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29-05-2008, 09:42 PM
Like a kid being told he could choose any toy he wanted off the shelf, Nick stepped back towards the window, the binoculars already coming up to his eyes as he did.

"Damn!" he said though his mind was saying, "fuck!"

"I thought you might enjoy that," Darlene said now standing behind him.

Below, Carol had removed her bottoms entirely. She now lay, her legs bent at the knee, spreading herself obscenely as she lay there, one hand actually patting her mound rapidly. Nick couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing, nor could he suddenly believe it when he felt Darlene's hands suddenly coming around grasping his cock.

"You're hard as hell!" she said unnecessarily, now stroking him softly, slowly while he continued watching their neighbor. "You're going to owe me BIG time for this one you know," she informed him with a small giggle, now milking his prick until capturing a small drop of lubrication that oozed from the tip which she now used to further stimulate him with.

"Anything you want..." Nick barely managed to say. The feel of his wife's hands playing with him, all the while watching as Carol continued to lay there hand-slapping her own pussy was beyond anything he could ever hope to imagine.


"Well what?" Nick said shakily.

"What's she doing now?"

"She's still...no, wait! Damn!" He exclaimed excitedly. "She's got a fucking vibrator!"

"Now this I've gotta see!" Darlene said stepping around him taking the binoculars away almost forcibly.

And then to Nick's surprise, Darlene reached up with one hand and began caressing her breast. "Ok, this is making me pretty horny too!" she admitted. Nick was grinning from ear to ear though she couldn't see him. Stepping up behind his wife, he replaced her hand with both of his, now caressing her smooth breasts, lifting the top she was wearing up and over them, undoing the catch on her brassier. His cock hard as it had ever been, now pressing against her still covered ass in wanton expectation.

"Fuck me!" she said.

Nick laughed. "That's what I said," he informed her.

"No, I mean it. Fuck me...now Nick, now!"

Unable to believe his good fortune, Nick unbuttoned his wife's shorts slipping them down her legs along with her panties, which she helped by stepping out of. Once he had, he took the few seconds it took to remove his own shorts, once again coming up from behind his wife.

"Put it in!" she demanded. "Hurry!" He did.

"Damn!" he moaned pleasurably. Darlene was wet. Really wet. Sopping wet! His cock slid in and out of her pussy effortlessly, delirious with the thrill of fucking her from behind, as they stood there nearly falling out of their own bedroom window. Darlene handed the binoculars back to him.

"Here, now see what she's doing."

Darlene leaned even further forward, her hands now resting on the window seal for support. In doing this, she provided the means for Nick to remain inside her, happily fucking away, all the while staring at their naughty little neighbor through the 'nocks' as he called them. Below, Carol had rolled over onto her front, though now kneeling on all fours, reaching behind herself as she inserted the long thick vibrating toy, fucking herself with it as though being fucked doggy-style from behind.

"Good god!" Nick moaned. "I can't fucking believe she's actually doing this!" he stated.

"I can't fucking believe that we are either!" his wife reminded him.

Nick tossed the binoculars he'd been looking through onto the bed. Picking his wife up, still impaled on his hard erect cock, he walked them over towards the bed, placing her down on it, still deeply inside. "Well believe this," he told her. "Because I'm about to fuck you silly!"


They'd had plans to get together the next day for a barbeque and a swim. Having now seen Carol in an altogether different light, Nick wasn't exactly sure how he'd react around her. Though he knew he'd be secretly grinning and imagining her as she'd masturbated, the entire evening. After their fast and furious lovemaking session, Nick still thought Darlene would wish to discuss it further, but she didn't. Not wanting to push it, since he'd gotten off damn lucky, Nick decided not to even mention it again. More importantly, he was still hoping that Darlene had been kidding about telling Carol about it, as he wasn't sure he'd be able to look her directly in the face if she ever found out.

The barbeque went just as any other had done that they'd shared and enjoyed together. Small talk, a few laughs, and even the occasional flirting, though Nick had to admit, doing that with Carol had suddenly heightened his aroused awareness of her. When it had finally gotten dark, they'd decided to head outside for a dip in the pool. Nick quickly joined Greg as they sat dangling their feet in the water waiting for the girls to emerge. Minutes later they did. Carol was wearing the same bikini she'd had on the day before, though only briefly. Nick quickly jumped into the water as he felt the first stirrings of excitement, triggered by the damn suit she was wearing!

As they also usually did, they bobbed up and down in the water together still talking, sometimes splashing water back and forth. It was also a near moonless night, so it was reasonably dark as well. Darlene was her usually frisky self, which was one of the things Nick truly loved about her. He felt Darlene grope him beneath the water several times, and he had of course done the same thing back to her as well. No doubt, Greg and Carol had been playing their own similar games as he'd heard her squeal in laughter several times, then swimming out of reach of her husband. It was during one of these, that Greg suddenly held up Carol's bikini top waving it around his head in an effort to keep it away from his wife.

"Nick! Here! Catch!"

In the next instant, Nick found himself holding onto Carol's top as she began swimming towards him yelling over to Darlene for help.

Darlene began making her way towards him then, so he tossed the top back over towards Greg, watching as Carol abruptly changed directions heading back towards her husband. Darlene however continued moving towards him as though to hover close enough nearby to keep Greg from tossing Carol's top back over to him.

Greg didn't. Seeing that particular avenue now blocked, he flung her bikini top out of the pool altogether. "You want it? Now you have to get it," her husband challenged. Carol was cursing him, but in a playful way.

"Fine! You boys want to see tits, I'll show you tits!" she said, then pulled herself out of the water, sitting down along the side with no intention of retrieving her top. "Come on Darlene, come sit by me. We'll torture them by letting them look...but no touching, and then see how they feel not being able to come OUT of the water!" she laughed.

Nick was surprised when Darlene giggled, immediately undoing the clasp in front of her own suit, tossing her top as well. She quickly joined Carol on the side of the pool as they now sat together side by side, topless.

Greg made his way over towards Nick. "Damn! Isn't this great?" he asked. "I've always wondered if Carol would ever be gutsy enough to do something like that!"

"Oh if you only knew," Nick thought quietly. "Yeah...pretty wild," he answered instead.

In time they rejoined the girls who'd eventually gone back inside to change. All in all, even with Carol and Darlene flashing tit, the evening had ended in a bit of a let down. The way it had started out, Nick had actually found himself hoping for just a little bit more than that.

Soon after they called it a night. Nick finished locking up the house, turning off the lights. Making his way upstairs, he was surprised when he entered the bedroom and found Darlene lying in the middle of the bed playing with herself.

"Horny?" she asked. "Cause I sure as hell am!"

"I can see that," Nick said grinning, thinking the night wasn't going to be a total loss after all.

A cool night breeze blew into the room, but it was obvious to him that Darlene's hard erect nipples had nothing to do with being cold. He reached for the light switch.

"Leave it on," Darlene purred. "I want to see you tonight."

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29-05-2008, 09:44 PM
Nick quickly stripped off his clothing, surprised that Darlene continued to lie there playing with herself so unabashedly. She didn't do things like that very often. As he finished undressing, he prepared to crawl into bed with his wife.

"No...stay like that for a minute," she asked him. "In fact, what I'd like you to do is play with yourself for me while I watch. It's been a while."

Truth was, it had been. And it had been a long time since he'd seen Darlene play with herself, something he loved seeing, all too infrequently.

"Oh yeah, stroke it for me baby, slap it around a little while I watch," she cooed slipping a finger inside herself as Nick stood there watching her.

Nick was really starting to get into it now. He frequently jerked off, even though he and Darlene had a reasonably active sex-life. So he enjoyed it, especially watching her while she did. "Damn honey...you look fucking good doing that!"

"So do you baby," she giggled. "Do that twisty thing you do for me," she asked him. "I love seeing you do that."

He knew what she meant, reversing his hand into a backward stroke, rather than a normal fisting stroke, he twisted, releasing his prick before grabbing it again, twisting, stroking, releasing. Twisting, stroking, releasing.

"Oh fuck perfect!" Darlene moaned, now patting her own mound playfully, one hand gingerly rubbing her nipple. "Now slap it baby! Spank that monkey!" she almost begged.

Nick was delighted to see Darlene getting this animated. Not that she was normally inhibited, just usually far more reserved. To see her getting this excited, using vulgar obscene words was really rare, and usually meant she was extremely horny. So there was no doubt in Nick's mind, this night was just barely getting started!

As she'd asked, he stood there at the foot of the bed gazing down towards his wife, slapping his prick as he sometimes did when he was in the mood for a little pain-pleasure while jerking off. Darlene seemed mesmerized as he did, slowing her own masturbatory techniques, enthralled with watching him as he continued to stand there pummeling his cock back and forth with the palm of his hands.


"Yeah honey," Nick questioned.

"Do me one more tiny little favor?" she asked.

"Sure...name it."

"Would you mind going over to the window now?" she asked.

"Oh sure," he said realizing she must be getting cold, though for himself, the night breeze actually felt good. He crossed to the window reaching up to close it.

"No! Don't close it!" she told him.

Nick turned to look at her curiously. "Then what is it you want me to do?" he asked.

"Turn around, smile and wave," she stated.

Suddenly Nick knew. He spun back towards the window just as the lights from across the way came on. There stood Carol and Greg in their window looking his way, Carol with a pair of binoculars up to her eyes. She waved. Nick had no choice but to stand there with his erection still sticking out a mile long, and wave back.

"I should have figured," he said turning back around towards his wife. He wasn't mad, it was after all a pretty good "fairs-fair" he'd just had pulled on him. "So you told her anyway," he said.

Darlene giggled. "Honey, you KNOW Carol and I don't keep secrets from one another. You should have known better than that!"

"But you're just as guilty!" he said suddenly feeling like he had an honest point to make. "You enjoyed watching her too!"

"You're right," she said finally standing up out of bed. "Which is why..." she left off as she made her way towards him.

"Which is why what?" he pressed.

Darlene made her way over to the window now standing in front of it beside him. "Fuck me!" she told him.


"You heard me...fuck me. Right here...right now!"

The though of doing that made Nick's blood boil, and his cock suddenly grow three sizes. "Really? You want me to fuck you in front of the window while they watch?"

"Ah huh," was all she said as she turned sideways, leaning over presenting Greg and Carol with what had to be a very interesting side view.

"Fuck!" Nick said, all thoughts of their friends suddenly washed from his mind as he held on to his wife's "broad" ass, cupping her firm cheeks, feeling the head of his dick knocking against the wet velvety softness of her opening. He slid inside, groaning as she did, now fucking her, slowly at first, loving the sensation, as well as the realization they were now doing so in front of their friends.

"Look baby! Look!" she told him a few seconds later.

Nick glanced out the window, nearly pulling himself all the way out of his wife's pussy when he did. Across the way, he was stunned to see Carol and Greg in the exact same position they were now in. Watching even without the aid of binoculars, which weren't really needed, Greg was pumping into Carol from behind just as he was. He watched, enjoying the view as her luscious tits hung suspended below her, knowing upon seeing that how even more erotic his own wife's tits must have looked doing the same, especially since they were considerably larger.

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29-05-2008, 09:45 PM
"Whoa fuck this is hot!" he admitted.

"I'll say," Darlene admitted. "When I told Carol about what happened, told her I'd do this to sort of play a joke on you, I had no idea how horny it would make me!" she admitted openly.

"Well obviously, it made those two pretty horny as well. Or did you two plan this too?" he asked.

"No...not this part!" she said giggling. "I just figured you were right, I was just as guilty as you were, so figured I owed it to Greg to give him some kind of a show."

"Helluva show baby!" Nick said beginning to thrust harder, deeper into his wife's cunt all the while taking periodic looks across the way as Greg and Carol continued doing the same thing.

"Oh fuck...now look!" Darlene indicated drawing Nick's attention back towards the window.

Greg stood in front of the window, Carol down on her knees before him busily sucking his hard firm prick.

"Would you like me to do that for you?" she asked.

"Oh fuck yes!" he groaned excitedly as almost immediately, Darlene began doing just that.

Nick couldn't believe the sensations he was feeling. Not only did his wife love sucking his prick, which she was damn good at doing, but that 'naughty-boy' sensation was in full force at the moment, as he stood staring over towards his neighbors as Carol knelt in front of her husband doing the exact same thing! It was the first time he could ever remember this 'naughty' feeling as being ok. Which made it even more delightfully wicked.

"Ok baby...your turn," he told his wife suddenly feeling even more naughty now than he ever had.

Darlene squealed. "Are you serious? You want to eat me while Greg watches?"

"And Carol," Nick reminded her. "Yes. I want her to see just how good you feel when I do it!"

"Oh you bastard!" Darlene moaned. "Yeah baby...yeah. Let em see how good, how hard you can make me cum doing that!"

Normally, not quite so exhibitionistic as this, Darlene stood placing one heel on top of the window seal, effectively, and provocatively displaying herself for their neighbors. Even before Nick prepared to kneel down in front of her, she began playing with her pussy like this. "Before you eat me...come stand around behind me and play with my tits," she asked him. "I really should masturbate myself a little...then things really will be even!"

He stood kissing her neck, caressing her breasts just as she'd asked. Taking occasional glimpses across the way at their friends as Darlene continued pleasuring herself. Interestingly, they now too began doing the same. Almost as though playing 'follow the leader' Carol now stood in their window, her legs decadently spread a part as she stood fingering herself. Greg, like Nick, now standing behind playing with her tits, almost as though he was purposely showing them off by holding them up, or in the way he teased and stroked her hard little nipples.

"Oh fuck! Eat me baby! Eat me!" Darlene begged him.

He wasn't too surprised when he glanced over to see that Greg had already beaten them to the punch on that one. Kneeling before his wife, she literally sat on his face though standing, her own hands now caressing and playing with her breasts as Nick watched.

"If you don't get down here and eat me...and I mean right now, I'm going to scream!" Darlene told him.

Nick laughed loudly. "Do that, and you'll have ALL the neighbors coming to their windows to see what's going on. Now wouldn't that be interesting!" he said though he quickly knelt, running the tip of his tongue lovingly up the furrow of his wife's soaking sex.

"This is interesting enough," she admitted a bit more quietly. "God...standing here watching my best friend having her pussy eaten while you're eating mine. I would have never guessed in a million years how fucking erotic this is!"

"Me neither, but you can thank your best friend for starting this!" Nick reminded, his tongue happily lapping at the hard little nub of her clit. "By the way, you have any more surprises you'd like to share with me?" he asked.

"Just one...but I won't tell you until after I've cum," she stated.

"Not until after?"


"You sure?" he said suddenly slowing the teasing stroke of his tongue. "I can do this for ever you know," he said seriously.

"Oh fuck...ok, ok."


"Well...after I told Carol that you'd..."

"You mean 'we'" he said interrupting her.

"Yes well, we...after we stood there spying on her as she masturbated, she confessed."

"Confessed? Confessed what?"

Darlene smiled. "She saw the glare from your binoculars in the reflection of her sunglasses. Figured out you were standing there in the bedroom window watching her. The more she thought about it, the hornier it made her. So..."

"So you mean she knew we were watching, and did that?"

"Well...figured it was just you until I told her otherwise, but yes."


Darlene laughed. "That's what I said! Now, eat me and make me cum honey. Because after you do, they're coming over here."


"Ah huh!"

"Damn!" Nick said burying his face back inside his wife's lovely pussy.

The End

Good Night And Sweet Dreams

Thunder Storm
31-05-2008, 12:56 PM
5 boys and 2 girls - Summer holidays

Summer 2007
5 boys and 2 girls were going on holidays to the hot south europe: beach, sun, alcohol and unexpectedly... sex.

One of the girls, had an house in the south that was owned by her parents so she invited us all to spend the summer there. We were supposed to be more people, but some couldn't go.

Lets start with the introductions:
- The house owner, named Jessie, she was 17 by the time, she is 5'57ft, has long brown hair, a great round ass and medium size but well built tits.

- Jennifer, is Jessie's best friend, 18 years old, 5'44ft, long blonde hair, she is a bit overweight, not a bad ass though and her tits are huge! A little saggy, but its a damn nice set of tits.

- Aaron, 17 years old, he his half-african, curly hair, a very well-built 5'83ft body, very shy and still a virgin, to his dispair!

- John, 18 years old, he is the intelectual of the group, 6'03ft, he has a little gay-way-of-acting and talking, stil a virgin too, a little overweight and a masturbation addict.

- Matt, 20 years old, he is the clown of the group, he's the one everyone mocks at, a little retarded he was still in high school, lost his virginity at 20 to a much younger girl, he had a long blonde hair and was 5'37ft and skinny.

- Frank, 18 years old, he was Jessie's ex-boyfriend, 6'16ft and a little overweight, always praising that he had a huge cock.

- And me, Mike, 18 years old, 6'06ft, a nice muscular body, a party boy and the one that all girls looked at first.

And there we were, alone with no adults to annoy us, the city had a great night activity, lots of bars and discos.
In the first days, we spent the afternoons on the beach, playing soccer and watching hot girls. At night, we went to the dsicos to dance and drink.
The house chores were divided by all, well not all, the girls did more than we did lol.

But one day, something different happened. We were comming back home from the discos, all drunk...
We got home and everyone fell on the floor, we were all singing loud, and dancing on the floor, really drunk!
It was really hot in the house (or maybe it was because we were drunk), some of the boys took their shirts off.
Jennifer took her shirt off and was now only with her bra on, and those tits bouncing around in it, damn! I was getting hard just by looking at them, and I was not the only one. John crawled next to her and started tickling her, and touch her tits in the act.

Jennifer: Hey don't take advantage on me! You know alot for a virgin ahaha!
John: I'm not virgin for free will, if you want to take care of that just let me know.
Jennifer: LOL you wish!
I was horny by the sight of those tits and because of that conversation that I decided to act. I got next to her.
Me: Jen I would be careful with those beautys there, they're almost popping out! (Pointing at her tits and I pulled her bra up like trying to cover them)
Jennifer: Oh who told you I would mind if they did?
Damn bitch she wanted it!
Me: Then why do you keep them there with this heat?
And saying that I pulled her bra up, and massaged one tit.
Me: See? Isn't it much better now?
I bent down and pinched one niple and licked the other. They were getting hard, the bitch was horny. I started sucking hard and she started to moan.
Jennifer: Oooh shit thats good!
Then John started kissing her and licking the other tit.

Meanwhile Frank and Jessie started making out, he was already sucking one of her niples.
Frank: Damn I missed these tits!
Matt started taking Jessie's pants off, she was just wearing a thong now. He started licking her ass cheeks.
Aaron was sitting on the couch, not knowing what to do.

I was already with my fingers inside Jennifer's hot pussy. I was dripping wet!
Me: You horny bitch you like this don't you? You're soaking!
Jennifer: Oh yeah don't stop oooh shit its sooo good! Damn I want some cock! Everybody get on the couch! I wanna see your cocks!
Aaron was already there, John sit next to him, then Matt, Frank and I got my fingers out of Jen's pussy and sat next to Frank.
The girls kneel in front of us and Jen took the lead.

Thunder Storm
31-05-2008, 12:57 PM
Jennifer: Ok now, you're gonna show us your cocks. John you first, let us see that virgin cock!
He pulled his shorts and boxers down and his 5 1/2 dick popped out already dripping pre-cum.
Jennifer: Uuuh I can see you are ready for the party eheheh, hold it there you nasty boy! Next Matt!

The short man of the group pulled his pants down, and a 6inch cock with hairless balls came in sight.
Jessie: Well at least you're not that short on cock.
Jennifer: Lets see that big cock you so much talk about Frank.

Frank: Right away you bitch!
And he uncovered his almost 8inch and veiny big but thin cock.
Jennifer: Damn it's big indeed, slim but big!
Jessie: I told you so!
Jennifer: Yeah! Now Aaron, let me see that black cock of yours!

The shy man pulled his 9inch black and hairless cock out.
Jennifer: Holy shit! How can that cock still be a virgin?
Jessie: You're last Mike! Let see what you have baby!

I got up and pulled my pants down showing my 10inch fat, big headed shaved monster.
Jessie: Oooh fuck! You're mine!
And she got up and grabbed my cock with both hands, and slowly oppened her mouth and swallowed my cock. She started sucking deeper and deeper, damn I was in heaven.
Me: Oh shit! Suck it babe, suck it harder!
And she sucked, and started playing with my balls while she did.

Jennifer: And I want that fucking black cock!
Aaron was having the moment of his life, a virgin and being sucked but that big titted bitch.
Jennifer: You like that don't you? You will love this!
And she put his cock between those tits and started titfucking him.
Aaron: Ooh shit! Arrrgg I'm cumming!
Jennifer: Yeah cum in my mouth I'll swallow it!
And she put her mouth on the head of his cock and swallowed all his cum.

Meanwhile we had a revelation! Tired of beating off John started rubbing Matt's legs.
John: Let's have fun while we wait.
And he bent down and started sucking Matt's 6incher.
Matt: Damn man what the fuck?
Me: You fucking faggot! I always suspected! Keep sucking Jess!
John: I'm just ..
Matt: Shut up and keep sucking fag!
Jennifer: Lets take care of Frank's big toy now!
Me: Oh nice sucking Jess! Lets swap now.
And I layed her down on the couch and ripped her thong off revealing her little, pink wet pussy. I kneeled down and slowly started fingering her tight pussy, then when I touched it with my tongue she started shivering.

Jessie: Oh shit Mike!
And I started licking it, I covered that beautiful pussy with my mouth and licked it so hard she couldn't stop screaming.
Jessie: Oh my God that feels so good! John! Matt! Bring those cocks over here!
And they did, she started sucking on their cocks while I licked the hell out of her pussy.
Meanwhile Jennifer layed on her back and spread her legs.
Jennifer: Aaron, bring that black cock over here and fuck me!

He run to her, and placed the head of his cock in the entrance of her pussy, and started pushing in.
Aaron: Fuck its so tight!
She grabbed his ass and pull him deep into her.
Jennifer: Oooooh damn! Its so fucking huge! Fuck me!
And he started pushing in and out of her cunt while Frank put his cock back in her mouth.
Jessie: Oh Mike I need that big cock! I need it in me!
I got up, grabbed my rocking hard dick and started rubbing it on her pussy, teasing her.
Jessie: Fuck put it in!
I then pushed it all in at once.
Jessie: Fuuuuuuckkkkk! You're splitting me in two!
I fucked her hard like a jackhammer, she screamed like hell, I had her juices running down my balls and legs.
Matt started face fucking her hard too and John moved on next to Jennifer.

Aaron had already pulled his dick out of her pussy beofre he would cum again, and now it was Frank fucking her pussy while Aaron had his cock sucked by Jen.
John: Make room for one more!
And saying that he bent down and started sucking Aaron's black cock too.
Jennifer: Damn JOhn don't you wanna fuck a pusy instead? Come here stuff that dick in my pussy.
He let go of Aaron's cocks, and put his 5incher on Jen's pussy.
Jennifer: there you go! Keep fucking me you cock sucker!
He kept fucking her hard and hard while she gagged on Aaron and Fank's huge cocks.
John: Shit I'm cumming!
Jennifer: In my mouth! I wanna eat it!
Jessie: I'm cumming aaaaaaaah!

By now I had lifted Jessie in the air and I was impaling her! She had a river running out of her pussy to the floor.
JEssie: I'm cumming so hard oh God!
And she started shaking, her eyes went white, she was cumming. I layed her down on the couch and kept fucking her slowly and deep, she was in exctasy! Then she came back to herself.
Jessie: That that was great baby!

Thunder Storm
31-05-2008, 12:58 PM
Jennifer was riding Frank pole by now, her tits were bouncing around and I saw and open hole, her asshole was calling out for me! I got behind her and spit on my hand, then rubbed it on her asshole and then on my cock. I slowly placed the head on the entrance of her asshole.
Jennifer: Go slowly! That hole is not used to big sizes.
I went slowly, she moaned in pain, I went deeper, she kept moaning but after a while she was not in pain. She had two huge cocks inside her, one pumping her pussy and another one stretching her asshole. I grabbed those huge tits from behind while I started fucking her hard. She was loving it and I slapped her ass and the damn bitch told me to keep on doing it.

Matt took my place on top of Jessie and JOhn got on his fours next to Jessie and called for Aaron black monster in his ass! Aaron was fucking the fag's ass while he made out with Jessie.
Jennifer was being brutalized by me and Frank and now I wanted to stuff my dick in sweet Jessie's holes again.

Me: Fuck out Matt.
He got off Jessie and took my place on Jen's ass.
Me: I wanna do you doggy baby!
Jessie got on her fours and showed that pink asshole for me! I went crazy but I was going for her pussy first.
While I was at her pussy, I was rubbing her asshole, getting it ready, I stick one finger in it, I spit on it and slowly massage it.
Me: Are you ready baby?
Jessie: Yes, but slowly, you're my first there.
Me: What an honour ehehe!
I tried to push in, but it was too tight, I spit a little more on it, and fingered it a little to strech it out, and then tried again.
The head was in! Shit it was tight, I almost cummed right there! I pushed deeper and slowly, ooh that was great.
Jessie: Its hurting argh!
Me: It will get better just wait!
And it did, she started to moan in pleasure and it went harder on her.
Jessie: OH yes harder! You're going so deep! Slam those balls against my pussy yes!
Aaron: Damn I want a piece of that pussy!
Aaron took his cock out of JOhn's ass and crawled under Jessie, and she sat down on the black 9incher.
Jessie: Oooh shiitt!!! Get your cock in here John! I wanna suck it!
She was being drilled by two monsters and was still sucking on his cock!

Matt: Shit I'm cumming!
Jennifer: Yeah fill my ass with that hot cum!
Frank: I'm cumming too!
Jennifer: Cum in my pussy! John! Aaron! Cum in my face and tits!
They went and soaked the bith in cum.
Me and Jess were still going at it and now she was riding me with her pussy.
Jessie: Fill me baby! Fill my pussy with your cum!
Me: Arggggh I'm cumming! YEes!
I felt my cock pulsing inside her pussy, spurting cum into her, filling her.
And we all fell a sleep like that.

In the next days, we didnt go out as often as before that night!

Thunder Storm
31-05-2008, 01:00 PM
I just need to get fucked.

I have been taking mirapex for a while now and even though my sex drive is usually high this really made it go wild and I didn't care and in fact I like it. I have to have sex as often as possible some days (and nights) and when the urge is on me it does not matter with who, where, when or how many times. I remembered the time Steve had put me out with only my panties on and left me in a neighborhod in the Atlanta area. I drove to Atlanta and tried to find the same place but could not. I stopped and masturbated and got off some but still needed real raw sex and a lot of it. I finally found a club that looked like a real good place to look for a gang bang. I parked the car around the side that was not well lighted and took off my bra and panties. I slipped on my blouse that was in the bag I carried with extra clothes and it was see through. I found a skirt that buttoned at the hip and did not over lap, I thought of sewing it that way and it had been a wrap around but I found it really more sexual to have it be able to fly open with any breeze at all.

I had nothing on under now and my low cut tank top was sheer and see through to the point of not being there. I went to the entrance and the guy there really looked me over and said I could come in with no charge. I stepped close to him and managed to brush against him with my tits. He was over 6 feet tall and I am 4'8" and so am at the right place to give anyone a view if I want to. He smiled and let me in the door after putting a stamp on my wrist "This one gets youi in all parts of the club, enjoy." He said and let me in. I walked in and several men (and women) looked me over. My skirt was loose and flying open as I walked in. The button was on the side and I sat at the bar and let it open. My leg was showing up to my waist and there were now several men around me at the bar acting like they were just looking to order a drink.

I turned to the bar tender and smiled and he said, "What will it be lady?" I looked at him and licked my lips slow. I want something with lots of cock." I said lound enough to be heard by the men around me. "First I want several strong drinks, you pick what." He put three drinks in front of me and I put them down. I waited till I felt the buzz and then turned around on the bench and now my skirt was open in front, my shaved pussy visible to anyone that was close enough to see. I leaned back against the bar and carressed my tits, the top now riding up to just below my nipples that were now hard as rocks.

"Who is first?" I said and a guy stepped up to me between my legs. I reached down and unzipped him and puled out a nice hard cock and he stepped closer and it slipped right into my pussy. The group had grown and several bar tenders were watching behind the bar too. My legs wrapped around his hips and I pulled him into me deep and began fucking him nice and slow, then I could not wait and humped him fast making him swell and fill me with a nice load. "Another, I need another cock." I was moaning now. Another guy stepped up and slipped into my dripping cock, "Oh yes, nice" I moaned and he began filling me with hard cock. I pulled my shirt up and my tits were there now for everyone that wanted to see or play with and sure enough a mouth was on my nipple on each side me me. "Oh fuck yes," I remember moaning and was filled with a load of cum.

"More, of god, please more cock." I said and another was in me. His swelling cock soon filled me and then another was in me and another. Spmehow I was now lifted onto the bar and was naked and a guy was on top of me fucking me and another was now in my throat fucking my mouth. I was filled in both places and still another replaced the ones that had cum. THere was a pause and I called out, "Oh please, more cocks, don't stop fucking me, give me more cocks." There was now a steady stream of cocks filling me with cum and I felt hands all over me, pulling my nipples and sucking them.

Somehow I was in the back room on a bed and there were men and women all around me now, all naked and all getting ready to fuck me in one place or another. I found myself impaled on two cocks, one in my ass and one in my pussy, then I grabbed a cock for my mouth. I passed out in the proces of the the gang bang and woke to a woman shaking me. "Hey hun, time to get up." I looked at her and felt sore all over but felt good. "No more cocks?" I asked seriously. "Just the clean up crew." she said. "Bring them in for me please." "Hey, guys, anyone wanna get their loads off?" I heard several voices and then 5 black men came in and saw me laying on the bed. "Fuck yes man, lets do it" they said and now they were naked and one stepped up and filled my pussy. He was huge and made me cum several times. "Come one guys, give me a black baby. Fuck this slut." I said. Now, they got really hot and made me really sore. "Give me a cock in my mouth." I almost yelled and there was on down my throat. I took it and swallowed all of his load.

I took each one in the mouth and the ass and the pussy and was sloppy with cum, dripping out al over. I got up and huge glob of cum came out of my pussy and ass onto the floor. I left the club and the guy that let me out said "Thanks lady, great fuck session." "I will be back Friday night" I told him, "Have lots of hard cocks waiting for me."

Friday night took a long time to get there but it did and there was lots of fun for me.

Thunder Storm
31-05-2008, 01:02 PM
The Hostes and Her Friends

It was a warm July evening, we had been invited to a BBQ in Pennies back yard. I had heard there was a pool and hot tub so we were sure to take swim suits. Steve and Wendy and Gail and I were looking forward to the party.

When we arrived Joe (Pennies husband) met us at the door, showed us the food and wet bar and said "don't be affraid to join in." We got some food and headed out to the pool area. It appeared that about a dozen couples were already eating and chatting. I noticed 3 couples in the hot tub, the gals were topless. Kool, I thought we get to see some skin. I forgot to say we had already changed into our swim suits. I walked over to the pool where 3 females were swimming laps, all 3 were totally naked, I slipped in the cool water and began to swim. Two of the gals were in the over 50 age range and a bit full figured the other one was about 25, very attractive and very slim. After a few minutes the 2 old brawds got out, they haden't been too easy to talk to any way. The slim girl Joan was friendly and easy to talk to. She said she was married and pointed out her husband, all the time we visited we were sitting face to face, this sexy lady was cute as can be, her boobs were very tiny but, who cares at least she was naked and her pussy was shaved clean.

I went to get some fresh off the gril chicken and see who else was naked. After about a hour only 3 ladies and 2 man had on any clothes. 2 of the ladies were old and fat the other was a beauty with a build but, her and her hubby could only staying about 20 minutes, I tried to get them to stay so I could see her naked.

I had noticed that Steve and Wendy were no longer outside so I went looking, I found Wendy and Joan naked on a bed touching each other. I went and sat on the bed and joined in, soon I was caressing both naked bodies, Joan really liked to be touched and exclaimed as I felt her tiny breastd, "Oh my tits are soooooo sensitive, I love it!" it didn't take long until Joan was on her knees going down on Wendy, as i caressed Joans ass she was moving in such a way that I knew she was inviting me to fuck her doggy style.

AS I slid my cock inside Joans tight little pussy Steve and Bill (Joan's hubbby) walked in the room. Steve said "Look at that, we leave to go get a beer and these two find someone to fuck." Bill laughed and said "I hope she enjoys it because I'm too drunk to fuck her to night." Wow, I had the green light to fuck Joan and fuck that tiny little gal I did.

After I got off the bed Steve fucked Joan while Bill attempted to fuck Wendy, He was able to get it up for a couple minutes to fuck Wendy, but he was done in record time.

I went back out to the pool and swam some laps in the cool wated to see if it would help rejuvinate me. Nita was swimming in the pool and soon she was straddling my cock, we got out of the pool and went to find a bed.

After relaxing in the got tub and cooling off in the pool I went back inside the house. I met up with Pennie who by now was also naked, what a great body she had for a 50+ year old gal, I played with her tits while we made small talk. She didn't want to get screwed right then so I moved on. I went into a room where 4 or 5 couples were watching the host show us his technique of using 2 massager/vibratores on a womans pussy and sending her over the top to an increadable climax. The gal he was demonstrating on was going nuts, after she calmed down she told the other gals that was the most increadable orgasm she had ever had. Another woman ask Joe to use his hand held massager/vibrator technique on her pussy, this gal didn't take long to reach the first of many climaxes. I thought she was going to have a hart attack from pleasure. She must have cum 20 times each harder than the previous, she loudly moaning over and over Ooooooooooo, Ooooooooooo, Oooooooooooo, getting louder with each Oooooooooo, Ooooooooooo, Oooooooooo. I was sure she was going to pass out.

I spotted a real attractive gal sitting on the other side of the bed looking like she was needing to get off. Cindy was 5'6" tall with dark brown hair and a figure deyound compair. Her breasts were full, firm and round, no plastic here all natural. I think she was about a 36 D or DD. Her pussy was well trimmed to clearly expose her pussy lips. I sat down in such a way as to be able to rub my cock up and down her pussy lips, I rubbed up and down her pussy lips until she climaxed, when I tried to sip inside her pussy she said "You already made me cum and you don't have a condom on, I could get pregnant sorry I don't want to get pregnant." I told her I'd go get one but she told me really didn't feel too good and really didn't want to fuck right now. Damn the luck! But! ! !

She offered to get me off as she said "In my own special way." With that she began to give me a blow job/tit job that was out of sight. This girl was a 'Master' cock sucker and had a 'Doctorates Degree' in tit fucking. I can truely say that for the next 30 minutes she treated me to the most increadable blow job/tity fuck I have ever had.

After the party wound down Steve, Wendy and Gail (my Date) drove to Gails apartment to drop her off, she invited us in. All 4 of us ended up fucking in the living room, I fucked Gaik for a while the ask Steve if he wanted to fuck Gail (I knew he had wanted her all night) so I fucked his wife while her fucked Gail thn we traded back so I could cum in Gails hot pussy, after all she was my date and it would only be proper to give her my last load of cum for the evening.

What a BBQ! Hope the next one is that good!

Thunder Storm
31-05-2008, 01:04 PM
The Dance Party

The club was packed, and Kristi and I were stuck up against the wall, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. The band was in the middle of their set, and with the music blaring loudly from speakers that were positioned directly over our heads, Kristi spent most of the time grinding into me, pressing her ass right onto my cock. Moving in sync with the band, it felt great. Thankfully it was dark enough that nobody took notice of our own private dance, but the crowd was too much into the band to even give a second look or probably care if they could actually see.

As the music got louder and faster, she kept pushing further and further back into me. I, not being the most musically inclined individual, stood rigid, up against the wall and allowed her to make most of the moves. The only move that I was able to make was happening in my pants. My cock was growing harder with each thrust of her body.

With the end of the song nearing, Kristi turned around, wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and planted a kiss right on my lips.

“Are you having fun?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “You?”

“I want to dance!”

And with that, she turned around, and headed out into the crowd, leaving me against the wall, trying to cover up the bulge in my pants. It didn’t take long for her to find her way out into the middle of the crowd. Jumping up and down with the rhythm, it was only a matter of seconds before she blended into the crowd.

I remained on the sides, up against the wall, peering into the crowd for the sight of her, but the crowd was so large it took me a few minutes to catch the first glimpse of her. It was then that I noticed that she had found a group of people to dance with. The dancing was the typical jumping up and down, waving of the hands in the air, and screaming at the top of your lungs at the band type of dance. A few guys, a couple of girls, and Kristi were right in the middle of the group, having a great time.

After a few songs, Kristi made her way back to the wall where I was standing. A few of the friends she had made on the dance floor were following her. She came up to me and quickly introduced me to her new friends. It was so loud, that I could barely hear the names as I quickly shook the hands of these people. I think their names were Chris, Dave, and Lisa.

Kristi turned to me and asked me if I would mind going to the bar for a drink. I shouted as loud as I could to see if any of her new friends were thirsty, and with a nod of the head I headed out through the crowd towards the bar. It took me over ten minutes to wrestle through the crowd, get to the bar, order four beers, and make my way back.

Luckily there was a few minutes break between songs, and the crowd seemed to dissipate somewhat. I quickly handed over the beers, introduced myself again (as I was now able to hear their names) and sided over to the wall again.

“Did you mind that I found some new friends to dance with,” Kristi asked me.

“Mind,” I replied, “not at all! In fact, I’m glad you found some people to dance with. You looked like you were having a really good time!”

She got up close to me and with her lips pressed up against my ear told me “Just so you know… while I was out dancing before… I think either Dave or Chris might have grabbed my ass… and I may have danced a little provocatively with Lisa… I think I may have had a little too much to drink, and if this bothers you… I can ditch them and we can leave.”

“Leave?” I asked her. “You really are asking me if this bothers me? We talked about this on the way over to the city”.

In fact, we had jokingly talked about this type of situation in the car earlier that evening. Although the conversation was a lot of joking and kidding, it was decided that if Kristi had a chance to dance with someone, either male or female, I would not have minded watching them dance close and personal. I guess I was just a little surprised that it actually happened and it was with both sexes… at the same time.

“I don’t mind at all” I continued telling her. “In fact, to be honest with you… I kind of like watching you dance with other people.”

“I’m glad… I’m having so much fun, but I don’t want to leave you out of anything. I want to make sure that you are having fun too!”

I told her that I was having fun, even if it was just watching her, and before I could say another word, the music started up again and it was near impossible to say or hear anything else without having to scream. So, I gave Kristi a kiss on the lips and went back to the wall with my beer.

At first, I thought Kristi and her new friends were going to make their way back into the crowd and onto the dance floor, but they stayed close, only a few feet away. I could tell that all four of them were a little tipsy from the amount of beer that they have been drinking as they started jumping up and down in rhythm with the beats of the song.

I stayed in the corner, watching the four of them having a great time as I stood up against the wall drinking my beer. After a few minutes, I could tell that both Dave and Chris were moving in closer to Kristi. One of them moved in front of Kristi as the other behind her, but continued to dance as before, jumping up and down with the beat of the music. Before long, however, I realized that Kristi had put one arm around Dave’s waist and pulled him close to her. Chris, behind Kristi moved in as well.

She turned her head around, looking for a reaction from me. I raised the beer I was holding into the air, and gave her a nod of the head, a wink of the eye, and huge smile across my face. So, she continued to dance with the two of them.

While Chris was rubbing his body up against the back of Kristi, Dave had his arms wrapped around her waist, thrusting into her body into his. In the meantime, Lisa, dancing to the side, realized how close the three of them got together, so she moved in close to be part of the action. Kristi, moved one of her arms off of Dave’s shoulder and took a hold of Lisa’s hand, pulling her close to the group.

With one more glance back over her shoulder to me, she pulled Lisa in close and gave her a long, hard kiss. The sight was incredible! Dancing close with both men and kissing Lisa at the same time was going to be enough to keep my mind going forever, and the thoughts I was having at that exact moment were far from being innocent. I didn’t care if anybody noticed, but I was hard as could be, and my pants did little to cover that fact up. But with what was going on just a few feet in front of me, and with the band deep into a famous played song, there was little chance of anybody giving me one bit of notice.

The song ended, as well as the dance. Kristi moved quickly back over to the wall where I was standing, out of breath, but with a smile from ear to ear. Before she could say anything to me, Dave, Chris, and Lisa gave me a quick look, a smile, and a wave. They turned to Kristi and did the same before heading back out into the crowd.

Thunder Storm
31-05-2008, 01:05 PM
Kristi just looked at me and continued to smile and before she could say a single word, the band started in on their encore song and she remained speechless. I grabbed a hold of her for one last song and pulled her close to me. I pressed my lips tightly to hers, and could taste the sweet taste of her lips, with the hint of another flavor… Lisa’s lips I presumed. She allowed her arms to go over my shoulders, drop to my waist, and press up firmly against my rock hard cock.

That night, I danced like I never danced before. With one last song being played on the stage, I jumped as high into the air as I could, raising my arms way over my head, and screaming at the top of my lungs – right alongside Kristi.

It took at least thirty minutes in the car before the ringing in our ears subsided, and we were able to have anything close to a conversation.

“I had the most amazing night…” Kristi told me.

“I would think you did” I replied.

“I hope you enjoyed what you saw tonight,” she said sheepishly.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Enjoyed it – I almost came right there up against the wall watching you. It was unbelievably amazing!!”

“I’m so glad that you liked it.”

The rest of the ride home was spent in near silence as we held hands and allowed our minds to replay the evening. We listened to the radio, and smiled at each other as much as we could.

Getting home took about an hour, and within minutes we were pressed together, naked in the shower, allowing the cool water to wash our bodies clean, knowing full well that even five minutes after this shower, we would be just as sweaty, if not more than before it.

It felt as though my hard on never fully went away from the first moment I saw Kristi dancing with Chris, Dave and Lisa, but being this close to her naked body, it felt the hardest it did all night right at that moment.

We washed each other’s bodies, taking a considerable amount of time on the others more sensitive spots. Turning the water off, I reached out of the shower, grabbed the towels and proceeded to dry off Kristi’s body, before doing the same to my own.

We headed straight into the bedroom, disregarding any of our pajamas, and went right for the bed. Getting under the covers, I slipped close to Kristi and gave her a kiss right on the mouth.

“Were you surprised I kissed that girl tonight” she asked me as she pulled her face away from mine.

“It freaking shocked the hell out of me” I told her.

“I hope it was a good shock!”

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it close to mine again and pressing her lips up against mine, kissed her hard and long.

“Does that answer your question?”

“No,” she replied, but pushing back the covers to reveal my naked body, she looked at my rock hard cock and said, “but that does”.

“Good, I said” as I move my lips down her chin. Opening my mouth to let my tongue roll over her chin, down her throat and across her chest, I quickly found my way to her bare breasts. Licking them playfully, I waited a few moments until they were hard and erect. I opened my mouth wider, and let my tongue get them nice and wet. Sucking on them, occasionally biting on them ever so gently, I took my time playing with her breasts until I could tell she wanted me to take things further.

Leaving a hand on her breasts, rolling her wet nipples between my fingers, I made my way further down her stomach until I had my face between her legs. At first I let my tongue caress her thighs as she slowly moved her legs apart, revealing her already wet pussy. It didn’t take long before I slipped and brushed my tongue across her lips.

It wasn’t long before I had my face buried between her legs, allowing my tongue to go further and further inside her wet pussy, pushing her further and further until I could tell she could endure no more. With her breathing getting heavier, and her moans getting louder, I moved my body back up hers, and allowed my cock to slide effortlessly inside her hot, wet pussy.

Within seconds, we were grinding each other slowly at first, but with the heat of the moment, and the amount of excitement that had happened earlier in the evening, the tempo sped up to an intense speed, and before I could do anything about it, I released my cum deep inside of her.

Hot and sweaty, we laid next to each other for what seemed like hours before she turned to me and said “Wow… that was amazing”.

“It was” I reassured her. “I’m just sorry it was so quick, but after watching you with those people tonight, I’m just amazed that I lasted as long as I did”.

“I forgot to mention something that happened earlier at the club”

“What” I asked her, having no idea what else could have happened.

“While I was dancing with Dave and Chris, and after I had kissed Lisa, Lisa whispered in my ear that she thought I was amazing, and that she wished we could get to know each other better. I thought she grabbed my ass, but in fact she put her business card into my back pocket and then told me to call her! What do you think I should do?”

“What should you do? You should call her” I told her without even giving it a second thought.

“I’ll think about it” she told me, and we quietly got our pajamas on and fell asleep.

A few days later, after a long day at work, I came home to find Kristi sitting at the kitchen table, on the computer, with the biggest smile on her face.
“What’s got you in such a good mood” I asked her.

“I called Lisa today”

Instantly my mind raced back to the night at the club. All I could picture was the dance and the kiss. My cock was hard in seconds.

“Holy shit” I told her. “I can’t believe you called her! What did you guys talk about?”

“At first we talked about that night at the club. Then we started talking about each other. She and Chris are engaged. They seem to be a very happy couple. Then we started talking about you and I and she kept telling me that she was so nervous with you standing up against the wall watching us kiss, but I reassured her that you were anything but upset!”

“I can’t believe you guys talked about that…”

“I figure we’ll be talking about it a lot more since her and Chris are coming over for dinner tomorrow night”

“What?” I stammered out. “They are coming here… tomorrow night?”

“Here… tomorrow night” she reassured me as she turned off the computer, got up from the table and began making dinner. Nothing more was said about tomorrow night’s dinner the rest of the evening. But nothing had to be said, my mind was racing a mile a minute.

Thunder Storm
31-05-2008, 01:06 PM
The next day seemed to last an eternity. The clock at work seemed to slow down with each passing second. It was worse than any Christmas Eve I had as a child, waiting for the first sunlight to wake my siblings and parents and head out to open my presents.

Five o’clock finally did arrive, and I nearly knocked my coworkers over as I headed to my car and headed home. I was home in record time.

Lisa and Chris arrived promptly at six, and the dinner went off without any talk about the club. It was a typical dinner among people just getting to know each other. We had a bottle of wine between us, and after finishing the meal, we took the second bottle with us into the living room. The conversation began heading into a sexual nature, as the wine began to take its effect onto all of us. At firs the conversation was flirty and silly, with a few comments about the club.

Lisa began talking about how excited it was watching her fiancé dance so close to Kristi, and I quickly followed with a comment on how excited it was to watch them as well. Kristi and Chris both admitted that it was just as exciting to do something to excite us with as well.

I’m not sure how it happened, but just as quick as the conversation started about Kristi and Lisa’s kiss, they moved closer to each other on the couch and resumed the kiss right from where they left off at the club. Chris and I looked at each for a quick second, and with smiles on our face, we both knew that there would be no objections from either one of us. We sat opposite of the girls, watching every move, trying not to blink in order to not miss a single thing.

At first I was unsure whose hand had moved up my leg and over my rock hard cock, but after I took a quick glance, I realized that it was Kristi’s. I looked back at the girls, and noticed that Lisa was doing the same to Chris. I quickly looked back up at the girls, whose kisses turned from innocent lip smacking to deep, intense tongue tying kissing.

After a few minutes, Kristi released my cock, moved her arm over to Lisa and began caressing her side, moving her hand up and down, closing in on her breasts. Before long, her hand made its way down to her waist and under shirt so that she could get a better feel for the others warm tits. I continued to watch as Lisa moved her hand away from Chris and over to Kristi’s side of the couch.

The kisses moved away from the mouths and the tongues on both girls moved toward the others neck. I moved myself closer to Kristi and proceeded to rub my hands across her back as my lips pressed hard against the back of her neck. Chris, I could only assume was doing the same to Lisa on the other side of the couch. Within minutes, both Chris and I had the girls shirts off of their bodies and on the floor as we both began fumbling with the clasps of the bras. As soon as they were undone, the girls moved their mouths away from each other and they began to caress each other’s naked breasts.

Chris and I moved back to give the girls more room, and within minutes, they were embraced yet again, breast to breast, lip-locked even harder this time. Arms were all over each others body, and after a few moments, Lisa had Kristi backed down onto the couch and across my legs as she began tearing at the button of her pants. While Lisa was focused on Kristi’s lower body, I focused my attention to her upper body. With my fingers going across her chest, I used the wetness that Lisa left after playing with Kristi’s tits to allow them to move freely between my fingers.

While I was playing with her tits, Lisa was moving her head down between Kristi’s legs, and from what I could see, Chris was moving his arms around Lisa’s waist to play with her tits as well. Kristi was enjoying every minute of this experience and with every caress of her breast, I could feel her breathing get heavier and heavier, and after a few moments of having another woman’s face deep between her legs, I could feel the first wave of orgasm wash over her body.

After a few more minutes of this, Kristi slowly sat up and moved over to Lisa’s side of the couch. Within minutes, both she and Lisa were turned around and facing Chris, who was leaning back into the couch. There was little I could do but watch.

At first, both women were on the couch rubbing their hands across Chris’s body, under his shirt, over his legs, around his waist. Before I could tell who was doing what, Chris was completely naked and standing in front of both girls. Kristi looked over at my side of the couch, gave me a huge smile, and turned her attention back to Chris.

I sat back into the cushions and moved my hand over my the bulge in my pants and began to massage my cock as I watched Chris began to get pleasured by two women, his fiancé and my wife.

At first, Kristi moved back a little to allow Lisa to get head first into Chris’s waist, taking all of Chris’s cock, deep into her mouth. But after a few minutes, Lisa pulled back, giving Kristi room to move in, and the two girls began licking and caressing Chris’s cock, from tip to base and back again.

Chris stood there, breathing heavier and heavier, and moaning louder and louder.

Before long, I stood up, took off my shirt and pants, removed my underwear and moved next to Chris, hoping for some of the same treatment. Instead, Lisa moved back on the couch, leaving Kristi face deep on Chris’s cock. After a few more thrusts of her mouth, she realized that I was standing next to Chris and she released her mouth from him and moved over to me. Chris remained where he stood as Kristi took her hand and began running her fingers over his wet cock.

Lisa laid back on the couch, watching the two of us now being pleasured by Kristi. At first, she excitedly went deep down the length of my cock as she massaged Chris’s with her hand, but before long, she pulled him closer to me so that we were side by side, and she was able to take both cocks deep inside her mouth. In and out, she licked us evenly and quickly. It wasn’t long before I could feel my excitement building up to the point that I was about to come. I suspect Chris wasn’t far off as he pulled away from Kristi and sat back onto the couch next to Lisa.

I too sat back on the couch and pulled Kristi close to me.

As Chris and Lisa were began to fuck each other on one side of the couch, Kristi and I were on the other side doing the same. At first, we took it slowly, rocking our partner’s bodies in motion, watching the other couples at play. Then, as the passion took hold, we began fucking harder and quicker, and as the one couple began to yell out in excitement, it seemed the other couple became louder as well.

Before long, the four of us were on the verge of cumming. I think Chris released first, arching his back into the couch with Lisa screaming out loud, Kristi and I both watched them as we continued climbing to the peak of cumming ourselves.

As soon as Chris and Lisa settled down, it was our turn. I grabbed a hold of Kristi’s ass, pulling her down onto my cock, hard and fast one more time, and with one scream of pleasure, I came deep inside of her – shot after shot until I was completely drained.

Both Lisa and Kristi got off the couch at the same time, and Chris and I watched as they stood in front of the couch, smiling at each other, with cum dripping down their thighs, rolling across their legs.

We said our goodbyes with hugs, kisses and handshakes. Chris and I agreed to keep in touch via email as Lisa and Kristi agreed to call each other regularly. Not only did we make the best of friends that night, we knew that it was a friendship that would hopefully last a long, long time.

As Lisa and Chris pulled away in their car, Kristi turned to me and gave me one big hug. She kissed me and pulling my ear close to her mouth whispered to me “Lisa mentioned that the next time her and Chris come over, they are planning on inviting their friend Dave as well…”

“Cool” I said, as I pulled her lips back to mine.

Lips locked in passion and tongues caressing each other, it wasn’t long before my cock was hard again and we were making our way back to the bedroom.

01-06-2008, 09:44 PM
Mike's First Hand Job

Elaine and Mike were going out on their very first date. Mike had asked Elaine to see a movie with him at Cinema South. Mike was a little shy, and extremely nervous about the evening. Mike could hardly finish his dinner, because he was so afraid he would say or do something wrong. Elaine had dated before, so she was only a little bit nervous. Mike picked her up at 7:30, right on time just as he had promised. After dinner Elaine yammered on about how her parents were too strict, and other family stuff as Mike drove. Mike was so caught up in his own thoughts about how the night would go; he barely noticed she was talking.

They arrived at the theater a few minutes early, Mike admired Elaine's luscious behind, as they walked towards the front door. He opened the door for her, like a gentlemen. Mike got in line for popcorn, while Elaine waited for him. She thought he was kind of cute but a little too proper for her taste. Elaine liked the dangerous type. Elaine picked them seats in the back of the sparsely filled theater. Mike wanted to sit up front but he obliged her.

When the movie started Elaine reached for Mike's hand. Mike squeezed it, and began lightly caressing the inside of her palm with one finger. Mike felt a rush of butterflies in his stomach. After a while Mike stretched his arm around her shoulder, and kissed her on the cheek. Then Elaine turned towards him and kissed him on the lips sticking her tongue in his mouth. Mike was relieved after the kiss he felt it had gone well.

Soon Elaine put her hand on Mike's knee and began rubbing his leg. She moved her hand up and down his leg occasionally brushing over his crotch. Mike thought she must have done this by accident and repositioned himself on his seat. Elaine reached over farther and brushed it again. Maybe this wasn't an accident thought Mike. Mike leaned over and kissed her again on the lips. Elaine pinched his cock with her fingers threw his pants. Mike knew now that Elaine knew exactly what she was doing. This chick meant business. Elaine whispered in Mike's ear, “unzip your pants.” Mike was so excited he could barely get his zipper down. Mike quietly unzipped, he didn't want the people around them to hear.

Elaine squeezed his cock and pushed his underwear down over it. Now she could feel him flesh to flesh in her hand. Mike was worried someone around them would see he held the popcorn tightly on his lap in front of him. Elaine stroked him with her nails, and squeezed him with her fingers. She wanted to blow Mike, but she was too afraid someone would notice if her face was in his crotch. She squeezed the middle of his cock and yanked it up and back down. She seductively licked the palm of her hand. Then she slipped her fingers tightly around Mike’s hard prick and slid her hand up and down the shaft. Mike slouched down in his seat and spread his legs. Elaine repeated this motion for sometime while Mike moaned quietly to himself. “You’re going to make me cum,“ Mike warned her. “Good I want you to,” Elaine giggled. She pulled his cock up and down with a faster and faster rhythm. Mike climaxed and cum spurted out from the top of his cock like a volcano. Cum spilled down the side of Elaine’s hand and into the popcorn. Elaine smiled at Mike and licked the cum off her sticky fingers. “A drop of that should never go to waste,” she said.

01-06-2008, 09:48 PM
Lost Virginity ( Part I )

It was a snowy winter night in Pennsylvania, Mike was visiting Laura and the snow was getting deep. Laura's parents suggested that Mike spend the night on the couch they didn't want to worry about him driving home in such bad weather. Mike agreed and smiled at Laura, he had more on his mind than sleep. This could be his lucky day he thought, the day he would finally get into Laura‘s pants and make her a woman. Laura was so in love with Mike she thought he was the best looking guy she had ever seen. She thought about him constantly and dreamed about the day she would make love with him for the first time. Laura often fantasized about how special loosing her virginity to Mike would be.

Mike’s short blonde hair and sexy blue eyes captivated Laura. He was tall, lean and had a very muscular body. Laura even loved the hint of razor stubble on Mike’s cheeks.

Mike had been dating Laura exclusively for nearly 6 months. Mike jacked off after almost every date they had. He had waited patiently for the right time to spread Laura's virgin legs and had high hopes that it would be soon.

After everyone went to sleep Mike tip towed down the hall to Laura's room. He didn't want to get caught, and he was so nervous his hands were sweating. His desire to get in Laura's pants far out weighed the fear of being caught by Laura's father. He pushed open Laura's bedroom door quickly so it wouldn't squeak. He stepped inside, slowly and quietly to be sure not to step on anything. Mike slowly edged his way towards Laura's bed. It was as if he was drawn in by the smell of her cherry pussy.

Mike sat on the edge of Laura's bed and put his hand down on top of hers to wake her. Laura looked up startled she almost screamed but stopped herself just in time. "God you scared me,” she scalded him. "Sorry,” Mike apologized; I just thought maybe we could have a minute alone.

"Sssshh,” she whispered, and she leaned up and kissed Mike on the lips. His lips were warm and soft against hers. Laura wanted to feel Mike inside of her so badly she ached. Laura was a little nervous, her friends had told her stories about loosing their virginity. Stories about pain and pregnancy that troubled her. Mike saw the fear, as he looked deep in her beautiful blue eyes. He kissed her again and slowly slid his hand over her tiny breast. Mike massaged her gently. "Does that feel good?" he asked. She nodded; Mike could feel her nipples harden with his touch from under her silky nightgown. Mike planted little kisses down her neck, and nibbled her ear... Mike’s hot breath on her neck excited her.

01-06-2008, 09:49 PM
Lost Virginity ( Part 2 )

Mike pulled on the strings and untied the bows at the top of her pink nighty that encircled her slender shoulders. The top fell down exposing her perky pink breasts. Mike slowly slid his hand down over her and felt her bare nipples for the first time. Mike moved his lips down her neck to her breast and gave her little kisses on her nipples. Laura began panting quietly with nervous excitement. Then Mike wrapped his lips around her right nipple and sucked it into his mouth. At first Mike was very gentle but then he began sucking on them hard like a baby eager to be fed. Laura's hormones were running wild her hands were shaking and sweaty. Mike’s tongue darted over the tip of Laura's nipples teasing them as he sucked on one then the other.

Laura knew there was no turning back now she wanted him way too badly to stop. Laura slipped her hand down between their bodies and searched for Mike’s cock. She cupped her palm over his swelling boner and began massaging it over his tight pants. It felt so big she wondered how it would fit inside of her tight little cunt. "I’m ready to make love with you," Laura panted in Mike’s ear the words he had longed to hear. Mike's heart pounded and his cock was beginning to throb.

Mike laid her back on the bed and unzipped his pants. He took Laura's hand in his and placed it on his cock.

Laura grasped it tightly with her sweaty palm. She wrapped her fingers snugly around the shaft his cock and jerked her hand up and down. Mike was so aroused he became concerned he would blow his load too soon. He had waited too long for that to happen.

Mike stood up and dropped his pants to the floor; he carefully stepped out of them. Then he laid down next to Laura and slipped his hand between her thighs. He gently massaged her cherry pussy with fingers. He squeezed her clit in between his two fingers and gave it a gentle tug. Then he slowly began working one finger up inside of Laura’s warm pussy. Laura gasped as he entered her. "Relax," Mike assured her with little kisses. “Spread your legs a little,” he whispered. Mike slipped his finger deep into Laura’s pussy. Mike began sliding his finger in and out of her tight hole fucking her with it. Mike knew he would have to loosen her up a little if he was going to get cock inside of her. Mike loved Laura and he wanted to make her first time as pleasurable as possible. He didn't want it to hurt her.

"Mike be slow," she said. Mike positioned his body between Laura’s legs. He took his cock in his hand and began slowly working it up into his girlfriends virgin cunt. Laura gasped as the head of Mike’s cock scraped her inner walls. Mike eased his way in first just the head then inch-by-inch he ventured deeper. Laura was very tight and it was several minutes before Mike was completely inside of her. Laura let out a little yelp as she felt the tip of his cock penetrate her hymen.

Laura had some pain but she was also experiencing intense pleasure. She panted as her body suffered the fine line between pain and pleasure. Laura began raising her pelvis to meet Mike’s enthusiastic thrusts. Mike carefully moved up and down as he plunged his cock in and out of Laura’s gripping cunt. Laura was clutching the bedpost so tightly her knuckles had turned white. She was doing it she was actually fucking. Mike began moving a little faster he was almost ready to cum. Laura's hips moved up and down to meet his.

"Are you ok?" Mike asked politely. "Yes, yes " she whispered. Laura was so tight Mike could feel her hole sliding up and down the length of his rod with every push. Suddenly Mike began fucking his virgin at a fast pace with intense urgency. Faster and faster he lunged in and out of her. Harder and harder!! Suddenly Laura felt Mike's hot cum explode inside of her. Mike moaned as his cock fired spurts of hot semen deep into Laura’s no longer virgin cunt.

Laura was now a woman.

The end. :)

02-06-2008, 04:40 PM
A "Walk" in the Woods

We've decided to go for a walk in the woods. I drive us there in the Jeep and we stop deep in the forest on the edge of a field. All alone. I get out before you, and when you step out of the Jeep, you feel my arm encircle you from behind. My hand gripping your shirt, I tear it open, sending buttons flying. Now you know I'm not really interested in "walking".

My hand inside the remnants of your shirt, I squeeze your braless breasts HARD, and pinch your nipples, biting your neck. You hear the sound of my pocketknife opening. Then you feel the cold, sharp edge of the blade sliding up the side of your leg and under the extremely short skirt you wore to torture me. You feel your thong let loose as I cut through the thin strings holding it against your treasures. There's a slight pull. You feel it sliding enticingly across your pussy lips as I tug it free of your body. You moan at the pleasure. But it doesn't last. I grab your wrists, bringing your arms firmly behind your back. Using your shredded underwear, I bind your hands, putting you COMPLETELY in my control.

You're still facing the Jeep. I push you forward at the waist until your breasts flatten against the warm hood. I push my leg between yours forcing your knees apart. Gripping your wrists with one hand, I place my hard thick cock in your hands. Using my other hand, I push your skirt up over your tan, perfect ass. Then I grab your hair, pulling your head and body back until my cock touches your hot, wet pussy lips. You can feel the head as it nudges at your opening, getting slick with your juices. But I don't put it in you. Instead I make you TELL me you want it. Beg.

When you do, and I'm satisfied you mean it, I shove it in you HARD. ALL the way. RAMMING my hips against your ass, and my cock into your pussy. I fuck you HARD for several minutes, worrying only about my pleasure as I piston my dick in and out. With my hand around your waist, I am fingering your clit bringing you closer and closer to climax, but not really caring yet if you get there.

Then without warning, I withdraw from you, causing you to cry out, and begging me not to stop. Grabbing your wrists, I spin you around and force you to your knees. Looking down at you, I push my cock into your mouth, watching as you suck your juices from it, tasting your own pussy. With your red-lipsticked lips completely surrounding my cock, I pump it in and out of your mouth, feeling the suction as I build to orgasm. When I can't stand it any more, I tell you I'm going to cum, but my orgasm lets loose in your mouth before I can pull my cock out.

You swallow quickly gulping my cum, and then look up at me wanting more. But I step back letting jet after jet of my jizz hit your face, your chest, and your belly. As my orgasm ends, I look down at you, letting you know we're not done and bringing you to your feet.

Looking into your eyes, I TELL you, I'm going have your ass now. All you can do is whisper a quiet "yes..." as you turn your back to me, lean against the Jeep, and push your ass submissivley toward my cock. Using my cum and your spit as lubrication, I push the full of my cock into your ass until my balls rest against your swollen, well fucked pussy. After you've adjusted to the intrusion, I begin slowly easing my dick in and out of the tight confines of your ass. It's the tightest, most intense, and sensual feeling ever. You and I are both lost in the pleasure.

Like I did before, I reach my hand between your legs to finger your clit. I'm trying desperately now to see that you get your orgasm. Just as your climax hits, you feel my body tense up and I release my load deep inside your ass. We both shake, shivering with the intensity our pleasure. Completely exhausted now, and no longer able to stand, we fall slowly to the ground. My cock still inside you and our bodies touching, we lay in the warm sun thinking how much better that was than some stupid walk!! And just as we drift off for a short nap, I whisper, "See? I TOLD you I could 'take charge'!"

The End

02-06-2008, 04:43 PM
A Barber & Her Master

My name is Carrie. I’m a ’forty something’ barber. Many guys who’s hair I cut tease with me, some make passes and some try to grope or rub against my 45 DD tits or matching ass. I have bright blue eyes and my hair has platinum highlights. I’ve been called beautiful but I’ll let others make that judgment.

The guys I like get a tit-brush or at the least a button or two undone. I particularly like to do a little flash for the older gentlemen. They seem so appreciative and tip well. I’ve met all types but was not prepared for my last customer that day.

“Is it too late to get a hair cut?”

“Well it’s time to close but I’ll squeeze you in. First I’ll lock the door….. Haven’t seen you before… new to the area?”

“Yeah…. Boy you are lovely.. You must get a lot of business from all the horny guys.”

“I do alright… how do you want it cut?”

“Just a trim… great tits… are they real?”

“Yes and stop touching …. Get your hand away.. DON“T do that again. I’m taking the cape off and putting you out.. Stop.. Don’t pull me..”

“What’s back here? Aha a key.. I’ll lock us in back here… Come on sweetheart.. You know you want to be held and kissed and felt up.”

“Sop it…stop it…. Get off me.. STOP.. I can’t move… (slap) Ouch.. My face..”

“What lovely hair just enough for me to grab.. You like to show off your cleavage… do you? Oh your buttons pop off so easy….

Here… how do you like your nipple pinched? Listen baby….. I’m gona have you one way or another.”

“OH god that hurts…”

“Shut up whore… you’re going love everything we do and you’ll and beg for more…. you know it…. Bitch. You’re gona be my slut whenever I want you…”

“No..no don’t pull my shirt down… stop I can’t move my arms. What are you doing with my scissors?”

“Cutting your bra off …Cunt… you better hope I don’t nick that pretty pink skin of yours.”

(slap…slap) Owo.. That hurts… don’t hit my tits.. “

“Makes your nipples sting.. Doesn’t it?… see how hard their getting… Yeaha… I know how to please a woman.. How about a little tongue… Now doesn’t that feel good. When I pinch and roll your nipple… Hmmm?”

“No don’t tie my arms back… no… no… don’t… don’t pull my jeans down…”

“You’ll be the best cock sucker when I’m done with you…but first … bend over the chair…”

(slap… slap…… slap) “Oh..Oh…don’t spank me… sob… sob…Uha… Uh… sob.“

“Whew.. Your pussy is sopping wet… and tight… I like ‘em tight.. This nipple needs a little pinch to keep it up.. I love titties… and yours are the best I’ve seen.. and pinched… and sucked…

You’re a real whore… and you deserve everything I’m doing to you for being such a prick teaser in high school and I see you haven’t changed…. You don’t recognize me do you Bitch?

“No.. sorry who are you?”

“Too late now slut…I’m gona fuck you doggie style… you bitch… are you my bitch, right?”

“Yes… yes.. I’m your bitch… I’m your whore…. Fuck me…fuck me…”

“No YOU don’t give orders.. I DO… I am your Master.. You have to call me Master..”

“Yes Master… Yes Master.. I will obey…”

“You love me hurting your nipples.. Don’t you? …. Don’t you slut?”

(slap)… “Answer me whore… What?”

“Yes Master.. Yes… I love it when you pinch and twist my nipples… Please ..please..”

“Do you want your Master to fuck you? You want Master’s big cock?”

“Oh yes… Master.. yes… please fuck me.. Fuck your slut… fuck your whore… Owwwwwe FUCK ME HARD… Ouch.. Oh “

“Shut the fuck up… stop screaming.. Bitch.. You deserve all the pain I give you… The hell with your cunt.. I‘m gona fuck you in the ass.. Do like to be butt-fucked.. Whore?”

“Yes.. But…Oh no.. you’re so big… it hurts.. It hurts..”

“How’s this.. Slower… ease it in…. “

“Yes pinch my tit… oh the… . The… Oh Master fuck me.. I need you to fuck me… Please butt-fuck me… hard… yes ..yes.. My clit…rub it.. Oh shit… Oh…god…. Oh Master I’m cumming.. I’m cumming… Oh Master I feel your hot cum fill my ass.. Ohh.”

“Here’s a towel… wipe the jizz off our ass and legs. Here suck my cock clean…. Now get dressed.. I’m going home with you. We’re going to fuck all night… you will be my whore until I‘m through with you.”

“Yes Master.. Yes Master.. I’ll do everything you say.”


“This is where you live?”

“Yes Master… does it please you?”

“It will do… Where is your phone… I‘m calling a friend to share you with… suck my cock till he gets here…. That’s it run your tongue over the cap.. Lick the ridge under…

(slap).. You Bitch.. No biting… now suck… suck my fuckin cock…Oh yaha baby.. Suck it fast.. Yes.. Yes.. Oh shit I‘m cumming… I‘m cumming in your mouth… now swallow it cock-sucker…. Swallow my cum…

Get up and answer the door… whore”

“This is Cal… he’s got a 10 inch, thick dick.. Cal.. This is the slut I told you about.”

“He.. He.. He’s Black..”

“So.. What are you prejudice?… a slut like you?”

“No.. no it’s just that I never..”

“Well white lady tonight is your lucky night..”

“I love watching his big black hands on your lilly white tits… His full dark lips engulfing your pink nipples…

Now Cal.. Now… slide that 10 inch hose between them alabaster boobs…. Suck it bitch.. Fuck his cock with your tits and mouth… fuck it.”

“Man she’s a real slut just like you said on the phone…”

“Yah.. I know a whore when I see one… don’t stop… keep sucking his shaft… Cal.... You want to fuck her hot cunt from behind?”

“Yah Bitch.. Bend over.. Old Cal is gona give you your first Big.. Black… Banging..”

“Open your mouth… I’m gona fuck your face while Cal pounds your pussy… I’ll control you by pulling this lovely blond mane… now suck.. Slut…

Hay Cal you pinch the right nipple and I’ll do the left… You know by pinching her nipples I can make her do whatever I want..”

“Oh shit .. I’m gona cum in her cunt…”

“No… no Cal… pull out.. Cum on her ass… Stop sucking Bitch… I’m cumming on your face and tits… Ohhh…Ahhhaa… fuck….

That was good… Now whore suck on Cal’s Big Black Cock and get him hard again.. Someone’s at the door….are you expecting visitors…?”

“That’s probably my bitch.. Shana. I called after you called I invited her… okay?”

“Sure Cal… the more the merrier… Hi Shana.”

“Don’t Shana me… what the shit is going on here… Cal.. You fucking that white girl?”

“Not right now baby.. She’s just sucking me good and hard.. Come on join in..”

“Her big milky titties do look awful inviting.. As soon as I get these clothes off I’m gona suck ‘em.”

“OH Shana… that big black ass of yours looks so good…. Hey Cal mind if I fuck her while you get blown?”

“No man go right ahead… you’ll see she is a fine piece of ass.”

“Come on white boy.. Fuck my black pussy… fuck me good… make Cal jealous.”

“Keep sucking those tits you Black Bitch I’ll fuck your hot pussy till I fill you with my …

Oh .. Yes… shit… yes… Oh wiggle your ass baby… yes… yes.. Rock back on my rod… Oh shit… Oh shit… I’m gona pull out and cover your sweet black ass with my white cream… Augh.. there.”

“Man.. That’s quite a load.. Stop sucking bitch… I’m gona cover your pretty white face with my hot cum… Ohhh .. Yaha… oH fuck….”

“Damn Cal we got two hot whores here.. Why don’t we have the put on a show for us? Come on Carrie .... You and Shana on the floor lets see some lez-69.”

“Ever eat a black pussy honey…. No?… well get ready.. Here it is…Mmmm you got a sweet cunt for a white girl… Yum…”

“Oh god… yes .. Suck my pussy… fuck me with your tongue…Your fingers… yes… Oh christ yes .. Make me cum.. Make me cum.”

“Yah girlfriend.. As soon as I cum…. Oh yes.. Baby.. lick my clit…. Oh shit.. Ohhh.”

“Pretty hot hey Cal?… I think we got some good times ahead… Okay girls take a break… we got a long night ahead of us.”

“Master… may I ask a question?”

“Sure Bitch.. What is it?”

“You said you were in high school with me .. But you’re…. You’re older.. And I’m sorry.. I just don’t remember you in my class.”

“I wasn’t in your class Carrie… I was your math teacher… and you don’t remember blowing me so you could get a passing grade?…. Hell I gave you a B so you could graduate…. when you deserved an F… I should have gotten a fuck for a B.”

The End

02-06-2008, 04:45 PM
A Bath at Jay's

I hear the tumbling of water as I walk down the hallway. I can hear by the density of it falling that the tub is almost full.

My feet ache, my back is tense and my neck so sore. My eyes are nearly closed as I move with weary feet towards the door. I can feel the steam on my face and smell the faint fragrance of Roses caressing the air. My mind grows lax and I shut my eyes and inhale deeply, drawing the scent into my body then releasing it on a sigh.

My senses awaken again as I feel your hand stroke the side of my face. My head tilts slightly into your palm - you linger there briefly before drawing me near in an embrace so delightfully tight, i sigh in pleasure at being there.

Hands that never seem to be rested travel up my back with controlled pressure. You run them down my shoulder blades, on either side of my spine to the small of my back, causing me to arch my breasts into you. You continue on as if you hadn’t noticed, over my waist, my hips, holding me there and squeezing once before moving to the zipper at the back of my skirt.

In lazy motions you slide the zipper down as you hook your thumbs beneath the waistband, taking the skirt and my underwear with it, you push them to the floor.

Crouched down in front of me you let your skilful hands wander back up my legs and stomach, you follow your hands as you rise up before me again. Under my shirt, your aching touch travels to cup my breasts, while indulgently you flick a nipple, I really try not to moan.

Rounding my ribs to my back and down, your hands firmly push into my now naked ass. You squeeze those curvaceous mounds almost angrily, negligently releasing them to flutter your fingers calmly again over my stomach, undoing each tiny pearl button from the base of my shirt up.

Your work hardened hands push into my breasts as my head falls back, curving my spine away from you. I feel once again the barely controlled need behind your touch. I want to wrap my leg around your waist and draw you in, but I don’t.

Eyes shut and lost in enjoying your hands cool touch holding me, it’s a shock when you release them with one last firm squeeze. Denied of your touch, my eyes and mind are bought back instantly to the present.

My head giddy and swirling, my orientation slightly off balance, you un-clasp my bra, running your hands over my shoulders, almost in a perceived kind of boredom, you remove the last of my clothing. They hit the floor unnoticed as your hands hold my arms firmly in place. I’m locked still, before you lazily draw your large hands downward over the length of my arms, taking my hand to guide me gracefully into the water.

I sit gingerly at first into the heat and steam of the bath, then wrap my arms around my upraised knees. Chill bumps surface along my flesh when I make contact with the water sending shivers over my scalp and causing my hair to feel as though its standing on end.

You squeeze hot water from a sponge rhythmically over my back, hypnotizing me with its silent warmth and tranquil pattern. My chin rests on my knees as my hands drop to my sides. I move my head around in slight circles as the tension begins to ease. Your hand on my shoulder forces me back to submerge fully into the water.

Keeping my eyes shut, I feel your stare as it roams my body. I ignore the lust emanating from you as you watch me, with water so still and you so silent.

I can feel you moving around now, the steam in the room stirring, as you move on silent feet. The click of a switch distracts me until the soothing strains of music gently caresses my ears and brings a smile to my face

The water ripples as you reach down disturbing its still state, you raise my knee to the side. With eyes still shut I raise a brow in silent enquiry, you answer by reaching across and moving my other knee.

I lay in the draining heat, resting back, eyes shut, drifting in the peace I’m feeling, with legs wide open to the waters soothing embrace and your eyes, an unblinking stare fixed upon me.

I’m nearly asleep when the first cold rush hits my now warm skin, the sound of water pumping through jets, drones on in my head.

I shiver at first, until the jubilant bubbles dance over me and hot water rushes through, warming once again.

Lost in my own calm and languid absorption, a tingling sensation surprises me reaching my very core, awakening my desire.

The warm tingles begin to quicken my pulse and I start to get restless. My hand glides over my stomach trailing the backs of my nails over my skin to my breasts, my neck, my throat, where splayed tense fingers touch, feel and explore. Around my jaw and down my throat, my hand moves and my head starts to roll from side to side.

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02-06-2008, 04:46 PM
The pulse at the base of my throat picks up an erratic beat as tense fingers move to the tops of my breasts. My pulse is racing faster as my other hand comes up to help push my breasts up and together.

They move, these hands of mine, with a single mindedness of their own to the undersides of my breasts pushing them up with forceful palms to roughen nipples that are now hard. My fingers play and pluck and pucker them more. I can’t resist a pinch and twist as my head falls back on the edge of the tub, a small moan of pleasure escapes from my throat as I leave my pleasured breasts.

With my uncontrolled hands moving and trailing each other to the insides of my thighs, my nails rake the soft flesh there and proceed to twine themselves in the closely trimmed matt of hair that covers my aching flesh.

With lips pulled back, and a steady flow of water hitting me, my mind spins out of control once again, my finger slides over my clit and a gasp of surprise is wrenched from my mouth as I feel, unbelievably, the thick silky dew clinging to me.

In my pleased state I begin to twirl, flick, twist, push and squeeze that little bud. Fingers dip in and out of me, hard, fast and deep.

My legs tense up as I feel my face reddening and warm alarmingly, I know my climax draws near. My temperature rises with the speed at which my fingers move. Water splashes around me, my legs close, locking my hands in place, then release again as I acknowledge the enhanced pleasure it creates.

I cum in a blinding flash that has my back arched and hands firmly locked between thighs that now shake. My eyes remain closed as my muscles begin to relax and calm as the now stilling water does.

My hands, not game to move away from the twitching shock of what my clit and cunt has gone through, remain trapped between my legs as they fall to one side.

So lost in my satisfaction I forgot about you, until a firm grip is attached to my chin, jerking my head around sharply. I look up into harsh lust crazed black eyes, eyes that promise a thousand promises of retribution and your alarmingly gruff whispered “Get Out Now” has me jumping from the tub quivering again in need.

You grab my hair and propel me from the room dripping wet. I try to gain my footing as I slip and slide down the hallway with you pushing me roughly in the back, past your room, past the kitchen and into the dining room. A harsh push from you on my shoulder forces me to my knees.

I know I’ve fucked up and I’m ready to pay the price. You yell at me to stay put and I quiver deeply inside. You leave the room and I can hear you stomping around, realizing how stupid I’ve been. I know your mad, so very mad at me and as my body shivers I know the time has come to give you more of myself.

You come back into the room and my head is lowered, showing you that I’m yours for whatever you need. I think I’m prepared to give whatever it takes to remove that cold hard look in your eye, but I need you to give me that look of pride that shines from you when I make you proud.

I’m scared but the underlining need in me to please you is a heady turn on. I keep this knowledge to myself; it’s your right and tonight its time for me to give to you.

You wrap your hand in my hair and pull my head firmly towards you and whisper in my ear. “You like to cum do you my love?”

“Yes.” I unthinkingly reply.

“Yes what?”, you bellow in my ear like a wounded bear, as my head is yanked back and a squeal is dragged from my throat. I close my eyes and think to myself, God why does this man make me forget who he is.

“Yes Sir”, I reply while forcing myself to open my eyes to look directly into yours, eyes that are normally so beautiful, are so cold and mocking in your rage for me, that I feel your displeasure swirling around me.

Almost desperately I’m filled with the need to please you. And it’s that need that makes me lower my eyes and forget about any challenge I would normally of protested.

You start to pull me up from my bowed position, slowly, so very slowly, the muscles in my legs strain from the slow climb and my neck aches from the grip you have on me. When I’m standing in front of you, I bow my head as you’ve taught me to, my still wet body shivering as I stand there waiting for your next instruction.

“Spread your legs” I do so and quickly.

“Is that cunt of yours still wet?”, you ask with sarcasm dripping from every word.

“Yes sir.” You reach down and feel the slickness between my thighs - whipping a coiled towel off your shoulder you thrust it between my legs. One end is behind my back and the other at my stomach. You lean over my shoulder and twine the end of the towel around your large hand, the friction this creates against my wet pussy is more arousing then punishing.

I begin to humour you and your brand of punishment. You must have detected that I’m feeling this way as a sigh of pleasure barely audible but still heard, escapes my mouth. You pull the coil up roughly and the abrasive towel spreads my lower lips, I gasp loudly as a slight sting to my cunt is created with your movement. “Mm feel good my girl”

“Yes sir.” I reply as I lean into your hard chest.

“Is this for my pleasure or yours?”, you ask flatly.

“Yours sir.”

“That’s right girl, mine not yours.”, you state as you draw the towel up higher on my stomach, scratching it over my clit roughly sending shooting spasms of pleasured pain through me.

I start to writhe against it, subtly, hoping you don’t notice as you pull it back and forth in between my lips and butt again and again.

Not being able to help myself even as I feel my moisture being dried and wiped away from me, I moan out loud and you pull back on my hair forcing my head backwards and stretching my neck taut. You push me forward the few remaining steps to the table and hold me down by the neck.

As my breasts press into the cold surface, my chin rests just beyond the table’s edge. I feel a resounding slap followed by a sharp pain on my behind. In automated protest I reach my hand around to protect and rub my aching cheek, only to have you grab a hold of my arm, twisting it up and behind my back, pinning me down to the hard surface like a butterfly to a board.

I try and squirm out of your grasp as another slap rings in my ears and on my ass. I scream out as another is placed directly over the first and as tears start to run unchecked from my eyes you slap me again.

I’m weeping now in genuine pain as my ass smarts with each slap, but still, I hold back the oaths of names that I’d like to call you as they run through my mind.

You release my arm and tell me not to move just in the nick of time, because my runaway tongue was about to lash you. I can’t move anyway but agree with a snuffling, “Yes sir.”

When you enter the room next I’m not game to move a muscle, you run your hands leisurely over my ass cheeks and thighs, and my legs quiver and strain as I await the next slap. It doesn’t come and instead I feel your finger run the length of my crack all the way down to my clit where you circle it once and feel the moisture I’m not able to hide.

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02-06-2008, 04:47 PM
Your firm hands cruise down the backs of my thighs and I feel you crouching behind me, my breath is locked in suspended animation as I feel you tap the inside of one ankle. I move my leg as you silently request and I feel you tie it to the table leg, with twin actions you do the same to the other.

Once again your warm strong hands travel the length of me and over my ass, commenting on how my white globes have turned pink, as a single finger traces lovingly your hand print there.

You continue up running your hands over my back, my shoulders and down my arms into the palms of each hand, swirling a finger around in there, sending goose bumps down my spine, calming me, petting me. You lean in and gently tell me to put my hands behind my back, I hesitated for one second too long and another slap to my rear has my arms moving quick enough.

You bind them there tightly and walk around me. Your dark blue robe is tied loosely at your waist as you stand in front of me, your erection prominent in it stance. You pull back your robe with the belt still tied and grab my hair once again, this time the tension is not nearly so great as you enjoy seeing me tied down and bending to a will greater then my own.

You rub your cock over my lips, moisturizing them with your seed as it lubricates you. You start to taunt me with it and my temperature builds once again. You ask what I want, with your cock and I tell you, “Sir I want your cock in my mouth.”

You pull my head up higher and ram it straight into my throat. I gag at first, at your unexpected full thrust. Thankfully you hold still until I can breath again and you ask me on your withdrawal if I want to be fucked in the mouth. “Yes sir, please sir, fuck my mouth.”, again you push in all the way but this time I’m ready for you.

You fuck my mouth using it brutally as you pound into me while I hold my jaw locked so I don’t unintentionally scrape you with my teeth. I can’t catch a breath even as I breathe through my nose; your thrusts are so great.

I can feel your seed rising from your balls and taste its almost arrival. You pull out of my mouth and clamp your hand around your balls and the base of your cock, walking around behind me and rub your cock up and down over my slick cunt and lips, I’m so wet, you can feel it and smell it all around me.

You stick the head into me and leave it there. I try to wriggle back onto you and you slap my ass again making me stop. You grunt as my ass reddens more and I feel your cock thrust in between my ass cheeks, your hot cum lands on my butt, my back and the tips of my tied fingers.

I feel the warmth of your cum briefly before you dip your fingers into it and play around, swirling and rubbing it into me. Your slick fingers trail over the base of my spine and follow the hollow path to my ass hole. I feel the spent jism there a second before you plunge your finger into my hole, making my chest come off the table as I adjust to you being there.

You reach up with your other hand and push my cheek back down on the table, holding me still with one hand on my head as you fuck my ass with your finger. Lubricated as I am in my own juice you run you thumb over my clit as I feel another finger inserted into my ass. Then pulling your fingers out, you shove them into my aching pussy, my uncontrolled reaction of course, is to drench you in my heat.

You plunge with three fingers straight in and up as high as you can go, in and out as I start to drip and grip at your hand. “Do you want to cum my little slut?” You ask me ravenously.

“Yes sir please let me cum”

“NO” is your immediate reply, “you will not”.

My teeth clench down hard, gnashing them together to try and control my own body as your fingers plunge deeply yet again in my moist cunt just once before you pull out and fuck my ass with your fingers again.

You swap ass, cunt, ass, cunt again and again over and over. Giving one long hard thrust to each and back out again.

I can feel all my muscles clenching with my approaching release and just as I’m about to let go you stop all movement and slap me again. I scream from the pleasure the pain. From the loss, the denial and the frustration of being driven so close to the edge. You laugh and stick your rock hard cock into my cunt and grind it into me. I can feel your cock pushing at my womb, I feel your fingers in my ass.

I can’t move as every muscle in my body shakes in reaction to my forced denial. Straining, sweat breaks out all over me as you pull out of my cunt. Then I feel you press at my anus with the head of your dick and I start to beg you over and over and over, “Sir, please.” You push a fraction further, “Yes please sir.” Further still, “I beg you please sir.” You start to pull out of me, “No sir; please don’t I beg of you.”

“What do you want slut?”, you demand to know.

With out hesitation I say, “Please sir, do it now. Fuck my ass sir, please.” You push back into me and pause yet again, I scream out in demand and frustration and immense arousal. You slap me hard on the ass and plunge in, making me scream over and over, “Sir... sir...”

With my hands still tied behind my back and my legs attached to the table, I’m open and cant move. My breasts ache from being pushed and rubbed against the table with each of your pounding thrusts into my ass. My cunt drips with need and I’m about to explode when you ask. “Does my little fuck want to cum?”

“Yes sir please yes I do.”

“Do you want to cum for me little slut?”

“God yes sir, yes I do.”

“NO”, you bellow again at me as you continue to fuck me. My mind is numb and my body electric, I’m weeping in pain from the need to gain release, I dare not ask you again.

Reaching down between my legs you can feel me dripping, and I’m sure that if you looked you’d see a small puddle on the floor.

You touch my clit and I can’t hold back my scream and when you pull your cock out of my ass I grieve its loss until you bury it deeply into my cunt. You slide back and forth a few times before you pull out again and in one easy motion stick it up my back hole much the same as you did your fingers. You fuck my cunt then my ass with your cock over and over again, I can feel blackness descending and closing in around me, my screams are silent and my will is yours as you fuck into me.

“Will you cum on your own again girl?” You ask me.

“No sir” is my whispered reply.

“Who owns this ripe cunt girl?” You ask as you push your cock into it.

“You do sir. You do”

You push your cock into my butt and fuck it a few times before pausing half way

“I’m going to cum in your ass my little slut.”

“Yes sir, please.”

“Yes sir I don’t think so, you should know what to call me by now”

I take a deep breath as I say the words I never thought I would say. “Yes Master cum in my ass”

You build up the pressure in me as you fuck me over and over harder and deeper and wilder - I know that I’m going to cum and I don’t have the strength to fight it this time. Just as I know my will and my body struggle with each other and give one last fight you demand of me. “Cum slut, cum.”

“Master!” I scream into the night over and over again.

As my screams die off and you slump against me, I feel you untie my arms and they fall to my sides limply as your cock does the same from my ass. Minutes or hours I know not which I feel you carrying me to your room where you tuck me under your arm safely for the night while you gently stroke my hair, I can feel your smile as I drift into a deep, deep sleep.

The End

03-06-2008, 09:30 PM
Together Again

She could see her own hand shaking as she reached for the car door handle. She was nervous, excited, aroused ... and so much more that she couldn't even put words to. Her black heels splashed in the puddle of rain next to the car. The cool droplets falling from above clung to her skirt and the sweater. Despite the cool temperature, she knew her cheeks were flushed when she opened the passenger door of His car.

Smiling, she slipped into the front seat, nervously crossing her legs and tugging down her skirt. He smiled at her and made her head spin. He leaned toward her and she took the cue and pressed close, hugging Him tight, somehow preventing herself from clinging. She was glad He couldn't see her close her eyes and that He couldn't hear her thoughts, the thoughts that spoke of her need for Him, for this connection, the physical connection that she often ached for.

As they pulled apart she looked up at Him and they softly kissed. She felt herself melt. A soft sigh escaped her lips. She had been thinking about this moment for two days. She cherished the moment, absorbing it, imprinting the feeling of His touch, His kiss, in her memory to be recalled later when she longed for His touch again.

She sat back in her seat, holding her own car key in her shaking hands, absently playing with the keyring. He teased her a bit about how pink her cheeks were, which of course, only made her blush another shade of red. They talked for a few minutes of seemingly trivial things and she knew He was waiting for her to relax just a bit.

"Do you like Your necklace?" He asked her with a smile.

She was wearing the gold chain He'd given her, something she treasured. Smiling, she said "i do."

And then He asked the question she'd been waiting for. "Did you wear panties?"

She looked over at Him and then lowered her eyes. "Of course not," she said quietly. He had told her one requirement of T/their meeting was that she should not wear panties ... and that she should be prepared to prove she hadn't. He stared at her until her eyes met His. He didn't say anything for a moment. She squirmed a bit in the seat and half whimpered "what?" knowing exactly what He wanted.

"You have two options little subbie. Either show Me or hand Me the panties."

"But i didn't bring them," she said, her hands still nervously toying with the keychain.

"Well then I guess 50 percent of your options just went away," He laughed.

She looked up at Him, took a deep breath, set the keys down on the console and shifted in her seat. She scooted her ass to the edge of the seat and turned herself toward her Master a bit as she pulled her skirt up around her hips and spread her legs. She felt the heat in her cheeks as she sat exposed to His gaze.

She gasped as His hand moved over her stockinged thigh and His finger pressed against her cunt. "Oh my you're wet little subbie," He said as His finger pressed between her already dripping lips and teased her. She didn't think she could blush anymore.

She tried to look up at Him but couldn't make herself. Something about being so exposed, knowing that He knew how it aroused her, knowing He could do anything to her, made her blush and tremble at the same time. She knew He sensed the struggle she was having between embarrassment and the need to please Him.

In that voice that made her world turn upside down He said her name and then "Who is your Master?"

Her eyes met His. "You are Sir," she said breathlessly as His finger continued to rub against her clit.

"Who owns you?" He asked.

"You do Sir," she whimpered as His finger pressed harder.

"Whose clit is this?" He asked as His finger flicked over her hard, aching clit.

"Yours," she whispered. His finger slid down a bit, making her breath catch and her body jolt.

"And whose cunt is this?" He asked her.

"Yours," she replied on a moan. His finger slid a bit lower still.

"And this ass, whose is it little subbie?" He asked her, watching her intently.

"Yours," she whimpered.

"And what are you willing to do for your Master?" He asked her, already knowing her reply. She didn't disappoint.

"Anything," came her whispered response.

"Are you sure little subbie? Anything? That's a big offer. What if I asked you to give me a blowjob right here in this parking lot?" He asked.

She looked up at Him. She bit back the reply she wanted to give. Her thoughts said "yes please, let me suck Your cock Master, let me taste You, let me please You." Instead, her eyes held His as she answered, "If that's what You want, yes."

"And if I wanted to count down and have you cum for Me?"

She quivered at the thought, the mere idea of His voice counting her down driving her close to climax. "If that's what You want, yes," she gasped.

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03-06-2008, 09:31 PM
He sensed her struggle to keep her eyes on His again, and told her to close them. She did so as His hand moved up and His fingers played with His clit and cunt. She began squirming in the seat as He played with her. He continued touching her, watching the need grow, fanning the flame. "5... 4..." She squirmed more with each number, her moans growing louder. "3... 2..." She could feel Him watching her even with her eyes closed. The closer He got to zero the tighter each muscle in her body got, aching for release. "3..." She whimpered as He teased her. "4..." She bit her lip to keep from pleading as His finger moved faster. "3...2" She held her breath, half expecting Him to go back up again. "1..." Her breathing became gasps as she struggled to hold on, as He tormented her by waiting. "0... cum," He commanded and she moaned and cried out, arching as she climaxed, calling His name.

His hand never stopped playing with her cunt and clit. "I want another," He told her. She obeyed and released again, offering the climax and herself to Him by calling out His name. And still He didn't stop. "Another," He commanded. He alternated between rubbing her clit and cunt and pinch her full cunt lips between His finger and thumb until she gasped. Her hips moved, pressing her against His fingers. "I want another ... now," He growled. She cried out, His name again the only word formed as she came for Him.

Just then another car pulled in the parking lot, and He asked her to sit up and open her eyes. She struggled to focus and breathe. She tugged her skirt down. As they talked and shared stories, laughing and just enjoying being together, she reached for His hand. She needed to touch, needed in some small way to share her love with Him in a tangible sense.

Just as she hadn't noticed the car arrive, she didn't notice the other car leaving because she was so focused on Him and the conversation, but He noticed. "They're gone," He said as He smiled over at her. She grinned and just looked back at Him. They waited each other out.

"And what does that mean?" she finally gave in and asked.

"I want you back the way you were and I want to continue what I was doing," He told her. She quickly slid back down in the seat, spreading her legs for Him, pulling up the skirt to display His cunt to Him.

"Who owns you little subbie?" He asked her again as His hand moved to dip into her wetness.

"You do Sir," she replied on a small sigh. He flicked a finger over her clit and then teased her cunt before His finger pressed against her ass.

"I was a bit surprised by some of the things you wrote in your email earlier this week. I didn't realize how much you enjoy this part of our play," He told her as His finger teased her ass.

She felt like she couldn't breath. Her entire body felt as if she'd shatter into a million pieces. There were no thoughts. All she heard was His voice and her own ragged breathing.

"Could you cum from this?" He asked her as His finger pressed just a bit harder.

"Yes," she quickly replied. She knew she'd even beg for it.

"Promise?" He teased her.

She was already so close to that blissful edge. "Yes," she groaned.

"Then cum," He commanded her.

She cried out, His name on her lips as her body tightened and exploded. Her hips pressing up just a bit, wiggling against His hand.

As she started to come back down, letting her breathing begin to return to normal, she felt Him shift in His seat. The moan caught in her throat as His fingers slid into her ass. She bit her lip to stifle a small scream of pleasure as He pressed them deeper and began fucking her. She had to consciously keep herself from pressing back against His hand, from fucking Him as much as He was fucking her. She writhed in the seat, whimpering as she struggled to hold back. Just when she thought she couldn't control her body any longer, He told her to cum. Her nails dug into her own palm as she came hard for Him, arching and moaning His name. He eased His fingers out as she tried to steady her breathing. "Keep your eyes closed," He told her as if reading her mind. She, of course, obeyed.

She didn't have to wait and wonder why for long. His fingers traced along her inner thigh. Gentle, soothing touches.

"Who's My little slut?" He whispered.

"i am," she sighed.

"Who's My good girl?" He asked.

"i am," she whispered.

"Yes, you are," He replied just before His open palm came down on her inner thigh. She gasped in shock and from the sting. Her body jolted. She loved that He understood how pain brought her such intense pleasure.

He alternated between gentle caresses and sharp, stinging slaps, keeping her guessing, her mind reeling. Then He moved to play with her nipple through the fabric. Pinching and tugging until she was moaning ... and then several successive slaps to her sensitive inner thigh. She wiggled in the seat, the burning sting of her thigh seemingly tied directly to the burning need in her cunt. His hand moved back to her hot, wet cunt and He commanded her to cum for Him for the final time. Her cry of "Master" seeming to echo in her own head as she released.

She slowly came back to her senses to hear Him whisper "Deep breath pet."

She sat up and pulled her skirt down, then brushed her hair from her cheeks while breathing deeply. She smiled at Him, wishing she had words to tell Him what this time together meant to her ... what He meant to her. He smiled, and she whispered the only words that mattered to her in that moment ... "i love You."

The End

03-06-2008, 09:32 PM
Coming Home

She walked to His door, down the long hall of the apartment building. She was dressed as He'd requested ... her red strapless dress hugging her curves, the hem brushing her thighs just above her knees ... the necklace He gave her adorning her neck ... she felt nearly naked without stockings, a bra or panties beneath the dress. Her hair was pinned up, soft curls falling around her face.

As she raised her hand to unlock the door, she slowly released the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. She reached for the doorknob, turned it slowly.

She stepped inside, silently cursing her shoes as they echoed in the front hall in the silent apartment. She set her small black purse on the counter. As she moved to step into the living room, she nervously brushed a hand over her dress. She wanted to look her best for Him, always did.

The first time she'd been here He'd allowed her time to look around, to take in her surrounding and makes herself comfortable in His home. She admired various items throughout the apartment, taking in the small bits and pieces of His life. Now she saw things she didn't see the first time ... she saw herself bent over the ottoman in the living room ... stretched up on her toes, hands bound to the spiral staircase ... pressed against the wall as He kissed her for the first time ... she sighed softly, felt her body already reacting.

She stepped further into the open room, debating with herself. He'd told her simply to wait for Him. He knew she functioned best with specifics, and this was a test ... a test of whether she would be able to be in His space without Him, when she was missing Him terribly. She had asked whether she should leave the dress on and, after teasing her a bit, had told her to leave it on, that He wanted to see the dress, but the shoes were up to her. And that was all He'd give her.

She glanced around the room ... the couch ... the chair ... the ottoman ... she stifled a small moan. She stepped nearer to the chair ... the chair where He'd sat last time, watching her as she lay on her back on the ottoman, arousing herself as He commanded. She slipped off her red heels and set them out of the way. She sank to her knees near the front corner of the chair, smoothing the dress over her legs and assuming the preparation position He'd taught her. She left space as she would if He were there. Space for Him to be able to sit if He wished, so that she would be positioned next to Him, kneeling at His feet ... where she belonged.

Her heart was racing. Every nerve in her body vibrating, longing for His touch, His kiss. She took a long, slow, deep breath, laying her hands upon her thighs, closing her eyes. She focused on her need for Him, immersing as He had taught her. Then she rose, slipped her heels back on and went to the kitchen to pour wine for when He got home.

She heard His key in the door and her breath caught in her throat. She smoothed a trembling hand over the skirt of her red dress as she turned away from the wine she'd been pouring.

They'd been apart for two weeks because He had been traveling for work. It wasn't unusual, but whenever they were apart she had a slight, nagging empty feeling as if something vital was missing in her life when He was away. She also had a hunger for Him, both physical and emotional hunger. She longed to hear Him command her, longed to feel Him touch her, longed to pleasure Him.

He stepped down the front hall and turned to the kitchen. He smiled as He saw her. He could see the love, devotion and pure emotion so clearly in her bright blue eyes. She stood still, watching Him, a soft smile forming. "Hello Master," she all but whispered. "Welcome home."

"Thank you pet," He said as He set His keys and phone upon the counter. Stepping into the kitchen, so nothing stood between them, He simply opened His arms. She practically ran to Him, her heels clicking on the floor. She wrapped her arms around His neck and held on so tight. He wrapped His own arms around her, lifting her up off the floor. As her feet dangled, He spun her around as He kissed her bare shoulder.

When He set her back on her feet, she released her grip just enough to be able to look up into His eyes. They stared at each other for a moment, before He wrapped a hand in her hair gently, tilted her head back and kissed her. They both poured all the passion, longing and need from the past two weeks into the kiss. Her nails dug into His shoulders as she pulled closer. Their bodies melded together. He wasn't the only one home. She was back at home in His arms.

She practically whimpered when He broke the kiss. He tugged her head back a bit more and waited for her eyes to flutter back open and focus on His. Then He tilted her head and His mouth moved to her ear. His teeth sunk in, gripping, grinding. He tightened His hold on her waist as He felt her squirm and her knees begin to buckle. He knew this drove her crazy.

She moaned deeply as He continued to bite her ear even as He growled, "I've missed My pet." He backed her up against the wall, holding her there with the weight of His body against hers. He couldn't help but moan as she began to grind herself against Him. When He finally released her ear, she was gasping, dizzy with her need for Him.

His hands slid along her arms, pulling them from around His own neck until He was able to press them over her head against the wall. He held her wrists together above her with one hand. He used His other hand to grasp a nipple through the fabric of her dress. She inhaled sharply and arched toward His hand. "Open your eyes little subbie." Her eyes, overly bright now, snapped open and found His. "Who owns you?"

"You do Sir," she whispered.

"Are you sure?" He prompted.

"Yes Sir," she nodded.

"And what are you willing to do for your Master tonight little subbie?"

"Anything," she replied, feeling it in the deepest core of her being. He could see the truth in her eyes.

"Your Master is feeling greedy tonight. It's been too long. i'm going to use My pet."

"Yes please Sir," she breathlessly whispered. Her eyes drifted closed as He leaned in close and softly kissed her forehead, then her right eye, followed by her left, before He took her hand and led her to the stairs ...

The End

03-06-2008, 09:39 PM
A Perfect End to a Bad Week

He'd told her to call around 8. She'd been eyeing the clock for almost an hour, watching the minutes tick by, minutes that felt like an eternity. She'd talked to Him only a few hours before and yet she craved hearing it again.

She didn't know what turn the call tonight would take. She thought it might be a chance for them to share some intimate time together. She'd of course be thrilled just to talk, of nonsensical things, of important things, anything ... time with Him was so very precious. What they did, what they talked about truly didn't matter. But she felt she should prepare a bit anyway, so she would be ready for Him if He wanted her.

So prepare she did. She undressed, slipping on just her short black robe, thinking of the time she'd spent with Him in person in that very robe. Her fingers brushed the gold chain at her neck. The chain He'd given her during their first time together. The chain she wore during all of their most intimate moments. The chain that held such deep meaning for her. The chain she'd been wearing for almost a week now, having needed to feel Him close to her during what have been a troublesome week.

She grabbed the wooden paddle-type hairbrush from it's place on her antique dressing table before she left her dressing area. The next stop was the bedroom. She reached into her nightstand drawer and pulled out a vibrator and a dildo, toys He most often asked for her to use. She paused for a moment, wondering if she should take anything else. She could always come back up if He wanted. Down the stairs she went.

She laid a soft blanket out across the wood floor, again preparing in case He wanted her tonight. She knelt for just a few minutes, gathering her thoughts, remember moments they had shared. He hadn't asked her to prepare. She had no idea if she needed to, but she loved these moments by herself when she filled her mind and heart with only Him. Standing, she moved to the couch and curled up. She dialed the phone with slightly trembling fingers....

His voice filled her immediately. They spoke of various things ... what they'd been doing since they last spoke, how long each of them had to talk, and others ... and then He asked the question that made her heart skip a beat. "What are you wearing?"

"Just my robe," she said a bit shyly. She knew that He begin to realize she has prepared, hoped even, that He might use her tonight.

And then ... "Did you bring any toys down with you?"

She could feel her cheeks blush bright pink as she told Him she had. "i like to be prepared," she joked.

Then she heard the change in His voice as He said her name. As always, she suddenly couldn't breath. She was immediately immersed. Filled with Him and only Him. Nothing else existed. Nothing else mattered.

"What did you bring down?"

She giggled nervously, "The brush of course, and a vibrator and dildo."

"Describe the dildo for Me little subbie," He prompted. He could practically hear her squirming.

"i ... i can't ... it's ummm about 8 inches." She thought she couldn't blush much more. She was wrong.

"8 inches? In what way?" He asked.

She could hear the grin in His voice, could picture it. "8 inches long. What else..."

He cut her off, "What is it shaped like?"

She closed her eyes and let her head fall back, laughing a bit. She wasn't sure she could answer.

"A cock," she squeaked.

He mimicked her squeaky voice. He teased her for a few more minutes. "Does it have ridges... does it have a head ... what does your Master like you to do with this dildo?"

Her embarrassment and nervousness got the best of her and she could barely answer and His voice changed. "Get the brush pet. On your knees."

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03-06-2008, 09:40 PM
She groaned, "Yes Sir." She knew what was coming. First her right ass cheek. She lost count of the strikes. Then her right nipples. Then the inside of her right thigh. With each strike her need grew. Her immersion deepened.

"What can your Master do with that dildo pet?" He asked her with a bit more force. Her mind swirled. Nerves. Embarrassment. Pain. Pleasure. Need. "Listen. Feel. Act." He told her. "Don't think."

"You can fuck me Master," she said softly.

"And what do I fuck with that toy?" He asked her.

She squirmed on the floor and said "My cunt."

"And what game does your Master like to play pet?"

"Shallow and deep," she whispered breathlessly. She could feel the warm wetness between her legs, the sting of the brush still racing through her body.

"On your back. Grab the dildo. Feet flat on the floor. Put the dildo at the entrance to My cunt little subbie," He commanded her.

She quickly complied, "Yes Sir." She waited. Anticipating. Barely breathing.

He began the game. "Deep... deep..." She moaned deeply with every stroke. "Whose cock is that fucking you?" He asked her.

"Yours Master," she sighed. And it was. She could feel Him so clearly. His body covering hers as He took her, as He claimed her body, mind and soul.

He continued until she was writhing on the floor, whimpering, moaning and when she thought she couldn't possibly take anymore ... "Cum," He told her.

She cried out, His name almost a whisper as her back arched as her body tightened and released. As she started to come back down, He began the game again until He commanded her to release again. She thought her body must be on fire. She could feel Him with her, feel His eyes watching her as His name tore from her lips again. She was lost, beyond thought. Completely His.

She tried to catch her breath as He told her to get the vibrator. "On low. Run it over and around My cunt little girl." She of course did exactly as He commanded. "And now pet, your Master has something to do. You keep at that until I come back."

She groaned before she could bite her lip to stifle it. "Yes Sir," she whimpered.

She had no idea how long He was gone for. It felt like forever. She moaned and gasped. Was He listening? She had no idea, but she couldn't have stayed quiet if she'd wanted. She was squirming. She thought she'd scream from her need. She'd beg if that's what He wanted.

And every time she thought she couldn't hold back any longer, she thought of the words He'd said to her so many times. "Those cums are Mine to give, not yours to take." She could hear Him even though He was silent. She could feel Him even though He was far away.

She actually jolted when she heard Him return. "Who owns you little gir?"

"You do Sir," she whimpered.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, very," she gasped.

"100 percent? Even after a rough week like this has been?" He questioned her.

"Yes Sir. 100 percent."

"Would you do anything I asked of you right now?"


"Anything?" He repeated.

"Yes Sir," she said breathlessly, squirming more. She knew she would in fact do anything He asked. Pleasing Him was all that mattered. Making Him proud of her was her deepest desire.

"Would you go to the window if I asked?"

"Yes Sir."


"i promise," she whispered. The window ... she disliked the window, being on display. But she would truly give Him anything He asked for.

"Cum!" He growled in her ear. She screamed as her mind and body shattered yet again. His name her only thought as she released for Him for the last time that night ...

The End

03-06-2008, 09:56 PM
One Night

She knocked on the door and waited patiently. Dressed in a short skirt, a fitted shirt and her favourite boots she felt sexy. The door opened and she smiled. He looked as good as she remembered and she bet he felt even better. She walked through the door and dropped her bag on the floor. She wasn't expecting him to be so close when she turned around but she wasn't complaining. He kissed her passionately, one hand on her ass pulling her into him, the other in her hair, moving her head the way he wanted. He ran his hand down her leg, sliding it up beneath her skirt. She had come in no underwear, just the way he liked it, so when his hand reached her pussy he could feel how wet she was for him. Running his fingers along her clit she moaned against his mouth. He loved to hear her moan, and he was going to make her scream for him tonight, she just didn't know it yet.

He pulled his mouth away from hers and she cried out in protest. His hand was still on her clit, teasing her. She pushed on his chest, trying to get him on the couch where she could climb on top of him. She liked being on top, being in control, but not tonight. Tonight he was going to make her lose control, and he knew just how to do it. She was strong and determined, but they both knew he was stronger. He stood his ground and she pushed against him again, wanting it her way.

He could see the frustration written all over her face. He grabbed her chin and as his mouth came crashing down on hers he slide his fingers inside of her. She was so wet and she felt so good. He manoeuvred her towards the door and pushed her back against it. She had no idea what was going on as she tried to slide her hand down his body to his throbbing cock. "No," he said as he grabbed her hand. He wanted to do this his way and she was going to enjoy it. "Your going to do what I want," he whispered in her ear before bringing his mouth down on her neck.

"Oh god," she cried as he worked his mouth along her neck, kissing and sucking her weakest spot. She wrapped her leg around his body, pulling him into her, as he worked her pussy with his fingers and her neck with his mouth. She was so wet and he knew by her movements and her moans that she was close to coming. But he didn't want that just yet. He wanted to tease her more first. He pulled away from her, sliding his fingers out of her. She whimpered in protest and tried to pull him in tighter with her leg still wrapped around his.

"Come on baby," he said to her, pushing her leg down and taking her by the hand.

"You're a tease," she said to him as he took her to the bedroom, placing her in front of the bed he kissed her softly.

"Yes but you love it, and you're going to enjoy this more," he said as he pushed her gently backwards so she was lying on his bed.

He positioned himself over her and she ran her hands under his top, over his stomach and his chest. Her hands felt so good running over his body, so he let her have a little bit of fun. She pulled at his top and he took it off for her before she pulled him down to her so she could run her mouth over his body. He knew what she was up to but he wasn't going to be that easily distracted tonight. She kissed her away along his chest, running her hands along his back, as her mouth and tongue played with his nipple. It grew hard in her mouth and he knew that she was very turned on as her hips moved against his leg, trying to get what she desired.

He pulled back away from her and before she had time to protest he moved his leg between hers so she could get herself off on him, or at least try to, as he kissed his way down her ear and along her neck. He felt her nails in his back as he kissed her neck, softly at first, running his tongue over it, distracting her as he moved the pillows out of the way to get at what he wanted. He ran his hand now down over her body, trailing it up her leg and up the side of her body, waiting for her to move her hands so he could grab them. He kissed down her neck to her chest, and ripped her shirt apart. She heard the buttons fly off and pouted, "You better be buying me a new one." He didn't answer her as he took her breast into his hand and her nipple into his mouth. She loved the feel of his mouth but she wanted more. She wanted to feel him inside of her. She undid his pants but that was as far as she got before he took her hands away.

He placed them above her head, holding them there as he came up to kiss her mouth. She squirmed against him, trying to get her hands free so she could feel his cock. But he was strong and he was using it against her, much to her annoyance. She didn't realise what was happening until it was too late, he kissed her neck again, to make sure she wasn't paying enough attention as he slipped the cuff on her right wrist. She felt the cold metal and heard the click as it locked. She tried to yank her wrist away and quickly realised that she had been handcuffed to the bed. Her left hand was still free and she tried to pull away, but he held it to the bed as he slipped the other cuff on her. He moved away from her now, sitting up to get a better look at her.

"What are you doing," she asked him, sounding very worried.

"Just relax, you know you can trust me," he said to her as he moved off the bed to remove his pants. She hated being told to relax and she hated even more not being in control. She pulled at the cuffs restlessly but it was useless. He knew this was hard for her, it was a huge step to take with her but he knew that she would handle it if he played it the right way. He came down and kissed her, his hands on her face, making her feel safe. She looked so hot, her skirt was pulled up, her shirt ripped open, revealing her full breasts, her hands bound above her head, her hair everywhere, and her cheeks flushed. She was all his. He was so hard and he knew she wanted it badly but he wanted to tease her some more first. With her tied down he could do whatever he wanted and he was going to make her lose complete control. He wanted to hear her scream for him, to beg him to fuck her.

She watched as he removed his pants, revealing to her his hard cock. "Is this what you want baby," he asked her as he ran his hand over his cock. He moved closer to her as he played with his own cock, making her watch him slide it up and down in his hand. It was torture for her to watch him do it, she liked to do it herself and in the past when he had played with his own cock she was quick to take over. But now with her hands in cuffs there was nothing she could do but watch.

"Please," she said to him, as he increased his speed. He watched her face as she watched him getting himself off. She was loving it but hating that she couldn't do anything. "Please baby," she said as he ran his free hand up her leg to feel how wet she was.

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03-06-2008, 09:58 PM
"Your soaking babe," he said feeling her dripping wet. She continued watching him playing with his cock, wanting it so badly that she was getting more wet by the second.

He positioned himself on top of her making sure that his cock was in exactly the right spot to tease her. He wanted her as much as she wanted him but he wanted to tease her first. He kissed her, as she moved against his cock. She tried desperately to get his cock inside of her, moving beneath him she cried "please." But every time she even got close to getting his cock inside of her he would move so that she couldn't. She was getting highly frustrated. "Please fuck me, I want to feel you," she cried out again.

"Not yet babe," he said as he moved his way down her body, kissing her, touching her, tasting her, paying extra attention to her highly sensitive breasts. As he moved his way further down her body, he flicked her belly ring with his tongue and she couldn't help but laugh. She liked that he made her laugh, he was so easy to be around and right now in this moment he was so devastatingly sexy and frustrating! He looked up at her as he played with her clit, first running his finger over it, teasing it, before sliding his fingers inside of her, pulling them in and out of her. She was moaning and moving against his fingers when he placed his mouth on her clit.

She screamed, unable to handle the pleasure running though her body. He continued sliding his fingers in and out of her as he sucked on her clit, teasing it with his tongue. She moaned loudly, moving against him, trying to get even more of exactly what she wanted. He heard her pull on the cuffs in frustration, usually she would have her hands in his hair, not wanting him to stop. He worked his fingers into her harder and faster, pushing her to the point where she was dying to cum and then he just stopped.

"Fuck me," she screamed in complete frustration. "Dont stop, please. I want more."

He put his fingers back inside her briefly, sliding them in and out very slowly. "Is this what you want," he asked her.

"Yes, please," she said to him as he stopped again. She groaned as he stopped, his fingers still inside of her, she moved against them, trying to get herself off. But he pulled his fingers out, grabbing her ass and pulling her to where he wanted her, he slid his tongue along her pussy, as he slid his finger into her ass. They'd talked about it and he knew she wouldn't protest. He wanted to encourage her to do this with him, but didn't want to hurt her, and he knew that he could distract her for now. Sliding his finger into her ass he continued working her pussy and clit with his tongue. She moved against his mouth, which meant moving his fingers inside her ass. Her moaning intensified and he knew she was getting used to it now, so he inserted another finger into her ass.

He looked up at her as she cried out, "Do you like that babe," he asked her.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," was the only response he got as he worked his fingers in and out of her ass, occasionally flicking his tongue over her clit. She was growing wet again, so she was obviously getting off on it, which was all he needed for now so he stopped and came up to kiss her again.

"Was that good?" he asked.

"Fuck me, please," she replied. He moved himself into position, and slid into her hard and fast, completely taking her breath away and making her moan so loudly in his ear. It made him hard to hear her moan, he loved the sound of it. He continued thrusting into her, hard and fast and he could hear her pulling on the cuffs around her wrists. "Oh baby, please fuck me." It didn't take her long to start cumming, screaming in his ear, coating his cock in her juices, and he continued thrusting into her, wanting to make her orgasm last. He stopped briefly, more to gain control of himself than for anything else, before he kissed her on the mouth. Moving his mouth to her neck, sucking on the one spot he knew would drive her crazy, he began thrusting into her again. She came almost instantly as he fucked her, wetter and louder than before. It was so good to hear her but he had to stop, he didn't want to cum yet, he wanted to keep pushing her over the edge.

He wanted to feel her hands on his body so he grabbed the key from the bed where he left it and undid one cuff. She was quick to run her hand through his hair and her fingers down his back and up his side. It felt so good to feel her hands on him. Undoing the second cuff she grabbed his face between her two hands pulling him to her so she could kiss him. Passionately they kissed, his hand in her hair, while he started sliding in and out of her. The kiss seemed to last forever and she moved beneath him, wanting more. He made her so hot and wet and she didn't want him to stop, despite having already cum twice.

She wrapped her legs around his, allowing him to fuck her deeper. Moving her hands to his back, she couldn't help but dig her nails in. "Cum for me again babe," he whispered into her ear, "I want to feel you cum for me." She wasn't sure she could again, but he knew all the right moves. Moving his hands down her body he placed them under her ass, lifting her slightly, and squeezing it at the same time, he continued to thrust into her. She dug her nails in deeper and kissed her way along his neck, moaning the whole time. After what seemed like no time at all she came again, her pussy tightening around his throbbing cock sending him over the edge. Cumming inside of her only made her moan loader and her pussy squeeze his cock tighter. It felt so good.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, trying to catch their breath, giving each other quick kisses. When he moved off of her he lay beside her, pulling her over to him he asked, "Are you ok babe."

She snuggled into him, replying "mmm hmmm." It had been a big thing for her to be tied up but he had taken the risk and she had enjoyed it, her body was more sensitive and her orgasms were more powerful. He ran his hand mindlessly down her back making her shiver. He knew she would want more again soon, and he would be happy to oblige. She seemed to be an expert at making him hard, even after having cum already but for now he just liked the fact that she was there. She didn't know what this was or where it was going but she knew she wanted to give it a try and that she wouldn't give up without a fight. He was an amazing guy.

The End

04-06-2008, 09:56 PM
Airport Parking Lot

I love the business trips I take when you can come visit me. Let's face it, our long distance relationship is tough on both of us, but sometimes it makes for a much more interesting story when we get together for a weekend. The last weekend we spent together was not an exception.

Since I know how much you like when I dress nicely (truth be told, I had to wear a suit for a business meeting earlier) I wore the navy pinstripe with the cornflower colored shirt you like so well. The only homage to my more playful side was the Calvin and Hobbes tie I changed into after my meeting. No matter what I wore, it was nothing compared to how you looked in your simple skirt and blouse outfit. In fact, the only way you could have looked more stunning would be if you were naked and carrying beer.

Instead of running up to hug you passionately, I allowed myself the opportunity to take your hands in mine and look deeply into your eyes, looking for the love you have expressed so many times. Finding that look, I bent slightly down to kiss you delicately. Delicately the first time, that is, as the kiss evolved into the most erotic kiss we could get away with considering our very public surroundings.

As we walked, I slipped my arm around your small waist and ventured a peek and the pert breasts barely peeking out through the opening of your moderately low cut blouse. Just enough to tease me. Walking in a passably straight line and trying to under the tantalizingly open bra hoping to see the edge of your nipple while in a crowded airport isn't that easy. One of your most alluring qualities has always been that you always look "cold", if you catch my drift. As I am pleasantly distracted, I hear the words I never thought I would hear...

"Sean, can we get something to eat before we go?"

"Dammit, I'm horny and you want to eat???" Fortunately, that was my inner monologue instead of saying it out loud. I couldn't resist the Bambi eyes you looked at me with. What my baby wants, my baby gets.

"Sure, Gorgeous, what would you like?"

Whether it was intentional or not, the interminable wait for your food, the intermittent kisses of your hand as it was extended across the small table, and small talk between two people who truly enjoy each other's company, all fueled my sexual hunger. Truth be told, I wouldn't have been able to stand up without holding a menu over myself like a seventh grader with the hot teacher would hold a textbook as she suddenly called him to solve a problem on the board.

Couple the length of time I spent watching you eat and the walk to the car I intentionally parked in a secluded area and you get a very horny Sean. Not surprisingly, the way you held my arm, rubbing your incredibly firm breasts against me, gave me the impression I wasn't the only one thinking that. If only you could have seen your face as I opened the back door for you instead of the front.

"Are you going to chauffer me?"

"That's going to be difficult, since I'm getting in the back with you."

Nudging you gently into the car, I followed directly afterward, pushing you against the other door with the kind of kiss I wanted to give you in the airport terminal. My tongue explored your mouth while my hands explored your body. The fact there was little finesse didn't seem to bother you in the least.

Without hesitation, my hands moved under your blouse and unhooked your bra, freeing your perfect tits to my passionate groping. I released our kiss and pulled back to watch your expression as I pinched your sensitive nipple. Slowly and softly at first, I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger and watched your expression change from mild amusement to a mixture of pain and pleasure as I increased the pressure.

Your ability to enjoy the rough treatment I gave your nipples has always amazed and excited me. Switching to the other nipple, I gave it the same treatment, once again watching your face contort, but there was never an indication you weren't enjoying it as much as I did.

Pulling you roughly towards me to renew our kiss, my hands left your nipples and moved to your bare back, rubbing and lightly scratching along your spine and following the lines of your ribs. Even after you suddenly pulled your arm down to protect yourself from the tickle monster (wait, that must have been another story yet to be written) you melted into my body. The final straw was when you rubbed your hand over the bulge in the front of my slacks.

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04-06-2008, 09:58 PM
As I couldn't wait any longer, I pulled your hose down to allow me to access your already wet slit. Rubbing your clit, I noticed a man walking by. Since he didn't stop, neither did I. Instead, I eased a finger into your pussy eliciting a low moan. Figuring if one is good, two must be better, I pushed a second finger in and began running them in and out slowly. This is when you began rocking your hips, your entire world seemed to be centered where my fingers invaded you.

"Sean. I want you now, Sean."

The speed with which you seemed to be on the edge of ecstasy was amazing. It seems you have been wanting this just as much as I have. Dare I venture to say you may have wanted it even more.

Seizing the opportunity to tease you like you teased me in the terminal, I pushed a third finger. A sharp gasp followed immediately, then you increased your hip undulations and reached up to kiss me again. With my fingers pushed completely in, my thumb found your clit.

Slow, long strokes of the three fingers in paradise met with slight upward thrusts. Our rhythm was completely in sync as our lovemaking has been in past trips. An abrupt gasp emanated from your parted lips as I spread the very tips of my fingers apart as much as I could given the exceptionally tight opening. Then I pressed on by grinding the palm of my hand against your clit, moving it back and forth, then in little circles.

"Sean. Oh fuck, Sean.", was all you could manage before you began a series staccato moans which increased in frequency until it melded into one long whimper as you came. Your hand grabbing mine and I could tell you were on the horns of a dilemma. That dilemma being whether to pull my fingers out or to push them further in. Instead of choosing, you didn't move your hand. Instead, the convulsions of your pussy simulated an in and out motion which made it seem more difficult to decide. After fighting that battle for a few moments, you finally pulled my fingers out and, just because you knew it would drive me crazy with excitement, you put my fingers into your mouth and sucked them clean.

Incredibly, you barely finished cumming when you opened the front of my pants and climbed onto my rigid cock. Rocking your hips, you were able to take my entire length into you on every stroke. You've always enjoyed being on top. Maybe it's because you can control the speed and depth, although there didn't seem to be much control being used then.

As soon as you slid me inside your pussy you began bouncing at an excruciatingly fast pace. I had to suppress a smile as I remembered something my uncle used to say. "If the van is rockin, don't come a knockin." We weren't in a van, but there was definitely some rockin going on.

Within minutes, you began a more deliberate pace, slamming your hips to mine at the end of each thrust. Every thrust was accompanied with a sharp grunt. Almost as if you were still cumming from my earlier ministrations you begin panting, "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Sean. Oh fuck." Oh my Gawd, you were getting me so close as I watched your face tense in anticipation of your orgasm. Pinching your nipples again seemed to double the pleasure on your face.

"Oh...Oh...Oh..Oh..Oh.Oh.Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Slamming your hips down as hard as you could drove my cock as deep as possible into your contracting pussy and drove me nearly over the edge. For a full thirty seconds you had spasms rock your body at small intervals. When they finally subsided you made a deep sigh and said, "It's your turn. How do you want it, baby?"

"Fuck baby, I'm so close. I want to cum in your mouth."

With a devilish smile, you said, "You do, eh?" as you slid off my lap and grabbed my slick cock in your hand and enveloped the rest into your warm mouth. Stroking up as your mouth reached the tip of my cock and down as your mouth descended, it didn't take long before I started bucking my hips urgently. "Baby, I love the taste of your cock after it's been inside me."

Without warning (hey, I didn't know it was coming until it happened either) I exploded into your waiting mouth. The months of teasing on the webcam and the anticipation of that moment culminated in an amazing climactic eruption. I didn't think it would ever stop, but after you gulped twice, you moved your mouth off and was greeted with a stray shot on your chin.

"Been saving up, I see.", you said with that same mischievous grin you displayed before.

We spent the next couple of minutes recovering before scrambling to get re-dressed. As I opened the front door to let you back into the car, I stopped and looked you deeply in the eyes. Instead of whispering some mushy after sex love talk, I simply said, "Don't think you're getting out of fucking me when we get back to the hotel."

The End

04-06-2008, 10:01 PM
Together at Last

We were finally going to meet! I stood at the front of the restaurant pacing back and forth. I was much more nervous then I thought I would be. My heart was racing and I felt like I was cold and sweating all at the same time.

Amber and I had been talking for months, but had never met. I never even imagined that I could feel this way about someone I had never met before. But she was everything I didn't even know I desired. A few months ago I didn't even know what I wanted. I only knew that whatever it was I had not found it yet. Then Amber came into my life, with that beautiful smile and those piercing eyes. Not to mention the perfect body that just called out my name and made me feel urges and desires like I had never felt before. She was perfect in every way. I could not have imagined a better woman and here I was about to meet her for the first time.

There was her car pulling up. I ran to her car and opened the door for her like some kid at his High School prom. Excited and nervous, all at the same time. I took her hand and helped her step out of the car.

Immediately, I could feel the electricity from the very first touch. We both smiled, and I surveyed her perfect body now standing in front of me, with that nice little mini skirt and those luscious legs.

'You look even more incredible in person,' I said as I leaned in to kiss her cheek holding it a little longer than usually acceptable and taking in her scent. It was like a sweet fragrance I had never smelled before. A scent I never wanted to forget!

We sat down together in the booth. Talking about mundane things. I could barely concentrate enough to really stay a part of the conversation and I could tell she didn't really want to small talk either. I could sense a yearning from her. A yearning to be touched, to be caressed, kissed, and devoured!

Amber noticed that I wasn't really listening and called me out. I smiled and told her how consumed I was with her beauty. My desire for her was so strong that I could think of nothing else. I slowly moved my hand and placed it on her thigh. It was so soft and perfect.

Again I reached in and kissed her on the cheek, once again taking in the intoxicating smell. Only this time he remained close to her, and moved my lips across her face to her ear. 'I have wanted this for so long. With every once of my being I want this. I want to feel you, taste you, and hear you moan out in ecstasy!' I whispered.

I could feel her breaths get quicker and her legs shudder a little. She reached around with her hand and placed it on mine as she whispered back in my ear, 'I want to feel you inside of me.' She took my hand and slowly slid it along her inner thigh and I understood what she wanted.

I moved my hand the rest of the way until I could feel her already wet panties. She whispered again, 'I have been thinking about you all day.' She jumped a little as I started to rub her pussy with my hand. The motion of her body and the slight moan in her voice told me to continue. I moved the panties aside with my fingers and felt her wetness in my hands.

She was so warm and soft and I could feel my cock jump in my pants at the thought of being inside of her. She took in several sharp shallow breaths as I penetrated her with my fingers now sliding them in and out.

She reached around and grabbed my crotch feeling my desire in her hands. I jumped in my chair! It had been so long since someone had touched me with that kind of desire. I knew this had gone as far as it should in the restaurant so I threw some money on the table to pay for drinks and jumped up from the table.

All the while trying to hide my bulge in my pants from the public. I took her hand in mine and together we snuck out the back door.

Again I opened the door for her and watched her sit in the car and situate her incredibly sexy legs. I had a hard time deciding what to focus on. My eyes moving back and forth between her legs, the little bit of cleavage I could now see as she sat there in the car, and her longing eyes that seemed to penetrate my soul.

I hurried over to the drivers side of the car and excitedly jumped in, giving her one last look over before starting up the car and throwing it into reverse. My heart was racing! 'Um, you are so....' I said as I tried to come up with the words, but my shyness was really showing.

Amber placed her finger over my mouth and whispered, 'shhhhhhhh, no need to talk.' She placed her other hand on my inner thigh and started kissing my ear and neck. This immediately caused an erection again. She pationately grabbed my cock with her hand and began rubbing it through the pants.

'Mmmmmmm,' I moaned, and she giggled as she was now devouring my neck. It took all of my concentration just to stay on the road while I was driving. Especially when she undid the buckle on my pants and reached inside to grab my big hard cock that was throbbing with anticipation!

Bump, bump, bump. The car had moved off the road for a second. She gave me a sinister grin and asked, 'Are you sure you can handle this?' She didn't even wait for a response cause she already knew what it would be.

She immediately ducked her head down and began licking my beautiful cock and was still stroking it in her hand. She was exploring every inch of it with her tongue and hands. Sliding her hands further down my pants and caressing my balls with her hands, just as she wrapped her lips around my head and quickly slid down my shaft.

My whole body went numb and I gripped the steering wheel hard with my hands. My body had not felt this good in a long time. She was now going faster and faster, while stroking my cock with one hand and toying with my anus with her other hand. My breathing got heavy and I grabbed her hair with my hands, trying to be gentle, but primal urges were causing me to pull a little on her hair.

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04-06-2008, 10:02 PM
This only excited her more and now she was frantically taking my cock deep into her mouth. I could no longer contain it and my warm cum began to shoot into her mouth as I screamed, 'Ohhhhhhh yes, God yes!'

She moaned with excitement at the feel of my juices sliding out of my cock and into her mouth. As I finished she could feel the tenseness in my body go away and I melted back into the seat. She slowly sucked every drop out of me and licked it clean with her tongue.

'You are amazing!' I said

She looked at me and smiled as she said, 'I know, but you ain't seen nothing yet'

As we pulled up to our destination I started getting excited again. I'm still in shock that all of this is finally happening. After all of the e-mails, all of the phone calls, and Instant Messaging I was finally meeting this amazing girl in the flesh. Butterflies hit my stomach as we eagerly jumped out of the car and headed for the front door.

There she stood in front of me unlocking the front door and I still couldn't keep my hands off of her, running my hands down her back and across her shoulders. 'You are even more perfect than I had imagined,' I say with a gentle voice.

She took my hand in hers and led me through the doorway. I shut and locked it on the other side and we stopped there staring into each others eyes. We were finally alone to do whatever we pleased and to please each other in every way possible. And yet there I was frozen.

Why was I so nervous all of a sudden? Even though we had already done some pretty intimate things together we had yet to kiss and to me that was one of the most intimate things, and one of the things I had looked forward to the most. As I pulled her body close to mine I gently whispered, 'are you sure you want to do this?'

'More than anything I have ever wanted in my whole life,' she said with enthusiasm!

I placed my hand behind her head and pulled her face up next to mine. Then I softly kissed her eyebrows like I had wanted to do so many times before. I kissed her eyelids and temples. Taking my time to do all of the tender things I had wanted to do for months.

I could see her lips trembling with anticipation. I could feel her breathe get heavier with every tender kiss. I was being patient and building the anticipation, but I could no longer contain myself. Our lips finally connected in what started as a soft exploratory kiss. Her lips were like honey, sweet and satisfying, and leaving me hungry for more!

As I broke away for the first time I looked into her eyes again and could see a desire for more. So I pressed my lips to hers one more time. This time with more vigor and excitement. I could feel my inhibitions dropping away as I slipped my tongue into her mouth and found great pleasure in meeting her tongue with mine.

There was no stopping now. As our tongues collided with passion and increasing intensity, I could feel this rush of energy and excitement all over again. I wanted her! I wanted to make her mine. Our tongues were dancing and our hands were caressing every part of our bodies, as if we were frantically searching for a part we had yet to touch had yet to discover.

My inhibitions had now been replaced by a raw passion and desire like I had never felt before. I could feel this savage beast inside me taking over! I pulled away from the kiss, and quickly scooped her up into my arms. I carried her into the bedroom and dropped her onto the bed. I quickly removed my shirt and she did the same.

I could see a new hunger in her eyes and now in her body as well. As I jumped on to the bed I grabbed both of her arms and pinned them to the bed above her. I kissed her lips once more, this time more savagely, feeling the bulge in my pants grow again with anticipation. My legs immediately moved inside of hers and pushed hers open with my thighs. My hips began to thrust into her with anticipation.

My lips traveled from her mouth to her neck, devouring it. Sucking, licking, and the occasional nibble. I worked my way down her neck to her beautiful shoulders. Then I let go of her arms just long enough to remove her bra and take her now hard nipple in my mouth. Mmmmmmmmm it tasted so good, felt so good on my tongue!

Again I was thrusting my hips with anticipation, and I could feel her doing the same. Long hard licks of my tongue on her nipple were making her so excited, that her back began to arch and her muscles in her body grew tense.

My tongue worked its way down her body as I ripped her pants, and her panties off in one fluid motion. I had to stop for a moment and gaze at the perfection that laid before me. I had given up on hiding my excitement and she could see it all over my face.

She smiled and said, 'I want you to take me now. My body is yours.' She trusted me. She knew she could give herself over to me without fear or worry. She knew I would treasure her and pleasure her in every way I knew how.

'And I am yours,' I said so that she would understand that he was submitting himself to her desires as well....

My hands were placed on her knees and I spread her legs before me. I began kissing her inner thighs, trying to take my time, but the hunger inside me was once again taking over. I had to taste her. To feel her soft wet pussy on my mouth!

So with one long lick down her thigh I came to her now throbbing pussy. It must have been more than she could bear as well, because she grabbed my head and pushed it into her groin. Mmmmmm I thought her lips tasted good, but this was like a sweet wine, both delicious and intoxicating.

The End

Thunder Storm
05-06-2008, 12:12 PM
My Love

i met this girl in school. She's so perfect; smart,
pretty, caring, and everything. i really love her.i
courted her and we became sweethearts.But because she
was so perfect, many guys were jelous.they tried
everything to seperate us.One time,this guy,daniel,gave
my girl a threat,he said that if she wouldn't break up
with me he'll kill me. she kept this reason a secret to
me(but i found out about this a week after).So she
broke up with me.After i found out the real reason why
she did it, I went after Daniel.We were fighting and
this girl were trying to stop us.All of a sudden i
heard a gun shot. Then i felt this pain inside me.I
fainted, when i woke up i was in the hospital and she
was beside my bed crying. When she realized that i was
awake, she hugged and kissed me. Then she apologized to
me and told me what happen. She told me that Daniel
shot me and tried to shot her as well, good thing the
police came befor it was too late. Now, me and her are
happy together.We are still 16y/o but we know that we
are for each other.

Thunder Storm
05-06-2008, 12:18 PM
Office affairs

The door to the office stuck as she turned the brass handle, tempered by it she barged her hip into it and the door opened; a crackling hinge. Her eyes mastered the room like she’d been trained to search it. Every book, dusty lamp and leaky pen told the story of a man she dispised. Her feet shifted casually, one hand on her hip, the other whipping her lips free of the red lipstick she’d worn for him as his pretty assistant!

Standing in the centre of the room she turned full circle and then moved toward the dark wooden desk that stood to face the door, the window behind it.

She run her finger along the polished wood and continued until standing on the opposite side. The smell of aftershave tickled her nose; a musky cologne she recognised muffled her senses. Her eyes looked to the chair before her and she pulled it out to see the black leather moulded into his shape. The heavy set arms seemed tired where his fingers had played excitedly!

He was foolish! She decided as she sat in the chair and made like she was him, though the chair far too large for her size.

Still, she’d not had enough fun yet and so pulled herself forward to search the items before her. His leather book sat infront of her, it was his diary and bared no interest to her. A work diary, not a log of his sexual encounters which would serve his wife well! She sighed and quickly pushed it aside looking for something else.

Thunder Storm
05-06-2008, 12:19 PM
That’s when she noticed his secret stash of cigars, untouched in their silver tin. He never smoked them, he'd use them to scare the folk who where under question like his employees who’d forgotten to wear a tie, or polish their shoes that morning.

She took the tin between her fingers and popped the lid to reveal five brown digits lying neatly next to each other. Still wrapped and waiting, she took one and bared its flesh before placing it between her lips. She smirked as she smoked lifeless puffs, mocking him with a serious exterior he used to intimidate his clients.

Unable to keep up the act she laughed inwardly at herself, he’d freak out if he knew she were in his office! It was perfect. It was sweet revenge for the way he treated people!

“Ignorant arse!” she snorted and moved forward picking up the receiver of the black 1940’s style phone. dialling a familiar number she rested back into the leather cushioned recliner.

“Hello?” a women answered.

“Julia, it’s me, guess where I am!” her voice squelled excitedly.

Julia’s breathing halted “Please tell me you haven’t?” she pleaded.

“Ok, I haven’t…”

Julia sighed with relief “Thank god.”

“Ok, I have!” Shelly admitted without an ounce of gilt “But hell you should see me swinging in his chair, its hilarious! Think of the things we could do in his chair!” she said clumsily placing her feet onto his desk.

“Jesus, Shelly you promised me!”

“Oh, keep your knickers on, he is out… something about a million pound deal with some big time campaigner blah, blah, blah…” her voice trails off in a tiresome tone.

“Shelly, listen to me. Get out of his chair and put his cigars back where you found them…”

Shelly cut Julia off with sharp a gasp “like I would smoke his cigars!” she said removing the digit from her lips.

“You totally would!” Julia told her bluntly, knowing her well.

Shelly dabbed the wet end of the cigar with her finger and slipped it back into the tin, hoping her boss wouldn't notice “I only played with it, didn’t smoke it” she said dryly.

“Look, I don’t want you to get fired…”

“I’m sleeping with his wife I think it’s a safe bet!” She blurted, causing silence to fall between them. All the while Shelly still looked for things to play with on his desk and picked up a rubber band.

“Shelly… Please!” Julia begged.

“Ok, ok!” Shelly agreed with a sigh “It’s just he doesn’t deserve these cigars, or his A to Z catalog on business management” she said flicking the band between her fingers.

“I know” she agreed.

“Most of all he doesn’t deserve you!” she finished but before Julia could answer Shelly recognised the approaching footsteps from the outer office and began to panic "Shit, shit!” she stuttered and as she stood the elastic band went flying across the room making her nearly drop the phone.

“What is it?”

“I have to go!” she slammed the phone down quickly pushing the chair back under desk and fingerd the diary to the centre of the desk before running for the exit where three men stood in their designer suits and bland ties.

He tongue in her throat, Shelly stood caught out at the arch of the door.

“Shelly, everything…” her boss was about to ask her what she was doing but was interrupted by his cell phone ringing. “Ah, Julia…” he answered and with a finger asked her to move out of the way so he could close the door and in doing so disregarded the incident completely!

Shelly moved toward her desk with a well earned smirk causing her colleagues to perk up with interest. She owed Julia for saving her from that close call and she’d be sure to pay her when her husbands out of town on business.

Thunder Storm
05-06-2008, 12:22 PM
sex in the car

I met him in a parking lot in the park. He was driving a long silver limo with very dark tinted windows. He invited me to join him in the back. I climbed in and he followed me, taking our jackets off as we got comfortable. I leaned over to him and kissed his lips hard, thrusting my tongue into his mouth. He gently sucked on it and let me swirl it around. I accepted his tongue and sucked it as far as I could into my mouth, savoring the taste of him and wanting more. I started to undo the buttons on his shirt as we kissed and soon I was sucking on his nipples, making him groan in pleasure. I moved down his body and undid his pants, making him lift his ass off the seat so I could pull them right off of him.

I moved so I was in a position that he could fuck my mouth and opened up, accepting his hard cock as he thrust his hips towards me. I swirled my tongue around it as he gently, at first, thrust in and out of me. I was groaning loudly as he fucked my mouth. I reached around him and held his ass cheeks, helping him thrust. That seemed to make him want to come and it wasn't long before I tasted him as his cock spurted into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could and he stopped thrusting, enjoying the suction on his cock. He shook as he came and kept telling me to suck harder which I tried to do but the position we were in made him tire quickly and he pulled his cock out of my mouth and slumped down on the seat, breathing heavily.

I moved out from under him and we changed positions so my cock was pointing directly at his face. By now my cock was very hard and I thrust my hips towards him as he opened his mouth and took me inside his mouth. I started slowly thrusting but before long, I was thrusting faster and harder as he sucked and licked my cock. I spurted my load into him and he swallowed it all. He continued to suck on my cock until I stopped spurting into his mouth and then gently took my cock out of his mouth. He held it in his hands and licked up and down the length of it, gently swirling his tongue around the head.

We started kissing again and my cock started to respond, getting harder and harder. His cock was still semi hard when I reached over and pulled him down to my cock, impaling his face on me again. He started bobbing up and down and I came again in his mouth making him swallow quickly. He leaned back and I went down on him, taking his now hard cock fully into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on it making him moan and groan until he couldn't hold back any longer. I pulled off his cock after he was finished and we sat back in the plush seats, relaxing. We talked while we rested and he told me that he had never experienced anything so erotic as this before. He asked me if I had ever had a cock up my ass before. I told him that I hadn't but would like to. He said that now was not the time but maybe we could get together later and try it to which I quickly agreed. As we dressed, he gave me his address and we made plans for the next day.

I arrived at his place a little after 1 in the afternoon the next day. He greeted me at the door and as soon as it was closed, wrapped his arms around me, kissing me hard. We kissed for a few minutes and then he broke our embrace. My cock was already hard and he reached down to fondle it through my pants. He then led me through a couple of doors to a large room, furnished with soft couches and a large screen TV. He told me to sit down as he popped a video in the VCR. The screen lit up with what looked like a home video. He was fucking someone in the ass and as I watched, I marveled at how agile he was for his age.

Thunder Storm
05-06-2008, 12:23 PM
He sat beside me and we watched the screen. The moans and groans coming from the video were very intoxicating and soon he had my cock out of my pants, sticking straight up from my groin. He quickly engulfed it and was soon bobbing up and down, making me groan in pleasure. I stopped him and stood up, quickly shedding my clothes and stood in front of him, my cock aimed directly at his mouth. He leaned back on the couch and I moved over him, thrusting my cock into him. He grabbed my hips and helped me thrust in and out of him. Whether it was because of the sounds coming from the video or that I was hornier that hell, it didn't take long for me to start spurting my come into him. He swallowed all my come again and then took my softening cock out of his mouth. We switched positions and it wasn't long before he was filling my mouth with his sweet tasting come.

We sat back and relaxed, talking about the video as we watched him fucking the ass of someone. He didn't tell me who he was fucking on the video but they seemed to know each other very well. By now, my cock was starting to rise again and he reached over and rubbed it up and down with his hand. I reminded him about our conversation the day before and I stopped him from rubbing my cock. He knew that my ass was a virgin so he told me what he was going to do to me.

First he had me get down on my hands and knees, facing the TV. I watched, as he started to fill the ass he was fucking on the video with his come. I could hear the groans and moans from the video as I felt him start to rim my ass hole with his tongue. He licked all around my hole and spread my cheeks wider apart so he could get closer to my hole. I then felt a finger probing my hole and then felt a sharp pain as he pushed one finger up inside me. He held it just inside my ass and told me to push back against it. I did as he said and soon his whole finger was up my canal. He slowly started moving it in and out of me, asking me if I was alright, as he did. All I could do was nod as the feeling was overwhelming. He soon added a finger and was thrusting them in and out of my ass harder now. I looked at the TV screen and saw a younger man inserting his long hard cock into my partner's ass. He quickly thrust forward and was fully in the man's ass as I watched. I heard my partner grunt as the young man impaled him on his hard cock.

The feeling of the two fingers in my ass and the sounds and sights from the video made me want more so I looked around at him and told him to fuck me.

He told me that he needed some lubricant, which he quickly applied to my ass. He smeared it on me and I watched him as he pointed his very hard cock at my hole. I took a deep breath and pushed back towards him, feeling the head of his cock enter me. Again I felt a sharp pain and he stopped, waiting for me to tell him to go further. By now all I wanted was to feel his cock deep inside me so I told him to go ahead. He pushed his cock further into me and finally I felt his balls resting against my ass. It felt so foreign but at the same time, it didn't hurt any more.

Again, I looked around at him and told him to fuck me. He started slowly, moving his cock in and out of me. He would pull out until only his head was inside me and then thrust slowly back fully into me. I let him fuck me slowly for a few minutes and then told him to fuck harder. He was soon pounding in and out of me, making him sweat and his breathing was heavy. I could tell when he was coming as his cock was twitching inside me.

He finally thrust one more time fully into me and I felt his come spurting out of him deep inside me.

He grabbed a hold of my hips and pulled me back against him as he emptied his come into me. It felt warm and was very erotic, feeling his juices spurting into me. He held onto me for a few minutes after he was finished and then slowly pulled his spent cock out of my ass. I slumped forward onto the floor as he sat back against the couch. The video was still running and I looked up to see the young man coming inside my partner's ass.

As we relaxed, I asked him who the young man was in the video with him. To my surprise he said that it was his son. I looked at him and he continued, saying that his son would like to fuck me too. Before I could say anything, he nodded towards the doorway and I looked over to see the young man from the video standing there, his hard cock in his hand.

The young man started over towards us and sat down beside me. He moved over me and pointed his hard cock at my mouth. I opened my lips and took him fully into me. He moved us until I was flat on my back with him above me, his cock pointing straight down and started thrusting slowly in and out of my mouth. The video had stopped and I heard the man putting another one in the VCR as the young man continued to slowly fuck my mouth. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and raised my legs over his shoulders. He pointed his cock at my hole and pushed into me. It felt uncomfortable at first but soon he was fully in me, slowly thrusting in and out. His cock was thinner that his father's but longer and I could feel the entire length of him inside of me.

I looked at him and told him to fuck me harder. He quickly flipped me over to my hands and knees and thrust into me again, this time harder. It felt even better this time being fucked by a younger man whose cock filled my canal entirely. He was sweating a little as he fucked me and I faintly heard the sounds from the video in the background. I rotated his hips several times, making the angle of his thrusts different and it was what seemed like quite a while before he started to spurt his come up inside me. He held onto my hips as he emptied himself into me and held his cock deep inside me after he was finished.

I felt his cock twitching as he came and then when he was finished, I felt it slowly slide out of me. Again I slumped forward onto the floor but didn't have time to rest and the father pulled me back up to my knees and started to fuck me again. His cock was fatter than his son's but not as long. He pounded away at me and soon came inside me again, this time groaning and almost yelling that he was coming. He finished and slowly pulled his cock out of me. This time I slumped forward and rolled over to look at the two men.

They both asked me if I was okay and I nodded that I was. They had grins on their faces and they sat looking at me. The father asked if I wanted to fuck either of them and I quickly said I would. I raised myself up off the floor and moved in behind the son. He spread his cheeks and I pointed my cock at his hole, thrusting forward as he pushed back against my thrust. I entered him easily and was soon pounding away at him. I had never felt such a tight opening surrounding my cock and it felt so good as I thrust in and out of him harder and harder. I fucked him as long as I could and when I felt myself getting ready to come I stopped and pulled my cock out of him. I then told the father to get down here and I thrust my cock up his ass hole quickly. I thrust in and out of him a few times before coming deep up his canal. He yelped when he felt me coming and I spurted a full load up into him.

I held him tight against me as I emptied my self into him and then slowly pulled my spent cock out of him. I fell back against the couch and told them I had to rest. They both grinned at me and I watched the son mount his father. As I rested I watched the two of them fuck each other. The noises coming from the video and the two men was very intoxicating and I felt like I was in a dream watching these two men making love in front of me. They finally finished and we all just sat, resting. I looked at both of them and we grinned at each other.

The father asked me if I was okay again and I nodded but added that I thought I was through for the time being. He said that it was okay and I looked at the TV screen. On the screen was a woman fucking the son with a long strap-on dildo. She was thrusting in and out of him very quickly and he was moaning and groaning as she did. I watched for a few minutes, not really believing what I was watching. I looked at the father and he said that the woman was his wife and she enjoyed fucking them too. I quickly looked around to see if the wife was there too but the father laughed and told me she was away for the day. I had a quick picture in my mind of the woman fucking me but I would have to wait for that to happen.

Before I left that day, I let each of them fuck me again and I fucked each of them too. After all the sex, I hardly had enough strength to get dressed but I did and went home to sit and reflect on the day. I was going over again to see them the next day and I was hoping that the wife would be there too as I found myself fantasizing about her fucking me.

05-06-2008, 09:40 PM
Top Secret

"William," she sighed, "what do you do?"

Her husband, William, was never home, he was always working so hard, and Alina was growing tired of his mysterious ways. She had been married for five years and still she did not know what he did, he had been evasive and avoided the subject since their first date. He had taken her to a cheap take-out place and they had had a picnic.

While she never regretted marrying him, he was a wonderful man, she did regret giving up her job, as he had required. Now that he was never home she was obliged to clean and read for hours on end. As a result the house was immaculate but she was insufferably bored.

Soon she moved the duster from the chair to his desk. This folder was the same as the others. Marked "Top Secret" in strong blue letters, she had been told never to open them ever. The pain from the beating she had received the first time she had simply moved one was enough to deter further transgressions. Still she was curious, but under no circumstances would she risk William's wrath.


He had finished work early and decided to surprise Alina by picking up the groceries. He knew she wouldn't have gotten them yet as it was 4:03 and she didn't leave the house for the groceries until 5:00. He knew what to get as he had seen the list this morning: plums, carrots, potatoes, ham, eggs, rice, and Kellogg's Product 19. Alina seemed to go through carrots at an alarming rate even though she didn't make many salads, he would often find four or five thrown in the garbage whole and unharmed. She would be evasive and tell him that they were off but he was beginning to think that she was compensating for the amount of time he spent out of the house and away from the bedroom. No matter, he would remedy that soon.

He checked out quickly, ignoring the cashier's cheery, senseless, prattle, and hopped into his car, considering his wife all the way. She was a pretty girl; brown hair, blue eyes with a small bust and delicate bones, she looked as though someone could snap her in half. The quiet woman really did know how to make him come, Even if he hadn't been close her massive orgasms, which could last for five to six minutes, would bring him over the edge every time.


The minute she heard the door bang she raced downstairs. Any night William arrived home early promised to be a pleasurable night.

As he pushed the door open with his back she was surprised to see that he had brought the groceries.

"You didn't have to do that, I would have gone later," she informed him, gently lifting the paper bags from his arms.

"I know, I have plans for the two of us that I wouldn't want to delay," he replied wrapping his arms around her slender waist, he smiled at the soft giggle the action produced.

He spun her around and began to kiss her. Gently at first, sucking on her bottom lip and covering her mouth with his. Soon, however, her grew more forceful, stabbing his tongue into her mouth and capturing the muscle therein. Alina looked at him with frantic eyes, this was not how things were supposed to go. Normally he would have dragged her up the stairs to their bedroom and left her to undress herself while he did the same, then the fun would begin, but today he was preventing her from moving at all, pinning her arms to her sides with one arm while the other undid the buttons on her lavender cotton blouse.

Soon he grew tired of gently undoing her blouse and ripped it off her body, tearing it in half and scattering the seven remaining buttons across the tile floor of their kitchen. He also tore her light linen skirt away from her hips, bringing her cotton panties with it. Soon her bra was in tatters on the floor and he had picked her up and was rushing her fireman style into his office. She grew more and more terrified as she wondered what had come over her normally sweet and gentle husband. As they entered the small, dark office he hit her head against the doorframe, causing her to fall limp and unconscious in his arms


When she came too she was surprised to find herself tied to a hook suspended from the ceiling with her legs tied to two similar hooks on the wall. She was angled so that she was at a perfect height for her husband to enter her. She looked frantically around and attempted to scream only to find that she had been gagged.

"I'll make this easy for you. Don't scream and I'll take the gag out," he told her. He was cold and business-like about it but the ball gag was removed after she had nodded her consent.

"Alina, such a beautiful woman. I want you to fully understand that I regret taking this case. However, I wanted this to be done as ... pleasurably as possible," he began as he unbuttoned his shirt, she was worried this sort of talk was not want she expected from her husband, "You, I know, have been wondering what I do for a living. Do not interrupt; any and all interruptions will be punished. I am an agent. But who for, you may ask. I am an agent for Snatch a Snatch. Horrible name I know, oh but the reaction! Tonight will be fun! You also have wondered what is in the folders that I keep on my desk. These are my cases. Let's look at this one, hmm, Alina Twitchet, a stunning maiden name, Reason for assignment: Exposed regularly to an agent's papers, Danger Level: HIGH. And this brings us to why you are tied up and why I am now undressed. My job entails fucking hundreds of women regularly. These women are deemed high risk and must be disposed of. You are high risk. There are other things that my job demands of me but I'll get to those later. Now, suck me."

Out of sheer fear Alina began to blow her husband, something she had never done before. Through her tears she gently sucked the tip of his cock as though it were a lollypop. However he soon grew tired of her gentle ministrations. He began to thrust his cock deep into her throat, causing her to gag, and was pinching her tits with such force she cried out. He became angry and thrust his balls into her mouth along with his sizeable cock. Soon he grunted and pulled out, spraying what seemed like gallons of thick cum over her face and tits.

He then took his now semi-hard cock and thrust it into her snatch. She let loose a scream as her hole was almost totally dry. He continued to rip her insides apart for another ten minutes until he came again whitewashing her insides with his cum.

He pulled out of her with a loud pop and walked over to a drawer in his desk that he had always kept locked. He took the key out of his pants, which were draped over the chair, and unlocked the drawer. Inside were a number of vibrators and sex toys that Alina didn't know the names of. After considering the drawer for a moment or two he picked up the two thickest vibrators and reclosed the drawer. He walked over to his wife and shoved the first one up her tight snatch. It didn't hurt as much as when he had shoved his cock up there before as his seed served as a lubricant, however she soon felt a searing pain up her ass as he shoved the second up her anal opening.

He picked up a small remote and flicked on both of the vibrators. Immediately Alina was filled with more pleasure than she had ever experienced. She was soon shaken with a mind shattering orgasm. After she had stopped screaming he calmly took his cock and shoved it into her mouth, leaving the vibrators on. As he face-fucked her, she began to feel a twisting sensation climb up from her toes. This painful sensation soon overtook any pleasure she had been receiving from her husband and she began to yell in pain despite her husband's cock thrusting in and out of her throat.

She was shaken with painful spasms as her husband calmly pulled himself out of her mouth. She continued to spasm until she hung limp in her bonds. Chuckling to himself he wiped a pinkish powder off his cock and began to untie her.

He carried her up to their room and laid her on the bed. He mussed up the sheets as though they had just had normal sex with his wife and he stood by her limp form.

"Well I suppose you see what else I am demanded to do. I am one of the best in the force, Alina. I am the best assassin, and all my assignments die in the throes of passion. They all die just like you."

He walked over to the phone and called 911.

"Please, I need an ambulance at 34 Love Circle. My wife and I were ... well ... and anyway she just collapsed! Send an ambulance, I beg you!"

Another case completed by William Longfellow. The ambulances will be busy tonight.

The End

05-06-2008, 09:58 PM
Semen Analysis

My wife and I were having difficulty conceiving so the doctor recommended I do a semen analysis. It's just a routine test where I provide a semen sample for the lab to analyze my sperm count. Even though I was married for several years, I enjoy secretly masturbating, so I got excited about the idea of the test giving one more opportunity to jerk off. I called the lab to schedule my appointment, but they only did those tests in the early morning, so I ended up with an 8 AM appointment. Moreover, I had to avoid all sexual activity, including masturbation, for several days before the test.

Those days my cock was constantly hard thinking about the test. I imagined they will put me in a comfy room with some magazine like Leg Show to stimulate the deed.

The day of my test I forced myself to wake up early and drive to the lab. The cold weather didn't help my erection. By the time I got there I was somewhat embarrassed to talk to anyone about it. After signing in, this attractive half-Asian nurse called me inside. She was about 30 years old, had long black hair with dark red highlights, and wore some electric blue makeup around her eyes. Her breasts and hips were larger and more rounded than the typical Asian girl. Her white lab coat made her look really sexy, and under it she wore seamed white nylons and the sexiest flat shoes with thin rounded toes showing lots of toe cleavage.

"So you're here for the semen analysis?" the nurse asked in a neutral professional tone, handing me a lidded plastic cup and an instruction sheet. "We have this bathroom on the other side of the building that you can use. Just hang this sign outside the door, and try to get all the semen into this container. Be sure not to use any lubricant." I carried the sign which said "do not disturb", and the container and went looking for the bathroom. It was in a quiet corridor on the far side of the building - away from traffic. Inside, there was a toilet stall, a urinal, a sink with a large counter, and a chair. I locked the door and decided it is probably best to sit on the chair and get started.

I don't know what it is, but I just could not do it. Maybe it was the fear of someone knocking on the door or barging in, or perhaps just the unfamiliar surroundings. The cold air, and the absence of lubricants and pornography didn't help. I tried hard to muster the image of that hot nurse into my memory, but it wasn't working. After half an hour of wasted attempts to milk my cock, I decided I needed a different approach. So I zipped up and went back looking for the nurse.

"You can just put it on that desk and I'll be right with you," she said while she was busy sifting through a pile of papers. Noticing the container was empty, she looked up into my eyes and cooed "oh, what's the matter?"

This was a very embarrassing moment. I stammered "um, it's not ... working, ... I think ... I need some assistance."

"Assistance? What do you mean?"

"Um, like, do you have any magazine I can use?"

"Sir, what are you thinking? This is a general laboratory and not a semen bank. Sorry, but we do not provide any pornography. Next time you can bring your own," she said in a stern tone.

By this time, I was really hot for her. I decided what the heck - I have nothing to lose. So I kept asking: "Well, what should I do now? Is there no way you can help?"

She looked me over then paused, "Hmm. Why don't you go back to that bathroom and wait a few minutes? I will finish my paperwork and then think of something to help you out." I could swear I saw her wink.

I returned to the bathroom wondering what this sexy nurse had in mind. Time passed very slowly as I sat on the chair waiting for her. I was getting hard thinking naughty thoughts about what she could possibly have in mind.

Eventually, there was a knock on the door, then the handle turned and the nurse walked in. "I'm not disturbing anything, am I?" She asked in a soft voice, while looking coy as she averted her eyes to the floor.

"No not at all. I've been waiting for you."

"Good," she said as she locked the door behind her. She then lifted herself and sat on the sink counter, facing me. "Now we can begin!"

I stared at her for a moment, but her stern tone of voice returned to wake me up from my reverie. "Well? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and unzip your pants, let me see the problem."

It was a dream come true. This sexy young nurse was ordering me to get naked in front of her. I imagined she will be teasing me with a strip show, then putting medical gloves on her hands and finishing me off with a handjob. My dick was so hard at this point I struggled to unzip my pants and free it from my underwear. Soon, it was standing a proud 6 1/2 inches saluting her.

"Soooo tiny! No wonder you couldn't make your wife pregnant. Even if your semen count is good, this thing won't go too far inside."

"But, it's over 6 inches," I protested, my thing straining hard to prove itself.

"I've seen way bigger," she retorted derisively. "Now get to work", she ordered, extending her pinkie and wrapping the thumb and index finger of her other hand around it.

Her mocking tone was having the opposite effect and making me harder. I decided I have nothing to lose: "I thought you were going to give me handjob."

"What? Are you kidding? The only hand that's gonna touch that small dick of yours is your own. You're lucky I'm here to watch. And besides, you don't need a whole 'hand' for it -- a couple of fingers will do."

I wrapped one hand around my cock and cupped my balls with the other. It was embarrassing, yet I was as excited as ever. It felt delicious looking at her eyes fixated on my crotch. I slowly stroked it while savoring every second.

The nurse kept encouraging me: "Yeah, that's it. Stroke it for me. Show me how you masturbate. C'mon. Pump up a big load for me, you pathetic mas-tur-bat-or." She alternated her commands with nasty facial expressions, licking her lips, then biting her lower lip in a way to embarrass me.

With her sitting on the sink counter, her legs were right about my level. She must have caught me stealing glances at her stockinged legs, for she started swinging them back and forth, slowly slipping her foot out of her shoe and dangling it at the tip of her toe. Her skirt rode back a little revealing light blue garters suspending her stockings. While biting her lower lip again, she wrapped her hand into a loose fist and moved it in front of her crotch imitating my jerking-off gestures. Damn she looked hot.

With a devilish smile she suggested: "you seem to be into legs." I couldn't articulate a better response than to jerk off faster at her discovery of my fetish. "It's OK. I know I have sexy legs and feet," she teased while she extended her leg all the way, bringing her foot dangerously close to my face. I slowly inhaled to try and catch a whiff of her aroma. Her shoe dangled at the tip of her toe for a few moments before it slipped off under its own weight and landed with a soft thud on the floor. The smell of her feet was too bewitching and I couldn't resist leaning in closer and burying my face right underneath the sole of her foot. I breathed in deeply while whacking off to her perfume.

She slowly slid her foot down my face until her toes popped right into my eager mouth. I savored the taste of her pungent sweat collected between her reinforced stockinged toes, first sucking on her toes then trying to take her entire foot down my throat, all the while stroking my rod and cupping my balls. Meanwhile, she continued her verbal erotic teasing: "suck on my toes, yes. Suck my foot like you suck a big cock. Swallow it whole you dirty little footsucker. And don't stop playing with you itsy bitsy dick."

I continued sucking her foot until she pulled it out and extended her other foot into my face. "It's getting jealous from all the attention the other one is getting." I happily complied and started tongue bathing it.

For a while I completely forgot where this was happening -- in a clinical public bathroom with my clothes off, masturbating in front of a gorgeous nurse. I forgot about the semen sample I was supposed to collect. Instead, I was totally engulfed by her smell, the soft touch of her stockings, and her nasty encouraging instructions: "Oh yeah, fuck my toe cleavage with your tongue. Yes, that's it. Pull your teeny weenie for me. C'mon, spill your load for me."

Sensing I was close to coming, she withdrew her foot out of my mouth and surprised me by cupping her feet together and stuffing that plastic cup between them. For the first time, I caught a glimpse of her pink cotton panties under her lab coat and skirt. There was a large wet spot clearly outlining her labia. Pointing her finger into the cup she egged me on: "right here baby, shoot your load right here for me."

Fuck, that was more than I can take. I gave her all I can, shot after shot of thick, creamy, man-juice. When I was done, she surprised me one more time by bringing the cup full of my semen under her nose and inhaling deeply. "I love the smell of semen. Isn't this a great job?"

Spent and exhausted, I went back home hoping the doctor would order a second analysis.

The End

05-06-2008, 09:59 PM
Blown Fantasy
He gave me the key to his apartment last week to prove he was through with the other girls. I had been waiting to reward him when he got back into town. I waited on customers that night with a silk and lace outfit under my waitress uniform, black sheer stockings with lace and bow trim leading from thigh to garter over crotch-less panties and a bustier with exposed nipples. The feel of my uniform shifting over my bare nipples all night kept me smiling. One of my regulars kept asking what I was up too; I just smiled and poured his coffee. He was a long night and I did not get off until 3AM.

Blaze was all I could think of. He erected steel buildings and had the tightest buns from walking the big red iron. It was a job that suited him perfectly. He packed 8 inches of big red iron himself!!! He could last for hours but tonight I was taking control.

I quietly turned the key and let myself into the apartment, praying he did not wake up. If he thought I was an intruder I might just get shot!!! But the danger was exciting. Entering the bedroom, I held my breath and was rewarded by the sound of light snoring. Slowly I slipped off my waitress uniform and lit a single red candle. All the waiting and planning had made me thoroughly wet already. Blaze slept in the nude as always and dreams had left the sheets tangled around his legs. Six feet of muscle, brown eyes, gorgeous hair and mustache, just the right amount of chest hair and I followed the happy trail to his sleeping member. Even sleeping, Blaze's cock was impressive, with width as well as length and a pleasing left curve. I took a few toys from my pack and put them on the nightstand for later. First, I had a fantasy to fulfill.

As he slept peacefully I licked his cock and softly caressed his balls. I did not want to wake him, but to become a part of his dream first. As always he responded quickly, making me wonder what he was dreaming about. As I sucked the tip of his cock, my hand was tracing patterns up and down his thigh. I was fully aroused and though about my pocket vibrator, but tonight it was all for Blaze. I sucked him deeper into my mouth and cupped his balls, feeling them tighten up a little. Teasing the tip with my tongue all around his ample cock, sliding him back out to lick the tip. Teasing the tip with my tongue and working the head with my lips. I wet a finger in my pussy and traced wet circles around his nipples. He was beginning to make soft moaning sounds and I knew he was having a good wet dream now. I became a little more aggressive with the blowjob, adding a little hand work but never letting go with my mouth. I tasted some honey drips now and smiles. Blaze had never given it up so quickly. Swallowing him down I reach for the G-spot at the base of his cock with one hand and rubbed circles around the opening of his ass with the other. In and out, up and down he began moving side to side, his hands found my hair and pushed my head down to the rhythm we had going. He was awake now and ready to pop.

I climbed up and to get control and let my tits bounce against his thighs and balls. Blaze tried to pull me up and mount him, but I put his hands on my tits and shushed him from speaking. He was right there with balls tight up against himself and fuller than I had ever felt them. As I went down, I used my hands and on the way back up, I used my tongue. I traced around his big thick cock and let it flick the tip of his head before plunging back down. I held there for a moment working his full length in my throat with swallowing and licking action. As his hands pulled at my hair he moaned out deep, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh girl, I am coming, and tried to pull me off. I held on to his hips and swallowed, rocking him in and out a little as he emptied his cum into my mouth. His balls loosened and I massaged his penis and whispered, "Good Morning Blaze".

The End

05-06-2008, 10:01 PM

Her breast were hanging down and touching the cold, smooth marble floor. The old woman was sitting in front of her in her white robe looking straight ahead. A black leather string wound around her forehead with the purple Jasmine stone hanging at her third eye center. The woman picked up a small bouquet of dry and spry branches and hit Isabelle on her back. She hit her again. Then, she chewed a bit on air and said: "Your penance is accepted. May you go force and commit sins fitting of the punishment." Isabelle crawled forward and kissed the foot in the pink flip flop. Then she ruffled her spa robe around her and took a look at the arches and murals around her. The popping of a chewing gum bubble from the girl behind her, reminded her to move on.

The temple servants small girly hands caressed her back, while a shovel of water was poured over her back. The hands softly moved down to her back and started massaging her back clumsily. The air was warm and moist as water was poured. The wooden barrel she was sitting in hugged her, kept her close, kept her cozy, and oh so far apart from the other visitors. Her lips had that sticky feeling that happens, when they are getting moist and stay closed for a long time.

The temple servant diligently worked her whole body with soap and a sponge. She got under the arm pits, in between the toes, behind the ears. They for sure didn't even spare her behind. There was no hesitation as she felt fingers pushing inside of her mouth. The rubber felt foreign and comforting at the same time. Her tongue was pushed around. There were pinches as the dental tape was pushed down the space between teeth and sawed back and force. Teeth are alive and feeling things. She spit out a wad of saliva and blood into a cup.

When her head was held back, she struggled for a bit in the bath tub and slipped. The eye drops poured down, until she could relax enough to simply be a tense bundle in the firm grip of the temple servant. A tear ran down her cheek. She wasn't sad. She looked at the face of the temple servant, who paid no mind to look back at her. She felt the hand around her jaw pushing the back of her head onto the plumb thigh of the temple servant. As she saw the black ash falling down towards her eye, she pushed with her feet. The water flew high. Her head didn't move. She blinked wildly. The temple servant muttered: "You think you are tough, you girls. You are all nothing more then young puppies held in a knowing hand."

The world blurred around her. She thought about risk infections by following outdated mystic beliefs. She thought for a moment, how far the stress of the office was away. She trembled with anxiety for a bit about what would await her inside of the chambers. She thought about the peanuts and snoopy. She thought about the stupid rituals society imposed on her. She had seen girls on TV in g-strings. She had seen women driving cars in those magazines that they always kept snug under their long black robes. She had heard of the broken men, who ended up in prison for touching a woman in those distant countries. This was what her country offered her in the temple of Venus.

At first, she squealed a little bit, suppressing the urge to turn around and grab the temple servant with both hands. Instead she only clutched on harder to the edge of her blond wooden bathtub. Her head started throbbing. She gasped for a bit more air. The feeling in her anus was overwhelming her. Then, that familiar feeling of a knocking bowel movement mixed with the alarm of holding it in until she could reach the bathroom. The temple servant told her: "Just let go, girl." She tried to get with the program and pushed as warm water spilled out of her anus. "Good, who knows, what kind of shit pieces are coming out of me," she thought silently to herself. "First time girl, huh?" asked the temple girl without waiting for a response.

Isabelle relaxed a bit as she felt the wooden barrel at her back, watching the temple girl leave with the bucket of her enema. The ceiling had a mural of an old guy with grey curly hair and a head band grabbing the breast of a young girl, whose limbs were flailing in all directions ignoring the rules of gravity. Behind the two an angel was floating on a cloud and holding out their arms in blessings. Beneath it a modern red 'exit' sign illuminated the otherwise somber lighting. This was the second outer court.

The temple girl returned with a plate of henna paint and a thin brush. After toweling her off, she placed the brush between her nose and the eyes. From there she started drawing outwards across her face in circles, in lines, and with fleur de lis here and there. Then, the temple girl starred on the areola of her breasts. The priestess had joined them:

"Yes, the areolas of a courtesan, full and a bit uneven. Her skin is slightly brown, probably a descendant of the mountain goat tribe. You say that it is her first time. Judging from her stout body, her vagina is probably mare sized. Let me see your strength." The priestess put two of her fingers into Isabelle's vagina. The fingers felt dry and unwanted in her. She squeezed hard, pressing her cheeks as well. "She definitely is a tourist and not a believer. Give her a unicorn or whatever fairy tale can come to your mind."

The priestess left. The temple girl touched up a dollop of henna pain on her solar plexus. From there, she spread out the paint until the unicorn horn reached her right nipple and the tail was flying over her left pelvis bone. "I hope you think it's cute. Don't worry about the priestess. Hardly anyone believes anymore and just wants to get some. I could also draw you a raiders logo on your thigh or whatever your favorite team is."

The temple girl started braiding her hair tightly. She felt the pull on her hair. It hurt. It felt good. Goosebumps rippled across her scalp and set her into trance. It was so nice to be handled and moved around, go with the flow. Her hair tail moved across her back like a brush caressing her. She closed her eyes and felt cozy.

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05-06-2008, 10:02 PM
"Girl, your big moment is coming. Are you ready to shake your booty? Ah, girl, you are so sleepy. Maybe, you can pull of a sultry dance."

She held onto the pole with both hands and let her swing around it to take a look at the whole room. Pillars, stones, pools, heavy curtains meet her eye. Someone sitting on a chair, someone chewing on some food, a couple in embrace, a conversation between a couple, a girl laughing out loud, a guy smacking a girl on the butt, a girl biting the chest of a man, a man leaving, a girl pushing her lower body into a guys' face. She gave it another twirl and walked away from her entrance stage. She rather slithered into the pool and went for a solitary swim.

With each inhale, she peered up and around her taking in the sights. A guy with a full beard, slouching, big dick, and lots of pubic --dive under. A girl with perky boobs and 'love me right' scrawled across her stomach, arching back as something tickled her in her back -- dive under. A guy doing pushups over a girl and eating a grape each time he lowered himself -- dive under. An old guy wanking his penis rapidly as he kneeled behind a girl while holding onto a chair to steady himself -- dive under. Two girls chatting with each other, one blond, one black haired -- dive under. A guy sitting by himself with a worried face trying to smile -- dive under. Turn around and push off the pool wall.

The awkward guy was still looking at the same spot -- dive under. The two girls were giggling --dive under. The old guy was now lying on his back with a pool of semen on his belly -- dive under. The pushup guy was now on hand and knees with the girl hanging under him and pumping his penis --dive under. The 'love me right' girl was holding up her breast to the mouth of her charmer, who tenderly licked her -- dive under. The hairy guy seemed even hairier now -- dive under.

A slender guy with a serious face slid into the water next to her. He was tall. He seemed boring. He said: "The water is nice, isn't it?" "Yes, I am kind of new here." "I could tell, you are avoiding this place by swimming." "It is not that I am a wild girl." "I know, we are all believers of Venus here and follow her rites." "Yeah. What's your name?" "I am Jason." "I am Isabelle. Do you mind giving me some time?" "Sure, find me, when you are ready." He left.

She found a love chair a little bit back. A palm tree in a pot covered her partially. There was a guy with a Mohawk standing with a wide stance as a girl kneeled in front of him. Another guy was tense and kept shifting from doggy style to missionary to cow girl until the girl yelled: "What the fuck? Are we on a porn set?" Another girl gently stroked a girls belly with a long feather until she busted out at him: "All the gently shit is nice, but we women do want to get fucked in the end." Another girl took it from behind and silently sobbed until she broke out: "You asshole are just masturbating inside of me. You don't know, how to make love."

The old guy had been rebuffed by another girl and was now looking in her direction. She sat up more straight and took another look. The girl left the pushup guy. He was reclining in a plastic chair with his legs sprawling out near the pool. His member was half soft. She got up and walked towards him. She smiled for a moment standing next to him, as she lifted her legs and straddled him. The hand rests of the plastic chair pushed her thighs up. She held onto his member and guided him inside of him. She felt the fullness. She remembered the enema. She ground her pelvis. The guy looked back up at her, gauging her. Her boobs bounced up and down. She smacked her clitoris and twitched her buns. His arms kept dangling down the plastic chair and he closed his eyes.

She felt the nervousness and excitement of this new moment and at the same time felt mechanic and like not having too much fun. She squeezed his nipples and he simply took her hands away. His head rolled to the side. Her thighs drew her awareness. She started to have that good feeling spreading out from inside of her. The orgasm was brief and short. She got up. He said 'nice to meet you' without opening his eyes.

The awkward guy smiled, when she offered 69. He had a bit of body hair on his legs. He was a bit scrawny. He was a bit repulsive. All the repulsion started melting as his soft, warm, and wet tongue brushed across her sex. She dove deeper into his sex with her nose on his balls. She pushed her groin down into his face. She smelled the musk of his roused privates. She would never ever talk to such a guy. Yet, being horny, she could hug and embrace all of his geekiness and suck it in.

The old guy had found his limping way to them and started stroking his limp member into shape. She reached for his penis and guided the old man towards her rear and placed the tip of his penis at her anus. He gently circled her anus and pushed on the ring of her anus with his fingers, like a cat treading, he softened and caressed her inexperienced anus to ease and open up. When the tip slipped in, she felt like she had to take a dump. It roused her. Usually, the feeling would have wanted to make her stop, yet the tongue of the geek made her feel so good that she didn't want to stop.

The old guy was breathing down her neck as he was moving in and out. It hurt at first. Yet, at second, she missed that painful pleasurable feeling and wanted him to shove again. She could feel him pushing against some of her fecal matter. It seemed so disgusting. At the same time, she felt so close and intimate with the old guy by having his most intimate body part touching her most dirty part of the body. She hoped that his dick would come out clean at the end. She hoped that her deep inside, her intimacy, her inner core expressed as fecal matter would stick to his dick being soft and moldable, surround it.

The old guy came. She could feel him now holding onto her back with a film of sweat. His scrawny pecs were on her upper back. She felt it was time to come and pushed her pussy a bit more into the geeks face. As the emotion walled up in her, she choked down on his member and sucked hard. He reciprocated by coming in her mouth. He tasted a bit bitter and sour. They all breathed a bit together, before they took on their cloak of personal distance again and separated.

The End

08-06-2008, 12:18 AM
Geek Lust

"Jane? Hey, it's Curtis. I just got the latest season of Battlestar Galactica on DVD," Curtis said into the phone.

"Cool! Can I check it out with you?" Jane replied excitedly.

"Of course, that's why I'm calling. How about Friday night? My parents will be gone for the weekend. We'll have the house to ourselves, so we can watch it on the big TV in the basement."

"Battlestar on the big screen with 5.0 surround sound? I'm there! I'll bring the pizza," Jane said.

"Great, see you then."

It was summer break between college classes. Curtis was a 20-year-old English major at a small college in Pennsylvania. Curtis knew he was a geek, and had the resume to prove it. A bit too thin, un-athletic, a science fiction fan, former library aid, and member of the audio/visual crew during his high school years were his major qualifications. But in his own opinion, the worst qualifier was that had never been kissed.

Then there was Jane. Plain Jane, the geek goddess. She had all the curves of a wooden plank. Thin with no feminine hips or bust. But, she was not entirely unattractive. Jane's long, dark brown hair that she usually pulled back in a ponytail, and her pretty, green eyes that peered out from behind a pair of glasses that were fashionably nerd almost gave her the look of a sexy librarian. Unfortunately, not quite sexy enough to make her popular with guys.

Jane was also a fan of science fiction and a fellow English major at the same college as Curtis. She spent her high school years unnoticed by members of the male species. On a dare, her only kiss came from her best friend's older brother during a sleepover when she was in junior high school.

The pair first met at a science fiction convention during spring break from classes' freshman year. They quickly became friends after sharing a few classes together at college. Both were too shy to make their relationship turn romantic, though, they seemed to make the perfect pair.

Friday night arrived, and Jane cheerily greeted Curtis at his front door with a mushroom pizza and some homemade brownies. After the pizza was gone, the pair sat next to each other on the couch in the finished basement, munching on the brownies. The room was practically a movie theater with a small bar off to the side, a 5.0 sound system tuned to perfection, and the largest hi-definition movie screen you could imagine. It was the perfect evening as the two college kids enjoyed the DVD version of the Sci-Fi Channel's latest season of Battlestar Galactica together on the couch.

But, in the back of their minds, each of them thought about moving a little closer to each other. Their barrier of shyness prevented either of them from moving closer and sharing a warm snuggle on the plush couch.

"I love this room. I bet you are down here all the time." Jane smiled.

"I get my turns. My dad is a fairly big sports fan, so he monopolizes it most of the time." Curtis replied.

"Well, he pays the mortgage, so he has the right."

"Yea, but not tonight." Curtis said with a satisfied grin.

As the episode ended, Jane asked, "What other DVD's do you have that would look cool on this?"

"I got my collection up in my room, if you want to check it out?"

"Sure, let's see what you have in stock." Jane chirped.

The couple trudged up to Curtis's room. It was tidy, but crammed full of stuff. A small TV and DVD player sat on a shelf surrounded by his collection of DVD's. Jane thumbed through the various titles, pulling out a few to examine the covers. As she reached to put a handful of disks back on the shelf, she peered closely at the open space between a few of the disks.

"Hey, what do you have behind these?" She asked. She could see some additional DVDs hidden flat against the wall, behind the other movies.

"Uh, nothing. Just put 'em away." Curtis uncomfortably replied. He could feel his face becoming a little flush.

"Oh my gosh, I found your porn stash!", Jane squealed as she punched a humiliated Curtis on his shoulder. "Oh, let's see what you've got!"

"Aw come on. Leave it alone!" Curtis begged.

Jane reached into shelf, knocking over a dozen movies to grab the hidden contraband. "Hmmmmm, I wonder how these would look on the big screen in stereo sound!" Jane squealed as she reveled in Curtis's embarrassment.

"Hey, knock it off!" a red-faced Curtis exclaimed.

"Ooooooo, Asia Carrera! Or Jenna Jamison! So, what are you in the mood for tonight, Asian or blonde?"

Curtis's face glowed hot with embarrassment. He knew he wasn't going to win this battle, nor would Jane ever let him forget it. All he could manage was a goofy smile, knowing that all he could do was stand back and take Jane's good-natured teasing.

"I say we just take both disks along. We'll start out with Jenna." Jane said with the biggest grin.

The pair made their way back to the movie room in the basement. Despite Curtis's protests, he actually thought it would be fun to watch a porno movie with Jane. Heck, this would be the first time he watched porn with someone else.

"Pop in Jenna!" smiled Jane as she flopped down on the comfortable couch.

As Curtis placed the disk in the player, he asked. "Are you sure you want to see this?"

"Hey, I've seem my share of these. Remember, I've got two older brothers."

"You went through their stuff?" He asked.

"Sure. What can I say? I was a curious teenager. When I had the house to myself, I'd snoop around."

"And you like watching them?"

"They can be fun. I'm not the total prude geek-chick, ya know." She smiled.

After Curtis closed the disk player, he sat down on the couch next to Jane. The pair slouched back into the cushions as the movie started. Strangely, he actually started to feel comfortable watching the movie with her.

As the movie played, Curtis could feel his penis harden in his shorts. His mind began to race. Should he put his arm around Jane? Would she reject him? Would she get mad or laugh? Finally, he worked up his courage and snaked an arm around her petite shoulder.

To his surprise, Jane accepted his embrace, as she placed her head on his shoulder. His heart was pounding as he debated his next advance.

"Jane, can I kiss you?" His voice cracked with anxiety.

"Sure." Jane said softly, almost whispered. Her sweet smile melted Curtis's heart and helped put him at ease. Nervously, he started with a small peck on her soft lips. Jane's hand on his cheek reassured Curtis. As he went to kiss her again, their lips parted. Their kiss was a little unsure but sweet, as their tongues delicately danced together.

With his confidence growing, Curtis gently slid his hand under Jane's shirt. His fingertips nervously, but gently, touched the soft skin of her belly. She felt so warm and smooth. His fingers tentatively roamed up to the lace of her bra, and he felt her heart pounding as hard as his own. Their tongues continued to dance the ballet of young desire.

Curtis's fingers slipped under the textured material of Jane's bra. She gasped softly as his fingers touched the soft skin of her small breast. As his fingers explored her flesh, he pushed up Jane's shirt and bra, exposing her hardening nipple.

"Hold on. Let me help you." Jane lustfully gasped as she arched back to pull off her t-shirt. Curtis's eyes were as wide as saucers as she reached around and unclasped her bra. Her small, pancake breasts were exposed. To Curtis, she was the most beautiful girl in existence.

"I have to admit, I've never done this before." Curtis nervously admitted.

"It's ok. This is my first time, too," smiled Jane.

Jane slid her body around so she was straddling Curtis as they sat on the couch. She rolled the bottom of his t-shirt up and pulled it over his head and off, tossing it aside. They were both breathing hard as their hands explored the exposed flesh of each other's body, kissing each other between soft touches.

Curtis's hands roamed to Jane's petite hips. His fingers probed beneath the waist of her shorts and panties. Cautiously, he started to pull them down. Jane lifted her body up and rested her weigh on her knees, allowing him to pull her shorts and panties down. Her clothes bunched around her thighs as she squirmed to escape the fabric that confined her.

As her shorts tangled around her knees, she stood to let them drop to her ankles. After they fell to the floor, she kicked them aside. She stood completely nude in front of Curtis. He sucked in an excited breath as his eyes played over her body.

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08-06-2008, 12:19 AM
With one quick motion, Curtis arched up and pulled his shorts down. Still sitting on the couch, he kicked them away. Free of their clothes, Jane straddled Curtis again. He gasped as his hard cock rubbed against the fur of her pubic patch. Her curly little hairs tickled the sensitive skin of Curtis's throbbing cock. Their hips were grinding against each other as they passionately embraced and kissed. The sensation of her just her hair touching him was driving him wild.

Jane delicately kissed a path down Curtis's chest. Her lips tickled over his nipples, down his belly, and nuzzled against the fur above his manhood. She slid her body down until she was kneeling on the floor in front of him. She paused for a moment, savoring her feelings.

"Oh yes Jane. Please." Curtis whispered.

She gently grasped his shaft, wrapping her thumb and forefinger around the base above his sack. Excitement was seeping from the tip of his penis as Jane lowered her mouth close. Her tongue licked and circled the slippery head as he softly moaned with pleasure.

Jane parted her lips as they slipped over the ridge of his mushroom head, down the shaft. His cock felt so hot in her mouth. It was hard, yet his skin gave it a smooth almost soft feeling. She could feel it throbbing with excitement as it filled her mouth. Her tongue circled the shaft as she sucked it into her warm mouth.

Her lips were sliding up and down the rigid shaft. She would gently suck as her lips slid back to the head, then tease it with her tongue as she filled her mouth again with his fleshy rod.

Jane's head slowly bobbed up and down, bringing incredible feelings of pleasure to Curtis. His hips rocked slightly in time with Jane's motions. The sounds of Curtis breathing hard and Jane's slurping competed with the 5.0 sound of the adult movie. As she bobbed up and down, Curtis could feel his intimate areas tingling. His bare toes curled in the soft carpet as the sensation was growing. His pleasure was about to release.

Jane could sense the stress that was building in Curtis's body. Faster, she sucked up and down on his throbbing member.

"Oh, Jane! I'm going to-"

Curtis never finished saying what he was about to do. His hips arched forward as his orgasm came. Jane jumped with surprise as the first wave filled her mouth with sticky syrup. It caught her off guard like an electric jolt. He kept cumming in long streams that overflowed her mouth, dripping over her lips and down her chin.

As his orgasm subsided, Curtis exhaled a long gasp. Jane wiped the white sap from her face and curled up against him, smiling with satisfaction. They basked in the emotion of the moment.

After a minute, Curtis smiled at Jane.

"Your turn."

Curtis slid his body down, so that he was now kneeling on the floor in front of Jane. She reclined back on the couch, spreading her thighs apart invitingly to Curtis. Her virgin honey pot was glistening with her juices.

Curtis placed his hands on her soft thighs as he moved his face closer. His tongue gingerly explored the velvet folds of her wet pussy. Jane gasped at the sensation of his tongue intimately licking her. She watched as his licks circled and teased her throbbing clitoris. She tingled with pleasure as Curtis's tongue licked her sweet area.

Jane exhaled soft, raspy groans as Curtis fervently licked her sensitive nub. His lips and chin were soaked with the sticky sweet nectar that was trickling down to the puckered little opening of her ass.

Jane had been aroused by the movie and the blowjob she gave Curtis. Not to mention the fact that this was the first time her virgin pussy had been licked, so she was extremely turned on now. Her small chest heaved as her breathing became erratic and her heart pounded. She could feel the tingling of her own orgasm building.

She reached down; her fingers ran through Curtis's hair as she pulled his face closer. He gently sucked her clit into his mouth and teased it with his tongue, pushing her over the edge.

"Oh Curtis!" She squealed as her body shook from the release of her orgasm. Waves of intense pleasure erupted from between her thighs and pulsated through her body for what seemed like minutes.

Jane collapsed back onto the couch as the last throbs of bliss subsided. Curtis slid his body up onto the couch so he was stretched out next to her. With their warm bodies pressed against one another, they rested for a few minutes. As they held each other, Jane could feel Curtis was becoming aroused again.

She looked into his eyes and whispered, "Do you want to go up to your room?"

"Yes." Curtis replied softly.

As the young couple stood up, Jane grabbed her purse that was lying on the floor next to the couch.

"What do you need that for?" Curtis asked.

Jane opened her purse and pulled out a box of condoms. "I have to admit, I was hoping for this with you for a while. I thought I'd take the precaution tonight, just in case."

Curtis just smiled nervously as the young couple walked back upstairs to his bedroom. His hard cock bobbed up and down as he climbed up the steps. Both of them were still a little anxious despite their first interlude downstairs.

When they reached Curtis's room, Jane entered first. Curtis paused and watched her walk to his bed, admiring her nude body. He watched as she crawled onto his bed and rolled over. She lay on her back with her legs slightly spread and looked back at him invitingly.

His heart racing, Curtis walked to the bed with all the nonchalance he could muster. He was trying to be the picture of cool as he slid onto the bed next to Jane. Tenderly, Curtis leaned forward and kissed Jane's lips. Their swirling tongues reaffirmed their desire.

Curtis gently kissed his way down Jane's neck. His lips trailed delicately across her smooth skin, stopping at her pink little nipples. His tongue circled and flicked over the hardening little buds. Jane gasped softly as her body was throbbing with lust for her lover.

"Are you ready?" Curtis asked his voice just a little louder than a whisper.

"More than you can imagine." Jane smiled back.

Curtis rolled over and opened the box of condoms that Jane left on the bed next to them. Carefully he tore open one of the small packets to reveal its slippery contents. He pulled the rolled up condom out of the wrapper and looked at it for a moment.

Lying on his back, Curtis unrolled the slick latex sheath down the shaft of his hard member. It all felt a little strange and foreign to him, but the newness of entire experience exhilarated him.

Curtis rolled back gave Jane one last passionate kiss. Softly, he told her "I love you."

"I love you too."

With that, Curtis carefully rolled over and slid his body between Jane's thighs. His hands on either side of Jane's shoulders as he balanced on his knees, Jane reached down to help guide him into her waiting opening.

Slowly Curtis pushed his hips forward to enter her slick pussy. They both gasped as he slid inside and their virginity ended. It was nothing like either of them had felt before. Jane felt so warm, so tight around him. Her softness and warmth felt so good, and it was an incredible feeling.

Slowly, Curtis rocked his hips forward and back. His hard cock was sliding in and out, as they breathed raggedly and softly moaned enjoying the incredible pleasure.

Jane wrapped her legs around Curtis, using her calves to pull him deeper inside. Her excitement was trickling from her hot pussy lips. Faster, he pumped.

"Oooh, God yes! Do it! C'mon! Yeeeess!" Jane passionately gasped.

Jane's cries spurred him on. Faster, Curtis fucked, plunging his hard cock deep inside her with each furious thrust. With each passionate push, he was bringing both of the young lovers to climax.

Jane could feel Curtis's cock growing harder with each thrust. With one final push, she could feel his cock pulsating as it filled her hot tunnel one last time. Curtis groaned and his body arched back, pushing his hips forward, his cock completely inside her. Jane's hips rose up off the mattress to meet his last thrust. Curtis filled the condom with the spurts of his orgasm, while Jane squealed as her own orgasm tore through her young body.

They collapsed onto the mattress and into the warmth of their embrace. They were both shaking from the intensity of their orgasms as Curtis softly kissed Jane's lips.

"Wow." Jane said when her voice regained the ability to work. "Oh Curtis, that was just...I can't describe it."

"Incredible?" Curtis said. His smile was so wide that it nearly extended past his ears.

"Your parents will have to leave more often." Jane sighed.

"So, does this mean you will be my girlfriend?" Curtis smiled.

"Of course. And you don't even need to wait for the next Battlestar Galactica DVD to come out." She grinned.

The End

08-06-2008, 12:20 AM
Desk Set

I'm a 33 year old law recruiter in a relatively small office. I work pretty long and intense hours, but I'm good at what I do. I've dated here and there (had a longer term relationship or two), but let's face it...for me, right now, work comes first.

So I was, to put it mildly, annoyed when we got the boss's memo that his 21 year old son would be coming to work for us for the summer. I'd seen these scenarios before, and inevitably, the slacker college kid ended up making twice the work for all of us while he screwed around on the internet all day and we bit our tongues and looked the other way.

But after commiserating with my closest friend and co-worker, we realized we there probably wasn't much of an alternative, and decided to suck it up.

He arrived the following Monday. Tall, dark-haired, a cocky grin (big surprise) on his face. He grabbed my hand and shook it...and was it my imagination that his hand lingered a little longer on mine? Didn't matter. I brusquely showed him around, pointed him to his desk. Dusted my hands and made a wish that we'd all get through the summer as quickly and easily as possible. And then back to work.

A few hours later, I glanced up, and he was standing at my desk. "Need something?" I muttered, my eyes still pulled toward my email inbox.

"I had a question about this database I'm working on...could you come take a look?"

Slightly annoyed at being pulled away from my work, I walked to his desk. CDs were spread in front of it. I couldn't help but check out who he was listening to...and surprisingly, they were some of my favorites.

I fixed the problem he was having, and then suddenly, inexplicably, we were chatting.

And that was how it began, and continued. I found my perceptions being challenged about him. He was intelligent, thoughtful. We definitely didn't see eye to eye on some things. But I would often catch myself in the middle of a debate with him, appreciating his passionate mind. Again, though, I shook it off. Boss's son. Just conversation.

Until that day.

It was just the two of us in the office--Kay was out sick, and Danny was on sales calls. I was doing my daily numbers report, and caught him looking over at me.

"What?" I asked.

"You know," he said slowly, an inscruitable look in his eye, "I was wondering if you're dating someone."

"Not that it's any of your business," I retorted smartly, my heart lurching a little at the unexpectedness of the question, "but...no. I've kind of got a full plate at the moment."

"Really?" He stood up from his chair, approaching my desk, then stood next to me and looked down. "Too busy for fun, good conversation...sex?"

Did he notice my sharp intake of breath?

"I'm so not going there with you."

"Going where?" His nonchalance was studied, almost too casual.

"There. Talking about...this." I felt sweat trickling down the back of my knee.

He leaned down, grinning, then gripped my wrists in his strong hands. "Who said anything about talking?"

Two weeks later.

He sits at his desk, legs spread slightly apart. My skirt's hiked up around my waist as I slowly, exquisitely slide myself up and down his cock. I'm dripping wet, and he's hugely turgid. He's moaning quietly. We're both sure at any moment someone's going to burst through the door and surprise us both.

But I don't want to stop. My clit is aching, his tongue is in my mouth, my hand is stroking his balls in 4/4 time. "Fuck" he whispers. I impale myself on him more deeply, slowly circling my hips, taking him further inside me. "Fuck!" he says louder, against my mouth. "God, please don't stop, I'm gonna come so hard..."

His finger is teasing and stroking my clit, even as he's coming. We move faster, writing against each other. It's unbearably good.

We collapse.

I immediately hop off him, adjusting myself quickly. "You realize how wrong this is on so many levels," I say.

He looks up at me with that devilish glint in his eye. "Isn't that part of the fun?"

Monday morning, 8 a.m.

He walks through the door, hot and sweaty from his morning crew on the river. I see his dormant cock outlined through the thin mesh of his shorts.

"Good morning," I say. "Take your clothes off."

He immediately springs to attention. My mouth waters a little in anticipation.

"What?" He's a little out of breath, and somewhat disbelieving at what I just said.

"You heard me." I smile and pull on his hand, dragging him into the unoccupied office. "C'mere."

He strips naked in about 2 seconds flat, then stands in front of me, sheepish and embarrassed. He's a god. A little too thin--but all bone and sinew everywhere.

And a fully erect 7 inch cock.

I kneel in front of him, looking up just briefly to savor the exquisite anticipation in his eyes. No protests now, just a look of pure pleasure and astonishment that this is happening. Now, here, with me.

He groans in pleasure as I take him in my mouth and start to suck.

It's August. Knowing we were nearing the end of the summer, we'd been fucking at least two, sometimes three times a day. We'd become more careless...sneaking into the bathroom together where he'd take me on the cold porcelain floor, kneeling on all fours while in the stairwell while he slipped beneath me, teasing me open with his fingers and tongue. I was beyond caring who knew, who saw...just living for this pleasure with him. And I knew he felt the same.

One night, we both stayed late, ignoring the knowing glances of our coworkers as they said their goodbyes. As the door shut on the last one, we came together in a rush against my desk.

His breath was hot on the back of my neck. "Take me home with you" he begged. "I want to sleep in your bed."

I glared, but inwardly I felt my stomach turning to liquid, my heart skipping faster. "I've told you, that's not an option. This is it."

His lips caressed me, and his hand slipped down the front of my blouse, stroking my nipples. I ached for him, arching my back against the hard press of his cock. "You know I'm in love with you. That I want more than this. Why can't we?"

"Because of--here. The situation." I guesticulate wildly around the office. "Your dad would kill me."

"Let me worry about that." His hand slips under my skirt now, anxious to find my center. He teases artfully. I hear the slide of a zipper. Then he's there, pressing me up against the desk. He spreads my juices to my ass crack, then lifts me up so he can gently thrust inside. I moan.

"You're going to marry me, you know" he murmers, puncuating his statement with a thrust.

"Excuse me?" I laugh, then gasps as he thrusts again.

"You'll see." Again, panting heavily as we move. "Summer romance doesn't quite apply..."

Two years later.

I never knew Prague could be this beautiful. I remember V telling me about the St. Charles Bridge, and how she and J had wandered along it, totally in love.

And now, here I was.

I looked down at our entwined hands, a thick silver band on each left ring finger, and my carat sapphire flashing in the sun. He laughs aloud in sheer pleasure, and I pull him into a kiss. He holds me tight from behind, tender and sweet.

"How the hell did this happen?" I ask?

"Well, I guess we have my dad to thank for that," he laughs. "I love you so much."

"Who knew?" I smiled. It'd been a long road, and certainly unexpected, but I was happy. Though I never would have guessed I was going to end up the boss's daughter-in-law.

The End

08-06-2008, 12:23 AM
Sheila's Taste

Sheila and I have become somewhat of a matched set; we really enjoy each other's company and well as each other's body. We spend a lot of quality time together doing all sorts of things, from shopping to exploring parks to sometimes even going out with no destination in mind, just to be together. For example, last week we hopped in the car with no place to go in mind. It was a warm day in May and we took our dogs with us.

"Let's go walk the ocean," she suggested.

"Any particular beach in mind? The Hamptons, Fire Island..?"

"Hmmm. I don't know. They may be too crowded. I want a quiet beach."

"I think I know where to go."

I headed south on the William Floyd Parkway for Smith Point. I was pretty sure that the beach would be quieter than the others plus it has a more private nude area away from the main beach. Since we hadn't brought suits, I thought this might be the perfect place to ogle and maybe even skinny-dip.

"Oooh, I've never been to Smith Point before...but I've heard about it."

She seemed excited and curious. I knew I had made a good choice.

We talked about this and that on the way down. She remarked how well we get along and that even our dogs enjoy each other. As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed only a handful of cars. We grabbed a blanket, a bag with skin oil and a thermos, which we filled at the Rest Room Building fountain, from the back of my Jeep and I directed her toward the western side.

Within a few minutes, we happened past a gay couple stretched out and sunning.

"Look at the size of that guy's dick!" she said.

"No kidding, it must be a foot long. But he's gonna burn that thing if he lies there too long."

With that, his partner leaned over him and began to smear sun block over him. As there was no one for several hundred yards, he took the cock into his mouth.

"You always know the right place to go," she said as her eyes were glued to the action, "...this is making me very, very wet."

We moved on down the beach. Our dogs were having the time of their life, chasing each other in and out of the surf. Finally, I stopped and laid the blanket down. I began to strip off my clothes as she watched admiringly. When I was nude, I took out a bottle of sun block and began to cover myself.

"Wait. Let me do that."

Sheila began to disrobe and when she was naked, I looked at her smiling.

"God, woman, you have some body. You are so hot."

I loved her body...no fat, large and firm breasts – c cups, hips like an English Saddle and legs that just kept going...what a beauty.

"Calm down, big boy, and lay down on your stomach."

She sat down on my ass and began applying the sun block using her best massage technique. I groaned as she kneaded my muscles. When she was done with my top half, she pivoted around to work on my legs. I could feel her pussy slide around my ass.

"Gee, you really are wet, aren't you?" I remarked.

She worked my legs and my feet and when she was done, she got off me and worked my ass crack.

"Ok, now me."

"My pleasure."

She lay down and I began to apply the sun block on her using my strong hands to rub and caress her beautiful body. She likes to have her hands and her feet worked so I took special attention to those parts. When I was finished, I rubbed her buttocks and then leaned my face into her ass crack and slurped my way down to her taint. She groaned. I could tell she enjoyed that.

"Over, hot stuff." I commanded and she did as she was told.

My hands went everywhere there was skin. I applied the sun block liberally and caressed her most sensitive areas.

"When you're done, I'll do your front."

"I have a better idea."

I smeared lots of sun block on her and when I finished the job, I lay my body on top of her and began to slide around. She giggled and used her hands to rub the extra sun block on me. We wrestled a little, laughing and tumbling around on the blanket.

"Hey. Where are the dogs?"

"Look over there."

She pointed down toward the water about a hundred yards away. The dogs were lying by the shore not too far from someone on a blanket.

"Let's go get them and take a dip, too." She suggested.

We walked hand in hand toward the water. The dogs were oblivious to us and seemed to be exhausted from their play. As we approached, we saw that the person on the blanket was a young woman lying topless. Her red thong did little to hide her sweet looking body. She looked to be somewhere in her twenties. Her blond hair and her sunglasses covered her face but I could tell she was good-looking. As she heard us approach, she covered her smallish b-cup and firm breasts. Seeing that Sheila and I were both nude, she smiled and dropped her hands. Her breasts were young-looking, freckled and with small pink nipples.

"Ok, that's enough of that. Last one in is..."

Sheila's voice trailed off as she raced into the surf.

I was not too far behind and as I dove in, I reached for her but missed and I flopped into the water.

"Damn, it's cold!" I yelled.

The May weather had not heated the ocean yet and it was freezing. We both yelped and ran back out of the water. Sheila's nipples were standing at full attention, pointy and hard. My cock was suffering from the shrivel factor.

"Even the dogs don't want to go back in!" said the girl on the blanket.

We laughed and walked up to her. Sheila and I stood blocking the sun and shading her. Sheila's sliver of a landing strip couldn't have been a few feet from the girl's face.

"You're going to burn, little girl," said Sheila, "you have sun block on, don't you?"

"I just used up the last bit I had but I've about had it here anyway. I was just thinking of walking all the way back to get a drink and then go."

"We have a thermos of cold water, if you like...and plenty of sun block."

I rounded up the dogs and headed toward our blanket. The girl assembled her stuff and she and Sheila walked together.

"This is Cheryl. She's a school teacher playing hooky today."

"No, not really. My kids are just finished with tests and we have the day off. I needed some alone time. Another teacher told me about this place so I thought I'd explore a little today."

We sat down on the blanket and passed the thermos around. I handed her the sun block. I pulled a joint out of my shorts and lit it. I cupped my hands and watered the dogs who were both panting.

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08-06-2008, 12:25 AM
"Wow. I haven't had that in a while," Cheryl said, toking deeply.

Over the next while, we discovered that she was a teacher in a fancy private school in Saint James, not too far from where we lived, she was twenty-seven, single and often lonely, and glad to meet us. She slathered the sun block on herself and paid special to attention to her breasts and nipples. Sheila began to work on her back.

"That feels great, Sheila. You have wonderful hands."

"I second that!"

"Well, I am a professional masseuse, you know. I do know what I am doing."

"I second that!"

Sheila playfully slapped me and laughed as my dick was now nodding in agreement.

"Will you put that thing away?"

Both women laughed. Sheila gave it a playful shake.

"Do that again and it'll never go down," I said.

We smoked the joint and laughed a lot. Cheryl was a nice kid from the Midwest. She had a good easy way about her and she seemed very comfortable with us. I kept glancing at her thong-covered pussy and I watched as a wet spot formed creating a deliciously discernable camel's toe. Sheila noticed it, too, and smiled at me.

By this time, the heat on the beach had risen and without any shade, I suggested that we get pack up and get dressed.

"How would you ladies like to go for some seafood?"

They both agreed and we headed back towards the parking lot. Both dogs were beat and trailed at our feet, tongues hanging out.

As we approached the gay couple, they both ceased stroking each other's cock and rolled over onto their stomachs. Both had perfect butts.

"Don't stop on our account!" yelled Sheila.

"I love watching men do each other," she said to us, "I think it's beautiful. Anyway, that's my taste."

"I won't go into your taste...at least, not at this moment, but mmmmmm." I said and received a playful smack on my ass.

Cheryl said, "I've never seen men do it, not even in porn."

"It's all good. Believe me, girl, it's all good," said Sheila.

We got back to the parking lot and I watered down the dogs. Cheryl agreed to follow us back to the mainland where I lead her to a small seafood restaurant.

Our late lunch of lobster and fries was delicious. Washed down with a couple of cold local brews, it hit the spot. Our conversation was interesting and it ran from Cheryl's teaching rich kid brats to the Yankee game on the big screen over the bar. As the meal was ending, Sheila asked Cheryl if she wanted to keep the party going for a while longer.

"I dread going back to the school," she said, "where shall we go."

Sheila suggested that she follow us to my place as it was located closer to her school and where I had some more pot. Cheryl agreed and she hopped into her little Mini Cooper.

As we drove, I teased Sheila.

"You invited her back hoping you could get a little bit of that sweet young snatch. I know you."

"Like you wouldn't mind fucking that?"

"No, I wouldn't mind at all however I'd be just as happy making you flood my face"

I squeezed her crotch and she squeezed my dick in return. She kept stroking it. My dick got hard right away. The thought of what may be coming seemed to add to it. Sheila reached into my shorts and rubbed the pre-cum that was oozing from my helmet.

"That's just a preview, darling."

I just shook my head and said, "You know, Sheila, I'm just crazy about you."

She smiled, laid her head back and closed her eyes. I turned up the new Sonny Landreth cd and drove. I glanced into the rearview mirror and Cheryl was right behind us. Both dogs were sprawled out and sleeping.

I pulled into the driveway as Sheila awoke and looking radiant.

"I think that was truly a beauty rest." I said and she kissed me.

We walked into the house and Sheila pointed Cheryl toward the bathroom.

"You go roll a few joints and I'll set things up, okay, my boy toy?"

I went off to the bedroom and took a quick shower. When I returned holding a pair of spliffs, Sheila and Cheryl were out on the deck sipping the Veuve Cliquot I kept in the fridge for moments just like this. I lit one and joined them noticing that the hot tub was bubbling and heating up.

"You guys are amazing," said Cheryl, "I love your house...and your style."

She took some deep tokes and passed the joint to Sheila.

"This is so much better than hanging in my hot apartment. I really didn't want to go back there yet. I just know that there's this creepy teacher waiting for me. He'll ask me if I want to play tennis and then he'll come on to me. I'm just not in the mood for him...also, I'm sore from exercising yesterday – I think I ran a little too much."

"Then the hot tub will make you feel great, Cheryl. I guarantee it."

Sheila dipped her toe in and grinned. She stripped off her clothes and stepped in, taking her champagne with her. I took the joint and inhaled deeply as Cheryl stripped down and joined her. I glimpsed her small tufts of silky blond pubes and I felt my dick bounce in my shorts.

"Oooooh, this is good...soooo good. I am soooo glad I met you guys today...just what I needed, a little r 'n' r."

"Show me where you're sore, I'll fix you up."

She motioned along her calves and thighs. Sheila began to knead the muscles as Cheryl laid her head back onto the rim of the tub. I took off my shorts and stepped in, taking a seat across from them and just watching. Sheila's strong hands ran up the calves and along the thighs. Sheila went down to her feet and worked them for a while. Then she ran her hands up from the ankles to the inner thighs and back, each time moving a little higher. I could see that Cheryl was enjoying this as her little pink nipples popped above the bubbles. At one point, I knew that Sheila's hands had moved up into Cheryl's nether reaches when Cheryl let out a soft moan.

"Do you mind that I touched you there?" said Sheila.

"I was hoping that you would," said Cheryl, "please don't stop. You're making me feel very good."

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08-06-2008, 12:26 AM
My dick was nice and hard and I couldn't stop playing with it under the water. Sheila's eyes were heavy-lidded and I knew she was very turned on. I slid myself over toward Cheryl, placed my leg behind her back and proceeded to softly rub her shoulders. I moved up her neck for a while and then ran my thumbs along her brow. She cooed as Sheila was gently fondling her pussy. My hard cock was pressing against her hip and she moved her hand down to gently stroke it.

I leaned down and took her small nipple into my mouth. She arched her back. Sheila leaned over and took the other nipple. Cheryl began to quietly spasm in her ecstasy and within moments her orgasm arrived. We moved away from her and began to kiss each other. Eyes closed, Cheryl rested languorously.

Sheila wrapped her legs around me and slipped my cock into her pussy. We sat there kissing as I felt her contract and release me from her velvet walls. My hands squeezed her butt cheeks as she clenched. Cheryl finally moved and we looked over at her. She was utterly relaxed and in a state of bliss.

"You look wonderful, Cheryl. Do you feel wonderful?" Sheila asked tenderly.

"I am in heaven," she said, "it's nice to watch you make love, too."

"I've never had a woman touch me there. I've dreamed about it but never...," she was very quiet.

"I've only had sex a couple of times and never really enjoyed it before. The guys I was with a rough and crude...selfish, I'd say. It was all about them. You made me feel differently. You're both wonderful."

I leaned over and turned off the tub. I lifted Cheryl up and she was limp in my arms, like rag doll. I kissed her softly and sensually. I felt her breast mold into my chest as one leg wrapped around my ass.

"Come with us."

I handed the women their champagne flutes and opening the sliding door into my bedroom, I lead them in. Sheila grabbed some towels and we began to dry Cheryl off together and then ourselves. I lit the second joint and sat down on the edge of the bed to watch the women in a deep kiss. Sheila pushed Cheryl onto the bed and climbed on top of her. Their sensual and passionate kissing was beautiful and I sat mesmerized. Their tongues darted in and around, they were enjoying the intimacy.

Sheila's hand wandered over Cheryl's body and soon Cheryl was reciprocating in kind. Their legs scissored as they rubbed their pussies together. Soon Sheila's hand was rubbing Cheryl's mound. Sheila slowly kissed her way down, first working each breast with her kisses and each nipple between her lips. Cheryl's hands fondled Sheila's breasts. Sheila moved down between her breasts and tongued her cleavage. She slowly inched down her stomach and licked her navel. With her hand, she slightly tugged at the top of Cheryl's vaginal crack and ran a finger inside it, swirling around the clit. Finally, Sheila's tongue found the prize and she lapped at her slit.

My cock was as hard as it can get and I slowly stroked it and played with my balls. Sheila's tongue was bathing our beauty and she had one finger deep into her pussy, slowly stroking in and out, in and out. Her lips sucked the clit in and her nose pushed around her hole and along around her gash. Cheryl was cumming again, this time fast and furious, her ass bouncing on the bed. She cried out and erupted in a wild orgasm, arching her back and lifting her ass up to meet Sheila's tongue.

"Yes, yes...oh my, oh my..."

She came buckets.

"Mmmmm, how good...how good."

Sheila's face was drenched in nectar. I leaned over and began to give her deep kisses. Cheryl taste and smell was fresh and sweet but slightly pungent. Sheila moaned. I looked over to see Cheryl's mouth giving Sheila a return engagement.

"Oh, you taste so good. Oh...I love this."

Sheila lay back and let the young girl get her first taste of woman. I rubbed and stroked and sucked Sheila's beautiful tits. Sheila bent her knees to let the girl go deeper.

"Am I doing this right," she asked, "I want to make you feel good."

"Mmmmm, yes...yes."

By my head lay Cheryl's pussy and the scent was divine. I moved a little so I could lick her and taste her. I moved my tongue into her butt and began to feast on her asshole. She pushed her ass into my face. My hands pulled her hips even further onto me.

Sheila said, "Honey, I need your cock inside me."

I moved around the bed and with her legs spread and her knees up, I slipped my cock into her. Sheila's hand played with Cheryl's hair as Cheryl licked at her clit. Several times, I pulled my cock out and pressed it between Cheryl's lips for a little suck. But my object was to make my woman cum and cum and cum and I proceeded to slide deep and long until I felt her inner muscles tighten around me. Now I sawed back and forth in earnest as she began to moan hoarsely and soak my cock. She pulled Cheryl's head back and she began to rock side to side in glorious release. Taking my cock in as deep as she could, she came with an animal yell.


I lay there motionless as I felt her walls throb around me until they stopped. I pulled out and Cheryl took me into her mouth. But I had other ideas.

I moved around until I was behind Cheryl and slipped my cock into her oh-so-tight little cunt doggie style...and oh, did it feel good. Her canal was slightly tipped and that made the sensation even greater.

"Please don't cum in me. I'm not on the pill."

"It's okay, baby," said Sheila, "he's clipped."


"Vasectomized. No baby makers."

"Well, in that case..."

She began to rock back and forth against my cock. Sheila pushed her head under her and was licking her clit and my balls. I was truly, truly blessed, for sure. I felt Cheryl get very wet and loose, I felt Sheila's finger slide up my ass, I began to flood Cheryl with my cum. Shooting it deep into her womb and trembling, I couldn't pull out. But as she got more slippery, I fell out into Sheila's mouth.

"I'm almost there...don't stop."

Sheila began to lick her clit and I got down and slipped my tongue into her hole sucking our combined fluids. As she began to bounce and cum, I couldn't hang on so I backed off and watched as Sheila finished her off. She collapsed on the bed. Sheila and I looked at each other and grinned as both our faces were smeared with cum – mine and Cheryl's. We moved up the bed and began a three-way kiss, passing the cum between us, moaning and giggling.

Then the three of us lay together quietly.

After what seemed to be hours, I got up and polished off the bottle of champagne.

"Dead soldier!" I said as I handed the glasses around.

The two luscious women roused and took sips.

"So, was it as good for you as it was for us?"

"Oh, my goodness. It was better than I ever dreamed. Now, I don't think I'm gay but I really liked the way you tasted, Sheila. You felt so soft in my mouth and so tender and really delicious. But I liked your cock, too. You're both such wonderful lovers. And I can't believe you tasted your cum in me, that was amazing."

It was as though we had opened Cheryl's tap and now she could not turn it off. She babbled about how the differences left and how good she felt and how she was glad she could get in touch with herself.

"Sometimes, when I finger myself, I taste my finger but it doesn't taste like anything."

"No, no, you're wrong," Sheila and I told her.

"Sheila has a more syrupy quality and her scent is more pungent than yours. Your taste is sweeter and lighter. Your scent is not as musky. Both are delicious and wonderful and different," I told her.

"Yes, everyone is different, Cheryl. When you began to cum, I suddenly tasted a different taste, stronger but more flowery," Sheila explained.

"Frankly, we both enjoy being bisexual..."

"It's not that," Sheila cut in, "we both enjoy uninhibited sex, we like to cut loose, we like different experiences...and all of them are good. All of them make us feel more in touch with our bodies and our minds. It centers me. You can create all the labels you like, but I don't really care about labels. I am a sensual person. That works for me."

"Wonderfully stated, darling. I think the first time I engaged in man-to-man sex, I was glad that I had the strength to indulge my curiosity and I didn't feel ashamed. No, I felt liberated. And after that curiosity was fed, I found my ability to face other curiosities easier. I became more relaxed about my own sexuality. I felt more confident...and no, it didn't make me a bad person."

"I'd like to watch you with another man. I'm so curious about that. In fact, I want to be with both of you again."

"Anything is possible, you know. I think we'll see each other again and again."

It was getting late. I suggested we shower and let Cheryl go back to her apartment.

"Not yet," she said, "I want to suck your cock. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want you kiss you after."

And so she did.

Hours later, after she was gone, Sheila and I were snuggling.

"Do you think I have a good taste?" she asked.

"Hmmm, let me check..."

The End

08-06-2008, 09:06 PM
Happy Hour Threesome

I work in a small office as an invoicing clerk and also head-up the accounts receivable department. Including myself there are a total of nine people in our office and as a result, we all have grown very close over the years.

As such, whenever someone has a birthday that falls on a Friday, we shutdown the office an hour early and most of us go to one of the local bars close to the office for happy hour and a couple of drinks for that person's birthday.

A few weeks ago, Heather, one of our customer service reps, had turned 28 and we had planned for a Friday afternoon cake followed by a couple of drinks. All went as planned with everyone from the office showing up, but must only staying for one drink. Those of us non-lightweights ended up staying for more and as the evening wore on only Heather, I and Kris remained at our table. We were also joined by one of Kris' friends, Julie after she got off of work. Heather, who I had a big thing for, even though she did not know it and all others in the office did, decided it was time to head home and I of course volunteered to walk her to her car.

Heather accepted the invitation for the escort to her car but said she needed to use the lady's room first, Julie said she needed to go to so the two of them headed to the restroom.

"Are you that desperate that you are going to walk her to her car in hopes of getting a quick kiss or something more from her," suggested Kris.

"I hope it is something more, but the answer is yes, I am that desperate," I replied.

"She just loves to tease you and have you trail behind her like a little dog," Kris countered.

I ignored the comment as Heather and Julie came back from the restroom and Heather and I went towards the door towards the parking lot.

"Thanks for getting me to my car, I guess I will see you on Monday, believe it or not, but I have two dates for this weekend, wish me luck," said Heather.

Talk about a punch to the stomach, getting that empty feeling. I think Heather told me this to make sure she kept me in my place, which is below her and her being out of my reach. With that I said happy birthday and told her I would see her on Monday and headed back to the bar in a bad state of mind.

After stopping at the bar for a gin and tonic, I went back to the table where Kris and Julie were sitting and they both could tell something had changed.

I was never that close to Kris in our office, she was a single mother and a little rough around the edges. She had dark red hair and a body that was very average, a large tattoo on her right leg, but she was a helpful person in the office, but one who would always speak before thinking.

Her friend Julie who I had met a few times before was a heavier woman who dressed very gracefully for her weight and had huge tits, at least 38D and bleached blonde hair. She was another woman who spoke before thinking and was also a little rough around the edges, but seemed like a good person and one who liked to be in charge.

"No good night kiss or hug from Heather?" asked Kris.

"Nothing, as a matter of fact she told me she had two dates lined up for the weekend and said it as to rub it in my face," I told them both.

The conversation took a big lull at this point and I decided it was time to head home. "It has been fun, but I think I should head home before another drink," I said.

"I think we are headed out as well, going back to my house to change and head out bar-hopping around her tonight," explained Julie.

With that we made our way to the parking lot and I followed Kris and Julie out of the parking lot, Kris had gotten into Julie's car and left her car in the parking lot. After the discussion with Heather, I was feeling down and out and then my cell phone rang.

"Hey, Harry, it's Kris, Julie and I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with us tonight, you seem pretty down," said Kris.

"Kris thanks for the offer, but I think I am headed home, it's been a long week," I told her.

"C'mon, Julie and I will make sure you have a good time as long as you can handle us," Kris replied.

At this point, with nothing better to so, I told her I would hang out with them for a couple of drinks. She told me that they were headed back to Julie's house to clean up a little and that I could follow them.

Once we got to Julie house, I sat down in the family room while Kris and Julie went upstairs to change. Julie and Kris both came down the stairs quickly and as they came into the living room, I saw both we now only dressed in long t-shirts and both had bare legs and what I am assuming were panties.

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08-06-2008, 09:07 PM
"We decided it would be better to hang out here for a while and see if we can have some fun here," said Julie. Both women while neither overly attractive, had something about them that made them fuckable.

"Kris, go get us a couple of beers from the fridge," said Julie. "I will keep Larry entertained."

With that Julie sat down on the couch and swung her legs up onto my lap, confirming that she was wearing panties. "Do you like my tattoo," asked Julie. Turning her leg over in my lap to show me the small red dragon tattooed onto her inner thigh.

"It protects my treasure," Julie said laughingly.

"What's so funny," asked Kris, bringing the three beers in and standing in front of us.

"I was showing Larry the guard to my treasure," said Julie.

"I can top that" replied Kris. She then turned around and pushed her panties down and raised up her long t-shirt and showed of two rabbits tattooed on her asscheeks.

"They are looking for a long, hard carrot, you have one Larry," asked Kris.

"I think you are way overdressed for the party, lose some of the clothes," said Julie.

With that I stood and pulled my shirt and shoes and sock along with my pants off and got down to my boxers as both Kris and Julie screamed to take it all off. I told them they had to get naked first. With that Julie stood pulled her t-shirt over her huge, saggy tits and slid her panties down her fat legs and showed off a dark and very hairy pussy. Kris also pulled her t-shirt off and turned around to expose her smaller and firmer tits and her red-haired bush. I followed by dropping my boxers exposing my average, yet thick 7" dick that was harder than ever.

"Now this is a party, Larry on your back, I want to ride you hard, Kris get on his face and you better do a good job with your tongue boy or we will have to get rough," said Julie, as she gave my balls a hard squeeze. For whatever reason, I knew Julie could get rough and kick my ass if she wanted to, so I wanted to give Kris the pussy-eating of her life.

I lay back on the floor as Julie straddled my dick and fell right down on it with a deep growl. She then started to move up and down hard and fast on me as she reached out to pull Kris down onto my face.

Kris straddled my face and put her pussy right on my lips and started to grind away, oooohhhing and awwwwing every time her clit hit my nose. Both women were riding me hard.

"Kris turn around so I can get at those titties of yours, Larry won't mind eating you from behind, give him a taste of your asshole as a treat," said Julie. "Don't stop fucking me either Larry, we have a good rhythm going and you are starting to hit my clit each time."

As Kris turned around and went to sit on my face ass first, Julie pulled her down hard and pushed her ass toward my face and told me to start to lick and suck.

I could her Julie and Kris kissing as one rode my face and the other my dick.

"I am going to cum Kris, bite my nipples and you keep fucking me boy," screamed Julie.

""AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, motherfucker, feels good, don't stop thrusting and bite harder bitch," screamed Julie as her cunt muscles grabbed my dick like a vice.

As hard as it grabbed, her cunt would not let me cum for some reason. The harder I fucked, the more my dick hurt from not getting to release my cum.

"You don't get to cum until I say you can, that is what good muscle control and lots of practice does for a pussy," laughed Julie. "How is his tongue and mouth doing on your asshole and cunt?"

"Feels fucking good, I am getting close," cried Kris. "His tongue is all the way up my butt tickling my insides, feels so good, FUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKK.....aaaaaaaaaahhh, I'm cummmmmmmingggg, aaaaaaaghhhhh."

"That sounded like a good cum Kris, do you think we should let Larry cum now or not," asked Julie.

Breathing hard and almost in tears, Kris replied, "I don't know I think we should use him for our pleasure a little more before we let him cum," evilly laughed Kris.

"Sounds good to me," replied Julie as she climbed onto my face and spread her pussy cheeks and laid her pussy onto my mouth and nose.

The End

08-06-2008, 09:14 PM
Patio Party Striptease

A few months ago my wife Laura and I were invited to a house party at my buddy, Barry's place. That wasn't new; we usually partied at their house a handful of times a year. As we walked in, fashionably late, of course, there was the usual list of suspects. I went to high school with Barry, and even many years later there were still a bunch of us that hung out and partied together. We had all grown up and built lives for ourselves, but we still found time for the old crew. Over the years we had a few adventures with these people, but nothing overtly sexual. A few of us would hot tub in the nude together occasionally; we had all kissed the other's wives at New Years, etc. There was nothing serious to it, just good fun. As such, the flirting and banter between the men and women was a constant at these events.

Barry was a 'head' in high school and still smoked pot regularly. I was late trying it and as such never really did it that much, and hardly at all anymore except at Barry's parties. Laura, who I had met in college, had never tried pot until she met me, and after a bad experience with some particularly strong "Maui Powee" she never touched it at all these days. When the first joint was passed to me I took a hit without much thought and passed it along. When it came around to Laura I was surprised to see her take a quick puff. I watched her throughout the evening and every time a joint came around she took another, and after the first couple she actually inhaled fairly deeply. I wasn't worried about her though, this stuff was a lot mellower than the stuff that had got her all paranoid a couple of years ago. She seemed really relaxed and looked like she was having a great time.

Around 11:00 or so I walked outside with a fresh Caesar, vodka and spiced Clamato, in case you are wondering. Even before I passed through the patio doors I could hear Barry's wife, Deb, getting into a mild argument with my friend, Dave, over off the corner of the patio. Dave was our resident trouble maker. He just loved to get into people's heads, and tonight it seemed Deb was his chosen target. Unfortunately for Deb, she was completely out-gunned in this fight. At 5'5" and a stunning blonde Deb was a walking wet dream. She worked part time as an aerobics instructor so she was really fit for a 35 year old mother of two, and the breast implants she had after her second child didn't hurt her look either. But, for all her physical attributes, Deb was the proverbial dumb blonde. She wasn't making any head way at all with Dave, but just then I heard my wife Laura chime in to rescue her. This I had to see. Laura and Dave have a love/hate relationship that goes all the way back to college. Over the years they have gone toe-to-toe a couple of times over all sorts off issues, and from the sound of their raised voices tonight was going to be yet another round.

It took me a moment or two to figure out what they were arguing about, but before too long it seemed the issue was strippers. Dave was taking the affirmative side, naturally, while the girls were taking the negative position.

"It's cheating!" I heard my wife say.

It is not!" Dave replied. "It is just harmless fun!"

"Harmless?" raged Laura. "What part of coercing young women into taking off their clothes for money is harmless?"

"We don't coerce them! They do it because they want to!"

"For the money!!" Laura pointed out.

"For the money" Dave admitted.

"So they're prostitutes?" demanded Laura.

"They are not!" responded Dave.

"Well they have sex for money! It sure sounds like prostitution to me!" quipped Laura.

"It's not sex. They just dance!"

"Oh I see", said Laura. "So they just dance, do they? They don't rub their breasts in your face or grind their asses into your crotch?"

Dave just stood there dumbfounded not knowing what to say.

Laura had a smug look on her face because she knew she had made her point, and just to rub it in she added, "Paying girls for sexual favours, even small sexual favours is prostitution, and prostitution sounds like cheating to me!"

A small round of cheers rose at that, and not just from the girls, either. A couple of husbands high-fived Laura, likely for no other reason than she had put Dave in his place which happened more infrequently than most of us would have liked.

Still, not one to let anyone else have the last word Dave announced a little too loudly, "Well we wouldn't even need to do go see strippers if you girls entertained us once in a while. Men are visual. We need stimulation!"

There was quite a bit of laughter at that, but one of the other guys, Scott, chimed in on Dave's side, "Yeah. A little strip tease now and then would do wonders for my sex drive!" We couldn't help it, but we all looked at his wife, Cheryl, a cute little brunette who was now blushing from head to toe. While I would not have minded seeing her naked, Cheryl was seemingly the last girl in the group who would do something like that.

Laura turned on Scott and said, "Well it is too bad you aren't married to me because you would have the best sex life ever then!!"

"What do you mean?" asked Scott.

"I mean I strip for Tim all the time! It's fun!" She didn't do it ALL the time, but I had experienced a few very sensual dances from Laura in the past on Valentine's Day, anniversaries, etc. And I can tell you they were way more exciting than anything I had experienced in a strip club.

"You do?" asked Cheryl. "I could never..."

"Sure you could. It's easy. I bet all the girls here have done it at one time or another. Right, Deb?"

Deb didn't say a thing, but the smile on Barry's face told us all we needed to know. Then he dropped the bomb that changed the whole evening.

"Yeah, Deb loves to strip for me, but what she really wants to do is strip before a group of people, or rather, men."

For a few seconds there was stunned silence and now it was Deb's turn to blush. She punched her husband on the arm. "Barry! That's a secret just for us."

"Well it is no secret now" announced Dave. "C'mon! Give us a show!"

Most of us ignored Dave right then as there were a few questions and side discussions going on. The story came out that Deb had been very embarrassed by her body after the birth of their second child. Her already small breasts had simply collapsed into flaps of skin after she quit nursing and that was why she had got the breast implants. However, no matter how much Barry told her she looked beautiful now her old body image remained and she still had doubts anyone but her husband would find her attractive. Every man there told over and over her how attractive they thought she was and how exciting it would be for them to see her strip; Dave most loudly of all. This went on a few minutes and then the moment seemed to be over until after a few seconds of contemplation Deb turned to Barry.

"Would it be okay?" she asked him.

"What? Strip? Do you really want to?" he asked in return with his eyebrows raised slightly.

She nodded shyly, and added, "But I don't think I could if I was the only one who did. I would be too embarrassed in front of the other girls."

"It's okay, Barry said. "Just forget I said anything about it. None of the other girls are going to strip with you."

My heart leapt into my throat when Laura piped up. "I'll do it! I'll strip, too! In fact, we all will. Won't we girls?"

There were a few murmured agreements, some grumbling from a couple of guys who obviously wanted no part of their wives doing a striptease in front of us, but to the surprise of everyone Cheryl stepped up and said she wanted to do it, too. I think Cheryl may have been the most surprised of all except for her husband Scott who was open mouthed in his disbelief.

Before anyone had a chance to change their minds Dave quickly became the ring master and got everything arranged. In spite of being a bit of an ass about things at times he is also smart enough to know when to shut up. He was actually very considerate of the girls as he helped them pick some music to dance to and I assume from the fact he went inside with them that he helped pick out their costumes, too. The whole time Dave busied himself getting everything ready I still didn't quite believe it was going to happen, and I was stunned silent when I realized my wife Laura was going to be the first to perform.

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08-06-2008, 09:16 PM
We hadn't had a chance to discuss this but it would have made no difference to me one way or the other. I always told Laura her body was her own and she could do with it what she chose just as long as she was always honest with me. To date the only things she has ever done was a little nude hot tubbing, a week of topless sun bathing in the tropics, and a handful of beads she earned the old fashioned way in New Orleans last year. Most of the guys and girls there had seen her naked before, although never with this kind of electricity in the air.

Dave made a big deal about announcing Laura through the Karaoke microphone and with a smattering of applause and a couple of wolf whistles. Laura made her way to center stage, or in this case, patio. Lit now by only a few paper patio lanterns the effect was not dissimilar to what you might have experienced in an actual strip club. The music started and Laura began to sway with it.

Her first song was 'Lady in Red' which was fitting given the red satin night gown she had borrowed from Deb. Low cut in the front and cut high along the thigh the gown gave us all tantalizing hints of what was underneath. Her lithe body looked amazing as she moved. For the couple of minutes Laura didn't do much but sway and slide her arms up over her head seductively. But from the rapt attention of everyone there she could have been the most skilled striptease artist in the world. Not a word was said. As the song progressed Laura made a point of lifting her gown showing more and more leg, and glimpses of her ass and panty clad pussy, also red. In the final few moments of the song, with my heart in my throat, I watched as Laura undid the ties at her throat and let the gown fall to the floor. She looked stunning standing there in a skimpy red bikini she must also have borrowed and we all gasped as one when she turned around and we saw the bottoms were a thong. Even after two kids I thought Laura had an ass to die for, and tonight I could not believe how sexy she looked. I have to admit I was proud.

"Lady in Red" wound down and there was a few moments of awkward silence as Dave fumbled with CDs, but shortly Laura's second song began. Rod Stewart's 'Hot Legs' Where Laura was sultry in the first song she literally prowled the stage during the second. Almost angrily she tore off her bikini top and threw it into the crowd to cheers. As she strutted back and forth in beat to the music I saw her in a way I had never seen before. When she danced for me it was always sensual and intimate. This was Laura exhilarating in the feeling of displaying herself to others. She literally jutted her breasts in front of her as she danced. Towards the end she was still wearing the G-string bottoms and I thought she would stop there. But then Dave chanted "Take it off! Take it off!" She turned to look at him with a bit of a glare and I knew it was over when he mouthed the word "Chicken!" That was it! Laura spun around, put her thumbs into the waist band of her bottoms, and bending over slipped them all the way down and over her ankles. We had a great view of her ass and quick glimpse of her pussy as she did so, but in the light where she was standing you really couldn't see much. Just then the song ended and Laura turned to face us, arms triumphantly upraised, legs slightly spread. Everyone cheered and Laura looked radiant with a slight sheen of sweat. It was a sight I knew I would never forget. I could not wait to get her home. But that wasn't going to happen just yet.

Almost immediately it seemed Dave was announcing Deb. Like Laura she began with more modest clothes on, in this case a long flowing pink peignoir with a feathered collar, and she danced slowly and seductively at first as well. To be honest I don't remember much of her routine early on because my head was still swimming with the thoughts of what my wife had just done. But, when she dropped the gown and we saw that all she was wearing underneath it was a belly chain she had my attention back big time. I have never been fond of fake breasts, but Deb's doctor had done an amazing job. Rather than the typical bullet breast you see these days Deb's had just the right amount of sag, and if not for the fact they didn't sway much you might not have guessed they weren't real. Being an aerobics instructor Deb was extremely flexible and her dance ended with her doing a full split, made all the more erotic when she turned to face us and her pussy opened up for all to see. I doubt there was guy there that would have volunteered to walk anywhere in that moment if their cocks were as hard as mine.

Deb gathered her things and was met by her husband, Barry, who immediately told her how beautiful she looked, and those thoughts were echoed loudly by us all. Deb was obviously very pleased by our reactions as she headed off to get dressed again.

By this time Laura had settled in next to me wearing her T-shirt and blue jeans once again. I hugged her, kissed her neck, and told her how proud of her I was. She just smiled and whispered, "Wait until I get you home!!"

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08-06-2008, 09:17 PM
Just then Dave began proclaiming that Cheryl was up next. I glanced over at Scott and where had watched the other two girls with enthusiasm her looked a little sick as his wife Cheryl began her routine to Billy Idol's 'Eyes Without a Face'. She began a little nervously and sensing that the girls began to cheer her on. As she gained confidence not only did her dancing improve but there was an air of sexuality that came over her I had never even suspected was there. As the tempo of the song picked up half way through she untied the short blue satin gown she was wearing and let it drop to the floor behind her. Almost like a go-go dancer she began to gyrate in the white string bikini she had on underneath and before long she was swinging the top over her head. She was mesmerizing.

I had always known Cheryl was a 'sleeper' but I had no idea she was as sexy as this, and on top of it all her body was flawless. Amazing C-cup breasts, perky nipples, just enough muscle tone in her arms, legs, and abdomen to define them without them appearing muscular, and all that wrapped up in a perfect head-to-toe tan. Stealing a glance over at her husband he seemed to be more entranced by what was happening on stage than anyone. As her first song ended Cheryl untied her bottoms and let them fall to the floor. For a few moments she just stood there in the nude breathing hard as Dave scrambled to get another CD playing. Shy, quiet, little Cheryl was literally smoldering on stage. Her eyes seemed to focus beyond us as though she were in her own sensual world. The heave of her chest as she breathed did nothing but make her more beautiful. Then the second song started.

Unlike the other two girls, Cheryl's second song was a slow one. As the first strains of Toni Braxton's 'You're Makin' me High' drifted over us she closed her eyes and let the music take her. No one moved as we watched this woman slowly make love to herself. As one of her hands slid down and over one breast and then down her arm, her other hand was squeezing her other breast. Her fingers were pulling gently on her nipple. Like a cat stretching she raised her hands over her head and slowly lowered herself to her knees sitting back on her haunches. Leaning way back until hair touched the floor only her hands which were now grasping the inside of her thighs kept her from falling backwards. She pulled herself back up, but with her head still tilted backward she brought her hands up to squeeze her breasts upwards together pinching her nipples as she did so.

All the while it was hard not to watch between her legs. Her swollen clit was clearly visible through the wisps of hair she had down there. She leaned back again, this time arching her back into a bridge with only her head holding her up. Both of her hands glided slowly down over her body and covered her mound. Subtley, she started to bounce just a little with the bump and grind of the music. Deeper and deeper her fingers probed until she had two fingers up inside of her. We could not see a thing because of her hands, but the sight of this woman touching herself left nothing to the imagination.

Suddenly she arched her back even more and I could see her pelvis clamp down on her hand. She let out small whimpers as her orgasm rushed over her, and when it was done she collapsed with the release she felt. While the music played onward she moved not a muscle. Not one of us moved. If everyone else was like me they could not have moved anyway. I was still in rapt awe of what I had just watched.

Laura was the first to recover her senses. She picked up Cheryl's gown and knelt at her side stroking her hair and whispering to her. Cheryl opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times before smiling shyly at Laura. Laura pulled her back to her knees, helped Cheryl on with her gown, then pulled her up and helped her back into the house with Scott following closely behind.

I have no idea whether any of the other girls had intended to strip that night or not, but it was apparent very quickly that tonight's show was over. Why would anyone want to follow an act like we had just seen? The party quickly began to break up and after some awkward good-byes we all made our way to our cars.

On the drive home Laura was strangely quiet.

"Are you okay" I asked

She just smiled and said, "Yes. I'm fine. I am just thinking about what happened. It was quite a night wasn't it?"

"Yes it was" I agreed. "Quite a night!"

"Could you believe what Cheryl did?"

"No, I would never have imagined, but I am glad I was there to see it."

"Me, too!" Laura responded. "She was so hot I wanted to be on stage with her. I have never wanted a woman that way before, but tonight... Oh yeah!"

"Wow" I thought to myself. "You're serious?" I asked. "You wanted to make love to another woman? Do you think you could actually do it?"

She smiled at me for a moment knowing how much this conversation was turning me on. "After what I saw tonight, that is a definite... maybe!"

The End

08-06-2008, 09:24 PM
Bikini Dreams

My sex life in the year since the divorce was virtually non-existent. I had only had two one fighters; both losers and one other fling. I really enjoyed that one. She was the tart that worked in the club that caused the divorce in the first place. Apparently, she liked me and my tongue better than my ex. He couldn't stand it. I loved it.

From the moment I sat my chair down in the sand, I new that today was going to be a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the sea breeze kept the heat from being unbearable and the ocean was calm and clear. I had decided to treat myself to 4 days at the beach. My ex had the kids so I grabbed my sun-tan oils, my books and my favorite dildo and headed for a few days of rest, relaxation and masturbation.

What could possibly make this better, I thought.

When the two young women who were occupying the towels 30 feet in front of me, emerged from the water, I found my answer. These two beauties had sexy written all over them. Each had blond hair bleached by the sun and the sea and each was lightly tan; natural for sure, not baked in a room or sprayed on.

The taller of the two also had the longer, lighter hair. This girl was tall, probably 5'9, with legs that never seemed to end and a stomach that was smooth and tight. Her bikini was bright red with strings tied in bows on her hips. Her breasts were almost certainly a b-cup, shaped perfectly and bouncing lightly with every step. The cool water had her nipples standing at attention and straining to push through the fabric of her top.

Her friend was not quite as tall, maybe 5'6 with a short bob cut of hair. Her boobs were slightly larger than her friends' with a wonderful swing as she walked directly towards me. I could see the outline of her areola through her white top and could almost see through her wet bikini bottoms. I was delighted to see that there was most definitely no hair underneath.

I closed my eyes and could see them clearly; only now they weren't wearing any suits. The water was dripping from their hardened nipples and gliding down their legs. My mind was working overtime as I pictured them settling on the towels in front of me.

My mind placed these girls in all kinds of situations. Every fantasy I could devise popped into my minds eye. First they were cheerleaders in the locker room, and then they were nurses, then lifeguards on the beach; and my very favorite, a teacher being seduced by her student. The taller blond was the more powerful presence and dominated my day-dreams. Each fantasy ended with one girl's tongue lapping at the others clit. I was getting hornier by the minute. I could barely wait to get back to my condo. I knew that I would enjoy myself tonight while my fantasies continued.

When I opened my eyes, I watched as each girl slowly dried herself off. My eyes darted from one girl to the other as they rubbed and patted the water from their suits and skin. The taller girl bent to dry her legs and poked her ass in my direction. I was in heaven.

Her bottom was flawless. It was small and round and firm. She had a small tattoo of a butterfly at the top of her ass and the cutest little dimples on the small of her back. She re-spread her towel on the sand and treated me to a full view of her magnificent legs and exquisite ass as she knelt to lie back down.

She reached around her back and untied her bikini top. I could just see the outline of the tan lines on the sides of her boobs as she lay on her chest. Her hands slipped down her hips and rolled her bottoms down to the very top of her ass.

"Tanya, how about rubbing some oil on my back?"

"Sure Mal. Then you can do mine."

I couldn't believe my ears. I had lucked into the hottest spot on the beach and was enjoying every second of it. I could feel the warmth in my body growing. My sunglasses could hide my eyes, but my nipples were about to rip through my suit top and I hadn't even been in the water yet. I knew if either of these girls looked my way, they would know that I was watching them; and that they were turning me on.

I decided to take a dip in the water myself. Maybe a swim would cool my jets just a little. I laid my glasses on my chair and walked by my two beauties. I tried to keep from staring since my eyes were no longer hidden. I knew they would see the lust in my eyes.

Thankfully, neither girl looked as I walked past. Tanya; miss bob-cut, was squirting baby oil onto her friends bare back and smearing it in with her hands. I wanted to sit on the sand beside her and watch each stroke.

'I would cum all over myself and drool all over her,' I thought to myself.

I dove into the ocean and tried to shake the scene from my head. I wanted so bad to slide my hand into my bikini.

'No one will see me out here,' I thought.

I slipped my hand down my suit and traced a finger over my slit. I felt a jolt shoot through my body into my pussy. I could feel an orgasm building deep inside but I knew I could not finish this in public. I reluctantly withdrew my fingers and decided to return to my ring side seat.

I slipped back past my fantasy friends and filled my eyes and my mind with their lovely shapes once again. My knees trembled as I walked by. I had to keep myself from begging them to let me masturbate for them. They would probably want to have me arrested.

When I sat back down, my mind immediately began to wander. The scenes were more vivid than before. The tall blond, Mal, was standing over her naked friend, naked herself, but for the strap-on dildo buckled around her hips. Tanya turned on her knees and thrust her ass up to her friend.

"Fuck me Mal, please. I want you on top of me."

"That's my girl!"

Again my hand began to wander down my stomach. I looked around nervously.

'Wait!' I thought. 'I can lay my magazine over my lap and hide my hand.'

I tore through my beach bag and pulled out my Cosmo. I spread it across my lap and slipped my hand under the pages. Slowly, I tickled my clit through the fabric of my bikini. I bit my lower lip to stifle back each moan and gasp.

I closed my eyes and continued my sex dreams.

This time, the girls were in my condo. Mal, the tall one, was in her bikini and dancing in the living room. Tanya was naked and kneeling in front of her and was untying the straps on her bikini. I was sitting naked on the couch watching the show and was furiously rubbing my clit.

My hand was now inside my bikini and I had slipped a finger into my pussy.

'I need to cum!' I thought.

I stood and quickly wrapped my towel around my waist. I ran the last 100 yards towards my condo and tore my bikini off as I pushed through the door. I fell to the floor and shoved two fingers deep into my pussy. I came instantly.

I screamed as the orgasm plowed through my body and fueled the fire inside of me, each wave stronger than the last. I lay back on the floor and pulled my knees to my chest. I continued fucking my fingers and began working my clit with my other hand. I was lost. I could only think of cumming again and again. Orgasms swept through me over and over, soaking my hands and the carpet beneath me

When my body stopped shaking, my mind came back through the clouds. I pulled myself to my knees and licked the cream from my fingers.

'I have to get back to the beach.'

The End

08-06-2008, 09:26 PM
Drunken Encounter

I'm married with two kids, 36 years old, 5'3", brunette, 38-30-36. My friends and I sometimes have a girl's night in where we lay on some food and bring dinks, getting our husbands to pick us up later if we are further than walking distance home. On this occasion we went to my friend Tracy's house.

She is 38 and six of us turned up altogether. Her husband and son spent the evening upstairs out of the way and we all had a good laugh and got well drunk.

As I lived fairly near, I helped tidy up a bit as the others made their way home or lifts arrived. Tracy's husband came down to help too and the three of us laughed at how drunk the two of us were. Tracy suddenly became all sleepy and Neil took her upstairs while I finished drying the plates, giggling at the sight of Neil trying to push Tracy's heavy frame upstairs. He eventually came back down and said that Tracy had fallen into a deep sleep, snoring her head off.

He sat on the sofa with a drink and asked if I wanted one. I'd had more than enough to drink and flopped on the sofa besides him, half falling.

I giggled and he laughed, but I became aware of the room slowly spinning as I noticed how drunk I really was.

"Oh I do feel drunk," I slurred.

"Will you be OK walking on your own, or shall I walk you home" Neil offered.

"I don't think I can walk just yet," I slurred yet again as I thought I might recover after a little sit down.

Neil put his arm round my shoulder and I sort of fell towards him, but the effects of the drink made me actually like being held close although I knew if I was sober I would have moved away by now.

I was dressed all in black, wearing a skirt and long sleeved v-neck top -- with black bra and panties underneath of course - as well as black shoes, and Neil began stroking my right shoulder.

Our legs were innocently resting against each other's and my left hand was half on my leg and half on his.

I became aware that our faces were very close to each other and I felt a little embarrassed that I would smell of alcohol.

Neil was still laughing and joking and I tried to smile although I was losing track of what we were talking about.

It went quiet and I remember we smiled at each other and then Neil kissed me.

The thought that I shouldn't be doing this never entered my head, I was so drunk, and I found myself kissing back. My hand gripped Neil's thigh and he tightened his grip around my shoulder.

"I shouldn't be doing this," I thought to myself, but I swear the drink had made me erotic to a level that I just didn't care.

Normally I would have never even let someone else touch me, never mind kiss me passionately. We continued to kiss and it felt lovely, and Neil's left hand started stroking my hips and waist, which sort of encouraged me to put my right hand onto his shoulder.

This seemed to bring us even closer together and our kisses seemed to become more intense, occasionally pausing to take a breath.

Neil's hand slipped under my skirt and onto my knee and as I gasped he pushed his tongue into my mouth to meet mine. My head was spinning as our tongues met and his hand pushed further up my skirt, tickling my leg as he stroked it.

I then became aware that my right breast was being squeezed as we kissed and that I was slowly sliding down towards the seat of the sofa. Neil seemed to be lying across me, his right arm beneath me and around my shoulder as the room ceiling looked as though it was spinning.

I remember feeling his hand against my skin on my waist and ribs and remember feeling shocked that my bra was somehow unfastened and his hand slipped underneath it and grabbed at my breasts.

But although I knew I should stop I found myself return the harder kisses that Neil was now giving me.

At last he stopped and looked down at me, moving his hand away from my breasts and erect nipples.

For a second I thought it was all over, and felt relieved, but then felt Neil's hand at the top of my leg. The surprise I felt that my skirt must have been so high up to allow direct access to my bare thigh was nothing to the surprise I felt next as Neil moved his hand up to the side of my hips and onto my knickers and then grabbed them tightly before pulling downwards.

I'm sure I tried to say something but the words just wouldn't come out and then Neil kissed me as he gave another pull on my knickers.

I was just about to say, "Neil, we cant" as his left hand darted between my legs.

I was shocked speechless that another man was feeling my most sensitive parts and then completely dumbstruck when he slid two fingers into me.

I remember trying to force my self not to react but couldn't avoid gasping as he found my clitoris and began to stimulate me even more.

I was gasping more and more as he continued to stroke me, conscious that we were breathing warm breaths into each other's mouths.

Just as I felt I was about to come, Neil moved his hand away and for a second I thought my ordeal was over.

But instead Neil gripped my knickers and slid them past my knees.

Oh no, I silently cried as I finally realised what my friend's husband wanted to do to me.

"Come on honey" he whispered as I refused to bend my knees, but he leant further down and my knickers slid off the end of my right foot.

I thought I had a chance of calling a halt as I knew he couldn't really reach my left foot but he didn't even try to get them completely off and moved his hand to his trousers.

The unmistakeable sound of a zip being unfastened brought me to say "oh no Neil, we cant," but he just kissed me as he shuffled around obviously pushing his trousers and underpants down.

He lifted my skirt and I closed my eyes almost in shamed embarrassment, as I knew he'd be looking at where my knickers should be.

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08-06-2008, 09:27 PM
I felt the bareness of his thighs as first his left then his right leg pushed between my legs, while his hands lifted my jumper upwards exposing my breasts.

"God I've wanted to fuck you since I first set eyes on you" he heavily breathed.

"Oh," I whimpered not knowing what to say.

"You can't imagine how often I've wanted to feel these gorgeous tits of yours, they're fantastic," he said.

Before I could think of anything to say he was kissing me again his knees pushing my thighs further apart.

I started to come to my senses, what if my friend came down or heard us I thought, we cant do this.

But it was too late as I felt his cock starting to enter me.

I gasped as he supported himself on his left elbow and began fondling my left breast with his right hand.

Moaning gently as I felt his cock move further and further into me.

Even in my drunken state I could sense that his cock was thicker and longer than my husbands even though he wasn't much different in physique, as he began to thrust into me faster and harder and grip my breast tighter.

I couldn't help moan out loud to some of his thrusts and the more I tried to suppress any noise the louder I seemed to become.

"Oh yes, fuck me darling," Neil uttered as he kept up his rhythm.

I felt shameful as I realised I was thrusting back against him and we were truly having sex. Unusually, I could sense that I was about to come, and fought against losing control.

He let go of my breast and pulled my leg upwards, and I almost automatically raised my right leg too to wrap my legs around him.

"Oh yes darling, I haven't had it like this for years," he grunted as I pushed into me even harder.

My intentions to object to the force were overruled by the arrival of my orgasm as his cock had an effect on me that I hadn't experienced before.

The only thing I could think of was that I hope his wife and son couldn't hear me, and he asked "is that good honey, do you like me fucking you?"

I tried not to answer but he added, "Do you like it darling?" to which I gasped "yes, oh yes."

With that he let out a strange growl as I realised he too was coming.

We lay motionless for a while, both probably hoping that we hadn't been heard, and then he said, "that was fantastic, you're a great fuck you are."

I suddenly felt as though I wasn't drunk anymore as the seriousness of what we had just done began to sink in.

"Did you enjoy that darling?" he asked.

I wanted to say no but couldn't bring myself to say anything and meekly nodded in almost guilty admission, as I realised I had enjoyed it.

He kissed me and fondled both my breasts and said "I want you naked."

"No, we cant," I replied.

"I want you again darling, that was brilliant sex, we can't leave it as a one off," he added.

Even though I didn't feel drunk, my mind was still spinning, "we can't do it again its too risky," I spoke the first excuse that came into my head.

"I don't want this to be a one-off darling, I need to have you again unless you want to promise you'll do it again another time, I'm going hard again already."

That last statement jolted me into wanting to get out of there. Now that I was thinking a little straighter than before there was no way I wanted anyone to see or hear us.

"I've got to get back Neil" I tried reasoning.

"Don't go yet, we can do it again, naked" he replied.

"Its really late," I said in an effort to be as obstructive as possible.

"Tell me we'll do it again another time then" he added, as though conceding to my argument.

"I don't know" I honestly replied.

"It's got to be now then," he said, beginning to slowly rock back and forth on top of me.

"No, ok, another time," I reluctantly said, shocking myself that I'd agreed to it.

"You promise?" he eagerly asked.

I thought for a while, if I refused to promise I knew he would force the issue there and then, if I promised then it bought me some time to try to find a way of backing out of my promise.

"Ok" I quietly replied.

As though he'd just been offered a new job he eagerly replied "you wont regret it, no-one will ever know, and we can have some great sessions, your place, my place, in the countryside, its going to be great" he said.

Inside I thought, hey hang on a minute, but decided not to take this conversation any further. We got up, got dressed and he walked me the short distance home in almost complete silence, exchanging a pleasant "good night" as we parted.

Oh my god, what do I do now?

The End

08-06-2008, 09:33 PM
Fucking Friends

It's another Friday evening, and I'm getting ready to go out for an evening of drinks and dancing with my 2 roommates after a long week. My name's Christine and I room with 2 guys, Dave and Troy. They're great guys, and we've been friends now for years, so we decided to split the cost of an apartment and room together for awhile. These two guys are my best friends, and we've shared with each other all the ups and downs of our various relationships. After all these years, our friendship seems to be the most enduring, and now all three of us are happily unattached. When we're not working, we spend most of our time together, and tonight was no exception.

We've never really thought of each other sexually, but we do get flirty with each other from time to time, and each of us has our own alluring assets that we can flaunt when we want. We sometimes get sexy and fresh with each other, but it's mostly just playing around. Sometimes we'll walk down the street together, with me in the middle holding each of their hands, one on either side. We sometimes get strange looks, and the occasional "hey, which one is the lucky guy?", but we just enjoy being together.

And we like to check each other out sometimes too. To be honest, I've always enjoyed seeing how Troy and Dave fill out their shorts. Dave has an average build, and Troy is tall and lanky. They are both hot in their own way, and each has their different strengths. Dave is stockier and possesses a full and meaty crotch that is visible when he sits in the right position, and when I'm viewing from the right angle. Troy has a hot little ass and likes to show it off with tight pants. I also think he has a really long cock since I can sometimes see its outline through his tight jeans.

It has been a rough week, and we're all getting ready to go out for a night on the town. Dave and I are waiting for Troy to get ready and are just hanging around on the couch. Tonight I enjoy watching the shifting mound between Dave's legs as he sits there reading the paper. I try to imagine the shape of his cock and balls. His balls are obviously huge, seeing the way they fill out the crotch of his shorts. One thing I know about Dave as well was that he never wears underwear. "Too confining", he says. So I know that just one layer of cotton lay between my eyes and his hot manhood. Even better, when he shifts around crossing and uncrossing his legs, I can see the shape of his huge bulge change as his balls and cock move around. Sometimes I can even catch a glimpse up the side of his shorts of some of his balls and cock shaft. I am careful to be discrete so he doesn't know that I am looking. Tonight though, as I watch him, I'm starting to get horny and wet fantasizing about his meat. What would it be like to hold it, massage it, even take it in my mouth as I rub his hot body?

Just then Dave walks into the room and he's looking good too. True to form, he has on his tight pants, and I enjoy watching him strut around the room, picking things up. I start wondering what it would be like to grab his bare ass and pull him into me as we fuck. Ok, maybe my imagination is getting a little carried away right now, driven by my growing wetness and engorging clit. I decide then and there to play a little game with my buddies. I want to see if I am as hot in their eyes as they are in mine, even if it is just friendly admiration.

I start subtly, by getting up, and discretely adjusting my pants. I pull the waist up fairly high so the pant seam is riding up my crotch and into my ass crack. Then I sit down again, spreading my legs ever so discretely. I glance down at myself and can see my labia clearly protruding through my jeans and my newly tightened crotch. It looked hot, and even better, the front seam of my pant was rubbing up against my clit and making me feel even hornier. But I was careful not to start rocking my hips to further stimulate my clit since that might give me away.

After some time, I notice Dave and Troy are oblivious to my show, so I decide to turn it up a little. With my pants still high, I get up and start moving around the room, hoping they would notice. Shaking my slightly wedgied ass ever so slightly, and knowing that my labia was still clearly visible as I walked around.

"You all ready to go?", Dave asks.

"Hang on a minute," I say. "It's a little warm tonight and I don't want to sweat too much on the dance floor."

I go into my bedroom to change my cloths and decide on a casual silky dress. This one is always a little more clingy than I feel totally comfortable in, but I wear this one when I want to feel hot and have others take some notice. And I do one more thing. I strip off my panties and bra too. Too hot outside, I reason. And besides, I want to shake it a little on the dance floor tonight with my guys. Then I come back into the room.

Dave looks up and takes notice, "Hey you look great, Christine. Can I get the first dance tonight?"

"Sure thing, baby," I say, and smile wryly as we all shuffle off for drinks, one of them on each arm.

This night on the dance floor, I certainly do feel sexy, and am getting more attention than I anticipated. I even think Dave and Troy are getting a little jealous, since they both start hanging around me more closely at the bar, perhaps to keep other guys away. But the only two guys I want to turn on tonight are Dave and Troy, and I think it is finally beginning to happen.

I know what each of my buddies likes. Dave is an ass man, and Troy likes nice boobs. I can give them each what they like, and they seem to start competing for my attention.

Troy is in front of me now, and I can see him stealing glimpses down my bra-less blouse. I casually lean over a little as we laugh together to give him a better view, and I know my erect nipples are clearly visible. I've been told I have the most awesome nipples, as they get very long and erect when I get horny, and tonight I am. My nipples are pushing my dress out and making points in the silk, plus my boobs were shaking as we were dancing. I can now see the outline of Troy's cock and the shaft through his tight pants. He must be getting turned on, but he's not letting on.

On the other side of me, Dave is sitting at the bar stool, his legs apart and his crotch mound nicely filling out his shorts. He's an ass man, so I was sure to shake my pantiless booty for him on the dance floor. At the bar, I "accidentally" back up into him from time to time, briefly pressing my soft butt cheeks into his thigh or balls. I know he is getting turned on because the mound in his pants is even larger than usual. I began to wonder if I would even be able to contain the size of his manhood if he were ever within me. But, I think, "hey, we're just having fun!"

After several more hours of drinking, talking, flirting, flashing and bumping against each other, my mind starts getting more serious about things. I am thinking, "These guys are hot, they turn me on, I turn them on, they are my best friends, so why not? To be honest with myself, I'd love to fuck them. Each one separately and, why not, even both together."

I was surprised by my thoughts, but as I begin to entertain them, my heart rate starts to increase and I realize my mind is actually getting serious about this and that this could actually happen. How could we start it? I wouldn't want to do one of my guys before the other, since that would hurt the guy who didn't get it first. Ok, so it's settled. I'll do them both at the same time. If they are game of course. I hope they don't think I'm a horny idiot or something. Let's see, there are two cocks, and I have at least three holes to put them, so that works out. Plus, we have three mouths and three tongues between us to round out the pleasure. Ok, time to move on with the evening.

"Hey guys, it's getting kindda hot in here. What do you say we go home and turn up the music and have drinks there?", I innocently suggest.

Neither hesitates, and Dave blurts out, "Great idea!" Always the hornier one, he is.

When we get back to our apartment, Troy pulls off his shirt (it was hot outside after all!), we all kicked off our shoes, leaving them at the door as usual. I plop down on the couch, pulling my dress up a little to cool my legs off. Oh, and I also continue my flashing game by pulling my dress up a little too high so they can catch a glimpse of my pussy if they want. Dave notices first. He plops down across from me, pants tight against his crotch, slightly opening his legs, and showing the gap up his leg. I know if I shift my view a little, his balls will be fully visible. Then Troy comes up and sits down next to me, taking time to glance down my dress at my increasingly hard nipples.

"So what tunes should I put on?", I excitedly ask.

Jumping up, I am sure to wiggle myself a bit from top to bottom. I put on some rock and start to dance for them.

"You look so fucking hot Christine", Dave declares.

"You got that right", echoes Troy.

"Hey guys, let's dance it up", I say, but as I spin around I lose my balance, fall down, and feel Dave reach out and grab me to break my fall. It was no disappointment to me that my head landed squarely in his lap, and I could feel his bulge under me like a meaty pillow.

He starts stroking my head, asking "hey you alright baby?"

"I am now", I say.

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08-06-2008, 09:34 PM
Without knowing what I am doing, I start to press my head into his crotch and rub his balls back and forth with the side of my head. I don't know what he is going to do. Is he going to freak out and stop me? I can always feign dizziness. Instead, and to my delight, he starts to pull my head into him, pressing it into his crotch even more. I can feel his cock start to harden. I turn, look deep into his eyes with a serious and earthy gaze, turn my head, and started munching his mound through his shorts. His hardness increases rapidly and soon his erect cock is bulging under his cloths.

"That's so hot Christine, and you look so beautiful," Dave says.

His words increase my heat and I slowing begin to unzip his pants, eventually freeing his cock, then his balls, one by one. They are magnificent, and I take each one into my mouth, like large tomatoes and roll them around with my tongue. Then I start to lick his shaft.

I am now laying half on the floor and half in the chair, enjoying Dave, when I realize my dress has ridden up behind me and my ass is in clear view. It must have looked very inviting, because I begin to feel Troy come up behind me, first stroking my legs, then my thighs, then my ass.

Troy asks, "Hey are we all ok with this?", but I was so into it already, and did not reply.

Both my guys took that as a "yes" and then things begin to get even hotter. Troy begins to rub my ass, squeezing my round cheeks, spreading them open, and working his was down to my asshole. He passes over my anus with a flick, which sends a tingle up my spine, and then he moves straight to my cunt which is now dripping wet. His fingers part my pussy lips and slip past my labia into my silky dark wetness. As soon as his fingers hit my juice, I feel him relax. They both know now that I wanted this as much as they did.

Troy begins pushing his fingers deep into me from behind. He starts with two fingers, sliding back and forth and spreading my pussy wetness everywhere as he pulls my juices out from within me. My pussy is so wet that he is able to easily slide in a third finger and pump his hand in and out, penetrating more deeply each time. With his other hand he reaches around and starts rubbing my clit. He pulls my wetness up to my clit and begins to push his fourth finger into my dripping cunt. I don't know if I can take a fourth finger, but I want it so bad. I start to arch my back to open my entrance wider, and shift a little to allow the additional size to penetrate and enter me. It does.

At the same time, Troy takes his clit stoking hand, and brings it around to the rear. He picks up some of my pussy juice, which is now starting to run down my leg, and uses it to lubricate and start rubbing my asshole. It is my first time having someone else do this to me, and the sensation was sooo intense. I'll do it to myself sometimes and imagine how I would pant if I ever had a full cock up there. I press my ass down toward him so he knows that I like it. Troy keeps rubbing, and occasionally begins to penetrate his wet finger into my asshole, feeling it's tight grip and gentle moving it in and out.

I am so fucking horny now. Dave's cock is in my mouth, Troy's four fingers in my cunt, and his other finger teasing my asshole. I imagine how hot my cunt must look with my labia and skin pulling in and out, encompassing Troy's hand. He begins to go deeper into me now, and starts hitting my g-spot. I feel my cunt walls begin to quiver and begin to feel the increasing wetness of my build-up as my g-spot is poked. Just then, I begin coming hard and start spraying my wetness all over Troy, covering him with my love juice. I am a little embarrassed at first, but his response soothes me.

"That is so fucking hot Christine, I want to eat you and all your wetness," he pants.

The next thing I feel is Troy's tongue parting my pussy lips from behind, taking the place of his fingers. I am so fucking wet down there, and then he starts moaning. I start feeling and hearing him slurping up my juice and then listen as he swallows it, moaning deeply! It is so hot knowing that my juice is sliding around his throat.

At the same time, I am still working on giving Dave head. His cock is everything I imagined it to be and his balls are so huge and exciting. I am massaging his balls with both my hands, while working on his cock shaft and head with my mouth and tongue. I feel like I am worshiping his cock, with both my hands and mouth all working on him at the same time. I can look up into his eyes and see the pleasure it is giving him, which turns me on even more. After my long tongue strokes up his shaft, I take his plump cock head into my mouth and began sucking on it hard. This sends quivers through his body and proclamations of "Ohhh yes, Christine, yesss."

I keep sucking on his cock head and feel his pre-cum starting to ooze. It tastes earthy and sweet. I play with it in my mouth and want more. I begin to suck even harder to draw more of it out of his cock. Then I begin to take more of his cock into my mouth, slowly lubricating his full shaft with my saliva, sucking and spitting him into and out of my mouth. We are making such sexy noises, which turns the heat up even more. The suction sounds fill the air and I hope the neighbors can't hear! His cock is so big that at times I think I am going to gag, but at this moment, I don't care.

Dave begins to get more and more wet with pre-cum, and his increasing love juice is mixing in my mouth with my saliva. As I draw his cock out of my mouth to catch my breath, the strings of his pre-cum are hanging between his cock and my wide open jaw. It looks so cool, and I wish I had a camera. I plunge my head back down on him, deep throating his shaft, and see Dave roll his eyes back.

I am feeling very sexy now, having a 3-some with two of by best friends. I feel like a taken woman, sucking one guy from the front, and getting eaten by another from the rear. I totally submit myself to this horny fest, and feel good about giving myself this way. This is so hot, 3 horny friends, panting with passion, dripping with wetness, and loving every second of it. My two best friends inside my body, and all giving each other pleasure and exchanging our sexy love juices. Dave's cock is filling my mouth to overflowing. My jaw is opened so damned wide, but I just keep sucking and sucking, kneading his balls.

Troy has now finished his eager cunnilingus (and as the saying goes, "eating me like he means it"). He raises himself up, his mouth smiling and glistening with my pussy cum, and he begins stripping off his tight jeans. He fumbles with his fly, and I know he is a raging stallion now. His eyes show his passion and I know he will give me a good fuck. As he strips, I see for the first time his beautiful and incredibly long cock emerge from his jeans. If I wasn't busy at the moment pleasuring Troy, I would love to go down on him and suck him good. His cock would make me gag for sure, but that will have to wait for the next time we are all together.

Troy comes up behind me and begins to insert his cock head and long shaft into my blazing and dripping cunt. My incredible wetness offers his cock no entry resistance, and I shift and position myself on all fours to better open my pussy up as wide as possible, to give him the deepest penetration opening. And man, is he penetrating me. Long, slow, deep thrusts. His shaft is so long, and his length seems to never end as it slides in and out of me. I have never been before been penetrated so deeply and it feels so fucking good. I can see my abs move as he thrusts in and out of me, and know by that how fucking deep he is in my body. I reach down and start to rub my throbbing clit.

There is only one possible outcome here; I knew my 2 friends' cum is soon going to spew into me and fill me from both ends. Just the thought of their cum filling me and dripping from me at both ends makes move grind my hips and suck even harder. And it is so hot thinking about all my pussy juice dripping down Troy's mouth and throat right now. The thought of my cum down his throat throws me over the top and I begin to feel the building orgasm in my pussy walls. My cock muffled groans push Dave over the top as well and I feel his cock begin to spasm in my mouth.

At that moment, Dave begins exploding his cum into me in a torrent of his orgasmic release. He is so deeply in my mouth that there is nothing I can do but swallow his ribbons of cum straight down my throat, but I want to savor some too. As he's blasting into me, I swallow most of it, but keep a lot in my mouth to savor the taste and texture. And I want him to see me playing with it. I lick my lips with my cum covered tongue, and he holds me closer. I open my mouth, twirling the cum with my tongue, playing with the slippery texture of the earthy nectur. It tastes sweet, like the wine he was drinking. And just moments ago, it was in those beautiful balls. I begin savoring the taste, closing my eyes, swishing it in my partly opened mouth, and then swallowing the last drops down. I return to milk and suckle Dave's cock.

Thinking about what we're doing, my pussy walls begin to violently contract, providing the most amazing orgasmic sensation. My contractions in turn set Troy over the top. I feel his body begin to shudder and his monster cock repeatedly plunging deep into me. His cock begins to swell and pulsate, and he begins gushing his hot cum into my body.

The three of us keep sucking and sliding until the pulsating orgasmic contractions finally began to ebb. We then begin to slow the hungry rhythmic pace, and milk out a few more final orgasmic pulses before we all collapse on top of each other, drenched, sated and happy. We are best friends, and nothing is going to change that now.

The End

08-06-2008, 09:37 PM
Brockton's Big Booty Librarians

There is nothing quite like the feeling of sheer pleasure and accomplishment I get when I put in my time and energy towards a worthwhile enterprise. Just call me a modern man at work, know what I mean? Well, if you don't know then you soon will. My name is Barry O'Shea and I am a young man of Haitian-American and Irish descent living in the great city of Brockton, down in the state of Massachusetts. Oh, and I'm a closet bisexual too. Hope that's cool with you. In case it isn't, you can kiss my ass. This here is my story. It takes place during the Summer of 2008. Right after school closed and summer began.

I attend the little-known establishment of Brockton State College or BSC on a student-athlete scholarship. Football, to be specific. I've been a great football player ever since my days at Brockton High School. And I was one of the few hyoung men out there who were good enough to play college football. BSC is a small public school with eleven thousand students. Most of the student body is African-American, Latino or Asian. More than half of us are racial and ethnic minorities. And that works just fine for me. A biracial brother like myself doesn't feel so out of place. BSC has excellent varsity teams in Men's Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Wrestling, Soccer, Rugby, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse along with Women's Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Rugby, Equestrian, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse. We compete in the NCAA Division Two.

The Brockton State College football team had a tough season this year. We lost in the division championships to Stonehill College. I was on the bench during the final minutes of the game and I hated it. If you ask me, we would have won had I played. Wishful thinking gets you nowhere, unfortunately. Sucks, huh? Oh, well. There's always next year. The summer of 2008 had come and I found myself quite bored. I was spending a lot of time at the Brockton Community Library. I was one bored brother. So I found some way to kill time. By seducing some of Brockton's big-booty librarians.

There were a lot of plump beauties working at the library. I hooked up with a nineteen-year-old plump black chick named Sabisha Johnson in the archives room of the Brockton Community Library's Main Branch. Sabisha works at the library but she isn't one of the librarians. She's more like an assistant or something. That's okay with me, though. This chick was hot. She was around five feet seven inches tall, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed. I noticed her checking me out when I sat in a corner reading. I also couldn't help noticing her seriously huge ass. So I wanted to get me a piece of that. And so I did. Sabisha was easy to get. She already had a thing for me. I can't blame her. A six-foot-two, 250-pound, pretty-faced brother like me was definitely a catch for any female with common sense. We had some fun together.

Sabisha was a pretty dark-skinned plumper with some big lips. And she knew how to use them. I leaned against the wall of the Archives room and whipped out my dick. Nine inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black dick. Yeah, I'm uncut and proud. If nature didn't want men to have foreskin, she wouldn't have given it to them. And nature never makes mistakes. Sabisha sucked on my long dick and licked my big hairy balls. This broad definitely knew what she was doing. I gently stroked her pretty little head as she worked her magic on me. Man, this was fun. As reward, I gave her a pearl necklace. For those of you who don't know what that means, I came all over her damn face. And she apparently liked it. She licked my dick and balls clean. All without spilling a single drop. What a woman!

After this, things got a little bit more serious and dare I say more interesting. Enough with the frigging preliminaries and onto the main event. I bent Sabisha over a table and spread her plump brown butt cheeks wide open. I fingered her pussy and licked her asshole. She was a bit surprised but not turned off. What can I say? I am a kinky man and I do have a way with females. Sabisha liked getting her booty hole licked. So when I began fingering her tight asshole, she didn't protest. She giggled and urged me to continue. Once I stretched her booty hole and got it nice and loose, I told her what I had in mind. Sabisha stared at me with wide eyes. She was surprised by my proposal, to tell you the truth. However, I talked her into it.

Smiling, I took out the small can of lube I never left home without. I smeared some lube all over my cock. I did the same thing to Sabisha Johnson's puckered asshole. Slowly, I worked my cock into Sabisha's asshole. Her ass was incredibly tight. That's more than okay with me. I like to fuck a tight asshole. Doesn't matter to me if it belongs to a man or a woman. I don't discriminate. I fuck all assholes with equal vigor. It's the bisexual American way, you know! Sabisha grunted as I began working my cock into her tight asshole. I gripped her wide hips tightly and started giving her ass the pounding I knew it righteously deserved. Sabisha Johnson had one of the most tempting ghetto booties I had ever seen. The city of Brockton was packed with big women with big tits, wide hips and huge asses. However, even in this crowd, Sabisha stood out. She was simply something else, you know? So I took my sweet time with her. Savoring every thrust of my cock into her asshole.

As my cock began stretching her tight asshole, Sabisha screamed. Having a woman or a man scream as I penetrate their asshole is really nothing unusual. I clamped my hand over Sabisha's mouth and whispered into her ear. Did she forget where we were? Did she want her co-workers and bosses to walk in on us? I didn't think so. I removed my hand from her mouth and she changed her tune. Actually, she shut up rather quickly. I sighed in relief and resumed fucking her in the ass. This time, I noticed a change in her body language. The big young black woman was no longer as tense as before. She relaxed, and enjoyed. Thrilled, I shoved my cock deep into her asshole. I love the feeling of a tight ass around my dick and if loving it is wrong, then I don't want to be right. This was fun. So much fun that I came shortly after, flooding Sabisha's asshole with my cum. The plump young black woman squealed as my cum filled her booty hole. I roared victoriously. Her screams were music to my ears. Slowly, I squeezed my cock out of her asshole. Isn't that something?

A few moments later, Sabisha and I left the Archives room. I went back to reading and she went back to work. As if nothing had happened. I picked up a book and left the library. I was heading to the Dunkin Donuts near the Bus Station. I always feel drained after sex. Brockton's big booty librarians and their assistants will do that to you. I was feeling a craving for a hearty meal. And so I had myself one. As I ate, I watched three plump, big-bottomed young women walk in. A black one. A Spanish one. And an Asian one. They looked at me. I smiled at them. One of them smiled back. The Spanish chick. Then for some reason, she dropped her purse and bent over to pick it up. I looked at her fat ass. Hot! I let my mind wonder as to what I'd do to her if she was willing and I wasn't busy. Oh, well. Can't win them all. I ate my food and drank my coffee. As the three young women left, a waiter approached me with a note. It was from the Spanish chick, apparently. She wanted me to have her number. Man, I don't even have to try. Am I good or what?

The End

08-06-2008, 09:39 PM
The Visitor

A young woman craving touch, craving attention of a specific kind, lays out on her bed with nothing but a light blue football jersey to sleep in. The room is a converted corner of the garage, built so she could have privacy. She pulls out her toy and pictures the body of her partner…

His strong muscled arms wrapped around her, his hands moving over her as he lowers his head and breathes across her neck and the back of her ear. She softly moans leaning her head back on his shoulder, arching her back so that her ass presses against his hard cock.

He softly growls as he pulls away turning her around in his arms, holding her firmly by her chin. She licks her lips in anticipation but he sees the look in her eyes and grins. Pushing her back he shoves her over on to the bed

Her right hand slowly moves down her body, passing her breasts and stomach, pressing down on the juncture of her legs as she arches her back. Her left hand bunches the blankets next to her…

He lowers his head to her stomach, his teeth grazing over her skin. She moves her hands to grab his head shy of what he means to do, but as her fingers brush his hair, he grabs her hands and moves them under her own hips; holding them in place.

She closes her eyes…

His lips skim down the last of her torso, the breeze from his mouth tickles the short hair covering her lower lips. She lifts her head to look down sighs as she watches his tongue extend and tease her. Barely touching her, his tongue floats down her slit, his warm breath heats her.

The tip of her middle finger glides down her slit, having licked the tip, its wet sliding down her skin…

There is nothing stopping him from going deeper, nothing to halt him from dipping down and tormenting her. Her hands clench beneath her body, her eyes tightly shut as her hips press to him. His finger slips between and brushes her vulnerable clit. Her moan catches in her throat and she sighs as his tongue swirls and dances over the sensitive nub.

He goes lower, the tip of this tongue drifting over the entrance of her tunnel. Taking his sweet time making her squirm, making her want to beg. He chuckles as he leans back to see her face. The need written in her eyes, her mouth, the way her neck is arched pressing her head back into the mattress.

Lost in her dreams she misses the door at the other end of the long room opening and quietly closing…

He stands and flips her over. Her arms move out as she raises her hips his entrance. His hands graze over her ass cheeks, pressing into the flesh as to claim. The hands move around and grip her hips holding them in place. One hand moves away, to help guide his hard penis in.

She presses her toy to her folds as the cock in her dream pushes in…

Just the head moves in, and she wiggles hips enough to make him growls and grab her by the back her head. Soon he moves slowly, a bit at a time, in to the hilt and back out rubbing at her entrance, scratching over the surface of her inner spot.

Pulling and pushing the toy to match his movements she moans as he watches her…

He moves with in her, slowly picking up speed

Her head falls back as one hand works the toy between her legs and the other grabs the back of her neck, her back arching from the bed, as her leg ticked in her orgasm.

A hand reaches out and grabs her spread leg, opening her eyes she cries out in shock and fear, her heart beating to fast. The hand grips tighter pulling the leg open to look at the little blue string attached to the toy inside of her.

Her breathing returns to normal. Looking at the face from her dreams she reaches for him, taking the hand he raised…

…she pulls him down over her. His long body covering hers, his jeans scratching her bare legs, his heavy chest pressing down on her silk covered breasts. As they kiss passionately, she reaches between them and unbuckles his jeans. He grins as she presses, pushing him over, she straddles him. Yanking down his pants over his hips and down his long legs. Raising the band of his boxers, she pulls the underwear down and throws to them to the floor to join his jeans and her own clothing from the day.

Crawling back up his legs she slowly makes her way up the limbs with her mouth so close but not, darting her tongue out to leave a trail of nips and licks. Reaching his manhood she cups his balls in one hand, playing with them with her fingertips. Griping his hard cock with the other she licks her lips and slowly plays him as he had done to her in her dreams.

The tip of her tongue slid around the edge of the head and then down the ridge along the underside, flicking at the junction of the cock and sack. Licking her way back up she takes him to her mouth and sucks him as far she can take him, touching the tip to her throat.

He growls as she plays with his cock enjoying the taste and texture of him. Soon his hips raise from the bed, his hands holding her head tightly by hair and neck, "oh fuck yes…"

She moans happily as he take his pleasure. A moment before he would loose control he stops, pulling her roughly from him. He sits up, grabbing her flinging her to her stomach, pulling her hips up and driving into her wet passage. Her soft scream didn't leave the room but she felt it with in her body as he shoved deeply in to her.

Take me sir, take me as you will… her thoughts screamed to him. Behind her his movements speeding up, become erratic. She could feel the pressure building, it had been getting ready to break for some time and now it crested at it's most fragile point. The time when everything seems to hold still, as if the universe stops to take a deep a breath before the oceans erupt and waves crash, fires burn through her veins as her body shook, his seed exploding into her.

As they catch their breath, he slowly lowers her hips, his member sliding out of her. The friction on her opening making her squirm and cry out softly again. He lays his body over hers, curling up onto his side, pulling her back against him, he brushes her hair back and kisses her cheek.

She smiles and turns to kiss the hand that grazes her face and to receive another kiss this one on her full lips.

The End

10-06-2008, 09:35 PM
The Prisoner, The Slave

In a tiny, dim room in an unknown locale lay a small cot. Beside it were a metal sink and a steel toilet bowl. The place was nothing more than a prison cell.

A young woman named Stacey lay in the cot whilst crying herself to exhaustion. She was starving and severely bored. Nothing was present to stimulate her mind: no books, writing equipment, music, human interaction, or television. Her only highlights were when her captor decided to feed her. Her only diversion was experiencing daily torture sessions.

Her sobbing began to taper, though the boredom still seized her. She wiped her wet face and decided to try out an idea that had come to her earlier. She got up and unwound a copious amount of toilet paper. Wetting it, she turned it into a pulp. Mr. Kennedy Monroe, her abductor, had ordered her not to waste the tissue, but she hoped that she could rationalize its use.

Stacey sat on the floor, sniffling while trying to sculpt the tissue pulp into something artistic. She was enjoying her activities as she shaped the small form.

Suddenly, the door was unlocked and yanked opened. Her heart leapt and she tried to hide her activities as Joe rushed inside.

"What the fuck did I tell you about shit like this?" he nonetheless barked.

He had his long, heavy chain in hand. He lifted it over his head; Stacey tried to scramble out of the way but he brought it down right across her back. She gasped at the burning pain it produced.

"You know what this little stunt means, don't you?" He looped the chain around her neck like a leash and padlocked it in place.

Fresh tears moistened her eyes and her heart raced. She looked at the portly but burly bodyguard with his shiny skull and sweaty skin. No amount of pleading would make him sympathetic to her; he'd only be entertained. He stripped the short blue smock she wore off, leaving her nude.

He yanked her out of the little cell and into the den room, which was filled with furniture more suitable for the Inquisition. There was a table reminiscent of The Rack with iron shackles at each corner; pillory and stock devices were bolted to the floor and a chair was present with straps and electrical-shock wires. An iron cage was in the corner and opposite that a spanking bench.

Joe took her to none of that furniture. He bound her into a strappado position: her hands were behind her back and lifted as far up as they could go. They were attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling. This left her bent completely over, placing strain on the ligaments in her shoulders and knees. Joe then attached a spreader bar between her feet to keep them static. Stacey had no energy to fight him and flee during the trussing: she was too weak from hunger and crying.

She panted and trembled but remained stoic. She had learned his repertoire of violence; she also knew that it would eventually come to an end.

He chose the biggest, thickest wooden slapper and began to alternately spank each of her buttocks as hard as he could swing the instrument. She flinched and cried out with each stinging blow. She whimpered in agony, desperate for him to stop. Finally, after a few minutes of three dozen blows, he was finished.

Before shoving her back into the cell, he bound her in a reverse prayer position: her arms were twisted up behind her back and her palms were pressed together. He kept them in place by tying her wrists with nylon rope. Again, there was intense strain in her shoulders. Joe then confiscated the soggy statue and locked her in the cell once more. Stacey lay in bed on her stomach with a burning bottom. Even further depleted, she wept internally.

At thirty years old, she had been a destitute nobody in society. She lived out of a cheap hotel with no family or friends. She worked as a maid and a newspaper deliverer. Her wardrobe mostly came from the Salvation Army and daily meals consisted of cheap fast food. Sometimes she ate at soup kitchens. During a couple of desperate occasions, she had been forced to sleep in homeless shelters. Life was a bleak, hand-to-mouth existence.

As a maid, she worked in one of Mr. Monroe's high-rise towers. He was a real estate tycoon that owned several properties in the city. Wealthy and a minor celebrity in enterprise circles, he was conspicuous enough to warrant Joe as an ever-present bodyguard.

Mr. Monroe mesmerized Stacey. Her heart had always sped up as she surveyed the handsome, impeccably dressed man. He was in his forties but looked better than most men half his age. Joe was always at his side. In the year of her employment, Stacey had observed the bodyguard chauffeuring him around in his black Mercedes Benz, stepping out to fetch him meals, and carrying his larger items. As well as a protector, he was clearly a flunky and an image accessory.

She mopped his floors in her cheap frock but the tycoon always smiled at her with greetings, much to her elation and insecurity. She yearned to be good enough for him. She couldn't resist daydreaming that he'd rescue her, as Prince Charming had done with Cinderella.

After a few hours, Joe came back inside the cell wearing a leather apron, galoshes, and rubber gloves. The chain was again in his hands. Stacey knew what the sight meant. It was time to be tortured for Mr. Kennedy Monroe's entertainment.

To her relief, Joe untied her hands and her arms fell out of the agonizing reverse prayer. He collared her with the chain and yanked her up. She moaned out as the blood painfully coursed through her liberated arms. Her mind spun.

"Please, Sir, I'm so tired," she moaned.

He drew his hand up and brutally slapped the left side of her face. She crashed onto the floor and tasted the saltiness of blood in her mouth.

"Are you too tired to remember rule number one, bitch?" he growled.

She panted weakly. "No, Sir."

"What is it?"

"...Never tell you what to do."

"So if you haven't forgotten it, then it means you knowingly defied the rules."

"No, Sir, I mean- No- I'm sorry."

"Get your pathetic ass up!"

When Stacey pulled herself to her feet, he pushed her face-down onto the bed. He shoved two suppositories into her rectum along with a harnessed plug. After a half hour, she was drenched in sweat and rocking back in forth in a desperate need to use the toilet. Finally, Joe allowed her to, never leaving the room.

He then pulled her from the cell and into a short hallway. It wasn't a residential hall, but looked like one in a commercial building. Over time, Stacey had figured that they were underground: no windows were present but a couple of air ducts were.

In a tiled shower room, Joe thoroughly soaped and scrubbed her body. By hand, he thoroughly massaged soap onto her breasts and hairy crotch as she cringed. After rinsing her, he took her into a small medical room where there was an examination table and a dentist's chair.

He secured her in the chair and gave her hair and combing. Afterwards, He dressed her in a black bustier that pushed her medium-sized breasts firmly up, a spandex mini skirt, and a pair of black pumps. He led her out of the room and back into the den. Mr. Monroe sat on the sofa, sipping on a tumbler of cognac and as usual looking breathtaking.

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10-06-2008, 09:37 PM
He puffed on a thick, sweet-smelling cigar and stood up. Predictably, the tycoon was dressed in a consummate three-piece suit, that one navy blue. His silk tie was scarlet. A large face Rolex was on his right wrist and a pinkie ring was on his left hand. The diamonds studs they both contained were huge.

"How are you feeling today?" he asked Stacey.

"...Weak, Master," she honestly replied, wavering on her feet.

"Good. That means I'll get to test your endurance."

She took a weary inhale. Mr. Monroe lacked any compassion for her. Though he was clearly dominating the entire situation of her imprisonment and torture, he never abused her personally. The expression he wore when she suffered was more enchanted than sadistic. In contrast to Joe, he spoke softly to her and didn't call her names. He gazed at her not with anger or detachment but appreciation. He didn't terrify her the way his bodyguard did. He was the closest thing to kindness that she then had contact with.

Joe removed the chain from her neck. The tycoon lifted the lid of the wooden pillory up while Joe forced her neck down into its largest groove. Mr. Monroe held it in place while his bodyguard put her wrists into the smaller slots on either side of her head. The diarrhea that the suppositories had induced had left her limply compliant.

Fighting had always proven to be useless, anyhow. Joe just ended up badly beating her and serving her less during meals.

He closed the pillory lid and padlocked it into place, leaving her head and hands trapped inside of the holes. She felt like a town drunk in the Dark Ages as she watched Joe retrieve a small black whip.

Behind her, he yanked off the skirt she wore. She then felt the sting of the whip as he started to mercilessly flog her backside. It felt like the tail was searing her skin off and she whimpered and thrashed around in anguish.

Mr. Monroe stood nearby, his face placid while watching the torture. Sometimes, he took pictures or masturbated during his voyeurism, particularly when Joe had sex with her. Right then the crotch of his slacks was full and protruding and she knew that the beating was immensely arousing him. He reached down and squeezed his erection. Joe continued to whip her; Stacey stared into space through heavy tears. She once more focused on the notion that her acute pain would eventually conclude. She didn't want to scream because it would just make her throat sore. Her attackers would ignore or ridicule her begging so she refrained from that, too. The best thing to do was to silently endure it. At least she was getting out of the little cell, even if it was to be tortured.

Soon, Mr. Monroe came to stand behind her. She felt him grab her hips and roughly push his penis into her canal. He penetrated her with rapid strokes, pausing every so often, then ramming into her. It was how he always did it. Stacey experienced some stirring, and a heavy contraction when he reached to caress her clitoris. Joe could only sodomize her, but only his boss had access to all three of her orifices.

He climaxed about ten minutes later. Afterward, he ordered his bodyguard to completely disrobe her and lay her eagle-spread on the rack-like table. He did so and shackled her wrists and ankles. He clamped excruciating clothespins onto her nipples and began to drip burning candle wax on her body while the tycoon recuperated on the couch with his tumbler and continued his observation.

Stacey flinched with each hot dropping, but she remained composed. Her stoicism was a contrast to her beginning behavior. During the earliest torture sessions, she screamed loudly, tried to bargain for mercy, and blubbered so much that she'd repeatedly choke and dry heave on her phlegm. Over time, though, she had come to fear the pain less. After a few weeks, it still filled her with dread but she had was almost indifferent to it.

"That's enough, Joe," Mr. Monroe announced after a short spell.

And just like that, the bodyguard removed her from the table and took her back into her room. She thought that the abuse would be more severe because of the toilet tissue she had wasted. Stacey was instead relieved; Joe had cleansed her rectum that day for naught.

She began to pick the wax drippings from her body. It was one of her favorite activities to do besides light humming. She made a game of out trying to pull pieces away without breaking them.

Mr. Monroe soon came inside. She halted her actions and stared down at her wringing hands.

"Keep on," he mildly urged her.

She obeyed self-consciously. The tycoon watched her deeds with intrigue.

"You were very good just now," he tenderly said. "You didn't cry... you didn't scream... I never even had to reach for the gag. And Joe told me that you were just as well-behaved during your punishment earlier."

She nodded. Stacey liked it when he spoke to her. She wouldn't get any conversation at all, otherwise.

"I have a gift for you," he said.

She remained tense; she hoped that it was her freedom.

He left the room momentarily, returning with a tin box. After he set it before her, she opened its lid.

Inside were three paperback books, a blank notepad, and a writing pen. Gloomy joy filled her. Finally, she had something to stimulate her languid mind with.

"What do you say..." he stated.

"Thank you, Master."

He tenderly caressed the right side of her face.

"May I please eat soon?" she dared to ask.

"You'll eat when I decide it's time to."

"...Yes, Master."

He departed and she began reading one of the novels. It was food for her malnourished brain.

She went on to use the pen and notepad to engage herself in drawing. All of her earliest efforts depicted the few items inside of her cell: the heavy, windowed door, the sink and toilet, the cot, the books, and the tin box. She also began to mark the days off, too, without reprimand. One order she had to heed, though, was to never write 'Stacey' down for any reason. Neither Mr. Monroe nor his bodyguard ever uttered the name. She held onto it, however, for her self-awareness was all she had remaining.

It had occurred to her before that compliance might garner her perks from her captor. But like most anyone else, dignity and independence had prevented her from submitting to Mr. Monroe's twisted desires.

The long exile from society and the daily dominance took a huge toll on her will, though. Mr. Monroe kept telling her that he was her Master and, after enough reinforcements in the forms of torture and rapes, she accepted it. He regularly told her that she was a powerless nothing and that he was omnipotent in comparison. His reasoning was always logical and it soon sunk into her head despite herself.

"I know your thoughts at all times," he'd often tell her. "...You didn't know that? I'm reading your mind right now..."

And she'd tremble, because she was usually thinking of how much of a crazy pervert he was.

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10-06-2008, 09:38 PM
"You were made to be my slave," he'd also say. "Why do you think that of all the places you ended up working, it was in my building? Because it was destiny, that's why. You were a slave finally being sent to your Master. You were a nothing whose existence was finally being merited."

Stacey would often sit in her cell, distressed for hours by the latter idea. Her imprisonment began after he had kindly invited her to become his personal domestic. He had warned her that the work and living conditions might be "hard" and he might require some "unorthodox" service from her. Conversely, he had promised that she'd never live in destitution again. Due to her poverty and her intense attraction towards him, she agreed after brief contemplation.

Immediately after consenting, though, the tycoon and his bodyguard literally kidnapped her and brought her to the unknown location.

"What are you doing to me?" she had implored upon being forced into the cell.

Mr. Monroe stood there calmly. "I'm making you more than my servant, Stacey. You see, I'm making you my slave."

Her eyes narrowed. "...Is this some sick joke?"

"No, it's not. A long time ago, I decided that I wanted to own another human being, a woman that would be my personal property. And after a long and thorough search, I discovered you."

She was flabbergasted and in disbelief, but there she was bound up in a vault. Each of her wrists was tied to its corresponding ankle. She sat on the floor as her voice resonated in the small enclosure.

"Why me? What have I done to anybody?"

"Why you? Because you're a nobody. You're a nothing in this society, and-"

"I'm somebody."

"You were a bum with a job. Granted, an upstanding one, but a nonentity regardless. You had no friends; you had no family; You had no money. There's no one to report you missing. There's no reason for anyone to. No one out there's going to stop to wonder why some maid living out of a hotel disappeared."

His placid words deeply wounded her, but she resolved to remain civil. "Please, don't do this to me. If you let me go, I won't tell anyone what's happened, I swear."

"You'll get used to it here, I'll see to that."

"I won't."

"But there's no other option. You were a nothing before I took you. Now, you have value because you're my possession."

Mr. Monroe entered the cell some days later, carrying a shoebox. She got on her knees for him as he always expected. Stacey hated herself for it, but she knew that he'd reward her somehow for such obedience, and after the gift books, she was willing to compromise her pride for a while.

He offered her the shoebox, which she hungrily took. Inside was her dinner: a turkey sandwich, a ripe pear, and a carton of skim milk. She ate heartily. He was meanwhile looking at her newest little sketches in the notepad. He didn't take his eyes from the pages, but smiled slightly like a proud father.

"You're getting so much better at drawing. Soon I may get you correct drawing tools. And I can get you some real modeling clay. Would you like that?"

"Yes, Master. Thank you for considering it."

Through his constant verbal training, she had learned the proper way to respond to anything he said. She continued to eat whilst staring at the box lid. In permanent marker was his handwriting declaring 'Property of M.' He always scribbled that on items that he gave to her. At first, she thought that he was reminding her that the items didn't truly belong to her.

But soon after he had forbade her from writing her given name down, she realized that 'Property of M.' was what she in fact was. He was placing her name on things.

Mr. Monroe tested her in the ultimate way the next day. Joe gave her a black silk designer dress to put on and shiny, heeled slippers. He installed a mirror in her cell and for the first time in months, she saw her own reflection. Her face had become slim from the meager meals, her skin was chalky from lack of sunlight, and her eyes were lifeless. The tycoon had presented her with a makeup kit and she embellished her face with lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara. She brushed her hair. He then blindfolded and fettered her feet. She followed him into the open air and he held her hand while they drove a long distance. Light Classical music played.

"You're going to be very well-behaved out here," he said.

"Yes, Master."

"You're going to keep your mouth shut and only do something when I give you the signal to. I want you to keep your eyes down at all times, unless you look to me for guidance."

"Yes, Master."

After a long drive, he took the blindfold off and she discovered that they were in the back of a stretch limousine. She looked out of the window and saw the familiar metropolis surrounding them. Several people were walking the streets. She was observing natural light and rustling breezes for the first time in months. It overwhelmed her, but she was overjoyed with the change in her dismal routine.

He took her to a dentist, who cleaned her teeth and proclaimed that several of her molars and incisors needed to be removed in favor of crowns. Years of poverty had deteriorated them before the kidnapping. Mr. Monroe set up a return visit. Then he took her back to his penthouse suite, where he ordered her into the king-sized bed.

She got undressed as he directed. Then as he commanded, she undressed him. They laid in the bed together and as he wished, she began to slowly, leisurely suck him off. She then straddled him and moved on top in slow, thorough motions, never letting him slip out of her silky-wet canal. As he commanded, she reached an explosive climax and lay relaxed in his arms a while afterwards.

"Was I good, Master?" she asked on the drive away. She was once again blindfolded and restrained.

"You were just perfect," he said and held her right hand tenderly.

Back in the torture den, he commanded her to kneel. She immediately complied and he picked up a collar. It was black leather with large diamonds, no doubt real, lining it. A large platinum ring was in the center.

"Come here."

She crawled across the floor and came to a rest before him.

He looked down at her and asked, "What am I to you?"

"You're my Master," she said with humble sincerity.

"And what are you to me?"

"I'm your property."

"....And now it's time to make it official."

He buckled the collar around her neck. He hooked a fabric leash onto the metal ring and led her into the examining room. She climbed into the dentist's chair. He didn't strap her in, though she had no intentions of getting up, anyway.

"You behave yourself in here with Joe," he said.

"Yes, Master."

He left and soon the bodyguard came in. She hated being with the sadistic bully. He pulled up another chair and sat before her. Then by way of paper, he began to rub a transfer image onto her left pectoral. There was a stand nearby topped with a tattoo gun and cups of inks that he reached for. She remained still.

He took a hold of the tattoo machine and began to use it on her. It's little needles smarted, but her threshold for pain was so high then that she silently endured it.

"How ya feeling?" he asked after a while.

"Fine, Sir."

Hours passed. When he lifted the machine up for the last time and dabbed away ink and blood from her flesh, she looked down and saw a large trademark expertly tattooed over her heart: 'M'. It was Mr. Monroe's official business logo, and adorned every piece of real estate he owned.

After Joe bandaged the brand, she was put back into her cell. She began to doodle in her pad, patiently waiting for her dinner...

The End

10-06-2008, 09:53 PM
Steaming With Mystery

She walks along a row of lockers and stops at an empty one, dropping her bag onto the bench. Pulling and tugging on her jean shorts, dragging her panties down with them as she tosses them into the bag. With her tank top slipped off and her bra unclasped, she hangs her earring's on the hook, tossing her bag into the locker.

Soft whispering and muffled laughs were heard, but nothing she could make out as she stood in the dim locker room. Scented with the smell of fruit, which she thought was from lotions and perfumes, filled the air. The steam hung in the room like a blanket, she stood nude, her body lightly tanned from the sun as she pulled her hair up, wrapping it in a tie.

At the end of the lockers two women appear with beads of water on their skin, hair dripping with their towels held in front of them. Breasts slightly exposed, they continued to talk and giggle.

"Hi! Is the Sauna full?" she asked.

The girls looked up and smiled as one replies. "No, it's empty, we just came from there."

"Thanks!" she said, shutting her locker, casually walking by them as she smiles, grabbing a towel off the shelf.

As she approaches two doors, 'His' and 'Hers' signs hung just above the doors. Glancing through 'His', she peers through the steam covered glass door. A white towel and feet are seen. At the other side of the room, a man with dark hair lays flat on his stomach. His beautiful ass showing just enough to catch her eye.

Turning towards 'Hers', she looks in and sees no one. Pulling the door open, she picks up the water cup, tossing water over the rocks. Stepping up to the second level of benches she sits down, rolling onto her stomach as she pulls the towel over her.

Laying her head down on her arms, shutting her eyes, she begins to relax. Quiet except for the steam, she hears the door open. She doesn't move, but listens. Feeling someone there, she remains still, waiting for a hello. Nothing. The door opens again, shutting as they leave.

Minutes pass, feeling as though she could fall asleep. The door opens again with a rush of cool air, following the person inside. She remains still and silent once again. A splash of water is heard and then a long silence.

Her towel suddenly begins to slide, slowly uncovering her back, tickling her skin as her ass is revealed. Now her thighs as the towel slides, falling to the bench below. Taking a deep breath, her skin begins to tingle from head to toe. Open and exposed, her heart starts to beat hard, a feeling of heaviness and someone is next to her.

A warm sensation of water starts to drip onto her shoulders. Running down her spine, pooling into the small dip of her lower back. Her body begins to drift as it starts dripping down between her cheeks, like a small stream, flowing through the folds of her skin.

Her breath catches as she hears the sound of it moving between her sex. A soft touch of lips trail over her ass in little circles, followed by a tongue swirling over what was once kissed.

Another soft kiss, followed by the touch of a tongue. It plays in the pooled water at the base of her spine, then dragged lightly up her back. Now between her shoulders and onto her neck, she feels warm breath and then a pull on the lobe of her ear. Lightly touching fingers skip down her spine, then a firm grip squeezing her ass.

Her need to open her eyes is strong, not knowing, like a surprise waiting to be opened. She places her head deeper into her folded arms, in front of her, the tip of her nose touching the bench.

The hand releases as the grip lightens. The feeling of water returning, pouring, as her cheeks are slightly parted. A sudden slap, as the hand hits against her cheek. Sound echoing from the water on her skin. With a jolt, she gasps for a quick breath. The hand rubs over the sting. Smoothing over the sensation, a sharp spike of pleasure rushes through her and begins to swell beneath her.

The door swings open suddenly, cool air pouring into the sauna. Hearing another towel drop to the bench, she can hardly breath. Stopping every few seconds to listen. Two hands are now lightly placed at her hips with a small push, rolling her over.

Keeping her eyes closed, she slowly continues to roll onto her back, lifting her hands above her head, along her ears. She locks her fingers together as a towel is lightly placed over her face. Then folded, over and over until her mouth and then her nose begin to show. A hand placed under her knee, lifted and then set to rest against the wall beside her. Bending at the knee, her other leg dangles off the bench.

The return of water, now dripping into the dip of her neck, flowing up and over one nipple, until it becomes hard, then onto the other. Breath at her nose, soft lips touch against hers. Slightly open, pressing softly, then deeper as a tongue starts to dip into her mouth, wanting to be felt. She opens her mouth wider with a sharp rough feeling of a chin, a man is tasting her lips.

The water moves onto her belly button, making another pool. His lips moving away, only to be replaced with a soft nipple against her lips. Sucking on it softly at first, then she tugs at it with her hungry mouth. Water trickling down the folds of her exposed lips, her body shudders when she suddenly feels a flick of a warm, curled tongue. Softly but purposely touching her pink satin as she continues to hold his nipple between her lips.

Her thoughts race. Is it another man or a woman that toys with her sex?

Her legs feel heavy, the thought of another, barely touching, teasing her. Her mind dizzy with lust, knowing more pleasure will come. A light touch of fingers are felt as they glide along her pink satin lips. Then a tongue is felt inside them, her sudden gasp, her mouth falling open, releasing his nipple. The tongue pushed inside again, only to be left there, moving along her velvet walls.

"Mmm, ohh."

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10-06-2008, 09:54 PM
Wanting to move her hands, she lifts them up, only to feel a hand push them down, holding her wrist together as the warm tongue keeps moving. Now soft skin touches her nose, dropping down onto her lips. Her mouth parts, accepting what is given. He is hard with the sweet smell of excitement. His sex hovering over her open mouth, a sweet taste, dropping down onto her tongue. A flinch of pleasure building as she feels the tongue stop, while holding her pink diamond with no movement. Her hips fall to the bench and suddenly he whispers above her.

"Open, open it a little further."

Her mouth accepts, letting it open wider as his sex climbs into her waiting mouth.

His moan creeps from his lips. "Ohh, that feels so good." he says.

"Mmm..." she moans, after hearing his voice with her hips wanting to move, as the tongue lays motionless, flat against her sex.

His sex slowly slides, disappearing between her lips as he takes his time, letting her take him in with every move. Then he slowly pulls it away, rubbing it back across her lips once again.

"Mmm. You want to know why that tongue isn't moving, don't you?" he says, but before she could speak, it began moving again.

Moving with a purpose now, flicking a little harder, a little quicker. Hitting her core, she feels the strong ache between her heated lips. Suddenly both movements are matched. The tongue is tasting her. And then, as she feels him lean forward, cupping her breast as his tongue splashes over her nipple, both shocking her senses. The tongue stops, sucking in her velvet folds. His mouth pulls her nipple in between his lips.

"Ohh, yeah." she cries out in protest as the tongue stops again, then he lets go of her nipple. Not knowing which one will touch her next.

A huge splash hits her. Water from the sauna cup soaks her tummy, running off her breasts and dripping down off her thighs. Goose bumps begin to cover her skin.

"Ooh, uhh" she moans, feeling a firm grip under her cheeks as they're lifted.

The feeling of muscular thighs slip under her cheeks. Soft skin begins touching the entrance of her sex. Her body shivering, it's another man, he's as hard as the first with his strong hands holding her tightly. His sex brushing across hers, teasing her, as it glides back and forth.

A whisper to her ear. "Which one do you want?" he asks, her wrists now released.

Reaching for his sex, she pulls him into her hungry mouth, no longer waiting. A muffled answer slipping between them.

"Oh, I want them both." she moans, taking more of him into her mouth, her hand following her wet and hungry lips, keeping him in her grasp. A sudden moan and the other man thrusts his sex forward, filling her, followed by another deep thrust. Low muffled moans begin to leak from her mouth.

"Mmm, yeah, you like what he's doing to you. Mmm, I love the way you moan on my cock while he's fucking you. It feels so good." he says with a husky voice. He moves quicker, thrusting harder, hold her ass tightly.

She moves her mouth away, forcing another breath in. "Mmm, yeah! Fuck me! " she says quickly, in between breaths.

Moving all the way out to the edge of her sex, he thrusts back in deeply. Her velvet walls clinging and tightening around him. The sensation is strong, pulsating now as her legs become so heavy, shaking uncontrollably. Her moaning deeper, repeatedly catching in her throat.

"Keep those eyes closed." He says, with a whispered voice as she feels the towel pull away from her eyes.

With the movement below her, his strong hands taking her hips, pulling on them, rolling her over. Pulling her up onto her knees with her hands in front of her. Her sex covered with her sweet honey, he holds her hips inches away from him. She senses his gaze on her sex, making her shiver with intensity.

Her chin is lifted up by his finger. "Open for me." he says, has his hands cradling her face, as her mouth begins to open. "Good girl" his hard sex, slowly moving, exploring the top of her tongue.

The hands on her ass grip tightly at her flesh as his sex starts to dart in and out. She feels the sensation of tingling and begins quivering. He senses it and moves faster.

"Mmm." she moans on his cock.

"Fuck her harder. And when she cums, slap her ass." he says in a deep voice, rubbing her cheek with his finger while his cock moves slowly, in and out of her mouth.

His thrusts get quicker, his breath deep. "Ooh, mmm, yeah! Give it to me." he says wickedly.

Feeling the arches of her feet as they begin to cramp, loosing control. "Ooh, oh." she opens her mouth wide, releasing his sex as her body tightens up. Her breath stops as it's held, her head drops down between her arms while her back sinks, arching it. Whimpering and flinching, over and over. Her liquid fire wrapping around him like a blanket.

He slaps her ass. Such a sting as the warm feeling starts follow, his release begins to fill her. His moans deep and low with his tight grip at her hips, holding her there while he leans forward laying onto her back. His mouth open, his breath caressing her skin as his hands softly touch her breasts with his finger tips.

"Ooh, ooh, yes darlin'! Now open your mouth, show me that tongue." he says with a growl, as her tongue lays flat, open to his sex. His tip at the edge of her waiting mouth. "Oh! Oh! Ooh! Yeah." his deep moans, echoing in the sauna as his sweet juices begin pooling on her tongue, dripping down off it. His breath out of control, she closes her mouth around him until he jerks, taking his sex away.

Feeling weak, she begins to lean, as the hands on her hips lightly press, pushing them down. She now lays down on her tummy, out of breath. Completely forgetting about opening her eyes, she lays there, still without movement. The feeling of water begins to pour all over her as if there was a bucket above her. Cooling her down, slowly pouring from the base of her neck, down her body to her toes.

The door suddenly opens with a cool rush of air, she hears one leave. She feels a towel, her face is lifted and it is placed under her cheek. His hand trailing all the way down her shoulder, lightly touching. Down her back, dragging his finger through the pooled water, down over her cheeks.

A small tickle at the back of her knees, she wiggles from the feeling. Now down to her legs, onto her feet, and off the tips of her toes. And now there is nothing. A sudden rush of cool air, the door opens and then closes.

They are both gone.

The End

10-06-2008, 09:57 PM
A Visit to Dr. Philensky

This story is dedicated to a lady I know only as Passion. She entered my life just a few short weeks ago and has revived my spirits in ways I never believed possible. It is based on two of the erotic fantasies she shared with me. I hope that she and you will enjoy reading as much as I have creating this piece for her!

You arrive at my house promptly at 10:00 am. You're wearing a very sexy leather skirt that's slit to mid thigh revealing the tops of your stockings as you walk. A shear white blouse does little to hide the royal blue lace bra that supports your breasts making them look most appealing. Hidden beneath your skirt is a matching panty and garter belt. Your hair is flowing freely, your hips swaying seductively, your heels clicking an erotic cadence as you walk towards the brick steps leading to the front entrance.

Perhaps I should back up a little? It's Saturday morning and a little more than two hours ago you received an e-mail telling you that I have a surprise for you this morning. You showered and dressed and hurried to make your "appointment" knowing that whatever happened this morning it wouldn't be dull! Meanwhile, inside Gwen and I are preparing "Dr. Philenski's office and examination room". I found an examination table at an estate sale, complete with stirrups! And you are about to visit an unusual "doctor"!

You approach the door and see a homemade sign, "Dr. Philenski, specialist in Lady Problems" you think, "this is interesting" as a slight smile forms on your lips. You ring the bell and wait. You hear faint giggling and rushed footsteps behind the door, then the unmistakable clicking of high heels. As the door opens you see Gwen and are momentarily stunned!

Who wouldn't be? Gwen is dressed as a nurse, not just any nurse but a very sexy nurse. Her white uniform (old fashioned, yes, but visually effective) is a little too small. The one piece outfit has a skirt that just barely covers her hips and ass. If she were to bend over she would flash the entire room. The button up front isn't! At least the way it was intended. Her bright red lace bra and ample cleavage really leave little to the imagination. She's wearing a neon pink fright wig and the reddest lipstick you've ever seen. When you quit gawking at her hair you see her four inch heels are also neon pink and the clasps of her garter belt match her bra! This is no ordinary nurse!

Gwen startles you as she greets you in a very professional voice (no, not that profession!) "Won't you come in, Miss Passion? Have a seat; the Doctor will be with you momentarily." Gwen disappears behind the double doors leading to the dining room and you look around. The living room has been re-arranged and the desk from the study is facing the leather couch. You are still unsure of just what to expect as you make yourself comfortable on the couch. As soon as you are seated I appear and you almost choke as you look at my outrageous "costume".

I'm wearing a neon yellow fright wig, groucho glasses with huge nose and moustache, a doctor's lab coat and no pants! Black shoes and socks, held up by the old fashioned garters complete my "look". You cover your mouth and giggle as I walk around the desk and sit with one foot still on the floor and the other dangling over the edge of the desk. My open lab coat reveals bare leg and a pair of white boxers with little red hearts.

"Miss Passion," I begin, "So nice of you to agree to continue your diagnosis here at my home office. I think you'll find your treatment much more comfortable in this setting. It's much more relaxed and informal."

"Thank-you for the invitation, Doctor." You giggle, "I know you don't see very many patients on your day off."

"That's right my dear, but in your case I feel an exception is merited due to the nature of your complaint, it's not easy to diagnose discomfort in the vagina..."

"Please, Doctor" You interrupt, "Could you call it my pussy? Vagina is so clinical. I like pussy better, don't you?"

"Of course, Miss Passion," I agree, "If that makes you feel more comfortable."

"Oh.h.. Doctor! It does. I like to talk about my pussy. Just hearing you say pussy makes it tingle!"

"I see, Miss Passion, that's very interesting, I must make a note of that!"

"Now, Doctor," You continue as you get into our game, "What can you do to help my pussy?"

"Aahem," I clear my throat, "That's why you are here, Miss Passion. We must conduct more extensive tests to determine the exact nature of your 'problem'. You told me that you have an irritation deep in side your pussy but you can't seem to identify the exact location of this irritation or what brings it on. Is that a fair summary of your complaint?"

"Yes, Doctor, that's exactly my problem."

"And you said that you've experienced this problem for quite some time?"

"That's right, Doctor."

"Miss Passion, we must conduct a battery of tests that will define your problem and better enable us to treat it. Please go with Nurse Goodbody, she will help you prepare for my examination." With that I ring a small brass bell on the desk and Gwen (Nurse Goodbody) appears from behind the double doors to the dining room.

"Come with me, Miss Passion, I will show you where to disrobe to prepare for your examination." Gwen takes you to the study and instructs you to remove your skirt and blouse and put on a hospital gown.

"What about my underwear? Nurse Goodbody."

"You must leave it on!"

"But why? Nurse Goodbody.

"There are many tests to be done my dear, since they are essentially sexual in nature and since your underwear is related to your sense of sexuality some of the tests will be performed while you are partially clothed, silly!"

"Of course, why didn't I think of that? Will you help with the tests, Nurse Goodbody?"

"I will assist the Doctor in whatever way he thinks is appropriate, Miss Passion."

"I bet you will!"

"Now come with me to the examination room." Gwen leads you to the dining room where I have set up the exam table. The room itself has floor to ceiling windows that have a view of the woods behind the house. The side table has a tray covered by a towel. The lumps under the towel hint at just what might be there but you can't be sure. "Please sit on the end of the table." Gwen instructs.

You do as you are told. "Now lean back." Gwen adjusts the table so that your shoulders are raised about twelve inches and your head is supported by a small pillow. She attaches the stirrups and places your legs in them and drapes the gown over your lewdly exposed pussy. "Are you comfy, dear?"

"Not really."

She ignores you, "Doctor will be in shortly."

I let you lie there, drinking in the sights and sounds of the garden, inhaling the fragrance of the spring flowers. I watch as you relax, I can see the tension melting away, your eyes close slowly and you sigh....

"Are you ready to start your tests? Miss Passion."

Startled you blurt, "Yes, Doctor! How do we begin?"

"It is quite simple, Miss Passion. Your body is made for sex, it's not just your Vagina, excuse me, your pussy that can experience wonderful sensations. We are going to identify any and all areas that may or may not be exacerbating your problem and then we will recommend a course of treatment. Does that sound reasonable to you?"

"Oh yes, Doctor! That sounds very reasonable, please let's begin."

"Very good, my dear. Nurse Goodbody, please take your spot to observe Miss Passion's pussy. You must note any 'activity' that is caused by the various stimulations that I apply, do you understand?

"Of, course, Doctor!"

"Miss Passion?"

"Yes, Doctor."

"For the first series of tests I am going to stimulate various areas of your body, your primary and secondary erogenous zones, you will tell us how this affects the irritation you have been experiencing. Do you understand?"

'Oh yes, Doctor. I understand."

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10-06-2008, 09:58 PM
"Very good, Miss Passion." I take the towel from the tray revealing a number of items that I will use to stimulate you; a feather, a piece of sand paper, a bowl of ice cubes, a finger vibrator, and three dildos. The first is a small six inch model that is just one inch in diameter. The second is eight inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. The third is ten inches long and an inch and three quarters in diameter. All of them are naturally shaped, made a soft but firm gel and look very much like a human penis except for their garish colors; red, orange and blue. Your eyes widen perceptively as you look at the tray and you lick your lips involuntarily.

"Make a note, Nurse Goodbody, our subject is aroused by the sight of the phallic instruments!"

"Oh yes, Doctor, they are exciting!" Gwen exclaims.

"Nurse Goodbody! Must I remind you that this is a serious test we are conducting?"

"You must, Doctor, you must," Gwen giggles.

"Please contain yourself and act professionally." I admonish her sternly. She just giggles more.

"Now Miss Passion, please close your eyes and tell me what you feel."

"I feel all warm and fuzzy and relaxed."

"That's good Miss Passion; now tell me how this feels." I lightly brush your cheek with the feather. I let it trail down your neck and shoulder.

"That feels nice, it tickles a little."

"How does it affect the irritation you feel?"

"I'm not sure, Doctor, it just feels nice!"

"Nurse Goodbody, what do you observe?"

Gwen is seated between your legs and looking under your gown, your legs are in the stirrups and you are still wearing your bra, panties, stockings and garter belt. "There doesn't appear to be any change, Doctor."

"Very good, Nurse Goodbody."

"Miss Passion, please remove the gown from your shoulders and allow me to check your abdomen." You take your arms out of the sleeves and bunch the gown up in your lap.

I continue stimulating you with the feather, drawing it a crossed your belly and rib cage. "Miss Passion, I'm afraid this gown is in the way, may I remove it?"

"If it will help, Doctor!"

I pull the gown off and throw it on the floor, as I continue to brush your skin with the feather. Your breathing is slow and shallow almost like sighing. I hand the feather to Gwen, "Please stimulate our subject's thighs, Nurse Goodbody. What do you observe?"

"Her panties are getting wet, Doctor." Gwen states, trying to act 'professionally'.

"Miss Passion, do you feel any changes?"

"It feels a little tingly, Doctor, warm and tingly."

"And how does this feel?" I use a small piece of sand paper on your shoulders and neck.

"It feels rough, but very nice when you are gentle with it."

"And your pussy?"

"The irritation is getting more intense, Doctor."

As I continue to stimulate your arms and shoulders Gwen speaks up, "The subject's pussy is flexing slightly, Doctor. I think she is becoming aroused!"

"Is that the case, Miss Passion, does this stimulus cause any change in what you are feeling?"

"O.oh yes, Doctor!! The irritation is getting stronger! I want to squeeze my legs together but I can't, my pussy wants to grip something, squeeze it, milk it, suck it deep inside to sooth the tender pain I feel!"

"Ver.r.ry Interesting, Miss Passion. Nurse Goodbody, we must switch places! I need to observe this process myself! I want you to apply the stimulus as I direct, do you under stand?"

"Yes, Doctor, just tell me what to do."

As I switch places with Gwen I feign incredulity. "Nurse Goodbody, I thought you said the patient was properly prepared for this exam?"

"She is, Doctor! At least I think she is. Did I forget something?

"Nurse Goodbody! I'm disappointed in you. You know I can't make proper observations with the patient's pussy in disarray! Must I do everything myself? Get the prep-tray immediately!"

As Gwen leaves the room I explain, "I'm very sorry about this Miss Passion, your pussy and the surrounding area should have been properly prepared before the exam began. This shouldn't take too long."

"What must you do, Doctor?"

"Your pussy must be shaved, Miss Passion, it won't take but a minute."

"Will you remove all of my hair down there?"

"No Miss Passion, just the around your pussy and little rose bud is necessary, but if you'd like, as long as I must do it any way I could give you a nice trim and shape your bush for you."

Gwen returns with a tray with a shaving mug, brush and a package of new razors along with three warm towels. As I lay the towels on your thighs and pussy I explain, "These nice warm towels will soften the hairs, Miss Passion and make the procedure more comfortable."

"Thank-you, Doctor."

As I lay the last towel directly over your pussy my hand lingers, gently massaging your mound, "Are you enjoying this, Miss Passion?"

"Oh, yes! Doctor. Your hand feels so nice, I could get addicted to this treatment."

Reluctantly I remove my hand from your pussy and begin to work up a lather in the shaving mug. "Would you like me to give you a trim while I'm shaving you, Miss Passion, some ladies like a nice heart shape above their love tunnel, would you like that?"

"That sounds perfect, Doctor, please give me a nice heart shaped bush!"

"Very well, Miss Passion, it will be my pleasure."

I remove the towel from your right thigh and apply the lather from your crotch to mid thigh. As I shave the area you exclaim, "Oh Doctor that feels divine!" When your thigh is finished I cover it and begin on the other. With both thighs nicely denuded I place my hand on your pussy and rub gently.

"It's time to address your pussy, Miss Passion. I'm going to lower the edge of the table to expose your lower buttocks, if you feel any discomfort you must let me know. The table will still support your pelvis so you shouldn't feel the least bit uncomfortable."

With your legs now spread wide and your entire crotch open I remove the last towel and place it on your left thigh. As I lather your pussy and rose bud I ask, "Are you comfortable Miss Passion?"

"Very, Doctor."

"Does this excite you at all?"

"Oh yes, Doctor!"

"Nurse Goodbody, can you confirm that, are the patient's nipples erect?"

Gwen begins rolling your nipples in her fingers and squeezing your breasts, "I would say the patient is quite aroused!"

"Very good Nurse Goodbody, please continue to monitor the patients responses, now Miss Passion, what about the discomfort you complained about?"

"I'm afraid it's worse, Doctor, it's aching deep inside my pussy."

Using slow steady strokes I remove the stubble in your crotch leaving nothing but smooth skin anywhere near your rose bud or pussy. I shape your bush into a fluffy heart poised over your clit. When I finish I place the towel over your pussy and lay my hand on your mound. "We're almost finished, Miss Passion. Nurse Goodbody, please hand me some fresh towels, I must remove all traces of the lather, and I'd hate to be responsible for our patient getting a rash!"

"Are you comfortable Miss Passion? Do you feel alright?"

"I feel a little lightheaded and my pussy is getting tense, there is a feeling of deep emptiness."

"Nurse Goodbody, what do you observe?"

"Doctor, the patient's eyes are half closed, her breathing is erratic, her chest is heaving as if she is gasping for breath and her nipples are hard as rocks."

"Miss Passion, you're going to be alright, just breath slowly and steadily. I'm going to check for any missed stubble. I'm afraid that my fingers aren't as sensitive as they once were so I'll be using my cheek, this is quite normal, just relax!"

I place my cheek on your thigh and rub, blowing warm air on your moist slit. Your pussy flexes. "I can't find any stray hairs, now I must check for any remaining lather, Miss Passion, I'm going to lick your leg to be sure there isn't any lather left, tasting is really the only way to be sure, it's completely normal. I assure you!"

As my tongue explores your smooth skin, working ever closer to your mound, Nurse Goodbody exclaims, "Doctor, we have an emergency! Our patient is having a seizure, her eyes are rolled back and her breathing is way too fast, I'm afraid she may hyperventilate!"

I put two fingers into your pussy and feel the spasms, "Your right Nurse Goodbody! She needs an emergency injection! Quick, prepare my instrument!" Gwen pulls my boxers down and begins sucking my nearly erect cock as I finger fuck you.

"You're ready, Doctor!"

I place my cock head in your slit and drive it quickly in as deep as possible, you gasp! I begin to pound steadily over and over into your moist spasming love hole.

"Are you going to save her, Doctor?"

"She's going to make it, Nurse Goodbody. But I still need your help, Get on the table and support her on your thighs, stroke her arms and face, pinch her nipples gently!"

I hold your hips and drive into your pussy, searching for your g-spot. Your legs come out of the stirrups and wrap around my hips, your back arches as your hips thrust to meet mine.

"T.tt..h.a.tt.s i.i.t, D..o..c..tor, t.t.h.h.a.t.s..s w.h.e.r.e ii..tt hurts!" You moan. Your body shudders and goes limp. I pump again and explode in response to your orgasm.

"Is she going to be ok, Doctor?'

I think we got her the injection just in time, Nurse Goodbody, Just in time!"

The End

11-06-2008, 08:06 PM
The Guest

Anybody who knows me will tell you I'll do almost anything. I draw the line at skydiving and waterboarding during sex. Otherwise, I'll go with the crowd. If a dozen people I know all decide to go camping in the Rockies in January, I'm there.

This can be a dangerous habit. On the other hand, it can open up opportunities to explore some things I normally wouldn't do.

Such was the case last weekend when I was invited by my friend Christine to attend a party with her. Christine is the manager of a bank across town from me. I'm an assistant manager and rely on her wisdom quite often in making decisions. We were hired at the same time and have been friends since orientation.

She's thirty two, absolutely gorgeous and very down-to-earth. Other than being close to the same age, we have nothing in common.

We met for lunch the Saturday before the party because Christine wanted to give me some 'background information' about the people that would be there. I thought that was a little strange, but always enjoy being with her, so I agreed to meet.

"Wait until you see this place," Christine said soon after we were seated. Her blue eyes widened as the excitement in her voice rose. "The house is a mansion and there aren't any neighbors for about half a mile in each direction. There are trees everywhere. You really feel like you're totally isolated, but in a good way."

We ordered our food, then Christine continued.

"I wanted to tell you about this group of people." She leaned forward a little as if nobody around us was allowed to hear what she had to say. "Rachel, I can pretty much guarantee you've never been to a party like this. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think you would have told me by now."

Christine had a nasty habit of pausing for effect when she was telling me something interesting. Normally she wouldn't go on until I answered. This time I just said, "You're probably right."

"This place has a huge pool and an awesome hot tub. You can get like a dozen people in it, if you want to sit on somebody's lap." Her smile widened. "Anyway, it won't take long for most of the women to start laying around the pool topless to work on their tans. Most of them will get into the hot tub that way, too."

So far I hadn't heard anything that would classify this crowd as abnormal. Christine had told me that they were all about our age, with some of the spouses being a few years younger and older. Lots of my friends sunbathed topless. No big deal.

"It's when the party starts moving inside the house that it gets interesting," she said. "The rooms upstairs will be busy. The unwritten rule is that the doors must stay open. Rachel, you'll see all kinds of stuff up there."

She paused. I ate my salad.

"On the main level is the pink room. We call it that because only women are allowed in. I want to take you in there, but it's totally up to you, Rachel. And then there's the basement."

This time we would have sat there all day if I hadn't said anything. "What's in the basement?" I had to ask.

"My God, Rachel." Christine would have been ON the table if she leaned any closer. "There's stuff down there you've never dreamed of. Nobody gets hurt, so don't worry about that. But...geez, Rachel, I get wet just thinking about it. Please tell me you'll at least let me take you down there."

"Well, I guess. You're going to anyway," I said with a tinge of mockery. "So, tell me—are you saying I might have sex at this thing?"

She finally leaned back in her chair. "If you don't, we need to talk."

"With just about anybody I meet?"

"It's up to you. Rachel, there's going to be people crawling all over you. You're so adorable, you'll have your pick," Christine said.

"Yeah, right. If I'm topless in that hot tub and you're next to me, nobody will even know I'm there."

"Stop it. It'll be fun. Trust me. Now let me tell you about a couple people in particular."

Now she had my attention. I liked details and I sensed I was about to get some juicy tidbits about people I'd be meeting. This would be good.

"Justine O'Toole will probably be there. She's just the cutest little thing. If I can get her away from David Keane long enough, I want her to take you to the pink room. God, Rachel. She's the one that introduced me to that room and I'll never forget it. I've never met anyone, male or female, that knew what buttons to push like she did. She's got real cute reddish hair and a great little body."

Christine and I had a couple lesbian experiences under our belts, but always as part of threesomes with guys. Neither of us actively sought out other women for sex. But I trusted her judgment when it came to her friends.

"You are not allowed to leave that party without being with Justine first," Christine ordered.

"Well, OK," I said. "Who else is there?"

"Roy the toy guy."

"Roy the toy guy?" I asked with raised eyebrows.

"Yep. He'll be downstairs," Christine explained. "He's a workout freak. He's got the body of a world class athlete, and the cock of a stud horse. Once he works you over with one of his many toys, you'll be begging him to fuck you in every hole you've got."

Watching and hearing Christine practically whisper over the table to me so nobody could hear her was about the sexiest thing I'd done in months.

"You'll do things with him you never dreamed of doing, Rachel."

I'm one of the world's great fantasizers, so I was anxious to find out what Roy the toy guy could teach me. At the same time, I was a little doubtful of Christine's version of what the day would be like.


Right up until the time Christine was pulling the car into the long, tree-lined driveway on the day of the party, I was skeptical. I was going to be the stranger, the outsider. Undoubtedly, cliques had been formed from parties in the past. Besides, my plain looks compared to Christine didn't help my self-esteem. I'd be ugly Betty attending a party of Playboy bunnies. No amount of alcohol could probably make a man, or woman, choose me over the people Christine said would be at this party.

It didn't help when we walked up to the house and passed luxury car after luxury car.

"I hope there's no cover charge. I won't be able to afford it," I said to Christine.

She laughed. "No cover charge. Just be yourself, Rachel. You're with friends, remember."

Christine rang the doorbell and we waited impatiently. I checked my beach bag one last time. Christine had suggested I pack my swimming stuff in a separate bag, so I had my tiniest bikini and a single towel shoved in the bottom. I could only imagine what miniscule little suit Christine had packed in her bag.

Finally, the door swung open and a good-looking guy in a tank top and shorts invited us in. He kissed Christine, who then introduced me. I got a polite handshake, but didn't take it as a personal affront. After all, I WAS the outsider.

She was right about the house. It was magnificent, and I was just in the entranceway. A chandelier hung above us, with long hallways heading in three directions. Wonderful paintings hung at perfectly spaced intervals. Natural wood floors reflected the soft lighting flawlessly.

"You know where everything is," our host said to Christine. "Almost everyone's here, so feel free to mingle and let me know if you need anything."

"Thanks, Bob. I'm sure everybody will love Rachel. I'm really excited she agreed to come," Christine said.

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11-06-2008, 08:07 PM
"We're glad to have her," he said, smiling at me and doing a quick scan of my body with his eyes.

I smiled back shyly as Christine led me down the main hall a few steps behind Bob. The sounds of people talking and laughing came from all around us. My head turned back and forth as I tried to steal a look inside each den, library and living room that we passed.

"I want to check out back first. Is that OK?" Christine asked.

"Sure. Whatever you say."

We had entered a huge dining room with a long table covered with snacks and food. Several people were working their way around the table as we passed by. Christine seemed to know all of them, but didn't stop to introduce me. The people were casually dressed, but nobody was naked or having sex amid the desserts, as I had envisioned it based on Christine's description.

Finally, we came to the double sliding glass doors that led us to the deck. That's when things began to change. The noise level increased and the amount of clothing decreased. The first few people I saw were all in bathing suits. The women, especially, seemed intent on showing as much skin as possible, although everybody still had both pieces on.

I heard men and women calling out Christine's name. I just put on a smile and followed her onto the deck.

"Let me introduce you to a few people and then we'll work our way down to the pool," Christine said, leaning back so I could hear her. We were on the upper level of a multi-level deck—how many levels, I couldn't tell, yet. I looked out over the railing and down onto the pool area and never-ending lawn. People were everywhere.

I was introduced to men and women, almost all gorgeous. My self-esteem insecurity raised its ugly head, but I kept convincing myself Christine wouldn't have brought me if I didn't belong. But I still wondered. I also felt a little awkward fully dressed among all the sunbathers and partiers.

We walked down one flight of steps. Still, we were not at the bottom. I met more people and we walked down one more flight.

Now we were getting somewhere. In the corner of the deck was a huge, sunken hot tub. I've been on lots of cruises with much smaller hot tubs than this one. And the crowd around us was equally impressive. People were standing or sitting in every square inch of room. Christine and I barely managed to get from one cluster of people to another. But we inched our way towards the hot tub regardless.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," Christine said.

I was about ready to ask her, 'Warn me about what?', when I looked into the hot tub. Three of the four women in the tub were topless. I assumed the two men had suits on, but I couldn't tell because of the swirling water. I watched the water churn up and around the three sets of exposed breasts. It really WAS an erotic sight for somebody like me not used to seeing much public nudity.

"Christine!" one of the topless women yelled out. "Come on in!"

"Ah, not quite yet, Megan. I just got here," Christine explained. "Everybody, this is Rachel."

She touched my arm and everyone in the tub welcomed me. I tried not to be too obvious in my attempts to answer the question about the guys having suits on, at the same time saying 'Hi'.

"You're coming back to join us, right Rachel?" one of the guys asked. "There's room right here." He barely moved to the side and motioned at the tiny space next to him.

"Reserve it for me," I said. His attention was soon taken by one of the half naked ladies next to him.

"C'mon, Rachel," Christine said. "Let's get to the pool and change into our suits."

It sounded like a good idea and we walked down one more level. Finally on the grass, we headed for the mammoth pool area. Elegant tile flooring rimmed the pool, with lounge chairs everywhere. Very few were empty, but Christine managed to find two together and we laid out our towels. I was still taking in the surroundings, checking out the tables and umbrellas, not to mention the people sitting at them.

"Let's change," Christine said, taking my hand and leading me toward a small hut-like structure with a thatched roof. When we got there, one of the two small doors was open.

"We'll have to share," she said.

I followed her in and we began to change into our bathing suits. It had been a while since I saw Christine naked. Being so close to her in that hut reminded me of how sensational her body was. Eventually, we had our bikinis on and were heading back to the chairs.

"What do you want to drink?" Christine asked. "They can make margaritas if you want one."

She knew I had a weakness for them.

"Sure. That would be great."

A couple minutes later we were laying back in our lounge chairs, sipping margaritas and talking to friends. If that's all we did all day it would have been OK with me. But watching the people around the pool—and IN the pool—beginning to get a little 'friendlier' with each other hinted at more to come than just talking.

When it was just Christine and I alone for a second, she leaned over and said, "It won't be long before the real action begins. When I see the first clue, I'll let you know."

I took that to mean topless in the hot tub was not a clue.

"How'd this all get started, anyway? I mean, whose idea was it?" I asked.

"It started with Bob and his wife. He's the guy who met us at the door," Christine said. "They began swapping spouses with two other couples. Then they all invited friends to join them. They decided to cap it at about fifty or sixty people, but we're all allowed to bring a guest if we want. Right now we all trust each other. They don't want it getting so big we don't feel safe."

"Who pays for all this?" I said, holding up my drink.

"Oh, Bob gets most of it. He can afford it. But the 'regulars' all pitch in a little each time, too."

"Do I owe you anything?" I asked.

Christine just laughed. "No, of course not. Just enjoy yourself."

I looked around the pool again and couldn't help but notice an attractive woman sitting in the lap of a man across the pool from us. Her legs hung over the sides of their lounge chair. The man lay on his back, but was tilted up enough so that his face was at her chest level. The couple was far enough away that I couldn't make out details, but there was no doubt that the topless woman was letting the man suck on, or lick, her breasts.

I was mesmerized by the scene. I'd seen other people have sex before, but this was different. This was 'in your face' voyeurism at its best. The people around them talked, sunbathed or ate as if nothing was happening. Meanwhile, the topless woman squirmed with pleasure as the man under her continued to work on her tits.

I felt my pussy react with involuntary contractions and a noticeable buildup of moisture. I wanted to touch myself, or play with my nipples. Instead, I just stared. After what seemed like an eternity, I pulled my eyes away.

"Exciting, isn't it?"

The words stunned me back to life. I looked over at Christine. She was smiling at me wickedly.

"That's the least of what you'll see today," she said, taking a sip of her margarita.

"You must think I'm a total idiot," I said.

"Nope. I did the same thing the first time. You'll get used to it."

I looked at the couple again. The woman had climbed off the chair and was sitting in one next to the man, her back to me. It appeared as if her hands were on, or near, his lap. But I couldn't tell.

"It must be hot knowing people are watching," I said.

"Very," Christine replied. She, too, was now gazing at the couple.

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11-06-2008, 08:09 PM
The pool was between us and the pair making out. Out of the corner of my eye I saw another couple in the water, leaning against the edge of the pool in the deep end. Water was up to their necks, yet their actions were quite apparent. The woman was pressed firmly against the man, who seemed to be holding her up by the ass or waist. The sun's reflection on the water concealed their bodies.

"God, Christine. I'm not sure how much more of this I can take," I confided.

She laughed. "Just wait."

The sound of women laughing turned my attention to the side. A group of about six women, half of them sitting and half of them standing, were talking loudly with the center of attention being an incredibly sexy woman in a bright red bikini. The suit highlighted her burgundy colored hair. The more I looked the harder it was to take my eyes off her.

Clearly, the other women were drawn to her as well and, although I couldn't hear what they were saying, she seemed to be the one carrying the conversation. She didn't have the largest breasts at the party by any means, but the overall effect of her petite frame was stunning. So the combination of looks and personality seemed to make her a popular guest.

"Do you like her?" Christine asked.

"Uh, yeah." Once again, she caught me staring.

"Want to meet her?"

I felt my pulse quicken. "Sure."

Christine put her drink down, rose to her feet and leisurely walked over to the group I was watching. I saw them chatting for a minute, then Christine was talking to the pretty redhead. Soon, both of them were heading my way.

Now that the woman was standing and a little closer, I could admire her body even more. There was no doubt why she was so well-liked.

Finally, they were standing next to me.

"Rachel, I want you to meet Justine. Justine, this is my friend Rachel."

So THIS was Justine O'Toole of pink room fame. "Hi," I said. "Nice to meet you."

"Hi, Rachel. Why doesn't it surprise me that Christine would show up with such a pretty guest."

I'm not real good at accepting compliments, especially when I'm in awe of the person giving it to me. I smiled and said 'thanks'.

Christine found a chair for Justine while I sat on the edge of my lounger. Up close, Justine was even more attractive. She didn't have the perfect tan so many of the other people had, but I blamed that on her red hair. Justine made up for it with flawless skin and wonderful, gentle curves in just the right places.

We talked for a few minutes and Justine filled me in on some of the more interesting people within sight. She pointed out David Keane who I remembered Christine talking about in the restaurant.

"I hate to lead other women to him," Justine said with a grin, "but if you get the chance, spend some time with him. You won't regret it."

Her meaning was clear, which intrigued me considering what Christine had told me about her.

"Justine, I told Rachel you might show the pink room to her. Do you think you'll have time?" Christine asked.

I saw Justine's eyes travel down my body and back up. The inspection was quick, but thorough.

She smiled. "Oh, I think I have time right now."

The words were music to my ears.

"Great. Rachel, you ready?" Christine said.

I replied, "Let's go."

We began to weave through the crowd. Christine leaned back and whispered to me, "The fun's about to begin."

This must have been the clue we were waiting for and the butterflies in my stomach confirmed as much. We entered the house through a ground-level door, then made our way up to the first floor. It was even more crowded—and louder—than when Christine and I first arrived. A couple women were topless, but that hardly shocked me anymore.

We entered one of the many hallways in the house. Justine led the way, with Christine and I close behind. We passed two open rooms before coming to a closed door with a pink ribbon hanging from the doorknob. We were there.

Justine gently opened the door, looked back at us with a smile, and escorted us inside.

There were two double beds along the wall on the right. The one closest to the door was empty. The one closest to the window wasn't. In the middle of the bed, on top of the pink bedspread, were two naked women in the sixty-nine position. The room was silent except for the sounds of their lovemaking.

Two women were standing at the foot of the bed holding hands, watching intently. Another couple sat on a couch to our left. They were all dressed, either in swimming suits or shorts and t-shirts.

I refocused on the naked bodies entwined on the bed. They appeared to be middle-aged women, a blonde and a brunette. As I was becoming accustomed to, neither one had an ounce of fat anywhere, but they weren't supermodels either. Just above-average women enjoying each other...or so the sounds indicated.

The blonde was on top and her flowing hair somewhat obscured our view of her mouth working on the brunette's pussy. However, we could plainly see the brunette working her tongue in and out of the blonde's slit, occasionally moving up to lick her clit.

Now I was getting desperate. I thought about David Keane shoving his huge cock—at least, that's what I envisioned—up my thoroughly drenched pussy. Then I remembered I was in the pink room. Ladies only.

Justine stepped back until she was standing next to me. She put her lips by my ear and whispered, "Isn't this awesome, being able to watch this without fear of interruption?"

I nodded. "It must be very stimulating knowing that you're being watched."

"It's SO much better," she said. I felt her body touch mine. "Take off your top, Rachel."

I knew it was coming eventually. I didn't know how or when, but being told so abruptly...in this place...seemed perfect. I eagerly untied my bikini top and pulled it off. Christine put out her hand and I gave the top to her. At the same time, Justine moved behind me. I had goose bumps when she put her body on mine. Then her hands were touching my breasts.

My breath came in gasps as she massaged my sensitive nipples. Justine compressed my breasts onto my chest, then released them and pinched my nipples again. I thought I was going to cum watching the couple on the bed and feeling my breasts being manipulated by the beautiful redhead.

"You have wonderful tits, Rachel. I want to taste them soon. Please?" Justine was whispering into my ear.

"Yes," I sighed.

"Let me get you naked first."

Justine's hands slid inside the bottom of my bikini. She pulled it down my legs and over my feet. She handed it to Christine and stood behind me again. I noticed the women on the couch looking at me with wide grins. It was the sexiest I ever felt in my life.

Justine put her hands on my ass, then moved them around until she was touching my pussy. One hand sought out my wet opening while the other moved up to my clit. I spread my legs and let her explore me. My entire body shivered when she pressed harder against my aching clit.

"You want me, don't you?" she asked.


"You're very pretty. I want to make you cum," Justine said.

I nodded, unable to move or talk as fingers searched out every inch of my pussy. Justine pressed her palm against my clit.

"Oh, God!" I gasped, unable to hold it back.

"Turn around and take off my suit, Rachel."

I would do anything to get her hands away from me before I came like a teenager before even hitting the bed. I faced Justine and took off her top. Her small breasts rose from her chest in a very erotic way. Christine was much bigger, but these were sexy in their own right. After a few seconds, I kneeled down and removed Justine's bikini bottom. A narrow strip of reddish brown hair rose from above her clit. Otherwise, she was completely shaven, much like me.

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11-06-2008, 08:10 PM
I stood back up and waited for more orders. They came in the way of a long, passionate kiss. It took me by surprise, but nothing surprised me more than my response. I put my hands on Justine's ass, pulled her toward me, and kissed her back with as much, or more, enthusiasm than I'd ever kissed anybody before. Our tongues darted in and out; our hands caressed each other; and our pussies rubbed against each other in frantic desire.

I wanted Justine so bad I couldn't stand it. Nor did I care who was there to watch.

Justine and I fell onto the empty bed, still holding each other tightly. It only took us a second or two to turn ourselves around so that we were squarely in the middle of the narrow bed. I rolled until I was on top of Justine. Then I dove for her breasts, nearly mad in my desire to have her.

My mouth enveloped the tip of her left breast. My tongue instantly found her nipple and I began licking her. Then I moved my lips around her bright pink nipple and sucked on it, pulling it up at the same time.

"Yes! Oh God, Rachel. Yes! Suck my tit!"

I used my hand to push it into my mouth before moving over and doing the same thing with her other breast. Her moans combined with those from the other bed, where the women were obviously close to cumming. I sucked on Justine's breasts until both nipples were double their normal size.

That's when Justine used her legs to roll me off and turn me onto my back.

"It's time for you to cum," she told me.

I watched her red head glide past my stomach and between my legs. I spread them for her just as her hands touched the inside of my thighs. I thought about what Christine had said about her—the fact she knew what buttons to press. I was about to find out.

Justine got on her knees, pinned her hair behind her ears and lowered her face to my pussy. The delay that followed was agonizing. Where was she going to touch me? How long could I hold out before cumming?

Then I felt it...Justine's tongue...between the folds of skin protecting my pussy. I twitched at her touch. She put her hands on my hips to hold me in place while she began to explore me with her mouth. I was wet and I knew she could taste me. God, I needed to cum.

On the other bed, moans had turned into muffled shrieks as orgasms got closer. Just as I started to concentrate on them, I felt Justine's tongue spread apart the opening to my pussy. Like a finger, it began to probe the entrance. Then, like a cock, it entered me.

"Deeper. Deeper, please!" I begged.

Justine put her hands on my ass, lifted me off the bed, and drove her tongue seemingly as far into me as any cock had ever been. But she did something no cock could ever do. She used the tip of her tongue to explore the top, sides and bottom of my pussy. Areas no cock could ever touch were discovered.

"Oh God, Justine. There! Yes. There!"

Above my own cries, the women next to us each came with screams of pleasure. I listened to them moan and groan and beg for more. I was only able to see the face of one woman, buried in the pussy of the other. But the look in her eyes...the moans of joy while she came...the movement of her tongue against the other woman all excited me.

Then Justine's tongue began to fuck me with rapid jabs. My mind was quickly back on my own pleasure. I opened my eyes long enough to see everybody in the room watching us. Watching me! Watching me having sex with a beautiful woman.

I put my hand on the back of Justine's head, pulling her closer. I never wanted her tongue to leave my pussy. But it did, and just when I was about to beg her to put it back, I felt it on my clit. Her entire mouth was on my clit.

"Fuck! Fuck, Justine. I'm gonna cum!"

She didn't say a word. She just kept sucking on my clit and assaulting it with her tongue.

"Now! I'm cumming!"

I raised my hips higher, forced my pussy against Justine's face and started to cum. I'm normally in total control when I cum, but not this time. My head was spinning, I couldn't breathe right and I lost control over the incoherent sounds coming out of my mouth. I clutched at the covers with my hands and hung on as each wave of my orgasm shot through my body.

When I thought I was almost done, Justine reached up and squeezed one of my nipples. New shockwaves went straight to my pussy and my orgasm continued. She repeated that until I found myself trying to back away from her tongue, desperately trying to make it stop. Yet, each lick of my clit made me cum some more.

Justine only stopped when I collapsed on the bed, unable to resist any more.

I looked down at her. She was bent over the end of the bed, her ass up in the air. I couldn't understand why she wasn't moving at first. Then I realized that Christine's face was between Justine's legs.

Justine threw her head back, mumbled something I couldn't understand, and began to cum. It was so cool to watch another woman cum from where I was. Justine's hair swung wildly as she came harder and harder. I saw Christine's hands on her breasts, squeezing them roughly. Justine cried out for more.

After another minute or so, Justine crumpled onto the bed, her head resting on my pussy. So THAT was what the pink room was all about, I thought.

I rolled off the bed and found my bikini. As Justine and I were dressing, another pair of women was taking our place. I doubted that either one would feel as good as I did after just experiencing Justine O'Toole.

"Wow," Christine said. "That was awesome. Was it as good as it looked?"

"Better," I admitted.

"Will you come back?" Justine asked me.

"If I'm invited."

"I'm inviting you," she said with a grin.

We left the pink room and strolled back into the crowd. I had lost all sense of time, but it must have been long enough for the party to progress nicely. Nearly all the women in the house were topless and groping of all forms was prevalent in every room. Sex was apparently limited to the many bedrooms and dens in the house, but the grabbing of tits, ass and cocks had no boundaries.

"I need a drink," Christine said above the din of the crowd.

"Me, too." The session with Justine had pretty much wiped out the effects of my first drink.

We managed to find a bar, ordered margaritas and mingled some more. I let Christine lead the way and she took us to a gigantic family room. At least it had empty chairs. It felt good to sit and relax.

We were approached by a couple really fine guys in the first fifteen minutes, but kindly begged off from any activities with them. They didn't need to know we'd just exhausted ourselves in the pink room. But nearly an hour of talking and watching couples making out put us back in the 'mood'. Maybe the margaritas had something to do with it, too.

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11-06-2008, 08:11 PM
"I think we should head downstairs," Christine said during a lull in our conversation.

"Didn't you say it gets a little crazy down there?"

"C'mon, Rachel. You're not going to wimp out on me are you?" she asked with a concerned look.

"I'm just kidding. I just wanted to make sure it would be worth my time to go."

"Oh, trust me. It will be worth your time," she said.

"Then let's go."

I relied, once again, on Christine to guide us there. Apparently the basement was a routine stomping ground of hers because she took us straight to the door. The stairway led us to a finished area that looked better than anywhere in my condo. There were couches on three of the four walls, as well as end tables and a big screen TV. About a half dozen people were in the room, all of whom knew Christine.

I was introduced to the group and welcomed by all. Surprisingly—at least to me—was the fact everybody was completely dressed. Yes, they had rather tiny bathing suits on, but the suits were ON.

Just then, a door across from us was opened and a young couple entered the room. While the door was open, a woman's screams could be heard. They weren't screams of pain, but I didn't immediately recognize them as screams of pleasure, either.

Christine looked over at me and smiled. "You ready?"

I nodded.

As we passed the young couple, I noticed the girl's hair was messed up and beads of sweat were on her brow. Yet, she smiled at us. Was I really ready for this?

We went through the door and closed it behind us. I couldn't believe what I saw. A huge room was filled, like a gym, with every conceivable sexual device. There were tables, benches, chairs, chains hanging from the walls, ropes hanging from the ceiling...you name it. On one table, a naked woman was stretched out on her back, her arms and legs fastened at each corner. Two men hovered over her, one at her breasts and one at her pussy. The one at her breasts had a gadget of some type he was rubbing against her nipples. The other guy was inserting something into the 'victim's' gaping pussy. Her writhing body and plaintive moans were ignored by the men.

Against the opposite wall, another naked woman was being fastened to metal handcuffs. The man with her was also naked and his erection confirmed the enjoyment HE was getting out of it.

"Well? Want to stay?" Christine asked.

"Hell yes," I said. I pointed to the woman on the table. "This is about to get good."

Both men were now stroking their cocks, pointing them at the woman's breasts and pussy. I was hypnotized by the scene and wasn't about to look away until they were done. Within a minute, the guy by her chest grunted, laid his cock on her tit, and shot load after load of cum all over her. Soon afterward, her pussy and stomach were being covered with layers of cum from the other guy.

When I thought he was done, he plunged his cock inside the woman and fucked her wildly. In no time at all, she was squealing with delight as she, too, got to cum.

"Wow," I said almost to myself.

"I know," Christine said. "Isn't this fun?"

We started walking across the room. Three men and a woman entered from another door and Christine immediately put her hand in the air.

"Roy! Hey, Roy. Come here," she yelled.

A middle-aged man with hair graying around the temples approached us with a bigger than normal smile. "Christine. Finally. I was wondering where you were at?"

"I've been showing Rachel around. Rachel, this is Roy."

We shook hands. This had to be Roy the toy guy, I assumed. "Hi."

"Hi," he said, looking me over. "Christine, you always have the most beautiful friends."

I thanked him, at the same time wondering how many 'beautiful friends' Christine must have brought to these parties.

"Isn't she a babe?" Christine asked the man. "I promised her I'd bring her down to meet you."

Roy gazed at me with a more serious look this time. "So, Rachel. What's your favorite fantasy?"

I was a little stunned by his question, not sure how to respond. "Do you mean sexual fantasy?"

"Of course," he said.

I thought for a second, adjusting the straps on my bikini to stall for time. "Well, I suppose being held against my will by a group of guys...forced to have sex with them. Like in the middle ages where they kept you in a dungeon or something."


"Maybe a little," I admitted. Christine was looking at me with the strangest look on her face. "Another woman would be with me and I'd have to watch them have sex with her, too."

"God, Rachel," Christine said.

Roy beamed with delight. He turned to find the small group he had left to join us. "Paul," he yelled across the room. "Come here."

A muscular man in his mid- to late-thirties walked over to us. He might have been the best looking guy I'd seen all day. "What's up, Roy?"

"This is Rachel and I think you know Christine," Roy said.

Paul smiled knowingly at Christine and said 'Hi' to me.

"They've been bad girls, Paul. We need to take them to the cell."

Just the sound of the word—cell—caused my pulse to speed up.

"A little punishment might do them good," Roy said.

"Let's do it," Paul said, moving behind me.

Suddenly, my hands were pulled behind my back and were locked tightly within Paul's grasp. Roy did the same to Christine. Then we were led towards another door. My breasts pushed against the lightweight material of my bikini, threatening to burst free because of my arms being held behind me. When we got to the door, Paul easily held both of my wrists in one hand while pushing the door open with the other.

We entered a much darker room; dark enough that it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. When they did I realized I was in a room the likes of which I had never seen before. Amazingly, it looked very much like the dungeons I had imagined my whole life. The walls were rough and unfinished; round metal hooks protruded from several different levels; and chains hung ominously in the corners. More devices were spaced evenly throughout the smallish chamber. I couldn't immediately determine what their uses were. That scared me a little.

The door slammed behind us and I jumped.

"Welcome to the cell, ladies," Roy announced. "How long you stay here is totally up to you. Let us do what we want and you'll be free soon. You may try to struggle...you may try to escape...but that will only add to your punishment."

He let the intent of his words sink in. Then he said to Paul, "We'll need help with these two. Let's get them secured, then call in some of the guys."

So my wish had come true. But would it be like I imagined?

"You won't be needing this top," Paul said to me just before yanking on the string in the back that formed the bow holding it together. Even before the material could slide off my breasts, he was pulling the top over my head and off my arms, which he had released. I barely had time to look around when he grabbed me again, shoving me towards a wall at the same time.

"Turn around," he ordered.

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11-06-2008, 08:13 PM
He let go and I swiveled to face him. I saw Christine next to me, also topless. My left arm was pulled hard enough that I stumbled in that direction. Then my hand was raised and quickly clamped inside a metal constraint. It clicked shut with an awful sound. Paul walked in front of me with no emotion on his face. My other hand was secured and I hung helplessly from the wall.

Then it was Christine's turn. She was led to something that looked like a gymnastics vault, only it was rounded on top and thickly padded. Roy stretched out her arms on one side and tied them to a set of legs under the vault. Paul was behind Christine and pulled off the rest of her bikini.

"You look very inviting, Christine," Paul said, slapping her lightly on the ass. "But we have to deal with your cute friend first."

He came over to me and stood very close. His eyes looked down at my half-naked body. "Very nice," he said. "It's going to be a shame to...well, you know."

My heart pounded as he kneeled down and pulled on my bikini bottom. When he had it off, he stood back up and put his hands on my breasts. They were cold and hard against my nipples. That only heightened the sensation and sent stronger ripples down to my pussy. I watched him bend over and place his mouth over top of my left breast. His tongue and lips began to work on my nipple before moving over to my other breast. I tried not to moan...tried not to give him the satisfaction. But his hands were all over me and I wanted more.

"I'll be back, Rachel. It's time to bring in the reinforcements," Paul said. He pinched my nipple, saw the reaction on my face, and turned to walk out of the room.

Roy was opening a metal cabinet in the far corner. I couldn't see what was inside, but a moment later he closed the doors and came towards Christine and me. He was carrying something in each hand.

"So you want to be forced to have sex with other guys, Rachel. Until the 'other guys' get here, you'll have to rely on my toys. I brought two of my favorites. You can tell me which one you like the best."

Once he got close enough, I could make out what was in his hands. The first looked like a flashlight, except it had a ball-like head that was substantially bigger than the shaft. The other 'toy' appeared to be the rubber cast from a very large cock. In the dim light it looked extremely realistic—just huge.

He set aside the dildo and turned the other object around in his hand so that he was looking at its base. A flick of his finger resulted in a barely audible humming sound...and a wry smile on his face.

"Just hang on and enjoy it, Rachel. All your fantasies are about to come true."

Roy positioned the toy directly in front of my right breast. The humming was definitely louder now. I gasped when he put the large head on my nipple. The vibrating sensation generated ripples of electricity through every nerve in my body.

Roy moved the object around my entire breast, always coming back to the most sensitive part—the nipple. Then he worked on the other breast and new shockwaves rolled through me. I had my eyes closed, but opened them quickly when I heard men's voices from the doorway.

Paul had brought two guys back with him. I didn't recognize either one from earlier, but my first impression was favorable. If they wanted to ravish my naked body it would be OK with me.

"Ah, good," Roy said. "Now we can get started."

I wondered what he thought we'd been doing so far. Then I concentrated again on his wonderful toy and what it was doing to my breasts.

Paul and one of his buddies went over to Christine. The other new guy came over to Roy and me. He was about forty, tall and lean. There was nothing exceptional about him, except for the fact I knew he might soon be fucking me while I was shackled to the wall.

"Hey, Tom. Isn't she cute all tied up and everything?" Roy asked.

Tom ran his hands over my bare breasts. "Very cute. Seems like she likes it so far." He rolled my erect nipple between his fingers.

"Yep. She has this fantasy of being held captive and taken by a group of guys. Think you can help?"

"My pleasure," Tom said, his hand moving down to my pussy.

Roy resumed using his toy while Tom probed my pussy and clit with his fingers. I tightly shut my eyes and leaned my head back trying not to instantly succumb to the actions of these two men.

"Don't you dare cum, Rachel," Roy said. "We'll decide when and how you cum. Understand?"

I nodded. I felt Tom's hand on my ass, clutching and squeezing my flesh. Roy was pressing the vibrator harder and harder against my tits. My entire body wanted to explode.

Then Roy was sliding his toy down my stomach, around my navel and past my clit. It was on my thigh and I spread my legs, deliberately opening myself up for him. I felt the trembling of the large head approach my wet pussy.

"That's it, Rachel. Spread yourself wider for me."

My toes were on the ground as I readied myself. It got closer and closer. Then, finally, my pussy felt the cold object as it pressed between the flaps of skin. I struggled for breath, not knowing what he'd do next with the marvelous toy.

"You're SO wet, Rachel. And we haven't even started yet," Roy said.

The vibrator spent thirty seconds taunting my pussy. My legs began to ache from the muscles contracting. I had to relax. But then the toy moved again...higher.

"God, no. I'll cum," I said. I was surprised the words came out, but it was true.

The toy was right under my clit, just an inch away. I tried to pull away, but Tom applied pressure on my ass and pushed me back towards Roy and his vibrator.

"No! Please," I begged.

Then I felt it...the quivering head of the vibrator touching my erect clit.

"Ahhh! Oh, God!" I cried out.

"Don't do it," Roy ordered. "Don't cum!"

But the vibrator was rolling over my clit and sending orders to the rest of my body to cum...long and hard. Suddenly, a hard smack on my ass took my attention away and a new feeling took over—pain. Another smack and I cried out.

It was Tom's bare hand, perfectly placed to bring on the greatest amount of pain and pleasure, simultaneously. By the third spank, tears were forming in my eyes.

"Please stop! Please!" I begged again.

"But you want this, Rachel. You want all the men in this room to have you," Roy said.

It was true and he knew it. Yet, the combination of things happening to my body was too much.

The spanking stopped, only to be followed by a different awareness...one that wasn't new to me. Tom's very hard cock was resting on my ass, right where he had been spanking me. The contrast between the two feelings was incredible.

Roy reached over and grabbed his second toy, the huge, simulated cock. This was obviously the cast of somebody's real cock...and I was impressed. And scared. There was no way I could possibly...

"Tell us what you want, Rachel," Roy said.

I didn't know where to begin. But I wanted to cum, badly. So I said, "I want to cum."

"We all want to cum, Rachel. But you have specific desires. Tell us what you really want."

"I want you to fuck me."

"Just me?" Roy asked, pressing the tip of the dildo against my pussy.

I caught my breath, hoping he wouldn't insert it while I tried to talk. "I want to be fucked by all the guys in here."

"That's more like it, Rachel. But first we have to make sure you can take it."

With Tom's cock sliding up and down the crack of my ass and his hands all over my breasts, Roy slowly began to push his huge toy inside of me. For some reason, I looked over at Christine at the same time. She had a cock in her mouth while another guy was positioned behind her, ready to fuck her from behind.

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11-06-2008, 08:15 PM
"Oh, fuck. No! No!" I screamed as the dildo spread my pussy wider than I ever had been spread. I pulled on the cuffs holding my arms in place, hopelessly trying to escape.

Roy kept pushing. Thankfully, I was soaking wet and I felt inch after inch of the fake cock disappear inside me. Just when I thought he would rip my insides out, Roy began to slowly fuck me with his toy.

I simply moaned incoherently with each thrust. Tom's body pressed against mine from behind and his cock threatened to enter my virgin ass.

"Do you still want to cum?" Roy asked.

"God, yes! Let me cum, please."

"Tell me one more time what you want."

"I want you to fuck me and let me cum. Please!"

"Tom, I think she wants a real cock in her. Can you do the pleasure?" Roy said.

"Gladly." Tom moved around to face me as Roy methodically pulled out the fake cock. When it was finally removed I felt incredibly empty.

Without saying a word, Tom moved into place and put his cock where the toy had just been. With one violent, sudden thrust he was inside me.

"Ahhhhh, fuck," I cried. But not from pain.

The next minute or two were pure ecstasy. Tom's cock was big and long and thick, but not like the toy. It explored every inch of my pussy but didn't stretch me beyond comfort. It was more than wonderful.

"I need to cum. Now!" I announced.

"Do it," Tom whispered to me. "Cum for me now."

All the tension building up since entering the room was released in the strongest orgasm I could ever remember. My screams were only eclipsed by those of Christine. She was being fucked from behind, me from in front. Neither of us could move.

Tom put his hands under my thighs and pulled up my legs, wrapping them around his waist. This allowed even more of his cock to enter me and I came some more. I slammed my body against his while orgasm after orgasm overtook me.

Near the end I felt his warm cum filling my pussy. He grunted loudly, rammed his cock deeper into me and poured multiple shots within me.

When it was over I hung like a ragdoll from the wall, Tom's limp cock falling out of me. Roy sucked both breasts for a minute, but the feeling wasn't the same as before.

I looked at Christine. Cum dripped from her face. Her wet and cum-filled pussy was spread open for all of us to see. Her ass was pink from the guy who had been behind her.

"Hey, Paul. Maybe it's time to move the girls around a little," Roy said to his friend.

"Yeah. I think a new position would feel good to them. Besides, Christine here needs a shower."

I was anxious to have my arms freed, but I wasn't sure I liked the tone of Paul's voice. Soon, Christine and I were let loose from our constraints. Christine stood up and stretched her back, wiping cum from her chin.

"C'mon here, Christine. You can use this shower." Paul led her to a corner of the room where a shower head stuck out of the wall. There was no curtain, just a drain under her feet. Christine adjusted the hot and cold until she was satisfied, then tilted her head back and let the water run over her. Everybody in the room was captivated by the show. The water poured over her luscious body and all the men, especially Roy who had not fucked me, got hard at the sight.

"God, I could watch this all day," Tom said.

I looked at his semi-erect cock. "Obviously."

When she was done and dried off, Paul took Christine and put her wrists in nooses that hung from the ceiling. I was led to a small table, where my hands were tied to the corners. The table hit my stomach as I bent awkwardly over it.

"Play time is over, girls. It's time for the real punishment to begin," Roy said.

I tilted my head in an effort to see what was happening. I heard the guys moving around, but never actually saw what they were doing. My first clue was when I heard a loud swish, followed by Christine's recognizable squeal. Then another.

In the few seconds it took me to put two and two together, I heard a louder whoosh, followed by the most intense tingling I'd ever felt in my ass. The second one was worse. The initial contact was bad, but when the whip—or whatever they were using—was dragged across my ass, an unusual feeling occurred. It was much more sensual. Almost pleasurable.

Then I realized it was something with a series of very thin strips of material that was hitting me. And after a dozen strikes, the tears were back in my eyes and my pussy was soaking wet again. Whoever was hitting me was aiming lower now, more around my pussy than my ass.

"Spread those nice legs, Rachel. Open up for us." It was Paul's voice, but I didn't know who was hitting me. It didn't matter.

Across the room, I heard Roy say, "How's that feel on those nipples, babe? Want me to stop?"

I didn't hear anything.

"Want me to stop, Christine?"

"No," I heard her whimper.

Meanwhile, my ass and pussy were repeatedly thwacked. Each time, the material was dragged over my sensitive pussy, rubbing against my clit...making me hotter and hotter. I couldn't imagine what it must have felt like against the nipples, like Christine was getting. My pussy throbbed even more thinking about it.

I found myself thrusting my ass higher into the air, attempting to increase the contact with my clit while, at the same, dreading the pain of the next strike. My mind and body were in total conflict and the eroticism of it all was driving me closer to another orgasm.

Christine's screams were also a weird mix of suffering and sex. I would have loved to watch, but I was limited to my dark little space, having to concentrate on my own 'punishment'.

Whoever was whipping me began to hit me in such a way that the material was coming up between my legs, wrapping around my pussy, then being pulled back across my clit. This guy knew what he was doing. Then I realized it wasn't Roy. I could see just enough to recognize him, naked, at my side. He was stroking his very long cock, aiming it at my back and ass. The look on his face was precious. He truly enjoyed what was happening.

Nobody said it wasn't OK to cum, so I let myself get closer and closer. I would have given anything to be able to rub my clit harder. But the intermittent, brief contact of the whip had its own effect on me. A good one.

I moaned louder with each smack, rocked my ass as if I was fucking the whip, and shook my head in agony. I kept thinking, 'The next one will put me over the edge.' But I needed more and more.

Finally, mercifully I started to cum.

"God, yes! Yes! Don't stop! Please!"

My body pounded against the table. I pulled up with my arms and lifted the legs off the floor for a second from the raw energy of my orgasm. Then I heard Christine obviously cumming and it excited me even more.

Whack. Whack. Dragging across my clit.

And then Roy groaned and I looked just in time to see a long stream of white cum pouring out of his cock onto my ass. He came a half dozen times and my pussy continued to pulse with the thrill of everything happening to me. Never in my dreams did I think I could cum like that so soon after being hung from the wall and submitted to Roy's awesome toy.

"You are unbelievable," Roy said to me. "Fucking unbelievable."

I was too exhausted to respond. Sweat dripped onto the table below my head and I thought back to the woman I saw leaving the basement. Know I knew.

Christine and I were freed, once again, from our restraints. She was a mess. Her hair—usually extremely well-kept—looked like it hadn't been washed in a week. A mixture of cum and her own juices dripped down her thighs. Her breasts were a bright pink.

"Well, well," Paul said with a smile. "I think you two can rest for a minute, then take a shower. Together."

Hmmmm. This was turning into a GREAT party.

The End

11-06-2008, 08:30 PM
Lunch Break

We've been friends for ages. Well, it's seemed like ages, when in reality, it hasn't been but about two-and-a-half years. Weekly lunches, chats, emails, phone calls... Celebrating good times. Mourning over bad. Venting about work. Enjoying off times. All of it has gone in to making a rich friendship that, like good soap, just gets better, more mellow and longer-lasting with the passage of time. It's hard to remember there was a time when he wasn't in my life.

James had found me online and revealed he was local. A couple of weeks later, he found me in person, successfully seeking me out at a craft market. (That evening I took that information off my website. I mean, I'd gotten lucky with James, but there are some crazies out there.) The first meeting was pleasant, ending with a hug. I was nervous; he was sweet. I remember thinking, He looks darker in his pictures.

Beautiful blue eyes sparkled behind burgundy-framed glasses. A shock of sandy blond hair – now bearing subtle hints of grey a few years later – capped his head. He was tall and, well, geeky. But sexy geeky. After all, how many geeks ride a red and black Harley? This sexy geek also came with long denim-clad legs and an ass that frankly made me envy his bike. As I said, I'd gotten lucky. It didn't hurt that I'm a bit geeky myself, as well as having a thing for motorcycles.

Standing together, we look rather like Mutt and Jeff. Standing at 6'2", James dwarfs my 5'3" frame. He's light to my darker coloring. He's a complete math and computer whiz whereas I can rip apart and analyze the written or spoken word in a matter of moments, but have to have his help to create formulas. He's ultra laid-back; I'm rather obsessive. Our most obvious point of similarity is our shared enjoyment of eroticism. Yet, we can talk for hours about anything and everything, not just sex and erotic literature.

Our friendship had been moving along very well for years. After my most recent breakup, James had suggested helpfully that I needed some new cock to get over the old. Even through digital print as his words scrolled across the screen in the instant messaging window, I could hear the hope in his words: "I want to be that new cock." I disappointed and flattered him when I agreed it was a good idea, but stated, without him ever having asked, that he couldn't be the new cock. The frowning emoticon told me I'd guessed what was on his mind. I didn't want him as my new cock, because new cocks eventually become old cocks, and no way did I ever not want him to be a part of my life; he's just too good a friend.

A series of shocks ripped through James's life soon after that. He found out his ex-wife was moving out-of-state and taking their children with her. His girlfriend of three years dumped him. Then, a few weeks ago, he got the word that his ex-girlfriend had tried to kill herself. He needed a place where he could just be, could just talk and emote however would be most helpful. Our usual lunch spot was out; I sensed he wouldn't be comfortable expressing himself most freely there. So I invited him over for lunch.

He arrived early, catching me in the middle of putting my makeup on. In all the years we'd been friends, he'd never seen me that natural before. As I opened the door to him, something shifted, changing a dynamic that had been stable for months into something new and potent. He closed and locked the door, his very presence filling the tiny entry way. He reached out to hug me, but the dark storm lurking behind his enchanting blue eyes warned me that this would be different. Trustingly I went into his arms, not knowing what would happen, what portent the storm bore, but certain that James would never hurt me. As we hugged, I looked up at him, and that was all the invitation he needed. As his lips met mine, the storm surged around us, pummeling us with heat and fury. Tongues, mouths, hands... Every touch brought a sigh of surrender, a growl of conquest. Fingers tunneled through hair, grasping and pulling, claiming kiss after kiss. Standing on tip-toes, my body was pressed fully against his, and the evidence of his arousal behind the fly of his jeans ground into the softness hidden behind my linen pants.

We broke apart, stunned by what we'd just shared. Years we'd been together and neither of us had ever imagined that passion that hot ran between us. He went over to my computer and began working on debugging a problem while I fixed lunch. My hands trembled as I plated our food. Yet, I couldn't help but be struck at the domesticity of the scene.

Lunch wound down and we sat on the floor, looking out at the colorful riot of flowers and verdant green trees in the back of my townhouse as we talked softly, not wanting to intrude on the fragile peace of the moment. After a while, we both knew he had to get up and return to work, either on my computer problem or for his real boss. Our eyes caught and held. Edging towards me, James said, "You are beautiful." We kissed again, yet this time we could take it further. Hands and mouths were free to explore warm, bare skin. Clothes were left in a pile on the floor as we tangled together, savoring that first feel of each other's naked body. My fingers found his golden nipples hidden among the light sworls of hair on his chest. My teeth nipped at it and my tongue laved it as my hand caressed down his body, over his belly, until I found his turgid length lying against his hip.

My questing hand wrapped around it, eliciting a moan from James. I hadn't really looked at it as he was getting undressed, hadn't really been paying attention. But now, as my small hand struggled to encircle his girth, my head jerked up from where I'd been teasing his nipples and looked with awe at the treasure I'd discovered. "Holy shit! You are thick! I had no idea!"

James raised his head long enough to give me a saucy smile. "I'm glad you approve."

"Oh, I definitely do," I replied as my mouth lowered for a taste. A dew drop of precome glistened on the tip and as I took that first lick, I was struck my how familiar, yet, how new his flavor was to me. My mouth enveloped him, testing the size and the fit, glorying in the taste and smell of his musk. "I've fantasized about doing this for you for a long time, honey."

"Will I get to watch you swallow?"

"Uh huh," I replied around his length.

I worked his cock with my hand and mouth, stroking up from the bottom as I drew deeply on James's tumescence. His hand found mine and our fingers interlaced as I pleasured his cock, creating a new kind of intimacy. I could feel his legs begin to tremble as his orgasm approached, and finally my efforts were rewarded with the erotic taste of his hot come in my mouth.

I crawled back up his body, wanting to share his taste with him in a kiss. As his hands roamed over me, kneading and caressing my full breasts, tantalizing me to new heights, his whispered words sent delicious shivers down my spine, "Do you want to be licked?"

With a cheeky smile I responded, "Like you have to ask? I never turn down oral." As James situated himself between my legs, his mouth found my throbbing clit, gently sucking on it and giving it the occasional nibble. My back arched up off the floor and our fingers interlocked as he drove me ever closer to my peak. "You do that very well," I said (understatement of the year). A soft chuckle against my center was his only response.

Suddenly my entire body tensed as my orgasm swept over me, my hips bucking against his mouth as our hands tightened together. At long last I floated down while he just sat back on his heels and watched me, listening to my contented sighs and admiring the post-coital rapture on my face. He settled beside me to take me in his arms and kiss me, allowing me the erotic "after experience" of tasting myself and him combined. Eventually, duty's demands required he return to work.

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11-06-2008, 08:32 PM
A few weeks passed, and our schedules didn't allow us the opportunity to meet for lunch. By the time we were able to get together, I was craving him. Each night I fell asleep remembering the taste of him in my mouth. I fantasized about how amazing his cock would feel inside me, the width stretching me and the succulent curve arching against my g-spot better than any vibrator ever could. His deep voice on the phone lit my nerves, causing delightful shivery sensations to slide down my spine before settling in my womb. Once I was asleep, James filled my dreams, each one leaving me aching and hotter than before.

Once he was inside, I wasted no time in plastering my body to his and tilting his head down towards mine for a much longed for kiss. He tasted new and familiar all at once, and something in his kiss brought back the sweetness of teen romantic kisses when kissing was still novel. When we finally came up for air, he suggested we go ahead and go get lunch. I slipped my shoes on and grabbed my purse.

"If it were possible to die from horniness, I'd be terminal," I quipped as I opened the door. James's hand slammed against the door above my head, closing it again. His other arm came around my waist as he began to nibble and bite my neck.

"Is your life expectancy getting shorter?" he rasped in my ear, his warm breath tickling the swirl.

"Mmm, yes."

"How about now?" His hand found a breast and began to tease the nipple through my silk blouse and I could feel his hardness against my bum.

"Oh, yes," I sighed, grinding against him.

"Bet it's getting really short now." Long, agile fingers unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans while his other hand continued to torment my breast. I gasped as his fingers found my throbbing clit through my now damp thong.

James gently pushed me until I was bending over at the waist. He pushed my jeans and panties down and told me to grab the doorknob. I heard the soft rasp as his zipper slid down. "And what about now?" he asked as his cock slid over my exposed cheeks. The air from the vent above us cooled the precome where it trailed against my skin.

"Oh god, yes! I'm dying here!" I almost begged as I felt his member slipping between my cheeks. A pause at my virgin pucker made me wince (Surely not in my untrained ass!), but I relaxed again as his swollen head found my slit. Still he denied us both, resting his head just inside the opening, barely stretching me. I tried to rock back to take his length, but he held my hips steady, not letting me gain control.

Finally, at long last he slid it home, burying his cock in my pussy all the way to the base, filling me fuller and deeper than I've ever experienced. With one hand I was holding the doorknob, and the other was bracing against the doorframe. Even as he pounded me, ramming his thick penis into my juicy cunt over and over again, I rode him just as hard, rocking backwards to meet every thrust. My calves were screaming from the torture as I stayed on my toes and my breasts were swaying inside my blouse, the soft material teasing the hard tips. His tight sac smacked my clit with every thrust until finally... "Oh god James! Oh fuck, yes! Come with me honey!" I felt his body tense behind me as mine went taut in that moment before exultant pleasure swamped us both. His hot come exploded inside of me as my cunny squeezed and milked his cock, claiming every bit of his essence as mine.

I collapsed against the door, letting it bear my weight and his. His rapidly deflating member slowly slid out, dragging a trail of come with it. A solitary drop tickled as it made its way down the inside of my thigh. James held me close against him as we waited for our breathing to return to normal. After several long moments, he asked, "Shall we go to lunch now?"

Lunch was a rather hurried affair; the chemistry still zapped between us, making each of us acutely aware of the other. There was the silent understanding that after lunch we'd be picking up where we'd left off. Returning to my place, we rushed inside, anxious to feel each other again. We kissed as we stumbled down the hall to the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes in our wake. Naked and yearning, we fell together onto the bed, his weight welcome upon me. Of their own volition, my legs spread, cradling his hips between my soft thighs and granting his cock entrance into my channel, still wet from our earlier lovemaking. Even after the hard fucking he'd given me earlier, his thick member still stretched and filled me. And... Ohhh my! Long into many a night I'd fantasized about what his penis would feel like, how its curve would massage my g-spot perfectly. Even as good as my imagination is, nothing could have prepared me for the reality.

My head spun with each thrust, the intensity of the sensation taking my breath. It was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I wrapped my legs around his flanks, meeting each thrust with the arch of my hips. Our fingers were interlocked and his eyes stared down into mine, shutting out everything but us in our own little microcosm of pleasure. His pubis ground against my throbbing clit, giving me that extra stimulation I was craving. With a gasp, a cry, a scream, I came, whimpering his name over and over. Yet still he kept on, plunging in and out of my hole, knowing he'd take me to another one. Again, his cock rubbed my g-spot, firing nerve endings throughout my body, all centered around my feminine core. I continued to ride him from my position beneath him, wanting him to share in this pleasure and yearning to feel his hot come exploding inside me.

Panting, gasping, crying, whimpering... I kept riding the intense sensations of James's lovemaking. As they built, I was begging for release again, but he maintained the same rhythm, meant only to drive me to a fathomless, mindless ecstasy. I was nearly there. Then he stopped. He released my hands long enough to reach into the drawer in the bedside table and pull out my large butt plug. My juices, now flowing copiously from our lovemaking, provided plenty of lubrication as he slid the thick toy into my bum hole. With it securely in place and set to a seductive speed, James once more took my hands and continued his thrusts. Once more the pleasure built, though this time it was higher and more intense than it'd been before. We released each other's hands, James to pinch my nipples and me to hold on to him as I rode out the ecstasy.

His thrusts started coming harder and faster. He ground his pubic bone against mine, catching my clit in the middle, rubbing and pressing it hard. "Oh gawd! Fuck!" I panted out. Then the euphoria overtook me until I was out of my mind with it. I clawed, I bit, I scratched. I screamed, my passionate cries echoing off the vaulted ceiling. That's the last thing I remember.

When I came to just a few moments later, James was up on one elbow, looking down at me and smiling. He pushed my hair back off my face as he said simply, "Beautiful." I said nothing with words, just looked up at him, a satisfied smile on my face, and ran my fingers through his thick hair. Vaguely I was aware of his deflated cock slipping out of me in a puddle of our juices and the plug still hummed in my back door, now feeling rather invasive and uncomfortable. I winced when I saw the damage I'd done. Red welts covered his back and chest, some of them oozing a little blood. Fingernail marks peppered his body, red quarter moons against his pale skin. A bite mark graced his left shoulder, a very dark hickey danced with the pulse at the base of his throat.

I kissed him deeply before untangling myself from him and removing the plug. I went into the bathroom but came back a couple of minutes later with a warm washcloth and some balm for the scratches. I cleaned and doctored each love mark, helped him dress, kissed him good-bye and sent him back to work. There would, after all, be other lunch breaks.

The End

Count Dracula
11-06-2008, 08:32 PM
Please continue bro. This one looks interesting.

11-06-2008, 08:54 PM

Many stories were told around the table at Thanksgiving this year, but there was one big story that wouldn't make it out into the open. At the table was Bob, 55, his daughters Marie, 28, and Melanie, 25, Melanie's husband Ryan, 29, and Marie's "roommate" Tanya, 28. Everybody at the table had their share of secrets. One of them was Tanya, who, though openly gay, kept her relationship with Marie a secret per Marie's request. The girls had an open relationship, but Marie didn't want her dad to know she was bi and that she was living with a lesbian. But on Bob's last visit to see his daughter, he had discovered this on his own. Marie didn't know. Tanya didn't even know he knew.

Maybe if Tanya had known about his being informed, it would've been easier to deal with what had happened just the other day...

Tanya had picked up Bob the other night at the Vegas airport and showed him around the strip while Marie finished up a late night at work. But there had been an incident thanks to some dancing and a little too much drink that caused a very difficult moment. The pumping and grinding had led to Bob cumming on Tanya's back when she went too far in trying to help him enjoy himself on the dance floor.

It marked the first time Tanya had ever felt a man's cum--an experience she'd never been interested in before, but now couldn't get out of her mind. The two of them had done very well in forgetting about the incident and acting as though it'd had never happened, but only so far as the public was concerned. Inside, Bob couldn't stop thinking about other things he'd like to introduce the beautiful lesbian to, and Tanya couldn't stop thinking about how erotic that cum felt as it slid down her back and the crack of her ass.

All through dinner, the two kept thinking about their moment. They had been seated next to each other by coincidence, so it was hard to forget. They said very little as the dinner went on.

Afterward, they avoided each other during the clean-up and the lazy, post-Thanksgiving dinner lounging around. They even were of the same mind when they sat down in the living room; they sat on opposite ends of the couch so they wouldn't have to look at each other, and they had Marie sitting between them.

Hours went by as the group talked and drank wine and watched TV, until finally Ryan was the first of the five to go off to bed. Neither Bob nor Tanya would remember how long after that it was that they fell asleep, but when they woke up, the TV played some infomercial, the clock on the DVD player read 2am, and they were the only ones that hadn't gone off to bed. Still on opposite ends of the couch, both were still drowsy from their naps, and both pretended to be still asleep.

Each had their reasons for not simply getting up and going to their bed. For Bob, he was in a position that allowed his eyes to wander over Tanya's body. He peeked at her and admired her form in the rather tight t-shirt and snug sweat pants. Tanya was not fat but was big, standing tall and having great curves all around. Her C-cups pressed against the thin material of the t-shirt. She was Asian American, with a very exotic, beautiful face and impossibly dark hair.

Tanya stayed for a much more interesting reason. Though she had always thought Bob was attractive, men not being her thing meant it was always an innocent observation. Even now she knew she wasn't really attracted to him. But she was very interested in him nonetheless. She couldn't stop thinking about that moment when she felt his cum spraying on her, and her body tingled in desire for it to happen again. Though she couldn't believe it, Tanya was feeling tempted by a real dick for the first time in her life. She wanted to stay here, alone with him on this couch, because as long as they were both there, it gave a possibility that something would happen.

Tanya had no intention of doing anything. She just loved how her chest tightened at the feeling of being so close. She wanted to try things she'd never considered before, but she knew only the fantasy would be possible. There was just no way of making it look like an accident.

Minutes went by, with neither of them moving. The TV volume was low enough that they could hear each other breathing, but couldn't tell if the other was awake or not.

The fire between Tanya's legs and her own curiosity got the better of her though, and she decided to make a bold but relatively tame move. Pretending to be asleep just in case Bob was awake, Tanya shifted on the couch and lay down on her side, bringing her head to lie right next to Bob's thigh. Even bolder, however, was her left hand which fell limply but intentionally on the top of Bob's thigh, just inches from his crotch.

Fear and misjudging distance with her eyes closed had kept the move from being a success. Tanya had wanted to have her hand rest on Bob's crotch. Now that she had made the big move, she'd have to make another small move to reach her target, which would make her intentions more obvious if Bob was wake to notice. But she had gone this far, and even though she didn't know what she hoped to gain by feeling him, Tanya waited a long minute before moving her hand again, sliding up until she felt his dick beneath his jeans...his hard dick.

The surprise caught her so off guard that she opened her eyes and looked up to see if he was awake before even thinking about that if he was, he would see that she was, too. To her horror, Bob was awake, and in his own surprise he had looked down at her face. They locked disbelieving eyes for a second before quickly looking away. They closed their eyes again, each pretending to be asleep again even though they knew that part of this charade was over.

Minutes went by and neither moved. Except Bob's cock got harder under Tanya's limp hand, and Tanya felt herself growing wetting between her own legs, and she could feel her nipples pressing against the fabric of her tight t-shirt.

When nothing had happened for several minutes, Bob decided that Tanya was staying because she still wanted to pretend that they weren't playing this game, and that it was his turn. So he moved his hand as if it were an inadvertent shift mid-sleep until it rested on Tanya's chest, his palm feeling her hard nipple. When Tanya didn't make a move to respond to this right away, Bob knew he had done the right thing, especially when the nipple seemed to grow harder.

Tanya was fast talking herself into this game. Obviously Bob was awake, and he wanted to continue. If she had been honest with Bob and hadn't been pretending to be straight all these years for Marie, this would have been impossible. But--because she didn't know Bob knew she was gay--Tanya figured that, from his point of view, this could just be construed as two somewhat alcohol-impaired heterosexuals getting friendly.

But Bob knew Tanya was gay. He knew this was a big deal, and he desperately wanted to be a part of it.

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11-06-2008, 08:55 PM
He slipped his hand down the neck of her t-shirt and cupper her breast directly.

Bob's daring advance caught Tanya completely off-guard. Her body went tense and yet it boiled with excitement. She inadvertently pushed her chest up against his hand to feel its power and warmth. It wasn't a blatant move, but she knew Bob felt it. He felt so good against her hot skin, and Tanya let out a soft gasp in spite of herself.

She also began to gently rub Bob's erection with her formerly limp hand.

Tanya couldn't believe it even as she made up her mind to do it. Off all the guys to be her first, here she was with her lover's father!

The pretending was out the window at this point, but neither Tanya nor Bob felt comfortable facing each other yet. Tanya took the next step by turning her face and kissing Bob's arm as he slowly, softly, began to knead her hot tit. Each kiss sent jolts of electricity through Bob's body, and his erection wasn't merely growing, it was throbbing. Tanya eventually used her kisses to direct Bob's hand back out of her shirt until she was sucking on his fingers one at time, her eyes still closed as if she was unaware of what she was doing.

The absence of Bob's hand on her breast made Tanya even hotter than when it had been there because she wanted to feel him again so terribly. Eyes staying closed, she grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up and over her breasts, giving him his first ever look (though she didn't know if he had his eyes open to see this), then brought both of her hands to Bob's lap and began fumbling with his zipper.

Bob's eyes were open, and the only thing that could have drawn them from the mouth-watering mounds of bronze flesh was Tanya's feminine fingers--fingers that had never really touched a man before--reaching into his jeans and pulling out his raging hard cock.

Tanya quivered when she grabbed Bob with both hands and felt his stiffness and heat. Wanting more, she scooted up and tilted her head back until she had her head beside him. Because she was on her back, Tanya met Bob's cock with her face turned upside-down, which again only made her hotter because it was a position that only made touching him harder. Bob took his wet fingers from her mouth and grabbed one of her tits again. This freed her to open her mouth and she gasped, reaching for the cock with her lips while pulling it towards herself with her hands. There was no way she could suck him in this position, but she didn't want to. She just wanted to feel him against her face. And so Tanya held the hard dick to her, panting from the excitement of it. She rubbed it back and forth across her forehead and nose and even her lips, which she hadn't had the mindset to think of wetting yet.

Bob put both hands on Tanya's tits and massaged them with a strong yet sensual touch. They were spectacular breasts, and he couldn't remember ever handling a pair so soft and full. But as seconds went by and Tanya continued to writhe at his crotch, he didn't consider that she was teasing herself with him. Bob figured she wanted him, and so he ran his hands down past her chest, across her taut tummy, and then grabbed her by the waist and lifted and pulled her up to him, turning her on her side so that she was now face to face with his aching erection.

Tanya was surprised when Bob moved her, but she was also intensely aroused. Now she could take his cock into her mouth. But for a while she just held it and stared at it. She had fucked dildos before, but never sucked on one. The thought never excited her. But now, with a real, pulsing cock just an inch from her lips, Tanya was so hungry should couldn't contain herself, and yet she was terrified to take the next step. And then she remembered her charade--she was supposed to be, in Bob's eyes--a straight woman. So if she continued to hesitate, he would think something was wrong. So Tanya finally just went for it.

She took his cock head between her lips and sucked on it, repositioning her body without even realizing it until she was on her knees beside him. Tanya took Bobs cock in one hand and cupped his balls with the other as she sucked on just his tip, swirling her tongue around him there but not bobbing down. She heard Bob fight to catch his breath, and it excited her. She felt her heart about to beat right out of her chest. It didn't feel right, what she was doing. It felt alien to her to have this penis in her mouth, but Tanya couldn't deny how hot it was making her, and how she had no desire to take it out.

At her other end, Bob tugged at Tanya's sweatpants until they slipped down over her luscious ass, revealing black panties framing her two delicious orbs. Bob grabbed onto her ass, sending a spark through her, and suddenly Tanya plopped her lips off his dick and slid up to kiss Bob full and hard on the mouth. She pushed her breasts against his chest, held the back of his head with one hand while slipping her other hand down her panties to touch herself. But even that self-stimulation didn't satisfy her as much as feeling Bob's strong cock in her fingers, and Tanya quickly grabbed hold of him again at the base, pumping him strong but slowly.

Tanya's kiss was very wet, laced with pre-cum, and filled with passion.

"I want to taste you," she said in a needful, hushed voice. Then, forgetting or not caring that she was supposed to be an expert, she said, "Tell me what to do".

Bob directed her off only so he could get up and remove his clothes. Taking the cue, Tanya did the same at first, fully removing her t-shirt and sweats, but too cock-obsessed to take the time to remove her panties. She had nuzzled her head back into Bob's crotch, feeling him against her face, just as he was removing the last of his clothing.

Bob wanted to talk her through this, and he knew that she had asked for it, but he was enjoying feeling the beautiful young lesbian explore him. He said nothing and let Tanya decide what to do next as he sat back down on the couch. He sat with his back to the armrest and his legs stretched out over the cushions, one on either side of Tanya who still kneeled before him. Like a holy offering, his cock sat long and hard before her, and she dipped down to lick it's full length. For minutes she continued this, lapping at him without sucking, until finally she had worked herself up enough to take him in her mouth once again.

This time she didn't just tongue him, but actually sucked, moving up and down. She was definitely new, Bob thought, and he stiffened each time he felt her teeth gently scrape against him, but the tension it created made it even hotter. He held her head in his hands to help guide her, though she was doing most of the work herself. Soon she was really moving on him, and Bob knew he couldn't have nor did he want to slow her down. He reached under her, grabbed her huge, swinging tits, supported their weight in his hands, and just held on for the ride.

It wasn't long and he was moaning. Even the rookie cocksucker could sense what was coming.

"I want to swallow you," she said, though she didn't sound convincing. Sucking a cock was easy enough; actually swallowing a load of semen was a whole new ball game.

Still, hearing those words gave all the inspiration Bob needed, and suddenly he was shooting his seed and grunting, trying to keep as quiet as possible so as not to awake the others. He filled Tanya's mouth, who kept sucking him the whole time he came, but he could tell she wasn't swallowing. Her cheeks puffed out as he flooded her, and when she finally pulled off his cock and stood up before him on her knees, Tanya kept her lips tightly shut. A thick sheen of white goo clung to both lips. Her eyes were wide with fear of what to do next. Apparently she didn't want to swallow her first load of cum after all, but she didn't know what to do with it.

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11-06-2008, 08:56 PM
"You can spit it out," Bob said, but he was interrupted by Tanya shaking her head. Then she made a move like she was trying to fight her body and swallow the cum, but Tanya gagged and had no choice but to open her mouth. The whole load spilled out and cascaded down her body, on and between her tits, across her stomach and down over the fabric of her panties. She grabbed at it with her hands to try and catch some, but all she succeeded in was further spreading and smearing the mess.

The sight was just too much for Bob to take. He was still so hot that he couldn't help himself, and he sat up and pulled Tanya into his arms, grabbing her and pushing her back while positioning himself to stuff his miraculously still hard cock inside of her. Their bodies rubbed together, squishing and smearing the thick trail of cum, creating an awful mess of slick sperm, but neither cared, and in fact it just riled them up more to know how uninhibited they were being.

Bob pulled aside Tanya's cum-soaked panties and rubbed his slippery head against her pussy only briefly before pushing into her. She took him with ease, as she was used to having dildos fuck her, but no piece of rubber or plastic had ever excited her as much as this real, cum-coated flesh. If all felt so alive and energetic. Tanya clamped her pussy so tight around Bob that it was all he could do to stifle his scream. Their bodies lubricated in hot cum, the two fucked up a fast, hard rhythm right away. Bob couldn't believe his luck, being a 55 year old widower who was spending Thanksgiving fucking the cum out of a gorgeous lesbian that was half his age. He pounded and pounded her, and she pulled him to her, her hands, wet with cum, rubbing and sliding everywhere. She spread her legs and clamped them around his back.

Amongst their muted moaning and panting, Tanya looked into Bob's eyes to talk to him again.

"I still want to taste you."

He kissed her, tasting himself. And then he backed up off her just enough to free his hand from having to support him. Still fucking her, Bob dipped his fingers into the mess of jizz on her tummy and tits, then brought the sticky goo up to Tanya's lips and fed it to her. While the full load had apparently been too much, eating Bob's cum a little at a time seemed to be the perfect scenario for Tanya. She slurped and gulped the jizz down, licking his fingers clean each time he brought them back up to her with a new, dripping load.

Bob was getting close to cumming again, but he wanted to make sure Tanya got off before then, so he pulled out of her and rubbed his soaking cock back and forth over her clit, giving what he hoped was a sensation similar to what she might get in the lesbian world. The clit stimulation worked, because Tanya was soon squirming and shaking, and then an orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightening. She thrashed beneath Bob and kissed him hard on the mouth, then begged him to fuck her again in a voice she had to struggle to whisper.

Bob fucked her during the latter half of Tanya's orgasm, and her pussy squeezed him so intensely that he was instantly cumming again. He shot into her, filling the virgin pussy with a second load of cum before Tanya, feeling it, pulled him out for a second try at taking it down her throat. She directed him up as he shot his white wad, sending streams of cum across her belly, tits, neck, and face before finally she put him in her mouth. He fed her only a couple spurts of sperm before he was done, but Tanya gulped it all, and when she was done, she placed his dick so she could feel it against her face as she smeared the cum on her body deeper into her skin with her hands.

Bob hovered over her face like that for several minutes, loving the feeling of his sticky cock softening against Tanya's pretty face. He even moved a little to rub his balls over her nose and eyes a few times. But then his legs started to cramp up, and he had to get up.

Tanya stayed on the couch, her whole body glistening from cum. The couch beneath her was a mess, but she didn't seem to care. He was ready to get dressed again and try to conceal what had happened--starting by cleaning the couch--but Tanya had other plans. She spread her legs and looked at him, waiting. Her panties were still pushed to the side, so her naked pussy was in full view, covered with his cum.

Bob wasn't sure he really wanted to taste that much of himself by going down on her, but he moved onto his knees beside her anyway, wanting to please her so she wouldn't have to reconsider on whether on not to do this again. He grabbed her thighs, opened his mouth--

"You still out here?" It was Marie's voice, groggy from sleep.

Tanya and Bob froze. Marie had come from behind the couch, walked past the back of it and into the kitchen. She hadn't been able to see Bob from her route, but she would've seen Tanya's head resting on the couch armrest.

"I'll be in in a minute," Tanya said, obviously disappointed she was going to have to take a rain check.

Bob grabbed his clothes and rushed into his guestroom while Marie was getting a glass of water in the kitchen. Tanya hurriedly dressed and tried her best to hide the cum on the couch, flipping over cushions and throw pillows.

Marie was still in the kitchen when Tanya finished her haphazard evidence removal, but she still had herself to worry about. She was covered in a film of cum and certainly smelled of sex. She jumped into the bathroom, stuffed her clothes into the bottom of the hamper, then got into the shower.

This was the master bath, and the only people that used this shower were Marie and Tanya, therefore there was no reason to hide the dildo that sat amongst the shampoos and conditioners. After washing, Tanya grabbed it, studied it, and instead of bringing it down between her legs like she so often did, she brought it up...to her lips...and sucked on it.

She wondered what excuse she was going to give Marie, her lover, for taking a shower at 2 in the morning. Because the truth would never do.

And then she wondered how she was going to get Bob alone again so he could finish what they'd started.

The End

11-06-2008, 09:11 PM
Kate's Night Out

It was a tough day for Kate. At work today she was stuck in a 4 hour meeting with a man she absolutely despised. Lucky for her, her friend Mateo was there to help her endure this ordeal.

She felt absolutely exhausted from the long day when she got home and was grateful to have the house to herself for the weekend since her family went on a short vacation together.

She went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Even tired she was pleased with her own beautiful reflection. Her blond hair flowed gentle along her shoulders and framed her pretty hazel eyes perfectly. Her gentle subtle smile at herself was comforting as she began to disrobe and de-stress from her day.

Off came the tan blazer she work displaying a silky black cami and lacy black bra.

Off came the matching skirt exposing the satiny black thong that she wore on days when she wanted to feel pretty.

Removing the rest of her clothes slowly, she swayed her hips, teasing her twin in the full length looking glass and making herself blush from excitement.

She climbed into the shower but left the door open so that she could watch herself bathe.

The water and soap cascaded down her tall, voluptuous frame.

She grabbed the loofah that she uses to cleanse herself and began a slow sexy dance while she scrubbed the grit and grime of tension off her body. She lifted her breasts one by one and washed them, bringing herself to an amused, warm state.

She giggled inside as she washed her own flat tummy and smooth, firm thighs. Her thighs were like Tina Turner's thighs. No, they were better. As she shaved her pussy her hands trembled slightly from the self-inflicted sex-rush that she was having. She carefully crafted a thin line of pubic hair down the middle of her mound.

It took a lot of strength to avoid touching herself and putting on a show for herself in the mirror.

She was saving herself for...

For what? For whom?

As Kate dressed for the night she chose the silky white Victoria's Secret thong that she had been dying to wear. She grabbed her favorite, short and sassy black dress and her black 6 inch stiletto heels. She read somewhere that occasionally wearing shoes like that could actually enhance your sex life because they cause you to clench your pubic floor muscles, thus strengthening them. To hell with that, she wore them because they made her look hot.

She made her way to her favorite dance spot, listening to Trey Songz, Last Time, on the radio. She thought about her friend Mateo and wished he was there. He is such a comfort to have around. No pressure, no agenda, just a neat guy to know.

She grabbed a seat at the bar. She had several drinks and danced with a couple of nice guys. Kate was such a vision of beauty that night that she got tons of attention. Her favorite kind of attention: Guys were attracted to her and friendly but they kept a respectable distance. Well, most of them did anyway.

After her third dance partner of the night, she made her way to the bar to have a tall double Captain and Coke.After finishing about half of it a dark shadow was cast over her right shoulder. As she turned to see who or what was causing it, her breath was lost. There stood the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

He stood over 6 feet tall. Kate, tall and imposing to some, felt tiny next to him. It wasn't so much a matter of him having height but having a presence about him. He had dark brown curly hair that came down just below his ears. He had piercing, dark eyes that seemed sinister, yet sexy. His broad shoulders were shrouded by a black button up shirt with long sleeves. Although he had it buttoned, you could see the top of his chest. It bulged out enough to show strength but he was clearly not a muscle-head. When he smiled he showed teeth; strong, white and sharp. He seemed so strong and confident that Kate felt herself leaning closer as if drawn by gravity even before he turned to notice her. Their eyes met for a moment, he smiled, said hello and he was gone before she finished her greeting.

His walking away from her like that made her want to get up and follow. She watched in awe of this incredible man as he smoothly walked across the dance floor and took a sit near the back.

He wore brown slacks and shoes and it seemed to go perfectly with the shirt that he was wearing. His shoulders and lower back merged into that manly, sexy V from his shoulders to his waist that most women like to see in a man. His hips and butt hinted that he may be an athlete or some kind. Strong thighs and hamstrings were apparent under the material of his pants.

Kate felt a warm lurch in loins and she became aware that she was getting wet.

She finished her drink and bobbed her head to the music but her mood changed. She refused to dance again when suitors invited her. She noticed no other people at the bar and she was officially in a fog, laced with lust.

As she glanced to where tall dark and handsome was sitting she felt another lurch in her tummy. This one of disappointment as he was no longer there. She paid for her drink and climbed down from her seat. As she started to walk away she dropped her phone. As she stood from picking it up, there he was, this dark sexy figure of a man. He appeared like a unexpected warm summer breeze in April.

He talked in a calm confident manner as he asked her to dance with him one time before she left.

I can't let you leave without having one dance with me, he said in a voice warm and deep.

Then he grabbed her by the hand as her favorite song started to play, right on cue. He danced the way he walked, sure and confident. He kept the beat and even put a little seductive twist in his hips from time to time, dazzling her with his timing and an occasional brush of his hand on her arm.

Song after song they danced in perfect sync as if they had rehearsed. From afar it appeared a mating dance of a couple who are familiar with one another.

When the slow songs started she waited tentatively to see what he would do. Without hesitation, he took her in his mighty arms and pulled her close. Instinctively she put her arms around his neck and allowed herself to sink into his sturdy frame.

They danced the night away without so much as a word spoken between them. Who is this silent, handsome creature? He had not asked her name even, and did not volunteer his. She felt unnerved and unsure.

When he spoke, it was in a steady, confident pace, articulating like a man sure of what he wanted and used to getting it.

He asked her: will you go for a ride with me, the stars are out, the air is warm, and the night is young.

Refusal was not an option.

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11-06-2008, 09:12 PM
He took her by the hand and led her out to the parking lot. Waiting for them there was a limousine, not all stretched out and gaudy looking but sophisticated, clean and dark, like Mr. Stranger. Inside, the lighting was dim, the leather seating comfortable and the music low and romantic. There was a privacy tinted privacy window and the car was warm and inviting.

They drove around downtown and made their way to Belle Isle park. From there, the lights from the casinos and skyscrapers in Detroit and Windsor were visible.

They rode in silence, hand in hand and gazed at the city lights, the moonlight of the full moon and the stars in the sky. She felt comfortable even with this mysterious man who seemed perfectly okay to not chat her up.

Eventually they made their way to the Anthenium Hotel where he was staying for the weekend. The hotel was classy and well decorated, bronze statues and cherub water fountains adorned the lobby. Everything seemed so dim and dark, from the marble on the floor to the tapestries on the walls. The scene was dim, yet it felt right somehow, not threatening, but warm.

They rode the elevator quietly to the penthouse suite and he led her into the room by the small of her back, causing butterflies in her inner walls.

Inside the suite there was champagne on ice, candle light and gigantic king sized bed cloaked with black satin sheets and warm looking black comforter. Kate immediately felt at home.

Mr. Stranger grabbed her in his arms and planted hungry kisses on her waiting mouth. He made his way down to her neck and nibbled on her hungrily. He bit her neck and that startled her and exhilarated her at the same time.

He expertly undressed her, taking the time to kiss her neck, chest and tummy. As he undressed himself she found herself awestruck at his beauty. His chest had the slightest amount of hair and his stomach was tight and firm. His legs were pillars of steel just like she had imagined as he walked away from her at the disco. His cock swung freely as he removed his boxers (the boxers were black of course). His dick was thick and long and so...healthy looking.

He quietly escorted her to the waiting jacuzzi and they stepped in. Without speaking, his eyes directed her in what she should do next. She leaned in and kissed his lips several times and then she found herself straddling his hips, sitting on top of his semi-rigid cock. They kissed passionately and she went down to suck his nipples and touch his massive chest muscles.

His heartbeat quickened and she could hear it pounding against the inside of his heaving chest. She looked into his eyes, so dark and mysterious and fiery. His hot eyes gave her more instruction, she took a deep breath and ducked under the water. She took his swelling cock into her mouth and began to bob up and down; a challenge while holding her breath in the hot jacuzzi water. Her golden blond hair floated and tickled his 6 pack abs. Soon his cock was standing straight up, at attention. As it rose, it was so tall that she was no longer under water. She could breath and suck and lick and flick her tongue on this wonderful organ of his.

He began to rub her shoulders and soon grabbed her head to bring her up for a kiss. He kissed her hard and deep. He then took her in his arms and hugged her so hard that it took her breath away. Next he led her out of the tub and toweled her off slowly.

They made their way to the king sized bed with the extra large pillows. He sat on the side of the bed and again with his eyes he commanded her to kneel and take his large cock into her mouth. She obliged him willingly. She grabbed his shaft and licked him slowly from the back of his balls to the tip of its head. She sucked him in deeply, taking him into her moist hot throat.

She then squeezed him between her warm soft breasts. She held them together and lifted them again and again giving him an incredible visual as she boob fucked him for what seemed like hours.

He watched intently and when their eyes locked on each other, she knew it was her turn. She climbed on the bed and he gently turned her over and began rubbing her back. As if by psychic knowledge, he found that sweet spot on her lower back that gives her so many problems. He kneaded it, he caressed it and he kissed that spot warmly. She purred encouragement and he lingered there and that relaxed her.

In one smooth motion, he again turned her over, pulled back the comforter and revealed dozens of fragrant black rose pedals. Her head spun with excitement as she snuggled into the bed of roses. He burrowed under the covers and he slowly lifted her knees. He planted warm kisses on her neatly trimmed lips. She sighed deeply, surprising herself at how she was able to surrender to this man.

His tongue was long. It was wet. It was hot. It was inside her and her stomach began to flutter delightfully. He masterfully brought her close to an orgasm but seemed to pull back just before the point of no return.

Before she could catch her breath, he brought himself up to her level and entered her forcefully. He gasped and he felt his cock being squeezed by one of the tightest pussies he had ever tangoed with. He started a slow steady grind against her deep core and brought the speed and force up gradually. Soon she found herself throwing her own legs up near her shoulders and abandoning the warmth of the soft sheets and comforter. This move silently said to him: fuck me...so he did.

He started a frantic pounding of her pussy. God, was he trying to puncture her lungs? It took her breath away to get fucked like this but she loved every minute of it. She loved every thick heavy inch of this man inside her.

Again she got closer to coming. He seemed to sense that and he slowed his pace, teasing her, frustrating her but still, it gave her a chance to savor this gorgeous man who was fucking her brains out. Before she could think, Mr. Stranger pull out! She thought she'd faint at the sudden feeling of emptiness.

He backed up, silently rolled her over and pulled her up on all fours by her hips. Fuck Yes! she thought, this is gonna be good. He entered her from behind and proceeded to pump into her, her butt clapping and bouncing as he drove and drove and drove her closer to the edge. Her orgasm started to grow and glow inside her like a lit candle in her core. She got closer and closer as he fucked deeper and deeper.

All of a sudden he placed his thumb on her ass hole applying just the right amount of pressure and that was all she needed. Her insides spasmed and fireworks exploded around her temples. Her pretty hazel eyes slammed shut and her mouth gaped open. She couldn't breath and her pussy clamped down on his dick so hard that it hurt him. He continued to fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and he thought to himself: this is the best pussy on the planet.

He came into her, splashing his cum into her with jets of warm wetness. What a mess! Their breathing peaked, their hearts pounded and the sweat poured. The black rose pedals dotted her body as she sank down into the bed and immediately feel asleep.

Awakening the next morning in her own bed, she began to panic. Where had she been? Who was that man? Where did he go? Did that really happen? No, it had to be a dream. She made her way to the shower so she could meet Mateo for breakfast. As she glanced into the full length mirror she stopped dead in her tracks when on her neck she noticed a single bite mark...

The End

11-06-2008, 09:46 PM
Impregnating Jenny

Jenny Palmer was eighteen, and was thinking about her aunt as she walked home from sixth-form college. She was a pretty auburn-headed girl, slightly plump, with shoulder-length hair and green eyes. She had a slight frown and was distracted: she was trying to work out what was going on with her aunt.

She was living with her Auntie Louise, because her family had moved away and she wanted to stay on and finish her A-levels. Louise wasn't really her aunt, just a friend of the family; but Jenny had always called her that and Louise had never treated her any differently than an aunt. But living with Auntie Louise was beginning to show Lucy a different side to her aunt that she had never seen before.

First of all, Louise seemed to have at least three regular boyfriends who would come over at all times of day and night. And while she always had dressed quite boringly at family events, she seemed to have an incredible collection of slutty clothes for going out on Friday nights. She would dress up in dark red lipstick, incredibly high heels, and very revealing tops and skirts. Since Louise was tall and dark haired and still only 37 she looked incredibly sexy dressed up like this.

The thing that was most disturbing was how much she talked to Jenny about sex. For one thing Auntie Louise seemed interested in was her time of the month. And then a couple of nights after Lucy moved in, Louise had given Lucy a glass of white wine with dinner. She topped it up twice until Lucy was quite tipsy, and then had sat her down on the sofa and started asking about boys.

Did Jenny have a boyfriend? No. Was she seeing anyone? No. Was she a virgin? Yes, Jenny answered with a blush. As Jenny talked Louise was stroking Jenny's hair. Did Jenny have any fantasies? Jenny blushed and wouldn't say anything at this point, so Louise started talking about fantasies.

She said how pretty shy girls like Jenny often had fantasies about being dominated or tied up. This wasn't wrong or bad, but natural. If, for example, a man tied you up and forced you to have him, then you couldn't be blamed for what he did. So many young girls unsure about themselves would enjoy these fantasies without having to worry about right and wrong.

Louise went on to describe a favourite fantasy that she had as a young girl, where she had been tied up and then forced to suck a man's cock and then be fucked by him. Jenny listened, a little shocked, but felt like her whole body was tingling as Louise stroked her hair and described the fantasy in detail.

Jenny had never had any fantasies like this, but that night her dreams were full of images of herself tied and bound, unable to resist as various men took her and used her. She woke up in the middle of the night, her hands between her legs, dripping with wetness and she quickly rubbed herself to a climax.

The real trouble for Jenny came when Louise brought home her latest boyfriend, John. Something about John completely got to Jenny and she found she couldn't take her eyes off of him. He was about 35 but very lean and fit, dark haired, with a muscular frame and piercing blue eyes. When he first met Jenny he seemed to see straight through her and as he kept eye contact, it seemed to melt her. And try as she could, she always felt her eyes moving to look at him when he was in the room.

She knew Louise had noticed. The older woman looked at Jenny with a smile and said, "Gorgeous, isn't he? I know you think so because I saw you staring at him."

Seeing Jenny blush, Louise carried on. "Oh, don't worry, I don't mind. I'm not surprised, he's devilishly attractive... and you should see him in bed! He only has to touch me and I have an orgasm."

Poor Jenny was bright red by now.

"Anyway dear, don't worry. You'll see him again next Wednesday. I've invited him round for dinner." said Louise.

That Saturday Jenny was sitting down to a late breakfast when Auntie Louise said, "Dear, I've been meaning to talk to you about something. I know you aren't a child anymore so I'm sure you won't mind discussing this. It's just ever since you said you were a virgin I've been thinking about it. You don't want your first experience of sex to be ruined by pain and blood, so you really ought to do something about your hymen."

Jenny couldn't believe what Auntie Louise was saying. "Auntie," she stammered, "what do you mean?"

Louise paused, looking directly at her with her beautiful brown eyes and said, "Well you could always see the doctor, but if you like, I could take care of it for you. I would make it very painless and easy, and then when you do meet the right man you wouldn't have to worry about it. Anyway, I don't want you to make any decisions now, just think about it." And before Jenny could reply, Louise moved matter-of-factly out of the room.

But if Jenny thought that was the end of it, she was quite wrong. That night, Louise brought out a chilled sweet wine. Along with a delicious meal and a DVD they sat on the sofa, and Jenny got tipsy once again.

After the plates were cleared away, Louise pulled Jenny over next to her. She then placed her arm around Jenny while they watched the end of the DVD and finished the bottle of wine.

When the movie finished, Louise said, "Have you thought about what I said this morning? I think you should take my advice."

Jenny stammered that she wasn't sure, and suddenly Louise displayed a new side to her character.

Her voice became like iron as she said, "Young lady, you are a guest in my house and I think you should learn that while you are under my roof you need to give full weight to my advice. Now go and get changed into just your nightgown while I go and get my things together."

Jenny didn't know what to say; her own parents had never talked to her like that.

In the end she got up and went to her bedroom. She only had one nightgown and she didn't really wear it, but she got it down. It was quite short, just above her knees; she also didn't like the way her large breasts wobbled without a bra, but in her tipsy state she thought it best not to cross Louise.

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She came back and found that Louise had put an array of things out on the coffee table - another bottle of wine was open, there was a towel covering the sofa, another towel on the coffee table, along with a small tube and the cord from a dressing gown.

"Now," began her aunt, "this is the perfect time. You had your period last weekend, and you will be fine. The main thing is to be relaxed. When you first sleep with a man there will be a lot of nerves, and you will tense up. That will make it more painful. With your Auntie you can just relax. I want you to have another glass of wine while I rub your feet. Sit down on the towel, dear."

So Jenny sat down, a little nervous. She kept holding her hands in her lap to stop her nightgown from riding up, and to hide her soft breasts and the nipples which seemed to unaccountably be poking through the cotton. Louise started to rub her feet and it felt wonderful, but she still couldn't relax not knowing what was going to happen.

After five minutes, Auntie Louise spoke, very sternly, "Now darling, I can't do this if you're going to sit there protecting yourself like that. I want you to trust me. Do you trust me?"

"Er... I guess so Auntie."

"Yes or no?"

"Yes Auntie, I trust you," said Jenny.

"Ok then, I'm going to tie your hands behind your back. I know it sounds odd, but it will stop you from struggling and worrying. I'll be very careful. Now stand up and turn around, and put your hands behind you."

All these were said very calmly while she took Jenny's hand, and slowly pulled her to her feet, and she gently took one hand behind her back, and waited patiently until Jenny finally brought the other one around. Louise carefully tied her hands - not too tight, but tight enough so Jenny couldn't do anything.

Then she carefully sat the younger girl back and helped her so that she was comfortably sitting. The position of Jenny's hands forced her bottom forwards towards the front of the sofa so that her breasts pushed out, and her chubby thighs caused the gown to ride up a little. Then Louise brought the glass of chilled wine to Jenny's lips and carefully gave her a sip and then another, and then kept giving it to her till she had drunk the whole glass.

Feeling a little woozy, Jenny really didn't know what was happening. She felt Louise's hands stroking all over her body - her thighs and shoulders, her face and lips and then down her breasts. She closed her eyes and felt the tingling grow all over her body as her aunt's hands carefully, gently, softly worked over her, turning her on, making her pussy start to throb and tingle. She could feel herself moisten.

Then Louise's hands started to stroke her legs, pulling them apart. All the while Louise was talking, almost to herself, "What a good girl, what a sweet, lovely girl. Yes, that's right, let Auntie look after you. What beautiful soft breasts, what lovely nipples, some lucky man is going to love them. Mmmmm, how soft your thighs are dearest, how lovely."

Jenny suddenly moaned as her aunt's hand moved up to her pussy and gently slid between her lips and over her clitoris. Tied up and helpless, Jenny submitted to the treatment and found that Louise seemed to know exactly how to drive her mad. One hand was rubbing her nipple, gently at first and then harder and harder, and meanwhile the other hand was teasing and stroking, driving her clit wild.

Then Louise stopped for a second.

Jenny opened her eyes to see Louise pulling a dildo out from under the towel, and then she unscrewed the lid of the tube of lubricating jelly and squeezed a dollop onto her fingers. She rubbed this onto Jenny's pussy lips and slowly pushed a little into her pussy, and then she got the dildo and started to work it gently between Jenny's lips.

Jenny moaned as the head of the dildo pushed in a tiny bit, as her aunt gently explored, trying to find the hymen without opening it yet. Then Jenny felt her aunt's fingers working on her clit again. She opened her legs wider as the fingers stroked and rubbed her swollen clit, and she felt her breathing deepen as the tingling built up inside her. Jenny could feel the dildo up against her hymen, pushing but not hard, and although she was scared, she desperately wanted it inside her, filling her.

She started to buck her hips as she moaned louder and louder as Louise brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Then suddenly as she came, Louise pushed the dildo in hard; the pain mingling but buried by the intensity of her most amazing orgasm ever. The dildo seemed to push right inside her and she screamed with pain and pleasure as she came.

"Oh yes, what a good girl you are. See? You must always trust Auntie, I know exactly what's best. You must promise me you will always do what I ask you. Will you promise me?"

Jenny didn't really know what was going on, but in her dazed state she said "Yes, Auntie", the words hardly coming out as she tried to catch her breath, the dildo still tight inside her newly opened pussy.

"You stay there and recover baby, I have a present for you," said Louise, pulling the dildo from her pussy, untying her arms and then getting up and walking to the next room.

Jenny lay there on the sofa, catching her breath. Louise had left a set of tissues next to her on the sofa, and she carefully wiped the blood from her pussy. She felt sore, but wonderful too, not only from the orgasm, but from how comforting it felt to think her Auntie was looking out for her and looking after her.

Louise came back with a smart bag from a designer label, and handed it over. Jenny stood up and looked inside. Inside, wrapped in tissue paper was the most beautiful set of clothes - a gorgeous simple dark green dress, about knee length with a v-neck, silk shoulder straps that tied in beautiful bows, together with a pair of gorgeous 1 inch heeled sandals, and a beautiful bronze satin bra and knicker set. What's more, everything looked to be exactly her size.

"But, Auntie, is this really for me? How did you know my size?"

"Try it on darling; see if it fits. Here, let me help you." Suddenly Louise pulled Jenny's gown off. Coming round behind her, she helped Jenny put on the bra and adjusted her heavy breasts into the cups with a gentle hand. Then she knelt down and helped pull up the knickers, finally helping her with the sandals.

"Mmmmm, you look beautiful darling," she said as she walked round, looking at Jenny's plump teenage body in the underwear. "I do your washing dear, so it's not hard to know your sizes, but I bought you a slightly larger size of bra. I think this one fits much better than ones you've been wearing."

It was true, the bra fitted perfectly, with none of the bulges that Jenny normally had, and it felt heavenly on her skin. Then she pulled on the dress and did a little swirl; the skirt was soft and silky and flared and it felt delicious on her skin.

"Here, darling, one more thing," said Louise, handing over a neat box. Inside was the most lovely necklace, and it went beautifully with the dress and the cleavage that the new bra and v-neck were presenting.

"Auntie, you can't buy me all this," said Jenny, blushing, not really wanting to give it back.

"Darling," said Louise, looking Jenny clearly in the eye. "You've been a very good girl tonight, and as long as you remember your promise to do as I ask, you shall everything you want and need. Now take off those things, and let me pack them away. I'll look after them for now."

That night as Jenny lay in bed, trying to make sense of what was happening to her, Louise came in and gave her a little kiss, soft but closed-mouthed on her lips, and said, "Sleep well, baby."

Nothing exciting happened for a couple of days, but Jenny seemed unable to think of anything except that amazing orgasm, her aunt, and sex for the next few days. Every night she ended up lying in bed, her wet fingers exploring her newly opened pussy and her mind remembering every moment of Saturday night. Every time she thought of Auntie Louise's fingers and that slim dildo taking her maidenhead she came again, reliving the ecstasy.

Then when she got home from college on Wednesday, Louise had laid out her new outfit on her bed, with a note saying, "Take a shower and then wear these tonight. Aunt Louise." Nothing more.

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11-06-2008, 09:49 PM
It was while she was in the shower that she remembered that this was the night John was coming round. She blushed at the thought of wearing the revealing clothes, heels and necklace in front of him. She was nervous and excited as she changed; just putting on the clothes reminded her of Saturday night and started to make her tingle and wet.

When the doorbell rang she was still sat in her room. Louise let John in and then a few minutes later called her. Jenny came into the living room very nervous and blushing, and it wasn't helped when John gave her his most devastating smile and then clearly eyed her up and down.

"Hello! Jenny, isn't it? Louise has been telling me how well you are settling down to live here."

Jenny couldn't be sure, but it seemed like John gave a knowing smile at this point. What had her aunt been telling him?

Over dinner Jenny didn't really say much. John was wearing a short sleeved shirt that seemed to show off his shoulders and made his tanned forearms look delicious. She tried not to drink all her wine, but there was no water at the table, and the meal was a spicy Mexican dish.

Louise and John made most of the conversation and they both kept looking at her. She was very embarrassed when Louise asked John if he thought Jenny was pretty, but secretly pleased when he replied that she was simply gorgeous. But she didn't know what to think when a moment later John kissed Louise across the table. It wasn't a discreet kiss but a fully passionate one, and it seemed to stir up all her emotions watching these two, thinking Louise was going to sleep with this gorgeous man that night.

After dinner, Aunt Louise asked Jenny to help clear away. Standing in the kitchen, Louise moved closer to Jenny and whispered in her ear, "You look ravishing, baby, John couldn't keep his eyes off of you. Now, are you wearing what I asked? Let's see."

With that she lifted up the front of the dress to reveal the Jenny's pussy tightly pressed against the bronze satin knickers. Suddenly Louise pushed her hand down the front of them and her finger slid right into Jenny's pussy. Jenny hadn't realised but she was wet and Louise's finger slid in easily. Louise pulled it out and before Jenny could say or do anything, had slid the wet finger into Jenny's mouth. Jenny couldn't believe what was happening - the thought of tasting herself half disgusted her, but the taste of her own pussy was intoxicating on her aunt's finger and she realised she was sucking it clean.

"Now turn around and close your eyes dear."

Jenny wasn't sure but she did as she was told. She felt her aunt's hands gently stroking her, and then ever so subtly she felt her arms pulled behind her back. The next thing she knew they were handcuffed behind her.

"Auntie, don't!" said Jenny, suddenly waking up from the daze that she had been in.

"Now darling baby, you mustn't worry. You know your Aunt has your best wishes in mind. Now I want you to look me in the eye," Louise said, as she gently turned Jenny around.

"John wants to fuck you, and I know you want him too. Now, I'm only going to offer you this chance once. If you really want, I'll undo the handcuffs, you can go to your room, and I'll have John."

"But if you want to have the most amazing night of your life, you just have to say 'Yes Auntie'. If you do, then you will stay handcuffed until I undo you, and anything that John or I want we can have. You have to submit to our every wish. And whatever happens, you know I love you and will look after you."

Jenny stood there, not knowing what to say or do, but her Auntie's eyes seemed to be melting her as she looked straight into Jenny's young face and smiled.

Jenny seemed in a different world as she heard her own voice say, "Yes, Auntie."

"Good girl. Now, aren't you pleased I got you ready for John last weekend? He loved the idea of taking your virginity, but he didn't want to deal with the mess and pain of your hymen."

Jenny looked shocked as she realized that the whole thing - the experience, the dress, the underwear - had all been arranged by her aunt for the benefit of John.

Her aunt led her back into the living room where John was waiting. He had undressed and apart from a pair of black boxers, his beautiful tanned and muscled body was naked.

He seemed completely at ease, and it was as if he had never expected anything else than to see Jenny led in handcuffed. He walked over to her and kissed her hard, his hands exploring her breasts and thighs, all the while Louise was holding her in front of him by the shoulders.

Then Jenny felt her Louise's mouth on her neck and earlobes. The younger girl had to close her eyes as the two of them stroked and touched and kissed her, and the pleasure became almost too much to bear. There was nothing she could do except accept it - her hands were handcuffed, and she was held between the two of them.

Louise undid the bows on Jenny's dress, and pulled it down over her generous breasts. She felt her aunt pulling the bra straps down over her shoulders but leaving it done up at the back and then gently pulling each breast out of the cup, so they sat on the bra, exposed, held up, almost offered to John. His mouth moved down to her nipples and she moaned as he bit them - not hard enough to hurt, but enough to make her feel like he would if he wanted to.

"Get down on your knees," whispered her aunt into her ear, kissing it as she did.

She felt Louise supporting her as she knelt down. John just stood in front of her, and she could see a wicked bump through his underwear. Her aunt moved around behind him, then carefully pulled his boxers down. She left Jenny there for a minute to stare at the first cock she had ever seen in real life. It looked far bigger than she had expected.

The she realized that her aunt was standing beside them both, one hand slowly stroking John's cock and the other on the back of Jenny's neck, pushing her mouth towards the cock. Jenny instinctively opened her mouth and felt the heat of his rod as the head was pushed between her lips. She sucked at it, inexpertly, loving the feel of it in her mouth. It may not have been the perfect technique, but she got a moan out of John. She noticed Louise pulling off her own clothes, leaving just her underwear.

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11-06-2008, 09:50 PM
"That's enough!" Louise said. "We don't want to waste any of that precious cum, do we, John?"

He smiled at Louise but it could be seen that he only wanted one thing, and that was to cum.

"Now sweetie, let's get you out of those wet undies".

Louise pulled Jenny back to her feet and then bent her over the table, forcing her breasts onto the cold surface, and pulling the dress up at the same time. She pulled the knickers down, and then started rubbing Jenny's juice all around the lips and clit, making Jenny moan as the fingers slid in and out of Jenny's tight pussy.

Jenny suddenly realised she was about to be fucked for the first time. She looked over her shoulder to see Louise whispering into John's ear. She saw John's cock and felt thrilled and scared to have it inside her. She suddenly realized that he wasn't wearing a condom.

"Auntie," she called out, "John isn't wearing any protection."

"Darling, don't worry about that. It's going to feel wonderful. John will be very good with you."

"But ... Auntie," stammered Jenny.

"Shhhhh, darling, remember your promise."

"Auntie..... I don't want to get pregnant."

Louise suddenly brought her hand up and spanked Jenny hard on her exposed bottom. She didn't do it once, she kept doing it until Jenny's arse was red and she was crying and screaming out in pain. Then Jenny felt Louise gagging her, tying a scarf to cover her mouth.

Jenny felt completely lost. She didn't know what was going on. She heard Louise say to John, "Just give me a minute with Jenny".

Then Louise was next to her, whispering in her ear, "Darling baby. You have to trust your aunt."

As she said this, her hand slipped between Jenny's legs and started to stroke her again. Jenny couldn't resist her aunt's fingers; her aunt knew exactly how to turn her on. All the while her aunt was talking to her.

"Darling, you mustn't worry about getting pregnant, you will make a lovely mother. John really wants to pump his sperm into you, and today is your most fertile time. That's why you are so horny tonight darling baby. Please don't worry, I'll help you look after the baby, and I know you will love being pregnant. You know I planned this all, and I even chose John to make you pregnant because he's so good looking."

Jenny's brain was on overload here – on one hand her aunt was planning to get her pregnant, and yet she couldn't resist the fingers stroking her. She couldn't help herself from moaning beneath the gag. This obviously was what Louise was waiting for, as she called out to John to come over.

Louise untied the gag, and even though she could now cry out all she did was moan with pleasure. Despite her worries about getting pregnant, deep down she just needed John's cock inside her. She felt her aunt's hands holding her lips apart, holding her pussy open.

Then she felt John's strong hands on arse, and then the head of his cock pushing against her pussy. And then suddenly she felt his cock forcing inside her. It was much bigger than the dildo and it was lucky she was so wet. Her pussy stretched open to accept the first cock that it had ever had.

John was thoroughly aroused, but he wasn't a young teenager, and he controlled himself as he started to fuck the teenager in front of him. The thought of pumping his cum into her pussy and filling her womb with his baby was intense and he had to push the idea to one side to stop himself from cumming straight away.

Jenny's pussy was on fire as Johns cock slid in and out, making it tingle beyond belief. It felt like there was nothing she could do to stop him, to stop him from pumping his hot sperm deep inside her virgin pussy. But then Louise told John to stop. He pulled out, and left his cock's head right up against the lips of Jenny's pussy.

Louise then told John to stay completely still.

She then said to Jenny, "Jenny, I just want a simple yes or no answer - do you want John to keep fucking you? He's getting close, and I won't be able to stop him again before he cums. So, do you want him to?"

Jenny's mind swirled like a sandstorm. Part of her was thinking that she was too young to get pregnant, but that didn't seem to stop her from trying to move her hips back to get John's cock inside her again. Her whole body ached to be filled by his big cock, and she kept wondering what it would be like to feel him cum inside her. She had always been so independent, but now her aunt seemed to have taken charge and she suddenly found herself stammering "Yes, Auntie,"

She didn't feel John move. Louise must have been holding him back, because the cock that she craved inside her still wasn't sliding in as she needed.

"I'm sorry I didn't hear that," replied her Aunt.

This time Jenny realized that she knew what she wanted and she said clearly, "Yes, Auntie." With that, she felt John's cock slide in deeply in one amazing wonderful thrust and she moaned louder than ever.

Louise moved round in front of her so she could see both their faces and her hand moved between her own legs as she watched. Louise was in ecstasy watching; it was clear that the idea of Jenny getting pregnant was driving her wild. She was rubbing her pussy, finger fucking herself, all the while encouraging John.

"Go on John, do it, cum inside her. I want to see you pumping into her. Go on, fill her womb with your sperm. Fill her up. Yess! Oh Jenny, you're so lucky, you're going to have a darling baby in your tummy."

Jenny's pussy was on fire and her whole body was consumed in the pleasure of John's delicious cock filling her pussy. Jenny was moaning and writhing, her hands still handcuffed, and Jenny's moaning just seemed to push John on; he sped up and started groaning, and even Jenny, with no experience, could tell from John's rhythm that this was it, that he was going to cum.

Jenny heard herself moaning, "Yesssss, yesssss, fill me up."

Suddenly, this was too much for John. He moaned loudly, his body stiffened, and his cock thrust in as deep as ever. Jenny felt him bursting deep inside her. Her pussy was so tight that she could feel each spurt. Despite herself, she felt her body shudder as a huge orgasm took over her body. The feeling of John's cum pumping inside her was incredible and her pussy seemed to be squeezing of its own accord; her climax made her vagina tighten around John's cock and squeeze every drop of sperm out of it.

She almost blacked out and when she realized what was happening - the handcuffs had been removed. Her aunt was helping her up, taking off her now crumpled dress and bra, and leading her over to the sofa. John and Louise sat her down between them, and they both kissed and cuddled Jenny as she recovered from the ordeal. She thought she could almost feel the sperm inside her, searching for her egg, making her pregnant.

As she sat there, she heard her aunt, still working her magic and trying to seduce and continue her submission, "Baby, you are such a good girl, I'm so proud of you. You really milked John's cum there, I could see your tight pussy was squeezing it out. You were so hungry for it, weren't you darling?"

"And in a minute, when John has recovered, we'll do it all over again, just to make sure. Now you've been impregnated, you won't have any silly worries about protection this time and you can really enjoy it," Louise added.

Jenny found herself meekly saying, "Yes, Auntie."

The End

12-06-2008, 09:49 PM
Ellen's Story

Ellen stood in the steaming shower trying to prepare her self for what was coming. He would be here soon and she knew this would be a serious session.

Her bottom seemed to tingle in anticipation. Her stomach had butterflies in it as she scrubbed herself. Still she could not deny her growing arousal and she lowered her hand held shower massage towards her aching need.

Mike dressed after a hot shower and drank a cup of coffee as he remembered last night. Ellen had asked him to coach her as she worked through this time of change in her life. She had gotten deep into debt after her divorce and had turned to junk food to consol her self. She was drinking way too much as well. When she had to move from the apartment she rented because she couldn't pay the rent she had come to him in desperation. He moved her into one of his rental properties on the condition she would let him help her get her life straightened around. A diet and exercise program had helped her shed 65lbs. and firm up considerably. She had quit drinking on his insistence and had found her job performance and moods quite improved. Together they worked on her finances and she was slowly getting out of debt and paying her cards off. So why, he wondered did she go out and get drunk and end up stuck in a farmer's field with her car last night?

The deal they had made was that she would keep close track of these parts of her life and he would come over bi-weekly and review her notes and check lists. Any and all violations would lead to a punishment spanking for her.

The severity and implements would depend on how badly she had erred.

It was an arrangement that provided a release for both of them and filled a need to halt Ellen's self-destructive ways. She was a woman that needed the sexual release a spanking provided. Mike was more than happy to provide this for her for it also filled his own needs.

The night before Ellen had a bad shift at the restaurant she worked and the one glass of wine she was allowed turned to 3 then 4 and a couple of shots.

She knew she shouldn't drive but did anyway and somehow forgot about the roads sharp turn and ended up stuck in a hay field. Frightened from the incident and fearing a DWI if the police came she had called Mike and woke him up to plead for help.

After first finding out if she was all right he jumped into his four-wheel drive truck and rushed to where she was.

Mikes concern turned to an angry glare after he realized she was drunk. He hooked a chain to her car and pulled her out. Her apology fell on deaf ears as he checked the car over to make sure it was safe to drive.

"Get in the car and I'll follow you home he said, and drive slow!"

She knew better than to say anything and did as he said. At her house he followed her in and poured her a large glass of water and made her drink it.

His stern lecture was short and to the point. Tomorrow punishment was going to take on a new meaning for her.

He sent her to bed with a hug and a slap on the bottom and left her to ponder her fate. Ellen felt both guilty and sorry for herself as she dried her hair. She put on very little makeup, as she knew soon tears would fall and smudge it anyway. She modeled her naked form in front of the mirror and was secretly pleased with what she saw. Though she was too voluptuous to ever be called thin she felt she looked quite good compared to before. Large breasted and wide hipped she was all curves. She stuck her ample round ass out and looked over her shoulder at it in the mirror. Although she still felt it was too big she had to admit it was a hell of a target. Slipping on a pair of plaid pajama bottoms and a white cotton button up top she finished getting ready.

Mike had been surprised by her admission that she liked to be spanked and was shocked when he had half jokingly suggested it as a way to motivate her and she had eagerly agreed. Now as he drove over to her house his thoughts turned to last night and the task before him. She had told him of her father's dreaded sessions with his belt against her bare bottom. She hated the belt and up to now he had never had to use one. Very soon that would change as he thought of her close call the night before. They had set strict rules and limits for her behavior and she had bettered herself in many ways from when they started. Every once in awhile she would push the limits he had found, as if to bring on a severe session. This time, he thought, she had gone way too far.

Her phone call had scared him at first, he wasn't sure what he would find, but to find her drunk had turned his fear to icy anger. He thought of the guilty looks she had given him as he lectured her the night before after he got her to the safety of her house. Her tears were flowing as he sent her to bed with a hug and a firm pat on the bottom to remind her of what was to come.

Noon was the appointed punishment hour for them and as he drove along he timed his entry to arrive a few minutes before. He expected her to be ready when he got there.

She was drinking her second cup of coffee and nervously watching the clock when his old Lincoln pulled into the yard. The sound of the stones under the big cars tires sent an electric tingle through her body. She watched him get out of the car and walk to the kitchen door and realized her hands had started to shake and those familiar feelings of excitement tinged with dread filled her. "This is it she thought", as he opened the door.

Mike stepped into the kitchen where she stood waiting, looking like a little girl who had brought home a report card filled with F's. Her nipples, he noted, stood out like two bullets against her white cotton pajama top.

He set his bag of implements on the counter and said simply, "Bring me your list."

She took it from the wall and he read it over silently as she stood there before him. He noticed as he read that she kept touching her bottom and curling her toes as she stood there.

"Good, he thought, she's nervous."

>Ellen kept a list of her financial budget and her strict diet for him to read at their bi-weekly sessions. She was always honest at this, as she knew it was the only way she could better herself. She handed him the list with dread as she had overspent on her budget last month. She had also

faltered on her strict diet and knew the scale would tell the sad fact. She could tell from the expression on his face that he wasn't pleased and she felt her throat go dry as he looked up at her.

"Not very good is it, he asked?"

"No, she whispered!"

"We agreed you would not use the card unless you could pay it off at the end of the month didn't we?"

She could only nod as she fought the lump in her throat that was there.

"I see you over spent almost $400:00 on this stuff, he said quietly. Do you remember why we made this rule, Ellen?"

Again she just nodded miserably.

"Tell me, he said."

She hated this part of these >sessions; her body was sending mixed signals. Her bottom was tingling in anticipation and her sex was growing increasingly damp. Her throat was dry as she spoke.

"So I can pay off my debts and not lose my good credit again!"

"And, He said?"

"Because you loaned me the money to pay off cards so I could get out of debt and learn to control my finances."

"Well since you haven't held up your part of the agreement, I'll have to provide you with an incentive don't you think, he said quietly? I think a good hard dose of the paddle will serve to remind you to stay within your budget, don't you?"

She could only nod yes, as she wished he would just get started, the waiting and lecture was terrible torture for her.

He then turned to her diet "cheat sheet". She kept track of her every snack. Although Sundays she was allowed to "cheat" a little she had gone a little crazy after she got her credit card bills and knew now she would pay for it.

Mike frowned at her as he read the list. "I'm not even going to weigh you today, he said! You do want to keep the weight off that you've lost don't you, he asked?"

Again she could only nod her head as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"You're a beautiful woman and you look great now, and you've fought so hard to lose it, I don't want to see you have to start over again."

Ellen heard the concern in his voice and it touched her.

"I'm sorry," she said guiltily, as more tears fell."

"What should I do about>this, he asked?"

"Spank me, she whispered with her head down."

"I think so too, said Mike." After we're done then we'll have to deal with last night's escapade, as well."

"She's ready, he thought as he pulled her to his side."

He looked straight into her tear filled eyes as he unfastened the catch on her plaid flannel pajama bottoms. She was trembling as he slid them over her hips and down to her ankles. He was surprised to find she had worn no panties. She knew he liked her to wear them so he could start her spanking over them.

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12-06-2008, 09:50 PM
Cupping her one bottom cheek he pulled her over his lap. She knew this position well and wiggled herself into a comfortable place. Mike ran his hand over her ample round bottom, cupping and squeezing them.

"Since you didn't wear panties I guess you won't need a warm up so we'll get right to the main event, he said!"

"Ellen had went willingly over his lap, anything was better than waiting, she thought." She tried to prepare herself for him to start as his hands ran over her bottom.

"No warm up, she thought after he spoke, oh no!"

Before she could look over her shoulder or say anything his hand connected with a SPLAT that burned like crazy. Then a flurry of blows smacked into her bottom firmly as she tried to ride the pain. Each slap burned into her bottom. She could feel it becoming stinging hot. > Mike watched as her round globes of flesh shook and quivered as his hand came down again and again. White skin turned quickly pink then red as he spanked her firmly. He could feel the heat rising from her bottom as he kept up the steady rhythm. Soon she was rocking on his lap as her legs began to pump in an effort to relieve the burning sting.

After about 50 blows he stopped and cupped each cheek in turn. She sobbed quietly as he rubbed her hot bottom.

"A good start, he said." Perhaps you'll take your diet more seriously from now on." She continued to rock her hips as he rubbed her red bottom.

"God she thought that this spanking would never end!"

His hands were driving her crazy as he rubbed her bottom, a fingertip occasionally grazing her sex. Yet she knew it was only a beginning and she was far from done.

Somewhere deep inside she ached for more, needed more, and wanted more even as her tears fell.

Mike helped her to her feet and took her by the arm and led her to the back of an overstuffed chair.

"Bend over, he commanded!"

She laid herself over the back of the chair till her elbows were on the seat. Her position limited her movements and she preferred it for more severe punishments even though it left her exposed fully. Her heart was thudding in her chest as she waited from him to pick an implement from his bag. With a shudder she realized she could feel her own wetness on her thighs.

He picked a plywood paddle shaped like an oversized ping-pong paddle. It could pack a hell of a sting but was easy to control. He tapped it lightly against his hand as he looked at the lovely site before him. She was bent over, her back arched to present her bottom properly to him. Her legs were spread enough that her sex was completely exposed like a flower waiting to be picked. He noted her obvious wetness as he walked slowly over to her. Each time the paddle tapped against his hand her bottom gave a little shiver. Standing beside her he placed a hand in the hollow of her back and rubbed the paddle over her shivering red buns.

She could hardly breathe as his hand pushed down lightly on her back. The paddles cool wood sent electric tingles through her body as he rubbed it across her bottom. She hated the waiting for him to start and found herself pushing back against the rubbing wood. Tap, tap, went the paddle and she steeled herself for the first blow only to have him rub it across her buns some more. She let out a low moan at his sweet torture.

"This is for being irresponsible with money, he said, as he raised the paddle!"

He swung it firmly and it connected with a sharp SPLAT. He watched her buns shake with the impact and quickly swung again. Her gasps and groans soon became yelps and howls as the dance of the scalded ass began. 1, 2, and 3, on one cheek then the same on the other brought her to tears again in short order. He moved the blows around and varied the time in between so she couldn't anticipate them. After 3-dozen swats he stopped and cupped her now blazing bottom. She sobbed as her rubbed each cheek for a moment.

Finally he said'"12 more to go, are you ready?"

She took several deep shuddering breaths and finally answered, "all right, I'm ready!"

Ellen felt like her bottom was on fire but she steadied herself for the next set of blows. Still he cupped and rubbed her cheeks and she relaxed with his soothing touch. Then it was gone and she felt the air move as he swung the paddle against her with a loud SMACK!

"Too much, she thought, as the paddle connected."

She squeezed the cushion tightly as she counted each swat that brought new burning fire to her backside. By the twelfth blow she was up on her toes and howling but she willed herself to stay in position. It took a minute for her to realize it was over but she still didn't move till he told her to.

After the last set he stepped back and watch at the contortions she did with her bottom. It was as if she was trying to shake the pain out and modesty was clearly forgotten as she exposed all her charms.

He grasped her arm and helped her up. She clenched her fists against the urge to grab at her bottom and danced around some more.

Still with all this he knew she was not close to her limit yet, even with her tears he knew she would take more to bring to her breaking point.

"You can rub your bottom, he said"!

Her hands shot back as he watched her rub franticly. Mike slowly unbuttoned her top as she rubbed, her tear filled eyes on his. They slid it off together and he stepped back to look at her. Her nipples stood out from her large heavy breasts as he gently squeezed them his thumbs flicking the hard tips of them. He knew he had to only slide one hand down to her wet sex to bring her to a shuddering orgasm but he didn't. Instead he took her elbow in hand and led her to a small bedroom.

He took her face in his hands and looked her in the eyes. "We're not done yet, he said."

"I know, she replied softly."

She stood there waiting as he stepped to the bed and put 2 pillows in its center.

"On your belly, hips on the pillows, He ordered firmly!"

She looked over her shoulder at him as she climbed into position. Mike took her hands and put them up where she could grasp the bars of the headboard. He pulled her ankles apart some and then ran his fingertips up the backs of her thighs making her shudder. He then >walked out to his bag and picked up his newly purchased strap.

Ellen was familiar with this position and for just a minute she was 15 again, reliving the night she had gotten caught sneaking in from seeing her boyfriend when she had been grounded. Her father was waiting in her dark room as she crawled into the window. He lectured her with tears in his eyes and she realized he had been more than worried; he had been scared. So even when she had pulled her jeans and panties off and lay on her bed as he unbuckled his belt, she >had felt loved. She never forgot that feeling even as his belt bit into her bare bottom.

She looked back over her shoulder as Mike walked back into the room with the strap in hand. She felt strangely calm as she tightened her grip on the headboard and waited. He laid the leather across her hot cheeks and the cool leather sent shock waves to her sex. She felt like part of her about to be opened as he raised the strap.

Mike was surprised at how calmly she got into position for him. He raised the strap and the only reaction he saw was the twitching of her cheeks.

"Ellen, he said, last night was inexcusable!"

With that he brought the belt swishing down. It CRACKED across her cheeks leaving a purple stripe.

She let out a yelp and rocked on the pillows as the pain sank in. He slowly raised it again and waited a few seconds then brought it sharply down.

OOWWWWWW she yelled at that one and wiggled more vigorously as he raised it once again. Six slow strokes turned her red cheeks purple. Then five quick >ones broke her down, she had reached her limit. She sobbed limply into the pillows.

"NEVER do that again, He said!" and swung the final stroke.

He dropped the strap and rubbed her back till she got control of herself. She crawled of the bed and hugged him fiercely as she wept into his shirt.

He pulled a tube of aloe lotion from his shirt pocket and began to rub it into her punished bottom. She winced at his first touch but soon straddled his out thrust leg and began to rub against his thigh. Deep heavy breaths had replaced her sobs as he continued to rub lotion into her cheeks and she rode his thigh. Her orgasm came quickly and seemed to last forever to Mike. They stood for quite some time after that just quietly holding on to each other.

Later they had a cup of coffee together, she stood of course, and then she pulled him to her bedroom where they made slow passionate love.

Ellen had found her motivation to better herself but most of all they had found what they both needed. Each other!

The End

12-06-2008, 09:54 PM
Six Years of Waiting

It shouldn't have been so perfect. If I honestly sit back and listen to the rational part of my mind speaking, I know it's borderline crazy. Well, not insane, but if my friends knew they'd probably think I had a screw loose somewhere. Several screws in fact, labeled 'Common Sense' and 'Being Realistic.'

We've known each other for so many years, felt such strong feelings, and yet have never met. I think back on those sunswept afternoons in my dorm room, watching the leaves blowing by through the picture window, the sounds of footsteps in the hallway and voices calling to each other on the sidewalk. I can't count the hours I spent on the computer, waiting breathlessly for you to log on.

It hurt, having my first serious boyfriend break up with me. I remember the words he used, so lightly, as if it were something he said everyday. "You're such a tease, to leave me all blue-balled. But I just don't think we're right for each other, you know? We'll always be friends, though." As he went on, I could read between the lines - in short, I wouldn't have sex with him so he was moving on. For some reason, the phrase 'I'm a virgin' didn't seem to explain it all. How could I with a straight face and not blushing, tell him that his kiss was the first one that sent sparks shooting through me, that woke a nameless desire to wrap my legs around him and work closer to that unrealized peak of pleasure?

In tears I returned to my dorm room, sat down at the computer, and when you logged on I poured my heart out to you. He had introduced us some months ago, you an old friend of his, me his latest interest being both attractive and interested in gaming. You were sympathetic and kind, listening well and trying to explain the mysteries of nineteen year-old guys to me. We sat up for hours after that, long past when the footsteps quieted in the hall outside my door, almost until the sun came up again. Instead of slaying monsters in a mythical land, we sat on a rock together, our characters, and chatted about anything, everything. By the time the sun rose I felt like we had been friends for years. "For some reason, I trust you," you typed.

It took a few weeks, but I finally felt I was past the ex. You stood by me in support, in so much as someone can in text. Without ever having heard your voice, I felt like you were wrapping strong arms around me to comfort, as real as any of my many real life friends.

How many months, years, after that did I beg and plead for you to come see me? We grew closer as time went on, chatting nonstop whenever we could, staying up all weekend just to spend time together. If I took a step back, it seemed crazy to feel such a connection to someone three thousand miles away. Yet, I couldn't deny the warmth that kindled in my heart when you jokingly said we'd be perfect for each other, or how my heart skipped a beat and my breath stilled when late one night you wrote, "You are my soul mate, or close to it, but you live so far away." I remember how thrilled I was at our first phone conversation, your Southern drawl gentle and pleasing to the ear, your laughter deep and masculine.

If I'd had the money I would have bought you a plane ticket, though common sense still reminded me that I didn't know you at all. So many cases splashed across the news of young women abducted, assaulted, murdered, for letting their guard down and meeting someone they knew from online. This was different though. I've always trusted my instincts to steer me right, and all of them screamed at me to find some way, any way, to be in your arms.

Sometimes you disappeared for weeks, unable to handle the pain of separation, or so you said when you would surface again. I had no choice but to wait, achingly, for you to call or log on again. School kept me busy, but it didn't seem half as important as knowing when you were coming back. Sometimes I laid awake at night, crying silently so my roommate wouldn't hear, vowing to move on past this intangible love to something more real.

You dealt with a handful of guys I dated in moments of weakness, trying to drown the dream of being with you. The relationships never lasted long, perhaps a month at most, when I realized these guys didn't satisfy the soul-deep need to have someone understand me without judging. You even accepted when I made a mistake one night, believing someone's coaxing words of love, and lost the virginity I'd always wanted to save as a prize for true love. In the end, I always wanted to come back to you, which is strange thought when I'd never laid eyes on you, only pictures.

Ahh, the pictures. Your piercing blue eyes and hair like sun-kissed brown silk. I wanted to run my hands through it, leave it the way it showed all touseled over your forehead. The mischief in your eyes matched the voice, laughter dancing in them, and I longed to lock my gaze with yours for real.

In spite of the depth of our feelings, we never spoke of sex in more than a joking manner. Never more than silly innuendo or risque/obscene comments traded in chat. I remember you telling me late one night, tipsy from drinking with your brother, how if I was there just arms' length away that you wouldn't want to control yourself, that you would be all over me in an instant. Despite my usual regard for such statements from others, I laughed sadly to my computer screen and typed only, "I wish."

It's been six years since I 'met' you through that ex-boyfriend. Six years of hoping, wishing, but never quite believing you were real, that I would ever be able to reach out and touch you.

It's been two weeks since you casually mentioned over the phone that you had the money for a plane ticket...and you'd be here at my door, ready or not.

It's been three frantic days of cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, wanting everything to be just so. In the midst of vaccuuming and dusting, I realized that you are here to see me, and you're not going to check if there's fingerprints on the countertop or crumbs on the stove.

I've been awake since eight this morning, a beautiful sunny Saturday. I showered, shaved my legs, even bothered to use a hairdryer and curling iron. I spent an hour obsessing over applying eyeliner just so, then laughing almost hysterically when it dawns on me that, like the apartment, you're not going to inspect me for minute flaws.

I'm trying to distract myself on the couch with a book while stealing nervous glances at the clock every two minutes or so. There is a knock on the door and my heart leaps to my throat. I feel numb while walking to the door, not daring to breathe. I watch in a detached fashing while my hand moves to unlock the deadbolt and turn the knob.

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12-06-2008, 09:55 PM
Your blue eyes are full of nervous anticipation, and I see you're wearing the same impossible-to-suppress grin that I am. I hear a thud as your carryon bag hits the ground, and then I'm in your arms, face pressed against your collarbone, arms wrapped so tight I can scarcely breathe. I can smell your cologne, a dimension I've never known before, feel the muscles in your arms quiver slightly with the strength of our embrace.

We don't speak for a good minute, just stand there in the doorway holding each other like Armageddon has come and we're the last man and woman alive on the Earth. At last you let go just a little, lean back, and look down at me.

"You're real," I giggle, trying to think of something clever to say.

"Yes, sweets," and I blush a little at the nickname I've only heard over the phone, "I'm real."

"Well," my voice shakes only a little, "grab your bag and come in."

Before I can say anything else to break the moment, you raise your hand to my cheek and touch my face as though I were spun glass, fragile, and ready to shatter at too harsh a touch. I breathe in slowly, afraid that I'll ruin things if I open my mouth again. Before I can breathe out, your lips are on mine, warm and soft and real. I feel your nose bump against mine for just a moment, and remember our joking comments about how my Asian nose won't get in the way of yours if we ever kissed. I can't stop my lips from curving upwards at that thought, and I can feel your smile too.


It's two in the morning now, lying here by your side in my twin sized bed. Funny, I'd always thought it was annoying to try and fit two people on a mattress so small I can stretch out my arms and feel air with both hands.

You are just as perfect in slumber as I'd dreamed on countless nights. Earlier though, I think with a self-conscious blush, you were perfect in other ways.

I'd always wondered what it would be like to make love with someone who loved me for real. While an abstracted corner of my mind reminded me that it wasn't *proper* to be doing such things on the first date, after this many years I don't know if this quite counts as a first date. Perhaps a long-delayed meeting of bodies?

Your hands were gentle but hungry, your mouth passionate against my body. I've always gotten aroused slowly, but tonight I felt like I was on fire from the inside. The feel of your mouth on my breast or your fingers touching my wetness made me hotter for you than ever before. What had started out as a sensual cuddling session on the bed jumped up several degrees when I felt your cock stir against my hip through the fabric of your jeans. I meant to make a joke of it, to laugh it off nervously, but you caught my hand and brought it to your groin. The heat through the fabric was impossible to mistake, as was the way you closed your eyes and moaned quietly when I squeezed that bulge.

Soon our clothes were everywhere on the floor, skin sliding against skin, your hands buried in my hair. I meant to draw things out and tease this first time, but seeing all seven inches of you swollen and throbbing derailed my plans immediately. I wanted to feel you inside of me, make the connection we've been dancing around for years.

It hurt a little when you eased inside my dripped wet pussy, but you were as gentle as you could be. Truth told, I didn't mind the ache that came with stretching me open for you. I was focused on your forehead pressed against mine, eyes locked, pupils dilated in you gorgeous blue eyes. I could smell your arousal, feel the throb of your pulse in the tip of your cock as it slid slowly inside.

This was nothing like the cheap porno I'd seen over the years, bore no resemblance to the steamy, silly romance novels my friends and I secretly read back in high school. Everything about tonight was...intense...in a way I'd never known before.

When you were buried to the balls in my pussy, I wrapped my legs around your hips, loving the way your muscles made a smooth V down towards your cock. The first thrust sent me towards the hungry yearning I'd felt with other guys. Your lips met mine now urgently, our tongues dancing together in a mimicry of the actions going on further down our bodies. The sound of your breath hitching in your throat as you fucked me sweetly filled my consciousness, the little moans and cries of pleasure seeming to pulse in my clit.

You freed an arm from around me and slid your hand over my body, playing with my nipples before going lower. I almost screamed when you dipped a finger between my pussy lips, rubbing the wetness around and all over my clit. I'd touched myself before - and often - but having someone else massaging that nub of pleasure was ecstasy.

It seemed to go on forever, the rocking and thrusting, feeling your cock stretch my pussy wide open, me crying out for more. When I came, I almost didn't realize what was happening, feeling it start deep inside and bursting all over my body. Your cock seemed even bigger as I rode those waves of pleasure, and you swallowed my moans with your mouth, hand closing tighter on my hips. I felt you cum deep inside of me even as your eyes rolled back and I held you close, waves of my orgasm still tingling in my toes.

We lay there spent for a few minutes before I roused enough to get a towel and clean us off. In your arms I was content as never before, completely satisfied in body as well as heart.

I thought you might have drifted off to sleep, so even was your breathing. But I heard a gentle, Southern-laced voice chuckle quietly in my ear. "I love you, sweets."

"I love you too."

"Did you enjoy yourself?"

I found I was grinning in the moonlit darkness. "Oh yes, I did. In fact, I have only one complaint." He sat up, worried I think, and I couldn't help but say, "Why did you have to wait six years to try this with me?"

The End

12-06-2008, 09:58 PM
Strangers of the Flesh

"You step down off the streetcar and wonder just what the hell it is you've gotten yourself into. Never trust strangers; always meet in a public place; always tell someone where you'll be. All the fears that come of being a woman, all the lectures, the well-intended advice, the rules - suddenly they all seem to make so much sense! You've travelled three hours by bus, to an unknown city, to meet a man more than twice your age and with the full intention of using him to shed your virginity.

He's told you that he's sane, he's told you that if you have second thoughts you can say "Stop!" and will will stop - but he would say that, whether he meant it or not, wouldn't he?

The streetcar rumbles away, and you double-check the street-sign against the crumpled note you've scribbled. You're at the right stop. Cross the street and then turn right, it's just a half-block away, he'd told you. You gnaw at your lip, hesitating. The neighbourhood looks rundown, not safe, though there are people on the sidewalk and nobody's getting mugged.

"Well. I've come this far. It's go on, young Yasmin, or run all the way back home to Kingston."

You wait for a break in traffic, take a breath, and cross.

The building is long and low. It looks old. You push open the heavy steel door in front, wishing it were glass, an entrance that suggested welcome rather than defence. The vestibule is small and dingy, but cleaner than you'd feared. There's a long mirror on your left and, neurotically, you check your hair, wonder whether to do undo one more button or to do one more button up. After a moment's hesitation, you choose the first option; We've been talking for months! And if he is a lunatic, one button isn't going to make much difference!

You turn to the buzzer panel on your right and locate number 105. "Hart, D," reads a tilted sign beside the number. You take another breath - This is your last chance to back out, Yas! - then press it. After a brief moment, through an ancient electronic crackle you hear a voice calling something like, "Come on in!" and the door buzzes. You pull it open and step through.

Again, what you see is better than you had feared, not as good as you had hoped. A staircase rises to your right. Straight ahead, a long, dimly-lit hallway beckons. The carpeting is worn, but clean and you will your feet to move, to carry you toward your destiny. The over-wrought term makes you giggle and so serves to ease your nerves, if only a little.

You are about halfway down the hall when a door opens ahead of you. A head peaks out, followed, with a strange delay, by a body. Dark suit, pin-stripes, you realize in the dim light. He waves, then simply stands and watches you as you approach.

He smiles softly. "Yasmin. Welcome." He reaches for your back with his right hand, lays his left upon your hip and guides you through the door, lightly brushing the back of your skirt as he releases you and turns to close - and lock - the door. The sound of the click is ominous, though you realize the mechanism does not require a key from the inside.

His apartment is dimly lit. Candles flicker on the counter which separates the kitchen from a large living room. Low music, not quite jazz, not quite funk, plays from somewhere beyond the light. A long couch lines the far wall, a love-seat sits below the small window. There are painting on the wall, but it is too dark to see much of them.

"Now" - you'd almost forgotten you weren't alone; the slow-moving bass, the flickering light; your own disbelief in what you've dared, have conspired to lull you into a momentary belief this is just a dream of daring, rather than the real thing. David's hands on your shoulders dissolve the illusion like a mirage. "Now, let me look at you."

He holds you gently but firmly, turning you so that you shuffle clockwise until you are facing him. For a moment he simply looks at you, staring into your eyes.

He's not the man you'd fantasized about. Of course he's not. Not as tall, not as dashingly handsome, not an English nobleman. But there's a friendly knowingness in his smile when he finally offers you it, and his eyes betray - maybe - at least some of the tension you're feeling. He doesn't look forty-three, but you remember he told he people usually think he's 30 and you smile inside at the lies people will believe about themselves.

"Usually when I have guests, the first thing I do is offer them a drink."

"But now?"

He draws his right hand slowly the side of your throat, then along your cheek. His left hand too now leaves its perch on your shoulder, to glide down your arm, fingers spread wide, and comes to rest with his thumb just next to your nipple, not quite touching it.

"But now I think we need a different kind of ice-breaker, young Yasmin."

And he leans slowly toward you until his mouth is only an inch - a centimetre - from yours. "A better kind." He busses your lips, just a hint of contact at first. Then he kisses your upper lip, holds it; and your lower, holds it between his just a little longer. His thumb starts to draw small circles on your breast, brushing the base of your nipple, a teasing, intermittent movement. You begin to wonder if he too is afraid, if he does not after all know what to do, or when he wants.

As if hearing your doubt, he kisses you full on the lips. Not hard, but insistently. His tongue pushes between his parted lips and begins to stroke yours in delicate, horizontal dabs, as if begging admittance rather than demanding it. You open your mouth, but only a little. Doesn't he want me more than that?

As if in answer, his right hand takes hold of the back of your head. He presses his mouth against yours and his tongue, once a feather, is now a blunt spear. His teeth nip at your lips, and his free hand holds your breast fully in his palm. He squeezes it almost cruelly, sinking his fingers deep into your flesh.

He kisses you hungrily now, and drops his hand to your back then, without breaking contact with your mouth, forces your body round and backs you against the door. His right hand has found your ass, and he strokes and squeezes you in some complex rhythmic counterpoint to the motions of his mouth, his hand on your breast, fingers that have found your nipple and are, alternately, stroking and squeezing it. He presses himself against you. His penis is hard, straining against his pants, as if to escape - or as if it wants to be free to hunt for you.

He pulls from your mouth and kisses your bare throat, sometimes nipping, sometimes almost sucking, sometimes just drawing his tongue along your flesh as if each pore provides a new taste, a new and delightful texture.

You wrap your arms around him, you scrabbled beneath his jack and pull his shirt from the waist of his pants. "I can wait for a drink," you whisper.

"Good girl," he says and you find his skin at last. His back is smooth and warm, his skin is firm and at first you simply explore it with your palms, running circles up and down on either side of his spine, even as his hands are now both upon your hips and, in tandem, sliding down your legs, seeking the hem of your skirt, then slipping beneath it to rise again, his palms now touching your bare skin.

You gasp when you feel his fingers take hold of the waist-band of your panties. Is this it? Is he just going to fuck me standing against his front door? Yet you don't struggle as he crouches, face now pressing against your crotch, only your thin skirt between it and your pussy, which - despite your doubts - is already nearly overflowing with your anticipation. He pulls your undergarment down to your ankles, then takes your calf in his hands, lifts yours foot and gently sets in on the bare floor, the repeats the process with the other.

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12-06-2008, 09:59 PM
"You won't be needing these again until you leave." Grinning, the small garment dangles from his hand. He takes a single step back, leans in quickly, kisses your nose, then nearly pirouettes before he tosses it onto the counter. "Would you like something to drink? Something to eat?"

Even in the dim light you see that his penis is as hard as it was when he pressed it against you. And your body is just as aroused: your slit is moist, your nipples engorged, your heart beating as fast as if you'd run up a few flights of stairs.

"It's not going anywhere, is it?"

His smile widens and he shakes his head. "Come into my parlour then, young lady." He offers his hand, pulls you towards him then steps behind you when you acquiesce. He drops your hand and steers you by your hips toward the closed door that conceals his bedroom.

A wall of books faces the door. Candles, already lit, cast multiple shadows. David bids you stop in the centre of the room, he turns you around, then drop his hands from your hips. "Kneel."

You look at him, mouth open, hesitating. He takes a half-step toward you. "Kneel."

"Is this like that bad born you're always complaining about?"

He smiles; you think he suppresses a laugh. "You should know me better than that."

"I don't know you at all. It's all been words and mirrors thus far; they might all have been no more than internet lies so far as I know."

"And yet, here you are, about to be ravaged in a stranger's room."

Ravaged? "No, not really strangers," you whisper hastily, as if hoping that saying it will make it so. "We've shared our words and our thoughts for months; we're only strangers of the flesh."

"Maybe so." He takes off his glasses, folds the arms, turns to place them on a low shelf beside the door behind him, then returns his attentions to you.

"Now kneel, Yasmin. We'll not be strangers of the flesh much longer." He reaches down and undoes the clasp of this trousers. His cock bulges along his thigh, "It's for your own good." His voice is affectless; you could read in it threat or boredom, you cannot tell.

"And if I don't?"

"You don't want to find out."

Your heart beats harder; an acid fear washes through your belly. He said he would stop if I said "No"! Torn between your fears and your desire, you consider calling a halt to this ... experiment. And yet, you fear that he will stop almost as much as you fear that he won't.

You bow your head and kneel.

He steps forward. His crotch hovers less than an arms' length from your face. "Start with the shoes." You glance up. Shoes!? "Untie them. Then. Take them off. Simple, really."

You obey. You undo his laces, the pull the shoes from his feet.

"Now the socks. Just pull them down and toss them aside."

Okay. Socks. This isn't quite what I had in mind, but what the hell. He never told me he had a foot fetish ...

As you pull down the second sock, you hear the rip of a zipper descending. When you look up, his penis thrusts from the open fly. From so close and from such an angle, it looks even larger than its over seven inch length.

Though you've never before touched a cock, you've watched enough porn: you know what to do. You reach for it, now more curious than aroused. But he grabs your wrist. "Pants first." You look at him, to make sure you understand what he wants. He nods, and you pull his slacks to his ankles. He steps from them, then lifts your hand again.

"Just hold it a moment, get to know it a little." Gently, as if you might break it, you wrap your fingers around it. It's warm and dry, firm but giving on the inside, only skin on the outside. "I'm going to fuck you, Yasmin. I'm going to fuck you with this." He drops his hand to the top of your head, strokes your hair, then gently eases you towards his cock. "I want you to get to know it," he says softly, as the mushroom-cap head brushes your lips. You don't need to be told what to do. You open your mouth and jerk forward, but he pulls you back, tugging on the hair you now realize he has taken well in hand.

"Slowly, Yasmin. Just a taste, for now." He pulls your hand from his shaft, replaces it with his own. He lifts it toward you mouth and you take the head his penis between your lips. "Watch the teeth." He presses is deeper inside. You feel the head bump along the roof of your mouth, then tickle the back of it. You start to worry about your gag-reflex. Your hair is wrapped round his fingers like reins; it would hurt if you forced yourself free.

But he stops pushing. "Do you like that, Yasmin."

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12-06-2008, 10:00 PM
You nod, Yes! and his cock slips from your mouth. Such a strange pleasure, such an odd intimacy. You smile, eyes downcast and staring at the floor. "Yes, I liked that, David."

He lets go of your hair and bends to help you to your feet. He pulls you to him and kisses you, deeply but tenderly, his tongue stroking those places his penis had just been, as if exploring for damages.

When he pulls away he says, "Come on," and guides you to the futon. "That's it, just lie down, on your stomach." As stretch yourself out, you hear him remove the rest of his clothing, then feel him join you on the mattress. He kneels by your feet, his knees on either side of your bare calves.

He takes one foot in hand, digs his thumbs into your sole, rubs and tugs your toes, then moves on to pleasure your other foot. And then moves past your feet, stoking your ankles, kneading the muscles and caressing the flesh of your calves. He slides his hands beneath your skirt and works on your thighs, outside and in, forcing you to part your legs a little. He takes your buttocks in hand, he twists and mashes your flesh, gradually working lower so that his thumbs push once more between your legs to briefly brush your labia, a tantalizing promise of pleasures to come, before he reverses course and once more works on your ass.

After a time, he takes hold of your skirt and quickly slides it down your legs and past your feet. He returns to straddle your waist. His cock now rests between the cheeks of your ass, a warm and heavy weight against your skin.

"You'll have to lose that shirt," he says, and he drapes himself upon you. He reaches around and beneath you, his cock now pressing between your legs, and struggles to undo those buttons that haven't already been dislodged.

Once free, he pushes the hem of your shirt up to your shoulders and massages your your back slowly circling up to your shoulders, then your and neck. He stretches across you like a blanket, his cock now a hot muscle high between your thighs. His palms gently stroke your temples and cheeks.

And then his movements stop. He kisses your throat and whispers, "Turn over," raises himself just enough to give you room to move. You roll onto your back beneath him. He straddles your waist again and his his cock lies on your belly like an offering.

He cups your cheeks and gently strokes your face and circles your temples. He brushes his thumbs over your eyelids. He bends to kiss you briefly on the mouth, then rubs your neck. You can feel his hands start to tremble, you can sense his growing excitement, his impatience, his desire. His rhythm speeds up as his hands approach your breasts.

He spreads his fingers wide and takes one in each hand, stroking them, squeezing them, testing your limits, seeking to understand your body's pleasure. He leans in and takes one nipple, then the other, in his mouth, sucking you, nibbling you, biting you.

When he rises from your mounds, he rakes his nails along your belly, his mouth following along behind, tasting your flesh between the twin tracks his nails so harshly laid.

And soon he mouth has descended past your navel, and his hands grip your hips firmly. He buries his face between your legs.

Hi tonger slides along your slit, up and down and with ever increasing pressure. He pushes deeper and your cunt's juice spill out. You entire body quivers, and quivers again when he closes his lips around your clit, tugs and releases it, then descends upon it again, this time testing you with his teeth.

You reach for him, take his head in your palms and push him against you. He responds by once more pushing into you with his tongue, now plunging it deep between lips. You begin to shudder and he digs his hands into your buttocks in time with your body's own motions, until your body spams and you clench your legs, forcing him to pull his head away from you.

He sits up, lays a hand upon your breast and gently squeezes it. You open your eyes and he flashes you a smile. Then, without a word, but reaches for a condom, unwraps it and tosses the packaging to the side.

Slowly, as if it were a ritual, he unrolls the condom over his cock. He grins at you in the candle-light. "Now it's my turn."

And he spreads your legs and brushes your mons with his, then your very cunt, rubbing it up and down along the gates of your wet pussy. Slowly, he presses himself against your portal and begins to ease himself inside you, his cock so much larger than his tongue.

Bit by bit, your walls resist, then yield, and he begins to push harder. His slow but steady advance, becomes an ever-faster series of thrust and retreat, thrust and retreat. His find your breasts again, and now work on them in time to that of his cock as thrusts deep inside you. Your nerves fire from a thousand stimuli, and when he takes your left nipple in his mouth, freeing his hand to find your clit, your entire body spasms, in such a way as to make your first orgasm seem like only a pale dream of the real thing. You howl in joyful triumph, even as you shudder again, and again, and again.

Now his hand falls from your clit. He takes you hard by the waist and fucks you like an animal, all thought for your pleasure forgotten. His cock hammers like piston inside you, pounding in and out, in and out, until, suddenly, he shudders and you know that he too has come.

For a moment, but for two pounding hearts and four gasping lungs, there is stillness. Spent, his cock is still hard, still inside you. You are sweating, as he is, two exhausted animals in the night.

At last, as if through an effort of will, he reaches down and, carefully, pulls himself from you, slips the cum-laden condom from himself, then rolls off you and collapses at your side.

He lays a hand on your breast and kisses your cheek. "If it's all the same to you, I can wait on the blow-job until after we eat."

The End

13-06-2008, 01:53 PM
The Spy who Fucked Me

I can't tell you my name, but if you'd probably recognize me if you've picked up a copy of The Wall Street Journal in the past three years. I'm the CEO of a large Midwestern company. Thousands depend on me for their paychecks. Millions rely on me to stock grocery stores with toilet paper and 10 brands of breakfast cereal. A few words from me to the right people can send stocks soaring or plunging for days.

I'm also a sex-addicted cross-dresser.

Nothing gets me off like public humiliation. I love strapping on a bra and then rushing to an adult bookstore to meet strangers for sex. We usually don't even make it to a hotel. I suck them off out in the parking lot.

I recently went out in full drag in Portland, Oregon. I wore a red, low-cut, dress over a lacy black bra and panties. I wasn't even close to passable as a woman, so I drew some attention, even in a porn shop. But I quickly found a couple of guys who were looking for a third. We went back to their house. They introduced me to "finger cuffs." I got in the doggy-style position so one could fuck me up the ass, while the other jammed his cock in my face. One guy's girlfriend watched while fucking herself with a vibrator.

I know powerful men need to be careful with their sexual appetites. No one needs to remind me of what happened to Eliot Spitzer or Larry Craig. No doubt my competition would love a few snapshots of me in a cute miniskirt. But I can't help myself. When the urge to cross-dress hits, I'm driven by forces beyond reason. It doesn't yield until my cock explodes.

I always knew getting caught was a risk, but it never sunk in until the nightmare came true. Nothing could've had a more profound affect on my sex life.

It all started when my secretary, Lois, rang my phone on the Monday morning after the Portland trip. I was in my penthouse office overlooking the park. My desk was covered with legal documents as I struggled to make sense of a hostile takeover I was considering.

Lois called from her desk in the outer office.

"Hello, sir," she said. "A Ms. Julia Hunter is here and says she'd like to see you."

"Never heard of her," I said. "Does she have an appointment?"

"No," Lois said.

"Ask her what she wants," I said, "and have her make an appointment with one of the department heads."

"Yes, sir," Lois said.

I hung up the phone. Not a minute later, it rang again.

"Yes, Lois. What is it?" I asked.

"Sorry to bother you, sir," she said. "But Ms. Hunter insisted that I call you back. She said she knows about the Portland bookstore."

My stomach leaped into my throat. I dropped the folder I'd been perusing. My mind searched for an explanation. Who could've known? Certainly, the two guys I fucked. But who would they tell? The answers wouldn't come.

"Sir? Are you there?" Lois asked.

My mind snapped back into action.

"Yes, yes," I said. "Did she say anything else?"

"She wouldn't elaborate," Lois said.

"That's fine, Lois," I said. "Go ahead and show her in."

When Lois opened my door, the most amazing red-head came swaying in. Never have I seen a woman make a plain, gray business suit look so sexy. She had huge tits that bounced as she walked with a black brief case in her hand. Her eyes locked onto mine. This woman was all business.

I did my best to play it cool. If there's one thing I've learned in my years climbing the corporate ladder, it's that you can never let the opposition see you sweat.

"What can I do for your, Ms. Hunter?" I said, while leaning back in my fat, leather chair.

Without invitation, she took a seat in a chair on the other side of my desk. Her skirt slid up her leg as she sat, revealing the lacy top of her white, thigh high stocking.

"Tell your secretary to leave," Ms. Hunter said. "You're going to want to discuss this in private."

I nodded at Lois.

"It's OK," I said.

Lois closed the door.

"OK," I said. "You've got my attention. Who are you? And what's this about?"

Ms. Hunter flipped open the latches on her brief case. She opened it and pulled a business card out of a side pocket.

"Julia Hunter, private investigator," she said, while handing me the card. "One of your competitors hired me to learn what you do in your spare time."

"You've been spying on me?" I asked.

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13-06-2008, 01:54 PM
"That's right," she said.

I slammed my open palm on my desk. The crack echoed through the office.

"I demand to know who hired you!" I yelled.

Ms. Hunter didn't flinch.

"Demands don't get anywhere with me," Ms. Hunter said. "I suggest you calm down and take a look at what I've come to show you."

Ms. Hunter pulled out a laptop and flipped it open. She hit a few buttons and the set the computer on my desk with the screen facing me.

"This is what I gathered last Saturday night after you closed the deal out in Portland," she said. "By the way, congratulations on that. You personally made $13 million. Not bad for a week's work."

I gritted my teeth.

"No one was supposed to know about that," I said.

Ms. Hunter smiled.

"I know," she said. "But I do."

Ms. Hunter came around to my side of the desk to narrate her presentation. She put her hand on my chair and leaned in toward the computer. My cock jumped as one tit brushed my face. I wondered if it were intentional. I looked up at her. She ignored me and focused on the screen.

"These first few shots are screen-grabs from your computer," Ms. Hunter said. "They show a few of the porno sites you were looking at in your hotel room. You start off with straight porn at 8:03 p.m. Just naked chicks, Playboy pics. Nothing weird. You move to cum shots by 8:47. And by 9:02, you start looking at transsexuals.

"You log off at 9:17 and leave the hotel. Here's a security camera shot of you exiting the lobby with a duffle bag in your hand. And here's a different video of you pulling into a Burger King parking lot 15 minutes later. You walk in the front door, still dressed like a guy, and head in the direction of the bathroom.

"You emerge 12 minutes later in this sexy, little outfit."

The surveillance video showed me in full drag click-clacking in heels through the Burger King lobby and out the door. There was no denying it was me. My face was plainly visible, even behind the make-up. I remembered all too clearly. I'd gone to the Burger King to change because several of my associates were staying in the hotel. The memory made me pop a woody, even though I knew this all meant I was in big trouble.

Ms. Hunter continued.

"You leave the Burger King and arrive at Big Dick's Porn Palace 23 minutes later. Here's some video of you walking in the front door and browsing through the dildos. This is my favorite part. If you watch closely, you'll see this shopper notice you and then snicker."

I remembered her. Some soccer mom shopping for dildos was none too discrete about giggling at me. It was humiliating.

And I loved it.

Ms. Hunter hit fast-forward. The figures on the screen raced around the store.

"I'll spare you some of the details," she said. "'I'm sure you'll remember meeting Nick and Joe."

"Actually, I don't," I said.

"Maybe you don't remember their names," she said. "But you'll remember what you did with them."

Ms. Hunter punched a button on the keyboard. A raunchy porno film filled the screen. Two guys worked over a chick in a red dress. Her skirt was over her hips, as one guy violently pounded her ass while the other fucked her face. Just behind them, a blond woman sat on a couch with her legs spread wide. She fucked herself with a silver dildo while watching the sex show in front of her.

I took a closer look. The person in the red dress was no chick. It was me.

"I bet you didn't know you were being taped," Ms. Hunter said.

"Enough," I said. "Turn it off."

Ms. Hunter shut down the computer and put it in her bag.

"If that gets out," I said, "I'll sue the shit out of you. And I'll make sure you're brought up on charges. I have friends in high places, believe me."

"I'm sure you do," Ms. Hunter said.

She sat down and draped one leg over the other. They were beautiful legs that made it hard to concentrate.

"But here's the thing," she said. "I'm ex-CIA. I know things about all those powerful friends you keep in your back pocket. Embarrassing and costly things that will keep their mouths shut."

"Excuse me for asking," I said, "but you look a little young to be ex-CIA."

"I do, don't I?" she said. "Truth is, I was the fastest-rising agent in history. Could have been the first female director. But then I got too close to a certain foreign dignitary. A Russian. They sent spies after me. A few pictures got to the president. He thought my relationship with the Russian showed poor judgment. The president himself told me I could either step aside or be forced out like Valerie Plame. So, I went into private practice."

I had no doubt she was telling the truth.

"Fine," I said. "So you're ex-CIA. What do you want?"

Ms. Hunter dug into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out two lollipops. She offered me one. I waved it off. She put it back into her pocket and peeled the wrapper off the other.

"Are you familiar with fem dom?" she asked, while holding the red candy near her lips.

I knew exactly what it was, but I wasn't going to let on, at least not all the way.

"It sounds like a sex thing," I said.

"Right," Ms. Hunter said, while pulling the sucker out of her mouth. "Some women like to sexually humiliate men. They make their man-slaves dress up like girls and then humiliate them. What do you think of that?"

Her tongue played on the candy like the head of a cock. A full-blown hard-on raged in my pants.

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13-06-2008, 01:55 PM
"That's fine," I said. "But it doesn't answer my question. What do you want?"

Ms. Hunter giggled.

"You're a good actor," she said. "I bet you're great in the board room. Poker-face the whole time."

This woman was seeing right through me. My back was sweating.

"I'll just get right to it then," she said. "I want two million in cash delivered to me tonight."

"Fine," I said. "What do I get?"

"All copies of the video presentation you just saw," she said. "And just to show how nice I am, I'll give you some dirt on the person who ordered up this investigation."

"Deal," I said.

"Wait," Ms. Hunter said. "You didn't let me finish. There's something else I want."

"What is it?" I asked.

Ms. Hunter slipped the lollipop into her mouth and leaned forward, propping her elbows on my desk. Her tits formed a cleavage that seemed bottomless. She let me stare for a few seconds. Then she pulled the sucker from her lips with a smack. I could smell its sticky sweetness from across my desk.

"You're going to be me fem-dom bitch when you come over to drop off the money," she said. "Your ass is mine for one hour."

I sighed. It was true that I wanted to be her sex slave. But I hated giving in to an extortionist.

"You're a sick woman," I said.

Ms. Hunter smiled and tossed the lollipop into the waste can.

"I know," she said. "But so are you."

I squeezed the bridge of my nose. A headache was coming hard and fast.

"Deal," I said. "Where do we meet?"

Ms. Hunter told me to meet her in room 320 at the Holiday Inn off exit 32 at exactly 8:20 p.m. Then she sashayed out of my office.

Gathering the money wasn't difficult. I keep an emergency fund of $10 million tucked into safes and security deposit boxes around the city. I left the office early and made a couple of bank runs, stashing the money in a black brief case.

At the hotel, I knocked hard three times, precisely as instructed.

Ms. Hunter answered the door almost totally nude. She wore white, fishnet thigh-high stockings and six-inch heels without panties or a bra. A string of pearls hung between her luscious, round tits. Her bush was a neatly trimmed triangle of red hair. She didn't seem to care that the door was wide open and anyone walking by could've seen her.

But Ms. Hunter wasn't wasting any time.

"Get in here," she said.

I stepped into the room. She slammed the door behind me.

"Put the money on the table," Ms. Hunter said. "And strip off those clothes."

She watched from the other side of the bed as I followed the instructions, setting down the brief case and sliding off my tie. Her hands were on her hips, and she was frowing.

"I'm going to enjoy humiliating the shit out of you," she said.

I already had a chubby forming in my silk boxers. When I pulled them down, Ms. Hunter's eyes slid down my body to my prick. Her frown turned into a smile.

"You've got a big cock," she said, "for a sissy bitch."

A ruckus suddenly rose in the neighboring room. Someone banged on the walls. A man yelled, "Allllriiiiight!"

Ms. Hunter banged on the door connecting the two rooms.

"Hey, take it easy in there!" she yelled.

The shrieks and banging quieted.

"What was that all about?" I asked. "Do they think they heard what you said about my cock?"

Ms. Hunter fixed me with a stern look. I froze. She slapped me across the face with her open palm. My cheek stung.

"Shut up, cunt!" she said. "You don't speak unless you're spoken to."

Ms. Hunter grabbed a pink bag sitting on the dresser. She emptied the contents on the bed.

"There's your uniform, bitch," she said. "Put it on."

I started by strapping on the lacy, white bra. The under-wire cups pressed into my chest as I connected the hooks behind my back. I slid the straps up my arms. The cool fabric encased my tits. I was beginning to feel like a woman.

Ms. Hunter could tell, but she didn't say anything. She just smiled and nodded approvingly.

I went for the boyshort panties next, sliding them up my legs. They fit fine. The elastic hugged my thighs and ass. The bottoms of my butt cheeks hung out the bottom. I arranged my stiff cock so that it was pointing straight up at my belly. The sensitive underside brushed against the lace every time I moved.

My outfit came with a pair of white thigh-high stockings exactly like the pair Ms. Hunter was wearing. I sat on the bed and slid them up my legs one at a time, careful not to tear them. I loved how they hugged my legs.

I finished off the outfit by sliding on a pair of six-inch stripper heels.

"Make-up time," Ms. Hunter said. "Come with me."

I followed her to the bathroom, stumbling a couple times in my new heels. Ms. Hunter patted the marble counter by the sink and said, 'Lean here." I settled in.

Ms. Hunter did my make up, making me look like a whore with black eyeliner, red lipstick and gray eyeshadow. Her spearmint-scented breath filled my nostrils as she leaned in to paint my face. Then she slipped an auburn wig onto my head. I looked ready for the streets.

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13-06-2008, 01:56 PM
"Now we're ready for some fun," she said. "Go stand in front of the bed."

When she swung open the connecting door, a wall of manhood stood waiting. I never did find out how many guys were there, but it had to be at least a dozen. They looked horny and even a little angry. The horde came rushing at me in an irresistible wave. All of them had hard cocks needing to be serviced.

I was stunned. My heart leaped. I had no choice but to take care of them all.

The first guy through the door was a tall, lean athletic guy with dark hair. He rushed at me.

"On your knees, bitch," he demanded.

Stunned, I dropped to the floor. He grabbed the sides of my head and poked his stiffy at my lips. I opened up. The guy forced his cock down my throat. I gagged as he buried my nose into his pubic hair. I struggled to inhale, but no wind came. The guy's prick was blocking my windpipe. He pulled back quickly, and I took in air. The guy immediately rammed his stick back into my gullet.

"Watch the teeth, motherfucker," he said.

I opened wider and let my throat relax, giving the guy nothing buy soft, wet flesh.

The face-fucking became smooth and rhythmic, as several other guys gathered around me to watch and jerk off. Somewhere on the other side of the room, a guy was saying, "Cum on his face, man! Cum on his face!"

And it suddenly happened.

One of the jerk-off guys let loose on my forehead. A cheer rose in the room as if the Giants had just scored a Super Bowl-winning touchdown. Jizz ran down my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. The athletic guy just kept pumping my lips with his cock.

It didn't take long for the next guy to cum, or the one after him. They all blasted their loads on my face or in my hair. Each time a guy popped, a new guy moved to the front of the crowd.

The dark-haired guy finally gave one last thrust and let his junk fly in my mouth. It was a big load I could barely contain. When he pulled out, I still had the salty love juice between my cheeks.

"Show us," the dark-haired guy said.

I tilted back my head and opened my mouth. I flipped my tongue a few times. Cum spilled out the corners of my mouth. The guys cheered.

A young surfer dude with long, blond hair stepped forward while furiously beating his cock. He took aim and fired. The first shot me hit me right in the eyes. I instinctively shut them. A few guys laughed. Some else shot a load. I felt it splatter between my tits.

All the while I held my mouth open with my head tilted back. Jizz pooled on my tongue Someone yelled, "Swallow it!"

I sealed my lips and let the cum slide down my throat. A roar rose in the room. Another big load splattered across my face.

I swelled with sweet humiliation. I loved it. I was the victim, totally out of control. My cock pulsated.

I never saw the next guy who shoved his cock in my mouth. But I know he smelled like Old Spice and came quick.

After swallowing his load, I wiped the cum out of my eyes with the back of my hand. The crowd had begun to thin. The guys who had shot their loads had moved back into the other room or were watching while slumped along the walls. Two college boys and an older guy beat their cocks while standing in a semi-circle around me. Another guy was up on the bed, fucking Ms. Hunter in the missionary position. She moaned as he glowered at her like a hungry lion. He suddenly threw back his head and gave one last thrust before cumming and rolling off of her.

He looked at me.

"Get up here," he said breathlessly. "Fuck this bitch, sloppy seconds."

I eased between Ms. Hunter's legs as jizz dripped off of my face and onto her chest. The three beat-off guys followed me to Ms. Hunter's side. Her face remained jizz-free. But just as I was easing my prick into her pussy, the older guy popped a shot across her face. He left a trail of sperm from her chin t her lips to an eyebrow. Ms. Hunter gazed up at me and slowly licked the cum off her lips.

I pumped her slowly. Her pussy walls were slick with another guy's cum and her own juices. I could've shot immediately, but then I saw the two beat-off guys move in beside Ms. Hunter's face. I wanted to jizz at the same time they did. One knelt on the bed. The other stood by the bedside. Both had their cocks aimed and were stroking hard.

I tightened my asshole and squeezed my eyes shut. A geyser of cum built inside me. I couldn't hold it much longer.

I didn't have to.

When I opened my eyes, the guys were firing their loads on Ms. Hunter's face. I gave a final thrust and let myself go. My cock exploded into her cunt. Ms. Hunter seemed to love every second of it. She had her mouth open and her eyes closed. Cum covered her face. At least one shot had hit her in the mouth. A line of spunk slowly slid down her tongue.

No one had to tell me what to do next. With my still-stiff cock inside her pussy, I lowered my head and gave Ms. Hunter a long soul kiss. Our tongues played in the sperm like dolphins in the ocean until I pulled away to lick the jizz off her face.

I grabbed my trampled suit off the floor and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came out, all the guys had gone back to the neighboring room. Sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed was a naked, familiar-looking blond woman. It was the one I'd met in Portland a few days earlier -- the chick who shoved a dildo up her cunt while the two guys fucked me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

She smiled and batted her eyelashes.

"Don't you recognize me?" she asked.

It was Ms. Hunter with a wig on her head.

"What the fuck?" I asked.

She smiled.

"The hook-up in Portland was a set-up to get some dirt on you," she said. "I'll do anything to get a job done. Keep that in mind in case you ever need anything.

"I'm also a woman of my word. The only two copies of the video are in a bag in the closet. Also in the bag is a DVD movie of the man who ordered up your investigation. You'll recognize him when you see him. The video shows him in an embarrassing position. You just might find it useful. If The Post ever got a hold of that film, they'd definitely find it useful."

"So, that's it?" I asked. "We just go our separate ways now?"

"No," she said. "I'm altering the terms of the deal. We're going to do this from time to time. You're going to be my sex slave."

"Yeah? Why should I?" I asked. "I have the tapes."

"Yes, you do," she said. "But I know what happened, and I have witnesses. And I know what buttons to push to make our liasons public. I may not be able to prove it with video, but I can make things awfully uncomfortable for you."

She rose and moved in close, gently touching my chin.

"Besides," she said softly, "Was it really that bad?"

I smiled.

"Thought so," she said.

Then she slapped my cheek. Not hard, but just enough to sting.

"Now get the fuck out of here," she said.

I let the door slam shut behind me. Then I got in my Mercedes and drove home at twice the speed limit.

Now, every time the phone rings, I secretly hope it's Julia Hunter.

The End

13-06-2008, 02:05 PM
Very nice stories... Had a good time catching up on your stories... :)

13-06-2008, 04:11 PM
Very nice stories... Had a good time catching up on your stories... :)

Welcome back bro submarinez , so where's your stories ......kekekeke . :D

14-06-2008, 11:49 PM
In The Middle Of The Garden

Thora Mae Wilson was quite possibly the most charming girl you could ever meet. She was small, standing at a whopping four foot eleven, a tiny frame with full b-cup breasts and a peachy backside. Her soft wavy black hair was past her shoulders with pretty side swept bangs that occasionally covered her big dark green eyes in a messy way. Then there was her creamy soft, fair skin. Most would expect her to be quite tan seeing as she was outdoors very much. It was hard to believe that she was twenty two, but she was just one of those rare girls who looked like they were years younger.

So her friends and family called her the garden girl. You see, she lived in a small cottage like house just outside the suburbs of Houston on its own. Alone on a big field if so. It looked like some mystical house you'd find in some fairytale! Covered in lush vines and shaded by tall oak trees. Surrounded by an abundance of flowers. Bright beautiful daises, tulips, roses and orchids. So many to list for that one colorful abode of hers.

Yet it was a mystery as to why she never decided to live in a big and ornate house downtown. She made a lot of trips to hang out with her friends at a few of the fine eateries, and matinees. She loved to shop and lavish herself with the cutest shoes and loveliest dresses you could ever find. Not to mention how much she liked just walking around the often-crowded streets of that wild city. It was a good guess that she was a stay at home...or not...wife. She was married and very happy but nobody had seen much of her husband since the small wedding they had a while back. And by that he must've been a hard worker because she always had money to spend.

On small occasions they would venture out on small dinner dates alone and go shopping afterwards. He would stroll through the isles with her tagged close by his side as he picked out pretty dresses for her. She, happily, had no say or choice but to try on whatever he chose for her to wear

She was his pretty little doll that he could dress up or dress down whenever he pleased.

The thing was, her friends never knew that Thora, their pretty, playful, witty and kind-hearted friend had been playing slave to her husband...or master, Jonathan.

Who knew such a sweet innocent looking girl would do such a thing?

When he married her, he truly and deeply was in love with her, but he couldn't help that he loved to feel powerful, and she couldn't help the fact that she loved to please and serve her man.

So the both of them kept the house that once just belonged to Thora, on an agreement that they would be getting good use out of that tranquil and lovely garden of hers.

- - -

So, it was a bright Thursday morning. Thora awoke to the sound of birds chirping in the yard. It was quite pleasant. As usual she turned over so see the other side of the bed empty. A thing that she didn't mind.

She then eagerly sat up and reached over to the end of the big bed to find a note and her attire for the day.

She unfolded the piece of paper and read;

"Good morning beautiful! I hope you have a good day playing around the house. I'll be home early, around three. I want you in that dress and out in the garden by the time I get there. --love, Master"

She felt goose bumps pop up around her body as she carefully folded the note back and set it down. She then grabbed the dress that was provided. It was a soft yellow baby-doll dress that came midway to her thigh. She smiled as she hopped off the bed and slipped it on to her naked body.

She loved the way the cotton felt on her skin and she adored the way it made her look adorable.

So her day started usual enough. She hummed as she made her way to the living room to see what was on the tellie. She looked over to the clock and was shocked to see that it was ten 'till one o'clock! "Oh my gosh did I sleep in THAT late!?" She gasped to herself. She was then reminded of the spanking session she got late last night for forgetting to have Jonathan's warm shower ready.

There was nothing much to do seeing as the house was clean and the garden didn't need any tending to today.

Suddenly, she heard a gurgling sound and looked at her stomach. "Guess I better get some food in there." She sighed.

She trotted off to the kitchen to make her favorite, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

After she finished with making her lunch, she began putting the used butter knife in the sink, the peanut butter back in the pantry and the jelly back in the fridge. But knowing she was a bit clumsy, it wasn't that easy. She picked up the jar of jelly but accidentally dropped it on the ground as the her two pet cats scurried by. The Sticky purple mess splattered all over the floor and on her dress.

"Oh NO!" she found not only the floor covered with the gooey purple jelly, but part of her dress too. The cats came rushing over to see what all the noise was about.

"Damn, I can't have this messy dress on when he gets home!" She said as if the cats would listen and help.

She then rushed to the laundry room and stripped out of her dress and tossed it into the washer. With a little soap and the warm/cool setting, and a good while in the dryer, the stain would hopefully be gone and, things would be back in place. She would have the dress back on and would be in the garden with the dress back on all before Jonathan got home.

She put on another dress for the time being, and then grabbed the mop to clean up the mess. After cleanind up she was then satisfied, and grabbed her lunch and proceeded to sit on the comfy couch and eat.

She finished her sandwich and yawned.

Almost without a care in the world, she peacefully dozed off.


"OH CRAP!" Thora shouted as she was jolted awake when the sound of the door of her husband's truck was slammed shut.

She got up and ran out the back door of her house and into the garden. She plopped down onto a patch of soft grass between a tall tree and a pretty row of daises in the middle of the garden. She hoped Jonathan wouldn't notice her panting.

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14-06-2008, 11:51 PM
"Hey baby, where are you?" He said almost happily. She heard the back door shut.

"Over here." She meekly said.

"There's my prett—" He stopped in front of her. She looked up with a smile only to see his not so cheerful face. "Your dress." He said pointing downward.

Suddenly Thora felt her heart drop into her stomach.

"You have the nerve to smile at me, and DISSOBEY ME AT THE SAME TIME?" He gritted his teeth.

She suddenly felt cold. "I messed it up so I put it into the wash and I forgot-"

"You forgot?"

Thora looked into his icy blue eyes and gulped. With him standing at six foot two and about one hundred ninety pounds she felt very tiny. Suddenly looking at those strong arms, she didn't think he'd be hugging her soon.

Her eyes began to water. Not From only being scared, but she was disappointed in herself that she managed to let her master down once again.

"I'm...I'm sorry master." She childishly said.

"I thought I would come home to see you looking all pretty in the garden ready for me to fuck you. I thought I'd treat you to a little while of whatever YOU wanted. No master per say, but NO. YOU DECIDED TO MESS IT UP." He looked furious. A small springtime breeze blew and brushed his face long dark brown hair onto his face. He brushed it back. "Stand up! I'll really give you something to cry about!"

He pulled her close as if he were going to hug her. But alas he lifted up the old orange tunic dress and exposed her pantieless soft perky ass.

"Well at least you got one thing right." He said.

With her face so close up against his chest she could hear his heartbeat, he slapped her ass.


Thora whimpered like a baby.






Jonathan slapped harder and harder until the stinging pain hurt so much that Thora was full on reduced to tears. She had her arms wrapped around him like a scared child.

"LOOK AT ME!" He shouted and Thora obeyed as she stood back and shyly looked at him square in the face. "You did this to yourself, now you get your punishment. Yes we'll stay out here in your pretty garden, but you better hope you'll have enough energy to water these damn flowers when I'm through with you."

Thora closed her eyes and nodded.

He pulled the straps down over her shoulders and slipped the dress off of her, exposing the rest of her petite naked body.


Thora's juicy tits jiggled as she dropped to her knees. She took to clue, and began to unbutton and unzip his jeans. She pulled them down along with his boxers revealing his plump, cum filled balls and his thick eight-inch cock.

Jonathan's face was dark with anger - and yet, -- and yet--, there was real love in his gaze as he looked down at her. He tenderly brushed Thora's lovely dark hair away from her face as she winced in fear. His hard steel-blue eyes met her soft dark-green eyes with a gaze that chained her heart. He reached sideways and plucked a daisy, then placed it behind Thora's ear. Thora smiled, almost forgetting her fear.

'THWACK.' Jonathan's thick cock slapped against her face.



Jonathan held the base of his cock in his right hand, wielding it as a club, cock-slapping Thora's delicately pretty face.

"I take care of you completely, and you are my property to use! And I am going to make sure you don't forget that again! -- Now SUCK, you little cock-sucking slut! "

Thora gave the broad shield head of his member a playful kiss, but her Master was having none of that! He seized her chin in his wide, powerful left hand, forcing her mouth to open, pushed his hips forward, and guiding his dick head past Thora's pouty lips with his right hand. Despite the confusion of emotions she felt, Thora was careful not to let her teeth graze Jonathan's cock, for she feared what the punishment would be for that mistake! She began obediently to suck in earnest. Jonathan grabbed her hair with his left hand, his right hand placed firmly behind Thora's head controlling her cock-sucking rhythm as he face-fucked her. Yes, Thora had given her husband oral pleasure many times before, but this was different - the thought burned in her consciousness: 'I am being face-fucked! This is not just my husband, this is my Master!'

Jonathan's cock was going deeper into her mouth with every stroke. Thora felt the broad head press against the back of her throat, she was beginning to gag, when Jonathan pulled back. All her life she would remember the cool fresh air she gasped, the glimpse of a butterfly gathering nectar from the blue-bells across the garden, - and Jonathan's thick eight inch manhood waving stiff and erect, the sunlight reflecting brightly off the length of his cock, so slick, shining with her saliva.

Quickly Jonathan spread her dress on an old bale of straw nearby (Angry as he was, still he did not want to scratch her lovely, glowing skin!) He roughly picked her up under the arms, - lifting her off the ground -turned, and half pushed; half threw Thora belly-down on the bale of straw.

"Keep your ankles together!" he warned.

Jonathan straddled the bale, his powerful, muscular thighs, thick as tree-trunks on either side of Thora's hips. Thora felt her Master's hands grasp the cheeks of her ass, pulling them apart. She sensed Jonathan leaning over, awkwardly at first, his cock head probing, seeking her pussy mouth. Then she felt the head of his member forcing her cunt lips apart as Jonathan placed his hands at the top of the bale and pushed down with his hips hard ..."Keep your thighs pressed tight together , you got that, bitch?!"

Thora's pussy resisted Jonathan's cock as it penetrated her love-hole. His thick cock had stretched her pussy on their wedding night like Thora's pussy had never been stretched before -- But, oh, god! Now she felt every millimeter of his manhood as it plowed forward forcing her cunt to accept his manhood -- She felt his goose-egg balls rest against her ass cheeks as he pressed down hard with his hips, forcing her pussy to accept all eight inches of his manhood. He moved his hands to her shoulders, pinning her down hard, as he rocked his hips back and forth in a brutal, frenzied animal fucking. Needless to say Thora was afraid, where was her loving husband, Jonathan? But she knew that she must accept Jonathan as her Master, she knew she needed to be his slave...

"Yes, please, I love you, - Master - I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, please, please just fuck me ..." Thora gasped.

As cool and breezy the spring air was, Jonathan was almost working up a sweat as he pounded roughly into her tight love hole. Thora's whimpers and moans were loud and her eyes were almost rolling to the back of her head.

Her tears subsided but her eyes remained glazed.

There was no doubt that she wished she hadn't messed up. She would've loved to have him softly kiss her all over and gently caress her soft skin. To be held in his strong arms and have the scruffiness of his beard rub against her neck as he breathed her in would certainly make her happy enough to never forget anything.

It could have been clouds and bunnies, instead it was spanking and the sore feeling you get on your head after your hair is pulled too hard.

Suddenly she felt her stomach tighten and her thighs tense. Her warm cunt began to tighten and Jonathan could certainly feel it. He pulled his thick and throbbing cock out and took a few deep breaths. Thora suddenly felt emptiness in her.

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14-06-2008, 11:52 PM
He pulled her up into a sitting position and took one look at her sweet face.She was sniffling a little still, that was what almost melted his heart. He leaned over and kissed her forehead and gently cupped her right breast. He loved how it filled his hand perfectly.

But at this point, he didn't want to give in.

"Thora, my beautiful slave..." He said quietly but with sternness in his voice. "How are you ever going to get what you want if you keep messing up? It's very unacceptable."

"I'm so sorry Jon—I mean Master."Thora sadly said sitting still afraid that one move would make him angry again.

"I know. But as your Master, I can't go against my word. You still have your punishment. You still have to learn to submit to my every demand." Thora looked into those eyes of his and almost began to cry again. She thought that the hard fucking and failure to obtain release was it.

What exactly was her punishment going to be? She wasn't exactly excited to know.

"Thora, I think you really don't know what it means to be a slave. My slave at that" Jonathan said as he looked at her.

If there was ever a time Thora had been scared of Jonathan it was now. What took place next surprised her...and scared her to the point her stomach felt like it was being boiled.

"All fours. Now." Jonathan calmly said.

"But Master wha—"

"DON'T PROCROSTINATE, I SAID ALL FOURS NOW."Jonathan's voice was like thunder.

Thora slowly got on all fours and closed her eyes, expecting a good hour of hard slaps to the ass.

Jonathan saw what he had been waiting for, a chance to fully make Thora his own. Her soft pert as was enough to make his shoot his load right then and there. But he was an expert at keeping himself controlled. He rested his hands on her cheeks and gently began to knead them. Thora whimpered.

"Oh don't you worry I wont be spanking you." Jonathan said as he slid his index finger up and down her crack.

Thora gasped.

In the middle of that garden, on that soft patch of lush grass, surrounded by the rainbow of flowers she had never felt so fearful. She was scared. If spanking wasn't it, then what was? Was he...was he actually going to...?

Then her thoughts were interrupted when she felt her Master's warm tongue slide across her delicious pink star. Her heart skipped a beat and she almost forgot how to breathe. She felt his tongue slowly slither up, down, across and all around her asshole. Then it delved into her chute lovingly. He deeply plunged in and out scaring Thora speechless.

She didn't know weather to be scared, or excited.

Jonathan felt her ass tighten and it made his cock even harder. He quickly got up, spat in his hand and generously lubed up his member. Then without warning, he pressed his cock against her asshole and pushed.

Thora realized that this was it. Her biggest fear had come through. She looked up and felt the soft breeze blow against her face. The sound of the wind chimes echoed throughout the area. This was definitely not a place to be punished like that. So she screamed and cried out to stop him, but Jonathan was having none of that.

"THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR MESSING UP!" He gritted as he grabbed hold of her sweet, curvy waist. With heavy force he slammed his dick up her ass.

Tears streamed out of Thora's eyes. She had never been in such a situation. She wriggled and pleaded but there was no way that he would give up. So that was it. Thora felt so incredibly full. There was no way to back down now, and then as he pounded almost brutally into her ass, she came to the shocking realization that she was no longer Thora now. She was forcefully now her Master's own. As she heard his deep moans and felt his thick cock plunge in and out deeply she knew that this was no longer punishment. Jonathan was enjoying the feeling of analy deflowering her, and the thought of that imeadeatly turned her on.

She was Thora Mae Wilson, Wife and slave to Master and husband Jonathan Draven Wilson.

She felt loved. And oddly enough through the pain, she loved him enough to submit every inch of herself to him.

"MASTER, Please—please I love you master. FUCK MY ASS!" Thora cried out.

Jonathan smiled in ecstasy. Her tight ass, her begging, and the fact that she was beginning to enjoy this made him grin with delight. Sure this was it, deflowering her anal virginity was turning into something great. He reached under and rested his hand on her abdomen, loving the fact that he could slightly feel his large cock prodding around in her insides as he slapped in and out. He felt her tighten up and decided that this was punishment enough.

With almost a lethal force, Jonathan's cock squirted out his load, shot after shot of his warm gooey cream made its way into Thora's tender ass. Thora felt it and gave in not fearing what would happen after. She felt an amazing orgasm rip through her body. Her moans and screams were so high pitched the residents down the road could've heard her. Love fluids gushed out of her pretty pussy.

Jonathan pulled out of her and with her arms feeling like jelly she plopped down on the grass.

Jonathan couldn't help but feel loved as he watched his beautiful slaves little body shiver from a few aftershocks as she lied there.

No words could be said as he picked her up and cradled her in his arms and carried her across the garden towards a sturdy but comfy hammock.

He gently laid her down, admiring her tender body. He laid down next to her closely.

She squirmed a little and blushed as she felt his cum begin to leak out of her asshole. She looked at Jonathan and giggled softly.

Jonathan almost felt bad. Granted Thora's ass must've been throbbing now but she was brave enough to take him.

The tree branches swayed in the cool spring air and the sun shined through almost as if its soft rays were setting themselves to shine only on Thora.

"Well...I guess we should get to that laundry..." Thora nervously said, breaking the peaceful silence.

Jonathan smirked. "At this point we don't need to worry about the clothes." He smiled placing a gentle kiss on her delicate lips.

Thora felt safe as he wrapped his arms around her. "I love you...master."

Jonathan felt like a king after those words escaped her lips. Holding her close and kissing her again he whispered "I love you Thora."

Sweetly, in the noon and in that garden, the sweet little garden girl and her strong and powerful husband drifted off lovingly.

The End

15-06-2008, 12:01 AM
Dressing Room Exposure

This story takes place when Sue was 24 years old. We had been dating for a year. We were at the mall when she decided to look for a new bathing suit. It was May and Sue was looking forward to going to the beach that summer.

I knew that Sue loved to sunbathe in her backyard or at the beach with the least amount of clothing. I also knew that if it were up to her and if she could get away with it, she probably would sunbathe nude. Since we lived in a conservative town and there was no place to sunbathe nude, the next best thing would be a sexy bathing suit.

Sue led me to a small shop where there were all kinds of one and two piece bathing suits that ranged from the very modest to the very revealing. I followed her to the bikini section where she picked out a couple of skimpy string bikinis. Then I followed her to the back of the shop to a dressing room where she could try them on.

The dressing room had an unusual set up. There were three booths, each with their own curtain. Each booth had a mirror facing the entrance of the changing area. Anyone who wanted to could see each booth from outside the dressing room.

Sue told me, "Wait here while I try these on."

Sue went into the first booth and pulled the curtain. However, I noticed that she had not closed the curtain completely. Sure, she had closed it enough so that no one could directly see her, but the way the mirror was and the way the curtain was open, I could see her in the mirror taking her clothes off. I assumed that Sue did not realize that she could be seen.

I noticed that there was a guy who, like me, was waiting outside of the dressing room while his girlfriend was also trying on clothes. They appeared to be an attractive couple in their early twenties. From the place where the young man was standing, he had an even better view of Sue than I did. I could see his girlfriend take off her blouse because she did not have her curtain completely closed either. I could see the girl in her bra, but it was the other guy who got the real treat.

I watched as Sue took off her blouse and bra. She was topless and both I and the stranger could see everything. Her tits stood up in the air and they were so beautiful! I glanced at the young man and I could tell that he was staring intently at Sue's naked tits in the mirror.

I thought maybe I should say something to Sue, but I couldn't very well shout to her to cover up. It was a little late now and, besides, I couldn't blame the guy for staring at her. If his girlfriend were standing there topless and if her tits were as beautiful as Sue's, I'm sure I would be staring at her too.

Sue continued to perform this delightful strip tease, unaware that she was being observed. She took off her shoes and jeans and had nothing on except for her white panties.

I glanced at the young voyeur, avoiding eye contact. He was staring at Sue's reflection in the mirror. His face appeared red. He also appeared a little nervous, occasionally glancing around, as if he didn't want to get caught in public doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. It was obvious that he was getting very turned on.

By this time my cock was very stiff! I was getting very turned on by the thought that this stranger could see my girlfriend completely naked without her realizing it.

Sue came out of the dressing room for a moment and stood facing me in a blue bikini.

She asked me, "How do I look?"

She did look very sexy except for one problem. Sue was wearing white cotton panties under the bikini bottom!

The blue bikini bottom was very skimpy with strings that tie on each side. It didn't leave very much to the imagination. Sue looked even more exposed and erotic wearing those white panties underneath the bikini. Of course, I didn't tell her that.

I told her, "How can I tell you how you look when you are wearing those panties under the bikini?"

She said, "I'm wearing them because of sanitary reasons."

I said, "Well, you look ridiculous! Take them off!"

I noticed that the young man was looking at Sue and that he also could see her panties under the bikini bottoms. He was smiling. I think he heard what I had said to her.

Sue went back into the dressing room and proceeded to take the white panties off. I observed that the young man was standing there watching her. I could see Sue as she paused to glance in the mirror. She stood there bottomless. Her observer could see her naked pussy and her bottom! It was obvious to me that he was getting quite a show. I'm sure he had an erection. I know that I did.

I watched in the mirror as Sue put on the bikini bottoms. She looked in the mirror again to admire the fit. She adjusted the strings once more. She brushed her hair.

Finally, Sue came back out of the dressing room. She modeled the blue bikini for me and asked me what I thought.

I said, "That's much better now that you don't have those silly looking panties on. You look very nice."

Finally, Sue decided on a bathing suit and got dressed. When she came out of the dressing room, she smiled at the young man.

I said to Sue, "You know, you left the curtain open and that guy could see you getting undressed."

Sue kissed me and replied, "Yes, I know. I could see him in the mirror looking at me."

I realized then that Sue knew that the guy was watching her all along and that she deliberately let him see her. She enjoyed being the exhibitionist and I found myself getting very turned on by the idea of another man seeing my girlfriend without any clothes on.

The End

15-06-2008, 12:03 AM
The Politeness of Strangers

Beguilingly and bewilderingly polite. This was my first impression.

A soft-spoken and courteous person by nature, his initial enquiries about me were very cordial, and carefully structured. In addition to the fact that English was not his mother tongue, which i could tell was restricting him slightly in how he expressed himself, he was obviously also uncomfortable in expressing his desires verbally. And, apparently, unused to dirty talk or profanity.

Or so I thought.

Maybe it's a xenophobic trait within me that should be stamped out like a burning scrap of paper. But the northern European accent that colored his English so prettily invoked a very polite and well-mannered attitude and impression... which was hard to gel with the disgracefully depraved way in which I like to cavort.

Suffice it to say that I presume way too much.

For this particular blind date, pictures had been exchanged. By the handful. We'd recognized each other immediately from aforementioned photos, through the steam of a Saquella espresso machine in the corner of a seductively warm cafe on a blustery cold and wintry evening. The lights outside along the sea front danced brightly, giving a false impression of cheeriness, but there was nothing cheery about the biting wind outside. We had, however, done our best to banish any last vestige of cold by both ordering wine -- red for him, mulled with a stick of fresh cinnamon for me. We looked at each other, and smiled... and I was wondering how to broach a subject somewhat less conventional than the severity of the weather, when he took my hand and placed it on his thigh.

No words really necessary after all. Especially not when i ran my finger deliberately slowly over the growing bulge on his inner thigh.

(I'm wet just at the thought of it, as I write.)

He leaned into me and whispered politely "I need to fuck you, the sooner, the better. Can we go?"

The next few minutes were a blur of giggles, and bill-paying, and urgency, and hands clasped tightly, and half-walking, half-running to his place, only a short block away from the cafe. Formalities that had seemed to worryingly important had all but been dispensed with as we collapsed through the door, and into each other.

At first, we hugged and held each other very close, our hands roaming, and divesting each other of our accumulated layer of clothing. Once we were suitably scantily attired, he paused, and took my chin in his hand, lifting my face to kiss him.

Dear god, but he could kiss. My knees nearly buckled.

The passion intensified, and not breaking from the kiss, he managed to remove my remaining articles of clothing. Lacy panties in a puddle on the floor, where they had fallen after he'd given them a sharp, commanding tug. Matching lacy bra strewn halfway across the room, where I'd find it much, much later, decorating a very good reproduction of Guernica. All i wore were knee high socks, and tall, black, leather cowboy boots, which despite their heel, brought me not very close to his height at all (he had to bend to kiss me, but he didn't seem to mind).

So i was naked but for the boots, which put me in mind of another occasion, and he was barefoot, in jeans, with a button fly with which I'd been struggling until he began kissing me. Once he'd started the kiss, it distracted me enough that I'd kind of concentrated just on that.

His giant-like gentleness was short-lived. He finally broke from my lips, and somehow twirled me in a circle until i was held tight with his arm, but bent over it, with my side against his muscular but softly fuzzy stomach. He almost lifted me in order to get me into position, nudging my arms up and onto the desk, where i rested, facing down, leaning on my forearms and elbows. He slowly stroked my back with his hands; long, relaxing strokes that discombobulated me so much that when he landed me a massive blow to the buttocks, i jumped.

"Stay still," he commanded, still very polite, but unarguably firm.

I do what I'm told, me.

I felt the warmth of his body as he leaned over me, his cock nudging against my ass, as his hands explored me. He left one hand stroking my body, holding it inches from the surface of the desk, and used the other to draw an imaginary line from my cunt to the end of my ass. All the way, in one slick and slippery stroke.

I gasped. His fingers were strong and probing, and still cold from the inclement weather outside. I wasn't complaining.

Slowly, deliberately slowly, he started to stimulate me, his whole hand probing, touching, encircling and teasing. This was a touch unlike any I'd previously encountered, and the heady feeling with which it left me had me reeling. In a good way. In moments he brought me to a surprisingly thundersome climax, leaving me wet, spent and thoroughly slippery. As i leaned on my forearms and panted to get my breath back, I heard the crackle of a foil wrapper, then the unzipping of his jeans, followed by the soft sound of denim hitting carpet.

Then politeness left the building once and for all. He grabbed me, hard, but not ungently, spread my legs apart, and held me still with my face on the table; then swiftly, smoothly entered me with a single thrust and no fumbling. His cock felt like solid steel as it entered me and he made sure i could feel how hard he wanted, or needed to fuck me.

"Spread those legs more, baby... yes!" As he pumped.. and pumped.

He grunted, I moaned.

He sweated, drops of moisture falling onto my back. One hand twisted in my hair, pulling it but not yanking my head. Thrust. Fuck. Pump. Push.

"God yes. Yes. Fuck me. Fill me. Yes."

Harder. Faster. Harder still... faster still...

He grunted his intentions like a mantra.

"Fuck that cunt, that soft sweet cunt, going to fuck it harder than it's ever been fucked. Fill your cunt. Yes? You want that, baby? Yes?"

In my head, I drifted away on a cloud of spaced-out bliss; the physical not matching the mental. I was in full physical submission, restrained by his strong hand, and his deliberately thrusting body; yet my body gladly accepted, even welcomed the hard furious fucking it was receiving.

Somewhere far away, I heard myself wail... softly at first but growing gradually stronger and more shrill. I could sense the pink light of orgasm approaching as he kept pounding my g-spot until i gushed, my mind afloat in ecstasy, my cunt awash with girlie-cum. It didn't stop him. Rather, it increased the intensity of his fucking and the depth of each push into me. I felt my body slide forward across the desk, skater-like on a film of sweat. Astonishing really, since such a short while ago I'd felt so cold i couldn't stand still, and now i was perspiring.

Since i was now sated, regrouping after the orgasm, i could concentrate on his pleasure more fully. I pushed back onto him, using my sweat-aided leverage. I tried to do my kegels as he fucked me, only succeeding some of the time since he was by now pumping hard and very fast.

"Yessss!" With a shout, he came, holding me tightly by the shoulder and hair.

Not quite so polite, after all. But a pleasure to know.

The End

15-06-2008, 12:07 AM

Vanessa Roland stood in front of the kitchen window, the dishes still only half done in the sink, and decided that a good cry was in order. The tears were spilling down her cheeks before she could stop them, anyway. They wouldn't have cared whether or not she thought they were in order.

Outside the window, she could see mountains in the distance, and half a dozen big black cows chewing on alfalfa much closer. In her own backyard. How had she gotten here? It wasn't fair.

She missed the city. She missed her friends. She missed movies and shopping and good restaurants. She missed clean nails and hair that wasn't pulled up in a utilitarian ponytail.

She didn't want to be a farmer's wife. Especially when the farmer wasn't really a farmer. Carl had a business to run. The ranch was his childhood dream, and he was content to come home to it on weekends and spend his weeks in the city. Vanessa hadn't decided how to confront the fact that she knew that the apartment he rented was for more than sleeping and showering.

She allowed herself a gulping, hiccupping sob as she remembered the voice that had answered his phone earlier in the week. The very young feminine voice.

And now she was stuck here, in this god awful place, far from everything and everyone that she loved. And she didn't even have a faithful husband. It just wasn't fair.

"Mrs. Roland? Are you here?"

Vanessa was torn from her self-indulgent cry. She turned off the water, wiped her hands on the floral apron she'd found in the back of one of the kitchen drawers when they moved in, and walked to the door. Her face was red and blotchy. She knew that without looking in a mirror, but there wasn't anything she could do about it.

The man standing on her front porch looked like he'd walked out of someone's cowboy fantasy. Tall, leanly muscular, wearing jeans and a plaid shirt, boots and a cowboy hat. The brim threw his face into shadow. "Can I help you?"

He took his hat off with one hand and held it near his hip. "I'm Jackson Anderson. Your husband asked me to come by and check on you, make sure you didn't need anything while he was gone."

"He did?" Had Carl seen this man? His face was amazing. Strong bones, startlingly light eyes, skin that had been weathered by the sun. His hair was dark, and matching stubble colored his cheeks. She wanted to run her hands over his face. She fisted them in her apron instead.

"My farm is down the road. Your husband hired me to take care of his cattle during the week."

Vanessa raised her eyebrows, anger bubbling up again. "Cattle? Including his wife, huh?"

"Excuse me?"

"That's what I am to him. A fucking cow that he owns and keeps tucked away during the week, to play with on his days off."

"Mrs. Roland, I—"

"My name is Vanessa."

"Vanessa. You need to take a breath, honey. You look like you're about to pass out."

She felt it. She leaned against the door jam and tried to do as he said. He took her by the arm and ushered her into her living room. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. I've met your husband."

A slow blush spread over Vanessa's face. "He's not that bad...he just—"

"He's not that good."

What had Carl said the last time she caught him cheating on her? "It doesn't mean anything. He just needs things that I can't give him."


"It doesn't usually bother me so much. When we lived in the city, I had things to distract me. Now all I have is the damn cows." She laughed, but it sounded more like a sob.

Jackson led her to the couch, and she sat, looking up at him. He had a really good mouth. Amazing mouth. A complete foil for the hardness of the rest of his face. "I can't imagine what he's getting somewhere else that he couldn't have right here."

Vanessa didn't know how to explain it. Or why she would even consider trying to explain the sexual component of her marriage to a stranger. "He loves me."

Jackson sat next to her. Close to her, so that she could feel the summer sun that had stored its energy in him while he stood outside. She thought he was going to argue with her. Instead he reached one big hand out and smoothed it over her hair. His fingers caught in the clasp holding it back into a ponytail, and he tugged at it.

Her hair fell over her shoulders and halfway down her back in a mess of neglected honey blonde curls. Jackson dug his fingers into it, his hands cupping the back of her head, and lowered his face until his perfect mouth covered hers.

His kiss was hot, demanding. He held her head, and tilted her face up to him. Her lips parted for his tongue. He moved one hand down to her waist and tugged her into his lap.

"Wait a minute." She leaned back, but settled her legs around him instead of getting off his lap. "I can't do this."

He reached for her again, this time his thick fingers moved with surprising grace over her dress buttons. She tried to breathe as he undid them to her waist. His fingertips brushed against her bare skin and took her breath away.

Work-roughened hands slip over her shoulders, under her dress, and eased the soft, light cotton down until from the waist up all she wore was a white cotton bra. He bent his head and kissed her neck, sending a rush of heat to her core.

She felt good for the first time in so long that it was impossible to try very hard to stop Jackson. He slipped his thumbs under her bra straps and tugged on them until they hung loose over her shoulders. His kiss moved from her neck down one shoulder as his fingers flicked open the clasp between her breasts.

Her full breasts spilled out of their confinement, and a low, deep growl rumbled through Jackson. She had the most perfect breasts he'd ever seen. Carl Roland was the biggest fool he'd ever heard of. If this woman were his, he would never let another man near her, much less hire one to make sure she was happy while he worked in the city and screwed little girls who were less than half the woman his wife was.

Her body was like a luscious gift. Her waist was narrow under his hands as he bent forward and sucked one of her berry-sized nipples into his mouth. Her hips were full and round in his lap, and they tilted forward as she reacted to his pull on her nipple.

"Please—" Vanessa wasn't sure what she was asking for. More, or for him to stop. His fingers plucked the nipple he wasn't sucking, and she slid her hips forward until she felt his cock through his jeans against her pussy. The bulge was startlingly large and hard. "Please."

He pulled harder on her nipple, his teeth biting into the tender flesh, and the spark of pain was like a livewire to her clit. She felt her panties dampening as her body responded violently to him. She put her hands to the back of his head, letting her fingers tangle in his black hair.

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15-06-2008, 12:09 AM
His moved his hands behind her waist and pulled the tie on her apron, then lifted the hem of her dress and she raised her arms over her head so he could take it off of her. She started to work on his shirt buttons, wanting to see the heavily muscled chest she could feel under it. He helped her, shrugging out of his shirt once the buttons were undone. She grabbed the hem of his white t-shirt and tugged impatiently at it. He laughed, a slow rumbling that moved his cock against her, and took his shirt off.

His chest was broad and strong, a patch of dark hair swirled over it, narrowing to a peak that disappeared into his jeans. She wanted to see all of him, her fingers slipped down between them and caressed the huge shape of his cock through far too much clothing. He was large, more than large. He stood her up off of his lap and stood himself.

When he was naked in front of her, his cock was more amazing that she'd thought it would be. It stood between them as hard as iron, too thick for her fingers to reach around. Kneeling down was a reflex that she could no more stop than she could stop her heart beating.

He put his hands back in her hair and led her forward until the smooth, fat head of his cock was against her lips. She swirled her tongue around it, tasting the salt of his precum. He pressed against the back of her head and the tip of his cock pushed into her mouth, stretching her lips and sliding along her tongue until it hit the back of her throat and she gagged slightly. She had barely half of his cock in her mouth.

She tried to move her head back, to fuck his cock with her mouth, but he held her still. Instead of moving back, he pushed forward. Her green eyes looked up at him with alarm, but he was relentless. He had to feel those lips around the base of his cock. He knew she could take it, and was determined to show her how far she could go.

She gagged a little and he stopped, waited for her to start breathing through her nose, and for her fingers to tighten on his hips, for her to push a little forward on her own before he pressed deeper.

Her tongue danced against the underside of his cock, sending sparks to his head. Her eyes never left his as he pushed her down on his cock, taking her mouth until he owned it. A rush of primal need pounded against him when he finally felt her mouth around the very base of his cock, her nose pressed into his groin. She was his. His.

He finally dragged her back, his fingers tangled in her hair. When only the head of his cock was in her mouth, he started pushing her down again. Using her mouth like a cunt, enjoying the wet heat of it. She tried to push her mouth faster down, and he felt a thrill at her small show of greed.

He pushed his cock several more times into her throat, felt her nose pressed to his flesh, and then finally let his cock head pop from her lips. He pulled her from her knees and held her against him. She was shaking as she buried her face against his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"You're such a good girl, Vanessa. So good." He petted the back of her head, his other hand slid down the small of her back to her perfect ass. "You're my good girl."

His words made her insides feel tight and hot. Like she'd been waiting her whole life to be this man's good girl. Her throat was raw and sore, but nothing could take away the pride she felt. She'd taken his cock, all of it. Carl was half his size and she'd never been able to take his cock the way she just took Jackson's.

Oh god. She was a whore. A common slut. She felt like she was being torn apart from the inside out.

He held her away from him, looked down into her face. "What is it?"

She didn't mean to tell him, but somehow was compelled to anyway. "Only a whore would do what I just did."

"I won't have you talking about yourself that way, Vanessa."

She shook her head, her body shaking against him. "It's true."

She was slipping away from him, and he had to do something to snap her out of it. Instinctively, he knew that a physical release of her anxiety would help. That pain would refocus her attention and break the cycle of destructive thoughts.

He turned her so that her back was to him and walked her to the wall next to the front door. His hands slid down her arms and took her hands, lifted them and pressed them against the wall, held them there for a minute while he bent to kiss the back of her neck.

"You are not a whore, Vanessa. You're a beautiful, sensual woman who deserves to have her needs met." She shook her head slowly. "I'm not."

He brought his hand down with a shocking smack against her ass. She yelped, but didn't move. She couldn't have if she wanted to, he had her wrists in one hand and one of his feet hook around hers, keeping her legs spread wide. His big hand stung her sensitive skin, pushing the breath out of her. "You area good girl. I won't have you thinking otherwise." His hand came up and down again quickly, sending a sharp pain through her. Her pussy reacted so strongly that for a minute Vanessa thought she might faint. She arched her back, lifting her ass higher.

Jackson watched her react. Saw the sensual woman push past the fear and self-recrimination. She was the most basically, naturally sexual woman he had ever known. Her ass was perfect, round and firm, and now had a pretty pink tint.

He brought his hand down on it again, and heard her moan. He lifted an eyebrow and did it again, and then reached his fingers between her legs, sliding them along her slit and finding the edge of her hole. She was so wet. Drenched, dripping, her hole was so tight, and needy.

She pushed her hips forward, trying to make him push his finger into her. He obliged her, sliding one finger deep. She pushed her forehead against the wall and cried out.

He moved behind her, no longer able to deny himself the feel of that tiny, tight hole around his cock. She opened her legs obediently when he pushed against them, and whimpered when he slid a second finger into her cunt. Finally he pulled them out and put both hands on her hips, his cock found her slick, hot hole like a lost horse finds home.

She cried out, arching and pushing back as he entered her. She stretched around him like a virgin, and he knew that she'd be neglected in more ways than one. He pushed his hips forward, taking her slowly and relentlessly.

Vanessa felt herself fragmenting, dissolving into a million pieces as Jackson took her. How had she lived so long without this? He held her around the waist and pulled her on to him, manipulating her for his pleasure. His long, thick shaft reached parts of her that had never been touched.

She was cumming before she was ready, going off like the fourth of July when she hadn't nearly had enough. His cock was thick enough to rub against her clit with every deep, slow thrust, and she couldn't stop the result.

Her cunt closed around him, tightening almost painfully, and he held her while she came. Her head rested back against his shoulder and he moved one hand up to brush her hair back from her cheeks. He pulled out slowly, even though his cock complained bitterly at the idea of leaving its tight spot.

He wanted her in a bed, on her back, her legs over his shoulders. She took his hand, as if reading his mind, and led him down a hallway. Her bedroom was simple. A large bed and a dresser, nothing else. The bed had a white comforter on it and several feather pillows, and a white curtain billowed in from the open window.

She lay on back on the bed, and Jackson felt a gut-deep reaction to taking this woman in her bastard husband's bed. He kneeled over her and took her face in his hands. "I want you to remember this, Vanessa. Every time he takes you here, I want you to think about me."

She opened her thighs for him. Lifted her hips in invitation. He pushed her legs up, over his shoulders, so that she was completely open and exposed to him. Her pussy was beautiful. Its perfect smoothness was a testament to the sexual woman that had been smoldering beneath her surface. He could imagine her sitting on the edge of her tub, her fingers teasing and exploring while she slathered her husband's shaving cream over her beautiful cunt and drew his razor across it.

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15-06-2008, 12:10 AM
He put his hands under her hips and lifted, needing to taste her sweet honey. She would taste sweet, he knew even before his tongue wrapped around her swollen clit. He moved one hand, his finger circling the rim of her asshole as he fucked her with his tongue.

She tightened her hips when he pushed the tip of his finger into her ass, a groan that was half pleasure and half alarm filled the room. He lifted his head and shushed her, his finger not stopping its exploration. When she relaxed, he went back to her cunt.

Vanessa felt suspended in some kind of other world. All she felt was his hands on her, his mouth on her, and his finger doing something that she'd never let her husband do. It dipped more deeply into her asshole and she moaned loudly. He wrapped his mouth around her clit and sucked lightly until she felt her whole body giving over to him.

Finally he pulled away and his body was between her legs, the movement brought her legs up high and he moved his hands up to her ankles, spreading her wide. He looked down at her cunt, watched himself sliding into her. He was so big, so thick, she could hardly breathe as he pushed into her.

He was going to fuck her hard. She knew it like she knew her own name. She reached behind her and grasped the bars of her headboard, lifting her hips in invitation of the inevitable.

Jackson rested her legs against his shoulders and took her wrists in one hand, forcing her to keep her hold on the headboard. The other went to her throat, not hurting her, but holding her so that she was forced to look at him, to watch his face while he fucked her.

"You are mine, Vanessa. Every time he fucks you, I want you to remember that you are mine."

She nodded silently, her eyes wide and brilliantly green.

He pushed deep, his cock bottoming out and bringing a cry from her lips. He pulled out and pushed in deep again, needing to hear that little cry over and over.

"Say my name. I want to hear you say my name while I fuck you."

"Jackson." The word came out like a prayer. "Jackson."

His cock slipped in and out, his hips pushing against her, her legs wrapped around his shoulders. His. Every thrust claimed her. His.

He tightened his grip around her neck slightly when she tried to turn her head, to look away. "No. Look at me, Vanessa. Look at how good you make me feel."

He pulled his cock out of her cunt, and her desperate, desolate moan washed over him. He moved his hand from her throat, sliding it between her ass and the mattress and tilting her hips up so that he had access to her tightest hole. All of her would be his.

She knew what he wanted, and was both terrified and exquisitely excited. She wanted him to know that she could please him, could give him everything he wanted. She wasn't the tight little prude her husband thought she was. She was a fully sexual being, and if he wanted her ass, she could take it.

But he was so big, so hard. She had to work to relax when she felt his fingers rubbing her juices into her puckered little hole. They eased inside, loosening her, and then she felt the thick, smooth head of his cock at the entrance. His fingers went into her cunt, curled against her g-spot as he pushed against her puckered hole hard, then harder.

She screamed when his head opened her, he felt a shudder up his spine when he was finally in her ass. He took her slowly, slowly, savoring every second. Her cunt was dripping wet, her clit a swollen little treasure. He circled it with his thumb, his fingers rubbing against her sponge-y g-spot. He wanted her to squirt for him, coating him with her juices as he fucked her tiny little ass.

He wanted to make sure that she could not separate pleasure from him. That every time she touched herself, or her husband touched her, his face, his hands, his cock were in her mind.

She lifted her hips slightly, her knees were nearly to her shoulders, her hair spread around her in reddish-gold curls. She was like an angel, a beautiful perfect angel. His beautiful perfect angel.

"I want you to say my name when you come. Scream it." She turned her face so that her cheek was against the mattress and he pushed into her harder, getting her attention. "Look at me, Vanessa."

She turned back to him. His cock was buried deep in her. His balls were tight against her, and they throbbed, full and heavy. He flicked his fingers over her g-spot, felt it swelling, and rubbed it faster, a little harder. She bucked, her eyes wide but not turning from him.

His name tore from her lips as juices squirted out of her and her hips bucked up. Her body tightened around him, his cock squeezed by her anal muscles.

He didn't cum. Not yet. But it was a close thing. His balls ached, he could feel his seed hot in his shaft. He pulled out slowly, torturing himself, until he popped out of her asshole with an audible sound. She lay on the bed, limp and used, exhausted. But he still needed her. He needed her to find a reserve of strength, just for him. He needed to take more than she'd ever given before.

He left her there, and she cried out, reaching for him. "I'll be right back. Don't move."

The bathroom was just off the bedroom. He turned on the water and waited for it to warm up. He looked at himself in the mirror, looking to see if being with her had changed him. He saw his own face staring back, the same, but different. She was his. Every inch of him knew it without a doubt. He cleaned his cock carefully, giving himself time to recover from the experience of taking her ass.

When he came back to the bedroom, she was asleep. Her arms were still stretched over her head, her fingers twined in the bars of her headboard. He opened a dresser drawer, then another, until he found what he was looking for. A silk scarf.

He wrapped the soft fabric around her wrists and the bars, and she stirred. She tried to move, but he held her tight where he wanted her until he had her wrists tied tight to the bed.

"Every time he fucks you, I want my name in your head. I want you to wish it was my cock. I want you to need me even more every time he touches you." He knelt between her thighs again, and she lifted her legs around his waist. "Say it."

"I'll think of you every time he fucks me."

"You'll scream my name in your head."


"I'm going to cum inside of you."

Her eyes widened. "I'm not on the pill."


He slid into her wet, sweet cunt. She pushed her hips forward, welcoming him. He took her hard, even though he knew it hurt her to take the whole of his length. She didn't complain, and whimpered in protest when he did try to use shallower thrusts. He rubbed his thumb over her clit while he fucked her, rubbing the hard little nub until she was moaning and begging like a whore.

"Not yet. Don't cum yet, baby."

She gritted her teeth, and raised her hips to meet his thrusts. He watched her struggle to obey. He had never wanted anyone like this before, had never needed a woman the way he needed her. Her breath came in pants, and he knew she was teetering on the edge.

"Please...Jackson, please let me cum."

"Not yet." He pushed deep, fucked her, driving her higher. Finally he couldn't wait any longer. "Now. Cum with me. Cum now, Vanessa."

Her hips bucked and he arched his back, finally letting himself spill into her. Her cunt tightened and spasmed around him, milking him of his seed and demanding more.

"Mine." He rubbed a hand over her belly as he collapsed next to her. "Mine."

Her husband wouldn't be home for three days. Three days of planting his seed deep inside of her, over and over again, might be enough to ensure that she was his. Jackson had the feeling that it wasn't going to be enough to make sure he was in her mind when Carl fucked her. The man didn't deserve her, and Jackson couldn't stomach the idea of his hands on her.

She curled against him, her body a soft, warm weight. His.

The End

15-06-2008, 12:14 AM
Pleasuring The Stress Away

"Are you feeling stressed?"

"Yes," I muttered to the screen.

"Is life getting on top of you?"

"Yes again," I sighed.

"Well I can help you – with a spiritually uplifting Aromatherapy massage."

"Why not?" I asked myself, looking at the screen again before reading on.

"Provided by a fully qualified Masseuse ...."

"Just what I need," I told myself

"... who is a Naturist ..."


"... so please don't call if nudity offends you!"

I laughed quietly to myself. Yes, I was stressed, and it felt like just about everything was on top of me, so why not? It was probably an overweight man who did it anyway, I told myself as I jotted down the number, but to be honest I didn't care. I would have my eyes closed and as long as I felt less stressed afterwards, then I'd be happy.

I phoned between meetings the next day. To my surprise a lady answered, a very nice sounding lady. To my even greater surprise I was ringing the doorbell at the address across town that she'd given me just a couple of hours later. Although I knew that the masseuse was at least a lady, I was still convinced that I'd be better off keeping my eyes closed. So when the door was flung open moments after I'd leant on the bell button, I think my mouth might have hung open.

"Simon?" she asked in a delightful sing-song voice as she swung the door back.

"Yes," I told her, my mouth suddenly dry.

"Come in ... come in."

I followed Jessie - the name she'd given me on the phone - through a small hallway, and straight into what was obviously her lounge. I started to glance around, but I couldn't drag my eyes away from her. She was short and petite, her blonde hair hanging just to her shoulders. Her face was pretty, untouched by lines and make up, her eyes bright and impish, her nose sprinkled with freckles, her mouth generous.

I guessed that she was around 40, but looked younger. She was dressed in a short, tight white overall that was zipped up the front, and that clung to every tight curve of her pert body. It ended just below the swell of her ass, and it was more than obvious that she was naked underneath it. The zip was already undone to between her breasts, drawing attention to her dark nipples that showed clearly through the thin material.

I watched the sway of her ass as she disappeared towards what must have been her kitchen.

"Get your clothes off then" she called over her shoulder, before returning a few seconds later with two glasses of water.

I started to get undressed as she smoothed out the towel that was spread over the massage table set up in the centre of the room. I looked around to see if there was anywhere to get undressed, but all I found was a typical lounge, in a typical house, with some open plan stairs over in the corner. I mentally shrugged, and started to undress, surprising myself by being not at all self conscious in front of this undeniably sexy looking, soon to be naked, lady.

I could feel the tension draining from my body as I kicked my shoes off, before bending over to drag my socks off. I stood up and started to undo my shirt. Across the room, I watched as Jessie bent over to put some soothing music on, her overall impossibly tight across her ass. As I watched, it suddenly loosened as she drew the zip down as she stood back up. Without saying a word, she turned towards me, shrugging her overall off her shoulders, her breasts pushing forward. A second later she was naked.

I prayed silently for my cock to behave as I quickly finished undressing, my eyes following her as she moved around the room. She was tanned all over, her skin a soft brown colour. Her breasts swayed gently, her nipples perched at the tip of her upswept curves. Her belly was flat, her waist nipped in above the swell of her hips, her ass firm. I caught a glimpse of the smudge of hair at the base of her belly, but that was all as she drew my attention back by tapping on the massage table, a small smile on her face.

On her instruction, I clambered onto the table and lay face down, wriggling quickly to get my cock comfortable beneath me. She pointed out a hole for my face.

"Some people use it, some don't," she told me softly.

I rested my head on my arms, turning to one side, conscious of her beside me. I heard the squelch of oil on her hands, and then sighed as she reached for my shoulders before her hands moved slowly and carefully down my back.

It felt as if every muscle in my back and shoulders relaxed at the same time as her hands glided easily over my skin. Ten minutes later, it felt as though almost all of the stress and strains of the last weeks and months had disappeared – and that Jessie knew my life story! As she worked from one side of me and then the other, she talked quietly, and I found myself telling about my job and its problems, about how my fifteen year marriage had disintegrated into a bitter divorce, about just about everything.

As her hands moved over me, I was aware of her behind me, and longed to turn, to catch glimpses of her as she moved around. I heard the squelch of more oil onto her hands, and felt her running her hands up the back of one leg and then the other, her hands pressing powerfully into the muscles built from mile after mile of cycling. She moved to one side, her hands slipping down to the inside of my thigh, her fingertips catching my cock. At first I jumped, thinking it was a mistake, but the second time it happened a glow went through me.

Her hands ran smoothly along my legs, and then up onto my ass to my back. She did it again, talking to me about this and that, about how she gave training as a masseur at a local college. This time her hands concentrated on my ass, the outside of my cheeks first, and then closer to the centre, her fingers gliding along the cleft between them, teasing, probing, before sweeping up my back and then down again.

I was so relaxed that I didn't notice at first that she had stopped, until she appeared in front of me, her naked body just inches from my face. As I looked, I realised that the soft hair I seen earlier was trimmed into a neat strip above her pussy, a strip that drew my eyes downwards. Jessie dropped to her knees by the corner of the table, and reached for my arm. I watched her closely for the first time, and saw the concentration on her face as she held my hand to keep my arm straight as her other hand slid slowly over my skin, but my eyes soon dropped lower, taking furtive looks at her breasts, at her dark, erect nipples.

I almost jumped as she took my hand in both of hers, holding me close to her as she massaged the tension away from my fingers. As she moved my hand, my fingers caught her breasts, touching her warm skin gently, sending another jolt to my cock. She moved across in front of me, giving me a perfect view of her perfect ass as she got into position to deal with my other arm. I watched, seeing how absorbed she was in her work, how totally relaxed she was with her own nakedness.

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15-06-2008, 12:16 AM
As she worked on my hands, my fingers still catching her breasts from time to time, she told me about a student from college who was staying with her for a few days, and who was training to be a beautician.

"She wants to do massage as well," she told me lightly, "But struggles to get people to practice on. I've got a little more to do on your back ... would you mind if Emma helped me?"

She asked so naturally, and I was so relaxed, that I just nodded in agreement.

"Emma," Jessie called upstairs.

I watched as Jessie moved to my side again, expecting her to slip back into her overall before Emma came down. Even though it hid so little, I assumed that was what she would do. To my surprise, she stayed naked – and when I twisted my head to see Emma coming downstairs in just a dressing gown, I could see why. With no hesitation, Emma dropped her robe on the floor and moved to stand opposite Jessie.

In those fleeting seconds, I could see that she was twenty, maybe twenty one, her long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, and a tanned body that showed a remarkable likeness to Jessie's. Her breasts were a little larger and her hips and ass a little rounder, but the likeness was so startling I wondered if they were related in some way.

For the next ten minutes, these two beautiful, naked ladies moved around me, their four hands moving over my naked back and shoulders and legs, Jessie speaking softly to Emma, giving her instructions and guidance. I couldn't help but stare as Emma moved to stand at my head, her soft belly with her pierced navel just inches away as she rolled my shoulders. At my feet, I felt Jessie's hands moving up my legs, her fingers catching my cock again out of view of Emma before sliding between my cheeks.

"We'll do Simon's hands and arms again and then I'll finish off," I heard Jessie telling Emma.

Moments later, they were both knelt at the end of the table, a hand in each of theirs, my fingers catching their breasts. Emma glanced up as I looked at her, catching me staring at her breasts. I started to look away, but she smiled, pulled me closer, my finger tips scraping across her tight nipple. She massaged my fingers gently, her hand moving up and down them one at a time as if they were miniature cocks. As I watched she moved position again, as if to get comfortable, her legs easing apart to give me a teasing glimpse of her pussy.

As Emma moved, I was aware of Jessie changing position as well. As she moved, my arm dropped lower, her hand tight around my wrist as her other hand moved up my arm. My fingers hung loose, catching her belly. She moved again – and my fingers brushed against the soft hair above her pussy. I glanced at her, expecting some reaction, but her face was still a picture of concentration.

"I think that's enough now," she said.

Even though I was looking at her, I jumped as she spoke, wondering if she'd seen Emma's slight movement. I watched Emma slip back into her gown and smile a "Thanks" at me before heading back upstairs.

"I'll just finish off your back, and then I'll start on the front," Jessie told me.

She moved to stand towards the end of the table, her hands sweeping up from the backs of my legs, over my ass and up to my shoulders. As she stretched, I felt sure that her breasts were touching me, sliding across me, softly at first, but then more distinctly. Each time her hands swept over my ass and up my back, her breasts joined them, slipping lightly, easily, over my skin. She moved to my other side and did the same, my struggles to control my cock getting harder as I felt her nipples gliding across me.

A few moments later she stopped, and asked me to sit up. She passed me the glass of water she'd brought in earlier, and told me to have a good drink before she did my front. I did as I was told, aware of her stood close to me with her own drink, her breasts and belly glossy with oil. She adjusted the massage table and then took my glass back. I lay back, happy to be slightly sat up so that I could watch her as she moved around.

She started at my feet, her hands moving up one leg and then the other, carefully avoiding my cock, concentrating on my thighs. She moved to my side, and did my legs again, this time pushing downwards before moving to my shoulder and leaning over to run her hands over my chest and stomach. As she leant over me, I stared at her breasts as they swayed forwards, inches from me, so close that it felt like I could easily reach out and draw her nipple into my mouth.

As if reading my mind, she paused, her breast hovering closer than ever before she stood up and moved to my other shoulder. This time her breast brushed against my cheek as she leant forward, her hands moving down across my chest and belly, and then onto my legs

After a few minutes, the entire front of my body and legs, apart from my cock, glistened with oil. Jessie moved back to my feet and I watched as she stretched upwards, her hands moving along the length of my legs, her breasts hanging low, almost touching me. Past them, I could see her narrow waist, and the flare of her hips, a hint of her pussy nestling between her thighs.

I heard the squelch of more oil. At first I thought I'd imagined it as her hand slipped almost casually along the length of my cock, before sliding across my belly. But moments later I knew that I wasn't as she did it again, once and then twice, and then again. With my cock hardening rapidly, Jessie stroked slowly along my shaft one more time before leaving my cock lying on my belly. Her hands returned to my thighs, rubbing and kneading, before one moved to my balls, cradling them, a finger reaching to rub against my ass.

I tried to stifle my moan as she moved to my side, one hand reaching for my cock again, stroking and squeezing, her other hand rubbing across my chest. She put me back down, moving again, this time to be closer to my shoulder so that she could reach over me, her hands sliding across my belly, over my cock to my thighs. She was close, so close that it took all my will power to stop myself from reaching out, from running my hands over her ass, or up onto her breasts, even down towards her pussy.

As these thoughts and emotions crashed through my mind, her hand slid along my cock again while it was still lying on my belly, harder than ever. Her hand moved slowly, teasingly, my cock throbbing. She lifted me away from my body as she stood beside me, her hand moving slowly up and down my shaft, peeling my skin back, her thumb rubbing the pre cum that was leaking from me.

She moved slightly, leaning over, one hand stroking my cock slowly, the other moving across my chest. She moved along the table a little, my cock jerking in her hand as I felt her soft hair brush against my fingers. I looked up at her face again, but it was a picture of concentration still, her eyes following her hand across my chest. She placed my cock gently on my belly, and moved to the other side of the table. This time she pressed her mound lightly against my fingers, teasing as she reached for my cock again.

I reached out, unable to stop myself. She was stood by my waist, half turned, as if she was waiting, ready, for me to reach out and touch her, my hand settling easily onto the small of her back. I groaned, my body tensing, as one hand held the base of my cock, the other moving faster and faster along my shaft, becoming a blur as my hand slid slowly over the curves of her ass. She pushed back against my hand, a slight but definite movement, an intimate movement. My ass lifted off the table, my thighs and belly taut as her hands moved me towards the inevitable, as my cum erupted upwards.

I cried out as I came, my cum splattering onto my belly, more running down my cock and over her hand. All the time she stroked me, still pushing back against my hand as I caressed her. With a gasp, she stepped away, her face slightly flushed, but then suddenly business like again. As she turned to grab some wipes, I saw how dark, how hard, her nipples were, and longed to pull her to me. I reached out and touched her ass again, caressing her softly as she cleaned up my cum, wiping me carefully, laughingly apologising for how cold the wipes were.

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15-06-2008, 12:18 AM
After that, she returned to my massage, easing me down from my high, leaving me relaxed and stress free, just as she'd promised. When she'd finished, I sat up and took the glass of water she held out to me, sipping it gratefully as she stood next to me, still naked. I was more than aware of her as she took my glass and then moved to stand in front of me, a towel in her hand. She used it to gently wipe away the excess oil from anywhere she could reach, asking me to stand up so that she could do my back and ass.

With a smile, she handed me a clean towel and said that if I needed a shower, it was upstairs on the right. I took it gratefully and made my way to the stairs, brushing past her as I went, my body tingling at the feel of her warmth against me. As I climbed the stairs, I glanced back and saw that Jessie was slipping back into her overall. I smiled ruefully, already looking forward to seeing her again.

I found the bathroom, and quickly switched the shower on. It was a large walk-in shower, with two jets that I was soon stood under, letting the warm water cascade over me. I closed my eyes and turned my face to the water, thinking how good I felt, how good the massage had been, how relaxed I was. I smiled to myself, my cock stirring again as thought about how close Jessie had been, how beautiful and sexy she was, about the "climatic" ending. I was so lost in thought, I didn't realise that I wasn't alone any more until she spoke – and her hand curled around my cock.

"I wish Jessie would let join in the fun at the end as well," Emma whispered as she stroked my cock slowly, her full, rounded breasts pressed to my back.

I gasped, and started to turn, but Emma pressed herself harder against me, stopping me, one hand on my hip, the other sliding slowly along my shaft. I reached out, my hands against the shower wall as she leant against me, her hard nipples pressing into my back. She moved up and down, rubbing her body against mine, our slippery skins making it easy as her breasts and nipples moved around my back, as her belly rubbed against my ass. I gasped again as she moved to wrap one leg around mine, twisting me towards her as she ground her pussy against my thigh.

Without really thinking of anything but how hard I was, I twisted towards her, pulling her to me and kissing her, our mouths locked together, our tongues searching, exploring, as our hands discovered each others bodies. Her hand never left my cock as I caressed her ass and back, as I pushed against her desperately, as her breasts moulded themselves to my chest.

"Fuck me," she moaned when we eventually broke our kiss, gasping for breath.

She stepped away from the shower, rivulets of water pouring down her body, between her breasts. She reached up and swept her long hair back, thrusting her breasts, her pebble like nipples, forward as more water ran down her.

I groaned, a lust filled groan from deep within my body, as I stared at the gorgeous, naked young woman in front of me. I reached for her, but she skipped away with a gentle laugh. She turned and leant over the bath, her hands on the edge, her ass wiggling at me.

"I said 'Fuck me'" she said over her shoulder, the lust in her eyes mirroring mine.

I stepped towards her, my cock rigid in front of me, and grabbed her hips. She moved her feet further apart as I held her, her pink rosebud winking back at me, teasingly, invitingly. I slid my cock along the deep cleft between her cheeks, our wet bodies making it easy. She pushed back, moaning, wanting, needing, more. I stepped away from her, catching my first glimpse of her wet pussy, her lips flushed with desire.

As I eased my cock between her thighs, I felt her heavy wetness hot against me. She slid her hand down, pulling me towards her, guiding me into her wanton body. I pushed forwards, driving my cock into her as she grabbed the edge of the bath again, her knuckles white. I held my cock deep inside her, her pussy tight around me. I fucked her slowly, almost slipping out of her before sliding back until her firm ass was pressed against my belly.

She moaned softly, gasping that she wanted more. I fucked her harder then, harder and faster and deeper, reaching around her to fill my hands with her wildly swaying breasts. She rested her head on one arm, sliding her other hand down between her breasts to rub at her clit, her fingertips catching my cock. The room was heavy with the smell and wet sounds of sex, with the moans and groans that we tried our best to stifle. My balls were hard as I felt Emma's pussy tightening around me, our climaxes building.


I spun around, my cock slipping from Emma, to find Jessie in the doorway, hands on hips, her face flushed with anger. For a moment I couldn't move, couldn't speak, my cock sagging back over my balls. But Jessie didn't move either. Nor did she speak again. But the anger in her eyes changed as she looked at me, as she looked past me to where Emma was still bent over, her breasts swaying, her pussy glistening between her soft thighs. I watched as her breathing deepened, became harsher, as her nipples strained against the thin material of her overall, as the need she'd hidden behind the mask of concentration surged to the surface.

Emma was watching as well now.

"I said 'Fuck me'" she said again.

I glanced down at my cock, my mind in a whirl. I heard a ripping sound and looked back up to see Jessie pulling her overall off, the thin material tearing in her haste. Her face was flushed as she stepped towards me, her hand reaching out for my cock as her breasts were crushed between us, our mouths clashing, our tongues thrusting.

Emma moaned as she watched us, my ass against hers as she stayed bent over, as Jessie pressed against me, my hands swarming over her body, over her back and ass, over any part of her I could reach. She broke our kiss and dropped to her knees, sucking my cock deep into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip as her lips moved along my shaft, one hand reaching for my balls. I twisted slightly as she tried to reach past me, her other hand searching for Emma's ass.

My cock was hard and throbbing as I thrust into Jessie's mouth, my hands reaching for her head. After several thrusts, she jerked backwards, my cock escaping from her mouth.

"Fuck her," she gasped, "Fuck Emma."

I spun around and drove my cock back into Emma's waiting pussy. She was still hot and wet, as it was probably only a few minutes since Jessie had gasped out her name. I fucked Emma relentlessly, my hands on her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples, Jessie's hands on her ass and clit.

Emma screamed as she came, her body on fire, every nerve ending tingling as pleasure ran through her, as I fucked her through it, as I came, a torrent of cum filling her.

Beside us, Jessie had staggered back, her eyes bright with need as she sat on the edge of the bath, her fingers reaching for her pussy, desperate for her own release. Emma twisted, my cock sliding from her as she dropped to her knees. Jessie's eyes opened wide as she realised what Emma was going to do, but then pulled her fingers away as Emma sank her tongue into her waiting pussy.

Jessie groaned and leant back, her hands reaching for the far side of the bath, her breasts thrust upwards. I caught a glimpse of Emma's tongue sliding into Jessie's hot body, of her finger slipping inside her, of another finger on her clit. I leant over and flicked my tongue across Jessie's swollen nipples, making her cry out as I sucked and kissed them, as I took her taut flesh into my mouth.

As she came, she pulled me to her with one arm. I steadied us as we kissed wildly, our tongues clashing, her body trembling, her cries muffled by our kiss as her climax sent waves of pleasure coursing through her. We clung together after that, our bodies slowly calming down.

"The showers still running ...."

I can't remember who said it, but for the next ten minutes we were all under the warm water together, our bodies slippery as we soaped every part of each other, caressing, exploring. I watched as Emma and Jessie washed each other, Emma the more certain at first, with Jessie soon enjoying taking and giving as much as her. And then they washed me, their hands roaming all over my body.

Emma reached around from behind me, just as she had earlier, her hard nipples pressing into my back as she stroked my cock. The difference this time was that Jessie was in front of me, my hands moving easily over her pert breasts, down over her flat belly, down to her hot pussy. She gasped as I slipped a finger inside her, feeling her heat, her need. Her hands went to her own breasts as I kissed her, my cock hard between us as Emma held me.

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15-06-2008, 12:19 AM
Jessie hooked a leg over my hip, and I slipped into her easily, Emma beside us, touching, caressing. Jessie's pussy was tight around me, my cock stretching her as we fucked, gently at first, but then harder, our bodies moving slickly against each other until our release came.

After drying each other off, Emma led us through to what I guessed was Jessie's bedroom, with its big double bed. I watched as she crawled up the bed, her pussy and ass on show, before lying down. We joined her quickly, Emma and Jessie on each side of me. I put an arm around each of them, pulling them to me contentedly, still not quite believing what was happening.

We talked for a while about nothing in particular, their hands resting on my body, caressing gently. The talking gradually stopped as we began to kiss, as Emma reached for my cock, Jessie soon joining her. I pulled Jessie to me and enjoyed a long, lingering kiss, our tongues moving erotically against each other while I reached for her ass. Emma twisted my head towards her, pressing her breasts to me as we kissed, her tongue thrusting. As soon as she broke the kiss, she looked at Jessie for just a second before they were leaning over me to share a wanton kiss that left my cock rock hard from just watching.

I kissed Jessie again, her hand caressing my cock, her nipples hard against me. As we kissed, Emma turned around on the bed, her mouth sinking down onto my cock while Jessie held me. I reached out to Emma, caressing her ass, my hand slipping between her thighs to find her pussy. Jessie moved as well, kneeling between my legs to take my cock from Emma, both their mouths on me, licking, sucking, my cock and balls on fire with need.

While Emma sucked me slowly, stopping only to run her tongue wetly along my thick shaft, Jessie moved away for a moment. I caught a glimpse of her past Emma picking up a small tube. When she came back, she squirted some gel onto her finger. I moaned as the cold gel was rubbed gently around my ass, and then again as Jessie slid her finger into me.

My fingers slipped from inside Emma as she moved to straddle my body. I reached up and pulled her to me, her pussy sinking down gratefully towards my mouth as I held her, my fingers searching out her puckered rosebud, already lubricated by her own juices.

As they shared my cock, sucking, licking, kissing, Jessie had her finger deep inside me, caressing me, just as I had a finger inside Emma's ass and my tongue deep inside her pussy, her juices on my face. I clamped my mouth over Emma's clit, sucking, my tongue flicking. Her deep groans were muffled by my cock, only becoming louder as I was pulled from her mouth only to have Jessie's lips surround me a split second later.

My groans were muffled by Emma's pussy as she pressed down against my mouth, my tongue, her juices flooding from her as she came, her cries echoing around us. As Jessie sucked me, her hand moving along my shaft, she pushed her finger deeper into my ass, sending me over the edge, my cum erupting into her mouth. She sucked hard, taking my first spurts of cum before feeding me to Emma for her share. They both licked and sucked until I was drained, and then kissed, sharing my cum and their desire.

As Emma rolled away from me, I pulled Jessie to me, holding her tight and kissing her hard, the taste of my cum on her lips. She pressed herself to me, rubbing her pussy against the hard muscles of my thigh. I pushed her onto her back and scrambled down the bed to kneel between her outstretched legs. With a groan that was soon muffled by Emma's kiss, she grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled them back, exposing her pussy, her ass, exposing everything, to me.

I stared for a moment, seeing her pussy, with the strip of soft hair, properly for the first time. Her clit was peeping out above her flushed lips, her juices glistening as they ran towards her ass, all of her begging for attention. She moaned again as Emma's hands found her breasts, pinching her swollen nipples, tugging gently at them. I dipped my head and tasted her for the first time, licking slowly along her sweet pussy before sucking on her clit.

I licked slowly downwards, teasing her puckered hole, before moving back up her writhing body. With an even more urgent groan, Jessie grabbed my hair and pushed her hips up, grinding herself against me. I pumped my tongue into her pussy, reaching under her to rub her rosebud gently. I sucked and licked while Emma nipped and tugged her nipples, sending waves of pleasure through Jessie's hot body as her climax washed over her.

Eventually she relaxed, sagging back onto the bed, her body slick from her pleasure. I crawled up beside her as she laid between us, our hands all over each other as the three of us shared kisses. Later, Jessie went to fetch a bottle of wine that we drank in bed, naked, sharing touches and kisses, all of us wanting more. When the wine was finished, their hands and mouths found my cock, just as mine found them.

With my cock, slick from their attentions, jutting out hard in front of me, I rose up onto my knees, urging them both to lie down. They did, side by side. Jessie draped a leg over one of Emma's, bringing them, bringing their pussies, even closer together. I knelt between Jessie's legs and rubbed her clit gently, slipping my cock inside her, her eyes locked on mine. I pushed deep inside her, but then eased back until just the tip was inside her. I fucked her slowly until Emma demanded her turn.

I moved between Emma's legs, moaning as she grabbed my cock and pulled me to her. I eased my cock, still covered with Jessie's juices, into her, reaching over to Jessie at the same time, my fingers joining her own on her pussy. Her other hand reached over to Emma, to her clit. I fucked Emma just as slowly, before Jessie demanded more. Emma thrust her fingers into her pussy, moaning loudly as Jessie pulled me towards her. Minutes later I was shuffling back to Emma, my cock dripping with their juices.

This time I fucked Emma hard, the teasing over. I watched her breasts bouncing as I drove into her, Jessie's fingers rubbing her clit. Emma reached out above her and grabbed the end of the bed, her back arching, her body on fire. Jessie rolled towards her, rubbing herself against the other woman, her fingers never leaving her clit. She sucked hard on her nipple, capturing the rubbery flesh between her teeth.

A flush rose up Emma's chest as she came, the pleasure from her pussy, her nipples, her breasts, radiating out to send her wild as her orgasm rushed through her body. I slipped my hands under her ass, pulling her to me, my hard cock buried inside her, her pussy throbbing around me as I held her. Jessie kissed her softly, her hands roaming over Emma's body, sharing her pleasure.

"Now Jessie," Emma eventually gasped, "Fuck her ....."

I eased my still hard cock from Emma, leaning over and kissing her pussy before shuffling back to Jessie. I pushed her legs back, my eyes on hers again as I exposed everything. Before I could move, Emma grabbed my cock and rubbed the tip across Jessie's pussy, making her cry out. I plunged into her wanton pussy, her hands reaching out to grab me. I held still for a moment, watching her, before I eased out a fraction and then drove back into her, making her pert breasts sway delightfully. I held still again, for just a moment, before driving into her again and again until she screamed "stop".

I stopped, wondering what was going on, my balls ready to burst. But I needn't have worried as Jessie scrambled onto all fours, her ass in the air. I grabbed her hips and pumped my cock into her, reaching for her swaying breasts only to find that Emma had beaten me to it. Jessie pushed back against my cock, crying out as I drove wildly into her, my balls slapping against her.

I wasn't surprised when she cried "stop" again, nor when she pushed me onto my back. She straddled me, dropping down onto my cock and grinding her pussy against me, taking me deeper inside her than I thought possible. She leant back, her arms behind her, her breasts thrust up for Emma's attention.

We fucked wildly, crying out, until she slumped forward on top of me, her breasts squashed between us. I grabbed her firm ass, holding her tight as I powered my cock into her, my cries matching hers as we came, as we kissed frantically through our orgasms, our bodies hot with desire. Beside us, Emma pumped her fingers into her pussy, as excited as us at what she'd seen, at what we'd all done.

Afterwards, we lay gasping on the bed for a long time, happy to hold each other.

They both kissed me before I had to leave, a grin on my face.

"Remember," Jessie murmured, "If ever you're feeling stressed ..."

"... I'll be back!" I laughed.

And I will – soon.

The End

15-06-2008, 12:27 AM
Silver Slugger

The mountain peaks were turning red as dawn approached. Rocky Jones let his attention drift as the first batter of the 28th inning stepped into the box, gazing at the ribbon high above the stadium. "We've been playing all fucking night," he said to himself, then focused on the action, thumping his glove as the pitch came in.

Rocky had gotten in midday before. It was a strange route from the middle of Alabama to the southern Rockies, taking 15 hours via planes and buses due to a severe weather system in the country's midsection, but he'd gotten a nap in the afternoon and felt somewhat human by the gametime at 7:00.

A crack of the bat, and Rocky sprinted to the left field corner. The frozen rope sailed past him and skipped once on the grass before gunshot meeting with the outfield wall sent it spinning back his direction. Rocky managed to corral it and get it back to the infield in time to hold the hitter to a double. He looked vaguely familiar, maybe he was in Rocky's Class A ball league last year. Four years in pro ball meant a lot of faces to remember. "Good thing I'm not a pitcher or catcher," Rocky said to himself, "cause my memory's shit for anybody I haven't hit."

The late May was starting to get hot in the Southern League cities, worse than the Texas league Rocky played in the year before. Rocky hated the heat and dust, but heat and heavy humidity were worse for a kid from northern Minnesota. The first two years of minor league baseball were a lark, like getting paid to play High School ball, but last year in High A ball the expectations were higher, and he barely fought his way to AA ball at the end of Spring Training.

The next batter managed to strike out trying to sacrifice, but the next two hitters walked, filling the bases. The pitching coach came out to talk to the pitcher; the bullpen was silent since he was the last pitcher on the roster who'd been used that night. Rocky had pitched in high school, but the one time he tried it in the pros was an embarrassment, so he figured he'd keep his mouth shut about it. Let somebody else volunteer to pitch if this goes on much longer. This game had been a long struggle with lots of runs, but his team managed to match every rally the visitors over 28 innings and so they were playing into the dawn's early light.

A left handed hitter strode to the batter's box: the stocky designated hitter with huge arms who had five hits and two walks so far that night. Rocky remembered him from the year before as his league's leader in home runs and RBIs. The coaches moved him several feet to his left and kept him at medium depth, moving the other outfielders back and the infield in. "What the hell is Mutt thinking?" he said aloud. Mutt DeMedici was infamous for strange strategies that kept his four Major League clubs solidly under .500 and his minor league clubs muddling through their seasons. Rocky bent over slightly and focused: a tall, lean man with sandy hair and blue eyes whose body became a coiled spring ready for the ball to come his way.

A ball outside, and Rocky looked up at the owners box. A faint light shone within. M. C. McMillian was a maverick owner, creative and appreciated by the community, one of the senior owners of the Pacific Coast League, but blocked several times from owning major league teams. No-one seemed to know what he looked like, his picture never made the papers or the Internet and no one knew what he did for a living; rumor said he inherited his fortune, which is increased through shrewd investment. The players loved him; his new teammates told him at length how the owner treated them like kings. The clubhouse and trainer's room showed it. Several veterans who'd been to the Show said they'd seen worse in their Big League careers.

A long drive into the seats just foul down the right field line and a pitch outside. It was just two days ago Rocky was hitting third for a winning team after working his way into the lineup and up the batting order. Mutt was frank with him when he arrived: "Kid, you're here for about ten days to fill in for a guy who's having a cup of coffee in the Show. When Tom gets back, you go back Alabama and see if you can keep your incredi-fucking nasty hitting streak alive. You'll be doing caddy work here: a couple of late innings in the outfield here and there and maybe a pinch hitting or pinch running appearance or two. If somehow you catch fire here, we'll reconsider, but for now you should just find a place to crash for a few days 'stead of renting an apartment. Coach Harnkess knows a couple of guys on the club needing a temporary roommate. Get your gear stowed and take a nap. We'll need you in uniform tonight, but don't count on getting in the game unless there's extra innings."

A foul straight back and another ball. Full count with one out, and the shortstop turned around to remind him. The red ribbon on the peaks grew and brightened. Rocky was first up in the bottom of the inning, but he'd been a pro long enough to know he couldn't think about that yet. He entered the game in the 11th inning as a pinch runner, but his speed was useless as the trail runner and he was stranded in his only scoring opportunity. The pitchers in AAA ball were throwing BBs, his feeble swings brought weak foul balls, and the futility bothered him between innings.

Another loud foul down the right field line and another foul straight back. If this guy connected in fair territory, the game would be over this inning.

Rocky thought about his girl back in Minnesota, Connie Larsen, spending the summer with her family in Albert Lea. Blond, blue eyed, and a Scandinavian body that made him erect just thinking of it. Phone calls were a lousy way to maintain a relationship, and lately she was rather distant when he managed to get hold of her. Her father gave him rotten looks every time he appeared at their door. He'd refused several offers to go hunting with the old man in the cold and snow, worrying since he frequently referred to Dick Cheney. . .

A huge swing and the ball sailed like a wounded quail down the left field line toward no man's land just behind third base. Rocky reacted instantly, gauging the flight of the ball as he sprinted across the turf. It seemed futile at first, he was sure it would fall in, scoring at least two runs. He willed himself faster and tried to kick in another gear.

The quail hung in the deep blue sky, not wanting to touch down. The altitude was affecting it; Rocky never played at altitude before. Hope arose in his chest, but the ball had to come down sometime soon. The third baseman and shortstop were racing out, but with the infield drawn in they were farther away from the ball than Rocky and had bad angles to reach it.

The quail slowly dipped toward the earth. Rocky reached out his gloved left hand, straining as far as he could. Distantly, he heard the few remaining fans roaring, diehard baseball fans willing to sit up all night just to say they'd been there as a badge of honor. His feet were barely touching the ground, the wind singing in his ears, his arm stretching farther and farther as he tried to catch up with the ball.

The quail was coming to earth. Rocky didn't think; he left his feet to lunge at the falling projectile. Years and years of practice took over, guiding his actions, preparing for impact.

The ball settled in his glove just before his arm hit the ground, and by a miracle stayed there. His body skidded across the green turf for an eternity.

Rocky rolled to pop to his feet, looking down the third base line ahead of him: the runner had tagged and was heading home. His arm reached back and sent a cannon shot home.

At first, the throw seemed to be offline to the right, but it tailed back to land in the catcher's glove at waist level on one hop. One second later the runner arrived, but the squat Sumo guarding the plate hung onto the ball through the collision and the inning ended with an unlikely double play.

Rocky trotted into the dugout, accepting his teammates gratitude, and switched gears to take his at bat. "Hey, you probably made SportsCenter," Coach Harkness enthused, and Manager DeMedici gave a rare smirk.

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15-06-2008, 12:29 AM
"You're up, Rocky," the old man said, his face returning to its usual wrinkled mask. "Get on base."

The sky was growing more and more normal crystalline blue as daylight approached, the red on the mountaintops gave way to yellow and the horizon sported a red streak. A few stars valiantly competed against the growing light, but only the brightest were succeeding. No breeze, and the birds were just starting to call the sun over the horizon.

"Hey, is this the longest game ever?" Rocky asked as he took his place in the batter's box.

The opposing catcher remained silent, but the umpire said: "No kid. Longest game was Rochester at Pawtucket, 33 innings. But they played it over 2 days. C'mon, let's go. Play ball."

The pitcher looked in for a sign, nodded and prepared to deliver. Rocky crouched in the right handed batter's box, focused on his adversary, trying to forget the previous two at bats against this guy were three pitch strikeouts.

The windup and the pitch sent a ball with a dot inward. A breaking pitch that wasn't breaking, a batter's dream. Rocky almost gasped as it grew from a BB to a beach ball, and struggled to hold his composure waiting for the hanging curve to reach him.

Instinct took over again. Rocky didn't think; his hands drew back slightly, then propelled his bat through the strike zone, sending the orb deep to left center field with a rifle sharp crack. He didn't think it would make the seats, so he sprinted to first as fast as he could, turning to see its flight when he rounded the bag as his heart pounded.

The speed was unnecessary: the second base umpire was making a circle with his hand, ending the game with a home run call. Rocky slowed to a trot and floated around the bases as the other team trudged off the field, meeting his new teammates at home plate to dance in group celebration.

The celebration was muted. A long night's work had taken a lot out of everyone, and there was another game that night, in twelve hours. There was backslapping and glee in the shower room, but all were ready to go home. After Rocky changed, Mutt DeMedici approached him with a smile on his face.

"Nicely done, kid, nicely done. Highlight of your fucking life so far, I bet."

"Yes, sir."

"You don't have to call me sir, kid, just call me Mutt like everybody else."

"Yes, Mutt."

"Well, you got another piece of Christmas coming. Just got the call: you're the Silver Slugger tonight, I mean, today."

"Silver Slugger?"

"Yeah. In the majors, it goes to the batting champion. Here, it means you get a special reward from above. See that door over there?" He pointed to a door in the clubhouse marked 'Silver Slugger'.


"Well, go through that door and do as you're told. A little perk from above to tonight's MVP. Enjoy."

"What's going to happen?"

Mutt smiled and put a hand on his shoulder. "You'll like it, don't worry," he said solemnly, turning and leaving the clubhouse.

Rocky stood there several moments, stunned, and one of the veterans came up. "You the Silver Slugger, Rocky?" He nodded his head quizzically. "You've got it made, friend, savor the fruits of victory. Relax, this is a good thing." A slap on the butt, and the veteran was gone.

Timidly, he turned the doorknob and entered a descending hallway. The colors were the same as the locker room: light blue and lavender, the team colors. Light jazz oozed from unseen speakers: Rocky shook his head and walked like a zombie down the hallway. He hadn't heard jazz before, even at the strip clubs he visited with his teammates past. The corridor ended with a wall, a video monitor at chest level playing a clip of a woman giving a well endowed man oral sex.

On his left there was a hole in the wall at waist height, covered with a black cloth on the inside. The video played out, and was replaced by a text message screen. Hello, Silver Slugger.

"Er, hello?"

That's all right, I can hear every word you say, Rocky. Just keep talking. Great game tonight.

"Well, thanks, but it wasn't that good. Struck out a couple of times and let that ball by me in the last inning."

You came through under pressure with a great catch and hit the game winning home run. You've made your mark up here.

"Thanks. I hope I can help the team while I'm here."

You will, you will. Now, stick your dick through the hole in the wall.


Put your Louisville slugger in the place indicated. It's time for your special bonus.

He paused several seconds. 'How do I know it's not some kind of trick?"

It IS some kind of trick, but you'll like it.

"I know all kinds of things that can happen if I put my dick in there. You could spray it with skunk juice, or snap it in a rat trap, or you could be a big, hairy dude with two day's stubble."

Where do you come from? Did somebody trick you like this before?

"No, but I watched that old Robert Redford movie where he plays baseball and this chick in a hotel room pretends to like him then messes him up good."

The Natural. Great movie, and based on a real event, but that's not going to happen to you here. Didn't your manager and your teammates say this is a good thing.

"Yeah, but they may be messing with me."

If you're unsure, stick your hand through the hole.

Reluctantly, Rocky put his hand through the hole, and it was immediate taken by a soft, feminine hand. Velvet lips encircled his index finger, a tongue teasing his cuticle, a gentle suction drew him in. After several moments, the hungry mouth released, and he found his hand cupping a palm sized breast, whose skin felt like satin, topped by a hard nipple. A tweak of the bud brought a squeak of delight.

He pulled his hand out. Satisfied?

"Yes. But I've got a girlfriend back home. . ."

She's not here, is she?


Don't worry, I won't tell her anything. Put your dick through the hole. I want to make you feel good.

He unbuttoned his fly and tentatively put his limp penis through the hole. Immediately, two soft hands began to stroke it alternately, making him hard almost immediately. One hand reached down to caress his balls while the other wanked him with long strokes. It was heavenly, and Rocky's eyes looked up at the ceiling.

His girlfriend gave him a hand job like this on their first date. Connie gasped as she groped his trousers at his size, and released it immediately to look at it in awe. His sperm messed up the back seat of his car, and he had to spend most of the next morning cleaning it up, but it was worth it.

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15-06-2008, 12:31 AM
The velvet lips were teasing the end of his cock. A serpent tongue flicked out to tease the crevasses at the head, making his balls tingle. The stroking and teasing went on for an eternity before the mouth suddenly engulfed half his protuberance and started sucking hard. Connie never did anything like this, contenting herself to nibble at his pole once and avoiding the stream she called forth.

Suddenly, he was released, his Louisville slugger dripping with saliva, abandoned momentarily. For a few moments, it entered a soft, silky cave of skin between two plush cushions, then the body on the other side turned for him to enter her vagina. He felt her inner lips against his cock, which swallowed him slowly but surely until he was completely embedded in her wet canal.

Connie never did this for him; she was determined to remain a virgin until marriage. Rocky had never done this before, and he couldn't believe how wonderful it was to pound away inside a willing partner. Spasms surrounded his rock hard dick, and after some shuddering, pulled off again, leaving him unspent.

The screen awoke to life. That was fantastic, Rocky. Did you like that?

"God yes, why did you stop?"

That orgasm took my breath away. Have to settle down a bit. Your dick is so wonderful. Give me a minute and I'll give you the best head of your life.

He could hear heavy breathing from the other side, and the hand returned to keep him hard. After a moment, he felt a tongue on his balls; Connie had refused to tea bag him point blank when he asked her. His bat grew incredibly stiff and he though he was going to blow his load within seconds, then the mouth swallowed him again, working deeper and deeper until he felt her nose in his pubic hair. It was even more incredible than being buried in that snatch a few moments ago, and soon he erupted in long, thick ropes down her waiting throat.

She licked him clean afterward, still stroking him gently and playing with his balls. Finally, he was back to normal and withdrew to put himself away. The screen came to life again.

Congratulations, Silver Slugger. You've received your well earned reward. Keep your eye on the ball and your mind in the game, and you may see this place again.

Rocky staggered back up the passageway, where his new roommates were waiting for him. They said nothing as he emerged, but gave him shit eating grins. "Now you know why we play hard every day here," Phil Benson the shortstop said. "Let's grab some steak and eggs before getting some shut eye."

Mary Catherine McMillian sat in her special room putting her lipstick on when her daughter came into the room. It was a lavish room, with a large comfortable chair, laptop computer and a hole in the wall next to the chair. "Mother, I still can't believe you're doing this," the younger woman groused, her foot tapping relentlessly on the floor. "You're out of your fucking mind."

The older woman checked the buttons of her silk blouse and adjusted the lapels. She wore a dark business suit over it, shorter than ususal. The suit hid a fantastic body, lean and seductive, and her blonde hair was just beginning to transition subtly to grey. "Look Wandawiggle, I'm old enough and have enough money to do whatever the hell I want, so get off my back. I love baseball and I love anonymous sex. That kid was the best hung stud we've ever had here. I loved every minute. Get off my back."

Wanda McMillian paced the room nervously. "Stop calling me Wandawiggle, I'm an adult now. You're forty eight years old. You should be more dignified."

"Once again, I've got enough money I don't care. Fuck you, I've earned it. You're twenty five, when the hell are you going to start giving me grandchildren?"

"Shit, mother, do we have to start that again?"

"You would be better off if you got laid once in a while. That Karen girl you hang out with isn't going to make you happy."

"Damn you, Mother, damn you to hell. You just don't understand."

Mary Catherine got up and strode over to get in her daughter's face. "Look kid, we've got a long history in baseball, a dynasty going back to Cap Anson, and we've got to think of the future. Somebody has to inherit this, and I don't care if you want to munch carpet the rest of your life, you're the only one who can keep this family going. Give me some grandchildren before your uterus falls out."

"You aren't dignified enough to be a grandmother. Why do you sneak down here and give your players blow jobs when they do well? Why don't you just fuck them in some sleazy hotel?"

"I have to maintain my players' respect. If they knew I was fucking and sucking them, they wouldn't pay attention to me, they'd treat me like a fuck toy. I wouldn't have any respect or control of them at all."

"You are a fuck toy."

Undisturbed, Mary Catherine continued. "This way I can motivate them, cultivate some mystery, and get them to bust their balls for me out on the field. And I get as much free, no strings attached sex as I want as long as somebody on the team is playing well."

Wanda tapped her foot in frustration. "Well, that kid you blew this morning isn't going anywhere. The Front Office evaluates him topping out at AA ball, and in about three years he's going to be back home driving trucks across Minnesota full time. And his girlfriend has already taken up with another boy."

"He's 22 years old, anything can happen. He'll get over the Scandinavian bitch with the big tits. He's a hard worker, lots of speed, some pop in his bat, and he may surprise everybody."

"Like he surprised you tonight?"

"Look Wandawiggle, you'd do well to hook up with him. You haven't done any more than read the scouting report. He's beautiful, a sweet kid, loyal to a fault and well built: he'll give you lovely babies. Your son could be a Hall of Famer."

Wanda paced the room again, while her mother continued to refresh her makeup in a compact mirror. "Well, he is kinda cute in spite of that nose. . ."

"There now. You won't need Karen's strap on any more, won't need the vibrator. You dress down and meet him at a local watering hole. Don't tell him you're the owner's daughter. Put yourself in range and be nice to him. That cock will split you so wide open, feel so good inside you, you'll be in heaven."

"I don't know, he's not going to be up here very long. . ."

"Bullshit. Tom Perkins went four for four in his Major League debut tonight, so he won't be coming back for a while. We've got another outfielder at the end of the bench who hasn't hit his weight since Spring Training, and I can talk the Big Club into sending him down to instead of Rocky when the time comes. We can keep him here long enough."

Wanda looked thoughtful, and her mother came over to speak to her up close. "Do this and I'll leave you everything," Marie Catherine whispered in her ear. "I've got another shot at a Major League team and this time it's going to happen. I know just the manager to hire, the free agents to sign, the scouts to hire, the talent to draft. We'll make tons off the merchandising and build the team into a winner, the next America's Team. Steinbrenner will eat his heart out."

Wanda shook her head, smiling. "I think you're crazy, Mom."

The older woman cupped her daughter's face and kissed it on the cheek. "Of course, I'm crazy Wandawiggle. I love baseball with all my heart, so much I'd fuck myself to sleep with a bat every night if I could. You've got baseball in your blood, too, or else you wouldn't be here. Do it for the team, dearest, do it for the team. Do it for baseball."

The End

15-06-2008, 12:45 AM
Lemonade and White Melons

It was a bright, muggy August Tuesday morning in Lawrence, Kansas. Chris Jenkins was trimming a hedge at the side of a stately old house built after Quantrill's Raid; a light blue 2 story house with a full front porch, gables, ornate trim, and long, thin windows. It had an ample yard with an artistic display of flowers in front of the house, and hedges on the side and along the back edge of the property. The trim was clean and white, thanks to Chris' attentions the previous day, and the windows freshly washed. The crispy cut yard was a result of an early morning's work, and after the current hedge, Chris was planning to rush home, grab a quick shower, and head to work at a convenience store on 6th Street.

Chris was a pudgy 30 year old, with brown eyes, glasses, sandy hair beginning to recede, and a closely trimmed beard. He wore a Bethany College t-shirt in deference to a school he attended for a semester years ago. His KU shorts were another memento of a failed attempt at higher education; his feet were in blue high top sneakers.

He grew up in Lawrence: his father worked as a cabinet maker for the Reuter Organ Company and his mother worked in the local library as she raised their seven children, Chris the second youngest. After his failure to establish himself away from home, Chris and his father renovated the basement of the family home on Missouri street into an apartment the summer before the old man died of a heart attack. For the past five years, he casually looked after his mother while working odd jobs to supplement his income as convenience store manager.

The homeowner, Mrs. Anna Pearson was a few feet away, working on her roses. A broad hat protected her from the sunlight, but her tall frame was already bronzed from many hours of dedication to her flowers. She wore a white, baggy, sleeveless blouse, and red shorts that reached almost to her knees; one foot was encased in a walking boot and she leaned on two crutches. She was Chris' old German teacher, who came to Lawrence many years before as the bride of a professor, widowed relatively young, and raised a family herself. Her face belied her age: she was 70 years old, but looked as though she was in her early 50's.

Chris paused to see her reach awkwardly across her body and drop her snips, one crutch dropping to the ground and her body trying to regain her balance, swaying in preparation for a fall. The shears fell to the ground and he rushed over to catch her, encircling her in his arms and taking her weight. "I've got you, Frau Pearson, I've got you. Don't worry, you'll be all right. You okay?"

"Ja. Thank you, Chris." Her voice was low and dulcet, untouched by age, and a bare hint of an accent. The H almost disappeared from the first word and her W's tended to drift toward V's.

"I was afraid I was going over. Never got the hang of these darn things."

"I'll get you where you can sit down. Where should we go?"

She looked around. "How about the back steps?"


Half carrying and half stumbling, they managed to cross the yard and around to where he could set her down. Hunched over, he realized as they maneuvered the bulges he held were not folds of her stomach but her breasts. The prick of the nipples on his palms caused a natural reaction, which pushed into the crevasse of bottom as it was flush against his pelvis. He was glad her face was hidden by her straw hat: despite being drenched with sweat, he was sure he was blushing, and his consternation at his reaction fueled it rather than quenched it.

They reached the back stairs, which led up to the back porch. She managed to gain control and let herself down on the steps while he held on to make sure she had a soft landing. Backing away, he looked at her: her hat fell off as she sat and her long white streaked dark hair was frizzled in a bun with a braided ponytail. She looked up at him, her blue eyes blinking in the sunlight and her mouth framing a smile he rarely saw in High School. Her eyes flicked to his shorts and found a blue bulge that brought a twinkle. "Thank you, Chris, I'm very grateful you helped me avoid an accident."

He stepped back and looked away. "You're welcome, Frau Pearson. I didn't want you to hurt yourself."

"Is there anything I can do for you?' She asked in an ordinary tone, looking him in the eye as he dared face her.

"I'm a little thirsty."

"There is a pitcher of lemonade on the counter in the kitchen. Why don't you get us a couple of glasses from the cupboard beside the sink?"


He trotted past her quickly as he ascended the stairs and went through the porch and into the kitchen. It was in perfect order: a huge room with antique cabinets above and below. The frosty glass pitcher sat on the counter, milky with a couple of seeds lurking in the murk. He pulled two plastic tumblers from the cabinet and filled them, the cold refreshing in his hot hands. After filling them, he took a deep breath and tried to focus on something that would calm him: his last girlfriend's caustic rejection of his request for oral stimulation did the trick. Shuddering like someone surfacing from the depths, he felt able to face his old teacher again.

"Thank you, Chris," she smiled as he handed her the tumbler. He stepped away and sipped his drink: it was the best lemonade he'd every tasted. "You've been so nice to help me while I've been hobbled by this awful thing."

"You're welcome, Frau Pearson. Happy to help."

"Could you fetch my other crutch from the side?"


A glance at his watch as he rounded the house told him he didn't have much time. On returning, he came up to hand her the crutch and noticed that his hold on her had gathered her blouse to outline her breasts with sweat. Momentarily, they caught his gaze before he handed them back. A stirring in his loins began and he blurted: "I need to go, Frau Pearson. Gotta get ready for work."

"Sure, Chris, I'll be all right here. I'm not going to try anything stupid for the rest of the day. Will you come back tomorrow morning and finish the hedges for me?"

"Sure, Frau Pearson."

Her eyes were beaming and her smile was broad. "I like it when you call me Frau Pearson. Reminds me of happy memories."

He shrugged. "Habit."

Letting down the ramp of the old Chevy truck he inherited from his dad, he rolled his push mover up into the bed, and started home. His hands trembled as he held the steering wheel, and his arousal was still stirring. When he got home, he showered in cool water before putting on his uniform, reporting for work at 4:00PM with wet hair.

That evening, he was paired with Jessica, a junior in high school with an above average body and a below average face. She was heavily made up, with her hair dyed several shades of red. He was going through some inventories at the counter when he noticed she had been sitting on a stool nearby working on her yellow painted fingernails. "What are you doing, Jessica?"

"Filing my nails." A pop of gum accompanied her disdain.

"Why don't you take a damp cloth and dust the shelves?"

"Can I take a smoke break?"

He looked around. "You had one fifteen minutes ago. The shelves need dusting."

"Been there, done that yesterday." She continued to work on her nails and her gum.

"It doesn't look like it."


He spun around and looked her square in the eye. She batted her eyes at him, trying to manipulate his libido. "Look, we're not paying you to sit around. We have a hard time selling stuff with an inch of dust on it. I've had to write you up twice this month already. Get moving." His voice brooked no refusal.

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15-06-2008, 12:46 AM
She harruped and got off her chair, stalking off to fetch the cloth. He followed her with steely eyes as she returned to start swiping lightly at a shelf of canned goods. Clearing his throat, she gave him a look to kill, which he returned with a glare of whatever. With a sigh, she started doing the task more thoroughly and Chris returned to his paperwork. The clock told him there was four more hours for Purgatory left.

After midnight, he parked his truck and rode across town on his ten year old second hand bike. With gas prices the way they were, Chris used his bike whenever he could. He used to drive into Kansas City to browse bookstores and gaming shops on his Wednesdays off, but things were too tight for that now. At least he was welcome as his buddy Dave Chapman's house on game nights to take on his identity as Percodan the Wizard.

Percodan the Wizard came up to the campfire where four others sat: Gomer the dwarf, Sylvian the Elf, Macrome the Druid and an unknown Human fighter. "Greetings, friends. How fare you this bright evening?"

"Where the fuck have you been?" growled the fighter.

"I have been on the other side of the forest, gathering elements for my incantations."

"Percodan is a truth teller and trusthworthy," Sylvian intoned. "If he could not have joined us earlier, it is because he had urgent business."

"Shit, every game I've played in before, you either get there at the start or you don't play."

"Stay in character, Todd" Dave the Dungeonmaster said. "Chris has been playing here for 16 years, and didn't get off work until midnight. He's welcome here anytime, and as far as I'm concerned, he can enter an adventure in the middle."

"All right, but he's not getting a full share of the treasure," the fighter fumed. "What kind of dumbfuck name is Percodan anyway? Sounds like the stuff they gave my Dad when he was in the hospital."

Three flashes of brilliance emerged from Percodan's hand and smote the fighter a surprised expression on his face. "Shit," he said. Three more flashes turned him into a piece of smoldering toast, and the party gathered themselves to find another campsite.

"All right, but you guys are really fucked to go adventuring without a fighter," said the ashes.

3:00 AM found Dave and Chris having breakfast at an all night restaurant on 23rd Street. "I'm sorry about Todd, Chris," Dave began. "He came a couple of times when you were off at Intersection 14. In some ways, I'm glad you ran him off: he's always been arguing rules and trying stuff that would kill Superman."

"Don't worry about it, Dave," Chris replied through corned beef hash and eggs. "I'm just getting tired of all the young guys with an attitude."

"All the young guys have an attitude," Dave snorted.

"How many guys like him have we played with over the years?"

Dave looked up at the ceiling and nibbled at his toast. "Nine. Not counting big head Todd."

They worked on their food, and signaled for more coffee. Chris pushed back his plate and said, "You'll never believe who I've been working for this week."


"Someone who almost flunked the two of us our junior year."

"You'll have to be more specific."

"Frau Pearson."

"Frau Pearson? She still alive?"

"Yeah. Living down in old West Lawrence. Beautiful house, beautiful yard."

"Why did she need your help?"

"She screwed up her ankle, and couldn't do the yard work herself. Had a neighbor kid help her for a few weeks, but he went on vacation last Thursday."

Sipping his coffee, Dave grew reflective. "You know, Frau Pearson is the first person I ever masturbated to."

Chris did a classic spit take with his coffee under the table. "What? In class?"

"No, you moron, not in class. In my bedroom, in the dark. Geez, who could get away with anything in her class?" He pushed away an egg stained plate. "I used to picture her in a bustier, those lovely Teutonic tits pushed up and peeking over the top, a garter belt, black stockings and thigh high leather spike heeled boots."

"You're sick, dude."

"Oh yeah? When was the last time you got laid?"

"Not that long ago."

"Come on, it's been ten years at least."

"No, it was two years ago at Omaha. That girl from Wichita who came dressed as a Klingon."

"Called herself Ga'arasha? Her? Shit, she acted like she had teeth down below, and wanted to use them."

Chris smiled. "She surely didn't."

"No way you had her, no way. All the guys were staying away from that bitch. Although she was pretty cute, I guess, if she ever took the makeup off."

"I was the only one who could speak Klingon with her. Why do you think I missed the last morning?"

Dave shook his head. "All right, all right. You still in touch with her?"

"Nope," he said, looking down to take a slug of coffee.

"How come?"

"We e-mailed, instant messaged a while. Spent a day at an Emporia hotel, oh, I can't think of it. Wanted me to move to Wichita."

Dave put his mug down. "Why didn't you?"

"She didn't understand I had to take care of Mom."

They sat for a few silent moments, before picking up their checks and moving to the register.

Chris woke up the next morning, and read a chapter of his favorite Harry Potter book. The tiny windows of his basement apartment told him it was still fairly early, peeking in across the stacks of paperbacks, dirty clothes, and collectable toys. He was thinking about how much time he'd have to play his favorite Internet game when he remembered his promise to finish Frau Pearson's yard that morning. He thought about calling in sick, but from his student days he remembered that nobody lied successfully to her and resigned himself. Maybe she wouldn't be home. He pulled on a t-shirt and shorts, with his signature blue high tops.

There was no indication of activity when he pulled up and parked on the street. Her garage was around back, so there was no way to know if she was home. Taking his shears, he finished the hedge he worked on the day before, and went around to the back. A light in the kitchen outlined a figure puttering around within: she moved slowly and easily and didn't seem to be using her crutches. He bent to work, trying to calculate exactly how much branch to remove in order to keep his crotch quiet.

The door opened behind him. "I have some lemonade, Chris. Are you interested?"

She stood in the doorway in a blue floral dress with a V neck, barefoot and her hair hanging down past her shoulders. Chris thought for a moment of a lie, but backed down: "Sure, Frau Pearson, I've love a glass."

He put down his clippers and entered the kitchen. She picked two frosty glasses off the counter, and said: "Let's sit in the living room and be comfortable." He followed her dumbly.

The living room was full of older furniture and lined with a couple of huge bookshelves, with titles in several different languages. A cookoo clock ticked away beside the window, which was framed by a couple of planters with vines. The rug was well worn and the edges revealed a hardwood floor beneath. There were two chairs by the window, and a long, low table in front of a couch.

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15-06-2008, 12:48 AM
Sitting on an overstuffed chair, Chris sipped his drink as she settled on the couch across from him. When she sat, the brown expanse of her chest revealed a line of white: a dawn line that hinted at what lay beneath. The sight stirred him, and he crossed his legs to hide his interest. "Tell me, Chris, what have you been up to since you graduated from High School?"

"Oh, not much. Tried college at Lindsborg and here. Got a job, just trying to make ends meet, taking care of Mom."

"Your mother is a widow."

"Yeah, for five years."

"Is she in good health?"

"Well, she's on oxygen all the time now, since she's always smoked."

"Do you smoke?"

"Only a cigar once in a while."

They sipped their drinks, and her eyes grew eager and bright. He looked into the blue depths, entranced. "Where do you come from in Germany?"

She looked at a picture on the end table. "I come from a village a few miles from the Czech border in Bavaria. The year I was born, it started moving away from me. My parents died during the war in a bombing raid and I was in a orphanage in Müchen until I was 18. I got a job at an American base and that's where I met Johnny."

"Your husband?"

"Yes. He married me at 19 and brought me here when he got out of the Army."

"What did he teach?"

"He taught English literature. It was a crazy life, having four little ones, a new on every year, then going to college myself for a teacher's certificate. But it was a good life."

"How many grandchildren do you have?"

"23, and 4 great grandchildren coming after."

He struggled not to fumble his glass. "When did you start teaching at Lawrence High?"

"In 1970, right after Johnny died in that accident near Topeka. I had to go to work to support the family. It was wonderful, I loved teaching and I hated to retire. But things have gone well since."

Another nervous sip, and Chris looked around at a panoply of photos: old and new, they told the story of her family, her broad smile echoed in several faces young and old. "I remember you used to write a lot when you where in school, had several poems in the paper," she continued.. Do you still write?"

"A little. I've got some stuff online, stories and poems. Got my own webpage on an independent author's site."

"Do you have anything published?"


"Even try?"

"No. Don't know how to do it."

She looked at him, concern in her eyes. "You are so talented. Hiding your light under a bushel, you are. I'd like to read your stories."

"You can find me on Google."

His eyes flitted down to the white dawn line. She moved to the floor in front of her couch, leaning back against it. Her breasts rested on the table, and the dawn line increased. "Do you have a girlfriend, Chris?"

"Not now."

"How long has it been?"

"A couple of years."

She leaned forward and more whiteness came to light. "I'm very flattered, Chris."

He looked up at her eyes: they were shining. "I beg your pardon."

"It's been a long time since a man looked at me."

Shaking his head, he said: "I don't understand."

A hand undid the top button on her dress, revealing more milky whiteness. "What you did for me yesterday was special. You held me in such a way. I can't describe what feelings were going through me."

"I just wanted to make sure you didn't hurt yourself."

"And I didn't." Her legs were thrust under the coffee table and her feet stuck out the other side, she wiggled her brown toes in celebration. "Thanks to you, I got rid of that awful boot and now I can walk free, as long as I'm careful."

"That's nice," he muttered, struggling to control himself. The bulge in his shorts was growing and she devoured it eagerly with her eyes.

"You have a nice turnip. I could feel it against me yesterday."


Another button came undone, and more white curves were exposed. "You can look at my breasts, go ahead. When I was younger I used to go to the nude beaches on the Baltic. My mother might have called me shameless." She pulled one side back and revealed one breast to him, offering him her pure flesh. "I can tell you like looking at me. It's been so long." Then the other side was pulled back and her breasts were lying on the table before her, her huge brown nipples erecting. "Touch them, schatzi. I know you want to. Please."

Tentatively, he side off his chair onto the floor and pulled over beside the coffee table. His left hand reached out delicately to stroke her skin, tracing gentle circles. Her eyes closed and her hand rested on his thigh. "Susser kopf,," she murmured.

With both hands, he began caressing her breasts, lifting them and kneading them; she cooed in appreciation. Lifting a bud to his lips, he kissed it and began to circle his tongue around it. She moaned and sighed, reaching her right hand to pull his head close as he nursed her while her left stroked the stiff bulge in his shorts.

"Put your hand between my legs," she whispered. He did, running his palm up and down between her knee and her crotch, finding she was not wearing underwear. A questing finger found dampness and thrust inward.

"Ja, ja, schatzi. You are so good to me. I dreamed of this all night long." Emboldened, he put another finger and another comfortably into her slit, while stroking her breasts with his free hand. She sought his fly and unzipped it, bringing his member into daylight with a gasp. "The girls are missing something here. You have such a nice turnip." She stroked it and traced her finger around the end with its dampness.

Lost in sensations, he worked harder and harder on her, making her sigh and tremble more and more. She gasped and began to shake, loosening her grip on him. He kept it up, bringing her closer and closer until she screamed and grasped the end of the couch hard. "Schatzi, schatzi, schatzi, schatzi, mein liebling." Finally, she pushed his hand from between her legs and took deep shuddering breaths. Her eyes flickered open at last, and glistened.

Her hand stirred in his crotch and she whispered: "What can I do for you? I will do anything for you, liebling. I will do things I have never done before."

He looked into her eyes and trembled. The passion between his legs fought with the embarrassment in his mind. I've just finger fucked my old German teacher, he told himself, and she wants to bring me off. Her fingers reached underneath to tickle the wrinkled skin of his testicles, and his penis shot up rock hard, glistening. Sweat poured from every pore of his body, he could smell himself and her strongly, and his nostrils curled with a sour smell.

"I've got to get ready for work," he mumbled.

She shook her head. "Really?"

"Really." He jumped to his feet awkwardly. "I've got to go. I'll get the hedges done, ah, Friday. Bye." He downed the rest of his lemonade and raced to the kitchen to put the tumbler on the counter before banging out the back door.

He got back home, his pecker still rock hard, and threw himself into something he never did before: the yardwork around his mother's house. If she had been home, she would have thought him insane, but she'd left for his sister's in St. Joseph that morning, so he was alone in his vulnerability.

After mowing the grass and clipping the bushes within an inch of their lives, he microwaved an entree for dinner and booted up his computer to play his favorite Internet adventure until his eyes felt like sand and he could no longer stay awake. All night he dreamed he was at the blackboard working through German declensions while Frau Pearson sat, topless and appealing, saying: "Hast du jezst gelernt?" over and over again.

He awakened in the early morning light on his back with a small tent at his waist. When the for evaporated, he threw back the covers and began stroking himself like a teenager, trying to burn through his passion as quickly as he could to drive the shame and horror from his consciousness so he could forget her offer to please him.

The End

15-06-2008, 04:16 PM
My Playmate
Saturday morning was just like my mood. Bright and sunny, but with a cloudless sky that somehow felt empty and cold.

For the first time, I could clearly see that a future did indeed exist for me. Today was the first day of the rest of my life. Very cliché, but very true in this case. I'd been given a blank slate. I could start fresh. Think of every catchphrase that would apply and throw it at me. I was free.

And yet that newfound freedom had come with a price. Courtney was gone. And her absence was now an empty hole in my heart. The first time she had left was just a trial run. Intellectually, I knew that she was gone. But for months I'd locked my happy memories of her inside of me, trapping them in, afraid to let them go. I wasn't ready to break up with her yet. Whenever she had called, I'd pretended that we were still together, having a long distance relationship or something. Before, when I had seen a photo of Courtney, I glanced fondly after it as if she were only out for a few hours and would be returning soon.

But while time had not healed all wounds, it did allow me to get used to Courtney's absence. And so by last night, after months of acclimating to life without her, I was able to take the shock and have the closure I needed. We had parted on awkward terms the first time. But not this time.

When we'd been dating, Courtney had been way too much for me to handle. She was vibrant, sexy, and constantly in motion. She didn't have time to get bogged down with a deep emotional connection. And with her sex drive, I had just been in way over my head. I was the one hopelessly in love, a feeling she didn't share and wasn't ready for. When she had walked out of my life the first time, I hadn't really believed it. Inside, I was always just waiting for her to come back.

Now I knew better. Now I was a calm, rational human being.

Hanging on the wall next to my bed, I saw a photo of Courtney and me snuggling together. Now the pain felt fresh. I couldn't pretend anymore. The anger came automatically as I lashed out, punching the glass frame straight back. Shards of glass fell to the floor around my bloody knuckle.


I was moving on. It was a sunny day out.

Good weather to go for a walk.

It was the final month of my sophomore year. Classwork was piling up and Finals were just around the corner. I could head to the library, but my brain couldn't focus and studying just wasn't an option.

Back out in the fresh air once again, I just started walking. Mentally I was flailing out in every direction, trying to find something to latch onto and stop the rapid-fire pace in my head. And then I finally had that something.

I filled my mind with all the happy memories I'd taken away from this past semester. Unsurprisingly, most of those memories had something to do with Anna. Like the way she got so excited after beating me at Uno. Or the little smile that crawled onto her face after a particularly sarcastic (but funny) remark. I thought back at all the hours we had spent together just as friends. Anna was a sweet, still innocent girl, and I would be lucky to have her in my life.

to be continued.....

15-06-2008, 04:22 PM
continued with MY PLAYMATE

But I knew right then that I shouldn't start a relationship with her.

Right now, I was still just damaged goods. It wouldn't be fair to Anna. A semester of denial had not done enough to let me get over Courtney. And now the wound was still fresh in my heart. If I hooked up with Anna on the rebound, our relationship would be doomed to failure.

It was a good thing my epiphany had come when it did, just barely before I started dating Anna as opposed to afterwards. Because now I still could nip our budding relationship in time to remain good friends. And I really needed good friends right now.

I had to make everything right. So I turned at the next street and made a beeline for the girls' apartment.

Surprisingly, Anna was home when I got there, still in her pajamas. She had a regular Saturday morning meeting and didn't usually get back for another half hour at least. I'd been counting on those thirty minutes to compose what I wanted to say. But now all I had left was instinct.

"Hi." Anna smiled up at me and got up from her spot on the couch. A throwaway girls magazine dropped onto the coffee table, a far cry from her usual study material. Perhaps she couldn't really focus either. She stood right in front of me as we rather awkwardly looked at each other. "I was wondering when you'd be coming by," she told me.

I was still searching for the right words. **Why couldn't I have had more time to think about this?** Then I decided that an apology is always a good way to start. "I'm sorry about last night. I-"

"Don't be," she interrupted. "Stuff happens. And we were both rather surprised. Courtney had a big impact on both our lives."

"I know. And that's why we can't be together. Last night, Courtney and I-"

Anna interrupted again. "Don't say it. I can guess, but I don't even want to know what happened." Anna's eyes were hard, serious. And at the same time she was showing me a tender vulnerability I'd never seen in her before. This was as wide open as Anna's emotions ever got. "What you had with Courtney was very special. I get that. But it's not the important thing right now."

"But what Courtney and I had is still a big influence on me and my emotions right now."

"That doesn't matter to me, either." Anna stood closer to me and reached up to wrap her arms behind my neck. "The only thing that matters to me is that right here, right now, you show me what it means to make love. I don't want to wait another day."

"Excuse me?" Surprise was an understatement for me.

She pulled her head back while keeping her hands locked behind my neck. "Do you like me?"

"Of course."

"Well I'm in love with you. And you damn well know it."

I did know it. Heck, according to Christine, half the campus knew it. But I wasn't there yet with Anna. I still had too many bonds tying me to Courtney.

Anna just continued while staring right into the back of my eyes, pouring out her soul into me. "All I could think about for days was our Friday night date. I'd already made up my mind that Friday night would be the night I showed you how much I love you. Friday night you would make me a woman. Friday night!"

"I'm so sorry." Sympathy welled up inside me for what this poor girl with an intense crush was going through. And already it made me feel a little obligated to give something back to her.

"It's not your fault," Anna soothed me. "What's important is that you're here. Now."

I relaxed somewhat. I leaned down until our foreheads were touching as we held each other, eyes closed and feeling the warm energy pass between us. She was my friend. And maybe even more. The hug she was giving me felt so damn good, better than I'd felt in months. And I could feel the surge of adrenaline inside my limbs ordering me to grab this girl, make love to her, and never let her go.

Anna's expression then took on a hard edge as her eyes opened up. "But I've been waiting a lot longer than I'd expected to. I'd planned on two or three hours of eating and talking and romance before I tried to seduce you. But that was Friday night. I don't have the patience for all that bullshit right now. So I'm going to drag you into my room and fuck you until you pass out. Can you handle that?" Her voice was quiet, calm, and deadly serious.

"Uh, yes, ma'am." This cold aggression seemed so strange coming from Anna, it was rather frightening. "But this is kind of a weird mood."

"You let me worry about the mood." And then Anna's arms were tugging on my head and her lips were searing across mine. It was a fiery liplock I didn't know this innocent little girl had in her. She was kissing me so hard I was amazed my teeth didn't hurt.

Her taste was half-familiar. Only a few days had passed since our lips last touched. The sweet flavor and heady aroma of her skin filled my senses and activated all the hormonal male nerves in my body. It was as if I could sense automatically that a willing female was in animalistic heat, sending out nature's mating call.

Anna laughed into our kiss and then she was the aggressor, pushing me until my back hit the wall. And then once she had my larger body pinned her hands took to roving across my torso before grabbing onto my hips and thrusting her body into me, feeling my newfound erection pressed against her belly.

**I shouldn't be doing this... But it feels so damn good...**

I let Anna take complete charge of this encounter. The feelings she was instilling in me blinded me to all my rational decision-making, leaving nothing but the pleasant emotions and sense of comfortability with Anna. I had only recently ever thought of her as a red-blooded woman, but the passion of her love for me was clearly making its mark on me. How could I possibly ever think of rejecting such love?

Anna grew tired of simply making out with me. Her body screamed at me with a hunger, and then she was pulling my physically into her bedroom and slamming the door shut. I was a helpless doll in her hands as she shuffled me around until I was sitting on her bed with my feet on the floor. She helped me lift my shirt over my head, stopping to examine my pecs and stomach. I was no musclebound hunk, but I didn't have any flab either and Anna slowed down to touch me gently, as if trying to memorize every part of my body.

I had seen the focus and determination Anna could put into her studies. Now I was the object of that focus, and it made me feel very, very good to be held in that regard. And then Anna was kneeling before me, tugging my jeans and underwear off of my hips. My erection sprang into view once she got the offending garments to my knees, and she stopped to stare in wonderment at her very first adult penis.

The collar of her pajama shirt hung down loosely while she was bent over, and the gentle swells of her naked breasts came into my vision, causing an extra jump in my cock. And Anna giggled while watching my member twitch of its own accord.

I delighted in seeing her reaction, so I flexed my PC muscles to make it wave again before letting gravity drop it back. Anna looked up into my eyes, her youthful face full of energy and vigor, her irises sparkling. She got an impish grin on her face and reached down to remove her own shirt. And when her fully naked breasts came into my view she watched intently as my dick started twitching towards them again.

It was my first time to see Anna's naked torso. I'd already known from swimsuits that while not especially toned nor a frequent exerciser like Courtney, Anna was still a healthy eater who took care of her body. And so her slender frame with minimal fat now greatly accentuated her B-cup breasts, looking larger than I'd expected and hanging perfectly with erect, cute nipples. Nipples that were soon being tweaked by Anna's own fingers, and she moaned in arousal while caressing her own breasts and then giggled as she saw how it affected my dick.

Anna then took the next step of wrapping her hands around the shaft. First it was just her right hand, curled around the base and wide-eyed at the length still poking out the top. Her left fingers then traced around the mushroom head, tickling the nerves underneath the ridgeline. I couldn't help but groan at her touch.

Anna intently studied me for the next several minutes as her right hand pumped up and down, experimenting by trial and error to determine the proper force and speed to apply, using my audible moans as indicators.

I just let her play with me, letting her obvious enthusiasm make up for her inexperience. Her touch was just enough to keep me hard and aroused, but not so much that I felt in any danger of blasting off.

It was unexpected then when she ducked her head and took me into her mouth, gulping down as much as possible before her gag reflex made her choke a bit and pull off. The hot, wet sensation nearly set me off right then, but as my cock returned to the cool air I cooled down as well.

I was better prepared when she ducked again and ran her tongue from base to crown, licking and slurping as she went. Then very quickly she picked up on how much I loved it when her lips and tongue danced around the head while her hand pumped up and down the shaft. It was far from the best blowjob I'd ever had. But the mental arousal of knowing this was innocent Anna blowing me added significantly to the pleasure factor.

She popped off long enough to ask, "How am I doing?"

"Oh, that's wonderful."

Her grin was back. "Hmm. Well if you like that, watch this!"

to be continued....

15-06-2008, 04:24 PM
MY PLAYMATE....continues...
Anna took a deep breath and then took me into her mouth, lowering herself slowly inch by inch, breathing shallowly through her nostrils.

**No fucking way.** But sure enough, after a few moments, Anna had her lips locked around the base of my shaft as she had completed her deep throat of me.

Then she pulled back and away for a few moments to catch her breath.

"Wow," was all I could croak. Already I was teetering on the edge. "How did you learn to do that?"

"Christine showed me. We practiced on one of her dildoes. It was one of those things I really wanted to learn before we did this. Can I do it again?"

"Anna, you can do it whenever the hell you want."

She giggled and then breathing slowly, she lowered her head until she'd accomplished the feat once again. And this time when she began sucking powerfully, a vacuum tight atmosphere forming along the entire length of my cock, I could feel the bubbling of pressure in my balls.

My hands went to her head in warning and I mumbled, "Oh, I'm going to cum!"

Anna pulled back and started jacking my shaft with her right hand while the head was just barely inside of her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip. The first jet exploded into the back of Anna's throat with enough force to cause her to back up a few inches, the head of my cock popping out of her mouth.

She closed her mouth to swallow and then the second jet splattered against her nose and cheek. Anna gasped in surprise, but her hand kept its pumping on its own and so the third jet flew out with just as much force, half hitting her lips and half going inside. And the rest of my cum started dribbling out, coating my own rod and spilling lower onto Anna's neck and upper slopes of her naked breasts.

"Wow! It's so hot! I mean, it's much warmer than I'd expected," she exclaimed, once I'd finished. "And you don't taste bad at all."

Her expression then became concerned, her eyes wide as she suddenly looked younger and more innocent than I ever imagined. "Did I do okay?"

I had to remember that despite her actual age, Anna was still a baby when it came to sexual experience. "Honey, that was wonderful."

With a satisfied nod, Anna leaned in again and began to lick my cock clean while it was still semi-hard. And while her mouth was busy, she multi-tasked well enough to strip my jeans and underwear the rest of the way off my body until I was fully naked before her.

When her tasks were complete, Anna got up and stripped herself naked as well, revealing a freshly bare-shaven pussy for me with just a bit of fuzz re-growing. She noticed my gaze and answered the unspoken question. "Just did it Friday morning. I really wanted to be ready for you."

She was ready for me. I could see the glistening moisture and the bright pink as her lips were already puffing out in anticipation. But I wanted to take my time with her.

I held my arms up and Anna came into my embrace. We fell back against the bed together and began to kiss slowly. It felt rather amazing to kiss her, like I was back in high school when kissing was the ultimate. The heady sensations running through my mind were exquisite as I let my emotions flow and my enjoyment at kissing Anna blitz through my mind, still trying to figure out this girl who was so new to me and yet such a dear, close friend.

She didn't resist when I began to kiss my way lower. But I did feel her body tense up a bit in anticipation as she realized what my intentions were. She moaned happily when I first took a perky nipple into my mouth. And her body writhed against the bedsheets as I nuzzled my way across her sides and belly, teasing every inch of her skin.

I took my time in getting to my destination, being patient to titillate every nook and cranny of Anna's body and building up her arousal until she was panting loudly in anticipation. After five minutes of exploring Anna's naked body, her entire body was tense, like a taught bowstring just moments before firing its arrow.

And that arrow flew off the instant my tongue touched her clit. A piercing scream shattered the silent air and her hips bucked a few inches off the bed when my tongue first touched her, the wet pussy flying into my face and lifting me off the bed with her as she cried out in her first climax with another person.

I kept tonguing her through the entire orgasm, prolonging it for as long as I could, until she pushed my head away complaining that it was too sensitive. But the instant she'd reasserted herself, Anna gripped my shoulders and started pulling up along her body.

"Do it! Do it!" she commanded.

My conscience decided on that moment to rear its ugly head. What were the morals of having sex with Anna when I was still attached to the memory of Courtney? I hesitated, and Anna read the expression on my face.

"Pleeeease..." she begged.

"I want to be fair to you."

"FUCK fair! Do you have any idea how intense my decision-making process to lose my virginity? I made my choice. I want this. Now fucking FUCK me! Do it!"

But despite her insistence, I knew I was going to take my time with this. My cock was locked and ready to go, and I settled my body over hers in a traditional missionary position.

Anna's gaze was zoomed in on my erection between her legs, eyes wide open so as not to miss a moment. "Do it!" she urged me. "And don't you DARE tease me. FUCK me already!"

I fought away a laugh at her desperation and instead held my dick and guided it into place. Anna cooed at me when she felt the head first nudging her wet lips to the side, and then she was holding her breath as the first inch burrowed its way forward. It was the absolute tightest thing I had ever felt, and I rather doubted I could fit into her.

"Relax..." I soothed. "You have to relax and breathe or it will be too tight. Now, breathe out."

Anna just exhaled a long, slow breath and I glided forwards while her breath turned into a long moan. It loosened her up just enough for me to enter in until I came across her maidenhood, and I saw her eyes tighten up when my cock began to stretch it.

When she calmed down enough, I asked, "Ready?"

Anna's eyes set in hard determination. "Do it."

I leaned down to kiss her, my tongue probing before pulling back into my own mouth lest she bite down on it. And just when she began to whimper into my mouth I lunged forward in a sudden burst of energy and she cried out in momentary pain as I shredded her virginity.

Immediately I was kissing her again and rubbing her shoulders while I leaned my pelvis into her to grind against her clit. And after several short thrusting motions Anna blinked the tears out of her eyes and I could see the pleasure start to overcome the pain.

Then, when Anna wrapped her legs behind me and started tugging me into her, I knew that she was feeling the joy of her first act of making love. Her arms went around my neck and pulled me tightly against her, our bodies mashed up until we were as one person. Her tunnel was so extremely tight around me; it felt like our bodies were melding together.

Anna was crying again while I made short pumps, but these were tears of joy. "Ooh, it feels so good. YOU feel so good in me. It's like I never want you to leave."

I didn't know how to respond, so I just kept kissing and thrusting.

"My man," Anna groaned. "My man. Love me my man! Make love to me, honey. I don't ever want this to stop!"

For a while, it seemed like we never would stop, slowly grinding and undulating our bodies together. Anna came to one whimpering climax while we made love. And then she started building up to another one while I felt my own restraint slipping away.

"Fuck me..." she breathed. "Fuck me..."

15-06-2008, 04:26 PM
We were both so close, our bodies sweaty and soaking the bedsheets. And as I approached the edge I pulled myself out of this beautiful little virgin, readying myself to fire away.

"Nooo! In me! In me!"


"I'm on the pill. I told you I wanted to be ready for you. In me! In me!"

Anna was so revved up that she grabbed my dick in her hands and shoved my meat back into her wet pussy, and the instant my cock buried itself back in she came, wailing to the world how happy she felt.

And from the extreme constriction and the pulsing muscles of her climaxing pussy, I lost the last bit of my own control and then I was blasting off, calling out my climax to her while Anna thrashed left and right on the bed in absolute ecstasy.

Anna kept spasming and squirming long after I spurted my last string of semen into her body, and I held her in my arms, kissing her gently as she gradually came down from her extreme high.

"I wished we had done this months ago..." she groaned, regretfully. "I've already lost so much time." And then a huge smile spread across her face while I slowly went limp inside of her. "I'll bet every girl dreams of their first time being as great as that was for me."

I leaned my chest back so I could really look at the angel beneath me, no longer as innocent as she may have looked. Her brown eyes dazzled in this afterglow.

"Thank you," she whispered.

I nodded back. "It was my pleasure."

"Mmm, and my pleasure too." She sighed happily. "Can you do it again?"

I smirked. "I think it'll take a few minutes." I pulled back to slip out of her body.

She looked down at the limp member, now coated with small spatters of her virginal blood. "Hmm, Christine said I could speed up the process by blowing you again."

I got up then reached my hand out to her. "Well, we'd better take a shower and get cleaned up first. But after that? Be my guest".

Anna placed her hand in mine, her face bright at the prospect of her first co-ed shower. "Next time, I want to try being on top."


Neither Anna nor I left her apartment for the rest of the day. I came five times before the sun went down, and Anna climaxed many more times than that. We paused occasionally to rest and talk to each other. The only times we even left the bedroom was to go to the bathroom or briefly find something to snack on.

It wasn't that she was a nymphomaniac. But she had years of sexual catching up to do and she wanted to experience everything her heart desired. So like dedicated scientists, we locked ourselves in our lab and experimented.

Anna never made the slightest attempt to control her vocalizations. She screamed louder than I'd ever heard her voice while we were fucking. And several times I knew Brian and Courtney were back in the apartment and could clearly hear what was going on behind the closed door.

We fucked missionary and with her on top to start off. We switched to doggy- style next until I pulled out and coated Anna's tight asscheeks with white globs of my jism. Then I got to admire the delicate curve of Anna's spine and naked back while she rode me reverse-cowgirl.

Anna wanted to try wheelbarrow until my arms gave out and we switched back to missionary. And when she wanted to give her pussy a rest she blew me, really just so she could practice swallowing.

And just before night fell we cuddled close together, her ankles trapped inside of mine and we simultaneously climaxed while staring into each other's eyes. That last one was only about making LOVE to each other.

I was amazed at the affection pouring out of this young girl. I could be dying of pneumonia and the warmth of her adoration alone would be enough to save me. How could I have possibly ever considered turning her away?


15-06-2008, 04:27 PM
...My Playmate...
Sunday we actually went out to eat with Brian and Christine. No one directly commented on our new relationship, but there were enough innuendoes and sly remarks so that everyone was clear on what was going on. Our two friends really just seemed quite happy for us.

We all caught a Sunday matinee at the local movie theater. After returning to the girls' apartment, our two couples split off into our respective bedrooms. Then Christine and Anna held an impromptu competition to see which one of them could scream louder in the midst of wild sex.

And then for Sunday night, Anna and I went out on our first real date. You know, flowers and dinner and sweet poetic murmuring. For the first time in a long while, I felt truly happy. The girl, no woman, by my side picked me up on a cloud and floated me off into the heavens. Anna had enough love for the both of us, and I was quickly learning how to return her affections and enjoy the comfortable relationship we had together.


That very Wednesday, Courtney's Playboy magazine hit the newsstands. It was only a matter of hours before the identify of this month's Playmate became a hot topic around the campus.

After dodging the first few questions, I decided to disappear for the evening and walked straight back to the girls' apartment where I could hopefully hide.

Still, many people recognized me along the way. And more than a few comments were tossed my way during the short 10 minute walk, even from people who hadn't even seen the magazine spread just yet.

"Hey, weren't you her boyfriend last semester?"

"Is that really her?"

"Dude! Did you nail her?"

"How was she in bed?"

"Damn she has a fine ass!"

"Ass? Look at those tits!"

"How could you let THAT get away?"

"It's all bullshit. That can't be her."

Once at the apartment, I found that Christine, Anna, and Brian were already there, also ducking the crowds. It would die down after a day or two. In the meantime, we still had a ton of homework. Finals were still coming up soon.

"Are you sure?"

"Will you quit asking me that?"

"Then relax... breathe out..."

"Okay, okay..."

"Wait, I can feel it going down."

"Well, arguing isn't exactly sexy."

"Ugh, let's start over. Lemme turn around."

We paused for a minute, re-shifting our positions.

"Oh, damn, you're getting good at that."

to be continued...

15-06-2008, 04:28 PM
Anna didn't respond, her mouth now filled with my cock. The frustration of what we were attempting had surged some blood away from my crotch and back up to my brain so I could feel annoyed. Anna had a beautiful body, her silky skin fully nude and the sight of her tight ass had been wonderful. But frustration is frustration. And frustration is not good for hard-ons.

But with Anna's warm tongue and low moans, she was quickly jacking me back up to full strength.

Once Anna felt the iron return to my erection, she turned around on all fours once again. "Okay, I'm relaxed. Try it again."

I knelt behind her butt, aiming my erection between her firm asscheeks. My swollen head settled in against her virgin asshole, sloppily lubed up and stubbornly refusing to open for me.

Sex isn't always as clean and easy as I would hope. But this was something we both wanted to try. Anna let out a long breath, relaxing her muscles as much as possible. I leaned in forwards, and then suddenly the mushroom head popped through and I was in.

Anna gasped at the intrusion and immediately clamped back up, holding my cock in place just a few inches into her bowels. Her sphincter was squeezed so tight I imagined I could lose my cock inside of her.

She was furiously rubbing at her clit just then while I massaged her back, and then she relaxed enough that I could continue my forward progress. With constant pressure, after another minute I glided all the way in until I was balls deep inside of Anna's ass.

"That's everything," I informed her. Her anal muscles were trembling, a wonderful vibration for my dick inside of her. It was the tightest thing I had ever felt in my life, bar none.

"Holy shit..." she gasped. "So full."

I let her get used to the feeling, waiting for her signal before I continued. The continuing vibrations were more than enough to keep me aroused and erect inside of her.

"Fuck me..." she breathed.

Very slowly, I pulled back until the ridge of my cock's crown was just inside her sphincter. Then just as slowly, I pressed deep inside again.

"So full..."

And I pumped again. Then again. Then again.

Anna began whimpering, teetering on the edge between pain and pleasure. My hands were on her tits while her own played at her pussy. Gradually, she stretched out and my travel became easier, until I was fucking her butt at a healthy pace.

"This is not a time to see how long you can last," she warned me. "Just fucking FUCK me! Don't hold back."

So I didn't. My hips began to drive forward and back, harder and harder. Anna gasped with each push, I couldn't tell if in pain.

"FUCK my ass!" she cried.

And after only a dozen more strokes, I slammed my hips all the way forward and erupted, spewing a large cumload deep into the darkest recesses of Anna's inner body.

"Ohhh," she moaned. "I can feel it."

Anna never came close to an orgasm. But when I slipped out, she whimpered at me. "I feel so empty. I kinda want it back."

"Another time perhaps," I soothed her. "Come on, let's go take a shower and then we'll cuddle naked."


Once the summer vacation began, I was happy to find that my relationship with Anna was only becoming stronger. Same for Brian and Christine. We were double-dating regularly. But even beyond that, the four of us more or less lived together. We ate together, studied together, and slept at the girls' place more often than not. That we should all truly move in with each other was inevitable.

Our rental on the house was expiring and all of us guys were splitting up in different directions. After as thorough a discussion as four young adults in love could manage, Brian and I were officially moving into the girls' apartment with Christine and Anna.

One bedroom for Brian and Christine. One for me and Anna. And Courtney's old bedroom would become the computer room/study space. I already knew it would feel a little weird doing my homework in that bedroom.

After the first two days I found that I absolutely adored sleeping with Anna in my arms every night. Courtney and I had just really dated. She had slept over on occasion but we still had our own places. But now I always knew I had my sweet, little Anna to cuddle closely with. It's amazing how much joy I found in hugging her, even more than having her hug me.

15-06-2008, 04:30 PM
Some nights I just had a hard time getting to sleep. My mind was constantly racing, just part of the active/competitive streak in me I guess. Turning that off at night was always a challenge. So Anna would lie on my chest and stroke my cheek while we looked into each other's eyes.

Anna exuded a calm that did wonders for me. We didn't have to talk. She could simply look at me and rub her thumb over my lips while I held her light body in my arms until the worries of the world drained out of me. It was as if her purity and innocence formed a bubble of hope and ease that shielded us from the harsh realities outside. And then I could sleep.

Even when we did talk, she had a dry humor that always managed to defuse my ranting, reminding me of how uptight and silly I could get. And she took inspiration from my high expectations and optimism.

Courtney once spoke of a glow that Anna got when I walked into the room, a vibrance that filled her and was obvious to anyone and everyone. Anna now had that glow each and every day and all day. And I was more relaxed than I'd ever before been in my life.

Summer and internships came and went, and then it was right back into the college grind. Our Junior year was just getting started.



"Hmm... how'd that test treat you yesterday?"

"Ungh... Do we have to talk about this now?"

"Sorry, sorry. Ooh, that was a good one... deeper..."

"You're not enjoying this, are you?"

"Of course I am. I'm enjoying being with you."

"But you're not gonna cum." It was a statement. Not a question.

"Probably not."

"Great. Now I'm going to lose my erection." Less than a year together and we were already stuck with boring-old-married- people sex.

"Oh, I'm sorry, honey. Just got distracted. Here, let me blow you."

I slipped out of Anna's moist pussy, rolling onto my back. We'd been spooning in bed, quietly whispering in the morning before I slipped my morning wood into her from behind. Now, Anna just turned and casually took me into her mouth.

A few minutes later, I painted her tonsils with my morning juices, and Anna didn't miss a drop. Then it was off to our morning drills to brush teeth, get dressed, and get to class.

The four of us fell into our routine. Sleep, eat, attend lecture, play video games, eat, study, shower, and sleep again. Occasionally sex or a romantic interlude would interrupt and bring joy into the day. But to be honest, we were dirt poor college students. Ramen was a frequent dinner. So expensive dates were not much of an option. Christine dabbled in modeling (clothed), but they were infrequent enough to just be a hobby and not a career.

And the daily routine of actually living together was rapidly turning our two relationships into that of old married couples. When we first got started, Anna and I had sex maybe 5 times a week. Nothing like nymphomaniac Courtney, but still pretty frequently. After a year together, Anna and I were down to perhaps twice or three times, not counting those half-started- never-finished morning encounters.

I want to make clear that I'm not complaining. The comparative infrequency was as much my fault as hers. We both had tons of work and our upper-division classes put enormous pressure on our competitive attitudes. And to be honest, ours wasn't a relationship built upon sex, but rather the warm comfort we found in each other.

With Courtney, sex had been as routine as brushing my teeth. She would go insane if we went too many hours without fucking. Anna had a more "normal" sex drive. I didn't really mind. When we both had the mood and the time, Anna and I came together in an expression of affection. Almost every time we did it we were making love.

As for Brian and Christine, there was some element of boredom for both of them. Mostly it was just familiarity, a sense that they'd lost some of the excitement. Also, they'd lost Courtney and I as partners. Anna didn't exactly want to swap. (Anna was a bit insecure about Christine's huge tits. I just told her she had a tighter ass).

It might not surprise you that in the end, it was Courtney (in a way) that jump started our relationships back into action.

15-06-2008, 04:32 PM
One day, a DVD showed up in the mail, Courtney's return address obvious on the package. On the cover, just below the large PLAYBOY logo, was the "Cheerleader Car Wash" title with Courtney's smiling face front and center.

We all had a chuckle and Christine insisted, "We're all watching this right now."

It was a lazy Saturday morning by the college clock (translation: 3pm). None of us had yet changed out of our sleepwear. So I got some of the leftover pizza from the fridge while Brian blended the morning daiquiris. And then the four of us were crammed as usual onto the 3-person couch.

Anna was quite cute in her glasses and ponytail, bangs hanging down naturally loose to frame her face. My arms were around her thin waist while she reclined against my chest and Christine hit "play".

The video turned out to be just like you would expect. A few minutes of wasted space while everyone was fully clothed and the cars pulled up for their car wash. Still, a few shots of tight cleavage and tighter asses in short skirts was more than enough to get my blood stirring. I had not yet gotten a chance to ejaculate this morning. And Brian could certainly feel the constriction of his own shorts as well.

The girls were sipping their daqs and ten minutes in we all had a light buzz going from the mix of alcohol and arousal. And when on-screen Courtney lifted up her top to add more soapy water to her tits, even Anna had to whistle, "She really DOES have nice tits."

"Mmm, yeah," Christine agreed. "And they taste so good too!" She giggled in memory of her good friend.

Anna glanced over. "I don't know. Never tried tasting breast before."

My mind immediately conjured up a racy image. But I tried to tamper down my thoughts lest I get my hopes up. **Down boy...**

Christine must have been in a particularly bubbly mood because she simply leaned over and lifted up her T-shirt, exposing a firm D-cup melon with a rapidly hardening nipple for Anna's appreciation. "Well, no time like the present!"

"Hey! Put that away!" Anna scolded, and then turned back to the TV. But the smile was still on her face.

We all went back to watching, and by now all four cheerleaders on screen were fully naked. They rubbed their tits against the windshield and they rubbed sponges along their tanned bodies. Hoses were turned on each other and in one particular slow-motion sequence Courtney writhed against the car while being fully sprayed, undulating as if she were in the throes of a climax.

One of the other cheerleaders, a petite brunette not unlike Anna, leaned into Courtney. Her hair was slicked back against her head while she turned into the water spray and then reached out her own hand to caress Courtney's full, rounded breast.

Anna fidgeted in my lap. She could obviously feel my boner poking into her backside, the light buzz of just one daiquiri setting her veins on fire. She glanced back over to Christine who was rapt in attention towards the screen. "Did you really mean it?" Anna asked.

Christine turned. "Mean what?"

"About your breast."

Christine smiled, as if a long-standing fantasy was about to come true. She lifted her T-shirt up again to show off both proud tits. With a rack like that, Christine had nothing to be ashamed of. "Sure thing, sugar. Come and taste."

Anna turned to me first. "I'll bet you'd love that, wouldn't you."

"Of course." My answer was immediate, almost too fast.

Anna then reached her hand into my shorts, wrapping her fingers around my hard shaft and causing a groan to come out of my lips. I was already rather aroused, but this was the first time Anna had ever initiated anything remotely sexual in front of other people, and that notion thrilled the hell out of me.

So with one hand still around my cock, Anna leaned forward into Christine's cleavage and took a turgid nipple into her mouth.

Christine moaned, my cock twitched, and then Anna backed her head away to look to me once again. "Hm. You really DO like that don't you." So she leaned down to do it again.

From the way Anna continued to milk my cock, I got the distinct impression that she was acting this way more to titillate me rather than acting on any true lesbian desires. But I couldn't complain with the results. So Anna continued to suckle, first at one and then the other boob before running her tongue in between the two mountains of flesh, her hands in my lap the entire time.

Christine moaned again and whispered, "Kiss me. Please..."

Anna looked up, a fearful expression briefly crossing her face.
"Trust me," Christine soothed. "He'll love it even better."

So Anna lifted her face and let Christine close the final few inches to press her lips against Anna's, and I very nearly blew my load at that very instant. Christine's tongue extended into the air for a moment before disappearing into Anna's mouth, and once Christine's hands began to massage my girlfriend's shoulders, Anna moaned herself in real arousal of her own. Finally, Anna let go of me, reaching her hands up to truly embrace Christine and share in this Sapphic kiss.

15-06-2008, 04:33 PM
The video by now was forgotten, and Brian even hit "stop" on the player.

Christine never let up on Anna and began squirming back against her boyfriend. "Brian," she gasped. "Help me! Fuck me!"

My best friend was only too happy to assist. He started by dragging Christine's shorts down to her knees, and then suitably disrobed his own lower half as well. And once all obstructions were removed from their respective crotches, Brian lifted Christine by her hips and held her above his waving rod.

Christine herself reached down and elevated Brian's cock into position, and then Christine was screaming into her kiss with Anna while Brian lowered her down until her ass was flush against his thighs. "Aw, fuck, yeah..." Brian exclaimed.

When I'd first met her, Anna was just a quiet, shy, librarian-type. Now this cute nerd I was dating was sucking my cum out from the mouth of a hot blonde with great tits. I must have done something right in a previous life.

Anna pulled away to fully witness the penetration, her eyes wide seeing the thick cock splitting Christine in half. And then our friends were fucking, Christine bouncing up and down, her tits jiggling in Anna's face.

"I'm actually watching this," Anna muttered. And she seemed quite aroused to be watching it. Finally, Anna simply bent down and took a breast into her mouth once again.

I couldn't stay out of the picture any longer. My cock was screaming at me and I leaned in while slipping my hands underneath Anna's pajama top to cup both of her firm boobs. Thought not huge by any standards, they were still firm and big enough and I adored holding them while I kissed the back of Anna's neck and ground my crotch against her back.

I was ready to join in. But Christine had other ideas. "Lean back, sugar," she told my girlfriend.

Anna, not yet understanding, complied anyways. She reclined back against me and then figured it out when Christine started stripping off Anna's pajama bottoms and panties. Christine's efforts were occasionally interrupted by a particularly hard thrust of Brian's cock into her pussy.

I heard Anna's breath catch and her eyes bug out when she realized what was about to happen. And then Anna felt the warm, wet touch of Christine's tongue against wet slit and all her nervousness vanished in a loud moan of pleasure.

Anna's legs were spread wide, one foot planted on the floor and the other leg against the backrest of the couch. Christine moved to kneel on the floor while she continued to eat out my girlfriend, her ass in the air so Brian could resume their fucking doggy-style.

"Oh my! Christine!" Anna cried. "I can't believe! Oh, SHIT!"

Still endeavoring to join in I reached down and unbuttoned Anna's pajama top, pulling it away to leave the sweet girl fully naked before us. Brian's eyes immediately went to drinking in the vision of a brand new naked female. And Christine was fully engaged in her tongue-lashing of my girlfriend.

So I leaned down to kiss Anna, cradling her in my arms and pouring out my affection for her while she whimpered and shook, completely overwhelmed by the sensations assaulting her mind, both physical and mental.

"Yes!" Anna screamed. "Yes! Oh, that's so good! Yes!"

She clutched my back, holding herself tight against me before flinging her body away and wailing out the world her first orgasm induced by another girl.

The whole thing from panty-removal to climax took less than a minute. I'd never made Anna cum that fast before, and the look on Christine's face showed that she seemed pleasantly surprised as well.

But then Christine's pleasant look morphed into a grimace as Brian renewed his thrusting and she groaned out against the battering ram assault on her pussy as he gripped Christine's ass and piledrived his way in and out of her juicing wet snatch. "Aw, fuck, yeah, baby..."

I had figured that Anna would need a few minutes to recover from her earth- shattering orgasm. So I just held her and watched my friends fucking not three feet away, Christine's heavy breasts hanging down and waving pendulously with every thrust. But a second later I found out that I was wrong.

Anna's naked, sweaty body suddenly moved and then she was pressing me back into the couch and desperately trying to strip off my clothing. I was in a regularly seated position, and she managed to get my shorts down to my knees, letting my baseball bat of a swollen cock out into the air. Turned out that was enough for her. Anna straddled me and then impaled her pussy in one smooth motion and started riding me more aggressively than she had ever done before.

My groan was on a five-second delay, so shocked I was at the sudden movement. Anna had already thrust up and down a half-dozen times before my mind woke up to what was happening and I let my arms encircle her thin body.

"Mmm, fuck me, honey," Anna cooed into my ear. So I did just that.

The next ten minutes were filled with nothing but the sounds of wet meat thumping and low moans lolling through the air. Both girls gasped as their respective men filled them over and over again with hard dicks and grunted with their own exertion. But the end of the time, we were all drenched in sweat, reeking of sex, and all on the brink of orgasm.

Both Anna and Christine had already cum a few times, but that competitive edge in me was desperately trying to hold out longer than Brian. And Anna and Christine's own competitive edges, while more moderate than us guys, still urged them to finish their own man off first as well.

Anna was gyrating and twisting and doing things with her pussy muscles I had never dreamed she was capable of. But her arousal had inspired her and I was desperately close to losing it.

"Oh, shit..." I grumbled.

"That's it... cum for me, honey..." Anna cooed.

But I had held out just long enough.

Brian was suddenly yelling, his hips slammed as tight against Christine's ass as he could manage. Veins were bulging out from his neck and forehead from the strain and his stomach was twitching as he was obviously in the midst of blowing a torrent of jism deep into Christine's body.

Christine gasped feeling the power of his explosion and rode him out, until Brian unceremoniously fell backwards and slipped out of Christine's saturated pussy, now dribbling out the remnants of his semen.

Anna and I watched this scene unfolding, along with the flutter in Christine's eyes as she luxuriated in feeling her man's spunk impacting against her inner walls.

"He's so close too," Anna moaned as she bucked up and down in my lap, squeezing her inner muscles delightfully. Christine just hummed in response.

What came next took me completely by surprise. Anna let her tongue trail out and slide across her lower lip. "Mmm... want it?" she asked Christine.

"Really?" Christine looked up in surprise.

"Mm-hmm. I want to watch you swallow him." Anna leaned over, beckoning Christine to her.

Christine came up, and Anna wrapped her hands around Christine's neck, pulling her tight until Anna could plant a fat kiss onto Christine's lips.

The sight of Anna's tongue plunging into Christine's open mouth just about did it for me. My hips bucked, and Anna quickly discerned the urgent situation. She dismounted me and physically grabbed Christine's head to put her roommate's gaping mouth in the line of fire. "I knew that would set you off," she chided me.

Christine didn't say anything but instead just sucked my throbbing cock into her mouth. And the instant her warm tongue bathed the underside of my shaft, I erupted.

"Promise you'll share," Anna ordered as Christine took the first blast into the roof of her mouth. And sure enough as each subsequent shot flew out, I never saw Christine's throat swallowing.

Instead, Christine's hand jacked along my rod, squeezing and coaxing, desperate to grab every last drop she could while I grunted and kept firing shot after shot into the warm oral receptacle.

When I was done, I felt like I was melting into the couch. Every ounce of energy had been drained out of me, and I lay back, exhausted. But somehow the girls still had plenty of energy as Christine turned to my girlfriend and pressed her lips into Anna, bending her over into my lap until Anna was facing up while Christine parted her lips to let my cum dribble straight down into Anna's mouth.

15-06-2008, 04:35 PM
That morning turned out to be just the first of many new sexual sessions between the four of us. Primarily we just stayed in our respective couples with the exhibitional joy of watching each other. Anna was a strictly monogamous girl when it came to men, and I was her one man and she was my one woman. Also, Anna really wasn't very into girls, so her forays into making love to Christine were rather infrequent.

On the other hand, Anna loved the effect it had on me to watch her making love to Christine, so she quickly picked up on the finer points of lesbian loving. The first time she actually went down on Christine, I got so excited I just started jacking my cum all over her ass after a minute of watching.

As for Christine and Brian, getting back to their voyeuristic thrill of watching another couple screwing had put some spark back into their love life. Brian certainly also enjoyed watching his girlfriend with Anna, and he didn't even mind those occasions when Christine wanted to taste my cum direct from the source.

Once, Christine got it in her head to fuck Brian in Anna's bed, so our two couples traded rooms for one night and while it wasn't the best sex ever, it certainly felt different.

And so my life went on. Our Junior year came and went. We each got summer jobs and visited our families and on and on. Christine put Brian through the deathtrap of meeting her father. Anna brought me home to see her parents, and they seemed to like me. Actually, they just seemed happy that their bookworm daughter might actually grow up and get married someday. And then it was back to school for our Senior year, literally months away from graduation.

I was happy.

But then we all know that life doesn't last like that forever.


My life with Anna went smoothly through the first semester. But then all of a sudden it was January and we were interviewing for post-college jobs and then I looked up to find that the world outside had become REAL.

In a very short while, we would be leaving this apartment and moving on to find our adult selves. And what did that mean for our relationships? How would things change? None of us really had a clue.

It's not like we didn't know this was coming. We'd had upperclassmen friends who disappeared off the face of the planet once they'd graduated. We'd heard the horror stories of wonderful college sweethearts who couldn't adjust and ended up broken hearted. But those were... other people. Not like us. Never happen to us.

But what if it did?

How permanent were our college relationships? Right now, I KNEW that Anna and I would be happy together, forever. It was never stated, simply understood. It was a concept that flowed as an undercurrent beneath the surface of everything we said to one another. A few years ago I KNEW that Courtney and I would be happy together, forever. I wondered what I would KNOW next year.

And then suddenly that understood concept was brought harshly into the spotlight of my consciousness the moment Anna first whispered her own fatal words to me.

"I love you."

The justice was poetic. Three simple little words. Monosyllabic. Four-letter maximum. Any child could utter them without stumbling. And yet the first time I had said them to Courtney she had tensed up in my arms involuntarily. Her head and her words said she adored me. But her heart and body's instinctive reaction were the truer indicators.

The second time I said them to Courtney were out of desperation, just before she was to leave me. And those words only sped her out the doorway even faster.

So now, as Anna came down from her orgasmic peak, sweat matted against her bangs, her arms wrapped around my naked back, and her eyes were liquid and large, she spoke those words, gushing her love deeply into my soul.

The sudden tension in my body the instant I heard those three words were my real reaction. Love meant permanence. Love meant forever. Love meant never being "as-one" with Courtney ever again.

And that was something I just couldn't stand.

**I love you? Where the hell did those words come from? Why did she have to say that? Everything was going so perfectly.**

Anna's looked positively crestfallen when she witnessed my reaction. But then her disappointment was quickly pushed to the side as her mind asserted itself and then she was whispering in my ear. "It's okay. It's okay. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

I lowered my head to the pillow just beyond Anna's shoulder and closed my eyes. She patted the back of my head and held me to her, comfortably retreating into our old familiarity. But deep down in my heart, I realized that my relationship with Anna was doomed.


Finals week had just gotten started. For Seniors, they were merely a formality. Our grades had already been determined (more or less). So this final week became a strange juxtaposition of joy at finally graduating and early nostalgia over the end of many a relationship.

That first Monday, I didn't get out of bed until Anna left to go to her first final. I didn't have one this morning. But ostensibly, I was supposed to wake up and study for my Monday afternoon final.

I was just coming out of the shower, clad only in a towel around my waist, when I saw Christine lounging on the couch in our living room, quietly crying to herself. I knew Brian had also left for a morning final.

Immediately, I crossed the room and went over to her. "What's wrong?"

It took several moments before she composed herself enough to respond. "Nothing... Everything.. ."

It was a typical young adult reaction, explaining little about her situation. But I waited patiently and held Christine's hand until she got herself more together.

She finally paused from her sniffling and looked up at me with watery eyes. "Brian asked me to marry him."

My emotions jumped up and I wanted to exclaim 'Congratulations!', but held my tongue in check as that was obviously not the reaction Christine was looking for. "Uh, isn't that usually a good thing?"

"I know it should be. But look at me. I'm barely 21. I still love to party. I'm not ready for this."

I knew enough about girls to know that my role was that of a listener, not a problem solver in a situation like this. I sat down next to her and held her hand reassuringly.

"Brian's going to California. You know that. It's a great job opportunity. And I'm staying here. We talked about it. Long-distance things are hard, but not impossible. But now? He wants me to move with him to Los Angeles. And I just can't do it."

Christine started crying again, and this time she let her head fall against my shoulder. Ignoring my own near nakedness, I just held her and let her cry it out. "Am I a bad person?"

"What? Why?"

"Somewhere inside of me, I was hoping we'd break up. Then I'd be free to date again."

I thought about it. Deep down, I wondered if Courtney had been secretly hoping for the same thing with us. Courtney had just been a young girl as well, her whole future ahead of her. "No, that's not evil. That's just being young."

"I mean, there were so many things I wanted to do. To try. The last thing I could imagine was settling down. Hell, ever since Courtney left and you hooked up with Anna, Brian's been my only dick. I wanna get FUCKED. I want to try out other men. Is that wrong?"

"No. Not wrong. You don't have to settle down until you're ready to settle." And in that moment, a wave of guilt washed over me as I thought about my own situation with Anna. I didn't want to settle down with her, at least not yet. Was I wrong to think that? My mind drifted away on its own tangent as I thought about my own relationship issues.

In fact, I was so lost in my own world that I didn't even notice Christine had stopped crying and was now exploring my body. Her hand which had been stroking along my leg now slid beneath the flap of my towel. And the first wave of blood began surging downwards once I felt her cool hand finding my naked balls.

I was still too surprised to react, and apparently Christine took my silence for approval. My dick was already semi-rigid, her hand encircling its girth while she tilted her head up to me.

She pumped my erection twice, and still no warning from me to stop her. I wanted it, wanted her. I wanted to remember something outside of Anna. I was still freaked out from Anna's vulnerable admission of love. And in a way, I wanted Anna to hate me.

15-06-2008, 04:37 PM
If Anna had reason to hate me, she would dump me. And once we were broken up, I could go after Courtney, wherever she might be. And so it was that when Christine pressed her lips to mine, I just moaned and returned the kiss with every ounce of lust I had in my body.

Christine suddenly stopped and looked me right in the eyes. "I know why I need this. I know I want to seduce you and I desperately want you to fuck my lights out." She paused and took a deep breath. "Are you sure you want to do this? Can you really do this to Anna?"

Wanting something beyond your partner was one thing. "Thoughts" and "desires" can be forgiven. But this was about to become cheating. This really was wrong. And that wrongness made it so irresistible. "Don't ask me that," I told her. "Don't think about it. Just fuck me."

The towel was stripped away from me quickly, my cock rising straight up into the cool morning air, steaming of its own heat.

Then Christine's nightshirt was on the floor, her chest fully naked and her huge breasts absolutely fabulous before my eyes. They were as large and firm and perky as I remembered, nipples at attention as if they were reaching out to me. And then those nipples were coming a helluva lot closer as Christine pressed her boobs into my chest and wrapped her arms around me for another juicy kiss.

The last time we had started down this path was when Courtney had just left me and Christine was offering me a pity fuck. But this time, we both needed this. It was really, really naughty.

I pressed down on Christine's shoulders, and she got to her knees in front of me. She wrapped both hands around my cock, and with a smile, sucked me into her mouth. I let go a low groan of pleasure. Her warm mouth was familiar, comfortable. Christine had given me several blowjobs during our four-person sex sessions with Anna and Brian. I knew the talents of her tongue quite well.

Christine moved her chest until the full length of my erection split the valley of her cleavage. My own hands held her breasts tightly around my shaft, thumbs tweaking the nipples as she elevated herself up and down. This left her own hands free to strum her own pussy, and I grinned watching her multi-task to play with herself as she delighted in my cock pressed against her body. But as much as I enjoyed the tit-fuck, this was just the warm-up.

I tugged on her shoulders, and Christine stood up. She paused to drop her soaked panties to the floor, leaving her completely naked. And then urgently, she straddled my hips, pulled on my cock, and impaled her body down onto me.

We both moaned, feeling the first sexual union either of us had experienced in years, other than Brian and Anna. Her pussy felt so different from Anna's, and that difference made it thrilling. And already that pussy was clamping down on me in the throes of Christine's first orgasm.

"Oh, I needed your cock so badly," Christina growled into my ear. "Fuck me..."

I was only too happy to oblige. My hands gripped her asscheeks and yanked Christine's lighter body up and down. I forced the tempo, using her as a fucktoy and Christine was loving every moment of it.

15-06-2008, 04:38 PM
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..." Christine chanted, deliriously happy in her own world.

From my position on the couch, her heavy boobs were right in my face, bouncing wildly out of control as her body was flung up and down over and again. Then I stopped her thrusting, rotating her hips in a circle around my cock while I leaned in and took a tit into my mouth.

Christine moaned again and clutched my head against her chest, trying to shove more of her boob in between my lips while she squeezed with her inner muscles, rippling them against my already oversensitized rod.

But just when she seemed happy with my suckling, I bared my teeth against her nipple just to give her a little shock and then started fucking her body on my cock once again.

Christine shrieked and then her body went limp as she succumbed to the sensations I was afflicting on her body. Normally being on top gave a woman control, but still I was the one in charge. And so I rolled us over, laying Christine across the couch and then spearing my dick into her velvety pussy once again.

"Oh! Ugh... fuuuuck..." she whimpered as I pounded her. "Fuck, fuck, fuck..." the chant started up again.

Christine was completely gone into her own world of lustful, sinful pleasure. Her eyes rolled back and she started drooling slightly, our sweaty bodies clinching together over and again.

And then her back arched up and off the couch, round tits thrust into the air as she reached back and screamed until her throat was raw. Christine's climax was deafening, and its affect on her body was no small one either. Every muscle was tense to the point of quivering, and the earthquake my dick was experiencing was more than my balls could handle.

I pulled out at the last possible moment, and with my hand aiming, I proceeded to completely hose her down. My cum went flying everywhere, splattering in long ribbons across Christine's volcanic tits, spraying her tight belly with ab muscles still clenched, and even bursting right against her pussy lips.

I kept jacking my cock, and it kept spitting out wads of cum all across Christine's spasming body. And when we were both finished, I knew exactly what I had to do next. We were being very naughty, very dirty. And there was something really dirty I wanted to do to her.

I sidled across the couch and lowered my wet, limp cock to Christine's face. She hummed happily after perhaps her most explosive orgasm ever, and she gleefully began sucking my penis back to hardness in eager anticipation of continuing.

Christine panted loudly around my dick stretching her mouth. Our bodies were still recovering from the orgasms, but we both wanted to keep going forever. I relished watching her wide open face, expressively gazing back at me while she fought for breath and tongued me simultaneously. I also reached down to grab and squeeze at those naked breasts I loved so much.

At last, my rod was recharged and Christine was able to wrap one hand around and jerk the shaft. I pulled back then, feeling the power in my muscles as I rotated her over. Christine was compliant in my hands, moving as I directed until she was kneeling on the couch, facing the backrest with her arms folded against the back cushion. This left her ass hanging off the couch right in front of me as I stepped between her legs and nudged my cock doggy-style into her sopping wet pussy.

She groaned as I began to fuck her anew, growling happily. I still couldn't believe I had Christine's hot snatch wrapped around my cock, and I was thrilled with every second of our illicit coupling.

But now for the naughty part.

I exited her juicing tunnel with a wet splurt, and then before she realized what was going on, I aimed a little higher and then with a vicious lunge, burst my cockhead through the tight muscle of Christine's asshole.

She screamed in surprise and pain as the mushroom head popped through and inside her sphincter. And then her ass clamped up tighter than anything against my invasion.

"No! I've never done this before!" Christine wailed.

"Just one more thing you hadn't experienced yet," I grunted. And then my hands were at her clit, rubbing and caressing while I resisted her muscles efforts to expel the invading rod. "Relax..." I soothed.

At the first sign of her body slackening, I shoved forward. Christine kept up her moaning in mingled pain and pleasure as I manually stimulated her clit.

"I... I'm not sure..." Christine moaned. But I kept up a constant pressure until I was completely buried in her ass. Sure or not, I was all the way in.

"So Brian never got your ass?"

"No..." Christine groaned weakly, hanging her head. But her hips were already chugging back at me just a bit. "Did Anna ever do this?" she managed to ask.

"Yes. A few times. How does it feel?" I already knew it felt gloriously tight to me.

"Feels weird."

"Weird good or weird bad?"

"I'm not sure yet." She flexed the muscles of her now violated asshole, and shifted back against me, pumping experimentally. And with my hands still strumming, she soon hummed. "So full..."

I pulled back and then thrust in powerfully once again. I delighted in seeing her round cheeks spread wide before my penetrating rod. And the second time I pumped Christine moaned in obvious arousal.

"It hurts, but it's a good hurt now. Fuck me..."

I kept pumping her.

"Fuck my ass..."

"I'm fucking it."

"Fuck, yeah. Fuck my ass!"

Christine planted her head against the backrest, freeing her hands to play with her own pussy and letting me bring my own hands back to grip her hips. So with a steady rhythm, I pounded away into Christine's asshole, timing my thrusts to her whimpers of painful pleasure.

For the next few minutes, there was nothing but the wet slaps of flesh mingled with my grunts of exertion and her whimpering. Unlike vaginal sex, which can gradually become a frictionless glide, it took hard effort to keep pushing and pulling through Christine's anal tightness. But oh, what a wonderful feeling on my prick.

And then after those minutes, despite having cum so recently, I felt my balls tingling. "I'm gonna cum, sweetie."

"What did you call me?" she moaned.

"Sweetie. Your ass feels so great. I can't believe it. I will never again call anyone else sweetie. And when I hear the word, I'll think of you and think of the exquisite pleasure of fucking your ass."

"Oh, yeah... fuck my ass! Fill my ass with your cum. Come on! Fill me!"

So I fucked her. Harder. And when I felt myself at the edge of insanity, my balls loosed. I slammed my way in with my last burst of energy and held my hips pressed tightly against Christine's asscheeks, absolute relief washing over me as a torrent of jizz burst from me and spewed deep into her bowels.

"Fill me! More! Fill my ass!" Christine moaned as she felt each wave of semen flood into her body. And so I kept firing away until little white bubbles started showing up around the stretched ring of Christine's sphincter.

At last I was done, and I pulled out with a wet plop.

"Fuck, I won't be able to walk straight for days..." Christine groaned.

"Well, at least then you can go home. But for now, how about a nice soak in the bath."

"Sounds great."

I didn't want to think about what would happen tonight when everyone came home.


15-06-2008, 04:39 PM
I barely paid any attention during my afternoon final. Christine had kissed me one last time just before we separated. We both knew that we wouldn't be starting up a relationship with each other or anything. What we'd shared was sex. The hottest, most wild, fantastic sex either of us had experienced in a long time, but just sex nonetheless.

"I don't want to tell Brian just yet," Christine stated with some finality. "It's going to be weird enough after I turned down his proposal. He'll be crushed enough as it is after I told him I want to break up after school. I can't deal with the fallout if he or Anna find out what we did."


She kissed me again. "Hey, your parents' place isn't too far from me. Maybe we can try that again sometime."

"Sure thing," I answered, noncommittally.

So we went to our finals. And then we came back together for dinner. It was a very quiet half-hour. Brian and Christine weren't really talking to each other. Neither was rude, but neither went out of their way to address the other unless they had to. Tension hung thickly in the air and weight heavily on all of us. They'd had fights before. But this felt very different.

Anna was worried about her friends, but she was also focused on her classwork. Of the four of us, she was the only one taking her finals really seriously. After all, she was the only one continuing at our school for graduate school, so her grades still technically mattered.

As for me? I was an emotional void. I operated automatically. At night, Anna seemed to sense that I was withdrawn and went out of her way to draw me out. She kissed me like the old lovers we were, and I responded per normal. She seemed happy with my affection. I just wondered if she could feel the hollowness of my actions.

But then we were off to bed to rest up for whatever faced us tomorrow.



"Hi, guys!" My ex-girlfriend was absolutely radiant. She had dressed way down in a baseball cap and unflattering clothes, most likely to avoid detection or attract any unwanted fanboy attention. But her beauty still managed to shine through the drab attire. No sunglasses could obscure the brilliance of her eyes. No baggy shirt could fully mask her stupendous figure. I looked up from my position on the couch and simply gaped.

Christine chirped once again, "Courtney! I can't believe it! What are you doing here?" She tugged her former best friend through the door, enfolding her in a warm hug.

"You don't think I'd miss your graduation now, do you?" Courtney came in and doffed her cap and removed the sunglasses. It must have been her version of a disguise to prevent Playboy fans from recognizing her. She glanced around and then stepped forward towards me.

Well, I thought she was coming for me. "Hi Anna." She hugged my current girlfriend, who responded in kind.

I didn't get a hug. Just a smile and an awkward lean before Courtney stood herself back upright. "Hope you're taking good care of him," Courtney finally stated, nodding her head towards me.

"You know I am," Anna giggled then slid back onto the couch to cuddle up next to me.

"Where's Brian?" Courtney asked.

There was an empty silence in the room. Not a very long one, but long enough to let everyone feel the awkward situation. Christine was staring at the floor.

Anna finally piped up. "Uh, he's meeting up with some other friends before the ceremony."

"Okay..." Courtney wondered, but let the matter drop. And that was the end of that discussion.

Then at last, the white gown hanging on a nearby chair caught Courtney's attention. "Ooh, these are your graduation gowns?"

"Yeah," Christine jumped in. "Come with me while I get dressed. We have SOOO much to catch up on."

15-06-2008, 04:40 PM
One last night before moving on. The Graduation ceremony went off without a hitch, and already the campus was half-empty.

But we Graduating Seniors had a lot of packing still to do. I'd found a job not far from home, so to save money I was actually moving back in with my parents. Anna would still be relatively nearby. And even though I'd shown some hesitance to really commit to her and to our relationship, we had bonded more strongly together in the wake of Brian and Christine's issues.

Seeing such a long-lasting relationship of people so close to us falling apart made us both realize the fragility of love, and how rare it was to find someone special.

Of course, Christine and I had a dark secret that was gnawing away at my gut. Neither she nor I let on that anything had ever happened. But the guilt still burned inside of me.

And to complicate matters, the reappearance of Courtney, even if only for a brief while, sparked a yearning in my heart. You never really get over your first love. And despite the comfortability I felt with Anna, we'd never experienced the white hot sizzling chemistry Courtney and I had once shared.

Everything about my relationship with Courtney had been easy, and I mean that in a completely positive way. We had been on the same wavelength, thinking alike, feeling the same. When we met, we clicked. When she was hungry, so was I. When I was horny, so was she. I can count on one hand the number of arguments we'd had.

The number of petty fights I got into with Anna were countless.

She made me wonder, what would life have been like if she'd never left? And what really scared me, she made me wonder what life would be like if I left Anna and pursued her once again.

So as I packed up my latest box, drawing my ever dwindling roll of duct tape across it, I did my best to clear my head and remember how good I had it being with Anna. One last night sleeping together before we moved on back home in the morning.

"Howdy stranger."

The voice cut right through my core. I recognized it immediately of course. I'd been thinking of her every minute since the ceremony had ended.

I calmed myself before turning my head around. "Hi Courtney. Didn't realize you were still in town," I said as calmly as I could.

The sunglasses and baseball cap were back. But a zip-up baggy sweater soon dropped off her shoulders, leaving nothing but a skimpy tank top that did very little to conceal her bounteous bosom. And as she stepped into my bedroom I couldn't help but notice the graceful glide of the way she moved.

"Uh, Anna will be back soon."

"I'm sure she will," Courtney cocked her head and came right up to me, looking at me in a funny way. "But I never gave you the hug hello you deserved."

I gulped. "Uh, and you still probably shouldn't."

Courtney pouted slightly, and still moved well into my personal space until her round breasts were pressed right up into my chest. "And why not?" And her arms encircled me anyways.

I sagged into her embrace. I could feel my body already at war with my conscience. The last time we'd physically touched, we ended up making the most blissful and tragic lovemaking sessions of my life.

"Afraid of what you might do?" she whispered huskily.

"Yes..." I hissed back.

"Then do it. I can't stop thinking about you. I've had other lovers, sure. But no one ever made me feel the way you did. No one ever got inside my head like you did. I want you back."

Were those words real? Or was it just what I wanted to hear? I groaned in obvious anguish. Straining away with all my might and yet my lips were descending down towards hers.

"Make love to me. Please?"

"Anna..." I whimpered.

"Forget her. It's not like you haven't cheated on her before."

My mind immediately raced to Christine. Did she tell Courtney?

"Fuck me... "

And then my mind and all its rationalizations simply evaporated away into nothingness.

I blinked.


I opened my eyes. A fully naked Courtney lay before me, an open smile on her face interrupted by breathy gasping. Her tits were jiggling back and forth in rhythm with the shaking of her body. My cock, more engorged with blood and thicker than I ever remembered it, was currently splitting her shaven pussy lips and drilling back and forth wetly. Her legs were wrapped around my lower back as she squealed into my ear as her vaginal muscles spasmed in wondrous orgasm.

And then I blinked.


Now it was Courtney who was riding me. The cushions beneath me felt like heavenly softness, as if we were drifting away on a cloud. With her neck arched back, Courtney thrust her perfect tits out into the air and howled her climax to the sky. Her hips were suddenly bouncing in my lap out of control, and it was all I could do to hang on while my rod was pummeled by pleasurable sensations.

And then I blinked.


The most perfect ass in all existence was in the palm of my hands. Perky butt- globes, without a trace of cellulite and featuring an impossibly firm shape, were spread to the sides to allow continued passage of my dick into the brown star between them.

The audio stimulation of Courtney panting in front of me alone was enough to keep my cock iron-hard. The back and forth motion of her fucking my pole up her own ass was just gravy on top of the wonderful feelings.

And finally I felt the crescendo of pleasure in my brain. I grunted and growled like a caged animal, pent-up frustration and rage about to burst from my body.

I slammed my way forwards so hard that it knocked Courtney's body from her sense of balance, and then she was collapsing straight down onto her chest as her arms and legs gave out. And my cock, trapped viselike in her anal grip, went with her.

Courtney fell prone, her limbs splayed to the sides. And the instant my heavy weight impacted against her asscheeks, spearing my dick as deep into her nether passage as it would ever go, my balls loosed and I geysered every drop of semen I had in my body, blasting her ass full of my sticky cum.

And then I blinked.


I was spooned in behind Courtney, cuddling her smaller body against my chest while we rested in my bedroom. I recognized the boxes packed up against the walls and the suitcases waiting for me to move out in the morning.

She nuzzled slowly against me, relishing the warm reassurance of my touch. The world came together for me in that moment. And then Courtney sighed happily, rubbing my arm. "I love you."

It was a perfect moment. So with all the sincerity, warmth, and adoration I had in my heart, I whispered right back, "I love you, too."

She trembled in my arms, and I could completely feel the blissful radiance of happiness flooding out from her body as my words sank in. I could FEEL that nothing in the universe could ever make her happier than hearing what I just said. So she turned around, rotating within my arms with a joyful smile on her face.

And as she turned around, the ghostly visage of Courtney dissolved away. And then Anna, my girlfriend, was looking right into my eyes, tears of happiness streaking down her face. "Now everything is perfect."


The EnD

15-06-2008, 09:11 PM
Thanks bro otamay for your story . ;) Here's one for you -

Sex, Cars, Dinah

I caught my first glance of her right when I got out of 2nd period Bio. I was sandwiched between two dumpy chicks taking their time in front of me, and my friends clawing to be free of the room from behind, and there she was. She seemed pretty short, 5'3-4" if I had to guess, brunette, fit as hell, doll-face. Honestly, I couldn't see much, the duration of time between me being shoved through the door by Steve and her exiting my periphery being roughly 1.5 seconds, but I was smitten.

After I got the fuck out of the train wreck that was Bio class, I poked my head around the corner for a second look. Hot. Fucking. Damn. She sauntered down the hallway like she was the daughter of a dignitary (I can't explain how her apparent arrogance drove me crazy), and as awful as the girls' school uniforms are, on her it looked tailor-fit. The patch of skin between her socks and skirt was porcelain pale, and her ass was round and pinched. Her hair was streaked with auburn, hiding the darker undertones, and it came down to right around her bra clips outlined on the back of her shirt. I had to position my book bag conspicuously in front of my slacks on the way to French.

In French class I was kind of pissed, because I couldn't remember her face clearly enough to make a good sketch, and her ass was apparently too godly for human hands to ever recreate. I stuck to drawing mutated test-tube babies bearing my teacher's face again, always my fallback. I was tempted to take a peek at the girl with big tits who sat behind me to my right, but I decided against it.

Michael tells me at lunch that she's in fact eighteen and from Cali, and her folks moved over here to take over the First Presbyterian church on Tennyson and 15th. Gloria was friends with her back when she and Michael still lived with their dad. "Dude, she's a fucking pastor's kid, you have a better chance fucking a lamp post."

"If by pastor's kid you mean 'nice ass,' then I agree." Steve laughs and nudges me deliberately. "Too bad you have another piece occupying your time at the moment. Looks like it's time for Steve-O to save the day."

I grab my empty tray and walk off. I didn't want to talk about Stasy. She was moderately attractive, but seemed more so in contrast to most other girls at this school. We shared a birthday in March, but while she had turned eighteen, I actually turned nineteen, since I was held back in third grade. She was 5'7" with short blonde hair (naturally brown), bronze tan, not skinny, but not really overweight either. She has a nice C-cup that she got done this summer. Her and I usually skip out study period after lunch together, since we're both Seniors and Mr. Oberlin doesn't give a fuck, so I go outside to wait for her.

She's on the hood of my 93' Beamer when I get out there, sipping a soda, sitting next to a McDonald's bag, school shirt unbuttoned enough to give me thoughts. I say "hey babe" when I get closer and kiss her mouth, and she kisses back, pauses enough to give me a lustful look and slide a finger up the front of my slacks, licks her top lip when it slides over my cock. I give her a smile and start kissing her again, using my left hand to knock the shit off of my hood. She giggles and shoves her tongue into my mouth, meeting mine, exploring past, coming back for it. I pick her up with one hand across her shoulder blades and one under her thighs, walk around to the driver's side door, get in with her on my lap. I have to pop the steering wheel lever and adjust it for more room, and by the time I finish her hand is already in my pants exploring. I slide mine into her shirt and start playing with her tits, choking her moan with my mouth still on hers. Without breaking contact with my mouth, she manages to climb over into the passenger seat, and once there she pulls my pants and boxers away, exposing my cock. I'm still grabbing and squeezing her tits with my right hand, unbuttoning buttons as they get in my way, and I use my left to shove her yellow head into my lap.

She takes hold of my cock at the base and devours it, stroking and sucking like an animal, using her cherry-colored (and chipped) nails to touch around my abs and rub my balls sporadically. I wasn't especially ripped, but I was proud of my abs, the lines of my abdominal muscles showed clearly, and I had a pretty dark tan as I had a job as Lifeguard at the city pool. I also kept my balls shaved, since Stasy said she had some deep fear that she would choke to death and die from the hair otherwise. She had worked her gag reflex down so that she could fit all eight inches of me down her throat, and she was doing that now, sucking my entire shaft down, brushing her hair away every so often, even though it wasn't long enough anymore to interfere. She had enough saliva built up now that it dripped down my balls and gave me an insane ticklish sensation, but it felt great.

It took all of me to pull her off for a second and grab the visor from the glove compartment to put over the windshield. Immediately after I do she dives back in with her lips wrapped around my cock, and I'm petting her head and telling her "yeah, that's it" and telling myself to breathe so I don't cum early, my left hand feeling her hard nipples, my right up her skirt, tracing her thong line. As she pulls her lips off of my head with a smacking sound, and follows her tongue down to my balls, I lift her skirt (she was crouching on me with her ass poked up in the air toward the passenger window) and start playing absently with her pussy through her thong, the fabric slipping around with my fingers because of her juices. Stasy always gave amazing head (that's why I started dating her in the first place), but I made it a habit of distracting her as much as I could, and I was playing this game now.

My balls are still in her mouth, muting her moans of pleasure as my middle finger is slipping around her clit, it slides right over it and she tries to scream, and I slap her ass and tell her to keep sucking. Her left tit falls out of her shirt then, I slide her thong away and get my fingers all wet playing with her shaved pussy lips. "Ohhh fuck" she moans as her mouth loses my balls, she balances herself as she shudders, losing herself as I slip my middle finger inside of her and start fucking her with it. Stasy's not thinking about anything else for at least a minute, then I pull my finger out and spank her again with my right hand, grab her head with my left and start fucking her face, shoving her up and down as her lips smacked over my head.

My cock is rock hard and fucking purple by now, the veins popping out all over, and I'm losing control, so I go back to her, slide two fingers inside of her and pump them hard, watch her juices trickle down her leg. Her left ass cheek is red from me spanking her, and I start sucking on it while I finger fuck her, and go back to fondling her tits with my free hand. Now she's losing it, and I have to cover her mouth with my hand to keep her from screaming too loud, and she slides her tongue through my fingers and starts licking them as my fingers are back on her clit and she starts jerking uncontrollably and cumming. I push her head back down onto my cock so I can finish as well, but she can barely keep suction, and her left tit is out of her shirt and bobbing with the rhythm of her head. I grab hold of it and start squeezing again, it's firm, and the nipple is hard and distended.

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15-06-2008, 09:13 PM
She partially catches her breath and goes back to the sucking, I hold my breath, and tense up from neck to toes, blow my load into her mouth. She chokes on the first burst, but then sucks it up, my cock bouncing in her mouth as more streams of jizz shoot out. I lay my head back and close my eyes, still gasping for breath.

"We've got to break up," I manage. She was still buttoning up her shirt.

"Yeah," she passes a hand over her eyes, brushing the hair away without looking at me, "yeah." She finishes with her shirt, brushes her skirt off, gets out of the car. By then her face was caked with runny mascara.

I fucked up my wooden box in shop, nearly tearing my finger off as well. Luckily I caught myself in time, just gave myself a slice that cut to the bone and a little past.

Later I'm at Michael's house. I come across a shotgun while he's chasing me around with the grenade launcher, so I hang back behind a corner, then cap him in the face when he pops into my view. The strategy worked a few more times till he got his hands on the rocket launcher, three shots, game. I give him a glare. He shoots me a smile. A girl calls out from a few rooms away, and I look over at the doorway just as Kim strides awkwardly past towards the stairs. I laugh. "Kim's here? How's that?"

"Fucking awkward. If your folks ever decide to have another kid, and it's a girl, never date her friends."

"Yeah, ok, I'll try to remember that."

"Feel free to grab a couple of beers from the fridge" he hints with a wry smile. I set my controller down and stumble to my feet, blood rushing to my head. I massage my temples with my thumb and middle finger, come through the door, and collide with someone. I look up, and there she is, knocked against the opposite wall, catching her breath, eyes wide and staring at me. And she was amazing. Her lips direct from France, pinched and smooth and unguarded. Her cheekbones something Europe, something Hollywood. Her hair partially covered her left eye, and it was rich and silky. Her eyes were large, brown, starry, and Spanish, they promised tangos and trills and a break from the monotony and a way out of here. Her neck was a bowl of cream. Her collarbones openly displayed her fragility, openly defended her heart.

Below that was the most perfect female form I think I had ever seen. Her arms were silky paths to her breast, which was in turn the ripe and tender display of her perfect genes, accentuated as it moved with her breath. She probably filled a B-cup. Her waist slid inward, and her hips sloped outward. Graceful legs appeared below the hem of her white summer dress, ending with elegant feet in sandals. My mouth was probably still open as she shoved past me. She was everything I would never deserve. I got the beers.

A few weekends later and it's a three-day, and I'm at Kyle's parent's unsupervised house-turned-club for a party, and it's about two thirty and I'm moderately drunk, about as drunk as I could get. I didn't really know Kyle that well, but I guess you'll like anyone if they supply enough alcohol to make you drunk enough to like them. I wish I could say I was pondering that thought at that very second, but in reality I was just being as dumb as fuck. Dinah was there (Michael told me her name) and she was sitting alone on a couch in the Kyle's-last-nameses living room, and I was trying to make my suave approach and I was three shots of shitty tequila beyond suave, but there she was.

As I came through the doorway, another guy with his tail between his legs passed me. They had been filtering through here all night for a chance at Dinah, and he was probably headed the way of the rest of them now that he was spurned, to look for a consolation. This was beginning to feel like a sexual tyranny, and I kept seeing images of myself turning around and forgetting about all of this in my head, but I no longer had the restraint to battle my inertia, so on I went, towards Dinah. My mouth opened, "can I get you a d-"

"No." Brick wall. My momentum disappeared suddenly. "No, thank-you," she added, then looked up as if to further soften her words. She saw me, smiled, "you're Michael's friend."

I was probably blushing, but my entire body was too hot to tell how my face was holding out. She was smiling so brightly, a dimple catching the shadow on her left cheek. I hope I wasn't blushing. I was probably blushing.

"Yeah, sorry about..."

"It's alright. I wasn't expecting a truck in the hallway." She smiled sarcastically, then caught herself. "Or... you know."

"Are you sure you don't want something to drink?" My processor was stuck in an infinite loop.

"No, really. I'm trying to stay away from the alcohol." I noticed her clothes now, spaghetti-strapped jumper, baby blue, which fit her well, and tan open-toed pumps.

"I'm pretty sure the juice is spiked" I said, glancing at the empty punch glass on the coffee table, "heavily."

"Oh!" She let her guard down. She looked genuinely horrified, "I was wondering why I felt a little heady, I thought it was the temperature or just a headache or something..." She put her hand to her forehead, looked into my eyes from below it. I was feeling heady as well, from influences other than alcohol.

"Your name's Dinah, right?" She nodded, still looking at me. "Let's go outside." I needed air, my head was light. I didn't wait for a response, but she followed me out.

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15-06-2008, 09:14 PM
And then we're on the porch. The air was cool, and smelled of potting soil and cigarettes, and Dinah's fragrance, the humidity was a blanket around us. Dinah looks utterly serene in the moonlight, the emerging redness of her face hidden, and I kiss her. I kiss Dinah in my intoxicated state, having nothing to say, or show, or hide, and she kisses back. I hold her shoulder with one hand and slowly back her to the railing of the porch, resting my other hand behind her for support. Her lips were so vulnerable, ready to be taken, firm, and yet sensually soft against mine. She didn't know how to kiss, and her eyes were wide with surprise.

She pulls back: "I... I really can't... or shouldn't... or-" Her lips were moving with speech, and taunting me, and I draw my mouth in and kiss her harder. She hesitates, but feels wanting, needing. Her mouth was sweet strawberries in mine, I chewed the stems off. Hidden in her eyes was the nostalgic memory of my first elementary crush, and I could see then that it must have been Dinah all along, however impossible that was.

We continue kissing, and I carry her to my car in my arms. I open the door to the back seat, struggling to get both of us through. I can feel Dinah's arms, her cheeks, I taste her ears and neck, I hold her shoulders. I can hear her soft breath, I draw her tongue out with mine. I memorize every centimeter of her mouth, exploring it several times over, and she finds her way around mine. Her hand is on the back of my head, feeling my curls, mine is on hers, fingertips moving around her scalp. All the while my left hand is slowly tracing, meandering, veering, and retracing it's way up her ivory leg.

Her hand stops and tenses up around my hair, and she lets out a gasp, her face reddening again as my left hand completes its journey and begins to explore her from under her dress. She moves her hand toward mine, but my fingers slip between her lips, and she's completely distracted, and grabs onto the armrest on the door behind her head as I discover her further. I stop kissing her now, and my eyes are looking into hers, she's looking at mine, but beyond. I'm learning her now, my middle finger had found her clit, and I start rubbing it through her cotton panties. She starts moaning, her hand tightening around my forearm, and her breath becomes uneven.

I continue working her, she's very wet now, and begin to concentrate on my right hand, making sure no part of her goes untouched, working in from the arms, taking her collarbones, feeling her stomach, spiraling my way toward her tits. I begin to move my left hand more rapidly, adding more fingers to the rotation, and her moisture is soaking through her panties onto my fingers. Her shoes fall off of her feet onto the floor, and I notice that we're fogging up the windows, and there is no-one in this world but the two of us.

My right hand continues, now coaxing the straps off her shoulders, now slipping her dress down her torso. Her bra was white and slightly padded, but she seemed tight against it, constrained. I use my left hand to slide her panties aside, then I set it free. She's squirming now, her lips are parted and her breath is ragged, her hands tightening on my arm and the armrest. I graze her clit, and she moans uncontrollably. My right hand is tracing the edge of her bra, I slide a finger under here and there mischievously, feeling the muscles and lines of her back then continuing. The clip snapped open, and her bra lost form as she broke free. I knead her tits, so firm, and slightly swollen with pleasure, heaving up and down with her breath. Her nipples are hard and red, about the size of quarters. My ring finger is now exploring inside of her, slipping in and out, and she is biting her lip.

I pull her dress up over her head, and inspect her body. Her legs sloped inward and converged on her pussy, pink and moist, glistening in the moonlight, light hair spreading a short distance outward, still mostly hidden by her white lace-trimmed panties. Her torso and legs were in perfect proportion, and her neck had red marks on it from my kissing. I unfasten my belt, my pants, pull my boxers down. Dinah is looking at me, her eyes unsure and fearful. I slide myself inside of her, and a cry escapes her lips, she's staring somewhere past the car, into the stars. She was tight and new, and I could feel the texture of her against me as I pushed farther inside of her, as far as I could. She didn't bleed.

Whimpers escape Dinah's lips as I plunge into her again and again, she's looking at me again, and tears are streaming down her cheeks, her hand on my chest. My hands are holding her body, feeling her tits, now dimpled with the cold. And again, I slide my cock inside of her, and I'm grunting now, my breath competing with hers, my hips meeting hers, the car is shaking slightly, and my heart is racing. Then her hand falls from my chest, and her head falls back as I feel her tighten around me, and she is quivering and gasping and I am exploding inside of her and she is mine.

I watch as she puts her dress back on and slips her shoes back onto her feet. And then I drive her home. We dated for that following summer. She was nice, although she never really could give a decent blowjob. She worked with me as a Lifeguard, got a nice tan, she suited me better then. That's all there is.

The End

15-06-2008, 09:20 PM
A Friend's Help

I was watching the Atlanta Braves struggling to beat the Florida Marlins when the phone rang. I had just cracked a cold beer and didn't feel like talking to anyone. I yelled to my wife, "Honey, can you get that??"

It stopped ringing so I had my answer. A couple innings had past, and I was close to finishing my Mirror Pond Pale Ale, a local favorite, when my wife entered the room.

"Who called," I asked.

"Sue," my wife responded.

"What's she up to," I said with a non-caring tone.

"She wanted to get together for lunch next Saturday," she responded in kind.

"I'm playing golf next Saturday," I retorted.

"Dah!" my wife said. "She wants to have lunch with me."

"Oh Yeah! I like to be a fly on the wall watching that," I said with a sexual undertone.

My wife looked at me with that "you're a pig" look and said, "I said lunch WITH ME! Not have me for lunch!"

With that, she left the room, and I fell asleep. The week went by fast, and the next weekend arrived. I was looking forward to playing my first round of golf of the year. We had an early tee time, so I was up and out of the house before my wife woke up. Golf was decent. I shot an 88. Not bad for my first outing. When I arrived home, Sue was there and her and my wife was chit chatting.

I walked over to them, kissed my wife and told Sue hi. My wife asked, "How was the golf game?"

"Not bad," I replied. "I'm going to take a shower, you girls have fun!"

My wife said, "Do you need any help washing your 'putter'?"

Sue giggled and added, "Don't grip it too tight."

I looked at them both quizzically and said, "Why don't you two have another glass of wine."

They both just laughed, and I left the room to take a shower. However, I liked their idea. As the hot water was pounding my body, I soaped my now hard cock, and started to slowly stroke it thinking about my wife and Sue locked up in the 69 position, tonguing each other until each of their faces looked like they had just eating a dozen glazed doughnuts. My eyes were closed and I was stroking it faster when I heard the bathroom door open.

"Honey, Sue and I are going to lunch. We'll be back in an hour or so," my wife said. Just then, she slid the shower door open and caught me with my hand around my cock.

"I'm really close," I said in euphoric state.

"Don't cum now! I want that when I get back from lunch," she said with a sad look on her face.

She leaned in, kissed me and shut the shower door.

I did as she said because I wanted her warm lips and mouth to finish me the proper way. I finished my shower and decided I needed some lunch. There's a great sports bar within walking distance from our house. I left a note for my wife and headed out.

I sucked down a few brews, had a burger, and watched a little bit of golf match. I'd been there a couple of hours when I decided it was time to go or I was going to be a little too drunk to have my wife get her 'dessert'.

I forgot my keys when I left; so when I got home, I had to use the sliding door at the back of our house to let myself in.

The girls were home, I could hear them talking upstairs. I found this odd as why they would be upstairs. I didn't announce that I was home, so I quietly walked to the staircase where I hear them better. They were giggling, so I knew they had a few more drinks at lunch.

I was just about ready to yell up to them that I was home, when I heard Sue say, "I don't know if I can do that. I might be embarrassed for you to see me."

Obviously, I was intrigued and my cock felt that something good was going to happen. I quietly walked farther up the stairs so I could hear better.

My wife said, "I've made several videos for Brian and he watches them all of the time."

She continued, "Let me put the tape in so you can see one of them."

Sue immediately responded, "What if Brian comes home?"

My wife retorted, "He's at the sports bar. I locked the door and I noticed his keys on the counter downstairs, he will have to knock to be let in."

Apparently Sue felt a little more at ease, because I heard my wife slide the tape into the VCR. I didn't know immediately which video was playing, but it didn't take me long to figure it out. My wife was right. I have watched each of them numerous times while masturbating. She has a great body, 34 C, neatly trimmed bush, great legs, and piercing eyes. I was getting harder by the second.

I heard my wife moaning on the TV and I knew exactly which video they were watching. This was the one where my wife uses a purple rubber attachment that fits on the end of her vibrator. It has numerous ribs and really gets her going as she fucks herself to a very loud and wet orgasm. I closed my eyes visualizing what her and Sue were watching.

Sue's voice broke my trance. "You have great tits Mary," she said with an envious tone.

I could tell the video was near the end, because my wife's breathing was becoming shallower and she was being more verbal. My wife spoke, "The ending is Brian's favorite part. Here it cums! I mean hear I cum."

When she came my cock was so hard, I had to unbutton my pants and pop it out.

Sue cleared her throat and said, "WOW!! That was hot Mary." She continued, "Jeez, you really got my juices flowing. I can why he likes this one."

"Well, let's get the video camera out and you can make one for Dale," my wife replied.

Sue said with a jealous tone, "Mary, I don't have as nice of a body as you. My tits are small, and my pussy is really hairy."

"Here, have some more liquid confidence, and let me be the judge of your body," my wife responded.

They must have a bottle of wine because I heard the clank of the bottle hit the glass as she poured Sue another.

My wife continued to beg her, "Come one Sue, go for it!!"

I could tell my wife really wanted to see her. She always wanted to experiment with a woman, but really never had the right opportunity. I could sense this might be the right time and right place.

She continued, "Sue your husband will really love it. COME ON!!"

It was apparent Sue has enough wine and was going to cave in. She took a big gulp of wine, and said, "Okay, I'll do it."

I could hear her get off the bed and start to remove her clothes. The shirt and bra came of first because my wife said, "Sue you have nice tits. I love your puffy nipples."

"Aren't they too small," Sue questioned my wife.

My wife responded, "Not to me. Does Dale like them?"

"Yes, he loves them," Sue replied. "But I know he wishes they were bigger," she continued.

"Are they sensitive?" my wife asked.

"Very," Sue responded. "Just touching my nipples when they are puffy like this sends shivers through my body."

"What about when they're kissed," my wife questioned.

"OH God yes," Sue responded.

My wife must have leaned in and kissed one softly because Sue let out a load moan. I heard my wife speak again, "You're right. Your whole body is quivering."

My wife then said, "Okay, off with the pants. Let's see how hairy your bush is."

I heard Sue unsnap her jeans, and pull them off. Next, off came the panties. "WOW!! That's a forest," my wife shouted.

Sue must have been really embarrassed because my wife told her, "NO. Don't put them back on, I can help."

I had to see. I crawled closer to the bedroom door. It was closed slightly so I could see the bed through the crack where the hinges are. WOW was right. My god she had the hairiest pussy I've ever seen. You couldn't even see her pussy lips. My wife went into the bathroom and returned with her electric shaver.

"Let's trim this up a bit," she said to Sue.

She put a towel on the bed, asked Sue to sit on the towel and spread her legs. She turned on the razor and began thinning out the long hairs. Sue was lying on the bed with her arms propping her up. Her head was tilted forward and she was watching intently as my wife groomed her. As the thickness disappeared, you could start to make out her pussy lips. They looked engorged, and my wife knew Sue was extremely aroused.

As she trimmed lower, the razor touched Sue's engorged lips. She closed her eye and bit her lower lip. "Don't trim too much longer Mary or I'm going to cum before I have a chance to make the Video," she encouraged my wife.

The buzzing stopped and my wife was done. Sue looked at her trimmed bush, ran her fingers through it a couple of times, moaning louder each time she touched her pubes.

"Don't cum yet! Let me get the video camera," my wife gently scolded Sue.

Sue looked at my wife with anticipation and said, "Mary I need to cum now!" She continued, "If I don't cum now, the video will only be three seconds long."

Now, my wife is not a person who likes to be teased a lot. When she is ready to cum, she wants to cum. I could see she understood Sue's dilemma. She kneeled in front of Sues spread, engorged pussy and told her, "Make yourself cum. I want to watch you."

She was blocking my view damn it!!!!!!

Sue moved her right hand to her awaiting pussy. I couldn't see how she was working it, but I could hear. Within seconds her breathing was deep and she was panting. I could tell my wife was getting aroused because she was rubbing her own pussy through her clothing.

Sue kept repeating faster and faster, "YES!! YES!!"

My wife turned her head and proceeded to kiss the inside of Sue's right thigh. That was it. Sue couldn't hold back any longer.

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15-06-2008, 09:21 PM
"OH GOD MARY, I'M GOING TO CUM RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sue screamed.

Her whole body began to shake and convulse for a solid two minutes. My wife moved to Sue's side, giving me a great view of her extremely wet trimmed beaver. My wife bent down and softly kissed Sue's nipples, which were now hard pebbles rather than their normal puffy state.

Sue acknowledged her softness by thanking my wife over and over.

My wife stood and let her recover from her orgasm. In the meantime, she was setting up the video camera. Sue sat up, reached for her glass of wine and took two big gulps. She set her glass down, walked over to my wife and hugged her.

She then surprised my wife by asking her to take off her clothes. "I feel weird being naked by myself," Sue told her.

My wife complied with her request, and shed her clothes. Sue noticed, as did I, that my wife's panties were soaked when she tossed them on the chair.

"Did I excite you that much Mary?" Sue questioned.

My wife looked at her and said, "Yes! I was close to cumming myself."

Sue just smiled.

My wife then instructed her, "Okay, I've set the camera up. It's aimed at the rocking chair in the corner. Why don't you sit there for your video?"

Sue walked over and sat her ass on the chair, propping each leg on each of the arms.

"Like this," she smugly asked my wife.

My wife looked at her lustfully, knowing she had to have that pussy and was going to by the end of the afternoon. The she spoke, "That'll work. Would you like to use any of my toys?"

Sue knew exactly which one she wanted, and didn't hesitate. "I want the one with the purple attachment," she requested.

My wife smiled and responded, "I thought so."

My wife walked to the night stand. Opened the drawer and pulled it out. "I would normally lube it up a bit, but by the looks of you extremely wet pussy, I don't think that will be necessary," my wife said.

She walked over and handed it to Sue. "I usually buzz myself a little first and then turn it off before fucking myself senseless with it," she informed Sue. "Just let me know when you are ready and I will turn on the video camera."

Sue said, "Now!!" I could hear the buzzing of the vibrator. I knew the second it touched her aroused pussy because she started moaning. What a site. My wife's friend sitting in rocking chair with her pussy spread open masturbating with her favorite vibrator. I started to think how much joy this was going to give Sue's husband.

Her moaning was getting louder. All of a sudden my wife started moaning. I could quite see her because she was over by the video camera. Sue heard it also. She opened her eyes and look over toward the camera.

"Oh Mary, got that's hot!!" she stated.

What was hot, damn it. I couldn't see.

Sue helped me, "I love the way your cunt looks from here." "Yeah, finger fuck yourself," she continued.

My wife was finger fucking herself and I couldn't see.

The buzzing stopped and Sue said to my wife, "Stop. I have a suggestion."

My wife must have stopped because I heard her sit up. She then got up, stopped the camera and walked over to Sue.

"What's on your mind," my wife said lustfully.

"You know our husbands, like most men, are pigs," she started.

"Yeah, what's your point," my wife replied.

"Well, how about we make a video together for them?" Sue asked. "Dale has always wanted to see you naked, and I'm sure Brian has asked that about me," she continued.

Oh God! Please say yes, I kept repeating to myself.

My wife thought about it for a moment, smiled and said, "They will owe us forever."

"Yes, they will," she responded.

Yes we will I kept saying to myself.

"Any idea on what to do," my wife asked, knowing already what she wanted.

Sue thought for a few seconds and said, "Why don't we masturbate each other?"

My wife replied, "Okay guests first. Lay back."

My wife got up from the bed, walked over to the video camera, turned it on and returned to her spot on the bed. She grabbed the vibrator with the purple attachment Sue had been using. She turned it on and asked Sue to close her eyes. She started lightly buzzing her nipples, which by the way were puffy again. Sue told my wife how good it felt. She moved back and forth between nipples; making sure not to neglect one over the other. After a couple minutes of this, she slowly moved the vibrating penis down her body to her open and waiting pussy. I knew immediately when she found Sue's clit because her moaning became louder and her breathing shallower.

"God that feels so good Mary," Sue moaned. "Please don't stop!!"

My wife continued to pleasure her clit, and then in one swift move she moved the purple head down to her wet hole and pushed it in with ease. Sue screamed and lifted her ass totally off the bed. My wife started fucking her with it. In and out, In and out, faster and faster. She turned the vibrator off and you could hear the wet, sloppy noise of the assault on Sue's pussy. Sue put her ass back on the bed, and now raised her legs to the V position. She was breathing so fast, I thought she was going to hyperventilate.

"OY MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! YES!! YES!! YES!!," she shouted. She lifted her head off the pillow and looked directly at my wife. "I'M GOING TO FUCKING CUM RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Her legs were so erect; the world's strongest man couldn't pushed them down. She was bucking like a bronco, but my wife still continued to fuck her with the purple headed dildo. She slowed her stokes little by little until Sue's orgasm finished.

"Mary that was FUCKING incredible," Sue breathed. "I haven't cum like that in a long, long time."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," my wife responded. "That was just the beginning, here's the finale," my wife continued.

Sue looked up and said, "The finale?" Right then my wife moved her mouth to Sue's wet, throbbing pussy and began lapping up the juice. She started making long strokes with her tongue up and down Sue's slit.

Sue just had an unbelievable orgasm, but it was evident that she wasn't done. It didn't take long before my wife's tongue was working its magic on Sue's snatch. She was finally getting to try pussy. I was so happy for her. I was also very aroused myself. I started to stroke my hard pole. Now I consider myself and expert pussy licker, but my wife was doing a great job. Sue was getting more and more aroused with each stroke of my wife's tongue.

Sue was obviously in a state of euphoria because she told my wife to get on top of her so she could lick her pussy. My wife was so aroused; it didn't take her but a second to assume the position. Obviously, Sue knew what to do. My wife started moaning instantly. What a site. My wife and her friend locked in a 69 position using their tongues to pleasure each other. I had to slow my stroking or I was going to explode right there.

Both of them were becoming experts. They were both moaning so loud it was hard to tell who was going to cum first. My wife answered that. She lifted her head off of Sue's pussy and screamed, "I'M CUMMMING SUUUUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

It must have been a real gusher, because Sue gagged and choked a little before catching her breath. Even thought my wife was still orgasming, she returned to Sue's pussy and continued her masterful job. She was rewarded within seconds. Sue came thanking my wife over and over and over.

Speaking of cumming, that sent me over the edge. My first rope hit me in the face. Two more spurts and I was done. I looked in to the bedroom, and apparently my wife didn't get enough. She had picked up the purple dildo and was fucking herself with it. Sue was spent. However, she managed to sit up and take the dildo from my wife.

"I owe you one Mary," Sue said in a totally relaxed state.

She started to fuck my wife with her own toy. She was using her right hand to fuck my wife and her left hand was pinching her nipples. My wife loves this. Sue was sitting on her knees so my wife reached up and grabbed one her tits. It didn't take long before she got my wife off.

I decided I better get the hell out of there before I got caught. I threw my cum soaked shirt in the washing machine, and grabbed an old one out the laundry basket. I slipped out the back door and headed for the front. I waited a few minutes before knocking, giving them some time to recoup. After several knocking and door bell rings, my wife finally answered the door.

"What took you so long," I asked.

"Oh, Sue and I were listening to music and just didn't hear you," my wife responded.

"How come you wearing that old shirt," my wife asked.

"I like it," I retorted.

"Sue is just leaving," my wife stated.

"See you Sue," I replied. "What are you doing for your husband's birthday next week?"

Both her and my wife looked at each other, laughed and then she said, "I have surprise for him."

She winked at me and then left. If only they knew I saw the surprise live. I will be sure to tell her husband after he watches his present.

The End

15-06-2008, 09:47 PM
Lunch with Satan

Satan's elegant, mustachioed face curled in disdain as he set down his espresso cup. "What does Freddie think he's doing? This is cow diarrhea."

"Dad, I told you to get the Turkish Coffee," the Anti-Christ replied. "Friedrich is no good at Italian stuff, you know that. The antipasto is dreadful, too."

"I don't care; if he's not going to do it justice, he shouldn't put it on the menu." Satan snapped his fingers imperiously and shouted: "Waiter Waiter!"

Adolf Hitler glided over deftly on ballet feet and bowed with a click of his polished black shoes. "Yes, sir?" his heavily accented voice lilted.

"Tell Nietzsche if he doesn't straight up I'm going to drop him in the deep fat fryer!'

"Zu befel, mein Führer." With another crisp click, he pirouetted and sailed back to the kitchen.

The Lord of Darkness regarded his spawn across the table. The Anti-Christ, or A.C. as he liked to be called, was draped over his chair in the form of a teenage boy, wearing a torn t-shirt and faded jeans, his hair in long dark locks and his face sporting a day old beard. Satan himself chose the form of an elegant Necromancer, with a curled goatee above his moustache, and greying hair swept back from his long face, wearing dark robes and a necklace with the Sigil of Hell.

Folding his hands on the table, he addressed the junior demon: "You've done nothing but layabout for centuries. I'm ashamed of you, A.C., to think of all I've invested in you. You should have started the Great Rebellion a millennium ago, and here you sit, doing nothing. Tell me why I should blast you to atoms and start over?"

A.C. crossed his legs and tossed a look of disdain across the river of lava that ran by the bistro at the clouds of sulphur oozing across the ceiling of Hell. "Shit, Dad, you are such a loser. You haven't got a clue. It isn't bad enough you got your brains beat in at the Pearly Gates, now you've got to ruin my chances as well."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Satan snorted.

A Bible materialized at the snap of A.C.'s fingers. "You keep shoving this awful thing in my face and insisting I read it."

"So? What's the matter of getting to know your enemy?"

"Getting to know you enemy is one thing: I've gotten to know enough about Him with every incarnation. You keep pushing this 'Plan of Action' in the last chapter. . ."

"So? It's what's going to happen."

"Bullshit, Dad, God Damn Fucking Bullshit. Why do I have to follow this plan? Why do you think I want to be a loser like you are?"

Hitler sidled back across and handed Satan a note on a clean white plate. Satan picked it up and opened it, reading the contents aloud: "So what, you old bastard? Been there, done that, show me something new. God is dead and you're not looking well either, dumbass. Get a clue." He crumpled the note and it burst into flame. "All right, I'll give him another chance, but lunch better be worth it. Or I will think of some new way to fry his nuts." Hitler bowed and waltzed away again, followed by Saddam Hussein, wearing a white coat and dark slacks, learning his trade as a busboy.

"You're such a wuss, Dad. Just turn him into an ant, stomp on him, and revive him a few million times. That'll teach the old faggot."

"Now that's just what I don't like about you: brute force and ignorance. You have no sense of Infernal aesthetics, no sense of how things ought to be done. . ."

"No sense of how to be an eternal loser." A.C. punctuated his point but forming his fingers into the letter L and putting it on his forehead.

"Now look, you never saw the perfect symmetry of the angels of Paradise as they sang the Universe into being. You never saw the exact perfection of Michael's counterattack. . ."

". . .I never saw you when you were Lucifer, the brightest in heaven, commanding the Rebellion. But you aren't there anymore, Dad, you got bitchslapped out of there and now you're down here."

"Better to rule in Hell. . ."

". . .than serve in Heaven. Where is the dude who said that? Not here, Pops, not here. You've got too much sympathy for the enemy." Adolf and Saddam appeared bearing a large platter with their lunches. Satan was served Sauerbraten with Spaetlzes and Kraut; A.C. got a huge platter of Küchen, delicately swirled with icing.

"Junk food again," Satan sneered, "I've never seen you eat anything substantial." He picked up his knife and fork and cut a piece meat, putting it in his mouth with a self-righteous smirk. The grin melted away as he began to cough and choke; the food vaporized in a puff of smoke as he spit it out. "Damn stuff tastes like ashes. Adolf, Adolf, get you ass in here!"

Hitler appeared again, prim in his white jacket, white towel over his arm, bowing and simpering. "Yes, My Lord?"

"Freddie has done it this time. I'm going to blast him into powder, and let him blow in the wind for eternity."

A.C. popped a piece of pastry and savored it with ruthless abandon. "You haven't learned, Dad, you never learn. Nietszche's no good at sauerbraten: it's peasant food in his eyes, a German national stereotype, something he always hated. He loves delicate, prissy stuff. I've told you over and over to get the Küchen when we eat here, but no, you've got to dine like a Potentate."

"I am the Lord of Hell, son, and don't you forget it!"

"Lord of Stupidity. Don't you think Nietzsche wants to get out of that kitchen? You're doing him a favor blasting him into bits."

"And you think you'd have a better punishment for him?"

"No problem." A.C. turned to Adolf. "Tell Friedrich to report to the Festspiel house on the other side of the Malbolge. Now."

"Zu befel, Mein Kaiser" Hitler floated out the door. Saddam approached the table with his tub, trembling. Satan threw his lunch into the tub with a loud crash, which Saddam took away, bowing and scraping.

Satan stared at A.C. a long as he dared, his eyes ready to flash fire. "All right, genius, what's going on at the Festspielhaus?"

"An endless presentation of the Ring cycle, supervised by Wagner himself."

"How is this punishing Wagner?"

"The cast and orchestra are all Jews. All amateurs, all tone deaf."

Satan let out a guffaw at the thought of who the author of the inflammatory pamphlet, The Jew in Music was working with. "How is this punishing Nietszche?"

"He thinks Wagner is a disease. Said so in print while they were still alive. He'll hate conducting the operas."

A.C. popped another pastry in his mouth while Satan rubbed his hand on his chin and thought. A scream cut through the haze and both of them smiled. "So when does the rebellion begin?" the Prince of Darkness asked.

"Already started," the young demon said casually. "Been running for centuries."

"No, no, no, no!"Satan cried, jumping up to pound the table. "You're just like your damned mother, so devious and cunning, but you don't have her style."

"Mom was a real biatch, wasn't she?"

Satan huffed indignantly. "Your mother was an elegant noblewoman of Rome of the late 10th century. She was elegant on the outside, decadent on the inside, and an expert at leading men around by their dicks."

"Mom was the best. Since when is cunning and devious a problem for you?"

"The house of Theophylact produced women of beauty, cunning and guile worthy of Jezebel and Cleopatra. Pity they lived in such obscure times in an obscure place."

"Rome, an obscure place?"

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15-06-2008, 09:48 PM
"Don't be a hometown boy. Rome was a backwater at that time. Marozia Theophylact, whichever one she was, was a citizen of the world."

"Whichever one she was? There were 3 of them, at least, and you've never managed to stagger over to their pit to remember which one's my mother. Don't you keep track of who you fuck?"

"Don't be vile."

"What? I'm not supposed to be vile? Can you hear yourself talking? I'm the son of Satan, the Anti-Christ."

"Who was supposed to start the rebellion so the world would end in the year 1000."

"Yeah, whatever. Been there, done that. You never noticed."

Satan threw a lightning bolt at his son, who deflected it with an easy flick of his wrist. A.C. defiantly ate another pastry, and looked up rebelliously.

"I can't get over you," Satan said, stamping the ground in anger. "Your younger brothers were Popes, your nephew was one of the vilest Popes in history, and all you did was had a good time and fail to do an honest day's work."

"An honest day's work? Since when am I supposed to have virtues? Since when was I supposed to lead a rebellion doomed to failure? Bite me, Dad."

"Well, you have an image to live up to, being my son. You have to carry yourself with nobility, charm, refinement, elegance."

"Like the pit demons do? Like Mussolini does? Losers all. I thought the work of Hell was about getting things done."

Another lightning bolt sizzled the air, deflected again. "All right, you lazy bum, tell me this great plan you've got going to bring down Heaven."

A.C. sat up straight and rubbed his hands together. "Well, I haven't been lazy, for starters. I've been doing a little here, a little there, and now my work is finally starting to get somewhere. First, I incarnated as a friend of Machiavelli, and helped him write The Prince."

"A good book. Corporate management learned a lot from him."

"Then after a while, David Hume managed to start the process of making everything good subjective, beginning the elimination of objective morality from society, while promoting the subtle creed of pursuing small vices as a means of pleasure, and making pleasure the objective good. All it took was a few glasses of claret, and an occasional refined and discreet prostitute."

"Not bad, but people aren't subtle. The masses would never understand that kind of subtlety."

"The Marquis de Sade put some ideas about sex outside love and into psychological subjugation. Introduced some shock value as well. He was a good boss as well, let his manservant bugger him occasionally."

"I don't give you much credit there. Sadism has a limited audience."

"Only sexual sadism. Pleasure at the misfortune of others is doing quite nicely, thank you, especially in the pursuit of revenge. And the corporations have ordinary folks convinced they have to bleed and die for profit, and thank them for the privilege."

A. C. ate more pastry, washing it down with bottled water. "Friedrich helped me a lot: I spent a lot of long hours trying to drill the beginnings of decontructionism into his brain."

"Point made."

"Ouch, did you have to say that? He put my poor body through a lot in those days, as well as giving me syphilis. Bastard tore my asshole apart."

Satan's eye went wide in disbelief. "Since when were you gay?"

"All part of the cause, Dad, all calculation, anything for the cause. But the 20th century was my best by far."

"Oh really? Who did you influence then? Adolf, Benito, Tojo? Stalin? Ho Chi Minh? Not that little prick Kim Jong Il?"

"None of the above. I stayed under the radar, out of the limelight, except when I was Jim Morrison."

"Fronting a Rock Band is beneath you. Just an excuse to party. 'Come on baby, light my fire'? Can you be more obvious? Yeah, that's gonna scare the hosts of angels in paradise."

"But it's about Me First. Everything is useless unless it makes them happy. Even religion: I managed to turn it into a hobby."

"Religion as a hobby? What the hell are you thinking about? What kind of challenge to Heaven is that?"

"The best, Dad. Hobbies are fun, but you don't let them make the important decisions for you. Not a real life, at least. I've made religion irrelevant, disposable, man made."

Satan pounded his fist on the table, rattling the glasses. "This is no way to operate. Where is the great Satanic church that's going to challenge Christianity? You seem to forget how well that snot nosed kid has affected people, the multitudes he commands. He's outdone any empire the world has ever known."

"But I've cut his nuts off, Dad. I've made people think he's a control freak who wants to make them miserable. I've made people think they're the master race who doesn't need to answer to anybody, and if anybody opposes them, they oppose God."

"I don't know. People aren't going to buy that shit for long."

"They are buying it. It's working better than I hoped. Just a few more years, and Heaven will be gone. People just won't believe in it anymore; they'll think it a myth, a figment of their grandparent's imagination. Then what choice do they have?"

Satan picked up his espresso cup, took an absent minded sip, and spat it out, gagging. A.C. ate another pastry and stood up, wiping his hands on the tablecloth and adjusting his backpack.

"Going somewhere?" Satan inquired.

"Yeah. Big board meeting this morning. Gotta be in the gym by 6:00"

"What? You're a businessman this time? What kind of operation is this?"

"The best. I've got a following like no other."

Satan thought for a moment. "You're a nerd. You'll never make it in politics."

"Don't have to. Corporations have more power than governments, and growing. Just wait, I'll even buy out the People's Republic of China."

"But you're passed your peak. You can't even leverage a hostile takeover anymore, your competitors are about to pass you by. Nobody takes you seriously."

"Oh, that's part of the plan. I got people who're spending all their free time in their basements, or their offices. I've got them trapped into whatever I want to sell them, still. It doesn't even matter if it works or not."

"You've even started a charity, for Hell's sake.."

"All for show, all to let people know that I really have a heart." He laughed snidely, and tossed back the rest of his drink. "Doesn't matter, I've got them isolated from each other, worrying about what they want first; J.C. doesn't have a real chance."

"Then what?"

"Can't tell you."

"Can't tell me? How dare you. . ."

"No, gotta keep it secret. You still talk to Him, and you'll tell Him what I'm doing just because you think I'm out of line and He has to know. Just follow Business Weekly. You'll see. 'Bye, Loser." He held his hand on his forehead in the Loser symbol again and flipped him a bird.

Satan watched as A.C. disappeared in a puff of smoke. Saddam came out and started to bus the table, while Hitler sipped sparkling water on break. Beelzebub sauntered by, surrounded by flies as usual, with a grave nod of the head in passing. Satan summoned his laptop and opened a few windows, checking the manifests of the Lower Levels and smiling when he found what he wanted. He Googled his Son's current incarnation and shook his head. "The Boy's too much like his mother. Maybe she can talk some sense into him. He's got to follow the script; everything's preordained and He can't change it."

A snap of his fingers and the laptop vanished. His form changed from evil Necromancer to red skinned demon and a pitchfork appeared in his hand. Huge muscles bulged under his skin, his right hoof stood beside his shaggy left foot, his long double dicks bounced against his huge testicles. "Ah, that's better, I feel like myself again." He stretched elegantly, scratched his ass and sniffed the air. A pair of passing succubi licked their lips with the forked tongues and wiggled their asses. A frown filled his face and his eyebrow wrinkled profoundly. "But what I can't understand is why the fuck he wants to call himself Bill Gates?"

The End

15-06-2008, 09:51 PM
Coming Home From Work

John Walker loosened his tie in the late afternoon heat as droplets of sweat beaded and fell from his forehead. The briefcase in his hand seemed to get progressively heavier with each step he took. He could feel the sweat dripping down his back and sliding into his ass, and he shifted uncomfortably as he continued on his way home. Each step felt like it took an eternity as the sun bore down on his back.

John was cranky enough to begin with and the heat wasn't helping his mood. His girlfriend had turned him down for sex again this morning before work. It had been more than three weeks and she hadn't even glanced at his cock, let alone tried to touch it. It's not like he didn't try either, but she just whined that he was worse than a bitch in heat. It depressed him that she had such little interest in him sexually.

It also didn't help that his barely eighteen year-old secretary wore practically see-through blouses with delving cleavage that she loved to show off as often as possible by leaning over his desk. Often he could catch a glimpse of her areola as it pooled out of her bra when she bent over. The office was air-conditioned as well, which meant that most of the time she walked around with her nipples jutting out. It drove him mad with frustration. Her ass was so incredibly tight that he could see almost every muscle in it move as she strutted around the office. He considered himself a normal, hot-blooded male and wanted nothing more than to shove her up against his desk, grind his hard cock up against her ass and show her just what those see-through blouses made him want to do to her. He wanted to grab her by her thick, brown hair, yank her head back, reach around with his other hand and slip his fingers up her snug skirt until he could force them into her tight, wet pussy.

Not that John would ever cheat on his girlfriend. He loved her very much, but he was really tired of using his hand. Fantasizing and chronic masturbating was his way of dealing with all the frustration.

John was relieved when he finally saw the path that lead to the shortcut through the woods. At least in the woods it would be a little cooler, and would offer some shade. And he knew that once there, he could get out a little of his sexual frustration.

On more than a few occasions, on his walks home from work, John would wander off into the bushes and masturbate. It helped him get out a lot of his sexual frustration and he used this time for a lot of fantasy play that he couldn't really do when his girlfriend was around. She usually gave him hell for being so horny whenever she caught him masturbating. She was such a prig.

He also experienced a secret thrill knowing there could be anyone walking by on the path while he jerked himself off not too far away.

When John finally reached the woods, the relief from the heat was immediate and he was grateful. He removed his tie and slung it over the arm that held his suit jacket and brief case.

He walked for another fifteen minutes until he gauged that he was about half way between where he entered the path from work and where it ended at the other side on his street. John looked up and down the path to make sure there was no one nearby to see him, and then he veered right off the path and deeper into the woods.

Usually when John went into the woods to masturbate, he didn't like to go too far from the path, as that was part of his thrill. He liked to hear people walking by, completely oblivious to the fact that he was there, touching himself.

Today however, John was particularly disgruntled, and just wanted to be alone. He walked much farther than he usually went. In fact, John walked so far he was sure that he was coming to the edge of the woods, when he came to a small clearing.

John sat with his back against a tree and set his brief case, jacket and tie on the ground beside him.

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun on his face and the hard tree bark dig into the back of his skull.

John resumed his fantasy of taking his secretary up against his desk and fingering her until she was dripping wet. As his cock became hard and strained against his pants, which he refused to unzip. He rubbed himself over the material of his pants. He enjoyed teasing himself, getting himself so incredibly hard that he felt like his cock would explode if he didn't touch it.


John started with an audible cry and opened his eyes.

On the other side of the clearing was, what appeared to be a young girl, no more than fifteen or sixteen. John stood up, painfully aware of the prominent swell of his erection and trying to hide it by turning slightly. The girl smiled deviously and started to move towards him.

"What are you doing?" He asked, alarmed. The last thing he needed was to get caught alone in the woods with some young cupcake that might cry statutory rape just to try and get a few bucks from him in a settlement.

She was incredibly beautiful though. She had long, curly auburn hair that fell in waves down her back. She also had big, innocent, doe eyes that never lost their connection with his as she continued to make her way towards him.

As she neared him, John realized that there was something wrong with the way she walked. It was stunted.

It wasn't until she was right in front of him that John realized in awe that this was not a young girl but an older boy, probably in his early 20's with a cock as big as a horse attached to a crotch that wasn't human. This boy had goat legs and hooves, with the same sandy auburn hair on his head that gusted as softly as the grass in the clearing when the wind blew.

The goat hair ended just above his pubic area, leaving the top half of him completely human, with the most well defined body John had ever seen.

"Who are you?" John asked.

The goat boy didn't answer him; he just kept smiling at John.

"You're a faun," John said.

The goat didn't respond.

After what seemed like an eternity, the faun suddenly laughed, and waved his hand across John's chest.

John felt a force lock his arms on either side of the tree behind him. He struggled and fought hard against the invisible restraints, to no avail. He was relieved that he could move his torso, distraught however, that he could not budge his arms. A surge of adrenaline flowed through him, unfortunately helping him maintain his hard-on, as panic began to set in.

The faun watched John struggle, his eyes moving up and down John, until they finally rested on the massive bulge of his pants.

He walked over to John and began to undo his pants. John struggled more, but it only helped the faun get his pants down quicker.

John felt ridiculous standing here with his pants around his ankles and his massively swollen cock on display for anyone to see. "Anyone," being this particular creature.

The faun leaned into John and grabbed his cock fiercely. John almost screamed out in agony. Then he slowly began massaging John's cock. His stroke was firm and almost painful. The faun pushed his leg, which also led up to his cock, into John, The more he stroked John, the more he grinded his huge horse cock into John's thigh. The humiliation of the situation was bittersweet for John. He loved the feeling of having his dick so expertly handled, but felt guilty because he wasn't gay.

He tried to rationalize to himself all the reasons why he shouldn't be enjoying this but nothing was coming to mind. Then he began to rationalize why he might be enjoying it. He blamed it on his girlfriend for not putting out; he blamed it on his secretary for being such a goddamn tease. He blamed himself for being weak and having no self-control.

As the faun slowly rubbed his hand up and down John's shaft, John moaned and thrust his hips forward to match the rhythm of faun's hand. Christ, if he kept this up he was going to cum.

Suddenly the faun stopped grinding into John, released his cock, turned around and walked a couple of feet away.

"Wait!" John called out, "you can't just leave me like this!"

The faun glanced back in John's direction and giggled, then turned back and walked to the other side of the clearing and disappeared into the trees.

John struggled even harder to liberate his arms, panic starting to set in. He still couldn't seem to escape. Just when he was on the verge of hysteria, John heard a struggle coming from the trees across the clearing and the faun returned. This time, as he moved towards John, he was dragging something on a rope behind him.

John heard muffled grunts, but he couldn't see anything through the tall grass of the clearing as the faun dragged whatever he was carrying back to him.

When the faun finally reached him, he grabbed the person at the end of the rope and dragged her to her knees in front of him.

It was a little fairy girl. While her appearance was young, John saw the wisdom of age in here eyes. She looked 18-years old, but here eyes claimed her to be much, much older.

She had short spiky purple hair. Her eyes were bright green and pleading. Her lips were the palest shade of pink and her whole body glimmered in a sparkling iridescence.

Her hands were tied behind her back with the rope that the faun had used to drag her. The swell of her large breasts were perfectly rounded and barely held in place by a piece of ripped pink fabric. Her cleavage hung down in an adept show of perfect feminine exquisiteness.

There was another piece of the same ripped pink fabric that just barely covered the girl's hips, thighs and ass.

John noticed that she had a pair of light purple and dark green wings, which reflected sunlight in small sparkling bursts that the fairy didn't seem to be able to use.

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15-06-2008, 09:52 PM
Seeing this girl tied up with such accentuated cleavage and pleading eyes was almost more than John could bear. He knew his cock was as hard as it had ever been, and watching this girl struggle with her bonds, her elegant breasts swaying with each movement was making it worse.

The faun grabbed the fairy by the back of her spiky hair and she cried out. He turned her around so that her backside was facing John, at which point he grabbed her hip with one hand and shoved shoulder hard to the ground with his other.

There was nothing John could do but watch.

He watched as the torn pink fabric, which probably used to be a skirt, rode up the fairy's hips to expose her taut, curvaceous ass and the little cleft of her pink vaginal lips swelling just underneath.

The faun watched John's reaction and smiled. He leered at John while he commenced spanking her little pussy lips, hard. She squealed in what John tried to convince himself was pain. But he couldn't be certain. The faun continued slapping her pussy lips until John could see moisture dripping from them.

The faun then took hold of his monster cock and rammed it unceremoniously into the fairy's little pussy.

She gasped sharply, and then cried out as the faun began to thrust his hips aggressively into her tight wet slit. The faun grabbed onto her hips and pumped himself into her so deeply that John was sure he was impacting her uterus; that is, if fairies had uteri.

John was shocked at the severity in which the faun penetrated the fairy, but he soon realized that the fairy had stopped crying out and was now writhing and moaning.

The faun maintained a quick rhythm, pumping back and forth so fast and hard that John could hear the delicious squelching noise of the faun's cock slipping in and out of her as his balls battered her pussy.

John was so aroused he didn't realize that he was grinding his hips in tandem with the faun. He struggled vehemently to release himself from his bonds but still could not remove them.

John continued to watch as the faun removed his pussy-slimed cock from her slick crevice and drove it ferociously into her unyielding, puckered ass hole.

The fairy cried out, even louder this time, which practically sent John over the edge into orgasm as he continued to watch this crude display of debauchery.

Each jagged thrust from the faun into the fairy's anus pushed her face harder into the soft earth beneath her. She seemed to bounce on her breasts as he shoved himself harder inside her.

Every part of John yearned to be free from his shackles, he wanted nothing more than to shove his cock into one of her wholes and debase her as much as the faun was.

He was sure that if either the faun or the fairy even looked at his painfully engorged cock, he would cum.

The faun stopped and turned to look at John. He smiled deviously as he pulled himself out of the fairy's ass. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up. She yelped.

He walked around to the other side of her head and shoved her backwards towards John. Her arms were still tied behind her back and the faun kept her head forcibly held low. He pushed her backward until her pussy was aligned with John's cock and then he gave her one hard shove.

Even though the fairy had just been violated by the faun and his enormous cock, her pussy was still tight and encompassing.

John began to thrust his hips and again the fairy began moaning and gasping. John couldn't believe it, this little fairy girl couldn't get enough of the cock.

Not that he could have stopped it anyway, having his arms shackled behind the tree. John was sure he couldn't last much longer, the tidal wave of his orgasm almost at its crest. The faun held the fairy girl's head, and rammed his goat cock into her mouth.

Both the faun and John pumped their cocks into her, riding her like a w

Sweat began streaming down John's face as he pummeled her as hard as he dared without scraping his back too hard against the rough bark of the tree. His mind was reeling and the faun just leered at him as he pumped, all the while facilitating this depredation.

John's eyes rolled back in his head and just as he was about to blow his load deep into the nether regions of this little fairy girl, the faun pulled her off him.

"Please," John begged, gasping for breath. "I need to finish."

The faun threw the girl down to the ground. She rolled over onto her back, crumpling her beautiful wings, and opened her legs, wide. John could see the succulent liquid pouring out of her moistened crevice. It was clear but it glittered like the ocean on a hot sunny day.

The faun got down on his knees and brusquely buried his face in her quivering silky clam. She arched her back (not that difficult with her hands still tied behind her and braced on the ground to give her more leverage) and wailed a beautiful lament.

John watched as the faun feasted on the girl. She writhed and wailed and grinded her pussy harder onto the faun's face, all the while keeping her half opened eyes on John.

John's balls were aching and his cock was straining for any stimulation but nothing was forthcoming. He was tied up, probably against his will, and forced to watch the fairy girl being humiliated.

"Please," he begged again, although he knew it was useless.

The girl's moans became louder and more melodious, hypnotizing John. He felt his arms slacken, free of the bonds that held him so inflexibly.

John couldn't move. He was held enthralled by the symphony of lust that radiated from the girl writhing on the ground.

The faun looked from the fairy girl back to John again and smiled.

Before John had time to think about what he was doing, he laid down on the ground. He knew the faun was controlling his movements, but he couldn't stop him. John wasn't even sure he wanted to stop the faun from controlling him.

The faun grabbed the fairy girl, her breasts mesmerizing as they swayed to and fro with the force of the faun's fierce grasp. He shoved her over John, so she was straddling him. His mind had taken him to a place that was somnolent, so that these events were more like a dream than a harsh but erotic reality. The faun forced the fairy girl onto John's painfully engorged cock. John gasped, rolling his head from side to side in the ecstasy of impaling her wet pussy.

Before John could really start enjoying the ride, the faun shoved the fairy forward so that she landed with her neck over John's face and her breasts at his chin.

Then the faun grabbed her opulent ass and parted the fairy's cheeks. He spit into his hand and rubbed it on his cock, stroking himself, and, without a moment's hesitation, he shoved his cock into the fairy girl's anus.

Both John and the fairy cried out, the fairy girl in a much more melodic inflection.

John felt her pussy tighten, making room for the giant horse-cock of the faun in her ass. The faun clutched her hips and started pummeling her ass fiercely.

"Oh, sweet Christ," John sighed, as the fairy's tits battered his face, her pussy holding tenaciously to his cock as she moved with the steady cadence of the faun battering her anus. He could feel the faun's cock kneading his own through the thin sheath of skin that separated her pussy from her anus.

Suddenly, without any hint of warning, it all became too much for him. His eyes rolled back in his head and he felt a warm, coursing, energy draw up from his toes and from the top of his head, riding through his blood stream to culminate with a giant eruption from his cock. He cried out so loud he was certain that someone would come running to find him in this precarious situation.

No one came, except the faun.

John's eyes were still closed when he heard the faun grunt, and felt the rhythmic pulse of the faun's orgasm.

He felt the warm liquid of the faun's essence drip from her ass onto his balls.

The fairy girl was still wailing out her magical, hypnotic song, keeping John pinned to the ground.

When John finally mustered the courage to open his eyes, he was alone.

He sat up abruptly, and looked around. His briefcase, jacket and tie were still beside the tree. His pants were around his ankles and his cock, now flaccid, glimmered with fairy sparkled cum.

John quickly stood up and pulled up his pants. He glanced around the clearing, looking for any hint of the faun or the fairy girl. There was nothing.

He picked up his things and walked as fast as he could back to path.

John walked quickly, wondering the whole way if what he had just experienced could possibly be real. No. No, it couldn't possibly have been real, could it?

Just as John reached the road at then end of the path, he heard the fairy's erotic lament coming from all around the woods. He turned around and stared down the path but didn't see anything. The fairy girl's singing faded slowly from his ears as he walked away from the woods and towards his house.

The End

15-06-2008, 09:55 PM
18th Century Master Maid A Pain Slut

This story involves sex that is, in some ways, non-consensual. Our subject is happy, in the end (!) but it could easily have been otherwise, and in that case, the story would have described a serious crime and a horrific moral wrong. Please do NOT take this story as a guide or inspiration to do something like this in your own, very real, life. The story also involves BDSM; specifically: Pain as pleasure, bondage, domination, and humiliation. It also involves exhibitionism, group sex, anal penetration, and sex between people who have not taken the time required to really get to know each other, which is generally a very bad idea.

I see our subject as short, perhaps 5'2", with dark wavy hair, olive skin, and a very soft, curvy figure, just short of being overweight, but the story doesn't specify, so you can see anything you like. The setting is the romance period, with a strong divide between the haves and the have nots. Lords and Ladies with servants, maids, footmen, etc... Consent was less considered then and this is a happy story in an unhappy time.

Poor Mary. How had she come to this? What had come over her, what had possessed her to choose to submit to the cruel bastard who had put her in this place?

Reality intruded on her thoughts and forced her to again suck her spit from around the ball gag and swallow. She could not drool! No, anything but that...

Her back and neck hurt almost as much as her back side and her... unmentionables. He would have called it her cunt, but she clung to the person she was before. The sweet and innocent girl who just wanted a little adventure, a bit of excitement. If only she had known!

But it was her private area that was of the most concern to her now. As each guest arrived, as the announcement bell was rung, the bell crank moved the shaft, sliding through the loops mounted to the ceiling, which ran between her legs, up inside her, stretching her to the point of cramps, and the pain was turning; turning oh so slowly. Just as He had said it would.

Her stomach quivered as the main hall door opened again. It was coming... oh please no, please let it be someone leaving and not another arrival. But it was not to be. The bell rang, "Announcing Lord Black and Lady Welt"; the shaft pushed back and forth into her most protected space and the shudders of pain turned again to pleasure. This time the shaft moved back and forth 5 times before stopping. She was getting wet. She was lubricating the shaft. Soon she would drip. She new it, and hated herself for it.

How much longer could they possibly not notice? How long before her tell-tale drops would alert someone?

She could hold her head up no longer. The pain was biting, sharp, and well past the ache of muscles that are merely sore. With a sigh she allowed her head to drop, and accepted the pressure of the second shaft against her rear as her hair, tied to a line leading to the other end of the shaft, pulled it forward. Desperately clenching her nether hole against the shaft head, she could provide only slight support for her aching neck. Soon the weight would be too much and she would lose her anal virginity just as she had lost her real virginity; to another of Masters hard unyielding shafts.

Gasp! His voice! Below her, He walked, greeting his guests. Now just beneath her, He turned to the crowd and in a loud voice said "Is it warm tonight? Shall I turn on the fans?" A general murmur of approval greeted His suggestion and He turned to a large knife switch on the wall, then looked up directly into her face and pulled it closed. His smile was burned into her mind by a sudden "smack" against her behind. Surprise and shock distorted her features as she twisted to see what had happened; and when she saw it, she began to cry.

Now she knew she was lost. She knew it because this latest indignity had been her undoing at their first meeting: The fans where run by belts reaching back and forth over the ceiling and in places along those belts, material hung down to form small leather paddles. One of them had smacked her when Master had started the fans. And then another and now another. She was being spanked. And it had been a simple spanking through which Master had found her out.

She had only wanted His attention; had only hoped to be noticed. She had worn her clothing looser, exposed more of her bosom, bent over in His view, tried to attract Him as some others did. But He had ignored her in a way that was completely infuriating to her. When one of the other girls had mentioned the spanking He had met out on a clumsy serving girl some time before, her mind went back to all those times her own dear father had laid a hand on her disobedient backside during her wilder youth and she had remembered, with a strange tingle, how much she had hated, yet enjoyed, the attention. Finally, when she could take it no longer, she purposely dropped a fine china plate right in front of Him, and froze, kneeling, heart pounding, waiting to see what He would do.

Again her memory was interrupted by reality. Another arrival, another announcement, 7 swings of the rod into her and her neck and bottom could take no more: The second shaft breached her behind and plunged into her darkest secret. The pain was hard to tell from pleasure and she gasped as much as she could around her gag.

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15-06-2008, 09:56 PM
She was being penetrated between the legs in both her holes, one by the bell shaft, one by the shaft attached to the line leading up over a hook and down to her head, while being spanked by the fan belt paddles and gagged by the ball. How much more could she endure?

The next slap of the belt caused her to jerk and a single tear dropped from her face into the hat of a fine lady below. Saved from notice, she thought back to the moment of her first humiliation at Masters hands.

Strangely, He had not appeared angry at all. In fact He did not appear to be the least upset with the loss of the expensive china, and almost smiled as He looked down at her. "Follow me" He said quietly and then turned and walked towards His chambers. Her poor heart about to burst, she paused and then staggered to her feet and followed as best she could.

In His chamber, he sat on the padded bench by the foot of his fine large bed, a bed about which she had centered more than a few salacious thoughts, and motioned for her to come to Him. She moved quickly and kneeled at his feet. Taking her hand in His, He explained "you have cost Me, and must pay, or be released from My service; but the choice is yours: Will you go, or stay and accept what punishment I see fit?" Confused, frightened, and acutely aware that she had no place else to go to, she nodded her head and said "I accept your punishment, sir"

With that, He smiled, a slow and peaceful smile and spoke these words "you are very trusting to have accepted a punishment I had not yet detailed for you, and brave to accept any punishment from a master with the reputation that I know I have built." Pointing behind her He said "Very well, go and lock the door and remain with Me here in My chamber. Remove your skirts and lay down over My knees."

In the ceiling of the hall, her mind again snapped back to the world as the sting of another slap combined with the ringing of the bell to force her first orgasm. She mewed quietly into the gag as her body betrayed her and sent the first drops of wetness from between her legs running down her thighs toward her knees where it must eventually drip down onto the crowed below.

He had not spanked her at first, but had adjusted her position by touching her directly between the legs, pulling and pushing on her sex until she felt sure she would die from either the embarrassment or the excitement. The heat in her face and her belly was stunning. He stroked her hair, squeezed her bum as if gauging how hard to spank her, and He talked quietly to her all the while. "Is that the right place?" and "How hard must I spank you?" He asked. "What amount of punishment will serve your mind and body the most?" she heard Him say with out comprehending.

The first slap was not as bad as she had feared, leaving only a little sting where she had expected great pain. A smile of relief passed her lips. "No, that will not do" He said, and again put His strong hand between her legs. God, she thought, please save me, this man is going to drive me crazy before He actually spanks me. And then the next blow fell, a bit harder, but still not really hurting over the buzzing sensation she felt deep inside. Again, He "adjusted" her, causing her such feelings as to almost make her faint. Then "smack" a harder, yet somehow better, swat was landed on her backside. And so it went, until the feeling was so intense that she shuddered, cried out and felt a pleasure such as she had never known.

At that moment, she truly believed she had died and gone to heaven, for surely no earthly hand could move her so. And yet, when she opened her eyes, she was still over His knees, and now with a strange cool feeling between her legs where His hand was moving, probing, feeling; bringing her to another massive orgasum, and another, and...

Two arrivals in short order combined with the spanking and the jerking of her head and the shaft in her bottom had pressed her to another cum and now the wetness down her legs was sure to give her away for a slut, just as it had in Masters' chamber on that first occasion. She sobbed; releasing tears that she knew would give her away. She held her eyes closed so as not to see the faces she knew must be looking up at her by now and remembered Masters words that first evening.

"You are a special one, my clumsily little pet. You can cum from pain. Your body responds in a rare and wonderful way and I will take great pleasure in it as time goes by. In fact, I believe you will serve us first in the coming ball. Yes, you will be held aloft in the ceiling of the great hall and spanked until you are wet like this for all my guests to see."

His words had stabbed a blade of fear into her otherwise happy heart that night. She had heard of the great balls, but had never worked at one. That effort was always reserved for the older members of the staff. And though the other maids reassured her and did not appear concerned as the event approached, she could hardly stand to do her work. Of course, the increadible pleasure she felt when he took her to that special place that He said only a few can go made her want to stay forever, but in between those amazing session, her doubts returned. Only Masters hard but calming hand and shafts every evening and his demonstration of simple suspension systems provided lasting comfort. More than once, she considered running away, but decided to trust her Master and believe the maids who smiled and said "perhaps you will not be seen; you know, the guests almost never look up."

A new sensation jerked her head back, running the anal shaft almost out, and then back in while the bell range loudly several and touched off yet another massive orgasm. When her spasms subsided, she heard her Master saying "Well done!" and the voices of the guests below agreeing and clapping. She opened her tear stained eyes to find that she was the centre of attention of the crowed below. Not a shocked and disgusted crowed of tightly clothed lords and ladies, but a crowed of smiling happy faces in which tight restrictive clothing was being shed as fast as the servants could help and naked skin was being touched, spanked, fucked and loved in every way possible.

The End

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Welcome back bro submarinez , so where's your stories ......kekekeke . :D

Not very good with stories so I just enjoy reading them... Anyway I also don't have interesting stories to tell... Then later kenna zap for telling boring stories... :)

16-06-2008, 03:39 PM
Not very good with stories so I just enjoy reading them... Anyway I also don't have interesting stories to tell... Then later kenna zap for telling boring stories...

LOL !!! Dun like dat say lah , we're here to share share just ignore those zappers loh . ;)

Nowadays I also dun bother liao , as you can see most my thread it's either no star - two stars I also just post . ;)

Many Thanks for your support .

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My Chair

A friend of mine came to my house and after the grand tour asked me where I got "My Chair", this is the story.

*Please note there is not a lot of sex in this story, there's some almost sex near the end. On the up side there is great potential for sex because of this story. It's a long story. Please leave your Constructive comments. I have posted a pick of the chair to aide in the fantasy process.

Let me tell you about my chair. It is not an antique chair, it is neither expensive nor ornate, it is just a chair. There is only one thing special about this chair and that thing is what this chair does to my imagination. In my mind it is my bondage chair. It is where my dark fantasies come to life; it's my warmth when I'm alone at night. It is a special chair.

When I first saw my chair it was buried knee deep in on old estate my husband had purchased. The woman who had lived there was a serious packrat, keeping everything under the sun, (that includes the kitchen sink—I think there were 6 of those). Yes, I first spied this chair in a dark corner of a decaying front porch, cover with encyclopedias, 15 year old newspapers, cobwebs and rat crap. At first all I could make out through the gloom was a rounded piece of wicker barely peering over the rim of a fish bowl. Moving closer and donning my gloves, I began to clear away the debris. Finally after much peril and dangers untold, I unearthed it.

What a filthy, corroded, painted chipped mess she was. My husband deemed her trash; I told him I was keeping her. In my eyes she was beautiful, rounded curves, good height and nice arm rests. She was a 1960's Wicker rocker, black with a swivel base. Her once fluffy cushions, now worthless, home to countless cockroaches, were trash-- but it wasn't the cushions I was interested in. Nope it was the frame. I wanted that frame.

Tossing the cushions aside, (OMG was that rat noises I hear? YUCK!), sending dust flying everywhere, I grasped the armrests and pulled. Hubby said he needed some air and went back outside. I pulled and pulled some more, it was not budging. What the hell was this thing bolted to the floor?

As a matter of fact it was, very curious to my perverted mind. Who would bolt down and old rocker? It wasn't worth stealing, in my imagination, I could see the young hippie girl dressed in a peasant dress, with her long flowing hair, probably coming down from an LSD trip, blindfolded, straps holding her firmly to the chair and the bolts firmly holding the chair to the floor, but I digress.

I needed some tools! Going outside I locate my husband and ask for a wrench and a screwdriver. He looks up at me, like I'm speaking fluent Japanese, and of course wants to know what I need tools for after all I am a WOMAN. I roll my eyes at him and tell him I need them because someone bolted the chair to the floor. He, of course, doesn't believe it and accompanies me back to the porch. He (being the macho man he is) grasps the arms and gives it the old college try—it doesn't budge but a disk or 2 in his back does.

"What the hell?" he exclaimed.

I sighed," Told you it was bolted."

He gets exasperated easily, so the idea of him helping me is quickly abandoned, which is FINE by me. Alone again I begin to work on the bolts; they popped out easier than I had anticipated, thank God. Finally with last bolt removed I tried again to pull the chair, this time it moved right away sending me flying backwards on my ass. Guess it wasn't that heavy!

You know how some people think that sunlight shows up every flaw? Well I find I must agree, for my chair looked like shit outside. Thick (really thick) cobwebs hung from her slats and a host of identifiable insects crawled out of her crevasses. Still it was nothing that some bleach, insect spray and a can of paint wouldn't fix. Grabbing the garden hose I open the flow all the way blasting bugs and webs everywhere. Once that was complete a spray bottle filled with bleach (well -- I am going to sit in it you know). After the bleaching, 3 cans of Combat bug spray, and then it was break time.

I call to my husband that its lunchtime and we dine in the yard out of our cooler. As we eat he asks me why I want this chair so bad, he doesn't see anything spectacular about it. I am afraid to tell him why. So I tell him because I think it's cool. He thinks I'm strange (HA if he only KNEW).

By the time we finish lunch the chair is dry enough to paint. Rummaging in the dilapidated shed behind the house, I find two newer cans of Almond colored spray paint. I would have preferred black since the chair was already black, but I'll take what I can get and Almond is what I got.

Giddy, with unidentified, excitement I paint my chair. It takes both cans to cover all the black, but the effort was well worth it. Now my chair was very pretty (and insect free). Done with my project for the moment I hunt down hubby to see what he's up to. I find him upstairs in the attic looking through old suitcase stuffed with books. I don't mean just a few suitcases I mean 135 suitcases, PACKED with books. All kinds of books, big ones, little one, fat ones, and thin ones, hard back, paperback, first editions, last editions. Books, books and more books. Did I mention this old lady had some books? Jesus!

"I've about had my fill for the day Hon, how 'bout we call it quitting time and head home?" He asks me.

"Sounds great to me, don't for get we need to get my chair in the van." I reply.

"Chair, Chair, Chair. Christ Cat are you obsessed or something?"

"Yeah, or something, can we get it in the van?"

Loading the chair was no problem after all it was light and almost completely dry.

The ride home was silent. He was probably thinking about work and making profits and I was thinking about my chair and the kinky fun I could have with it. Pulling up our drive he asked me where I plan on putting the chair. Upstairs of course I tell him. I'm getting rid of that recliner, I never really liked it. I know he doesn't really care where I put the chair as long as he doesn't have to carry it. He helps me get it out of the van then abandons me for a hot bath.

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16-06-2008, 04:26 PM
There are 13 stairs leading to the top floor of my house. Yep counted each as I huffed that chair up them. Reaching the landing a song comes to my mind, 'At last, my love has come along, my lonely days are over and life is like a song.' Yeah, I know I really do need to get out more often! But my chair was home, and to me it was Christmastime in the city!

Dear me, first we have a recliner to deal with, and deal with it I did. Pulling the throw pillows from it I push it to the top of my staircase lay it down gently on it's back and shove. What a racket it makes sliding down the stairs.

My husband bolts from the bath naked dripping and shriveled, "What in the Sam hell was that?? Are you alright?"

After several assurances that I am ok and showing him the recliner at the bottom of the stairs (surprisingly still in one piece) he retreats back to his bath. Now it is just the chair and I. (Now I will have you my pretty.)

I drag her into position, stuff a pillow in her seat, and plant my sweet ass right smack dab in the middle.

I slip into dream land. My private land: a land filled with sighs, moans, pants, chains, ropes, gags, blindfolds, dark alleys, forbidden passageways, screams, passions, commands, strong fearless men and chairs...

Ah what a splendid place to be....oh so yummy....

Ah I'm going off again aren't I, so sorry. Let's get back on track; I'm sitting in my newly acquired chair dreaming as I wait for my turn to bathe...ah sigh...Drifting...chair...

I'm sorry I just can't seem to stay focused. I was waiting for the bathroom and the next thing I know is the room is dark. I am in my chair and I am naked. It feels weird to me to be naked in this room as I am usually only naked in bed. I wonder where you are for all I hear is silence. I try to raise myself but am stopped by a hand on my shoulder. Started I give a small shout, reaching for the hand; another hand clamps itself across my lips. Naturally both of my hands now go to my mouth where they are grasped at the wrist. I hear a growl in my ear-no words just noise – but I know what it means and I won't move. I am not afraid, I know it is you, but aroused and curious about what you are intending. Some of my curiosity was vanquished when I hear the clicking of handcuffs. Now I knew we'd be having fun.

Still holding both my hands you place the cuff around one wrist and draw it above my head to the back of the chair. You slip the open end around the sturdy wicker frame and insert my other wrist into the remaining cuff. Now I am at your mercy, and I love it. I love it that you want me this way. Now I feel myself getting wet. Hardly ever am I naked and bound before you. Still standing behind me you slip a blindfold over my eyes and turn on the lights. I gasp knowing I cannot see you but you can see all of me. Now I fidget, trying the cuffs and checking the play. There's not much. I hear you growl again in my ear, goose bumps form all over me and my nipples get hard. A moan escapes my own lips as my head blindly turns looking for you, seeking your lips, your tongue, any part you will give me.

You walk in front of me and nudge my knees apart, I feel you stroke my thighs and my legs, which have minds of their own, fall open wide. Lifting my legs up you put them on the seat of my chair occupying the space that my thighs formally possessed. Gently you secure first one ankle then the other to the base of the arm rests, but you are not finished yet, taking my knees you loop rope around them and secure them to the back sides of the chair. Now I am very exposed and pretty secure. My breathing is heavy in anticipation; my mind is going a mile a minute. Never ever have you tied me so secure, augh , so open. I am embarrassed I know you can see all my flaws. I am so fucking horny cause I know that you did this to me. You wanted me this way. Naked. Bound.

You saw inside my mind as to the truth of this old chair and you did not run...

You gently stroke my face, my mouth finding your palm laps at it, bites at your finger tips; you know I want to fuck you NOW! I feel you push something against my mouth at first I think it is your cock but then I realize you have gotten my old thin braided leather belt and are using it to gag me! OMG, I gush fluid, my pussy is now dripping and you haven't really touched me sexually yet!

You tie it behind my head and to the back of the chair, stripping more freedom from me. I moan uncontrollably trying to shake my head, over whelmed by these feeling you have forced upon me. You pet the top of my head and whisper in my ear, "I love you. I think you are beautiful.''

I hear you walk away and rummage through a drawer for something. You return to me and I sense you bending over me leaning over the side of the chair, you are fully clothed I note, you mess with something located on the wall near the floor. When I hear the steady hum I know what you've done. You got that big ass super vibrator and plugged it in the wall! You bastard you know what that thing does to me. A melted mess in minutes! Oh God Oh God. You turn it off, I'm sure you can see me relax. The relaxation is short lived. You lay the vibe of death on my chair facing my wet exposed pussy and push it towards me till contact is achieved. I am beginning to protest as best I can, moaning and trying to wiggle. You slap my thigh lightly and tie the vibe to the slats running under my chair. Kissing my mouth around the gag you flip the switch.

There are no that I can find that describe what I felt at that moment, I was helpless, blinded, you took my voice and I loved it. I loved it .

I tried to fight the vibrations by they were undeniable, unrelenting, unstoppable. The orgasms were undeniable, unrelenting and unstoppable. I orgasmed a river, then an ocean... All you did is watch, do you like watching me? Do you like watching me come over and over until I beg for mercy? Do you? I'd like it if you did.

How did you figure out my fantasy, to be forced to cum, to be your sex toy, to be tied in this chair? In the distance I hear you speaking, "I think I see the great unseen potential in this chair"

"Cat! Hey Cat! Earth to Cat, I'm out of the bath you can get in now."

So that's my story. I didn't have to bathe I'd tell you more. I know it's not fair to be all tied up in knots and left seating in your chair, but I really must go. If you really want the very end you'll just have to let me know.

The End

16-06-2008, 04:32 PM

The firelight was dancing over them as she lay snuggled up between his legs, listening to the crackling of the logs. The only other thing she could hear was the sound of his breathing.

He reached down and caressed her cheek; she leaned into his hand.

'Bed?' His voice was soft. She sat up and turned to him, nodding sleepily. 'I'll be there in a minute.' She leaned into him and kissed him, melting in his arms as the feeling of his lips on hers took over her senses. He broke the kiss and she stood and moved towards the tent.

As she bent down to undo the zip she heard him behind her and suddenly his hands were gripping her hips and pulling her back against him. As she straightened, his hand came up to her face and clamped over her mouth. She let out a whimper as his other arm tightened around her chest.

He didn't say a word as he pulled her away from the tent, away from the light of the fire, in amongst the nearby trees.

He let go and then her hands were pulled behind her back and she felt a rope slipped over them, then tied about her wrists.

'What...' A gag over her mouth silenced her nervous question, and was quickly followed by a blindfold. Her body was quivering in the silence as her hands were untied and then pulled above her head and tied to an overhanging tree branch.

The gag muffled her sob as first one ankle then the other was pulled roughly to one side and each tied to a tree. Still he said nothing.

As quickly as it had happened, he turned a walked back towards the campsite, leaving her tied spread eagle between the trees, tears slowly making their under the blindfold as her juices began to soak into her panties.

Minutes later, hours to her, the sound of footsteps on the leaves and branches made her body tense. He didn't say a word as he took hold of her shirt and cut from top to bottom with his hunting knife. One sleeve, then the next, then he pulled the garment away and threw it to the ground.

She shivered at the touch of cold steel as he trailed the knife down her neck, between her breasts, and then cut her bra from her. She jumped at the sound of the knife dropping between her legs to embed itself in the ground, and then squirmed as her took hold of her breasts, her nipples already hard in the cool air.

His breath was warm on her neck as he leaned in against her, squeezing her breasts as his teeth took her. She let out a little cry as he bit and sucked, leaving his mark.

He stood back to admire his work for a moment, before grabbing the knife, and, taking hold of the waistband of her jeans, he cut through the denim and her panties at once, down one leg, then the other.

She shivered, now completely naked, unable to see or beg him to stop.

Now free, her juices began to trickle down the inside of her legs.

He stepped around her, and she heard the sound of snapping twigs. She barely had time to register the rushing noise as a thin stick stung a line across her ass. She whimpered at the sound again as her whipped her mercilessly, until she was red raw and sobbing through the gag.

Suddenly she felt something hard pressing against her wet lips, pushing them apart, seeking her tight hole.

As dripping as she was, he had no trouble sliding the handle of the hunting knife inside her, the noises she was making as he did so turning him on.

She began to moan as he fucked her with the knife, her hips moving to try to take it all.

Seeing how wet she was for him, he could no long wait and, dropping the knife to ground once more, he removed his clothing.

She heard his clothes dropping to the ground and realizing what was to come, began to the get wetter.

He positioned himself behind her, one hand pulling her back into him as his other hand guided his hard throbbing cock between her legs to her waiting pussy.

She moaned loudly as he slipped inside her, filling her, and once more her sunk his teeth into her, biting her shoulder as he reached around to pinch her clit. He began thrusting in and out of her, then slammed his entire length into her and growled 'Come for me my pet'.

She screamed as her orgasm took her, her clit exploding beneath his fingers, wave after wave of pleasure as he began thrusting hard again.

He gave no indication as he came inside her, and then pulled out. She gasped as her pussy was left with nothing but their mingled cums leaking down her legs.

He undid one of her hands, placed the knife in it, then left her to release herself.

Still shaking from her orgasm, it took her a few moments to cut through her bonds, and she flopped onto her pile of clothing to compose herself.

Gathering everything up, she made her way quietly back to camp and cleaned herself up. She undid the zip of the tent and crawled inside, zipping the flap back up.

He was in bed, lying on his side. She slipped in next to him and snuggled into his back. He rolled over and took her into his arms.

'Thank you Master,' she whispered.

'You're welcome my pet.'

The End

17-06-2008, 09:26 PM
Getting The Giggles

I was the only person left in the dentist's waiting room. The last appointment of the day I guessed. I had already leafed through most of the dog-eared magazines that were strewn about the coffee table. I'd been nervous enough as it was, without this dreadful waiting, the delays, waiting for my name to be called. This was my first appointment since moving out on my own. I'd recently acquired a nice little flat right in the centre of town - handy for shops, restaurants etc.

There was no avoiding it - my regular six-monthly check-up was already two months overdue. After scanning the yellow pages for a local practice, I had finally settled on a certain Dr Joanne Smiley, D.D.S. She was the only female dentist in the area, and ever since my last one, a right 'lech' by the name of Phil McCavity, had taken the liberty of feeling my boobs on the pretence of wiping me down, I felt I just couldn't trust male dentists anymore.

The surgery door opened and a petite lady, no more than five feet tall, poked her head through and looked around. The tag on her nurse's tunic said 'Karen'.

"Doctor Smiley will see you now, Miss Pickles." The brunette smiled. Oh well, at least they seemed friendly here.

I put the fashion magazine back on the table and smoothed my white cotton skirt. I took a deep breath and followed Karen into the operating room, thinking how nicely her black seamed stockings contrasted to her crisp, clean white nurse's attire.

She showed me to the reclining chair and asked me to sit and make myself comfortable. I lay back and luxuriated on the cool leather, which felt sticky against my lightly perspiring wrists. My God, why did I get so nervous about dentists? It was only going to be a simple check-up and I rarely had to have anything done, anyway. All my family had been blessed with good teeth, but I still felt uneasy whenever I had an appointment.

I noticed Karen looking at my legs. It seemed my skirt had ridden up quite a long way and this was amusing her.

"Oh dear, that always happens," she giggled. "Here, let me sort you out." She tugged the hem of my skirt back down again, smoothing it down over my thighs. As she did this my body responded with a start.

"Oops! Sorry. You're not ticklish by any chance, are you?"

"Very," I replied, maintaining a breezy attitude.

"Good," Karen smiled. "That's something, anyway." She allowed her eyes to roam over my body.

"I'll just pop next door and let Doctor Smiley know you're ready for her."

Did I detect just a hint of mischief in those big brown eyes? And what about that strange remark – 'That's something, anyway?'

Karen disappeared through a side door, leaving it slightly ajar. Almost immediately I heard laughing and another female voice - Dr Smiley, I presumed.

I looked around me. The room was much like any other dentist's I supposed. The smell of mouthwash, various surgical instruments scattered on trays to the side of me, the big elbow-jointed spotlight above me radiating heat. I felt a bit hot myself. Probably just my nerves, I supposed.

I had on my high-collared work blouse, very conservative. I felt a bit constrained by it and knowing I was in a man-free environment, loosened the top two buttons. A waft of cool air from the open window gently played across the tops of my breasts making me feel a little better.

There was more giggling and hushed talk from the other room, the two different female voices alternating with each other. Then suddenly there was raucous laughter followed by tittering again. What the hell were they talking about? Although the door had been left slightly ajar, I couldn't quite make out what they were saying. At least the atmosphere here seemed pleasant enough. I began to relax.

It was then that I noticed something strange about the chair I was in. There appeared to be some extra bits attached to it. I studied the attachments on the arms of the chair that were right in line with my wrists. They appeared to be like short, semi-circular pieces of tubing, rather like steel collars, which were pivoted and out-turned at right-angles to the arm.

A fantastic thought then occurred to me.

I imagined that these things, these 'collars' as it were, could be swivelled back in line with the arm of the chair and would then fit neatly over a person's wrist, like a clamp...Hey, what if..? Could they possibly be..?

My God, that was exactly what they were - a pair of clamps to lock your wrists in place and hold you down while Joanne Smiley went about her work? Surely she wasn't so clumsy she had to clamp you down? Just how painful was this check-up going to be? My imagination began to run riot as panic returned. God, I was so fickle. Calm down, Polly – for heaven's sake – you're being irrational as usual – in this case, probably more so.

I remembered one time when I was a young girl my dentist had touched a nerve with his prodding-thing and I had nearly hit the ceiling. Perhaps these extra fittings were just a precaution to stop people fidgeting about when she was doing something tricky; or from jumping out of your skin perhaps, if she happened to touch a nerve.

I had heard a story about a patient at my old practice who lashed out and struck her dentist in the face when his drill had slipped. I suddenly felt a twinge in one of my back teeth. Ouch!

I heard more laughter next door and began to wonder if they had forgotten about me. It was then that I noticed that there was also a pair of similar clamps, only larger in diameter, at the foot of my chair, just about where my ankles were. Surely not... My heart began pounding again and I felt a bead of sweat trickle down from my forehead. I supposed patients sometimes kicked out as well. Well, they did - didn't they..?

At last the door opened. Karen was followed in by a tall young woman. She looked ravishing, even in her white working tunic. Her thick red hair was gathered into a long ponytail.

"Hi, Polly, I'm Dr Smiley, er...Joanne." She was smiling in a relaxed, friendly way, but with a suggestion of playfulness. There was no indication as to what the two women had found so amusing while they had been next door, but I felt certain some kind of collusion was going on between them.

"Hello," I said. "I thought you had forgotten about me."

"Oh no, we wouldn't do that; would we Karen?" Joanne said, glancing across at her assistant. I wasn't certain, but I thought I saw them exchange a wink.

"I'm sorry," I said, "But I'm a bag of nerves when it comes to dentists."

"There's no need to worry," said Joanne. "I'm very gentle - we both are, and anyway, judging by your treatment record, you're teeth are pretty much A1. I see that you've only ever had three fillings in your life, the last one was er...let me see..." She picked up my treatment card again and glanced at it. "Mmm, there you go – four years ago. That's amazing."

"Even so..."

"Relax, I'm only going to have a quick look around."

Joanne laid her hand on my arm and squeezed gently. Or did I imagine it?

"We're great believers in mixing business with pleasure, aren't we, Karen."

"Oh, I should say so. We find it helps the medicine go down. We always say, a happy patient is - a satisfied patient!"

"I must say you all seem very nice."

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17-06-2008, 09:27 PM
"We like to think so," said Joanne. "You'll find us very 'user-friendly' here.

"That's what I was hoping. I'm new to the area and still trying to settle in – find my way around."

"You'll soon do that. We're a happy bunch."

Joanne began preparing some instruments while Karen busied herself with some filing – patients' records no doubt. "Now Karen here, she's just plain crazy, a right chatterbox. I sometimes wonder how we get any work done at all. And of course, there's Daisy on reception. She's such a sweet old lady. And she's so with-it. Loves her crosswords, bless her."

"Yes, I'd heard that you're an all-female practice. That's what appealed to me. I had a rather unpleasant experience with a male dentist once."

"Oh, don't tell me – the old 'wandering hand' trouble was it?

"Actually, yes. How did you know?"

"I've met a few myself - at Dentists Training College – they could never keep their hands to themselves. They all seem to think they're God's gift. What did you do – knee him in the balls?"

Joanne chuckled and looked at Karen who laughed. I was starting to feel better again.

"Oh no, nothing like that. I gave him a piece of my mind though."

"Good girl. Now, open wide. Let's have a look at the crown jewels."

Joanne adjusted the lamp and I focused on her 'prodder'. It sparkled in the light as she homed in on my mouth. Then I looked into her eyes as she concentrated on the inspection. They were a beautiful sea-green colour, flecked with brown. A strange feeling washed over me. Her pure skin looked untouched by sunlight, but she had a warm glow of youthful vitality in her cheeks. I became fascinated by the way the tip of her tongue poked out between her lips while she concentrated. It made me feel all tingly.

She started poking around, saying, "Mmm, that looks fine...that one's okay...uh-hmm...mmm...Oh, hang on - what have we here..?"

"Oh no...What?"

"Well, I must say I'm surprised - a couple of little cavities on the upper deck. I can take care of them right now if you'd like."

Oh, horror of horrors. That's all I need. "Er...well, I could make another appointment, if you like."

"It's no trouble, Polly. It really won't take a moment. Best to get it all done in one visit. Save you a journey."

"I don't mind coming back, honest."

What a coward I was. I even started to get up but Joanne pushed me back down again, gently but firmly. Karen assisted by holding my ankles down. This was the most unusual treatment I had ever experienced. Joanne, keeping one hand firmly on my shoulder, moved behind me and got something.

"Don't worry, Polly, I specialise in painless dentistry. In fact, I don't even use injections."

I saw Karen step on something on the floor and heard a little click, like something snapping into place. She let go of my ankles but I couldn't move them... or my arms, for that matter. It was then that I realised she'd just operated the gadgets on the chair and clamped me down. Those metal collars had snapped into position over my wrists and ankles. I was now their prisoner. I felt my eyes widen with terror and the next thing I knew, Joanne was holding a small plastic mask over my mouth. I felt myself begin panic, my breath coming in quick, little gasps. Those masks are so claustrophobic. I really hate them.

"No," I yelled in terror, my voice muted inside the plastic cup of the mask. "I don't want to - What are you doing?"

"Don't struggle. You're not going anywhere, I'm just going to give you a whiff of gas. That should get rid of your nerves and you'll feel better. In fact you'll probably feel a little giggly."

Very comforting, I thought, hyperventilating inside the mask.

"The clamps are for your own protection as well as ours," said Karen, removing my shoes.

"I'm just going to elevate your legs a little," said Joanne, "to increase the flow of blood to your head. That will enable the gas to take effect faster."

The chair's electric motor whirred and I felt myself being tipped at an angle, so that my head was lower than my feet. I could feel my skirt riding up again. I heard Joanne flick a switch and almost immediately heard a slight hissing sound. I began to feel light-headed. I was way past caring about the amount of leg I was showing. Well, we were all girls together, weren't we? Do you know, I was beginning to feel quite carefree. Hey, this gas stuff was great. I was feeling kind of happy. What was happening to my super-sensitive nerves?

Looking down as best I could, I saw that my hem was well above mid-thigh by now, partly exposing the white cotton bikini briefs I had on. I saw Karen reach for my hem and I assumed she was going to restore my dignity like before. But I was mistaken. She simply raised it a bit more and passed her hand lightly across the insides of my thighs. My legs jerked involuntarily at her touch. I couldn't help it, but I started giggling, just like Joanne had suggested. I felt all squiffy and rather silly, but I didn't care any longer.

"I told you she was ticklish, Jo," Karen said, her eyes bright with mischief.

Joanne removed the mask from my face and smiled at me. "I think that's enough funny air, don't you? How do you feel now?"

I was still giggling, but I didn't know what at. But I managed to say, "I feel all drunk...hee-hee...You've got me all merry and silly...ha-ha...you naughty pair."

"Good. Now, how about a bit of fun, Miss Pickles? Shall we see just how ticklish she really is, Karen."

"What a good idea," Karen replied.

Then I remembered why I was here. "Wh-what about...tee-hee...my fillings?"

"What fillings?" Joanne teased. "Your teeth are perfect. I was only kidding you. I've never seen such a beautiful set."

I laughed raucously.

"We've obviously got her in the right mood, Karen," said Joanne, "so let's get to work. Give Daisy a call, no point in her hanging around. Tell her she can go home early. We can manage now."

"I like Daisy...ha-ha-ha," I garbled. "She's such a sweet lady – good at crosswords..."

Karen took her hand off my thigh and went to the desk and picked up the phone to talk to Daisy. Dr Smiley meanwhile, was undoing the rest of my blouse buttons.

"I wonder how much tickling she can really stand?" Joanne said, pulling my blouse away from my shoulders. "This is always the best bit - not knowing how they're going to take it. Better close the window, Karen. I think it's going to get quite noisy in here very soon. We don't want people outside to get the wrong impression, do we? We are a dentist's after all – even if it is an unusually happy one."

You know, something - at that particular moment in time I found it pretty hard to disagree with Dr Joanne Smiley and her little minx of an assistant.

The End

17-06-2008, 09:29 PM
A Stake for the Slayer

19 year old Chandra walked through the dark graveyard. Even though it was a warm summer night, she shivered. She had always hated graveyards. In the past 2 years that she had been a vampire slayer, she had gotten used to spending her nights in them, but she still didn't like them.

Chandra had lost count of the number of vampires she had sent to the hereafter over the past two years. Tonight though, she was after a bigger prize. She had gotten a tip that Drake, the lord and master of the vampires was in the graveyard looking for her. She knew this was her one chance to stop his reign of terror.

Chandra suddenly stopped walking as she turned her head listening to the stillness of the night. Her slender body was tensed; her dishwater blonde hair resting in waves around her shoulders as her ice blue eyes scanned the darkness. She heard a twig break and turned in that direction but couldn't see anything even thought it was a clear night.

"I know you're here Drake." She called into the darkness as she moved slowly forward again while raising the stake she held in her hand. "I was told you were looking for me. Well here I am. Show yourself."

"Gladly..." A deep voice hissed from behind her.

Chandra started to turn when suddenly she was knocked onto her stomach on the ground. The stake was knocked out of her hand as Drake pinned her body to the ground with his.

"Ah slayers, my favorite meal." He growled as he pulled her hair off her neck to expose her flesh to his gaze.

"Get off of me." She screamed clawing at the grass as she tried to move out from under him.

Drake held her easily beneath him. He let her struggle to get away but knew that this slayer wasn't going to escape him. He had waited to long to taste her blood.

"Oh I don't think so my sweet." he growled as he lowered his upper body down over her struggling one and licked at her bare neck. His fangs brushed against her flesh.

Chandra shivered in fear. She knew she was about to die. There was no way she could overpower him with his weight pressing her down into the grass. "Please." She said softly struggling under him once more as she clawed at the soft ground trying to free herself.

Drake ran his tongue over her flesh once more then was about to sink his fangs into her flesh when he felt her ass wiggle against his cock. While she was struggling, he felt her ass press tightly against him. He felt his 13 inch cock start to rise in his cape.

"Oh second thought," He growled, "maybe I won't kill you yet."

Chandra froze at his words. "What are you going to do?" She asked hating herself for the tremor in her voice.

Drake sat up over her as he lowered his groin against her legs, trapping them effectively beneath him. He held Chandra's upper body against the ground with one hand as he ran one razor sharp nail over the back of her jeans.

Chandra gasped and started struggling harder when she felt the back of her jeans rip. "What are you doing?" She cried clawing at the soft ground even as she felt Drake rip the back of her pants completely open.

"Noooo..." She screamed when she felt his nail rake through her panties until her ass was bare to his gaze.

Drake wrapped his hand around the bottom of the hole he had made in her clothes then lifted his body just enough to let her slide forward a bit while he ripped her clothes more until her pussy was open to his gaze. When she felt him lift off her body, she slid forward a bit and heard the material rip. "Nooooooooo..." She screamed again when he had once more immobilized her with his body. "If you want to kill me, then kill me, but not that." She cried.

Drake chuckled as he held her against the ground. "Hm...But I haven't had a slayer to fuck in a long time." He let one of his long slender fingers move down between her legs.

Chandra tried to force her legs closed but Drake held them open with his weight. She was whimpering with fear as he held her.

"Please, anything but that." She begged as she felt him slide a long finger inside her.

Drake pushed his finger deep inside her body. When he didn't feel a blockage, he smiled, his fangs sparkling in the moonlight. "What's the matter Chandra?" He asked slowly moving his finger in and out of her as he lowered his body down over her struggling one.

Chandra whimpered as pleasure coursed through her. "Please, not that." She begged again as she felt a second finger slide into her depths. She tried to fight the sensations that were coursing through her as he slowly fingered her pussy.

"Please..." She begged lowering her head against the soft ground as her body pressed back against him of its own accord.

"Please what my sweet?" he asked against her ear, as he let a fang brush against her flesh. "Make you cum? I would love to."

"Nooooooooo...Please don't make me cum." She screamed clawing at the ground again even as his fingers drove faster inside her.

Chandra cried against the ground although whether it was in pleasure or fear, Drake wasn't sure. She was moaning and crying out as she slammed her body back against his flying hand. "Oh, agh, no, don't make me cum." She cried against the ground even as her body betrayed her mind.

Drake chuckled as he slid his hand under her upper body and ripped her tank top from her, so her bare breasts rested against the soft ground.

"Nooooooooo..." She screamed feeling the material rip from her body. She lifted up enough to wrap her arms across her chest as she continued to feel him plow his fingers inside her.

Drake laid down completely over her while he continued to bring her body to life. "You are mine slayer; you may as well enjoy it." He growled against her ear as he pulled her hand away and grabbed her bare breast squeezing it roughly.

"Please, don't do this to me." Chandra cried trying to pull his hand away.

Her only response was for him to slide yet another finger inside her and move them furiously in and out. "OH fuck, agh, no, I'm going to cum." She screamed trying to pull her body away from him.

Drake chuckled as he let one long finger brush down over her clit. "Cum for me little slayer. I want you to cum for me." He ran his nail lightly over her clit and heard her scream out.

"No. Oh god, I can't hold it, I'm cummmmiiiiinnnnngggg..." She shoved her body tight against his thrusting fingers as she coated his hand.

"Mmmmmmm...Yummy." He growled lifting up as he kept his hand moving inside her. He kept her on the edge for a while then slowly let her cum back to earth.

Chandra laid there panting as he pulled his fingers from her body. "Mmmmm, slayer juices, yum." he smirked bringing his fingers to his mouth and sucking on them.

She turned her head to look at him. Her eyes were still glazed from the orgasm she had, but her voice was bitter. "Why don't you just kill me and be done with it? Why torture me?"

Drake smiled down at her then moved off of her body. When she tried to scramble away, he pushed her over until she was flat on her back and once again covered her body with his own. "Would you rather I just kill you my sweet?" He asked licking at her lips as he ripped her shirt completely from her body.

Chandra felt the material pull away but instead of fighting, she just closed her eyes. When she felt his hand reach for her pants though, she looked at him. "Please, no more." She cried as he ripped her pants open then threw the material away until she was laying on what was left of her clothes.

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17-06-2008, 09:31 PM
Drake smiled at her, he didn't usually play with his food, but there was something about humiliating a slayer before he finally drank her. "Hm...I think I might have some more fun with you."

Chandra looked up at him shaking with fear and humiliation. "Please, just kill me now."

Her eyes widened as she watched him move over her and closed her eyes as she expected to feel his hard shaft tear into her body.

She held herself completely still, feeling him move over her. Her eyes widened when she felt his fingers spread open her lower lips and his tongue touch her. "NOOOOOOOO...God, no don't eat me." She screamed clawing at the ground beneath her as she tried to pull away from his roaming tongue.

Drake wrapped his arms around her legs, holding her firmly as he brushed his tongue lightly over her clit. "Mmmmm... tasty." he dug his fang into her and drank up a bit of her blood then licked at the wound with his tongue.

Chandra was trying to pull away from him, when she felt his fang pierce her skin, she whimpered. "No, just kill me, don't humiliate me like this." She clawed repeatedly at the ground but all her hands did was just sinking deeper.

Drake was enjoying himself, the little slayer was begging him to kill her and all he wanted to do was make her scream in pleasure again. His cock was rock hard in his cape and he knew he would screw her eventually but for now, he was having more fun making her body betray her.

He wrapped his tongue around her clit and heard her whimper in pleasure as she pressed up against him. He loved her clit with his tongue while he once again slid two fingers into her sopping well.

"No please, not that again." Chandra begged weakly as she felt his fingers slide into her. She had always loved being finger fucked and this vampire was driving her body to heights she had never been to before. She whimpered as he slowly pushed her once again towards orgasm.

She begged him over and over to just kill her and get it over with as she was pushed further and further into pleasureville against her will.

When she felt his tongue slide into her, she couldn't stop the cry of pleasure that escaped her lips as she humped her body tightly against him. "Oh god, please don't stop. It feels so good."

Drake thought about moving onto the next phase when she gave in, but he loved the taste of her on his tongue so he figured he would let her cum again. He drove his tongue far inside her and started slicing it forcefully in and out as his fingers went to her clit.

He pulled and twisted at her clit while she shrieked in pleasure. "Fuck, yes, oh god, make me cum." She screamed pulling at her nipples as she humped hard against him. "Yessssssssss, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggg..." She cried suddenly as she coated his tongue with her juices.

Drake drank her up greedily then knew he couldn't wait any longer to have her. He pulled his tongue from her spasming body and moved up over her.

Chandra was once again trying to catch her breath when she felt his weight press her deeper into the ground. "No more, please." She begged lifting her eyes to his.

Drake smiled at her, "ah, but little slayer, the fun has just begun." He held her tightly beneath him while one hand opened his cape, exposing his 13 inch cock while his other hand reached beneath her, pulling her legs further apart as he settled between them.

When she felt the tip of his cock pressing against the entrance to her pussy, she screamed. "NNNNNNOOOOOOOO..." She screamed as her eyes widened in shock. She hadn't believed that he actually would fuck her. "No don't fuck me, please."

"Oh...So tight," Drake groaned as he let his hard cock slither into her body.

Chandra continued to struggle beneath him as she whimpered in surprise, fear and humiliation, but he ignored her for the moment.

He was more interested in the way her body was tightening around him. When he had pushed as much of his cock into her as he could, he slowly pulled back out. He pulled out until just the head of his cock was buried inside her, and then slowly thrust back into her.

"Stop...No..." She cried as his cock drove into her body. He was longer and thicker then any cock she had ever had. It felt like he was stretching her body further then it was meant to be stretched.

She whimpered in pain and fear, as he slowly thrust into her. When she felt her upper body lifted in one of his powerful hands, she struggled harder against him. "Let me go..." She screamed even as her breasts were pressed roughly against his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around her. His cock was still moving slowly in and out of her body.

Drake held her tightly against him, as he thrust slowly into her. "Such a nice pussy," He growled against her ear. He took one hand from behind her and pulled her back just a bit so he could grab her breast, squeezing it hard while she cried in his arms.

Chandra sobbed silently against his chest as he pulled her up and down over him. His hand moved to her nipple and squeezed it gently making her cry in pleasure.

"So nice, maybe I won't kill you. Maybe I will make you my sex slave." He started thrusting harder into her pussy while his hand pulled at her nipple.

"Agh...No...Please...Oh God...No...I don't want to enjoy this. Please don't make me cum again." Chandra cried as she felt him fucking her faster.

Her pussy was enjoying his hard thrusts. The hand holding her waist tightly against him, moved down between her spread legs until he was running his nail lightly over her clit. "Oh...Ugh...No...God...No..." She cried as her orgasm started rising.

Drake held her tightly against him as he fucked her hard and fast. His cock slicing into her pussy, making her whimper in pleasure against her will. "Oh yes little slayer." He growled as he pummeled her pussy with his hard cock.

His hands were busy playing with her tit and clit. He was driving her body into overdrive. "I am going to make you cum on my hard cock." He growled.

Chandra whimpered in pleasure as he slammed into her, forcing her hard down onto his thrusting shaft. "No...Please..." She begged weakly even as her body pushed against his, pulling him deeper inside her.

"So good..." Drake growled as he felt her pussy tighten around him. "I want you to cum slayer, cum all over my cock, feel your body betraying you." He growled lowering her back to the ground and pounding her pussy hard and fast with his strokes.

Chandra lowered her head back against the grass, whimpering in desire as he pulled her hard against him. "Oh god...I'm gonna cum..." She screamed squeezing her eyes shut tight as her pussy convulsed around his pounding cock.

"Yesssssssssssss..." Drake cried lowering his upper body down over hers. He slammed harder and faster into her making her shriek as he pushed her once again towards release.

"Come on little slayer, you know what I want." he growled as he rode her hard.

Chandra couldn't fight it anymore. Her legs wrapped around his waist as her arms wrapped up around his neck. "Fuck me, make me cum again. Make me cum with your hard cock baby."

Drake closed his eyes as he heard her finally give in 100%. He slammed hard into her and howled as he felt her take him completely into her sopping depths. "Take me baby, take it all."

He lowered his face towards her neck and dug his fangs into her tender skin even as he began to shoot his seed deep into her body.

Chandra screamed in pleasure and pain. Drake coming inside her sent her into another orgasm even as she felt his fangs dig deep into her neck. She felt him slamming hard into her body even as he drank her life's blood.

The last thought that crossed her mind as she slipped into Eternal sleep was that Drake may have been a vampire, but he was also one hell of a great fuck.

The End

17-06-2008, 09:54 PM
Wedding Revenge

Jack Stoat's black hair, blazing blue eyes, and athletic build had enabled him to captivate any women he desired but in Jacks mind these numerous conquest were fading violets next to the rose that had been able to resist his charms. Now the one woman who had resisted his sexuality was engaged to his worst enemy.

Jack planned revenge against Kimberley Duff or Princess Kimberley as he would once have called her. By extracting revenge on her, he would also enjoy vengeance against Bill Rutherford. Kimberley's' and Bills' wedding day would be his day of revenge. She would dread the day she had chosen Bill over him.

Jack had always considered himself above average and was able to command respect in all situations. His physical attributes were impressive. At 6' 2" and 210 pounds he intimidated most competitors and he considered all men his competition. His competitors had feared him on the football and baseball fields in both high school and college. Jack had dominated all competitors except one and he would have won those athletic games against Bill Rutherford except for the incompetence of other players. After all Jack, at least in Jacks' mind, had never cracked under pressure. His hatred for this Bill was beyond his ability to control. He would get even for every loss he had suffered, every sleepless night caused by this man. Jacks darkest thoughts forced him to conceive numerous plans that would ruin his enemy's life.

Influenced in a large part by his parent's money, the graduation recommendation committee had allowed Jack to receive a diploma from Harvard University College of business. Of course he believed he had actually earned the degree. Jack accepted a position with the prestigious Huntington and Huntington Pharmacy Supply Corporation. His father was on the board and his mother was the acting CEO, of course these facts had not influenced anyone's decision to hire him. Jack was allowed to performed minor task, which had no real impact to the company, for an excellent salary.

This salary allowed Jack to buy luxury cars, live in the finest condo and have a personal trainer to keep his body in high school shape. Most of all it allowed him to buy a cabin next to a lake in upstate New York.

Life took another sadistic twist for Jack when Huntington and Huntington made the mistake of hiring Bill against Jacks wishes. Worst of all Bill had just been promoted and was now his boss. Why was life so cruel? Why should his enemy have an office while he suffered in a cubicle? Why had his enemy become his boss? These thoughts crossed his mind as he watched Bill approach his cubicle.

Bill Rutherford in contrast had no hatred of Jack Sloat. Bill stood 6' 4" 230 pounds with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Unlike Jack, Bill chose not to have men fear him for his athletic abilities. Instead he wanted to be recognized for his academic achievements. Bill had participated in both football and baseball at the high school and college level. However, unlike Jack, Bill had not cracked under the pressure of championship games and had won both State Titles and college Bowl Games. Bill had won every competition between himself and Jack.

Bills wavy blonde hair, dark complexion, brown eyes, and keen sense of humor were noticed by both woman and men. He was friendly and outgoing with no idea he had any enemies He had shared his bed with very few women and was looking forward to the day he made his fiancée his wife. Bill was not aware of the plans taking form in Jacks demented mind.

"Jack, I wanted to thank you for offering your cabin as the place for Kimberly's bachelorette party. It will be a wonderful place for the women to enjoy a weekend and as you suggested I asked Jeana not to mention who owns the cabin." Bill stated as he walked into Jacks cubicle. "I'm sorry to hear your plans have changed and you won't be able to attend my bachelor party. Isn't it amazing the two parties are on the same weekend?"

"No problem, I'm glad I could help both of you. After all I am the person who introduced you to her." Jack said holding his anger in check and indeed Jack had introduced Bill and Kimberley. He had taken her to an office party intending to show off his new trophy, Unfortunately for Jack, fate once more intervened and Jack and Kimberley met and became inseparable. "I wish I was able to attend your party but I made this commitment months ago, that's why the cabin is available." I hope you both enjoy your parties."

"I'm sure we will" Bill said as he headed for his office.

Jack left work early that day. Things still needed to be done before he could enact his plan to ruin Bill and Kimberly's wedding. He had an appointment to see me, Howard Shields investigative specialist, and I'm still not sure what kind of fortune was shining on me when he made his appointment.

I have been in the investigation business for over fifteen years and I believed myself to be more honest than most of the investigators in this arena. Thru the early years of business I had shied away from divorce cases believing they were too seedy for my personal taste. Instead I preferred cases involving theft, deception, or very unique request, but economics forced me into the world of late night rendezvous between lovers and there married friends. I had become recognized for my ability to videotape the most hidden secrets in the most unusual places. Jacks' request would prove to be more challenging, more unique and more fulfilling than I had originally thought.

The eyes of my normally reserved secretary, Jennifer, followed Jacks' every step as he walked up to her desk and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Jack Sloat here for a 10:00 meeting with Mr. Shields", I heard him say in a voice that reverberated against the empty office walls.

"Please have a seat, he will be with you in a moment," Jennifer said. "Is there anything I can get you" she said in her sexist voice. If she were alone she would have added, "Including my phone number."

"No, thank you" he replied as his eyes followed her as she walked into my office to announce his presences. "Mr. Sloat is here Mr. Shields."

"Please send him in" I replied.

He walked into my office with the arrogance of a man use to being in charge. He was a man very much use to getting his way. "Mr. Shields I am Jack Sloat and I need your help righting a wrong that has been done to me. "

His wife most be cheating on him and he wants to force her into a divorce that favors his position was my first thought. I was wrong. "Please be seated and let's see what I can do." I said in my most professional voice.

I listened for an hour to his life story. I listened to all the perceived wrongs Bill had performed. How he lost the state title do to Bill cheating. How Bill won the championship bowl game by cheating. How Bill had stolen the woman meant for him through deception. How Bill had lied to get the promotion for which Jack was more qualified. How he intended on using my services to ruin their wedding and obtain the revenge he deserved.

As I listened to him, I started to wonder exactly when he had lost his sanity. How could anyone believe all the wrongs that h