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06-01-2008, 12:21 AM
Thanks Bruddle. Nice stories. Will come here to read more often. Tonite read till release alr. :D

06-01-2008, 12:25 AM
Thanks Bruddle. Nice stories. Will come here to read more often. Tonite read till release alr. :D

Thanks bro snakee for your support , please take your time to read the stories here no need to rush . ;)

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Damn Bro birdie8819, so farking shag after reading ur pulsating erotic story. Guess I need a afternoon nap........ :o

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06-01-2008, 08:17 PM
Damn Bro birdie8819, so farking shag after reading ur pulsating erotic story. Guess I need a afternoon nap........

Thanks bro Glen for taking time to read the stories here , well just take your time to read no need to rush . I also sometimes read back some of the sexciting stories. :p

Will post some if the systme is not lagging . ;)

06-01-2008, 09:42 PM
Here's the first story for tonight - Title : Saturday Morning at the Office

My secretary has worked for me for about 2 years. In that time she has really come out with her sexuality. When I hired her we nicknamed her "Amish Marsha". Today she wears open neck, form-fitting sweaters, and tight pants that really show off her almost perfect ass and legs. All day long I watch her bend over file cabinets, lean over my desk, and walk out of my office. Fifty times a day I get a view down her shirt to her small but very perky breasts, always dressed in a colorful lacy bra, or I get a fantastic view of that beautiful ass. I get some very close views of those very tight pants, and almost never see a panty line. On an occasion I do get a glimpse of a thong strap as she kneels down to those bottom file cabinets.

Needless to say, she teases me relentlessly everyday. Late last month, after a long day of teasing, I asked her how it was possible that her husband did not take her at the front door everyday when she got home. She said that he had very little interest in her or in sex at all. I said that was too bad, with a body like hers, it really deserved a lot of attention. Feeling a bit daring after the conversation, I told her I would greet her at home everyday, just to get a good handful of that fantastic ass. She turned her ass to me and shook it, and said "Oh, this? You are the boss, I guess you could have a few liberties." I was shocked, this was not the Amish Marsha I had hired two years ago. I was also no fool, and quickly grabbed a handful of that ass. My god did it feel fantastic, so firm and shaped just right. I knew right then that I needed more of that.

I have been feeling her ass, and even grabbed her around the waist a few times over the past two weeks. I have been just waiting for a chance like today. I asked her to come in on a Saturday morning to finish some year-end reports. During the off-season, no one works on Saturdays, and I will have her all to myself. I got to the office about an hour before I told her to get there, just to set some things up. She showed up right on time, and I met her at the door.

Since it was a Saturday, and the office was closed, I locked the door after I let her in. I turned toward her, and she was wearing very tight jeans with sequins on the back pockets. Like she needed any further design on that ass. I grabbed both cheeks, and told her that was how I would greet her at the door. She leaned back into me and wiggled her ass a bit. "Do you like my jeans?" she asked. "Nice and shiny, like a special candy wrapper" I said. That brought a smile and glance over the shoulder, while I still was feeling those buns. We headed upstairs to the office and to those reports.

The reports did not take long. Since we finished early, she decided to clear out and organize some of the old files. I had them stacked at the back of my counter. As she reached way over the counter to get those files, I turned around and started caressing her ass. She wiggled back into me, and purred. As she moved the files, she uncovered my prep work from earlier that morning. "What is this?" she asked. "That is a just a little bit more work that needs to be done, I said. I had run some Velcro bondage straps down behind the counter and tied them to the top brackets underneath.

I grabbed both her wrists, and strapped the Velcro around each. She was fully stretched out over the countertop, with her feet just on the floor. She would have had to stand on her toes if it wasn't for the 4" black heals she was wearing. "I don't know about this", she said a bit concerned. "If you don't like this, then you can just walk away" She pulled on the straps, but they would not move. I had checked them over several times, and made sure she would not be able to get away. "Well, since you are still here, I assume you don't want to leave". She started to protest, but I started getting busy by then, and really wasn't listening anymore.

I pressed my already straining cock into the crack of her ass, pinning her even harder against the counter. I could see that this may be a problem so I tucked a folded towel on the edge of the top. After all, I would not want to bruise this merchandise. I slid my hands up under her shirt all the way to her shoulders pushing her shirt up as I moved up her back. I did a little massage, then moved back down to her bright blue bra. I unhooked the clasp, and I swear I heard her give a little moan. I caressed down her sides, and reached under her and slid her bra up over her perky little titties.

For the first time I felt her bare breasts, and gently pinched and twisted her nipples. I was not sure if it was the cold top, or the excitement, but those nipples were hard enough to scratch my desktop. I did notice there was no longer any protests, nor did she try to pull away from my caresses. I was still standing behind her, grinding my now very hard cock into her ass. I slid my hands lightly down her sides toward those shiny candy wrapper jeans. As I did, she did jump a little ... ticklish - make a mental note of that one for future references.

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06-01-2008, 09:44 PM
After running my hands over her hips, and as far down on the outside of her legs as I could, I slid my hands to the inside of her legs, and began running them up her inner thighs. Again, no fight, no protest. I reached the cheeks of her ass, and slid one hand right into the crotch of her jeans. I rubbed her pussy through her jeans once or twice before I slid my hands up and over her ass, around her hips, and reached under her to her belt buckle. I undid her buckle, the button on her jeans, and her zipper.

I reached in to her pants, and could feel that she was wearing lace panties of some sort. Did I hear another moan? I slowly pulled her jeans back and down. Even though I had grabbed and caressed that ass many times over the last couple of weeks, I was not nearly prepared for how delicious her bare ass checks looked with only a black string thong with a silver dragonfly clasp as adornment. Candy wrapper jeans was an understatement. I had to take off her shoes one at a time to remove her jeans then put each of the heals back on, after just a small kiss on the bottom of the foot.

There she was, her shirt pushed up to her shoulders and only in her thong and heals. I dropped down to my knees and kissed the back of her knees. I dragged my tongue up the back of her leg until I reached the curve of her ass, then I did the same to the other leg. I slid my hand up her inner thigh until I reached her pussy. She was already very hot, and very wet. I began playing and exploring her pussy with my hand while I was kissing and licking her ass. I grabbed her thong and pulled it down and off. I took the thong, and rubbed her pussy with it to absorb some of those juices.

I put it under my nose and took a good whiff of her intoxicating scent. I reached back under her and began to play with her pussy again. I spread her lips, and could see her juicy pink hole. Her swollen clit was poking out, but I was careful not to touch that yet, even though I would rub my fingers up to it, just not too close. I pulled my hand back and spread her ass cheeks apart to get a better look at her little ass hole. What a beautiful chocolate starfish. When I spread her cheeks apart, she adjusted her legs further apart to give me better access. I leaned in and planted a kiss right on her asshole, and licked right around the rim. She clearly moaned and arched her back to push her ass back further onto my tongue.

My hand reached back down, and this time I went right in for the clit. My tongue followed down, and I began drinking in some of those juices that all my attention was creating. No candy has ever tasted this good. I was rubbing her clit with my fingers, while I was licking her pussy and asshole. I would alternate sticking my tongue as far as I could in which ever hole I as at. She as moaning and breathing heavily now, and pulling very hard on the restraints. Her first orgasm hit, and I could feel the juices running down my arm. My God this woman was so hot. I licked up as much of her nectar as I could reach. I could see juices running down her inner thigh, so I dropped lower and licked it up.

I stood up, and reached down and removed my jeans and my fleece shirt. It was way to hot in here for those. I grabbed her foot and pulled it up. I removed her shoe, licked the bottom of her foot, then moved it down to rub it on my hard cock. I put her shoe back on and placed the head of my cock at her pussy lips. I just barely put pressure on her pussy. She moaned and pushed back, but with the restraints, she could not move back very far. "What do you want?" I asked. She moaned again, well almost a growl.

"Come on, quit teasing me!" she yelled at me.

"Tell me what you want, I said.

"You know what I want, come on"

I pushed just the head of my cock into her pussy, then stopped again. "Is that what you want?"

"No, I want all of it" and she was pulling hard on the straps, trying to jerk back.

I slapped her bare ass "Now behave yourself, or I will send you home right now"

She gasped, but stopped jerking on the straps. "No don't send me home yet"

"OK, now what do you want"

"Fuck me, fuck me hard, slam your cock into me, slap my ass, pinch my tits, I don't care what you do to me, just do me!"

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06-01-2008, 09:45 PM
With that, I slammed my full length into her pussy. It was so wet and slippery, it went in with no problem. I had my cock buried deep into her tight wet pussy. She felt better than I could imagine, but I could not enjoy the feeling for very long. After just a second or two, I pulled almost all the way out, and started fucking her, trying to go slow, but this was about as much self-restraint as I had in me. I had both hands on her hips, and was pumping in and out of the juiciest pussy I have ever seen.

She was moaning and breathing in time with my thrusting. I reached down and rubbed her juices up and onto her asshole. I had such a wonderful view from this angle. I started rubbing and caressing her ass and the rim of her asshole. She was pushing her ass back to match my rhythm. I pushed one finger just to the first knuckle into her asshole. She was supplying plenty of lubricant, and it slid in very easy. She moaned ever louder, and pushed back harder. I pulled my finger out, lubed it again with her juices and pushed it further into her asshole. By now she was really into it. She was gasping loud with each thrust, and pushing her ass back faster and as hard as she could. I was picking up my pace and fucking her hard. With my finger now buried as far into her asshole as I could reach, I could feel my cock sliding in and out of her pussy through her thin slippery membrane.

We were both breathing hard and in time, faster and faster. I was thrusting as hard and as deep into her as I could. I could feel the pressure building and I knew I was soon going to give this woman even more juices in that already wet pussy. I could feel the explosion building from my toes to my fingertips. I pulled my finger out of her asshole, and grabbed both her hips and pulled her onto me as the same time I did one last lunge with my hips. I grunted and came deep into her pussy with a load that just didn't want to stop. At the same time, she was almost yelling and her legs were almost vibrating they were shaking so hard. I could feel her pussy contract and grab right a hold of my cock and milk ever once of cum I had. I held her hips pulling hard, and kept my cock buried as deep in that pussy as I could, God this felt so good.

We stayed like that for a minute or two, then I started to come back to reality. I caressed her butt some, then rubbed up her back and massaged a little on her back and shoulders, but she was silent. It was at that point that I completely realized what I had done. I had forcefully restrained this woman and took advantage of her in that situation. Was she angry? Would she now quit her job and leave me, or worse? What had I done? I pulled out of her, and quickly put my pants back on. I reached up and undid the Velcro on the straps and freed her. She stood up straight and stretched out her back.

I must say I as very nervous, but as she stretched back I had a great glimpse of her neatly trimmed pussy hair. this woman is so incredibly sexy. I thought, well here it comes, she is going to threaten to quit or lawsuit, or whatever. Instead she was silent. She kicked off her shoes, reached down and pulled her pants on, put her shoes back on, walked over to her office and put her jacket on. She headed out of the office and headed downstairs to the front door. I followed, not a word was muttered. When she reached the door, she unlocked it, opened it and stood with her butt against the door.

"Come here" she said. I walked up to her not really sure what direction this was going to go. She planted a long, lingering kiss on my lips, and just brushed her tongue against mine. My knees that were already weak, almost gave out on that kiss.

"That was very nasty of you, and just so you are not totally unprepared, I will get even with you she said as she reached between my legs and grabbed a handful of my balls and rubbed up my cock. With that she said, "Have a nice weekend", turned and walked out the door. I stood in the door, watched her walk to her car, get in and start to pull away. As she was driving by the door looking in at me, I saw a big smile come across her face as she saw me standing there with her thong held up to my nose. I can't wait until the day she gets her revenge.

The End !!! :D

06-01-2008, 09:46 PM
bro birdie8819,

your stories not only erotic, also very long long...
goto those threads place your birdie's shits and come here to do your duty liao arh...
you are very good..thanks:D

06-01-2008, 09:48 PM
Do you like to be spank ? Here's one interesting one - Title : My Punishment Spank turn into Passionate Spank . Enjoy !!! ;)

One day it was a lustful school day that I had never forgotten. I was 18-year-oldin high school wearing a tight white t-shirt without no bra on that show everyprint of my breasts. My big huge breasts are bouncing up and down through myshirt and along with my nipples sticky straight out against my shirt. And I alsowas wearing a short min skirt revealing my warm as honey end of mytails underneath with a thin blue thong on.

As I was in girl's gem alone lying down on my stomach on the bench and having my tail curl up to exploring my finger between my cheeks. I was so busy holding my eyes close to enjoying my finger drawing from the back of my hot juicy bliss pussy that I don't even notice the my course had march here. When he has sees me exploring myself because his eyes went barmy after seeing my finger and while my thong hanging off my feet.

"Ooh! Yeah! My juicy hott pussy is so throbbing me insane," I moan softly to myself.

That his angry of voice just wakes me out of my sex famine trance that I will never forgot it. "Tabitha! Get your finger out of your back of ass at once. That'snasty young lady."

And then, he picks me up by angry force and shakes me and says, "And now, I will give a spank that you will never have before." He throws me so strong on the across muscle lap with my tail reach up to his face. His strong hand clamps down on my bottom so hard that cheeks turn raised red. "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" throwmy hurt voice.

He hit me from side of the hand went across my tail fold, and while he was continuing to spank me. That I feel his middle finger almost touches into mywet hot gap. The sound coming from my mouth turn from Ugh went to like this, "Ahh!Ahh! Ahh!

Until,he sees my full glance rear-end pink glint clit that gleam at him. And I feel his spanks grow soft as he is tapping around my bottom so lightly. As he keeps glance away at my hole that he beginsto yearning for it. He spreads my cheek open to examining my rear- end of tail.And he sees my huge shining split that his eyes went spell-bound when my pussy went throbbing. He spreads out my clit to gander deep into my crave hole, and he draws his face closer to mines, "Oh shit! God Damn girl!" he said. Next, here moves my thong that contracts my pant off of me and then my tail feels incompletely free right then.

And then, he starts to stir his finger around my juicy lip almost in and his other hands to spread my tail cheeks wide open that I can the breeze blowing inside of me. Whenhe draws his face once more closer to slit as I spreads out my leg that my foot touching to floor. And says to me? "Hum! Hum! Hum!" and while his finger busy stirring around the end of my clit.

Then he holds my cheek back to drives his finger deeply into my pussy. He feels the innerof me is so hot wet is gripping away onto his finger. "Ahh!" I moan softly, andwhile his other hand caressing around my thick round hip. I can feel his cool finger stirring away into my hot steamy tight hole.
He was spanking my ass that resting on his lap at the same time his finger forcedeeply in and out of my pussy. "Ahh! Ahh! Ahh" and after he enjoys the moanfrom my voice that he continues to spank me and says, "Oh, you enjoy this,having my finger indulge into your pussy like it but I get something better inmines," as his finger grow faster inside of me.

Then he stop, and spread my cheeks wide open again with hand his squeeze tightholding onto them as he glazes deeply away in my clit that he went insane."God! Damn!" he said.

Then on, he unzips his pant to reveal his mammoth penis to me sticking out from hislap. He holds me by the back of my head to draw my face closer to his lap andsay to me, "Here! Suck this real good and hard." And I lay it inside of my hotwatery mouth very slowly and while my hand rubbing his ball. "Hmm! Its very goodand so sweet," at the same time I was stroking his penis inside of mouth.

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06-01-2008, 09:50 PM
While I was stroking his penis into my mouth that I feel his rubbing my back throughmy thin tight t-shirt and working all the way side of my breast. "Stop for amoment and take off your shirt that way you can feel more comfortable," hesaid. So, I remove my T-shirt off of me, and lay my heavy breasts back down onhis lap. And I went back what I was doing.

I strokes every part of his head and while his hand stroking on my breast andnipple. My mouth went deeply down to my throat and he spanking away against myass that thick hip that jiggling like Jell-O. He fined it so fascinate that he keeps on spanking me. Until, he drives two of his fingers deeply into my pussyso far that my pussy and ass went throbbing.

I strokes his penis between my heavy breasts and while licking his around it. ThenI place it back into my mouth to stroking at the same time I was stroking myhand down to bottom of his penis.

Next,after I had got him so hard and good that his penis went pointing straight outhuge and long. "Now, get up, and walks to the other side of the bench," he said,as I walk with his finger still stuff between the back of my clit. He removeshis fingers and he tells me, "lean over". When I had lean over to toward the benchwith my ass bent up in front of him. That he says along with him stroking hishand on his clock and while his other hand stroking from the back side of myhip, " Oh yes, I will fuck you so good that your pussy will get tire of thisdick.'' My cheek is being exploring by his finger brushing inside of my clit.

He uses his both hands to spread my cheeks wide open, and then I feel his powergrid of his penis drive deeply into me so forcefully. As I lay my face down ontobench and girding my teeth and along with my hands grasp onto it so firmly. Ashe continually spanking my ass and says to me. "Oh yeah!" As he pushes his selfdeeply into me with his hand pressing my tail cheek back and his stirring theedge of my clit.

He slips deeply inside of me that he draws his head back because he can't standfeeling his penis being bottle-feeding into my hot craving pussy. He brusheshis penis slowly into me with his hands embraces my ass up. His hands arestroking every inches of ass and down to the back of my thighs exploring hispenis in and out of me.

As he begins to stroking me at the time he spanks my ass so zeal. I sets steelleaning over the bench that he draw his penis deeper into between my cheeks andwhile he holds me by my shoulders. Then on, he forces his self to go faster, heopens up one of my cheeks to looks at his penis grid into my clit. "Oh yes,good pussy," he said and while spanking me. My face turns bashful red feelingthe acing from hard lustful manhood. The more spanking and pleasing that hekeep riding me like wild ass that needs to be contain.
Itwas more ass spanking and penis pumping into me from the handsome course that Ienjoy every bite of this moment.

He ride me like a wild horse pulling ontomy hip , telling dirty to me, andspanking that what my ass need. He opens up my cheek once more to stroking hisfinger the front of my clit. Afterward, he pulls my cheeks very forces drawcloser to his balls as he starts to jerk me that making my breasts bouncing upand down real hard. "Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!" I moan in a shaking voice. Then hestarts to waggle his penis in my keyhole and then he went fucking me harder andhard then fever before.

Next, he draws his penis out of me, and thumping me with his hot clock on rightacross my cheek. "I want you to Get up and walk over here," he said. As I walkover there, he was sitting down stroking his manhood with his hand on up towardceil. And he was and says to me and stroking it, "come here and Ride on thisand I will promise you that this will stop your forever crave pussy for good," hesaid. I spread out my legs to slip down on it very easily between my inner thighs and along with his hands grasp hold of my hips to it down.

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06-01-2008, 09:52 PM
As I slip my lusty hip onto the trip of his manhood that his eyes start rollingfrom back of his head because my steamy hungry pussy grip around his head. Andhe says to me, "Oh shit! Oh, God damn baby," in his arouse voice. He couldn'tbelieve that my clit have swallowed his whole huge monstera dick all the downto his family jewels.

He clutches embrace my hip very tightly and forcing to go up and down on top ofhis lap. And he uses his legs to spread out my legs that he can fill up my gap.As I ride on him jumping up and down on his manhood with my arms embracing thebench. He was stroking my back and my hid so gently that I was rocking into ecstasy and along with breasts bouncing so loudly. He starts to spanks the backof my cheeks and it was intense ride that I had ever ridden. Until, he embraceby my hides very firmly as the ride turn into my breasts.

My one leg perch on top of the bench and leaning my upper to left side and also my one hand embrace the bench. I was rubbing his balls and while his hand holding onto my breasts.

"Ooh!Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" I moan very loudly in my painful voice.

"Oh! Yeah! Oh! Yeah!" he said in excite, as hebounces me up and down on his manhood. The sounds of my thighs are clappingdown to his legs as I feel his hands embracing my hips very forcefully. Until,he grasps from the back of my tail's cheeks to forcing it and my breasts areclapping together like a hand clap.

Andthen on, he lies down on cold floor that my heating body steamy ups the floor.He spreads out my legs and quickly to draws his manhood back enters me oncemore. His power grip build up more powerful inside of my clit, but my lustfulwomanhood still crave for some more of his penis.

"Aah!Yesssss! Aah! Yesssss! Aah!" I moan loudly at the same time I was holding tohis arms very tightly as I could with my breasts are flapping against my chin. Heraises my legs and lays them on each of his arm, and while throbbing soheavenly. As he goes on like powerful angry stallion that his family jewels madego jiggle. I feel his erect went through me as ours bodies trimming away soblissfully.

Finally,he about to reaching his moment of ecstasy, I feel his penis getting cloggierup inside of me. He quickly slips out of me and heavy had built up inside ofhim. And then he aims toward me and burst out with heavy cream of ecstasy exploresall over me. As he continues on lease his orgasm as I embrace my breasts together to enjoy the warmness from him.

"Ooh!Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" my moan grow softly,

After ours lustful moment are over that ours hearts has begin to slow down at once.But my passionate gap went throbbing away like a ragging heart throbbing so rouse. He sets beside me and I was lying down on the floor with still remain have my legs wide open. And he bought his self closer to my inner that forcefully his finger to drive into my pussy. And starting to siring his finger around it and he says to me, "God damn girl! For this workout for your crazy crazes pussy that you just earn yourself "A" for the made up worked."

I never dream of this, that spank can bought such a fire of zeal into my trail and boughf on my sexual famish.

The End !!! :D

06-01-2008, 09:54 PM
bro birdie8819,

your stories not only erotic, also very long long...
goto those threads place your birdie's shits and come here to do your duty liao arh...
you are very good..thanks:D

Hehehehehe.....Kum Sia C_L kor kor for your support hor , you also mah fly here fly there then also post pictures . :p

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birdie, u very the busy hor.
waiting for your stories....

yesterday, go where and song yy....:p

08-01-2008, 08:30 PM
Good The Evening To All Readers !!! :)

birdie, u very the busy hor.
waiting for your stories....

yesterday, go where and song yy....:p

Pai Seh Pai Seh !!! Cause last few nights got log in problem and nowadays can't surf in office liao so have to stick to do posting at home , hopefully the system is OK . :p

Last night cheong pub lor .....2 1/2 bottles of Martel and one jug of beer . :D

08-01-2008, 08:36 PM
Here's the first story for tonight - Title : Virgin In The Pool . Enjoy !!! ;)

It had been an interesting summer, but now it was over. I had come down
here to teach a couple of courses at the college and had stayed in the home of old friends, Bob and Mary Kane, who were spending their summer in Europe. It was a big old house, rather secluded, on the edge of town, with a nice, enclosed indoor swimming pool that Bob and Mary had wanted me to keep up while they were away. They would be back in a couple of days and I was about to pack up my things to return to my regular teaching job in

My courses had been full of bright young teens, more than half of them
sexy girls that made my cock get hard just looking at them. They all wanted ‘A’s, of course, so they flirted a lot and I admit that I did little to discourage them. There were two 19-year olds,however, that particularly came on to me. Coincidentally, they both went by the name of Sue, although actually one was Suzanne and the other Susan. Suzanne
especially had gone out of her way to get close to me this summer. This was all the more surprising since she was engaged to be married and the wedding was to be right after the summer session was over in August.

She would run into me in places like the library stacks and rub her lovely body against mine as she smiled seductively. I was aware that my behavior was unethical, but I couldn’t help but respond by running my hand along her ass or "accidentally" rubbing a hand over her small but firm breasts. My cock
would be huge on such occasions and she would look at my crotch bulge and grin as if to say, "I want to suck that!" Then one day she stopped by my office, closing the door behind her and coming right around behind my desk and plopping herself down on my lap. "I’ll do anything for an ‘A’," she declared.

I smiled at her and said, "Try studying harder." Her response to that was to throw her arms around me and kiss me, her tongue darting between my lips and running along my teeth and then shooting in and out as if to fuck my mouth. I could not resist this assault. She felt wonderful as my hands roamed over her lithe body, pinching her tits and her ass as she continued to tongue fuck my mouth. I returned the pleasure, pushing my own tongue deep into her mouth in a kiss that lasted and lasted and lasted.When finally our mouths separated she looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I’ve wanted
to do that since the first time I saw you." Then, without blinking an eye, she slid off my lap and onto the floor between my legs, as her fingers deftly found the fly on my trousers and ripped it open, allowing my swollen, stiff cock to spring out before her face.

Her mouth opened wide and closed over my cockhead, her tongue swirling around it and bringing it quickly to even greater erection. Her fingers found my balls and caressed them gently as her mouth and tongue fucked my cock. It felt so wonderful; I was totally aroused, and my hands closed over her head as I shoved my cock forward, fucking her mouth until I came. I finger fucked her ears and moaned with ecstasy as my cock rose to orgasm and finally spurted its creamy cum into her throat and all over her face in an burst of orgasmic energy that completely overcame me as I shuddered in
ecstasy and fulfillment.

As she rose from the floor my fingers found her their way under her skirt and inside of her panties to her pussy and I began to finger fuck her, two fingers in her cunt and my thumb massaging her clit. She pressed her cum-covered face against mine and kissed me again as she moaned with pleasure until she herself enjoyed orgasm from my finger fucking.

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08-01-2008, 08:43 PM
She conquered me completely this summer. There were other sessions in
my office, and it became increasingly obvious to anyone who cared to notice that there was something going on between us. We would sometimes have lunch together. We would walk around the campus together, often touching each other intimately. I was became carelessly indiscreet and my hands would stroll over her ass or tits in public. The first time I fucked her was in the back of my car when we parked one night in the cemetery overlooking the

Eventually, she began to come to my house at night for skinny dipping in the pool and some really wonderful sex. Her fiancé , a young instructor in the
Chemistry Department, was the only one who seemed to be oblivious to our affair. One of my colleagues in the English department made a point of telling me that I should be more discreet. I didn’t really pay much attention. Suzanne told me she was just having one last fling and just wanted me to teach her everything I knew about sex so she would be ready for her marriage. I knew I was wrong to carry on like this with a student, but she was just too good to leave alone. Basically, she had me by the pecker and I was loving it.

Susan meanwhile (the other Sue) also paid more than average attention to me during the summer session, although she was not nearly so explicit or forward as Suzanne. She had a beautiful body, better stacked than Suzanne’s, with large firm breasts and a tight sexy ass that wiggled oh-so-seductively when she walked. She didn’t hesitate to tell me on several occasions that she though I was too friendly with the other Sue and that I should pay more attention to my other students, too. But I never had any
sexual relationship with Susan during the session, beyond exchanging some suggestive glances and being fairly obvious that I was sometimes undressing her in my mind as my eyes grazed over her body.

With the session over, Suzanne got married the day after the session ended. I wasn’t invited to the wedding, not surprisingly. The newlyweds, I knew, were off to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Early the next evening, after supper, as I was beginning to pack up my things, the telephone rang and it was Susan. She said she wanted to speak to me and would it be OK if she came by the house in a little while. I was puzzled as to what she might want--perhaps a letter of recommendation or something–but I thought it might be
pleasant to have her there for awhile, so I quickly said, "Sure, c’mon over," and gave her directions. After we hung up, I had some second thoughts, thinking she might want to debate her grade or something unpleasant. I had given her a ‘B,’ which she deserved, but Suzanne had received ab ‘A.’ She was a very bright student and had earned that quite apart from her sexual favors.

Sue arrived about fifteen minutes later, dressed elegantly in high heels, stockings, and a black silk blouse and skirt that enhanced her figure and caused the blood to surge into my penis as soon as I laid eyes on her. I felt a little underdressed in my khaki shorts and tee shirt. We came into the living room and I asked her to sit down. The subtle, vanilla fragrance of her perfume aroused my nostrils and made me think about getting her clothes off and eating her cunt. She chose a large armchair and I asked her if she would
like something to drink, saying I was going to have a beer. She rejected the offer of a beer, but said she’d like iced tea or a diet coke instead. As I went
to the kitchen for the drinks she kicked off her shoes and curled her legs up under her in the armchair, as if, I thought, she planned to stay awhile.

I returned in a moment and after taking a pull on my beer asked her what she wanted to talk to me about. She seemed rather nervous and wiggled around in her chair quite a bit, as she began to talk about the course, how much she enjoyed it, and whether I might be teaching at the college again soon. She said she would be graduating this coming year anyway so she might not be here when I came back. I got the impression that she was beating around the bush, hesitant to get to the point. Or perhaps she was simply waiting for me to take the lead.

I tried to put her at ease, telling her that I thought she had done well in the course and that it was a very pleasant place to teach, and how much I had enjoyed knowing her, etc. She kept moving around as we chatted and eventually moved off the armchair and onto the floor, her long beautiful legs stretching out before her seductively. She was sitting with her back against the sofa on which I was seated, her long black curls flowing over her neck and onto the seat next to me. I instinctively reached out and put my hand behind her head and caressed the back of her neck beneath her locks.

"Oh, that feels good," she said, "you can rub my back, too." I complied and as she obviously enjoyed it she began to chat more openly and particularly
began to ask me about my relationship with Suzanne. "You were having sex with her, weren’t you?" she eventually asked me. I was noncommital, essentially telling her it wasn’t any of her business. "But you could get in a lot of trouble fucking your students, you know," she declared.

"What makes you think I was fucking Suzanne? She as about to get married, you know." I queried, somewhat amused now. "I think it was pretty obvious, " she retorted. She had shifted her body again and now lay face down on the carpet. I lowered myself to sit beside her on the floor while I continued to rub her back, my hands roaming closer and closer to her lovely ass. She didn’t object when one of them stroked over one of her ass cheeks, pinching it ever so slightly.

"Do you want me to fuck you? Is that why you came here tonight?" I boldly asked her now.

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08-01-2008, 08:49 PM
"Is that what you want to do?" she replied after some hesitation. "Well, I’ll bet you would be a pretty good fuck." "As good as Sue?" she asked cattily.
I smiled as I began to rub her ass more purposefully. "Maybe better, who knows?" Suddenly she sat up and said, "I don’t think we’d better go there,
professor." "You can call me Ted. Our class is over." She appeared to have rejected the sex idea absolutely, although I couldn’t be sure. God, she was lovely to look at. I thought of a new approach. "Would you like to go for a swim? The Kanes have a nice indoor pool in the back."

She thought for a moment, and then said, "Sounds like fun, but I didn’t bring my bikini." And then, after a moment’s hesitation, "Perhaps Mrs. Kane has one
here I could use." "I don’t think we’d better paw through Mrs. Kane’s clothing, Sue, but don’t worry, we can skinny dip." As I said that I stood up and offered her my hand for her to rise as well."That’s what I always do here anyway, and I’m going to do it now, whether you come or not." I didn’t give her a chance to protest. Instead I walked toward back through the dining area and through the kitchen to the door to the pool.

"Now wait a minute. . . ," I heard her say, but she followed me out onto the deck around the pool. I was already barefoot and now pulled my tee shirt up over my head. Without further hesitation I unbuckled my shorts and let them fall to the deck, revealing a huge erection within my jockey shorts. There was no turning back for me now, so I quickly stepped out of the jockeys and moved to the edge of the pool, turning back towards her just briefly so that
she could see my stiff sex pistol jutting straight outward from my crotch. I then plunged into the pool and when I surfaced I called to her, "Come on in, the water’s lovely!"

She looked perplexed and it was easy to tell she was struggling with her decision. Then she shrugged heavily and smiled broadly, saying "Oh, why not?" She fumbled with the buttons on her blouse and as it fell open she looked up and shouted to me, "Don’t look! Turn around." I reluctantly complied, diving under the water and skimming below the surface to the
other side of the pool. Coming up there, I cheated and peeked a look back and saw that she had sat down on a bench alongside the pool. Her blouse and skirt were gone and she was removing her pantyhose. Then only her bra and panties were left.

She looked up again and I quickly plunged beneath the water. Before I surfaced her long silhouette knifed into the water and amid churning water and bubbles her long creamy shape passed near me. My head popped above the surface to see her a few feet away, treading water, her angelic face framed between her long jet black locks of hair. Her eyes twinkled at me as she turned and swam away from me, but I quickly overtook her and ran my fingers along the length of her silky body. We swam and splashed about for
several minutes, touching and feeling each other playfully. Our bodies rubbed against each other more often until in 5 feet of water we found ourselves with Sue against the side of the pool and myself directly in front of her, my body pressing against her, my hard cock upright against her belly.

My fingers clutched at her ass, then roved upward along her ribs to her breasts. I pinched a nipple in each hand. She didn’t resist. Instead her head
turned upward to my face and our lips met in a long, wet kiss, as our tongues played with each other and explored the space between our lips and teeth. As I kneaded her hard, stiff nipples I could feel her pelvis push toward me, wanting me, wanting my hard, stiff penis inside of her. My hands dropped once more to her buttocks and I lifted her easily in the water. Her tits
rose above the surface and my mouth closed over one of them hungrily. I
sucked and chewed on her nipple and could feel her soft moaning with pleasure at the sensation it gave her. She was mine. With a hand beneath each ass cheek I lifted her higher, until the head of my hard, stiff cock found its way against her pussy.

Now I lowered her gently as her cunt welcomed the penetration of my cock into its warm, sleek passage. Her legs spread and wrapped around my torso as the cockhead slid easily into her hot love tunnel, well-lubricated with her passion juice. Yet almost immediately my penis went no further, stopped, I realized, by her hymen. I was about to pop her cherry and a new wave of excitement churned through my body. My cock throbbed with new hardness. I held her firmly by her ass cheeks and now pulled her down sharply as I rammed my steel-stiff cock upward . She screamed out in obvious pain, but then my cock surged upward as her pussy slipped down around it.

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08-01-2008, 08:55 PM
"Are you alright, baby?" I asked her. Her face had contorted with the pain, but now changed to a manifestation of pleasure. "Yes, I’m fine. It hurt just for a moment." She continued to slide down around my long, hard shaft until it had fully penetrated her tight cunt. It felt magnificent, the vaginal walls
massaging my cock as I began to rock her up and down with waves of
pleasure accompanying each stroke of my penis. It slid easily within her cunt.

Her head fell back as she moaned and pressed her cunt against me. I continued to lift and drop her over my cock, as we fucked with the rhythm of the water as it splashed against us. "Oh, Gawd, this is wonderful. Fuck me, fuck me. I love this," Sue panted in rapture. "Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Keep fucking me forever." "Oooooooooooooooooooooh," she moaned, and I could feel her cunt grow warmer and wetter, her vaginal muscles contracting as she began her orgasm. My own balls were tingling and I could feel the jism surging up into my hard shift.

We came together as my semen spurted in waves up into her abdomen. She seemed to faint, becoming totally silent and with a far away look on her face for a long time until finally we separated and she opened her eyes and smiled. "That was divine," she said. "Yes, it was," was all I could reply. A few drops of cum and blood floated on the surface, proof that it had not been a dream. We embraced again, then swam easily around the pool for awhile, cooling down after our passionate copulation. We climbed out of the pool. She exhibited no modesty now as she displayed her dripping body in all its loveliness. "I want more of that," she said coquettishly. I pulled a towel
from a shelf and flipped it to her as I grabbed one myself and began to
dry off.

"Its bedtime," I said. Moments later I was in the bedroom waiting for young Sue to emerge from the bathroom. I could hear the hair dryer blowing and guessed it might take her awhile to dry all that hair on her head. I was still contemplating what might occur next, my thoughts keeping my cock strong and erect, when the bathroom door finally opened and Sue emerged naked and dry. She hopped onto the bed with me on all fours and immediately focused on my rigid cock. "I want to suck your cock," she said unashamedly.

I lay on my back and caressed her head as she lowered it over my shaft,
first running her tongue around the ring of my cockhead and then slowly up and down each side of the pink and purple rod. I spread my legs wide to give her full access to my balls as her tongue lathered over them and brought my cock up to a new plateau of stiffness. He mouth opened and she swallowed my cock, deep into her throat with more expertise than I would have expected from a virgin. As her mouth and tongue fucked my cock, my fingers
roamed over her body, pinching her nipples, then finding her pussy. My thumb dipped into wet, pink tunnel, while my longest finger probed her rectum. I squeezed both fingers together and finger fucked both her ass and her cunt at the same time.

Her cocksucking skill was phenomenal, and her own excitement seemed to grow with each stroke. She told me later that she had learned a lot by reading the stories on sexstoriespost.com. She moved her body to straddle me in 69 fashion and I eagerly licked and penetrated her cunt with my tongue, while still keeping my fingers there and in her asshole. My tongue found her swollen clitoris and I sucked it between my teeth, licking it
feverishly with my tongue and feeling the tiny squirts of her sweet juice in my mouth. Once again we came together, as she deftly swallowed my cum that surged into her mouth and throat. My cock had shriveled to half its erect size, but it now rose again as Sue begged me to fuck her again. How could I refuse this lusty nymph.

I pulled her ass up on her knees at the edge of the bed and stood beside it as I guided my again-erect cock into her pussy,doggie style. Her cunt was still tight, but wonderfully warm and slippery and I rammed it deep into her body as she pushed her ass back against me. Her head was face down on
the bed, covered with her thick black hair, and with my cock firmly implanted in her cunt I reached forward with my fingers to massage her nipples as I stroked my cock in and out of her cunt. There was no hurry now. I moved it in and out very slowly, savoring every centimeter of friction between my massive cock and her tight cunt muscles.

The pleasure was exquisite for me, and she moaned with rapture as each stroke brought her pleasures she had never known before. In time, however, my own excitement grew again and I picked up the pace, stroking her faster and harder, the electricity in my cock rippling back through my whole body in wonderful shudders of sensation. The jism was boiling again in my balls and I knew I would soon cum again, squirting my creamy semen into this lovely
creature. She, too, became more excited, demanding more and more. "OH
YES, FUCK ME,FUCK ME. DON’T STOP, KEEP IT UP, MORE, MORE," she screamed. "Oh Gawd, I’ve died and gone to heaven!," she screamed. "I’m cumming, I’m cumming again. Keep on fucking me. Don’t stop. DON’T EVER STOP!" Then her whole body went as rigid as my cock and I felt her cumming again, her hot juices flooding over my cumming cock.

I was overcome with passion for this woman. I withdrew my limp cock,
glistening with our love juices, and pressed my mouth hard against her pussy, fucking her again with my tongue and sucking our juices from her cunt. The taste and fragrance of her pussy simply made me horny again, turning me on to want more and more of her body. Finally I pulled my mouth away from her cunt and rolled her over on her back. My cock had hardened again and I rammed it into her cunt, pulling her legs up over my shoulders as I pumped
her hard in a frenzy of sexual energy that did not stop until we had cum again.

Exhausted, I rolled over on my back and lay beside her. She turned and
kissed my face all over, her tongue licking me and caressing my ears, my nose, my neck and then nibbling on the nipples on my hairy chest. Her hand found my cock and caressed it back into a new erection. She straddled me and lowered her pussy down onto the stiff shaft. In this position my cock reached deep, deep into her cunt and she rocked up and down stimulating new energy in my loins. I thrust my pelvis upward in harmony with her own
rhythmic rocking on my cock. I wasn’t sure I could cum again, but the sight of this beautiful girl riding my cock reinvigorated my balls and I could feel the sensitive vibrations in my cockhead that signaled the approaching jism. Once more I exploded as she enjoyed yet another orgasm before we collapsed together on the bed. At some point I fell asleep. When I awoke she was gone. And my summer of Sues had ended.

The End !!! :p

08-01-2008, 09:07 PM
How about this story - Title : Adult Bookstore Whore

Since the day that we met in person, which was also the first time that he fucked me, I have been a slave to his big black cock. I have promised to fulfill any sexual desire that he has if he will not deprive me of his wonderful lovemaking. He has tested this devotion, by pushing his huge cock deep inside my ass until I thought I would split in two. And having me write his friends and offer myself to them for sex.

Then there was the Monday that he arrived at my door unannounced, after my white husband had just left for work. The kids played upstairs and he and I sat on the sofa, talking, when he reached over and grabbed my nipple, like I was his piece of property to touch as he pleased. And I am.

"I want my cock sucked," he told me, so we went into the bathroom and closed the door. Like a good white submissive, I went to my knees and started to suck his 10" beautiful black cock. Then he turned me around and
fucked me in front of the bathroom mirror and then on the floor. I spread my legs wide to receive him, loving how he felt plunging inside me. "I'll do anything for your cock," I promised him again. "Just keep fucking me."

That Friday we were planning a lunch date and he decided to take me to an adult bookstore. The plan was for me to wear a summer dress, thong panties, stockings and garters and flash my ass around. I dressed as agreed upon. On the drive, I reached over and stroked him; I loved feeling his hard cock through his slacks. He told me he had invited a friend of his to meet us there but wasn't sure if he would show.

We walked into the bookstore together. There were only a few men around. I was shy about flashing, because I am a big girl. But he gives me the courage to do things that I might not otherwise do.

I bent down to look at things on the bottom shelf, my dress lifting and my ass clearly visible to anyone behind me. I caught the managers looking at me in the anti-theft mirror above my head. I smiled. We continued to the next aisle and I flashed again. Then I brushed up against an older, unattractive man who 'apologized' for bumping in to me.

Gene led me to the back where they had booths where you put in money to watch snippets of dirty videos. As we walked to one, the manager told me I couldn't take merchandise back there and kindly offered to hold my vibrator for me. I thanked him and we went into a booth.

Gene fed the machine and I was eagerly sucking his cock when I realized with shock that a man was looking at us through a plexiglass covered hole in the wall. The staring man moaned as I sucked on Gene's big black cock like a starving slut. "Hold on,"Gene said. He stepped into the hallway and I saw him guiding an older white man to the door. The man slipped inside and closed the

I had no idea who this man was; he wasn't very attractive to me but he wasn't repulsive either. But if my lover wanted me to service him, as I could only assume he did, then I would do as he wanted. The man started feeling my soft breasts, squeezing them. He put his arms around me and squeezed my ass, grinding his cock against me. Then he kissed me, shoving his tongue
down my throat.

"I'm Tim," he whispered. I recognized the name; this was Gene's friend. I was a little relieved but at the same time it wasn't *quite* as exciting as when I thought my lover had given or sold me to a complete stranger.

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08-01-2008, 09:10 PM
Tim reached between my legs to caress my pussy but I had to stop him. Embarrassed I explained that it was my time of the month. He took it in stride and pushed me down onto the bench. He unfastened his jeans and took out a
thin white cock that looked puny when compared to Gene's. He guided my face to his cock and I started to suck him, one hand wrapped around his shaft, stroking it as I moved my head up and down.

He moaned in pleasure. Then I noticed that there was a man watching us through the plexiglass. Maybe the same man. The thought aroused me. I moved to my knees, the proper place for a cocksucking whore which is how I
felt. All I could think about while I sucked Tim's cock was making Gene proud of me and earning his praise.

Tim pulled my breasts out of my dress and pulled on my nipples. My cunt was throbbing. "Look at me," he said and I turned my face up so he could see me. "Oh yeah," he moaned and I went back to sucking him, making noisy
slurping sounds.

He tilted my head up again and took his cock out. "I'm going to come now, open your mouth." I looked up, opened my mouth and stuck out my pink tongue. He placed the head of his cock on my tongue and jerked of for a second and then squirted his cum into my mouth and on my lips.

"Now swallow it," he instructed and I did, feeling his thick cream slide down my throat. "Now suck me again," he said after he had finished. So I sucked him hard again and he seemed to be having a continuous orgasm. He
was moaning and clenching his fingers and looking at my face.

Finally I stopped, straightened myself, and he left without a word. Gene came in and caressed me. As he held me close to him, a hand snaked out from the booth next to us and grabbed my foot. He was pulling my foot as
though he were trying to drag me under the wall into the next booth. He took my shoe and I scolded him. "Hey, give me my shoe back!" I said. And a male hand pushed it gingerly back under the wall.

Gene and I were touching and he took out his cock, which was so hard and long, like a dark giant next to that little pink thing I'd been sucking on. "Mmm," I said as I went to work, loving the feel of his hardness in my
mouth. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door and we straightened up and opened it. It was the manager. "You two have to leave," he said, to our astonishment. Gene shrugged and we walked toward the exit. But not
before I purchased my item.

Smugly I went to the counter and said "I'd like my toy, please." Glaring at us both, he made the transaction. "Thank you," I said with a sweet smile. The man only grunted at me. And we left.

Gene's friend was nowhere to be seen. We found out later they had thrown him out too. I think they thought I was a prostitute and that Gene was my pimp, because I was white and he was black.

On the drive back, I let my breasts spill out so he could watch and touch them. I even flashed an old truck driver next to us who gave an appreciative wave.

We arrived at my car, kissed passionately, and Gene told me what a good white slut I was as he looked into my golden green eyes. He has promised to get some of his friends together for a no holes barred gangbang soon

The End !!! :p

08-01-2008, 09:14 PM
More more on the way - Title : Back Room Wife Bang

There is a lot of timing and luck involved in getting the chance to watch your normally reluctant wife suddenly turn it on for another man. But Brad, a 42-
year-old professor, had that chance to see his 27-year-old wife perform at a convention last summer at an upscale hotel in Miami.

Dawn wore an unusually revealing black dress that evening. It was shorter than anything Brad had ever seen her wear in public. Being that this was a formal dinner and dance with potential professional contacts, he was reluctant to have her wear it at first. But Dawn, who had a shapely but very petite 102-pound body, seemed to be very comfortable and confident in the
tight, low-cut dress.

In fact, seeing his wife in the dress stirred some reoccurring fantasies in Brad as they shared a bottle of sparkling wine in their room before heading to the
banquet. Throughout their five-year marriage, Brad had toyed with the idea of directly asking Dawn to seduce another man.

But instead, he just made what he thought were vague references to his fantasies. Dawn, however, being a pretty smart cookie, saw a pattern in Brad's comments and knew that one day, given the right mood and opportunity, she might fulfill her husband's deepest wishes.

As Dawn and Brad sat at a table with two other couples, Brad noticed that his wife's nipples were erect and visible through the shear material. She had small but firm breasts and sometimes would go without a bra. With the type of dress she was wearing, he thought she'd warn a strapless bra but later found out she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Not even panties; just
black stockings and a garter.

As this somewhat stuffy occasion wore on, Dawn got a little tipsy. This dull event was quickly transforming into a stage for Dawn's playfulness, all under the watchful eye of Brad who wasn't sure where his wife was taking them. Dawn danced with several of Brad's colleagues who certainly got more than they had hoped for.

When she returned to her table after one particularly hot dance she appeared slightly breathless. "You're friends have roaming hands," she told Brad as she brushed back her long blonde hair with her hand. "Hope you don't mind."

"Think they could tell you have nothing on underneath?" he asked as his heart pounded.

"Yeah, probably," she said with a seductive smile.

About an hour later, after a slow dance with one of the single men who appeared to be in his late 30s, Dawn signaled from across the room to Brad back at the table. She pointed to a back exit and strolled from the room with a tall, dark, handsome man who Brad did not know but who had captured Dawn's attention throughout the night. Brad looked around, then got up and made his way through the crowd and out the door. There was a small storage room down a short dark hallway where he heard voices. When he walked in, he saw his wife with the man. No one said anything at first, then Dawn closed the door. "I think this is what you want; maybe not where you wanted it," she said to Brad with a nervous laugh.

"No, no, this is fine. Spontaneous, " he said with his voice cracking with excitement like a teenager.

With Brad's approval, the stranger lifted Dawn onto a table and began kissing her. He stood between her muscular legs which were dangling from the edge of the table. His hands swept down the sides of her body and onto her thighs. Then he slid the hem of her dress just slightly above the top of her stockings, placed his right hand under the material and felt her immediately
wrap her inner thighs around his hand now positioned on her cleanly-shaven pussy.

Dawn moaned with pleasure as the stranger massaged her pussy with his hand, then dropped to his knees. Brad could now see right between his wife's legs as the man began eating Dawn's wet pussy. She placed her hands behind her and leaned back, seemingly lost in the act, not even noticing her husband seated just 10 feet away.

What Brad didn't know was that a friend of the stranger, who had to first take his wife back to their room, was about to join the party.

When the friend arrived, the stranger was now standing against the wall as Dawn was on the floor giving him a blowjob. "C'mon on in, man," the stranger said. "This chick is hot."

As if Brad was not turned-on enough, this was putting him over the edge. The new guest had an open bottle of wine which he shared with Dawn who was already pretty far gone by that point. She drank straight from the bottle as the two men removed her dress and positioned her on her hands and knees.

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08-01-2008, 09:16 PM
Brad knew she was about to get fucked. Her tight little ass was perched high in the air as she arched her back waiting for the tall stranger to enter her. She kept licking her lips to keep them lubricated.

It seemed like an eternity for Brad as he watched his wife waiting to be mounted, wearing only stockings and a garter. Her pussy was swollen and wet as the stranger pulled on his own cock. "Hey man,' he said to Brad.

"Does she take it in the ass?"

Before Brad could get out the word no, Dawn yelled out "yes, please."

"OK then, maybe we'll do ya baby," said the other man kneeling in front of her.

Brad watched the stranger spread his wife's cheeks and plunge into her pussy which just engulfed the huge cock on the first thrust. From the sides of her pussy as his swollen cock plunged deep, seeped her own creamy

The other guy slipped his dick into her mouth with equal ease as Dawn's large lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. For at least five minutes they pounded her from both ends. Her ass cheeks rippled with each inward thrust. Every time his cock in her mouth struck the back of her throat, she'd throw her head back further as to take it in as far as she could.

The two men began changing positions before finally deciding to penetrate her ass. The tall stranger lifted Dawn back onto the table and pushed her onto her back. With her legs pressed back as far as they would go, the
other man began licking her asshole, then penetrating her with his tongue until she began to relax her muscles.

With little more warning, and with her ass now right there for the taking, the tall man pressed his cock up against her dark hole and pushed the head in easily. Brad sat in amazement, never knowing that his wife was
capable of such things.

It didn't take long for the man to cum. When he did, he pulled out and shot his load all over her face, hair and neck. The other guy then finished off inside her pussy with Dawn sitting at the edge of the table, and the guy standing there humping her, making her bounce her bottom on the table top each time he thrust into her.

Dawn still had enough energy to work him hard as she dug her nails into his back and squeezed his sides with her legs as he pumped the last bit of cum into her.

Afterwards, the two men quickly and nervously left. Brad just sat there and watched his wife struggle to sit up. Her sexy dress lay crumbled on the floor. Her hair matted in cum was a mess. She was still a little blurry-eyed but managed to focus on her husband who was speechless and hard as a rock.

"Now it's your turn, dear," she said as she walked slowly across the dirty little room.

Sore but still willing and able to finish off her husband, Dawn proceeded to suck Brad's cock as he played with her hickey-covered breasts. Though he
wanted to fuck her, he exploded quickly in her mouth as she gagged to try and swallow it all.

"Every girl needs to be a whore at least once in her life," she said.

And just like that, the whole encounter was over in about an hour. Brad helped his wife clean up and they went back to the banquet hall like nothing had happen.

"Where have you guys been?" asked one of the folks at the table. "This is the last song of the night."

Dawn and Brad smiled. "Just had to get some fresh air," said Brad. "You know, a little too much indulgence."

A few seconds later, Dawn leaned over to Brad and whispered in his ear: "The indulgence is now dripping out of me. Better go to the ladies room."

As she left the table one of the men sitting next to Brad said: "I hope you don't mind me saying that your wife is one sexy lady."

"You don't know how sexy," Brad answered.

The End !!! :p

08-01-2008, 09:19 PM
How about a true dancer's story - Title : All In A Day's Work

Crystal liked her job. She was paid well, enjoyed the people she worked with (most of the time) and couldn't beat the fringe benefits. This was quite a bit to say for an erotic dancer. But it was all true. One of the benefits was the occasional audience member she'd meet. Sometimes they were fun-loving people, gentle, polite and appreciative of her work.

On one afternoon, Crystal arrived at work after a particularly great weekend. So her spirits were very high. She was wearing her favorite dance costume. She wore a loose white cotton blouse. Without a bra, her breasts rubbed softly against the fabric and enticed her nipples each time they touched. She wore a pleated skirt, medium length and soft cotton panties. This day, they were pale green. It was a simple outfit, but it was very comfortable and actually made her feel sexy
during certain parts of her performance.

When she had settled into her chair, she looked around the lounge with a discerning eye. There were a number of men and a couple of women walking about the darkened lobby. They would briefly stop and look at the beautiful women sitting patiently along the perimeter. Crystal watched one of the older men speak briefly to the attendant. The man was in his fifties, clean looking, a sturdy build and he had short salt & pepper hair. The attendant nodded his head and turned toward

"Crystal," the attendant spoke to her while walking toward her. "Would you accompany this gentleman to studio five please?"

"Of course." She said, rising from the chair and moving in the direction of studio five.

The older man followed her into the small but comfortable room. A large mirror hung upon the wall across from the door. Two large cushioned chairs sat in the middle of the room and faced each other.

"Please have a seat," Crystal said to the gentleman, open-palm pointing to the chair on the left.

"Thank you." The man said. Then he continued, "My name is Stephen."

Shaking his outstretched hand, Crystal sat across from him and answered "Well you already know my name."

"I do..." Stephen responded but stopped short as Crystal swung her legs across the arm of the chair, giving him a momentary glimpse of panty. "Yes… I do." He paused for a moment and then said, "I must admit, I really find your clothes very attractive."

"These plain things?" Crystal answered, actually surprised. Clients rarely commented on her elaborate costumes, and never on the "Librarian Look."

"It is the innocence the simplicity suggests." Stephen continued. "You appear like one of those beautiful women you see in a store, or an office, that gives off a sensual appearance without brashness." Then he spoke softer. "But all the while you wonder what they look like under that innocent skirt."

"I understand what you mean." Crystal said, leaning back and letting one leg slide off the arm of the chair. Her skirt rose slightly so that her smooth white upper thigh peeked out from under the fabric. "Do you wonder what's under my skirt?"

"I do. I must admit" Stephen repeated, his eyes fixed upon the hem line as she slid her index finger along its edge. Then his eyes moved back up to hers. "But I also wonder what did on this beautiful past weekend?"

"I went to Atlantic City with a friend" Crystal spoke up, still caressing her hem line. "I had a marvelous time. In fact, we had a great time on the way there." Crystal slid her hand further beneath her skirt and let her fingers slide along the inside of her thigh. Stephenn watched her hand as it brought more of the skirt up, until it was bunched just below the crotch of
her panties. "Should I tell you more?" Crystal whispered.

"Please do." Stephen leaned back in his chair, feeling himself begin to stir with arousal.

"Well, it was a friend I made here." Crystal softly explained. "His name is… Well, I guess that's not really important is it… Let's call him Stevie!"

Stephen smiled. "Yes. Let's do."

"Stevie and I were heading down the highway and I mentioned that there were a lot of trucks that afternoon." Crystal told her story...

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08-01-2008, 09:21 PM
"I bet they can see into every car they pass" Crystal said to Stevie as they drove east on the Black Horse Pike.

"They probably get to see a lot of flashers." Stevie answered.

"Think I should flash them?" Crystal asked.

"I bet you won't." Stephen said to Crystal.

"What do you bet?" Crystal asked him, reaching over and rubbing her palm over the groin of his shorts covered pants. She tightened her grip when she felt his cock swell from the feeling.

"I bet... you get to have as many cocks as you want while we're in AC."

"Well that's a pretty safe bet." She said, now rubbing her hand up and down the length of his stiffening shaft. "Nope. I want something else."

"Alright. Uhhhh, Look, there is an adult book store up ahead. Tell you what. If you flash a trucker a pussy flash, then you get to buy the best dildo in the store." Stevie offered.

"Now that's better." Crystal said. Reaching beneath her short skirt, Crystal pulled off the thong that had been snuggled within her pussy lips. She brought it up and held it under Stevie's nose. Stevie inhaled sharply, salivating at the musky tartness that suggested just a hint of perfume and a hint of Crystal's excitement.

Stephen accelerated the sedan, until he was almost window to window to the semi in the right hand lane. Crystal swung about in her seat until her legs were facing the passenger window. As they approached the driver, she pulled her skirt up, spread her legs and lifted her hips upwards, moving her clean shaved sex towards the window.

Stevie heard the blaring of the semi's horn as the driver celebrated his good fortune.

A full 10 seconds later, Crystal swung back in her seat and reached over, squeezing Stevie's cock again. "Alright big spender. Let's hit that store!"

Stevie turned the car around and pulled into the lot of the Adult Book Store. A large blinking sign read "Gemini Book Store."

They entered and stopped for a moment to see where everything was. In front of them were rows of books and DVDs, to their left the sales counter and to their right, racks of sex toys. Directly ahead, at the far end of the store was an archway that led to private video booths.

Walking out of the booth area was a man and a woman. Crystal made brief eye contact with the woman and spotted what she thought was just a drop of cum on the corner of the woman's lip. Almost as quickly as she saw it, the woman's tongue flicked out and lapped it up. Then she smiled at Crystal. "Glory Holes." He woman said as she slid past her and Stevie.

"Ohhh… Let's go look." Crystal said, taking Stevie's hand and pulling him toward the shadows of the back room.

They entered the darkness and saw rows of doors on each side of the corridor. The muffled sound of many different voices and subtle music filled the hallway. Crystal watched as man exited one of the doors. The door remained open as he left. Still holding his hand, Crystal pulled Stevie down the corridor and into the room.

It was not a large room, maybe five feet by eight feet. On one wall it had a video screen and a slot for quarters. It was a great deal darker than the corridor while the movie screen remained off. Stevie closed the door behind them and locked it. They were close to each other, but there was still room to maneuver.

Crystal reached into her pocket and pulled out two quarters. She dropped them both into the slot and the screen flickered to life. On the screen, a woman was being fucked by two men at once. The close-up showed each cock sliding in and out of her, drawing out the glistening skin of each opening with each counter- thrust. The woman's squeals of pleasure filled the
little booth.

Crystal turned to Stevie and kissed him, hard on the mouth, sliding her tongue over his and grinding her body up against his. She was incredibly turned on by the whole affair. She broke for a moment when she heard the door of the next booth open and then close. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a round hole, about six inches in diameter, waist high on the wall. Suddenly an identical sound came from the left. Looking to the other wall, she noticed the same thing.

She could barely see little flickers of light from the movies in the next booths. Reaching forward, crystal grabbed Stevie's belt buckle and unfastened it. Then she unzippered his shorts, all the while keeping her eyes fixed to the hole on her right.

When all the buckles and zippers were loosed, she pulled his shorts and underwear down with one tug. Stevie's cock bounced free, pointing straight towards her. Crystal dropped to her knees in front of Stevie and began sliding her hand up and down his cock.Looking over, she leaned in toward the wall and peeked into the next booth. Through the hole, she saw a man's hand sliding up and down his own cock.

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08-01-2008, 09:22 PM
Without thinking, Crystal slid her hand, and then arm, through the hole and began feeling around for the cock. Almost immediately, she felt it being moved to within her grasp and she took hold of the thick hard flesh. Her fingers held tightly, grinding the muscle and skin up and down the shaft, making the owner moan with delight.

She looked back up at Stephen who had his eyes closed, head back, enjoying the hand job of his dreams.

Crystal looked over at the hole in the left wall and saw and eye peeking back. Crystal smiled and winked at the eye. Letting go of Stevie's cock with her left hand, Crystal slid her lips over the head of his shaft and began twirling her tongue over the soft spongy head. Then she brought her left hand the open hole and reached in. Immediately, she felt another cock
available for her pleasure. Gently pulling the two cocks through each respective hole, Crystal licked and sucked the rock hard shaft in her mouth and teased the cocks of the men on either side. The groaning of each man blended well with the
cries of pleasure from the woman on the screen.

Suddenly, the cock on her right began to pull back, moving itself from her grasp. She reluctantly let go.It was immediately replaced by the man's hand and then arm. It groped about for a moment and then found her blouse. Tugging on the fabric, he pulled it from within the waist band of her skirt. His hand slid up beneath the fabric and sought out Crystal's breast. He found the soft flesh and caressed her tender nipple. Crystal sighed onto Stevie's cock.

After a moment of having her nipples played with,Crystal wanted more. Releasing everyone, Crystal removed her blouse and skirt, hanging them on the pegs above the door. She stood naked in the dim light of the movie. Or a moment, all three men looked at her, enjoying the sight of her glistening pale flesh. She finally moved Stevie so that he was up against the left
wall. From that position, she could still suck Stevie's cock and play with the cock sticking out of the left wall. Bending over slightly, Crystal spread her legs and backed her pantiless bottom to the hand reaching in from the right. The man felt the new skin and slid his hands directly up between her legs. His fingers played delicately with the tender folds of her outer pussy. Crystal ground herself against the fingers, beckoning them to fill her wet opening. Finally they did, three at once, slurping past the pink opening and sliding into the red recesses. The arm stayed fixed as Crystal began to fuck herself against this unknown man's fingers.

She knew she was going to cum soon. But she wanted to taste Stevie's cum and jerk off the other stranger's cock first.

Doubling her efforts, she sucked hard on Stevie's cock, tickling his balls and sliding a finger around his asshole. She let some of the dripping saliva slip onto her fingers and gently pressed against his anus. Stevie groaned again as her little finger made its way into his asshole. Not going too far, she teased the opening, just as the fingers behind her had done at first.

Crystal began to stroke the cock sticking out of the wall with quick short jerks. She felt the shaft start to throb as the cum splashed jet after jet of white sticky cum into the room, onto her arm and across the floor.

The fingers behind her were buried deep within her pussy and were seeking out the trigger point at the inner top of her pussy. Suddenly it made contact and Crystal started to scream out her orgasm with Stevie's cock head at her lips. This was all it took and Stevie began to jerk forward, driving his cock deep within her mouth and raining cum down her throat.

Crystal looked deep into Stephen's eyes as he leaned back in his chair gently stroked his long thick cock sticking out of his pants. "Well," Crystal continued. "It looks like my story has had quite an effect on you." Stephen looked down at Crystal's panty crotch. It was dark with the liquid proof of her own arousal. Her fingers glistened as they slid lightly over the soft
fabric, keeping her excitement up. "I think we should talk again." Stephen groaned as the cum began to spurt of his cock, into the air and onto the floor.

The End !!! :p

08-01-2008, 10:06 PM
Here I'm back with story posting - Title : After the Party

At the party I had been surprised to see my wife let her hair down so drastically. She had got annoyed with me and to get even had joined in what she thought was to be a sexy event with abandon. The dance floor was
very dark but she was obviously dancing wildly with nearly all the men.

She nestling close and put both arms around the neck of her partners, allowing them full range to grope her. She was obviously very excited by it and becoming more and more aroused as the evening progressed.

I saw her partners shuffling her off into a corner into a big curtain and getting their hands down her blouse and up her skirt.

At one time during the evening, she danced with me. Her eyes were bright and shiny and she showed all the signs of being extremely aroused. I suspected she had cum a few times and when I said she seemed to be enjoying herself she said, " I thought that's what you wanted.

Don't leave me alone too long with a man, any man, I don't know if I can be responsible for what might happen."

I tried all evening to see exactly what she was allowing. I hid behind the big curtain and could see she was letting a lot of men get their hands on her
breasts and even up her skirt. They were obviously being allowed a good feel for she made no attempt to stop them and had both her hands locked behind their necks.

She was necking for hours and whispering in their ears. I could even hear her breathing heavily and wondered if she had cum on their fingers but could not see well enough to be sure. It was very frustrating.

I had often tried to get her to agree to have sex with other couples or men and was fascinated by the idea of her being caressed and fucked by another man in my presence. However she always indignantly refused. She had been brought up to save herself for one man only. Whilst she was very passionate and easily aroused, her upbringing held her in check.

I thought as she had unexpectedly let herself go at this party, this might be my chance to fulfill my fantasy. I arranged with two of the men to give them a lift afterwards. They said they had their own cars but I said with a wink that they might find it worthwhile to leave them behind.

At the end of the party I told her as we were leaving that we were giving a lift to some guests. She was not keen on the idea and headed for the front seat as the two approached, muttering " Oh god not him, I knew it, he was ."

"I've spent all evening trying to avoid him after that one dance. He had his hand up my skirt in seconds and I could not stop him sliding his hands in my knickers and trying to get them into me whatever I said or did."

"He was so strong and persistent. All I could do was avoid him all evening."

However the second man was quicker, beating her to the front seat, saying, "I'll show you the way."

She glared at me but had no choice but to get in the back with the man she disliked, who was large, loud and uncouth.

"Are we sharing Darling, that's terrific. I've been trying to get close to you again all evening. I enjoyed that one dance and wanted to feel you up again and maybe get further but you were too aloof

There was some scuffling and muttering in the back and I looked in the mirror to see the man putting his arm around her, pulling her close and pawing at her blouse with the other hand.

"Stop it "she whispered "the party's over, just behave."

"Oh no " he boomed "this is my chance, you owe me a kiss and a cuddle, everyone else seemed to be allowed to do what they wanted with you. I heard you cum a few times over by that curtain."

This time she cried, "Stop!" out loud. "Richard!" she cried, "he's all over me, I can't control him. He's got his hand in my bra and the other one up my skirt trying to get it up my knickers leg. He's a complete animal. I want to get in the front and for us to drop him off immediately.

I chuckled, "I thought that's what you wanted? You seemed to have no qualms at the party. You told me any man would do you when you were so aroused. Well he's a man who needs a grope and a fuck. Just stop playing
about and let the chap have some fun."

"You wouldn't let me see what you were up to at the party although I could tell you were letting them all grope you until you cam. I told you I didn't mind if I could see you being fucked. So it looks like this is the moment. It's too late to want out, I don't think he is going to take no for an answer."

"I said I needed a man earlier when I was with people I liked", she said. I thought you wanted me to behave like that. I didn't mean him, he's horrible. God stop it. He's got his hand up under my knicker's elastic now and is pushing his fingers up me. He said he will rape me if he has to and he has plans for all sorts of horrible things he wants to do to me."

"You always told me that you would never complain to the police if you were raped, so he should be safe enough", I replied. "I don't think anyone would take a complaint from you seriously after your behaviour tonight."

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08-01-2008, 10:10 PM
"Give us all a thrill. I told you that I still love you but want to see you fucked by another man. The thought turns me on and you seemed up for it this time."

"I was just warning you at the party about so much stimulation arousing me so I was losing control. I thought you might take me home. I don't want this,
certainly not with him. I loath him but -- Oh God No!" she groaned in despair and began to breath heavily.

I looked in the mirror and saw he had his hand up her knickers leg, working it furiously, finger fucking her expertly. I switched my gaze to her face as she closed her eyes, opened her mouth to whimper. She had been right. Any man would do and she was beyond stopping now. She turned to him to kiss him, freeing her hands to wrap round his neck in submission. He had clearly hit the spot and with no support she had given in to her body's demands.

"Oh Mummy, Mummy, Mummy," she groaned. "Of all the men at the party it had to be this one that I hate." And out of her control if it has to be you another orgasm swept upon her. She reached for his zip and pulled his hard prick out working it frantically "If it has to be you, just fuck me properly -at least your cock is big and hard."

At that moment my companion in the front said, "slow up, we're here, the brown door, park outside."

The big man in the back flung open the door and jumped out, pulling my wife, who was desperately trying to straighten her clothing, along firmly by the hand. "Come on in darling, we'll be more comfortable in there and I'll fuck you every way you think possible and then some."

Inside the big man called out loudly, "John, John, where are you? We have some company, get your arse down here and make some coffee."

After a while a sleepy 14 year old appeared, still tucking his shirt in. "What's up dad I was asleep, I thought you were out."

"I was but we have come back to party, this lady's going to give me some fun. You can watch and learn. It will be better than a porn movie. If you behave, I expect she will give you some fun too, she's really up for it and married women love very young inexperienced boys. It's time you had a real woman to play with instead of wanking all day. You can learn how to handle
a real woman."

My wife had recovered her control and snapped, "Nothing's going to happen. Neither of you are going to touch me. I'm going home right now."

"No deal," said the big man. "You turned me on at the party and then left me stewing. We were getting on so well in the car and you aroused me so nothing but an army could stop me fucking you now. Put some music on
John something slow and smoochy to help get her back in the mood."

He still had her hand tight and he dragged her into the centre of the floor. The music started and he pulled her to him roughly, swaying in time with the tune. She tried to wriggle away but he wrapped his big arms around her tightly, grinding his hips into her belly.He bent his head to kiss her but she twisted her head away from him.

He cursed and gripped her hair roughly, pulling her face towards him so he could explore the inside of her mouth with his tongue. He cursed again as she bit him; pulling away from her and then slapping her face hard so she reeled back.

I started at this, "Hey no violence, just fuck her."

He pulled her to him again and slobbered over her lips and tongued her mouth and throat for ages.

"That's it bitch, now you are learning. See John you have to show them who's in charge. Now boy pay attention and she'll give you a show." He turned her roughly so he was behind her but then held her so close he was grinding his groin into her buttocks.

Both of his hands were holding her tightly across the front of her body and he moved the left one to the neckline of her dress. He tried to slide it inside but found the neck was too tight so he gripped the edge of the dress and ripped it open exposing her bra. He pulled the bra off her right breast and gripped her tit firmly, kneading and squeezing it. She cried out when her dress was torn off and struggled frantically to get free.

"I thought you had got the message," he shouted, "it seems you need some more instruction. " He gripped her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed viciously so she shrieked and began to cry.

"Stop it!" I cried. "Leave her alone!!" But he was beyond reasoning. "She won't get hurt if she does what she's told," he snarled. "You interfere and I'll smash you."

My wife glanced at me and then whispered. "Don't fight, I'll do whatever he wants."

His right hand grabbed the torn edge of her dress and ripped at it until it was shredded to her knees exposing her wearing stockings, suspenders and slim
black cotton knickers.

"There boy, isn't she a stunner? I bet you are nearly creaming your pants."

The boy was agog staring obsessively at her, clearly never having seen a real woman like this.

His father slid a big hand down over her belly, stroking the firm flat flesh of her stomach slowly with great pleasure. He then moved his hand down past her panties to the top of her thighs, pushing it between her legs. He forced her legs apart and slowly caressed the white flesh between her stockings and pants.

He slid his fingers up under the elastic leg of her knickers and worked two of them up into her. "God she's wet. She's ready for it whatever she says. Look at the stains all over her pants, the gusset is stiff and coated. You can see she's been groped all night and is still hot for a real fuck."

He pulled his hands from the leg of her pants, moving it back to her belly and the slid it down inside her knickers. "That's better, I can get at her clit better
now. I bet she will go like crazy when I stroke her button. Those lads have been warming her up all night."

"Yes Darling I can feel those tremors in your cunt squeezing my fingers and the juice is flowing all ready for me. Don't resist it Baby we can all hear you pant and whimper ready for it."

"Get your hand back and get my prick out, it's hard and leaking love juice, just desperate to get up in you."

He forced her over to the sofa, turning her and pushing her onto her back. He pulled her pants down to her knees and collapsed onto her, reaching down to centre the helmet of his prick at the entrance of her cunt.

"There baby, here we go, you must feel it opening you up. I like to go in real slow so I can savour the feeling. So can you feel me taking you real slow. I
just love it when they shudder as they feel my big prick going deeper and deeper. It's a big turn on when it gets real deep where those muscles can grip it all nice and tight and your cunt can milk it with those strong contractions.

Then I like it to be tight up to that womb entrance where my sperm can get quickly to work to make a kid. I bet it's the best time of the month for you to fall for a kid. To have a kid at your age won't be fun but to know it's mine that you're making for me is special."

"Anyway looking after a kid will keep you occupied and tied down so you are available any time I want you."

"That's why you're so hot. I know women. I love that thought of knocking you up. It gives spice to the fuck, especially when you hate me so. A Fuck is great, but a rape is even better. I know I've done a few in my time.

He turned to me, "What do you think milksop, still so keen to see me to fuck her? I'm only about an inch in, you want to try to stop me or do you want to see your fantasy so much that you will take the risk."

Shaking with excitement, I rushed to them and pushed on his arse firmly and was greeted by a scream from my wife as he went deep in her to the root.

"Oh God!" she squealed. "He's right, you know, the evil bastard. I'm so fertile, especially this week. He's got no protection on. Make him wear a condom. You've got your wish, I couldn't stop now, I must have a man in me even him but make him be careful."

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08-01-2008, 10:14 PM
"Tough luck, you'd need an army to pull me out of here now. I hate rubbers, they spoil all the fun and I think you would make a lovely mother for my kid. You're not the sort to get rid of it."

He began to hump her furiously and in spite of herself she began to respond, her breathing deepened and she started to make little whimpering sounds. Her arms crept around him and she lifted her lips to his.

"You women are all alike," he snarled "won't have anything to do with me unless you're forced to but then you love my big prick pounding you. I can feel your cunt pulling at me, milking me, sucking my strong spunk deep into you in spite of everything you said. Who's the animal now?"

"Oh Babe, hear it comes, its good stuff, worth waiting for. So were you, I didn't expect to get this fuck but it's the best yet."

His frantic thrusting induced her climax and her orgasm swept uncontrollably through her. I was entranced to see her respond to this brutal fucking. I leaned and showered kisses onto her as she thrust her tongue into my mouth and gripped us both frantically.

"Darling, Darling," I said. "I love to see you so excited and gripped by such pleasure. It thrills me to watch you lose control and cum so wantonly. I love
seeing him pumping in and out of you and your cunt lips wrapping around his big prick so recklessly. I want to stroke your cunt as your love juice is squeezed out of you by his pumping."

"I love to stroke your belly and mound as it convulses in pleasure. It makes me love you so much when you are so sexy." I pulled my prick out and slid it into her mouth. She smiled and took it deep, sucking and slurping on it. I started to withdraw as I began to cum, knowing she normally hates the taste of cum in her mouth but she sucked me back in deep and licked and
swallowed until I was sucked dry.

As my prick collapsed and slid from her, she turned to her lover and let her excitement rebuild.

They both cried aloud as they came and then went quiet as he ceased thrusting and collapsed on her.

My wife lay still but the man stirred again. "That was good but I want seconds. Turn over I want to try your lovely arse. I bet it's tight as I don't expect this milksop has had much of it."

My wife gasped. "Oh no. I hate that. It hurts me too much!"

"Ha he has had a go then? He's gone up in my estimation. Can you cum with an arse fuck? At least you'll know what to do."

"I'll need some lubricant boy, get some butter or something."

He seized her roughly and turned her over like a limp rag, pulling the tatters of her dress aside and dragging her pants half down. "Just look at that arse I
can't wait." He leaned forward and parted the cheeks of her buttocks and rubbed a handful of butter around her entrance. He placed the tip of his prick hard against her anus and leaned h eavily on her.

She cried out in pain and tried to wriggle away from the pressure but he pulled her head back roughly by her hair and pushed some more. "Jesus I said she would be tight. It's heaven and I'm only half way in."

My wife screamed again and again but he just grinned, "Just stay as still as possible and relax. If you've done it before you'll know the pain will soon go and the pleasure will start as soon as I am right in. Once I'm there I will stop and let you recover. That's what a gentleman does." He gave a grunt and thrust so his belly was rubbing firmly against her soft buttocks.

I moved to comfort her and tried to kiss her but her eyes were closed tight and her teeth gritted in a grimace.

He lay against her, savouring the thrill and gently rocking against her fleshy cheeks. He reached forward and cupped her breasts in each hand, squeezing
appreciatively. "That's lovely girl. You were made for this. I'll just stay quiet and enjoy it. I can feel starting to relax. The pain must be going and the
pleasure coming in."

He moved one hand from a breast to her cunt and began to caress her clit. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth drooped slackly and she began to rock her head from side to side. "Oh God I can't stand it," she moaned.

He started to pump her slowly and a strangled cry partly of pain but mixed with excitement as her body shifted under him.

She screamed and panted as yet another orgasm wracked her body and the man let out a triumphant shout of pleasure.

"Christ she's squeezing it like crazy and I'm pumping spunk. It's the best fuck I've ever had. I'm going to keep this woman tied in my cellar until she's worn

Then they were done and he pulled from her leaving a trail of spunk oozing from her hole. We all lay quiet and exhausted in that strange state of satisfaction and guilt that can come after sex.

We lay quiet for some time. I felt guilty and my wife was obviously ashamed about what had happened. The big man was exhausted and unusually quiet but then stirred and got up.

My wife stood up, pulled her pants up and tried to wrap the remains of her dress about her. "Where's the bathroom?" she said, "I must get cleaned up." After 10 minutes she reappeared and said, "Take me home please."

"Wait a minute!" the big man said. "What about my boy? I promised him some fun."

"I think you have done enough," she, "I am not letting a child touch me, not even after I have become such a slut."

"I can't let him down, just like that," and he seized her and pulled her into the centre of the room. You'll. have to dance with him, come on boy."

The lad came uncertainly forward; obviously desperately keen to touch the woman but nervous how to do so. His father seized them and pulled them together, "Put your arms around her and pull her close. "Just sway to the music and kiss her slowly." Shyly he did so but then emboldened by a shout from his father to get at her; he moved a hand to her breast.

"That's it, feel her up, get her tits out from that bra and suck her nipples until they are hard."

My wife tried to stop him but his father yelled, "Make her obey, you're bigger than her and supposed to be a man, do anything you want to her, you saw her just now she's just a slut like the rest and just needs persuading. She really wants it but a nice woman is supposed to object. Put your hand up her skirt and feel her cunt if you want to."

My wife pulled away from the boy but the man grabbed her roughly from behind and held her firm.

"Now lad, get her tits out and suck them, yes that's right you can see she loves it." The boy pulled the remains of the tattered dress aside and pulled her bra away.

"That's it, aren't they soft and yielding? Squeeze them and suck those nipples. See they harden and stiffen, she responding, suck them like you are a babe again. It's great isn't it, you're becoming a real man."

"Now pull the remains of the skirt away and stroke those legs. Slide your hands up her thighs, its great as you get from the rough nylon to the soft white flesh of her thighs above her stockings. Now slide up between her thighs to her crotch. Its so warm and damp there, you'll love the smell, magic isn't it, she getting ready again, for you this time."

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08-01-2008, 10:19 PM
"Slide your fingers under the elastic of a leg. It's the greatest thrill known to man to get up there. Feel her bush, she has a nice soft downy one. Then you can feel her slit, slip the lips aside and get at that wet hole."

"Have you found it? Push a finger up and it will open to you. Now you can get two fingers right up as far as you can go. If you curve the fingers towards yourself and work the tips you will feel her shiver as you hit her sensitive spot. She'll love that and you can feel her cunt grip your fingers tightly. That's getting to her."

"The part that really turns her on is the little button at the top of her crack. It's called her clit and is really sensitive. Just stroke the tip lightly and you
will feel her respond. She'll grip ever so tightly on those fingers up her cunt, reach to hold and touch you and open her mouth to be tongued. She will groan and sigh and begin to breathe heavily and if you are really into her, she will reach to get her hands on your willie.

"I think you are doing well. I can feel her melting in my arms and she doesn't need to be restrained anymore. She wants it now. She'd beginning to love a young boy's first touch and in spite of her reluctance wants you now. She has to pretend not to like it to keep respectable but I can tell she wants you to fuck her.

"To really turn her on you need to tongue her cunt. Get down and slide your tongue around her crack. Slowly move towards it, now lick those fat lips. Then slip them apart and tongue up the inside. Doesn't that taste good? You can feel her shudder as you lick her. Push your tongue as deep in her cunt as you can and lick the hole.

"Now for the big response, lick her button. Get it between your teeth lightly and run your tongue around the tip." Now she's panting and whimpering, get two fingers up her and feel for the sweet spot whilst you lick her clit and you'll feel her grip like a vice. There that's how you turn a woman on and she'll do anything for you now.

"You want your cock sucked? On your knees bitch and get it out." She sank to her knees and opened his fly pulling his stiffening cock loose. "Now suck it, you must know how to do that well."

She slid her mouth slowly down his cock until her face was hard against his belly. The boy shuddered "that's bliss" he cried, "Don't stop."

She moved slowly to the top and sucked the tip, running her tongue gently around the rim. The boy shrieked "Oh God that's incredible I'm going to cum you had better stop."

"Keep at it bitch, he will just love his first blow job, go in deep and keep sucking to swallow it all. It will be like nectar, a boy's fresh cum and he'll never forget his first blow job if he can cum in your mouth and you swallow it all."

She pulled out and said, "I hate that and won't do it."

He grabbed her hair and pushed her mouth back down the cock. You don't learn at all do you?" and he violently grabbed her ears and bobbed her head up and down on the boys pulsing prick. The boy cried out and sensing he
was coming the man pushed her head to his belly and she choked as the cum filled her throat. "There lad, the best thrill in the world, a pretty woman reluctantly sucking you off."

The boy looked shocked and delighted and content but his dad said, "Well that's lesson one. Have a little rest and get us some coffee and then you can have lesson two. You are going to fuck her properly with your prick deep inside her. If she's as fertile as she says maybe you can father a child with your first fuck. It's a race between your sperm and mine but you should
have the advantage of youth. We may never know the answer but it will keep her awake at night thinking if she falls for a kid."

"I would have only needed a half hour break to go again at your age so I'm sure you are capable/. We'll see if you are yet a real man. You will have to make her come again to qualify so we will see what you're made of."

Whilst the boy went to make the coffee my wife urged me to take her home, but the father intervened before I could reply saying "no you don't you have not finished with him yet. You have already molested a juvenile so you are in trouble if he reports it. You stay and fuck him nicely to finish his education."

The boy soon came back and looked eagerly at my wife. "His father laughed "14 year old kids, once they have tasted a good fuck nothing can stop them."

His father had clearly given him a good talking to whilst they were in the kitchen. I could not believe it as this slight small lad confidently approached my wife and sat down beside her before reaching out confidently to caress her. When the evening started I had a faint hope that I might fulfill my fantasy and see my wife respond as she was made love to and then fucked by another man.

Well I certainly had that excitement but this was a bonus as this child wanted to indulge his rampant sexual urges on her and she had accepted his urgent needs and her equal desire for him. She had abandoned any pretence of trying to hide it and after hours of stimulation could not control her own desperate desire.

She did not try to fight him off but turned to him as he clumsily slobbered at her open lips. He pulled her clothes apart again and freed her breasts. He licked her nipples and they jutted out firm and hard.

She sighed and pulled him closer to get her hand down the front of his trousers to free his rising little boys prick. As his hand moved up between her legs she shifted them apart to give him easy access. He pulled her knickers out of the way and eased her bloated cunt lips open and thrust two small fingers roughly up her.

She gasped aloud then and murmured, "My young lover, you are wonderful, so fresh and soft it's like loving my own child as every woman desires but is scared to allow. Hold me, touch me, caress me, enter me my Darling. I want you back inside me and to feel your pleasure and joy."

She bent her head to his lap and took his limp cock gently into her mouth, working her lips and tongue expertly around the helmet and encouraging it to swell and stiffen. "There my darling you are so virile and are ready again."

The boy slid down her to his knees in front of her and pushed her knees wide apart giving total access to her cunt. He started licking her leg above the knee and slowly worked up along the inside of her thigh.

"Oh Darling that's wonderful, you learn so fast," she murmured. Then as he tarried on the soft white strip of flesh above her stockings, she sighed with pleasure. Her gentle sigh became a gasp of excitement and desire as he eased her pants aside and ran his tongue up the length of her crack before homing in on her firm hard clit.

"Oh Mummy, Mummy, I know its bad but I want him so. It can't be bad after what I have allowed today for my husband's sake. Now I have been such a slut, I can admit I want this child so much. He is so young and desperate to be a man. It can't be bad to teach him how to love me."

Then as his persistent licking roused her close to another orgasm, she totally lost all control and began to pant and gabble " oh my sweetheart, that's
beautiful, more, more, just there, there, I want you inside of me now, please, please, fuck me, fuck me hard. I don't care if it's not safe, I would love your baby, your first baby."

She pulled him up to her and steered his firm prick to the entrance of her cunt. "That's it, in, deeper, deeper."

The boy stared to cry and thrust frantically. I leaned to her and freeing my hard prick pushed it into her mouth and down her throat. I was thrilled and whispered "darling, I love you, I love to see you getting so much pleasure from sex. Your young lover is beautiful and to see you in deep pleasure for so long is a thrill. Relax and enjoy the feeling."

"Oh yes, yes," she moaned, "I love it, I love him, want him in me forever, don't let him stop."

She needn't have worried. Young boys may come too early but with their quick recovery period an stamina, second time around they can go and go. This one could and she moaned, screamed and convulsed for 10 minutes before he shrieked and came in her.

She felt the convulsions and warm flow in her and wrapped her arms tighter around him with a contented sigh.

Then it was suddenly finished. The boy lay quiet in her arms for a long time while she held him close. After a while he slowly withdrew from her and nestled to her. She dreamily slid down his body to lick the sticky cum from his soft prick but even this did not arouse him. He was spent.

She lay quiet for awhile longer but as the glow of spent desire left her, the enormity of what might be impacted on her. She jumped up and turned to me.

"We must rush. I can't have another child. Not now, not at my age. Certainly not that horrible man's child and not even the boy's. I must rush and get a morning after pill to be safe."

The big man stirred. "Rushing off? I want to arrange another date. My boy will be insatiable now and want more and she obviously just loved it. She will have to fuck me as part of the deal or I will complain that she has abused my son."

We had no time to stop and the words were an ominous threat. Though maybe I will enjoy seeing my fantasy fulfilled regularly and I suspect my wife might secretly enjoy it too. I was worried when he wanted to keep her as a slave and expected more trouble with him.

I guess he has realised he has us over a barrel and can get anything he wants now. It looks like I will see mywife fucked many times now, although we might have trouble getting out of his clutches.

I am expecting a call any day now.

The End !!! :p

09-01-2008, 09:29 AM
TKs bro birdie....swee n nice stimulating stories

09-01-2008, 09:44 PM
TKs bro birdie....swee n nice stimulating stories

Kum Sia Tiko D_G for your support !!! ;)

Here's one story for you hope it won't scare you ......kekekekeke .

Title : Horror Hotel

I woke up the next morning in my apartment building, lying on my bed. I was feeling better then ever, I felt like I had never felt ill in my life, and I never would. I went about my week the same way as always, working and hanging out with Johnny , finally, on the night off, I was going to walk back to Heartbreak Hotel.

I walked down the street I had previously walked down find the place. I strutted down the sidewalk to where the hotel where my dream lover had been. I was distraught to see the sign once glowing pink neon was now dead and a dim red color, the lights were gone from the inside, and the smell of scented oils and vanilla no longer lingered in the air, as a sweet reminding of what was to come.

I took the walk down to that part of the city, it was quite different from the streets I last remembered, the air was sweet and it was well lit, beautiful women and handsome men standing in the alleyways and avenues. This place was different though, it was dark and dank. It looked like it had just rained, but there wasn’t a cloud for miles, the street was covered in trash, and the beautiful women were replaced by homeless men and garbage cans, bottles of dry liquor, and bloody tampons. The air had a pungent sweet smell, like fruit.

I looked up at the street sign, to see if I had the right street, it said “Lonely St.” but it was different, it was scratched up and covered in graffiti. It now read “Spook City USA”

Not letting that stop me from seeing my sweet Barbara I strode on strong, widening my steps. I saw the building, I looked just like their old place, but not the sign read “Horror Hotel” and it glowed in dim red neon, making the walls and ground look like they were covered in crimson blood, like jack the ripper was back on duty.

I walked to the door, and instead of the bright lights and walking face it was dark and blue inside, and I saw only shadowy figures. The door was covered in cobwebs, like it hadn’t been opened in years. I pushed it open with an uneasy creak. My confidence was diminished when I reached the counter, instead of the beautiful women, there was another, still beautiful, but her face was covered in scratched and flaking skin, like she was suffering from leprosy. Her lips curled into a smile, and I was greeted with yellow rotten teeth, she pulled a key from the wall, there were very few keys hung up now, instead of the hundreds I remembered. She lifted the key closer up to my face, and she blew on it, dust drifted up to my face. Her breath lingered in the air and it was rotten, like rotten meat.

I uneasily took the key in my grasp, “Room 21” I looked at the clerk.
“I want the room Barbara is in.” I told her in a mutter.

She smiled her hideous smile, “That’s her room, short lovely girl? Right.” she said in a dry voice.

“Right.” I said, in an even more uneasy voice.

My feet turned toward the hallway, and started walking, slowly. The figures that were covered in shadow stayed that way, I could see no facial features, no nothing, just a human shaped shadow, with slits for eyes. I walked up to the 3rd floor. The doors were cracked as I walked, pale yellow eyes peered out at me, looking scared and longing for help.I found room 21, and I pushed the key into the keyhole, I twisted the key, more scared then excited. I turned the knob and the door slowly creaked open, I walked in. I saw the room was in the same arrangement, but the bed cover was dull and gray, as were the under stuffed lumpy pillows. The night stands were cracked and rotting, about to fall apart where they stood. My head flew toward the corner where I had first seen Barbara, there was a shadowed figure sitting under an unlit lamp, the legs crossed and the hands on the thighs, just like she was sitting the first time I had seen her.

“Barbara?” I whispered to the shape in the corner.

The hand ominously floated from her thigh up to lamp a dull blue light came from the lamp shade, and I saw her face. Thank God, she was still the same. But there was a cold air about her, instead of the warm wet one I remember. Now her skin was pale white, and her eyes were just as pale, and they were cracked with red lines. I smiled at her. Her eyes now seemed to bore into my soul. The edges of her lips curled up into the smile that I loved, but it was different, her k-9 teeth were now sharp and elongated.

She seemed to float up to me, and her dainty little fingers were now claw-like with long black painted finger nails. Me pulled my belt off and tossed it on the bed behind us, he pulled my closer by my pants and brought her mouth close to mine. I pushed my face closer to kiss her, but she grabbed my bottom lip with her teeth, as she did her fingers flew like they had before, with a magical speed, unzipping my fly and unbuttoning my jeans. She released me from her teeth and pushed me back on the bed. I tasted the blood from my lip as I landed on the bed, I was once again naked, but the bed was messy and cold, not like the last time I had laid in it. She landed on me, naked, just like the last time, her cunt and ass rubbing on my stomach, and her skin was cold and clammy.

I reached up to touch her breasts, but she smacked my hands down, and I withdrew. My cock was hard and hot just thinking of what was in store for me. She kissed my lips, then kept moving down, to my neck, she laid on my neck for a moment, licking it, tasting it, then she moved down licking each part of my part of me, until she got to my nether regions.

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09-01-2008, 09:47 PM
She took my cock in her mouth, it was still tight, but it was dry, and cold. She licked and sucked on my cock lustfully, wanting me to get off as soon as possible, just to eat my cum. She stuck her finger up my ass and I came right away it squirted in her mouth and he drank it up, he kissed my cock and sucked the remaining cum out, and she bit down lightly on my cock, and drew a drop of blood. I winced and jumped. She laughed and pushed me down as she sucked on my cock again.

Finally she stood above me and impaled herself on my cock her pussy was tight and wet, but it wasn’t her pussy juices, I looked down, and it was blood, I paid it no mind, I was getting off good, like before, it was tingling and I was loving it.

I grabbed her waist and helped her up and down, she grabbed my right hand and pulled it to her mouth, she pulled it up to my wrist and she started kissing it, the she bit in and drew to streams of crimson blood, but it was far from painful, it was orgasmic. She sucked and sucked and sucked the blood from my wrist.

“I’m about to cum.” I said, wincing through the pleasurable pain.

She jumped off my cock and stroked it hard and coldly, blood flying every
way, then I came, my cum, with a mixture of blood landed squarely in her mouth, and she swallowed it.

“Mm-mmm” she opening her eyes and licking her lips.

Finally she bent over the bed, wanting anal again I suppose. I put my cock up to her asshole, and as I did I noticed that there was blood dripping from it, as I pushed my cock in blood spurted out and spattered on my stomach. I pumped in and out, just like before, slowly at first, the getting into a rapid rhythm.

She was moaning like the time before, and her ass we tight, but it was cold, like the rest of her body.

She flipped over on her back and I pumped away at her ass, she moaned and moaned. Finally she reached orgasm, but instead of cum she squirted blood, blood sprayed out and covered my body, and she wailed like a banshee.
I kept pumping and pumping until I came in her ass finally, but she body wasn’t moving, it was lifeless.

I looked and saw he face, it was dead, she had no life in her eyes, she had no pulse. I was fucking a dead body?!

I pulled my cock out and backed away, he body fell to the floor, still lifeless. Her body rolled over onto its back and her stomach was gapping open, her internal organs spilt from within her, littering the floor. There was blood and tissue covering the floor. I kept backing up until I backed into someone. I turned and it was Barbara, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around me, I stared into her eyes, and she mine, but I was hypnotized. And while I was under her spell she sank her teeth deep into my neck, piercing my jugular vein, she sucked and sucked and sucked until I had almost no blood, I was running dry. I was carried from the room and through into a dungeon. I was chained to the wall, I had been tricked. I traded my life for the greatest sex in the world.

I recognized the smell in the air, like sweet rotten fruit, the way decaying human flesh smells.

“I don’t wanna be here in this London dungeon, I don’t wanna be here in this British hell, its no misery, why I’m in misery, it’ hell.”

The End !!!

09-01-2008, 09:50 PM
One last long story for tonight - Title : The Lingerie Party

I parked in the gravel lot and went in the back entrance of my local adult video store, crunching through the slate and kicking up little swirls of dust with each step. Neon lights in the windows advertised quarter show booths, booths that in reality didn't accept coins � only increments of dollar bills, from singles all the way up to twenties. An a-frame style signboard missing several of its mismatched bright orange and yellow letters hawked five DVD rentals for $5.

My kind of deal; just what I was looking for: cheap-ass entertainment.

The smell hit me as soon as I walked through the doors. Every stroke shop I've ever been in has the same nasty funk hanging in the air, soaked into the woodwork - a gagging combination of dry, stale cum uneasily mingling with huge quantities of bleach and topped off with clouds of cigarette smoke; all of that fighting to be noticed under a hefty veil of depressing creepiness. At least the air conditioning was turned on,

I steeled myself, ignored the odor and moved past the blow-up doll displays, the racks of sex toys, the greasy, fingerprint-smeared glass counters full of colorful liquids and gels and condom packets. Nodded to the bored pierced, tattooed twenty-something's lounging behind the counter, whose torn thrift-shop attire and purple and blue-dyed hair guaranteed them a life of great minimum-wage gigs just like this one. One of the two, an emaciated girl who was pulling off a great impression of a serious heroin addict, ignored me completely. Her companion glared at me sullenly, like I was going to try to shoplift a dildo or maybe, more likely, because I looked too much like his dad. I grinned and found the DVD's for rent, racks of porn shelved along the walls and lined up on homemade shelving units in haphazard rows just past a pair of sensor alarm gates, a ton of smut tucked comfortably away in a room the size of a small warehouse.

I took my time picking out my movies, going for the absolutely nastiest hardcore I could find, not wanting to really touch anything. Thank God for all that bleach. Even so, the CD jackets felt and looked greasy; and then I remembered the junkie-punks lounging at the counter, and guessed I knew how motivated they probably were to keep everything clean and germ free. I made sure to hold the movies like I would a dead skunk, using the tips of my fingers. I found an anal gang-bang orgy (�Two hours of hardcore DP penetration!), a best-of chicks-with-dicks, a couple of rough sex sets and one or two seriously disturbing anime titles, tossed my choices on the counter.

Heroin Girl had disappeared. Her buddy was eating a cold cheeseburger that might have been a day old, licking ketchup off his fingers and watching a video monitor, a movie with several couples humping in fast-forward. They looked a bit like bunnies fucking. Junkie-Boy roused himself enough to pause whatever he was screening, set me up with a rental account, drop my DVD's into a black plastic bag and take my money. Then he went back to his choice of dinner theater. Heroin Girl was outside smoking a cigarette as I left. I smiled at her.

You have a nice day, I said.

She gave me a dose of full-on, disdainful punk-rock attitude, and wrinkled up her nose at me. I wondered if maybe I smelled like I'd been squirted by that imaginary dead skunk. Fuck-off, scumbag.

She took a last drag and flicked her smoldering butt into the gravel alongside a few dozen other dead cigarettes; ground it out under the heel of her heavy Doc Martin boot. She rolled her eyes theatrically, and I watched her grumble while she clunked all the way back to the counter to not do her crappy job some more. Tough life, I thought. Then I shrugged, got in my car and drove home through the heat to my air-conditioned house and my DVD player.

Twenty minutes later, I was naked and spread-eagled on the couch with my mouth open and my chin drooping onto my chest, bored to tears. I understood why Junkie-Boy in the porn shop was fast-forwarding through his movie. I had one of my hard-chosen video picks on, my limp dick in one hand and the remote in the other, watching some young dyed-blonde bitch with huge fake tits unenthusiastically blow-jobbing her way through twenty or thirty guys (who all seemed to be having the same case of erectile dysfunction that I was currently having) when the phone rang. I did the same thing the kid at the store did when I interrupted him: I hit pause on the remote. Then I answered the phone.

Hello? I croaked.

Um, Grove? Is that you? A soft female voice; musical and smooth like honey. It sounded vaguely familiar.

Uh-huh� I mumbled, still trying to place the voice.

This is Elizabeth. You remember?

Oh God, I thought. Elizabeth. An old friend of my last girlfriend, April, from time gone by; I'd met her once or twice, but April hadn't seen much of Elizabeth since she married some uber-buff, male-model looking, upwardly-mobile freak of nature and stopped hanging out with anybody who either wasn't in the beautiful people crowd or who didn't earn half-a-million bucks a year. I half-remembered a crazily exotic, gorgeous woman, and guilty visions of wide, almond shaped eyes, thick brown hair, rich caramel skin and lush curves washed through my head. I fully remembered feelings of total and complete inadequacy the few times I'd been around her. Thanks to the images assaulting my senses, the skanky blonde frozen on my television screen suddenly morphed into a composite version of the Elizabeth I was seeing in my head.

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09-01-2008, 09:54 PM
My throat went dry, and my dick actually, finally, twitched. Yeah�yeah, of course I remember�

I swear I could almost hear her grinning through the phone. Cool. I'd hate to think you'd forget me.

No chance, I said, the words sounding like crunchy shards of glass.

Ah, you're still a sweetie, aren't you?

Sweetie, she said. All of a sudden, I was getting a little light-headed. I managed a laugh. If you say so.

She laughed too. More honey, dripping. The sound sent a shiver down my back. Is April around? she asked.

Um, no� She's been living in Europe, with her folks. Sorry.

Europe? So�what about you guys?

Yeah, I said. Things just, you know�didn't last.

Oh. Well� Shit. I'm sorry. I was going to invite her to this�party I was having Friday night.

That's too bad. I'm sure she would've liked to go. I didn't know what else to say. There was a long, pregnant pause. I listened to the crackling void on the other end of the phone line, and I had the sinking feeling that our strained little conversation was over. Then Liz surprised me.

Hey, well, how would you like to come, Grove?

I blinked. Really?

Yeah. I know it's kind of late notice, and it's�a little silly, I guess, kind of a girlie thing, you know? I mean, you might not be interested, but I need to bring someone� She drifted off.

For a second, I wondered why she was asking me to come, not her husband. But that thought lasted the blink of an eye; if it meant seeing Liz again, there was no way I was going to refuse. I was honestly kind of curious anyway. And besides, my dick was harder than it'd been all morning, even after watching five bucks worth of porn. I didn't have any big plans for Friday. What did I have to lose?

What kind of �girlie thing' are we talking about? I asked.

She laughed again, nervously, I thought. I wondered what about talking to me could make Liz nervous. It's kind of�a�a lingerie party.

My turn to laugh. Liz stayed quiet. I blinked, waited a beat before answering with a dumbfounded, You're kidding, right?

Liz sighed on the other end of the line, then, matter-of-factly, No.

You want me to come to a lingerie party.

Yeah, if you want�.I mean, I know it sounds weird, but I promised there would be a bunch of us, and most of the girls I know are going to be there, but� She paused, took a breath. You know, you don't have to buy anything if you don't want to, but you could get a gift for April, and there's going to be some stuff for guys too�leopard skin underwear, stuff like that�

I chewed it over. Thought about maybe being the only guy in a roomful of tipsy, scantily-clad women. Thought about what April was going to say when she found out.

I made up my mind. I was in. Hey, sure Liz. It'll be fun.

Really? She sounded almost relieved. You'll come?

Yeah, I�

That's great! Everybody's going to get here about eight. Here let me give you my phone number and the directions to my house�

Okay, hold on and let me find a pen�

I sat up and scribbled some notes on the back of my video receipt. Liz thanked me again, and we both hung up. I sat there with the phone in my lap for a long minute. Then I grinned and went back to my movie, and this time I didn't have any trouble getting it up.

No shit?

It was the next afternoon, Thursday, and I was eating lunch with my buddy Andre at a cheap mexi-café we liked, seated outside at a curbside table under a canvas umbrella. Andre was finishing up a taco platter; I was snacking on a huge, spicy pile of cheese and salsa dripping nachos.

I nodded, popped a jalapeno pepper in my mouth and chewed happily, savoring the oily burn. I'd just filled Andre in on yesterday's events. He'd met Elizabeth once, after April and I bought our home, at our housewarming party. A long time ago, it seemed. I could see from his eyes that he had the same memories of her that I did. I grinned and wiped my hands on my napkin while I confirmed the question.

Yep. The whole truth, brotha. No shit.

Andre leaned back. The aluminum chair under his big ass squeaked and groaned. He adjusted his Yankees cap, wiped fingers down his wiry goatee, shook his head.

Damn, man. Shit like this isn't fair. I knew that girl was a shark the minute I laid eyes on her. He crossed his arms, chewed on his lip. How come she invited you? Does that tall mocha drink dig the white boy cream?

I shrugged and sipped cold beer. The burn receded to a constant, pleasant tingle at the back of my tongue. Hell if I know.

You know, if she finds out � and you know she's gonna � April's gonna eat you alive if any shit happens.

She will even if nothing happens. I said, digging back into the pile of chips. I'll just cross my fingers. But nothing's going to happen, you know, Liz is married, man, to some dude way out of my league.

Doesn't matter, Andre waved that comment on by. You said it didn't sound like he'd be around anyway, right? You get there, all that pussy spread out on the couch and what-not; they'll all be drinking wine, getting' all tipsy and giggly, next thing you know they'll be trying on the frilly panties and shit, modeling for you�then, BAM! You'll be on the floor, humping away; drunk, horny bitches lined up to be fuckin' you�

I snorted. Right.

Look, Grove, he pointed a finger at my cell phone. Reg and I'll be at Tin's club tomorrow night, maxin' with Barry and his boys.

They're playing? I asked. We'd known Barry from way back. He'd been a fixture on the local music scene since we were all in college together. Now he was heading up some retro-funk band that had been scaring up some hot press lately.

Yeah. Tin's isn't too far from where you're gonna be, right? Only what � ten, fifteen minutes away? Anyway, you need some help handling all that pussy, you call us. Andre leered, showing off a mouthful of big white teeth. He picked up his last taco and poured half a bottle hot sauce over it. An' we'll come a' runnin'.

Thanks, man. I appreciate that.

You bet, baby, you bet. Anything for a friend. Right, homeboy? Andre took a huge bite. Half the taco disappeared. He chewed, bobbing his head in time to a reggae song pouring out of the café's outside speaker system. I'm mister thoughtful, you know that.

I was running late Friday night. Got off work late and immediately got stuck in a massive snarl of traffic. Bumper to bumper for as far as the eye could see. I veered off the freeway at the closest exit to my house, stopped for a quick burger at a fast food drive-through, got stuck behind a soccer-mom's van that was idling, belching black smoke. When I finally pulled back out into the streets, I opened my bag of food, only to discover the goon at the window got my order all wrong. Fuck it � I didn't have time to go back and complain. I grumbled, but scarfed the shit down anyway, and took side streets the rest of the way home.

Parked in the driveway and ran inside at twenty-to-eight, grabbed a quick shower, dressed, checked myself in the full-length mirror in the bedroom, frowned, dressed again. By the time I pulled up at Liz's curb, it was a quarter past, and the street around her house was full of expensive luxury cars. I found a spot a ways up the hill, parked, beeped my car locked, and walked back, carrying a bottle of decent wine I'd picked up during my lunch hour.

It was clear that Liz and her husband liked their privacy. Their house was big and old, set far back from the road on a good-sized chunk of real estate. The thing must've cost a fortune. Leafy, box-trimmed hedges surrounded the large, fresh-cut, forest green lawn, isolating the house further from the neighbors. All the lights inside were turned on. I opened the rod-iron gate and went down the front path to the door, rang the bell. Made sure my reflection looked good while the chime gonged somewhere deep in the house.

I was about to ring again when a lock clicked open, and I heard that magic voice, the honey muffled behind the heavy wood door. Then the door opened, and Liz was there, smiling at me, smothering me with a wave of pure physical force. She was wearing a simple black dress that hugged every perfect curve, black silk stockings, and polished black stiletto heels. She nonchalantly tugged a flopped-down spaghetti strap back over a shapely, nut-brown shoulder and pulled me inside.

Grove! I didn't think you were going to make it! She said, and pushed the door gently closed. It clicked shut.

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09-01-2008, 09:57 PM
I grinned sheepishly. Yeah, sorry about that. Work�you know?

She shook her head. Long silver baubles dangled from her earlobes, diamonds flashed in the light. Her dark eyes sparkled.

No, she laughed, not really.

Here, I said, and awkwardly held out the bottle of wine. I brought this for you.

She took the bottle and smiled, barely looked at it. Her eyes were still on mine.

Oh, baby, you didn't need to do that.

Well, you know, it's a party and all�

She stepped close and hugged me. Her hair was cut shorter than I remembered, curling in waves close to her neck. A wispy brown lock tickled my nose, and felt her breath warm at the side of my throat. I hugged her back, feeling her body press tight against me. I got that lightheaded feeling again, and my dick began tingling, got harder than it had been during any of my recent jack-off time. I caught a whiff of perfume, sweet and subtle, that I barely referenced past my sudden sensory overload. There was something else in the air too, sharp and pungent, smelling like cinnamon; candles, or incense, maybe.

We parted, and she took a second, looked me up and down. You haven't changed a bit, have you? she asked.

I wasn't too sure how to take that, but she looked approving. I guess not.

You look good enough to eat� She smiled. Then she took my arm, wrapped it up in hers. C'mon, let's go introduce you to the girls�

Liz walked me to the living room and made her introductions. I nodded as she ticked off the names she was telling me, making an effort to match names with faces, and even managing to remember a few. Andre about had it right: there were maybe twenty gorgeous women; some younger, some older, all dressed to the hilt, sipping wine and fruity mixed drinks. They were sitting in a loose semi-circle, on the sofa and in chairs; all positioned facing another, extremely busty older woman, primly dressed in a close-fitted business suit and skirt. She looked like she'd just stepped out of a Vanity Fair spread. Boxes and bags of things were spread out on the coffee table and tucked around her feet. Each of the ladies smiled appraisingly at me. I almost felt like I was dessert, just being brought out after a tasty meal.

So, I said, glancing around. Where's uh, what's his name�


That was pretty boy's name. Yeah, Doug.

Oh, he won't be coming home. Liz waved away the subject, instead asked, Can I get you something to drink?

Um, sure. Anything's okay.

She flitted over to the bar, came back with a glass of something cold. Latched right back onto my arm. Here, try it.

Every eye was still on me. I was definitely starting to feel like I was on display, definitely the odd man out. Uh, cheers, I said, and took a tentative sip. The drink was sweet, with a slight tang of alcohol and an almost bitter undercurrent of something I couldn't place. For a second, I had a crazy feeling, remembering the old Agatha Christie type mysteries, where the detective has solved the murder, declaring death by poisoning, and goes on to describe how arsenic was supposed to taste, like bitter almonds. Mm, I mumbled, pushing the paranoid thought away. That's pretty good.

It was like a sigh of acceptance passed through the room. Liz smiled up at me. My head was absolutely swimming, being this close to her.

The older woman with all the packages licked her red painted lips with the corner of a tiny pink tongue. She patted her silver hair, made sure it was in place, pulled back in a severe bun. She winked at me. Well, she said. Let's make our guest comfortable and get started, shall we?

Next to me, still clinging to my arm, Liz almost curtsied. Of course, Sarah. Sorry, all. She turned to me, whispered, Here, sit by me.

I let Liz pull me to the couch. The two women sitting there shifted to make room. A blonde in her early twenties patted the cushion next to her hip, smiled invitingly. We sat down. Liz set the bottle of wine in a bucket of ice on the table, and I wondered how much wine they'd already gone through. I wiggled in between the blonde and Liz, suddenly enjoying the press of warm female bodies next to me. I looked around; found that I was still the center of attention: the ladies stared and demurely sipped their drinks; the blonde who'd scooted over to make room smiled and practically nuzzled up next to me. Liz put her hand possessively on my thigh, and I almost jumped. She patted my leg, and I noticed that she wasn't wearing her wedding ring.

I blinked, wondering�

The woman named Sarah clapped her hands, and all the attention immediately snapped back in her direction. Back to business, she said, smiled sweetly, and opened the bag sitting in front of her, rooted around. Tissue paper rustled. I took another sip of my drink, caught some of the women glancing at me out of the corner of their eyes. I raised my eyebrows, got more smiles. The blonde, I think her name was Kate, shifted, and her breast brushed my elbow. I tried to shrink my six-foot-two self into a smaller space and failed. Her breast stayed where it was. It was a nice, soft breast. Even so, I moved slightly closer to Liz, who started gently petting the inside of my leg. The blonde scooted closer, her big, soft boob again connecting with my elbow.

I swallowed hard.

There was a quiet murmur around the room, and all the attention focused back towards the front, to Sarah. Okay, our first item would look fantastic on our new friend tonight, I think� Sarah smiled my way as she said that, and held up a pair of heavy padded leather handcuffs.

Holy shit, I whispered. The blonde took my free arm and pressed my hand to her leg. I stared, and then took another slug from my glass as Liz's hand found my crotch and continued its slow, steady petting.

Forty-five minutes later, I was working on my fourth or fifth drink. I was tipsy enough to have lost count. Most of the bags and boxes were empty, I was horny as all hell, and my head was reeling. I wondered why; the drinks didn't seem all that strong. Women had disappeared into the bedrooms, come back wearing skimpy silk and lace outfits, each one with less material than the last. Women drank and laughed while teasing me with little buzzing clit-stimulators and huge strap-on vibrators. The blonde next to me, Kate, was now naked except for a white satin push-up bra and a pair of crotchless panties. I knew they were crotchless because my fingertips were exploring and told me so. Sarah had taken off her suit top and skirt, and she was now standing with a small riding crop, modeling the black corset and stockings she'd had on underneath her clothes.

She wore the outfit like an old pro. Liz was still in her dress, except both the straps were down off her shoulders now, and to me she looked sexier than any of the other ladies who were parading around in their new undies. She had her arm around my shoulder. She and Kate were both brazenly nuzzling my neck; Liz's wandering hand had long since found the zipper to my pants and had disappeared inside; Blondie had unbuttoned most of my shirt, and was tickling my chest with her fingernails. I could see Sarah smiling at me with a wicked gleam in her eye. She smacked the tough leather crop down hard into her palm, and I jumped. Other eyes were beginning to turn our way�

The sensation around my crotch was driving me out of my mind. Liz had me hard as a rock. Andre's voice was playing over-and-over, like a loop reel in my head, ��next thing you know they'll be trying on the frilly shit, modeling it for you�then, BAM! You'll be on the floor, humping away�'

Whooo, I muttered. Need to use the bathroom, I think.

Kate pouted as I extracted my hand from between her legs. Liz paused, gave me that seductive smile again, pointed. Upstairs, first door on the left.

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09-01-2008, 10:00 PM
'Kay, I said. Back in a minute.

You hurry.

Oh, yeah. I nodded.

I excused myself and carefully wandered up the stairs, using the banister to steady myself. My head was spinning badly. I rounded the corner, found the bathroom. My dick was hanging out of my open pants, pointing straight out at an angle. I washed my hands and rinsed my face with cold water. I thought about what was going to happen when I want back downstairs, and stared at my dripping face in the mirror, realizing the blood pressure pounding through my dick wasn't letting up. I was getting more than a little panicked. Shit, I thought. This isn't natural. Did Liz drug me?

Carefully, I left the bathroom and snuck a look around the corner, used my cell phone to zoom in and snap a picture. I crept back into the bathroom and shut the door, sat on the edge of the bathtub, called Andre. He answered on the second ring. I could hear a crowd, but no music. I guessed he was already at the club, but it was still too early for the band to have started.

Hey mutherfucker, he shouted over the noise. 'Was'up? Where you at?

Dude, I'm here. I hissed.


I shook my head. He sounded drunker than I felt, but I knew it was more an act for the benefit of whoever was at the bar around him. Andre didn't drink anything except mineral water. He thought everything else was poison aimed at the righteous black man.

I'm at that party I was telling you about.

It took him a beat. The bitch party?


Sssshhhiiiiit. You bangin' yet?

Andre, shut up, dammit. I need your help.

Boy, a real man in yo' place wouldn't need no help. He laughed.

I groaned. Man, I'm not Captain Jim-fucking-Kirk, alright?

More laughter.

Look, I'm sending you a picture. Check it out. I'm trapped here with a couple dozen drunk, freaky women, and as cool as that sounds, I'm not eighteen fucking years old anymore, you know what I'm saying? I need some god-damn, dick-swinging help here, right now!

I could hear Reg in the background, asking what was up. Andre was laughing so hard he could barely talk. Shit, man, I was just fuckin' around wit' you, Grove, you know you my boy�

I cut him off. Just look at the damn picture. Okay? You remember the address?

Well, yeah. Yeah, homeboy, but�

Good. Hurry.

I disconnected the line, mailed off the picture. As soon as it was sent, I stood, pocketed the phone and opened the bathroom door. I stepped out into the hall, right in front of a tidal wave of drunk and horny womanhood, surging up the stairs. Sarah and Liz led the charge. They stopped barely a foot away from me. Sarah ran the tip of her riding crop up and down my chest.

Well, well. We thought you ran away.

Oh, no, I said, as I was surrounded by the flow of curvaceous, scantily clad bodies. I was just coming back to join the party.

That's very sweet. Liz told me you were a sweet boy. Sarah smiled, and her eyes no longer held that bright, mischievous quality I thought I'd seen early. Now they looked�hungry.

Yeah, well� I started. Small, warm hands were slowly touching me, running all over. I noticed Liz take my hand, felt a thick leather strap wrap around my wrist. Hey, now! Uh, look, why don't we go back down and�

I don't think so, sweet boy.

Sarah looked at Liz, who buckled the leather handcuffs tight. I was pushed and pulled over backwards. I lost my balance and fell into the mass of flesh, and then they were all over me. I struggled, but they pinned me to the floor and easily pulled my arms up over my head, tightened the straps of another cuff on my other arm, and then they started ripping at my clothes. I freaked. Started to yell, and Sarah nodded to Liz. She knelt by my head, I looked at her pleadingly, and when I opened my mouth, she stuffed a hard rubber ball inside, then wrapped it in a leather gag and buckled it around my head. My shoes and socks were pulled off, my pants and underwear followed fast, and my shirt was torn to shreds. Hungry, lusting eyes stared at me from above. More cuffs were clamped around my ankles. Sarah straddled my naked body, lightly stroked my swollen cock with her whip. The damn thing throbbed and twitched as she probed at it.

We've come to bring the�party�to you.

Andre snapped his flip-phone shut, slapped it down on the counter, feeling a little bit pissed at his best friend. He remembered Elizabeth, all right, remembered how fine she was, and he just couldn't figure why Grove sounded so upset. Reg was sitting on the barstool opposite, staring at him, waiting for him to say something. On stage, Barry and the band were just getting their equipment set up, getting ready for their sound check.


Dunno. Andre shrugged. Homeboy's nuts, man.

The sound tech in the upper booth called check; on stage, the band's drummer lit into a groove, then Barry joined in with a heavy, rubbery base line. They sounded good-to-go to Andre. He was standing, ready to join the crowd already pushing up to the edge of the stage, but paused as his cell vibrated. Andre checked the phone's screen: mail from Grove. He flipped open his phone, hit a button, and his jaw dropped.

What? Reg repeated over the roar of the crowd. What the fuck's goin' on?


Andre held out the phone. Reg squinted, blinked, looked up at Andre.

That what I think it is? he said.

Andre just nodded.

We outta here? Reg asked.

A beat, then they both nodded together.


Andre cupped his hands around his mouth and bellowed while Reg wildly waved his arms. Barry glanced up, confused, spotted his friends and shrugged, as if to say, what?


Then they were pushing out of the club, heading towards Andre's car.

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09-01-2008, 10:02 PM
The women dragged me, kicking and squirming, down the hall to the large master bedroom. Liz opened the door, and they hauled me onto a king-size bed. A heavy plastic sheet crackled underneath me. They gathered around the bed, several of them spreading my arms and legs into a wide X-shape. They cuffed my wrists to a heavy iron headboard and my legs to strong iron posts below. They hushed as Sarah straddled my legs, positioned her hips over my knees. She flicked the leather thong at the tip of her riding at my nipples, stinging. She used it to caress me, slid the tip along my jaw.

Now, Sweet, she whispered. Don't be frightened. You've been chosen, just for this, specially, by my dear Elizabeth.

Liz smiled vacantly. Like there was nobody home.

Sarah slid forward, easing herself over my throbbing cock.

Do you like that, Sweet? Sarah hissed through clenched teeth. Don't you like being so hard? She reached between her legs and grabbed me, pulling my shaft towards warm, moist lips. Just a little special powder that dear Elizabeth slipped into your drinks, so you'll be able to pleasure us for hours and hours.

I closed my eyes as she sank onto me, wiggling like a snake, her pussy taking me in, inch by inch. A low hum filled the room, and I opened my eyes. Sarah had her whip in one hand, balled into a tiny fist and braced on my chest; the other was busy untying the red satin ribbon binding her corset closed. Her eyes were closed tight, a look of pure rapture etched on her smooth face. In the dim light, her pale skin shined like porcelain. Liz knelt on the bed at the left side of my head, eyes closed, her body swaying slightly. She stroked my hair. The hem of her dress was pulled up over her hips, her fingers lightly rubbing her between her thighs. Blondie was on my right, and she'd taken a different approach: she'd pressed her body against the wall by my trapped hand and jammed my fingers into her pussy. Warm juice flowed down over my wrist. The other women around me chanted in a single, sing-song voice, their eyes flickering, bodies moving as one.

Above me, Sarah's hips began a slow, serpentine writhing. She bent forward; mashing her heavy tits into my chest, the soft muscles in her pussy squeezing and releasing my cock as she moved. Her lips grazed my neck, nibbled gently at the hollow of my throat. She opened her eyes and smiled, whipped my side with her crop. I grunted into the gag and my entire body lurched up off the bed with the sudden, stinging pain. She whipped me again, and again, from side to side, each lash stinging, making me twist under her, try to flinch away, but it just drove me further up inside her.

Move, sweet boy. Move with me�

She kept her face level with mine, one hand grabbing my throat, choking me; she hit me harder and faster, until I was bucking spasmodically underneath her, my cock driving up into her pussy. She grunted with effort, and her eyes seemed to cloud over with pleasure as she hurt me, relishing my pain, whipping me into a frenzy.

That's it� she moaned softly, Ummm�so big and hard�, Her voice changed, dropped to a hiss, a whisper, You know Sweet, dear Elizabeth slipped you a tiny bit of a very strong drug in each of your drinks�mmmm�that's it, right�there�mmm, just like that, Sweet�that's�beautiful� She gasped and dug her red fingernails into the soft skin of my neck. She swallowed me completely inside, sucking me fully into her warm, juicy cunt. She squirmed happily, rubbing her round bottom on my groin. Each drink had a large enough dose to make you stay hard and lively for all of us to enjoy you, no matter how many times we decide to take you. Isn't that wonderful? Mmmmmmm�ohhh�

She licked a finger, ran it down my forehead, over my cheek, and tickled the gag in my mouth. Wiped away the spit oozing down my face; licked her fingers clean. She laughed and began grinding, moving harder and faster, raking her nails over my chest and shoulders hard enough to draw blood. I groaned and cried out, the sounds completely muffled. Sarah fucked me slowly, her whip always working, turning my sides a beet red. Tears of paid and frustration joined the saliva pooling on the plastic under my head, but my dick seemed to have a mind of its own, throbbing painfully with ever tiny squeeze from her pussy.

When Sarah finally began to peak, the chanting around us rose to a crescendo. Most of the women I could see were openly masturbating. Sarah pushed away from me, arched her spine and threw her head back. She howled towards the ceiling, her huge tits bouncing, her butt grinding and slapping against my thighs. I fought and fought the urge to cum, but she finally won. She came with a long, sharp cry, her pussy clenching me so hard that I exploded with her, pumping thick white streams of cum, just as her hot juice ran and dribbled down my belly and thighs. Sarah collapsed on top of me, breathing hard, and I heard other women climax as well. I lay still, my cock still hard; aching and buried deep, moisture dripping onto the plastic sheet under my ass.

Minutes passed, and when Sarah sat up again, through the muted light, I could swear her eyes had turned to dark slits.

Sarah paused for a moment, distracted, like she was listening for something only she could hear, then smiled and turned to two of the younger women. Well, well. Susan, Tabitha � it seems that Elizabeth's friend here has taken it on himself to invite more guests. Most unexpected, but�they are just now arriving. Why don't you go and greet them, offer them refreshments before bringing them back here, hmm?

I could hear the girls mumble, Of course, Mistress. Then I heard Elizabeth's doorbell chiming - once, twice - quietly, as if from very far away; and then the soft patter of the girls' footsteps receding down the hall.

And while Sarah turned her attention back to me, through a blurry haze of drugs and pain, I wondered what the hell I'd gotten myself and my friends into.

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09-01-2008, 10:06 PM
There, that's it.

Andre drove past the house, hunting for a place to park. That was the address, for sure, her thought, and damn, Grove wasn't kidding about the party being packed. There were cars lined up halfway up and down the block. He cruised up a short hill, spotted Grove's car.

Lookie-lookie, Andre hummed, tapping the steering wheel with his thumb. Grove even saved a space for us� How was that for luck? He pulled a fast u-turn, parked right behind Grove's old Beamer, then they got out and walked.

Damn, will you look at this shit? Reg whistled when they got close. The house stank of big money.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Andre noticed all the lights were on. Looks like the party's still happenin', Yo.

They followed the walkway to the porch, tapped the doorbell twice. Andre listened to the chime, deep inside, kept humming, feeling loose and horny, remembering the roomful of tiny, half-naked women in the picture Grove sent. Reg kept staring, soaking in the size of the place.

That's a good, sweet boy, Sarah hissed, after the girls had gone. You've given up your seed, as you were chosen to do. And now�

Sarah grabbed her crop in both hands, and pulled hard. A tiny, silver knife slipped from its sheath hidden in the handle of the whip, and my eyes went wide. I tried to scream and shake my head no�no, please, no!; but Liz wrapped a fist in my hair, holding me still. The gleaming blade bit deep, sliced a jagged oval from my naval past my nipples. Fresh blood spurted, mingling with the blood still oozing from the scratches Sarah's fingernails had dug into my skin. I screamed into the gag and thrashed like a madman. My limbs were still buckled tight, and I flopped uselessly around on the bed. Sarah bent and lapped at the warm, sticky blood flowing from the shallow gash she'd carved.

Then, with a sickening, gurgling laugh, Sarah lifted her head to mock my screams, and finally, she showed me her true face.

I stared, horrified, at the thing that was Sarah, as her ruby lips blackened and peeled away over glistening needle sharp fangs; her tongue rolled out, long and bloated and covered with bristles that stuck like barbs in my skin, ripping away thin strips of skin as she began to feed. All around me, the women were changing: their smooth, creamy skin giving way to pale, scaly, dead flesh. Round eyes turned to black slits, fingers to claws. And hovering just above me, April's friend, Elizabeth: the beautiful Elizabeth; bending close, brutally mashing my head to the side, grinning obscenely as her lovely smile distended; hot saliva dripped from the yawning pit of her mouth, burning on my cheek as her jagged teeth tore at my throat�

When the door finally opened, both Andre and Reg thought they'd died and gone to heaven. They were greeted by two phenomenal looking bitches swishing twin crystal drinking glasses that were brimming with scotch poured over chipped ice, and they were decked out in some of the skimpiest, sexiest bra's and panties Andre had ever seen outside of a magazine.

They were still standing there staring, goggle-eyed and open-mouthed, when the girls made the first move. One smiled at Reg, the other at Andre. Without uttering a word, the girls batted their eyes, handed the dumbfounded men the drinks, then took them by the arm and whisked them inside. Reg automatically took a huge swig, downing half the drink in a gulp. The girl on his arm looked on approvingly. Andre looked down at his glass, back at the girl smiling up at him.

Well, hey. Thanks, girl. Mm, damn! What is this, whiskey? How did you know that's just what I needed?

The girl just kept on smiling. She snuggled close, pressed warm, luscious curves against him. She giggled and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. Try some.

Well, yeah, alright�, Andre gulped at her touch, his crotch jumping to attention. Let's get this party started, huh? Andre reluctantly sipped his drink, hating the booze's smell, hating the burn of the alcohol as it trickled down his throat, hating the buzz he knew he was going to get from having even just this one glass; wishing to hell it was soda water. But everybody was watching and he didn't want to play the fool, so he sipped anyway, and that's when the little Asian cutie on his arm reached out, giggling, and tipped his glass straight up. Ice chips clunked against Andre's teeth, and the amber liquid splashed down his throat, over his shirt.

He came up sputtering, eyes burning, staring at his ruined silk shirt. Reg and the tiny redhead clutching his arm laughed like it was the funniest damn thing they'd ever seen.

Dammit, look at this shit, he growled.

Reg was biting the lip of his glass, still snickering. Yo, man. You s'posed to drink it. Like this� He took another gulp, downed the rest of his drink, and turned to his girl. That's damn good, baby. Got any more?

Mm-hmm, she teased, pulling him over to the bar by the stairwell. Right over here�

Andre futilely brushed at the alcohol dripping off his chin. The Asian cutie pouted for a second, then stepped closer when he ignored her. She gave him an impish little smile, and then started popping open his shirt buttons.

He took an involuntary step back as buttons bounced and scattered onto the polished floor. Whoa � hey now�!

The girl stared up into Andre's eyes, her hands massaging his bare chest. Why don't you just finish the rest of that, and then come upstairs with me and we'll get you out of these wet clothes?

Um, okay� He mumbled.

Andre took a last swig, swallowed with a wince. Then he let her take his hand, and found himself following her up the stairs, staring at her swishing ass. Reg and his girl were already halfway up, Reg stumbling a little, playfully pulling at her panties, the girl not doing much to stop him.

Andre's eyes still stung. His vision blurred and he blinked hard, trying to clear it. The girl's ass faded in and out. He realized he was about to get laid. Unbelievable. He hoped he wouldn't have a hard time breaking out the condoms. He tried to think of something witty to say, to help break the tension. Came up with a lame, So, Baby? What's your name?

She peeked over her shoulder. Tabitha.

Tabitha� Andre mumbled. He was already feeling a little bit juiced. That was some strong shit she made me guzzle, he thought. We, uh, we were here to meet up with a friend of ours, a dude named Grover�er, well, he goes by Grove. White boy, but big, tall, you know? Played ball wit' him back in school in the day�

He was babbling. Shit felt all wrong, he needed some time to sort things out, get through the bleary haze that had taken over most of his skull. Tabitha seemed to notice he was hesitating, took him by the hand. He's right up here, sweetheart, in the bedroom with everybody else.

Oh, okay, he nodded, as she pulled him on down the hall. Hey � you say �sweetheart'?

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09-01-2008, 10:07 PM
For an answer, Tabitha gave him another enigmatic look, a look that sent his blood pounding.

Reg and his girl disappeared into a doorway, through which eager, female faces peeked out. Andre felt his crotch give him a push, felt it taking over, losing control. He was blinking hard now, lurching a little from side-to-side, when Tabitha guided him through the doorway.

Andre dropped her hand and glanced around. He shook his head, still trying to clear his vision. It wasn't working, just making the back of his skull pound. The room started spinning. He closed his eyes and stopped dead, right inside the doorway. Hands reached for him, pulled him partway into the room, yanked at his wet, stained shirt, began unbuckling his pants. He groaned happily, enjoying the beginnings of his erection. The first thing he noticed, when he opened his eyes again, was Reg, completely surrounded by about six hot bitches that were pushing him to the floor, literally ripping off his clothes. Reg was giggling like a girl, halfway naked already, playfully biting at a pair of hard pink nipples swaying just out of his reach.

Holy crap.

Andre felt hands on his hips and looked down at Tabitha, who was kneeling in front of his crotch, pushing his pants down around his ankles. His cock sprung out, almost smacked her in the face. She wrapped him up in a tiny little fist, started pumping. When her lips touched him, Andre heard himself groan with pleasure.

He looked back down noticed the floor, some kind of funky carpet�no, not carpet, more like�plastic wrap, spread all over �?

Before he could think about what that meant any further, a half dozen women circled him. Fingers ran through his short, spiky dreadlocks. Hands played with his shoulders, his chest, pinched his ass. The crowd of women parted, and Andre glimpsed a hot-looking old bitch, riding the life out of some lucky dude tied to the bed. The dude's legs and feet quivering, strapped to the headboard by the wrists, his hands knotted into fists clenched so hard the tendons stood out in his forearms. Andre saw something familiar, squinted to get a better look. A tattoo on one of the dude's forearms, of some Muppet character � just like the one that Grove had done back in high school�

The fact took a moment to register. Then Andre called to his friend.


The woman straddling Grove turned and growled at the interruption, gnashing wickedly sharp teeth, wiping at a red smear dribbling down her chin. Another face that Andre recognized looked up as well, and he gasped. Elizabeth � or what passed for Elizabeth now. Both women were covered in blood; blood that was still weakly spurting from Grove's skinned chest. Bare bone shone under crimson stained gristle. Grove's body twitched spasmodically; free of Elizabeth's grip, his head lolled forward, his eyes rolled back in their sockets, focused, then came to rest on Andre.

Grove moaned wetly, whispered through bloody foam, Help me�

Andre's eyes popped open, his vision suddenly very clear. And then, Reg started screaming. Andre turned to see his friend being eaten alive�

Oh, holy fucking shit! Reg�

Andre felt needle sharp teeth bite into the thick muscles of his shoulders. Something hissed down by his groin, and he squealed in pain, jerked backwards as Tabitha bit into his penis, tearing away a mouthful of the organ with a spray of blood. Andre grabbed at his wounded manhood, tangled his feet in his pants and fell into the hall. He tried to crawl away from the horror, clawing at the thick carpet, mewling like a kitten. But strong hands grabbed him by the ankles and pulled him back into the bedroom. He struggled, but it was useless. Women covered him and he was flipped over, held easily in place on the floor as Reg's howls became fainter, turned into a weak gurgling.

The old woman slithered off Grove's supine body, stood over Andre as he whimpered in fear and pain. She knelt, straddling his hips, bared her teeth in a wide, gory smile.

Welcome, she hissed in a voice that was no longer remotely human, to the party.

Andre had time to scream, once. And then the women began to feed.

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A woman took an inexperienced man home one night. When they got to her apartment, she suggested that they try a 69. “What do you mean?” he asked. Not knowing quite how to explain she said, “You put your head between my legs and I’ll put my head between your legs.” Still unsure but willing, he agreed. As soon as he got his head between her legs, she let out a rip-roaring fart. “What the hell was that?!” he asked. “Oops! I’m sorry! Let’s try again,” she said. On the second attempt the very same thing happened. He immediately got up and started getting dressed. “Where are you going?” she asked. The man replied, “If you think I’m sticking around for 67 more of those, you’re crazy!”

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A woman took an inexperienced man home one night. When they got to her apartment, she suggested that they try a 69. “What do you mean?” he asked. Not knowing quite how to explain she said, “You put your head between my legs and I’ll put my head between your legs.” Still unsure but willing, he agreed. As soon as he got his head between her legs, she let out a rip-roaring fart. “What the hell was that?!” he asked. “Oops! I’m sorry! Let’s try again,” she said. On the second attempt the very same thing happened. He immediately got up and started getting dressed. “Where are you going?” she asked. The man replied, “If you think I’m sticking around for 67 more of those, you’re crazy!”

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How about some cybersex stories ? Here's the first one - Title : Online Master . Enjoy !!! ;)

Since a few weeks I have an online Master. I have always been interested in bdsm, but being the shy and scared young girl that I am, it's still too much of a risk to meet up with one in real life. So this seemed like the perfect solution: this way I could get used to some aspects of the lifestyle, without putting myself in real danger. I had met him on a S&M dating site. Most guys were only interested in real sex, but this one was willing to help me out. He said he found it exciting and different to start an online relationship and it still gave him enough time for work, his family and his other pets. Sometimes he would give me assignments like "Go to school in a skirt without any underwear.." or "Videotape yourself while masturbating". He could send me text-messages with assignments at every time during the day and night. Or we would meet online and he would make me do stuff in front of the webcam.

So I waited for him to get online. I never knew what time he would come. Some days he was early, others really late at night. Or he wouldn't come on at all.. there was really no telling. But what I did know was that he did not like to wait and I would be in big trouble if I didn't reply to him soon enough.

Finally I saw his name pop up in the right corner of the screen.

"Whore, get your ass in front of the webcam right now!"

Quickly I turned on the webcam. He hadn't turned his on yet. I liked to be able to see his face, the look in his eyes made it easier to tell whether he was pleased with me or not. But sometimes he chose not to turn it on, which was extra exciting because it kinda made him seem even more powerful.
I was wearing my black lace nightgown, with a small black lace thong underneath.. nothing else.. the thong was already soaking wet because of the anticipation. All day I had been thinking about him and wondering what he would make me do this time..

"Show me your tits."

I removed the straps from my shoulders and pulled the fabric down under my breasts.

"Put your feet up on the desk."

I did as he commanded, placing my feet wide apart so he could see the thong.

"You're wet aren't you? You slut!"

I nodded while blushing.

"Get yourself ready.. it's gonna be a rough night."

I knew this meant he wanted me to finger myself and get even hornier. I started playing with my nipples and put one hand in my thong.

"I'm going to treat you like the little whore that you are!"

"I know you love it, you filthy slut!"

He knew his words turned me on even more.

"Show me how wet you are!"

I removed my thong and exposed my bare cunt to him.

"Such a slut!" was his respons. "Open the drawer."

I had dedicated a drawer of my desk to our little play sessions. It was filled with all the sextoys I owned; some bought by me on his command, others sent to me by him.

"Put the clamps on your nipples."

I obeyed, but really hoped he wouldn't let me wear them as long as last time. My tortured nipples had hurt for days!!!

"Put a clamp on your clit too."

Ouch! Now that was even worse than the nipple-clamps.

"No pain, no gain pet.." I knew he would be grinning right now.

"Now take out the biggest dildo.."

"Show me how you would treat my cock if I was there right now.."
I slowly started licking the shaft, paying extra attention to the head. Then I took the whole thing in my mouth and tried to take it in as deep as possible while looking right into the camera. I hoped he would be masturbating right now, imagining I was really there with him.

"You want to be fucked don't ya?"

I replied with: "Yes Master, very much so!"

"I knew you were a little whore!"

"And little whores need to be taught a lesson.."

"Put the dildo away.."

I was a bit disappointed. I really wanted to fuck myself with it. But he knew how much I longed for something big and hard deep inside of me and he didn't want to give it to me that easy.

"Take off the clamp on your clit.."

Tears welled up in my eyes as the pain got worse.

"And the ones on your tits too.."

I removed them one by one.. it hurt even more taking them off than putting them on.

"God I wish I could spray my cum all over you right now."

"You look so.. fuckable!"

I smiled.

"Your assignment for tonight is to put those clamps back on your tits at exactly 0:00 and leave them on until I text-message you."

"Hopefully for you I don't forget.."

"Now get on your knees and show me your ass."

I turned around on my chair and lifted my ass up in front of the camera. I looked around over my shoulder to see what else he would say.

"You really deserve a good spanking.."

Then he turned on his webcam and there were 2 strange men beside him laughing and waving at me. Shocked as I was I immediately wanted to cover myself up, but I knew that would make him angry..

"Don't worry pet, they haven't been watching the whole time.."

"I have to go now, but don't forget your assignment!"

I turned around to be able to type something back. "Yes Master. I'll be looking forward to your message!"

"Good girl.." he replied. He smiled and then turned off the webcam again.
I turned mine off too. I was trembling a little because of the shock of seeing his friends there! How long would they have been watching? I felt so embarrassed!

I decided to go and take a shower.. But first I put the alarm clock at 23:58, so I wouldn't forget my assignment. The rest of the evening I spent watching tv and I got in bed at 22:15. I didn't know what he had planned for the night, but it could well be that I wouldn't get much sleep. He had said it would be a rough night..

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12-01-2008, 05:31 PM
At exactly 0:00 I put the clamps on my nipples again. I lay naked on my bed and masturbated a little. My nipples were still a bit sore from before, so I really hoped he would have mercy on me and wouldn't let me wait long. I tried to take my mind off the pain by reading.. which didn't work.. watching tv.. which didn't work either.. falling asleep.. which didn't work at all (especially not since I was worried that I would sleep through his text-message..)

At exactly 0:30 I heard my cell-phone bleep. The message said: "Get the biggest dildo, the small one and a vibrator and go and lie on your bed. Then call me." I ran to the living room to get the stuff and quickly ran back to the bedroom. I called him and waited for him to answer. "Are your nipples hurting pet?" "Yes Sir, very much so.." "Ok, you can take one clamp off.." I did as he said and gasped in the phone. "Are you wet?" Again I replied with "Yes Sir.." "Are you naked?" "Of course.." "Take the other clamp off." Again a gasp. "Now run the vibrator over your nipples.." I obeyed and it felt sensitive, a bit painful, but also good. "Ever played with hot wax?" "No.. not yet.." "Do you have candles there?" "Yes Sir, I do." "Go get one and light it." "Ok.. be right back!"

I lighted a candle as quick as possible and put it beside the bed. Get on your hands and knees and fuck yourself with the small dildo. I moaned a little to let him know I was obeying. "I bet you're dripping wet already, aren't you? You slut!" "Yes Sir, I am.." "I'll teach you how we treat whores around here!" "Put the dildo in your ass.." I hadn't had anything in there often before, so it was still very tight. "Is it in?" "Not yet.." "Well hurry it up will ya!" ... "It's in!" "Good.. now fill your cunt with the big dildo.." "Yes Sir.." "Put it in deep!" I gasped.. "It's in Sir." "That's a good whore.. totally filled up.. now if I were there I would fuck your face too. Make you swallow it whole. You would like that, wouldn't you?" "Yes Sir." "I knew you would.. you little Slut!" "Go and lie on your back and put the vibrator on your clit."

I moaned and groaned in pleasure, but he quickly ordered me to stop. "That's enough!" "Get the candle and drop the wax on your nipples!" The pain startled me, making me shout in the telephone. "Cover both nipples in wax.." It hurt a lot, but the wax quickly cooled off and felt tight on my nipples. "Now drop some on your clit!" I really didn't want to do that.. that would hurt like hell!! "DO IT!" "Yes Sir.." I answered with a shaky voice and tears in my eyes. I lowered the candle above my cunt and made the wax drop. The aim was a bit off, but it still hurt a lot. I sobbed in the telephone.
"Good girl.." "Peel the wax off.." "Tomorrow I want you to wear your little school girl's outfit and make sexy pictures for me." "I will Sir."

"Good.. Now fuck yourself hard with the big dildo.. and make me hear how much pleasure it gives you."

I moaned in the telephone. Imagining it was his hard cock that fucked me. Punishing me for being such a slut!

"Put the vibrator on your clit and finish yourself off.."

I literally screamed my lungs out when I finally came.

"Good night pet.." He had hung up.. Totally out of breath I threw the toys on the floor and crawled up in a foetus position. Soon to fall asleep.

The End !!! :p

12-01-2008, 05:37 PM
Another cuming up - Title : Going through the Computer

You are inside my head, you know. I can hardly walk away from this damn computer without thinking about you there, on the other side of your screen, looking at my words that come from this secret part of me. You are in there with the words, playing catch, knocking them out of the park, being enchanted. I love that you've accepted the invitation to come into my head, and you're reading my stuff.

This part of me has always been guarded. It's been hard to let you in.

I imagine you there, opening my page, finding my latest contribution. What will you think? Will it make your pussy drip with anticipation? Will your hand find its way between those soft thighs? I imagine your face lighting up with pleasure, maybe you arch up from the chair to stretch out a little.... it's been a long day. Do you unfasten the button at the top of your pants? I like to think that sometimes you might as you venture into another jaunt of my imagination.

Yep. I think about it on and off all day. What will I post next? Will I find the perfect picture? Can I think of a zinger to advertise in my Blast? Will I catch YOUR eye?

I love that you have found me because of my stories... I know you men are reading too, but I'm directing this one at a certain Chick. I have to say that it's not been hard for me in my life to enchant men. I mean, after all, I'm a slut and men like sluts. No big surprise there.

The magic has been in whether or not I could attract females. And as you know, females can be finicky. Working in the same office with women is the trickiest thing in the world. Today, everyone's all fine and good, but tomorrow, slip and say the wrong thing, and I could be bitch-slapped. So forgive me, my Dear, for saying this, but the whole idea of YOU coming here for a little moment of your day, or on the weekend after the kids have found something to do and you have a few alone minutes...it totally captures me to think that you might take that stolen moment to find my words here... What a compliment! It strokes my ego, massages my psyche.

So as I write this, I imagine you there, with your hand on the mouse, scrolling down... What really keys me up is to think that maybe sometime, maybe not at exactly this moment, but at any moment late at night, you might lie there in the dark, thinking of something I wrote today, and your hand might slip between your thighs, and your might take pause to ease it down between the folds and find what's there and think about my story and whatever captured you. Do you bring your finger to your mouth and lick that slickness off? Do you get your finger sloppy wet inside your mouth and put it back directly on your clit and find that special smooth spot you like so much? (I like the top left part of my clit. What about you? Would you ever tell me, even if you thought about it?) Do you rub it sloppy-lazy when you start, and a little more persistently if you decide to finish? Or do you get yourself into a lather and tell yourself HE'LL be home soon, might as well keep it at a dull roar and HE can finish you tonight? (I do that too!)

So guesds what I'm doing while I'm writing this? I've been so fraeking horny all day long. I came home to the computr fresh from the shower, wrpped in a white towel. The towel fell when I sat down, draping the cmputer chair in terry. I can sit here and dabblre with words on the screen while I rub on my clit, getting the jucies flowing, smelling the soft smell of me rising up frm my hand. Ah, the sweet smell of pussy, fresh from the shower!

I'd better stop that, I can't even type!

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12-01-2008, 05:40 PM
I want to feel you inside of me so badly! I sit with my legs wide. If you could see through your monitor into my computer screen right now, I'd be putting on quite the show! Can you imagine? If I slide a finger inside my vagina right now, pull it back out, glistening. Want to suck it off? I wish you were here to do it for me.


(It was delicious!) It's hrd to type. I have to keep backspcing to correct, to insert forgoten letters, to find the ALL CAP key. I want to have you here, sinking against me. I would kneel down between your legs, open you up and breathe deeply. I want to smell your scent for real. Can you imagine me there? My face planted firmly between your legs, my tongue probing your softness...

Would you hold my head where you want me to spend my time? Will I hear your breath catch, or are you a moaner? Will I feel a pull on the back of my head if I hit it just right? I can imagine my tongue lingering at the back of your vagina, then lapping all the way upwards, nice and slow. A big lapping tongue, pushing against all the ripples and valleys, a very flat and broad tongue.... I want to eat you alive! I lap and I lap, feeling you wriggle with delight. Do you moan? Do you say what you want? Do you tell me what to do? Or do you just take it, and quiver, imagining my next move, alive with expectation? I peel the lips of your labia back and pop! There's that impish clit! Begging for attention. I focus there, whipping my tongue from side to side, feeling you squirm. I have all the time in the world. I start tapping out the secret percussion. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap-tap-tap-tap.

Oh! Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. DAMN, Girl! Who taught you that? I hear at last.

My tongue draws into a sharp hyphen of energy, Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta I think as I tap out the rhythm against that pink bulb. I feel you shift underneath me, and imagine your hands clenched hard. I keep going, relentless. (If you think I'm going to give you any mercy now, you've got to be kidding!) I brace. I want to hear you scream. The energy builds. Your thighs quiver against my ears.

Sheeeeeiiiiiiiiit! Dddddaaaamn! Oh Gaaaawd.

I back off for a second, then I hold you hard where I want you and go in for the kill. I press my fingers down from the top against where your g-spot is and I come up from inside and stroke against that spongy lifesaver in there. I know I changed up the pace, and it's going to take a minute, but I keep stroking it, just two fingers inside of you, motioning like I want you to come here. I do want you to cum here, but I can be patient. My breath is coming out all hot and ragged against you, so I pucker my lips and blow out a cold, focused stream, right against your sex. I stroke and stroke and stroke there, and I lap your pussy with a big flat tongue a few times. Mix it up a little. Then back to the stroking, stroking, stroking. Cum for me, cum for me, cum for me, I beg.

Keep going...keep going.... I'm allllllmoooossst therrrrree!

Your hands clasp the top of my head, pinning me to your cunny, and a gush of warm spray hits my face. I keep licking and stroking, now a third finger inside, finding its way... You tense, then you jolt, and your cum splashes out in a rush, all in my face, my nose, my hair. It tastes so wonderful, I lap it off of you, sweet relief rushing through you in waves.

Come on, Pretty Girl. You can do it.

I stroke your pussy with persistence, and you arch your back and cry out one more time.

Oh! OOOOOOoh! Aaannngh! Oh!

You moan and thrash. I smooth clenching muscles and dry away droplets of water. I hardly want to take my hands away. I wait as the orgasm subsides.

I'm sure I could do that again...

You always make me feel so relaxed. You tell me later. Then you giggle. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face to save the world.

The End !!! :p

12-01-2008, 05:45 PM
Very interesting chat I found not a story hope you all dun mind .

XJeremyHorrorX: i dont want to leave you so i came back
yes im two faced: aw whattt
XJeremyHorrorX: i didnt want to leave you here
XJeremyHorrorX: so i came back
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: lol you were only showering
yes im two faced: i didnt mind
XJeremyHorrorX: i did
XJeremyHorrorX: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: weird i know
yes im two faced: lol
yes im two faced: strangee boy
XJeremyHorrorX: happens
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: i put my other leggings on tonight
XJeremyHorrorX: nicee
yes im two faced: cuz i only own 9 pairs
yes im two faced: lol
yes im two faced: but i definitely did NOT sport underwear all day
yes im two faced: haha
XJeremyHorrorX: pdfjbv
XJeremyHorrorX: gahhahaha
XJeremyHorrorX: lol
yes im two faced: sooo
yes im two faced: cmere.
yes im two faced: i uh want to show you my new leggings??
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: okayy[=
XJeremyHorrorX: you dont want to do that
XJeremyHorrorX: b/c
XJeremyHorrorX: i would tear something apart down there
yes im two faced: like whattt
XJeremyHorrorX: you know
yes im two faced: nope
XJeremyHorrorX: your
XJeremyHorrorX: tightwetjuicysoft
XJeremyHorrorX: pussy
yes im two faced: aaww youre gonna tear.. =P
yes im two faced: it*
yes im two faced: that might hurt meee
XJeremyHorrorX: ;0
XJeremyHorrorX: :0
XJeremyHorrorX: it wwill a lil
XJeremyHorrorX: just a lil
XJeremyHorrorX: then you'll love it
XJeremyHorrorX: dont worry
XJeremyHorrorX: ha
yes im two faced: =]
yes im two faced: i think your penis isss in fact perfect for me.
XJeremyHorrorX: do you keep watching it???
XJeremyHorrorX: haha
yes im two faced: no lol it just isnt closed
yes im two faced: and its behind my ims
XJeremyHorrorX: so why dont you close it?
XJeremyHorrorX: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: j/w
yes im two faced: lol i dunno? i will if you want
XJeremyHorrorX: no
yes im two faced: i havent closed conversations from like
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: earlier tonight
yes im two faced: im lazy
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: id think it's b/c your lazy,you just like how it looks
XJeremyHorrorX: haha
XJeremyHorrorX: j/kk
yes im two faced: haha maybee
XJeremyHorrorX: mhm
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: <3
yes im two faced: i just kinda wanna put my mouth on it when i see it though
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
yes im two faced: like the head of it, it looks delish to me
XJeremyHorrorX: mhmm
XJeremyHorrorX: anything else bby?
yes im two faced: hah idk im weird
XJeremyHorrorX: not to me you're not
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: come overrrr.
yes im two faced: get under meee
XJeremyHorrorX: i'll do more than that
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: mhmm
XJeremyHorrorX: a lot more
yes im two faced: come show me
XJeremyHorrorX: very well
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: haha i'm hungry and tired
XJeremyHorrorX: never had that before
XJeremyHorrorX: ahaha
yes im two faced: sdkgg
yes im two faced: dont sleep unless its with me
XJeremyHorrorX: so what are you doingg?
yes im two faced: freezinggg
XJeremyHorrorX: anddd...?
XJeremyHorrorX: nothing else?
yes im two faced: umm
yes im two faced: talking about being president
yes im two faced: anddd
yes im two faced: laying on my stomach
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
yes im two faced: making my lip ring go around in circles
yes im two faced: umm
yes im two faced: breathing
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: i feel like i am about to die
XJeremyHorrorX: gahhh
XJeremyHorrorX: fuqq
XJeremyHorrorX: lol
yes im two faced: why
XJeremyHorrorX: idk,its weird
yes im two faced: aww
yes im two faced: come here
yes im two faced: ill make you feel better
yes im two faced: ill give you lots to eat
yes im two faced: skgjgh
XJeremyHorrorX: i'd eat anything for you
yes im two faced: ill make you a 'taco' salad
XJeremyHorrorX: no
XJeremyHorrorX: well
yes im two faced: theres no meat silly boy
XJeremyHorrorX: as long as it's your meat
XJeremyHorrorX: haha
yes im two faced: haha
yes im two faced: oh my
yes im two faced: thers a reason 'taco' was in those thigns
yes im two faced: theres no meat in it
yes im two faced: i dont eat meattt
yes im two faced: blaslkghejh
yes im two faced: actually, ill just fuck you, then hope you feel better
XJeremyHorrorX: i'll lick and eat your meat
XJeremyHorrorX: i'm tired,cum here and meet me in my beddd
yes im two faced: aw
yes im two faced: but ill be like
yes im two faced: mmm jeremyyy
yes im two faced: adn youll be like
yes im two faced: ohh sleep
yes im two faced: and itll suck
XJeremyHorrorX: no.i would do anything first with you and then sleep.b/c after sex i would want to sleep

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12-01-2008, 05:47 PM
XJeremyHorrorX: my sex never suxks
XJeremyHorrorX: so niether will yours
XJeremyHorrorX: *neither
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: come play with me right now then, ill let you sleep afterwards
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm..i would do it every minute of the day and everything
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: i would were you outt
yes im two faced: plzzz do
XJeremyHorrorX: mhm
XJeremyHorrorX: and like
XJeremyHorrorX: i would be turned into your cum
XJeremyHorrorX: b/c it's all over me
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: and i would makeout with you afterward
XJeremyHorrorX: we both would love it
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
XJeremyHorrorX: <3
yes im two faced: you shoulddd
yes im two faced: come here and accident slip and hand down my leggings like idk

how it happened..
yes im two faced: ehem
XJeremyHorrorX: i would come in your room,pull off your leggings and just eat you out
yes im two faced: =D
XJeremyHorrorX: like not even say hi first
XJeremyHorrorX: just go automatically to your tight wet pussy
yes im two faced: itll so be ready for you
yes im two faced: it already issss
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm,how wet is it?
yes im two faced: like i found out last night that i can only fit 2 of my fingers in it
yes im two faced: idkkk. i havent checked hah
XJeremyHorrorX: 2 is perfect
yes im two faced: hah lets hope your fingers are the same size as mine then
XJeremyHorrorX: prolly just longer,but my penis is even longer
yes im two faced: and i want the wholee thing in me
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: <3
yes im two faced: id say my 2 fingers are almost an inch wide
XJeremyHorrorX: same
XJeremyHorrorX: kinda
XJeremyHorrorX: yeah
XJeremyHorrorX: same
yes im two faced: come see how wet i am for me.
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm,that wouldnt work,b/c i would lick it up and i wouldnt tell
yes im two faced: what if i say you can look but you cant touchhh
XJeremyHorrorX: then i would...umm..
XJeremyHorrorX: you win?
yes im two faced: lol
yes im two faced: i wouldnt do that
yes im two faced: i want you too bad
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: good
yes im two faced: i want you to try and put 3 fingers in me
yes im two faced: i wanna feel it stretch out
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
XJeremyHorrorX: promise
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: save that for me
yes im two faced: i will
yes im two faced: its too uncomfortable for me to finger myself
XJeremyHorrorX: awww
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: i'm sorry
yes im two faced: no its cool cuzz playing with my clit makes me go insane
yes im two faced: that i dont even care to do anything else
XJeremyHorrorX: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
XJeremyHorrorX: i bet it feels good and warm and wet
yes im two faced: definitelyyy
XJeremyHorrorX: mm
yes im two faced: you should come feel, its really smooth and your finger just moves

around so easy
XJeremyHorrorX: imagina my tongue is your fingerr
XJeremyHorrorX: gahh
yes im two faced: it actually feels kinda good on the finger too
XJeremyHorrorX: well my tongue is better,just know that
yes im two faced: i bet it iss
yes im two faced: i wanan find out for sure though
yes im two faced: care to show me?
XJeremyHorrorX: mhmm<3
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=[=[=<3
yes im two faced: can you perhaps maybe suck on it a little, itll drive me insane
XJeremyHorrorX: oh yes,i'll suck on it to<3
yes im two faced: not too hard plz
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: oh no.and i would stick my tongue in your pussy
yes im two faced: mm i love that
XJeremyHorrorX: i would to
XJeremyHorrorX: it's so soft
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
yes im two faced: like until you feel how my pussy feels cuz its all like hairless and stuff,

youll never really understand how it feels
yes im two faced: its so like
yes im two faced: idk creamy? haha that might not be the word
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
yes im two faced: but i love the feel of it, ps im not a lesbian
yes im two faced: haha
XJeremyHorrorX: that turned me on a lot
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: why dont you make your dick hard for me, and then come over here

for a little while
XJeremyHorrorX: it's already hard baybehh
yes im two faced: mm come here thenn
XJeremyHorrorX: ok.
XJeremyHorrorX: <3
yes im two faced: thers some room in front of me the way im laying
yes im two faced: you can sit there and ill just suck you off
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm.hey now
yes im two faced: whatt
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: <333
yes im two faced: plzzz come heree ahhh
yes im two faced: i want you i want you i want youuuu
XJeremyHorrorX: where are your hands doll?
yes im two faced: i want you to feel my pussy right nowww plz plz
yes im two faced: on the keyboard
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: mm. i want to do more than feel it bby
yes im two faced: come here and show me what you want to do
XJeremyHorrorX: hehehe[=
yes im two faced: dfhgfjgfjdfjddghk
yes im two faced: jeremy. eat me. nowwwwww.
XJeremyHorrorX: i would kiss it,lick it,suck it,finger it,stick my rock hard dick in it,and

yes im two faced: plzz plzzz
yes im two faced: dgkjlgaeeh
XJeremyHorrorX: and stretch it out some<3
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
XJeremyHorrorX: and lick your juices andswallow your cum
yes im two faced: im so wet for youuu
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm,and i am so hard for you
yes im two faced: were meant to be
yes im two faced: sooo
yes im two faced: come put it in me
yes im two faced: now..
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm.i love how you said all that
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
XJeremyHorrorX: ily
XJeremyHorrorX: i'll stick it all the way in
yes im two faced: ily222222
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
XJeremyHorrorX: and take it out
yes im two faced: =D
XJeremyHorrorX: all the way
XJeremyHorrorX: and jam it in you
yes im two faced: mm plzz doooo
yes im two faced: thatll make me screammm
XJeremyHorrorX: no doubt i will
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: and you screaming will make me harderrr
yes im two faced: hah im definitly breathing faster right now, i think its time we actually

get down to this fucking each other thing cuz i want it bad
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: that's right
XJeremyHorrorX: <3
yes im two faced: come play with meee. i havent touched myself at all yet
XJeremyHorrorX: aww..good girl...
XJeremyHorrorX: but now
XJeremyHorrorX: you can
XJeremyHorrorX: or
XJeremyHorrorX: are you sacing it for me?
XJeremyHorrorX: *saving
yes im two faced: i want youu to do it
yes im two faced: plzz
XJeremyHorrorX: mkayy
yes im two faced: like i think cuz i havent touched myself is why im liek breathing more

rapidly cuz im about to die if you dont
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: awww
XJeremyHorrorX: adorable
XJeremyHorrorX: <3
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: can i lick it instead of touching it?
yes im two faced: mhmm
XJeremyHorrorX: what about fuck it
XJeremyHorrorX: ?
yes im two faced: mm id love for you to
XJeremyHorrorX: mhmm
XJeremyHorrorX: me too
yes im two faced: i bet youre the perfect fit for my pussy tooo
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm,i bet i am too
yes im two faced: why dont you come and see
yes im two faced: and if youre not, stretch me out so i am
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm,you have no idea how much i would
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmmmmmm
XJeremyHorrorX: <3
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: and i would want you to cover my dick in your wetness and then cum on it yes im two faced: itll be soakedd.
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmmmm
XJeremyHorrorX: then i would take my dick out right before i came and i would eat you out again

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12-01-2008, 05:49 PM
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: then you you cumm like a lot
yes im two faced: mmm i want to so bad
yes im two faced: thatd feel sooo good
yes im two faced: i wanan cum aroudn your fingers
XJeremyHorrorX: mhmm,and you watching me as i eat you out and you see your cum

go in my mouth
XJeremyHorrorX: and my fingers
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: i bet i am sooo wet right now
XJeremyHorrorX: i would be so full of your cum
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
yes im two faced: i can feel it without even using my hands
XJeremyHorrorX: i woud swallow every last drop
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
yes im two faced: =D
yes im two faced: come play with meee jeremyyy. i want youu.
XJeremyHorrorX: i wouldnt just play baybe
yes im two faced: then come fuck meee
XJeremyHorrorX: asap
yes im two faced: mhmmm
yes im two faced: aka
XJeremyHorrorX: you got it<3
yes im two faced: nowwwwww
XJeremyHorrorX: okayy
yes im two faced: like srsly
yes im two faced: get under me and just sit there
yes im two faced: im going to ride you sooo hard
yes im two faced: cuz i want you so bad
XJeremyHorrorX: i would loveee that
yes im two faced: i wanna slam myself down on you
yes im two faced: itd feel soooo goood
XJeremyHorrorX: mhmm.up and down.
yes im two faced: as fast as i can go
yes im two faced: maybe a little twirling it around while its all the way in me
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
yes im two faced: id be fucking you soo hard that your balls would be slamming against

me making that lovelyy slap sound so loud my neighbors will hear it
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmmm
XJeremyHorrorX: brb
XJeremyHorrorX: k?
XJeremyHorrorX: real quick
yes im two faced: okk
XJeremyHorrorX: k
XJeremyHorrorX: mym mom called
XJeremyHorrorX: she was bitching me out
XJeremyHorrorX: haha
XJeremyHorrorX: anywhoo
yes im two faced: aw why
XJeremyHorrorX: b/c i am awake on on the compy
XJeremyHorrorX: hahaha
yes im two faced: that sucks
XJeremyHorrorX: b/c i stay awake at night
yes im two faced: im sry
XJeremyHorrorX: it's ok
yes im two faced: you dont have to stay up
XJeremyHorrorX: not you're fault
yes im two faced: i feel bad
XJeremyHorrorX: i don't but i don't want to leave youu
XJeremyHorrorX: don't feel bad
XJeremyHorrorX: plaese
XJeremyHorrorX: not your fault
yes im two faced: come here, we wont need to be on the computer. i cant promise

anything about the being up al lnight thing
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmmm
XJeremyHorrorX: i like that
yes im two faced: we can lay on our sides facing each other
XJeremyHorrorX: and have sex
yes im two faced: and ill just put my leg over your side
XJeremyHorrorX: and cuddle
XJeremyHorrorX: and eat
XJeremyHorrorX: and go to shows
yes im two faced: mhmm
XJeremyHorrorX: i hate to do this but i have to go
XJeremyHorrorX: i'll try to come on soon
yes im two faced: ill just go to bed
XJeremyHorrorX: i dont want to get grounded rom the compy and not talk to you
XJeremyHorrorX: that's the worst
yes im two faced: =\
XJeremyHorrorX: i'll meet you there
yes im two faced: okayy
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
XJeremyHorrorX: you gonna be on later bby?
yes im two faced: i doubt it, ill just go to bed like i did lasttt night
XJeremyHorrorX: aww ok.
XJeremyHorrorX: hmm
XJeremyHorrorX: well i'll stay on here for you if i get on tonight
XJeremyHorrorX: and i'll wait
XJeremyHorrorX: <3
yes im two faced: wait for what
XJeremyHorrorX: to see if you get on or not
yes im two faced: when is thisss
XJeremyHorrorX: tonight
XJeremyHorrorX: brb
yes im two faced: ok.
XJeremyHorrorX: ok
XJeremyHorrorX: uhfvgd
yes im two faced: ?
XJeremyHorrorX: her again
XJeremyHorrorX: haha
yes im two faced: whatd she want
XJeremyHorrorX: idk i wasn't listening i had the phone in my lap
XJeremyHorrorX: hahaha
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: but yeah
XJeremyHorrorX: anywaysss
XJeremyHorrorX: i was sayingg
XJeremyHorrorX: i will get on aim tonight and if you arent on i'll wait for you to get on
yes im two faced: aw ok
XJeremyHorrorX: mmkbby?
yes im two faced: mhm
yes im two faced: even though
yes im two faced: i want to talk right noww
XJeremyHorrorX: i love you heather,i really do,goodnight baybehh,dream about me?
XJeremyHorrorX: awww
yes im two faced: if im asleep long enough to dream i will
XJeremyHorrorX: awww
XJeremyHorrorX: good
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: slgjksdgh
yes im two faced: i still awnt you
yes im two faced: soo bad
XJeremyHorrorX: i knww bby
yes im two faced: like fgjkjeh'
XJeremyHorrorX: mines like kjsfhldkjbvflsdjkbvlkdfjbvkljsdfvhl gflerjkbgtlajkbjbvdfv
yes im two faced: hah i thougt you were already done
yes im two faced: thats why i was like
yes im two faced: thinking you were all about leaving
XJeremyHorrorX: i need to go,but i dont want to
XJeremyHorrorX: i want
XJeremyHorrorX: youu
yes im two faced: come put it in me really fast thenn
yes im two faced: ill make you cum in minutes
XJeremyHorrorX: i bet you will and i'll make you cum in seconds
yes im two faced: mm i want to soo bad
XJeremyHorrorX: me too
yes im two faced: youd feel my cum alll over your dick and feel my pussy tighten up in it

while i cumm itd be so hottttt
yes im two faced: and id just screammm
XJeremyHorrorX: i would to or moan
yes im two faced: id just want it from you harder and fasterrr
yes im two faced: (ps im determined to make you cum before you leave so double

time it mister)
XJeremyHorrorX: i would do it as hard and as fast as i could
XJeremyHorrorX: you want me to cum?
yes im two faced: mm godd i want you in me soo bad right noww.
yes im two faced: yesss.
XJeremyHorrorX: i want you to cum tooo<3
yes im two faced: i take forever =P dont worry about me, were on a limited time thing
XJeremyHorrorX: what is that supposed to mean?
yes im two faced: it means i wanted to make you cum before you had to leave
yes im two faced: cuz you said you needed to go
yes im two faced: and id take too long
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: i wanted you to say that
XJeremyHorrorX: so
yes im two faced: =P
XJeremyHorrorX: when do we start
XJeremyHorrorX: j/k
XJeremyHorrorX: haha
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: and you want me to cum for you huh?
yes im two faced: mhmm
yes im two faced: perferably innn me
yes im two faced: but you know
XJeremyHorrorX: yeah
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm i am so harddd
yes im two faced: just hearing that makes me moannn. i want to suck it soo bad
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
XJeremyHorrorX: i wonder what will happen if i put my dick ain my hand and go up and down on it

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12-01-2008, 05:50 PM
XJeremyHorrorX: ..
yes im two faced: ps i couldnt help myself, but just so you know, i ammm wet
XJeremyHorrorX: hmm
XJeremyHorrorX: oh,this feels good
yes im two faced: i wanna try.
XJeremyHorrorX: it feels wonderfull
XJeremyHorrorX: i am moaning tooo
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmmmmm
yes im two faced: omggg stick it in meeee plz
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: mmhmm
XJeremyHorrorX: asap
yes im two faced: im going to fuck you soo hard and soo good jeremyyyy.
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm.howw?tell me
XJeremyHorrorX: the best?
yes im two faced: im gonna lay you on my floor
XJeremyHorrorX: mhnn
yes im two faced: and im gonna stand over top of you with my legs spread right over

your head and give you a nicee view of how wet i really am
yes im two faced: then im going to sit down on your chest and kiss your lips really lightly

and up the side of your face to your ears
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
yes im two faced: and ill ask you really softly, 'do you want me as bad as i want you

right now'
yes im two faced: and hoping i get a yesss
XJeremyHorrorX: yesss
yes im two faced: i kiss on your ears a bit and work my way back to your mouth and kiss

you some more
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmmhm
yes im two faced: then ill let my hips slide down your chest and down your stomach and

stop at your hips, but not touching your dick just yet
XJeremyHorrorX: ohh?
yes im two faced: leaving a little bit of a trail of my wetness alll down you. then ill put my

knees on both sides of you and slide my tongue down your chest and stomach, licking

it alll off of you
XJeremyHorrorX: wow.mmhm
XJeremyHorrorX: it feels sooo good
yes im two faced: while im doing that ill slowly start rubbing my pussy against your dick,

but making sure i barellyy touch it, only enough to get the head wet
XJeremyHorrorX: ohh
XJeremyHorrorX: i'll love tht
yes im two faced: then ill keep moving my head down and kiss you riiight above your

dick and suck on it there lightly
yes im two faced: then kiss my way back up to your chest then start rubbing my pussy

against your dick again
XJeremyHorrorX: ohh.
XJeremyHorrorX: oooo
yes im two faced: then ill just stop and look at you for a few seconds, but i wont say a

word but you know whats coming next. i sit up some and i start rubbing your dick a litle

faster against my clit, making me moann for you.
XJeremyHorrorX: making me moan too
yes im two faced: then ill move up just a little bit and sit the head of your dick inside me

and ill squeeze my pussy sssoooo tight around it and moan in your earr
XJeremyHorrorX: oh god i'd love that
yes im two faced: then ill let go with my pussy and sit up and look in your face and give

you a sexy smile then slam your dick alllll the way down inside me and scream sooo

XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
yes im two faced: and id sit there for a few seconds with it in me and looveee the way it

feels so deep in me
yes im two faced: then ill slowly take it out all the way until the head is the only thing left

yes im two faced: and slam myself back down again
yes im two faced: then ill raise back up and just start riding you
yes im two faced: getting faster by each time its put in me
yes im two faced: until im fucking you so fasst and so hard and moaning sooo loud that

icant take it anymore
yes im two faced: and ill slam myself down onto your dick and scream your name sooo

louddd and my pussy will tighten around your dick and coverrrr it with my cum
yes im two faced: and ill just lay there breathless on your chest with you dick stilll inside

of me.
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
yes im two faced: you think you might like thattt =P
XJeremyHorrorX: and i would cum to?si?
yes im two faced: not yettt
XJeremyHorrorX: no?
yes im two faced: thats for my mouthhh
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
yes im two faced: i wanna taste you
yes im two faced: while im laying on your chest
yes im two faced: catching my breathe
XJeremyHorrorX: m
yes im two faced: i begin to kiss your chest again
yes im two faced: and rubbing my hands up and down your sides
yes im two faced: fianlly i get enough stregth to sit up again
XJeremyHorrorX: yess
yes im two faced: and i start kissing your neck, your collar bone, your chest, alll over

XJeremyHorrorX: oo
yes im two faced: and i start rocking a little on your dick while im doing this, because its

still all the way inside me.
XJeremyHorrorX: ohhh
yes im two faced: i lift my hips up and let your dick slide out of me, and my cum that

was stuck inside me just comes flowing out onto your dick
XJeremyHorrorX: oh bby
yes im two faced: i look down at it and back at you and smile and wink at you and i start

to kiss down your chest
XJeremyHorrorX: mhmm
yes im two faced: i kiss lower and lower, around your belly button, and lower and lower

until im righttt above your dick
XJeremyHorrorX: yess
yes im two faced: i stick my tongue out and lick from the bottom of it uppp the front of it

but instead of going to the head i go around it and back down the back of it to the

bottom where i see your balls filled with that cum i want sooo bad
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
yes im two faced: i start to kiss them and lightly lick them as i look up at you to make

sure youre watching my every move
XJeremyHorrorX: iammm
yes im two faced: i take your dick in my hand and i slowly begin to move my hand up

and down, it slides sooo easy from it being drenched in my cum
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
yes im two faced: i take one of your balls allll the way in my mouth and i suck lightly on it

and swirlll my tongue around it
XJeremyHorrorX: yeahh
XJeremyHorrorX: moan
yes im two faced: and then i let it out with a pop sound, and take the other one in my

mouth and do the same thing, all while still moving my hand up and down on your cum

covered dickkk
XJeremyHorrorX: yesss
yes im two faced: i let the other fall out of my mouth and i sit up and look at you again, i

stop my hand and take it off your dick and i just sit there and stare at your nice harddd

dick, wanting it more each second
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: gahh
yes im two faced: i look at you again and i slowly slide it into my mouth, while still

keeping my eyes on yours
XJeremyHorrorX: ooo
yes im two faced: i start to bob my head up and down a little faster and sucking a little

harder on it, trying to give you a smile but not doing too good because my mouth is soo

full of your dick
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
yes im two faced: i take my hand and i grab your balls and massage them as i suck

long and hard on your dick still, looking into your eyes, my other hand is safely between

my legs playing around with my clit
XJeremyHorrorX: mhmmm
yes im two faced: i take your dick all the way out of my mouth and tell you how good it tastes to have my cum mixed with the taste of you
yes im two faced: and i shove it back in my mouth and suck even more and faster this time

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12-01-2008, 05:51 PM
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: you hear me gagging on it as it hits the back of my throat each time,

until i finally take you down my throat and i suck sooo hard on it and just wait for you to

cum down my throat
yes im two faced: i take it out again and ask for it, and tell you how bad i want your cum

down my throat
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
yes im two faced: and i take you all the way back down in my throat and suck and suck

until fianlly i feel it shooting down my throat and i just moan around your dick
yes im two faced: and i swallow every single last drop of it.
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
XJeremyHorrorX: gahhhh
yes im two faced: lol what
XJeremyHorrorX: nothingggggggg
yes im two faced: =]
yes im two faced: my thighs are starting to get wet now jeremy. you need to come

clean me upppp
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm,and clean me up as well
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: im really wet, come put it in and if you already came, let it get hard

again inside mee
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm,okkk
yes im two faced: did my little story make you cummm
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmhmm.mos def
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
XJeremyHorrorX: a lottt
XJeremyHorrorX: the most i ever came
yes im two faced: mm i wish i could lick it uppp
XJeremyHorrorX: me too
yes im two faced: im so wet jeremmy gooooddddd
yes im two faced: hah
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
yes im two faced: like
yes im two faced: just because you told me you came
yes im two faced: i think it got 30times wetter
yes im two faced: that was like the hottest thing ever
XJeremyHorrorX: b/c i came?
yes im two faced: yesss knowing that i did it makes me wetttt as fuck. no lie. haha
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: well you have the power to do that
yes im two faced: when did it happen
yes im two faced: like way early
XJeremyHorrorX: no
yes im two faced: cuz i probably seemed weird
yes im two faced: like
yes im two faced: still talking
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: like once you said i came in the back of your throat
XJeremyHorrorX: no
XJeremyHorrorX: it was amazing
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: itll be happening soon
XJeremyHorrorX: it besaaa
yes im two faced: its alll yours
XJeremyHorrorX: mine only?
yes im two faced: mhm
XJeremyHorrorX: yessss
yes im two faced: well mine too
XJeremyHorrorX: alll mineee
yes im two faced: lol
yes im two faced: cuz umm
yes im two faced: i like to play around with it sometimes
yes im two faced: it feels niiice
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
yes im two faced: i just wanna hear you moan
yes im two faced: and let you hear me moann
XJeremyHorrorX: you need to borrow someones phone thennn
yes im two faced: akglhjah i want your dick in my pussyy now now now
yes im two faced: i have one but its not freee anymore
yes im two faced: so i cant cal
yes im two faced: l
XJeremyHorrorX: awww
XJeremyHorrorX: well borrow a friends later or somethnig
yes im two faced: ill have one tonight possibly
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
XJeremyHorrorX: good
yes im two faced: you sure you can handle it. =P
yes im two faced: youll be able to hear me moan sooo quietly almost under my breath
XJeremyHorrorX: no,but i can touch myself over the phone,question is can you?
yes im two faced: i dunnoo
XJeremyHorrorX: lol
yes im two faced: never did thattt
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: i doubt it
yes im two faced: =\
XJeremyHorrorX: you might be able to handle my mona
yes im two faced: id say call now and do it but i forgot its not free haha
yes im two faced: call and leave a voice mail
yes im two faced: i can check it cuz i know her password
XJeremyHorrorX: if i had my momies phone i could
yes im two faced: sjgawehghd
XJeremyHorrorX: yeah
yes im two faced: godd i want you
yes im two faced: and i wish you would have came in me
XJeremyHorrorX: me too.i wish i lived with you or by youu so muchh
yes im two faced: wed fuck everydayyyy
yes im two faced: hahah
XJeremyHorrorX: yesss
XJeremyHorrorX: lol
yes im two faced: im home alone a lot
yes im two faced: so you can come here
yes im two faced: and fuck the living hell out of me
yes im two faced: everry morning
XJeremyHorrorX: and everynight
XJeremyHorrorX: and for lunch i'd eat you out
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=[=[=
yes im two faced: for desert id suck your dick like a popcicleeee =P hah
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
XJeremyHorrorX: but when i'd eat you out i would suck on an ice cube
XJeremyHorrorX: i win
yes im two faced: hjtfhkjyghj
yes im two faced: jeremyyy
XJeremyHorrorX: heatherr
yes im two faced: right now im onnn my back, knees bent, legs open and im nott

toching myself at all, its all yours, plzzz come here
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmmmm
yes im two faced: i can feel it running downn my ass now cuz of the position
XJeremyHorrorX: mmmm
yes im two faced: ldkgagksdg i need youuu bbyyyy
yes im two faced: im open and ready for youu
XJeremyHorrorX: i need you more babyyy
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: are you always open for me?
yes im two faced: mhmm
XJeremyHorrorX: yess
yes im two faced: but right now, my legs are spread and all you have to do is come

grab them and shove it in me
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm,first i want to eat you out
yes im two faced: ohh and id moan soooo loud
XJeremyHorrorX: good
yes im two faced: come hereee.
XJeremyHorrorX: alright
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: <333
yes im two faced: idk if you caree but this feels sooo good and im so wet and so hot
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm
XJeremyHorrorX: i bet soo
yes im two faced: i wish you were still hard, i wanna fuck your dick soo hard and so fast

right now bby.
XJeremyHorrorX: mm
XJeremyHorrorX: you'll feel it grow in your pussy
yes im two faced: mm id loveee that
XJeremyHorrorX: i knw me to
yes im two faced: sdewrwyw45t
yes im two faced: what are you doingg
XJeremyHorrorX: nothing.tired.lol.what are YOU doing?
XJeremyHorrorX: lol
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: [=
yes im two faced: heh im not doing anythinggg...O:-)
XJeremyHorrorX: my angel
yes im two faced: mmm i foumd the spottt..
yes im two faced: i mean... err..
yes im two faced: kljhukh
XJeremyHorrorX: mmm.yessss
yes im two faced: ommmggggg fuck me nowwwwwwwwwwwww
XJeremyHorrorX: i can promise later,b/c now i have to go to bed
XJeremyHorrorX: but i'll see you in your bed A.S.A.P
XJeremyHorrorX: mhmm
yes im two faced: okayy
XJeremyHorrorX: and i'll make you moan and scream and scratch me
XJeremyHorrorX: okkk angel face?
yes im two faced: okkk
XJeremyHorrorX: i love you my lil angel heatherr
yes im two faced: i love you toooo and i hope you enjoyedddd tonght cuz im glad you

at least got to cummm and i hope it was the bsettt ever
yes im two faced: hah
XJeremyHorrorX: it was
XJeremyHorrorX: but next time i talk to you
XJeremyHorrorX: you're gonna cum
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: deal?
yes im two faced: yesss
XJeremyHorrorX: ok.
yes im two faced: if its on th phone youll make fun of me
yes im two faced: cuz ill be like omggzjxdgskhgw
XJeremyHorrorX: well look foward to it angel,k/
XJeremyHorrorX: we can make it on the phone
XJeremyHorrorX: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: i'
yes im two faced: lol
XJeremyHorrorX: i'll be crazy moaning over the phone
yes im two faced: jdfagejdg
yes im two faced: lol
yes im two faced: dooo m
yes im two faced: e
yes im two faced: now now now
XJeremyHorrorX: hehe
yes im two faced: your dick, myyy pussy nowwww
XJeremyHorrorX: soon
XJeremyHorrorX: asap
yes im two faced: nowwww
XJeremyHorrorX: hehe
XJeremyHorrorX: i gotta go to bed baybee..make your you touch yourself
XJeremyHorrorX: FOR ME
yes im two faced: =O okayy
XJeremyHorrorX: only for me
XJeremyHorrorX: and you to
yes im two faced: =]
XJeremyHorrorX: bye angelface
yes im two faced: i love youuu.
XJeremyHorrorX: i love you to heather
yes im two faced: niiight
XJeremyHorrorX: niight angel

The End !!! :D

Will post more tonight cause now going out for dinner liao . Stay Tune !!! ;)

12-01-2008, 09:39 PM
Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap-tap-tap-tap.

Oh! Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. DAMN, Girl! Who taught you that? I hear at last.

Yeah bro birdie....dun stop this stories from coming......swee.....:D

12-01-2008, 09:43 PM
Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap-tap-tap-tap.

Oh! Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. DAMN, Girl! Who taught you that? I hear at last.

Yeah bro birdie....dun stop this stories from coming......swee.....:D

Yo Yo Tiko D_G one more cuming up for you ....found this in the net some chatters .....hehehehe ......Title : Sunset on Pony Beach . Enjoy !!! ;)

[22:33] pedro_puku: still have the horse?

[22:33] gypsy2jingles: yeah, still boardingher

[22:33] pedro_puku: good to hear....

gypsy2jingles: you wanna play don't ya?

pedro_puku: do you?

gypsy2jingles: giggles - depends - set me a scene and I'll think about it...

pedro_puku: hummmm...........

pedro_puku: I think it will have to be a tack (sp?) shop....lots of things to tie each other up with... :-)

gypsy2jingles: giggles - go on...

pedro_puku: hummm, well you will have to "help" me a bit as well.... no onesided stuff here...

pedro_puku: What would you be wearing to this tack shop....:D

gypsy2jingles: actually, lets be somewhere that the horse can run - like a beach or a meadow

pedro_puku: I like the beach......

pedro_puku: just behind the tack shop...lol

pedro_puku: The beach.... I am wearing very little.....

gypsy2jingles: he he, good idea

pedro_puku: a pair of old scrubs.....no tops

pedro_puku: nice and comfortable....

pedro_puku: Don't want to burn my legs in the setting sun...lol

gypsy2jingles: I'm wearing a two peice bikini, with a filmy white skirt that wraps around my waist

gypsy2jingles: and a sun hat

gypsy2jingles: walking my horse peaches down the beach as I feel the sand between my toes

pedro_puku: I am coming from the opposite direction.....the setting sun is off over the ocean....

pedro_puku: I having watching you and peaches from a distance and at first can barely make you out...wondering what you look like...looking forward to each step we take towards each other...

gypsy2jingles:I've been watching the water as it crosses over my feet, but as we get closer, peaches nuzzles my shoulder and I look up at her, and see you comming close

pedro_puku: It is a very secluded beach...you have ridden awhile to get here...I have sailed my boat...you see it anchored just off shore....

pedro_puku: I was suprised to see another human on this beach...a bit upset that someone else knows about it...but once I get closer and see you....I begin to inwardly smile....

gypsy2jingles: I am glad to see someone on the beach - I had just moved to the area and had been finding the place lonely, so I had taken peaches out for a ride and found the beach - I am eager for some human companionship though, after weeks of being alone at my own place

pedro_puku: We are on a similiar path...seeking another humans touch.... I have been circumnavigating the globe.... my trip is framed by long periods of solo sailing....with short, intense visits to exotic places and people....and I find myself at yet another potentially wonderful encounter...

pedro_puku: I approach you and without a word....I place my hand softly on your cheek.....and look deep into your eyes to try and read your soul....

gypsy2jingles: the caress takes me by surprise, but I find I like it and smile a bit

pedro_puku: I only say one word "welcome".

pedro_puku: It softly flows over to your ears....it means welcome to this place, this beach, this passion...

gypsy2jingles: I am caught up in the atmosphere, and I lower my eyelids in contentment - "hi" I say

pedro_puku: I pull my hand away from your cheek and slowly take your hand.....I lead you and peaches down the beach to a blanket I had been eating dinner on...there is wine, fruit, cheese, nuts....i ask if I can give peaches an apple...

gypsy2jingles: I nod "she would like that" I take her to a stand of palm trees and tie her there

pedro_puku: I welcome you back to the blanket and ask you to sit down...."Do you drink wine", I ask

gypsy2jingles: "not usually, but today I will" I sit and take the offered wine

pedro_puku: i pour you a small glass...and also have water to sip from.... I start a small fire by our feet to keep us warm from the night ocean breeze....The light of the fire dances on your soft skin and I slowly take my hand and trace it down your shoulders....my intentions are perfectly clear by the growing excitement you see happening between my thighs...

gypsy2jingles: I sip my wine, debating on wether I dared to answer your intentions the way you want. Then, feeling like we are the only two people in the world - I scoot closer to you, and place my hand on your thigh

pedro_puku: I lay you down on your stomach.......

pedro_puku: and slowly run my hands down your back....my fingers dance along your upper back....down your spine....over your nice butt and down your legs........I slowly untie your wrap and the top of your bathing suit....a kiss on the back of your neck accents my passion

gypsy2jingles: I shiver when your fingers untie my suit, and then shiver again with your lips on my neck - but not with cold. I look back at you over my shoulder, a sensuous smile on my lips and a moistness already starting between my legs

pedro_puku: I softly kiss your lips....my tongue moves, dances and bounces softly down your neck......i follow a similiar path my hand has just taken....my teeth grab the sexy bottoms of your suit...I pull them off....my tongue contiues to dance around your toes...I playfully suck on one...then run my kiss back up the path I just took....my tongue dances over your butt...a sign of exotic and interesting things to come....my kisses return to your neck and lips....my cock is now hard and you can feel it thru the thin fabric of the scrubs...I wear no underwear...

gypsy2jingles: I push up from the blanket, place a hand on your shoulder, and push gently, until you are leaning back on your hands. I run my own fingers down from your shoulder, lightly skimming my nails across your chest, where my other hand joins the first and they both travel to your sides, and down to your scrubs. Then they go inside the waistband and dip them low on your hips, helping your cock join us in the firelight. I place one hand on your cock and press, and rub up and down a bit, while my other hand goes behind you to brace me as I lean into you, and place a kiss on your lips, and then follow it with a more passionate one

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12-01-2008, 09:44 PM
pedro_puku: I take your kiss and give you a soft bit on your lower lip....my tongue slowly feels for yours...a deep kiss....my hand traces around your nipples...and one hand and fingers weaves into your thick hair...holding you to the passionate kiss..... I tell you that we are going to make passionate love, that we are going to fuck hard, that we are going to explore each others bodies and make ourselves cum until we pass out from excitement.....

gypsy2jingles: I quiver with excitement when you nip my lip and return the kiss with more enthusiasm, while I press more on your cock, then wrap my fingers around you and begin real strokes up and down your length, while I moan as you tease my nipples and drown in your deep kiss

pedro_puku: Your hands feel so good they pull a moan from my lips.....I firmly spin you around....you now face my cock...but most importantly your moist pussy faces me....I drink in the smell of your essence...your excitement. I slowly slide your body down mine....your hips are now in front of my face.....I kiss your pussy...running my tongue softly at your outter lips....running from your clit and playfully run my tongue all the way to your ass......it dances around back and forth......just bring you to the first rise of excitement.....my hips rise, instinctivel upward...

gypsy2jingles: I feel your hips buck against my hand and moan at your tongue on my pussy - my hand grips your cock a little tighter and I move it up and down with firmer strokes, while trailing my other hand along your chest and shoulders, around to the back of your neck, and then - with a mischeivous wink at you, I begin to play with your ear

pedro_puku: My hand runs the length of your left leg....I slowly move it close to your outer lips.....I do not touch you...but you feel my hand is close....My lips make contact with your clit....I softly suck on it and it swells.....my hand caresses your butt cheeks...a finger brushes past your asshole.... My hips search for your touch...with my hard cock bouncing..... I begin to think of sliding my shaft into your wet pussy....but I am enjoying the taste of you too much at the moment.

gypsy2jingles: I moan and my head falls back and I widen my legs to give you better access, and run my finger around the outer edges of your ear, and then down to your earlobe, and then behind ear and I tickle you there a minute, before doing it all over again, while I pull my hand away from your cock long enough to dip my fingers in the wine glass, and then take my wet fingers back to your cock and stroke you with wet, firm strokes

pedro_puku: ...a bit of pre-cum flows from my cock...coupled with the wine...my shaft is slippery...the blood pulsates thru it. My kisses focus on your clit...flicking it softly,,,sucking it....my hands reach to your hair....It feels so soft as it cascades over our bodies....I tell you that I want to fuck you.....that I need to fuck you!

gypsy2jingles: "can you ride, my love? I find I would like a strong steed beneath me, and inside me..."

pedro_puku: yes,,,I can ride.....but I admit I have never made love while doing it....

gypsy2jingles: I grin, and pinch you just above the base of your cock - "then come with me - and we will ride together..." I lead you to peaches, and untie her, and watch your butt muscles ripple as you mount her saddle naked. I take your hand mount facing you, and take your cock and place it at the opening of my pussy, then sink down onto you, my pussy stretching to take you in, until I am sitting completly on your cock. I lean forward - " Guide her to the beach, and face her toward the shoreline - she knows what to do - when you need to fuck me harder - make her go faster..."

pedro_puku: I slowly gyrate my hips...my pelves bone rubs your clit....we kiss.....my hands run down your back....I am thankful that you have a western saddle....better to grip...I spur peaches with my bare feet and start to fuck you....

pedro_puku: My lips kiss your nipples

pedro_puku: your hair falls over us...

pedro_puku: I spur peaches to run faster....she knows that we want speed and can sense our pure xtc!

pedro_puku: the beach runs for miles and miles....we fuck harder

pedro_puku: my left hand slides near your ass....a finger covers your asshole and I look into your eyes for approval....

gypsy2jingles: I grin and nod to you, enjoying the feel of your cock pumping in and out of my pussy with every step the horse takes. I squeel in delight as you kick her into a trot and then a canter, loving how your cock goes deeper inside me as we ride faster - I press my breasts into your chest and grip your shoulders and grind my hips with yours every time we rock with the horse's movements

pedro_puku: the horses movements melt into ours....I am completely in a haze of enjoyment...I kiss you deeply not caring where the horse takes us....I drive my cock deep into you and slowly allow my finger to enter your ass....you can feel my finger as it pushes against my cock which is stroking in and out of your pussy.....

gypsy2jingles: Peaches rockets down the beach - sending us rocking at a fast pace that matches - I moan as your finger enters my ass and can feel the tighter friction and can feel the feelings building within me, knowing I am comming close - reveling in sensations, I return your kiss deeply and passionately, then pull away from you just enough to allow my nipples to rub your chest with every rocking movement, sending my pleasure even higher

pedro_puku: I am almost beyond the point of no return...I insert a final second finger into your ass to increase the wonder friction of my cock as it pounds inside and out of you....Peaches makes you bounce high and hard on my cock....I watch your wonder breasts as they bounce from the movement of the horse, but also the deep breathing.... I begin to hold you tight...my body quivers....I hold my xtc until you are ready to explode.....

gypsy2jingles: I moan when you insert your second finger into my ass, the action giving me new waves of pleasure, and I can feel my pussy starting tiny convulsions already. I lean into you so you can hear me " I'm almost there, lover. When you are ready, nod at me, and I will command peaches to halt - when she does, she will throw us together hard, and your cock will be as deep inside me as it will go" I lean away to watch you as we rock with the horse, your cock fucking my pussy and your fingers fucking my ass and my breasts and nipples rubbing your chest - my breathing is hard and my pussy tight and juicy on your hard cock

pedro_puku: We are one....I do not want this pleasure to end....but it cannot go on....I must climax, I have to feel your body quiver and hear your moans and shouts...I nod and dig my hand into your hips my fingers in your ass rub the walls of your pussy against my shaft.. I start to yell that I am cumming!

gypsy2jingles: I call for Peaches to halt, and she throws us hard into each other as I feel your hot cum shoot inside me, and my pussy convulses around your hot cock and I scream in xtc - while peaches slows down, she pits us hard into each other again and again before she stops

pedro_puku: I buck into you and just hold you, pull you into me...my muscles melt with your body...we are one.....it takes peaches and us a while to cool down... I just drink in the smell of ocean, sand, sweat and sex.... I smile at you and ask if you have ever fucked on a sailboat? But that is for another night or may be morning my Gypsy! Night

gypsy2jingles: I grin, "I haven't fucked on a sailboat before, but I think that if you can ride like that Off a horse, it should be fun LOL! Night

pedro_puku: sweet dreams....I know I will!

gypsy2jingles: sweet dreams....until next time

The End !!!

12-01-2008, 09:52 PM
Here's one cyberspace sex story on master & slave - Title : BF/GF Master/Servant cyber .

Lara: you know what i feel in the mood for?

Zach: Hmm?

Lara: master/slave... being the slave

Zach: Do you want to?

Lara: yupyup

Zach: Okie.

Lara: ok you make the scene, you're the master

Zach: Mmm...

Zach: How about...you're cleaning the house, and I come up from behind.

Lara: Okie

Lara: *is wearing a maid outfit too small for her curves as it shrunk in the wash, scrubbing a sculpture*

Zach: *strolls slowly through the house, not making any noise*

Lara: *hums softly, drying the sculpture now and wiping down its stand*

Zach: *rounds the corner and sees you cleaning, hiding back behind a wall*

Lara: *bands over to clean the bottom, unconsciously taunting you*

Zach: *tip toes up behind you, waiting for you to stand back up*

Lara: *dries it off, standing up slowly as she works her way up*

Zach: *steps behind you swiftly, wrapping his arms around your waist*

Lara: *feels her heart jump, turning her head to see you* is everything alright master?

Zach: *nuzzles your neck softly, pulling you close* Just seeing how my pet was doing.

Lara: *draws herself closer to you, not wanting to upset you* i-isnt... the lady of the h-house home...?

Zach: *kisses your cheek* She isn't. She's gone for today.

Lara: *feels a certain amount of relief, arching her neck slightly to your kiss*

Zach: How's the cleaning coming along? *kisses your cheek again*

Lara: good... good... im getting it d-done faster than usual today *bites her lip and looks away from you, trying to speak but cant*

Zach: Oh? Why's that? *kisses down your neck*

Lara: I-I~...did something i shouldnt~ have...

Zach: *gnaws gently at your neck, his hands moving below your waist* And what would that be?

Lara: w-when... i shrunk my uniform... it was on purpose to get you to look at me... i dont want the lady to be upset at me, please, punish me...

Zach: *rubs your inner thighs and hips, whispering softly in your ear* Is that what you want, to be punished?

Lara: *shakes and looks at you, biting her lip* y-yes... its driving me crazy...

Zach: *kisses your cheek again, pulling away* Bend over.

Lara: *feels her heart sink as she looks at you in surprise, pausing before slowly bending over, lifting her own skirt and biting her lip*

Zach: *makes his hand flat, and slaps your ass cheek hard*

Lara: *grabs onto the stand for the sculpture and lets out a cry*

Zach: That's a bad slave, trying to get my attention like that. *smacks your ass again twice in a row*

Lara: *moans back to back, arching her back down as she feels herself getting wet* P-please f-forgive me...

Zach: We'll see about that. You know you don't need to try and show off your body like that to get me to look at you. *smacks your ass rapidly*

Lara: *grabs the stand tightly, crying out in rhythm to your smacks, panting* H-How else w-would i be able to m-master?..

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12-01-2008, 09:53 PM
Zach: Just ask me when we're alone, no need to be subtle. *alternates between cheeks until both are bright red*

Lara: *bites her lip and looks down, her pussy dripping slightly as she blushes a bright red, unable to turn her head to face you* mmm...

Zach: *gives both cheeks one final, hard slap* Do you think you've been punished enough, slave?

Lara: *almost topples over, letting out a sharp cry* Its not my say... A-Are you satisifed~ m-master?..

Zach: I'm not. My wife, should I say, is uninterested in me, so I feel a bit deprived. Now, stand up.

Lara: I-Im sorry.. *stands up slowly, her knees wobbling as she looks up at you admiringly, still blushing and panting slightly*

Zach: *gazes directly into your eyes*

Lara: *gazes back, feeling her body shake with eagerness and fear*

Zach: *leans down, and passionately kisses you*

Lara: *kisses back weakly at first, afraid to betray your wife and slowly kisses deeper*

Zach: *watches your eyes, suddenly breaking off this kiss* Strip down.

Lara: y-yes sir... *weakly undoes her apron and slides down her skirt, revealing herself in a pair of black panties and a corset, looking up momentarily, blushing and awaiting approval to continue*

Zach: *frowns for a moment* I didn't say stop.

Lara: s-s-sorry *unties her corset and lets it drop in front of her, her nipples hard as she blushes, and slowly slides her panties down and steps out of them, crossing her arms in front of her breasts as she looks up at you blushing, her pussy moist from the spanking*

Zach: *grabs your arms away from your breasts, revealing them* You seem so shy, why is that?

Lara: I-I... Ive always fantasized about you m-m-master... im just nervous that youre actually h-here... *looks down*

Zach: *takes you by your wrist, dragging you along to the upstairs bedrooms, tugging harder* We'll fix your nervousness then, pet, and maybe you can tell me what these "fantasies" of yours are.

Lara: *tries to keep up, blushing as she listens to you and biting her lip, realizing where shes being taken*

Zach: *flings open the master bedroom doors, revealing the lush, expensive bed, while tugging you inside*

Lara: *looks around, stunned by the luxuriousness of it all, feeling unfit to be here and following you slowly*

Zach: *leads you roughly to the bed* Sit.

Lara: yes sir~ *sits at the edge of the bed, looking down nervously*

Zach: *pulls off his shirt, tossing it carelessly to the side* Now, tell me what you fantasize about.

Lara: w-when im in the shower i often picture y-you... kissing me in front of your wife... watching me touch myself... many bad thoughts... *looks at you for a moment and looks down, ashamed*

Zach: *snorts, lifting your chin and looking into your eyes* Keep going. I want to know in full detail.

Lara: *looks up at you, pausing* ...I have many fantasies of you touching me... or kissing me... with your wife frozen, looking on... or me masturbating by the pool and you pleasuring yourself as watch... or hopping in the shower with me as i pleasure myself to these thoughts, having your way with me...

Zach: Is that so? Pick one then, I'll make it come true.

Lara: *looks at you, unable to speak as her heart races* I-I... I cant... pick for me...

Zach: *glares at you with an evil eye* I said pick one, not complain.

Lara: yes sir~ *bites her lip, cautiously and spreads her legs gently, sliding a hand in front of her and rubbing up and down her slit, looking up at you, blushing*

Zach: *continues to glare at you* I meant now, pet.

Lara: watch me mastubate then m-master... a-and touch yourself~ *feels her heart race*

Zach: *smirks, sliding down his pants and boxers, letting his semi-hard cock fall free*

Lara: *looks at your cock, tensing up and shocked for a moment, seeing her masters naked body, sliding a finger into her pussy and massaging her clit*

Zach: *grabs his cock and begins to pump slowly, growing harder with each movement*

Lara: *looks on eagerly, leaning her head back slightly as she spreads her lips and slides in a second finger, pumping them inside herslelf as se grabs her left breast with her free hand, rubbing it*

Zach: *strokes himself faster, smiling devilishly at you* I didn't know my slave was so dirty.

Lara: d-do you like it master? *blushes, looking into your eyes as she spreads her pussy with those fingers before rubbing her clit*

Zach: Of course I do. I've had my own thoughts about my beautiful servant. *strokes himself harder, growing rock hard*

Lara: i will be as dirty as you want me to be master~ *fingers herself deeper and harder, moaning deeply as she watches you jerking off* what thoughts?... *bites her lip*

Zach: Like sneaking up on you from behind, and forcing you to do naughty things. *breathes harder, jerking off faster*

Lara: w-what types of things? *eager to please her master, as she fingers deeper, sliding in a third finger and moaning heavily*

Zach: Many, many things. I've also fantasizing about what we're doing now, I've came many times to it. *steps forward, pumping his cock near your face*

Lara: *looks at your cock, moaning deeply from her own touch and looks up at you innocently*

Zach: *smirks again, smiling deeply* Is there something you wanted?

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12-01-2008, 09:54 PM
Lara: I-I want to please you master... *looks at your cock, her pussy growing moist as she licks her lips and looks at you innocently again*

Zach: *jerks off his hard cock inches from your mouth* Then please me.

Lara: yes sir~ *pauses, stunned that she is in this position with her master and gently wraps her lips around his head, sucking at it softly*

Zach: *lets his hand fall away, groping at your breast and nipple, his other hand pushing your face into his cock*

Lara: *purrs into your cock, sucking down deeper from your touch, tilting her head to get it as wet as she can*

Zach: *strokes his hand through your hair, wincing from pleasure*

Lara: *sucks harder and faster, her heart racing as she realizes what shes doing to her master*

Zach: *pants quicker, looking down to see his servant sucking* It isn't fair you get to taste my cock. 69 position, now.

Lara: *lifts her head suddenly, feeling her body shiver* yes master!~ *sets her body up, letting her pussy sit inches from her masters mouth, turning her on so much she deepthroats*

Zach: *moans for a moment, before burying his face into your pussy, eating his faithful servant out hard*

Lara: *moans and purrs into your cock, shivering as she sucks up and down*

Zach: *hums into your clit, sending waves through you, his tongue sliding all around*

Lara: *cries out, her lips still wrapped around your cock, sucking down deeper and faster as she shivers*

Zach: *blows air onto your slit, teasing you, before pushing his face back in, moaning into his servant's pussy*

Lara: *arches her back, shaking from your mouths touch as she pulls up for a second, panting, and licks circles around your head*

Zach: *closes his eyes and tries to control his breathing, his cock throbbing as it builds up cum*

Lara: *is even more turned on, knowing that she is pleasing her master and kisses his cock deeply, sucking at his head*

Zach: *bites down on your lips in return, pulling them with his teeth, running his tongue along your slit before pushing it in deep and hard*

Lara: *arches her neck down and moans deeply, pausing momentarily before sucking down hard and beginning to face-fuck her master*

Zach: *eats his servant out faster, his cock pulsing quick and hard, ready to explode*

Lara: *feels her pussy about to flow and begins to suck harder, wanting her master to cum at the same time as her, deepthroating him and twisting her head*

Zach: *takes a deep breathe, still tongue-fucking you, as his cock reaches its limit and throbs fast and hard, moments away from climax*

Lara: *pulls up, still sucking at your head, not wanting to gag at her masters cum as she purrs deeply, pausing as she cums, crying out into your cock as she shivers*

Zach: *cries out in unison as his cock unloads, shooting into your mouth as your cum flows into his*

Lara: *gulps down her masters load, triumphant that she was able to please him as she shakes, sensitive from cumming*

Zach: *laps up his servant's cum, swallowing it as it runs down his cheeks and chins, satisfied*

Lara: *kisses and pulls at her masters head with her lips, drawing out any more cum as she shivers*

Zach: *winces from his cocks sensitivity, shooting out a little more*

Lara: *licks it off of her masters head as her body aches*

Zach: *pants, his face soaked, still flicking your clit with his tongue to catch more cum*

Lara: *purrs gently, shaking as shivers from sensitivity, motionless*

Zach: *gently slides from underneath you, rolling you onto your back and laying besides you*

Lara: T-That was wonderful.. m-master *giggles as she licks her lips, watching the expression on your face*

Zach: *grins slyly at you, licking his lips back* Is that enough "punishment" for you, pet?

Lara: for today sir... i need to do more cleaning or the Mrs. will be angry... *bites her lip*

Zach: The Missus won't do anything so long as I'm around. *kisses your cheek*

Lara: *strokes her palm up and down your arm, looking into your eyes*

Zach: *kisses you again, quickly tweaking your nipple playfully* How would you like to be more than a lowly slave?

Zach: You'd still serve me, but you would be better off.

Lara: *looks at you as her heart sinks* what do you mean master? *as her eyes widen*

Zach: Nothing important right now, we'll discuss it later. Clean up and go back to cleaning.

Lara: yes sir~

The End !!! :D

12-01-2008, 10:02 PM
How good it is to have such a nice GF and using instant MSN .........

This story is unlike any other stories you have ever read. This is an actual role that me and my boyfriend have done. I have cleaned it up a bit, so there are fewer spelling mistakes. Please do not leave comments on bad grammar and spelling. This is a real instant messenger conversation. Just in case you don't know, lol = laugh out loud. When there is a set of two paranthesis, likes this ((word)), it's me and him breaking out of the role. I hope you enjoy the story because it is really good and hot. Thank you!

yankees2girl: i say we roleplay

fucinhigh08: lol
fucinhigh08: ok
fucinhigh08: what you feel like

yankees2girl: up for sum strip poker?

fucinhigh08: hell yea

yankees2girl: lol bro/sis then?

fucinhigh08: absolutely

yankees2girl: haha

fucinhigh08: ok
fucinhigh08: so how old you want me

yankees2girl: i dont care as long as your older than me

fucinhigh08: lol
fucinhigh08: 22
fucinhigh08: lol

yankees2girl: ok
yankees2girl: lol

fucinhigh08: ok you being innocent or slutty

yankees2girl: shy but naughty

fucinhigh08: nice
fucinhigh08: ok so mom n dad are out and i walk in the living room where you are watching TV

yankees2girl: yea, just be dominate, not like rapist dominate though, brotherly dominate

fucinhigh08: no problem

yankees2girl: im wearing that out fit i had on u know pink tank top, shorts, thong

fucinhigh08: im n just jeans no shirt

yankees2girl: "hey bro what's up" i say glancing up and seeing your half naked body

fucinhigh08: i look over ...hey sis w'sup
fucinhigh08: where's mom and dad

yankees2girl: "i dont know out somewhere"

fucinhigh08: i look you up and down noticing how damn sexy you are your body looking all hot in your little outfit
fucinhigh08: "im bored you wanna do something?

yankees2girl: "yea im bored too you got anything in mind

fucinhigh08: i dunno
fucinhigh08: wanna play cards

yankees2girl: "yea, just like we used to when we were younger"

fucinhigh08: "ok you got money to bet?

yankees2girl: "no..." i look at you disappointed

fucinhigh08: as i get up to get the cards "well then how you expect to play poker then" i say laughing

yankees2girl: "idunno, there's gotta be some other way"

fucinhigh08: well there is but i dont know if you want to play that way" i say sitting down at the
dinning room table

yankees2girl: i sit on my knees across from u "what is it?"

fucinhigh08: laughing at you bein so cute "its called strip poker...instead of money you bet your clothes and gotta take them off when you lose"

yankees2girl: i look at u reluctantly "sure...i guess"

fucinhigh08: lol c'mon you'll like it sit down here at the table"

yankees2girl: i go and sit in the chair "ok"
yankees2girl: "now what?"

fucinhigh08: i deal you your cards "ok now what piece of clothing you gonna bet"

yankees2girl: "uhhh, my shorts"

fucinhigh08: ok ill bet my pants
fucinhigh08: i flip over my cards and i have a full house
fucinhigh08: now lets see what you got" i say smiling at you evil like

yankees2girl: "i have three of a kind"

fucinhigh08: aww you lose

yankees2girl: "ya ya ya...so do i really have to take my shorts off?"

fucinhigh08: lol ya you have to that's the deal" i say laughing

yankees2girl: i sigh "fine" i stand up and slowly start taking them off "no peaking"

fucinhigh08: i lean back in my chair "ya right im looking"

yankees2girl: i glare at you and take them off

fucinhigh08: i smirk back and blow you a kiss

yankees2girl: i quickly sit down so you cant see anymore

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12-01-2008, 10:04 PM
fucinhigh08: peaking around the table to catch a peek i ask you what you wanna bet now? as i deal your cards to you

yankees2girl: "hmmm i guess my shirt..."

fucinhigh08: ok i'll bet my pants again i look at my cards smiling what u got?

yankees2girl: a full house

fucinhigh08: i say starin at ur boobs unconcisly

yankees2girl: i catch you and cross my arms in front of them

fucinhigh08: straight flush bitch i win" as i toss the cards in your direction

yankees2girl: "SHIT, ur cheating!"

fucinhigh08: "hell no i aint im just fuckin good, lol now lets go take off that shirt already
fucinhigh08: as i shuffle the cards
fucinhigh08: starin at u

yankees2girl: i bite my lip and slowly start taking off my shirt

fucinhigh08: i lick my lips as it passes ur belly
fucinhigh08: reveals the bottom of your tit

yankees2girl: i take it off completely and then slide really low so the table covers my nipples

fucinhigh08: lol sit up dont be so shy i say dealing you the cards

yankees2girl: i sit up again and look at my cards

fucinhigh08: ok so i guess that sluty little thong is all u have to bet i say smiling at you and peaking around to see it

yankees2girl: i roll my eyes "ya ya ya"

fucinhigh08: lol ok i got a pair of kings

yankees2girl: i smile "3 aces"

fucinhigh08: lol damn u win

yankees2girl: "dont sound so suprised"
yankees2girl: "now you take it off"

fucinhigh08: i stand up and pull down my jeans kickin off my sneakers
fucinhigh08: i toss them aside and walk back to my seat you can see my hard on bulgin outta my shorts

yankees2girl: i cant hide my smile as i see your buldge

fucinhigh08: i notice upu looking and smiling at it and when you look up at me wink as i sit down

yankees2girl: i turn red "ok deal"

fucinhigh08: i deal you your cards smiling and staring at you

yankees2girl: i smile back
yankees2girl: "i gotta full house"

fucinhigh08: damn i only got a pair of 2's

yankees2girl: i giggle "get naked"

fucinhigh08: lol i stand up"you better not tell mom you lil bitch" i say as i slide my boxers off and toss them aside
fucinhigh08: my hard on stickin straight out

yankees2girl: "big bro, tisk tisk getting hard off ur lil sis" i say coming out of my shell a bit
yankees2girl: i grin at you

fucinhigh08: i look at you surprised

yankees2girl: "what" i ask tilting my head

fucinhigh08: your a dirty lil bitch aint you i say smiling at you and looking at you almost confused but interested

yankees2girl: my jaw drops "why, just �cause i know what boner is?"

fucinhigh08: lol yea you know you like it i say grabbin my cock and stroking it a little making and harder and bigger

yankees2girl: i feel my pussy tingle "your my brother!"

fucinhigh08: so what? i say walking closer "noone has to know"

yankees2girl: i take a gulp "know about wat?"

fucinhigh08: i walk right in front of you and stand there..."what im about to do to you"
fucinhigh08: i say stroking it almost in your face

yankees2girl: i look up at you half wanting to you to continue, half reluctant about what could happen

fucinhigh08: i shake it in your face..''c'mon sis you know what to do with it ...i aint gonna tell noone

yankees2girl: i smile weakly and grab ur cocl in my hand watching your reaction

fucinhigh08: my eyes light up as you grab on my cock..i let out a little moan and lick my lips

yankees2girl: i giggle and stick the head in my mouth then take it out and lick ur shaft all around

fucinhigh08: mmmmmm i grab ur head and let you work my cock mm ya thats it sis i knew you liked it i say moanin

yankees2girl: i then stick your cock in my mouth and deep throat it on my first try

fucinhigh08: holy fuck i yell out ...mmm damn sis as i hold you there for a sec

yankees2girl: half giggling, half choking i let you hold me there

fucinhigh08: i pull your head your slurping as my cock leaves your mouth..i say "mmm i take it you've done this before sis"
fucinhigh08: taking my cock and slapping it on your tounge as i ask you

yankees2girl: i giggle as some spit drools down my chin "maybe"

fucinhigh08: i smile at you as i slide it back in your mouth with spit dribbling down your chin

yankees2girl: i start working my head up and down your cock increasing my pace

fucinhigh08: mmmm i grab your head and follow your pace"mm ya sis suck that cock damn"
fucinhigh08: i move my hips with your head

yankees2girl: i swirl my tongue on the bottom while you fuck my face, spit still dribbling from my mouth on my chin, i reach down and stick my hand down my thong and start fondling with my clit

fucinhigh08: i start slaming your face a lil harder when i see you start rubbing your clit
fucinhigh08: mmmm i knew you liked it sis"

yankees2girl: i start moaning as i suck you while i rub harder and faster

fucinhigh08: noticing how much you like it i fuck your mouh hard as i hold ur head
fucinhigh08: you gag each time i slam your throat

yankees2girl: i start chocking but i keep rubbing my clit

fucinhigh08: drool dripping down your chin to your belly and thong
fucinhigh08: "mmm you fuckin love it nasty dont you sis i say smiling as i watch you choke and rub harder and harder on ur clit

yankees2girl: i feel myself cum and make my thong wetter and my moans and screams are muffled by your cock

fucinhigh08: mmmmmmm knowin you came makes me so horny.. i slam your face and cum hard
down ur throat
fucinhigh08: alot of cum

yankees2girl: i choke on your cum as some of the extra drips down my face

fucinhigh08: ((mmmmmm thats hott))
fucinhigh08: i pull it out letting the extra cum run down your chin and drip down
fucinhigh08: as you choke on my cum, coughin and chokin, still with your hand in your thong

yankees2girl: i try to swallow what i can and then i look up at you with cum and spit on my chin, cheeks, boobs, and stomach

fucinhigh08: mmmmm i grab you by the chin..you look so fuckin hot sis i lean down and kiss you hard rubbing the cum all over your belly and tits

yankees2girl: i smile and help you rub it in
yankees2girl: then i bring my hand up and lick everything off of it

fucinhigh08: hows my cum taste sis i say as i stick my finger in ur mouth after you clean yours off

yankees2girl: i suck your finger like your cock "mmmm really really yummy"

fucinhigh08: mmmmm i reach down with my other hand as you suck my fingers and start playing with your pussy through your soaked thong

yankees2girl: i giggle "how do i taste bro?"

fucinhigh08: im gonna go find out right now i say as i dive between your kneeling legs

yankees2girl: i spread my legs so you can get to my pussy easier and i look down at you

fucinhigh08: i pull your thong aside and start licking and tickling your clit with my tounge as i look up at you

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12-01-2008, 10:05 PM
yankees2girl: i moan as i feel your tongue on my clit
yankees2girl: ((now thats really hot))
yankees2girl: i smile and stare into your eyes

fucinhigh08: i stare at you as i swirl my tounge all over your clit and i start rubbing your pussy lips with my fingers

yankees2girl: "mmmmm oooo bro eat ur little sisters tight pussy" i squirm around a little

fucinhigh08: "mmm fuck yes " i say garbled with a mouthful of my little sisters pussy
fucinhigh08: my upper lip rubbin ur clit my tongue going in your pussy

yankees2girl: i moan loud almost screamin, i close my eyes tight

fucinhigh08: i start tongue fucking you as deep as i can as i mash your clit with the palm of my hand...slowy putting a finger in your ass with my other hand

yankees2girl: "mmmmm ooo fuck im cumming! im gonna cumm all over ur face!"
yankees2girl: as i say that my pussy clenches around your tongue and i cum

fucinhigh08: i start finger your ass hard as u say that
fucinhigh08: tonguing you fast and pressing down on your clit

yankees2girl: mmmmmm holy fuck mmmmm yea" i roll my head around, squirming around

fucinhigh08: i lift my head still rubbing clit and playing with ur ass
fucinhigh08: ((im havin trouble typin over here))

yankees2girl: ((hehe))

fucinhigh08: ((ive came twice))

yankees2girl: ((same))

fucinhigh08: ((nice))

yankees2girl: i relax my body breathing hard

fucinhigh08: i look up at you still going easily...so sis that wasnt so bad was it?

yankees2girl: smile "no...i guess not"

fucinhigh08: do you wanna fuck" i say i stand up with a huge hard on in my hand

yankees2girl: ((u can be a lil forceful on this one))

fucinhigh08: ((lol nice your gettin real horny huh))

yankees2girl: ((uhuh))

fucinhigh08: i stand there jerkin off waitin for your answer

yankees2girl: "isnt that too far bro?"

fucinhigh08: fuck no i say walking closer... you just swallowed my cum, now your gonna fuck my cock

yankees2girl: "no...that is way too far"
yankees2girl: i stand up slowly, some of my cum dripping down my leg
fucinhigh08: i push you hard back in ur seat

fucinhigh08: sit down bitch i say still jerking my cock

yankees2girl: "bro...im...im uh�a uh..virgin still... you dont want knowing you took your lil sisters flower away on your chest do you?"

fucinhigh08: no i want it on my cock, now stand the fuck up and bend over the table i say as i grab you by your pigtails

yankees2girl: i stand up slowly realizing if i dont that youll make me

fucinhigh08: there you go c'mon hurry up i say rushing you n spinning you around to face the table

yankees2girl: i bend over the table, my boobs pressing into it hard

fucinhigh08: i push you down harder...good lil bitch i say as i put the head of my cock in your tight little pussy

yankees2girl: i instinctively spread my legs

fucinhigh08: mmm you fuckin whore" as i grab your hair and slam into your little virgin pussy pumping in and out right away
yankees2girl: i scream loud and grab onto the other side of the table for support

fucinhigh08: i pull on your hair each time i slam your pusssy...."mmm damn sis your pussy feels fuckin soooo good"

yankees2girl: i start moaning getting used to your cock

fucinhigh08: i slam your head down as i grab your hips n pump your tight little pussy hard, moanin loud as i do

yankees2girl: "ooooo fuck bro your cock is so big, fuck me harder!!"

fucinhigh08: ya you like that sis.. you like that big fuckin cock slamin your lil pussy

yankees2girl: "oooooo fuck yesssssss mmmmmm shit it feels so fucking good!!"

fucinhigh08: i reach down to fuck with your clit as i fuck your little pussy

yankees2girl: "mmm im cumming again, im cumming on your huge cock oooo fuck!" i close my eyes and grind my hips against yours

fucinhigh08: i push it in deep as you cumm .... i move it around while you cum, and then fill your pussy with my hot cum as your cumming
fucinhigh08: i slam each time i shoot it

yankees2girl: "ooo fuck your fucking great!"
yankees2girl: i cum hard all over your cock dripping down my legs mixed with your cum

fucinhigh08: ((mmmm))
fucinhigh08: i lean down..." your fuckin pussy is so hot sis" as i kiss your ear still with my cock in your pussy

yankees2girl: i smile "your fuckin cock is the greatest bro"

fucinhigh08: mmmm i love you sis

yankees2girl: i love you

fucinhigh08: i pull out my cum soaked cock and ask you if youd like to clean it
fucinhigh08: its drippin with both our cum

yankees2girl: i quickly turn around and get on my knees "my pleasure"
yankees2girl: i slide your cock in my mouth and stare into your eyes as i clean it of our mixed juices

fucinhigh08: mmmmmm i stare at you lovingly as you clean my cock

yankees2girl: our cum is all over my face and your legs and balls
yankees2girl: i reach around and grab your ass pulling you into me deeper

fucinhigh08: so horny by seein you loving our cum, i start to feel like im about to cum again
fucinhigh08: ((mmmmmm grab my ass))

yankees2girl: i suck your cock deeper and harder and faster grating my teeth lightly against your cock

fucinhigh08: mmmmm i start to moan as im about to cum
fucinhigh08: you start makin bobing and sucking sounds your goin so hard and fast

yankees2girl: i reach my hand up and start playing with your balls feeling your about to cum again

fucinhigh08: mmmmmmm ya rub under my balls i say as im about to cum

yankees2girl: i rub under your balls and stick my pinky up your ass

fucinhigh08: i grab the back of your head
fucinhigh08: i moan LOUD as you do that and shoot the biggest load of cum in your mouth....so much it overflows and runs out of your mouth

yankees2girl: i swallow some of your cum with your cock down my throat, half of it flowing out of my mouth onto my boobs and chin

fucinhigh08: mmm i leave it in ur mouth for sec after i cum
fucinhigh08: letting it sit in your cum filled mouth

The End !!! :p

12-01-2008, 10:14 PM
Found one story about SAM ......kekekekeke.......but not our BOSS hor .....Title : Fucking Sam . Enjoy !!! ;)

Well my name is Chris and I’m a Junior college student at an Ivy League university. I play soccer and I’m a total scene kid. I party all the time and fuck girls senseless. I’m 6’1, soccer toned body, shaggy golden brown hair, and green eyes that have many plenty of panties fall. My dick fully erected is about 9 and ¾ inches. Well usually me and my long time best friends Alex, Drew, and Erik go to off campus parties. That’s the ones that are filled with girls from all kinds of colleges. Well this party was the best yet.

It was around eleven thirty, the techno was blasting, I was drinking straight from a keg, and I had my powder form of cocaine on hand. I was drinking my beer and solo dancing with my rave band around my neck and then I felt someone rubbing against my front. She turned around and gave me a sneaky smile. She was probably 5’9 or 5’11, with the usual scene girl hairstyle and pink extensions in. She was thin probably weighing 115 or 120, but she had a nice C sized chest that fit her perfectly. She had sexy aquamarine eyes and a lip ring. She was turning me on.

“Hey,” I shouted over the music.

She just smirked and pushed her ass up against me. I felt my face get hot and my cheeks were probably pink. I instinctly put my hand on her hip pressing her against me, enough so she could feel my hard-on. She giggled put one hand behind my neck and craned my head down to kiss those sexy lips of hers. I obliged and kissed her just as hungrily as she kissed me, while rubbing her chest with my free hand. She pulled her tongue out my mouth and started licking my lips making the bulge in my pants bigger.

She turned around to me, still remaining close and tip toed up to my left ear.

“Fuck me,” she whispered and leveled herself back down.

I nodded and led her to the VIP room upstairs. As soon as I locked the door she grabbed me in a kiss, pulling off my shirt and quickly unbuckling my pants.

I sensed she was probably high or something cause she was filled with energy. We kissed to the bed and she dropped my pants and slipped her fingers in between the waistband of my boxers and my abdomen. I held her face firmly kissing her while we stared at each other.

“What’s your name, baby,” I moaned pulling off the tight halter top she had on.

“Sam,” she murmured in between kisses.

I liked that name—Sam. So Sam sat on the bed and I stood in front of her as she pulled down my boxers in a hurry. My throbbing dick stuck out like a rod and she smiled.

“You have big fucking cock, don’t you,” she stated stroking my dick with her soft fingers and giving me a daring look.

Lost in a world of pleasure I nodded and then watched as she licked the head of my veiny cock. Her lips engulfed the head where she gently sucked and licked my precum before fitting more of it in her mouth. I moaned again rubbing her head and she let her saliva drain on my dick, before sucking it again. I soon felt the head of my cock striking the back of her throat. I clenched her head with my hand began thrusting in rhythm to her bobbing. She started to gag and when I sensed her need for air I pulled for a couple of seconds before thrusting back in. She was a good little cocksucker. She never complained and she did it well. She took my dick out her mouth with a popping sound and starting sucking my balls.

“Fuck,” I grunted. Her mouth felt great down there.

After a few more minutes of that she stopped and gave me that sneaky smile.

“I want you to face fuck me,” she stated in a sexy tone.

I nodded happily and tilted her face up. I started pumping my cock, so it would remain hard and she opened her mouth wide. I grinned at her eagerness and held her face firmly, before pounding my dick in her mouth. She clenched her eyes tight to bear the pain as I fucked her mouth well. I didn’t even care that she was gagging; I just kept pounding into her mouth and was real close to cumming.

“I-I’m gonna cum, like right now,” I warned still pumping in her mouth.

She nodded and closed her eyes again.

“Fuck,” I grunted as I exploded my first load of hot semen in her mouth. I pulled out and pumped my dick shooting my last load in her mouth.

She balanced the pool of white liquid in her mouth waiting her command.

“Swallow,” I commanded and I watched as she closed her mouth and gulped my seed down her throat.

“Open,” I commanded again.

I opened her mouth to see she swallowed every drop. She instinctly sucked my dick clean and smiled at me.

“You’re a good little cock sucker,” I commented.

She just smiled, stroking my dick. Now it was time to fuck this bitch. I reached in my pants and pulled out a condom. She slid off that tight mini skirt she had and she had on no underwear, just like she had no bra. She was fully and her body was sexy as hell. I laid her down and started kissing on her neck and all the way down to her big tits. I started nibbling on her erected pink nipples and she let out gasping moans to this. I wasted no time kissing her down her stomach to her wet pussy. I loved eating pussy so I immediately began licking in between her folds and clit.

She arched her back in pleasure and I stuck a finger in her. She was remarkably tight, which I thought was odd because she wasn’t a virgin. Her cunt wasn’t all ragged like some girls who fucked a lot it looked like it was never touched. I kept her clit and then started to push my tongue in and out of her. She purred like a cat running her fingers through my hair. I kept pumping my dick, all hot and bothered ready to fuck her. I moved up closer in between her legs and pushed the head of my cock against her mysteriously tight cunt. She opened her legs wider and I grunted as I rammed my whole cock in her.

I heard her let out a surprised shriek and giggle. I smiled gripping the sheets with my hands as I started moving. She was so tight, that she was clenching the shit out of me. We looked at each other as I kept mercilessly pounding in her. Sam pulled my head down to hers and ran her finger over my left cheek, making me blush. Then she kissed me getting me extra horny. I started feeling like I was high and started kissing her harder and rubbing her bare thighs with my hands. I felt her legs wrap around me causing me to go deeper and my solid chest was getting pressed against hers. Nothing felt better than fucking her. My forehead was sweating cause I was trying to go ten times faster and harder than I usually do, cause her walls wouldn’t let up on me.

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12-01-2008, 10:15 PM
She looked so fucking innocent under me, purring in my ear and moaning in between hot kisses. I pulled out of her much to her dismay and sat. She knew exactly what to do and pushed her still wet pussy down on my cunt so we were facing each other. I was all the way in her and she clung onto me for dear life. I chuckled softly slapping her tight apple ass and squeezing it. I held her ass firmly so she would stay in place. I started thrusting faster than before, causing her whole body to vibrate.

She kept trying to avoid my face, by nestling her head in the crook of my neck. I smirked and peeled my head back to see her face. She was clawing at my back leaving red marks, near tears. She knew I wouldn’t let up on mercilessly pounding her tight cunt with my huge dick.

“You like that,” I whispered in her ear.

She let out a loud moan before nodding and wiping her tears in my shoulder. I smirked again and listened to her cat like moans and whimpers and the sounds of wet inner flesh flapping against each other. I started to moan feeling myself close to cumming. I slapped her ass again and she randomly kissed me caressing my face with her hands. I held her thighs completely entranced by those eyes and she teased my mouth with little pecks.

“Cum in me,” she groaned.

I nodded feeling my hair let loose some sweat. I felt her purposely clench me even tighter than before and it hurt like hell. I kind of glared at her and started to go harder. She started crying and I didn’t even feel bad. I angrily kissed her because she was still clenching my dick and bit her lip.

“You wanna get fucked real hard, huh,” I growled glaring at her.

She was trying to avoid my gaze but I grabbed her neck with one hand not allowing her to do so. She gave me a hidden smirk and then gave me that crying innocent face. I smirked and sensed what she was up to. She liked when I got mad at her. So I started to spank her still ramming up in her.

“Fucking slut, take my dick,” I screamed.

She nodded still crying and yearning to kiss me. I gave her ass a small tap before pushing her off of me and ripping the condom of my dick. I grabbed her by her hair tilting her mouth up and ramming my dick in. She was rubbing her clit while I was face fucking her.

I pulled out and started to slap her with my dick a little. Her eyes looked happy and she had her tongue out wanting to lick me. I teased her pushing it in her face and then withdrawing. I slapped her with my dick when she started to pout and smirk. I had never done anything like this before. I fucked her mouth harder than I’ve fucked most pussies and pulled out feeling myself about to cum to real soon.

I pushed my balls in her face and she started sucking both of them at the same time. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off of them and tilted her head up again.

“Get ready,” I groaned, jerking myself off.

“Ahhh, fuck, shit,” I grunted still grabbing her hair and cumming all over her face and mouth and neck. She tried to catch as much as possible in her mouth and licked some off her lips and allowed me to give her a facial. She swallowed my seed again and sucked every last drop out my spent cock like as if I were breastfeeding her. I found a towel in one of the draws and threw it at her. She wiped her face off and smiled at me as we went under the sheets together.

“No one’s fucked me like that before,” she sighed nuzzling her head under mine.

I wrapped my arms around her and smiled relishing on what a great fuck she was.

“I’ve never done it like that before,” I said falling asleep.

When I woke up she was gone, but I saw she put her number in my phone. I put back on my clothes and put my hand in my pockets to check for my coke. It was gone. I smiled to myself, seeing she probably took it like the party girl she was and left. No problem I’d just get some more from my dealer and maybe have an even better time with Sam.

The End !!! :p

12-01-2008, 10:21 PM
bro birdie8819,

thanks for the stories again....:D

Thunder Storm
12-01-2008, 10:32 PM
Bill Gates organizes an enormous session to recruit a new Chairman for Microsoft Europe. Exactly 5,000 candidates are assembled in a large room. One candidate is a Filipino named Mario Dimaculangan. “Thank you for coming,” Gates says. “Those who do not know Java may leave.” About 2,000 people leave the room. Mario says to himself, “I do not know Java but I have nothing to lose if I stay. I’ll give it a try.” Again Gates announces: “Candidates who’ve never had experience in managing more than a hundred people may leave.” Two thousand more people leave the room. “I never managed anybody but myself, but I have nothing to lose if I stay. What can happen to me?” Mario says, and so decides to stay. Bill Gates shouts once again: “Candidates who do not have management diplomas may leave.” Five hundred people then leave the room. Mario whispers to himself, “I left high school at 15 but what have I got to lose?” So he stays in the room. Finally, Gates asks the candidates who do not speak Serbo-Croat to leave. Exactly 498 walk to the exits. “I do not speak one word of Serbo-Croat, but what have I got to lose?” So he stays and finds himself with one other candidate. Bill Gates joins them and says, “Apparently you are the only two candidates who speak Serbo-Croat, so I’d now like to hear you have a conversation together in that language.” Calmly, Mario turns to the other candidate and says, “Pa’no ba yun, Dong?” The other candidate answers, “Ewan ko nga rin, pare!”

Thunder Storm
12-01-2008, 10:39 PM
Beer Goggles Favor Gay Admirer

It was a high school reunion held at a batchmate’s house. Everybody was so excited to see each other. We talked and shared our present experiences while drinking our all-time-favorite—beer! We didn’t notice that we’d already consumed almost five cases. I was already inside the car at 3AM, about to go home, when I felt the need to pee, so I asked my friends to wait for me. I was so drunk I couldn’t walk straight and could hardly open my eyes. When I got to the comfort room, I saw a lovely girl. She made me feel so hot and horny that I grabbed her arms and kissed her from neck up to the lips.
I was so aroused that I hastily unlocked my zippers. I reach for her zippers, but was shocked when I felt a dick! It was too late when I realized that he was my gay batchmate who they say had a crush on me. I rushed back to my car. I couldn’t believe it happened! On my way home I kept on cursing myself for being too drunk!

12-01-2008, 10:49 PM
bro birdie8819,

thanks for the stories again....:D

Kum Sia Tiko No. 7 for your continous support , more stories cuming up . ;)

Bill Gates organizes an enormous session to recruit a new Chairman for Microsoft Europe. Exactly 5,000 candidates are assembled in a large room. One candidate is a Filipino named Mario Dimaculangan. “Thank you for coming,” Gates says. “Those who do not know Java may leave.” About 2,000 people leave the room.

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12-01-2008, 10:53 PM
Tiko No . 7 this short cybersex story for you - Title : Bandit Receives Some Oral .

Bandit: *curls up with* i'm gettin sleepy...
Otsumi: *Gently gropes*
Bandit: *softly moans*
Bandit: ^.^
Otsumi: *Gropes a bit more* I've been neglecting you havn't I...
Bandit: *moans, pouts, and nods*
Otsumi: I'm sorry lovie... *Nuzzles softly, while using other hand to undo your pants. Her other hand still gently gropeing.* You.. want to have some fun?
Bandit: *nods energetically* I do...I've wanted to for 6 weeks now...it's been torture...
Otsumi: *She gently sticks her tongue out at him.* I'm sorry hun... *She finally gets the button and zipper undone. She then hooks her fingers on his pants and his boxers and slowly pulls them down exposing him.*
Bandit: *he smiles* it's okay...*He watches her, blushing a little, his cock slightly hard and slowly getting harder. He blushed a little more but smiled at her*
Otsumi: wow.. I'm surprized it's not rock hard already.. *She looked to him and smiled then leaned to him and gently pressed her lips to his as her soft and gentle hands fondled his slowly hardening cock.*
Bandit: *he kissed her back deeply and passionately, the warmth of her hand seeming to awaken his lazy cock which immediately rose and stood rock hard and ready, pointing straight up in the air* Ah..
Otsumi: *She looked down seeing that his cock was now hard and ready* mmmm.. much better.... *she then slowly moved down to her knees. She ran her tongue over the tip teasingly.*
Bandit: Ah...! Mmm...*he shivered and his cock throbbed at the attention. He looked down at her, helplessly, unable to do anything but lay back and enjoy the much wanted attention*
Otsumi: *She smiled gently enjoying his reaction to her. She then slowly slid just the head in her mouth. Her lips closed around it enclosing it in the warmth of her mouth. She then slowly sucked started to suck gently upon just the head. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the taste of his cock in her mouth.*
Bandit: *he let out a loud moan, throbbing hard in her mouth. He felt the warmth, the pleasure, build rapidly through his body, the go back down, watching, waiting breathlessly*
Otsumi: *She moaned back in response to his moan. Slowly she slid more of him into her mouth. Her tongue slowly started to wiggle and stimulate the underside of the shaft sending a sensation through him.*
Bandit: OOooooh...!!! *he moaned loudly and couldn't help but buck his hips. He looked down and her, pouting playfully. the sensations had already caused precum to start leaking from the tip of his cock, which was warm and felt wonderful inside her mouth.*
Otsumi: *She moaned as he bucked his hips making him slid in further. As the precum slowly leaked onto her tongue she slid him out slightly. Her tongue moved from under the shaft to the head as it licked the pre from the tip. Even after she had licked it up her tongue continued to run over the tip searching for more. She then slid him further into her mouth sliding him out again her tongue movign back to the tip searchign again.*
Bandit: *his body writhed in pleasure under her skilled tongue, quickly finding all his resistance would melt away and his cock would throb at even the slightest touch of her tongue." Mmm...f-fuck...so good at that...
Otsumi: *she moaned softly sliding him back into her mouth her tongue stroking and working the underside of his shaft. She started to suck a bit harder as she slid him out again her tongue running all along the underside then flicking over the tip searching for what it had just a test taste of.*
Bandit: *he let out a loud moan, bucking into her again, feeling his body tensing slightly as the pleasure built rapidly* Ah...k-keep up that pace and...mmmn...and you'll make me cum...*he moaned again and looked down at you, his eyes full of desire*
Otsumi: *She moaned softly sliding him back in her mouth her tongue still working the underside. That's exactly what she wanted. She slid him out agian her tongue searching the tip agian.*
Bandit: Mmmn....!!! *he bucked into her mouth a few more times, his cock throbbing violently, reaching the moment where it was inevitable* F...fuck...I'm cumming..!!! *just as he said that his cock erupted jet after jet of his hot thick cum, one after the next. It went on, pumping 6 weeks worth of cum into her mouth, draining it, load upon load, until finally the flow slowed and stopped, leaving him panting and heaving as he looks at you*...O...Oh wow...
Otsumi: *She moaned as he then used her mouth bucking into it. Then finally as he warned her she felt the thick cum squirt into her mouth. She felt him filling her mouth as he just continued to cum. She swallowed it hungerly but knew it was not all he was goign to give her as she felt him fill her mouth again. She then swallowed that and was slightly surprized as he filled her mouth just slightly again. She swallowed the last of it with a smile. She looked up to him his cock still in her mouth. Then slowly she leaned away from him sucking greatly as it slid from her mouth making sure she got everything.* mmm.. *She smiled as it completly slid from her mouth.*

The End !!! :p

12-01-2008, 10:58 PM
Somemore cybersex stories on the way ......and here's one on a teacher - Title : teacher in cyber

ladt_xxxx: yes at my desk
remark: ye
remark: me coming in
remark: excuse me madam
ladt_xxxx: good morning
ladt_xxxx: yes
remark: goodmoring
remark: hru
ladt_xxxx: may i help u
ladt_xxxx: fine and u
remark: ye madam
remark: fine madam
remark: i hav some prb in my tutes
ladt_xxxx: wat
ladt_xxxx: tutes?
remark: some question
remark: question papers
ladt_xxxx: ok ask and ill c if i can help u
remark: ye
remark: shal i come to tat side
ladt_xxxx: no u are fine where ur at
remark: mm
remark: u looks nice madam
ladt_xxxx: y thank u
remark: shal i take a seat
ladt_xxxx: so how may i help u
ladt_xxxx: yes pls do
remark: mmm
remark: in wat u can help me
ladt_xxxx: well give me the question
remark: ye
remark: here u r
ladt_xxxx: i have no idea what ur prob is
remark: mmm
remark: i hav
remark: shal i ask u somtik mad
remark: mad-madam?
ladt_xxxx: ask me pls
remark: wat color bra ru wearing
remark: ?
ladt_xxxx: wat u said school work
ladt_xxxx: mmmm
remark: just asking why dont u like to talk abt
remark: it
ladt_xxxx: well iam ur peer but if u must know its blaack one
remark: mmm
remark: wel
remark: i want show u somthing
remark: is it ok
ladt_xxxx: wat
ladt_xxxx: tell
remark: teacher
remark: its hot hear
remark: shal i take my t shirts
ladt_xxxx: mm
ladt_xxxx: if u like
remark: ye
remark: i think u also feel hot
remark: do u?
ladt_xxxx: mmm sure
remark: wel
remark: i want take my pants
remark: wat u think teacher
ladt_xxxx: sure take off and get good breeze on cheeks
remark: mmm
remark: teacher shal v play sma game
remark: smal*
ladt_xxxx: game
remark: ye
ladt_xxxx: wat game
remark: somthink like take
remark: u hav to naked
remark: and me also
remark: ok?
ladt_xxxx: ok
remark: then v ill toss the coin
remark: if u win
remark: u hav to ask me to do somthink
remark: and if i win my turn
remark: ok
ladt_xxxx: like wat
remark: like i told
remark: anythink u want
remark: u can ask
ladt_xxxx: who are u betting with what is the wadger
remark: come own teacher
remark: shal v hav sex?
remark: i like ur ass
remark: i want c can u take ur dress
ladt_xxxx: ok
ladt_xxxx: i will slip my shirt off
remark: ok
remark: wat a big boops

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12-01-2008, 11:00 PM
ladt_xxxx: haha yeahhhhhh
remark: u want c my dick
remark: come near and take mt shorts
ladt_xxxx: wow big wang
remark: mmmm
remark: shal i sit one the table
ladt_xxxx: mmm
remark: take ur dres
remark: come naked
remark: lick my dick
ladt_xxxx: nacked
remark: ye
ladt_xxxx: mmm
remark: turn i want c ur ass
ladt_xxxx: what happened iam shy
remark: mmmm giving u a slap
ladt_xxxx: slap mmmm
ladt_xxxx: nice touch
remark: mm
remark: come own
remark: come down on knee
remark: and take
remark: my
remark: dick
remark: amke it hard
ladt_xxxx: take cock in mouth
remark: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
remark: yeee
remark: fuly in
ladt_xxxx: yeah big word there
ladt_xxxx: never use them words
ladt_xxxx: yeah full in
ladt_xxxx: sucking and getting it harx
ladt_xxxx: hard
remark: mmmmm
remark: ye ye ur nice baby
remark: go go fast
remark: ye yeyeyeyey
ladt_xxxx: yeah yeah i know
remark: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
ladt_xxxx: hahahaha
remark: ohhhh
remark: bals baby
ladt_xxxx: yeaaaaaa\\
ladt_xxxx: licking them all 3 of them
remark: mmmmm
remark: ur nice teacher
ladt_xxxx: hahaha
remark: ohhhh
remark: yee
ladt_xxxx: yeah i know the best u'll ever have haha
remark: mmmm
remark: i think hard enough to put in
ladt_xxxx: but i think its time u teach me something
remark: do u wnat me to do anything teacher
remark: mmm ye sure
ladt_xxxx: come own
ladt_xxxx: tell me something good and juicy
remark: mmm
remark: wat to do teacher
ladt_xxxx: make my eyes light up big
ladt_xxxx: tell
remark: mmm
remark: ok get up o the table
ladt_xxxx: think hard now
remark: wide ur legs
ladt_xxxx: mmm
ladt_xxxx: okkkkkk
remark: mmm
remark: ok im going to lick ur
remark: swwt pusy
remark: mmmmmm
ladt_xxxx: come onw baby tell
remark: mmm its smels good
remark: yeee
remark: mmmm
ladt_xxxx: let me hear some sweet stuff
remark: im touching wit fingers
ladt_xxxx: sexy stuff
remark: mmm ye
ladt_xxxx: mmmm
remark: ok nw toung
remark: mmm
remark: yee
ladt_xxxx: mmmm
remark: did u feel it
ladt_xxxx: yayayayayay oh yeah feel every curve of ur tongue
remark: mmmm
remark: im moving up and down
remark: tungs in
remark: yeeeeeeeeeeeeee
ladt_xxxx: yeyeyeye
remark: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
remark: yee
ladt_xxxx: mmmmmmmmm
remark: juce mm
remark: nw fingering
remark: mmm
ladt_xxxx: go in circle
ladt_xxxx: mmmmmm
remark: teacher i think i hav
ladt_xxxx: wat hahaha
remark: beter than my finger
remark: shal i do wit it
ladt_xxxx: mmmmmm
remark: mmm
ladt_xxxx: find a hole
remark: do u hav condom
ladt_xxxx: mmmmmm
ladt_xxxx: nope
ladt_xxxx: dont like them
remark: so u wnat wit out it
remark: mmmmmm
remark: ok
ladt_xxxx: u dont have one in ur wallet
remark: no
ladt_xxxx: mmmm
remark: i also dont like it

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12-01-2008, 11:01 PM
ladt_xxxx: theen u have a problem
remark: give a shake to my dick
ladt_xxxx: u dont
ladt_xxxx: ok
remark: no its ok
ladt_xxxx: shake shake that bootie
remark: ok put ur one leg ver my sholder
ladt_xxxx: yeyeyeye
ladt_xxxx: wat
remark: and other bit wide
ladt_xxxx: mmm
remark: ok here u go
remark: fist the top
remark: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
remark: yee
ladt_xxxx: my sholder
remark: mmmm
remark: wat ?
ladt_xxxx: no thing
ladt_xxxx: ok
remark: u c tat
remark: big hard cock
ladt_xxxx: mmmmmmm
remark: going in to ur pusy
remark: hw u feel
ladt_xxxx: mmmmmm
ladt_xxxx: nice
ladt_xxxx: big
ladt_xxxx: hard
ladt_xxxx: mmmmmmmm
remark: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
remark: yeeeeee
remark: yeyeyeye
ladt_xxxx: hahaha
remark: its ful in
ladt_xxxx: slipping now
remark: hw big u hal
ladt_xxxx: yeaaaaaaa
ladt_xxxx: full in
ladt_xxxx: mmmmm
remark: i thini l;ot hav plyed wit it
ladt_xxxx: not that big
remark: mmm
ladt_xxxx: hahaa
remark: no it not tite inside
remark: its going easly
remark: mmmmm
ladt_xxxx: then u have wronge hole there
remark: ye fucking u hardly
ladt_xxxx: mmmmmm
remark: mmmm yey eyeyeyey
remark: u wnat dogy
ladt_xxxx: yeahhhhhh
remark: teacher
ladt_xxxx: nope no doggy
remark: come and bend down
ladt_xxxx: noooooo
remark: i want ur ass
ladt_xxxx: nooooooo
remark: come own teacher
remark: i wnat ur ass
ladt_xxxx: how does it feel to want haha
remark: realy rice
ladt_xxxx: nooooooo
remark: ok
remark: so ill ly down
remark: ride on me
remark: come sit over me
ladt_xxxx: ok and ill come over u and fucck u hard
remark: yeeee
remark: yeyeyeyeyey
ladt_xxxx: yayayaya
remark: fuck me
ladt_xxxx: mmmmmmmmm
remark: yeyey
ladt_xxxx: yeaaaaaaaaaa
remark: its coming
ladt_xxxx: hard too
remark: mmm
ladt_xxxx: gooddddddddddd
remark: teacher its coming
remark: ye
remark: where u wnat
remark: mouth
ladt_xxxx: yeeeeee
remark: ok where u want
remark: ok come down in the nee
ladt_xxxx: mmmm
remark: mmmmm
remark: mmmmm oh ohohohooho
remark: give a shake
remark: lick
remark: mmm its all over in ur face
remark: mmmm
remark: u like it
ladt_xxxx: and im rubbing it on ur chest
remark: mmm
ladt_xxxx: u like it
remark: mmmmmmm
ladt_xxxx: mmmmmmm
remark: yeee
remark: out some on ur ass
remark: in ur bigg ass
ladt_xxxx: oh yeahhhhhhh
ladt_xxxx: cause u like it there

The End !!! :D

12-01-2008, 11:19 PM
Here's another one cybersex story - Title : A long time cumming

<blondeangel16> yea
<blondeangel16> wat roles?
<Robertmckee8> Babysitter Kid
<blondeangel16> ok
<Robertmckee8> U come in from ur mates, i'm watchin porn wankin, then i
turn the tv off quickle
<blondeangel16> "hi"
<Robertmckee8> Ur late ur mum said 9
<Robertmckee8> It's quarter to 10
<blondeangel16> well thats ur problem
<Robertmckee8> I suggest u go to bed
<blondeangel16> y?
<Robertmckee8> Cos ur late in
<Robertmckee8> It's a punishmengt
<blondeangel16> u cant make me
<Robertmckee8> I can, i grab ur wrist and pull u upstiars
<blondeangel16> i try to pull away
<blondeangel16> laughing
<Robertmckee8> Then i put my arms around u and pick u up carrying u
<blondeangel16> mm ur sexy and strong i laugh again
<Robertmckee8> Just go to bed
<blondeangel16> no
<Robertmckee8> I go back downstairs after i close the door behind you.
<blondeangel16> i sit on my bed for a while
<Robertmckee8> I sit downstairs waitin for ur tv to go off so i know ur
<Robertmckee8> What r u wearin to bed
<Robertmckee8> ?
<blondeangel16> shorts and a tanktop
<blondeangel16> i turn my tv off
<Robertmckee8> After 20 mins i creep upstairs
<blondeangel16> im just layin on my bed starin at the cieling
<Robertmckee8> And into ur room
<blondeangel16> i turn to look at the door
<Robertmckee8> Hi
<blondeangel16> hi
<Robertmckee8> just checkin if u were asleep
<blondeangel16> does it look like it genuis
<Robertmckee8> lol don't tek the piss
<Robertmckee8> I'm bored
<blondeangel16> me too
<Robertmckee8> U wanna play truth or dare
<blondeangel16> sure
<Robertmckee8> I'll go first, dare
<blondeangel16> i dare u to come over here and kiss me
<Robertmckee8> I lean in and kiss u
<blondeangel16> i kiss u back
<Robertmckee8> Ur turn
<blondeangel16> dare
<Robertmckee8> I dare you to strip
<blondeangel16> i get up and take off my clothes
<Robertmckee8> I gawp at ur beautiful body
<blondeangel16> i laugh at u
<Robertmckee8> My turn
<blondeangel16> truth or dare?
<Robertmckee8> Dare
<blondeangel16> i dare u to strip
<Robertmckee8> `Ok, i strip naked in less than 15 seconds
<blondeangel16> my turn
<Robertmckee8> T or D
<blondeangel16> d
<Robertmckee8> I dare u to .....
<Robertmckee8> to....
<Robertmckee8> to.. suck my dick
<blondeangel16> i stare at u for a min
<Robertmckee8> U don' thave to u can forfeit
<blondeangel16> no i will
<Robertmckee8> Ok
<blondeangel16> i lean forward and start sucking on ur dick slowly
<Robertmckee8> I grab ur hair and pull u onto me
<blondeangel16> i suck harder
<Robertmckee8> Forcing u to take the full length
<blondeangel16> i gag
<Robertmckee8> I release a little
<blondeangel16> i look up at u
<Robertmckee8> My cock starts to twitch
<Robertmckee8> I'm gonna cum
<blondeangel16> i suck harder
<Robertmckee8> I am gonna cum
<blondeangel16> i continue sucking
<Robertmckee8> I squirt my cum all over the inside of ur moouthm as it
continues to come out i withdraw spurting ova ur face
<blondeangel16> i lick wat i can off my face
<Robertmckee8> My turn
<blondeangel16> TorD
<Robertmckee8> D
<blondeangel16> i dare u to eat me out
<Robertmckee8> Lie back on the bed then
<blondeangel16> i get up and lay on my bed
<Robertmckee8> I sperad ur legs then kiss ur thighs,. then circle ur pusc
wiv my tongue
<blondeangel16> i shiver lightly with pleasure
<Robertmckee8> I kiss ur slit then insert my tongue into ur slit, then i
tease ur clit as i insert three fingers straight up u
<blondeangel16> i moan softly
<blondeangel16> enjoying evry minute
<Robertmckee8> Then i start to lap up ur wetness, all of the time
<blondeangel16> i moan louder
<Robertmckee8> I eat u inserting my fingers as i do it
<blondeangel16> i moan louder and more often
<Robertmckee8> Ur turn Tor D as i ull u
<blondeangel16> d
<Robertmckee8> I dare u to ....
<blondeangel16> ?
<Robertmckee8> Lie back and close ur eyes
<blondeangel16> i lie back on my bed and close my eyes
<Robertmckee8> I grab ur legs and stick my cock into ur pussy
<blondeangel16> i moan loudly fromsurprise and pleasure
<Robertmckee8> I slily pump into u as i get deeper and deeper
<blondeangel16> imoan louder and louder
<Robertmckee8> I speed up
<blondeangel16> i moan more often
<Robertmckee8> I pump harder and faster, my balls slapping ur ass, i
tickle ur clit as i fuck u
<blondeangel16> i moan almost screaming with pleasure
<Robertmckee8> I grab ur tits so i can thrust harder
<blondeangel16> i bite my lip so i wont scream tho i cant hold screaming
in long
<Robertmckee8> I'm gonna cum
<blondeangel16> i let go of my lip so am i
<Robertmckee8> With one last Thrust i shoot wih much power
<blondeangel16> i let go and scream as loud as i can
<Robertmckee8> I kiss u
<blondeangel16> i kiss u back
<Robertmckee8> My turn Dare please
<blondeangel16> hmmm how about we sleep for a lil while im tired now
<Robertmckee8> Ok
<blondeangel16> i move closer to u
<Robertmckee8> I cuddle up against u as i lie back
<Robertmckee8> I want u
<Robertmckee8> Agen
<blondeangel16> i lay my hlder
<blondeangel16> i smile
<Robertmckee8> Ride me baby
<blondeangel16> im tired
<blondeangel16> cant i sleep a lil i ask softly
<Robertmckee8> Yea ok
<blondeangel16> i fall asleep next to u
<Robertmckee8> I lie watching u sleep
<Robertmckee8> I play with u while ur asleep, satified by the moans ur
<blondeangel16> i wake up and look at u
<Robertmckee8> Sorry
<blondeangel16> its ok
<Robertmckee8> I couldn't resist
<blondeangel16> its ok
<Robertmckee8> Ur wet
<blondeangel16> i noticed

The End !!! :D

12-01-2008, 11:25 PM
Do you guys/gals likes internet fuck ......well here's one short one .

Wetsnatch55: Heh anyone want to play around??? 21 Female 36 B

breasts 5'7 with blonde hair and blue eyes if your interested send me a


Hardcock4U: Emmm you sound delicious and I am very interested

Wetsnatch55: Good I'm glad I got your attention my pussy is in need of

attention it just wants to explode!

Wetsnatch55: Can you help me out. (lifting my shirt so you can see my full


Hardcock4U: Well I can definatley try. Your breasts are amazing come

here and sit next to me so I can take a closer look.

Wetsnatch55: (walks over to hardcock and sits down on the bed next to

him pushing her breasts out so he can take a good look)

Wetsnatch55: Here let me get the nipples hard (twisting my nipples

making them as hard as rocks,just standing at attention wating for you)

Wetsnatch55: Do you like?

Hardcock4U: Oh yeah baby! Your making my cock so hard. I love it when

you play with your breasts let me sit back and I'll watch you play.

Wetsnatch55: OK, let me pleasure your cock with out even having to touch


Wetsnatch55: I lightly touch my breasts,tickling the nipples as I graze ove

the top of them. Probing my mouth with my finger to get it wet I start to

rubb my nipples. The wet finger sends shivers down my spine it feels


Hardcock4U: Baby, keep going

Wetsnatch55 I will, don't worry. I slip a hand down my panties pulling

them off slowly teasing you as I do. One leg then the other and I toss

them to the side. My pussy lips are swolen with anticipation, aching for

touch as I tease around the lips. I can see you watching me closley so I

take my index finger and lick the tip with my tounge licking it like I would

lick your cock. Up and down, just teasing the tip emmmm yes.

Hardcock4U: Wow I want to fuck that tight pussy of yours my dick is so

hard with just saying the words! please let me fuck you.

Wetsnatch55: **giggle** nope not yet! I am not done teasing.

Hardcock4U: Just remember I'm next!

Wetsnatch55: That's good im counting on it!

Wetsnatch55: Now just watch for a bit

Wetsnatch55: My pussy aches for contact of some sort. So I reach over

to the the night stand and open the drawer. There sits my favorite toy, a

dildo with balls. I put it in my mouth pretending it's your cock. Licking

around the base of the head and lightly flicking the head with my tounge.

I take the whole 7inches in my mouth swirling my tounge around the hard

shaft. (I love to suck cocks and then massage the balls emm makes me

hot just thinking about it) I slowly spread my legs exposing my wet pussy

to the cold air and push the hard plastic cock in my pussy. Its so big I need

to spread my lips to get it in. I start to pump it in and out of my pussy

slowly as to not make myself cum, I want you to have that pleasure.

Hardcock4U: Oh God yes this is amazing .... please let me fuck you now!

Wetsnatch55: I supose! But first I want you to play with me now that I

am juicy!

Hardcock4U: With pleasure. Bringing your pussy closer to my mouth

Hardcock4U: Now my turn sit back and enjoy

Hardcock4U: I slowly put a finger in your pussy and rub lightly on your

G-Spot....Your moaning tells me Im in the right spot. I lower my mouth to

your hard bud and suck it. So sweet, I am licking and sucking both your

clit and your pussy I just can't get enough! I ravage your pussy with my

mouth lapping up every last delicious drop. I want to try something I have

never done before but not sure if you would like it, so taking a risk and

putting my pinkie in your ass.

Wetsnatch55: OH wow this is amazing! Keep going your getting me very

VERY horny!
Hardcock4U: Moving both fingers in and out of your holes I lower my

mouth to your clit and hungerly lap up all your juices getting it all over my

face. I have to get my dick in your pussy it's about ready to expode and I

want to feel you cum on my dick. The conctractions of your pussy wall on

my hard cock will dive me to excasay!

Wetsnatch55: Fuck my hot hole baby make me scream your name I want

to feel your hot cum in my pussy deep down in side.

Hardcock4U: Slipping my cock in your pussy. It goes in so easy your so

wet. Pumping in and out of your pussy. raming my dick far inside.

Wetsnatch55: Yes, Fuck me Emm god I can't get enough Fuck me I want

to cum!

Hardcock4U: Yes baby, I want to cum too do you want it in side or in your


Wetsnatch55: Inside I want to feel your hot ropes of cum in me

Hardcock4U: Ok here it comes!!!! ARGGGGG UHHHH YESSS

Wetsnatch55: Oh yes baby cum in my hot wet pussy .... I can feel the

ropes of cum shooting in to my pussy ! EMMM YESSSS Feel my pussy

contract let me milk your cock for all it has.

Long pause

Hardcock4U: Thank you very much. Perhaps we can do this in RL


Wetsnatch55: Sounds good I will send you my phone number and we can

get tother . I will talk to you later. Oh and thanks for the fuck it was


Hardcock4U: Your welcome hope to hear from you soon

Wetsnatch55: Trust me you will.....***poof***

The End !!! :p

12-01-2008, 11:33 PM
Ok ! Here's one last cybersex story for tonight - Title : New Cyber Buddy

ChainOblivion09 [10:48 PM]: lol i need a random cyber buddy now XD
XSeductiveVampyr [10:49 PM]: why random
XSeductiveVampyr [10:49 PM]: ?
ChainOblivion09 [10:49 PM]: lol cause........ i dont know >>
XSeductiveVampyr [10:50 PM]: i could be your cyber buddy
ChainOblivion09 [10:50 PM]: awwwwwww you do that for me ^^
XSeductiveVampyr [10:50 PM]: lol yeah sure why not
XSeductiveVampyr [10:50 PM]: lol
XSeductiveVampyr [10:50 PM]: it beats just choosing some random person lol
ChainOblivion09 [10:51 PM]: lol i remember why random, because i wasa thinking to myself if screwing my friends is a good idea, so random just kinda typed itself in there >>
XSeductiveVampyr [10:51 PM]: lol
XSeductiveVampyr [10:52 PM]: well....were friends who happen to be....closure then others lol

XSeductiveVampyr [10:53 PM]: *huggles*
XSeductiveVampyr [10:53 PM]: thats my new word
XSeductiveVampyr [10:53 PM]: huggles
ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]: *huggles back*
XSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]: and chupa chupa
ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]: lol
ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]: whats chupa chupa?
ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]: wait........
XSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]: its my new word for a lolli pop it means suck suck
ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]: chpa=suck
ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]: lol
XSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]: lol
XSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]: yeah
XSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]: lol
ChainOblivion09 [10:54 PM]: knew that word look familiar lol
XSeductiveVampyr [10:54 PM]: lol
XSeductiveVampyr [10:56 PM]: yup yup yup.......it came out of no where today...i just started saying chupa chupa
ChainOblivion09 [10:56 PM]: well your going to be doing alot of that for now on lol

ChainOblivion09 [10:57 PM]: hehe double meanings are fun

ChainOblivion09 [11:04 PM]: anyway, get to seducing me you seductive vampyr you lol
XSeductiveVampyr [11:06 PM]: lol
XSeductiveVampyr [11:08 PM]: hee hee *taclkes you to the floor landing ontop of you. a smirk on my sweet lips with an added wink* You want seduction...fine *i take your wrists into my hands and force your arms over your head before brushing my lips brefily against yours *
ChainOblivion09 [11:09 PM]: O_O
ChainOblivion09 [11:09 PM]: ^_^
XSeductiveVampyr [11:09 PM]: you asked for it
XSeductiveVampyr [11:11 PM]: *one leg positioned on either side of your hips as i let go of you and begin to unbotton my blouse slowly*
ChainOblivion09 [11:11 PM]: i did didnt i lol
XSeductiveVampyr [11:11 PM]: lol
ChainOblivion09 [11:12 PM]: *is all wide eyed*
XSeductiveVampyr [11:13 PM]: * finally done with the last button i reveal nothing but beautiful flesh underneigthas i bend low enought for the blouse to fall slighty open allowing you a sweet peek of an erect breast*
XSeductiveVampyr [11:14 PM]: * i begin to kiss you sweetly, my tongue slipping through your slips as it chases yours as cat and mouse*
ChainOblivion09 [11:15 PM]: *places hands on both sides of your hips rubbing your thighs as he kisses you back playing with yourtongue*
XSeductiveVampyr [11:16 PM]: *my hands rubbing your strong chest going lower linch by inch excrutiating inch towards your crotch*
ChainOblivion09 [11:19 PM]: *is aroused by her soft gental skin and the forcefulnes, having her feel him, further excites him*
XSeductiveVampyr [11:19 PM]: * I pull away from the kiss, slighly grabbing your bottom lip with my teeth before letting go completely....i trail the kiss to your earlobe nibbling sweetly*
XSeductiveVampyr [11:21 PM]: *before trailing that towards the nape of your neck sucking at the surface of ths skin...nipping at it with my teeth creating a rather lovable mark*
XSeductiveVampyr [11:22 PM]: * i pull your shirt off as i begin to kiss your chest leaving every curve and detail unmarked by soft initmate brushes.*
ChainOblivion09 [11:23 PM]: *rubs up and down you back holding her lightly towards him* Mmmm that feel good
XSeductiveVampyr [11:26 PM]: *you feel your pants becoming extreamly loose on your before you are wearing nothing at all..my finger tips brush against your hardning cock barely touching it, sending small tingles up your spine.
ChainOblivion09 [11:29 PM]: *moans alittle, hardening and blushing at the feel of your fingers swiftly over his cock* again please........ and bite my nipple
XSeductiveVampyr [11:31 PM]: *i firmly grasp it in my hands as our lips once again meet.....suddenly a rush of electrical pleasing overwhelms you, a sudden bite upon your chest,a hungry bite becomming delicate and soft in the end, the tip of my tongue flicking your nipple*
XSeductiveVampyr [11:32 PM]: *as my hands begin to pump your cock in a repetive manner of slow fast slow slower fast faster fast slow, my hips barely rocking back and forth as my body craves for yours to become one*
ChainOblivion09 [11:37 PM]: *moans even louder, loving the motions you play with his cock. brings you up towards him kissing you on your lips slipping his tongue between your soft lips playing with yours.*
XSeductiveVampyr [11:39 PM]: * i begin to moan from the kiss and the from the sheer thought of pleasureing you myself as i make my way down once more, placing your hard dick in my lucious warm mouth, beginning to flick the tip of the head with the very tip of my tongue before mringing it in and out of my mouth while pumping it at the same time as the other hand massages your balls at the same time. *
ChainOblivion09 [11:44 PM]: *loves hows you flick your tongue on my cock and watching you engulf my hard cock even excites me even more. I stroke your hair to continue watching you as you suck away at me and fondles my balls in your slender fingers* Mmmm thats it.... keep going... that feel soo good *sits up alittle bit for a better view of her* thats right, take it in hun. *moans*
XSeductiveVampyr [11:46 PM]: *your own moaning arouses me more and more as i moun along with you bobbing my head up and down on your cock faster and faster as i taste you wonderful precum on my tongue is it does figure eights around your shaft and head, i pull out and start to suck on your balls*
XSeductiveVampyr [11:46 PM]: *before going back to your dick*
ChainOblivion09 [11:51 PM]: *I lays my hand on your head, only to force alittle on you to bob your head on his erected cock harder, cum sipping through litle by little* Oh yes....... keep going, *moans at the feeling of your own moans as you suck my cock, your moans vibrating me* I want you do to do one thing for me but dont stop
XSeductiveVampyr [11:53 PM]: mmm?
ChainOblivion09 [11:53 PM]: could you.... finger me too.. as you suck me
XSeductiveVampyr [11:57 PM]: * i look up a smirk, pushing you to lay down as i go back to sucking you off, as you wait for your request to be granted.....my now free hand rubs around your ass cheeks sqeezing them perfectly as i make them part for entrence of my skilled hands*

ChainOblivion09 [12:00 AM]: *gets even hotter by the idea of you fingering me* oh please... *moans even more as your tongue run laps around the head of my cock* Mmmm yes
XSeductiveVampyr [12:01 AM]: * i i insert a finger ortwo into your backside finger fucking it as i suck you hard and good*

ChainOblivion09 [12:05 AM]: *clinches alittle but then relaxes* your making me cum soon. Oh! Mmmm yea. I love your wamr wet mouth. and your fingers..... oh... *moans more knowing im going to cum pretty soon*

XSeductiveVampyr [12:08 AM]: * feeling the hard warm spasms of your cock in my mouth i speed up both process. Wanting to taste your white eesence...wanting to swallow it every drop of it as i suck harder and faster, moaning louder and louder, fingering you luxuriously over and over again!*

XSeductiveVampyr [12:12 AM]: mmmmmmm!! * you hear me reach the brink of my own orgasmic pleasure as i await for your own juices to fill my hot mouth*

ChainOblivion09 [12:14 AM]: Omg! *I lightly loses grip of your head to let you move freely. Im going to cum! keep sucking! *moans even louder* yes fuck me too. oh! * I feel the waves of pleasurement flowing all around my body, tingaling, can's holds back any longer* Im cumming!!! *lets go and cums in your mouth in large amounts, not stopping*

XSeductiveVampyr [12:16 AM]: Your white essence flow down my throat filling my mouth as it drips out from the side as i reach total orgasm in unison

XSeductiveVampyr [12:17 AM]: mmm yum

XSeductiveVampyr [12:19 AM]: * i lap up the spilt cum like a thirsty dog to the point of nothing left to be seen

ChainOblivion09 [12:19 AM]: *takes a deep breath and then sighs,finally stopping cumming in her mouth, I look at you seeing you also satify with your own content*

XSeductiveVampyr [12:20 AM]: I told youyoud be glad that i was your cyber buddy

ChainOblivion09 [12:21 AM]: lol no doubt about it

The End !!! :D

13-01-2008, 12:07 AM
Here's one short story on House Call . Sorry if this is a repost . Enjoy !!!

Tom chuckled under his breath while making his way to the front door, and he had to admit that even he was a little edgy about the whole thing, so after taking a deep breath he pulled open the door and said, "Hi, you must be, Lincoln, I'm Tom Noble, please come in!!!" Lincoln Collier stepped into the foyer of the Noble's house and after extending his hand said, "It's nice to meet you, Tom, nice place you've got here!!!" "Thanks," Tom replied after shaking Lincoln's hand and leading him into the living room to meet his wife, "Elena, this is Lincoln Collier!!!" "It's nice to meet you Elena," the large black man said while flashing a million dollar smile, "and believe me, your pictures don't do you justice!!!" "Thanks, Lincoln," she replied while turning six shades of red, "you're not so bad yourself, say, how about a drink!?!" "That's a good idea," Tom replied quickly, "why don't I get the drinks while you two get better acquainted!?!" "That's fine by me," Lincoln replied, "how about a bourbon on the rocks!?!" "Okay, one burbon on the rocks coming up," Tom replied, "and your usual, babe," he asked Elena!?! "Uh, yeah," she replied while givng Lincoln the once over, that will be just fine!!!"
After Tom went to the kitchen to mix the drinks, Lincoln and Elena sat down on the couch, and much to Elena's surprise a consternation, Lincoln gently leaned over and kissed her full on the lips while cupping her large breasts through her flimsy dress!!! All the years she had fantasized about being with a black man were now coming to frutition, and the urgency she felt in her loins as he gently caressed her was careening out of control!!! They broke apart just before Tom returned with their drinks, but even as he was accepting his bourbon, Lincoln had let his left hand slide under Elena's dress where he fondled the inside of her firm thigh!!! "So, how's it going so far," Tom asked while sitting down across the room and sipping on his drink!?! "We're gonna get along just fine, aren't we," Lincoln replied smoothly while setting down his drink and pulling the now panting Elena closer to him, "so if you two don't mind, I'm just gonna do my thing, okay!?!"

Now completely ignoring Tom, Lincoln turned his entire attention back to Elena, as he casually kissed her again while letting his hand ride up all the way to her now drooling vagina!!! "My, my, what have we here," he asked softly while slipping a finger inside of her panties, "you want some of Linc's black meat do you!?!" With her breathing becoming increasingly labored, it was almost impossible for her to reply, but she managed to nod her head in the affirmative, and then much to her shock, he slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest pecker she had ever seen in her entire life!!! "M-my god," she moaned while staring at the one eyed monster, "it's so huge, ohhhhhhhhhhh, god, m-may I suck it, please may I!?!" Tom's eyes were now growing glassy as his pretty wife of thirteen years lowered her head into Lincoln Collier's lap, and then at the last second opened wide while letting the incredible head slip safely into her hungry mouth!!! "Oh, man," he said softly, "I just love having a white bitch sucks my rig, ohhhhhhhhh fuck, you've got a hot mouthed little bitch here, she's a fucking cock hound!!!" Almost too embarrassed to expose his six inch dick in Linc's presence, Tom was so turned on that he pulled it out of his shorts and began furiously beating his meat while watching his wife suck the giant member to a stunning completion!!!

After Linc's cock had spasmed wildly sending a torrent of hot cum down Elena's greedy throat, Linc stood up and pulled her to her feet, and as he pulled of his own clothes, while still staring at his huge member, she quickly followed suit and stripped off all of her things, leaving her standing there with her pale creamy skin contrasting with his jet black ebony complexion!!! "Come 'er, baby," he said sternly while pulling her close for a long deep kiss that seemed to go on forever, "it's one thing to suck a piece of black meat, but it's far different to take it in your hot little cunny, do you think you're woman enough for Linc's big black pecker!?!" With her heart practically pounding through her chest, and her big tits pressed firmly against his powerful chest she stammered, "I-I've waited so long for this, p-please, take me now!!!"

Expecting him to lay her back down on the couch, she was taken completely by surprise when instead, he lifted her easily up in the air, and with little or no effort at all, gently lowered her drooling slit onto the gigantic head of his now totally erect pecker!!! "Okay, white bitch," he whispered softly, "you wanna play with the big boys, well now you're gonna get your chance," and as her eyes rolled back into her head, he slowly pressed her down onto his huge erection, allowing it to force its way deep inside of her wildly convulsing pussy!!! With her arms draped around his shoulders, she was literally hanging by her cunt on his incredible cock, until after she was bottomed out, she wrapped her legs around his back and luxuriated in the sensation of having her pussy being physically dominated by Lincoln Collier's black satisfier!!! While hanging like a coat on a hook from his big pecker, her pussy began to convulse at first slowly, but then like a string of fire crackers going off as orgasm after orgasm shredded her helpless pussy as he drove his meat in and out of her with such brutal ferocity that her whole body finally slipped into sensory over load as she became momentarily incapable of having even one more orgasm!!! Tom's hand was by now literally flying along the length of his rock hard boner as he watched his sweet wife being taken by the black giant and loving every second of it, and as Linc tossed Elena onto the sofa with her legs splayed wide open and his hot cum running out of her reamed out pussy, Tom's pecker lurched in his hand as gusher of cum rocketed from his cock head covering his pants and shirt with splatters of his hot cum!!!

78 Elena's eyes were now half closed while she relished the sensation of just having been totally fucked by Linc's monster organ, and it wasn't until she heard Tom groaning from the other side of the room that she realized the black giant was now in the process of fucking her husband's mouth just as he had done to her!!! A look of horror crossed Tom's face as the big black pecker pressed against his mouth, but a not so gentle crack on the side of his head quickly induced him to open wide, and seconds later he was on his knees sucking Linc's big pecker like it was the last one on earth!!! Elena struggled to her feet and stumbled on very unsteady legs over to her husband, and as she plopped down on the floor beside him with her legs spread wide apart and three fingers buried deep inside her cunt, she said with a sigh, "Suck him off, Tommy, make him shoot it in your mouth!!!" Never in his life had he even contemplated sucking a dick, but there was something about Lincoln Collier's pecker that seemed to cloud his mind to what was really happening, and as his mouth and tongue caressed the big head, he was caught totally unawares as a flood of hot jism exploded into his unsuspecting mouth, causing him to momentarily choke as his throat was filled with Linc's hot sperm shooter!!! Elena's pussy did have one more cum in it after all, and as Linc filled her husband's virgin mouth with spunk, her pussy spasmed one last time while her fingers flew over her hot buring clit, inducing an orgasm that was truly crushing!!!

The young couple collapsed together on the floor, and with glassy eyes they watched as Lincoln Collier dressed to get ready to leave!!! "So," he asked before heading for the door, "was it all that you had hoped for!?!" With her pussy still burning from it's brutal fucking, Elena managed to moan softly, "And more, Mr. Collier, and so much more!!!"

THE END !!! :D

13-01-2008, 12:34 AM
One last story for tonight title - My wife, my friend Julee and me on a beach . Enjoy !!! ;)

We were all down in Cancun for a week of sun and fun. You and your husband had met us there. Right from the start we all clicked really well. My wife and you got along really well, although you both had very different personalities. Cheryl, my wife, is 5'6", blonde with blue eyes, curvy with a small waist and soft, full 36c tits. She's very pretty, with a gorgeous smile. She's a little more reserved than you, but she was on vacation, at a place where she didn't know anyone else, so she was a little more "wild" than otherwise.

Cancun for a week of sun and fun.You and your husband had met us there.Right from the start we all clicked really well.My wife and you got along really well, although you both had very different personalities.Cheryl, my wife, is 5'6", blonde with blue eyes, curvy with a small waist and soft, full 36c tits.She's very pretty, with a gorgeous smile.She's a little more reserved than you, but she was on vacation, at a place where she didn't know anyone else, so she was a little more "wild" than otherwise.

The four of us met down at one of the beaches, you were set up next to us when we found a spot to spread out our towels. I confess that I chose the spot simply because I saw you there, but the location seemed innocent enough at the time. The beach was fairly secluded, but by no means devoid of anyone else. In fact, the resort had a cabanna down the beach a little ways where you could borrow a sailboat or catamaran.

You smiled as we set up, and I noticed your husband glance over at Cheryl's legs and ass as she bent down to straighten out her towel. She was wearing a bikini, a black one that was a "full" bikini, if there is such a thing. By comparison, your bikini was much more revealing, as I noticed the front of it covering a rather narrow strip over your pussy, and the top limited to two spandex triangles over each breast. The light blue looked great against your slightly tanned skin, and I wondered if the fabric, which was obviously thin, would have an element of transparency if it got wet.

After getting organized, I headed off to the water, while Cheryl laid back in the warm sun. I wasn’t' gone all that long, but by the time I got back I found the two of you chatting and laughing, and your husband asleep beside you. I sat down, joining the conversation. As we talked and laughed, I kept stealing glances at your body, taking every chance I could to admire your slim, tight body and that bikini that didn't hide anything hardly. A couple times you caught me looking down at you, but said nothing. I don't know if Cheryl didn't notice or didn't mind that her husband sitting right beside her was checking out the pretty brunette next to us, but in any event she didn't say anything.

You suggested that we jump into the water, and Cheryl immediately agreed, getting to her feet. You got up too, bending as you did giving me an amazing flash of your narrow, thong bikini. Cheryl definitely noticed this too, but still said nothing.

I decided I'd stay back and let just the two of you go for a swim. Truth be told, that look at your ass and your bikini-covered pussy from behind had started my cock, and I was worried that you'd see the "growing" evidence of my surreptitious staring.

Even staying back, the view was spectacular as I watched the you and my wife walk down to the water, only about 15 feet away. My cock only continued to get harder as I watched the sexy brunette and her sexy blonde friend headed into the water. I kept watching over the next few minutes as you both swam, talking and laughing still. Soon you were walking back towards me, and I didn't miss the chance to check out your bikini to see if it went see-thru.

As you got nearer, I couldn't resist looking down your body at the wet fabric. You could easily see that I wasn't exactly making eye-contact with you, but you just smiled and kept walking, chatting with Cheryl. As you got to your towel, I was pretty sure that your bikini did become somewhat see-thru, but I thought that I should have been able to see your pussy through the fabric, but I couldn't. Unless……. Were you shaved totally bare?

Cheryl leaned down, her full tits hanging down right in front of me, and kissed me. She whispered in my ear that you had suggested removing your tops, and would I mind. I couldn't believe that she was considering such a thing, but I told her that I'd love to see her take off her top. She sat down between you and me, and looked over at you, "I don't think Doug will mind…" Then turning to me, she asked me if I'd "help" her with her bikini.

Mmmmm…. What a moment, I thought to myself, sitting on this beach, several people around, reaching up to my wife's bikini to undo it right there in front of everyone. My fingers briefly fought with the clasp, but it sprang open. Cheryl hesitated, and then let her bikini slide down her arms, exposing the soft, white skin of her breasts to the sunshine, us and all those around us. You winked at me, and reached back to undo your own bikini.

Looking past my now topless wife, I could see your nipples prominent beneath the thin light blue fabric of your bikini top…. You reached behind your neck to untie the string, and pulled the fabric down , exposing your smaller, prominent tits, your darker pink nipples hard and inviting. I continued to stare as you reached to undo the bottom strap, pulling the bikini top off completely. Suddenly, there I was, sitting on this hot beach with two even hotter women right beside me, both topless. I couldn't help it, my cock was so hard, straining at my shorts.

My wife grabbed a bottle of sunscreen, and asked me to help her with her back. I moved behind her and started to rub the lotion onto her back, reaching around as I dared to brush the sides of her tits. When she didn't object I loaded up my hands with lotion again, and this time more boldly reached right around her, cupping her tits fully, working the lotion into her very white skin, telling her (lamely) "we don't want you to burn now, do we…"

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13-01-2008, 12:35 AM
You watched all of this, and when I was finally done gave us a coy smile and said that you could use some help with your back, too. I immediately grabbed the lotion and moved behind you, as my wife watched.

The sun had already warmed your back nicely, and your skin felt silky smooth under my hands. I couldn't believe I was massaging lotion into your back with my wife sitting right there, but I wasn't going to stop…. Completely unsure of how far either you or her would let me go, I tried my best to restrict my hands to your back, but once in a while my fingers crept around your sides, brushing lightly against the sides of your breasts. Your nipples were hard, almost inviting my fingers to reach around further, but I really wasn't sure how far my wife would let me go with you. Finally, after the lotion was more than worked into your skin did I retreat to my towel, my cock uncomfortably hard in my shorts. Both you and Cheryl noticed as I unsuccessfully tried to shift the fabric, my hard cock tenting outwards.

I just watched as you applied the lotion to your stomach and chest, your pink fingernails dancing over your breasts, squeezing them and rubbing over your nipples more than was strictly necessary, knowing that you were driving me crazy.

After a little longer in the sun, one of the catamarans returned to the beach, and you and Cheryl decided to go take it out. You briefly debated whether to go "as you were" and after a little convincing, Cheryl agreed. I couldn't believe that my very conservative wife was about to walk down the beach and borrow a sailboat from some guy with her tits totally exposed the whole time. I didn't think she'd do it, but to my surprise, she followed you up, and walked towards the cabanna.

I could see what you were doing, but I couldn't hear anything. I saw some shaking of heads, and some very devilish smiles from you. Then, both of you appeared to reach down to your bikinis and although your backs were towards me, it sure looked like you flashed him your pussies! I was still trying to figure out what happened, when you trotted off towards the catamaran, climbed on and started out.

Both of you looked amazing, sitting there on the catamaran, totally topless. You were smiling at people on the beach who you noticed looking at you, which included every guy there. As you approached me, you called out to me to swim out to you. You also suggested that I'd me more than a little interested in what just happened…..

Not waiting for another invitation, I waded out and swam a short distance to you. Hanging onto the edge of the sailboat you told me that there was actually a signout sheet, and the boats had all been reserved since early that morning, but you and Cheryl had convinced the young man to make an exception for you. I knew exactly where this was heading.

You also told me that I'd be allowed onto the catamaran with you, but only on the condition that I removed my shorts. I looked at my wife, who nodded. She said it was necessary in order to see my reaction when you told me how it was that you were given the sailboat.

Hanging onto the edge, looking up at two fantastic sets of tits… who was I to argue? I struggled to pull off my shorts, and flipped them onto the boat with you. I then started to crawl up onto the webbing stretched between the pontoons. The warm water had done nothing to prevent my cock from being rock-hard already, and I noticed both you and my wife staring down at my cock as I got onboard.

I knelt facing you both, my cock very much on display for you. I couldn't believe that my blonde wife and our new brunette friend were sitting there, tits on display, staring at my erect cock. "so how did you get the boat…?" I asked.

"Well," you started, "there's some silly rule that the boats have to be signed out, and the list gets full quickly, so the nice boy wasn't going to let us have this one. But he kept talking to us, and staring at our tits, so we decided he might be persuaded somehow. That's when Cheryl offered to show him her pussy if he'd give us this boat…" My wife blushed and started to object, as you continuted, "OK, it was actually me who suggested that if Cheryl showed him her pussy would he give us this boat. He said that both of us would have to flash him, and he would."

Cheryl kept the story going, "He was cute, and I loved the way he kept staring at my tits, before I knew it my hand was reaching for my bikini, watching his eyes staring at me…. " As she spoke, her hand was reaching towards the edge of her bikini, starting to reach under it along the inner curve of her hip. "I just couldn't help myself, Doug…. I pulled my bikini aside like this to show him my pussy…."

There, right in front of both of us, my shy, reserved wife pulled her bikini aside, exposing her trimmed golden brown pussy and shaved cuntlips. She kept the fabric pulled aside, letting me stare, reliving the moment of when she let the young sailboat jockey peek at her cunt.

"mmmm….. and what about you, Julee…. Did you also show the boy your pussy?"

Your hand darted down to your thong, and traced over your slit before sliding under the edge just like my wife had done. "Oh yes…. I reached down like this, and pulled it off….." Your hand pulled back your thong, showing me your wet, pink slit, shaved totally smooth. I stared at you, my cock twitching in appreciation, with my wife sitting right there watching me. Your voice softened as you felt my eyes, "I think the kid wanted to cum for us, Doug….. just like you want to cum for us right now….. don't you…."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing… my cock was pulsing with need as I stared at the two exposed pussies right in front of me. Cheryl said "come on, Doug….. show Julee how good you look stroking your cock…. Pump it for us… think about that guy staring at me… staring at my tits… my pussy…."

I reached down to my shaft, and closed my hand around it. My cock twitched violently with the first contact, and felt so hard and hot in my hand. My other hand reached down under my balls, gently pressing as I began to slowly pump my cock for you and my wife.

I loved seeing you both staring at my hands working my cock and balls. I moaned, watching you watch me. Almost in unison, both you and my wife reached down with your free hand to your wet pussies, gently touching, rubbing.

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13-01-2008, 12:36 AM
"mmmm, that's it, Julee…. Touch that pretty little cunt for me….. show me how wet you are…" I said, as you spread your lips between two fingers, displaying yourself for me. "good girl, Julee….. rub it, baby, rub your cunt……"

Cheryl was really starting to rub herself too, her legs spread, her bikini pulled off her pussy, one finger disappearing into her hole…. "Oh fuck, Doug…. Watch her…. Watch Julee masturbating for you……"

My hand was pumping my cock quickly, running up and down the full length of it, as my other hand squeezed and rubbed my balls, one finger working down towards my ass. I loved that my wife was watching me jerking off for another girl, watching me and getting off herself.

You were sliding first one finger into your cunt, then two…. Withdrawing them all shiny with your wetness, rubbing your slippery juices over your clit…. Anyone on the beach could see what we were doing, Julee, including your husband.

We knelt in front of each other, masturbating while my wife looked on, doing the same thing. She told you "come on Julee… cum for him, show it to Doug….. Lie down and let him kneel beside you….."

You lay down on the webbed decking, allowing me to kneel beside you, my cock over top of your tits…. You looked very vulnerable beneath me like that, spreading your legs as your fingers massaged your clit and fucked your cunt…. I kept beating my cock, getting closer and closer to cumming, wondering silently what my wife would think when I exploded all over another girl's tits….

"Oh yes," you moaned, "jerk that cock for me…. Cum on me, baby, cum on me…." You screamed as your orgasm began to take hold of you, lying there, rubbing your soaking wet clit and fucking your sloppy cunt with your fingers. Your body began to convulse, shaking as the waves of pleasure ripped through you, much to the delight of your audience.

"Cum on her, Doug" Cheryl urged, "cum on her…."

"yes, Doug, cum on me…. Wherever you want, baby…. Show your wife what you can do….."

Suddenly my body tensed as I groaned, my cock throbbing visibly in my hand, the head of my cock a dark red, begging for release. I squeezed my balls, and erupted over top of your sweet tits, my hot cum spraying across one breast and nipple. Cheryl moaned as well, clamping her hand hard onto her cunt as she began to orgasm, her tits bouncing with her own convulsions, watching her husband creaming the pretty brunette with the shaved pussy….. I kept stroking my cock, squeezing out spurt after spurt onto your tits and chest and neck, looking down at you smiling back at me, begging me for more…. "That's it, baby, right here on my tits, cum on me, Doug…. Right in front of your wife….. "

Oh god…. This was too much, looking down at your cum-covered tits, seeing my wife trying to catch her breath right beside us, I reached down to your smooth cunt, and cupped it with my hand, feeling your warmth…. "That was amazing, Julee…."

"Next time, I want you to cum in my mouth" you said, staring up at me, "that is, if your wife doesn't mind…."

The End !!! :p

Good Night And Sweet Dreams !!! ;)

13-01-2008, 12:44 AM
wah bro...this is nice.....i wish my wife can let me cum inside another gals pussy......woooo.....haha....while she watched.....:D

13-01-2008, 08:39 PM
Good Evening To All Readers !!! :)

wah bro...this is nice.....i wish my wife can let me cum inside another gals pussy......woooo.....haha....while she watched.....:D

Hehehehe.....not only you I'm sure most of the bro's also want . :p

Here's this short story for you Tiko D_G - Title : Car Breaks Down . Enjoy !!! ;)

I was driving back from a two day seminar in Atlanta and was out in the country between towns and the car began sputtering and finally died. I got the flashlight out and had the blinkers on as I called my husband on the cell phone. "It stopped again" I told him. "Well, stay put and call a tow truck, let them take you to the nearest town and I will be there in a couple hours." he told me. "Okay," I said and dialed 411 and got the nearest towing service.

"Sure lady, we can be there in a little. Just sit tight and keep the flashers on. We know where you are." said the nice voice on the other end. I was dressed casually and rather scantily since I enjoy flashing truckers and at the last moment had changed my mind and was driving the back roads instead of I-85 to home. My sheer body suit was very light and for all purposes see through and the wrap around skirt hid nothing either. I was also thin and could be seen though also.

I slipped on a tank top over the tp of the very low cut body suit top and waited. Soon there was a truck behind me with bright lights and I got out. Two men came to the car and were smiling since the breeze was blowing my skirt revealing my legs all the way up to my hips. My hand went to the skirt and tried to close it but after getting a good look at the men I let it blow, a fact not wasted on them.

"Hi" I said, "I hope you can help me." putting on my best helpless female voice and look. "We can take it to the garage and see what we can do but it will be tomorrow before we can do any serious work on it." they said. "Oh well, let me call my husband." I called Steve and made sure they could hear most of the conversation. "They hunks?" he asked me. "Yes, they are, one black guy and a white guy, both look very well hung." "Well dearest, have fun." he said. "You mean it?" I asked. "Of course, you know I like to know you have what you want." The men were smiling as I bent into the car and got my purse and made sure my skirt fell open revealing my ass and legs. They were directly behind me as I lingered bent over and moving my hips so they got a good show.

I got up, "Okay, got my stuff, now what?" I said and they were obviously aroused by the two huge bulges I saw in the overalls. "Well, we need to load the car up." the black guy, Darrin said. "Yeh, gotta load up the car." said James the other. I had taken off the tank top now and so my ample cleavage was exposed and the see though material showed my dark nipples in the bright lights of the tow truck. I decided to get bold and said, "Is that all you will be loading up?" I smiled. "What do you mean?" said James.

"Well, from the bulges I see it would seem that you may want to load something else up." Darrin looked at him and then me, "What would we want to load up do you think?" he said. I stepped closer and my skirt came open exposing my hips then I moved slowly pulling down the top of the body suit which was low anyway. My breasts came up and the nipples got hard in the night air. "I would think you may want to load me up." I said and stepped closer still. My tits were fully exposed in the bright lights of the truck.

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13-01-2008, 08:48 PM
Gd evening bro birdie......yeah load her up............

13-01-2008, 08:49 PM
Darrin stepped to me and took them in his large hands as I reached for the bulge in his overalls finding it and beginning to stroke it through the material. My other hand found the snap on my skirt and it fell to the ground and he massaged my tits more as James came behing me and moved against so I could feel he was hard as a rock too. I pulled out the hard black toy in front of me and began massaging it between my tits making him moan. "Oh yeh, damn lady, yeh." he said. "Let's step out of the light' James said and I help his cock and reached for James' slao, now leading them into the darkness out of the lights. As soon as I was there with them, I pulled them to me and began sucking their cocks as quickly as I had dropped to my knees. "Damn lady, damn, you good, I wanna warn you that I am gonna cum soon at that rate." James said. "I said yu could load me up, do it." I said. I buried it deep in my throat and soon he was filling my throat and I took Darrin into my throat and did the same he moved hips and drove deep into my throat and soon filled my throat also.

I stood and said, "Well, load up the car and lets go. It is bound to be more private at the shop." and so they did just that. I got in the truck between them and massaged their cocks all the way back. James got on the radio and said that they may need some help at the shop and so they should bring a couple guys in. "I am glad yu called for help" I said, "I am really in need." "Well, there should be 4 or 5 there by the time we get there." said James. "Good" let me get ready" I said taking off the body suit all the way and the skirt that I put into my bag. I rode the rest of the way totally naked and played with two cocks on the way. James was driving so I massaged his cock and Darrin kissed, massaged my tits and fingered my pussy through several orgasms.

We pulled into the garage and there were several trucks there and a couple cars. We pulled up and there were about 6 or so men there all smiling as the truck turned off the lights. The car stayed on the flat bed and we all got out, me wearing nothing but my sandals. "Hey guys, everyone ready to help me get loaded up?" They all surrounded me and we went into the shop. The door opened to the back where there was a couch and chairs that had obviously been used before. I turned around and one man grabbed my tits and began sucking them hard. "Hey guys, I am naked and you all need to be too." "Shit yeh" several said and soon clothes were all off and I was ready to take care of all the hard cocks I could get my hands and other parts around. "Darrin and James first" I said taking their hands and leading them to me on the couch. James ate my pussy fast driving me to orgasm and Darring let me swallow another load of his cum.

They stepped back and I was surrounded by three men. ONe sat on the couch and they lifted me up and sliped my ass onto his hard cock. It filled my ass well and then I was leanedback and another was in my pussy then a man stepped up and filled my throat with his cock. I was being fucked like and animal and totally used by these men and their cum was filling me as much as getting all over my body, face and hair. Over and over they alternated places as one after another filled me with cum. I was frantic to keep the action going since as soon as I had one orgasm my pussy began building to the next.

I don't know how long it was but Steve's voice interrupted the fun. "Well, guess you don't need a lube anytime soon." The men stood back and he came up and kissed me, cum dripping from my body. Then I laid back and he slipped into my sloppy pussy and fucked me. He finished and stood up, "Guys, don't let me stop the fun, she is still hot." The fun began all over as I took hard cocks into my body and made them soft again. The next day we slept in the hotel and Darring and James came over, "The car is ready and oh yeh, no charge." Steve shook their hands and thanked them for the service they had given me. We drove back home and I called to make arrangements to break down again soon.

The End !!! :D

13-01-2008, 08:52 PM
yeah load her up............

Wah piang Tiko D_G you scare me man .......kekekeke ....here's another Good One I just finshed reading - Title : Basket ball belles

One of my female friends caught me having a perv on a girl who was in her group when I was talking to them. My friend told methe one I was perving on was a lesbian. I asked how did he know and he told me she was one of a few girls that get together after basketball practice and have lesbian sex together. I said how did he know and she said it is common knowledge that there is a lesbian element in the team and they all get involved with each other. He said its one of the reasons the team is so good they are all very close as a team.

The next practice night I went down and hid in the massage area where they evidently did it. I was in the masseur's office which has one way glass.

After the practice all the girls came in and showered and got changed. I saw them all naked.They didn't seem to be worried that they could all see each other naked.

After everybody had left there were just the 4 girls who had obviously been much slower than the others and as soon as the last one went they locked the exit doors and got into kissing and feeling each other. They paired up and each couple got really worked up as they kissed. It was the first time I had seen girls really kissing each other passionately. I watched one couple who went to one of the massage benches closest to me and one laid down and spread her legs and the other one begun fingering her cunt.

It was wild seeing them pushing two and three fingers into her friends cunt and kissing her clit at the same time. The other two did the same but the one on the bench sort of kneeled down face first with her bum in the air. Her friend squeezed some stuff out of a tube onto her friends ass hole and began to finger her friends bum hole and at the same time slipping a finger or two on the other hand into her cunt. I could hear them moaning and talking together. It was obvious from their body movement they all really were enjoying the performance on each other.

They all seemed to be telling each other how fantastic it felt and to fuck them harder with their fingers and a lick their clits. Just seeing them had me as hard as a pole and I pulled my pants down and began to wank myself. They were all talking and saying how good it felt and that their cunts were alive and one of the girls doing it was saying what do you want now and her friends was telling her to stick her fist up her. I watched as she opened her legs wider and her friend whose hand was now all wet with cunt juice from fingering her friend put the tips of her fingers into her cunt and slowly pushed her hand into her friends cunt.

I couldn't believe that it was possible to get her whole hand into her but she did it slowly and the girl on the bench opened her legs really wide andmanoeuvred herself so her friend got her hand right up into her cunt as far as her wrist. I blew my load of cum all over the floor just watching it happen. The other couple had swapped places and one was sucking on each other 69 style. The ones fisting were telling the others how much juice they were making. The girl with her fist up her friend pulled it out of her cunt and licked her hand which was really covered in her sticky love juice and drinking it. She was telling everybody how good it tasted.

It was fantastic seeing them all really working themselves up sexually by doing it and I was so close really I could see it all. The girl who had been fisted was laying there with her legs open waiting for her friend to fill her cunt up again and I could see her cunt was still stretchedwide open. I could see right inside her.The girls getting sucked off soon started to sing out I am cumming I am cumming and her partner opened her wide with one hand and really worked hard sucking and licking her friends clit and shoving the fingers of her other hand into her ass hole pushing at the same time.

They actually were having a fantastic time and so was I watching them. One of the two that were sucking had an orgasm and bucked about as her friend continued to try and keep her mouth over her vagina. I was fascinated at how their tits bounced about.After she came her friend swapped places and after a minute or two she too had her orgasm and again her partner sucked and licked her as she pinched and pulled on her own nipples. I had never seen anything like it even on porno sites and this was in real time with girls I knew.

Now they all went into the showers again and paired up and showered and rubbed each other up with the soap and their fingers. Their hands were all over each other and I actually saw one pissing while standing up and then her friend started and they pissed over each others legs. After they had towelled each other off they then sucked each others cuntsdry they kissed again and rubbed their hands over their tits and cunts. Only one had a thin strip of hair on her cunt the other three had shaved all theirs off.

Then they swapped partners and it began all over again and just kissed and played with each other tits and cunts. They seemed to know which one like what best. Obviously one loved sucking on her friend's cunt because she did it to the other girl who had been fingering her friend. They had been doing it before a lot by the look of them.

By now I was worked up and ready to cum again and I was pumping my cock hard and started to spurt cum all over the place and in my excitement I must have knocked something over because they heard me and one came to the door and opened it and there I was pumping my cock with my hand and spurting cum everywhere.

They let out a yell and seemed to panic but soon realised it was only me and nobody else. Then one said lets get the dirty bastard and they all grabbed me and dragged me to the table. They ripped the rest of my clothes off and one got hold of my cock and balls and began to masturbate me. Then they said lets make him really pay for his perving and one got on the table and sat on my face and covered my face with her cunt juice. She said suck my cunt you bastard and I had to try and do that which I had never done before. She kept telling me to put my tongue in her and lick her clit and I didn't know where her clit was and she put her hand down and spread cunt open and showed me where her clit was and made me lick her there.

It wasn't like I expected and it tasted all strange but had no smell other than the smell of soap. She kept moving her cunt all over my face and at the same time telling me to suck her dry. She was doing it for a few minutes then she came and stuff virtually poured out of her and I was swallowing it as fast as it came out of her. It was clear and a bit slimy and they called it cunt juice. While this was happening the other one was wanking me while the other two were pashing and madly fingering each other as they kissed.

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13-01-2008, 08:55 PM
The wanker one then got on top of me and I had to suck on her cunt but I knew more this time and I seemed to be able to make her happy and I found her clit and really sucked and licked that and pretty soon she was cumming and covering my face with her slimy cunt juice. Then she said to the others do you want to have your cunt sucked by him and one said ok and the other one said I will give him a pass on that. Then the one who wanted it got on top of me and did what the other did but this time the first girl actually got on top of me as well and she pushed my cock up her cunt and began to fuck me while I sucked her friend while the two of them kissed and fondled each other tits.

I was the meat in their sandwich as they were kissing and touching each other tits while she was dripping her cunt juice all over my face and her friend was actually fucking me from on top. The other two were fingering and sucking each other again. They were mad keen sex maniacs. The one fucking me really got worked up and she said she was so close to cumming and I was too and she kept it going really hard and then I shot my hot cum into her and she got wild and had an orgasm at the same time.

Then she called me a bastard for filling her up with my cum and then she got over me and made me lick her clean with my cum and her juice and everything in her. It was a bit hard to take at first knowing I was swallowing her juice and my cum together. It tasted strange as I had never tasted my cum before. While I was doing that one of the others actually sucked me off and I came again quite quickly and it felt fantastic. She swallowed all my cum. By now my balls were getting really sore from cumming and getting pounded by their fists as they wanked me off. My cock was also quite soft even though I could still cum.

While I was getting all this done to me I was wondering if I was supposed to be punished for watching them or just a toy for them to use.

Then one said I am going home I have had it and she headed for the shower and then they grabbed me and forced me into a shower cubicle and made me sit down and turned on the cold water and it was freezing and then they laughed and tormented me. One by one they got into the shower and pissed all over me and tried to get their piss in my mouth. One actually held my mouth open while the other one pissed in it. It tasted terrible. Then they turned the hot on and that nearly scalded me and the stink of the hot water and their piss was horrible. Even they didn't like it and they stopped. Then they made me get in the shower with each of them and soap them all over and rub them where they wanted me to. My cock was all soft now and they played with it trying to make it hard again but it wouldn't.

After I had soaped the 4 of them and they had their shower three of them got into different showers and I had to towel each one dry. They made me really do it hard and made me rub their tits and cunts and finally their hair.

Afterwards 3 of them left but one called Emma stayed behind and talked to me � she was the nicest of them all really.

I walked her home and we talked about what happened all the way and I had to admit I liked both watching and doing everything they made me do to them. Emma was the one who had fisted her friend and she told me all about it. They had all had it done to them at some time. We seemed to be getting along fine so I asked her if I could take her out. At first she was reluctant but then agreed. Then she told me she had never been fucked by a boy before and not to expect her to let me do it to her. I hadnt realised she hadnt been one of them on top of me.

It was three days later she and I went out and as soon as I picked her up she said I hope you have some condoms as I have decided to let you fuck me and I am not on the pill. I didn't but we went to a store and got some straight away. She was surprised at the variety available and picked some ribbed ones which were black.

I had intended to take her to the movies but we both knew that what we wanted could not be done at the movies so we went to a park and found a dark spot and began pashing. She was a fantastic kisser and within five minutes she had my cock in her hand and I was busy fingering her cunt. We didn't do it long and she got down and had our first fuck together.

The first time was so quick for both of us, she was having her first fuck by a male. She came just before me and that made me cum faster. I hadn't realised she didn't fuck me that night. Then we finished undressing and I got to play and suck her nipples.

Emma wanted the condom I had cum in and she tied a knot in it and put it in her purse her first trophy she called it. We both had some fun squeezing the cum about inside it. She said it was the first time a boy had cum in her.

We had tried it in a number of ways like doggy, cowboy and a few others and had a lot of laughs and great fun. We talked about how we liked doing it in the different ways. By the time we had had enough I had used 6 condoms, and she kept them all. That meant I had fucked her 6 times in just over 4 hours. I never thought I had it in me. I was also surprised I was still cumming but possibly not as much, I must have galleons of it in me.

After that we continued to see each other and have great times and sex together. Her friends gave me a hard time for a while but eventually they accepted the fact Emma and I liked each other and gave up tormenting us. Two even asked if I would like to fuck them again but I was happy with Emma.

We occasionally talk about that night and how it led to us being such good friends now. I will never forget it either as I was basically raped by 4 girls. Emma still plays basketball with the girls and now I quite often join them after the game. They are all happy to continue what we started the first night but this time is not as physical or violent. Emma still enjoys her bit of lesbian sex with themand I still like to watch then enjoying their fun..

The End !!! :D

13-01-2008, 08:59 PM
Wow !!! This one lagi good one - Title : My hens night

I will start with an introduction. im 25shoulder length blond hair,size 10 in oz not sure of the us size, I am told I am good looking.

Up until now my sex life had never been anything out of the ordinary, I have always enjoyed myself. I have only had sex with 5 guys the first at 17 and I have been with my husband to be for 3 years.

The night started out pretty normally , we went to a resturant for dinner then to a nightclub , for a few drinks and a dance,. There was 10 of us girls , but as the night went on a few left, We started talking to a group of guys, they were cyclists here for a race meeting .It got to about 2am , and one of the guys invited us back to there hotel for a few more drinks as the club was about to close. By this point there were 5 of us girls left and 7 guys. we went to there room and started drinking again , by this time I had quiet a few.

Then a bit of dirty talk started, and one of my friends said the guys should do a strip show for me, as guys have strippers at there bucks nights.

In the middle of the room there was a big solid coffee table, the girls pushed me up and made me sit on the table so the guys could strip and dance around me.

So there I am sitting there with these rally fit guys slowly taking there clothes off right in front of me.

Then one of the guys gets right in front of me and tells me to pull his undies down, I say but the girls all started yelling out to do it. So I put my handson either side and slide them down, with that there was this semihard cock staring me straight in the face, I really didnt know what to do or where to look, then he grabs my hand and puts it on his ever hardening cock. I tried to pull away but he used his strength andheld it on there, so I just wrapped my hand around it and startedslidding up and down the by now rock hard length of it, with the girls cheering in the background.

By this point the other guys had stripped off and 2 of them were rubbing against me and a third guy was kneeling behind me with his cock against my back,he put his hands around me and started rubbing my boobs.I was thinking to my self this is getting out of hand, when one of the other guys put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it down so his cock went into my mouth. I suppose at that point I should have screamed and ran out, but I was soturned on by these gorgious fit guys all over me. I just opened my mouth and sucked allowing this cockall the way in.

Then they started to moveme. until I ended up laying on my back on the table, the guy with his cock in my mouth ,straddle my face and started pumping his cock in and out of my open mouth, Then at the same time I felt someone pushing my top up and someone else with there hands up my skirt pulling my pants down. With my boobs exposed I felt a mouth on both of them at the same time, and my legs being pushed apart, and a tounge licking my by now soaking wet pussy.

I was in total extacy, squirming and thrusting myselfat these guys,having never felt such pleasure on every part of my body at the same time. then the guy who was in my mouth started to thurst harder and blow a big load of cum in and on my mouth and facebefore I had time to think about it hepulled out, and another guy took his place.then the guy between my legs move and another guy replaced him, but this time on top of licking he pushed what felt like 3 fingers into my pus, and started ramming them in and out, it was hurting but I couldnt help but to thrust back to meetthe invasion on my dripping wet pus.

This went on for a while with me cumming at least 4 times. then I heard one of the guys say "OK ITS FUCK TIME" and with thatone of the guys layed down beside me and pulled me on top of him. his cock feel into me I was so wet, as I started to pump up and down on his cock another guy grabbed my head and pushed his cock into mymouth.So there I was with 2 cocks in me at the same time,I had heard of girls who had done this, but I never though it would be me.

But that wasnt the end to it, I then felt another guy get up behind me, as I am pumping the guy Iam on top of, this guy starts licking my arsehole. something I had never had done to me, I was enjoying, then he started pushing his finger in there, now that hurt a bit ,but I didnt have much time to think about it with the cock in my mouth and the one drilling my pus, He was slidding his finger in and out and I was starting to get use to the feeling ,but it was stilling hurting a bit.Then I heard him say I going to fuck this hot little arse of hers, with that he got up behind me grabbed hold of my hips and drove his cock into my virgin arse, I tried to scream and pull away , but between thecock in my mouth and the guy under me and the guy fucking my arse holeing me I was stuck and just had to take it, it only took him a coulpe of thrusts and he was right up me.

Then both of the guys really started to give it to me ,ramming as hard as they could from both directions, i felt like I was being ripped apart andit was the most intensepainI had ever felt, then all of sudden my stomach started to cramp and my whole bodt was tingling and I exploded into the biggest orgasm I had ever experienced, and while I was cummingI could feel the guys blowing there hot cum deep inside me , and my mouth being flooded with yet more of this hot sticky liquid.

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13-01-2008, 09:00 PM
All the guys pulled out of me, So there I was laying on my backon this tablein the middle of this room my top and skirt pushed up my legs spread wide open andmy pussy arse and face covered in white sticky cum,I thought what must the girls think, I didnt need to worry all of them had either there pussy mouth or arse holes full of cock as well.

As I am laying there one of my friendsSue is on her hands a knees facing me being rammed from behind, Sue is 23 long black hair and hot little bod and tiny little arse. I could see the guy was about to blow his load into her, as he was ramming her hard and she was pushing back with equal yigior to meet his thrusts when there was a load moan from both of them and they collapesed on the floor.

Then something happened that supprised me, the guys lifts sue up and says to her I think you should go and clean your friend up , pointing to me. without giving her time to reply he lifts her up and pushs her dowmn on top of me, with her face in my puss then lifts her on top of me so her puss was in my face , he then pushed her head into my pus and her down into my face , and said go onyou dirty sluts lick each other, her pus was against my mouth I could see and taste it , so I just started to lick it, I was thinkingto myself this is so wrong , but gee I like the taste, Sue was also licking me and I was feeling good, the more she licked me the better it felt amd the more I would lick her , this went on for a while until we both cum in screaming heaps.

She then turned around and layed on top of me and started kissing me wispering my ear that she had never doneanything like that before , but how much she loved the taste of my pus.

I was laying there thinking well it must be just about over , when the other4 guys came over too me ,having just pulled there cocks out of my friends, and said we havnt fucked the bride to be yet. With that thek rolled me over and got me on myhands and knees and proceeded to fuck me first in the pus then he pulled out and stuck it up my arsehole and blew his load into me.

Each of the seven guys did exactly the same thing. The feeling of each of those cocks slidding in and out of memake me feel so disgusting and slutty and so horny I cum at least another3 times, and what supprised me, by the time the 3rd guy had fucked and cum up my arse it didnt hurt a bit it was a just pure joy and if there had there been another 7 guys there I would have happly taken them too.

Once all the guyshad been through me, the guys told all the other girls to come and clean me up , soso to my supprise they amm surrounded me and had turns licking the cum from my gapping pussy and arsehole.making me cum over and over again.

The End !!! :D

13-01-2008, 09:07 PM
wow.....haha....nice stories bro......steam....

13-01-2008, 09:35 PM
Well I know Halloween is over but this story is nice so I decided to post it out to you all .

Title : Forever Halloween

It had been years since Rhea had been trick or treating. Her girlfriend had talked her into it. They weren’t actually going for candy but thought that it would be fun to dress up and walk the streets on Halloween. They were just a couple of country girls so they were going to go for the gothic look and freak their friends out.

They had gone shopping the Friday before and bought the clothes they would need. Rhea had bought a short blue plaid skirt with black suspenders over a black top with skull and crossbones across her ample D cup breast. Her normally soft curly reddish brown hair was straight and dyed black for the night. Her makeup was dark and heavy. Thick eyeliner with a dark grey eye shadow surrounded her green hazel eyes. Her lips were covered in a black lipstick.

She was checking herself out in the mirror laughing at her appearance. So different from her normal jeans and tee shirt. Hell the skirt was enough to make it Halloween all on its own. There was a knock on her door and she went to let her friend in. Rhea laughed at her friends bright blue pig tails and huge baggy pants.

“This is going to be a fun night. Can’t believe you talked me into this,” Rhea said as she shut the door behind her friend.

Avery smiled at her and laughed. Teasingly she slapped Rhea on the ass. “You look hot sis.”

“Thanks but I’m not done yet.” Walking over to the couch she opened a boot box and took out a pair of knee length boots and slipped her feet in them. The look completed she checked in the mirror pleased with what she saw.

“Shall we go shock some people?” Rhea asked and grabbed her car keys.

Everyone was gathering downtown to meet up and party. They parked and were whistled at as soon as they stepped out of the car. The girls laughed and made their way over to a group of friends. Comments flew left and right about how they were dressed. It seemed like everyone was giving the reaction they expected.

It wasn’t long before the alcohol started flowing at the party. People started drifting apart. Everywhere you looked couples were making out. Rhea sighed and sipped her drink. Alone as usual was not fun at a time like this. One of her friends was teasing her about being alone so she walked off towards a darker corner of the party. Thinking about leaving she sat her drink down and started looking for her car keys.

“You’re a vampires dream,” a masculine voice suddenly in front of her.

Rhea jumped and laughed when she looked up and saw a young man standing in front of her. Smiling she wondered how easy he thought she was. But she’d humor him a few minutes before she left. “Oh really? And how am I a vampires dream?”

“I am one and you look like a dream to me,” he laughed and stepped closer to her.

“Nice to meet you Dracula. My names Rhea what’s yours?”

He was a little too close to her for comfort and she took a step back from him. He smiled and she could see small fangs shining in the lamp light. Either he’d had them filed or those were some realistic caps. “Names Damian. It’s nice to meet you too.”

“Sweet dental work. Those caps or did you have them professionally filed?”

“Au natural my dear. I did say I was a vampire,” Damian’s smile was brilliant.

“Yeah and I’m a bunny rabbit,” she laughed and started to walk away. It was cute when he first said it but now it was just sad. She had gone about fifty feet when he called out to her. She stopped and sighed. When she started to turn around she found herself back where she had been standing a moment before.

“You’re not a rabbit. You’re a vixen. I want you.” He was pressed against her whispering in her ear.

Angry and nervous she pushed him back away from her, “Look Damian you’re a great looking guy but I’m not interested in a one night stand with a crazy man that thinks he’s a real life vampire.”

She couldn’t explain how she had gotten back to the same spot. It had to be the alcohol. He stepped back towards her. Turning away from him, he grabbed her face and made her look at him. Breathe catching in her throat she looked into eyes that were now glowing red. Rhea’s body started to shake. This couldn’t be real.

Damian’s black hair started to move in a wind that she couldn’t feel. The power oozing from him was suffocating. He smiled, his fangs growing as she watched. Body shaking she tried to pry his fingers from her face but it was like trying to move iron.

“Don’t fight me Rhea. I want you and I get what I want,” he whispered as his other hand snaked its way down her body to the edge of her skirt.

“Please stop. I don’t want this. Please,” her voice shook with terror.

“What you want is of little matter my little vixen. I’ve watched you all night. Your beauty is unbelievable. I can smell your blood and it smells so sweet. Come let us away from here. I want you to be comfortable.” His gaze into her eyes changed from lustful to one of power.

Rhea’s body moved of its own accord. Trying to keep her feet from moving was impossible. One of her friends called cat calls as she walked by with Damian. Trying to call for help wasn’t happening. Her face smiled and she waved as they walked by. Heart pounding and fear coursed through her veins as they walked. She was a prisoner in her own body.

The vampire walked her up the hill to a beautiful black mustang. The paint gleamed brilliantly bright under the street lamp. He opened the door and helped her sit down. Shutting the door he jumped in the other side and started the engine. It roared to life and he squalled the tires leaving the parking area.

Shaking with fear Rhea clinched her fist as the city rushed by. Soon it turned to countryside. They had been driving for what seemed forever when he pulled in a huge mansion. This wasn’t what she had expected. This was the Garner Manor. This family had been huge in this town for centuries but no one saw much of them. Now she knew why.

The car rolled to a stop outside the main doors of the house. A servant came and opened her door. When she didn’t move Damian spoke her name softly. Her body started moving on its own again. Whimpering in frustration she walked around the car to his out stretched hand.

“I promise you it will be pleasurable,” he whispered as he walked her into the house.

“How can it be pleasurable if I don’t want it? Please let me go. I swear I won’t tell anyone what you are,” she pleaded as he pulled her up the stairs.

“No you won’t. If I let you go then you’ll never remember what happened. I’m not sure of your final destination yet. If you please me I might keep you with me and use you as I see fit. Even eventually make you one of us if you please me well enough. We shall see after the night is through.”

Rhea’s heart sank and he opened the door to a plush bedroom. He pushed her into the middle of the room as he went to sit down on the bed. Still her body was not her own. Looking at him made her shiver with fear. The thought of how easily he could kill her made her heart pound in fear.

“Strip,” the only word he uttered.

Body moving despite her minds protest; she started by dropping the suspenders on her skirt. As they fell she lifted the bottom of her shirt, slowly lifting it over her head. Looking back to where Damian set she could see a smiled on his face. Reaching back she unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall in a puddle on the floor. Just as she reached for the bra he said, “Stop.”

Standing trembling in the middle of the bedroom floor he inspected her soft curves with his hands. He started by standing behind her smelling of her neck. Placing his hands on her shoulders he ran them down her arms. He lifted her right arm up and wrapped it around his neck so he could caress her sides and waist.

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13-01-2008, 09:36 PM
“You’re beautiful,” he whispered to her as he caressed her breast through her bra. Her body was starting to respond to his touch. “I’ll let you do this on your own but if you try to leave or disobey me I’ll take control again. Do you understand?”

Deciding she’d like to have some control over the situation she nodded. The vampire really was handsome. His brown hair was silky. His eyes seemed to change colors as she watched. If they had met, talked and know each other and he had approached her she would have jumped at the chance. But not like this. He stepped away from her and smiled. The feeling returned to her body and she could move again. Letting out a breath she waited on him to tell her what to do next.

“Bra and thongs now,” he instructed waiting to see if she obeyed.

Shaking she did as she was bid. Slowly the other two items were added to the pile already in the floor. Damian stood admiring her body. He slowly ran his hands over her firm breast smiling. Taking one nipple in his mouth he sucked on it softly. The vein that ran across it he licked softly with his tongue.

Her body shook as he suckled on her breast. She could feel the edges of his fangs trail along her skin. The sensations in her body were not what she wanted to feel. Her breathing was getting ragged. This had to stop. She stepped away from him. Looking up angrily he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him.

“If you fight it will only be worse. Take the boots off. NOW!” Slinging her roughly on the bed he stood with arms crossed waiting on her to obey him.

Shaking from the force of his anger she stumbled to take the boots off. Tossing them with the other clothes she sat on the bed trying to cover herself. The heat of her blush ran from her head to her toes. Staring intently at her Damian began to smile.

“Move your hands so I can see all your beauty.”

To terrified not to obey she moved her hands to her side. She felt cheap as he looked over her body his tongue sliding over his fangs. Slowly he stepped to the bed and push her back leaning forward he began to touch and kiss her body. Lifting and pushing her up in the bed he straddled her and ran one long nail down her right breast. Where the nail went a bloody line appeared. The pain was sharp but brief. Bending down to her he began to suck and lick at the small line of blood that appeared. Gasping at the pressure from his mouth she began to tremble.

“Your fear smells so sweet Rhea.” Slowly he added another line on her left breast this one deeper. The other wound was gone. No sign of it ever existing. She began to realize what he could do to her with this kind of power.

Without willing it her body started to respond to the kissing and attention on her breast. Trying to clear her head she watched in terror as he slashed his way down her body. Licking up line after line of blood. When he came to her pussy he took a deep breath and smiled at her.

“I think you like this. Certainly smells like it.” His blood cover lips smiled at her as his nail drug along her delicate pink flesh.

Whimpering in pain she lay there shaking as he sucked to blood from the cuts. Her mind was screaming no but her body cried out yes to his touch. Rising up he smiled at her and crawled up her body. He looked in her eyes with those strange eyes of his own. It was like he was looking into her soul. Blood covered his lips and he kissed her softly before moving down to her neck. Her entire body shook with fear. He took a deep breath and inhaled her scent. Running his long pointed tongue down her neck he almost purred with delight.

Damian’s eyes were glowing when he looked up at her again. Standing while he looked down over her body hungrily he slipped his clothes in the floor. He was rock hard and huge. Rhea gasped at the sight of him. He was almost 10 inches long and extremely thick. She’d never been with anyone that big before. Laying back down on her he began to kiss and lick her body.

Rhea could feel the head of him at her pussy. Her whole body shook he was so big this was going to hurt. The pressure of him sliding in made her moan in pain. Taking it as an encouraging sign he pressed harder.

“Please no,” she whimpered and tried to push him away.

“I want you to feel this. Don’t make me take over your body again,” his voice purred in her ear.

There was no stopping him. Trying to close her legs made him angry and he thrust hard into her. It felt like he was ripping her open and she screamed. It seemed to spur him on. He found a rhythm and her body began to respond. Her mind screamed for her to stop. That she shouldn’t be enjoying this but when he looked into her eyes with those now shockingly blue eyes her body melted.

Her mind knew that he was playing mind tricks on her but she couldn’t stop herself as she met his thrust with her own. Closing her eyes she began to moan. The pleasurable moan turned in to a scream as his teeth sank in her throat just as she orgasmed. The combination of pain and pleasure was insane. It made her orgasm all the harder. Her muscles contracted and began to milk his huge penis. Letting go of her throat he began to moan himself.

“I knew you would be amazing,” he whispered and began to orgasm deep inside her.

As he finished he rose up and kissed her softly. She was shaking with exertion. He pulled out and lay next to her brushing her hair out of her face. Wondering what he was going to do with her she lay shaking.

“I like you Rhea. I think I’ll keep you around a while,” Picking her up he slung her over his shoulder. He took her down the hall and opened a door. The room was richly decorated with a huge round bed in the middle. He tossed her in the bed and reached under to pull out a set of chains. He locked a manacle around each ankle and wrist.

“Can’t collar that lovely neck. Your blood is too sweet. Rest I shall return.”

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13-01-2008, 09:37 PM
Lying exhausted on the bed she wondered what he was going to do with her. She felt so bad for enjoying what had happened. Closing her eyes she drifted off in to an exhausted sleep. Her dreams were full of visions of Damian. He was never going to let her go. In her visions it seemed that she had been a prisoner for years. The world went on outside of the manor but she would never see it again. In her dreams her captivity had been long enough that her now shoulder length hair hung down to her ass. Her hair and her chains were all she was allowed to wear. Damian constantly used her as he needed. Feeding all of his needs off her.

Waking from the dreams she opened her eyes to find Damian starring down at her with eyes that now seemed gray. Her breath caught and she shifted away from him. He reached out and pulled her back to him.

“Fear not my little vixen. You will always enjoy my touch.” He ran his fingers through her hair. Looking at his hand he saw the black dye. He started to laugh. “My little vixen is not what she seems.”

Reaching down he unchained her and lifted her up. Carrying her to the shower he sat her on the edge of the tub and started a warm shower. Helping her stand he got in the shower with her and ran his hands down her body as the water poured over her. Softly kissing her shoulder he reached for the soap and began to wash her. Damian kissed different spots as he washed her. This gentleness amazed her and she accepted his soft kiss easily. He rinsed her body and smiled at her.

“Let’s see what my vixen really looks like,” gently he began to wash the dye out of her hair. The black ran out of it leaving her soft curly auburn hair in its place. He washed the two day old makeup of her face.

“Beautiful. Why were you hiding under all that?” He whispered softly into her ear and finished rinsing her off.

Damian’s soft touch was much more welcome then the harshness he used the night before. Kissing his way down her body she shivered at his touch. Once he was kneeling he spread her legs and ran that long tongue down her slit. A moan escaped her lips and it made him slip in deeper. He worked that long pointed tongue deep inside her as she leaned against the wall. Before long her legs were shaking. His fingers slipped to her clit and twisted and pulled. It didn’t take long for him to bring her to orgasm.

Pulling her close after he stood up he kissed her softly. Returning his kiss she felt his leg part hers. His lips moved to her neck and he began to kiss softly. It was only moments before she felt his huge member slide deep inside her. Lifting her leg with his hand he began to thrust hard into her. His tenderness was so unexpected. Perhaps her dreams weren’t what she had made them out to be after all.

Damian kissed her softly tempting her tongue out of her mouth with his. Once out he sucked it deep into her mouth making her groan. Leaning down he took one hard nipple into his mouth. Moaning she ran her fingers into his hair. He smiled at her his fangs showing. The sensation of him biting her hadn’t been totally bad and the orgasm had been good. Reaching out she moved his mouth to her throat.

“Take me,” with a breath she knew what she wanted despite what her mind screamed, “Completely.”

Damian rose up and looked at her surprised. “Are you sure? If I take you completely there will be no going back. You’ll be well cared for and want for nothing. I’ve never meet anyone as beautiful as you. I have to admit you amaze me like no other. You’re eyes call to me.”

“I’m sure. I’ve never felt this beautiful before. Last night I was scared. I didn’t know it could be this wonderful. I didn’t know you could be so gentle.”

“It could always be this wonderful.”

“Take me then,” Rhea breathed. Her mind was screaming at her to stop. Was it her choice or was it his magic working on her? It was too late to change her mind. She put his mouth at her throat and braced herself for the brief pain.

The pain lasted only a moment as she succumbed to his touch. He made love to her while he drained the life from her. Their matched orgasms hit just as the dimmed in her eyes. Her heart was barely beating when he opened his wrist and let her drink from him. The feeling of his vampire blood burned through her veins and the world began to fade.

“I’ll be here when you awake my vixen.”

Her eyes flew open and she sat up with a gasp. Damian looked at her with a smile.

“Good morn my vixen. How do you feel?”

She stretched and felt of her neck. There was no wound and no evidence of what had happened. There was no heartbeat in her chest and she knew there was no going back.

“I feel dead,” laughing she smiled at him, “but wonderful all the same.”

“I am glad my Vixen. Would you like to take that as your new name along with your new life?”

“As long as I’ll always be your vixen then yes,” she curled into his side where he lay and kissed him softly. “This was the best Halloween ever.”

“Yes the night was wonderful. I think our life shall be grand. I shall teach you all you need to know. For now rest. You need to take it easy, your life will be easy from now on.”

Smiling she closed her eyes and relaxed into her new life.

The End !!! :D

13-01-2008, 09:47 PM
One last story for tonight - Title : LUCKY BLACKOUT

In the mid-seventies I was an airline stewardess (back when that was the accepted term) on international flights, stationed in Chicago. Like most of the girls I was never in one place long, so we shared a top-of-the-line condo. There were five of us girls full time and four part time, which meant they only paid when they spent the night. Barbara Ann was one of those, born in the Virgin Islands from a native mother and British father. She was drop dead gorgeous, one of those who made the women take notice when she entered a room, much less causing the men to fall all over the place.

Barbie was average height, but that was the only thing average about her. She was dark skinned, long black hair and the dreamiest of brown eyes. She had small breasts, but they matched her willowy figure perfectly, with a voice and British accent that could make you forget who you were.

Back then I was stereotypical stewardess material, five-ten, slender, blonde and a full ‘c’ cup. Besides work, my main objective in life was getting laid as often as possible, in as many places as possible, and I was good at my hobby. There were no problems or worries like there are now, all I had to do was remember to take my pill every day. Other than that, anything, anywhere, or just about anyone was a go for me.

Last few months I had seen Barbie plenty of times, mostly in the terminal, but only a few times when she was coming or going at the apartment. But, one time we both had the same layover in Chicago, well she was finishing her lay-over, I was just coming home for a few days, a rare occasion. There was a bad storm and everything was grounded, I barely got in, so it was just the two of us for the night.

“So Jordie, what are we going to do tonight?” Barbie asked.

“You mean besides going out stalking and bagging men, hopefully hung decently?”

She giggled. “Yeah, that is a given. I mean where?”

“Most in the neighborhood bars know half the stewardess flying out of Chicago live around here and they are dickheads. Won’t even buy you a drink, or take your panties off, they just want to nail a stewardess. Could go out by the lake, or crosstown, and—”

“In that shit out there? Are you bloody kidding?”

I laughed. “From someone born in the fun and sun that might look nasty, but it’s just a little weather here. Let me get a shower, and we’ll see how it is.”

It was really coming down by the time I was ready to go, and I conceded, “Alright, this is a bit nasty. Still, we can go to one or two nearby bars. Hey, we might get lucky.”

Lights blinked out, and Barbie asked, “Is this lucky here?”

“Considering we haven’t left yet, yes indeed it is,” I offered optimistically. “And seeing this isn’t that uncommon we’re prepared for it.”

I went to get the flashlight out of the drawer and ran into her. Barbie’s ultra soft skin sent an electrical charge through me, all of it seeming to end in my crotch. She reached out to steady me and grabbed my breasts, immediately getting my nipples rock hard. “You okay?” She asked so sweetly, just holding them.

“Yeah, ah, just fine. I thought you were behind me.” She let go of me, and I steadied myself with the counter, and took a deep breath. God, I was glad the lights were off, so she could not see how flushed I was. With the flashlight on I shone it on the counter. “There’s the matches. We have logs for the fireplace and candles around the place, kitchen, living room and bathroom, all the essentials—”

“What about the bedrooms?”

“Forget them,” I informed her, lighting the candle in the kitchen. “You’ll freeze to death if the electricity doesn’t come back on. We have to sleep by the fire. Just take a candle in and get into your comfy p.js and ride it out. If we get lucky it’ll only be a few hours, but if not we have plenty of blankets since the others aren’t here.”

“Maybe, we should go out for a while, it’s kind of scary. Electricity might not be out—”

“I don’t want laid that bad! We’re warm now. Go out and get cold, it’ll be impossible to warm back up, without a roaring fire, and we don’t have that many logs. We’ll spend the night shivering our asses off.”

“Oh well, screw them blokes. There’s a six-pack in the cooler, we shall just have to have a party by ourselves. What do we do now?”

“I’ll get the fire going, you go get the blankets off the beds, then we can make a bed,” I instructed, handing her the flashlight. “Do you want to sleep on the couch?”

“Think it’ll be better if we both sleep on the floor. I heard our body warmth will keep us warmer,” Barbie recommended.

God, I couldn’t believe I’d be sleeping in the same bed with her, I was going to be drenched, which I was better than halfway there already. I thought about going in the bathroom to take care of the present and future problem. Something I hadn’t done in ages, but I had no good reason to be in there. Besides, Barbie didn’t sound like she was in any condition to be left alone for very long.

In no time we had a nice bed in front of the fire. A very small bed, and I felt my face flush every time I thought about it, which was constantly. “We have a gas stove, so no eating frozen food. Have jiffy-pop, hot chocolate and marshmallows if you just want goodies. Better take a candle in to get dressed, it is easier,” I said, trying to get my mind off off her.

Didn’t waste a lot of time getting undressed, or check on my problem, because I was afraid I’d automatically start fingering myself. Barbie wasn’t out yet when I returned wearing my long flannel top and cotton bottoms. I didn’t like flannel bottoms, always made me too hot, and being as they weren’t sold that way, it was always a mismatched set, making me look like laundry day was tomorrow. Since I was here first I chose my side of the bed, one farthest from the fire. It wasn’t much, but I didn’t need any more heat on me for a while.

I was deep in thought, and hadn’t even heard her come in. “Did you want me to shag some pints?” She asked, nearly on top of me.

Looking up I cried out, “Holy shit!” Barbie was standing there in a sheer baby doll nightie, a very short baby doll, barely reaching that enticing belly button of hers. With a string bikini bottom, just as sheer, and might have been classified as a g-string. You practically could count the hairs on her full black bush, and her nipples were a shade darker than her dark areolas, which were half the size of her breasts. “T-that isn’t going to k-keep you too w-warm.”

“Seems to have done all right with you in that department, you’re starting to sweat, love.” She gave me a gentle poke in my right nipple with the hairbrush she was holding. “You want a pint?”

“Most definitely.” I wiped my forehead, and had to wonder if I’d sent the wrong signals, when she touched my breasts. My right nipple was as hard as it had ever been, tenting out the flannel, which Barbie did not miss. Only thing hotter than my flushed face was my pussy. Hell, I was staring to wonder what signals I wanted to send.

She gave me the beer, then sat down in front of me, flats of her feet down and legs spread apart. I could see the pink of her pussy, and it was glistening, reflecting the firelight. “So, do you want to have fun?”

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13-01-2008, 09:49 PM

“Yeah, girl fun? Just because we’re stuck here doesn’t mean it has to be boring and—”

“You’re gorgeous, but I’m in to men.”

“Yeah, so am I. But, if you haven’t noticed, there are none about,” Barbie pointed out.

“I’ve never done it before,” was my only excuse, but I hadn’t come out and said no, nor did I think I could.

“Don’t worry, it’s completely natural to women. It’s as easy as breathing, and I shall only do things you’re comfortable with. As for you, you can do anything you wish with me.”

I’m staring straight at her pussy, which now has twice as much pink showing and beads of moisture. This makes me think of mine, and I can feel it’s so hot and wet. I squirm a bit, and think it’s like Poe’s, ‘Telltale Heart,’ I know she can hear it making sloppy noises.

“How about you try a little kiss?” Barbie suggested. “If you don’t like it, we can just sit here and drink the pints.”

I still don’t have the words to say, ‘no.’ But, I have the strength to nod my head. She moves closer to me, cutting off my view of her pussy, but brushing her hard nipple against my arm. Had to be an inch long and nearly that wide, easily twice mine. Cradling my head between her hands she brought her lips to mine.

Don’t know what I was expecting, certainly no kiss like Tommy Jenkins gave me in fourth grade, my first. Probably more like a good-night kiss after having a great time out on your first date with a new man. What I got was a sensation that went all the way to my toes, a warm tingling sensation. As soon as I became responsive her tongue was in my mouth. It was so intense, and I gladly stuck my tongue in her mouth. She pressed harder and I gently fell back on to the bed, without her losing contact with my lips.

She broke just long enough for me to catch my breath, and her to stretch out alongside me. Her hand was rubbing my stomach as she kissed me again. Her hand slid under my cotton bottoms and over the outside of my panties. She cupped my pussy pushing the wet crotch back into me, letting me know how wet they truly were.

She broke our kiss and sat up long enough to remove my bottoms, with the only movement from me being to raise my hips up so she could get them off. She didn’t take off my panties, even though I gave her no hint I wouldn’t allow it. Hell, I would’ve gladly ripped them off myself, if she asked.

Caressing my stomach ever so lightly, she just laid back down beside me and we kissed. She slipped her hand under my panties, and ran her middle finger between my inner lips, but not in me. I moaned into her mouth, which seemed to increase her kissing, and she slipped that finger in me, getting a little whimper out of me. She was making me feel so good, I thought I should return the favor.

Awkwardly groped her a bit before finally getting my hand right and cupping her hot, wet pussy. “Finger me,” she requested.

It was simple to bring my hand up, then under her panties, and back down to her pussy, easily sliding my middle finger in. Besides mine, this was the first pussy I had ever touched. It seemed so much more than mine, softer, hotter, wetter, slicker, and muskier.

Her hand was now unbuttoning my top and soon those silky soft lips were nuzzling my nipples, while she went back to fingering me. She was rubbing my clit with the palm of her hand while diddling me with two fingers. I climaxed and she let me calm down and catch me breath.

Running the handle on the hairbrush over my panty covered slit she kissed me. “You know what the best thing about me not being a man?”

“Uhn-uhn,” is all I can pant.

“I don’t go soft, ever!” She kissed me again, then sucked in a mouthful of my tit. “Love, I say you’re going to cum at least twenty times tonight. Want to bet me?”


“You want your wet panties off, and me to eat you?”

“Uh-huh, pl-please-e.”

She took my top off before getting rid of my panties. Placing my legs over her shoulders she buried her face in my muff. Again, I thought I had been ate before, but none of those men were within light-years of what she did to me. Licking, fingering, sucking, nibbling and tongue fucking me, all in random patterns, and in a random fashion.

Once I was climaxing, she didn’t ease up, she had a hold of my clit like a pit bull, sending me into wave after wave of orgasms. Another first for me.

I don’t know what happened, but when I was finally able to speak only thing that came out was, “You want me to do you?”

“Yes! Please, yes, if you want to.”

An hour ago I would’ve never thought this possible, alright maybe an hour ago it did cross my mind, but a day ago I had definitely never thought I might find myself in this position. “I think so.”

“You do not have to, if you do not—”

“No, I want to, definitely want to.” I ran a fingertip down her cheek. “Just not sure what to do, or if I’ll be able to please you, but I want to please you.”

Laughing she started peeling off her clothes. “Trust me, baby doll, you will do just fine, I am betting on you being a natural.” Barbie was out of her clothes and straddling my head, burying her face back in my pussy.

Once again, I had no clue of what to expect, but being as she had a stronger smell I figured it’d be the same in taste. Not that I go around tasting myself, but I had on occasion, being slightly curious. I wouldn’t call it stronger, spicier, more tart yes, thicker, yes, an altogether pleasant sensation, definitely yes! A woman slipping and sliding all over your face moaning into your pussy, and with no fear of choking to death, or even gagging, it was sensational and then some.

I did as Barbie had, this and that, repeating what she seemed to be enjoying most, while trying out other areas. Wasn’t long til she was climaxing, and I went for her clit, which was now larger than mine had ever been, making it an easy target to find and grasp between my lips. My chin was flooded with a slick warmth as my lover screamed into my pussy. After a while she quit climaxing and I let go of her clit like she had done to me. I licked her outer labia and ran my tongue into her, lapping up that sweetness which was everywhere, again like she had done to me.

Wasn’t expecting what came next, Barbie stuck her tongue in my butthole, getting me to tense up like when a man used to tell me he slipped, and cause for me to stop everything. No one had ever done that to my butthole, nor had I ever asked anyone to. I was about to crawl out from under her when I noticed it felt good, damn good.

Just lay there a bit, with Barbie’s pussy on my face, trying to figure out was happening, what I was feeling, what I was going to do. It was then I noticed those low contented moans were coming from me as my bottom squirmed around trying to get better contact on her tongue, as she worked two fingers in my pussy. Now she had a finger in my butt and she was licking all up and down my crack. I was purring like a cat.

I was soon doing the same to her little bottom and did a good enough job she was purring loudly, just prior to us both having a tremendous, as well as long orgasm together.

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13-01-2008, 09:51 PM
When through she crawled back up to me and started kissing me. Judging by her face she wasn’t the only one who had flooded the place. She sucked on my nipple and swirled that talented tongue around it before inquiring, “You lose that bet?”

“I’ve no idea, but my guess would be, yeah, a while back.”

“Hm-m, you don’t sound all that convinced, maybe that will change shortly. And I would have won the other bet too, you are a natural,” Barbie informed me, as her mouth got to work, and her hand slid down my belly. “This will warm you up for your real fucking.” In no time she was running the hairbrush handle in my pussy, while sucking on my clit, giving me two more orgasms.

While I panted she gave me a kiss. “Have to pee, be right back.”

Could not even nod, just lay there, staring at the ceiling, trying to catch my breath, thinking about what she meant by a ‘real fucking.’ I didn’t know what she might call it, but that was the best fucking I had ever had before.

“All right Love, you ready to get serious?”

Took all my strength to turn my head, and I couldn’t believe what I saw, Barbie standing there, wearing a strap-on dildo, a big one. It had to be eight or nine inches long and three inches thick. Her wicked smile sent a shiver down my back, and my nipples got hard.

Stroking the rubber dick with one hand Barbie made a circular motion with the other hand. “On all fours, baby doll. I am going to fuck your sweet pussy, then do your bum.”

My butt was virgin, and I didn’t even think about protesting, just rolled over, then rose up on all fours. Barbie rubbed the small of my back saying, “Love, put your pretty head on the blanket and your little bum up in the air.”

Did as told, managing to croak, “Be gentle.”

She rubbed the small of my back while kissing my butt cheeks. “Always love, always.” Barbie licked my sopping wet slit. “Any time you want to stop, say the word. What do you want, baby doll?”

“You’re as beautiful of a lover as you are a person.” I lay my head on the blanket. “I want you to take my virgin butt, then I’m going to eat your pussy.”

“Um-m, sounds delightful.” She ran that thick head up and down my slit. “As I said, you can do anything you want to me, if you are sure you want to.”

I giggled. “Oh, if I was ever sure about something in my life, it’s I want more of your pussy, a lot more.”

She slid that big pecker in me, without me even wincing. I was in heaven, her slow-fucking me to two orgasms before slipping the hairbrush handle in my butt. She got hold of my clit and set me off on wave after wave of orgasms. I was squealing and screaming so much I thought someone would bust the door down to see who was getting killed. After a dozen hard orgasms and at least as many normal ones I was surprised I had not passed out.

Barbie pulled out of me and I fell over on my side, then she rolled me on to my back. Giggling she kissed my nipples, then up my body to my mouth. By the time she made it to my mouth I had recovered enough to kiss her back, holding her tight to my body. She brushed the hair off my sweat-covered face. “You are one sexy woman, very hot, very sensual. It was my pleasure to please you.”

“No way, it was all my pleasure, time and time again.” I kissed her, sucking her tongue into my mouth, then giggled. “I was a little scared you were going to fuck my bottom with your big pecker, but loved what you did.”

She gave me that wicked smile and kissed me on the chin. “Baby doll, I am going to fuck your little bum with my big wanker.” My eyes got huge, and she chuckled, cupping both of my breasts. “Not to fret, it will be fine. You needed a little break, and are going to fuck me, before you get yours.”

“Do I get to wear the dick?” Barbie gave me a nod, and started undoing the straps. I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, getting her to coo. Was really liking this being in control thing. “Want you on your back, so I can take care of these lovely titties properly. But first I get my dick and your pussy.”

“Um-m, like the way you think, Love, a natural lady pleaser indeed.”

Barbie helped me strap my dick on, then lay back and spread her legs. I didn’t hesitate even for a second, just dove right in to her pussy. Didn’t take long to figure out why men aren’t as talented as women at eating pussy, their dicks get in the way. Took me trying a dozen different positions before I could get halfway comfortable with the monster attached to me. Still, I managed to give Barbie a pair of orgasms, before crawling between her legs.

Sucking her nipples and kissing her I took my time inserting my rubber dick in her pussy. Started a nice slow fuck, and was really liking this, almost as much as Barbie. She made near as much noise as I had, and came close to as many orgasms.

I pulled out and lay beside my beautiful lover, kissing and caressing her. “You were wonderful, pretty lady, even gave me an orgasm.”

“Well,” Barbie giggled, “you handled it like a pro, and I do not have a clue how many you blessed me with.” She reached down and gave the dildo a little tug. “You ready to get this wanker from outside of you to inside?”

Was so horny, no hesitation this time, had my dick off, handed it to Barbie, then planted my face in the blanket, wiggling my butt in the air. Could not wait, started fingering both holes and Barbie laughed. “Guess I do no not have to ask about your bum this time.”

“Not a chance. I want you taking my bottom, then if I’m still alive I’m going to do your bottom.” I pulled her to me and kissed her. “But first I’m going to eat your pussy.”

Swatting me on the butt Barbie laughed. “My goodness, you have it bad, trying to make up for a lifetime of missed pussy in one night.” She kissed me. “I’m very happy and proud that night was with me.”

“If I have anything to say about it, this won’t be the last.”

“No, that is definite.” She kissed me and cupped my pussy, sliding her middle finger in me, getting me to coo. Barbie ran her hand down my back. “Now my love, I am going to fuck your bum.”

I was going to suggest getting the baby oil out of the bathroom, but I was soaked, from the small of my back to mid-way down my thighs. She licked and fingered my butthole, before attempting to fuck me, which she did masterfully, again not even getting me to wince. While Barbie was busy with my butt I did my pussy with the hairbrush handle, knowing where my next check was going to, toys.

That wonderful rubber dick and her got me off another handful of times, before it was my turn. This time I ate her delicious pussy before strapping on my dick, and judging by orgasms I did a fantastic job.

There was no doubt I lost the bet long before we fell asleep, hell she would’ve probably won if the number had been a hundred. We woke in each other’s arms and started all over, keeping at it until she was called in to work at eleven-thirty. Have no idea when the electricity came back on, and hadn’t even stoked the fire. There was no need, we heated the place up nicely all by ourselves.

We worked out our schedules to get as much down time as possible together, even flying in for each other’s layovers. It was great, all these foreign cities, where we now could go out and see the sights, since we weren’t concentrating on who was going to be between our legs for the night. Not to say we didn’t go out with men, we did that as well. Even shared men and women upon occasion, but those are other stories.

Barbara Ann married an aristocrat, assistant British diplomat to be precise, and lives back in the Virgin Islands, where I stop by from time to time to remind her about the lucky blackout we both had. And every time she wins the bet.

The End !!! :D

Good Night And Sweet Dreams . ;)

14-01-2008, 05:36 PM
So now the trend is post cybersex stories?


14-01-2008, 05:48 PM
The Bus Ride - A Hardcore One Night Stand Sex Story.

As she sits on the bench waiting for the bus in the horrid heat. The heat aggravating her already sensitive nipples. "I knew I should not have worn this new bra today!" she silently rages as every move she makes rubs the already stimulated nipples. "What a day." she grumbles to herself. The days frustrations finally getting the upper hand on her. "Should have never taken that fucking promotion, they work me like a dog now. Everything has to be perfect... OOh god" she stops with a whimper. Feeling a breeze as it flows over her body the cool air upon her nipples. "I need a MAN! It has been 9 fucking months!" she moan to herself. As the puff of wind dies down the oppressive heat hits her again darkening her mood even more.

Finally, the bus arrives and she gets on. Looking for a lone seat she finds one in the middle of the bus. Reaching up she tries to open her window as the bus pulls away. "God damn window is stuck!" she whispers as she struggles with it trying to open it. Finally, sitting down in disgust. Sitting in the hot muggy bus she rides along the bus swaying causing her nipples to rub against her bra. Unable to take it any longer, she looks around to make sure no one is looking and she quickly removes her bra. Sticking it in her purse. She leans back into the seat and starts to think of HIM. How his strong hands will feel upon her skin. His hot body as she watches him as he swims in the pool at his house. Seeing his muscles ripple as he pulls his body through the water as he swims over to her. He pulls himself from the pool his body dripping and glistening in the sun. He...

"Excuse me can I sit here?" Looking up she sees a construction worker looking down upon her motioning to the seat. She reaches over and moves her purse and turns away from him with a scowl upon her face. "I have to sit next to a smelly CONSTRUCTION WORKER! Will this day never end?" She silently fumes as he sits beside her. "It sure is HOT isn't it ma'am?" He asks. She simply ignores him trying to lose herself in her fantasy again. "Can I open that window ma'am?" He asks she looks at him he stands towering above her reaching out his very strong arms and wrestles the window down. The blast of air hits her flowing over her skin rubbing her shirt against her screaming nipples. She moans as she looks at him and sees his eyes looking down following his eyes down she sees her purse has opened and he is staring at her lacy silk bra. She blushes in shame and turns away from him looking out the window. As he sits again beside her.

Riding in silence for a while the wind billowing through the window against her flushed skin. "Hey look at that new mall." He says as he reaches across her to point out the window. His thickly muscled forearm in front of her chest just barely touching her shirt. "Oooh" she moans as the bus sways and her nipples rub against his arm. "Um HUH" she tries to reply as he pulls his arm back. Pressing his arm lightly against her chest he starts to draw his arm back. Trying to concentrate she bites her lip as his arm scrapes over her nipples. "Ohhh" she gasps as his hand touches her breast. He stops as his wrist touches her nipple. She looks down and sees him turn his wrist so his palm is toward her chest. Looking at him he looks into her eyes as he starts to move his hand over her breast. The hard palm of his hand against her shirt pulling the material against her.

"Oh God!" she moans as she sees him smile at her. Just a soft smile upon his lips like he knows he is going to please her. As his curled fingers touch her breast she can feel her heart beating wildly against her chest. His strong fingers sliding over her flesh. Gliding upward over her skin finally his finger tips are touching her nipple he so lightly pinches her hard protrusion between his thick long fingers and then side off. "No" she lightly gasps, barely aware of her own actions she presses her chest forward. She turns her head and looks at him. His deep brown eyes looking beyond her eyes all the way to her soul. Searching inside her finding her deepest desires. She feels his arm move away from her chest and she looks down to see him opening the button to her top. Wanting to stop him she is powerless as she looks into his pleading eyes.

"Ohhh" she moans as she feels the first touch of his finger tips upon her skin. It send electric shocks down between her legs. His fingers slide up her chest to stroke her neck and then glide back down the valley between her breasts. His touch so light the skin puckers in goose bumps. His hands lightly stroking the flesh of her breast. He starts to caress her breast. Just his finger tips brushing against her. As his fingers finally touch her bare nipple she lets go closing her eyes she leans her head back. "Ohh Oooohhh OOOH" she groans as his fingers pinch upon her sensitive nipples. He works his fingers like a small mouth upon her sucking her hard little bud. She feels the pure lust heat coming from her pussy. Rubbing her legs together she can feel the wet lips sliding against each other.

She feels the air change around her breasts and she looks down as he has pulled her top open exposing her breast to his eyes. He pulls his fingers away from her chest and as she looks at him his eyes are staring into her eyes. He smiles at her as his fingers lightly touch her thigh. She shudders as she feels his touch looking into his eyes, begging her to let him please her. Surrendering to him she leans back and opens up to his touch. "Yessss" she whispers as she parts her legs and feels his fingers sliding over her stockings between her thighs. His fingers brushing against her sensitive flesh. As she spreads her legs more giving him full access to her most intimate areas he smiles at her display of pure lust. He slowly strokes his finger up her thigh. Feeling the soft touch of his fingers against the silkiness of her stockings sending jolts of pure pleasure through her body. She closes her eyes and enjoys the sensations. As his fingers touch the top of her stockings. she shudders as his fingers make contact with the smooth skin of her leg.

"Oh GOD!" she moans loudly as her eyes fly open feeling his mouth upon her nipple. His hot mouth sucking her hard nub into his mouth. She relishes the feeling of his soft smooth lips against her. Her arms come up and encircle his head pulling his mouth against her. His fingers stroking her inner thigh not moving just brushing against the sensitive flesh. "Uhhh" she starts to moan and reaches down to his wrist sticking out of her skirt and pulling she tries to move his hand to her dripping sex. His strong arm does not move. She finally begs him. "Pleassseeeee." and as the final sound escapes her lips his fingers slide up and touches her. Roughly pulling aside her panties his finger finally touches her lips. He lightly brushes his finger over her swollen pussy lips as he lightly bites upon her nipple.

"Please Please Please..." She hears herself whimpering as he pulls away from her breast and gets so close to her face she can feel his breath upon her lips as he stares into her eyes. As she rises to meet his lips he kisses her full of pure desire. As his tongue enters her mouth she feels his finger pierce her inner sanctum. As he slides deep inside her she moans onto his tongue. Opening her mouth his tongue devours her. "Oh god I am going to..." she mumbles into his tongue. His finger sliding in and out of her. Feeling the tightening in her stomach she starts to clench his hand between her legs. Knowing her release is emanate he slides his finger out of her pussy and rubs his fingers around her clit. Around and around as she climbs to the peak. "Cumming" is all she can gasp into his mouth as she feels his fingers lightly pinching her clit and feels her body contracting in orgasm. As she starts coming shots of pure white flying behind her eyes feeling the pent up sexuality released. She sobs in release as he holds her to his chest. His arms around her, surrounding her, protecting her. She sobs deep into his strong chest.

"It is ok." he whispers as he strokes her hair. Pulling out his handkerchief he gives it to her as he disengages himself from her and stands. "Well, this is my stop. I had to leave my car at the dealer." handing her his business card. "Call me, Please" He whispers to her as he kisses her deeply one more time before he turns to get off the bus. Watching him walk away she sees him enter the Porsche dealership. Looking down at the business card she reads his title "President - International affairs" Smiling she tucks the business card into her purse. "What a great day!" she smiles to herself as she buttons up her blouse.

14-01-2008, 05:49 PM
No Panties

I had been traveling for some time; I was tired, hungry and looking for somewhere to rest for the night. Pulling in to a sleazy looking roadside motel, I reluctantly yet thankfully booked in, ordered a hot meal and wearily trudged to my room.

I had just stepped out of the shower when there was a knock at the door "Room Service!" a young girlish voice called out. With nothing but a towel wrapped around my hips I unlatched the door and beckoned her to place the tray on a nearby table.

The girl moved slowly to the table placing the tray down, the soft scent of musk followed her as she moved to the bed and pulled the covers down. As she turned with the lamplight behind her, I could tell by the clear silhouette of her pussy lips that she wore no panties beneath the thin fabric of her dress.

I studied her as she moved, her long dark brown hair hung in soft curls to the middle of her back; she had a tiny waist that spanned out over full rounded hips and a magnificent bust line, which also appeared to be free of any form of undergarment. As she turned to me her eyes were dark and beckoning, bedroom eyes I would have called them. Her face was cherubic, with full soft lips and clear smooth olive skin; I wondered for a moment what kind of ethnic background could have produced such a deliciously desirable creature.

"Will there be anything else sir?" her voice was velvety soft with a subtle indiscernible accent. I stared at her silently for a few moments then ran my hand through my wet hair, "um. yes that will be all, thanks," I murmured. I had never been quite so intrigued by someone, maybe it was just the fact she was so innocently sexy, or there again perhaps I had just been driving for too long.

I shrugged and walked to the door, looking back over my shoulders I noticed she was still standing by the bed, but now her exquisite full lips were pouting. I leaned on the door staring back at her questioningly "why don't you wear any underwear?" I heard myself asking her.

She smiled and walked slowly towards me, hips swaying way too seductively for such an innocent looking girl. The silhouette of her stunning figure highlighted beautifully by the lamplight. "I see you when you arrive, I wear no underwear for you. you like?"

Running my hand through my hair again I nodded and smiled at her and she moved in close pressing herself against my bare chest, running her fingertips down my sides to where my towel clung. It had been a long time since I had been touched like that; I felt my cock harden against the tightly wrapped towel.

"I like. but tell me honey, is this part of the room service or do I get charged extra for this?" I watched her gently lick then bite my nipple, catching my breath at the tantalizing touch of her warm wet mouth.

Her dark eyes looked up at me and I thought I would drown in their soft brown depths. "My name is Marie, I am not for sale, but for you... tonight... I can help warm your bed?" Raising herself on tiptoes, she pressed her succulent lips to mine, I felt as if my cock was about to rip through the cheap motel towel and ravage her of its own accord when her hand slid along it's rigid outline.

Grabbing her arse I lifted her against me groaning with desire, the thin material of her dress slid up over her hips easily. I felt her soft delicate skin against mine and I let my towel fall down around my ankles; I carried her to the bed kissing her savagely, from her beautiful soft lips to her neck, her shoulders and the dip at the base of her throat.

Her tongue was inside my mouth searching, teasing... her teeth grazing my tongue and lips as our breathing became more rapid. My hands searched every sensual curve of her body; she was clean-shaven all over and silky soft.

As I ran my hands down between her thighs, I felt her breath quicken, "Spread them wide for me baby" I whispered. She opened the gates to heaven and my fingers slipped between the silken folds of her sex. I loved feeling her hard little clit, skimming across her swollen hole to rub the opening to her tight little arsehole.

"Ooooooh yes, yes" she cried softly nipping my lip hard, she was so excited her juices had flooded her pussy right around to her tight little carnation of an arse. I let my fingers play between her clit and her hole, occasionally sliding the tip of my thumb into her arse just to make her squirm.

She lay beside me on her back; legs spread wide moaning and whining like a bitch on heat, she wanted it bad and I was going to make sure she got it every way possible. I turned around straddling her shoulders, sliding my arms beneath both her thighs I spread them wider and dived right in.

Her love juice was as sweet as honey and there was so much of it I was practically drinking it from her rosy pink snatch. I nibbled on her clit until I could feel her tremble, then slid two fingers into her hole, opening her wider to watch her juices literally run out into my palm.

She took my cock with one hand as it dangled in her face and started sucking it's engorged tip, I could feel her hot breath upon my skin as she slid it's tip slowly in and out of her soft full lips. The smooth feel of my cock pressing against the top of her mouth and sliding deeper and deeper into her throat was driving me insane.

"Mmmmm, your so good at this Maria" I mumbled into the silky smooth folds of her pussy, my tongue flickering mercilessly across her rigid clitoris. I had one finger in her arse now and four deep inside her cunt hole, her hips were rising and falling with the thrusts of my fingers. I felt her body shudder with the intensity of her orgasm and she groaned and gasped almost choking as my cock buried itself deep in her throat

Maria's hand pumped up and down my shaft as she fucked me with her mouth, her little head rising and falling against the pillows. Holding open the lips of her hairless pussy I sucked mouthfuls of her climax juice from her hole as she came, her hips shuddering as I continued to suck and nibble at her cunt.

Maria deep throated me beautifully, I could feel my balls begin to tingle, my toes curling with the intense pleasure she was giving me with her mouth. Suddenly I felt her slide a finger into my arse, my whole body tensed as my hips jerked over her pushing my cock even deeper into her throat.

The release was unbelievable, as if her finger sliding deep into my arse at that moment triggered the fullest most satisfying orgasm I had ever experienced. My cock just kept pumping cum juice down her throat, I could feel her sucking and swallowing loudly as she drained every last drop from me.

As I rolled away and lay on my back next to her, she moved down to where I lay, kissing me deeply, her tongue pushing into my mouth still coated with my cum. I grabbed her hair and kissed her back, sucking and licking at her face, even though I had cum my cock was still standing to attention.

I grabbed her full breasts as they hung above my chest, kneading them and pinching at her nipples until she moaned into my mouth. I felt her move until she was straddling me, her juicy cunt lips spread over the shaft of my hard cock, she slid herself back and forth along it's length, teasing me with it's wetness, but not taking it into her delicious cunt.

"You teasing little bitch" I laughed as I grabbed her hips, lifting her small frame easily I impaled her upon my cock, pulling her down on it's length and thrusting up into her at the same time. She cried out long and hard as it's thickness stretched her open bullying it's way inside her horny cunt, then she moaned and thrashed above me while I pulled out slowly then shoved back up inside her.

I let her take over, watching her beautiful tits jiggle above me as she bounced on my huge erection, fucking me madly as if she were possessed. Her head was tossed back and her eyes closed as she moaned and squealed with pleasure. I rubbed her clitoris with one hand, my other hand steadying her wildly pumping hips, her pussy devouring my cock hungrily.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Ohhhhhhhh yes! I'm Cumming!" she squealed as her whole body began to shudder and twitch. I felt her cunt tighten around my cock angrily, but I kept ramming it up into her as hard as I could, lifting her when became too weak to lift herself anymore.

"Oh please, oh yes, fuck me harder!" she cried and I pumped her as hard as I could, lifting her then bringing her crashing down onto my thick hard cock. Our humping hips colliding with such force it sounded like applause, I felt as if I was going to rip her in half and my cock started to harden even more with the stimulation of her silky inner convulsions.

As we merged into a rutting mass of pumping cock and convulsing pussy, I could feel the sudden warmth of her ejaculation surround my cock. Her pussy felt as if it had attached itself to the shaft of my pulsing cock, as with one; two; then three massive fucks I emptied my own load into her quivering cunt. "OOOOH yeah baby!" I groaned under my breath, my cock erupting deep into her womb, spilling forth like a fertile army on a mission to invade and inseminate.

Maria collapsed onto my chest and I released her hips so she could sprawl comfortably across me. I sighed at the feeling of sudden release as my cock slid out of her warm wet sanctuary, my pulse pounding less, but my breathing heavy. The last thing I remember was inhaling the intoxicating scent of musk from her soft dark hair. Exquisitely fanned out around her beautiful face to cascade delicately across my chest and shoulders. I fell asleep blanketed by this beautiful stranger who had worn no panties just to please me...

14-01-2008, 05:56 PM
Sammi's Ride

After dinner, Sammi said to her husband, "Ron, watch the kids while I take a bath." She slipped out of her sweaty clothes in the upstairs bathroom and ran a tub of just perfect warm water in the large old-fashioned cast-iron white enamel tub. It was big enough for two. Ron and she had played in the bath more than once.

Sammi eased herself into the big tub. Her muscles unknotted and relaxed in the warm water. Her skin turned ruddy - such a delicious feeling. She soaped herself with lavender-scented soap and washed off the sweat and dirt from her adventure in the forest earlier that day.

She sunk neck-deep into the warm water, relaxed further, and slipped into a reverie. With a big grin she remembered her afternoon lovemaking with her brother-in-law Jacob beside the trail in the forest.

Sammi had always been faithful to Ron and still couldn't believe she had been that naughty. She felt a little guilty. But she lay in the soothing bath feeling delightfully, deliciously, thoroughly, completely, absolutely fucked - the best in a long time.

Sammi hadn't been that naughty, she thought, since ten years ago as twenty-one-year old college student. She languidly ran her hands over her breasts and between her legs as she remembered that bike ride back one college day.


Back then Sammi attended Loyola University. She loved the classical looking buildings of the downtown Chicago campus - flutes and columns and gargoyles. Cars, buses, bicycles, pedestrians filled the busy city streets around the campus. She loved to stand outside and feel the rush of traffic around her and to look at the soaring buildings - old and new - of Chicago's Loop.

What a difference from the small farm town in Central Illinois where she grew up. Sammi's parents hadn't wanted to send their innocent small town girl off to the big city. She convinced them because an older friend from town went to Loyola.

Her parents couldn't know, but Sammi wasn't so innocent. As a high school cheerleader, she had discovered handsome, muscular jock boyfriends were a lot of fun - in a variety of places, positions and erotic adventures.

Sammi woke up one Saturday morning in her dorm room. Her senior year had only just started and she didn't have a boyfriend - what a drag. It must have been the dream; she woke up horny. "Damn, I wish I had a boyfriend," she thought. Sammi liked her fun, but she liked to have it in a committed relationship.

She lay in bed and stripped off her t-shirt - the only thing she slept in. Images of cute guys and tight butts, muscular arms and hairy chests, long legs and nice hard cocks filled her head. With her hands, she rubbed herself all over. It only took a few minutes for her to give herself what she thought of as a "fast-food finger fuck" - appeases the craving, but doesn't really satisfy the appetite.

Sammi's moans and shouts woke Janet, a young women in an adjacent dorm room. The sounds coming through the wall excited Janet, so she pulled down her pajama bottoms and began to play with herself too. Janet's groaning, added to Sammi's noises, woke more people up.

The girls with overnight boyfriends began a nice brisk morning fuck; the other girls masturbated. Soon the whole dorm floor sounded like the primate house at the Lincoln Park Zoo - grunts and groans, wails and howls. This tempted Sammi to do herself again, but, hell, she was always horny.

She pulled on a pair of skintight black cycling shorts - the kind that supported her tummy, thighs and ass and pressed tightly against her crotch. Just pulling on the tight shorts aroused Sammi again. "What am I going to do?" she thought. "Wack off a hundred times today?" Damn, she wished had a boyfriend.

She decided to wear the cycling jersey without a bra. The silky material rubbed against her breasts and nipples in way she really...liked. She felt very sexy in her cycling outfit. She gathered her long auburn hair into a ponytail and put an elastic band around it. Checked herself in the mirror. Liked what she saw.

Sammi put on her helmet and fingerless biking-gloves, rolled her bicycle to the elevator, out the door and then headed out into the Chicago hum. Her bike was a mean, lean machine. Shimano gears and derailleurs, center-pull brakes and special crankset, custom post and saddle, special handlebars.

Sammi had spent a small fortune on her bike. It gleamed - not a speck of dirt - and smelled of lubricants and cleaners from the special care she lavished on her bike.

Guys turned as she wheeled by. They weren't checking out her Shimanos. Her pretty face, long auburn ponytail, rounded hips, nice ass, her long, tan, toned legs and just buff enough arms, the way her breasts strained against her jersey, made every guy between fourteen and sixty think about....

Sammi loved the masculine attention, but, sigh, wondered why no boyfriend.

The way to the lakefront led through a maze of streets and ramps - and beware the crazy Chicago drivers. Finally the asphalt path, sixteen miles, that lead past parks, soccer and softball fields, beaches - and the cool, deep blue waters of Lake Michigan. She headed north through the last of the downtown. Since she lived midway along the path, her round trip would be about fifteen miles.

Joggers and walkers, cyclists and skaters filled the pathway. She pumped and worked her way up the gears to a good pace - dodging all the traffic. Sun on her face, lake air rippling on her skin, blood coursing through her body, deep full breaths - "Ahhhh!" Sammi yelled for the joy of it - like a kid.

She really pumped hard - sprinted. Up off the saddle, muscles straining, breath heaving, sweating, wind in her face - speeding - flying along. And then she slowly worked her way back down the gears. Let herself coast along. Felt that warm rush of endorphins through her body.

And then, wham! She was aware of the saddle rubbing her inner thighs, the tight shorts pulling at her hips, butt, legs, crotch, the jersey stimulating her breasts and hardening nipples. My god, she was so aroused she thought she would hump her bicycle right there!

"PFFTTT!" Clatter. Flat tire. Damn. Braked. Jumped off. Pushed bike to side of path. Inspected. Thank god the rim was okay. Sammi took the tire off its fork with the quick-release lever and got out her tool kit. She scrambled around inside looking for tire levers. Without tire levers - little wedges of plastic - she couldn't pry off the tire off the rim and then patch the tube and put it all back together again. Helpless. Hopeless. Really pissed.

Sammi tried to wave down a couple of cyclists to see if they had levers. But Chicago being Chicago, they ignored her and rode by. Then she saw a vision take shape in the distant haze - a serious, hardcore cyclist on a $2,000 bicycle. The heavily muscled thighs and calves, firm ass, the lean, strong upper body.

Closer, and she saw the angular planes of his face, the strong jaw, full lips, aquiline nose, thick, black hair peeking out of his helmet. Maybe he had tire levers - and more, she giggled to herself.

"Need help?"

"No tire levers." She shrugged her shoulders and held up her open palms. They pushed the bikes out of the dirt by the busy path and into a clump of bushes about twenty-five feet away. Skillfully they set to work fixing the tire. Arms grazed. Thighs touched. He thought how he would like to ask her out for a drink, but they were headed in opposite directions. Sammi thought about how she might get this hunky stranger back to her dorm room.

"Well, that about does it. Guess I'll be on my way."

They both stood up, almost touching. Sammi was lost in sort of an erotic haze. She couldn't believe what she did next. Her toolkit "accidentally" tumbled to the ground in front of him. She got down on her knees to get it and was eye level with a pleasing bulge in his tight bicycling shorts.

He gasped as Sammi slid his shorts down his hips. She took his cock in her hand and put the tip in her lips. He stiffened immediately and couldn't believe his luck. Sammi thought, a stranger, a total stranger. But she wrapped a hand around his shaft and cupped his balls with her other hand. Her mouth bobbed wetly up and down on his nicely big and thick cock.

He tensed. Sammi knew he was about to come, but she wanted hers. She wasn't coy. "I want you to fuck me," she said.

"Here in this dirt?"

"No, take me from behind on our hands and knees." They both quickly shed their shorts. Sammi knelt and clutched a strong branch in front of her. With her other hand, she guided the stranger's prick to the opening of her pussy. She was so wet he popped right inside. Sammi frantically fingered her clit while the stranger played with her tits and plunged in and out. As he pumped in and out and she pushed back aginst him, their loins made a lewd slapping sound.

She was so hot for cock - it had been almost six months - she exploded almost immediately. She cried out loudly in orgasm after orgasm. The stranger grunted loudly as her pussy sent contracting waves around his cock. He pushed all the way in and began to flood her with hot semen. It was so intense for him he lost his balance and they tumbled to the ground.

After a minute they hurriedly dressed. Stood, embraced, kissed. "Thank you," Sammi said.

"No, thank you." They wheeled their bikes to the path and headed off in opposite directions.

She turned her head and called, "What's your name?" But the stranger was already too far away.


14-01-2008, 05:57 PM
Ten years later, in the home she shared with Ron and the kids, she lay in the big bathtub dreamily remembering the only time she had balled a stranger. Sammi suddenly became aware that she was frigging her pussy with two fingers of one hand and rubbing her clit up and down and around with the other. Her hips were humping against her hand and sloshing water all over the floor.

A cool breeze wafted across her. She opened her eyes and Ron was standing in the now open doorway of the bathroom. He laughed. "I wondered why you were taking so long," he said. "Having a little fun without me?"

"Er, what time is it?" She gave him a big lusty grin.

"Don't worry, the kids are already asleep." He stripped off his PJs and got in the tub facing her. He was already hard from watching her. "Come on baby." He helped slide up over and onto to his cock. As she rode him up and down, moaning and groaning, she imagined the whirring of bicycle tires....

14-01-2008, 09:42 PM
Gd evening bros....tks for all the juicy stories.....:D

14-01-2008, 10:02 PM
bro birdie8819 and bro teebs_darklord,

very juicy and steamy stories...so many i will need a lot of times to go thru all.
will read a few stories each day...
and not forget those other brothers who contribute also...

you guys are great...10 the Q :D

15-01-2008, 04:33 PM
So now the trend is post cybersex stories?

Hehehehe.....Thanks bro submarinez for your support and if you do have these kind of stories also can post here . ;)

No panties

Thanks Tiko teebs_darklord for your stories !!! Please post more !!! ;)

[COLOR="Red"]Gd evening bros....tks for all the juicy stories.....[COLOR]

Kum Sia Tiko D_G for your continous support .

bro birdie8819 and bro teebs_darklord,

very juicy and steamy stories...so many i will need a lot of times to go thru all.
will read a few stories each day...
and not forget those other brothers who contribute also...

you guys are great...10 the Q

Thanks Tiko Adidas for your support and please take your time to read the stories here . ;)

15-01-2008, 04:34 PM
One story for the day - Title : A wonderful day with Saima (Story)

I seduced my office colleague who was 21 years old. Her name is Saima. She had big boobs, thin waist, and a beautiful firm shapely ass. On just seeing her ass and boobs my mouth always use to get watery. It was my dream to make love with her and specially wanted to fuck her beautiful ass and boobs wow man I was just crazy about her. The best, which happened to me, was that she was assigned with me as a trainee officer. During her training we use to talk about many things as well. The thing that I like in her the most that she was bold and had a very good sense of humor.

We also began to enjoy our lunch together everyday. One day on lunch, we were discussing about the movies and during that, I came to know that she use to see love story movies, some of them were double x as well. On that I straightway said that I really like her and wanted to make love with just like on those movies. To my surprise she laughed and said in a very naughty tone "janab muj ko pata tha bus tumharey muh sey kehelwanatha" and she said to me that she also like me and wanted to have sex with. That was the best day of my life I just forgot that we were on lunch and we have to back to office. I just took her to Avari hotel and reserved a room over there. When we entered the room I Suddenly pushed her and she fell on the bed, I just jumped on her and started kissing her like a crazy wild animal and she responded me in a same way she griped very tightly from my back. I just took her cloths off and went down kissing her upto her legs that made her crazy.

I took off her bra uuuffff her boobs were so big and soo firm. I started to suck them she began to moan with pleasure. We started to explore ourselves.. She went down on her knees and started to give me a blowjob. She was sucking my dick like crazy women who was hungry for long time. Due to that in a short while I came in her mouth and she swallowed all my cum. After that I went down and started to suck her sweet juicy pussy, she started to moan with pleasure oooo ssss aahhhh Ali just eat that pussy aaahh ooo yaaaa. I started to tongue fuck her and I put my figure in her ass that made her crazy and wild with pleasure aaaa o yaaaa fuck me ooo. On that I pushed my men hood in her pussy &started to fuck her that made her shot even more louder, ooooo Jaiii ooo aahhh fuck my pussy harder I started to fuck her with force.

I suddenly took my dick out of her. No no fuck me plz fuck my pussy plz. I suddenly pushed my dick into her pussy with all my force, I went very deep in side her, that action of mine was killing her with pleasure she was saying please do it more deep and with more speed. She wrapped her legs around my hips and trying to push me towards her. She was also pushing her buttock up to meet my cock more deep in her pussy. Those actions of her making my experience too memorable. I was sucking her nipples at the same time. She was now asking to keep my speed low but who care now and I kept the tempo going on. After 15 minutes, she became too restless. She was jumping upwards like a fish. I was also feeling that some thing is happening and suddenly pulled my rod out of her pussy and she got up like a flash and took my dick in her mouth and drank all my cum. I fall on top of her breast. We took rest for some time, she was looking too happy. She was playing with my cock and it get once again erection where as I was busy sucking her tits and she was playing my cock and kissing me all over. When my cock got in full erection then I told her that I want to fuck her ass. She was frightened and said that I have very big cock and it will hurt her ass as her ass hole will be too tight.

But after my strong insist she agreed to take my dick in her lovely ass. She told me that would not possible with out lubrication, but I told her that without the lubricant it would be more fun coz there will be a pain and a pleasure that will make you crazy. She got convinced and saima laid down on her knees and bent raising her ass up. Now I kept my dick on her asshole and inserted it in her hole and it went with little power. As her, this hole was very tight. But I slowly inserted it deep in her ass. With slow movements, I began to fuck her and she was moaning in pain.. So slowly took speed and then, she was screaming with pain and said to me "you want to tear my ass". Please do it little slowly, Ali you are fucking my ass without a lubricant please be slow. Due to that I began to stroke her in ass with slow strokes but with deeper penetration. She was shouting and now she started to moan as well it seems, that she had begun to enjoy. I kept on stroking her ass deeper and deeper. I caught her breast and started to massage her she started to enjoy that, then I started to move towards her pussy. I started massaging her clit, which excited her the most then I put my figure in her pussy. She was now moaning with pleasure.

I increased fingering her cunt, and I increased my speed to fuck her lovely ass. She was screaming with pleasure and she was saying Aliiiii you are fucking me in double holes, you are some fuckerrrr ooo. These words exciting me more and gave her very deep strokes. After some time she shivered and shouted, fuck hard my ass and spank my ass. I was giving her hard strong and deep strokes and spanking her ass. Then after some time I came inside her beautiful ass and I fall on her as I was too tired due to a heavy ass fucking. I lay with her and she hugged me very nicely saying I love you, you have given me a pleasure of lifetime. she kissed me and then she said to me that I am not only your girl friend but from now on am also your whore, though we are office colleagues but you will find my legs spread when ever you wish. I said to her that she is the best; I love her ass & pussy. Both of your pussy and of above all you have a delicious ass & boobs. She laughed and kissed me.

After that, we had a long day of fucking. I fucked her in different positions and in her boobs. We never went to office that day. Wes till are enjoying that. We also had a chance to spend a night together.

The End !!! :p

15-01-2008, 08:57 PM
Just got this story from my mail - My favourite teacher Naina

Hi I am Ryan just about four and half years ago ((oops!!! Just dropped me with this big n fat dick of mine on 29 feb 1988,a leap yr))Just hang on a minute,in case you are thinking this is just my story. It is never one person's story alone, I couldn't hav written this without my so called english teacher Kamaljeet ma'm.Let me not just bluff that she was damn hot sexy with a babelicious figure of 36-28-34 like others do but I have to coz this is a real truth.

Everyone(sorry, only guys to be specific) in the college used to masturbate with mesmerizing dreams of her.But with God's grace i was the one chosen to have enjoyed with her and her's horny God gifted things((now u all have to admire my faithfulness to…!!!!!!HA HA)).She is married and she is about 34 yrs old,still childless.Initially I thought that she was enjoying her sex life and therefore still didn't have a child.But later one of my friend told me that he heard kamaljeet ma'm say another lady teacher that her husband was not able to satisfy her desire and she decribed him somewhere to be impotent.She even said that she was just tired of fingering and wanted some real action.listening to this was just mind boggling. I mean the teacher whom we all used to fantasize in our dreams was actually unsatisfied. Now cumming OOPS coming to business let me start.This incident happened to me somewhere in mid-august.

It was a great day for me as the 2nd year midterm results were out and i had not so surprisingly got a 83%.And actually I had top scored in english.So i thought it would be better if I go to Kamaljeet ma'm 's house and surprise her with this((but actually she made me surprised which u will come to know later)).When I reached her house i saw many of my frienz already in her drawing room talking with her.As I entered she greeted me with a sweet hello.She was wearing a peach coloured saree with a black see thru blouse.Her white bra oozing with her boobs was easily noticeable.And meanwhile we had been taking for too long about many things.In the mean time many of my frienz had already left leaving me and a few high rankers.As we were about to begin another topic there was a power cut ((which was again because of God's wish)).

Therefore she went to fetch a candle as her inverter was out of order.As she approached the drawing room with the candles she hit my friend's leg by mistake as it was a bit dark and was really abt to fall on me to which i reacted fast with my hands in front of my head to save it from banging with her and she fell on me with her boobs cupped in my hands.I was in seventh heaven by then...I got my dick hard instantly.She soon realized her condition and quiclky stood up. I kept myself silent for about 10 mins as my teacher and others kept on gossiping.I could mark that even thoug she talked with the other three she constantly glanced on me giving a sly smile.I was feeling
uncomfortable and at that right moment my friend asked me to part.

Although I didn't want to go I moved towards the door.And suddenly she spoke "Ryan would you bother to wait for a few more mins".There it was,it was my only chance and I replied positively with a "Sure" tag. After that it was only me seated in front of my hot teacher peevishly and cunningly looking at her sky scrappers.those were real hard.As we continued talkin I still kept my head down as if i was sorry to her.But just then she spoke "Why dont u look upto me??? Am i looking bad??? ". I was just lust struck with this.

I replied "nothing was the matter ma'm.I am just worried if you took my action in a negative sense."She sheepisly replied "Which action? Oh u feeling guilty coz u cupped my brests"I was totally astonished to hear this.I mean, she was my teacher after all and she was talking like this.But I got myself determined to explore her in the dark with just a candle burning.In short, CANDLE-LIT SEX.

I sternly yet hesitant to make a move replied "It happened by mistake and was not my fault."She started laughing ."Stop behaving childishly,Ryan. You dont have to feel guilty about this.And after all what's wrong with this" she said after a pause.This made me true Jawan and boldly i uttered "Ma,m why dont u just show me your house".With this she gave me a naughty smile and took me by my collar straight to her bedroom.She was unable to resist anymore.But before we could start the bloody electricity came and the lights got lit witin a sec.She then spoke "This is nothing Ryan and this wont spoil our evening.But before we start give me a promise that you will not tell a soul about this""Sure ma'm" I Replied.

"Stop calling me ma'm.call me Naina"Naina was her pet name.I could see easily that she was totally charged up and I stood there in front of a sexy tigress whose eyes were giving me a READY-TO-GULP look.She sat near me and moved closer to me. I took my hand to her tits and started to caress. Mean while she kissed me on my lips and her saliva was sweet as honey and I chewed and tasted her lips and our tongues played.This went on for 10 mins,then I slowly removed her saree pallu.I had a view of her cleavage and instantly my 6" monster was howling from inside to let it come out. Her boobs were majestic; there was a small light brown nipple on them. I suck her boobs violently.She suddenly cried "What are you doing man.Go slow "I was filled with joy by listening this, so I took off her saree slowly giving her utmost pleasure by caressing her boobs and fingering.

She closed her eyes and moaned silently. I kissd on her boobs and sucked one of her tits and squeezed other with my hand. She had her hand over my buldge and startd to move it to and fro with her hand.Slowly I moved towards her ass and untied the lace of the petticoat. I slid my fingers onto her ass under the panties and started massaging her buttocks. She moaned with pleasure. I removed her petticoat and I saw the white panty which was transparent. I slowly massaged her thighs and licked them and squeezed her buttocks. Then I removed her panties also. I did not remove her high heeled sandals as I liked her in those sandals. I just pressed her both boobs as she sounded, "uuuoooohhhh aahhhh." It was totally unbearable for her.

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15-01-2008, 08:59 PM
After some time, she seemed to be enjoying as she opened my shirt and kissed on my chest. It made me horny. I laid her on the bed and kissed her whole body. Meanwhile she totally undressed me. We both were totally naked. I looked at her pussy. It was a very small virgin pussy. I made a gentle kiss on her pussy. A moan came from her mouth. My cock was in full erection before her face. She stroked my penis with her hands and sucked it.It was again God's grace as my penis was sucked for the 1st time in my life and that too by the lady I had fantasized. But i removed from her mouth and got up. I went for her vagina. I parted her legs with my face down there I could smell her cunt and licked and sucked her vagina. I kindled her clitoris and moaned with pleasure and she squirted again into my mouth and drank all of them.

Then came to missionary position with her and rubbed my cock on her cunt for a while and thrusted into her womanhood. It was a tight vagina and she cried with Pleasure and pain.I kissd her on her lips and thrusted my second she was moaning my name and asked me to bang her. Then slowly i increased my pace of to and fro motion banging her. After some 30 minutes i was in full form banging her vagina like mad and she was shouting "ohhhhh,... .hsshhhhh. ..cummmonnnnnn whooaaaaa... .a..riss. ...oh fuck me'.

I kissed her lips sucked her boobs and licked all over her neck and ears. After 15 minutes, She came. I kept humping her and i was at peak and i cried ' i m cummin cummin'. She moaned 'Fill my cunt ahhhhhhhhh.. ..'I finally gave a heavy thrust and reached her g spot and I loaded my cum into her vagina and it sucked all of my cum.She moand'ohhhhhhmyyyyy godahhhhhhh. ..' i laid upon her. I kissd her and we laid there for about an hour.She then went down,gave me a tounge bath and grabbed hold of my 6" cock with her soft hands and startd to stroke it slowly, then she parted its foreskin with the fingers and touched the tip with her tongue and licked and sucked my cock for about 30 minutes,she sucked more and then looked at me and said, "I love your cock.

It tastes and feels so sexy sliding in and out. It's making me so horny." Naina slid my penis past the sweet lips I had kissed. As she bobbed her head on my shaft, I started fucking her warm and wet mouth. She encouraged me by pulling my ass cheeks towards her. I fucked even deeper, and felt my cock in her throat. She gulped my meat lustily. She caressed my thighs and balls. "I will eat these", she screamed. Naina surely knew how to give a blowjob, and it wasn't long before I was ready to blow."Ooh! I'm going to come. ", I said."Mmmmf, " she pumped her lips and tongue even faster on my cock. One hand moved to my balls, and she fondled them as she pulled my butt to her and deep-throated my cock. "oh, Naina. Haan. I'm gonna shoot a huge..." I came. I shot jets of sperm into her throat and mouth.

She sucked my shaft deeply and swallowed all the juices that I spattered in her. She fondled my balls, coaxing all the come out of them, as she sucked me. She continued sucking as my legs became weak and my shaft became sensitive. Then she sucked beyond the sensitivity as I maintained my erection in her warm, wet mouth.leaned my head back and wiped my brow, "Ma'm,oops Naina you gave one hell of a blowjob. You are a wonderful cock-sucker. I mean that as a compliment. Your mouth was even better than I dreamt."She was quite happy to hear this and said me that I was the one she wanted to have sex with as she was quite impressed by my hansome looks ,atheletic frame and my long God-gifted dick.

After this, this turned out to be a regular feature for us. We would regularly grope or fuck around when time was there for us. Whenever she used to Come to our class she frequently comes to me and after becoming sure that no body looked , she used to bend over my table to give me a nice view of her lascivious boobs...her ass was round and used to protude as if it will tear apart her saree and say,"FUCK ME"!!!!!!!!!

The End !!! :p

15-01-2008, 09:25 PM
Gd evening bro birdie.....nice stories of saima n naina......really stimulates my blood vessel near my crotch.....buay tahan.....bring it on bro.....i can take it.....hehehe

16-01-2008, 09:50 PM
Good Evening To All Readers !!! :)

Well still got time for me to post a few stories . Here goes the first one - Title : Old man at the movie theater . Enjoy !!! ;)

The first time that I saw a full grown man's boner, I was in the 7th grade and I was up in the dark balcony at the saturday kiddie movie's.

I'd never sat up in the dark balcony before, so I really didn't understand everything that was happening up there and why people went up there to...Do It. Yes, you read that right, they did it, they did everything up there, as I was to find out later and I was so naive, that I didn't even know it.

It wasn't until I heard someone moaning and I looked over to my right, that I saw that the old man that was sitting down at the end of the aisle that I was in, had his old cock out and was stroking it, while he was sitting there watching the movie.

I couldn't believe it, shit, there he was jacking-off, right there in the dark movie theater.

I wanted to say something but nothing came out of me and as soon as he saw that he had me looking over at it, he motioned for me to come over and sit down next to him and for whatever the reason, I did.

I know that its not right to be a boy and to watch another boy or in this case an older man jack-off but he wasn't hurting me by doing it, so I saw nothing wrong with letting him do it, while he got me to sit there and watch him. Little did I know that he wanted more from me, much more and before the movie was over he almost got it.

I don't know how long I'd been sitting there watching him work it up and down slowly, when all at once he just let go of it, looked right at me and whispered, " Now,You do it."

" Nooo."

" Why not, you like it don't you?"

" Yes, but."

" Come on, it won't bite ya, just take ahold of it."

I couldn't stop looking at it and he knew that he had me, as he calmly reached over, took ahold of my little hand, pulled it over to his warm hard boner and then just held it there, until he felt me take ahold of it, just like he wanted me to.

" Oh yeah, that's it, now work it, it won't bite ya, I promise."

I couldn't let go of it, I don't know why and the next thing I knew, I could hear him moaning and saying, " That's it, that's it," over and over and I was doing it.

" Oh fuck yeah, work it baby, work that old cock."..." Aghhhh."


" Yeah, yeah, you like that cock, don't ya baby?"

I couldn't answer him and my silence told him what he needed to know, as he sat there in the old dark movie theater and watched my little hand working up and down on his long skinny boner, faster and faster.

I don't know how long I'd been working the warm loose skin up and down on it when all at once I saw the clear shiny liquid starting to ooze out of the little hole in the end of it and run down across my little hand. I wanted to pull my hand back, I really did but I couldn't, I don't know why.

Yes, I knew what pre-cum was because of what the older boy, Bobby, that used to live nextdoor to us had done to me when I was littler and he used to babysit me.

Bobby used to give me cookies and milk after school and sometimes there would be a clear shiny liquid on top of the cookies and when I'd ask him what it was, he'd just tell me that it was something that he had to make them sweeter and it did, so I always ate them. Eventually the clear shiny liquid that was always on top of them started looking milky white and when I asked him what was happening, he told me that it was a different sweetener, that it was a marshmallow kind and to go ahead and eat it and I did. When I told him that I liked the clear shiny sweetener better, he went back to leaving it on my cookies but would go back to the milky white one every now and then, until he eventually got me to start liking it and even start asking him for it, instead of the clear one.

By the time he had me asking for it, he knew that I was craving it by then and that's when he took me into the bathroom with him and showed me where it was coming from.

I was in total shock, when I saw the clear shiny liquid starting to ooze out of the end of his young stiff boner and he smeared it all over one of the cookies that he'd taken into the bathroom with him. But it wasn't until his skinny boner started jerking and he held another one of the cookies down in front of it and I saw the milky white marshmallow sweetener landing on it that I lost it, screamed and ran out of the bathroom.

For the next 3 days, when I came home from school and Bobby offered me the milk and cookies, with first the clear shiny sweetener and then the milky white marshmallow sweetener on them, I couldn't eat them and he got mad at me.

But then he did something awful and stopped offering them to me and that's when we both found out just how much I craved them, because I started begging him for them.

From then on, he wouldn't have them sitting on the table waiting for me when I got home, he'd always take me into the bathroom with him and make me watch him, as he got them ready for me.

All of a sudden the old man that was getting me to jack him off in the dark movie theater, reached behind my little head and started pulling me down towards his old boner, that was still in my little hand.

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16-01-2008, 09:51 PM
" Kiss it."

" Nooo."

" Kiss it."

" I can't, what if someone see's me?"

" Are you kidding, everybody's to busy doing their own thing, to look over here and see what your doing."

What would they think of me, would they think that I was a little cocksucker, even though he hadn't even gotten me to suck on it yet?

But I was getting close to doing it and somehow the old man knew it, as he'd gently pulled me the rest of the way down to it and got me to kiss it.

" Aghhhhhhhhh, Oh shit yesss."

I can't even describe how I felt that night, as I laid there in my bed and thought about what had happened to me that day. I could still smell and yes, even faintly taste his warm salty boner on my mouth because I hadn't washed it off before I went to bed. I don't know why.

2 weeks later he got what he wanted from me, even though I didn't know how to do it yet. He got me to give him a blowjob. Yes, you read that right, he got me to give him a blowjob, right there in the dark balcony of the old movie theater.

I was so afraid that somebody would hear the little Slurp/slurp...Slurp/slurp....Slurping
sounds that I was making on it, as he held me down on it and slowly eased the swollen end of it, in and out of my little mouth.

In/Out...........In/Out............................................... ....................................In/Out...In/Out...In/Out

Slurp............Slurp............................ .................................................. ...Slurp......Slurp......Slurp

" Of fuck, Oh fuck yes, suck it baby, suck it."


All at once he held real still, moaned and then I felt it jerk not once, not twice, but three times, up into my warm sucking mouth, as it spewed its warm white reward all over, up inside of it.

Squirt.................................Squirt..... .........................Squirt

" Umm "............................." Umm ".....................Gulp/Gulp

" Oh yeah, that's it, eat it baby, eat it."

Gulp/Gulp.............................................. ...........................Gulp

The shame that I felt, when it was finally all over and he let me raise back up off of it, was unreal. The shame wasn't coming from the fact that some old man had just gotten me to go all the way with his warm stiff boner. The shame was coming from the fact that for some strange reason that I'd wanted to do it and I didn't know why.

He didn't know that I was ashamed of what he'd just gotten me to do to him and even if he had known, he probably wouldn't have even cared. All he cared about was getting his old cock sucked on again by somebody, anybody and somehow he'd gotten another little boy to do it up in the balcony, at the dark movie theater

He'd not only gotten me to suck on it but he'd also gotten me to swallow, something that I knew was...Nasty, but somehow he'd gotten me to do it anyway.

When it was finally over and he let me back up off of it, I ran down into the boy's bathroom and hid in the last stall.

I don't know who or what I was hiding from, was I hiding from myself?

When I was finally able to come back out of the boy's bathroom, I couldn't go back up into the dark balcony, where he was still sitting, I don't know why.

If I said that I didn't have the strangest feeling going through me, as I sat there with the warm white cum of a full grown man,down in my little belly, I'd be lying, because I did.

It was the warm feeling of being satisfied but I wouldn't know that until he'd gotten me to go down on him 3 or 4 more times, up in the dark balcony of the old movie theater and then even started getting me to come over to his house on saturday's, where first he and then eventually 2 of his older horny friend's started having their way with me to, instead of me going to the movies.

The End !!! :p

16-01-2008, 09:53 PM
Next one cuming up - Title : New Years Eve

It's seven thirty in the morning, January 1st 2007, New years day and here I am sat in my study typing away on the PC when really, I ought to be where my wife is right now, upstairs in bed, asleep after the celebrations. Right now though, sleep is the one thing I know my mind won't allow for I am still replaying over and over in my head just what took place last night! So here I am, wide awake and unable to clear my head of what has taken place I thought I would share my thoughts with you...that is...those I can remember.

But before I go into the detail of what happened last night let me first give a little background to events as well as a few details about us.

Lin, my wife is 47 years of age while I am a couple of years younger. We've been married for more years than either of us would care to recall but that said, we've been lucky enough to enjoy a strong marriage, especially in this day and age when Divorce seems the norm.

Though 47 she's nonetheless a sexy little size ten package at five feet two inches tall with a trim, well looked after figure. I certainly have no complaints and am more than a little proud when we're out and about and I see or hear others mistaking her for someone much younger.

Anyway, yesterday...New Years Eve and in truth neither Lin nor I had any plans to celebrate the New Year. We'd declined one party, because of the distance involved. We'd also decided not to go to our one and only local nightclub for the previous year we'd gone and like many people there that night, had been sorely disappointed with the music they had played, much of it being impossible to dance to. So all in all, this year we'd opted to give the New Year thing a miss.

Earlier in the day we were both outside hoovering the inside of her car (messy bitch that she is). One of the presents I had bought her at Xmas was a manufacturers full set of seat covers which I planned to put on for her. With the inside cleaned up I started on the job of fixing the covers.

Unlike the "one size fits all" types you can buy from local motor shops and are subsequently easily fitted, I knew these would prove a little more tricky to fit.

I was halfway through fitting the lower part of the drivers seat when Andy our son in law turned up. It seemed he'd been down to the local "Boot Fare", buying some tobacco.

The three of us chatted and joked for a few minutes before I decided it was time I got back to fitting the covers. At this point Lin said she was going back inside to make coffee and asked if Andy wanted one? I remember looking up at her from what I was doing as there seemed to be an undue amount of innuendo attached to her question. I was right for unseen by Andy she winked at me and smiled.

I guess I should say I have long been aware of how well Lin gets on with our son in law and him her. It's a subject I have discussed with her on occasions and Lin has always been open enough to let me know, despite the age difference, (or maybe because of it) she fancies him.

Anyway, there I was yesterday morning, having declined a coffee saying I'd have one later, struggling to fit these bloody seat covers while my wife and our son in law were inside having a coffee.

About twenty minutes later, with me having fitted both front sets, the two of them came back out. Little was said as Andy got into his car ready to go but his parting comment of "I will see you tonight then" followed by my wife's, "I'll look forward to it!" really pricked at my curiosity.

"Oh yes! What was all that about?" I asked when Andy had driven off.

"Andy was asking what we're up to tonight and when I said we hadn't planned on anything, he suggested we join him and our daughter at the Rugby club."

We'd tried the club a few years previous and though the drinks were inexpensive, the atmosphere for a New Year wasn't all that so I was surprised to hear Lin had agreed.

"And what is it you will look forward to?" I asked her, intrigued by her parting comment towards him.

My wife simply laughed that wicked laugh she has saying, "Hmmm! And wouldn't you just like to know?"

With that she went back into the house leaving me even more intrigued than I already was.

It took me a while before I finished fitting the covers and returned to the house. Lin was in the kitchen. I moved up behind her and slid my hands onto her waist.

"Come on! You've got me bloody curious here. What was all that about with you and Andy?"

"I'm not so sure I should tell you!" she said.

Now my curiosity really had peaked and I wanted an answer. I started to tickle her waist knowing if there is one thing she can't handle, it's that. She told me to stop, which I did when she finally agreed to tell me.

"While we were having that coffee we were chatting about New Year and I was telling him how in my younger days the girls always used to use New Year as an excuse to see how many guys we could snog. I asked if as a guy he didn't used to do the same. He said he did and that's when I asked him if that meant I would get a snog of him tonight?"

At this point Lin turned away and started to put away the crockery that was on the drainer as if she had no plans to tell me anymore.

"Come on!" I told her. "You can't leave it at that! What did he say?"

She finished putting away some plates then turned to face me a broad smile on her face.

"It's not so much what he said but what he did." she told me.

"Did? What do you mean did?" I asked, really bloody intrigued by now.

"He was stood over there," she replied, nodding to the opposite side of the kitchen. "He came over to where I was standing and put his hands on my waist then told me, 'I will look forward to giving you a New Years snog Lin but how about I give you pre New years snog as a starter?"

Even as I am writing this I can remember how aroused I got her telling me that.

"Did you let him?" I asked, feeling as jealous as hell.

"I didn't have much choice. He just pulled me towards him and the next thing we were snogging."

"Oh Shit!" I groaned as I imagined the two of them like that even as she was telling me. "And?"

"And what?" she asked, knowing damn well what I wanted to know.

"What was it like? What was HE like?"

Lin's smile widened even further. "Hmmm! He's one sexy kisser!"

"Is that bloody right?" I asked feigning annoyance.

She reached down and took my hand and I simply watched as she undid the zip on her jeans and slid my hand inside pushing my fingers onto her knickers. I could immediately feel they were wet.

"Jesus Lin! He's got you this aroused from a kiss?"

Again she smiled. "Yes! And I made him promise me more of the same tonight!"

I have to say by then her description of what had taken place had gotten me really turned on and with my hand already inside her knickers I started to frig her off. I don't know what she was thinking about as we kissed and as I fingered her to a climax, all I can say is I couldn't get the vision of her and our son in law out of my head.

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16-01-2008, 09:54 PM
The rest of the day passed by as normal....well as normal as it can given what I'd been told by my wife and it wasn't til around eight that evening we started to get ready to go out.

Like I say, the rugby club was no great shakes, certainly not the kind of place you'd get dressed up to go to. Lin settled on a close fitted, yellow top along with a pair of jeans and at just after nine we were pulling into the club car park.

We met Andy and our daughter inside, joining them at a table they'd managed to secure. The music was poor, the lights were full on and those kids that were present loud and noisy but at least the drinks were cheap which was especially pleasing for me given Lin's liking for whisky and cokes. I was the one driving so the cost of my oranges juices were minimal.

We chatted, we drank...we mingled with other friends that were there, we drank....we chatted some more and we drank some more and aside from the kiddies, who treated it like a race track, no-one else had bothered to get up onto the dancefloor.

By eleven I had worked out Lin had had nine whisky and cokes and so far as I could see she was barely tipsy. My daughter on the other hand was looking the worse for wear and had started to complain to Andy she was feeling a little unwell...by half past she was so feeling so "under the weather" (make of that what you will?) she was telling Andy that she wanted to go home. I looked across at Lin and could almost sense her disappointment when Andy turned to us to say how he had better get her home to bed..

"Look I'm sorry about this you two but I really had better get her back home."

I told him how that was ok and as aroused as the idea had gotten me, resigned myself to the fact my wife was not going to be sharing anymore fun with him this night. Lin though had other ideas.

"How about we join you at home?" my wife asked adding, "It's not going to be much fun for you seeing the New Year in on your own."

"Yes fine! So long as it's ok with you. I don't want you to think you have to leave early cos of us?"

"Don't be silly. We don't mind at all. Do we darling?" she said to me.

"No that's fine with me!" I added, suddenly wondering just what it was my wife had in mind.

"There's only one thing though!" Andy said as he helped my daughter to her feet. "We haven't got any whisky in for you to drink."

Again my wife was quick with an answer. "That's ok. You go ahead and take Simone off home and get her to bed. We'll go back to ours and pick up some drinks and bring them over. How does that sound?"

Just sitting there looking at the two of them, more particularly Andy, I was sure it sounded like music to his ears.

"Ok. I'll see you in a while, " he said.

We all left the club with Andy headed back to his place and Lin and I to ours. Once inside Lin told me to grab a few beers from the fridge and a bottle of scotch from the drinks cabinet. She in turn headed off upstairs for what I assumed was to use the bathroom.

I waited in the kitchen for her to come back down and when she did I saw straight away she had changed into a white, close knit cardigan and a beige, altogether too short mini skirt beneath which it was clear she was wearing a light coloured pair of stockings.

I looked her up and down. "Oh yes?" I said. "And what's the point of all this?"

"Nothing! I just thought I might get a little too hot wearing jeans?"

"Is that right? Nothing to do with the fact you quite fancy a snog off your son in law then?"

She grinned. "Hmmmm! Yes! That as well." She said, adding, "You don't mind do you?"

I recalled my thoughts of earlier in the day in our kitchen when she'd told me about what had taken place and could immediately feel a stirring below as I imagined her trying it on with him again.

"You're one dirty cow!" I told her.

Again she grinned. "Yes well like I told Andy. If us girls can't use the New Year to get snogged, when can we?"

Five very horny minutes later, with any amounts of thoughts running through my head, we arrived over at Andy's. The door was slightly ajar so we let ourselves in. Andy was already sat on the sofa in the lounge. Lin told me to pour her a whisky, leaving me to go into the kitchen while she joined Andy in the lounge. A glance at the kitchen clock showed the time as five to midnight.

I took the drink through to the lounge to find Lin was sat next to him on the sofa, the two of them discussing my daughter who it seemed was now upstairs in bed fast asleep. I hadn't seen Andy's first reaction to what my wife was now wearing but the fact he could hardly keep his eyes off her body was evidence enough he more than approved. The TV was on in the corner of the room giving a count down to the new year. I handed Lin her scotch and coke and Andy a beer in readiness for a toast.

"Why don't you put on some music Andy?" Lin asked him as the time fast approached midnight.

I watched Andy get up.and move to the stereo. He selected a CD and slipped it into the player just as Big Ben started to strike midnight. Still standing I made my way towards Lin and bending down gave her a sensuous New years kiss.

"Happy New Year darling!" I said as we pulled apart.

"Happy New Year!" she wished in return.

She got to her feet just as the CD started to play and made her way to Andy.

"And how about you Andy? Are you going to wish Lindy a Happy New Year?"

I saw him glance briefly in my direction as if worried how I might react but if he was having second thoughts about what he'd promised earlier in the day Lin quickly took control, giving him no choice. She slid her arms around his body, pulling his lips to hers. Down below I could feel my cock stirring when I realised straight away this was not going to be one of those New Year pecks but a full bloodied snog, just as she'd said she was going to have with him and one very much longer than she'd given me.

After twenty seconds or so Lin eased herself from the embrace where it was clear to me from the darting look his eyes gave me, Andy was as nervous as hell. But if there is one thing I have learned over the years, it's when Lin wants something badly enough she will go for it and even as Andy was making to pull away Lin was wrapping her arms around him once more, pulling him close.

"Hmmmmm! I think I'll have another one of those!" she said as she pressed her lips back over Andy's once more, this time instead of closed lips she started forcing her tongue into his mouth and as she did that so her hand took hold of his to pull his arms from her waist around her body. I sat there getting more and more turned on with the sight of my wife and son in law snogging noting how Lin was now caressing her hands up and down his body.

Finally Lin eased back though even then if Andy thought that was that he was so very wrong.

"Let's dance Andy shall we? Let's see in the New Year with a dance!"

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16-01-2008, 09:55 PM
Again Lin gave him no choice. She slipped her arms around his neck, her head leaned slightly to one side upon his shoulder as she began to sway to the slow beat of the music, her movements sensual, her body moving against his, encouraging him to do the same.

I sat there watching the two of them.While they danced they were no longer kissing yet it was still clear from their body language they both wanted more.

I leaned forward and grabbing my beer, took a swig from the bottle. Just as the song ended and with the next about to start, Lin eased away slightly.

"Hmmm! Are you going to make an old woman happy Andy and give me another of those sexy snogs of yours?" she asked.

Both Lin and I saw the reaction of his eyes as they quickly darted towards me then back at her.

"Don't worry about Mike Andy! It's New Year after all. He won't mind, will you darling? " she asked without so much as turning her head.

I felt my cock stir the fact she was being so bloody blatant about what it was she wanted and decided it was maybe time for me to add an innuendo or two.

"No not at all." I said, as the second song started, then directing my reply at Andy added, "If that's what Lin wants, then give her one Andy!"

The innuendo was not lost on my wife. For the first time since she'd been dancing she turned her head to look back at me, smiled then facing Andy once more, slid her hands around his neck, her lips just inches from his.

"Mmmm! Did you hear that Andy? You've got Mike's permission to 'Give me one'." she moaned as seconds later she pressed her lips back over his. I heard her moan, once, twice then the sound of wet lips parting.

"Do you think that's what he meant?" she gasped having briefly pulled away. "Or do you think he meant something else?"

She was playing with him, teasing him for again there was no time for him to answer before she was working on his lips once more.

Sat here in my study it's difficult to describe quite how I was feeling right then. Earlier in the day she'd teased me how this was going to happen and now here it was.....here I was, sat there on the sofa watching the two of them getting it on.

Up until this point they had shared the two kisses, both of them intimate and yes, both extremely arousing for me but my added innuendo together with Lin's questioning Andy as to what I meant appeared to have spurred them both on.

They were still dancing....still moving their bodies against one another except now, their movements were more erotic, far more pronounced and the more my wife pressed herself against his body the more Andy now seemed to press back against hers.

I took several more swigs of my beer as I looked on growing more and more aroused at how urgent their kisses had become. In fact I remember thinking at the time how the two of them seemed to be 'eating' one another more than kissing and unlike the previous two embraces this time they held nothing back, both using their hands to caress one another's bodies. In all it must have been a full two minutes before Lin eventually pulled back from the embrace.

"Mmmmm! You do know you're supposed to wish for something with a New years kiss don't you Andy?"

Again he showed his uncertainty by looking quickly in my direction before back at my wife.

"Yes!" he answered, his voice almost a whisper and though I couldn't see her face I guessed Lin was now smiling.

"So what is it you wished for?" she asked.

"That would be telling, wouldn't it?"

"That's ok! I don't mind."

"Ah but if I tell doesn't it mean the wish won't come true?"

Lin turned to look back at me then faced Andy once more. "Hmmm! We'll just have to see about that won't we?" she said. "So come on...tell me?"

"I don't know about that. Maybe you should tell me yours first so we can see if yours comes true?"

I watched almost mesmerised as Lin put her hands on his waist. "That's fine by me Andy cos mine has already come true."

"Oh! Really? So what was it you wished for?" he asked and I could sense like me he was holding his breath in anticipation.

Again Lin turned to look at me. She smiled before turning back to Andy. "I made my wish when giving Mike his New Year kiss."

"Hmmm! And you say it's already come true?" he asked.

"Yes! Would you like to know what it was?"


"I wished for Mike to say it was ok for you to give me one!"

At this both Andy and I looked at one another.

"Oh Shit!" he finally managed to groan.

"Now are you going to tell me what it was you wished for Andy or would you like me to try and guess?"

"Guess." he replied.

I watched as she ran her fingers up along his body til her hands both rested on his chest.

"Well it could have been you wished for a new car," she said, tracing her fingers over his chest. "Or.......maybe a new job...more money? But somehow I think your wish was closer to home wasn't it Andy? In fact I think it's more to do with someone in this room....Am I getting warm?"

"Maybe!" he answered unable to conceal a smile.

Again Lin turned to look at me before turning her attention back to Andy.

"Shall I tell you what I think Andy?" she teased. "I think your wish was to Fuck me! Wasn't it?"

I groaned out loud at hearing her talking so dirty. I knew then the New Years kiss was only the start. I saw Andy's eyes dart towards mine then back to Lin's. Lin too had seen his reaction.

"Don't you go worrying about him Andy. I'll tell you now, Mike already knows what we got up to in the kitchen this morning. He also knows just how much I fancy you. I've told him as much on any number of occasions. So you see, he's perfectly fine with it all.... Why else do you think he's sat here now without so much as putting up a single objection. It turns him on knowing other guys fancy me"

Andy looked over her shoulder directly at me. I merely nodded to confirm what Lin was saying was right. I saw Lin lower her hand from his chest. She slid it all the way down to his crotch and began stroking him.

"So what's it to be Andy? Do you want Mike to take me home?" she purred. "Or do you want to fulfil your New Years wish?"

"Oh Christ Lin! You're going nowhere!" he said.

In one quick motion he grabbed her hair at the back of her head and spun her around. Letting go, he then took a firm hold of her wrists and pinned them above her head as he pressed her back against the wall where he immediately started to kiss her.

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16-01-2008, 09:56 PM
Unlike the laid back, sensual, New Years kisses they had recently shared, this time his kiss was far more urgent. He held her wrists tightly as his tongue probed deep into her mouth, his lips crushing hard against hers. My wife responded, returning his advances with equal force and passion. This was exactly what my wife had been scheming for all day and now she had what she wanted.

"Oh yes! That's more like it baby! Kiss me! Snog your dirty little tramp of a Mum in law!" she gasped in between his lips devouring hers.

I strongly suspected, as it was me, her vocal encouragement was adding to Andy's arousal and this together with the sight of my wife enjoying his advances had me reaching for my crotch.
I began to stroke at my erection as I saw him let go one of her wrists and slide his hand down her body, first, over her breasts where he mauled at them for some moments before moving down further still until he was sliding his hand up along her thigh beneath her short skirt.

"Ohh Yes Andy! Feel my honeypot! That's what you want isn't it? Go on feel it? Feel how wet you've got me!"

By now Andy no longer felt the need to look back at me. Egged on by my wife's encouragement his confidence had grown tenfold and his actions were now clearly being controlled by what he had between his legs. He wanted my wife and here she was offering herself to him on a plate.

I looked on and reached into my trousers to release my straining dick as Andy tugged the hem of her short skirt upwards to reveal her stocking tops, followed quickly by her lacy black panties.I could only sit and watch and groan as he quite literally plunged his hand down inside the front of her knickers.

"Ohhh Yes! That's it baby! Make me cum!"

He didn't need telling a second time. With his hand already inside her panties and his fingers almost certainly inserted in her cunt he started to jerk her off to the point where it was all my wife could do was to stand on tiptoes, hold onto his shoulders with both hands and mewl her pleasure into his neck like a wounded animal til finally with cries of, "I'm cumming. Oh Shit I'm cumming!" she let out a low guttural groan and slumped forward into his body as her climax finally took hold.

Satisfied with how he had bought her to a climax Andy eased her back against the wall and stepped back as if to admire his handiwork.

She smiled and looked up at him when she'd finally regained some of her composure though not enough that her skirt was still hitched up above her stocking tops. I can't tell you how much of a slut my wife looked at that moment, my cock certainly thought so.

She took a step forward towards Andy.

"If you're that good with your fingers just what are you going to be able to do to me with this?" she said as she reached for his trousers where her fingers began the task of releasing his cock.

I sat and looked on with my cock in my hand as she unzipped his trousers and eased the waistband down I heard my wife groan and when he turned sideways I saw why. He was wearing a pair of white briefs the front of which were tented like a circus marquee and it was this had caused my wife to voice her excitement.

"Oh Andy! What has Lindy got here?!" she said as she dropped down onto her knees in front of him.

She knelt there for a few moments admiring the sight of his tented briefs where already I could see a damp patch of precum had formed at the point where his knob was straining to be let out. She reached out to tease the fingers of her right hand up along the white cotton holding his erection in check, her fingers moving up and down as she fondled his thick, hidden erection.

"Oh Andy! I always guessed you'd be a "big boy" but never did I think you'd be this big!" she purred, then using both hands, reached for his waistband where she began to pull it downwards. I watched as she slipped his briefs lower, dragging his erection down with them until unable to take the strain any further his cock sprang forward, bouncing back and forth like a flagpole in a high wind.

I think both Lin and I gasped at the sheer enormity of what was stood before her. It was thick, slightly curved, had to be a good nine inches in length but most of all, attached to the end was the biggest knob I had ever seen.

"Oh Fuck Andy! It's magnificent!" she moaned.

She licked her lips, reached out and closing her fingers as far around his shaft as she could began stroking her hand up and down his massive length. I saw Andy close his eyes and heard him start to groan as she continued to slowly slide her hand up and down his meat, then with her fingers just below his helmet she drew back the foreskin to expose one very purple looking, mushroom shaped knob.

My wife moaned leant forward .and began swirling the tip of her tongue around his glans. It was all Andy could do was stand there and moan.

Lin pulled back and looked up at him. "You've been a naughty boy Andy haven't you? Keeping this cock all to my daughter for all these years! How could you? It needs to be shared Andy! It needs to find out how much better it can be Fucking a hot, mature pussy! And don't tell me you haven't wondered Andy? Wondered what it would feel like to shove this nice big prick of yours up your old Mum in law's cunt?" she said as she took a firm grip of his shaft once more.

"Oh God! Yes!" he groaned as her fingers set to work, moving up and down his shaft.

Lin bent forward and for the first time took the head of his cock into her mouth where she bobbed once, twice, three times up and down his length before releasing him. Then for the first time in some minutes she turned to acknowledge my presence.

"Look darling! Take a look at what's going to be giving me my first Fuck of 2007!"

I didn't need to be told. I had done nothing else but look these last few minutes and could already imagine the sight of that nine inch cock of his impaled in my wife's cunt.

She turned her attention back to Andy once more, pressing his shaft up against his body. She leaned forward and begun running her tongue indolently, up the underside of his shaft from his balls to the tip of his knob then all the way back down to his balls where she teased one into her mouth, all the while looking up at him.

"Mmmmm!" she murmured, delicately sucking first one, then the other in between her lips. "Is that nice Andy? Are they filling up for Lindy?" she teased.

"Oh Shit! Yes!" he moaned back.

"Good! Cos if it's one thing Lindy likes, it's fully loaded balls!"

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16-01-2008, 09:58 PM
She licked up the underside of his shaft once more, this time swallowing the head of his cock into her mouth where again she took time to bob up and down on his cock..

"But you know what Lindy like's best of all Andy?" she asked as she pulled back and looked up into his eyes. "It's that moment when, having Fucked me to a climax you get to empty your balls into my hot, horny cunt!"

I watched as Lin got to her feet.

"There's nothing your Lindy likes better than the feel of a nice big prick emptying it's spunk into her cunt. So come on Andy! Where do you want me for your New Years Fuck? Would you like to shag me up against the wall, my legs wrapped around your body? Or would you prefer I bend over the arm of the sofa so you can take me doggy style? Would that be best Andy? So that while you are shagging me hubby can see the pleasure on my face?"

If either Andy or I thought he was being given a choice. we were both wrong. Having said what she'd said, she reach down for his cock and using it like a lead, she made him follow her over to the sofa. She looked at me, smiled and winked as she bent down over the arm.

"Come on big boy do me! Do your New Year tart!"

Now as I sit here in my study, my sexy wife upstairs asleep, much of what followed still appears dreamlike in my mind, though I vividly remember the look on her face as Andy stepped up behind her, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and mounted her.

It struck me then, from the look on her face, a kind of pained torture as he'd started to feed it in, his size was hurting her but having come this far I knew my wife was never going to concede defeat. She'd made it abundantly clear she wanted what he had to offer and I knew she'd persist until she had taken every inch.

As I remember, having mounted her from behind, it took a good few minutes of Andy gently sawing back and forth with his cock, of her face contorted with the mix of pleasure and pain, before my wife had accustomed herself to his size, at which point, opening her eyes and smiling at me once more the two of them set themselves into a rhythm of rocking too and fro, bringing together a culmination of the days entire events.

My cock was as hard as I can ever remember it being and I continued to lavish attention on it as I watched my son in law screwing my horny wife.

There was no love there...this was not love making in any shape or form It was simply sex for the sake of satisfying their mutual lust for one another and at times I remember it bordering on animal, such was their need to quench their fire.

At one point I remember him grabbing at her hair, pulling her head back and calling her a filthy, cock loving slut as he drove his cock home, but this in turn only drew the response..."Yeah! Come on then you bastard! Shove that big Fucking cock up your filthy slut!"

Like I say, at times it was almost animal and as I try it's not possible to recall all that was said between the two of them as they Fucked one another in front of me. Much of what was said was lost against the sheer carnal background of the sight of their Fucking. All I will say is I have never heard my wife talk so dirty before. She was calling him every name under the sun. A Bastard....A mother fucker....A dirty Fucking stud.....She was telling him to Fuck it up her....to Fuck her cunt good and hard....to shove his cock in all the way up to his balls...... and for his part, Andy too was not slow in responding, telling her what a dirty Fucking bitch she was...How he was going to shag her brains out...How he was going to make sure she wouldn't walk for a fucking week.....

It finally ended with her screaming out his name as he unloaded the contents of his balls deep into her already sopping wet cunt.

She's upstairs now, so far as I know still asleep in pretty much the same position she collapsed into last night. I don't know what she might be dreaming of, nor do I know what she will feel like when she awakes. It could be last night was simply a one off for them both but I reckon I know my wife better than that and, if I am right, the chances are she is going to carry out her threat of wanting her fair share of her son in laws cock.

The End !!! :D

16-01-2008, 09:59 PM
One last story for the night - Title : She made him eat her creampie

When the older couple pulled up next to me and offered me a ride, while I was out hitch-hiking, I didn't even hesitate as I opened the back door of their old car and got in. I didn't hesitate because the old man had picked me up hitch-hiking before 5 or 6 times and the last 2 times he'd had the older woman with him, so I knew what they wanted and I knew that I could give it to them.

I'd never had sex with an older woman before until this older couple came along. Yes, I'd let older men pick me up and use me sexually, mostly because they usually paid me money and besides I liked it. Liked how their warm stiff boner's felt, as they once again eased them up into my little ass and then fucked me with it, sometimes for 15 or 20 minutes, before it started jerking again and again and again and left its warm white reward, deep up inside of me.

But this was different because one of these was a man and the other one was a woman and I'd only gone down on a woman 3 or 4 times before and what they got me to do with them was nothing, compared to what this couple wanted and got from me.

It was always the same and this time wasn't any different, as the older woman handed me a bottle of scotch or whatever and told me to drink as much of it as I wanted. I needed the booze and somehow they knew it, as the old man drove slowly down the side streets, waiting for the booze to take over and when they finally figured that I'd had enough to drink, he headed for the little motel, that was way out on the edge of town.

We even got the same room every time and I found out later that it was because the older couple knew the motel owner and he had a mini video camera set up behind one of the pictures in the bedroom. He always gave them a free tape of whatever they got the young boy's to do because he had a thing for young boy's and they always brought them there, so he could watch them.

The older lady didn't waste any time, as she started stripping, as soon as we were all in the room together. I was still amazed at how nice her little body was, even though her titties did have a little sag to them, the rest of her body was a body that any
teenaged girl would of fought for, just to have it.

The older man headed straight for the bathroom and closed the door, leaving me all alone with the older woman and even though they'ed had me in the motel room with them naked before, I was still somewhat embarrassed, as she crawled up onto the bed with nothing on but a little pair of black thong panties and then watched me as I finished getting undressed and saw my little hard boner sticking straight out in front of me.

" Ohhh, come mere baby, let me suck on it a little bit before you get started."

When I heard her saying it that way, I already knew what she was gonna make me do again, before the whole thing was over. She was gonna make me eat the warm cream pie, the warm white Creampie that the older man had left up inside of her earlier.

It wasn't the first time that somebody had watched me eating the white Creampie, that he'd just left up inside of a pretty pussy or even in a little puddle, that they'ed just left on the bedspread.

My older boy cousin Bobby, was the first one to hold me down on his bed and make me lick the wet spot, the wet spot that he'd just left on the bedspread. Yes, he'd gotten me to watch him laying there naked on top of his bedspread and dry fucking it.

I don't know why my watching him doing that excited me, in some strange kinda way but it did and I couldn't deny it. I couldn't deny it because my little boner was hard as a rock and I was only 11 year's old. Yes, that's right, I was only 11 year's old when it all started and my older boy cousin, Bobby, was already 13.

The fact that I was a boy, a very little boy at that, didn't seem to bother him, when he'd take me into his bedroom with him and expose himself to me again, before everybody else got home.

I didn't understand that he was trying to get me to want his boner, his long skinny boner and that's why he kept exposing it to me.

Yes, I'd played with my little boner before, many times and I'd even worked my little soap covered finger up into my tiny little asshole and finger fucked myself but that's all I'd ever done.

I didn't even know that a boy could squirt yet but my cousin Bobby was about to teach me that, as once again he'd taken me into his bedroom with him, closed the door and locked it.

He had no problem whatsoever, getting naked in front of me, I don't know why. All I know is that just the thought of my getting naked in front of him scared me and I couldn't do it. Yes, he'd wanted me to get naked with him 2 or 3 times before but I just couldn't do it.

Just watching him and seeing him crawling up onto his bed, on his hands and knees, with his long skinny boner hanging down underneath him, always made me feel real funny inside, like a little shiver had just gone through me and I couldn't understand it but i think he did.

He was trying to get me to want it and it was working but I just didn't know it yet.

I'd watched him do what he called dry fucking his bedspread at least 3 or 4 times before, so watching him doing it this time, was nothing new to me. But this time something different happened because this time he didn't get up, go into the bathroom and close the door behind him. This time he humped it harder and faster than he'd ever done before, until all at once he drove it all the way down onto the bed and held it there, as the strangest little low moan came out of him and his little butt cheeks started to quiver, again and again and again and just when I thought that it was all over, they quivered once again and another strange little moan came out of him.

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16-01-2008, 10:00 PM
Wah gd evening bro birdie....stories time......lucky old man...i wish i can CIM too.....hehe

16-01-2008, 10:01 PM
I don't know how long he laid there after his little butt stopped quivering, before he got up off of his bed, with his now limp cock hanging down in front of him, looked at the little wet spot on the bedspread and then looked over at me.

I not only didn't understand what had just happened, I really didn't understand what was going on as he came over to where I was standing, pulled me over to it and as he pushed me down to it, he said, " Lick it."

" Nooo."

" Lick it Billy."

I didn't know what had happened, as he held me down to it and kept telling me to lick it over and over again. All I knew was that there was a little wet spot on the bedspread and I was so naive, that I thought that he'd peed.

I don't know why I was so afraid of it, the little wet spot but I was and when he saw that I couldn't do it, he pushed me the rest of the way down to it, mashing my little mouth against it and held me there until he heard the funny little noises coming out of me, saw my little head moving and knew that I was doing it, just like he'd told me to.

I was shocked that it didn't taste like pee, like I thought that it was going to. Yes, I knew what a boy's pee tasted like because I'd tasted my own, by peeing on my finger, more than a few times and licking on it, until it was all gone.

Whatever he'd done to the bedspread had a strange sweet creamy taste to it and that's why I ended up licking and tasting it, just like he wanted me to.

As soon as Bobby saw and heard me licking on his wet spot, he let go of me and then just stood there and watched me doing it.

" Oh fuck Billy, that's it, lick it."


" Ohhh yeahhh."

As I licked on the wet spot, I could see him standing there beside the bed watching me do it and I was shocked because he was getting another boner already and it hadn't even been 5 minutes since he'd had the last one.

I licked until the sweet and creamy taste was all gone and all I could taste was the bedspread, before I stopped and left his bedroom.

Even though I didn't really understand what I'd just done to him, more or less gone down on him, I knew that he'd gotten me to do something NASTY with him and for whatever the reason, I'd liked it and he knew it.

Yes, from that day on, I was letting him use me sexually in any way that he wanted to, just so he'd like me. Oh, he liked me alright, especially after he was getting me to eat it and he knew that I wouldn't tell on him for getting me to do it.

I knew that it wasn't right to be a boy and to be letting another boy, even if he was my cousin, getting me to suck on his warm boner. Yes, he was eventually getting me to suck the warm white liquid, right out of the end of his warm cock, supposedly so that none of it would get wasted on the bedspread.

Since he wasn't hurting me with it or making me do it, I got caught up in it and started to crave it and that's what he wanted. He wanted me to crave it, so he could turn me out to his 2 older friends, both of them in high-school and he did, about 3 months later, when the 3 of them took me outback and down into the fort, where Bobby made me suck on his warm boner, as he got them to watch me. What I didn't understand was that while Bobby was getting me to suck on his warm boner, that both of the older boy's had unbuttoned their levis and were just standing there with their cock's sticking out in front of them and waiting for me to come and do their's to and before they let me come back up out of the fort again, I'd not only done their's, both of them but I'd also been made to suck on Bobby's again, even though he didn't squirt again.

After Bobby and his 2 older friends had taken me down into fort with them, more times than I can remember, I started craving it more and more and that's how I ended up letting an older man get to me, while I was out hitch-hiking and going over to my friend's house.

He did it the same way that my cousin Bobby had done it. By pulling his old cock out and getting me to look at it and eventually play with it, while he was driving me over to my friend's house.

I don't know if he pulled me down to his warm boner or not and made me suck on it or if I just bent down and started sucking on it, on my own. All I know is that by the time he dropped me off at my friend's house, that he'd squirted his warm white cum into my mouth and that I'd felt the warmth of it, as it slowly slid down the inside of my warm soft throat and then eventually ended up, down in my little belly.

From then on the older men had no problem what so ever getting to me. They didn't care that there was a little cock and tiny little nut-sac hanging down below the tight little asshole that they were easing their warm hard cock's up into, as one after another they'ed pull me up on my hands and knees and then fuck me dogstyle, on the backseats of their old car's. Or that the little head that they were holding onto was that of a little boy and not a girl, as once again they'ed get their old cock's sucked on again. All they cared about was getting their old warm cock's sucked on again and for some reason I was more than willing to do it and they let me, again and again and again, as I kept trying to get enough of it but I just couldn't. The craving was controling me and I couldn't stop it.

Watching the older woman sucking on my young hard boner was turning me on and I can't deny it. Even though my little 13 year old boner wasn't all that big, it was big enough for me to hold her by her head and fuck her in the mouth with it and watch her warm soft lips, sliding back and forth on it, as it got wetter and wetter, with my pre-cum.

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16-01-2008, 10:02 PM
All at once she stopped, pulled away from it and I knew that it was time, as she slid up onto the middle of the bed, leaned back against the headboard and whispered, " Take my panties off baby, you know what I want."

She had the wildest look on her face, as she watched me climb up onto the bed, on my hands and knees, with my little boner hanging down underneath me and then slowly side her black thong panties down, exposing her pretty black haired pussy to me, as I went ahead and took them off of her.

As soon as I had her panties all the way off, she spread her little leg's apart, one on each side of me and got me to look at it.

Even though she didn't even have to do it because I could already see the wet white cum on it, she still reached down and spread the outer lips of her pretty pussy apart for me and made me watch it, as even more of the warm white liquid, slowly oozed back out it.

" Do it baby, do your thing, you know you wanna do it, just as much as I want you to."

There was no argument from me, as I bent down inbetween her wide spread leg's and couldn't believe that an old man could cum that much, as I watched the steady little stream of white cum, slowly running back out of her.

Was it just his warm white cum, that was still up inside of her?"

Or had they already been with a few other boy's or maybe even a few older men earlier, that had pumped their warm white cum up into her and left her with a little Creampie?

I couldn't help it, as I watched the pearly white liquid slowly oozing back out of the middle of it, felt myself being drawn down to it and the next thing I knew, I was sliding my tiny little pink tongue back and forth in it, licking it off of her outer lips, before slipping my little tongue up into the middle of it, where most of it was waiting for me.

Lick/lick..............Lick/lick.............................................. .........Licking

" Ohhh baby, that's it, eat it, eat my little Creampie, like you were born to do."

Lick/lick.........Lick/lick..............Gulp...Gulp..................... ...........Gulp

All of a sudden she grabbed ahold of my head and I knew what was coming next and I'm embarrassed to admit that I was ready for it and looking forward to it, as I felt the old man crawling up onto the bed with us, getting down behind me, putting the end of his long stiff boner up against my tiny little asshole and then shoving it up into me, as hard as he could.

" Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

" Hold him, hold him, I'm not all the way in yet."

" I got him Harry, just do him."

In....................../.........................out...................... .....In......./.........Out

" Oh fuck, he's still tight, I don't believe it."

" Come on baby, don't stop licking, all the pain will go away in a minute, you know that."


" Hurry Harry, he's gonna cum, I can tell by the way he's licking on me."


" Oh fuck here I come, hold him." Aghhhhhhhhhhh...Squirt...Squirt
Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Squirt squirt squirt.

SQUEEZE................SQUEEZE.................... .........................SQUEEZE

" Oh fuck, he's milking it Gloria, he's milking it." Aghhhhhhhhh


I had no control of it when my little asshole and warm tight rectum did that to the older men, while they were fucking me. It was like it had a mind of its own and it didn't even care what he thought of me, as it squeezed on his old stiff cock, again and again and again and sucked the warm white cum up out of his warm soft nut-sac, until it had all of it up inside of me.

When the older man finally pulled his warm cock back out of my now stretched little asshole and I started to get up to go into the bathroom, the older woman, Gloria, saw the little wet spot, that my young boner had squirted down onto the bedspread while Harry had been fucking me and without saying a word, she gently pushed me down to it and made me eat it to, while the two of them watched me.

None of us ever talked when it was over, we didn't have to because all 3 of us had gotten exactly what we'd needed from each other and it wasn't necessary.

As they dropped me off at my friend's house, Gloria said, " Thank you Billy, maybe we can do it again sometime."

And as I said, " Un huh," I felt my little cock twitch and watched as they calmly drove away.

The End !!! :p :D

Good Night And Sweet Dreams !!! ;)

16-01-2008, 10:03 PM
Wah gd evening bro birdie....stories time......lucky old man...i wish i can CIM too.....hehe

Hehehehehe.......Tiko D_G lai liao arh ....these few stories will keep you busy for awhile liao . :p

Now's my turn to go view a few threads before watching the American Idol . :D

19-01-2008, 05:20 PM
Lovely aunt

After my parents got divorced, I lived with Mom. She had a good job and apparently was well paid because we never seemed to lack for any necessities. She got a recent promotion, though, and now she has to travel quite a bit. Although she seems to really like her job, having to leave me alone bothers her a whole lot. I'll have to hand it to Mom-- she's very conscientious and seems to worry considerably about being a good parent. More than anything else, she worries that I won't get proper care during those times she has to be out of town. That I'm fifteen years old and consider myself a person well able to take care of himself doesn't make any impression on her at all. No matter how much I plead and argue my maturity, she simply will not agree to leaving me alone by myself overnight. When those occasions arise that she has to be gone, she arranges for me to stay with Aunt Sue and Grandpa. I stayed there at night couple of times before school was out, but now that summer's here, I stay all day and all night. This time I've been here a couple of days, and will probably stay a few more before Mom gets back.

Aunt Sue is Mom's sister. She is several years younger than Mom, so she can't be too old, but Mom once referred to her as a maiden aunt. When I asked what that meant, Mom said it meant that she had never married, and since she was stuck on the farm taking care of Grandpa, probably never would marry. I said that I thought "maiden" meant "virgin" and Mom said, kind of half-laughing, that with Aunt Sue's limited opportunities it probably did. That puzzled me because I couldn't see where marriage and virginity had anything to do with each other. I sure didn't want to get married, but that didn't keep me from wanting to stop being a virgin. I certainly wasn't a virgin by choice--I just had never had an opportunity to make it with a girl. My virginity was a condition I hoped to change the very first chance I got. When that time might come, I had no idea. I had never even felt up a girl, much less done anything else. Thus far, the closest I had come to a pussy was the Playboy centerfold.

Aunt Sue and Grandpa live on Grandpa's farm just outside of town. It only takes about fifteen minutes to get there, so having to stay at their place isn't that much of a problem. The main difficulty is that they have only two bedrooms and I have to sleep with Aunt Sue in her big double bed. I have my own bedroom at home, and getting used to sleeping with someone else wasn't easy--particularly when that someone else was a pretty girl like Aunt Sue.

Although I complained about having to go to Aunt Sue's, I really didn't mind it that much. Grandpa kept beer in the refrigerator, and sometimes he would let me drink a bottle when he did. Aunt Sue would fuss, but Grandpa would tell her to leave us alone, that we are about "men's business." Of course, that would make me feel ten feet tall. Even though she put on a show, Aunt Sue wasn't really concerned about it and never told Mom.

19-01-2008, 08:22 PM
Lovely aunt

Thanks bro otamay for your "Lovely aunt' story .

Stay Tune for stories later .

19-01-2008, 08:30 PM
Thanks bro otamay for your "Lovely aunt' story .

Stay Tune for stories later .

Bro birdie8819, you are most welcome...I see you taking a break so I come in....:) The story continues....

Despite her mock scolding about my drinking beer, Aunt Sue and I became good friends. She insisted that I call her simply "Sue," that "Aunt Sue" was way too formal. She laughed, her face turning a little red, and said if we were going to sleep in the same bed, we should at least be on a first-name basis.

With respect to sleeping in the same bed, I have to admit that the arrangement was beginning to cause me a problem. The problem is that being in bed with Sue makes me terribly horny. (Not that it takes much, anyway. Being horny is a steady-state condition for me.) I was very much aware that right next to me was a female, a girl who had big breasts and a pussy. Sue usually dressed in bulky loose-fitting clothes --even her night clothes were heavy material--so I could only guess at what those parts of her anatomy might look like. Even so, knowing that all that separated her probably virgin pussy from my definitely virgin cock was just a few inches of bed space made me ultra-sensitive to our sleeping arrangements. I went to sleep many a night with a hard-on and had erotic dreams about girls. To make it worse, the girls in my dreams looked like Sue.

Although the extra travel involved with staying at Sue's place during school time was a little inconvenient- -she had to take me to school and pick me up--staying there in the summer was a real treat. Even though all of us still referred to it as "the farm," it really wasn't one anymore. Grandpa quit farming years ago, and now it was simply pasture land he leased out for grazing a few head of cattle. Sue had a little vegetable garden, but other than that it was just a lot of open space. For a boy of fifteen, though, it is a wonderland. There are lots of areas that I still haven't explored, and staying there in summer gives me opportunity to just roam around, laze in the shade, and generally goof off.

Sue is a great lover of the outdoors, and sometimes when the weather is especially nice, she goes to extra trouble to carry all the food out to the big picnic table under the oak tree so we can eat in the wide-open. It's always a lot of fun, the three of us laughing and making a festive occasion out it. That is, until Grandpa gets sleepy and decides it's his nap time. He always takes a nap after lunch, and even the fun of eating outdoors doesn't deter him from his daily schedule. He always put in a good two hours of log sawing, and thunder, lightning, or even a earthquake couldn't wake him until he has his nap out. He sleeps just as soundly at night, too. Sue said that on several occasions she had tried to wake him, but it was next to impossible.

19-01-2008, 09:13 PM
Bro birdie8819, you are most welcome...I see you taking a break so I come in....:) The story continues.....

Yalor ! Cause these two months will be rather busy with work no time find stories and post , if can you just go ahead and post . Thanks for taking care of my thread also . :)

19-01-2008, 11:46 PM
Ok ! I'm back here with my story posting and here's the first story for the night - Title : The xxx Theater

Sometimes during sex I would tell my wife I wanted to watch her fuck another man and she would play along with my "fantasy." She thought it was just a fantasy but in reality I did want to watch her being fucked by not only another man but also a group of men. After 25 years of marrage we need to add a little spice to our sex life.

Finally one day whe we were just sitting around talking I brought up the subject of watching another man fuck her. She was shocked at first that I would really want to watch something like that and felt that I would get jealous watching another man fuck her. I assured her that it was just sex and I would not be jealous. At this she started to get mad thinking I didn't care for her but after a long discussion she finally agreed. She said that if it would make me happy she would do it but I think she was excited about the idea too. At one point she even admitted that she would like to be fucked by a guy with a huge cock which surprised me because even with my average size cock I have to make sure she is well lubricated before I enter her or it hurts her.

Just so you have an idea, my wife is 5' 6" with auburn hair and she is a full figured girl at 135 pounds that include a set of DD's. She is pretty with a well balanced figure that turns many men's heads. She says it's because of her big boobs, and that may be partly true, but I think it's because she looks hot and much younger than her 44 years.

Over the next several days we discussed how we were going to approach adding another man to our sex life. We both agreed that the first time should be with someone anonymous. After thinking about it for awhile I suggested we try to find someone at the local XXX movie theater. My wife didn't think that would work but I had a plan. We set a date to go the following evening.

Before we left for the theater I told my wife what to wear, a jean shirt, button blouse, a front clasp bra and no panties. She didn't understand why I wanted her to dress like that but she didn't know my plan.

Without my wife knowing, I had gone to the theater earlier to scope it out. It's seedy, as you would expect, and not like a regular theater because it's in a converted warehouse. The actual theater is long and narrow with one isle down the center and rows of seats going to the walls on either side. There is a large open space for standing at the back of the theater.

As we entered the theater there was a group of men in the standing area in the back as there had been when I was there earlier. We walked about hallf way down where I selected a row and purposely went to the center leaving a couple empty seats next to my wife. The men at the back of the theater saw that I had a women with me due to the light from the open doors to the lobby, but I'm also sure that even with the darkness of the theater the men seated could tell I was with a women.

As we pretended to be watching the movie we could see some of the men moving closer to our seats and one guy even sat in our row leaving one empty seat between him and my wife. I took this as a signal to put my plan into action.

I lifted the arm rest between my wife and I and wispered for her to scoot down in her seat. I then attempted to lift her skirt to expose her pussy but she quicky grabbed the skirt to hold it down. In a wisper I asked her if she wanted the fantasy to come true or not and after about a minute of thinking she released the skirt and I slid it up past her hips exposing her pussy. I then applied gentle pressure to the inside of her thighs spreading her legs as I lifted her leg closest to me over my thigh. This allowed me good access to play with her pussy and when I first touched it I found it was soaking wet with excitement.

As expected, when I looked over at the man sitting one seat from my wife he wasn't watching the movie any longer he was watching my wife and I. As I continued to rub and finger fuck my wife's pussy she was bouncing around in her seat with her head back and eyes closed. I could tell she was close to an orgasm.

Just then the stranger in our row moved to the seat next to my wife and in a low wisper asked if he could play with my girl's pretty pussy too. I removed my hand and wispered back that he could as long as he was gentle. He quickly lifted the arm rest between him and my wife, placed her other leg up on his thigh spreading my wife even more, and proceeded to fondle and finger fuck her pussy.

My wife almost immediately started panting and softly moaning with excitement. I took the opportunity of having free hands to open my wife's blouse and release her DD's from their bra. As soon as her tits sprung free the stranger was squeezing them and pulling them into his mouth to suck. I noticed several other men were not watching the move but were now watching the action in our row.

In no time after he started to fondle my wife's titties the stranger had my wife flopping all over her seat with an intense orgasm. I think everyone within ear shot knew she had an orgasm. At that point the stranger suggested we move to the back of the theater for more room.

My wife had quickly buttoned the front of her blouse before we all got up to go to the back of the theater but she didn't have time to put her bra back on so her big DD's were swaying free under the blouse as we walked to the back. I had a huge tent on the front of my pants from the excitement as did the stranger that just fondled my wife.

Once we got to the back of the theater the stranger put his arms around my wife from behind and started to squeeze and pinch her breasts through her blouse. My wife just stood there looking towards the movie screen but not doing anything more as I continued to watch the stranger grope her tits. The light coming through the open doors to the theater lobby made it easier to see everything.

After a couple minutes of this the stranger reached down and lifted my wife's skirt up to her waist in one quick jerk exposing all of her ass and pussy. He then put one hand in front to rub her pussy and the other hand was rubbing all over her ass. By now my wife had her eyes closed again and didn't seem to be aware that the lighting had her fully exposed not only to the stranger but also the other men that had gathered around to watch.

I again took advantage of the opportunity to unbutton my wife's blouse and expose her DD's to an assult with my hands and mouth. She must have been enjoying the gropping because she never resisted.

Now the stranger guided my wife forward to the last row of seats and gently bent her over one of the padded seat backs so that her sweet round ass was sticking up in the air. He then got down on his knees behind her and dove his tonge into her pussy. He was licking her like crazy all over her pussy and asshole taking time to push his tonge in and out of both holes. I watched as my wife's ass bucked uncontrollably up and down to this tonge assult of her very most privates by this stranger and I heard her moaning with pleasure. I just watch with the group of other men, some of which had their pricks in their hand and were jacking off as they watched.

Now the stanger stood up, undid his pants, and let them drop to the floor. I stepped along side for a better view just as the stanger pulled his underware to his knees and his nice size cock sprang out of his shorts. It wasn't huge but it was a little longer than mine and much fatter. I was worried that he might have a tough time getting it into my wife's tight pussy.

I turned out that I didn't have to worry because as I watched the stranger slid his entire cock into my wife's pussy in one steady motion she seemed to also push back onto it with animal like desire. My wife had her hands on the arm rests of the theater seat and was using them to push back with every thrust of the stangers cock. I had forgot that I was to cheer the stranger on to fuck my wife harder, but it didn't matter because she was screaming for him to fuck her good and to fuck her harder.

With all this going on it didn't take long for the stranger to blow his load into wy wife with one last deep thrust. As he pulled out I could see my wife's pussy was dripping with a mixture of her's and the strangers cum and that gave me an idea.

Continue next page ........

19-01-2008, 11:47 PM
My wife attempted to stand up but I pushed her back down telling her that now it was my turn to have her, but I was actually getting so much enjoyment from watching her being fucked by a different man I signaled to one of the other spectators to step up and fuck my wife. Because most of them had their cocks in their hand I selected the guy that had the biggest cock there, it was at least 10" long and as fat as a cucumber.

As soon as he got behind my wife and started to stuff that big cock into her pussy she knew it wasn't me behind her and she started to yell "NO, NO" while she attempted to stand up. I quickly told two of the other guys that if they wanted a turn they had better get over in front of my wife and hold her down. Of course they both darted around the seats and sat on either side of my wife holding her bent over her seat. They used the opportunity to squeeze and fondle her DD's as they waited their turn.

With my wife now held in place the second stranger started his assult on my wife's pussy with his massive cock. It took him a minute or two to get his meat lubed up enough to slide in and out of my wife's pussy but once he did he was pumping her at a steady pace with no problem. My wife even stopped struggling and began begging for him to fuck her even harder.

This guy was a stud. He pounded my wife's pussy like a piston for a good 20 minutes before he dumped his load into her pussy. He might have gone on longer if the other guys didn't tell him to hurry up so they could take their turn. My wife heard the talk between the men and knew she was in for more fucking but it turned out to be more than she even expected.

The next guy to step up for his turn must have come to the theater prepared to jack off because he had a little bottle of lubricant that he started to spread around and finger into my wife's asshole. Now as I told you my wife and I have been married for 25 years and no matter how much I begged and pleaded with her to allow me to fuck her in the ass the answer was always the same "never in a million years". Why I nodded an OK to this stranger I don't know for sure, perhaps it was the trill of the moment, but I just stood there and watch as my wife struggled and pleaded not to have her ass fucked.

The two guys sitting on either side of her held her in place as the third stranger now forced his cock into my wife's ass. They also muffled her screams as I watched this stranger assail my wife's virgin asshole.

After a couple minutes of being fucked in her ass my wife stopped moving and just laid over the theater seat taking the ass pounding.

The next three guys that took a turn each fucked my wife's asshole. One of them even had a cock almost as big as the second stranger that fucked her pussy but he was still able to get his cock all the way into my wife's ass. At one point it even seemed like my wife was enjoying the relentless ass fucking, but I couldn't tell for sure.

When the last two guys took their turn they opted to fuck my wife's pussy. Even though I know she was tired, my wife could not stop her natural desire to meet every thrust of cock into her pussy.

I figured my wife had enough and I never did take a turn that evening, I just staightened up her clothes enough to get her out to the car and head home. Nothing was said during the ride home or after my wife showered and came to bed. We just went to sleep.

The next morning my wife acted as if nothing had happened the evening before. We never discussed anything about the prior evening all day so I wasn't sure what was going through her mind.

That night when we finally did go to bed my wife asked me if I thought she was a slut now that she had been fuck by all those men the evening before. I told her that her fucking all those men was my fault because I had changed our plans for what was to happen and she had not made the choice to be fucked by all those men.

She then confessed to me that one of her fantasies was to be taken by a group of men. Her version of the fantasy didn't include being fucked in the ass but she admitted it added to the excitment since her asshole was virgin territory. Then to my surprise she asked me to fuck her in the ass that night. With the pent-up desire of 25 years, and the memories of the night before, I fucked her in the ass three times that night and have at least once a week since then. She found she enjoys being fucked in the ass.

The last thing before going to sleep that night my wife asked "When are we going to the theater again?"

The End !!! :p

19-01-2008, 11:49 PM
Next one - Title : Glory Day . Enjoy !!! ;)

It was only twenty minutes or so since Ruth put the phone down and already she was leaking thinking of Bob and what he might have planned for the afternoon. He’d called and told her to get ready for another special treat and as usual wouldn’t tell her what it was. She knew from experience though that he had something in mind other than a simple afternoon of sex. He’d told her to dress trashy – not sexy, so she’d quickly pulled on a short pink PVC skirt that fitted her like a glove and a black PVC top which was so tight that the bumps around her nipples showed clearly. Both skirt and top had centre zippers so that they could be removed easily. Black fishnet hold ups and knee length PVC boots completed the outfit. She didn’t even consider any underwear and knew that in this outfit she left little to the imagination.

Bob arrived and she opened the door then stood back to see what he thought of the outfit. “Damn Ruth, that’s perfect,” he said as he moved to her and kissed her whilst sliding his hand under the skirt, “good to see you are wet and ready baby.” He slid his finger into her and wriggled it around, feeling her fluids drip back along his hand towards his wrist. “Want to swallow some cum?”

“Of course,” she responded, grasping his cock and beginning to lower herself in front of him.

“No baby, not mine. At least not yet anyway. I’ve fixed a deal with a friend of mine and pretty soon you will have all the cocks you need to fill you with spunk and you don’t even have to introduce yourself! It will be a little like our dogging session only today we are inside.”

“Sounds good. You’ve arranged a gang bang then?”

“Not exactly, but come on and get in the car. Time is passing and you don’t want to waste it do you?”

As they drove along Bob had chance to appraise Ruth’s outfit. “That’s going to be just perfect. The zippers give quick access and the plastic will be easy to wipe off if it gets covered in cum. I think though that we will take the top off straight away and get your tits smeared for you.”

“Ooh yes, this is sounding better all the time, but come on and tell me what’s going on.”

He didn’t answer her but just grinned as he turned the car into an alley and parked it up. “Come on then,” he called as he got out “we’re here and you don’t want to waste any time do you.”

She got out of the car and followed him through a side door and along a narrow corridor. They went through a door at the end and she found herself in a porn shop. Bob led her over to the counter and the owner said “Well Bob, so this is her is it? Nice. Nice outfit and nice tits too. I might have a go myself later. Put her in booth four.”

He led her across the room to a row of viewing booths and they went into number four. It was about six foot square with a video screen and slots and a stool in front of the screen that could be turned to raise or lower it. As she looked around she saw that both side walls had a hole of about four inches diameter cut in them leading to the booths next door. Around the two holes were scrawled writings saying “fuck here” and “suck me” and other similar lines.

“Jesus,” she said, “is this one of those glory hole places?”

“Got it in one. All we have to do is keep feeding the money slots and we can stay as long as you like. Dave, that’s the owner, will keep sending customers into booths three and five and you can suck cock all afternoon. All you have to do is call through the hole when you hear someone next door and get them to push their cock through the hole and you can suck it or jerk it ‘till it cums.”

“This is great Bob. It’s gonna feel strange just having a cock and not knowing who is on the other end but you know me and a cock is a cock as far as I’m concerned!” Already she was getting hot at the idea and had begun to stroke her clit and rub on her tits when they heard a noise in booth three. She unzipped her top and let it drop to the floor and stuck a tit through the hole. “This should grab his attention” she laughed, and sure enough she felt a hand stroking it almost as soon as she put it there. Her nipples grew hard and she pulled back and waved her fingers through the hole calling “Come on baby, where’s that cock of yours? I want to taste it and suck some cock now!”

A semi hard cock appeared in the hole and she took hold of it and drew it though, giving the tip a friendly greeting lick. “This is a nice cock mister,” she called as she stroked it fully erect whilst giving a few sweeping licks to the head, “are you going to let me have your cum?”

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19-01-2008, 11:50 PM
With that she carried on pumping the cock as she lowered her mouth over it and began to bob her head up and down on the shaft. “Hey,” she said, “I don’t need to play around here as there is just a cock with no one wanting a long fuck or anything. Come on mister, shoot that cum for me” and she began to suck harder and faster. “This is it, I can feel him shooting. Oh yes, yes, cum on my tits for me.” She held the cock in front of her and carried on jerking it as he began to shoot his cum across her chest. She rolled the head of his cock over and around her nipples to rub his spunk into them and then she slipped the head back in her mouth to suck his final drops. “That was a nice cock” she murmured “and such tasty cum as well.” Looking round she saw another cock through the hole in booth five.

“My, oh my, this is better than Christmas” she giggled as she took hold of the new cock and began to suck on that one. “I’m going to swallow the lot this time. Hey mister do you want to cum in my mouth?” She was answered by a grunt and a harder thrust from the cock as she started to bob her head on the new cock. This was much thicker than the first and her mouth was pretty stretched to get this monster inside but it was no real task for her as she had fitted bigger and longer in there ion the past. Pretty soon Bob could tell that this cock was shooting into her as she coughed and muttered “mmmmfff, mmmmfff” and struggled to keep her mouth clamped over it. He watched as she eventually took the cock out and held her mouth open to show him the pool of cum on her tongue. She swished it between her teeth and then swallowed it, licking her lips. “This is great Bob, bring on more cocks!”

Time after time over the next couple of hours she pulled cock after cock through the holes and sucked or jerked them off. She began to make sure they would cum outside her mouth so that she could watch the stream shoot from the end. Then she would drop her mouth over some of them to drink their cum whilst she would let others shoot over her face and tits. She was stroking her clit and finger fucking herself through orgasm after orgasm when a long, curved black cock appeared before her face. “Oh just look at this beauty. It must be nearly ten inches of solid meat and just look at these balls.” The man at the other side must have been pressed flat against the wall as Bob followed her comments and stared at this super cock with it’s large ball sack pocking through the hole. He watched this black rod as it slid in and out of her pale mouth and the contrast in colour made it look so much better.

She then got to her feet, still holding the cock and jerking it slowly. “Oh Bob, just look at this. I’m going to fuck this one” and she turned around and bent forwards at the waist and backed herself onto it. “This is fucking fantastic” she screeched through gritted teeth and she closed her eyes in ecstasy as she swivelled herself on this cock. “Mmmf, yes. Oh fuck yes!” She rocked back and forth on this cock and gyrated her hips to get the maximum feel of this unknown black man. The other hole now also had a cock waving at her through it and she took this one in her mouth.

She looked the perfect spit roast to Bob as he watched her rock backwards and forwards to take the black cock in her cunt and then the other cock in her mouth. She started to gurgle and screech again as the black cock began to fill her deep with cum and she slammed herself back to the wall to get the full feel of him shooting high into her. She had taken the other cock from her mouth but was frantically jerking it now and he too began to cum, shooting long thick streams of spunk over her face and into her open gasping mouth.

The booth door opened and Dave, the owner, came in. “My turn! I want some of that but without the wall between. I want to look into those baby eyes as I cum. How about it little lady?” He advanced with his erect cock sticking out of his pants as he stroked its full length and put it to her mouth. She opened up and took it in as she smiled up at him. She held her lips in a pursed oval and circled the cock head with a tight grip as she popped it in and out of this lip ring for a few strokes. Then she took a breath and relaxed her lips and slid her mouth the full length over his cock so that hill ball sack slapped against her chin and she gagged slightly as he hit the back of her throat.

Bob watched and wasn’t quite sure who was doing the most fucking – her with her bobbing head or him with his thrusting hips. He was yelling hard at her “Come on bitch, you little cock sucker. Take it deep. Suck it. Oh yes that’s good!” and she was grunting in agreement and making little giggling noises in her throat.

“Damn Bob, she’s good. I wouldn’t mind keeping a girl like this myself. I bet she fucks and sucks with the best. You sure are a lucky man.”

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19-01-2008, 11:51 PM
“She certainly has her uses,” Bob replied, and Ruth chuckled with the cock still deep in her mouth, “she just loves to suck cock and she will try almost anything, especially if more than one cock is involved.” As he said this a hand appeared through the hole where the black cock had been and it reached across and slid two fingers into Ruth’s open cunt. As the fingers began to work her she moaned with pleasure and the hand slid a third and then a fourth finger into her. After a few more plunges, the thumb followed and then the whole hand slowly edged its way into her. She backed herself onto it as she continued to suck on Dave’s cock and her movements became more frantic.

“Hell, that looks so hot,” Dave said as he eyed the hand fisting Ruth and then her mouth as she sucked on him, “I’m gonna cum now!” he yelled and he grabbed her head and pulled it tight onto his cock as he grunted and shot his cum into her throat. She coughed and gagged but still mewled with delight at the sensation of him shooting into her whilst she was being fisted from behind by the stranger through the glory hole. Thick streams of mucous and cum were hanging down between her legs as the stranger continued to fist her and she went from orgasm to orgasm with tears of pleasure rolling down her face.

“Back her up again” Dave motioned to Bob and they edged her back to the hole in the wall where the fist emerged as Dave continued to slop his cock in and out of her mouth. “Come on, lets have someone else fuck her through the hole. Hey fella, you want to put your cock where your hand is?” Ruth nodded her head in agreement as she continued to chew on Dave and Bob watched the hand withdraw from her and be replaced by a thick cock through the hole. “I’m gonna rock her like a pendulum now. How do you like this baby?”

He began to nudge her along his cock and watched as the cock through the hole did the same at the other end. Ruth’s knees were shaking and she clung on to Daves hips and managed to hold the position as these two fucked her at each end. “Oh yes,” she mewled between gasps for air around Dave’s cock, “I’m cuming again, yes, yes!” and she shuddered through yet another orgasm as Dave pulled out of her mouth and began to frantically jerk his cock before her face. “Keep open baby, take this juice in your mouth” he yelled as he began to shoot long thin jets of cum into her mouth and over her face and she followed the streams trying to catch them and gulp them down.

Meanwhile the cock fucking her through the hole began to pump spunk into her and she shook through yet another orgasm as he filled her again. When the thick cock dumped its final spurt in her, her legs gave way and she slid off it and dropped to the floor exhausted. She had no idea how many cocks she had made cum that day nor how many orgasms she had herself. She did know though that Bob had found yet another way to bring out the sex slut in her and she also knew that when he took her home, she was going to have at least one more wad of cum in her before the end of the day. “Ready when you are,” she purred up at him and he held his hand out to help her to her feet.

The End !!! :D

20-01-2008, 12:02 AM
One interesting and sexciting one cuming up - Title : Lyn and Carol . Enjoy !!! ;)

The morning after the party at Dot and Ted’s apartment, they were both feeling the pain of a hard night of drinking, dancing, smoking...and fucking. And what a fucking it was!

“I was drunk, Carol. I was drunk and horny and it’s daytime now and I don’t want to be held responsible for something I said when I was in that condition. I’m adamant about this
Carol, I’m not going to fuck Ted or anybody else but you. So, forget it!

They had previously made plans with Dot and Ted for a motor-trip to Paris. It was a 300 mile drive or about six hours. But they planned to sight-see along the way and picnic on the road and did not expect to get into Paris till late that day.

Early in the afternoon, they stopped off the main route to set up their lunch on the fold-down tailgate of Ted’s Buick station-wagon. Lyn could not travel long without a nip of Jack Daniels. The conversation was always interesting and funny. They had grown to be great friends. They ate of their prepared lunch with wine. It wasn’t long before they were back on the road. Carol was to drive the last half of the trip. Dot suggested Lyn and Ted ride together in the back seat as she climbed into the front with Carol. Ted’s 1972 Buick Sportwagon, an American invention called a station wagon, had leather bench seats, front and back so it was quite roomy.

Dot’s party was the main topic of conversation. Dot and Carol avoided talking about the scene on the balcony, but Dot described every juicy detail of what happened after they left that evening and he had a hard-on..

“I know what you’re thinking Carol. It’s just my integrity that I’m talking about. I want to be able to say that I’ve never had sex with any other man but my husband.”

In any case, she was cuddled up next to Ted with her legs folded on the seat. Ted had a hard-on too. It was a long ride and it was getting late in the cool of the evening. Lyn was pleasantly drunk...just like she wanted to be, and comfortable. An occasional nip kept her there. Ted’s arm around her shoulders was pleasant enough and her legs and feet were wrapped warmly under a car blanket.

Dot had moved next to Carol and while her right arm was stretched out and resting on top of the backrest her left hand was fondling his cock through his loose pants her. She had a handful of cloth filled with cock but trying not to let Lyn know what she was doing...yet. Ted knew. Dot peeked into the back seat occasionally just to see if there was any progress being made.

Carol reminded Lyn, ”You had sex at that party with your ward friends.”

“That wasn’t really sex, Carol. I wasn’t exactly a willing participant.”

“But you had an orgasm, right?”

“Yes, but I mean...he didn’t fuck me, Carol.” They enjoyed the sexual banter about the after-party the previous weekend.

Dot turned in the seat and teased Lyn, “Let me get this straight. You had an involuntary orgasm with one of your hospital buddies? Sounds like fun to me,” laughed Dot.

“I was drunk, Dot. You know how I get. And also, somebody brought a couple of joints to the party and I got loaded.” Lyn gave Dot a knowing smile and said, “I didn’t know what I was doing, Dot.”

Dot repeated, “But you had an orgasm, right? You enjoyed it. There’s nothing wrong with that, sweetheart.”

“It’s easy for you to say, Dot. You swing with your neighbors.”

Dot replied, “Yes, Liebchen, we like swinging with our neighbors. They’re our friends too. We like them a lot and we wouldn’t fuck them if we didn’t. Who better to fuck than your friends, Lyn ?”

Lyn was obviously conflicted but good natured about it, “I don’t know, Dot. I really love you two as friends, but I would feel....I-I don’t know what I would feel.”

“It would feel good, Lyn. It would feel very good. I know it doesn’t bother you if I put my arm around Carol, do you Lyn?” Implying that it was a rhetorical question she turned gave Carol a peck on the cheek and faced forward. She wrapped her left arm around Carol’s neck and rested her left breast on his right arm. Her right hand went back to the tent in his pants. She unzipped him and reached inside. He felt her cool fingers slip under the leg band of his briefs. She found his testicles and she opened her hand to encase them before moving up to grasp his hardness. She felt the pre-cum on the head of his cock. “I wonder if I can slip down and suck this thing,” Dot thought.

In the back seat, Ted slipped his arm down past Lyn’s shoulder so he could hold her around the waist. As he continued teasing her about her involuntary orgasm, Ted brought his hand just under Lyn’s breast. “So if I did this we wouldn’t exactly be having sex, right?”

“Uh-hummm. I can’t deny it doesn’t feel good, Ted. I enjoy sex as much as anybody. And I would have sex with you in a minute...if we weren’t all married.”

“How about if I just did this?” He cupped her breast and before she could reply, “I’m not fucking you Lyn. It’s not exactly sex, right?” Ted continued to coax and tease her and lightly rub her nipple through her blouse. “We’re good friends, and I believe we’re closer to you than your colleagues at the hospital. Correct? So why can’t we just enjoy each other and if you choose not to fuck, that’s Ok too. If you want to maintain your integrity, you and I won’t fuck, Ok?” Ted unfastened the top button of her blouse. He felt her stiffen slightly and her breath was coming quicker. Ted leaned his head against Lyn’s and spoke softly, “I don’t have to put my cock in your pussy, sweetheart. But maybe you’ll let me lick it.”

“Oh, oh shit.” Lyn placed her hand over Ted’s pressing it to her breast then pushed it down away from her breast. “Stop. I’m horny enough already, Ted.” She was horny and she wanted to be nasty like what Dot told her about the after party.

“But Lyn, sweetheart, I want to eat you so bad,” Ted cajoled. His closeness and his persistent description of what he wanted seemed to fit the fantasy she had expressed to Carol. His hand was also persistent and even though he did not touch her breasts again as she requested he gently stroked her lower abdomen. This was very pleasant. So she acquiesced to his gentle fondling. “After all, I really do want to fuck him,” she thought. And...her cunt was dripping.

After glancing into the front seat, Lyn slid down Ted’s chest and rested her head on his lap facing up. Ted was seated directly behind the driver’s seat so Lyn stretched her legs out till her feet touched the opposite door. Ted gently rubbed her upper thigh and hip. He felt her hips undulate slightly under his fingers. Lyn was thinking, “ Gawd, I wish he would finger my clit!” Then Ted lowered his head to her face. His lips barely brushed hers and he softly kissed her. His lips moving close to he whispered, “I want to fuck you Lyn. I want to eat you and then fuck you. Let me feel you Lyn. I’ll stop anytime you want.” His fingers were hovering over her mound.

“Oh gawd, Ted. Oh gawd!” Ted let his fingers graze the cloth over her clit. Lyn’s heart was pounding and the heat coming from her groin was deliciously wicked. She reached up and pulled Ted’s head down and their lips pressed urgently. Ted cupped her mons and just held it tightly.

“Umm...ummmm.” Lyn hummed into Ted’s mouth then her tongue delved further into it.

They heard in the front seat. Dot did not want to create any disturbance that would spoil the moment for Lyn so she just tugged on Carol’s prick. Carol did not turn his face, but understanding, smiled and humped his hips into Dot’s hand.

“I want to lick your pussy, baby. I can do you almost as good as Dot can.” His fingers were sliding up and down the indentation in her clothes that outlined her slit. Her dampness was seeping through.

Whispering back to Ted, “Oh god, Ted...does she really?” The thought of her friend Dot eating Jan’s pussy made her swoon with lust.

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20-01-2008, 12:04 AM
“Yes she does. And she taught me how.” Ted let go of Lyn’s crotch and brought his hand to her face. He gently placed it on the side of her face and pulled her to his belly. Lyn felt the hardness under his pants. It nudged her cheek. She turned her head towards Ted and the bulge was at her mouth. At the same time she folded her knees and her skirt rode up to her thighs. Ted found access to her cunt much improved.

“Oh fuck...what the hell am I doing,” she thought, “...this is so good and I’m so horny and I’m going to cum soon if he doesn’t stop.” Lyn opened her mouth wide baring her teeth and bit down on the lump. It was Ted’s turn to moan. He made certain Dot and Carol heard him. He looked up front but Dot was gone from view. Lyn turned on her right shoulder and fumbled with Ted’s fly. When she had pulled Ted’s cock from his pants she held it in front of her face and stroked it. She reached for the blanket and pulled it up over her head. Then she opened her mouth and took Ted’s helmet into her mouth and savored it.

“Mmmmm, mmm...uh hummmm.” Ted’s fingers found her clit under her panties. It was hot and wet. His fingers traced her folds and he inserted his index finger deep into her. “Mmmm! Mmm!”

Lyn could not help feeling that Carol and Dot must know something’s going on and the thought further diminished her inhibitions and she sucked eagerly at the cock inside her cheek, Lyn tilted her head so as to detect any motion in the front seat. She heard Dot, but didn’t see her. Dot was humming too.

“Mm-mm, mmm-ummm, umm.” Lyn heard and sat up abruptly leaving Ted’s glistening penis cold and lonely. Dot felt the movement and quickly sat up too. The women stared at each other in the fading light as the car sped down the highway. Dot glanced at Ted’s lap then Lyn leaned forward on the back of the seat to look into Carol’s lap to find an equally glistening cock standing straight up through his trousers.

They both choked back a giggle then burst out laughing uproariously. Dot nudged Lyn’s shoulder, “You bitch! You were sucking on my husband’s cock!”

Lyn replied with the same nudge, “You bitch! You were sucking on my husband’s cock!” Then they continued with shrieks and laughter. They reached across the seat and hugged each other. Their heads backed off slightly and they stopped laughing long enough to look each other in the eyes. Dot leaned forward and kissed Lyn on the lips. Lyn kissed her back. They opened their mouths to capture traces of each other's husband. Lyn broke the kiss.

“Hold it. Hold it! This is going a little too fast here!” Lyn laughed.

“It’s Ok Lyn. I understand. I just wanted to kiss you. We want to keep this within your level of comfort. And if you don’t mind I need to get back to what I was doing. Come on, Lyn...have some fun. Ok?”

Turning toward her husband, Lyn said, “Carol. Don’t you have anything to say about this?”

Carol glanced in the rearview mirror. “You know how I feel about this, Lyn. But I’ll go along with your wishes, dear. Whatever you say. I won’t go any further than you....but, honey. I do need to get off soon. How about you, dear? I know how much you want to fuck Ted. Are you ready for a good cum? ”

“Oh gawd, Carol! Do you realize I’m sucking on another man’s cock? Doesn’t that bother you at all?”

Dot interceded, “Does it bother you that I’m sucking on Carol's dick? I’m your friend Lyn. I wouldn’t hurt you for the world. I want to be straight with you. I love you and Carol as friends. And it’s because I care for you so much that I feel a great affection for you. It’s demonstrative affection. And Carol is a good looking sexy man. I feel natural about wanting to share my libido with him. Ted knows this. Ted and I have shared with all our good friends and neighbors.” Dot emphasized. But she was not about to tell her that this was not the first time she had Carol’s cock in her mouth.

“Carol?” Lyn wanted further assurances. “Are you sure you’re Ok with this? You know how horny nasty I can get.”

“Enjoy, Lyn....enjoy. Mmmm...mmmmm!” Dot had dropped back down to his cock and it practically hit the back of her throat. “Mmm! Mmm! Uh-humm! Fuck, that’s good!”

“You’d better pull over somewhere quiet, Carol. You’re going to lose control and get us all killed.” Lyn placed her head back in Ted’s lap and pulled the blanket over her head. She held Ted’s hard-on in both hands in front of her face then pulled on it till it pointed into her mouth. She felt the gravel under the car. It came to a stop. She felt the motion in the front seat too. They’re getting comfortable, she thought. Ted kept his fingers busy in her panties. He worried her clit with his thumb as his index and middle finger filled her quivering hole. And she sucked...voraciously. She hummed and moaned. She wanted to be heard in the front seat. She had competition. Dot was mimicking her.

“Mmm...uh hummm! Mmm! Mm-umm!” Lyn stopped sucking and loudly said, “Bitch!”

From the front seat, “Cunt!”

The four broke out into laughter again. The laughter subsided and only lusty moans and nasty slurping sounds were heard. Dot kneeled on the front seat between Carol's legs. Anybody walking by the passenger side window would have seen her beautiful pear shaped ass and disheveled panties moving with her fingers. Her other hand was wrapped tightly around Carol’s cock as he lay back against the driver’s side door. He could hear familiar sounds from Lyn in the back seat with Ted. They were the same sounds he heard when he made love to her. She thoroughly enjoyed sex and he knew she was hot and getting well taken care of. He had seen Ted with Dot and he knew Lyn was in good hands. He was trying to hold off his orgasm, but Dot was a real hummer. This woman can suck cock! He thought. Lyn’s not bad in that department either...I’ll bet she’s giving Ted a good one. The thought sent him over the top. He wanted to see her sucking Ted’s cock. He saw it in his mind. He also saw her eating Dot’s pussy. He couldn’t hold back...he held Dot’s head in both hands and tried to warn her.

“Mmm! Uh-um!” Then she swallowed...once. Twice. “One more swallow before his cock stops jerking,” thought Dot. Her fingers squeezed her clit as she also came. Dot could give herself the best orgasms all by herself. This was not the first one that day. She was looking forward to more at the hotel. She was horny for Carol. She remembered what a great fuck he was. And she remembered fucking both of them, Ted and Carol....together. On that thought, she squeezed her clit between her thumb and index fingers and had another quick jolt of a cum just as Lyn's kiss flashed back through her mind.

Ted held her head as he fucked Lyn’s mouth. His right hand sawed three fingers in and out between the slippery gash of her cunt. Her legs were splayed out and her panties hung around her undulating hips. She clenched his hand between her thighs as her orgasm overcame her...loudly.

“Aaahhhhh...g-good gawd, I’m cumming!” Carol heard Lyn...”That’s familiar,” he thought.

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20-01-2008, 12:06 AM
Lyn felt Ted’s cock spasm in her mouth. His warm liquid shot into her cheek. She paused for a moment. Oh, what the fuck. It doesn’t taste much different Carol’s. She swallowed while her cunt still quivered from her orgasm. Lyn was thinking, “I’m going to fuck her....no-no, not her. Him...I’m going fuck him good before this night is over. Humm?”

Lyn muttered, “Why don’t we get back on the road and get to the hotel where we can be comfortable? I want to do this right!” Carol peered over the seat at his wife. She knelt next to Ted, one hand stroking the man’s dwindling cock. Her other hand was buried in her crotch. The lust was apparent in her expression. He had seen it before. When their eyes met Lyn smiled weakly at her husband, her mouth shiny with moisture. Carol saw her shoulders hunch over, then her torso shivered involuntarily. “Jeezus!,” he thought, “she looks hot!” He had never seen her so turned on.

They had asked for adjoining rooms. In an old hotel like the Star-Hotel, just off the L’ Etoile, the rooms were not large, but comfortable. They shared suite with a common bathroom. You could see into the adjoining room if the bathroom door was ajar.

Carol and Ted looked at each other and smiled as they walked in. Dot and Lyn were busy in the bathroom getting freshened up before dinner.

With the girls in the bathroom, Ted and Carol quietly compared notes.

"Was it good for you, buddy?" Carol asked Ted.

"Oh hell yes! Nothing like a woman who really enjoys sex. I do believe we have a hot night ahead of us. I think Lyn is ready."

"From what I heard coming from the backseat, I think you're right. I thought she might be willing to go along from the way she’s been feeling since the party night."

Ted replied, "How about you? Are you ready to see another man fuck your wife? It can be difficult the first time. I know."

"I can't wait to watch you fuck her, Ted. I know you can satisfy her the way she wants. It'll be great to be with Dot again, too."

In the bathroom Dot hugged Lyn to her. Just a friendly hug to soothe Lyn’s jitters. Dot had poured her a glass of Jack Daniels.

“It’s going to be Ok, Lyn. Honest, you won’t regret it. You like to have fun, I know you do.”

Dot kissed her on the cheek. Lyn looked at her with questioning eyes. Dot kissed her again, lightly on the lips. Dot lowered her hands to Lyn’s buttocks and pulled her pelvis to pelvis. Then Dot kissed Lyn again...more forcefully. Their lips parted, tongues flicked apprehensively. Then Lyn opened her mouth to allow Dot’s probing tongue.

“I want to fuck you too, Lyn.”

“I know,” replied Lyn as she cupped Dot’s ass in her hands too, “I know.”

They were all famished. It was slow in coming but the dinner was hurried; either by hunger or lust, but it was devoured quickly. They lingered over coffee just long enough to enjoy their after dinner drinks. Conversation about their afternoon was mostly avoided because of Lyn’s nervousness. It was not nervousness. It was anticipation.

In the chill of the Paris night they practically ran back to the hotel. Going up in the elevator, Lyn hung onto her husband. She hugged and kissed him repeatedly, telling him how much she loved him.

Back in the room Lyn continued smooching up her husband with further assurances that she truly loved him. Carol took his wife by the hand and walked over to Ted. He placed her hand in Ted’s.

“It’s Ok, Lyn. Go ahead. Go with Ted.”

Lyn looked first at Dot, then smiling at Ted. “Come on, stud. Let’s go in the other room.”

Once alone, Lyn put her arms around Ted’s neck pressing herself to him and brought her mouth to his. They began to remove each other’s clothes. Ted removed Lyn’s blouse to reveal her ample breasts beneath her bra. He bent his head to kiss the impressive mounds. Lyn unzipped her skirt and let it fall. She felt Ted’s hand, roaming over her body…gently feeling her delicate curves…the small of her back…the majestic globes of her ass. It stayed there for a while, gently pinching her rump; then it moved to her front…caressing her soft belly and finally to her delicate mound of Venus covered only with a thin layer of her flimsy panties.

“I’m very horny Ted. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.” She tugged at his trousers and they dropped on the floor next to her clothing.

“You didn’t seem to enthusiastic about the idea earlier. Didn’t you say you were adamant about fucking another man?“

Lyn replied, “Yeah, well...I couldn’t seem to be to enthusiastic about it in front of my husband could I? Even if he wanted me to fuck you.” Then, “Has he fucked Dot?” Ted figured Lyn had put it all together. But before he could reply.

“I’ve pretty much kept up the pretense of a faithful wife up to now. It’s all been bullshit though. I planned to fuck you before we left.” Lyn had one hand on the back of Ted’s neck as he sucked on her nipples. The other hand had a hand full of Ted’s engorged cock. She stroked it as she explained.

“I know he’s been unfaithful to me in the past. I understand my man’s needs, especially during those long temporary duty separations. For a long period during our marriage, our sex life dwindled to almost nothing. After fifteen years of marriage he became bored with me and I with him.”

Lyn reached down and grasped Ted’s cock On her tip-toes she lifted up her cunt and ran the tip of his cock along her slit. She loved the feel of a swollen head cock nudging against her burning cunt-lips. With a sob of delight, she ran the chiseled tip of his prick up and down her feverishly wet vulva, mashing it against her throbbing clit.

“Oh fuck! I’m so horny.” Then, “I lied. This not the first time I’ve had sex with another man outside my marriage. I”ve had a couple of one-night stands when Carol was away on his 90 day duty stints. Now tell me, has he fucked Dot?” Ted hesitated. He pulled Lyn down on the bed with him.

“Wow! You are quite a surprise lady!”

Again Lyn asked, “Has he fucked Dot?”

“Yes...he has. Yeah, he’s fucked Dot. The three of us got it on pretty good before you got here. Are you angry?”

“No...strangely enough, I’m not. I’m relieved, actually. I’ve wanted to tell him about the young studs in the ward that I’ve fucked. I didn’t want him to find out after I’ve been so adamant about the subject. But I was just being a hypocrite. The graveyard shift gets long and boring sometimes. There’s always someplace dark and private around the hospital.”

Ted was curious, “Have you ever made it with a female nurse?”

“No, my only contact with another female was the incident I told Carol about. It went no further than her sucking my breast. But I’ve thought about it. When Jan hinted at what was going on with her and Dot, I thought about it some more. I’m glad Carol fucked Dot....she told me she wants to fuck me and I want to fuck her too.”

“Yeah, she wants you, sweetheart. But I get to do you first.” Ted slid down between her legs.

Ted felt Lyn’s hands on the sides of his face urging him into her. "Are you a good flap-lapper like your wife?" she laughed. When Lyn got horny she often became vulgar and nasty.

Ted didn't reply. His tongue had better things to do. First, he licked the thin area on both sides, between the folds of her slit and her thighs. Then he gently touched the tip of his tongue directly on her crease, and slid it up and down her slit.

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20-01-2008, 12:07 AM
She held his head between her hands, and she began tugging strongly, trying to force his head into her. He resisted, and continued touching and licking the outside of her womanhood. When her tugging increased, Ted pointed his tongue and penetrated her labia, hooking it upward, hoping to contact her clitoris.

He succeeded. Lyn’s body shuddered, and her thighs replaced her hands, clamping tightly against Ted’s ears.

"Now!" she panted, "s-stick that thing in m-me. I need to f–f-feel you in me!" Her voice was broken by her heavy breathing and panting. Dot told us later they heard her in the other bedroom.

Dot looked at Carol, “I need it too, Liebchen, and then walked up to him to unbuckled his belt. When they were naked under the blankets Dot turned around and on top of Carol to suck his cock and placed her cunt over his face. “I want to suck a while before you put it in...meee! Yes, baby, lick it!” Not minutes later she came in Carol’s mouth. She swallowed his second load of the day. But...he was still hard.

“Fuck me now, Carol. I need you to fill me. Fuck me good, baby...I’ve missed you.” Carol loved fucking Dot. She could do things with her pussy that Lyn couldn’t. Dot’s cunt squeezed his cock. She squeezed his cock at will. With every stroke, she squeezed. Her cunt felt like her mouth.

“I love fucking you, baby. You are such a hot fuck, Dot.” And he continued impaling Dot until she had a second orgasm with the help of her fingers. Carol couldn’t cum again so soon but he never lost his hard-on. “How do you think Lyn’s doing?” he asked Dot. “I’d really like to see them doing it.”

“Wouldn’t you like to join them? I want to join them, Carol. I’m still horny and there’s pussy in the next room.” Dot told him.

“Really, Dot? Jeezus! I’d really like to see that.”

“Let’s go take a peek and see what happens. I want to watch Ted fuck her too.”

They were on the bed. Ted was kneeling straight up. Lyn’s left leg was between his knees. Her right leg was straight up and up along Ted’s chest, her right foot resting against the side of his face. Lyn was turned slightly on her left shoulder as Ted drove long slow strokes between Lyn’s labia. When he went in, her labia disappeared. When he pulled back they extended out along Ted’s engorged cock. Lyn’s facial expression displayed her lust. Her tongue rolled over and around her lips. She massaged her breasts and pinched her hardened nipples, and she was panting heavily, sweat glistening between her breasts.

Standing back just inside the bathroom at first, Dot and Carol watched quietly through the bathroom door. Carol stood behind Dot with his arms wrapped around to better fondle her breasts. His cock was firmly ensconced between in her buttocks. He couldn’t get it in her cunt because a poor angle of attack, so when he humped her his cock slid past her opening and she could feel it bump against her fingers and clit in front.

Dot leaned her head back and whispered to Carol. “Is that what you wanted to see? Look at them...Ted is giving it to her good. Doesn’t she look hot?”

“Oh yes...it’s better than I dreamed. She gets so worked up when we have sex, but look at her. She looks like she can’t get enough,” he replied.

Moving closer. Dot stretched her arms up and rested a hand on each side of the door. Then she arched her back and bent slightly forward. “Put it in me, Carol. Put it in...now.” Carol bent his knees slightly and Dot guided him. Dot pushed back against his cock and Carol held her hips to him.

“Oh Carol! That’s so good!” Dot looked back toward Lyn and Ted on the bed. Lyn was staring at her and Carol. She had seen them, but didn’t know for how long. Lyn massaged her breasts. Her other hand was busy fingering her clit and grasping at Ted’s cock as it plowed into her. Lyn grunted rhythmically with each stroke.

“Uh...uh...uh...uh. Ah..uh...uh...uh.” She kept looking at Dot and Carol. “I-I’m cumming, Ted! I’m cumming! Carol! I’m cumming, Carol!”

Dot pulled away from Carol and took his hand. “Come on, Carol. It’s now or never. She’ll go for anything right now!” Dot knelt on the bed behind Ted and circled his waist with her arms. Her hands reached down to his lower abdomen and felt for his cock between him and Lyn. When she grasped it with her fingers Ted drove her hand into Lyn’s pussy. Again...and again, and again. Carol knelt next to his wife’s head. He sat back on his haunches and moved close. Lyn saw his intent and opened her mouth. She was glad he was there now. It was nicer to share this wonderful feeling with her husband...while she was being fucked by another man. She held her husband’s cock and sucked. Her cheeks hollowed with the suction. Carol talked to her.

“Is it good, babe. Do you like it?” Lyn lazily pulled Carol’s cock from her mouth with a loud plop.

“Oh yesssss! It’s sooo good, babe!” She could feel Dot’s fingers down there as Ted fucked her. “Dot? Dot, baby? Come here and give me another kiss.” Ted and Carol looked at each other quite surprised. Lyn wanted to get close to Dot. She had both men in her and she wanted to kiss Dot like she did earlier in the day. Lyn knew it would be good.

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20-01-2008, 12:09 AM
“Here I am, Liebchen. Dot came around from behind Ted and lay next to Lyn. As Dot rested her head on Lyn’s shoulder she reached for her friend’s breasts and teased her nipples. The women faced each other and brought their open mouths together. Dot dropped her hand down to Lyn’s cunt and slipped her fingers down to where Ted’s cock continued to fuck a steady pace.

Dot fingered Lyn’s clit as they kissed till the woman was delirious with lust and humping up at Ted with each stroke. Dot broke the kiss and with lips still touching asked Lyn, “Do you want me to lick this, Lyn. Do you want me to lick your pussy?”

“Oh gawd, yesssssss, Dot! Do it. Dot it to me like you do it to Jan! Please! I want to feel your mouth down there!”

“I’ll do it just like I do Jan...and Marsha...and Brooke,” Dot teased.

“Yesssssss! Yes, Dot...eat me like that!” Lyn’s head was spinning with visions of Jan..and Marsha...and Brooke. Brooke? Jan’s daughter? “Young pussy! Uh-hummm!” she thought.

Ted shifted so that both of Lyn’s legs were astride his thighs. This raised Lyn’s pelvis and gave up Lyn’s cunt to Dot’s mouth. Dot saw the full length of Ted’s penis in Lyn except for the helmet. He kept it there. Dot turned toward Ted and swung her leg over Lyn’s torso. She bent down to Lyn’s pussy and kissed her there like she had just kissed the woman’s other mouth. Lyn could see Dot’s buttocks and her pussy above her. Carol could not resist feeling Dot’s ass. He spread her cheeks apart and leaned in to kiss her ass. He licked at Dot’s nether hole and down to her cunt. When he did so he blocked Lyn’s view.

“Carol! Move! Let me do it!” Carol was thinking, “She’s going to do it! She’s going to do it!” Carol moved away. Lyn grasped Dot’s hips with both hands and pulled. Dot knew what Lyn wanted and adjusted her position to bring her pussy to Lyn’s mouth. “Oh, Dot! Oh, Dot. I want to lick you too! I want to eat you! I can’t believe it...I want to eat her pussy, Carol. Carol, honey, it looks so good!” I Dot grasped Ted’s cock and pulled it from Lyn. Ted knew Dot was going to suck Lyn’s juices off him. She did. Dot replaced her husband’s cock in Lyn.

“Just hold it there, honey,” she told Ted. Then she placed her forehead at the root of Ted’s cock and covered Lyn’s cunt with her mouth. Her tongue danced on Lyn’s clit.

“Mmmmm, mm....mmmmmm...mm,” they both hummed into each other’s cunts. Lyn felt Ted hump ever so slightly into her as much as Dot’s head would allow. It was almost unbearable to feel Ted’s cock poised just at her entrance but unable to press further. Dot’s mouth was the most delicious sex she had ever experienced. Lyn licked and sucked on Dot’s pussy to her heart’s content. She felt like she was in continuous orgasm. “Where’s Carol?” she thought.

“Carol, honey?” She tilted her head to find Carol then realized that her head was between his knees behind her. She saw him stroking his cock just above her head. “Carol! Are you going to join us? Come on honey, let’s get nasty!” Carol straddled Lyn’s shoulders so he could come up behind Dot.

Dot shouted into Lyn’s pussy, “Fuck me, Carol! Come on, baby. Fuck me!” Then quickly went back to Lyn’s wet pussy. Occasionally, she sucked up and down the length of Ted’s cock back to Lyn’s clit.

Lyn looked up and saw her husband’s cock bobbing up toward Dot’s waiting pussy. Lyn grabbed it and stroked it lovingly. She lifted her head so she could get it in her mouth.

“Lyn, h-honey! That’s so g-good!” Lyn aimed Carol’s prick at Dot’s cunt and rubbed the head on her friend’s clit. Dot humped back against the familiar appendage till it found her. Carol pushed it in as far as he could. Lyn saw. Lyn fingered Dot’s pussy and the cock that disappeared and reappeared from view above her. She lifted her head to get her mouth to the juncture. Carol pulled out from Dot and his cock went directly into his wife’s mouth. Then back again.

Ted interrupted, “Ok, let me have her, I want to cum and I want to do it fucking Lyn.” Lyn agreed.

“Yeah, Ted. Let’s do it proper!” When Dot and Carol rolled away, Ted leaned down to kiss Lyn and she wrapped her legs around his waist. “Put it in me, Ted. Fuck me, good.” Ted grasped Lyn’s ass underneath and pulled her to him as he fucked for all he was worth. The bed bounced under Dot and Carol. Dot placed her head on a pillow and hugged it. Her back was arched and her ass was up high and fucking back into Carol’s forward thrusts. Lyn was watching Carol fuck Dot. He’s so damn good! I’ve never seen him fuck from this perspective, she thought. Lyn reached out with her hand to touch her husband.

“W-we’ve got t-to do this more often, babe. I’ve got...got a lot of c-catching up to do. Oh...oh, Ted...f-fuck...fuck me!”

Ted and Carol could not outlast their wives. The girls never skipped a beat. The men left the bed and the girls snapped together like magnets. The men were officially fucked-out so they sat aside to drink more wine and smoke. They watched the women finish off a good 69 only to see them scissor their legs to bring their cunts up against each other for a good grind. Stretched head to foot they hugged and pulled on each other’s leg. They humped to several more orgasms.

They spent three days and three very special nights in Paris. The girls had a couple of very special afternoons alone too. The next time Dot hosted a gathering of friends, Lyn and Carol stayed for the after party. Soon after, Lyn hosted a little afternoon delight for all the women in the group one Sunday afternoon. Dot, Jan, Marsha, Doris, Brooke. And a couple of nurses from her ward. Dot gave Ted all the details followed by a thorough blow-job.

The End !!! :D

20-01-2008, 12:25 AM
bro birdie8819,,,,,,

very nice and good stories...thanks :D

20-01-2008, 12:25 AM
How about this one - Title : Frat house gang bang

It was a Friday night in spring, prime time for frat parties around campus. My roommate, Shauna, and I were freshmen and often attended one of these parties to have something to do. But we almost always left early out of boredom with the drunken antics of the younger frat brothers. This Friday started and ended differently.

When we arrived at the Frat house we found a good party under way, with mostly upperclassmen in attendance. It was still a romping party, but without the usual obnoxious behavior of the younger boys. Shauna and I circulated and danced. We drank beer and ate the snacks provided. And we drank beer. And we danced. And we drank beer. Most of the men were good looking and so much cooler than the frosh we had gotten used to.

I slow danced with a couple of Junior’s and one Senior. They each let me know they liked me; their erections spoke for them. During a rest period I necked with one of the Junior’s on a corner sofa, and he made good progress at getting me worked up. My panties were wet when we got up to dance again.

Soon, too soon I thought, the party began to break up, and I realized that it was already two AM. The music was on low volume and the overall noise level was way down. My “date,” I think his name was Paul, asked if I would like to see his room upstairs. I knew what he was really asking and I wanted it too, so I said yes. He led me up the stairs to the third floor, and along the way I saw several other brothers give him the V sign.

In his room we moved to his bed and began necking again. He was a great kisser and my temperature kept rising. Soon we had moved from necking to petting. His hands worked their way up under my top to massage my breasts, naked under my shirt. In no time at all my top was off and he was kissing and sucking my tits, my nipples. It felt wonderful, but I realized the beer had gotten to me. Here I was in a stranger’s bedroom with my shirt off, and his mouth and hands all over my tits. What in the world am I doing here, I thought. And the answer became irrelevant as his hand moved to my groin and began to rub me from the outside of my shorts.

He soon moved me along from excited to fully aroused. His mouth still worked on my nipples, sucking and biting, while his hands fumbled at opening my shorts. Once open, he struggled to get them off me. I could hear myself moaning with the pleasure of his mouth. I raised my hips and he pushed my shorts and wet panties down my thighs and my legs. They hung up on my left foot and dangled there, but neither of us paid any attention.

Paul leaned up over me and looked at my bared body, seeming to be hypnotized. Then he gathered himself and looked into my eyes.

“Susan, you’re beautiful, truly beautiful. I want to fuck you so much I can’t stand it.”

It wasn’t much in the way of love talk, but it enflamed me. I pulled him down to me and tried to loosen his belt. We struggled together for long seconds, then he pulled back, stood up, and shucked the encumbering clothes: pants, shorts, shirt. He stood there before me for half a dozen heartbeats, naked and beautiful in his own right. Lean, tall, and well muscled. His erection stood pulsing in the low light, curving upward from his pubic hair at its base.

Then he quickly climbed back on the bed above me. I opened my legs to him and he snuggled down between them. There was no more foreplay. He took his erection in his hand and guided it to my opening. He slid the head between my wet lips and soon forced it into me. Oh, god, how good it felt.

I moaned into his ear as he pounded into me. This was not gentle love making. This was hard fucking. And I didn’t care, I loved it. His cock thudded into my wet center, making squishy wet sounds and exciting my clit with each stroke. I felt myself rising rapidly toward an orgasm. I urged him on with my clenching vaginal muscles, my legs wrapped around his hips, and with my voice.

“Fuck me, Paul,” I whispered to him. “Fuck me hard, honey. Fuck me, fuck me. I’m gonna come.” I could hear my voice rising as he slammed into me, and my climax burst in my belly. He kept pumping into me as the tremors raced through my body. And then he yelled and froze with his cock buried deep in my belly. It pulsed repeatedly and I could feel the cum pump into my core.

Paul slumped on top of me and we both tried to regulate our breathing. Suddenly I realized we were not alone. Over his shoulder I could see two guys silhouetted in the doorway by the hall light.

“Hey, Paul,” one of them said, “that’s one pretty lady you have there. Want to share?”

Without a word Paul rolled off me and laughed. “Sure, Harry. Harry, this is Susan. She is one hot little Freshman. Susan, this is my friend Harry. And that’s Johnnie.”

I lay there naked, with Paul’s cum leaking from my pussy, as the two approached the bed. I was foggy from the beer and the fuck, but I was nervous. What’s going on here? I thought. The answer became obvious in a moment.

Harry started to undress and Johnnie followed suit. As Paul caressed my belly, the two climbed onto the bed. Harry started playing with my breasts, massaging them and rubbing my nipples. Johnnie climbed between my legs and caressed my pussy. Both guys now had full erections. I tried weakly to get up but the three of them made that impossible. Harry began to kiss my breasts and Johnnie rubbed his cock on my pussy lips. Paul held my shoulders and kissed me.

“Easy, Susan. This is just your initiation to our Frat. All the special girls get initiated and become honorary Frat sisters.”

I didn’t know what to do, but the caresses were starting to get me hot again. In a moment the issue became moot; Johnnie slid his hard cock into me. It went in easily because I was wet and stretched a bit by Paul’s previous use of me. I felt full again and liked it. Johnnie started to stroke in and out of me with no further preparation. It felt good, so very good.

Paul pulled back and Harry replaced him, his swollen cock in my face. As it hit my lips I opened my mouth instinctively and took it into me. As I sucked him, I stared up into his eyes and saw his lust reflected there. He began to thrust gently as Johnnie pumped into my cunt. I had cocks in my pussy and mouth at the same time, something totally new to me. I was confused but excited. My hands moved without my conscious thought, one to rub my clit and the other to grasp and stroke the cock in my mouth.

As the two Brothers fucked me I became aware of other men entering the room. A small crowd now surrounded the bed on which I lay, watching me being fucked in mouth and cunt. For some strange reason I was no longer frightened. I was aroused to the point that I came violently on Johnnie’s thrusting cock. It made me gag on Harry’s cock, now deep in my throat. And it was enough to bring Johnnie off; he came noisily, pumping a load of cum into my already filled pussy.

As Johnnie climbed off me, another man stepped forward and replaced him in my cunt. Soon Harry erupted with a yell and filled my sucking mouth to overflowing. I tried to swallow the hot cum but much leaked out around his cock to spill over my lips and onto my chin and cheeks. I felt it run down the sides of my face and into my ears. I remember thinking that tickles.

I soon lost track of who was doing what to me. I kept having orgasms, seemingly one after another. And the men kept coming, too. With my pussy full, they began pulling out to cum, shooting it on me instead of in me. Hot cum splashed on my face and breasts, on my belly and pussy. I was covered in the gooey stuff. The scent of it filled my nostrils and aroused me even more.

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20-01-2008, 12:26 AM
Guys were fucking my cunt and my mouth, taking turns and laughing with the insanity of it all. And then someone said, “Hey, she’s got another hole we haven’t used!”

They flipped me over and pulled my ass high in the air. Someone pressed his erection against my anus. Now I was scared. I wasn’t an anal virgin but I knew how tight I was back there. Luckily, I guess, the abundance of sperm that had leaked out of my pussy and down my ass crack was enough to lube me. The guy back there pushed hard and plunged past my sphincter and deep into my rectum. I think I yelled but my mouth was full of Shorty’s meat – which almost immediately erupted into me.

The guy in my ass lifted me and rolled onto his back taking me with him. This presented my gaping pussy to the rest of them, and a guy stepped forward and rammed his meat into me. Another stuffed his cock into my now empty mouth. I was being fucked in all three holes, another first for me.

I was reeling with lust and exhaustion by now. As one guy came and moved off me another would immediately replace him in whatever hole had been left empty. By the time the last guy was coming in me the first team had recuperated and came at me again.
Throughout this ravaging of my body I was having one orgasm after another, my body shuddering again and again as I came, sweat all over me. When my mouth wasn't stuffed I was crying in pain and ecstasy.

My mind was awhirl with the constantly changing scene, different guys fucking me in different parts of my body, shooting cum all over me, climbing on and off the bed as they came. I could not keep track of what was going on. All I know is that every guy there took me at least twice, some more. When there weren’t any openings available, some guys just jerked off on me rather than wait. Later they told me there were twelve of them, that weekend’s “initiation committee.”

When they were done with me, not able to get erect again, they backed off. I just lay there with splayed legs, my arms spread as though I'd been crucified, soaked in sweat and covered in drying cum. My pussy and ass felt raw, and my jaws ached.

I was limp, unable to move. Spent and used, I felt glorious but weak. They stood around or sat, and stared at my so well fucked nakedness. Then spontaneously they began to clap. One guy started and the others began to pick it up. The whole crowd erupted in cheers and laughter. I tried to join in but I didn't have the energy. I just smiled at them. And let out a huge burp, a cum burp.

That did it. They couldn't even stand they laughed so hard.

I tried to sit up but didn’t have the energy. Paul came and sat beside me and cradled my head.

“Susan, are you OK?” he said. I just smiled at him and shook my head.

They carried me to a spare bed, wiped my hot, smeared face with a cold cloth, and tucked me in. The next morning, late, two of them helped me dress. (I requested that they leave their dried sperm on me. I wanted to show my roommate or I don't think she would have believed my story. They drove me home to the house that Shauna and I and several others lived in. I walked from the car to the house with my head high, even though my hair was matted with dried cum.

Shauna met me at the door, her eyes widening in shock.

“My God, girl, what happened to you?”

I smiled and told her I would fill her in while I soaked in a hot bath. And I did. And it’s a good thing I hadn’t washed away the evidence before coming home. Shauna laughed and laughed as she helped me wash it off.

“Next time, honey, I’m sticking close to you. I’ll either keep you out of trouble or join in.”

The End !!! :D

20-01-2008, 12:29 AM
Last short story for tonight - Title : Locker room love

I never really fit in with the guys at school. I dont know why but i could easly make friends with girls. because of this later down the road people called me gay. i never was really....but then when i was about 13 i thought more and more about it and i decided i was, well i wanted to be fucked by guys. i never told anyone about my thoughts. i didnt have many girl friends and still wanted to date them but over the years i became more and more into gay sex. i never had sex up until the 10th grade.....thus begins our story.

at the time i was 15 and im the tenth grade, i wasnt exactly popular and not exactly the most handsome person in the world. i was 5'5" with brown eyes n hair. my nationalyity is queite mixed, half white, a quarter black n a quarter asian. i wsnt too into sports so i wasnt really muscular.

one day after gym, which i had last block, we were getting out of the pool. i had this class with some fairly decent people, one of my male friends {Kevin, also in 10th grade, vietnemese, tanish skin n sorta hott ^_^ but hes straight w/ a gf :( } n a couple of other guys who i thought were hot. so anyways me n kevin got in trouble during the class n the coach had us stay after i call my friend who i was supposed to leave with that i had to stay after with n he txts his g/f to tell her the same. we had to do laps around the pool.

after we were finnished we both got out and went into the lockerroom to get changed, so we get in there n he says, "hey, can i barrow ur towel after your done?" "yea sure hold on a sec." i replied. so i turn around n dry off a little n put the towel around my waist n drop my trunks n put on my boxers. i turn around n go to hand kevin the towel to see him staning there butt naked. "what are you doing man? couldnt you wait like two seconds?" "oh sry am i making you uncomfortable?" "no not raelly i guess...." i toss him the towel n he drys off. i cant help but stand there n a sort of lustfull stare as he drys off his chest making his way down to his soft tan cock. as im standing there i cant help but to get a hard on. as i realize this i quickly turn around n go back to my locker. "wait a sec." he says. "um yea ?'' i turn my head n say as to not call atention to my hard on. "did you just get hard while i was drying off." crap, i think, now hes gunna think im gay n beat my ass! "ummm no i was just think of this girl alicia, u no from our bio class?" "yea right!" he says while walkin towards my slowly, "its ok man if ur gay i wont tell anyone. hey now u got me thingin of her! look" he says pointing at his 4 inck cock. i cant help but look.

"hey u saw mine now let me see urs." kevin says. "woah wut?" i say confused. "yea, if were both hard we might as well beat the off here." "are you serious?" i say "yea why not? no ones here. plus i think i heard the coaches left allready." "umm ok" i say and turn around n drop my boxers. "nice" he says. my cock was an inch longer than his and i had more hair. we both sit down on the bench and start slowly beating our cocks. he reaches over to touch my cock but i shift over away from him a little. "hey man im not gay." i say "oh please, you so are. i can tell my the way ur allways watching me when ever we have classes together, and how you are so angry when u see me n mel together (his gf) but i have a secret" he says and leans closer to me. "im gay too." "are you serious?" "yea, well bi, sorta. i just ..... me and mel have been fighting a lot lately and i just need something to forget about her." "well then, lets get down to buisness. hold on lets just make sure the coaches have left." i grab the towell of the ground n wrat it around my self. he grabs one form his locker and dows the smae. "hey..." i say. "yea i had one the whole time i just needed something to luse you in with." we walk over to where the coaches office is and we peak in. clear, thank god. we go into the showers and go into one of the ones with a curtin.

we go in and shut it slightly. we put the water on and start to make out. he reaches around and squeezes my ass and sticks a finger into my hole. hes actualy the first guy i have done anything with. he goes to suck my cock but i stop him and say, "no today its all about you. i want you to forget about the bitch of yours" i get on my hands and knees and kiss the top of his head. i stick my toung out and caress his little slit. he lets out a low moan. "like it?" i say "more than you know!" i put the head into my mouth and suck a little. i ease more and more into my mouth and he puts his hand on the back of my head. more and morei swallow but stop to get a little air.i go back going faster nad faster deeper and deeper. "oh yea ur so good a sucking cock! why cant my girlfriend do this?" his cock swells and i can tell he's close. i take it out and jerk it off in front of my mouth. "Oh yea, oooo im so close!" after a few more pumps he explodes in my face. the first goes from the bottom of my nose up into my hair. the second goes into my mouth and lips. i put thte head back in to get the last drops. i dont swallow yet and go up so we can make out with his satly cum. it tasted so go with his toung added. his cock was still hard so i said, "wanna go back to my house n finish this? my parents wont be home till late n i want some more." "hell yea i wana fuck the shit you of you."

As we go to leave the showers we hear voices. we look up at the clock and realize it was time for the football players to start their practice. "Shit were done for!" i whisper to him. we turn off the water and stay completely still. we must have been the for hours or at leats thats what if felt like. the voices seemed to leave but we waited a little longer. suddenly the shower curtin is thrust open and see Tyler, Sam, James, Paul and Tony standing there.

The End !!! :D

Good Night And Sweet Dreams !!! :)

20-01-2008, 08:57 AM
Lovely Aunty conintues...
One morning when I was in the kitchen with Sue, she asked me if I had ever been down to the creek at the far end of the farm. I had never explored that part of the farm and had no idea there was a creek there. I told that I hadn't but now that I knew it was there I would go explore that part of the farm. She said that she had an even better idea--that the two of us would carry a lunch basket and have a picnic there. She indicated that Grandpa wasn't up to walking that far, but she would feed him his lunch and while he was taking his nap we would go there and have our picnic. That sounded great to me. It combined two of my favorite things--exploring and eating--and I waited impatiently for lunch time to finally get there.

Shortly before noon, Sue called to me and said she was just about ready. I went back into the kitchen and found Sue and Grandpa there. I was more than a little surprised by what else I found--Sue dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. Seeing her dressed like that, I was mystified about why she hid herself in such full, baggy clothes. She had a super figure: long-legged, slender-waisted and big-boobed. I couldn't keep my eyes off her and my cock twitched in my pants at the sight.

Sue set out lunch for Grandpa and told him to have a nice nap afterward, that she and I were going down to the creek and have a picnic. He didn't pay much attention, just told us "kids" to have a good time. Sue pointed to the picnic basket and said that a big strong guy like me should be the one to carry it.

Since Sue knew the way, she took the lead and I followed. Walking closely behind her, I couldn't help but notice the way her rear end twisted and the cheeks of her ass moved as she walked. Her shorts were really short-shorts, and after she had walked a little way, they worked upward on her ass so that the bottoms of her ass cheeks showed. I could see the edge of her white panties peeking out from under the shorts, and the sight worked on me like waving a red flag excites a bull. I had been excited from seeing some of Sue's hidden charms revealed, but getting a peek of panties made my cock get rock-solid hard and bulge out the front of my pants. I was relieved that I was behind her so that she couldn't see the effect she was having on me.

By the time we finally arrived at our destination, I was in a pretty bad state. First, I was about as horny as I had ever been in my entire life. Having watched Sue's firm ass as it squirmed and twisted for the last twenty minutes had my cock throbbing and aching. My horniness, though, was almost secondary to my frustration. The realization that the ass I had been watching, indeed the whole of Sue's beautiful body, lay beside me each night, so close yet so far away and untouchable, made me gnash my teeth. I couldn't help but groan and give a big sigh of anguish.

The place where Sue had taken us was really nice. The creek had a limestone bed and was surrounded by grass that was almost like a lawn. Big oak trees shaded a lot of the area and made it so quiet and restful that I could easily see why Sue considered it a good place for a picnic. At one time, someone had dammed the creek so as to make a pond, and even though part of the dam had washed away, there was still a nice-sized pool. The water looked cool and clear, ideal for swimming.

20-01-2008, 09:29 AM
Sue spread a tablecloth and laid out the food from the basket. Seeing and smelling the food made me realize how hungry I was, and I dove in with relish. Sue seemed to have a good appetite, too, and between the two of us we quickly disposed of the picnic lunch. Feeling full and relaxed, I stretched out on the grass and gazed up at the sky. Sue laid down beside me, and together we just lay there silent, enjoying the peace and quiet of the warm afternoon. I shifted positions a little, and when I did my hand came into contact with Sue's. She didn't move her's so I left my hand where it was. It may have been just an accidental touch, but it was electrifying to me. Seeing Sue in her scanty clothes had caused me to become infatuated with her woman's mature body, and being able to touch her, even if only with a mere touching of fingers, sent little shivers through me.

After a while I sat up and looked at the water in the pool. "That sure looks like a good place to swim," I said.Sue said, "Yes, it is. When your mother and uncles and I were kids we used swim here real often. I was the littlest of all, so about all I got to do was stick my feet in. We all went skinny-dipping, back then."

"You went swimming naked?" I asked.

"Yeah, we sure did," Sue said with kind of an embarrassed laugh. "None of us owned a bathing suit."

"Was it fun? Swimming, I mean."

"Oh, yes. Course, we didn't keep it up too long. After we got old enough to know what the difference between girls and boys meant we had to stop."

"Do you ever go swimming now?" I asked.

"Well, sometimes I still sneak out here and take a dip."

"You skinny-dip?"

Sue laughed, her face flushing just a little, and said, "Yeah. I still don't own a bathing suit."

"I sure would like for us to go swimming right now," I said.

"Well, I've already told you I don't have a bathing suit and you don't have one, either, so I guess we're just out of luck."

"We could go skinny-dipping, like you say you do."

Sue's face turned red and she said, "Donny, I sure know the difference between girls and boys now, and a good-looking boy like you surely does, so we couldn't do that."
Undaunted and still practically panting to see more of Sue's body, I said, "We could swim in our underwear. That wouldn't show any more than a bathing suit does."

Sue's eyes kind of narrowed and I could tell she was thinking about my suggestion. Finally, she said, "Well, maybe we could. You're right, the way bathing suits are today, our underwear would cover more than they do. Okay, we'll do it. But not a word about it to your mother. She'd skin me alive if she knew we did such a thing."

I took my hand and made like I was zipping my mouth. "Not a word. You have my solemn oath."

Having made up her mind, she was almost like a kid, eager to get on with it. She stood up and pulled the tee-shirt over head and unbuttoned the waist of her shorts. The shorts were tight and she had to wriggle her hips to get them off. Seeing her there in her panties and bra, her hips squirming like that made me forget that I was supposed to be undressing too.

20-01-2008, 09:33 AM
Sue saw me staring and said, "Now cut that out, Donny. I'm already a little embarrassed- -don't make it any worse."

I pulled off my shirt and started lowering my pants so that I would be dressed in just my Jockey shorts. I realized then that I had a real problem. My cock was hard and throbbing and my state of arousal would be obvious to Sue. Turning my back, I managed to cram the rod down into the crotch of my shorts so at least I didn't look like I had a tennis ball stuck in my shorts. Some bulge still showed, but maybe Sue would just think I was well developed.Half way presentable, I ran down to the water and waded in. Being in first would give me a change to look at Sue without appearing to be staring. I turned around and watched Sue as she carefully inched her way to the water, wincing a little as the rocks hurt her feet. It was a good thing I had my cock tucked in secure because just watching her coming toward me, white panties and bra on, would have turned the front of my shorts into a tent.

"Come on in, the water's just great," I said. Talking to her required me to face her, and that's exactly what I wanted to do. This was the first time I had ever seen a girl in her underwear, and even though I couldn't see any more than I could have if she had on a bathing suit, just the thought of it's being underwear excited me beyond any point I had been before then.Sue waded out a little way and sat down in the water, sub- merging herself to a level that her breasts were just at the water line. They bobbed up and down, as if they were floating on the surface, and my hands itched to reach out and feel them, to discover for the first time what it felt like to put my hand on a girl's flesh. I knew, though, that doing that would probably make her more than a little angry, and that she would want to get out right then. All I wanted was to stay there with her as long as possible, drinking in the sight of her creamy skin and revelling in the idea that I was so close to an almost-nude girl.
I dog-paddled over to her and sat in the water alongside her. She had a smile on her face and I knew that she was having fun. I said, "I can see why you like this place--it's a super swimming hole. Is it deeper in the middle?"

Sue said, "Yeah, quite a bit. Come on, I'll show you." She paddled out a ways and stood up, the water almost up to her neck. I came out by her and stood, too. We were so close that when she turned toward me her breast brushed my arm, its firm weight pressing against it. She didn't seem to pay any attention, and I was very happy about that.

She said, "It's even deeper than this right out here," and stepped toward the middle of the pond. Suddenly, she went completely under, her head disappearing under the surface. Instinctively, I reached out for her, my arms and hands extended, to pull her back up. I ducked under the water and grabbed her under the armpits and lifted her up. When I did, she fell back against me and my hands slipped around to her front, each handcupping one of her round, firm breasts. I couldn't help myself--I squeezed and kneaded them, gently massaging them through the fabric of her bra.

Sue went stiff in my arms, her body straightening out so that she stood full erect. Her hands came up and covered mine and for just a few moments we remained frozen in that position. She turned around then, dislodging my hands from her breasts, and said, "Wow, I guess I stepped in a hole there. Thanks for being so quick and pulling me up. I'd better get back in the shallow water where I'll be safe."

Sue paddled into shallow water and sat down, her legs apart and extended in front of her. The water came up to only the tops of her thighs and it was so clear and clean that I could see all the way to the bottom. The bottom, though, wasn't what I was looking at. Sue's panties, which had been opaque when dry, were completely transparent now that they were wet. I could clearly see the full extent of her swatch of black pubic hair and even distinguish the top of the cleft that ran down the middle of that dark triangle. My breath caught in my throat and I became dry-mouthed. I had longed to see a girl's pussy, and now I was getting at least a partial look at Sue's.

My cock worked its way out of its tucked position and completely bulged out the front of my shorts.I immediately turned around and went back out to deeper water where I could readjust my cock without Sue being able to tell what I was doing. Once again presentable, I came back to her and sat next to her. I couldn't tear my eyes off of Sue's sexual area. Since she was beside me, she couldn't see how my eyes bored into the space between her thighs. I was so distracted by the sight that I couldn't even carry on a decent conversation, just saying "Uh-huh" and "Yeah" to whatever she said. After a while, she stood up and said that it was getting late and she needed to get home to start supper. Even though I tried to turn my eyes away in time, she caught them zeroing in on her crotch. Looking down at herself, she said,

"Oh, God, just look at me. I thought underwear was safe to wear, but I might have well have gone skinny-dipping. Come on, let's get out of here and get dressed." We got out and put our clothes on over our wet underwear and headed for the farmhouse.

That night after Sue and I were in bed, she said, "Donny, since my wet panties showed so much that I might as well been naked, if we go swimming tomorrow we can skinny-dip if you'd like to. But, again, absolutely no word of it to your mother. Understand?"

I could hardly keep from stammering as I answered, "Yeah, I'd like to go skinny-dipping. And as far telling Mom, I've already made a blood oath with you."

"Just checking to be sure. Good night, Donny."

20-01-2008, 09:38 AM
I was so excited that I wasn't able to go to sleep immediately as I usually did. My cock was hard and throbbing at the thought of being completely naked with Sue, of seeing a real live fully nude girl for the first time. As if that weren't enough, Sue's action at this time made it even more difficult to go to sleep. She rolled over in bed and in the process pressed her hand up against my buttocks. It felt like a hot ember burning a hole in my skin. Sue's breathing was slow and regular, so I figured she was asleep and it was an accident. After a long while, even with the heat of her hand against me and the discomfort of a hard and aching cock, I too fell asleep.

When I waked up the next morning, the front of my shorts were a gooey mess--I had had a wet dream. The sheet had a wet spot, too, and I knew Sue would see the evidence of my reaction to seeing her in her transparent panties. Remembering the dream I had, I was not surprised at the mess I had made. Sue and I had just finished swimming, both of us completely nude, and we were on the bank, lying together on a big towel. I had one hand on her breast and the other buried between her thighs, my fingers delving into her pussy. She was busy, too, with a hand clasping my rigidly hard cock and stroking it up and down. In my dream, I shot off into the air and all over her hand. I must have shot off in real life, too, with the come in my shorts and on the bed the result.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and put on clean shorts. I planned to try to clean the sheet with a wet wash cloth, but I was too late--Sue was already making the bed and had seen the wet blotch. She stroked her fingers across the wet spot and then rubbed them together, feeling the slippery texture of my boy juice. I was standing in the doorway and there wasn't anything I could do to avoid her confronting me about what had happened.

She looked at me and said, "Looks like someone had a naughty accident last night. You must have been dreaming about one of those cute little high school girls."

I was embarrassed and didn't answer.

Sue laughed and said, "Well, she must have been a real knock-out. Who was it, Donny?"

I sure didn't want to admit that it was she I dreamed of-- she'd probably faint from embarrassment. I figured the best thing to do was just not answer. Sue saw that I was going to stay silent and teasingly said,

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue?"

Responding to her teasing persistence, I said, "Okay, if you just have to know, I dreamed about you."

Sue turned just a little red, apparently not as embarrassed as I was. I turned away, determined to go outside so that she wouldn't see me red-faced. As I was leaving, I heard Sue whisper in a way I'm sure she didn't intend for me to hear, "I dreamed about you, too."

I managed to stay away from Sue until noontime when she called me into the house. She didn't seem the least bit perturbed about what happened that morning. She was smiling and seemed happier than I had seen her in a long time. She told me she had packed a picnic lunch and if I wanted to we could go down to the creek and eat it. I told her I would like that very much. I grabbed the picnic basket and we left the house and started for the creek.

About half way to the creek, I asked, "Can we go swimming?"

"If you want to."

"Swim like you said we could?" I asked, almost breathlessly.

"If that's what you would like to do, then that's what we'll do.

DO you want us to go skinny-dipping? "

Hardly believing my good fortune, I almost shouted, "Yeah, I want us to go skinny-dipping. "
When we finally got to the creek, Sue spread a table cloth and a blanket. She said that since we were going to go skinny-dipping we may as well take advantage of it and get a little sun tanning at the same time. Just the thought of being on a blanket with Sue and both of us naked brought my cock to half mast. Oh, God, maybe she'll let me touch her a little, I fantasized. Sue started to take the lunch out of the basket and put it on the table cloth, but I told her that maybe we should go swimming first. After all, I told her, swimming gives a person an appetite, so it would be better to wait until later to eat. The truth was that I really didn't care when we ate or if we at all. My mind was on Sue taking off her clothes and getting naked and I didn't want anything to delay that. I was getting ready to see my first real pussy and I didn't want to wait one second longer than necessary.

Sue smiled and said, "You're not fooling me, Donny. You're just eager to go skinny-dipping. Isn't that it?"

I tried to act nonchalant about the matter, keeping a straight face, and said, "Well, what I said about eating is true, isn't it?"

Smiling even broader than before, Sue said, "Sure, you're right, all right. Okay, skinny-dipping it is. That means it's down-to-the- buff time. Start shucking, Donny, let's see who can be the first one in the water."

I wasn't in any hurry to undress. What I really wanted was to watch Sue take her clothes off, to see all of her feminine secret areas exposed to my view. She was making a contest of it, though, so my hopes to see her disrobe were frustrated. Well, I could at least get into the water first and get to see her as she came toward me. That way, I would get a good look at Sue's jiggling breasts, but most of all, get my first look at a girl's pussy. I stripped my clothes as fast as I could, almost ripping the buttons off, in order to be first in the water. Before I even had my shoes and socks and shirt off, though, I heard splashing and giggling behind me. Turning around, I saw Sue's back as she waded out into the water, only her naked backside visible to me. Sue quickly waded out into deep water and ducked herself under so that only her head and shoulders showed. Damn! I cursed silently to myself, I missed my chance to see Sue.

Sue wasn't missing a chance to see me, though. As I walked down to the water, my rigid cock bobbed and weaved before me, moving up and down and around in circles with each step. Sue stopped her giggling and watched, her eyes never leaving me as I came forward, my cock like a ship's bowsprit. Finally, the target of her stare went under the water and I waded out beside Sue.

She grinned at me, giggling once more, and said, "I cheated. All I wore was just my dress."
I grinned back at Sue and splashed water into her face, partly playing but also partly to get even with her for cheating me out of a good look at her privates. Instead of my getting to see her, all that happened was for me to give her a good show of my hard cock. I guess I should have been embarrassed about having a hard-on, but Sue's giggling and grin dispelled any of those feelings. Without warning, Sue jumped toward me and pushed my head under water, giving me a thorough ducking. I came up sputtering and lunged for her, determined to get even. She had anticipated my move, though, and had already swum away. I raced after her and grabbed her foot, pulling her under. Still grinning, she made another grab for me, trying again to duck my head under water. I managed to dodge and grapple with her, my arms and hands around her body. As we grappled, she brushed her front against my hard-on, pressing it upright against my stomach. At that same instant, my hand covered one of her breasts, stroking against it and squeezing it.

Sue jumped away, and laughing, said, "Uh-uh, you're breaking the rules. One of the rules of skinny-dipping is no feeling each other up. Everyone can look all they want, but no handling the merchandise. "

Her grin was infectious, and grinning just as big as she, I replied, "All right, no more feelies, but you have to quit ducking. Okay?"

Mollified, but still grinning, Sue said, "Okay, but you're taking the fun out of it."

And you're taking the fun out of it for me, too, I thought to myself.

Remembering Sue's words about being able to look all we wanted and the way she gave me the once-over as I waded into the water, I thought that maybe there was still hope to see Sue's naked body in its entirety. Determined not to waste a chance, I waded out of the water, dried off, and sat on the blanket. "Hey, Sue," I shouted, "I'm hungry. Come on out and let's eat."

20-01-2008, 09:40 AM
"Yeah, I'm hungry, too," Sue said, and waded out of the deep water toward me. As she advanced, her breasts emerged, bobbing up and down in the water and then fully exposed, jiggling on their own. Her waist came into view and then her navel. I sat there, holding my breath in anticipation, as Sue's dark pubic triangle came into view. Her thighs followed, and then she was fully out of the water, walking toward me. I couldn't take my eyes off Sue's hairy center. The vertical line of her vaginal cleft was clearly visible as she advanced toward me. The sway of her hips and the easy way her breasts moved up and down with each step made a beautiful backdrop for the main attraction-- her fur-covered sexual center. I couldn't have torn my eyes away even upon threat of death. My breath came in little pants as I gazed in wide-eyed rapture upon my first real-live, fully naked woman.

Sue ignored the way I was staring, a slight smile on her face the only evidence that she noticed. She sat down on the blanket and took our sandwiches and cold drinks out of the basket. The table cloth was no longer needed--eating in the raw required something other than the ground to sit on. Once she had completed our culinary arrangements, Sue sat cross- legged and started in on her sandwich. I took a bite of mine but my mouth was so dry that I couldn't even chew--I had to take a drink of Coke to get rid of the cotton. With Sue sitting in that position, her vulva gaped wide open, I had an unobstructed view of the moist, pink flesh inside the cleft that split her thighs and was almost trembling in reaction. It's a good thing we were eating and not trying to talk--I wouldn't have been able to get anything out except stammers and mumbles.
During the silence of our meal, Sue did her own looking. Although she tried to be more circumspect about staring than I, she kept her eyes mainly on my throbbing, rigid cock. She apparently meant it when she said that looking was okay. When we finished eating and Sue had cleaned up the remains of our lunch, she stretched on the blanket. Taking that as invitation, I stretched alongside, our bodies close, but not touching. For a few seconds we just lay there silent, each aware of the sexual electricity our nakedness was producing, but reluctant to speak.

Finally, Sue broke the silence by saying, "You know, the problem you have is why we had to quit skinny-dipping. "

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, when our older brothers started getting like you are now, mother made us quit swimming together. She said we were getting too old. Course, I was just a little kid then and didn't know what was going on, but your mother explained it to me when I got older." Sue laughed and continued, "I guess it was too late then, though. Your mother and Ned got eyes for each other and ended up making love."

I could hardly believe Sue's words. I turned on my side, facing her and said, "You mean Uncle Ned screwed Mom? He screwed his own sister? You saw it?"

Sue laughed again and said, "No, I was too little then. Even if I had seen them, I wouldn't have known what they were doing. Your mother told me about it later. They were lovers for two years before Ned went off to college. They used to come to this spot right here."

I had never thought of Mom as having a sex life, of being a sexual person. She was just Mom, that's all. Now that I thought about it, I realized that Mom was really very pretty and that as a teenager she must have been a real heart- breaker. I saw in my mind a picture of she and Uncle Ned, just teenagers like myself, coming to that very spot, naked like Sue and I were, and thoroughly loving each other. The thought excited me so much that drops
of pre-come oozed out of my hard cock and covered its head with a shiny liquid coating.

"You mustn't ever tell her I told you that. You know that don't you?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, I'll never tell."

For a few moments after that we just lay on the blanket, side by side, enjoying the warm sunshine. Then, in a very quiet voice, Sue said, "Donny, is this the first time you've seen a naked girl?"

Knowing from Sue's seeing my reaction to her nakedness that it would have been fruitless to lie, I said, "Yes. This is my first time."

"I kind of got that impression," she said with a soft laugh. "Well, if it's any consolation to you, you're the first boy I've ever see naked."

"But you must have had lots of dates," I said, mystified.

"Surely on some of them you must have gone far enough to get naked with the guy. Well, living out on the farm like this, I haven't had many dates. And those I've had have been with guys I sure wouldn't want to go very far with."

"I guess that explains why you've looked at me as much as I've looked at you," I said.

Laughing again, Sue said, "Yeah, I guess it does."

The silence we experienced earlier returned. After a few moments, Sue turned on her side and faced me. In the same sort of quiet voice she had used before, Sue said, "Donny, tell me about your dream last night. You know, the one that caused you to have your...ah... accident

The End

20-01-2008, 10:30 AM
Wah bro SIR Otamay also here to contribute......tks bro......:D

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Wah bro SIR Otamay also here to contribute......tks bro......

Welcome back to read the stories here bro D_G !!!

Will post one story before going to work - Title : The virginity clinic

It’s normal for girls to natter, but on this afternoon something had really got the girls worked up. The office was quiet; other than the buzz of female voices, most of the girls being around eighteen or in their early twenties. It had all started when one of the girls called Judy stated she’d heard of a virginity clinic, she was a virgin, and somewhat anxious about losing it, her boyfriend was pressuring her but she was scared stiff, mainly due to hearsay of as to how painful it could be.

It was found out that there were five other girls in the same predicament.

“So what have you heard of this clinic and what does it cost?” Emma queried.

Judy seemed to be the life and soul of the party so to speak; everyone had rallied around her.

“Well the cost is £10 the rest of the payment is met by the National Health Service, and by all accounts your out at the time, so you feel nothing!” Judy explained, “It’s open about twice a month!”

“What do you say that we all go and see as to what we can find out, seems a great idea to me!” Emma replied looking around at the other girls. “Well, I mean if it’s painless, plus it’s almost free why not?”

Judy and Emma stood outside the address they’d been given, it seemed like an ordinary house to start with, but inside the windows florescent tubes could be seen.

“Well you don’t have those in the front room do you? Lets go in, perhaps they don’t put the name up on the outside, protecting people from knowing as to what your going in there for. Sounds right to me, you don’t want everyone to know do you?” Emma implied.

Once inside it looked entirely different, there was a reception, and waiting room. Judy stepped forward as the receptionist came and sat at her desk.

“Can I help you?” She asked with a smile.

“I’d like to book in, could you tell me what dates are available?” Judy asked, turning back to Emma as if for reassurance, knowing she wanted a booking also.

“Well normally we let you know when a booking can be made available, you see we have to have at least three clients before we open the clinic!” The receptionist smiled.

“It’s not just us were interested in, in total there are five of us. What does it involve?” Emma questioned.

“No more than proving you are of age, and a disclaimer form. You must be at least eighteen!” The receptionist looked at Judy as she spoke.

“I am of age, my birthday was a week ago today?” Judy smiled.

“Well if you’d like to bring your friends in, we can sign you up, and the clinic could be open for you within a couple of days, providing of course the time of the month is free for all of you!”

Judy turned back to Emma, “That would be great, we could all be done together?”

The receptionist turned to Emma, “That’s fine, if we could have you all in for a general interview, I could set it up for you. Some girls like the idea of a film of the actual deflowering, which we supply free of charge I might add! That way you can always look back on the day, better than just remembering it”

“A film of it actually happening?” Questioned Judy.

“Well its on disc, it shows the actual tearing of your hymen, from inside you!”

“A camera inside you?” Questioned Emma.

“Well not the camera, optic fibres are installed in your virginal passageway, they allow light and the film is taken at the same time, it will show you everything!”

“Sounds like fun, and there’s no pain?” Emma quizzed.

“Not a bit, your out for the count for around thirty minutes, you’ll feel nothing, other than perhaps a little wet down there afterwards” The receptionist reach under her disk collecting a form then placing in front of the two girls. “This is the form that you’ll fill in and sign! Some girls say they have erotic dreams whilst it’s being done?”

“Hell, what could be better, no pain and perhaps a raunchy dream to go with it! And then a film to keep” Judy laughed. “Can we ring you when we’ve spoken to our friends, we’d all like to come at the same time!”

“Yes of course!” The receptionist handed Judy a card from the desk. “Try and ring around midday, as we’re busy with other things before then. I can then get you all an appointment to see the doctor, he’ll explain everything in more detail to you!”

The next morning Judy and Emma were full of it trying to explain the details to the other three girls, they were all intrigued at the though of having a film to show them the complete activity of the actual deflowering. Judy rang for an appointment for each of the girls the following day.

Emma was first into the doctor’s office, he was a middle-aged man, dressed as she expected in a white coat. The sight of a huge dildo on his desk made her giggle somewhat, the doctor saw her concern and immediately picked it up.

“I see you find this funny!” He smiled “This is the maidenhead piercing tool, it’s one like this that takes your virginity, you’ll see it on film as it goes through your hymen!”

Emma couldn’t believe as to how much its appearance was to that of a genuine cock.

“It seems awfully big!” Emma implied.

“It’s deemed to be the exact dimension of the bona fide thing, no one has complained as yet as to its size!” The doctor smiled. “I wouldn’t worry to much as you’ll be unconscious, unaware of its presence as it were, however it does the job admirably. When you actually start your sexual activities, you’ll only feel the comfort of intercourse without the pain of virginity!”

Emma signed the necessary forms and left the office going back to the waiting room to find Judy.

“What are you smiling about?” Judy asked as Emma sat down.

“You wouldn’t believe it; he has a replicated form of cock on his desk, it looks huge, I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t the real thing. He let me hold it, God, I had sensations going through my pussy, it felt like a hardened sponge. It appears that we can all come in on the same day the receptionist says not one of us will be on our period!”

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20-01-2008, 11:19 AM
Almost all the girls commented on the dildo and as to how genuine it seemed, one had even seen a film of it doing it’s work, she’d exclaimed as to how painful it looked, and that she was glad that they’d found the clinic.

The office wasn’t to pleased to find that five of their staff had booked the next Thursday off, trouble was all of them had time allocated to them, so it was overlooked.

Dave Wallace rubbed his hands as he passed the waiting room; there was not one of the girls he’d not fancied. He’d done very well with the clinic, it had brought him in Pounds (£’s) Brenda his partner acted as nurse and receptionist, she loathed intercourse she’d only had two cocks in her life and at forty that’s not that many, however she cherished the taste of cum.

Dave had nine of his clients waiting for the girls, each paying around £750 for the chance to take the virginity of the girls, paying less they get the girl after the punter had finished with her, that still come out at £100 each, Brenda, was always there to take their full load from them as they were about to cum.

Brenda came into the waiting room with clipboard in hand smiling at the girls. “Being as your all friends, we’ll keep you in the same room the medication will be a little heavier than normal, that way you’ll all come around more or less at the same time. If you’d all like to follow be we’ll get the show on the road!”

The girls were surprised to find that the room was fitted out with single beds; they’d all expected an operation table.

“I’d like you all to get undressed, are they’re any of you that would like to use the toilet before we start, we don’t want any accidents do we!” Brenda smiled.

Two of the girls left the room, however Brenda made sure that all the girls were completely naked then got them to lie on the beds. “How many of you want the film to take home?” she quizzed

All the girls raised their hands; Brenda knew she’d plenty of time with the extra anaesthetic. Little did the girls know that all the punters were standing at a two-way mirror above the beds bidding for their bodies? The thought of nine loads of cum really appealed to Brenda, but she knew she’d have her work cut out to get everyone’s cum moving between the girls’s as they were being fucked; readying herself for the next punter to blow.

Dave was as pleased as punch, they were getting £3750, from the first five punters, then £400 from the remaining four, plus the £10 each from the girls making a grand total of £4200 for a mornings work. He donned his white coat and went down to the room to help Brenda with the anaesthetics, a more hornier sight he couldn’t have envisaged, within ten minutes each of the girls we’re out of it, Dave went around fingering each as to moisten their pussies then allowing Brenda to feed the optic cameras into each of their pussies, the girls were laid back with their legs spread apart. Dave wanted to run around the beds and fuck them all. But he only got his chance when there were but one or two girls, sometimes not being worth calling the punters in.

The punters had already queued up outside the door, each having the amount of their obligation in cash. Dave went to the door opening it and letting them into the room collecting their cash as they entered. Brenda went in front of the punters switching on the cameras as each of them came up to the bed.

Some of the punters went down on the girls, their first taste of virgin pussy. Thankfully the cameras were in placed the other side of their hymen so this wouldn’t be seen on the film, some of the girls even reacted to this, moaning as they were licked. Each bed had a jar of jelly, to lubricate the punters cocks when they were ready to perform.

Judy appeared to be first; the punter got onto the bed easing himself between her legs, lifting them up under him, his cock wasn’t that diminutive in fact it was quite large, it was a pity she have not seen it she’d have been proud of herself, he lifted his cock up to her opening, teasing it with her juices, pushing it up in front of her hymen but not going through, the sensation of the maidenhead stretching across her pussy made his blood boil, his cock went even firmer if that was possible.

Her rapist if you could call him that, leaned gently on his cock, allowing him the real sensation of her hymen tearing, although she didn’t or couldn’t show it, he sensed as to how the pain would feel should she have been awake. His cock more than filled her pussy, forcing the walls apart as it gradually gained entrance, so big was it that the optics where pushed forward in front of the huge organ.

The room was filled with heavy breathing, and moans, some of the punters actually swearing at the girls, Brenda was on tender hooks not knowing as to which would cum first, each were taking their time, enjoying their virgin pussy, Dave had gone upstairs to view through the mirror, the sight was to much for him. At least here he could have a dam good pull without being seen.

One guy was going so hard Brenda thought the bed might break, the first to call out was the guy who was fucking Emma; Brenda tore up to the bed beside him, he’d only just managed to heave his cock out in time, Brenda was more than contented with the consignment he pumped into her mouth, but she found most men came more with a virgin, it was as it to say I’m your first, have a good filling, it was as much as she could do to keep it all within her mouth. As soon as the next punter saw that he’d finished he was there, his cock going straight up her.

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20-01-2008, 11:22 AM
Judy’s pussy was beginning to look quite inflamed with the fucking she was getting. The guy was making sure he got his monies worth, he didn’t care as to how sore he made her, by the time she came around he’d be gone. One thing about him he’d good staying power, with a cock his size he’d have more than pleased the average woman, but to say the least he should have had more consideration for Judy being her first and him being of such a enormous size.

Everyone seemed to be cumming at once, Brenda had her work cut out getting around them all, as soon as one of the punters pulled out another cock filled their place, it was funny a girl named Sally had had three cocks, whether it was because she was fancied, or just that the third was nearby as the second pull out, it wasn’t known, but in Brenda’s belief, she had to be the best fuck, for Brenda had taken more full cum loads from her punters than any of the others. She looked up to the clock they’d about twenty minutes left before the girls were likely to come around, she knew she’d to get the cameras out and passed through the computer.

Dave walked into the room after all the punters had left. His trousers were around his knees and his cock was swaying from side to side, one more load for you Brenda, are there any that didn’t get a second helping.

In her mind it was Judy, she looked toward the bed, “Better take her, she’d only had one, mind you I wouldn’t have like it as my first, where the hell did you fine him?”

“Magistrate, he’s often at the local court, still beggars can’t be choosers, he paid up front. I wouldn’t turn his money down. How long have we got?”

“Just under fifteen minutes I should think!”

“Have you removed her camera?”

“All done, I’ll get these down to the office!”

“Don’t you want the last load then?”

“Of course, I nearly forgot!”

Dave lifted himself onto the bed, taking his cock into his hand. My she looks sore!”

“As I said he was to big by half, he should have picked one of the older girls, at least they’d have stretch more easily!”

Dave slid his cock in, needless to say it went in with no inconvenience, she was well opened, but he did get feeling, it didn’t take long for him to cum, he’d have liked to have left it in, but he knew there must be no traces of cum in the girls. He turned to Brenda.

“Come on then, we don’t want a mess do we!” He stammered.

Brenda was up beside him in seconds gulping down his sperm in mouthfuls.

“Hell that was a good mornings work!” Dave implied, looking around the room. Pity we cant get this sort of attention every day, we’d soon be millionaires!”

“Well I’ve enjoyed myself, I can’t remember swallowing so much cum. I’ll take these down to the office, you’d better get changed before they start coming around!”

Dave pulled up his trousers and put on his white coat, he was washing his hands at the small sink as the first of the girls came to. He picked up a towel and walked over to her, “How do you feel?” he questioned, picking up the board at the bottom of the bed.

The girl shook her head as if to remove the dizziness.

“Now you’re Sally aren’t you?” Dave inquired replacing the board.

“You’re not to sore I hope!”

It took Sally a couple of minutes to remember as to just where she was.

“No I feel fine!” But her hand went down toward her pussy; she’d been the one to have three cocks up her. “God, I feel wet!”

“This happens sometimes, it depends on how you take to the surgery some girls even have orgasms, then their really wet!” Dave smiled. “Lets have a look to see if you’re alright!”

God, her pussy did look inviting to him, he pushed two of his fingers up her, they went in like a knife through butter.

“Does that hurt?” he asked.

“No, it feels quite nice to be honest!” Sally smiled.

“Looks like you’ll soon be ready for your first cock then?” Dave laughed, his fingers still inside her.

“I could really get to like this, if that’s your fingers, I’d like to think as to what your penis would feel like?”

“See you’ve found it worthwhile after all, if you ever want to try a cock just let me know!” Dave smiled.

At this stage all the girls were coming around, they turned to look at each other as if to say we’re in the club.

Judy took her time to sit up, she if anyone felt the stress that the punter had put on her pussy, before he’d started on her, her pussy was nicely tucked in, she leaned forward viewing her open pussy, now her pussy lips were sprouting like the petals on a tulip. Touching the lips she found them to be wet, but this was from her own juices, she sensed the cool air going up inside.

“Are you alright?” Brenda asked, seeing her touching herself.
“I feel very sore, I take it that it will go back into shape?” Judy asked.
Before Brenda could answer one of the girls called across the room to her.

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20-01-2008, 11:23 AM
“When will we be able to see the films?” she asked

“If you all get dressed and come down to the office I’ll show you them on the big screen.

Brenda left them to get dressed going down to the office herself, Dave was already there going through the films.

“Everything okay?” Brenda quizzed.

“Pretty good I’d say, it couldn’t be more sexy, what would they think if they knew each of the cocks were real! He didn’t give that Judy much sympathy, it’s a good job she wasn’t awake, she’d have screamed the place down; I don’t know what she’ll think.

The girls filed into the office sitting on the chairs provided, Brenda walked up to the desk collecting the disc’s up into her hand.

“Now before we start is everyone feeling ok, you all might still feel a little heady until the anaesthetic has completely worn off, we’d like you all to say for at least an hour just to make sure there are no after effects, the doctor here will give you all and examination before you leave just to make sure the job has been done.

Judy was at the back of the room with her hand up. Brenda looked her way.

“It’s Judy isn’t it, how can I help you?”

“I really do feel sore down there!”

“Can you wait until after the films, then you can go to see the doctor first, he’d have a look and check you over!” Brenda said with a weak smile.
As it happened Judy’s film was the first to load, Brenda stood back with a pointer in her hand. As the film started the girls name was in the bottom corner, there was a sound of excitement in the room. The film revealed a shot from inside the virginal passageway, facing back toward the hymen. Brenda explained the clip pointing her stick at the film, giving explanation the intricate parts. Although at the back Judy watched the film closely, the room went quite when the huge cock could be seen through the eye of the hymen, gradually the hymen began to bulged toward the camera, it all seemed to be in slow motion. The cock looked miles to big, suddenly the hymen started to tear as the pressure was put on it. Judy couldn’t believe this was what happened inside her body, unexpectedly the cock split the hymen in three different areas, then the enormous helmet broke through, the inner walls of her pussy were forced to the sides, it could be seen that the head was covered in blood. But on it came, the camera was blacked out for a few moments, this is when the punter push it straight up her, pushing the camera in front of it. Then the cock withdrew, the helmet reaming its way back through the torn hymen, then back in again.

“I can’t believe as to how real it looks, God, I’ll have to get a dildo like that, it looks real horny!” One of the girls stated.

All the girls collected their films and then sat and waited their turn to see the doctor after the film show. Judy had gone in first; he’d asked her to sit up on the table.

Donned with his thin gloves he lifted her legs up and spread them onto the edge of the table, she’d already removed her panties. He pulled a chair forward and sat between her legs inspecting her pussy.

“Will stay like that?” Judy inquired.

“Heavens no, it will soon go back to normal!” Dave replied as he eased his finger into her. He could feel the torn hymen. He wanted to go down on her but knew this wouldn’t be right; gradually he eased his finger in and out of her. “Does that feel sore when I do it?”

“A little, but it’s a nice feeling!”

Her pussy had retracted from within; her inner walls now gripped his finger.

“D’you think your ready for cock now?” Dave asked with a smile.
“I’d like to try as soon as I can, God that feels good now!”
As Dave had speeded his action with his fingers, Judy reached down gripping the edge of the table then throwing her head back. Dave’s cock had come to life straining in his trousers; you would think that less than ¾.of an hour ago, he’d actually fucked her

“Would you like to try now?” Dave couldn’t believe his own words; he was supposed to be a doctor.

He’d to wait for her answer as she was going through an orgasm.

“I think I would!” she managed to say once she’d caught her breath.

The table was just cock high, Dave undid his belt letting his trousers and underpants fall to the floor. Judy looked down at his cock, it did seem big to her, she turned her head back to the desk, the plastic dildo still stood on its stand, knowing if she could take that, his cock would cause her no trauma.

Leaning forward she watched as he entered her, the sensation was good, she put her hands up onto his shoulders to steady herself as he started to rock himself backwards and forwards. Judy felt proud that she was the only one of the group who got cock so quickly, and she found it more than gratifying.

His cock was now fully inside, Dave couldn’t believe that she’d let him fuck her. Judy was now clasping her arms around his neck, sobbing has he fucked her, every now and again she’d let out a low whimper, then orgasm came. Her body tensed, her eyes lids fluttered, he was fucking her hard now, Judy gripped him around the neck lifting herself off the table allowing at least another two inches or more of his cock to enter her. Now she was rocking with him.

Brenda had heard the noise from the waiting room, and quickly made for the office, she was dumbfounded as she opened the door. Dave turned as he saw the door open.

“Get down here I’m nearly ready to blow!”

Judy was being humped up and down at a colossal rate; Brenda went around to the front of him kneeling on one knee, the sight of his cock ploughing into Judy was orgasmic, she held her hand out ready to clasp his cock when he pulled it from Judy. Again she went through orgasm, her moans must surely have been heard in the waiting room.

“Ready…here it comes!” Dave blurted out

Brenda snatched at his cock as soon as it was free engulfing it into her mouth; her cheeks were drawn in with the amount of suction she was using, his cum flowed straight down her throat. Moving forward he lowered Judy back onto the table.

“God, that was really something, I’ll always remember you as my first love!” Judy leaned forward kissing him on the cheek.

Brenda handed her back her panties with a smile, Judy struggled to get them over her feet her legs were so numb. She wobbled as she tried to stand. “You’d better help her back to the waiting room Brenda!” Dave chuckled.

“You alright?” Emma asked as Judy sat down.

“Fine, I’ve just had my first taste of sex, God it was rousing!”

“So that’s what all the noise was about! Who with for heavens sake?” Emma quizzed.

“The Doctor, it was sheer ecstasy, I didn’t want it to end!” Judy giggled.

“I can’t get over this film, it looks so much like an actual cock. Well if anyone asks say it is!” Judy sniggered.
“The doctor actually fucked you! I was miles away there, how did that come about then?”

“He started to finger me, and it went from there, God it was enjoyable!”

“And you let him!”

“I virtually asked him to, I wanted to try it as soon as I could. He’s not going to say anything is he?”

“I suppose not, but he’s not someone I’d like to be fucked by!”

“Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!” Judy laughed, “He didn’t cum up me though!”

“Well it wasn’t complete then was it?”

“He was in me till the end, then that nurse went down taking his cock into her mouth, she swallowed the lot!”

“Really! I mean in her mouth, how repulsive” Emma sniggered.

Judy and Emma left the clinic together, as they walked towards home, a man pulled up alongside them asking for directions. Judy was the first to explain the route to him. Little did she realise that he was the guy that had taken her virginity and made her sore. As far as he was concerned he just wanted to see what she was like and speak to her. “You seem to be going that way, can I give you both a lift?” He smiled.

Being as the girls were together, they considered it safe.

“Why thank you, we don’t live to far from where you’re trying to get to!” Judy informed him.

He’d dropped them both right outside Judy’s home.

“Something really funny about that guy!” Judy implied as she watched him pull away from the kerb.

“In what way?” Emma replied.

“I don’t know, perhaps its his aftershave, I seemed to have smelt it before! But I can’t think where?”

The End !!! :p

20-01-2008, 11:25 AM
bro birdie8819,

i will like to see the film now lor, very nice story. thanks

plz go2 the Tiko's thread, one brother asking to join the club...:p

20-01-2008, 03:07 PM
thanks for the stories all :D

20-01-2008, 09:13 PM
thanks for the stories all :D

Thanks bro Eroticalic for your support . ;)

Here's one story for you - Title : The Caravan Park . Enjoy !!! ;)

James Turner was a young looking nineteen year old just out of agricultural college and sampling the world of earning a living. He had started work three months after leaving college in the October of the previous year. His position at the caravan site situated deep in the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire had been gained through his widowed mothers next door neighbours being friends with the owners of the two hundred acre woodland park.

When he had started work the previous summer his duties had been described as a helper for whoever wanted his assistance, a general dogsbody in other words, grass cutting to photocopying was all included on his days agenda. He was 5’10” tall, blonde, thinly framed with a very boyish look that belied his years. He lived in at the park and had being given one of the static caravans as his base. This was a whole new beginning for James having to earn a living and look after himself but his mother and friends thought it would be character building and did not worry as there were plenty of staff around to keep an eye on the youngster. His mothers next door neighbours Jenny and Peter were regular visitors to the site and owned a caravan there; in fact they visited most weekends even in the cold winter months so James was well monitored. They had looked after James many times as he had grown up helping his mother when times had been difficult. They had treated him as the son they never had.

The owners, John and Maggie, were in there mid fifties, the same age group as Jenny and Peter, and had built up a very profitable business after buying a section of scrubland and forest which had been on the market for months and had got it for a snip. After a lot of hard work it had been turned into a well equipped caravan site with reception, pool, gym, sauna, shower block, bar and restaurant. The reception was the nerve centre when things were busy and Maggie oversaw the whole operation from her private office hidden away at rear of the brick building. Maggie had called James on the walkie talkie to come to her office as she had a job for him. He had been in his static having a shower after getting drenched cutting reeds from the edge of the fishing lake ready for the new season which was only a month away starting the first of March. He threw on some tracksuit bottoms and a t shirt not bothering with any underwear as he thought he would be back in a few minutes. His body was still damp as he made his way over the block paved square to reception. The light was visible from Maggie’s office. As it was closed season no staff were manning reception, so he made his way through and lightly tapped on the wooden door.

Maggie was 54 years old, 5”5” and very attractive, short bleached blonde hair to hide the greying of age. Her tummy was larger than she liked but James had heard many comments around the site about how fit she looked. She kept fit with all the work running the show together with mountain biking around the site regularly to keep an eye on things. The thing everyone immediately noticed about Maggie was that she never wore a bra and her breasts sagged heavily down nearly to her waist. James had difficulty keeping his eyes off them especially when it was warmer weather and she wore thin tops. The outline of her breasts was usually clearly visible, the protruding teats tenting the thin material as she went about her work.

A proper outdoor woman at one with nature! James had fantasised many times over his boss as he lay in his bed stroking his young hard penis, night, morning and in fact anytime he could sneak a quick session of relief for his hard meat. He had internet in his caravan and trawled granny sites to feed his massive sex drive, reading stories and saving thousands of pictures making large albums of sagging tits and mature women which he would sit and stroke himself to, always ending in a powerful squirting climax. He was very well endowed for his age and had been sexually active alone for years but had not had much experience with girls.

A few gropes while he was at the village dance and that was it. He always found younger girls treated it all as a bit of a joke and yearned after older women who had fascinated him since his schooldays. The size of his penis had actually frightened a couple of girls and he did for a time begin to wonder whether he was a freak. His build was fairly slight but his cock was just over seven inches and six inches in circumference. He had been tightly circumcised at birth resulting in the head of his cock being bulbous and always swollen. His ball sack was heavy and slack, hanging down sometimes being a nuisance, especially if he needed to masturbate and couldn’t. He suffered from blue balls regularly and knew that if he started becoming erect it was always better to rub his shaft and ejaculate his spunk to avoid the problem. He had very light pubic hair and had shaved it all off after seeing pictures on the net. It looked so much cleaner and felt so good as he felt his heavy balls.

Maggie told him to come in and sit down. She was in her tracksuit bottoms, standard staff issue like his, her fleece was open and his eyes were immediately drawn to the tanned wrinkled cleavage showing above her white running top. She explained that John was going off to a big caravan show in France for a week so she would be staying with him in his static. No one else would be on the site so John and her had discussed the matter and were not prepared to leave him alone on site in the middle of nowhere. The few workers that had employment all year round were mainly looking after the paths and mountain bike trails but lived off site, as John and Maggie did normally.

The wardens had gone off to Spain for the winter and would not return until the end of February. James had two bedrooms in his static and there was plenty of room of course, his only worry was that he would have to curb his internet nights of wanking pleasure! Maggie announced that John was leaving in around an hour and would he take her bag to his caravan. James was eager to get back and move all his porno stash and clean up before the boss arrived so picked up her bag and made a quick exit not even bothering to study her drooping breasts has he would normally have. He nearly ran back across the square unlocking his door and dumping Maggie’s bag on the room floor. He had a strange feeling in his groin as he grabbed piles of erotic granny stories and some porno mature DVD’s he had bought, shoving them in his bedside cupboard until he could think of a safer place to hide them. He shot into the bathroom next to tidy his wet towels and clothes up and could feel his penis becoming harder as he moved around, subconsciously he was delighted at the thought of a week with Maggie and a teardrop of precum had already leaked from the wide piss slit on his swollen cock head leaving a sticky coating on parts of his inner thigh.

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20-01-2008, 09:15 PM
It was now nearly five and although still light the rain had started with vengeance as John’s Discovery disappeared down the long stone drive heading for the late night ferry at Dover. James was busying himself still cleaning, the cooker, worktops, the shower tray – he had done a days cleaning in less than an hour. He had set the heating high to dry the bathroom out. Sweat was dripping off him as Maggie swung the door back. Her dark fleece soaked through, she was like a drowned rat, her short normally spiky hair was flat to her head and she looked frozen. It was a welcome relief when she commented how nice and warm it was. James was pleased. He thought that he had made the caravan welcoming.

The curtains were drawn and it felt cosy and nearly clean for his guest. Maggie took her sports bag into the “computer room” and removed her soaking fleece. James was reading a rubbish gossip magazine so it looked as though he always sat doing that all night as she walked back into the large living room and asked James if he could put it over a radiator to dry. His eyes nearly popped out, Maggie stood in front of him holding the wet fleece, and the white sleeveless running top she wore was also soaked and was very nearly transparent. Her heavy sagging breasts were visible like a wet t-shirt competition. The top of the dark aureoles pointing down to her feet and the teats poking out of the material looking all crinkled through the soaking thin material. He took the fleece and she said she would have a shower, then she could get the rest of her clothes dry. The washers and driers were part of the shower block so it made no sense to go out and get wet through again until the rain slowed a little. James could not help himself.

His hand slipped inside his loose tracksuit bottoms and he squeezed his cock shaft from base to the large ridge at the head. He was solid hard and waited for Maggie to go down the short hallway to the bathroom before he could stand to go to the radiator. Maggie knew exactly what she was doing and had deliberately displayed her big saggy tits to the youngster. The rain had been a bonus, she could almost sense he was feeling his young cock and the months of eyeing up the large bulge in his trousers had made her so wet. She stripped off and looked in the mirror at herself. God she felt so horny. Her mound was shaved clean and she was blessed with the longest pussy lips, the big meaty flaps hung down between her legs, she could wrap them over the gusset of her panties so they touched easily and the constant panty rubbing of her big clit always made sure she was soaked by the end of the day. Maggie was an equal pervert to James even though he did’nt know she knew all about his nocturnal activities. The plan she had drawn up was working well!

She was keen that he did not orgasm before she could get showered and changed so shouted to him to get ready as they were going out for a pub tea in the next village. James cleared his throat. He was sat with a tent in his tracky bottoms, desperate to wank off after the display he had just had. Maggie slipped a thin black robe over her shoulders and went to the bathroom. James breathed a sigh of relief as he went to the radiator with the ridiculous erection stretching the material. He then got in his room and shut the door. He discarded his clothes and stood naked stroking his cock squeezing the shaft to force the clear liquid out before spreading it over his smooth shiny helmet. He thought Maggie would be ages in the shower as women usually were from his experience of family life back at home. Wrong.

He jumped out of skin when she tapped on the door and asked if he was ready. He stammered breathlessly he would not be long, Maggie knew what he was doing! She went to her room and delved into her bag retrieving an outfit she had prepared specially for the night. Black twelve strap deep suspender belt, grey stockings, just below the knee grey skirt with splits front and back, three inch black high heels, a thin white blouse and a short black jacket to hide her breasts in public. No panties as she wanted to feel her heavy pussy flaps dangling obscenely between her legs. She had actually measured them hanging freely and they were two inches long! James was trying to think of anything other than sex to make his erection subside to a reasonable level. He chose to wear some fairly baggy fronted black trousers covering Calvin Klein underpants to hold his package and a deep blue shirt on top. Maggie quickly dressed and applied minimal make up, her hair was back spiky again after the shower and a fierce rub dry, a squirt of gel and hey presto his fantasy was about to confront him.

When Maggie appeared he could not speak. She looked so different; he had never seen her in anything other than work attire. She snapped at him not to stand there gawping and get the keys for her car. He grabbed his fleece and they ran through the still persistent rain the few short yards to her 4x4. He jumped in the passenger seat and in the murk of the interior light he stole a glimpse of thigh as she fastened her seatbelt. He was fantasising already about her wearing stockings. He never thought she would be. After all she was nearly old enough to be his granny and only the ones on his favourite web sites dressed like that - didn’t they?

Once in the Dog & Duck he settled at the bar as Maggie declared she was in no rush to eat. He noticed she had unbuttoned her jacket revealing the usual tanned wrinkled cleavage that then became two taught swells of skin signalling the weight of her breasts pulling downwards. The landlord Jack knew her well obviously and engaged in several minutes of chat on the local gossip. She introduced James as her minder for the week and said they would eat in an hour or so. Maggie bought a bottle of red wine and James was given a pint of his favourite lager to go on with. Maggie then started asking him what his interests and hobbies were, delving deeper and deeper into his non working life. He said he usually spent time on the internet most nights surfing, she asked what were the best things he had found on the net; he said he found plenty to read of interest.

“But what” she probed, he did not know what to say, “history” he said. “Oh you are interested in history are you, old things I suppose – yes?” Well he stammered again – “yes I suppose you are right” He laughed inwardly thinking if only she knew. She did know and as she shuffled on the bar stool her legs parted enough to reveal a little darker nylon high on the top of her thigh and the metal clasp of a suspender. She could feel her clit pulse with excitement as he flashed his young blue eyes in disbelief. It was now her turn to laugh. James had downed his lager quickly and he never noticed another waiting, all part of the plan, she thought.

They went through to the restaurant and were alone in the small cosy room. Maggie positioned her self with her back to the door. She only ordered a main course and ate quickly. She told James to go and get another beer as she was going to the loo. He watched her bottom move beneath the tight skirt, her stockinged legs and high heels, god this was a dream come true just to look at her. He was now on his third pint and as Maggie returned she removed her jacket. They were still alone in the room. He was crimson. She asked if he was ok and he honestly could not speak. She asked again and he replied he was fine, she remarked he looked flushed; he said he was fine just a little warm. The blouse was so thin that he could see the divide from her cleavage right down to the rounded ends of her heavy tits with only the buttons getting in the way.

He could not see the nipples as they were hidden by the table edge. Maggie started questioning him again about the internet and how he must show her what he had mentioned earlier. He was really hoping he could find something about history to show her that would not make him out to be a liar. Maggie moved around reaching for the unused butter knife to fondle. She dropped it. James bent down under the table to collect it, he saw her legs open and the darkness split by the flesh of her thighs, it was just a brief glimpse but it started his erection growing. While he had been down there she had unbuttoned another revealing more flesh. James was desperate for the toilet after all the liquid he had slurped. Maggie said they should be getting back then she could have a drink back at the caravan as she was driving. James wished that she would go into the bar and pay so he could get up without the obvious bulge showing in the front of his trousers.

She stood and put her jacket back on making sure he got a good look at her breasts, it made her pussy throb more and she could feel her sticky flaps fall to hang between her legs once more. James had to go. The urge to urinate was making him harder and it was shit or bust if he did not go now he would have a solid hard on in front of her. He stood and turned quickly but Maggie had seen the cock bulge and knew she was doing it all right. She said loudly that he shouldn’t be long hoping he would not have time to masturbate in the toilet. He let his strong jet of almost clear piss wash the urinal with relief. God how he needed that. He finished and thought about stroking the now heavily veined semi erect shaft but knew Maggie was waiting so rinsed his hands then waited while the hand dryer resembled an aircraft engine but with little drying effect as Maggie opened the door and shouted him. Jesus he thought it was good job I did not start a wank session!

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20-01-2008, 09:16 PM
Once back at the site it still rained heavily and he was mystified when Maggie parked her car as far as was possible from the static. She said it would be out of sight over at the other side round the back of reception. James did remark how wet they would get but Maggie just said they could soon change out of wet clothes.

Then she commented that the gate was open beyond the square down the road to the main site area. She had deliberately opened it before leaving the office. James said he would run and close it. She locked the car with the blipper and waited in the rain feeling the cold February night air breeze up her skirt and cool her burning pussy. The rain was torrential and she grinned as it ran down her front soaking her blouse. Her nipples were hardening but they had had plenty of training with pumps elongating the thick teats to almost an inch long and as thick as the shaft of a wooden spoon.

It was so erotic standing getting soaked; she unfastened her jacket as James struggled with the lock. It would not lock as it was the wrong key she had given him. He ran back over and asked for some more keys. He also was soaked and after another two minutes they walked over to the caravan. It was warm inside as she had turned the heating up even more before they left for the pub. She took off her jacket and stood brazenly displaying her soaked body to James. He was puffing and huffing after his struggle with the gate. “Sit down” she said “I will get a towel for us” She arrived from the bathroom and was rubbing the towel over her breasts down her skirt and legs, on the upward stroke she raised the hem of her skirt revealing her stocking tops and all the suspender clasps just stopping short of displaying her flaps. Her nipples were so hard as was James!

Maggie told him to stand up and proceeded to rub the towel over his shirt and down over his trousers. Her hand caught his thick penis being held by his Calvin Klein’s and he froze as she rubbed his groin. She never flinched but just had a little smirk. She had managed to feel it already, her plan though, had only just begun. “Go and get changed” she said, it was only just after nine, “put a robe on its lovely and warm in here” James remarked that he did not have a robe of any description. Maggie disappeared to her room and brought a short ladies blue silk robe. “Here use that I wont tell anyone” she laughed. Again all part of her plan.

Once in her room she removed everything but her stockings and suspender belt. The suspender belt had a lace firming panel from the top at her belly button right down to the bottom just level with her crotch. It hid her pussy mound but not her dangling lips…..perfect. She wore her identical robe to the one she had given James only black.

James went to his room and removed all his clothes and put on the robe, his cock hung swollen and sticky, his ball sack heavy and aching. His cock head touched the silky robe and he jolted it was like electric – he started to swell immediately.

Maggie was sitting in the living area, the main light was off and two side lamps were on making it so warm but welcoming after the chilly rain. “I am going to read a little James if that is ok” He said he would just check his e-mails if it was ok to go in her room. Of course she said and maybe you can show me some of your history sites or maybe tomorrow we will see. He hurried barefoot and stooped a little because he had realised the thin robe actually revealed like a second skin the shape of his penis. Maggie was loving it, she let him get logged on and check his mail then went to the fridge in the kitchen part of the large room and poured him a lager from a tin. She drank a litre of water as fast as she could then poured another to follow, together with a glass of red wine from a bottle she had opened and planted at lunchtime when James had been out working on the site.

She then put the television on to drown out her approach to the second bedroom. James was relaxing back in the swivel chair he had purchased along with the computer desk from his first months salary. He was content now quickly checking some of the forums to see if any older women had posted replies to his request for pictures. He then got brave and visited his favourite granny site to look at the latest thumbnail galleries. He got way laid with a particular lady. She was so good, hanging breasts, shaved - everything he liked, his cock was hard and sticking up pushing the robe high.

It took him all his time not to just pull the ladies garment aside and wank furiously to relieve his ache. He glanced down and enlarged another picture of 50 year old Chrissie from the Netherlands. His penis was throbbing. The door opened and Maggie plonked a pint of lager on the desk beside his mouse mat. She could not see the screen as he frantically clicked the red box at the top corner to remove the images. She knew exactly what he was doing and then saw his hard on twitching. She said she thought he deserved a proper drink after looking after the gate not once looking at his cock while he looked at her. James thanked her and as she turned her robe fell open. She was turned away from him and apologised wrapping it back around her waist and lightly tying the cord. He said it was ok but he had had a glimpse of her left breast and he could not move. The urge to milk his shaft was so bad.

Maggie sat back and drank more water plus a sip of wine. Her bladder was getting full now and her tummy was swollen being held by the firmness of the suspender belt just like a corset. She knew it would become a lot more uncomfortable but pleasurable before long. James resisted wanking off as he just could not relax not knowing when Maggie would walk in. After all it was her room, her caravan to be honest and if he could not resist for a few days then he was bad boy!!

He was heading for the toilet with the intent of having a pee and wash his penis to get rid of the sticky precum that had oozed out. Maggie sensed where he was going and shouted him above the television to get her more wine and himself a top up. He turned and did as he was asked. She told him he ought to sit down and relax a little. She then asked him, with nose still in book, if he had found anything interesting. He said he had not, “nothing older tonight then” she asked. He was nervous. Had she seen what he was looking at?

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20-01-2008, 09:18 PM
He sipped his lager and sat back in the comfy seat. Maggie was on the sofa and slid round a little so her body was facing James. He was trying to watch the telly but his attention was constantly drawn to Maggie. He legs were slightly apart, she was desperate for a pee, he could see her stocking tops at one point, she twisted constantly shuffling as though she could not get comfy. He asked if she was ok and she just replied she was fine.

The truth was her cunt was on fire and it was so wet she knew it would be engorged and swollen. Her clit was like a small penis, so large in fact that she could hold the base and actually wank it like a miniature cock shaft. This brought he the most explosive orgasms ever especially if her big cunt flaps were being pulled and stretched also. James eventually started to concentrate on the TV programme and Maggie drank more water and wine still with her nose in the book. James got up to go to the bathroom as by now he needed it. The lager had gone straight through him it seemed, Maggie asked if she could go first as she was desperate.

James said of course as she eased her self up and headed down the hallway. She did not even shut the door she was so horny. The robe slid from her shoulders and she cupped her heavy drooping tit flesh flicking the hard teats with her thumbs. She studied in the mirror her swollen stomach and then her soaking creamy slit. She moved her right hand down to run a finger between the meaty flaps and coat it in slippery cunt cream. She jolted as she hit her clit and nearly let a dribble of piss escape. Standing up had been good and relieved the ache a little. She knew James was desperate to come to the toilet and wanted to make him ask. She could hear him pacing up and down outside. She knew also that when you cannot go the urge becomes greater and hopefully he would have become fully erect also…….cruel but erotic.

He walked back and forth, he was going to have to use his empty lager glass soon. He then saw the empty litre water bottle at the side of the sofa. He picked it up and removed the cap. Opening his robe and letting his rigid cock out he entered his piss slit, which only just fitted in the neck of the bottle, as he held his throbbing shaft and let a jet of piss hit the depths of the plastic bottle. Maggie calmly walked from the hallway on the soft carpet and started apologising immediately, James was facing away from her and was stuck. He did not know what to do. He could not stop the flow, the bottle was filling fast and Maggie was stood behind him.

He started saying sorry over and over again squeezing his shaft to stop the flow. Just in time it stopped, the bottle was just about to over flow. He shakily put the top on the bottle and looked down at his cock throbbing wildly. Maggie told him to hand her the bottle and not to be embarrassed as it was her fault for making him drink too much and hogging the bathroom. He turned and handed her the plastic bottle which was hot and full of pale piss. She nearly lost control as she went to the bathroom and emptied it in the toilet letting it run over her left hand as she poured with her right. Maggie was so happy - this was so horny.

When she returned to the room James had sat down again and was as red as a beetroot. Maggie had loosened her robe and was revealing the whole of her long deep cleavage, the swell of breast flesh was inches away from James as she bent over him to show him the empty bottle and congratulate him on holding it for so long. Stark contrast to the scolding he had been expecting. She continued telling him not to worry and that many older ladies had weak bladders meaning they have to sometimes go in the strangest places. Maggie was so close to him and now gripping his shoulder with her free hand. Her Prada perfume smelt gorgeous, she said even she sometimes had to squat behind a bush down the site as she would not make it back to the office.

She omitted to tell him that it was all done for sexual pleasure and she would more than likely have a very intense orgasm as she let the stream flow as she worked her clit knowing people were only yards away. James smiled and took the opportunity direct the conversation to older ladies and their problems. He somehow now felt totally at ease with Maggie. She still rested her hand on his silky robe covered shoulder and had relaxed her grip. She squatted down at the side of his chair. Risky as her bladder was so full, she felt a little dribble escape and saw the dark wet spots on the carpet. She knew her flaps would have droplets hanging from them. James had not noticed and was busily racking his brain to ask questions but not appear too interested. Maggie put the bottle at the side of the chair and relaxed a little more onto her haunches, this let another dribble out staining the carpet more, her robe had parted and she was very nearly past the point of no return.

The fire was building, the suspender belt was gripping her in the position and squeezing her bladder, she said to James that it was her turn to be sorry. He looked at her legs were apart and he could see the big dark fleshy flaps hanging, the wet on the carpet and the glazed look in her eyes. “Are you alright Maggie or do you need help?” She said she needed help and started apologising profusely saying she had not realised but she needed to go again herself. It must have been emptying his bottle and talking about it but could he help her up. She clutched the chair arm as James stood behind her and eased her to her feet. Her robe was now fallen open and her heavy drooping tits were revealed. James had inadvertently pulled it open as he lifted her. Maggie winced and said she was in a similar predicament to the one he was in.

She pleaded with him not to tell anyone about it. He promised of course. His own robe was now falling apart and his thick cock became visible, his heavy ball sack swinging as he held her, she turned to face him and gritted her teeth as the wave of pain hit her. He asked what to do. Maggie urged him to get a bowl from the kitchen. He flew to a cupboard and brought a plastic Tupperware bowl. She said put it on the floor as she trembled enjoying the last moments before release. James was in a dream he could not believe this was happening, his cock was rock solid and as Maggie went back down to her haunches spreading her gooey piss flaps she told James to place the bowl underneath her. Her piss started with a strong gush. He caught the stream in the bowl but it was so intense it splashed up the sides and all over his hand. His cock was twitching uncontrollably as Maggie deliberately pulled both of her cunt flaps apart letting him see close up the little piss hole just below her massive hooded clit.

She let a long flow go and it was all too much for James his penis which was touching Maggie’s nylon covered knee erupted, jet after jet off thick white spunk pumped from his cock. She let go of her flaps and stroked his shaft until he had finished. Her piss stream slowed and the bowl overflowed. Nothing was said she just lunged forward and took his cock in her mouth licking the remaining come from it. She then scooped a thick puddle from her stocking and fed it to herself. James whispered “can I lick you clean” She turned and sat back in his chair offering her beautiful creamy wet lips to him. He went down and knew instinctively what to do.

The taste was so good; she was so open he could easily get his tongue right inside her hole. Maggie started to shudder, her stomach rose and fell, her big saggy tits parted and fell to either side as the first wave of orgasm hit her. James continued lapping at her big cunt hole. She screamed and pissed in his mouth. He gulped and continued. She squirted again, forcing herself down in the soft chair. James licked down now flicking the tip of his tongue over the tight dark sphincter of her anus. This was too much and she very nearly passed out pushing his head away to stop him. He was better than she could have ever imagined. The internet had taught him well. This of course was only the start of a wonderful journey for James and Maggie, plus of course many of her friends.

As they slowly recovered from the intensity of orgasm James suddenly felt awkward. He stood up, his cock hanging swollen, still engorged with blood from such a powerful erection. Maggie pulled herself up in the chair her reddened slack cunt hole still gaping, oozing sticky cream which clung to her massive labia. Her heavy udders swayed forwards as she stood to plant a light kiss on James’s cheek. She told him that if he wanted he could have plenty more of that. Only if he had enjoyed it of course. He could not look at her but mumbled he would love more.

Maggie told him she knew what he liked as she had been in his caravan and read the stories he had printed off detailing debauchery involving mature women. He said he was sorry; she reassured him and assured him it was fine with John and her. He was appalled John her husband knew all about this! Maggie again reassured him that it was not a problem and John would be pleased about the progression from him just being a worker to becoming one of the ‘family’ “The family” James said. “Yes James, you were chosen to become part of the work force recommended by Jenny and Peter as they knew you were different to most young men and would enjoy being part of the team here”

The End !!! :D

20-01-2008, 09:32 PM
Ooo.... BDSM cum Golden Showers! Nice! Thanks Bro birdie8819! :)

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To Bro Otomay,

This is a first sexless sex story I've ever read... There wasn't any sex but it was sure damn arousing... Wished I has a Aunt like that...:rolleyes:

PS. Too bad I'm in the office... If not... :(


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These stories sure made my blue monday a bit better... Kam siah kam siah... :)

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Yo bro birdie........tks once again for ur stories......:D

21-01-2008, 10:48 PM
To Bro Otomay,
This is a first sexless sex story I've ever read... There wasn't any sex but it was sure damn arousing... Wished I has a Aunt like that...:rolleyes:
PS. Too bad I'm in the office... If not...

Thanks Bro submarinez, I like the way you describe as sexless sex story. When I first read it, I also find it very arousing. Will try to source more stories to share with everyone here....males or females.....:D
Thanks for your rep points....:) and have return your favour.;)

22-01-2008, 08:23 AM
Thanks Bro submarinez, I like the way you describe as sexless sex story. When I first read it, I also find it very arousing. Will try to source more stories to share with everyone here....males or females.....:D
Thanks for your rep points....:) and have return your favour.;)

You are very welcome bro... Thanks also for your upz...

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Today all story contributors taking a break... Boh stolee to read... :(

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Today all story contributors taking a break... Boh stolee to read... :(

Pai Seh lah bro submarinez .......hehehehe , bo eng mah and nowadays good stories very hard to find . At the meantime here's one story from India for you . :D

Sex with new Neighbor

Arrival of a conservative Punjabi family of 3 at my adjacent building consisting of a husband, wife and daughter. The husband-wife duo seem to be aged in their 40s but the daughter was only 15 as she had just given her SSC exams and awaiting her results. Speaking about her: Her name was Pinky—smart, arrogant, sometimes anti, flirtatious but still vivacious. She normally wears western outfits and would not mine wearing anything that would be shabby or inappropriate.

And she had a wonderful pair of booby which would give a hard on any men.Well her SSC results were out & she was soon in college to pursue commerce degree.She going to college would mean a big bash for all our boys(my friends) as we would be waiting for her departure and arrival from her college just to stare at her admire her figure.But once she had gone all boys went in for their daily chore and they never thought anything much beyond it except myself and Neeraj who also happens to be their next door neighbour.

After some months her mom and my mom became friends but this didn't really mean my friendship with her.Howerer she became friendly with Neeraj and then came closer.But Neeraj had other plans –being a flirt himself he wanted to fuck her but she dissuaded from it.However she didn't mind smooching him and also showing off her assets-her big booby to him but not with sex which made him happy if not content.Neeraj told me about his secret liaison with her.Going by her I was stunned On hearing this but I had to accept it as Neeraj was my childhood friend and would never lie atleast to e.However On hearing this I vowed in myself to fuck this girl and break her virginity.However it seemed impossible to me as we were not yet friends but until one day my Mom came up with a request which cherished my dreams of fucking her.

Pinky who had appeared her college exams had performed very poorly in one her subjects(Accounts) .Her mom was suggesting for some private tuitions but couldn't get a private tutor for her.Until Neeraj's mom suggesting my name as I had excelled in that subject and I had also taught him during his exams. Pinky's mom instantly met my mother and my mom having a helping nature relented on it without my permission. On breaking the news to me I didn't know how to react –whether to be happy as my prospect of fucking her is coming true or to make a angry face so as to not be other any doubts. Although I was working at that time but I didn't want to miss this golden opportunity hence I gave unto it in a unwilling manner although in mind there was planning going on as to how and when to fuck that babe.

Now the time was fixed at 3pm as I had to report office at 7pm in the evening.It would be 2hr lecture.The first day begin and I reached at the said time.I knocked the door & it was opened by Pinky' mom open the door for me and she welcomed me and directly guided to Pinky's room.While guiding me to Pinky's room she told that Pinky is gone out but she would back shortly.As I entered her room which consisted of some chairs, table, sofa, bed and her personal wardrobe,her clothes were scattered on the bed which also consisted of some lovely lacy and pushup bras and silky panties.As I went ahead to pick it up and probe, the door bell rang and my sexy student was in.She directly came in and said hi to me to which I responded with a hello.Now she saw her scattered clothes.

She picked it immediately and dumped it in her wardrobe. So from that my class begin.I didn't wanted to directly jump to the idea of fucking but wanted to do it slowly and sweetly.As days passed she was getting comfortable with me and I also started getting comfortable with her.However I had my own moments of joy and excitement while teaching her.Being a practical subject it would always became a norm to sit and solve the problem,during that time I used to get to see her cleavage –sometimes clearly also, sometimes I was also lucky enough to see her booby bcoz she would never her bra.Such situatuion would make my rod go up till 90degree angle. However she would see my bulge over my pants and often laugh and giggle and question me as to whether I am comfortable or not.And I would also laughingly say that All's well with me.

Soon her mid-term exams begin and got over within a week and then she took a diwali vacation for 1 month. During this period of lay off my sex urge increased and now wanted to desperately fuck her and I was looking out for some concrete plan. Vacation was over and it was time to start with a new beginning and this time I made a will of breaking her virginity.Now the 1st day of my tuitions begin and I reached at her place but she had not yet come from college. At 3.30pm I gave up and I was about to leave that she entered and hugged her mother for achieving good marks in her exams.Then she came in her room were I was sitting and said about her superior marks in the exams for accounts.

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22-01-2008, 05:43 PM
She seemed very excited about he marks and suddenly she came up to me and said that she owe this marks to me and gave a small peek on my cheeks and went away smiling.Her kiss gave me green signal that now she is attracted towards me which gave glitters in my body.This gave me feeling that this girl is under my control. Now I only required an initiative to go ahead with. Next, her father-- happy on her results gifted her a brand new PC (with a internet connection) which was placed at her room.Since she knew very few about computers, I volunteered to teach her the basics of it.Now I used to come at 2pm instead of 3pm just to get her acquainted with the computers.After few weeks came my day, where my task was accomplished. As usual I reached at 2pm and found the door open.

There was nobody in her house either in their room.As I entered Pinky'room her PC was on and on the desktop there was some internet pages opened.On scrolling over it I found some xxx sites and pictures. I understood that it was Pinky who viewed this for obvious reasons.Suddenly she entered in and saw me scrolling over those sites. I look at her and she too looked at me. Now we were back to studies bit I found her bit disturbed.I questioned about this to here but she told me that nothing is wrong. And then suddenly she started smiling. I somehow understood her. I ask her that you were trying to view those sites and she replied with affirmative.

I asked her If she wanted then I have some porn movie cds which I can bring for her.She never answered at that time.But at the end of my tuitions she told me to bring that cds. Next day I brought some of my cds from my friend and gave it to her.I told her to watch it today as I have to give it to my friend.I told that I would not mind if she wants to watch it now. Somehow she was convinced about it and we started watching the cds.The first movie directly started with a woman giving a blowjob to a man.Half-n-hour into the movie I was getting aroused and there was a bulge which she Saw.

On seeing that she too got aroused and suddenly there was a tap on the door. I immediately put the PC off. It was her mother. Pinky opened the door and her mother told her that she is going to her neighbors house for some work. Now this was indeed a great opportunity to fuck her as she too was aroused by watching the movie. Her mother left and she was moving towards the toilet. I too moved behind her catching the bulge over my pants as I had to masturbate.I awaited for my chance to come and then went in; masturbated and came out. As I entered the room the started giggling and ask me as to what I was I doing in the toilet. I told her the same what you were doing minutes before I could enter.And with that I came close to her and gave a deep kiss on her lips and started removing her clothes.

She too retaliated positively by helping me remove her clothes. In few minutes I broke the kiss till then she was in her pink color lacy bra and panty. That look gave me hard on and suddenly she came in closer and came down on her knees. She unzipped my pant and took my rod in my mouth and started giving me a blowjob as she had saw in the movie. Then she came up and unbuttoned my shirt and started kissing all over my body. Now I caught her and ripped her bra and panty and push her on the bed .Now she was completely moaning and I was ready to give her great fuck .My rod was now erected till 8"inches and was ready for the fuck game. First I went for her booby, which became hard. I started sucking them like a small child. While sucking I moved my fingers over my pussy lips which had became hot. I started finger fucking her for some time till she gets very hot. After some time I shifted to her next booby and then started sucking and biting it. Now she was very hot and it was the time to cherish my dream.

I stood up and told her to give me a blowjob, which she gave me aesthetically. Now I was ready to insert my rod into vagina.I applied some Vaseline on her pussy and also on my penis.Now I again started finger fucking her so as to give her some relief while inserting. I slowly started inserting my rod into her slowly and she started moaning a little bit.After a long time my rod was half inside her and then I started penetrating it which gave a pleasure and now she was moaning with joy.We continued fucking until we heard the main door being shut as her mother was in.We stopped everything and behaved as if we were studying.

Later on we always had a fucking session which would last for 2-3 hrs everyday.Such was the case that we would never study anytime.Once we also had fucking session through out the day.But I was only afraid of her getting pregnant so I started using condoms which came in handy.However we had to pay a price for it as in her next exams she failed miserably and my tuitions was terminated.Later on she moved to some other place and now she will be also getting married early next year. However I truly enjoyed her company.

The End !!! :p

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Great Story!! Tiko No.1

22-01-2008, 07:36 PM
A wonderful read after a crazy day @ work! Thanks, Bro birdie8819! :)

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Great Story!! Tiko No.1

A wonderful read after a crazy day @ work! Thanks, Bro birdie8819! :)

Thanks bro Hakoshu and bro Glen for supporting my story thread . :)

Will try to post some for you all tonight . ;)

22-01-2008, 08:23 PM
bro birdie8819,

glad to hear that, will be waiting and reading it tomorrow lor...:p

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bro birdie8819,

glad to hear that, will be waiting and reading it tomorrow lor...:p

Thanks bro Himerus for your support !!! :)

Here's one story for you - Title : Blow pop sex secrets

It was a promise. She promised me, and I was going to hold her to that promise firmly and securely.

She deliberately and sexually teased me with the blow pop (sucker), from day one, and I'd kept it with my pencils on my desk at work, fantasizing over this piece of candy and allowing for it to consume my every thought for the past several weeks. Now it was time for her to deliver. There was some very serious oral fixation and gratification coming up. Her name was Sweet and Sassy Thing, my gorgeous eye candy (who would give me the sweetest oral fuck)...Sweet and Sassy Thing was a one-of-a kind woman that made me weak in the legs and who gave me a shit load of pleasure. Man, she basically electrified my groin ablaze. My name is Stephen, and my woman is HOT & Sassy Thing, (Sometimes I just call her Sweet, or Sassy, or Sass, or just Sweet Sass or Sweet Ass). Anyway, we had planned this for just a little too long. Sweet and Sassy Thing gave me this blow pop on our first date, promising me a good, solid blow job very soon thereafter. Blow pop's the one with the gum in the center, so after chewing and sucking on it for a long time, you get a nice soft, gushy surprise in your mouth.

We stayed aboard our city’s electric rail system and it was quiet. I just looked at her stooping on the floor and rubbing her pussy, as I pulled off my shirt and discarded it on the floor, and I approached Sweet & Sassy. The train was very still, stuffy, and airtight. I unraveled the crinkly cellophane wrapper from the red blow pop, slowly, while peering into her eyes and while her eyes peered back into mine. The candy was dry and I could see the dry crusting of the sugar all over it, but it was still smooth and I inserted the blow pop directly and purposely in the center of her waiting mouth. She sucked on it slowly like a baby, and I took it out of her mouth, slowly working with the flow of her natural hot saliva, and then re-inserted the candy and most of its stick into her mouth again. I did this like 10 to 12 times, and on the 13th, I grabbed her head with one hand, and undid my zipper with the other. With a one-handed, swift-swing motion, I took my balls, my throbbing cock, and basically my entire shaved package, and put it right in her face. "Hold the blow pop stick, " I said. And, I placed my hand over hers, and guided her to suck the candy, and then, when I was ready, I took the candy away in one clean stroke, and inserted my cock in her mouth. "AHHHHHHHHgghhhhhh....." the human-like sound escaped from me. Her mouth felt like a beautiful 102 degrees. It fit tightly and snuggly, all around my cock, just like the cellophane wrapper on the blow pop candy. So now, my cock was the blow pop and her mouth was its colorful covering.

The blow pop wrapper says that it is a bubblegum-filled pop, and that it is not labeled for individual sale. God, I hope that she doesn't charge me cash for what I'm about to do to her. It was all too sweet, and too good. The flavor of the blow pop was cherry, and the flavor of my cock was musky and delicious, or so she said during the course of her moans and slurps of my pre-cum, and she went on to roll some sugary things in my ear, (Sassy's my eccentric goddess, and now THE BLOW GODDESS), ”All I want to do is suck your big dick, baby. Now let me suck it, suck it, suck it...please! Pretty please with sweet squirts of pleasure on top?!! That's all this real woman needs. Massive size and just the right texture and thickness...perfect dick measure...perfect artistic thrusts!" She also reminded me about several months ago when I stuck out my tongue, and went lickity, lickity against her fuzzy peach pussy. I couldn't believe she was saying all of that, she was so-o-o horny and loved to suck. The only thing that's disruptive over combining candy and blow jobs is that the sugar coats the mouth and disrupts the flow of the natural saliva, but Sweet & Sassy Thing took care of that problem. Now the sucking was getting to me, the dripping was sugary and spicy, sticky and perfect on my pulsating 9 inch cock. My throb was now red with the FD & C Red 40 or FD & C Blue 1 dye or food coloring from the blow pop candy. And like the candy, she loved it, she kept sucking and pulling and pulling and sucking while I fiercely fed her my big stuff.

So, with cock in one hand, and with my other hand clasped over hers, (which was holding the sticked candy); she got a good mouth-fucking. She deserved it...no, I deserved to receive it...Holding her head in my hands, I skillfully and masterfully screwed her in her mouth and rolled her mouth around my aching cock. It was so friggin' hot; I started to sweat in my shaved pubic region as Sweet & Sassy Thing sucked my sweat and licked it up. I played with her and I was cute as I began rotating and offering candy for cock and cock for candy to her WAITING MOUTH, all along softly saying,

"Candy, Cock...Cock, Candy...Candy, Cock...Cock, Candy!" I was becoming the evil thrill master instructing her to,

"Suck it...Suck it long and hard baby! Pull the real candy from my balls!"

We were really into it, the Blow Pop and My Cock took turns ravishing her, in and out of her sweet mouth. For every long and hard suck on the candy, my cock got triple. We were having a threesome: the Blow Pop, Her Mouth, and My Cock. I toyed with her and sexually fulfilled my desires. My body and pelvis were shoved at her, my upper back resting against hard silver metal, the tiny train window barely allowing enough air to pass through. I began to motion and rock my cock at her face. In the choking heat of this closed train, I began spinning my cock right in her face and into her throat. She looked up at me in shock over my forcefulness, and then Sweet & Sassy Thing closed her eyes. It was hard for me to get all of my 9 inches into her tiny mouth, but I managed to get most of it in. I began to feed it to her nice and good, nice and solid right into the center of her mouth. My aim was meticulous, I didn't even care anymore, I began giving it to her so good and so fast, that I almost dropped the blow pop. I placed what available hand that I had under her chin, and I exploited all of the control and worked my big stiff stuff so hard and so fast that I rendered her helpless to my aim and direction. ALL SHE COULD DO WAS TAKE IT! The small cabin began to smell like my musty pre-cum, sweat, and sex. I fucked her in her mouth the way that I wanted to, and she became the blower of *my* blow pop. "Suck my cock baby, suck my cock, suck it, suck it, suck it, and keep sucking it." I was slowly losing my mind to myself.

Her big, pouty lips were quivering from my big cock sexing her mouth, and she cried,

"It tastes so good baby..."

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22-01-2008, 08:50 PM
It was time for another afternoon rush of excitement of train travelers, so the train engine rumbled and vibrated the entire hull of the passenger car. The hot and stickiness of the air was relieved by a sudden blast of the centralized combustion of cool air conditioning, so I could breathe, and I was thinking that my Sweet & Sassy Thing would be saved from this lack of oxygen. The train's engine vibrated all the way down my bare back, and it felt so good. I swayed out of her mouth in the sudden forward propelling motion of the train, then I jumped into her mouth again, relishing in the fact that the hum and vibration from the engine would have pulsating POWER over my body, and I used this power to illicit and to dictate this sweet oral fuck.

I could feel her breath now exiting her nose all along my foreskin and cock. Sweet & Sassy Thing then slightly pulled my helmet down and awakened the really sensitive nerves. The real thrills started to come. Thrills like lightning that started at the center core of my stomach and shot out in hundreds of directions throughout my body. This felt so-o-o great!

"Give it to me!...Give it to me!" Sweet & Sassy managed to get these words out even with me bunched up in her mouth.

"I am going to cum so hard in your mouth!" I shouted out loud. "SASS! You don't get it. (My voice was firm), I-AM-GOING-TO-CHOKE-YOU-TO-DEATH-WHEN-I-CUM-IN-YOUR-MOUTH!!!" And she began rolling her tongue and licking my cock all over...moaning that my cock was slick, long, hard, and sumptuous. The thrills started to come again. She sucked it, and rolled her tongue around it repeatedly...I began having little regard for the tenderness of her mouth, and began thunder-romping my ass in circles, and shoving it into her mouth! I took her head in my hands roughly, and whammed her HARD right in the center of her mouth. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! ---all the way to fifty! All she could do was to take it. Each rammin'-wham was outrageously delicious! I was squirting in her hot trap now. After I whammed her fifty fucks to the mouth, she started lapping all over my cock...like a wild, hungry puppy...going crazy over it...my cock...deep in her throat now....

She kept licking, and licking, and licking....

"Lick that dog! Lick that dog! (I was ramming it to her again, the HARDEST now!) Shove it down your throat and lick it, don't ever want you to stop SASS!" I screamed at her.

The thrills were coming in even faster now. The suction was so perfect!! Just can't hold on!! Her juicy, hungry mouth, eating me alive!

The blow pop falls to the floor and cracks…The blow pop wrapper is blowing in a corner against the suction of a tiny hole in the train's side door. I slid down the train wall like a dead snake, with her continually rattling my cock while my come fills her mouth. I was too weak to thrust anymore. I dropped a tremendous loadx2 and pumped her mouth full of my cumx2. She swallows all, and I only had the energy to look at her cleaning me up, licking everywhere. Good little pussy. I some how found the energy to stretch and grab the blow pop off the dirty train floor; I put it in my mouth to clean the various filth off of it. Then I told her to suck the blow pop until it was all gone. Commuters and the Conductor would be coming again soon. This was some serious oral fixation and satisfaction. Sweet & Sassy Thing blowed the fuck out of my dick, and I'm the luckiest son-of-a-bitch EVER!

The End !!! :p :D

22-01-2008, 08:51 PM
Next story - Title : Special indoctrination unit-captive women

The Special Indoctrination Unit is a unique sexual training facility located adjacent to a large male prison. The unit was created to imprison and indoctrinate specifically chosen women...those who are uncooperative in fulfilling a dictator's vast carnal needs. The project is known covertly, and to an exclusive few as:

'CUNT'...Captive..Unrestricted..Nymphopathic..Trai ning.

The women are almost exclusively from the higher aristocratic levels...women used to money and power, and to having their own way. The leader changed all this upon taking control several years ago... and vowed to make all these women his personal sex slaves.

Many of the sophisticated ladies, proud and recalcitrant in their manner, had refused to accept this...and risked punishment, flinging their insults at their captors, enduring abuse at the hands of the leader's helpers, those in charge of the state harem. This, however accomplished nothing...and some of the most beautiful and proudest specimens of feminine creation were spoiled, and embittered, and were inevitably placed in one of the many female prisons, useless to the leaders endless sexual needs.

After a careful study by experts, it was decided to create a small addition to the largest male correctional complex...a special training prison funded of course, by the leader's endless resources...and designed to completely break, and retrain the proud and attractive women who passed through the large state harem, and were found to be unsuitable because of their intractable resistance.

These units would be run and staffed by uniquely selected individuals...who would use the latest, most effective scientific means to mold the women there into sex slaves...without the use of severe and destructive means. The women who undergo this indoctrination..will be docile and completely agreeable to any and all sexual demands made of them once they have finished their 'training', and the leader will honor them by allowing them to serve him, satisfying his most obscene sexual cravings.

In truth it was thought that these female prisoners would come to embrace their intense sexual usage, once they were broken completely in spirit, and self esteem...and shown the deep carnal gratification available to them. To this end, drugs, hypnosis, and exactly applied corporal pursuasion would be utilized, along with a comprehensive program of constant humiliation and degradation to break their will to resist.

I had been given this assignment, after having served the country as warden of several female prisons. Though I had dreamed of a position in charge of the large male prison facility to which I was now attached...I found that my position here as warden in charge of the special indoctrination operation was quite rewarding, and afforded me the chance to test my theories concerning mind altering persuasion techniques, without the use of brutal or damaging treatment, and to relieve my own natural sexual pressures.

I had a unique understanding of incarcerated women, and the small group of beautiful female prisoners here would be far less demanding in many respects...and would allow me much more time to devote to their special usage.

I was in charge of a staff of twenty female employees...I insisted on women as guards and as treatment therapists...I knew that my efforts would be far more fruitful devoid of the intimidating presence of male personnel.

The women were expert in all the skills needed, and would be invaluable in molding the captive women into the sexual servants that the leader invisioned.

I had made it clear to my staff when I arrived that there would be no cruelty, or corporal methods used that were beyond the exact amount needed for optimum effect. The prisoners were not to be tortured or damaged by harsh treatment. Perfectly applied corporal means such as caning, non damaging electric shock application, and other such physical methods were to be used...as well as special psycological techniques and drugs to maintain the prisoner in the correct mode of attitude change at all times.

I also insisted on the use of a special, and very rare drug, that has the effect of scrambling the speech center when ingested, and therefore the female prisoners are not able to speak, even when greatly agitated. This drug has no lasting side effects, but has to be taken every four days to maintain complete vocal immobility. This allows an inhanced degree of control that is invaluable in the training process.

There were now twenty female prisoners located here, and the capacity for more if the need arose.

I had begun to subject the proud, attractive women to very unique kinds of humiliation, and spent a great deal of time personally attending to them in this regard. I initiated a very special method of treatment in which the prisoners were given substantial doses of vitamin supplements each day, and all desired water, of course, but were deprived of all nutrition except for large quantities of fresh male semen offered them three times each day.

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22-01-2008, 08:52 PM
I was able obtain large amounts of safe and tested ejaculate from the large male population next door, and their efforts increased dramatically as they understood the purpose of their donated fluid.

The male prison housed nearly five thousand inmates, and after testing, almost four thousand were found to be acceptable as donors of fresh seminal fluid each day.

This, of course, was always rejected with great fury for a few days by the female prisoners in my facility, but within five days or so, the women, weakened greatly in their will and body, and realizing the they would have to eat the semen to survive, one by one gave in and accepted the inevitable. I would never, of course, allow their starvation to a dangerous level...but they had no idea of this and were convinced otherwise.

My capable female staff were quite efficient at their collection duties, and brought full, carefully sealed beakers of fresh male seminal fluid to the cell block three times each day.

Needless to say the female prisoners became nauseaous the first several times they were forced to drink the warm donated life fluid, but eventually became adjusted to the smell and taste of cum, and were able to drink it down without difficulty after two weeks.

My innovative staff had begun to plant deep post hypnotic suggestions into the minds of the prisoner slaves, telling them of the delicious flavor and great nutritive value of the male life cream, and the nasty liquid food was swilled down with greater efficiency owing to this clever technique.

The captives are also obliged to suck cock and eat fresh ejaculate each day by use of a section of the building fitted with twenty glory holes, to be used by selected male prisoners on the other side of the wall in a large, restricted, men's bathroom. Each glory hole is located in a men's toilet stall, so that the men may relieve themselves in private after taking care of their other needs.

This, of course, is met with great revulsion and anger by the female prisoners, but is accepted, in time, as a substantial nutrition source, necessary for survival. They are also fitted with special rubber dental covers while being used, that will not allow the mouth to close fully, and possibly inflict pain or damage to the male enjoying his fellatio service.

Any resistance is punished by a combination of the corporal, and other appropriate, persuasion techniques mentioned earlier...until the prisoner slave has come to realize the futility of disobedience.

I make sure that the women are in a constant state of sexual arousal...craving release constantly...and this enhances their intense sexual indoctrination and usage.

I entered the training room and closed the door lightly. Two training assistants were waiting for me...and we all looked at the beautiful prisoner slave kneeling doggie style in a restraint fixture. My assistants stood nearby, ready to help in any way necessary, at the descretion of my handling.

I sat in a comfortable chair in front of the gorgeous brunette...and lifted her head to the level of my crouch. Her eyes were filled with hatred, but also, inevitably, the beginnings of a kind of acceptance, but she was far from what she must be to leave here ready to serve our glorious leader.

The woman was obviously quite aroused sexually...and I knew that she was prime for training. "I need my cock sucked," I said quietly..."and I need you to swallow my cum." She stiffened at this, and looked at me with blazing eyes as I stood and removed my trousers and shorts. I stood with my rising dick a few inches from her mouth and sat, spreading my legs widely. My pecker was hard by now, and the thought of her mouth on my dick was incredibly erotic to me.

I pulled the woman's head to my penis and tried to shove it in her mouth, but she twisted in anger and would not allow it. My assistants grabbed her head and held it firmly so that I could complete my mission, and pulled her oral cavity fully open for me. The soft rubber dental cover would not allow her to close her mouth or bite and inflict damage, and with the help of my able helpers, I shoved my long hard dick in and held her head firmly.

She grunted and struggled fiercely as I forced my pecker in and out of her mouth, and my balls rubbed her chin as I started to enjoy my blowjob. At one point it was necessary for an assistant to lash her exposed ass with a cane, several times to produce a measure of cooperation. I looked at her dark eyes as I fucked her mouth and humped my hips deeply forcing my dick near the entrance to her throat.

She was livid with fury and would not look me in the eyes while being so degraded. I conveyed this omisson to my assistants, and a few well aimed lashes with the cane persuaded the woman to maintain eye contact with me.

"You're a born cocksucker!", I grunted, "you eat dick real good!" She tried to clamp down on my cock but was unable to, and after that merely looked at me with consumate loathing as I continued fucking her mouth.

"You've been drinking cum everyday from a hundred men, so one more wad of dicksnot shouldn't be a problem for you." "You're a dirty cocksucker aren't you," I moaned as I force fucked her wonderful mouth...I grinned down slyly at her as I neared orgasm, and shoved my prick in fully as I began to unload my large wad of cum.

She looked at me with unbridled rage as I squirted hot scum into her mouth...and would not swallow until receiving several more lashes with a cane. She gulped now...her eyes blurred with humiliation...and though much of my load dribbled down her chin...she mangaged to eat several globs of it...swilling down the obscene mess with teared eyes.

I forced out the last streamers of hot slime into her mouth, and she looked up at me in consummate degradation. I looked down at her in a very condescending manner..."Good fucking blowjob you little cocksucker...I'll be feeding you lunch quite often, so it will be better for you if you come over to my side and prove to me that you enjoy eating your meal." I grinned down at her as I put my shorts and pants back on...

"Get this fucking slut back to her cell...I'll have another session with her tomorrow." I left and went back to my office to take care of some paperwork.

I was due for another training session in an hour, and took time to use the bathroom first...relieving myself with a good bowel movement. I always showered at the end of the day but didn't clean myself otherwise from one session the next so that the prisoners were forced to endure additional humiliation when they satisfyed my carnal needs during an indoctrination appointment. After a short nap I resumed my duties for the day.

I entered another 'treatment' room and two of my assistants were waiting, as usual. My subject was a redhead, with long, beautiful hair, and she was secured in a kneeling position so that her face was at cock level. She looked at me with a great loathing and tried desperately to speak, though this was impossible for her.

She struggled against the straps and flung her head from side to side expressing her supressed rage. I stripped off and sat in a comfortable easy chair in front of her and spread my legs widely.

Sitting back I moved my ass upward so that her face was a few inches away. My assistants were one each side, and held her head firmly. I stroked my cock and brought it to full erection, and spoke to her, smiling wickedly. "Ok, you red headed cocksucker, you're going to lick my ass clean, and then I'm going to fuck your mouth and you're going to swallow my cum."

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22-01-2008, 08:53 PM
She grunted loudly and put her head to the side pulling against the restraints and one of my gifted assistants moved to her rear and delivered several painful lashes to the woman's bare ass. She bucked against the straps and groaned loudly as she looked at me with consumate contempt.

"Now you dick sucking bitch...lick my asshole." The residue from my recent bowel movement covered my asscrack, and as the helpers forced her head downward she grimaced and grunted but allowed her face to be buried between my stained buttcheeks.

She hesitated again and one of the assistants moved rapidly behind her and delivered several more very painful whacks to her glowing ass.

She grunted in pain and finally allowed her nose to be rubbed all over my smelly butthole. "Lick it, fuckface, and I mean now!," I said firmly, and pushed her mouth over my fragrant rear opening. "Look at me while you do it you fucking whore!"

She shook her head feebly and looked up at me, a bitter hatred in her eyes, but she slowly stuck out her tongue and licked the brown stained area around my anus.

She scrunched up her face in revulsion but continued as my capable staff held her firmly in position. She looked up at me in desperation and disgust, but continued to lick around my swampy anal opening.

"Lick my ass clean and swallow it you filthy cunt...that's it...how does it smell...uh huh...you like that smell don't you?" She began to develop a slight brown covering around her lips as she stared at me in revulsion and bitterness, and frowned as she swallowed the residue on her tongue.

"Good job...girl...you're such a talented little ass licker...now you be a good cunt and suck my crap hole!"

She grunted and pulled back against the strong hands of the helpers and once again my skilled assistant delivered more excruciating lashs with the thin cane.

I forced her mouth over my raw asshole and she looked at me with a mindless and confused expression. "Suck my farthole you toilet mouth bitch!", I demanded, rubbing my obscene anus against her lips.

She suddenly began to suck very hard on my open rear hole, in anger, attempting to create a painful hickie on my sensitive oriface. Just as she did so I pushed against her mouth and farted loudly, holding her beautiful face immobile. She struggled violently as she was forced to ingest my gas, and finally relaxed, and slumped a bit as I erupted several more times into her captured oral opening.

She gagged, and retched, but resigned herself, for the moment, to this incredibly nasty insult to her dignity.

At that point I pulled her head up and began to jackoff near her mouth and pulled down firmly and shoved my hard, dripping meat into her open gullet. She seemed exhausted by now and just looked up at me with a blank expression as I held her head and pumped upward fucking her tight, warm suckhole.

Her mouth was warm and wet and I went into a frenzy fucking her beautful face, as she looked at me with glazed eyes.

"Now you dirty cocksucker, eat your lunch!" I grunted and jerked upward, forcing a large amount of thick seminal fluid near the opening to her throat. The nasty paste began to backflow, and bubbled out from around her lips as she looked at me incredulously, and pushed on by a solid slap of the cane on her raw ass, she gulped and took the mess down her gullet...gagging slightly as she swilled down the thick white scum.

I refilled her warm toilet hole with hot slime, and she automatically swallowed the salty glue, taking it down into her stomach as globs of it ran down her chin and dripped in a streamer into my pubic hair.

I looked at her with contempt and grinned widely..."Good fucking blowjob you ignorant bitch!, you're a good little cocksucker aren't you?" I dressed and left as the stunned red head kneeled there, semen running from her mouth. She was beyond feeling contempt, and was incapable of a normal reaction at this point.

The mind altering drugs were very helpful in training sessions like this, along with corporal punishment and other co-assistive elements...and I was pleased with the progress that had been made today.

The project was taking on a distinct form and purpose, and each of my capable and attractive staff seemed to enjoy the work also...they were beginning to find some very tangible rewards in their dedicated work, and a feeling of accomplishment permeated the entire area. They were extremely well paid by a greatful leader, as was I...and we had all enbarked upon a mission of quality personality rebuilding in which we all participated, by virtue of our creative input. I looked forward to the coming months...and the pleasure that time would bring to us all.

The End !!!

22-01-2008, 09:06 PM
Here's one really short story - Title : Sex with alien females

I was putting gas in my car and suddenly had this strange feeling that I was being watched.
I looked around and saw these two women looking at me from thier camaro. One was blonde and the other one was blonde. I felt a sexual urge as I made eye contact with them. I desired them, but I also sensed that these feelings were not the usual feelings I would get by looking at a woman.

I drove home and got ready for the next day. As I laid in bed, I sensed that strange feeling again that I was being watched. I remembered the two women at the gas station and began fantasizing about them. I got a hard-on and began to masturbate.

What happened next is difficult to explain. How it happend... Why it happened.. I do not know, but it did.

I opened my eyes and there... at the foot of my bed were standing these two same females that I had just encountered earlier at the gas station. The only difference this time was that both their eyes were slightly bigger than the average human eye.

I panicked! I was scared shitless and I reacted not like I would if I had some thief enter the home. This time it was different. One of them said, "Please, do not be afraid. We won't hurt you." I heard the voice but I didn't see the blonde move her lips when she spoke. It was telepathic communication. Both of them approached me from both sides of the bed and got on the bed.

Both of them began to kiss me and grabbed my hands to feel their bodies all over. They felt human, but they were very cold to the touch. Very confusing because a live body does not feel that cold. These females were beautiful, except for the eyes... again.

As the brunette placed her hand on my chest I noticed she had some sort of crystal that wrapped around her wrist and around the middle finger. I saw a single flash of violet light coming from the crystal under the middle finger and then I felt calm. As if I had been drugged, but I did not feel drowsyness. I became errect and as soon as this happened, both of them grabbed my cock and began stroking it. The brumette had long dark brown hair and it was very soft as it lay on my stomach. Both of them began to suck ,y cock. It felt so good because they sucked it so softly and stroked it with gentleness. I heard a different voice say, "Relax. Let us make you feel much better. Do you see how good it feels?" The blonde was the one talking, because of her eye contact.

As I lay there having my cock sucked, I didn't realize that my clock had moved forward 2 hours. It was now 12:45 Midnight!

The brunette was on top of me, pumping away at my errection. She made these moaning sounds, but again, no mouth movement. The voice was audible, but not audible as you would hear it in front of you. More like in my head. Two voices moaning.

Suddenly, as I was getting ready to cum, the blonde grabbed a hold of my cock from behind the brunette and felt a warm sensation near my prostate and I came for the longest time. It might have been a little over a minute.... because I felt that the short pulses I normally feel when I cum were prolonged for about a minute and 20 seconds. Also, I was paralyzed when I came. I could not move. The brunette just looked at me with her big eyes and leaned forward... closer to my face and said telepathically, "Close your eyes and forget." She placed her crystal held hand on my forehead and the light came back on. This time the light was bright green and it flickered.

As it did this, she said, "Forget everything you just did. Forget this night. Do not remember us. You didn't have sex. No one will believe you. You are confused. This was just a dream. We do not exist. You can't see anything. You can't remember anything."

Next day I didn't remember anything. I had no clue what had just transpired the night before... UNTIL.....

Almost a week later, I had to pump gas in my car. Some sales lady asked me if I would be interested in buying a crystal. She said it had healing abilities. I felt obligated since she looked like she really needed the money. Besides... she was cute. So I pilled out 2 dollars and gave it to her.

Before she left, she put the necklace on my hand and said, "Make sure you put it on. It will help you remember." I didn't know what the hell she was talikng about at the time, but as I got into my car I decided to go ahead and put it on. As I put my hand on the stck to the gear shift... I remembered the blonde putting her hand on my penis and suddenly... everything was clear to me.

The End !!! :D

22-01-2008, 09:11 PM
Wah bro Birdie..wow something steamy from the aliens.....nice n interesting....encounter of the 3rd kind......wooo. Bro.....i inside did not mention they wet anot huh?:D

22-01-2008, 09:27 PM
Wah bro Birdie..wow something steamy from the aliens.....nice n interesting....encounter of the 3rd kind......wooo. Bro.....i inside did not mention they wet anot huh?:D

Yalor ! I think it's just a short dream only nothing much . Well one better one on the way - Title : Man with bright green umbrella

Prelude: So pure, so… Innocent…

Kari shivered as she run her hands along her wet clothes. She was waiting for the bus in the hard rain that had caught her off guard. She was just returning home from after having gone to see movies for the first time all alone.

“I’m going to catch cold like this,” she mumbled to herself while rolling her arms around her sides as if hugging herself.

Suddenly as Kari looked to her side she noticed a man looking at her. The man wore completely black clothes and a hoodie that concealed his face. Everything he wore was totally black except for the umbrella, which was bright green. Bright, vomit colorful green.

“Umm may I help you?” Kari asked while trying to see if he was someone she knew.

The man did not respond but only stood in the rain. Kari felt somewhat uncomfortable. What if he was some sort of a prankster who wanted to scare her? Or even worse, some sort of a bad man wanting to harm her?

Just then the screeching sound of the bus’ doors opening broke her thoughts. Kari thanked her luck in her head while quickly entering the bus going to her home.

As soon as Kari had gotten home, she took off her clothes and got into bath so she’d not catch cold. Tai was playing video games with Agumon.

“I’m so glad I’m finally back home,” she thought to herself while starting to relax in the bathtub some more and closing her eyes.

However soon she felt someone cover her mouth with his or her hand and as she woke up she noticed it was the very same person who had observed her in the rain.

The man moved his index finger towards Kari’s lips while whispering, ”If you scream, I’ll slaughter your entire family before your eyes. Do you understand?”

Kari nodded slowly which brought a grin upon the man’s face. Kari did not recognize the man, as he seemed like a normal man in his 30’s with a small scar on his left cheek and brown eyes.

“Good girl… Now… I want to see your body better, get out from the bath,” the man commanded her.

Kari stood up to reveal her flat chest and small figure. She shivered from fear, as she didn’t know what he’d do to her. She wanted to scream but was afraid he’d hurt Tai.

The man rubbed his crotch while starting to unzip it “Now… I want to suck it like you suck a lollipop…”

“No, no, no! It’s dirty…” Kari protested but the man took strong hold of her head and forced his dick into her mouth.

He laughed while he forced her head back and forth making her almost choke to the cock “I didn’t ask, you mini bitch… Don’t you dare bite or I’ll break your teeth.”

Kari cried as she began to lick around the head of the dick. She licked underneath the foreskin and over the red tip, while the man was starting to breathe more heavily and stroke his dick off at the same time. She was starting to suck it hard when….

”Kari!! Kari wake up!!” Tai’s voice yelled.

Kari opened her eyes and screamed a bit. She had fallen asleep. The bath was over flooded and the water was running down the floor.

”Kari, are you all right??” Tai inquired while knocking on the door.

Kari turned the faucet off as she got off from the bath and covered herself with a towel “I’m fine!!”

She opened the door for Tai who was very shocked too “What happened? There’s water all over the floors.”

”I... I’m sorry… I must have fallen asleep…” she mumbled as she hurried past Tai to her room.

There she sat on the bed. Her pussy was itchy as if she’d need to pee and it felt weird. She reached her hand and rubbed it, which made her give out a small whimper.

”Why does it feel so good…?” she thought to herself while starting to rub her pussy more.

She gave a soft moan while she inserted a finger inside of her moist opening and started to roll it around, wetness dribbling onto her finger. She squeezed her eyes shut and lied down to her back as she started to pump her fingers in and out while continuously rubbing herself.

”Why did I dream of stuff like that…?” she thought to herself while the vision of a hard cock remained in her imagination.

Kari soon came with an eerie cry of pleasure for the first time in her life.

Interlude: Path to pain and…?

Lady Devimon groaned as she started to come to her senses.

“Wh… What happened? Some guy approached me and hit m….” she thought while slowly opening her eyes.

Just then she screamed as she saw her body. Her arms and legs had been cut off and she screamed as she tried to wiggle the small stumps. From the corner of her eye she could see a woman with her back turned for her. She had a long red hair that reached all the way to her butt.

“Oh you woke up too soon, I guess I should have used a stronger tranquiller,” the woman said while she turned around and Lady Devimon could see that she was wearing butcher’s outfit and some sort of a big red devil mask that completely covered her face.

“Any progress?” a voice suddenly called out to the woman.

The woman turned to face the direction of the voice “Oh it’s you. Did you do what I asked?”

”Indeed, I held my part of the bargain. I just came here to see how you were doing before continuing on with the plan,” the male voice continued to speak.

The woman laughed and shook her head “Don’t worry about me, I am more than capable of carrying out on my own. You just go and continue doing your thing.”

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22-01-2008, 09:28 PM
Chapter 1: Mind is a terrible thing to waste

“… And then the boy returned home. The End,“ Nancy closured the bedtime story she was reading for TK whom had fallen asleep. She smiled while closing the book and kissing him on the forehead “Sweet dreams my lovely son.”

Nancy walked out of the room and carefully closed the door so she’d not wake him up. She gave a yawn and stretched her arms while walking over to the sofa and turning up the TV. There was still thirty minutes left before her favorite show would air and she felt almost as tired as TK was.

“I probably will have to miss the episode, “ she thought when she could swear she felt a breeze which made her shiver.

Just then she saw from her corner of the eye a man, wearing black clothes and holding a green umbrella. Nancy blinked and the man was gone.

”W…. What? I… Must be more tired than I think,” she thought to herself while she started to make her bed.

TK… TK do you hear me?

TK slowly opened his eyes hearing strange voices “Uhmm...What a weird dream…”

TK… TK do you know that your mother loves you very much?

TK looked left and right while he asked “What? Who’s talking?”

TK…TK your mother would love it if you’d eat her.

Now the blonde boy was starting to shiver while he crawled underneath the blanket covering him “I am just imagining the voices…”

Eat me TK.

Eat me.

Eat… Me…

The voice had changed to the voice of her mother.

Eat me… You know you want to…

“My mom… Is so cute…” TK thought while he licked his lips.

He got up and carefully opened the door. Her mother was asleep in the sofa, so he made his way to the kitchen and placed the chair so he could stand on it. He then picked up a meat cleaver from its holding place and started to walk towards his mother.

Eat me TK… Feast on my tender flesh and tear the meat off from around the bones…

TK gave a yell and swung the meat cleaver at Nancy’s right hand. It made a sickening noise as the bones were crushed and there began to come tons of blood out from the sides of the cleaver. Just then, the mother woke up and realized what had happened. But she did not scream, instead she smiled a loving smile, while she moved her blanket away so TK could see her sexy underwear. She moved the healthy hand towards the panties and began to rub her pussy through them while starting to breathe harder. TK pulled the cleaver up and looked at the gushing mess of what was once an arm. He swung the meat cleaver again; this time the hand was totally amputated, which made Nancy moan as she inserted two fingers inside her moist pussy. TK raised the separated hand and took a bite out from the blood leaking part.

“How does it taste? Do you like how I taste you son of a bitch?” Nancy moaned.

“I love it mommy, you taste lovely!!” TK moaned while he held the arm over his mouth and squeezed the arm making the blood drip down into his mouth. He then moved the arm over to her mom’s head and let some of the blood drip down her face which she licked while she was starting to finger herself faster and harder, as her wet cunt started to make loud noises.

“Eat me TK, eat me whole…” she murmured.

TK swung the meat cleaver directly at the mom’s throat. She gagged and started to gasp for air as TK pulled the cleaver off and lowered his head while beginning to eat the gore and the fleshy remains. Just the moment before she died, Nancy reached her orgasm.

“TK!!!! What are you doing!??!” voice suddenly exclaimed to him.

TK turned around and saw it was Patamon who had his mouth wide open in shock “It’s not what it looks like! She wanted me to eat her!!”

“TK, how could you kill your mother??!!” Patamon screamed while he was in a total shock and not knowing how to react.

TK suddenly came to his senses, as his pupils shrank while tears ran down his eyes and she exclaimed, “What have I done??!”

“Still… She looks kind of cute, doesn’t she? “Patamon asked while a smile came to his face.

TK smiled too and the two giggled. Then they began laughing. The laugh continued to grow to the point where you could question the sanity of the two.

Just then TK gasped as he woke up. His pajamas were covered with some sticky substance and his penis felt bigger than it usually was…

”What’s this?” TK wondered while he brought some of the substance to his mouth. It tasted a bit of salty and he kind of liked it.

TK started to rub his small erection, hoping that he’d get more of the sticky substance out from it…

“Mmm tasty stuff…” he murmured while continuing to beat off.

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22-01-2008, 09:31 PM
Chapter 2: Crappy Halloween

Several days had passed with the weird ‘dreams’ repeating themselves upon TK and Kari over and over again, bringing them both closer towards a total mental break down. Despite all of this they had still decided to come to the party where the Digi Destined would be gathered to have a Halloween party with their Digimon. Unknown to all of them however was the fact that there was something sinister about to happen.

“Okay everyone! Our parents have been kind enough to actually pay for us to have this place to ourselves for tonight, so let’s make sure it’ll not be damaged!” Tai spoke while he opened the doors leading to the ballroom.

Mimi ran inside and looked around surprised “This is amazing!! I knew they had something planned for us but I couldn’t ever expect this!!”

”Maybe this is their thanks for us saving the world?” Tai jokingly replied.

Joe pulled a snack bar out from his backpack while he sat down “You want some Gomamon?”

“No thanks, I’m not hungry,” the Digimon replied.

At the same time, TK was unloading his pack when suddenly Kari walked to front of him “TK, can you please come with me? I need to talk to you in private.”

“What’s this about Kari?” he replied while turning his attention away from the bag.

Kari bit her lip and looked to her side “Can you please just come with me to somewhere private…?”

“Well I guess we could go to the bathroom… “ TK pondered out loud.

Kari immediately turned her vision back to him “Yes, that’ll do perfectly.”

The two walked into the bathroom with Kari leading the way and when getting inside, they locked the door and TK almost immediately asked, “So what did you want to talk about?”

“For past these days… I’ve been thinking non-stop about you TK… Or rather… A part of you…” Kari murmured while she moved her hand over to his crotch and starting to gently rub it.

TK gasped from shock “What are you doing??”

“I want to feel your penis… And see it hard…” Kari cooed while she unbuttoned TK’s pants.

Eat me TK… I want you to… Eat me…

Just then, TK moved his head forward and bit Kari on her shoulder through her shirt. She screamed a bit and pushed him away.

“That hurt TK!!” she exclaimed but TK moved forward and placed his hand on her mouth.

She looked at his eyes that were filled with desire as he spoke “Shut up slut. You’re going to get it only this way. If you struggle I’ll eat through your throat but if you’ll co operate, I’ll be gentle.”

Kari was silent but finally gave a weak nod as TK smiled and moved forward and gently placed his teeth on Kari’s smooth skin. He gently nibbled on it and saw Kari squeeze her eyes shut. How she was giving herself for him made him very much aroused and he felt the same excitement as before. He moved his hand down to stroke his cock as he pulled his mouth away. There was just a tiny biting mark.

The two stared at each other, both breathing heavily with their eyes filled with a pure passion. Kari realized that the idea of him dominating her during their first time was starting to arouse her. She closed her eyes and leaned towards TK while putting her lips to kissing position. He did the same and their lips met as they shared their first kiss.

And with that TK came back to his senses and began to mumble “I… I’m so…” only to be interrupted by Kari.

“TK… I feel so hot down there…” Kari whimpered while she rubbed her pussy through her dress.

The boy moved his hand underneath the hemline of the dress and touched her wet pussy “Oh Kari……”

“Mmmm TK” Kari murmured while she raised her hemline so high that he could see her tiny tummy and the panties that had some cat’s picture at front.

He moved the panties a bit down and started to rub on the entrance of the pussy while she rolled her hand around the dick and began to move her hand up and down as she had in the dream seen the man do. TK let out a slight moan while a little amount of precum came to Kari’s hand, while he inserted his finger into her pussy and began circling around it.

“I want more than a finger… I want you inside of me…” Kari moaned while licking her lips.

TK nodded and took hold of his penis and tried to find the entrance and insert it in. Kari moved her hand to help get the dick into her virgin pussy. Finally the two succeeded in finding the spot and the tip of TK’s cock successfully went inside. Kari bit her teeth together as she leaned against the toilet bowl and TK began to push his penis into her pussy. He soon met some resistance, Kari’s hymen. He pushed forward which made Kari give a whimper of pain as her cherry was popped and the blood lubed the cock.

”Don’t stop… Don’t stop…” Kari groaned while shaking her head back and forth from both the pain and the excitement.

TK moaned while he began to move in and out of the pussy “Oh Kari…. Kari….”

Soon TK groaned as he came into the pussy of Kari. Kari opened her mouth as she felt some of his semen enter her.

”I want more… It just started to feel good…” she moaned while looking back at him with dreamy eyes.

TK pondered what to do before he got an idea “How about you get on me?”

Kari nodded so TK pulled his penis out and moved to sit on the bowl. Kari climbed over him and then slowly started to lower herself on the penis. She gasped as it entered her pussy and she started to move herself gently up and down the erection that while being small was just big enough for her.

”Mmm it feel so good…” she moaned while rocking her hips against TK’s.

TK moaned as he hugged onto Kari tightly “Oh Kari… It’s going to come again…. The white stuff is going to come again…”

“Mmm yes…… Do it…. Do it again…” she moaned while she was closing her own orgasm as well.

TK gave a small cry of pleasure as he ejaculated inside Kari again, making her cum as well.

After staying in the position for several moments while trying to catch breath, Kari finally stood up from the dick with a trail of her juices leading down to his cock. She pulled her panties up while smiling “I don’t know why but I really needed to do that… I hope you don’t think I’m weird or anything.”

“Oh no… I am sorry if I hurt you… It was just like something was drawing me and making me do it…” he replied.

Long moment of silence passed between the two.

“Let’s get back to where the others are,” Kari finally responded.

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Final Chapter: HEAR MY NIGHTMARE!!!

Several hours passed. The atmosphere between TK and Kari was awkward to say the least and they could barely look at each other. The primal passion the two had shared before felt now like an embarrassing and stupid mistake.

“I hope Kari won’t hate me,” TK thought to himself.

Just then someone knocked on the door. Joe went to open it and behind it stood the man in dark costume.

”May I help you?” Joe asked the stranger but there was no response.

Instead the man took hold of his umbrella and slapped with its end at both of the cheeks of Joe before kicking him into chest which made him fly on his back and gasp for breath.

“Joe!!!” Gomamon exclaimed as he rushed towards his partner who was knocked unconscious.

Everyone were shocked and angered, and just as the Digimon were ready to pummel the intruder with all their might they heard laughing noise from the other side of the ballroom. Having come from a back entrance was a woman wearing a devil mask. With her was what seemed like a Lady Devimon but this one was different from the one who had served Piedmon. She didn’t have the dark helmet, there were two bolts attached to her forehead, and her long silver hair was running down freely. Her right hand was missing and instead there was some huge gun like arm while the other arm resembled a claw. Her feet were more muscular and seemed like they’d belong to WarGreymon. These new limbs seemed to have been stitched together and they looked really out of place on her otherwise beautiful body. She had a glassy expression on her face and it seemed like she had drooled on herself.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this?!” Tai questioned the person.

The mysterious woman lowered her masked head “The time of retribution for humanity has come for all that they did for me and you’re the only possible people able to posses a threat for our plan! I’m the most brilliant scientist ever to live! I still am treated like a complete scum and filth just because I was born… Bit different,” she spoke while she raised her hemline a bit and revealed a flaccid penis hanging underneath.

”You’re a guy!!” Kari exclaimed.

The mysterious person shook her head while caressing the soft dick “I’m not a guy. I am nothing. I’m neither of the two but I’m rather a complete one sex. I was born with both the genitalia and my parents had my pussy stitched up and closed hoping I’d become a normal male. But it didn’t stop my hormone growth of this cursed body… “ she spoke and was silent for a moment. She then continued to talk but with a voice of a man “My boobs began to grow while I kept growing a beard and sounding like a guy. Anywhere I went all I ever got was pure hatred. Then I met my only friend in the world…” she spoke while pointing at the man on the other side of the room who bowed his head a bit. “He’s a Digimon by the name Slendamon, a true born mutant by being neither human nor a Digimon. Each Digimon cast him aside just as all humans abandoned me. Together we realized that if the world wouldn’t accept us as we are, we would kill each and everyone normal person or Digimon. Leaving only the ones who share the similar fate of ours.”

Sora looked at Slendamon “I don’t understand, he doesn’t seem like no one would accept his looks.”

Slendamon smiled and dropped his umbrella. He tilted his head to other side while his lower abdomen started moving around as if something was underneath the outfit alive. Just then his clothes were torn apart as underneath was revealed 6 hands, which were attached to an orange seething mass of pulsating flesh. The upper part seemed really tiny compared to the lower part and the horrible Digimon grinned as Mimi was so disgusted by the horrendous sight that she threw up.

“Agumon!!! Digivolve now!!!” Tai screamed once the shock wore off him.

Agumon nodded and yelled as he Warp Digivolved to WarGreymon, while Gabumon Warp Digivolved to MetalGarumon, while everyone else Digivolved to their Ultimate form aside Patamon and Gatomon who for some reason remained same.

“Daliamon, kill them all,” the hermaphrodite ordered while she was starting to masturbate her growing erection.

The mysterious female Digimon’s eyes lit up from joy and she pointed her gun arm towards WarGreymon while she screamed “Gore Nightmare!!”

Immediately from the cannon there flew a lot of pinkish liquid that covered WarGreymon. As WarGreymon looked down to see what happened he saw that the liquid was starting form into tiny heads whom all began laughing and staring directly into eyes of him.

”Get them off! Get them off!!!!” WarGreymon screamed while starting to claw himself and devolving into Koromon.

“Metal blaster!!” MetalGarumon chanted as the icy flames shot from his mouth towards the mysterious female Digimon who blocked the attack with the gun arm.

At the same time, Garudamon used her Wing Blade against Slendamon as the fiery bird exploded and one of the arms fell off. Just then the huge Digimon’s eyes lit up bright red and Garudamon screamed. Soon she turned away from Slendamon and suddenly shot Wing Blade at Zudomon.

”Slendamon has powers to affect a person’s mind,” the hermaphrodite laughed. “Your pathetic Digimons' won’t stand a chance, only holy Digimon can destroy them. And you have lost your purity and innocence and cannot become Angels again! You succumbed to please your carnal needs,” she moaned while she reached her orgasm, sending her semen flying all over the blood and gore covered Koromon who was twitching in agony.

TK was silent for a long time but then spoke “I did what I did because…. I love Kari… Ever since I met her, I’ve loved her.”

“TK…” Kari silently said while she was almost smiling.

The two walked towards each other and shared a lover’s kiss, which at the same time made Patamon become MagnaAngemon and Gatomon Angewomon whom both floated towards the ceiling.

”This poor Digimon has gone insane. We are doing her a favor by granting her a swift death,” MagnaAngemon spoke while he casted Magna Antidote which cured the mind of Garudamon.

Angewomon moved her fingers as she prepared her trademark attack “Celestial Arrow!!”

The arrow flew straight at Daliamon who tried to block the attack with her gun arm. There came a small explosion and some electricity was shot from the arm as it fell off.

“Soul Banish!!” MagnaAngemon yelled while he threw his blade directly through Daliamon.

Daliamon blinked twice. Then she collapsed on the floor with some blood starting to come from her mouth.

The devil mask-wearing woman was shocked beyond words, as she screamed, “NO!! This can’t be happening!! Our plan was flawless!!”

At the same time MetalGarumon dove forward and took a big bite of Slendamon who screamed in agony.

“MetalGarumon, get out of the way,” MagnaAngemon yelled which the furry Digimon gladly did while the angel was starting to make his biggest move. “Gate of Destiny!!”

The huge gate opened before Slendamon and began to suck the being inside. While being sucked forward, MagnaAngemon suddenly shot an aurora beam that hit directly against the belly of the horrible monster making two more arms fall off to floor. The mutant Digimon screamed as he was pulled into the endless Gate of Destiny that proceeded to disintegrate.

“No! Nooo!!” the evil woman screamed as she tried to run away only to run straight against Angewomon.

The female angel eyed the human from head and toe “You’ve done so much evil and all just for your petty revenge. You shouldn’t try to give into the path of despair, that’s exactly what the people who bully you would want you to do. You need to take a new set in your life and prove to other people that they were wrong judging you.”

“I… I…” the woman began to talk when she reached into her cloak and suddenly pulled a butcher knife out “Die you whore!!!”

Angewomon ducked the attack and flew a bit higher “I was going to give you a chance but I now understand you’ve gone beyond help…. Celestial Arrow!!”

The arrow flew directly into the chest of the woman. She gasped and took hold of her chest while dropping the knife and falling to her knees. She then fell on her face first on the floor and she died.

“I… Have never killed a human before…” Angewomon muttered silently.

TK walked towards the corpse and began to remove the mask when MagnaAngemon placed his hand over his shoulder “No. She wore that for some reason. Let her keep her dignity in her death.”

TK was silent but nodded and left the mask to cover the mysterious person’s face. Everyone was shocked and confused because of the amount of hatred and madness the woman had possessed. It had finally reached the point where something in her head must have snapped. Now all that was left was ask a question…

Could this happen to any us?

The End !!! :p

22-01-2008, 09:49 PM
One last story for tonight - Title : Power at its finest . Enjoy !!! ;)

It has become one of the greatest yearly traditions I have ever been graced with. Every year I stake out some sweet, loving, innocent girl, befriend her, then I take away the two things she can never ever get back. First, I take her virginity and I don't mean just her vagina, I mean all three forms of virginity: her vagina, her mouth, and her ass. After that, I then take away the one thing that some people hold in high regard and some that take it for granted, life. That's right. After I take the girl's virginity, I proceed to take her life as well. The beauty of it is that I'm not the one that does the killing, but the girl herself. I only touch her when I'm taking her virginity, the rest she does herself. How do I do it, you say? Simple. It's all in the mind. A power that will never run out and I will never grow tired of. And now, I will tell you the story of my latest victim...

I guess I should introduce myself first. My name is Adrian, I'm 16, currently 5'9" and 150 lbs. My orginal hair colour was brown, but I dyed it black because I like it that way. However, my greatest feature is my crystal blue eyes. All the girls seem to be mesmerized by my eyes. The truth is, they actually are mesmerized under my control as they stare deeply into my eyes and I pick one of them to be my next victim.

The power I possess to control the female mind is something I aquired by accident, but that's a whole different story.

It was about noon and my stomach was rumbling really loud.

"Man I'm hungry. I gotta get me something eat."

I stop by a fast food place for some lunch. It was busy seeing as it is the lunch hour. Scanning the menu overhead, I decided to go with their number two meal which consists of a double cheeseburger with regualr fries and a coke.

"Hi, I can help you now."

I snapped out my trance oogling at the tasty picture of the burger and I walk up to the cashier.

"Oh yes," I thought to myself, "My next victim!"

Standing before me behind the cash register was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. She was one of those girls that just seemed to stand out from the rest. Her sandy blonde hair tied up in a pony tail, nice full luscious lips, well rounded cheeks, green eyes and a cute pair of glasses. I can only imagine how more beautiful she would be if she let her hair out and take off those glasses. She was just to die for...eventually. I let out a maniacal laugh in my head as I said my order.

"Yeah, hi. I'll have the number two meal with a coke, please."

"Sure, would you like to supersize your meal?"

"No, thank you."

"Wow, it's nice to have a polite guy like yourself for a change. Most of the guys we get are obnoxious and rude. Anyway, that will be $6.10."

"The nerve of some people," I said to her as I paid for me order.

"I know. Here's your food. Enjoy!"

"Thanks, talk to you later."

"Wait a sec."


"You didn't even tell me your name. I would like to get to know you more. I get off work in an hour if you don't mind waiting."

"No, not at all, I would love to get to know you more too. I'm Adrian."

"Great! I'm Cassie by the way. See you in an hour!"

"See you then, Cassie!"

She was smiling from ear to ear as I took my food to look for a spot to sit.

"It has begun," I said to myself in a very low voice, "It's a shame she won't be lasting the night."

I took my sweet time eating my lunch obviously so I can finish right when Cassie gets off work. I watched her from my seat the whole time I was eating. The more I stare at her, the more obsessed I get with her. It had gotten to the point where I was just staring into deep space until I was awoken by the snapping of fingers.

"Earth to Adrian. Are you there? Hello?"

"Huh. Wha- Oh man, I'm sorry. My mind must of went on standby because I was staring at your lovely face the whole time."

"(giggle) Are you serious? You think I'm lovely?"

"Oh definately! Why else couldn't I keep my eyes of you?"

"Well, come on, Romeo. We can talk as you walk me home"

"But of course, Mademoiselle," I said in a mock French accent as I stood up and offered my arm to her. She took it as if it was the greatest thing that ever happened to her. We exited the fast food place and began walking and talking to her house. The place where she will lose her virginity and it will begin tonight.

"So Cassie, why don't you tell me a little about yourself?"

"Oh, there's not much to say. I'm sixteen and lived here all my life. I can say I've never gone far at all with a boy. The furthest I've ever gone was just a simple kiss on the lips. I've only been with one boy to begin with because after my bad experience with him, I decided that all guys were assholes and all they want is sex, sex, sex."

"Excellent. Just as I expected. Whenever I possess a girl, they also open up like a book, revealing all their personal information to me," I said thinking to myself.

"What a coincidence! I'm also sixteen. Unfortunately for me, I can never seem to keep a girl as well. They always seem to leave me and, oh, how should I say this...never come back."

"Well, those girls don't know what they're missing. I'm so lucky to have met a guy like you."

"And I'm lucky to have met a girl like you."

I put my arm around her shoulder and she responds by wrapping both her arms around my waist and resting her head on my shoulder.

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22-01-2008, 09:50 PM
"Oh, Adrian. There's something I forgot to tell you and I'm sure you'll like it!"

"What is it?"

"My parents are away at a wedding and won't be home until tomorrow afternoon. That means I'll be all by my lonesome self. Would you be willing to come over and keep me company for a while?"

"It'll be my honour."

She hugged me even tighter. After I few more minutes of walking we finally made it to the front steps of her house. She reached in her purse for her keys and unlocked the door.

"Please, come in."

"Don't mind if I do."

I stepped inside as she closed the door behind her and locked it. Next, she offered to hang our coats up to which I obliged to. She then proceed to throw her keys in a little dish on a table in the hallway to which I finally decided to begin the "process."

I walked up behind her, grabbed her wrists and pinned her against the wall beside the table.

She had a concerned look on her face and her eyes filled with worry.

"Adrian. What are you do-"

"Shhhh," I whispered, putting a finger to her lips. "Don't speak. Just let me show my appreciation for you."

Immeadiately, her worry went away and started to breathe heavily. I removed her glasses setting them aside and started to lifted her chin kissing her gently on the the lips. Upon releasing my grip on her wrists, she lunged at me, grabbing my head and sticking her tongue down my throat. I respond by sticking my own tongue down her throat and our tongues entwined together. Breaking the lip lock, I grabbed her ponytail, pulling her head back.

"Tonight, all of your wildest dreams will come true," I whispered ever so softly in her ear."

She was really swooned by this point meaning there's no turning back now. Her fate is sealed.

"Now, let your hair out. Expose those locks as they were meant to be."

Grabbing the elastic, she pulled it off and shook her head letting her hair loose. God, why is it that they always look more beautiful when their hair isn't tied up?

I planted my hand on the top of her head.

"On your knees."

She responded right away dropping to her knees and awaiting further instruction. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out as it sprang to life. She just stared at it in awe.

"First time, I assume."

She nodded.

"Obviously, you said so yourself you haven't gone far with a boy. This is the furthest you've ever been. Well, prepare to go even further."

I grabbed her head and without any warning, I shoved my dick all the way down her throat. She immeadiately started gagging, but I just held her there her throat adjusted to the foreign intruder. I proceeded to throat fucking her pumping in and out, in and out, tears streaming down her face. As soon as I felt I was about to cum, I shoved her head all the way down making take my entire shaft and shot multiple streams of cum down her throat.

I pulled out with a string of cum and saliva hanging from my dick to her chin. Her face was flushed with red and eyes burning with tears not to mention a mouth full of my cum.


She obeyed and awaited further instruction. One down, two to go.

"Now get up and lead me to your parent's bedroom."

She took me by the hand leading me up the stairs and to the first door across. Opening the door, she lead me inside, let go of my hand and stood by the king size bed awaiting my next orders.

Before I did anything, I walked over to the window and drew the curtains closed.

"No one needs to know about this now, do they?"

Without waiting any longer, I started to undress. I first took off my shoes and soon after I unbuckled my pants, pulled them down and stepped out them. Pulling my shirt over my head, I tossed it aside. Finally, I dropped my boxers down, stepping out of them and walked over towards Cassie, emotionless, expressionless. She just stood there awaiting my next command. There wasn't any need for her to show any emotion. I don't care about that.

Now came one of my favourite parts, undressing the girl. I find it's more fun for the guy to do it instead of the girl doing it herself because it's like opening a present and who doesn't like to get presents?

Telling her to lift her arms ups, I grab onto the bottom of her shirt and slowly started lifting it above her head, savouring each bit of flesh that is uncovered until I pull it off her completely tossing it aside. She had a white lacy bra on that would soon be joining her shirt on the floor followed shortly by the rest of her clothes. I order her to turn around as I unhooked her bra, letting it slide down her arms and fall to her feet. I spin her back around and admired her bare gorgeous round breasts for a few moments before continuing.

Next, I shoved her towards the bed forcing her to fall on it. I grabbed her left leg by the ankle and untied her shoe, plucked it off and tossed it to the floor. I did likewise to the other shoe. Cassie had those god-awful toe socks on. Those were just one thing I couldn't stand being worn by anybody. I took her left leg again and started rolling the sock down her leg, past her ankle, over her heel and off her foot completely. The other sock suffered the same fate until both of her feet were completely bare.

Feeling my way up her legs, I reach the top of her pants to which I unbuttoned and unzipped. I could clearly see the thin material underneath that she calls underwear. God, how I can't wait to take that off. Grabbing hold of the pant legs, I pulled and walked backwards as the pants slid off her legs and off her feet exposing her seafoam coloured panties.

Her panties were the last thing she was wearing and I was about to explode if those didn't come off fast. In fact, I actually couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed hold with one hand the string holding the panties together and in one strong jerk, I ripped them completely off her exposing her shaved pussy.

I took a step back and admired my prize who was now naked from head to toe.

"Move to the middle on the bed and lie on your stomach."

She obeyed my command and I climbed on the bed myself and positioned myself in front of one fine piece of ass. I started kneading her cheeks and spread them apart exposing her asshole. I stuck a finger in there and gave a quick finger ass-fuck before searching the room for something to lube up with. Luckily, I found some lotion on a nearby nightstand and grabbed it. Not only will this will be good lube, it will make my dick silky smooth as well!

I squirted a lot on my dick because if I didn't use enough, the lotion would get absorbed and not do as much as a lube. Next I squirted a bit on Cassie's asshole and rubbed it in a little bit before I positioned my dick in front of it. Not caring if the lotion did any job of eliminating some of the pain, in one strong thrust, I shoved my dick all the way to the hilt up her ass. It was a tight squeeze because her sphincter muscle hadn't realxed yet. She screamed at the top of her lungs as her asshole writhed in pain and the tears started streaming down her face. How can I not l let a girl feel this kind of pain? It wouldn't be as fun as she didn't.

As her muscles slowly started relaxing and her asshole adjusting to the intruder, I started pumping her ass in and out, in and out as her scream softened to a whimper. Even with the lotion, it was still a tight squeeze and I couldn't force myself to slow down. Due to all this, I felt the cum travelling quickly down my shaft so I once again buried my dick all the way to hilt and shot multiple loads of cum deep into her ass. Two down, one more to go.

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22-01-2008, 09:51 PM
I pulled out and started to clean my dick off as I prepared for the final taking of her virginity. As I was doing this I had the amusement of watching my cum dribble out of Cassie's asshole as she laid there sobbing slightly.

Feeling ready enough for the final task at hand, I slapped Cassie hard on the asscheek and told her to lie on her back. Slowly, but surely she obliged and turned over.

I lifted her legs up so they were resting on my shoulders as my dick was just at the walls of her pussy lips. This time, I wanted to savour this moment so this process will be slower than the previous ones. I very slowly started to push forward as my head was engulfed by her pussy followed by the shaft. I stopped when I then felt my head pressing against the thin elastic barrier of her hymen. Once this is broken by me, her final moments will be upon her.

Grabbing a hold on her hips, I braced myself for the final attack. With all my might, I drove my entire dick into her pussy, breaking her hymen where she let out a painful gasp. A small bit of blood was noticed as this is quite normal when te hymen is broken.

As a final gift to her, I allowed her to experience sexual pleasure knowing she won't be living for much longer. Before I started pumping, I grabbed a handful of each breast and stuck my tongue down her throat again. With my hands kneading her breasts and my tongue swirling around her mouth, started a steady pumping rhythm. Eventually I picked up speed and Cassie started moaning joyfully inside my mouth.

Time passed where I was now pumping at full speed and Cassie's moans got louder and louder as I felt my balls tingling and churning up cum for the final time. Finally, she let out a muffled orgasmic scream as I felt her cumming on my dick and her pussy contracting. This was just too much for me. Keeping my mouth-to-mouth grip on her, I dug my nails into her breasts and pumped faster than ever as I literally exploded in her pussy with load after load of cum emptying into her.

Both of us completely exhausted, I crawled off her, cleaned myself up and got dressed.

"Come with me, Cassie."

I took her by the hand, led her off the bed and out of the bedroom, still naked and cum and blood dribbling out of her ass and pussy and down her legs. I continued to lead her down the stairs and to the kitchen where I let go of her hand and she stood before me.

"Now Cassie, would you be so kind as to grab that big kitchen knife that's sitting in the knife rack on the counter."

She walked over to the knife rack and grabbed the biggest knife there was which measured about eight inches long not including the handle.

"Now, please place it pointed end first on your chest where your heart is located."

Again, she did as she was told and placed the pointed end directly in front of her heart.

"Cassie, look me in the eyes, look me directly in the eyes!"

She made eye contect with me and our sights were locked in. I wanted to see the look in her eyes for what she's about to right now!

"With all your might Cassandra, SHOVE THAT BLADE INTO YOUR HEART!"

She shoved the blade towards her about halfway into her chest as the blood started to gush out from the wound. Her eyes widened in shock and her mouth let out a barely audible "Ugh!" sound. Staggering back against the counter and her breathing getting more and more shallow, with her last ounce of strength, she pushed the rest of the blade into her chest as blood now started pouring out of her mouth.

With her last bit of strength expelled, her legs gave way as she sank to the floor in a pool of her own blood slumping against the counter. With my eyes still locked onto hers, I gave the most evil smirk to her as she attempted one last breath. I had to give her credit for her struggle to survive. She managed to inhale, but as soon as she was about to exhale, she went quiet and her body went motionless. I knelt in front of her to check her pulse. Nothing.

Satisfied, I got up and made my way to the front door leaving her naked, bloody body with an eight inch kitchen knife embedded in her chest behind. I grabbed my coat from the closet, then I opened the front door, stepped outside and closed the door behind me. Another yearly tradition completed, I started walking down the sidewalk wishing I could see the reaction on the faces of Cassie's parents as they come home in the afternoon. I check my watch. It's Midnight. I decided to head to wherever life will take me, hopefully to my next victim.

"Same time next year, I guess."

The End !!! Good Night And Sweet Dreams !!! :D :p

23-01-2008, 11:58 AM
So many stories...Let me contribute some poems for a change...

Baby Bear's Bed

I'm much more aware now than when I was younger
That boys are insane with a sexual hunger.
My bust line is decent, and therefore, I'm flaunting it,
'Cause I'm very conscious that fellows are wanting it.

In case you don't know, Goldilocks is my name,
And I'm not as green about boys as they claim!
Today, I suspect that nobody will care if
I drop by that house where the trio of bears live.

The bears are away. At least, that's what I think
As I'm pumping the well to get something to drink.
I lie down a while to rest in the shade,
Intensely aware of my need to get laid.

This bed that I'm on is so terribly short,
I'm needing a frame of a lengthier sort.
That's Papa Bear's bed that I promptly abandon.
It's simply too short for a girl to be standin'.

I move to the bed that adjoins in the loft,
And find right away that this bed is too soft.
When it comes to bedding, these Bears really skimp,
'Cause Mama Bear's bed is decidedly limp.

I almost give up when I finally discover
There's one other bed (with a big rumpled cover).
That bed's in a room down the hall toward the den.
It looks quite inviting, and so I climb in.

It feels really good as I nestle down in it,
And I fall asleep in well under a minute.
Then, I'm disturbed by a bothersome pest...
Awakened, I find, by a paw on my breast!

I open my eyes, and I'm seeing you there.
"Hi Goldy," you tell me, "My name's Baby Bear."
"Well, hello there, Baby," I naïvely say.
"Perhaps I am napping in your bed today?"

"No problem," you say, "If you find my bed pleasing."
You add that my breast is a joy to be squeezing.
"Thank you," I say, and I mention that "Maybe,
One might not believe that you're really a baby."

"My folks call me that," you're continuing on,
"I'm 21, now, and my siblings are gone.
I'm the last kid who's still here in the house.
By the way, do you mind that I've cut off your blouse?"

"That's quite all right, Baby," I venture to say.
"My boobs," I admit, "need some squeezing today."
You tell me the townsfolk are all very fond
Of the hue of my hair just because it's so blond.

Although you agree it's the blondest in town,
The hair you're enthralled with is farther on down!
I linger a while, and I hope you don't mind.
Your bed is so comfy, and that's hard to find.

I'm sharing with you what I like in a bed,
And that most are too short or too saggy instead.
"Perhaps I can end all your searching," you say,
In a voice that is sounding extremely risqué!

Your trousers suggest that you're 'ready to go.'
Your swollen excitement is starting to show.
I ask for permission for me to unzip it.
You say it's all right, and I do so and grip it.

You firmly contend, based on what I've been saying,
That your bed's the place where I need to be laying.
But here comes the proof that so earnestly begs...
The gift that you share as I open my legs.

It isn't too limp and it isn't too tight.
Instead, what I find in your bed is just right!
You give of yourself while I'm willingly spread,
And I find my heaven in Baby Bear's bed.

23-01-2008, 12:00 PM
Poem No. 2...

Happy Hour

My friends and I meet in our favorite bar...
The kinkiest club in the city, by far.
You're putting on one of your masculine fronts,
And hitting up all of us girls at once!

The things you're proposing are rather risqué...
Suggesting we go to a theme room to play.
We've never been in a theme room before.
This sounds like an offer we want to explore!

We're signing some papers to prove we're consenting
To things that you'll do in the room that you're renting.
You lay down a 50 they won't be refundin'
To buy us some time in The Tower of London.

And though I'm not good with my history at all,
This noteworthy tower is one I recall...
"Oh, this looks exciting!", I fervently coo...
"This room is a dungeon, so what did we do?"

Crafting the role play, and scripting our parts,
You answer, "Your bust lines are covered, you Tarts!
I'm sure you know that you shouldn't be hiding them.
This calls for sanctions, and I'll be providing them."

"We're guilty as charged", I am pleased to confess.
"It looks like we'll have to be punished, I guess!"
"All right", you say as you're set to begin...
You turn to the door and you're locking us in!

"Oh yes...", I inform you, "My name's Dresden Black."
"How fitting", you note. "Now lay down on the rack!"
I do as you ask and my ropes are pulled tightly.
My fate's in your hands as you're stretching me slightly.

"Dresden", you say, "You're a good-looking slave.
It's in your best interest to choose to behave!
You'd better do all that I tell you to do,
'Cause I can make life rather nasty for you."

You turn now to Trulie, and shortly thereafter,
My best friend on Earth has been tied to the rafter.
You seem quite impressed with the way that she looks...
She dangles by chains from some extra large hooks.

"My name's Trulie Allgood", she's saying to you...
"Excuse me", you say, "I'll decide if that's true!
I'll know if you're truly all good or you're not
When I pull down your top and I see what you've got."

Baring the boobs of her innocent youth,
You see right away that she's telling the truth!
"Miss Allgood", you tell her, "I'm very impressed",
With that, you are pausing to suck on her breast.

"Enjoy being milked, Dear", you flatly instruct...
I note that she does, 'cause she moans while she's sucked.
She begs for your member, then shouts at you, "Traitor!"
When learning that treat will be handed out later!

I guess you'll be trying some more of the same
As you turn to Anita, and ask for her name...
Her answer's informative..."Anita Wipping".
"I can arrange that", you say, "so start stripping!"

You've heard of a pain slut, but you'd never met one.
"Since you need a whipping, Anita, you'll get one!"
She strips as she's told, and she's very appealing...
Like Trulie, she's tied to a hook in the ceiling.

Anita sounds off in response to each crack
Of the novice-grade horsewhip applied to her back.
"Why don't you whip on her boobs?", I suggest...
"I bet that a whip mark looks great on a breast!"

"Dresden...", she snaps, "That's exactly like you...
You need to remember you have some boobs, too!"
"Indeed", you jump in, "and I value your tip,
But a breast is too fragile to strike with a whip."

With that observation you've offered, we find
That you're keeping our health and our safety in mind!
Our friend, Albyn Tover, is twitching and yanking.
She's held in the stocks and awaiting a spanking.

Her skirt is pulled up as her panties come down,
And Albyn receives the best spanking in town!
From what I observe as she tries to break free,
I'm starting to wish you would paddle on me!

Her butt cheeks are turning as bright as the sun.
I wonder why she gets to have all the fun?!
All that I get is to lie on my back...
Stretched out a bit on this big, wooden rack!

Anita and Trulie are tied to the ceiling,
And I want a taste of that marvelous feeling!
I do have more luck, though, than Gloria, there...
She must be so bored...She's just tied to a chair!

I've noticed how shiny her skin has been getting.
I think I can hazard a guess why she's sweating...
The temp is quite nice. It's not stuffy in here.
Therefore, her excitement, I think, is quite clear.

Her bra, by this point, is sufficiently soaked
That it's easy to see how her nipples have poked!
She tells you she's "Gloria Stipps", and you see
From the points in her fabric, you have to agree!

You'd lowered her blouse down the side of her arms
To look at her bra and her bounteous charms.
The blouse, though, had proven to be in the way,
So you took some scissors and cut it away!

You clip on two clamps, and from what I can see,
It's barely more torment for her than for me!
That's a bold action the first time you're flirting...
I get the idea that might really be hurting!

I thought that before you tried that, you would wait
Until you went out on the third or fourth date!
Of course, we're familiar with clamps on our breasts...
It's one of a fellow's most kinky requests!

Every gal knows that a fellow will cater
To vise-grip our nipples at some time or later...
It just seems to me that you're jumping the gun...
It's slightly too early for this type of fun.

The minutes fly past as we play in the Tower,
And we have to leave at the end of the hour.
You have a big tool that you're needing to use.
There's five of us girls! Which one will you choose?

You go to Anita as pressure is rising.
She's hanging there naked, so it's not surprising.
You're splaying her legs 'cause they're terribly taunting
And she gets the present we all had been wanting!

23-01-2008, 12:03 PM
Poem No. 3...

Queen Of Denial

I'm Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile,
And Caesar's old flame whom you hope to defile.
I'm glad to be rid of my years spent with Caesar.
Julius was quite a deplorable geezer!

You're certainly wishing to be my new suitor.
You're younger than Jules and an awful lot cuter.
But yet, I don't realize the way that you're feeling,
And I'm not aware that you find me appealing.

You're Antony...Yes, and your duties are legion...
You're managing all my affairs in the region.
In fact, an affair's what you're hoping to find,
Though you're wanting one of an intimate kind!

You haven't expressed it so far, but you know
That your interest is something you're needing to show.
Perhaps, some day soon, I'll be able to see
That you harbor such sensuous feelings for me.

This morning at dawn, while I'm doing my yoga,
You notice the shapely contour of my toga.
I'm in quite a trance at the time that you find me.
You cradle my breasts as you slip up behind me.

"My Highness", you whisper, "I can't help but notice
Your tempting physique while you're stretched in a lotus.
My hands are positioned", you whisper, and smile,
"To capture and fondle the Jewels Of The Nile."

You're nestling my boobs as if they're in a cup,
And there's no mistaking the fact that you're up.
By that, I don't mean that you're simply awake.
Instead, you are up for as much as I'll take!

"Tony", I say, in a voice that's unsteady,
"Your come-on is nice, but I'm not sure I'm ready".
"Cleo", you tell me, "You're Queen of De-nial.
It's time to admit what you've known for a while".

It's true what you say, and there's no use in trying
To hold back my feelings that I've been denying.
"My purpose in life is to pleasure my goddess",
You say as you pull down one side of my bodice.

Your courage is stronger than I had foreseen.
I think you intend to make love to your queen!
I yield to my passion as I'm lying down,
And you undo the sash that releases my gown.

My bust line's a prize that you promise to plunder.
You pull back my robe for the treasures thereunder!
Now, with the trappings of clothing undone,
The length of my body is bared to the sun.

Moved by the soothing massage from your hands,
I promise I'll share with you all of my lands.
As I mention regions incredibly fertile,
I notice you pull at your tightening girdle.

"Cleo", you say, "the most procreant land
Is the tempting, moist delta right here in my hand."
Your claim of temptation is surely not phony,
'Cause that's quite a bulge in your uniform, Tony!

You tell me my bulges are awfully nice, too,
And make for a really spectacular view.
"Mountains in Egypt are so rarely seen",
You say, while massaging the breasts of your Queen.

I give my OK to possess me right here amid
All of the camels, the Sphinx and the pyramid.
The love gods approve...Aphrodite and Venus
Both smile on the passion we're sharing between us.

I doubt that the gods will respond with a jinx
As I'm spreading my legs at the foot of the Sphinx!
Your organ's fantastic, and though it sounds callous,
This beats what I'd get back in Rome at the palace!

Now I, the most sovereign of Egypt's authorities,
Am faced with romance and conflicting priorities.
While rigors of ruling a nation are straining,
My peak sexual years are the ones still remaining!

I'll forfeit dominion of Egypt for you...
A trade-off for love that I know I must do!
By evening, when you've had some time to recharge,
You kneel at my throne as we're back on my barge.

Of course, while I'm talking of "taking you in",
That's just what I do as I'm spreading again!
Here within walls that are fashioned from reeds,
You're proving again you can meet all my needs!

Egypt will just have to be in a fix,
'Cause I'm dropping anchor out here in the sticks!
If it requires that you row or I row,
Then this barge is never returning to Cairo!

23-01-2008, 03:05 PM
Wah bro birdie... You have gave us some very weird stories... Quite violent also man...

Very good very good... :)

23-01-2008, 10:08 PM
So many stories...Let me contribute some poems for a change...

Thanks bro teebs_darklord for your poem ...kekekekeke .....nice one there :D

Wah bro birdie... You have gave us some very weird stories... Quite violent also man...

Very good very good... :)

Glad you like it bro submarinez but tonight will post some stories I got from India . Thanks for your support . ;)

Here's the first one - Satisfying my teacher's horny wife

When I was nineteen, I used to go for my math tuition at my teacher's place. He was thirty something. He lived with his wife who was in her mid or late twenties may be. They had a son who was studying in a boarding. Whenever I went to his house, his wife was very caring to me. She used to offer me water sweets etc. I liked her a lot. She also, it seemed liked me. My sir was a dedicated mathematician and only devoted his most time dealing in theory or problems. His wife did not like this and was hungry for sex. However, he thought it was all over for him in sexual life. This hurt his wife a lot. I came to know this when I actually pounced upon her very secret diary. I took it from her cupboard and brought to my house. I also found out from it that she wanted sex desperately and was looking for one. She also mentioned that she wanted to have a girl child. There was mention about me too.

She wrote that she found me cute and hot. The girl who would get my sexual love will be blessed. If ever she got a chance to get love from me, she would be satisfied. She wanted to fuck me but feared her husband. I was overjoyed as I found her attractive. Her jawani was fully at its peak. I decide to give her a chance. One day I called her cell phone and told her to tell sir that I would come today at four. I knew that at four he went to library and returned at ten. This was my hint for her, as I had never called her before.

Moreover, for the last few days I knew that she had been noticing wild love in my eyes for her. I went there at four twenty. She opened the door. She was wearing a sexy blue transparent saree and white high heels. Her figure of 34 26 38 came alive in her tight blouse. The blouse ended just at the boobs and her lehenga started way below her waist. Her large exposed tummy and got curvy kamar aroused me. She asked me to wait in the room. She brought water for me and while giving it to me, she bent in front to give me full view of her juicy boobs. She sat beside me on the edge of the sofa.

I asked her nervously where was sir and did she tell him about my visit or she forgot. She replied that she did not tell him. I asked why. She replied that she wanted to teach that day. All this while she kept licking her lips as if to arouse me. I asked her what she meant and was she joking. She said she was serious. I asked her to explain a theorem. She naughtily said that she was serious but not about theorem. I asked, what? She remained silent and came near me and held my hand. She said, you are my guest today. Today I want to take your test.

Continue next page .......

23-01-2008, 10:14 PM
What test, I asked. She said buddhu mat bano mai janti hu tum mujpe pe fida ho. I knew she was ready. She stood up and took me to her bedroom. She asked whether I masturbate and I told yes with much hesitation. She asked me why I am hesitating, it is a natural thing for boys especially, and even girls do it, which was information for me. Then she asked the most embarrassing question to me that whether I think of her and masturbate?? I was shell-shocked and told her no. But she raised my chin with her hand and told me to tell the truth and don't worry about it but she want an honest answer. I did not answer for long she persuaded repeatedly when I told yes I do.

She gave a naughty smile and she asked what situation I fantasize? I just kept quiet I was too afraid what am happening but at the same time, I felt the erection. I just followed her. She opened my shirt and pant. I was nervous but enjoying every bit of it. Then she removed my sando. I dropped her pallu. She asked me if I have any objection and I told no and I responded by holding her tight to me and moving my hand on her back and buttocks. For a moment, I could not believe what was happening but suddenly I kissed her pressing my erection on her belly. I did not know what to do? But I was squeezing her belly, back, buttocks, thighs and where ever I can. She took my mouth to her breast and told me to suck it and lick on the nipples. She took my middle finger and guided to her vagina, it was hot and slippery and she was moaning and breathing heavily and stroking my penis.

Suddenly she kneeled down and took my penis and started sucking it hard. I could not believe this and such things are done in sexual act. She was doing it so fast and hard holding me close to her mouth with one hand, I could not control for long and I ejaculated in her mouth all of a sudden, she sucked hard and hard catching with one of her hand and stroking it, I mourned loudly and every drop she took in her mouth. She went on sucking and I panted and pushed her mouth out since I did not have any stamina to withstand. I felt too shy to look at her. She took me to the bed and told me to lie down and we lied down for half and hour talking. She showed me some English sex book with photo illustrations and I could not believe such poses are done for sexual act.

She again started talking erotically and started stroking my penis. She asked me whether I want to see her in the light. I told yes. She then asked me how long it takes me to masturbate and I told less than five minutes. She saw it very excitingly. Of course, I too watched it with same feelings. She asked me, "Why are you struggling to control yourself?" She continued, "I am also very fond of having sex. Let me see the length of your tool". Her words gave me immense pleasure, encouragement and courage to me. She came nearer to me and took my cock in her hand. I enjoyed the view of her super sonic enlarged round cum conical bombs. Her breasts were the symbol of her sexuality and her appeal.

I embraced her and started kissing her lips. Her blouse was barely two inch long from behind. I was able to move my hands all over her back. The kiss went on deep as we started licking each other's lips vigorously. Her balls were completely punctured against my chest. I loved it. She started dipping on the bed. In addition, she started kissing my neck and case chest. I allowed her for a minute but then enough was enough. I pushed her away, and opened her clumsy blouse. Loved her blue bra, which was very revealing. I pushed my fingers inside her bra to feel her fiber like milk pots. I started kissing her lips I bit her lower lip lightly. She moaned. I reached her neckline and started kissing and licking it. It was tremendous. Shouts of aaaahhahah ahaahhah uuo ha ah came along.

I went downwards and my kissing became more passionate. I quickly removed her bra. Her assets were beautiful. I took the nipple inside my mouth. She said poora mu me lelo. Ah pura khalo. I knew she was enjoying. I took it whole inside my mouth. It was paradise for me. Meanwhile I fondled the other bomb her moans grew louder as if she was a soul getting liberation. Her body was fantastic. I kissed kicked bit pushed ate loved and did everything I could with her balls one followed by the other. My penis got hard and erect. I opened my underwear and she started sucking my banana. Its lovely she said. Satisfaction was the look on her face like a person getting food after months of starvation. She was an expert at sucking. I was kissing her sexy back in the meantime. My liquid fell and she consumed licked sucked every drop of it.

Then I removed her saree completely and her lehenga. She was completely nude with just her panties and sexy white high-heeled sandals and resembled a sex goddess exhibiting her self . I started licking and sucking her vagina. It was getting moist as she was getting her orgasm right then. Now it was my turn to suck her liquid. My hands clamped her butts fondling them deep. Her moans grew louder. I sucked all her juice. She was a silent moaner. She liked my style. I suddenly moved downwards kissing her thighs. My motive was to enjoy at least four times. I vigorously bit her thighs and pushed her. She was my slave that day. As she allowed me to do all I wanted. My debut as a fucker was super successful. I became a fuckster. I laid her force fully on her boob and tightly suppressed her pots while kissing her lovely back.

Her backside was more sexy then her front. I gradually sifted downwards towards her butts. They had grown red. I bit her butts. She moaned loudly. I turned her on the front side and started kissing her tummy. I was traveling her body like a vagabond and selecting parts artistically. Her tummy and waist were lovely. Her tummy was like a flat tv. Her continuous moaning was tremendous reflecting that she was very involved in the ride. I kissed and bit her tummy a lot. I loved female tummy from my childhood even when I did not knew about other sexy parts like boob butt etc. I bit her hard and her moan became shouts. Ah ah ah oh oh oh. I caressed my fingers from her neck to her boob again. I felt my second erection again. I lifted my penis and placed it at her vagina. I thought it would be easy as she would have been fucked many times.

But to my utter surprise it was too tight as if she was virgin. She told me that she has not been fucked many times. Her husband had not cared her for sex. After three years of marriage, she did not have a child so she adopted her dead sister's baby. I pushed my penis deep inside. Her face became red. She was in ecstasy. I moved my penis in and out of it. The experience of hitting the clitoris and vaginal walls was erotic. She was constantly enjoying the pain. Ah ui ma ya ya mmmm harder yes yes yes deeper....mmmmm were her Moans. She loved my penis. I just started slowly scratching her nipples. She hissed, "Oh!! Yesssssssss! " Then I began to get lower, kissing all the way. I kissed her belly and her beautiful deep navel while I took her panty
off and threw it away.

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23-01-2008, 10:16 PM
There was the wonderful love-hole. I moved my hand over her cunt. It was clean; no hair on it. I moved one finger along the length of her cunt lips. Touch of her juice on the cunt lips and touch of her cunt-petals were giving most exciting pleasure. She was just closing her eyes and enjoying. With my nails, I touched her clit she was feeling great, "Oohhhhhhhhh BHG!!! I love you! You are doing greattt shhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Where have you been this looooooong!"

My fingers were playing with cunt petals and clit. I took clit between two fingers and messed it slowly. She moaned. I continued with moving my fingers along cunt petals and messing with the clit. She increased moaning. She pulled my head towards her. I started licking her lower tummy with my finger inside her cunt. While licking, I inserted three fingers in her cunt. She spread her thighs. With her own hands, she parted the lip petals of her cunt. I had the first view of the most loveable and sought after cunt in the country. I kissed the pink area of cunt; removed her hand and spread lips further apart. It was all pink and juices were all around. I put my tongue on the lips and moved along the length of cunt.

She moaned and pushed my head down. I licked the cunt, took the clit between two lips, and kept pressing it. Her hip started moving up and down. With the clit in between my lips, I pushed the first one and then three fingers in her cunt.
I moved my fingers in her cunt fast so the lips also moved over clit faster. She was moaning and then she started talking dirty, "Fuck me, you mother-fucker, put your dick inside, my pussy is burning, put your water! Bastard! What are you waiting for?" Her words made me more excited and the movement of her hip increased very fast. I lifted my head and slid over her body. I placed my lips on her, took one breast in hand, and pressed it hard. With other hand, I took hold of my dick, placed it on her cunt hole, and pushed hard. It was very tight. With the third hard push, my dick slid into her tunnel. There was fire all around inside. My cock was feeling heat and immediately I started moving slowly. I then took Shilpa's both breasts in each hand.

"I feel your cock! It is hard and strong.Aaaaaaaaah! It is nice! Push hard! Keep pushing hard! Yes like that!" She lifted one thigh and placed it on my shoulder. She was screaming, "BHG, keep fucking me! I will give you maximum pleasure! Whatever you want! You can fuck your Shilpa any time you want........ . !" The she lifted her other thigh also and placed it on my other shoulder. Now I was able see my cock going deep in her tight tunnel. I was unable to stop. I increased my speed. She stretched her hands and held my hip. She was meeting my thrusts faster. She was moving her hips very fast. Few times, I pushed my dick in her vagina very fast and very hard and then pulled out my tool to the entrance of her cunt hole. She kept thumping her hips. "Why have you stopped, you bastard! Now I am in the verge of ecstasy! Please continue! Please don't stop!" she cried out. I kept still for sometimes and then with full force, I pushed my dick deep inside. She stretched her body, lifted her hip and then came down. She stopped moving. I knew she got her orgasm.

I felt very proud to be able to satisfy this SEXY BITCH! However, I was not in a condition to think of anything more. I continued and increased my speed.Her vagina was eating my dick tightly! My balls were being rammed against her hip. Shilpa's tight, satisfied cunt was giving me extreme satisfaction. I moved and pushed my cock faster in her pussy. Then with a sudden shiver, I exploded in her pussy.I felt our juices oozing out of the cunt. I collapsed on her beautiful sexy body. I put my lips on her lips and took hold of breast. That was the time; we both were frozen by a girl's voice, "That was a good show. Sir just walked in and caught us red handed. We begged him to forgive us. He slapped us and got angry..... ...mam consoled him...and made him agree to let me service her daily ...it is still mystery how she convinced him...I miss her today...wish I could meet some on today....... ...

The End !!! :p

23-01-2008, 10:25 PM
Gd evening bro birdie n bro darklord.....tks for the stories n poems......GOOD

23-01-2008, 10:35 PM
Gd evening bro birdie n bro darklord.....tks for the stories n poems......GOOD

Yo bro D_G lai liao arh ......one more story from India for you - Title : My tution teacher Mithra . Enjoy !!! ;)

Hi I am living chennai, that incident took place when I was in 10th standard.. I was very weak in Hindi..as it was not my mother tongue..i struggled a lot.. So my parents contacted my school hindi miss and requested her to take tuition for me.. She too accepted.. Let me now describe about my hindi miss , her name mithra,aged 30, she is married and she has a kid of 1.5 years old, her husband is working in a private company . She is around 5 ft 7" tall, she must be around 38 -34 -38..yeah…you r right,,,she is bit fat.. I was really admiring her while she was teaching in the class….she is wheatish in colour. I started to go to tuition regularly, she will ask me to study and during that time she will be doing her household work.

She always wears saree at home also..that gave me few chances to view her big boops.sometimes she used to breastfeed milk to her child, but she will do it only inside the room, where I don’t have a chance of seeing her boops naked at all.. I had masturbarated many times thinking of her… One fine day…it happened..her husband was out of station, she and her child were at home…I went to tuition as usual… she asked to study a lesson and said that she will keep test at end of the tuition.. So I was sitting down and studying…Near me she laid her sleeping child and she asked me to take care of the child as she had cooking work inside kitchen..

I was seriously studying, suddenly a plan struck me, I just pinched the child, it started to weep…she thought that the child was hungry so she rushed and took the child, carried it inside the room to feed…my plan didn’t work out…after feeding again she laid the child near me and went to kitchen…but I was completely upset, so I tried it again, in 5 mts again I pinched the child, it started crying loudly….she rushed down and to my surprise…she sat on the right of me and open her blouse hooks from lower bottom and and fed the child with her left breast..but still her saree pallu was covering it fully.. I was justing watching it and waiting for the child to disturb the saree pallu..mean time I forgot to study for the test that she told…to my luck the child totally lifted the saree…first time in life I saw a breast naked…still nipple was in the
child's mouth..

I was just staring at the breast…suddenly she took of the child and closed the blouse and this time she was trying to feed with her right breast by just pulling down the saree…now the pallu was below the boops, she just remover the blouse hooks of the lower bottom and lifted the blouse and bra together…but this time I was able to see the nipple before the child covering it with the mouth…I was stunned and I was watching it like an eagle… Suddenly she lifted her head and saw me watching….she called me to her…I was standing in front of her…my dick was enlarged…I couldn’t hide it…she was sitting on the floor and feeding…she got the book from me and asked questions…I was still watching the breast which was so near to me this time…she noticed it and asked WHAT ARE U LOOKING?

I was just keeping quiet…she said she will punish me as I didn’t study for the day… she asked to remove my trousers….i obeyed…she asked to remove my underwear… I was standing quiet..she herself removed….and saw my big THICK DICK…. Just standing erect in front of her mouth…….she said that she is going to punish me by swallowing my dick..she tasted it like cone ice cream..i could not resist my I was … enjoying it for the first time….she pulled it front and back with her hand without taking her mouth from it…still I was seeing her breast,,,but this time the nipple was visible and I was enjoying it well…she sucked for 15 mts ..after that I screamed in enjoyment… a white coloured liquid with enormous heat flowed out of mine to her mouth… after that she asked me to put on my trousers…and asked me to read again…and warned me to punish again..if I don’t study…. She laid the child beside me and went to take bath…as she had my white liquid all over her face….still I didn’t study.

I was thinking of the incident happened… after taking bath she came just wrapping a towel around her breast…and she was wearing pavadai this time…she didn’t close the door…as I was watching her… she was showing her back to me and removed the towel…again my dick started to erect… she took A bra…and was trying to hook it back…but it went in vain… she called me…raj..come here…help me out…I went near her…my hands were shivering with tension…but my dick was more erect to accept anything… I just hooked the bra with shivering….she then turned to side…now I was facing her boops with bra covered…bra was not sufficient enough to cover her sexy breast…she asked me..why my hands were shivering..

I said this is the first time I am seeing… she asked me whether I studied this time…I SAID NO…she said she will punish me this time too…that was the one I was expecting to be honest…… but she said the punishment will be different…and asked me to remove my trousers..my dick was very stiff and erect….she asked me to remove shirt..this time I was completely nude..she stood up and removed her pavadai…for first time I an seeing a private part of a lady…wow….so clean..shaved… .what an experience…she went and laid on the bed with her legs wide open…and asked to lick it…..wow…what a punishment…I just licked bent down and licked it with hunger…my godness….what a taste….she was screaming…whispering… that made me to arouse more….and started licking it with more speed…. She asked whether I was hungry…I said yes….she asked me to come near her breast and she asked to un hook the bra…she started to feed me…..i pressed it with intense effort…squeezed it and milk was flowing in to my mouth…she said to enough of drinking milk…

She asked me to lie down facing the fan above….then she took…a condom…from under her bed…she wore it on my cock…first time I am seeing a condom…she just slightly pushed and inserted my cock..in to her vagina…and started to ride the horse..her boobs were shaking like a ball moving up and down…she asked to hold it with my hand…now I holded it with both of my hands…and started sqeezing it…she was busy riding the horse… then she lied down facing the fan….and asked me to lie on her…she pushed my cock inside her cunt and asked me to pump her with high speed…..i started to hit with immense speed… she cried aloud and whispered not to stop…I continued for 3 minutes..then the white liquid flew into mu condoms…she hugged me tightly and kissed me all over my face… and said not to reveal this to anyone…and also said this is not the punishment and this is the birth gift… from that day onwards ..she asked me to study properly..so that she will give me more pleasure at end of the day…luckily her husband will come only after 9:00 pm daily.. Before which ..we will enjoy and finish it off by 8:30 pm . I got good marks in Hindi exam… I had contact till my college …but don’t know where she is now?

The End !!!

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Good Evening To All Readers Here !!! :)

Sorry to keep you all waiting cause nowadays good stories are hard to get by and I can see the response here is not so good maybe I'll take a rest here after I post one last story for tonight . Hope you all enjoy !!! ;)

Title : A crumpled-up $10 dollar bill

When the old pickup truck pulled up and the old man inside offered me a ride, I didn't even hesitate, as I pulled the door open and got in. I didn't hesitate because it was the same old man, that had picked me up hitchhiking 6 or 7 times before, when I had missed the last bus home and ended up hitchhiking.

The first 2 or 3 times, that he had picked me up, it had always ended the same. He would pull out a $5.00 bill and offer it to me. Offer it to me but only if I would pull my swimming trunks down and show him my young cock and balls, that were tucked-up inside of them. Actually he wanted to do more with my young cock, than just sit there and look at it. He wanted to play with it. He wanted to play with it until I had a boner, so he could lick and suck on it and for whatever the reason, I'd let him.

I knew that it wasn't right, wasn't right to let an older man play with my little cock and then suck on my boner, like that. But he wasn't hurting me, while he was sucking on it, so, I'd always end up letting him do it, just to get another $5 dollar bill. The last 2 times that he had me in his truck, he had even pulled his old man cock out and shown it to me. I was shocked, shocked by how really big it was and by how much thick, dark pubic hair, that it had down around the base of it. I don't know if he pulled my hand over to his cock or not. Or if I just did it my own. All I know is that one minute, I was just sitting there looking at it and the next thing I knew, I had ahold of it and I could feel the warmth of it in my hand and he was whispering, " That's it, that's it, play with it, play with it baby " and for whatever the reason, I did. Working it up and down slowly, as he just sat there and watched me do it.

" Oh shit, oh shit yes, that's it, work it, work it baby, work it."

I don't know how long I had been sitting there slowly pumping it up and down for him, when all at once he said, " That's it, that's it, Now kiss it." " Kiss the cock baby, kiss the cock." But even though I stopped pumping on it and looked down at it, I couldn't do it and that's when he got mad at me. He even tried to make me feel guilty because he had kissed and even sucked mine off before. So, once again, I bent down over his old, thick, swollen cock and tried to kiss the end of it but I couldn't.

This time was no different, as I climbed into the truck with the older man. As soon as he had me in the truck with him, he handed me the $5 dollar bill and then just sat there watching, as once again I slowly slid my swimming trunks down for him. Even I was embarrassed, as my young cock came into view. Springing straight-up and hard as a rock or at least as hard, as a young 13 year old boys cock can get. I was embarrassed because he hadn't even done anything to me yet and my cock was already hard, rock hard. Seeing it sticking straight-up like that must have done something to him to inside because he didn't even wait until he had taken me to his secret place. His so called, " secret place," where nobody could see us. He just reached over, took ahold of my young, stiff boner, jerked on it 5 or 6 times, bent down, kissed and licked softly on the end of it, before he raised back up and started driving again.

I couldn't understand why an older man, a much older man, would want to suck on and even eventually eat a young boys hard cock like that. But since he was paying me $5 dollars to let him suck on it and eat it, I'd let him. Why not? He drove over to the same little dirt road, that was inbetween the place he'd picked me up and my house, turned down it and parked. Neither of us said a word, as he sat there looking at my hard, young cock, that was still sticking straight-up, waiting for him to come and get it. There was no doubt in my mind, that he wanted it again and that it was just a matter of time, before he'd bend down over it and go down on it.

Yes, go down on it and even eat it, like he was trying to get me to do to his but I didn't know that yet. Seeing my hard cock sticking straight-up like that must have finally got to him because all at once he let out the strangest little moan, bent down over it, slipped his warm, wet mouth, down over the end of it and started sucking. " Slurp...slurp, slurp...slurp, slurp...slurp." Sucking until he eventually had the entire length of my young, stiff boner in his mouth and I could feel his warm, soft lips, bumping, again and again, against the top of my little ball sac. If I said that watching his head bobbing up and down on my young cock like that, wasn't doing something to me, I'd be lying because it was.

Even though I didn't know that much about sex, yet, I still found myself grabbing ahold of his head, with both of my hands and holding onto it, as I started pushing my young, hard boner up at him, working it up into his mouth, deeper and deeper and faster and faster. I was fucking him, fucking him in his mouth, just like he wanted me to do. I don't know how long I had been fucking him, fucking him in his mouth like that, when all at once he stopped sucking and jerked up off of it. I thought that he was mad at me about something I'd done wrong but then without saying a word, he reached into his shirt pocket, pulled out a $10 dollar bill and dropped it right there on the truck seat. Neither of us said a word, as he slowly slid his zipper down, reached in and pulled it out.

Once again I was shocked, shocked at how really big and thick it was and how mean it looked. Yes, mean, it looked. I knew what he wanted, he wanted me to try and " Kiss it again," as he sat there working it up and down slowly, getting the tip of it wetter and wetter, with his shiny pre-cum. I kept looking at the old, crumpled-up, $10 dollar bill, that was still on the truck seat and then back over at his old huge cock, that he was sitting there, holding in his hand. I knew that all I had to do, to get the $10 dollar bill, was just bend down and kiss it, kiss the wet tip of it but I just couldn't.

" Come on baby, do it, kiss the cock and you can have the $10 dollar's."

" Nooo."

" Come on, I won't tell, if that's what your afraid of, I promise."

I'm not sure what happened next. All I know was that when I heard him saying that, saying that he wouldn't tell, promising me that he wouldn't tell on me, something changed inside of me and made it alright for me to go ahead and do it.

I don't know if I just bent down over it or if he calmly reached behind my head and gently pulled me down to it. All I know is that one minute, I was sitting there, looking down at it and how swollen it was and the next thing I knew, his cock was right there in front of my face. I was so close to it, that I could see the liquid, the clear shiny liquid, his pre-cum, as it oozed slowly out of the little hole in the end of it, the little pee hole and then slowly worked its way down along the sides of it.

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Even though I was whimpering and saying, " Nooo," as he pulled me down, closer and closer to it, he was still able to get the end of it up into my mouth and get me to taste it, before I could pull away from it.

" Come on, come on baby, do it. "

I couldn't believe how sweet his pre-cum was and I guess that that's what he was counting on. As he watched me slowly bending back down over it again, knowing full well what was about to happen, as I lost it and kissed it, actually kissed and touched it, with my tiny tongue.

" Agghhhhhhh, that's it, that's it, kiss the cock baby, kiss the cock." " Oh fuck yessss, again." " Do it again."

Even though I had kissed it, like he'd wanted me to and wanted to pull away from it, I couldn't. I couldn't pull away from it, because the taste of it was drawing me back down to it and before I could even stop myself, I was licking again and again, all over the swollen head. The red swollen head of his thick, red and pink, boner.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh shittttt, lick it baby, lick it." " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

It was almost like my little tongue had a mind of its own, as it licked on and then circled the thick swollen head. All at once he let go of his hard cock, leaving it pointing straight-up out of his pants, so I could see his sweet pre-cum, as it ran down along the sides of it and he said, " The sides baby, the sides, lick the sides, get it all." And the next thing I knew, I was sliding my warm, soft tongue down along one side, all the way down to and into his dark, kinky, pubic hair, lingering there, if only for a moment and then slowly working my warm tongue back up the other side. I don't know what he was trying to say, as he felt my warm, soft tongue, licking and caressing on his warm, stiff boner. Circling the swollen head, before going up and down the length of it again and again.

I don't even know, how he got me to start sucking on it, all I know is that one minute he had me licking on the end and then the sides of it and the next thing I knew, I could feel the warmth of his boner in my mouth and that's when I knew that I had to do it, as he started to ease it in and out, slowly.

" Oh shit, Oh fuck yesss, That's it, Suck it." " Come on, come on hurry." " Hurry before someone comes along and ruins it."

I didn't really wanna suck on his old, thick cock but he had sucked on mine, sucked on my young, hard one, so, it was only fair that I suck on his, so, I did. My mouth had just barely been able to stretch down over the swollen head, on the end of it, it was that big. When I finally did get the end of it up into my mouth, it was so big, that he wasn't able to move it back and forth, very much. But what little movement he was able to do with it, was doing something down inside of me and he could tell it, by my breathing, as he tried to work it up into my mouth, deeper and deeper. It wasn't until he started moaning and groaning, that I finally understood what I was really letting an old man do to me, fuck me in my mouth. Fuck me in my mouth and use it, like it was a little girl's, tight little pussy. I don't even know how to explain what happened next. All I know is that one minute I was still kinda fighting it and the next minute a strange little moan came out of me, a moan that even I had never heard before and my mouth just relaxed and let him do it. When he saw that I wasn't going to fight it anymore, he let go of my head, leaned back against the door and just sat there watching me. Watching as my little head started to slowly bobb up and down on it, caressing it with my warm soft tongue, as my tight, little mouth went down on it further and further.

" Oh shit yes, I got's me a natural." " I got's me a Natural Born Cocksucker." " That's it, come on baby, suck that cock." " Suck that cock, like you and I both know, that you were born to do." " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." " Oh yeahhh."

Slurp...slurp, slurp...slurp, slurp...slurp.

I don't know how far I was able to go down on it before he started screaming at me, " Easy baby, easyyyyyyyyyyyy." " Agghhhhhh, Nooooooo, Oh shit, I'm gonna cum."

Once again I jerked up off of it and started screaming, " Nooo, Nooo, Please don't do that." " I'll suck on it, if you still want me to but please don't do that to me."

Even though I was begging him not to cum, he grabbed ahold of my head again, pulled me back down to it and before I could even stop him, he had worked it back up into my mouth.

His cock was wet, so wet by then. Wet from my spit, wet from his clear, sweet, pre-cum, that had escaped my tiny tongue, as it had explored the entire length of it earlier, searching for even more, of it's wet, slimy sweetness.

Pretty soon the only sounds that were coming from the old pickup truck, were the little moans and groans that he was making and the little whimpers, that were coming out of me, as he got me to suck harder and harder on his warm, stiff boner.

" Oh fuck yesss, suck it baby, suck ittt."

Even I was embarrassed at all the little, Slurp...slurp, slurp...slurp, slurping sounds, that I was making on it, as he worked it up into my warm mouth, deeper and deeper. All at once he held real still and just as I was trying to say, " Nooo," his cock exploded and started spewing its warm white liquid, up into my mouth, as he held me down on it. He didn't care that I was screaming and trying to get away from it, as it jerked Once..." AGGHHHHH," Twice..." AGGHHHH " , Three times..." " AGGHHHHHHHHHHHH," "AGGHHHH," and he then he started screaming and moaning, " Eat it, Eat it, Eat it you little cocksucker," over and over, until finally he heard the little sounds that I was making on it.

" Gulp...gulp, gulp...gulp, gulp...gulp ", Gulping on it, Sucking on it, Swallowing and Eating it, as fast as I could. I couldn't believe how much of the pearly white liquid kept squirting up out of the end of it. Squirting up into my mouth again and again, until finally it stopped squirting but still kept oozing out of the little hole in the end of it.

" Oh yeah, my ball's, my ball's, milk my ball's baby, get the rest of it." " Oh yeah, that's it, squeeze um, pull um, milk um with your little fingers." " Gentlyyyyyyyyy, easy baby, easyyyyyyy, don't hurt um." " Oh yeah, that's it, milk um." " AGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,"...SQUIRT.

I don't know how long he held me down there, making me milk his warm, heavy ball sac, as he got me to suck on the end of his cock and made me eat it, as it slowly oozed out. All I know is that by the time he finally let me up off of it, that his once proud boner was gone and his warm cock was only 3 or 4 inches long now and just laying there, laying there like mine was, as we sat there. I couldn't look at him, as I reached down, jerked my swimming trunks back up and he drove me the rest of the way to my house. He knew that I was embarrassed, embarrassed about what he had just gotten me to do to him, suck on him and then eventually eat him, before he let go of me again. He didn't say anything to me, as he stopped the car in front of my house, yes, he knew where I lived by then and watched me, as I grabbed the $10 dollar bill up off the seat and pushed my door open.

As I headed up the walkway towards my house, still clutching on the crumpled-up $10 dollar bill that was in my hand, all I could think about was how strange his cum, pearly white cum had tasted. Tasted after his swollen cock had deposited it on my little tongue, before he pulled it back out of my mouth again. It wasn't a sweet taste, a sweet taste like his pre-cum had been, before that. It was bitter, really bitter and even chalky and salty, in some strange kinda way. It was a taste, a taste that I had no desire whatsoever, to ever taste again. But the feel of the old crumpled up $10 dollar bill in my hand, would change all of that. Because every time after that, when he'd pick me up hitchhiking and give me a ride home, it always ended up the same way, with him leaving me with the same bitter, salty, sometimes sweet, sometimes chalky taste in my mouth and another crumpled up $10 dollar bill in my hand, as he calmly drove away.

The End !!! :p :D

Good Night And Sweet Dreams !!! ;):)

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bro glen....nvr mind la.....just go ahead......wet dream can be very enjoying and stimulating.......i long time no such dream liao:D

Iron Maiden
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This thread is incredible! So many to read, thanks :D

27-01-2008, 09:58 AM
One of the most consistent and good read :)
Keep it up!!

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Damn! I better not catch any sleep tonight, don't want to have wet dreams...

bro glen....nvr mind la.....just go ahead......wet dream can be very enjoying and stimulating.......i long time no such dream liao

This thread is incredible! So many to read, thanks

One of the most consistent and good read
Keep it up!!

Good Evening Guys !!! Since you guys likes the stories here , well let me post one for tonight - Title : Salem's trial . Enjoy !!! ;)

On my birthday, she wasn't there.... Maybe she had a late day at work... But then she didn't come home at all. Its been almost two years since I last saw Salem. My name is Justin Teller, I'm the greatest punk Guitarist for the best Punk Revival Band of our time... Fatal Flaw. I moved to The Big Apple in early 2000, I bummed around. Alot. For about a year. I took up a job as a Pizza Delivery boy, and then I saw her. It was the last delivery of my shift. I remember the order perfectly. Pepperoni, Pinapples. Lots and lots of Pinapples. "Make sure you get the damn order right, or I will cut the bollocks off the bloody bastard who delivers the Pizza! GET ME?!" She had such a sexy voice. So rugged, and then all at once a warming embrace you couldn't help but admire. I knew immeadiately that I had to be with her.

I got into the car, Pizza in tow, just like she wanted it. I turned the CD player on, and played The Ramones. I switched it to "Poison Heart". After a few minutes, I arrived at her apartment, 2021 5th street. She was on the second story, and her door was still decorated with the "Happy New Year" crap. She seemed to know when I'd arrived. "Give me the damn pizza and bugger off, Yank." She was beautiful. "Man... you Brits are very... hmm. How to put it....conspicious..." I said, grinning. "Conspicious?? Are you mad? 'ats not even word, Yank!" she said, poking my chest with her middle finger. "I know. But YOU are beautiful." I said, partially awaiting the slap on my cheek. Instead I recieved a wink, giggle, and a slammed door. "Crap!" My chances were smote.

By that time, it was nearing 10:30. "SHIT A BRICK! I'M FUCKING LATE!" I exclaimed, as I was late to a show. I hurried to my car, sped to CBGB's, and rushed in. "Justin. Where the fuck have you been?? The first band has already been on." I proceeded to tell Kenny, my neigbor, the story of the sexy British bomb that I met a few minutes ago. "By the looks of it, you just met Salem. She's a regular here." He looked around abit, "Shit, there she is right now! Salem! HEY SALEM!" She didn't hear Kenny, However she did notice me... "Yank!" and rushing over to me. In her eyes was the strangest look of compassion I'd ever seen. I'd say it looked more like lust. She reached me, and was pushed from behind. She began to fall, and I caught her, my hand accidentally catching her right breast. "Shit...! I'm--Sorry!" I apologized. She shook her head. "Go ahead, I get alot of it here. Afterall, I just LOVE to mosh!" she shouted, nearly jumping into the crowd. "...I have a very good feeling about this." I said to myself.

I headed in the direction I saw her go off in. After a few minutes, I found her. I grabbed her from behind, hugging her. "HEY! Did ya miss me??" I laughed. She couldn't help but laugh at my simple way of hitting on her. She knew it, as did I. We were destined to love each other. After the music was finished, and everyone was filling out of CBGB's... I talked to the owner, Hilly, who I happened to know personally. I asked him if I, or rather, me and my new friend, could use the back room to chat. He said sure, and mixed us both some Vodka and Coke, on the house.

"So, Yank. You got a name?"
I smiled, looking into the sexiest Hazel eyes...
"Yea, its Justin. I am to assume you're Salem, right?"
She smiled, looking at her drink, and sipping lightly.
"Yes, thats me. I do, you know...."
I was confused. What the hell did she mean?
"Huh..? You do... what?"
She looked up at me and winked.
"You like me?" I asked hopefully.

She answered with a kiss. A long, passionate kiss. I reached up, and pushed my hand through her dark-colored hair.. So soft, so smooth. She broke the kiss, but not for very long, for she immeadiatly placed her mouth on my lower lip, and sucked it in like a vaccuum. I broke the kiss once more, but immediatly placed my lips on hers, inserting toungue as needed, massaging her toungue with my own. It turned out she "needed" more. Alot more. I reached out with my left hand, and grasped her breast, kneading it firmly yet gently at the same time... This earned me a moan, and a firm grip on my groin... I stopped what I was doing....

"Shit... Hilly's not gonna want jizz on the floor of his VIP room..." I said, sadness in my voice, for I had always had this fantasy about fucking someone in CBGB's... or a church, just to piss the Priests off."
"Then... you don't want me? Fine... Fuck you too!" she said, getting up to leave, anger in her voice...
It hit me... "Well..." I said, and grabbed her hand, making her fall ontop of me. "Maybe if you clean up for us...." I said, kissing her quickly on the cheek.

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She caught my meaning and wasn't mad anymore... I snaked my hands up her shirt. "Oh, I forgot... I don't want you..." I saw the anger in her eyes rise again, but before she could respond... "I need you..." and then I pulled her shirt off, kissing each breast. As I unclasped that Black Bra, I grabbed her back, and pushed her left tit into my mouth, suckling lightly. "Aaah.... God..." she gasped, pushing my face closer to her. I lead my right hand up to her head, arching it back, kissing lightly around her neck. Her moans of pleasure only stimulated me further. She basically ripped my favorite shirt... 'Damn... Now I'll have to throw it away...' I thought. I moved my free hand over her panties, and rubbed the top of her mound lightly. She sighed, and buried her face in the nape of my neck.I rubbed her slit... up and down... Up...Down.... Up, down, up down.... Up-down-up-downUPDOWNUPDOWNUPDOWN... IN! I plunged two fingers into her wet slit. I could tell by her tightness that she was either a virgin or hadn't had very much experience... Just the way every guy wants it. "Just... T-take me... Now." she pleaded. I agreed with her... I was hard as a stone, and needed to relieve myself.

"Alright... How do you want it?" I asked, politely taking her panties off, leaving her completely nude... in a public place... "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I WANT IT?? Like Punk Rock! HARD AND FAST!!" she shouted, with enthusiasm. I helped her up and positioned her leaning on the table. I took her hard, barely feeling something break. "AaauuuOhhhGODD!" she wailed in pain. She WAS a virgin. "Are you alright, Salem?" I said, bent over her, my chest touching her back. "Aah...Yea... Just...be gentle for a while..." she said quietly. I did as I was asked, and gently pounded her for all I was worth. Each penetration made her cry in pleasure... Pretty soon, she was moaning, groaning and grunting like a cat in heat. You ever hear a cat in heat? They are possibly the noisiest animals ever when in heat. Anyhow... She looked into my eyes, lust glazed in her eyes... "HARDER! FASTER!" she shouted, and bucked her hips back into mine. "You're the boss." I joked. With that, I slammed into her with such ferocity, she was flopping around like a marrionnette. "Oh! MMMYY!! GOODDDDDDDD!!!" She shouted, before crying in sexual ecstacy. That sent me over the edge. "OHHH!!!" I said, shooting my load deep in this sexy, petite little nineteen year old's cunt.

As we cleaned up, and got dressed, we left for my car. Just before we left, Hilly shot me a congradulatory grin. "I'll drive you to your house..." I said. "Alright..." she sighed, obviously a sigh of contentment. As we drove, I occasionally looked at her. She was definately the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. I caught her staring at me too... I guess you could say that we both "knew"...

Right before I left her for the night, I asked her, "to be mine." She replied back swiftly, "I am already yours, Justin." she said sweetly.

Three weeks after that, Salem moved in with me. One month later, we were valentines together... four months later, we went to Miami for vacation and created a "Special Video" that I still have... I watch it some times, when I really miss her. Some times I don't beat off. I just miss her face. Four months later, we went to a costume party as Bonnie and Clyde. I met some interesting guys there. They were awesome. Didn't hit on Salem at all. Loved Punk Rock, and singing. Two months later, I formed a band with the guys. "The Renegades" later to become "Fatal Flaw". Christmas day, I gave her a "Be my girlfriend until I ask you to marry me." Ring.

Two years and 4 days later...

The last time I had seen her, we stayed in our special place and watched the sun set together. That was the night before she went missing. I first thought she was taking a break. She did that sometimes. But... only if I did something stupid. I couldn't think of a single screw-up in the month of December. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months... By February we had practically EVERY Punk in the scene looking for Salem. A month later, a dude named Dennis McLeary had stopped in and caught one of our gigs. We were playing our tribute to Salem. "Salem's Crucible" He was so moved, and impressed; not only by the lyrics, but also by the musical aptitude we had with Punk sound; that he signed us to Zion of Noiz Records. So, we began to bring our struggle to the Media.

Jake and Bryan, our Bassist and Rythmn Guitarist respectivly, called FOX and had an interview with Bill O'Rielley. A.J., the singer of our band, hit the Papers. Kenny, the drummer, contacted Amber Alert. And me? I pulled a Joey Ramone and furiously began pumping out tribute and love songs to my beloved. Infact, we named one of our albums "The English is Missing" and it was the lovechild of all those songs. Anyhow... it had been 3 months and most everybody had thrown in the towel... But not me. I missed her. Terribly. It was affecting me so much I turned to drugs. Marajuana was as much as I would ever do. But I drank like hell. Schaupps, Jimmy Beam..

I crawled into a wiskey bottle and have been there ever since... It is now October 21st of 2005. I have gone through rehab, and have killed my need for booze and drugs. Our band is touring once more. It kills me everytime I play those riffs. And shit... those interviews. "Justin! JUSTIN! Can you give us an update on Salem??" Or "JUSTIN! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ABOUT SALEM??" there have been screaming girls who have said... "I want to be your new Salem!" so on and so forth. One problem...

There is no worthy replacement for MY Salem.

I have a show in a few minutes... "Gotta play that song, hear the reporters, the screaming fans... Shit. Here we go again." I step on to the stage. Its official. I've become the Kurt Cobain of this generation. Except I won't kill myself. Or do heroin. As I played... I kept having this vision of her, smiling at me in the crowd. I saw no one. No one but her. She was in the front row, smiling brightly. I snapped out of my vision... Looking to the space where she stood...

I stop playing. Drop my guitar... "Salem..?" she was there. In the crowd. She jumped up onto the stage and I swept her into my arms and hugged her tightly. Kenny stopped. They all stopped. "HOLY SHIT! FUCK ME! Its Salem??" he was just as mindfucked as I was. I heard several people saying things like "IT IS HER!" and such. There came a cheer from the crowd. I couldn't finish this concert. I needed to just... be with her.

"Play for me, Yank." she said, that sweet voice filling the air. We decided to do one last song. "She's A Sensation, it is!" AJ shouted. "ONETWOTHREEFOUR!!" as I played, I didn't play for that crowd.

I played for HER.

After the concert, the guys left me alone. Hell, the Reporters left me alone, and the girls were jealous. I missed her so much. We hugged for what seemed like hours. Then, I kissed her... It was as passionate as our first. Maybe more. I asked her why she had left me.. told her that I missed her. "An obsessive ex of mine... he was after me. I had to leave, to keep you safe." I was scared. "I had him follow me straight to Scotland Yard. I knew that the US police couldn't handle this fuck. Scotland Yard is the best Force out there, Yank. LAPD is just a bunch of children playing cops and robbers compared to them." She paused... "Speaking of CHILDREN..." she said, quite seductively and pulled me down. "Lets make our own!" she growled primally.

But, that, my friends... is another story.

I had finally found the person I could share my sunset with...

A/N (PaganDude): Thank y'all for listening. This story was co-written by myself and my friend, Shatskater. We felt like writing a lovey dovey fiction. (Shatskater): Ya, thanks everybody, I just kinda wanted to try this out and, we put it together, ummm....oh ya.....if you would be kind enough please support, by going to Serius Radio - Satellite Radio (http://www.savecbgb.org) and please fill out the petition. People are trying to shut it down, please....if you wont do it for us.....do it for Salem....Thank you.

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To keep you all busy for awhile I've decided to post one last story for tonight - Tilte : Festival of Rome . Enjoy !!! ;)

"Oh, to the heavens of the Gods, I love everything you do to me."

Lucia halted in the narrow passageway before the peristyle, as much from the strange words of her slave as the grunts and sighs that floated from the depths of the garden. The peristyle was the smallest of three atriums and surrounded by the bathing room, kitchen and study was little travelled at that time of day.

"Aye, Cass, you are indeed a lusty wench, fit for a king's sword."

A shiver raced down Lucia's spine at the husky praise. She leaned against the wall, not knowing whether to forge on along the columned passageway circling the garden or return the way she came. Soft sounds reached her ears, taunting her indecision with their loving urgency.

Lucia was not a complete innocent for all that she was the sheltered daughter of a wealthy banker. She knew her slave Cassia and her unknown lover were engaged in carnal acts reserved for the marriage bed. Acts that held an increasing forbidden curiosity to Lucia, who was soon to be betrothed.

To stay or go? Their loving was urgent, animalistic, teasing her imagination. Lucia softly placed her sandals on the mosaic tiles and peaked around a column, lured by temptation.

Lucia's breath caught as she spied her erstwhile slave sitting on the marble rim of the rectangular pool that gathered rainwater. Her soft white legs were wrapped around a muscular man. His body pressed urgently against Cassia's, the taut globes of his buttocks flexing, all the more fascinating to her golden eyes for their shocking strip of whiteness in such deep contrast to the tanned skin of the rest of his body. Cassia clutched at him with soft white arms, her Stola bunched about her waist and loosened about her full white breasts with their brown nipples. His large hand gripped her bleached hair the colour of the sun.

She felt an unfamiliar heat unfurl in the place where the man's body moved urgently against Cassia's. Was this what her husband would expect from her, Lucia wondered in shocked awe. She lightly pressed her hand there, feeling an answering throb. She gasped, drawing her hand swiftly from that secret place and looked about her for fear someone had discovered her licentiousness.

Heart racing, she slowly felt for the wall at her back and drew away from the shocking display before her. Lucia knew if her father discovered Cassia's illicitness, Cassia would be sold. Despite the distance in their classes, Cassia was the closest to a confidante Lucia had. It was Lucia's intention of asking her father for Cassia to be one of the slaves that made up her dowry. Would Cassia be happy without her lover?

As Lucia silently padded back the way she came, husky words carried to her above Cassia's muffled screams. "Wait for me on the morrow, in the vineyards by the old well."

Lucia all but ran to her cubicula and collapsed on her day bed, feeling feverish and strange and pondered what she had seen.

Envy and frustration were not easy bed mates. Lucia tossed and turned on her thin mattress, the leather straps creaking, and kicked the linens from her heated skin. Her dreams had been tormented by tanned hands sliding over her pale skin, leaving no inch untouched.

Soft sunlight filtered in through the slightly opened doors to the balcony, bringing with it the day of the festival in honour of Valentinus, of love and fertility. It was a day when toil was forgotten and wine ran free as the King's push on morality and decency was loosened. Unattached men in loincloths raced through the cobbled streets blooded from sacrificed goats. Unbound women in white stolas and loose hair would dance and slap the hands of the men as they raced toward the vineyards. By honouring Valentinus of Tierni in this way, it was said the town's pregnant women would deliver healthy babes and the belly's of the barren would swell with seed.

Lucia knew her envy of Cassia was not in the least because she was forbidden to attend the festival or remain in the vineyard after dark. The days following the festival was always full of the secret whispers of her slaves, who would hush when she approached out fear of being sold by her father.

But the thoughts that raced through Lucia's head, while indecent, were not impossible. Only the old or infirm would remain within the household during the festivities, and her father was far from home, negotiating her marriage contract in Rome.

Cassia was early, softly entering the chamber with a tray of fresh bread, cheese and honey and placing it on a table by the bed. Lucia ate her repast as Cassia opened the doors to the balconies overlooking the garden and straightened the sparsely furnished chamber, softly humming under her breath. Lucia watched her from beneath lowered lashes, envious of her fashionably blonde hair. Lucia was not permitted by her father to wear false hair or wigs or apply curling tongs, let alone dye her hair. Her long dark brown hair tumbled to her hips in thick waves that painfully corkscrewed at the end, neither fashionably straight or abundantly curled with tongs

Lucia was unusually solemn as Cassia fitted her feet with leather sandals and then draped her young body in a white stola, leaving one shoulder bare. The garment was edged in rich purple where it brushed the floor.


" Yes, my lady?"

"Are you...do you enjoy the festival?"

Cassia smiled as she tightened the stola about her lady's tiny waist. Her lady was sweet and possessed the fragile beauty that demanded men lay down their lives to protect her. Or they would if they saw her, Cassia mused, but she feared Lucia will go from her father's prison to a boorish old husband too old to please his young wife. It would not do to remind her mistress of the simple pleasures enjoyed by those surrounding her.

"It is pleasant, my lady."

"And after?"


Lucia swallowed, heat creeping over her face. "When the festival is at an end. Do you...do you return here or stay? At the vineyard I mean."

"It depends." On seeing her mistress's unspoken question, she continued "It depends on whether it is worth remaining."

"Oh." Lucia mulled that over. "And this year, do you think you will remain?"

Cassia nodded, fussing over her mistresses locks and biting back a smile as her body clenched in anticipation.

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The shouts of laughter and merriment filled the air as half-naked men raced through the cobbled streets of the town. Goats and cattle with bells and ribbons tied to them roamed aimlessly, creating havoc in the crowded square and the streets that branched off from the heart of the town. Here and there sausages were roasted over open fires and skins of wine passed about.

Lucia moved unbidden amongst the throng of people, the hood of her green lacerna pulled protectively close around her face. Each step took her further and further from the safety of her domus.

The momentum of the people jostled her into the path of racing men. One man captured her hand, obviously spying the white dress beneath her cloak. She had laughed up into green eyes as his momentum dragged her a couple of steps in his path before she tried to tug her hand free. Her eyes widened in shock as warm lips pressed firmly against hers for a heartbeat before he once on his way again, his long legs striding over the cobbles before disappearing around the corner of the brick inn with its red tiled roof. The image of his broad muscular back and light blue loincloth was burned in her memory.

It was only as she moved among the people that she learned there was a prize. Hidden somewhere in the vineyard was the relic believed to be the toe of Valentinus of Terni. Whomever seized the velvet pouch containing the sacred relic would also find a silver coin from the coffers of the her father, enough to feed a large family for a two-month. The women in white would scatter through the vineyard, distracting the men from their task, for it was only the strongest of men that would ensure the town's fertility.

As the gates of the vineyard appeared, so did too Lucia's doubts. She should turn back, for the risk of discovery was now great. The chanting increased as the crowd swelled, and somehow Lucia found herself pushed closer and closer to the circle of women in white gathered beneath the gate's arms. There were not more than twenty women, young and old. Some faces were familiar to her, but it was Cassia at their centre that posed the greatest risk to Lucia. As she turned, fighting against the buffer of the crowd, she felt her lacerna caught between the press of bodies and tugged from her hair and shoulders.

"Aye, here's another," someone shouted near her ear, and she felt hands pushing her towards the gathered women. Her lacerna slipped fully from her shoulders, and she tried to grasp it as it fell and almost tripped over it in the squeeze of the crowd. With little ceremony she felt herself shoved towards the gates.

The stirring in the crowd increased, and so too the shouts. With screams and shouts, the women raced into the vineyard, scattering widely. The crowd parted as the men pushed through. Lucia gazed wide eyed behind her in a split second of indecision. Stand still, and be trampled, or run and find freedom among the vines. Lucia ran.

Lucia was all too soon short of breath and lost. She stumbled through the vines, hearing unseen men and women thrash about her, laughter and shrieks filling her ears. She twisted and turned, spying a flash of white skirt or bare leg here and there.

She had lost all sense of direction and was unable to spy the township. The vines on the wooden trellises rose high above her head, heavy with ripe fruit. The juicy globes were the livelihood of the township, making a heady mulsum wine with hints of cinnamon and thyme.

Lucia shrieked when arms wrapped about her waist from behind, lifting her off her feet. She squirmed and struggled breathlessly, shocked and angry at being held so intimately by a stranger, and a half naked one at that.

She was tumbled over a shoulder, her hair brushing the tops of his sandals. The blood rushed to her head, from the angle and not being so close to glistening male skin. Her struggles only earned her a large hand on her bottom holding her firm.

She didn't, couldn't speak. Ignorance held her tongue. She didn't know what his intentions were, or where he was taking her. Was this somehow part of the festival rites? Perhaps Lucia should have asked Cassia more about the "after", on a half laugh, half sob.

After what seemed an age, when the distant cries of men and women could no longer be heard, he eased her to her feet before him. Her chin was tucked against her chest, her hair a tumble about her flushed face. Her hands rested shyly against his hips for balance as her trembling legs threatened to collapse beneath her.

Lucia had never been alone with a man before, and had rarely conversed with one in her father's or brother's presence. This man, from what she knew of him, was tall and well defined, her head barely reaching his broad shoulders. And he smelt of laurel, soap and something uniquely masculine.

Fingers tangled in the thick rivers of her mane, gently pushing them back over her shoulders and smoothing it down her trembling back.

"Are you a maiden yet?" he asked her, his voice gentle. Lucia nodded, her forehead bumping against his chest. Still she was unable to look upon the fierce warrior that had captured her. For she knew the finely hewn body was not from working in the fields or the vineyard. And Lucia guessed it was only a warrior that carried a dagger tucked into his sandals. Was she to be his prize?

She felt lips press against the crown of her head, the side of her neck, her bared shoulder. Green eyes imposed themselves on her memory, and it was curiosity that finally gave her the courage to lift her chin.

He gazed down at her with familiar deep green eyes, triumphant, prideful, but with a tenderness that made her ache in her forbidden place.

Palms caught her chin, and his head lowered. His lips were firm against her hesitant ones, slow and seeking. Lucia forgot to breathe at first, her lashes fluttering shut. The vineyard and the celebrations were forgotten as her whole being concentrated on the lips caressing hers, the warm breath feathering over her skin, the scent and feel of him beneath her fingers.

A stolen kiss in her father's vineyard would not matter. He was a stranger to her, she would never have cause to see him again. He believed her to be a slave or a plebeian. The fluttering heat he caused between her legs would never be discovered by her future husband. When his tongue probed between her lips, she moaned softly at this unexpected invasion. No wonder Cassia gave naught to the thought of a man lifting her stola while on an errand from her mistress.

Cool air against the flushed skin between her breasts and belly was the only warning Lucia was given before a large hand was sliding beneath the linen of her stola. Lucia gasped as it settled above her belly, a thumb resting against the under swell of her breast.

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Lucia felt heady and giddy, his strength and maleness surrounding her, consuming her as his tongue languidly stroked and teased hers. Somehow her arms had found their way around his waist, drawing him tightly to her as she kissed him the way he had shown her.

His thumb make distracting circles against the softness of her breast, soft, teasing, until finally his hand captured the fullness of her breast and pressed against the budding nipple.

Scared, excited, Lucia pulled back, struggling free of his arms. Before she could set her clothes to right she stumbled on the purple edged hem. She saw his arms reach for her and instinctively pushed them away even as she fell to land hard on her bottom at his feet.

Lucia dragged the edges of her stola together, fearing the sight she must have presented him. She saw the smile tug at his lips and frowned. His smile widened, and he held out a hand to her. She tucked her hand in his and he helped her to her feet, where she promptly presented him with her stiff back. Lucia had to resist the temptation to stamp her foot on his.

"Does not the race to discover the prize hidden with Valintinus's toe challenge you, sir?" She managed and she straightened her stola as much as she could without her slave's assistance.

"She speaks," he murmured, his front pressing to her back as heavy arms settled about her waist. Lucia imagined she could feel every ridge and dip of his loincloth pressed against the small of her back. She tried to wiggle from his grasp, but he would not be surprised a second time. "No prize matches the one I hold in my arms."

"You would have your way with me?" Fear and excitement clawed at her belly. But she knew it could not be. Fingers slid down to cup her between the thighs through the soft linen, and her eyes shot wide open, her heart racing.

"I would show you the way of loving a man, yes."

"I - no." Her head fell back against his chest as his fingers moved, stoking the sensitised flesh between her thighs. Her breasts rose and fell as she struggled to breathe, to think.

"You are promised to another?"

"N-no." Not yet.

"You love another man?" his voice was dangerously soft.

Lucia shook her head, unable to answer as he teased and tormented a tiny ridge of flesh between her thighs that made it impossible not to writhe against him. Her skin felt tight and pleasure danced between her thighs. She knew she should feel shame at the wetness dampening the cloth, but the demands of her neglected body were overpowering.

"Then there is no impediment to our loving."

"I must ...I can't give you my maidenhead."

His fingers eased from her body and she whimpered in distress. He eased her about, his hands on her shoulders as he gazed down at her with intent green eyes.

"I will not take anything you do not freely give. Tell me of your wish to halt and I will heed your command."

She gazed at him for what seemed an age, her lips swollen, her face flushed, the crowns of her breasts tight and aching. And between her legs, there was incredible need for something only he could give her and end this torment he had wrought.

He promised not to take that final barrier. He was a stranger to her, yet she knew she could entrust him with her maidenhead. He had done nothing to frighten her, his touch gentle yet firm. At her shy nod, a glimmer of what seemed like relief passed across his handsome visage before his head lowered and he sealed their bargain with a soft kiss. Yet she feared her torment will only grow unabated before this madness was ended.

When he kneeled before her on the dirt path and his hands captured her ankles bound with their leather ties, her brows raised in curiosity. "I do not have a blanket on which to lay us down and partake of each other at leisure," he murmured, his hands sliding up over the backs of her calves to tickle her knees beneath her stola. When his hands slid higher sliding between her quivering thighs, her heart began to thunder in her chest. A moan escaped her when fingers teased the line of her lips with a dusting of curls their only protection. Her hands found his shoulders as her legs were eased apart. Nothing could have prepared her for the touch of flesh against flesh at the juncture of her thighs. Her head dropped back, her lashes lowered against the fading glow of the setting sun.

The fingers explored her, coaxing, teasing, stroking. Everything faded but what was happening there. When something firm and damp settled there, delving between her lips to probe the heart of her, Lucia had never felt anything like it. And wondered only for an instant how anything so good could ever be considered indecent before her body flowered with pleasure. Her body arched, a drumming between her thighs, yet still his tongue wedged itself into her tight entrance pushing her further. Two more times his fingers and mouth impelled her over that before unknown crest, until finally she collapsed in his lap, her thighs straddling his, her mouth pressing absent kisses against his throat.

He eased the stola from her body, revealing her fully to his heated gaze. "You are exquisite, so fragile and perfect," he murmured, his large hand sliding up over her thigh and belly to mould her breast. He guided the crown to his mouth while his fingers teased its mate, pinching and rolling the rosy tip.

His other hand drew hers between their bodies, beneath the cloth swathing his loins. He groaned when her fingers found the hard length of him, wrapping around him as she marvelled at his girth. Was this what Cassia's lover pressed against her, making her scream so?

She felt herself lifted for a fraction of time as he hastily drew the blue cloth from him. Then there was no inhibiting her curious exploration. He throbbed against her thigh, her fingers trailing up the surprising length of him.

"How is it you fit against a woman?" she whispered, staring down at him in awe. It was huge and beautiful in an ugly way. And by the way it jerked in response to her touch while the rest of him remained tense and still, it seemed to have a will of its own.

"Here," he seemed to croak, the tips of two fingers pressing between her spread thighs. "A man enters his woman here, filling her. Her body's wetness lets him know she enjoys his touch and eases his way deep inside her."

There was no denying this stranger possessed a powerful allure. What he said filled her with an undeniable desire to feel exactly what he described. Yet she could not allow that final trespass, as much as her body ached to have him fill her. "And does my body tell you I enjoy your touch?" she whispered, stroking and squeezing him.

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27-01-2008, 10:18 PM
"Yes. Incredibly so. And it pleases me greatly."

Lucia smiled a secret feminine smile. He shifted her, and she found the imposing length of him nestled along her vulnerable cleft. Her body clenched, her body's pleasure coating him. His hand held her hip firm as he began to glide along her damp cleft with tantalizing deliberateness. "A man slides in and out of his woman, deep, shallow, hard, fast."

She clung to his shoulders, her breathing ragged. Something her mother had said, when she was younger, teased at her. "Does it hurt a woman?"

"Only the first time, and then only briefly. A woman's maidenhead is pierced by the man as he enters her, then he fills her deeply and she stretches to accommodate him. If her lover has prepared her, making sure she is slick and damp when he comes into her, then the pain is lessened."

"Oh." About every third or forth torturous glide, as if by chance, the tip of him thrust up and a different angle, pushing at her body where his fingers had rested until her body's natural resistance halted him, then eased back.

"If a man...his first time, does it hurt?"

"Only his pride, if he and his lover are not careful. A man always wishes to impress his lover, yet his control may not be as he hoped."

"Has a lover ever told you that it...you..."

"Weren't impressive?"

She nodded, just as the crown of him probed her entrance. He rested there, his breathing harsh, his muscles strained beneath the dig of her fingers. His hands slid down to squeeze and mould the creamy mounds of her bottom.

"It is different for men then it is for women. A woman never fails to impress because she is inexperienced in loving a man. So long as a woman is passionate and willing, she has nothing to fear that her lover will find her wanting. Tell me your name."

She answered his command without thinking. "Lucia."

"Lucia," he husked, and a shiver stole down her spine. "Lucia, let me come inside your warmth. Let me show you what it is to take a man inside of you for the first time, to love your sweet body. Let me give you pleasure."

She moaned as a finger found the sweet nub between her thighs, lightly stroking her. Her body clenched and unclenched at emptiness, the feel him lodged at her entrance an aching reminder of all that she could have. His words returned to her. He would take nothing freely offered. Indecisiveness warred within her when there should have been none.

His mouth captured hers in a possessive kiss. Her body yearned that he fill that emptiness that he had created, to bring an end to this sweet torment. She knew then that she could not leave him without knowing, without once having him.

"I give myself fully to you," she whispered, and his eyes closed for brief moments before opening and gazing down at hers with a startling intensity that made her body tremble.

He kissed the valley between her breasts, the hollow of her throat, her lips. "I will worship you, sweet Lucia. There will be no regrets."

He flexed slightly, butting the barrier that stood between them. The pressure of his hand on the small of her back eased her hips forward, her nipples rubbing against the dusting of black hairs on his chest as she steadied herself against him. His hands settled over her hips, his mouth on hers. He began to slide up inside her and she gasped at the sharp pinch of her maidenhead. He whispered intelligible words as he stole further into her melting warmth, his hardness forcing her innocence to yield to his possession.

"Push down on me," he encouraged, his hands on her hips showing her how as he pressed on. Even though there was a tender soreness as he slid impossibly deep, there was no denying the incredible sensation of two bodies joining. His mouth was unrelenting on hers, kissing her as he came to rest fully inside of her.

She burned beneath his intense regard, the heavy beat of his heart racing hers. It felt incredible to be held in his arms, to have him pulsing within her. The breeze lightly stirred the silken hair against her damp back as she knelt astride her golden warrior, his tongue tangling with hers. Her body felt complete without ever having lacked.

He began to rock against her, creating eddying thrills that drove away the languid heat as a renewed urgency struck her. She whimpered against his mouth, his hands on her hips guiding her as she lifted and plunged to meet the intoxicating thrusts.

She felt stretched beyond bearing every time he drove deep, her nails digging into his shoulders. Her breasts rubbed against his chest, her back arched, her hips rolling as her body took his all.

His hands moved possessively over her young body, sliding down over her belly to discover the glistening bud. His fingers massaged her, dragging husky moans from her. Her whole being was focused on the heat between her thighs, the driving hardness that slid impossibly deep as she rode him. His groans mingled with her cries as the intensity of sensation reached fever pitch.

Her body felt needy and tingly as she opened to his surging thrusts, writhing and wriggling on the full gloriousness of him. He was impossibly thick and hard, banishing all thoughts except of him and every wicked thing he was doing to her eager body.

Her whimpering moans turned to gasping cries, moisture trembling on her lashes as she struggled with the overpowering sensations tore through her. It was too much, too intense.

She clenched around him as ripples of pleasure stormed through her, a soundless cry escaping her. His fingers caught her chin, his gaze locked on hers as her body reached its zenith. "Lucia, sweet Lucia," he groaned, surging deep over and over as fire consumed her. She clung to him, her nails raking down his back. His thrusts became more jerky, faster, his groans reverberating in his chest. Then he was bucking inside her silken tightness, his hot seed pouring forth into her welcoming heat.

She collapsed against his chest, unable, unwilling to move. His heart thundered against her ear, his chest glistening with sweat. Arms wrapped about her tightly, holding her close. Lips pressed against her forehead, her hair.

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27-01-2008, 10:20 PM
When the night cooled, he tugged the stola about her body and nestled her sideways on his lap as he leaned back against a wooden trellis. She lay quietly nestled in his arms beneath the stars, not wanting these stolen moments to end.


Hadrian gathered Lucia in his arms and lifted her, her delightful shoulders and knees left bare by the hazard stola. He gazed down at her serene face, framed by the tumble of silky brown waves. The dark crescents of her lashes rested against her creamy skin touched with gold, her soft peachy lips slightly parted. The portrait he had been presented with did her little justice. It pleased him to know he would be the only one to see her thus, tired and satiated from his loving.

Guided by the moon and his tracks, he made his way back toward the township and his waiting horse. Lucia only stirred twice, and quickly settled with gentle kisses.

Perhaps she would be angry upon first learning of his deception. He had come to this town for a purpose, and by chance had found himself dragged into the festivities by the locals at the inn. He had done so only because he thought tongues loosened by wine would garner him more honest words than otherwise. He had discovered what he sought of this lady and more, much more. He had found her by chance, and some small part of him wondered if fate or Valentinus of Terni was responsible for what followed. The time for recriminations, if any, would be tomorrow. He had promised her no regrets, and he held none.

He skirted the ribald revelry for the most part, and unbidden in the darkness he guided his horse to her domus.


Lucia was drawn awake by the opening of doors to the atrium. Sunlight flooded the room, lighting up the blue and gold mosaics tiles decorating the walls of her cubicula.

"Wake up, Mistress. The master is here and demands your presence in the tablinum."

Confused at finding herself in her own cubiculis, Lucia sat up. And winced at the slight tenderness her body expressed. What had she done? And what did her father know of it? Lucia searched her memories, and did vaguely recall a horse and the shouts of revellers but nothing to explain how she now lay naked in her bed.

With Cassia's help, she donned a simple stola and her hair was coiled on top of her head. Cassia made no comments about the dirt on her knees or the soft bruises on her hips. Not long later Lucia presented herself in her father's study. When her father was absent it was used as a passageway, the doors pushed wide to allow light from the inner courtyard.

Her father gazed up from paperwork littering the table before him. "I have signed your wedding contract this morning." Lucia knew she would have no choice in a husband. Marriages were for political or financial alliances. She would become a freewoman, free from the control of her father. She would be able to own her own property, run her own household. A marriage offered her many advantages.

Lucia felt her chest tighten and the skin on the back of her neck prickle. It wasn't unexpected. She knew the purpose for which her father travelled to Rome. Yet memories of her warrior intruded and she struggled to deal with this news. Her new husband would divorce her on discovering her lack of virtue. Her family would become the target of gossip. No regrets, he had told her, and Lucia knew she would struggle to hold onto this promise in the days to come.

Movement out of the corner of her eye drew her attention to the opposite door. A tall man, his toga revealing broad shoulders filled the entrance. Lucia's breath caught even before she met unreadable green eyes, her own golden ones wide.

"I am Hadrien Graccius." He moved toward her and caught her unresisting hand between his, a shocking reminder of the race yesterday. She felt him slip a ring on her finger, and only later would she recognise the possessive of the act. "Many believe a bridal ring is connected to the heart of its wearer."

Her warrior was her intended? Unanswered questions raced through her head. Yet the presence of her father stilled her voice.

Hadrien's grip tugged her closer, his head lowering until his mouth rested against her ear. "It pleases me that Valentinus favours our match," he whispered.

No regrets he had promised. Joy flooded her. Lucia smiled, lifting his hand to her lips and pressing them against his golden skin. Valentinus indeed.

The End !!! :D :p

Good Night To All And Sweet Dreams !!! ;)

28-01-2008, 06:04 PM

The hotel was the most extravagant yet for the annual party a group of Simon's associates held. I knew a few wives, and did my best to mingle while Simon played the "must" politics. It did not take long to complete the rounds and run out of familiar faces. I looked for Simon, but saw he was involved in conversation and so I decided to find a safer harbor to bide my time.

As I slowly made my way to the grand bar at the back of the ballroom, the tall blond bartender caught my eye. He looked a bit younger, and more attractive than anyone has a right to be. The real killer was that lop-sided grin; the one that makes a woman's knees go weak. It was impossible not to return a smile and acknowledge the impact of his silent flattery.

With a polite greeting, I named my drink, something stronger than my usual, something more appropriate for such a...tedious occasion. The bartender stared back for a moment, the edge of his cocky smile lifting, deepening the crease of his suntanned cheek before he turned his back to pour. I found myself sizing himup, the stylish cut of his hair, the broad shoulders in the short white jacket of his uniform, the hard buttocks that filled the seat of those black, perfectly creased slacks so well. When I looked up I realized he had been watching my bold perusal in the mirror. This time he gave me a more seductive grin. Embarrassed, I feigned a cough and looked away.

"What's your poison?"

Startled by the voice, I turned. The speaker was a saucy, voluptuous brunette with pouty lips and a pair of gorgeous, expressive brown eyes. I placed her age somewhere between the charming bartender's and mine. She wore little makeup, and her short layered hair was carelessly tousled. Her dress, her informal manner, all indicated a distinct earthiness. And when she did not fabricate a smile, I took it as further evidence of her easy casualness, her total lack of pretense. I had no doubt we could be friends.

"Cognac," I answered, meeting her gaze.

"Same," she informed the bartender, her glance falling below his waist briefly before she returned her attention to me. "Meg. My name is Meg."

"Hello, Meg. I'm Bella."

"Great party, isn't it?"

The question sounded tentative, a gauge. When I sent her my best get-serious look, she chuckled, sounding relieved at not having received the standard polite bullshit.

"Are you staying here, at the hotel tonight?"

"Only way Simon can get me to attend these socials."

She laughed, with one of those sexy throaty laughs that melt men.

Before either of us could say more, the bartender set her drink down on the counter then casually, leaned on his elbow with all the confidence in the world. He looked from me to Meg, his lascivious thoughts no secret. His glance inched to her full breasts, swelled high in her strapless black gown. Who could blame him; carnality exuded from the woman, and there was no lack of want there either.

When Meg, unruffled by his boldness, continued to sip her Cognac, the bartender made a small sound of desire then returned his attention to me. Gone was the previously playful smile, replaced by a candid expression of pure lust.

When a guest broke the sexually charged atmosphere, I became aware of the hot moisture our silent but intense exchange had generated, and shifted for comfort in suddenly dampened panties.

"Yeah, me too," Meg announced in a soft voice.

Discomfited by the frank and unexpected admission, I cleared my throat and took another sip of cognac.

Meg studied me through slanted eyes, then really floored me with her next comment. "Bella? Let's fuck."

I stood frozen, mouth agape, mind racing to distinguish fact from imagination before I was able to force my eyes to blink and collect my wits. Slowly absorbing her advance, I allowed her candor to encourage mine. When I met her eyes, it was with equal forthrightness, and we established an understanding.

"Are you here by yourself?" I asked as an afterthought.

"I am now. My brother's date showed up after all."

I turned and searched the room. Simon was speaking to a squat, balding man but his gaze was fixed upon me. We made eye contact, then his glance moved to Meg.

"Is that your husband? Not bad," she remarked.

Now that the course had been set I was simply too aroused and too anxious to dally. "Let's go," I said decisively when she continued to regard Simon with a calculating expression.

Meg shot me a rapturous look, and then quickly downed her drink.

We had only taken a few steps when, as if prompted by an unspoken signal, we paused as one and turned for a last look. The sexy bartender was wiping a wineglass but we seemed to still hold his undivided attention. He squinted in return, a hedonistic squint combined with regret. Meg and I sighed simultaneously, like a couple of lovesick teens, then turned and left with shared reluctance.

As she led the way out of the ballroom, my focus remained on her voluptuous bottom, quivering underneath the jersey fabric of her formal with each step she took. More hot steam pooled between my legs and I hastened my stride.

We rode the elevator in silence, oblivious of the elderly couple who had followed us in. Meg stared at my shapely leg, visible up to the upper thigh through the long frontal slit of my evening gown. As for me, I shared the bartender's appetite for her heaving breasts. By seconds, the moistened gusset of my panties was growing more uncomfortable.

28-01-2008, 06:05 PM
I let Meg enter the room first. Just as I shut the door, we reached for each other, hungrily, without the usual formalities between two strangers. Driven by lust, there was no feminine gentility when our mouths parted and our tongues began an urgent, passionate acquaintance.

As we kissed, we tugged at clothes anxiously. Meg snapped open my bra, and we separated, both pulling at the straps to rid me of the restraining undergarment. My eyes fell on her curvaceous body wrapped in black corset and lace-top stockings. Her large erect nipples, popped over the half cups, looked ripe enough to make my mouth water. Mesmerized, I licked my lips and swallowed before I started to drool.

Meg literally shoved me onto the bed with a growl then came down herself. "Your skin is so soft, so creamy," she murmured, anxiously caressing my arms, chest, tummy while her glance took a slow tour down the length of my long legs. Turning back abruptly, her eyes locked on mine and without preamble, she shoved an elegant finger deep into my flaming center.

"Aaahhh," I sighed and raised my hips high to greet her.

"That feel good?" she asked, and covered my mouth with hers. Her tongue blasted through my parted lips in a mission of invasion. She took as liberally as I gave, and offered the same in return. All the while, my body pushed and churned on her comforting hand.

I moaned my loss when Meg tore her mouth away to posture herself for a more significant seizure. Welcoming the pain of passion, I clenched her hair and encouraged her hungry assault on my breasts.

"Delicious," she cooed as she switched from one insistent nipple to the other.

I squeezed the breast she was suckling. It encouraged her to work harder. "So you like sucking tit, hmmm?" I teased.

With her lips pursed tightly around my taut peak, she could do little but moan.

"Me too," I agreed and, unable to resist any longer, reached for one of her heavy succulent mounds, only to have my hand pushed away.

"You'll get your turn," she teased and slid lower. "I want to taste your pussy."

The sound of the door opening gave us only a momentary pause. "What took you so long?" I questioned when Simon entered.

"You know business, hon," he answered, removing his tuxedo jacket.

Meg turned her head, but kindly kept her finger buried. She regarded Simon, one thick eyebrow arched with interest.

After the introductions, Simon removed his shoes and stretched out by my side. "Did I miss much?"

"A lot more to...cum," I replied.

He chuckled and gave me an affectionate kiss.

"So, Meg, what's a nice girl like you doing in my bed?"

Meg gave him a brazen once over, then leaned across me. "Getting a good lay, I hope."

"You got it, baby," Simon promised and took that edible pouty mouth of hers with his. While he kissed her, Meg did not neglect me, her slender finger burrowing even deeper into the heat and humidity it worked to promote.

Releasing Meg, Simon asked, "What did I interrupt?"

"I was just about to taste Bella's pussy."

"Then let me help."

He spread my delicate nether lips, gently, wide, using thumb and forefinger. Together, they stared long and hard at my vulnerable clit while it cried for attention. Then Simon's heavy tongue came down and took a single slow lick, leaving me quivering.

"Mmm, that there is pure honey, Meg."

Meg shot him a glance then dipped her head and snatched my swollen nub between velvet lips. My body responded instantly, welcoming the impatiently longed-for onslaught.

Simon's eyes remained on my writhing form as he first removed his bow tie then eased my legs wider apart. Meg accepted the invitation and carefully moved to lie in the "V" he had provided, her finger never slipping out of my honeyed nest in the process. I, in turn, bent my knees deeper around her and provided her with a more splayed access.

Settled, with her warm breath fanning my pubic hairs in a pleasant distraction, she extracted her buried finger. Before I could feel its absence, a soothing plump tongue slipped in to take its place, intoxicating me. I took Meg's head in both hands and pushed my crotch to her face. She held nothing back, huffing and slurping as she reached farther and farther into my depths. It was heaven.

I cried deliriously when she next removed the essence of my pleasure, that nimble tongue of hers. Then cried again when she filled me with two fingers in its stead. And when she took my greedy clit once more, I became lost in the climb toward nirvana.

Simon pinched my nipple, forcing me to arch my back, to offer him more. "Cum," he ordered, his dark eyes demanding the pleasure of seeing me in ecstasy.

My heart pounding with love, I submitted, to my needs and to his command, breathing his name just as the little death arrived to make its exalted claim.

I flowed with soft screams, fighting to keep my eyes open. Meg pushed her fingers in deeper, her mouth firming on my little nub, her sucking relentless. Simon watched proudly, victoriously, as my body bucked and churned in its attempt to cram Meg into my cunt.

In the end, it was his pleasure that brought me the greater contentment.

* * *

28-01-2008, 06:06 PM
"You're right, sweet as honey," Meg confirmed when, having removed his clothes, Simon returned to join us on the bed.

Meg and I unwound from each other, making room for him to lie between us. Simon kissed and caressed in turns while our bodies took refuge in his masculinity. Leading Meg and me into our own private exchange of passion, he slid lower to bury his face in breasts. His hum of delight echoed as he fondled and suckled, his efforts earning him even more tender and responsive nipples.

"Meg," Simon gently separated us, "why don't you come sit on my face."

Meg's eyes sparkled. She moved quickly to straddle him, on her knees, backward.

"Show it to me first," he requested. "Open it nice and wide."

She shifted to find her balance then carefully leaned forward, her rear lifting inches. Both hands reached back, deepening the arch of her spine, and ever so luxuriantly spread her cheeks.

"Oophhh, what a sweet plump pussy," Simon murmured after a moment of silent observation, and then sniffed deeply. "All right, baby, go ahead and set it down for me now."

Meg lowered herself on his face, her drawn out moan at initial contact turning into a breathy sigh of accomplishment with the final seating.

I took Simon's powerful cock in my hand and gave it a little kiss, inhaling his familiar unique scent before swallowing what I could of him, with all the tenderness my hunger would allow. His balls cradled in my palm, I sucked hard, in the very way that I know pleases him most.

Meg interrupted with a touch, desire in her countenance. She brought her head down, mouth open, anxious. Her moan rang of gratitude when I placed Simon's swollen tip between her lips. She suckled it preciously, then took it deeper, shifting her hips from side-to-side, opening herself wider for him.

As I carry a constant, insatiable need to pleasure Simon, I could not pass up the opportunity when it arose. Positioning myself between his bent legs, I licked and pampered his sac of skin while Meg continued to ravish his cock. Together, we created a lovely chorus of moans.

When still it was not enough, and I ached to provide more, I forced Simon's legs wider apart and reached lower, knowing just how much it pleasures him to have his anus tongued.

It took little time for Meg's breathing to grow heavier with her approaching climax and I returned to their side, to aid and participate.

"He loves cunt juice; smear him good," I whispered in her ear. She heeded my advice and, grunting, tackled the task with more gusto.

I gently squeezed one hand under the curve of her womanly tummy for support. The other, I sucked wet the middle finger then reached for her backside. My penetration into her tight passage was all the incentive she needed, and she toppled into sweet oblivion with a guttural roar. I pushed in all the way. Simon pressed her hips down from both sides; she crushed him hard.

"Yesss, baby, rub your pussy against that hot tongue," I urged over Meg's muffled screams, her feminine form convulsing in its pleasure while she valiantly rode the crest of insanity. "Feels so, so damned good."

Meg slowed at last, but continued to feed on Simon. "Yea, he eats pussy real good, doesn't he?" Stroking her hair, easing her return, I gauged her satisfaction by her hungry suckling and muted whimpers. How well I know that profound need that always plagues me afterwards. Yes, sweet Meg, suck his cock, feed your soul.

* * *

I waited for Meg to fight her way back through the haze and straighten, then I straddled Simon's hips and slowly lowered myself onto his quivering shaft. Meeting Meg's smoldering gaze, I drew her to me for a taste of those provocative lips. What they tasted of was Cognac and cock. I savored the combination, and then left her to recover while I nourished myself from her ripe nipples and rocked upon the rock-solid penis that stood buried within me.

My breast fetish for the moment appeased, I let Meg slide off Simon, and then I came down into his loving arms. Her scent was strong on him, and now I licked his lips for Meg's own alluring taste. Our kiss was brief, but fiery.

Simon rolled me onto my side and re-entered me from behind. He knows my needs so well. A strong hand snaked over my hipbone and experienced fingers seized the slippery kernel of my clit for manipulation. The other arm lay in an arc, a supporting cradle, underneath my neck. Meg, for her part, took charge of my needy breasts. Coordinating her ministrations with Simon's languid strokes, the two joined forces and teased me relentlessly.

As I grew more responsive, my back curved into a pliant arch that allowed Simon deeper penetration. For that, he rewarded me with a more solid thrusting.

My orgasm suddenly upon me, Simon pushed in to the hilt and wedged his thumb through my lips and into my mouth. I exploded with a growl--my nerves alive. Simon pinched my clit with his working hand, my outer labia affording him the firm grip, and rubbed his fingers against one another. Meg bit one nipple and squeezed the other none too gently, adding a pleasant pain to my pleasure, only to have the scream of jubilation stick in my throat, as I sucked on Simon's thumb like a cock.

I relished the precious ecstasy for as long as I could freeze time. With the tension slowly ebbing, Simon and Meg, as good lovers do, held me tenderly, lulling me back to sensibility at the dictate of my own sweet time.

* * *

I returned from the bathroom and found Meg on her back and Simon on top. Her legs were wrapped high around his waist, in the age-old fashion that a woman opens herself to a man. He was thrusting into her, his balls slamming against her bottom. I climbed between his legs to watch them do so.

My affectionate caress of Simon's manly buttocks slowed him, curbing his thrusts into sensual grinds. I took his drawn out moan as a request. My mouth replaced my hands for a wet massage of his cheeks, stopping briefly to tantalize the small sphere of nerve endings before continuing lower to his scrotum, where I could taste and smell both Meg and me.

"You've got a great ass, Meg." I heard Simon say. "Do I get to fuck it?"

28-01-2008, 06:08 PM
Her whimper of consent came without hesitation, and I reached for the jar I had brought back with me. As my greasy finger circled and taunted Meg's anal entrance, I continued to lave Simon's testicles with my tongue. He and Meg kissed while I took time to lubricate her, to prepare her for pleasure.

Ready, Meg turned over, laid her head down, and raised her rear high.

"That's nice, baby, that's just how I like to take it."

Simon took his place behind her on his knees and I took mine beside him. Unhurried, fanned fingers squeezed and molded Meg's lush flesh, as much a posturing of their dominant and submissive roles as foreplay.

Meg purred, waiting docilely, straining to deepen her spinal arch.

Eyes glazed, Simon groaned with manly ego and spread her ass cheeks more taut for a better display of the oiled sphincter that was now at his discretion.

"Mmm, looks nice, babe." He tore his gaze away to thank me for the preparation, a thorough kiss that left me sizzling.

Meg's moans rose when Simon's hips pressed forward and the weight of his cock-head lay teasingly against the puckered entrance. Her moans rose higher when, taking hold of his thick shaft, he began to rotate it around the small circle, lubricating that same head in a blend of pre-cum and grease to ease the penetration of her tight canal.

"You ready to give it to me, Meg?" Simon tapped gently then butted his swollen tip against her little ring.

"Yesss," came her soft, anxious reply.

I watched, riveted, as the darker resistant skin first indented slightly, then slowly began to give way against steady pressure.

"That's right, baby, open up your ass so I can fuck it."

Meg gasped, and I let out the breath I did not know I had been holding when elasticity prevailed and the bulbous head suddenly penetrated in partial then came to a halt.

With Meg's rubbery anus stretched forcefully to accommodate his thickness, and purple veins straining against the pink flesh of his shaft, Simon allowed her a brief respite. Then he resumed the invasion, taking an inch, returning two, conquering slowly, prolonging the exquisite sensations, sensations that I am gifted with often.

Meg moaned and whimpered, urging him to take her, to be swift in delivering them both to the height of ecstasy. Simon listened in silence to her exasperation--to what I know is symphony to his soul. And when her neediness grew into the very advantage he sought, on the next outward slide, he withdrew completely.

Meg lamented, her rectal muscles contracting reflexively, pleading for his return. Simon watched; triumph and pleasure etched on his face. Then he started the sweet torment anew, inserting ruthlessly slow. Giving little; taking a lot. By the time he sunk to the hilt, I was trembling, desperate for a release of my own.

Simon's hands fell away from Meg's hips, and he grew still. Meg cried in protest, gliding back and forth on his slick cock in her urgency, her coaxing strokes exposing the full length of the rigid shaft in one direction, then swallowing it back into the snugly-fit glove down to its base. When her efforts failed to raise a satisfying response, her strokes became more demanding, and grew into feverish pumping.

Meg's need successfully nurtured into a serving tool, Simon's attention turned to me. "Come here, babe."

I shuffled forward on my knees obediently, positioning my crotch above the open palm Simon held out at hip level. Knowledgeable fingers began to move, to stimulate. I might have collapsed from sheer exuberance, had my body not been already wracking itself into oblivion.

"Look at me!" Simon's commanding eyes bore into mine while he shoved a finger in as substitute, and continued to massage my bursting clit with his thumb.

Through the storm of rapture, I whimpered, "Simon," his wielding power once again granting me solace in the sweet submission that belongs to me by nature. "Ohhh, Simon..." ...My husband, my love, the man who keeps my blood boiling and my heart thundering with life.

Having brought me to a swift completion, Simon held and cooed me through recovery, his patience great, his tenderness heartfelt.

Breath finally caught, libido appeased, I moved to kneel behind him, then reached for the lubricant.

For Simon, I used two fingers, inserting deep. A groan expressed his pleasure and he reclaimed Meg's hips, forcing her frantic pumping under control, hushing her pathetic mewling.

"All right, baby, you get your turn too." His hand slipped over the curve of her lush hip, disappearing under her abdomen, his own hips on the move to meet the mating call. I wrapped my free arm around his waist and held on tight.

Thrills vibrated in Meg's wail at the onset of orgasm, her body tensing first then shattering into convulsions. Simon's gentle thrusts grew more arduous, driving Meg harder and harder into the pinnacle of pleasure, then slowing with her downward spiral, only to pick up pace again and require more of her. She reached a second orgasm, bucking even more violently on his cock, her cries of ecstasy drowning his growls of satisfaction.

Following the peak came the desperation, the need for that all-consuming powerful thrusting, essential to completing a woman's satisfaction, an act catering to her primal need for domination, for possession.

A man well versed in women's needs, Simon obliged, pumping hard and fast, dousing the intensity. I pinched his nipple for their mutual gratification and braced myself. With Meg primed to his taste, smoldering and whimpering like a puppy, Simon pounded her ass for the final conquest.

"Take her, my love," I whispered, prideful of my man. "Fuck her."

And he did.

* * *

I woke to a knock at the door. "Who's that?" I demanded, disoriented. My eyes focused on the small clock on the nightstand and I saw it was past two.

"Thought you two might enjoy a late night snack," Simon offered, rising from the bed.

Meg and I shared a sleepy look, shrugging our shoulders, then sobered quickly at "Come on in" and in a panic, scurried for the covers.

In stepped our favorite bartender, a familiar bottle in his hand and a cheeky smile that told all. "Cognac, ladies?"

The glance Meg and I exchanged this time was of delight and a fully alert one. Suddenly two pairs of arms shot out in wide welcome. "Yes, please," we called in unison.

28-01-2008, 06:10 PM
In The House At The End Of The Street

To be honest, I have never thought of myself as the quintessential "Scarlet woman."

God forbid! Brought up, the eldest of four children within a typically strict Catholic family, I had little inclination, let alone opportunity, to stray from the fold as it were.

Maybe it had something to do with my having married so young--at just eighteen, to a boy I met in my first year at the University of Toronto. Conrad had swept me off my feet--changed my entire perspective on life in fact. At the point he proposed to me that night at the theater, echoing those ultimately simple five words that every girl at some stage longs to hear, "Julia, would you marry me?" I had no need to answer with words. It was simply a case of sooner rather than later!

Trent came along within a year and difficult as it was, I managed to balance motherhood and my studies with remarkable success.

It doesn't even seem that long ago! I am just thirty-seven now while Trent celebrated his eighteenth year a few months back. He is a strapping boy, intelligent and wise beyond his years, with very much his father's good looks and presence. It frightens me.

I can't be sure when exactly I started having the fantasies but once instigated, they were on-site for the duration. Nothing in our marital lives has been anything but blissful contentment and shared romantic indulgence. I love Conrad as much as ever I did and I have no reason to think his attentions and gentle courtesies are anything but evidence of a loving and happy husband.

Looming however--the clouds of dysfunctional sexual desire have been building up in the east now for some months!

If I had to nominate some particular event that catalyzed this fully unaccountable emotional upheaval, then inarguably it was that weekend not so long ago.

Conrad had been down at the club with Jeremy, his best friend since childhood and I had taken the opportunity to have a relaxing hot bath, it being mid-winter still.

Not expecting Trent back for some hours from the movies, to which he had taken his girlfriend, I suppose I had been something less than vigilant in my privacy by forgetting to lock the bathroom door.

As girls do occasionally (and lets not assume boys to be completely innocent in this regard either) I had allowed my hand license to travel to certain intimate areas that appreciate the dexterous nature of rhythmic caresses, shall we say? As far as I can recall, I had no set images in my mind right at that moment, simply allowing the pervading warmth of the bath and the physical contact to work their joint magic. It was certainly "working;" I seem to recall the odd sound of pleasured rapture issuing from my lips.

I don't know what made me turn around, maybe subconsciously I just ' knew!

Trent was standing there. As shocked as I, he was just staring, as much in disbelief I imagine as dishonorable guilt.

"Good heavens, Trent," I muttered, sliding surreptitiously lower into the bubbles so that my breasts were covered, "Have you never heard of knocking?"

"I'm so sorry, mom," he answered. "I just heard strange noises in here," (at this point he began blushing dramatically) "and, er...well, I guess I just came in."

"Were you here..." I paused for a moment, "long?"

"Oh, no," he quite obviously lied, "I just walked in, mom!"

Fully a Mexican stand-off, Trent retreated to the hallway then, closing the door behind him. Sitting up once more, I just lay there breathing heavily and wondering why it was I felt so flushed and aroused. I noticed right at that moment how erect my nipples had become. Instinctively I rubbed the swollen teat between my thumb and forefinger...

Trent and I shared a remarkably quiet dinner that night, exchanging little more than polite conversation and forced pleasantries. I seem to recall a minimum of direct eye contact.

In the coming days I found my mind replaying this close-encounter and each time I could not deny a pleasured reaction. Just the thought of so young a boy seeing his mother masturbate--as so surely he had--was turning me on unbearably. Perhaps because I am very slight--barely five three and with a less than matronly figure, while Trent seems far older than his years both in build and maturity--that it felt just that much more "forbidden." Try as I might, I found myself wanting some further ' involvement' with him despite the knowledge that this could never be. If nothing else, it was as much a betrayal of Conrad as a corrupting influence in our family lives.

Gradually, the incident appeared to taper in relevance and my relationship with Trent took on its former stable and progressive habits. That isn't to say though that my fantasies tapered in any way. Far from it.

Even as Conrad would make love to me some nights, it was Trent I was wanting to hold me like that and to whisper the tender words of endearment I was hearing.

I even thought of going to the Parish Priest, but who could confess such thoughts and images?

Nothing would ever have happened--but for the circumstances of last weekend!

Conrad was once again at his Club, leaving Trent and I alone in the house. This had caused no emotional hardship or discomfort as things between us were apparently back on an even keel, the events of several months ago now but a distant memory one might presume.

Having finished three day's ironing, I was carrying the basket up to the linen closet--just a few yards along the hallway past Trent's room, when I heard sounds from within, the bedroom door only having been pushed-to.

Not surprisingly, I guessed immediately the likely cause. I just smiled to myself and walked on to the cupboard.

I can't tell you what happened between there and the three yards back to Trent's bedroom door...but something did! Even as I put the basket down quietly, I suppose I knew I was taking "one small step for a woman. One giant step for womanhood."

Guessing that Trent would be seated on the bed with his back to the door. I pushed the thing open so slowly and peered around the edge.

He must have been three-quarters there.

I couldn't see his erection from that angle, but I could definitely see what he was doing to it. I had no need to slip a hand into my own panties, much as I felt like it--I knew how wet they would be.

If he was uttering any intelligible words I couldn't discern them, it just sounded like an infinite range of pleasured grunts and sighs to me. To say I was fascinated would be an understatement. It was only then that I realized I had never even seen Conrad masturbating...or him--me, come to that.

As he jerked about suddenly and I saw, to my considerable pleasure I must admit, a stream of his cum shoot upwards. I let down my guard fully unintentionally and made some audible noise. Trent spun around.

"Oh God, mom," he cried in an agony of embarrassment, trying to cover himself. "I'm soo sorry!"

My heart melted for him and I ran to the bed.

"Oh, Trent," I said, "you have nothing to apologize for. I should never have walked in." I looked him full in the eyes before adding, "Trust me, I know the feeling."

That brought a smile to his young face.

"Yeah...I guess you do, mom," he replied, his hands still covering that which unaccountably I wished he wasn't!

Realizing then of course that he had condemned himself out of his own mouth, he continued, "S' pose you knew I saw everything that day too, didn't you, mom?" I nodded.

"Did you hate me for it?"

That brought tears to my eyes.

"Hate you, Trent? Gosh...how could you think that?" I sat down beside him. "No, my beautiful boy, I never loved you more. Would you like me to tell you the absolute truth?"

He nodded, subconsciously perhaps taking a hold of my hands at the same time, seemingly unaware of his limp penis now lying dormant and shrunken at the entrance to his gaping undies. It wasn't the time for me to be looking at that particular aspect of life.

"Well, Trent," I continued, "If I was to be honest with you and I'm hoping against hope you never tell your dad this..." Now he was interested. I had to hesitate before continuing.

"This is very hard for me to say...well, I kinda liked the fact you saw me, Trent. I know that's an awful thing to admit and I probably shouldn't be saying it to you, but it's the truth." For a moment I dropped my eyes, fearful I suppose, of the effect my words might have on him.

I felt his hand beneath my chin. Raising my face, the last thing I expected was for him to kiss me--and on the lips at that. An electric shock ran through me and I felt like a helpless little girl--the one that I suspect has never really grown-up in all these years. I just looked at him.

"You want to know about the truth, mom?" he was saying.

"Even before that afternoon, I always had "thoughts" about you. Not thoughts a boy usually has about his mother either." I couldn't have stood-up right then if someone had paid me a million dollars! Now, he was looking away.

28-01-2008, 06:11 PM
"I used to think about kissing you at first...but its gotten worse. After I saw you in the bath, mom, I had to go to my room and beat-off...sorry for saying that..." It didn't matter, I think I was beyond further shock at that stage.

"And since then I have been thinking about you all the time. Do you know what I was imagining when you saw me just now?" It wasn't so much that I was casually interested at that stage--I had to hear it! I nodded.

"I was thinking about making love to you...it's all I think about, even when I'm out with Heather."

I wasn't prepared for his emotional collapse and as the tears shook his young body, I just held him to me. My own were beginning to assemble in the corner of both eyes.

"It's OK, it's OK," I whispered as I cradled him, "I have had some terrible thoughts myself, Trent...things I can't even tell you...things I can barely even admit to myself.

"He raised his tear-stained face towards mine, "You don't have to, mom," and then he kissed me again.

This wasn't a child's kiss, not a mother-son kiss, and definitely not the peck of a stranger. This was a lover's kiss. Conrad's image flashed before my eyes, then my father's, but as both quickly faded, my handsome boy's face came back into focus. He was smiling despite the tears.

"I love you, mom," was all he said. It was all he had to say!

Whether he lay me back on the bed or I did it myself I don't remember. I recall his undoing my top buttons, exposing my rather flimsy little bra beneath which he gently thrust his hand. I only have small breasts but the feeling as his hand slid across my nipples was one of extreme pleasure. I knew some formative moans were issuing from between my lips. His very inexperience and unfamiliarity with the territory were simply adding to my arousal, hopefully also--his own. My lips sought his and my arm pulled him closer.

"Should I take my dress off for you?" I offered. He looked at me in stunned disbelief but nodded in dumb acceptance of what ultimately must be.

Standing in front of a young man, my own son no less, unzipping that dress must rank as the most erotic moment of my life to date. His eyes the size of saucers, my body took delight in revealing its femininity to him. He pulled me back down on the bed, dressed now only in my bra and panties. I teased him unmercifully by pulling one thin strap down my arm. Taking his cue, he balanced things up nicely by tugging the other down too. For a moment I think my heartbeat must have been audible as he gently took a hold of both straps and made to pull them lower. Maybe it was his we could hear?

As my breasts were exposed I gasped. Trent simply laid a hand on them and so very gently began to fondle me. I could not repress the urge to squirm slightly nor could I wrench my eyes from what he was now doing to my nipples. If this isn't the most arousing moment of my life, I was thinking. I needed him to suckle me.

Maneuvering Trent's face to within inches and by arching my back slightly, nature's own blueprint for survival took over. As I felt his mouth latch back onto that which his own regressed memory was now recalling with no impediment, I let out a sigh of extreme pleasure.

"That's it, Trent, suck them like you used to," I whispered, immediately feeling totally embarrassed at falling back on the use of such immature dialog. I don't think he was even listening.

Raising his lips from my nipples, he looked at me for a moment. "You are so pretty, mom...so pretty!" Right then, I felt it!

It was all I could do not to slip a hand inside my own panties. The two reasons I managed not to being that (a) that might be construed as overly improper and (b) I was hoping desperately that he would do it himself. I knew how wet I was there--I just wanted Trent to find out in his own good time.

Loving and gentle as he was, quite obviously he was afraid to take the initiative and that I found so endearing. It wasn't helping my incestuous needs though. Past wondering why I was thinking (and now acting-out) these forbidden desires, all my body was demanding was satisfaction.

I wriggled my hips as if to remind him there were other areas he might find interesting if he would but look. Returning his lips to my own, rather than my nipples was a subtle reminder. If I was going to be forced to take a hold of his lower extremities in order to widen his considered options I think I would have done it.

As it happened, his hand commenced its own exploratory across my abdomen and hips. I let him know by a series of sighs and light moans that this was definitely a move in the right direction. When he reached finally the waistband of my panties, I felt his reticence to proceed.

"It's Ok, Trent," I whispered in his ear. "You can take them off."

He didn't need any further urging.

"Oh God, mom," he managed to get out as he just knelt there beside me, staring at my pussy, not that he could have seen too much, my legs were still together.

"I can't believe how beautiful you are...just as hot as the girls at University."

"Really?" I teased. "And just how many of them have you seen like this, Trent?"

Fully blushing now, he corrected himself. "You know what I mean, mom...of course I haven't been with any girls like that."

For some reason I found that incredibly arousing--the fact that I was basically the first "girl" he had ever seen naked. Why I wasn't thinking about Conrad at this stage I have no idea, but I wasn't.

"You're not being very fair, Trent," I told him. He looked puzzled.

"Why?" he asked.

"Well you've taken all my clothes off, and you're still dressed!"

"You want me to undress?" he said semi-shocked.

"Only if you want to," I replied, parting my legs fractionally. I saw his expression change momentarily. He must have noticed.

Feeling more wanton by the minute, I was not about to discourage Trent's gently invasive exploration of my vaginal ingress. On a voyage of discovery himself, he was making me feel anything but a mother as his fingers separated my labia and softly felt their way inside. Quite beyond my control, several little gasps escaped my lips as he became more daring in his exploration. Nor did I fail to recognize the significance of it all, my beautiful boy stimulating now the very areas where-in he had been himself conceived. I sat up suddenly and hugged him to me. Tears ran down my face and Trent withdrew his fingers and stared at me.

"Was I hurting you, mom?" he asked, unsure of his own emotions right that moment.

"Of course not, baby," I reassured him, "Nothing like that, I was just thinking about things, that's all."

"Is it dad," he inquired--somewhat perceptively I thought.

"No, Trent," I answered truthfully--just girl stuff...honestly!" I lay back and drew him on top of me. I wanted him badly...needed him if the truth be known. To judge by whatever was pressing hard up against my tummy, I wasn't alone in the "needing" department.

Shucking off his jeans, shirt and underwear I found it hard to believe that this was a boy in his late teens. His work-rate at the gym had obviously been paying dividends.

A born kisser, we both swiftly reached a level of arousal that was never going to be denied whatever the laws of the land. He had what I needed; I had what he craved.

With a minimum of guidance, he slipped into me and as I drew my knees up in absolute pleasure at what was so deep inside me, I let myself be taken.

Whether he was making love to his mom or a girl, he was just going to know for a short time I can never know, but you can't fake sincerity or respect. He gave me both and I loved him for it. In his passion and inexperience he fondled my breasts until they were red raw...almost vandalized. He spread me to my theoretical limit and nearing his orgasmic Waterloo, thrust into me with the gentility of a considerate lover yet the work-rate of a first-time novice.

I think I cried out as I reached my own plateau, almost passing out with sensory overload. Trent was driving a mile-long goods train with no brakes and it felt like he came forever.

After some five minutes of exhausted silence, with him lying still atop me while I just kissed him, playing with a few locks of his dark brown hair that had fallen across his forehead, he raised his head and smiled the most beautiful loving smile.

They call it incest.

I call it the purest love of all.

28-01-2008, 07:19 PM
Wah bros......birdie and darklord........tks for the erotic stories......:D

29-01-2008, 08:25 AM
Very very nice stories bro Birdie and TD... :)

29-01-2008, 11:56 AM
A Letter To My Lover

My Dear Lover,

So, where do I begin???

It has only been two short weeks and I already know that I shall never meet another woman like you.

I am not sure what it was that you said while standing behind me in the checkout line the afternoon when we first met... Hell! We couldn't have talked for more than a few minutes before walking out of the store. As we left you looked at me and asked if I would like to grab a cup of coffee with you. I remember laughing as I told you that I lived on coffee. I think that you already had me under your spell.

Two nights later I picked you up for dinner. As you opened the door, and I saw you standing there, I could barely speak. When we had gone out to coffee you were dressed in baggy jeans and a loose t-shirt. Of course I knew that regardless of what you were wearing there was no way that you could look bad, nevertheless that night you looked absolutely incredible!

The perfume and dress that you had on gave me the clear message that you had little to nothing on beneath it. Your eyes were sparkling and teasing me at the same time.

So... Why am I writing, telling you all of these things? Well, it's because the memories of last night have kept me from doing anything constructive today. I yearn for you to know how I feel and somehow I also think that words may be the best way to preserve this memory.

Memories of the sex we had that night are still fresh in my mind as well...

I remember watching you slide down on top of me, slowly taking my hard rod deep within your walls. Your hands were lying flat upon my chest, helping you to support yourself. As your chin dropped down upon your chest, your hair fell over your face, and as I helped you lift yourself back up again I whispered... "I want all of you tonight..." It was at this time that I could feel a certain aura begin to grow between us.

You have such a sensual way of rolling your hips, and your eyes never left mine the whole time that we were making love. I could feel the muscles inside of you moving with your hips, massaging my shaft, and drawing the head of my dick even deeper into your warm cunt, sucking at it and even caressing it. Oh how I loved the way in which you were holding my head to your tits as I sucked hard upon your erect nipples. It was causing you to squeeze your warm cunt even even tighter around my stiff rod.

Just how long did we make love last night?

Just how many times did I hear you cry out in sheer ecstasy?

I know that I came so hard, so many times, even after I thought that I had nothing left to give!

Whenever you would take me into that mouth of yours, or simply take me into your hands, you would manage to coax me back to life. All the while you were continuously telling me that you wanted to have all of me tonight.

My dear lover, you must be prepared...

I will have my turn soon! I will revisit you this evening... Two can play this game of passion that we find ourselves in and you know just how much I really do love a challenge, so be prepared for me tonight...


...Your lover

29-01-2008, 11:57 AM
A Silent Beach Encounter

It was a hot, lazy, summer day when my friend Lindsey and I decided to go to the beach.

As I walk onto the beach I immediately notice you... I look directly into your eyes and give you a little, knowing smile.

It is quite obvious that you are checking me out, and shyly I smile back at you.

Throughout the entire afternoon we continue flirting, yet we never approach one another.

Finally it comes time to leave... Before leaving I walk over to the shower booth to get washed up. As I reach up to rinse my hair, I turn my back to the door. Suddenly I can sense a presence behind me and somehow I can tell that it is you. I know full well that I should scream out but before I am able to react I can feel you tug at my swimsuit top, sending it fluttering onto the floor.

Slowly you begin to nuzzle the back of my neck... Reaching around to the front of me you begin to fondle my breast and suddenly all thoughts of screaming are gone!

Leaning backwards I rest myself against you with a slight moan. With one hand I reach behind you to feel that ass that I had been admiring all day long today.

Apparently you have already removed your swimsuit because immediately I come into contact with your soft skin. I can also feel your erect cock poking me in my back.

For a few moments we stand there touching each other's bodies as the shower water washes down over us. By now we have become so hot that the water is steaming off of us.

You begin nuzzling my back with your slightly calloused, yet ever so strong, hands. They are now sliding down my stomach... Slowly you begin to run your thumbs beneath the edge of my g-string. As you move to slide them off I shudder. This only leads you to tug them off instead. I imagined that you would let them fall onto the ground, but instead you pull them all the way down and help me step out of them.

While you kneal there in front of me, you begin to kiss the back of my legs... You continue softly kissing me up my back as you stand up again.

Soon you are again nuzzling my neck and fondling my now erect titties.

My legs are now so weak that I can no longer stand on my own and thus I have stretched out my arms to brace myself with the side of the stall... This is all that is keeping me standing there.

Slowly you once again move your hands to the inside of my thighs. Your thumbs begin moving in a circular motion, slightly parting my legs. Cautiously you move your hands up my thighs so that now your thumbs are moving over my dripping wet mound. Your fingers leisurely part my pussy lips as you place your index fingers onto my clit. You then begin to move your index fingers in the same circular motion that your thumbs were moving in. I am certain that you can feel the warmth and wetness of my pussy as you push both of my middle fingers into my cunt.

Rhythmically you begin moving your fingers up and down as your fingers and thumbs continued their circular movements.

My inner walls began to tighten around your fingers as I came into my first orgasm. I know that you can feel my juices run down over both of your hands while my insides are wildly spasming.

Momentarily you stop to allow me to catch my breath...

Then suddenly you spin me around to face you.

I give you a wide, bright smile... I was right!

Leaning forward you bite my lower lip before giving me the the most passionate, deep kiss that I have ever felt. As you use your tongue to part my lips, you begin exploring the inside of my mouth. Lightly I brush my teeth over your tongue before I start sucking upon it.

Slowly I move away from your mouth and make my way over to your ear. I begin to nibble and lick upon the outside of your ears while softly purring.

Next I make my way over to your neck, then to your chest, and finally down to one of your nipples which I flick with my tongue until it is standing erect. I then begin to suck upon it while running quick light butterfly licks over the top of it. All the while my hand is lightly pinching and twisting your other nipple. Suddenly I switch nipples!

I begin licking and nibbling my way down to your stomach while sinking onto my knees. As I begin licking your navel and nibbling around it, you somehow manage to lean back against the door of the shower stall. You place your hands on my shoulders and push me slightly downwards. As you do so, I look up and smile!

Smoothly, I take your manhood into both of my hands. I take the top of your dick into my mouth and begin licking the trickle off while moving my hands up and down your stiff rod.

I then began to kiss and nibble my way down your shaft to the base while my hands move behind you to fondle your ass. Gently I lift one of your balls with my tongue and suck lightly upon it at first... Gradually my sucking grows harder and harder.

I then make my way over to your other ball and begin lapping at it like a cat would lap at its milk.

Finally I give one long, wet lick up the front of your shaft. Momentarily I hesitate at the top of your cock with my mouth wide open... Gently I blow a warm breath over your erect cock. Then hungrily I swallow your cock, using my tongue to guide me.

I suck really hard then let up just enough to move back up to your tip. Here I stop and lick the top of your dick before moving up and down, faster and faster. On my way up I make sure to suck really hard... On my way back down I teasingly blowing upon your cock...

By now you have begun to thrust in rhythm with me. Then suddenly you stop and push me away...

You have come so close to exploding!

As you catch your breath I stand back up.

Suddenly you spin me around and kick my legs apart. You plunge your cock deep within me with such force that my upper body was completely pushed against the wall and I explode in yet another orgasm.

I began wriggling my ass into you. I yearned for you to feel as though I was inside of you.

Reaching up you begin to pinch and caress my erect nipples while we begin to thrust back and forth into each other... faster and faster.

Just before we climax you pull yourself away from me!

Turning me around you lean me forward and take one of my nipples into your mouth. You begin by licking, then sucking, then finally biting my nipple as you roll my other nipple between your index and middle fingers and tugg gently upon it. Slowly you begin to also pinch and twist it as well...

"Oh god... Not too hard!" I manage to moan as I frantically kiss your forehead and the top of your head.

Finally you let go of my tits and and move your hands down to lift me up while I wrap my legs around you. My tight pussy is now enclosing you and it feels as though your cock is pushed up all the way to my heart. With three hard, fast thrusts both of us finally explode in climax.

I am now seeing fireworks as both of us scream out in ecstasy!

Slowly you lower me back down onto the ground while you are still inside of me. My inner walls are still throbbing in orgasm... holding you and your cum deep within my walls.

For a while we stand there panting... You place your hand on the side of my face and I gently lean into it. Lifting up my face you smile at me before we begin tenderly kissing. Finally you pull yourself out of me...

You get dressed as I lean back against the wall and watch you. I am expecting you to leave just as quietly as you entered, but instead you lean back and wait while I shower and get dressed.

Before leaving me you lean over and whisper... "Same time next week?"

Still too shy for words, I simply smile and nod my head "yes."

As we turn to depart I realize that we still do not know each other's names...

29-01-2008, 12:05 PM

"What's the matter, dear," Kate Jefferson asked her eighteen year old daughter Wendy!?! "Uh, nothing, mom, I was just thinking, that's all!!!" After putting down her knitting, the older woman gently offered, "Come on now, honey, I can always tell when something's bothering you!!!" "Well," Wendy said with a deep sigh, "I-I'm so embarrassed I don't know where to begin!!!" A look of real concern flashed over Kate's face before replying, "Are you sure that you're okay, I mean you're not sick or anything are you!?!" "Oh no," Wendy replied quickly, "I feel just fine, it's just that, well um, I'm not quite sure how to explain it................" After reaching over caressing her daughter's hand, Kate asked softly, "Is there a problem between you and Tom?!?" While gripping her mother's hand tightly, Wendy broke down into tears and exclaimed, "I'm sorry, mom, I just can't control myself anymore!!!" With her daughter on the verge of hysterics, Kate took her into her arms, lightly stroked her long blonde hair and then whispered into her ear, "Come on now, it can't be that bad, tell mom all about it, I promise you I'll understand!!!"

After finally regaining her composure, Wendy dabbed at her tears and said, "I just know you've never had this problem, mom, and I just don't know what to do about it!!!" "Well why don't you start at the beginning and we'll just go from there," Kate replied, "you know I'm a pretty good listener!!!" "Okay," she replied between sniffles, "it started a couple of weeks ago, you promise not to get angry, right!?!" "Of course not, dear," Kate replied smoothly, "go on, it started a couple of weeks ago..............." "Yeah, a couple of weeks ago," Wendy sent on, "Tommy and I went to that dance at school, you know, the one with the live band, well anyway, after the dance we drove out to the lake and started necking, ohhhhhhhhh, I'm so embarrassed!!!" "Come on now, you're doing just fine," Kate said softly! "Well anyway, I got so excited," Wendy said with a slightly flushed look on her face, "and well um, Tommy got my breasts out and started sucking on my nipples!!!" At this point Kate interjected, "Did you enjoy having your nipples sucked!?!" "Oh, my yes," Wendy hurriedly answered, "it was the best feeling I've ever experienced, and I couldn't believe how it made me feel inside!!!" "So then what happened," Kate asked softly?!? Y-you're just not gonna believe it mom," Wendy said sadly, "but he pulled out his penis and asked me to suck it for him!!!" A smile flickered across Kate's lips, but in somber voice she asked, "And then what did you do, dear?!?" "Ohhhhh, mom," the young girl sobbed, "I did it for him, I sucked on his penis until he had an orgasm in my mouth!!!"

Kate gave her daughter a big hug and a kiss on her cheek before whispering, "Don't worry, honey, what you did for Tommy was one of the most natural things in the world for a woman to do, in fact once he had his penis out of his pants, it would have been almost impossible for you to have resisted it!!!" "Really," the relieved girl replied, "I was so sure that you were going to be mad at me!!!" "Honey," she continued, "the male erection is something that a normal woman is drawn to like bees to honey, it's been ingrained in us for thousands of years, so don't feel badly when you're only doing what is expected of you!!!" Wendy sat silent for a few moments before asking, "Do you suck daddy, I just never even thought about it............" "Of course I do," Kate replied quickly, "your father has a wonderful erection, very long and really thick, and by the way, does Tommy have a large penis!?!" "Well Tommy's is the only one I've seen, but it seemed really big to me," and just when Wendy was just about ready to ask her mom another question her dad popped his head into the room and asked, "So, what are you two up too, is this a private meeting or can anyone attend!?!"

Both women looked at each other and giggled before Kate explained the situation in detail!!! "Your mom's right," Seth Jefferson added, "I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but it's pretty much a fact of life that women are born with the need and desire to orally satisfy their men!!! "Daddy," Wendy asked, "mama just asked me how big Tommy's penis is, and while it seemed huge to me, I can't really be sure cuz I've never seen another one, so could you do me a big favor and show me yours, I'd really appreciate it!?!" Seth smiled happily at his daughter, and replied, "Of course I will, kitten, both your mother and I are very glad you've come to us with your concerns, aren't we, Kate!?!" "We sure are," she replied brightly, "now hurry up and get your pants off so Wendy can see your erection!!!" Seconds later with his pants and shorts around his ankles, Seth stood proudly in front of his wife and daughter with his full erection pointing directly at them!!! "Well," Kate asked in a husky voice, "is Tommy as big as your daddy!?!" "I don't think he's quite as thick, but he's just about the same length," Wendy replied thoughtfully, "but they're both very beautiful!!!" "I-I'm glad Tommy has a big pecker," Kate stammered while staring at her husband's penis, "while a big cock is nice to suck, when Tommy finally fucks you, you'll be very glad he's well hung!!!" Wendy turned away from her dad's pecker to face her mother and asked softly, "Are you okay mom, you sound funny!?!"

Kate Jefferson's cheeks had taken on a splotchy redness when coupled with her uneven speech pattern could only mean one thing, that being that she was incredibly aroused and in dire need of a cock!!! It was Seth who spoke first when he offered, "Honey, your mom hasn't sucked me yet today, and well to tell you the truth she needs a load of cum desperately, so if you don't mind watching, I'm going to have to feed her now!?!" Wendy got up and moved out of the way and replied, "Of course not, dad, go right ahead, from the looks of her she won't be able to go another minute without it, isn't that right, mom!?!" "I-I'm sorry, honey," she whispered softly, "but I'm no different from you, when I need it I just can't seem to help myself!!!" With her eyes wide, Wendy watched with fascination as her pretty mother got down on her knees and began fellating her father in the most obscene way!!! With a pang of guilt that she probably looked the same, Wendy watched her mom slurp and lick her daddy's pecker up and down like it was an all day sucker, while her dad, obviously used to his wife's oral assault, just stood calmly with his hands on his hips while she urged his organ to give her what she so desperately needed, a hot sperm shooter down her hungry throat!!!

It was an unbelievable thing to see, her mother sucking her dad, and even more bizarre, her own pussy was becoming a burning cauldron of desire as she looked on!!! She was about to ask if they minded if she touched herself, but her mother shamelessly shoved her fingers inside of her slacks and began fingering her own cunt while continuing to suck her husband!!! "God I love your fucking pecker," her mother moaned, "I just can't get enough of it, ohhhhhhhh, give me what I want, baby, fill my mouth with your fucking cum!!!" Jesus, her mom was acting like a fucking whore, but even as she stared, Wendy's own finger had found her little bud and was now furiously rubbing it like the wanton little slut that she was!!! Now, for the first time since she started sucking him, her father gave out a long deep moan and gasped, "I'm cumming for ya, baby, let daddy fill your mouth with his juice, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, her it cums!!! Wendy was now reeling on the edge of her orgasm, and unbelievably, she heard herself ordering, "Suck him off, mom, blow his fucking cock for him, make him give you his load!!!" "Mmmmm, Kate moaned as the first blast of semen filled her waiting mouth, "mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm!!!" That did it, the sound of her mother taking a hot load in her mouth, and the sight of seeing her furiously frigging her hot pussy drove the teenager over the edge as her own climax erupted simultaneously with her mother's!!!

"Wow," Kate said weakly, "I'm a total wreck, but I really needed that!!!" "No kidding," her dad said with a laugh, "but why should this day be any different than any other day, but we did solve one problem today, we made sure that our daughter understands her place!!!"

29-01-2008, 12:07 PM
There was a soft knock on Micki's bedroom door followed by a whispering voice that asked, "Hey sis, are ya busy!?!" Micki put down her history book and replied, "Come on in, Mike, I'm just studying for quarterly final, what do you need!?!" Mike plopped down on the edge of Micki's bed and without even blinking, slid his hand up and under her bathrobe and began caressing the inside of her smooth thigh!!! "Hey, dummy," she whispered hoarsely, "what if mom or dad comes in, you wanna get us in trouble!!!" He chuckled quietly under his breath and replied, "Don't worry about a thing, they're already in bed fast asleep," while his fingers worked their way up her thigh until they encountered her panty clad pussy!!! "Well just the same," she retorted, "we made a deal that unless we were alone, we wouldn't take any chances!!!" I know, I know," he replied softly, " but jeez louise, just look at this," while standing up and opening his own bathrobe revealing a very firm erection!!! Micki looked at the door one last time, and making sure that neither of her parents were about before lowering her mouth to her twin brother's long fat cock!!! "Oh god, sis," he moaned, "you suck better than any girl I've ever had, I wonder which side of the family you get it from!?!" "She let his big pecker slip from her mouth before replying softly, "I don't know, but I'll bet it's from mom, I just think she loves sucking cock as much as I do!!!"

Mike stared down at his sister while she gently mouthed the head of his cock with her silky tongue and thought what a lucky guy he was to have a sister who loved sucking his pecker as much as he loved having it sucked!!! With her short blonde hair and compact swimmer's body, Micki was a wet dream come true!!! Her pert nipples seemed to always be standing at attention, acting like an open invitation to be sucked on!!! While they were only eighteen, both of them had an unbelievably heightened sense sexuality that required at least one orgasm a day, preferably induced by each other's warm mouth!!! Mike's head rolled back an forth on his shoulders while nearing his climax, and while a lot of women would like to be warned of an impending ejaculation, Mike smiled to himself safe with the knowledge that his pretty sister was desperate for a mouth full of his cum!!! With his knees buckling slightly and his cock stiffening perceptably, Micki groaned loudly as Mike filled her mouth with a load of hot burning sperm which she hungrily swallowed down as if it were nectar from the gods!!!

"Jesus christ," he panted, "someday you're gonna kill me when you do that, but what a way to go!!!" Micki just laughed that sweet lyrical laugh of hers that sounded a lot like wind chimes and offered, "Well, brother dear, you have such a beautiful cock I just can't help myself!!!" "Do you want me to do you," he asked thickly!?! "No," she replied, "let me use my dildo and you can jerk off watching me, I really feel like getting fucked tonight, do you mind!?!" "Mind," he sighed, "are you kidding, you know how much I love seeing you fuck yourself!!!" With that, she quickly slid off her white cotton panties, and after lying down on her back with her legs spread wide apart, she slowly pressed her thick black latex cock deep into her dripping wet pussy!!! "H-holy maloney," he gasped while fisting his meat and staring at the thick black invader sticking out of her smoothly shaved cunt, "y-you exactly how to drive me crazy, don't you!?!" As she slowly began fucking herself with short even strokes, she replied, "Do you know what I've been thinking about doing!?!" "What," he replied as his eyes began to glaze over, "t-tell me!!!" In a very sweet an syrupy voice she replied, "I've been thinking about going to school with my dildo stuck up my pussy, just think about that, me walking around school all day with eight inches of black cock jammed into my cunt!!!" "Are you really thinking about doing it," he gasped as his hand literally flew up and down his rock hard shaft!?! "Uh huh," she said with a little moan, "why, don't you think that would be a good idea, I mean, you know, having this big black cock up inside me all day!!!" "D-do you think you'd be able to cum," he croaked barely able to contain himself while picturing his pretty sister with the big rubber dick being held in place by her tight little panties!!! "Of course I'd be cumming, you silly boy," she sighed as her climax began building, "I'd probably cum right in math class, I just love staring at Mr. Logan's ass!!!"

"Oh, god," he moaned, "I-I forgot to tell you that last summer at the pool I saw Mr. Logan in the locker room, and he had a huge cock, a lot bigger than mine!!!" "Are you kidding me," she gasped while picturing her teacher's huge cock in her mind's eye, "I'll bet he'd love it if I sucked him off, wouldn't he!?!" Mike's hand was now a blur on his shaft as he pounded his way towards certain orgasm, but he still managed to reply, "H-he's fucking huge, sis, and if he ever just saw you naked he'd probably blow his nut right in his pants!!!" "I don't want him in his pants," she moaned loudly, "I want him in my mouth, right where he's supposed to be!!!" "Y-you're a real cock sucker," he groaned as his spunk jettisoned from the end of his dick and landed on his sister's thigh and tummy, "you just love sucking big cock don't you, baby!?!" The second Mike's hot sperm hit her leg, Micki's pussy convulsed hard around the brutally thick weapon pounding her pussy, causing her vagina to spasm in a series of numbing orgasms that left her shaken and depleted!!!"

While Micki lay panting and gasping for breath, Mike leaned heavily against the wall as his pecker slowly began retracting to its normal flaccid state, while she said with a sigh with the big cock still hanging obscenely from her well fucked cunt, "Jesus, Mike, I just love watching you jerk it, I get so fucking hot just seeing you blow!!!" Now leaning down and taking one of her hard little nipples into his mouth, he nipped her playfully and whispered, "And I love seeing you fuck yourself with that big black pecker, so I guess we're even!!!" "Are you keeping score," she laughed while cupping his nut bag with her small warm hand!?! "Nope," he replied while letting his mouth roam over her teenage chest, "but from what I can tell, were about even, but you're way ahead of me in the climax department!!!" "Well I can't help it if I cum in bunches," she protested, "I guess I'm just multiorgasmic!!!" Hah," he said with a laugh, "you're a fucking orgasm machine, no man in the world could keep up with you!!!" "Hmmmmm, not even Mr. Logan, she hummed, "it sounds like he might be able to handle me!?!" "Oh, please," Mike replied while shaking his head from side to side, "he wouldn't have a chance, just look at your pussy, it's already gettin' hot from just our talking, in fact I'll bet in another minute or two you're gonna have another one aren't you!?!"

He was right of course, she was going to have another one, only this time she pulled the thick rubber pecker from her pussy and instead pulled his head down between her legs and in a halting voice begged, "Y-you know me too well, brother of mine, now please, do me!!!" Her cunt, which just seconds before had been filled with cock, was now drooling pussy juice out of its distended lips, while her clitoris stood proudly erect and begging to be sucked!!!" "Is this what you want me to suck," he asked innocently while barely flicking his tongue over her tiny organ!?! "Oh, god," she moaned while her whole body stiffened, "yesssss, that's it, do my clit for me, oh please, don't make me beg, just do it for me!!!" After a couple more lazy strokes, he chuckled and asked, "now are you sure you want me to suck it, I mean what if mom walks in on us!?!" "Fuck, mom," she said through gritted teeth, "just do me, I promise I'll let you come in my mouth next time we do it!!!" "Who are you kidding," he laughed, "you always let me cum in your mouth, remember, you're a fucking cock hound!!!" "Okay, okay," she gasped, "w-what ever you want, I'll do it for you, just please, suck my clit, I'm going fucking crazy!!!" "Wellllllllll," he replied in mock seriousness, "if you really want me to, I guess it would be all right," and like lightning hitting a tree, his tongue snaked out and viciously attacked her little bud catching her totally unawares!!!" "Ayyyyeeeeeeeeee," she groaned, "oh my god, I'm fucking cumming like a rocket, it's really a fucking hard one, too," and even though she barely weighed one hundred pounds, she bucked her hips against his mouth, nearly forcing him off the bed!!! "Take it easy, sis," he admonished, "and keep it down, you don't want the folks to hear us, do you!?!"

Her whole body shook as it was wracked by another series of cums that would have left a mere man near death, but which she took easily in stride!!! After taking a moment to get her bearings, she sighed, "Now that's what I call a good cunt lapping!!!" Mike stood up while wiping the juice from his face and replied, "Well, that's what a brother's good for!!!" "Mmmmm, yes," she sighed, "that's what a brother's good for!!!"


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"You will be very sorry for you insubordination, young lady," Sir Jason said softly while tying the frightened woman's hands ankles and wrists to each corner of the large heavy table, leaving her naked body in the classic spread eagle position of submission, "and you will surely rue the day you disobeyed me, yes indeed, you surely will!!!" The cool air contacting her bare breasts immediately caused her large pink nipples to erect involuntarily, a sure sign to her master that she was indeed in need of severe punishment!!! While running his hands roughly over her pliable body he commented softly, "What did I tell you last week, dear, what was the last thing I told you, do you remember!?!" As the tension between her legs grew more intense by the second, she replied weakly, "Y-you said to make sure that I shaved my vagina smooth everyday, and that if I didn't you were going to punish me!!!" "And did you follow my instructions," he asked while twisting her nipples so hard it brought a wince to her face?!? "I-I tired to," she stammered, "but I guess I forgot to shave it this morning, but it's pretty smooth, I can hardly feel any stubble at all!!" In a hard tone he replied evenly, "Well, my dear, I think the operative word there is hardly!!!"

Leaving her for a moment, he opened up a drawer in a cabinet at the other end of the room and filled a tray with variety of items, some of them she figured to be metal as they clanked when dropped onto the tray!!! He quickly returned to her side and placed the tray next to her, which out of the corner of her eye she could see held items that definitely promised to be quite painful when used on soft skin!!! Craning her neck for a better look she asked warily, "What are you going to do with those!?!" "You mean these," he asked while picking up a pair of chrome alligator clips!?! "Y-yes," she stammered as pang of fear and anxiety coursed through her, "please, don't hurt me!!!" "But my child," he replied smoothly, "what fun would it be if I didn't hurt you, while casually clipping one of the jagged toothed little clamps to her hard nipple!!! "Oh, god," she gasped, "p-please, take it off, I can't stand it, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, it hurts so badly!!!" "But of course it does," he said with an evil smile, "and after I put this one on, it will hurt twice as much!!!"

Sir Jason had punished her many times in the past, but Paula couldn't remember a time when she was in such constant and pervasive pain in such a sensitive area of her body as was now being inflicted on her incredibly sore nipples!!! "Are you sorry for you sins, dear," he asked softly, while giving each clip a little squeeze causing jets of pain to stab at her nipples like two red hot pokers!!! "I'm so sorry," she moaned, "I promise to do better next week, now please, take them off!!!" "In good time, my dear, but now we have other things to attend to," he said softly, "so Paula, are you ready for more!?!" With real fear in her eyes she watched in abject horror as Sir Jason held a golden ring in front of her face and asked, "Do you know what this is, dear!?!" "A-a nipple ring," she stammered, "oh please, not that, oh noooooooo!!!" Smiling gently at the trembling woman while caressing her smooth belly he whispered, "Of course I'm not going to pierce your nipple, child, why on earth would I put a clit ring on your nipple, that would be stupid of me, don't you think!?!"

A clit ring!!! The mere thought of Sir Jason piercing her delicate clit with a needle and inserting a ring through it made Paula momentarily nauseous, and it was all she could do to keep from vomiting up all over herself!!! Now real terror shot through her and she struggled in vain to escape, but her struggles only tightened her binds even more, and finally she gave up heaving and panting for breath!!! "You can't do this to me," she said as tears ran freely down her cheeks, "you've always promised that you'd never really hurt me, this is taking things too far, I demand that you untie me and let me go!!!" Now letting a finger trace a line along her bare slit, Sir Jason replied in a detached tone of voice, "I know what I promised, but hurt is a very relative term, what causes pain in some people is very pleasurable for others, so I'm afraid that you'll just have to let me decide what is painful and what isn't!!!"

"Sweet god almighty," she shuddered to herself, "he's really gonna do it, and there's nothing I can do about it!!!" Realizing her predicament was hopeless, Paula asked nervously, "What are you going to do now!?!" "Well, you have a very large clit," he opined, but in order for piercing it must be engorged to the fullest, so naturally we're going to manipulate your organ until it's large and firm enough to be handled properly!!!" Even as terrified as she was, when Sir Jason began casually caressing and fingering her bulging vulva, she immediately sighed as her indulgent pussy drenched itself in a shower of cunt juice!!! "How does that feel," he asked softly while flicking his finger over her now very erect clitoris!?!" "T-that feels fucking incredible," she babbled as a massive orgasm built feverishly inside of her pussy, "please don't stop," she gasped, "just do me!!!" While chuckling softly under his breath he relied barely above a whisper, "I'd love to do that for you, dear, but I'm afraid I must tend to other business, so if you're quite ready, I shall begin!!!"

The tiny sharp teeth digging mercilessly into her soft nipples, coupled with the incessant masturbation of her clitoris had brought Paula to within inches of and orgasm, but the abruptness at which Sir Jason had ceased his digital attention brought her sexual momentum to a quick halt!!! Craning her neck to see what was happening between her stretched out thighs, a shiver of absolute icy fear shot through her as Sir Jason approached her open cunt with a syringe capped with a long thin needle!!! "Noooooo," she whined, "what's that for, please don't hurt me!?!" "Shush, my dear," he whispered, "please don't look upon me as a sadist, the syringe is filled with a local pain killer, the only thing you will feel is the initial stab!!!" "R-really," she asked haltingly, "is that really a pain killer!?!" "Of course it is, dear," he replied smoothly, "when have I ever lied to you!?!" "Knowing that any other answer would bring down his wrath, Paula answered quickly, "Never, Sir, you've never lied to me!!!" "Of course I haven't," he replied softly, just before sticking the hypodermic straight into the heart of her erected clitoris!!!

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"Oweeeeeeee," she screamed as the most sensitive part of her body was violated with the poking of the sharp needle, "oh god, that hurts," but just ask quickly as the pain had appeared, it just as quickly faded as Sir Jason pressed down the small plunger with his thumb, sending a stream of anesthetic into her engorged clit!!! "Oh, thank you," she gasped as tiny beads of sweat had broken out on her forehead, "t-that feels much better, no more pain, just a tingly feeling in my pussy!!!" Sir Jason leaned over and kissed her cheek, while drying the sweat from her face before whispering, "now it is time!!!" Closing her eyes and gritting her teeth, Paula waited anxiously while her master again took his place between her thighs, and after a few minutes of manipulation announced triumphantly, "The ring is in place, a sign of obedience and love!!!" Shivering a little as the cool air caressed her bare skin, Paula asked nervously, "M-may I please see it!?!

Sir Jason went from corner to corner untying Paula's restraints, and then gave his submissive permission to sit up!!! "Well," he asked, "what do you think!?!" Paula gently fingered the tiny ring hanging from her bulging clit, and although she had been terrified at first, she had to admit that it really looked kinda sexy!!! "Good," he replied, "now, in five days I want you to open this box and attach this small weight to your ring, do you understand me!?!" She nodded in the affirmative and answered, "In five days, hook this to my ring!!!" "Very good," he said softly, "now get dressed and go home!!!"

For the next three days the stinging and burning around the piercing was relieved only by a topical salve, but by day four the healing process was just about complete!!! The gold ring while not painful, prevented Paula'a clit from retracting back under its tiny hood, but all in all it didn't seem to be much of a problem!!! On the morning of day five, Paula opened up the small black case and emoved the small weight and attached it carefully to her gold clit ring!!! Even though the weight appeared small and insignificant, Paula realized immediately the fallacy of such an evaluation!!! The tiny weight provided a constant tugging and pulled of her clit in a downward direction, and when she even so much as walked across the room her tiny bud was electrified with sexual tension as the tiny weight jangled to and fro!!! She was about to pull on her panties when the phone ringing phone stopped her and she answered, "Hello, Sir Jason?!?" "Yes, my dear," he replied smoothly, "have we attached our little friend yet!?!" "Yes, master," she replied softly!!! "And how does it feel," he asked"!?! "It's very arousing," she answered quickly!!! "That's very good," he replied, "but to make sure that it creates the maximum effect, we'll forgo the panties for the time being, now finish dressing and go to work, I will call you later today!!!"

Walking to the bus was now a lesson in pure torture as the tiny weight attached to her clit ring bounced and jiggled with each and every step Paula took!!! No matter how hard she tried, it was impossible to keep the little gold ball bearing from pulling and tugging on her now very distended clitoris!!! She could feel it building with every step, and when the first in a series of massive orgasms wracked her helpless pussy, she had to lean against a light pole to keep from slumping to the sidewalk!!! "Damn," she panted as her climax waned, "I'm still two blocks from the bus stop," and while it didn't seem like a far distance, just a little over two hundred yards, it might as well have been ten miles, because in that short two block walk, her jangle nerved clit would convulse twice more, leaving her a disheveled mess as she plopped down in her seat on the bus, prompting an older lady to touch her arm and ask if everything was all right!!! All Paula could do was smile wanly and reply, "E-everything is just fine, I just feel a little light headed that's all, but as the bus hit a large hot hole causing the whole thing to shake violently, her clit involuntarily erupted as another climax shook her to the very foundation of her soul!!!

That night as she lay in the tub with hot water gently caressing her swollen little organ, the phone rang and Sir Jason asked softly, "So how was our day, was it eventful!?!" "Very," she replied wearily, "You're not going to make me wear it again tomorrow are you!?!" "Of course not," he replied in a good natured voice, "I wouldn't do that to you dear, please believe me when I say that!!!" She was just about to relay her thanks when the buzzer to her front door rang!!! She hopped out of the tub, threw on a robe, and ran to the door only to find a messenger with a small box waiting patiently on the other side of the door!!! She picked the phone back up and was about to speak when Sir Jason asked, "Who was at the door, Paula!?!" "Uh, just a messenger with a package, why do you ask!?!" "Hmmmmm, you never know what might be in the package, why don't you open it and see what it is!?!" All at once a sinking feeling came over her as she realized the significance of Sir Jason being on the line at the very moment the messenger arrived!!! With shaking hands she tore away the brown paper wrapping to find another small black box, identical to the one her gold weight came in!!! "Have you opened it yet, dear," he asked softly?!? "Uh, yes," she stammered, "i-it's another black box, just like the other one!!!" "Well, my dear, open it up," he ordered her!!! Her heart leapt to her throat when she discovered yet another gold ball bearing with a hook lying on a piece of velvet!!! "Paula," he said softly, "attach it along side the other one, and please, after you're done, take a walk for me!!!" Ten minutes later on a busy city street, Paula again leaned against a lamp post while her clit was now being savaged by another orgasm, and then another, and another, and another!!! An hour later after practically crawling back home, the phone rang again, and in a barely audible voice she answered, "Who is this p-please?!?" "This is your master," he replied, "say, is that someone I hear at your door?!?"


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wow, i only at page 10 still got alot of pages to read :D Thanks for the stories :D

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Good Evening To All Readers !!! :)

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Also many Thanks bro teebs_darklord for your wonderful stories and keeping my thread warm . :D

Well tonight will post some stories from India which I found in the net .

The Erotic Lunch Date

It was a unsually hot october morning when shauntae was lying in bed waiting for her vistor to arrive. She was ready to see the man that made her pussy have multiple orgasms. She laid there thinking of his hard dick poundin her pussy slowly as she came over and over again when her phone rang she answered it, it was her man on the other line Mike.

As they began to talk Shauntae asked Aike if he was still coming over which is when Mike told her that he had been called into work and wouldn't be able to make it over that night as they had arranged. Shauntae was mad as hell because her pussy was hot and needed to be cooled off, but mike said that he would come over on his lunch break instead. It was about six o'clock when the phone rang once more and Mike in his gruff but ohhh so sexy voice told Shauntae he was on his way to her place and he expected to find her freshly showered and ready for him.

Shauntae didn't hesitate, she pulled out her see through red teddy with the white fur on top from her bottom drawer before hopping into the shower. She began washing her delicate, honey toned skin, noticing how her nipples puckered under the running water as she delicatly soaped them before rinsing and getting dried. The doorbell rang just as she had finished placing her large breasts into her favorite teddy and she rushed to answer it. As she opened the door, Mike stood there, his mouth open, speechless at the beauty that stood before him. Coyly Shauntae, asked him if he liked what he saw as he stepped through the door and he answered by grabbing her and pulling her towards him, his hand cupping one of her full breasts, causing it to tingle and her nipple to expand. " God, I love your tits! " he exclaimed as they opened the bedroom door.

"And I love this cock." Shauntea exclaimed as he pushed himself hard up against her back, she could feel it pushing through his scrubs desperatly looking for an escape. It wasn't long before she freed his cock from it's prison as he reached down and played with her tits. By now her pussy longed for him, it was wet and ready and throbbing as she took his cock into her mouth, revelling in the sensations as it pulsed agaisnt her cheek bone. She massaged his balls while at the sametime using her tongue an mouth to please his ever growing cock. She knew he was near as he began to pulse in the softness of her mouth so she pulled back not yet ready to allow him to come.

He immediatly responded by pushing her back onto the bed and diving between her plump and luscious thighs. She shuddered as he teased her with his tongue before peeling her soaked panties to once side and exploring her fully. He gently placed two fingers inside her, exploring her flesh while her clit shuddered under the touch of his expert tongue. It wasn't long before she was shuddering from orgasm, calling out his name and begging him to take her, telling him how much she wanted to feel his hard dick inside her. He took no second pleading and without hesitation plunged his cock deep inside her. She gasped as he entered her, gripping his cock tightly as it slid did into her. Mike knew exactly how she enjoyed her cock and he thrust deep into her watching as she shuddered to orgasm as he thrust into her.

Now she wanted him more than ever. She asked him to roll over, telling him she needed to ride him, to feel him and he was only to happy to oblige. She lowered herself onto his dick, feeling his hardness as she slid down his shaft, engulfing it, sqeezing it, until she had taken all she could. He watched her face as she rode him like a true pro, before shooting deep into her, which in turn brought her to another orgasm, one that left her splayed over his body, the sweat dripping from her forehead as they lay there for a few minutes, entwined in bliss. After a brief shared shower he headed back to work an hour late but it was worth it!

The End !!!

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My Sexy Cooperative Maid

My Sexy Cooperative Maid
I was learning at College when I was nineteen.It had happened on a Thursday. That day I had only practicals in the afternoon so that I returned home early. When I reached home it was only half past three and my sister had not arrived from school.. Instead of my mother the maid servant opened the door. Se told me that my mother had gone to relatives house and apologized for not hearing my bell as she was running tap water in bathroom while taking bath after her routine work. She used to come in the morning to help my mother in kitchen and go back to her home in the evening. It was
when she turned around that I noted that her blouse was not pinned up(at those times there were only safety pins to hook up the blouses) and she had put on a towel to cover her front side and instead of a skirt she was wearing only an nderskirt covering down to her knee. I could see her chest partly, without any innerwear through the gap as she was holding the two
flaps of her blouse together with just one pin under the towel.

She apologized for keeping me waiting and for not completely dressing up as she was taking bath as I rang the bell and came out before drying up to open the door for me. I could see well the body outline through her wet dress. (She was about twenty then, brown complexioned about five ft. tall but a sturdy figure. In fact I had tried to steal a look whenever she bent down to pick anything or while sweeping the floor and could see the outline of her breasts which was well defined for her at that age). I entered my room to keep the books and after changing the dress, I came out and walked to the bathroom. Thinking she had finished up and gone, I entered the bathroom as the door was only half closed. But she had finished only dressing her lower garment and was searching for the safety pins which had fallen down. She was hurrying to hook up the brassiere and the blouse was still on the dress hanger. I could see her shoulders and the upper part of her breasts. She tried to close the door, but I was standing by the side she could not. So she hurried to go to room to dress up and snatching the blouse from the hanger, stepped out passing by my side, but in that hurry her feet slipped tripping on the step and there was she in my hands amidst falling down.

I just helped her to take steady position, in the meanwhile my hand had accidentally touched her breasts which she ignored out of pain due to leg hitting the door step. Also In the melee she had unknowingly let off the bra and it gave away and the whole back became exposed. I was in a tight spot as she remained her eyes cl