Nadine reached out and touched my head. When she drew back her hand, there was blood on her fingers, bright and red against her tanned skin. She looked at me and said, "We should fix that."

"Oh!...Where did take come from?" I mumbled dumbly, trying to stifle my reaction to her nudity.

"Mike," she eyed me, "What's wrong?"

"I just..." I began to clasp my hands searching for the right words, "I just never had someone hire me to mow their lawns, uh... as gorgeous looking as you."

Nadine smiled broadly and looked down at her body, "Is that a problem, do I offend you?"

"No...no," I put my hands up, "You're perfect, Nadine, absolutely perfect. It's just that I'm not used to having women walk around naked whilst I'm working."

"Oh," she nodded and then cocked a quizzical brow, "You want me to go put some clothes on?"

"No!" I said, way too eagerly, my voice unintentionally high and broken, "I mean, it just takes some getting use to."

"Come on that cut looks nasty.....Let's clean you up."

As I followed her into the house, I tried to process the fact that here was an insanely gorgeous and completely naked woman leading me, a stranger into her house. Walking behind her, I watched her ass move like some jewelled movement. My cock was now becoming a serious problem as it developed a mind of its own, quickly I reached down and flipped it into a more comfortable position, but still it showed signs of 'tenting'.

'Down, you bastard' I muttered desperately, my body revolting against my brain, 'Down!'

Inside the cool kitchen, I shivered slightly as my body hit the cool air; I only wished my cock would follow. I had assumed once inside Nadine might put on a robe or something, but she remained blissfully nude and unconcerned with the effect her body was having on my cock. Seeing the fridge I thought of getting and dumping an ice tray down my shorts to subdue my erection. I had already embarrassed myself by damaging the mower and somehow injuring myself. A rampant cock was the last thing I needed right now.

"Just sit there by the table," she instructed me, "Whilst I run upstairs and get the first-aid kit."

"Sure," I smiled, watching her leave. "If only?"

I sat at the table and tried to relax. The stools were comfortable; the table was shiny and pristine. I didn't dare touch it. I was dirty and sweaty and didn't want to leave smudges and smears on its finely polished surface; also I didn't want to upset Nadine. So I just sat there and looked about her magnificent kitchen.

"Here we are," Nadine said from behind me.

I turned around and saw that she was still naked. My cheeks blushed fiercely as she walked over to me. Her crotch was completely shaved and the muscles in her toned legs quivered with each step, I felt a little heady as I wondered at what those would feel like wrapped around my body. My cock, which had been resting, instantly started to respond.

"Is it that bad," I said hoping she would keep some distance between us.

"Yes, you have a pretty good gash on your forehead, Mike," she told me, setting the first-aid kit down on the table. It was one of those household kits, green plastic bearing a bold white cross stencilled on the lid and below it equally coloured and prominently printed "FIRST AID"

She sprung open the lid, her movements caused her tits to jiggle and bounce again as I began to wonder if I was suffering from sunstroke or something; but the smell of TCP and the searing pain of the antiseptic soon brought me back to reality.

"Fuck me"

Nadine muttered something incoherently then said "Sorry.....Did that hurt? her attention totally focused on cleaning my cut.

"Not at all," I lied, my pain being subdued by the closeness of her breasts. Her erect nipples sitting upon relatively small areolas in comparison to the size of her breasts.

"Do you think you can finish up out there?" she asked.

"I think so," I replied as my erection tented out my shorts again. I rolled my eyes and prayed she wouldn't notice. I became distinctly aware that my nipples had hardened too.

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21-03-2008, 11:23 AM
"I can put some clothes on if you prefer, Mike," she said suddenly, tossing the blooded cotton wool away, and looking directly at me with her dark piercing eyes.

"No, that's okay," I said, "You look great, it's just me."

"Thank you," she smiled coyly. She pulled out a plaster and tore off its wrapper, "I'm a naturist at heart. A lot of the fuddy-duddies around here can't understand that. They think it's immoral or vulgar, but I love it. I can only be my true self in these grounds, sheltered from the outside world."

"Oh," I nodded, "I love nudity too. I would be naked all day if I could."

She looked at me with a wry smile.

"I mean," I stumbled as my tongue inflated in my mouth, "I..."

"Easy Mike," she laughed, pressing the plaster gently to my forehead, "You're going to give yourself a heart attack."

I smiled and nodded. "I'm not very good around beautiful women, especially beautiful naked women."

Nadine smiled and nodded understandingly. She closed the kit and slid it to one side as she leaned against the table and looked at me. She said, "There's nothing wrong with being appreciative of the human body."


"Look," she said glancing at the clock on the far side of the kitchen, "Why don't you take a break?"

"Oh, I better not," I said, "I should finish up."

"Mike," she put her hand on mine and I swear my heart nearly stopped, "Take a break."

"Okay," I said hesitantly.

"You're uncomfortable?"

"No," I said. The truth was I was getting too comfortable and it was worrying me. The more I stared at her body the more I became used to it. The more I became used to it the more I was going to relax. With relaxation came familiarity and easiness. I could easily imagine me reading too much into her generous behaviour and making a move far too inappropriate to forgive.

"You know what might help?"

'A stiff drink perhaps?'

"Take off your clothes .....Join me," suggested Nadine.

I choked then laughed a little but when I saw she wasn't joking, I found myself suddenly reluctant to look at her at all. I said, "Nadine that might not be a good idea."

"You don't want to be naked like me?" she asked, with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"Oh no," I recovered, "It's not that. It's just that, well, you're married and I'm not and you're so..."

"Mike," she took my hand and squeezed it, "Come on...Take off your clothes and relax."

I sighed for knew I was about to do a very stupid thing. As with many stupid ideas and things in my life, I listened to the wrong head and found myself slipping out of my shoes and socks. Nadine watched me as she leaned against the worktop, her legs casually crossed, her eyes filled with amusement. I took a deep breath then dropped my shorts to the stone floor.

Her eyes darted down to my painfully erect cock and she grinned a wicked half-smile that was sexy and yet dangerous at the same time. She looked up at me and commented, "I can see you're happy to see me."

I looked for something to say, anything; anything that could be witty or non-suggestive. After coming to terms with the fact that I had nothing, I smiled sheepishly and shrugged my shoulders.

"Come on," she said, taking my hand and leading me outside into the furnace of the afternoon sun. We walked down a paved path, passing many a rose bush, soon we reached the beech hedge separating us from the river where she opened a small wicker gate, there we turned and walked towards a group of willow trees, the river moving idly past us.

"Someone might see us," I mumbled.

"Who cares, I don't" Nadine looked at me as she reached into a long green bin, extracted a couple of rush-mats, and laid them on the ground. Placing my hands on my hips, I confidently looked at the far bank; thick foliage, brambles and water iris made this impassable to intruding swimmers, whilst Willow trees lined our bank and made us a perfect shelter; we sat down on the mats as the sun raged overhead. There was a long silence between us, as though Nadine were debating something in her mind. I could see her thinking as her eyes looked out across the sparkling water. I propped my back against the bin and tried to get used to the rough matting digging into my ass.

"Busy year, Mike?" she asked me after what seemed like an eternity.

"Yeah, you could call it that" I replied.

"Is it what you always wanted?"

"I hope so; I've put a lot of time and energy in for it not to succeed."

She nodded approvingly.

This was getting way too awkward for me and I began thinking of reasons for me to leave. I couldn't believe I was sat naked this close to Nadine Broome, but at the same time I was ready to pass out from the need to go and fuck someone and Nadine was not helping matters as she sat there, looking like some kind of goddess.

"I should go," I stood up and brushed the fallen leaves off my naked body.

Nadine stood up with me, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah," I nodded, "I should finish the lawn before your husband gets home."

She looked out across the water and said, "That bastard isn't coming home."

"What?" I asked.

She sighed and ran a slender hand through her glossy dark brown hair which stretched her breasts to perfection, "He left me a month ago, Mike."

My mouth dropped open. John Broome was one of the pillars of our town. I couldn't believe he would stray for a mercy fuck, let alone an affair; especially with a woman like this at home. There wasn't anyone better in town to be with. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I finally said, "Who with.....Why?"

Nadine looked at me over her shoulder and then back out across the river, "One of his engineers at work."

"That's impossible," I thought about all the people who worked there, "There were no women engineers working there..."

"Yea.....Funny, isn't it?" she said dryly.

"No.......No way" I said as I suddenly realised what Nadine was trying to tell me.

"Yep." She said with a nod

"With who?"

"Does it matter.....I caught them together last month and John hasn't been home since."


"Yeah," she shrugged, "Who would have guessed?"

"It doesn't make any sense," I said, "If he was gay, why pick the hottest woman in the world for a wife?"

Nadine said nothing.

"Massive denial," I muttered to myself

"Mike," Nadine said, "I need something from you."

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21-03-2008, 11:24 AM
"You do?" I asked as my balls began to tingle.

"I want to fuck you," she said quietly, her back still to me.

I swallowed hard. "You....WHAT!!!"

"I want you to fuck me" she nodded as I stood and walked towards her, my legs acting without my permission. Like my cock, they knew no master when it came to this kind of stuff. I stood behind her and caught a faint whiff of her expensive perfume. Jesus, she smelled good.

"Think you can handle it?" she asked, turning too quickly and bumping in to me. Her free hand fell onto my sweat-covered chest and remained there for a wonderfully extended moment. She looked up at me, her eyes filled with such a certain passion and need that there was no doubt in my mind she was serious. I could only look back at her, the now powerful sunlight sparkling through the foliage above us and catching her eyes, lighting them so I could see her pupils.

"I can handle it," I said as confidently as I could.

I raised my hands and touched her skin. As I pressed my fingers against her back and drew her to me I felt suddenly very sure of myself. All my fears and inhibitions melted away as she looked at me. It was so surreal, everything from the nudity we had engaged in to being down by the river in the open to John being a closet homosexual.

Nadine looked at me, her dark brown hair lit by the dappled sun. "You really think I'm hot?" she asked simply.

"Yes I do"

She wrapped her arms around my neck, resting them on my shoulders as she drew close to me. Her body was warm from the sun and when she pressed up against my throbbing member I nearly lost it right there. Her lips were moist and full, slightly parted to reveal her white teeth. She looked at me expectantly.

"Is this weird for you?" she asked as her fingers traced circles around the back of my neck.

"No," I smiled.

"You know," she said suddenly, "I can't have children."

"I'm so sorry," I frowned.

"No Mike," she shook her head and smiled at me, "I mean we don't have to use condoms."

"That's okay, neither can I" I replied as my hands slid up her sides and under her breasts, cupping them. My heart was pounding in my ears as I felt her silky skin. The generous swells of her breasts were beyond anything I had imagined in my dreams. They brought to mind images of soft pillows and silky clothes as I gently began massaging them. Her nipples were hard points against my palms and she shivered.

"That feels nice, Mike," she said.

"Tell me your dreams," I said.

"I've been dreaming about you for awhile now," she said matter-of-factly.

"What would your husband think?" I asked as I began kissing her ear and neck, using the most passionate and gentle kisses I knew how to give.

"Fuck him, the bastard" Nadine moaned and she tilted her head back, "He didn't truly love me. And I feel so lonely, Mike..."

"No one should feel that lonely," I breathed hotly against her skin as I began licking the delicate shape of her left ear, "I can't imagine anyone better than you."

"Thank you," she smiled. Her hands were slowly working their way down my backside, running over my flesh like phantom sensations. I felt her grasp my buttocks and squeeze as I kissed her neck and nuzzled her jaw line. The satin comfort of her breasts filled my hands as I began rubbing her nipples and rolling them back and forth between my fingers.

"I want you," I whispered into her ear. She looked up at me slowly. She parted her lips and then with one hand pulled my face to hers. Our lips locked together and we kissed deeply. My hand slid down her stomach as our tongues intertwined, and I let my fingers escape to the flat expanse below her navel. Her tongue felt so good in my mouth, and her taste was sweet and passionate. She began leaning into me as we kissed, pushing me down to the ground. She straddled me, her thighs tight around my hips and her crotch against mine.

"If we do this," she said, "You need to know a few things."

"Sure," I said, marvelling at her gorgeous breasts as the river continued on beside us.

"This is nothing more than fucking," she told me as she ran her fingernails over my torso, "We're just two friends in need of relief."

"I have no problem with that."

Nadine smiled as she grinded her moist, hot crotch against me. "And we don't tell anyone what happened here, got it?"

"Tell anyone what?" I asked.

"Smart man," she said as she sat back and began rubbing her clitoral hood. Her breasts swayed with every movement, casting shadows across the smooth terrain of her body,mesmerising me. Her pussy was pink, extremely pink, moist and inviting, and I stared with unabashed fascination and appreciation. She rubbed her miniature 'cock' back and forth as she looked at me intently.

"How long have you been dreaming about me?" I asked.

"Well," she smiled as she began fingering her cunt, "How long have I had the chair at the local WI?"

"No kidding?" I grinned.

"Don't you think I should vet everyone who seeks our recognition, after all the WI isn't just Jam and Jerusalem these day's!"

I closed my eyes and laughed. "You're unbelievable."

"Thank you," she replied, her eyes never leaving mine as her wet fingers slipped down from her sopping cunt and began rubbing against my shaft, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," I said as I put my arms behind my head, "No.....Never."

She smiled at me and then looked down. My cock was rigid, sticking up like a tree trunk, pulsing and leaking precum, in need of urgent attention. She grabbed my cock and began slowly masturbating me. Her breathing matched mine as she jerked me off. I closed my eyes as she pistoned my manhood, her other hand occasionally stroking my balls. Her hands were gentle and yet rough as she worked their magic on me. Her tits bounced and swayed with her every movement.

She lent forward occasionally and started kissing me as she worked me. Our tongues danced together, lapping at one another frantically as she brought me closer and closer to my inevitable orgasm. I was now moaning and groaning against her lips as the pressure began to build up in my balls and the base of my shaft.

"I want you to cum for me," she said between kisses.

"I can do that," I managed, my body pulled taut as I fought off the orgasm for as long as I could.

"Fighting it, are we?" she keenly observed as she quickened her strokes, "I love a challenge."

I shifted my thoughts to other things as she continued.

"Let's see here how you are with this," she smiled devilishly as she slid down my body. Not missing a stroke, she switched her hand for her lips. Immediately my cock was sucked into her hot mouth, her tongue rolling over me as she bobbed up and down on my shaft, my swollen head tingling and ringing like an alarm, warning me of the impending eruption. I could hear her wet, sloppy sucking of my cock as she moaned against my head.

I tried to recall the names of all the movies I had seen on and then when that didn't work I tried to remember the names of the three girls from Bananarama, a favourite group of mine in my younger days

Nadine swirled her tongue around my head.

'Sarah,' I thought wildly...

She was licking my balls and sucking them into her mouth.

'Karen,' I thought as the wave of my climax began to crest, '...OH SHIT what was the other one called?.....Fuck! ....."Nadine!"

Nadine sucked my cock back into her mouth; her teeth scraped a little causing a pain that excited me more than it hurt.

'What was the other ones name?!' my mind screamed.

"Mmmm," she groaned around my shaft, her voice vibrating through me. She began to rapidly move her head up and down, sucking me off, and causing the familiar pressure in my sack to intensify a hundred fold. Her eyes gazed up at me as my cock slid in and out of her mouth, rolling with her tongue under her cheeks.

"Oh God," I raised my body on my elbows as she sucked on me. I coiled forward as she worked me over and reached down to her tits. I cupped her breasts in my hands and fondled them. They were big and firm, and yet gravity had no pull on them at all. Her motions were fluid and rhythmic as she passionately sucked me off. Her hair tickled my stomach as I massaged her tits. Time seemed to stand still as she pleasured me.

I was pathetically trying to think of that last girl from " Bananarama " but found my mind resting in a thick erotic haze.

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21-03-2008, 11:25 AM
I slid my fingers into her hair and grasped the back of her head, slowly pushing my cock in her mouth. I found myself charged with a crazy need for dominance and began fucking her face. Nadine held still in my grip, my cock pumping to the back of her throat, her boobs pressed against my thighs like two sumptuous fleshy pillows. I leaned my head back as I surrendered myself to the instinctual impulses of my sex drive.

Nadine cupped her large breasts in her slender hands and squeezed them, her nipples standing out as dark nubs against the tanned flesh of her breasts. She groaned around the girth of my cock in her mouth, sliding her hands all over her tits in a sensual rub. I could feel myself losing control, the orgasm rocketing up through my passage as I fucked her mouth. She grasped my hips and held on tight.

"Oh fuck!" I shouted as my cock spasmed and filled her mouth with cum. She violently grabbed my member with her right hand and pumped it in her mouth. I held her head to me tight so that she couldn't pull away. Somehow, I doubted she even wanted to as she sucked me hard, slurping the sticky cum into her mouth. As I unloaded in her, some seeped from the corner of her mouth and dribbled to her chin, the contrast was unbelievable.

She lapped up my spilt seed, her tongue leaving a wet glossy trail behind as she cleaned me off. Nadine still straddling me swung around and offered her pussy to me. I could smell her sweet nectar as I immediately set to work, forsaking her sopping cunt and going right for her prominent clit. I swirled around it, flicking and suckling on it as I fingered her ass. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, letting her dark brown hair fall loosely at her shoulders. My face was becoming slick with her juices as I lapped and suckled at her hard clit, letting my hands roam up her body and cupped breasts. I reached down and trapped her nipples between my fingers and began squeezing. Nadine moaned and began writhing.

"Pinch them you bastard.....Pinch them" she breathed

I pinched and pulled at her teats, whimpering against the pleasure as I teased her. Her hips were swaying now, mimicking the motions of sex as I pushed her towards her orgasm. I was determined to stay down there for as long as it took to make her scream. She was now moaning loudly as I worked my tongue and teeth over her, finally, she reached breaking point.

Her hips whip lashed violently, tearing her clit away from my mouth, her hands dug into my thighs and her back arched as the orgasm tore through her. Her cum splashed my face in several miniature musky squirts as she rode the lighting of her climax. Her thighs tightened around my face as she moaned the word "Yes" over and over and again. Her voice echoed through the trees as it rolled over the river. Finally, the wave subsided and she rolled off me and collapsed on the ground.

"Oh God Mike" she breathed, "That was fucking awesome."

I turned and kissed her deeply, her cum still fresh on my tongue. She embraced me with a fevered passion as our legs tangled together. My cock was hard and ready to go again as she rolled to her side, her back facing me. She parted her legs and exposed her pussy to me. I scooted up behind her, propped myself up on my elbow as she lifted her leg and grabbed my cock. With a quick movement of her hand, I was inside her hot interior. She was so fucking tight as I slid in, I thought I might die.

"No not too deep," she hissed lustily, "You're far too big for me..."

"Okay....How's this" I moaned as my hips began to move back and forth on their own.

"Oh yes," she whimpered, her voice accented by each thrust of my hips, "Just like that...yes...fuck...yes"

After a couple of minutes, these short strokes were causing my body to tire quickly so I gave her one final thrust and then pulled out. Having changed my angle slightly I went to push my slick cock back in but only succeeded in sliding my wet shaft across Nadine's ass, leaving a sticky trail behind.

Nadine looked back over her shoulder at me and asked "Would you prefer to fuck my ass?"

I raised an eyebrow and nodded.

"If you look in the bin you should see a tube of K-Y, don't ask how I know, just use it"

I reached for the tube of K-Y jelly, opened it then squeezed out a generous glob, I began liberally coating the area around Nadine's ass. This action didn't seem to bother her any so I carefully added an index finger, working more and more jelly into her. Another finger and more jelly was pushed passed her sphincter and into her rectum, and so it went on until I deemed Nadine's ass loose enough to accept my cock.

With her beautiful sexy ass up in the air, her pose was so enticing and erotic, I slid the head of my cock up and down her slit, teasing her clit at the bottom of each stroke, pulling out and tapping up against it. After several minutes, I removed my fingers and positioned my cock at the opening of Nadine's nethermost region. I was then able to slide a couple of inches of my well-lubricated shaft directly into her ass-hole without any problem. The only time Nadine reacted was after the initial penetration of her sphincter muscle.

"Oh! My god..."Oh fuck, FUCK! It's not a cock it's a fucking monster" Nadine screamed, as she gently tried to force herself onto my cock.

At this point I told her to relax, clench her ass as if she was having a good dump then be still while she got used to the 'monster' inside her; reaching again for the K-Y jelly I took another generous glob from the tube and began to liberally re-coat the reminder of my cock that was still more than halfway out of Nadine's ass. Between her relaxation, the pauses and the K-Y jelly, I was soon able to fully enter Nadine's beautiful ass. Boy was she tight; the sight of her very pink lips stretched around my thick cock was almost too much for me.

"Ease up a bit"

I held onto her shapely hips and slowly eased back my cock. Her breathing shallowed as I again probed deeper. I could feel the spasmodic flexing of her buttocks, threatening to milk the cum out of me before I was ready. Nadine arched her back and opened her mouth in a long drawn out gasp. Her whole body tensed and froze, her teeth bared in a growl of sexual fulfilment.

"Oh God yes," she moaned as she slammed her ass against my thrusts.

Soon I felt another orgasm building up speed inside me. I couldn't believe it.

"Get on your back," Nadine said as she broke free. I flipped over onto my back then she straddled and faced me as she settled in over my rampant shaft.

She grasped my cock, dipped her hand into her dripping cunt and then plastered my cock with her nectar, wetting me up for an easy entry. She then re-positioned her ass and eased herself down on me. My cock slipped past her tight sphincter. I watched with amazement as she gasped and clenched her buttocks around my shaft, finally Nadine bent her head down and watched its slow penetration. She moaned, biting her lower lip as my cock filled her ass and stretched her out. Eventually with my cock cloaked by her body she began to ride me, her pace quick and frenzied.

I could only try and keep my breathing under control and try not to come too early. I figured as this was the second time, it should take a little longer to get there. But she was so tight and demanding that I knew I wouldn't last for long.

"Oh yes...yes...yes...yes..." she whispered breathlessly, her big breasts bouncing wildly as she let loose, her nipples pointed and hard stood on a pair of partially raised areolas'. A hand found her clit and began furiously rubbing it as she rode my cock, the other found my nipple and began to squeeze and tug in unison.

I grunted and yelped as she hammered herself.

"Slap my ass, pinch my tits" she moaned dreamily.

I slapped her ass and pinched her tits as she continued to torture and ride me.

Nadine cried out, ramming down hard on me as she fingered her clit. Her fingers worked her clit over and over until she suddenly began snapping her hips back. She uttered a scream of unladylike filth as her ass slammed down on my cock and she came hard enough to scare the birds out of the trees around us. Her muscles rippled and clenched so tightly around my cock that my field of vision exploded with stars again and again as my cock ejaculated deep inside her bowels.

I cried out as my seed exploded out of my cock and filled her up. Nadine now tore at her breasts, her head thrown back and mouth wide open as I unloaded my seed, my cock continually jerking and pumping. Her rectum was welded around my shaft as I cried out grasped her hips and drove my cock deep inside her. My whole body was pulsing and racing as I slowly came down from the plateau of my climax. Everything felt numb, from my lips to my toes as I brought my breathing back under control.

Finally, as my vision returned and my cock slowly deflated, we uncoupled and collapsed on the mats in a sweaty heap. I slid my arms around her and rested my face between her breasts as she ran her hands through my hair.

"You okay?" I asked.

"I will be, give me time" she huffed as she too struggled for breath.

I kissed her gently on the lips as our legs entangled together.

"I've got to work on being able to receive you and making you last longer," she whispered.

"I'm sorry," kissing her neck.

"Don't get me wrong Mike," Nadine smiled, "You're the best fuck I've had in a very long time. It's just your size and stamina that's the problem."

"I'm a fast learner," I replied.

Nadine licked my lips and kissed me, "And I'm a good teacher."

We lay there for God knows how long before a thought came rushing into my mind. I looked at her and asked, "Fancy a swim?"

She looked up at the sky and then after a moment said, "Yes...why not."

The End

21-03-2008, 01:41 PM
Summer Dream Came True

Living in the country, secluded and nestled among the fully dressed summer trees, there was no need to lock the doors of my tiny house. There's a comforting knowledge of being alone, and safe from the world. Perhaps that is why I'd chosen this self-imposed isolation at that point in my life. Few people knew my phone number; fewer still knew where my house hid. My main companion, a computer, kept me connected to the world outside. Healing from sorrows of life, finding the woman I am.

The day had been long, hot and humid. Even with the darkness of night falling, the summer heat still caressed my body as I slipped from my shorts and halter-top. (I love that halter-top, its stark whiteness against my bronzed body, and the crisscross spaghetti straps across my bare back that seductively holds the thin material tight against my breasts.) I pulled my long hair into a loose bun as I walked to the tub. Drawing the water to only a tepid temperature in the tub, I scented it with heather and lavender, and slipped into the water. Its slight coolness tingled against me, my nipples grew hard as the water worked like a lovers fingers exploring my body.

Rubbing the lavender soap between my hands, until the lather dripped across my breasts, my mind wandered. "I have been alone too long." I sighed. My body ached for the touch of a man, a lover to seduce me. I found the thought exciting; knowing soon my body would force me from this little hide away and into the arms of a man. My healing was almost complete.

My hands trailed the suds across my erect nipples, stopping, my fingertips dancing around through the lather, to find the firmness beneath it. A moan escaped my lips, as flesh met flesh. I closed my eyes, losing myself in the sensations that my fingers sent through my body, as they took my control of my breasts, rubbing gently...longing for a lover to come and let his tongue tease and possess them.
Deep in thought of my mysterious lover, ("but he is no stranger, for I know him and he comes to walk in my dreams, it is the thought of him that excites me, ignites my body," I said out loud) my hands traveled across my stomach, gently caressing, the water lapping over me like the silkiness of a lovers tongue. I felt the warmth spread through my body. My legs parted slightly and I ran my hands up my inner thighs, finding the softness sending a sweet sensation through even my fingers.
A smile crossed my face, remembering the first time I shaved my pussy, remembering how naughty I felt when I left myself soft as satin. (Now I can't imagine not shaving. And it does tend to drive men wild when they slip their hand to find my wetness and find me shaved, bare and soft.)

The phone rang, startling me, pulling me quickly from my thoughts, and I grabbed a towel by the tub, wrapping it loosely around me and hurrying to answer it. Just as I reached the phone, the ringing stopped. Irritated, I poured a glass of wine, dropped the towel in a heap on the floor, and walked out on my back porch. The moon was full, capturing me as a spotlight and I stood naked, letting the moon stare at me and the slight breeze finished drying me as I sipped my wine. (I love the freedom of standing naked with nature.)

It was late when I sat my empty glass on the small table. I'd watched the night creatures play in the field, listened to the humming of creation and found myself at peace. Grabbing some lotion off the counter as I went inside, I rubbed the lotion deep into my skin, the thought coming to me again. I need the touch of a man, I need the touch of Garth."

Crawling into bed, I pulled my hair free, letting it fan against the pillows, and pulled the thin cool sheet to my waist. I'd washed the sheets earlier in the day and then hung them on the line outside to dry and they smelled of sun, deliciously calm. The night breeze waltzed through the window and became my lover as I drifted into sleep and dreams of Garth.

Gentle and soft, kisses sprinkled across my face, a finger tracing down my neck, circling around my exposed breasts, my nipples hardened to the touch, warm breath touched my skin, my name whispered softly, husky in my ear, pulling me from my dreams, waking me from my sleep. I smiled, keeping my eyes closed, savoring the sweetness of my dream and then realized, it was not a dream.

My breath caught as you worked your kisses down my body, taking a nipple in your mouth and lightly sucking, gently nibbling, going from one to the other. Stroking your hand across my stomach, your fingertips arousing me. Your name came from my lips, and you pulled yourself on top of me, looking in my eyes, smiling "Surprise." You whispered.

At that moment I realized you are as naked as I, your hard cock pushing against the thin sheet that separated our bodies. I laughed, "You certainly know how to wake a woman."

Bringing your lips to mine, it was the first we tasted of each other's kiss. Soft upon my lips, your tongue teasing, tracing my lips, before you came to join it with mine. My fingers ran through the hair on your chest, as we explored each other's mouths. I loved the feeling of the soft hair; it sent tantalizing electricity through me. Your breath caught as my nails gently rake across your nipples; you looked up at me and smiled. Your nipples hardened as I continued teasing them with my nails. I loved the look of pleasure resting on your face that was lit by the moonlight that fell through the window.

I wrapped my arms around you, pulling your against me, craving the feeling of your naked chest, your nipples as hard as mine, pressed tight against me, your ridged cock pressing against my pussy, the sheet now damp between us. My body arched up, seeking the closeness of you, and I pushed at the sheet that kept us separated, hungry to feel you, to taste you. I wanted to run my tongue across your chest, and work my way down your stomach. Eager to taste all of you, to slip your hardness in my mouth tease you with my tongue.

Laughing at my attempts to push the sheet from between us, you lifted yourself off of me and with one hand, pulled it from my body and rolling on your back and brought me to lie on top of you. You reached up, taking my face in your hands, and brought my lips to yours, kissing me softly, pulling me into your desire, as your hands roamed across my back, and traveled its length.

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21-03-2008, 01:42 PM
Your kisses left me breathless, my body flamed by your touch, and I pulled away from your kiss and inched myself down, sprinkling gentle kisses across your shoulders, your chest and finding a nipple, I flicked my tongue across it, enjoying the feel of it as it grows taunt. My hands explored every inch of your chest, as my tongue delighted in tasting first one nipple, then the next. I smiled to myself as soft moans escaped your lips, felt myself getting wetter, excited by your pleasure.
I slid slowly down your body, rubbing my body against you and reached my pleasure and took your cock in my hand, running my fingers up and down its length, feeling the softness of the skin, pulled taunt over your hardness. I dropped my head between your thighs and ran my tongue over the firm muscles of your inner legs, as I took control of you cock and balls with my hands, gently stroking. Hearing your sighs of pleasure, feeling your body move with my touch and I could no longer wait to taste you. Moving between your legs, I glanced up at you and smile, then brought the tip of my tongue and ran it along the head of your cock, barely touching it, tasting you. You gasped, intertwining your fingers through my hair, urging me to take you in my mouth as I teased you.

My lips parted, and I took you into my mouth, sucking gently, running my tongue around you, until together we found a rhythm. I continued running a hand along your inner thighs, then reached your balls again and massage them. You thrust deeper in my mouth, your passion building.

Moaning, you reached down and pulled me from my place nestled between your thighs, kissing me, I knew you could taste yourself on my lips. I pressed tightly against you, wanting to feel you inside of me, taking me, possessing me. I whispered my need against your mouth, begging you to fill me with your hardness.

"Not yet," you whispered back, as you rolled me on my back and your tongue began playing down my body. My legs parted, and I arched towards you, anxious for your touch, your breath hot upon my skin, running your fingers around my shaved pussy. I pushed up to your hand, and your thumb found my clit, and began to circle it, lightly, slowly increasing your pressure and you slipped first one, then two and finally three fingers into my already dripping hole. You moved your fingers in and out several times, your thumb never leaving my clit, and then you dropped your mouth to drink of my nectar.

You tongue caresses my clit, circling it, as you suck and nibble, and you continue thrusting your fingers in and out, finding my g-spot and taking great delight as I responded to your play, thrusting my pussy at you. I felt the delicious tingling start taking hold of me and you continued until you brought me to an explosive climax with your mouth and fingers, licking, sucking and thrusting.

Just as my orgasm began to ebb, you pulled yourself from between my legs, licking a finger and bring your other fingers dripping with my juices to my mouth and I licked and sucked your fingers, enjoying the taste of the wetness you coaxed from my pussy. Positioning yourself over me, you bent to kiss me, and I lifted my hips to meet your cock, and you slid your throbbing rod into me, my fingers clawed across your back, a lust for you consuming me.

My hips knowingly worked towards you, and I felt you fill me, thick and hard, my pussy drenched, squeezing around you.

"Mmm, you feel so good in me." I whispered to you."

"You're so wet. So tight. I want to cum in you and then taste us together," you whispered back.

As you thrust against me, driving deep inside, I reached to take your balls in my hand, squeezing them tenderly, rubbing and massaging them, almost worshipping them as I watched the passion burn in your eyes. My play sent you deeper and harder into me, your body trembling and I felt your need for release building, and you took a nipple between your teeth biting gently, pulling and sucking until my body flashes with uncontrollable sparks as you take me over the edge and shoot your cum deep inside of me, climaxing together.

You collapsed on top of me, our breathing ragged, our bodies soaked in sweat, the smell of our union drifting to me, intoxicating me. Smiling as you lift your head from my breast, you told me it was time for dessert; you licked the sweat from me, and then buried your head between my legs to feast on the sweetness of us.

The End

21-03-2008, 03:22 PM
Nobody Wants An Old Man

"Why do you put up with her?" My first born was almost scolding me. "Just move out."

He and his wife, Tashnika, had taken me out for lunch when I got a phone call from my wife. She knew where I was and who I was with but she just didn't give a shit.

Samantha's world was just filled with her. Only her and HER needs. She was shouting on the phone. "Why did you have to go out? You know I need MY things in order. Can't you see how dirty the pool is?"

"Love, I thought we agreed that I would clean the pool tomorrow after making breakfast." I was pleading with her and still she was cold.

"Why must everything of mine have to wait? What about my bed? When you going to fix that piece of shit? Infact now I what a new one. You have no respect for me. If you don't start showing me some respect the only thing you going to bring closer is our devoice." and she hung up. I knew what she meant. We had not been sharing the same bed for sometime now. Samantha had 'stopped all my privileges' after I had commented that one of her friends, Elsa, was looking nice. I might have used the word 'sexy.'

"I'm really starting to hate cell phones." I tried to joke but Timothy persisted, "Just leave her dad."

"She truly doesn't deserve you." Tashnika added.

"Samantha is not that bad..."


"Shh! Not so loud Tim.." Tashnika clamed him a little but you could still see the anger in his face.

"Dad, I've been there. I know what you've been through. I just don't know why you still there."

Timothy was not Samantha's child. I had him when I was just sixteen. His mother was a fiery nineteen year old neighbor of ours who babysat me and my younger sister. She was my first and taught me all the basics. Our 'affair' lasted almost a year and ended very abruptly when the bulge in her stomach started to show and I was on my way to become a daddy. Of course I could not be blamed, being a minor, and the source of all my happiness was soon shipped off to her father's family and our child given up for adoption. Timothy found me, I truly don't know how, just a little over two years ago after he had fallen in love with Tashnika, his 'cousin'. Apparently his 'mother' had taken pity on the two of them and told him he was adopted. With no blood between them, their affair immediately went public. They both hated having to hide 'something so good.'

- When I asked Timothy how was his mother, he just broke down and cried. Denise had died in a car accident five months before he tried to contact her, with no other children. Her will had mentioned a child but with no name. His mother had lost her husband many years before and Tim had enough to leave his home country and find me,,, with all my problems. I did not know I was a dad. My parents were not told about the adoption. They had been told the Denise had had a miscarriage. We never saw or even heard from Denise or her parent again. We soon move from that city but still my parents kept a very close eye on me though, all the way into legal age.

I was fetched from school. I had to leave my bed room door open, even if I was alone and no girls anyway. I couldn't even lock the bathroom door. I had to wank in the school toilets and boy was I horny, having tasted the forbidden fruit before just made it that much tougher.

That was until Samantha came to the rescue,,, and boy could she cum. She was a chubby sex pot. Everything about her was big. Big eyes. Big Boobs. Big ass. AND a beautiful big pussy. I met her in my first year of college. We were both trying to keep a low profile and somehow found each other. We were soon in each other pants and we married at the tender age of twenty. I had eyes for no-one else and was always rewarded with big 'wild punda.' But when Samantha found out she could not have children started to let herself go. The pounds really packed on, but I loved my wife and still found her sexy.

I should have never told Elsa that she was looking 'so sexy in her jeans' because that night, no, that moment my wife dried up. It had been many years now. Many years of pleading,,, which just gave Samantha more power over me. Many years of wanking. And too many prostitutes. Thanks ladies. -

"Leave her dad. You'll find some one else,,,, BETTER TOO."

"Nobody want an old man my son."

"mmmm! You'd be surprised." Tashnika had a naughty smile on her face when she quietly let that out her putty lips. She shyly looked down when I looked at her. She was definitely a beautiful woman but there was no way I was going to entertain any thoughts of...... No way. I did not want to lose my son again.

"You can come stay with us dad. That's okay isn't it Tash?" Timothy wasn't letting up.

"I know some people who'd be very happy to hear that." She still seemed somewhat shy, and naughty. I was still very confused. Was my son's wife trying to come onto me in front of her husband? Hell no!

"Okay, I'll think about it." I knew I was saying that more to get the pressure off because at one stage it looked like the old couple on the table next to us were ready to join the conversation and I'm a rather private person and don't like people in my business.

"But you two are still a young couple and I don't want to get in you'll way." I was desperate to let Tashnika know that I respected their marriage and she should not have any plans.

"You could stay at with Felicity. I know she would love to have you." Tashnika put an obvious emphasis on the 'have'.

Felicity, Tashnika's sister, was only two years older than her and lived alone after her devoice. It was less than a year into their marriage when Felicity found her husband in bed with his best friend. She had married him because he seemed to be the stable sort. This woman was gorgeous to say he least. You'd have to be gay to give up on her.

Suddenly the heavy weight I had hanging over me was lifted. Tashnika didn't want me for herself. She wanted me for her super sexy sister. I'm sure they could all see my smile, as much as I tried to hide my excitement. Felicity was only twelve years my junior and was more than legal. I had no reason nor could I even think of refusing.

"Okay then. Make the plans." I was looking at Tashnika, hoping she understood what I meant. " I just need to finalize things and say my good-byes."

We shared hugs and my son and his wife headed though the airport gates.

My mind was racing with all the ideas I had. On my way home I stopped at a few hardware and utility stores. I had to fix the wife's bed, and fix it good. I also stopped at Jimmyz sex shop and got the other supplies I needed to pull off my plan.

I drove into "our" driveway and found Samantha driving out. She refused to even greet me. I went in and straight to my office to call my lawyer. Billy had been over to our house many times and also knew, quite well, what I was going through.

"No, Billy. No need for that. Just give her a deal that she caught refuse. The house and all it's contents, other than my personal and work related stuff, she can have. The cottage by the lake goes to Timothy as you know. We don't want to be too cruel or to kind. Offer her half of the local bank account but make sure she realizes that she can only live of the interest and when she passes on that money goes to Timothy. But remember, Billy, this only happens on next Friday." My inheritance and wise investments had paid off, so I had more than enough.

My divorce was on the way. Freedom was in range. And with some luck Felicity's super sexy body.

My next call was to "The pool man". I didn't have enough time to do everything myself. I immediately started work on my soon to be ex-wife's bed. My mechanical knowledge made it easy for me and I soon had it repaired with the extras from Jimmyz. I looked at the repaired bed and memories of the fun times we had came flying back. I was hard just thinking of my plans for the next few days. By the time the pool man was ready to leave I had layed the dinning table with an array of Samantha's favorites and had a bottle of her sleeping tablet ready.

Dinner went as expected, with Samantha complaining at me as if I had cooked; little did she know, I had ordered from a close restaurant and I thought the food was very good, but I am used to her complaints. She was soon nodding of from the laced drink I served her. I let Samantha know that her bath was ready and offered to "do her back", little did she know I planned on "doing her front and back."

I helped out of her cloths and into the bath. I tried to explain that I still found her attractive when she caught me looking but she told me to save those looks for my blow up doll. I laughed and reminded her that that what I used to call her just when she started putting on weight. Jimmyz pills must have been working cause she joined me with a small giggle. As I washed my soon to be ex-wife, I paid extra attention to clean all those privet areas I planned on taking advantage of a little later. I was pleased to feel her body responding. Her leg parted as my cloth covered hand found it's way to her hairy, and I do mean "hairy", patch. I felt her knees shiver from a mini orgasm and I knew I had to stop or my plan would foil. I hurryingly got her robe ready fearing that her gulping down her laced wine might have passing out in the bath and leaving me with a big problem. We staggered to her old bedroom with most of her weight leaning on me and her robe not done. She collapsed onto her bed not bothering about her fanny being exposed.

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21-03-2008, 03:23 PM
"Thanks Jimmyz." escaped my lips but happily she had passed out.

I lifted Samantha, my daily hour and half at the gym paying off, and removed her robe. I proceeded to rig up the extras I had got from hardware and, yes, Jimmyz.

I had time on my side so I started with some early evening "bush trimming." My hair trimmer buzzed softly as I watch her hair fall away and her pussy start to glisten with a sheen I used to know well. I could not help to wonder what she was dreaming about. Me? I put the trimmer down, picked up my razor and Samantha was soon sporting a big bald pussy. Her legs and armpit also fell victim to my razor. I thought about the ingrowns she'd be suffering and her having to resist the need to attend to the itch and scratch made me put some extra effort into making sure that pussy was smooth.

She looked so hot my hard on was started to hurt in my pants. I stripped naked and fetched my still camera from my office. The video cameras had been running from the time I heard Samantha's car in the driveway and were connected directly to my computer, so no need to 'change the tape.' I took some close ups of her pussy and then licked it a couple of time, just to make sure I had removed all the hair and to get her pussy really wet for the next couple of shots. I was so turned on it only took a couple of strokes before I came all over her soon to be very fucked pussy.

I took a few more close ups of her cum coated pussy and then I cleaned Samantha with a basin and wash rag and changed the bedding. I set an alarm clock and slept next to my wife for the first time in years and for the last time ever, both of us naked.

Samantha awoke to find me bathed and in a robe. She also found herself naked, her legs in stirrups, gyny style, and completely immobilized with some very comfy restraints from Jimmyz. I heard her whimpering and turned from the window. I apologized for the gag in her mouth but explained that her friend Elsa had phoned and would be around in an a few minutes. I also told her that I planned on seducing her and she was welcome to watch us on the live cams I had setup, pointing to the three televisions I had wheeled into her room while she slept. I showed her the vibrator I had in my hand and told her that I didn't plan on her missing out so I would be leaving this "remote husband", as Jimmy had called it.

I dropped to my knees between her legs and started to eat her out. She was saying something but I couldn't hear her and soon her bucking and fighting changed to humping my face. I split her lips and licked her as deep as I could. My fingers slipped into her hunger hole with an ease I found very familiar. I kept going until was sure she was ready for my stand in. I pushed the vibrator into her, a little surprised as to how easy she handled the "big boy", and pumped her pussy as fast as I could and as hard as she used to like. Samantha must have cum many times judging from the wetness of her 'manhole.' I tilted the vibe so the tip was grassing over her g-spot with every stroke. I kept this up for a few minutes, then she had lifted her big ass off the mattress and I knew this was a big one. Samantha shock like a reed in a fast running river as she enjoyed the aftermath of one of the many orgasms I had planned for her. I watched her with a hero smile on my face. I knew this workout had helped her lose more than just a few calories and asked her if she knew any better way to exercise. Samantha could talk but she shock her head with a very positive 'NO'.

I heard Elsa's car come up the drive and strapped Jimmyz device to Samantha's privates. She looked at me as I closed my robe, my erection more than obvious, and in her satisfied eyes I could see some jealousy or even sadness. I pressed the button of the remote in my pocket and watched her buck as the device kicked in. Turning off the "remote husband", I closed the bedroom door and went to answer the door bell.

Elsa was seven years older than Samantha to the day. That was the bond they shared after meeting at a flower shop. Samantha was buying herself some roses, you see I could never buy her any. I had once joked amongst some friends about flowers being the reproductive organs of plants and a lady should always be aware of what a man might be suggesting when he gave her flowers. Since that day I was not allowed to buy her any. I tried. I truly tried and many roses found their way into the garbage. Anyway back to Elsa, the fourty seven year old sex goddess.

I answered the door and Elsa was sporting a flowery summer dress. I swear I could see the light shining through as she stood in the doorway handing me her parcels. She had a narrow waist and slightly wider hips but you could still see a small gap in-between her legs by her snake hole.

"What's this?" I asked.

"You looking real sexy in that dress." I added as my eye gave her a thorough examination.

"Thanks. Breakfast? Samantha must be far for you to say that so loud. Where is she?"

I took the parcel from her and hide my bulge behind the door as Elsa walked in. "She's a little tied up I'm afraid. I'll have to do for your company for the day, if that's okay." Elsa had no idea how true those words were.

"You know I find your company very satisfying to say the least and if it weren't for Samantha I would enjoy it more." Elsa turned around to face me, I had just closed the front door and was enjoying the view of her firm round bum looking so inviting in that tiny G-string.

My eyes scanned her front view with the same satisfaction. She had a very petite figure. My eyes were glued to her tiny titties. Elsa cleared her throat and smiled at me as our eyes met. She looked down at my bulge and smiled, broader this time, turned and walk towards the kitchen. "Let's have some breakfast so bring those parcels and let's get cooking."

Elsa seemed to put a little more sway in her walk that just added to the troubles I was having controlling my erection. Yes I had other plans but I was hungry, and felt I could use the situation to my benefit. We soon had the bacon sizzling and I wondered what the aroma was doing to my wife. In an instant I had a new plan on how I was going to get more from Samantha this weekend. Elsa and I kept brushing up against each other through out the "cooking". I kept passing comments on how the company just seemed to be making the cooking and the food better. I wasn't hiding my arousal and Elsa wasn't hiding her looking. She flashed a lot of inner thigh when she got up from the breakfast table and I looked without any shyness. Elsa bent over, showing off the roundness of her ass to me, and pulled out the step I had fitted to the floor of all the kitchen cupboards and stepped up to put the pepper away when I came up behind her and pressed my fully erect penis into the crack of her ass. I had opened my robe, my naked erection pressing deep in the crack of her sexy ass. Elsa wriggle and I cupped her little titties in both hands. Her nipples were hard and I knew I was going to enjoy this.

Elsa pushed her butt against my invader. "Is this for me?"

"All the desert you can eat. Anyway you like." I replied.

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21-03-2008, 03:24 PM
I dropped my hands and lifted her dress clean over her shoulders. Her back was gourgess and got all the kisses it deserved and as I got lower, towards her ass, she leaned forward. My kisses were sending little shivers through her spine and my hands were gently caressing her boobies and her abs. This girl had no fat. None. I gripped her little panties and pulled them down. You could smell her fresh juices and I could hardly wait to get to the source. I licked down the crack of her ass and my hands went back to her firm, no her hard titties. She was small so everything was in reach. I pull on her nipples and her first "yes" escaped from her tiny mouth as mine reached her silky pussy and my tongue probe her opening a loader "YES" told me this was not going to be quiet shag. No Mama. This was to be one vocal fuck.

The step was wide enough for Elsa to easily part her feet after she had kicked her panty completely off. My hands left her bullet nipples and down her short but shapely legs. When I reached her ankle, I imagined what Samantha could see on those TV's; her best friend in her kitchen, with her husband, with only her high heels on. My hands went back up her legs and my right hand searched for her little clitty, hidden in what seemed to be a very "hidden clitty" type of pussy. She was bald, no hair down there, and wet. Yes wet enough to be mention more than once.

"Fuck yeah!" Elsa was getting louder and I laughed in my mind at the thought of her also needing a gag.

I had found her love button and Elsa was pleased. I remembered Samantha and the "remote husband" and reached for it with my left hand. Once I had pressed the button I let my robe fall off. Now we were both naked. Then I put extra effort into pressing Elsa buttons.

"I'm cumining. I'm fucking cuummmiingggg." Elsa was screaming as her juices poured on my face almost choking me with her extra sweet nectar.

While Elsa was still shaking through her orgasm, I stood up and lined my penis with her fuck hole.

"Put it in me you bastard, don't tease."

"Oh! There'll be no teasing now. I'm just too horny." I replied and pushed all eight inches of my fat meat into her. I held her hips and pulled, trying to get as deep as I could. Elsa just braced herself on the kitchen cupboards and pushed back on me, groaning in the sexiest cat sounds I've ever heard. I pulled out half way and stopped to enjoy the view of my glistening pole sticking out of her. Elsa grunted and pushed back, swallowing my pole once again. This only made me more excited and I pounded faster and harder. My big balls were slapping loudly against her clitty cleavage and Elsa was shouting her praises.

"Oh! Yeah! Fuck me hard. OH! OH! Just like that you big dicked bastard."

I pinched her little nipples and pulled on them.

'FUUUCKK. Yeah! Fuck me. I'm going to cum AGAIN. I'M GONNA CUM HARD." With that Elsa started licking the cupboard door while groaning.

Her "raw" approach to sex pushed me over the top and I came deep in old Elsa's pussy. I came so hard my knees were shaking.

"FUCK MEEEEEEEE." Elsa's and my cum juices leaked out, past my still hard rod, wetting my balls and going down my shaky legs. I felt proud of my work but Elsa was still twitching around my penis like she still could take more. My knees buckle from the sensation she was inflicting on my now sensitive dick. She twitched again this time powerful enough to make me buck away and escaped to the floor. The cool sensation of the tiles on my bare back and ass helped to clam me down but I hardly had enough time to recover. Elsa swung around when she heard me land on the floor and with her wobbly legs; she knelt between mine and engulfed my shinny pole with her mouth. I normally like a minute or two to recover from a good climax, just to let the sensitivity pass, before I'm ready to go again but I now knew this time things would be different. There would be no time to rest.

"Fuck! We taste good. We should bottle this and make a fortune." She said in-between slurps.

My eyes were rolling in their sockets as I did my best to stop from screaming. She was gentle though and soon she repositioned herself with my cock at her entrance and a split second later I her round bum was slapping my thighs. I raised my head and looked in amazement at the wonder of this little woman with such an accommodating pussy. Her small frame bounced up and down along my shaft like she had it connected to an external power supply. It was exotic, my big boy sliding so easily in and out of this small body. Samantha was a little tighter than her friend despite her size and not quite as wet. I was sopping with Elsa's juices. I started to wonder if I had set the camera right to pick up on all this action and if Samantha's pussy was holding up to the slow steady, shallow pounding of the "remote husband." Elsa ground her soggy pussy into my groin and came again in the same noisy fashion. I felt assured that if Samantha could see us, at least she could hear us. Elsa fell back, my highly aroused penis "popping" out of her. I immediately got on my knees between her legs and lined up for a little revenge, she wouldn't let me rest, why should she? I fuck her pussy for maybe another half hour, giving her all I had but she just took what I had to offer and gave some more. Pulling my cock out I lined up once more. I pushed into her with such ease. This was not her first time with a dick in her ass. Of course with all that juice spilling out her pussy she had enough lube as well.

"That it, big boy fuck my ass" I started moving in and out of her ass slow at first then I started to speed up. This woman's 'girls next door' had been visited before. I was definitely not the first.

"FUCK MY ASS." She had her legs high up. Her knees by her armpits and she was rubbing her clit,,, fast. So fast her fingers looked like a blur. "FUCK MY ASS HOLE."

Her ass was a lot tighter and knew I wouldn't last long. After just a few minutes of fucking Elsa ass I was going to cum again so I let her know, I wanted Samantha to know too. "I'M GOINING TO CUM IN YOUR ASS."


I felt her pussy juices flow past my groin while I was still deep in her ass. Her hands stopped moving and I slowly exited her ass. I collapsed on top of her, trying not to crush her little body with what strength I could muster up. We kissed, tongues intertwined, for the first time.

I broke off the kiss and rolled off Elsa. Picking up my robe, I stood up and put it on. My hands searched the pockets and pressed the button to turn off the "remote husband." I helped Elsa up to sit on one of the kitchen stools and poured us some coffee.

We chatted for a while as we sipped on our fresh cups of coffee. I refused to let her cover even though she complained that our cum was leaking out onto the chair. I told not to worry I would clean up everything and how sexy she was and what a great shag she proved to be. "I always knew you would be." She replied. I told how much I loved being in her ass or her "girl next door" as I liked to call it. She laughed at my "cute" name for as dirty as ass fucking.

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21-03-2008, 03:25 PM
Elsa stood up, still shaky, and asked if she could wash up. She was worried that Samantha might be back soon. I held her and walked her to the guest shower, the only shower with a camera in it. We kissed more and I put her mind at ease as we walk into the shower and I removed my robe.

"Don't worry. You'll even have time to dry your hair."

Elsa felt my naked body against her and immediately turned around and dropped to her knees. I slowly opened the water and adjusted the temperature. Elsa washed my hanging penis and when it seemed to be recovering, she sucked it into her hot mouth. Her tongue seemed to wrap it's self around my hardening dick. As soon as I was somewhat hard enough, Elsa let my dick out her mouth spun round and got on all fours. "Please. Fuck me one more time in my ass before the guilt sets in. Please. I loved it so much."

The shower was not huge but it did have a small tiled bench area. Elsa rested her flat stomach on the bench and reached for the body shower oil off the shelf in the back and gave it to me. "We don't have much time."

I directed the shower head to spray over us, then blocking the water I poured the makeshift lube from the high point off her butt crack and watched the liquid flow towards her red rose bud. She was a tough girl and could take a pounding but I wanted her to enjoy this. So I used my finger to push the oil into her bum hole. Then I poured some on my inflating dick and used my other hand to help bring my boy up to speed. When I pushed a second finger in her ass, Elsa moaned and begged me for the "real thing". Taking aim I smiled for the camera and entered her nice and slow but Elsa couldn't wait. I was less than half way in when I felt her little hand reach for me and she pushed back, forcing me into her in a hurry.

"Now fuck me like you did just now. It's been a long time since I've had a cock up my back door and who knows when I'll get the chance again. You don't want my girl next door sad for so long again, do you?" Elsa was looking at me through the mirror as she spoke. "Fuck me hard."

"Yeah! That's it Stud. Fuck yeah! Give it to me baby. Give me. Yes that's it. Faster. Faster." Our bodies were making loud slapping noises and she was getting even louder.

Her little hand was between her legs, working her little clitty and I could tell that soon we would be both sharing yet another orgasm. I gave her all I had. Fucking as fast as I could. As deep as I could. As hard as I could.

"Is your slut ass ready for my cum, bitch?" Before I could worry if I had perhaps insulted her, she replied me. "Yes. Give this bitch wants she needs, you're cum in her slut ass."

I slapped her hard on her rump.

"More. Give me more. Talk Dirty"

This was new to me and I was loving it,, just for the moment of course. I kept smacking her ass. Left side. Right side. "Come on slut. Cum for me. Cum with my cock in you ass."

"Almost there. Oh! My GOD!"

"I'm going to cum in your slut ass, bitch. Ready?"

Then I came and so did she, shaking and screaming all sorts of profanities. I slumped over her and my dick immediately went soft. I was now spent. I slipped out of her ass and sat on the bench in the little space next to Elsa.

After a short time, when Elsa had quieted down, I picked up a wash rag and some shower gel and started washing her. First her butt. Praising it for it's beauty and the pleasure it gave me. Then her pussy. Giving it thanks for being first to cum and yet so long lasting and for tasting so good. Elsa was giggling at my silly comments and my hands were most likely tickling her as I gently washed her intimate parts that we had just shared.

"And you, you lovely little titties, oh so pointy, with succulent soldier nipples, always ready to stand to attention." My caresses and praises roamed to every part of her adorable body.

After we had finished, we dried each other and dress. I was still in just a robe. After another coffee, guilt started to show on Elsa face.

"We can't do this again, EVER." She really looked guilty. "She's my friend. I'm married. So are you for that matter."

I was just listening, afraid to make the wrong comment.

"It's just,,,, I know what you going through.,,,,,,, I've even tried to talk to her." She looked at me for the first time since she started this guilt trip and paused.

I remained silent.

"You know I find you sexy and this was bound to happen, especially with that lazy fuck of a husband of mine."

- Another moment of silence. All you could hear was the quiet sipping of our coffee.

"You know the last time I got my ass fuck was the night of my bachoret party. Over fourteen years ago. If you don't count my dildo."

We both started laughing.

"So if you ever need an egger ass to fuck. You got my number." Her eyes were pleading as she dragged those words out.

"That I do. So keep that phone close.' I lied. This was a one time thing but I planed on letting her husband know of her needs. Tell him I over heard the girls talking.

Elsa and I kissed for a few minutes before I open the door to let her out.

"Tell Sammy I came round. A lot."

She got in her car and left.

I closed the door and went to the kitchen to get my soon to be ex wife some breakfast and fuck her silly,, after my dick had rested.

The End

21-03-2008, 03:29 PM
Blindfold and Handcuffs

"I can't do this with a local guy, what if I see him at Walmart the next week?" Her voice was half sarcastic and half pleading.

Things were moving fast. It started by relaxing at a cocktail hour on whirlwind business trip. First there was some pleasant conversation and then a little flirting. Suddenly I was staring into the blue eyes of a woman I hardly know, as she propositioned me. My heart was pounding. I was nervous and excited.

"I suppose I could come up for a glass of wine." I said then smiled. She nodded and smiled back. I had accepted her invitation.

She took me by the hand, linked our fingers together, and led me out. It was a short walk to the high-rise apartments. We held each other loosely as we waited for the elevator. She had thick red hair that fells in waves below her shoulders. She was tall and thin, you might say statuesque, you might say athletic. But her eyes were incredible; large pools of bright blue that sparkled in any light.

As the elevator doors closed, she began kissing my neck. I wrapped my arm around the crook of her back to draw her close. With one hand, she loosened the top buttons of my shirt. Her mouth continued to nibble on my neck, shoulders, and chest. With my free hand, I lifted her face to bring my mouth to hers. Our lips touched softly as the elevator bell dinged.

I was already in a trance; tipsy from alcohol, high from her kiss, and excited about being with her. She led me to her door. Before slipping in her key, we embraced for another passionate kiss. This time it was firmer and more desperate; our tongues touching slightly. Her hands wrapped around my neck, and I ran mine up her sides, caressing her tummy, then her breasts gently with each thumb through her slinky dress.

We untangled ourselves so she could open the door. She giggled a little as she fumbled with the key. She was nervous too. Soon the lock clicked, the door swung open, and she led me inside.

We danced into the suite, barely breaking our embrace. The door closed softly behind us leaving us bathed in the soft light and quiet of the room. Our mouths locked together in a deep sensuous kiss. We stood there, in our embrace, and let passion take over.

As I lowered my head to nibble and kiss her neck, she tugged at my shirt, pulling it free of my pants. I explored her ear with my tongue while she unbuttoned my shirt, pulled it over my shoulders, and dropped it to the floor. My hands found the zipper on the back of her short black dress. With a smooth pull of the sipper the dress floated to the floor. She casually stepped out of it and kicked it aside.

For a moment we stood facing each other, eying each other. She stood before me wearing a black bra, black lacy boy-cut panties, black thigh high stockings, and two inch heels. I was bare-chested but still in my khakis. She fixed that by unfastening my belt and zipper. The pants dropped to the floor exposing my obvious arousal underneath my boxers.

We started exploring each other with our hands. I ran mine through her hair and over her shoulders. I caressed her waist with my hands and her stomach with my fingers. She slid both hands up my chest, running her fingers through the hair. Then we pressed ourselves together again for another embrace. I could feel her grinding herself against me as she pushed her pelvis on my hardness.

After a moment, she broke away, holding me away at arms length. She cocked her head a little to the side and smiled. "I have a little surprise."

With those words, she picked up her purse off the floor and rummaged through it briefly. She pulled something out and tossed the purse back to the floor. With a wide grin she held up each hand. From one she held a pair of silver handcuffs and in the other was a black blindfold.

"Are you going to restrain me?" She asked. She smiled with a wide grin and her eyes sparkled.

I took the blindfold and the cuffs. She cooperated by putting her hands together in front of her. I clicked the cuffs around each of her tiny wrists and adjusted them down firmly. Then I slipped the blindfold over her eyes; the elastic band snapped against her thick hair on the back of her head. She stood in front of me, nearly naked and vulnerable, waiting for my next move.

"Take me to the bed." She whispered with a hint of desperation in her voice. But I didn't. Instead I pushed her back a couple of steps and eased her back onto the sofa. I gently pressed my lips to hers and wrapped my hands around her back. Our tongues danced together and my hands reached the clasp of her bra. Our mouths stayed together as I pulled the clasp apart. The strapless bra dropped onto her lap.

I dropped to my knees in front of her and pulled her thighs apart to slide in closer to her. I let my hands explore her body. I ran my fingers through her hair and over her face. She sucked a finger as it passed by her mouth. I caressed her neck and shoulders, then slid my hands to her breasts. I circled each nipple with a forefinger several times, then pinched and pulled them ever so gently. She breathed deeply as I leaned over and sucked a breast into my mouth and massaged the nipple with my tongue. We both moaned deeply with passion.

My hands slid further down her waist and into the waistband of her lacy panties. She raised herself off the sofa slightly to let me slip the panties over her hips and down her thighs. I had to scoot myself back as she raised her knees high, allowing me to pull the panties over her ankles and toss them aside. As she lowered her feet to the floor, I ran my hands up her inner thighs, spreading her legs wide apart. I heard a faint "yesssss" slip from her lips as I touched the soft wetness between her legs. Her arousal was making me high, and I throbbed in my excitement.

I watched her throw her head back in ecstasy as I touched her between her legs. She was swollen and wet. My thumb was well lubricated as I slid it up to her hard clit. I could only touch it very lightly as she was extremely sensitive and shuddered each time it brushed across it with a finger.

"Kiss it." She moaned quietly, lifting her hips off the sofa, "Lick me."

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21-03-2008, 03:30 PM
I explored with my fingers a little more, making sure that I had touched her everywhere. My fingers were thoroughly lubricated by her. For a moment I paused to look at her again and was drawn between her legs. I stared there studying her mound, searching for a spot to place my tongue. Slowly I bent my face closer to her; closer to her wet and swollen pussy. She could feel my breath on her inner thigh, and raised her hips to meet my face. The moist hair on her mound brushed lightly against my lips.

I pressed my mouth against her and explored inside her lips with my tongue. I felt her gasp as I pressed my tongue deep inside her and withdrew. Then I explored upward, tracing over the erect little knob. My tongue swirled, drawing circles around her clit. She swirled her hips in a rhythm to match my tongue. I could feel the tension insider her as she pressed against me.

My hands reached up to caress her body. Each hand landed on a firm small breast. I could feel her chest heaving. With my fingertips, I caressed each nipple, feeling every little nuance. Her nipples were firm, erect, and long. I traced around them. I squeezed them every so gently. I pulled on them, first lightly, then firmly, and then softly again.

I was so caught up in her, so caught up in her sex, in her smell and tastes and smoothness of her skin. I was so absorbed in her that her pleasure caught me be surprise. But deep inside her the waves started. They were waves of pleasure that grew in intensity until the muscles of her abdomen start clenching. The clenching came in throbs, small at first, but they became firmer as the intensity inside continued to grow.

She pushed her hips high and hard against my face and rocked with a greater purpose. The waves continued and she cried out as if in pain. Her entire body shuddered and shivered against me until finally the throbbing and clenching centered in one great strain between her legs, At that moment I tried to push my tongue inside her again, but her muscles were to tight to let me in. Instead she screamed and released and succumb to the pleasure that my mouth had brought to her dripping we pussy.

We held there for several moments with her bucking against me before she pulled slightly back. My mouth, cheeks, and chin were completely covered by her wetness. She closed her legs against my face, holding me in place for a bit, and then released. I raised to my feet to stared down at her.

Her hands, still in the cuffs, were raised over her head. The blindfold still covered her eyes. Her long red hair flowed over her shoulders, but her breast and nipples her completely exposed. Her chest heaved up and down as she caught her breath. And her legs were drawn apart, wide apart with her feet on the sofa; waiting; anticipating.

My animal instincts where taking over I stood over her in a trace, drunk from the sexual arousal that she gave me, and burning for my release. I was hard, huge, and throbbing. I was so hard that I cock pointed straight up. I had to press down on it to aim it between her legs. With both hands I aimed, pressing my hard cock to the entrance of her swollen pussy. Then with a great force I thrust myself inside her.

We both gasped and moaned with pleasure. She lowered her arms around my neck and used the steel to pull my face to hers. Our mouths linked together in a rapturous kiss.

I wish I could recall the details of what happens next, but my passion was too great and I was taken carried away if drugged by her sex. There was screaming and there was moaning. There was soft rhythmic motion and hard lustful pounding. There was cursing and loud commands that would make a porn star blush. There was the slapping sound of two bodies crashing together.

I felt pain from the steel cuffs being pulled tightly around my neck. I felt the intense pleasure of the soft, swollen, wetness, between our legs. There was biting and scratching. I could smell sweat and perfume and her pussy. I was a machine. I was a lover. I was an addict.

We danced together in our passion for what seemed like forever. It was as if all time was suspended except the motion of our bodies. The intensity was building inside me, emanating from between my legs. It was growing greater and greater. I wished I could pull her inside me so she could feel it too, so she could feel what she did to me. But finally I could take no more, so I succumbed to my passion and let the pleasure overwhelm me. I exploded from me in a gigantic blast from deep inside me shooting stream of warm thick cum deep inside her. I shuddered, grunted, clenched my teeth, and screamed out for God. Then I collapsed exhaust and spent.

"That", she spoke softly into my ear, "was the most intense ever!"

The End

21-03-2008, 03:38 PM
Jen's Bitch

She was a little out of the main stream in school. Not quite a rebel but also not in the super popular crowd. Guys didn't know what to make of her. One thing for sure is they certainly did try. Why? She had a hauntingly gorgeous presence, she had quietly, maybe unknowingly driven all us guys crazy for 4 years. It was like Boo Radley in the movie to kill a Mockingbird, she was simply mysterious and for me, a little scary to even approach.. Now that we were all seniors and of legal age, knowing she'd be gone after graduation, guys tried harder but all of them crashed and burned and left her alone.

She kept to herself but was not a loner, just not an initiator, by choice. For me she was a siren. I couldn't resist looking at her when she passed. She was in my Science class and I tried to make sure to sit in a spot where I could see her. Luckily I was not always successful or I'd get nothing done in class. Months had gone by and I was really starting to go crazy. I frequently had very short conversations with her but something was going on that I could not put my finger on. Oh! Yeah I thought about fucking her all the time. She was easily a D cup maybe larger; she was very fit and had beautiful legs. Her hair was black and screamed dominance. Her eyes were green. She was mesmerizing to talk to and I decided if I ever got my chance I'd definitely do whatever she wanted. Little did I know....

It started late in the trimester, in 2 weeks we would be out of school. Jen and I happened to sit together and an assignment was given in Science class. After the bell ranged she touched my arm and said, "I think this assignment would be easier if we did it together, you interested?" Oh MY GOD!!! My balls dropped right there. Her voice probably sounded normal to someone else but I heard something very sensual, I said yes immediately, stuttering a few times. She smiled, I got hard.

"I'll give you my address and phone number tomorrow and by the way..."

"Yes" I said

"You better hide that beast," she said and motioned down.

Damn I knew I was getting hard but hoped it was not showing yet. I looked down and I was huge, fully erect, major tent. I felt my face get hot and red as she walked away with a little smirk/smile, I'm not sure.

I hide the beast uhhhhh my coc.... Errrr I mean myself and rushed to the bathroom locking myself in a stall. What just happened? I yelled to myself (in silence mind you). All year long just tiny nibbles of conversation lots of.... Ok stalking at lunch and endless glances then all of the sudden BAM! She blindsides me and I'm left hiding a hard on that won't go down.

Well the last class I probably did not hear a word and I had to tie the beast uhhhh.... Oh never mind. I tied the beast under my belt and my t-shirt hid me the rest of the day. The next day I could not wait until science class but I was also nervous for it to come plus I had not seen her in the halls all day which was a little unusual.

She walked in and her skirt showed off her tanned legs. She pretended not to notice. Here she said as she sat down, handing me her address and phone number.

"Why don't we start tonight then we'll have the weekend. Will your parents allow that?

"They leave today and will not be back until Monday morning" I said.

I thought for a moment, why would they mind, were doing an assignment of course they won't mind. The comment was a little odd.

"Perfect, why don't you come over at 8:00 pm?"


I raced home, I don't know why, perhaps to start waiting until 8:00. The faster I get home the sooner I can start waiting. Well time seemed to fly which in and of itself was surprising.

I knocked, she opened the door. Come in her soft voice said. Let me change, I just got here. She came downstairs in a spaghetti strap top that seemed 2 sizes too small because it stretched across her breasts straining to contain her. I started getting hard, luckily I was sitting down. Her belly showed and she had a beautiful shiny jeweled navel piercing that swayed across perfectly flat slightly muscular abs. She wore a tight skirt just above the knees .... And on her feet were a pair of black 6" heels. OH MY GOD I thought. She snapped her fingers a couple times and I realized I was staring just a few seconds too long.

Sorry, I've never seen you like this... I mean you never wear that to school so how could... uh I mean my homework cloths are boring but yours...

I finally stopped trying to figure out what to say and said, "I'm sorry for staring."

She smiled and said "that's ok; I'll take it all as a compliment"

I was way to consumed with my own thoughts to even realize there was an entire conversation going on in her mind as well.

She smiled to herself thinking perfect, now for something a little more enticing.

"Check this out, it's new", she said as she strutted to the sofa stopping beside me. She lifted her top to the bottom of her ample breasts, even though her belly already showed, and started playing with her piercing a little.

"Isn't it beautiful? I just got it."

Her eyes sharply looking for the signals she wanted.

"What's more beautiful is what's behind it" I said.

I quickly looked up panicked; I couldn't believe that just came out so bluntly.

GOTCHA!! She thought as she licked her lips. Now an equally sexy response to keep him hard.

"WOW! I may have to start calling you babe. What a hot thing to say."

Now a gentle touch of his face to direct his attention, lean over for a kiss making sure to tease with sensual parted lips, then...... pull away at the last minute.

"Oops that was really a tease wasn't it. Sorry I won't do that again."

I won't need to baby she thought, you're putty in my hands now.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear "Your beast is back." She switched ears and with a purposeful hot breath said "and I bet it is very hungry this time, what do you think?"

She secretly delighted at the look of disbelief knowing I was raging with horniness now.

Time to hit him hard she thought.

"Forget about the homework baby, I'm hot for a FUCK! By the way I have seen you stalking me for months, I see your glances and I bet you have not even noticed I have been stalking you as well".

My mouth fell open. She raised her eyebrows, "yes baby I have stalked you. I like your ass. I'm an ass girl; I want to do things to your ass. But now I am also a cock girl because you're fuckin huge," she said as she nodded at my crotch.

I know she saw the weakness on my face and the light shaking of my hands.

"Take off your cloths," she said with the tiniest bit of dominance.

I don't want to spook him so I'll stay playful, use my smile, flip my long hair, and give him some cleavage.

Now I was in complete disbelief. She could practically hear what I was thinking. Probably something like did I just hear what I thought?

But she was not about to let me have time to think.

"Come on BABE I've been waiting for this," she said interrupting my thoughts.

I began to undress in earnest.

She hid a smirk and thought this top is deadly, my boy is rock hard, turning a deep shade of red and a little purple. She licked her lips.

I throbbed with hardness bouncing my cock almost uncontrollably my eyes glued to her body and face.

"Oh yes that's sweet," she said in a perfectly sensual tone of voice as she stared at my cock.

"That's a hot cock".

I was so nervous but she was so amazingly beautiful I didn't care. I got the strong sense she never expects anyone to not do what she says. THIS is what I could not put my finger on. She had me completely under her control, willingly. I was ready to do anything.

"Have you fantasized about me a lot" she said

"Yes constantly"

"Do you masturbate? Come on sweetie, you do don't you."

I looked down, "Yes"

Mmmm now to see what he'll do for me she thought.

"Climb on this counter," she said patting the kitchen counter top playfully. Let me get a good look at you"

"Really" I said

"Yeah let's have some fun" She patted it again, secretly hoping.

I felt like a dog or something but you bet I climbed up.

This boy is allllll mine she thought as her heart raced with excitement as she struggled to maintain her composure.

"Face me. Now spread your legs and sit on your heels like you do when you masturbate on the floor. She checked me out and said I bet you look at an x-rated magazine when you jack off don't you." She smiled

I blushed, "Yes" I said

Perfect, I knew he was a nasty boy she thought; now I can get a little nasty myself and get him ready.

"That's ok; I like my boys nice and dirty. By the way you do pick a picture where the bitch has DD's don't you?," she said cupping and squeezing her breasts together as my mouth fell open.

"Yes" I said and my face felt like it was burning now.

"YES"! She repeated louder to make sure my secret was out

"You see me as your BITCH"

"Uh I mean no, no ahhh......"

"Shhhhhh," she said putting a finger on my lips smiling. "We'll get clearer on that later".

Now that completely came across in a way where I was just an object. I didn't care. I realized at that moment that guys don't care about much when they think they'll get to start fucking soon. In retrospect there were warning signs that I ignored.

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21-03-2008, 03:41 PM
She verbally assaulted me again "Do you like my breasts?"

"I was stunned as a little drool dripped out of my mouth to my embarrassment."

"Ooooooooo very good boy, just stare, I like that"

"They are gorgeous" I answered

"They're the best in the school aren't they?" she asked

"By far, no one's even close to you." I was going to say exactly what she wanted to hear.

She smiled, "thank you" she said as her hand slide over her nipples feeling herself up.

I completely gave up trying to maintain my composure and outright stared.

"You are so horny. That's just the way I like you". Straighten your back and sit up.

I felt like a trained dog but I was definitely going to do every single thing she wanted.

"Now be a good boy and spread your legs a little wider for me I want to see every inch of this savage piece of flesh between your legs. My my, you are a big one; I bet you can really rip a girl up with that. Can you get harder?"

I thought she was kidding. My cock felt like it was ready to rip through the skin already. Suddenly she pulled off her top to reveal firm breasts riding high on her chest with sharp contrasting tan lines. (I think I got harder in that second and my cock was aching.)

She reached under me grabbing my sac forcing my swollen balls into the end. Her hand clamped down on me like a vice. I doubled over into her chest.

"Let's stop this one right now," she whispered as my cock frantically spasmed trying to cum. My hips started jerking around as I frantically tried to pull free of her hand or push the cum through her grip. I whimpered as her free hand gently held my head against her breast.

"Whimper boy," she urged into my ear "go ahead, its ok I know it hurts a little."

I whimpered freely as my loins were on fire. It was getting overwhelming.

"That's it baby, let it pass, you're just in heat honey but I know what to do." I leaned into her panting and whimpering softly; in pain.

"You have a very powerful cock she whispered, it truly is a beast but I know how to control it and how to tame you".

The intensity in my cock and balls finally subsided and she released me. It will be back but not for a little while. Keep your legs spread sweetie. I was panting and sweating as she handed me a wet cloth to wipe my face. She fiddled with something in a drawer...

Now for one last little distraction and a little reward for him so I can move in she thought.

She leaned in real close and started a long sensual kiss. Then I felt her reach under me and her lotion filled hand cupped my balls and the cold felt soothing. As she caressed she let her middle finger slide over my anus spreading the lotion, slowly rubbing and teasing me. It felt good, nasty and scary at the same time. When her finger slipped in my ass I started panting in uncomfortable fear but her breasts pushing into me and her tongue in my mouth pretty much assured I was not going to pull away.

"Squeeze my finger baby," she coaxed, "Mmmmmm very nice, very tight" she whispered

Turn around she commanded. I turned my back to her and her finger slipped in me again. She noticed I was getting too scared at the weird turn of events and whispered "It's just you and me no one will ever know, relax baby and let it happen."

Now her hard nipples and breasts teased my back and her other hand reached around to caress my chest and gently tease my nipples. Wherever her hand caressed, a whole rush of sensations followed. She was an expert at manipulating my body to react. She kissed and caressed me as her warm soft body came into full contact with mine. I slowly calmed down a little.

You like this don't you she said?

She must have noticed the ever so slight shift on my heels that pulled my cheeks open a little more.

"Very good baby," her finger probed deeper and started working my hole loose. She worked on me for a little while with non stop whispering in my ears, touching my body as she finger fucked me. Humiliating, demoralizing........ actually I realized it was just someone doing what I always knew I would let them do if they forced it on me. She played with my hole, sometimes gently, other times hard. I think you're ready she said. I had no idea what she meant.

She was still behind me and said take a deep breath, now exhale. Inhale, exhale, inhale mmmmm very good....

Ummmpf she thrust 2 fingers up in me. My body jumped as she held me tightly around the chest for a moment.

"Let me in babe," she cooed in my ear kissing my neck. She tilted my head back kissing my lips as her finger jabbed hard and I mean really hard as if to hurt me. This was her first really rough action to dominate me. A worried moan left my mouth and went into hers as she kissed me deeply.

She whispered

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes," I whimpered.

"Scoot your ass back to the edge of the counter, that's it put your hole over the edge, Good boy."

Now I felt something different on my hole. Suddenly she stood up, leaned into me and thrust. My ass split open as a huge object rammed up inside me. Feel my cock baby? She grabbed me around the middle pinning both arms to my sides. She knocked the wind out of me as her next thrust stretched me open more. Her 6" heels enabled her to lift up into me with each thrust.

"You see I love to fuck my boy toys in the ass with my strap-ons," she whispered. "I want you to feel what it is like to become a woman's BITCH."

She started fucking me hard as I whimpered and in time tears started running down my face. It hurt but I also didn't want her to stop, she was so................. caring and sensual almost like she was sorry but she had to do this. What a strange thought to have as this girl pounded my ass.

Her sharp thrusts were preceded by little orders of what I would do from now on.

You are my BITCH now

Pump, pump

I own your ass

Pump, pump

I'll fuck you whenever I want

Pump, pump

You'll spread and beg for the delicious sensual pain I will give you

Pump, Pump

Finally she slide her long cock out of me. I just rested glad it seemed over. She did something, opened and closed a drawer then said:

"You'll do whatever I want won't you honey she cooed?"

"Yes," I said weakly.

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21-03-2008, 03:42 PM
She dipped her hips down under me and a huge knob began pressing hard against my asshole.

"Time to really stretch you out," she said as one hand muffled my mouth. I leaned my head back and a long sustained whimper frantically exited my lips into her hand as she pushed a very thick cock against my rim muscle.

The sustained pressure made me pant hard and shake. She kept nudging hard at me and then it happened, we both felt me loosen. She said, "oooooo feel that baby, you're weakening". She kept nudging me open stretching me and I was really trying hard to maintain some kind of composure but when the helmet of her cock popped through and my rim muscle snapped closed around her shaft I lost it.

I did a little girl scream into her hand as I tried to get my arms loose but she was extremely strong.

"Now baby, let's move your insides around," she said corkscrewing her cock in me like she was churning butter. "Let's complete your transformation." I thought I would pass out when she started ramming as fast and as hard as she could.

The counter shook with her thrusts as my exposed ass was viciously attacked. I don't recognize the different sounds that came out of my mouth; she was shutting me up pretty good with her hand. I had no idea she was so strong, that soft warm body felt very muscular now.

Finally she stopped, fully extended onto her toes, leaning over my back she said.

"Slide your legs back off the counter and stand up."

I did as I was told and was immediately eased into a position bent over the counter and she started pounding again. I was really growing weak and she seemed to only get stronger and more animalistic and it was scary to lose control. I don't remember what happened next but I was standing and being pummeled against a wall. She now took on animal type sounds as she fucked. She had me impaled as I seemed to be guided to a room nearby with her irregular thrusts helping to move me along. I fell onto a bed as she rode me down burrowing deep and hard in me on contact. I cried out. Nothing I could do could get her out of me.

I could not stand it anymore, she had continued to squeeze my balls forcing me to stop coming. Just when I thought my body would collapse she let me cum. Something in my mind snapped and I screamed right as she shoved my face into a pillow, grinding her huge cock deep in my ass releasing my balls. I exploded furiously, screaming repeatedly, pumping for all I was worth, my cock strained in endless spasms. I completely gave up any resistance and allowed myself to be FUCKED like a rag doll.

She finally stopped, her cock balls deep in my ass, both of us dripping in sweat

"Who's the BITCH," she whispered out of breath?

"I am," I said hoarsely

"Who's my boy toy?"

"I am," I said hoarsely

"Who will willingly be on all fours spreading his cheeks for me whenever I want this summer?"

"I will"

With her big pole still spreading me I felt a sharp but manageable pin prick. I was too weak to do anything but lie there. Moments later she held up a mirror and I looked back as instructed. On my stretched asshole rim was the name "Jens" in cursive and the word "Bitch" in bold. With my skin stretched so tightly by her cock the letters were very noticeable but after my hole puckers closed it will be unreadable she said.

"You're now my BITCH; I OWN you and I have marked you as my property. I just love that idea," she said with a smile.

She began to pump again just to make me hurt a little more as she treated me like a pet, being very caring about fucking me unmercifully. She balanced ruthless, deep strap-on play with caring love in a way that assured her I would keep coming back for more.

Finally she began to pull out but the big mushroomed head of her cock was stuck inside my hole.

"This is like a dogs knot stuck in his BITCH isn't it?" she said as she playfully tugged. It felt like she was getting ready to pull my ass inside out.

"I guess there is nothing to do but yanked," she said.

She yanked hard a few times and I chirped in pain but she was out and I let loose a huge sigh of relief. She giggled and caressed me. "I love it when your body spasms wildly like that".

She allowed me to recover a bit then moved me into another position and worked me again. She did this for what seemed like a long time. I didn't resist, I don't know why, it's like it wasn't an option to resist her lust.

spent the night with her because.... Well frankly I couldn't walk. She delighted in that and whispered, "It's my goal to always have you walk with a limp baby. When you come to school Monday, only you and I will know what caused that limp. Only you and I will know why you wince when you sit down."

When we are with others at school only you and I will know you have Jen's BITCH tattooed on your asshole.

The End

21-03-2008, 03:55 PM
We Found Our Thrills

Remember those high-school Friday nights? Sitting in the car in the driveway, the radio playing on low---the conversation faltering as you tried to prolong the pleasure of your date's company. Remember wondering when the kiss would happen? How did those days disappear so quickly? If you're like me, and high-school was more than half your life ago, then you might enjoy a little tale about the last time my guy and I made out after a date:

The air was chilly, and the stars were bright in the early February sky. Valentine's Day was coming, with all its chocolate and rose petals, and black lace panties...but tonight was just an average Friday night---a date night, like so many others, that started with a movie, then dinner, and---if all went according to plan---might end up with some really great bedroom sex.

But things turned out to be a little different. Nothing drastic happened, except that his warm fingers reached for mine more often across the dinner table. His eyes sparkled when I laughed, and he talked---really talked---about something, anything, I really don't remember what. I do remember, though, as we drove home, my chilled fingers warming themselves on his thigh, and his chatting like someone had thrown a switch after replacing his batteries.

As we pulled into the driveway, he turned off the engine, and left the 80's station broadcasting memories over the radio. I turned to face him in my seat. While our unsupervised teenagers played video games and ordered on-demand-movies in the house, we sat outside grinning at each other like we were the adolescents and they the parents sitting up until we returned home safely. We reminisced, laughed and relaxed. Those high-school-date jitters swept over me once again, as I sat with one eye on his lips, the other on the front porch light. I realized that I was hoping it wouldn't come on; that nobody was watching from the front of the house.

He was a little surprised when I initiated, by putting my knees in my seat and leaning across the console to kiss him. My hands pressed against his chest. My tongue slipped into his mouth to snake around and explore that sweet spot underneath. It didn't take long for him to possessively wrap his arms around my waist and pull me into his lap. I giggled like a school-girl, and tangled my fingers in his hair as his hands slipped beneath my blouse and fingered the bottom edge of my bra. He was planning to try for second base.

I moaned softly to egg him on a little, and squirmed a bit in his lap. Sufficiently encouraged, he responded by kicking back his seat as he expertly unclipped my bra with two fingers. Turning to straddle him, I slipped my hands beneath his shirt and nibbled on that sensitive muscle tensing just below his jaw. I could taste the warmth of his flesh, and from somewhere deep in my memory the smell of Polo filled my nose. Soon we were pawing at each other, his fingers down the front of my jeans, my blouse unbuttoned, and my nipples pressed against his.

And then, there were headlights.

We gasped, ducked our heads, thankful at least for the light tint on the windows. Holding our breath, we watched the pizza delivery guy walk past the driver's side window, and climb the steps to ring our doorbell. I could feel my lover's heartbeat pounding in my chest. Our eyes were wide, and our bodies frozen half in fear of being discovered, half in arousal at the thrill. The front porch light temporarily blinded me, and I was glad that we'd had the foresight to recline the seat. I peeked over the bottom edge driver's side window, and I whispered the unfolding drama in a low, excited voice.

It was my son who opened the door, his tall, lanky shadow stretching across the front walk. The expression on his face told me he was too concerned with the pizza in the box, and maybe his paused video, game to notice or question why mom and dad's car was back in the driveway, while we were nowhere in sight. Forking over the cash and grabbing the warm pizza with a grin, he closed the door.

We dared to breathe.

Never even suspecting that we were crouched just inches away, the delivery driver passed our car, got back into his, and sped off down the road. We erupted in nervous laughter, relieved that we'd gotten away with our little escapade. But suddenly, I felt his arms clamping around me again, and his mouth smothering mine. The urgency was palpable. We were flying high on the danger and our narrow escape. There was no stopping us now.

Soon, the windows were fogged over, and a moist heat filled the small space where we lay, tangled in each others arms, mouths, and half-on-half-off clothing. I pulled away from him and repositioned my knees in the passenger seat. His groans of protest lasted only a moment, as I reached for his belt, and released his throbbing cock. It sprang out of its prison and beckoned me to come closer. I obligingly dived in.

He groaned aloud as I slipped my mouth over his engorged tip. I could tell he'd only hoped our adventure would progress so far. He fisted his hands into my long, dark hair, and arched his back as I wrapped my left hand around the base of his shaft and cupped his balls with my right. As he began to swell and grow slicker with my saliva, I tightened my grip just enough to increase his pleasure, twisting my soft fist around him as I flattened my tongue and wrapped it around the sensitive underside of his rod. I began sucking softly at first, letting my tongue flick over all the most sensitive spots I knew so well.

As his excitement grew, I began to slide him in and out of my warm, wet mouth, going a bit deeper with each stroke, and increasing the suction a fraction at a time. I imaged I was sucking a thick, creamy milkshake through a straw. He reached over with his right hand and tweaked first one nipple then the other—alternating as I moaned into his crotch. The vibrations made him shudder and I could feel his legs tensing beneath me and his balls drawing in tightly as the pressure built. I couldn't help thinking that at any minute a neighbor, or one of our children might be tapping on the window, and the sense of urgency drove me to a frantic pace. It wasn't long before his legs jerked and his body convulsed as my mouth filled with his tangy, thick cum. I swallowed-----swallowed, and swallowed until I felt him relax and soften in my mouth. Then I leaned back and took a shaky breath while he looked at me with utter bewilderment. I could tell he was asking himself what had gotten into me.

He grinned as I slid my pants down over my hips and guided his left hand back to my quivering, wet pussy. He knew exactly what I wanted, and quick. So he raised his seat and slipped two fingers inside of me so fast that I yelped at the sensation. In the lifetime we've spent together he's learned to bring me to climax expertly with either his right or left hand. I shuddered as he flicked his left thumb over my clit, and groaned loudly as he pressed his pinky against my tight rosebud. He moved quickly, for maximum impact, my arousal providing all the lubrication he needed. His fingers jammed tightly into me, twisting, turning, flicking across my lips, my clit, against my backside. I exploded in a flash, dripping sticky, wet cream all over his hands.

He tortured me for a few moments more, watching me writhe and twitch in excruciating pleasure. Then he reached across me to the glove box, and pulled out a handful of napkins from the all-night taco place. We laughed again as we made an effort to clean ourselves up, and rearrange our clothing before facing the children. The icy night air rushed over us, as I stepped shakily from the car, and took his arm. This was a night neither of us would soon forget, and something told me as we mounted the steps, his hand squeezing the soft flesh of my ass, that the great bedroom sex I'd anticipated earlier might very well be straight ahead.

The End

21-03-2008, 03:57 PM
Hotel Rendezvous

She got into the hotel elevator on the 7th floor, wearing nothing a swimsuit with a towel around her waist, at the same time I got out, and I knew I had to follow her.

There was no doubt it was the same woman I'd noticed that morning as I'd left for the conference, leaving room 713 just after I'd walked out of 717. She'd had on a perfectly smooth pencil skirt over black hose or stockings, a matching jacket, three-inch heels, and a white blouse--the kind of business attire that drives me to distraction every single time. She was about a size eight, which gave her just enough curves to fill out the skirt and blouse even more erotically than I would have thought possible. Her long dark-brown hair had completed the look perfectly, and the glance she'd given me as she hurried down the hall showed just enough of her face for me to recognize again tonight.

If she'd recognized me just now, though, she hadn't let it show. Which may have been just as well, as I intended to follow her to the hotel pool as soon as I could get changed. I simply had to find out if her ass looked as good in that swimsuit as it had in the pencil skirt.

I unlocked room 717, went straight to the bathroom, and took care of my frustrations--it's no good going to the pool with a massive hard-on if you're trying to be inconspicuous. Then I took a quick shower, found my swimsuit, tucked my key in a pocket, grabbed a towel and headed to the pool floor.

I realized I was hurrying and slowed myself just as I got to the pool, scanning for Miss 713. She was already in the pool doing laps, probably for the last ten minutes. An older couple was doing the same in the lanes on the opposite site, so I put down my towel on the chair next to 713's and watched her for a second. She swam towards me, then held the end of the pool as she caught my eye. I returned the look with a smile and a nod.

She smiled, briefly, her eyes flickering down my body for only a split second before she turned and took another lap. I could barely see her ass as she kicked through the water, but it was, indeed, everything I'd imagined.

Then I glanced down at her towel and saw her hotel room key card sticking out from underneath it.

I took a deep breath. The older couple wasn't looking, and 713 was halfway across the pool. I didn't have time to think about it. So I just did it: my own key card came out of my pocket and slipped underneath hers in the exact same position, and hers slipped into my hand and then to my pocket. I buttoned the pocket discretely so it wouldn't come out while I was swimming, and slipped into the pool to do a few laps of my own.

Every chance I had, I looked at her body as she swam past me. If she was doing the same, I couldn't tell, but I certainly gave her every chance to look at my chest and butt if she wanted to take them. I wasn't bad too look at, I've been told, but I clearly wasn't in as good a shape for swimming as 713 either, because I tired out just as she was diving under for another lap. I was sure she smirked as she passed me that last time.

Smirking myself, I checked that her key was still secure in my pocket and got out. I left my towel where it was and headed to the empty hot tub while 713 finished her laps. When she got out, though, she went straight to her towel to dry off. She tried to avoid glancing at me, or at least tried to avoid me seeing her do it. But I couldn't stop gazing at her legs, her ass, and her 38D (or so) breasts as she toweled off her hair.

When she was done, I beckoned with a smile for her to come to the hot tub. She thought about it for a second, then sauntered toward me. It was a good thing the whirlpool bubbles concealed my erection, or I might not have been able to talk to her at all. As it was, I had to lick my lips and force my eyes to remain on her face before saying to her, "That was quite a workout. Why don't you come in and relax your muscles for a bit?"

The elderly couple walked out of the pool behind her. She glanced at them before responding to my offer. "I could, but my momma always said I shouldn't spend time alone around strange men."

I sneered a little, then smiled again. "I'm not strange, and you're no little girl. Look, my name's M______, and I just want to get to know you a little better. It's a public place, what are you worried about?"

She tossed her towel across both shoulders and took a step back, but not without a smile. "A nice line, M_______, but one I've heard before."

Before I could respond, the whirlpool bubbles died out, and my erection revealed itself. She looked at it for a few seconds and couldn't suppress a smile. "You can stay here and get all hot and bothered if you like. I think I'll go relax in my room, instead."

She turned and walked back to her chair, picked up the key card--my key card--and swiveled toward the door. Whether she intended it or not, her ass wiggled enticingly at me as she headed out, and she only put the towel around her waist again when she was nearly out of my sight.

Yeah, she wanted me. She just couldn't bring herself to say so on such a short acquaintance, was probably brought up as straight and proper as that pencil skirt she'd worn that morning.

I jumped out of the hot tub, dried off as quickly as I could, tied the towel around my waist to (barely) bind down my hard-on, and headed to the same elevator I knew she would.

Glanced at the numbers. She was already on her way up. Then it stopped at the third floor, presumably for another passenger. No choice but to take the stairs and hope there were more stops for her on the way.

By the seventh floor, I was a little winded, but brought it under control as I entered the hallway. Sure enough, there was 713 shoving my key card into her lock again and again and muttering useless curses at it.

Palming her key card out of my pocket, I walked quietly toward her--my room was on the other side of hers anyway--and smiled a greeting. "Problem?"

"Key card doesn't work," she replied tersely. "Obviously."

I put my hands behind my back. "Perhaps I can help."

"Sure," she said, breathing hard with frustration. "Leave me alone, go down to the front desk and let them know what I need."

"Oh, I already know what you need." I stood behind her, our bodies almost touching. I took her key card out from behind my back and held it against the door frame by the lock. My other hand I held against the door, still not touching, but trapping her there. She looked at the key card I held, then at the one in her hand, and finally saw the subtle differences between them. Her eyes widened and her breathing changed slowly, still hard and deep, but no longer with frustration. "And it's a good thing I'm here to give it to you."

She brushed back her still-damp hair, and her head turned enough to see me. I knew she had noticed, like I already had, that the hallway was empty aside from the two of us. "You mean my key card, right?" A question she already knew the answer to.

"No," I answered as I unlocked the door and let us both in at once. "I don't mean that at all."

The door closed behind me. I still held her key, and let her watch me put it back in my pocket. She took a step away from me; perhaps she didn't realize it was also a step closer to her bed, perhaps she did. Her breathing had only quickened and deepened. "I'll... I'll give you all the money I have. Whatever you want to take."

I stepped closer, eyes never leaving her face, but noticing at the edge of my vision every time her slick-suited chest rose and fell. It was the last thing I needed.

"I don't want a single cent," I said in a lowered voice as I closed the distance between us and removed the towel from her waist. "I want you."

She made a grab for it before it fell, but before she could I took her hands in mine and held them firmly between our bodies. As our arms folded, I pressed my lips to hers and stole a kiss, deep and hard.

She squirmed, but didn't struggle. I savored the feel of her breasts rising and falling against the back of my hands, wondering if her nipples were hard beneath that swimsuit. She knew was was coming, but her mind and her body were of different opinions about what to do about it. I intended to resolve the choice for her.

Quickly, still holding the forced kiss with her, I moved my hands to her back and held her close to me by the shoulders. Her now-freed fingers pushed at my chest, but it was only a token effort. Without letting her slip away from me, I slid my fingers under the straps of her swimsuit and lifted them from her shoulders. She gasped in genuine surprise, pulled back from the kiss and whimpered, "No, don't," but not nearly loudly enough to be heard outside the door.

"Why not?" I whispered in her ear as I pulled the straps down over her arms. "You want it as much as I do. You need it as much as I do."

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A little more work, and her breasts were free of the suit. She didn't bother trying to hide them as I pushed the suit down to her hips. Her hands were resting on my shoulders now, her eyes moving up and down my body. Her nipples were clearly hardening as her chest rose and fell, her breathing harder than ever. "No... I can't... you... you might be... you might make me sick, you might make me p.... pregnant...."

She was brought up proper, I thought. A virgin? She was no stranger to the sight of naked men, at least. I could tell that much. "I won't make you sick, and I won't make you pregnant. I'll just make you feel very... very... very good." With each "very" my hands slid up and down her sides, fingers tickling her breasts at the top of each stroke, her ass at the bottom.

"I can't... I... please... just go...." Her protests grew softer and less determined with each deep breath. "Just g... ohhh....." was the last thing she said as I slowly rolled her erect nipples between each finger and thumb. Her eyes closed as I played with the tip of each large breast, her hands pulling gently on my shoulders for support.

"You see?" I whispered in her ear again. "Very... very... good."

Gently I led her backwards until her legs reached the bed. At that touch, though, her eyes opened and met mine. "Wait... you're going to... please... we can't...."

"We will," I replied without hesitation, and with one hand behind her back I lowered her onto the bed. Her swimsuit came off her hips with a little tug, and I tossed it toward the bathroom. My own towel had already fallen free somewhere between the door and the bed, so I had only to liberate myself--and my erection--from the swim trunks.

Her eyes locked onto my cock, and I let her enjoy the sight for a few seconds before making my way to the bed and positioning myself over her. Finally unable to see it, but very much able to feel it against her legs, her eyes returned to mine. "What... what are... you going... to do... next?"

"Everything," I said, and I stole another kiss from her, lips and tongue together.

She couldn't bring herself to return it, yet, but her body clearly enjoyed every touch and sensation I could give. I pressed myself against her, feeling her chest against my own, straddling her soft thighs with my own strong legs, letting my cock rub against her pussy without entering her, at once teasing her and telling her what was still to come.

My hands roamed her entire body, from her thighs up her hips, grabbing her ass before sliding up her belly to her breasts and shoulders and arms, and then down again in an unending cycle of erotic massage. I stole kisses from her lips, her cheeks, her chin, and her neck, before making my way up to her ear and, with a nibble, whispering, "Tell me that you want this."

A faint whimper: "I don't... I can't... please...."

My hand stroked her breast, pinching her nipple just enough. "Yes, you do. Your body can't get enough of this. Can't get enough of me. You know it's true. You know you want this."

"I... ow, ohhh... I do... I want this... I want... you... but I can't... mmmmmm," and her protests were cut off with my lips. I kissed her deeply, my tongue seeking hers within her mouth.

"Yes, you can," I said when I finally lifted myself from her lips. I rested my body on one arm as the other slid between our bodies, finding my cock damp with her juices. I guided it toward her pussy and let one finger stroke her clit as my head parted her lips. "And you will."

I had to stop myself from coming as soon as I slid inside of her, but I think she actually did. Her eyes widened, her mouth gasped, and I let my full length enter her without any resistance. I savored the feeling of my entire shaft inside her warm cunt, her muscles squeezing around me, her body shivering in sudden carnal pleasure as she tried to breathe.

Finally she took a deep breath and, between shudders, slid her arms behind my shoulders and pulling me against her... toward her... into her. "You... I just... oh god... oh wow..." she stuttered the words with her eyes closed.

I smiled and watched her face. "I told you. Very... very... good," and I gave my hips a slow out-and-in thrust. She gasped and shivered again. "Wait... give me a second... that was... that was...." The sentence trailed off.

"Your first time?" I asked, knowing full well it wasn't.

"No... but... all the other guys... were...." Her eyes finally met mine again. "A lot smaller. You know? I'd used toys that were... as big as... yours, but...." She smiled, letting the meaning make itself clear. I'd not measured myself in a long time, and most guys measure it the wrong way, but I knew that if I wasn't a full eight inches erect, then I was pretty close to it. One girlfriend of mine, a skinny bleach-blonde made-up thing, always complained it hurt when I went all the way inside of her. She was the last woman I ever fucked who was less than a size eight.

"Well," I said as I hovered over her, thrusting very slowly in and out of her, "I hope now you'll trust that I know best about these things."

She took a deep breath and purred as she let herself feel every inch of me. "Mmmmm. Yes, you do." Her eyes opened halfway. "Did you mean it when you said you couldn't get me... you know?"

I pushed my hips a little harder in and out, never breaking my rhythm. This conversation was the only thing keeping me from climaxing, and wanted to feel her squeezing my naked cock for as long as possible. "Sick? Absolutely. Pregnant? Well... I admit I lied about that." I slid my hands up under her arms and positioned them above her head. I gave her a wicked grin. "But don't think that's going to stop me."

She barely hesitated. "I don't care. God, I don't care. I want to feel what it's like when a man cums deep inside of me." She licked her lips, took a deep breath. "I've been on the pill since I was seventeen. I don't care. Just fuck me, you cocky rapist bastard," she added with a naughty smirk that mirrored mine perfectly.

I did. Oh, but I did.

When I finally let myself come, I stayed inside of her and kissed and fondled her beneath me until I was hard enough to fuck her again. She sighed in pleasure as I pinned her wrists over her head and raped her again, letting her eyes watch every inch of my body. I took what I wanted from her, and she gave me everything she had. Every now and then she whimpered, "no... stop... you can't..." and it didn't take her long to realize that those words would make me harder and fuck her faster every time.

When it seemed like I might not make it to a second climax--just after she'd had her fourth--she wrapped her legs around mine and rolled until she was on top, still holding me inside. If she thought we were going to reverse roles, though, she changed her mind quickly when I grabbed her hips and pulled them back and forth. Watching her pelvis grind my cock, her clit stroking the length of my shaft over and over, was just as erotic as feeling it.

Then she leaned forward and I watched her tits swinging back and forth with each movement, and I was lost. My hands squeezed her breasts together, then separately, then guided them to my lips as we fucked without stopping. I devoured her nipples one after the other and savored the sounds of her delight until I felt myself close to cumming.

I laid back on the bed, eyes meeting hers for the first time since we changed positions and grabbed that ass that had been my obsession ever since that morning. It was soft and yielding, but her swimmer's muscles tightened up at my touch and my erection felt her do the same inside her cunt. I ground my hips up against her as she did the same to me, giving her every last inch, feeling how full of my cock she really was.

I gasped and groaned as I raped her from below, fucking her without stopping until I came a second time, holding her hips down on top of my shaft. She shuddered and welcomed my cum into her cunt. I felt her squeeze her pussy around my shaft to get every last drop.

Finally I was too soft to stay there. She slowly collapsed onto the bed next to me and breathed deeply. I finally realized she'd come at the same time I had, and said so.

"Mmmmm," she answered with a smile. "You really fucked the hell out of me. You know that, right?" She stretched and took my hand, putting it on her ass, and relaxed again. "God. I knew it was possible to cum four times in one night...."

"Five," I corrected.

She smiled broadly. "Five times, in one night, but I never imagined I would."

"Told you to trust me. I always know what's best... at least in certain... subjects."

"Mmm. Well, since my rapist never asked," she said as she took a brief kiss from my lips, "my name's Colleen, and you are welcome to instruct me any time you see fit."

The End

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Do Real Men Believe In Romance?

"He looked at her alabaster thighs glittering in the moonlight and felt his hardened cock lurch in his tight pants. He wanted to be buried between those thighs and sunk into her wetness as deep as he could go, but for now he would settle for a simple taste of the dew on the lips hidden beneath her lower soft, auburn colored hair. Bending his head..."

A clang and a deep booming voice broke into his thoughts and his own voice. "Ten o'clock gentleman, get your sorry asses in your bunks if you ain't already there stroking that chicken, and if you are, you better stop, other wise you'll be licking up your own dew before the night is over. And you Joker, you tell that hot little bitch you got on the outside to stop sending you those porno books."

Joker had to protest just as he always did. "It's not porn Captain, it's a novel called "The Blushing Bride, it's a novel set in old time England. My girl doesn't read porno." He was proud of Dani, she was the smartest woman he knew and she did more then lay around reading books like this all day. Dani is a lady..."

"Well, I've seen your lady and she is still the hottest looking bitch I have even seen, even if she is a little too plump for my usual tastes." That came from a cell farther down the line and the laughter was good natured. "Hell, if she was my girl, I sure as hell wouldn't be sitting in this damn cell, I would be on the outside bending my head for a simple taste of her dew."

That produced more laughter and even the Captain chuckled as the lights went off in the cell block. "Good night gentlemen, and I use the term loosely. Get your selves some sleep, it's still two days before any of you get a look at Joker's fine lady or any other lady that comes for a visit. And in the case of some of you all, I do use the term loosely. Which is probably how all of you would describe what they got between their thighs."

There was the usual rustle of men settling down for bed, but Joker Gates simply laid back on his bunk and put his hands behind his head. His cock was throbbing, but not from the sex scene, it was from the thought of Dani. He couldn't help it, from day one, he had been hard for her.

Watching her walk down the street with his sister Candy. Her long golden brown hair swaying in the wind, and her 44 double D breasts moving in time to her loose hipped walk. He and the group of guys around him knew instantly that she was jailbait, just like his sister Candy was, but that didn't stop any of them from drooling and wanting even just a taste of those hot looking tits. They were all human and though some folks might disagree, they were all reasonably clean.

The two girls stopped as they reached the bottom of the steps. "What did I tell you Dani, there they are, the Brood. Now, tell me true, ain't they the ugliest group of men you ever did see?" Candy smiled as she spoke.

Dani looked at each one of them in turn, her smoky gray eyes lingering on Joker a fraction longer then the rest. "Oh they ain't so bad Candy, I can think of worse." She didn't have the soft southern drawl that was so normal to his ears.

Tom stood up behind him and took a bow. "Thank you darlin', nice to see a beautiful woman with some taste in this town at last. Now tell me you got an older sister who is just as hot and twice as horny as you, and I will be in love."

Candy laughed. "Actually she's got four. Dani's older sister Kate just bought that old road house out on the old highway. She's gonna fix it up in to a real club. Got a big settlement from her...what was it Dani, her third or fourth husband?"

"Fifth. Now that is a woman who is hot and horny. I pity the men around here once they all get going good. And poor little me, has to wait six more months before I can even think of finding out about the birds and bees." She gave a sigh and Joker knew his wasn't the only cock that lurched. "Well, maybe by the time my sisters get done, there will be one or two leftovers for us Candy." They went on in the house giggling and Joker decided that for even a feel of her body, it would be worth it to spend six months living like a monk.

The girl didn't make it easy on him. More then once he came home to find her sprawled on the living room floor with Candy and one or two of the other town gigglers and books scattered around them. More often then not Dani would be explaining something even he didn't understand. He would find him listening to her voice and imagining all kinds of things as he looked at her full round bottom in a nice fitting pair of jeans or a tight little skirt. More then once too, he found himself sitting across from her at the dinner table.

His folks had taken a real liking for Dani. She was nice, she was quiet, and she was polite. He discovered her parents had been killed when she was thirteen and she had gone to live with her older sisters who seemed to travel in a pack. Her words about them being man hungry had turned out to be true, and he knew of more then one man in town who had found happiness in their arms. None of them were what anyone would call small, but damn if they didn't have some looks and moves to go with them. They weren't shy about letting a man know they were interested either. A lot of the local woman were already creating a drive to get them out of town, but it wasn't working very well.

Not that he gave a damn about her sisters. Dani was all he could see day and night. He ached for her night and day and more then once he found himself so hard that he needed to jack off while at work or late at night. He could hardly wait until she was legal so he could do more then dream.

Dani seemed to feel the same way about him. He would catch her watching him when she thought no one was looking and the first time found the nerve to ask her out, she nodded shyly. "You'll have to get past my sisters though. You being so much older then me and all."

Joker didn't consider his twenty-six years being so much older, but these days who knew. Used to be a man could find a woman and age didn't matter, now if he looked at her or touched her wrong, he became marked as a sex offender and wore the tag for the rest of his life.

The night of the date, he showered, shaved, and made sure he looked his best before leaving the house. Even Candy looked shocked as he came down stairs in clean jeans, a crisp white shirt and sports jacket he had borrowed from his dad. His boots were high polished and you could smell the cologne he wore.

"Damn big brother, you look good."

"Think I can get past her sisters?" He smiled as he checked his reflection.

"I would be more worried about them attacking your ass. Those women are sex happy, or so I hear..." His dad John grinned from his chair. "I know a few of my boys have been wearing a lot of smiles lately." The Gates Construction company was one of the local companies Dani's sister had hired to help with the remodeling.

"I've only met one of them, Lucy I think. She seems a nice lady, a little loud for my tastes I admit, but still not at all what some women say about her." His mom Karen looked up from her novel. "And I can only say good things about Dani, not like some of them women you've dated in your time Joker."

Joker nodded. "She is different mom, she's beautiful, she's smart, she's all the things I been looking for and never knew it until I met her." He heard the mantle clock chime the hour and grabbed his keys and ran out the door. "Later you all."

Dani and her sisters lived in a big house at the edge of town. Like the roadhouse it was undergoing remodeling and as a tall, very well developed woman answered the bell, he saw her eyes move up and down his tall, slender but well build frame. Her tongue darted out to lick bright red lip that were full and lush and a sparkle entered her bright blue eyes.

"Well hello honey, and who might you be?" Her voice was husky but sexy at the same time and Joker saw what his dad had meant.

"I'm Joker Gates, I'm here to see Dani. We have a date tonight."

The woman didn't hide her disappointment. "She told me she had met a hunk but I was beginning to doubt there was such a thing in this town. I'm her sister Mattie. Come on in."

He moved into the hall and as he did, he had the feeling that Mattie was checking out his ass. He knew he was too slender, but he had a good body and it was clear she approved.

"Down Mattie, he belong to little sister. We got to learn not to be selfish." Another woman appeared at the foot of the stairs. She was just as beautiful as the other one, but more dignified somehow. She held out her hand and Joker took it. "I'm Kate. The oldest of this group of sluts. Dani will be down in a minute. Come on in the living room and have a seat while you wait." She took his arm and led him into a room filled with fancy furniture and paintings that looked like something out of an erotic dream. All of them were of women who were large but just as beautiful as the women in real life and he had to admit that it was the look of the paintings that caught his attention more then the subject matter.

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Kate followed his eyes to the last painting. "Beautiful aren't they, Dani painted them. She 's the artistic one in the family. Mattie is the writer, and our other sister Anne is the musical one. Me, I have the brains for business and Lucy is the more material type. She runs the house. Such good taste too, give her a good look at furniture and she can tell you if it's a Chippendale or a replica."

As if on cue, another of the sisters appeared, bearing a tray of coffee, sugar, cream and a plate of what smelled like home baked cookies. Dressed less formal then the other two she smiled at him. "I also do windows. Hi, I'm Lucy."

He shook her hand and they sat down with the coffee. He had the feeling of being a steak in the butcher shop, but Kate did her best to make him feel at ease. She wanted to know where they were going and when he would be bringing Dani home. She also told him that she was impressed with his dad's business sense and how pleased she was with the work his company did.

"Of course, my second husband told me that when you hire some one to work for you, you hire the best. All your dad's prior customers gave me nothing but glowing reports. So nice to meet an honest man and so careful in his work."

Lucy mentioned the brief meeting with his mother and again nothing but praise. When she was finished, a voice floated down from the stair case. "Watch them Joker, when nothing but sugar comes out of their mouths, you know the vinegar won't be far behind." Dani came into the room and her eyes glittered with a mischievous glow. "Well, you're still in one piece."

"Didn't you expect me to be?" He smiled as he stood up and walked over to her. She looked gorgeous. The well fitting top revealing the fine lines of her body and the flirty little skirt going well with her nylons and boots. "You look beautiful."

"And you look gorgeous. But you didn't have to get all dressed up for me, I like how you look even when you've just come in from work." Still, she looked happy and that made him feel good.

"Is dinner at the café okay, then I thought we'd go see the movie they got going."

"That sounds great. I think we should go though, before the other one comes down stairs and you don't get out of here alive."

He helped her on with her jacket and she took his arm as they went out the door. In the car, he looked at her one more time, and wished to god she was legal before turning the key.

"It's okay Joker, I understand."

"What do you understand?"

She gave a soft giggle. "About sex, and the human body. I can imagine how hard it was for you, all that candy and you couldn't even get a lick."

He understood. "Dani, honey, I'll be honest. I took a vow of celibacy the day I first saw you, and until the day you turn eighteen, if I can't keep my drive in low gear, then I ain't the man I think I am." He pulled up at a light and bent his head to hers. "I never been a gentleman, I admit it, and I will warn you, the day you turn eighteen, you better be ready for a wild man on your hands."

Tilting her head to look at him, she gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. "I think I can handle it, and thank you."

Over dinner they talked about her paintings and she admitted that each one was of one of her sisters, and one of their previous lovers. "I never minded seeing them together, but more then one of the guys was a little embarrassed having me paint him while he was with his woman. To me, it's just art. I think the human body, regardless of it's size is beautiful. It doesn't matter if a woman is a size five or a size fifty. And the same goes for men." A small blush crossed her face. "To be honest, I'd like to paint you."

Joker was glad his mouth was empty. "Nude?"

"Yeah, you have a great body and terrific looks. Though I think I like you better when you've got a bit of five o'clock shadow. Would you Joker, would you let me paint you?"

He thought about it. "Sure, why not. Maybe some day I might end up in the Louver or some other famous place like that."

"Or you might end up in my bedroom facing my bed so you're the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning."

Joker smiled. "I think I like that idea even better."

He worked hard during the day. The auto shop where he worked was one of the most popular in the county, but it was nothing to being seated on a stool while he posed for Dani. She had him so he was turned slightly and his right arm down so his hand covered his crotch. At first he had been a little concerned about his constant state of arousal around her, but soon he found himself not caring. Her eyes glowed when she looked at him and he couldn't help feeling a smug pride in her admiration.

It was different when her sisters came in to see how it was going which was more often then he felt comfortable with. He felt as if he was on display to hungry eyes and that at any moment he might find himself in a situation he knew other men would relish. Dani seemed to understand and finally told her sisters to stay away until she was done. It worked and she looked at him as she shook her head.

"They drive me crazy sometimes you know. I want you relaxed, not feeling like you're about to be gang raped at any moment."

"Most men wouldn't care, even want it."

"You aren't most men Joker. I saw that the first day we met." Her voice was soft. "Do you believe in romance Joker?"

Did he? He had never considered it before. He'd never written some girl a poem or brought her a rose. He had never taken anyone for a walk in the rain or spent the afternoon reading poetry to a gal. Still, he found himself thinking about her question for the next few days. Did real men believe in romance?

His dad was the first man he asked, he couldn't think of a man who fit the description of being a he-man more then his dad. John Gates was the kind of man who worked out, worked hard, and played hard. He rode a motorcycle to and from work, spent evenings playing pool or watching foot ball with his friends. He smoked cigars when he played poker with buddies and just fit the image when the words "real man" came to mind.

His dad didn't seem bothered when he asked him. "Romance huh, I suppose you mean poems and roses and all that stuff women like."

"Well, yeah."

John laughed. "How the hell do you think I got a fine woman like your mother to look at a big ape like me in the first place. I remember we had been going out and it was her birthday. Her sixteenth, and I made all these big plans about how we would celebrate. But something came up and all I could do was write her this silly poem and give her this big red rose I stole from your grandma's garden. She cried all over me when it was over. Said I had given her the best present of all, and that she loved me beyond words. I felt like I was ten feet tall and I still do. You ever wonder what your mom and I do on our anniversary? I take her out to the best restaurant in Atlanta, then we go dancing. After that we check into the finest hotel and there is always a bottle of champagne and the biggest bouquet of red roses I can find. And attached to the champagne is a silly little poem that I spend the whole year before thinking about writing. So yeah, I believe in romance."

Over the next few days Joker asked others and he was surprised how many of the so called "good old boys" believed in it. Even his boss Bubba Barnes, a man who spent his days telling dirty jokes and talking about women as if all of them were whores admitted that once in a while he liked to get dressed up and take his wife out dancing or to dinner somewhere, and he always gave her roses on her birthday. Red ones for each year they had been together and then a solid white one for the year ahead.

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"Once we even spent a night just curled up in front of the fire and I read her this poetry that made her cry."

One of the other guys laughed. "That bad?"

Bubba shook his head. "No, it was some guy she had read in school and it was full of all this flowery talk and she said I made her so happy to have remembered that she just had to cry. Go figure." He grinned. "We did have some hot, sweaty sex that night. So yeah, I believe in it, and it does come in handy at times."

As the day of her birthday drew closer, he wondered what he could do for Dani that would be romantic. He was no poet, and he didn't remember much from school that even seemed remotely close to what the older men had told him. He knew that he wanted to make love to her that night, and she had told him that she could hardly wait for them to do more then just kiss or hold each other.

So what the hell could he do? Sitting back on the couch, he picked up one of the supermarket novels his mom and sister read. It was a Saturday, and wet and rainy. His folks had taken Candy out shopping for some new shoes and some other things they needed. He looked at the picture on the front of the book and saw it was of a guy in old style dress nuzzling on the neck of a redhead with boobs that looked ready to fall out of her low cut, southern belle sort of dress. His hand was on a bare thigh and you just knew from the look on the gal's face that she was waiting for him to move it higher.

The title was "Lover or Husband?" Flipping it over, he looked at the description on the back. "Lovely Savannah Houston was faced with a difficult choice. Did she forgo the more acceptable idea of marriage to the rich and powerful Brody Martin, to spend her life with her more romantic and handsome lover Brent Hastings. Or will Brody show her that even a man like him could be romantic when it came to a woman he loved?" On the back along with the words showed a man standing in front of a stately plantation, dressed to the teeth in pre-civil war style and even Joker knew this was a real man. At least the most acceptable version of it.

Without thinking, he opened the book and began to read. Soon he began to become involved with Savannah's hard choice and found himself torn between the two men himself. Brent was softer, more educated and less involved in the steamier side of life then Brody, but Brody had his own side too. It was clear he loved Savannah and would do what ever he could to make her his.

The first sex scene in chapter ten made him wonder what his mom was doing letting Candy read this trash, but gave him such a hard on that he and the book soon retreated to the privacy of his bedroom. Soon he was lost in his own fantasies and when he came it was with a force he hadn't expected. He had tried not to picture Dani in the place of Savannah but it was so hard. Finally he was able to focus on the picture on the cover but he knew that deep in his heart it was Dani he wanted.

There were more sex scenes and by the he finished the book it was late at night and Candy was going crazy searching the house for the book. "I can't find it anywhere mom, and I just have to know if Savannah chooses Brody or Brent. I'll just die if I don't find out before I have to take it to school on Monday."

Making sure he got up early the next morning, he planted the book deep inside the back of the couch, then miraculously found it after they came home from church. Candy thanked him profusely then ran up to her room to read. He was sorely tempted to follow her and tell her who Savannah chose, but decided not to be so cruel.

Having nothing to do himself, he called Dani and they agreed to meet at the mall. He used the excuse of wanting to find out what she wanted for her birthday, but knew they would end up in the bookshop, and he was interested in what she liked to read. Not that he was surprised when she headed for the romance novels. "What is it you women see in those? I mean Candy threw a fit last night because she couldn't find the one she was reading. I finally found it stuffed in the couch this morning."

Dani looked at him. "Have you ever read one?"

"No, of course not."

Her eyes smiled. "Then don't knock it until you read it. Some of them are really well written and besides some of the sex scenes can get pretty steamy. Of course I think they are, a guy like you with real experience might disagree."

He shrugged. Seeming not to care. "So, okay, they have steamy sex in your view, but do they have any action, a plot?"

"Of course they do." She picked one up and showed him the cover. A shapely blonde with a low cut dress and a gun stood in a doorway. "This one, the gal is a spy, and she's in love with the man she was sent to spy on. He catches her, and...well, you'd have to read it to find out what happened. I haven't been able to get it away from Anne long enough to finish it." There were others and he went ahead and grabbed a couple of them, including the one of the female spy. At her curious look, he grinned.

"I'll check it out, but odd are you'll end up with it so don't worry about Anne's copy."

He read the first one the first night and when he saw Dani after school the next day he tossed her at it. "Here ya go..."

"What did you think?"

He shrugged. "Not bad, I don't know how it ends though...I only got through the first couple chapters." It was a lie, he had read it all, and some of it twice. He saw her arch an eyebrow but said nothing.

Her sisters had agreed that the best opening of the club would be on the night of Dani's birthday. The entire town was invited, and out of deference to those with children, no booze was served. They made up for it by serving food prepared by the finest caters in Atlanta and the music was so varied that whatever your taste, you found a song you could dance to. As the night wore on and children went home, things did get a little more rowdy. At midnight, a giant cake was wheeled in and Kate took the microphone from the band leader.

"Dani honey, it's hard to think of my little sister being eighteen, and I know mom and dad are looking down on this and beaming with pride. In a few weeks you'd graduate from high school, and you have the best looking man in town looking at you with love in his eyes. But me and the rest, well you know us, and we had to do something a little bit out of the norm for you tonight. Joker, I hope you'll forgive us for what we are about to do. And gentlemen, I strongly suggest you hold on tight to the lady you came with because without further delay, I introduce you to Buck and Snake!"

The music came back on and the whole room gasped in surprise as two men came out of the cake. One dressed in a cowboy out fit and the other in biker leather. Joker had no doubt that they were male strippers and it was clear that the object of their vision was Dani. For almost an half hour he watched as they did everything but get on their knees and bare their cocks to her. Then he watched as Buck drew her up and the two began to dance around her. He was ready to do some punching when it dawned on him she was gone and the men were still dancing.

"What the fuck!"

He saw Kate over at the end of the stage and pushed his way over to where she stood. Her eyes were on the men but she smiled at him. "Relax lover, we had to get her out of here somehow. She's on her way back to the house with Anne. Get going ."

He went out through the kitchen and was at the house within minutes. Anne greeted him at the door and pulled on her jacket. "She up in her room. We're taking off for the night, so enjoy." She started to leave, then turned to look at him. "Be nice to her Joker, and be gentle."

He nodded. "I will Anne and thank you."

He went up stairs and found Dani in her room. She was smelling the roses he had arranged to have delivered while they were at the club and the champagne was chilling. He did notice that she had slipped out of the dress she had been wearing and was dressed only in the white bustier, panties and garter belt that Kate had given her as a pre-birthday present. He had been lucky enough to see them when she had tried them on to check for size. The long white nylons hugged her thighs and she still had her shoes on.

"You are the hottest woman I have ever met."

She turned and walked up to him. "I was going to leave on my dress, but Anne said it was sexier for me to greet you like this."

"Anne would know. And I totally agree with her. Much, much sexier." He drew her to him and found her lips with his. They had kissed before but now he let his hunger for her out. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he felt his cock spring to life as he sucked on her tongue and caressed her bottom. "Oh baby, so sweet and soft. I love how you feel." He rubbed his bulging jeans against her crotch and she rubbed back. "Six months, I've never gone six months with out a woman before, but you are so worth it. You want some champagne?"

She shook her head. "Lets save it for my twenty first birthday. We'll take a bath in it."

He chuckled. "Hmm, it's a date. But for now, you been unwrapping presents, how about I unwrap one?" He ran his hand over the front of the bustier and pulled at one velvet ribbon. It came untied and he opened it slowly. Bending his head, he kissed and licked the tops of her breasts, giving them soft nips and when her breasts were free, he began to lick and suck her nipples until they were hard as the red Georgia clay in summer.

Dani moaned above his head and he drew away long enough to take her to the bed. The red and black, velvet and silk bed covering contrasted with her skin and he worked himself out of his jacket and began to unbutton his shirt. "I'm no stripper darlin', but I can take it as slow or as fast as you like."

She licked her lips. "Oh, slow please sir, I love the look of your body."

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21-03-2008, 04:07 PM
His eyes went to the painting across the room. "Hmm, I can tell. And some time you can tell me what you did all these nights that I been hanging there."

"I'd much rather show you. But tonight I want to see you."

Joker nodded, "you got me baby, and I promise to make this a birthday you will never forget."

His shirt hit the floor and he sat down long enough to pull off his boots, and socks. Standing back up, he unbuttoned his jeans one button at a time bending down between buttons to kiss her deeply or nibble at her sweet nipples. More then once he let his fingers slip between her legs, stroking at the panties that were getting wetter and wetter. The last button remained as he slipped his hand inside the waist band and let his finger move up and down her slit several times, feeling her hard clit jump each time.

"Oh Joker, yes. So nice."

He pushed his jean off and his hard cock sprang out toward her. He was in no hurry though. Another night he might have been, but his constant jacking off to the books had taken the edge off for him and now he was ready for her. Laying beside her, he drew her to him and began to take long, loving kisses from her mouth while his hand explored her body fully.

This time when he slipped his hand inside her panties, he used his fingers to spread her lower lips and teased her clit even more. He was hungry for her taste, but his mouth hungered for the nipples that winked at him in the soft light of her lamp and he pressed his hard cock against her hip and rubbed it against her soft skin.

"So sweet honey, you make me glad I'm a guy. Even if I was a woman, I think I would be hot for you. I'd be playing with my pussy everyday thinking of how you look and feel."

"Would you really?" She asked him in that soft voice of hers. "You can play with mine instead Joker, because I am glad you're all man."

With a groan, he found her moist hole and used one finger to enter her. "Tight baby, so fucking tight." As he moved in farther he found her hymen and kissed her hard as he pressed in past it. It ripped under his invasion and she tensed from the pain, but soon he felt her relax and her hips began to match his finger's motion. Soon she was moaning and he put his lips beside ear.

"That's it honey, let it build. Let your body go with my finger and get ready to feel the world explode. I want to feel you cum this way, because once you do, I intend to lick it all up and beg you for more." His thumb stroked her clit and he groaned in her ear. "That's it baby, your clit is so hard, and your pussy is so wet. Cum for me baby, cum for your man. Think of me between your legs, sucking all that sweet cream up and licking you dry. Cum Dani, I want to feel you cum. Cum baby, cum." The words became a chant as his finger moved in and out of her faster and harder.

She hit the peak and her cry was one of pure pleasure. "Oh my god, Joker, it's here. Oh yes, I'm cumming, so good so wonderful. Never knew...oh my god!!!!!" She bucked against him harder and sudden went limp. Turning her head, she kissed him long and hard and moved her hand down to his cock. "Oh god, he feels so good, I can't wait until you're in me."

"Soon baby but first." He moved down to remove each of her shoes and unhooked the nylons slowly. As he did, he ran his mouth along the soft skin of her leg and repeated it on the others.

When she was free of them, he bent his head to inhale her musky scent and run his mouth over the soaking crotch of her panties. He loved her taste. He felt his hunger grow even more and knew he couldn't wait. Pushing aside the crotch, he ran his tongue up and down her slit and fastened his lips on the small bud that was her clit. God, this more then made up for the last six months and his cock throbbed to be rammed deep inside her. He gave the pleasure to his fingers again and soon she was cumming over and over.

"That's it baby, give me the cream. I want your cream. Give it to me honey, more and more." He was begging her just as he said he would and finally, it was Dani who pushed him away and onto his back.

He started to protest but heard it die away as her fingers encircled his cock and she began to lick his length. At the head, she flicked her tongue as he had flicked his at her nipples and clit and at the same time she began to caress his balls. He wanted to tell her to stop, that he would cum if she didn't, but he couldn't do it. Especially when she took him into her mouth and her lips locked around him.

"Dani, oh god baby, no, not what..."

She interrupted him. "No, but it's what I want, so just lay back and enjoy. You have all night to fuck me Joker, I want to suck you off. And it is my birthday."

She was right and he gave up to her mouth. "Suck me baby, you're right, we got all night and it is your birthday."

Not that he lasted very long. Her mouth was too soft, too good for him to last long. As he got closer, he wondered if he should pull out or if she would swallow his cum. Finally he had to ask. "I'm getting close Dani, should I pull him out, or..."

Her words were garbled, but he understood. "Don't you dare pull out, I want to taste you all the way down my throat."

That was all he needed to know. "Then get ready love, because I am going to cum...oh my sweet baby, get ready for a hot load for you." He pumped harder and as he felt the first spurt, he gripped her head. "Here it is baby, you wanted my cum. Swallow me baby, swallow all my hot cum that has been just waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!"

She kept sucking until he was dry and even then she was reluctant to let him escape her lips. He pulled out with a pop, and pulled her up on his shoulder.

"Did I do okay for my first blow job Joker? I been practicing with different kinds of fruit and veggies. Anne was getting mad because she didn't know where they were going. When she found out, she threw a brand new vibrator at me and told me to practice on it."

He had to laugh at that. "You been practicing with just your mouth honey?"

She nodded. "Of course, I wanted to be a virgin for you. It was important for me."

Joker rolled onto his side and nodded. "I was glad you are. It makes me feel even more special to you. As special as you are to me love." He stroked her face and let his body recharge as they kissed and caressed each other. He also found himself curious about something. "Anne really gave you a vibrator?"

She giggled. "Yeah, want to see it?"

"Yeah, I want to see what a gal gives her underage sister to practice sucking her boyfriend with."

Looking in her night stand drawer, she finally drew out a well endowed jell replica of a cock and he was surprised to see it had balls attached. There was also a small little protrusion that looked like a finger on either side of it. He could see where it would give her some practical experience but he was curious about the two finger attachments.

"What's with the fingers?"

"Well, the one is for clit stimulation and the other is slide up your ass if you're into that. It also vibrates and rotates." She flipped it on and he watched in fascination as it moved. "Even if I hadn't wanted you so bad, I don't think I would have used it on myself without help. It looks huge to me. Do you think it would even fit inside of me right now?"

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21-03-2008, 04:08 PM
"Maybe in about ten years after I spent every day fucking you ten times a day. I bet that thing is even bigger them me." That was an ego buster. "She could have at least gotten one smaller then me for you."

DanI looked at the dildo then at his cock laying limp on his leg. "Hmm, I wonder." She got up and went to her desk. When she came back she had a tape measure, and he watched as she measured the length of the cock and did one around it. Since he was still limp, she took him in her mouth and began to suck him back to his full hard length. It wasn't long before he was throbbing and ready for more. He watched in amusement as she measured him with as much seriousness as she had the dildo.

"Well?" He was curious, no reason to deny it.

"It is bigger around, but just barely. And you are a whole three inches longer." She got a disappointed look on her face. "Does that mean I have to wait ten years of finger fucking before you trust yourself to put your cock in me?"

Joker laughed. "Not a damn chance baby, I am going to fuck you royally tonight and who knows, down the road I might just give myself a break and use that on you one night." He felt a rush as he did get one idea. "Let me see you suck it, I want to see what you did to make you ready for me."

She did as he said and Joker had to admit it was hot watching her move up and down on it. As she had done with him, she took it all the way to the balls, even using her fingers on the jell balls as she did.

"Oh honey, put that thing away and use that wonderful mouth on my cock, but before you get started, bring your pussy up to my face so I can lick and suck you while you do. I want you hot and wet before I send my hard cock up your tight little hole." He helped her into the position he wanted her and he gripped her ass as he buried his face in her steamy pussy. At the same time he felt her caress and begin to suck and lick his aching cock.

God, she was wonderful, and he found himself thinking about sometime using his tongue on the crack of her ass and that puckered little hole above him. He had never been the backdoor route but there was something about DanI that made him want to try everything. Maybe because she would be new to it too, and that excited him even more. His tongue jammed into her hole and he knew he needed to fuck her soon.

When he could take no more, he rolled her onto her back and rubbed her clit as he poised at her glistening hole. As he did, he watched DanI run her hands over her breasts and pinch and pull at her nipples. He licked his lips and nodded. "That's it baby, work yourself to a fever pitch. I want to see you cum as I ram in to you. Tell me when you're close."

"Oh yeah, I will Joker. God, you make me feel so hot and horny. I could barely keep my hands off you while I was painting you. But now you can have me when ever you want, and I can have you."

"Yeah baby, now we can fuck and suck and no one can touch us. And I plan on being in your life a long time to do both of each." He saw her nostrils flare and knew it wasn't far off. Then as she began to tremor, he slammed into her. She jumped but soon she was wrapping her legs around his waist and they were fucking each other hard and heavy.

She was tight and he felt her all around him as he plunged in and out of her like a jackhammer. His mouth found hers and they almost swallowed each other's tongues as they kissed and caressed each other. Joker knew that even if he hadn't spent the last six months getting to know her, this would have hooked him to her. He had never in his life felt such a good pussy or found so much joy in fucking a woman. And she was his woman now. It was as if before birth they had been formed together, joined and imprints of their sex organs made. He could feel her very soul almost.

"Oh DanI, oh honey I can't last much longer, you're too good, too perfect. Never had such a wonderful fuck in my life. My hot fucking bitch, gotta keep you just for me. Fuck my cock baby, slam your pussy up to meet me and let me die happy;."

She moved in time to him and he felt her grip his shoulders as he bit her throat. Suddenly a cry escaped her and he felt her flood around him. "Oh god, Joker, I'm cumming honey, I'm cumming all over your wonderful cock. Fuck me Joker, fuck my hot hole and fill me with that luscious hot cum you got waiting in your balls. Fuck me and fill me Joker. Been waiting so long for you."

He felt himself boiling and suddenly he erupted into her. "Oh DanI, my honey pot, here it comes, I am going to give you such a hot load that it will burn us both to a crisp." He threw back his head and the cry that escaped him was loud enough he was sure they could hear him at the club five miles away. The last of his cum died away and he went down on his elbows kissing her face and feeling a hunger for her lips. They kissed and held each other and talked about the future, now that they could be together.

Back in the real word, Joker felt his cock erupt and smiled. God, he was anxious for next week. His six months was up and he could go home to that hot pussy and the sweet feel of her mouth. He had missed her these past few months, and he knew her hot pussy was steaming for him. More then once she had written him how she had used that fake cock to bring herself off when her thoughts of him were too strong to avoid. He loved to read as she told him how she had turned it on full blast the first time and how when he came home, she wanted him to lick and suck her ass before he rammed his cock into her other tight, virgin hole. After two years together, there was little they hadn't tried or done but that was still unexplored territory for both of them.

He fell asleep and when he woke the next morning he saw what a beautiful day it was. On the way to breakfast, one of the guys on his cell block slipped up beside him. "You're going to read some more tonight right Joker, I mean you can't leave us all hanging can you?"

"Yeah, I'll read some more Charlie. You're really into the sex scenes huh?"

Charlie glanced around, careful to make sure none of the other guys heard him. "You want the truth, I like the romance too. My lady back home, she loves the idea of flowers and me doing special things for her. We always have one night that it's just us, we get all dressed up, go out, and come home to have the hottest sex alive. Those books you been reading, it's given me a whole new bunch of ideas for when I get out of here."

Joker watched as Charlie fell back behind him and smiled to himself. Well, there was proof, he would be sure to tell DanI. If a man like Charlie could be a romantic, anyone could.

The End

21-03-2008, 04:14 PM
History Sub

Being a teacher you hear many things, especially when your desk sits right next to the frosted glass window, and the path to the senior courtyard runs right beneath it. The courtyard itself starts at the end of the building, where the staff room was located. Sometimes the children would sit on the path, eating or just chatting to each other. We had a vast number of students at Cougar High, too many for the amount of teachers we had, in fact three of the specialized staff rooms had been remodeled into classrooms which meant those teachers had to regroup into the remaining staff rooms.

The English/history staff room was where I had always been, I was an English teacher, but also taught one class of drama three times a week around my English classes, only leaving me with four spare periods. Because I was already established in the originally named English staff room, my desk was just pushed to the back of the room. I didn't mind though, I found the chatter coming in through the windows fascinating, and sometimes intoxicating.

During lunch periods I would listen to the seniors below my window talk and bitch about each other, I learnt so much. Betty's mom was a lesbian; Shawn and Kate slept together on the weekend; Shian was really a size twelve but she would cut the tags out of her clothes; Robert was the one who sold cigarettes to the juniors who were stupid enough to keep getting caught; I also heard which of the teachers the students thought were hot, which ones would be if they had a makeover and which ones just had no chance. I was quite surprised to hear one day that I, myself was a prize of a teacher, quite a few of the female students thought I was do-able.

Not many of the girls really caught my attention though. Most of them were skin and bones, which for me was a major turn off, a few of my colleagues thought they were cute though. The one student that did get my blood flowing was a larger girl, she was in none of my classes, but because she did history she would come to my staffroom and knock on the door, asking for her history teacher. Tabitha was a beauty. Long black hair, grey eyes, cute little upturned nose, full luscious looking lips, gorgeous curves to her waist and thighs, and her chest was a knockout. Her cleavage easily showed in her uniform, the buttons strained and pulled when she moved.

I almost choked on my tongue the first time she knocked on the door, this was two weeks after the staff rooms had been merged, everything was in a shambles, books and papers everywhere, a small path leading to each path. I answered the door. "Hi Mr. Scott, I was wondering if Mrs. Frances was here?" I stared at her, my brain going to mush, at first I forgot that the staff rooms had been merged. I realized I had been staring at her for a time, clearing my throat I turned and called into the clutter of the room. Jane Frances emerged.

"Thank you David. Miss Peat, how can I help you?" Jane squeezed passed me and the two of them stepped out into the hallway. I picked my way back to my desk and sat down heavily at it. I could feel my body stirring, reacting to the gorgeous beauty that stood in front of me. I knew it was wrong, after all the girl was only eighteen, and I was thirty-five. Then there was the fact that I was a teacher and she was a student. So the day Jane called in sick I jumped at the chance to sub her class, which coincidentally happened to be Tabitha's history lessons.

I really had no idea about history, definitely wasn't my forte, but we were stretched thin for teachers as it was so we all had to pitch in and help with classes. When I arrived at the classroom door I heard murmurings from the students, a couple of the girls were lost in giggles. "Good morning class, as most of you know I'm Mr. Scott, your teacher Mrs. Frances is ill today so I will be subbing for her today." I let the group into the room, waiting for the noise to die down again as they found their seats. I watched them, leaning against the teachers desk at the front of the class.

Quiet filled the room as all eyes came to rest on me. "I do admit I know nothing of history, and I know that being a sub that not much work will actually be done today, remember I was your age once too, and the sub's job was a joke back then, as like now." The students chuckled. "I'm not sure how long your teacher will be gone, so for today we'll just be getting to know one another, if you feel the need to study or catch up on any other work, please do. Just try to keep noise to a minimum though."

For the next twenty minutes I went around the class to each group of tables, getting everyone's names and just general info about them. Finally I reached Tabitha who was sitting with two students I already knew, they were in my English class. "Hello Bobby, Cynthia." He smiled at them. Cynthia spoke up.

"Mr. Scott, this is my best friend Tabitha." I nodded and took her hand, it was warm and soft, my skin buzzed with electricity, an electricity I hadn't felt in many years. I smiled at the three kids, my gaze lingering a bit too long on Tabitha, I couldn't help myself.

"Hello Tabitha, how are you?" her voice was soft and soothing, it sent waves of shivers through my body. Cynthia said something making the three of them burst into fits of laughter. Her laugh was just as intoxicating as the rest of her. I spent the rest of the period talking to the three students until the bell rang. Everyone jumped out their seats, vacating the room quite quickly. I stood, walking to the door with Cynthia, Bobby and Tabitha. "Have a good afternoon kids. If your teacher is still ill tomorrow then I will probably be filling in again tomorrow.

I watched as they walked away, joining the throng of students. I couldn't keep my eyes off Tabitha. Her skirt was above knee length, her shirt semi-see through, her breasts straining against the buttons of her shirt, her white knee-high socks with chunky black heels; she even had the school-girl pig-tails; she was driving me crazy. I slipped back inside the class room and sat at the desk. I couldn't get my mind off Tabitha.

My erection was straining against my pants, making them tight and uncomfortable. I looked over at the door then back down at my bulging pants. I needed release, and I needed it now. School was finished and the only people that would be coming into the rooms were cleaners. But I knew for a fact these rooms were the last ones that they did. I looked at the door again then undid my pants, my hands moving onto my hard shaft, beginning to masturbate.

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My imagination running away with me as I thought of Tabitha kneeling in front of me, her lips locked around my erect cock. I let out a quiet moan and closed my eyes as I continued pleasing myself. A guilty pleasure, with thoughts of a student invading my mind.

I heard a gasp from the doorway, my eyes flew open and I looked up at the doorway, standing quickly, my hands pulling my pants back up. Tabitha stood in the doorway, her face bright red and her gaze turned away from me. I crossed to the door, my hands quickly doing up my pants. My mouth dropped open but no sound came out, I looked a bit like a fish with my mouth opening and closing. Tabitha's gaze moved to meet mine.

"I just came to get... I forgot..." her voice was slightly better than mine, at least it was working. My eyes scanned her body, her chest was heaving, and her breathing had become fast and heavy. I reached out, before I realized, taking her by the arm gently and pulling her inside, shutting the door behind her. I slid my hands around her waist and pressed in to her, my lips met hers as I kissed her passionately. I felt her hands move down my body, finding my pants and undoing them. Her fingers wrapped around my cock, teasing me with light touches.

I let my own hands wander her body, ripping open her shirt and finding her ample breasts, I massaged them, groaning as her hands worked on me. I couldn't believe that this was happening. Tabitha's hands roaming over my body was driving me crazy. Not being able to handle it a moment longer I lowered her underwear, pulling her to the teachers table. Standing behind her I bent her over the table, spreading her legs I slid slowly into her.

She breathed in sharply as I entered her wet pussy, gripping her hips I pulled back slowly then pushed deep inside her, my hands moving her forming a rhythm. She was moaning softly, but began to grow louder and louder. I pumped into her harder and faster. "Mr. Scott... oh god!" my hard cock twitched inside her as she spoke.

Stepping back my legs hit the chair behind me and I sat on it, bringing Tabitha down on top of me, my hands moved to her chest feeling her breasts bounce in them as she moved up and down on my hard shaft. I trailed kisses on the back of her neck. Then she stopped and stood, turning to look down at me in the chair. I reached out my hands to her waist and pulled her back down into my lap.

She took my hands with her own and placed them around her, then slid her hands down my chest and abdomen to stroke my cock. "I've thought about this ever since the day I first saw you, then again so have half the other girls in school, but why me? What makes me special, I'm not skinny like all of them." She spoke softly, my ears barely picking up what was said.

"You're the one that takes my breath away Tabitha, since the day you knocked on the staff room door looking for your teacher. You made me so hard that day, I almost missed my class that afternoon because I was afraid to move from my desk, and today, why do you think I spent most of my time with your group instead of the rest of the class. You are so intoxicating like a drug; I can't get enough of you."

A smile formed on her face as she begun to stand, her hands still on me, but she did not leave, instead she positioned me beneath her, letting me penetrate her hot wet pussy again. She felt so good, so tight unlike a few of the women I had dated in the past. She moaned softly as I slid inside her again. "I want you to fuck me Mr. Scott, teach me a lesson; I've been a very bad girl..."

At this statement I lost it, I went berserk; I stood, pushing her down onto the table, slamming my dick deep inside her beautiful, hot, wet cunt. Grunting with the effort I pushed harder and deeper, hearing Tabitha almost screaming with pleasure. I watched her whole body move with my movements, her tits bouncing within its constraints. I leant down to kiss her.

She locked her legs tightly around my butt, helping to pull me harder into her with each stroke, her hands played with her tits and occasionally wandered to her pussy which excited me more being able to watch this young woman play with herself in front of me. I was close, I could feel it building. I knew that I shouldn't cum inside her but I couldn't help it.

Then Tabitha's body shook with an orgasm and I couldn't hold back any longer, I let out a growl as my cum shot forth inside her pussy, my hands on either side of her head supporting me from the event. I could feel her twitching around my cock, milking every last drop of me into her. Shivers ran up and down my spine each time she contracted and released her muscles.

She pulled me down to kiss her, her arms remaining around me. Both of us were covered in sweat from our forbidden activity.

The End

21-03-2008, 04:22 PM
Christine's Cock

Christine placed the newly arrived package on the table and sat looking at it for a while. This was the result of several months of her own designs and several more in collaboration with a small manufacturer who specialised in prosthetics.

The idea came from an overheard conversation while sitting in a bar and she pondered on how eavesdropping on other people's conversations are often more interesting than your own.

"A strap-on's great, but there's no sense of power, it's permanently hard."

That was exactly how Christine felt. Although now a confirmed lesbian she missed the control she had when sucking a man's cock. The feel when it erects into her hand or mouth gave her the impression she partly owned the appendage. Christine decided a cock was great; it was a pity what it was connected too no longer attracted her. Thus it was she set out on the hunt for the perfect strap-on; she couldn't find it, because in her mind it didn't exist.

As a design student she decided if she couldn't buy it she would make it, or get someone else to. She found a small mid-western firm willing to work with her on it, for most of her savings, and so it began.

Designs and ideas flashed back and forth between them, until the package arrived. Christine decided a shower would come first; she was finding the anticipation delicious. Would this be the culmination of all her hard work or a disappointing end to it? She prolonged her shower as long as possible, imagining the results.

She carefully selected her attire for her usual night out with the girls. Normally she wore close fitting trousers and top to extenuate her curves but tonight a looser garment would be required.

Friday night was girls only in 'The Cellar', no men allowed, so hearing only high-pitched voices when Christine arrived was no surprise. A final adjustment to her clothes and Christine entered the bar, spotting Dawn and Mel at their usual table.

"Get the drinks in," Mel shouted as soon as she saw her, "You're late."

Christine bought the usual drinks for the three of them and carried them to the table.

"Not your usual sexy clothes," Dawn said as Christine sat down. "Are you packing?" she asked, staring intently at her groin. "Not much of one if you are."

"Just wait until you see," Christine answered with a wink. Mel reached under the table.

"No you don't, you have to wait," Christine said, with a laugh, "You lack self-restraint, you do."

"Come on, just a quick feel," Dawn said, her hand creeping across the table.

Christine reached out and grasping it brought it to her lips. "No," she said kissing the back of her hand, "The anticipation will make you all the wetter." All three girls laughed drawing the attention of the other customers.

Although the bar was almost full conversations could still be heard at the nearby tables. This wasn't the usual bar, playing loud dance music, it was for quiet, intimate get-togethers; a place where girls picked up girls or relationships developed. It was here that Christine's idea first surfaced and it felt fitting that it was to be here for its first outing.

Earlier than usual Mel remarked that it was time to go.

"Who's apartment tonight?" she asked.

"You're eager, aren't you," Christine said, with a smile, "It'll have to be mine."

The girls stood and Mel moved around the table to kiss Christine, her groin moving close to feel the bulge in her clothes.

"No you don't," Christine laughed. "Later," she added, looking around the room. No one seemed to have noticed their sexy behaviour as most were engaged in their own.

"A girl's got to try something," Mel laughed, "I can't wait to see what you have between your legs."

"You've seen it before and licked it," Dawn said with a suggestive leer on her face, "We both have."

The taxi ride seemed to take forever, Christine spending most of the time protecting her groin and kissing the others while the driver adjusted his rear-view mirror to obtain the best view.

When they arrived at the apartment Mel paid the driver, glancing at the bulge in the front of his trousers and the open fly.

"He was wanking," she exclaimed, when they were inside.

"I hope he stained his pants," Dawn laughed, "Talking about pants, what's in yours, Chris?" she added.

"Bedroom, I think," Christine replied, leading the way.

Mel was the first to start undressing, loosening the top buttons of her blouse. Dawn's hand crept inside caressing the creamy orbs while kissing her passionately. Christine stood back watching as Dawn slowly undressed her partner until she stood only in bra and panties. Dawn was next, each item discarded followed by a long lingering kiss. With both girls down to their lingerie they turned towards Christine, still fully dressed. Dawn moved towards her, allowing her hand to slip down to Christine's groin, this time she didn't stop her. Soon their lips were together, their tongues exploring each other's mouth. Mel moved behind Christine and reached around, between the girls, to loosen the button of Christine's pants and draw the zipper down. She eased the trousers to the floor and both girls stood back in amazement.

Strapped around Christine's waist was the most elaborate harness either of them had ever seen. Most of the belts the girls had seen were purely an unfortunate necessity required to hold the cock in place. This one was different. The sides were wide, about four inches, with the most ornate embroidery. The front had attached a limp penis, about three to four inches long, almost indistinguishable from the real thing, whilst behind it disappearing inside Christine was the shaft of a dildo held in place by the harness.

"You've been walking around with a dildo up your pussy all night?" Mel exclaimed, "You lucky thing, I hope it's bigger than that," she added pointing at the limp cock dangling between Christine's legs.

"Why don't you make it bigger," Christine said, pushing Mel down to her knees in front of her.

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21-03-2008, 04:23 PM
"You're joking, aren't you?" Mel said, looking up at Christine but she still took the limp cock into her hand and started stroking it.

"Feels nice," she exclaimed, "Just like the real thing," she added, moving the loose skin up and down the shaft.

Christine moved her hand to the side of the harness and began to move a small dial hidden in the embroidery. The cock pulsed and Mel jumped back, alarmed.

"It moved," she whispered, "I'm sure the fuckin' thing moved itself."

Christine moved Mel's hand back unto the cock and covered it with her own, both girls wanking the hard shaft. The cock moved again, and then slowly uncoiled like a cobra raising its head. The appendage got bigger and harder until it stood fully erect, nine inches of hard rod. Mel and Dawn looked on, amazed.

"How the fuck did you do that?" Dawn asked bending to examine the cock, at close quarters.

Christine moved the dial back slightly and the cock lost a little of its hardness and pointed almost horizontally away from her body.

Dawn grasped the shaft and started wanking it again, a turn of the dial sending it fully hard once more.

Christine started to answer Dawn's question at last. "Some compressed air cylinder's hidden in the harness."

"Never mind that, can you fuck with it?" Mel said bending close to the head.

"Suck me off first," Christine replied, pushing the cock towards Mel's mouth.

Mel opened her mouth and Christine inserted the cock inside. Christine began undulating her hips, fucking her mouth gently. Dawn moved behind Christine and began to caress her breasts as she looked over her shoulder at the fellatio below. Suddenly Mel's eyes opened wide and she removed the cock from her mouth, examining it.

"I could swear I tasted cum," she said, staring again at the head of the cock. Christine smiled to herself and again pushed the cock towards Mel's mouth. Once inside she again began to fuck Mel's mouth, slowly at first then faster. Christine moved her hand once more to the side of the belt. She eased the cock from Mel's mouth, and then pressed on a discretely hidden button. Cum poured from the end of the cock hitting Mel's chin and the top of her breasts before dripping down onto the carpet.

"Fuckin' hell," Mel shouted, falling back from the gushing cock. Gathering some of the ejaculate from her breast onto her finger she tentatively tasted it.

"It's cum, it's fuckin' cum," she again shouted.

"Not quite," Christine explained, "It's my own concoction, very realistic, isn't it?"

"My turn," Dawn said pushing Mel to one side, "I want to be fucked," she added.

Dawn almost ripped her panties off and sat on the edge of the bed, before leaning back, her cunt inviting Christine's cock inside. Christine moved forward and after relaxing some of the hardness from the cock, inserted it slowly and deeply into Dawn's wet pussy. Dawn gasped as Christine began fucking her, the full length of the shaft disappearing inside her. Turning the dial on the harness, the cock got bigger and harder inside Dawn. Her eyes began to bulge as the cock filled her wet cunt. Mel's hand slipped down between them, caressing Dawn's clit while she sucked on her engorged nipples. Another movement to the harness and the cock began to vibrate.

"Oh! Fuck! Fuck!" Dawn whispered, her head dropping back onto the bed.

"Now! Now! Now!" she shouted as her orgasm began, her body shuddering with the sensations. Timed to perfection Christine flooded Dawn's cunt at the instant she peaked, cum dripping onto the floor beside her.

"Time out, time out," Dawn gasped, the sweat covering her face.

"What the hell is that fuckin' thing?" Mel said, looking down at the now limp penis.

"My own design," Christine explained, "Small capillary tubes allow the cock to lengthen and harden, another allows the cum to ejaculate from a reservoir hidden it the harness, and tiny micro electric motors provide the vibration. Simple really, I don't know why no ones thought of it before. It does everything a cock can do, and more."

"Does it run out of power, eventually?" Mel asked.

"No," Christine smiled, "Rechargeable batteries. I have plenty in reserve."

"Good, it's gonna be a long hard night," Dawn said, reaching out for Christine's cock again.

The End

21-03-2008, 04:40 PM
Stepmother's Tale

Sex with brand new husband Scott is never a problem. He's skilled, long-lasting, enthusiastic, imaginative and marvelously endowed.

He loves role-playing. One of his favourites is wearing a white priest's dog-collar and black clergy shirt — nothing else — and hearing my wildly imaginative confession while I suck his cock and lick his balls. "Bless you my daughter ..." he whispers as he cums "... for I have inherited the kingdom of heaven."

Scott delights in exploring the wilder shores of sensuality. In particular, he loves giving head (a rare gift for a girl), spanking, sixty-nine and groups. Threesomes, foursomes, moresomes. Scott's a generously social fucker.

Late one night in bed after a particularly energetic evening with three of Scott's friends I ask him casually why he isn't jealous when other men fuck me. "Don't you care?"

"Not really."

I push. "I'm your wife. You want me to fuck these guys ... you watch when they undress me ..."

He interrupts. "You usually undress yourself. They don't have to. Not often, anyway."

I ignore him. " ... and they stick their cocks in my mouth and my cunt ..."

"Guess I'm just not the jealous type."

"And it turns you on when I cum with other men ... in front of you. Me? Your precious new wife?"

"Turns me on ... but doesn't make me jealous."

All drowsy from lovemaking, I pretend to be offended. "Why not? You should be protecting my honour, you bastard ... not encouraging me to give it away to your friends and all those Big Men who can help your acting career."

Scott laughs, slips an arm around my neck, nestles my head on his shoulder. "I learn early."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't want to know. You'll be shocked."

I wake up. "What the hell could shock me, Scott? After all we've done together ... after tonight? I fuck two below-the-title stars for you and that damned hairdresser — by the way I think he wants you, not me — what the hell could shock me? Anyway, what do you mean, you learned early?"

He settles in the bed. "You promise you won't be shocked?"

"Oh jesus, Scott ..." I pull out of the shelter of his arm and turn away from him, on my side. "I'm going to sleep."

"Ok ... ok" he says hurriedly. "If you really want to know I'll tell you. Here's the picture ... I'm eighteen, my father has loads of money ... divorces my mother ... gets custody of me because my mother is a slut with a serious drinking problem." He thinks back. "My father marries this great-looking redhead. Gorgeous. Big fleshy woman ... huge breasts ... like ripe melons ... like yours. Built entirely of curves. She's how I learned to love big boobs. Much younger than him ... only about four years older than me, in fact. As for me, I work out a lot ... I've got a good build and enormous cock."

"Stop boasting."

"I'm telling the truth. Do you want to hear the story or not?"

"Sorry. Go on."

"My stepmother's an exhibitionist ... even I know it. Likes to hang around the house wearing almost nothing ... all see-through and breast and nipple and thigh ... and I spend a lot of time trying to see as much of her as I can without being caught. I'm obsessed with her body. Remember, I'm she's an older women ... something like twenty-two."

"Dirty pervert."

Scott ignores me. "One morning, soon after she moves in, I walk past the bedroom she shares with my dad and the door's open and she's naked, sitting on their bed facing the door and rubbing some sort of white cream on her boobs. She catches me standing there, staring at her, and doesn't even try to cover herself. Just smiles ... says 'hi honey' ... and keeps looking at me, smiling all the time, while she smears the white stuff on her boobs ... so they sway, all sexy. Then she rubs the stuff on her belly and between her legs, still looking at me with this funny teasing expression, until I get embarrassed and say 'sorry" and she says 'no problem, honey' and I walk away even though I want to stay forever and watch her rub white stuff all over every inch of her incredible body."

"I've never seen you embarrassed."

He ignores me again. "We live in this big house ... my stepmother doesn't actually work ... she likes going out to dinner and parties instead. Particularly when my father's away on business. Well, one late evening ... only a couple of weeks after they marry ... Dad's out of town ... my stepmother's out at some party ... and I'm in bed with a copy of Playboy. The room's dark except for the bedside lamp ... and I'm drooling over the pictures and jerking off while the centerfold smiles at me. I've left my bedroom door part open because it's a warm night and there's nobody in the house except me. I'm pounding away when I catch this movement out of the corner of my eye. I look up and see my new stepmother standing in the hallway, holding her shoes in one hand, watching me jerk off. I've no idea how long she's been there."

"Wow ... " I turn back to Scott, pull his arm around my shoulders again. "This is sexy. What do you do?"

He shrugs. "What can I do? I pull the sheets up to cover everything and say something silly like 'hi ... didn't expect you back so soon. How was your evening?'"

"And ..." I reach for Scott's cock. In spite of his world-class performance right after his friends fuck me, it's hard again. I guess he's really enjoying telling me about his stepmother. Anyway, he seems to have a perpetual erection. Part of his charm. I hold him, fondle gently.

"She comes into my bedroom and sits down on the side of my bed. She's wearing this real sexy red dress ... shows lots of tit and leg ... I remember ever detail ... and says the sort of words the experts say you're supposed to say at such moments. I don't remember what they are but something like 'don't be ashamed ... it's perfectly natural for a teenage boy to masturbate ... would be unnatural if you don't'. You know the sort of thing ..."

"Not really. I've never been a teenage boy and certainly never jerked off to Playboy. But go on."

"She sits there on my bed and her breasts are literally inches from my face ... and her skin is shining like she's sweating or something. And she puts a hand under the sheet. I think for one wonderful moment that she's going to grab my cock. But instead she pulls out the Playboy. She opens it at the centrefold, turns it around so it opens up and examines it. Then she asks me if I think the girl is sexy. I've no idea what's going on. All I can think of is to I tell her sure, I think she's sexy. Then my stepmother asks me if I think the girl in the centerfold is sexier than she is."

I giggle. "Crucial moment, my love. And?"

"Even then I know something about women. Enough to know that there's only one correct answer. I tell my stepmother the naked girl in the Playboy centrefold isn't nearly as sexy as she is."

"Good for you, lover. And ..."

Scott's voice is gravelly now and his cock pushes rhythmically against my hand. "She leans forward so I can see down the top of her dress ... lacy black bra ... real huge tits, like goddam mountains ... kisses me sweetly on my forehead and laughs and tells me the Playboy women are all idealized and airbrushed. Not real. Then she asks 'have you ever seen a naked woman ... a real naked woman ... not just a girl?' I don't remind her about catching her naked, rubbing that white stuff on her boobs a couple of days before. Instead I tell her the only real naked woman I've seen is my mother. She says that doesn't count. The conversation is getting very sexy by this time ... and it gets even sexier.

"My stepmother asks 'would you like to ... see a real naked woman, I mean? It's about time you did. You're certainly old enough'. And I tell her 'yes, of course ... I'd really like that'. And she puts a hand over the hand I've been jerking off with ..." long pause "... and my stepmother asks 'would you like to see me naked?'"

"Wow. Fan-fucking-tastic."

"Her voice gets all breathy and husky. She says she'll show me her body if I want to see it because the human body is nothing to be ashamed of. The naked body is a beautiful thing. Nudity is a beautiful thing. She says teenage boys shouldn't have to buy Playboy to find out what real women look like. So because there's nothing to be ashamed of in nudity ... she'll show me her body if I really want to see it. But she'll only do it if I promise not to tell anyone. Particularly my father. And I mustn't try to touch her. Of course, I promise. I'll promise to jump out of a plane without a parachute ... I'll wrestle a great white shark ... if that's what it takes to get my gorgeous, sexy stepmother out of her clothes again.

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21-03-2008, 04:41 PM
"The next thing I know she turns her back and asks me to unzip her dress. I can hardly handle the zipper, I'm so excited. But I fumble around and manage. Then she stands up, pulls the dress down and steps out of it ... pulls her panties down, drops them on the floor. She sits back on my bed and tells me 'Undo my bra.' So I do that. I've had some experience with bras so there's no big problem. And she lets the bra fall off ... stands up again, stares at me ... real slow like she's challenging me or something ... and slowly turns around like a model on a runway. She's naked as the day she's born. Incredible tight ass ... great, heavy breasts ... she's mostly shaved ... just a little fringe of ginger hair ... they call it a landing strip ... at the bottom of her belly ... right there in my bedroom. It's a teenage boy's wettest fantasy. I almost cum right there."

This is great stuff. I wonder if it's true. After all, Scott's an actor and actors aren't famous for doing reality. "Go on ... go on lover..."

"I tell her she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire life. And then I take the big chance." Scott pauses dramatically.

"What? What do you do? Jump her?"

"No. I'm no fool. I pull back the sheet ... real slow ... so she can see my cock again. It's enormous. I've never seen it so big ... all hard and throbbing and jerking and sticking up in the air. I take a big chance and ask her if I can jerk off looking at her instead of at the centrefold ... because she's so much more beautiful than the girl in the centerfold."

Nobody could invent this. Not even Scott. "You're a genius, darling. A goddam genius."


He's smug. "What can she say? She considers the idea ... then she says she'd like that. It would be a compliment to her, she says. Because there's nothing wrong with masturbation, in spite of what the church says. Masturbation is natural. Like nudity. She sits down on the side of my bed again ... I've never seen so much shiny, glowing, naked female flesh so close. She bursts with flesh. Right next to me. Her nipples are hard and stick out like little fingers ... so close I can lick them if I want. And she smells wonderful ... sex and sweat and wine ... I wonder if she fucks somebody when she's out this evening. Wouldn't be at all surprised."

Scott's voice is a low growl. "I lie there, drowning in her body ... fantasizing about fucking her ... and I start slowly moving my hand up and down on my cock ... watching my stepmother ... watch my hand."

Another long pause. I scratch his scrotum with long fingernails. "Don't stop lover. Don't stop. Then what ..."

"She gives a sort of sigh as if she's finally made a difficult decision ... she doesn't say anything just reaches out ... pushes my hand away ... takes my cock in her own hand. It's like she has no choice. She can't resist. I don't say anything, just lie back in the bed and let her jerk me off. Like ... I've died and gone to heaven."

"Do you cum?"

Scott laughs. "Do I cum? Almost as soon as she touches me. A fucking great ocean of cum. Spurts and spurts and spurts. More than I've ever seen in my life ... and even then I've seen a lot. We watch it spray like Vesuvius ... squirt up in the air ... splash on my hand ... all over her breasts ... seems to last forever.

"When it finally stops I take an even bigger risk. I reach out and wipe my cum all over her breasts. First one breast ... then the other. They're all sweaty and tight and hot and soft. She doesn't try to stop me ... even though I've promised not to touch her. Just watches me wipe the cum ... watches it drip off her hard nipples. Sits there on the side of my bed breathing heavily and doesn't say anything while I wipe my cum all over her wonderful soft breasts."

"Your first hand job ... at least with someone else. Congratulations, darling. How does it end?"

Scott's voice is soft and far away. "She kisses me on the forehead again ... stands up ... picks up her clothes and shoes from the floor ... says 'good night ... sweet dreams ... don't tell anyone or I'll kill you' ... and walks out of my bedroom stark naked ... my cum still on her breasts. Just as if nothing unusual has happened."

Long pause. Scott turns over on his side with his back to me. I kiss the back of his neck. "There's more. I know there's more ..."

"How do you know there's more?"

"You're an actor. That was a theatrical pause. For effect, I know that. And, anyway, there's always more with you."

"Ok. If you want to know ... I wait maybe a minute ... then I get out of bed, go to her bedroom ... the one she shares with my father. She's lying on top of the bed rubbing my cum on her tits and down on her pussy like this ..." Scott turns back to me, slides fingers down my belly into my pussy, still sloppy with cum from our party with his friends. In and out. In and out. "She doesn't say a word ... just takes my hand and covers it with hers ... keeps pushing my fingers and my cum into her pussy until she screams ... she's a real screamer ... and cums right there next to me on my father's bed."

"That's rather sweet. And after that?"

"I go back to my bedroom and jerk off, of course The next day we just act normal ... stepmother and stepson ... and don't do anything until my dad leaves on a business trip again a week later." Scott's voice gets softer and softer. "I'm doing my homework in my room and she comes back from driving my dad to the airport and I get a hard-on as soon as I hear the front door close. She comes straight up to my room and kisses the back of my neck ... takes her clothes off ... all without a word ... lies down on my bed and spreads her legs. I don't need to be told what to do next. I leave my homework, take my own clothes off as fast as I can and join her. She mumbles something about thinking of my big cock all morning, runs her tongue down my chest and belly and takes my cock in her mouth. She sucks until I cum. Then I fuck her. It's incredible. The first time I've ever been sucked and fucked by a real woman.

"After that we don't wait for my father to go away on trips. We do it whenever we can. One Sunday morning ... my father's playing golf ... she teaches me how to go down on a woman. She teaches me to open her pussy lips with my fingers and fuck her with my tongue. Teaches me what women like and don't like."

"So that's where you learn. So young. I'm impressed."

"Soon I just wait until my dad's left the house to go to work early in the morning then I go down the corridor to their bedroom and climb into bed with her. Sometimes ... not often ... she's still got my dad's cum in her when I fuck her. Kinky. Like lubricant. It's great. Then I go to school."

I sense that Scott's trying to end the story. "So what's this got to do with you not being jealous when other men fuck me? That was my question, lover. Remember?"

Scott grins. His teeth flash white in the dark. "I'm never jealous with you because I'm never jealous of my stepmother. Not when she's with my dad ... and not when she fucks my friends."

"What do you mean 'fucks your friends.'? You didn't tell me that."

Scott shrugs. "You didn't ask."

"You shit."

He's not even slightly offended. "It's brilliant. And after the first time, it's easy."

"What do you mean ... 'after the first time'?"

Scott explains that it's all really a matter of young male pride.


Scott can't wait to tell his best friends at school, Don and Barry, that his beautiful stepmother has taken her clothes off for him so he can see a real woman naked. But he doesn't mention that they've gone a lot further than that. For one thing, he doesn't think they'll believe him. Which is just as well, because they don't even believe the naked stepmother part. After all, he's still a teenager and she's a grown woman in her twenties. Also, Barry reminds him, she's his stepmother.

"Gross ..." says Don.

Scott tells him he's just jealous. He swears it's all true and suggests maybe be can get his stepmother to take her clothes off for them too. So they can see a real woman naked. Of course, he has no idea how he'll do that, but he's a teenaged boy and he's been challenged and teenaged boys don't back down on challenges.

One Friday when his father's out of town, Scott invites Don and Barry to a sleepover at his place. As soon as they get permission from their mothers he starts to panic. What if he suggests his stepmother takes her clothes off for his friends and she gets mad and tells his father? This could be the end. He wonders if teenage Canadian boys are eligible to disappear into the French Foreign Legion for the rest of their lives.

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21-03-2008, 04:42 PM
Scott's stepmother isn't there when Don and Barry get home after school so they do homework together, watch TV, unfreeze some food and watch some more TV until it's nearly midnight and they troop up to Scott's bedroom. It has three beds, one for Scott and two bunk beds, one of top of the other, for visitors.

The boys undress without looking at each other. Seems boys never look at other boys when they're naked because they're scared the other boys will think they're gay. Maybe that's why no lover I've ever had knows whether his male friends have cocks like stallions or rabbits.

Nobody mentions Scott's stepmother. Instead, they get into pajama bottoms — cool guys don't wear pajama tops — and sit on their beds and talk about school and soccer and tell lies about girls they've dated and how far they've been able to get until they hear the front door open and close. The sound of footsteps comes up the stairs and along the passage. The footsteps stop at Scott's bedroom door. There's a long pause before the handle turns and the door opens.

Scott's stepmother steps in, smiling. She's in full war paint — false eyelashes, vivid pink lipstick and a long, curling fall — and dressed to kill in a slinky, black outfit that clings to her body like a second skin. Four inch heels. "Hi lover ..." She sees Don and Barry and stops. "Oh ... I was at a party ... I didn't know. I'm sorry ... I didn't know you had friends over ..."

"It's ok" says Scott. "It's only Don and Barry."

Don climbs down from the top bunk and he and Barry shake hands with Scott's stepmother. She holds their hands a little longer than seems necessary. "You're both very welcome" she says. Her eyes linger on the boy's half-naked bodies. "You guys want some cool drinks or anything before I go to bed?"

Don and Barry say "thank you ... that would be nice" at the same time. They sit down next to each other on the lower bunk bed opposite Scott's bed.

Scott's stepmother smiles "won't be long." They hear her footsteps start down the stairs towards the kitchen and stop. It's as if she's trying to decide something. She obviously makes a decision because the footsteps go back up the stairs and they all watch as she passes Scott's bedroom door in her clingy black dress and heads towards the bedroom she shares with Scott's father.

"Hey ... she's really great" says Don admiringly. "You really see her naked?"

"Sure" says Scott. "Great tits. Pigeon tits."

"What's pigeon tits?" asks Don.

"Really high ... nipples that point upward ... to the sky."

"Ohmygod" says Don.

"When's she gonna take her clothes?" ask Barry.

Scott tries to look as if he knows what he's doing. "Wait" he says. "You guys trust me or not?" Inside he's really scared. He has no idea how he's going to get his stepmother naked.


Scott's stepmother comes back to his bedroom carrying pop and cookies on a tray. Everything about her is different. The makeup, the false eyelashes and the fall are gone. Her hair's tied up in a cute pony tail, like a teenager. She's changed out of the slinky black dress into a short white robe that reveals most of her long, tanned legs. The sort of robe teenaged girls wear. The boys can see the top of a lacy black teddy underneath. Except for her heavy breasts, obvious under the robe, she doesn't look any older than the teenagers sitting on the beds, waiting impatiently for her to get naked.

Scott's stepmother doesn't seem to notice that when she bends over to give the boys their drinks and cookies, the white robe opens and the black teddy underneath falls away to reveal breasts and nipples, swaying naked right there in front of their fascinated eyes.

She sits down on the side of Scott's bed opposite Don and Barry, and crosses her legs to show fine thigh. Politely she asks Don and Barry about their parents and how they're doing at school and how the soccer team's playing. She seems really interested in their answers. They all chat and laugh and Scott's stepmother is casual about keeping her robe closed and when it falls open the see-through black teddy does almost nothing to hide her body. So, naturally, the boys try to see as much of her as they can without being too obvious.

And when Don's pajama fly gapes open like pajama flies do, and a healthy, hungry teenage cock jumps out, the cock is pushed back inside fairly quickly and Scott's stepmother just smiles and doesn't seem to mind at all.


Scott's stepmother asks Don and Barry if they have girlfriends. They admit they do.

She's in a teasing mood. "So ... your girlfriends ... you guys sleep with your girlfriends yet? Or are you still virgins?"

Don and Barry look embarrassed. "Some messing around..." admits Don. "You know ... kissing and touching and stuff ... not ..." He tails away, not sure how far to go.

"Same here" says Barry reluctantly. "We kiss and touch ... like ... that sort of stuff."

Scott's stepmother giggles. "Nothing more guys? I'm surprised. I thought teenagers went a lot further." She laughs, the robe opens and under the teddy her breasts swing from side to side, nipples dark and inviting. The boys stare, hypnotized. "I did when I was your age. Much further." She glances down, notices her breasts. "Whoops ... sorry." She giggles again and closes the robe.

Barry is challenged. "Well, we sometimes play with each other ... you know ... like hand jobs." His cock jumps out of his pajama fly at the thought and everyone watches while he blushes, pushes it back. "Sorry."

"That's ok" says Scott's stepmother sweetly. "I understand."

Don joins in eagerly. "Yeah ... we do that too ... like hand jobs. Me and her. Nothing else though. Not yet."

Scott's stepmother smiles. "You're still virgins. That's a pity ... but for really good-looking guys like you it won't last long. I bet all the girls are just creaming to get their clothes off and climb into bed with you. I bet they all want to get naked for you." She leans towards Don and Barry on the opposite bed. The robe opens again, one teddy strap slips off a shoulder. A dark pink nipple peeps out above black lace. She uncrosses her legs. Now, as well as breasts and nipples, Don and Barry can see long, lovely legs, the little ginger landing strip and the start of her pussy. "I bet they just cream for you. I bet they just want to do it with really good-looking guys like you." She glances down, draws attention to her pussy staring at the fascinated boys. "Whoops" she says again "sorry guys" and makes a big show of closing the robe again. "Don't mean to tease you."

"No problem" says Barry politely.

Don groans softly "oh god in heaven ..."


Scott may be only a teenager but he understands what's happening. His stepmother is turned on by these horny, half-naked teenage boys. She's teasing them, flirting with them, deliberately flashing breast and thigh and pussy and talking sexy. A plan starts in his mind.

Scott's stepmother asks the boys "you want to know what girls like?"

"Sure" says Barry eagerly.

"Please" says Don. "I'd really like that."

"Girls like to be kissed" she says. She glances at Scott, leaning back against the wall behind his bed, knees drawn up to his chest. She repeats, makes the words sound like the most important of the ten commandments. "Girls really like to kiss." She turns back to Don and Barry and the robe opens halfway and a breast stares at them, round and heavy under the transparent black teddy. "They like kissing a lot. It's very, very important to learn how to kiss." She smiles at Don and Barry. They try not to stare at the wandering breast. "Girls are just as interested in sex as boys, you know. Just the same. They just pretend they're not because they don't want people to think they're sluts." She laughs. "Girls like to be kissed ... and they like boys to touch their breasts ..." One hand finds her own breast, cups it. A hard nipple peeks out between her fingers. "And girls really, really like it when you suck their nipples."

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21-03-2008, 04:44 PM
Barry makes a little groaning noise.

"Holy jesus" says Don softly.

Scott's stepmother pushes further. "Most girls like to suck cock, too."

"Oh god" says Barry. "Oh jesus. I never knew that." He questions. "Why?"

"Girls like it because guys like it so much. And it's sexy. Turns us on. That's why."

"No shit" says Scott. "Sorry."

"That's ok. And if a girl sucks your cock, you've got to reciprocate" says Scott's stepmother. She waves a stern finger at the boys. Her robe is wide open now so they can see both breasts and pussy again. "If she sucks your cock you've got to suck her pussy in return."

"Holy fuck ..." says Don. "Sorry."

"What if I don't want to ... I mean, go down on her?" asks Barry.

"You'll learn ... and girls really, really like it if you go down on them after you've cum in them. Most guys won't do that. Most guys are too selfish."

Barry groans.

Scott decides it isn't going to get any sexier than this. He grabs his chance and asks Don and Barry casually "you guys ever see a woman naked? I mean a real woman? Not your mothers? Mothers don't count." He considers. "Unless it's someone else's mother." Everyone laughs. Don and Barry shake their heads, no.

Scott asks his stepmother "the naked body is a beautiful thing, right ... and nudity is nothing to be ashamed of? Right? That's what you think. That's what you tell me."

She agrees happily. "Of course there's nothing to be ashamed of ... the human body is beautiful ..." Her breathing gets faster. "Nudity is beautiful ..." She's obviously excited. "... breasts and vaginas are beautiful ..." She notices Barry's cock pushing out of his pajama fly again "... penises are beautiful." She stops talking, looks around at the teenage boys adoring her, wanting her. She hesitates, runs one hand over her forehead. She's sweating lightly. She makes a decision. "Sorry ... oh dear ... well ... got to get to bed ... let you guys get some sleep. School in the morning." She pulls the robe closed, reties its belt, stands up to leave.

"Wait" says Scott. It's like an order. His stepmother stops. Scott turns to Don and Barry. "Like ... my stepmother thinks teenaged boys should learn about the female body and what it looks like from a real woman ... not from Playboy centerfolds." He puts a hand on his stepmother's arm. "Do you really believe all that stuff about the beauty of the female body ... or is it just big talk because I'm only a teenager?"

Scott's stepmother glances at Don and Barry lounging next to each other on the bottom bunk, chests naked, staring at her. She looks at Scott lying back against the headboard of his bed. All three boys have obvious erections pushing against their pajama pants.

Scott's stepmother licks her lips. "So?"

"So why don't you show my friends?"

She fights for time. "Show what?"

"You know. Your body. So they can learn too."

"Is that what you want?" she asks Scott as if she's just heard what he'd like for his birthday. "You want me to ... get naked for your friends? Haven't you seen enough?" She giggles like a naughty schoolgirl and now, when the belt loosens and the white robe opens and her breasts and pussy are obvious under the black teddy, she leaves it open.

"You're so beautiful ... and besides you did it for me ..." He doesn't finish the sentence. "You're so beautiful ..."

Suddenly nervous, Scott's stepmother asks "you told them?"

"Yes ... about getting naked for me. Because nudity is beautiful."

"Holy jesus." She thinks. "What else?"

"Nothing else. I swear."

Scott's stepmother smiles, relieved. "Then I don't see why not." She asks Don and Barry "You guys want to see what I look like when I'm naked? What a real woman looks like? You want to see breasts and pussy? Would you like that? See my breasts and pussy?" She's breathing hard.

Don and Barry are so excited they can't speak. They nod instead.

"Ok. If that's what you guys want ... but just for ... like education ..." She doesn't finish the sentence. "If that's what you want ... but only this one time ... and you must never, ever tell anyone ... ok? People won't understand that I'm just trying to help ... just educate ... never tell your parents." The boys agree enthusiastically. She speaks as if she's in a trance. "There's nothing bad or wrong about a woman's breasts and pussy you know ... nothing bad ... or evil ... or naughty ... at all ... I'll show you. Then you'll know."

Scott's stepmother stands up, unties the belt, opens her robe, slips it off her shoulders. The black silk of the teddy drapes light and shadow down her naked body, showing the curves of her breasts, her nipples and her pussy. Patches of sweat where her nipples and groin have stuck to the black silk turn it transparent. She pirouettes for them.

"Holy jesus" say Don and Barry together.

"Holy fuck ..." says Scott.

After maybe five seconds Scott's stepmother closes the robe and ties the belt. "Ok?" She asks. "Don't ever tell anyone that I showed you. Not ever. People won't understand."

Barry says boldly "I want to see you really naked ..."

Scott's stepmother flushes. "But you could see ...."

"... without the teddy."

Don pleads "please take it all off. Just once. I've never even seen my mother really naked. Just my sister in the shower sometimes ..." His cock, all pink and hard, stares at Scott's stepmother out of his pajama fly.

She glances down at Don's cock and melts. "Poor boy ... so hungry." She looks at Barry and Scott, her eyes soft, loving. "That's what you guys want too? You want me to take everything off ... so you can see me really naked ... my breasts ... my pussy ... breasts ... pussy ... everything? That what you want? Breasts ... pussy? You want to see my ... cunt?" It's the first time she's used the word.

Don is so excited he can hardly speak. "Please ... please ..."

"There's nothing wrong ..." She stops talking, unties the belt again, slips the robe off, drops it on Scott's bed. She touches Don gently on the forehead like a caress, slips the straps of her teddy and lets it fall, collapsing sweetly, to the floor.

"You're so beautiful" says Don.

"Holy fuck ..." says Barry.

Scott's stepmother stands naked in front of Scott and his friends. A thin layer of sweat shimmers over her body. Her breasts gleam like they're oiled. Her nipples are hard. She turns full circle. "This is what a woman looks like" she tells the boys. "This is what the female body looks like." "This is what a real woman looks like." She cups her breasts, nipples pushing out between her fingers. "These are breasts." She puts a hand down between her legs. "This is my cunt. My cunt."

"Can I see your cunt?" asks Don. His voice is tight, strangled. "Closer?"

Scott's stepmother steps in front of Don, sitting on the bed, so close his face is only inches from her groin. Her voice is a whisper now. "Want to look at my cunt ... touch it? Want to touch it? Why not? Go ahead." She spreads her thighs for him. "Touch my cunt ..."

Don puts a hand out, touches her. When she closes her eyes and doesn't pull away, he slips two fingers inside her. "Ohmygod" he says "You're so wet. So slippery." He pushes fingers in and out. She opens her eyes, looks down at him. "So soft ..."

She takes Don's hand, moves it to her clitoris. "Touch me there" she says softly. "Girls like that ... run your fingers along the sides ... oh yes ... oh yes ..." Her hips grind in time with Don's fingers.

She glances over at Barry. "Who's next? You want to touch me there too?" She breathes hard, as if she's been running.

"Please ... oh god ... please ..."

She pushes Don's hand away, steps in front of Barry, opens her legs for him. Instead of just touching her, Barry slips his hands around her buttocks, pulls her toward his face.

"No" she says, trying to pull back. Barry holds her firmly, sticks out his tongue, tries to lick her.

"No ... don't do that. You mustn't."

Barry pushes his luck. "You said girls like it. You said girls like it a lot." He sticks his tongue out again, leans forward. His tongue touches her clitoris.

"No" she says "no ... please." But she doesn't pull away. Just stands there while Barry's tongue circles her clitoris and Don and Scott watch. She whimpers. "No" she says again "you shouldn't" and closes her eyes. She groans. "Oh yes ... oh yes ... that's it ... that's what girls like ... oh yes." She puts both hands on top of Barry's head, leans her weight on him. Her breasts hang down, sway like ripe melons. "Oh yes ... suck it in ... suck it in ... yes ... yes ... now lick around it ... oh yes ... yes ... suck my clit ..."

"Holy fuck" says Don. "Awesome ..."

Scott's stepmother groans. "You mustn't tell anyone ... promise ... oh yes ... oh yes ... oh jesus." She spreads her legs further. "Yes" she whimpers. "Yes ... deeper ... oh deeper ... oh jesus ..." After maybe a minute she shudders, screams a tight, strangled scream, pulls back from Barry's tongue, closes her thighs. Her breathing quietens. "Holy jesus ... where do you learn that?" Her whole body glows with sweat. She looks around at the three boys. "You mustn't ever tell anyone" she begs. "Not anyone. Ever."

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21-03-2008, 04:45 PM
Barry says "it was great. You taste salty. Do you want me to do it again? I can, if you like."

She laughs, turns to Scott, asks "where do you find this guy? He knows too much." She turns serious. "Don't ever tell anyone or ..." she searches for words, breaks into a smile "... I'll have to kill you" and bends down to pick up her teddy from the floor. "Now you know what a real woman looks like."

When Scott speaks his voice is low, taut. "No" he says. "Leave it." His stepmother straightens up, surprised. "You've had your fun ... what about us?"

"What do you mean?"

"What are you going to do for us?" He puts his hand inside his pajama pants, pulls out his cock. "I want you to take my friend's cherries ... just like you took mine. I want you to fuck my friends."

Everything stops. Don and Barry look at Scott as if he's gone stark, raving crazy. This is going too far. Much too far. You don't talk to parents like this. Not even stepmothers. Suddenly they'd much rather be somewhere else, anywhere else, even at school or doing homework. They start to get up from the bunk together, ready to run for their lives. "Sit" orders Scott. They sit.

Don announces "I'm really, really sorry and really, really have to go home ..."

Scott interrupts him. "Shut up. Just shut up and stay there." Barry stares at Scott like he wants to murder him.

"What the hell ..." says Scott's stepmother. She bends down again, picks up the teddy. "What the hell do you think you're saying?"

"I want you to fuck my friends ... like you fuck me." They stare at each other like boxers before the bell. Scott is really scared his stepmother is going to hit him.

Instead she turns ice cold. "I'm sorry I ever tried to help you understand about growing up. About being a man. It's a silly mistake ... stupid ... because I thought you were more mature. Now you're being childish." She adds with unexpected dignity — particularly since she's stark naked in front of three teenaged boys all with erections — "I'm not a whore you know ... I won't fuck your friends ... and I won't ever have anything to do with you ever again." She grabs her robe from Scott's bed and starts for the door.

Scott gathers every ounce of courage. "If you won't fuck my friends I'll tell my father what we've been doing ... that you let me come into your bed as soon as he's gone to work ... and you suck my cock ... and you get naked for my friends and let them suck your cunt ... and when my father throws you out, you'll lose a pisspot full of his money.


Scott orders "sit down."

Scott's stepmother sits down on Scott's bed She's breathing hard. She holds her robe and teddy in one hand, doesn't try to cover herself.

Scott says "Now do what I tell you". She glares at him, tries to speak but he won't let her. "Shut up and open your legs." Scott's stepmother hesitates. "Spread them." She opens just enough so the boys can see her pussy again. "Touch yourself." She puts one hand between her legs, lets it lie there. "I said touch yourself. And open wider." She spreads wider. "Show my friends how you play with yourself. Like you showed me." Slowly, reluctantly, two fingers move on her clitoris.

"Does it feel good?" asks Scott. "Do you like playing with yourself?"

Scott's stepmother shakes her head. "Bastard" she says. But her fingers don't stop moving. Don and Barry stare.

Scott tells his stepmother "you want to get us all horny, right. Tell us. It's what you want, isn't it? Then you just fuck off and leave us like this?"


"You want to get us horny ... but not do anything for us. Right?" He grins. "You're wet. We turn you on, right? I can see you're wet." Scott pulls his pajama pants down and off. His cock points straight at his stepmother. "Get undressed" he orders Don and Barry. They glance from him to his stepmother. "Is it all right?" Barry asks timidly.

Scott's stepmother glares at him, doesn't answer. Her fingers keep moving. Scott takes command. "Tell my friends to get naked. Tell them that's what you want. Tell them you want them naked. Tell them you want them to fuck you." She mumbles something. Scott pushes. "What that? We can't hear."

When Scott's stepmother answers her voice is hard and angry. She tells Don and Barry "take those pants off. I want you to fuck me."

Scott mocks "haven't you forgotten the magic word?"

"What word?"

"You know."

She squeezes it out. "Please ..."

Don and Barry pull off their pajama bottoms. They both have serious hard-ons.

Scott reaches out, grabs his stepmother's shoulders, pulls her on her back between his legs, cups her great breasts. They overflow from his hands. "What if we all want to fuck your wet cunt?" he asks. "Is it alright if we fuck you? All of us?" His stepmother glares at him. "And you suck our cocks ... that too?" He squeezes her nipples between thumbs and forefingers. She flinches. "Do you want us to fuck you?" She doesn't answer. "Is that what you want? Or do you want me to tell ...?"

She gives in. "No. Don't tell. Please don't tell. Is this what you want me to say ... ok ... ok ... ok ... please fuck me ... please ... I want you all to fuck me ... that's what I want. Please, all of you fuck my cunt." She spreads her legs.

Scott orders "Wider ..."

Scott's stepmother opens wider.

Scott chuckles at the memory. I don't like the sound but I want to hear more.

"Go on."

"That's the start. After that when my dad's away I bring Don and Barry home after school ... and we all fuck her. Then we bring other guys ... most of the guys in my class and soccer team.

He thinks back. "We have a little problem after that first gang bang with Don and Barry. My stepmother insists that she'll only do it in my bedroom ... not hers ... and only one guy at a time. She doesn't want guys lining up in her bedroom and watching while she fucks other guys. She wants the others to wait their turn downstairs. She says she's shy. And doesn't want to get cum all over the sheets in her bed. My dad would notice."

"At first I think it's really great, like living in my own whorehouse. We all rush to my place right after school and the first guy there goes up to my room to fuck my stepmother while the rest of us sit around in the living room, some of us doing homework others watching TV, until whoever's just fucked my stepmother comes down and sends the next guy up. And then the next. And the next. Until I go up last when she's really, really slippery.

"After a few days I decide it'll be more fun if we do the group thing again. I don't want all this waiting around downstairs. Anyway, clusterfucks are a lot more fun, as you know, my sweet. So while we're still downstairs I tell the guys ... maybe a dozen ... to undress and follow me ... and we all undress and walk up the stairs into my stepmother's bedroom one after the other, stark naked, flashing hard-ons.

"I can see it now. My stepmother sits on her bed wearing the same black robe, touching up her makeup, ready to go to my bedroom for the first teenage cock of the afternoon ... and she looks real surprised when we walk in all together. All of us. She starts to protest ... she wants us out of her bedroom and back downstairs ... she says nobody gets laid unless we all get out of her bedroom. But I won't listen. I tell her to do what she's told. She looks around ... a dozen teenage boys with a dozen roaring erections ... and she shrugs and ... funny thing ... she smiles ... and does what I tell her. She takes the robe off ... lies back on the bed ... naked as a jay bird ... spreads her legs and asks 'who's first'? Who wants to go first? Who wants to fuck my cunt first? Let's get this show on the road.' Then one after the other we fuck her while the others watch and wait their turn."

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Scott chuckles. "I think that's the first time she has real multiple orgasms with us ... because she has no time to rest between guys. One cums and pulls out ... then the next guy's sliding his cock into her. Maybe after the third or fourth guy she screams. Then the rest of us fuck her and she just keeps screaming. Again and again. It's great."

I feel sorry for Scott's stepmother. "Oh jesus, Scott ... she must hate you. All of you. You're humiliating her."

"Sure I am. No doubt about it. That's why she won't speak to me except when my dad's around and she has to pretend like we're friends and she has to speak to me. It's ironic. I fuck her along with all the rest of the guys ... but she won't have anything to do with me when the other guys aren't there. She won't even speak to me unless my dad's in the room and she has to."

"Never again? No more late night or morning nookies for poor little Scott?"

"Not until I get smart again. Late one night when my dad's traveling and she's been out all day and evening ... so we haven't done the group thing ... I leave my bedroom door open, this time on purpose. I'm lying on top of the bed with a Playboy and slowly jerking off and she passes my door to get to her bedroom and sees me."

This I have to admire, even if Scott's a bastard and a world-class louse. I lean down, kiss the head of his cock. "This is fiendish cunning. Just like the first time."

"Except this time I don't look up. Just keep studying the pictures slowly rubbing until ... almost as if she can't help herself ... she comes into the room ... doesn't say anything ... just stands there ... watches me rub my cock ... then out of the corner of my eye I see her slip off her shoes ... undo her zip ... her dress falls off ... bra and panties follow ... and she sits down on the bed ... just like the last time ... and pushes my hand away, climbs on top of me, grabs my cock ... sits down on it. After that, it's just like it used to be. We get along great."

"Doesn't she hate you though ... because of the gang bangs?"

"No... she bitches a bit ... mostly about how she's scared the guys will boast and people — particularly my father, of course — will find out. But after a while when nothing terrible happens she relaxes. It helps that we make a deal with her that guys have to go down on her before anyone can fuck. She'll suck cock while they go down but she won't fuck until she's cum a couple of times with the tongue.

"She even lets me know when she'll be available in the afternoons after school ... and when Dad's going away ... so I can organize guys for the evenings too. She has her favourites ... mostly the older guys with the biggest cocks. They come by and she gives us beer and before long she gets naked on her back or her knees in her bedroom ... sometimes on the living room floor ... and the guys drink our beer ... watch and line up for blow jobs and my stepmother's pussy."

He thinks back. "No. She doesn't hate me because of the gang bangs. In fact, sometimes when she's really, really horny and only one or two guys show up she'll tell me to call around for more cock. So I send for reinforcements and more guys come in and have a beer and fuck her ... sometimes one guy fucking her ... another getting a blow job ... another a hand job ... all at the same time."

He lingers over the details. "The guys hang out after school, and in the evenings when my dad's away, like it's the local mall. And my stepmother is the special of the day. One time Barry sneaks in a camera and before you know it her picture's all over school. With different guys doing different things. Some of the guys show off and sneak pictures to their girlfriends ... even persuade some of them to come and watch. Of course, most of the girls don't just watch. It's all so sexy that it doesn't take long to get the girls naked and joining in. My stepmother doesn't mind at all. In fact, I think she likes the girls just as much as the boys."

I can hardly hear his voice now. He's getting sleepy. "Holy jesus, Scott. Even I've never done anything like this." I try to remember. "There was that rugby team, of course ... and the rock groupie thing ... and fantasies, of course ... but nothing like this. Fantastic woman ... wish I'd met her. Explains a lot about you, my sweet."

He doesn't take the bait. "And she always screams when she cums ... it's just great for everyone to watch. Guys ... and girls ... anyone can have her ... any time ... any way. By the end of it, she's got cum all over her. It's every teenaged boy's dream. We all learn about sex ... some guys are virgins ... she takes their cherries ... and I'm the most popular guy for miles around." His voice fades.

I don't want him to sleep yet. "I bet you are. What else?"

He mumbles "it's not that I do her any harm, you know. My dad's old and she's young. And she's seriously into sex, anyway. She just loves fucking. This way she has fun ... she doesn't make too many demands on my father ... and I make a whole lot of friends ... and even earn some money." He moans "honey, I've got to sleep."

I should be horrified that my husband charges his friends to fuck his stepmother. But I'm not. After all, I've been in that world. On both sides. But just for the record, I pretend to be shocked. "You charge your friends? To fuck her? You goddam pimp. You should be ashamed."

Scott knows when I'm really mad and when I'm pretending. "Sure. Girls are free. But I charge the guys twenty bucks a visit. So one of the things I learn from my beautiful, sexy stepmother is pussy-power ... and how to sell it ... how to pimp. And I'm never jealous of a woman again. Not even with you ... not even when I watch you screw other guys and really get off on it ... never jealous again, my love. Now, I've got to sleep ..."

I tell him jealousy is the only human emotion with absolutely no redeeming features and pull him on top of me.

The End

21-03-2008, 04:58 PM
Paris Vacation

Every one knows that high students often have crushes on their teachers, especially if the teacher is not bad looking and is sympathetic to their adolescent problems. And the crushes can go both ways, even all three ways. Female students may have a crush on their male teachers. Male students may have a crush on their female teachers. Or even a student of one sex may have a crush on a teacher of the same sex.

What is less commonly known is that often teachers also have crushes on their students, especially the more appealing and likeable ones. Naturally, the teaching code expects that you do not express this crush in any way, but it still can be there. I doubt that there is a male or female teacher anywhere in America who has not fantasized at one time or another about the idea of having sex with one of their more attractive and appealing students. As an English teacher in a New England high school, I had fantasized about that idea from time to time, but naturally I never acted upon it.

My best fantasy was about Katherine Comby. She came from a well-to-do family and was a striking beauty as well as highly intelligent. She was about five-eight with long blonde hair that hung to the middle of her back, the traditional blue eyes, and a lovely figure that filled out only 110 pounds. She also had the most engaging sweet smile. Her breasts appeared to be on the smallish size, but they fit her frame.

There was no question my fondness for Kathy was returned. While she was one of the smartest students in the senior class, she used to come to my room nearly every day after school to get my input on essays she had written for other classes. She hardly needed advice, so I assumed that was just an excuse to get together and talk.

One of the things we liked to talk about was travel. Travel was my passion, and since I was a widower, during the summer break, I would travel to some exotic spot, such as Paris, London, Rome, Vienna, etc. for a couple of weeks. Despite Kathy's tender age, she also had been to London, Rome, and Vienna, thanks to her grandfather, also a widower, who took her on one distant summer vacation every year as long as she got good grades in school. I also suspected he got a thrill at the idea of having a beautiful young woman on his arm. Let people think what they would; he probably enjoyed it.

But the one place she said she had always wanted to go to was Paris, which I had been to a number of times. She said she envied me—and definitely wanted to go there someday.

I was saddened when Kathy graduated and prepared to go off to a university in Boston to study for Broadcast Journalism. She graduated at the age of 17, but would turn 18 during the summer. Her high school boyfriend Ryan was going to the same school for pre-Law, and it was my understanding that they would be living together. Sigh. What a lucky man.

But I was also to run into her during the summer before she left. Some friends were visiting me from out of state, so I took them to dinner at one of the area's finer restaurants. I was surprised to find that Kathy was our waitress. I stood up to greet her, and we exchanged hugs, which I guess was allowed now since she was no longer my student.

"So you're working here during the summer?" I asked.


"And how is Ryan?"

She frowned. "We're not going together anymore," she replied, "He wanted to get married right away and start to have a big family instead of going to school. But I'm not ready for that yet—so we've split up."

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but I guess it's for the best if that's the way you feel. Where is your grandfather going to take you this year? Paris?"

Her face darkened. "My grandpa died about a month ago."

"Well, I'm sorry to hear about that as well."

"So I guess I won't be going anywhere for awhile. I can't afford it while I'm going to school."

"Well, you'll get there someday. In the meantime, good luck in school."


We embraced again, and I returned to my table of friends. "That was a former student of mine," I explained.

"She looked more like a former girlfriend from that hug," friend Don said.

"Don't be silly. Not having an affair with the students is the number one rule of teaching."

But after the dinner, when I was sitting at home having a glass of wine, I began to think about it.

While I was not planning another trip to Paris right away, there was no reason why I could NOT take one. And Paris in the month of December was one of my favorite times to go there. Airfare was cheap, hotel rooms were easy and inexpensive to get, and restaurants were always uncrowded.

I knew that Kathy would be off school for a couple of weeks during the Christmas period. What if I asked her if she would like to go with me to Paris for a week? I would simply be her escort. She would be expected to pay for her own portion of the airfare, but not right away; it could be done in installments. And the hotel room would cost the same if it was one or two persons, so I could take care of that. I could get one room but ask for double beds (Yeah, right.) And as far as meals went, I would be happy to pay for her meal just for the pleasure of her companionship and conversation.

Naturally, I would tell her that it would be strictly a platonic arrangement, in case she wanted to tell her parents about the trip, and nothing unseemly would be expected of her. (Yeah, right.)

I found out what time she started to work at the restaurant, so I visited there at the beginning of her shift, when I knew she would not be too busy.

"Hi!" she greeted.

"I have something to ask you. Do you have a couple of minutes?"

"Sure." She sat down at a table, and I sat opposite her.

"I'm planning a trip to Paris in the middle of December, and I wondered if you would like to come along. I could be your guide."

Here eyes grew wide. "Are you kidding me?!"

"No, I'm not kidding."

I explained the details to her and how it would work. She would be expected to pay me back for the airfare, which I could take care of initially, but she could do it over a period of time.

"I would love to go to Paris!" she cried.

"You're sure your parents would not object?"

"Of course not. They know you were my teacher, and even if they did, I would go anyway. I'm eighteen, you know."

Yes, I did know that, and it was an important factor. I was 52 and in good physical shape and surely not too old for an 18-year-old? I assumed since she had been dating Ryan for more than two years that she was no longer a virgin. You know kids today.

"It's a deal then," I replied, "I'll like to get the tickets for leaving from Logan Airport on the December sixteenth and then back on the twenty-third. Would that be okay?"

"It would be very okay. I could pay you for about half of my airfare right away and the rest over a couple of months, if that would be okay."

"Of course. Then your only expense would be if you wanted to buy anything there."

"Which I would," she replied with a big smile.

I was able to get the tickets from American Airlines for $450 RT for each of us and was able to make a reservation at a little French hotel I had always liked on the Rue Ste. Honore, not far from the Arc du Triomph. I made sure that it was a front room with a view of the Eiffel Tower—and that it had a double bed.

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21-03-2008, 04:59 PM
I don't know whether Kathy ever actually did tell her parents or not, but I picked her up at her dorm in Boston on the last day before Christmas recess and drove her out to Logan International. At my suggestion, she was carrying only one small suitcase. We were able to have dinner at a restaurant at Logan while waiting for the 7 p.m. flight. I ordered a carafe of white wine to go with it. I don't know what the drinking age was in Mass., but I assumed I could get away with it.

"I guess since you're eighteen and no longer a student of mine, I can offer you a glass of wine," I said.

"Of course."

I poured for her. "Good way to start the trip," I said.

She raised her glass. "To Paris."

"Yes, to Paris." I joined the toast.

"I'm so excited!" she said.

"So am I." I could only hope. "The windows of our hotel room overlook the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Wait until you see it at night all lighted up."

"I can hardly wait."

"It's a shame you're not seeing Paris for the first time with a husband or a lover. Then you could make love in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, so to speak."

"This will be better," she replied.

Hmmm, that was an interesting reply.

While the trip was only seven hours long, it was across a number of time zones, so I knew that we would arrive with the normal jetlag, 6 a.m. their time, 2 a.m. our time. Kathy tried to sleep by resting her head on my shoulder. But since our row was three across and no one was in the third seat, I suggested that she stretch out and put her pillow in my lap, which she did. The proximity of her head and mouth to my "teacher's pointer" so to speak was giving me a bit of an erection, but luckily the pillow covered it. Still, I enjoyed caressing her hair, and I think she enjoyed it as well.

We arrived bleary-eyed at Charles DeGaulle Airport at 6 a.m. and got a taxi to the hotel. Normally, I would have gone in by the less expensive train, but this trip was something special so I was willing to spring for the money.

Because of the off-season, we were able to check into our hotel room right away, but I had warned Kathy that the worst thing you can do when traveling like this would be to go to bed because you felt tired. Instead, you should try to get on European time right away, stay up all day, and then go to bed a little earlier than normal.

We discovered that while the room had a fabulous view of the Eiffel Tower out the front window, it did not have separate beds but only one double bed. I went down (supposedly) to the front desk to talk about it but then returned to tell Kathy that the only room left with separate beds did not have a view of the tower.

"Then I want this room," she said, spinning around. "I love the Tower view! The bed is fine," she said looking at it.

"Okay, and in return, I promise not to molest you while you're sleeping."

"Unless I ask you to," she said with a smile.

Well, that was interesting.

We spent the rest of the day walking around. Up and down the Champs Elysees. Over across the Seine to the Eiffel Tower but not up in it (we would save that for later), and finally back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner. Kathy took a shower and put on a lovely yet simple black dress. How I would have loved to join her in the shower. But I guessed that was a dream which would not come true. As it turned out, I was wrong.

Paris is a wonderful place to be during the Christmas season. At night, all the chestnut trees along the Champs Elysees are decorated with white lights, the windows of the major department stores, such as Galeries Lafayette, feature animated Christmas displays, and below the Sacre Coeur church there is a big Christmas merry go round. I planned to visit all of them with her.

That night, I took her to a favorite little restaurant of mine, the Café Beaubourg, near the Arc, where I treated her to her first Plateau de Fruit de Mer, a seafood platter, and we split a bottle of white Bordeaux.

"To us," she said, raising her glass.

"To us."

I could tell by the end of the dinner that she was feeling the effects of the alcohol, but luckily the hotel was not far. We walked back.

When we got back to the room, the Eiffel Tower in the distance was brightly lighted from top to bottom, with a lighted greeting of "Joyeux Noel" on it.

"This is incredible!" she exclaimed looking at it. She turned, ran over, and hugged me. "I love you so much for bringing me here!" Then she stood up on tiptoe and kissed me. Wow! I assumed it was the wine speaking, but even still it was very nice.

After looking at the tower for a long time, she went into the bathroom, took another shower, and came out wearing a pair of light blue silk pajamas that looked quite thin. And I could tell from the points of her chest that she was no longer wearing a bra. But when she bent over to fluff up her pillow, I also saw that she was apparently not wearing any underpants either.

I took my shower and came out wearing dark blue flannel pajamas.

She was already in bed with the covers pulled up. "That's what I should have brought," she said looking at my pajamas. "I forgot this is winter."

"I'll try and keep you warm, but you look lovely as you are." I slid in beside her and pulled the covers up. "The trick for both of us will be trying to sleep with a 'stranger' in the bed."

"The wine will help," she replied.

"Yes, I suppose. I picked a bottle of cognac at the duty-free store as well."

"Perfect for Paris."


We fell silent. "Do you want me to turn off the light?" I asked. It was on her nightstand.

"I guess." She sounded a little disappointed. I leaned over her and turned off the light. But there was still light in the room from the streetlamp outside. I laid back, but I knew it would be hard sleeping with a beautiful lightly-clad girl lying beside me.

"My grandpa always used to give me a goodnight kiss," she said.

"Would you like me to do that?"


I sat up and leaned over her. I put my hand on her shoulder, bent down and lightly kissed her on the lips. But I soon discovered that a light kiss was apparently not what she wanted. She opened her mouth, and her little tongue snaked out into mine. What was I to do? I returned her kiss with more passion until our tongues were entwined. Finally, I let my hand slip off her shoulder and down to her breast, lightly covered by the silk pajama. I caressed her breast.

Finally, I came up for air. "Is that how you kissed your grandfather?" I asked.

"Of course not, but can I confess something to you?"

"Of course."

"I had a crush on you all through high school, so this is a dream come true for me in more ways than one."

"What do you mean by that?"


"Then let me confess something to you. In your senior year, I had a crush on you as well—which you probably knew. So when I invited you on this trip, I had a fantasy in the back of my mine that maybe I would be able to make love to you."

"That was my fantasy too."

"I'm glad we got that out in the open. It saves either one of us from being embarrassed."

"Right. I was going to ask, but I didn't know what you would say."

"I would say this." I leaned over her and turned the light back on.

"What are you doing?"

"If I'm going to get a gift this valuable, I want to see what I'm getting."

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21-03-2008, 05:01 PM
She looked toward the window. The blind was up. "Can anyone see us?"

"Probably. Do you care?"

"No, I don't know anyone in Paris."

"Okay." I pushed the covers back and unbuttoned her pajama top all the way down. Then I pushed both sides apart. Her pink nipples were about the size of quarters. "You have beautiful breasts," I said.

"Small," she replied with a smile.

"But beautiful—and just right for your size."

"Ryan thought they were too small."

"Fuck Ryan."

She laughed. "Why Mr. Baxter, I never heard you use an obscenity before." She paused, then with a whisper, she said: "Wouldn't you rather fuck me?"

"Yes, I would."


I leaned over and sucked on one of her nipples—and felt it grow erect. Then I did the same thing with the other one. She began to breathe more deeply.

Finally, I kneeled up. I bent over, slipped my fingers under the elastic of her pajama bottoms and slowly pulled them down until they were gathered around one ankle. Then I looked at her. My God, she was a vision of incredible beauty: long, slender legs, flawless skin, and a skimpy but silky-looking bush that almost matched the color of her hair, just a little darker. "That looks good enough to eat," I said, "And that's what I'm going to do."

"Good. Ryan wasn't into that."

"He didn't know what he was missing." I took her ankles and spread her legs apart. Then I bent down and began licking her bush. Finally, I pushed my tongue inside her.

"Oh Godddd," she moaned.

I kept at it for another ten minutes, spelling out my name on her clitoris with my tongue.

"Oh God...Oh God...Oh God," she kept muttering. Finally, she came with a shuttering climax, her legs trembling. I've had many a gourmet dinner in my travels, but I can't remember one that tasted as good as her. Despite my age—old enough to be her father and more—my penis was as big and hard as an 18-year-old's.

"You don't mind, do you, that I came in your mouth?" she muttered.

"Of course not. That's what I was trying to get you to do. You tasted delicious."

She sat up. "Good, because now it's your turn. Lie down."

I turned around and did so. She pulled down my pajama bottoms and knelt beside my hip "My God, you're huge," she said. "You're bigger than Ryan."

"Good, and it's all your fault."

"I'm flattered. Do you think it will fit?"

"I'm sure it will. Can you get on the other side though? In case there's any Frenchies watching, that will give them a better view."

She laughed. "Okay." She climbed over to the other side, bent over, wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, and took it in her mouth. Then she swirled around it with her tongue.

"I need to warn you: I can't take much more of this," I moaned.

She sat up again. "Would you like to come in my mouth?"


"Will you have enough left for later?"

"I think so. I haven't been this aroused for twenty years. Plus, we're here for five more nights. There still may be more to come."

She gave me a wicked smile. "There definitely will be a lot more to come. And at least we don't have to worry about what we going to do at night." She leaned over and kissed me. "We're going to fuck, fuck, fuck."

"That's right."

She took me in her mouth again and really went to work on it this time. I would have liked to have kept it going for a half hour, but I couldn't help it: in less than five minutes I came in her mouth, and she swallowed all of it, finally licking her lips with a big grin. "Now what?" she asked.

I looked down. I had been so aroused that even though I had an orgasm, I was still semi-hard. "I think I still can stick it in you. After all, you're pretty wet."


She laid down with her head on the pillow and spread her legs a little. I got up and straddled her. I placed my hands on the sides of her narrow hips and lifted her up about ten inches so I would have a better angle. "I forgot: Since I'm a teacher, you have to ask me to do it," I said. "That's the rules."

She laughed. "Okay. Would you have sex with me, Mr.Baxter? I'm still on the pill, so you don't have to use anything."

"Great, but is there another word for it, beginning with F?"

She smiled. "Would you fuck me, Mr. Baxter?"

"Yes, I would, but you have to put it in. My hands are busy."

She grasped my penis with both hands and gently eased it into her still very wet slit.

I was in heaven, and I was determined to make this one last as long as possible. I took my time and slowly moved it in and out of her. She closed her eyes and began to moan softly. I looked over at the window—and wished there were some Frenchies watching. What a treat for them: To watch a young and beautiful student get fucked by her teacher.

Finally, after a half hour, I shoved it in as deep as I could and filled her with my sperm. And I was pretty sure that she had come three times during that half hour, since I could feel her get wetter.

"Now will I get an A, Mr. Baxter?" she said in a little girl voice.

I laughed. "Now you will get an A. And since you have such a pretty 'A', we might want to put something there later."

"Anytime. I've never done that."

And that's how it went for the next five days and nights. During the day, we visited the sights, such as the Louvre (briefly), the Left Bank and the Latin Quarter, Notre Dame, the Paris Opera House on a "Phantom of the Opera" tour, Montmartre, the Champs, of course, up the Eiffel Tower, and some of the open-air food markets. Our trip up to the top of the Arc du Triomph, overlooking the Champs Elysees, was interesting. Because of the season and the month, we were the only people up there at that time, and she took advantage of it.

"Can you take my picture with the Champs Elysees in the background?" she asked.

"Sure." I got out my camera. She stood at the edge of the stone railing with the Champs behind her. She looked around and seeing no one, lifted up her gray wool skirt. She had no underwear beneath it, just a lovely little bush.

"Are you going to show this picture to your folks?" I asked.

"No, this one is for you."

I took the picture, and she dropped her skirt.

We ate at little brasseries for lunch every day, went back to the hotel to take a shower (together) and to freshen up, then went out to a nice French restaurant every evening for a little light dinner and some wine.

As she had promised, we didn't have to worry about what we were going to do at night. We had sex in every conceivable way, always with the blind open. Here are a few random highlights:

On the second night at the hotel, she asked me if she could wear something she got for her birthday. I said "Sure." She went into the bathroom and came out completely naked. "This is my birthday suit, she said.

On another night, I bet her a dollar she could not make me come in her mouth in ten minutes or less. I lost the bet. Oh well, you can't win them all.

On the next-to-last night, she surprised me by asking: "How would you like to get a little behind in your work?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. Do you know the French word for 'lubricant'?


But if you go to a pharmacie, you probably can find out, right?


"For tomorrow night?"

"All right."

"After all, there's an 'end' that shapes our means."

"You know what you are? You're a little pervert."

"I know, and you made me one. And I have a feeling this won't be over when we get home. After all, you're not married."


So I did get a little behind in my work on the last night.

After we got home, I often visited her in Boston on weekends for a little follow-up "tutoring", so to speak.

The End

21-03-2008, 05:08 PM
Hotel Cafe

The small cafe was situated just to the side of the hotel's lobby. The border between the two was lined with short potted trees, that created a division despite not blocking someone from seeing in or out. The cafe itself had only a dozen small round tables, each perhaps suitable for four, at least if one didn't mind being cramped, but with spaces between large enough that no customer would have to bump into another.

Only one of the small tables was occupied; Angie sat with her back to one of the pillars that were scattered about the lobby. She stared despondently at the walls as she picked at the salad she had ordered. Along with the barely touched salad was a paper cup still full with coffee. It wasn't very hot anymore, but that hardly mattered; it wasn't like she had been drinking it.

It was only her second day staying in the hotel and already it seemed as if she would go out of her mind. A paperback sat on the table, but at least so far the book was no better than staring at the walls.

She needed a vacation. Not from her job (her employer was shut down for the season), but from her life. It had been too many years of the same thing; she needed something that would add spice.

She sighed, then picked up the book once more. With luck, it would get better further on, but she held little hope of that.

"Pardon," a voice said. The accent wasn't local, nor could she immediately place it. She looked up from the book, then nearly dropped it. The speaker was one of the sakin, a species of reptilian bipeds-sometimes refered to as lizards. He didn't look particularly lizard-like to Angie, though. Angie had seen sakin on occasion of television, or sometimes even in town at a distance, but she had never seen one up close. He had long ears on the back of his head, the tips of which seemed to twitch as she watched. His hands had small black claws that were obviously filed down. Despite having always heard that sakin smelt bad, the speciman before her didn't seem to have any noticable odor.

Angie guessed that the sakin was male; she knew of no real way to tell, but the series of red spots on his shoulders were present on males more than females.

His chest was wrapped in a leather harness that concealed nothing. Several bags were hung from it, suggesting it was present more for its pragmatic value than anything. A tight cloth band was wrapped around the top of his stomach, and this had a few wide pockets in it as well.

Most of the sakin on television either wore trousers specially designed to accomodate their thick tails or various styles of loincloths. The one in front of her wore something that looked like nothing so much as a leather skirt wrapped around his waist. She supposed it did accommodate his tail.

He stood a couple of feet back from the table, holding a plate of chickn wings and a cup of steaming coffee.

"Hello," she replied.

"Would you mind if I joined you? There is no shortage of tables free, but some company would be nice." He was being a lot more polite than she had heard sakin were. Mind, from what the media said one was lead to expect callous lechers who would spit on politeness, so she had rather expected they were exaggerating.


The sakin set the plate and cup on the table. "I'm Nzin."

"Angie." They shook hands and the sakin sat down.

"Enjoying your book?" he gestured at the novel she set onto the table once more.

"Not really. I haven't been able to get into it so far, but I keep hoping it'll get better."

"I wouldn't count on it. I read it on the train last week."

"The train? Were did you go?"

The sakin barked (the word didn't really describe the sound, but Angie could think of nothing better) and his tail swished gently for a bit as he spoke. "Here! I come from the FASS." He picked up one of the wings, tossed it in his mouth and swallowed it whole. Angie could see the lump it made in his throat as it went down.

"I should have guessed; it's not like there are a lot of your kind here."

"I'm here for a month or so; my employer is considering opening a branch here."

Angie wasn't really sure how to respond; she didn't want to be unfriendly, but she wasn't sure having large numbers of sakin move into the area was a good idea either. "Good luck," she said finally. "You don't have to work today?" It was a thursday, a bit past one in the afternoon.

"I did," he said, and he swallowed another of the wings. "I'm on half days until I get used to the scheduling you use here. I'm finished for the day."

"What's wrong with the schedule?"

"You keep your waking hours bunched together; in the FASS one works twilight ris-, ah, morning and evening."

"I can't imagine how you stand it. Having to go in to work more than once a day!"

"So what are you doing here?" He tossed another wing into his mouth after he spoke.

"My home's being fumigated. I'm stuck here for a week or so." She wasn't sure she should have told a strange sakin were she was living for the week, but she supposed she could always change hotels.

"Fumigated? Ah... So you had an insect problem?" His tail swished gently a couple of times as he continued. "It is funny that both of us are staying in a tourist-place, but neither of us are on vacation. Have you finished your day already as well?"

Angie tried to remember what she could about sakin body-language, but only drew a blank. "No," she said. "My employer is strictly seasonal. I'm off for a couple of months this time of year." She smiled at her table companion and watched him eat another of the wings.

"Another new schedule," he said. "I had not heard of seasonal work. There is not much in the way of seasons in the FASS."

"Must be nice having summer all the time. I hate winter, myself."

The sakin nodded, and Angie noticed that the end of his ears drooped slightly and his tail stilled. "It is deadly," he said. "If my company does expand here, I would not be surprised if they hired your kind for at least part of the year. There is no point in killing employees to maintain a traditional schedule."

"Its not that bad!" This wasn't the frozen north; many winters it didn't even snow.

"You're human. My kind are cold-blooded; what is unpleasant for you is deadly for us." He glanced at his watch. "There's still a couple of hours or so. If you don't have anything planned, would you like a have a drink?" His ears perked up as he spoke, and one eye was focused on her.

"It seems like it'd be a bit early; A couple hours until what?"

"Until twilight fall-oh. Right. Sorry, I'm still not accustomed to the way you track time." His ears dropped slightly and his tail was tucked under his chair. "I really do need to get a local watch."

Angie shrugged. It was rather early, but she had nothing else planned for the day. It'd certainly be better than the book she was reading. "Sure."

His ears perked up and his tail started swishing continuously. "If you tell me what you want, I'll pick up both our drinks."

"Some rye and cola if they've got it, thank you," she said. He stood and walked over to the mini-bar in the cafe. She watched his backside as he did, the swaying of his tail surprising appealing and almost hypnotic. She turned her eyes back to the table as he returned, not wanting it to look like she was staring at his crotch. She didn't want to seem sex-starved; indeed, the idea of having sex with this Nzin was vaguely (if nonspecifically) unpleasant. She wasn't one of the restrictionists to say such things should be limited to one's own species, the idea just seemed too strange.

He set the drinks on the table as he sat down. He had a wineglass half-filled with a deep-red colored liquid. She sipped at her rye and nodded.

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21-03-2008, 05:09 PM
"So what is that?" she asked.

"This?" Nzin gestured at the wineglass. "Small-flower tea. Its made from the flower of a vine from Razaz Nudar."

"Any good?" She asked.

"I think so. Like many of the drinks my kind developed, though, most anyone else finds it rather strong."

"Do you think I could try some?" she asked.

"I doubt that it would be a very good idea, especially since you've already had some alcohol."

"Really? Its that strong? Now you've made me curious."

Nzin sighed, his ears drooping ever so slightly. "Fine. I'll get another glass and a bit of water; best not to try it straight until you know how you'll react to it."

"Thanks," Angie said. She watched as he stood and waited until he was facing away from her. Then she touched her finger to the liquid in his cup-she wanted to try the real thing, not a diluted sample. Quickly, she stuck her finger into her mouth, tasting the drops that remained on it.

She nearly gagged. Strong was not the word she would have chosen to describe it. Overwhelming would be closer. What little of the taste her tongue was able to taste was extremely bitter. She couldn't imagine how he could drink such a thing, let alone enjoy it.

Then it was as though her mouth was on fire. She downed her cold, untouched coffee trying to cool the heat, but that served only to spread it down her throat. Nzin was returning, but he would not be back soon enough for her. Nothing would be soon enough; it was as though her throat was melting. Her breath was coming in sort gasps and she could feel sweat running down her brow and soaking her clothes.

The moment Nzin had returned she downed the partial glass of water. She had trouble swallowing it with the way her throat was constricting. Nzin was a blue before her as it seemed the world was spinning.

Then she collapsed, falling limply to the ground.

Angie woke suddenly, coming to awareness immediately. She was laying on top of the bed in her hotel room. Memories of what she was doing there struggled to come to the surface, but no explanation was surfacing. Why would she have fallen asleep on top of her bed, still fully dressed? At least she'd taken her shoes off first.

She opened her eyes. Through the window she could see the sky had turned a brilliant shade of red. Sunset then. She had been talking with a sakin. Nzin. They'd had a drink. Doubt hemmed in around her. Had he done something to her drink. She struggled to remember what had happened.

It took a moment for her to reach a conclusion. He had done nothing. After he'd turned away she'd tried some of his own drink. It was after that she had collapsed. Sitting up, she looked around the hotel room.

"You're awake," Nzin was sitting at a small table at the side of the room reading a book. For a moment she thought he'd gone through her things and taken one of her books, but then she realized it wasn't in english. It couldn't be one of hers, then.

"I hope you'll forgive my intrusion," he said. "I wanted to be sure you'd be all right."

"Sure you did."

He shrugged. "I did tell you I didn't think it was a good idea."

That was true, she thought. He had said that, hadn't he? "I have such a headache."

He stood and walked over to the bed, seeming overly calm. Angie wished she knew how to read skin body language.

"I am not surprised." He sat on the edge of the bed, his tail dangling limply off the side. "How do you feel? Are you hot? I can have room service bring up some ice. Any pain?"

Angie groaned. "I'm a bit hot, but it's not too bad." She forced herself to smile. "The pain is in my head."

His ears perked up a bit. "Good to hear. I was afraid you'd had enough to cause yourself some harm. How much did you have?"

"Just a few drops. I just touched the surface and– wait, cause myself harm? Just what is in that stuff?"

"As I said before, its made from the flower of a vining plant. It comes from Razaz Nudar where it was originally used to purify water."

"And you regularly drink it?"

"Not regularly-it doesn't grow all that well this far north. Its too expensive to have constantly."

Angie shook her head. "Strange." She tossed her legs over the side of the bed, keeping on hand on the end-table beside it to steady herself as she stood. "So," she said after a moment. "How did you find the room?"

His ears perked up and his tail swished. "Your room key has the room number on it."

"It does?" Angie started to reach into her pocket to look, but Nzin surprised her by handing her the key. "You had it?"

"Actually, I'd put it on the table here."

Angie glanced at the table; her purse and her book were also sitting on it. Looking back at the key, she could see that it did indeed have a little tag with her room number on it. "That's stupid. If I dropped this, whoever found it could come in and take whatever they like."

Nzin took the key from her and pulled a large knife from behind him, deftly severing the tag from the key. The nice disappeared behind him once more.

"Won't the hotel complain?"

Nzin put an arm over her shoulder. "If they do, send them to me." His lips were parted slightly, revealing the numerous sharp teeth within. "I'm sure I can deal with them."

"Good. Say, were'd you get the knife from?"

"A little shop by were I live in the FASS, why?"

Angie grinned, and she shook her head. "Actually, I was asking where you hid it." It wasn't like he had a lot of clothing to conceal it in.

"Oh." Nzin stepped away from her, turning away from her. Then he took her hand in his and brought it to the band of fabric that encircled his stomach. Her fingers brushed against the fabric. It was incredibly smooth and she guessed it was made from silk. Beneath it, her fingers were able to trace the edges of the knife, but it had almost no visible impression.

As her fingers ran down the side of the knife, she was surprised to reach the bottom of the silk band without reaching the edge of the knife. Amazingly, the knife itself seemed to blend into the texture of the sakin's body. Its hilt was the same pale yellow-green as his hide and even had the pebbly texture of his scales.

"That's incredible," she said. She continued running her fingers along the hilt, and brushing against his hide.

Nzin gently pulled her hands away, then pulled the knife out once more and tossed it onto the table. "The handle is tightly wrapped in sakin-hide. This provides not only the right texture, but often even nearly the right color."

"Sakin-hide? You mean like this?" Angie touched Nzin's hide, running her fingers along its texture. "That seems so..."

"Callous?" He shrugged and turned to face her, pulling her hands from his back once more. "If it makes you feel any better, the, ah, donor died of natural causes."

"It still seems disrespectful."

Nzin shrugged. "Its not like he'll be needing it. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop rubbing there. Its rather erotic."

"Erotic? There?" Her hands had been running along the base of his tail, just at the bottom of the small of his back, but she still pulled them away.

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm not built like you." His tail swished as he spoke.

"Really?" Angie said in her best sarcastic voice. "Imagine that. Still, doesn't that make it rather awkward to wear pants?"

"I don't wear pants." He gestured at the skirt; the band at the top ran ran quite low.

"I have seen some sakin were pants."

"I imagine one could get used to it." He shrugged. "I don't really care."

Angie took a couple of steps away from the bed, surprising herself by how bad her sense of balance had become, and by home much her legs trembled. After only a couple of steps, she felt her knees give way.

Then she was caught up in a pair of strong arms that kept her from falling to the ground. Nzin guided her back to the bed and lowered her onto it once more. He sat beside her on it and she leaned against him; he was short enough that her head rested mostly on the top of his head and his ear pressed against the side of her neck. She could feel the leathery texture of its interior as it brushed across her skin every time he moved.

"How long is this going to last?"

"Anywhere from a couple hours and up. The longest I can recall seeing myself was about a day and a half. Unless you have a weakened constitution its unlikely to be more than a quarter. Six hours."

Angie laid back on the bed, pulling Nzin on top of her. "You aren't at all what I expected."

"And what were you expecting?" He rolled off of her, instead laying on his side next to her. Angie threw her arm over him, running her fingers against his skull near the base of his ears.

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21-03-2008, 05:13 PM
"The media seems intent on making your kind out to be lecherous bastards."

"Its more profitable for them. You expect truth from them?"

Nzin ran a hand through Angie's hair, then looked at the long hairs that had caught on his hand as she spoke. "Thats cynical."

"Thats what a free press gets you."

"But thats a basic right!" Angie propped herself up on her elbow and stared at Nzin.

Nzin didn't seem disturbed. "None the less," he said.

They gazed at each other for a few seconds, then Angie rolled onto her back and stared at the roof. Nzin put an arm across her breast.

Although Nzin was nothing like how the media portrayed the sakin, she was not fond of everything about him. She sighed. He had opinions she didn't care for, but was much nicer to be around than her past few boyfriends, the last of which was doing twenty years in a state penitentiary. It would be a pleasant change to be around someone who was both armed and sane.

She rolled to face Nzin once more, one arm around his back and pressing him against her. "Hold me," she whispered into his ear. He wrapped his arms around her. Her hands slipped down his back, one rubbing the base of his tail, the other undoing his skirt. She slipped this out from between them, tossing away from the bed where it fell lightly to the floor.

"Are you sure about this?" Nzin asked.

"Yes! I need someone I can trust, someone honest." As she spoke she undid and pulled off her own pants, then her panties, both of which joined Nzin's loincloth.

She rolled Nzin onto his back; his ears flattened as the back of his head pressed into the pillow. She braced herself on one arm across his chest, the leather of his harness pressing into her arm. Her other hand quested down his belly, slipping between his legs. She froze.

There was nothing there. His hide simply continued until it reached his tail. She sat straight up, looking down; sure enough, there was nothing visible there.

"I thought you were male?"

"I am." He said with a bark, his tail swishing between their legs. The hide between his legs parted and a shaft of smooth flesh slowly extended outwards. "Like I said before, I'm not built like your kind; my kind keeps such vulnerable things safely away when not in use."

Angie run her hand down the length of smooth, tapering flesh. "It seems so... wierd."

"Not the sort of thing one wants to hear about their genitals."

"It is!" she said defensively. "It looks nothing like a human's."

"It works the same," he said.

"Prove it."

Nzin flipped her over, rolling on top of her. "I will." He thrust into her, his tapering member pushing her nether lips apart, his legs pusher hers own open. She stared up at him; his eyes were focused on her, his ears perked up so strongly it looked painful. And although she couldn't see it, she could feel his tail positively lashing between their legs. Hs hands were on either side of her, holding him up as he thrust slowly into her.

Just as he'd said, his penis worked just as well as a human's. It didn't feel quite the same, but definately worked just as well.

As he repeatedly pressed himself into her, Angie reached up and pulled his head down to hers, kissing the end of his snout. Her hands wrapped around his ears, feeling the stiffness in them and massaging their base. The insides had a leathery texture totally different than his hide.

Nzin balanced on one hand, the other running his short, blunt claws between her breasts and down her stomach, elicting a shiver from her. When his hand reached the point of their physical union, it teased at her clit. He turned his head slightly, lightly licking her cheek and nibbling at her nose with his teeth.

Her hand slipped over his back, pulling his shoulders down so his chest rested on her breast, then her fingers walked downwards, fiercely rubbing against the base of his tail. She moaned his he brushed against a particularly sensitive spot with her.

"Told you it worked the same," he whispered, his maw next to her ear. She pulled one ear down, whispering into it. "Oh, yes." His ear provided little resistance, bending easily beneath her fingers, the end twitching as she held it. When she let go it sprung back into position.

His hand that had been holding him up, now free of that task, slipped between them, gently raking her nipples with its claw.

Angie's back arched as she pressed upwards, trying to push Nzin's member deeper into her. It had never felt this good before.

Nzin's tail slipped under her as he thrust, pushing her downwards towards the bed. She could feel its bulge beneath her, pressing into her back.

With a sudden movement, Angie caused them to roll over, her hips taking over the thrusting action. She kissed his snout once more, then pulled away from him, causing his penis to hang in the open air for a moment. Her natural lubricant dripped onto the bed as she slid down, then took her lover's shaft into her mouth, running her tongue along it, milking it. She could taste their mixed fluids on it, an acrid flavor that she ignored in her passion. Her hands massaged his thighs, one finger slipping into the opening from which his penis came. She could feel his body shake and tremble beneath her and, taking this as a sign of pleasure, slipped more fingers into this opening, massaging the inner folds that kept his penis safe and out of the way.

Through this sensitive flesh she could feel his heartbeat; his veins close enough to the surface that the pulsing of his blood was strong, and rapid.

"O! Kaevz!" Nzin cried, his back arching, pushing his crotch into Angie's face. She felt his penis throb against her lips and tongue, and against the fingers she had buried inside of him. Semen shot into her mouth and she swallowed, if not eagerly, than at least quickly. The taste was vile, but the passion more than made up for it.

As he finished ejaculating, she sat up and looked down at him. He gave a couple more spurts, the semen landing on the bedspread. Nzin looked relaxed beneath her and, as she reached up, rubbing his checks, it seemed to her that his muscles had lost all the tension they'd held. His penis slowly retreated into his body once more.

Nzin reached up, taking Angie's shoulders in his hands and pulled her down on top of him, her head next to his. For a moment she thought he wanted a second round, although his crotch was level with her naval with the difference in their heights.

Once again they rolled over, leaving the sexual fluids behind. Nzin pulled his hips forward slowly, his tail dragging across her clit where his pebbly scales made her gasp as they brushed it. He sat on her chest, his legs spread on either side of her. Slowly he bent over, the end of his snout just over her face. His tongue snaked out, flicking across the tip of her nose. She could feel his breath blow over her face. The foul smell of it made her wince and he must have picked up on it as he turned and nuzzled her cheek instead.

She gasped as she felt something brush against her thigh, moving across her skin erratically, but relentlessly towards her nether lips. It wasn't until this penetrated her, pushing her open, that she realized it was Nzin's tail. It pulled out and pushed in, mimicking the earlier actions of his penis. Its tip bounced inside of her, first pressing against one spot, than another.

She moaned, arching her back, as the end of Nzin's tail found her g-spot. It then focused there, teasing it. Angie could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Her breath was coming in gasps as she panted.

Then Nzin's ministrations came to fruit as she reached her climax, her body suffused with the sensations. Her back was arched and her body was clenching down on Nzin's tail. He remained still, doing nothing but watching her.

"That was incredible," she said after several seconds had gone by. Her heart had calmed down, beating only slightly faster than normal, and her entire body was relaxed. "Absolutely wonderful."

"Not bad," Nzin told her. His voice had a playful tone and his tail was swishing contentedly as he stretched out beside her.

"Not bad? That's it?"

"Not bad," he said again. "For a human."

"For a human?" She smiled as she spoke. "Perhaps I need more practice?" She batted her eyelashes at him.

"Practice is always good. So when shall we schedule it?"

"How about after dinner? I can get room service to bring up something."

Nzin made a show of looking at the clock next to the bed, exaggerating the gesture. "A late supper, I see. So, what shall it be?"

The End

21-03-2008, 05:15 PM
A Night With A Vampire

Michelle Watson is lying in her bed enjoying her last night of freedom before she completes her final year of school at the local college. Michelle is 21 and a history major. She is really into urban legends and anything to do with vampires.

Michelle has always loved her body. She is tall, almost 6' barefoot and chubby, but her tits are her best feature as far as she is concerned. She topped out at 18 wearing a size 42DD. She kept her reddish brown hair cut just above her shoulders. Her amber eyes liked to change when she was getting her pussy reamed by a hard cock. She had just let her boyfriend go home after spending all afternoon riding him.

Her window is open letting in the cool air after the hot day. She has her eyes closed as she remembers how her boyfriend had fucked her repeatedly for 3 hours straight. Her pussy starts tingling again as she relives the afternoon in her mind.

She opened her eyes when a blast of wind blew in her open window. Her eyes widen and she opens her mouth to scream as she saw what suddenly stood there.

A pale man, with jet black hair and blood red eyes stood at the end of her bed. He was dressed in a black suit with a cape billowing behind him. He held up a long slim hand putting his finger to his lips. "I wouldn't scream if I were you my dear." He smiled showing sharp fangs.

Michelle's scream died in her throat as she saw the fangs. She had read about vampires but had never met one. As far as she knew they didn't exist. Although she would willingly argue that point since one stood in her room. She quickly pulled the sheet over her naked body. "What do you want?" She asked her voice coming out in a squeak.

The vampire smiled as the cape closed around his slim body. "I have come to make you my queen of course."

She gasped when the cape opened. He stood there with nothing on but the cape. There was a light dusting of hair covering his chest, leading down to his crotch. Her eyes widened even more when she saw his cock hanging between his legs. It was at least 12 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. She cowered against the wall as he moved silently onto the bed.

"That will never fit inside me." She whimpered as he grabbed the sheet pulling it from her body then, locked his hand around one of her legs pulling her towards him.

"Don't worry my love. I will never hurt you." He continued to pull her towards him until he was resting comfortably between her spread legs. His cock poised at her entrance.

"Please." She begged feeling him throbbing against her.

He leaned his lean body down over hers as he slowly pushed into her. She whimpered as her pussy was stretched. "Shhhhhh..." he moaned pushing deeper into her depths.

She closed her eyes, as pleasure ran through her as he started sliding slowly within her. "Oooohhhh..." She moaned lifting her hips to meet his slow thrusts.

Suddenly she let out a soft cry as his fangs dug into her breast. She could feel her life's blood seeping from her body as he drank from her. He started thrusting faster inside her as he drank her. Her blood like wine on his lips.

Michelle closed her eyes as she slowly died. "I'm dying and it feels good." She whimpered as she lifted herself harder against his thrusting cock. "Fuck me." She cried weakly.

Damien continued to drink from her even as he battered her pussy with his hard strokes. She was crying out in desire and lust as he slowly felt her life slipping away from her.

When he had drunk his fill, he continued to slam into her pussy as he slit his wrist bringing it to her lips. "Drink my pet." He purred as he filled her with his pounding cock.

Michelle licked weakly at his wrist as he continued to fill her, faster and harder until she was panting with need. He shoved his wrist into her mouth where she sucked greedily even as her body convulsed in orgasm. She screamed around his arm but didn't stop drinking his blood. Feeling it bring life back to her body.

As she drank, Damien pumped harder and faster inside her. He growled when she started slamming back against him. He felt her convulse around him and he moaned deep in his throat even as he continued to slam into her. "Fuck me. Oh god Fuck me." She screamed pulling her blood stained lips from his arm. "I feel so good. Make me cum again baby. Make me cum."

Damien pulled out of her to her dismay. She let out a whimper then a squeal when he rolled her over onto her stomach with her legs spread wide and her butt sticking out. He slid into her from behind as he dug his fangs into her back. She screamed at the pain then screamed longer as his pumping hips thrust her into another orgasm.

Damien fucked her all night long. He took her on her side with him slamming into her from behind, he took her on her stomach again, and then she rode his hard cock feeling him deep inside her depths. She welcomed him into her body again and again as she screamed out her pleasure.

As dawn approached Michelle slept. She never felt him lift her into his arms or fly out the window taking her to his home in Transylvania.

She awoke at dusk with him once again drove his hard cock between her legs. She wrapped her legs around him as she pulled him deeper inside her. "Fuck me." She screamed digging her sharp, blood red nails into his chest. He retaliated by digging his fangs into her neck.

They rode the waves together. Each of them screaming in pleasure as they slammed their bodies together in the ancient dance. When he finally came inside her, she smiled, her fangs gleaming in the moonlight. She knew she would spend all eternity being loved by her new husband. All because of her night with a vampire.

The End

Well That's All For Now , Will Be Back Later In The Night For Some More . Thanks For All Your Support . :) ;)

21-03-2008, 08:39 PM
Dream Sequence

He was standing in the cavernous warehouse with the other job
applicants. The supervisor led him through the maze of rooms, and past
stacks and stacks of goods on high steel shelves. He didn't get the job,
however. So he had to figure out how to sneak his home stereo system off
his desk and get it back home so that the other employees wouldn't think he
was stealing it from the store.

He walked outside to the small parking area but no one was there, and
not a vehicle in sight. He walked out of the lot onto the road that ran
along the edge of the cliff in both directions. However, the road to the
west ended in a cuddle-sac. And the road to the right ended at a washed
out bridge far below. There was no way to leave!

He stood there waiting, when a bus drove by and stopped. He got on, but
the driver was sleeping in the back. He got in the driver's seat, and
drove off.

He stopped the bus in town and walked up to a tiny rustic cottage just
off the street. Inside, sunlight filtered in through the thatched roof
onto the face of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She ran in
panic into an elevator on the far wall and the door closed after her. He
ran up and got in the next elevator and pressed the UP button.

The elevator went a long way up. He watched floor after floor pass
through chain link door. After what seemed like hours, the elevator
finally stopped. The door opened onto a city street. Stepping outside,
the elevator was framed in a large plain concrete building along a gritty
urban sidewalk. The girl was running down the street as fast as she could

He ran after her and came to a pier. A huge ship was docked there, but
there was no gangplank. He climbed up the side of the ship until he
reached the deck. The girl ran down some stairs to the deck below.

He went to his stateroom and went to sleep. The next morning, the girl
was nowhere on the ship. He climbed back down the side of the ship into
the street. He chased her through streets walled by faceless concrete

He came to a wooded area and found a large redwood tree with an arch in
the side. Inside the arch was a landing of a spiral staircase carved in
the center of the tree that led both up and down. He went down, around and
around, and came to another landing of the staircase. He exited the
landing and stepped out onto an open grassy field.

Off in the distance, the girl ran into the glass-lined lobby of a large
office building. She disappeared into another elevator. He got in another
elevator and pressed the UP button again. After another interminably long
elevator ride, the elevator opened into a stark gray underground
passageway. He heard her footsteps in the distance and ran after her.

Another man was there and he asked the other man how to get to the
surface. He said the shortest way was down that side corridor a short way
and then up the stairs to the surface. He ran down the side corridor, but
spinning fan blades and loud grinding machines filled the entire width and
height of the corridor. He was terrified to try and pass through the
machinery. He went back and took a different corridor. He felt like he
was running through molasses as his legs struggled to make headway. After
running this way and that, he corridor exited out onto a city sidewalk

The girl was standing there. He caught her by surprise. He grabbed her
tightly and leapt into the air. He flew off with her flapping his arms to
lift himself and the girl higher and higher into the sky. He flew among
tall buildings, searching for his building and his apartment.

He spotted it in amongst the forest of hi-rise buildings, and let
himself glide down to land on his balcony.

Holding the girl tightly, he brought her inside and pressed her gently
down to the carpeted floor. He quickly pulled her clothes off. Then he
removed his clothes and mounted her. He thrust his hard throbbing cock in
and out, in and out of her pussy. After a moment, he felt spasm after
spasm of joyous relief.

He finished in the nick of time as a distant sound, "BUZZ! BUZZ!
BUZZ!" grew louder and louder in his mind and the girl slowly vaporized in
his arms.


21-03-2008, 08:43 PM
Blowjob Mania ( Part 1)

Eddie didn't usually pay much attention to the supermarket tabloids; you
know, the ones that claim that Elvis is still alive and living on Mars with
a family of space aliens. Yet today's headline was enough to catch the eye
of any red-blooded American male: countless women throughout the city of
Atlanta were stopping men on the street and offering to give them blowjobs
right then and there.

A few days later, the local newspaper reported the same thing. For one
week in September, women throughout Atlanta had been offering blowjobs to
men on the street. The article dismissed it as some sort of college prank
during rush week at Georgia Tech. Yet one fact that the article glossed
over was that it was being done by women from all walks of life, not just
college coeds.

The thrill died down for a while, then the same thing started happening
again a few months later in cities throughout the USA: Cambridge, MA;
Ithaca, NY; Pasadena, CA; Princeton, NJ; and Rennsselear, NY.

As time went on, the activity seemed to be becoming a national craze.
Arrests for public indecency flooded the courts. But, if anything, the
behavior was spreading.

It was a typical Wednesday afternoon searching for a programming bug in
a C++ program with some co-workers at his terminal in one of hundreds of
identical cubicles in the offices of Lotsatech.

The phenomena hadn't reached the Chicago suburbs, and Eddie had been
thinking idly of taking a couple of days off some upcoming weekend to take
a brief vacation to one of those cities in New York, New Jersey or
California, just to see what the fuss was all about, you understand.

Cindy pointed at the glowing code on his terminal, "There! I see it!
You coded _for (i=0; i<10; i++);_ when you should have coded _for (i=0;
i<100; i++);_.

"Yeah! Carol added. That sure looks like that would cause our bug!"

"Okay!" Eddie said, and made the change, and typed _make_ for the
umpteenth time.

Eddie's stomach growled just then. Looking at his watch it was about
ten minutes to noon. Almost time for lunch, and get away from C++ code for
an hour.

Eddie glanced back at the computer screen as the compile finished.
"Ready to try again?" he said.

He turned to face the women who were giving him the strangest look.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Can I give you a blowjob, Eddie?" Carol asked in a hushed voice, then
looked nervously around.

Eddie gasped and sputtered. "What?"

21-03-2008, 08:45 PM
Blowjob Mania ( Part 2 )

"No!" Cindy said and looked around nervously too. "Let me give you one,
Eddie! Please!"

"Hey!" Carol said a little urgently. "I asked first!"

It was one thing to fantasize about going off in search of the elusive
blowjob. It was quite another to be offered blowjobs by two female
co-workers in your cubicle at work in the middle of the afternoon.

"I, uhm, don't think so," he stammered. "I mean, it's not a good idea.
Not here at work."

"We can go into an empty conference room!" Carol urged. "Please!"

"Me too!" Cindy added with equal urgency. "Please, Eddie! I'd really
love to suck on your cock!"

Eddie got firm. "Some other time. You know the rules about sexual
harassment. I really don't want to get fired!"

The girls rushed out of Eddie's cube in a huff and disappeared in the
maze of cubicles.

Eddie headed down to the cafeteria for lunch. While waiting for the
elevator, it occurred to him that Cindy and Carol were probably just
teasing him. They'd surely heard the news. Shit, it was the biggest new
story since 9/11. They probably just wanted to get a laugh at his reaction
when he accepted their offers and they, then, said, "Fuck off!"

The elevator stopped on the way down. A woman entered and stared at him
for a moment. "Hey! You want a blowjob?" she asked.

"What? Here? Now?"

"Yeah! Now! C'mon! My husband says I give real good head!"

"Your husband? I don't think so," Eddie stammered.

"But why not?" she persisted.

21-03-2008, 08:48 PM
Blowjob Mania ( Part 3)

The elevator door opened at the mezzanine level, and Eddie rushed out
down the hall to the cafeteria. The sexual energy in the air was
unmistakable. Women everywhere were arguing with men in hushed whispers.
Eddie had no doubts about what the conversations were about.

The server women were at their stations serving lasagna and carving cold
cuts, so this _compulsion_ wasn't totally overpowering. Yet pained looks
in their eyes showed that they'd rather be doing something other than
serving lunch.

Eddie picked a salad out of the cart and quickly paid the female
cashier, who was obviously struggling to maintain her composure, to find a
seat in the dining hall. The same sexual energy filled the air. Then.
Ohmygod! At a table against the far wall: a woman was under the table with
her head between some guy's legs with his trousers loosened. And over in
the corner, behind a partially open door: a woman was on her knees with her
head planted on some guy's crotch, with his slacks undone.

Holy shit! It's really happening! Don't be a fool, man! Accept some
woman's offer before whatever's going on blows over!

He ate quickly and headed back to his cubicle. He considered how he
would handle the next offer. Perhaps he would suggest they find an empty
conference room, or go into that small one-only lavatory off by the

"Psst!" a woman's voice came from behind him. Turning, he faced a
somewhat older woman in a conservative gray skirt and blouse. "May I suck
on your cock?" she asked in a whisper.

Eddie recognized her. Holy shit! She was the division manager of the
Mid-Range Server Solutions Business Unit--something Jameson--his boss's
boss's boss. "Uh," he stammered. "Where?"

She looked around a moment and said, "My office. C'mon!"

Her office, he knew was in _executive country,_ that semi-private
corridor on the second floor that you get to by going through the
marble-tiled atrium overlooking the lobby. "Okay," he whispered back.

Eddie turned red when her private secretary gave them a knowing glance
as they passed through her outer office into her inner office.

Her business unit being one of the smaller, her office wasn't one of the
coveted corner offices, yet it was as spacious as his L-shaped living
room-dining room at home.

The moment she closed and locked her door, she dropped to her knees and
said, "C'mon! Drop 'em!" She glanced at her watch. "I have a
reorganization meeting in fifteen minutes!"

Eddie cautiously unbuckled his pants and slowly unzipped his trousers.
What if this was a huge joke, and he was about to show his pecker to the
big boss and get fired on the spot for sexual harassment?

He pushed his Jockeys down and let it flop out, semi-rigid.

21-03-2008, 08:51 PM
Blowjob Mania ( Part 4 )

Without hesitation, she leaned forward and engulfed it in one gulp.
Holy shit! Her continuous swallowing motion drew him to full erection in a
near instant. With her nose pressed tightly to his short hairs, it wasn't
long before he grabbed the back of her head and exploded deep down her
throat. She didn't miss a beat, either, and it ended all too soon.

He felt his body twitch as he tried to squeeze the last few drops out
the tip of his cock into her throat. After a moment, she slid her lips off
his shaft and looked up. She stood, brushed off her business suit, and
said "Thank you!"

"Uh, thank you, too!" he said.

In a flurry of activity, she grabbed some papers off her desk, and flew
out the door, leaving him alone in her office. So that's that. He zipped
up his slacks and headed for the door, and bumped into the secretary in the

"Sorry," he said as he tried to pass her.

"Wait!" she said. "Can I give you a blowjob, too?"

"Uhm," said Eddie.

She walked into the inner office and closed the door.

"Uhm," Eddie said again.

She reached for his belt. "C'mon! Linda won't be back for at least an

"But I just, er, came a second ago. I don't know if I can come again so

"It won't hurt to try, will it?" she asked. "Please!"

Before he could answer, she was on her knees, unbuckling his belt and
pulling his trousers down. His cock was still moist with Linda's saliva as
her secretary now swallowed it, again, to his short hairs.

No prior girlfriend had ever deep-throated him, even when they relented
to give him a blowjob at all. Now, two women in a row sucked the whole
thing down in one quick gulp. Wow!

He was, indeed, drained. It took nearly twenty minutes of continuous
sucking before he even got hard again, and another twenty to bring him to
his second orgasm. Past girlfriends had complained of fatigue after a mere
minute or two. How was this possible?

Upon draining him thoroughly, she, too, stood and said, "Thank you!" and
returned to her desk in the outer office as if nothing had happened.

He hurried out before any more women found him alone in that office.

He had to fervently decline blowjobs from two more women on the elevator
on his way back to his cube. When he got there, Joe was in Diane's cubicle
across the aisle, and she was on her knees giving him a blowjob. What the
hell is going on?

" Actually there is more of Eddie's blowjob . He is dam lucky guy. If response is good I'll continue "

21-03-2008, 11:52 PM
Here's one - An Erotic Poem: Romantic Dreams

Romantic Dreams

I thought about you all the night
I thought about what you might like
to fulfill all your romantic dreams
and even your wildest fantasies
first I would kiss your lips
and let you taste the wine I just sipped
the kisses would be long and deep
until wetness from my panties did seep
I'd nibble on your neck your arms and face
while you held me in a warm embrace
our tongues would play again and again
our kisses would never end
as you explored every part of my mouth

Then I would head down
caressing your sides, back and chest
and I would lick and suck
each nipple........

slowly moving even further down
your cock to me would taste so yummy
as my tongue would circle and tease
while I slid my hand down your tummy
I would touch your cock
and make you gasp and groan
and from your sweet mouth you would roaringly moan
as my tongue would slip
around your cock
and lick the wetness that drips

As my tongue slides down your shaft
I feel your hips move with ease
your hands on my head guide me up and down your shaft
I nibble on your throbbing balls
with my hot tongue and tease
and make you writhe with ecstasy......

Then, as your shaft grew hard, squirm would gently slide
my wet silken bush down your hard shaft as you glide
it in to my velvet recesses, feeling your hard as it is pulsating
I move slowly at first, and then a rougher ride
as I make you moan and scream and cry
and you hold me tight as you feel all tingly inside

I'd make you cum and cum again
and keep you begging for more
I'd fuck you all night
until we were both exhausted and sore
and then we would fall asleep
with you still inside of me
and you would hold to me like glue
and kiss my lips.....
and say these simple words........I love you

22-03-2008, 12:12 AM
Two Wives, Two Lives

It's my thirtieth anniversary.

I'm sitting here, typing, trying to find a way to relate what this anniversary is all about. My wife is upstairs sleeping, snoring that charming little singsong snore she produces when we've just made love. I can't be sure whether it's her third or fourth orgasm that turns on the snore button.

Gretchen has been my wife for eighteen years. And it's my thirtieth anniversary.

Life has been just grand for us. She's a very attractive woman, in a plain way, who has devoted herself to me completely -- more than I deserve -- and who has given me four fine children. She even initiates lovemaking , like tonight; she came up behind me tonight and whispered, "I got this little itch. Can Mr Magic Tongue come out and play?"

As good as my life is, and as much as I love Gretchen, she's not the love of my life. I lost her twice: once twenty-two years ago, and once thirty years before that.

It's my thirtieth anniversary, you see.

Let me back up to a time when I was fourteen. I was a high-school freshman -- my birthday came late, and so I was always a tad older than most of my classmates -- and I was coasting through on my native intelligence. I made decent grades, good enough to get into most state-supported universities; but I was not really motivated.

Fortune dealt me a blow, one I did not see coming. Right after my sophomore year, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It wasn't one of those you'll-be-dead-in-six-months cancers. Even back then, the state of the art was good enough to save her; but it was expensive. My folks had insurance, but the needed treatments drained their savings.

So, no college for me.

I was glad my mom was okay, don't get me wrong. It just meant I was going to have to work for a living, at least for a while.

Fortune then smiled on me in another unexpected way.

Two days after high school graduation, I got a call from an Air Force recruiter. With no prospects for college, at least in the short term, I reluctantly signed up. I had my parents blessing; my dad said good things came from national service.

He was right. After basic training, I was assigned to DLI, the Defense Language Institute. My all-A-plusses-all-the-time in French during high school made me a hot language prospect.

So they taught me Russian.

I was actually very good at it. I went through Basic and Intermediate at the top of my class, then spent time in duty stations that "forced" me (darn the luck!) to practice this new skill.

After the Air Force, I attended a university which offered a Russian Language major. I cruised through it. I had never enjoyed school more.

Along the way I met Jessie, a pretty young woman who practically raped me on our third date. She may not have been a nymphomaniac, but the differential diagnosis would have been a bitch. We fucked, screwed, made love and anything else you can call it, then married as soon as I graduated.

A baby girl followed in under a year. I got a job translating Russian technical specs for an engineering firm. I was apparently living the American dream.

Then it all went to shit. Jessie announced one evening she was having an affair, she was leaving me, and my daughter was not my daughter. This was well before the Maury Show came on the air; I had no way to fight except to hire expensive lawyers, which I could not afford, and anyway she moved out of state as soon as I was served with divorce papers.

A year later I was 28, divorced, and miserable.

I soldiered on for a few years. What else could I do?

As always happens, life has a way of taking one's mind off one's worries; and so it was with me. I rose through the ranks in my job as a translator and editor. I stayed away from personal relationships for the most part, though there were a few brief interludes.

Then, when I was 31, some friends conspired to introduce me to Becky.

Becky was my age, and as I learned later, never married. I was very hesitant to press hard, considering my past experiences. Nevertheless, by six weeks we were kissing passionately, struggling to keep our hands in the proper places.

Then one night, it just... happened.

We were sitting on my couch, and our desires erupted. Our clothes evaporated, and somehow we floated up in the air and landed on my bed (well, not really). We touched and kissed and sucked and...

and then I was inside her, erupting, and her orgasm was a soft squeal in my ear, a musical sound I wanted to hear again and again.

She had intimated, without ever saying as much, that she was not a virgin. Her head was on my shoulder; she was relaxed, as was I, and I gently tweaked her left nipple with my right thumb and forefinger. She lifted her face to mine and we kissed.

"So," I said softly, "was it good for you?"

She giggled and slapped me gently on the chest.

For some reason I pressed on. "So was I better than your first lover?" I asked, expecting a positive reply.

She stiffened. "I don't want to talk about that," she said flatly.

I let it drop. Touched a nerve, I suppose.

Time went by; within three weeks we had moved in together, and a year later we were wed in a small ceremony. Her parents had passed, as had my mother, due to a recurrence of her cancer; my father had dropped off my radar.

We never had children -- something in her could not conceive -- and we bonded closer every year out of love and need.

God, I loved that woman, more than any man had ever loved any woman, as I thought.

If I thought I was living the American Dream before, this was the real deal. I even took up golf (which I had never regarded as a sport) and tennis (too lazy to put out that much effort). We had a fine circle of friends.

I thought nothing could spoil my happiness.

When I was 44 things began to change. I guess it was a version of a midlife crisis, and it took several weeks to coalesce; but when it did, I was consumed.

I wanted to know about who came before me.

I tried to ask her, in several clumsy ways. Either she did not get it, or she shut me out. Nothing would get her to open up.

Finally one evening I was particularly peevish. I had been picking fights for several evenings, but this one evening I was really a prick. (I relate this not to justify my actions, nor to elicit sympathy; I'm merely facing what I did.)

Finally she said, "Dammit, what the hell is wrong with you?"

She never swore. I had hit the right nerve, but it left me feeling too guilty. For reasons I don't understand, I simply sat in my easy chair and wept.

She seemed genuinely horrified. She knelt at my side and said, "Baby, please, I love you, what's wrong?"

I composed myself as best I could, and said, "I'm obsessed."

"With what?" she asked, looking concerned.

"You won't discuss it with me," I replied, and again dissolved into tears.

She was silent for a moment, and then said, "You're curious about my first lover, aren't you?"

I nodded.

She rose and sat in her chair. She sat silently, looking at me, and at length, reached over, took my hand, and said, "Let's go to the bedroom, and I'll tell you about it."

I was snubbing the whole way, but I let her lead me into the bedroom. She carefully undressed me, and then herself, and guided us both onto the bed.

She stroked my hair a few times. "I was twenty-three," she said.

I looked at her. She held my gaze, and said, "I held onto my virginity until I was twenty-three years old. Quite a feat, when we were young, eh?" She smiled, and I laughed nervously.

"I was in college," she said. "The local community college. There was this guy named Gordon, I had known him since grade school, and I had the biggest crush on him. Anyway, he had been in the Army or something, and he saw me one day when he was home and asked me to go out."

She paused. "I went out with him. We dated a few times, and he started telling me he had always loved me, and wanted me, and next thing you know I'm not a virgin anymore."

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22-03-2008, 12:14 AM
There was a moment of silence. "So, was it good?" I asked.

She was silent for a moment, as a tear leaked out of her eye and landed on her breast. "I can't recall," she said. "I do not remember the first time I had sex." She looked at me. "Ain't that a bitch?" she said.

We both chuckled mirthlessly, and then fell silent.

"I do remember the last time," she said shakily, after a moment. "It was October, there was some big football game going on, and his family were all glued to the TV. He got me up to his bedroom and made lov... no, he fucked me. There was no love. He fucked me." Her final words were full of heat.

"After we got done," she said, "He was all like, Hey, it's me, but I can't see you anymore, there's someone else, I have to be fair..." She wept for a moment, and said, "He wanted a piece of ass as a going away present! That's ALL I WAS TO THAT ASSHOLE!"

She was weeping unreservedly now.

I held her. I said, rather weakly, "I'd never treat you that way."

She turned her face to me. "Why do you think I fell into bed with you when I did?" she rasped? "You loved me, you were a gentleman, and I needed you. I loved you. I LOVE you! Don't you get how much you mean to me?" Tears were falling openly.

I kissed her without reservation. We made love quietly, desperately.

After, she turned her back to spoon up against me. She took my right hand and pressed it into her right breast, right where I loved it.

She was silent for a moment. "That bastard gave me the clap," she said. "Ate my insides. I couldn't give you children no matter what."

I kissed the back of her neck. "You're my lover and friend," I said. "Fuck everything else."

She leaned back to kiss me, and we fell asleep.

My last thought was, God, what I would give to have known her years before.

Then sleep took me away.


I awakened the next morning to the smell of....

... bacon frying? What the hell? I had not smelled that for years, not since my mother cooked it for me. I never ate anything heavy for breakfast, usually grapefruit and some extracted apple juice.

I got out of bed and stumbled into the living room. It was my parents' home, all right. My dad was sitting there reading the morning paper, just as he always did.

When he spotted me, he said, "Hey, bud, I was just coming to wake you up."

I looked at him blankly,and asked, "What's going on?"

He regarded me warily and said, "Nothing's going on. What's going on?"

I was silent for a moment. "I'm confused."

He frowned. My mother walked into the room and said, "Did you have a nightmare?"

"Maybe..." I started, and then, "Maybe that's it. Yeah, definitely... had to be."

"Are you feeling all right?" asked my dad.

I didn't answer for a moment. "I think so," I said at length. "Just a nightmare."

He seemed mollified, and my mother had returned to cooking, so I retreated to the bathroom, where I threw up.

My dad heard it, and came to the bathroom door. "Son, are you sick?"

"I was for a second, there... I think I'm okay now," I answered, cleaning out the vile taste from my mouth.

I emerged from the bathroom to my parents looking very grim. My mother said, "It could be the flu." She held a hand to my forehead. "Doesn't feel warm..."

My dad had a light-bulb moment. He said, "I'll bet it's nerves about the first day of high school."

Oh, shit. I had awakened on the first day of my freshman year.

"Maybe he should stay home," my mother said.

Suddenly a million thoughts and possibilities ran through my head. "No," I said hastily, "It's okay. I'll be fine. It must have been nerves that gave me the nightmare, too. I just need to plunge on in."

My parents were now truly suspicious. I had never shown that kind of interest in school; but since there was nothing illegal, immoral or fattening about it, they let it drop.

To say my approach to school was different is a great understatement. I whizzed through Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II in the first semester alone. I convinced Ms DuPree, my French teacher, that I had already studied French in grade school, and asked if I could take the French I final for credit-by-exam. She was astonished when I aced it.

I rooted around in the library one day, found a book I seemed to remember -- Winnie the Pooh in Russian -- and found I could read it. Yes! My great skill was intact.

I talked to the coaching staff about golf -- I remembered having friends on the golf team in high school -- and sure enough I qualified. Tennis would have interfered, so a choice had to be made, and I settled on golf.

My first trip through high school I was regarded an underachiever who was pretty good with French and decent in the sciences. This time, I was a right oddity; I was at the top of my class, good in every subject, lettered in golf all four years, and I could speak Russian on top of everything else.

By a twist of a point here and there, I missed being named Valedictorian and had to settle for Salutatorian. No matter; I had scholarship offers out the ass. Of course, I chose the one that would place me in proximity to Becky.

I won't belabor the next few years. Suffice to say, I had to tweak circumstances to allow me to meet Becky, but meet her I did.

I deliberately followed the same courtship path as I had the first time I met her. (I was determined to be a gentleman, especially in light of what she had told me.) She responded exactly as I hoped; she was in love with me, at a point before Gordon ripped off her innocence.

One evening after dinner, just sitting around the table, I brought up the subject of the future.

"So, where are we headed?" I asked.

She blushed and shrugged. "I dunno. I'm sorta waiting on you."

I smiled. "We've been seeing each other for... what, three months?" She nodded. "So," I continued, "maybe it's a tad early to commit ourselves fully to one another in a formal engagement. Personally, I'm not seeing anyone else, and don't really want to. How about you?"

"I don't date, except for you,"she replied.

"So why don't we leave it like this: We'll grant one another exclusivity, and revisit the question in, say, three months?"

"Grant one another exclusivity?" she mocked. "How utterly formal!" she laughed, putting on airs.

I laughed, too. "Sounded better than saying, 'going steady.'"

"No it didn't," she replied, and we enjoyed a nice laugh together. After a moment, she looked me straight in the eye, and said, "I accept." We leaned in together for a kiss.

I did not see her for the next week, and then all hell broke loose.

I left her messages which she did not answer; I drove by her apartment and no one was home. To say I was worried only hints at the depth of my emotion.

Finally, one evening there was a light knocking on the door. I opened it, and there stood Becky, looking dreadful. She came in without being asked, and announced, "We have to talk."

"No shit," I muttered.

Once we were seated on the couch, she said, "Please let me say what I have to say. Don't interrupt." I said nothing, and she continued, "Remember when we agreed to exclusivity, whatever you called it?"
 I nodded.

"The next day, I ran into this guy named Gordon. You never met him. We went to school together, and I always had the biggest crush on him. He just got out of the Coast Guard, and moved back to town.

"He told me he had always had a crush on me. Me!" She paused to stifle a little sob. "He wanted to see me that evening. One thing led to another, and I... I let him take my virginity." She sobbed a few deep sobs. I felt like an icy fist was clamping my heart.

"He said he wanted to be with me forever. I know I promised you, but... I've wanted him for so long, and I just can't let the opportunity pass me by." She wiped her eyes. "Can you understand that?"

I stood, feeling like a zombie. I walked to the door, opened it, and said, "Get out." She sobbed again, but complied. As she walked out the door, I said, "Becky? I wish you well. I hope he doesn't break your heart."

She made as if to hug me, but I held up my hands. She turned and walked away.

Seems you can't cheat fate.

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22-03-2008, 12:15 AM
I threw myself into my work for several months, racking up 80-hour weeks regularly. A couple of my friends noticed; my supervisor even told me I should take a break.

Throughout that time, I kept wondering, alternately, how I could have been so stupid, and how I might have succeeded. I finally concluded I was just screwed. What the hell? I thought. I had a good career, a good reputation, and with this new guy Gorbachev in power in Moscow, maybe I'd have a chance to take my skills to the motherland.

One evening I was at my favorite bar, nursing a Coors Extra Gold -- I don't drink much, but like the song says, I like to go where everybody knows my name -- when a woman sat beside me. I looked at her briefly (I'm not an ogler) and noticed she was my age or thereabouts, short blond hair, natural by the looks of it, and sharply-defined features. I nodded to her, and turned back to my beer.

She ordered a club soda with lime, then turned to me and said, "Hi, Jeff."

I raised an eyebrow. "Do I know you?" I asked a bit peevishly.

"No," she said, "but we've met. Briefly." The bartender delivered her drink.

"I'm waiting," I said.

"Well, we work for the same company. Different divisions, of course. I'm in accounting. I started four months ago. Bill Limpert took a group of new hires around, and we shook hands. My name is Gretchen," she said.

I thought for a bit, and a low-wattage bulb went off. "Was your hair a little longer then?"

She laughed lightly. "I knew you'd remember."

"Then pardon my brusqueness before. I'm not used to lovely ladies chatting me up." I paused; then: "Gretchen. For some reason it fits. You're very Scandinavian." She smiled.

"I have an idea," she said conspiratorially. "Let's go to Graham's and get a sandwich."

Graham's was my favorite deli. Suddenly I felt a little setup. "Did Alex set us up? He swore he wouldn't."

She sat passively. "I don't know any Alex, and no, this was not arranged. I mean, I knew you came here, but... well, let's go to Graham's and talk."

I finally agreed. We left the bar and headed into the cool night air. The three-block walk cleared my head and worked off most of the suspicion I was still feeling.

We bought our sandwiches and sat at a corner table. The clientele was light, an hour before closing. We made small talk.

Finally, I said, "Okay, so tell me. You knew I came here, because...?"

She blushed. "Well, I sort of followed you a couple of times. I wasn't stalking you, I swear. I just... I don't know, I had one of those hubba-hubba moments when we met. You looked right into my eyes."

"I do tend to do that," I replied, grinning a little. I'm often complimented on the fact I look into the face of whoever is speaking.

"I mentioned you to one of the other women in accounting. She told me you were spoken for, and then a few weeks later rumours started floating about how you had broken up with whoever-she-was." She looked sheepish. "I guess I started looking for opportunities to find out more about you."

"Then I guess I'm flattered," I said after a moment. "So how much else have you learned?"

"That I'd like to get to know you better," she said, blushing even harder. "Look, this is totally out of character for me. I've *never* been this assertive before."

I couldn't help it; I laughed. "So are you asking me out on a date?"

"Well," she said, smiling foolishly, "I guess I am. Kinda."

We both laughed at that. "Okay, Gretchen, you win. I have two tickets -- at least, I think I still have them -- to see Bill Cosby at the Forum next Saturday evening. Interested?"

Her eyes widened. "You better believe it!"

I won't belabor the rest of the evening. Suffice to say, we had a nice time chatting, then went our separate ways.

I found myself running into her during the next week, and looking forward to being with her. I even remembered to drop a discreet note on her desk asking for her address and phone number. I found a little yellow note with her information on my desk a couple of hours later.

I called her that evening and spent two hours talking to her. It was the best I had felt in a while.

The next several weeks went very well. We began to see one another virtually every evening. I was cautious, though; I didn't want to go too far too fast. I was still more-or-less in rebound mode. We canoodled, but innocently enough.

That came to an end one Friday evening as I walked her to her apartment building. We had had a nice light dinner and attended a book signing be one of my favorite authors. It may sound dull, but we were very comfortable together.

As we approached her door, I said, "You know, you really should let me cook for you sometime. I'm pretty good at it."

She looked at me with a crooked smile and said, "And I'm lucky if I can boil water without burning down the building."

I took her hand. "So how about chicken cutlets with wilted spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, rice, green beans, fresh-baked foccacia and an apple-compote dessert?"

She laughed uproariously. "I can't even pronounce half of that!" she gasped.

"Oh, sure you can. My place, tomorrow at three, you can keep me company while I cook."

She held both of my hands. "I'd be delighted,"she said, and leaned forward to kiss me. It wasn't our first kiss, but the first really deep, romantic-bordering-on-erotic kiss. I gathered her into my arms and held her, albeit at a respectable distance; my penis was paying attention, and I *know* she felt it, but I didn't want to ruin things.

Once again we parted on a very high note.

The next morning I hit the floor at 6am and began cleaning everything. I'm pretty clean, but I wanted to impress a woman, and that meant the pube patrol had to be on high alert.

After cleaning, I showered and made a banzai run through the market, grabbing fresh everything.

I had just laid out the final ingredients when, right at 3pm, there was a knock on the door. I opened it, and there stood Gretchen. I pulled her in, and planted a huge kiss on her; she reciprocated, and we pulled back a fraction of a second from not giving a damn about dinner.

She sat at the kitchen table while I scraped, peeled, kneaded, coated, and arranged everything. She was suitably impressed with my abilities; I was in heaven just talking to her about her family and mine, school, work, whatever.

We ate what I cooked, and drank a bit of good chardonnay. We had dessert; I believe we wanted one another instead.

As we were sitting on the loveseat, allowing dinner to settle, there came a frantic knocking at my door. Suddenly, I knew what was going to happen. I excused myself.

I opened the door, and there stood Becky. "He dumped me!" she sobbed, "the bastard dumped me!" She tried to enter, but I blocked the way.

She looked at me, her eyes matted messes. "Didn't you hear me?" she wailed.

"Becky," I said softly, "lower your voice. I have company and neighbors. No one wants to hear you shrieking about what someone did to you."

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22-03-2008, 12:17 AM
She sobbed. "But I thought you *LOVED* me!" she cried.

"DAMMIT!" I hissed. "Keep your voice down!" She looked as if she'd been slapped. I continued, "I know, the love-of-your-life dumped you after taking a victory lap on the SS Becky."

"How did you know?" she asked softly.

"A little bird told me. Now get out of here."

She was suddenly silent. "I thought you loved me," she repeated.

"Until you dumped me. Now just get out of here. I mean it."

Tears flowed again. As she turned to leave, I said, "Becky? I'm sorry. I hope you find happiness. I already have."

She glanced toward my apartment, turned and ran down the stairs.

I went back inside and locked the door. Gretchen was standing there, looking curious. "Old girlfriend," I offered lamely. "She got dumped."

"There's more to it than that."

"Yes," I admitted. We sat on the loveseat. "Look, she was the one I was with when we met." I laid out the story, leaving out the fact I had known Becky in, literally, another life.

When I was done, Gretchen looked at me with moist eyes. "You're a sweetie," she said. "I need to tell you something, though."

Oh, shit, I thought. Here we go again. I flipped my hand and said, "Go on."

"I've been a little... well, wanton around you. You really fire me up," she said.

I waited a moment. "And...?" I prompted.

She sighed. "I'm feeling a little ashamed. I've been wanting to jump your bones, but after all these years... see, I'm virgin."

I was taken aback. Then it occurred to me -- so was I! I mean, technically. "Well," I said carefully, "I am too. I guess I should feel a little ashamed, myself."

She laughed, and placed her hand on my face. "I really want to give my virginity to you. On my wedding night," she added.

I looked her in the eye. "Are you proposing to me?" I asked with a straight face.

She nodded nervously.

I said, "You are *so* assertive!" and laughed. I leaned over to kiss her, and said, "I accept."

She laughed and wept and kissed me, and during the next three hours we planned out a life together. We spoke our sexual desires and taboos, and swore not to give into our temptations, with each other or anyone else.

I will not detail the next eight months. Suffice to say our wedding was a joyous occasion, and our wedding night was a happy shedding of inhibitions and innocence. I remembered enough of what I had known from before to make her inaugural orgasm (at my hands) the first of three that preceded the actual parting of her hymen.

To say I satisfied her is to understate to issue. As evidence, I introduce our children: a lovely daughter, ready for college at the age of sixteen; twin boys with a shared flair for football and tennis; and a pigtailed, strawberry-blonde caboose who surprised everyone, and then proceeded to wrap me around her little finger.

Which brings us back to where we started.

While my Gretchen snoozes and my children sleep under the blanket of their parents' mutual devotion, I find myself bedeviled, always, by the thoughts of Becky. She was my love a lifetime ago, and I hate myself for even considering her.

But consider her I do. Oh, sure, time has muted the pain; but it's always in the background. I hate myself all the more because there are times, just occasionally, when I think I might ditch all this for her. The temptation is momentary; I shake my head and slap myself (figuratively). But I still miss her.

And tonight is the thirtieth anniversary of the last time I ever slept with her.



As I've been writing this elegy, I've had the radio on the local jazz station. As I typed the final words, the soft strains of George Winston started. It's his rendition of Vince Guaraldi's Cast Your Fate To the Wind.

I find comfort in that thought.

I don't know where I'll be when I wake up tomorrow. Thirty years may be a magical number, and maybe not. Perhaps tomorrow evening this time, I'll be here; and maybe I'll be with Becky, where I started. Or perhaps I'll be fourteen, and face the decision of what to do all over again.

But, just for tonight, I will go and snuggle behind my Gretchen, and I will cast my fate to the wind.

The End

22-03-2008, 12:20 AM
Last story for tonight , please do enjoy and Thanks for your support . ;)

A Weekend Escape

Several weeks have passed since Cassie and Ben joined Jon and me for that memorable evening. Every day for that first week at work, whenever Cassie and I saw each other, I had to stifle a smile, while Cassie's beautiful face would instantly turn crimson. We still have lunch together every day, as we did before, but the increased closeness we share is palpable to us, and I think evident to anyone who even glances our way. We haven't had a repeat episode of lovemaking together, and I think it is quietly understood between us that we probably won't.

Since then, Jon has become an almost permanent fixture in my house, and I have become an almost permanent fixture on the end of his cock. We simply cannot keep our clothes on, or our hands off. He hasn't exactly moved in with me, but he is only on campus for class, volleyball games, and to pick up some clothes from his closet. I really need to start sewing some buttons back on his shirts. After all, he has bought me new bras and thongs to replace the ones that mysteriously have gone missing.

Last night, after having our way with one another, we lay naked together in the hammock in my patio garden. Jon told me the university is scheduled to host an educator's conference next week. As he lightly stroked my hair, he whispered to me, "I will be free from Thursday afternoon until Tuesday morning."

As I toyed with his cum coated shaft, I coyly offered, "What did you have in mind, kind sir?"

"Well," he replied, "I was wondering if you and I could spend the long weekend together. Sort of a mini-vacation. It would be like Spring Break, and I would be with the hottest girl in the school."

"Jon," I reminded him, "I would be the oldest girl in the school. Those two cheerleaders still snub me at your volleyball games. They call me 'Granny' behind your back. They must think I'm too old to hear them."

"Screw them, and anyone else who doesn't like it," he said. "How many times do I have to tell you that I love you, and that age doesn't matter to me? Remember, you're only 7 years older than I am anyway."

That was a surprise when he first told me. Despite his youthful appearance, Jon is actually a graduate student at the university. One evening, after a fairly athletic lovemaking session, I tearfully lamented on how his youth would eventually get the better of our relationship. While holding me in his strong arms he asked, "Just how old do you think I am?"

Between sobs, I managed to answer, "You're still in college. You can't be much more than 21."

After a long, deep kiss I wished could last forever, he placed a finger under my chin and brought my tear filled, emerald green eyes to meet his. "Shannon, darling," he said, "I'm actually in grad school at the university. I'm 28. You're 35. What's the big deal?"

I was flabbergasted. I literally couldn't speak. He laughed softly, as the realization came over me. Without a word, I pushed him on his back and straddled him. I kissed him hard, while my tongue played roughly with his. With my fingers entwined in his thick, dark hair, I brought his mouth to my left nipple. He grasped my tits in his hands, as I guided his now sturdy cock into my ever eager slit. I immediately began to vigorously ride his more than ample cock.

Ignoring his pleading to slow down, I quickened the pace and the force of my thrusts, as I mercilessly slammed him into my sopping wet cunt. When he realized I wouldn't stop, he grasped my hips and began to help me pound his hot, throbbing shaft between my legs. I felt his cock thicken inside me, as my own orgasm began to build. I drove his cock fully into me one last time and clamped down hard, as our orgasms simultaneously burst to life. I felt him quiver and buck as he pumped yet another load of cum into me. How I love to feel his hot cum shooting inside me, as a previous shot is forced out of my slot by his purposefully thrusting cock. I rode him until my legs hurt and he begged me to stop.

He told me he loved me for the first time that night - and every day and night since then. I have trouble voicing that sentiment, but I hoped he knew I felt the same. My thighs were once again slick with our combined cum as I slid off of him and cuddled into his arms.

"So, what do you think?" he asked, bringing me out of my reverie.

"I would love to get away with you for the weekend," I answered. "In fact, I know the perfect place. I'll take you to work with me." The look on his face was priceless.

"I was hoping you'd say that," he offered. "I was wondering when you'd take me."

Not everyone would consider going to work a vacation, but I work in a fairly unique environment. "Fuga" is an unusual resort. One half of the resort caters exclusively to the corporate world. They offer meeting space, conference and banquet facilities, and a state of the art business center. The other half is a member's only vacation spot that caters to its guests' every whim.

What makes "Fuga" really unique is that the member's half of the resort has several areas which are clothing optional. There are separate pool, patio, and exercise facilities for those members who just can't stand to wear their clothes. For those members who also prefer an intimate dining experience, private chefs are available to prepare and serve meals in the guest's suite. That's where I work. I'm a private chef.

The big corporation I used to work for held a conference there a few years ago. I happened to overhear one of our Vice-Presidents bragging about the private half of the resort to one of his colleagues. Innately curious, I wandered over to check it out. The owners were having an overly loud discussion in the lobby with one of their chefs, when he threw his hands in the air and stormed out of the building. The owners -- two sisters - wondered aloud where they were going to find another cook on such short notice. I don't know what made me speak up, but I offered to help. I kissed the corporate rat race goodbye and I have worked there ever since.

On Thursday afternoon, Jon and I packed some things and headed up to "Fuga". We were met in the lobby by Laura -- one of the owners. After introducing Jon and watching our bags disappear, Laura invited us for a drink in the bar.

"It's about time you brought him around, Shannon," she teased. "I was beginning to think you were making him up. Although that smile on your face always told me otherwise. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Jon."

"The pleasure is mine," Jon replied. "I want to thank you again for your kind hospitality. This place is beautiful."

"Thank you," came the reply from behind us. There stood Blythe, Laura's sister and the other owner of "Fuga". "No we are not twins. She's two years older," Blythe joked, as she noticed the contemplative look on Jon's face. "You must be Jon. Shannon talks about you all the time."

"I do not," I said, defensively.

"You do too," Cassie laughed from behind the bar. "Nice to see you again, Jon," she shyly said, as her face turned that now familiar, crimson hue.

"It's just that you look so similar," Jon confessed. "Shannon always told me you looked alike, but I never realized you looked that much alike."

"We're used to it by now," Laura sighed. "In fact we grew a little tired of it, so we got these." Laura and Blythe turned around and pulled up their shirts to reveal the tattoo designed on the small of their backs. Their different names were written in identical script and highlighted by intricate scrolls. "Keeps us honest when it comes to our husbands," she laughed.

"Why Fuga?" Jon asked. "What does it mean, or does it stand for something?"

"It's the Italian word for Escape", Blythe replied. "We thought it fitting, considering all the marble and the architecture of the place."

"Now I know you asked for no special treatment, Shannon," Laura said, "but Blythe and I agree that you deserve a little something extra. We have assigned you one of our personal assistants."

One of the many ways that "Fuga" caters to its members is the option of enlisting a personal assistant. They are there to insure that anything you need to improve your stay is provided, without having to wonder where or who to ask. They are your suite attendant, your concierge, your front desk attendant, your room service, and anything you need rolled into one person. It's a bit extravagant and a little pricey, but for those who want it, it's available.

"Here she is now," Blythe said, as she motioned to the entranceway. Standing in the doorway was a very lovely, young woman. "Come on in, Britteny."

Britteny practically bounded into the room. She was just over 5 feet tall and full of energy. Long, blonde hair in a single braid framed elegant, classic features and piercing, blue eyes. She might weigh 100 pounds soaking wet. She was an absolute beauty. If you could imagine one of the Great Masters painting an angel, I think he would be hard pressed to find a more perfect subject than the young girl in front of us.

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22-03-2008, 12:21 AM
"Hey, I'm Britteny," she said in an equally angelic voice, as she took Jon's hand and then mine. "It's my job to make sure that you enjoy yourselves as much as possible, so please let me help you. I've taken the liberty to make a reservation for you in the dining room at eight o'clock. That way you can have time to relax and unwind before dinner. If you would prefer another time, it's no problem. I can change the reservation to whatever time you wish."

"Thank you," Jon said, as I was inexplicably struggling to find my voice. "Eight o'clock is perfect. I was thinking of grabbing a nap before dinner anyway," he said, as he elbowed me gently and winked.

"Cool," Britteny replied. Handing each of us a small cell phone, she said, "If you need anything at all, you can page me by pressing this button. I'll answer right away and take care of whatever you need. Anything right now, or any questions?"

"Not right now, thank you, Britteny," I finally said. "How about that nap, sweetie," I said as I elbowed Jon in return.

"Right ....that nap," he managed to say without laughing too obviously. "Thank you again, Laura and you too, Blythe. We'll see everyone a little later," he added, as he took my hand and led me to the door. A quick glance over my shoulder and I saw Laura and Blythe whispering to each other. Cassie blushed even more red than usual, as she knew firsthand what might precede our nap. Britteny waved at us, and when she smiled, I swear the room brightened.

Jon actually waited until the door to our room closed behind us, before pinning me to the wall and tearing at my clothes. He swiftly got us both naked and carried me to the bed. He spent the next 20 minutes ravishing me like we've been separated for years. I lost track of how many orgasms he brought out in me, before he finally released another torrent of cum into me. Falling to the mattress next to me, he pulled me into him, and I fell fast asleep in his arms.

When I awoke, the room phone was chirping and I could hear the shower running. Britteny was on the phone, with a courtesy call 30 minutes before dinner, and to see if we required anything. I thanked her for waking me in time to get a shower and properly dressed before dinner.

"Part of my job, that's all," she said in that angelic voice of hers. "Page me if you need me."

After dinner, Jon and I had another drink with Cassie in the bar, and then called it a night. Upon entering our room this time, it was my turn to start tearing at Jon's clothes. I shucked my dress to the floor and began tugging at Jon's belt. Once we were both naked he laughed, "I doubt you can carry me to the bed."

"Who needs the bed?" I laughed back. I pushed him into the large cushioned chair, and climbed in his lap. I could now ride him in one of my favorite positions. He managed to carry me to the bed, while remaining inside me, before we climaxed again.

We slept late Friday morning. Neither of us in a hurry to leave our warm bed, I paged Britteny. "How can I help you?" came her voice, almost immediately, through the phone.

"I was wondering if you can send up some coffee and pastries for us," I replied. "A lazy morning in bed is such an uncommon occurrence. I don't want it to end."

"I'll be right up, Shannon," she said. "I'll knock and leave it at your door."

"We're all adults, Britteny," I offered. "It's OK to use your pass key, and come on in."

"Whatever you prefer," she replied. "I'll knock first anyway....just in case," she added. She arrived in almost no time at all. Jon and I were still in bed and she gave me a knowing smile, as she placed our tray on the table.

After breakfast, we took our time reading the paper and watching TV, until the sun beckoned us through the patio doors. "How about we head out to the pool for a while, sweetheart?" I asked.

"Sure thing, babe," Jon replied. "Which one? Bathing suits or birthday suits?"

"As if I didn't know which one you prefer," I laughed.

We made our way down to the lobby. The clothing optional area is located through a long, private hallway accessible only with member key cards. About halfway down the hallway, Jon grasped the strings to my bikini top and pulled at the string on my left hip. In two more steps, my thong was on the floor. I turned to find a very mischievous grin on Jon's handsome face. He toyed with my bikini top as he stared hungrily at my fully exposed 34 C's and completely shaved mound.

"It is clothing optional after all," he joked. "I opt for you like this."

"That's a two way street, darling," I offered. "So let's have those shorts, shall we?"

He slowly removed his shorts and his cock was beginning to stiffen. I walked up to him and kissed him. I reached down and fondled his balls and felt his erection building. I grasped his nearly sturdy cock and began to stroke it rhythmically. I backed him against the wall and knelt in front of him. I began to suck on his rigid shaft, as I grasped it firmly in one hand. With my other hand, I continued to play with his balls, as I took more and more of his shaft in my mouth. I slid my lips up and down his warm, thick cock and swirled my tongue over his swollen helmet.

He was nearing climax and didn't hear the approaching footsteps. I did and quickly disappeared in a doorway. There he stood dumbfounded, his rampant erection in full view, as Britteny rounded the corner. "Hi Jon," she politely said and continued on her way. "Glad to see you're enjoying yourself," she added as she continued down the hallway.

I came out from hiding, laughing out loud. "Very funny," he said. "You could have told me, you know."

"Now what fun is there in that?" I managed to say, tears of laughter streaming down my face.

"Are you going to leave me like this, or are you going to make up for stranding me?" I can't exactly lay out by the pool like this, now can I?"

"Never let it be said I stranded my man," I replied. I quickly repositioned myself in front of him and vigorously stroked and sucked his cock. It wasn't long before he was once again close to climax. I felt his cock swelling in my mouth and sucked harder and faster. I clamped down on his shaft with my lips as he started to cum. Shot after shot of hot, thick cum filled my mouth, but I swallowed every drop, just to be sure I was truly forgiven. Later, while we lay by the pool, Britteny strolled by and gave me a furtive wink. I returned an impish smile and shrugged.

I decided a massage was in order that afternoon, and made my way to the spa. As I entered the changing room, there was Britteny, naked and fresh from a shower. Her tight young body glistened with water beads. Her breasts weren't overly big for a girl of her stature, but she was by no means flat chested. Her legs were toned, and her ass was a perfect heart shape. She was toweling off her beautiful, blonde hair and was well aware that I was there.

"Go on in as soon as you're ready," she said. "I'll be right there."

"You're the masseuse?" I asked, trying to hide the hope in my voice.

"That's right," she answered. "I'll be right in. Lie down and relax. Won't be long, I promise."

I went into the small treatment room and traded my swimsuit for a warm, thirsty towel. I wrapped it around my torso and sat on the table. In just a few minutes, Britteny came in, similarly wrapped in a towel.

"You look tense," she said. "Let's see if we can change that, shall we?"

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22-03-2008, 12:24 AM
She rubbed her hands with warm oil and asked me to loosen my towel. I decided that fair was fair, so I just tossed the towel to the floor. My naked body on full display, she just smiled and said, "Let's begin."

I lay face down on the table and she came up beside me. From my vantage point I saw a towel appear at her feet. I closed my eyes and savored the memory of her naked form. As her hands first touched my back, a jolt of electricity shot through my clitoris. I felt her slowly spreading warm oil over my back. She moved to my shoulders and worked them gently. Each firm squeeze was matched by a tightening between my legs. She placed hot, flat stones down the center of my back, and then spread the warm oil over my ass. She lightly traced circles across one cheek than the other. I felt a trickle of warm oil drip down my inner thigh to join the juice pooling in my slot.

As she gently worked the backs of my legs, I stole a glance at her beautiful, naked body. Her nipples were firm, as were mine. Her breasts gently heaved with each breath. She was still damp from her shower, and I watched a drop of water fall from her long, blonde hair. When it landed on me, my ever quickening breath caught in my throat. She looked down and met my gaze. A dazzling smile formed on her face, and she continued her work. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sensations. By the time she was finished, my clit was aching with expectation, but my heart incessantly whispered Jon's name in my ears.

"You love him, don't you," she said, finally breaking the long silence. "I can see it in the way you look at him, you know. Have you told him yet?"

"No, I haven't," I confessed. "Well, not in so many words, actually. I mean not in those words...exactly. It has become very difficult for me to say that to anyone anymore."

"Is it something he did that's the reason you find it so hard to say I love you?" she countered.

"Of course not," I replied. "He's absolutely wonderful to me."

"Then why are you holding him responsible for what some asshole in your past did to you?"

"It's just that.....it's......it's....," was the best response I could manage to utter.

"Has he told you he loves you?" she asked.

"Repeatedly," I admitted.

"Then exactly what is it that is preventing you from telling the man you love how you feel? I'm sure he'd like to actually hear it from you, you know. Why do you think I stopped myself from making a play for you during the massage? I could see that you are totally in love with him, just in the way you look at him."

"Thank you, Britteny," I sighed. "You are wise beyond your years. You are also absolutely beautiful," I added, as I kissed her cheek and left.

I found Jon at the pool and practically dragged him back to our room. "What's gotten into you?" he asked. "Didn't enjoy the massage?"

"Jon," I stammered, "I need to tell you something. You've been telling me you love me for well over a month. You've repeatedly said that our age difference doesn't matter to you. I have always hoped that you can sense how I feel about you. I have always had a hard time putting my feelings into words, and, having been hurt in the past, have been extremely reluctant to voice what I feel. But, here it is.

"I love you. I should have said it sooner. I certainly felt it sooner. I am also deathly afraid that some day you are going to look over at me and wonder what you are doing here with me. But until that day comes, I will treasure every moment with you and tell you how much I love you, until you tire of hearing it."

A finger against my trembling lips silenced me. "That day will never come," he said as he wiped the tears forming my eyes.

He lifted me and carried me to the bed, being so much gentler than either of us has been since we got here. He slowly removed my cover-up and swimsuit. He tossed his shorts on top of my pile of clothes. Beginning at my forehead he started kissing me. He moved down one side of my face and across to the other, kissing each of my eyes in turn. He continued down my neck and chest. He spent a noticeable amount of time with each of my breasts, as my nipples stiffened in response. He slid his tongue lightly down my torso, and when he dipped it swiftly into my navel, I inhaled sharply.

His tongue continued its trek down my stomach until it reached my delicate, shaved mound. Bypassing my expectant clit, he traced his tongue down one inner thigh and up the other. When it finally arrived back at my sex, I grasped at my breasts and arched my back into his touch. He alternately prodded, licked and sucked at my increasingly impatient clit. My juices were literally flowing out of my slot, when his tongue eventually entered me. I clenched his thick hair in one hand, while rubbing the back of his neck with the other. He resumed the pleasurable tonguing of my clit, as soft moans signaled my approval.

An orgasm shot through me and, as my cunt contracted, Jon's tongue played even more feverishly with my clit. I bucked uncontrollably as a second, stronger orgasm tore into me before the first fully subsided. Jon, now fully erect, climbed on top of me and slowly drove his turgid shaft into me. First slowly, and then more rapidly, he thrust his wonderfully thick cock into my welcoming slot. I lifted my hips in time with his thrusts to further grind my clit against the hilt of his cock. Waves of pleasure crashed over me, and we increased the pace our sexual celebration.

What started with a gentle kiss had become a frenzied tumult. Unintelligible cries of delight came forth from me, as Jon continued to pleasurably pound himself into my cunt. Thrust after thrust brought orgasm upon orgasm. I felt his cock swelling inside me and I grabbed his hips to pull him into me further. Loud, guttural groans preceded his orgasm. I felt him filling my slot with a hot, steamy load of wondrous, white cum. I felt two blasts fill me, before he pulled out and a third danced its way up my stomach. Jon pumped what I hoped would be an endless river of cum onto me. He coated me from my clit to my tits, as I energetically rubbed myself to yet another orgasm.

After a restful nap and a long, hot shower, we were decidedly hungry. Since I am a private chef here, I took advantage of my unique situation and paged Britteny. She quickly arrived with what I required to make an intimate dinner for two.

As she was leaving, she whispered, "You told him, didn't you?" Another kiss on the cheek, and a great big smile was my response.

When I awoke the next morning, the scent of fresh brewed coffee filled the room. I sleepily eyed Jon sitting on the edge of the bed next to me, a roguish smile on his handsome face. Then, I felt it -- a necklace. He must have placed it around my neck as I slept. I looked down at the delicate, gold chain and lovely locket. I smiled back approvingly. It took a second look to see that what was suspended from it was not a locket at all, but a ring - a brilliant, diamond, engagement ring. When the realization finally took hold, I inhaled sharply. My heart started racing as I looked alternately in disbelief from it to Jon.

"You act like you never saw one of those before", he laughed, fully enjoying my astonishment. "You do know what it is, don't you?"

"Yes," I managed to tearfully exclaim. "YES!"

The End

Good Night And Sweet Dreams

22-03-2008, 11:42 AM
Prisoner of Wild Desire

Julie was the perfect woman. Everything about her was so feminine, so mannered. She had a diaphanous beauty, she was sophisticated and elegant, class and charm were emanating from her whole being.

A touch or eroticism was hanging continuously around her. Her body, her life were devoted to voluptuous delight. She was not making love, she was offering herself, she was not kissing, she was drinking pleasure. All in her was desires, all in her was cravings, all in her was sex drives and sensuality. She was living just to be appealing, to conquer, to love, to arouse.

She covered her supple and slender body only with silk, the erotic material above all else. She was aroused by the touch of the silk on her naked skin; the silk shaped the curves of her loving body so perfectly. Always completely nude under her dresses, she loved so much to feel her breasts, to feel her nipples hardening and showing under the silk which was revealing them without any modesty, moulding their tips, showing their erection.

What a sensual pleasure for Julie to walk nude under her silk dresses in the streets, to feel her breasts swaying with each of her steps, brushing against the soft material covering them. She loved to let her clothes caress her. Because of her swaying walk, she could feel her dress slipping all along her back, brushing gently her hips, caressing her belly, touching lightly her thighs. The silk was a second skin for her; it was part of her, arousing her senses. But it was also her main weapon for seduction.

Julie was able to give life to her dress, making it twirl or undulate around and all along her body, along her long and slender legs, along her elegant thighs that one could just make out through the silk. Being naked under her dress gave her constantly renewed sensations.

Last day, she was in a traditional Café with wall seats and big mirrors running along the walls. She was sitting in the middle of a big brown leather wall seat, just in front of the entry door, drinking a glass of wine which was as red and as velvet as her lips.

At the table near her, two young women were chatting, laughing. She could feel a strong intimacy between them, more than just a simple friendship.

The little fair haired women could not stop glancing at Julie; it was as if she was fascinated by her animal beauty, by her grey elongated cat eyes and her mane of curly black hair. She was glancing discreetly but Julie was a female animal always wide awake, always on the watch, able to detect the most imperceptible details.

Julie had noticed the glances of the young lady secretly watching her while she was drinking, savoring, inhaling with delicacy the red wine that was now getting her slightly drunk. Each sip of the red nectar seemed to glide between her lips then into her throat to magnify the smooth warmth that she was feeling between her thighs.

The gaze of the girl, mesmerized by Julie's sensuality, was increasing her desire to be a cat, even if she was not especially attracted by women. Her only pleasure was to seduce and when she could emanate her seductive power onto a man or a woman, like now, it always gave her intense consuming pleasure.

Her glass of wine emptied, when she stood up, Julie saw the astonished expression, followed by a beaming smile on the girl's lips when she saw the wet mark on the leather wall seat, at the place where Julie was sat.

Julie had then brushed against her with the silk of her dress while leaving, provoking a wave of pleasure and desire through the girl's sensorium.

If the smoothness of the silk was able to arouse Julie ecstatically, her most tender friend was the wind. Not the cold wind, violent and indelicate, no, her friend was the cool summer wind, the one that freshened and rose up along her legs, which caressed her hair, giving life, the wind that pressed the silk against her naked body, the tender wind that penetrates her, the wind that possesses her, the wind that makes her quiver with delight.

What was the most arousing in the wind for Julie was to feel the caress of the air on her sex when the wind was filtering tenderly under her silk dress, making her quiver when gliding through the soft and curled hair of her pussy, always offered to lust, always offered to love.
But the wind was also her ally to conquer men, the main occupation in Julie's life.

When Julie was looking at a man who appealed to her, her big black elongated eyes, enhanced by her long eyelashes, were sparkling with desire while her sensual mouth opened slightly, as if a fragrance of love would escape from it.

Like a real "Don Juan" in high heels, she had an insatiable need to conquer; she always needed to test the power of her seductive ability.

Like "Don Juan", she was only involved with ephemeral love affairs, her pleasure was never assuaged, the man, once conquered, he did not interest her anymore, she needed to conquer another male, to go back hunting, as love was a hunting instinct to Julie.

As a real hunter, she knew every nook and cranny of her territory, where she would drive out the game and her hunting technique was one of the most sophisticated. We have to say that Julie's technique to capture men was particular and that's where her friend the wind came into play.

Not only content with the feeling of the fresh air filtering through her pubic hair under her dress, she was also attracting her conquests by letting the wind rush under her.

Skilled in love aerology, once she had spotted her prey, a windy day, she managed to let her dress rise up completely in complicity with the wind, offering in such a way, her nudity to the gaze of the man she was lusting for. Exposing herself this way to him, she was arousing herself to the highest point, and often she was already wet when her dress rose up.

Waiting for the right moment when the wind would rush between her thighs to expose her naked to the gaze of the selected man, was allowing her, whilst she was following her prey, to imagine the expression of the man's face when he would see her bush, she could imagine already the growing passion rising within him after such a sight. She adored provoking the desire within her lusting prey. Seeing the little smile, the sparkling in his eyes, the mischievous look in the man's face was as much an arousing ingredient for Julie.

She needed all those preliminaries to give her more excitement and her future lovers were as excited as her when they discovered her long legs, superb slender thighs which were enhancing her pretty velvety and curly pubic mound of Venus.

She was not an exhibitionist and even if this part of her loving game was arousing her, what she wanted was just to offer a foretaste of her intimacy to the one who would possess her, she wanted to show him her hidden treasure, her little loving bush which he would get the right to caress, to lick, to penetrate, making her climax for a long time.

To achieve her ends, Julie had learned to know the wind, its reactions, and its sudden changes. She knew every favourable nook and cranny to be sure that her dress would rise up completely, suddenly and at the right moment, all the places where the wind was blowing, the corners of streets where she was almost sure to be exposed naked when the wind came from the South, from the North or from the West. She had built a real map of the wind in the streets to be able to assuage her sexual instincts.

Her preferred places were the arcades of the Rivoli Street, along the Garden of Eden, where the wind blown often suddenly while breezing, where almost all of her place went strolling on Sunday because of the open shops on Rivoli Street, the preferred day for Julie to placate her game.

If her technique was perfect, she had to be careful, to arrange it so as it would seem completely natural to be accidentally exposed naked by the wind, she even trained herself to blush, but she was blushing with pleasure and not with intrusion.

Therefore, to be sure that her future lovers could be convinced that they had been lucky because of the wind to see Julie's pretty curled red mop, she always managed to wear wide-brimmed hats that the wind threatened to take off. That meant that when Julie's dress was rising up to reveal her hidden charms, her hands were at the same time holding on to her hat to avoid it being swept away in the wind.

The rest was easy, she blushed whilst apologizing and trying, clumsily, to pull down her dress while letting her hat blow off. And so, the man would run for her hat to catch it and bring it back to her proudly as a trophy.

Julie thanked him, apologizing, telling him how much she was embarrassed about what happened, her blushing and apologizes were then increasing evermore the man's desire, a man already aroused by the fortunate sight he had pleasure in seeing. Julie waited for this instant when the man would introduce himself, that moment when he would tell her with an impish expression that he had, on the contrary, very much appreciated what he had seen or he may even dare to ask her if she was ever wearing panties...

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22-03-2008, 11:43 AM
Then, the battle was won, the fish now caught in her tender hook and Julie could often notice, when looking at the bulge in the man's trousers, that she had made a good catch, and that the following day would be a promise of intense love, passion and voluptuous pleasures.

However, Julie was not offering herself to the sight of anyone as easily as it seemed and before accepting a man in her bed, many near-initiation rites had to be passed by the one she had chosen.

Before making her love parade, Julie was always taking care to watch attentively and at length the one who would be the lucky man and her wonderful erotic performance of the wind was an ideal occasion offered to Julie to evaluate her future lover. So, when her pretty puffy pussy was making its fleeting apparition, she was taking advantage of it to measure the intensity of the arousing desire she created, peering into the eyes and face of the man.

One does not imagine how the desire can show through on a face. How the eyes are sparkling, are screwing up or are widening, how the creases of the mouth can betray a state of excitement, the wetness of the lips, the tip of the tongue licking the upper lip, the lips parting... If this loving examination was satisfactory, if the reactions were the ones she was expecting, then only Julie was making a date.

As a love accomplished expert, Julie knew and appreciated the virtues of the waiting. So, instead of rushing with her future lover into a hotel room to consummate with passion too quickly, what she had aroused in a so subtle way, she never gave a date before the next day and, to add a touch of mystery, at the fall of night.

If all of her body, all of her attitude let her erotic animality show off as her ongoing desire with her touchy sensuality, it gave from Julie a high level of sophistication, a very great touch of class and a perfect elegance that was keeping her lovers at bay.

This sophistication, this elegance, this Lady's distinction, Julie had them from birth and through education. She was also very rich and never had to work, accustomed since her childhood to be waited on and to live in a luxury difficult to imagine. The only child, she became orphaned when she was just fourteen and escaped from a marriage that her parents had arranged for her, a marriage that would have united the fortunes and titles of two important families as it was the way in those social circles.

After the death of her parents, she had been brought up by her guardian, a nice man happy to be able to manage Julie's huge fortune, a fortune mostly made up of real properties but also composed of numerous national and international companies. Julie was not at all interested in business and let her guardian manage her fortune as he wanted to. Enjoying a complete freedom of action, consequently her guardian never tried to force Julie to marry, too anxious of the risk to see his role reduced by the arrival of a husband. In return, he always let the girl free to do as she would please. This deal was therefore making the happiness of the two in amicable balance.

This so conciliating guardian had given way to her happiness, and also the loss of Julie, heedless without any responsibility to manage, unknowing of what needs had to be obeyed other than her desires.

From her childhood to the adulthood, Julie had only to ask to obtain immediately anything she wanted. Toys, clothes, dogs, cats, horses then later jewels, houses, boats, planes and even castles. Julie's life was totally the one of a princess.

Everything came so easily, and Julie little by little became bored, the most wonderful jewels, the most beautiful clothes, the most magnificent boats or castles, all became normal, and had just a fleeting appeal, unable to amuse her any more.

The only spice in her life was love. Her great beauty combined with her intelligence and wealth had allowed her to taste numerous pleasures. That's why, when she wanted a man, she would take her time, using all of her charms and all necessary weapons to lead her desire of conquest to victory.

But what aroused Julie towards men was not only of a sensual and sexual nature, it was the conquest of the "essence" of the man, something she could not buy.... his masculine soul.

Julie felt as a woman up to the tips of her breasts and, as a true women, she had always been fascinated by the other sex, by man's mystery, by the opposite sex.

When she was making love, when she was offering her body to the caresses of her lovers, the moment she preferred over all was the one when they climaxed, that fleeting moment whilst nothing was protecting them, nor pride, nor modesty, it was then that the soul of her lovers had yielded to her totally, naked, and at the precise moment of their little death.

Whilst at this moment of total vulnerability, the climax of the male orgasm, the true being is revealed. It was this supreme moment that Julie was inhaling, breathing in, grabbing, and capturing with delight. Julie was overwhelmed each time a male appeared this way in all his nakedness, during this short instant when his liberated soul was rising from his slightly parted lips by pleasure, parted by the final intense pleasure produced by Julie.

The body, the sex of her lovers were certainly also objects of pleasure for Julie but this erotic instant when they sank unreservedly in her arms was for her the apex of her delight, the success of her erotic and loving desires.

The smile of bliss that was forming on her lovers' lips in this instant of truth, their gaze still misty because of the violence of the sensual pleasure they just had with Julie was her reward, the jewel she was offering herself each time she was making love.

So Julie was striving to do everything possible to rise up the sensual pleasure of her lovers to its paroxysm, to be sure that the night they spent together would be not only be refined but also exceptional, for herself and for them.

Therefore, if the first act of the love play staged by Julie was the apparition, thanks to the wind, of her smooth and tender love bush, an act that denoted already the great erotic sophistication of Julie, the second act was dedicated to expectation, to the construction of the mystery, to the production of the final act.

Any man trapped in the nets of this superb Don Juan female had then just one idea, to possess as soon as possible that beautiful and so exciting woman, so sophisticated and elegant, apparently inaccessible and yet offering herself to them, flirting sensually with their male ego.

After a deep, long and passionate kiss, Julie explained with a charming smile to the man that she had to protect her private life and if she was burning inside to offer herself to him, she also had to take some precautions. She then set a date at night and asked him to swear, really needlessly, to be there on time at the right place.

A last kiss to seal the date and a final embrace to let the man feel and touch her nakedness through her silk dress and then he would leave, moved so excited at the thought of his future night with this beautiful mysterious woman, unable to believe his incredible luck, to this extraordinary chance that had made this woman's dress flow up just at the moment he was passing near her, just at the moment he was already eyeing her hungrily, just at the moment.... chosen by Julie.

Whilst the days passed by towards the impending date, the lucky man was imagining himself stripping off, caressing, embracing, kissing the body of Julie, seeing himself burying his face into the puffy and curly pussy that appeared to him in all its glory between these two slender and diaphanous thighs. The hours that separated him from this date were then only dreamscapes of delight and lust.

The mystery that Julie had surrounded herself with had also aroused men, this unknown woman who had disappeared as quickly as she had appeared, who was she? This class, this refinement, this sensuality, this animal beauty with many elements able to make any man fantasize of the surprises just beginning beyond their imagination.

All this love play, to increase the desires of the lucky man were also necessary for Julie to make herself sure again of the quality of her choice. If the man was ready to make love with this unknown woman without any hesitation, Julie, before offering herself completely to his caresses wanted to make sure of his identity, of his tastes, of his behaviour in life. So, she was never hunting males alone on those windy days, and was always discretely accompanied by Pamela, her lady-in-waiting and confidante.
Pamela was a pretty tantalizing blonde whose job it was to accompany Julie into her love hunting rather than to serve her really as a lady-in-waiting. Her only real link with Julie's bedroom was then just situated at the level of the bed itself.

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A real feminine reflection of Julie, as sensual and voluptuous as her, Pamela loved her job, loved this role that Julie gave her. And even if she was very well paid by her mistress, the delight that her duties gave her was going beyond the material advantages. She had the chance to share with Julie the pleasures of hunting and was savouring all the importance of her mission.

As soon as Julie had chosen and captured her male and gave him a date for the next day, Pamela took over and followed the man discretely to know where he lived, how he was living, who he was... if for instance he was going to a restaurant or a bar, Pamela would take interest in what he would drink, what he would eat, how he was eating, how he was drinking, was it with love, with delicacy, was he savouring the dishes as an aesthetic perfectionist or was he swallowing them down as a boor... if he would go into a shop, what kind of shop was he frequenting, what was he buying, was he refined... and when Pamela could follow him to his home, she was then proceeded with a discrete neighbourhood enquiry, using small amounts of money in exchange of information and some phone calls to friends well placed, permitting Pamela to draw up a whole profile of the lover for her mistress. If nothing was displeasing Julie, the date was kept, otherwise the suitor was rejected with apologies.

But it was very rare that Julie made a mistake, her cunning instinct of the loving animal had never caught her out and it was only when she was intimately persuaded that the chosen man would be the good one, only when certain little signs, such as his attitude, the way he was walking, the way he was looking at women and many other things that only women are aware of, were fitting what she was expecting that she then made her "dance of the wind" for him.

However, the work of Pamela was never useless and it permitted Julie to better appreciate the intimate tastes of the man who would be in her bed the next day, to better know him and then to better seduce him to bring him to a state of extreme ecstasy through the orgasm.

Julie, thanks to her immense fortune, was in touch with entire areas of her place, owned officially by numerous companies, but whose real owner was in fact nobody else other than our pretty loving woman.

That's how Robert, the man who had the luck to catch a glimpse of the intimate treasure of Julie, after having being followed the day before and up to the point of contact by Pamela, had arrived at the evening at the entrance of her house. The building had a fine appearance and was confirming Robert that the woman he will meet again was part of the high society.

The porte-cochère of the building opened itself at the precise hour on the date and Pamela, covered with a long cloak with her face hidden by a veil approached Robert.

"Good evening Robert, Madam fixed you a date yesterday and I am here on behalf of her to bring you to her and to serve you, my name is Pamela."

Robert answered Pamela with a smile. The mystery of this night, instead of clearing up, was deepening, which was just exciting Robert a little more, more and more hurried now to hug in his arms the beautiful woman he had never stopped thinking of since they first met.

It was a warm summer night, the atmosphere was sultry and the expected thunderstorm had not yet arrived. Robert was sweating despite his light clothes. Pamela was more at ease as she was completely naked under her light silk cloak in accordance with the instructions of her mistress.

The door that Pamela had opened was leading onto the inner courtyard of the building, large and cobblestoned, with two benches and a fountain in its middle where horses drank at the time the building was built. They walked round the fountain then Pamela knocked on a big carved oak door.

A young woman opened the door and invited them to enter. They were now in a large dark and very high-ceilinged corridor, lit up only with bronze candelabras, each of them holding several candles. The floor was carpeted with thick carpets that were muffling the noise of their steps.

The young woman that had opened the door had immediately disappeared in the darkness, Robert was following Pamela without saying a word, a little surprised by all these mysteries and the atmosphere of the place.

All was silent here compared with the liveliness of the street. Pamela took a candelabrum with five lit candles and it was only with the light from these candles that they were now climbing up a stair. On the second floor, they took a new corridor then other stairs, up and down, and again other corridors.

Robert was behind Pamela, lighted only by the diffuse glimmer of the candles which were revealing from time to time shadows of the voluptuous curves of her body through the thin silk cloak. The situation was very erotic and Robert was now convinced of it, the girl was naked under her cloak. This discovery, combined with the mystery of the date and so arousing.

Who could be that alluring beautiful woman whose messenger was naked under her cloak, as was her mistress under her silk dress? To which den of debauchery was he being taken? Of course all this was increasing Robert' desire to know more but meanwhile he was not loosing a single sight of the show that was just before him, scrutinizing Pamela's figure, inhaling her perfume, excited by the slip of the silk on her skin with each of her steps.

They came to a large apartment with ceilings of five yards high with all windows hidden by large dark red velvet curtains. The apartment seemed to be deserted.. Pamela continued to lead Robert through several rooms before reaching the lounge where there was a large white marble mantelpiece. On the right of the mantelpiece was a cupboard which Pamela opened and then she activated a mechanism and all the back of the cupboard opened itself, unveiling a new passage.

At that moment, Pamela put her candelabra on the mantelpiece and while turning herself to face Robert; she rose up the veil that hid her face with both her hands. By this gesture, her cloak, fastened only at her neck with a thin cord, opened itself by the movement of her arms and unveiled to Robert the naked and downy body of the girl. Her smooth breasts were of an average size but firm and with a cute pear-shape; her silky tummy was an invitation for his gaze, gliding naturally to Pamela's blonde and curled pubis, nested in the hollow of two shapely and athletic thighs. She smiled at him, aroused by his gaze which ran over her and in no time at all, her arms got back under the cloak to hide again her nakedness.

What Robert did not know was that the vision of Pamela's naked body was also part of Julie's plan that meant that her lovers could arrive at her place wrapped in an erotic atmosphere favourable to her designs.

"I don't need my veil anymore from here. We will enter now into the private part of Madam's apartments, I will also have to blindfold you for a few minutes to respect the instructions of my mistress."

Robert still aroused by the vision of Pamela's body answered her: "I am placing myself into your hands, lovely young lady." And he allowed trustingly the girl to blindfold him. She took his hand and they both entered the secret passage situated in the back of the cupboard.

Although being completely blind, Robert had the feeling of being in a very large room, it was cooler than the corridors they had taken before. They carried on for a while, opening and closing doors, climbing up stairs, climbing down others until Pamela told Robert that he could remove his blindfold.

The passages that Pamela had taken were for the most secret passages that were there long ago before Julie had bought the buildings in which they were. Most of these passages were nearly two centuries old and were the last remnants of troubled times including revolutions and wars. They provided escape from arrests, numerous hiding places and secret passages allowing secret passage through one building to another that had been fixed in these old areas of Paris.

Julie had asked architects to make investigations to uncover these secret passages, which were allowing her to receive without being disturbed her lovers as they could never know in which precise parts of her place they were received. This very clever way of acting was securing Julie to be efficiently protected from intruders but also from her former lovers when they were rejected.

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They were now in front of a large door hidden by a velvet curtain. Pamela knocked seven times with a precise rhythm and three girls, totally naked, welcomed them.

The round room where they were now was vast and comprised in its centre a large oval swimming pool. The walls and the floor were covered with white marble. A large picture window was overlooking onto a terrace and a lovely garden, both lit as the room, by hundreds of candles. There were no other windows into the room except for in the middle of the ceiling was a big glass dome made of two sliding parts. The dome was wide open along its centre, letting the gentle warmth of the summer night inside.

The warm yellow light of all these candles and the starlit night that could be seen through the open dome were creating a magical atmosphere. Pamela took off her cloak and now as naked as the other girls told Robert: "We will now prepare you for Madam, please take off all your clothes Robert, Suji will wash you down, Rubia will anoint you with aromatic rare oils, then Rebecca will massage you."

Robert had the feeling of living a daydream. Sure that he was ready to find himself in the bed of this superb young woman, and he had been dreaming of it since yesterday but he would never have imagined all of this abundance of mystery that now surrounded this erotic situation he had now found himself in. To be in the middle of the night, in a secret place, surrounded by four desirable naked girls asking him to strip naked for them to take care intimately of his body would surprise the most blasé of men.

All these mysteries, these long secret wanderings through entire passages and areas with Pamela, naked under her cloak, and now these three superb brown haired girls, who were waiting for him in that magnificent place looking like Roman thermae, the magnificence of the marble and also the celestial sliding dome, all of this looked like a wonderful dream that was simply surreal.

But the hands of Suji who was washing him down directly with her palms was real enough and Robert sank with supreme ecstasy to the expert caresses of the girl whose palms were so smooth and her fingers so delicate when they slid along his athletic body. The nimble fingers of Suji were making Robert quiver with pleasure, all the sensuality of his skin was awakened by the moves of the girl's hands and their softness was magnified by the soft lather of the soap.

Robert became mesmerized by the movements of Suji's body, admiring the swaying of her breasts while she was taking care of him.

A mild fragrance of perfume was hanging in the air whilst a distant and surreal music came drifting in from the garden on the night air.

Pamela, lay down among a sea of multi-coloured cushions covered with silk and satin.. She was appreciating the proportions of Robert's body, imagining her mistress making love with him.

Pamela was a dreamer; she loved to dream, to imagine herself, to contemplate. Both vivacious and languid, her role of double, of the alter image of Julie was fitting to her perfectly. She loved to melt into her role, she loved to wait on her mistress, she loved to merge with her and was even sometimes acting herself as Julie when her mistress requested.

However, Pamela was also a woman and then it was with interest and even envy that she was looking at Robert' body, quivering now with pleasure into the expert hands of Suji. Robert was handsome, tall and strong; a real caricature of a movie romantic male lead, Pamela was saying to herself that undoubtedly Julie had an expert eye when she was choosing her lovers.

Suji had now completed the sensual soaping of Robert' body and was rinsing him with a powerful spray that she began directing with an obvious pleasure on all parts of the young man's body, taking care however to reduce the pressure of the spray when she was approaching his most sensitive parts. Besides, the spray was lingering there more longer than elsewhere until the moment when Suji saw that the effect was stronger than the one she was expecting. She had a mission to prepare Robert by wrapping him in an erotic atmosphere; the "best" of the man had to be of use to... Julie only. Therefore, she asked him to follow her to an adjoining room where there was a small swimming pool with cold water and thanks to that, Robert quickly regained a more decent appearance.

Suji took her time to dry him gently with large soft and perfumed terry towels, then asked him to lie down near Pamela until his skin was totally dry. Pamela was stretching herself like a loving cat at that moment among the cushions, eyes closed while thinking of the athletic body of Robert and more particularly to his superb firm buttocks that had aroused her so much. Dreaming of Robert's body, she did not hear Suji return from the small cold water room with the young man. Suji gave a little cough: "Pamela, I will leave you with the Master until his skin is totally dry, and then soon Rubia will anoint him with the aromatic oils."

Pamela corrected herself to a more decent attitude and smiled tenderly at Robert: "Lie down here near me, it will relax you after your cold bath. And please calm down, keep that for Madam," she added with a suggestive smile, seeing his sex that was drawing up to its full length once again at the sight of the attractive Pamela stretching herself amorously among the cushions.

Robert flushed lightly and lay down on his back near Pamela, who took his hand.

Do you know the stars, Robert?"

"A little, but these are old memories when my grandfather took me with him on summer nights when I was a child. I never forgot those marvellous moments spent contemplating the sky, his enthusiasm to describe me as the Milky Way and the constellations."

And while they were lying down, side by side and hand in hand, Pamela began to draw the map of the sky to Robert who was captivated by her explanations, as impassioned as the ones of his grandfather. It's only when Pamela told him that it was now time to join Rubia that he realized the strangeness of the situation. He had remained lying down with this beautiful blonde girl who was holding his hand tenderly for more than half an hour, listening to her explanations whilst nearly forgetting their mutual nakedness. Heaven's immensity, this unreal and magical atmosphere, all this had thrown him out of time or was it time that had stopped? He felt so relaxed, all the stress of living in a busy city, and the stress of his working day had disappeared as if by magic.

He was now lying down on a massage table and Rubia was anointing his body with aromatic perfumed fine oils. The caressing and smooth hands of the girl were rubbing the oils into his skin softly, going up along his legs, slipping on his sides, massaging his pectorals, touching along his shoulders and then his neck alternating pressure of the palms with sliding soothing fingers. Robert had never felt such sensations, it seemed to him that he was discovering a body that was not his.

As with many men, the most erotic and really sensitive part of his body was his sex and the rest of his body had never really interested him. Robert thought moreover that women were very lucky to be so sensual and being able to have such sensual pleasure through their sex as their breasts, without counting the different possibilities of sexual delight that they could feel within their intimate flower.

Yet the hands of Rubia were making him quiver in places that he could never imagine to be so sensitive that made him stir with so much intensity, producing erotic electrical discharges, making him arch his body and lament with so much pleasure. He was reacting like an animal, unable to control himself under these nimble fingers, all the surface of his skin was responding to these caresses, he never had thought that his sides could be so excitable, nor his back, nor even his buttocks. Rubia was alternating the touches with the palms of her hands and the light touch of the tips of her nails on Robert' skin. Like a sensuous cat, she was all sweetness and light, using even the insides of her arms to rub the different oils into his skin.

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After half an hour of this treatment, Rubia told Robert to remain lying down on the table and to think of nothing, just let himself relax, to look at the stars above him or just to close his eyes while listening to the distant music. Robert obeyed Rubia because of the extreme intensity of what he had felt all over and inside of his body and he had become tranquil, as if all the energy present in his body had escaped with the contact of the girl's hands. It was then with pleasure that he closed his eyes and began to nap whilst dreaming of the erotic experience he had just placated, still quivering all along his body with sensual delights.

Then soon he heard Rebecca the third girl, whispering into his ear that he could wake up now. He opened his eyes, relaxed as if he had slept a whole night, not knowing where he was, as if he had been intoxicated. But he was well alert and Rebecca was deliciously naked with her long brown and sweet-smelling magnificent hair, leaning forward over him, her heavy breasts brushing his side. She asked him to turn himself onto his chest and began to softly massage him, beginning at the base of his neck and then down to the soles of his feet with equal strokes as for the rest of his body. Under the expert hands of Rebecca, Robert was now aware of the fact that certain parts of his body were practically in knots and nearly painful when Rebecca was massaging them, working them, so as to let them regain their original suppleness. Rebecca's gestures were accompanied by her soft voice: "Relax yourself, Robert, let yourself go, let me massage you without resisting me."

The male that was inside Robert had still a tendency to tense up at moments, but little by little, he felt one by one that all his tense points were relaxing and at the end he found himself totally restored, like he had been before because of the intensity of Rubia's caresses when she anointed him with the oils, happy to feel his supple muscles spread themselves, developing all their power when he stood up to get down from the massage table.

Rebecca, worn out by her efforts to make him relaxed and supple, had to lie down herself among the cushions near Pamela, Rubia and Suji. The girls were now drinking tea while savouring cake and some fruits.

Robert was looking with envy at the vision of these four naked nymphs stretched out among the cushions, the blonde Pamela was surrounded by the three cute girls. It reminded Robert of the paintings by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres in which odalisques and other bathers, sensually indolent at the side of pools washed themselves, doing their hair, lazing around, but above all else, were sharing moments of feminine intimacy, far from a mans world in the Turkish baths of those times.

Pamela and the three girls were drinking tea and joking between themselves as if Robert was not there, hiding nothing of their nakedness and acting completely natural, as if to be nude was something normal. A charming atmosphere made of softness and delicacy was emanating from them. All these soft shapes, round and velvet merged among the cushions, their smooth and satin skins caressed by the warm light of the candles, a yellow light that skimmed their stretched bodies, these supple and young bodies with their hair spread out around them, framing radiant and smiling faces. The grace was present too in the movements of their arms, of their delicate hands when they were taking cake and fruit, when they lifted them to their sensual lips, calm and voluptuous, soft and sensual in every way.

Robert was sat on the edge of the swimming pool, a little distant from them, afraid to disturb this idyllic picture. Certainly he could not deny that this earthly vision of paradise for any man was of the most erotic, but at the same time, the youth and innocence of the girls laughing and joking together like playful schoolgirls was evading Robert to become sexually aroused. A purity as pure as the original purity of the world was emanating from these girls, a happy world in which all is gentle and loving. At that moment, Robert began to regret being a man, not able to join them in their games, their discussions, their feminine intimacy. He felt like a stranger, felt that if he went near them, something would break.

This was a strange feeling for this young man who was used to being a paramour as was Julie a seducer of men, without worrying of tomorrow and thinking only first to satisfy his sexual desires, selfishly preoccupied by his own personal pleasure. He then would have had no other envy, at the sight of the girls, to rush himself among these naked bodies offered to that sight, to take them, caress them, embrace them, penetrate them, to show them all the power of his virility and to make them feel his masculine strength.

Instead of that, he looked upon them as you would admire a work of art, one does not dare to touch it, you are suddenly too moved to even breathe. Robert was in the same state of spirit as that of the art lover, he was communing with the simple happiness of the girls without daring to approach them, afraid to disturb the atmosphere of happiness that was emanating from them in the middle of this mysterious and magical night.

All was a mystery for Robert, time had stopped in its tracks and even the place was like unreal as if Robert did not know where he was. Robert's mind was without any bearings and his body had merged with his spirit.

Pamela stood up at that moment and approached Robert who saw that blonde sensual flesh doll coming towards him with her long thick curly hair falling down upon her shoulders like two golden cascading rivers, hiding partially her breasts with such pink soft nipples rising out like two flowers in the centre of their areolas, inviting a warm sensual kiss to land upon them.

Robert had a weakness for breasts, their tenderness, their tips that could erect, that he loved so much to pinch, to suck, to lick, to kiss, to nibble. He always had that feeling, when holding the nipples of a woman between his fingers that he was holding her completely, that she was belonging to him. To see a woman arching herself, to make a woman quiver when he pinched lightly her nipples was also very erotic for Robert, more so erotic than to penetrate her.

It was then with a lot of interest that he was looking at the nipples of Pamela. The girl noticed it and came to him with a smile, without speaking she took his hands and put them on her firm and full bosom. Robert closed his eyes whilst Pamela was pressing her breasts against his palms, burning with desire.. He was feeling the warmth of the velvet breasts of Pamela in the centre of his palms, their smoothness, their tenderness. Robert moved down his hands to cup the breasts of the girl, as if he was weighting them, as if his hands were a human bra for that breast with such cute nipples, so pink and now so proudly erect. While wrapping Pamela's breasts with his hands, Robert began pinching delicately the little rosy tips between two fingers.

Pamela loved it when men admired her breasts, she loved to feel her breasts being fondled, massaged lightly and tenderly, that they would quiver, made erect by the contact of the tongue and even nibbled with teeth, provoking waves of intense desire inside of her.

Julie was waiting for Robert and Pamela took Robert by his wrists making him release her breasts and his sex was completely erect. She decided to make him feel that she was able to hold him entirely in her hands. So, instead of asking him simply to follow her to meet with Julie, it was with a mischievous smile that she took his sex into her hand, as if it was a handle, but a soft, so warm and firm handle. Then she took him in that way to the garden.

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Robert did not resist. To feel his sex so tenderly clutched into this so smooth hand, a hand belonging to this naked and desirable girl who pulled him that way was very erotic but also disturbing. His sex rose up in all the glory and beauty of an erect phallus, and at the same time he was dominated, totally clutched and contained in the hand of Pamela who was making him feel the pressure of her fingers and was pulling on him from time to time to make him walk, as if she wanted him to avoid escape from her.

It did not take long to see a tear of pleasure escaping from Robert's sex, a little tear that Pamela wiped off with the end of her index and lifted it to her lips with sensuality. But when Robert thought that the play would be more intense, Pamela freed his sex telling him with a gentle smile that he had to save himself for Julie and that her mistress would be furious against her if they would go on with this little erotic play.

It was then in a state arousal and also of great frustration that Robert followed Pamela into the garden, which besides earned more the name of a park because of its large size. When turning back, Robert saw that the building they just left was a big round imposing pavilion, surrounded by tall marble columns and that the biggest part of the pavilion was occupied by the swimming pool where the three other girls were still lying languid among the satin and silk cushions.

Since he arrived there, Robert was surprised by the apparent natural nudity of these girls and his curiosity drove him to ask: "Tell me, Pamela, is it only for me that you are naked tonight, you and your colleagues, or are you used to it?"

"It is a normal state, we are often naked because Madam likes to live naked, she feels better that way, freed from all constraints. She considers that we are born nude and that it is ridiculous to clothe yourself when you are not forced to do it. Then, to have the right to work for Madam, we must accept to live as naked as her, which is far from being unpleasant, believe me. Moreover, this sets us somewhere on an equal footing with her, she does not crush us with her outfits and her jewels like most rich people do with their employees whilst you are forced to be clothed with an austere little black dress, a white headdress and a ridiculous little white apron. No, Madam is treating us as her friends, she likes to speak with us and she often has a swim with us in the pool you have seen. For instance, the three girls you saw, if they are of course first at the disposal of Madam, we have also the right to be massaged by them when we want. We are living here in a little community of women who are first friends before employees working for a boss."

"But do the men working for your mistress have also to be naked? Doesn't it creates some... problems to be naked all day long with them?'

"Good question, Robert." answered Pamela with a mischievous smile. "In fact Madam has resolved the problem by hiring only women. So you will not see any men here."

"But tell me, if your mistress requires that you must live naked, how do you cope in winter? I understand that it is very pleasant now, but with the first cold of autumn, you must be obliged to clothe?"

"No, because we simply move to other countries and houses all year long to have the pleasure to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin."

"But your mistress is so rich, to be able to follow the sun like that with all her employees all year long?"

"Yes she is but she loves also life enough to fully make the most of it instead of simply letting her money sits in banks. Madam likes also simple things and the fact that you live naked does not obliged you to buy dresses from famous couturiers." added Pamela with a mischievous blink at Robert. "This doesn’t prevent her from buying magnificent silk dresses such as the one you saw yesterday, because Madam has a very intimate relationship, a very sensual relation with silk."

The two young people had now reached the far end of the park and were standing in front of a lovely mansion, built in freestone and surrounded by big majestic and ancient trees. The windows of a vast room were fully opened and were letting the velvet-smooth notes of a melody fly away in the night with an intoxicating scent of flowers.

Pamela and Robert climbed the steps of a marble-imposing staircase leading to a terrace onto which the room opened. A warm and soft light was emanating from it. A wave of pleasure ran along the spine of Robert when he recognized the tune that was playing, the three Gymnopedies for piano of Erik Satie, a piece of music that made you dream, melodious and melancholy as a sail in a small boat drifting away. This tune was filling the soul with its slow rhythm, with its deepness, with the crystal but also the mellowness of its notes, with its inner chord.

Julie, gracefully sitting in front of a cream-coloured concert piano played with charm and virtuosity this so romantic melody. Her body was undulating like a swan, her silky arms as white as opal as if like two wings ready to open themselves whilst her hands were moving on the keyboard with the same grace as the noble bird's gliding elegantly over the water.

Fluttering over the keyboard, Julie's diaphanous hands were like immaculate butterflies whilst her fingers with buffed nails shinning like agates, running, slipping, flitting over the keys. The delicate and so true touch of these long and slender fingers, their sensual pressure on the keys, their agility and their grace were fascinating and entrancing.

It was a real enchantment to be able to gaze at this perfect body stirring with the sound of the piano, bending itself, leaning over, and tautening in harmony with the music. Julie was music, Julie was vibrations, the melody was emanating from all of her being as an evanescent form of her beauty, a perfume with enchanting notes shedding out lovingly around her.

Seeing Robert, Julie played for him a last Erik Satie's melody with a suggestive title: "I want you", a superb air which possessed the beauty and the rhythm of a slow waltz.

The young man had stopped on the threshold of the room with Pamela and was drinking, inhaling religiously the music played by Julie so brilliantly and with so much delicacy. All was perfect and the nakedness of the young woman was sublimating this wonderful melody, making it more magical, more magnificent, captivating the eyes, the hearing and the heart. Robert had the feeling to discover for the first time in his life what was music, the true music, the music of life, and the music of love.

The last notes of "I want you" had just slipped into the depths of Robert's heart when Julie stood up with grace and elegance, or rather ascended weightlessly as if she had sat until then on a cloud. She smiled at Robert with an enchanting and radiant smile; her white teeth glowed as if a row of nacreous pearls delicately lined up between two ruby full lips finely delineated. This already disturbing smile was transcended by her catlike eyes with two sparkling emerald-green irises, caressed by long velvet eyelashes, themselves crowned by two eyebrows with an exquisite curve. Her face, like a Madonna was adorned with the prettiest nose that one can imagine, refined appendix that put the final touch to a face with delicate and natural beauty.

Her lily's body, which Robert was seeing for the first time in all its nakedness, was perfect, silky and velvet as the one of a virgin and her so translucent and diaphanous satin-like skin gave the impression that her body was lit up from the inside.

Julie reminded one of Botticelli's young girls, pure jewels of the Creation, living flesh and works of natural art, adorned with their thick and luxuriant hair. Julie was so pure and so disturbing that one barely dared to approach her. Some flowers that subtly embellished her long hair, making one think a little more to the lost paradise, also enhanced this impression of purity.

Her sumptuous and thick silky black hair was flowing undulating on her soft and diaphanous shoulders, as a river with multiple windings creating a magnificent contrast with her ravishing paleness. Two round and firm breasts were emerging stirringly from the mane, silky and tender fruits with perfect shape, adorned with pale pink areolas delicately laid down as petals of flowers on this velvet-smooth skin with nipples as pistils.

His eyes, following down the fawn-coloured flowing locks discovered that this alluring river had gave birth, flowing into the hollow of a small valley made by two shapely and superb thighs, to a chestnut curly delta, an intimate pubic treasure of ginger velvet.

Nor the artist painter with his brushes, nor the sculptor with his polished but cold stone, nor the writer with his poor terrestrial words were able to convey all the charm, the radiance, the grace, the harmony, the perfection of this living and celestial flower who was bewitching and dazzling all of those who rested their gaze on her, who rested their heart there.

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The room where they were, lit by hundreds of candles shedding a soft, warm, coloured and intimate light was really heavenly. Thousands of pastel coloured petals of roses were strewn over the ground and so spread an intoxicating fragrance whilst the walls were lined with silk with delicate motifs. Julie was standing up, like a nymph emerging from stream on this carpet of flowers, bathed, wrapped by this mellow and caressing light.

The whiteness of her opalescent body was shining among the coloured petals, alabaster magnificently smooth that invited the hand to lay on it, to caress its adorable contours, to follow each curve to better feel all its voluptuousness. Her sumptuous and immaculate body seemed to be lightened from the inside whilst the thick veil of her hair was glowing with the candlelight.

With a soft, warmth and sensual voice, Julie asked Pamela to leave them alone whilst motioning Robert to come near her. The young man was dazzled by so much beauty, fascinated and disturbed by this magical, idyllic sight and was almost quivering when approaching Julie whilst feeling the freshness and softness of the rose petals under his bare feet.

Julie drew back her gorgeous hair with a light and ethereal gesture, revealing lovingly her delicate breasts and smiled at Robert whilst holding out her hand to him, this graceful hand with so slender fingers able of so much sensitivity, delicateness and touch.

Moved by this Aphrodite beauty, by her delicacy, her nobleness and her exquisite goddess like elegance, Robert held delicately Julie's hand to his lips and, whilst lightly bowing down, kissed her hand softly. Although they were both naked, they were dressed by the magic of the place, by the splendour of that instant and Robert would have not behaved differently if he had been wearing a smoking jacket and Julie a ball gown.

Julie then took Robert by the hand and invited him to sit down with her in a large deep supple leather sofa in front of which was a little coffee table whose sculpted feet were made of four naiads holding with their arms a marble plate veined with tender pink swirls. A bottle of champagne waited in a finely worked crystal ice bucket.

"Robert, please open the bottle." Robert obeyed but was surprised, when he wanted to pour, to see that there was only one glass.

"My tender love, I want to drink this champagne in the same glass as you, I want us to be this night only one mouth, an only one being joined by love, our two hearts and two bodies quivering in unison. I want to drink into you as you will drink into me."

So they drunk from the same glass and whilst the bubbles of the fresh wine were gliding erotically deep into their throats, they were looking at each other, eyes into eyes, desiring each other already intensely.

Julie lay down on her back and asked Robert: "Dip delicately the tip of your tongue in the glass of champagne and put each drop you gathered onto the places you will chose on my body, then dry tenderly these drops of desire with your lips. And she closed her eyes to better feel the freshness of the champagne and the softness of his lips upon on her body offered to pleasure.

The play was very erotic and Robert, rather timid, began to put a drop of champagne on Julie's forehead, which he dried voluptuously with his lips. The scene repeated itself afterwards on Julie's lips, her neck and her breasts, her navel... Julie, eyes still closed, quivering with each fresh drop. The last drop was put on her pubic hair and Julie trembled with delight when she felt his face nuzzle into her.

They embraced each other into a warm and sensual hug whilst kissing passionately. Julie felt herself melting between Robert's muscular arms, gently crushing her breasts against his chest, pressing her sex tenderly against his thigh, feeling his male strength overrun her whilst she gave herself to his erotic caresses. Robert's hands were sliding along the velvet back of the young woman, caressing her superb wavy and thick hair, his fingers plunging with delight into the silk of her fragrant mane of velvety hair which he inhaled the so intoxicating perfume.

Their embrace became more tender and passionate and Robert, who was now feeling so sexually masculine, wanted to pay homage to the intimate lips of the young woman, tenderly nestling between her silky thighs. But Julie pushed away gently the hand that was investigating into her pubic hair and looked at the young man with a tender smile and a gaze of admiration could be read on her face when she saw the superb erection sported by Robert, worthy of the most beautiful representations that can be seen on certain erotic Greek vases.

Julie had always thought that the man's sex was made to be in erection, that it was so beautiful that way, that it was acquiring all of its softness, all of its warmth. She was therefore admiring, like an expert, the superb specimen of the phallus that drew up proudly in front of her. She freed herself from Robert's embrace and, kneeling in front of him, wrapped her tender lips around the tip of his glans, sensually kissing with her warm lips and tongue.

Robert offered himself without any restraint to Julie's mouth whilst her hands were lavishing other caresses all just as arousing. When the warm and powerful stream gushed from his admirable sex, Robert's face was sublimated into an indefinable expression with an exceptional intensity. The wave of pleasure had been so strong, the violence of the senses so intense, the fullness so complete that at that instant of absolute happiness and gratification, it appeared in its entirety on his face, and the depths of his eyes misted with gratefulness. He was there, abandoned, his lips still parted on a marvellous smile of ecstasy, bliss and exhilaration.

Julie had come at the same time with Robert as he offered himself to her, freeing his intimate self, letting escape his soul, his male essence.

The sensuality of the young woman was so strong that she was able to have an orgasm by the only fact of seeing the ecstasy on her lover’s face. That instant that she watched with so much eagerness, had aroused her so much that she came as strongly as if she had been penetrated, at least that was what she believed, as up to that day, no man had ever deflowered her. She was as virginal as the day she was born.

She was in essence the "erotic animal par excellence", an accomplished expert into the subtlest caresses. A Don Juan in stiletto heels, able to use the most refined tactics to hunt her male prey. Julie was nevertheless still a virgin and was happy to be, whilst the soul of men, their true self, their intimate essence was appearing to her without any modesty, without any restraint, it was the erotic element, "par excellence", the only thing able to make her come completely.

Julie was needing to dominate the situation, to dominate her lovers, to organize their erotic pleasure, to orchestrate their orgasm, to offer them a sublime, rare and exceptional instant of happiness as the one she had staged for Robert that night, but she was still refusing to offer completely herself to their caresses.

Ultimate modesty, fear or young girls, romanticism? Probably a mix of all three.

Her attitude was not failing to surprise her lovers, most often frustrated not to be able to possess her completely in full sexual intercourse after having desired her so much. Certainly the young woman was not denying them any of the other carnal pleasures but was allowing them all they wanted with their tongue, through the act of cunnilingus. But she denied sex that gave rise to the full penetration by the male sex.

Yet, Julie had been tempted to offer herself completely in the craziness of her senses during her most wild erotic nights, but she had always felt at that last moment the intimate reluctance of her mind ordering her to go no further even if her body urged to do so.

But love was for Julie something sacred, much more superior to the terrestrial condition of man. For her, love had to be sublime, was like a vessel able to take you to ethereal heavens where the flesh stepped aside to became vibration, self-sacrifice, union, the fusion of bodies and souls.

That ultimate fusion, that complete abandonment of oneself for a being as subtle and sensitive as Julie could not be imagined anywhere else than in an exceptional context and implied that the man who would have the privilege to make her a woman had to be also able to make her feel the love, the true love, the love for which you are able to make all sacrifices.

But then Julie had pushed the refinement, the mystery, the eroticism to such a stage of perfection that her lovers were well in trouble to be able to surprise her in turn on this point. The extreme beauty of Julie and her magical performances were even likely to make them lose all of their usual abilities, making the most refined of them to be regarded as vulgar.

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22-03-2008, 11:57 AM
A virgin, calling down the grace of heaven upon her but coming up against the sexual terrestrial desires of her lovers, Julie was anguished, having not found yet that soul which was able to take her on their wings to felicity.

But Julie's quest of the ideal man was useless up to now. She was still alone and still wondering if the real love was only a dream or could be one day a reality for her.

The only thing she was not telling herself was that her refusal to let her lovers possess her completely was also for a big part, the cause of her successive failures. Even if the way she was offering herself to her lovers was near to heaven, a man is still a man and not being able to thrust this beautiful girl with his shaft was a total frustration for them. The consequence of it was simple, the lovers were inevitably disappointed by each other and they separated.

Robert was not an exception to the rule and after some passionate nights of wild but "controlled" love, their relationship came to an end, like with all her previous lovers.

Julie was lying languidly among cushions with Pamela. They had just swam together in the round pavilion's swimming pool and after drying their nude bodies under the sun on the terrace, they were now drinking tea together.

"You know, Julie, I think that you should just accept making love with a man without a second thought. I don't understand your fears about it. It is so simple, so easy and you will see how it is wonderful to feel a man thrusting deep into you. Your ideal quest had only one result up to now; loosing all your lovers, one after the other."

"Yes Pamela, but even if you find me stupid, I just cannot offer myself to the first one as easily. I need to be loved, to love him first and to know him. I prefer to remain a virgin than to regret to have offered myself for the first time to a man who will perhaps leave me afterwards, abandoned."

"Ok, Julie, but just be honest with yourself; Do you really think that the way you are trying to find the love of your life is the best way possible? You arouse all these men and when they are ready for wild love, you just tell them that they cannot possess you. All your erotic sophisticated dream production is only leading you to systematic failures. Why don't you want to love a man as a "normal" woman? Please stop being a child, stop to considering that your virginity is such a treasure, it's silly. Look into my eyes, tell me if I am wrong?"

"No Pamela, you are not and I am tired of all these setbacks. I am so sad to have not been able to really love a man up to now. But you are so right too."

Julie remained thinking and after many minutes she suddenly told Pamela:

"Ok, I take the risk, I will offer my virginity to the next one, and whatever it will cost me. If he leaves me, I will of course be very sad but also free to offer myself totally without restriction to any other one. I just hope... it will be the good one this time."

"Great! Tomorrow it is Sunday, let the wind decide who will be the happy man that will make you a real woman!"

"You..!" Julie pushed Pamela who then fell into the water with a big splash. Julie dived behind her and they laughed together like little girls, splashing each other like the old friends they were.

On Sunday, Julie, naked as usual under her silk dress was walking under the arcade of the Garden of Eden. The weather was sunny but some clouds were showing themselves and the wind was accompanying them. Everything seemed to be in place for the wind-driven erotic scene of Julie.

But she was not in her usual mood. She was scared like a virgin before her wedding night, scared to think that whatever would happen, whatever man she would choose, he would have the right to deflower her.

Deep in her thoughts, she did not get any attention to the man who was approaching her.

He was tall, handsome, and athletic, and wearing a broad-brimmed hat, casual and looking at the people passing by with a sort of irony. Whilst Julie was not paying attention to him, the man's lively look had immediately spotted this desirable creature. He was sure that the way her breasts were swaying under her dress was the proof that she did not wear any bra. He found it quite exciting to imagine her uncovered nipples brushing delicately the silk with each step and each sway.

They were near to each other and suddenly the wind blew off the man's hat. It fell directly at her feet. Before Julie could understand what was happening, she saw a smiling handsome man kneeling in front of her to take back his hat. At the same time, the wind blew up Julie's dress, revealing her velvety tender bush to the man whose face was nearly against it as he was just going to stand up.

Julie the wind expert, for the first time of her life, the table had turned; she was not even able to anticipate the reaction of the wind. The man used his own hat to kneel in front of her and the wind, her old friend, had betrayed her at the worst moment.

Julie, who was never ashamed to show her nakedness to men, was so disconcerted that she blushed in front of the smiling man.

Instead of excusing himself for what had happened, he just laughed:

"Oh, sorry Lady, the wind, my hat... but what a sight, thank God for this wonderful day, I never saw such a lovely pussy, and so happy to meet her owner." He offered her a wonderful smile that she was unable to resist it. Instead she just laughed, still blushing.

"Please Lady; come with me to celebrate this. There is a nice little Café there where we could get to know each other better."

"But... sorry, I don't know you, I..."

"Come on, "I" do know you." He added with a mischievous smile.

Julie was defeated on her own territory. She was not even leading this man, this future lover; she was the hunted now. But this man seemed so friendly and funny that she decided to accept his invitation. She just had time to see Pamela a slight distance away, laughing at what had happened, before she entered the Café with the man.

"Please sit down here, Lady." And he offered her a chair near the front window. Julie, usually able to decide anything was just like a toy in his hands, unable to react, unable to say no. This was completely new for her. She was even surprised to see how easily she was pleasing that stranger. He sat in front of her and took off his hat, revealing his curly long fair hair.

"My name is Vincent, I am an artist painter. Who are you my dear erotic apparition?"

At these last words, Julie blushed as two other customers turned their heads to look at her with interest.

"Please, be more discreet!" she told him.

"Sorry, enthusiasm probably!" and he smiled sending her a wink. "So, what is your name?"

"My name is Julie and... I don't do anything except love life." she replied.

"And teasing men?"

"What do you mean?"

"Come on, walking completely naked under your silk dress on this windy day is not a hazard, don't think I am able to believe that the delicious sight of your lovely curly pussy was an accident."

His smile was irresistible and Julie lowered her guard seeing that it was useless to lie to him.

"Well, Vincent, you are so nearly right. Yes, it excites me to be naked under my dress and sometimes... it had helped me to find... friends. But believe me or not, when my dress rose up just in front of your face, it was not my doing."

Vincent was looking at this desirable sophisticated woman with great interest. Not as a man who would have only been sexually aroused by her but as a man who would have discovered a new variety of flower, a completely unknown one.

"My dear Julie, if you accept that I can call you by your little name, just know that seeing naked women is my usual way of life as a painter. Therefore, I was not shocked at all by the sight of your intimate bush. I was just interested, as a professional, to see that this curly treasure was nested between two splendid shapely legs and thighs and was surely owned by a very interesting and sensual woman."

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22-03-2008, 12:00 PM
Julie blushed a little more but was terribly excited by his conversation. The conversation goes over and they spoke together about art and artists while drinking red wine.

The bottle of wine was empty and they were now like old friends. Vincent was so surprised by the knowledge that Julie had about art. Not only because she nearly knew so many things about it but more than that, by the fact that she was really able to feel the intimate essence of art, she was even speaking of art as an artist would have done it. Vincent, like most common males, was thinking that most of the great artists were men because women were not able to feel as many things as men. Hearing Julie speaking about art showed him that all he had thought about it up to then was perhaps not so simple. He was simply beginning to admire her, simply beginning to love her, even if he was not able to see it as clearly.

If Julie had been completely lost at the beginning with Vincent, lost by his leading assurances, her female intuition was telling her that she was beginning to seduce that strange man. He was beginning to react differently, looking at her with more passion, with less irony now. She thought it was time to give him an appointment in two days, to let Pamela have enough time to make her usual enquiries about the not so strange Vincent.

"Please, Vincent, I have to go now, but I would be very happy to invite you to my home on Tuesday evening. What do you think of it?"

"Tuesday? Sorry, I can't. Why not this evening?" he asked.

"This evening? No... This is impossible, I..."

"Are you married? Engaged?"

"No, no, not at all but..."

"So, ok for this evening! Where do you want me to meet you?"

Julie was again unable to resist him. The way he acted was so natural. He managed everything but it was done so well that she could only say yes. Defeated by so much male and pleasant assurances, she gave him the address of the little street for that evening at ten. Before separating, he held Julie's hand delicately to his lips and, whilst lightly bowing down, kissed her hand softly. She was amazed by so much decorum from this man, able to dictate at the same time his own willingness towards her.

All the rest of the day, she was like a young girl having her first date. All the orders she was giving were contradicted a minute later. At least, upset, Pamela told Julie to stop it before all the girls became mad with her changing her orders. Julie smiled at her lady-in-waiting and confidante and admitted that she was completely lost because of Vincent coming that very evening.

"Just let me arrange it my way, as usual, Julie. Everything will be perfect, don't be anxious, go and walk in the park or take a swim but please relax or that poor guy will receive a 10,000 volts electrical discharge when you kiss him!"

Julie laughed and decided to walk in the park to try to calm herself down before the arrival of Vincent.

On time, Vincent was in front of the porte-cochere and was now facing Pamela:

"Where is Julie and who are you?"

"I am Pamela, Sir, the lady-in-waiting of Julie."

"The lady-in-waiting!" Vincent laughed. "Where are we going? Into a castle?"

Pamela smiled back at him and just asked him to follow her. As with Robert, Vincent followed Pamela through the secret passages and, arrived near the private area of Julie's place. Then she asked Vincent to accept being blindfolded.

"Certainly not, Miss. Either Julie trusts me, or you drive me back to the street." he demanded.

Pamela was completely lost. What could she do? This had never happened before. She asked Vincent to wait for her there until she asked Julie about it. Vincent began to draw the large white marble mantelpiece in the room where he was. Vincent always carried with him a drawing pad and he was sketching every interesting that he could see all day long. It could be things like the ornate mantelpiece, landscapes, figures or even animals. His interests had no limits.

A quarter of an hour later Pamela was back with Julie's answer. She told him that Julie accepted to let him follow her without a blindfold.

"Thanks, I am happy to be considered as a real guest, not somebody to be thrown away and to be seen as useless. But please let me finish drawing that mantelpiece, I like that shape, it's giving me inspiration for a future painting." Pamela waited patiently thinking to herself that Vincent was certainly a special guy.

They were now in front of the entrance of the round pavilion and Suji, Rubia and Rebecca, as naked as Eve, welcomed Vincent whilst Pamela removed her cloak, showing him her gorgeous body.

"We will now prepare you for Madam, please take off all your clothes Vincent, Suji will wash you down, Rubia will anoint you with aromatic rare oils and then Rebecca will massage you."

"Sorry girls, I don't need any massage, I don't need to be "prepared for Madam", I am perfectly well, I am totally relaxed and I don't want to swim either. Please just lead me to Julie. As I know, it's to meet her that I am here."

Again, Pamela was lost by his attitude. What was she to do with him? He did not seem to be aroused by the sight of their nakedness. She asked him to wait there while she consulted Julie on what to do next.

"Julie, he doesn't want to undress nor to be massaged, he just wants to see you, now! I am really lost with that guy, so unpredictable. I... I am not sure if it was a good idea when you told me that you would offer your virginity to this one... he seems so... I don't know, but..."

Julie laughed. "On the contrary, Pamela, this is great, it's the first time that a man is able to surprise me as he already has this morning and is still doing this evening. I like that. Just bring him to me as he so wishes. And thanks for your kind thoughts for me but I have decided that it would be today and with him, I am not used to being challenged in this way. I don't know if he will leave me like the others but I think that it will be great fun with that guy."

Vincent crossed the park with Pamela and was now detailing Julie's nude body with an evident satisfaction. Like that morning, Julie blushed. It was so simple to be nude with other nude people but now, in front of this clothed man...

"May I kiss you, Julie?"

"Yes, of course, Vincent" And he kissed her... on the cheeks. "Please sit down Vincent, would you like to drink some Champagne with me?"

"No, thanks, I would prefer some good red wine."

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22-03-2008, 12:05 PM
While Julie was giving Pamela orders to serve the wine, Vincent was looking around the room with deep interest, astonished by the thousands of rose petals spread about on the floor.

"Julie, why are you destroying flowers like that? Of course it's nice but can you imagine the same amount of flowers in vases? Don't you think it would be just as nice? I mean, would you like to see one of your nipples on the table while your thighs would be spread on the piano, your mouth on the floor, your bottom on the chair..."

"Stop it, Vincent!" Julie began to laugh heartily. He was teasing her in such a funny way, just to see how she would react. She thought to herself that he was quite a clever guy.

Pamela came back with the wine and left them alone. After drinking a few glasses, eyes into eyes, Vincent asked Julie: "So, what a welcome, all these girls and you naked for me. I did not expect such a reception. Very erotic my dear Julie. Is it the way you usually receive your lovers?"

Julie blushed again "Yes, I will confess that it is."

"Very kind of you! But were you expecting us to make love together this night?" Vincent asked. Julie looked back at him, surprised.

"Y... yes, you..."

Vincent smiled. "I see that you are quite a hot little animal, Julie. But to be frank, I was just expecting to have dinner with you, to talk together to better know each other. Nothing more. I am not used to making love with somebody I don't love in the first instance, even if she is as desirable as you are."

Julie was completely astonished by his reply. He was using her very own methods against her as she did, not to offer herself totally to her lovers. But she was the wrong one this time. He was really unpredictable and she felt embarrassed now by all of her erotic attempts to seduce him.

He understood her thoughts and said:

"Don't be anxious, Julie, I am not shocked by your attitude. Nakedness, as I already told you, is something common for me, as I have seen so many naked women in my career. So it's ok and even very pleasant, I must say. You can remain naked as you are without any problem to me. You don't mind that I remain clothed I hope?"

She replied to him no, but it was not the truth. She was now terribly embarrassed to be naked in front of that clothed man and she had seen that it was the same for Pamela. They ate together, served by Julie's female employees, naked as their mistress and the atmosphere was more and more unreal. Any normal man would have been very aroused, and would have shown his reaction, a hard-on distinctly visible through his pants. But Vincent was acting normally, just amused by the sight of all these swaying breasts and admiring the real beauty of the girls.

His accurate mind was able to detect the thoughts of Julie, and so he told her:

"Don't think that I am gay. I do love women, be reassured. But as I told you, I need to fall in love first and this takes more than a single night as I am sure you know."

"Yes Vincent, and I approve of that completely. I will also be very honest to you. I never really made love with a man up to now for the same reasons. I am still a virgin."

This time it was Julie who made the point. Vincent was flabbergasted. Since the beginning of the evening he thought that he had been able to read her like an open book and her confession took him completely by surprise. He began to look at her differently. She was much more sensitive than he first thought. Up to now, most of his attitude was more a way of protecting himself from all this erotic intention, but her delicate confession was so... moving that he decided to lower his guard and to play the game more kindly.

"Sorry, Julie, I think I have been a little rude with you up to now, taking some pleasure in contradicting your aims. I was just protecting myself. I have lived through so many sad love affairs that now I am very cautious, you see."

"On the contrary, I thank you for your attitude, Vincent. I am so happy to have met you. You cannot imagine. Do you want me and my employees to clothes ourselves?"

"No, no, you are wonderful like that."

"Thank you Vincent. You see, we are not naked just when I receive men here. It's our normal way of life. I like to be naked, to commune with Nature, it's not for sexual reasons like... this evening."

"I could see it. Your employees were acting very naturally, as you also do, just as they would have been clothed. I would like to make some paintings of you and some of the girls here. Do you mind?"

"For me there is no problem, Vincent. But you need to ask the girls first. I don't want to oblige them to pose for you if they don't want to."

"Thanks, Julie." And then for the first time he kissed Julie tenderly on the lips. She cuddled between his arms, already melting with passion. But Vince was a very strong-minded guy and he separated gently from her.

"It's already quite late, Julie. I need to go back home now. Will I see you tomorrow?" he asked, smiling.

"Oh, please don't go, stay here to sleep... with me." Julie almost pleaded.

"I can't do that and you know why. Will I be able to control myself with such a beauty as you in the same bed as me? I prefer to let love come slowly to us first."

"Then, please, just stay and sleep in other bedroom, please, Vincent, don't leave me."

Vincent smiled and took her between his arms.

"If it can please you... Then it pleases me too."

Vincent was not a late sleeper and he was always awakened before everybody. He loved the morning's silence with early bird's songs as nature awakens. He knew that the big city's sounds would drown out these charming chirpings when human life would take again possession of the town. As a truly solitary, Vincent awakened renewed with pleasure everyday.

On the contrary, Julie was a night bird, afraid of dawn and loving to live in the mystery of night and stars.

This morning, Vincent went out of his bedroom to visit the park he had crossed the night before with Pamela. He thought it smaller, but now in daylight, he saw that it was as big as a public park. After strolling an hour through the multicoloured blossomed paths and green lawns, he returned to Julie's mansion, wondering if she was still asleep.

Indeed she was, lying naked on her back on white silk sheets, her voluptuous body offered without any modesty to Vincent's gaze. Her silky and curly pussy fascinated him. Her thighs slightly opened, he could see one of her pink petals peeking among her intimate fur. He desired her now. He had resisted her advances last night but seeing her offered as she was now was so arousing. Dreaming, she moved slowly and he saw her smiling as an angel in her sleep, as if by spreading her arms she was asking him to join her in the bed.

How beautiful and erotic she was. How pure too. A truly nude angel.

As a painter, Vincent was used to see naked women. His art of the whole creation process acted as a protective screen between him and his models. He could abstract himself from the arousing reality when entering into his imaginary world. A nude body was then just summed up in curves, shapes and colours. His quest to paint the "perfect woman" his dreams was far from the real one lying down in front of him.

Julie's superb and tantalizing body was so near this perfect woman he had always dreamt of that he was now afraid to succumb to her displayed charms. Not because he would have not liked it, on the contrary, but because he was that sort of man who wanted to be in control of anything, including his own emotions.

To resist his growing desire for Julie's body, he went to his bedroom and came back with his pastels and began to draw her. Usually this would have protected him from self-indulgent intentions. But today, each stroke of the pastel on the paper was a like an intimate stroke on Julie's curves; a stroke on her thighs, her pussy, her tender and velvet skin, her lips.

Julie slowly opened her eyes and stretched herself voluptuously, smiling at Vincent. Vincent was wholly taken by the vision of her nude body. He thought that the Garden of Eden might certainly be as wonderful as this awakening scene. She was acting sensually yet naturally, so pure and innocent and moreover virgin as she told him.

With all the men that have been allowed to spend a night with her, Vincent could not believe she could still be a virgin. But at the same time, his painter's eyes, his very sensitive heart told him that she was not misleading him, that she was truly as pure as she had told him.

How this superb woman who had for her the wealth, the intelligence and the beauty at a time, could have remained untouched by the ugliness of life, could still be unblemished, was a mystery for Vincent. It was attracting him irresistibly towards her too. He wanted to share this purity with her. But he was also afraid of it, afraid of her beauty, afraid to have to share his life with somebody else, to leave his comfortable and solitary artist painter's life.

"Hello, Vincent. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, Julie, like a baby."

"Hmmm, you were taking advantage of the fact that I was sleeping to draw me without my consent." She winked at him as she jumped from her bed; embracing him and kissing him deeply while his hands were still holding his drawing sheet of paper and pastels.

"Hey, let me breathe, this time you are taking advantage of the fact that my hands are not free!"

"Don't argue, Vincent, and follow me." She took his hand and pulled him outside the mansion to the park and she began to run through it to the round pavilion, still holding Vincent's hand.

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22-03-2008, 12:06 PM
They were running and laughing like college kids, just happy to be free, happy to have fun together. When they arrived at the pavilion, Julie dived directly in the pool, savouring the fresh water on her skin.

"Come on, Vincent, join me!"

"I haven't got my swimsuit with me."

"Swimsuit? What for, do I have a swimsuit? Don't be so modest, Vincent, are you afraid to show me your body?"

"No... but..."

"Suji, Rubia, help me, we will strip him!"

Julie went out the water while Suji and Rubia, the masseuses, began to strip Vincent. He tried to resist but Julie discovered quickly that he was very ticklish. Vincent, wriggling on the floor could not fight against the six hands of the girls tickling him and soon he was as naked as them.

"Oh! How beautiful you are Vincent, isn't he girls?"

"Oh yes, Julie he is really cute." Suji answered Julie. Vincent blushed, hiding his sex with both hands, making the girls laugh.

"Come on, Vincent, we will not rape you. Just give me your hand. Stand up and join me in the pool."

Vincent stood up and they soon were both swimming, side-by-side in the marvellous swimming pool. Julie did not try to touch him in front of the girls, seeing how modest he was. After she swam some lengths, Julie went out of the water to be massaged by Suji. Vincent remained some more minutes in the pool.

"Suji, please ask Rubia to hide Vincent's clothes." She whispered.

When Vincent came out of the swimming pool he understood immediately what happened to his clothes but accepted the game and did not try to hide. He even allowed Rubia to massage him while Suji's hands were gliding on Julie's silky skin.

After the massage, Vincent could see Julie's eyes sparkling at him. Then she asked him to follow her in the park. Hand in hand, they went to the most secret part of the park were her employees were not permitted. There, in a little charming clearing among thick bushes, she lay down on the lawn and asked Vincent to sit down near her. They talked a long time about their lives, their disillusions, their hopes.

Vincent was now more attentive to Julie, falling in love unconsciously. The same thing was happening to her, feeling so secure near such dynamic and attractive man. Vince would have even forgotten about their mutual nakedness if Julie had not had a very arousing idea.

"Please, Vince, would you like to draw me again now?"

"With pleasure but my pastels are still in the mansion."

"No need of pastels, you have your fingers and tongue. Please paint me with them, let your hands follow my curves and paint me with them, make me feel my shapes, I have never been caressed that way by a painter."

The temptation was great. Before accepting Julie's plea, Vincent's sex was already growing slightly. She had asked him to paint her body with such gentleness that he could not refuse her.

He began to draw her face, his fingers drawing first the oval, then the eyebrows, the nose, the mouth. Julie opened slightly her lips while Vincent's hands began to caress her neck. His fingers were now on her shoulders and she was quivering in anticipation to the moment he would draw her breasts.

He was as aroused as her, feeling her silky skin under his fingers, feeling her desire, smelling the aroma of her now wet sex rising up to his nostrils. When he began to draw her erect nipples she began to moan, arching her back to better offer her breasts to his hands.

"Please kiss my nipples, draw them with your tongue Vincent, please do."

He knew, as her, that he was crossing the border here but he did not care any more and soon his lips were around her tender nipples, brushing them slightly, licking them and biting them gently.

Julie was breathing quicker, moaning loudly now as if he had penetrated her. She was so sensual that only the contact of Vincent's hands and mouth on her breasts was making her climax. Vincent could not believe it when he saw her having her first orgasm. He thought she was satisfied but she then asked him to draw her flanks, her belly, her thighs, her pussy, her secret flower.

She knew now it would be him, she knew he was the man she would offer her virginity..

Seeing his erect beautiful penis, she took it between her hands and licked the head, making Vince moan in turn.

Then she opened her thighs:Please, Vincent, make me woman but... be kind, as it is the very first time."

Vincent suddenly felt very clumsy, not daring to penetrate her, so afraid to hurt her. But he was so aroused and Julie was begging him now so tenderly with her eyes, with her words, with her silky pink lips opened and glistening, waiting for his sex to plunge between them, that when he put the head of his erect sex against her tender lips, it entered into her without any resistance.

Slowly, he began to thrust inside her but with just the head of his sex, easing Julie's pussy to open wider. She wanted him fully inside her and she pressed her hands on his buttocks to make him penetrate deeper. Suddenly she let a cry of pain escape from her lips while he felt he had broken her hymen but she immediately smiled at him, begging him to go on and not to care. He did not obey her completely and tried to remain as delicate as possible, his sex throbbing and glistening between her tender petals.

They came together in a beautiful loving embrace, their bodies melted together in a wild ecstasy.

Julie was in heaven, she was a woman now and she was so elated. It had been painful at the beginning but feeling Vincent thrusting deeply inside her, pressing himself against her pussy lips and clit had been so good afterwards that it was as if she discovered that she had a new body. She just did not understand why she had not done it earlier.

As soon as Vincent's vigour came back, she rode him and the two lovers spent a wonderful hot day, making love in this secret part of Julie's garden, her silky pussy now fully opened to love and life.

The End

22-03-2008, 09:23 PM
Luke's Flame

The blank page stared back as if it had eyes. It was an eerie feeling that gave Sophie Michaels the chills. She reached over and flipped the light switch but nothing happened. She grimaced and remembered the bulb had gone out a couple of days before. The storm clouds had long ago hid the sun and the room was getting dark. As the one lamp in the small room flickered, Sophie tried to think where the flashlight was, in case the power went out.

She rummaged around in the small closet for the flashlight and another light bulb. Organization was something foreign to her and it showed. Schoolbooks, sports equipment, papers and shoes filled the shelves. Stuck in a corner was the empty light bulb package. The house shook from the sudden clap of thunder. Or was it from the way she slammed the closet door? Shadows flickered on every wall from the non-stop lightning.

Rain pelted the windows as the storm intensified. A bolt of lightning struck the old maple tree in the backyard and split it in two. As the branches crashed to the ground, they fell across a power line, sending sparks through the air. Sophie screamed at the instant blackness in the room as the storm raged on.

A sudden intrusion of lights several minutes later scared Sophie even more. With her eyes shaded against the brightness, almost afraid to check, she made her way to the closest window. Through the sheets of rain, she could see two fire trucks, and an assortment of emergency personnel. Men were standing next to a car and pointing to the fallen wires. Sophie watched as some of the crew turned a hose onto the neighbor's garage. Flames and smoke spewed out of the small building.

Without thinking, she ran towards the door, afraid for the people living in the house next to her. After stumbling into furniture, she turned the knob, flung the door open and ran outside. The smoke was thick and curling into the air from the fire. People were coming out of their homes to gather in the front yard. Sophie watched the organized chaos as she hurried to join the group.

"Sophie, over here!" she heard from the crowd.

"You're lucky that tree didn't fall on your house, too," another voice called out.

"I swear it was the loudest thing I ever heard," someone said.

"Where are the Calhouns? Has anyone seen them?" Sophie asked no one in particular.

"They're with the fire chief. One of their kids smelled smoke and woke Mrs. Calhoun up," the first voice replied. "Thankfully it was the garage and not their house."

Sophie stood next to the growing circle of concerned neighbors. She heard one of the firefighters telling another how fortunate the homeowners were. It occurred to her that it could have been much worse if the garage hadn't been a separate building. She shivered and wished she had thought to grab a jacket. Even though the rain had let up, and it was a warm night, her blouse stuck to her skin.

A man with a jacket identifying him as being from the local electric company walked their way. Sophie heard his velvety rich voice as he spoke to an older man from down the block. Soon he turned her way and smiled. Her heart pounded when she saw how gorgeous he was.

"Excuse me, ma'am. I'm Luke Flynn from the electric company. I understand you live next door here," he stated.

"Yes," Sophie confirmed.

"I wanted you to know the men will get your power back on as soon as possible," he explained.

"Okay. I couldn't find my flashlight though," she blurted.

"Your flashlight?" Luke asked with a confused look.

"I was looking for it because the light bulb burned out and then I heard the tree and saw the lights and it was too dark," she rambled.

"Are you alright? You didn't fall and hit your head..."

"No, I'm just nervous," Sophie mumbled.

"There's nothing to be nervous about. Things should be in order by tomorrow," he told her.

"Tomorrow? How do I see tonight?" she questioned. "I mean, it's dark in there and..."

The chuckle Sophie heard was warm and friendly. She blushed as she realized how dumb she must have sounded and tried to think of something smarter to say. Luke excused himself to talk with another worker and soon walked back to the truck. Sophie gave a quick wave to her neighbors and ran back into her house.

After feeling her way to the bedroom, she stripped off her soggy clothes, slipped on some pajamas and stumbled back to the living room. Sophie forgot all about the new story she had been trying to write earlier. For the next hour, sitting on a chair by her window, Sophie watched the crews work. When her eyes drifted shut, she settled lower in the chair, pulled a throw over her shoulders and slept.

A crick in her neck from sleeping in the chair woke her up several hours later. The sun was shining as if the storm of the night before had never happened. She took a fast cold shower since the power was still off and dressed for work. The clock had stopped so Sophie checked her watch. Running late was typical for her even without any excuses. Shuffling through her purse, grumbling at the junk inside it, she grinned when her fingers touched her keys.

It crossed her mind that it was a good thing her garage was too messy to fit her car inside. Without any power, her electric garage door opener would be useless, and she would be stuck at home. Hearing her stomach rumbling reminded her she missed breakfast. Several miles away she decided to grab some coffee and a donut from one of the convenience stores. Zipping in should take almost no time she told herself.

Sophie pulled into the store's parking lot and aimed for the empty spot near the door. Still cursing at herself for running late again, she slammed the car into park and grabbed her purse. It didn't matter how early she woke up, or how good her intentions were, something always happened to make her run late.

Scrambling out of her car, her mind on the meeting she was due at in half an hour, Sophie swore when she felt her nylon catch on the seat. Almost afraid to look at the damage, she stood up, slammed her door shut and twisted to check it out. The hole already had a run going from her ankle to above her knee.

"Great, now I have to buy a new pair," Sophie muttered. "What next?"

"Were you talking to me?"

Sophie thought she knew the voice but couldn't quite place it. She turned as she straightened up and found Luke Flynn standing a few feet from her. Sophie was mortified that he heard her talking to herself.

"Hello," she said. "You're from the electric company."

"That's right. We spoke at the fire last night." Luke explained.

A deep breath calmed Sophie's nerves. "I'm Sophie Michaels."

"Good morning, Sophie. I hope you didn't struggle too much without power last night."

"That was nothing compared to the cold shower. I had goose bumps all over," she replied.

The look she received from Luke at that statement brought a blush to her cheeks. Sophie knew she was built decent, but in her opinion, she was just average. Her short auburn hair framed her face enough to draw attention to the startling green of her eyes.

"I can imagine you did," Luke said. "Yes, I can imagine it."

The subtle flirting surprised Sophie. Luke had been working last night and had talked to so many people.

"Luke, it was nice to see you again but if I don't get to work on time my boss will have a fit," Sophie explained.

"No problem, Sophie. I really should be at work already myself," he confessed.

"Have a great day, Luke."

Sophie hurried into the store and scoured the racks for the panty hose. With a pair in hand, she cut down the rows, looking for the coffee machines. Lucky for her there was no line. While filling a cup with the dark brew she pulled a few napkins from the dispenser. Adding a lid to the cup, distracted when it failed to go on straight, she bumped someone on her left.

"Excuse me," she apologized.

"Following me, Sophie?"

Luke stood so close that Sophie could smell the lime cologne he wore. She saw the gleam in his blue eyes as he smiled down at her.

"Would you like me to?" she teased.

"There are many things I'd like you to do," Luke whispered close to her ear.

Sophie felt the chills go down her spine at the implications in his words. Several images popped into her mind as he looked at her. When another customer wanted coffee it reminded her where they were.

"I'd like to hear about them sometime, but right now, I should be at work," she said.

"Good point. I don't want to rush when I tell you either," Luke grinned.

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They each paid for their purchases and walked to the door together. Sophie tried to think of a reply. Luke saved her as they reached her car.

"Is it alright if I call you sometime?" he asked.

"I'd like that, Luke," Sophie told him.

Luke opened her car door for her and waited until she had settled to close the door. He leaned into the open window as she started the car. Scrounging for some paper, she ripped a piece off her grocery list, scribbled her number on it, and handed it to Luke.

"Have a good day, Sophie," he said. "By the way, you have gorgeous legs."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he stood up, waved and walked over to his vehicle. Sophie sat there stunned that he had noticed at all. She was wearing a calf-length skirt since she was on her way to work. Then it occurred to her he must have been watching when she pulled it up to check the run in her hose. As she drove to work, she remembered the heated look he gave her in the store. She was still smiling when she parked her car at work.

The day flew by for Sophie and soon she was on her way home. A quick stop at the market provided the makings for a salad for her dinner. Sophie pulled into her driveway a short time later still unsure if the electric was on. The chaos from the night before was gone only to reveal the burned out shell of her neighbor's garage. She could see just how close some of the tree branches had landed to her house and shivered at the thought.

Sophie brought her groceries in and dropped them onto the counter. The blare of music greeted her from her bedroom. Afraid for a moment that someone was in her house, she hesitated to go further. She kicked off her heels and picked one up as she made her way silently through the rooms. Her computer blinked at her from the desk. With a laugh, she remembered the radio had been on when the electricity went out the night before.

A quick change of clothes and Sophie was back in the kitchen fixing her dinner. Her mind was on the work she had tried to do the night before. Only a few people knew that Sophie dabbled in writing in her spare time. They had read a couple of her romantic stories and enjoyed them. None of them had an idea she also wrote erotica. Sophie wasn't ashamed of it. She was just a bit unsure how others might take it. It was her secret for now.

An idea had formed during the course of her day and she went to work getting it onto the computer. Sophie finally turned it off at midnight and went to bed. The next several days followed a similar routine of work and then home to write. Over the weekend, she cleaned her house, did the laundry, and caught up on errands.

Monday was a busy day at work and Sophie left exhausted. Once home she decided to order a pizza for delivery instead of cooking. The telephone rang minutes after she hung it up.

"Sophie?" she heard through the receiver.

"It is," she replied.

"This is Luke Flynn, Sophie. Am I interrupting anything?" he asked.

"Hello, Luke. No, I'm just waiting for my pizza to get here," Sophie said.

"Then I won't take up your time," Luke told her.

"Did you eat yet?"

"No, I just got home," he answered.

"Come on over and join me then," Sophie offered.

"I'd love to. Are you sure—" Luke began.

"It's a super supreme, Luke," Sophie stated. "There will be plenty for two."

"It sounds great. I can be there in fifteen minutes," he said.

"Perfect. The pizza will be here about then. I'll see you soon," Sophie replied.

Sophie ran through her small house picking up things. She looked down at her jeans and sweater and decided not to change. The doorbell rang just as she finished checking her hair. Luke stood on the steps holding a pizza box and grinning. A bit confused, Sophie opened the door, stepped aside, and let Luke in. He laughed at her expression and explained how the pizza driver pulled in right behind him.

"I intercepted dinner," he said.

"You shouldn't have, Luke," Sophie told him.

"Our first date and you were going to buy dinner?" he teased.

Sophie blushed when he mentioned a date. It reminded her of the story she had been working on. Two strangers bump into each other at odd places around town, date and soon fall in love. She knew it was a fantasy based on how she met Luke.

Luke told Sophie a bit about his family. He was the youngest of five children and the only one that didn't live in the same town his parents did. She laughed when he told her about the latest trip home. His mother had arranged a single woman from town to attend the family dinner in the hopes Luke would like her. According to Luke, she was loud, rude and obnoxious. Sophie almost felt sorry for him until he winked.

Around nine o'clock Luke got up to leave. Sophie walked him to the door and thanked him for the pizza. She had enjoyed herself and hoped Luke had as well.

"This was fun, Sophie," Luke said.

"It was very relaxing, Luke. Dinner was great," she teased.

Luke chuckled and waved as he walked to his truck. Sophie locked the door and headed to her computer. She was disappointed he hadn't mentioned seeing her again. For the next hour, she had her imaginary couple going all over town together. When she stopped for the night, she was pleased with the progress of the story, already thinking ahead to the next part.

Sophie put in a few extra hours at work the next couple of days. She kept busy in the evenings by mowing the lawn, weeding the flowerbeds, and writing. Soon it was the weekend all over again and Luke still hadn't called. She reminded herself he was a busy man and would call when he had time. What she didn't expect was to see him at her door Saturday afternoon.

"Luke!" she exclaimed.

"Busy, Sophie?" Luke asked.

"Not at all. I was just writing. Come in," Sophie said.

"Thanks, but if you're in the middle of something, I don't want to bother you."

Sophie opened the door wider and motioned for Luke to enter. A quick glance showed the computer screen no longer showed the story she was working on.

"I'm ready for a break. How have you been, Luke?"

"I'm sorry I haven't called. We're in the middle of more training at work. It's been a crazy week," Luke explained.

"Have you had dinner?" Sophie questioned. "Shall I order something?"

"Dinner sounds great. We can go out if you'd rather," Luke offered.

"I was going to call that new Chinese place in town," Sophie told him.

"You're on," he agreed. "Chinese is perfect."

The two worked out an order and Sophie called it in. She offered Luke a drink and they went into the living room to wait for the food. Conversation went easy just as it had the night they shared pizza. Then Luke brought up her writing. Sophie wasn't sure how much she was ready to tell him on that subject.

"Have you published anything?" Luke inquired.

"It's just something I do for fun," she hedged. "I don't let many people read it."

"Why is that, Sophie?"

Sophie looked at Luke and made a quick decision. "I write erotica."

"How did you get into that?" he asked.

Sophie explained how she had been bored one afternoon and began to write. The finished product wasn't very good, she added with a laugh. From there she had kept at it and discovered erotica was fun. Luke's raised eyebrow and grin made Sophie blush. Lucky for her the doorbell rang just then. They dug into the boxes of Sweet and Sour Chicken, Crabmeat Rangoons, Moo Goo Gai Pan, Spring Rolls and Pork Chop Suey. Conversation stopped only while they were enjoying the multitude of food in front of them.

They went into the living room after Sophie cleared the table. Stories of family, school years and work filled the next couple of hours. Luke checked the time and told her he should be leaving. He grinned as he walked past the computer.

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"So when can I read your stuff?" he asked.

"Um, I'll have to think about it," Sophie hesitated.

"Embarrassed about it?" Luke teased. "Or are you afraid it isn't good?"

"I'm not ashamed of it and I never said if it was good or not," Sophie defended herself.

"There's nothing wrong with that genre, in my opinion."

"You really want to read some of it?" she asked. "It's something you're interested in looking at?"

"I know we just met and haven't learned a lot about each other. One thing about me you'll discover is I don't lie," Luke stated.

"That wasn't what I meant, Luke," Sophie apologized. "I'll find one for you."

Sophie scrolled through the titles of her stories on the computer to find the one she thought was her best. A few clicks and it was ready to read.

"This is a recent one," she explained. "I'll wait in the kitchen while you read it."

She scurried out of the room before he could reply. Luke went over to the desk and sat in front of the computer. It didn't take him long to realize that Sophie was a talented writer. She had a way of pulling the reader right into her story. After he was finished, Luke stayed where he was, trying to piece together the parts of Sophie he knew so far. Soon it occurred to him she was waiting for his reaction and went in to join her.

"You are very talented," he told her softly.

"I don't know about that," Sophie replied.

"Have you looked into publishing anywhere? I'm sure someone out there would love to see your work," Luke told her.

"No, I haven't. Then people would know..." she admitted.

Luke looked at the woman in front of him for the longest time. He wanted to hold her but was afraid she would take it the wrong way. The content of the story was erotic as she said. It also brought a stirring to Luke's groins that shocked him. He hadn't read anything with sex in it for years.

"Sophie, I know what you do now, and I still respect you," Luke said.

Luke took a few steps closer to Sophie. He lifted her chin with his finger and looked into her eyes. The uncertainty he saw in them hit him deep in his gut.

"You're a beautiful, sexy, caring woman. Writing what you do doesn't change any of that to me," he reinforced.

Sophie licked her lips and tried to think. All she could think about was how beautiful the blue was in his eyes.

"Thank you for sharing it with me," he began. "I had fun today although next time we go out."

Sophie felt her uneasiness leave and laughed. "We can do that."

"My schedule is a bit crazy again this next week. I'll call you," Luke promised.

"Good night, Luke," Sophie whispered.

Sophie locked the door and went over to her desk. The story Luke read glared back at her on the computer screen. She closed it and opened the current piece she was working on. Fantasy and reality wove together as she added to it. When her eyes began to burn, she went to bed, only to dream of sparkling blue eyes.

The week was typical for Sophie. Work kept her busy each day. One evening she went to see her sister Toni. She was considering telling her what she wrote. Maybe it was time to stop hiding it. Luke saw nothing wrong with it, she reminded herself. With those intentions, she drove across town, a weight lifted from her shoulders.

Toni was eight years older than Sophie was. Her husband of almost twenty years worked in construction. He had built them a beautiful home with plenty of room for their three children. Sophie often wondered what it would be like to have a husband and kids. She wasn't jealous of her sister. More envious, she admitted. Sophie thought for sure she would be married before she hit thirty.

Sophie's two nieces were home when she arrived. It was always fun to see them and catch up a bit with their lives. Toni was fixing dinner so they all gravitated to the kitchen. The girls soon went to their rooms to finish homework.

"Can I ask you something?" Sophie began.

"Of course," Toni replied.

"Have you ever read any sexy stories?" she went on.

"Romance you mean?" Toni questioned.

"Not romance, but sexier stuff, erotica," Sophie clarified.

"I have," Toni admitted. "Stuff like that is easy to find on a computer, you know. Why?"

"What do you think of it? I mean, what do you think about the people that write it?" Sophie continued.

"I'm not sure I understand, Sophie."

"Well, do you look down at them for writing about sex?" Sophie expounded.

"Of course I don't. Why are you asking all this anyway?" Toni probed.

"Would you be ashamed of me if I wrote like that?" Sophie challenged.

"Sophie, you're my sister. I wouldn't be ashamed of you," Toni confirmed. "Now what is this really all about?"

"That's what I do," Sophie whispered. "I write erotica."

"You have to let me read it," Toni shrieked. "Did you bring some?"

"No, it's all on my computer," Sophie replied.

"E-mail it to me," Toni demanded. "Do it tonight when you get home."

Sophie was amazed Toni wasn't judging the genre she wrote. Not that Toni was that type person, Sophie reminded herself.

"Alright," Sophie agreed.

Toni's husband came home then and the topic went to other things. Sophie was glad her sister didn't say anything to her brother-in-law. Telling two people in a few days time was already stressful enough. She waved to her sister and mouthed thank you. Several minutes later, she pulled up in her own driveway, exhausted.

Sophie thought about going right to bed but she knew Toni would bug her until she e-mailed a story to her. She attached a couple to a short message and hit send before she changed her mind. The telephone rang an hour later.

"Holy cow, Sophie, those were so good," Toni said in lieu of hello. "I want more."

"Hello, Toni," she answered. "Do you really think they're good?"

"Sophie, I've read stuff on-line that's crap compared to this. Have you looked into any of the sites?" Toni asked.

"I don't even have any idea where to begin," she admitted.

"I'll send you the links for a couple. They have sections where you can sign up and submit your stuff. You need to do it," Toni went on.

"What if someone from town reads it? They'll know it was me, Toni. I'd be so embarrassed."

"Make up a name. You don't have to use your own. Call me after work tomorrow and I'll come over to help you," Toni stated.

Toni added a few more thoughts before she hung up. Sophie spent half the night wondering what she had done. It scared her to have strangers read her work. On the other hand, it excited her, too. She was so distracted at work that day her boss gave her several odd looks. The minute she got home, she called Toni, letting her know she was ready to do it.

The two girls giggled at the silly names they thought up. Nothing felt right yet to Sophie. The ringing of the doorbell startled Sophie. Not expecting anyone, she was surprised to see Luke standing there, a grin on his face.

"Okay, I didn't call, but I was on this side of town," Luke said.

"Sophie, who is it?" Toni called out from the living room.

"I'm sorry. You have company. I'll leave," Luke stated.

"No, don't go, please. It's my sister. She's helping me, ah, well, come in and you can see," Sophie stammered.

Sophie introduced Luke to her sister and explained a bit how they met. Toni hadn't seen Sophie with a man for quite a while and it intrigued her.

"Alright. This is what we're doing. After I let you read one of my stories, I thought about what you said, and showed Toni a couple. She thinks I should submit them to some of the writing sites that accept erotica," Sophie explained.

Toni raised her eyebrow when she realized her sister had shown Luke before her. "They're better than a lot of the stuff out there."

"I agree. She has a knack for drawing you in that many writers lack," Luke replied.

"We're trying to find a fitting name for her to use. Got any ideas, Luke?" Toni asked.

"What have you tried so far?" he inquired.

Toni went over some of the names with Luke. They tossed more combinations around as Sophie stayed out of it. She blanched at a few, blushed at several, and shook her head over most. Nothing had been decided when Toni said she had to get home. A quick good-bye and she was out the door.

"She seems nice," Luke said.

"Yeah, we get along really great," Sophie responded.

"So what name are you going to use?" he asked.

"I don't know yet, Luke. What do you think about the ones you heard?" she questioned.

"Well, I thought 'GreenEyes' was okay," he said. "I have an idea though."

"You do? Tell me," she demanded.

"This might not be what you have in mind—" Luke began.

"Just tell me," Sophie said again.

"I like 'Flame' for you," Luke admitted.

"You're thinking of the fire next door. That's when we met," she reminded him.

"Yes," he agreed. "There's always a sparkle in your eyes when I see you, too. You make me think of heat and passion."

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22-03-2008, 09:29 PM
Sophie stared at Luke. Her gaze went to his lips. She wanted to feel them on hers but was afraid to make a move. Luke made it instead.

"I've wanted to taste you ever since I first saw you in the rain," he said softly.

His lips captured hers in a sweet, soft kiss that seemed to never end. Sophie felt his tongue run over her lips and gasped. Luke slid his tongue into her mouth and deepened the kiss. Sophie groaned as she felt his arms wrap around her. The feel of his body next to hers was enough to drive Sophie wild. Her tongue danced with his as she laid her hands on his shoulders.

Luke felt himself swelling. Her nipples pressed into his chest. He knew it was too soon to do more even though his body screamed at him. His hands roamed over her back as he slowed the kiss. It was tough, but he stepped away, putting space between them. Sophie still had her eyes shut when he looked down at her.

"You have to know I want you," Luke spoke first.

Sophie took several deep breaths and opened her eyes. "Yes."

"I don't want just a few nights, Sophie," he told her.

"Me either," she agreed.

"Will you go to dinner with me Saturday night?" Luke asked.


"I'll pick you up at six," he stated.

"Alright, Luke," Sophie answered.

He leaned in and dropped a kiss on her forehead before he headed out the door. Sophie didn't move until long after the sound of his truck was gone. She finally got ready for bed and turned the lights off. Her mind was still on those few minutes with Luke as she closed her eyes.

In the morning, she checked her e-mail before work, as she always did. There was one from Toni so she opened it first. It was short and to the point.

"I want details!" Toni had written in huge letters.

Sophie laughed at the message as she sent off a reply. As she hit send, she grinned, knowing it would bug Toni all day. Even at work, she smiled whenever she remembered what she wrote. As expected, when she got home, the answering machine light blinked. Hitting the button, she leaned against the counter, waiting for the messages.

"Sophie Michaels, you better call me back as soon as you get this," she heard.

The way Toni spoke made her laugh as she waited for the next message.

"Don't make me tell mom," Toni's voice said from the machine.

Sophie had tears running from her eyes as she thought of all the times Toni used that line on her.

"I'm on my way over and you will talk to me," was the last message.

She was still standing there laughing when Toni walked in.

"You can't send me an e-mail like that and expect me to accept it," Toni stated.

"Like what?" Sophie asked when she could speak.

"I told you I wanted details," Toni repeated.

"I gave you my answer, Toni," Sophie chuckled. "Are you saying you didn't like it?"

"Let me think, Sophie," Toni said as she glared at Sophie. "Your exact words were 'Short version. Yes, we did it. He's hot. No further details necessary' I believe."

Sophie burst out laughing all over again at the indignant look on her sister's face. Tears rolled down her cheeks when she saw Toni put her hands on her hips.

"You look just like mom, Toni," Sophie got out.

"Don't you change the topic on me, young lady," Toni said with a stern voice.

"You are her," Sophie roared.

The irony of it hit Toni right then and she began to chuckle. Soon both girls were giggling so much they couldn't talk.

"You still owe me details," Toni reminded Sophie when she could speak again.

"The sky is blue," Sophie began. "So are eyes and water and—"

"Don't give me that crap," Toni cut in. "Wait. You said eyes are blue. I bet he has blue eyes!"

"He was here. You met him," Sophie reminded her.

"You're a devil, Sophie Michaels," Toni said.

The telephone rang just as Sophie started to reply and she grabbed it on the second ring. Within a few seconds, she turned her back on Toni, lowered her voice, and smiled. Toni noted the behavior and pictured herself much the same way when her husband called while they dated. All Toni wanted was her sister to find a good man to make her happy. Without a word, she picked up her purse, slowly opened the door, and left. Sophie never even heard her go.

Sophie hung up the telephone many minutes later. She was surprised not to find Toni anywhere in the house. A quick peek outside showed her car was gone. Sophie said a silent thank you to her sister for giving her privacy. It had been Luke on the phone and Sophie forgot all about her sister. The rest of the evening was quiet for Sophie. She fell asleep thinking of what might be in her future.

The next two days dragged for Sophie. She wanted it to be Friday night so she could see Luke again. Thursday night she went through her closet to find something to wear. Nothing looked right to her, and in a panic, she called Toni. They wore the same size, Sophie knew, and Toni had great taste. Her sister promised to be right over with several outfits for Sophie to check out. Sophie ran out to greet her sister as soon as she heard her arrive. They each grabbed some clothes and went inside.

An hour later Sophie stood in front of her mirror in awe of the sleek black dress she wore. Sleeveless, with an empire waist, it was in the style that Jackie Kennedy made famous. The back zipper and front darts completed the look. Sophie dug around in her closet and came out with a pair of stilettos. She stared at herself in the mirror and wondered what Luke would think.

"That's the dress, Sophie. If you want to make a killer impression, that's the one," Toni stated.

Sophie carefully hung the dress back up and set the heels next to her dresser. Her eyes shimmered with excitement.

"I like him, Toni. I really like him a lot," Sophie admitted.

Toni watched her little sister and hoped it would go well for her. The few minutes she talked with Luke made her think he was decent. She planned to keep an eye on things so he didn't hurt Sophie.

"You deserve good things in your life. Maybe he's the one for you," Toni said.

Toni left with the remainder of the clothes safely back in her car. Sophie wandered through her house until bedtime. Last thing she thought of was being able to see Luke the next day. In the morning, she raced through getting ready, grabbed a muffin, and made it to work with a minute to spare. The boss was out for the day so she was able to catch up and actually leave a little early. She wanted all the time she could to get ready for her date.

Sophie felt her hands shake as she attempted to apply her make-up. A long shower had been refreshing until she realized what time it was. Now she struggled with the simplest tasks in her preparation. A desperate call to Toni ended with a promise that she would be over in a few minutes to help. Sophie sat on the edge of her bed and cried.

"Sophie?" Toni called.

Toni walked into the bedroom and knelt in front of her sister. It was obvious she had been crying and her hands were ice cold.

"Hey, it's alright. I'm here to help now," Toni said. "It's big sister to the rescue!"

Sophie gave a small smile and hugged Toni.

"I'm just so nervous. Luke is a great guy, Toni," Sophie told her.

"Let's make you even more beautiful than you are right now, then," Toni chuckled.

For the next hour, Toni fussed over Sophie's hair and make-up, fixed her manicure, and finally zipped up her dress. The two giggled like they had years before when Toni practiced on Sophie. Slipping into the stilettos, a big smile on her face, Sophie heard the doorbell ring right on time. Thumbs up from Toni encouraged her as she opened the door to see Luke standing there.

"My god, you're gorgeous!" Luke said and whistled.

Sophie blushed softly. "Thank you, Luke."

"Every guy that sees you will be jealous of me," he remarked.

"I'm glad you approve," she grinned. "Toni helped me."

"You don't need help. Someone as beautiful as you already stands out," Luke stated.

"Hello, Luke. Good to see you again," Toni said as she joined them at the door.

"Toni, hello," Luke replied.

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"Be good to my sister, Luke."

Toni whispered the words to Luke as she squeezed through the doorway on her way out. Sophie couldn't hear what Toni said, but knowing her sister, had a general idea.

"Thank you, Toni," Sophie added.

Luke helped Sophie into his car and made sure she had her seatbelt on before he closed the door. He settled himself behind the wheel and started the car. The conversation was light and comfortable considering Sophie's nerves earlier. Luke told her about the phone call from his mother the night before. She reminded him that at his age he should be married and giving her more grandchildren.

"Maybe our moms should get together. I hear the same thing all the time," Sophie chuckled.

"I remind her that when the right woman comes along I'll do just that," Luke remarked.

The restaurant was trendy with several people waiting for tables. Luke gave his name to the host with confidence. He confirmed his reservations that morning and a table awaited them. Sophie felt glamorous and smiled the entire evening. Luke's eyes smoldered each time he looked at her.

"Have you written any new stories?" Luke asked.

"I have one close to finished," Sophie replied with a blush.

"Do I get to read it?" he wondered.

Sophie thought about some of the words that she had written that week. The story was her fantasy of what might happen between her and Luke.

"I don't think so, Luke," she said.

Luke tipped his head and watched Sophie for a few minutes. He appeared to be thinking and she worried he might guess what the piece was about. Instead, he talked about the new house he was having built, and some of the decisions he needed to make.

"So the contractor wants me to pick out floor coverings this week," Luke began. "How am I supposed to know what will match?"

Sophie laughed at the face he made. "It's easy, Luke."

"Then you try it once," he said. "Carpet, hardwood, vinyl, neutrals, warms..."

"Think about how you'll be using each room. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the house. Now what do you see?" Sophie asked.

Luke did as she said and saw the house of his dreams. "I see kids playing in the den, with toys all over the carpet, and my wife nursing the baby."

Sophie envied the woman in his image. She didn't want to admit it was almost identical to what she yearned for.

"Now you know how easy it is to choose things for your new home," Sophie remarked.

They talked a bit more of his house as they finished dinner. Luke took care of the bill and pulled Sophie's chair out for her. His hand rested on her back as they weaved through the other tables to the exit. He helped her into the car as he had done when he picked her up. They were both silent on the drive back to her house. Once in her driveway, Luke shut off the car, took a breath, and turned to Sophie.

"I won't ask if I can come inside, Sophie, even though it's what I want to do. Sex isn't what I want from you," Luke started. "When I saw you standing in the rain, concerned about your neighbors, something twisted deep inside me. I'm thirty-four years old, Sophie."

He spoke quietly as they sat in the near darkness of his car. Sophie held her breath as she tried to follow his words.

"I've dated many women over the years. All the years I went for hot bodies were a waste. What I should have been looking for was someone that made me smile, with a sense of family, and with intelligence. I guess as I got older I realized the important things a mate should have," Luke explained.

"When we're young we don't always have the experience to make the right decision. Having fun is as far as we can see at times," Sophie added.

"The day I signed the contract for my house I sat in the middle of the land and wondered what I had done. It was as if from that moment on I was a responsible adult. I was committing myself to staying here," he went on.

"Owning a home isn't for everyone," Sophie said.

Sitting so close to Luke, the stars twinkling above, Sophie was confused where Luke was taking the conversation. They hadn't known each other long enough for her to sense his moods. She waited for him to continue.

"Sophie, I really like you. You're beautiful, sexy, smart and sensitive," Luke expounded. "I don't want to screw things up with sex right now."

"What are you saying, Luke?" Sophie asked.

"I'd like to get to know you better and see where it leads us," he answered.

"I'm sure you know I'd say yes if you wanted to come inside tonight," Sophie stated.

"I know that, Sophie," Luke sighed.

"You're right about not knowing each other very well and I'm not looking for a few nights of sex either. Getting to know each other sounds perfect to me," she ended.

"Then I'd better let you get inside before I change my mind," Luke chuckled.

Luke held her hand as they walked to her door. Sophie thought how right it felt to be with Luke. The future looked very good indeed.

The End

22-03-2008, 09:53 PM
Forever Mine

The scent of cinnamon hung in the air like an exotic perfume and small particles of flour danced in the rays of sun shining through the slats of the venetian blind. Mary stood over the bowl, stooping slightly, her brown hair clasped neatly in a black butterfly clip. She smiled dreamily as she stirred the thick, lumpy cake batter, slowly adding air into the gunky mixture.

Round and round the large wooden spoon stirred. Patiently she sifted the ingredients together, ensuring each precious morsel was incorporated into the mixture. It was stiflingly hot in the kitchen and her face was pink with exertion, dark stains spreading slowly under the arms of her worn, blue housecoat.

Her hands were red and calloused from years of scalding water and bleach. She was fanatical about her housekeeping, almost obsessive about cleanliness. The kitchen would be sterilised after she had finished baking her cake with every surface shining and spotless.

"It's gonna be a beauty!" she muttered to herself. Her eyes danced in anticipation of the perfect sponge cake she would take from the oven soon. It would be so light...it would melt in the mouth. Her cakes always did.

Her Father had loved her cakes...

That sudden thought made her frown and she pushed it firmly from her head. He was not here to eat her cakes anymore. No more cakes for him...oh no. She smiled again and beat the mixture more vigorously.

These days she baked less frequently - and only for 'special' people. This cake was being baked for a special person. Mary smiled softly, her firm stirring of the mixture slowing slightly as she thought about him.

He was special. Only he deserved her special cake. No one else was worthy enough. She stood still, her hand suspended in the mixing bowl, the spoon settling into the glutinous mass.

He liked cinnamon.

"Cinnamon bun, please," he smiled at the girl behind the counter. The girl smiled back and passed him the last cinnamon bun from the glass display case. Mary frowned darkly as she stood in the queue behind him. She saw she was going to have to choose another cake as he had taken her bun.

For a moment she was cross; but he turned to glance across the room and she saw his handsome features. Instantly she realised he looked exactly like the hero on the cover of her latest book and she was captivated. Mary quickly decided she did not mind him taking the last cinnamon bun.

Brenda smiled at the handsome man and Mary pursed her lips in irritation. Normally the serving girl was rude and disrespectful and Mary did not like her one bit. Mary had seen her type before -- all short skirts and tight blouses - the kind of girl who gave away her favours in dark alleys.

The girl was common as muck and she always tried to short change Mary whenever she went in for a bun and a cup of tea. Mary had her number though; she was no fool. She made sure she checked her change every time - right there at the counter - even when the queue was trailing out the door behind her. She wasn't bothered; people could mutter under their breath and grumble all they liked.

He had taken his bun and his coffee and walked over to a table near the window, still looking cheerful. Mary watched him with a strange butterfly sensation fluttering in the pit of her stomach. She forgot where she was and it was only when she heard Brenda's loud, crass voice that Mary remembered that she hadn't paid for her own bun and tea.

Scowling again at the girl, she pulled the correct change from her old purse, counted the coins out slowly and walked away, oblivious to Brenda's look of disdain. She chose to sit at the table next to the man, taking her gloves off one at a time and placing them precisely on the chair next to her.

Her tea was too hot to drink, so she diverted her attention back to the man. His greying hair was long and touched the back of his collar in wavy strands. Smooth hands lifted his mug to his lips, his fingers long and delicate with the nails trimmed and neat. He looked like an artist, thought Mary dreamily. As she watched, he began to read a book taken from his bag and was soon engrossed in the pages. Judging by the cover pictures, it was a travel guide of the local area.

Her heart sank. This meant that she wouldn't see him again. Gloomily she dropped her gaze. Her tea gradually cooled as she stared unseeing out of the grimy window and she sipped at it carefully, not wishing to burn her lip. The bun she had purchased sat on its plate, tempting her, but she ignored it.

When she had drunk half of her tea, she placed the cup back on the table and picked up the fat bun. Easing it from the delicate paper case, she took a dainty bite. It was delicious. Not as good as her own buns of course, but delicious nonetheless. The ginger flavour burst on to her tongue and she savoured the sweetness slowly. When she had eaten exactly half of the bun, she took a sip of tea. Then she ate the rest of the bun, a dreamy smile on her rosy pink face.

Mary followed an unwavering routine, every week had a schedule and schedules must be kept. Thursday was library and bun day and every Thursday, without fail, she arrived at the library at ten o'clock sharp to return her five books, (always five), and choose five more.

Mary always borrowed old-fashioned Romances. She loved to read about demure heroines, swept off their feet by dashing heroes, their love sealed with a chaste kiss in the final sentence. Mary firmly believed that was how true love should be. She could not imagine any other kind of love.

Every night she sat in her bed, the small lamp illuminating the pages as she read her stories. Once thirty minutes had ticked by on her old clock, she turned and carefully inserted her bookmark between the pages and placed it on her bedside table. Switching off the lamp, she would settle beneath the covers, ready to fall asleep and dream about the story.

Virginia watched as Count Von Trapp swept Lady Christina round the ballroom. The orchestra played on, the sweet notes rising above the tinkling of feminine laughter and men's voices. Virginia was surprised to find herself feeling a little jealous of her childhood friend; she suddenly wished it was she, not Christina, dancing with the handsome Count...

Once Mary had inadvertently picked a 'modern romance' and she had been shocked with the things described within it. The things that were written were, well...disgusting! Mary shuddered to think about it. It made her feel hot and...not quite right.

She had complained to the librarian. The woman had looked at her kindly and explained that some people enjoyed that kind of book. She had smiled and taken the book from Mary's trembling hand. "Don't worry dear," she said. "I will make sure it is put back on the right shelf this time."

Mary had walked away feeling better. At least no one else would make the same mistake. The book obviously should have been in a different section. She would stick to her Barbara Cartland novels and the classics. She could enjoy those without worrying about coming across filth amongst the passages.

By eleven o'clock, she finished in the library and she would take her books across the square to the small café on the corner by the cathedral. Some days it was busy, others it was quiet. Mary didn't care either way. As long as she had a seat, other people around her, chattering away, did not bother her. She usually ignored them and they ignored her.

She would buy her cup of tea and her bun from Brenda and then sit for a while; just watching the tourists pass by. It made her feel less alone for a time and she enjoyed the company, even if it was distant. Most days she was usually on her own, unless she happened to have her guests staying.

She prized that. Guests were always polite and they complimented her cooking. Mary liked to be appreciated. It had been a rare commodity in her life -- being appreciated. Her parents had not appreciated her at all. They had treated her like a slave most of the time.

Day in, day out, she had washed, cooked, cleaned and tried her best to keep the house tidy. It was difficult with her father drunk most of the time. Her mother stayed out of the way as much as possible; she certainly gave Mary no attention unless it involved a beating for some perceived misdemeanour.

The only pleasure Mary had was her books. A kindly neighbour had given her a carrier bag full of paperback novels one day. Mary had eagerly taken the prize and hidden them away in her room, carefully pushed behind the box of junk at the bottom of her cupboard. Not that anyone came in her room anyway.

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But she was not about to have her father take these books away from her. Once a teacher had given her a book of poetry. She had made the mistake of bringing it home and reading it in front of her father. He had snatched it from her hands and thrown it on the fire. Mary had endured a week of detention for the crime of losing a school library book. The teacher had not believed her when she tried to tell her what had happened.

Mary never made that mistake again. She soon learned that people only saw what they wanted to see. Girls like her were always invisible to the world. This was why nobody ever came to help her, even when her father beat her black and blue. Eventually she learned that it was no use crying -- it made no difference -- he just beat her harder.

Punishments were dealt out all too frequently. Father had punished her severely the day she lost his money on the way to the butcher and they couldn't have a Sunday joint. She had been beaten unconscious on that occasion. Her arm had taken ages to heal properly and even now, it was still slightly crooked and it ached terribly on cold damp days

Do this, do that...that was all they ever said to her. She worked hard and did as she was told. It was never enough though; they always wanted more from her. When her Mum died Mary had even more work to do around the house. She had never been encouraged to go to school and by the time she turned eighteen, her Father expected Mary to take up all her Mother's duties as well as her own. ALL of them.

Mary was shocked when he staggered home drunk one night, slurring his words and lurching into the kitchen. "You, bitch, upstairs now! Your whore of a mother has gone and you can look after me now..." He smiled malevolently at her, his eyes red and rheumy from the whiskey and Mary was confused. She didn't understand what he meant.

Before her mother became ill, Mary had heard her moaning and crying out sometimes, usually at night. Mary had buried her head under the pillow and blocked out the noise. She did not want to know what they were doing. It sounded horrible.

Her father lurched towards her. Mary shrank against the side of the refrigerator, her eyes wide with fear. Whatever her father wanted from her, Mary had a sudden inkling that it was not anything a father should be asking his daughter.

When he groped clumsily at her breasts, she screamed loudly. Quick as a flash, her father slammed his hand across her mouth. "Shut up you stupid bitch! I don't want the neighbours to come a running!" His breath stank of tobacco and booze. Mary thought she might vomit and she struggled to control her stomach. Father would be even angrier if she did that. He would beat her for sure.

The hand slid lower, towards her private places and Mary tried desperately to stifle a moan of horror. Mary knew nothing about what men and women did when they were alone. No one had ever told her. All she knew was what she had read in her novels. The handsome hero kissed his bride gently on the lips and there the story ended. This was more than enough for Mary; true love should be pure and untainted.

Her mother had not even told her about women's things. The day she had her first bleeding, she had been so frightened she had sat outside in the filthy outbuilding shaking like a leaf. She had mistakenly believed she was going to die of a horrible cancerous disease, just like her mother.

Fortunately Mrs Kennedy from next door had heard her sobbing wretchedly and took pity on her. Once Mary had overcome her considerable embarrassment and admitted what was wrong, the kind woman explained what was happening to her.

She had been a lovely lady and Mary missed her when she moved away. The next neighbours to move into number 1207, kept themselves to themselves. They seemed rather frightened of Mary's father, probably because of the shotgun he waved around the yard when he was drunk - it frightened Mary too.

He was paranoid about burglars. They had been broken into twice the previous year and after that he brought the shotgun. He claimed it would be a deterrent and if anyone tried it again, he would shoot the buggers. Nobody did of course. Mary was surprised they had bothered coming back a second time; there had been nothing left after the first burglary.

Once he had a gun to amuse himself with, he found great enjoyment in hunting small creatures in the nearby woods. He spent hours killing for fun. It made Mary feel sick when he came home bragging about all the animals he had slaughtered.

She often fantasised that he would accidentally shoot himself. It would be a fluke of course. He would be out hunting and something would go awry...the gun would go off and he would just crumple to the ground like a rag doll. Mary thought about this a lot.

She imagined him lying there, amongst the leaves and dirt, bleeding dark, sticky blood as his life drained away inexorably. Nobody would find him for days. He would just lie there amongst the forest creatures, cold and stiff. The rain would fall and the wind would blow -- but he wouldn't care. He was dead.

This made Mary smile as she lay in her hard, narrow bed. Sometimes she embellished the fantasy and introduced wild animals into the scene...hungry animals, looking for food; hungry, starving and voracious animals, tearing the body apart, teeth ripping at flesh and bone. It was surprising how satisfying this particular fantasy was.

When Mary's father pushed his hand roughly between Mary's legs, she felt a nameless horror rise deep within her. She knew this was wrong; she knew her father should not be touching her like that. Her revulsion was acute, but she was still too afraid of what he might do if she tried to stop him. He slurred something unintelligibly, his foul breath making her choke and then he collapsed in a heap on the hard floor, unconscious.

Mary was frozen in shock for several minutes. Gingerly she nudged her father's prone body with her toe. He snored and mumbled, but he did not wake up. With a sigh of heartfelt relief, Mary ran from the kitchen and out into the yard. She sat on the cold step shaking and wondering what to do next. When he awoke he would be madder than a skunk; he always was when he had been on a drinking binge. Her mother had usually sported black eyes and purple bruises the day after his bad sessions.

But her mother was gone - the cancer had eaten her away and left a dry husk of bones behind. The shrivelled creature that remained lasted several months before the doctors moved her to a hospital. Mary never saw her again. Her father refused to take her to visit as he said it was a waste of bus fare and she needed to stay behind to look after the house.

Mary sat on the step, thinking about how best to deal with her father. She had a couple of hours at most before he began to come round again. A slow smile lit up her face as a plan formed in her mind.

The man sitting at the next table glanced up from his book and smiled at Mary. For a moment Mary wondered if had been smiling at someone behind her and she looked at him puzzled.

Then he spoke, "Excuse me, I don't suppose you could recommend somewhere I could stay for a couple of nights? I'm just passing through and I need a Bed &Breakfast."

Mary felt flustered. She wasn't used to strange men talking to her. It was rare that anybody talked to her these days, apart from the guests, of course. But they were always polite so she didn't mind having conversations with them.

Her face lit up like a warm fire as she suddenly realised she could help this man. It seemed that God was smiling down on her today and her prayers were being answered.

"I have a Bed & Breakfast," Mary said shyly, her cheeks growing warm and pink. She lowered her eyes, unsure of what else to say. Suddenly the table was fascinating and she studied the scratches and lines gouged out of the scarred formica surface.

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"Really?" the man seemed very pleased and he stood up quickly, his guidebook shoved into the pocket of his long wool coat. It was cold outside and his coat looked nice and warm. "It would be very helpful if you happen to have a vacancy for me. A couple of nights should give me enough time."

His voice was low and melodic, a faint southern accent barely discernable in the cultured tones. Mary found her mind wandering again, hypnotised by the sound of his voice.

Count Von Trapp gazed into Virginia's violet eyes and waited patiently for her to respond to his question. She felt her cheeks blushing pink under his interested scrutiny and she almost stumbled over her words,

"Yes Sir, I do believe that I would like to accompany you for a short stroll around the park tomorrow..."

"Excellent, my dear. I look forward to your exquisite company!" he responded with a bow.

Mary struggled to bring herself back to the here and now of the busy café.

"Yes, I have a spare room if you would like to stay," she offered, hoping he would take the room. She wanted him to come to her home; she felt instinctively he would like her house and her cooking.

"Wonderful! Then we are agreed. Can you give me directions so I can find my way there later on this afternoon?" He continued to smile warmly at her and Mary basked in the glow of his charismatic aura.

Her hand shaking slightly, she carefully wrote down her address on the piece of paper he gave her. He had lent her his beautiful fountain pen. The nib looked like it was gold-plated. Mary knew it must have cost a lot of money and she reluctantly handed it back to him, wishing she could keep it a little longer.

"Thank you," he said politely. "I will be there about six o'clock. My name is John Fisher, - and you are?"

"Mary," she replied shyly.

"That's a pretty name for a very pretty lady!" John commented, his eyes sparkling with amusement. He gave her another dazzling smile before grabbing his bag and striding out of the café purposefully. Mary was left standing dazed and unsure of what to do next. Her routine had been upset and she hated that.

She sat back down at her small table, thinking about her unexpected guest. There was suddenly a purpose to her day and she felt a buzz of adrenaline surge through her veins as she contemplated all that she would need to do before he arrived at six o'clock.

Shopping for food, that was the most important thing. She chewed her lip thoughtfully as she considered what he would like to eat for his evening meal. He seemed like the sort of man who would appreciate a good, home cooked meal. None of that faddy vegetarian stuff for him. Oh no... He looked like a man who would really enjoy a traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings.

She would go to the butcher's now and buy a joint of beef. Standing up again, Mary pulled her gloves back on, tucked her scarf inside her coat and stared briefly outside. It looked like it might snow by this evening. They had forecasted snow by the end of the week for sure. Mary did not mind; she would light the fires and the house would be warm and cosy. Her guest would enjoy that.

The first flakes of snow were beginning to fall when the taxi dropped her guest off at Mary's front gate. Her heart missed a beat when the doorbell rang, and she rushed to answer it. The house was spotlessly tidy and the smell of roast beef drifted through from the kitchen.

Her guest looked tired as Mary opened the door with a shy smile. He stood on the threshold of her home, a large holdall in one hand and a black bulky bag in the other.

"Something smells good!" he commented appreciatively as Mary stepped aside to let him pass. Outside the snow swirled like silvery confetti in the light from the street lamp. It was almost magical and Mary felt like fate had finally conspired to send something wonderful her way.

She shut the door and locked it securely. She knew he wouldn't be going anywhere again tonight, so she hung the key up on the hook beside the hat stand. Her guest removed his black coat speckled with snowflakes and hung it up carefully. Mary cleared her throat nervously; she was horribly unsure of herself in the company of this man.

He turned to look at her expectantly and she realised he would probably want to see his room and maybe have a bath.

"The room," she said hesitantly; "It's upstairs. Follow me, please."

"Thanks!" the man smiled. "I could do with a shower or something, if that's okay. I've had a long day." He didn't elaborate as he followed her up the worn stairs covered with patterned carpet. Mary would have asked what he had been doing all day, but she was too nervous to, so she showed him to the guest bedroom with its large double bed and small sink.

It was clean and pleasant; the walls decorated with a small rose print paper and the furniture shiny and dust free. Mary watched anxiously as he glanced around the room, taking in the vase of snowdrops on the dressing table and the small selection of books next to the bed. He seemed happy with it.

"The bathroom is next door," she told him, her eyes cast downwards demurely.

"Thanks," he replied, walking past her and into the room, placing his bags by the window.

"Dinner will be ready in an hour," Mary said. Then she left him to do whatever he needed to do.

From down in the kitchen, she heard the pipes rattling as he ran his bath and she busied herself with stirring the gravy. The meat was roasting slowly in the large oven, parsnips and potatoes in another tin above the meat.

Mary had prepared carrots and sweet peas to accompany the meat and she knew that her guest would have no cause to complain about her food. She was a good cook and she was justifiably proud of her skills. There were also Yorkshire puddings, but they needed to be done last.

A small drop of gravy splashed out from the pan and on to the tiled wall. Immediately Mary dropped the wooden spoon and grabbed her cloth. She wiped the droplet away and inspected the tile to make sure she had missed nothing. No, it was all clean again. She smiled happily and placed her cloth back in the sink. A clean kitchen was very important to her.

Cleanliness was next to Godliness, her mother used to say. Then she made her daughter sit in a scalding bath and scrub her skin with a coarse bristle brush -- just to make sure all the sin was washed away.

Her guest appeared and Mary showed him the dining room where a place was laid for him at the mahogany table. She had lit candles as well as a fire in the grate. The room was bathed in a soft yellow glow and it looked almost romantic. Mary wondered for a panic stricken moment if maybe she had made a mistake with the candles. She hoped he would not draw any inferences from them; she only wanted to make the room as nice as possible for him. He seemed appreciative however. He told her it looked lovely and gave her that smile again.

The smile that made her knees wobble and her tummy flip.

Blushing hotly, she hurried back into the kitchen and dished up his meal. When the warmed plate was piled high with food, she proudly carried it back through to the dining room and placed it in front of her guest.

He looked surprised at the amount of food she had given him.

"Wow!" he said, "I wasn't expecting such a veritable feast! Thank you very much - you shouldn't have gone to so much trouble..."

Mary said nothing. She merely smiled and backed away, intending to leave him to eat in peace.

"Aren't you going to sit with me? I'd rather not eat alone." He stared at her hopefully and she wavered. Although she preferred to eat her meal in the kitchen, she didn't want to offend him, so she nodded and went reluctantly to fetch her own smaller plate of food.

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Mary sat at the other end of the table and picked at her plate while her guest tucked in with gusto. She couldn't help but stare at him as he ate. He had such lovely manners. Her father had had the manners of a pig. He rarely used cutlery, preferring to shovel the food in with a hunk of bread. It was like watching an animal eat -- only animals had more finesse.

"You are a wonderful cook, Mary," John said after a while. "I'm amazed you haven't been snapped up by some lucky guy!"

Mary felt a warm glow steal through her body. He thought her she was worth having. Nobody had ever said that before.

"Thank you," she said shyly before lowering her gaze demurely towards her food.

They ate some more, or rather John ate while Mary chased the food around the plate. She was much too nervous to continue eating.

"What are you doing here...I mean in town?" Mary said eventually. She was curious despite her crippling shyness. He seemed different to the normal type of person who stayed as a guest. Mostly they were workmen - rough and ready, and non-communicative. That suited her perfectly as she was not much of a conversationalist either. They ate her food and thanked her politely, which was fine by her.

This man was different. He had an air of other-worldliness about him. She sensed he was from a different life to her and a part of her hungered to know what this life was. She found herself reaching out to him, wanting...needing... to know more about him. He aroused something unexpected in her and she revelled in the strange feelings he invoked.

"I'm a photographer," he replied. "I work for a travel magazine and I'm doing some shots of the local area for an article we are producing. It's very pretty round here!"

"Yes it is. There are some beautiful places nearby. The woods are lovely..." Mary's voice trailed off and she suddenly remembered her father again. He had liked the woods too. He spent a lot of time hunting and killing in those woods. When he wasn't drinking.

"Perhaps you could show me the best spots? That is if you aren't busy tomorrow."

Mary was jerked back to the present and she suddenly beamed with pleasure.

"If you want me to, I could." The thought of spending some time with John made her soul sing with joy. It was a sign! God had finally seen fit to send her someone to love. She had waited a long time for the right man to come along. Just like the novels she read, the right man always came along in the end.

Virginia sat in the window and read the letter written on heavy parchment paper, her heart thudding hard within her chest. Count Von Trapp had invited her to his chateau... Her blood quickened in her veins and she clutched the precious note to her heaving bosom. She could hardly wait for the journey to begin.

John finished his meal and yawned heavily.

"That was wonderful!" he told her. "You are an amazing woman!" He held her gaze before glancing at his watch.

Mary was left speechless. No man had ever been so nice to her before. She blushed deeply and jumped up to clear the plates.

"No, let me," John insisted, his hand covering hers momentarily.

Mary felt a tingle of electricity jump up her arm and she stared at John, suddenly frightened of something she didn't understand. She pulled her hand away abruptly, afraid of what might happen. She was not used to men paying her attention and there was something about this man that caused her nerves to dance with anticipation.

John stood and helped her to collect the plates. He followed her into the kitchen and placed them next to the sink.

"Shall I wash?" he asked cheerfully.

"No, no -- you don't need to do that!"

Mary shook her head, suddenly feeling claustrophobic with him stood so close her. She sensed that he was interested in her, despite a natural reserve and her perceived lack of appeal to most men. It frightened her and she needed time to think about things.

"Are you sure?" John asked again. "I really don't mind you know..."

He dropped his gaze down her body for a heated moment and Mary felt a cold shiver run through her. A small malevolent shadow flitted across her mind, but she shoved it back into the dark recess and abruptly turned away towards the sink, turning the taps on and watching the hot water spew into the bowl.

"Well I'll leave you to it Mary," John said finally, when she didn't answer. "Good night."

"Good night," Mary replied faintly, not really listening any more. She was too busy thinking about tomorrow. She was really looking forward to showing him her favourite places. It would be a perfect day. She just knew it.

Virginia walked beside the Count, listening to his deep voice telling her the names of the flowers blooming in the meadow. She could feel her heart thudding loudly in her chest and wondered for a fleeting moment if he could hear it too. He was so handsome...his black hair curled beguilingly over the collar of his white shirt. She felt her skin warming, and not only from the gentle spring sunshine...

Mary was dreaming. She was back in her kitchen - or rather her kitchen as it used to be. The walls were yellow and stained with thick grease from the chip pan. The window looked out onto the yard, a broad concrete expanse of nothing, pitted with occasional weeds. The brick outbuilding lurked out at the far end, the peeling wooden door hanging off its hinges and swinging slightly in the breeze.

The sky outside was black, although the kitchen was brightly lit. Mary was confused. How could it be so light in here when the bulb was broken, broken glass littering the grubby floor? Suddenly the back door swung open and her father lurched in, his face red and sweating with exertion.

Mary froze and shrank back against the refrigerator, hoping he had not seen her. Father belched loudly, rancid whiskey fumes erupting from his stomach. Mary watched in disgust as he scratched absently at his crotch, his eyes unfocussed and glassy, and his huge body leaning momentarily against the table.

Abruptly he turned and saw her, a slow smile spreading across his face. Mary wanted to run and hide, to do anything other than stay here like a bug under a magnifying glass about to be fried in the sun.

Her feet were welded to the linoleum. She tried to move but found she could not. Something was stopping her.

"Mary, Mary..." her father giggled, spittle dribbling down his whiskered chin. "Come to Daddy, Mary," he grinned.

Mary tried to say no, but the words refused to form in her mouth. They stayed trapped in her mind, screaming loudly, echoing round her head while the silence in the kitchen was deafening.

Her skin crawled in horror when her father touched her face. His fingers felt rough and harsh on her soft skin. She could smell the tobacco on them; see the yellow, nicotine stained nails, long and jagged.

"So pretty..." he mumbled incoherently. "Just like your Mother..."

Mary tried to shrink back, but she had nowhere to go. The chrome handle of the door pressed painfully into her back and when she attempted to shift sideways, her father blocked her passage with his bulk and she was trapped.

Strangely she could smell roast beef. Her dream self sniffed the air and wondered where the delicious smell was coming from. It made her tummy growl and her mouth water. Father stared past her and continued to mutter about her mother.

He reached and touched her breast through the thin cotton slip she was wearing. Mary looked down in horror when she realised she was still wearing her thin flannelette nightdress. Why was she wearing her nightdress in the kitchen? She should be dressed. Mother never allowed her to roam the house in her nightclothes; she said it was tempting fate.

Her body shook with fear as her Father stroked his meaty hand over her nipple before moving lower. When he pushed his hand roughly between her thighs, she finally managed to scream.


But he didn't listen. He just carried on mauling her flesh like he was gutting one of his kills.

Mary awoke drowning in sweat, a muffled scream trapped in her lungs. She could feel the tears running hotly down her face, soaking the pillow beneath her head. Her eyes were tightly closed, but when she felt a hand caressing her breast, she opened them with a start, adrenaline pumping wildly through her veins.

"You're so pretty, Mary..." John said, lying next to her in the dark. "Such pretty brown eyes," he crooned softly. "I love women with brown eyes."

Mary tried to scream again, but she couldn't. Surely this was still a dream? John was a nice man - he liked her. She knew he liked her -- he had told her. They were going to spend the day together tomorrow...she had been looking forward to it. She had fallen asleep thinking about him; imagining walking with him in the woods, him picking a wild flower for her.

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22-03-2008, 09:58 PM
She even had a picnic planned. They would eat some of the cold beef in sandwiches. She had some cake left and she would take some of the cheese he had told her he liked after dinner. It would have been perfect; just like a novel.

Virginia sat down beneath the shade of the massive oak tree, the blanket laid out on the grass before her. Count Von Trapp sprawled across from her, eating a cooked chicken leg with enormous gusto. She watched, fascinated as his teeth ripped the flesh from the bone. Suddenly he caught her staring and he smiled; a slow smile full of promise. Her eyes dropped to the grass and she felt her cheeks growing pink once more...

So why was he here, in her bed, his hand touching her body? Part of her knew it was wrong, but the rest of her just closed down. It was the only way she knew to protect herself from the pain.

And so Mary lay still. The tears ran freely down her cheeks as John lifted her nightdress up and touched her intimately. She felt his fingers probing between her legs and she moaned slightly, revulsion battling with unknown sensations.

"Mary, Mary," a voice whispered in her ear. The voice told her how pretty and sweet she was.

Her mind kept flitting between images of her Father and John. Reality merged with memory and when John climbed on top of her, his hands mauling her breasts and his hard body thrusting into her dry virginal flesh, she felt nothing any more.

The man grunting harshly and tearing at her painfully with his hard body did not exist any more.

Mary took herself to her dream garden, where the flowers always bloomed and the birds sang sweetly. She sat beside the stone fountain and watched the water sparkle in the sunlight, tiny rainbows shimmering in the air.

There was no pain or wickedness here, only peace and tranquillity. Everything had a place and everything was in its place. The regimented flowerbeds thrived in the warm sun. Each and every bloom was perfect, the shape of the petals perfectly symmetrical. Not one solitary thing was nasty in this garden. It was how her life was meant to be - perfect.

The sweet smell of cinnamon came from somewhere, but she didn't know where. It did not really matter. She was happy just sitting here, feeling the sun warm her skin. A part of her recognised that this was not real, but the door was firmly locked on reality for now.

When John rolled off her body leaving his sticky residue behind, Mary was scarcely aware. She lay supine on the bed, her nightdress torn and rucked up round her waist. John stood and pulled his trousers up before leaning over her,

"Thank you Mary..." he smiled gently in the half light. "You are a perfect woman!"

Mary did not reply, although she was vaguely aware of him shutting her bedroom door as he left.

The cake was almost ready. Mary peeked through the oven door and smiled brightly as she saw how golden it was. She could see it only needed another few minutes.

As she waited, she finished washing the pots and pans she had used. Soon they were all tidied away, stacked carefully in the cupboards. She stooped to open the heavy oven door. Using thick gloves to protect her hands from the heat, she carefully lifted the cake out and placed it on the side.

It was a beautiful cake -- perfect in every way. Mary looked at it proudly and considered how best to decorate it. It needed something special to mark the occasion. After all, this was the first time she had had a special person to share it with.

When the cake had cooled slightly, Mary eased it carefully from the tin and placed it on a wire rack to allow it to cool completely. It needed to be cold before she could ice it without risking the icing melting down the sides. That would not do at all. It would look sloppy and he would be disappointed.

She frowned as she imagined his face if her cake was less than perfect. No, that would not do at all. A perfect man deserved a perfect cake.

The afternoon darkened as she waited for the cake to cool sufficiently to ice. By teatime she touched it and judged it ready. Mary measured out some icing sugar and added a drop of red colouring. She mixed the white powder with water and stirred it into a paste suitable for spreading on the cake. When it was smooth, she slowly poured the confection onto the sponge and watched delightedly as it spread outwards in a pink circle. It reached the edge of the cake and slowly stopped. She rubbed her hands together with glee -- it was perfect.

All the remained was the extra decoration she had decided to place on the cake. She had wandered down to the shop that morning, looking for something to make the cake just that little bit extra-special.

Two small children had given her the idea. They had bought a packet of candy hearts -- the ones that had cryptic messages on them. Mary had thought that was a wonderful idea. She could pick the best ones out and place them on the cake. He would then realise her true feelings for him. It was easier that way; she was much too shy to actually say the words out loud.

She took the packet of sweets from the table and opened the wrapper. The small candy hearts tumbled out in a pile of pastel colours. The messages written on them seemed rather arbitrary, but Mary sifted through and found some that were suitable.

She lined them up and smiled.

Love You...Love Me...Always...True Love...Kiss Me...Forever Mine.

He would read the words on the cake and know how special he was to her. Carefully, Mary placed the candy hearts on the icing, arranging them in a rough heart shape. She then took a red ribbon from a drawer and wrapped it round the side of the cake. The cinnamon scent from the sponge was delicious; her mouth was watering in anticipation of tasting the cake she had laboured over all afternoon.

But no, she would have to wait. HE would have the first taste. It was in his honour after all. Mary washed her hands and placed the cake on a tray with a knife and two china plates.

Slowly she walked upstairs to where he was waiting for her. The bedroom was gloomy with the curtains tightly shut, but Mary was familiar enough with the layout of the room to avoid stumbling over anything.

He lay on the bed silently and Mary put the tray down on the table by the window.

"I've made you a cake," she said softly. "Do you want a slice?"

There was no reply so she turned back to the tray and proceeded to cut him a large slice. Taking the plate, she walked over to the bed and sat down next to him. She broke a piece of cake off and smiled at him gently.

"It's delicious! See the hearts on it?" she said, a faint blush infusing her cheeks with a pink glow. Still he did not respond, so with a sigh, Mary pushed some of the cake into his mouth, pressing with her fingers when it threatened to crumble down his chin and onto the bedspread.

"Now isn't that just the nicest cake you have ever eaten?" she chortled happily.

John could not have replied even if he he'd wanted to. Half his head was missing and where the back of his skull should have been there was a congealed bloody mess of bone fragments and brain tissue. His eyes stared glassily into the darkness of the bedroom and his flesh was cold and tinged blue-grey.

Mary did not care that he was silent. He had thought she was a special woman and now he was going to stay with her forever. He was her hero and she knew that he loved her in a special way.

Mary had followed John after the rape. In her tortured mind it was her father. She had dealt with her father once before and he had gone away. Now it seemed father had returned. So she did what she had done the first time. She picked up the fireside poker and when she reached the man who had hurt her, she swung it down hard on his head.

Her father had been unconscious when it happened. John was not quite so lucky. He turned just as the heavy iron poker descended on its deadly downward arc. The first blow sent him reeling to the floor, thick black blood pouring from the indentation in his fractured skull.

Mary hit him again, ignoring the unspoken plea for mercy in his eyes. He did not deserve any mercy. In her confused state her father was an animal and he only deserved to die.

When she was sure her attacker was dead, she went and cleaned herself up. She was covered in blood and mess and she felt dirty. The sane part of her mind realised that something terrible had occurred, but mostly she blocked out the disturbing images.

For ages she stood under the hot shower, washing away the blood and all the traces of what HE had done to her. When the hot water ran out, she dried herself and went back to bed. Sleep came immediately. She had no need to be scared anymore -- he was vanquished. She felt certain he would not be back to haunt her now. She dreamt of her dream garden with its fountain and flowers. She was at peace again.

Mary finished her own portion of cake and went to fetch the book she had been reading to John. They were currently on chapter ten and the heroine had arrived at the home of Count Von Trapp, the handsome hero. Mary settled down comfortably in the chair next to the bed and opened the paperback novel. She knew how much John enjoyed these stories; he had listened quietly to each and every chapter so far. She removed the bookmark and began to read...

Virginia stepped hesitantly from the carriage, her dark hair struggling to escape the tight chignon. She saw Count Von Trapp striding towards her manfully and her heart fluttered within her breast. How handsome he was!

"Virginia, my love!" he said softly. "Finally you have arrived..."

How perfect this was, thought Mary dreamily. Spending the day with the man she loved, reading her stories. Her life was complete.

The End

22-03-2008, 10:08 PM
Discovering Glory

After a thorough introduction to the intense pleasure of glory hole orgasms, a comfortable rhythm has established itself. After a deeply satisfying experience with another unknown man, weeks or even months can pass before thoughts begin to rise to the surface, to slowly become experiences as opportunity arises. The longer the time between successful visits, the more opportunity is likely to arise - or be created.

This time, it was a return visit to a bookstore/video booth complex downtown. Over the last few years, glancing over its stock had been worth a few minutes of time, though only once, years ago, did I pay to go into the video area.

19 booths for one price seemed reasonable then, even taking into account that price is not always the best measure of pleasure. Each booth had one screen playing one film, without any ability to switch or change the volume, which seemed old fashioned even then. Being open later than most bookstores, the number of men there at 10pm or so meant very few of the booths were free during my first visit.

Not all men know about how good it is to get off at a glory hole, something certainly true in the earlier decades of my life, including the time of that first visit to the booth area. Combined with the fact that much of the porn playing wasn't especially interesting, my memory had been of a somewhat disappointing trip.

Particularly since gay porn only rarely interested me at that time, though when it did, cumming to it was incredible. Bisexual porn has always been a turn on, but it tends, even now, to be a somewhat rare genre. Considering the lack of general overlap between gay and straight tastes, not really surprising.

The gay booths were at the end of the longish hallway, and during my first visit, I doubt more than a few seconds were spent glancing at the screens through the opened booth doors. Being at the end of the dim passage, without any interest admitted to in public, my short glances didn't reveal anything beyond the scenes of men having sex with each other.

Returning this time, nearing the entrance, a certain awareness sharpened my attention and anticipation, a now familiar and entrancing stirring between my thighs taking hold, spurred by knowing what could happen, building somewhere below my stomach, heavy and deep, almost frightening in its power. Its power adds to the sensation, a bottomless thrill that starts long before paying admittance and entering the dimness.

Walking more purposely this time towards the gay section, each side had its own glory hole style. On the left, two oversize booths were connected through a trefoil pattern, easily more than 2 feet across. Enough openness to allow all sorts of games, but still be a glory hole. Remaining unknown if careful, but fully open for all types of man to man activities. In both of these booths, the porn playing was at least interesting.

By now, any scenes of men having hot sex together attracts the interest of my cock, especially when it is more than just two men getting off. Group sex, especially such obviously enjoyed sex as three or more men can have, remains one of my fantasies, and any variation on the idea makes me hot. Especially considering that the first gay sex I saw in public was three men jacking each other off at the entrance area of a gay movie theater.

After entering and sitting on a light but sturdy, somewhat smallish, chair, the openness of the large glory hole was something new - all sorts of games could be played, with each booth easily fitting more than one person. A space where multiple people could play, in a number of variations. After a couple of minutes alone, the possibilities seemed pretty interesting, but would require more than just myself.

Admittedly, it wasn't that much of a space for discretion, and underlined the fact that I had forgotten to bring a condom. Something only rarely forgotten since a lost chance to actually fuck a man, who pressed his ass against the glory hole in clear invitation, a man whose hard cock had been rubbing against mine. And before that whose cock had been pumped by my closed fist. And before that, his playing with my cock, which followed his pulling me by the thigh into the hole, as his other hand played with my erect length. I was barely able to restrain my desires after all we had done, even if he so obviously couldn't. Following that occasion, I have tried to plan ahead better.

Nonetheless, the attractions offered by the space remained more abstract than concrete - the unyielding wall and narrowed focus are part of a certain glory hole intensity, even a larger sized one. The feeling of being flat against the unyielding surface of a wall, the sexual tension ending in a glorious release of hot cum, helpless against the talents of an unknown person.

Moving to the other side of the passage, there were three booths, each connected by a much smaller glory hole, rimmed with wood. Wood well worn and smooth when touched, warm, much more enticing than the cold metal of sliding panels. The booth in the middle of the three allowed the person in it to play with someone on one or both sides, while someone sitting in an outer booth could watch the glory hole action of the other two. Either position led to enjoyable possibilities never really considered before.

Two of these booths were playing gay porn, while the third played straight porn. The middle booth was perfect from my perspective, as it offered the widest range of possibilities, especially the idea of having two cocks to touch at the same time. Though the thought of being in a booth watching what was happening between two strangers had its own kinky flair - except that no one entered either side. Whenever I think that nothing much new can be discovered, something turns up again proving that sex between strangers is full of intriguing nuances, covering a wide range of tastes.

As I sat stroking myself, watching five naked men play hot games together at a backyard pool, the door to the booth to the right closed. Waiting a bit, stroking myself harder thinking of what could happen, I looked through, seeing an older man stroking himself. He was clearly hard, but no movement resulted from my beckoning fingers, except a faster rhythm of his hand on his shaft. Though the porn playing on his side was straight, he had clearly gotten aroused by watching my hand slide along my shaft, my legs spread to let my balls hang free, shirt open at the bottom to display my curled pubic hair. A fact which only made me harder, of course.

He seemed content to stay completely on his side, leaving after a couple of minutes, possibly cumming, without me getting any lasting satisfaction, taking my horniness to a more urgent level. Lacking a slider, the results of someone leaving the booth are not as abrupt as a panel closing. I left the middle booth after a short while, returning to the other side, sitting and stroking to the porn, without anyone entering. After a couple of years of glory hole visits, disappointment too has a familiar feeling - after a string of incredible experiences, most recent visits have come up empty in terms of sharing sex with someone wanting to play the same games.

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22-03-2008, 10:10 PM
Hope and horniness continued to drive me, so I went back to the middle booth, having noticed someone in the passage both times when switching previously. Probably in his 30s, wearing simple dark sweat pants, a cap, and a dark coat, glancing around with more than a hint of furtive interest. Which seemed promising - anyone who has gotten off at a glory hole will always take the chance to do it again. The cumming is just too good - once you have you have experienced the secret handshake, so to speak, it is essentially impossible to not want to feel it again and again. A feeling fully shared by the other members of the club.

Going in, I took off my coat and hung it on the folding chair, as no hook was available My zipper had been open for a while, a fact noted with mild surprise. My mind was already missing details as my cock led me forwards. Closing the door, unbuttoning my jeans, then sitting, legs spread, stroking mainly around the fairly flaccid head, my interest greater than its physical signs. Having gotten hard several times already, with the current porn not particularly interesting, it did feel good in my hand, but mainly from a sense of potential.

And that potential jumped when I heard the door of the other booth close, followed by the sounds of a jacket being hung up, Now was the point of letting myself truly wonder what would happen with another man's cock, beyond mere fantasy. Yet each glance through the low light of the opening just showed the blue darkness of his pants, without any indication of his desires.

Pants that gave no external indication of what he state he was in, as true now as when glancing at his crotch each time when crossing the hallway. The pants simply provided no way to see what he was doing, especially as the glory hole had a small field of vision, though perfectly positioned to see another man's mid-section. At least if you tried. I'm certain he noticed my body shift repeatedly while attempting to see what was happening on his side, my cock now starting to grow in length and thickness. The straight porn playing in his booth was more an excuse, really, than a major interest for anyone who entered the glory hole knowing what it was.

In another moment or two, I heard his pants go down, and began to contently pump myself into the proper mood to take a good look at him. Looking at a man's cock when I'm hard is impossible for me to resist. Bending towards the glory hole, it was delightfully plain that he had freed himself, already half-erect, our cocks similar in size. His dark bush nicely set off the shape of his growing dick, and snugged in balls, both easily seen and framed by his opened and unzippered pants.

Leaning back, sliding my jeans down more, my cock stiffening most enjoyably, the sounds of clothing being shifted was obvious. Bending to look again, his pants were finally around his knees, his cock swelling gorgeously in his hand, its rising length dominating both of us. He had a sexy cock, one that we both knew would grow sexier.

No doubt remained of what games we wanted to share, a truth making my own cock feel so good in my pumping hand, watching him stroke himself with increasing lust. His hand's rhythm was slow but firm, different than my own, centered around the flared ridge at the end of its straight length. My breathing grew faster and more obvious, desire filling my mind, replacing thought with animal directness.

After a moment of watching his cock rise, two of my fingers went through the glory hole, an obvious invitation, one I am increasingly unable to contain. One which continues to make me burn with excitement, the final step into experiencing deliciously forbidden thrills when accepted, as is almost always true. I could see his now extended cock, its head clearly defined outside of the foreskin, standing at an angle which showed how tempting my offer must have been at that point. An offer certainly as tempting to imagine being accepted, as both our cocks kept focusing our attention to what they desired.

Yet, a certain hesitation was noticeable on his part, dwindling though it may have been. The fact that the booth he was in played straight porn was no longer sufficient cover for someone who still cares about whether they are getting off with a man or a woman. My fingers went back through the opening, signaling their desire to play with his clearly needy cock. As they moved back following their beckoning, my jacking clearly showed how turned on I was. He then turned, and his cock came through the hole.

At first, only the head appeared, gloriously glistening, close and wonderfully tempting. I blew gently against the skin, the foreskin still clinging to the last of the ridge marking the end of his lovely cockhead, my cock swelling to a captivating stiffness. Seeing a man's cock reach fullness just added to the attraction, causing plans and possibilities to swirl.

Touching underneath his cock with my flat hand, he shuddered, and began to move his cock deeper through the glory hole, any hesitation melting as my palm and fingers continued to explore him, sliding down to lightly stroke the hair surrounding his tight ball sack. I rubbed his balls, occasionally straying along his slightly less hairy thighs, my wrist and arm along his cock, wanting to completely master him. My own stroking was starting to make me pant and moan, a habit seemingly impossible to stop, an integral part of the entwined pleasures which touching a new cock provides. The connection from one held cock to the other is pure male sex, something unimagined before experiencing it. Something I truly love, like a number of other men.

After riding that first luscious wave of lust, concentrating on his balls let me at least regain enough control to think of what would happen next. Letting a bit of saliva fall into my now withdrawn hand, it returned to smoothly glide over the full length of his shaft, noticeably heavier than when it first came through the wall. Standing up, my pants falling, it was almost impossible to restrain myself from orgasming as my cock touched his. Cock to cock rubbing is something I really enjoy, especially when pre-cum is involved. A man's pre-cum is different from a woman's wetness, or that of a warm mouth, a unique delight discovered first at a glory hole. At the hands of a man who got me off as good as anyone in my life, our cum mixing in glorious liquid orgasm.

By now, the natural sexiness of a man's cock is not surprising, distinct as each man's cock may be. But the perfect lubrication of pre-cum is overwhelming ecstasy, always beyond description. Holding both cocks in my grasp, I swirled my cockhead against his swelled reddened one, my eyes starting to close and open as the intensity crashed over me. Seeing myself like that with a man equally hard and turned on, sharing the same excitement, is pure bliss. Only possible when my cock has enveloped my will, while rewarding it. After all, this is what I had wanted.

As we kept touching, the change in friction was unstoppable, as I began to move my cock along his, moaning in a low tone. He was somewhat thicker, making the circling of his shaft delightful. The moaning had to be obvious, but I was definitely beyond caring, now moving along his shaft, slowly increasing the length and speed of my rubbing, beyond any concern or worry about what was happening with another man's naked cock, except to keep experiencing it.

I let more saliva fall into my right hand, then placed it underneath his cock. With my left hand pushing my cock down against his, my wettened right hand started pressing him against my cock, sliding along his silky stiffness. Time began to slow in a familiar orgasmic rush, and I felt myself slumping against the wall, knees weak, my cock in paradise.

And returning from paradise as I slowed, then almost stopped moving entirely, not wanting to cum so quickly. Riding on top of the wave, not letting it break, is a skill that prolongs the game, but also has its own cycle. After some timeless interval, his cock began to move back through the opening. In my current state, I wanted nothing more than to keep him in my hold, to keep his cock from merely remembering how good it was to get off with a stranger, one who had just been cock to cock with him.

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22-03-2008, 10:11 PM
As he pulled back, my left hand followed, determined to retain his interest by indulging mine. The hole, which had at first seemed small, easily allowed my hand to go through, then my arm, rubbing his still hard and lubricated cock as he took a slow, somewhat unsteady step back. I kept a firm sliding hold on to his now 3/4 hard shaft, my hand gaining the advantage as he just stood still, unable to withstand the pleasure provided by an unknown man worshipping his hot cock. Doing nothing to stop such pleasure continuing is a weakness shared by all cocks, and I knew that he could not resist it either.

A faith which was rewarded as we found a perfect rhythm and tension, his skin still well lubricated from our pre-cum and my spit. His cock remained the center of several minutes of beautifully mutual mindless attention. My hand went to his balls and the base of his cock, and felt his frozen hand in his bush. Pubic hair under my fingers is another attraction which has nothing to do with male or female, a kinky thrill indulged by running my fingers through its curliness, feeling springy resistance when pressed against my flat palm, or at the transition between hair and skin.

My motions started to convey a more demanding suggestion that he re-enter glory. An idea that gathered speed after his first slow, even now vaguely hesitant, movement, as the last remnants of his will were dissolved in mine. I wanted him in my complete control, owning his lust, and he seemed to understand how weak he was, his sexy cock in complete mastery of his mind and body. He finally accepted the ecstasy of giving in, a giving in that always happens for both sides in a glory hole. My own cock was again hard, my own jacking motion irresistible, knowing that more cock to cock joy was so close and so easy to enjoy.

For the third time, saliva fell into my open hand, and I reached down to spread it over our both cocks, his still with a slippery mixture which was slowly growing thinner. This time, the quickening of his breathing at my touch was obvious, and when my cock moved, the head sliding until the lower part of its flared ridge was just touching the underside of his, I heard a low moan, an almost grunting sound of surrender to what I was doing, his cock against mine. He began to slump slightly, helpless as my cock began to move. Which only made my pleasure in my handiwork grow, again fucking cock to cock with a man.

The slippery wetness between us expanded its spell, and as he slowly started to pump the base of his cock, my right hand on our shafts, my left feeling his now even tighter balls. His magnificent cock was the center of our attention, my desire to make him cum overwhelming.

My own cock was becoming a distraction, so I moved my left hand, the palm now cupping the rounded front of his erection, my right fingers and thumb responding to his own arousal, making him press his body against the divider, thrusting his cock as far into my grasp as possible, stopped only by the unyielding wall. My right hand was again moving along his shaft in much the same state of mindless perfection as before, the now familiar rhythm which had brought him back increasing in speed, wetness from the tip of his cock again making friction disappear under my hand.

I heard a gasp, and felt his cock unstoppably swell in my tight grip, something never before experienced. I actually felt the first surge of cum, watching his beautiful cock in my hand. This first jet of his hot cum surprised us both, so much so that it hit my jeans. This disrupted my concentration a bit, as I quickly moved my left hand in front of his cock, thinking that this was the first time such had ever happened. Sometimes, it is easy to not pay attention to little details, including noticing how one had been standing.

My left hand was being filled by repeated spurts of hot cum while my right hand kept jerking him off. As his orgasm dwindled, a new technical challenge started to make thinking necessary. Apart from the small amount of semen that had landed on my pants leg, my left hand was now filled with all of his hot cum. A large amount, almost overflowing.

Being differently arranged, cleaning was a surprising hurdle, requiring my attention. He left while I was still cleaning, but considering how well the inevitable mess had been handled, the lack of getting off was a minor point, especially compared to how good his cock had felt against mine.

Still horny, but exhausted, with no one else there, I spent a few minutes simply looking at the booths, starting from the back. And met my last surprise of the day, an open space essentially at the entrance. When I went into it, it turned out to be a 5th gay booth, lacking a door, the screen mounted high in the corner. But it did have a chair and a stool, plus enough space for a number of people to be comfortable in. As I walked out of the space, the idea of such an obviously public space began to tempt my imagination.

The End

22-03-2008, 10:16 PM
Sands of Time

Our trip to the Caribbean was planned for our 20th anniversary. With a couple of kids who were old enough to take care of themselves for a while, Sue and I left for the warm weather and sandy beaches. We also left for the fulfillment of a wish. That wish came true in ways I could not have anticipated.

When we were dating, the days of rock festivals was already passing, but you could still catch a screening of Woodstock on campus. We both loved the music, of course, yet I was enthralled by more than that. I could not get the skinny dipping scenes out of my mind. Sue would tease me about my fascination with this idea, and she would claim that she would gladly strip off and jump in the water with me. The problem was that we were so land-locked. No ocean for hundreds of miles, no lakes with open beaches within three states, no secret swimming holes that anyone had ever heard of.

My suggestion for this trip met with mixed feelings from my no longer young, teasing lover. She liked the idea of getting away to someplace warm, someplace new to us. And she liked the idea of being on our own and catching up on some romance that we had let slip away in the rush of jobs and kids. And she then caught on to the fact that I was pushing for a stay at a resort with a "clothing-optional" beach.

"Still got the hippie fantasy, don't you?"

"Why not? We're not so old."

"You think I'd look okay in the nude on a beach?" As she asked this in our bedroom, she was undressing to put on her nightgown.

"I think you'd look great in the nude anywhere." I wasn't lying. At 41, she still had her slim figure, which included her small breasts that showed no sag. Small breasts always appealed to me, and this was another feature in their favor.

"So why a beach? You want other men to see me? Or is it that you want to see the other women?" Although I had to admit that the prospect of other bodies to look at was a nice one, I kept my eyes on her as she took off her clothes and then held her close when she was naked. "I'm the one who wants to see you. And at the beach, even though there won't be a rock festival nearby, it will be like I'm seeing you twenty years ago."

Sue liked that, and she said, "Well, there better not be anyone we know either." When she said nothing else, I assumed she was okay with me making the reservations.

As the day to depart drew nearer, though, she asked me more about the resort, especially about the "optional" in "clothing optional."

"Not everyone will be nude, right? There'll be people with their swimsuits on?"

"I don't know. I guess so. Maybe some women go topless, and that's it, but I don't know. I've never been there."

"Hmmm. Well, I just don't want to be forced into anything. And we leave the camera at home, okay?"


Again, I wasn't lying. I didn't want to force her into baring herself on the beach. I was just hoping that she would do it because she wanted to do something daring, and because she didn't care if other men saw her body. And because it would drive me wild with desire for her.

Finally the day came, and a coincidence in the airport may have given her self-esteem a timely boost. We were in the departure gate area, and Sue was looking at the departure/arrival monitors. Dressed in a pair of jeans and pastel pull-over, she might have resembled any number of women, but as it turned out, she resembled the right one.

A young man came from behind her, stood next to her, put his arm across her back and rested his hand on her hip. He spoke only a few words before he realized his mistake.

"I'm sorry—I thought—I mean, my wife is dressed just like you and—."

"No harm done, but how did you know my name is Sue?"

"I didn't. I mean, my wife's name is Suzanne, or Suzi for short."

I was just walking up at this point, and Suzi was coming towards us too. He was right. Suzi was dressed just like Sue was, and more, when I looked at her, I was seeing Sue from years ago, the lover I took to the movies. The same hair color, the same height, the same figure. Just not the same age, although Sue must have liked being taken for so much younger.

We quickly got the introductions straight. Suzi started, "Hi, my name is Suzi, and I think you have met Rick here."

"Yes, we just bumped into each other. I'm Sue, and this is my husband, Ed."

We went on talking in the way that people talk when in airports, and I suppose we shouldn't have been surprised to learn we were getting on the same plane. After all, no other gates at this end of the concourse were open.

On the plane, because of the open seating, we could sit across the aisle from each other. Sue learned that they were celebrating an anniversary also, their third. Given the fact that Rick and I were at opposite windows, we couldn't talk like our wives were. He read the airline magazine, and I closed my eyes and imagined the beach, the sunlight and the way it would look on my wife's breasts or in her pubic hair.

When we landed, I suppose we shouldn't have been surprised again that the four of us got on the same bus headed for the same resort. I didn't know about Rick, but my first thought was that I might get to see Suzi naked, to see if she and Sue were entirely similar in appearance. And then I had another thought. What if Sue thinks we know Rick and Suzi too well? What if having them around makes her unwilling to take off her bikini?

At the resort, we were met by Marisol, a thirty-something woman who looked like she belonged on the islands. With Reggie, her husband, the two of them more or less managed the staff and kept the place running so that guests would have no wants or needs ignored. This attentive management style meant that Marisol rearranged some room assignments so that the four of us could be next door to each other. Marisol simply assumed we were related because Sue and Suzi had such a resemblance.

The rooms were actually more like little duplex huts. A common veranda ran between our room and one other room like ours, the room given to Rick and Suzi. In the little courtyard between our hut and the one across from us, we could also see open showers. These were obviously meant for rinsing off the sand.

Our room had a large bed with a canopy and gauzy curtain, a private bath, and a lovely view through an expansive window and across the veranda. Looking out, we could see another hut like ours and then the beach beyond. Just as we were unpacking, we could also see a young couple using one of the showers. I don't know if they were rinsing off any sand. I was too struck by the fact that they were nude. The man was tall and lanky, and the woman had very large breasts.

Sue poked me in the side. "If I can guess what you're thinking, no, I don't need a shower to freshen up right now."

Unsure what to do or suggest next, I went out on the veranda to sit. The couple was gone, and Rick and Suzi were coming out too. Sue joined us soon. No one mentioned the couple in the shower. We talked about nothing in particular, and despite the anxious sense that I think we all shared, I felt that I was getting to know them better.

In fact, the more I heard Suzi talk, the more she sounded like Sue. It was uncanny the way that Suzi's reticence matched Sue's. As we talked, I gathered from hints in Rick's conversation that his wife shared Sue's feelings, sometimes teasing Rick, agreeing to go skinny dipping, and sometimes thinking she could never go through with it. Well, they were in their twenties, I thought. I hoped they weren't already needing time to recover the romance in their lives.

At the desk where we checked in, Suzi had picked up some brochures, and now she suggested a trip to the village. Sue had looked at information about the village on the resort's website, because she probably wanted to have alternative activities, so she seconded Suzi's idea. I didn't object. No sense in pushing it so soon.

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22-03-2008, 10:18 PM
So off to the village we went. It was pretty, and the shops had good pieces by local artists. Some pottery we found caught the attention of our wives. It turns out Suzi had taken a class, just as Sue had years ago. Both liked the relaxation they felt in the wet clay on the wheel. I was aware of the similarities that kept popping up between the two, but my mind was elsewhere, on other possible similarities.

When we returned to our hut, we had about an hour before dinner. Still wondering how I could suggest the beach, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Suzi suggest the very thing.

"Anyone ready for a dip in the sea?"

Sue looked at me and replied, "That seems to be the main attraction here. I guess we have time to check it out before the sun gets too low. Maybe we'll have it to ourselves this late in the day." I knew that last comment was her way of telling herself that it might not be so bad at the beach.

So we went into our room to change, and we met Suzi and Rick minutes later on the veranda. I was pleased to see that Suzi's bikini matched Sue's: not too brief, but small enough to show off their slender forms.

The walk to the beach was short, but my heart was pounding after the brief time. As Sue predicted, not many people remained. We passed only one couple near the huts, an older man in trunks with a topless trophy wife. The few others who were still sunning themselves were further down the beach, and we did not venture that far. Even so, I could tell that, only a hundred yards away, there were nude people.

Suzi broke the silence. "Sue, was Ed the one who suggested this resort?"

"Well, it wasn't my first choice, but here I am anyway." She was looking down the way toward the nude sunbathers.

"I have to admit that I wasn't sure about such a place either, so Rick and I worked out a little compromise. I don't know how you guys feel about this 'clothing optional' business, but you can join us if you want."

"Join you how? What's the compromise?"

Suzi held up a basket she pulled from her bag. It had a rope and a weighted block attached. "I told Rick I'd take my top off out in the water if he'd let me bring this along. It's a basket for holding your swimsuit, and this block keeps it from floating away. Just put your suit in and snap the thing shut."

"Sounds like a plan," Sue replied. It wasn't what I was dreaming about all these years, but it was better than shopping in the village.

Rick said to me, "I think the ladies are trying to say we're a couple of dirty dogs." Looking down the way, he added, "You see any dirty dogs down there?"

"Nope," I laughed.

Sue said, "Well, you guys don't have to use the basket if you don't want to. Suzi and I can wait while you guys take your suits off." Neither of us made a move. "That's what I thought," Suzi said, and she started to walk toward the water.

All of us went together then. The sea was a bit rough that day, and the surf had clouded the water somewhat. When we got far enough out that the women were under water up to their necks, Suzi dropped the weight. Sue and I moved back to give them a little space. Sure enough, Rick reached under water and quickly had his trunks in his hands. Suzi was turned away slightly as she untied her top and slipped it off. The sight of her bare neck and shoulders was intensely exciting to me.

The two of them swam off a little after putting their pieces in the basket. Sue and I took our turn. Like Rick, I quickly had my suit off. Looking down, I could see my penis bobbing up, and the buoyancy felt wonderful. Sue smirked at me as she removed her top, careful to stay below the water level. I was about to snap the basket shut when she stopped me.

"You wanted this too, I think." She had her bikini bottoms in her hand and placed it in the basket. Now looking down, I could barely tell she was naked. The light reflecting off the water and the stirred up sand and silt obscured the view. I could occasionally get a quick sense of a dark nipple or the wedge of hair between her legs.

Suzi and Rick swam nearer, but not too close. If I could stare longer, I knew I would be able to see more, more of Suzi and more of Sue too. It may sound strange. I wanted to see Suzi's breasts, sure, but I wanted to see my wife's nudity as much if not more.

Wouldn't you know it, when the waves and light were suddenly right for a second, I got a fleeting glimpse of Rick's erection, which made me aware of my own erection and the possibility that Suzi would be able to see it. I didn't want her to think I was out of line.

I didn't need to worry. Sue was next to me and felt my penis against her. "I think Ed is having a good time."

Suzi's hands were under the water. "Same goes for Rick."

"Well, we can be glad that we're such good wives who make husbands' wishes come true." And the two of them laughed.

Suzi's giggling caused her to forget herself briefly, and she bounced up with a wave, allowing a quick glimpse of her breasts. They were Sue's breasts on another woman, the same B-cup size and conical shape, the same burgundy colored nipples. Rick noticed the show I got and seemed happy for her breasts to be seen. We swam around for a while, laughed and enjoyed the sensations, and caught nothing more that uncertain sights of each other's bodies.

At least until we were getting ready to get out of the water. Rick and Suzi were already making their way to the beach, and Sue had carefully put her bottoms back on, but the waves were making it difficult to handle the strings of her top. Rick turned to look just as a wave knocked Sue forward, so he saw her when she stood and steadied herself for just a moment with her breasts out of the water. His smile showed that he appreciated the sight. My erection made it very difficult for me to dress again too.

Sue knew she had been seen. "Did you like that?" I took her hand and placed it on the front of my trunks. "That answers that," she said. "If letting another man see my breasts does that to you, I could make these next few days quite a strain for you."

I smiled. "Try me. Please."

Sue smiled too, and I was happy to see that she wasn't upset about being topless in front of Rick.

We all rinsed off in the shower by our hut, suits on, though. After dressing, we met our new friends on the veranda and went to dinner. The food was good. We saw Marisol there, making everyone feel welcome. She told us about a regular exercise and stretching session she led on Wednesday mornings, which would be in a couple of days. "I hope you'll join me there." Sue liked the idea.

After we ate, a couple hours passed in walking along the beach. Even I had to admit the atmosphere was romantic when Sue said, "You see, the waves, the moon, the stars. Even with clothes on, this beach puts you in a mood."

"Are you guys tired?" Rick asked. I thought he was hinting that it was time to retire so that he could be alone with Suzi. Then he added, "If you're staying up for awhile, why not get comfortable and sit with us on the veranda? We can have some drinks and take in all this moon and mood."

Sue laughed and said, "Sounds fun."

Back in our room, though, Sue wondered, "What do you suppose Rick meant by 'get comfortable'? Did you guys discuss this?"

"I didn't plan anything with him. Want me to check?" I went out on the veranda, but noticed right away that the lights were out in their room. It surprised me then when Suzi came out their open door. She was wearing small panties and a loose, satiny camisole. She saw me and said, "What are you waiting for? Go get into something comfortable."

I told Sue what I saw. "You know what I brought along to sleep in," she replied. "Want me to wear that?"

She was referring to a sheer tank top with matching panties. "Yes," I said.

She thought for a moment. "I guess it's dark enough outside, but close the curtains so I can change."

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22-03-2008, 10:21 PM
"You like me this way?"

I didn't move for a moment and just stared.

"Come here," she said. I stepped closer, and she took my shorts by the waist and pulled them down, releasing my erection into the light for anyone looking our way. She gave it a quick kiss and told me to go turn off the light.

Walking toward the switch by the door, I thought I saw somebody's head raised across the way.

Our lovemaking that night was quick, yet intensely exciting. Without speaking, both of us knew the other was already near the edge of orgasm because of the afternoon's swim, the lingerie on the veranda, and the neighbors' show. We must have been satisfied and asleep within 30 minutes after leaving our friends, so we were up earlier than them the next morning.

Given the hour and the likely sleeping habits of almost everyone else at the resort, Sue might have been thinking of having the beach more or less to ourselves again when she suggested an early swim.

"No basket?" I asked.


"No bikini?"

"Let's see when we get there."

I put on my suit, and she put hers on also. She was reaching for her cover-up, a sleeveless mesh shirt, but I stopped her. I undid the ties on her top and set it aside.

"No top? How 'bout it?"

She paused for a moment, thinking, and then put her cover-up on. It had a lace for closing it, but she left it undone so that it barely covered her nipples when she stood still. And when she walked, especially outside in the morning breeze, it opened and left her breasts exposed.

My heart was pounding again as we walked the short way to the beach. At first, we met no one along the way and saw no one down the beach. Going further down and away from the huts, we finally saw another couple come out of a path and turn in our direction, taking a morning jog. Both wore shorts and nothing else, so her medium sized breasts were bouncing delightfully.

I was holding Sue's hand, and her other hand held our towels. Her grip tightened as the other couple neared us, but Sue did nothing to cover herself. Like last night, she looked more at me than at the passing couple to see my reaction to her exposure. The other woman kept her eyes ahead. I nodded at the man as he passed, and he smiled and nodded back, almost as if to acknowledge how great it was for me to see his wife's breasts and for him to see Sue's.

"Did you like that?"

"Her breasts were pretty, but I like seeing yours more."

Sue laughed. "You'd say anything to get me naked, wouldn't you?"

We had stopped walking. "Here is as good a place as any."

"To put our stuff down?"

"To get naked."

Sue looked around. She tried one more delay. "You first."

I had been hoping for this opportunity with Sue for so long. To be honest, though, I had a moment of hesitation when challenged to get undressed out in the open like that. A quick check in both directions told me that we were alone, so I did it. One tug, and I was nude in the morning sun.

Sue smiled at me, no doubt noticing that my penis was a little longer and thicker than usual.

"Now you."

She gave one more glance behind her and slipped the cover-up off her shoulders. Never taking her eyes off mine, she grasped the waist of her bikini bottom and brought it down slowly. When she finally stepped out of it and stood, I wished I had our camera. The golden morning light just made her body all the lovelier to see. I mentioned the light, and she turned to let me see her bottom in the same golden glow.

Looking at me, she said, "Seems it's not just the sun that's rising."

Sure enough, my penis was standing up. "Maybe I should get in the water," I said.

"Don't hurry. That light flatters your body too, and I like it."

So we held hands and simply waded in the water's edge. I enjoyed the breeze around my body and the light around Sue's. It was nice that she felt confident enough to wander away from our spot, even if no one else was there to see.

Soon enough, though, we could see someone coming from down the beach. We went back to our towels. I couldn't think of what I should do and just stood there. Sue sat down, drawing her legs up and wrapping her arms around her knees. You could not really see her nipples or her pubic hair, but following the line of her nude form—down the curve of her back, around the softness of her bottom and hip, up the slight swell of her thigh, and back down her calf to the gentle narrow of her ankle—I could hardly have been more taken by her beauty.

Before long, we could see that the people approaching were Reggie and Marisol with a dog. I had gathered that Reggie was a British ex-pat, and the spaniel seemed to be a link to his native land. As they neared us, the dog bounded ahead. It came to me, got the desired scratch on the head, and then romped over to Sue.

Its playfulness knocked her over so that just as Reggie came running over, apologizing for the dog's enthusiasm, Sue was on her back, getting her face licked, and her legs were open. He could not have missed the pink labia that peaked out through her pubic bush, and her wine dark nipples could not have been more obvious. She was laughing at the dog, maybe unaware of how intimately her body was open to our eyes.

The only way she could seem to be at ease was to sit up and try to look casual. Her labia were out of sight again, but her nipples and pubic hair had to remain on view if she didn't want to make Reggie feel like a pervert.

He brought the dog to heel again as Marisol walked up. Now it was my turn to feel self-conscious. Still standing and having just witnessed Sue's inadvertent show, my penis was fortunately only partially erect. Marisol gave it a look and smiled at me. I thought she was very kind. How many naked men must she have seen by now, and she was giving my penis a smile of appreciation.

Reggie made some small talk, which no doubt gave him further time to look at my wife. Finally, Marisol said, "Nice to see you enjoying the morning. So few of our guests get out at this lovely time of day." They went on with their walk after that.

Sue leaned back on her elbows, hiding nothing of her nudity now. "Did you like that?"

"Yes, I did. I think Reggie liked it too."

She gave me a smirk. "This is more than I bargained for. Skinny-dipping means getting naked and getting in the water, not laying out where everyone can see me."

"You mad?"

"No," she laughed, "but I must be crazy. And by the way, you better lie down here." She nodded toward my penis, which was sticking out still. "Marisol was cool about that, but there may be rules around here."

So we stretched out on our stomachs together. I gave her a big hug, and she kissed me. Sue put her head down and closed her eyes. I don't know if she was tired, or if she was trying not to see if anyone else might be coming by.

Actually, about ten minutes later, Reggie and Marisol were heading back with their dog. I turned and waved at them as they passed.

"Who was that?"

"Just Marisol and Reggie going back to their place. In case you're wondering, I think Reggie liked seeing your bottom. He'll probably never miss a morning walk ever again." For that, I got a playful slap on my bottom.

We stayed on our towels for a while, and we went in the water too. Sue said nothing when another couple joined us on the beach about 20 yards away, and nothing when another couple, and then another couple arrived. All of them were nude, some younger, some older, some heavier. Sue either remained on her stomach or she sat up with her legs together in front of her.

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22-03-2008, 10:23 PM
Reggie returned, this time on duty. He was getting large beach umbrellas out of a nearby shed and setting them out. He approached us with one. Sue was sitting up.

"Can I give you some shade? You don't want to get too much sun, now. A sunburn can ruin all sorts of plans."

Sue laughed. "We needn't get specific about those plans, I assume. Sure, we'd like the shade. Thanks."

She never moved, never tried to cover her breasts or turn so he couldn't see her pubic hair. My wife was nude and having a normal conversation with a fully clothed man.

Since nothing was said, I can't say why Sue stayed put on the beach that morning. More and more came until the beach must have had dozens of people there. We put on sunscreen, went in the water, and rested under the umbrella. The day grew warm, so the water felt good.

And it looked good too. I mean that the sea was calmer, and the water was crystal clear. Today when Sue and I went in, I had no trouble seeing her body, which meant that everyone else could see her clearly too. But she had been getting up and walking to the water, so I guess Sue didn't care what anyone could see of her in the water. They already had been able to see plenty out of the water.

Her nerves returned only later, closer to noon. I saw Rick and Suzi coming down the beach. I was standing near the water's edge by Sue. She was cooling off, sitting where the gentle waves alternately covered and uncovered her lap. When I told I saw our friends, she looked anxious and didn't turn around.

Suzi saw me, waved, and then covered her mouth to stifle an excited laugh. Facing Sue, I was also facing the beach, so my nudity was plainly evident. Caught that way, I tried to act nonchalant.

Pointing to our towels and umbrella, I called, "Put your stuff over there and join us."

Sue gave me a questioning look.

Suzi hesitated. "You sure you want company?" I couldn't tell if she was trying to be sensitive to Sue's nerves or if she was just nervous herself. Standing there, she looked so much like a young Sue, and I realized how much that made me want to see her nude. There were lots of women out on the beach by now, with many various breast sizes to see, but at that moment, this version of Sue was the sight I wanted to enjoy. Or enjoy again.

"We'd love it," I answered. I held my hand out to Sue to help her up. She took a moment to make up her mind, but she reached for my hand and got up. Rick was mesmerized by the sight of her wet body, and he was only seeing the back of her. I turned her, wrapping my arms around her waist, showing her nude body to our friends.

At first, Sue couldn't look up at them. Then she did, and said, "Come on in, the water's fine."

They put their towels down. We watched them. I was hoping to see Suzi strip her bikini off, and for all I know, Sue was looking forward to seeing Rick in the nude. Suzi reached into her bag, though, and pulled out the basket again. They were talking to each other, too softly for us to hear, except for Rick saying, "I'm game."

Suzi then must have told him to go ahead, but she walked toward us with the basket in her hand. Sure enough, Rick slipped his suit off and hurried to follow her. He was as pale as I was, and his penis was as excitable as mine was. We waded in with him to catch up to Suzi. When she was in deep enough, Suzi said, "I hope you don't think I'm ruining your fun. I just can't get undressed like that in front of so many people. Rick and I had a deal."

Sue was understanding. "Don't worry. I know what you mean. Ed and I have been here for hours, and I was able to take my suit off with no one around."

"But you're still here with these people and still nude."

"It wasn't easy, let me tell you. Later on, I'll explain how a dog had a lot to do with it. Anyway, once I was nude, it wasn't so hard to lie in the sand while others were doing the same. It's not like guys are walking by constantly to check me out. In fact, there must be lots of younger women for them to check out rather than me."

"Hey," I said, "don't put yourself down. You're the one I like best here."

"You've studied the competition, have you?"

"Well, in the interests of fairness, yes." The others laughed. "But I'm not kidding about your first place finish."

Suzi said, "You'll forgive me for not taking part in the survey?"

My next words must have been inspired because I could never have planned a better speech. "I already know you would be in a tie for first place. You are so much like Sue, it's a vision, a memory that walks and talks like the woman I fell in love with years ago."

Suzi blushed and smiled. Rick added, "If I may say so, I think I've seen a vision of the woman I'm going to be loving in the years to come. I like what I see." He must have thought that sounded wrong and said, "I mean—I wasn't referring to just your body, but—."

Sue was blushing now too and cut him off. "I know what you mean. Both of you guys are sweet." And she kissed me. "I hope you're enjoying your dream come true."

I could only smile widely.

Suzi broke in, "Well, my husband has a dream too, so I guess I better try to make it come true."

She undid the ties on her top, pulled it off her arms and put it in the basket. I noticed that she was not so careful to keep herself under the water, and her nipples occasionally peeked over the gentle waves. I figured that she would snap the basket shut then, but she reached for her bottoms and pulled them off. With a flourish, she held her bikini up and dropped it in the basket.

Because we were all so near her, she must have known she wasn't hiding much. In the clear water this day, she could not have helped seeing my erection, and Sue's pubic hair was easy to see as well. Undressing as she did, then, she had to know I would be able to see her body clearly, the breasts, the bottom, and the pubic hair that recalled Sue's body.

If she hadn't admitted that to herself, Suzi could no longer deny she was on display when a couple swam by underwater with snorkels and masks. It was one of the French couples from across the way, the ones we saw in the shower. They popped up out of the water near us, and he said something that sounded exciting before they swam off.

Sue said, "Don't look at me. Ed and I took Spanish in high school."

Suzi didn't seem to catch what he said either, but Rick said, "My French is a bit rusty, so I can't be sure, but he either said 'pretty' or 'fun.' Take your pick."

Suzi looked at herself. "I can't believe I'm out here like this. This basket is no good."

"It got you to take everything off," Rick said, "so the basket is great."

"Well, I don't need it to keep my suit wet." With that, Suzi took the basket, pulled up the weighted block, and headed for the beach. We all watched, amazed, as Suzi strode out of the water, exposing more of her back and then her bottom. She walked to our umbrella, took her bikini out of the basket and spread it in the sand to dry, and then calmly walked back to us, briefly exposing her breasts and pubic bush to the sun before gradually submerging herself again. It took only a minute or two, but it was a scene I couldn't help thinking I'd seen before. Sue seemed to know what I was thinking. "Did you like that?"

"Yes," I said, "I like you like that."

Afterward, the wives gave up all modesty in front of us. In fact, for a while, Rick and I were the ones who had to stay in the water more. Eventually we noticed that some of the men had erections that they weren't trying to hide. No one made a fuss. It was a natural reaction here.

When Sue and Suzi noticed too, they encouraged us to walk out of the sea to our towels and let the other women see our excitement. My penis grows to a little over 7 inches when fully erect, and Suzi told me I was tied for first place in the men's division. Rick's thick 6 inches shared the title, and Sue agreed.

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22-03-2008, 10:24 PM
We spent almost the whole afternoon there. Sue and Suzi went for sandwiches from the resort concession up the beach. Neither dressed or took a towel. On their way back, the French couples spoke to them. Our wives stood there as the French couples lolled in the sand. From that angle, Rich and I realized what they could see. Both our wives had pubic hair, but it wasn't that thick.

They returned, and we asked them what the French couples wanted. Sue said, "We don't know for sure. I think they were inviting us over to their place later. We declined in a way that would make sense even if they were asking something else." Both of them were giggling the whole time.

Suzi said, "Did you notice how the women shave, but the men don't?"

"Don't give these guys any more ideas," Sue laughed.

"You know," Suzi said, "it's easy to understand what those guys are doing. Both of the women may be shaved, but their bodies are so different otherwise. They must enjoy the variety."

"Vive la difference, right?" Sue added. "But I don't know. The women aren't getting the same variety. Those guys don't look that different from each other. Same height, same body type, same—well, you know."

"I noticed those too," Suzi laughed.

I said, "Well, don't knock someone for loving what's familiar. Look right here at you two ladies. I'll say it again. Rick and I wouldn't trade you for anyone here on the beach. Same height, same slender bodies, same brown hair and eyes, same everything."

Sue responed, "I think I've got a little bit of a tummy that Suzi doesn't have, and her skin tone is tighter."

"Minor differences," I said.

"Here, here," added Rick. "I wouldn't have noticed."

Sue challenged him, "If our faces were covered, you couldn't tell us apart?"

Rick accepted the invitation to examine her closely. "Ed may be right. Both of you have the same color in your nipples, the same dimples above your bottoms, the same trim for your pubic hair."

Sue blushed at the mention of such details. Looking closely at Suzi, I said, "I suppose that little freckle near your left nipple sets you apart a little."

Now it was her turn to blush.

Sue said, "Well, about that hair color, the women in my family often get gray early, so I have to get some of that color at the salon."

"Doesn't matter," Rick said. "But now that you mention it, you missed one that makes for a small difference between you and Suzi." He was looking between her legs.

Sue looked and noticed a single gray pubic hair. Her glance also made her realize that her legs were apart enough to let us see her labia. Now her blush deepened, but she tried to recover, laughing, "Damn, I'll have to snip that one out."

"Don't," said Rick. "You ought to let everyone here see it and wear it as a sign of your lasting beauty."

"Couldn't have said it better myself," I added. Then we all noticed Suzi looking between her open legs. Even the color and shape of her labia matched Sue's. Suzi looked up. "Just checking," she giggled.

And then she added, "Sue, as long as we're being so open, would it be out of line for me to say that Ed has a lovely penis?"

"I don't mind. Let me say that Rick's is very nice too, although I don't think it looks just like Ed's, and I'm not counting any freckles around it."

This was what I wanted for Sue, to be nude and comfortable with others around.

Finally it was time to go back to our huts. Thanks to the umbrella, nobody got a sunburn, but the hot afternoon had left us tired. Sue and Suzi put their suits back on, or in Sue's case, her bottoms and the cover-up. They seemed to feel that the beach was one place, but around the huts was something else that required some clothing. Rick and I had enjoyed their bodies plenty, so we weren't going to object now.

But when we rinsed off the sand in the shower by the hut, Sue did have to remove her cover-up, so at least she was topless. And then Suzi wondered, "Do I realy want to get my suit wet again?"

All of us realized the silliness of soaking our dry suits, and so we quickly took them off. Each of us took a turn under the spray.

Moments later, in our room, Sue asked, "Did you like that? I mean all of that, the whole day nude?"

"I loved it, and I love you."

Dinner with Rick and Suzi was good again. This time, we stayed around for drinks at the resort's club room and enjoyed some music and dancing. We walked along the shore back to our hut, and the French neighbors were finishing another well lit show. They were winding down, and so were we. I think Rick and Suzi wanted to get to bed, and no one suggest any lingering on the veranda this time. This time, however, Suzi kissed me goodnight, and Sue did the same to Rick.

In our room, Sue turned the light on, went to the dresser on the far side of the bed and took off her blouse and slacks.

"Want me to get the lights?"

She continued to undress with her back to the window. First her bra and finally her panties. After brushing her hair a little, she turned around and climbed into bed, sitting up with the covers tossed back.

"Take off your clothes," she said, "and get in here with me. The lighting is up to you."

That invitation and all it meant excited me no end. I quickly stripped by the dresser and stepped closer to the bed. Sue leaned over and took my penis in her mouth. Across the way, I could see the one couple, the busty woman and the man she showered with, sitting up. She waved at me.

Sue saw where I was looking. "You going to get in bed with me?"

My desire was at a peak, but my nerves were not ready. It surprised me that Sue might have gotten ahead of me a bit, but I went toward the window, stood for a moment and waved back. Then I turned off the light and joined Sue for more intense sex, the day's many images filling my mind.

Sue's ardor was evident in how wet she was before I even touched her. When her orgasm came, she was voicing her pleasure in ways I had not heard for a long time.

"Aren't you afraid Rick and Suzi heard you?"

"No, not after I've sat with them in the nude for hours, not after Rick singled out a gray hair on my vagina."

She held me tighter as I kept moving inside of her. "In fact, I bet Rick would love to make me make those sounds himself." I was moving faster. "And maybe you'd love to make Suzi make some sounds too."

I was recalling so many scenes of both their bodies on the beach, and the two seemed to blend into one in my mind. Very quickly, I was exploding in that body.

If we were still in our twenties, maybe we would have been sleeping in like Rick and Suzi, but once again, we were up before any of our neighbors. Sue reminded me of the stretching and exercise class Marisol mentioned, so we got cleaned up to go. Sue took a bath in our room. I preferred a shower, and this morning, I used the one outside. It was an odd feeling there, but I don't think anyone was up to see me.

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22-03-2008, 10:26 PM
On the beach, there were only eight others who gathered for the session. The joggers from the morning before were among them, and they were dressed as before too. Marisol wore a flattering one piece suit, but she encouraged everyone to get comfortable in whatever way they pleased. Right away, three of the couples stripped completely. Their all-over tans marked them as experienced nudists. I looked at Sue and shrugged, reaching for the waist of my suit.

"I will if you will," she said.

I needed to hear no more, and I pushed my trunks down and stepped out of them. The jogging woman, still in her running shorts, was watching the whole time, and I received another smile of approval from Marisol. When Sue shed her bikini, the jogging man turned his attention from the other women to her. He saw that I noticed his gaze, and he nodded again, this time a suggestion of admiration. He and his wife made no move to take off their shorts, so Marisol began.

Most of the moves were such that we could do them on our feet, leaning one direction or another. A couple of other moves required us to get down. On our backs, we did leg lifts and crunches. From Marisol's vantage, the leg lifts would have given her a view of several splayed limbs. Next, on our hands and knees, we alternately stretched our legs out behind us. For this exercise, I had an intimate view of a couple of women I might never see again. My backside and dangling genitals along with Sue's bottom and vagina were featured for the joggers.

The session lasted about 30 minutes, and when it was over, everyone else picked up their things and returned to their rooms. Sue and I were planning to head for the beach again and lingered. Marisol noticed us there.

"Heading for the beach?"

"Yes," Sue replied, "but I'm feeling a little sweaty. I guess it shouldn't matter since we can get in the water."

"I know what you mean. Work-out sweat is not the same, and the salt water doesn't make you feel clean. There's a shower here if you want." Marisol was indicating the little beach concession right there.

We followed her to the side of the building. Rather than going in, we found three showers outside, like the ones by the huts. We had been nude in front of Marisol for quite a while now, but sharing the shower in front of her was different.

That slight embarrassment changed to excitement when Marisol pulled her straps down and shimmied out of her suit, stepping under the shower next to ours. She said nothing out of the ordinary, talking only of the weather and the busy time of the season. I was captivated by her petite body and the long braid of black hair that swung against her light brown skin. Like some of the women we had seen, she kept her pubis shaved, and her dark vulva was a special treat to see.

She had work to do and was done rinsing off quickly. Slipping her cover-up over herself, she gave my revived penis one more appreciative smile, said she'd see us later, and hurried off home to get ready for the day.

"Did you like that?"

"Yes, I did. But don't think I'm changing my mind about you. The real highlight this morning was the way your body was stretched out for everyone."

Tapping my penis to make it bounce, she said, "I'm sure the way this was stretching out may have caught the eye of a lady or two."

Our morning on the beach was much the same as the previous day. The afternoon brought some disappointment, though. Rick and Suzi joined us late in the morning, but a rain shower chased us off the beach shortly afterward.

Over lunch in the dining room, then, we could only rue the bad weather. I was glad to hear Sue and Suzi sounding as if they really were disappointed not to be nude on the beach. The French couples at a nearby table looked similarly glum. The one man perked up, though, when he summoned Marisol to their table. They spoke, and then she approached our table.

It turns out that she could speak French, because she was bearing a message from our neighbors. "They want you to know that you are all invited to join them in their room tonight. He says language should not be a problem for what they have planned." Marisol seemed a little embarrassed to convey this invitation.

"They didn't ask you to come too?" I asked. I was recalling the fleshy intersection of lines between her legs.

She laughed. "No, I guess nine's a crowd."

We nodded at our French neighbors, our expressions saying no more than "We'll see."

I was not too keen on the idea myself, and Rick didn't offer any approving remarks. Our wives said nothing and instead planned the rest of our afternoon, another trip to the village.

It was an okay distraction. Neither of our wives wore bras, so we got the occasional glimpse of a nipple, but my mind was still on how Sue and I would spend our last night here. In the cab on the way back to the resort, we all noticed the clearing weather.

Suzi said, "It may too late for any sun on the beach, but it should be nice on the veranda this evening."

Sue asked, "What about our invitation?"

"You interested in going over there?"

"Not really, you?"

"No. How about you guys." Suzi was talking to Rick and me.

Rick replied, "I'd be happy just to be together with the four of us."

I nodded, and the conversation was ended by our arrival back at the resort.

The next few hours flew by. We spent a little time in our room, we had dinner, we took a short walk along the beach, and we returned to our hut and took up our usual places on the veranda. The room across the way was dark, so we sat and talked.

"You think they forgot about us?" Rick asked. "Doesn't matter, though. Right?"

Sue replied, "I'm fine. By the way, before, what did you mean when you said you just wanted all of us to be together?"

"I don't know, I just—."

"We've all been together so far, and given the nature of that invitation, I thought maybe you were thinking we could all be together that way too." My wife's words surprised me and excited me immediately. I thought what she said last night was just for my sake.

Suzi said, "Just tell them what we talked about."

Rick begged off. "I'm no good at this. You tell them."

"Well," Suzi started, "after yesterday on the beach, Rick and me were in bed together. We'd just finished what I imagine you guys did too last night. We were talking about how you guys, I mean Rick and Ed, were comparing my body to Sue's and how Ed kept saying how much my body reminded him of Sue's from years ago. Rick said he bet Ed would love to go back in time by making love to me. That idea turned me on, and I jumped on Rick again. And I said I bet he'd love to visit the future by making love to Sue. It was very intense." She was blushing, but also smiling broadly.

Sue said, "It is uncanny, all the resemblances." I knew Sue was referring not only to bodies, but also to the similarity between what she said last night and what Suzi just said. She did not continue, and no one spoke for a moment.

The French couples came from the direction of the beach then. They had apparently been in the water because they were all nude and wet. Seeing us, the four of them came over. All of them seemed to enjoy flaunting their nudity, the women with their bald vaginas and the men with their erections. The one man raised his eyebrows and gestured toward their room across the way.

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22-03-2008, 10:28 PM
Sue responded for us. "Merci, no." She said this gently with a smile.

The man shrugged amiably and smiled back, and the four of them turned and stopped at their shower before going to their room. Watching the woman's bottoms move away and seeing their smooth vaginas under the spray, I can't say I didn't feel a twinge of regret. The light came on, and they began playing at dancing together, often switching partners.

Sue looked at me. "Sorry about not traveling to France?"

"I'm happy where I am."

"You want to go back to our room with these two and go traveling in time?"

Sue got up before I could say anything. In our room, she switched on the light and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked at the rest of us expectantly.

I looked over at Suzi. She said, "I didn't think it was possible to travel in time, but I'd be willing to try." She got up, taking Rick and me by the hand.

Rick spoke first in the room. "How do we start?"

Sue stood next to him and kissed him. Stepping back, she said, "Take off my clothes."

He unbuttoned her blouse, being careful not to touch her as he handled the cloth delicately. Sue grasped his hands and hugged them to her chest. "I won't break. Touch me while you undress me."

With that encouragement, he put his hands together against her breastbone and pushed the blouse apart and off her shoulders, brushing his palms over her breasts in the process. Sue let out a sigh as she let the blouse fall off her arms.

Rick undid her belt and pulled the zipper on her slacks, kneeling to help her off with them. He remained there and reached around to push his hands down the back of her panties, lowering them and squeezing her bottom at the same time. Then he brought his hands to the front of her panties, letting his fingers snag the waistband and trail through her pubic hair as he pulled them down and off.

Sue stood nude and looked at me. "You like me this way?"

"I love you this way." I gazed at her, taking in her body anew. "Do you want the lights off?"

"That's up to the rest of you. For myself, I don't care what anyone sees." She was looking at me as she spoke, and I turned to look across the way. The couples were swaying lightly, their attention turned our way.

Suzi said, "Hurry up and take my clothes before I explode or run out of here."

Her blouse was easy to unbutton despite the shaking in my hands. I steadied them against her chest, brushing her soft breasts as Rick had done to Sue. Her slacks had a tie, and loosening it allowed them to fall at her feet. I hugged her, turned her back to the window and let my hands reach for her bottom. I pushed her panties down until they too fell loosely about her feet. Running my hands over her bottom, I picked her up so she could kick the clothing off her feet, and then I set her down again, turned toward the window for our French neighbors to see.

She let me display her for a moment before turning to pull my shirt off and work my slacks down. Kicking them off, I stood before her as Suzi sat on the bed. With both hands on my pants, she pulled them out and down, letting my erection bounce up near her face. One hand kept pushing my pants down while the other grabbed my penis and stroked it.

A glance to my right told me that Rick was stripped and hard also. Sue was turning him, both to feel him all over and for the other couples to see him.

Sue made the next move, sitting on the bed against the backboard. Reaching for Rick, she pulled him on the bed so he was kneeling between her legs. She pressed a hand against his bottom to scoot him forward and then took his penis in her mouth.

Suzi asked, "Did Sue always suck on your penis in the past?"

I nodded and took her around to the other side of the bed. Arranging her on her stomach with her head at the foot of the bed, I walked around to that end. Suzi raised herself on her elbows as I stepped forward and pushed my erection between her lips. From where I stood, I could watch her slender bottom flexing as she sucked on me. That tightening and relaxing of her muscles in her hips took me back decades, and I was enjoying Sue's mouth for the first time again.

Here, though, I could also look a bit to the left and see Rick pumping himself slowly into Sue's mouth, really for the first time. And finally I could look out the window and observe the French couples enthralled by our scene. Sue pulled Rick's penis out, holding it against her cheek. She pushed him back a bit and scooted her bottom down, holding her legs open. "See that gray hair now?"

"Yes," he sighed.

"Put your penis next to it and push past it, all the way."

I could see her wet labia grasp his shaft and hold it as he moved in and out. Suzi brought me back to her, though. "How did you used to make love the most?"

"I like to put her on her hands and knees and enter her from behind."

Suzi gave my penis one last plunge and then let it go as she turned over and raised herself, presenting me with her upturned bottom. I climbed onto the bed. Entering her felt different, yet familiar. I recognized the slippery entrance and remembered the tightness within. Leaning forward, I ran my hands over Suzi's bottom and around to the front of her body, tickling her clitoris and then rubbing her pointy nipples. It was almost as if Suzi became Sue, and the illusion intensified when, without me asking, Suzi reached between her legs and fondled my scrotum, just like Sue loved to do years ago.

From the sounds of things, none of us lasted very long. Such fresh orgasms must come quickly. I didn't pull out right away, and I could feel Suzi's vaginal muscles squeezing me, keeping me erect.

When I did pull out then, Sue noticed. "You want more?"

"I think I'd like that."

She flipped over, raising her bottom in offering to me. The difference this time, though, was that once I was in her, she beckoned Rick over again. She wiped his penis with the sheet and put it back in her mouth. Holding it against her cheek briefly, she said, "Keep going, both of you."

I don't think I could have stopped anyway. Rick seemed surprised that Sue held him in her mouth even as he came again. Her moans spoke to how much she liked the taste.

Across the way, we could see that the French women were both on their hands and knees with the men behind them so all of them could make love and watch us at the same time. We took a break and watched them watch us until Suzi spoke up.

"Am I going to get that treat, both of you at once?"

Since it was her treat, Rick lay on the bed so she could climb on top of him. She then motioned me to kneel on the bed next to her where she could lean over and reach my penis. The coordination took some practice, but we eventually fell into a rhythm. I shocked myself and my wife by having not only a third orgasm, but a strong one, shooting rather than leaking my semen into Suzi's lovely mouth.

We must have reminded the neighbors of their own behavior that first night. Completely worn out, the four of us fell asleep where we were, lights on.

In the morning, Rick and Suzi kissed us and returned to their room. Sue joined me outside under the shower to clean up. A couple we had not seen before came around from another hut. They were taken aback, dressed casually as they were. We said "Good morning" to them, and I hoped they would be inspired by us to lose their clothes before the day ended. After they hurried by, Sue asked, "You like me this way?"

Our goodbyes with Rick and Suzi were tender, and we saw Marisol before we left, giving her a hug also.

We returned home to kids and jobs.

A few weeks later, an email from Rick and Suzi alerted us to an amateur photo site that specialized in voyeur pics. I don't know how they knew of it, but the point was that someone on the beach that day had a camera. There on the internet were Suzi and Sue in the nude in various poses, posted as a mother/daughter set. The shots were very sharp, and in one, you could even make out the gray hair on Sue's vagina.

A second posting had telephoto shots of Sue and me in the morning sun, and you could see Reggie and Marisol passing by in the background in one pic. That set also included shots of Sue on her hands and knees with her leg stretched out behind her, and of us under the shower with Marisol nearby. Obviously, we had never been alone on the beach, and that jogging guy was the voyeur. I never got to see all of his wife, and he was showing all of Sue, Suzi, and Marisol to the world.

So we had a download of actual pictures. They were nice, but they could not compete with the images I kept in my head and in my heart.

Sue was not as upset as I would have expected. "I know I told you to leave the camera at home. Down there, though, there were times I wish I had it with us." As I scrolled through the set, I kept returning to one that showed her and Suzi, legs open enough to expose their labia. Sue poked me in the side. "You like us that way?"

The End

22-03-2008, 11:13 PM

Shadows seemed to change, seemed to move with each step. The moon, small and distant upon a velvet sky, shone little light upon the ground. The assassin needed no light to show the path, all that was needed was the candle lit windows that identified the manor. The assignment was simple, the target was easy, just getting in was the hard part. That was what she was told anyway.

The hired killer reached the outermost perimeter gates. The iron bars were wide enough for the assassin to squeeze, or so thought. Passing the right arm through the assassin cursed her breasts. Thought the leather outfit could easily slide through with little chance of grazing, the pain was noticeable. Once through she searched for an entrance.

The assassin thought back to her second life. There she was a nineteen-year-old merchant's daughter in a large town. Her life was simple, happy and average. She had met heartbreaks and encountered times of unbelievable joy. But she knew the truth of her experiences. Her entire life was set up by her owner. Everything she did, everyone she met was appointed to her on a timetable known only by her master.

As she crept past a sleeping guard, she thought about her master. She had met him once and once only. It was some weeks back yet she still remembered his face as if she had seen him only yesterday. It was a face a girl could not forget.

He entered the merchant's shop alone and the moment she saw him she knew exactly who he was. His shoulder length dark hair was loose, his eyes were as blue as the sky and his face was set on a friendly expression as if he was an actual customer.

But she saw through his act. She knew wanted her for an assignment. But why did he come himself? He could have sent the assignment through the usual way. A disguised assailant comes into the shop and hides the information under a stand while "browsing" around. She felt something was not as it seemed though she could not quite put her finger on it. He had walked through the shop as if he was interested in the stock then he had called for her assistance. When she had gone to him he had told her the assignment under his breath right there in the open. She knew that something was definitely not right.

She stealthily ducked into a doorway as the change of guard trooped by and as soon as they had rounded the corner she continued down the hall. She was in the house and running out of time, they would soon discover the bodies of the five perimeter guards that had spotted her and the alarm would spread through the entire estate. She would not have a chance to escape. As good as she is, she will be caught and maybe killed, even tortured to death if she was careless, or worst. This was going to be fun.

The assassin rounded a corner. She was fifty or so yards from completing her task. She crossed the hall to hide in the shadows, though it was not necessary, She could make herself invisible even in a lighted room.

"Third door on the left," she whispered under her breath. "A circlet of leaves with a dagger through it."

She found it, then crept up and tried the handle. It was not locked. She thought this was strange as her master told her that this person had many enemies, though they did not lock the door, there weren't even any guards standing post. She griped the hilt of the sword she had taken off an oriental warrior, a memento of a past assignment, and turned the handle.

Once inside she quickly, yet quietly closed the door and waited. It took less then a second for her eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room. The room was the private quarters of her intended target. A large canopied bed was to her right. There was other furniture in the room but she was interested in was the bed. And its occupant.

She crept towards the sleeping soul she was about to release from this world, her sword, now unsheathed, held low and her heart and mind determined. A movement. She stopped dead. She saw the bed covers move and rustle as the occupant turned over. Once again she moved towards her hapless target.

A sound outside the door made her stop again. She was halfway between the door and the bed as she turned her head slightly and saw a light under the door. She waited, anxious of been discovered but soon the light passed. She breathed again. She was frustrated with the delay, they would have discovered the bodies by now and would probably be on their way bearing the news that she was inside the grounds. She had to act quickly, this had to be finished as soon as possible and that meant right now.

Throwing caution into the wind she quickly ran over to the bed. Once there she raised the blade and aimed for the neck. It would be messy but it had to be done quickly, one good swipe would do it. She prepared herself then stopped. Something had a hold of her. She looked up and saw a thin cord around her wrists at its end a dark shadow had a hold of the cord. Before she could react the shadow had jumped onto the bed bringing the cord over the support beam. She was pulled off her feet as the cord tightened and wrenched the sword out of her hands. Quicker then she could possibly move the shadow had tied the cord to the bedpost and was now securing her legs to the bedside.

She was strung up unable to move as she saw the shadow light the lanterns around the room and then shake the bed's occupant. She watched as the occupant talk to the darkly dressed assailant who was in fact another assassin. She watched as the assassin left the room, her neck straining to see him leave.

"I thought you said you could pull this off without a glitch," came a familiar voice.

She turned her head to look into the face of her master.

"Surprise!" He said mockingly, shrugging his shoulders and raising his hands out wide.

"What's going on?" she asked struggling on her bonds.

"Don't do that," his face took on a look of concern, "It will only hurt more."

"Then get me down and tell me what the hell is going on!" she half screamed.

" Ok, have it your way." He picked up a dagger from the bedside table and walked towards her. "Just promise to behave."

"I'll try to hold myself back," she said with heavy sarcasm as the cord to her feet was cut. She found that even with the cord cut she couldn't loosen the loop.

"It's all in the knot," he said as he put his shoulder against her stomach and cut the cord to her wrist's. She dropped onto his shoulder and he gently sat her onto the bed.

The assassin checked her wrist's. The cord had dug deep and her hands were wet with blood. Her ankles were the same. She tried to work them loose but couldn't, she winced as she tried again.

"I told you not to do that," he laid a gentle hand on her wrist's and cut the cord with his dagger. She immediately went for her thin dagger that was belted at her waist, but couldn't find the hilt.

"Looking for these?" he produced four needle point blades. "I took them from you as I cut you down."

"You have fast hands," she said as she looked up into his face.

"Not fast, just gentle." With a quick movement he threw the daggers towards the door, striking the precise centre in unison.

"And accurate." She looked into his blue eyes. "What do you want with me?".

"Nothing yet," he got up and moved towards a cabinet. It was then she saw the hilt of her sword lying just under the satin bed covers. Could he have overlooked it?

She quickly reached down and snatched up the blade, then quietly slid it back into its scabbard. She moved awkwardly as her ankles were still bound, but she managed to hide the hilt from sight. She did her best to make no noise.

"Would you like a drink?" he said as he poured himself a glass of red wine.

"No, thanks."

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"Your choice," he put down the iron bound canister and walked back towards the bed, sipping his wine.

"Could you tell me what is going on?" she said as he knelt in front of her. "And could you do something about this?" she showed him her bleeding wrists.

"Oh, so sorry," he said as he put down his glass and took up a corner of the bed sheets, then with a quick tug the satin fabric tore. Long strips were made from the valuable sheet and he bound her wounds. He then took up his glass and pored its contents onto the bandage. She winced as the sting of alcohol seeped through the fabric.

"For an assassin your features are very becoming." He cut the cord at her ankles.

"Thank you for the compliment." She winced and watched as he dressed the wounds to her ankles, then he reached for the empty glass.

"Out of wine," he said as he looked at the bottom of the glass, "be right back".

He was half way across the room when she saw her chance. Quietly, she got up off the bed, drawing her sword as she went. She crept up behind her master. This would free her from a life of killing for the sake of living. A quick strike would end his bound to her and finally she would be free to do whatever she wanted to do. And that's to live a normal life without being bound to a second one, a life that kept her days intolerable and her night's a living nightmare.

He reached the cabinet and started to pour the wine. The sound of rich wine into a glass hid her final movement as she raised the razor sharp blade over her shoulder for a swipe at the neck. It would be messy but very effective. She set herself and swung with practised power, precision and speed.

Sparks flew into her eyes as her blade struck the canister. Blinded, she staggered back and swung again to gain enough time to clear her eyes, but her sword was jerked from her and a powerful pair of hands griped her bleeding wrists. She screamed as she was lifted off her feet and thrown upon the bed. She landed heavily then curled up and held her knees close to her chest. She lay there and expected the worst but only felt a gentle hand upon her shoulder.

"Never give up," her master sat beside her and gently forced her to sit up, "you still have a lot to learn."

Her eyes cleared and she looked at her master. Her tear streaked face seemed to awaken something in the master assassin. His eyes seemed to change to take on a look of pity.

"What do you care? You never treated me right. You never gave me any acknowledgement for what I did for you. No compliments nor complaints on who I killed or how I killed them. And you've never once talked to me about anything but my assignments," her anger was long awaited and she waited most her life to say those words.

"Your wrong, I never talked to you at all except once", his eyes had a glimmer of mirth and his lips were starting to curl into a smile. But that was put to a stop as her hand found its mark on his face. The sound reverberated off the walls and each echo seemed as bad as the initial strike.

"Why keep me here?" Her face was livid with long pent up anger, anger she would finally release tonight. "WHY!"

He slowly turned his head back to her, his cheek red. He was silent for a long time, watching her eyes.

"Why do you ask? Why do you want to know what I want with you?

"Because I want to be free!" her eyes were misty with pain, not from her wounds, but from within. "I want an escape from all this."

He leant closer. "You wouldn't be free for long. Even if you had escaped you wouldn't feel real freedom, as I would send every man, EVERY man, I have to hunt you down."

She watches the emotions flare in his eyes, so quick she almost missed it. "Why?"

"Because your good, very good, for your age," He smiled then, confusing her more then his eyes did, "and your showing great talent, talent I could use. Talent that could match mine with time and training."

That's what he wanted her for, she thought. All she was to him was an assassin with potential. One that could kill with precision and perfection and could cleanly kill with ease. Her tears began as she realised her own stupidity. All her life she wanted to escape her master, escape the life the master assassin had made for her. She wanted out and she wanted it now.

She was about to say something, something vile and insulting, something that stated her mind and emotions to the core. When he kissed her.

The movement was so discrete, so smooth and gentle she hardly noticed until she felt his lips on hers. She watched his relaxed face with tear streaked eyes, unmoving with shock and confusion. Then slowly, letting his warmth flood her, she relaxed and leaned into the kiss, returning it with her own.

"Why taste freedom," he said breaking the moment and looking into her eyes, their faces close, "when you can feed off it?"

"What are you saying?", she looked at him, her eyes still confused and her mind still lost in the kiss.

"I want to keep you. Here, safe by my side," he caresses her cheek, brushing his fingers lightly over her soft skin.

"What if I don't want to stay?" She whispered, she would get the truth now, here tonight. "Why wont you let me go and let me live a normal life? Why have you let me live the life of an assassin, dealing death while dodging it as well?"

"Because I'm testing you," he said after a moment, keeping his eyes locked onto hers, "I want to see how you act and think in desperate situations. I want to know if I can trust your judgement when things heat up and trouble looks to deal death."

She looked at him. His eyes. What he had just said confused her more than the kiss. Taking a breath to ease her mind and heart, she thought hard and fast as she asked her next question.

"Why are you telling me this, master?" She raised her head slightly, thinking she figured it out. "Is there another job you want me for? An important one?"

He smiled, and she thought he never looked any more handsome then right now. "In a way, yes. But this job will decide your future. This assignment, if you choose to accept, will change your life forever." He sighed and bows his head slightly, almost sadly. "I'm getting older in my years."

She looked at him, silent as night. Getting older? Decide my future? Her eyes widen as a thought struck her mind, shocking her more then anything she had experienced so far tonight.

"You... you want me to be Master Assassin?" Her words were whispered, awed and disbelieving. "You want me to take over after you?"

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22-03-2008, 11:16 PM
At that he laughed, throwing his head back with true merriment. "No! My dear love, no", she flinched mentally, her mind now too busy to pick up the endearment he gave her. Not Master Assassin?

"Then what?" She was about to reach over and rip the truth from his chest. She was sick of guessing and was as confused as she had ever been in her entire life. And she hates not being in control.

He smiled then, looking back into her eyes. The emotion she saw in them she had never seen before, ever. "Dear one, I want you to be my wife."

It took a second for his words, and proposal, to sink in. Her face slowly losing its colour as her mind quickly pieces together the puzzle. Wife? He wants her to be his wife?! "Do you accept?" His eyes full of emotion, his heart in her hands, hoping she won't harm it. She remained silent.

He loved her, she knew that. But did she love him? Her thoughts flashed back to the night after she saw her master in the shop, to her dreams. Her dreams were flooded with her masters face and hands, remembering the fleeting brush against her arm, imagining that touch on other parts of her body. These dreams were vivid and extremely life-like. She dreamed of his face close to hers, his body pressed against her own, and his warmth deep inside her. After each of these dream filled nights she would wake confused and disorientated, not knowing why she dreamed of him like so. Didn't he own her? Didn't he control her life like a puppeteer? And, everyday, she always wondered why he had come himself.

He wanted to see her as she was that day. He wanted to see her in her normal life, see how she worked her hands around her work, and how she looked in the light of day. He wanted to see her without the leather.

She blushed then, realising how revealing her suit really was. She glanced at her slim body. She was young and athletic, her long limbs silent and fast but holding in it a strength and dexterity equal to a hardened swordsman. No wonder he picked her. She was perfect, almost. She was an attractive youth with a quick and deadly mind, her movements only just as quick and as deadly. And she was the best assassin in the guild, second only to the Master.

"Do you accept?" He asked again, his hands on her shoulders.

"I want too." Her voice was unsure, and hushed. Her mind still working out the final pieces of her hidden, destined, relationship with her master.

"But?" His face dropped, her heart almost breaking at the disappointment they promised should she turn him down. She put a stop to that with a hard kiss, filled with newly found passion.

She did love him.

"But nothing!" she pushed him down onto the bed. "I want too."

He laughed lightly as he lay down onto the sheets. Laughed until her lips stopped him as they kissed again. She lay atop him with his arms about her waist and shoulders, holding her close. He held her tight as he rolled them over, breaking the kiss and looking down at her.

"You know, for the Master of the Assassins Guild," she said as he leaned back, "Your not very observant."

"What do yo...?" He stopped and looked into her eyes, his mouth slowly smiling. She had her sword again, pressing it lightly against his neck. The edge of the blade was razor sharp and a thin line of blood marked where the sword rested on his skin.

"You may have gentle hand, master," She smiled then, and he had never seen such loveliness anytime and anywhere before this night, "but mine are a little more gentle."

"I knew you were the best," he said, pushing a stray strand of hair from her brow, "You're just a little emotional when things don't go your way."

"I'm also emotional when things do go my way," He felt a blade point press against the back of his neck, just below his skull. He wondered then where the other blade came from, then found that the dagger he used to cut her down with wasn't where he put it.

He smiled, not daring to move against her, or her blades, as she rolled them over. She crossed the sword and dagger on his neck, straddling his waist with her legs either side of his hips, she then leaned down to kiss his lips. With a gentle hand and slow, deliberate movement, she dragged the dagger down his shirt, the fabric giving way to the sharp edge.

Still kissing his lips, feeling the warmth flood from within herself, she casts the sword aside leaving a light blood trail from the mark the edge made. Slowly removing his shirt from his chest she felt his hands trail from her hips up to her waist, gripping the thin leather top she wore. She giggled as the leather was peeled from her skin, releasing the blade as the top was discarded. She wore nothing underneath.

Letting long awaited passions loose, her master sat up pulled her down onto him, holding her closer then he had ever done since they first met. She giggled again, feeling his hands brush down her side to hook her pants. He slowly slid her leather pants down her smooth thighs, his fingers caressing her legs as they went. Wriggling free she kicked out of them, sitting on his waist, completely naked.

He sat up then, bringing her legs around him and crossing her ankles behind his back, holding him close to her. He kissed her lips again, deeper then before.

"I love you," was all he said. It was all that he needed to say.

She smiled, "And I love you." She kissed him again. Then promptly fell off the bed as her master tried to roll them over. They landed with him on top, both laughing. Their laughter could have been heard from outside the room, if anyone had been there. But there was no one. They had been ordered by the other assassin to leave the building, to give the two some peace and privacy. The entire compound was deserted and empty, no guards even wandered the halls or the parameter for the two needed no guards. They were the best in the Guild. And their laughter filled the empty halls, it's meaning known only to them.

The End

22-03-2008, 11:18 PM
The Weight of the World: Serenity

On September 13, Caleb's world would change forever, simply because he turned 21. Of course, he didn't care. Why the hell would he? It's not like he had anybody to share the milestone with. Hell, up until that point, he never even thought about having a drink--he didn't care. Besides, what fun is it to get drunk on your 21st birthday when you're doing it all by yourself? Caleb didn't have any friends to whoop and holler with. He never did. Caleb didn't have a woman in his life to share this "wondrous" occasion with. He never did. His entire life had been a lonely mess. Sure, he had his family, but they can only give him so much happiness. He loved them very much, but he wanted more.

Well, didn't he deserve it? I mean, Goddamn, here was one of the nicest guys you're ever going to meet! Here was a guy who held doors open for people for no reason! Here was a guy who gave to charity and good causes, out of the goodness of his heart! Here was a guy who paid his taxes and flossed! Not to mention the fact that he was, at heart, a romantic who didn't care about partying or reckless, promiscuous sex. All he wanted was to be loved, and to love back. He wanted to find the love of his life and make her just feel safe in his arms. Doesn't a man as sweet and gentle as that deserve happiness?

Of course he didn't deserve it! I mean, Goddamn, here was a guy who was 330 pounds! Here was a guy who, by two inches, wasn't even six feet tall! Here was a guy who was so quiet and shy, you wouldn't even notice he was around if it wasn't for his disgusting girth! He knows his place! He's fat, he's ugly--how does that question even pop into your mind? "Deserves happiness"--you're sick!

Well, what else was Caleb supposed to think? His peers never taught him anything else. All they did to him was insult him and make horrible assumptions. "So what if he's nice? He's got those gigantic man-tits, so let's make fun of him!" "Yeah, he's sweet and all, but look at me--I'm beautiful and small and dainty. What would I want with him?" "Yeah, he's shy, and that's cute and everything but, nah, he's not my type. Now, that hunk over there with the washboard abs--now, HE'S my type!"

Caleb gave up pretty damn immediately. By the age of 17, when he had graduated high school, he had stopped trying and had just quit. Seventeen, damn you!! Most people aren't even done with puberty by that age, and this guy had already given up on even getting a CHANCE! Is that fair? Not one date. Not one acknowledgement. How can someone so caring go all the way through high school without Date #1? Worse yet, how can he reach his 21st birthday without even so much as a friend to celebrate it with, much less a girlfriend? A female acquaintance? A fuck buddy? SOMEONE?

He didn't deserve his virginity. He hated it. He didn't want to be innocent anymore. But through all his advances, high school and beyond, nobody ever once gave him a chance (with himself as his largest detractor), and he was too proud and too law-abiding to get a hooker or something. After a while, he didn't want to just have sex. He wanted to feel loved. On more than one occasion, he just figured that he'd better get used to the loneliness, only to forget and get his hopes up all over again.

Caleb dreaded Tuesday, September 12. He had his birthday off (thankfully) and the rest of the week off after that, so if anyone was going to wish him "Happy Birthday", they were going to do it on this day. He went to work as the front desk clerk at the nearby motel and, mercifully, he was the only one there that day, save the housekeeping staff, and he hadn't told any of them about the 'joyous' occasion. He was able to do his job without worry and left before his afternoon replacement could say anything that wasn't work-related.

When he got home, he did the same thing he did every night: nothing. Went online a bit, watched a little TV, and then went to bed.

Note that I said "went to bed" and not "went to SLEEP".

Hours passed. 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30. Tossing and turning and shifting and rolling--something nagged at Caleb. He couldn't shake it.

He needed a drink.

At 11:49--no, no, make that 11:50--he arrived at the Tall Tales Pub. He sat at the bar and scanned the room, which was virtually empty.

"What'll it be?"

Caleb turned to the gruff man behind the bar who just got his attention.

"Uhm," Caleb hesitated. "Well, you'll have to wait ten minutes, but what would you suggest to the first-timer?"


Caleb pulled out his wallet and extracted his identification card, showing it to the barkeep. The 44-year-old 'tender did the quick math, chuckled a bit, then tossed the wallet back to him.

"Cutting things kind of close, eh?" the bartender asked smartly.

"Yeah, well." Caleb put the wallet back into his pocket absent-mindedly. "So, what would it be? Beer?"

"Well, it takes a while to get used to beer," the keeper stated. "I'll start you off light."

The barkeeper reached above him, pulled a small glass off the rack, and set it down in front of Caleb, then turned and pulled a bottle of Smirnoff Ice out of the lineup, opened the bottle and poured some out for the intrepid young man. He left the bottle beside the glass. Caleb was about to pull his wallet back out, but the bartender waved it off.

"Twenty-first birthday," he said. "Your money's no good here."

"Thanks," Caleb responded as he looked at his drink. He doesn't seem to want to drink it immediately, opting instead to just stare at it for a minute. He didn't get it. Something about this just seemed kind of pointless and inane. "Do I really need to drink this to be any more of a man?" His entire life, he'd been treated like less of a person. It's not like drinking this one glass of vodka was going to automatically promote him. There had to be another way.

Sex? So what if he never had sex? There are a lot of 21-year-old virgins out there, aren't there? Hell, people have lived long, fulfilling lives without having sex!


Still, his thirst seemed magically quenched without downing the alcohol. "Thanks," he said to the barkeeper before pushing the full glass away and walking out, feeling indifferent.

Caleb walked to his car. How pathetic was he? No friends, no girl, and hell, he won't even have a damn DRINK, and he's the legal age!!! "What the hell is the matter with me?" He needed a drink, but he wouldn't take one. He needed a girl, but he wouldn't take one. He needed to be happy, but every time he grabbed the brass ring, it slipped out of his fingers. Of all the things he so desperately needed, there was only one that, at that moment in time, he had the ability of taking.

He needed bread.

12:01--he was officially 21 years old, and his first act as a legal American man? Buying a loaf of bread. As he drove into the supermarket parking lot and parked, little did he know the Pandora's Box he would be opening by swinging his car door open.

"Let me go, Johnny!"

Caleb's head shot toward the voice at the opposite end of the dark lot. She was trying to loosen her arm from his vise of a hand, trying to remove herself from the position he put her in, between himself and the tree.

"Let GO!"

"I said 'Listen,' you bitch!" Johnny, as she called him, refused to let her go, instead tightening his grip.

"You're hurting me!" she screamed louder, using up all her energy in a futile attempt to escape.

"Oh, what's the matter, baby?" he responded. "Don't like a little pain? Well, then you're going to hate this! You'll wish you never even HAD that filthy little cunt 'a-yours!"

"No! Stop it! Please, Johnny, no!"

"Nowhere to run, slut! Nowhere--"

His head was then pulled back by his long black hair. He stopped wondering and started worrying as a small pointy object poked at his windpipe. He's pulled a small distance away from the girl, but his grip on her left wrist didn't loosen, mostly out of shock.

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22-03-2008, 11:20 PM
"Now," Caleb said in his lowest, most threatening voice. "Won't THIS be an interesting story? You get to tell all your little friends about how you got stopped from raping your girlfriend--"

"EX-girlfriend!" the girl quickly chimed in.

"Sorry. You get to tell them about how you got stopped from raping your ex-girlfriend, by a complete stranger, with a car key."

"A car key?" Johnny exclaimed. "You crazy? You can't kill me with that!"

"No," Caleb replied. "But I can make sure you never sing in the shower again. And you damn sure seem like a 'sing-in-the-shower' type. Now, kindly let her go."

After a few seconds, Johnny let his grip slack, allowing the girl to yank her wrist away, rubbing it with her other hand.

Without releasing his gaze on the potential predator, Caleb spoke up. "Girl? What's your name?"


"Tommy. Get in the car, Sera."

She didn't hesitate. She power-walked to the passenger side, opening the door and closing it with authority behind her. Caleb released the key from Johnny's throat and pushed him as hard as he could before going back to the driver's side. He put the key in the ignition and turned the car on as Johnny was getting to his feet. He reversed as far as he could before putting it in 'DRIVE' and speeding out of the parking lot, out of Johnny's eyesight.

"Thank you SO much, Tommy," Sera stated, relieved.

"My name's not Tommy," Caleb replied.


Caleb carried the two mugs into the living room of his small apartment, spoons sticking out of the creamy brown beverage. He handed Sera the green mug, keeping the blue cup to himself.

"Thanks," she said.

"Of course." He sat in the chair adjacent the couch he placed her on. "Please forgive the mess," he begged. "I normally don't have company."

Didn't seem all that messy, but she decided to humor him. "That's OK." She blew on the hot chocolate before delicately taking a sip. "So," she placed the cup onto a coaster on the table in front of her. "Caleb. How often do you save damsels in distress?"

Caleb laughed a bit. "Yeah, my mask and cape are at the dry cleaners." Sera smiled and chuckled, and Caleb's heart fluttered. This gorgeous woman had a smile that could melt ice. He didn't know about any other guy, but Caleb's soft spot was a woman's smile. He didn't need to see her half-naked, fully naked, or whatever. Still, with Sera here, it wouldn't have hurt--she was absolutely breathtaking. She wasn't supermodel thin, but she wasn't fat like him, either, not at all. She was that perfect median: just barely enough meat on her bones to give her curves that went for days. Through his mind, only one sentence flew by:

'She'd never give me the time of day.'

In the midst of her smile, Sera interrupted the moment of levity. "By the way, why did you lie about your name?" She picked the mug up again.

"Figured that'd make me harder to find. Just in case he's got those kinds of friends."

"He doesn't," she informed him. "I mean, he shouldn't. I think I know all his friends. We've been together for a year now."

Caleb could see that she was close to breaking down, but he had to ask. "Is this the first time he's hurt you? Physically or otherwise?"

Her head down, she refused to speak for several seconds. "Kind of ironic, isn't it? This kind of shit happens to a girl named 'Serenity'. Everyone just calls me 'Sera'." She looked down at her cocoa, staring blankly at it. "I thought he loved me. And I thought he just had a bad way of showing it. Sure, he'd give me the occasional black eye, but he would give me flowers and get down on his knees and shit. He'd beg me for forgiveness and be so sweet. I guess it took a bout of attempted rape to finally make me see the light." A tear rolled down her cheek as she sniffled. "I got a call from this girl I knew in school," she was able to get out, through her breaking voice. "She told me that she was having an affair with him--she found an old picture of us in his wallet that we took a few months ago. She told me that if she knew he already had a girl, she never would have done anything with him, but--" Her crying got worse, but she said as much as she could. "I called him on it, but he wouldn't stop lying, so I walked out. He followed me and--."

Caleb quickly went to sit beside her. He didn't know why--his instincts were in full swing tonight. First, the bar, then the thing in the parking lot, and now this. This girl needed comfort. He expected her to create some distance. He expected her to be repelled by him, and he was surprised beyond surprise that she didn't go running from him already.

But what happened next almost put him into cardiogenic shock: almost on instinct herself, she dug her face into the stranger's shoulder. Against her better judgment, she trusted this person that she'd known for not even one day. There was something about him, though. Something that made her trust him, his hospitality notwithstanding. The way he looked, the way he acted--sure, he wasn't the best-looking, but she sensed a charm about him. A charm that attracted her.

Caleb was hesitant to return the embrace. When's the last time he had hugged somebody? He couldn't even remember. He raised his arms and hugged her back, holding and petting her aurulent skin.

"It's OK," he whispered close to her ear. "Let it out. Let it all out."

'Let it out' she did, sobbing uncontrollably now that she had his permission. She cried for what seemed like minutes before he broke his silence.

"You can stay here as long as you'd like, OK?" He hoped his susurration was bringing Sera comfort. She gently pushed away, sniffling.

"Thanks, Caleb, but," the shaking girl started, shaking her head. "I don't want to trouble you. I'd hate to be a burden."

"No-no-no," he quickly rebutted. "If it was a burden, I wouldn't have asked. It's only until you bounce back from this, and you can do what you please then, but for right now, I think it's best if you just stayed put and got a good night's sleep. Besides, I could use the company--it can get really lonely around here."

The girl kept her head down and her wet eyes closed. Her perfectly-sized bosom heaved as she sighed hard. He touched her chin and raised her face. She looked at him, and their eyes locked.

"Please, Serenity?"

She said his name, and her heart melted. God help her, her heart melted. She smiled and nodded. He mirrored her.

"OK. You take the bed in the next room, I'll sleep on the couch." She opened her mouth to protest, but he quickly interrupted her. "I insist. Like I said, you need a good night's sleep."

"Thank you, Caleb. Thank you for everything."

"It's my pleasure. Let me just go in and straighten things up, OK?"

She nodded. He stood and walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. He sighed heavily, trying to get his bearings in order. The virgin in him came to the forefront of his mind, and he silently questioned if this was the right thing to do. Pushing the thoughts aside, he went to the bed and ripped off the sheets. As he reached into the closet and pulled some fresh ones down off the shelf, his mind raced.

'I hope she'll feel better in the morning.'

'God, I want to kiss those lips.'

'Does she sleep in the nude?'

'Who the fuck did that guy think he was?'

'Does she sleep in the nude?'

He finished fixing the bed and leveling the blanket, then went back to the closet and pulled out a blanket for himself, then took one of the pillows on his bed and opened the room door.



"Room's ready." He walked over to the couch and put his pillow and blanket on one end of it. "Sheets are fresh, so that's one less thing to worry about. Uh, the bathroom's over there--" he pointed to a door and walked over to it. "If you want to take a shower, feel free; there's towels and washcloths in there, too." She stood up and looked at him. "Also, if you want, you can help yourself to any of the clothes in my closet or dresser, but they're all a little big. I-I only bring it up because I figure I can take those clothes you're wearing down to the laundry room tomorrow. S-So-So as you can wear them. Tomorrow, that is."

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She approached him, never taking her eyes off him. Caleb looked at her confused, noticing a slight glint in her eye.

"What's wrong?"

Sera didn't respond with words. She lightly reached up and grabbed Caleb by the back of the head and pulled herself up. Closing her eyes, her lips flew toward his. Before they could come into contact, however, she felt Caleb's hands grab her arms gently and push her away. Caleb pulled her away, conflicted but confirmed.


"Why not?" she said softly. "Don't you like me?"

"Of course I like you, Sera."

"Don't you think I'm pretty enough."

"God, no. You're beautiful."

"Then kiss me."


Sera couldn't believe what she was hearing. "I don't understand."

"Sera, you've gone through Hell tonight, much less this past year. This is the last thing you need right now."

"But, I want to," she informed him. "I want to, and," she paused for a second. "And you deserve it."

Caleb hesitated with his response. He looked at her and resolved, "That's exactly why I'm not going to."

Sera looked down at Caleb's pants and, seeing a bulge in front, smiled seductively.

"I, uh--I think you want to, as well."

She rubbed the front of his jeans, which only forced him to reach down and stop her before she could reach his crotch.

"He's not the one making this decision."

Sera looked at him with both disappointment and a little anger.

"Sera," he started, but a second later he decided to tweak his tone a bit. "Serenity. Please understand. I want to. I do. You're right about that. But I'm not going to take advantage of you. After everything you've been through, no way. Not like this. If we had sex tonight, I would be no better than Johnny. You're hurting, and I'm not going to let you make the mistake of fucking the first guy you see just because of it."

The anger subsided, but the disappointment still lingered in Sera's being. Caleb tried to make eye contact. "Do you understand now?" Sera nodded and headed for the bedroom as Caleb watched her. As she opened the door and stepped inside, she looked back at, for all intents and purposes, her savior. And she couldn't help but smile.

"Good night," he blurted.

"G'night," she reciprocated, before closing the door behind her, separating them for the rest of the night.

Caleb turned toward the couch. "My life's not complicated," he quietly said to himself. "No, it is not."

In a tired stupor, Sera moved her eyes around under her eyelids. The light was apparent through them, and the few birds that were outside were letting her know that it was morning. Still keeping her eyes closed, she wondered why her bed seemed so much bigger. Her eyes blinked open as she looked around, and it all came back to her--Johnny, her now-ex-boyfriend, the slight bruises on her wrists, and the nice big guy that helped her out.

'Oh, God, I tried to kiss him!'

She was ashamed. She never came on to a guy that fast, especially one that looked like Caleb! She never thought about dating someone that looked like him, but the more she thought about it, the more she began to wonder what exactly was so wrong with it. After all, for a large man, he was kind of cute. He wasn't exactly Colin Farrell, but she could definitely see handsomeness in him. He was just like a big teddy bear. But she never thought about FUCKING a big teddy bear before!

She removed the sheet and blanket from her body. She went to bed with her clothes on--a rarity for her. She looked around Caleb's room in natural light for the first time, but there didn't seem to be any distinguishing characteristics—a TV in one corner, closet, dresser drawers, white walls, no posters, a window...pretty bland setup, actually. She opened the door and saw that Caleb was not on the couch.

"Caleb?" she said loudly. No answer. "Caleb!" Again, no answer. 'Must not be home,' she thought as she took her first true look around the apartment. She opened the bathroom and glanced inside before going back to the living room. As she looked around, she noticed something VERY curious, something that was not the norm--the walls were virtually empty. There was a light switch beside the front door and a clock above the TV, but there was almost no décor to speak of on the plain white walls. The only other things distinguishable were the three pictures sitting on top of the television. The one on the left was of a middle-aged woman, maybe 40 or 50. The one in the middle was of a younger girl, 14 or 15 or so, and the one on the right was of two much older people in formal wear, as if in a church photo. "Grandparents," she thought out loud.

Changing her mind about checking out the kitchen or any other nooks and crannies, she decided to head to the bathroom and clean herself up. She first went into Caleb's room and opened the second drawer of his dresser, checking out his wardrobe. She lifted out a black Pittsburgh Steelers T-shirt that couldn't have been any smaller than a 3XL. 'Fuck, this thing'll swallow me whole!' she thought before throwing it over her shoulder. Closing the second drawer, she opened the third drawer, which had his pants. Looking for anything small, she saw a pair of blue shorts with an elastic waistband and a drawstring. 'Better than nothing.' She headed for the bathroom.

As she exited the shower, her nubile frame dripping from head to toe, she started to smell something, faint yet appetizing. 'Caleb must be home,' she realized, as she dried herself off in front of the mirror that stood over his sink. Caleb was nice enough to leave some things out for her--a comb, toothpaste, a toothbrush fresh in the plastic, a bottle of mouthwash, and a cup for rinsing. 'He sure acts like he gets a lot of company.'

Her hair combed (but still wet), her teeth brushed, her breath fresh, she grabbed the shorts that she picked out. Pulling the drawstring on the shorts as tight as she could, she tied it off so they wouldn't fall down. She then opened the shirt and put it on—the shirt engulfed her, going down to almost her knees with the sleeves barely (but successfully) reaching her forearms. She almost felt like she wasn't wearing anything, what with all the free space between her and the fabric, but she was covered up, at least.

She opened the door and headed into the living room, allowing the smell to become stronger. She walked toward the kitchen to see Caleb standing at the stove, flipping something.

"Morning," she said, proclaiming her presence.

He turned his head around for a second to greet his guest with a smile. "Hey! Good morning. You hungry?"


"Have a seat--breakfast is almost ready. You in the mood for eggs?"

"Sure. How you making them."


"Yum." She walked over to the table in the room and sat down at one of the chairs. "You cook, huh?"

Without looking away from the food he was preparing, he smirked. "Am I that transparent?" He flipped two eggs onto one plate, two eggs onto the other, which already had two slices of toast on it. 'POP' went the toaster as two more slices came from the top. Caleb grabbed them and placed them on the first plate.

"Where'd you go this morning?" she queried.

"Store. Had to get some stuff." He grabbed the small tub of butter on the counter and placed it in the middle of the table. He grabbed two forks and two knives out of the drawer, giving one each to Sera and putting one each near his place.

"Orange juice?" he asked. She nodded. "All I have is with no pulp. Is that OK?" When she nodded again, Caleb went to the fridge and got out the carton, went to the cabinet and got the glasses, placed them where they were supposed to go, and poured them accordingly. After doing all this, he finally presented one plate to Sera.

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22-03-2008, 11:23 PM
"Dippy eggs. Enjoy."

He finally sat down at his place, putting his plate down in front of him.

"This is really great, Caleb. You didn't have to do all this."

"You kidding? I'm happy to do it."

As Caleb used his fork to pierce one of his eggs, allowing the yellow yolk to run out, Sera used her knife to scoop out some butter, then to spread it onto her toast. Caleb dipped his toast into the pool of yolk in front of him.

"Do you an--well, I should say 'DID' you and Johnny live together?" he inquired.

"Yeah. Why do you ask?"

"Well," he began to respond. "I was thinking that, maybe I should go and pick up your things."

"Oh, no," she quickly retorted. "I didn't have very many things. I can buy more."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Let him keep all that shit. The only thing I really had over there that I give a shit about was my grandmother's necklace."

She put both her knife and toast down, without having some of the latter.

"Thank you."

Caleb looked up as he bit into his toast. "Hmm? Oh." He waved her off. "Like I said, happy to do it."

"That's not what I mean. I meant about last night." She clasped her hands and rested her elbows on the table, on either side of her plate. "There aren't many guys out there who would have passed up an...'opportunity' like that. They would have jumped my bones the first chance they got. But what you did--well, what you didn't do--it was very noble of you. I appreciate it."

Caleb swallowed, then hesitated before answering. "Well, I was tempted. But you're welcome."

She smiled, and his heart fluttered a bit. God, that smile...Caleb could feel his barriers lowering.

"And for the record," he mindlessly continued. "I meant every word I said last night."

As he dipped and bit again, she took a sip of her juice. "So," she continued. "Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself."

"What do you want to know?"

"Well," she figured she may as well probe a bit. "Relationships. You know about mine. What about you?"

"There's nothing to tell."

"Pretty bad, huh?"

"Pretty nonexistent. I never had a girlfriend."

Her eyes shot open. "What?" He shook his head as he took another bite. "You're lying."

"Mm," he mumbled, keeping her attention as he quickly bit and swallowed the bit of toast in his mouth. "I don't lie. Well, except for that Tommy thing. But beyond that, I don't lie. You're going to know me, you're going to know that."

"But, how?" She honestly couldn't believe it. "You're such a sweet guy." He shrugged, giving a placated look. "Have you ever even been on a date?" Now giving a look of disappointment, he shook his head again. "Unbelievable." She thought a little further. "How is it possible for you to make it this far and never even go out with someone?"

"No one ever said 'yes'. And before you ask me," he stated, interrupting her train of thought, knowing her next question. "Yes, I'm a virgin."

Sera was completely flabbergasted. "Let me see if I can get this straight. You're a VIRGIN who had a woman lying asleep in the next room--alone, vulnerable, fragile, and just out of a bad relationship--and you didn't do ANYTHING about it?"

"And before you ask me," he quickly pointed out. "No, I'm not gay."

She stared at him with even more respect than before, if that was even possible. How someone with that kind of opportunity to misbehave was able to keep his wits about him...

"Wow," she blurted. "I guess there ARE still gentlemen in this world."

He blushed. Sera was just surprised Caleb didn't start laughing at her, because she had one shocked-as-fuck look on her face. She lost her virginity when she was 16, and here's a guy at least four years older than that that had never even gotten started! A normal person would have just passed him off as a lost cause. What's worse than that is that whenever he answered a question, he never added any disclaimers to even suggest that something would at least happen someday. He didn't say 'I haven't had a girlfriend yet.' He said 'I never had a girlfriend.' It's as if he gave up before he got off the ground. Here he was, seemingly perfectly content with living the rest of his life alone. Meanwhile, she would have gone crazy if she didn't have someone to talk to at least once a day.

"I still don't understand, though," she said. "How can you possibly be happy with the idea of being alone?"

"I wouldn't say I'm happy."

"Then what WOULD you say?"

He thought about it and shrugged. "I adjusted. When you grow up alone and friendless and without a snowball's chance of it--"

"Snowball's chance of what?" Her tone was shifting from shocked to pissed.

"Being happy. Sera, I've met me, OK? I may be a 'gentleman' and I may be 'noble', as you've called it, but I also know that I'm not necessarily a people person. Everybody I went to school with, everybody my age that I ever met all taught me the truth."

"What is the truth?"

He paused before telling her, in his most nonchalant tone, as if it was common knowledge, "I'm expendable. It's my own fault, really. I mean, I shouldn't have grown up to look like this," he stated as he motioned toward his stomach and his face. "Nobody really wants to spend any time with me purely for the sake of it, present company notwithstanding, and even THAT'S through extenuating circumstances."

OK, now she was COMPLETELY pissed off, but he continued. "Hell, I used to have dreams, just like everybody else. Instead, I'll be here, in my place, out of everyone's way. This way, I'm not bugging as many people. Every time I think about being social, I just think of another simple way to absolutely screw everything up. I'm not going to take that kind of risk. No one deserves to see that."

As he casually took another bite of toast, she glared at him, torn between whether to hate him for what he thought, hate the people who pushed him to thinking it, or hate herself for even bringing the subject into light. Here was the man who had helped her and sheltered her not 24 hours previous sitting here and explaining to her how worthless he was, and he said it as if it was the most natural thing in the world! How is that possible? How is that fair?

Caleb casually changed the subject. "So, do you work?"

Sera shook herself out of her trance. "Uhm, no," she answered somberly. "I go to school at Penn State."

"When's class?"

"Not till this afternoon." She looks over at the clock, which read '9:56'. "Two o'clock."

"Still got four hours," Caleb observed. "Oh, your clothes. I'll take them down to the laundry room for you in a few minutes. Is that OK?"

"Sure, I guess."

As she put on her freshly-cleaned clothes in the privacy of Caleb's bedroom, she wandered around again, lost in thought.

'How can someone so great think so horribly of himself?'

'Didn't his family try to help him out?'

'What kind of fabric softener did he use? These smell nice.'

'Does he sleep in the nude?'

Wait a minute.

'~DOES HE SLEEP IN THE NUDE?~ Get a hold of yourself, girl!'

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22-03-2008, 11:25 PM
She walked over to the window, looking out on the town. The sun shined brightly on the late summer Wednesday. She always loved this time of year--the leaves were changing colors, the air was getting crisper and more brisk...autumn was just around the corner. But her mind wasn't on the weather. Instead, her mind was on other matters. Her mind was on the man that ended her year-long relationship with a man she thought she was in love with. It was on this large, lonely man that didn't want to take advantage of her or violate her, unlike most of her previous boyfriends. It was on this young ascetic who sincerely believed that his place was out of everybody else's, and that he didn't deserve to experience the happiness that everyone else did.

She couldn't shake the feeling that, for some reason, this seemed almost right. Not the way he felt, but the circumstances. He saved her. He helped her. She needed to pay him back somehow. She felt that she now had a responsibility, a duty.

She needed to prove him wrong.

She opened the door to see Caleb sitting on the couch. He turned the TV off and directed his attention to her. "I was thinking," he immediately speculated. "I work at a nearby hotel. I have some employee points saved up. If you'd like, I can get you into a room there. You probably don't want to stay here any more than you'd like, I'd imagine."

"What, are you trying to get rid of me?" she half-teased. "You don't want me around, is that it?"

For some reason, he didn't feel like playing along. "No, it's not THAT. I just meant that--"

"That I don't want to be around YOU," she interrupted.

"Well, that and, in case you haven't noticed, my place is kind of, um," He searched for the correct word. "Depressing."

"No more depressing than staying in a hotel all by yourself."

"Well, you can't stay here."

"Why not?"

"Well, I'm sure you've got friends you'd much rather stay with."

"Well, I do. I used to live in a dorm with my best friend. I suppose I could always move back in with her."

"There you go. Problem solved."

"You're wrong, though." She was hesitant, but she pressed on. "I WOULD like to be around you."

It was Caleb's turn to be shocked. "Uhm--"

"Look," she stated as she slowly approached him. "Caleb. I know that you don't exactly think highly of yourself, but..." She sighed heavily, and her speech got softer. "Do you have any idea how many guys would have helped me out the way you did last night?"

"I'm going to say upwards of 'any'."

"None that I'VE ever been with. Think about it, Caleb. If you truly WERE the man you thought you were, your instincts wouldn't have said, 'Help her.' They would have said, 'It's none of my business.'"

He looked around himself, thinking. Was she right? Was she?

She pressed on. "You said that the only reason you've never gone out with someone was because nobody ever said 'yes', right?"

He nodded.

"Well," she continued, almost flirtatiously, but unusually shy. "You've never asked ME."

Caleb's eyes widened. Was she asking HIM to ask HER out? What the hell was going on here? He may never have dated, but under normal circumstances, a man asks a woman out BEFORE they sleep in the same vicinity.

"Well?" She popped her eyebrow up a bit.

He looked down shyly. "U-um, heh." It's very obvious to realize why he couldn't get this out. It's not very often that he's 'propositioned' quite like this. "Sera? Uh--Goddamn, I know you're going to say 'yes' and I'm STILL embarrassed." Sera's laugh gave him a vote of confidence. "Do you want to go out sometime?" he finally blurted.

She smiled even wider. "Yes. Absolutely." Caleb couldn't hide his happiness. "Tell you what. Let me call my friend--she'll pick me up here and take me to her place for a bit, so as I can get ready. I'll be back here at 8:00. Say, you pick where we have dinner and, afterward, we'll go to a club?"

Caleb nodded and shrugged. "Sure."

"Awesome." Sera grabbed Caleb's phone off the receiver and dialed the requisite seven digits before listening. Six seconds later--

"Hey, Val, it's me." "Yeah, I know I wasn't there--look, it's a long story. I need you to pick me up." "No, no, I'm not there. I'm at 623 14th Street." "Yeah." "Yeah, bring your purse." "OK, bye."

She turned the phone off and put it down. She turned to see that Caleb was sitting on the couch, looking forward at nothing in particular.

"Something wrong?" She queried.

He looked at her. "It's just a new feeling to me, is all. Looking forward to something like this. It's just not everyday I have something to lose."

She didn't show it, but Sera felt a small bit of pride well up in the pit of her stomach. She's had four steady boyfriends--all handsome with the requisite washboard abs and six feet in height, but never before has she been more inexplicably nervous for something in her life. She understood that he wasn't experienced. She knew he was going to fumble at least once, and she didn't care. She wanted this. She wanted to go out with this recluse, if only to show him beyond a shadow of a doubt that he meant something, if only to one person.

"Tell you what," she finally uttered. "I'm going to wait outside for Val, and I will see you tonight."

"Sure. Can't wait."

"Me, neither." She went and opened the door. Before closing it, she stood in the threshold and turned around, grinning. "Oh, Caleb?"

He raised his head slightly, acknowledging her.

"Don't forget the condoms."

His eyes widened, all train of thought flying out the window upon hearing this sentence. "C-condoms."

Her voice grew softer. "I know you're scared. And I know that you're going to be scared, no matter what I say." He nodded emphatically. "Well, even so, I just want you to remember that, tonight," She bit her lip and looked at him seductively. "You have nothing to lose." Her gaze only broke when the door she was closing got in its way. She walked toward the apartment's main entrance and waited for her friend's car.

The End

22-03-2008, 11:54 PM
Teaching My Wife's Ass

We've been talking about this for several weeks now. You were very cute in the beginning. You were so nervous and didn't want to admit it to me. Finally you come clean. You want to have sex with another man. I was more then a little shocked. Shock quickly turned into excitement. Our emails for the last few weeks have talked about how, when, and with who. I have done research and even contacted several guys. They all want to fuck you.

I have just gotten down there for Christmas. We both have agreed that it won't take place on this trip. We will have to plan it when I move down there. We do however have to take some pictures of you. You knew this was coming. I don't think you are ready for the picture shoot but you know it has to be done. We take several lingerie outfits with us to Charlotte and decide to take the pictures there.

We get to the hotel and decide to get the photos done early. It is obvious you are very nervous and not really looking forwards to this. You do not like your body and are confident that no one else will either. I try to allay your fears as I send you into the bathroom to put on your first outfit. I tell you to put on the robe first. We will start light and work our way up.

You emerge from the bathroom wearing a black silk robe. The robe is tied tight at your waist and barely covers your pussy. I tell you to take off your panties and I adjust the top of the robe to show a little cleavage. I have you go through several poses. You are sitting on the hot tub edge, standing by the bed and my personal favorite, you are laying on your stomach on the bed facing the camera. You have your feet crossed and bent up behind you. Your arms are under your chin and you give me a scared playful grin. With you sitting this way the robe rides up just a little giving me the picture just a hint of your cheeks. It is a very hot picture.

Next you go in and put on a red baby doll nightie. The nightie reveals a lot of cleavage with a pretty little bow on front. It is very cute and looks fabulous on you. My dick is starting to get hard just watching this. Once again we take several pictures. I tell you the entire time how hot you look and how beautiful you are. I position your hands and tilt you head, move the material this way and that way. I can tell you are starting to get into this a little. You are trying to be more seductive for the camera. As we get you into a different position, we share light little brushes that send electricity through us both.

You then put on a sexy little chemise. The chemise is red and black and made of satin and lace. The hem has ruffles all around it and little black bows all along the back. When you walk out, my eyes hit the floor. My dick immediately springs fully to erect. Your breasts appear like they are about to spring out of your top. Your ass, I can't say enough about your sweet little ass. You cute ass cheeks peak out from under the outfit as the ruffle lays on them in a half hearted attempt to conceal what is underneath. You are now really getting into this. If I didn't know better I would say that you were getting aroused.

Your final outfit is the cutest of the bunch. You are now wearing a red Christmas teddy that immediately sends my heart racing. You are one present I want to open immediately. The outfit is trimmed with white feathers and a black belt along the waist. A bow is placed directly between your cleavage and has a little rhinestone drop coming off it. The front does a good job of concealing your body. When you turn around I see the true magic of the outfit. It is cut high so that almost your full ass is exposed. I almost don't take pictures as my desire to ripe your clothes off is so great. However, we continue and finish taking these pictures.

Now it is the time I feel you'll dread the most. Nude pictures. I tell you to get ready and before I know it you are naked. You waste no time taking off your outfit. I have you laying on the bed and standing by the fireplace. I don't ask you to do anything provocative, just photos. As I am moving your leg into a new position I can see that you are extremely wet. You have been enjoying this some. Your hand reaches up to me and begins to rub my dick through my jeans. You waste no time opening my jeans and freeing my prick. You begin stroking it and look at me with a mischievous grin. As you take me in your mouth I realize I still have the camera in my hand, and I take a couple more pictures. It is incredible watching you. Your mouth strokes up and down me. You take me deep in your mouth, deeper then I think you ever have. You grab my ass cheeks and pull me even deeper into you. After only a couple of minutes I am ready to explode. Sensing this you stop your oral administering and move to the edge of the bed.

I kiss you and move down your body. This moment is hot. I pull you to the very edge of the bed and lay you back. Kneeling between your legs you spread and reveal yourself to me. I can see your juices flowing. You are obviously ready for what is about to happen. Gently I take your legs and move them over my shoulders. Now nothing is between me and your sex. I lean in and lightly blow along your clit. My tongue slowly travels the length of your lips but only slightly contacts them. This drives you crazy. I continue this teasing for a little while. Then moving along your lips I allow my tongue to penetrate you. Now I am licking you along your entire pussy. You are so wet, I can taste your juices on my tongue. Every time I get near I give your clit a small lick. Your scent is intoxicating. My tongue, now held firm, is thrust into your pussy like a mini dick. You jerk a little and a moan escapes your lips. I lightly lick and play with your clit. You are now moaning a lot. I bring you to the brink of orgasm and move down again. I am not ready for you to have your first release. I do this several times more. I get your ready and then bring you back down.

I feel your orgasm approaching again. Right as I sense you are about to release I quickly lick down your slit again. This time I don't stop at your soaking pussy. I continue and my tongue finds your puckered little hole. Very rapidly I move my tongue around you. It takes only a few seconds and you are now on the verge of an anal orgasm. I know that we need to work on this to get you ready for that night. So I continue my attack on your little bud until you explode. Your orgasm is beyond any words. You can barely talk. I continue my assault for several minutes as you continue to have one long orgasm. I then move back up to your clit. You stop me.

You need me! You are ready for me now! You pull me on top of you and spread your legs wide. With my cock in my hand I rub up and down your slit paying special attention to your clit. Then I finally give you what I can tell you want. I slowly insert into you. Inch by glorious inch, the feeling is incredible. Your pussy immediately grabs hold and envelopes me. You are now moaning and your hands are rubbing along my shoulders. I have now completely entered you. This is a very sexy moment. I don't want to rush this. I very slowly pull my hips back. You can feel every inch moving inside you. I pull completely out of you. I then slide back in. Your pussy lips have never been more sensitive. I slide in easily and begin to make slow love to you. I am kissing your neck and telling you how good you feel. I love you and the moment connects us more and more.

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22-03-2008, 11:55 PM
After a few minutes of this I can feel my orgasm approaching. I begin to pick up the tempo. I start to move in and out of you faster and faster. I can hear your moaning and breaths as you enjoy the new speed. You move your legs around my waist to allow me a deeper penetration. I begin crashing into you in a fury. I am now thrusting hard. I know that you like it hard and fast. As I slam into you your body begins to buck and shake. I know any second now. I am trying my best to hold off my own orgasm until you have finished. You begin to climax. Your body is thrashing and you are screaming and moaning. I begin to thrust as hard as I can, trying to send you over the edge even more. Then as your orgasm begins to subside I cum. I thrust deep and fill you up. I can't get enough of this feeling.

As we lay there in the aftermath you come over and snuggle up to me. You ask me in that shy voice of yours if I wanted to try anal sex. This has never been something you like. Nevertheless you know if you are going to have sex with two guys that this will probably come up. I am instantly hard again. The thought of having anal sex with you while you are awake is incredibly hot. I spin you onto your stomach and tell you to just relax. Easier said then done though I'm sure. I then go to the bag and produce lubricant and a small vibrator. I put a small amount of lube on my finger and begin rubbing it along your backside. Starting with very light pressure, my finger moves in little circles around your hole. Slowly I push and can feel your resistance. I pull back slightly and let you relax. Then begin again. This time my finger slides into your back door with little problem. You lay there and allow it but I can tell this isn't your favorite thing. I work my finger around your sweet butt. In and out I move it. As you begin to relax a little I work a second finger into you. While I move my fingers in and out, I pull them apart in an attempt to widen your opening a little more. You are adamant not to let out any signs of pleasure.

After a few minutes you have really relaxed. I am moving my fingers in and out and you are giving little to no resistance. I then lube up the vibrator and approach your back door. The tapered end of the small vibrator allows it to slide easily into your tight ass. I could be wrong but I think I may have heard a small moan coming from you. You are determined to fight this every step of the way. As I move the vibrator in and out you really begin to relax. I can tell that by now you are not resisting the movements at all. That is when I reach down and turn on the vibrator. A long "Ohhhh" escapes your lips and I begin moving the vibrator quickly in and out. While I am using it on you I am also moving it in circles, relaxing and widening your ass in preparation for me. I then remove the toy and replace it with my cock. As I push against you I feel a little resistance at first. Slowly the head of my cock moves into you and disappears in your sweet hole. I continue pushing in, occasionally backing out a little. Finally I am completely in. You become aware of this as my balls are now resting against your pussy.

I start out very slow. I mean extremely slow. As I pull out and move into you I can tell what is coming. You may not know it but you are about to have your first anal orgasm while awake. As I go completely in again your leg moves up to my ass and holds me there. Your body quakes and you begin to explode. You scream and pant, having a very intense orgasm. You are not done yet though. At this point you lower your leg a little allowing me to pull back. Your leg moves up again pushing me back into you. I know this signal too. You know want it fast. I begin picking up temp. A little faster, then a little faster, then a little faster still. You are moaning and breathing heavily and I can tell that regardless of how much you wanted to fight it, you are enjoying anal sex. I am now thrusting into your ass as fast as I can. I know you to well though. I know from all those nights what is coming next. For some reason you like anal sex to be HARD. And I do mean hard. I start thrusting into you with complete abandon. You are moving your hips back to meet each thrust. Suddenly and without warning another orgasm envelops you. You thrash and scream like never before. You want more, more, more.

"Harder, faster, more...don't stop."

I give you everything you ask for. Suddenly, I explode and have to stop. I thrust one last time as hard and deep as I can. While holding it there you moan loudly.

When we are all done and collapse on the bed together I look at you and smile. "So, anal sex isn't as bad as you thought is it."

You just look at me and say "it's weird. I don't think I'll ever really be able to enjoy it." That's my wife....just had two explosive, violent anal orgasms and still can't admit that it felt good.

Over the next few times we have sex we continue to try this out. Each time gets easier and easier. During sex you have even started requesting it (under the guise of getting ready for your big night). Your answer still stays the same though. Finally in an email you admit it. It feels great and you like doing it. You are now ready.

The End

23-03-2008, 12:00 AM
Beware of Karma

Have you ever made the mistake of being too noticeable and attracted the wrong attention? I have. Have you ever caught the attention of something that then decides it wants to own you? I have. Be careful as this is my warning to you, don't be too arrogant or attention seeking it may bring you more attention and trouble then you wanted. I was arrogant and attention seeking enough that I challenged trouble and karma sent trouble straight back at me.

I suppose you want to know who I am, don't you? My mother gave me the name Christian but most people call me Chris if they know what's good for them. With a name like Christian you have to be particular about that sort of thing. Now I've added on the name Shax but explanations for that can wait. I am a thief, a liar, a deceiver and at times a trickster; I'm a bold brat for better of another world and proud of it.

I am 5'10 and my body is lean with a certain wiry strength but I am on the small side, I was always the type who ate like a truck and never gained any weight for my trouble. My narrow shoulders, lean, flexible body and small, nimble fingers enable me to be good at what I did and still carry on.

My Irish mother gave me her thick, wavy black hair that I wear to the bottom of my ears; it's always a bit tousled no matter what I do to it. From her I got my rosy cheeked skin but missed out on inheriting her green eyes, my eyes are cold, icy black, no bullshit they are actually black and I'm often told that my cold gaze is unnerving. The proud, regal cast to my features saves my face from being a little too delicate, a little too fey. No boy likes to be pretty or on the small side, I was no exception.

I was roundly picked on and beaten up until I learned to fight back. I was only 11 when I met my best friend Jared and his group of street thieves. I learned enough nasty tricks from them that I learned to fight off my attackers. I was cocky and a scrappy enough kid that I would pick my own fights. It amuses me now to remember how proud I was to have earned a big enough reputation to be given a wide berth.

I had a talent for lying and being a thief it would seem, but that wasn't all I had a talent for, I was always a little different. A hungry, dark power coiled deep inside me, sleeping like some sleek predatory beast. It only took for me to see or sense anger, rage, or lust in somebody and I would get the unsettling feeling of that feral energy stirring.

I will admit that there were times I tapped into that shadowy power if somebody pissed me off or when I was compelled to. I'd trap the person in my icy, magnetic glare and allow the power to stir and pounce. I was too young and inexperienced to realise what was happening, to know that I was stealing life force, the souls of those people. What I did understand was that the pure energy I pulled from them fed me and gave me the best high.

My mother was an alcoholic but a contented one, luckily the death of a maternal aunt left her with enough money that we never worried about money. I remember she'd drape herself comfortably in the hammock that was stretched between the two ancient plum trees in the back yard. In the shade of the trees she'd hold a mug of cheap wine or whiskey in her tiny, elegant hands and stare dreamily into space. She often told strange stories about demon prince lovers and Irish legends in her soft, lilting voice while I curled up beside her in that big, and comfortable hammock. My mother when she wasn't drunk was a tender, but absentminded figure in my life and I was allowed to run wild for the most part.

Then came the day that changed my life, I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was my eighteenth birthday; earlier on I had gotten drunk and stoned with Jared and a few other boys from our little gang in a graveyard. I was sprawled lazily in the grass, bored and restless, taking an occasional turn with the joint being passed around our group. I was staring at the dark sky above me and don't know what possessed me that night, my boredom? My restlessness or the weed we were smoking? I dared the heaven's stretching above me. I was listening to my friends talking shit but inside I continued with my silent taunts and jeers to the stars. I felt the dark, hungry beast in me stirring and stretching as it raised a muzzle to the skies and sniffed, I felt a distinct cock of its head as if it was listening and it was very curious.

Then I saw what it sensed in the darkest corner of the graveyard, something hazy was taking shape under a huge, old willow tree. At first it was hazy, ghostlike in that I could see right through it but even then I could feel his power and the dark aura. Then the moon broke free of the clouds to shine a beam of moonlight directly at the spot. It allowed me to get a good look at the figure and I couldn't help the soft gasp of terror that escaped me, because for a mere instant every hair on body stood straight up, quivering. The beast in me growled in recognition greeting an equal it apparently knew or recognised. Now I know that it was just reacting to the presence of another Demon Lord, all demons recognise and know each other from the feel and "scent" of their energy and aura.

It seemed that the heavens, hell or some other godforsaken place had taken me at my word and answered me; or rather it was just that Leo heard me and chose to answer me in person. That spectral figure was a giant, sleek four legged predator; he was all red eyes, sharp claws and fangs, flexing its muscles, its great bat like wings rustling in an invisible wind. I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach, struck dumb and winded by the force of his dark power and I found him beautiful. Despite my fear and instinctive, primitive desire to run, I wanted to go up to him and touch him, he was all rippling muscles and charcoal grey hide. Then the hazy image of the demon solidified and if I thought his beast was beautiful, it was nothing to what was in front of me now.

Even if I had not seen the first image, I still would not have believed he was just a beautiful man, there was something no quite right, not quite human. He was tall; his body was a perfect mix of lean sinuous grace and leashed power. His hair was jet black, as it fell from a widow's peak; it reached the nape of his neck. His pale skin was clear and smooth as it stretched over his muscles. His face was faultless with its high cheekbones, large silver eyes and sensual lips, youthful, but there was something else that spoke of the long passage of time. Like my own features, something about the arrangement of his features was a little too exotic, a little too fey for him to be human.

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23-03-2008, 12:01 AM
A second punch drove deep into my lungs winding me for the second time as I realised he was watching me, curiosity bright in those silver eyes and right then I was caught, despite my growing fear I wanted him and felt my own curiosity respond. Maybe if I'd listened to my mother's stories or had just been more aware of demons, I might have got away, I should have run away screaming.

I watched mesmerised, caught as I was in the silver grip of his eyes, as his lips curved up in a knowing way. I found for once that it was me that couldn't move, breathe or tear my eyes away. Twin dimples appeared in his cheeks, flashing with his smile as I felt him moving through my head, looking at my most personal thoughts, my memories and feelings. My cock already impossibly hard throbbed as my body trembled. Quite distinctly I heard his mocking laugh, low and velvety as it purred through me, stroking things that should never be stroked.

"You called, I answered. Didn't your mother tell you to be careful what you ask for?" I heard the silky promise and the mocking amusement in his low, purring voice as the words appeared in my head and then he was gone.

Deep inside me I felt a wrenching as if my very soul had been ripped out with his disappearance. The disappointment and deep craving to have him nearly crushed me with the force of it. I was immediately obsessed over the days that followed as his image haunted my dreams and waking thoughts. I thought I saw him everywhere I went and found myself searching for him. I knew in my bones that he was there, watching me as I watched for him. But I have always been impatient and my temper was sparking at the game he was playing with me and that was just the start of it all.

As it turned out he allowed me to see him again a few days later, I was at a gypsy fair in a local park. Jared and I had come to case the crowd and do a bit of light-fingered work for our supper as he jokingly referred to what we did. I had taken a quick break, signalling Jared to let him know I was going as I left the crowd. I sat on a park bench, a lit smoke in one hand, a coke in the other and there he was.

He was leaning against a tree, inhaling the smoke from his own cigarette he was holding in his long fingers, lazily breathing out the smoke. His silver eyes were watching me intently; the expression on his face both amused and full of knowing mischief as if he knew something I didn't. It drove me crazy that expression and I glared at him, flipping him the bird. He grinned at me, laughing silently at me and vanished into thin air leaving behind the echo of his laughter and the lingering trace of his power.

Pissed off I was left to glare at the tree he'd been leaning against wondering what was going on and feeling frustrated. He was playing with me and I didn't like it at all, not only playing with me but it was a game only he seemed to know the rules to. It appeared he wasn't finished with me yet either, whether he let me see him or not he started playing with my mind.

Sometimes he'd talk to me in that silky purr; other times I'd feel the phantom brush of teasing fingers. It might be a random wif of his smell, or just the feel of his energy, enough to let me know he was there watching me, taunting me. He would appear, then vanish and the game continued as he started fucking me in my dreams. I'd have to endure waking up gasping and trembling, left alone in my sticky, sweat soaked bed to tremble and long for him.

As the days continued without him actually doing anything to relieve my need for him, I got angrier, patience has never been my strength. I cursed him and accused him of being a coward, but my curses just amused him, the angrier and more desperate I got, the more amused he seemed to be by the whole thing, and I suspected turned on. My instincts were proved right when I saw him for the third time and he decided he'd take it to the next level. It appeared he was on a path to drive me out of my mind or was after some other goal I couldn't fathom.

Then it happened, I was at a local club with a couple of the boys; I'd walked outside by myself to smoke a joint I'd managed to score. I was leaning against the rough, cool brick wall waiting for him despite my anger and frustration. To be honest by that stage I was helplessly caught in his game and was deliberately going places on my own in an effort to draw him to me.

He took his time coming to me, letting me cool my heels. I felt the presence of his power before I saw him, as he let me feel that he was there, teasing me. My own energy knowing it was him began to stir and perk up, if it could be called a perky sort of thing. I glared at the space around me and folded my arms across my chest waiting impatiently for him to get over himself.

Finally he decided to show himself and I spotted him lounging against the wall at the start of the ally watching me, from behind the cloud of smoke he was breathing out. The familiar cigarette was with him leaving its fragrant spicy scent to waft towards me. Curiously I wondered what was in that cigarette, it didn't smell like ordinary tobacco or weed for that matter, the stuff had an almost tangy, spicy smell to it, like cinnamon and pepper dusted green apples and it stimulated rather then relaxed.

"Care to finish what you start for once?" I taunted him, knowing my black eyes would be flashing with a mix of anger and my daring. I raised my chin proudly and smirked at him like the brat I was, inviting trouble to come and get me.

The silver eyes watching me gleamed as his lips curved up into that wicked smile of his, dimples flashing at me. He straightened from his lazy pose against the wall and ambled towards me as he flicked the cigarette on the ground and ground it out under the toe of the black boot he was wearing. His eyes never wavered from mine, I had a moment of real fear as his eyes flared red and the air around us felt oppressed by his dark aura.

I struggled to breathe under the compulsion of his power that forced me against the wall and felt my fear grow as I saw an odd shifting of something under his skin, like a ripple in a still pool. Despite my own soul deep fear and his compulsion making it impossible for me to move or even breathe, I wasn't going anywhere and my cock was already rock hard, I wanted him. His smile grew becoming that knowing smirk that drove me insane with rage. His eyes gleamed red and then the vague impressions of something else were gone, replaced by silver eyes and his exotic, unearthly face.

Before I could blink or do much more then process the blurred impressions that flashed by he was kissing me and his arms were wrapping around me, pulling me against his suddenly aggressive body and I felt my power respond to the siren call of his. For a moment I felt the need to pay him back for some of the torture he'd forced on me and I bit his lip aggressively and deliberately rubbed against him.

He shuddered and growled a curse against my mouth and ripped his mouth away. He forced my squirming body against the wall and his taller height forced me to stretch up towards him so I was forced up onto my tip toes, off balance except for his weight and the wall at my back I moaned, wriggling eagerly against him as I wrapped myself around him, clamping his body against mine as I ground against him. I revelled in the feel of his muscles and his heat, a bit delirious that this was actually happening. That smell of spiced, peppery apples lingered around him and made me want to just eat him and made my nose quiver like I wanted to sneeze.

Delirious as I was I was still aware enough to be conscious of my own racing heart and ragged breathing and of the absence of an answering racing heart. Seizing on my soft moans he came back to my mouth and kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth and effectively distracting me from that frightening realisation. I tightened my grip on him and let him have my mouth. This time he moaned as I sucked on his tongue and returned his kiss just as hungrily. I felt his hands squeeze my ass and found myself arching into his hands like a cat. I was helpless against his strength, his hunger for me and from what he was doing to me.

Then he was pushing me away and he pulled his mouth away from me. For a moment or two there was a bit of a struggle as I tried to climb him and he attempted to push me down his body as I attacked him with my mouth. I quickly realised he was letting me get away with fighting him as I felt him shudder and the humiliating ease he used to hold me away from his body.

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23-03-2008, 12:03 AM
His eyes flared that feral red, gleaming with hungry satisfaction as I clung to him stubbornly and I felt gratified by his ragged breathing. His heart might not beat, but he was like me enough that he had to breathe and was likewise affected. He shuddered again in the tight clasp I had on him and I felt something in him weaken. A feral part of me recognised that tiny give as a sign that he was loosing his will to me, not realising what this meant or what danger I was in. I pressed my advantaged and pressed against him, allowing him to feel how happy I was to be there. Once again I was calling to trouble without knowing it, tempting him.

But he released me and stood there, staring down at me with an enigmatic expression, some equally enigmatic emotion flashing through his eyes. Abruptly he flashed me that devilish smile of his and vanished, right there, a step or two away from me so I was left with the scent of him and the rush of displaced air as he vanished in plain sight.

Pissed off and wanting him again I kicked the wall with a livid curse or two as I stalked off. Despite the fact that it was a long way I walked home, but the walk didn't really help relieve my tension or anger. I tossed and turned in my lonely bed, uncomfortably hard from what he'd done to me in that ally. I lay there cursing him out loud and in my head, taunting him really, knowing somehow that he could hear me.

After one particularly nasty comment he appeared in my room near the end of my bed. Hungrily my eyes devoured his all but naked form. He was only wearing a pair of tight black jeans that hugged his lean muscled legs and the inviting bulge between his legs. I could see a trail of tattoos that covered his whole left shoulder and down his bicep that were a mix of strange rune like symbols in a mix of red and black. His upper body was strangely hairless and firmly muscled. I could see the shadows around him were darker as if they were hiding more of his true form. In my heart of hearts, down as far as my soul, I think I knew what I was risking, what would happen if I gave up my will, my body, my soul to him, but I didn't care. There was that ripple of something shifting under his surface and his power swelled in the air. I wouldn't have been true to myself if I hadn't gone ahead and dared him anyway, tempting karma to come and get me.

"Oh so that brought you back again did it?" I sneered at him.

"You should watch what you ask for little boy." He sneered back at me.

"Why? It's not my fault we're in this fucked up state, is it?" I retorted hotly, glaring at him.

"I warned you." He purred flashing me that smile of his, his dimples flashing and then he was moving.

One moment he was standing at the foot of my bed, the next there was a blur of movement as he pulled down his fly and pushed down his jeans. Where I'd have had to struggle like a fool hopping on one foot to pull my own jeans off; he ripped his off in one easy movement. I was only given a moment to stare at his body, and at the long, heavy length of him before the air was being forced out of my lungs as he all but tore the sheet off me and pounced on me. His mouth fastened on mine and he was kissing me as his hands ran over me. Greedily I wrapped myself around him, tighter this time so he couldn't escape me and kissed him back. I sighed, barely giving him a chance as I let my greedy hands run over his hot skin, feeling up his muscles and testing my strength against him as we wrestled playfully.

He let me wrestle him underneath me and I sat up on his stomach, supporting myself by bracing my hands on his chest and pressing myself into his hands as they ran over me. It felt unbelievably good to have his hands on me and to feel him lying underneath me. The scent of him made me sneeze again something that caused his eyes to glitter with amusement. His skin was amazement to me, it was hairless, smooth and it had a pearly sheen to it in the darkness of the night.

"Move closer." He whispered, his own lust filled eyes fixed on my dick that was so hard it was all but pointing straight up.

I wasn't as long as he was or as thick, and I was circumcised, but I'd been told by my past tricks that my smooth slender cock flushed with blood was perfect. I flashed him a smirk and wrapped my hand around my erection, stroking it with the steady, firm stroke I liked and making sure to flick my thumb over the head as I liked. I felt my spine flex at the pleasure, my cock growing under my hand and I let my head fall back, exposing my vulnerable throat to him deliberately. I heard a growl and then I found myself being grabbed in a crushing grip as he flipped me over and crawled on top of me.

Harsh, grating words were slipping out from between his clenched teeth in a language I didn't know and then his mouth was moving down my body so quickly I didn't get more then a moment to gasp and moan before his mouth found its way to my cock.

Words cannot describe the heat of his mouth or feel of that skilful mouth and throat as he swallowed all of me and gave me the blow job of my life. Moaning I grabbed at his head, his soft hair becoming tangled and mussed in my grip. I found myself thrashing on the bed, arching forcefully towards him so I was all but jamming my cock down his throat and he took it. I felt the warm, golden energy that was my life force, my soul being slowly drained out of me.

I felt a wet finger, coated in the familiar cool, slick feel of the lubricant I kept under the bed working its way into my ass. Then a second coated finger joined the first and I found myself trying to jam my cock down his throat and push eagerly into his fingers at the same time.

I felt him shake with silent laughter and then the wet, sucking warmth around my cock was taken away and I felt myself whimper at the loss as he flipped me onto my stomach. He rubbed his entire body against me, clearly picking up on my desire to feel him rubbing against me and then I felt him nudging into me.

I had one of those nameless, blind panics where I didn't think he'd fit in me and he'd kill me. Despite it another whimper, an eager one this time escape me as he pushed harder, almost roughly and I felt him push through my tight barrier of muscles. I grunted as he continued to push forward and felt I was right as I winced and grunted again, gritting my teeth at the pain. It felt like a baseball bat was being forced into my insides but I grimly hung in there, feeling myself actually black out for a moment or two with the mix of pleasure pain as he finally stopped.

I was fully impaled on his cock, I felt him brace himself and felt the press of his hard muscled chest and stomach against my back, his strangely hairless balls resting against my smooth ass. His softer hair brushed against my neck as he nuzzled me, he rotated his hips a bit and the small movement sent waves of pleasure through me as he hit my prostate. I moaned and he repeated the little movement.

Slowly he pulled out and pushed back in and at first it still hurt, my whimpers and grunts were more pain induced. He nudged me with his knee up onto my elbows and knees; he angled his hips so his forward thrust brushed the head of his cock across my prostate. I pushed my pillow under my stomach so I could hump against it.

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23-03-2008, 12:05 AM
It didn't take much of this before I was eagerly pushing back into him, the pain faded and I moaned. He too moaned, shuddering as he thrust harder and more roughly then before. Encouraging him I urged him on and he responded as I found myself thrusting harder into my pillow. The softness I was humping against and the feel of his thrusts hitting my prostate pushed me over the edge and it wasn't long before I was shuddering, my cock jerking and I moaned.

He took longer but my coming seemed to prod and excite him, as he sped up, his thrusts becoming wilder and rougher, and his grip on my shoulders tightened and I could feel bruises forming. His teeth sunk into my shoulder and I grunted as I collapsed forward, giving up my soul and will as my body jerked and shuddered from my climax as he thrust a final time.

To my surprise I felt his dark energy flood into me and gasped as I felt it replacing the growing hole in my centre where my life force was being drained out of me. My shadowy power responded to his power as it always did, all but rolling in it in satiated pleasure. I felt his cock buried deep in me pulsing as it jerked filling me up with his hot seed and I heard his long, drawn out moan as he collapsed forward on top of me.

I'm not sure how long we lay there half comatose before he shifted, moving off me and rolling onto his back. I rolled onto my side and curled myself into his side, I nuzzled his neck, my fingers tracing over the tattooed runes.

"I want a smoke." Leo said as he gently, but firmly pushed my hands away from him and untangled himself from our sweaty sprawl of bodies.

I admired his naked from as he went to his jeans and pulled out another of the thin dark green smokes he was so found of. Pulling an old fashioned silver lighter out of another pocket he came back towards me and crawled back onto the bed with it. He braced himself sitting up against the wall behind my bed and inhaled from the smoke, holding it and exhaling lazily as we both watched the smoke.

I moved up the bed so that I could hug him and rest my head on his chest, he wrapped his free arm around me. The spicy, peppery smell of green apples began to mingle in with the musky scents of sex already heavy in the air. I sneezed; my curiosity got the better of me and not one to ask I snatched it off him and took a drag.

"You shouldn't be near this stuff, it'll kill you." He warned me but his eyes were amused, so I took it to mean he didn't care what I did.

I flashed him a smirk and took a drag, sucking the smoke in and letting it go as I eyed the glowing red end of the smoke. I enjoyed the strong, heady effect it was having on my brain, liking the almost hyper alert and energised feel it gave me.

Still the comfortable silence stretched as my curiosity grew as to what he'd done to me. I examined myself, I felt different, my aura, my energy and at the centre of me where my life force usually was. He felt my growing curiosity, but being himself took his time answering me.

"You want to know who I am, what I am. But I think you know." He finally said, his strange almost purring voice, sliding silkily over the words, making such mundane words sound so provocative, a sin.

I didn't say anything, knowing he knew the answer to that but I let him know I still wanted to know anyway.

He sighed taking his smoke back and taking another drag off the end, the red glow at the end reflected a flare of the red of his own eyes. "I'm Leo, one of the thirteen Demon Lords."

I grinned at him and offered a hand to him, when he cocked his head and gave me a bemused look I shook his hand. "Pleased to meet you Leo, I'm Chris the human." I replied flippantly.

He grinned back. "Not human any more your not or not much longer anyway. Not that you were that human to begin with, your father was a naughty boy."

"What?" I demanded, staring at him I felt horrified but couldn't really lie to myself that it was a complete surprise.

He shrugged telling me without words that I was knowingly asking stupid questions that I already knew or suspected the answer to.

I thumped his shoulder hard. "I don't care if you can read my every waking thought or feeling; I still want to hear it"

He laughed, a genuine laugh not his usual mocking, slightly bitter sounding laugh. "But I so like reading your thoughts and feelings, they're so entertaining." He teased me, his expression turning to that old irritating knowing amusement.

I glared at him.

He rolled his eyes. "The young are so impatient." He complained.

He tapped my chest with his free hand and pulled one of my hands to his own chest. I felt my heart beating, slower then usual and as usual noted the stillness in Leo's chest where there was no heartbeat. He dropped some of the glamour or whatever it was, I saw his red eyes and fangs. His face became even more fey, paler, starker and more sharply carved, even more exotic then when he was toning it down.

"I have always been a demon, I remember the days so long ago when we were all thrown out of God's presence and sent down to Hell with Lucifer. I've spent many millennia at Lucifer's side, using my time to fight my way up to a Demon Lord." He began his voice quiet, stark without its usual sexy edge I loved.

"My heart unlike yours will never beat but I breathe more as a habit then for necessity, I don't need oxygen, just as I don't need my heart to beat. We demons have picked up the habit of breathing over so much time watching over humans." He carried on, pausing as he took another drag of his smoke.

He offered it to me but I shook my head, the first toke was enough to have my head spinning and spaced enough as it was, plus I wanted to hear what he had to say.

"Usually when a demon of my status and power sleeps with a mortal it's for food, we steal the life force, what you would call a soul. A human body cannot sustain itself without its life force so we're in a sense killing people. Your human myths that tell of the incubus are quite close to the truth." Leo explained with a small smile.

I smiled back. "Good to know there is some truth in old, musty myths." I teased, unable to resist.

He shushed me.

"Demons contrary to what you've been led to think are the caretakers of humanity, we pick off the bad, weak or lost ones among you much as the wolf picks off the old, weak and injured to make the herd of deer healthy, ensuring the survival of an ecosystem. We cannot influence or steal the life force of the healthy, pure or happy. It is in our interest and God's to have humans continue to exist and evolve." Leo went on chuckling at my surprised expression.

He shrugged. "You'd be surprised at some of the truths behind some of the supposed legends and myths you humans have running around. Remember all myths have a grain of truth in them and demons have been among humans for a long, long time."

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23-03-2008, 12:06 AM
"So what's your role, personal I mean." I asked curiously.

He gave me a sexy side long look and smirked. "Karma. . . Each of us Demon Lords holds sway or dominion over certain areas. It's merely a fancy way of saying what we have power over, what we can influence in your humans. My influence is in karma, sorcery, black magic, that sort of thing. Any time a human so much as curses somebody under their breath I hear it and have the power to influence either the human doing the cursing or the person being cursed."

I gave him my own side long look. "So why this . ." I dared to ask.

He shrugged. "Your past tricks and enemies curse you a lot, you've ripped a lot of people off in your short life and you called me. . . my nickname has always been Trouble . If you tempt trouble too much you provoke me into answering to my name." He answered flashing me that startling wicked smile of his, dimples flashing.

"So? You said that usually if you sleep with a human we're dead, why am I still alive?" I wanted to know, ignoring the mingled feelings of dismay, sheer astonishment and stupidity at what he'd just told me. I'd deal with those later.

"Humans take about three days to die after we steal their souls, you don't die straight away, it takes a few days for your bodies to give up the fight. Humans are stubborn fighters." Leo answered.

"But your different, you were already half demon from the information I have, I know your father, one of the thirteen Demon Lords has a habit of having relationships with mortal woman he thinks himself in love with." Leo said sounding both amused and disgusted. "One doesn't sleep with humans except for food."

"Ooh, who's a snob?" I taunted.

He glared at me. "Do you want to hear this or not?"

I chuckled but gestured for him to carry on.

He sighed. "I did take your soul; you felt it, so yes your body will die. There aren't that many half demons in existence, but those that have existed, most carry on and live semi normal human lives. But a few have the desire, the intention to leave their mortality behind, subconsciously or knowing they want to. It is a duty of a demon to help you come all the way over and leave your mortality behind. Whether you know it or not you had the desire and for that to happen your soul has to die, you need to loose your mortality so your body must also die. You consented to it"

I immediately felt sick and cold but what he said had a ring of truth to it and I once again examined my soul poking at the empty place at the centre of me where my life force once was. Now the empty space swirled with our mingled dark energy, my inner demon was still revelling in it and I felt my normal, healthy human aura already starting to sicken, to die. Leo hugged me, dropping quick, casual kisses in my hair as he comforted me.

"Do not feel scared, your soul is gone but you were already half demon and you were already feeding as demons do. Your soul was already tarnished, even though the life forces we take are from tarnished humans they are still souls that we are stealing so you built up kind of a bad debt. Again something karma has a hand in; I was always going to be coming for you Chris." Leo suddenly commented, the gentle warmth of his tone and his words providing a strange comfort despite the stark horror of them and what they meant.

I felt the bone deep fear from what he said and what it all meant, I even felt the despair of a human whose just been told he's lost his soul and is going to die. I also realised to my horror something that disturbed me more then anything he'd already said, I realised I was in love with him. I knew I was more scared of that then dying alone.

I felt more then saw Leo's smile as he nuzzled my hair knowing he'd been following my thoughts. "Your hair smells good. Think I might stay with you for the next couple of days and maybe a while after that too" He continued affectionately, a subtle answering ring in his usual purring voice suggesting he was answering the questions I had not asked. I felt his smile widen to a grin and his arm tightened around me as he hugged me tighter against him.

So you see what I mean now? Remember my warnings be careful what you ask for, it really can come true, something like Leo could hear you and decide to answer you in person. I did eventually die and I did loose my soul but despite such dark events Leo was beside me and took on the role of teaching me how to adjust to my new life as a demon.

I have met my father and we get along quite well even this day. I saw my mother every now again, mostly at night when I could come into her dreams but my mother was a dear soul. She knew what I was and guessed what I had become, in her dreams when I spoke to her she was happy for me. She died a long time ago, Jared and my old gang of friends are all long dead. It has been a long journey but with Leo and my father's help I have worked my way up to be the fifteenth Lord of Hell, you may now call me Shax, the Demon Lord of Thievery, Trickery and Deceit.

Beware reader you might want to watch those little white lies of yours, if you call on me enough I might pay you a visit.

The End

23-03-2008, 12:11 AM
Three-Input Lady

Jasmine and I have been seeing each other for about three years now. Although I was totally in love with her, I have to admit I was getting a little bored with our sex life, and I found my eyes were straying a little more than they should. I most definitely did not want to cheat on her, though, so I figured it was time to try and make her into a three-input lady.

Jasmine had the cutest little ass I'd ever seen. She had been a gymnast until she was 17, and retained all the youthful firmness of her body even seven years later. But she would never let me touch her there, and I never pushed it. She would have to be eased into thinking of her puckered back door as yet another sensual part of her. I came up with a plan and took a couple of weeks to work out all the details. Then we went to a small mountain resort for the weekend, and I put my plan into action.

Our cabin was small and quaint, nested on the side of a forest-covered mountain with a stream nearby. I woke up at the crack of dawn one morning and woke Jasmine up too, kissing and stroking her firm ass cheeks. When she didn't stir, I switched to licking her butt, then letting my tongue slip around and around her asshole and even darted it between her cheeks to tease the opening itself.

She bristled some and shifted her hips. "Ryan?"

I responded by returning to just kissing her sweet ass. If only she had known what my tongue was doing just a second before! I asked her, "Were you dreaming just now?"

Jasmine laughed and said yes. "How did you know?"

I moved back up to her lips and gave her a sweet good-morning kiss, but with no tongue -- I didn't want her figuring things out too soon. "Oh, I have ways. Let's go for a walk."

We got dressed and made our way hand in hand to the trickling stream. Jasmine was wearing thick (but cute) white cotton sweat pants and an equally plush baby blue sweatshirt to keep her warm in the cool morning air. Cold doesn't bother me much, so I just wore my cotton shorts and a tank top. As we reached the stream, I stepped over a few rocks, kicked off my sandals, and stepped into the stream itself. It was only ten feet wide but was moving fast, and it was cold.

"C'mon," I said.

"It'll be too cold!"

"C'mon," I repeated, waving my hands and jumping up and down. Jasmine took off her slippers and rolled up her sweats to just below her knees, and then walked carefully into the water. I took her hand and pulled her accidentally on purpose, so that she'd have to stumble into my arms.

"Ryan!" Her laughter resounded throughout the otherwise still and silent landscape.

"Close your eyes," I said, standing behind her. She gave me a look, but obliged. "Listen ... erotic, isn't it?" She spun around, smiling. "No it's not -- now that's enough."

I held her tight and put my hands over her eyes. "Listen. You'll hear it." Jasmine's smile left her face and she stood still. "Listen to the lapping of the water, the spanking of the current against the rocks." My voice was soft and hypnotic, and I ran my hands up and down her thighs. "Listen to the gentle pulsing of the water against your feet." I switched from her thighs to her breasts, and her body started to squirm and writhe against me. I pressed my half erection against her soft cheeks.

"Just you, me, and the water," I said, reaching for the bottom of her sweater and peeling it up. She put her hands on mine to try and stop me, but then she changed her mind with a shrug and held her arms straight up. I pulled the sweater over her head and tossed it on the shore, well away from the stream.

I crouched down and slipped my fingers into the cold rushing water. Then I held my hand over her breast, letting the clear water caress Jasmine's nipple. She flinched, but the dozen or so nubs right around the nipple rose instantly. I ran the pad of my index finger around the nipple to raise it to full attention as well, and then did the same with the other nipple. My cock was fully hard now and I let her know it by grinding into the crack of her ass. She responded by swaying her hips against me.

Then I pulled Jasmine's sweat pants down to expose her butt. The cool air caused the tiny hairs on her skin to rise up and glisten in the sun. She held her pants up in the front while I pulled them down in the back. "There's no one around for miles," I said, reaching for her hand and pulling it away. The pants went down to her knees, and she lifted first one leg and then the other so I could pull them off her completely and send them to the shore after the sweater.

Then I worked my way up the back of her legs, kissing the droplets of water that the stream sent flying to stick to her smooth skin. Finally I was kissing her rosy rear and running my fingers through her bristling pubic hair. I didn't want to ruin my plan by just jamming my tongue where it really wanted to go, though, so instead I stripped off my T-shirt and shorts and threw them on top of the sweats.

Now we stood there, both fully naked, my cock at full staff, Jasmine's pussy sopping wet. A perfect opportunity for sex, you would think. Unfortunately, I could hardly feel my feet any more because the water was so cold, and Jasmine told me she needed to go back to the cabin to warm up, as her insides were starting to turn blue. "But first --" Jasmine took my cock in her warm hand and led me out of the little rivulet, and then bent down and sucked on it briefly. When she stopped, we dressed quickly and ran back to the cabin together.

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23-03-2008, 12:12 AM
When we got there, I hung our damp clothes over the dining room chairs, and then returned to the bedroom, where Jasmine was lying on her stomach in the middle of the bed. I held a bowl in my hand that I kept out of her sight.

"What are you up to?" she said playfully.

I just said "Close your eyes again." She put her face in the pillow, and I pulled an orange that I had cut into quarters the night before and put in the fridge. It was almost as cold as the water of the stream.

I held one of the quarters over Jasmine's ass and pulled on her thigh to get her to open her legs just a little. Then I dripped a single drop of the sweet juice onto the crack of her ass, and licked my lips as I watched it drizzle down and disappear. Then I gently tugged at her butt to open her cheeks up, and then sent dozens of drops cascading onto the insides of her thighs and her pussy.

"Hey, what is that, anyhow?"

"Something sweet, like you," I replied, kissing the juice from her thighs and butt. "Everything on you will taste good with this," I added, forcing the rest of the juice onto her ass with one hard squeeze. Then I decided to really tease her. I took the rind with the pulpy remains still sticking to it and pressed it right up against her crack, covering her pink asshole. Then I rubbed it along her crack until her body writhed and wriggled.

Jasmine turned her head to one side, and I saw a look of contentment in her eyes. I slicked the rind up and down, over and over again, and each time I passed over her asshole I would push my thumb down on the rind to put some pressure on her. With each pass she raised her ass up just a little bit more.

Then I pulled the rind away and ran my tongue over the same spot, collecting the sticky flecks of orange pulp in my mouth. Finally the time had come. I parted her ass cheeks and took in the view: there were still several bits of orange clinging to her crinkled rim. I had to have her. I darted the very tip of my tongue right against Jasmine's asshole.

"Ryan!" she said, flinging her hand against my face with almost no force at all. I ignored her and kept on.

"Don't," she said, still wriggling her hips. I swirled my tongue right against her asshole.

"That's enough," she said, but the second word turned into a moan. I jammed my tongue into her asshole, and she pulled her hands away.

"Oh, Ryan, ohhhh," she said, thrusting her ass into the air to get my tongue deeper inside her. I had her.

I knelt between Jasmine's legs and pulled on her hips to get them even higher. Then I started to ream her asshole seriously with my tongue, my lips flush against her rim. I reached downward and worked my cock, but I needed more time to get ready, so I yanked my tongue out, slid up, and stuffed my cock hard into Jasmine's pussy.

All the air went out of her lungs with a grunt. As I fucked her, I jammed my whole thumb into her ass. Then I grabbed the other orange quarters, one at a time, and crushed each one against her asshole. I threw each quarter down on the bed as it was used up.

When I pulled out without coming, Jasmine knew exactly what I had in mind. She stretched her hands out to the sides and strained to grip the edges of the bed. The muscles of her forearms tensed, and she said, "Slowly, go slowly." I took a firm grip on the base of my cock and prodded my purple head against her pulp-covered asshole. Jasmine clenched her fists on the sheets as my head passed agonizingly into her tight opening.

Her hands shot back to grip her ass -- I don't know what she had in mind exactly, but I took her hands and interlocked our fingers. I could feel my knuckles turning white with her clutch as I slowly ground my entire cock into her virgin ass. When it was all the way in, I yanked back on her arms, and Jasmine snapped her head back as far as it could go. Then I let go of her and wrapped one arm around her waist before we both hit the sheets. I gripped the headboard with the other hand and used it to pull my cock over and over into her puckered hole.

It was even more amazing than I had imagined. I knew Jasmine would be tight, but I had no idea how intense her iron grip on me would feel. Within just a minute or two, I felt my orgasm beginning to well up from deep within me. The intensity of my pleasure hurt me so much that my mind told me to pull out, but my animal urges kept me jammed inside Jasmine's bowels.

Then I heard words I never thought would ever pass her lips. "Come for me, honey," Jasmine groaned from deep in her belly. "Come, come in my ass." Just hearing that sent me straight over the edge. I pressed myself down on her back as my brain exploded with a white light that overwhelmed what I was feeling in my cock and balls. I shot a dozen long ropes of jism into Jasmine's back door. Then I lay there for a while on top of her, letting my cock marinate in my cream.

When I finally pulled out, I saw some of my come oozing out of Jasmine's asshole. I licked it up, mixed with the remains of the orange juice, while Jasmine drifted back to sleep. When she was all cleaned up, I moved up in the bed to join her, wrapping my arms around her and spooning until I was asleep too.

Needless to say, my eyes have stopped wandering these days, and our sex life has never been better. Jasmine, my three-input lady.

The End

23-03-2008, 12:14 AM
Death and Water

Born in the darkness that is the underworld, taught to behave as a helper to those who expedite death, I wonder what it will be like to be here for centuries more, even though nearly one has passed, and I have not aged past my 21st birthday. My name is Kalliope. I work for my lord Iacchus, ruler of the shadows, who just happens to be my father. I help my mentor, Asklepios; bring death to those who are near. We bring the shades down, although I do most of the work.

My name means "beautiful voice", which is how I lure the shades to the entrance of the shadow world. The souls are unable to not follow my voice, and so Asklepios takes the last breath of life from them once their shades have left their bodies. I am one of quite a few handmaidens who are able to see the living world. There are teams who go all over the world to bring the souls down to the world below.

The Shadow World is where all good souls go, and the others go below, constantly to be working in the pits; I do not know the pits' function. I was born down in the Shadow World. Iacchus is my father, and my mother was named Astraea, a handmaiden to the goddess Selinas, keeper of the moon.

I have been working with Asklepios for nearly seventy-five years now, since I turned 21. My life down here is rather boring. Every twelve risings, I get a day to myself. Equivalent to about six human days (we count the sun rising and the moon rising as two different days), I get one day off per "week". Being not of the human race, we don't need sleep. So I work all day and night for six "days" and get one off.

Usually then my father gets me to meet those young men who also are here- they are courtiers for his palace. All of them are strong, but all of them are dull. I find myself attracted to the son of Nereus, god over the waters. Krios is his name, and he is much like the human concept of a "merman". Being more like the human concept of an "angel", you can see my father is protective of me. My father said that "Never will you marry him if he was the last god on earth!" What he really means is 'I don't like him- so I am telling you no'.

Saying he doesn't like Nereus would be an understatement actually. Iacchus and Nereus had a great friendship at one time, but they fought over my mother, Astraea. Nereus eventually married a sea witch, a nice one, named Ianthe, who passed onto the next realm, Shadow World, after a large storm broke out in the Carish Sea.

Now I am promised to a dull god named Alecto, and he is as "unceasing" as his name describes. Alecto is the god of thunder and lightning, and all other weather. He wants a marriage into my father's family, and seeing as I am his only child, it's a match made in "Heaven", right? Wrong. Our only meetings have been very "stormy", and I don't mean his powers. I mean I have made it clear that I dislike him, and he doesn't care. Alecto can be very stubborn, and although he is the same exact age as my father, it is me that he wants for a bride. Never mind all the other women who begged to be his, he wants the reluctant one!

Perhaps it would be intelligent to tell you what I look like, in order for you to get a mental image on me. My red hair falls down to my knees, although it is kept up in a braid or some other updo so I can fly clearly. My wings are like my fathers, a dark bluish-black color, with my eyes a dark hazel leaning towards blue. My cheekbones are high, and I often dress in a simple black gown, with a low back so my wings are not encumbered by cloth. My handmaidens say I look like a dark angel, so it must be so.

It is one Earth cycle (one year) until I am to marry the bore known as Alecto, so I ask my father for my last year off, as I am no longer going to be fetching souls in the above world. He complies, and I leave, choosing to roam the Earth and see the sights.

I roam the continents for the first two months, listening to the earth music, and meeting the earth goddesses. Next, I decide to live on an island, somewhere far away from the entrances to Shadow world. I look around, and spot a place- a light filled island, with palm trees and plenty of space, deserted of human life. I arrive there very soon, and build my own abode for my remaining ten months unattached. The last ten months of my free life. My Shadow clothing I swap for some light colored wear I got from Artemis, who I visited while in Greece. I take the afternoon swimming in the ocean, naked and free, swimming with dolphins and sunfish in the shallows of a reef.

My long hair covers most of my body, the long braid I put it in though, did not. I didn't expect any visitors, none-the-less, so it was much to my surprise that I was in for company.

A young man swam up to me. "Hello, haven't seen you around here before."

"I live on that island over there," I reply, "I just arrived this morning, and decided to explore."

He laughed, and I knew I remembered that from somewhere. Suddenly I placed it.

"Krios?" I questioned, "Is that you?"

The illusion melted off. "Yes, Kalliope, it is indeed. You have not contacted me in a while. Anyone else enter your life?"

I frowned. "Sadly, yes. I am to be married to Alecto in ten months. I am savoring my last few months of freedom. I was forbidden from contacting you, and father took away the necklace you gave me."

"I know." He frowned too, sad.

"I wish I could be with you- honest- but I was locked up in my room when my father pulled that threat from my mind. He didn't let me out until he chose a husband for me. It took months, and Asklepios had to take Minerva along with him."

Minerva was another handmaiden. She had a very big crush on Asklepios and everyone knew- except Asklepios. Sadly for him, with me being away, Minerva became his partner for the soul lure.

"I believe you. And I have a plan. Come with me." He swam deep; I followed him, nervous but excited, and thankful that I am able to breathe underwater. He brought me all the way to an underwater cottage- a few miles away from my island home.

"Here we are," he said, excited. "Come in- make yourself at home."

I entered; surprised to find myself in his mother's home, where she lived before she met Nereus. He showed me around the small cottage, and brought back an emerald locket.

"Where did you find it?" I asked, surprised- it appeared to be the same one he gave to me years ago.

"This is a new one- the old one was destroyed. Put it on, and your father will not be able to track you. I warn you though; there is one other thing that will happen. While you wear it, your wings will disappear, and you will gain a tail, much like my own."

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I nodded, nervous. "Okay... Here goes nothing." I put it on, and felt a strange sensation on my back- when I reached back, nothing was there- a strange feeling hit my stomach, and I felt ill- my legs, which I was standing upon, slipped out from under me, and I fell to the floor of the ocean. He caught me, and pointed down to what was once my legs- Instead, I now had a blue-green colored tail, and small fins jutting out from my forearms. I looked up at him, surprised.

"Wow" I said, not certain what else to say.

"That is not all of the transformations that have occurred." He brought me over to a mirror. My long red hair flowed sleek at my sides, as if untouched by the water. My eyes were greener than the emerald gem that now sat on my neck. My hair was pulled back by two starfish, and my nails were a pearlescent color. My lips, which once were bright red, were now a coral color, and my chest was covered by a simple gilded net, leaving very little to the imagination. My tail, I saw, was a rainbow of blue and green, as I twisted my tail, the scales reflected the light. I touched it, amazed by the muscle beneath my skin, and took my first couple of strokes in this new world.

"Now," he said, "it is time for us to go home." He smiled, clearly glad to have me back.

We swam across several underwater streams, past a few geysers, and over a deep trench, which I nearly was sucked into by the underwater currents. At last, we reached it. An underwater palace greater than any Atlantis one could possibly think of in all their wildest dreams. He escorted me to the outskirts of town, and placed a diadem of pearls on the crown of my head.

"This is for all to know that you are mine, no one else," he said, looking deeply in my eyes, "and nobody will dare hurt you with the mark of the crown prince of the sea on you." I looked at him, remembering indeed that he was prince of the sea. He kissed my cheek and led me down the underwater boulevards that made up Calceaia.

We were welcomed kindly by Nereus, which surprises me to oblivion, because of the obvious rift between him and my father. It turns out he still wishes to honor the vow that he and my father made nearly a century ago, right before I was born, to have Krios and I married when I turned 21. The fight over my mother had long been over by then, but the second fight happened to be when Nereus demanded my release to Krios after he and I had grown up together. My father, being the cold hearted demon of death that he was, refused, as he was using me to work for him. Now, 75 years later, I could fulfill my fathers and Nereus' vow to each other, since the caveat was made that if I put on the necklace that Krios gave me, I would be giving myself of my own free will.

What he did not know, however, and that I did then tell him, was that I was betrothed to Alecto. He carried on like sea gods do, calling up a storm, upon which he then summoned my father to him, claiming he was having problems with people passing over into the next realm.

Krios brought me out of the room, and then the mood changed completely.

"Well, my love, it seems to me like we are going to be together now." He said, smiling. I nodded silently, still worried that my father would take off with me, claiming that the deal was null and void for some reason. He kissed my cheek gently, and I let him hold me as I worried about it.

"Don't worry," he continued after a bit of thought, "it will all be fine. Now let us talk of what we should do for our honeymoon, and where in the ocean we shall live?"

I shook my head. "Let us not count our chickens before they hatch. We do not yet know...."

I was interrupted by some very loud yelling, signaling that my father was indeed here. And he was very mad.

"Trickery! Utter trickery! Fooling a young woman into coming down here? If I do not allow it, she loses her godhood you imbecile! Do you know that, clever god of the sea?" Iacchus bellowed, infuriated.

"That was never my intent, Iacchus, but yes." Nereus sounded calm, gentle in the face of death himself.

"Well of course you know it, you thought up this crazy scheme! You will have to go through Alecto in order to get my ascent. Your son will have to go through Alecto. "

"How do you propose we do such?"

"A battle will suffice. This battle will take place in ten months, and whoever succeeds will marry my daughter that day. Both will be on legs, you hear me? Now let me see my daughter!"

I shivered in fear at the sound of my father's angry voice, his bellow resounding through the entire palace. Krios held my hand, calming me as his voice calmed the sea.

"She is in here." Nereus opened the door, and my father came in on Krios standing in front of me protectively, shielding me from my father's angry glare.

"Kalliope, get that winged form over here before I drag you myself." I swam from behind Krios, to float in front of my father, wingless and tailed.

"What? What! What have you done to her? Where are her wings? Where is her moonstone diadem?" He bellowed loudly.

Nereus replied, "Look carefully at her necklace. Inside the emerald you will see small black spots, which hold her heritage, so that she can travel between the two worlds. Once she fully submerges in water, she becomes mermaid. Once she is fully out, she regains her moonstone diadem and wings. I would not tamper with who she is, Iacchus." His serenity permeated everybody except the one who needed it the most.

Iacchus nodded, satisfied. "Kalliope Starskimmer, you will teach Krios how to walk upon land. You will teach him all you know of fighting. Go to the summer cottage near the Bay of Alsace. Train him there, and then come to the northernmost entrance of Shadow World when the day comes. If he loses, to Alecto you will go, with obedience as a good daughter should."

I nodded, hopeful that my training will be well to Krios. My father disappeared, leaving behind a black pearl necklace for me. A note attached said, 'This is from your mother. She wishes you good luck, and wants you to stay true to your heart but also true to your family.' I put on the necklace, thanking her silently, wondering if the perfection of the pearl was due to lady Selinas herself.

Krios nodded at me, signaling that we should be headed for training, as just over nine months was left until my marriage, although to whom I did no longer know.

The End

23-03-2008, 12:19 AM
Last story for tonight , guess all these stories I posted these two day & nights will keep you all for sometime liao . Please do enjoy and Thanks for your support . ;)

Peeping Tomasena

Now before I start, you may wonder "Why Tomasena?" Well, what would you call a girl who loves to watch other people doing naughty things to each other, a female peeping Tom?

The answer is simple. I get off on every opportunity to watch couples, or any other combination of people, or any single person doing anything sexy. It started with simple dog walking. I took the dogs out one sunny afternoon; it was so warm the sun streaming through the trees.

I had let the dogs loose as it was miles from the road. Whenever my Lassie starts to act strange, like there is someone about, she always comes close to me. If a stranger comes in sight or within her hearing, she walks so close in front of me that she almost trips me up.

On that day, I looked around and saw nothing. But as I walked I could hear what sounded like a woman's voice making those unmistakable sounds of sexual pleasure. I called the dogs to me very quietly. They are very well trained so I didn't need to raise my voice.

Following the sound I spotted a man's backside pumping up and down, obviously fucking some lucky girl. I hushed the dogs to prevent them from barking and watched, getting close as I dare as he rammed his cock into her like he was some sort of fucking machine. My god, he was giving her some serious sex.

I stayed watching as long as I dare, totally mesmerised by the spectacle in front of me, feeling my pussy getting wet at the thoughts of her being fucked so hard and so well. I think I might have been just a little jealous.

I wished it was me in her place getting well fucked, but as he groaned and was obviously about to come, I tore myself away from the sexiest sight I have ever encountered and walked quickly away. As soon as I got home my clothes were off, my fingers doing what I wanted that stranger to have done. I brought myself to one of the best orgasms I have ever had with my fingers.

The thoughts of watching those two young people in the woods stayed with me for weeks. Every time I thought about them I got all hot and wet. I started to walk the dogs more often. Every day I would scour the woods hoping to see a repeat performance.

It was several months later when, after walking the dogs, I was almost home I spotted a car parked in the trees. As I neared it I noticed it was rocking, giving away the occupants, a young couple; it was so obvious what they were doing.

I got as close as I dare and peeped through the window. The woman was riding her man such that her face was in full view. She had her eyes shut, so didn't see me as I crept closer, almost touching the car as it rocked gently on it's suspension in time with her vigorous thrusting.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me, not blinking at my intrusion. She seemed to welcome my presence. Of course I had heard of dogging but I had never before witnessed anything like this.

She suddenly jumped off him. His cock was sticking up. It was huge. She knelt on the passenger seat and bent her head down to his cock, turning her face sideways to give me a clear view of her mouth as it devoured his big brute.

He looked at me indicating I should show myself, signalling me to pull my skirt up. But I daren't do it. As hot as I was, it was just too much for me to expose myself in public.

I must have watched those two for half an hour before another car pulled into the car park. I walked away quickly, feeling so sexy and I rushed home to relieve myself. I lay on my bed, my clothes thrown on the floor as I tore them off, so eager was I to get my fingers to work on my wet pussy.

Closing my eyes I let my fingers roam, touching myself; first the outer lips - I felt the overflow of moisture that had seeped out, then opened my outer lips, stretching them wide, feeling the cooling effect of the summer breeze wafting through the window, fanning the flames of desire.

I was deliberately not touching my clit. That would have to wait. I wanted this to last, inserting just one finger deep into my saturated cunt, enjoying the wetness on my finger, making little circular motions round and round and driving my already overheated body into overdrive.

My mind pictured that pretty young girl riding her man, her tits bouncing in time with her lustful actions. I imagined how she must have felt, fucking him, knowing that I was watching her every move, delighting in her sexual performance.

How I wished it was me, not her, with my cunt full of hard cock. Oh! How I needed to be filled, to be fucked hard just as she had been and, yes, I would have loved to wrap my lips around his big hard shaft, kissing and sucking him to climax. I would have taken every drop of his come, swallowing it all and then shown him the residue on my tongue before kissing him hard on his mouth, letting him taste himself, giving him a little of what he had given me.

This was getting so good. My mind is the sexiest part of my being. It can take me where no other part can. My imagination runs wild as I give in to the need to touch my clit, knowing it will make me come so quickly.

The first touch was, of course, expected. It is my finger, after all, but the shock of contact was like an electric shock, sending waves of pure pleasure through me, sending those wonderful messages to my brain, setting fire to my libido.

My clitty felt so big, so engorged, sticking out of its little hood like a tiny penis, and just as sexy. I can feel the heat as my finger rolls it gently round, making me gasp at the intensity of the passion I'm generating in my cunt.

I slipped my finger back into the slippery depths, feeling the effect that my finger was causing, my vagina gripped my finger like a vice, throbbing and pulsating; no help from me was needed. This was purely automatic.

My tits need some attention so leaving my pussy to its own devices. I grip both my nipples hard, making myself gasp with the pain and excitement of the sensations coursing through my body. Why do I love to make my eyes water by griping my nipples so hard?

I could wait no longer. One hand stroked across my flat belly and found my clit waiting patiently for its release. I rolled my finger round it until I could stand it any longer, changing to a vigorous rubbing motion, my orgasm only seconds away. My mind tripped back to that lovely young woman riding her man.

As the climax hit me my mind was in a whirl, just imagining that his cock was buried deep inside me, my pussy gripping and squeezing him like it was trying to do to my fingers. Oh! How I wished I was that girl.

I walked day after day in those woods trying to find another couple making love outside. It had become an obsession with me; I need to watch someone fucking in the woods.

As the summer draw to a close, it became more difficult to walk the dogs in daylight. I didn't like walking in the woods at night; after all there were some very strange men at large after dark. However it would always be necessary to exercise those three hounds.

I thought it would be safe to go out with three big dogs by my side as they looked a lot fiercer that they were. In fact they were the biggest wimps ever. If anyone came near they would hide behind me, but the look of them should be enough.

So, dressed for the cold winter evening, I went out. I walked quite briskly so as not to draw too much attention to myself. The dogs ran beside me, free of their leashes. We walked about a mile and turned back for home. We had to cross the car park to get on to the road and walk the short distance home.

I noticed several cars parked - mostly in the bushes at the sides of the park. I looked, thinking those naughty thoughts. Were any of those cars full of sexy people, wanting to show off their sexual prowess?

I saw that one car had the interior light on, so I made a slight detour to walk close to it. Yes, there was a man and a girl sitting in the front seat, snogging deeply. I slowed right down as I neared the window, angling even closer, making sure that, if there was anything to see, I wouldn't miss it.

As I got to the car I just stopped, knowing it was very dangerous for a young woman to be loitering in an unlit car park at night. This couple obviously wanted to show off. What if some men had seen them and came to investigate?

My feet refused to move, seeming to be rooted to the ground. My eyes carefully watching his hands as he slowly pushed the front of her tee shirt higher until, her white bust was showing clearly. She had no bra on. There was nothing except his hand to hide her wonderful young tits from me.

He rolled her nipples around like I love to do to mine. It was making me long for sex, my pussy was getting so wet, I could feel the moisture seeping into my knickers. I wanted so much to touch myself.

Another car came into the car park shining its lights across me and the car I was watching. It scared me so much I ran for the road leaving this wonderful sight. Why, oh why did that car come and spoil my pleasure?

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23-03-2008, 12:21 AM
Making it safely back to my home I did something very much like last time, stripping off my clothes and giving myself a huge climax, better that I had ever experienced before. It was almost as good as that first time but lacking only in the image of her fucking him.

My husband came home and I reverted to the little housewife, cooking him some supper and watching TV until bedtime. My mind wasn't on the program though; it was in that car park, watching his hand fondle her milky white tits.

At work the following day I simply couldn't get the image of that car out of my mind, wondering how on earth I could be brave enough to stand and watch as some man made love to his girl, while I enjoyed the scene.

A plan started to form in my mind. If I had been a man no-one would have given me a second glance. It was because I am a woman that it was so risky. What could I do to overcome this situation?

One evening, arriving home after dark again, the dogs were going mad wanting their walk. The poor things had been at home alone all day but did have the run of the house and a flap in the back door to get out whenever they wanted to, though only into the back garden that had high fences to protect them.

I ran upstairs, quickly changing from my office suit to some old jeans and a big sloppy jumper. I decided I would also wear a pair of big old boots that I used for gardening. Back down stairs I found hubby's long waxed cotton coat. It came almost to the ground on me.

This effectively hid the fact I was female. I looked just like a small man with this big old coat covering my curves. I took the dogs for their usual long walk, hoping that the young couple would be in the car park by the time I returned. Alas, it was not to be, the car park was empty.

I risked waiting around for a while, knowing my husband wouldn't be home for well over an hour. I had the time, I just needed the courage. Dare I wait for someone to come? There were some old picnic benches back in the woods, dare I sit and wait for a while?

Yes I did, but it still drew a blank. No-one else came - just me, the dogs, and a big empty car park. To say I was disappointed would be the understatement of the year. I was gutted; all that planning and nothing to show for it.

Did you know those waxed cotton coats had special pockets, a normal one and another slit that you could put your hand through to reach inside. I suppose so that you could access the pockets of whatever you had on underneath. It's a clever idea, isn't it?

My jeans were too tight to put my hands in the pockets - most girls jeans are. I often wonder why they bother to put pockets in girls' jeans. They are just about useless, especially as tight as I liked to wear mine. Then it occurred to me that I could touch myself between my legs through this special pocket and give myself a big thrill. Not that it did much for me that night, except frustrate me further. There were no cars to peep in and there was no way to access my pussy either.

Like most good inventions necessity is the mother. It made me think about what I could wear in future, because I was sure to find another car sooner of later with a couple in it who wanted to be watched, wasn't I?

I returned home disappointed, still thinking about ways to be able to peep without being spotted as a woman doing a very male thing. I wanted so much to watch another couple, like in that first car, actually making love to each other. It made me so horny and excited; I wanted more of that wonderful feeling.

After supper I spent some time looking through my wardrobe trying to find just the right pair of trousers but everything I owned was tight. So tight that it was impossible to slip my hand down the top, and the zip on most of them was at the side.

Still searching I came across an old pair of open crotch tights that I bought but never wore, well only once to thrill him. He liked that sort of thing. I prefer stockings and even more I love suspenders. They are much more sexy that these horrible looking tights. Then I had an idea.

Sorting through my trousers again I found a pair of tight fitting pants that had grass stains on them from a BBQ last summer. I had tried to get the stain out but I couldn't and they were useless. I went to my sewing room and, using the tights as a pattern, cut the trousers and stitched them just like the open crotch tights.

Leaving only a waist band and four strips of material to hold up the legs, my entire crutch was now open and very exposed. Unfortunately the pants were white so I quickly mixed some dye and changed the colour to a very dark blue - navy blue much like the sort of colour of pants a man would wear for walking at night if, like me, he didn't want to advertise his presence. I washed dried and ironed them and I tried them on as soon as my hubby left for work. I stripped off my dressing gown, and, looking in the mirror, I pulled these almost trousers up and fastened them around my waist.

I admired my work. I looked so damn sexy, only the slim pieces of material covering my otherwise naked bum. The holes at the back and sides were totally superfluous; I didn't need to open them up at all. It was just vanity that made me copy the crotch less tights so accurately, knowing how much men like those ugly things.

But this wasn't ugly at all. It was down right horny. Did I dare to go out wearing nothing but these cut away trousers under his old coat? I fetched it from the cloakroom and, standing in front of my mirror, I slipped it over my shoulders. Just a tee shirt covered my upper half. I had no bra because that would push my bust up and out, I wanted, for once, to hide my wonderful tits.

I fastened the coat to the lowest button, just below my knees, standing up to see if it was obvious that I was not the man I pretended to be. My hand slipped into the false pocket, feeling naked skin, sending shivers down my spine. Was I brave enough?

I walked out into my garden, still completely safe, but the sensations having my pussy bare under this old coat made my skin all goose pimply. I wanted to go out of the garden but I had to get ready for work, so reluctantly I went back indoors.

A quick shower and I set off to work. Oh how I hated every minute of that day, it seemed as if this evening would never come. I normally love my job but today it seemed so pointless and such a waste of my precious time; time that could have been spent looking for young couples in cars.

I raced home faster than I should have done. Thank goodness there were no police with speed cameras about. I hit ninety miles an hour along the by-pass in my eagerness to get home to those cut away trousers and hubby's old coat.

My heart was beating like a drum, so fast, like a teenager on her first date wondering if she will, or won't give in to him. That night, was it to be the night she would become a woman? Can you remember those times? I know I can very clearly, as if it were right now.

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23-03-2008, 12:23 AM
I wasted no time on the usual leisurely cup of coffee and perhaps a teacake. Nothing was going to stop me now. I dashed up to my bedroom, stripping off my suit and of course my undies, quickly finding those trousers hidden in the back of my wardrobe.

As I pulled them up around my waist I couldn't help notice the way they framed my pussy, exposed so nicely. My bum looked so round and cute and just as exposed. I felt and looked so sexy. I just knew this was going to be the night!

I wrapped my almost naked body in his coat, the hood pulled up over my head hiding most of my long blond hair. I called the dogs, and went out through the gate. It was as if I was someone else instead of the respectable house wife and career girl I had always thought myself. I felt like a tart; a brazen little tart.

My hands were busy with the dog leads until I reached the woods. Then, as soon as I had released the leads, my hands went into the special pockets, both sides slipping directly onto my bare flesh. God was I hot. I could feel the heat emanating from my exposed pussy. I could even smell the aroma that usually only made itself apparent in the bedroom; that musky smell of a woman on heat, ready for whatever her man desired of her, wanting everything he had to give and perhaps more!

I cheated those poor dogs in my haste to get back to the car park, only to be disappointed. Not a car in sight. I sat at the same picnic table, but this time my fingers had ample access to my hot wet bits.

I had to be careful not to make myself come. It was so good being able to do this in a public place but feeling hidden from view by this big old coat. I waited for at least half an hour before the lights of a car pieced the gloom of the forest, searching as they swung around, coming to a stop only a few yards away from where I was sat.

I prayed it was not just another dog walker parking his car. I realised I was holding my breath waiting to see what happened next, my finger automatically stroking my naked flesh hidden under my coat.

The interior lights in the car came on as someone opened the door, then the other door opened as well. In the dim glow cast by the small light I could just about make out a man and a woman. The front doors slammed shut, then the back doors opened and they both climbed in, onto the back seat. Had my prayers been answered?

As the back doors closed, the interior light faded and all was dark and very quiet. Dare I walk out to the car and peep inside? What was happening in that back seat? People don't usually get in the back of their car to sit and read, but were their intentions as base as mine?

Not wanting the dogs to give me away, I tied their leads to the picnic table and I crept slowly out towards the car, hoping I was not seen by the occupants. I was almost there when suddenly the interior light flickered on again. It didn't seem a dim glow now. It was so bright; it looked like competition for Blackpool illuminations in the dark of this lonely car park.

I stopped dead in my tracks. Had they seen me stealing forward to peep into the car? Was the light an indication of the door being opened, or was it, as I hoped, lit to show what they were doing to any dirty old man that happened to come along; or, as in this case, a dirty young woman.

Frozen to the spot, I waited to see what happened next. I could see them sitting in the back snogging like a couple of teenagers, his hands exploring the front of her shirt, the bottom of it coming open as he eased his hand further up, onto her tits.

Creeping forward again, I knew I should not be here but I couldn't help myself. I had this fixation in my mind for watching this, whatever it turned out to be. Both my hands were working on my wet pussy, bringing me dangerously close to a climax as I stood there watching this scene unfold before my eyes.

My feet wouldn't obey my instructions to stop, and crept forward, bringing me closer to the pool of light surrounding the car until I was right up to the side. I was now looking down on this young couple fondling and feeling each other, knowing they were on display to anyone who happened to look. Yes this was exactly what I had hoped for all day.

Her tits were naked now, glowing white in the illumination of the interior light. His cock, out of his fly, stuck up like a big red beacon. Her small hand was wrapped around it, making it look even bigger that it was. They were still locked in a kiss, oblivious to anything other than their desire for each others bodies.

But, as they broke the kiss, his eyes locked on mine. He smiled and whispered something in her ear and she turned her head towards me, smiling, telling me it was OK to look; it was their intention to give a show for whoever was lucky enough to be present.

My fingers were working overtime doing what I should have done in the private of my bedroom, not out here in this dark and dangerous car park. They at least had the security of the car around them I had nothing, not even the dogs; they were tied to that picnic table back at the edge of the woods.

The fear of getting caught made the situation more exciting and my fingers responded by working even harder at bringing me off. I had to forcibly restrain myself because I shouldn't come. Not out here, it was just too risky.

He lifted his bum up as she pulled his trousers down, then her skirt went and she was struggling to get astride him. She managed to get herself on his lap and he looked up at me as she slid down, impaling herself on his big hard cock. Her face was a picture of unbridled lust as he penetrated her, his hands groping for her tits.

He reached out towards me. My heart stopped. I thought he was going to open the door but he pressed the window winder and the window opened just an inch or two. He asked me to show her my cock. What the hell did I do now? My disguise had worked too well; he really thought I was a dirty old man!

Thank goodness my head was above the level of the roof so the light didn't shine on my face. He would have seen the bright red of my blush as he asked me to expose myself to his woman. I had no choice but to ignore his request. I didn't have a cock to show her, all I had was a neatly shaved pussy.

Her hands locked behind his head as she rode him. The sight made my knees go weak as the feelings of pure sexual excitement washed over me. I had to try not to let myself come, not here in front of these doggers showing off for men, not knowing I was just as well equipped as his girl to satisfy her man.

She turned her head towards me. Her lips were red from their passionate snogging, her mouth slightly open in an inviting way, as we women tend to when turned on by something as naughty and nice as this was for her. She smiled and said "Please show me your cock." I almost ran for it, but something deep inside me held me rooted to the spot.

I realised I had no choice. I must either run off or show her my "cock." I reached down, undoing the bottom button, never knowing why I did it. There was no conscious thought, just a reaction, then the next button and another one. I was almost up to my crotch now. How much further would I go? My fingers just kept undoing buttons.

At last all of them were undone, and so was I. My heart was hammering deep inside my chest as I pulled the coat open exposing my naked flesh to two complete strangers. Her gasp was completely audible outside the car as she saw what was under my coat. His eyes nearly popped out of his head.

They certainly didn't expect to see a glistening wet smooth cunt staring back at them, nor did they show any sign of being put off by the fact I wasn't the man they expected. It was, in fact, quite the reverse. My fingers still poked through those wonderful holes in the pockets, stroking my so inflamed desire as I watched them fuck like rabbits.

The car was bouncing as she rode him to a climax. He grunted and stiffened as he pumped her full of his man juice. She still rode him hard, obviously trying to reach her pinnacle as well. She was gasping, with both lust and from the energy she was expending on this marathon fuck.

I was so close, I couldn't wait any longer. My body almost collapsed as it hit me from so deep down, taking all my strength with it. I managed to hold onto the car to prevent me from falling to the ground, my face touching the glass of the car window. She groaned and joined me in my orgasmic release.

Quickly buttoning up my coat, I walked back to my poor dogs tied to that table. How could I leave them like that for my own selfish enjoyment? I must be kinder to them in future, because without them I have no excuse to go walking in the woods at night, with my long waxed cotton coat hiding my womanly charms.

I have, of course, repeated this many times but it was never as exciting as that first time and I never showed myself again, it was just too much of a risk. I felt so vulnerable out there with those sexy trousers on and just that big old coat covering my near nakedness.

So if you go dogging some quiet evening, look out for a slim young man with long blond hair and a very large old wax coat on.

It might just be me!

The End

Good Night And Sweet Dreams

VF 35
23-03-2008, 05:15 AM
Second Swinger Resort Visit

I applied liberal amounts of conditioner to both sides of her sexy pussy mound and while waiting for the conditioner to work told Jenna to come closer for a better view. Jenna came over to the bed where Elle was lying with legs spread wide, knees up (again a very tempting position) and sat down beside Elle facing her hot pussy. I could tell Elle was extremely aroused now. My pussy licking and clit sucking with a relative stranger watching had sharply focused both women on how extremely erotic the situation was and both of their breaths (and mine somewhat) were increasingly short and quick.

Carefully and smoothly I shaved one side of my wife's hot pussy from her groin up to the ribbon, making sure to tease her clit plenty while doing so. Then I stopped and handed the razor to Jenna. She took the razor from my hand as if I had asked her to hold it for me. When I saw the look on her face I said "This side is done, you shave that side." she began trembling but took her position between Elle's legs willingly and got down on her knees as I had been to steady herself.

"Don't worry Jenna" I said. "Just do what I did, you don't have to press hard and you'll see how easy it is." Slowly Jenna put the razor on Elle's untanned patch of crotch. She began shaving, slowly at first, then with more confidence, Elle's willing and spread crotch. In a few seconds she was done and started to stand up but I put my hand on her bare should and told her she wasn't finished yet. I pulled the ribbon off of Elle and Jenna instinctively stroked the now shaved smooth skin and narrow tuft of hair and said "That's really nice."

"You have to shave that little bit of skin above her clit" I explained, "It makes eating her juicy pussy wonderful." I reached down took my wife's swollen and throbbing pink clit between my thumb and forefinger and as I pulled the skin above it tight said "Hold her clit like this and gently shave this little bit here." Jenna, almost eagerly now, squeezed Elle's clit as I had and pulled the skin tight. Elle let out a several small moans as she grew more and more excited but Jenna was finished quickly and I helped Elle sit up.

"Elle needs to shave the sides of her pussy lips" I told Jenna "It's much easier for her to manage that area but you need to watch her closely if you and Ben plan to shave your bikini area." I watched Jenna's face closely as she concentrated completely on Elle's pussy lip shaving technique. When Elle finished Jenna moved back to the bed beside Elle and with quick breaths said "That was fantastic, easy and you look super hot!"

"Thanks!" said Elle "I was sure you'd think so!" Then, with perfect timing Elle said "Now let's shave you!"

Jenna almost spoke and, I could tell, was going to say no thanks but suddenly her face changed from slightly apprehensive to nervous excitement and she said "Sure, why not? I think I'll like it!"

Elle quickly volunteered me to do the honors "He's much better at the straight line part than I am" she explained. This was partially true, but the real reason is Elle has no real bisexual or lesbian feelings and would rather watch me handle another woman's pussy knowing she and her perfect pussy have nothing to worry about losing my affections. But, she enjoys such close, erotice nude contact extremely and loves to be touched and caressed by others before giving her big firm natural tits, tight pussy and ass completely to me.

Our eager pupil laid back immediately and submissively pulled her knees up and spread wide open. Suddenly, Elle and I had our first full view of her pussy because Jenna had always kept her legs closed demurely before and her pubic hair hid the uppermost parts when walking nude. Her pussy was nicely formed, average size not as small and dainty as Elle's but she certainly had nothing to hide. I could tell Jenna was encouraged when Elle said "Jenna, you have a very pretty pussy, you will love showing it off!".

VF 35
23-03-2008, 05:16 AM
Second Swinger Resort Visit

Jenna's body tightened up perceptibly as I slipped the ribbon under the middle of her well tanned ass and handed her the other end to hold above her belly button. Her breathing was becoming quicker than ever. I thought I had better be quick about it or she might change her mind. I rubbed a lot of conditioner into her long curly pussy hair. Then, taking a small pair of scissors from our travel essentials kit I knelt between her spread pussy explaining that I had to trim the longer hair on the sides with scissors first to make shaving easier and cause less irritation. I have to admit my breathing was as fast or faster as hers as I quickly but carefully clipped large portions of her black pubic hair down to about 1/4 inch high on both sides of her pussy mound revealing more and more of her bare crotch. This was the closest either Elle or myself had ever been to another woman's spread open pussy.

I noticed Elle was watching with increasing excitement, her hands softly stroking her swollen pink clitoris and thin strip of hair. Her pussy lips were spread and sparkling with moisture. I grinned and pointed slightly at Jenna's own parted pussy lips which were glistening with pussy juices as well.

Elle saw what I was pointing and and grinned back excitedly obviously eager to continue, she was know on her hands and knees beside Jenna peering intently over her leg and down between them at Jenna's almost denuded crotch. I began shaving her hair on both sides and Elle was giving a running commentary to Jenna "Wow, you're going to be so smooth and hot looking. That is so cool!! Don't try to see it yet you have to wait until it's all done!"

As soon as I finished on both sides of the ribbon I squeezed Jenna's clit between my thumb and forefinger (before I chickened out). She gasped with pleasure and arched her back. I was surprised at such a sudden reaction and thought Elle was going to have to hold her down but she quickly relaxed again and apologized saying "I'm sorry I jumped. I wasn't expecting you to do that so soon but it it's really okay.".

Soon I was finished shaving above her throbbing clitoris and raised her up telling her she needed to finish shaving her pussy lips. She said okay, but sat there spread open for what seemed to be a long time admiring her naked pussy from different angles as if it was the first time she had seen her pussy naked. Elle was watching her reaction closely obviously pleased and excited by how much Jenna was enjoying herself. Thinking quickly I got behind Elle and began gently licking her exposed pussy and ass.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" she said, spreading her knees a little wider and arching her back to push her ass and pussy up higher for better licking and sucking. Jenna had not even noticed our actions but was beginning to experiment with the razor on the best angles to shave the remaining little bit of hair on the sides of her pussy lips. As she began to shave I continued to lick Elle's ass and pussy, shoving my tongue in her ass deeper and deeper as she continued to gently moan her approval. I raised up and slowly slid my hard thick cock against Elle's firm ass.

Soon, Jenna was finished and look at us, realizing suddenly, that we were becoming more involved in our erotic foreplay. "Oh!" she said "Should I go?".

"No!", Elle and I said in unison "We would like to show you how we play." Jenna smiled and said she would love to stay and watch and laid on her side admiring the view as Elle raised up higher on her hands and knees showing her big tits and large rock hard nipples. I began squeezing those big tight tits slowly with one hand while guiding my cock tip into her wet and ready pussy lips.

VF 35
23-03-2008, 05:17 AM
Second Swinger Resort Visit

Jenna was trembling with excitement since from her lower angle she could see my cock spreading Elle's tiny pussy lips and begin to slide into her tight hot cunt. She was unconciously fingering her own swollen clit and licking her lips hungrily. As I slid deeper I placed both hands on Elle's firm tanned ass and caressed it lovingly as my cock pushed deeper into her spasming pussy.

Suddenly, Jenna moved closer and under Elle's raised body and arched back. I thought she was moving closer for a better view of the action. Elle's eyes were closed completely enjoying being a sexual spectacle. I only became aware of what Jenna was doing as I felt her gently lick my shaved balls and then begin licking and sucking Elle's clit and the underside of my cock at the same time. Neither of us had ever felt that sensation before but knew we were too far committed to this erotic sex act to stop. Jenna continued to lick and suck both of us as my cock slid slowly in and out of Elle's steamy pussy, savoring each drop of our mixed pre-cum and pussy juices. One of Jenna's hands was holding Elle's ass with me to support her licking us and the other hand had found her newly shaved completely nude pussy. Teasing her own clit, spreading her wet lips and plunging two fingers deep in her hungry cunt.

Elle had opened her eyes when she felt Jenna licking her clit and spread pussy lips and noticed that Jenna was desperately trying to satisfy her wet pussy. Acting quickly Elle reached out, took her 9 inch purple dildo in her hand and placed it on Jenna's crotch near the hand playing with her pussy.

Suddenly, as Jenna grasped the toy cock and began rubbing it on her wet pussy lips preparing to let her own steamy cunt consume it, Elle was overcome by the sheer eroticism of being licked and fucked simultaneously while watching Jenna begin to fuck her own fresh shaved pussy. Her orgasmic moans and strong pussy spasms set off a chain reaction in my balls that I couldn't control and I slammed my cock into her tight pussy causing even stronger pussy contractions as my cock jerked hard and began pumping streams of hot creamy cum deep in her cunt.

VF 35
23-03-2008, 05:18 AM
Second Swinger Resort Visit

Jenna realized we were cumming hard together just as some of my excess cum began dripping onto her eager tongue. Quickly she raised the long thick dildo up and rubbed it against Elle's clit and my creamy cock as now continued it's deep fucking motion in her cunt. My hot cum quickly coated the toy cock and she returned it to her pussy, shoving it deep inside her waiting cunt as she resumed licking and gulping ample quantities of mixed hot cream and pussy juice. Within seconds she had brought herself to a terrifically strong orgasm, her entire lower body jerking and writhing as she fucked her pussy mercilessly with Elle's toy.

Gradually she slowed her energetic thrusting of the dildo deep into her pussy and her body relaxed. Elle and I began to relax and start to slide my cock out of her still gently throbbing pussy. Still hungry for our cum and pussy juice Jenny quickly opened her mouth wide to encompass all of Elle's pussy lips and the underneath portion of my cock as it slid out effectively cleaning most of my cum with her lips. As the head of my cock left Elle's hot pussy a large glob of our thick combined juices dripped from her open pussy and into Jenna's waiting mouth to be gulped down.

Elle laid over on the bed on her back legs still spread. Jenna quickly buried her face in Elle's pussy sucking and licking her cunt and telling Elle to squeeze it all out for her to drink. I just stood and watched fascinated by her appetite. Suddenly, she was finished with Elle's pussy and turned toward me and was licking and sucking my softening cock from the bed on her hands and knees until every taste of cum and pussy juice was only a memory on my cock.

After catching our breath, Elle and I were ready to go relax some more in the pool as the hot part of the afternoon was gone and the pool seemed very inviting. We suggested a quick shower in the public shower by the pool on our way back and Jenna said that sounded good. As we headed out of the door Elle asked Jenna if she thought her shaved crotch would excite Ben. "Ben, is sort of a bisexual" Jenna said "but lately he's been seeing other men more than paying attention to me. I hope he likes it and decides to pay more attention to me."

"I bet he does" said Elle as we closed the door behind us on the way to the showers.


23-03-2008, 10:08 AM

Tara looked in the mirror and admired her slim tan body. 5'7" tall, 115 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, and not a blemish to be found! What was drawing here stare, however, was her chest. No, it wasn't big by any means, a 34b cup to be exact, nor was it her stunningly beautiful pink nipples. It was really her areolas, which were larger and puffier than any she had ever seen! They were much too large for breasts of her size, but that only seemed to make them look even sexier! It seemed to Tara that a lot of her sexuality was wrapped up in her areolas and nipples, and as they were in a constant state of sexual excitement, it wasn't unusual for Tara to have her tits sucked at least two or three times a day, and since she didn't want to get the reputation of being a slut, she usually had her trusted girl friends take care of her nursing requirements! Tara glanced at the clock on her night stand and frowned. "Kimber should be here by now," she thought, "it's almost seven fifteen, and that doesn't leave much time to get ready for school!" Just then the bedroom door flew open and an apologetic Kimber bounced into the room. "Sorry I'm late," she gushed, "I had to drop my brother off at the sitter!" "Well hurry up," urged Tara, "we don't have much time!" "Okay, okay, give me a break, will ya," Kimber snapped, "I didn't do it on purpose!!!" Tara realized that arguing would get her nowhere, so instead she walked over to Kim and lifted her chest to her school mate. "My my," Kimber cooed, "our two little darlings look like they need some attention!" An instant later, one of Tara's hot nipples was safely in the hungry mouth of the eighteen year old suckstress. "She may be a hoot," Tara thought, "but she's one of the best tit suckers she had ever had!" Deftly moving from one nipple to the other, Kim expertly sucked and licked the oversized nipples, finally bringing Tara to a nice easy orgasm. "I wish you could show me how to do that," offered Kimber! "And what would that be," questioned Tara? "Oh, you know what I mean," laughed Kimber, "being able to cum without touching your clit!!!" "That, my dear," retorted Tara, "is not something you can teach!" "Come on," replied Kimber, "let's get to school!"
The first three periods went quickly enough, with nothing unusual happening, so Tara was glad that her next period would offer a little diversity to an other wise dull day. Gym wasn't usually a class a senior girl elected to take, as it wasn't a senior requirement, but for Tara it offered a perfect opportunity to get her tits sucked! During the first week of gym class, Tara had sized up everyone in her group, and decided that Mona, a cute little red head would do nicely as her fourth period tit sucker.

23-03-2008, 10:10 AM
. When she finally maneuvered the young girl into a hidden corner of the locker room, she found a very willing and pliable accomplice! Mona was fairly attractive, but was not very popular with her classmates, so when Tara, a beautiful senior, showed and interest in her, well, she was more than happy to do just about anything Tara asked! By now they had a routine that never varied, both girls would change into their gym clothes, and then slip to the rear of the locker room that was out of sight from the rest of the room. There, Mona would lift Tara's shirt, unhook the front opening bra, and then gently suck her ripe breasts while giving herself an unbelievable thrill when she brought Tara to her orgasm, and on several occasions she slipped her hand inside her own shorts and diddled herself to her own climax. After Tara had her cum, both girls would straighten up and then hit the gym, meeting again after class in the shower room. Tara's high school had a communal shower, so all of the girls showered together in one large room, and more than once, envious class mates would come over to Tara and offered to soap her unique breasts. Having slippery fingers gliding all over her chest was usually enough to make Tara have another, if weak orgasm, and although no one ever said anything, it was pretty much common knowledge that Tara's chest needed a lot of attention and for that reason alone, most of the girls were more than happy to give a helping hand!

Although she sometimes got a suck job during lunch, since she usually was still satisfied from gym, Tara usually just ate her lunch and gossiped with Kimber about the usual girl stuff. It wasn't until the end of sixth period that Tara began thinking about getting her tits licked. She was lucky in two ways, because seventh period was study hall, and she could get a pass and get out if she needed to and the the other good thing was that she had some where to go, and that would be Miss Linder's room! She was a fiftyish literature teacher who had never married, and whom Tara sensed right away was probably a lesbian. You might call Miss Linder a handsome woman, attractive in a harsh sort of way, built sturdy, with strong legs and a huge chest. Her hair was always pulled back in a bun, and she wore heavy black rimmed reading glasses, in other words, your typical Norman Rockwell English teacher!

23-03-2008, 10:12 AM
At exactly five minutes past three Tara entered Miss Linder's room and locked the door. The teacher was sitting at her desk grading papers and didn't even look up when Tara moved over next to her desk, and while continuing to grade her papers, she asked in a stern voice, "Is my little one in great need today?" "Yes ma'am," came Tara's soft reply, "I need it badly!" Finally looking up, Miss Linder leaned back and said, "Expose yourself to me child, show me your lovely young body!" In this case, if Tara wanted her tits sucked, she would have to remove all of her clothing as Miss Linder loved seeing the young girl naked, and always spent some of her time sucking Tara's ripe vagina. Tara had to admit that even though she loved getting her nipples sucked, Miss Linder was an excellent cunt lapper and always made her have incredibly hard orgasms! Also, this was not a one way proposition, as Tara had to return the favor by sucking on Miss Linder's big hairy bush, but this didn't really bother Tara either as she new that she was probably bi anyway, so what was the harm!

Tara sat down on the desk in front of Miss Linder, spreading her legs, while showing off her body just like the older woman liked her to. At last, leaning forward in her chair, Miss Linder asked, "Does baby want mama to suck on her cherries?" Before Tara could answer, Miss Linder took a ripe nipple into her mouth and sucked on it fervently inducing Tara into making a contented sigh, while gently cradling the older woman's head in her arms. The old cunt could really suck a tit, and soon Tara's vagina was leaking juice all over the top of the desk. Sensing that the young girl was getting close to her orgasm, Miss Linder dropped away from Tata's chest and buried her face into her smooth pussy while her probing tongue quickly found Tara's erect little clit, flicking at it harshly, making Tara jerk with each connection. Tara cupped her breasts and twisted her pink nipples while she stared down at the woman eating her hot young slit. Her head began to spin out of control as the lust in her clit spread like fire all over her body and a loud groan signaled that the first orgasmic contraction was ripping through her dripping pussy. Over and over again her cunt muscles squeezed together, each time resulting in another orgasm. When it was over, Miss Linder's face was glistening with the sticky juice that had erupted with Tara's climax.

23-03-2008, 10:14 AM
Since time was of the essence, Tara hopped off the desk and quickly put on her clothes as she didn't want to be totally naked any longer than was necessary, just in case someone would happen by and want in. When she was all ready, Miss Linder had taken her place on the desk, with her legs spread wide, and her panties off while Tara sat down in the chair and scooted up so that she could easily reach the teacher's vagina with her mouth. Miss Linder was breathing hard, obviously turned on by the tonguing she had just given Tara, so teasing her by just kissing the inside of her thighs, Tara waited until Miss Linder forcefully grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth to her vagina, causing Tara to chuckle, and then bury her tongue deep into the hairy honey pot! Once Tara asked Miss Linder why she kept her bush so furry, and she said that she had a friend who liked it that way. It didn't really bother Tara one way or the other, but she had to admit that Miss Linder had the hairiest pussy she had ever seen, but just like all woman, however, Miss Linder had a very sensitive clit that didn't take much licking to bring her to orgasm, especially since she had just spent the last ten minutes with her mouth on Tara's vagina! Now it was Tara's turn to get her face covered with pussy juice and the old woman seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of the sweet liquid, and every day she tried to drown Tara in it! Tara really had to get back to study hall, so she bored in on the "little man in the boat", and brought Miss Linder to a shuddering climax! It was the same every time they finished, Miss Linder sitting back down in her chair and acting as if nothing had happened, while Tara thanked her for her help and left the room and went back to study hall.

On her way through the halls, Tara's thoughts turned to her large nipples as her boobs bounced when she walked, and by the time she reached the study hall she was already planning on how she would get them sucked later that night. She knew she was addicted, but if you had to be addicted to something, well, it couldn't be any better than this!!!

23-03-2008, 11:10 AM
Thanks bro VF 35 and DHL_Express for your stories , well seems like I got no time to read through some stories and post here cause going to office later but will be back to post tonight . ;)

23-03-2008, 08:55 PM
A Night on Campus

I stifled a sneeze for the fourteenth time today. When your nose is shoved beside a dusty floor sweep and you are stuck in that position for around five hours boredom takes on a new meaning, and I thought the life of an industrial intelligence freelancer would be all glamour. Granted that time in Laos getting pictures of Hansra Corperation's CTO with that underage tranny hooker was a lot more exciting than this assignment, but a freelancer doesn't get the glamour work often. Usually my job is the kind that is more likely to get me prosecuted for B&E than to get me the girl at the end of the day, but it's a living.

This assignment was particularly fun jaunt into my past. The client, let us live it there for names, wanted to acquire some superconductor research from a high profile scientist at a first rate university. Though I tend to avoid digging too deeply into my client's motives I am pretty sure they want to reverse engineer the work and manufacture a paper trail to indicate their prior invention of the technology in any patent dispute. One of the company's disposable flunkies contacts an encoded site that I maintain, and the deal was laid out in typical businesslike fashion. There are some advantages to providing companies with a highly specialized service, no dickering on the price.

My client needed the information in a limited timeframe, which meant that I had to rush prep for the job, never a good thing. I had a couple of things going for me. Foremost my youthful looks meant that I didn't look odd sulking around campus, and my plain features meant no one remembered me even if they did notice me. Yeah, I know you all thought secret agents looked like Daniel Craig, well that is only true if you want the other guy to pick you out from twenty paces and pump you full of armor piercing rounds at ten. The ability to look like everyone else is an essential feature in my career. I also studied chemistry when I did go to college, meaning that I could slip into the appropriate buildings on campus and chat away with other students to get the scoop on the layout of the lab I needed.

Now the bad news, the lab I needed to get into was a high priority target and therefore on heavy rotation for security. It wasn't the kind of security you would find in any corporate target (or even your standard paranoid's home), but it would pose a problem given the timeframe I had. The lab's hard systems would be easy to bypass and the building's physical barriers were a joke; but security personnel took their job seriously, making rounds on a far too regular basis for uninterrupted work. Given that the client wanted to make sure the target didn't know the work had been copied this was a problem.

It took me four days to find the chink in the proverbial armor. No security system is any better than the people running the system, and one of the security guards was far less dedicated than the rest. Even better was the fact that he was scheduled for the graveyard shift. Four days in and I was sure he simply relied on whatever student worker was on duty at the building's front desk to report a problem before he came over to check things out. As long as I could evade or fool a hapless, poorly paid student seat warmer I would be home free. I planned to finish the job the next night and go spend my healthy fee on the nearest beach that served a halfway decent margarita with busty waitresses in the background.

That brings me back to the broom closet and my sneezing dilemma. My plan was to hold up in a very small, but inconspicuous storage closet until late at night and then extract myself and finish the job. So I sat patiently through and afternoon and well into the night counting stifled sneezes. Sunlight slowly faded to red under the door and was replaced with the cool slightly blue light of fluorescent light. The sounds of passing students slowed and were replaced by the occasional professorial discourse or harried footsteps of a grad student. Eventually even the fluorescent lights were turned off and silence filled the halls.

After counting to a thousand I extracted myself from the closet and moved the under repairs sign that I had placed nearby to keep away prying eyes. A quick walk down the hall brought me to Dr. Suli's lab, the one adjacent to my target's lab. I easily picked the lock on the lab door and quickly moved up through the drop ceiling of the lab. I am always surprised how much people will spend on a keypad lock, and yet neglect the fact that walls don't typically continue up through drop ceilings. A quick shuffle across the ceiling supports put me above my target and after sliding a small piece of insulated glass over the only IR motion detector in the room I dropped down into the room. The job was a simple riffle and copy so I dumped the contents of his intranet (a six letter password, please) into a pocket hard drive and scanned relevant documents with a pocket scanner. One quick once over and making sure I hadn't disturbed things too much and I was back through the ceiling.

I cleaned up in Dr. Suli's lab and slipped back into the hall. I had two options, to put myself back in the broom closet (not appealing at all) or to try and slip past the student at the front desk and walk out the front door. I opted to try my luck with the student and proceeded down to the first floor. Coming from behind the front desk I had the element of surprise, but the desk was situated in such a way that I would have to interact with the student to get through the door.

The student had her back to me, and I could see it was a young woman. Her taste in clothes seemed to tend towards the frumpy and loose end of the spectrum, so I had little to go on about how she looked other than the fact that she had long chestnut brown hair and it was pulled back in a tight ponytail, revealing a slender and pale neck. Beyond her I saw the front door and noticed that the lighting was adjusted so that the front desk could see outside, but it was obvious that people outside couldn't see in.

I snuck a little closer to the desk and listened as the woman talked on her cell phone. Her voice was a little deeper than average, with a husky overtone that most men would describe as sexy. Her hands had slender fingers with well manicured, deep red nails. The conversation was obviously with a close girlfriend. She absently twirled her ponytail as she talked. "...yeah, I know Steve said he was sorry, but seriously I caught him with that bitch Amber riding him like a pony. His dick was so far up her cunt I don't know if he can ever get the stink of that slut off him." At least the conversation was interesting, if one sided. "No way will he ever get another chance with me, I'm just going to bum it out for a while before I think about men again, or just go look for a good revenge fuck... I don't know yet."

I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea but I figured charm would be my way past this woman. I glanced over in a nearby mirror and fussed up my hair to roughly approximate the current style. I knew I wouldn't wow any GQ stylists, but I was hoping I could charm a recently scorned college coed. A quick fuss of the clothes and I sauntered up to the desk, making sure to make enough noise so that the desk clerk had time to hear me and finish off her conversation. She glanced back my way and took me in with a glance. I found her to be cute, but by no means stunning. She had a small pouty mouth and deep brown eyes, but overall she would have been the best friend that you stuck your wingman with for drinks while you went and banged her hot friend in the coat room. Her mouth screwed up in a tight purse as she looked me over.

"I didn't realize anyone was still in the labs, can I see your ID so I can record it for the security guys." Here hand opened up in anticipation of my compliance. Always the professional, I had filched an ID from a student earlier in the day, he had looked close enough to pass a cursory inspection. The woman, Dawn according to her nameplate, took my ID gave it a quick glance and slid the magnetic strip through her computer. She glanced at the screen and raised an eyebrow. "So Lance, why is a history major doing in the chemistry labs this late?"

Damn I hate big brother, time to earn my pay. "Actually Dawn I doubt you are going to believe me if I told you... it actually sounds pretty stupid."

"Try me, or I'm going to have to call security, and the guard on duty right now isn't the nicest."

"Okay, I had a friend let me into a lab earlier today so that I could stay after hours, don't ask I don't want to rat him out."

"So were you making X or something."

"No, I actually was waiting till you came on duty... and I kind of fell asleep while I was waiting. I just woke up and decided I would check to see if you were on duty."

Dawn was clearly questioning my story; aw, nothing can sink charm quicker than low self-esteem and bitterness. "Really, and why did you want to see me."

I thought of a particularly embarrassing incident from my Catholic school days to get an appropriate blush up, "I saw you at the student union the other day and asked a friend if he knew you, he told me you worked here so I figured I would stop by and say 'hi.'"

"Well Lance you have said 'hi' now you should probably leave." Dawn looked down for a second and I could see her mind was racing with a mixture of pain over Steve and her anger over the same thing.

I had my opening, but figured I could have a little fun for my trouble. Plus, I thought Dawn needed a little boost for her trouble. "If you don't mind me asking Dawn, are you okay, you seem upset."

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23-03-2008, 08:57 PM
As tough as her talk had been with her friend, Dawn was definitely not taking Steve's betrayal well. "It's none of your business okay... no, that isn't fair, it isn't your fault. I am just having a rough time with my boy... ex-boyfriend."

"Another girl?"

"Yeah, but I should have seen it coming. He always seemed a little too loose with the eyes."

"You are pretty nice to look at if you ask me."

"Thanks," Dawn absently toyed with her ponytail, "you are being nice."

"I did come looking for you."

"Yeah," her hands ran down the loose sweatpants she was wearing, "and I so dressed to impress."

"It isn't the clothes that make a woman beautiful, it's her attitude." Dawn pursed her lips again and then smiled with a wink. "Exactly, tell your EX-boyfriend he is an idiot." I turned around and headed for the door.

I had almost made it free when Dawn spoke up. "Lance, are you just blowing sunshine up my ass, or did you really come looking for me?"

Always disarm your opponent with a statement they aren't expecting. "I can think of a few things to do to your ass, but sunshine doesn't make the list." I tried my best Casanova smile. Dawn looked at me with a shocked look and then started to laugh.

"I'm half tempted to take you up on that offer." Dawn came around to the front of her desk and leaned back against it. The body language had definitely changed to a more open posture, and with it her attractiveness shot up a few degrees. Dawn reached up behind her head and let down her hair, she looked up at me and signaled with her finger for me to come over to her. "Actually more than half tempted, and you can't leave until I unlock the door."

"Ooo, I love a woman who takes charge." I sauntered over into Dawn and looked down at her. She could be more than five feet tall, and I am a good six feet.

"You know that I am simply using you to get over my ex don't you?" For a second Dawn looked worried.

"Yeah, but sometimes that is what we need." With that I reached down touched her chin and pulled her up into a slow deep kiss. She responded by wrapping her arms around me and pulling me close. Her hands rubbed against my ass and she ground her hips against my pelvis.

With a sigh she released me, and looked at my chest. "Okay, as long as you get the point." Her hands travelled down to my waist and she pulled open my belt. "Now let us see if you are worth the effort."

I pulled her hands away and picked her up, placing her on the desk. "If you are using me, shouldn't you get to benefit." I pulled her sweatpants down and rubbed my hands up and down her smooth white thighs. She was wearing a pair or those large granny panties that women swear they don't own, but always wear when they aren't expecting anyone to see them. She lifted her ass enough off the table to help me pull those huge panties down. I was pleased to see that Dawn's recent lovers' spat hadn't made her neglect personal hygiene. Her pubic hair was trimmed to a nice tight triangle above her swollen and moist lips. I gave Dawn a quick smile and got down on my knees as she spread her legs a little. I may not be the most handsome man in the world, but if there is one thing I do know how to do it is to make sure a woman knows I have been between her legs.

I kissed the tops of her knees first, lightly and lingering on the skin for a second. I trailed my kisses up her thighs, slowly moving up her thighs. Each kiss elicited a small moan from Dawn and opened her legs a little bit more. She ran a hand through my hair and out of the corner of my eye I could see she was moving the second up under her sweatshirt kneading her breast as her breathing became more labored. I continued up her leg and moved to kissing her inner thigh. Her skin had the slight hint of herbal soap and was the soft one only gets from long baths.

Damn grabbed my hair tightly pulling my head towards her pussy and I knew she was ready. I ran my tongue along her outer lips, teasing the skin and lightly running my teeth across the outer edge. At the top I could feel the hard nub of her clitoris with my tongue. I latched down and sucked hard on that nub, driving a small scream out of Dawn. I looked up and saw her head tilted back and her hand pulling her hard nipple free of a black demi-bra. She continued to move her hand through my hair as I continued my oral assault, to accentuate the action I slipped a finger into her below my chin, making her thighs clamp down on my head and her screams to intensify. She pushed her pelvis against my face and started to convulse. I wrapped my hands around her legs and enjoyed the ride.

When she was done she pulled me up to her face and licked my face, a little freaky is always a good thing. "Steve never knew how to do that right, oh god, he never knew that." No matter what happened tomorrow between Dawn and Lance, I was sure I was leaving Lance with a grade A pussy eater reputation around campus after tonight. "I hope you can fuck as well as you did that." Dawn reached down and unzipped my fly, grabbing my firm cock and pulling it free. "Oh well, in for a nickel, in for a dollar."

I pulled her sweatshirt over her head and used it to pin her arms back, pushing her chest forward. The demi-bra was pushed up off her smallish breasts and they stood proud and firm in front of my face. I had learned over the years that women with small tits loved it when you paid attention to them, and though Dawn's were small the nipples stood out like little erasers. I leaned down and took almost the entirety of her left tit into my mouth, using my tongue to tease the nipple. Dawn screamed again and bit down on my hair. "God yes, my tits are so sensitive, oh god yes." I kneaded each small breast and tongue lashed them until Dawn again started to shake. She broke her arms free and pulled me close, guiding my swollen cock into her.

"Enough prelims, let's get down to business." I pushed deep inside her and drove my tongue into her mouth in time. She dug her nails into my ass and pulled me deeper inside. I lingered for a moment enjoying the warm, tight embrace and then the small circles that Dawn started to make with her hips drove me to start moving in time. Dawn wrapped her legs around me and started to match my rhythm, our labored breaths in sync with our hips.

Our rhythm continued to increase in tempo, my breath started to become shallow as scream after scream started to come from Dawn's mouth. I felt the muscles of her pussy start to pulse against my cock and felt her dig her nails into my back, through the shirt I was still wearing. I fiercely bit her right nipple as my own orgasm hit and I filled her to the point I could feel a warm wetness running down my leg.

Dawn leaned back on her hands and I collapsed against her chest, playing with a nipple and getting small moans out of her in response. As the glow of the moment slid away and my erection soften to the point of sliding out, Dawn started to fidget under me. Now was the uncomfortable moment where Dawn realizes what she had just done. "Uh Lance... I'm not the kind of girl who does this. It has been an odd week."

"No prob, but I'm pretty sure you enjoyed it."

Dawn pulled away and pulled down her sweatshirt, hopelessly trying to arrange the bra underneath. "Can I ask you to leave Lance, I'm a little embarrassed at the moment."

"Sure, but you have to let me out."

Dawn reached behind the desk and buzzed open the outer door. I pulled up my pants and hurried to the door. At the last moment Dawn called out. "Maybe I'll see you around campus."

"Oh I hope so." I left the lab and started on my way to drop off the merchandise for my client. Not bad for a night, a completed contract, a nice pay day, giving some poor history geek a killer sexhound rep, and banging a nice hot piece of ass to boot. I definitely need to come back to campus again.

The End

23-03-2008, 09:09 PM
Sandra Seduced

My girlfriend Sandra is in her mid-forties, about 5ft 3ins, very attractive with a trim figure, probably 34-30-36 – so a very nice shape that still keeps me horny and interested. About three years ago Sandra and I went to California on holiday. We stayed in a friend's house in a nice area of Santa Monica and shortly after arriving met the neighbours: a lovely lady called Carol and two men Brian and Mike who, we later discovered, were her brothers. I reckoned that they were all in their early 30s, so approximately 10 years younger than Sandra and I.

We spent the holiday travelling around the area, going to the beach and generally winding down. Sandra developed a gorgeous tan, which really suited her and after a week or so I noticed Brian's and Mike's gaze would follow her around the garden whenever they were around at the same time.

About half way through the second week we walked into our garden and Carol, Brian & Mike were already in their garden, drinking wine. There was a brief exchange between the three of them and then Carol called over and asked us if we'd like to join them. We had no other plans for the day so we happily agreed.

We got on quite well. The conversation and drink flowed. Although when we started Sandra and I had been sitting together, with toilet breaks and passing the drinks around after an hour or so we ended up with me next to Carol and Sandra sitting between Brian and Mike. By this time Sandra and I had probably had a bit more to drink than we normally would and I knew that I was feeling quite light-headed.

At some point in the conversation Carol reached across and touched my knee and I felt a slight frisson of desire. The contrast of her dark hand on my slightly suntanned leg was interesting to me. I felt a twinge in my groin and guiltily looked towards Sandra. She was in a deep conversation with the other two men and I breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn't seen what I was sure was a guilty expression on my face.

I turned back to Carol, who was smiling and she commented that Sandra was very attractive. I looked back at Sandra and noticed what she was wearing. It was a front buttoning light dress that had a collar and was shirt-like and it stopped at about knee-length. It was a dress she often wore when we were on holiday and not planning on doing much. Because of her small bust she rarely bothered to wear a bra with it and even with one or two of the buttons open it didn't reveal any cleavage. It was definitely one of her favourite 'relaxing' holiday dresses.

Sandra got up to go to the toilet and as she did so she brushed her hands down the dress to pull it back down to her knees. I hadn't noticed that it had worked its way to mid thigh as she had been sitting with Brian and Mike and another little thrill went through me as I thought about the two coloured guys eyeing her legs. When Sandra disappeared inside both Mike and Brian commented on how attractive she was and how lucky I was and I thanked then both.

When Sandra returned all of the drinks had been refreshed and Sandra sat back down between Brian and Mike. Mike said something to Sandra and her eyes widened slightly. When she replied to him I heard my name and then Mike turned to me and said

"Steve I am entranced by your lovely girlfriend and would like to kiss her. Would you mind?"

I was a bit taken aback and looked towards Sandra, unsure what to say. I had always thought of Sandra as her own woman and was quite pleased that she had obviously told Mike that she wouldn't do it without my agreement. As our eyes met I could see a certain something that indicated that she would like to kiss this handsome young coloured man.

Mike was concerned by my hesitation and sought to reassure me my saying

"Sorry, Steve, I didn't mean to offend you and Sandra. I would very much like to kiss her and thought I should ask. Sandra is such a gorgeous lady I can't help myself."

I told him "What Sandra does is very much up to her. I would not object to a friendly kiss between the two of you".

In truth, the thought of their black skin contrasting with Sandra's was intriguing to me, in the same way as I'd found Carol's coloured skin contrasting with my own leg.

Mike turned towards Sandra with a smile on his face and said "See I told you Steve would not be upset by a friendly kiss."

Nothing happened immediately, which I was slightly disappointed about. In fact everyone just smiled and sat back in their seats. I did notice, however, that Mike and Brian had put their arms behind Sandra.

I realised that Carol was talking to me again, asking about what we had been doing, where we had visited, etc. Again her hand was resting on my thigh and she was leaning slightly towards me. I took a deep breath and turned back to look at Sandra and saw Brian place a quick kiss on her cheek, quickly followed by Mike doing the same to the other cheek. They all laughed and Mike said

"There that wasn't too bad was it?"

As they all moved apart their conversation started again. I couldn't really hear what they were talking about but I did hear words like "bikini", "shorts" and "trunks" and just assumed that they were discussing holiday clothing. and then Mike leaned in and did the same, then they laughed and continued talking.

I looked back towards Carol and she had edged closer to me. Her hand seemed to be higher up my thigh and it was definitely promoting a reaction. She was talking quietly to me but I was distracted as I saw Brian and Mike repeat the action of kissing Sandra on her cheeks a number of times, with each kiss seeming to have slightly more pressure and to last a little longer.

I felt Carol join me on the bench on which I was sitting and her hand continued its inexorable rise up my leg and rested over the now obvious shape of my penis. As she applied a little pressure I reacted with a sharp intake of breath and then watched as Mike kissed Sandra on the lips. Sandra laughed but it looked as if she was slightly flustered by that development. Not to be outdone Brian repeated the action of Mike but then they retreated and started talking to Sandra again, following which she seemed to relax.

By this time I wasn't sure (or even bothered) whether Carol was talking to me. Her hand resting on my penis was extremely distracting, as was the fact that Mike and Brian were regularly leaning in and kissing Sandra on the lips and the kisses were increasing in duration.

At this stage Sandra asked if she could use the toilet and I thought that I needed it myself, although I wasn't sure if I'd be able to given the state Carol's hand had gotten me into.

We walked into their home and we both looked slightly sheepish. It was obvious that we were both suffering the effects of the glasses of wine we had drunk. I asked Sandra if she was ok to which she replied

"I'm not sure. The two lads have been repeatedly complimenting me and their kisses were so sweet that I just couldn't refuse when they asked to kiss me on my lips. Once they started it felt so nice I didn't feel like stopping them and I thought you would step in if things got out of hand so I'm feeling quite safe."

I told her that if there was a problem we could leave but she just shook her head.

Sandra went to the downstairs toilet and I went upstairs. When I made my way outside she was again between Mike and Brian. Now, however, she was facing Brian and had her back to Mike. I could make out that Mike had his arms around her waist while Brian was holding her hands in his.

I sat back down next to Carol and our conversation started again. This time I paid a bit more attention as she was talking about the earthquakes that were a reasonably regular occurrence in California. My interest was such that I was looking at Carol instead of keeping an eye on Sandra. When, during a lul in our conversation, I looked towards Sandra I saw that she was leaning slightly back against Mike. I was a bit surprised to see that her left leg was on Brian's lap and her right was on the floor. From my viewpoint it looked as if Mikes arms were around her in such a way that one of his hands rested over one of Sandra's breasts. As their conversation continued I thought I could make out his thumb gently brushing too and fro against her nipple, which seemed to be erect and prominent under her dress.

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23-03-2008, 09:10 PM
Uncertainty clouded my mind. I felt very jealous but there was also a frisson of excitement, especially with Carol so attentive. She saw my expression and whispered that it looked as if they were having a little fun. She said she was sure it was harmless and that Sandra was obviously enjoying herself.

I told Carol that I didn't want things to get out of hand but at that point her hand again rested in my groin, which gave an indication of how excited I was by the situation. Carol stated that we were all adults and that "Going with the flow could be quite interesting".

I sat there stunned as her hand found the zip of my shorts and I felt it being lowered. As she eased my cock out into the open air she sad

"Don't worry. Nothing will happen that isn't wanted. They're not going to force themselves on Sandra. If either or both of you decide that things have gone as far as you wish you can both leave with no regrets. Before you do that, though, sit back, enjoy what I can do for you and have another drink".

My gaze returned to Sandra and the two young men. Sandra was relaxed and in no immediate trouble and it was arousing to see another man with his hand on her breast while a young woman was stroking my cock.

I was in real trouble as Carol started talking to me again whilst continuing to stroke me. I was torn between looking at Carol and watching Sandra and her new friends. The kisses continued and I suddenly realised that Mike's hand had slid further round and was inside of the top of Sandra's dress. I couldn't see, but I assumed that he must have been holding one of her breasts completely in his hand. Sandra's dress was moving slightly as he stroked her nipple. Much to my surprise, however, Sandra seemed to be holding up her end of the conversation, as she was laughing and talking.

Carol then looked at me and said "They are definitely enjoying themselves. Sandra looks so comfortable." I looked back towards Sandra then felt a warmth engulf the tip of my cock. I looked down to see Carol between my legs with her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. I groaned out loud but Sandra did not hear. At least she did not react.

I continued to watch Sandra, Mike and Brian, unsure of the feelings that were going through me. It was then I noticed that Brian's hand was also inside Sandra's dress. It was resting somewhere on her left leg, which was still resting on his lap. He seemed to be rubbing it gently up and down but from what I could see it was not all the way up. Just as I noticed this Carol attracted my attention by taking my cock fully into her mouth and so I closed my eyes and stifled a groan.

It was a few minutes before I opened my eyes again and when I did I noticed that about half of the buttons on Sandra's dress had been undone. The dress was open from the top and I could see Mike's hand gently rubbing her breasts, periodically tweaking her nipples which were as hard and erect as I had ever seen them. Brian's hand was still caressing her but now it was further up the inside of her leg and although they still seemed to be talking her eyes were shut. As I watched Mike took her hand from her lap and moved it behind her, positioned so that it was probably resting on his lap between the two of them. As that happened Brian moved forward and kissed her full on the mouth again.

Brian stopped kissing Sandra but now his arm was further in her dress and no longer moving up and down her leg. Given his position and reach I could only assume that he was able to touch the lips of her pussy. Both men would still say something every now and then but Sandra was now silent, had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily.

I watched the scene continue to unfold in front of me, my cock still engulfed by the mouth of the lady of the house. She had taken me very close to the edge at least once but had sensed how close I was to coming and had backed off a little – also nipping the base of my cock between her thumb and forefinger to prevent my coming inadvertently.

Mike slowly undid the rest of the buttons on Sandra's dress and then eased the dress completely open. That allowed me to see that Sandra was not wearing any panties, so Brian's thumb was actually rubbing up and down her slit, periodically pressing against her clit. I was sure that Sandra had put her panties on when we got dressed this morning so I could only assume she left them off after she had visited the toilet.

There was a flush over the whole of Sandra's body and it was obvious that she did not give a damn who was doing what to her. Knowing how passionate she can be I realised that she would be beyond reason now and would be building towards her climax.

Mike continued to stroke her nipples and Brian put his other hand behind her neck so that he could pull her forwards to kiss her again. He moved from her lips to her breasts and as Mike played with one nipple Brian used his mouth on the other, his tongue flicking over the sensitive end.

Mike released the breast he had been playing with so that he could stand up briefly and remove his shorts. I saw the first black cock I had ever seen and was quite relieved to see that it was no bigger than mine, although it was very hard and he had no pubic hair. When he sat back down he reached around Sandra and pulled the dress off her shoulders and down her arms. Brian the too hold of Sandra's arms and encouraged her off the seat. As she did, Mike took hold of the dress and removed it from between them, at which point Brian lowered Sandra back to the seat.

As soon as she was on the seat Mike took one of her arms from Brian's grasp and broyght it behind her and between then again. This time it came into contact with his cock. Sandra hesitated but Brian kissed her again and that caused her to edge backwards and eased her reach of Mike's cock. Also, she seems to rest back against Mike once again.

As Brian pulled away from the kiss he stroked his hands down her shoulders, over her nipples and down her stomach, following his hands with his mouth, kissing her body as moved downwards. At the same time Mike had taken Brian's place at Sandra's mouth, kissing and teasing her lips with his tongue. Brian's head continued downwards until he reached her pubic region, which she had shaved completely for this holiday. As he did so I saw him grasp her thighs and move her so that her bum and clit were at the edge of the seat.

Brian dropped to his knees between Sandra's legs then dipped his head forwards to enclose her clit. As he did this she sighed and moaned through the kisses that Mike was still applying. Mike paused in his kissing and spoke softly to Sandra. As he did so, she started chewing on her bottom lip and it was obvious to me that her orgasm was approaching. Mike also realised how close she was and he reached around to tweak her nipples which, together with Brian's continuing ministration of her clit finally caused her to come. She moaned out loud and shuddered as her orgasm gripped her. Brian continued to lick and his tongue entered her slit to help her along the way.

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23-03-2008, 09:12 PM
Carol had released my cock from her mouth on hearing Sandra's moan and looked at me and said "Well, she' one ahead of you now. Do you want to equalise?"

I could only nod my head "Yes!" and Carol proceeded to move her hand up and down my shaft while placing her lips around the head once again. In only a few strokes I was groaning as my first spurt of come made its way past her lips. She did not hesitate and continued to stroke me as more spurts erupted from my cock. It wasn't long, however, before she had milked me dry.

When I opened my eyes again Mike had slid back along the seat so that my Sandra's head was resting in his lap. With a slight tilt of her head she managed to take his cock into her mouth. Again the contrast of his black cock with her slightly tanned skin struck as erotic.

Brian continued to lick and tongue her, although she must have been extremely sensitive having had one orgasm already. I knew that Sandra could handle multiple orgasms but usually she liked to ease of slightly to allow the sensitivity to ease a little. It didn't seem to bother her today, however, because a few moments later she came again. This time her moans were even louder despite her mouth being wrapped around Mike's cock and I was briefly worried that some other neighbours might want to learn the source of the noise.

With one of her hands Sandra pushed Brian's head away as his licking finally became too much for her. He continued to touch her gently with his fingers but she needed to stop even that so she clamped her legs shut. Brian took the hint and removed his fingers.

As soon as she was released from the stimulation of Brian's fingers Sandra lifted herself off the seat, turned around and knelt on it so that she could work properly on Mike's cock. I watched as her head bobbed up and down, seeing a cock other that mine slide in and out of Sandra's mouth for the first time.

Brian took the opportunity to remove his shorts and I saw a second black cock. Brian's cock was about the same length as Mike's but was a bit thicker. In one movement he pushed forwards and obviously entered Sandra's cunt. She was well lubricated and had no trouble accommodating him but he did elicit another loud moan from her. I looked at Sandra, my lovely tanned girlfriend, being topped and tailed by two younger black men and realised that I had to capture this image for posterity. I reached into my shorts and took out my camera. With the zoom lens I was able to take half a dozen decent pictures showing Sandra sucking on and being fucked by a black cock.

Sandra was well and truly immersed in the moment and the sensations she was feeling. Mike was happily experiencing one of her magic blowjobs and Brian started moving in and out of her cunt. As he set up his rhythm, Sandra removed her mouth from Mike's cock and looked over her shoulder at Brian. I heard her say

"Oh yes, fuck me with your lovely black cock. Fill me up."

That encouraged Brian to pick up his pace and Sandra reached forward and started stroking Mike again.

Brian fucked Sandra like there was no tomorrow, causing her to moan and groan. It was too risky to put Mike's cock back in her mouth so she continued to wank him, but with her mouth hovering over the tip.

Her moans and "Oh Yes."s continued and increased in volume until Brian suddenly stopped. At that point she seemed to shout "No, don't stop. Please, fuck me".

The dirty talk and the hand-job finally became too much for Mike and he told Sandra he was about to come. She put her lips around the tip of his cock and I saw his hips jerk as he finally came. She managed to take the first couple of spurts in her mouth but couldn't swallow and it leaked back out around and down Mike's cock.

Once his brother had come, Brian went back to banging Sandra with gusto and in only a short while he too was ready to come. As he reached his limit he tensed and then his hips jerked as he deposited his load inside her. Sandra's arousal was such that the feeling of Brian's cock pulsing inside her set her off on her third orgasm. This time, though, her moans were quite restrained.

Brian eased out of Sandra and Mike also extricated himself from her grasp. Basically Sandra was left gasping on all fours on the seat, her head resting on her arms and her bum in the air – with Brian's jism slowly leaking out and running down her legs.

The action had gotten me hard again and I looked up to see Carol removing her clothes to reveal a very compact figure. She took me by the hand and encouraged me out of my seat to lie on my back on the seat next to Sandra. As Sandra looked across, Carol lowered herself onto my cock and proceeded to ride up and down my shaft. I reached up to play with her breasts and found that they were her most sensitive feature. Any manipulation of her nipples seemed to go straight to her cunt, which I could feel clenching around my cock. In lass than five minutes Carol was taking her turn in the orgasm sweepstake, followed quickly thereafter by me.

Watching their sister ride me seemed to inspire Mike and Brian and they were hard again by the time we finished. They moved back to Sandra but this time they lifted her between them and took her indoors. Carol and I followed soon thereafter and we watched as they reversed roles, Brian getting a combined blowjob / hand-job and Mike pounding away at Sandra's cunt until they were both satisfied again.

Unfortunately two orgasms was my limit for the afternoon and, although I got erect again, my second time at screwing Carol ended with only a slight dribble. But I did stay erect long enough to give her an orgasm, especially when I used my fingers to stimulate her clit.

All in all it was a fantastic afternoon, all the more fun for not having been planned (at least by Sandra and me - we never did find out whether the seduction was planned by Carol, Mike and Brian or just 'happened').

The End

23-03-2008, 09:43 PM
Car Club

My husband John belongs to a car club, we have a red tee top 1970 Corvette Stingray. I love that car and go to most of the events with my husband and we have met a lot of nice people along the way. Not long ago John wanted to enter the car in competition and asked if I would wear some sexy outfits and model standing with the car to get the judges attention. Its pretty normal for the guys to get women to pose with there cars in sexy little outfits or bikinis showing a lot of skin. I thought it would be fun and I was flattered that he thought I was hot enough to do it after 12 years of marriage. I try to work out at the gym several times a week but I never thought he really noticed, I have kept my 34C 23 36 body tight for him and my head was swelled that he thought I was just as hot as any of the younger girls.

I agreed to be his model and John said he knew just the place to get some outfits, trusting him I was caught up in the fun and excitement. We took the car and went shopping; John drove to a store that specialized in clothes for dances. I was a little taken back looking at the thin dresses and outfits made for striping on stage reminding John that guys from his club would be seeing me in the outfits. Undaunted John was eager for me to dress the part of his sexy model for the car show not as his wife. We picked out a couple of dresses and a white slingshot bikini that we agreed I would not wear to the show, thinking it was a long shot I promised if he won I would wear it to accept the trophy with him.

The day of the show John went to the exhibition hall to get the car ready and I arrived at the hall just before it opened. When I took my coat off John's eyes almost fell out of his head, I had a red lycra mini dress with 5" platform stilettos. I did my hair up pretty wild and in long curly down my back, with a lot of make up; the dress was so tight I had to go with out a bra or thong. The dress hugged every curve of my body; it was so tight every time I moved I had to pull it down because the hem would ride up to the bottom of the cheeks of my butt. I saw mixed emotions in my husband's reactions, on one hand he wanted to fuck me right there on the other he was a little jealous. I gave him a peck on the cheek wishing him luck and I would fuck his brains out in the hotel later, giving me a smile he told me to get to work.

Soon the door opened and people started coming into the show, as the day went on a few of the judges came by and I played it up for them acting the part of the hot dumb model. They ate it up telling John they loved the car. A few of the guys from the car club came by, stopping to say hello. Seeing me in the tiny tight dress they asked my husband if they could take a few pictures with me and the car. John agreed and the first guy stood next to me getting his picture take with me, as we were taking the pictures some people asked my husband questions about the car causing him to turn away from us.

The three cub guys took turns putting there arm around me for the pictures but now when they did there hand was grouping my ass. I did not want to make a scene and tried to gently move away but was pulled back. I was squirming a little and fidgeting as one of the guys Mike took the pictures. He acted like a photographer moving around us even getting down on one knee almost down on the floor taking pictures up at us.

After a few minuets Mike asked if he could get a few shots of me sitting in the car, to get away I agreed. Sitting in the car my dress rode up a lot but I was comfortable that no one saw anything. I sat in the car letting Mike take his pictures until Mike asked me to get out and stand next to the car with the door open. Not seeing any harm I posed for the shots. Just them John wandered back over, we all talked a few minuets before the club guys left.

We had fun the rest of the day even though John did not win and that nigh I kept my promise fucking my husband in our hotel room. After we had a little pillow talk, we both admitted we had a good time and enjoyed me modeling.

A few weeks later we entered another car show, for this show I wore a thin short white halter dress. With this dress I did wear a g string and stilettos, even though the dress was lose fitting and my nipples were covered it showed plenty of cleavage and my breast were visible from the side. John and I had a great time at the show, just before the end the same three guys from the club showed up. This time then did not even ask my husband they just put there arms around me and started taking my picture. At one point Jake tickled me around my waist making my squirm and laughing.

After they took there pictures the guys hung around talking to John and looking at the other cars until the winner was announced. When one of the judges came over and told us John won and in a half hour to come up to get his trophy. We were so happy, we hugged and kissed for a minuet and then John reminded me I promised to wear the white slingshot. I asked him if he was sure besides I did not have it with me, John quickly said he was and he had it with a pair of stocking in a bag in the car.

Hesitantly I took the bag and went to the ladies room, I was embarrassed coming out and walking back to my husband. Every pair of eyes was on me the slingshot looked like a V over my body just barely covering my nipples and mound but both were clearly outlined, the thin strip of material wedged between the cheeks of my butt. The thigh high stockings came up to with in inches of my pussy further emphasizing my vagina and naked butt. My heels clicking on the floor as I walked back to John, I saw his lusty grin knowing he was going to have me later.

We walked up together to accept the first place trophy, I was very self conscious standing up there in front of everyone. Instinctively I shook my head moving my hair in front to cover my breast a little. As soon as I shook my head one side of the slingshot moved just an inch giving a nipple peek, quickly but as coolly as I could I adjusted it covering up. Cameras were going off all over and the judges asked me to take a few pictures next to the car and trophy for there news letter. I did and was put in positions I never thought I could do, from standing around the car with the trophy to bending over the car even for a few pictures I faced the front of the car with my feet apart they then bent me over the hood with my legs open. I could feel the thin white material wedging into my bare vagina with my hands resting on the hood. All in all it must have been about a half hour of pictures before everyone was happy. In the end I was a little concerned about it all, tired I just put my coat on and we returned to our room. At our room we talked as I changed for dinner, my husband was ecstatic; I don't think I ever saw him so happy. This was like Christmas and his birthday and hitting the lottery all in one he was so happy I did not have the heart bring his head down telling him I was uncomfortable with the afternoon. At dinned he thanked me a hundred time for being a good sport and how great I looked. I asked if he really enjoyed me exposed like that and I was surprised by his answer. John explained a lot of guys would love to have a hot wife that has that exhibitionist side to her, it was bragging rights to have a hot trophy wife. Thinking that was superficial I asked if having a hot looking car and wife was really important to him, receiving a enthusiast "Shit Ya!" from him.

Disappointed a little I asked if he minded that I was almost naked out there and told him about my nipple slip on stage. I did not think he could but his enthusiasm went up another notch, telling me everyone has seen a nipple before it was really hot! After dinner we returned to our room, as soon as the door closed John attacked me just about ripping my clothes of he was so excited, as quickly as he threw me on the bed he came. Surprised it was over so fast I got up to clean up for bed; John told me he was so excited from everything that happened he could not hold out. This was a lot of information for one day for me.

The next few times we were at the car club there was a lot of talk about me at the show. All the members saw my pictures in the news letter and some of the wives were not happy, others were ok with it. But what I was surprised with was the club wanted to put out a cheeses cake car calendar to make money for the club and they waned me to be the model. I was not sure but John was all hot for it asking me to do it that it would be fun. I told myself how bad could it be John really enjoyed it and the club would buy the outfits so I agreed.

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23-03-2008, 09:45 PM
A few weeks later everything was set up, a large garage studio was rented for the two day shoot. The night before I went to dinner with my husband and the club president Thomas. We had a good time talking and laughing over dinner at the end Thomas explained that he needed the calendar to be hot; there were a lot of calendars out there so we needed something special, I promised him I would do my best. Just before we left John excused himself to go to the bathroom that's when Thomas gave me my orders.

Thomas told me I was doing two calendars one was for the general public a cheeses cake type the other was nude and may have another model. Shocked I immediately shut him down telling him I was quitting! Thomas looked at me handing me an envelope telling me that I was at the point of no return. Puzzled I opened the envelope and inside were the pictures Mike took of me at the car shows that looked like a playboy shoot. He had pictures of the guys grouping my ass, others of my vagina getting into and in the car, even my nipple slip. I looked like a total slut, Thomas told me he knew John was up for a promotion and if his company saw these pictures it would be squashed. As my husband returned Thomas said good night and to be there at 10, taking the pictures with him.

My husband saw I was scared and asked what was the matter, I just said I did not feel well and asked to go home.

Having had my nails and wax done the day before I put my make up on and did my hair lying to myself that it won't be that bad, I had to do it for us. Taking a few extra things with me I arrived at the garage a half hour late. Nervously I walked into the garage; to my surprise it was very clean and very big. Under bright lights a white Cadillac Escalade, sliver Mercedes SLR Roadster and a red Dodge Viper Roadster convertible. Off to the side there was a custom chopper in front of a black Winnebago.

Walking past the cars I hear voices and called out hello, a male voice yelled back, "Your Late!"

Even more nervous now I walked to the back of the garage, sitting at a table was three men. Introducing themselves Jack was the photographer, Michael and Dean both his assistants and models. Taken back Michael and Dean were tall well built black men with shaved heads, well dressed. Jack rushed me to sign a models release then told me to get ready pointing to a white material dressing curtain, I was to change behind it and come out wearing the outfits in the order they are laid out. Everything was there from shoes to underwear, there was a full length mirror for me, Dean handed me a bottle of water and told me I'd have fun not to worry.

Giving a nervous smile I walked be hind the curtain and took my clothes off, I knew as I walked up to it they were going to see my silhouette. I swallowed hard seeing an envelope full of my pictures on the table a reminder from Thomas with a note telling me they were my copies.

Taking everything off I draped my clothes over the top of the dressing curtain, placing my bra and panties over the top I suddenly felt vulnerable. The entire first outfit was only tight white micro mini dress with spaghetti straps that was a size to small, white stocking and white platform stilettos. When I put it on the dress was very tight across my breast pushing my 34C up and almost out of it. The entire time Jack was rushing me along to hurry, walking out from behind the curtain I was pulling the dress down to cover my butt cheeks. Michael commented how great I looked and at 5' 4" with the 5" heels I was up to 5'9", repeating several times don't worry that I looked great.

Scurrying me over to the Viper Dean handed me a glass of red wine to use as a prop. Jack posed me around the car, for most of the shots the bottom of the cheeks of my butt were exposed. Jack had me taking sips of wine as we shot; it was a good idea as it did relax me a little and a little less self conscious.

After two glasses of wine and a lot of pictures Jack had me change into the next outfit, returning behind the dressing curtain I changed into a silver tiny micro mini skirt that could not be more that 6" long, red satin thong, black platform stilettos and silver band top that only covered my nipples. Michael and Dean were very nice to me but Jack was constantly rushing me along, after a few glasses of wine my head was buzzed and I was not able to focus. I was moving and swaying with Jacks direction, quickly Jack moved me through the shoots. Several times the thin band cover my nipples shifted as I move exposing my nipples to the camera.

For the bike pictures Jack had picked out a white slingshot just like the one I wore at the car show and a white thigh high stiletto heeled boots and white thigh high stocking with lace tops showing out of the boots. When I came out from behind the curtain Dean walked over to me with a joint in his mouth, fluffing my hair up he asked if I smoked. I told him not in years; giving me a kind smile he held the joint to my lips, inhaling deep I started to cough. Rubbing my back Dean asked me to take one more, when I stopped coughing he put the joint to my lips again smiling at him I took another hit thinking I was about to need it.

Walking me over to the chopper Jack had me sit backwards on the bike and lay back on the tank. Stretching my arms over my head holding onto the handlebars, my legs open my body was stretched out over the bike. Music stated to play in the Winnebago, Michael asked me to close my eyes and listen to the music moving my body to it.

Everything was quiet except for the music playing softly, with my eyes closed my mind was blanked out. Listening I heard a woman's soft lustful moans in the background of the music. Slowly building to soft steamy cries of ecstasy, listening to erotic whispers of a man taking her over and over. I found myself lifting my hips and arching my back up becoming excited as the lovers crescendo building. My own hips thrust up and down, humping the air faster wanting to feel a man inside me, hearing the woman's cries as she came my own frustration built inside me. The low husky voice of her lover filled my ears with his gowns pumping his seed into her. Her moans changed to purrs of contentment, whispering how his cock pleased her, realizing low moans of my own were escaping my lips I opened my eyes.

In only there shorts Dean and Michael were standing on each side of me, I was in a daze as they helped me up to my feet. In my trance the top of the slingshot had moved to the sides exposing my breast. Each taking a shoulder strap in hand they lowered the slingshot from my body helping me step out of it. Taking my hand Dean lead me to the steps of the RV, naked except for my boots and stocking I willingly entered the RV with the two men knowing I was about to commit adultery. Inside for hours the three of us made love, we fucked over and over, we did it all, I was a sexual heat surrendering to my hetaeristic lust.

Both men were large, bigger than I ever had before, Michael is thick with large heavy balls and Dean was long with a wide head. Both men alternated using my vagina and mouth, each depositing several loads in me. Working me into several sexual frenzies fucking me hard keeping me on all 4s with one man fucking my pussy the other fucking my mouth, one would hold a handful of my hair in clump feeding me his black cock as the other entered my cunt. Several times they had me admitting I was a slut that loved black cock and how much bigger and better there cocks were than my husband. Crying out shriek of ecstasy stream from me with each man pounding his mammoth cock into me and depositing his seed deep into my womb.

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23-03-2008, 09:46 PM
Exhausted and sore the two men were not done with me flipping me on my back Dean held my legs up by my ankles with Michael continuing to fuck me. Joking Michael and Dean laughed at what a slut I was commenting they could do whatever the wanted to me and I'd like it. My cries of please now turned to grunts each time Michael rammed the full length of his huge cock into me.

I was a little incoherent laying on my back like fuck doll for Michael and Dean's it felt like my vagina was being ripped open by there huge cock pounding into me. Dean lay next to me, like a doll I was flipped over on top of him. My legs straddled Dean's body making my pussy available to him but exhausted I laid on top of him motionless. Michael crawled up behind me dipping his cock in and out of my dripping pussy, the mixture of my juices and cum allowed his cock to easily slide into my stretched dripping cunt. I laid on top of Dean grunting as Michael poked his shaft in and out of me, after a few strokes Michael pulled out and was replaced by Dean's cock. Suddenly an adrenaline rush through my body, Michael was entering my virgin ass. Pined between the two men panicked I tried to get up, a burning pain ran through my body as Michel stretched my butt open. Michael used all his weight to sink the length of his shaft into my butt, at the same time Dean grouped my breast biting down on my nipples. Then the two men started pumping there cocks in and out of my pussy and ass. As the two men DP me I became oblivious to everything all I was aware of was I had a cock filling my cunt and ass. I did not think I had it in me but a huge orgasm consumed me, orgasmic state washed over me, screaming my upper body jerked wildly, Michael held my hips still keeping both cocks deep inside me. Cumming down I thought I would pass out collapsing on Dean, I laid there motionless grunting as they pumped there cocks into empting there cum into me.

When they were done Dean and Michael came along side my head feeding me there cocks to suck them clean, the two men satisfied left me on the bed in the RV. I laid on the with my legs spread wide open, I felt my pussy and ass gaping open leaking cum onto the bed making a wet spot. My body was so sore I laid there for sometime trying to get my thoughts together, did all this really happen? Had two black men just ravished my body, did they release a deep hidden secret inside me, was I really a slut, this all was so taboo my body was aching but I love it, I just had the most incredible sex of my entire life, what just happened to me?

Finally I was able to get myself together and made my way to the RV bathroom to find nothing was working. The best I could I cleaned myself up and got dressed.

I have no idea how long I was there sex toy but I did not get home until 11PM, that night my husband wanted to know everything but I was not ready to do that. I must have looked like I felt; looking me over John asked was it that hard work. In the morning I gave him what I though he needed to know giving him bits and pieces at a time. Over the next week I told him mostly everything. He was upset for me when I told him about the partial nude photos from the car show and the new photos Jack took. John concerned asked how I was holding up; my concern now was with what I did not tell my husband I did in the RV more than the pictures.

We talked about it, going around and around talking ourselves into thinking it's not so bad, hopefully we could talk Thomas into putting out just one calendar. John admitted it was sexy and he wanted to see all the pictures. Feeling a little better I gave him the pictures from the car show I soon found out that was a mistake. As John looked through the pictures he became excited, I never saw him so excited as he took me to our bedroom. In seconds we were naked on the bed, I was still sore I told John I wanted to ride him hoping it would be easer for me. Squatting down on my husband's dick it easily entered me, it felt so small. I realized my vagina had not recuperated after yesterday's ravenousness attack on it by Michael and Dean. John pushed up commenting that I felt lose, rocking my hips I told him to be quiet and fuck me. I squirmed around trying to feel his dick inside me; I did some pillow talk asking John if he really like me showing off nude. Closing his eyes he admitted he did, rocking my hips on him I then asked if he liked the guys felt my ass up. I could see John was about to cum; I pressed him asking, "Would you like me to fuck other men?"

Suddenly he groaned cumming hard I just hit his button, I continued to rock back and forth on his lips dick asking him questions. He was like a child laying there, I asked him if it was all right if I fucked other guys. Quickly with out thinking about it John moaned yes, wanting to see how much he was into this I told my husband if he wanted me to sleep with other men he'd have to clean his cum from me, he whisped ok.

Moving up over his face I lowered my pussy to his mouth and told him to start licking. God it felt so good, he gently licked and sucked my pussy cleaning ever drop.

The End

23-03-2008, 09:48 PM
Running Down a Dream

When Diane first met Justin it was when Justin played on her brother's baseball team. Little did Justin know that the only reason Diane went to those games was to see him but then again it would be hard for him to know this because he hadn't even noticed Diane yet. It wouldn't be until a few years later that Justin would take notice of Diane.

As luck would have it one of Diane's best friends was always hanging out with Justin and his small group of friends and she quickly made her way into this circle of friends. Whenever they were out Diane would find some way to try to get close to Justin, for in her mind she had always wanted to feel him inside her and she wasn't going to give up hope. Although she could afford to loose a few pounds Diane was still a looker at 5'2", curly red hair and green eyes that seem to shimmer in the light. As for Justin he was a scraggly 170 pounds, 5'10" with beautiful blue eyes.

Diane and Justin became fast friends as a result of Diane's persistence and soon they became inseparable. Most every weekend these two could be found together and to any bystander they would have thought that those two were in an item. When in fact Justin was constantly trying to find his Ms. Right and he would look to Diane for support and advice. Although Diane hated to be supportive she would make up stories of different made-up men that she too was having troubles with to try to make Justin jealous. Most nights Diane would end up going home at the end of the night and cry herself to sleep.

Occasionally Diane would try to find the liquid courage to make a move on Justin. Her best opportunity came when Justin stopped by her friend Christine's house on his way home. The three of that stood around talking when Christine excused herself, using the excuse of not feeling well but when in fact she was giving Diane the opportunity to make her move. Subtly she moved closer and closer until they were staring in each others eyes. To cover the awkward silence she moved in and before she knew it she felt more alive then she had ever been. She could feel the electricity from his kiss all the way down in her toes.

Much to Diane's shock Justin actually moved in closer and she could feel his ever growing cock and she could feel her knees start to buckle. Gently pulling away she looked at him and in a whisper that was barely audible said "I so want to fuck you!"

Before Justin could realize what was happening Diane had him on the couch and was in the process of taking off his clothes. Wanting to join in the fun Justin started to return the favor, with one hand he was removing her panties and with the other started to rub his fingers over her wanting vagina. Ready for action Justin started to pull Diane on top of him but she stopped him by saying; "If you go get my pocketbook, I have a rubber you can use."

A little shocked all Justin could think to say was "Huh- what are you trying to ruin the mood?!" To which Diane replied; "Don't you think getting pregnant would ruin the mood even more?!"

Reluctantly Justin got up and fetched the pocketbook. Snagging it from his hands Diane quickly found the rubber and with quickness and precision had his now solid cock covered and ready for lovin'. Climbing on top of him Diane grabbed his cock and guided it into her now dripping vagina. Feeling like this could be one of the dreams she played over and over in her mind Diane grinded Justin feeling him penetrate deeper and deeper. As she approached climax Justin had slid one of fingers down and gently began to massage her clit which sent Diane into a wonderfully convulsive orgasm.

As Diane tried to slide off of Justin for the cuddle time she had longed for, he slid down and reached up and quickly pulled Diane onto his waiting tongue. With his tongue probing Diane began to move almost by instinct and looking down between her bouncing 36 C's she could see Justin's eyes gleaming up at her. While what was once a dream had become a reality Diane let go of her pent up excitement and let loose another explosive orgasm.

Physically and emotionally exhausted she collapsed into Justin's arms and softly began to kiss him. Not sure if it was the fact her dreams had just come true or if it was the warmth of Justin's touch but Diane fell fast asleep in the grasp of Justin's hug and all she wanted was to wake up in the exact same spot.

The End

23-03-2008, 09:55 PM
Making a Weakness a Strength

Weak 1

I had finished the first assignment the temp agency had given me; it was only one day a week, 8.00 'til 2.00, filling in while someone was on a course for a month, but I was going on to the next straight away. It was a start and I had been assured that if I did ok, was punctual and efficient there would be more jobs coming my way.

I was standing at the stop waiting for the bus that would take me to the next appointment when my mobile rang. It was Heather, my flat mate, asking how I had got on, which was real sweet of her. The traffic was noisy so I moved behind a line of trees. I walked to shelter at the side of a building and had to get across a large grill to get into a corner - although concentrating on the call I had not realised it. The sound of my shoes on the metal roused some interest from inside as a window opened and faces appeared below.

I saw them well enough, standing just to the side of the grill as I was but as I was still speaking to my friend I thought it best to ignore them. It was all too apparent that they were not ignoring me, though...

The faces belonged to two young men, hardly more than boys, and they were clearly taking the opportunity to look up my skirt. I felt confused and embarrassed; I didn't want to let my friend on the phone become aware of my predicament but I could not get further away from the prying eyes. Still pretending I had not seen them I pressed myself into the corner as far as I could. I was pretty sure that the boys were getting quite a good show of leg but little else, so I contented myself with the thought that I was keeping my modesty intact!

Then of course the bus I needed came. My options seemed pretty limited... to remonstrate with the boys and tell them to shut their window so I could get back across the grill without embarrassment, miss the bus and wait where I was until they got bored, or what I decided to do in the seconds I had. Somehow the thought of not acknowledge the two leering faces was less uncomfortable than trying to persuade them not to look up my skirt – I would be quite ashamed as a 28 year old to put myself in a position where I had to plead with youngsters 10 years my junior. And I certainly could not hang around for at least another half an hour given what had been said about punctuality. So I ended the call and walked as briskly as I could back across the grill, keeping my legs together as much as I could whilst holding my skirt close to me; all without making it obvious I was trying to stop anyone seeing up it.

I guess it was only three or four steps but it seemed as though I had to do the 100 metres sprint over the grill. As I did so wolf whistles and jeers greeted the sight below. Of course I had to pretend not to hear them as my face flushed and I hurried on.

Once on the bus I pretended that my red face was as a result of running to catch it, but try as I might to just forget the incident I could not erase it from my mind for the rest of the day. I had been made to feel so vulnerable by two teens all for seeing nothing more than my legs – less than I would have been happy to show off at the beach. But it was more private, more intrusive than that and I was intrigued that the possibility of seeing my knickers had captivated my voyeurers.

Once I got home I took a mirror from my bedroom wall and stood over it, trying to find out what they had seen. My skirt was just above the knee and I had black knickers on so even with my feet on either side of the mirror and my legs further apart than I think they had been above the grill I was not able to make out much of the shape of my bum or the top of my legs – all that fretting for so little I told myself. But part of me was disappointed, it was almost that the embarrassment I had felt so acutely had not been worthwhile.

I told Heather about what had been happening during our phone conversation earlier in the day. "It's just like when I was at school" she replied, "first formers would stand at the side of the stairs looking up, hoping to see the knickers of older girls. Most of my friends were horrified by the little jerks, and that seemed to please them just as much. But I liked to tease them and sometimes I deliberately let them see up my skirt and that meant they didn't have any power: I decided what they saw and when."

This all seemed very confident for a girl who would have been no older than the lads who had unnerved me this afternoon but it still made sense, away of gaining control. I wondered if I could ever have the resolve to do the same.

"Bet you couldn't go back there and flash your panties at them."

"No, you're probably right – I couldn't" I replied, but already trying to steel myself.

Weak 2

I dressed in the same skirt as I had for the job last week, but this time with white panties underneath. I stood over the mirror again, and yes they were more visible and the curve of my buttocks quite discernable. As I headed for town I told myself alternately that I was going to go through with it and then that I was just playing with the idea. I certainly hadn't told Heather of my plan/dilemma – in fact last week's incident hadn't been mentioned again.

Intermittently I thought about standing right over the grill and eyes of 18 year olds looking up at me; if I summoned up the conviction that I was in control I felt quite sexy about it. If I could keep conjuring up that feeling I was sure I could do it. So at 2.00 I said goodbye to the other office girls and first headed for the ladies. There I fantasised about showing myself off, rubbed my crotch and breasts through my clothes enough to feel aroused but not so as I wanted to cum.

I then set off for the bus stop, except I was really heading for the grill. This time I took more notice of the building it was next to; it was a college and the side the bus stop was nearest to seemed to house the gym. I march right up to it as I knew that if I allowed myself to doubt I would be scared away by the humiliation of what I was doing, not empowered by being in control. Just for a moment I hesitated right in front of the metal bars that I knew would alert the people below. Fleetingly I thought it may not be the same lads inside, something I had not considered until right then... it didn't matter, it was me who was different.

My shoes rattled the grill, the window squeaked open and this time three pairs of eyes peered up. I kept my legs as open as I dared, which may have not been very much but felt like doing the splits. Looking down I recognised two of the teens from before and I am sure they recognised me. I did think of running off as quickly as I could but that would have meant I had no control. So I willed myself to stay.

Suddenly I thought about not what I looked like to those below but those on the street; I imagined I would appear rather abnormal. Last week I had been on the phone and that somehow would have seemed more natural. So I did the natural thing and got my mobile out. It didn't occur to me that I could just pretend to talk to someone, instead I rang Heather.

"Hi, Heather. Guess where I am?"

"No, not yet. Remember I told you about having to walk over a grill last week and you said 'Bet you couldn't go back'? Well that's where I am!"

"I sure am - in white knickers so they can see better."

"I'm not making it up! Listen..." I held the phone by my side, over the grill in the hope that Heather would be able to hear the wolf whistles, and calls of "Get'em off!"

"Did you get that?"

"See, I am here!"

We talked for a few more minutes until I could see the no 24 working its way through the traffic.

"The bus is coming now; got to go"

With some elation I dropped the phone back in my bag, bent slightly down and called out "Bye, boys!" before striding towards the stop. I felt proud, strong and sexy.

Weak 3

Heather had laughed, half from disbelief, half from amusement when we had both got home.

"You've got more bottle than I thought!" was her assessment. She thought that was the end of it but the whole thing was still nagging at me and I often thought about the nerves I had had, the sheer will power it had taken to stay standing over the grill knowing I was deliberately allowing people to look between my legs, the possibility that others would work out what I was doing, the thrill the whole thing had given me...

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23-03-2008, 09:56 PM
When Heather was out I spent two or three hours stood over the mirror looking for the best combination of skirt or dress and panties, just to see if I could have made a better display – not intending to actually to do it again. The best combination was a light summary dress and a white thong with hold up stockings. I tried it with suspenders but there were too obvious under the dress. I began to regret that I had not done this "research" before and slowly I realised that I was going to have to do it again if I was going to get the thing out of my head...

I got quite excited dressing for work on the day. The dress and wearing stockings, let alone a thong were quite different to what I had turned up in before. The dress was slightly too summery for the weather and colleagues did comment on my more feminine appearance but soon formed the impression that I must be meeting someone after work, which I fostered. At 2.00 I headed for the loos again; I pulled my dress around my waist this time and rubbed myself through the thong thinking of the eyes that would soon be seeing what none of my colleagues had. When I was sufficiently aroused off I headed again.

I almost marched to the grill and without hesitation I strode onto it; immediately the window opened. The two young men who had seen me the first time were there but the third was different to last time and I became aware that there were more behind them pressing closer to the window to get a look.

Cries of "she's here" and "get a look at that" greeted me.

As before I got my phone out but only pretended to have a conversation – if I rang Heather again I was sure she would have thought I was taking this too far and there was no one else I could possibly have rung. So I ran a commentary on what was happening to myself.

"There are three boys below looking up my dress and they are calling to others behind them about what they can see. I can't make it all out but they are saying things like, 'she's wearing stockings', 'you can see her arse', 'I'm telling you it's a fucking g-string!' Oh, there's no need for that language!"

I giggled into the mouth piece after each phrase I recounted, somehow the fact they were getting excited about me was quite amusing. I was truly in control; I felt I had them round my little finger!

"I'm going to close my legs to tease them" I told my imaginary friend on the other end. "Now they are groaning... and asking me to show them my bum again! They are saying 'open your legs up', 'if you can hear us please let us see some more'. Well, seeing as they asked so nicely..."

I shifted my foot one, two, three, and then four bars to the right, the widest I had dared to spread my legs (I would have opened them wider than that for my vouyerers, but I was more concerned about what I would have looked like to passers by). My move was greeted by cheers and more wolf whistles!

"They are in the palm of my hand"

It was about then that I was aware of a flash of light; at first I thought it was the sun reflecting off a moving car but then it happened again. There was no mistaking the flash of a camera that illuminated my dress from the inside and would have alerted to anyone who happened to glance my way as to what was going on. Immediately I got off the grill, wall side. The prospect of photos of my arse being passed round the college, or even put up on the internet then came to mind. Like the first time I had strayed over the grill though I was now trapped, the only way to meet my bus, which would not be long now, was to walk back over it.

Either I just walked back across risking further flashes (in more ways than one) or I attempted to negotiate my way out of the situation.

Bending down and attempting to hide my face as much as possible for fear that a photo of me could give my identity away I hissed "What the hell do you think you are doing? Do you want everyone to know what we are doing?!"

"It was too good a chance" someone laughed.

"Well you are ruining everyone else's chances" I retorted, saying the first thing that came into my head.

"Chances of what?" said the boy with the camera in his hand.

"Are you going to show us your pussy?" his friend asked.

"Put that camera away and I might" I said rather feebly, seeing my bus coming and knowing I had to get out of there quickly.

"Ok, it's going away now" the first boy said, and I saw him slip it into his pocket. "Let's see what you've got!"

"Not now, I've got to go. I'll be back next week."

"As if!"

"I will, and I promise I'll have no knickers on." I said standing ready to run as the bus was at the stop. "But if there any cameras around I'll go straight away and you will see nothing!"

There was some shouting as I made a dash across the grill but I could not make it out. I got to the bus just as the doors were closing but the driver was good enough to open them for me "anything for a pretty girl" he quipped. Ordinarily I might have picked him up on that remark but how could I after what I had just been doing? Besides my head was dizzy with what I had just promised to do; of course I could just ignore it and never go back near the school again, couldn't I?

That evening I stood over my digital camera taking pictures of up my skirt, with and without panties.

Weak 4

From believing I was in complete command of the situation to pleading and bargaining in, literally, a flash: I was flung back to the same feeling of embarrassment I had felt the first time I had walked over the grill and the same dilemma off how to win back control. It came down to this: how could I get back my self respect? If I did not keep my promise I would feel that I was cheating and dishonest, but how could showing my pussy to teenagers be a way of getting self respect?! And if I did I would just feel I was being compliant, that they were in control, not me.

I couldn't talk about all this to Heather, of course, but I did remember what she said about her being the one decided what the kids in her school saw and that gave her the upper hand. I decided that is what I had to do. I had said they could not take photographs; maybe I should take pictures to give to them, perhaps completely naked so that they could see my tits too. I took several, making sure I didn't show my face. I thought about how I could give them to the boys, on a disc or print them off. The possibility of them being found, passed round or put up on the internet did not make feel I was in control though so I decided against it.

Finally I hit upon the best thing I could do. They wanted to see my pussy? They could – and I would give them the best view possible, better than that I would show them what an aroused and engorged pussy looked like. A couple of years ago some girl friends of mine had bought a group of us embarrassing gifts from a sex shop they had been dared to go into. They had a vibrator for one girl of course, crocheless panties for another and ben-wah balls for me. I had tried them once and quite enjoyed the feel of them inside me; pulling them out had been the most exciting thing, though. I tried them again, standing over the mirror and taking pictures of myself too.

It was clear that popping them out standing up with a skirt on was going to be very difficult and, unless I thought of something, very obvious to anyone watching. I decided that I would wear as short a skirt as possible and tie a thread to the little chain that attached to the last ball to be inserted and hung down. It would hardly be seen and if I measured it right could belong enough for me to bend over and pull from around my knees, pretending to pick something off my leg.

It all took quite a while to work out but on the morning of the final Tuesday I would be going to this temp job I dressed in a mid thigh-length leather skirt (not the shortest I have but the one I thought I could get away with) hold-up stockings, boots and a tight woollen top over my bra. I frigged myself thinking about what I was planning to do until I was wet enough to push the ben-wah balls, with the thread already tied onto the chain, up my cunt. Finally I pulled on a pair of knickers, partly because I wanted to feel sure that the balls were not going to drop out at any point (I knew they wouldn't but I wanted to be safe rather than sorry) and partly because I knew the balls would keep me aroused and my panties would stop any leaks. I looked at myself in the mirror, now back on the wall, and thought it all looked a sexy ensemble; a little provocative for an office job, but it was my last day, so what the hell!

Off I went with the balls massaging my pussy as I walked.

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23-03-2008, 09:57 PM
My appearance drew quite a lot of attention, with everyone assuming I was dressed to wow whoever my boyfriend was, so I strung them along a bit saying he was someone at the next job I was going out with. Three of the girls took me off an hour early for a drink as it was my last day. I was quite glad of the alcoholic lubrication given what I had planned. We said goodbye at about quarter to two, giving me some extra time to prepare. Again I made for the ladies and in a cubicle I pulled down my knickers. Given all the stimulation from the balls I wasn't surprised to find the crotch quite wet but I still wanted to get to a higher state of arousal before attempting to pull them out or, indeed to have the nerve to go ahead with the x-rated show I wanted to give. I sat on the loo and began frigging, imagining the look on the lad's faces. When I masturbate I most often play with my breasts so I pulled up my top and unclasped my bra to pinch and pull my nipples.

I was close to coming and just had the will power to stop before going over the edge. To keep that level of excitement up though I pulled the top right off and removed the bra putting it with my knickers in my shoulder bag. My voyerers were not going to benefit much from the top stretching across my braless tits to outline my nipples, but I was enjoying the sensation. Once my clothes and hair were all back in place I strode off to the college for the forth time.

The boys were clearly expecting me to keep my promise as the three I recognised had already climbed out of the window and wedged themselves into the space directly below the grill. Three others had taken their place inside. The first thing I did was to drop the knickers I had taken off between the bars, which was greeted by cheers and clapping. I warned them not to make so much noise that it might attract attention and they were certainly not to take any pictures. The first time either happened I would leave and never come back. There was mumbled acceptance and I stepped on to the grill to the sound of muted excitement.

Slowly I parted my legs then felt for the thread at the end of the ben wah balls; it had become slippery and sodden with my juices and as I pulled it just came away from the chain I had tied it to. Momentarily I was flummoxed: this was to be the culmination of my exhibitionism and now I might not be able to pull it off; I certainly could not reach up my skirt to get the chain, that would have been far to obvious. The only thing for it would be to crouch down and see if I could get hold of it. I put my bag down in front of me and tried to squat behind it. The leather skirt was too tight to allow me to open my legs like that, so with as much grace as I could muster, I half stood and hitched it up as far as I dared. I knew that my thighs above the stocking part of the tights would be visible from the side but was fairly confident that I would be able to see anyone coming in that direction before it became obvious. I was also aware that those below were getting an unrestricted and close up view of my arse too.

With one knee resting uncomfortably on a bar and the foot of the other leg planted firmly on another so that that knee was bent my thighs were as wide as possible. The skirt complained about being stretched and I felt the seam go at the back. Unable to do anything about that now I pretended to be looking for something in my bag to disguise what I was doing. Once I was sure I could balance and that I looked as natural as possible I reached between my legs and found the little chain and began pulling the balls out of my cunt.

They were about 4cms across and I could feel the opening stretch to allow the first though. The lips of my lobelia clung to the ball and were spread and pulled down by it. Finally the ball popped out with what sounded like a fart as my cunt sucked in air behind it and to a spray of my juices on to my thighs and probably those below.

There were a series of noises from them, amazement, shock, excitement all at once. I was gasping for air as I had hardly remembered to breathe and I felt exhilarated! The end of the chain now dangled just between the bars of the grill and I thought the lad closest to me could just about reach it.

"Pull it slowly like I did" I instructed him. He managed to grasp it and tugged. The second ball squeezed though my cunt as I endeavoured to look to the rest of the world as though I was diligently searching in my bag. The same feelings of being stretched and pulled sent sexual shockwaves through my body, partly though the physical sensations but also the fact that a 16 year old youth was causing them while five of his friends were watching my pussy being opened up by him. Rather sooner than I had hoped the ball squirted out accompanied by the same filthy sound and spray of juices.

I felt really close to coming and knew that only a couple of strokes of my clit would bring me to climax. As I wondered if I could possibly finger myself without exposing my entire fanny I suddenly felt fingers on the ankle and thigh of my right, kneeling leg. Emboldened by my instructions to the one boy the others had shuffled themselves round below me so that they could touch me.

Another hand reached up and groped my arse. I could feel my buttocks being spread. Slowly the others crept up my legs. Very soon clumsy, inexperienced fingers were pawing at my pussy and bum; they prodded at my arsehole and pushed into my cunt. I desperately wanted them to frig me, and pleaded with them to rub my clit but either they didn't know where it was or couldn't quite reach. Being so close to orgasm yet not quite being able to cum was making me dizzy and I was frightened I would do something really silly, like strip off all my clothes – which I felt like doing.

While I was in this predicament the bus I needed to catch came up the road. My mind urged me to get to the bus stop but my body would just not react. Mentally I went through standing up, gathering my things and walking to the stop but my legs stayed rooted, unable to break the hold that eyes and hands had on me. Even as in my head I was running for the bus my legs were splaying further apart, with both knees on the grill now trying to get more in reach of the fingers. The seam at the back of the skirt rent further as I did so. Vaguely I knew this was going to put me in a predicament to say the least but it was more urgent to cum.

The fingers did press against my clit now but they were more interested in parting the lips and poking inside my cunt. They spread the juice from it over my thighs and arse. Hardly able to speak now I listened to what my molesters (I could not call them mere vouyerers now) were saying.

"get your finger as far up as you can... look at her arse... you can smell her cunt... spread the lips on her... does it feel sticky?..."

Suddenly there was a change in the atmosphere, the fingers and eyes left me and a voice called "We've got to go or we'll get caught". The sound of scrambling came from below and finally the window banging shut – but not before another voice hissed "thank you, Miss."


I found myself almost crying, I think it was out of frustration and desperation, but from humiliation too. Here I was, a grown woman, allowing myself to be reduced to a quivering sex object for teenagers, more than willing for them to touch me in such private ways in such a public place. I had tried to be the one in control, who dictated what would happen but the truth was that at that moment I would have done whatever they wanted if only the would have given me release. No more photographs I had said, but they could have put me put me under a spotlight and video'd the whole thing, they could have stripped me naked right there, they could have sprayed their cocks all over me as long as I could have cum too.

Shakily I got to my feet; my knees hurt and I could hardly stand but I managed to stumble away from the grill. I pulled my skirt down and feeling round the back I found that it was indeed ripped half way up my backside. I couldn't see but I was sure that it would be visible to all when I walked. Of course I didn't even have a pair of knickers to put on.

I thought about what I should do; I certainly couldn't wait until nightfall for the darkness to hide my embarrassment. The sexed up side of me (and I was still feeling erotically charged, needing to cum) was saying "be brazen, go on flash your arse!) The side of me that felt humbled by the whole experience was screaming 'No! How could you even think of it?' It was the side that was winning when I was aware I was being called to. A side window had opened up and a man was looking down.

"Are you ok?"

"Sure, I'll be alright."

"You don't seem well. Is there anything I can do?"

I needed to think swiftly; this guy might be able to get me out of this mess, but he could add to my trouble by realising how I got into it. What had he already witnessed? If he had seen nothing how would I explain myself...?

"Err, I've just had a bit of a shock" I said. "Actually there is something, do you know the number of a taxi I could call?"

"I'll find one and be right down"

Damn. If only he could have shouted it down, but he was gone and I couldn't stop him. I didn't want him to see me like this but it would be worse if I walked away and a lot more people did. So I stood with my back and torn skirt against the wall trying to put a story together in my head.

The man soon came round the corner with a piece of paper in his hand. He is quite old, 60's probably, dressed in a really old fashioned way in sports jacket, tie and pressed trousers.

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23-03-2008, 09:59 PM
"Here's a number" he said. "Do you want me to phone it for you?"

"No, I will be fine, now, thanks."

"Look I will stay with you until a taxi arrives. You look very shaken."

"It's alright, honestly" I almost plead.

"Well at least I should make sure one is on its way."

"Ok" I say; it seemed a good compromise. I took the number from him and began to dial, but I still felt a bit dizzy and had problems pressing the right numbers."

"Here, let me" my would-be knight in shining armour said and I handed him the mobile.

He started to ring it but stopped and said "Look, I don't want to seem pushy at all but my car is not far away and I could drive you where you want to go, rather than wait for a taxi to arrive. It could be ages."

Again I have to think fast. I could be out of the frying pan and into a fire here – but that might be better than taking my chances like this with a taxi driver. If I were to catch one I'd have to stand out on the pavement to wave it down...

"Would you? That would be very kind, but I don't want to put you to any trouble."

"It's no trouble at all. If you come with me..."

"I'm not sure I can walk very well" I say hastily, "if you could drive here I could hobble to your car, if that's ok."

"Sure... I'll beep when I get to the bus stop over there" he replied waving his had to the place I should have got on to get to my next job.

While he was gone I did just manage to ring the people there and concocted a story about being told my sister had been in a car crash and having to go to a hospital (I thought that was better to say than I was ill because the agency would find out I had been ok) I considered telling the gentleman the same thing, but realised he would want to take me to an accident and emergency somewhere. Having got that sorted I felt more confident and started to think how I could extend my adventure rather than be cowed by events – I still hadn't cum and my pussy was demanding some attention. First I twisted the skirt so the split was at the side – still revealing but at least not showing off my crack. I resolved I would give my driver an eyeful as the split would be on his side, but not any passerby.

I heard the horn and holding my skirt together as best I could until I reached the car door. I manoeuvred my way in so as to ensure the man got as much a view of thigh and buttock as I could. Once I was in I 'apologised' for the amount of flesh on display "I don't think there is a ladylike way of getting in with a torn skirt like this."

"Don't worry on my account! How did you come by doing that?

"I stumbled and it split as I fell – after all it is pretty tight" I lied unconvincingly.

"So where do you want me to take you, then?"

I hadn't considered that at all up to that moment. "Er, I don't know whether it's best to go to a shop for a skirt or home first", I stalled.

"There's a bus coming so I'll pull away, while you think".

The car moved off, then the man turned and said "You don't seem in a fit state to go shopping, and not dressed for it either".

"No, I guess not, I'm hardly dressed at all, in fact!" I wanted more thinking time about where to go and to have some fun by embarrassing the old guy – see him squirm. But he wasn't fazed.

"I'd already seen that! So how come you haven't got much on?"

"I like showing off and people seem to like a bit of leg."

"And more..."

"I guess they would if they got half a chance!"

"Well if you stand on that grill, they will."

"Do you think anyone would have been able to see me?" I said in mock surprise.

"I know so." He pulled a mobile phone out of his pocket and handed it to me. On it was a picture – up a woman's skirt from below the grill. It was my skirt - and my bum - in the picture.

I felt myself redden. It must have been the photo taken last week. "Did you take this?" I asked, attempting to show I knew nothing about it.

"Hardly, it was one of the students. Don't know which one, this may not be his phone – that picture will have gone round the whole college in days!" It was left behind a few days ago and I picked it up, flicked through it and found that."

"So why did you have it ready to show me?" I enquired, beginning to realise that somehow I had been rumbled.

"Look at the date and time the photo was taken."

I confessed I had no idea how to do that and he told me step by step. 05.06.07 - 14.13 it clearly read.

"So I just stood at the window I called to you from the same time a week later and there you were."

"I see" I said rather weakly."

"Of course, that would be pretty damning if it was handed to particular people..."

"That sounds like blackmail."

"From what I've seen that won't be needed. You clearly like showing off."

'Take control' was the only thing I could think. How could I be the one who decided what I was going to show and to who? My mind raced back to what Heather had said, "I liked to tease them and sometimes I deliberately let them see up my skirt and that meant they didn't have any power."

"Bet you would like to see my knickers, just like in the picture" I ventured, knowing the answer.

"I could hardly refuse such a kind invitation."

I lifted my bum off the seat and pulled my skirt up at the back, then as we drew up at some lights I slowly hitched the front up too, revealing the tops of the stocking tights, then my thighs, then my bush. I didn't stop until the hem of my skirt was up at breast height, but kept my legs together so he couldn't see my cunt.

"How lovely... You showed them your pussy didn't you?"

"I did" I replied, pulling the skirt down quickly. "And I'll show you too, but they're green again" I said, nodding at the lights, "and you've got to concentrate on the road".

"Yes, yes, I'll try." He was clearly a little flustered, getting the wrong gear as we drove off. "Well, the basketballers got a better show than most, that's for sure!"

"What do you mean, 'most'?"

"There are often rumours of women exposing themselves over that grating but we actually only get to know of one every year or so. Somehow there is something about that spot above the changing room that draws people to flashing their knickers. Of course with most you don't know if they realise people are looking – but if they come back and especially if they are not wearing any..."

Although I was happy for the gentleman to know I had exposed myself to the students I hoped that he didn't realise that I had allowed them to touch me, had had an urgent need for them to – that would give him too much power.

I had forgotten that I was supposed to be saying where I wanted to go, but the gentleman seemed to be driving somewhere purposefully.

"So where are you taking me?"

"I thought we might have a bit of fun, at this nature place round here" he replied as we turned a corner and entered a car park.

I had seen the signs as I had passed before but never been in.

"Looks a bit public" I said as nonchalantly as I could.

"This area is but if you walk through there's more at the back most people don't go." With that he got out and I had no choice but to follow.

I wondered what people looking at us thought as we walked through the gardens, me looking every inch a tart and him a respectable gent. A prostitute and her client? A father and daughter – more likely a grandfather and granddaughter! I decided I would play the part of a bimbo and he would be my sugar-daddy. So I took his arm and cuddled up to his side.

And people did look at me; at breasts in a tight top, at legs in a short skirt and glimpsed thigh as the rip parted and closed as I walked. Onlookers got fewer as we walked further on until there was almost no one as we entered a woodland walk area. Here my sugar daddy got more adventurous and talked of what we might do – or rather what I might do. He wanted to take pictures with the camera phone of me baring my tits and then get it back to whoever it belonged to with them on. The idea really appealed to me – having banned him from taking any photos I would be giving them to him because I wanted to.

I set one condition: "you're not to get my face in any of them – I don't want to be recognised!" It was a deal.

It was rather dark to get a good picture in amongst the trees so we set off to find enough of a clearing. The whole idea was stimulating me more as I thought about what I was going to do and my clit began throbbing again. I remembered the ache to cum that had not been satisfied may be 30, 40mins ago and the desire came back – strongly.

Eager to expose my breasts now I began suggesting places; "How about here?"

"No the light still isn't good enough."

"Here then."

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23-03-2008, 10:00 PM
"No, it will better just over there"

Eventually we came to the edge of a field with me standing just between the first trees and the gentleman in the field. Immediately I lifted my top to bare my breasts; the nipples standing out because of my obvious excitement.

"You're keen" he said.

"You bet! Click away..."

He did. This was the first time I had exposed my tits in a public place – I'd not even been topless on a beach and I felt really sexy. Of course I had shown my pussy at the college, but a first is always exiting. For some reason the gentleman was not as taken with it all.

"I can't get a good shot of your breasts to show that you are in woods without getting your face in" he complained. With that he walked over to me and lifted my shirt up. I thought he was going to take it right off but he just pulled it over my head like footballers do to celebrate scoring. He began taking the pictures and I realised this was a way of concealing my identity but showing my body.

"Fondle your breasts for me..." I did, squeezing and caressing them.

"Now turn round and show me your derriere..." Again I complied and stuck my bum out towards the camera. I twisted the skirt around so the rip was at the back then I took hold of the hem and with a tug on both sides tore the seam right to the waistband. I knew it would make for a very awkward and revealing walk back through the gardens but right now I wanted to show how dirty and horny I felt. And I felt very, very dirty; ready to do anything I was asked.

"Part your buttocks..." I wasn't sure why anyone would want to see my arsehole ... but the lads back at the college had already got a good look and had fingered it so I pulled my butt cheeks apart and bent over.

"Time to give yourself an orgasm..."

The matter of fact way the gentlemen told me to make myself cum just added to the excitement and I immediately turned to face him, squatted with my legs wide open and began rubbing my clit. My fanny was dribbling juices and mad lewd squishing noises as I pushed fingers inside of me and spread the lips. Soon I was writhing in the throws of a wonderful orgasm that rushed through me. Guttural sounds and expletives ejaculated uncontrollably from my throat while the camera captured it all.

Exhausted, I dropped forward on to my knees and rested, not even having the energy to rearrange my clothing. The gentleman took hold of my hand, though and got me to my feet, "Come this way" he urged.

I followed his lead, taking the top from my eyes so I could see where I was going. A fallen tree blocked the path we were on but I was asked to climb up on to it, then sit down. This brought my head to about shoulder height.

"Pull you top up again", the gentleman asked.

I did so, expecting more pictures to be taken, but I heard a zipper being undone and could just about make out thought the fabric that he was getting his prick out.

"This is where I get screwed" I thought, "I wonder how he is going to take me?"

From what movement I could see he was stiffening his cock with his hands. After just a few stokes he asked me to hold my breasts up. I took them in my hands, pushing them together and as I did warm gobs of spunk splashed on my tits and fingers. He grunted as he wanked over me until letting out a deep, satisfied sounding sigh.

I was disappointed that I hadn't the chance to at least give him a blow job and felt a bit flummoxed. Not knowing what to say I just said "Thank you"

"Oh, the pleasure was all mine" he responded, as he pulled down my top and cleaned his knob with the material.

"It is very remiss of me" he added, but I don't have anything to help clean you up with" and I became aware of just how filthy I had become. In both senses. There was dirt on my knees, what little clothes I had on were ripped and dishevelled, and I reeked of sex. I tried getting the gentleman's seamen off with my hands as best I could and whipping them on the grass but much of it just got smeared over my body.

With my top pulled down and the tear in my skirt pulled round to the side we set off back through the Park. Whereas I had felt brazen and sexy coming in I now felt really self-conscious – more than that, humiliated. I didn't just look as though I had been 'dragged through a hedge backwards' as my mother would have said but fucked through one, doggie style.

The gentleman was walking fast and I had to trot to keep up with him, trying to hold my skirt together and save what modestly I could. Although that did seem a forlorn attempt, with the spunk drying on my tits and belly, sticking the top to me and a gapping whole exposing my thigh with every step. People stared at me and I could see it in their eyes that they thought I was a slut.

At last we reached the car.

"Shall I take you home now?"

"Yes, please"

I gave the gentleman the address and as we drove I looked at the pictures he had taken. There I was groping my tits and pulling my nipples, displaying my arse and frigging. Except that last one wasn't a picture but a video. It captured my fingers rubbing and being buried in my cunt as well as the animal like noises I had made – I didn't realise I was being so loud! Watching myself I thought I had put on a good performance. I hope the guy who owned the phone thought so and got off watching me. Perhaps looking such a slut was worth it.

It wasn't long before we arrived and I was quite worried at the thought that someone might see me here but also excited about it. There was nothing for it but to take my keys in my hand and dash for the front door as quickly as I could. Just before I got out of the car though, the gentleman gave me his card.

No one was in as I walked in the flat. My clothes went in the bin and I went in the shower. Drying myself off in my room I saw the card and read it: Mr D. Cole, Lecturer, St Giles College and a number. "Call me if you would enjoy further lessons" was written on the back.

Naked on the bed I relived the experience of the day becoming aroused all over again at the thought that I had changed so much in four weeks; exposing myself so shamelessly to several young men, an old one and a camera; allowing myself to be touched and even jizzed on by people I did not know; looking like a dirty nympho in public.

But was it because I had succumbed in weakness or been strong in my sexuality?

I masturbated in front of the mirror with Mr Cole's card in my hand and wondered if I would find out if I rang his number...

The End

23-03-2008, 10:04 PM
Blue in Gray

Sergeant Able had been one of the last of the Union soldiers off the North River Bridge over the south fork of the Shenandoah River, where it was formed by the meeting of Broad Run and the South River. The Union troops under Brigadier General Erastus Tyler had made a stab across the middle of Virginia to try to trap the legendary Confederate general Stonewall Jackson and had only managed to back themselves to the in-flood south fork of the Shenandoah. Tyler had counted on being joined by Fremont's army, which never appeared. Now Tyler's forces had to get across the one bridge on the Shenandoah at Port Republic to escape a pincher movement of southern troops coming up from the south and down from the north on the river's western bank.

Once across the river, Tyler's forces had to quickstep back to Harrisonburg to avoid being enveloped by Jackson's army. The pursued had become the pursuer.

Sergeant Able's problem was that he couldn't quickstep. He'd barely made it over the North River Bridge when the Southerners had reached the eastern end of the bridge. They had snipers set up on the eastern bank who were shooting anything that moved. A bullet had gone through another soldier running away from behind him and had grazed Able high on his thigh. The other soldier had been shot through and through, and had landed on top of Able, dead before they hit the ground.

Able heard the Southern troops running across the bridge and deploying themselves along the western bank. Then he heard the bridge blow. There'd be no regrouping by Tyler's troops for another go at Jackson in Port Republic.

Able wasn't dumb. He knew the blowing of the bridge would signal Tyler just not to stop his retreat to Harrisonburg. And Able couldn't walk that far in front of a Confederate advance, even if he dared rise from the scant cover he'd gained when he'd hit the ground. The wound in his leg wasn't fatal, but it would slow him down too much to make a run for it. And it might, indeed, be fatal if he didn't get the bleeding stanched soon.

The first wave of Confederate soldiers fanned out parallel to the river bank and moved toward where Able lay, prodding Union soldiers who had been felled by snipers and helping along those mortally wounded but not yet gone. Able played dead, his body pretty well covered by that of his dead compatriot, as a battle-worn Reb passed him by.

Able waited for as long as he felt he dared after the Rebs had passed and then he pulled himself along the ground to the only cover he could see, an old mill house not far to the south of the blown bridge. As he reached safety there, he could hear the second wave of the Confederate troops fanning out from the river bank across the fields to the west. Able pulled himself into the dark building and burrowed into some burlap sacking behind a stack of barrels.

Able's wound was bleeding badly, and he couldn't suppress a moan when the young Union private, Josh, crept into the building in search for exactly what he found—a wounded Union soldier.

A very dangerous moment punctuated the scene when Josh first saw Able. He instinctive lifted his rifle and he could have shot the enemy soldier right there and then and no one would be the wiser, in fact no one other than Able would care or, probably, ever know the circumstances of his death. It would be less of a hassle all around for the Southern forces. And Josh did raise his rifle, and Able did lift his hands in defense and supplication. But then Josh saw the sergeant's stripes on the arm of Able's blue Union jacket. Josh had been told that they wanted to capture anyone with any rank if they could in case they could find out more about Tyler's troop strengths and plans.

Josh lowered the barrel of the rifle, and at that point Able nearly swooned into a faint, both in shock for what had been narrowly avoided, at least for the moment, and from the loss of blood from the wound on his inner thigh.

Now focused on providing a captive for the revered General Jackson, Josh bustled into a preservation rather than a destruction mode. He propped his rifle against a nearby post and grabbed for his canteen and the pack on his back.

Josh stripped Able of his britches and tore strips of cloth off this to use as a tourniquet. He poured water from his canteen on Able's inner thigh wound and then doused it with the whiskey he kept in another small flask in his pack. The wound didn't look so bad now.

Able snorted back to full consciousness when the liquor hit his wound. And he was fully conscious as he watched Josh wind the strips of material around his inner thigh and tie them off snugly. While Josh did so, he couldn't help but brush the backs of his hands across Able's quite able cock, which had been exposed when he'd been stripped of his britches.

Able knew instantaneously from Josh's response what the young soldier's inclinations were and that he'd had some experience. Able also knew quite a bit about the strength and Shenandoah Valley Campaign plans of Tyler's forces, so he had a good idea what he faced if he was sent back to Jackson's camp. And he knew that there was little or no chance he could get out of this predicament, but that he had to try to do so anyway

Josh was young and not that experienced as a soldier, Able could see, whereas he himself was not so young and was battle tested and resilient. He gauged the distance from where Josh was tending his thigh and where he had propped up the rifle.

Able had never fucked a man before, but if this Reb could be distract by that and if it required that to get at the rifle, it was something he'd try doing. There wasn't much other choice that he could see of getting out of here. In all likelihood getting to the rifle and killing this Reb would be the easiest part of his attempt to reach the Union lines.

The pursued turning into the pursuer.

The opening was right there beside Able, where it had fallen out of the Reb's pack when Josh had fished around for the flask of liquor.

"He's handsome," Able murmured, pretending now to be weaker than he really was, as he beckoned to the worn daguerreotype of the young man that had fallen out of the Reb's pack.

Josh's head snapped up in embarrassment and surprise. The Union soldier was conscious. Josh wondered, blushing at the thought, whether the Yankee had seen him dreamily eyeing that nice plump cock of his.

"Umm, yes. Ya'all shouldn't try to speak now. I'se afraid I'll have to find something to bind you with. But at least I stopped the bleeding now, so that's to the good."

"Kin of yours, is he?"

"Umm, no."

"A special friend then?"

Josh blushed in embarrassment and lowered his eyes, unfortunately focusing on Able's cock, which was harder now, Able having stroked on it while he was getting Josh's attention moved to the daguerreotype.

"Uh, yes, you could say that."

"A lover then?"

Josh melted in shock and confusion and in how easily and openly the Yankee had called him out. He tensed right up.

"Of course not," he declared indignantly, too loud, and without a pinch of conviction as he sat up straight from where he had been hovering over the Yankee's reclining figure.

"You needn't be embarrassed at all," Able countered, lifting an arm and wrapping a hand around the Reb's neck. "I find you quite arousing myself. And I'm ever so grateful that you have bandaged my wound, and ever so ready to show my gratitude."

Able could feel the young Confederate soldier trembling in indecision and disbelief at the forwardness of it all as well as the lack of breathing time and space to work out what was happening. Able brought the young private's mouth down to his and took the soldier's hand in his and placed it on his cock, Josh's hand now wrapping Able's engorging cock and Able holding it there with his own until Josh was lost to him and stroking the hard tool on his own.

When Able knew he'd won the battle with Josh's defenses, when Josh had opened his lips to Able's and was hungrily drinking him in, and when Josh's hand on Able's cock was moving on its own, Able moved his hands to unbuttoning the Reb's shirt and started rubbing the young soldier's nipples with his fingers.

Josh shuddered under the attention, and when Able broke away from the kiss and moved his lips down to Josh's nipples and his hands down to Josh's belt and buttoned fly, Josh, still crouching on his knees, sighed in resignation and need and arched his back toward the floor behind him. As he bent backward, Able's lips followed down the young Reb's sternum and across his belly and down, through his now-revealed bush, and opened up on and then closed over the young man's cock head.

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23-03-2008, 10:05 PM
Josh was moaning and staring up into the shadows of the eaves of the old mill and moving his pelvis ever so slowly as Able sucked away on his dick, taking more and more of it in with his stroking movement. All the time Able was playing Josh's tool, though, he himself was staring at the pole across the floor that the Reb's rifle was propped against. He was gauging distances, and time, and likelihood. Still too risky, he decided.

Able lifted his lips off Josh's cock, but he continued slowly stroking the base of the hard tool with his fist.

"Do you fuck him or does he fuck you?" It was a mere whisper, but the Reb heard him.

A rather long pause. "He does me."

At least there's that, Able thought to himself with a bit of relief—although he'd been prepared to do whatever it took. Able spit on his free hand and moved it under the Reb's ball sac and started working his moistened fingers around Josh's pulsating rim and into his hole. His lips opened up over the bulbous head of Josh's cock and he ran his tongue into the young man's piss slit before swallowing the cock almost down the to root, closing closely over the throbbing member, and moving his mouth up and down on the rod.

Josh groaned and moaned. He was panting and breathing heavily and making little mewing sounds. His hips were moving slowly, helping Able with the rhythm of the suck. There was a little lurch and groan each time Able pushed a finger, and then two, and then three, into his ass channel.

Able took his fingers out of Josh's ass and spit on it again a couple of times and moistened up his own cock. Then he lifted the young Reb, who was completely his now, bending readily to any position he moved him to, up to him, chest to chest.

Josh sighed and moaned and gulped as Able brought him into his lap, positioning the head of his cock on Josh's prepared hole and just pulling Josh's channel down the full length of his ramrod-straight cock.

Josh writhed and rolled against Able's chest in waves of passion as Able fucked up into him. Josh had his head buried in Able's shoulder and was whimpering at the deep taking. Able was looking over Josh's shoulder at the rifle propped up against the post across the room. A position change was required.

Able slowly turned his body over on his side, taking Josh with him. Josh looked into his eyes with an unspoken question. Able took the young man by the shoulders and showed that he was to go down on his belly and raise his hips to Able's mastering cock, which he did without objection.

Able crouched over Josh's haunches, slowly glided back into him, and stroked him in long, slow, deep thrusts. He reached around Josh's belly and fisted his cock and began working it.

Josh threw back his head and howled again and again and again in ecstasy and Able picked up the rhythm and fucked with faster and faster and deeper and deeper thrusts.

And then it was over. Josh shot his load on the worn, uneven planks of mill room floor in response to Able's stroking fist and Able came inside the young Reb.

They collapsed on the floor, Able stretched out on top Josh, his cock still buried deep.

Josh was murmuring and sighing. Able was lost in the moment too.

"Incredible," Able whispered. "I never knew."

"What?" Josh murmured dreamily.

"Nothing. Never mind."

Able rolled off Josh and lay on his back next to the young man. He was breathing heavily, trying to regain his strength and regather his reflexes. Josh was lying there half asleep, well fucked.

Able sat up on his haunches. Josh sighed again, but didn't move.

Able was up on his knees, down near Josh's knees. Pretty much out of the young Reb's line of sight even if he lifted his head, which he didn't.

Slowly, softly, Able was up on the pads of his feet.

Josh felt the hard toeing of the calf of one of his legs, and, still groggy from the fucking, he rolled over on his back and looked up . . . into the barrel of his own rifle.

"What?" was all he could manage.

"Shut the fuck up," Able growled. He reached over and took up Josh's britches and pulled them on clumsily, needing to keep the rifle trained on the young Reb, now aghast at what had happened and fully returned to reality.

"You just wanted—" The voice sounded wounded, betrayed.

"Shut the fuck up," Able repeated. He was trying to close the britches around his waist, but he was just bigger, more muscled there than the young man he'd just fucked. He managed to get a few of the lower buttons of the fly cinched up, though. That would just have to do for now. There might be time to pull an exchange with one of the bodies out in the fields between here and Harrisonburg. His own britches were too cut up for bandages to be of use now . . . for the bandage the young Reb had tied around his own bleeding thigh.

Dressed now, Able lifted the rifle and aimed down its barrel at the now-crying Reb, his arms thrust out in defense and supplication.

A long, dangerous moment.

"Fuck it," Able burst out, with a disgust at something or other. He wasn't sure himself. The rifle went to ready rest. It was up to the Reb now whether he wanted to live or die at this moment.

Able leaned down over Josh and lifted his chin and gave him a long, lingering kiss on the mouth.

At the door, he turned, and said, "I'll drop your shirt outside here. I wouldn't suggest raising an alarm or coming after me, or you'll have more trouble than explaining where your britches and rifle ran off to." Then he was gone, leaving the door swinging back and forth on its hinges.

Josh sat there in shock and surprise and gratitude for several minutes before he stirred. He picked up the picture of his lover, took a look at it, and stuffed it back into the pack. Somehow it had lost its luster for him. He sighed as the feeling of double loss swept over him. The regret would always be there now. The Yankee had kissed and fucked better than his lover did.

The End

23-03-2008, 10:07 PM
The Moon that Called to Me

Last night was beautiful, the stars shone bright against a pitch black sky, the light of the rising full moon illuminating the streets of Paris as I walked quickly back to my hotel room. I knew I should not have been out there so late, it had long passed curfew, and the streets were deserted.

I held on tightly to my coat with one hand, and saw the light of my hotel up ahead and quickened my pace. It would do no good to be caught out there, by the police, nor by the hundreds of creatures that had free reign to roam that late at night. It had been that way for many years, no matter where you went; since the realisation that most myths were in fact true almost seventy years ago, anywhere I had lived had been this way, humans being under curfew, restricted to their own homes or abodes at night, while the creatures roamed freely since their discovery.

Their immortality had been quickly discovered when the governments of 2012 had launched attacks on all things immortal, realising too late that it was futile. All talk of treaties, agreements over the last seventy years never resulted in anything useful, and so this remained the situation, humans lived the daylight hours, and the myths roamed the nights. And anyone caught in between either had a morbid death wish or were acting with just plain stupidity.

I was acting under the influence of stupidity.

Last night I had been at a party, some friends in Paris had organised it, we would all stay under the one roof till morning, and could still have the fun that we had all witnessed on the movies from years before; outrageous funnies like Animal House were my friend's staple viewing.

One of the guests, was a man I did not wish to see, I did not wish to encounter, and so avoided him, for most of the night anyway. I drank shots with my friends, and too soon felt the effects of the alcohol in my system, so unused to imbibing I was! I stumbled to the bathroom and relieved myself, washed my hands and cooled my face before opening the door. Jonathon.

I had asked him to move, well, that is the polite version of what I asked him last night. Get the Fuck out of my way, is more how I put it, as he leered at me from his impressive height. He flashed me a smile, one of those smiles that had won me over the first time I had met him, the smile that wooed my virginity from me in an unpleasing tryst in the back of his ford mondeo while he had taken me out in London.

I glared at him then, when he had not moved back, but instead backed me back up into the bathroom, his quick actions took advantage of my slight intoxication as he slipped his hands up my legs, and brought my skirt up over my hips. I was so angry!! How dare he touch me again, is what I thought!

Just as his fowl mouth came down to kiss me; the door behind us had crashed open, revealing us to the two identical males standing there. I had then felt so dizzy, I honestly thought I would crash to the floor, and I would probably have if one of the dark haired Adonis' had not jumped across to me and scooped me up into his arms.

The last thing I heard from that bathroom, was screaming, the terrified sounds of a man soiling himself in terror. And as the god put me on my feet, and whispered in my ear to wait for him at the foot of the stairs, I felt sure that terror was the lesser of the inflictions those two wanted to bestow upon Jonathon. The growl he had emitted against my skin flared me red hot, right there in my friend's hallway, it had sent shivers all over me; it was only as I heard Jonathon's screams turn muted that any form of panic or fear flitted through me.

I turned then, and grabbed my coat, uncaring of the curfew or the moon lit night, I ran from her house, ran from the terror of Jonathon, and ran from my twin saviours.

And I freely admit now, that I hoped to god they followed...I wanted them to chase, I wanted them to catch, and I wanted them to punish.

Although I sure as hell did not understand those feelings at the time, no, last night none of that made sense, last night my adrenaline pumped me into flight, all while my pussy throbbed deliciously at the memory of those two males highlighted in the bathroom doorway.

So there I was, still clutching my coat to me as I quickened my pace, wishing I had my nanobite music player, anything to eclipse the sounds of scurrying that had echoed in my ears as I followed the light of my hotel like a beacon.

I did not feel their approach until they were upon me.

I felt hard muscle through jeans and wool force up against me from behind, as one of the twins ploughed me down an alley and into a wall, the other standing guard at the edge, just back in the shadows with us, as a horde of the myths descended on the area I had been in only moments before. Their black essence swept as though it were a dark mist creeping slowly by, looking for the human displaying about as much intelligence as burnt toast by being out so freely past curfew.

I felt it then, his tongue tasting my neck, running its rough length over my tender skin, pressing its bulge against my ass. He turned around swiftly, his back against the wall, his brother moving up to cover my front as he did the same, extended that rough tongue and licked up the other side of my neck, slow, precise, and incredibly erotic. I felt myself press back against the twin behind me, even before the twin in front had leaned into my body, pinning me between their tall frames, and hardening cocks, as the one in front lowered his lips to mine.

I can tell you, that male tasted just beautiful, I welcomed his tongue into my mouth as his taste enveloped me, and groaned when he bent slightly at his knees and pressed more firmly against my pussy as he lifted my short skirt. He had stopped then, looking past me to his brother and he nodded, speaking a language I did not understand, before they simultaneously bit down on either side of my neck, and licked over the wounds. I was still in shock, the pain and intimate pleasure of their bites had happened so quickly, I had wondered whether it had happened at all.

I groaned with frustration as they released me from their warmth, and led me round the corner into the lobby of my hotel, pushing me straight passed the receptionist without her noticing with two myths with the human woman.

I wanted to shout at her, get her sacked for her lack of observation, not out of wanting sanctuary from the twins, but out of the thought that if it was that horde in the mist that had me, I may well be a bit pissed off that she had not fucking noticed and had been more interested in her nails and finding out who Nancy had fucked the night before!

I felt one of the twins take the key from my coat pocket, and we took the stairs rather than the elevator, obviously they did not want the receptionist to glimpse them. I let myself be led, I found myself wanting to follow them, and there was no internal struggle, no concern of...for fucks sake Simone. You are entering a hotel room with strangers, creatures of the myths, nope, fuck all, and nothing.

Although it did confuse me at the time, I know now why I felt at peace, why it felt so right that I was with them. It did not take long for my body to begin its delicious throb once more, I had noticed since their intimate bite my body had begun to throb all over; delicious tingles beginning at my toes and creeping all over me, flaring in magnificent heat between my legs, and over the wounds at my neck.

I felt myself being lifted, settled over one of their laps while the other undressed me, almost reverently, as if he were savouring each inch of skin he revealed, the other began sucking on my neck, trailing kisses over it, while his other hand roamed the expanse of flesh his brother was revealing of me, my eyes shuttered closed then, their warm hands felt amazing against my skin, rough in texture drawing a squeak from my lips as one tweaked my hardening nipples.

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23-03-2008, 10:09 PM
When I felt skin brush my own, my eyes forced themselves open, as the twin behind me bit into my neck, and the twin in front settled naked on his knees in front of me, running his equally rough hands up my bared thighs, swirling circles with his thumbs as he massaged up further, and higher to my pussy, landing light flicks of his thumbs against my already pulsing clit.

The twin behind me still held fast onto my neck as he pulled at my nipples, still twisting before skimming his rough hands over them gently, making them strive to meet his touch; my hips bucked against his erection, still covered by his jeans as his brother's mouth connected with my pussy with a firework of sensation as his tongue buried deeper, lapping at my arousal.

I felt him pull me back, felt him and his still clothed brother lower me to the floor, his mouth still connected to my pussy as he licked and nipped, the fire from their bites spreading like molten lava through my veins, begging him to stroke deeper with his tongue, his fingers, his cock, hell anything, as long as it was theirs!

When I felt his brother naked at my side, only one nano of sanity returned, it was only then I asked for their names...my mind demanded to know, needed to know the name of my lovers, and my voice sounded like a taut whisper as I asked them, and relaxed into the pleasures they were inflicting upon me as their deep Scottish burr began to whisper in my head.

The male at my pussy was Thomas, the male now hovering next to me, his teeth nipping at my stomach, his hands upon my breasts, and his thick cock lying proud next to my head, was Ben.

I felt my climax near, my body begin to shake under their ministrations as I lay prone on the soft carpet of my hotel room. The swirls of sensation grew tighter, my screams more urgent until I finally splintered apart, the sensation of a wrist pressed against my mouth was there, the scent emanating from him was too delicious to ignore, even as I felt the first drops of blood enter my system, I felt it then, I felt the electricity that pulsed through me in a painful flash of intense pleasure; fangs emerged from where there had been none, enticed by the taste of Ben, as I sank them deep into the flesh he offered.

I had wondered then, how I had know it was Ben, when my eyesight was still mostly blind from my orgasm. And yet I knew him, I recognised his taste, something deep inside recognised him, and I know now that it was the call from the moon; its influence calling me to my mates, I could taste his scent on my tongue, I could taste Thomas' too, the scent of their arousal clung to the late night air, their love for their mate.


I did not fully understand those emotions, those small inkling of emotions, until his blood hit my system, but when it did, when it hit my stomach, the flare of fire grew brighter, and out of control as I felt Thomas thrust deeply within me, felt the urgency in the twin as he bottomed out at my womb, his thrusting deep, my pussy accepted him eagerly, tightening around him, attempting to refuse his exit even though I knew it would result in his return.

I wanted him hard, I wanted him deeper, the blood was calling to me, the moon was calling to me, the effect of them both coursed through my veins as the onslaught of the change hit full force, their memories, their knowledge, their search for their mate. I knew it all at that moment as their life forces joined my own, I grew stronger, my body processing the initial change, the change to prepare me for mating, changing my fertile organs to accept my mates.

And fuck, it was painful, the screams that tore from my throat before Ben could silence them with his kiss, should have woken the entire city of Paris, but as Thomas thrust faster, and as Ben toyed with my body, caressing it, stoking it higher with his hands, and with his kiss, I felt the pain subside, I felt the pleasure approaching, cresting, as I tightened around Thomas' and cried out with pleasure, I felt him stiffen and empty his release deep inside of me.

Lowering my trembling body back to the carpet, Ben got up and fetched a bottle of water, tentatively lifting my head to drink the ice cool liquid, I smiled at him, my throat dry from the pain and pleasure that had affected my body, and desperate for that little moisture.

I felt Thomas pull from my pussy then, his copious seed spilling from me, running down the crack of my ass and coating the clearly expensive carpet beneath me; Thomas stood then, moving to the sofa and lay upon it, as Ben gave me another small drink of the refreshing water, before he took it away, and spilt some over my heated breasts.

I swore then, the contrast in temperature, the shock of it made me jump, even as he held me still, coating his finger in water, and holding it over my nipple. I watched in abstract fascination as the drop fell, almost in slow motion to land directly on my nipple, enticing a whimper from my mouth, before it made its way down my side and the tingling flesh there.

I tried to squirm away from Ben as he poised to do the same to the second, but did not get far before his beautiful mouth descended around my puckered areola and laved intense heat over it. Christ, my back bowed as if it would snap in two, my head ground into the carpet with the pleasure that shot from my nipple to my pussy, and bent harder when he repeated his torture on my left nipple, keening softly when he finally let his hot mouth descend over it, drawing it up and into his mouth as he swirled his tongue around it, nipping gently with his teeth.

It was then the heat grew to extremes, the burning deep inside me was a searing agony that needed soothing, I actually mewled, then begged for their attention, for my mates to take me, fuck me, make me theirs, my body was demanding it, the need for their stake to be claimed, as I writhed beneath Ben's mouth, my hands buried in his hair as I tried to position my own uncoordinated body to get him to enter me.

He must have sensed my distress, as all human mates feel under the pull of the moon, his thoughts told me, even as his human mouth gently 'shhhhhhh-ed' me, soothing me, whispering my name as he lifted me into his arms and brought me to Thomas, the twin was stroking his cock back to a healthy erection, just for me. Ben positioned me then, having me kneel over Thomas' knees, his hand moving over his shaft just inches from my face, I could not resist taking him into my mouth.

My head bobbed up and down over Thomas's cock, sucking and flicking with my tongue as my hand was all that stopped him from thrusting up and down into my throat. Swirling my tongue over the swollen head, I gasped when I felt Ben thrust into me from behind. Knelt over Thomas' legs I was bucked forward by the force of Ben's cock pounding in and out of my already soaked pussy, as Thomas took hold of my hair and forced my open mouth back over his cock, forcing himself deeper; the bulbous head hitting my tonsils and beyond as my mouth desperately tried to accommodate his twitching girth while feeling the tension in my belly tighten.

As Ben withdrew from my pussy, I moaned with the loss, until I felt the blunt end of him press at my ass. Well lubricated from my juices, and Thomas' first spending inside me, I felt the small unused opening begin to give way to him, feeling the tension snap back around his shaft as the huge tip of him had worked its way in. Moaning deep in my throat at the odd feeling of him slowly sinking into my bowels, the vibration ran through Thomas and I found myself more willing to take him deeper, keeping the suction hard around him, my tongue flat as his hips began to lift more fervently, pounding again and again into my throat, the pull he had on my hair was almost beyond pain as he aided my descent on his cock.

Ben was sinking deeper, every straining vein on his shaft slid deliciously in my ass, back and forth, short controlled thrusts as he slowly tried to work his full length inside me. His fingers held me at my hips, the tips digging in painfully as he fought, shaking, not to just impale me in one go.

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23-03-2008, 10:10 PM
Thomas' thrusts into my mouth were becoming frantic, violent movements; each thrust up pushed me back a little more onto Ben, each thrust up brought him closer to his edge. With one violent movement, Ben snapped and buried himself to the hilt in my ass, the slap of his balls against my pussy was almost too much and I screamed, as much as anyone can scream with seven inches of cock in their mouth, and promptly gagged as Thomas hit his climax and his hot cum hit the back of my throat while it had vibrated with my scream.

Stream after stream of his cum pulsed into my mouth, and I hungrily swallowed it down, a relatively salty taste by any standards, yet this tasted as though it were ambrosia to a dying woman.

Free falling, I was free falling back to earth, my orgasm had been taken up concentrating on not drowning in Thomas' semen; I had climaxed, but fuck I wanted more. Sucking Thomas' softening member back into my mouth, I sucked hard around it, feeling the blood begin to pool in him. Moving my hand from its balance on the sofa arm, I trusted Ben not to let me fall as he began to slowly withdraw and thrust in the depths of my ass, and I cupped Thomas' balls, massaging them; then rubbing gently up his shaft, sucking him back to some semblance of life.

Ben withdrew completely from me then, plunging back into my pussy in heated thrusts, before denying me release from that growing tightening deep inside me, then plunging back into my ass, spreading my juices, lubricating himself further. He repeated this, hard thrusts; denying me, then buggering me once more. All the while my mouth was occupied with Thomas' rapidly hardening cock; I could taste his pre-come once more and moaned with delight.

I felt Ben shift from my arse once more as he disengaged me from pleasuring Thomas and flipped me to my back between Thomas' legs before thrusting back into my pussy. He buried himself deep, refusing to move, refusing to sate my itch. I cursed him then, begged him, pleaded, and then cursed some more as he still refused to move that magnificent shaft, and teased my nipples with his teeth instead.

The sting of his bite, replaced by the laving of his tongue spread chills throughout. My hips began to undulate of their own accord, using the softness of the sofa to bow into and back up to meet his cock. He was quick though, halting my actions with a firm hand to my hip, holding my in place before grabbing me harshly and twisting over onto his back on the sofa, with me spread on top.

I took my chance, I sat straight, and began to ride him, crushing my clit against his pubic bone, anything to allow me some relief from the internal torment the sensations he was causing me to feel were inflicting. It was not long before he grabbed my arms and dragged me across his chest, nipping and licking at my neck, withdrawing from my pussy, I felt his cock lie upon his belly, hard and glistening with my own juice, I rubbed my clit against the smooth skin encasing a shaft of pure steel, just as a similar cock shoved home in my cunt.

I screamed then, not close enough for an orgasm, though wishing it was, the twisting in my belly was desperate now, the tingling on my clit felt like an inferno against my private flesh that even the copious juice of my arousal could not quench, as I felt Thomas thrust slowly, back and forth, pushing my body up and down over Ben's as he went. Allowing me the sensation of his cock stretching me, and my clit being wonderfully rubbed similarly, it was the closest to heaven I had ever been.

I could have cried when he pulled from me, the ache I felt as the cold air hit me, before he raised himself, and drove into my ass. No preliminaries needed, no gentle strokes, I was drenched, Ben had seen to that, stretching me with his own superior cock, the only male I had ever trusted to do so, and now Thomas found his way easily, plunging deep, pulling back out almost till the tip of his cock slipped free before plunging in once more. I had never known seven inches to be so wondrous in all my life, the glorious stretching and the torturous slide ebbing and flowing deep within my bowels, was topped with the searing heat of his erection.

I felt myself being lifted then, my pelvis encased by four hands as I was raised slightly from the sofa, Thomas pulling back slightly only the head of his cock remained inside my ass again, before I felt Ben enter my pussy once more, slowly, gently, edging forward through the liquid silk of my wetness, bottoming out at my very womb before moving back. Then Thomas surged forward to the hilt, his cock stretching the now relaxed muscles of my ass before pulling back slightly as I felt Ben surge forward again.

I felt myself open, my muscles relax as each cock found a tight path to follow within me, as one thrust in, the other was coming out, preparing to surge, their pace became quicker, more desperate as they both grew close to climax, the rhythm now barely existed, each was slamming home as their bodies demanded, sometimes both at once, the sensation of being able to feel them both inside me with only the thin separation of flesh between them, and the searing heat of them throbbing, was utterly exquisite.

My body pulsed, and soared as Ben pumped from underneath and Thomas leant over my back, pressing his weight against me, I was being crushed onto their cocks, being kept in position as their combined grunts filled the room, the sounds of their cocks disappearing inside me was also loud, but not as loud as the scream that left my throat as they finally brought me to cum.

I felt my pussy and ass contract, almost painfully, the spasms running through my body were intoxicating, blinding with pleasure as it washed over me, continuing as I floated back to my body though, relentless shivers and shudders of sensation, as I felt Thomas tense above me, and Ben thrust harder and deeper below me as they emptied themselves inside me in one delicious hot spurt after another, searing my flesh and escaping over my thighs coating us.

Just as I settled my head against Ben's chest, my body strength gave out, collapsing my slight weight entirely as I felt him nibbling on my shoulder, his spent dick still providing shivers within me as he probed with short strokes in our combined cum. Thomas' weight was a crushing blanket of skin and muscle as he remained embedded in me, leaning over my back; he began nibbling upon my other shoulder, following the path of my neck as Ben was doing on the other side.

It was then I felt them change, their bodies grow, their teeth become fangs as both bit me hard. I felt the blood escape me, trailing paths down my breasts, and in between; their huge hands became powerful claws as I felt them cut into my skin to hold me for their desires.

The full moon had shone so brightly last night, streaming over our naked forms in the confines of that room, as they laved at the wounds they inflicted, their now lupine cocks hardening; their swelling so great that I had believed my death would be imminent.

They had taken so much blood from me that night, that I barely felt them begin to thrust once more, the pain I believed would happen remained minimal as they began to piston within me, my body so small against them my head now rested upon Ben's ribs instead of his shoulder. Their bodies, now black with soft fur cushioned me as their thrusts became urgent. My body had began to respond once more by that point, my juices, their combined cum, and a small mix of my blood from their sudden growth within me, allowed their thrusting.

Their lupine cocks spurring me forward, higher, deeper as the coil in my belly tightened and pitched me into darkness of my climax as they both surged forward once more, burying deep as their knots formed, anchoring them both so deep as they filled my body with their seed; the sensation was too much then as they completed their mating with me, their bonding. The stretching within me, the feeling of not knowing where I ended and they began, was too much for me to cope with, and rendered me into oblivion.


This is not where I am now, no longer am I on that sofa in Paris, with the re runs of some old comedy playing in the background. No, I am not even lying in the same 'time' as last night.

Surrounding me is the home of my lovers, their castle in Scotland. I am lying on a bed of furs and silks, exhausted and sated, entwined with them both in their handsome 'human' forms; brought back from a future they could not wait for. Impatient for their mate, I have been brought back several hundred years to them rather than them living those years alone. So here I lie, sated, and loved, by my wolves.

The twin brothers destined just for me.

The End

23-03-2008, 10:11 PM
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