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30-01-2008, 03:04 PM
Feeling A Little Hungry

Dana awoke the next morning to find Diun eating ice cream. From the look of it she saw it was her French vanilla. “Hey!” Dana said as she watched him eat another spoonful.

Swallowing Diun said, “What? I woke up this morning and was really hungry.” Walking over to the ice cream container she found it empty. “So you ate all my ice cream!” Dana said. Shrugging Diun replied, “It tasted good. You have really good taste.”

“Don’t try to kiss up. You owe me a new container of ice cream.” Dana said. Setting down the spoon in the now empty bowl Diun said, “But I don’t have any more money or a job for that matter.” Writing on a piece of paper she peeled off a notepad on the counter Dana handed it to him.

Looking it over Diun said, “This looks like a list of chores.” Nodding Dana replied, “Yes it is, you can do it or get a job. Good luck on that without anything like a birth certificate or a social security number.”

His shoulders sinking in resignation Diun got to it. He waited for Dana to leave before a smile appeared on his face. It was now time to see what he could do with his new found powers. Focusing he pictured each of the windows opening and saw each one had indeed opened. Moving furniture out of the way with his mind he levitated each rug to her washer in one of the back rooms. Picking up the detergent by hand he stuffed the smaller ones inside.

Pouring the in the cleaner he started the washer. The larger ones he levitated near the window. Shaking out the dust using one motioning with one hand he collected the dust using his other hand. With another gesture with the same hand he forced the dirt outside.

Finishing his “dusting” job Diun moved on to cleaning with sponges in the bathrooms and kitchen. Finishing mopping he moved all the furniture back smiling as he looked around at the now clean house barely an hour after Dana had left. The question was what to do now? Diun bored decided to head out into the outside world. T.V. as it turns out didn’t really appeal to him. After watching for a couple of minutes he lost interest. What he needed was something active to do.

The world itself now seemed to have a new depth to it as he walked among the crowds of people. Each of them appeared to have varying degrees of white and black colors that highlighted them. A number of them fit into a comfortable gray. It was the darkest of them among the flood of people that interested him the most. Following a few of them Diun watched some gradually turn darker and darker while others went totally dark in one moment. Diun saw each decision and was able to anticipate it.

After a time he was even able to intervene easily with a mere suggestion to just turn them around. Some of the harder cases found a ghostly figure whose eyes had a frightening fiery stare. Unnerved they chose to run rather than face him. In the end it saved them from getting hurt. It was easy to trick them by placing images in their mind.

One however didn’t seem to care how scary he seemed and pulled a gun on him in the middle of a convenience store. The shotgun started to swing toward him and Diun moved too fast for the gunman to level it on him. Grasping the stock he jerked it up towards the ceiling allowing it to discharge before he cracked it back in the man’s face knocking him out. Unconscious with a bloody nose the man just laid there in front of the register.

When he started to leave Diun heard a voice behind him. “Hey mister you forgot your reward!” The teenage girl behind the register said. Handing him some money at the door she thanked him for his help. Nodding Diun made his way to a nearby supermarket and bought some groceries. Finding a place where he wouldn’t be seen Diun blinked back to Dana’s kitchen. Once there he stored away some of the groceries sitting down after making himself a ham sandwich. Dana liked them a lot so he made another one for her and placed it inside a sandwich bag. Storing it in the fridge he cleaned up after himself.

When Dana got home Diun said, “House is clean and your ice cream is in the freezer. He failed miserably when it came to hiding his smirk as he saw the look of shock crossed her face. Finishing the sandwich he had made Dana said, “Well considering all you have done today I think you deserve a reward.”

Washing dishes Diun replied, “No that isn’t necessary. I was happy to help out.” A change in her mood caused him to perk up and turn around. Removing her top Dana took a spoon out of one of the drawers. Next she took out the new ice cream container from its place in the freezer. Opening it she dug some ice cream out using the utensil spreading it over her nipples. Motioning him over Dana smiled. Returning it Diun licked the ice cream off her nipples running his tongue over their entire length not missing a drop. The sensation of cold ice cream and then his warm mouth on her breasts was lovely. As he got into it Dana wished he would suck her toes just like that. Dana had always fantasized about a guy doing that to her. She thought of it sometimes when she played with herself.

Taking her hand Diun led her to the shower in her room washing her body from head to toe while they were inside. Dana wondered what would be next as he handed her a towel after drying her off with another one and said, “Let’s move to the couch.” Following him there hand in hand Dana sat down and Diun knelt down in front of her. Taking her left foot he brought it to his mouth while keeping eye contact with her. Licking and sucking her toes he watched her gasp and squirm. Gripping the couch the act totally turned her on. “Fuck me!” Dana cried out.

Pausing a question on his face Diun said, “But your other foot…” Grabbing him by the collar of his shirt Dana said, “I said fuck me!” Getting up Diun quickly got undressed as she unwrapped her towel exposing her naked body.

“Yes maam!” Diun said positioning himself and entering her pussy. Grabbing both her feet he began to fuck her while continuing to give her toes some much needed attention. It didn’t take her long to cum like this loving what he was doing to her. Noticing Diun was still hard and ready to go Dana said, “Against the door baby. I want you to fuck me against the door.”

Picking her up Diun positioned her so her back rested against the front door. “Now give it to me Diun baby. Let’s see what you’ve got.” Dana said stroking his chest and kissing him. Their tongues moved inside each other’s mouths. Taking his cue Diun plunged into her with short thrusts so as not to hurt her.

“Tell me when you get close baby. I want you to fuck my tits and cum all over them.” Dana said her head leaning back. Diun nodded continuing to fuck her without missing a beat. When he felt the first signs of his body getting close he pulled out letting Dana down. Laying on her back she cupped her breasts together waiting for him expectantly. Straddling her chest Diun moved his hips back and forth fucking his cock between her beautiful freckled tits. After a few moments Diun’s cock exploded shooting ropes of sperm directed over her tits and neck.

Looking down at the evidence of his climax Dana said, “Nice pearl necklace.” Seeing the puzzled look that crossed his face Dana said, “Never mind dirty joke.” Laying down beside her Diun smiled up at the ceiling enjoying the afterglow. “So how did you pay for all that food?” Dana asked curious. “I got a job.” Diun said with a pleased look on his face, “And you know I think I’m pretty good at it.”

30-01-2008, 03:05 PM

Diun sat by the bed in the hospitable room with his new wife. He smiled as she held their little girl Daniella. Looking on her with pride Diun prayed to Pree’mus his god, and creator of all that he had not made a mistake granting her the power that had been bestowed upon him that fateful night years ago.

While his other children would have the physical strength of the Harreden she would grow into new powers they would not possess. The only half human among them she would represent the strengths of both races. Calling on the ancient words of worship buried in his genes and long forgotten by his people he asked that she become a moral person and strong enough to face the trials ahead.

Taking her from her sleeping mother’s arms Diun held his little girl so wondrous and beautiful. “Hello my little one. I will do my best to raise you in the best of both worlds. This I promise you. You will grow up to be a fine woman one day, and know that no matter what I will always love you.” Diun said kissing her forehead.

30-01-2008, 08:10 PM
Good Evening To All Readers !!! :)

Wow bro teebs_darklord you seems so free today hor post so many stories and so call poems ......hehehehe . Kum Sia hor !!! :p :D

30-01-2008, 08:14 PM
Here's my first story for tonight . Please enjoy !!! ;)


To my love, I've been dreaming of you for too long, awaiting for the touch of your body. I can't help but hunger for you as you are so far away. Knowing you are coming home in a short time, I want you to know just what I've been thinking. I just cannot wait to lay my soft pale body against that rigid tanned muscular body of yours. I want to feel your breath on the back of my neck as you anticipate what will happen next. I want to feel you kiss me ever so softly, giving just the tiniest bit of tongue to tease me. To feel your hands wander my body, just touching, feeling ever so slightly. After taking your shirt off, I want to feel you press against my body, hugging me from behind. Only to feel that cock hardening against my ass as you stand there, your hot, rapid breath on the back of my neck, your hands wandering down to my pelvis grabbing my dress with one hand and the other hand coming back up to massage my breasts. With the hand on my dress you start slowly gripping the skirt part and letting your hand pull it up ever so slowly, your hand not moving from its spot, working to just lift the dress.

When my soft skin is exposed, you slide your hand across and over the pad of flesh on my pubic bone feeling it smooth and silky, you tease for a moment, not touching my pussy at all, only that pad of flesh, rubbing it softly as if massaging it. You let go only of my pussy long enough to release your enormous throbbing cock from the prison that was your pants, only to feel it slap me in the back at that moment. You struggle a little to get your pants off of your legs and kick them away before pressing yourself next to me again. Your breathing is now quite rapid, you want me soo bad and I want you just as badly. You reach around me again only to just stroke the lips of my pussy, dripping wet with anticipation, my juices flowing for you, inviting you to do as you wish. You slip your fingers in only a little and explore what you've been missing for so long, stopping to rub my clit only for a second then plunging your fingers into me once more. You then lift those wet fingers to my mouth and tell me to suck them clean. I taste so good, so sweet. By this time your cock is so hard and throbbing you are slowly and unconsciously starting to rub yourself against me. As I keep sucking your fingers you fling me around to where I am facing you, my dress falling back over my pussy.

You kiss me so longingly, so passionately that we almost cum then. You grab me tight and hug me as you lift me up in front of you only to put me down again. Feeling your large cock right at my pussy, I am struggling to not start fucking you that instant, and then you unzip my dress. Slowly it starts falling to the floor, but you can't take it anymore. You rip it down past my thick ass so it falls to the ground, only to pick me up again and walk me over to the bed. You kiss me again, this time harder and even more passionately. I love the way you do this. I ask you not to touch my pussy yet and lay down all the way on the bed, and ask you to hover over me so I can please you orally. You go to the other side of the bed and crawl up and over my face. The site of your balls hovering over my face excites me more and I start to touch myself with one hand and grab your shank-like cock in the other. I begin to slowly lick and caress your balls with my tongue, gently nipping and sucking on them. I then take your balls totally into my mouth and hum, all the while stroking and slightly jerking your cock. At this, you can't seem to take it anymore and lean forward a little to start fingering my wet pussy again and again. It is so inviting that you lay on me and start eating me, licking and nibbling my lips. Fingering me with two or three fingers, rubbing my g-spot till I start to squirm. I cum the first time, and you start lapping up my wetness even more rapidly as if it will disappear if you do not.

At this I release you from my mouth and start sucking your cock rapidly and then asking you to fuck my mouth as if it were my pussy. You start slowly thrusting into me, then realizing that it feels good you start thrusting and pulsating into me quicker, slightly harder until I let go. When I let go you moan wish desire. You wanted to cum, you were ready to cum deep in my mouth. I cup your balls with my hands and start sucking you again, letting you fuck my mouth till you release that hot, sticky cum deep into my throat. I swallow as I finish sucking the rest out of that cock. Feeling you start to go limp makes me even more horny and ready for you. So I keep sucking till you are aroused again, licking and caressing you. I ask you to get up and lay on your back, but just when you think I am going to straddle you, I ask you to lift your legs up so I can lick and suck you more. I do this and move further down. Licking the soft, sensitive patch of skin between your balls and ass only to start licking your ass hole as rapidly and sensually as possible.

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30-01-2008, 08:23 PM
Quickly you are aroused again. And I feel your cock smack me on the face. I look up to see you gripping yourself and you smack me in the face with that wonderful cock again. I crawl up you a little, and straighten myself up, grabbing the lube off of the bedside table. I squirt it on my tits and rub it around only to grasp your cock between my tits and let you fuck my titties for a few moments. It feels so good and feeling your cock sliding between them makes me even more anxious to fuck you.

I let go and explore your body more, licking your nipples as I crawl up your body. You are exploring my body to the fullest with your hands and grasping my ass hard before you start spanking me. You are getting frustrated that I have not started to really fuck you and start spanking me harder. I start biting your nipples and licking them sensually. Then I straddle you and lower myself slowly onto that cock. Just letting the head touch my pussy lips. As it does I get hotter, You beg me, saying, "Please baby, let me put it in. I want you so bad. I need to be inside you".

I slowly start to lower myself even more. Only letting the head pierce through the tightness. We both let out a gasp as this happens, the head of your cock is so large its like a stopper that will let nothing else pass into my wet cunt. I lift back off of you just teasing the head of your cock as I slightly rub my wet pussy against it again and again. You cant stand it any longer and grab my hips, pulling me down on you and you start fucking me fast and hard, as if to punish me for holding it back from you as long as I did. You fuck me hard and I scream your name. I can't believe how wonderful you are to me, and your cock feels sooo good pounding into me. I feel your blood pulse through your cock and feel your heartbeat on my clit as you rub me. I begin riding you on my own now, and you love it. I slow down, lift off of you again and lower myself again.

I start riding you again, slowly at first and start to speed up. It takes you a moment to realize where you are. Your cock is pressed deep up into my ass and I am riding you hard. I start to play with my clit, telling you that you cannot touch. It feels so good to have that huge cock in my tight ass. This gets me off quickly as I cum all over you, You love this sight and start fondling my breasts again, pinching my nipples and telling me just how bad you want to cum in me. I tell you that I want you to cum in my ass and you say that you don't know if I can get you off that way. I tease and say, "Oh well, I guess that you don't' want to finish then" and I lift off of your cock and start to walk away. You quickly grab my arm and pull me back down.

You are on top of me now and ask me to get on all fours. I obey and you thrust that cock deep in my tight ass and start pounding away. I suddenly feel your breaths quiver and know you are about to cum. I squeeze my cheeks and anus tighter at that moment and feel you shake as you let your hot steamy load loose in my ass. You pull out and pull back to watch your cum seep out of my ass and drip down over my pussy.

You grab a towel and clean me up, but this only turns me on even more. You are so sensitive and sweet with the way you do this, that I want to fuck you again. But I resist only this once, knowing you cannot go again. You turn me around and kiss me passionately, pulling away only to tell me how much you love me. "I love you too", I say, as we lay down and I lay my head on your
chest, listening to your heartbeat as we drift off to sleep.

The End !!! :D :p

30-01-2008, 09:18 PM
One more story for tonight . Enjoy !!! ;)

Happy Birthday

I had been with my boyfreind, Martin for just over two weeks, we'd been mates for ages but I finally decided to take the plunge and ask him out. He said yes and I was ecstatic. It happened to be his birthday and it happened to be a Friday night. I had already slept with him before we got together we had decided to 'kill two birds with one stone' so to speak as we were both horny and both single. We decided not to go to the club we usually go to but go for a few drinks with our mates and then get the last bus home to his house instead. I had bought Martin a joint Christmas and birthday present so decided to wear something special for his birthday.

I bought some white fishnet suspenders and wore them with a black miniskirt and a fishnet black and white top. I didn't let him know that I was wearing the suspenders as I got changed in the bathroom. We got on the bus to go to town and I crossed my legs and let the top of my suspenders show. He looked down at my legs and lifted my skirt a little to see. He turned away and bit his finger which is usually the sign of him being turned on.I continued looking straight on and I smiled to myself at what I had in store for the
evening. We reached the pub and martin got the drinks, we sat there with a few of our mates drinking and having a laugh.

The alcohol started to affect me and I began to feel a lot more horny and kinky, I had an idea. I excused myself and went to the loo. When I returned I whispered in to Martin's Ear that his birthday present had just got better as I wasn't wearing any underwear. He once again turned away and bit his finger, this reaction made me feel even more turned on seeing what I was doing to him... he looked at me in disbelief so I asked him if he wanted proof, lost for words he nodded at me so I reached down to my shoe where I stashed the removed underwear and pulled out a tiny piece of it. He turned away again
closed his eyes and bit in to his finger. His index finger was looking a little red now and he keep looking at me with eyes that told me how turned on he was. He had even crossed his legs.

I started to tease him again when we were sat slightly away from everyone else, I began telling him how horny and wet I was and how I couldn't wait to get him home and he looked like he was about to cry and he kept looking at me with this sad look on his face like he couldn't quite believe I could be so cruel as to do this to him. No-one was paying us any attention so I whispered to Martin that I was going to flash my other mate Simon, I then
uncrossed my legs and crossed them again. Martin's breathing was deep and erratic. We bought one more drink and waited for the time to leave.It was finally time to leave and we walked through town I had purposefully let my
suspenders slip down so the tops were now visible under my skirt, I was enjoying the attention from passersby and so was Martin as he knew that these men wanted me but he was taking me home.

We arrived at the bus station and Martin and his mate Mike who was staying at his house went across the road to take a piss. Martin turned around and as he did I flashed him. He turned back to face the wall and hung his head.
We got on the bus and I sat opposite him with Mike next to me who was oblivious to the missing underwear. I kept biting my bottom lip and uncrossing my legs so my wet pussy was in full few of martin's bulging eyes. His eyes were not the only thing that was bulging either.

We got off the bus and it was my turn to need the loo... Martins house was only a two minute walk away so Martin gave Mike the key and took me down a small hill to relieve myself. At the bottom of the hill was Martin's old primary school. After I was done I stood up and took Martins hand, I led him around the back of the school to a secluded area of his old school playground. He asked what I was doing and I replied 'giving you your birthday present!' It had been a fantasy for the both of us to have sex outside and now I was making it come true. I slowly undid his trousers and let them fall around his ankles. His hard cock was already out of his boxers as in this state nothing could contain it.

I slipped my hand in to my bra and pulled out a condom and seductively ripped it open with my teeth and slipped it on. I lent on a window sill and lifted my legs around his waist, I position his cock underneath my aching pussy and slowly lowered myself on to it. Martin let out a loud groan as his entire cock filled me. With my arse half sat on the window sill Martin started
pumping in and out on me, I threw my head back and moaned trying to keep quiet. I could feel my orgasm building up and as Martin breather quicker and quicker I could feel him tensing.

I leaned down and bit in to Martin's collar bone as I tensed up and came I moaned through my clenched teeth, Martin moved faster and faster, fucking me harder and harder, until he threw his head back and groaned so loudly the whole village must have heard. I let my head rest against his shoulder and he leant against me and we just stood there for a few minutes catching our breath.

We arrived back at his house and mike let us in, he said 'You two took your time' and we both just smiled and simultaneously said 'Night Mike' and climbed the stairs to a whole night filled with steamy hot sex.

The End !!! :p

Good Night And Sweet Dreams !!!

31-01-2008, 06:34 AM
Good Evening To All Readers !!! :)

Wow bro teebs_darklord you seems so free today hor post so many stories and so call poems ......hehehehe . Kum Sia hor !!! :p :D

Free only because I didn't post any pics today...Will be posting fewer pics from now...and probably more stories/poems instead...:p

31-01-2008, 08:01 AM
Weakened and Taken

It started simply enough. I see an attractive woman at the hotel bar and offer her a drink. She accepts and we converse. Soon, we are laughing and joking like intimate friends. She recommends that we take the conversation and drinks to her room, and I agree. I allow her to walk ahead, not only to lead the way, but also so I can admire the extreme curves of her ass. The sight of their provocative sway entices me, and I feel myself harden. She stops at her door, and with a sensual glance, opens it and enters. I follow. She looks at me and grins. She has noticed the large bulge at my crotch. Before I can speak, she approaches and rubs the front of my pants. "Let me take some of the pressure off", she says.

Firmly, she places one hand on my chest and begins unbuttoning my shirt while pushing me backward, never ceasing to rub my ever hardening cock beneath my pants. Her ministrations weaken me, and even though I lean to being more agressive during sex, I find myself submitting to her motions more and more. Her hand slides down my now bare chest to undo my belt, then my pants, which fall to my ankles. Simultaneously, I step out of my shoes and the slacks, and allow her to remove my shirt and shorts. She guides me to the bed and, in my state of helpless lust, allow her to manuver me as she saw fit. I stare directly into her eyes, mine being heavy lidded as she continues to control me through her deft pulls, twists, and strokes of my cock. With her free hand, she begins to undo her dress and bra, both falling off of her. Her skin is beautiful; soft,smooth, and caramel colored.

I admire her body as mine writhes and sweats under her control. She has beautiful muscle tone. She sits between my widespread legs, continuing to stroke. Her other hand slides under the elastic of her thong and removes it. I see it as it springs free. She has a cock. My eyes lock upon it and stare. It is definitely a cock, as hard and erect as my own. I try to react, but she is too quick. Her hands grab my wrists and hold them to my sides, her legs pivot on top of mine, locking me into position, and her head goes down and she takes me into her mouth. "Stop!", I protest. "Stop!". Deep inside, I know it is to no avail. If with the simple use of one hand she is able to all but control me, I knew that I was already too far gone. Her lips and tongue slowly, yet thoroughly began to drain me of my resistance. My mind raced. Dazed, I tried to make sense of what was happening. Attempts to push her off were a waste of energy.

Her hands and legs had me pinned. Even if that were not the case, the act of her licking, sucking, and tasting me made me unsure if I wanted to be released, yet I continued to try. She had been controlling me orally for over 20 minutes, and my strength had been drained. She know well what to do. Several times I felt an orgasm about to explode, yet she sensed it and redirected her focus onto a less sensitive area until the building explosion subsided. "Stop......stop....stop sucking me...I.....". Even my verbal protests began to weaken. "No....stop.....stop suc......ahuhhh...uhhhh...", my words are reduced to gasps and moans as she deliberately induces such intense pleasure that words can no longer be formed. Now in a state of submission, I try to move my hips to force an orgasm, yet her control persists unabated. Her teeth now joined the fray, and gently nibbled and bit to keep the explosion at bay.

When she saw that neither my mind nor body were able to resist, she changed position. With movement that seemed to take place in slow motion, she grasped my wrists and moved upward across my body, raising my hands over my head and positioning her hips over my throbbing and pulsating cock. Ever so slowly, she lowered her self and took me into her arse. Once I was entirely within her, she began to ride. She paced herself at first, then began to hump and buck with intensity. My hips moved in tandem with her motion. I glanced at her eyes and saw the deep satisfaction of victory. She ground and rotated as I thought only a pussy could; to the point that she felt comfortable is releasing my hands and began to massage her breasts. I watched her, mesmerized.

Over time, it was obvious that she was reaching the same state to which she had brought me. Moans and whimpers escaped from her lips, and her skin now glistened with sweat, beads blending into streams which followed her rich curves. With only control left at my disposal, my gripped her hips and forced them up and down with a greater force. "Ahh..ahh..ahh..ahh.....", she moaned. Soon, it was clear that neither of us could go much longer. Her body had submitted to my cock as my cock had submitted to her. We burst together, waves of incredible intensity rushing again and again. Even when the sensation subsided, and my orgasm completed, I continued to rock her until each of had cum several times.

I had lost count when I noticed how limp she had become; her body now moving only on instinct and sensation, her eyes rolled back so that the whites could be seen. I looked down at her still erect cock, and began to pump it furiously. She gasped and moaned. Soon, she was cumming from both ass and cock, forcing still more cum from my body. Not to be outdone, she slid one hand under my cock and squeezed and massaged my balls. We both came with the last of our strength and our fluids. She collapsed on my chest, our bodies heaving with exhaustion. I passed out, not sure who had taken who, or even who had submitted; yet deep inside I knew.

31-01-2008, 08:06 AM
Rape and Beat the Anchorwoman

A television anchorwoman is captured and punished by a convicted criminal's brother for insulting the family name. For two days she is beaten and raped in her own home. She is forced to submit to the rape of her mouth, pussy and asshole, each time beaten before the rape begins.

Chapter 1-The Punishment Begins

“Convicted child molester, David Johnson was sentenced to 50 years in prison today. A suitable punishment for a despicable crime committed by this man. Stay tuned for details.” The camera panned off to the commercial, Celeste relaxing in the booth, waiting for the commercial to end and the news broadcast to begin again.

“Fucking cunt, how dare you say that about my brother.” Joel was pissed. His brother had made a minor mistake, how did he know the girl was only 14, she looked much older. When she said no, he thought she was just teasing him. They always say no, but mean yes. They just wanted a reason to give in and be fucked and he gave her one. He tied her down. He kept her for a week, fucking her in every imaginable way. He even let Joel have a piece of her, luckily she had a blindfold on and could not tell the difference between his cock and his brothers. All she knew was that they were both big and they hurt her each time they fucked her. That’s what they have cunts for, for fucking.

“I’ll teach you bitch,” Joel watching as Celeste came back on the screen. Celeste was five feet six inches, but you could not tell from the television. She was never standing. Her blonde hair hung down below her shoulders, not real long. Her 34D breasts pushed out the silk blouse she wore but what drew the attention of the listeners, especially the men, was her face. She had a sexy face that seemed to scream “fuck me.” “I’ll teach you your place, wait until you get home tonight. Joel is going to be waiting for you and he is going to show you what a worthless cunt you are. You are going to feel pain for insulting my family.”

Joel opened the door to the condo, the penthouse of the Wilshire building. It was almost too easy to sneak past the doorman, they let anyone in looking like a delivery or repairman. The lock was nothing to open, a few minutes at most. He closed the door behind him, making sure it was locked again. Don’t want her getting spooked, he thought. He casually walked around, checking out the place. He figured he still had about a ½ hour before she would come home. Today’s newscast had just got over. The place was large, a giant window overlooking the city on one wall, the couch and chairs all facing the window. A large coffee table was in the center. Just the right height, Joel thought. I can see the bitch kneeling on it, naked, her ass pushed up high, begging for my big cock. She will beg before the night is over, his cock already hard and bulging his pants.

The dining room contained a very large table, heavy legs holding it up. She’s going to look so nice bent over the table, legs spread wide, waiting for the cane on her ass. She is going to beg for every snap of the cane on her flesh. He walked into the bedroom, loving the bed. It was a large, high bed, with very big bedposts in each corner. He was going to love tying her down on it, legs spread, ready to be fucked.

Joel knew that she did not work again for two days and he had found out that she was planning to go out of town. He had done a lot of planning. He did not leave anything to chance. She would not be missed for two days and he was going to make her pay for what she said about his brother. Her body was his to do as he pleased and he had so many things he planned to do. He put his bag down on the floor next to her bed, out of sight until she came home. It contained all of the things he needed for Celeste’s two days of punishment and rape. He had so many nice things to use on her body. The cane, the whip, the barbed dildo, the inflatable butt plug, the nipple clamps and weights, the studded paddle, a wet suit and various electrical devices. He had brought enough rope to tie up twenty people, you never have enough rope, he laughed.

He stood behind the door in the bedroom, rubbing his cock through his pants in anticipation of her arrival. He heard a key in the lock and he pulled his gun from his pants, a large 38-caliber pistol. He heard the click of her heels on the floor as she entered the bedroom. As soon as she entered the room he quickly shot out from behind the door, one hand thrust over her mouth, the gun in the other hand shoved deeply into her side. “You make a noise cunt and I will blow a new asshole in your side. Put your hands down at your side and don’t move.” He felt her body surrender, her arms hanging limply at her sides. “That’s a good cunt, you keep that up and you might just live.” He pulled his hand off of her mouth and before she could react, the gun was thrust into her open lips, smashing against her teeth as it entered her oral cavity. “You want a new throat, bitch.”

He watched as she shook her head, tears beginning to run out of her eyes. Her lips were spread wide over the black barrel of the gun as he forced it further into her mouth making her choke as it pushed to the back of her mouth.

“You insulted my brother the other day on television, David Johnson, do you remember bitch?” She shook her head yes, the gun moving up and down in her mouth. “You’ve got to pay for that, bitch. I know you will not be missed for two days, so for two days I am going to make you pay.”

Celeste cringed as she felt his other hand run over her body, moving up from her waist to her breasts, grabbing them tightly. She could feel his cock pushed against her ass. She knew that she was going to be raped. He was right, no one would even begin to look for her for two days.

“Your penthouse is almost soundproof and being on the twenty first floor, nobody will even her your screams. Your neighbors down below you, Mr. and Mrs. Jones are gone for the summer. It’s just you and me bitch, payback time. Do you know what I am going to do to you? Can you imagine what I will do?”

She felt his hand became more urgent, running down the flat of her stomach, grabbing at her pussy, forcing her ass onto his hard cock. She shook her head no, mumbling through the gun in her mouth. She started to struggle, hoping to get away from this madman.

“Stay still, cunt or I’m going to shoot you now and get it over with. I can still fuck you, even if you are dead. It just wouldn’t be as much fun for you,” he laughed. “I said, stay still,” his finger pushing down on the trigger, the noise of the firing pin pulling backwards breaking the silence in the room, as he felt her struggle again, trying to get loose.

Celeste heard the noise of the gun and all of a sudden she felt the gun jerk, his finger pulling back on the trigger. She froze, her piss running down her leg, waiting for the inevitable explosion in her mouth. She heard a loud metal bang as the firing pin hit the chamber. She shrieked into the gun but no explosion occurred. Her piss continued to run down her leg, soaking her panties.

“Must’ve forget to put a bullet in that chamber, want to try for another one.” His fingers searched out her pussy, feeling her skirt begin to soak through. “Did the bitch piss her pants? Your odds go down to 1 in five next time. You want to fuck with me again and see if you luck holds out?”

Celeste slumped in her captor’s grasp, surrendering to him. She shook her head no, mumbling incoherently, anything to stop him.

“That’s the way to behave, keep that up and you might live. We are going to play for the next two days. I going to beat and torture you, then I’m going to fuck you. Then we are going to start all over again, for two long days. If I get bored with you, you’re dead, so you better make it good.” He felt her body shuddering against him, his cock getting harder. He was going to love beating and torturing her. He was going to love using her body for his own pleasure, making her submit to him, her pain making his cock hard. His hands continued to run over her body, her breasts, moving back over her ass. “You have a body made for fucking, what do you think God put you on this earth for. You are nothing but a big cunt, only good for a cock to fuck.”

Joel pulled the gun from her mouth, first running it over her lips. “Soon, that is going to be my cock on your lips. You’re going to learn how to suck cock real good, that’s if you already don’t know how. You look like a cocksucker.” He pulled the gun from her mouth. “Not a peep out of you or I’m going to put a bullet in your kneecap. It wouldn’t kill you, but it will sure hurt like hell,” laughing as he watched her. “And I will still fuck you.”

Joel pushed Celeste out of the room, back into the living room. She watched as Joel moved away from her, the gun still pointing at her as he sat in the chair. She looked around the room, looking for an escape route.

“Don’t even think about it cunt. You’ll never even make the door before I blow a whole in you. Now, I want you to slowly strip off those clothes for me. Make it slow and sexy.” He pointed the gun up at her, waving it indicating that she should begin. “Last chance,” pulling back the hammer of the gun.

31-01-2008, 08:07 AM
Celeste saw his finger tightening on the trigger. Her fingers moved quickly to her blouse, unbuttoning it slowly until it reached her skirt. She pulled it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“Bra next, bitch, I want to see them tits.” He stroked his cock through his pants. He thought of his cock, nestled between those twin peaks, his hands pushing them tightly together so that he could cum on her face.

Celeste reached back behind her back, forcing her breasts out. She quickly unsnapped the bra, wanting to get this degradation over with quickly. She let the bra fall to the floor, her hands covering her breasts. She looked at him.

“I can’t see them tits with your hands all over them. Put your hands down to your sides, bitch.”

Her arms went down, her breasts now naked before him. The cool air rushed over them, her nipples beginning to harden. Her breasts stood out, pointing toward him. Her areolas were a dark brown, silhouetting her white skin, the pink nipples nestled in their center.

“Nice tits, I hope they can take a lot. I have a nice bamboo cane that I’m going to use on that tender body. I’m going to start with those tits.” He rubbed his cock again. They had used a cane on the fourteen-year old that David had captured. She quickly learned how to obey. He had almost cum in his pants when he hit her nipples with the cane. She screamed so loud. They had beaten her tits until her nipples bled. Then they moved down to her pussy. “Now lose the skirt, let’s see them legs.”

Celeste stood there, humiliated, half-naked, as she pulled the zipper down of her skirt, unbuttoned the button and let it slip to the floor. She blushed as she realized how wet her panties were. She put her hands in the waistband, pulling them down her legs until they formed a puddle on the floor. She stepped out of them. She looked at him, his eyes on her, his hand grabbing his cock through his pants.

Joel looked at her, naked, standing before him, ready to be used by him. He stood up, moving towards her. He picked up the bag he had brought and put it down next to her. “Look at all these nice little toys I have for you.” He opened the bag, watching the startled look on her face when she saw his tools of torture and pain. “Yes, they are going to really hurt. But that is what you are for, to make my cock hard, to be used as a receptacle for my cum.”

He pulled the cane out of the bag. It was made of bamboo, about four feet long, about ¾ inch in diameter. It was very flexible. That was what made it so painful. Joel slapped it hard against the palm of his hand. He watched Celeste jump at the noise. “Have you ever been caned, cunt? I bet you never were ever even spanked. Turn around, let me see that ass, now, turn around now!”

She turned around, her back to him. She cringed when she felt the cane rubbing against her naked ass cheeks. She tightened her buttocks.

“Spread your legs open,” the cane tapping lightly on her ass. “More cunt, I want to see that pussy from behind.” The cane beat harder onto her ass.

Celeste moved her legs, her pussy opening to his gaze. She jumped as the cane hit her ass harder. She spread her legs more, the cane moving between her thighs, rubbing up and down.

“Nice pussy,” the cane moving up her thighs until it brushed against her pussy. He pushed the cane between her legs, letting her feel the rough surface of the cane on her tender pussy. “Now, cunt, I’m going to cane you. It’s going to hurt like hell. But that is what you are good for. To be beaten and fucked. If you do as I say and let me cane you, I wouldn’t cane your cunt. If I have to force you to hold still, I’m going to lash your pussy with the cane thirty times. That’s going to really tear up that nice pink cunt. So what’s it going to be?”

Tears ran down Celeste’s face. She could see the evil in his face. His was going to hurt her bad and she was going to have to submit to it. She had to, she knew that her pussy could not stand getting hit thirty times with the cane. “Yes.”

“Yes, you want me to beat your cunt?”

“No, I will hold still while you beat me,” she blurted out.

Joel rubbed his cock. This is going to be fun. The cunt is going to spread herself out for me to keep from me beating her pussy. Wait until she finds out I lied. By then, it will be too late. “I want to start with those tits. They will look really nice with red stripes all over them. Turn around, lace your hands behind your neck and stick them tits out for me.” He tapped the cane against her ass. “Now!” He hit her harder, watching as she jumped as the cane hit painfully against her asscheeks.

“Owww,” she cried, turning quickly and getting into position. She pushed her breasts out, her back arched, her nipples hard in fear, pointed and waiting for the cane. She saw the cane move toward her breasts, moving slowly, rubbing against her tender flesh. It moved over her nipples, the small knobs on the cane bumping hard on her nipples, making them harder.

“What a slut you are, your nipples are getting harder and I’m getting ready to beat them with a cane. You like this cunt?”

Please don’t beat me, I’m sorry what I said about your brother. I didn’t make up the script, I just read it. I don’t think I can stand it if you beat me,” she begged him.

“You’re just a worthless cunt. You might think you are sorry, but you will be. I am going to beat you then I going to fuck you. Then were going to start all over again. Not get ready.” He tapped the cane lightly on her breasts, hitting them underneath, making them bounce on her chest. “Look at those tits bounce.” He continued to make first her right, then her left tit bounce up and down, dancing on her chest. He rubbed the end of the cane on her nipple, watching as she cringed when it rubbed harshly over her delicate nipple. He pulled his arm back and struck her right breast with the side of the cane.

“AAAAGGGHHH,” Celeste screamed, the pain in her breast reaching deep inside her body. She backed away, trying to escape the excruciating pain.

Joel stepped forward, swinging the cane again, this time it hitting her other breast. “I told you to stand still, bitch.” He tapped the cane against her pussy. “You want to feel it here,” pushing it between her pussy lips, sawing the rough cane up and down her slit.

Celeste’s legs slapped shut, trapping the cane between her pussy lips. She didn’t even see it coming, the fist hitting her in her stomach. She doubled over in pain, gasping for air. She felt a hand grab her by her hair, yanking her upright. She coughed and sputtered, trying to get air back into her lungs. It felt like he was tearing her hair out of her scalp.

“Now, cunt, are you going to obey, or are we going to do this the hard way?”

31-01-2008, 08:08 AM
“CCOOOUUGGHH, GAASSPP.” Celeste continued to try to regain the air in her lungs. She tried to straighten up, putting her hands behind her neck again, her breasts again thrust out, red marks on both breasts already forming.

“Yes, that’s a good slut, push those tits out. Further, yes, that’s good. You ready for so more. Your making my cock so hard, Celeste. You like making my cock hard,” the cane swinging again, crushing against her right breast again. He watched as her breast absorbed the blow, it digging deeply into her tender flesh. He body was braced for the blow, her eyes opening wide in pain as the cane beat her tender flesh. Her scream rang out in the room. “Yes, sing for me cunt.” He swung the cane again, bashing into her other breast, making it jiggle on her chest, her flesh flattening from the blow. She screamed again.

Her body was in such pain, the cane continuing to beat her breasts. He hit the bottom and the sides, saving her nipples for last. She was constantly screaming, her body rigid, her breasts still pushed out, her body shuddering. She saw him unzip his fly and pull his cock from his pants. It was over eight inches. The head an ugly purple, precum glistening on it. She saw him stroking it with one hand, the cane flying back to smack her breast hard again.

“Yes, my cock is so hard for you. But you still have a lot more beating to get before I fuck you. Now stick them tits out real far. It’s time to work on the big nipples. If you thought it hurt before, this one will really drive you up the wall,” his voice laughing.

Celeste closed her eyes, pushed her breasts out and braced for the pain.

“Open your eyes, cunt, I want you to see everything.” He waited until she opened her eyes, the cane swinging widely, hitting both of her nipples at the same time.

It was like slow motion for Celeste. She saw the cane hit her nipples, flattening them out on her chest. It felt like a long time and then all of a sudden the pain registered. The scream was ripped from her mouth, it shattering the night air. She could see him stroking his cock harder as she screamed. She saw the cane swing again. She sucked in as much air as she could before it ripped another scream from her. It felt like her nipples were being crushed. She saw his cock growing bigger, the head swollen as his hand raced up and down it.

“Feels good doesn’t it, cunt, here it comes again. Ready for another scream, bitch.” He swung the cane, lashing her unprotected nipples, small trickles of blood appearing on them. His listened to her screams as her body shuddered under his abuse. “Two more, then were going to work on that nice round ass of yours. Now push out your tits,” he ordered her.

“Hurry, get it over with, I can’t stand it anymore,” she screamed, but pushed her breasts out further, waiting for the pain to begin again. She did not have to wait long. She saw the cane swing again, felt it smash into her nipples and another scream was wrenched from her throat. She heard him say one more really hard, bracing for the pain, her back arched, her nipples torn and bleeding. He did not let her down, the last lash of the cane was harder, using all of his strength to hit her flesh, watching her brace for the cane. She screamed a gut wrenching scream and fell to the floor, clutching her torn breasts, sobbing helplessly.

Joel pulled her by the hair, pulling her head up to his cock, rubbing it over her lips and face, precum spreading over her face. He looked down at her tear stained face, his cock hard. “That was good, cunt, you did real well. Look at how hard my cock is,” pushing his cock around her lips.

“Now it’s time to work on that nice ass of yours. You have such a spankable ass, it will be even better with a cane. In the dining room, I saw a nice big table in there that I would like to see you bent over.” He pulled her up by the hair, pieces of hair ripping out as he pulled her to the other room, her feet trying to stand up. “Come on cunt, my cock is getting soft.”

Celeste was pulled upright until she was facing him. She felt him grab her hand and pull it down until it gripped his cock. He wanted her to jerk his cock.

“Stroke it up and down real nice or I’m going to hurt you bad,” his hands reaching up to her bruised and battered breasts. He felt her body jerk and grab his cock tighter as he gripped the bruised flesh, a gasp of pain coming from her lips. “I said, real nice!”

“But that hurts so bad, please don’t touch them,” she cried.

“You just stroke my cock nice and slow, don‘t worry about what I am doing to your tits. You’re born for pain, a real fuck toy. I’m going to do anything I want to you and that includes hurting you. That’s what makes my cock so hard, so you go and stroke it real nice, make me feel good while I play with these battered tits,” his hands reaching out again to elicit new groans of pain from Celeste as he pinched and pulled her bloodied nipples. He felt her hand gently stroking his cock, making it so nice and hard. He pinched her nipples harder, feeling her body shudder in pain. “That’s what I like, a bitch that can take the pain.” There’s so much more pain for this cunt, he thought.

“Turn around, bend over with your hands on the table. That’s good, now spread your arms out a little,” his hands running down her sides until they got to her hips, his cock pushed against her ass. He pushed down on her back, forcing her lower, “down you go bitch, stick that ass way out. Now spread those legs,” his legs forcing themselves between hers, pushing from the inside, forcing them to spread wider. “More, I want you opened up. The cane is going to warm up that nice ass,” his feet pushing her legs open until they were spread at least four feet.

Celeste felt herself being spread open, her ass cheeks parting, her pussy lips opening, all of her intimate charms opened for this cruel man. He was going to hurt her again and she couldn’t do anything to stop him except submit, hoping to somehow survive in one piece. She felt his rough hands run down her ass cheeks, pushing between them, running fingers down until he reached her defenseless asshole. She tried to move, but a sharp slap to her ass told her to stay in place as a finger played over her asshole. She gasped as it entered her asshole, sinking up to his first joint of his finger.

“You ever had a cock up your ass, bitch?” He felt her ass tighten down on his finger. He could imagine what it would feel like it if was gripping his cock instead of his finger.

“No,” she exclaimed. She never even considered that. Only an animal would do that. She jerked as the finger pushed into her asshole, pain shooting up into her spine. She danced onto one leg then another, anything to relieve the pain of the finger. Her asshole tried to push the finger out.

At least I get one cherry. I’m going to tear your asshole when I fuck it. It’s so nice and tiny and my cock is so big and hard, it’s the only thing that can happen. It’s going to hurt, but that’s what I enjoy, listening to you scream as I do whatever I want to you.” He moved back and picked up the cane again. “Now hold still and open up real good and I wouldn’t cane your pussy.” He swung the cane, it hit it hard onto the center of Celeste’s back, making a loud splat sound as it bit into her tender flesh. He saw her body jerk in pain, but remain, her feet dancing around. “You going to dance for me cunt, you going to dance for the cane?”

31-01-2008, 08:09 AM
Celeste felt the cane swish through the air before it hit hard on her thigh. She jerked her leg. Another swish and the splat of the cane on her other thigh. Her other leg moved up and back down. He was going to make her dance, the cane moving from one thigh to the other, her body shifting from one leg to the other, her ass moving.

“Sexy cunt,” the cane moving faster and harder, making her perform for him. Shaking her ass, his cock hard, he swung the cane again. “Time for those nice asscheeks.” He saw her clench her cheeks, waiting for the swish of the cane. He rubbed the cane slowly over her ass, the rough cane rubbing harshly, teasing her. She loosened her cheeks and then tightened again as the cane returned, rubbing hard. “Loosen up that ass!” He waited until she relaxed her ass cheeks. He pulled the cane back and swung it hard, hitting her straight across both cheeks, the cane bowing on impact.

“AAAAGGGHHH,” Celeste screamed, her poor ass cheeks bearing the brunt of the cane. She danced again, shifting her feet, trying to alleviate the pain that radiated from her ass. Her breathing became ragged as she tried to suck in air. The cane struck again, “OOOOWWW,” the pain returning. She felt his hand touching her ass, stroking her naked flesh. It was almost caressing, but she knew that it would soon turn to pain again.

He felt the heat in her ass as he stroked her. Her ass was starting to be criss-crossed with red welts, the cane taking a toll on her pale flesh. His fingers parted her cheeks again, her asshole open and exposed. Soon, he would force her to spread her cheeks apart so the cane would be able to beat on her naked asshole. He felt her body shudder as his fingers played over her asshole. She did not like it when he played with her asshole. She would be forced to learn to accept it. She was just an asshole for him to use, to take and abuse.

Celeste screamed as Joel began to swing the cane again. Her body jerked, her fingers gripping the table, almost tearing her fingernails as they clenched the table in pain. “Please, I don’t know if I can stand the pain any longer, please stop.”

Joel loved the way she danced as he beat her ass, her cheeks taking the blows, welts crossing over each other, her feet moving up and down. Her ass cheeks clenched and unclenched, her asshole opened and closed as she danced on the end of his cane. His cock was near bursting. He would soon have to fuck her. He stopped caning her, running his hand over her ass, her body clenching as he ran his rough hands over the welts on her flesh. “Five strokes on your asshole now. Reach back and spread your cheeks apart. Open up so the cane can find that tiny asshole. Do it now!”

“No, not there,” she cried, but her hand reached back. She flinched as her own fingers rubbed on the welts, pulling her cheeks apart. She could feel the cool air on the pucker of her asshole. She never felt so exposed. She felt him turn the opposite way, his body bent over her back.

Joel looked down at her. The bitch was spreading herself open for him to beat her asshole. What a cunt, thinking that he would not abuse her if she went along with whatever he wanted. He looked down at her asshole, swinging the cane up in the ass. He brought it down, his aim good, right between her spread cheeks. He hit her asshole with the full force of the cane, it striking her flesh with a thud.

“OOOOHHH, GGGOOODDD,” she screamed, the pain shooting from her asshole straight up her spine. It felt like he was tearing her asshole apart. She let go of her cheeks, the pain soaring to her brain.

Joel tapped her ass with the cane. “Spread um’ cunt, you still have four more to go, do it now!” He smiled as he watched her hands go back behind her, spreading her cheeks apart again.

He pulled the cane back again and slashed it down between her ass cheeks again. Her fingers released her cheeks again as she screamed, the cane caught between her cheeks as it slashed her asshole again. He pulled the cane back, seeing her asshole already red and swollen. It’s going to really hurt her when he fucked her asshole. He would love that. “Back into position, cunt, you still have three more to go,” laughing as he saw her hands move back behind her again, grabbing her beaten ass cheeks and spreading them apart. He saw her flinch in pain as her hands moved over her flesh, her asshole appearing again. The cane went over his head again and slashed down on her spread asshole. He hit her with the tip of it directly on her asshole, the end of the cane sinking part of the way into her asshole.

The cane wrenched a scream from deep inside of her, the pain shooting up from her asshole. Celeste began to breathe heavy, the pain overwhelming her senses. “AAGGHHH, GGGHHHRRRR,” the cane again beating down on her defenseless asshole. “NOOOO, mmmmooorrree, ppplleease, no more,” she cried out.

“One more, bitch, spread them wide,” he laughed, the cane raised above his head for the last time on her spread asshole. He bore down on it with all of his might, the cane making a loud splat as it hit her asshole, the shrill of her voice ringing out in the room.

Celeste let her ass cheeks go and sank to the floor again. Her asshole was in extreme agony, the pain slicing up her spine. She crouched into a ball, sobbing in pain, her body beaten.

“Get up you fuckin’ cunt, you didn’t obey very well. You’re going to have to learn.” He grabbed her by the hair again, he loved the feel of her hair tearing as he pulled her to her feet, her hands shooting up, trying to get him to release his grip. He pulled her over to the table, pushing her down onto it. He saw her flinch in pain as her beaten ass rubbed on the hard wood.

Celeste cringed in pain as the welts on her ass rubbed on the table. Joel pushed her down, his hand pushing on her naked tits, forcing her back onto the table. He slapped her inner thigh, first one then the other.

“Spread ‘em cunt, your going to learn to obey,” his hands slapping her inner thighs, forcing her legs open more and more, her pussy lips spreading open.

“Please, no more, I did everything you said,” Celeste cried.

Joel stroked the cane, “five on your worthless cunt. The last cunt I raped was that fourteen-year old virgin that my brother got. Now that was a tight cunt. The only way your going to be that way is if I rough up your pussy a little first. Five strokes with the cane will sure make your pussy lips swollen and puffy. The last two will be with your pussy lips spread open and your going to spread them open.”

He lifted her legs up, spreading them open, her pink pussy popping out into view. She could feel the cool air of the room on her sex. She felt the rough cane rubbed between the lips of her sex, rasping as it ran over body. She did not know how she would be able to stand the pain of the cane on her pussy. It hurts so bad on her asshole, now he was going to do the same to her pussy. Then he was going to rape her.

31-01-2008, 08:10 AM
“That’s it fuck hole, keep yourself spread open,” he slapped the cane down between her legs, watching as it landed onto her pussy, tearing into her delicate sex. He saw her jump and clamp her legs onto the cane, trapping it between them.

She curled up onto the table, the cane between her legs, the pain shooting into her body again, sobbing. She was grabbed by the hair again and pulled back down onto her back. Her legs were spread again, her knees brought up straight.

“You’re not finished yet, cunt.” He ran his hands up her legs until he got to her pussy. He ran his fingers through her pussy lips, already begin to swell and become puffy. “That’s the way your cunt should be, tender, ready for a good raping.” He swung the cane, slapping down on her pussy flesh, the cane sinking into her body. He heard her scream, his cock twitching in excitement. “Scream, bitch, feels like your pussy is on fire, doesn’t it.” He swung the cane again, slapping hard on her spread flesh again. “Feels good, huh, bitch, feel the cane tearing into your tender little pussy.”

He heard his voice through her own screams telling her to spread her pussy lips open so he could slap the cane hard onto her inner pussy. Her pussy was throbbing in pain, the flesh already swollen. Mechanically, her hands reached down and pinched her pussy lips open with her fingertips, spreading them wide, opening up her inner pink pussy to the terrible cane. She closed her eyes and prayed as she waited for the moment the cane would tear into her flesh again.

“That’s a good cunt, let me see that nice pink pussy. My rock hard cock is going to fuck deep into it soon.” He smiled as he swung the cane, his aim good, smashing into her pussy right between her fingers, tearing into her pussy flesh. He laughed as she screamed, but she stayed in position, he pussy lips still spread open, waiting for the next blow. “Now you’re learning.” He swung the cane for the last time, smiling as it tore into her flesh, her screams ringing out the room, her body jumping on the table. He moved to the side of the table, grabbing her hand and placing it on his cock. “Rub it gently, jerk me off, you worthless cunt.”

She began to masturbate his cock, rubbing it gently. She knew his hand would soon reach out to her flesh, bringing forth new pain. He liked to do that to her.

It felt good, her soft hand rubbing his hot cock. He reached down to her pussy, pushing his fingers between her pussy lips, rubbing her up and down her slit. It was now red and swollen, the cane having worked its magic on her flesh. “That’s the way I like it, nice and tight,” two fingers pushing into her pussy, her groan of pain from her lips. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and pushed them into her mouth. “Taste your pussy, bitch,” pushing his fingers in and out of her mouth. “You ever suck cock before, bitch? You’re going to, you’re going to suck a lot of cock.” He pushed back away from her, going to the bag again. He walked back and in his hand was a black leather paddle. It was about 17” long and had air holes to reduce wind resistance.

“You don’t have to beat me again, I will do what you want,” she begged, her eyes wide open in terror. She did not think she could stand anymore pain.

“You sure will cunt, you will obey me. I going to fuck you now, the strap is just to make sure that you fuck me back. I don’t want you lying there limp, just another fuck hole. I want you to bounce around, fuck me back and squeeze my cock with that pussy. This is just to encourage your cooperation,” laughing, “stupid cunt, it makes my cock even harder when I beat you.”

Celeste found herself being pushed back again onto her back. Her legs were grabbed and pulled forward. Her body jerked in pain as she slid along the table, the surface rubbing harshly over her welts on her back and ass cheeks.

“Up you go, cunt,” Joel pushing her legs up higher, towards her head, her pussy spreading out, his cock jerking, only inches from her pussy. He slapped her pussy with the paddle, watching as she jumped in pain. “You like that, fuck-toy, I do, I like it when you cringe in pain.” He pushed back on her knees, bending them back behind her almost touching the table behind her.

Celeste groaned in pain as her body was doubled up and split apart. Her pussy felt like it was going to split in two as her legs were spread so far apart and back. The paddle slapped against her pussy, igniting the wounds the cane had inflicted on her body. She tried to squirm, but he held her body tightly. She felt his hand reach down to her pussy, pushing between her pussy lips, entering her pussy. She was still dry and it hurt as they brutally pushed into her body, opening her up by force alone.

“That’s OK cunt, you can be as dry as you want. It will just make it even tighter.” He got onto the table, between her legs, his cock only inches from her pussy. He pressed down on her body, crushing her to the table, his hand fisting his cock and rubbing it up and down her pussy slit, hearing her pain.

Celeste’s mouth was covered by his, his tongue entering her mouth. Her body jerked as she felt the big cock rub on her bruised pussy lips. She could just barely breath, his heavy weight pinning her to the table, bent in two, unable to stop the inevitable rape of her body.

“Tongue fuck me bitch, or it’s the paddle.” His lips moved back onto hers, this time her tongue moved into his mouth, running over his tongue. He pushed his hips forward a little, the head of his cock beginning to enter her pussy. He had to push harder, her body rejecting the large cock. His other hand grabbed the paddle and struck her ass hard.

“MMMMGGGG,” screamed Celeste, his mouth smothering her cry of pain as the paddle brought back the pain to her bruised flesh. She felt him push into her pussy with his big cock, the pain in her ass distracting her, letting his cock enter her pussy. “AAGGGh, it’s too big,” she cried, his eyes looking down at her as he slowly forced more of his cock into her body. He smiled, watching her face contorted in pain.

“Fight me, cunt, go ahead, I like that,” the paddle again striking her ass, forcing her ass up into the air, forcing her pussy onto the hard cock braced at the entrance of her pussy. The head of his cock popped into her pussy. It felt like a tight rubber band around his cock, grabbing at it, trying to force it from her body.

It felt like a baseball bat was being forced into her pussy. The caning had made her pussy swollen and her dryness prevented the cock from entering her painlessly. He had done it on purpose, he wanted to rape a tight pussy. He wanted her to feel every inch of cock pushed into her, slowly and painfully. “Hurts so bad,” tears in her eyes as the cock began to fuck into her. She closed her eyes to try to block out the pain of the rape. The slap of the paddle on her ass cheeks opened her eyes again to the pain of the rape.

“Keep looking at me my little fuck-toy. I want to see you feel every millimeter of my cock as it rapes your pussy. Get used to having my cock rape your pussy. This wouldn’t be my last time. My cock is going to rape your mouth, cunt and asshole.” He pushed with his cock, forcing another inch of cock into her, her pussy gripping his cock tightly. He pulled back, his hand taking the paddle and slapping it hard onto one of her tits. She jerked up, almost rising up from the table in pain, her hips pushing up, tearing her pussy as another inch of hard cock was forced into her pussy. “Yeah, hurts don’t it,” slapping her other tit, another inch of cock forced into her dry pussy.

Celeste could feel the cock inside her pussy. It felt like it was covered with sandpaper. Over half of it was forced inside her pussy. It stretched it open painfully. She twisted her hips, but only succeeded in helping to push another inch of cock inside her. She looked down, there was still over three inches of cock still outside, waiting to brutally rape her. Another slap on her ass with the paddle forced her ass up again, another inch of cock rasping inside her. She felt her pussy spasm, tightening on the cock, forcing more pain into her body.

He slapped her ass again, “tighten your pussy again like that,” slapping her again. He felt her pussy grip his cock. “Yeah, squeeze it like that.” He pushed down onto her body again, crushing her to the table. “Can’t wait any longer, my little rape toy. Gotta fuck you and fuck you hard.” He pushed down with his hips, brutally forcing his cock into her body, plowing into her dry pussy, pushing aside all of her defenses as he raped her. He had over eight inches of hard cock inside her.

Celeste could feel his cock twitching inside her pussy, igniting new pain as it jerked inside her incredibly tight pussy. She had never felt so full, her pussy stretched wide, almost tearing, the cock filling her completely. Oh, god, she thought, what was it going to feel like when he started fucking her with the giant cock. She felt him push her legs further back, her knees almost touching the table to the side of her head, her groin spread open for him, defenseless to the cruel cock inside her.

31-01-2008, 08:22 AM
He began to pull his cock back, pulling almost half of his cock out, her pussy gripping it, almost feeling like she did not want to let it go. He pushed back in, forcing his cock back into her with one brutal thrust, tearing her flesh as it pushed deep into her body, the head of his cock bashing against her cervix. His cock twitched when he heard her scream, her body pushed into the table as he raped her. He pulled out again, this time six inches of cock pulled out before he pushed back in again.

Her head shook, her body shuddering as the cock raped her pussy brutally. She screamed as the cock tore into her, tearing her tender pussy. She sucked in a breath of air just in time as he fucked six inches of cock into her, smashing into her like a freight train. She did not even have time to catch her breath before he pulled his cock out until only her pussy trapped the head. She braced herself for the inevitable rape back in.

“Nice cunt, bitch. The caning made it nice and tight. Now were ready for some serious fucking. If you don’t start fucking me back, I’m going to hurt you bad. If you think the fucking hurts, it will be nothing to what I will do to you. Now, I want you to beg me to fuck you, beg me to rape your worthless cunt.” He slapped her ass with the paddle. “Now, bitch, beg me now,” he pushed his cock into her pussy, forcing her to take all eight inches in one brutal thrust.

Her head raised up and the scream was torn from her lips as his cock raped her, pushing into her, tearing her tender pussy. She felt the paddle again, raising up her ass, forcing the cock deeper into her, the pain worse. “Fuck me, please fuck me,” doing what she was ordered. She tightened her pussy onto the hard cock, the pain worse, hoping only to get it over with quickly.

“I like that, cunt, tighten up that pussy again.” He pulled his cock out and pushed it back in, feeling her pussy gripping it tightly as he plunged it into her body, his weight forcing it into her, pinning her to the table. His hands gripped her ass cheeks, pushing on the welts the cane had inflicted on her, bringing a fresh batch of pain to her ass. “Up you go, raise that ass up and fuck onto my cock,” his hands forcing her to rise up, her ass over six inches from the table, fucking back.

Celeste felt the cock tearing in and out of her pussy. The pain was continuous as he raped her pussy, his cock tearing in and out. She was forced to squeeze the cock as he raped her, her hips fucking back, helping him to rape her. She did not know how much more she could take the rape. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. Her whole groin area hurt, first from the caning, now the rape. Each time he fucked back down on her he pushed into her bruised flesh. “Please hurry, it hurts so bad.”

“You want me to cum in you, bitch. You want me to fill your pussy with my hot cum. Beg me, beg me to cum you.” He fucked her hard, pounding into her, forcing groans from her lips. “Fuck back, milk my cock with your pussy, bitch.”

Celeste thrashed around on the table, her breasts bouncing up and down on her chest as she was buffeted by the cock raping her. He beat her ass with the paddle again. “Please cum in me, please finish fucking me, it hurts,” she cried. “Cum in me.”

He pushed his chest up from her, watching her tits bounce. He reached out and slapped them, first one, then the other, watching them absorb the blows. He continued to fuck into her. “Squeeze the cum out of me bitch,” slapping her tits again. “I ready to cum, suck it all in, cunt. You’re such a good fuck-toy. I’m going to enjoy raping you over and over again. Now fuck back and make me cum.” He slapped her tits again.

It was almost over, the pain, the rape. She fucked him back, squeezing his cock as it tore into her. She raised her hips up, fucking the raping cock, squeezing, fucking, squeezing, anything to get the pain over with. She felt him push down onto her, feeling like he was going to push his cock out the other side. He jammed it deep inside of her, holding it there, twitching, ready to cum. She felt the cock getting bigger and then she felt him fill her with his cum. She could feel the hot cum filling her pussy. First one load, then another, her pussy squeezing it out of his balls, filling her full.

“AAAHHH, I’m cumming in you bitch, take it all, cunt.” He filled her pussy full of his cum, her pussy squeezing him tightly. He pulled his cock out of her and stood up. He looked at her, beaten and fucked, his cum dripping out of her swollen pussy, her tits red, welts all over her body. She rolled over on her side, her knees up to her chest, clutching her groin. “Take a little break, bitch, then we’ll start all over. I’m going to hurt you again, then fuck you. This time my cock is going to rape your asshole. If you thought this hurt, wait until next time.” He laughed, already stroking his cock to get it hard again.

01-02-2008, 10:01 AM
An Erotic Poem

Do you want to fuck
I would make you buck
I would cause a pleasure
that you couldn't measure
I would make you scream
while I lick your special cream
I'll massage, lick, and tease
and anything else to please
All you have to do is ask
and I'll get right to task

It is my mission
to help you find a nice position
top, bottom, doggy, sixety nine
just pick one, I'll be fine
I may have some trouble if you look
through the Kama Sutra book
but I'll sure try anything with you
on our own or with more than two
because I want your love
and you're all I think of

Would you mind
if I nibble your clit
while I stick my tongue
into your wit slit
do you want me
to pinch your nipples
if you really get going
you will come in triples
you would shake
and you'd scream
while I lick up
all of your pussy cream

01-02-2008, 10:27 AM
Bro teebs_darklord,nice story and poem. :)

Juz contributing to bro birdie's thread...

The illustrated poem is in my thread...Darklord's Illustrated Sex Stories...:p

01-02-2008, 10:28 AM
Oh my....did I really make that much noise?

One day while at work I felt that familiar feeling of my cock beginning to get hard and knew where that would lead. I tried and tried to ignore the twitches and obvious signs of arousal. After awhile I gave up trying to fight this...I knew what I needed.

I decided to go to the men's room, which was right near our work cubicles. I sat down, saw that my cock had already began to stiffen and could feel the tip wet with a minute amount of pre-cum, clear, warm, slippery, thinner than my cum. Oh my it felt good to rub that wet juice around the tip of my growing cock.

Harder and harder my cock got, stiffer and stiffer, bigger and bigger. I needed to stand so I could stoke the entire shaft of my cock and that's what I did. Starting out slow and steady, growing more and more aroused I began to stroke my cock harder and faster...oh my...feels so good....I could feel the blood filling my cock and my entire cock pulsing under my fist which was stroking up and down...mmmm...all of a sudden I am aware of my belt clicking to the same rhythm of my throbbing cock...

I was also aware of my co-workers not far from the door and men's room. I attempted to silence my belt but was far too aroused and stimulated to stop now. Harder, faster, tighter...yes...yes...yes and the anticipated moment arrived....I could feel my cock in my hand pulse violently and throb as the hot, thick, milky cum shot from my engorged cock...I feel so good, feel satisfied, spent. I wipe the cum from my cock, my hand and the commode seat, re-dress, wash up and exit the men's room.

As I exit there are my co-workers standing and applauding....saying that was the most excitement they'd had for as long as they could remember. An initial wave of embarrassment flooded over me, I didn't know what to say, I quietly and quickly retreated to my cube and immersed myself in my work.

Nothing more has been mentioned but every once in a while I catch a glimpse and smile from one of the observers. I'm sure I will never live this down, it will probably be a story told for many years, hopefully without identifying me by name. I guess it could have been worse...I'm not quite sure how...but perhaps it could have been.

01-02-2008, 10:31 AM
The hermaphrodite

Casandara Wilcox stepped out of the shower and stared at her image being reflected back to her in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. Most women would kill to possess the feminine attributes Cassie took for granted, large heavy breasts, a flat wash board stomach, long lean legs, a tight but full bottom, a lovely face framed by medium length brown hair, and of course a large lipped succulent vagina! After twenty three years, however, Cassie still sometimes broke down crying when she gazed into the mirror, because there was something extra that she wished to death she didn't have, but still dominated her life. Resting just above her vagina, where on most women would be a vee of pubic hair, was a fully operational penis!!! Unfortunately for Cassie she was one of the tiny minority that was born with both a set of male and female sex organs, and while no one besides her parents and doctors had ever seen her naked, if Cassie had anything to say about it, no one else ever would either!!! Her body reeked of sensuality, and Cassie was constantly being approached by some of the most handsome and eligible bachelors in the city, but except for a few totally platonic dates, she would invariably have to end any relationship before it even started. The thought of never having a family, or having an intimate relationship with another person made her sad and very lonely, and though her parents were very understanding, they were of little help now that she was out on her own, and her phone conversations with them seemed to be getting even harder to handle. She desperately needed someone to talk to, a friend she could confide in, but alas, there was no one she could trust.

There was a new girl in the office that had started work about a month ago, and while at first Cassie thought she was a little too out going, Jackie finally broke through Cassie's defenses and got her to meet for after work drinks. Cassie was pleasantly surprised to find out that she really enjoyed being with Jackie, and soon the two of them were inseparable, going to the movies, having dinners out together, and doing the myriad of things friends do with each other. As they became closer, Cassie wondered if maybe, just maybe, that Jackie would be the one person she could talk to about her "problem"? What brought it all to a head was when Jackie questioned her about why a beautiful girl like her didn't seem to have a social life with a man. Cassie was trying to explain when she all at once broke down in tears and said between her sobs, "It's because I'm a freak, no one would ever want me, even my parents don't really want me around!!!" Jackie was a little stunned to hear something like that from what seemed like a normal young woman and so she replied, "What in the world are you talking about Cass, you look fine to me!?!" It was at this point that Cassie decided it was now or never, so she stood up, unbuttoned her jeans, kicked them off, and then slowly removed her panties!!! Jackie's jaw almost hit the floor when she saw the cock and balls hanging from Cassie's crotch! "My god, Cass," she stammered, "you're a guy, I think!!!" "You think so, Jackie," asked Cassie, as she lifted her male genitalia out of the way exposing her pussy to her stunned friend?!? "W-what's going on here," Jackie mumbled, "it looks like you have a set of both!?!" "I do," Cassie replied quietly before the torrent of tears burst from her eyes! Even though Jackie was unsure of exactly what she was seeing, she still had strong feelings for her friend and rushed over to give her a hug. Cassie buried her face in Jackie's shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably, sure that her friend would never understand, and walk out on her! After several more minutes of emotionalism, Jackie finally got Cassie to calm down and tell her the whole story. Jackie listened intently as Cassie poured out her heart, telling her of the years of shame and fear that someone would find out her secret, and after she had finished her story, Cassie let out a deep breath and said, "It feels so good to finally get it off my chest, you can't imagine how long I've thought about this moment!!!"

Jackie reached out and patted her friend on the arm and replied, "Is it all right if I ask you a question?" Cassie nodded in the affirmative and Jackie dove right in with, "When you get turned on, I mean excited, you know what I mean, do you get hard and wet all at the same time???" "Yeah," Cassie replied, "it's unreal, but I can feel both my cock and my pussy desiring to be satisfied!!!" "My pussy just creams all over the place, while my cock gets hard as a rock!!!" "Can you ejaculate," questioned Jackie, "I mean can you shoot cum?!?" "Oh sure, that's no problem at all," continued Cassie, "I can cum like a man or a woman, and both feel wonderfully fulfilling!" "Is it okay if I have another look, I didn't get much of a chance to see it before," asked a now very curious Jackie? Cassie sat down on the sofa and spread her legs wide apart, so that Jackie could inspect her dual purpose crotch. "Wow," opined a fascinated Jackie, "both sets look completely natural!!!" "The only difference is that my cock is only about four and a half inches long when erect," offered Cassie, "but my cunt is exactly like anyone else's!" "May I touch you," Jackie almost begged, "it is really erotic looking?!?" Except for the doctors and her mother, no other human being had ever touched Cassie's crotch, and she felt and electric charge jolt through her body at the thought of someone touching her in a sexual way, so she excitedly answered, "Sure, go ahead, I would like that!!!" Before Jackie's hand could even make contact, Cassie's pecker began to noticeably stiffen. "My god, Jackie," Cassie moaned, "no one has ever touched me like that before, and it feels unbelievable!" Before Cassie could utter another word, Jackie leaned over and took the little cock into her mouth and sucked on it hard, causing Cassie to darn near pass out from excitement! "Oh my, god," Cassie moaned, "you do that so well, finger my pussy too, it's dying to be touched!" Jackie didn't need anymore encouragement, and quickly buried two fingers into the dripping cunt of her dual sexed friend! In less than a minute, Cassie was emptying her load into the hot mouth of her cocksucker friend, who swallowed every drop like it was the last sperm on earth!

Jackie stood up and with out a word removed all of her clothing, revealing a full lush womanly body. Cassie's pecker began to harden at the sight of the erotic creature in front of her, and she offered no resistance when Jackie helped her take off her shirt and bra, leaving both women totally naked. "I want you to fuck me with your pecker," ordered Jackie, "I'm hot as a fucking fire cracker!!!" "Top or bottom," asked Cassie??? "I want you to ride me," replied Jackie, "so I'll take the bottom!!!" Jackie quickly lay down with her legs wide apart and her arms out in an open invitation to her hermaphrodite lover! Cassie slid between Jackie's full thighs and let her pecker find the opening to Jackie's dripping cunt, where upon she drove it in with a sudden plunge that made Jackie almost scream with ecstasy! This was the first time that Cassie had actually fucked another woman, and it was unreal how slick the inside of Jackie's pussy felt on her pecker! Both women now were in a state of sexual heat, and their genitals now were in total control of the situation!!! With their large chests squishing together, Jackie met each one of Cassie's thrusts with one of her own, until Cassie couldn't hold back any longer and jetted a load deep inside Jackie's pussy, which resulted in her own orgasm tearing through her hairy cunt, leaving her a total wreck opn top of her hot pussied friend!!!

In the after glow of hot sex, Jackie commented, "I want you to save your pussy-cock for only me!!!" Cassie leaned over and gave her friend a deep kiss and replied, "Only for you babe, only for you!!!"

01-02-2008, 02:10 PM
Shirna Jones - Alt Sexual Healing

The rain pattered lightly against the window as she sat in her comfortable leather chair. She had been reviewing her next patients file in order to familiarise herself with his particulars prior to the meeting and had, without realising, slipped away into one of the daydreams that seemed to be occurring with alarming regularity these days. She had been reflecting on her achievements of the past few years, in particular how the eight years of run-of-the mill "textbook" medicine seemed almost worth it now. Eight years of "by-the-book medicine, eight years of servitude, eight years of having to listen to senior doctors at St Crossley Memorial drone on and on about how her ideas for alternative therapies were just a craze, that it would pass, and that she would realise that the tried and tested methods would always succeed. But that was the real kicker, they didn't work. If the traditional therapies "always" worked then the small practice for alternative therapies she had started last Autumn wouldn't have survived this long, she wouldn't have to work twelve hour days to meet the demands, and she wouldn't have the headache of acquiring two new nurses this summer to keep up with the practice' increased turnover.

The truth was of course, she didn't mind working such long days one bit because it was her theories being put into practice, and the fact that she loved the field of work didn't do any harm. She was however worried about the inevitable hiring of the new nurses. Already a number of nurses she had known in her St Crossley days had inquired about positions, and why shouldn't they? After all the practice had an extremely good, if only young, reputation. It was also considered kind of hip, if such a word can be used to describe a medical institution. It seemed the reason for this aura of "hip-ness" was the well known fact that the practice used purely alternative therapies, something the media rattled on about on an almost daily basis, but therein lay the problem - She would have to be very careful screening the nurses as no-one outside the practice knew exactly what they specialised in, and exactly just how alternative the therapies were.


The Doctor smiled and forced herself to focus her attention once again on the open file on her desk. A Mr Carl Oakley, he was stereotypical of the kind of case her practice had been seeing on a regular basis since its inception last autumn, at the rear of the file sat the medical records that had been transferred along with Mr Oakley from St Crossley. The Doctor scanned over the medical reports and made a mental note to thank the examining doctor (previously a student of hers) for the steady stream of patients that had been referred to her. Mr Oakley appeared to be in good physical shape, no excess weight, healthy diet, no genetic weaknesses, and an active sports player. The photograph showed Mr Oakley to be a somewhat handsome man, nothing to write home about but not a face that would be missed in a crowd, and as these facts fell into place one by one the doctor found an overwhelming sense of intrigue begin to fill her mind.

Why was a fully healthy adult male in his late twenties being referred to her practice? She quickly flipped to the second page and read the notes detailing the reasons for his referral.

Doctor S J Singh 17/03/2007

Mr Oakley has passed all physical examinations in the third and final set of tests and I am now in receipt of his psychological conditioning report from Dr Krane. From both a mental and physical viewpoint it would appear that Mr Oakley is in fine shape. He currently enjoys a regular sex life with his wife of four years Janine yet still appears to suffer from ejaculatory incompetence. Mr Oakley adds that they having being trying for a child for sometime and his inability to ejaculate is causing friction within the marriage. Given that we have exhausted all other avenues, and added with the fact that the medical problem now threatens the marriage I feel we have no option but to try and resolve the issue with alternative therapies. I heartily recommend that Mr Oakley's treatment be transferred with immediate effect to Dr Shirna Jones at Pine Hills practice.

Shirna smiled at the report, Doctor Singh had developed into a fine doctor and hopefully would be persuaded to join her at Pine Hills when the patient demand required two doctors. Shirna was just drifting off into another daydream about the times she and Dr Singh had shared at St Crossley when she was startled back into reality by the intercom on her desk.

"Dr Jones, Mr Oakley is here to see you" the intercom squawked

"Fine Teri, send him through" Shirna replied.

Shirna quickly ran over the facts once more in her head and settled on a course of action. All the patients who visited her at Pine Hills practice all had something in common - they all suffered with sexual conditions, and Mr Oakley was no different. Shirna fully intended to put one of her more widely known (and massively criticised) theories into use. Whilst still working at St Crossley Shirna had published a journal that had sent shockwaves through the medical world and effectively ended her dull and boring career there. She had theorised that all the evidence suggested that the human male was not designed to be monogamous. He can reproduce numerous times a day, is of superior size and strength compared to the female (alpha male theory), and in Shirna's experience (though she did not publish this) is a willing flirt no matter what the situation! She had hammered the final nail into her St Crossley coffin when she declared that if the human male is forced to be monogamous then eventually he will tire of the same sexual partner, and be able to copulate less frequently.

Using this mindset Shirna deduced even before seeing Mr Oakley that all he might need is some sexual attention from someone other than his wife, some sexual attention he doesn't have to feel guilty about. In Shirna's experience this sexual attention did not necessarily need to come from someone more attractive than his wife - just someone unfamiliar.

As these final thoughts were passing through her mind the there was a harsh series of raps at the door.

"Come in," Shirna said aloud to an empty room.

The door handle turned and Mr Oakley stepped into the room, evidently uneasy about once again explaining the details of his problem to another doctor.

01-02-2008, 02:15 PM

"Good afternoon Mr Oakley, how are you feeling?" Shirna asked.

"A little nervous actually Doctor, but please call me Carl, Mr Oakley sounds like I'm in trouble" came the slightly shaky reply

"Okay Carl" Shirna chuckled "I suppose it won't do any harm if you call me Shirna, please, park yourself down on the examination table on that side of the office." Shirna asked as she began to rise out of her chair.

As she began to make her way over to the table from her desk she caught Carl's eyes and he quickly dropped his gaze, she had seen that look before and now knew that this session would go well. She had been silhouetted against the window when she strode from behind her desk and knew that even wearing a somewhat unflattering business suit Carl had taken interest in her body. Shirna had been blessed genetically with gifts from both her parents, she had taken after her father in most of her body form with long supple limbs and a pale almost creamy complexion over a slim body. From her mother she had inherited her favourite part of all - her breasts - her Mother had worn 34F bras when she had been Shirna's age but they hadn't looked quite so out of place because she had an overall larger frame. Shirna wasn't anywhere near as large but still wore a bigger than average 32E, but when you coupled this with her long and slender torso the result was a look of envy in the faces of the women she passed in the street, and unbridled lust in the faces of the men she chose to reveal herself to. Carl was no different to the next red blooded male and this was a fact Shirna enjoyed.


"Please remove your shirt and lie down on the examining table Carl, I'm just going to dive behind this screen and pop my medical gown on," Shirna said.


"You want me to lie down straight away?" stammered Carl, "you don't want me to explain what the problem is?"

"I'm well aware of your concerns Carl, it's not something I would call a problem because I believe it's something we can help - besides I've read your file and I'm sure you don't want to repeat yourself all over again" came the reply from behind the screen.

Carl nodded thoughtfully at this and unbuttoned his shirt before lying down on the table, the cool touch of the leather rising through the thin sheet of paper enough to bring goosebumps out on his arms and chest. Shirna stepped around the screen and appeared to notice this. "Bit chilly Carl? Wait until you feel this stethoscope" Shirna laughed as she unwound the instrument from its case.

Carl gasped a little as the cold metal touched his skin and Shirna leaned forward and shut her eyes favouring her hearing as she pretended to begin her examination. Truthfully she wanted to give Carl a chance to relax and run his eyes over her body without the risk of being caught.


She counted slowly to thirty in her mind and was increasingly aware of her heavy breasts pressing against the thin cotton of her lab coat and Carls heartbeat beginning to steadily quicken, she had undressed down to her underwear before putting the coat over the top in order to give Carl the best view she could muster, and she could almost feel Carls gaze heating her flesh as she leaned a little further and exposed yet more of her deepening cleavage. Satisfied that she had leaned over enough she opened her eyes slowly, giving Carl the chance to avert his gaze, before removing the instrument and turning to cross the room.

"Carl, everything seems fine so far, I'd like you to remove your trousers please." Shirna asked as she walked across the room. When she reached the cupboard at the far end she bent at the waist to retrieve a small plastic beaker, giving Carl both a chance to remove his trousers in privacy and a clear view of the bottom of her buttocks as the lab coat rose up her body. She heard Carl clear his throat as the small piece of fabric which was all that was covering her modesty came into view before standing back upright again and returning to the table. Carl was sat bolt upright with his knees slightly bent wearing only a pair of white boxer shorts.

"Please lie down Carl." Asked Shirna

"I'm sorry Doctor, I can't.... it's... its embarrassing but...." stammered Carl as he trailed off.

"Please Carl, I told you it's ok to call me Shirna, and I have also seen a lot worse things than an erect penis before in my life, please lie down, its perfectly natural." Replied Shirna in a soothing voice.

Carls eyes visibly widened as he realised she already knew about the rock hard erection that was currently sitting in his boxers and cautiously lay down. Shirna decided it was time to take advantage of the situation and gently patted Carl's crotch.

"At least we can be sure that works huh Carl?"

This brought a small chuckle from Carl and while his defences were laid low Shirna swooped.

"Now then, I'm just going to need to have a feel around here" said Shirna as she reached into Carls boxers. His entire body stiffened as she touched him and she slid her hand down his throbbing hard shaft to cup his balls.

"Everything feels normal Carl, though there does seem to be some swelling in your testicles. Can you tell me when you last ejaculated?" asked Shirna, Carl was blushing and his breath had shortened to small raspy breaths.

"About... about four months ago... Shirna", came the reply.

"Ok, and are you having any nocturnal emissions? Wet dreams?" prompted Shirna.

"No, nothing at all," said Carl.

"Ok, we're just going to see if we can stimulate you a little, are you okay with that?" asked Shirna.

"I... I guess so..." replied Carl.

"There's nothing to worry about Carl, this is a medical procedure, it's not like you're doing the dirty on your wife. Now please remove your boxers while I get some lubricant," said Shirna.

Carl clearly relaxed at the thought of this and slipped his boxers off, he let out a large breath as he lay back down, closed his eyes and waited patiently for Shirna's return.

Shirna returned with a large tube of lube and squeezed a healthy dollop into her palms, she began to rub them together evenly spreading and warming the slick substance before rubbing both hands up and down Carls erect cock to ensure his whole member was lubricated.

01-02-2008, 02:22 PM

"I hope you don't mind me using my hands like this Carl, those latex gloves irritate my skin dreadfully," said Shirna in a slightly teasing voice.

"No, that's fine," replied Carl as a small moan escaped his lips. His eyes shot open as he realised what he had just done, he shot an embarrassed look at Shirna.

"I know Carl, don't worry, for this to work properly I need you to be perfectly relaxed, its ok if it's pleasurable, and it's ok if you make noise" soothed Shirna, "Oh, and Carl? I saw you looking at me earlier and I know you were a little embarrassed but I know that men need visual aids as well and I don't have anything to offer so if it pleases you then I have no problem with you looking at me." said Shirna as she felt the final tumbler in Carls lock fall open.

Carl opened his eyes and waited until Shirna returned her attention to his swollen cock, then slowly dropped his gaze from her face to the heavy, perfectly rounded breasts that were straining against the thin cotton lab coat with every jiggle as Shirna pumped his cock with increasingly stronger strokes.

This time when Shirna looked at Carls face, he did not avert his gaze and she smiled to herself as Carl continued to quietly moan and undress her with his eyes. She continued pumping his cock with the fist of her left hand, sliding the hand around as she stroked up and down and gently massaging his balls with her right hand. He was meeting her strokes with gentle thrusts that barely lifted him off the table and was clearing enjoying it.

"Carl, would it help if perhaps I undid my lab coat? So you can see better." asked Shirna. All Carl could manage was a grunt and a nod as she slid her right hand up onto his shaft, stroking him with both.

Shirna paused briefly whilst unbuttoning her top to glance at Carl; his eyes were fixed on her fingers, almost willing them to continue undressing her. As the final button popped open her magnificent breasts came into view and Carl gasped, his cock twitching at this new level of sexual arousal.


Shirna returned her attentions to his cock and continued to stroke firmly and quickly, the little noises escaping his mouth becoming more and more urgent and a steady trickle of precum flowing from the tip of his engorged cock. His thrusts steadily became more and more impatient, causing his ass to raise clear of the bed to meet her next stroke.

"How does this feel Carl? Does it feel like it's working?" asked Shirna.

"Oh yesss.... I can feel my orgasm building," moaned Carl. "It's been building for a while but it feels like I've hit my limit," gasped Carl as Shirna continued to stroke him off.

"Oh but that's good Carl, that's progress! It just means it's time to change things a little again, and I think I know what you'd like." teased Shirna as she paused momentarily to unclasp her bra. The bra fell free of her body, the cups seeming huge with nothing filling them, and the real majesty of her breasts hit Carl. Even with the bra removed they barely seemed to move, they looked so firm, so round, so full and perfect. Carl grasped Shirna's hand and returned it to his cock, he was doubly surprised when Shirna climbed onto the table, straddling his legs between hers and continuing to pump his slick cock.


"Now don't get any ideas Carl, this Is just to make it easier for you to see," Shirna whispered as she leaned forward, letting her full breasts fall down towards his chest, and occasionally leaning forward to let her nipples brush against his chest.

"Please..." he gasped "Put me between them..."

It took Shirna a few seconds for the meaning of his words to hit home, and a grin lit up her face.


"Well done Carl, now we're making process!" exclaimed Shirna as she leaned forward, slowly lowering her heaving cleavage onto his slippery cock, allowing the head of his cock to disappear between the fleshy globes yet not restricting her from pumping his cock with her hand.

"Yessss.... I can feel it building again! Ohhh godddd!" shouted Carl as Shirna simultaneously stroked his shaft with her hand and bobbed her heavy breasts up and down over the head of his cock.

"That's great Carl, keep it going, we might yet get there on our first attempt," replied Shirna.

"No, I mean it!" cried Carl, "You had better get yourself out of the way unless you want yourself covered!"

When Shirna had first inspected Carl she had made a mental note of his highly developed P.E. muscles, something she had taken great care to gauge since her second patient had unleashed an unsuspecting wad of semen three feet into the air covering her face and hair. As an educated guess she had decided Carl would probably be a "shooter" as well. With this in mind she had already decided that when Carl ejaculated it was going to be big and it was going to be messy, four months of stored semen would see to that, and so Shirna had resigned herself to letting him cum even if It meant getting it on her but now another thought occurred to her.

"Carl, I know you're getting close but my arms are really starting to ache, I'd like you to take over for a while." asked Shirna

"You mean like masturbate?" came the out-of-breath reply.

"No silly," replied Shirna "I'll lie down on the table and you can still use my breasts if you think it would do the trick."

01-02-2008, 02:25 PM

Carl needed no second invitation and was off the table in a shot, taking with him the paper cover. Shirna lay down, taking his place, and was sure to keep her legs shut tight. Even though she was still wearing panties she didn't want any mishaps with a man who hadn't ejaculated for four months and was now on the edge. Carl gently straddled her and Shirna had a moment to note the care and patience he was exercising when surely the only thought in his mind was to empty his balls between her heaving breasts.


Carl slid his slick cock between her cleavage and keeping her hands at her side Shirna adjusted her upper arms to squeeze her firm, heavy, full breasts around his cock, burying it completely. Carl began to thrust in and out, panting heavily as he did so. She looked up into his face trying to gauge when the inevitable ejaculation was coming and met a determined stare, his mouth dropped half open and his thrusting became off-rhythm - near frantic. Finally he arched his back and let out a guttural moan that sounded almost primeval as his cock began to spasm and jerk.


The combination of Shirna being mesmerised by his emotions and the strong jerking of his cock lifted it free of her cleavage and thick ropes of hot cum began to erupt from his cock. They rained down on her breasts, her neck and face, and in her hair. It was thick heavy cum and the sound of it hitting the leather table next to her ear was like someone beating dust out of a rug. His cock continued to pour out the cum however, no longer in a jerking motion but in an almost continuous stream flowing heavy to light as his balls contracted, it flowed down between her tits, over her neck and collarbone and onto the table. It also flowed the other direction out over her stomach and she felt it pooling either side of her. She had barely a moment to consider what the consequences might be if the cum ran down into her panties when he let out another cry and collapsed forward on top of her, his body sliding a little over her cum drenched breasts.


Carl rested for a number of minutes before stirring and picking himself up, he seemed almost aghast at the mess covering Shirna and the table.

"Shirna... oh my god... I'm so sorry" he began but was quickly cut off by Shirna.

"Don't you dare! It was our aim the whole time, this is a success on your very first visit!" Shirna exclaimed.

"You mean there will be more than one?" asked Carl innocently

"Why yes of course Carl, one success doesn't necessarily mean we've cracked it. Anyway I think we can assume next week won't be quite so... messy... now get yourself cleaned up and make sure you see Teri on your way out to book your next appointment, Doctors orders" giggled Shirna as she tipped Carl a wink.


01-02-2008, 02:43 PM
Sybian Training

Megan's Lindsey's Diary 6/25/13

Dear Diary,

Today was the most horrible day of my life. It all started going wrong when my old boss (and I do mean 'old'), Mr. Schmidt, took a leave of absence due to health reasons. He was old, but he was also a secretary's dream boss. Okay, he was a little wrinkly and a little smelly, which made it no fun going down on him, but on the bright side, I only had to go down on him once . . . maybe twice a week. He would even ask my opinion on things and pretty much let me take care of most of his assignments without a lot of interference. And a woman being able to work without a lot of interference has been a rare thing ever since President Ashcroft repealed all the women's suffrage laws and replaced them with women's suffering laws.

Anyway, it turned out that Mr. Schmidt had anMegan and he would be out of the office indefinitely. I was hoping I would be able to continue doing my job, you know- without the blowjobs and all.

Alas, it was not to be. Just my luck, they replaced Mr. Schmidt with Mark Henderson. I loathed him and his smug cocky expression at first sight. He was a fresh graduate that was rumored to have taken a number of New Men's Study classes in order to rise quickly through the company chain of command.

The first thing he did was have me stand in front of him with my skirt raised for a panty check, threatening to spank me if they were damp. I promised him they were not, but he was resolute, piercing me with his smug gaze and fondling my pussy until he was satisfied that I was as dry as I claimed.

I could feel my cheeks burning from embarrassment and I wanted to crawl under the desk and die. Sure, I understand the boss has the right privilege to check, but Mr. Schmidt never did. I mean, I did everything by the book. I dotted every 'I' and crossed every "T". Heck, even my skirt met the requirement of being 5 inches above my knee, but I made sure that they were not an inch shorter. And really, I had always went out of my way not to be like some of the, how should I say, 'looser' secretaries that I worked with.

But my humiliation didn't end there. With my dry pussy thoroughly mauled and my pride all but erased from my psyche- he ordered me to suck his cock.

I knelt down in front of Mark, proceeded unzip his pants, and fished around for his cock. This I expected. I've worked for several men during my career as a secretary, and never had one yet who didn't want to test out the skills of his secretary . . .even my beloved old fuddy duddy Mr. Schmidt. But, what I didn't expect was the monster I freed from his pants. Dear God, it was the biggest I'd ever seen. I couldn't even close my fist around it. No way would I be able to fit it in my mouth! I licked along its mighty shaft, while jacking it off with my hand. I prayed that he would cum quickly, but it wasn't to be.

"Suck it slut," he said, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me to take it in my mouth. "Don't just play with it."

Frustrated tears welled in the corner of my eyes as I struggled to stretch my lips around his enormous head.

"Jesus, shit," he murmered. "What are you useless? You act like you've never sucked a cock before."

The cocky shit had the nerve- to ridicule and analyze my performance! Kneeling there; choking and gagging on his cock, I looked at him with pure hatred in my eyes. Who did he think he was? He was just a temporary, and I had been doing the job by myself before he came along.

The bastard met my gaze, his eyes gleaming evilly. He chuckled, grabbed the back of my head, and thrust his hips twice, jamming his cock down my throat for a moment. I was choking and unable to breath. I could just see the headlines, secretary found dead in office after giving head.

Thankfully, he pulled out of my throat and began to thrust in and out with shallow strokes. It was still big enough that it banged against the back of my throat, but at least I could breathe. He tilted my chin up so that I was forced to meet his eyes. Like a dog trainer breaking in a new pup, he smiled as I glanced back down docilely, my hateful stare a distant memory. My first day with my new boss and there I was, on all fours between his legs, communicating my dependence the only way I could in this position, slobbering and sucking on his monstrous phallus.

"That's my girl," he said. "At least you aren't untrainable."

My tears fell faster and my mouth grew tired and raw as I tried to pleasure him-tried to get him to cum so that he would stop his oral assault. Finally, he began to thrust faster. "Oh God, here it comes!" he gasped.

Finally! With an aching jaw and chapped lips, I was never so glad as to feel hot cum shooting into my mouth. At last . . . it was over. . .


I could barely endure my first day working with my new boss, Mark Henderson, but was a walk in the park compared to today. Today, when I walked into the office, I could tell immediately something was up. Every secretary, PA, and receptionist stopped what they were doing and stared at me as I walked to my desk. I could almost hear their whispers, but I had no idea what they were saying, I only knew that it was about me. The moment I arrived at my desk, I knew what the commotion was about. Instead of my ergonomic chair beneath the desk, there was what could only be described as a saddle on wheels. In the center of the saddle a very real looking dildo pointed up luridly.

My purse fell to the floor, followed by my stomach and jaw. No, this was intolerable. Totally unacceptable.

"I see you've met your new trainer, Mr. Sybian," Mr. Henderson said from his office. "Why don't you wheel him in here and I'll let you two get acquainted."

In a state of numb shock, I wheeled it into the office, careful to conceal it as best I could from the other office workers. Whatever Mr. Henderson had on his mind, well, he could just forget it. This was clearly over the line and I told him so.

"Mr. Henderson," I said. "I don't know what you expect, but I mean, Mr. Schmidt is technically still m. . ."

"Officially retired," Mark finished. "You now work for me and since the employment contract you signed gives me the right to expect a friendly and motivated subordinate, it also gives me the right to train you as necessary.

"But I am friendly . . . I am motivated," I whined.

"And that is why I enrolled you in the Sybian training program," he continued as though I didn't speak. "Meet Mr. Sybian, you new personal trainer."

"Look . . . there's no way . . . I - I quit," I stammered.

"Well, the non-competition clause in your employment contract states that you will not work at another business for a period of two years. Do you have two years of salary saved Megan?"

"No sir, but . . ."

"Can you hibernate? Or do you have someone who will support you?"

"No sir, but. . ."

"Then I suggest you say hello to Mr. Sybian."

He reduced me to tears. I hated President Ashcroft and his new law that made this possible, but most of all I hated Mr. Henderson.

"Say it," he repeated smugly.

"Hello, Mr. S-sybian," I stammered. I had been defeated at every turn. I had no choice.

"Now hand me your panties and I'll help you get mounted."

I handed them to him and the little pervert held them to his nose and sniffed. Then he handed me a bottle of lube and told me to coat the dildo. I did as he bid, and then mounted the huge phallus. And it was huge, let me tell you. I had a hard time getting it all in, but Mr. Henderson moved behind my and pushed down on my shoulders.

"Ouch," I whimpered. "It's too big."

"Oh, I'm sure that big girl cunt can handle it," he said, still pushing down.

"No-no-it - oh Gawd. . ." And then I was firmly seated on the vinyl saddle, my sex filled and taunt around the latex phallus. I noticed several buckles and straps on the saddle of the trainer. At first I didn't know what they were for, but I soon found out. They were ankle and thigh cuffs, and Mark wasted no time locking me down until I was secured tightly to the saddle with no way of getting off without assistance.

"Now back to your desk," Mark grinned, wheeling me, mounted on my humiliating perch, back into the office.

Blushing, trembling, crying, and inwardly cursing, I did my best to adjust my skirt to hide what had been done to me. What *he* had done to me. I could feel the heat from every eye in the office as they burned into my soul. Oh how I hated him! I wanted to stab him in the heart with a letter opener.

"I need this report done by twelve." Mark handed me a dictation tape, grinned and made his way back to his office. "What, no smile?" he said, peeking around the corner.

I forced one to my lips, even though my eyes screamed, "Die you fucking little worm!"

01-02-2008, 02:46 PM

There was nothing I could do except begin typing his report. I had long since learned after many spankings, that it wouldn't do to wallow in my own sorry situation or try for petty revenge. At least, not until the opportunity arose to get rid of Mark by getting him promoted. Then, he would gladly leave me behind for a prettier and bustier secretary.

It was as I was typing the report that I became aware of something. The Sybian was vibrating. And the dildo? Not only was it vibrating, it was moving around inside of me. Just barely, but moving nonetheless. I could feel myself warming up. My sex feeling full and thick. I wondered if the wetness below was from the lubricant or from me.

I shook my head, trying to clear the foggy fuzzy feeling, doing my best to concentrate on the report. Click-click-click, the keyboard keys clacked. Buzz- buzz-buzz the intruder in my sex hummed.

Fuck, but if it wasn't turning me on. I mean like *really* turning me on.

Part the saddle was raised and pressing right against my clitoris. It was hot and buzzing. It felt so good, oh God, I was sure the secretions were my own by now. I shifted in my seat, trying to avoid the buzzing, but the straps held me tightly in place. Instead of helping, the shifting felt wonderfully wickedly arousing as the dildo shifted inside me. Ugh, ugh, shit it was making me *hot*. Something I could not afford when everyone was looking at me out of the corner of their eyes. Oh God, I could feel my passion rising. I could no longer type. I could no longer concentrate on anything but suppressing my desire to moan in passion.

Thank heavens the buzzing and thrusting stopped before I lost control. Strangely, I yearned for more, and not just a little bit, I wanted it alot. But the gyrations had stopped. Everything in my lower region had stopped moving except the throbbing in my clit. Maybe the batteries had run down. Whew, thank God for small miracles. Perhaps I could finally get some work done.

I resumed typing and then the Sybian kicked back in again. I could hear it buzzing, so I typed faster, clacking the keys harder to disguise the hum of the trainer, which only seemed to intensify the vibrations. Closing my eyes tightly, I just listened to the transcription tape and typed like never before. Typed until I felt my sex grow warm and full. Typed until I could feel the orgasm swell and begin to blossom. I stopped typing and leaned back to let it overtake me, but strangely enough, again it stopped, leaving me panting and hanging on the edge, and growing increasingly frustrated.

It was only then that I remembered where I was. I peaked out of my left eye, and my worst fears were realized. Every eye in the office was glued to me. Dear Lord, I was so humiliated, I wanted to sit there with my eyes closed forever, but I knew it wasn't possible. I took a deep breath and willed my heaving chest still and I loosened my thighs from around the saddle. Only then did I open my eyes and clean the sweat from my brow with a few tissues.

"I don't hear any typing out there," Mark called out from his office.

I re-wound the tape to find my place and resumed typing. The vibrator immediately leapt to life. I stopped and so did the vibrator.

"If I don't hear you typing in the next few seconds, I'm going to have take you over my knee at your desk," Mark said.

"Yes, sir," I replied. The bastard! Somehow the vibrator and my keyboard were linked, and he knew! Well, I would show him. I resumed typing. Normally, I can do about eighty words per minute, but I slowed down to twenty or so, by starting and stopping the dictation tape. This kept the vibrator at a steady but controllable hum. A level I could sustain without embarrassing myself further.

It felt really nice inside of me and I was leaking like crazy. I typed slowly but surely. I dared not give Mark an excuse to spank me publicly. I closed my eyes and listened to Mark's voice on the transcription tape, basking in the sensations thrumming through my sex. Somewhere along the way, I became aware that I had failed to stop the tape, that I was typing as fast as I was able, and worse, that I was on the cusp of a mind-blowing orgasm. Part of me was screaming "Stop the tape, not here, not like this!" Another part of me was screaming "More, more, oh God, oh God, give it to me-fuck-fuck-make me cum!" My orgasm shot threw me and burst into shards behind my eyes, the room went black and I was thrown into a sexual abyss. I clutched the trainer tightly between my thighs and kept typing until another orgasm hit. Oh God-Oh God-Oh God. My orgasm blossomed and burst open. I clutch the saddle of the Sybian tightly between my thighs and kept typing until another orgasm hit.

Fuck-fuck-fuck, the vibrator touched me in all the right places. Oh fuck - oh fuck - oh no - not again! It drove me out of my mind. I was out of control. It was only then that I became aware that the tape had stopped and so had my typing. Everything seemed so quiet. I peeked out from my closed eyes. Dear God, every eye in the office was looking at me in shock. I was drenched in sweat and the seat of the trainer was sopping wet. Worse, I smelled of musk. Anyone would be able to smell me. I had never been so humiliated in my entire life.

"Okay everyone, back to work!" Mark shouted out. "You people act like you've never heard a squealer before."

A squealer. I wanted to die. Maybe I should have taken the letter opener and fell on it, like some sort of samurai and saved my honor. But, there was no way to fall on it even if I had the will to do so, strapped to the saddle of this damned machine as I was.

Thankfully, Mark wheeled me back into his office and closed the door.

"I had no idea you would be such a slut," Mark said with a condescending smirk. "But I gotta admit. You really sounded like you enjoyed yourself. 'Oh God - oh god, give it to me'," he mocked. His busy fingers opened my blouse, exposing my small breasts.

Had I really said that? Was I a squealer? I wasn't *that* loud. I couldn't have been. Oh God, and why was I still hot? And why were my eyes suddenly pulled as if by some strange magnetism to the sight of the bulge in Mr. Henderson's pants.

He caught the direction of my gaze.

"What are you looking at Megan?" He was smiling at me, thoroughly enjoying my predicament.

"Nothing." I tried to look away, but I found my gaze drawn back to it.

"You want to suck it, don't you?" he asked.

What was happening to me? I was not this kind of girl, and yet, there I was, nodding my head and meaning it for the first time since becoming a secretary.

"Ask Mr. Sybian."

I wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, but as a secretary I could never do that. Not if I wanted to work again . . . ever. But, I had already humiliated myself due to this sadistic man to such a degree, I hated the thought of descending even further.

Hated myself even as I asked, "Mr. Sybian," I said somewhat breathlessly. "May I suck Mr. Henderson's cock?"

The latex phallus in my sex gave an intense thrum, as if to say, yes, Megan, hurry and suck that wonderful cock.

But how could the Sybian possibly know? I looked in Mark's hand for a controller, but I didn't see one. The vibrator against my clit sped faster and at that point I didn't care how it knew. I was too busy tugging at Mr. Henderson's belt and then freeing his already rock hard cock. God, it looked angry and it truly was a monster. I reverently tried to circle it with my fingers and failed. I was no longer afraid of it. I wanted it inside of me -someway - somehow.

I was moaning again. Squealing. I eagerly used Mr. Henderson's thick cock to silence the humiliating sounds I was making. The vibrations intensified. I could feel the dildo moving - rotating in my cunt. I realized I was going to cum again, and I wanted . . . I-I wanted Mark to cum with me. I bobbed my head faster, all the while gently squeezing his large hairy plums with one hand, and masturbating the base of his cock with the other. I felt my orgasm rising up again.

Oh God-oh God. Mark grabbed the back of my head, but I didn't even wait. I thrust forward and buried his large dick down my throat. His pubes tickled my nose and I couldn't breathe, but God how I loved being fucked and filled at both ends. Me, I was oblivious except for the feeling of my own intense orgasm and the feeling of the cock in my throat beginning to contract. For the first time since I became a secretary I wanted to taste it. I wanted to suck it all down, drink it down my throat, but at the last moment he pulled out, robbing me of my reward. I opened my eyes only to have my vision clouded by a jet of cum against my glasses. I opened my mouth as wide as possible, catching some of his discharge but missing much more. I moved my face around with each spurt, letting him coat me, letting him cover my face with his copious spunk. Oh God, what was happening to me? I should have been horrified by what he was doing to me, instead, I was bucking, moaning, and groaning like the cheapest slut I had ever seen.

The worse part was, I couldn't seem to stop. When it was over, I gave Mark's penis a squeeze and milked the last drop of pearly liquid from his penis. He captured it with a finger and fed it to me.

It was delicious, salty sweet. "Mmmm- you know . . . I wanted you to cum in my mouth," I admitted. Why was I telling him this? Why was I was suddenly so weak?

01-02-2008, 02:48 PM
"I wanted to as well, but I couldn't," he said. "Hell, I wanted to feel that wet little pussy of yours wrapped around my big dick. But, that's totally off limits for the next thirty days. Oh well, I guess I can make do with the copy girl, until then."

"What do you mean?" I asked. I used to welcome any of my other bosses dallying with some of the other girls, but now I felt a new feeling. Was it jealousy? "You can ah- you know," I began. He could have me. I wondered what it would feel like to be taken by him, battered by the big monster cock.

"You mean you don't know?" he said. "Sybian training lasts for thirty days. Until then, you belong to Mr. Sybian."

No-no-no-no! I shook my head violently, a strand of his cum wiggled from my nose. I worked at the ties securing me to the Sybian, but they wouldn't budge.

"Relax, Megan," Mark said, smiling down at me. "Mr. Sybian will make everything all right."

The Sybian thrummed back to life in between my legs. I struggled some more. This wasn't in my contract. I was sure of it. I had to get out of there one way or another. This machine was changing me. I wasn't even the same person I was the day before. Then I felt a new sensation. The phallus wasn't just vibrating and moving. It was gently thrusting in and out of my sex. Oh fuck! I had to get off. I *really* had to get off. Yet, my body was disobeying me completely. My hands ran up and down my body and pinched my hard elongated nipples.

"Struggling just sets it off," Mr. Henderson said with a smirk. "Saying different combinations of words with Mr. Sybian or Mr. Henderson also makes it do interesting things. Maybe you should try them out. You'll have plenty of time over the next thirty days of training.

I looked at him in horror. He was a monster! All men were monsters! I prayed to God, pleading with him to grant women their rights back again. But, I realized I couldn't count on God, because he was a man. He had to be. Why else could this have happened to me? Oh God, yes! Fuck it felt so good. I began to say a different prayer. Oh God, fuck me! Oh God, please let me cum. I heard myself squeal.

What was it that Mark had said. Saying different combinations of words along with Mr. Sybian would make the trainer do different things.

"Oh God, Mr. Sybian," I groaned. The saddle slid open in the middle and then closed back around my clit. "Oh yeah, that's it baby. Do my clit! Oh Please, Mr. Henderson."

My clit was vibrated between the panels that it was secured between and I was instantly cumming. My hips bucked. I rode Mr. Sybian like a horse. "Fuck-fuck- fuck-I'm cumming Mr. Sybian. Oh fuck . . ."

I was vaguely aware that Mr. Henderson was pushing me back into the office. He said something or other about serving as an example to the other girls. I could have cared less, I was in heaven, but looking around, I saw the horrified expressions of some of the other secretaries and female staff members. A few looked at me smugly, with a superior look in their eyes. While most looked scared, frightened, with a hot flush to their cheeks . . . wondering what they would look like when they were being trained by Mr. Sybian.

But it was so hard to think about anything when your pussy is on fire with pleasure. "Oh dear God, I'm yours Mr. Henderson. My ass, my pussy, my mouth. Oh fuck baby, fuck me any way you want Mr. Sybian. Oh-oh - aiiee!" I cried. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me harder." By now the dildo was a piston driving through my cunt. And I, I was nothing but my cunt. A quivering wet hole. "Harder Mr.-Sybian-Harder. Oh God, gonna cum. No, oh no, what are you doing?"

The cock in my pussy was withdrawing. I tried to squeeze tighter so that it wouldn't go, but it was withdrawing despite my best efforts. And then, and then I felt something totally unexpected. A probing . . . a pushing against my other hole.

"No . . . oh God, no not there. No please, I've never done it like that before," I protested. But still it pushed. How do you argue with a machine? It hurt as it entered me and it filled me completely. Stretched as I was I couldn't help but to think of Mr. Henderson's monstrous phallus. How would it feel? How would it feel in my pussy? How would it feel in my ass? I lifted off the seat as far I could to escape this new humiliation. "Please Mr. Sybian, I'm a - I'm a virgin there."

Somehow it must have heard and thankfully it stopped. I looked around and every eye was plastered on me as if they were drinking me in. I had never been so humiliated in all my life, but at least it was partially over. At least they weren't going to watch while I was anally sodomized.

I heard a buzzing below and looked down to see as the little vibrating horn began to move. I was curious. What was it doing? I watched as it began to rise, bringing itself level with my clit. It touched me, sending vibrations to every molecule of my clit. Oh God, it was going to make me cum. My ass clenched at the dildo buried just inside the ring of my grommet.

The sensations grew. Fuck, it was going to make me cum. But then to my disappointment, it withdrew from my sex and began to lower until it was just out of reach. However, it was still down there, still buzzing . . . beckoning me. And then . . . oh God, how I hate to admit it, but the bonds released. I was free!

And yet . . . and yet . . . I was still horny-so horny. No, oh God no - please don't. Don't make me do it. Oh God, you bastard, you're going to make me do it to myself, aren't you? I realized that people were listening, and I burned with humiliation. I prayed for the strength to resist, but my body was already betraying me. I pushed down, grunting as I impaled myself on the cock in my ass.

Up and down it led me. Faster and faster. I was doing it. I was fucking myself. Fucking myself in the ass while everyone in the office looked on. No one made the effort to appear not to stare. The secretaries' eyes were filled with fear, the male executives with hungry desire.

But, I could no longer concentrate on them. My mind - my soul - my cunt only had room for on person and that was Mr. Sybian. Just as I was getting into a good rhythm, the cock in my ass withdrew and larger one that had thick ridges rose up about five inches away.

I tried to lower my sex on it, but it withdrew. When I rose up, it did as well. It only stayed up when I shifted my hips and lined the head up with my ass. This one almost too my breath away as I fucked myself on it. My ass alternately stretched and clenched on every large ridge. I was grunting and sweating like a pig, but I didn't care. I was getting into a rhythm again. Up and down I bounced. Bucking - fucking - harder - faster. I was so close. So close to coming. "Come on baby. . . please Mr. Sybian. I'm doing it. I'm doing what you wanted. I'm fucking myself. Fucking myself in the ass. Oh please. Please - I'm desperate . . .just hold still - just for a second. Oh I'm so close. Oh please oh please - I- I-I need it. . . Oh oh - oh here it comes. Oh Fuck ohfuck." And then I was doing it. I was coming again. The rings closed around my thighs and ankles and I realized I was trapped again.

As my orgasm faded, my feeling of humiliation and debasement swelled. Oh God, what had I done? That wasn't me. It couldn't be. I was naked and alone in an office full of penetrating stares. I only had one way to escape my shame, even though I knew my respite would be temporary.

"Please Mr. Sybian," I whispered, stroking the musky wet leather saddle, and bringing the trainer back to life. "I need it. I need it again. I'll be a - I'll be a good girl. I'll be a good secretary. I'll be the best secretary ever."

The End


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Brother-in-Law's Morning Treat

'What the hell did I do last night?' Kathy thought to herself.

She still couldn't believe what she had done. She knew that she was taking a chance going to the bathroom with only her short pyjama top on, knowing that Mark was still downstairs and could possibly even be on his way up the stairs. Anyway, she had plucked up her courage and marched to the bathroom knowing that if he saw her he would almost certainly catch a glimpse of her ass or her pubic hair. Her heart was racing and she could feel that tell-tale ache deep in the pit of her pussy that told her she was getting too turned on and in danger of losing control.

The thought of taking this risk had played around and around her mind for most of the previous evening and, indeed, it had been her husband, Andrew, who had planted the idea of encouraging Mark – sexually - in her mind. She had just decided to do it on her own terms!

She remembered the feeling that she had as she approached the bathroom and realised that Mark had not started upstairs. She felt a surge of disappointment and frustration, so much so that she had deliberately slowed down.

She had then dared herself to totally remove the pyjama top and wait for him to come upstairs.

She stood there completely naked – breasts heaving, nipples hard and erect, pussy warm, moist and tingling – for what seemed like an age. Then when she had heard a sound from downstairs her nerve had snapped and she had hurried into the bathroom.

She had stood in the bathroom, before the mirror, and looked hard at herself. She knew the look in her eye – lust. She dipped two fingers into her wet, warm pussy and gently stroked her clit. She was on fire.

She had heard Mark start his way up the stairs then, quickly putting the pyjama top back on; she had opened the bathroom door and stepped out.

As Mark had looked up toward her she had immediately seen the look on his face that told her that he had seen it. There was no going back.

'Oh hi Mark' she said in a surprised tone, 'I thought you had gone to bed.

He took in the sight for all he was worth as he kept her there, waiting for his reply, as long as he could. She had then placed her hands carefully in front of her naked pussy to keep up the pretence of modesty as he approached her.

As he slowly climbed the stairs toward her, he made no attempt to hide the stiff cock that she had caused.

'I'm very glad that you thought so,' he had replied 'otherwise you might have put some clothes on!'

Her eyes were drawn down to the protrusion at the front of his jogging bottoms.

She laughed, 'Jesus Mark, what the hell have you got stuck down the front of your trousers?'

'You should know – you caused it.' he replied, trying to mix a bit of humour with a bit of flirtation.

'Fancy getting that reaction - just showing a bit of leg!' Kathy had exclaimed.

With that she had turned away from him and headed back to the guest's bedroom. She had imagined him watching her bare ass sway as she walked along the landing - he would probably try to memorise that image for as long as he could!

When she had re-entered the bedroom she was surprised to find that Andrew was awake with the light on. She knew that he would have noticed her bare pussy immediately and would probably have a million annoying questions for her in the morning, but for that moment she had a fire burning inside her that had to be put out.

She had mounted him immediately and his stiff cock had slipped easily into her very wet pussy. She had known from his hardness that he was imagining what may have happened between her and Mark on the way back from the bathroom. She had ridden him hard until her lust was sated and then she went to sleep before he could start the interrogation.

Anyway, here she was the following morning – lying awake in bed, alone, going over and over the previous night's events – getting turned on all over again!

The normal weekend routine when visiting her sister's is that Susan and the kids go to ballet lessons for the morning, Mark and Andrew get up early for a round of golf then Andrew wakes Kathy up, with a nice cup of coffee, on his return.

She looked at her watch – they should be back from golf any minute now.

After a short while she heard the front door open and the sound of footsteps in the hall. Unusually there was no conversation to be heard. She would have expected Mark and Andrew to be discussing their game.

Two minutes later she heard footsteps on the stairs, climbing then approaching the bedroom.

A light knock on the door then Mark's voice 'Are you decent in there, Kathy?'

Surprised to hear Marks's voice she checked that she was covered by the light bed sheet and then told him to come in.

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He came in to the bedroom carrying two cups of coffee and explained to Kathy that today they had entered a golf tournament and that he had been eliminated early. Andrew however had qualified for the later stages and would not be back for a couple of hours.

She felt a tinge of nervousness in the realisation that they were completely alone together for the next couple of hours, in the light of what had taken place the previous evening.

Mark handed a coffee to Kathy, sat down on the edge of the bed and then blurted out 'Kathy I'm sorry for staring at you at last night – I couldn't help myself.'

'Oh that's ok,' she replied, 'most men like having a look at a woman's legs.'

'I think I saw a bit more than your legs!' responded Mark.

'What do you mean?' asked Kathy, quietly with a look of horror on her face.

Mark, seeing her response, got a little bolder – 'You know - it's got nice, dark, curly hair on it - your pussy.'

'Mark, don't be so crude!' she exclaimed.

She was still in an extremely horny mood so she decided to push the conversation in a way that turned her on.

'I thought that you might have seen something,' she whispered, 'it was an accident. Please don't tell Andrew – he gets so jealous.'

Mark softened when he saw her appearing to become upset. He said 'Don't worry Kathy. I didn't see much anyway. It all happened so quickly and it was a little bit dark.'

Kathy then pushed Mark into a direction he hadn't anticipated.

'If I let you have a better look, will you promise to keep our secret from Andrew?' she asked, looking down at the bed.

Kathy's sat there a mass of nerves as she waited for his response. Would he correctly read the signs – that she was willing for him to take control as long as he played her game – or would he back down?

Her pussy tingled and her nipples hardened as she waited.

'I don't know,' he replied, 'it wouldn't be right for me to keep something so important back from my best friend.'

As he spoke, Kathy lay back on the bed and started toying with the top button on her pyjama jacket.

'What if I let you see my tits too?' She offered.

'I still don't think it would be right.' was the response.

She undid the buttons on her pyjama top with trembling fingers. She sat there with her jacket slightly open her cleavage exposed. She took Mark's right hand and guided it inside the jacket onto her left breast.

'What if I let you feel them too?' she asked, stroking the palm of his hand over her hard nipple.

Mark didn't reply. She watched with excitement the look on his face change as he realised the enormity of what was happening to him. He had desired Kathy for years and now here she was - half dressed, stroking his hand over her nipple.

She looked down at the front of his trousers and noticed a great deal of strain as his erection fought for room for grow.

The familiar ache had returned to her pussy and she knew that she would need to be satisfied soon. Had she pushed the game with Mark too far?

She moved his hand over her other breast, opening the front of her jacket completely as she did so – exposing her breasts and nipples fully to Mark's eager eyes.

'What if I let you feel my pussy? Will you keep our secret then?' she begged.

She proceeded to push his right hand lower across her tummy and under the bed sheet until it reached the top of her pubic hair.

'I want to kiss you as well.' said Mark.

Kathy turned her head to him and allowed him to embrace her in a deep passionate kiss. She pushed his hand lower until she felt his fingers slide over her well lubricated clit and pussy lips. Their tongues entwined as he started to massage her clitoris.

She left his hand to its own devices as she reached for and undid his trousers. His cock sprang out. It was hard as rock. She felt his balls - they were large and round and very full and heavy.

He broke the kiss and pulled down the sheet so he could have a good long look at her naked pussy as he fingered her. She opened her legs wider, drunk in the knowledge that here she was allowing a man other than Andrew to see and play with her pussy for the first time. She was consumed by sexual desire and needed release soon.

She pushed Mark onto his back and lowered her head to his cock. She gently tongued the tip and the shaft before opening her mouth and engulfing it. She licked and sucked while gently tickling his balls with her fingernails.

She then straddled Mark sitting across the top of his thighs – his big stiff cock sticking up right in front of her pussy. She wrapped her fingers around it and started a slow wanking action. She could see that Mark was at the point of bursting.

'So, what will it take for you to keep our secret? Will I have to fuck you? Will I have to let you put your cock in me?' urged Kathy.

Mark looked confused but filled with lust.

She raised herself up and positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt.

'Tell me, tell me, you bastard!' she screamed as she lowered herself onto his big stiff pole.

'Yes, yes,' he gasped as he soaked up the sensation of her hot, wet, tight pussy enveloping his throbbing cock. 'I want you to fuck me – now and whenever else I want.'

His words sent her over the edge and she felt a series of orgasms rip through her body. She felt him speed up his strokes and felt his body tense. He tried to pull out of her before he shot his load but she held on to him tighter.

'Where the fuck do you think you're going? Give it to me. Give me all you've got.' she demanded.

She felt another orgasm rip through her to coincide with the torrent of his hot seed.

They lay there panting. She looked into Mark's eyes, smiled and said 'Is our secret safe?'

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One sexy night

We needed to get away and my husband booked a room at a nice hotel
downtown just the perfect thing to break up the monotint of life. Both my husband and I were looking forward to an exciting weekend. Steve and I have been married for ten years and every now and then it's nice to get away. The drive to the hotel took us about an hour as Steve was driving
carefully. Once up in our room we unpacked and freshened up. I took the first shower while Steve watched TV. Made sure that I was sexy and smooth and once finished in the bathroom I gave it to Steve. While Steve showered I dressed. For this night, I had a black skirt that was a little too short, black pumps that were a little too tall, sexy blouse that was a little too thin and sheer, a bra that was just for support as anyone could see my nipples if they looked closely enough. I'm a natural girl and don't use that much make up, just a little eyeliner and lip-gloss. Wow, I looked hot! I would do me. My body started to remember how it was being a woman and wanted some attention from my man.

We were a little early for dinner so stopped by the bar. This would be okay as I had to go to the ladies room. Guess I was nervous. We sat down and ordered a round. Nice classy place, a few professionals were scattered around. I excused myself and went to the ladies room. When I returned, Steve was talking to this man. A rather distinguished man and they were talking like old buddies. The gentleman stood up and greeted me, told me his name was Frank. He was sexy with salt and pepper hair, a hot body, and a killer smile. It was easy to see by how he talked and acted Frank had means. I knew nothing about Frank, but damn he was sexy. My own personal Robert Redford sounds cheesy but that who he reminded me of. He ordered me some Champaign and knew that the night was going to be special. We sat there enjoyed each others company and Champaign. Frank had a lot of funny stories that made me feel very comfortable. Steve was very smitten with Frank, almost a man crush thing. Well not really but Frank and Steve made an instant connection.

Frank looked at me than my husband, "Well, the night is still young. Why don't you come up my suite? My room has an amazing view, a pool table, and a full bar. Steve perked up, "Wow, that rocks." Steve pulled me up and started to dance with me. I was confused, "What are you going?" Steve grabbed my ass, "Anything you want baby." Then he kissed me hard on the lips. Steve's tongue entered my mouth, a slow wet seductive dance. His
kiss was passionate and really warmed me up. Totally forgot that Steve's new best friend was watching us as I was lost in lust. Steve broke the kiss as Frank asked for a dance; I didn't have any resistance as I wanted someone to take me to bed.

Frank held me close too close for my comfort. He was bold but not over the top, I knew that he wanted me and I was afraid to admit it to myself that I wanted him. Loved the way he moved me dancing, and could tell he would be amazing in bed. He was strong, confident and very sexy. Frank knew the right thing to say. As we danced, he started to show his appreciation for my body. Love feeling a man against me and boy did he feel impressive.

From his dancing, I could tell Frank is a man that gets what he wants. Then he looked over at Steve, "Steve I would like to kiss your wife." Was that a question or statement? Wait he just asked my husband if he could kiss me. Steve would never allow that, but oh how I wanted him to kiss me. My heart skipped a beat as his words resonated through my body. I looked up at Steve, he smiled. Oh my god, Steve just gave frank permission. Could I do that?

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Frank stopped moving, his hands went to my face. Tenderly he cupped my cheeks and bent forward. It's been years since another man kissed me, how would his lips taste? How would he kiss me? Then I felt his lips touch mine. Ever so lightly his lips touched mine. I pulled back not really sure Steve wanted this. Fank was a little aggressive in how he held me then Steve said, "She's a firecracker once you get past her defensives."

What the hell did that mean? What was my husband saying to Frank? What was Steve telling me? I was aroused and confused. My body craved his touch but my mind was afraid. What if things go wrong? What if Steve becomes jealous? Frank pulled me close to him again, his cock pressed firmly against my stomach. My arousal took over as my defenses waned. I looked down not able to look at my husband or Frank, tried to catch my breath, but with his skillful hands Frank quickly removed my blouse. Steve just gasped, I expected him to put an end to this. How could Steve be enjoying this with another man was touching his wife, kissing his wife, and to watch his wife surrender to this man?

Frank's hand went under my chin and pulled me face up, our eyes met. "You have a beautiful body." Frank unclipped my bra with no reaction from Steve.
Frank leaned towards me and kissed me again, only this time I didn't pull away. His hands tenderly rubbed the small of my back and slowly he worked his right hand up my body till he found my breast. He was careful not to touch my nipple which teased me made me want more. Frank tongue touched my lips and entered my mouth. This time I felt his passion as we embraced. Slowly he worked his tongue around mine, a nice sexy dance. Nothing was going to stop me, unless Steve came to save me.

I pulled back, and looked at him. My face flushed with arousal, my nipples hard and screamed for a moth to suck on them. I looked at Steve for some help but all he could do was mouthed, "I love you." Franked guided me to a large leather chair and before he sat down, Frank removed his slacks. Oh my god this was going to happen. I didn't look at Steve, something told me to not look at him, and maybe it was from being embarrass for being so aroused for another man. That another man wanted me and for the past ten minutes could feel his desire for me against my stomach.

With his strong hands Frank guided my face to his cock. Frank wanted me to suck his hard cock, which I was more than willing to do. I wanted to pleasure him, wanted him to look and touch my nearly nude body. Than, I felt Franks impressively ridged cock touch my cheek, but before I took him I had to see my husband. Steve's face was red and I'm sure he was aroused. While looking at Steve, I let the head of Frank's cock enter my mouth. Frank moved his hands from my shoulder to my head. He turned my face to take all of his cock. Steve has never been dominating in bed but I really like how Frank was moving me around.

I waited for Steve to say something, he did nothing. Frank pushed down and his cock penetrated my lips. I tasted him, my first strange cock in over ten years. It was a strange feeling, to be between a man's legs with your husband watching ten feet away. I felt like a slut and loved it. Frank started to run his fingers through my hair. I tried to look over at Steve but Frank with his hands kept me focused on his cock. Finally I just gave in, started to really work Frank's cock. Did my best to make all those sexy slurping sounds that drive men wild. Granted, part of me was making those sounds for my husband. Frank had a very sexy body and could tell he worked out. His legs were very tone and as I sucked him his thighs and calf's would flex. I tried my best to take all of him, but unable due to his length.

For the first time frank let go of me, he sat back in his chair allowing me to work. From this change, I looked up and could tell he was enjoying my work. Part of me wanted him to open his eyes, as I love having my lover watch me suck him. Frank started to breathe heavier and flexed a few time. Yeah, he was getting close. This just encouraged me more! Use all the tricks I knew, teasing the head with my tongue. Used my left hand to hold the base of his cock, and then let some of my saliva leak from my lips. That saliva lubricated
my hand, allowing me to use my hand to work his shaft.

That did he, he sat back and grunted. I felt the head of his cock expand as the first wave of his cum hit the back of my throat. Normally I don't swallow but he caught me off guard. To be honest, he didn't taste bad. I just kept as much of him in my mouth as possible. Once his orgasm was finished, his eyes finally opened. I totally forgot about Steve, but I had to other wise I would be too embarrassed to perform. I looked over at my husband; he looked okay just in shock. I gave Frank a few more licks I tilted my face to the side, this way both men were able to watch my tongue on Frank's cock.

What was I to do now? Frank didn't say anything, Steve was in shock. I stood up, both men watched me. Steve came over and gave me a hug. I mustered all my saliva and tried to freshen my mouth. Steve was pretty cum shy and now I had a stranger's cum in my mouth. Frank handed a business card to Steve and told him that he would love to see us again. I gathered my blouse and started to put it on, "Steve, take me back to our room now!"

We left Frank's room and I was on fire. I forgot my bra and my blouse was pretty thin, luckily I'm still pretty firm. The soft material of the bloused was restless against my nipples making them even harder! Steve better hurry cuz in that state of mind I would fuck anyone! In the elevator a couple of men were looking at me, and they weren't discrete. I grabbed Steve's hand and shoved it under my skirt to my crotch. "Feel how wet I am! Get me to the room now or you better fuck me here!"

For Steve's sake, the door opened and it was our floor.

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Sweet Encounter

As we made the turn onto my street, my heart began to race. I needed him so badly, and I just knew someone was going to be home. Someone was going to ruin it for me. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when we had made the corner just enough to see that my drive way was still vacant and my neighbors were nowhere in sight. He pulled his car into my driveway and then turned his head to look at me. We both knew what we wanted; I was already wet with anticipation and the look in his eyes only heightened my hunger.

After a few moments, we headed into my house. I didn't even look back or lightly scan the inside just to be sure we were completely alone, my craving for him was too great to notice anything else. I threw my things down on my bed and quickly made my way back to the living room where he was still standing. He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me so close I could feel his hot breath on my lips right before we kissed. His lips tasted so incredible wrapped around mine. I loved the way he kissed, so passionately hard...his tongue playfully teasing mine. After our embrace, I whispered in his ear as if others might hear, "Where do you want to do this love?"

Wasting no time, he led me to the chair in the corner of my living room and sat down. The temptation to attack him made it insanely hard to hold back but watching him skillfully undo his belt buckle.slowly guide the extra out of the loops and then unbutton and unzip his pants while never breaking eye contact with me did something mad inside me. That was as far as I let him get before I got down on my knees between his as he pulled his already hard self out of his jeans. I looked up him to see him still looking at me...with those hungry eyes. I took him in my hands and wrapped my lips around him. I loved the way he tasted.the way he felt between my lips. I swiveled my tongue around his head and then began sucking on him wholly.his grip on my shoulders and soft but deep moans directing me. Just as I was really getting into it, he stopped me. I looked up once again and he placed his hand on my cheek and smiled. We both got up in unison.as if to read each other's minds and made our way back to my bedroom.

Something about being in my bed made it even better. He lied down and pulled a pillow from the top of my bed, folded it, and placed it under his head. I got down on my knees and without hesitation, placed my lips back around him. In this position, I could see his beautiful stomach. That was my soft spot: His stomach. The little trail of hair leading down it to his belly button.I couldn't get enough of it. The way it tensed up when he moaned with pleasure. He wrapped his legs around me and I knew it was about to happen.I was about to have him completely. But then, once again, he stopped me.

Placed his warm rough hand on my cheek and smiled down at me. Then before I knew what was happening.he'd flipped me over and I could feel his entire body on top of mine. His warm, manly body enveloping mine. He kissed me hard and then while looking deeply into my eyes told me he loved me. My heart nearly burst. I wanted him so badly. I wanted to feel him inside me have his way with me. Slowly as we continued kissing, he unbuttoned my jeans and while pulling them off of me.kissed my stomach with his sweet lips,
breathing his warm breath on me all the way down. He did the same thing the entire way back up to my lips, stopping at my nipples and then my neck to suck every so lightly. I sunk deeper. I wrapped my legs around him and using his fingers.he opened me up. Slowly first and then faster he thrust his fingers inside and then around me until I was horribly wet. He then took his cock and rubbed it against me.both lubricating himself and teasing me at the same time.

I couldn't take anymore. He then removed his fingers and slowly forced himself inside me. I thrust myself up and he in return aggressively thrust back. I no longer knew anything else but him. It was pure ecstasy. The way he looked at me as we continued to harmoniously thrust. Each time him getting a little deeper never once breaking eye contact. I felt a warm tear quickly run down the side of my face and land in my hair. I was crying. I never thought I'd be a crier but it felt so good to feel him so deep inside me. I loved him so much. I could feel his cock begin to pulsate between my lips. He was about to fill me with his sweetness. He leaned down to kiss me hard before he pushed one last time and then pulled himself out of me just in time to cum all over my stomach and in my belly button. He then fell on top of me and while still breathing ever so heavy, laid his head on my shoulder. We laid there together. I gnoring the rest of the world. Only we existed and I didn't want it to end.

The End

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It was getting close to lunch time and I was already restless. I was staring into the terminal of my work station, not concentrating on what I needed to do, but thinking of wild sexual encounters involving myself and my latest lust. There was a light tap at the door behind me, taking me out of my reverie. I turned to see the part-timer, Anita, looking around the door as she opened it. She had started the previous day. She was doing a report for the boss and I had been assigned to answer any questions that she may have had.

The day before, while she had been in the adjacent office, going over the project with the boss I couldn't help but notice her. She wore a modest skirt which came to about her knees. Her legs were marvelous, thin and shapely. She had a fine body with sensual curves. She wasn't skinny, or thin, but she was fine. Her breasts, full and perfectly proportioned, pressed against the light blouse that she wore. Her face was pretty and she had a wonderful mane of long, black silky hair.

As she left the office with her bundle of notebooks and papers, Anita's eyes met mine. They were a light shade of Black. Her smile was infectious. It made an electric sensation go through my body and my head was light. I smiled my best smile back at her. She didn't look away and with a wave and a crinkle of her eye, she said "See You!", and was out the door. She was scheduled to be here for the rest of the week and suddenly I had the feeling that it was going to be quite good. She had come by on two occasions the previous day.

On the first, she had only inquired about how to format the report she was working on. She stood at the door, leaning into my office as she asked. I turned in my chair to face her. Her hair fell over her shoulders as she leaned forward and her blouse fell open a bit, offering a brief glimpse of her treasures as she asked, "How should print this when I'm done?" I could feel a stirring in my loins. I said "You can just keep the text in block paragraphs and put the figures in columns under however many headings you feel necessary." I couldn't take my eyes away from the opening of her blouse, hoping that I would get another view. When I finally shifted my gaze up to her face, Anita had a knowing look and a silly smile. She said "O.K., I can do that.", then she stepped out of the office and closed the door behind her.

Later when she returned she had a rough draft of the report compiled from a small percentage of the stats she had reviewed. She set the pad on the desk in front of me and leaned over my shoulder and pointed out key elements as I read. I could smell her scent, not a perfume, but a sweet feminine scent. I could hardly concentrate, I could feel my pulse quicken. Her hair was on my shoulder and felt as light as clouds. As I turned to speak to her while she leaned over me, I notice that her blouse had been unbuttoned one button down from where it had been. I had a full view of the gorgeous swell of her breasts through the top of her blouse.

Ooh, it was delicious. Her breasts were full, clad in a white lacy bra and they stretched her blouse so that from my position I was awarded with this gorgeous view. I thought I was going to fall out of my chair. I said "Yes, this format looks very good, I like the way they..., it stands out." I felt her press her hips into my side as she stood to me. My cock was beginning to get very hard. I turned toward her in my chair as she collected her papers. She was looking straight at the bulge in my pants with her lips slightly parted as she ran her pink tongue over them. She said "Yes I like the way it stands out too.", and gave my shoulder a squeeze as she turned to go. For the remainder of the day and that evening I was constantly thinking how she would look naked, or clad only in her thin filmy blouse and a pair of socks.

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I had fantasies of sucking on her hard nipples, of how her soft black pubic hair would feel on my face and more. I wondered if things had actually transpired as I had remembered. Had she really been wetting her lips as she stared at my stiff cock? Or was I just hoping that she was? I awoke this morning with a raging hardon and sleepy memories of passionate, erotic love making with Anita in my dreams. I couldn't stop thinking, fantasizing about her. My cock was in a constant state of fullness and I was thinking of doing anything and everything to her, for her, with her.

Now, here I was sitting, kicked back in my office chair engulfed in thoughts of hard, wet, steamy sex with this person I barely knew,but wanted bad, and here she was! Her face had a radiant smile that seemed like it was meant just for me. Anita stepped into the office and shut the door. She peaked around the door into my bosses adjacent office and upon noticing that it was dark and unoccupied she asked "Where's Mrs. Gupta today?". "She called in and said she needed a mental health break today and said she wouldn't be in until this afternoon, if at all." I responded. "Well, I came by to pick up a notebook that was over here in Mrs.Gupta's office and I don't know where it is." She went into Mrs. Gupta's office and began to look around. As usual, Mrs. Gupta's office was a wreck with papers, reports and books strewn about.

I watched Anita look in the book case and on the table,moving papers and other miscellaneous items about. As she went about the room I watched the way she moved, the positions and curves of her body. As she looked for the notebook Anita was saying "We were looking through it yesterday..." She knew I was in the doorway watching and almost seemed to be posing at times. I could feel an excitement growing and I was feeling slightly out of breath as my penis grew and throbbed as I stood watching her. Anita turned and said, "There it is!" Pointing to a blue binder that was under the desk opposite the door. Before I could move to pick it up for her she had bent over from the hip, with her legs straight like she was going to tie her shoes and was reaching for the book. Her skirt rode up her legs to a height that almost revealed the bottom of her panties.Her ass was magnificent!

Nicely shaped, with her skirt pulled tight around it, it was too much to resist. I stepped up very close behind her, wanting to press my straining cock into her ass, but instead, stopping bare inches before making contact. I said "Can I help you?" Anita leaned back into me, grinding her luscious butt on my crotch, "I hoped you would." "Oooh", she moaned as she laid her head on one arm folded across the desk and hiked up her skirt with the other, while humping against me with her ass.

I held onto her waist as I returned her pressure against me, grinding my hard dick against her ass. By now my cock was immense, wanting to be freed, wanting to be in her. Anita was keeping up a steady motion and making soft moaning sounds. In one fluid motion she stood up and turned around while dropping her skirt. I kissed her hard and felt her hot, probing tongue enter my mouth. She pressed her body against mine. I could feel her breasts against my chest and pulled her tighter against me. I reached around and squeezed her ass in my hands. Anita's breathing was heavy, and I was getting extremely excited.

We let go of each other and I stood back to look at her. She had kicked off her shoes and her legs, long and lean, were smooth as silk. Her panties were so skimpy they were almost not there, they were so thin I could see her ample bush of red pubic hair through them and how she was already wet with excitement. I reached for the buttons on her blouse. Starting from the bottom, I released them one by one. Her blouse opened to reveal her gorgeous breasts. I leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth as my hands moved up to caress her magnificent orbs. They were large and I was surprised at their firmness. I I ran my hands down her sides and squeezed her ass, then, still frenching with her I caressed her back until I came upon the strap to her bra.

Anita let out an audible sigh as her bra strap came free. She reached up and loosened my tie then began to unbutton my shirt. I took my tie completely off and kicked off my shoes as Anita reached my belt. She played her fingers over the belt then squeezed my bulging cock as she whispered "Why do I want you so bad?". I stepped back, reaching up to slide her blouse off of her shoulders, as it fell to the floor, Anita shrugged her bra off and proudly displayed her tits. They were big and perky. Her areolas were half again as big as a silver rupee, with nipples as big as my thumb and protruding half an inch.

They looked so excellent! I put my mouth on her left nipple, feeling it grow and harden as I sucked and licked it. Anita was crooning and as I moved to suck her other nipple she unbuckled my belt and released the catch on my pants, which fell about my ankles. I buried my face in her cleavage and she squeezed her breasts against my face. Anita pressed her breasts against me. She moved them up and down and back and forth across my face before moving down to my chest. She continued down my body, rubbing in a circular motion while kissing and nipping my chest. As she reached my stomach, she slid her hands down my back and under my shorts. She didn't stop, and ran her hands down over my ass and down my legs, carrying my shorts off.

As I stepped out of my shorts and pants, Anita was rubbing her lips and cheeks up and down the entire length of my hard cock. I watched as she kneeled in front of me, kissing and licking the underside of my prick from the base to just underthe head. My legs were shaking as she had my ass in both hands and was nibbling all around my cock and balls. My cock was hard as steel, wet with Anita's saliva and twitching with excitement. Anita rolled her eyes up to look at me as she began to suck my raging penis into her hot mouth. Her lips moved over my cock head and down the shaft until she had
swallowed all of it.

I groaned with pleasure as she sucked on my entire cock, flicking her tongue across the bottom then releasing pressure, sliding her mouth back, letting my cock come almost completely out of her mouth, then going slowly back down to swallow even more. I ran my fingers through Anita's silky hair, grabbing handfuls and pumping my hips slowly as she continued to suck me deeply into her mouth. Anita started to move faster and I felt a surge building deep in my balls. She was taking my entire length into her mouth. I could feel myself coming up against the back of her throat, and she wanted more of it.
Anita was grunting and slurping as my cock drove in and out of her mouth. She liked what she was doing and she was good at it. I held fistfuls of her auburn hair as I pumped my cock into her welcoming mouth.

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02-02-2008, 09:46 PM
Anita was bobbing her head, feverishly sucking my dick while she was griping and stroking the base of my cock with her hand. She began to coo as she tasted the pre-come that started to spill from my penis. I could feel an orgasm coming. My toes were curled tight, my legs were tense and my butt was clenched as I felt the excitement build. I lost all sense of time and place as the sensation built to a climax.

Anita continued to voraciously suck and pull on my cock, licking it, swallowing it. I felt as hard as granite and as big as a tree and I could feel it in the bottom of my balls as I started to come. My cock throbbed, sending waves of pleasure and pain through my rod, pumping a huge load of come into Anita's mouth. My cock kept pulsating and throbbing, shooting great wads of come.

Anita was lapping it all up, swallowing my cock as I was coming and licking the head of my cock and rubbing it across her lips as come pulsed from me. She still held me around the base of my cock and as my orgasm began to fade she milked every last drop from me. My orgasm was so forceful my legs were shaking and weak. I had never experienced anything so good and looked down in amazement as Anita slid her mouth off my cock. She had come on her face and was licking it off her lips. As I helped her shakily to her feet she said "ooh, I love that, I love the taste of your come!" She licked her lips then kissed me.

As she kissed me she darted her tongue, wet with my come and her saliva into my mouth and it did taste good. I kissed her face, her neck, moving down to her shoulders as I caressed her body with my hands. I continued kissing down her shoulders and her arms then moved over to suck her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard. I sucked first the right nipple while gently holding and squeezing her left breast. Then I started to lick her entire tit and moved my mouth to suck her left nipple and flick it with my tongue. I then started to kiss my way down her flat stomach, arriving at the waist band of her panties. I got on my knees and I nuzzled my face and nose against her pubic mound and scraped my teeth against her pussy through the sheer fabric of her panties. Her crotch was absolutely soaked with pussy juice. I licked at her through her panties as Anita began to sigh and grind her crotch into my face.

The End

02-02-2008, 10:26 PM

For the first time when I wanted to appoint a personal secretary I put an advt and called unmarried smart and experienced girls, many girls turned up and I started interviewing the girls asking them all about work and the girls I like I also enquire if they have a boyfriend, if they can stay late, and then after clearing the other girls I have selected some six girls whom I again interview, this time I ask more personal questions like if they have had any sexual experience and finally if they will agree to show me their body , out of the six four agree and of these two are virgins.

My real interview begins now the first one whose name is Sharon is quite experienced and though she has a regular boyfriend who fucks her quite often she also gets screwed by other guys whenever she finds a nice guy and she was screwing her previous boss, I now ask her to show me her boobs and her cunt, she comes near me asks me undress her myself, I first open her shirt and then her bra, her breasts are quite big and sagging a bit I squeeze them and then I lift her skirt she is wearing a small lace panty which I pull down and see her pussy I start feeling it and then I put my fingers in it, its really dripping and also quite big which is clear sign that it has been screwed quite often.

I call the second girl who was a virgin, I asked her about her sexual experiences and she said that she had not screwed but had sucked her cousins cock and even had her cunt fingered and also masturbated regularly but had not screwed as she did not get the right guy and also an opportunity, she went on to say that she liked and was about to say something but stopped , I think she was going to say that she would love to get fucked by me. I then asked her to undress, she quite readily removed her shirt and her bra and showed me her boobs -which were not very big but firm exactly the type I liked, she then was about to pull down her jeans but asked me if I could show her my cock , I agreed and she pulled down my trousers and removed my tool and held it then removed her jeans and then her panty, her cunt looked nice I felt it and put my fingers in it , it was really hot and juicy but quite tight as she was a virgin, I then asked her to masturbate in front of me, she said she could if I could tell her some sexy story .

I then started to tell her how I would screw her in the open air on a beach, as I started she sat on the table in front of me and brought both her hands in front of her cunt and started fingering it, it got me really excited and I also put my fingers in her cunt to help her and continued the story of how I would strip her on the beach and make her suck me and how I would spread her legs and lick her cunt, where other passerbys could see her getting screwed, as I told her how I would put my cock in her cunt she screamed and came, she saw that I was excited and asked me to fuck her but I said some other time and asked her to suck me instead, she got down to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and though she was not experienced she was very good .

I started fondling her breasts and she sucked even faster and made me ejaculate violently, she willingly sucked all my juices and said that she always wanted to do this as she had seen it in a blue film at one of her girlfriends place. I now called the third girl who was not a virgin but had been fucked only twice recently by her cousin, I asked her the details and she said that she had been to her cousins place to sleep as her parents were away and as there was no other room she had to sleep in the same room, as she was used to sleeping only in her bra and panty she removed her clothes and got into bed , her cousin said that he normally slept in the nude and if she minded , she got a little excited and said no , so he stripped and she saw him nude and then as they were not feeling sleepy she asked him for some book so he gave her some horny book with explicit photos which made her horny and she started masturbating then she asked him about his girlfriends and he started telling her of how he called his girlfriends to his room and stripped them and fucked them and at one time by chance two of his girlfriends had landed at the same time and he had screwed them together.

As he was talking all this he got excited and came near her and seeing her hands in her cunt he got even more and horny and wanted to fuck her , she resisted but he would not listen and started to first suck her cunt and then inspite of her half hearted resistance he entered her cunt, initially it hurt her a little but once his cock was inside her cunt she just could not stop screaming and had came and was much better than her masturbating , after this fuck she was always eager to fuck and next fuck was with a neighbour who was married but when she knew that his wife was away in the evening she went to his house in a sexy dress with out any bra, seeing her he got excited and started a blue film and they screwed right in front of the TV on the floor . while she was telling me all this I had stripped her and even fingered her cunt which was full of juices and by the time she had finished her story I had made her come and even sucked her juice and her boobs.

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02-02-2008, 10:28 PM
The last girl was again a virgin but was really sexy, I started asking her why she remained a virgin and she said she had just passed out of a girls college and all girls were very horny but as they could not get any guy they remained horny virgins , they all saw blue films porno magazines and also played with each other, I then asked if she would undress herself , she requested me to remove her clothes as she wanted to strip me and see my cock, I agreed and removed her shirt and then her Bra , her boobs sprang out and I could not resist holding and sucking them , then I pulled down her jeans and her panty and made her lie on my table as I wanted to see and admire her body , by this time she had completely undressed me . I had laid her on the table and started with squeezing her sucking her boobs and then licking her stomach I came down to her cunt, in the meantime she was holding my cock and excited as she was seeing and touching a real cock for the first time and I taught her how to play with it.

I now spread her legs and opened her cunt wide and started licking it and sucking her juice which was flowing she said that though she had been licked by girls many times but this was just superb and she said that she wanted to lick my cock, I got up and lied down on the table and made her to start licking my cock she knew little as she had seen in the films and her eagerness to suck made it very exciting, she licked for some time and as I was about to come I stopped her I then asked her if she wanted me to finger her cunt of suck it and make her come but she pleaded me that she wanted to get fucked and preferably in a proper bed as it would be her first fuck, so I called the other girls and said that I would appoint two of the four girls and I would decide after a few days and let them know, I presented each of them with a blue film and some sexy books and sent them home.

Now I took this girl to a hotel where I had taken other girls, the receptionist gave me a knowing smile as she knew what I was upto, and after the girl was away she asked me when she could come to my room for a fuck, I had always wanted to fuck this girl so I told her that after I screw this girl I would call her. I took my new secretary to the room and told her that now as she was my secretary she would have to obey my orders and she said would eagerly obey, I sat on the bed and asked to stand in front and start stripping she removed her shirt then her bra and then slid her jeans down and very slowly and sexily brought down her panties . I then told her to first rub and squeeze her breasts as she was doing this and enjoying it I asked her bring down her hands to her cunt and finger it this excited her and she immediately started to finger it and it was obvious that she was used to this but she said that this was more exciting because she was doing it in front of me, by this time I was really excited and went near her and asked her to remove my clothes, she stripped me immediately and without my telling started to suck my cock, and after a few minutes I forcefully removed her head from my cock and took her to the bed and started sucking her, suddenly the door of our room opened and the receptionist was standing there and apologetically said that she was so excited that she could not resist and requested that if we did not mind she would sit and watch us fuck.

I asked my sec she said she did not mind and infact it would make it more exciting so I got down to lick her cunt and then as I noticed that she was really excited I spread her legs and entered her cunt, she was so excited that she shouted with pain and pleasure, as we were fucking the receptionist had lifted her skirt and was fingering her cunt openly, we fucked for some time and both came together I then removed my cock full of her juices and lay on the bed, at this the receptionist came and asked my sec if she could suck my cock as she always liked to suck cocks full of juices, my sec nodded and this girl got down to suck and suddenly as this girl was sucking my cock my sec got behind her and started to lick her cunt, seeing this I was excited and my cock was hard again now my sec took charge, made this girl lie on the bed opened her legs and took hold of my cock and pushed it into her cunt and made me fuck her .

The End

02-02-2008, 11:04 PM
Fucking a virgin

I was going to my place by train with my younger sister but at the departure time due to some uncoveniance causes she cancelled the plan. When i went to corrent ticket counter for cancelation of ticket, i met to priyanka who wanted to corrent reservation for the same train and same place. when i saw i asked her that if she would like to take ticket of my sister. she agreed. we entered in A C first class boggy of train.

I had seen so many girls in my life but nothing looked more beautiful on them then her in that dress. The white top and the colorful skirt particularly being just above her knees. She had beautiful long silky hairs that came down to her waist, around her shoulders and covered her small full breasts. She had this very sensual way of gently swaying of the few strands of hair, away from her eyes, back to her ear, in a gentle rhythm. Her eyes always seemed longing for a desire. A desire as mysterious as her bewitching smile. Beauty is an unsightly word to describe her.

It was mid December and the ambience was rather pleasant for a humid city like Delhi. The morning air had a spray of mist, which added to the charm and thrill of the picnic goers. We had dinner and did the usual talking for some time. After some time, we played games, had snacks etc. Later we chatted with each other. It soon happened that she and me began talking on different subjects. Soon she and me were talking alone towards other matter too. My heart began to beat like a drum as train now entered inside the dense forest. Alone, she was a inch away of me. I would brush my hand with hers and then gaining courage I held her hand, softly.

She too shifted near me and rested her head on my shoulder. I was now on seventh cloud. I shifted my hand on to her shoulders and hugged her calmly. She too placed her hands around my waist. Her breasts just slightly touched me as we came alongside. I felt my lips quiver at the mere thought of kissing her. I positioned her such as she would have the support of the seat. I stood in front of her. Her head tilted down, eyes closed and her breasts heaving up and down in pace with her heavy breathing. I could feel my heart popping out as I slowly removed her hair-band and gently began to stroke her hair. No words were spoken. Only the chirping of the birds and crinkle of the brook could be heard.

I held her face in both my hands and turned it up towards me. Her eyes were still closed as her lips parted and her hands came to rest on my hips as I bent down and kissed her honey sweet lips. They were moist, soft and tender. Her hands soon grabbed me from behind in tight embrace. I lifted up my head and looked at her. She quickly hid her face on my shoulder, her eyes evading my every glance. I held her from her back and tightened my grip on her, crushing her tender breasts hard on my chest. I could hear a soft sigh from inside her. I stroked her hair for a few moments; quite aware of the delicate situation she was in. I moved her away from me and again placed my lips on hers.

This time it was a real passionate one. I could now feel her tongue with mine. Her hands slowly rising from my back to my head, her fingers running through my hairs. I was moving my hands all over her back. My hands moved down to her waists and as I grabbed her buttocks, her grip tightened on me. I slowly moved my hand upwards sliding through her hips, up her belly and then cupped her breast. It was a wonderful feeling. I could now feel her going weak in the legs. I supported her from her back as I began squashing her small full breast. She broke free of my lips and began to push me away from her.

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02-02-2008, 11:08 PM
But only for a moment, as I quickly held her hand and pulled her towards me, grabbing her and kissing her fervently. She too submitted herself completely to me and again held me firmly. Things began to cool down a bit as I let her lips go. She stood there, her eyes gazing at me. The desire was no longer a mystery to the both of us.

I again gently began to stroke her hairs and kissed her softly, pecking occasionally on her lips. My hands moved down on to her breasts, rubbing them softly. I enjoyed her breasts for a few moments and then she began to tremble as my hands moved to undo the first button of her top. My hands moved down to undo the second and then the third. She rested her head on my shoulder and now I could catch a glimpse of her breast covered in all its glory by her white brassiere. I placed my hands inside her top and onto her breast. I slid my fingers into the cup of the bra and felt her breast in flesh. I
reached for her nipple and soon my fingers were caressing it. It was small and soft but it was soon growing hard as she now began to moan and move her head feverishly.

I slid of the strap of her brassiere from over her shoulder totally exposing her small full breasts. It was well shaped and round with her nipple jutting out in perfect proportion. I kissed her on her lips and then my tongue rolled down her neck, onto her breast grabbing her nipple in my mouth. I began to suck it slowly at first and then gently increasing it as her sexuality began to rise at her peak. I sucked it hard until it was swollen red. She was now like a bitch on heat, her pelvic thrusting on my dick. As I sucked her hard my hand freed her other breast of her brassiere and began to maul her. She arched backwards enjoying every moment of my licking and caressing of her breasts.

I was enjoying her with as much vigor as I can. My hands reached her back and unhooked her bra, completely stripping it of her body. Her breasts were fully exposed to me except for her top. I tugged it out of her skirt and undid the remaining two buttons. She was now exposed from her front. I never removed her top completely and to be honest it was more fun that way than I had some bangs latter on with other girls completely nude.

I embraced her from inside her top feeling her naked breasts on me. She then undid my shirt and hugged me. Her breasts were now crushed to my naked chest. I could feel the contour of her well-shaped breasts as well as the soft touch of her small nipples. My hand went straight through her hairs as we again cuddled each other in a feverish kiss. My hand began to grope her breast for a moment and then it began to slide down over her belly. I found her navel and I teased her there for some time. I slithered down to the most sensitive part of a virgin girl from the top of her skirt. Barely had my fingers been inside her skirt her hand came flying out of nowhere and grabbed my hand. "No." she said in her soft and sensual voice.

I forced my hand into her skirt. "No, please no." she tightened her grip on me. "Please Priyanka. Don't stop me now." I tightened my grip on her from her back. "No." she again pleaded, calmly and rested her head on me.

I could feel her melt now. I was not supposed to miss this opportunity and so my hand began to slide down. This time she held her grip but soon let go of me. My fingers reached her panty and as I further moved down I could feel her soft pubic hairs with which I played for some time and then as my fingers went further down a shudder ran through her as my fingers ran over her moist clits. A subtle groan came through within her as I inserted my middle finger into her. It was dripping wet. She jerked her body and began to moan like an animal. I took her hand and placed it on my trousers, over my dick. It was by now hard as a rock. She unzipped me and it sprang out like an angry lion. She grabbed it in her delicate hand, her soft fingers encircling it.

"Oh, my God! It's so hot." she blushed. "Then quench its fire with your nectar of love." I replied cunningly. "Oh, God! No. Please! No." she pleaded. I lightly pressed her clitoris and then she was at it a pain. She slowly began to move my dick back and forth her thumb caressing the tip of my penis' head. We fondled each other for quite sometime and then I told her to take me in her mouth. She repulsed but after coxing a few times she went down on her knees. She unhooked my trousers and released my penis from my u-wear. Her lips parted as she moved forward to take my penis in her mouth. I could feel her small teeth and her tongue wriggling me. She now began to enjoy it. "Suck me Priyanka." I said.

Priyanka never knew that her college trip would be so exciting. She moved her head back and forth and began to suck at the same time. Her tongue was licking every part of me. She was now sucking my juices right out of my body. Her sucking created a kind of a vacuum in my prick and I could feel my juices about to rush out. I took out my penis from her mouth before I could ejaculate, as I wanted to do it deep inside her and not in her mouth.

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02-02-2008, 11:15 PM
I laid her down on the grass. As usual her skirt was above the knee and it slid back as she lay down, one foot lying straight on the ground and the other raised a little, exposing her thighs. I placed my hand over her knee and then slowly moved down to her thighs. I held her panty and tried to remove it. To my amazement she actually helped me get of her panty by shifting on her sides. I removed her panty from her legs and threw it aside. My hand soon grabbed her knee of the raised foot and began to slide down.

I pulled up the hem of her skirt right up to her waist. Her pussy now lay bared to me, cradled in the nest of her golden brown pubic hairs. Lying there waiting for me to discover it. I kissed her on her thighs and my tongue soon began to
explore the clandestine parts of her. I could now smell her feminist odor. My tongue then began to graze on her clits. She grabbed me by my hairs and began to push me, deep inside her. My tongue ravaged the insides of her pussy and I began to taste hungrily at her juices. "Shittt!" she exclaimed as both her legs began to curl up in position.

She pushed me more inside and I almost suffocated. My mouth was inside her, my tongue dwelling inside tasting her fluid and stroking what could certainly have been her G-spot. I pushed myself up on her belly and my tongue began to play with her navel. She had her hands over my back imploring me to get back to her wet orifice. Instead I got down to my side and pushed down my trouser down over my knees. "You really don't mean to put that thing into me, do you?" she asked rather coyly. "Yes honey, and you and me are going to enjoy every bit of it." I replied. "Hey Bhagwan!!! Save me." she moaned and closed her eyes even before I was on top of her.

"Don't worry Priyanka, it will be all pleasurable." I assured my Priyanka,gently running my fingers through her hair. I was now going to fuck this little virgin. "Nooohh!!!" she cried.

I positioned myself on top of her, my dick lying on her wet pussy. All through this time I was gently stroking her hair to pacify her of her maiden pain. She bit her lip as my dick touched her clits and parted them. Her hands came over my hips as I slowly entered into her. "Ohhh!!! You are so tight." I said as I gave a bit more force. Her body arched and she threw back her head lifting up her chest. I took her nipple in my mouth and began to suck it hard. I then slowly pushed my hips, my head almost inside her.

"Unnnhh!!! Nooo." she yelped.

I had never again met a pussy so tight as Priyanka. I could feel my dick burn as I entered further into her. The head was now fully inside her and now I could feel a barrier blocking my way to paradise. It was her fragile barrier of shame, guilt and maidenhood. I kept stroking her hair as I interchanged her nipples and occasionally kept kissing her. I made a strong move and forced my penis deep into her. She began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle's claws.

"No, please Rums, no. It hurts, please." she began to plead. Her pleading only made me hornier as I again thrust my penis deep into her. She began to shout and moan in pain. I placed my hand under her shoulder and grabbed her breast with he other. My mouth went over hers and I again thrust my penis into her.

This time she threw her head back and yelped. "Aaaaagggh!" I had shattered her hymen. I again grabbed her mouth with mine and continued mauling her breasts. Her hands came over my back with a burning sensation for she was now nailing my back and biting my lips. I entered deep into her as her paws encircled my back, guiding me inside her. She was very tight and I enjoyed every bit of her. My prick began to thrust inside her, back and forth, first slowly and then vigorously. She too began to move her hips along with me. She was having an orgasm. I licked her face, her ears and her nipples and then I felt a storm brewing inside me. We both held each other tightly as I made my final force inside her pussy.

Momentslater I ejaculated deep inside her. She began to loose grip on me and lay down on the grass. I kissed her forehead as I removed my penis. It had trickles of blood as well as her fluid on it. A few amount of blood began to drip out of her now deflowered vagina. I felt myself lucky to deflower a virgin like Priyanka. We then got dressed in a hurry and as a final adieu to this wonderful moment we hugged and kissed each other for a long time. We trailed our way back to the birth hugging each other. The two of us enjoyed a lot such pleasurable sessions in the years to come. Today she is happily married with two kids and we still see each other, some times, at the Park.

She alone knows of all my secret affairs and my rendezvous with other girls. Her husband is a very good friend of mine now, quite obviously unaware that I was the one who first had his Priyanka and is still having her.

The End

03-02-2008, 12:27 AM
Wow, how's that for a bedtime story! Thanks Bro birdie8819! :)

P.S: List Of UPPEES is not in full due to the capacity limitation of the signature function (not be longer than 300 characters excluding BB Code markup). Rest assured I've all ur nicks n u'll be awarded. If I do missed u, kindly PM me. :)

Appreciate the PM, Bro David_Ginola, Bro Rw6828, Bro Myo_Swee, Bro XboxSG, Bro Best123, Bro Ahnook78, Bro bhoven, Bro VOGS, Bro nacho, Bro desk13, Bro BatistaSG, Bro steamystreamsg, Bro Linkus, Bro Regaine, Bro evo7_5, Bro Thongchai, Bro curiouslooker, Bro PS3SG, Bro Red-Card and Bro jerrystockton!

03-02-2008, 02:21 AM
Wow, how's that for a bedtime story! Thanks Bro birdie8819! :)

Yeah bro Glen......and tks bro birdie for the stories....been busy lately.

03-02-2008, 08:41 PM
Good Evening To All Readers !!! :)

Wow, how's that for a bedtime story! Thanks Bro birdie8819!

Yeah bro Glen......and tks bro birdie for the stories....been busy lately.

Yalor been busy with work and coming CNY . Glad that you guys like it . ;)

Here's one long story for you guys - Title : The Girl in the Bookstore

I glanced up at the usual heavy dinner traffic inside the restaurant and to the television monitor that showed the drive-thru line backed up full. The pace had picked up slowly and there was no confusion; I had a good crew; we all knew it and liked working together. Every one of them saw my glance, knew what it meant and smiled in return. We got it handled, no problem.

The newest member, a tiny bright eyed, pony-tailed teaser, made another move, sliding her body across the back of me as I leaned forward against the counter to give her room to go by without touching.

Something was wrong with my life. Terribly wrong and I knew it, I just didn't know what and why. A buzzer and blinking red light went off over the French Fryer; grease level low, my job.

I turned the buzzer off, fixed the problem as another girl, with me for almost a year waited. I smiled at her. "Tell the new girl I'm married or gay or something, okay?"

She smiled and nodded but went quickly back to work as the orders piled up while she had to wait.

A year ago I would have snapped the new girl up in a few days; cornered her somewhere, make a little pass and go from there. Not anymore. I just didn't seem to care and I really don't understand.

I managed to get through high school, barely. I know the teachers gave me a break because I was a Jock and everybody likes a winning team and I was pretty good at all of the sports. That's kind of who I was, all the way through. I dated almost every pretty girl in school and a lot from nearby towns that we went to for sports events. I had a good time in school, never thought it would ever end...but it did.

I still live at home with both parents; they don't seem to mind and we get along fine. I even chip in a little bit with money but they never take it, put it in an account for me. I kept the job I had had off and on through school and got promoted to shift manager with a little more money, everything seemed to be going along all right, but I wasn't going anywhere, had no direction.

There was a girl. We had known each other forever, friends and then lovers; it was the first time for both of us, and even though it wasn't ever said, I thought we both decided we would be together. Then I started going out and so did she and then...it just wasn't the same anymore.

She went off to college and so did most of the people I grew up with. More school just didn't seem like what I wanted to do, even with athletic scholarships, it didn't appeal to me. I still don't know exactly why.

Recruiters from every branch of the Military were all over the place and I thought about joining. Both mom and dad were against the war going on in the Middle East. I think that influenced me; I don't really know. I didn't want to get my ass shot off for any reason anyway.

I thought about getting an apartment, I could afford it, but I just saved money instead. The folks bought me a new truck for graduation; I knew it was money they had saved for years to pay for college. I felt bad about it, but they wanted me to have my own dependable ride.

The rush peaked and ebbed, the next shift came on; I stood before the mirror in the bathroom after I washed off a bit, always had to shower, the smell of hamburgers and grease soaked in after a few hours. The mirror looked back at me. Not a bad looking guy; short sandy hair, firm jaw, nice lines, blue eyes; girls seemed to like my large build and developed shoulders. I always worked out, kept in shape, even in the summer.

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03-02-2008, 08:42 PM
Something was really wrong. What?

Nothing changed. Day after day, week after week. I worked, I ate, I watched the tube, I slept and did it all over again. Sometimes a weekend drive, just for new scenery. I had gone a hundred miles in every direction so even that diversion lost its charm.

I started walking to work and back, sometimes taking detours and other routes just to see up close the place I grew up in and couldn't seem to leave. Something is not right.

I always carried a backpack with just one strap over my shoulder. Bottles of water, something to snack on from the restaurant, not much else, gave me things to do with my hands as I walked.

Another day, another shift over, another walk back home.

I must have been deep in thought about something because I almost walked right over her. He startled eyes were on mine as I blushed and looked up and apologized.

"No harm done. You didn't even see me. No one ever notices me."

I just blinked and thought.

"You don't even recognize me!" Her face showed the words.

I took a step back and looked closer. I could see why. 'Average', was the word that came to mind but I didn't say it.

"Should I?" I offered a smile and a little tilt of my head.

She lowered her eyes. "We went to the same schools all our lives, I know who you are."

I took another step back and looked again. Glasses, a round face, non descript brown hair, average height, a fluffy full skirt and blouse and a little sweater vest that covered small breasts. I still had no idea who she was.

I know my face colored, I settled the backpack on my shoulder and put both hands, palm up in front of me. "I am sorry, but I just don't remember seeing you ever before."

Her eyes filled and that hurt me for some reason and left me completely confused as to what to do next.

I muttered, "I'm sorry..." I stepped to one side and took a step ahead to walk past her and away from the feelings I was having.

I heard a little grunt from her and saw determination and embarrassment on her face. She took a step sideways, blocking me.

I just blinked at her and took another step sideways in the other direction. She blocked me again, blushing deeply this time.

I didn't know what to do or say. I glanced back over my shoulder, I could just turn around and go the other way.

"Don't leave. Please."

The look and the voice was plaintive and I felt pain for the second time since I had first seen her.

"I...I've never done anything like this before."

I could barely hear her words.

She nodded off to the side. "I work here, at the bookshop."

I looked over. I didn't even know there was a bookshop there, never noticed.

"Uh, what do you want?" It was all I could think to say.

She took a deep breath. "I don't know. For you to notice me just once, to look at me..."

My turn to take a deep breath and look at her again. As I did, she removed her glasses and let her hair down and shook it from side to side.

"I'm not very pretty, but I'm not ugly or anything, no warts on my nose."

I felt the smile as it came to my face and watched her face brighten. She had a round face that was pleasant. She wore no make-up. No jewelry, not even ear-rings. But her eyes were wide set and looked to be a green, light blue, that seemed to shift and change.

"I think you look nice, very nice."

"But not someone you would ask out or anything. No one ever asked me to go anywhere, not once." She dropped her eyes again.

That didn't fit in my head. "You've never been on a date with a guy, never?"

"No one ever asked me."

It still didn't register. "Why didn't you, uh, let somebody know you wanted them to ask you?"

"I don't do things like that; it's supposed to be up to the guy to ask."

More girls asked me out or let me know they wanted to go out than I ever asked, I could just tell and take my pick.

I think she saw my blank look and confusion.

"I'm going to college." Her voice was very quiet.

I frowned. "If we are in the same class...we graduated over a year ago..."

"I'm waiting for something to happen." She looked up and away as another car passed by.

I was puzzled. "What?"

Quiet voice again. "I can't tell you."

I thought...this is probably the longest conversation I ever had with a girl; what did that mean?

"Why not?"


Something was happening inside my head. I was feeling something for the first time in a long time, I just couldn't figure what it was.

I looked into her eyes. "Ya wanna go somewhere for a coke, coffee, you hungry? Something to eat?"

Her eyes were full to brimming. "You're asking me to go somewhere with you, with you? Really?"

I shook my head slowly. It had never been a big thing to go somewhere with a girl, I been doing it forever, what is the problem?

"You don't want to go?"

"I have to close the shop in a little while..."

I stood there for a moment and thought.

She put her glasses back on and turned to go back inside the bookstore.


She stopped and turned back to me.

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03-02-2008, 08:43 PM
"I just got off work. I'm all smelly from the joint. If I go take a shower and come back, will you go out to dinner with me?"

She lowered her face and I could not see her eyes.

"Yes. About an hour, a little less?"

"I'll be back."

She looked up at me and I saw.

"I promise."

She smiled and went through the doorway.

I took long steps and walked quickly towards home. I stopped going out with anyone over six months ago. All the girls seemed the same. No not true; none of them seemed real. Sex, if I wanted it. A weekend and sometimes they even offered to pay. One after another and never the same one twice. Why? What does it all mean anymore? I wish I knew.

My mom seemed to notice.

"You have a smile on your face!"

"I'm going out in a while?"

"With a...girl?"


"What's her name? Who is she?"

I didn't have a clue. "Works at a bookshop...we, uh, ran into each other. I asked her out to dinner."

My mother beamed. "Good. Seems like you've been hiding in your room for months, I was getting worried."

"Thanks, mom." I gave her a hug.

I showered and shampooed and as I stepped out and began to dry off, I felt a little tingle of anticipation and...something else. I don't know when I decided to stop going out or how long it would last or even why. As I was shaving I kept thinking. But now I was going out with the kind of girl I had never dated before. And I knew nothing about her.

What should I wear? Where should I take her? Where would she like to go? Something was really different. Even in school, I knew everything before hand, had it all pretty much planned out.

She had been wearing a skirt. I should dress up a little bit at least, but what? Damn.

I couldn't believe how nervous I suddenly became as I pulled up in front of the bookshop. I was relieved to see a face and a hand waving through the door as I looked and then the 'Open' sign changed to, 'Closed', she had been waiting for me, I think.

Then I thought, Oh! I should get out and open the door for her and I never did that for any girl before. Hmmm. What did that mean?

I barely made it to the sidewalk before the door to the shop opened and she came out, smiled and turned to lock the door. I opened the truck door and held it as she turned and walked toward me.

I looked at her and smiled. Something had changed. A little lip color, some eye shadow, no glasses but still a tentative, uncertain smile.

We were both a little awkward when I touched her for the first time as I handed her into the truck and then closed the door.

Awkward again as we buckled up and looked at each other. "You did something to your face and...you don't need glasses?"

She smiled. "Contacts, but he lighting in the shop irritates my eyes, so I take them off."

Somehow the fading sunlight, shadows in the truck, something, gave her face an entirely different appearance; I felt a little gasp inside which I hoped didn't show, she was beaming.

"Where would you like to go? What would you like for dinner?"

She smiled at me. "You look nice. You dressed up a little. Ah, that's up to you, isn't it?"

Usually I took girls to a Pizza Place or chicken or taco's, fast food in and out. Somehow that didn't seem right.

My turn to be awkward and hesitant. "Uh, I would like to take you someplace really nice, but I don't know where that would be, any suggestions?"

She blushed. "My folks like to eat out a lot. What kind of food do you like?"

"Doesn't matter to me, I eat anything. What do you like? What is your favorite food."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, and I can pay for it, so no worries. What do you like?"

She blushed again. "I love Prawns and big deep fried shrimp, all kinds of seafood..."

I smiled at her. "Great! You know a good place?"

She directed me and it was only about ten minutes away. I felt intimidated the moment we walked in the door to the plush entrance way. She seemed to sense it and slipped her hand under my arm and clung on as the hostess approached.

"Good evening Sir, table for two?"

"Yes ma'am." What the hell else would it be?

She led us to a table. The girl on my arm, damn, I didn't even ask her name, shook her head and pointed, we were led to another table and seated.

She was apologetic. "Sorry. That other table was in traffic from both the kitchen and the bathroom..."

Oh? I never even noticed or thought of such things, a table is a damned table.

Some kind of look was on my face I guess and she saw it.

She blushed and lowered her eyes. "I think I did and said the wrong thing, it wasn't my place."

I wanted to reach out and touch her but I didn't. "No, it was. I don't go to fancy places very much, I'm glad you did, ah, and I apologize, would you tell me your name? I really should know; I'm sorry."

She smiled and a strange look crossed her face. "I'm Lori, Lori Johnson, Mike, and I saw every game you ever played in, just like a hundred other girls. And I know you don't know every girl's name in the whole school, how could you?"

"Cocktails before dinner, Sir, Madam?"

The waiter's voice startled us both; I looked at her.

"Coke...with ice."

"Two large Cokes with ice, please."

"Yes, Sir."

There was that awkward silence again. She didn't chatter and jabber like every girl I ever knew before, and I had no idea what to say.

Our drinks arrived and we each took a sip, looked up and both blushed when our eyes met.

I cleared my throat. "So...why didn't you head off for college after graduation like everybody else did?"

She colored again and looked down, avoiding my eyes.

"Still won't tell me?"

"Nope...sorry, silly, I know, but I just can't. Why didn't you 'head off' for college?"

I looked away. "I had enough school, don't want to sit in classrooms all day anymore."

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03-02-2008, 08:44 PM
I glanced at her, she was intently studying my face.

"What do you want to do, then?"

As if I hadn't asked myself that same question a million times. "I don't know. I wish I did."

She seemed to read my face. That in itself was something new.

"I'm sorry, Mike. I seem to keep saying the wrong thing. I'll try to keep my mouth shut."

I looked at her face. "You didn't say the wrong thing, ah, Lori. I wish I knew. Once I found out I was good at sports, that's what I did, all the time, played it, studied it, watched it, lived it. I guess I thought I would always do that...but...something changed and I don't know what is was. I had a dozen scholarships to play I could have taken, but I just didn't want to do all of it in another school. I never enjoyed the classes, just went because I had to."

Her eyes were wide and her face unreadable, at least to me. "Oh. Ah, I just thought everyone knew what they wanted to do in life and I don't know what to say?"

I liked her. I liked the honesty in her voice and the pure, unpretended look on her face, she said she didn't understand and showed it; I don't think I had ever seen that before.

Another waiter appeared with menu's that he placed before us. "Order what you like and order two of the same thing."

She blushed. "My dad always orders a rare steak and I snitch a few bites..."

"Order me a steak."

"You sure?"


She did.

Then the awkward silence began. I knew she didn't want to say something wrong, in her eyes, and I didn't have a clue as to what to say. I know she's a lot smarter than I am, I can feel it but it doesn't make me feel bad, just curious.

"Uh, Lori, ah, what are you going to study in college?"

She smiled and colored a little. "Ah, I didn't know what to say either, Mike, thank you. Would you believe that I am not really sure? That is part of the reason I decided to take some time before going."

She stopped talking and looked at me. I just blinked for a moment and tried to think, to understand what that look was supposed to mean. I shrugged my shoulders and tried to put a question on my face. "Uh, can you explain that?"

I think I finally startled her, or something. Her eyes widened and her face changed and her hands moved nervously on the table top.

"Uhh, I guess I am a pretty private person, Mike. I don't talk about things with my parents very much, what I'm thinking, really thinking; and I never had a real close 'best friend', kind of girl friend, and no one ever really asked me before. Do you really want me to try to explain what I feel?"

Something began welling up inside me and I knew I had to turn away from her before it spilled out all over my face. I took a a deep breath. I have never met anyone like her in my whole life. She just puts it all out there, holds nothing back and, it is just....just...I don't know a word to put to it, I could feel her honesty and openness and I was lost for how to understand it, any of it.

I turned my head back, but kept my eyes from hers. "Yeah, I'd like to know, if you don't mind?"

"You turned away. I thought I said something wrong again."

"You didn't, Lori, I was just thinking, I would like you to tell me, if you would.?"

I looked up. Her eyes were closed.

"Since as long as I can remember, I wanted to grow up and be a Doctor; you know, help people, make them feel better and get them well. I always had stray kittens and birds that I tended and took care of, and pets of all kinds look after. Pretended I was already a Doctor and taking care of everything and everyone that needed help."

She looked at me with another look I had no understanding of.

"I was big when I was a kid. Heavy. Chubby. Well, fat I guess is what everyone thought, and not very pretty. But I knew that being a Doctor it didn't matter what you looked like, just that you could help people. I don't know."

She paused and looked into my eyes. I don't know what she saw there, but she smiled a funny little smile.

"I got boobs early. Not much, but enough that people noticed and it felt really strange. And, then, well, I got my period and I don't know what happened, but I started growing and losing weight and even guys were looking at me like they never did before.

"But I didn't know how to deal with it. So I just kind of hid out and tried not to be noticed at all."

She paused and I was trying to find something to say when a waiter came up and placed dishes and silverware on the table before each of us.

She was right. I never gave a second glance to fat girls or even fat guys, never even thought of them at all.

Then they brought little bread sticks and ice water and offered to refill drinks and the conversation went away as our dinners were served.

I took a few bites of seafood and cut the steak, good; red and bloody inside, the way I like it and then looked up at her.

She seemed like a different person. Gone was the reserved quiet girl I had met. Her face was animated as she tasted and chewed and swallowed and sighed and made little pleasure sounds with each new taste and texture. I just looked on in awe.

She looked up and not at my face, but at the gaping wound I had made in the Fillet. I smiled and sliced off a good sized bite, put it on my fork and held it out to her.

Another look I did not understand. "Dad would just, uh, hand me the fork?"

Then I said something I still do not understand. "I want to feed it to you."

Her eyes were startled but she leaned forward and let me put the piece of meat in her mouth. She closed her eyes and chewed and tasted and swallowed.

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03-02-2008, 08:46 PM

I couldn't think of a thing to say and even had I, I might not have said it. I cut another slice of steak and put it into her mouth. She did the same, then went back to attacking her plate. I ate slowly and mostly just watched her enjoy every little morsel of her dinner.

Finally she sighed and leaned back in her chair.

"I never saw anyone enjoy eating like you do."

She opened her eyes and blinked them slowly. "I had to watch what I ate for years, I hated it. Now I don't have to, I can eat anything and I just love it!"

She leaned forward and seemed to refocus. "But you left a lot on your plate?"

"I was so involved watching you. Would you like some of mine? I'm all done."

She blushed and looked down. "I did and said something stupid again, didn't I. I'm sorry."

This time I did. I reached my hand out across the table. "Give me your hand, please?"

She looked at me with a blank stare but lifted her hand and placed it next to mine. I took it in mine and squeezed gently.

"I have never met a girl like you. I don't know what to think. I am, uh, fascinated by you. Is that a good word?"

She smiled. "A perfectly good word."

The waiters descended; cleared the table and wheeled a dessert cart up and she was off again. I had a lime sherbet and watched her devour a chocolate pastry of unknown identity to me.

I drove her home, as she directed me, let her out of my truck and walked her up the steps to her door and she turned to me.

"Thank you Michael, for the best night of my whole life."

I was too stunned, by it all, to do more than just stand there, before her, in silence.

"Could you possibly kiss me goodnight and make it a perfect ending? Please?"

I never, in my life, ever felt like crying over a girl, ever. I moved close to her and put my arms around her back and drew her close to me in the most gentle way I knew how.

She wasn't tense, but I could feel the uncertainty. She relaxed against me and the slowly raised her arms and hands around me and rested them on my back.

I took a deep breath and looked for words. "Lori. I have never known a girl like you. You don't have to ask. I want to kiss you. I want to thank you for this evening, for having dinner with me, for talking, for being you..."

I pulled slightly away and lifted her chin. "May I kiss you?"

I saw the tears before she closed her eyes and lifted her face.

Her parents didn't understand. My parents didn't understand. Neither did I.

Every minute I wasn't working, I wanted to spend with her.

She never said no, she was busy, she never turned me down.

We went everywhere and did everything. I showed her all of my favorite places and she, hers. And hers were totally different than mine, but they were hers and I was with her and nothing else mattered. Not the museums and art galleries and outdoor flower gardens; as long as her hand was in mine and she was smiling, I was happy.

We touched a lot, and bumped a lot and hugged a lot and kissed a lot and felt things, a whole lot...and stopped when the feelings got too intense.

I didn't understand it at all, but I didn't want any more and she....I just couldn't get it in my head; she never said no.

Days and weeks turned into months. They included dinners with her parents and mine and amused and concerned and questioning looks all around. We never talked about it.

Nothing lasts forever.

We were at one of my favorite places. Backed up in my truck to look out across a lake where the moon rose and painted the water. She seemed to love it as much as I did. I first touched her breasts here, under a blanket in the back; she never said no.

"I've decided, Mike. I'm going to college."

That opened my eyes. "Oh?"

"I want to teach. Get my certificate; maybe English, maybe Art, maybe History, not sure, but I want to be a teacher."

"Oh!" I pulled away from her and sat up.



"I love you."

That took about a zillionth of a second to register. The next thing took a little bit longer to sink in.

"I love you too, Lori." God! The words just happened!

"I know."

My entire body tensed. I knew it, she felt it, and put her arms around me. "I'm sorry, Mikey..."

She was sorry? I am the sorry one! Dumb to the nth degree, flippin' burgers for a living? No future? No plans? What the hell?

I heard her take a deep breath.

"I want you to take one of those Athletic Scholarships, you still can, I checked. I want you to become a coach, after college we could be at the same school; you could coach a team, I could teach..."

The End !!!

03-02-2008, 08:48 PM
Speaking Out

I have learned that sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut, but sometimes it pays to speak up. I don't usually listen to other people's conversations, but I find it entertaining when women talk candidly and open with each other. I was sitting in the corporate lunchroom, enjoying a light meal and a break from the usual drudgery of the office. I couldn't help but overhear the conversation that was taking place at the table next to mine. Three women, two I knew and one that I didn't, were discussing their relationships with men.

The women complained about the same problems that every woman does. It was hard to find a good man, and it was even more difficult to find a man that cared about a woman's needs. It came down to the same old complaining that I've heard a thousand times. I thought about switching to a different table, but an interesting comment caught my attention.

"Men have it easy. They get what they want and then leave." Said a short-haired brunette named Donna. "I don't think they ever feel guilty about what they do"

"I am so sick of having to be on guard around guys." Interjected a red head named Janice from the accounting department.

"But society will label you a slut if you act like a man, and act on your sexual impulses." Added the third lady who I had never met.

They continued for a few minutes more, and I could not help but join the conversation.

"I think you're wrong on most accounts. The problem isn't with men, it's with women." I said, leaning back in my chair and looking back at the trio.

Shocked silence greeted me as the women looked at one another with their mouths agape. They could not believe what I had just said. Had I dared to speak up for male-kind and lay some of the blame on women?

"I would expect a man to say something like that." Donna said, and her companions echoed her sentiment. "Men make the rules, and the rules favor them."

I turned my chair around to face the group, and realized that I was facing a hostile audience.

"Look, I won't deny that men have many advantages that women don't. The world is simply not a fair place. But a women has the greatest advantage when it comes to a relationship with a man." I began explaining.

"Here it comes, the same old lecture that comes down to women using sex to get what they want." Janice said, interrupting me.

I held up my hands to fend her off, and continued with what I was saying. "No, it doesn't. But, when sexual satisfaction and a healthy relationship are a woman's problem, then how that woman approaches sex becomes vital to getting what she wants."

I scooted my chair closer to the group as I began to speak in greater detail. I didn't need the entire room listening to my every word.

"Not every man is a great person, nor is every woman. If you date a man with the wrong qualities, then you won't get what you want. It requires a woman to put aside all the bullshit fed to her by both a chauvinistic male society, as well as a frustrated feminist agenda."

"That's easy to say, but not so easy to do." Donna said.

"Isn't it? It's simple to look back at all the men you have dated and find out what traits they have in common. Once you do that, you can avoid men who have those traits. If you find that you date men in their early twenties who are immature, then perhaps you shook look at men that are a bit older. If you date men that are so career obsessed that they ignore your needs, then look for a man who is comfortable with his career."

I took a deep breath to gather my thoughts and summed up everything as best as I could. "Every woman wants to date or marry that rich, dashing young prince, and every man wants the beautiful, sexy princess. The world is full of average people who are attractive, funny and desirable, and are not rich, young or drop-dead gorgeous. If you know what you want then you can get it. I'm not saying that you should settle, but I do think that you shouldn't overlook the nice guy right next to you because your obsessing with finding the ideal man that doesn't exist."

"So if I want a little oral attention in the afternoon, and I don't want to reciprocate, then I can get it?" Asked Donna with a sarcastic smirk on her face.

"Do you?"

I could tell she had been trying to shock me and I surprised her with my quick response.

"You were being sarcastic, but you made a good example. If you propositioned a guy in his early twenties and made that exact offer, he may turn you down. You get an orgasm, but what does he get? Now, make that same offer to someone a few years older, and you will probably get a different response. An older man can understand sex beyond what he is receiving. He may enjoy giving as much as taking, and would get a thrill out of the basic sexual contact"

"I'm not sure about that." Janice said as she dismissed my observation with a flick of her hand.

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03-02-2008, 08:50 PM
"So you have never been in a situation where the act of giving someone pleasure was sexually charging and fulfilling all by itself?"

"I guess, but men are different from women."

"That's the problem. Because of your experiences, you see men as being different. If you keep picking men with the same bad qualities, then you will continue to have problems."

I glanced at my watch and realized the conversation had gone on for too long. I had a meeting coming up in a few minutes and didn't want to be late.

"The conversation has been interesting ladies, but I have to go." I said as I stood and returned my chair to its proper place. "I hope you seriously think about what I said, and realize that not all men are selfish. You don't need to always be on guard and occasionally showing your sexual side may make you a lot happier."

I arrived at my meeting with time to spare, and spent a few minutes doodling on a notepad. I found the opinions of the three women interesting. I have always found it funny that most women do not have the slightest idea of what power they hold over themselves or the men around them.

The meeting was boring as usual, and I found myself thinking about Donna. She was the most attractive and at twenty-eight years old, the youngest of the three women. She wasn't a sexy model or a pornstar, but she was pretty, with breasts the size of large apples, and an ample but firm ass. I was still musing about her when the meeting ended and I walked back to my office.

Still thinking about the earlier conversation, I was in my office for less than a minute when I heard a knock on my open door. I looked up, surprised to find Donna smiling at me from the doorway. Our departments had little to do with each other, so I knew what she had come to talk about.

"Hi Donna, come on in." I said, and tried to not sound like a lecher.

She came in and sat in one of the chairs across from my desk. "I just want to apologize for earlier in the lunchroom." She said, as she nervously ran her hands down her thighs. "Kim has been having a few problems with her boyfriend, and we were just commiserating to make her feel better"

I now knew the name of the other woman, but it was Donna that I was becoming more interested in. My office was chilly, and I could see the outlines of her stiffened nipples through the fabric of her blouse.

"Hey, it's no big deal. I figured it was something like that. I just hate to see anyone complain about something they have the power to change." I explained while trying hard to not look at what I judged to be two eraser-sized nipples. "Not to mention that I'm probably too nosy for my own good."

"I was thinking about what you said, and started reviewing the guys I usually date. They are all the same type; younger than me and only interested in themselves." She said. "But what I was really wondering about was your statement about a man giving sexually but not expecting anything in return."

"I said that a man may not need reciprocation, but if he finds a woman attractive enough to fulfill her desires, he would naturally want more. You have to realize that you don't always get everything you want, and sometimes getting just a little is all you need."

"Let's say, hypothetically of course, that I propositioned a man to perform oral sex on me, but I would not give anything in return. Wouldn't I be a tease to leave him all excited?" She asked, with a curious tilt to her head.

"You would be if you didn't spell everything out from the beginning. But, if you are forthright about what you want and what you will give in return, then there is no problem. I'm sure that man would either take care of his own needs or in turn find someone who would."

Donna was quiet for a few seconds before she abruptly stood, surprising me with her swift movement. I assumed the conversation had become too heated for her and she was leaving, but instead of saying good-bye, she closed and then locked my office door.

"Would you consider such a proposition?" She asked with her back facing me.

"Wow, I didn't expect this." I said, and it was the truth. I like talking about sex, and maybe even flirting, but I had not expected Donna to come on to me. "I'm married you know?"

I rapidly thought of a million reasons not to do it. I was a married man, with a loving wife and two wonderful kids. My sex life was not only healthy but also satisfying. What would I be gaining from this adulterous act? My wife and I had spoken often about threesomes with other women and men, but it had remained a fantasy. I found myself torn between the thrill of something new and risky, and the possible outcome of that risk. I quickly thought it through, but not quickly enough.

"Shit, I was just kidding. I should get back to work." Donna said, and her voice was shaking with embarrassment.

"Hold on a minute." I said before she could unlock the door. "Don't you want my answer?"


I made up my mind in that split second. "Why don't you come over here to my desk." I said as my heart began to pound in my chest.

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03-02-2008, 08:52 PM
Donna hesitated but turned and came over to me. She waited silently as I pushed papers and pens to the corners of the desk, giving her an open spot to sit. She slid onto my desk, and I momentarily felt lost about how to continue. This didn't happen to me everyday, and it had been a long time since I removed the clothing of an unfamiliar woman.

I placed my hands on her thighs, and could feel the heat of her body beneath the thin fabric that covered them. I could hear her breathe in the silence of the room as I slid my hands up to her waist and began unbuttoning her pants. I slid the zipper down, exposing her pink panties.

"I would never have taken you for a woman who wears pink." I told her with a smile. "But it's very cute."

Donna giggled like a schoolgirl and kicked her shoes off as I finished removing her pants. I dropped to my knees on the floor and began rubbing my face against her thighs, her soft skin flush and warm against my face. I could smell her musky pussy as I moved upward and I savored the warm scent.

I parted Donna's legs without any resistance, and my cock stiffened in my pants as I gazed upon her plump, panty-covered mound. She had obviously found our earlier conversation exciting, because her juices had soaked the crotch of her panties, staining them a darker pink. Her pussy milk saturated the thin cotton and leaked through in small droplets of dew that I could not wait to taste. I grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them upward, drawing them tighter against her hot flesh, and making her swollen pussy lips bulge obscenely against the cloth. She gasped as the pressure of the panties against her ripe pussy forced her juices through the fabric like a sieve.

Leaning forward, I pressed my mouth against the stressed cloth and lapped at the salty girl-syrup, causing Donna to squirm and sigh. I licked a few more times before pulling her panties off, and the need to stroke my cock became unbearable as my eyes feasted on her delicious slit. Her pussy was cleanly shaven with a thin metal bar that vertically pierced her clit, which sat buried between her swollen outer lips.

"Oh shit." I gasped as I saw a thin stream of pussy milk oozing from between her sticky lips. I couldn't wait any longer, and leaned forward, licking her outer lips and causing Donna to shiver. Her juices were sticky and slightly salty, clinging to my tongue like honey. I lapped at her swollen lips until her legs shook, and her pussy juice streamed from her slit, pooling in the dimple of her asshole.

I pressed my mouth to the flower of her ass and noisily slurped out her gathered juices. She had not mentioned it, but I seized the opportunity to wiggle my tongue against her tight anal ring. She gasped, but didn't try to stop me as I pressed into the center of her tight circle, savoring the musky taste of her tight rectal flower. I sucked her tight pucker for a few minutes and then moved back to her pussy.

I felt hot and feverish as I peeled her swollen lips apart. Her plump inner petals were swimming in her juices, and her clitoris stood out red and stiff from its hood. I licked her inner lips, amazed at how much creamy milk her pussy was producing. I savored her silky pussy juice, gathering the cream and letting it slowly slide down my throat. Donna bucked on the desk as I began licking deeper, and I soon felt her hands on the back of my head, pulling me tighter and further into her dripping slit. I used my lips like a straw, swallowing her juices as fast as possible, while I nudged her swollen clitoris with my nose. She began humping her hips against my face, and I knew that she was close to her orgasm.

I would have never in a million years guessed that this is how my day would turn out. I could feel beads of sweat rolling down my back as I feasted on her juicy slit, and my cock was aching as if beaten with a switch.

Donna's hot pussy pulsated around my tongue, and her muscles began that familiar pattern of flexing as she moved closer to her orgasmic climax. I moved my head upward and began licking her clitoris, causing her to buck even harder. She shook as her orgasm approached, and I sucked her stiff bud between my lips, flicking her piercing with my tongue. Her clitoris was firm and swollen like a little balloon waiting to burst, and I increased my sucking, causing her pussy to explode in a juicy orgasm. She shivered and her hands gripped my hair so tightly that I was afraid she would pull some of it out. Spasms rocked her pulsing vagina, and her orgasmic juices poured down my chin in warm splashes.

I stayed in place through her climax, and once her grip eased, slipped down to savor the fresh cream that flowed from her swollen, spent pussy. She breathed heavily as I cleaned her sticky lips, sucking the remaining milk from her swollen slit. I finished by tonguing the bright pink starfish of her ass, slipping my tongue inside for a taste of her musky tunnel.

"That was fucking unbelievable." Donna said as I sat in my chair, catching my breath. My face was sticky with her juices, and I licked my lips to get what I could.

Donna slid from the desk, and then knelt down on the floor. Much to my delight, she unzipped my pants, and released my cock. Her hand was cool as she wrapped it around my hot shaft, and I could not help but moan in appreciation.

"I never did set the rules, and you definitely earned a reward." Donna said as she began jerking my cock.

I wasn't going to last long, and we both knew it. Almost immediately, my hips began rising to meet her, and I was soon pumping my cock into her tight fist with everything I had. I couldn't even tell her when I was about to blow, but she knew it anyway. Donna slipped her lips over the swollen knob of my cock just as the first shot of semen was rocketing up my shaft. I gripped the arms of my chair as my hips moved on their own, and held back a yell as my cock began firing spurt after spurt of creamy spunk into her hot mouth. I could feel my load filling her cheeks, and I looked down at her as my orgasm faded.

For the first time, I noticed how green her eyes were as she stared up at me. She looked me right in the eyes as she used her hand to draw the last drop of spunk from cock. She didn't say a word when she released my softening shaft, but held her mouth open so I could see her tongue, swimming in a pearly pool of my semen. She licked her lips, creaming them with my load and then slowly swallowed.

Donna didn't say a word as she gathered her clothes, but stopped as I deftly slipped the panties from her hand.

"I'll buy you a new pair if you like, but I hope you'll let me keep these."

"What are you going to do with them?" She said with a giggle while pulling on her pants, silently giving me what I wanted. "Won't your wife be suspicious?"

I looked her in the eyes and pressed the damp crotch to my nose, deeply inhaling the musky scent of her succulent pussy. I sighed as I pulled the fragrant treasure from my face and then placed it in my desk drawer.

"At the least, I'll keep them to remind me of you." I explained "But who knows, perhaps my wife will have a sniff."


"Anything's possible, but I'll take one step at a time." I said as I tucked my cock back into my pants. "Would you consider it?"

Donna thought for a few seconds before she began sliding on her shoes. She looked at me when she finished and then leaned toward me, giving me a deep, long kiss. She licked my lips, tasting her own nectar.

"Let's see what your wife says." She said as she walked toward the door. "But I hope your free tomorrow afternoon."

"Don't worry, my afternoon is wide open."

I smiled after she left. I had planned on a vacation for the next day, but decided that I would save it for later. Besides, with any luck, I might need those days for some fun with both my wife and Donna, who I hoped would be joining us for some adventurous fun.

The End !!!

03-02-2008, 08:59 PM
Hm.....suddenly so many viewers . Well will post one last long long story for you all . Enjoy !!! ;)

Reese and David: Golf Lovers

David moved into my condo five weeks ago a week after his college commencement ceremony. He got to walk across the stage that day, but he didn't receive his 'sheepskin', as he had to finish one last required class for his degree. So he had to take a summer school class. When he moved he had no furniture to bring from his old dorm room. His largest items were his free weights set, a stereo and a television. He really didn't have all that many clothes so it was easy for him to take over the closet in the guest room.

But he never spent a night in that room. He slept every night with me in my queen-sized bed in the master bedroom.

David had offered to pay me rent several times. I would just smile and said he could once he finished his last course and got a real job. Then he teasingly turned that back on me by calling me his 'Sugar Momma' and that if he did start paying me he'd be paying for my 'services'. Instead of being insulted it only made our relationship more exciting. I was jokingly his 'lady of the night' of the now.

Of course the financial conversation usually took place on a Sunday morning as he pulled a sizable wad of cash out of his pants. "Its not like I don't get paid a good bit now." He'd say as he'd hold up the bills, some of them hundred dollar bills and purposely flaunt them in front of me. "I still can't believe women pay me just to take my clothes off and gyrate in front of them."

Women not only paid him, but they paid him very well. He was still dancing as personal male entertainment a job had started a few months ago to help pay part of his tuition and other expenses. He had become well sought after for select women-only parties. It was very discreet and he was managed by an agency that was careful to provide no names and kept out of the mainstream social scene. Some days though he made me think he should forget about getting a so called '9 to 5' job once he actually was out of school. He sometimes could work a weekend of 1-2 hour sessions and make more than most people his age would earn in a week.

Yes, I felt jealous on occasion. But the thong he wore under any outfit never came off at those parties. I trusted him. Now I wasn't a fool. I know that monster of a manhood of his didn't avoid all stimulation and partially rose to the occasion under than thin strip of cloth, enough to make the women hunger for more, and hand him more cash at the end of the night. But I knew he brought that manhood home to 'me' every night. I was the one he made love to. I knew I was the woman the others were to be jealous of.

I still could not believe it sometimes. But every morning when I woke up with a huge smile on my face after a long night of lovemaking and seeing my naked young lover lying next to me, I knew it was real.

David had changed my life.

From that first memorable handjob I gave him at Jenna Copeland's lingerie party a couple of months ago, where he was the evening entertainment, to bringing him to my bed for our first frantic romp that night, little did we know where it would lead. Soon we were living together. We had the greatest time together, on all levels...and yes, the sex was the hottest I had experienced in my entire life. He had gone from a weekend fantasy to being a relationship of such complete compatibility.

So David and I had been together for sometime now, but I had to admit for the first couple of weeks of being with David I had a drug addict's withdrawals for the taste and pleasure of another woman. It was not hard to understand, since I had solely been with women for the last three years. I had been with just the one, MacKenzie, for the last eight months before David had come along. In fact, I found the desire for a woman so strong one night in my dreams, a few weeks ago, that I escaped to the guest room to bring myself off sobbing into my clenched hand.

And that was that. The urge had been satisfied.

Now I was so totally focused on the man in my life. David Smalley.

It was nearing David's birthday, he would be twenty-two, and I wanted to surprise him with a sexy gift. Racking my brain for just the right thing, a naughty seed of an idea finally came to me at midweek. I had learned early in our relationship David was intensely competitive when it came to sports. He had been a wrestler since middle school. I don't know how many matches he'd won in his time, but he did have a lot of medals and trophies to show for it. That was one whole box of stuff he'd carried over from his dorm. He was an athlete and it was not in his nature to play soft, much like his intensity when he made love to me, he was a mad man, but always very focused. So I thought of a way to combine his sporting enthusiasm and our mutual enthusiasm for pleasing one another. I planned a sexy round of golf.

I myself played golf only intermittently during most of the year. However, since as a teacher I had summers off, I would play at least twice a week. I played in at least one league during the week and a few of the girls usually met on weather-friendly Saturday mornings when we were off traveling on vacations or such. I knew David played as I'd seen the set of clubs amongst his college possessions. David and I had not played a round together as yet surprisingly what with his class during the week and his working Friday and Saturday's. I decided for his birthday on Monday we'd finally play together. But before this round I needed to get a new golf outfit. I had to, to better play into the other half of my intentions, getting him so hot on the course he'd have to make love to me and with all that extraordinary competitiveness he'd want to strive for a hole-in-one with me.

Shopping for my golf outfit was fun. I had to find just the right combination of sexiness and comfort to tease him and still play a competitive round of golf. After hitting the mall and every store there, I ended up at the local golf outlet and tried on six outfits before I found just the right one. I purchased a short white skirt to set off my long tanned legs and a bright thin cotton yellow blouse just tight enough to highlight my smaller assets but not too tight to restrict my golf swing. The most fun was heading back to the mall to find just the right underwear to go with the outfit. I must have looked through a hundred pairs of panties before my fingers fondled the thinnest and skimpiest pair of white cotton undies I had every seen or felt. They weren't quite a thong, but still less than a French-cut brief. I made this last purchase and drove home with a wide smile on my moist red lips. But they were not as moist as the lips down between my legs by then.

As Monday approached, my excitement had mounted to the point I could think of little else. I was in a state of almost permanent arousal. I got up that morning and went to pee, leaving my young lover in bed. When I came back I saw him laying there with his eyes watching me.

"Did you have a good night's sleep?" I asked.

"I did," he said, "and had a very nice dream, too."

"Was I in it?"

"Uh-huh. It was actually you and me out playing golf."

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03-02-2008, 09:00 PM
"It was?" I went to my dresser trying to be nonchalant about this coincidence. I looked at his reflection in the mirror. He smiled at me as he rose up on his elbow and continued to stare at me. "We were playing golf huh? We've never played together? Do you want to play with me? Think you can compete with me?" I almost choked with the confidence.

"Sure, and I think I can hold my own. I've been playing since I was fourteen."

"Actually," I smiled and lay back down on the bed next to him, "I made a tee time for us today. Its part of my birthday present to you." I stroked his stomach through the sheet.

"I guess we better get going then. We have just over two hours before we tee off." David said with a contemplative look then he busted out in a childish grin. "Okay, I have to be honest. I saw your clubs sitting in the closet and as I was admiring that cool putter of yours I saw the paper propped on the side of your bag with tee time."

"Why you!" I grunted initially in real disgust, but then when I saw his manhood stirring under the covers I thought better of it. "I assume your putter is ready for a round today?" My fingers circled down the sheet until they were over his growing member. He quivered under my fingertips as I grabbed him full in my hand. "But, I suppose you are looking for an early hole in one." I teased.

"You read my mind." He grabbed me and rolled over on top of my naked body.

Over an hour later we were showered, dressed and on the way to the golf course.

David wanted to hit a small bucket of balls before we went out on the course, so we went off to the driving range. I watched as David did some stretching exercises first. My boyfriend looked perfectly handsome in an open collar golf shirt and khaki shorts. When he bent over to do some back and leg stretches I got the most wonderful view of his scrumptious butt. His khaki shorts weren't tight, but when he bent over like that you could easily make out the taut muscles in his backside. He looked so yummy. Part of me wanted to stop right there and head back home to bed with him. I closed my eyes and remembered his taking my warm body with his this morning. It was so pleasant and passionate. And yet that was only breakfast, I told myself as I opened my eyes. I still had plans for lunch, dinner and dessert...and I didn't necessarily mean food.

David had started hitting golf balls by now. He started with his four iron. I could tell he was a pretty good golfer. The first few balls went mostly long and true. He took a few more strokes with that iron and then went back to his bag and took out his driver. His first shot easily carried 250 yards. He got straighter and longer from there.

He could hit a pretty good ball after all.

"You going to hit a few or just stand there ogling me?" David asked as he lined up and took a swing at that poor little white dimpled golf ball. He smacked it hard and it went on out past the 250 marker once again.

"I'm not ogling you, I'm studying your swing." I lied, as I watched him stand up straight on the tee box and I scanned down his frame. "When I start beating you after a few holes, I want to be able to give you a few pointers to help out."

"See anything so far?" He grinned, leaning on his driver.

"I'm still studying." I grinned back as I very obviously eyed his shorts and tried to picture that special club he had under them.

I just bit my lip and set up to work on my half bucket of driving range balls.

By going out on a Monday and at mid-morning we didn't have a lot of other golfers to deal with. We rode our golf cart right out to the first tee and we fund one in the fairway ahead of us. I didn't see any one coming up behind us right away either. I was pleased with the situation, thinking ahead to my sexy plan for David on the course today.

I walked up behind my man as he stood behind the cart pulling the head cover off his driver. I gave his butt a pinch through his khaki shorts. "Good luck lover."

"Don't think I'll need it, but I'll take it anyway." He responded.

Cocky, he was a confident and cocky athlete. David was also a dream. I'd been dreaming for weeks now and did not want to wake up. He was my life's dream.

I went up onto the elevated tee box placed my pink ball on a pink wooden tee and stepped back with my metal wood in hand. "You know I'm getting pretty good at this game. I've learned to concentrate on the ball even better this season." With that I stood and addressed my golf ball. But as I did a pesky fly buzzed by my face and I reached up with my gloved hand to swat it away. When I did my club face tapped my pink golf ball just enough to knock it off its tee.

"One stroke!" David called out. I looked up at him and saw he had his hand over his mouth chuckling.

"Okay, I see how this is going to be. Not so confident you can beat an old lady, huh? Have to play by the strictest of rules."

"Well you did address the ball. Those are USGA rules." He was still smiling and chuckling. "I'm just kidding."

"No. No, I know how competitive you can be. I'm not going to beat you and then you come back at me later and say I cheated. You can have that stroke. I'll show you."

With that I bent down to put my ball back on the tee. Kneeling there I let my short skirt pull up tight over my thighs. I was hoping he could see most of the way up under my skirt. At worst my tanned thighs would distract him and best he'd get a glimpse of my new underwear and get him excited even more. I just knew this view would have to distract him in some way, but I also knew I was just getting started.

"I do like your golf outfit." He commented. So he'd noticed. I took my stance, feet shoulder width apart. "Besides being a very smart woman you can often be a very good tease, too. It's not going to be easy keeping my mind on golf today." It was working.

"Hmm, I wonder what you are really thinking about," I commented thoughtfully as I ran my fingertips suggestively down along the handle of my golf club, "as you stare at my bottom." I addressed the ball again and wiggled my hips as I got back into position. Just before my back swing, I glanced back and saw I had his full attention. "Somehow, I don't think your mind is going to be so much on golf today."

With that I looked back down on my teed up ball, wriggled my body back into position and this time brought the club back smoothly. I wound up and let loose with a big swing that sent that little pink dimpled ball into the air, straight down the fairway.

I bent to retrieve my tee and just coincidentally a gusty breeze blew up my skirt. I looked back at my lover and saw him looking at my exposed bottom.

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03-02-2008, 09:02 PM
"You may want to be more careful with that short skirt of yours." He said talking more to my backside. "Bending over like that gives me and everyone else close by a nice look at that thin pair of underwear of yours."

I stood up straight and looked David in the eye and smiled. "What underwear?"

"What? I know I saw something besides bare skin under that short skirt of yours." David stood there with his mouth hanging open now.

"How do you know I'm wearing anything at all? I may have a bit of an exhibitionist in me, just like you my sexy male dancer boyfriend."

...and so it went with David knowing I was up to something already. Through the first three holes he managed to keep his focus on his game no matter the intensity of my flirting and he played decent bogey golf. However, as we disembarked our cart and strode up together to the raised fourth tee, I knew it was time to kick up the mischief.

"I guess I must be bruising your big ego about now young sports man. Your lady friend is beating you by two strokes already."

"Just get up and drive that silly looking pink ball. You have the honors for the fourth hole in a row." He shook his head in disgust at being behind.

"I would hope losing to a woman wouldn't bruise that ego too much." I looked at him, smiled, and generously licked my lips as I bent down to tee up my ball. The way I bent over this time I knew provided a distracting view of my skirt raising up and exposing another generous view of tanned thigh. "I just learned this new grip only a couple of months ago in a lesson from the club professional," I said as I ran my fingertips down the shaft of my driver and back up to adjust my grip. I stopped and looked to the back of the tee box at my lover. "A good grip makes a big difference." I proceeded to glance down toward his crotch.

Then I raised my gaze. The look on his face told me it was if I was squeezing him down there.

"Come on, stop that! We're here to play golf." He returned.

I chuckled. "I am. And I'm enjoying beating you by two strokes." With that I wiggled into my stance and let loose with another fantastic drive. I was even impressing myself today; flirting as hard as I was playing golf and being pretty successful at both.

After I bent down to retrieve my tee I walked over beside him and leaned on my driver. He was still shaking his head looking down the fairway at my ball. I bumped my hip into his, "Bet you could use a couple of good strokes right now couldn't you?"

"You are such a tease today!"

"Well, it is your birthday. I wanted to give you something special to remember on your twenty-second. Just relax and keep your mind on your balls, oh, I mean your ball. Oops, your golf ball of course." I put my fingertip between my teeth and gave him the most fake innocent look ever. "I suppose you should hit the ball now. We are still a good hole or more ahead of that foursome behind us," I said, breaking him out of his obvious trance, "but if we play around they'll catch up quick."

He shook his head some, but assertively walked up the tee box, put his little wooden tee in the ground and balanced his manly white ball atop it. He didn't look back at me, just addressed his ball and hit the ball with all the strength he had.

It was the longest drive of the day so far.

Only one problem with it...he shanked it into a thick stand of trees on the left.

"Oh my. I guess your mind was totally on that swing." I held back a chuckle.

"Get in the cart, Ms. Mathews." He wasn't pleased all of a sudden. I may have gone a bit too far. I was quiet as we rode down the left side of the fairway.

But David did recover well and we both made it on to the green in three shots. He was on the far side of the sloped green and looked his putt over. He looked and looked studying it like crazy. Finally he stepped up to his ball with his expensive Ping putter. As I walked by him, I said in a very low, sexy voice, "How about a little incentive here? You make this putt and I'll give you a blow job somewhere before the 18th hole."

I swear I could see the shudder in his body as he looked up at me. "You're kidding, right?"

I didn't say a thing but instead gave a shrug of my shoulders and a nod of my head as I bit my lower lip.

"Really? You are kidding?"

"Only one way to find out".

"I don't know if your kidding or not, but I certainly intend to take the dare." David bent back over his ball and went back to checking the line of his putt. It was a good thirty feet at least, up hill, and with at least one break toward the pond, at least from what I could see.

He stood over his ball, adjusted his stance three times instead of twice which was his normal routine. He held his breath which I also never saw him do before a putt and then stroked the ball. It went up the slope, took the break toward the water as I'd read, rode the grain and headed straight for the cup. I wondered if his heart was beating as fast as mine as the ball rolled slower, still aimed for the dead center of the hole. In those next few seconds I could feel my white cotton undies grow a slight bit damper as I knew David was on the verge of meeting my dare. The ball rolled slower and slower, three feet to go. The cup had to have loomed bigger and bigger in David's masculine mind as it edged closer. I wondered if something else was also growing bigger.

Then suddenly with just inches to go his dimpled white ball hit an obvious impediment and ticked slightly left. I watched as the ball slowly rolled to the edge of the hole and made one more full revolution as it rode the lip. I could feel my chest deflate as I had not realized I had been holding my breath. The ball traveled halfway round the cup and hung on just at the last second.

"Oh my, I guess little David doesn't get a nice tongue bath on the course today. Too bad!" I teased as I walked over to address my own ball.

"Look at that ball just hanging there. A tiny tuft of grass between me and a little afternoon delight." He practically grunted more than said as he walked over to tap his ball in.

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03-02-2008, 09:03 PM
"Mmmm, now who's talking sexy?" I shot back.

Just as I finished my wise crack I looked over at his ball again. It was like slow motion as the little white dimples moved just slightly. Then with a slight momentum, his Titleist fell over that tiny precipice and headed for the bottom of the cup.

"I just love the sweet rattle of the ball into that hard plastic cup." He said as he walked up and bent down to retrieve his ball.

"I don't believe it." I stood there with putter in hand, staring at him.

"It's perfectly legal. Check the rule book. I'm allowed time for it to fall in just like it did." He walked up to the cup reached in and pulled the ball out between two fingers and tossed it up in the air. As he snatched it back he glared at me. "Okay, pay up."

"Right here in the middle of the green, huh?" I walked toward him with confidence ready to reach out for him.

He quickly went defensive. "You really are a crazy woman today. No, not here on the green. I can wait."

I looked down the front of his khakis and saw his body was more eager than his words. "I think your little friend there is telling me something else."

"Come on let's get to the next tee. I'll take an I.O.U."

"Suit yourself. I'm willing and ready to make good on my promise." I sashayed past him ensuring my little skirt bobbed left and right in just enough of an exaggerated fashion as to tease his problem just that much more.

We both got in the cart and he pushed down the accelerator a little harder than normal. It almost made me tumble out. Then when he got to the tee box and braked too hard I thought I'd fly through the plexiglass windshield.

"Hey big boy, feeling frustrated? Taking it out on the cart?" I teased.

"No, I'm fine." He got out and walked away. "I have to pee. You go ahead and hit, I'll be right back." He said and walked off toward the little out building amongst the trees.

As I watched his delicious backside walk away from me, I felt deserted, but for the second or maybe tenth time that day another naughty idea popped into my head.

"Yea I think I need to go, too." I scooted over into the driver's seat and ran the cart passed him and stopped in front of the little brick building that served as a place for restrooms.

"I'll race you!" I called out and headed toward the ladies room door.

He responded accordingly and ran on into the men's side. Only he didn't know I was turning right around and following him in.

Before he knew what was happening I slapped him on the butt and reached on around to the front of his shorts. He about fell into the sink as he tried to turn around.

"What the he..." He didn't utter another word as I grabbed his neck and pulled him down to me. I parted my lips and the tip of my tongue traced around his lips. They parted too and my tongue quickly found his. He relented too easily and swirled his around mine, drawing it into his mouth, sucking it gently. As we sucked face I unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts then pushed them down over his hips. I pushed up closer and rubbed my upper thigh against him. I could feel him harden before me. Fishing blindly into the fly of the boxers I struggled to pull that growing rod out. When I finally was successful, that huge penis took full advantage of being set free and it grew to its full length in seconds in my hand. It throbbed hotly as I closed my fingers around it. I stroked it lightly as I heard and felt him moan into my mouth. I gripped it hard and pulled on it. I found myself smearing his amazingly generous pre-come on my palms and fingers.

"W...what are you going to do?" I heard David's choking question as I stroked his stiffening erection.

"I told you, darling. I was going to suck your beautiful big manhood before the eighteenth hole," I breathed hard and let my tongue slip out to moisten my lips. "You don't want me to do this?"

"No, I mean yes, but...well, I don't know if we should be doing it here." He said looking down watching wide-eyed as I hovered above his engorged penis.

"Would you rather go do it on the tee?" I said, but didn't wait for an answer and knelt down in front of him. Then with my lips right above his penis, I stuck my tongue out again, darting out this time to touch his swollen tip.

"Uhhh!" he grunted. David's head was back against the bathroom mirror, his eyes closed and his mouth open. I watched the head in front of my face as it throbbed for a second, then settled, and aimed directly at my drooling mouth. I teased the underside of his balls with my fingertips.

I pointed my tongue and with a stiff flick slowly pressed into that growing little pool of clear moisture. I could hear him suck in a deep breath and felt the rest of his body stiffen as I lingered and lapped at the tiny hole. His hips lurched forward and the point of my tongue stabbed wetly into that tiny slit.

Again he whimpered.

I finally brought my whole mouth down and engulfed him in one full motion. I increased my wild mouthing of his rod, letting my tongue ream the crown and swallowed his beautiful mushroomed head, my nails continued to run under his balls. My mouth ground down harder on his throbbing shaft as his fingers splayed on the back of my head twisting my hair. Suddenly, David's hips jerked forward, and his lust-engorged penis rammed deeper into my mouth. I depressed my tongue and let him fill my cheeks with his pulsing hardness. He held my face between his hands, the panting of his ragged breathing coming shorter. His instinctive thrusting nearly caused his long hard sex to travel too far and nearly made me gag. I could see as well as feel I had more of his length disappear between my lips than I ever had but still he had more to feed me.

I breathed through my nose but still gasped for air as he thrust himself in and out of my mouth four or five more times.

And then ... all at once, I felt the eruption take place, feeling the first stream of white-hot liquid leap from his penis. He inhaled hard above me as he began a short staccato jerking as he flowed into my madly sucking mouth. It was so hot feeling him flood my mouth. Thick flows of his boiling semen streamed from the swollen end and the immediate volume caused my nostrils to flare out in an opposite reaction. I closed my eyes and tried to keep from choking as I also tried to enjoy his sex still ramming through my tight lips. With his hands clenched and nearly pulling my hair now he pulled himself free of my mouth but with one hand continued to jerk himself off for another three or four fist strokes, having enough left to cum on my face and neck.

I stood up and using my finger wiped the few drops of cum that lingered on my lips and chin, then put in my mouth and slowly licked it clean. "You taste so incredible. I love you and your cum so much."

David just stood there, his cock slowly wilting, his mouth still wide open, totally dumbfounded and I hoped totally satisfied.

I stood, whipped down a few paper towels from the dispenser and wiped off most of my lover's remnants then I tossed the sticky towels at him and walked out to hop back in the golf cart to head back to the tee box.

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03-02-2008, 09:05 PM
I teed up my ball and went through my pre-shot routine before David came out of the bathroom. I was extremely horny by now and could feel my nipples were as hard as they had ever. I could also feel the stain of David's cum on my skin and smell the wonderful lingering aroma. I finally setup over my ball and hit a solid drive down the fairway. I was relieved to see the little pink thing end up in the short rough and not in the trees.

Over the next couple of holes David was actually able to recover in more ways than one and we finished the front nine with him confidently ahead, I'm sure he thought, by two strokes. We grabbed a couple of sandwiches and tall 'Half and Half' drinks. Those are cold drinks that are half lemonade and half iced tea. Arnold Palmer the great hall of fame golfer made the combination famous and his likeness and story is on each tall can.

At least two groups, a threesome and a foursome had passed us on the way to the tenth tee while we had eaten. But we weren't in any hurry today. Besides, now it left another gap between us and the next group behind us. By the time we were up on the par four eleventh green I still didn't see anyone on the tee box behind us.

We played a rather calm first few holes on the back nine. David and I were all but even as we approached the sixteenth green.

He lofted a pitching wedge toward the elevated green, but it was coming in short. It hit the front right corner of the green and then skidded on until his ball rolled into the greenside bunker.

"Damn, first sand all day. I guess I'll just have to keep this wedge." He called over to me by the cart. "I'm not really much of a sand player though. But I'll try my best. Bring my putter with you just in case though." David commented with that cocky attitude in his voice again.

As I walked up the green I saw he was set in the sand trap already and was concentrating hard. He took his backswing and played a full swing, which I thought immediately he was right he was not a good sand player. He was going to whack that poor little white ball clear across the green and onto the next tee. I watched as the ball rose high, flew over the flag, and landed about fifteen feet past the flag. I was sure it was going to skip right on off the other side, but instead I watched as backspin caught the ball and propelled it back towards David and the pin. Fifteen feet became ten, then five and finally less than one.

David called out, "Not bad huh?" and then laughed at the obviously astonished look on my face.

I said nothing right away, but walked over to the pin, and instead of pulling it so he could putt it in, I lowered my own putter and swatted at his ball, knocking it back to him. "That's a gimme."

"What are you gonna 'gimme'? He got this innocently sexy look on his handsome face.

"We'll see. We still have two holes to go."

On up to the seventeenth tee we went. He had a par on sixteen while I had a bogey, so since he had beat me he had the honors and would tee off first, but...

"You go ahead and hit. I'm gonna clean my ball." He said as he put his ball in the ball washer and started plunging up and down on the black plastic handle.

"Alright, if you insist. I'll just have to show you what a good drive looks like again." I said, and teed my ball up. As I got up into my stance, I looked back and saw him still at the ball washer his hand moving up and down. "You know, that looks awful kinky from here. You sure you aren't practicing for later?"

"Just hit the ball." He called back and pulled his ball out wiped it with the cloth hanging on the side of the pole.

I smiled and addressed my ball. Just as I was about to take my back swing a gust of wind lifted my skirt. I paused and pushed it back down. Then I addressed my pink ball again, but once more just as I got ready for my back swing, another gust of wind fluffed up my short skirt. Before I could reach down this time though, David had scurried up and knelt behind me. He pushed his hands up between my thighs.

"Hey!" I gave out a high pitched scream.

"Shhhh. Settle down." David said calmly and looked up at me. As I looked down at him he was looking from side to side, I assume to see if anyone else was in sight, but it didn't slow him from running his fingers across the damp lips of my sex through my underwear. I bit my lower lip and shuddered as he ran them back and forth deeper into my moist folds. I closed my eyes and let out a moan of pleasure as he rubbed his long thick index finger up over my clitoris. My low moan quickly turned into a near shrill shriek of delight it felt so good.

Just as suddenly as he had appeared beneath though he stopped and stood behind me again. "Okay, now give the ball a good whack."

"What?" I gave him a pitiful look as I stood there with my legs parted and the breeze still blowing up under my skirt, which was in no way cooling the fire that he had ignited. "You can't be serious?"

"Just hit the ball. Your teasing got me to hit the ball further a couple times today, now it's your turn to take a huge whack being all sexed up."

"Now look who's being the big tease." I thought about whacking something alright, like the side of his head with my driver. But I thought better of it. I wanted him to be fully functional for me later. So he was safe from my wrath for now.

I wound up and did give the ball a good 'whack'. But for the first time today it sliced off into the trees on the left. And it just kept going.

"Hmmm, I guess your pre-swing antics broke my concentration, Lover." I turned and walked off the tee box. "Let's see how you drive on this hole."

"No problem. This has always been one of my best driving holes on the course." He teed up his ball and addressed it in his usual pre-swing routine.

Just as he got ready to do that last little tick of his arms I'd seen all day to take his back swing...I yelled.


Before he could look back at me I was down on my knees behind him now. I reached up between his legs and locked my fingers around the bulge in his shorts. "I knew it. You got sexed up playing with me. I just want to know how you can possibly be so unmerciful toward that poor little white ball."

"What are you talking about?" He looked down at me.

"It's just not fair to have two big clubs to hit with." I gave him a healthy squeeze and laid my cheek against his hip to grin up at him.

"One club for the 'poor little white ball', as you call, it and one real big club coming up for you, Lover." He said and jutted his hips forward stabbing that monster of his into my palm.

I gave it another good squeeze and pull then got up to walk back to the cart. "Okay, your turn. Give it a whack; with your driver not that bad boy in your boxers."

"I may hit this sucker five hundred yards now with my extra big club you made for me." David still had not come out of his stance when he looked over his shoulder at me.

"Just hit the ball stud."

David addressed the ball this time, but obviously rushed through his swing. I couldn't see it from this angle, but I'm sure that other 'club' of his could not have deflated that quickly so he must have been thrown off balance by it. As huge as he got down there I'm sure he'd a lot of blood to fill it and with that his monster must weigh a lot. Indeed I saw his ball goes out a ways and take a mighty hook for his left-handed swing and trail off into the trees also. His of course much farther down than mine.

"I guess you lost your concentration too." I teased and slid my driver back in my bag.

"Just get in the cart and let's go find our balls." He marched toward me and the cart. "You better keep your mind on the game if you want to finish eighteen."

"Who said all eighteen holes had to be played on the course," I replied brushing my hand over his shorts as he walked by me to put his club away.

"Get in." He scoffed.

I let him be for the moment as he drove us down the fairway and then into the woods toward where my ball had entered.

"There's my ball," I almost yelled as I pointed off to the right where my pink ball sat up on a tuft of weeds. He drove over deeper into the trees.

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03-02-2008, 09:06 PM
"I don't think you have a shot at all from here." He told me. "Why don't you just get another ball and drop one back in the rough?"

"I have a better idea. Why don't I play two balls instead of one?" I said as I slipped my hand up the leg of his shorts and under his boxers to grasp his hairy, manly balls. "I found them!"

I lowered my head and pressed my face down onto his crotch and proceeded to nibble at him through his pants leg as my hands worked to unbutton and unzip his shorts. When I lifted my head we could both see his cock pushing out of those boxers, bulging right towards my face.

"Come on; let's play your balls from here." I got up from the cart walked around to his side. He stood and I wrapped my arms around him. I got up on my toes and stuck my tongue into his mouth. Once I had his full attention I let him go.

"Look at me, David," I said, "Look into my eyes. "I want you to make love to me. I want to do it, right here and right now."

"But..." He seemed dumbfounded, but the bulge in his khakis gave him away. Leaning forward, I took his hand and pulled him behind another tree.

I lay down on the grass and stuck my hands up under my skirt and whipped my underwear down. "David, take me right now."

David's face went from nervous to gleaming as he looked between my thighs and face.

"I've never done this before, Miss Mathews. What am I supposed do?" He stared hard between my legs now with a huge boyish grin.

"Hmm, why don't you get down here and lick me like I'm an ice cream cone, a very drippy ice cream cone, Mr. Smalley." I told him as I pulled my wet lips apart before his face and exposed my wetter insides and my swollen clitoris which felt like it stuck out like a ripe berry. "Now get down here and flick that hot tongue like crazy over this cherry on top."

"I'll do my best Miss Mathews." He said in a soft voice and looking me right in the eye even as he lowered his head between my thighs.

"Oooo!" I moaned when he made the first slash of his tongue up through my hot pink sundae.

Of course David was far from an inexperienced teenager as his talented tongue lapped up my dripping juices and he so expertly sucked on my labia while his fingers stroked and caressed down to the moist crack of my bottom. I involuntarily lifted my hips to meet his face even harder. At the same time I was opening myself to him from behind. He didn't disappoint me. He crooked his finger between my cheeks and easily found my tight little hole back there. As his tongue sped up the momentum over my clitoris his finger pushed gently inside. But I wanted more and began to grind down on his lone thick finger. It felt so tight, but felt so good. I heard the whimper exit my throat and felt like I was two different women as he pleasured me. My cunty was beyond being a dripping ice cream now, it felt as if it was flowing with my juices and his hot saliva. It felt like a warm bath soothing me with my vibrator buzzing away on my loving pearl. Only I could swear at that very moment his strong tongue was flicking over my clit faster than my vibey ever had. I was beginning to breathe so fast, my whimper became a drawn out and ever escalating grown. As I felt his long finger slither up another couple of inches I squeezed down on it hard and shoved my sex hard into his tongue.

My whole body hung in suspension between ecstasy and exhaustion. The stars began to circle my head and I exhaled one deep breath from my lungs and then the explosion came. I came. I came hard. I kept coming. The vibrations on my clit kept coming. The wet sounds in and around my body became like a storm. My breath came in such short and rapid starts I just knew I was going to pass out. Then one last strike of lightning flashed in my mind's eye and down through my body. I tensed and then collapsed.

I recovered enough to realize I lay back on the ground and my breathing was calming. That is until I looked up to see my lover, my stud, my David, pulling his stiffened manhood out through the fly of his boxers. It throbbed there until he reached up to give it a little extra squeeze. When he did a bead of pre-cum oozed out. I looked up into his face my lips curled and I gave him the most lewd smile I could muster.

"That didn't take much effort to get you back to game form." I stuck out my tongue and gave a long swipe over my wet lips. "Mmm. I think I want more."

The look on David's face was almost scary. He looked me hard in the eyes and did not speak or smile. He just crawled up on his knees between my legs and reaching around my hips he lifted me off the ground and pulled me up over his body. Before I knew what was happening he thrust up into me plunging his sex deep into mine and he held me there. I went past the initial shocking tightness and pain and savored the feeling of his huge throbbing manhood. He held me and pummeled me with his thrusting.

"Mmm, oh yes, you finally get a hole in one baby!" I feel him swelling as he bounced me up and down and I jerked my head back arching myself to his steel rod fill me. I was soon so full I was sure his impending load of cum would have no room to ejaculate into.

I screamed in joy, wrapping my legs around him, holding him inside me. I could feel every inch of him as he swelled inside me and just enough friction across my clit sent me into another orgasm that erupted and swept over me. I rode it and rode it as I rode him.

As I was about to come back down David pulled back and slowly pushed himself back into me once, twice, and a third time slamming into me as he screamed out. He fell over onto me and buried his face in my neck as he finally let himself go. He came with several short thrusts. He continued to moan loudly as he bit into my neck. I felt his hard penis twitch and jump a couple more times as my cunty contracted around it.

For several moments we stayed like that, him resting on top of me, my arms holding him tight. His body continued to move slowly as he now only nuzzled my neck. As he caught his breath I felt his warm liquid running out of my body and down the crack of my bottom.

David pushed himself up and slowly pulled out of me. That huge manhood of his even post-orgasm remained thick and hard as he needed a concerted effort to come out. I had never had never felt so tight around any other man. He exited with small pop! Then he turned over and dropped down onto his back beside me. I curled up on my side and put my head on his chest. I could still hear his healthy young heart pounding wildly. He moved his arm and pulled me closer.

"You made my birthday a day to remember, Reese," he whispered, as I felt his fingers moving softly through my hair, "really remember."

As I was about to roll over on top of him, I noticed a couple pair of legs only a few feet in front of us. I looked up and saw a couple, a man and woman standing near the tree we had supposedly been hiding behind. "We have an audience." I said with a nervous lilt in my voice.

I could feel David turn beneath me. He looked up with a shocked face. I smiled at our couple as they look back astonished at what lay in front of them. The guy looked to be in his early thirties and the girl looked to be a little younger, and was very pretty to say the least. I quickly lost my nervousness and with the remaining warmth of my orgasms still flowing through me, I boldly stood up. "I'm just learning a few new things about the game. My boyfriend here is good with a club."

"Uh, my wife is just learning, too." The man stuttered. "My wife hit her ball in the trees here. We just came looking for it. We didn't mean to bother you." He continued to stammer. Hubby was getting a good look at me in my short white skirt and the undies hanging off my left foot. His jaw was easing open and I swear he was about to drool.

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03-02-2008, 09:09 PM
I glanced over at the woman who ignored me and was obviously engrossed in looking down at David's slowly wilting but still impressive looking manhood. I just don't know if it was ladylike of her to be standing there with her jaw hanging down and the start of a little drool building at the corner of her mouth, too. But how could I blame her. She only blinked back into focus when David finally scurried up, pulling his boxers and shorts up as quickly as he could.

"You two can play through if you'd like." I offered trying to clear the air of tension and being perfectly comfortable letting them play on. David would need a few minutes I'm sure. To be honest, I needed some time, too.

"Come on honey," The husband took his wife's hand and awkwardly stepped back around the tree. The missus almost tripped as she started walking when she couldn't avert her eyes from my hunky boyfriend.

They did play on. Only they didn't retrieve the wife's ball. They just went on to the next tee.

David and I straightened up and I picked up my ball. We went on up and picked up David's ball, too. Then we sat and waited to let another group play through.

We didn't finish the hole either. We moved on to the last hole.


The eighteenth hole was a par five and somehow we both made it the green in regulation. David's approach shot was with his 3-wood. He struck it perfectly. It just flew and flew. The ball hit about twenty yards in front of the green. But it must have been a hard spot as it bounced up and went right toward the fringe. It rolled right up to the left side of the green, maybe thirty-five feet from the flag. He ended up three putting, but was not bothered by a bogey at all.

I sank my ten-footer for a par five. I made the short walk to the hole and made a big production of retrieving my ball from the cup. I'm sure my skirt rode up enough to give him another clear view of the bareness between my legs. I had stuffed my panties in my golf bag between holes.

When I looked back up at him, I saw his lusty expression. "Oops, sorry big fella. But I guess you are the birthday boy, so you deserve a little extra show." I walked up to him, reached up to put my hand behind his head and pulled him down. I slowly licked his lips with my pointed tongue before slipping it between them and on into his mouth. I kissed him slow and deep. He reached around me and palmed my behind though the thin material of my skirt. He then had both hands back there and not so gently cupped my cheeks in his eager hands.

"Reach down a little lower and you're gonna feel how wet I still am."

"You're dripping," He said as I felt two of his long thick fingers slip up inside me. "Is that me still dripping out of you?"

"I'm sure some of it is; it's your leftovers." I reached up and kissed him again, "Speaking of leftovers, I hope you've still got something left for me, Lover. Golf is only the start to our day."

"I'm sure I do." He confidently expressed with a very huge smile.

I looked down at his shorts and saw the ever present erection building in his khakis. This man was incredible. He was making me feel incredible.

We walked hand in hand off the last green and back to our cart.

Since we didn't finish a couple of holes and probably incorrectly recorded a couple of other, we'll never know who beat whom in that first round of golf together. One thing I know he'll remember is how he scored his first hole in one on the golf course. He'd never have to reveal he sunk it while off the fairway and in the trees rather than in the cup on the green.

The End !!!

Good Night And Sweet Dreams . ;) :D

04-02-2008, 07:14 AM

I can hear the rain outside trickling down my window
While my fingers drown in my own private
Stream of water.

It was just last night that you were here with me
When our bodies became one and I
Lost myself with you.

Your taste still lingers in my mouth
And your touch still burns on my skin.
You've left this morning
You've left me aching for more of you.

I find myself thinking of you
More than I ever though I would.
You have such a hold on me
I'd be willing to please you for eternity.

I treasure each of your kisses
And hate the feeling of being alone
Since all I can do is touch myself
And silently wish that you would be inside of me.

I run my hands across my breasts remembering
The way you did it last night.
I feel fire between my thighs
Once again with you on my mind.

I have to finish this pleasure at once.
I can't keep it locked up any longer
Otherwise I'll explode with heartache.

I reach the level of satisfaction for the moment.
And my heart flutters with excitement, knowing soon
I'll be able to have you again,
Knowing I can never get enough of you
Being so in love with you.

04-02-2008, 07:15 AM
I'm horny as can be

I'm horny as can be
but there is nobody to please me.
All I can do is play to please me.
The drinks don't help me,

All I need is a man who can please me.
One that has the right size,
not small cause they can't please me.
One that is the one for me.

One that can give me energy once again.
One that can help me remember
that feeling you get with the
pleasures of being with a partner.

I think I forgot that feeling
been too long without a man.

Men have what it takes to please me.
Women I do not see how they can please me.
If I never find a man then the toy is were it will be,
women are not for me, they don't have what I need.
I wish I had one man there for me.
One who could protect me.
Love me, cuddle with me.
Argue with me, most of all be my best friend.

So I can give him all of me.
So he can be with one that
can please him, so he won't look around cause
I want him for me,I don't care to share.
I can be fun, but have not found that man.
He's in my dreams and in my stories.

But to find the reality of this Man
has not surfiest to me as of yet.

So the horny part of me stays horny till
I please me, alone this is so on fair,
but reality kicking in once again.

04-02-2008, 07:33 AM
Some comics to start the day...




Chivas Regal
05-02-2008, 05:34 AM
wa,so many pages of stories,it will take awhile to finish reading all.
thanks to all who contributes. :)
sometimes, reading stories also can get hard-on.

05-02-2008, 02:52 PM
Milk & Cookies - A Story about Santa Claus

T'was the night before Christmas, and in MzDominica's house, Santa crouched next to the Christmas tree, pulling packages out of his sack. The ornaments and lights on the tree twinkled and shimmered, even though no one else was in the room to appreciate them. Suddenly, from somewhere in the tree, a light mist, like an air freshener, sprayed into his face. Santa's thoughts went blank for a moment, and he did not realize that MzDominica had entered the room and was standing next to him, until She spoke.

"Not a mouse that's stirring," She said. Her beautiful voice took on a combination of seduction and command. "Your mind is going blank, now, Santa. Blank. You think of nothing. You hear only My Voice."

Santa continued to kneel next to the tree, staring at the twinkling ornaments, his mind empty of all thought. MzDominica lowered another twinkling object, dangling from a chain, in front of his face. The facets of the crystal caught glints of light from the tree and reflected them into Santa's eyes, changing the colors. Yellow, green, purple, blue. Glittering and twinkling. So pretty.

"That's right, Santa. Gaze deep into the crystal. Look at all the pretty colors. Watch the crystal as it spins around... and around... and around..." For good measure, Dominica drew a vial from a pocket in Her robe and held it up to his face. "Breathe in," She whispered, as She sprayed another squirt of mind control mist into his face. No use taking chances -- this was Santa Claus, after all!

"Feel the warm relaxation spread through your face. Down your neck. Into your chest. And your arms. Feel your legs relax. And your feet relax. So loose, relaxed, and warm. So quiet. Watch the pretty colors, and let them fill your mind. No thoughts. Only the colors. Yellow, green, purple, blue."

Santa's eyes were wide, the pupils large dark pools in the half-lit room. His jaw had fallen open, his mouth a small pink oval in the middle of his white beard.

"Good, Santa. Let everything go. Let it all go. Loose... and relaxed." She looked down at Santa, a little surprised he was dressed exactly like one would expect from all the pictures. Red suit, white trim, black boots. "Nice boots," She said, "though a bit more serviceable than fashionable." She shifted Her stance a little, so Her leg was now in Santa's field of vision, covered in a knee-high boot of deep brown leather, which went so well with the salmon-colored night robe She wore. "How do you like MY boots?"

Dominica moved the crystal toward Her leg, and Santa's gaze shifted, blankly, following it. She held the crystal in front of Her boot. Time to see if this had worked. "Kiss My boot, slave."

Slowly, almost in a drifting motion, Santa twisted around a bit, and bowed his head low to the floor. And kissed MzDominica's boot. First the toe. Then he started a trail upward toward Her shin.

"Enough, slave," Dominica commanded. "Now, I want you to explain to Me. I don't see any packages for Me under the tree. Why not? Speak!"

Santa's voice seemed to come from someplace far, far away. "You're on the Naughty list," he replied.

"How can you say that?" Dominica asked. "When I have brought joy to thousands of My slaves, all over the world!" She leaned downward, bringing Her beautiful cleavage close to Santa's face. "Feel My fingers stroking your cock. You don't need me to touch you, for you to feel it. One long stroke, with My long fingernails, stroking from base to tip."

Santa's breathing became a little more irregular.

"That's right. Base to tip. And again. From base to tip. Along the underside of your cock. So slowly. So teasingly. Up to the head. Then around, and around."

Santa continued to gaze at Dominica's breasts. His eyes were drawn to the mermaid tattoo. Then to Her cleavage. A silent voice seemed to call him into that long, deep valley between Her gorgeous breasts. Down, down, down into darkness.

"I wouldn't think of expecting you to drop by without offering you milk and cookies."

Dominica stood up, and languidly strode across the room, past the fireplace. Santa followed Her with his eyes, unable to move. She stopped by what appeared to be a large easy chair, covered with a blanket. Then She bent down, grabbed one corner of the blanket, and gently pulled it aside. Underneath was a beautiful blonde woman, completely naked, attached to a frame by leather cuffs at her wrists and ankles, and supported by cleverly placed leather straps. She was clearly in a deep trance state, gazing forward into nothing. She was so deeply tranced and still, Santa hadn't noticed she wasn't just another piece of furniture.

"This is patti," Dominica said. "My beautiful lesbian hooker." She turned toward Santa, who had just enough awareness to meet Her eyes, and said, "And she's your snack, for tonight!"

Even deep in trance, patti immediately noticed she could see MzDominica in the room. At the sight of her Mistress, her slow, quiet breathing changed to rapid panting, and her shaved pussy flowered open and started to drip. The nipples on her huge breasts tautened, and began to ooze little drops of milk.

"patti," Santa said, tonelessly.

"Yes," Dominica replied. "And regardless of WHAT list you have her on, she's been a good girl. A very good girl, for her Mistress. And so I've arranged a special present for her. You're going to lick her... and make her cum!"

"Good girl," Santa repeated. "Yes, patti IS a good girl."

"Glad we agree," Dominica said. "Now, Santa, crawl over here, and give patti her Christmas present."

Santa crawled, a little more quickly now, toward the bound slave, approaching directly between her legs. Dominica watched, and just as he got within a few inches of patti's smooth hairless pussy, She said, "Wait!"

Santa halted, unable to disobey. Somewhere, way at the back of his mind, he could still wonder why.

"First the milk," Dominica said. "THEN the cookies." She ran a finger along Santa's face, from the temple down into his beard, twirling it a bit. "Crawl over to her breasts. And drink."

Santa backed away from between patti's gorgeous spread legs, and crawled next to the frame on her left. Her breasts seemed so huge and firm, filled as they were with milk. Santa leaned forward, took a nipple into his mouth, and began to suck.

"That's right," Dominica encouraged. "Suck it. Drink the milk." She knew that the mind control hormones filling patti's body would only serve to take Santa deeper into hypnotic slavery, the more he drank. "Drink it all!"

patti moaned as her nipple was sucked, her breast was emptied. She had been so full, the relief of pressure was so nice. She began to wiggle her hips a little, aching to be fucked, licked, whipped, anything.

"Now the other breast," Dominica commanded. "Crawl around to the other side. Drink your milk, slaveboy."

Santa's mind was becoming even emptier. His cock felt like a wooden pole, a sharp sword, a baseball bat -- something long, hard, and needing to DO something, touch something, plunge into something, rub on something. He couldn't think. He could only obey, crawl around the frame to patti's right side, and take her other nipple in his mouth. As he sucked, his thoughts seemed to drift farther away. All he wanted to do was suck, lick, obey, obey, obey.

patti's hips began to gyrate like she had a vibrator in her cunt. Of course, she THOUGHT she did, having been commanded by MzDominica to believe she was filled, 24/7, with vibrating eggs. Just on the edge of orgasm, all the time. Ready, ready, ready. The sucking on her nipple felt so good. So deep in trance, she didn't know who or what was sucking her, but Santa's beard tickled the skin over her ribs, and only made her more aroused. Unable to form words, patti continued to pant and moan, only able to react and obey.

"Good, Santa," Dominica whispered. "Now, I think she's ready. Crawl around, back to between her legs. Time to enjoy patti's cookies!"

Santa crouched low on the floor, turning around, crawling mindlessly along the right side of the frame, down, and back up between the slave's legs.

patti's naked cunt was pulsing... pulsing... pulsing... trained to pulse exactly in time with the light from MzDominica's crystal. Aching to be sucked, licked, stroked, whipped, spanked -- anything, anything, anything, please, please, please!

At the touch of Santa's tongue, patti squealed! She wiggled her hips, and sank down into her bondage, trying to get closer in contact with the warm, wet stimulation. Her legs were spread too wide for his beard to tickle the insides of her thighs -- but the gentle, feathery contact with the cheeks of her bottom got her hips pumping even harder. Santa's tongue began a complicated sequence of strokes, swirls, and slurps that surprised MzDominica. Nibbling on the inner labia, then a stroke upward to the clit. Around and around the clit, then starting down the other side, and a sudden jump to nibble at the outer labia.

05-02-2008, 02:53 PM
"Hmmm," She thought. "Mrs. Claus must have a better time of things than I thought."

Santa's tongue twirled and licked. patti's hips bucked. Closer and closer and closer to orgasm. Needing to cum. Aching to cum. Almost there, almost, just on the edge, wanting it, please, please, please, just a little bit, a little bit, a little bit more!

But, of course, patti could not cum -- not without MzDominica's permission.

Mistress watched, as Santa licked, and patti's gyrations got wilder and wilder, her voice squealed more and more continuously, unable to stop, unable to go on -- perfectly obedient in her training to do only as her Mistress commanded.

Dominica smiled, a wry, crooked smile. Of enjoyment. And control. And lust. Ohhhh, yes. Lust. Her needs would be attended to later. But right now, time for Her slave's present. She leaned forward, toward patti's right ear, and whispered. "You have My permission, slut. Cum! Cum and cum and cum!"

patti's squeals turned into screams, as she came, over and over again. In wild, thrashing convulsions, held in control only by the cuffs and straps that would not let her move. Dominica watched as patti's body clenched in waves, starting in the middle of her belly, and moving outward in ripples, as her entire body orgasmed, over and over and over again. Santa continued licking, as patti continued to cum. After a few minutes, the intensity of her thrashing became gentler, more languid. And Santa's tongue matched her, slowing down, becoming more languid. Dominica watched, as a wave of muscle contractions moved visibly from patti's cunt, upward across her belly, wiggling her breasts, twitching her arms, her head moving from side to side as she moaned, happily, mindlessly. Little by little, patti and Santa slowed, together, as patti's orgasms subsided. Till Santa's face and tongue were still, and patti lay there, suspended in the harness, a huge smile on her blank, empty face.

patti's pussy juices, also laced with Dominica's mind control hormones, soaked into Santa's face... and dribbled on the carpet. Mistress made a mental note to have patti suck the carpet clean, tomorrow.

"Kneel down, slave. Down here, at My feet." Santa pulled his face away from patti's cunt, crawled over to Dominica's boots. "Down further. Place your face between My toes, and touch your nose to the floor." Blankly, Santa did as he was instructed. Unconsciously, he pumped his hips ever so gently, consumed with lust in his deep, mind controlled trance.

"Now, Santa, I want you to listen carefully," Dominica said. "All the rest of tonight, no matter where you are, no matter what you're doing... Whenever you hear the phrase 'Santa is coming,' or 'Here comes Santa Claus' -- or ANYTHING about Santa and coming... you will cum. You will orgasm. In one brief, little spurt. Every time. You will cum. Every time. You will not remember these commands, or being hypnotized by me -- but you WILL obey these instructions. I want your pants nice and drippy and wet with cum when you return to the North Pole. Do you understand?"

Santa had trouble forming the words, but his voice managed to croak out, "Yes, Mistress."

"Good," replied Dominica. "Now, about Me being on the Naughty list..." She crouched down, Her mouth close to his ear, and ran a finger down the side of his face. "Wouldn't you agree, your milk and cookies were nice?"

"Yes, Mistress," Santa whispered. His eyes were still unfocused, his mind empty and obedient.

"There's no reason I can't be on BOTH lists, right? Naughty AND Nice?"

A faint grin appeared on Santa's lips, as that idea took hold. "Yes... Naughty and Nice..."

"So, Santa... Let Me tell you what I want for Christmas." Dominica leaned even closer, and whispered in Santa's ear. He listened attentively, blank as his mind was, absorbing every detail. Dominica looked intently at Santa's face, memorizing every detail, suppressing a giggle at how straggly his beard looked, still soaked in patti's drippings.

Dominica stood up, brushed one hand across Santa's forehead. "You can do that for Me, tonight, right? You're magical, right?"

"Yes, Mistress," Santa replied, still kneeling at Dominica's feet.

"Very well, My magical slave. Forgetting everything, but obeying all My instructions... When you awaken, you will not notice that I am here. You will finish your visit, and leave, not remembering you were seen by anyone. On the count of three, you will now wake up. One, beginning to regain consciousness. Two, becoming more aware of yourself. And three, wide awake, Santa. Stand up."

Santa blinked a moment, not sure how he'd gotten from the Christmas tree over to the middle of the living room. He looked around, somehow missing the fact that MzDominica was standing right next to him. Walking, a little stiffly, back to the tree, he picked up his sack, pulled out a few more packages, and placed them under the tree. His hand brushed against a small lighted ornament depicting Santa in his sleigh, which suddenly started to play a few bars of an old Bing Crosby recording of "Here Comes Santa Claus, Right Down Santa Claus Lane." Santa shivered a little, and felt his cock leap unexpectedly in his pants, and spurt. Enjoying the experience, but a bit confused, Santa stood, pulled his sack closed, and started toward the chimney.

A beautiful voice seemed to come out of nowhere. "Better keep that wet spot bundled up warm, Santa," it said sweetly. "You wouldn't want to get frostbite." Santa looked around a moment, then turned toward the fireplace again.

As he got into the fireplace, and began to rise back upward, Santa heard the voice one more time. "Make sure it's red," the voice called out. "And has a full tank of gas!"

05-02-2008, 02:58 PM
She-vampire : a fantasy

I have to share this with you. - Two of my closest friends (who have the perpetual hots for each other) continually flirt and beat around the bush with their attraction, but neither of them had got up the nerve to actually act on their blatant mutual desire for one another. Tina (not her real name) came to me and asked for advice as she had several fantasies about Chris (not his real name) and wondered if she should let him know. I advised her to send one to him in an email and see what his response was and I assured her that it wouldn't hurt their friendship but it would probably get things going in the right direction. He was absolutely floored when he received her email and had no idea how to respond back.

He came to me for advice as he wanted to sent her a similar fantasy in reply but he admittedly was weak in his writing skills and wanted my help. When I sat down with Chris to help him write out a fantasy I asked what he and Tina had in common that we could centre a fantasy around that as a place to start. I had to coax him quite a bit but he finally admitted that they both enjoyed Vampire movies and had gone on a couple of dates to watch some. I felt that that was an excellent place to start so I helped him to relax and tune out everything else so that he could visualize the scenario and paint the picture for me. He actually felt so comfortable with me (he may have actually forgotten that I was there) once he got into it that he had his pants down and was friggin himself off to his own fantasy. I was admittedly turned on and waited until he left to satisfy my rising excitement. I touched base with them later on and found out that they were on one wild ride and fucking like little rabbits whenever they could get their horny hands on each other. I couldn't help but smile and give myself a pat on the back. Anyway......here goes. Enjoy!

We meet in a bar, it's the first time I've seen you again and both of us are so hot for each other. And we have a few drinks, I'm at the bar, you come up behind me, you put your hands on my hips and you pull me back into you which nearly leaves me breathless, sliding me across your body, until I'm so hot, all I can think about is you inside me. Then you take me to the dance floor, we are oblivious to everyone around and we are dancing very close and your hands are sliding down, grazing my breasts, my arms are around you, my fingers tracing your spine and we dance closer and I feel how hard you are as you pull me close to you and you grab the back of my neck and kiss me deeply and your hands are sliding down until I can no longer bear the anticipation of you, and I whisper into your ear that I want you to fuck me.

You take my hand and we leave the bar, and we go the side into an alley and we are midway in the alley, people are walking up and down the streets and we can see them, but its dark and we stop and you slide me back into the wall so all I feel behind me is brick and then it's all mouths and tongues and hands everywhere and you are so hard and you turn me around so my hands are braced against the wall. You slide your arms around to cup my breasts and you pinch my nipples though the fabric while the other hand is lifting up the back of my dress, I have nothing on underneath, only tall black boots and I feel your hot breath on my neck, as you graze my pussy with your fingers and I beg you to fuck me with your fingers but you still tease me just by sliding your fingers, down tracing my pussy with your fingertips so I turn around I grab your cock through your jeans, and I get very excited at how hard you are so I quickly unfasten your belt, your jeans, yank them down and sink onto my knees, taking it into my mouth, sucking your cock, your hands are tangled in my hair as you watch me slide my tongue over your cock, over the tip and you suddenly pull me up, kiss me hard, and then I feel your fingers deep and hard inside me, and I'm shaking and your mouth is still on mine, silencing me from crying out in the alley and you turn me around, hike up my skirt and take me from behind, my hands braced against the wall, you grabbing my ass, fucking me and I'm begging you to fuck me harder. You take one arm and wrap it across my throat, applying pressure and you bring my head to yours, your fingers in my mouth and you fuck me harder and harder until I feel you start to shake you come explosively inside me…

I’m going to dovetail this fantasy off the one that you had sent me where we were in the alley behind a bar. To refresh your memory, I had one hand on your ass and one around your neck while you were braced against the wall and I was taking you from behind with my cock throbbing deep inside your wet pussy and you were begging for me to fuck you harder and harder until I exploded like thunder inside of you. With that in mind I gently ease you back down to the ground and you can feel the juices now running down your leg, which just makes you feel hotter still. You turn around and kiss me deeply on the lips while trying to put your skirt back in its proper place. As we look in one another’s eyes we can both sense the evening isn’t over yet and perhaps it has only just began.

I flip my cell phone out and quickly dial the number of a limo service that I know of and they agree to pick us up in front of the bar in 5 minutes. We can’t keep our hands off of one another as we stand on the street waiting for the car and several times you slip your hands down my pants to remind my cock that you still want some attention later and it responds immediately each time by stiffening up again. When the limo arrives we dive into the back seat and after giving the driver your address you immediately close the partition and put your hand down my pants again pulling out my stiff cock. Gently at first you begin licking up and down my shaft then slowly you begin to work your tongue a bit faster before circling around the head and pulling your entire month around it and bathing my eager cock with your hot saliva. Although I feel like blowing my load right then I there I hang on a bit longer and enjoy the much-desired attention you are now giving my manhood and I absolutely love the feeling of your soft warm hands cupping my balls as you suck my cock with your hot wet mouth. After a while you sit beside me and we continue petting and caressing each other until the limo finally arrives at our destination.

When we get into your place you direct us to your bedroom right away and push me onto the bed. Taken slightly aback by your forcefulness I concur but to be honest I find that your dominant stance is turning me on more than I realized it would. You ask me to trust you at this point to which I again concur as you begin to undress me. Naked now you lie me down on the bed and with a silk scarf you tie each of my hands to the corner of the bed. After securing my hands you now tie my feet to the end of the bed as well and finally you take one piece of silk and tie it around my head like a blindfold and you tell me to hang on as you will be right back. Lying there vulnerable is quite a turn on and the moments of waiting seems endless as I anticipate your next move. Suddenly I can hear you entering the room and hear you breathing near me. The next thing I can feel is your breath on my face and you lean in and whisper in my ear “do you like vampires?”

Before I can answer that I feel you gently rake your fingernails down my chest all the way to my crotch and you lean in to my neck again and bite me. The sensation is a bizarre mixture of pain and pleasure and the excitement races down through my body in waves. You continue to bite my neck as your hand begins stroking up and down the shaft of my cock bringing it to attention yet again. With the blindfold still in place you begin to work down my body with your mouth. Sometimes licking, sometimes kissing, sometimes biting me, you cover the entire length of my body until you reach my cock again and begin working it over with your magically skilled tongue. Each time you cover my cock with your glossy pout it feels like you go deeper and deeper until your practically swallowing my balls as well. Every once in a while you come up for air so that you can bite or nibble my chest and neck. When I feel like I’m about to blow again you stop sucking my cock and return to the tongue bathing and work your way back to my mouth where you give me one of the deepest kisses ever and finally you bite my lip slightly so that I don’t forget your question. “Yes”, I say finally, “I like vampires”.

“Good”, you say teasingly, “I thought so”. You slowly untie the blindfold but request that I keep my eyes shut until you tell me to look. I completely comply with your wishes and when you finally say it’s okay to look I am completely blown away by the vision before me. There you are standing over my naked body wearing a long black vampire cape, long black leather high heels boots, and a black leather teddy that still reveals your smooth milky white breasts. You’ve accentuated your facial features with black make-up and hair coloring as well but it doesn’t look Goth necessarily - it looks sexy. A beautifully hot and sexy she-vampire is standing over me about to claim her victim and the stark contrast of porcelain white skin against black leather in the candlelight is astonishing.

05-02-2008, 02:59 PM
Pleased by the reaction in my face and look of pleasure you step closer to the top of the bed so that you are standing directly over my head. You bring your crotch area over my face and you dip your wet pussy onto my eagerly waiting mouth. Your pussy is so unbelievably hot and wet and the musky smell of your natural juices drive me so absolutely crazy and dizzy that it feels like I’ve just drunk 4 bottles of Wolfblass. I probe the inside of your pussy with my tongue and although I find it somewhat difficult to control your responses without the use of my hands, I am able to focus my tongue’s efforts to move in and out and take time to lap your cunny juice and smother your clit so that finally I can feel you bucking as you sit on my face and you cum and writhe with pleasure with each flick of my tongue. Before you are able to move off of my face I am sure to take a little nibble of your outer labia so that you know I’m into this theme of yours.

Now you bend down and lap up all of your juices off my face and straddle me ready to give me the fucking of my life. With your pussy completely soaked you easily slide down onto my rock hard pole and begin thrusting up and down and back and forth, riding me with expert skill. I am lost in ecstasy again as you change your motion slightly to begin thrusting in a circular motion and as you gyrate faster and faster I begin to feel like I’m being fucked by some wild creature from another world as this has never felt so good. To top it all off you rake your nails down my chest again and scream with passion as my cock finds your g-spot deep inside your loins, begging me to fuck you harder and harder. With my limbs tied up I am only able to completely focus my response through my pelvis and I willingly accept the challenge of pleasing you with my piston. With my hard throbbing cock deep inside you bend over and bite my neck hard and I can feel you start to cum all over me again as you buck and writhe and bite me harder now. The sensation of you biting me while you’re cumming is more than I can bear and I beg for you to let me cum now too.

You immediately get off of me and grab my cock with your hands stroking me up and down as you place the head of my shaft in your mouth again. I know that I’m close and you tell me to cum in your mouth now. The orgasm hits me like a tidal wave as my cock explodes like a thundering volcano, pumping ounces upon ounces of cum into your hot eager wet mouth. You tease me as you swallow some of my juices and let some drip down your face and down your tits. You rub it all over yourself and then you rub it all over me and then you lick it all off of me again as you bit and nibble and suck on my skin. When we end up kissing again it’s deep and warm and passionate and we can taste ourselves and each other which just gets us hot again and the night seems to last forever as we find different ways to fuck and suck and feel and taste one another. At the end of it all you get up and stand over me once again with your cape and boots and leave for a while, as I remain tied to the bed with the vision of the she-vampire standing over her prey. When you finally escort me to the door and we kiss goodbye you leave me hanging as you tell me that next time you have an even bigger surprise for me. Oh I just can’t wait till then, but my neck is a little sore from the experience and hey is it my imagination or is there really two bite marks there, omg!

05-02-2008, 03:08 PM
Trans secretary

"Monica Barnes smoothed her skirt before entering the office of her boss, Cord Drake, the CEO of the company his father had founded thirty eight years ago! Like every other morning for the past two years, she brought along his coffee, her memo pad, and of course his copy of the morning paper! "Good morning, Mr. Drake," she said in an upbeat voice, "anything special on the agenda for today!?!" Cord Drake took the coffee from her out stretched hand and replied, "Nothing on the horizon, Monica, but I am expecting a call from our man in Tokyo, so put it straight through when it comes in, okay!?!" "Certainly, Mr. Drake," she replied, "and if there isn't anything else, I have those letters from last evening to get out, so if you'll excuse me!!!" Cord watched as the cute little ass of his secretary disappeared behind the closing door while he picked up his paper and started to read!!!

While maybe there hadn't been anything special going on that day, there was still a lot to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all finished! Buy four o'clock Drake was just plain beat from the hours he spent on the phone talking with clients and the countless requests from his own staff to make a myriad of decisions that directly affected the direction of the company!!! After his last call, the intercom on Monica's desk lit up and the familiar voice from the inner office ordered, "Come on in, Miss Barnes, and bring your pad!!!" She picked up her dictation pad and went directly to his office and knocked softly and waited for him to let her enter!!! "Come on in," a voice from inside yelled, "it's open!!!" Monica slipped inside and while still standing by the door asked softly, "Do you want me to lock it, Mr. Drake?!?" He gazed at her with almost glazed eyes and simply replied, "Lock it!!!"

Monica dropped her pad on his desk as she walked around to where he was seated and asked, "Do you need a little tension reliever, boss!?!" "That would be just great, Monica," he said with a sigh, "it's been a long fucking day!!!" "Would you like to be dominated," she asked in barely a whisper?!? "I've been giving orders all day," he replied, "why don't you take over for a while, okay!?!" "That suits me just fine," she answered quickly, as she began undoing her blouse, "first off, let's get out of these clothes, shall we?!?" Cord Drake nearly tore his things off, leaving himself stark naked while Monica took a more leisurely pace in removing hers!!! When her bra slid from her shoulders exposing her perfectly formed 36b breasts, he moaned at there mere sight and immediately achieved a very hard erection!!! "Oh, dear," she said softly, "do Monica's breasts make Mr. Drake's pecker all nice and hard?!?" "Jesus I love it when you talk like that," he panted, "and you're so fucking gorgeous, you could give a statue a hardon!!!" She bowed slightly and replied, "I'll take that as a compliment, what do you think of my new panties," which matched her bra, white satin, embroidered with little pink roses, which showed off her perfect ass to its best advantage!?! "Where do you find this stuff," he moaned, "my wife's underwear looks like it came from a cheap discount house!?!" "So I can take it that you like it," she said while twirling around so that he got a view of every side of her!?! "Like it," he groaned out loud, "I fucking love it, now get those panties off so I can see what you have hidden in there!!!"

She turned away from him, so that he had a perfect picture of her pert little butt as she slowly slid her panties down to her ankles before stepping out of them and asking sweetly, "Would the big important business man like his little secretary to turn around?!?" "Oh, please," he begged, "t-turn around and show me what you've got!!!" "Ready or not, here it comes," she exclaimed while spinning around to face him, "well," she asked coyly, "daddy like it?!?" She was standing just out of his reach, so when he tried to grab her she only had to lean back a little to elude his frantic attempts to touch her!!! His eyes now ablaze with desire, stared intently at the crotch of the pretty young woman who at that moment was teasing him mercilessly and then begged, "Please, Monica, let me suck it, pretty please!?!" She laughed at his ineptitude and asked, "Tell me little boy, what do you want to suck, tell mama so she knows!?!" He stared a little longer, and with drool dripping out of the corner of his mouth replied, "Please let me suck your cock!!!"

A perfect woman, he always called her, tits, ass, and a dick, just what every man should have waiting for him at home!!! "Tell me," she teased him some more, "whose dick is bigger, yours or mine!?!" "Jesus, Monica," he said in a exasperated voice, "yours is, now please get over here and let me suck it!!!" Finally having a little pity on him, she moved up next to him and allowed him to take her eight inches into his hot warm mouth!!! "You love mama's pussy on a pole," don't you little boy, " she asked softly, as he gave her nice easy blowjob, "you're such a good little cock sucker, you make mama very happy," while the room was filled with loud smacking noises of a hard cock being sucked for all it was worth!?! "You know the rules," she continued on, "once her little boy starts sucking her hard pecker, he has to suck until it shoots in his mouth, now don't forget that, little one, you must suck mommy all the way to completion!!!" It was all a game they were playing, she didn't have to remind him at all about any such rule, it would take dynamite to get him to release her cock before it filled his mouth with cum, it was just her having a little fun with him, that's all!!! Mr. Drake feverishly worked her hardon in and out of his mouth until almost without warning, Monica's cock spasmed and filled his mouth with a load of life giving cum to her cock sucker boss!!!

Flopping back into the chair with cum dribbling out of his mouth, he just sat and stared at the still semi hard penis that hung just a few feet away from him and she said, "You just love mama's fucking cock, don't you baby!?!" "Oh, yes," he sighed while nonchalantly fisting his own hard piece of meat, "you've got the biggest cock I've ever sucked on!!!" "You know what comes next, don't you," she asked softly?!? "Y-you're gonna fuck my asshole aren't you," he said almost groaning in anticipation!?!" "That's right, little boy," she said quickly, "now get up and bend over your chair and show me your asshole!!!" Quickly complied with her request, Monica moved up behind him and pressed the big head of her pecker against his straining rectum, and said, "Mama's gonna fuck her little boy's ass with her big fucking pussy on a pole!!!" He knew it was coming, and that initially the pain would be intense, but he couldn't help himself, he was a slave to the hard cock of his pretty little secretary, and getting fucked in the ass was just something she had to do to him!!! "Oooooooomph," he gasped as she rammed her cock meat all the way home into his straining bung hole, "god that hurts so fucking good, harder, oh god, fuck me harder!!!" That's what she liked about him, no matter how hard she gave it to him, he always wanted more, just like a good little boy should!!! Harder and harder she slammed her thick pecker deep inside of his rectum, even going so far as to tear his tender ass hole flesh to ribbons as he began to bleed under her vicious assault!!! The pain and the pleasure were now just a blur to him, intermixed and indistinguishable from each other, he reached underneath himself and fisted his own cock meat hard while Monica tore into him like a ravenous animal!!! They'd done it so often, these two, that it was just like clockwork when both of their nut bags tightened and the cum raced down the length of their peckers and jettisoned out of their one eyed snakes, hers into his asshole, and his all over the back of his chair!!!

After they were spent, she leaned over and gave him a big set kiss and whispered, "You are such a cock happy little boy, do you feel better now that mama fucked your tight little ass?!?" "He smile slyly and replied, "I feel just great, and it's gonna be another hard day tomorrow!!!"

05-02-2008, 03:13 PM
Dana Becomes a Woman

All her life, Dana had felt different. Born a boy, she always preferred dressing in girl clothes and playing girl games. She was mistaken for a girl from the time she was toddling - her feminine face and manner always convinced people. By the time she graduated high school, Dana discovered her main sexual interests were in straight men. She didn't care for gay men, and acted as a lesbian when she was with women sexually. She had no interest in taking the male part and thrusting her cock inside of them. Then, when Dana was 22, she discovered what could have been a dangerous pasttime. She dressed up as a woman and picked up straight men. Her elegant long legs, tiny waist, heart shaped face and rounded butt convinced many a man to take her home with him. She had given over 100 straight unsuspecting males blowjobs while fending them away from her crotch. She drank over 100 loads of cum while her own cock was craving release - she would run home and masturbate afterward. And when she realized how fully she could look like what she felt, a female, her whole lifestyle changed. She quit her job and spent a couple months off work. Dana grew her hair, bought a whole new warddrobe and took to life as a woman. She had the most fun choosing the frilly and lacy lingerie to compliment her female appearance. Wearing a satin bra and panties always made her feel sub- missive and feminine and horny. Dana's old apartment had been almost, but not quite, feminine. There was always the family member or coworker to impress that Dana was a sort of normal man. Now she wanted to be a normal woman. She got a beautiful 4 poster bed with a canopy, and got a matching apricot colored comforter and sheet set. Her apartment had more art, more light and color. She felt as if she really belonged there. Then she went out to see if her new femininity would attract some fun. She went to a part of Hollywood known for shemales - no sense in attracting trouble when things were going so well! And within 20 minutes, Glen had come over and introduced himself. Glen was handsome, blond and buff. He was the sort of man who opens doors for women and lights their cigarettes. He make Dana horny and yearning within 30 minutes of conversation with him. She wanted him to fuck her - fuck her hard! She had sucked a lot of cocks, but had very very rarely been laid, and always in secret - very brief and not passionate. Dana took Glen back to her new apartment. He seemed to really like it. He looked at home on her new couch, and sipped at his drink while looking around. He complimented some of her art while easing gently toward her on the couch. He put his arm around her shoulder - just like a man on a date with a woman. Dana felt so excited - and felt her cock hardening. Glen started kissing her - long, slow, wet kisses. He pulled her close and began stroking her back. Dana sucked on his tongue. His mouth was warm and spicy. One by one, Dana was stripped of all her clothes while Glen remained dressed. She did manage to open his shirt buttons and stroke his chest hair and tease his nipples. And then came the moment she was dreading - Glen pulled off her panties exposing her cock. She had spent so many encounters hiding her dick that she felt very scared. Dana didn't worry for long. Glen took her hard she-meat in his hand and began stroking her shaft. Dana couldn't believe how good it felt to have another person playing with her shaft. She started to open Glen's pants, but he gently pushed her hands away. "I like to treat my women right" he said. And he did. He sucked her nipples, carressing her ass and squeezing her cock till she was panting out loud. He ran his finger up the crack of her butt, teasing gently at her anus but not entering it. He licked her chest, her neck her firm tummy. He told her she was sexy and how much she turned him on. Then he told her to stand in front of him. Dana felt exposed and helpless standing there, just as a real woman would. And then Glen did something that made her crazy - he took her dick in his mouth and began sucking! Glen pulled on her buttocks to keep her closer to his face and sucked and licked her shemale cock. He teased it with his tongue. He blew on it. He would reach up and pinch one of her hardened nipples. Sometimes he would pull her ass cheeks apart hard. Dana had never experienced such unbelievable sex, and was helpless before such horniness. Then Glen pulled his head up. "Do you want to cum?" he asked her. "Yes" Dana answered, surprised at how breathy her voice sounded. "Then tell me how much you want it" Glen told her. "I want... I want to cum" Dana told him unsurely. Glen gave a couple hard sucks on the tip of her cock. "Tell me how much you want it" he demanded. "Beg me for it." "I want to cum" Dana said, feeling her balls contract. "I really need to cum". "That's better" Glen told her, stroking his cock. "I want to swallow your load, baby. I want to make your pretty cock shoot for me. Show me how bad you want it - show me!" And he began sucking again, a little faster, his other hand carressing her balls. Dana's cock moved in and out of Glen's wet mouth. She wanted to cum fucking his face - she was desparate for release. Just then, Glen spat on his fingers, and went back to sucking. And he suddenly slid two fingers into her tight ass-pussy. She felt her balls contract and felt her shedick squirting hot thick jizz. Glen sucked it down greedily, like it was candy. He sucked hard, and wiggled his fingers inside her virgin butt, and she had never cum so hard in her life. She shot the biggest load she could imagine, all the time writhing and gasping. And then he kissed her again, and she could taste her cum in his mouth!

05-02-2008, 03:16 PM
Pulled Over

Kristen hurried to her car, worried that she would be late once again. She got in, slammed the door shut and turned on the engine in one smooth motion and raced off. "Damn!" she thought "the light's gonna change." She pressed her foot to the gas hoping she could make it and breezed through the intersection. A block later her stomach sank when she saw the lights behind her flash. Sighing she straightened her skirt and hair while the officer walked up to her car. "Good morning Ma'am, did you know that was a red light back there?" She stammered as she answered him " Y..y..yes Officer." She went on in her soft cultured voice "It's just that i'm going to be late to work again and my boss is so strict." She looked up to see the the cop staring at her long legs and shifted uncomfortably. "Step out of the car, Ma'am." He looked at her lewdly and motioned for her to get out. She could feel her heart pound as she stepped out of the car. "Put your hands on the hood please." She blinked in shock at the tall dark haired man and did as he asked. Her long blonde hair fell down her back just touching her shapely ass. "Can't you just give me my ticket so I can go, Officer?" she asked, realizing there would be a lot to explain if he decided to frisk her. "What's your hurry?" He asked. " I still have to run your license and plates." She turned to face him and he barked "Put your face on the hood!" She felt his hand trail over her ass as he walked to his own car to run her plates. Five minutes he came back and said "Looks like we have to wait, the computer is down." He licked his lips and looked around. She lifted her eyes and scanned the street the best she could with her head on the hood, and realized the street was practically deserted. "Everyone must already be at work and school" she thought with a start. She felt her head being pushed down to the hood all of a sudden. "I thought i told you to keep your head down, I guess I'm gonna need to detain you" He yanked her arms roughly behind her and she felt the cool metal go around her wrists. She heard the click and felt ill. All of a sudden he was patting her down she could feel his hands moving up her legs and felt her dick stir as if to spite her. He roughly pawed her tits and scoffed, "Padded huh? It's ok, some of us like small titties" He was at her waist now and then back to her legs, he trailed his fingers up her thighs and felt her shudder lightly. "You like that don't you?" Kristen stayed quiet and prayed her dick would stay limp as the cop worked his way up half patting her down half feeling her up. Her stomach flopped when he touched her balls. She expected him to pull away, to hit her maybe... something, but all he did was fondle her balls for a moment and then his fingers found their way to Kristen's 7 inch cock. She got hard as he stroked her cock through her silky peach panties. She always loved the way silk made her feel, so feminine, so much like a woman. She knew she had to do something. "No, don't" she said quietly but it really was quite half hearted. The cop paid her no heed. He pressed his body up against her ass, she could feel his cock straining through his uniform. Kristen sighed with relief when he let her throbbing cock go but was shocked to hear him say in a deadly serious voice "Get on your knees." She had no choice but to comply. She dropped to her knees, her cock now almost soft, she watched in horrified fascination as he undid his pants and freed his cock from the confines of his grey cotton briefs. She tried to tell herself it wasn't that bad. Maybe he was just toying with her, and besides he was handsome enough. But she knew it was no joke as he guided his huge cock towards her mouth. "Suck it good now" she heard him say just before he pushed his cock between her lips. She tried to protest but he just grabbed her hair and fucked her face. He pounded into her mouth as deep as he could force his cock. Kristen felt her cock jump back to life as he slammed his cock into her mouth. All of a sudden he stopped and yanked her up to stand. Without a word he tore her beautiful panties off and started stroking her cock and balls. She moaned quietly, he squeezed her balls tighter to warn her to stay quiet. A moment later he was on his own knees in the dust and sucking her cock with vigor. He let his tongue slide over the head and down her shaft to her neatly trimmed pubic hair and back again before he put his lips over the tip and began sucking it, his lips hitting the corona with every suck, producing this overwhelming pleasure for Kristen. She groaned and lost her balance just as she was cumming and shot all over the his face and uniform as she was falling to the ground. He jerked her up and ordered her to lick his face clean. She licked her cum up with relish and fell to the ground on her knees easily when he pushed on her shoulders. With her hands cuffed behind her back she pressed forward and took the policeman's cock in between her pretty pink lips and sank forward to take him all the way down her throat, she bobbed on his cock for five minutes, using her tongue and lips and throat muscles. As he began cumming she closed her lips around his huge cock to form a seal and swallowed every bit of his cream. In the blink of an eye he yanked away from her, she looked up in surprise and then heard the car drive by. He uncuffed her hands, pulled up his dark blue uniform pants, dusted off the knees and walked back to his car. Without a word he handed Kristen her ID and registration. He Picked her panties and tucked them into his pocket. And walked back to his squad car. Kristen fixed herself up the best she could, applied new lipstick and drove away. "Kristen, You're an hour late!" hollered her boss the minute she walked in the door. "Come into my office right now for your punishment." he said a little more quietly. Kristen smiled - this was turning out to be on hell of a day.

05-02-2008, 03:19 PM
The fraternity

The campus at State U. was so big, and Pete couldn't get over that fact as he walked across the Quad on this first day of class. As a freshman he had so much to learn about life at a big college like State U. Worries about new classes, being away from home for the first time, and of course tonight the initiation into the fraternity he was pledged to last week. He was a little worried about that, because he had heard horror stories about frat hazing that had turned out tragically, and while he had been assured by current members that nothing dangerous would happen and that the entire initiation was actually quite pleasant. Well, he hoped so!

At ten o'clock sharp all ten new members TRI K fraternity were ushered into a dark room where each pledge was instructed to remove all of their clothing and sit down and be quiet. In 15 minutes or so each pledge was blindfolded and led into another room where he was instructed to stand at attention. After all the pledges were standing in a circle naked, they were instructed to remain motionless no matter what happened to them. Pete was starting to get that fearful feeling when he felt something touching his pecker, and next he felt a mouth engulf his now stiffening organ! Throughout the room he heard other gasps as he assumed other cocks were being sucked as well! Before he could cum, the mouth pulled away from his dick and he was left standing with a monster hardon shaking in the wind!

A voice then instructed the pledges to sit down on chairs being placed behind them, and in no time flat, hands were forcing their heads forward and an order to "open your mouth" was spoken. Before he knew what had happened a soft cock was shoved into his mouth! The order to "suck it!!" was then given, and Pete, while dazed and confused, began sucking on the now hardening pecker. He could hear the sounds of cocksucking going on all around the room and wondered if he was going to have to take a load of cum in his mouth. After about five minutes of sucking the cock was pulled from his mouth and his blindfold was removed. Pete could then see that they were in a room lit only by candles, but even in this dim light, however, he could see that everyone was naked and erect, and the older brothers were standing outside the ring of pledges slowly jerking their dicks. The president of the frat then laid down the rule to the new members, " If an older brother ever needs a suck off, you will suck him then and there on his request, if an older brother asks you to jerk off for any reason you will do it then and there, if and older brother asks you to suck anyone else, you will do it then and there, do you all understand these rules, if so answer yes." "If you agree to abide by the rules laid down here tonight you are all now probationary members."

Now as official members, the pledges dropped to their knees and sucked their older brothers to completion. They also were allowed to bring themselves to orgasm by sucking each other off, and Pete got his prick sucked by a kid from Texas who obviously had sucked a lot of dick before tonight! Within minutes he was unloading his nuts down the throat of the little cocksucker! Pete was surprised to find what a big cock the little guy had as he took his turn on his knees. He sucked the big head and licked it's shaft until his face was soon covered by spurting cum! He looked around the room to see most of his pledge mates on their knees with large penises in their mouths. The smell of fresh cum permeated the air, and it's pungent aroma seemed to be an aphrodisiac to the young pledges, because no one was having any trouble keeping and maintaining full erections! When ever someone needed to ejaculate, there was always and eager mouth ready to take a full load of hot cum and swallow it down! The rest of the evening was spent satisfying the upperclassmen, who were also caught up in the sexual synergy of the evening!

As they were heading off to bed an older brother pulled Pete aside and asked him to come to his room right away. When they got inside Pete was told to strip and play with his dick while the older boy kissed his nipples. Pete had very sensitive nipples and loved having them licked and sucked on, and after maybe ten minutes of foreplay, Jim, the older boy, told Pete to lay face down on the bed so he could fuck his ass. Pete quickly assumed his place on the bed as Jim rubbed his cock up and down Pete's ass crack, until he finally found Pete's hole and pushed his dick in slowly. Pete relaxed his ass and soon Jim was using Pete like his personal "fuck doll"! Jim was now panting hard and increasing the pace of strokes, while Pete's own cock was now hard as a rock and was nearing its own eruption, when all at once Jim shuddered and let go his load deep in Pete's ass. After Jim had removed his dick, Pete rolled over and begged Jim to suck him off, and without any hesitation, he dropped his mouth onto Pete's straining member and in only seconds Pete shot his cum into Jim's hot mouth! Both boys kissed deeply letting Pete's cum fill both of their mouths and Jim told Pete that he expected to have him in his room the next morning by seven o'clock to give him a wake up blowjob.

As Pete entered his own room he smiled at how well school was starting out! He better get a letter off to home to let his mom know that he had already made a lot of new friends!!! No use having her worrying!!!

05-02-2008, 03:21 PM
Uncle's friend

"Hello, I'm Cole Denton, and you must be Mr. Taylor," the young man said while extending his hand, "I'm happy to meet you!!!" "P-please come in, Mr. Denton, would you care for something to drink," the older man asked nervously!?! "No thanks, I'm okay, but would you like something," Cole asked gently, "you look a little nervous?!?" "Does it show that much," he asked with a little laugh, "I thought I was hiding it pretty well!?!" "I take it that you've never done anything like this before," he went on easily, "well let me put your mind at ease, we won't do anything you don't want to do, it's as simple as that, you're the boss!!!" A sigh of relief seemed to waft through him as he responded softly, "I really appreciate that, Mr. Denton, I was close to calling it off, but now I'm glad that I didn't!!!" "Good," he replied enthusiastically, "now for starters, I think that we should do away with all this Mr. and Mr. stuff and use Cole and Mike!?!"

After making small talk for a few minutes, Cole finally turned the conversation and asked softly, "So, Mike, what is it that you'd like to do, I'm at your service!?!" He fidgeted nervously in his seat and said haltingly, "I-I don't know, what do you think we should do first!?!" "Well," Cole replied smoothly, "how about if I strip for you, most of the men like seeing me take of my clothes, how does that sound to you!?!" "Oh, yes," he replied almost breathlessly, "that sounds very nice, I'd love to see you take off your things!!!" "Do you like big cocks," Cole asked while taking off his shirt and exposing his smoothly muscled tanned chest!?! "Y- yes," he moaned quietly, "I love big cocks, is yours big!?!" "I don't know," he replied while sliding off his tight pants, "how big is big, what's big to you might be small to someone else?!?" "My lover was seven inches long and that seemed pretty big to me," he moaned as Cole's bikini underwear came into view!!!

Cole now stood not more than three feet away from him and with hands on his hips asked in a low voice, "Why don't you pull these down for and see for yourself, I hope it doesn't disappoint you!!!" With his hands now literally shaking, he reached out and after hooking his fingers in the waist band, took a deep breath and began tugging them down over his firm thighs, and as the rapidly thickening dick popped into view he gasped and stammered, "I-I don't believe it, h-how big is it, it's incredible!?!" "I'm not sure," he whispered, "why don't you feel for yourself and tell me how big you think it is?!?" With his eyes the size of saucers, he gingerly reached out and softly caressed the big head, inducing it to spasm slightly while moaning softly, "I-it must be eight inches long, is that about right!?!" "Ohhhhh, Mike," he chuckled, "I'm afraid that you're a little off, but just by and inch and a half!!!" "Oh god," he gaped, "it's nine and a half inches long, and so thick, c- can I suck it, please can I suck it!?!"

Cole didn't even answer, instead he just pushed his crotch forward in an open invitation for Mike to take him into his mouth, which is exactly what he did as he let the big head press momentarily against his lips, and after savoring the sensation, opened wide and let it slide into his hungry mouth!!! "Oh myyyyyyyy," he sighed as he devoured his thickness, "you older men just have a knack for sucking cock, I guess there's just no substitute for experience!!!" Mike chuckled to himself and after pulling away for a second replied, "We're old enough to appreciate it too, like when we wrap a tongue around the head, just like this, it seems to drive men wild," and when he did exactly what he had just described, Cole's legs buckled slightly causing him to rest his hands on Mike's shoulders to keep from losing his balance!!! "Mmmmmmmmmm, you like that do you," he asked sweetly, "well, at least your cock seems to like it," as he licked off the drooling precum dripping from its tiny slit!!!

After pulling Mike to his feet, Cole kissed him deeply on the mouth as he began unbuttoning his shirt with one hand while squeezing his cock with the other as he whispered into his ear, "When's the last time you got fucked, I'll bet your ass is hot as a firecracker!?!" "Oh, god," he moaned, "i-it's been so long since I've had it, and I'm not just hot, it's literally on fire, oh please, hurry!!!" "Mmmmmm, I just love big dicks," he sighed while unzipping Mike's pants and pulling out his cock, "ohhhhhhhhhhh my, such a nice big fat head!!!" Mike threw his head back as Cole jerked his hard shaft, and after only a few moments the older man was begging Cole to take off his pants and fuck him in the ass!!! Now almost delirious with lust, Mike shoved down his trousers and then without another word, flopped back down on the sofa with his legs spread wide and his arms reaching out in and attempt to get him to come to him!!!

Cole grabbed his hard pecker, and while staring at his incredibly hairy asshole, slowly fisted his meat while driving the sixty year old bachelor into and absolute frenzy of excitement!!! Come on," he begged while jerking his big dick, "don't make me wait, stick it in me, big boy, show daddy what a big fucking stud you are!!!" Hearing this silver haired senior citizen begging for his cock like a hot little teenager practically drove Cole crazy with lust, and after three more quick fistings, he easily slid between his thighs while guiding his hammer straight into his bung hole!!! After kissing him hard on the lips, he then gave a mighty shove of his hips, driving his spike balls deep into his unsuspecting ass, educing a loud moan from deep in his throat as he began a relentless battering of his defenseless rectum!!! "Oh fuck," he groaned softly, "n-never in my whole life...............!!!" "Never what," Cole panted while continuing his brutal assault!?! "I-I've never felt so full in my whole life, I feel so fully packed it's just incredible, " he gasped as his pecker started spasming out of control, "j-just to get fucked again makes me feel so fucking hot, I can't help it, but I'm gonna fucking cummmmmmmmmmmm!!!"

Even though Cole was being paid good money for his time, once in a while he would get almost as turned on as his customers, and even while trying to act professionally, sometimes his cock would just take over and no matter how he tried to control himself he would just pound away at some poor old asshole until his semen jettisoned out of his red hot poker and into his hot butt hole!!! Fortunately or unfortunately, that is exactly what was happening to Mike as Cole completely went bonkers slamming his hardon in and out of him like the proverbial trip hammer!!! But Cole wasn't the only one whose mind was now spinning like a top, Mike was just about as out of it as he was, and only after two or three minutes of recuperation was he able to stammer, "Jesus was that ever good, are you sure you're all right!?!" "Uh yeah," he mumbled sheepishly, "I'm sorry, but I guess I kinda went off the deep end, I didn't hurt you did I!?!" "Hurt me," he giggled, "that was the best fuck I've ever had bar none, and I do mean ever!!!"

While Cole dressed and with Mike still lying back on the couch with his legs splayed wide apart and a fist absentmindedly jerking his now deflated pecker, he asked softly, "So, how do we old guys stack up with the young stuff!?!" Cole buckled his belt and with a sly smile leaned down and kissed him full on the mouth and replied, "Baby, they can't hold a candle to you, not even one!!!"

05-02-2008, 03:27 PM
Encounter with Sophie and Mark

There's something about Sophie. Something very compelling, very arousing. As my flatmate I get to see her in all her guises - early morning, late at night, before and after make-up - and I am constantly entranced by her. She oozes it!

At 19 she has the youthful innocence of a bubbly, carefree teenager, but she has the physical presence of an alluring woman. Her hair silky blonde, flowing over her shoulders, center parted, covering the sides of her pretty face. Her eyes big blue entrancing eyes that hold your stare. Her skin so smooth and soft to kiss, her young lips full, tender and intimate. She has the body of a babe: slim but buxom, her breasts prominent and firm, her belly nicely rounded, pierced with a tiny gold ring; her ass large, round, tightly packed into her stretched black pants.

To watch Sophie dress is to watch femininity flower. Her naked form is a sight to arouse, but watching her decorate herself, admiring her own beauty as she does, you will be transfixed, full of awe and desire. She wears trendy but elegant figure hugging clothes. Always a pants, usually black or red, tight around her ass and slightly flared. Her light cotton tops are usually worn tight over an uplifting bra, slightly pressing her breasts together to give an even fuller look. When she's going to a club or party she wears a more revealing top; maybe flimsy shiny and backless, loose front that gives a glimpse when she bends or leans forward; or sheer and silky white that presses against her braless breasts, nipples teasingly visible.

Watching Sophie all dressed up at a party or club, looking so pretty, sexy and vibrant, chatting with her girlfriends or flirting with the boys I feel like I want to give her the world, to pamper her and of course to make love to her over and over and over! She enjoys the attention that guys give her. She knows that she turns them on, the they would like to be intimate with her, and that I would like them to be intimate with her!

The night of her office Christmas party, Sophie arrived home with a work friend of hers. He had come in for a drink having shared a taxi with her. She was in great form, giddy and flirty as she gets after an evening out. She was looking so gorgeous wearing a black velvet pants and a red sleeveless top that was laced all the way down at the front, from her neck to her waist, her flesh showing through the wide gap and the shape of her breasts clearly on display. Sophie introduced Mark to me and he sat beside me while she made drinks. He was a nice guy, capable of conversation and good humored. He looked handsome and very cool: short, very dark hair, dark eyebrows, slightly tanned face, deep blue eyes. He wore a tight v-neck black t-shirt and baggy grey combat trousers. I could see that he was Sophie's type of guy!

She arrived into the room with a gin & tonic each, handed them to us then threw herself on the sofa between us. She raised her glass and toasted Christmas then lay back casually. I could clearly see inside her blouse and was sure that Mark could too. I ran my fingers through Sophie's hair as we chatted, gently caressing her forehead and her neck. Every so often she took my hand and kissed it then she thanked Mark for escorting her home and gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek. She lay her head on his shoulder playfully and smiled at him as she held his stare. It was as if she temporarly forgot I was there as she raised her head and kissed him again, very gently on the cheek. She then brought her hand to his face, turned him towards her, and kissed him briefly on the lips. He couldn't help but respond and he kissed her back, again gently and very briefly. Soon they were kissing like lovers but Mark was still bemused and unsure and kept his hands to himself. I found myself reaching for his hand and brought it to Sophie's leg. Automatically Mark started to run his hand over her thigh, still kissing. I watched them as I felt a bulge in my shorts. I leaned forward and kissed Sophie's neck, I ran my hand over her waist and nibbled her earlobe. I felt her breast touch a finger then cupped it in my hand, feeling the firm silky texture. Mark kissed Sophie's chin, then her neck and her cleavage. Sophie let out a deep sigh as she tilted her head back inviting us to feast on her. Squeezing Sophie's breast gently, I lifted it to Mark's mouth. He kissed it, flicked his tongue over it then sucked her nipple through the blouse.

There was nothing more spoken. We had passed a barrier and shed our inhibitions. Sophie drifted into a blissful limbo, allowing whatever would happen to take its course. Mark was overcome with lustful opportunism and proceeded to devour the beautiful young body that craved his loving. I was so excited at the sight of Sophie being pleased by another man, at the reality of her being caressed by two men and at the beautiful possibilites that would follow in a freeflowing threesome.

Spontaneously I lifted Sophie's blouse over her head. Her breasts stood firm, exposed before us, round underneath, slightly upturned, her nipples brown, tender, erect. Mark knelt at her feet and undid the button of her tight pants. Unzipping her, he pulled her pants to her feet as Sophie wriggled out of them. She wore white silk panties, very skimpy, just string around her waist and a little triangle covering her crotch. Mark parted her legs and ran one finger over her panties. You could see her wetness emerging. He leaned forward and kissed her through the fabric. Sophie groaned. I cupped her right breast in my hand and kissed her on the lips. Smelling her sweet perfume, feeling her soft, young lips against mine. I felt Sophie's hand touch mine; she was feeling her own breast. I watched as she gently squeezed herself, running her hand over her own breast, letting her erect nipple flicker between each finger, then squeezing again and sighing deeply. I took her hand and guided it over her body, over her belly and to the rim of her panties. Mark was kissing her crotch as we slid our hands under her panties, mine on top of Sophie's and she groaned as she felt herself. Gently I applied pressure as we slowly moved our hands over her wet mound. I guided her finger inside her, following her with my own, both penetrating her. She was so warm, so silky soft and moist. We manoevered our fingers together inside her, playing with her sex. I took her hand again and guided it to her face. I ran her own finger over her lips, moistening them with her own juices. Sophie pursed her lips and sucked her finger, tasting herself.

Mark knelt upright and pulled his t-shirt over his head. He had a smooth chest, tanned with a flat stomach. he unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down stepping from them. He wore black lycra shorts that were tight on his thighs and emphasised the shape of his large bulge. Sophie reach forward and held him by the hem of his shorts. She pulled him towards her and kissed him passsionately. Her hands roamed over his back, running up to his head, through his hair and down again to his ass, squeezing him and stretching his cheeks. I took my cock in my hand and started masturbating as I watched Sophie and Mark caressing. Mark knelt upright again and took hold of Sophie's legs pulling her toward his erect cock. I held her by the waist and we lowered her to the floor. Sophie lay on her back, closed her eyes and stretched her hands over her head offering her beautiful, firm, young body to us. I lay beside her, resting on one arm, running my hands over her breasts then kissing them and taking her nipple in my mouth. Mark parted her legs and took his cock in his hand. He bagan stroking himself, moistening his cock with precum. I watched as he brought the tip of his cock to Sophie's pussy: he ran his cock the length of her lips, up and down, taking her wetness on his cock then easing into her, so slowly, just the head and out again. Sophie groans, Mark eases into her again, a little more, and out again. He keeps penetrating her gently and retreating, teasing her pussy. I kiss Sophie on he lips, running my hand through her shiny blond hair, my tongue feeling her soft lips and entertwining with hers. I notice Mark has moved beside Sophie, stroking his wet cock near her face. He runs a finger along his slit and takes a string of cum, bringing it to Sophie's lips, wetting her with his cum. Sophie licks her lips and groans. I make way and watch close up as Mark brings his cock to Sophie's cheek, letting it rest there for her. She turns her head so slightly, Mark's cock now touching her lips. She licks it. She kisses it and licks it again. She licks underneath his cock, lifting it slightly with her tongue and sucking on it with her lips. She opens her mouth and Mark urges forward a little into her. I kiss Sophie on the cheek again, so close, watching her take mark's cock in her mouth, smelling them both, hearing the gentle liquid noises. Sophie brings her hand to Mark's cock and wraps her fingers around it. She strokes him into her, sucking him deeper, breathing through her nose. Then she turns her head, eyes still closed and kisses me on the lips. I can taste Mark from her, her lips so moist with his cum. She opens her eyes and looks straight at me: those large, deep, blue lovable eyes sparkle with a little mischief. She brings Mark's cock to her mouth again, kisses it, then touches it against my lips. She smiles as she runs Mark's wet cock over my mouth, then strokes it inviting me to suck him. I am totally engrossed in her pleasure and wrap my lips around his cock as if it were Sophie. It feels so warm, so smooth, so tasty, I take him deep in my mouth. Sophie licks then length of his shaft as it slides in and out of my mouth. We are both sucking Mark's cock and it feels like the most intimate sex imaginable.

05-02-2008, 03:28 PM
My cock is now hard and oozing, touching against Sophies smooth flesh. Mark withdraws from us and turns Sophie on her side facing me. He lies behind her so that she is sandwiched between us. We wriggle together for a while kissing, breathing deeply, caressing each other, hands running over all three bodies as if it were one mass. Mark's cock rests between the cheeks of Sophie's ass, moistening her, sliding up and down her crack. My cock is so wet rubbing against Sophie's soft belly. She feels both our cocks caressing her, in front and behind. Mark slides his cock between her legs, running it along her swollen pussy lips, he finds her opening and penetrates her, all the way. Sophie lets out a little shriek and licks my face. My cock is still rubbing against her belly in a pool of cum feeling so smooth on her skin, so warm and tingling. Mark begins to fuck her, thrusting into her, making her groan little short sighs. Sophie is wedged so tight between us, the thrusting of Mark's fucking is rubbing her belly against my cock. He speeds up, plunging his hard cock into Sophie's gorgeous tight pussy, slapping against her ass. She feels his cock inside her so deep and mine rubbing outside, she is effortlessly ebbing and flowing between us, her body sandwiched, fucked from behind and caressed from the front. My cum has spread a large moist pool over her belly and mine, my cock tingling all round in warm wet flesh. Looking at Sophie's face, her luscious feminine lips, her sweating young face, her warm breath, smelling her perfume and her sex, her smooth wet body caressing my cock, Mark lifts her with every deep fuck, faster and deeper. I tense my body all over, feeling a rush in my crotch, cum spurting from me, soaking us, getting wetter and wetter. Sophie screams as Mark explodes inside her, feeling his cum saturate her inside, my cum outside her and her juices oozing from her pussy, down her thighs as she feels both cocks massage her beautiful body. We are a heap of warm flesh soaked in cum and sweat, breathing deeply, sighing, kissing and caressing.

We stay for a while in silence, gently swaying together feeling so warm and satisfied. We will have to shower, get dressed, talk about it and maybe do it again! It was Sophie's first time experiencing the joys of having two guys and my first time experiencing intimacy with a guy. We had broken a barrier and felt liberated. We've had a few more experiences since and will have more to come. Would love to tell you about them!

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Wanks for the Memory - A Special Poem dedicated to Bro CL

Relaxed, I lie upon the bed,
My body straight, my legs outspread;
My eyes towards the looking glass,
I stick one finger up my arse.

The other hand goes to my prick,
And when it’s straight and getting thick,
I put some oil upon the crown
And then I rub it up and down
Gently, until it’s getting thicker,
And then I start to rub it quicker.

When the juices start to come,
I wipe them off with my left thumb,
Which I then suck – oh, what a taste,
A nectar sweet, too good to waste.

Now I stand up and walk around,
And then I lie upon the ground
And rub my prick against the rug –
How soft it is, how smooth, how snug.

O, it’s too much! I’m going to come –
Once more my finger’s in my bum…
No, no – not yet, not quite so fast!
I want this wank to last and last…

I stand up and in the mirror glance
And once more round the room I prance.
I crouch, my prick between my heels –
Bounce up and down – how good it feels!

Oh, things are coming to a head;
Throbbing, I lie upon the bed
And throw my legs back o’er my hips,
So my prick is right above my lips.

My hand moves faster and my left thumb
Goes deeper and deeper up my bum..
I’m coming now! The sperm is flung
Into my mouth, right on my tongue!

Oh how blissful – what a joy!
Thank God I’m such a naughty boy!

05-02-2008, 05:41 PM
Dream / Dance - Poem dedicated to Bro MT

Woman o woman how much I need you,
How much I miss you and how much I love you!
I haven’t seen you for just couple of days,
I miss your smile that warms me with every gaze.

I want to hear your voice and kiss your sugary lips,
Bring you closer to me with my hands on your hips.
I feel you tremble and this makes us embrace,
You can feel my heart beat and see the moonlight
On my face. I slowly undress you and what a sight
A voluptuous body by the moonlight.

I place you before me and there is a chance
That this magic moment will turn into
A sensual dream or just a dance.

You’re right before me and I see you tremble,
Above you, I, ready to enter!
I bow my head as if to show and say:
“I am your master and you are a slave.”
What I did next was a surprise,
Your lovely clit met my razor tongue.

I couldn’t hold my-self any longer,
I felt my urges getting stronger.
I made up my mind just to devour,
To eat the flesh, the sweet and the sour.

To make you scream and beg for more,
You couldn’t hold your self any more.
All wet and wild I licked your pussy,
It was so tasty and so juicy.

You pulled my hair back and forth,
My tongue was paying dues for what its worth.
You craved my tongue but wanted more.

My licking ceased or gotten slower,
You couldn’t tell for sure.

The only though that was on your mind
Was: “I want much more, I want much more!”
I pulled you up and on your knees,
Close to my phallus that your mouth was eager to please.
Pointing at you and hard as a rock
Was my fucking, throbbing cock.

Your cunt still wet and still very horny
I put my hand upon your head.

There was nothing that could warn me
How much your love giving me head.

Without any hesitation you put my cock
Into your mouth, O the please and sensation
When you went up north and then down south.
You worked my cock and worked it good,
And sucked it hard the way you should.

Your luscious lips when penetrated
Gave out a moan from what you tasted.
You placed my phallus between your breasts,
At first I though that was for rest.

But when you started moving with your titties
Your nipples rubbing against my thighs,
You moved them down and licked my penis
While looking straight up at my eyes.

You took it in your mouth again,
Licked the tip and swallowed the rest,
Just like a good girl you tried your best.

You loved my cock and it you sucked,
I couldn’t wait until we fucked.
You sucked it had and for soo long,
Then gripped it hard and began to moan.

You paced your head back and forth,
The heat was high; your mouth was scorched,
With deep-throating licks my cock was torched.
Looking straight into my eyes
You’ve felt a shock go through my thighs.

Then you tasted the explosion of my bodily lotion,
You caught the waves of my fierce ocean.
Most hit you tongue and drenched your lip,
But you kept sucking the cum on the tip.

You kept on licking my cocks taste
Not letting a drop go to waste.
I moaned in ecstasy convulsing,
You held my cock that was pulsing.

I finished off and you drank the juice,
I fell embracing your body.

The joyous moment everlasting
Because we shared one thing called love.
Everything was great and felt so real,
Dam, when I realized that this all was a dream.

05-02-2008, 05:44 PM
A Shower that Empowered - Poem dedicated to bro PR

While soaping my body in a high school shower.

In my hand I held my pubescent power.

My large virgin cock hangs as water runs down its flaccid trail.

In my grade I am the unknown alpha male.

Last one finished lifting weights.

I could not wait to get home and masturbate.

I started to jerk off in the empty locker room shower stall.

With the running water I could not hear a thing at all.

Entering the room was a janitor named Jane.

While I focused on my dragon's need to be slain.

She must have called out to see if anyone was there.

Unknown to her I stood in the shower bare.

Around the corner she came to turn off the water.

But my 8 3/4 inches is what she saw there.

Letting out a scream, her face turned beet red.

I thought "oh shit" I am so dead.

She turned to leave and I thought I had to explain, thus follow.

While she left I wrapped my waist with a towel.

I met with Jane while she was organizing her things in the empty hall.

I told her I did not mean to offend at all.

She glanced downwards at my towel and saw my cock straining.

She told me she would do no complaining.

I was informed I should dress before I was caught.

However, she informed me that what she saw was hot.

I told her I appreciated her positive attitude.

I returned to the locker room and finished my shower in the nude.

When the shower ended, I fully dressed.

The janitor entered to clean up the boys mess.

She asked me questions in a calm demeanor.

I replied that I was a single, 18 year old, virgin senior.

Jane said I had a cock that could deliver much pleasure.

Yet, I should decide when on my own leisure.

I knew then that I had an amazing sexual tool.

And when I would use my manhood I would not act a fool.

All the guys in my grade knew of my colossal meat.

Even some girls heard of its tale and thought it was neat.

Some chicks wanted to see my fabled long dong.

But I always believed that decision would be wrong.

Then one day I had sex with a beauty named Michelle.

I then decided to use my schlong to unleash hell.

05-02-2008, 05:46 PM
Amazing Blowjobs from JoAnne G. - Poem dedicated to Bro Birdie

I know a truly gorgeous girl. Her name is JoAnne G.
She has long, silky, light brown hair; it’s virtually blonde, you see.
She has such gorgeous deep brown eyes and the sweetest ever face.
Hers is a smile that’ll melt your heart and warm up any place.

Her breasts are small. She’s slight and slim; but her bum sure gets some looks.
She wears the nicest, tightest jeans, every day she works.
Yes… JoAnne is a working girl; a full-time prostitute.
She’s almost famous in our town. Her mouth’s an institute.

For all day and, yes, every day, she’s dutifully on her knees.
Taking cocks into her mouth, with every aim to please.
She’s sucked so many, she’s lost count. Though she’s just twenty-five,
She sometimes thinks she must have blown every man alive.

She doesn’t care how old you are, or if you’re short and fat.
It’s what she sees when on her knees… yes, she wants all of that.
She sucks her men one at a time, or in twos or threes or fours.
Her cell phone’s always ringing. She’s ALWAYS scheduling more.

She’s kept so busy on her knees, she must stay fully dressed.
But guys don’t mind; she looks so fine; and her blowjobs are the BEST!
She starts by finding your sweet spot; she does this with her tongue.
And once she’s found it, then she works it steadily ‘til you cum.

She’ll take you deep into her throat, and then just hold you there.
I like to hold her head right then, and stroke her silky hair.
When you are in her throat like that, she’ll gag and sputter and choke.
But that’s what’s so much fun, she says, giving deep, deep throat.

It’s when she’s on her knees like this, and leaning in so far,
Her jeans get just so tight, it’s just insane how cute they are.
I like to reach down with my hand and fondle her bum a bit.
And she just purrs when I do this, she really does like it.

She holds me in her throat until my hand has had its feel.
And then she starts to suck again, working for her meal.
She bobs her head so rhythmically, slowly in an out.
She’s in no hurry. She just loves a penis in her mouth.

She tilts her head this way and that, working every side.
And through all this, she watches me, watching her, with pride.
She’s proud to be a prostitute, to please so many guys.
She thinks that blowjobs are such fun! You see this in her eyes.

She won’t let you use condoms, she thinks they’re untoward.
She feels that after such great work, she’s earned her sweet reward.
She knows when you are getting close; she feels it with her mouth.
She starts to feel excited when your cum starts moving south.

When finally your cock explodes, she rests back on her heels.
And then she just smiles up at you, as you watch her taste her meal.
But she won’t swallow right away. She holds you in her mouth.
And then, so gently, she resumes sliding back and forth.

No… this blowjob isn’t over. She’ll gently milk your cock.
The tingling will drive you crazy as she takes you back over the top.
She’ll somehow make you cum again; a miracle, it’s true.
But she won’t swallow ‘til she has at least two loads from you.

Then she’ll smile at you so lovingly, you know that she’s had fun.
Her eyes are twinkling as she swallows EVERY ounce of cum.
Then she’ll give you a spit shine, and swallow all that too.
Her nimble hands will zip you up, as she smiles up at you.

She LOVES being a prostitute. She LOVES it on her knees.
She LOVES the blowjobs oh so much! She’d do it all for free.
But you, of course, will pay her. She’ll ask you come again.
“But bring a bunch of friends next time.” SHE JUST LOVES BLOWING MEN

05-02-2008, 06:59 PM
Amazing Blowjobs from JoAnne G. - Poem dedicated to Bro Birdie[/I]

Wahhhhhhhh.....bro teevs_darklord YOU DAMN GOOD man , got four poems dedicated to four of our members including me . Thanks hor !!! :p

BTW how you know I like BBBJ and also cum swallow . :p

05-02-2008, 08:47 PM

"So, you're a patron of Cyberwhore then, Kev?" asked Jeff with a sneer.

Kevin nodded sheepishly. How had he let something like that slip out?

"What's wrong with the alternatives, Kev?" Jeff persisted, sipping from his beer glass in the window seat of the Red Encounter. "What about virtual sex? What's wrong with penis pumps? And what about, heaven forbid, the real thing?"

"Not much chance of that up here on Mars, Jeff," Kevin pointed out. "How many women have you known who'd want to live here? There are about forty men for every woman."

"Yeah!" sniffed Jeff dismissively. "And those who'd rough the low gravity, the red skies and the dust storms, they're real dogs, aren't they? I can't blame you for giving them a berth. But there are human prozzies, you know. Not the best you can get in the Solar System, but they're real flesh and blood. Not that organic plastic shit with circuit boards for a brain. Why not go for that?"

"They're just not as good," Kevin confessed.

"Fuck me! You can't be serious! You mean, you'd rather fuck a robot than a real woman? You're one sick fuck, Kev!"

Kevin sighed.

He knew he should never have mentioned it to Jeff, not that his friend was any better in the love stakes than Kevin had ever been. What did Jeff have to boast about? The wife who'd dumped him back on Earth and his obsession with holoporn? At least with Sindy, Kevin had someone he could properly fuck. Okay, she might have been made in a factory, probably one of those in the water-rich Polar Regions, but she was a real woman. Just not real in a biological sense.

This wasn't an argument he could pursue very profitably with Jeff. Before long, he'd be telling you about how a customised sex robot was just a machine: nothing more than circuitry and Artificial Intelligence. No more human than the bots that made his dinner, cleaned his apartment and served him in the bar.

And speaking of which...

"Fuck it, Jeff! Why should you care who or what I fuck?" he said, pointing a finger at his friend's nearly empty glass. "What are you having? Same again?"

Kevin should have known better than to think a refill would sideline Jeff. No fucking way! After returning to his seat, he was treated to Jeff's speculations of what it was like to fuck a vacuum cleaner and his fantasies about blowing his wad in the grill-like mouth of a barbot.

Of course, Jeff didn't know Sindy. Nor, for that matter, did he know Trish, Sunshine, Margot or Veronica. These were state of the art bots. Flesh and bodily fluids so convincing, you couldn't tell them apart from the real thing. Except no woman was as perfect as a whorebot. No woman he'd ever known had breasts, a figure, or such a welcoming vagina as Sindy had.

And after several litres of Martian beer, it was towards Cyberwhore that Kevin walked, leaving Jeff sniggering by the high-speed maglev transit stop. Or not so much walked as rather skipped like some fucking Morris dancer. This low gravity took some getting used to! At least the agency had got him work on Mars and not the Moon. The Lunar colonists had to get around like they were on fucking pogo sticks! Mind you, if work had been easier to find back home on Earth, where you didn't have a glass dome less than a hundred metres above your head all the time, he'd never have opted for that incredibly tedious three month shuttle across the interplanetary spaceway.

But for the moment, it was Sindy who was beckoning him. Those luscious lips that gripped his cock like no woman's lips had ever done before. Those breasts that were both huge and immaculately balanced. That perfect unblemished skin. That welcoming smile. Those girlfriends he'd never been able to keep for more than a month or so at a time couldn't hold a fucking candle to Sindy. Whatever Jeff said, Sindy was the real deal. And although Cyberwhore had a whorebot for every taste (and some of those were distinctly weird), it was Sindy that Kevin returned to again and again.

When he first visited the premises, he tried out a few. There was Brittany with her tiny tits and prehensile tongue. There was Madeleine with her green skin and bald pate. There was Cherry with her huge appetite for semen on her face. But none of them was up to Sindy's standard. She was everything a man could want. And except for her breasts being significantly larger than any real woman without surgery could possibly attain, she was very much a normal woman to look at. Only without the blemishes.

And not only was she the perfect woman to look at, she was a woman whose rapacious appetite for sex was wholly reliable and which no man could hope to satisfy. A woman without the monthly cycle, who never had headaches, and who would never dump you for your best mate. All in all, Sindy was fucking perfect. She was a number ten and you couldn't get anything any fucking better than that!

When Kevin got to Cyberwhore, he was met at the reception by Tim, who as always was reading an e-novel. He looked up at Kevin.

"Do you want Sindy again, sir?"

"Yes please," said Kevin, barely able to disguise his enthusiasm.

Within seconds, Sindy was in the reception lounge dressed in a loose white dress that hardly obscured at all the lift of her perfect breasts. She smiled warmly.

"Hello, Kevin," she said. "I'm delighted to see you again."

"I bought you some flowers," said Kevin, sheepishly handing over the bunch he'd bought on the way.

Sindy looked at them with a slightly puzzled frown. "They are very nice," she said. "Thank you."

She took them from his proffered hand and placed them on the counter. Tim tucked them away, betraying no expression on his face.

Sindy led Kevin to one of the rooms. It was dominated by a huge bed and illuminated by holograms of attractive women. Kevin sat on the bed next to Sindy. She put an arm around his shoulder and listened while, as always, Kevin launched into a monologue about his work in the cyanobacterial labs and the problems of getting a good communication link to Earth.

Eventually, he ran out of things to say and looked at Sindy expectantly. She smiled and placed one of her immaculately sculpted hands on his trousers within which his penis was beginning to stir.

"Shall we make love, Kevin?" she asked seductively.

He smiled wanly. "You know exactly what I want, don't you?"

"I aim to give total satisfaction, Kevin," Sindy said, standing up and letting her dress fall to her feet.

Kevin gasped at Sindy's beauty. Those long legs. The beautiful unblemished face. The skin which felt so warm to the touch. And, most of all, those breasts that loomed just above him: so impossibly perfect and whose nipples were so delicious to taste.

"Oh yes! Yes!" Kevin said in helpless anticipation.

When Kevin departed later, he carried with him the warm imprint and vivid memories of sex with Sindy. She knew exactly what he wanted. She didn't complain at all when he transferred his attention from her vagina to her ever-so-slightly tight anus. Any more than she did on the occasions he chose to ejaculate on her face. Whatever Kevin wanted, Sindy was happy to provide. And when they weren't making love, she was so adorably patient as he spoke to her of all the things that troubled him, either here or back on Earth. No one showed as much sympathy as she did for the problems he had with women and the difficulties he had in getting a decent job that suited his qualifications in bacteriology. Occasionally she'd nod and smile, even say the odd comforting word, but mostly she just sat there and listened as Kevin spoke. If only all women were as indulgent and understanding as Sindy!

Kevin thought about her all day when he wasn't at Cyberwhore. He was so lucky to have a woman in his life as perfect as Sindy, even if she was a drain on the not inconsiderable income his work in such a remote place earned him. But she was fair compensation for the claustrophobia of a life spent under a glass dome, as artificially preserved as the cyanobacteria he worked with.

People like Jeff just didn't understand. Although Sindy mightn't be biological she was all the woman Kevin ever wanted or needed. She listened to him. She kissed him with more passion than any biological woman ever did. She responded with so much passion as he thrust inside her, a thin sliver of perspiration on her body that responded to his own. And pants of post-coital release as intense as Kevin's own. What more could a man ask for?

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05-02-2008, 08:49 PM
"She's still just a fucking robot, Kev!" said Jeff, when they next met. "Giving her flowers and little gifts just doesn't make sense."

Kevin crumpled up his face in embarrassment. Why couldn't he have kept his mouth shut about that?

"It's just to show how much I care," he said sheepishly.

"Care? Don't make me fucking laugh, Kev! A robot's got no feelings. If you wanted to rape her or beat her up, she'd be just as receptive. What makes you think this whorebot's any different to any other anthropomorphic bot?"

"She listens to me. She says she loves me."

"Yeah, right!"

The two friends drank their beers silently, while around them the other men in the Red Encounter sat in groups, chatting and laughing. The holoscreen displayed news items from Earth, delayed as always by at least half an hour from their original broadcast on the other side of the Sun. Music swelled and boomed from all directions in the bar.

"Look, Kev," said Jeff, at last, showing unusual concern for his friend's feelings. "How well do you know this fucking Sindy? You ever ask how she feels?"

Kevin looked up at Jeff with a slight frown. He tried to recall any instance when he'd ever done that. He'd been so remiss. How could he be so insensitive? Sindy knew everything about him, but he never asked her how she felt.

Kevin shook his head.

"I'm so selfish!" he wailed.

"Selfish? Fuck! She's a fucking whorebot!" said Jeff. "But, look, Kev, if you really want to know what this Sindy is about, get her to talk about herself. Women like that, you know. They don't like it so much if you just talk about yourself."

"I just hadn't thought..." said Kevin guiltily.

"Well, you do that then, Kev. It's the decent thing!"

This time Kevin left the Red Encounter with good intentions. He resolved to allow Sindy to talk this time. But when he arrived at Cyberwhore, he was too drunk to do very much at all except let Sindy fellate him and he was too exhausted after fucking her to make good his resolution.

It was the same the next time. He'd had a bad day in the lab and just wanted a sympathetic ear. And the time after that, he simply forgot. Every time he left, however sexually sated, he carried with him the guilt that once again he'd not expressed the courage needed to get to know Sindy better.

But, at last, he gritted his teeth and on a visit to Sindy, dressed this time in a fetching leather outfit, he was going to be different.

"Do you want to fuck me, Kevin?" asked Sindy, with a pleasant smile, noticing Kevin's silence.

"Sit down, Sindy," ordered Kevin. "No! Not next to me on the bed. Opposite me, on the chair."

"Yes, Kevin," said Sindy meekly, sitting down. "I very much want you to fuck me."

"Thank you," said a grateful Kevin. Why didn't biological women ever say things like that to him? "I want to know more about you, Sindy. Tell me about yourself."

Sindy paused and looked across at Kevin with a blank expression. "Do you want to fuck me, Kevin?"

"Yes, of course," said Kevin impatiently. "It's just I don't know you very well. Tell me something about yourself. Do you really like me?"

"I love you very much, Kevin. I want you to fuck me."

"Okay! Okay! But what about your other feelings? Do you like working here?"

Sindy smiled. "Please fuck me, Kevin. I love you very much."

"Tell me where you come from. Tell me a bit about yourself."

"My name is Sindy. I have very large breasts. I like fucking very much. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me, Kevin."

"I know! I know!" said Kevin, feeling rather helpless. This was proving more of a struggle than he'd imagined. He thought that maybe the bouquet of chrysanthemums he'd chosen with so much care might have made her somehow more receptive, or at least differently receptive. "How long have you worked for Cyberwhore?"

There was a pause, and then Sindy replied again with an equal lack of apparent understanding.

"Cyberwhore is the best whorebot brothel you are ever likely to find on Mars. It stocks only the best whorebots. Cyberwhore makes every effort possible to satisfy its clients at very competitive rates and offers attractive discounts for regular clients."

"Yes! Yes! I know that. But what about you, Sindy? It's you I want to know about."

"My name is Sindy. I have very large breasts. I like fucking very much. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me, Kevin."

Kevin sighed. He bent his head down. What was the matter with Sindy?

"What's wrong, Kevin?" she asked. "Do you want to tell me what you're thinking?"

"Yes, I do," he admitted. "But it's not about me. It's about you! Please, please, tell me about yourself. What do you want to do?"

"I want to suck your cock, Kevin. And then I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me, Kevin."

"Is that all you want to do?"

"I also like anal, bukkake and group sex. Tell me what you want and I will satisfy you, Kevin."

"What do you do when you're not with me, or," and this Kevin was reluctant to admit even to himself, "when you're not with other clients?"

Sindy paused. Then she said again: "What's wrong, Kevin? Do you want to tell me what you're thinking?"

"Do you ever do anything except make love to clients, Sindy?"

"I also like anal, bukkake and group sex. Tell me what you want and I will satisfy you, Kevin."

"Sindy!" cried an exasperated Kevin. "Just tell me what you like to do."

"I want to suck your cock, Kevin. And then I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me, Kevin."

"Shit!" cried Kevin. "Can't you ever do anything else? Is there nothing you want to do except let me fuck you?"

"I also like anal, bukkake and group sex. Tell me what you want and I will satisfy you, Kevin."

"Shit! Shit! Shit!"

"I am happy to let you shit on me, too. Tell me what you want and I will satisfy you, Kevin."

"No, I don't want to do that! Please just tell me what you want."

"I want to suck your cock, Kevin. And then I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me, Kevin."

"Oh! All right, then!"

Sindy soon had Kevin's erect penis in her mouth with spittle dripping over her chin. She sucked and massaged it energetically: a finger just below his testicles to hold back the ejaculation that otherwise would have spent itself prematurely on her cheeks and nose. And then, when Kevin's lust was clearly exceeding his patience, she lay naked on the bed to let Kevin penetrate her welcoming vagina.

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05-02-2008, 08:50 PM
Kevin paused as he surveyed his organoplastic lover. Was this the time to get her to talk to him about herself now she was in the position she loved most of all? Should he ask her more questions?

"I love you, Kevin," she said, noticing his hesitation. "I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me, Kevin."

"Okay," he said with weakened resolve, pulling off his vest and socks, and positioning himself over her thighs. She guided his twitching penis to the warmth and moisture of the vagina, whose details were exactly like, only better than, the vaginas he'd occasionally tongued on Earth.

And then the rhythm took control, his buttocks thrusting back and forth with Sindy's matching response. As he thrust forward she did the same, easing back slightly as he withdraw, her blunted fingernails digging into his shoulders and her face shining with desire and excitement that matched, if not exceeded, his own. A sliver of perspiration spread over her body as he too sweat with his exertions.

He noticed that she wasn't responding quite as smoothly as usual. What was this? Was it because he'd asked her all those questions? Kevin found that he was thrusting into a deep liquid hole in a body that was as inert as the mattress. Her face expressed a fixed immobile smile.

Kevin withdrew his penis, still erect, and kneeled spread-eagled above her. She made no remark.

"Are you okay, Sindy?" he asked, placing a hand on her forehead.

No response. In fact, she wasn't even panting in that slow seductive way that normally accompanied her lovemaking.

"Speak to me, Sindy! Tell me that you're all right!"

No reply.

"Oh shit! Oh shit!"

Kevin put his clothes back on and made his way back to the reception of Cyberwhore, the low-gravity bounce of his step at odds with the distress he felt. The receptionist, Tim, noticed his perturbed expression and smiled sympathetically.

"Anything wrong, sir?"

"It's Sindy! She's passed out!"

"'Passed out?'" Tim asked with a puzzled frown.

"She's not breathing or anything!" Kevin elaborated.

"Oh! You mean she's crashed! That happens, sir. Don't worry! We have a team of specialised technicians who'll soon see to her. Is there anything we can do for you in the meantime?"

"In the meantime?"

"Well, until your next visit. We have other models who'll be delighted to serve you. There's Cassandra, a new girl, who's proving to be very popular."

"It's Sindy I want."

I can understand that, sir. She's one of the most popular models in stock. We have another Sindy, if you'd prefer?"

"Another Sindy?"

"We always stock several copies of our most in-demand models."

"You mean there's more than one Sindy?"

"Of course, sir. We don't want to disappoint our clients when they request a particular model."

A sickening realisation hit Kevin.

"Do you mean that when I come here I could be with a different Sindy each time?"

"A different Sindy? There's only one Sindy. All the models are precisely the same. You'd never be able to tell them apart. So, what do you say, sir? Would you like another Sindy? No extra cost, of course."

Kevin sighed. All his gifts, all his words of love and affection, all his emotions shared amongst several identical Sindys. He lowered his head despondently.

"I can fetch you a Sindy straight away," Tim said. "It'll be like you could start exactly where you left off."

"Yeah, why not?" said a defeated and embittered Kevin. "I'll have another Sindy."

The End

05-02-2008, 08:52 PM
Deidre's Faerie Tale

"You are so not normal."

I looked up from where I had been digging in the dirt with my mother's gardening trowel at Heather Quinn. She gazed down her narrow at me, her blonde hair in two pig-tails, and top lip curled in disgust.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You're spending your whole summer vacation digging holes in your back yard instead of doing fun stuff.

"This is fun," I insisted.

"No, it's weird," Heather snapped. Even at nine-years-old, she was a bitch. "I was gonna invite you to go to the pool, but you're too dirty to be seen with." She turned on her heel and began walking out of my side yard, back to the sidewalk.

I stared after her a moment, then shrugged and went back to digging. "It's out here," I muttered. "I just know it."

Honestly, Heather was right. Compared to the other kids in my Deluge, Georgia neighborhood, I wasn't normal. I was the only non-white kid for miles in every direction. I was a cinnamon-hued, dark haired anomaly.

Even at that age, I had realized that I wasn't like the other kids in my school. I knew I wasn't black, at least...not like my mama. She had smooth mahogany skin and kinky black hair that she had to press once a week.

My hair was softer, straighter, and longer, and my skin was lighter than hers. That could only mean one thing, my father was white. I'd never met him, my mother refused to discuss him beyond telling me that he had loved me. I just knew.

In my mind, not only was I too light. My mother's ears didn't look like mine, her ears were small and round and mine were just slightly larger and pointed. My mother was 5'4" and by the time I turned ten, we were eye-to-eye.

Then, there was the reason that brought me to dig in the yard for the entire three months of summer vacation between third and fourth grade...the voice in my head. There was a whisper in my dreams that told me that there was a ring waiting to be found in the earth surrounding my house. It sounded crazy, and I knew that I probably shouldn't mention the hearing voices thing to anyone, even my mother. When she asked what I was doing, I just told her I was digging for treasure. Technically true, but I still felt guilty feeding her the pirate fantasy instead of coughing up the truth.

I didn't find the ring that summer. I made sure to fill in the pot holes I'd made and help my mother re-seed the grass before I had to go back to school. Then, the summer between seventh and eighth grade Billy Wiley got a metal detector for his birthday. I offered him five bucks to let me borrow it and I found the ring in less than twenty minutes. It was buried in the flower bed, under the peonies.

The ring was gold with a huge emerald set atop the band. I never wore it on my finger. My mother had been outside when I'd dug it up. I tried to get her to put it in her jewelry box, but she insisted that I keep it. She even gave me a gold chain to put it on. That's when I decided that being "not normal" was not really such a bad thing. From that day, the necklace and ring never left my neck.


"Bye, mommy," my six year old daughter Ella chimed.

"Have a great day, honey," I said giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before she slipped out of the door. She shut the door, gave me a wave and a huge grin that made me fall in love with her again. I blew her a kiss and watched her walk a few paces before turning back to watch the brake lights of the SUV in front of me.

Before I could put the car in gear, there was a knock on my window. I jumped a mile. I'd never been accosted in the drop off lane of Polk Elementary School before.

"Yeah?" I asked powering down my window.

"Are you Deidre Ellette St. Germaine?" the woman towering above me asked.

"Who wants to know?" I asked glancing at the clock on the dash. I had to leave soon or I'd be late for work.

The woman bent down and smiled. I immediately didn't like her. Not only was she tall, she was slim and beautiful. Her hair was so black it actually looked blue where the sunlight hit it. Her dark green eyes were wide and honest. Her dark features only served to make her pale skin look almost transparent. I was momentarily struck by the fact that I'd never met a white person as pale as this woman.

"My name is Trilla," she said and I finally noticed her British accent. "I've come from England on your father's orders."

I gasped and felt myself go rigid. "I don't have a father."

"Yes, you do!" Trilla said shuffling the papers that she clutched in her hands. "Your father is King Dominic Edward St. Germaine, the late king of Ellyrinia."

My ears must not have been working correctly. "King?"

Trilla's green eyes dropped to the pavement. "Late king."

"So," I narrowed my eyes and watched her face for signs of a lie, "he's dead."

"Yes, he passed away last week. His will left explicit instructions for you to be found and apprised of his identity and yours. This envelope," she wrestled a manilla envelope from her pile of paperwork, "contains his majesty's will, a diagram of your family tree, and plane tickets to England."

I took the envelope just as someone leaned on their horn behind me. I leaned out of my window to scream at the woman in the red Honda minivan. "Gimme a break, lady! Just go around!" Trilla, un-phased by my outburst continued talking. "We would be so honored if you would come to Ellyrinia."

I gave a tired sigh. "Look, you're dropping some heavy shit on me right now. I'm late for work and I don't have any vacation time saved up to take this trip."

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05-02-2008, 08:53 PM
"Quit," Trilla said with a shrug.

I laughed. "Yeah, right."

"I beg you to consider visiting our kingdom," Trilla said tucking her black hair behind her ear.

I gasped. Her ear was pointed just like mine, only much longer and the point was sharper. She had at least five tiny gold hoops along the lobe. I touched my own ear and she smiled. "I'll think about it," I muttered.

"My number is in the envelope!" she called as I put the car in gear and pealed away from her.


I didn't go to work. Instead, I drove back home, well...back to my mother's home where we were living. Sure, I could afford a small condo or apartment for myself and my daughter, but I didn't have to. My mother had insisted that I move back home after I graduated college and let her help me raise my baby. I know I should have insisted on doing it on my own, but the idea of having a baby, and working to support the two of us, and pay off my student loans all alone was too much! Besides, my mama loved me and actually wanted me back home. Why turn down a good thing? Who needs pride when you've got a mama that loves you?

"Deidre?" my mother asked coming into the kitchen where I'd practically collapsed into a chair. I began pulling the papers out of the envelope and laying them out on the table in front of me. "What are you doing home?"

"I have to ask you something," I said, refusing to look at my mother. She sank down into the chair beside me. I could feel the heat of her gaze, but I still couldn't look at her.

"Go head'n ask then," she said, her southern accent drawing it out into one word.

"Was my father from England?"

She sucked in a sharp breath and I finally looked at her. Her dark eyes were perfectly round and beginning to fill with tears.

"Was he?" I repeated.

"Yeah," she breathed.

"Was he a king?" I asked pulling out a thick packet of papers held together by a staple.

"Not when we were together."

I pulled out the final paper which was actually a photograph. A white man with black hair and pointed ears smiled up at me. He had my slender nose and oval-shaped face...well, I had his. His hair was long, obviously past his shoulders. "He was a prince then?"

"Yeah," my mother said leaning forward to look at the photo.

"How in the world did you just up and meet a prince? You've never been out of Georgia!" My mother smiled even as the tears rolled down her face. "I was working at a fancy hotel in Atlanta. I was the hostess in the restaurant. He came through traveling and when he finished his business, he came back to Atlanta just to see me again." I let her take the picture from me. She traced the line of his jaw with a shaky finger. "I fell so hard for him, ya know? I just forgot about everything because I was so happy. Then, we had you and moved back here and I was even happier."

"Then he left," I said harshly. She snapped out of her dreamy haze and glared at me.

"You don't understand; he had to go."

"Maybe he did, mama, but he didn't have to desert us forever without a letter or a phone call."

My mother put her hand on top of mine. "He wasn't like Jordan," she said softly. "He didn't choose to leave. His family...his people...it wasn't the same as what Jordan's doing to you and his daughter."

I sighed and felt my shoulders sag. Maybe my absentee father wasn't the same as my daughter's dead-beat dad, but it sure as hell felt the same...like abandonment.

"Okay," I relented. "Will you go through this stuff with me?"

"What is it?"

"His will and some other stuff." I watched her face crumple with realization.

"He's dead?" Her voice was weak and wispy.

I nodded. "He sent a courier to give this stuff to me."

"Then, maybe you should go through it alone. It's not my business." She moved to get up from the table but I stuck my foot behind one of the chair legs, preventing it from moving backwards.

"Let's just go through it together," I said giving her my best I am not backing down stare.

Three hours later my mother had cried more than I'd ever seen her cry in my life and I was coming to a realization. I had gone my whole life thinking my dad was some asshole that hadn't wanted me. Nothing could be further from true. I read his hand penned letter a third time after my mother had excused herself to take a nap in her room.

My dearest Deidre,

Your mother, no doubt, has kept my secret all these years. She is an honorable woman and that is one of the reasons I love her. Now, daughter is my chance to let you know how much I love you and regret having to leave you and your mother. All those years ago when we three lived together I was the happiest I would ever be in this life. I wanted for nothing and had everything. You must know that my leaving was a choice I was hard-pressed to make. While America had become my second home, my country and my people needed me. It is thus for any ruler. Even if your heart calls you elsewhere, you can not abandon your own people.

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05-02-2008, 08:54 PM
I returned because my father and elder brother were killed by a rogue tribe attempting a coup. My mother had little choice but to send for me in order to rally our troops and defend our kingdom. Once I had returned, and succeeded in stamping out the insurgents, I had to remain lest our nation be viewed as weak and another coup staged. I would have preferred to return to you, and any requests to bring you to me were immediately denied. Our laws are absolute in this matter. Royals must marry royals and maintain the lineage.

Truly, my sorrow is now being felt by all in Ellyrinia, because I did marry another noble, but we were unable to conceive an heir together. I truly believe that my heart just wasn't willing. The people of my kingdom must upon my death deal with this quandary.

Daughter, I beg you return to the country of your ancestors and experience the wonder and love that I receive every day from our people. You will be seen as a royal, the only true heir to the throne and will be treated as such. My blood runs through your veins, dear heart, I hope you will embrace it and me and return to us.


D.E. S.G.

I folded the letter in half and sighed. The sound was magnified by the fact that I was now sitting alone. This neat little explanation would have been nice ten or so years ago, I thought bitterly.

My cell phone rang in my purse and after a ten second debate, I answered it.

"Deidre," my boss Margie said, "Are you sick?"

"No," I answered quickly.

"Is your daughter or mother sick?"

"No," I repeated.

"Then why are you not at your station?"

I wrinkled my nose at the image instantly conjured by the word "station". It was a gray cubicle with an outdated computer a desk-top calendar, and a phone with extra large numbers. I worked for a warranty claims department for a very expensive vacuum cleaner company. While the products were grossly over-priced, they were essentially crap...complicated multi-pieced crap.

"Something important came up."

"More important than work?" Margie snapped. Of course she would think that, I fumed, the woman was twice divorced and came to work with cat hair all over her clothes.

"Yes, Margie. This is more important than work!" I waved the papers in my hand as if she could see them.

"If you're not in this office by one o'clock, you're fired." I swear I could hear the beginnings of a witch-like cackle in her voice.

I sighed. "Margo, you can't fire me." I could practically hear the self-satisfied grin spreading across her pinched face. "I quit!" I said ending the call and turning off my phone.

I swallowed the urge to call her back to apologize, instead I gazed at the papers strewn across the table. "I guess this means I'm going to England," I muttered.

The End

05-02-2008, 08:59 PM

He had her pinned up against the wall. Knee between hers holding her still. Hand entwined in her hair. The music and close atmosphere of the club pressed in as he slid his tongue rapidly in and out of her mouth. Over her lips, slicking by her teeth to find tongue, and probe it into playing. His other hand was on her hip feeling her slightly buck against his leather clad leg. Her fingers were playing with the waistband of his pants teasing the hair that led like an arrow downward. She shifted her attention to his zipper, feeling the bulge. He bit her bottom lip between his teeth when she passed over it with light flighty touches. She let out a small groan.

"Out, now" He growled at her. With that he left her behind as he strode towards the exit under the flashing lights and swathing bodies, passing through them as if a path was cut just for him.

She watched him go, wondering if she should follow. She had heard his reputation. It was one of the reasons she had come to the club in the first place. He was rough they said. Bruises were common on his partners. Rumours had it that that was the least she could expect.

She had hunted him because of the craving. A dark piece of her was inflamed by the idea of being taken without control. To see what it was like to truly surrender in danger. To play with fire and see how much it actually burned. When she told her other lovers of things she had wanted to try they had either balked at the idea or tried but never to her satisfaction. The attempts were maddening. Like having a drop of a delicious wine on your tongue but never being able to grasp the full taste experience. Teasing the mind's imagination into knowing almost what it is missing, but enough to not be sated by any weaker port. If she didn't go, she'd never know...

She fixed her hair and pressed herself out of the club through the throngs of people gyrating and using their clothes as contraceptives. The beats echoed in her head along with her hammering pulse. When she reached the door she paused and wondered...what if he had a disease? What if she said no? Would he stop? COULD he be stopped? She shook her head and strided out.

As soon as she hit the sidewalk a hand wrapped around her arm, guiding her towards a black 1970 Hemi Cuda.

"Get in." She opened the door and sat quietly.

He got in and sat in the drivers side and stared at her. She just looked back and then down.

With the contact broken he put the key in and drove off. No music played. The car seemed too quiet. Once again her nerves were on edge, but in the middle of it they were also accompanied by the blossoming of severe heat in her torso.

He stopped outside a small brick house with bushes lining the edge of the yard up to six feet high. A wrought iron gate was the only entry point. He got out of the car and opened her door, once again gripping her arm. He slammed the door behind her and started towards the gate. She noted that no lights could be seen inside the house and the streetlight didn't break through the tall greenery. Their path from the gate was the only place that had any kind of light. She saw that the house had a lot of windows in the little bit of natural light the night provided. He unlocked the door and pressed a code into an alarm. He took her through the door locked it behind them and punched in another code. He didn't turn on any lights and just kept walking until he opened a door at the end of a hall.

She had no choice but to follow. He had her arm and was directing her into the room. When he finally let go, she just stood where he had left her, waiting for what would come next, nervously licking her lips. He flicked a switch by the door and subdued dim blue light spilled from the recessed setting along the ceiling by the bed. The bed itself looked massive, clearly the focal point of the room. It's dark presence was overwhelming.

From behind he came up and slide his hands under her skirt. He was roughly kneading her ass cheeks as she tensed first and then started to sway into the sensation. He moved his fingers up to the waistline of her thong and pulled it down to her knees. With his leg he once again spread her legs a bit. His hands returned to her ass and stated to move downward until he was just by her lips. He swept a finger quickly down and over them to feel how wet she was. When he found her soaking he bit her neck roughly and dragged his teeth together across her skin. His other hand again went into her hair making sure she didn't move.

He turned her around to face him.

"Take off the top." No questions, just orders. She untied the ribbon holding the straps and front closed of her green satin tank top. It slid over her shoulders and when she got it to her waist he let go of her hair and pulled both the top and her skirt to the floor, leaving her in a bra. She took that off wanting all of it now. She shook off her worries and decided to embrace it. The craving had taken over. It wasn't necessarily her being passive it was a partner who would win in a bid for domination, control. He seemed a bit surprised when she looked him in the eye while unbuttoning his shirt. she ripped out his belt and undid his pants, leaving him in his tight briefs. She kept her eyes locked on his as she knelt down and slid her hands under the elastic and tore them down. Leaving him naked before her. Still on her knees she opened her mouth just enough to let her breath be felt on his cock. She licked her lips slowly showing him deliberately what she was going to do. She opened her mouth a slowly let her lips roam over the head and down the shaft teasing the underside with her tongue.

Her hands raced up and down his thighs and finally settled on his balls. Not wanting them to feel neglected she removed her lips and let her tongue roam from the tip of his cock down to the bottom of his sack. She made figure eights with her tongue on the underside of the balls and flicked her tongue further down the crack just to let him feel it. Her hand had since moved to his shaft and was moving with grace and speed and slickly with her spit. Her thumb kept pressure on the underside and stroked the head briefly on the upswing. She slowly sucked one ball into her mouth passing it over her lips and sleeked over her teeth. When she was done with one she added the other with the same movements until they were both in. Then she hummed while stroking him feeling his balls tense up. She pulled back gently with her head delaying the pleasure. She kept her hand on his shaft and replaced her lips around the head, licking the slit until she felt and tasted the precum drops. She removed her hand and her lips.

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05-02-2008, 09:00 PM
"Get on your knees" She said. He chuckled and did as she asked.

When he was down on his knees. He let her go on all fours facing him with her lips again on his cock licking, slurping, moaning. He took her hair in his fist again and dragged her head forward until she had his whole cock in her mouth. She was gagging but the sensation of tugging and squeezing in her throat was what he had wanted. He gripped her ass and started her bobbing up and down all the way on his shaft. To her credit there was no pull of teeth on his skin. Once she got used to the huge amount of dick in her mouth she pushed her tongue up against him making the passage down her throat tighter. She could feel him get bigger until he pushed her off of him.

"Open your mouth. Eyes open." He stroked himself hard and fast bringing strands of cum onto her face and into her hair. The hot salty semen littered her cheeks, chin and some of her tongue. He brought her forward again and made her wrap her lips around him and clean what was left on him off.

"Go clean your face." He said as he got up and went to the bed. She looked around and saw a door that led into a en suite bathroom. She took some toilet paper and did as she was told.

When she came back he simply said. "Come here."

She walked to the bed where he was sitting. He once again grabbed her arm and pulled her to sit on the bed next to him. He pulled her hair up into his hand again bit her neck again making her pant.

He let his fingers reach for her breasts flicking over the nipples in circles and then pinching them until they were standing as large as an eraser tip on a pencil. He pulled her fully onto the bed and sat astride her biting and licking his way to her nipples. When he reached them he took them between his teeth and licked franticly until she was bucking under him. He stopped only after biting a little harder bringing a flash of pain. He stared into her face as he moved his fingers down until he reached her pussy. She was freshly waxed and smooth as silk. Her wetness let him know she had enjoyed what had come before. He thrust two fingers roughly inside feeling how tight she was wrapping around him. He moved his head down to where his fingers were, spreading her legs over the side of the bed to give him greater access. He ran his finger over her lips feeling her wetness make them sleek and slick. He put his fingers inside her again until she moaned. He removed them and flicked his tongue over the lips and bit her thighs roughly. He splayed her lips wide and sucked on her clit until it was between his teeth like her nipples had been before. Sucking and licking it she thought she would explode from the speed at which he was doing everything. It was overwhelming and almost painful. He let one finger move into her again curling against her wall stroking that spongy spot until he could feel her juices flow down between the crack of her ass. He took his other hand and let a finger get soaked and rubbed her asshole until she whimpered. He pushed it in slowly, smoothly. The sensations left her feeling incredibly full and at a loss for focusing letting him take her to the brink and back down again until she was pulling and pinching at her own nipples in an effort to add to the extreme pleasure. When he finally let her explode she squirted a spray onto him and felt as if she had been torn inside out. The pressure had built up and thrummed inside her until she could hold it back no more.

Without wasting a beat he pushed her all the way back onto the bed and flipped her onto her stomach. With her on her knees he positioned himself behind her and grabbed her hips yanking her onto him mercilessly. The more she tried to move the more he pulled her back until she had no choice but to let him stroke inside her as hard and as fast as he wanted. He wound a hand around her hair but loose enough to put the hand around her neck and rub this thumb over her throat making her panic. He forced her head back and caused her to arch her back. He pushed her head down letting go of her throat until her shoulders were almost on the mattress her cheek pressed against it while he held her down forcing himself inside deeper. She could feel him pounding without relief into her until his balls were soaked with her. She felt the heat from earlier expand and enrobe her cunt until she was so tight she thought she would squeeze him out. He forced himself to stay in despite the tightness and he kept the pressure going until an orgasm was ripped from her forcing a scream from her throat.

"My turn." He grabbed her under her ribs and leaned back until she was backwards in his lap and he once again put his hand on her throat while forcing her up and down his cock. He then pushed her onto the bed again and flipped her onto her back. He yanked her legs up onto his shoulders and grinded into her with such force it shook the bed. He gripped her ass underneath pouring himself into her as she moaned from being oversensitive. He then withdrew and pressed the head of his cock against her hole until it parted and let his inside. The tightness drove him to move harder while she cringed at the severe feeling moving inside her.

"I want to see you play with yourself."

She moved her hands down to her lips and parted them. she dipped a few fingers into her pussy until they were slick. She started to rub her clit for him hoping to make him hurry. Her ass was hurting from the pounding it was taking. He did stop momentarily. Enough to put her in the doggy style position again. With her ass in the air he launched himself in without restraint.

Ramming her. He once again pushed her down until her cheek was on the sheets.

"Play with yourself. Rub it hard and fast."

She made her fingers go over her clit in circles with her wetness flowing over it. She could feel it get harder and she rubbed her pussy lips to get more on her fingers. She moved back up to her clit using her first two fingers hard on it in tight circles quicker and quicker until she felt herself feel the first signs of starting to cum. She dipped her fingers again making sure they were slick enough to move smoothly over her clit and she pressed harder until the pain in her ass added to the sensations; edging her pleasure with pain. She let out a small groan and a little bit of wetness crept down her leg as she came. The tightening of her body brought him to climax in her ass. The tight channel was filled with his cum and he erupted in spurts. When he withdrew a few drops spilled out.

"You've got five minutes to recover." He said as he went into the bathroom. She had never felt so used, prodded, violated, or delicious sated. Her craving had had a taste but was far from finished.

The End

05-02-2008, 09:03 PM
One last quite long story for tonight , please enjoy !!! ;)

Moments To Remember

It was the start of a brand new year. Who knows what it will bring for Crystal, Johnny, and their family. The weather was unseasonably warm. The prior year had its usual ups and downs just like any other year. They were hoping things would be better this year. It was coming up on Valentine's Day, and Johnny wanted to do something special for Crystal. He planned out the whole evening, even found a babysitter for the kids.

Valentine's Day arrived and Johnny surprised Crystal throughout the day. First around 9 am the door bell rang and when Crystal opened it she found a messenger standing there with a large bouquet of 2 dozen roses mixed with a variety of other flowers and a card. Crystal signed for the flowers, closed the door, as she began to read the card which read, "This is only the beginning. Can't wait to see you honey, Missing you every minute we're apart, Johnny."

Crystal smiled and picked up the phone and calls Johnny to thank him for the gorgeous flowers, but unfortunately she only gets his voice mail, so she leaves him a message, "Hey its me, I can't wait to see you either, I love the flowers, Love you."

Later that day, around lunch time, the door bell rings again, this time when Crystal opens the door, she finds another messenger, only this one is holding two red boxes in his hands. Crystal signs for the boxes and closes the door. The one on top is a small heart shaped box and of course she guesses that it is filled with, MMMMMM chocolate. She opens the box and finds a card inside along with the chocolate. She opens the card as she takes a bit of the luscious chocolate. It reads, "I hope this will hold you until we are together this evening. Can't wait to see you, I know you'll look amazing. Love Johnny."

Crystal smiles and pulls at the bow of the other box to open it. Pulling the top off, she sees another card on top of some tissue paper, she take the card and opens it before looking at what is under the tissue paper. The card reads "Now you know another reason why I can't wait to see you this evening, I know that you will look exquisite in this, my Valentine. Love Johnny."

She lifts the tissue paper to find a gorgeous red, sleeveless, mid thigh length dress. She takes the dress out of the box and stands in front of the mirror and holds it up against herself, thinking that he has good taste in clothes.

Around 6 o'clock, Crystal jumps in the shower and begins to get ready for when Johnny comes home from work. She has already given the kids their baths and put them into their pajamas. Crystal steps out of the shower, dries off and throws on a soft fluffy robe and heads out of the bathroom to check on the kids. She passes her bed and notices a note laying in the middle of it. She picks it up and reads it, "I've taken the kids to my parents for the night. Be ready to be picked up at 7:30. Can't wait to be with you my sweetheart. Love Johnny."

With this Crystal heads back into the bathroom to do her hair and makeup. She decides to braid her hair for the evening. Then she makes sure that her makeup is just right. She then proceeds to slip into the dress that Johnny picked for her. It fits perfectly. She admire herself in the mirror. It is nearly 7:15 so she goes to the living room and waits on the couch. Assuming that Johnny will be home shortly.

Then she hears the doorbell. She sees someone dressed in a black tuxedo and behind him is a gorgeous burgundy stretch limo. Crystal carefully opens the door. He asks if she is ready to go and tells her that Johnny has sent him to get her. She grabs her pocketbook and locks the door behind her. He opens the door for her and inside she finds another dozen roses, beautiful, soft, romantic music on the CD player and a bottle of champagne chilling. The driver tells her to relax and that she will be at her first destination in a couple of minutes.

After a few minutes the car stops. The door opens and she sees Johnny standing there dressed in a suit with his hand out to her, offering assistance out of the car. She take his hand and gets out of the car. He tell her that she looks stunning and that he knew she would look beautiful. He leans to her and kisses her deeply on the lips. She kiss him back passionately, like no other kiss they have had. Their mouths open and tongues lightly touch for just a moment. Then she wraps her arms around him in a warm hug.

Johnny takes Crystals hand and lead her to a small table with two chairs. She realizes they are at the ocean, on the beach looking out into the water. They sit down and the driver comes over with the champagne. He puts down the glasses and then proceeds to open the bottle. The cork flies and he pours it into our glasses. They sip the champagne as we watch the stars and moon over the beautiful ocean.

When they finish a glass, Johnny rises and take her hand, and bends down on one knee, and proceeds to pulls a small red box from his pocket as he looks into Crystals eyes. He says, "Crystal, my love, Will you marry me?" Crystal to cry tears of happiness as she tells Johnny "YES". He reaches up and places the ring upon her finger and proceeds to hiss her passionately. He leads her back to the car. Opening the door for her, she climbs in. The driver brings the champagne back to the car and then goes to the front. Johnny pour them another glass as they begin to drive off. After a little while we arrive at their second destination, which is a small quaint restaurant. The atmosphere inside is quiet and very romantic with soft music in the background and dim lighting. They enjoy a fabulous meal and more champagne to celebrate their engagement.

They sit a bit longer and listen to the music. Johnny stands and pulls Crystal to him. He takes her into his arms and they begin to sway to rhythm of the soft music that's playing in the background. Their lips meet. Their mouths open and close as they continue to kiss. Their tongues begin to meet, exploring each other's mouths. Johnny holds Crystal tight as their bodies move together.

Johnny begins to kiss the right side of Crystals neck lightly, moving slowly all around it. Then he move to her earlobe and kisses it lightly. Then he moves back to her neck.

He stops and look into her beautiful eyes. Then leans in and kisses her again on the lips. Their bodies tingles as their lips meet. They continue to kiss and he moves his hands down to hold her lovely hips. He slowly moves from her hips to her back, gently pulling her to him. He then slowly moves down and grasp her bottom and gently squeezes it, their lips are still locked in a deep, passionate kiss. They separate for a moment and return to their table. They finish their drinks and take care of the check. And head back to the limo.

They reach the limo and climb in and sit next to each other. Johnny puts his arm around her as she leans her head on his chest. He tells her again how beautiful she looks and how much he loves her. She looks up at him and tells him she loves him too. Then he leans down to her and kisses her deeply, passionately on the lips again. They continue kissing, exploring each other's mouths for the remainder of the ride home, which does not seem to be very long.

They arrive home and Johnny gets out of the car, and extends his hand to assist Crystal. She takes his hand and gets out of the car. Johnny thanks the driver for the wonderful time.

Johnny leads Crystal to the door of the house, and unlocks it. They enter the house, and Johnny leads Crystal to the bedroom after locking the front door.

Johnny then wraps his arms around Crystal and unzips her dress in the back, allowing it to fall to the floor. He then notices that she has the most beautiful red lace bra and panties. He leans in and kisses her lightly on the lips. Then slowly move his lips to her chin, as he kisses his way down her neck. She raises her head so he has better access to her neck. He continues to kiss his way down reaching her upper chest, and then he kisses his way back and forth across her body slowly moving down to her cleavage. He raises his hands up and cups her still covered breasts. Then as he kisses the tops of her beautiful breasts, he reaches behind her and unclasps her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor as well. He begins to kiss each inch of her breasts, gradually work his way in between them. He continues kissing until I reach her now firm nipples. He kisses each nipple lightly, alternating from left to right. As impossible as it may seem he can feel each one becoming more firm with each kiss. He begins to lightly suck each nipple into his mouth as he kisses each one. Then lightly, but firmly he flicks his tongue across her nipples. And he hears her lightly moan with each flick of his tongue.

Crystal moves back on the bed. Johnny leans over her and begins to kiss her tummy. He continues kissing her all over until he reaches her panties. He uses his fingers to slowly move the waistband down the front so that he can continue to kiss her lower. Then he grasps the sides of her panties and begins to pull them down her legs. He then part her legs a bit and, starting at her toes, begins to kiss his way up her legs. He places light kisses on nearly every inch of her legs. He moves back and forth alternating legs, and eventually he reaches her soft inner thighs and concentrates on them. His kisses are now a bit firmer and linger a bit longer. He works his way up her thighs and lightly pushes them apart a little more. As he inches closer to her pussy, he can begin to see the juices already flowing from it.

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05-02-2008, 09:04 PM
He finally places his lips upon her pussy lips and kisses them. She feels his lips part hers as he gently pushes against her. She then feels his tongue begin to push its way inside her. She moans again. A little more loudly this time. He moves his lips from hers and slowly pulls his tongue from inside her, as he then begins to lick up and down the lips of her pussy, tasting her sweetness. Slowly he moves up and down with his tongue occasionally sliding between her lips. He gradually moves up to feel her firm clit against his tongue. He can taste her sweetness everywhere. He flicks his tongue across her clit and hears another moan escape her lips. He then sucks her clit into his mouth and flicks his tongue across it again.

She begins to moan more and her hips begin to move. He lets her clit escape from his lips and then runs the length of his tongue across her clit before returning to her lovely lips. She feels the fullness of his tongue against her pussy lips and then feels him slowly insert it into her. She moans even more now and her hips are moving more. She tells him that she is going to cum soon. Then she feels his face disappear from her pussy. He moves up along side her and kisses her lips and then tells her "tonight I want to cum with you, inside you, both of together at the same moment." He removes his shirt and boxers. She sees his hard-on bounce as it escapes its confines. Johnny moves between your legs. He leans over and kisses her fully on the mouth. Their mouths begin to open and close together and their tongues begin to touch. He then feels her hand wrap around his cock and pull on it, guiding it into her waiting pussy. She tells him that she wants to cum with him and she wants him to cum in her and she wants them to cum together too. Gently he glides his cock into her wet pussy. She moans as he enters into her pussy. Then he moans in response.

Eventually he has pushed his cock all the way into her pussy. He can feel her wetness surround him and he can feel her gently clenching his cock. He begin to pull out slowly, letting his head just barely pass the lips of her pussy and then he pushes it back in a bit more quickly. All the way in touching the top of her pussy. They kiss as he gently thrust his hard cock into her waiting pussy. He begins to feel the walls of her pussy contract around his cock, squeezing it. She tells him that she wants him to make love to her but hard. She wants him thrusting inside her as she cums.

He begins to do as she asks thrusting his cock harder and deeper into the wetness of her pussy. She's moaning more and more now and her breathing is heavier. With each thrust he pushes all the way inside her causing a moan escape from her lips. He's moving faster now and his cock is going harder and deeper into her. She can feel his balls slap gently against her. He tells her that he is nearly ready to cum. He thrust into her a couple more times and then he begins to cum deep inside her. She can feel it splashing against the walls of her pussy. At the same time she moans loudly and he feels the walls of her pussy clench his cock continually in orgasm. He continues to cum deep inside her and her pussy continues to contract in orgasm.

They collapse, exhausted from their wonderful night together. He lies beside her and pulls the covers over them. He wraps his arm around her. They fall asleep holding each other.

They both awaken in the middle of the night in each others arms. And begin to kiss each other with a passion unlike any other. They continue to snuggle and begin to talk about a variety of different things, including wedding plans. And somehow they get on the subject of fantasies. They realize that more or less they have similar fantasies. They both desire a two on one situation, with the only difference being the combination of people involved. They decided that once they are married they will take steps to fulfill each others fantasies.

Months go by, and they have a gorgeous, elaborate wedding and honeymoon. Then one night while lying in bed, the subject of fantasies comes up again, and they decide to pursue them.

So one night Johnny and Crystal were out with a bunch of their friends at a club. They were dancing, when Johnny asked Crystal, "What would you think about asking Valerie to help fulfill one of the fantasies?" Valerie had been a friend of theirs for some time. She was about the same height at Crystal, with long wave brown hair, a well shaped body and eyes that lit up when she smiled. Crystal told him, "If Valerie was the one he was choosing that it would be ok, but remember what we have agreed upon in regards to fulfilling the fantasies." They had agreed that if they were to fulfill their fantasies that certain rules would come into play. These rules being, 1) it would be only a one time thing for each of them, 2) protection would be used, 3) there would be no negative after affects on the relationship, and 4) things would have to take place outside of their home in order for their kids not to be affected in anyway. So they bring up the subject to Valerie and after a bit of persuading, she agrees to participate. The three of them agree to meet at a hotel the following weekend.

The following weekend comes and the three of them all meet at the agreed upon time at the hotel. Johnny and Crystal check in and get their room key. Then the three of them head to the room. Once they get there, Johnny calls room service and orders drinks for all of them, while Crystal finds the music channel on the television set. They begin talking about nothing in particular while they waited for the drinks to arrive, just to lighten the mood in the room. Once the drinks arrive, they all toast to the adventures that await them that night.

As they finished their drinks, Johnny couldn't help but notice that Valerie had a great body, with firm breasts that sprouted perky nipples, but they in no way compared to those of Crystal who he loved so much. Johnny reached around and unbuckled Crystal's belt, her jeans, and slid them quickly down her body. Valerie was busying herself with removing all of her clothing as well. Valerie's pussy was shaved, completely, and she was dripping wet. Once naked, Valerie pulled Crystal by her hands toward the middle of the king sized bed. Johnny was naked now too. His rock hard muscle pointing toward the two naked bodies that were already on the bed.

Valerie pulled Crystal down on top of her and kissed her neck, while her hands found Crystal's wetness. Next she rolled Crystal over onto her back and knelt between her legs. Spreading them gently, Valerie looked up into Johnny's eyes for a moment, and then plunged her tongue into Crystal's pussy. She licked her long and hard, from the bottom folds to the top, pausing to flick her tongue across Crystal's clit at the top of each stroke. Nearly out of his mind with lust Johnny jumped onto the bed and straddled Crystal. Crystal took the head of his thick hard muscle into her mouth and sucked, her tongue swirling around the head, before pushing it out and licking up and down the shaft. Then pulling him back into her mouth. He felt Crystal start squirming in that all too familiar way when she is about to cum and that sent him over the top. He exploded in her mouth shooting spurt after spurt of my hot cum down her throat. She squealed and climaxed hard.

He rolled off of Crystal, and lay on his back for a moment, regaining his composure. Looking down he saw that Valerie was on her back as well, playing with herself. He grinned at Crystal and felt himself begin to get hard again.

Johnny shimmied down between Crystal's legs and spread them apart. Folding her legs over his back, he set about licking Crystal's delicious pussy, while Valerie took Johnny's rock hard muscle between her lips and worked her fingers over her own clit. He drove my tongue into Crystal just as he felt Valerie's lips moving up and down over his entire muscle. Just then Johnny felt Crystal start to climax, causing a chain reaction and all three of them cam in unison. Johnny slowly pulled away from Crystal's wet pussy and rolled over, crawling up next to Crystal. He snuggled up next to her, pulling her against him. He then did the same with Valerie, pulling her body up on the other side of his. They lay like that for a bit, eventually falling asleep, three, as one.

A few weeks later, Crystal brought up the subject of having her fantasy fulfilled, since they had fulfilled his fantasy already. Johnny agreed to assist in fulfilling her fantasy and suggested that they ask a friend of theirs Joey, if he would be willing to participate with them.

Johnny was out one night with some of the guys for a few beers and approached Joey about fulfilling Crystal's fantasy.

"ARE YOU SHITTING ME!!??" replied Joey as he nearly spilled his beer.

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05-02-2008, 09:05 PM
"Nope. You heard me right. I want you to help me give my wife the best fucking she has ever had." Said Johnny.

"Does she know about this?" Joey asked. Johnny answered him, "Yes, it is her fantasy that they would be fulfilling. Don't worry, there will be no guy touching guy, she's not into that. We are just going to make her the center of attention for a night. Think you can handle that?"

Joey considered the proposition and said, "Okay. I'll do it."

They arranged to meet the following weekend at the same hotel that they had met Valerie at.

They arrived at the hotel at the appointed time. They check in and proceeded to their room. Crystal had on a short skirt, stockings and heels, and a low cut satin top and a short jacket that matched her skirt. Her eyes sparkled.

Johnny walked up behind Crystal and put his arms around her, pulling her against his now hardening muscle. He nuzzled her neck and nibbled, gently on her ear lobe. Crystal responded by sighing and laying her head back on his shoulder. She loved it when he did that to her. Joey was standing, mesmerized, watching as Johnny ravished his wife. Johnny grinned at Joey and then unzipped Diane's skirt letting it fall to the floor. She was now standing in her garters and stockings in front of another man. Johnny looked at Joey again and then at Crystal. Joey got the message and grinned broadly, stripping off his shirt and dropping down on his knees in front of Crystal. Joey knelt in front of her and slowly pulled her panties down revealing her pussy. Johnny watched Joey as he glanced up and licked his lips then wrapped his arms around Crystal's legs and pulled her toward him. Johnny stripped off his clothes and returned his attention to Crystal. She was moaning and steadying herself. Joey licked deep into Crystal and paused at the top, wagging his tongue back and forth, his nose pressing on her clit. Then he started at the top and rapidly flicks her little button back and forth before plunging his tongue into her again and starting the whole process over. Johnny took this opportunity to relieve Crystal of her jacket and blouse. She was wearing a matching bra. Crystal, dressed only in her bra, stockings and heels, with another man's tongue buried halfway into her sweet pussy, made Johnny even harder. Standing behind Crystal he unhooked her bra and resumed his assault on her neck. Her nipples were hard and standing at attention so he reached around and began pinching and twisting them both at the same time. She gasped and Johnny knew she was getting close. Just then Crystal cried out and shuddered as a huge orgasm surged thru her body. Her legs buckled and Joey quickly picked her up, wrapping her legs around his torso. Johnny nodded Joey carried Crystal to bed.

Laying her down in the middle of the bed Joey backed off a little. It was obvious that he was hard as a rock as well. Johnny and Joey changed positions. With the head of his cock at her entrance, Johnny slowly pushed into her, the head of his dick stretching her open as he slid, inch by inch, deeper and deeper into her pussy until his balls were touching her ass. Crystal moaned loudly as he pulled nearly all the way out and then slid back in again, slowly, deliberately. Not wishing to miss out on all the fun Joey crawled onto the bed and knelt beside Crystal, his own rock hard cock next to her. Crystal wrapped her fingers around his dick and began massaging him, as he took each of her nipples into his mouth and then ran his tongue between her tits. Johnny was fucking her with urgency now, burying his hot cock into her with long, deep strokes. He knew she was getting ready to climax and sure enough, she did. Crystal screamed as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, causing her pussy to contract around Johnny's muscle bringing him to the point of explosion deep inside her, as her fingers worked their magic on Joey's muscle causing him to explode all of her chest. Which he then without delay began licking away. And Johnny replaced his muscle with his tongue and began to lick the combination of their juices from her. Quickly bringing her to another body shaking orgasm.

They collapsed on the bed with Crystal in the middle. Johnny turned to her and licked her lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth and giving her a deeply passionate kiss. The three of the layed there for a bit til they all drifted off to sleep.

Once Crystal and Johnny had fulfilled each others fantasies, they realized that their relationship was stronger then ever. And that they really did truly love each other with their entire heart and soul and they didn't need anyone else to make them happy. They had all they would ever need, themselves and their kids.

The End

Good Night And Sweet Dreams !!! :p

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Wah bro birdie.....today so early go koon ah....tks for ur long stories bro....cheers

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A Shower that Empowered - Poem dedicated to bro PR

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Wah Lau Eh!!! :eek: :D

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U the PCC King wat!!!!!:p

Thanks for your "5 Stars Encouragement" bro :D Good man!!!

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Thanks for your "5 Stars Encouragement" bro :D Good man!!!

There are a pic series for you in your pic thread...pictorial story in comic book format of a slutty nun...UR FETISH!!! :p

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Playing The Victim

You've drawn my attention with all of this noise
While you're building some things you refer to as “toys”...
I've come down the steps and I notice the placement
Of threatening machines that you've built in the basement!

And though I'm no expert, it's easy to see
It's a dungeon you've built, and I'm sure it's for me!
You're full of surprises each day of my life...
Who else has a dungeon to use on his wife?

I might be surprised, though, if I really knew
What the typical husband is liable to do!
This dungeon will help you achieve your ambition
Of role play where I am the one in submission.

I bet that your pants will be quickly unzipped
Just as soon as I'm “kidnapped” and thoroughly stripped!
Events of the evening will prove I am right
As I'm playing the part of your sex slave tonight.

I'm jumping right in and creating the role
Of a helpless young maiden whom you can control.
I'm eager to christen this dungeon, dog gone it.
This room might as well have my name written on it!

My instincts direct me on what I should do
As I hold out my wrists to be shackled by you.
I raise up my arms as I'm striking a pose,
And you take the next step as you tear off my clothes!

My shackles are locked, and the next step thereafter
Is trussing me up to a hook in the rafter.
First off, you thank me for “hanging around”...
Your knack for dark humor is truly profound.

I know how aroused you have always been getting
When watching a film with a Gothic-type setting...
Where men in black hoods are completely enraptured
While torturing gals they've methodically captured.

It's such an honor, since I am your wife,
To help all your fantasies spring into life.
Tonight, I'm the maiden whom you have abducted
To christen these gruesome machines you've constructed.

Inspecting the dungeon, there's nothing you lack...
There's pillory stocks and a nice, wooden rack.
The stocks are, in fact, where you move me to next,
Which leaves me bent over and partially flexed.

Good thing I trust you with all of my being.
I'm sure you're enticed by the view that you're seeing.
If I didn't trust you, this game would be haunting
Because you can do anything that you're wanting.

These stocks, I can see, are a great way to bind me...
I can't see a thing that you're doing behind me!
This sharpens my senses like never before,
Since all I can see is the rug on the floor.

The role you assume is commanding and strict
As you're making a move I could safely predict...
You're flanking my rear as you start to get “feely”,
And squeezing my boobs as they're hanging down freely.

The stocks hold my body securely in place
And my boobs are defenseless against your embrace.
The thorough massage, though, is nothing to fear,
Compared to the threats whispered into my ear!

I almost give in, 'cause your words are hypnotic.
Your sinister thoughts start to sound so erotic.
It's only a threat, and though you'd never do it,
A nipple, you claim, needs a clamp clinging to it!

And though I decline like I know that I should,
At this point, some clamps sound incredibly good!
After a while, when I need to be moved,
My request for some time on the rack is approved.

As soon as I'm freed from the stocks, I've reclined,
And I lay on my side on this rack you've designed.
I venture to say that your rack's really swell,
And you tell me my “rack” is a nice one, as well!

I dare to proclaim, as I try to look fetching,
“I bet you know someone who needs a good stretching!”
“Yes”, you confirm, “Your assumption is true,
And no one deserves to be stretched more than you!”

I'm making my claim that I've been a bad girl
As I try to entice you to give it a whirl.
You're quickly convinced as you push me down flat,
And my back's sinking in to the soft vinyl mat.

“You have misbehaved”, you reply with a chuckle,
And pulling my wrist back, you're locking the buckle.
As soon as my wrists and my ankles are done,
You're tightening my ropes just a little for fun.

Thus, I'm spread-eagled, and stretched on my back...
A helpless young maiden restrained on your rack!
My tease was effective, you have to agree,
And there's no one whom you'd rather torment than me!

You read my indictment, in case I don't know
That I'm guilty of stealing your heart long ago.
You state that a woman who's pilfered such treasures
Must surely be punished with strenuous measures.

You capture my nipples with “Nooses of Love”,
Which you're pulling taut toward the ceiling above.
Pushing my limits must be your intention
As both of my boobs are now stretched to attention.

Inflicting such anguish on me, I suspect,
Is the reason your manhood is also erect.
The truth...that I'm such an excitable gal...
Is confirmed as my juices seep from my canal.

The fact that I'm playing your victim, I bet,
Is the full explanation for why I'm so wet!
The evidence shows on my vaginal lips
As it starts to build up in the midst of my hips.

You climb on the rack with appreciable haste...
Your eyes on the region just under my waist.
Playing my part, I insist that you stop.
You simply ignore me while climbing on top.

It's all coming down to this moment of bliss,
And I love a game that crescendos to this!
My life as your sex slave's about to begin,
You're explaining to me as you guide yourself in.

I'll play any role when it's getting me some,
And I'll be your sex slave for decades to come!

06-02-2008, 12:10 PM
Thanks for all the wonderful stories all bros here :D
Happy CNY to all :D

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My wife awakens

After twelve years of marriage, my wife, Lara and I, were facing disaster. We both enjoyed each other’s company, and most of the big things; career, finances, and family, were not an issue. We decided long ago not to have kids, so we could concentrate on our careers. The problem was sex.

Lara was raised in a conservative religious family in a small town. Despite her staggering looks, which attracted me in the first place, she was always uncomfortable with sex. We were both 35 now, but the combination of her 35C breasts, perfectly shaped legs, and beautiful face with full lips always attracted attention. Unfortunately, she purposely dressed in a dull, frumpy way, with collars to her chin and usually pants, to avoid that attention. And the few times I suggested anything mildly different in bed, she said she just wasn’t comfortable experimenting with sex. We were down to very routine screwing, once every two weeks or so. Both of us were wondering how much longer this could go on. I was completely frustrated after years of getting turned on by her spectacular body, only to be limited to the same thing in bed.

Finally one evening at home over dinner, I opened up and told Lara I thought we had to at least try something new, or consider marriage counseling. After some discussions, she agreed for the first time to watch an adult video with me. The next Friday night, I carefully selected a film that received high ratings from women: some explicit sex, but not just a bunch of banging. After dinner and some wine, I set up the film, and as I laid back on the couch, Lara reclined with her back to my chest. There were about seven sex scenes, and during the second, I started rubbing under Lara’s breasts.

One of the greatest turn-on’s about Lara is her tits. They’re not overly large, but when she gets excited, not just her nipples get erect, but the whole areola. I’ve looked at men’s magazines my entire adult life, and I’ve only seen three or four women whose nipples react like that.

In the third sex scene, the film became more explicit. The guy in the film took out his huge cock, and the actress started sucking him. I could feel my wife become more excited. She said she had never watched anything like this before, and with her prudish upbringing, I knew she was telling the truth. By the end of the film, I had her shorts off, and had brought her to two orgasms with my fingers. When it was over, we had a session more excited than in several years.

A few nights later at the dinner table, Lara said she was really turned on by the film, and wanted to watch it again. We repeated the whole thing the next night. Part of the film plot involved the woman becoming totally submissive to the man. I noticed that Lara became especially turned on at that section.

A few weeks later, our sex life was a little improved, but not much. After a depressingly routine session, I told Lara it was time to take some more drastic action to solve our sex problems. She became very quiet for a few minutes, and then said, “You have a birthday coming in two weeks. For my gift to you, that night I’ll do what we saw in the movie.” I asked, “You mean, give me a blowjob?” This would have been a great step forward. In twelve years of marriage, Lara had only put my dick in her mouth three or four times. Once she told me she just felt guilty doing it, and she knew it was because of the way she was raised. I didn’t want to push her to do something she didn’t like, so we just cut that out of our lovemaking.

“No,” she said. “I mean I’ll be your slave for the night.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My shy, prudish wife was talking about submission. I couldn’t help but smile. Her shyness took over for a minute, and she said, “But not until your birthday.” I said, “That will give me some time to plan.”

The following weekend, I had my birthday wish in mind. It required one major day of work. Our house has a laundry room next to our master bedroom. On Saturday, I cut a large rectangular hole in the wall between the two rooms, over the head of our bed. Lara thought I’d gone crazy, but I just said, “This is part of my birthday present.” I then installed a one-way mirror, so that as long as a light was on in the bedroom, I could see in from the laundry room without being seen. I also installed a sensitive microphone near the floor, so with headphones, I could hear everything in the bedroom. Lara had a worried look on her face, but her innocence kept her from realizing what I had in mind.

As the next week passed, I became more nervous with anticipation. Finally, my birthday arrived on a Friday. I could tell we both had butterflies in our stomachs. Before I left for work that morning, I said, “Sure you don’t want to take back your gift?” With a little bit of worry on her face, she said, “I made a promise, and I’ll keep it. Your gift begins at 8:00 p.m.”

That night at the stroke of 8:00, I told Lara we were going out for a nice dinner. I told her to take a shower. When she stepped out, I dried her gorgeous body, gave her a robe, and told her to do her hair and makeup. We both had a glass of wine as I watched her do her eyes and lips, much sexier than usual. Then I laid out some clothes that I had spent a few hours that afternoon picking out. First I had her put on black stockings with elastic garter tops, something she never wore before. Then a deep blue silk blouse, just a little low cut. She looked at me wondering about a bra, but without a word, the look on my face told her that wasn’t allowed. The blouse wasn’t see-through, because I knew she would be too self-conscious, but I could see her nipples pressing out against the thin material, and when she walked, her breasts bounced fabulously. I chose a black skirt, a few inches above her knee, and black high heels a little higher than she had ever worn before. It was also the first time she wore a skirt out of the house without panties. She looked stunning, and by her kiss I could tell she was excited.

We went to a small five-star hotel restaurant for a leisurely dinner. A few minutes after we came in, two men, late thirties, in business suits sat at a table nearby. I could see both of them catching glances at Lara, and I knew she saw them looking. After about twenty minutes, I told her, “Now my birthday gift starts. I want you to pull your skirt up higher. Don’t look at those two men because I want them to get a good look at you.” Lara bit her lower lip, but did exactly as I ordered. We talked a little, and I saw the two men throwing glances at her great legs. A few minutes later, I said, “Higher, above the top of your stockings.” Lara looked both worried and excited. After a short hesitation, she adjusted in the chair, and with her legs crossed, lifted her skirt above the stockings. I let the two men look for about ten minutes and by now they were staring. The waiter came to our table and got a good look at Lara’s legs also. He had a sly smile on his face as he walked back to the kitchen. Then I said, “Now, I want you to slowly lift up your skirt, uncross your legs and spread them a little, so these two men can see your pussy. But don’t look at them. Then you can slowly cross them again.”

This time, Lara turned red, and I reminded her of her promise. Then, after a deep breath, slowly she uncrossed her legs. Her skirt was already high enough that I’m sure her pussy lips were clearly showing to the two businessmen. She must have had the feeling, “Well, it’s done now,” so she let them look for a good 45 seconds before crossing her legs again, much longer than I expected. My dick grew hard watching her, and knowing these two men were getting a good look at Lara’s cunt. Just then our main courses arrived, and we took time to finish a great meal.

After I paid the bill, we got up and Lara said, “Wait ‘til I get you home.” I told her, “Honey, my gift is just beginning.” I had a detailed plan in my mind.

Outside the restaurant, I told Lara we were going to the hotel bar-lounge. This was a real luxurious place, and I knew the lounge always had a great quiet jazz trio and an upscale business clientele. “But,” I told her, “we’re not going together. I want you to go to the ladies room for about fifteen minutes, and come in after me. Then don’t sit at my table, but instead on the couch nearby me. If anyone decent looking wants to join you, say yes. When I leave the room, you go to the bathroom again.” Lara’s eyes were big, and I directed her to the ladies room.

I went in, and everything looked comfortable. A Friday night, so there were several customers, mostly men in business suits. Lara came in, and several heads turned her way. She sat as I instructed. Before long, a man in his late thirties, handsome and trim, came up and asked if he could join Lara. She glanced at me, and I gave a small nod. She quietly told the guy he could join her. I was close enough to hear their conversation. His name was Dave. He was from out of town and had just finished several days of meetings. He’d be flying home tomorrow. Lara told him her husband was out of town, and she had come to unwind with a drink after a long week at work. After a few minutes, I thought she may have forgotten about me nearby, and they were having a friendly conversation about restaurants in town.

06-02-2008, 12:12 PM
Two glasses of wine later, I watched Dave put his hand on my wife’s knee. She must have known what I wanted because she didn’t push it away. Another twenty minutes, and I could see Lara didn’t know what to do next. Just then, Dave made his move and asked her to come up to his room. I stood up, and heard Lara say, “I need to visit the restroom.”

Outside the bar, we went in an alcove and I gave Lara a deep kiss. She said, “Can we go now?”

I answered, “You’re my slave, and we’re not done yet.”

“I’ll do as I promised,” she said.

“You bet you will, or I’ll give you a good hard spanking so you can’t sit for a few days. Now, go back in there and tell Dave you won’t go to his room, but he can come to your house.” There was a flash of fear in Lara’s eyes.

“I can’t do that,” she said.

“Okay, we can just end it,” I said, a little angrily.

Lara looked down, and quietly said, “Okay. I made a promise. I’ll tell him.” She was clearly scared, but I could also see something I’d never seen before: sexual excitement.

“Now follow these two orders. He can’t touch you until you take him to our bedroom. And leave the light on.” I gave her another kiss, and I could feel her lips quiver.

I stood outside the bar where I could see both of them. By the look on Dave’s face, Lara followed through and asked him. While he asked for a bill, I quickly walked to the car so I could get home before they did. It was only a fifteen-minute drive. I parked several houses away, went in the house, and set myself up in the laundry room. I sat there thinking, “What if he takes her when they’re still downstairs? What if he turns off the light?” My heart was pounding.

After what seemed hours, but was probably only about 25 minutes, the two of them entered the bedroom. Both were still fully dressed. I fit on the headphones.

Dave took Lara’s elbow from behind, turned her around, and gave her a deep kiss. I could see his tongue darting in her mouth. After a short hesitation, Lara put her arms around his neck and gave into his kiss. Her tongue was answering his. Next he ran his right hand from the back of her waist, up her side, and cupped her breast. I could see her nipples become erect, and the bulge in Dave’s pants grew. When Lara gets excited, her legs become weak, and I could tell she was having trouble standing.

After several minutes of kissing, Dave turned, sat on the edge of the bed with his back to me, and said, “Strip. But slowly.” Lara, facing both Dave and me, waited a few seconds, looked down, and slowly pulled the blouse out of her skirt, then up over her head. Her breasts were excited, and I could tell she was both nervous and hot. Then she unzipped the back of the skirt. With a little pause, she let it drop, and her soft pussy hair was uncovered. Next she started to take off her shoes, but Dave said, “Stop there.”

Dave stood up, and slowly unbuttoned and removed his shirt. As I thought, he was in great shape. In a few smooth moves, his shoes were off, and his slacks and boxers dropped to the floor. His cock was a good two inches larger than mine, and by now hard as a rock. Then Lara almost made me cream right off. Without Dave saying anything, she walked to him, turned him sideways to the mirror, dropped to her knees, and took the head of his dick in her mouth. Slowly, she started moving it in and out, and he gently stroked her hair. Here was my prude wife, who wouldn’t do anything provocative for the past 12 years, jamming the cock of a total stranger in her mouth.

I could tell Dave came close to exploding twice, and the second time, he stopped Lara just in time, took her by the shoulders and from behind, walked her to a chair facing the desk next to our bed. He kissed the back of her neck and squeezed her tits for a few minutes, with his prick against her ass. Then he said, “Take two steps back.” Lara obeyed. “Now spread your feet apart and put your hands on the back of the chair.” Lara followed his command. Dave walked up behind her, took his cock in his hand, and started rubbing it up and down her cunt. Lara turned her face toward me, but had her eyes were closed and mouth open, obviously lost in excitement. Then there was a quick jerk, and I knew Dave had pushed his cock head into her. He started pumping her from behind with his hands on both sides of her waist, and I could see his wet cock each time he pulled back. Their pace built, and Lara’s moans were getting louder. Finally, he was pounding into her, and his hips began to jerk in orgasm. This brought her to climax. Of course, I had my meat in hand, and I came along with them.

They both kissed for a while, and Lara got a towel to wipe the jism running down her leg. They lay on the bed chatting, kissing, and fondling each other. After ten minutes or so, I could see Dave’s cock coming back to life. Their kisses became more passionate, and he placed her on her back on the bed in front of me. He pulled her legs, still in the black stockings, above his shoulders, taking her ankles in his hands. I watched as he plunged his big dick down into my wife’s pussy, and she closed her eyes and began to move her hips with his. They both lasted about ten minutes before coming this time.

Dave and Lara fucked six times that night. After the fourth time, Dave turned off the light, and for the last two orgasms, I just listened, but this still brought me off.

At 4:30 AM, Dave left for the hotel because he had an early flight out. Lara put on a robe, and told me she gave him a goodbye kiss at the door, knowing the neighbors wouldn’t be awake at that hour.

We waited until Saturday evening to have sex so Lara could recover, but by then Lara was uncontrollable. She started me off with a good dick sucking, and said she had enjoyed my gift as much as I did. I told her I never came so hard as when I watched her with Dave. We both still had the jitters from the excitement. Dave could have been a jerk, or violent, but instead he turned out to be the perfect gentleman. Lara said he gave her his office phone and e-mail address, and she could find out when he was coming back to town. I said the only mistake I made was not video taping them so we could watch it again. Quietly, Lara said, “Maybe we should correct that next time.” I only smiled.

After 12 years, our dull marriage took a complete turn. Now I was married to a shy, prude, but we both knew that a confident woman who loves sex was just under the skin.

06-02-2008, 12:15 PM
Christmas Present

My wife, Lara, and I had completely renewed our sex life by each spending one night as a slave to the other. On those two nights, both of us had broken the boundaries that our inhibitions had set for the previous 12 years. Those nights involved sex with another person by the “slave,” while the “master” watched. I learned my gorgeous but straitlaced wife had desires and fantasies that could be unleashed with the proper coaxing. And it wasn’t only our sex life that improved, but nearly every part of our relationship. We weren’t just going through the motions anymore – we really looked forward to time together.

Our sex was charged for several months. We had gone from once every two weeks, to two or three times each week on weekdays, and usually five or six times every weekend. And Lara was performing things she would never try before. Just a few sentences from either of us about something that turned us on during our two “submission” nights, and we’d be hot all over again.

But inevitably, after a few months, I could feel things begin to slow down. That big change in our life had started when we both took some risks to carry out fantasies. When I felt things slow down, I started to think of a new plan to recharge us again.

One evening in early December, we were relaxing over dinner at home. Lara had just finished telling me the day’s events at the pharmaceutical laboratory where she works as a technician. Then I started recounting my day at the public relations firm where I was a subdivision P.R. officer. “How are you getting along with Phil?” Lara asked.

Phil was my boss, the subdivision manager. At 28, he’s seven years younger than me, but I can’t say I have any hard feelings about working for a younger boss, because Phil knows how to get the job done. When our last manager let the department get lax and sloppy because he was going through a divorce, top management brought in Phil from outside to turn things around. Phil had an Ivy League education, and although only a few years’ experience in P.R., he was clearly a go-getter. In just six months, he had everyone in the subdivision working at full steam, and new customers were slowly coming in. Best of all, Phil encouraged each of us to explore any new idea, no matter how crazy it sounded. He didn’t approve them all, but every idea got a hearing. But Phil also had set us up to compete against each other. By transferring out a 10-year veteran who was turning in the same old stale work, Phil sent the message to everyone: “perform or step aside.”

As subdivision manager, Phil was pulling down some good bucks. Still single, he tended towards expensive suits and fine cologne, which together with his athletic frame were turning several heads of the women in the office, as well as Mike, the only gay man in our subdivision.

“So far, so good,” I replied to Lara. “Today he laid out a new plan for our biggest client totally on the fly, in the middle of a meeting, and everyone knew he hit the nail right on the head. Our client went for it, and said they have another project they’ll bring to us. What do you think of Phil?”

Lara had met Phil twice. Once at an evening cocktail party to welcome him in, and once when she dropped by my office for lunch.

Lara glanced at me, but I just kept my eyes on my plate. “Well, he certainly looks great, if that’s what you mean,” she said. “But to be so consumed with work at his age, I wonder if he won’t burn out young.” Our conversation went onto other things, and we wrapped up dinner soon after.

That night, we both were ready for a midweek session. Lara looked great in a black see-through nightie. I came up behind her as she was brushing her hair in the mirror, and started rubbing her breasts, pulling at her nipples. After a few minutes, she turned to me, dropped to her knees and maneuvered my cock out of my boxers. By now, she had really mastered how to such my dick until I exploded, but tonight I stopped her short and got her on the bed on all fours, entering her wet pussy from behind. When we were both ready to cum, I turned her over so we could finish while looking into each other’s eyes. It was another great session. Afterwards, we lay together, stroking each other.

“Are you sorry about anything we did the night you were my slave?” I asked.

“Are you kidding?” Lara answered. “It still turns me on just thinking about it.”

“It’s been three months since I was your slave. What would you think of doing something else?” I said.

Lara hesitated and looked away. But I could feel her nipples harden in my fingers. “It would depend on what you have in mind,” she answered, almost too softly for me to hear. “Are you thinking of something.”

“Well, I did have a thought cross my mind, but I’m not sure how you’d feel about this one.” We both lay there silent for a moment, but my prick started to stiffen in her hand, and I could smell her pussy start to get wet.

“Are you going to tell me?” Lara asked. “Just go ahead and say it.”

“Well, okay. But you’ll probably think I’m crazy.”

“Just tell me. What is it?” Lara said.

“Okay. Well, you know how much it turned me on to watch you with another man. I’d like to do it again.”

“Well, I’d have to think about it. It was a turn-on for me too. I’m not against it,” Lara said.

“But I’m thinking of someone in particular. I’d like to watch you fuck Phil.”

Lara’s eyes suddenly got large, and she sat up a bit so I had to stop rubbing her tits. “You must be kidding,” she said. “Fuck your boss? I couldn’t do that. You’d have to work with him everyday. No I just couldn’t do that.”

“Well, in addition to turning us on, we could both enjoy some nice benefits if he goes for it,” I said.

“Now I’m really against it,” Lara said, with a little anger in her voice. “We did some things that turned us on, but I’m not going to be a prostitute. No way.”

“Okay. I said you would think I was crazy. I was just telling you a fantasy. Let’s just drop it.”

For the next few weeks, we didn’t discuss any fantasies, and even our sex had an edge of tension. I was beginning to regret ever mentioning my idea.

In the second week of December, my office held its annual holiday party. The top brass rented out a popular local disco for our exclusive use, including a live band that specialized in Motown. Everyone generally used this occasion to bring out the heavy attraction weaponry, dressing in the finest new clothes, which made the party something to really look forward to each year. Lara was no exception. She looked fantastic in a burgundy velvet dress with black collars and cuffs. Keeping with her prudish character, it had a high neckline, and came down to the middle of her knees, but nothing could hide those perfect breasts, and her perfectly shaped lower calves in black stockings made me think of getting her home early for a fuck.

Soon after arriving, we were in a group with two other couples, drinks in hand, when Phil came in. As he went around the group shaking hands, he stopped a little longer at Lara. I guessed he was trying to check her out, but attempting not to be caught by her husband or the others. The band started playing, and the party warmed up. Lara and I split up so she could talk with some of the other women, and I hit the buffet with a few colleagues. Soon people were shifting from the dinner tables to the dance floor to the bar. I danced with Lara to “My Girl,” and then she said she wanted to eat. As we walked off the floor, the band started a slow classic, and Phil intercepted us coming off the floor. “Mind if I dance with your beautiful wife?” he said. I looked at Lara waiting for her answer. “Sure,” she said. “Why not.” I moved across the room, but kept my eye on them. Phil was playing it straight, keeping his right hand high on her back. They talked throughout, and a few times Lara let out good laughs.

After the dance, Lara went to the buffet, but as the night went on, I saw Phil come back to Lara several times, spending a few minutes here and there talking with her. Each time, she seemed to be entertained by his humor. When the band started another slow dance, I saw Phil grab Lara’s hand and head her to the dance floor, with Lara appearing happy to comply. This time, Phil pulled Lara close, and instead of talking face to face, he talked in her ear, with his cheek to the side of her head. His hand slowly moved down to her waist, and then a little lower. When they turned, I could see Lara had her eyes closed, and Phil was definitely pulling her into his crotch. At the end of the song, they separated for a second and I could see Lara was flushed, but then the band hit up a fast song and they started dancing apart which overcame the awkward moment.

06-02-2008, 12:16 PM
I was making my own rounds, trying to be discreet about checking out the best looking women with their plunging necklines and hemlines slit high up the thigh. About 12:30, the party was just beginning to thin out. I saw Phil come up to Lara again, and after a few minutes of talk, he grabbed her hand and led her to the entry hall. I stayed behind a pillar where they wouldn’t see me. A sprig of mistletoe was hung from the chandelier in the entry hall, and throughout the evening couples were catching a holiday kiss underneath. I watched as Phil gave Lara a short peck on the lips. They pulled back with smiles, but then the smiles melted off their faces as they looked each other in the eyes, and after a brief hesitation, they pulled back together, with Lara pushing her hands around Phil’s neck, and they met in a passionate kiss that lasted about 15 seconds. When they parted, I guess they both realized anyone could walk up, so they came back into the main hall and quickly separated.

That night in bed I was nearly asleep from exhaustion and too much gin and tonic when Lara said, “Remember the fantasy you told me a few weeks ago?”

“Yes,” I said, quickly pulling out of my drowse.

“Well, if you figure out how, I’ll do it.”

I kissed Lara on the lips, my cock beginning to harden, and said, “We’ll talk about it tomorrow night.”

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I invited Phil over for dinner. Lara and I both prepared a fine meal of lamb chops and several side dishes. I picked out Lara’s clothes for the evening, a silky black top that pulled tight to her breasts, and this time with a neckline that showed her fantastic cleavage. A green cotton skirt looked in line with the holidays, but was slit in front high on her left thigh. I made sure she was in thigh high stockings instead of every man’s biggest turn off: pantyhose. The conversation at dinner was fun, with Phil telling us a few humorous stories about people at his last job. Several times, I saw him catching glances at Lara’s boobs or legs, and she was responding by making sure the skirt was riding high up her thighs. Just as we finished the main course, I stepped into the kitchen to clear some plates, took out my cell phone, and changed the ring setting so the phone would ring. Pretending to answer a call, I had a conversation loud enough for Phil to hear. When I hung up, I said, “You’re not going to believe this, but Jim says he just finished the proofs for the Lindsay account. He says I have to pick them up to edit them tonight, because he meets with the Lindsay account manager tomorrow at 8:30. His kid is sick, so he can’t bring them over. I have to go over there.”

“Why don’t I head out with you,” Phil said.

“Nonsense. There’s still dessert, and there’s no need to rush off. I’m sure Lara would like you to stay awhile. Besides, I can be there and back in 45 minutes, one hour tops. I’ll be back for a nightcap with you and then you can still get home at a reasonable time.”

Phil looked at Lara. “Please stay,” she said with an innocent smile. We have chocolate mousse and I don’t want to eat your portion too.”

“Okay,” Phil said.

I picked up my coat, pecked Lara on the cheek, and headed out. I then drove a block away, and returned on foot to our back yard. I had left the curtain on the dining room window open enough to see the whole room, and knew that without lights on in the yard, I couldn’t be seen from inside.

Phil and Lara where laughing about something, and Lara refilled his wine glass. Phil was doing the talking, sitting close to Lara, and at a point when they both let out a good laugh, he put his hand on her knee. It looked innocent at first, but he didn’t take it away. Slowly, the look on their faces became more serious, and as he talked, Phil moved his hand above Lara’s knee to her thigh. Lara’s nipples were clearly erect, and Phil must have commented about them, because Lara blushed, but then she looked up and gave Phil a soft kiss on the lips. He responded by kissing her back, but much more passionately. Because they were awkward sitting in the dining room chairs, they stood up, and kissed in a hard embrace, their tongues pushing in and out of the other’s mouth. Lara said something, and Phil reached down below her skirt and quickly ran his hands up her thighs. He took hold of her panties on each hip, and Lara helped him pull them down. Phil took Lara by the shoulders, face to face, and backed her against the wall between the dining room and the kitchen, and kissed her hard again. He said something, and she began unbuckling his pants. Quickly they fell to the floor, and I watched as she pulled his boxers down on top of the pants. Phil lifted Lara’s skirt to her waist, took her thighs, and lifted her up. Very skillfully, he lowered her onto his hard-on, and Lara wrapped her legs around his waist. They talked at several points, but Lara was clearly weak from the sexual energy running through her body. Since I said I would only be gone 45 minutes, Phil was obviously moving things quickly so he wouldn’t get caught, not knowing I had my cock out in the cold night air, as I watched them. Phil started pushing into Lara, and with each thrust, her back hit the wall. As he got faster and harder, I could hear both of them moan loudly each time he pounded into her. Their pace got faster as he locked his lips over hers, and managed to squeeze her breasts with one hand while supporting her bottom with the other.

Here it was again: my wife being pounded away by another man. And instead of any jealousy, all I felt was excitement. After the pounding became feverish, I saw Lara’s face tense, and she came in a huge orgasm, practically screaming in ecstasy. Phil followed just after, shooting his cum into her while jerking his hips, banging her even harder into the wall. A glass fell off the countertop next to them and broke. I shot my load soon after into the hedges. They kissed for several minutes, staying in the same position, with Lara’s legs wrapped around Phil, his bare ass mooning me.

I headed back to the car, since I figured I should return in about the amount of time I said. I pulled up in front, and took out the proofs Jim had actually given me earlier that day at the office to edit. When I entered the front door, Phil was straightening his pants in his seat at the dinner table. Lara was out of the room. “I think she had to use the bathroom,” Phil said, looking away so he wouldn’t have to look me in the eyes. “Sorry, I knocked a glass off the cabinet here and it broke.”

That night, after Phil went home, Lara and I fucked as hard as ever. She loved for me to describe what I saw from the window, and when I told her how I watched the two of them reach climax, she couldn’t hold it in, and started bucking in another massive orgasm.

I planned the next step. It was something I thought about to get hard on several nights, and I decided to go through with it, even though I wouldn’t be able to watch. Just Lara’s description later that night got me off like a rocket.

06-02-2008, 12:17 PM
The day after dinner, Lara came by the office around 3:00. She went directly to Phil’s office on the 12th floor, and told Phil’s secretary, Tanya, she wanted to peek in just to say hello. Phil hired Tanya directly from a modeling agency, literally. Don’t get me wrong, she had the typing skills, and managed Phil’s calendar deftly, but she was also luscious. She had come to the US from Russia in 1990, and learned perfect English since then. She also tended toward low cut blouses and short skirts, which Phil didn’t object to. He told me at lunch once that people judge a P.R. firm a lot by looks, and he wanted a great impression on anyone waiting in his outer office to see him, so nobody above him objected when he went to the modeling agency for a secretarial reference.

Tanya buzzed Phil on the phone and said, “Mrs. Strand would like to say hello.” “Send her in,” Phil answered.

According to Lara, she walked in, and closed the door behind her, but didn’t lock it. She quickly walked to Phil’s desk, moving around the back and he stood up to meet her with a hard kiss on the mouth. Behind Phil’s desk was a floor to ceiling window, looking out over a slightly shorter building, but Lara guessed people on the top floors had a pretty good view of Phil’s office, if they were looking.

Lara quickly unzipped Phil’s pants, and unbuckled his belt, pulling out his already hard cock. Phil was worried, but couldn’t stop her because he wanted what followed. Lara then pushed him back into his chair, and dropped to her knees. With her giving a blow job she had perfected on me for the past few months, Phil’s head dropped back and his eyes closed as he began to moan. Lara learned perfectly how to gently massage my balls with one hand and massage the base of my cock with the other, while she moved up and down on me with her mouth, and she said she used the same technique on Phil. She could feel his scrotum tense up in preparation for orgasm, when out of the corner of her eye, she saw Tanya staring at them with a stunned look. Lara just kept going, and she wasn’t sure if Phil even saw Tanya come in because he was in total oblivion. Tanya then backed out quietly, while Lara brought Phil to orgasm, taking his load in her mouth and swallowing as I taught her.

She said they both straightened their clothes, and Phil said he was glad she came by to say hello, to which they both laughed. Lara didn’t mention anything to Phil about Tanya.

Lara actually thought up the final act. Her office had a lab for experiments that required a very controlled environment. The lab had a large window into the next room so others could watch experiments carried out. Lara told Phil to come pick her up at work late one Friday evening, and they would go out for a quick drink. She could be home before I was suspicious, she told him. When he showed up at the door, Lara told him to come into her office while she shut down her computer. Nobody else was left at work, having gotten out for the weekend. Lara’s plan worked perfectly with me already sitting in the dark room next to the special lab. After closing everything down, Lara grabbed Phil’s shirt and gave him a deep kiss. He asked, “Is this okay?” “Everybody’s gone. I checked,” she answered. After some kissing, Phil started massaging her tits. Again she wore a silky blouse that showed off her perfect breasts. “Come into this other room,” she told him, leading him to the special lab.

Inside, Lara unbuttoned Phil’s shirt and pants, and soon had him completely naked in front of her. He then pulled her blouse over her head to reveal a black lace bra that her nipples showed through perfectly. As he turned her around to unzip her skirt, the door to the room I was in opened, and in walked a young guy with a broom and dustpan. I figured he must have been doing some temporary work between semesters at the university. Very quickly, he saw me, and looked at the two in the lab. I put a finger to my lips, and motioned him to come over near me where he couldn’t be seen. I looked into the lab, and neither Phil nor Lara had heard the intruder. The young janitor looked at me and we both half smiled.

By now, Lara’s skirt was off and Phil unhooked the bra, letting it drop to the floor. She was wearing only stockings and shoes. Her pubic triangle looked perfect and when she sat back on a tabletop, her pussy lips were clearly full and engorged. This time, Phil got down and started running his tongue through her cunt. I could tell Lara was going wild. Finally, he pulled her off the table, turned her around, and after Lara said, “Please fuck me,” he entered her from behind. My voyeur friend and I watched as my boss pounded his dick into my wife. “Man, she is a real brick shithouse,” the janitor whispered. I could see he had his dick out in his hands and was starting to pump away. After several minutes of bringing her close to orgasm from behind, Phil pulled out and again turned Lara around. He lifted her on the table, laying her back, and climbing on top. He pulled her legs above his shoulders, pulling her cunt tighter around his cock, and giving the two of us a better view each time he plunged in. Their pace got faster and faster, and I’m not sure if Phil, Lara, or the janitor came first, but soon all three were exploding in hot orgasms. I was glad the janitor had the sense to remain perfectly quiet.

Phil and Lara kissed for several minutes before getting dressed and leaving. Lara had arranged for me to lock the door, but the janitor took care of that anyway.

Lara and I spent weeks of fantastic sex talking about Phil fucking her. She told me Phil really turned her on, and she liked getting it from a younger man, but I knew I had nothing to worry about because our relationship only became more intense. Lara spent a three-day weekend with Phil at his beach house, and she said they fucked at least 16 times, and he brought her to orgasm with his hand in a nice restaurant one evening. They’ve gotten together twice besides that in the 4 months since.

At work, Tanya comes by my office often, and has made a few mild passes. She made a sly comment about the fact that married men should get what they can, because they don’t always know what their wives might be up to. I’m thinking up a plan for Lara and I to use Tanya in one of our future fantasies.

In March, Phil was promoted to Division Chief. When he decided who would move up to his old position, I received the nod. The new job lets me use much more imagination, and pays an extra $20,000 per year. Both Lara and I were happy for all the new fringe benefits.

06-02-2008, 08:33 PM
Auntie Gives Out

Many years ago when I was a hormonally driven teenager but not that popular with the girls, I had something happen to me, which I apparently had suppressed for some reason. As I think back on it now, I wish it hadn't slipped into the subconscious, for the memory is so pleasant now.

For the past several months I have been corresponding regularly with several ladies who I met via stories they have published on various sites dedicated to erotic literature. In our discussions, the question of when we lost our virginity has come up and I always relate a story about how I lost it to an older woman. In fact, she was the mother of a friend of mine. The experience was wonderful and we continued for a while after just enjoying the moment. Because of this experience, which happened when I was about 16, I tended to not look at girls my own age as I probably should have. They didn't "have the same appeal as my older lover". Ironically, I took her daughter to the junior prom, but only got a kiss and a hand job for it. Most of my buddies were getting laid that night. Oh well, that's not where this story is going.

When I was approaching my 18th birthday this special event happened, and I can't believe I forgot all about it until just now, some 40 years later.

My father's brother lived three doors down from us. His wife happened to have the same name as my mom, and since they both had the same last name, you can imagine the problems that caused in the local social circles, especially since my mom is the straight arrow in the family and my aunt was a bit looser, so to speak.

I had been stopped by the police for speeding, and when the officer saw my license, he asked if I was related to Sunaita Rao's (not my real name). I said my mom's name was that, and so was my aunt. We discussed this a bit more and determined he was talking about my aunt. He let me off with a warning and said to say hello to my aunt.

I saw my aunt a few days later at her house, where she was sitting on the top step of her porch. I approached and leaned down to give her a hug hello. When I bent down, I could see she wasn't wearing a bra, and her perky little tits were just sitting there for me to see. When I told her what the cop said, she smiled. I was still standing in front of her and was looking down her blouse. Of course, my cock was starting to stiffen a little, because my aunt was quite the looker, and at that time, was about 40 years old and in very good shape.

I asked her why the cop let me go because I was related to her. She said that he "owed her a favor". I asked her why did he owe the favor, and she replied that "I wouldn't understand". I asked why I wouldn't understand, and she said it had to do with something she had done for him, and that's all I really needed to know. I pressed on, because I had heard rumors that my aunt liked the men, and since my uncle was an over the road truck driver, she would have plenty of time to screw around if she wanted. She said to just leave it at that. I said ok…and I continued to stare at her tits. She asked me if I wanted something to drink, and I said "sure" and followed her into her house, taking care to admire her fine rear end encased in shorts as she proceeded me into the house. I swore she didn't have any panties on because there was no panty line visible. I realized I had a hot aunt in front of me.

She got me a glass of lemonade and one for herself. She said we should sit in the living room because it was hot outside. I sat on the couch and she did too, a few feet away from me. She took off her shoes and put her legs up so that her feet up on my legs and asked me to rub her feet. I looked at her and she had her eyes closed, so I started to massage her feet. We talked about a lot of mundane things and as we talked, she started to move the one foot I didn't have my hands on, in my crotch.

As I worked her other foot, she slowly moved her toes against my now stiffening cock. Afraid of what would happen, I changed feet and began to massage the other one. After a few minutes of massaging her feet, she breathed a sigh and said "That's lovely, you can do that any time you want".

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06-02-2008, 08:34 PM
She still had her eyes closed, so I decided to be daring and started to rub the calf on one leg. She jumped a bit, and I asked if she wanted me to stop. She said no, it was the cold hand (from just holding the lemonade glass) that made her jump. So I continued to rub her calf and gradually moved my hand above her knee. The whole time I kept waiting for her to open her eyes, but she looked so contented. As I moved higher, I was getting very close to the bottom of her shorts, and at the same time, getting very nervous. My experiences with my friend's mom gave me courage that I could satisfy a woman, but this was my aunt!

As I inched further upward, she actually slid down a little, apparently to give me better access. I didn't know whether to go under the shorts, which I could manage, or on top and see what happened. I opted for the surface stroke, and anxiously awaited her rebuke. As I passed over her pussy area very lightly, I fully anticipated a rejection, but what I got was another sigh. I asked if she was ok, and she replied that she was "very ok". I asked if she wanted me to stop and she whispered "no". So I proceeded to apply a little pressure to her pussy area, and sure enough, there were no panties underneath.

I was getting very hard by this time and she noticed that by continuing to stroke my cock through my shorts. I shifted a few times to let my cock adjust, and finally she said, "I think we both need to get a little more comfortable", and with that she grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, we fell into a passionate embrace, which did nothing to help my raging erection.

Taking my time, I took off her blouse and shorts and ran kisses over her tits and down to her pussy, which had a nice dark bush of hair around it. She stood me up and took off my clothes, stroking my cock a few times until we managed to make our way to the bed. Once on the bed, she gently pushed me back until she was over my now rigid cock, and took it in her mouth and sucked the head of it gently. At this point I was on the verge of coming, and she sensed that and squeezed the base of my cock. She told me that would hold me off for a while. She then rolled on to her back, spread her legs and asked my to suck her pussy for a while.

Fortunately, I knew what I was doing because of my relationship with my buddy's mom, and I licked, nibbled and sucked her pussy for a good 10 minutes before she came with a gigantic moan ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god hhhhhhhmmmmmmm, Her pussy was soaking wet when we were done. By now my cock was begging for release, but I was scared because she was my aunt, and told her that if I screwed her, I would be committing incest. She reminded me that I was her husband's nephew, not hers, so it wasn't incest. That's all I need. I plunged my cock into her waiting pussy and stroked for all I was worth. It took all of 30 seconds to shoot my load into her pussy. I rolled off and lay down next to her. She said that she really enjoyed what we had done so far, but hoped I didn't have to get home for a while because she was looking forward to some more fun. She said that guys my age should be able to get it up quickly and she was right. She licked my cock clean of her juices and my cum, sucking it to hardness again in a very short time. We then screwed in several positions, her favorite being the doggie one. I was able to satisfy her several times more and she asked me how I knew so much about pleasing a woman. I told her I had a lady who was a good teacher. She asked me if it was anyone she knew. I told her I thought she did, but I wasn't going to tell her who it was.

As I was getting dressed to go home, she said to me "Van you now figure out what favor the cop was repaying?".

I gulped, and said "Oh, yeah" and kissed her goodbye.

She told me not to be a stranger, and I told her, "Don't worry, I won't be!"

The End

06-02-2008, 08:42 PM
Prisoner No More

Ten years! Ten years in that piece of shit prison and now I was free. Ten years for two little joints! I had dodged the queers for ten years. I had avoided being killed for ten years. Ten years is a life sentence for some. For me, it was eternity. But I had served my over inflated sentence and now I was on the road out of state. If I never saw California again, it would be too soon. I thought back over the really rough spots during my imprisonment.

Four days after the cell door swung shut, a big queer named Albert tried to ass fuck me in the shower. I knocked him out cold. Two days later he cornered me in my cell. He had a home made knife. I took it away from him and killed him with it. The prisoners knew who had done it and why but nobody else did. After that the queers left me alone.

A couple of really tough guys beat the shit out of me for no apparent reason. I 'accidentally' knocked one silly during a baseball game. He never recovered enough to tell the guards who did it. I arranged to have the other guy castrated. Six weeks after the castration, I saw him in the prison yard. "You nutted me you asshole!" he screamed as he attacked me with a shiv. The guards shot him.

Word got around that if they were going to fuck with me, they better kill me. I'm not particularly tough but I am determined. I had vowed to kill the judge who handed me the overzealous sentence, but he died of a heart attack two years after my incarceration.

I was twenty eight years old. Ten years of my young life had been stolen from me. I hitch hiked to Iowa. I wanted to get off the beaten track so I settled in Ft. Dodge. I got a job as a farm hand almost immediately. I rented a small house outside of town and bought a used car. My boss, Clint Jeffers, liked me because I would do anything he asked. I told him about my background. He just said, "Huh, you've had a rough start. Buck them bales!" So I bucked them bales.

Two years down the line, I had saved a good portion of my wages. I was now used to farm life and I really liked it. I liked getting up early and working hard all day. The only thing missing from my life was female company. I didn't have a girlfriend because I didn't want to screw up the good thing I had going.

One morning early Mr. Jeffers called me into his house. It was a huge place. I didn't know how many bedrooms it had, but there had to be a bunch.

I knocked on the door at five AM. He opened it. "Good morning Mr. Jeffers."

"Good morning Dick. What are you doing this weekend?"

"Anything you tell me to do," I answered.

"Don't you ever have fun, go out, have a girlfriend?"

"Well sir I go fishing sometimes. I watch football on TV. Aside from that, I don't do anything but work."

"Don't you ever go into town and have a beer?"

"I don't drink, sir, and I don't smoke."

"Well Dick I've got a little problem. I want you to help me with it. You don't have to do it because this is more like a favor than work."

"What is it you want me to do sir?"

"I've got a twenty year old daughter who isn't married yet. I don't think she's ever been out with the same man twice and damned few even once. She always winds up running home and crying. If you would like to, you can take her out this weekend."

"Actually sir I've been avoiding romantic entanglements due to my checkered past. I might frighten her. I wouldn't harm her or be rough with her but she might be scared."

"I've already talked to her and she seems anxious to have a date. I'd really appreciate it if you would take her out somewhere. I'll give you some date money so you won't go broke."

"I don't need any money sir. I've saved a lot since you hired me and I never spend it on anything."

"So, will you do it?"

"Yes Sir I'll give it a try but don't blame me if she runs back here screaming."

"Good, good. Is Saturday good for you?"

"Yes sir, that'll be fine."

I had never seen the girl. I didn't know her name. I knew there had to be a reason she had never dated but damned if I could figure out what it was.

Saturday afternoon about six thirty, I arrived at the big house. I knocked and the door opened. Mr. Jeffers greeted me with a smile.

"Come on in Dick. Can I get you something to drink while Emma gets ready?"

"Iced tea would be fine sir."

"Betty, get Dick some iced tea," he yelled.

A small, pretty woman appeared with a glass of tea. "This here's my wife, Betty."

"Pleased to meet you maam," I said, accepting the tea.

"Emma will be down in a few minutes Dick," Betty remarked and went back to her kitchen.

Twenty minutes later, Emma appeared at the living room door. She was small and pretty, like her mother. She walked with a pronounced limp.

"This here's my daughter, Emma. Emma, this here's Dick Simon," her father said, smiling at us.

"I hope you don't mind taking me out. I haven't been out in a long time." Her voice was like silken raindrops falling on cotton balls. I could barely hear her.

"It's my pleasure maam. I want to take you out. We're gonna have dinner in town and then I'll take you to the movies, if that's all right with you."

"I would like that very much Dick. Goodbye daddy, good bye mama."

I escorted her to my old car and held the door for her. It had been a long time since I had been around a woman so I was kind of unsure how to act. I was no virgin, but twelve years is a long time.

On the way into town she said, "I know daddy put you up to this. You don't really have to take me out in public if you don't want to."

"Why would I not want to? Do you breathe fire or have insanity spells or something?"

"No," she giggled, "you saw how I walk. I have a bad limp. Won't you be embarrassed?"

"Are you kidding? A little limp doesn't mean a thing. Nobody's perfect, least of all me. So I guess if you can adjust to me, then I can adjust to you. Your adjustment will be a lot tougher than mine."

She slid over next to me on the car seat and laid her head on my shoulder. "I think I'm gonna like you," she whispered.

We had a great time. I even kissed her in the movies. We got home about midnight. On the front porch, I took her into my arms and kissed her one of those serious kisses. "Will you go out with me again?"

"Yes, yes," she answered with puppy-like enthusiasm. "Nobody has ever asked me on a second date." She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a full strength kiss. I saw Mr. Jeffers watching through the living room window. He was smiling.

I bade her goodnight and went back to my little house. I was sporting a major hardon. I got myself off and went to sleep. That night I dreamed of pretty little farm girls. Emma was the star.

I dated her every Saturday for the next three weeks. Things changed after the fourth date.

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06-02-2008, 08:43 PM
I was back at the farm at seven AM. It was Sunday and I had my weekend chores to do. Mr. Jeffers showed up about eleven o'clock. "Come on up to the house for lunch. Betty's frying some chicken."

"Yes sir."

I washed up at the outside faucet and knocked on the door. To my surprise, Emma greeted me.

"Hi Dick, come on in sit down and have some tea."

I hugged her and kissed her forehead. She giggled because mama was watching. "Hi Mrs. Jeffers," I waved.

She smiled and waved and returned to the kitchen. Emma brought my tea. "I've got to go help mama. Make yourself comfortable."

Mr. Jeffers walked into the room and sat down in the big easy chair. "Did you have a good time last night, son?"

"Yes sir. Your daughter is a real nice lady. She's a good kisser too," I winked at him. He had watched us kissing goodnight for the last four weeks.

"Yeah, I saw you teaching her all about it last night. She hasn't been this happy since before the accident. If you want to keep seeing her, it's okay with Betty and me."

"I was gonna ask you about that. I do want to keep dating her. I think she's just the best."

"Aren't you the least bit curious about her limp?"

"No sir. I've seen lots of people with various physical problems. Her physical problem isn't that severe. I think she just needs some self confidence. Did you tell her about my prison record?"

"Yeah. She doesn't care. Neither do I. Neither does Betty. All of us have a skeleton or two tucked away in our closets. Yours ain't that bad."

"I feel like I'm getting a new family."

"Maybe you are, son, maybe you are."

Mrs. Jeffers turned out to be a six star class cook. Lunch was the best I had had in years. My weekend chores were done.

"Thank you so much for the delicious meal, Mrs. Jeffers. I'll just be going now."

"Wait a minute!" cried Emma. "Do you want to go horse back riding? We'll take the horses and go down by the creek. I'll pack some snacks!" She disappeared into the kitchen.

"She's not letting you get away that easy son," laughed Mr. Jeffers. "All I'll tell you is this, just don't hurt her. She's had it kind of rough. Like you."

We tied the basket down to my horse and set off toward the creek. We rode for an hour or so and then the little stream of water came into view. We flushed a big flock of pheasants from under the trees. I got the basket down while Emma spread out a couple of blankets.

I sat beside her on the blankets. "Do you like me?' she asked.

"Oh, hell yes," I replied. "I like you a lot."

"Why?" she asked.

"Well, you're shy and smart and pretty and fun to be with."

"Did daddy tell you how I got injured?"

"No, he offered, but it didn't seem particularly important to me. You've got it. I can see it. I don't care."

She put her arms around my neck. Tears were streaming from her eyes. "It made a big difference to the other boys. Half of them wouldn't even talk to me. The other half just wanted to see how far they could get before I stopped them. I can't believe that you don't care about it. It has always seemed like a big deal to me."

"Listen Emma, honey, I want you to be happy. I couldn't care less about your injury. I care that you were hurt. I care that you are still hurting in some ways. I'll fix what I can and ignore the rest. If you feel you have to tell me how it happened, I'll listen, but it still won't make any difference to me."

Her tear streaked face was inches from mine. I leaned in and licked her tears away. My lips found hers and we soul kissed our way through the next few minutes. I loved the way her tongue felt as it caressed mine. My arms encircled her body and I dragged her against me. I could feel her heart beating a thousand miles an hour.

"Do you want to?" she asked.

"Honey, there is nothing I want more, but I want you to be absolutely sure before we do it. This is only our second date. Let's just feel each other out first."

"Good idea," she answered as her hands slid up under my shirt. Her fingers tweaked my nipples. "Well, come on. Feel me!"

"I said 'out' not 'up'! I exclaimed.

"I don't pay much attention to semantics," she replied with a big smile.

I pulled her shirt off over her head and unsnapped her bra. Her tender young breasts fell free into the Iowa afternoon air. I was hypnotized by them.

"Do you like them?" she whispered.

"They are perfect!" I exclaimed as I rolled one of her nipples in my fingers. She smiled and groaned. I gently squeezed her tits, massaging them, feeling them, playing with them.

"That feels so good. Finally I've got a man I love feeling me up. It feels better than I had hoped for. Kiss them."

I complied immediately. Lowering my lips to her magnificent offering, I gently sucked a nipple into my mouth and felt it harden. She suckled me like I was her baby. She held my mouth to her breast. She was moaning and swaying. I could feel muscle spasm within her.

I felt her hand slide into my pants and under my boxers. She tenderly cradled my cock, squeezing it firmly. She was smiling.

"Did you find something you like?" I grinned.

"Oh yes. It feels like a chew toy. I'll have to check it out."

My hand left her tits and slipped into her panties. She had a lot of pussy hair. I probed her wet slit and found her target. Her hips jerked off the blanket. "Oooooo, that feels so good."

I kissed her again and slid my fingers back out of her hot little snatch. She let go of my cock.

"I don't want to hit a home run on our second date. Let's save it for later." I said.

She moaned, but she knew I was right. She watched, fascinated, as I licked her juices from my fingers.

We stayed beside the creek all afternoon kissing and feeling, becoming acquainted. Finally we packed our stuff onto the horses. Before we got in the saddle she hugged me tightly and kissed me hotly.

Looking into my eyes she whispered, "I don't know if what I feel is love. I've never felt this way before. If it is love, you're in big trouble."

"Hah!" I said. "You'll be the one in trouble. All I'll be is the daddy."

We got on the horses and headed for home.

We kissed deeply on her front porch. She looked into my eyes and said, "We've got to go out again. SOON!"

"You know I work for your daddy all week. How about Saturday night?"

"I can hardly wait. After all, we've got some unfinished business."

I kissed her and felt her up a little bit. She giggled. "Naughty boy!"

She smiled at me and waved as I headed my old car down the road.

I thought about her all week. When Saturday came, I was once again invited for lunch. Mr. Jeffers and I sat in his living room waiting for the meal to be ready.

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06-02-2008, 08:44 PM
"So what do you think of Emma?" he asked.

"Sir, she is the finest woman I have ever known. I think I'm falling in love with her. I've never felt like this. I think about her all the time. Frankly, sir, I'm a little scared."

"Now why would you be scared of Emma? She's just a little girl."

"I know she'll always be your little girl but to me she is a full grown woman with some kind of magical power over me. It's not her I'm afraid of. It's me."

"Son, all women have a power over us. Emma may be the one for you. I hope she is. She's never been happier. I could easily believe she loves you. And if she does, you won't have a lot to say about the outcome."

Emma smiled broadly as she announced that the meal was ready. She sat next to me and sneaked in a hand squeeze or two during lunch.

After lunch I said, "Emma, I want to go to Cedar Rapids this afternoon."

"Oh! I thought you were going to take me somewhere," she said sadly.

"Cedar Rapids is somewhere. You want to go? We'll be back tomorrow night."

A naughty little smile crossed her face. "Oh yeah, I want to go. What will daddy say?"

"Actually, he's the one who suggested it."

She hugged her daddy and kissed his cheek. "So, throwing me to the wolves, huh?"

"Well, you could always stay home with your mama."

"No way! I wouldn't miss this for the world! What does mama think about this?"

"Mama says it's alright," replied Betty from the kitchen door. "Just be careful."

"I've got to pack! You've got to pack. I can't wait!"

"I'm already packed."

"How long have you been planning this?"

"All my life."

Emma raced up the stairs. She threw some extra clothing into her overnight bag and practically jumped down the stairs, setting a new world record for women getting ready for anything. Her mother met her at the bottom of the stairs. She looked through her daughter's overnight bag. "Five panties? I only took six on our honeymoon!" she smiled.

"This is a practice honeymoon mama."

Emma and I got in my car and we headed for Cedar Rapids.

"How did you get daddy to go along with this?" she asked.

"He suggested it right after I confessed to him that I was in love with you."

"What? What? What did you say?"

"In said he suggested it."

"No, you fool! The other part!"

"Oh, you mean the, 'I love you' part? I thought you knew."

"You never told me, you rat! This means I get to do terrible things to you in Cedar Rapids."

"Sounds like you've got me in your clutches, you evil wench."

"Oh damn! I love you. I should make you pull over right here and make love to me."

"We can't do it babe. This is a main road. We'd either be arrested or hired by one of those sleazy night clubs."

I checked us in to the Holiday Inn as Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simon. We looked married. We felt married.

I opened the door to our room and carried her into it. I dropped her on the king sized bed.

"Feels like home!" she squealed. "Come here!"

I reported to the bed. "Undress me!" she ordered.

I carefully removed her clothes. She had a real nasty scar running from her hip to her ankle on the right side. I leaned in and kissed it. When I looked at her there were tears in her eyes.

"Your days of crying about this little scratch are over, wench. Unclothe me immediately."

She pulled my shirt off. I dropped my shoes and socks while she fiddled around with my belt buckle. I waited patiently while she figured out how to release it. She pulled my pants and boxers off with one deft jerk. She stared at my cock as if mesmerized.

"Can I touch it?" she shyly asked.

"Well, yeah! We're not here to play slap and tickle. Do whatever turns you on!"

I don't have a giant sized cock, but I've got about seven inches.

"It's too big. It'll never fit," she sadly remarked.

"Sure it will. I'll just have to get you ready."

"I've heard about sixty nine. Do you know what it is? Can we try it?"

I stretched out on the bed. "Get on top of me. Put your pussy on my mouth and put my cock in your mouth."

"Eww! Are you sure about this?" she murmured as she crawled on top of me.

I felt her hands encircle my cock and soon I felt the hot dampness of her lips encircle the head. I licked her slit from bottom to top. Her legs tried to slam together, but my head was in the way. She moaned with my cock in her mouth. It felt fantastic. I started licking her with a smooth rhythm. Soon I found her clit hidden behind its little hood. I gently peeled the hood back with my fingers and directed my tongue to her rapidly hardening love button. As soon as I touched it she screamed. "Oh God Yes, yes, yes, don't stop! Lick me harder, harder, harder!" she shrieked. It wasn't long until she was dripping girl juice onto my tongue as she came.

I was getting close to orgasm myself so I pulled my cock from her grasping lips and slid around on top of her.

"Wasn't I doing good?" she pouted.

"You were doing too good. I want my first time to be in your pussy. Deep in your pussy."

She smiled and spread her legs wide. I slowly slipped my cock into her vagina. I went straight through her maidenhead without a murmur.

"Mama told me it would feel good, but good is a long way down from what it really feels like! This is the best feeling in the world! I feel complete and full! Put it all in me! Make me yours!"

I slid all the way into her. Then almost all the way out. Every time I got all the way in she would make this little mouse like squeak. It was so erotic!

"Faster, harder, faster, faster, uh, uh, uh," she grunted. My sweet little farm girl was now a bona fide sex maniac.

I drove into her as hard as I could, knowing my orgasm was just a few wonderful strokes away. I felt her pussy tighten around me and pulse rapidly. The 'cum' switch in my balls went to the full on position and my twelve year itch was dumped into the womb of the woman I loved.

"That feels so warm and gooey. I want your cum in me all the time." She panted.

"I'll see if I can arrange that!" I puffed.

I hugged her tightly to my quivering body. She was shaking a little bit too. My hands slid up and down her body, getting used to the feel of her. She was soft in all the right spots. I put both hands on her ass and pulled her into me. My cock was hard again. I knew she could feel it poking her belly.

"I guess I didn't kill it," she giggled.

"I'll give you another chance," I answered. "You get on top this time."

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06-02-2008, 08:45 PM
"I've always wondered about that. I can't wait," she said as she lowered herself onto my stiff member. She started bouncing up and down. I could feel our juices dripping onto my balls. My cock was getting hotter and hotter. I felt the fire of love as it consumed my loins. I could no longer think. My world was her body.

"Uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn," she panted as I thrust up into her. I was grunting right along with her. At that moment, 'two become one' took on a whole new meaning for me. Our symbiosis was complete. I could never live without this woman.

Her pussy clamped down hard on me as she started her climax. I was getting that feeling deep down in my balls. I knew I was out of control and I knew I was about to squirt her full again. "OOoohhhh Gggoddd!" I screamed as my release point arrived. My hot cum shot out of my prick just as she pulsed around me. We both came hard and together.

I lay there panting beside her. She was breathing heavily. "That was so good," she whispered. "We've got to do it again and again."

"We will," I replied. "Will you marry me?"

"I may as well since I'm probably pregnant now."

"You weren't protected?"

"Nope. I think I'm just a natural breeder."

"I can live with that. Let's get something to eat. Then we'll test your 'natural breeder' theory."

Somehow I got the impression that she would be really, really pleased if she were pregnant.

We had a good meal in town and then went right back to the Holiday Inn. "Don't you want to see some of the sights?" I asked her.

"The only sight I'm interested in is in your pants. Remember, we're not here to play slap and tickle."

"Okay, shower time," I laughed.

"You want to shower with me?" she asked.

"I want to do everything with you."

"But what about my scar? Won't you be grossed out?"

"Why? Does it grow fungus or something? Stop worrying about that scar. I'll wash it too. Besides, I can get a better look at it than you can. Plus, I get a real good look at your pussy!"

She giggled as I took her clothes off. I rubbed my fingers the full length of her scar. She shuddered. "It's gross isn't it?"

"As scars go, it ain't much," I reassured her. I undressed and led her to the shower.

I soaped her front and rear. I gently scrubbed her pussy. I knelt before her and tenderly washed her legs, including the scar. I lifted her feet one at a time and washed them completely. When I ran the washrag across her asshole she emitted a little squeak. I had her completely clean. I knelt down again and devoured her pussy. Her love bud was hard and inviting. I licked it and watched as she trembled. I turned her around and licked her ass, kissed her butt and nibbled on her pussy from behind. When I ran my tongue the full length of her scar, she started shaking and had a major orgasm.

"Oooooo," she squealed. "Nobody has ever done that. I came as soon as your tongue touched it! It was so hot!"

"I guess I'll have to do it some more then," I remarked and licked it again. She shook all over and came again.

I stood up and told her, "Wash me woman!"

"Right away sir," she smiled and started the task of cleaning me. I was completely soaped except for my rigid cock and throbbing balls. She gave me an evil little grin and suddenly grabbed my cock with the washrag and jacked me hard. Her hands wrapped around my nuts and she rubbed them briskly with the rag. I almost came. She grinned again and rinsed us both off. As we got out of the shower she bent over and licked my cock. "Time to breed!" she exclaimed gleefully.

She jumped on the bed and I jumped on top of her. She was on all fours, so I got around behind her and rammed my cock into her doggy style.

Oh my god! This is just like the horses, but not so big!" she giggled.

"Woof, woof," I remarked as I drilled her hard. She backed up into me. I could tell that she was going to be years and years of fun. We fucked most of the night. I think I got about an hour's sleep. We checked out of the motel at noon the next day and headed for home.

Her mama and daddy were sitting on the front porch when we got there.

"Did you two have a good time?" her daddy asked.

"Yes sir. I'm not gonna beat around the bush. I want to marry your daughter."

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06-02-2008, 08:46 PM
I don't know what I expected, but it certainly wasn't what I got.

"Thank God! I thought I'd never have a son to take over for me when I retire. Are you gonna give me some grandchildren?"

"We're working on it daddy," giggled Emma.

"I'll want to marry her as soon as possible sir. I know women like to plan these things months or years in advance, but frankly, I can't wait that long. I think two weeks is fair."

"That's a little quick son," her mother replied.

"Mama, didn't you hear me say that we're working on your new grandchildren? What do you think that meant?"

"Oh, so you went bareback huh?"

"Yes mama."

"Good girl. Two weeks it is!"

Two weeks later we were married in a little country church outside of town. As it turned out, we didn't have a moment to spare. I had impregnated her in Cedar Rapids.

We had a brief honeymoon in Niagara Falls and then it was back to work. Emma moved into my little house with me. I had saved enough money to buy it, so three months after the wedding it was ours. It came with ten acres. I started a truck farm on it. I still worked for Mr. Jeffers full time. Emma helped with the truck farm.

Four years later, Emma's scar didn't slow her down at all as she chased our three kids around the yard. We weren't going to get rich, but we weren't going to starve either. One day her daddy called us to the big house.

"Do you like this house Dick?" he asked.

"Yes sir. I've always thought this was the perfect house for a farming family."

"Betty and I are thinking about retirement. I've worked hard for fifty years. We have the money to retire. Last year we took a three week vacation up to Western Washington State. It's beautiful up there. Lots of water and forests full of trees. We have talked it over and decided to do it."

"That's great sir. You and Mrs. Jeffers have worked hard and you deserve some time together."

"The thing is, this farm's been in the family since the late eighteen hundreds. We don't want to let it fall into the hands of strangers. With that in mind, would you like to take it over? It has gotten way too big for Betty and I. Hell, we've got seven bedrooms and six of them are empty. The way you and Emma are going, you could fill them up in just a few years. What do you say, son?"

"I really like your generous offer sir. I'm sure Emma will be all for it too. You've got a deal."

"You have to promise to visit us at least twice a year and bring our grandchildren."

"Yes sir, we can do that. I can't wait to tell Emma."

That night as they lay in bed Emma asked, "What did daddy want?"

"He wants to give us the farm. He wants to retire."

"You told him yes didn't you?"

"I sure did. Are you happy?"

"I couldn't be happier. I always hoped it would turn out this way. Make love to me. Let's do it like we did in Cedar Rapids that first time."

She rolled on top of me. My cock was in her mouth and she was sucking like there was no tomorrow. I licked her sweet pussy. I never got tired of the taste of her love juice. I was greedy. I wanted it all. I sucked her clit between my lips and felt her stiffen as her first orgasm hit her. She went limp on top of me but she kept sucking. Soon I burst into her mouth.

"It's always gonna be great, isn't it Dick?"

"Yes Emma. I'll love you forever and it'll always be great. Now fuck me!"

In a way, I have a jerk-ass judge and the California prison system to thank for my eventual success. I'm not happy that I went to prison, but I am very happy that I'm a prisoner no more.

The End

06-02-2008, 08:54 PM
Love Spell

"I am not going to do that!" Jenny Marshall declared, drawing a number of curious stares from people sitting at nearby tables.

"Well you said you were desperate," her friend Hannah Randall said from across the table. "Besides it worked for me."

"I am not going to your herbalist to ask for a love potion," Jenny said in a lowered voice. "Anyways Mike was always crazy about you."

"Well the potion just gave him the extra push he needed to ask me out. Look how well it worked," Hannah said, patting her small baby bump. "Besides all you have to do is wear it like perfume."

"I can't believe we're even talking about this," Jenny muttered.

When did a simple conversation of her love life turn into crazy talk about love potions? Oh yeah she remembered now, it was when she complained for the hundredth time of how the man she was in love with, Conner Pierce, was like a faucet. His emotions would run hot and cold about her, one minute if was as if he would like to tear all her clothes and then acted as if she didn't even exist in the next minute.

"If you really are desperate you can always tell him the truth and tell him how you really feel," Hannah suggested.

"What if I do and in the end I just make a complete fool of myself?"

"Hon, what's your alternative? Pinning for him for the rest of your life?" her friend asked. "If you tell him you have two outcomes, A. he doesn't feel the same and then you could move on or B. you two can end up deliriously happy."

"I'll do it Hannah. Tomorrow at work I let Conner know," Jenny said.

"Good girl! I salute you!" she replied holding up her glass of water. "Call me afterwards to let me know what happened."


Jenny checked her appearance one last time before she went to Conner's office. Her black hair was drawn back into a low ponytail and not a single strand dared to get out of place. Her make up was light and her skin gave off a healthy glow. She wore her favorite dark gray suit which clung to her curves enough to make her look sexy but still professional.

It's now or never, Jenny told herself. She made her way to Conner's office and knocked on the partial opened door.

"Come in," she heard him call out.

She walked into his office and saw him sitting at his desk. Conner had taken off his jacket and his broad shoulders stretched out his white shirt. His black hair was growing a little long now but she liked it because you could see the natural curl it had. Jenny could feel her heart race like it always did ever time she saw him.

The first time she met Conner it felt like a punch to the gut. He was so gorgeous that she practically made a fool out of herself when they were introduced. Her infatuation with him only got worse when she got to know him better. Not only was he smart but he was kind and funny as well. She wondered how a catch like him stayed single for so long. He did date a lot but he wasn't a womanizer.

"Do you have a minute?" Jenny managed to get out.

"For you? Always. What's on your mind?" he asked, focusing his blue eyes on her.

The things she wanted to say rushed out of her head. "Umm. I just wanted to say.... Can I sit?"

"Sure, go ahead."

Jenny sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

"We've been friends for a long time. Really good friends, haven't we?"

"From the moment we met," he said.

"We like a lot of the same things. We have fun together. I trust you and you trust me."

Conner nodded. "It sounds like you are trying to hit me up for money."

"No," Jenny replied with a nervous laugh. "I just wanted to say..."

The phone suddenly rang, interrupting her.

"Keep that thought and let me just get this call," he told her.

"Okay," Jenny replied.

He picked up the phone and greeted the person on the other end.

"It's nice to hear from you again Angela," he said.

Angela? Who was Angela? Jenny thought. So far as she knew Conner had been single for the past couple of months.

"Yes I still remember the villa at Nice, bella," he said with a chuckle.

What happened at Nice and who was this person he was calling beautiful in Italian?

"I'm in the middle of a meeting right now. Can I call you back later?" he said into the phone. "Drinks? I'm sure that can be arranged."

This was wrong, all wrong, Jenny thought. She couldn't do this now. Not when he was making a date over the phone. She stood up and decided to leave.

"Conner take your call. I can come back later."

"Are you sure?" he asked with concern.

"Yes it's not that important," she replied.

Jenny spun around and walked out of his office before he could protest. She hurried back to her office and then locked her door.

"I can't do this," she said to herself as she paced the floor of her office.

Her phone suddenly rang, surprising her.

Please let it not be Conner, she thought. She checked the caller id and sighed with relief.

"Hi Hannah," she said after picking up the phone.

"Well, don't keep me in suspense. How did it go?" her friend asked excitedly.

"It didn't. I was about too but then the phone rang and woman called. He called her Bella and they supposedly did something in Nice together."

"That sucks," she replied. "What are you going to do now? Are you going to try again?"

"No," Jenny said. "What's the address of your herbalist? Maybe a love potion is what I need."


Two days later when Jenny arrived at the address Hannah gave her, the place didn't look like what she expected. She had an image in her mind that it would sort of look like a spice shop you would see in an Arabian Night story. She expected spices and other odd dried things in baskets, panels of fabric hanging from the walls, and assorted glass bottles scattered about. In reality the place looked like it should belong at the mall. It was clean, white, orderly, and had the feel of a doctor's office.

"Welcome to Nature's Magic. Can I help you?" asked a very young looking redheaded woman at the front counter.

"Yes. Are you Leslie? My friend Hannah Randall sent me here. She said you could help me," Jenny explained.

"Oh yes, Hannah called me yesterday. Everything is almost ready. Did you bring the other things I need?"

"Yeah I have it in my bag," Jenny said.

Hannah told her to bring a picture of Conner and something personal of his. Jenny took a picture she had snapped of him during last year Christmas party and a pen from his desk.

"Let's go into the back," Leslie said.

She called out to another young woman to take her place at the counter and then lead Jenny to the rear of the store. Leslie brought her into a room with a large wooden table at its center and walls filled with small bottles. Leslie set Conner's picture into a stone bowl and handed then handed her a piece of paper.

"Please write his name on this," she asked.

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06-02-2008, 08:55 PM
Jenny did what she asked and then Leslie put the paper into the bowl. She then took a match and lit both things on fire. When everything in the bowl was ash, Leslie took a bottle from the wall and dripped some oil onto the bowl.

"Do you do a lot of these?" Jenny asked.

"Only on occasion. And if the person believes," she replied. "Can I have the personal item?"

Jenny dug through her purse and handed her Conner's pen. Leslie swirled the contents of the bowl with the pen. She then turned around and took several more bottles from the wall. Leslie added a few drops here and there, smelling the concoction each time she added something.

"Where did you learn how to do this?" Jenny asked.

"This was my Mom's place. She taught me all this before she retired. I went to school for the more technical stuff. When I was done I took over and revamped the place."

Leslie dipped her finger into the bowl and wiped the mixture onto her forearm.

"It's done," she finally declared. She took a towel and wiped off her arm. "The potion will work strongest this Tuesday."

"On Valentines Day?"

"It is the day of love is it not? Energies are good and strong that day," Leslie explained. "You will only need a few drops."

Leslie took the mixture and poured into a perfume bottle. She put on a cap and handed it to Jenny.

"It is important that you initiate first contact," Leslie told her.

"Me? Why does it have to be me? I thought I put it on and then he's putty in my hands."

"Your intentions must be known for it to work properly, "Leslie explained. "That is they way it always has been. And then he will be yours."

"Thank you Leslie," Jenny said.

"You're welcome. Maria will ring you up at the front," she replied. "Don't forget to invite me to the wedding."


When Valentine's Day came Jenny was nervous as a cat. For days she had been trying to come up with a plan to seduce Conner. Asking him over on Valentine's Day seemed too obvious and she didn't know if he had a date that night. She decided the best thing to do was to seduce him at work when everyone was gone. Conner was always the last one in the office, while most were gone by 5 pm on the dot.

Jenny looked at the time for what it seemed like the thousandth time that day. It was finally 4:30 and it was time to put her plan into action. She locked her office door just in case someone barged in accidentally. She grabbed the duffle bag she brought with her and started unloading its contents. Jenny began to undress and was soon standing naked in her office. She bought a bra, thong, stockings, and garters from Victoria's Secret this past weekend, all in black, for the occasion. She slipped each item on one by one and by the time she was finished she looked at her reflection at the glass wall of her office and thought the dent on her credit card was well worth it. The bra cut low across her breasts and gave her amazing cleavage. It looked like she was about to spill over in abundance. The thong was black lace and covered nothing in her opinion. But the sexiest part of her ensemble was definitely the old fashioned garters that rode on her hips and clipped on to her stockings in the front and back. Conner didn't have a prayer.

Jenny colored her lips a blood red and darkened her eye shadow. She undid her hair from its chignon and fluffed it out so it looked like a black cloud over her shoulders. Finally she picked up the love potion and pulled out the stopper. She took a whiff and thought it smelled really nice, sort of light and flowery. She added a drop behind both ears, between her breasts, just below her navel, and behind her knees. Leslie said she only needed a few drops, but she couldn't make a mistake because she would never have the courage to do this again.

When she looked at the clock it was already 5 pm. Jenny could feel her pulse speed up. She strapped on her 3 inch black stiletto heels and then completed her whole look by covering her half naked body with her red trench coat. Jenny at her desk and waited. She could here the last of people scramble to go home.

When 5:30 came she poked her head out the door to see if anyone else stayed behind. The main floor of the office was empty and the smaller offices were dark, except for one. Good old reliable Conner, she thought.

She walked out and made her way to his office. She stopped in front if his door and took a deep breath. I can do this, Jenny told herself. She knocked on the door lightly before pushing it open.

"Hey," she said, hoping her voice sounded deep and sultry.

Conner looked up from his papers and smiled when he saw her.

"Hey yourself," he replied. "I thought you left for the day."

"No. I'm still here."

Jenny pushed the door shut behind her. No turning back now, she thought.

"Have you come to tell me why you were mysteriously here a few days ago?"

"Sort of," she replied.

She walked up next to him and slightly leaned her behind on the edge of his desk. He took a long and leisurely look up and down her body.

"You look nice tonight," he commented.

"I have plans."

"With your friends?"

Jenny gave a low laugh, he almost sounded jealous. "It's Valentine's Day Conner."

"What are your plans then?" he asked.

"I'm planning to get laid."

She almost laughed out loud when his eyes nearly popped out of his sockets.

"I didn't know you were seeing someone regularly," he commented.

"I'm not, but a woman has needs sometimes."

"What kind of needs?" he asked, sounding intrigued.

"I'm sure you of all people know a woman's needs," Jenny teased.

"Humor me."

Jenny smiled. "Well sometimes a woman needs to have someone say she's pretty and desirable. Sometimes a woman needs to be held and have her skin caressed like she's the most precious thing in the world. Sometimes she needs to be kissed like you want to drown in her."

She then leaned down close to his ear and whispered, "Sometimes a woman needs to be pinned against the wall and have her brains screwed out."

Jenny straightened herself back up and saw Conner smiling at her.

"I didn't know you had this side to you," he said, swinging his chair around to face her.

"What side?"

"A tease."

"I guess you don't know me as well as you thought," she replied.

"Obviously," he said.

Suddenly he stilled and began to sniff the air.

"Do you smell that?"

"Smell what?" Jenny replied.

"I can't describe it. It's nothing I ever smelled before."

"No I don't smell anything. Is it bad?"

"It's really nice actually," he said. "Hey did it get warm all of a sudden?"

"No," Jenny said shaking her head.

"Really? I'm suddenly hot."

Hot? Was that supposed to happen? Jenny thought.

"Maybe you're coming down with something."

"I don't think so. I feel fine," he said.

"Let me feel your forehead."

Jenny reached out and placed her palm at his temple, and then at his cheek, and then ran her hand along his jaw. She was about to touch his neck, when he stopped her.

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06-02-2008, 08:56 PM
"You never told me what you wanted the last time you were here," he brought up.

"Oh right. I actually wanted your opinion on something," she said, pulling her hand away from his.

"What about?"

"My shoes."

"Your shoes?"

Jenny lifted her leg and placed a black heel on his chair between his open thighs.

"They're nice," he said, as he ogled her shapely leg.

"Aren't they?" she said and began running her hand up and down her leg. "I call them my 'fuck me' shoes. They're the kind of shoes you usually leave on during sex."

"What are you doing Jenny?"

"I thought it was obvious by now."

"We can't do this," he told her. "Getting involved would be a bad idea. We work together."

"Why is it so bad?" she asked.

Jenny then leaned over and placed her hands on the arms of his chair.

"We've been dancing around each other for years and I'm tired of it. I want you Conner," she said and then drew up close to him so that her lips hovered over his. "Don't you want me?"

"We're friends," he said lamely.

"We can be so much more. You can have so much more," she promised.

Jenny straightened up and undid her trench coat, revealing all to him.

"Jesus," he said.

"Don't you like it? I bought it just for you," she said, letting her coat drop to the floor.

Conner didn't make a move or a sound. What was wrong with him? He was almost catatonic, Jenny thought.

"I really like the bra. The material feels so good against my breasts," she said.

She bent over to give him a nicer view. "Do you want to touch the material? It's so soft."

He shook his head.

"No? I guess you just have to take my word for it," she said, caressing the bra cups. "Well my favorite part of this outfit is the garters anyway."

Jenny pulled a strap and let it snap against her thigh. "Something about this thing makes me feel naughty. I guess it reminds me of a whip."

Jenny pulled the strap on the on the other side and it hit her thigh.

Conner seemed fascinated with her every movement. She didn't know how they got to this point but she was enjoying it.

"The only part of this outfit I don't like is the thong. I think I should get rid of it."

Conner moaned in response.

"Oh you agree? Then off it goes," Jenny said with a smile.

She turned around to show him her backside. She hooked her thumbs to the sides of the thong and slowly bent over to pull it down.

A tortured groan came from behind her.

Jenny turned around to face him. "Isn't that better?"

He swallowed and nodded in agreement.

"Can I share a secret with you Conner? Sometimes at work when you make me really horny, I masturbate at my desk and think of you."

"Really?" he said in a whisper.

"Yes. I'd sit at eh edge of my desk like this," she said demonstrating it for him. "I'd put my feet on the arms of my chair like so. Then I'd lay back and touch myself and imagine it was you."

Jenny played with her wet folds, not caring that this was the inanest thing she'd ever done. Suddenly she felt two big hands grab her thighs and then a warm mouth on her pussy.

Finally! Thank god, she thought.

Jenny moaned as she felt Conner lick at her folds. She cried out when his tongue entered her and then continued to do so repeatedly. She was cumming and cumming fast.

"Oh god, oh yes!" she cried as her climax hit.

As her climax ebbed and she slowly returned to earth, she noticed Conner standing in front of her between her legs. He leaned down and kissed her navel and then placed several kisses up her body. He undid the front clasp of her bra and let her breasts spill into his hands. He gently squeezed and played with her abundant flesh and teased her nipples to hardened points.

Conner took a pink tip into his mouth and began to suckle it. His mouth was amazing, she thought, as he moved over to her other breast to give it the same amount of attention.

"Oh Conner," she moaned.

His lips were suddenly on hers. His tongue plundered her mouth and kissed her until she felt dizzy and breathless.

Jenny clawed at his shirt, wanting to feel his bare flesh on hers. He tore his shirt off, causing buttons to fly every where. She ran her hands over his well muscled chest and rock hard abs until she found what she was looking for.

His cock was straining the front of his pants and they both wanted it free. Conner undid his belt while Jenny unzipped his fly. She snuck her hand inside his pants to grasp his hard length.

Conner gasped at the contact.

He pushed his pants down and Jenny couldn't help but admire his form. He was even more gorgeous naked. His cock was larger than she expected too.

"I want to taste you Conner," she boldly told him.

"I want that too," he said, his voice thick with desire.

"Sit down," she ordered him.

Conner sat back down on his chair while Jenny got up off the desk. She lowered herself onto her knees in front of him. She spread his thighs wider and rested her arms on them. She took hold of his shaft and pumped it with her hand. Jenny swirled her tongue around its head before taking the whole thing into her mouth. She took as much of him as she could, moving her mouth up and down long length.

After a few more minutes, Conner lifted her off her feet and bent her over his desk. He pushed her feet further apart and then she felt him caress the flesh of her buttocks and the inside of her thighs. Then suddenly she felt it, the smooth rounded head of his cock stretching her opening. Jenny groaned as he filled her. She had been dreaming about this, fantasizing about this for so long. She was so wet that he slid easily right in.

"Oh my god Jenny you feel so good," he moaned.

"Fuck me Conner," she pleaded with him, not caring if she sounded desperate because she was. "I want you so much."

He didn't disappoint. Conner grabbed onto her hips and thrust his cock furiously into her. His desk began shaking and things began falling off it.

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06-02-2008, 08:57 PM
"Yes, yes," she cried as he slammed himself into her.

Suddenly he was out of her and Jenny cried out in protest. Conner pulled her down to the floor on top of him.

"I want to see your face when you come," he told her.

Jenny moved over his hips and slowly slid down his cock. She bit her lip as he filled her once again. She slowly bounced up and down his cock until they found their rhythm again. Conner reached up and began to play with her breasts, squeezing her nipples to further arousal.

"I'm... I'm coming," Jenny cried out.

Conner rolled her over onto her back and thrust into her wildly. Then suddenly she came and it was the most powerful orgasm she ever had. She would have screamed in ecstasy if Conner didn't crush his mouth against hers. She then felt him tense up against her and spill himself inside her.

They lay in silence afterwards; the only sound was their breathing.

Jenny couldn't stand the silence. "So what happens now?"

"I say we get dressed, have a nice dinner, and go back to my place," Conner said.

Jenny breathed a sigh of relief. "So you don't regret what happened?"

"No," he replied. "I only regret it only took us this long."


It had been almost 6 months ago when Jenny stood in front of Nature's Magic. From her first look of the place she would have never guessed it would change her life.

"Welcome to Nature's Magic. Can I help you?" asked the young redhead at the front counter.

"You might not remember me," Jenny began.

"You're Hannah's friend right?"

"Yes I am," Jenny said, glad that Leslie remembered her. "I came in for the love potion."

"I remember," Leslie said smiling.

"Well you said that I should invite you to the wedding, so here I am."

"Oh that is wonderful! When is it?" she asked.

"On December 19, I hope you can come. I credit you for getting Conner and I together," Jenny said.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Leslie said.


"There was really nothing special in the potion. It was only some oils I mixed together," Leslie revealed. "I've noticed that most of the women who ask for it just need that extra push to take the next step."

"I can't believe it," Jenny laughed. "Hannah knew?"

"Yes she did. My mom was the one who gave Hannah her potion and its secret later on."

"So there was no spell or magic at all?"

"Well I wouldn't say that," Leslie said. "There was always the magic of love."

The End

06-02-2008, 09:26 PM
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06-02-2008, 10:20 PM

My voice echoed down the entry hall of the sparsely furnished house. "Hello?" The car in the driveway and the unlocked front door told me that Carl must be home. I called out again as I walked into his house and closed the door behind me. It was a bright sunny Saturday. "What a waste," I mumbled to myself, knowing he was probably hard at work on some project in his basement. Carl works as a lead research scientist at a large pharmaceutical company in the city. We were college roommates and have remained buddies over the last ten years since graduating. Even in college, it became my job to get him out of his studies to enjoy life more. He built a small lab in his basement that allowed him to bring his work home. Some patterns are hard to break.

"Carl?" I called out again, knowing he would be downstairs in his lab.

"Down here."

"Hey, there is a pick-up game at the club," I reminded as I made my way down the basement stairs.

"I can't," he said faking disappointment. "We are under the gun to meet this deadline. We have to submit it to the FDA Monday morning if we have any hope of rolling a product out by next February. Timing is everything with these things."

"What are you working on?" I asked knowing it was always top secret. Pharmaceutical research is one of the most competitive industries and under the constant threat of corporate espionage.

"You know I can't talk about it," he answered routinely. "If I did, I would have to kill you."

"Cancer research?" I pushed back out of curiosity. "AIDS?"

"Sorry Phil. Can't go there."

I knew I could wear him down by continuing to prod. He loved his work. The hardest part about it for him was not being able to talk about it. "Why next February?" I asked.

"Valenti..." he started to answer unthinking and caught himself before finishing the word.

"Valentines?" I said finishing the obvious word. "Something for Valentine's Day?"

"Phil, I can't talk about it." His voice exposed excitement he felt for what he was working on. "I could lose my job."

"Carl, it's you and me here in your basement. You know I won't say anything."

"I know," he said, still unable to hide his personal excitement.

"Hey, I shared with you the big 'knock her socks off' marketing campaign I put together before it went public and hit gold, right?"

"Yes," he answered sheepishly.

"Come on then," I pushed. "I can tell you are excited about this. We are best buddies. You can trust me. I won't say a word, but let me share your excitement."

"You have to promise..." he said beginning to give in.

"Have I ever let you down? I give you my word."

Carl exploded with the excitement of a eight-year-old telling his friends about his first trip to Disneyland. "Phil, this is unlike any project I have ever worked on. It is going to revolutionize sex for women."

"What?" I asked.

"ED drugs have changed the sexual world for men, right? Men have the drive, but sometimes the equipment doesn't work."

"OK, that's true. And, if your erection should last for more than four hours ... find more women."

"Funny. Women are different and are missing out. Unlike the men, many have the equipment that work but struggle with having an orgasm. They want orgasms, they ache for them, but get frustrated and give up."

"That's what you are working on?"

"Yep," he said with continued excitement. "I've discovered the answer that will make women satisfied and insatiable. Those who have struggled will unleash orgasms to their heart's content. Even better, it will take the orgasmic experience of those who have not had problems to a whole new level."

"It's an aphrodisiac."

"On steroids," Carl continued. "but better."

"How does it work?" I asked out of curiosity.

"It is dual functioning," he answered excitedly. "Without getting technical, the first component works with the brain to put the mind in a hyper-orgasmic state. The second component works simultaneously to activate a physiological response in the body. Their nipples get hard, their vagina gets soaked, and their body is taken to the edge of orgasmic ecstasy."

"That's amazing. Women around the world will want to thank you!"

Carl smiled. "It's about time. Researchers have been underappreciated and under-compensated for too long."

"So, a rollout date of February will take Valentines Days to a new level for women."

"It won't be bad for men either," Carl added. "We are still working to get the dosages of the two components right." He pointed to a line of large bags filled with power. "The ones over here were too light on either one or both of the components. The ones over here on the right were too high. The combination in the last bag was so potent that the slightest trigger, like a suggestive whisper yielded immediate orgasmic responses in 91% of our trials. The other 9% weren't far behind. Their single-focused insatiable response continued for several hours, making the dosage over-the-top."

"That must have been fun," I said. "Who said research was tedious or boring?

"Like I said, it is unlike any work I have ever done. We even have women employees volunteering to participate in our research. It does have its rewarding side."

"What happens to all these bags?" I asked out of curiosity.

"I have taken samples to show our progress. I have to discard those for security purposes."

"That makes sense," I said. "Want a hand?"

"Sure," Carl said. "I have the toxic material dumpster upstairs."

"Why don't you finish what you are doing here while I dump these so we can get to that pick-up game."

"You don't mind?"

"Anything to help get my friend out of this basement and outside."

"Thanks man."

I took ten trips to the dumpster while Carl finished his work. I put two bags in the dumpster with each trip but the last. One went in the dumpster and the bag from the far right of the line found its way in my trunk for further research.

II. Personal Research

After the game I invited Carl to join me for dinner at the local pub. "It's ladies night."

"I don't know," Carl said. "I never have much luck. I should probably stay home and get more of this work done."

"I'll tell you what," I said. "You have to eat. Let's grab a burger at 8:00. After dinner, if nothing is happening, you can go home and work. My treat."

I showed up at the pub by 7:45. The dance floor and bar were already alive and full. Discounted food and beer for ladies on Saturday nights always packed the place out. I pushed my way to the bar and ordered a beer. While I waited, I noticed two gorgeous women across the bar laughing and in animated conversation with each other. They both looked to be in their late twenties. The first was around 5'8" with long brunette hair, green eyes, and full breasts accentuated by a tight maroon short dress. The second was a beautiful petite 5'3" blond with short hair and ocean blue eyes. She wore a white sleeveless button shirt and short jeans skirt that showed off her tight ass. When the bartender brought my beer I asked him what they were drinking.

"Margaritas," he answered, "but don't waste your time. Guys have been hittin' on them since they walked in here. They keep turning the men away by saying they are lesbians on their honeymoon. I don't believe it, but its workin'."

"Give me two of what they are drinking, please."

"OK," the bartender said "but you can't say I didn't warn you."

"Thanks man."

The bartender came back with two frozen margaritas. "Want me to deliver 'em for you?"

"No thanks," I said. "I'll be glad to do that. Put it on my tab."

I emptied the last of my beer, picked up the two margaritas and began to make my way across the room. I stopped only briefly to mix in a little of Carl's powder in each.

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06-02-2008, 10:22 PM
"Looks like you two are ready for a refill," I said with a smile. "The bartender said you are drinking their margarita specials." I placed one in front of each of the ladies.

"We're lesbians," the brunette said almost as a Pavlovian response.

"We are on our honeymoon," the blond added, struggling to contain her laughter at their evening's ploy to be left alone.

"Congratulations!" I said. "You both scored. I'm sure you'll make each other very happy. You probably hear it all the time, but you are both beautiful."

"Thank you," they said awkwardly. The brunette added, "but we aren't interested."

"Of course not," I said, silently agreeing with the bartender that they were not very good actresses. "This is your honeymoon," I added with a wink. "Listen, as a guy on ladies night I paid full price for these margaritas. I would hate to have them go to waste, and would love to have you enjoy them as a wedding gift."

"That's very nice," they said feeling more awkward.

"I will be sitting right over there at that table with my buddy. If there is anything I can do for you this evening -- anything -- please feel free to let me know. You are welcome to join us."

"Thank you," they said ready to be left alone again.

I took my seat at a dark booth near the back just as Carl walked in the door.

"Hey Phil," he said. "Thanks again for the invitation."

"No problem."

"Awesome pick-up game today. It was good to get out and play."

I glanced over to the two visions at the bar while Carl and I ordered our burgers and talked. The ladies continued their animated conversation while slowly emptying their margarita glasses. The lower the drinks got, the more they found themselves stirring on their barstools. Their hands began moving involuntarily across their own bodies and legs.

"I met those two ladies at the bar before you came in," I said to Carl.

"They are gorgeous," Carl said.

"I invited them to join us if they wanted," I added. "Although they didn't seem very interested at the moment."

"That blond could help me get my mind off of work," he said.

"Maybe she could help you mix work and pleasure," I said smiling.

"You know I can't do that," he answered with a serious work tone, but quickly added "I look forward to the day when she could."

A sultry voice interrupted Carl's dream. "Excuse us gentlemen; can we take you up on your offer to join you?" Carl glanced over at the two gorgeous women from the bar standing next to our table and shot back a look of surprise at me.

"Why of course," I answered calmly. Both women were smiling. Their bodies looked more flushed than when I met them at the bar. The fabric of the dress and blouse showed off each woman's erect nipples. "Please join us. We were just talking about you." I looked across the table. "Carl, why don't we get up and allow the women to slide into the booth. I stood up and shook the brunette's hand. "My name is Phil."

"Vanessa," she answered.

"Please," I said, "have a seat." Vanessa seductively slid into my side of the booth, allowing the fabric of her dress to slide, exposing more of her leg.

Carl jumped up and repeated the interchange. "Carl," he said, taking the petite blond woman's hand.

"Cheri," she said. They took their places in the seat across from us.

Vanessa eagerly started the conversation. "We thought we might have been rude earlier when you bought us the drink. We thought we could at least introduce ourselves and find a way to thank you."

"That's very nice of you. But it really was my pleasure to help you celebrate your special day."

"That's the thing," Cheri said. "That was just a line we use to keep lecherous guys away."

"Really?" I asked trying my best to act surprised.

"We feel badly about that, especially because..."

"Because?" Carl asked.

"Well, to be honest," Vanessa said, "we are both feel so hot right now we are going to burst."

"Hot?" I asked. "It is warm in here. Would it be helpful to step outside in the cool air?"

"No Phil. I am hot as in I want to fuck your brains out. I feel so horny I am going to explode. I feel like I would take every man in this place if I could. I'm not usually like this. The one thing I know is that this night will not end until someone," then pausing to look over at Carl "or someones will fuck my brains out. I have never wanted it like I want it now."

Carl glanced in shock over at me. He had only seen this kind of response in women one time before.

"As much as she wants it," Cheri chimed in, "there is no way she wants it as much and in as many ways as I do." She reached over under the table and placed her hand on Carl's thigh. "I sound like a whore, but I'm not. What I am is a red-blooded woman that needs men to rock my world tonight."

Carl's jaw dropped. I found myself equally amazed and grateful for his research.

"Wow. Listen ladies, your offers are hard to pass up, but we hardly know you. Our only experience so far is that you lied to me."

"I am so sorry," Vanessa quickly interrupted. "You're right. We really feel badly about that. How can we make it up to you?"

"Anything," Cheri added as a promise.

The waitress came around the corner to offer refills.

"I think we are good right now," I answered. "You can do us a favor though."

"Sure, honey. What can I do?"

"Can you make sure we have some privacy back here for a while?"

"I'll do my best honey, but can't guarantee anything."

"Great," I said. "Thanks."

The waitress vanished as quickly as she appeared.

The effects of the spiced margarita continued to intensify in Vanessa and Cheri.

"Please gentlemen, take us back to your places. We can't take it any more."

"Let's go then," Carl said, not wanting to miss this opportunity to strike while the Cheri was hot.

"In just a moment," I offered.

"Oh god, what?" Vanessa said almost begging.

"You sound like you are ready now," I said.

"I am so ready," Cheri answered desperately looking at Carl. "I am just about to reach over there and take you for everything you are worth."

"Yes you are," I answered. "you both are."

"Oh god," they said in unison. "Here?"

"You said anything. I ..."

Cheri began unbuttoning her shirt before I finished my sentence. She found herself glad she wasn't wearing a bra. Before Carl fully realized what was happening, Cheri's face was in his lap, his dick standing alert through his zipper and Cheri's skilled mouth ravaging every inch.

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06-02-2008, 10:23 PM
Vanessa didn't hesitate to follow suit. She pulled her dress up over her head revealing a matching maroon lacy bra and thong. She rotated her body to straddle my lap and unclasped the front hook to her full bra. Her firm round tits massaged my face as she reached down to release my dick from my pants. The tiny material of her thong was soaked. She moved it aside to clear the way for my dick to penetrate deep within her. Aaagh! The booth began to rock as she relentlessly pumped my shaft into the depths of her love box. Our voices moaned as a duet.

Cheri straddled Carl and allowed his moist dick to function as cupid's arrow into the heart of her pussy. Both women began to shake as their first orgasms flooded over their bodies simultaneously. Carl sucked on Cheri's erect nipple, massaging them with the strength of his lips. The two women continued to moan loudly, no longer with a care of anyone else in the pub. Wave after wave of orgasm sent chills through their bodies.

The response of their bodies brought unbridled release from Carl into Cheri and then from me into Vanessa. "All of it," Cheri insisted. "I want all of it now. This is just the beginning," she insisted.

Vanessa continued to ride me incessantly, allowing her tits to bang against my face. "Eat them," she demanded. "Make me feel them in the morning." I devoured her tits, one after the other in my mouth. "More!" she insisted. Her nipples begged for attention. I sucked and chewed on her nipples as she begged. "Oh god," she said, "you're making me come again. Don't stop. Harder! Harder!" She pressed her tits harder into my face. "Eat them. Agghhh! Yes! Yes!" Vanessa collapsed on top of me.

"God, that's a good start," Cheri whispered to Carl. "Take me to your place. I am your every fantasy tonight."

Those were the last words Vanessa and I heard before Carl and Cheri disappeared in his car down the road.

It was only the beginning of the rest of the weekend for Vanessa and me.

III. Professional Research

Monday morning arrived with new possibilities for me at the office. There is a stereotype of women who go into the field of marketing. It is not fair to apply the broad brush of the stereotype to all women in marketing. At the same time, there is a reason for the stereotype.

Many of the women in the marketing firm I work for are beautiful, sophisticated and arrogant. They dress to snag the sales of their clients and the balls of the suits in the top executive offices. Like snotty high school cheerleaders ignoring anyone not in a football uniform, they snub their asses at their fellow male colleagues in marketing. That is especially true of the five women in my office. They work together and stop at nothing to get what they want. They dress in stylish low cut business suits, allowing every curve to work for their advantage. They are ruthless in their professional and personal pursuits. Rumors of their shared after-hours activities are infamous. I am invisible to them, unless there is a way they see I can try to use me for their personal gains. Despite their tactics, their presence in the office provides amazing candy for the eye and inspiration for fantasy.

Every year, a division memo announces the birthdays of the region's employees. Most go by unnoticed. The five marketing divas celebrate each other. Rumors of their racy birthday gifts to one another are as infamous as their after-hours activities. Stephanie's birthday was listed for the following Friday.

"Colleen," I called out as she walked passed my office.

"Yes," she said, surprising me that she would take the time to put her head in my office.

"Listen, I saw that Stephanie's birthday is Friday. I know you five like to surprise each other. I am going to be out of the office for much of the afternoon. If you want, I would be glad to have a cake and some Friday afternoon beverages in here for all of you to surprise her with. I will close my curtains. She will never expect anything in here. It would also be away from the main traffic of the office."

"That could work," she answered, "but why would you want to do that for us."

"No reason," I said. "Just glad to do it for colleagues, like I am sure you would do." We both knew they wouldn't lift a finger for anyone else. She liked the idea I might be deceived to think they would. "I'll take care of everything," I said. Feel free to come in any time after 2:00. Help yourself to all of the beverages in the cabinet. Don't be shy. I will be out meeting with clients."

"Sounds great," she said. News traveled to the other three divas quickly and plans were underway for how they would get Stephanie to my office for the Friday surprise.

I stocked my liquor cabinet with several bottles of wine and mixed drinks. I arranged for a friend to bake a beautiful small dark chocolate cake heavily seasoned with Carl's spice. Based on its affect with Vanessa and Cheri, I looked forward to crashing this party.

Friday afternoons are pretty quiet in our office. It is not uncommon for employees to claim to have appointments with clients to start their weekend early or on the golf course. Around 1:00 I closed the curtains to my office and opened the liquor cabinet for easy access. I placed some party plates, forks and the wonder cake with one ceremonial candle on my desk. A few helium balloons were added as décor. The stage was set. All I needed to do was leave to allow Carl's magic to work.

I returned to the office around 3:30. Our receptionist Jenny is required to stay until 5:00 to give the appearance that the office is open. The usual Friday exodus had taken place and the office was vacated. I asked Jenny to hold all calls so I am not disturbed.

I heard the raucous celebration behind the closed curtains of my office. There was drunk laughter and cheering. The party of five was in full swing. It was about to become a party of six.

The noise and cheers went silent when I opened the door, then broke out in an explosion of laughter. I closed the door behind me.

Stephanie was stretched out across my desk completely naked. Her hands were tied above her head. Candace was on her knees on top of the desk between Stephanie's legs. She was wearing only a red thong and matching heels. Her face was buried and going to work in Stephanie's bush. Stephanie's hips bucked as her next impending orgasm was about to explode to soak Candace's face. After she ate her slice of cake and washed it down with a couple martinis, she told her four friends the only gift she wanted for her birthday was to see how many times they could make her come. Having enjoyed the cake themselves, they gladly complied.

Jocelyn was on her knees on the desk, straddling Stephanie's face. Her business suit jacket, blue bra and thong were on the floor by the door. She held her skirt up as she lowered her love box to Stephanie's mouth, demanding attention.

Colleen and Porsche stood caressing each other as they were hungrily waiting and cheering for their turn. Porsche's ebony fingers busily worked Colleen's clit beneath the pink thin fabric of her thong. Colleen sucked and nibbled Porsche's thick erect coal nipples.

Stephanie began to scream as waves of her next orgasm rolled through her body. Jocelyn quickly lowered her mound over Stephanie's mouth to muffle her screams. "Eat me bitch," she demanded. "Eat me like you want her to keep eating you." Stephanie's screams were muted by Jocelyn's dripping cunt begging for attention in her mouth. Stephanie's body convulsed from Candace's relentless thirst for more.

Colleen's knees began to weaken from the skill of Porsche's fingers in her love box. Porsche could feel she was close. She teased Colleen by pausing her finger's action on her clit. "Oh god, don't stop Porsche. Don't stop!"

"You call that sucking my tits girl?" she playfully chided. "I'll finish and take you to the moon the moment my tits start feeling the lovin' they'll remember." Colleen pushed her face into Porsche's tits, allowing her mouth to take in as much as she could contain. She sucked all the tit she had in her mouth with everything she had. She pulled her mouth off Porsche's tit and unleashed the wrath of her teeth on the thick, dark erect nipple begging for attention. "Oh god!" Porsche cried out. "Harder! You are going to make me come." Porsche's fingers immediately went back to work bringing Colleen to the height of her next orgasm. The harder the wave of orgasm, the harder Colleen punished Porsche's tits.

"Well, look what just walked in," Candace said still licking her lips from Stephanie's juices. We got ourselves an endless buffet of cream filled birthday cake."

"Me first," Stephanie said. "It's my birthday."

IV. Epilogue

The FDA hasn't approved Carl's work for distribution by the pharmaceutical company he works for. It has been delayed pending further research their scientists want to do before it can be made available to the general public.

Carl and Cheri have stayed together to continue to fuck each other's brains out. Cheri says no one has ever made her feel the way -- more constantly horny -than Carl does.

My personal and professional lives have never been better. Vanessa becomes insatiable when we are together. I never leave a bar, a corporate cocktail party, a coffee shop alone, unless I want to. The five divas keep asking me to host their birthday parties. They are discovering more reasons to celebrate.

The End

06-02-2008, 11:10 PM
One last super long story for all . ;)

Graceful Love

Grace lay in the hammock, which her dad crafted by hand out of hemp rope, and enjoyed the serenity of the outdoors. A beautiful spring day, the sun shone down in patches through the thick branches of the backyard trees and scattered its light sporadically over the shaded yard.

The hammock swung gently in the breeze as Grace listened to the peaceful sounds of the day. Leaves swished, insets buzzed faintly, and a songbird sang sweetly in the distance. Grace wished the quiet tranquility wouldn't end, but she knew it was inevitable it would. Soon, the backyard would be overrun with sounds of people laughing and talking and of children playing.

Her parents, Tom and Martha, decided to throw a cook-out bash in honor of her coming home from college for spring break. Grace attended school out of state, so she only made it home for holiday and seasonal breaks. Her parents invited most of the extended family, which included one set of grandparents and several aunts, uncles, and cousins.

A sigh escaped from Grace's full lips, and she almost wished that she had not returned home for a visit. Wanting it to be a surprise, her parents waited to tell her about the family get together until this morning. Had it been any other day, no problem would have existed, but today she had planned for her boyfriend, Aidan, to drive down so he could meet her parents.

After being informed of the party, Grace called Aidan and tried to convince him to wait until the next day to come, but he had already been on the road for a couple of hours and didn't want to turn around and go back.

"I'm already on my way," he had said. "Besides, what's the big deal about meeting the rest of your family? I don't mind."

The big deal was that he would arrive shortly after the party started, and none of her family even knew he existed. Grace had really stuck her foot in it this time. Her mom criticized her past boyfriends so much, Grace decided to keep Aidan to herself for awhile and not tell anyone about him.

She hadn't even intended for her family to know about him this soon, but he suggested meeting them and asked if he could come down during break, so she relented.

Grace came up with some lame excuse about her parents wanting some alone time with her in order to persuade Aidan to drive down on the third day of break instead of coming with her. She needed the delay so she could tell her parents about him before he arrived.

Realizing the party would start soon, Grace rolled out of the hammock and headed inside to inform her parents about Aidan. She found them in the kitchen preparing food for the party.

"Don't even think about it," Martha said as Grace reached for a paring knife. "This party is being held in your honor, so you just sit down and relax. Your father and I will take care of everything."

"Whatever you say, Mom." Grace knew her mom would sing a different tune when it came time for the after party clean up. "I still can't believe you talked Summer into staying with Gramps and Grams until today. Every time we talked on the phone over the last couple of weeks, all she could talk about was not being able to wait until I came home for a visit."

Summer was Grace's little sister. About five years ago, Martha thought she was going through the change of life. Instead, she found out she was pregnant.

Grace sat for a moment, listening as her parents discussed the food and how much would need to be fixed in order to have enough for the guests.

"Well, you know most of the men are going to eat more than one burger," Tom said. "They may even eat more than one bratwurst or hot dog too. So, count up how many men are coming and add that to the total number of people and throw in a few extra for good measure in case any of the ladies or kids wants seconds."

"You need to add one more guy to the list," Grace added after her father ran down the list of who was coming.

"What do you mean one more? Your father listed everyone we invited."

"He listed everyone you invited, but he missed someone I invited. Someone who was coming today before I knew you had planned a family get together."

"Grace, what on earth are you rambling on about?" asked Martha.

"It's my boyfriend, Aidan. He's coming down today to meet you two and Summer."

"Your boyfriend? What boyfriend?" demanded Martha.

"I met Aidan during the spring semester of the last school year. He was the one that I talked to so much on the phone last summer. You know, all the times that I told you "Just a friend," when you asked who I was talking to. After school started back in the fall, he asked me out. We've been dating ever since."

"You mean to tell me that you have been dating this boy for seven months and you are just now telling us about it?" Martha asked, incredulously.

"Yep, that's pretty much what I am saying."

"Grace Abigail Montgomery! How could you keep something like that from us all this time?"

"It's not that big of a deal, Mom. I just wanted him to myself for awhile. Besides, considering how you usually act regarding my boyfriends, I decided to spare myself the drama for as long as I could."

"How I act about your boyfriends? What are you talking about?"

"Now, now, you two, that's enough. Martha, ease off on the girl. You have always been too rough on her when it comes to who she dates," Tom said as he jumped in to diffuse the threatening conflict. "What's this guy like?"

"He's sweet and funny, and he acts like what I have to say and what I think are important."

"And does he make you happy?"

"Yes daddy, he makes me very happy."

"Well, that's all I need to know then. When's he supposed to get here?"

"He should arrive shortly after the cook-out starts."

"You probably need to tell your Grams about him. You know she'll be upset if she doesn't know about him before he pulls up in the drive-way."

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06-02-2008, 11:11 PM
"Don't worry Dad. I plan on trying to tell as much of the family as possible before he gets here. Oh, and please don't tell Aidan that I just now told you about him. I don't want him to get the wrong idea."

"Sure pumpkin. We won't say anything, will we Martha?"

"No, I suppose not," said Martha, a disapproving look plastered across her face.

An uncomfortable silence fell upon the kitchen and remained unbroken until the sound of the front door flinging open filtered down the hallway.

"Gracey! Gracey!!" hollered Summer as she barreled down the hallway and into the kitchen, a pink silk ribbon flying merrily from her golden curls.

Grace swept her little sister into her arms and warmly embraced her.

"Hey munchkin! Did you have fun at Gramp's and Grams'?"

"I sure did! We had a tea party and ate pizza and watched movies!"

"Cool beans! I bet that was a blast."

"Hey sweetheart," said Grams as she entered the kitchen and placed a gentle kiss on Grace's cheek. "Was your trip home okay?"

"It was fine Grams, though it gets a little tedious after awhile."

"I'm sure it does," responded Gramps. "Driving alone for six hours can't be any fun."

"Well, it's not, but it's how I get home."

"Tom, you want to come out here and help me unload the tables and chairs from the truck?" said Gramps.

"Sure Dad, how about you pull the truck into the backyard? That way, we won't have to carry the stuff so far."

"Good idea."

"Martha, is there anything I can do to help?" asked Grams.

"No thank you, Rose, I've got it handled. Why don't y'all go outside and help the men set up the tables and chairs?"

"If you're sure..."

"I'm sure. Go ahead."

Grams, Grace, and Summer, who still rode along on her big sister's hip, headed out to the backyard to help set up the seating.

"Grams, there's someone coming to the cook-out that I want you to meet," Grace said.


"His name is Aidan, and he's my boyfriend."

"Gracey's got a boyfriend! Gracey's got a boyfriend!" chanted Summer exuberantly.

"Hush child," said Grams. "Your sister is trying to tell me something. Go help Gramps and your Daddy with the tables and chairs."

Grace put Summer down, and she skipped off towards where the men unloaded the truck.

"Okay, back to business," said Grams. "Tell me about it."

"You know how Mom has always acted about my boyfriends. No matter how good of a guy they are, they never meet her standards."

"Yes, that's very true."

"Anyway, I kept him a secret until now because I didn't want to listen to Mom gripe about him and criticize him."

"How long have you been seeing this boy?"

"We've dated for about seven months, since right after school started."

"What's he like?"

"He's nice. He always listens when I talk, and he's supportive of me. He's got a great sense of humor and can always make me laugh."

"That's good dear. It's important to have someone to share laughter with and to have someone to talk to who actually listens. Knowing you, I bet he's a hunk too."


"Well, I didn't mean anything bad by it child. I just meant that a young woman as beautiful as you would obviously attract handsome young men. So, what does he look like?"

"Tall, dark, and handsome," Grace said with a grin.

"Enough with the clichés child, I want details!"

"Well, he really is tall, dark, and handsome. I can't describe him without sounding silly. You'll see when he gets here."

"Does he treat you right?" asked Grams.

"Yes, he does. He buys me gifts and sends flowers for no reason. He says it's just because he's thinking about me. He often walks me to my first class, even though his first class doesn't start for another two hours and he could have slept in."

"You sound very happy."

"I am. When I think about him, I feel all warm and tingly. When he walks into the room, my heart leaps."

"Sounds to me like this might be serious. Is it?"

"I don't know, Grams. We haven't discussed anything about a future. I mean, we see each other exclusively, but the "L" word hasn't come up yet."

"Well, it may not have been spoken aloud yet, but it's written all over your face. I am very curious to meet this young man. I want to see his face when he looks at you. I can learn a lot just from that."

"Learn what?"

"Well, learn his feelings about you, for one thing. Even if a person is adept at putting on a mask, it will slip ever so often when the person thinks no one is looking."

"A mask? Why would he put on any kind of an act?"

"If he was using you, of course."

"Using me?" It was all Grace could do to keep from bursting with laughter.

"I'm glad you find it so amusing. However unfortunate it may be, it is common for young men to use young women for their own pleasure. Since your mother is such a prude, I am sure she hasn't broached this subject with you, but I have no such hang-ups. Please tell me you take precautions."

"We haven't needed to. I can assure you Aidan is not using me for anything. Honestly Grams, it really isn't any of your business."

"You're right, of course, but I couldn't help it. I just don't want you to get hurt. I guess I just have to try and trust you to take care of yourself."

"Don't worry Grams. I will be fine."

The whole subject amused Grace because she and Aidan had yet to have sex. Even though they'd dated for seven months, Aidan respected the fact that Grace considered sex as something special between two people who really cared for each other, and she didn't want to rush into a sexual relationship. That's not to say they didn't fool around a bit here and there.

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06-02-2008, 11:12 PM
Some fondling occurred during kisses, and before Grace left school to come home for spring break, Aidan slipped his hand inside her panties and started playing with her clit. It felt so good Grace didn't try to stop him, and he continued until he brought her to orgasm. She attempted to reciprocate, but Aidan refused saying he wanted to bring her pleasure and expected nothing in return.

"Are you two gonna stand over there and gab all day or are you gonna come over here and help?" Gramps hollered from the other side of the back yard.

"We're coming Gramps!" shouted Grace.

Grace and Grams headed over and helped set up the remaining tables and chairs. The sounds of car doors closing in the distance signaled the beginning of the guests' arrivals.

Family members filtered into the backyard just as the last table and chairs were put into place. Grace used the diversion of the incoming guests to sneak around the opposite side of the house and enter through the French doors of the study. Using the phone on her father's desk, she called Aidan to see how far away he was.

"Hey Babe, I just passed the church that is four turns before your house."

"Then you should be here in about ten minutes. You definitely can't miss the house. It's the only one around here with lots of cars parked in the driveway or the front yard. I won't be able to wait for you out front. I snuck in the house to call you, so I will have to stay in the backyard and greet all of the family. Come around the right side of the house. I'll be watching for you."

"Okay, I will see you in a few."

Grace hung up the phone and hurriedly returned to the backyard. If her mother noticed her missing, there would be hell to pay.

Sounds of talking and laughter told Grace more people had arrived during the short time she used the phone. Summer, bubbling with laughter, raced in front of Grace as she rounded the corner of the house. Annie and Andy, her cousin Janey's three year old twins, followed close on Summer's heels. An avid collector of rag dolls, Janey now she boasted she had her very own live ones.

Grace stopped at the edge of the crowd and looked out at her family. Both of her dad's brothers and their wives were present, along with four of their children. Two of the children, Janey being one of them, were married with families of their own, who also came to the party. Grace would bet her favorite pair of earrings Uncle Bob had brought his guitar and would serenade the group after everyone finished eating.

Also at the cook-out were her Aunt Lucy, who was Martha's sister, and her two kids. As Grace looked around, she spotted her Great Aunt Louise and her Great Uncle Claude. Aunt Louise was Grams' sister. Grace also noticed both of the next door neighbors had come and so had her mom's best friend and her family.

One thing for sure, anytime anyone in her family threw a party, everybody showed up. The family was pretty close knit... most of them anyway.

Grace found herself more than a little irritated to see her cousin Melissa. All throughout their lives, Melissa had constantly tried to outdo Grace. When Grace had auditioned for cheerleading, so had Melissa, even though she had always said cheerleaders were a bunch of snobs and she would never be one. She took the same classes in high school and even applied for identical scholarships and the same college as Grace. Luckily, Melissa hadn't been awarded enough money in scholarships to attend.

On top of all the competition in school and with friends, Melissa always made an effort to steal away Grace's boyfriends, openly flirting with them and making suggestive comments in front of Grace. She managed to steal away a couple of them. Grace believed Melissa had succeeded with those because she slept with them, which is something Grace wouldn't do. She would do her best to keep Melissa away from Aidan. She didn't trust her for a second to leave him alone.

Tom busily manned the grill, and Grace breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her mother come out through the patio door carrying a tray loaded with raw hamburger patties. Martha wouldn't know Grace had gone inside for a few minutes.

Wading into the crowd, Grace stopped here and there to speak to family members, but all the while, she kept an eye trained on the corner of the house, on the lookout for Aidan's imminent arrival.

As she walked by Aunt Louise, a frail hand reached out and grasped around Grace's wrist. "How's school going, Gracey?" Aunt Lou asked, her voice shaky with age.

"It's going fine Aunt Lou. I only have two more months left before graduation," Grace responded, raising her voice so Aunt Louise could hear her over the din of the crowd.

"What kind of plans do you have for when you get out? Got any wedding bells in your future?"

Aunt Louise didn't share the same liberated views with Grams. Of course, the reason could be because she was fifteen years older. A late addition to the family, Grams came as quite a surprise. Aunt Louise believed that all women belonged in the home as a wife and mother. She thought a woman should not have a career.

Grace chuckled to herself and replied, "I don't know Aunt Lou. I am seeing someone, but I don't know if it is serious enough yet to even think about the possibility of getting married."

"You should be thinking about it. That's the most important thing you can do. You should have settled down and started a family by now."

"All in good time Aunt Lou. All in good time."

Grace walked away from Aunt Louise before she could start on her lecture about the importance of being a wife and mother. It wasn't like she hadn't heard it countless times as she got older.

Checking her watch and not watching where she was going, Grace all but collided with her cousin Melissa.

"Got somewhere else to be?" Melissa asked. "Or are you expecting someone?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Because you were looking at your watch. You either have somewhere else to go, or you're expecting someone else to show up. I am guessing you expect someone to show up because there's been a rumor floating around you've got a new boyfriend," Melissa said with a smirk.

"It's not any of your business what I'm doing," Grace snapped.

"What's the matter Grace, afraid I'm going to steal away another boyfriend?" Melissa taunted.

"Not on your life, Melissa. I've gotten past the point where I feel threatened by you," Grace retorted, and she stomped off to where her Aunt Lucy sat.

Grace's put on a brave front with her words. She still felt threatened by Melissa, and she feared Melissa would attempt to steal away Aidan. Grace knew she was pretty, too many people had told her so for it to be a lie, but Melissa sported a definite edge in the looks department.

Even though they were both relatively the same height, Melissa was lean and trim with luxurious long, blonde hair while Grace carried a fuller figure, and her sandy blonde hair lay in a short bob. Grace, more often than not, suffered from a low self-image. She frequently lamented the fact she needed to lose weight, but no matter how hard she struggled, she couldn't seem to shed any pounds.

She spent time working out religiously and ate healthier, but to no avail. Her mom said it was the curse of her family and it wasn't she was overweight, she was just curvy. Grace definitely had curves, but she felt they curved too far away from her body.

The only advantage Grace had ever felt she had over Melissa was the size of her breasts. Melissa's breasts were so small she was almost flat-chested. Grace, on the other hand, had full breasts that often looked as if they wanted to escape the binding material of whatever shirt she happened to be wearing.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?" Aunt Lucy asked as Grace hurried towards her chair.

"Nowhere in particular, I'm just trying to get away from something irritating," Grace responded.

"More like trying to get away from someone irritating, I would say."

"Well, yeah..."

"What is she doing this time?"

"Oh, she heard a rumor that I have a new boyfriend, so of course she has to start making insinuating comments about it."

"Don't worry about it Grace. Any guy that's worth anything would know in a heartbeat what Melissa is all about. If he truly cares for you, you have nothing to worry about. So, is there a new boyfriend?"

"Yes, there is, and he should have been here by now."

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06-02-2008, 11:13 PM
"Well, why don't you go up front and look for him? I'll run interference with your mother. Honestly, I wish she would lighten up some."

"You and me both! Thanks, Aunt Lucy."

Grace looked around to locate her mother and found her close to the grill with her back turned. Using the opportunity to her advantage, Grace slipped around the house and raced to the front yard. She thought about going inside the house and trying to call him again, but she feared he would arrive while she was inside.

She walked to the edge of the driveway and peered down the road in the direction from which Aidan should come. Even though she could hear what sounded like a car's engine, she didn't see anything. She checked her watch again. Twenty-five minutes had passed since she spoke with him. He should have arrived fifteen minutes ago.

Grace started to get worried. She'd give him another five minutes, and if he didn't show up by then, she would go back inside and try to reach him on his cell. As the minutes ticked by, Grace paced up and down the driveway, looking up hopefully each time she heard an approaching car.

Finally, just as she turned to go inside the house, she heard another car approaching. She breathed a huge sigh of relief when she recognized the black truck coming towards her. As it pulled into an empty space in the yard, Grace rushed towards it.

The first thing to come into view as the young man stepped out of the truck were his long legs, which were clad in blue jeans with cowboy boots on the feet. Even though his legs were long they were in no way lanky, as was made evident when the rest of his body came into view. A black t-shirt fit snugly around his well muscled torso, his large biceps straining against the material. A black cowboy hat set atop his curly ebony hair, and his deep chocolate eyes twinkled merrily from his tanned chiseled face.

He caught Grace in a strong embrace as she threw her arms around him. "Oh Aidan, I was getting worried. You should have been here twenty minutes ago!"

"I know. I took a wrong turn and had to backtrack and start over at the church. Looks like you've got quite a crowd."

"Yeah, there's always a large turn out when we have family get-togethers. Are you sure you want to do this?"


"Okay, but before we go back there... you remember the cousin I told you about that always tried to beat me in everything?"

"You mean Melissa?"

"Yeah, that's who I am talking about. She's here..."

"So? Oh, I get it, you're worried that she's gonna throw herself at me."

"I have no doubt in my mind that she will. She's already hinted at it."

Aidan put his fingers under Grace's chin and gently lifted her face towards his. "Honey, you don't have anything to worry about. Don't you know how much I love you? Well, I guess maybe you wouldn't. I haven't ever told you that, have I? She could strip naked in front of me, and it wouldn't help. I only have eyes for you. I love you Grace Abigail Montgomery."

Grace felt as though she would melt right there on the spot. She waited so long to hear those words from the right man, and at that exact moment, she knew with all of her heart and soul that Aidan was her true love.

"Oh Aidan, I love you too!"

He bent down and planted a sweet and gentle kiss upon her lips, a kiss full of promise, hope, and love.

"Gracey's got a boyfriend, Gracey's got a boyfriend!" came the singsong, interrupting their kiss and causing both to laugh.

"Summer, what are you doing up here?" Grace asked as she scooped her little sister into her arms.

"Aunt Lucy sent me to look for you. She said mama had ants."

"Had ants?" Aidan's eyebrows cocked in question.

"Oh, you mean Aunt Lucy said mama was getting antsy?" Grace asked.

"Yep, that's what she said."

Grace had told Aidan about her mother and how critical she could be of her boyfriends, and of her not-always-sunny disposition, so he was prepared for a chilly reception.

"Summer, this is Aidan. He's my boyfriend."

"Hi Summer. It's nice to finally meet you. Your sister has told me a lot about you," said Aidan.

"Hi Aidan, Grace hasn't told me anything about you."

Grace's face colored, and she felt the heat of embarrassment. She took a deep breath and decided she should tell Aidan her family hadn't known of his existence until today. "Aidan, there is something that I need to tell you before we go back there. My family... well, you know what I told you about mom and how much guff she gives me about my boyfriends..."

"Yeah, I know."

"Well, I just didn't want to deal with all of that. I wanted to enjoy being with you without hearing all of mom's complaints and gripes rattling around in my head."

"You haven't told them about me."

"Yes, I have... but not until this morning. Oh please don't be angry with me. It didn't have anything to do with you. I was just being selfish and wanted you all to myself, and..."

"Shh," Aidan placed two fingers on Grace's lips. "It's okay Grace. I'm not upset with you. I understand why you didn't tell them."

A great weight lifted off Grace's shoulders, and she rejoiced that she had been blessed with such an understanding and supportive man.

"I'll introduce you to my mom and dad first, and then we'll make the rounds to the rest of the family."

As they headed towards Grace's parents, she noticed the disapproving look on her mom's face, and her heart sank. She hoped, for once, her mother would have an open mind and not judge Aidan before she got to know him. From the look on Martha's face, it wasn't going to happen.

"Mom, Dad, this is Aidan. Aidan, this is my mom, Martha, and my dad, Tom."

"Howdy Mrs. Montgomery, Mr. Montgomery," Aidan greeted as he shook their hands in turn. "It's nice to finally meet you. Grace has told me so much about you."

"It's a pity that we can't say the same about you," Martha responded.

"Now Martha, don't start," admonished Tom.

Grace could always count on her dad to keep her mother reigned in, at least in front of other people.

"Grace tells us that you attend college with her. What are you studying?" Tom asked.

"My major is in business. My family owns and operates a ranch in Texas, so I decided business was the best way to go. Eventually, the ranch will be mine to run, and I wanted to have a sound business education so I would understand all aspects of our ranch and not have to turn over the financial and business end to someone else like my parents have had to do."

"Will you be going back home after graduation to take over that part of the ranch?" Martha asked.

"It's a possibility, but my parents and I haven't really discussed the details yet. They've just kind of always left it that we'd talk about it after graduation."

"But if you don't work for your family, you will work for someone else?" Martha pried.

"Oh yes m'am, I will be making money, even if I don't go work at the ranch right away."

It wasn't a straight answer, but it seemed to satisfy Grace's mom, at least for the moment.

"We'll have plenty of time to talk later," Tom said. "Grace, why don't you go around and introduce him to the rest of the family and while you're at it, you can tell them the food's ready, so they can come eat any time."

"Okay dad."

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06-02-2008, 11:14 PM
"That wasn't so bad," Aidan said as they walked away from Grace's parents and headed towards the rest of the family scattered around the tables and chairs.

"Oh, it never is in front of the guy. Mom will wait until you aren't around to lower the boom. I never have figured out what makes her so critical of men. She doesn't seem to be that way with dad, but she is with pretty much any other man."

"Maybe she's just being really protective of you," Aidan suggested.

"Nah, it's not that. She's critical of my uncles and cousins too. Besides, nothing I have ever done has been good enough for her. It was always, 'You could have done better. You should have tried harder.' She's just a bitter woman, old before her time, though I don't know why. Aunt Lucy grew up in the same household and she isn't like that. Usually, when mom starts in on me, I just sit there and take it. I'm not going to do that this time. If she starts in on me about you, and I am sure that she will, she's going to get a surprise."

"You do whatever you have to. You know that I will support you."

"Thanks Aidan, that means a lot."

Grace and Aidan made the rounds, introducing Aidan, and letting everyone know it was time to eat. Grace made a point to avoid the area where Melissa sat. She could always introduce Aidan to her Uncle Bob and his family later.

Grace introduced Aidan to Aunt Lucy last. Once they said hello to each other, Grace told Aunt Lucy the food was ready.

"Thanks Gracey, but you know I am not a big fan of food cooked on an outside grill. I had a big breakfast so I wouldn't get too hungry. I'll probably just eat ice cream later."

Grams and Gramps always made three big tubs of homemade vanilla ice cream whenever there was a family cook-out.

"Grace, why don't you sit here by your Aunt Lucy, and I will go get us something to eat," suggested Aidan.

"You don't have to do that..."

"I know I don't have to," interrupted Aidan, "but I want to."

Grace watched as he walked away and admired the way his jeans molded around his firm butt.

"He's a looker, that's for sure," said Aunt Lucy once Aidan walked out of hearing distance. "I could watch him all day and not get bored."

"Me too," Grace said with a sigh.

"You're in love with him, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am, and Lord help me when mama finds out."

"He seems like a good enough guy. He's nice and courteous, he's getting a college education, and he looks at you like there's no one else in existence but the two of you. Surely even your mother won't find much to criticize with him."

"You know mom, she could find something to criticize with the Pope. Besides, she's going to really hit the roof when she finds out that his dream is to be a country singer and not go back and work at his parents' ranch."

"Oh boy! Yes, I can see how that would set your mom off. What do his parents think about that?"

"They support him fully. He followed their request and received his education while he pursued his dream, that way he would have the ranch to fall back on if he didn't succeed with his music. Oh Aunt Lucy, you should hear him sing. His voice just makes me want to melt."

"It sounds that way with just him talking, I can imagine what it would be like if he was singing. Has he had any successes yet?"

"He sang at different places in Texas as he grew up. He did some rodeos and small time concerts. Since college started, he's sung at several clubs in Nashville, and he's opened a couple of times for some bigger named stars. He gets to do another opening next weekend, and his agent said some music executives are supposed to be there."

"Well Gracey, I have faith that you will do what is best for you. It's about time that you stopped letting your mama trample all over you. You're an adult now. It's time for you to live your own life."

"I know Aunt Lucy. Aidan means more to me than anything and nothing that mama can say or do will change that."

Aidan arrived back at the table with two heaping plates of food, and they spent the next little while eating and talking with Aunt Lucy.

Grace scooted her chair back and stood up. "I will be back in a few minutes." She needed to go to the bathroom, but she wasn't about to announce it to the entire backyard.

As she entered through the back door, she heard voices coming from the living room.

"You just do what you do best, Melissa," Martha said. "Get him off alone, but make sure Grace sees you go so she will follow. Make it look good. She needs to catch you in a compromising position. Get your hand down his pants or get them unzipped or something. It shouldn't be too much trouble. You've done this before."

"No problem Aunt Martha, I can definitely manage this. I'll even unbutton my blouse a bit, that should make it look more convincing. I'm going to enjoy every minute of this. He is so hot. Getting my hand down his pants will be so much fun!"

Grace stood in the kitchen, shock and disbelief etched onto her face. Her mother was telling Melissa to get Aidan alone and make it look like he welcomed her advances.

She's done this before? thought Grace, the words her mom had said to Melissa echoing in her mind.

With tears threatening to spill down her cheeks, Grace barged into the living room.

"Grace dear, what are you doing inside? You should be out there with our guests, after all, this party is in your honor," Martha said.

"The party is over as far as I am concerned," Grace said, the words spitting from her mouth in a staccato cadence.

"Over? What are you talking about? It's barely even gotten started."

"How can you even look me in the face after what you just told Melissa to do?"

"I don't have any idea what you are talking about," Martha responded, feigning innocence.

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06-02-2008, 11:16 PM
"I heard you!" Grace shouted. "I heard everything you said!"

Turning toward Melissa, eyes blazing, Grace accusingly said, "Mama said you'd done this before. Does that mean she has put you up to this more than once?"

Melissa looked helplessly at Martha.

"Don't look at her!" Grace spat, "Answer me!"

"Yes, she's put me up to it on more than one occasion, anytime it looked like you might get serious with a boyfriend," Melissa replied, before spinning around and running from the room.

"How could you?" Grace asked. "You're my mother. How could you do something so hurtful?"

"You're too young to get serious with a guy. You don't know what you are doing. I'm only trying to protect you."

"Protect me? From what? Being happy? I'm more than old enough to take care of myself and to decide what is best for me. I cannot believe you'd do something so cruel. I love Aidan. Do you have any idea what it would have done to me had I thought he had willingly succumbed to Melissa's seduction?"

"Grace, I just did what I thought was best."

"You're sick and need help if you honestly think doing something like that is what is best for me. I don't know if I can ever forgive you for this," Grace said, and she stumbled from the room. With tears streaming down her face, she ran outside to where Aidan sat with Aunt Lucy.

"Come with me," she cried as she grabbed his hand.

"What's wrong Grace?" Aunt Lucy and Aidan said simultaneously.

Grace only shook her head through the tears and tugged on Aidan's hand. When he stood, she led him into the house and up the stairs to her bedroom. Wordlessly, she grabbed her suitcase and began throwing clothes into it.

"Grace, talk to me. What happened?" Aidan said as he grasped her by the shoulders and turned her to face him. He pulled her into his strong arms as the silent tears turning into wracking sobs.

They stood there in the middle of the cluttered room, his frame towering over hers as she buried her head into his firm chest and cried, while his strong arms held her tightly. Finally her sobs began to subside, and he sat down on the bed, drawing her into his lap.

"Can you tell me what's wrong, now?" he asked.

As she opened her mouth to speak, a light rapping sounded on her door. "Honey," said her dad as his head peeked around the door's edge, "is everything okay?" As he stepped quietly into the room, followed by Aunt Lucy, he observed her tear stained face.

"I told your father something must have happened considering the way you came barreling out of the house and grabbed Aidan. You were crying so hard, you could barely speak," explained Aunt Lucy.

"I came into the house to use the bathroom, and I heard voices coming from the living room. It was Mama and Melissa," Grace said, her voice hitching as she spoke. "Mama was telling Melissa to get Aidan alone and set it up so that it would look like they were fooling around. She wanted me to catch them and think Aidan willingly participated."

"Are you sure you heard them right?" Tom asked.

"Oh yes, I am positive. It's kind of hard to misunderstand Mama telling Melissa to stick her hands down Aidan's pants. But, that's not all. Once I had confronted them, Melissa admitted Mama had told her to do this more than once before. All this time, I thought Melissa had stolen my boyfriends because she wanted to, but now I find out Mama put her up to it."

"None of this makes sense. Why would your mother do something like this?" her father asked.

"I don't know," replied Grace. "She said I was too young to know what was best for me, and she was only trying to protect me. I'm sorry Daddy, but I can't visit any longer, not after what happened. I can't stay in the same house with her."

"I understand," her dad said as Grace got up and resumed packing. "I'll try to get to the bottom of this."

"It sounds like she flipped her lid," Aunt Lucy said.

"I'd say she flipped it a long time ago since she's done this for awhile now," Aidan added.

"I knew she really hadn't been herself for quite some time," Tom said, "but I attributed it to the natural changes of growing older and being married for many years. I had no idea she was doing these kinds of things. Trying to sabotage your daughter's love life is pretty serious. I'll do my best to try to find out what is wrong."

"You need to Daddy, or the same thing will happen to Summer when she gets older," Grace warned. "That's everything I brought home with me for break," she said as she closed the suitcase. "I'll come back and get the rest of it later."

"The rest of it?" her dad questioned. "That makes it sound like you are moving out for good."

"I am. I can't imagine living under the same roof as her after what she has done. I am sorry Daddy. I know it isn't your fault and you are getting punished for it in a way, but I can't help it. I can't stay here."

"I knew the time would come some day. I just didn't expect it to be under circumstances such as these. Don't worry about me. I will be okay. You do what you need to do to be happy. I'll stand by you."

"Thank you Daddy," Grace said, and she threw her arms around her father and hugged him fiercely.

"I don't think you should drive back to school. You're too upset. Give me your car keys and ride back with Aidan. Your Uncle Martin comes back from his business trip late tonight, so we can bring your car up to you tomorrow," Aunt Lucy offered.

"You don't have to do that," Grace said.

"Yes I do. I want you to be safe. I know you, so I know you are not through crying over this yet. It'll hit you again when you least expect it, and I don't want you to drive your car off the road because you are blinded by tears. Now, give me the key," Aunt Lucy demanded as she held out her hand.

Grace took the car key off her ring and handed it to her. "Thanks Aunt Lucy," she said as she hugged her.

"Daddy, can you go get Summer and bring her out front? I want to say good-bye."

"Sure I can. I'll see you up there."

Aidan picked up Grace's suitcase, and she followed him down the stairs and out to his truck.

Summer ran around the house, her curls flying in the wind, and Grace's heart ached at not being able to stay and spend time with her sister. Summer stopped short when she noticed the suitcase sitting on the ground beside the truck.

"Gracey, why is your suitcase out here?"

"I'm going back to school."

"But...but... you just got home. You're supposed to be here for two weeks. We were going to go to the park and the zoo, and you said you would take me shopping," Summer wailed.

Tears welled in Grace's eyes as she grabbed her sister and hugged her tightly. "I know sis, but I can't stay. Something happened, and I have to go sooner than I expected."

"Don't worry, tiger," Tom said to Summer as he swooped her into his arms. "I'll take a couple of days off work and take you up to the college so you and Grace can spend some time together. You've wanted to go back and visit here there for some time now. You said it's lots more fun there than it is here. Okay?"

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06-02-2008, 11:17 PM
"When will we go?"

"It'll be before the break ends."

"Ok," Summer agreed with a pout.

Grace hugged her father and sister once again before she climbed up into the truck.

"Call me when you get there," said Tom. "I want to know that you arrived safely."

"Okay Daddy, I will," answered Grace, and they pulled out of the yard and drove away.

"I can't believe graduation is finally here," said Grace. "It seemed like this year lasted forever."

"I know," said Aidan as he plopped down beside her on the couch. "Time appears to stand still when bad things happen."

Three months had passed since Grace stormed out of her childhood home during spring break, but it felt like an eternity ago. Two nights after she left, Grace's mother suffered a breakdown. According to the doctor, it had been a long time coming, but Grace's overhearing of her mother's plan and ensuing departure from the house finally sent Martha careening over the edge.

During her treatment, the therapist discovered the cause of her increasingly odd behavior. Six years previous, when Grace was fifteen, Martha's boss raped by her one night when she stayed late at the office to finish up some work. Martha never told anyone what happened because her boss threatened to hurt Grace. He used Grace as leverage against Martha and made her stay at work late three nights a week so he could use her to satisfy his dark desires.

The rapes continued for several months before Martha discovered she was pregnant. She knew the odds were in favor of her boss fathering the baby because Tom suffered from a low sperm count. It took them three years to conceive Grace.

Martha immediately planned on an abortion, the thought of carrying the child of her rapist filled her with disgust and horror, but Tom found the pregnancy test in the trash and naturally thought the baby belonged to him. She still considered aborting, thinking she could lie and say she miscarried, but as she watched Tom joyfully tell everyone he met how he was going to be a daddy again, she knew she couldn't deliberately break his heart. After all, a slight chance existed the baby was his.

Martha kept the information from her boss as long as possible, knowing he would think it was his baby and take great delight in it. Even after she began to show, he thought she was putting on some weight.

"Trying to make yourself unattractive so I'll leave you alone?" he had taunted. "Don't bother. A little extra weight won't keep me from fucking you every time I get a chance."

Five months into the pregnancy, he had sent word she was to come to his office after everyone else departed for the day. His demand confused Martha because it wasn't her normal day to stay late.

"Did you think I wouldn't find out?" he had asked menacingly. "You've been carrying my child in your belly all this time and you didn't tell me? You bitch!" he had shouted, and then he had grabbed her by the hair and had dragged her over to his desk. He yanked off her skirt and panties and bent her over the desk.

"I'll teach you to keep something like this from me," he had said as he unzipped his pants before spreading her ass cheeks open and ramming his cock forcefully into her ass.

At seven months along, he had told her she had until the baby's birth to leave Tom.

"You're the mother of my child; therefore, you should also be my wife," he had said.

For days Martha had wracked her brain, desperately trying to figure a way out. One night, as she flipped through the channels on the television, she stumbled across a story about a teenager who had forged a high school transcript in order to get into a good college. A spark of an idea began to form in her head, and she prayed he wasn't informed of medical innovations.

A week later, her boss came to work and found her desk empty and a sealed envelope on his desk with his name written on the front. Inside was a piece of paper with the letterhead from a local medical lab. It stated:

Dear Mrs. Montgomery, The results of the tests run on the fluid and blood samples taken from your amniocentesis are conclusive. Firstly, your baby is a female and is in perfect health, having no disorders of any kind. Secondly, per your private request, a DNA test was run comparing the sample that you had given us to the DNA procured from the blood of the fetus. They are a perfect match. The DNA from the specimen you gave us is a 99.9% match for being the father of the fetus. That is the highest percentage possible for this test. There is no way any other man could be the father.

Also inside the envelope was a handwritten note from Martha:

I had Tom's sperm tested for paternity of the baby. As you can see, the baby belongs to him, not you. If you try to contact me or bother Grace in any way, I will send her far away and out of your reach, and then I will report what you have done to me to the police. I know it's not likely you would end up being found guilty, but I am sure the entire spectacle would not be good for your reputation nor your business.

Up until Summer's birth and for a long time afterwards, Martha lived in terror that her ruse had not worked and her boss would come for her... or Grace. The repeated assaults and terror filled months warped Martha's psyche, and she began to think she must protect Grace from all males, and thus started the sabotage of Grace's relationships.

Grace had not seen her mother in person since the incident at spring break, but she spoke with her on the phone weekly. Understanding the cause behind her mother's actions allowed Grace to let go of the hurt and anger and forgive her. She accepted that in her twisted mind, Martha really believed her actions protected Grace.

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06-02-2008, 11:18 PM
After the break-down, Martha spent some time in a health facility, but they released her after a few weeks on the condition she attended two sessions every week with her therapist. She planned to accompany Tom and Summer to the graduation ceremony, and Grace felt nervous about seeing her. Even though Martha received therapy, Grace feared she was not yet at the point where she would be able to be around Aidan without causing trouble.

"Don't worry about it. Your dad will keep a close watch on her. Besides, they plan to leave right after the ceremony.

She won't have time to cause any problems," assured Aidan.

"You're probably right," agreed Grace as she snuggled up against Aidan's broad chest.

She sat there, content and safe in his strong embrace, as a familiar tingle began between her legs. They had still not progressed past fooling around, and it was getting more difficult for Grace to maintain control when they were alone.

She looked up into his eyes, and he smiled at her, his strong arms lifting her off the couch and into his lap. He bent his head towards her and captured her mouth with his, teasing her lips with his tongue until she opened them with breathless anticipation.

A moan escaped her as his tongue danced around hers, the kiss which started out as gentle quickly escalating into fevered passion. His fingers dug into her thighs and bottom as he ravished her mouth, both of them panting with the heat of their arousal. Warmth coiled in her belly as she felt him begin to harden beneath her. She had already decided to give herself to him on the night of graduation, which was only a couple of days away, but in the heat of the moment, she was sorely tempted not to wait.

Pulling away from this face, Grace looked at him and said, "Aidan, I..." but the jarring ringing of the telephone interrupted her.

"Fuck," Aidan swore, sensing Grace had been about to say something very important.

"You'd better answer it," Grace said. "It might be your agent."

Grace rose from the couch as Aidan answered the phone, and she walked to the kitchen to get something to drink in order to give him some privacy. She wished with all of her heart it was his agent, Jerry. Aidan had opened the previous weekend for a very big name star, and they hoped it had given him the important exposure he needed for his big break.

"Grace!" he hollered as he raced down the hallway. He skidded into the kitchen, his face alive with excitement, and he swept Grace up into his arms and twirled her around.

Her heart skipped a beat in anticipation.

"It was Jerry. It seems a big wig record executive attended the concert the other night, and he heard me sing. He wants to offer me a contract."

"Oh Aidan, that's wonderful news!" Grace squealed.

"I have a meeting in Nashville at the record company on Monday. If everything works out, by the time the meeting is over, I will have a contract and a record deal. I can't believe this is finally happening! Go get ready. Let's go out and celebrate!" he said joyfully as he headed to the bathroom for a shower.

Happiness filled Grace's heart, but a quick stab of fear accompanied it. If he got the contract, it would likely mean he would move to Nashville. What would happen to them?

Graduation day dawned rainy and dreary, adding to the heaviness Grace felt in her soul. Uncertainty and fear had been her constant companions the last two days, for Aidan had not mentioned anything about her accompanying him on his trip to Nashville nor about missing her while he was gone. She felt as though her heart would shatter into a million pieces.

A knock on her dorm door brought her out of her reverie, and she briskly walked over and opened it.

"Gracey!" hollered Summer as she romped into the room and grabbed her sister around the legs. Tom and Martha followed close behind her.

"Hey, you guys are early," said Grace.

"Your father wanted to get here early so we wouldn't have to park way out," Martha said.

"Yeah, but it obviously wasn't early enough. The parking lots are already jammed," said Tom.

"Summer, I thought you said you need to go to the bathroom," Martha questioned.

"Oh, yeah," said Summer, "Be right back!"

After Summer trotted into the bathroom and shut the door, Martha spoke, "We got the DNA results back."

Tom and Summer both had blood drawn so their DNA could be compared. Summer, of course, didn't know the real reason and hopefully never would, but Martha's therapist thought it would be best if she knew for certain the truth about Summer's biological father.

"And?" Grace asked, praying for the best but expecting the worst.

"She's your full-blooded sister. She's mine," said Tom, his eyes filling with tears.

"That's the best news I've heard in a long time," said Grace as the bathroom door opened and Summer skipped out.

"What's the matter, Daddy?" Summer asked, noticing the tears streaking down Tom's face.

"Nothing sweetheart, I'm just really happy."

"Grown-ups are weird," said Summer, breaking the tension, and everyone laughed.

"Have you gotten all of your stuff moved into Aidan's apartment?" Martha asked.

"All but one bag with the stuff I needed for today," said Grace, trying not to let the worry show in her face. The last thing Martha needed was a hint something was wrong. It was very important for Martha to see nothing but happiness on Grace's face. The therapist said seeing Grace happy with a man would help Martha realize she no longer had to try and protect her.

"I have to get going," said Grace as she looked at her watch. "It's almost time for me to be in the building for line-up."

"Okay honey, we will see you after the ceremony. We can't stay long afterwards, but I want to get some pictures of you with your diploma and some of you and Aidan."

Grace fought her way through the crowd, trying to get free of the teeming mass of people so she could meet her family at the pre-arranged spot. Suddenly, strong arms grabbed her from behind and lifter her into the air.

As she shrieked, Grace recognized Aidan's sultry voice, "Hey beautiful. Where are you meeting your folks?"

"Over by the library windows," answered Grace.

"Okay, don't move after you get there. I'm going to find my folks, and we will meet you over there."


Aidan helped her break free from the crowd, and then they went in separate directions, Grace towards the predetermined meeting place and Aidan back into the crowd to hunt for his parents.

Grace met her parents, and her dad busily snapped photos of Grace in her cap and gown, with her diploma, and also got a few shots of her with her mom and sister.

"Martha, take the camera and get a couple of me with Grace," said Tom.

As Martha finished snapping pictures, Aidan arrived with his parents. Introductions were made, and the two families stood around talking and taking pictures of the two graduates.

"Mr. Montgomery," said Aidan.

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06-02-2008, 11:19 PM
"Please, call me Tom," interrupted Grace's father.

"Ok, Tom then. Can I speak with you in private for a minute?"


Tom and Aidan moved a short distance away, and Grace wondered what they discussed.

After they returned to the group a few moments later, Tom said, "We need to be going."

"We should head out as well," said Aidan's dad. "We don't like leaving the ranch for long if both of us are gone. We need to get to the airport. Our flight leaves soon."

"We can follow you to the airport and see you off," said Aidan.

"That's not necessary son," said Aidan's mother. "You two go ahead and celebrate."

The families said their good-byes and went their separate ways.

Aidan and Grace returned their caps and gowns and went back to her dorm room to retrieve her bag and turn in her keys to the office.

"Grace, keep up with these. You know how bad I am about losing stuff," said Aidan as he handed her an envelope.

"What is it?"

"It's our plane tickets to Nashville. I figured it would be better to fly. That way, we wouldn't be rushed getting there. Our plane leaves tomorrow at one. We'll have some time to sight-see before my meeting Monday morning."

"That's not much notice for me to pack," said Grace as she turned away so Aidan wouldn't see the tears of relief sliding down her cheeks.

"Well, you knew you were going to have to pack soon. Even if we had driven, we still probably would have..." Aidan stopped speaking as realization dawned on his face. He turned Grace to face him and a pained expression crossed his face as he saw the tears in her eyes. "You thought that I was going by myself," he said.

"Yes," she whispered.

"So that's why you've been so quiet the last couple of days," he said as he pulled her into his arms. "I'm sorry Grace. I assumed you would know I wanted you to go with me. It's a very good possibility the dream I have had for most of my life is about to come true. I want you by my side when that happens. I love you. That means I want you with me. Always."

They stood for a moment in the middle of the kitchen, and Grace knew she had allowed her low self-image to get in the way of what her heart knew all along. Aidan just assumed she would know he wanted her with him, and she had tormented herself over the last couple of days for nothing.

They went to a nice restaurant to celebrate graduation and then returned to Aidan's apartment. Grace had worried all day how she was going to put her plan for the night into action. Somehow, she had to get Aidan out of the bedroom for a little while and keep him from wondering what she was up to while she got things set up for the night. Luckily, she ended up with the perfect opportunity because he decided he had sweated under his graduation gown so much he needed a shower.

As soon as he went into the bathroom and she heard the shower running, Grace sprang into action. She opened her bag and pulled out the candles and lighter she had stashed there. Hurriedly, she placed them around the room and after lighting them, she turned off the lights. The candles cast soft shadows around the room, and Grace thought the mood it created was perfect.

The bag also held the lingerie she had purchased specifically for this night. She chose a light blue peignoir set because she wanted something that looked sexy but still didn't show everything right away. The blue lace and tricot wasn't completely see-through so it still left something to the imagination.

Underneath the lacy robe lay a baby doll, the stretchy lace body snugly embracing Grace's full breasts. The opaque skirt touched the top of her thigh, hiding the g-string which attempted to cover her trimmed mound.

Grace stood indecisively by the bed, not able to make up her mind about what kind of position she should be in when Aidan came out of the shower. The sound of running water ceased in the bathroom, and Grace knew Aidan would walk out within a couple of minutes. Finally, she decided to stand by the bed, for she feared she would look utterly stupid if she tried to pose seductively.

The bathroom door opened, and Aidan entered the bedroom, clad only in a pair of boxer shorts, his muscles rippling down his firm chest. He stopped short as he saw Grace standing by the bed, the shadows flickering softly across her body. "Oh wow, Grace," he said as he padded softly towards her. His eyes swept over her, drinking in the sight of her curves, relishing in the vision of powdery lace brushing against smooth creamy skin.

"Happy Graduation," Grace said softly. "I wanted tonight to be extra special."

"Are you sure Grace? I want our first time together to be wonderful. I want you to be absolutely certain it is what you want."

"I am absolutely certain, Aidan. I've been planning this for awhile now. I love you so much, and I want to give myself to you. Every time we are alone together, it gets harder and harder to control myself. I dream of your touch, of your body against mine. I yearn to feel you sliding inside me. I need you to make love to me."

Aidan gently took Grace's face in his hands and tilted it up so he could brush his lips across hers. Tenderly, he planted kisses on her face, before coming back to her lips. Teasing her with his tongue, he lightly licked along her lips, until breathlessly, she opened her mouth, and her tongue darted out, seeking contact with his.

A tingle shot down to her belly, as Aidan deepened the kiss, crushing his lips against hers and passionately thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Their arms entwined around each other as their tongues danced together fervently and passion consumed them.

Breaking the kiss and stepping back, Aidan slowly slid the peignoir robe down Grace's shoulders, and it landed in a lacy pile on the floor. "You are so beautiful," he whispered in her ear, his hot breath causing Grace to shiver. He gently pushed her back onto the bed and lay down beside her.

Grace's breath came in ragged gasps, part from nervousness and part from arousal, as Aidan teasingly untied the ribbon that held the front of her baby doll together. The gauzy material fell open, exposing her ample breasts. His hands slid down her sides, and grasping the top of her g-string, he pulled it down her hips and legs and then tossed it onto the floor.

He explored her body with his eyes and hands, gently stroking her soft skin as he worked his way up her curvy body. As he reached her thighs, Grace opened her legs slightly in anticipation and moaned a sigh of protest when his hands skipped from her thighs to her belly. They slowly slid upwards, worshipping her body, until they came to rest on her voluptuous breasts. A sharp intake of breath hissed through Grace's lips as Aidan's thumbs brushed across her nipples.

"So fucking beautiful," Aidan murmured as he lowered his mouth to her breast and sucked in a turgid peak.

Grace sighed as Aidan's mouth and tongue ravished first one breast and then the other, licking and sucking in abandon. Heat began to smolder in her belly as pleasure flowed through her body. Aidan trailed kisses down her abdomen, pushing her thighs apart with his hands as his mouth reached her trimmed mound.

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06-02-2008, 11:21 PM
"Umm," she moaned as his tongue licked down her slit before his fingers spread her lips wide, exposing her glistening opening and her swelling nub of pleasure. His tongue dipped into her moist hole before sliding up to her clit and circling it, which sent hot shivers through her center.

As she moaned and writhed from his ministrations, Aidan looked up and said, "You like this," and then he made a quick swipe of his tongue on her clit, "don't you baby?"

"Oh yes Aidan, oh god yes, please don't stop," Grace responded.

Her cries pushed Aidan's passion higher, and he vigorously made love to her clit and pussy with his tongue. Fire raged in Grace's belly, the pressure building to a deafening crescendo. When Aidan slid a finger inside her tight walls, Grace's body went taut, every muscle tightened, and her head arched backwards.

Her mouth opened as if to scream, but no sound came out, and her body spasmed and shook as the mind-blowing orgasm raced through her. Grace had never experienced anything like this before, and it felt as though the whole world had dimmed black before exploding into vivid color.

Aidan rode the waves and continued to lick and suck while his finger thrust inside her. As her breathing evened out and her body stilled, he moved up, his legs nestling between hers and his elbows resting beside her shoulders, their bodies pressed together. Gently brushing the hair away from her face, he said, "I love you so much," and then he planted gentle kisses on her forehead.

"Make love to me Aidan," Grace whispered. "I want to feel you inside me."

Aidan rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her slit, gathering her wet juices, and then he slowly pushed inside her. Grace wrapped her legs around his hips, drawing him deeper inside her yearning pussy. With each slow thrust in, Grace's body quivered. Aidan took her hands in his, entwining his fingers with hers and held them above her head. As his thrusts quickened, he stared deep into Grace's eyes, the depth of his love for her etched on his face.

Warmth radiated throughout Grace's body, the steady thrusts of Aidan's cock deep inside her tight pussy driving her arousal to new heights, and knowing she was loved so deeply by the man of her dreams turned her on even more. Her breath came in panting gasps as her body geared up for another orgasm.

"I'm getting close baby," said Aidan. "Come for me, I want to feel you come while I'm inside you." He released her hands and got up on his knees. Slowly, his thumb circled her hot button, and her thighs quivered as she began to buck wildly against him.

Loud moans tumbled from her mouth as her back arched, and wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her body. Aidan's guttural cries joined her moans as he plunged deep inside her and came, his cock twitching with release. Spent, he collapsed on top of Grace, their breathing slowly calming down, the sweat drying on their bodies.

Gradually, they came back to their senses, and Aidan rolled off Grace and pulled her against him. "Thank you, Grace, for trusting me so much. That was one hell of a graduation present. Now, I have something for you," he said as he reached over her, opened the drawer on the bedside table, and pulled out a small box.

Sitting up, he looked down at her and said, "You are the most important person in my life, and I love you very much. I can't imagine what life would be like without you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Grace, will you marry me?"

Grace's mouth fell open in shock, and then she shrieked and bolted upright. "YES!" she screamed as she threw her arms around Aidan. When she finally pulled away, tears streamed down her face. "Oh Aidan, I love you so much.

You just made me the happiest woman in the world."

"Give me your hand," said Aidan. He gently took her hand and pulling the ring out of the box, slid it onto her finger.

"I know it's not much, but it's the best I could do right now. If I get the record deal, I will buy you a better one. I had thought about waiting to propose until after the meeting, but I just couldn't wait."

"Oh, Aidan, it's absolutely beautiful. I don't need a better one. This one is perfect."

They lay back on the bed, snuggling together, content in their love.

The End

Good Night And Sweet Dreams !!!

07-02-2008, 08:23 PM
Good evening bro birdie.....GONG HEI FATT CHOY.......tks for sharing again

07-02-2008, 09:34 PM
Good evening bro birdie.....GONG HEI FATT CHOY.......tks for sharing again

Gong Xi Fa Cai bro D_G !!! Ni lai le !!! :p

Here's one short story for you ! ;)


Riley rolled over and looked at the clock radio 7:35am. Shit! She had slept through her alarm and had exactly 25 minutes to get downtown to work. Riley jumped out of bed, rushed to put on her business suit and was out of the house in 10 minutes. She was tired but knew it was her own fault. She had been up since 2am talking to her Internet lover, Noah. She had met him through a friend and had only conversed through ICQ. He lived in Texas and they had plans to meet one day. They had already made plans to get together in the summer.

As she waited in rush hour traffic, she glanced at herself in the rearview mirror.

"Not bad" she thought.

If someone had told her five years ago she would be the highest paid executive assistant for Glam Girl, she would have laughed. Riley grew up overweight, shy, and awkward. She was always the butt of people's jokes yet inside she had a plan. She escaped from her small town after high school and went to UCLA for university. While she was there, she lost weight, gained self-confidence and earned a degree in Business Administration. Riley wasn't ugly looking nor was she stunningly beautiful. At 5 foot 4 inches she was short but her demeanor made people notice her. She had lost more than 100 pounds but her breasts were still large. That was the one thing she wanted to change since in her company she always had every guy drooling as she walked by.

Riley walked into the building and went straight to Brad's office. Brad was her boss yet their business relationship was more on an equal level. He had the same qualifications as she. They had the same experience however it was he who had won over the major advertising companies which earned him the title Senior Advertising Executive.

"Hi Brad," Riley purred. She knew that Brad was gay and so she knew she could flirt with him like that without any trouble. If she did that with any other guy in the office, she would be followed around all day.

"Riley, you have the list of items that need to be done on your desk. The only other thing I need you to do is meet a client at the airport at 4pm. He's a big executive from Malibu and he's coming to see me for the week. If you could pick him up, drive him to his hotel and make sure he's settled that would be great."

Brad said this with such a business like attitude Riley couldn't help but giggle.

"Brad, why can't you ever tell me the truth?"

"I don't know . . . maybe cause I know you're smart and will figure it out."

The rest of Riley's day went smoothly. She was glad she had a window office since the air conditioner was right in her room. The others in the center of the building were probably dying of the heat by now. At 3:30pm she picked up her things and went to get her car. That gave her enough time to get to the airport on time, not to leave . . . damn . . . Brad hadn't even told her the guys name. On her cell phone she called Brad.

"Oh sorry Riley, he's 6 feet tall, blond hair. He'll be wearing an Armani business suit probably, I told him what you were wearing today so he'll know how to find you."

He hung up. Great, she thought. She was meeting this guy at one of the busiest airports in the U.S. and didn't even know the guy's name.

The airport wasn't air-conditioned which made the 15-minute wait unbearable. The plan was late and she could feel sweat dripping down her back. She knew her hair was starting to frizz and her nylons were starting to itch. Just as it became too unbearable, a handsome gentleman walked toward her.

"I assume you're Riley, right?"


The drive to the hotel was silent. Just as Riley pulled up to the hotel, Brad's client said,

"So Blondegirl, you're much quieter in person than on the computer, are you planning on dropping me off or are we both going to go upstairs?"

Thoughts spiraled through her head. That was her screen name on MSN. How did he know that? Was this...


"Yes sweetie, your boss is really fantastic."

She knew that he was planning on visiting LA at some point but she thought they had decided on the summer.

"Why didn't you tell me? All this time I thought you were Brad's boy toy of the week. How did you . . . "?

Riley couldn't finish the sentence since Noah had planted a long, sensuous kiss on her lips. This was what she was waiting four months for. She had been talking to him on the Internet every day since October and every day they talked about this first meeting.

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07-02-2008, 09:36 PM
As they opened the hotel room door they barely had time to shut it before they were all over each other. Riley's light blue business suit was off first, leaving her with matching pink bra and lace panties. Noah admired her figure. Her year round tan was still glowing and her nipples were erect. Noah continued to take off his clothes, leaving him with only his black silk boxers. Riley knew that he was rich and knew that it was only the best for Noah. She knew what was to come was to be his best sex ever.

On the bed she kissed her all over - his eyelids, he cheeks, his shoulders. All the while she massaged his ear lobes. He had mentioned that his ears were his most sensitive body part and from the rise in his boxers she knew he wasn't lying. She slowly got closer to his penis. When she got there, she rubbed him through the silk. Noah moaned with pleasure. She slowly removed his boxers, careful not to touch his member at that moment. She knew that would drive him wild. She opened her mouth and took his large member into her mouth completely. She slowly circled her tongue around it, feeling the power she had over him. His gasps and pants made her realize how skilled she had become in college. She didn't realize she was being pulled toward him.

He removed her panties and she placed her legs on either side of his body. His burning wet tongue touched her clit and she knew she had gone to heaven. She continued to twirl her tongue around his member while using her hands to play with his balls. Noah had told her exactly how he liked oral sex and by his moans she knew she was doing things right. Riley had also let Noah know how she liked it as well and as she was losing her ability to concentrate on the task at hand, she realized how skilled Noah really was. He was slowly sucking on her clit while massaging her butt. He then thrust three well-manicured fingers into her hole and started to massage her G spot. Riley wiggled with pleasure as she massaged his legs. His fingers went deeper and deeper and Riley started panting more and more.

"Yes Noah, fuck me with your fingers."

At last Riley came, shaking all over releasing the orgasm that Noah had facilitated. Before she had time to recover, Noah had picked her up and sat her on top of him, facing his handsome face. Throughout their conversations they had decided that this was the best sex position. Noah moved his penis into place and Riley's flush, moist lips engulfed him. She began to move up and down, slowly at first. Noah's hands reached out remove her bra. Her large breasts fell down and his eyes lit up with excitement. Noah moved forward and sucked one nipple while fondling the other with his fingers. They began to speed up and their moans became louder and louder. Riley had another orgasm, which caused her muscles to contract. Noah screamed out with joy, as he had never experienced that feeling before.

"Riley, I'm going to cum now"

Their bodies bucked and thrashed as another orgasm rushed through Riley and Noah's long awaited explosion of cum let loose inside her. They looked at each other, lost in each other's eyes.

"Riley, you are an amazing woman."

The End

07-02-2008, 09:42 PM
Movie Night

Shannon was a gorgeous, twenty-five-year-old redhead with a very sexy body. She worked out six days a week and was a very well-disciplined eater. As a result she had a great pair of toned legs, a sexy bubble-butt and a tight, trim waist. Her C-cup breasts were nice and firm and she kept her pussy completely waxed, something that her boyfriend quickly learned to appreciate. She was very much in love with her boyfriend and they talked regularly about moving in together and getting married, even though they had only been seeing each other for a few months.

Shannon was relatively new in town, so she didn't have too many friends. Over the past couple of months she had been getting closer to one of her coworkers, Linda. Linda was a couple of years younger than Shannon and lived at home with her parents, just like Shannon. She was a beautiful blonde with healthy curves, her body certainly not as tight and toned as Shannon's, but in no way was it less sexy. She had fairly large D-cup breasts and wide, womanly hips. She, too, had a boyfriend, although she wasn't nearly as serious about him as Shannon was about her man.

Linda's parents were going to be out of town for several days. While she would normally invite her boyfriend over so they could take advantage of having the house to themselves, he was out of town as well at a cousin's wedding. After talking to Shannon, they decided to get together on the Friday night for a girls' night. The plan was to stay up late watching movies and gossiping, with Shannon spending the night.

After watching the first movie they had rented, they started talking about their boyfriends, and also about their sex lives.

"Chris is actually really good in bed," Shannon said. "I have an orgasm almost every time."

"Really?" Linda said. "I'm lucky if Ian can make me cum half the time. What does Chris do that works so well?"

"For starters, he's well hung," Shannon explained. "I always used to believe that size didn't matter, but when we made love the first time I found out how wrong I was."

"I know what you mean," Linda said. "My last boyfriend had a really big dick and it was amazing."

"It's not just the size, though," Shannon replied. "He knows how to use it too. You know how most girls say that missionary doesn't give them enough clitoral stimulation? I don't know if it's the angle or what, but he always manages to rub my clit just right."

"You lucky bitch," Linda said with a smile.

"Don't get me wrong, he's not perfect."

"Oh really? How so?"

"I wish he would go down on me more often," Shannon admitted. "I love oral sex so much. I love giving it to him, and I do that at least three or four times a week, but he hardly ever returns the favour."

"Really? I don't enjoy it when Ian goes down on me."

"Maybe he's just not that good at it," Shannon said.

"Maybe," Linda replied. "I guess you can't expect a guy to know exactly how to go down on a woman."

"Yeah, I always wondered what it would be like to have a woman go down on me."

"Hasn't every woman?" Linda said with a light chuckle. "I'm sure a woman would be much better at it."

"Nothing beats a hard cock, though," Shannon added.

"I don't know, I'd seriously think about giving up guys if I found a woman that was good at eating pussy. Besides, there's always strap-ons!" Both girls laughed at Linda's comment.

"Have you ever fooled around with a girl?" Shannon asked.

"No," Linda replied. "Have you?"

"Once," Shannon said.

"Really? What did you do?"

"We just kissed a little bit and touched each other."

"What was it like?" Linda asked.

"It was actually really sexy," Shannon replied. "It just felt so erotic and taboo." The room fell silent for a moment, then Linda leaned in and kissed Shannon. Shannon said nothing, choosing instead to return the kiss. Linda stopped for a moment, pulled back, and quickly peeled her shirt off. Her breasts were encased in a simple white bra, and Shannon watched as she now pulled off her pants as well, revealing the matching thong. Shannon reached out and started to gently caress Linda's breasts.

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07-02-2008, 09:43 PM
"You're right," Linda said. "This does feel taboo." With that comment she unhooked her bra and pulled it off, revealing her large breasts. Shannon leaned down to start kissing and sucking them as Linda started to run her hands over Shannon's chest as well. "I wonder what Chris and Ian would think," Linda said. She did her best to grope Shannon as she felt her lips on her breasts. Shannon then began to rub Linda's pussy through her thong, making her moan. "See, who needs a cock?" Linda said with a smile. Shannon pulled Linda's thong aside and started to lightly finger her pussy. She stopped to pull Linda's thong off completely, leaving Linda completely naked while she was still fully clothed.

"That feels so good," Linda gasped as Shannon continued to finger her pussy. Shannon stopped to take off her shirt, exposing her perky tits, unencumbered by a bra, then she went back to fingering Linda's pussy. She stopped again a minute later to pull of her pants, revealing the fact that she hadn't worn panties either. Linda pushed her back on the couch, then bent down and began kissing all around her inner thighs and stomach. Over the course of the next few minutes she grew bolder until she finally started to lick gently at Shannon's pussy.

The house was dead silent for the next several minutes with the exception, of course, of the moans coming from both women. Shannon was moaning the most, but Linda was clearly enjoying herself as well. She started to use her fingers as well, doing the same things to Shannon that she knew she would like to have done to her.

"Damn girl!" Shannon said. "You're fucking good with your tongue!"

"Better than Chris's big dick?" Linda asked.

"No comment," Shannon said, laughing. A couple of minutes later she was holding onto Linda's head and pulling her in, grinding her pussy against her face. "I'm so fucking wet for you!" she said. "That feels incredible!" Her orgasm was fast approaching as Linda showed off her newly-discovered skill. "Fuck!" Shannon screamed. "Oh shit yes! I'm fucking cumming! I'm cumming all over your face!" She finished cumming, then Linda sat back and spread her legs.

"I ate your pussy," she said. "Now it's your turn to eat mine." Shannon got into it quite quickly, eagerly lapping at Linda's soaking wet pussy.

"I can't believe we're doing this!" Shannon said. "It feels so right!" For nearly twenty minutes the house echoed with Linda's cries as her pussy got fingered and eaten. Eventually she came as well, shouting loudly.

"Let's go up to my room," Linda said after her orgasm had subsided. Both girls got up and walked up the stairs and into Linda's room. Linda led Shannon onto the bed that she had lost her virginity on at age eighteen, and had been fucked on by at least ten other guys since, including her current boyfriend. Their lips locked in a passionate embrace, each of them tasting their own juices off the other's face. They pressed their bodies against each other, almost as though they were both trying to merge with the other.

"This feels so amazing!" Linda said. "You're so fucking gorgeous!"

"I love every inch of your sexy body," Shannon said.

"I can't believe how wet I am! This feels so dirty!"

"Let me see how wet you are. I want to taste that pussy again."

Linda pushed Shannon onto her back and then turned to straddle her face. She leaned forward and buried her head between Shannon's legs as both girls started to eat each other out in a sixty-nine position. They both moaned in ecstasy as they ate each other to another orgasm, pussy juices coating each other's face.

"I want to feel this hot little pussy against mine," Shannon said. They positioned themselves so their legs were intertwined and moved close to each other, then they began to slowly grind their pussies into each other.

"We're both so wet!" Linda said, noting the sloppy sound of their soaking pussies rubbing together. The got more and more turned on, grinding their pussies together harder with each passing minute. They each came quite quickly, less than a minute apart, but they continued to grind into each other. "That feels fucking amazing!" Linda moaned. "My pussy is tingling so much!" A couple of minutes later they both came again, this time only twenty or thirty seconds apart.

"I've never cum this hard before in my life!" Shannon said. It was only a matter of minutes before they each had a massive orgasm, topping all of the previous ones and cumming at exactly the same time. They both collapsed in post-orgasmic bliss, gasping for air for a solid couple of minutes before finally snuggling up face-to-face.

"I think," Shannon said, brushing her fingers through Linda's hair, "that we should make a trip to the store. A strap-on would definitely be a lot of fun to experiment with."

"Maybe the boys would like to join us," Linda said.

"I'm sure they would," Shannon replied, "but I'd rather keep you all to myself." They smiled briefly before kissing passionately once again...

The End

07-02-2008, 09:45 PM
Lifeguard for the Summer

After graduating from high school I was working for the summer as a lifeguard for the neighborhood pool. Four of us split the shifts so the pool was open all day, every day. Janie and I had just gotten certified while the other two were veterans, back from college. All four of us had been swimmers at the Y and word got around about good money and sunshine.

Most of the time it was lame. Most of the girls that came to the pool were 10-15 years old. The guys were always trying to show off and from time to time we had to throw someone out for rough housing. They all spent more time on their tans than in the water. In the first month I only got into the pool once as a life guard. One of the guys tried to do a reverse tuck off the board and hit his head. The girls were not impressed.

Usually, I would be the one to open the pool. Then after my shift I would spend the day laying out next to the life guard stand. Janie and I got to be good friends, but Frank and Anna never stayed beyond their shifts.

Every year, the neighborhood has a huge 4th of July bash at the pool and all four of us were required to be there all day. There was food all day and beer all over. Neither is a good match for a pool full of kids. Three of us were on watch at all times. We each got a chance to get some of the food but were not allowed to drink since we were working. Finally, the evening ended with the fireworks. Three kids stepped on burnt out sparklers while barefoot, but there were no other problems. The adults took most of their trash but there was still a mess for us to clean.

Janie and I were walking back from dumping the last of the trash to find Anna and Frank making out on one of the loungers. Janie grabbed my arm and pulled me back into the shadow of the pool house. Anna's one-piece was down to her midriff and her breasts were squeezed against Frank's chest.

Janie broke the silence, "That explains why they're never here after work."

"Are we going to spy on them or something?"

"No, I have a better idea. Let's hit them with a couple of cannon balls."

"Very mature... You sound like those teenage kids we watch all day."

"You just want to stand here and hope for a look at Anna's tits?"

Truth be told, I would not mind seeing those melons. My eyes had not left the kissing pair since we came back in the vain hope of catching a glimpse. Instead of answering I pulled the strap on the back of Janie's suit and let it pop her back.

"YoWWWIE! I'll get you for that!"

But I was running towards the pool. I executed a perfect cannon ball right in front of Frank and Anna, splashing the two of them. As I was coming up Janie nearly landed right on top of me with another. As I was choking and spluttering the water away I indeed caught a good look at Anna as she and Frank broke their embrace. I was about to say something catchy when I felt a tug on my swim trunks. Distracted as I was, I was easily dunked by Janie and felt my trunks pulled all of the way off.

Laughter was coming from the pool side. I looked up and saw Frank holding my trunks. He handed them to Anna who had pulled her suit back up and she tossed mine over the fence. Janie had scrambled out of the pool and was standing beside the two.

"Very funny. Someone want to go get those?"

"No, I don't think so. You can stay in there and prune up or get them yourself." Janie was quite full of herself at this point.

Anna moved closer to the pool, "Oh, look. Does the water make things look smaller?"

I moved closer to the edge of the pool in modesty. "C'mon, someone get my trunks or a towel at least."

"I'll get you a towel for a kiss," Janie replied.

Now, I would have kissed Janie anyways if given the chance, but she had made it pretty clear she had a boyfriend at the beginning of the summer. She grabbed a towel and held it behind her as she approached the pool. She got down on my level and puckered up. I gave her a quick peck.

"That just won't do," and she kept the towel out of my reach.

I leaned in towards her and she retreated slighttly. Then she reached towards me with her free hand and pulled my face to hers. Our lips mashed together. Her mouth opened and her tongue darted forward. My tongue met hers and electricty shot through my body. For what seemed forever she sucked my tongue into her mouth and kissed like I had never been kissed before. Her other hand came around and both were running through my short cut hair.

And all at once she ended the kiss and stepped away from the pool, "That kiss would have woke the dead."

"My towel?"

"Sorry, I lied. Come and get it." The three of them sat on the lounge chairs by the pool.

Of course, I am not dead. But that kiss definitely woke me up. My hard on was stiff as a rock. I could wait for it to go down, but which would be more embarrassing? They were obviously going to wait me out. I pushed myself up on the edge of the pool and climbed out. My seven inch tool stood out straight and proud. I walked right up to Janie. "This is what you wanted?"

She reached out and stroked my ball sac, licked the underside of my cock, and handed me the towel, "Yuck! Chlorine!" She stood up and wrapped another towel around her waist.

"What? You're going to leave me like this?" I barely noticed Anna and Frank move off as I stood naked in front of Janie.

"I'm sure you have some experience in taking care of the situation at hand." With that she started walking towards the parking lot. I was dumbfounded. What was that all about? I went into the bathroom and relieved myself. The explosion of fluids was greater than anything I had ever had before. Finally, I retrieved my trunks and went home.

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07-02-2008, 09:47 PM
The next morning I opened the pool and got things ready for the day. It was pretty quiet for the first few hours but finally some kids started showing up. It was a little subdued after the 4th of July party. At one o'clock Janie showed up to relieve me. She walked right up to the chair, climbed the steps, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before shoving me out of the chair and into the pool. She definitely had me off kilter. I came up to the sounds of laughter all around.

I took my usual lounger next to the lifeguard chair and lay down on my stomach. "So, what about Roger?"

No answer.

"Janie? What's going on?"

No answer.

"If you're not going to talk to me, I'm just going to sleep." My timer went off and I woke up and rolled over. "What are you doing for dinner tonight?"

Still, no answer. I looked up and she was definitely there. I drifted off for the afternoon. When I woke up Janie was straightening the pool chairs.

"You know, you probably shouldn't sleep out here."

"Don't worry, I won't burn."

"It's not that. You seemed to have some pretty nice dreams out here today," she said laughing.

I looked down and sure enough I had the remains of a bulge in my shorts.

"I don't think anyone else noticed, but you might get in trouble if one of the parents comes in and sees your pole at full staff."

I walked home and jumped in the shower. I put on a clean shirt and slacks before going downstairs. "Hey mom, when's dinner?"

"Aren't the two of you going out?"


"You and Janie. She got here a couple of minutes ago. She said the two of you are going to dinner and a movie. She's waiting in the family room."

I walked past my mother and into the next room. There was Janie, looking at the family pictures and talking to my dad. She was wearing a beautiful light flower print dress. It set off her tan and blond hair. Their backs were to me and I used the time to regain my composure. At least I would have if my mother had not run right up my back, "I brought us all some drinks before you two go out."

Janie and my dad turned around. Her smile was radiant. "Thanks, Mrs. Roberts." She grabbed a drink and sat on the sofa.

"Charlie, I can't believe you didn't introduce us to Janie yesterday at the party. When did the two of you start going out?"

Once again, Janie had me off balance. "But, but..." was all I could say.

"You know Charlie, he is so quiet. This is actually going to be our first real date. But as you know, I've seen lots of him recently."

Dad spoke up, "Yeah, Charlie was never a ladies man... But he did talk about you at the beginning of the summer. Said you went through certification together."

"Yeah, my ex-boyfriend used to pick me up there every day. It's how he met our instructor. They were sneaking around behind my back for weeks before I found out about it. Charlie has always been a good person to talk to. He finally asked me out this afternoon."

"If we are going to the movies tonight we ought to leave for dinner Janie. Dad, can I take the Jag?"

"I have to go close the store this evening or you could."

"I have my Mustang. I'll let you drive if you know how to handle a stick," Janie smiled.

"He's really good with a stick Janie. I taught him everything he knows."

I felt the blood rushing to my face. We had to get out of there. "Let's go." I took Janie by the elbow. "Goodnight mom, goodnight dad. Don't wait up."

She tossed me the keys, "You could have said something..."

"You are so much cuter when you don't know what's going on."

Dinner was better than I any meal I could remember. Janie talked and I listened. I got a few words in here and there, but she obviously had some things she wanted to say, so I let her. I was lost in her looks. Before we knew it, they were ushering us out of the restaurant and it was too late to see the movie.

"We could go swimming instead," offered Janie.

"We don't have our swim suits."

"Does that really bother you after last night?"

"Last night bothered me when it happened, but now... Are you sure?"

"I want to see you again. And I want you to see me. And I want to be with you."

"Isn't this sort of sudden?"

"We've known each other for years... the swim team, school, and now life guarding together. I mean, if you have a girl..."

"No, it's not that. I've never really had a girlfriend. And you've just been cheated on..."

She pushed me against the car door and looked up into my eyes. "Charlie, I don't know if I love you. I'm not asking you to love me. Maybe this is just a rebound thing. But I know you have been there for me this summer. You may have just been working on your tan, but instead of flirting with the girls at the pool, you've sat by me every day when you could have left. You've listened to me. Yes, I know you slept through some of it. But, our talks have been more real than anything I ever had with any guy before." She pulled me down to her lips and gave a gentle kiss. I opened my eyes and saw a tear roll down her cheek. I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately.

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07-02-2008, 09:48 PM
We stood there together for what seemed forever. Finally I broke our embrace and put her in the car. I walked around to the driver side and climbed in, "I hope Frank and Anna aren't there."

Janie laughed, "We'll just kick them out. This is our day."

The pool was deserted. We went into the pool house and I put a couple of towels out for us. We disrobed in the cubicles and wrapped the towels around. We walked hand in hand to the pool. "You go to that end and I'll meet you in the middle," Janie suggested.

We both dropped our towels and did shallow swimmer dives into the pool. I looked up and headed in her direction. As she reached the middle of the pool, Janie started treading water. I went under and swam around her getting my first look at this beautiful mermaid. Her pubes were cut short but not shaved completely. Her nipples stood erect and proud from her firm B cups.

I came up for air behind her and kissed her lightly on the neck. She reached behind and grabbed my hands bringing them around to her waiting tits. "Aren't you supposed to be good at the breast stroke?"

"I was state champ," I said, massaging her chest. My erection was stick straight out so, of course, it ran right into her ass.

"I think someone is very happy to be here."

"I hope we both are."

Janie turned around to face me. Our lips once again found each other. Her breasts crushed against my chest. My cock slipped between her legs. She squeezed her legs together making a nice warm spot for my stiff member. She broke our liplock, "You feel so hard."

"And you feel so soft. Let's sit on the steps." We moved towards the shallow end of the pool. As we were walking her hand found its way down to my shaft.

"Oh my! Look it breaks the water and we aren't even waist deep." I looked down and sure enough the head was sticking out of the water with the hand on it.

"You're hand feels so good there. I wish you'd never let go." I heard a splish splash sound as I felt her bringing her hand up and down the shaft of my cock.

"Is this the way you like it?"

"Baby, anyway you touch it would be great. But I tell you, I am not going to last long the first time."

"Really? Are you about ready to blow?"

I turned and sat on the top step. "Any... any.. time now. Ohmy, oh oh here it comes!" She stepped directly in front of me and directed my shot at her stomach and breasts. I shot and shot. Last night was nothing compared to this. She stroked me even after I was finished, rubbing the dribbling ooze over the head. Finally when it was over she let go and started smearing my cum all over stomach.

"Best thing about being in the pool is easy clean up," and she ducked under water and began washing.

"That's my job tonight," I said drawing her towards me. She straddled one of my legs and I brought my lips down to her waiting breast. She took my hand and guided it to her other. She took my fingers and made them gently pinch her nipple. At the same time I nibbled lightly on the other. I felt her body shudder at the contact. I felt the prickly sensation of her shortened pubes running up and down my leg as she ground her hips back and forth. Her hand found the head of my cock, once again sticking out of the water. She rubbed over and around.

I turned towards the edge of the pool and sat her out of the water. "How far have you gone before? You know this is my first time."

"I've never been this far. Probably why he was cheating on me."

"His loss," I started kissing her body. I started with her neck and moved down to her tits. Her body was my play place. My hand cupped the mound between her legs. The middle finger slipped through her folds and found paradise. I continued kissing down her body. Her moans told me I was doing something right. I slowly stroked my finger in and out of her love canal. My lips reached her navel. She giggled as I kissed in and around it. Then her fingers found the top of my head and pushed me down further. Her legs were undlating back and forth. Here it was, her beautiful self. For a second all I could do was stare. I nibbled the inside of her left thigh. I moved to the right. I stuck out my tongue and ran it from the bottom of her gash all the way through her short hairs, parting her as I went. She whimpered in ecstasy.

"Please, please... lick me, eat me... don't stop." Her wish was my command. My tongue worked back and forth. My fingers moved in and out. She brought her fingers down and parted herself. Her clit exposed itself and my lips were there. Her hips started bucking and her moaning increased. I held on as best I could and kept my tongue and lips going. finally she screamed out, "Yes, yes, oh yes. Give it to me! Oh Gawd, oh Gaawwwdddd!" And she went limp.

I kissed my way back up her body. When we finally met lips to lips she smiled. Her eyes shone like the stars above. She reached down between our bodies and pulled my stiff cock to her. She directed it up and down her slit getting it newly moistened with her juices. "I'm ready, and it feels like you're ready too. Stick this beast in me!"

With her help my cock found the greatest entrance known to man. I sat there on the verge of losing my virginity, the head of my cock right at the doorway to heaven, "I do love you. whether you want it or not. I love you," and I shoved my cock into her waiting pussy, past her hymen and into the great unknown. She made a small cry out and we both sat there adjusting to our new situation.

"I love you too,' she whispered in my ear. I started making very short strokes trying to make the moment last as long as possible. "You fill me so completely. Do it now! Do it hard!" And I responded, not holding back. she spread her legs wide and I began to pummel in and out. I think I lasted a whole four strokes before succumming. I screamed out loud as I erupted inside her. She screamed as well, another orgasm wracking her body. She clamped down on my cock and I felt another surge from deep inside. I barely kept from collapsing on top of her. Instead I looked into her eyes and kissed her once again.

My cock was still hard, being in such a wonderful environment. I lifted Janie and brought our bodies together. Impaled on my erection I walked her towards the middle of the pool. We continued to kiss as I walked, her body seemingly weightless in my arms. "Will you marry me?" I couldn't believe I asked.

Janie leaned back from our embrace, "Are you serious?"

"My turn to throw you off balance... but yes, I am serious."

"What about college? What about our parents? Where would we live? Am I actually considering this?"

At that point I thrust my hips forward and she leaned forward biting into my neck. "Oh god... o god" I thrust again, "Yes, yes!" And I thrust repeatedly, Janie holding on and biting as I erupted deep inside her for a second time that night. I squeezed her so tight I thought I might accidently crack her ribs. My legs failed me finally and we slid into the deep water.

We swam around for a few more minutes our juices and sweat washing away in the pool. finally we climbed out and wrapped in the towels we had waiting at either end of the pool. We went into the pool house to get dressed.

It was a shock to both of our families. I think my parents took it better. We were married the week before we started college. We were both on scholarships that included a stipend for housing. Ten years later, I'm a doctor and she has an MBA. And yes, we are still married. we have one kid, born April 1 the following year. She was a swimmer from day one.

The End

07-02-2008, 09:54 PM
Louise: Las Vegas Showgirl

Standing at the foot of the bed admiring his handiwork, Rick thinks to himself, "Kelly is so beautiful and sleeps so amazingly sound."

She never moved as he was tying one end of the silk scarves around her wrists and the other to the posts in the headboard. Soft warm skin, pink areolas, smooth, soft mound, he had shaved for her just this morning. The suppleness of her inner thighs, she arouses him just looking at her, but it is not enough- he needs to touch, lick, and kiss her to fulfill her fantasies and his as well. They are so connected. He was about to reveal a fantasy he had planned for his jewel that she will never forget.

In her sleep, Kelly feels something warm and moist on her left nipple, licking, sucking, and tugging. She moans, and then it stops.

"Oh what a wonderful dream".

Her eyes flutter open, she sees Rick's head at her chest, sucking and tugging at her tit with his teeth. Her body writhes underneath him. She wants to feel him, but realizes Rick has her restrained.

He stops, and looks at her smiles and says," Babe I did it for you."

"Honey, I can feel how wet I am without touching. I can see and feel the pleasures you are giving my rose colored buds."

Rick smiles, the way she says things-so sexy so hot, "Not yet baby."

He then goes back to devouring her so sensitive bulbs, making her struggle, her body begging for release. After what seems like an eternity, Rick stops the assault. He moves down between her legs, slowly lapping her smoothness. Kelly keeps pushing toward him when she feels his warm breath near her slit, but he pulls away.

"Honey, I can't take any more, please..."

He goes back to slowly licking her soft shaven mound, then along the sides of her pussy lips, on his upward movement he slips his tongue slightly inside her slit, she responds by thrusting forward, and Rick pulls away, telling her,

"Babe, if you keep that up you will spoil your surprise".

Her body is on fire, she can feel her juices dripping out of her pussy. Rick gets up from the bed. Kelly wonders where he is, going, when her body is writhing, in need to finish the pleasure Rick watches with delight in his eyes- he sees Kelly turned on and pulling on the restraints and says,

"Kelly your so wet baby."

Tenderly stroking her wetness with his fingers-then rubbing her juices up and down his shaft- his thumb rubbing the head as she always does his other hand massaging his scrotum just as she does as well- watching her eyes- seeing her lick her lips. Rick stands up, moves over her head, and lowers his rod so only the tip of her tongue can touch the so swollen mushroom head not allowing her lips to curl around the sensitive edges. Suddenly; there are three knocks at the door followed by three more.

Smiling, Rick says, "I wonder who that is."

Kelly says, "Untie me Rick."

He just smiles and moves to the door, returning in seconds- hand in hand with a tall woman long black hair suntanned complexion in a tight red dress and 5-inch stilettos.

"Kelly, this is Louise- I met her here in Las Vegas when I came out for the convention a couple weeks ago."

Louise sits on the side of the bed, leans over, and kisses Kelly's soft lips. Rick watches her respond. She slips her warm slippery tongue into Louise's mouth then sucks hers so deeply back into her own mouth.

Pulling away Louise says, "Rick, Kelly is so hot right now so turned on."

Rick looks at her and smiles, "How does it feel to kiss someone you never knew existed until a minute ago?"

"Oh Rick I need to cum baby now." Kelly moans.

Rick just smiles. "Baby you will but not just yet it will be worth it to wait."

Louise gently moves her fingers over Kelly's breasts. Rick watches as Kelly's nipples respond to the fondling. Her hand then moves between Kelly's legs feeling her so wet nether lips. Louise holds my rod with her other hand softly stroking it -stroking Kelly's pussy with the other.

"You two have been busy and Rick you are so bad not letting Kelly cum right now."

"Well Louise, she really likes to watch and I want every cell in her body screaming for release and then I want you to make her cum over and over."

"Oh god, Rick!" Kelly moans and closes her eyes.

She opens them again to see Louise circle her tongue around the head of Rick's phallus sticking the tip in the hole. He brushes her long black hair to the side so Kelly can see her lips sliding down his so hard shaft and back up repeatedly.

"And Rick- you said Kelly likes to do this."

She softly sucks first one ball into her mouth -softly sucking and moving her mouth all over it before doing the same thing to the other ball.

"Oh god yes." Rick moans as Louise stops and smiles at him.

Moving away from the bed, Louise says, "Rick sit on the bed with Kelly."

Rick sits and watches as Louise unbuttons the front of her dress slowly, revealing her sheer black bra, pulling her arms out of the dress leaving it resting on her hips. She reaches back, unhooks her bra, and lets it fall from her shoulders down her arms, showing her firm breasts and dark areolas already erect -each one with a small ring through it. Using her fingers, she pulls on each ring making her nubs stiff and long. Kelly watches -surprised this is turning her on more- she wants to suck those dark nipples and tug the rings with her teeth. Smiling, Louise unbuttons the rest of her dress and lets it fall to the floor, wearing only a sheer black g-string.

"Rick, can you find me a piece of string?"

Rick gets up and finds some thread in the sewing kit the hotel provided. When he turns around, he sees Louise removing her g-string and watches her bend over to step out of it, getting a glimpse of something shiny. Louise sits on the edge of the bed next to Kelly, spreads her own legs, looks at Rick and says,

"Tie that string right there will you?" She points to the piercing in her clit.

Rick leans down, threads the string through the piercing- the musky scent wafting into his nostrils.

"How long would you like the string?"

"You decide because you're in charge of it." She says.

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07-02-2008, 09:56 PM
Rick cuts the string and continues to hold onto it. Louise lays on the bed beside Kelly- the contrast between the two women is startling. Kelly's light skin next to the warm tan- the pink nipples on Kelly stand out from the reddish brown ones of Louise. Turning on her side- seeing Kelly licking her lips and admiring the hard pierced nipples, Louise holds one in her hand and offers it greedily Kelly sucks it into her mouth, putting the tip of her tongue through the ring, sucking and tugging looking at Rick.

Louise says, "She is really good at this."

Somewhat shocked, Rick moves onto the bed to watch the two women. Louise is circling Kelly's pink nips with her finger, making them longer and harder. Lifting her leg and exposing herself to Rick,

Louise says, "Pull on that string."

Pulling on the string, he watches her cunt as it expands and contracts, pulling in an even rhythm- he see juices flowing from her, dripping down towards her dark hole and pooling. Louise instructs him to slip between Kelly's legs,

"I want to watch you jerk off while you hold the thread pulling on my clit and cum all over that sweet pink pussy of Kelly's."

Rick is surprised at how this woman has just taken over but is mesmerized at the same time. Taking his hard shaft and the thread in his hand, and stroking slowly and feeling his tension building as he watches Kelly sucking at those dark nipples, exciting him feeling the pressure building pumping harder and faster, hearing moaning he looks and sees Louise moving her hips as he strokes himself and tugs on the string. He glances up to see Kelly enjoying Louise's nipples. Suddenly he shoots his hot cream all over Kelly's smooth mound and open lips.

Louise tells Rick in a breathy voice, "Don't stop, pull harder, faster."

Watching her body shaking and jerking in orgasm - he continues his motions with the string. Her once pink pearl red from the tugging he continues watching her juices flow like water over a falls. Motioning for Rick to move out of the way, she straddles Kelly so she can rub their soaked pussy lips together mixing her cum with Ricks. Then she lay next to Kelly.

Louise looks at Rick, "Get that vibrator will you?"

He looks over and sees a pink penis shaped object sticking out of her purse. Picking it up, Louise motions for him to turn it on and slide it into Kelly's ever so slick twat, thrusting in and out. She squirms as Louise licks and sucks slowly on her hard sensitive nipples and feels the vibrating sensations in her puss. Then feeling her body starting to shudder, her pussy muscles are tightening around the fast moving toy inside her, her hips lifting- toes curling as the orgasm wracks her body. Louise reaches up to remove the restraints and feels teeth attach to her nipple ring as Rick moves between Kelly's legs to clean her with his tongue.

Standing under the hot shower, Kelly rubs her sore wrists wondering how Rick had met this sexual vixen on his business trip. Or maybe it was that Louise told him that she could give them something they had never experienced. Feeling Rick's hands wrapping around her waist she leans against him rubbing her hands up and down his thighs.

"Rick, what did Louise tell you about herself when you talked to her about what she wanted and what we want?"

"She gave me the impression of wanting what we wanted, a nice sexy ménage a trois nothing more."

Rubbing her body against Rick, she feels his member growing. Turning around, and kissing him deeply, she sinks to her knees. The water was spraying down on her back. She licked from the underside of his balls to the tip of his cock- circling the head then consuming his shaft delicately with her lips. Cupping his butt with her hands, she slid her mouth further down until the tip touched the back of her throat. Sucking deeply- she moved her mouth back to the tip to tease the hole, hands lingering on the back of his strong legs-kissing along the base and down his inner thighs- Rick's fingers tangling in her hair, moaning at the soft feeling. Kelly sees Louise's feet between Rick's legs. Rick feels her hands caress down his back and around to his chest, tangling in the wet hair. Louise's soft lips leaving kisses down his back- stopping at the base of his spine, slipping her tongue just inside the crack of his buttocks- all the way down.

The feeling along the edges of his ass and Kelly's mouth around his tool were driving him crazy. Watching Kelly-, he sees Louise slip between his legs and put her mouth under Kelly's smooth mound. Suddenly his dick is feeling like it is in a vice -Kelly is reacting to the move that Louise has made. Feeling the warm wet tongue on her mound and lips, Kelly moans. With Rick's hard shaft in her mouth- she knows he is feeling the vibration by the way he has jerked and moved. Kelly scraps her teeth as she moves back and forth, cupping his balls in her hand and massaging. Feeling Louise's hands cupping her ass and sucking her engorged sensitive pearl- Kelly's heart beats faster. Rick pulls away from Kelly leaving her looking so hot and sexy while being eaten out by Louise.

He kneels between Louise's legs and rams his tool into her like a rocket, pulling the string attached to the ring in her clit. Watching as Kelly's nipples become harder- her body shuddering in orgasm suddenly he is shooting his hot seed into Louise, feeling her contract with every pull of the thread. All three breathing hard and recovering from their hot and wet encounter, they shower together, - washing each other and head back to the king size bed to rest.

Kelly looks over and sees Louise lying on her side facing her. Rick was lying on his back. Kelly looked down and could see Louise's pierced buds- slightly erect nipples from the cool air. She couldn't resist, leaning close- she flicks them with the tip of her tongue, as Louise stirs but does not awaken.

Kelly was thinking," Rick- you give me such wonderful gifts. "

Kelly sees her eyes flutter but close again, the temptation is too much,-she leans forward and delicately sucks Louise's dark areola into her mouth feeling it grow with every motion. Suddenly there are two hands on Kelly's head holding her in place as she devours this beautiful nub- growing beautifully in her mouth. Hearing raspy groans coming from Louise- Kelly knows her arousal is obvious. Feeling Louise starting to stroke her back and caress her butt, already excited- Kelly becomes more so and just wants to enjoy Louise fully for her own satisfaction. Pulling away from Louise-, she takes her hands and puts them in the restraints.

Louise struggles, begs Kelly not to, but she just smiles and brushes her breast against Louise's lips but doesn't let her capture them. Then Kelly moves between her knees, cupping her mound, feeling the soft velvety dampness, wanting a full view of her womanhood she opens the butterfly and gasps at the beauty she finds. So dewy, clitoris engorged, she just can't resist touching her, and she moans. Kelly smiles- dipping her head down, close enough for Louise to feel her warm breath, wanting to touch, but changes my mind.

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07-02-2008, 09:57 PM
Getting off the bed- Kelly goes to her suitcase and retrieves the new toy she has been dying to try out. Returning she holds up a double-ended dildo and a penis shaped vibrator. Louise's eyes grow wide with excitement. She uses one end and strokes her from her butt hole to the very top of her cleft, watching her contract, seeing more juices flowing. She carefully inserts the dildo into Louise and strokes her with it, stroking her clit. Then she leans forward taking each nipple into her mouth, teasing, and feeling them grow even more erect. Maneuvering herself- Kelly impales herself upon the other end of the dildo and begins rocking her hips back and forth- Louise matching her motions. Kelly looks over and sees Rick awakening, confused at first, wondering what is happening, then he understands and she smiles at him.

Rick fondles his warm erection-thumb rubbing over the head as he watches Kelly and Louise fuck- four erect nipples two bodies moving as one -moans escaping each of their lips- slippery pussies moving up and down the rubber phallus.

Rick hears a click as the hotel door opens. Monique appears in her robe, she had picked up the key card from the desk as he had arranged. Unbeknownst to Kelly- she had flown in to Vegas to be with them. Monique looks at Louise and Kelly-then smiles at Rick. Monique then gets onto the king size bed next to Rick saying,

"Hi baby." Brushing her lips and sliding her tongue across his lips.

She leans in and says, "You got Kelly another present and I don't mean the toy, and I see they have you so aroused."

They watch Kelly and Louise tangled in passion- legs locked- pounding each other with the dildo. Louise reaches across to greet Monique by sliding her hand along Monique's long black leg and traces the lips of the black beauty she has never met. Rick's rod pressing along Monique's butt cheeks as she lifts her top leg to expose her dewy butterfly whispering, "Fill my void like they are baby."

Rick's hands slide around her body cupping her beautiful breasts with their chocolate tips while he moves slowly into Monique, thrusting in and out of her while watching Kelly and Louise fuck with their toy. Aching for release- he sees the girls moaning and beginning to cum- each throwing their heads back and not being able to control it anymore as he shoots his load so deep in Monique and hearing her moaning,

"Oh yes Rick."

Monique lifts off my cock asking Kelly if she wants to taste. Kelly's face says it all. Monique reverse straddles lowering her dripping cunt to an eager mouth. Louise spreads her legs and lowers herself down to Rick's waiting mouth. He begins tongue fucking her long and deep. Monique leans forward to return the favor for Kelly- brushing her mound with her lips -nibbling her skin and lapping her wetness. Rick glances across seeing the contrast in skin colors moving together so well - hearing the wet licks and sucks coming from them. Louise leans down taking my once again engorged shaft in her mouth- licking it- stroking her lips up and down. All of a sudden, I feel something just inside my dark hole. Louise has slipped the tip of the vibrator inside of me, making me harder than I have ever been in my life. Everyone pleasuring each other, the bed moving and undulating -hands reaching to stroke and rub each other.

Kelly moaning reaches over to slide her hand under my balls as Louise sucks up and down. Kelly whispers to Monique "Let our new friend have the honor of pleasuring you, you will not be disappointed."

Nervous giggles from Louise and Monique as Kelly takes the cock from Louise and licks up and down the hard rod.

"Oh Kelly baby"- is all Rick can get out.

Monique rolls to her back smiling as Louise's dark Italian skin meets her warm black skin. Rick's hands tangle in Kelly's hair as she kisses his rigid shaft -sucking each ball into her mouth deeply. He is feeling the vibrator move slowly in and out- his orgasm building. Rick looks over and watches as Louise and Monique greet each other with tongues- long, pink, and so wet. Rick's fingernails scratch small circles around Kelly's back as she straddles him reverse cowgirl. This way she can ride his hard shaft and stroke his butt hole with the toy his hips thrusting up into Kelly, her heat almost more than he can bear, but feeling the cool air as she fucks him harder and harder. Monique and Louise cup each other's breasts and massage each other's nipples.

Rick's hips meeting with Kelly's- long slow strokes in her so tight and slippery pussy. His hands are cupping and squeezing her butt. Monique and Louise rubbing each other's wet pussies together -legs entwined stimulating each other's clits as they grind together. Moans escaping from everywhere- bodies on edge- Kelly fucking Rick like an insatiable animal and cumming feeling his cock exploding and cumming within her tight warm honey pot watching Monique and Louise as their orgasms overtake them.

Hearing Kelly say, "Monique this is Louise, Louise this is Monique" and chuckles aloud.

Louise smiles as Monique says, "Yes we have come to know each other very well."

Rick was ready but waiting for the three women. He smiled and looked at his Armani Chronograph watch- he was feeling great all decked out in a buttoned down Ralph Lauren black dress pants and white button down shirt, dark black Raffaello shoes. As he stepped into the hall, he saw two maids giggling behind their cart and the people in both adjoining rooms standing at their opened doors. The women glancing all over him –down his shirt to his shoes and back up with just a hint of naughtiness in their eyes. Monique was the first out wearing a red sleeveless wrap dress with a side slit showing off her long black legs so taut and toned in 3-1/2" cheetah print with patent leather trim peep toe shoes. Kelly came out behind her wearing low rise Diesel Jeans and a form fitting white t-shirt with nothing underneath it and white 4" Manola Blahnik sandals. Louise was next -her dark Italian complexion showing so well in her Versace black strapless curvy jersey dress and black patent leather 5" stilettos. Rick let the women go ahead of him so he could watch the men in the hall examine the beautiful shapes that he had full knowledge of underneath those clothes. Then he walks by the onlookers and winks.

The End

07-02-2008, 10:41 PM
One last story for tonight - Title : Wandering - Constance

I can remember exactly when I knew my marriage to Jocelyn was over. It was the night of our Tenth Wedding Anniversary. I had come home early, brought flowers and a nice, silver pendant that I knew she would wear. We kissed perfunctorily at the kitchen door and I went upstairs to shower and change before I took her out to her favorite restaurant for dinner.

What made it memorable is that we hardly had a word to say to each other despite the fact that we had not seen or talked to each other since the previous evening. I typically left for work an hour before Jocelyn and she was in the shower when I pulled out of the driveway that morning. At the restaurant there were no reminiscences of past times together, no fond remembrances ... nothing. We made the odd comment about the weather or our work, but nothing intimate. When we went to bed I reached for her, hoping for at least some Anniversary lovemaking, but she said she was too tired and that was that.

I lay on my back and knew then that it was over. We had each been pretending that we had a marriage for some time; perhaps years. I thought back over those times and realized I wasn't even sure if we were ever even in love with each other. We went through all the motions, but I couldn't remember a moment when I knew for sure that I would do anything for her; walk through fire, slay dragons or take on a gang of villains. It was a dispiriting thought and with our life having sunk into ennui over the past two or three years, I knew a decision was at hand.

I delayed leaving for work the next morning. I might as well face it when I knew what I wanted to say. Jocelyn came down and was obviously surprised to see me sitting at the kitchen table with a coffee and the morning paper.

"What are you doing still here?" she asked, curious as she poured her first coffee.

"I wanted to talk to you. It seemed like the best opportunity." I said quietly.

I suppose it was my tone of voice that alerted her. She looked at me and then picked up her coffee and sat in her usual chair.

"What did you want to talk about?" she asked carefully. She was obviously uncomfortable with the uncertainty.

"Jocelyn, there's no easy way to say this. I will file for divorce early next week."

I watched her eyes grow large and heard the sharp intake of breath.

"Why?" she struggled to ask.

"I think you know the answer to that as well as I do. Our marriage is dead. It died a long slow death, but it is dead." I said solemnly.

She sat silently, looking at me; obviously thinking about what she had just heard. Slowly, she lowered her gaze to her untouched coffee and stared at it for a few moments.

"I'm sorry, Lee. I wish it had worked. I'm sorry." she finally whispered.

"I know. Don't blame yourself. Sometimes ... sometimes it just doesn't ... " I couldn't finish the thought. I saw a tear and then another trickle down her cheek.

"I'll look after the paperwork and if we use the do-it-yourself forms, we can cut the legal costs ... unless you want to contest it." I said, almost as an afterthought.

"No ... I won't fight it. You're right ... it just didn't come out the way we wanted it to."

I stood up, kissed her cheek and left quietly for the garage and headed off to work.


If there is such a thing as an amicable divorce, we were the model. It was civil and civilized. We split everything almost 50-50. Jocelyn's income was very healthy as a Provincial Government Assistant Director in the Environment Ministry, thus there would be no alimony. We agreed to sell the house and close the mortgage. Our home in Burnaby had inflated to an almost ridiculous amount during the eight plus years that we had owned it. After we retired the mortgage, we split nearly $300,000.00. We both had our own retirement savings plans and simply maintained them in our own names.

Jocelyn kept her car, but I had a company lease car with no asset value to me. I let Jocelyn keep most of the furniture except a couple of pieces that had come from my parents and grandparents. I guess, all told, she would have taken away $30,000.00 or so in value more than me, but in truth, I really didn't care. I just wanted the whole unhappy episode to be over.

We met once more just before the divorce was final to make sure there were no outstanding issues to be resolved. We chose a pub not far from our former residence and found a semi-secluded place to talk. It didn't take us long to determine that there was nothing left to discuss except our feelings and our futures.

"So, where are you going to live?" she finally asked.

"I don't know. I quit my job last week. I'll be finished at the end of the month and then I'm going to do what the Aussies do; 'go walkabout'. Except, I guess, it will be more like 'go ride-about'."

"I almost envy you. I wouldn't mind a sabbatical myself. I hope you find what you're looking for." she said sincerely.

"Me too. I just hope I'll know it when I find it." I chuckled.

"What about you ... where are you going to live?" I asked.

"I've taken a job in the Industry Ministry and I'm moving to Victoria. I found an apartment there. I'll enjoy that, I think. Less pressure than Environment."

"Good ... I'm glad." I said honestly.

"Regrets?" she asked.

"Sure. Plenty. I wonder if it would have turned out differently if I hadn't been sterile. I'm sure that must have hurt you more than you let on; to find that out after we were married. I know it hurt me. Not good for the male ego." I smiled.

"Yes ... it hurt. But then, we talked about adoption and IVF. We had choices." she said with some emotion. "I'm not sure that would have made a big difference except that maybe we might have hung on a lot longer because of the kids and then been that much more unhappy. Not much of a choice in my opinion."

"I suppose you're right." I said, staring into my beer mug. "Well," I said, raising my mug. "here's to a better future for us. I wish you all the best, Jocelyn."

She touched her wine glass to my mug and offered a faint smile. A few minutes later we hugged and kissed each other for the last time and I stood and watched as she slowly worked her way out of the pub and into the parking lot. I slumped back in my seat, waiting for the waitress to come around so that I could order another beer. I didn't have any place special to go and I was in no hurry to get there.


I had moved in with my folks for a couple of weeks after the sale of the house. They were very generous and sympathetic. Mom and Dad had been married over forty years and I think they were deeply disappointed at my divorce. I had failed at something important and I think they knew that I was ashamed to admit it. They said nothing directly to me, but I could tell by some of the inferences what they were thinking. The sooner I hit the road, the better off they would be. I had only another week until the end of the month and the end of my employment. I think they were surprised and dubious about my unplanned future, but they said nothing to discourage me.

On a bright, sunny March Saturday morning, I loaded the last of my bags in my car, kissed and hugged my folks and drove off into the sunrise. I had absolutely no idea where I was going, but I really wasn't worried about it. I had turned in my company car and purchased a year old, low mileage, Subaru Outback. I had decided to explore my home Province and at this time of the year, there was no need for reservations since it was nearing the end of the ski season. I drove for a couple of hours, stopping in Hope to stretch my legs, top up the tank, unload my morning coffee and then get another fresh one at the kiosk across from the gas station.

By noon I was in Keremeos but I wasn't hungry and pushed on to Osoyoos before stopping for a snack at a grocery store deli bar. On the spur of the moment, I decided to head for Nelson; a lovely little picturesque town in the Kootenay Mountains. I might take my chances on a B and B or a motel and if worst came to worst, I would double back to Castlegar or even Trail for accommodation. I pulled out my pocket guide to British Columbia Bed and Breakfasts, chose one that looked likely and thumbed the number on my cell phone. A mature sounding woman answered the phone and identified herself as Connie Bradshaw. I was in luck. She had a room and was featuring off-season rates.

It was almost six when I finally arrived in Nelson and found the Alpine Rest B & B. I stepped through the outer entrance to the large, quaint Victorian house and twisted the t-bar on the old fashioned ringer. In a matter of a few seconds and woman appeared in the hallway and opened the door for me and ushered me in.

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07-02-2008, 10:43 PM
"I assume you are Mr. Stephenson?" she inquired.

"Yes ... Lee Stephenson. You must be Mrs. Bradshaw." I replied.

"It's Connie." she said smiling. "Do you not have any luggage?" she inquired.

"In the car. I thought I'd check in first before I started to haul things in. I wasn't sure where I should park."

"Not a problem. Bring in what you need for your stay and park around the back. There's a reserved lot."

I filled out the registration and looked around the entrance as Connie ran my credit card through. I was struck by just how elegant and detailed the old building was. It was in flawless condition inside and I was anxious to see my room and more of the old house if possible. I also took the time to survey Connie Bradshaw. She was somewhere in her late forties I guessed. Very attractive with a still youthful figure and a bright smile.

"You're my only guest tonight, Mr. Stephenson." she said as she handed me back my card.

"It's Lee. I was just admiring the interior of the house. It's very beautiful and in great condition." I offered sincerely.

"Yes, it's been a lot of work but well worth it. It was built by my Great Grandfather and it's been in the family every since. I don't dare let it get rundown." she laughed.

"So you and Mr. Bradshaw are the keepers of the flame, then."

"No, just me. There is no Mr. Bradshaw." she said with a smile and a slightly raised eyebrow.

"Oh ... excuse me. I didn't mean ..."

"That's quite all right." she said, still with that enigmatic smile on her lips.

"Can you recommend a nice place for dinner?" I asked, smiling in return.

"Of course ... right here." she said brightly.

"Uh ... I was under the impression that this was a Bed and Breakfast." I said uncertainly.

"It is, but since you're my only guest and I hate to eat alone, you are welcome to join me."

"Well ... that would be very nice ... but I don't want to put you out." I said a bit uncertainly.

"Nonsense ... it would be my pleasure." She was obviously not going to take no for an answer.

"Perhaps I can find a liquor store and supply a wine then." I suggested carefully.

"Why that would be very nice, Lee. I'd enjoy that. Make it a red ... if that's all right with you." she said in tone that suggested red was the only option. "There's a store next to the pub on the next street up. It's less than a block and you can walk there more quickly than you can drive."

"Great. Let me get my bag and you can show me my room." I said happily.

I picked my overnight bag and laptop out of the back seat and followed the shapely backside of Connie Bradshaw up the stairs to the first landing. The sway of her hips was captivating and I wondered if it wasn't a bit of a show for my benefit. If so, I was delighted, as well as somewhat stimulated. She unlocked the door and opened it, allowing me to enter first. It was as elegant and finely decorated as the foyer and hallways I had travelled.

"I think you'll find this to your liking, Lee." she said; again with that almost seductive smile. If I didn't know better, I would think she was at least flirting if not actually hitting on me. I found that very reassuring. My ego needed a shot in the arm.

I set my bag down and checked out the ensuite bath and found it to be correct for period and as with the rest of the house, immaculate. I shook my head in admiration. Connie caught the gesture and smiled.

"I take it you're impressed." she said with a genuine smile.

"Very. I know something about what it takes to put an old house in this condition and it isn't easy. This house is something special." I enthused.

"Yes ... it's my pride and joy. It's very unusual not to have several of the six rooms occupied, even at this time of the year." she offered.

She caught me staring at the big, wrought iron bed and imagining what a romp in that big, queen sized pedestal would be like.

"That's a reproduction. I had it made locally from an old photograph in a family album." she explained. She was watching me and trying to read my thoughts I suspected. I turned to her and smiled.

"How about I go get that bottle of wine and maybe we can enjoy a glass before dinner." I suggested.

"An excellent idea except I was going to make up a small shaker of Martinis that we could share. My Martinis are quite evil." she grinned.

"I haven't had an evil Martini in quite some time; if ever. I'll be right back." I smiled back at her. There were some serious messages being sent to me and I was becoming quite aware that Connie might have some designs on the entertainment portion of this evening. As I walked up the street toward the off-sales store, I was stunned a just how overt her moves were. She was not trying to be subtle and it had been years since I had experienced anything like this. I thought about what the consequences of her motives might be and considering my situation, I couldn't think of a single negative one. I decided then that I would "go with the flow" and just see how things played out.

When I got back to the house, I used my key to enter the foyer and Connie appeared holding a tray with two shallow Martini glasses and a small flask of premixed little devils that would probably do great harm if consumed in quantity. I offered her the bottle of French Cote d' Rhone and she smiled her approval; again with the raised eyebrow.

"Come into the drawing room, Lee. We'll have our cocktails there before we head for the dining room."

I smiled my approval and followed her into yet again another impeccably finished room with appropriate period furniture.

"I feel almost like I'm in a museum; a life size diorama." I marveled as I looked around.

"Well ... perhaps it is. Not everything is original. Much of the furniture has either been rebuilt and/or refinished or is a reproduction." she said with pride.

"It's very impressive. Very beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the outside in the daylight. Would it be alright to take some pictures?" I asked.

"Of course. I can use all the free advertising I can get." she laughed.

She had a wonderful smile and it made her more attractive than I would have expected from a middle-aged woman. As I sipped my cocktail I was appraising this impressive woman. She was not slender; rather she was well proportioned with what appeared to be fairly large breasts and a definitely attractive hip flare that emphasized her delightful backside. She must have been about 5' 7" inches tall at least, but she carried herself as if she was six foot tall. She wore a simple print dress that seemed appropriate for the house and yet displayed the fact that she was very attractive. She was an elegant woman living in an elegant home.

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07-02-2008, 10:45 PM
We chatted as we enjoyed our Martinis. She was curious what I was doing by myself on the road at this time of the year if I wasn't in sales. I reluctantly told her of the dissolution of my marriage and my decision to take some time off to recharge my batteries. I watched her reaction to my story and she seemed to be both sympathetic and more than a little interested.

By the time we were ready for dinner, we had finished off the Martinis and I had opened the wine. Somehow, she had conjured up a wonderful meal of Lasagna, Caesar Salad, foccacia bread and the aforementioned Cote d' Rhone. I complemented her sincerely and she smiled her thanks. By the time we had finished the meal and were working on finishing off the wine, we had become good friends.

Connie wanted to know more about my marriage and I have to confess that without the benefit of the Martinis and the wine, I wouldn't have considered discussing my personal life with a woman I had only know for a little over two hours. But then, since my inhibitions were severely compromised and I was alternating between lascivious thoughts about Connie and morose memories of Jocelyn, I spilled my guts out.

I'm not completely sure how it came about, but I found myself back in the drawing room with Connie sitting beside me on a love seat, listening intently as I tried to explain why I needed to take this time for myself. At some point, she'd put her arm around my shoulders and pulled me to her; making sure her generous breasts rubbed up against my shoulder and arm. I had no reason to complain. I was working very hard not to be downbeat and to put a positive spin on my situation. I think that was the trigger for Connie. She was apparently turned on by my ability to look for a positive in a situation that others would consider a dark negative.

Connie was looking into my eyes intently and I found that I had run out of things to say. I just sat there, looking back at this attractive woman and I was about to look away when she leaned toward me and planted a lovely, warm, wet, passionate kiss on my lips. There was even a hint of tongue. Her arm, still around my shoulder, pulled me into her and I couldn't help but put my arm around her and allow my hand to travel up and down her lovely smooth back. My intelligence gathering foray determined that she was wearing a narrow strap bra with a back hook. My high school skills had immediately kicked back in as I sought out the zipper for her dress, establishing its location for future reference.

It turned out the future was now. Connie had moved her other hand to my crotch and had established that I was harder than granite and hornier than I had been in months. As she slid her hand back and forth over my erection, I groped for her zipper and began to pull it down. As I leaned back to look into her eyes, I moved both my hands to her shoulders and pushed the dress off and down her lovely upper body. She was wearing a soft, champagne coloured bra that perfectly framed her beautiful, large breasts. There is no substitute for great tits and this lady had them in spades.

I was able to unhook the bra without trouble and I was gazing into her eyes as I gently removed it. I could see the fire inside her and I guessed that it might have been just as long for her and it was for me since she'd had a good fucking. There is no substitute for alcohol when it comes to bravery and I pressed my hands over her breasts and began to knead them softly; my thumbs quickly bringing her nipples to an enlarged state. I hadn't removed my gaze from her face since this had begun and she hadn't stopped looking into my eyes either. I leaned forward again and kissed her, slowly inserting my tongue between her lips. She opened her mouth and we began to truly engage each other in mouth to mouth combat.

Connie was very aroused and I knew this by the erotic scent I had detected. I dropped one hand into her lap and slipped it up under her dress and along her silken thigh. I discovered she was wearing 'thigh-highs' and soon I was massaging her bare upper thighs and slipping slowly toward her pussy. She had conveniently opened her legs to allow my advance and as I touched the gusset of her panties with the edge of my hand, I could feel the dampness. The rest was inevitable.

The love seat was no place for a sexual union and we both knew it. I leaned back from her and asked: "Your place or mine?"

She smiled that lovely big smile and stood wordlessly, taking my hand, leading me to the back of the main floor. I followed willingly, knowing I was about to enjoy the favours of a wanton woman who was undoubtedly a great deal more experienced than I. I was looking forward to it and cautioning myself not to be in too big a hurry. I wanted this to be perfect for both of us.

Her bedroom was a larger and even more elegant version of my room and I was led by her to another marvelous bed. She pulled back the coverlet and turned to me.

"Undress me, Lee." she ordered in a soft voice.

"My pleasure." I pushed her dress down over her fulsome hips and she stood before me in a pair of bikini panties in the same champagne colour as her bra and the black thigh-highs. It was a very erotic vision and I moved to her and pulled her to me.

"You haven't finished yet." she said in a reproving voice.

"The panties go, the stockings stay." I said in a moment of silly bravery.

She just smiled and I had apparently been given her approval. I began to remove my cotton pullover but Connie intervened and pushed my hands away. I was obvious she wanted to undress me and I was fine with that. She undid my belt buckle and slipped my jeans down. She pulled off my boat shoes and socks before finishing the removal of my jeans.

So there we stood. My hands were back on her breasts and she was leaning into me with one hand on my erection. In a moment, she pulled my jockey shorts down and I was naked. My erection sprang forward and she seemed pleased with what she saw. I gently placed my thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slipped them down over her hips, letting them fall to her feet. She stepped out of them and took my hand, leading me toward the bed.

"You are a very beautiful woman, Connie." I said, meaning every word.

"Thank you. You're very handsome and I can see that you are definitely interested in me." she smiled. Her hand moved to my cock and she gripped it and began to squeeze it gently. I could feel the pre-cum leaking out of the glans and I began to pray that I could hold out long enough to satisfy this very desirable woman. I reminded myself not to hurry and make sure I gave her all the pleasure that she demanded.

I pushed her gently back on her bed and placed my hands on each side of her hips. I leaned forward and began to lick and tease a breast; first the aureole and then the nipple. She responded almost instantly and I could feel her back begin to arch. She was clearly aroused and as I switched to the other breast, I guessed that I would be able to bring this woman to orgasm very quickly. I played with her breasts with my tongue for a few minutes and then I began to move southward. She flinched when my tongue entered her navel cavity as I persisted in teasing her.

I continued my journey down toward her mons and my tongue traced the outlines of her vaginal hair. She twitched and reacted to my gentle strokes as I got closer and closer to her now very wet centre. Her scent was almost overpowering in its erotic aroma and I inhaled it as I moved ever closer to her outer lips. As I touched them for the first time, Connie jerked in a spasm and I could hear her gasp as she reacted to this newest sensation.

I felt her hands on the back of my head and I recognized the signal they were sending. I began to stroke her lips more forcefully and she began to pull my face more compellingly into her pussy. I hadn't yet touched her clitoris and I didn't intend to until I had achieved all I could from her labial lips. I moved my head down further and my tongue touched her perineum and she immediately reacted to that new sensation. I could hear her moaning now as she became either more aroused or more frustrated. I had one mission in mind; I wanted to bring her to orgasm and I guessed that when I moved to her clit, it would be all over.

I pulled my head back to look up her body toward her. The lower part of her face was partially obscured by her breasts, but I could see that her eyes were almost closed and her head was rolling from one side to the other. I looked down at her bright pink pussy and I could see her clitoris was erect and it only took a single stroke of my tongue to have Connie erupt into a loud cry of ecstasy as her hips rose violently from the bed toward my mouth. The second, third and fourth strokes on the little nub were more than enough to produce her orgasm and she was rigid with her glorious ass arched above the bed. She was very loudly proclaiming her pleasure as well.

"Oh Lee, oh Jesus ... awwwwwh!"

It's a very satisfying sound to a man. Once again, my previously deflated ego had enjoyed another positive boost.

She collapsed on the bed and was breathing deeply as I moved up beside her. I reminded myself that I was in no rush and we were not limited by any time constraints. I lay beside her as she began to come down from what was obviously a very explosive orgasm.

"Is Connie short for Constance?" I asked softly.

"Hmmm." I took that as a yes.

"It's a name I've always loved. Something about it and the Universe. The stars and the moon and the sun are always where they are supposed to be and they will be ten thousand years from now. Constance is a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. I would like to call you by that. May I?"

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07-02-2008, 10:46 PM
She turned her head and looked at me. It took a minute as she tried to decide if I was serious, but then she smiled. "I'd like that very much. It will be just for you, though." she cautioned.

We lay they for a few moments when she turned back to me. "Is Lee your formal first name?" she asked.

"Leighton ... Leighton Philip Stephenson." I answered.

"Oh, I like that name. Very distinguished. May I call you Leighton?" she asked seriously.

"Yes, of course. But only you and my mother." I laughed.

"Well, Leighton Philip Stephenson, are you going to finish what you started?" she asked with that sly smile and another raised eyebrow.

I rolled over on my side and began to stroke her body from breasts to thigh. I think she knew my answer. We kissed passionately again and my hand slid between her thighs and searched out her centre. She was no longer just damp; she was awash in her fluids. I needed no further encouragement as I mounted her. She spread her legs, bringing her knees up in a welcoming gesture and with no more than a single probe to locate her vaginal tunnel, I pushed slowly but firmly into her.

I was surprised with her tightness as she gasped at my invasion. I sank into her until our pubic bones touched and just stayed there for a moment. She was showing signs of becoming impatient and I could feel her muscles contracting as she tried to stir me into action. I pulled my head back and smiled at her, lowering to kiss her gently and then began to stroke; slowly at first and then gaining pace. I was determined to make this last but Constance was not going to make it easy for me. She was gripping me with her vaginal muscles and she was pushing me further along than I wanted her too.

"Constance ... if you keep doing that I'm going to finish before you want me to." I gasped.

"Don't worry ... I'll bring ... you back ... I promise." she said between deep breaths.

It didn't matter. I was quickly losing control. I hadn't had passionate sex for so long I had forgotten how powerful a force it was. I finally surrendered and just let it all go.

"Awwwwwh ... Oh ... Connnn ... I'm going to ... finish." I was lost in the sexual whirlpool we had created. I came with a loud "agggghhhh!" and that was that.

I had no idea if she had come with me or at any time during my efforts. I had been completely self-centered and submerged in a state of semi-awareness for most of the time. I don't ever recall having sex that even remotely resembled what I had experienced in the past few minutes. It had never been this intense.

"I'm sorry, Constance. I just couldn't wait any longer." I offered apologetically.

"It was your turn. Next time we share." she said simply. "You really did go off, though." she laughed.

"Yah ... I did ... that was wild." I was still recovering a normal breathing pattern.

Constance had rolled on her side and one breast was lying against my chest while her fingertip was drawing patterns nearby on my abdomen. I took my fingertip and gently traced the outline of the aureole and then the tip of her nipple. Her eyes closed and I felt her hips begin to move into me. She opened her eyes, smiled and then began to slide down my body. I knew what was coming next.

She grasped my partial erection gently with her hand and after looking into my eyes for a moment, bent her head to my manhood and began to kiss and lick and stroke and suck and generally make love to my cock. This was something that Jocelyn never wanted to do but that Constance obviously did. And she was good at it. Very good! I was rigid in a matter of a minute or two and if I hadn't had such a major orgasm just a few minutes earlier, I would have come in no time at all. As it was, I could feel the stirrings in my groin and scrotum and I wanted to warn her.

"Constance ... if you ... keep doing that ..." It was the only warning I was capable of providing. I was torn between having the best blow job I had ever had or even hoped for and my responsibility to my lover to complete her pleasure. What I didn't realize was the experience and skill of Constance was at play and she seemed to know just exactly how far to take me before backing off and letting me recover. She was amazing. She brought me to the edge three times and each time I was sure I would surrender and each time she kept me from falling off. Finally, she decided she had tortured me enough for the time being.

She rose and climbed up my body until she was straddling my face. She slowly lowered herself onto my mouth and I hungrily began to feast on her. I couldn't see anything as I licked and kissed and sucked and tickled but I knew by her reactions that I was on the right track. Soon, she was bouncing all over the place and it was all I could do to keep my tongue and mouth on target. Finally, she mashed her sex down on my mouth, nearly loosening some front teeth with her pubic bone and I heard her wail her approval as the fluids gushed from her.

She was still for a minute, on her hands and knees and then began to move further forward off my face.

"Take me from behind, Leighton. Take me now!" she commanded.

I rolled over and propped myself up on my knees as I approached her from behind. I grasped her hips and pulled her back toward me to give her more room. In a single stroke, I quickly entered her and I began to move into her forcefully.

"Harder ... faster ... do me Leighton! Do me hard!" she gasped her demands.

I could only follow orders and I was pounding into her at a furious rate. I knew I wouldn't last too long this way and I decided to slow for a minute or so to calm things down. She was having none of it.

"No ... don't you dare. Fuck me Leighton! Hard! Now!" There was no compromise here.

I resumed my frantic pace and I was getting closer to the finish with each pounding stroke. Somehow or other I managed to last long enough to sense her change in response and the beginnings of what I was sure was her orgasm. I prayed to the gods that I could last long enough to give her what she so richly deserved and the gods answered me kindly.

"Ahhhh ... fuck ... that's perfect ... that's so perfect ... ahhhh!" she squealed in an almost little girl voice. As she voiced her orgasm, her vaginal muscles gripped me tightly and it was all over for me. I came with a series of grunts and a final groan as I pulled her lovely ass tightly to my groin. I stayed there motionless as I felt my erection diminish and after a while, finally slip out of her. She had been gasping for breath and finally turned her head to look at me.

She had a big smile on her face and her eyes sparkled as the sweat dripped off her forehead. "Nicely done, mister. What did you say your name was?"

I burst out laughing and fell over on my side and she fell with me. I nearly fell off the bed but Constance saved me and we held each other, laughing as we came down from our high. She had reminded me that sex could be fun as well as exciting.

"I hope m'lady found my performance satisfactory?" I said with as serious a tone as I could muster.

"Oh, I think it will do." she grinned back at me.

I lay there for a minute just studying her and thinking about what had just happened. I could see the clock radio on the other side of her body and it read 10:18 pm. I had met this woman a mere four hours ago and here we were in her bed in this magnificent house and I had just had the best sex I could ever remember. What the hell was going on?

"Do you always treat your guests this well?" I asked cheekily.

"Of course. It's the best way to get repeat business." she giggled.

"I'll bet it is." I leaned forward and kissed her gently and she returned it with the same soft touch.

"Where are you going tomorrow?" she finally asked.

"I don't know. I have no plan. I'm just moving along from place to place until I find something." I answered.

"Stay ... stay with me. There won't be anyone here tomorrow or the next day as far as I know. We can continue this lovely little tryst at our leisure." She wasn't pleading, but she was serious. "You haven't seen the town yet. There's a lot to see and my rates for your second and third night are very reasonable." I couldn't fail to catch the real meaning.

"All right ... as long as I'm not imposing on you." I said.

"Leighton ... you are a breath of fresh air. I haven't had a man in my bed in quite a while and I don't know if I've ever had anyone that I've had quite as much pleasure with as you. You make me feel young again." I could tell that she was offering a very honest expression of her feelings.

"You are young. You act and think young. I can honestly say that not for one second had I given any thought to your age. I was too busy trying to keep up with you." I smiled.

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07-02-2008, 10:48 PM
"That's a lovely thing to say and it's a lovely thing to hear. Thank you Leighton." I thought for a moment I saw a tear forming in the corner of her eye. I pulled her too me again and I kissed her.

"Constance, this bed is a little messed up and a bit damp in places. Why don't we go up to my room?"

"How thoughtful. Do you mind waking up with a strange woman in your bed?" she laughed.

"We are hardly strangers any more and I prefer to wake up with a beautiful woman in my bed. There is nothing more erotic than the scent of a woman when I wake. If it could be bottled, it would be the world's first genuine aphrodisiac."

"Did your ex-wife know you had these special talents all bottled up inside you?" she asked playfully.

"No ... I guess not. But then ... well ... she's not around any more and I have something much more exotic lying right beside me." I smiled.

"Silly girl. She'll never know what she's missing out on."

"Why don't we agree we don't talk about her? I asked carefully. "I'm here with you and you're the only one that matters. There isn't anyone else." I said in a solemn voice.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to open an old wound. That was thoughtless of me."

"No apology necessary. I'd forgotten what it was like to have truly uninhibited sex; if I ever even knew. It was fun as well as exciting. I really needed that and you were here to make it happen. I loved every second of it." I said sincerely.

"I'm glad. I meant it when I said you were good for me."

"Shall we have another glass of wine? I can always run up to the store for another bottle." I volunteered.

"I have some brandy. Why don't we have that? It may help us restore some of our energy." she said in her sexiest manner.

"That sounds splendid. Shall I dress for the occasion?" I asked in a cheeky faux English accent.

She laughed a genuine laugh and hugged me as I rose from the bed. She walked to the closet and came back with a navy blue terrycloth dressing gown which she handed me. She wore a black satin one which showed off her lovely legs and on occasion, the lower part of her finely sculpted ass. Her breasts swayed languidly under the smooth fabric and I could see the nipples become erect once more. It looked to me like we were going to be making just as big a mess of my bed as we had of hers. Oh well.


I awoke the next morning with the sun streaming through the light fabric curtains and lighting up the entire room in a lovely pastel yellow shade. Next to me, Constance slept and I moved my head toward her shoulder to sample that marvelous sexual aroma a woman produces in her sleep. It was intoxicating and stimulating. I had an erection but I also had a full bladder. I slipped out of the bed as carefully as I could without waking her and then nearly blew it all when I stumbled over the dressing gown that lay in a heap on the floor beside the bed.

I crept as quietly as the floor boards would allow and softly shut the bathroom door behind me. I must have had quite a full bladder because I though the stream was never going to end and the sound might have wakened the dead. It's always difficult when you're trying to pee with an erection and this was no exception. As I stood there, I thought about the last twelve plus hours. Constance was real as was the bed and our nakedness. This hadn't been some extended wet dream brought on by a Porn movie fantasy. I had actually gone to bed with a beautiful older woman; made love to her several times and awoken this morning with her sleeping peacefully beside me. If this was a dream, it was one of my best ever.

I had noticed my overnight bag on the floor, exactly where I put it when I had first seen the room. I wanted to brush my teeth and shave and shower, but to do that, I needed to get into my bag. I quietly opened the door to find Constance propped up in bed, the sheet draped around her waist and a beatific smile on her face. I smiled at her and walked naked and somewhat self-consciously toward her.

"Good morning." I said as I sat facing her on the side of the bed. My hands went to her lovely large breasts and I fondled them as I gazed into her eyes.

"Good morning, Leighton. Did you sleep well?" she asked, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Wonderfully well ... except for the erotic dreams. They were very stimulating." I said softly.

"Tell me about your dreams." she said as she nuzzled her lips into my neck.

"I dreamt that I met this wonderful woman and she plied me with evil Martinis and wonderful food and then seduced me. It was very ... exciting."

"When she seduced you, what did she make you do?" she asked, smirking.

"Why, it would probably be easier if I showed you." I said. And so I did.

She tasted as wonderful that morning as she had the night before. She responded just as dynamically as she had the night before. Our pace was a little slower and less frantic than it had been the night before. Her orgasms were just as enthusiastic as the night before. I was just as excited as I was the night before. We loved and laughed and stretched and changed positions and generally made a complete mess of my bed; just as we had hers the night before. It was fantastic.

After we had made love, I had been ordered to the shower and I used the time to shave and brush my teeth. When Constance finally rose, she went downstairs to her bathroom and I took the opportunity to explore the kitchen and its supplies. I surprised her by making the breakfast while she was in the shower. I found the necessary ingredients and by the time Constance had emerged from her bedroom, the scrambled eggs were in their final stages, the toast was made and in the warming drawer, sliced tomatoes and mushrooms had been sautéed in the skillet and the coffee had finished its percolation.

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07-02-2008, 10:50 PM
She walked up to me and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her for a passionate kiss. "I may just keep you here forever." she said with a smile.

"I might just stay." I responded.

She was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans and a cotton pullover. As she moved near me, I suspected she wasn't wearing a bra. I ran my hands up the sides of her torso until I reached those lovely globes and my thumbs extended to graze her nipples. She smiled as she realized what I was doing.

"You're trying to temp me, aren't you?" I said with a sly grin.

"Too late for that, isn't it? Besides, I just like the freedom and I know you like the look and feel, so why not?" she asked simply.

"No good reason I can think of." I kissed her and then led her to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair for her. She sat and I served.

"Leighton, these eggs are marvelous. What did you do to them?" she asked in genuine appreciation.

"Simple little formula involving Worcestershire Sauce and shredded Old Cheddar cheese." I answered.

"You'll have to show me. My patrons will go crazy for them." she enthused.

We spent the rest of the day together. Constance was my tour guide for the delightful town of Nelson and I was doubly lucky I had chosen that particular town and that particular B & B. My spirits were better than they had been in a long, long time. We visited a specialty wine shop and picked up several bottles of reds from France, Spain and South Africa. Constance knew her wines and I was happy to be the carrier. I offered to pay for them, but she vehemently refused. She could be very strong-willed when she wanted to be.

We lunched at a little deli near the far end of town and I had brought my small digital camera to take some photos of the many wonderful old buildings. We worked our way back to her home by mid afternoon and she checked the voice mail to see if there had been any last minute bookings. There had been none.

"Ah ... I have you all to myself again." she smiled.

I turned to her and took her hand, pulling her to me. "Is this going to be another two bed night?" I asked; giving her a raised eyebrow.

"Probably. If you're ... up for it."

"As long as you're with me, I'll find a way to be up for it." I promised.

"Hmmm ... just what I wanted to hear."


I stayed with Constance for four nights. They were the best four nights I had ever had and I would remember them always. By Tuesday night, I could tell it was time to go. Our lovemaking was still very passionate and fulfilling, but she would be welcoming guests on Wednesday and it would be awkward to continue our affair in those circumstances. Our lovemaking on Wednesday morning was sublime. It was gentle and passionate and calming and immensely satisfying. We both knew that this was the end of this part of our lives and we both knew we wouldn't easily forget these four days. We showered together, made breakfast and ate together and in a few minutes, I had packed my small overnighter and was ready to leave.

She passed me a receipt for my stay and it showed only the one night that I had arrived. I looked at her in surprise and she put a forefinger against my lips.

"My treat, love. For services rendered." she simply said.

I kissed her, wished her well and promised to stay in touch. I walked out the door with no regrets, but a sense of loss. She had taught me a great deal and brought me a long way back along the path of restoration. She gave me a feeling of hope and had rebuilt much of my battered ego. She was a therapist of a very different kind and I was lucky and grateful that I had, by pure chance, stumbled into her life.

The End

Good Night And Sweet Dreams To All !!! :D :p

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Good Morniong To All Readers !!! :)

Since later and tonight no time to post stories will post one long long one for you all to enjoy .

Black's Magic

Guys didn't read, and therefore, didn't believe in fairytales. They weren't raised to be princes. They weren't taught to seek out Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. There were no dragons to slay, curses to break, or glass slippers to fill. There was no such thing as true love, love at first sight or a soul mate.

It was fuck or be fucked, and you left this world just as alone as when you entered it.

He couldn't say for certain when he became so cynical, so pessimistic, so jaded as to the turns his life would eventually take. He only knew he was doomed.

No matter what small fortune, what minor miracle, what benevolent being may enter into his life, at the end of the day, everything always returned to ruins. He would never be anything more than he was, and no matter what the Lord saw fit to give him, someone always came and took it away.

He was just born under a bad sign, he supposed. Not that he believed any of that shit. A man made his own luck; he just hadn't found the right recipe.

But . . . this latest development in his life, had him hoping beyond all reason that there was just a little bit of magic left in the world, and just one, small smidgen of an iota was reserved for him . . . and her . . .

"You're such a prude, Daniel." She laughed, raising up on tiptoes, stretching her right arm high above her head to fill the empty slot she'd created just seconds before on one of his shop's topmost shelves.

Any other man would have been irritated, if not outright offended at the verbal jibe, but he'd known her so long, they'd been through so much, and her laughter was just so damned . . . soothing . . . that even if she cussed your mother, burned down your house, totaled your car and kicked your dog, you wouldn't, no, couldn't get mad at her because her laughter was just so alive, just so musical, just so lyrical that you had no choice but listen to every word she said with a smile on your face as your head nodded time to her rhythm and your lips mimicked the words spilling from her mouth.

She was an unknowing Siren, you were her knowing slave, and you couldn't imagine life any other way.

Some man owning her, possessing her, attempting to break her with whips and chains? Impossible. Slavery may have been in the history of her people, but he could see no such manacles ever marring that beautifully bronzed skin, that tightly toned flesh, that softly shimmering complexion that spoke not only of health, but of . . . un-use . . . or maybe disuse was the more appropriate term.

His cousin, Terri, who happened to be Mecca's (yes, that was her name) best friend, had said she hadn't let a man touch her in over five years. Considering her attractiveness and obviously open attitude about sex, he found that hard to believe. But, in one of their awkwardly intimate moments they often shared but seldom spoke of, she confessed something to him that she swore she'd never told another living soul.

He couldn't really remember how the conversation began, but it took a turn (as it often did) to the differences between men and women. He'd said that women were duplicitous and untrustworthy, freely shouting out useless shit, but never telling you the things you really needed to know--like STDs. He'd been bored one night and couldn't sleep, and while channel-surfing he'd come across a report about Herpes on The Learning Channel. It said that one out of every four women had Herpes and either a)didn't know or b)knew and had no intention of telling you.

She was sitting in the store's empty window seat, her back towards the glass, her legs folded beneath her, her fingers fiddling with a loose thread on the bottom of her tank top. She was dressed from head-to-toe in white except for this wicked pair of dark brown gladiator sandals that snaked all the way up to her knees and tied neatly behind them. "All men are dogs," she'd said. "They'll fuck anything that moves whether you want them to or not, and they don't even have the sense to know there's something wrong with that."

Then she spewed out a statistic of her own.

"Did you know that by the age of 18 one out of every four women will have been sexually assaulted?"

He didn't really know what to say.

"And nobody really does anything about it. They're just numbers. Just statistics. But it's pretty scary when you think about it. I mean, think of four women you know, and odds are at least one of them has been forced to do something they didn't wanna do."

He still didn't know what to say, but he felt if he stayed silent, she'd sort him in the same category as all the others. "Not all men rape." It sounded weak, without any real conviction; a hollow statement meant to pacify as opposed to console.

"Yeah? Well, not every chick has Herpes or is trying to hide the fact that she has Herpes. Hiding other things, though..."

Things got uncomfortably quiet, and he felt the unconscious need to make himself busy in the back room by performing price checks and other mindless tasks that would remove him from the situation, but keep him from looking like a total ass. This was his shop, after all. He did have a job he was supposed to be doing. The movies, CDs, games, systems and controllers weren't gonna stock themselves.

She continued to sit there as he made his way to the back, behind the black curtain he'd hung up as a makeshift divider between his "office" and the actual "store." He had shelves and shelves of DVDs, stacks upon stacks of CDs, and rows upon rows of games and VHS tapes haphazardly arranged in his crowded little cubby hole. There was a 27" TV in front of him, connected to a PS2, an XBOX and a VCR. His computer desk was behind him, cluttered with various action figures, sports memorabilia and actual office supplies you'd need to run a business--pencils, pens, paper clips, a stapler, staples, rubber bands, and a somewhat outdated computer, equipped with Windows 98. And all his back-stock surrounded him.

If you were claustrophobic, you would've suffocated back there. But he wasn't claustrophobic and was quite comforted by his odd arrangement of possessions. Superman had his Fortress of Solitude, and he had his . . . Cavern of Clutter-tude.

He smiled to himself and settled back into his desk chair, then wheeled it around to face the TV. Just as he was about to click it "On," she appeared on the other side of the curtain. It didn't completely touch the opposing wall. There was a "doorway," of sorts that could comfortably accommodate two full-sized adults and a decorative mirror that he used to keep his eye on potential shoplifters.

"Do you . . . do you think I could use your bathroom? Normally, I'd just go home, but . . ."

He was so . . . fascinated by the thought of her bare ass touching his porcelain seat, he couldn't form a single, coherent word; he merely nodded in the direction she was to go.

There was a doorway (depending on which way he was facing) off to his immediate left/right. Once inside, straight ahead was a less-than-sophisticated sound system and the sudden left held a room longer than it was wide. To the far left was a personal shrine of sorts, composed of various religious images, Good Luck cards from his opening, and a vase containing a single, artificial black rose, Mecca, herself, had seen fit to give him. It wasn't a curse, or anything. Black was his favorite color, and they hadn't known each other long enough for any other color to be given with any amount of sincerity. The toilet, a mirror and a sink were to the far right. All of which, luckily, he'd just cleaned.

He heard the light switch flick "On" and the sound of flat shoes on vinyl flooring. The footsteps stopped and (he didn't mean to listen so hard) he swore he could hear every tooth of her zipper as it came undone. Or, perhaps it was just his mind playing tricks on him. It had been well over two years since that particular sound had graced his ears, and when it was his ex, Alicia, doing the undressing it was always accompanied by an irritated/exasperated look and a sigh of utter boredom. He'd managed to fuck her twice before the effort it took to maintain an erection with her became greater than the pleasure of mutual release.

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08-02-2008, 09:20 AM
Not that she ever came for him, he ruefully recalled. She'd "tolerate" his touch. She'd put up with his grunting and grinding. He could lick and suck and fuck where he may, but she refused to enjoy it. Two times was all he could take. She'd mentally castrated him their first time together, and the second time was an exercise in futility. He wanted to prove that he wasn't as "whipped" as his friends had said. He'd fuck this bitch till his come filled her every orifice, she was so bow-legged all her friends would call her "Hoss," and she'd break the world's record for the highest note hit, inaudible to man.

But, shit. She was cold, dry and motionless. He ate her out till his tongue cramped up, he played with her tits till he got a severe case of carpal tunnel, and he'd gotten himself so worked up, trying to get her worked up, he came the instant he entered her. She'd looked at him, asked if he was done, then shoved him off to go get high in the bathroom. And they went on like that for over a year. He knew it sounded pathetic, and he certainly felt pathetic, but he needed her. Even if she treated him like shit and made him feel a million times worse than that, he did have a girlfriend. He introduced her as such, and she never argued the fact. That, in of itself, earned him some amount of masculine esteem from his friends. "Yeah," one of them had said. "Alicia's a bitch, but she's your bitch."

True, Mecca could come across as cold and hard, and it could certainly be argued that every move she made was calculated to the nth degree of certainty. But if you looked beyond the well-preserved degrees, the well-toned body, the impeccably applied makeup, and the expensive-looking, but cheaply purchased clothing, there was something undeniably soft lying underneath. Something in her eyes, something in her laugh, something in the way she moved when she thought no one was looking. There was a strange . . . sensuality to her strength, as a wayward child might look up to a stern mother. You couldn't help but want her love and approval because you just knew with her on your side, you could never lose.

She wouldn't take shit from you or anyone else, but she'd happily take shit for you and give you anything you wanted as long as you treated her right.

"I'm one of the statistics."

The sound of her voice snapped him from his reverie. He was still in his "office;" she was still in the bathroom.

"N-not the Herpes one. The other one . . . I . . . um . . . I'm the one in four."

He took a moment to process the information she'd just given him. Her? One in four? Raped?

He scoffed to himself, shaking his head. She'd never let anything like that happen. Just the idea that some guy would try to touch her without her say-so was just . . . ridiculous. She'd kill them long before anything of significance could happen.

"You keep saying that doing a little weed never hurt anybody, and I'm not saying that it does. But I was a little drunk, and whole lot high, mainly because I was nervous. I mean, I really liked this guy, and I'd just . . . well, I'd been with this guy for awhile, and he was really nice, and we talked about getting married and kids and . . . all that shit. And then he just . . . dumped me. Said I was too good for him, and I should stop wasting my life."

She sounded really . . . not like herself. Small, fragile . . . vulnerable.

"My friends wanted me to just call him an asshole and forget the whole thing, but . . . he should've been my first. I kind of . . . made the offer a few times, but . . . he always seemed kind of freaked out by it. Like, he didn't wanna put his 'dirty' hands all over me or something, but I . . . I really, really liked him."

She became too quiet, and becoming quickly uncomfortable with the situation, he tried to . . . help her along. "And he . . ."

"No! Allen . . . no. He'd never. Like I said, he didn't wanna get me dirty, but Eric was . . . Eric was . . . very charming. And my best friend's brother to boot, so . . . What could go wrong, you know? I just wanted to go out and have some fun and . . . get laid for once in my life."

Again, she grew quiet, then he heard her sigh.

"I started to get a bad feeling halfway into the night. You know, that gut feeling that something just isn't right. But . . . I'm hardheaded. Once I decide I wanna do something, I do it. Pride won't allow me to back down. It's gonna kill me one of these days, but fuck it. It's my life, and I'll live it the way I want, you know?"

"Yeah." He was familiar with the feeling, but he'd yet to actually do it: live life the way he wanted to.

"But he took me to this bar I'd never been to, showing me off like some sort of . . . freakish trophy. I mean, I'm not new to being the only black face in a crowd, but having it pointed out by the guy I'm with, and having him try to start shit with other people because of it . . . I should've flat out cussed him and told him to take me home."

"But you didn't."

"No. I had a few more drinks till I mellowed out and didn't feel so pissy and . . . I let him stick his fucking hand up my skirt. I mean, what the fuck? I don't do shit like that. True, there's a time and a place for everything, but in a crowded redneck bar certainly isn't one of them."

Feeling the need to contribute in some constructive way, "You've always struck me as a rather private person."

"Exactly! I don't do that shit out in public, but, go for the gusto, you know. Everyone in the place obviously thought I was some sort of black whore, so why not act like one and put on a good show?"


"He had his fingers up my cooch, so I wrapped my hand around his cock and started jerking him off."

Daniel swallowed hard. This was certainly not the type of conversation you wanted to be having with a half-naked woman through a bathroom door . . . especially one with no lock on it.

"So I straddle him and put my ass in his lap and said 'Let's do this.' He pushes me off him, grabs our coats, pays our tab and drags me out the door."

Damn, he wished he could actually do something like that. Grab a girl, say let's go and actually have her do it.

"But it was cold outside, and I slowly started coming to my senses. Something kept saying, 'you don't really wanna do this. You don't really wanna do this.' Then he shoves my back against his car, sticks his tongue down my throat and his hand up my shirt."

Sympathy, he reminded himself. She wants sympathy and understanding. She doesn't want you to jack off while she shows you her soul. This is traumatic for her; it shouldn't be a turn-on.

"And part of me hates it, but part of me likes it. I keep reminding myself that the first time is supposed to hurt, and I'm not really gonna like it, anyway, so all this shit is no big deal. Just go back to his place. Let him do what he needs to do, and it'll be over with. You won't have to be on guard so much anymore. So paranoid about rapists hiding around every corner. So freaked out about relationships because you know eventually everything will come down to sex: will you or won't you?

You will because you already have, and there won't be any over-convoluted discussion involved because the topic of your virginity no longer exists."

Curiosity overcame him, and he had to ask. "How old were you?"

He imagined her shaking her head.

"You won't believe me."

"Why wouldn't I believe you?"

"In this day and age, it's an oddity. Frankly, I wanted to get rid of it because it was making me feel sort of odd. And every time you go out with a guy, and it goes beyond three dates, they always have to push the envelope, and then you have to tell them. And," sigh, "they ask you if you're frigid or gay or just all sorts of stupid shit, and I got sick of it. I was 26."

She was 29 at the time they'd had this conversation.

"And I've never told anyone. Everyone just assumes or assumed, you know. I didn't even tell Eric. I was afraid that if I did, he'd turn out to be like Allen, and fuck that. I was getting too old."

He scooted his chair back to the bathroom doorway. "So, if you wanted to, how did he?"

Again, she sighed. "You know the definition of rape is a forced act of sex. I willingly went down on the guy. I'd done it before; it wasn't any big deal. Of course, I said 'yes' to vaginal because I wanted him to pop my cherry, but then he . . ."

Daniel felt his stomach turn.

"At first I thought it was a mistake. I mean, he'd been drinking, I'd been drinking, and we'd both smoked a bowl. I wrote it off, and laughed and told him he was in the wrong hole."

He forced a half-hearted laugh to match her own.

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08-02-2008, 09:25 AM
"He laughed, apologized, and stuck it where it was 'supposed' to go. I mean, my back was completely to him. I was on my knees bent over the couch, and actually, it was kind of starting to feel good, until he took it out and put it in my butt. But, you know, it was an honest mistake, I thought.

Till he did it again, and wouldn't stop."

That was something Daniel never understood. There had to be something severely wrong in a man's head to be more turned on by "No" than by "Yes." To have to knock a chick around, hold her down and force yourself inside her. He'd never forced Alicia to do anything, but he knew from experience there was nothing more uninviting than a dry pussy. Things just didn't . . . fit the way they were supposed to, and it was usually more painful than pleasurable.

"At first, my head was all foggy, and I was still giggly, and I kept telling him he was making a mistake, and it was in the wrong hole, and that it really . . . hurt. I thought, you know, he'd stop. But, after a couple of minutes, I knew he wasn't, so I . . . I elbowed him in the ribs. I clawed him in the eyes . . . which got him off me, then I kicked him in the balls while calling him every foul name I could think of, and . . . he thought it was funny. He . . . I guess he didn't think there was anything wrong with what he did. He curled into a ball and told me I should calm down and 'loosen' up. I . . ."

Her voice faded off into nothingness, and he again found himself straining to make out any sounds from the restroom. When it became too quiet, too still, he scooted himself into the hallway, just outside the bathroom door. All he had to do was stand up, step up and turn the knob . . . then he heard it: sniffling.

"I don't know why I told you that. I mean, I guess you tell me a lot of things you say you've never told anyone before, but men lie, and I guess I don't want you to be a liar, and I don't wanna come across like an insensitive bitch, and with what we were talking about . . . It just came out. Maybe it's been wanting to come out, but . . . I know other girls this has happened to, I mean, some like me where you know the guy and others where it's this totally random act of violence, and I can't help it. I kind of pitied them, but at the same time, I didn't wanna be around them, anymore . . . You know, before it happened to me. And . . . I don't have that many . . . you know . . . friends . . . to begin with, so to risk alienating them just so I could share my nightmares with them, well . . . Not something I wanted to do."

"Do you?" he asked. "Have nightmares?"

"No. At first, I just couldn't sleep. I'd have to shower for two hours every night and then . . . I guess Allen was kind of right. You do feel . . . dirty, and nothing ever seemed clean enough for me. I mean, it happened at his house, but after I came home and showered and shit, I threw out the towels. And then after I went to bed and woke up, I threw away my sheets and pillowcases. And it stayed that way for the next couple of weeks. I'd use the shit once, and I just wouldn't want to touch it again.

Everybody kind of knew there was something . . . off with me, but . . . no one ever really asked, and I never told."

"Till now," he added . . . somewhat hopefully. This could be the beginning of something . . . meaningful, or maybe she'd leave and never want to face him again, the only "witness" to a previously unknown crime.

"You can't tell anyone. I'm not shitting you; no one knows. What happens in Pennsylvania, stays in Pennsylvania. It was a long time ago, and I don't do that shit anymore. And, with my mom, she'd probably say I got what I deserved, anyway, and I really, really don't need to hear that. People have their perceptions of me, you know. And I like the way most people look at me these days. I'd really hate to have to leave because people, you know . . . talk. I mean, it's hard enough to keep my head up with a convict uncle, a shut-in grandma, and, well, there's no end of jokes about my mom and how many kids she has. Forget the fact that she was married when they were all born and they're all by the same man . . ."

He placed his hand flat against the door, trying to send some sort of comfort to her. "People are just dumb, you know. And . . . I wouldn't do that to you. That'd be really fucking low. Saying I wouldn't say something then goin' out and saying it, anyway. I don't get down like that."

She was quiet again, then he heard her draw in a deep breath and push it out. "Good to know. Now, if you'll kindly step away from the bathroom door, I'm gonna stand up, wipe off, zip up and wash my hands."

Part of him wanted to know how she knew he was just outside the door, but he supposed it had to be because of the shadows or something. "Right on." He rolled back to his previous position in front of the TV.

Water ran, the door opened, the light went off. "You know," she said, "you never struck me as the sentimental type."

Daniel scoffed, lightly scratching at the reddish-brown undergrowth between his chin and neck. "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?"

"Apparently, a guy who likes roses," she smiled.

"Get the fuck out of here."

She laughed and disappeared on the other side of the curtain.

He chuckled to himself and tried to get back to work. "Nosy!"

* * *

Which brought him back to the present, three years after that fact. He'd told her more things about himself, she'd told him a few things about herself. He wasn't seeing anyone else; she wasn't seeing anyone else, yet neither one of them seemed secure enough to lay some type of . . . claim upon the other. On a rare occasion he'd have to introduce her to someone she hadn't already met, he'd simply refer to her as Mecca. And aside from a few . . . awkward occasions when he happened to stop by her new place of employment, and she attempted to give him a hard time, as she was apt to do in her old establishment, at least one of the employees would take the time to ask who he was.

"Is that your boyfriend?" they'd ask.

"That's Daniel," she'd laugh, saying no more on the subject.

Anytime he'd come close to making anything more out of the situation, he'd remember who he was, he remembered the things he'd done, and he remembered Alicia. He would never consider himself racist, he loved his mother, his sisters, his cousins, and his aunts more than anybody's business, but white women were just plain crazy, and he'd dare say over his 30+ years, they'd done him more harm than good. With the exception of his mother, they were loud, rude, selfish, conniving, self-absorbed, money-grabbing, ballbreakers. His mother had been a little on the loud side, but she was always good-natured, self-sacrificing and high-spirited . . . As his father had pointed out to him, kind of like Mecca.

Alicia, on the other hand, had been the epitome of everything he hated about them. If he were to be honest with himself, the only reason he "wanted" her was because she wanted him first. He didn't really have to do anything. He was so inexperienced back then, he mistook manipulation for consideration. Every move she made towards him brought her to her desired end. She was coming off a bad bit with some other guy and, basically, wanted a place to crash, food to eat and whatever booze/drugs she could lay her hands on. If she had to blow him every now and then, so what? If she had to let him fuck her once or twice, big deal. What she gave him was far, far outweighed by what he gave her.

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08-02-2008, 09:26 AM
Forget the free rent, the booze, smokes and . . . whatever else she wanted and he was stupid enough to buy. Not to sound sentimental, or sappy or anything, but what was the going rate for the human heart?

But, then again, that was all in the past when he was young, impressionable, and completely naive of the ways of the world. He was older and wiser, now . . . or, at least, he certainly hoped so. He couldn't say that he didn't feel sort of . . . "ruined" by all of it, though . . .

Since then, he'd basically steered clear of women in general, and possible romantic entanglements, altogether. Except with her, with Mecca. He kept getting confused. There were certain days he could look at her and feel completely drawn in, but there were other times when she'd say something or do something or just look at him the wrong way, his blood would run cold, his dick would go flat and his balls would recede.

Which reminded him of his hairline . . . His brother still had a full head of hair, his father still had a full head of hair, but somewhere along the way, his genes had gotten all screwed up, apparently. He wouldn't consider himself a vain man, but he refused to be seen in public without some type of head covering. And the one day Mecca knocked his hat off . . . not to be mean; she was only playing, but, he knew she had to have seen it, and he couldn't bring himself to face her till he'd gone to the bathroom, tied a bandana on under the hat, then put the hat, itself, back on.

She was laughing when she'd done it, but when he returned, she seemed somewhat somber and genuinely apologetic. "You can knock my hat off if it'll make you feel better."

She wasn't even wearing a hat . . .

Then there was the fact he'd put on about 30 pounds in the past three years. Between work, his family, and her, he was smoking more, which meant he got the munchies more, which meant he weighed more.

But the converse was true of her. Four years ago, she'd taken the notion to cut off all her hair, and she did. It looked just like a boys'; he hated it. Not that she didn't have a pretty face . . . girls just didn't do that sort of thing around here . . . especially not the black ones.

"You hate it, don't you?" She swept her hand through her non-existent hair, and for the first time since they'd become reacquainted, so-to-speak, she looked troubled. Not only had she chopped it all off; she'd bleached it blonde.

"No, " he shook his head trying to think of something else remotely positive to say.

"My grandma hates it."

"Well, who cares what she thinks? If you like it, that's all that's important, right?"

"I guess," she shrugged. "It'll grow back, anyway. I mean, it's just hair."

And it did grow back. She preferred to keep it curly, but when time and patience allowed, she straightened it and it reached just past her shoulders. Far longer than it had been when she'd first cut it. He hated to say it; he wouldn't try to change her in any way (except for the one thing she did change for him) but he liked it better straight. It just looked more . . . touchable. The lord knew that if he ever did decide to make a play for her, things would be awkward enough without getting his fingers caught in her hair.

But, if she could tolerate him and his "male pattern baldness," he was certain she would tell him what he could and couldn't do with her hair. And then there was the rest of her . . . how she could be so muscular, yet look so feminine was beyond him. Any fat she had on her was purely T and A, and she had both in amazing proportions, as he could clearly see in that short, denim mini and that almost see-through hippie top. She did love to wear white . . .

"You only think I'm a prude," he scoffed, continuing to price things behind the confines of the three glass showcases that housed the DVD latest releases, all the handheld systems and games, and the higher-end XBOX, PlayStation and Wii games.

"It's not just me."

"Yeah, well . . ."

"Let's examine the facts, shall we? You don't own any skin flicks, you don't download porn on the Internet, you don't read Playboy, Penthouse or any of that shit . . . You won't go to the tittie bars with any of your friends. You turn bright red if I just mention the word 'masturbation,' and you fly into a semi-blind fury if I say 'dildo,' 'anal beads' or even the word 'lube.' And despite the fact that you claim to buy, sell and trade games, systems, CDs and DVDs, you won't take in any adult movies, and you won't even order them if a customer requests them."

He watched her back through the semi-sheer fabric with mild irritation/amusement as she continued to alphabetize the VHS shelves. He hadn't asked her to do it; he'd simply mentioned that he was thinking of doing it a couple of days ago. She showed up today and just started moving things around. She'd only done two things he didn't approve of: mixing the Wrestling tapes in with everything else and putting the numbers before the letters. 101 Dalmatians went before 8 Mile and both of these were supposed to go before All About Eve. Which was just plain wrong. One-hundred and one began with an "O," so it should be with the other O's. Eight began with an "E," so it should go with the other E's. She was fit to fight him tooth and nail that numbers went before letters, but she finally conceded to him. "It's your shop, after all. I'm just here to help."

"So?" he asked.

"Don't get me wrong. I respect the fact that you have morals and ideals, and you do your best to uphold them and stay true to yourself, but," she peered over her shoulder at him.

"But what?"

"You're a guy!" she laughed. "You're supposed to be interested in that shit. The more naked women you can see in shortest period of time, the happier you should be."

Daniel shrugged. "I don't claim to be on some moral high ground or whatever, but this is a family-friendly type business, and you can't have stuff like that out on the shelves."

"I understand that, but what about for your personal use? Straight guys are supposed to like to look at naked women."

"What's the point of looking if you can't touch?"

She raised an eyebrow at him.

"It's bad enough the real things get you worked up, and then refuse to follow through. But to torture yourself with hollow images of fake women . . . I don't see the point in that."

"Hmmm," she turned back to her sorting and shelving. "Guess I never thought of it that way."

"What about you?" he asked. "You're an admittedly avid porn watcher. What do you get out of it?"

"Wet," she shrugged.

He swallowed hard.

"It's nice to know that even though I'm forced to live a celibate life, there're plenty of people out there who still enjoy an entertaining and exhilarating sex life."

"Entertaining," he laughed.

"Not to mention educational. Half of the things I know about sex, I learned from watching porn."

"And the other half?"

"Actually, one quarter from blind experimentation and one quarter from women's magazines."

"You lie!"

"What've I got to lie for? It's just you here. Like I'm trying to impress somebody."

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08-02-2008, 09:28 AM
He laughed, averting his eyes when she bent over to move a couple of videos from the lowest shelf to one of the upper ones. He'd already made three trips to the bathroom since she'd come in. He didn't do anything with it; simply let it air out and cool down. But she was wearing red panties. His favorite color was black, but there was something about a woman in red.

He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath, finally putting the pricing gun down to again make a trip to the back of the store. The way those long, lean legs came together and seamlessly melded into that perfectly molded ass . . .

"Shit." He knocked over a small stack of Game Cube games he kept on the end of the counter.

She stood and turned around. "Want me to help you with that?"

"No," he answered a little too quickly. Besides the weight gain, there was another reason he liked to wear his clothes so baggy. Contrary to popular belief, not all white guys were hung like gnats. But, if she came too close, even a blind man could make out the silhouette of his "little soldier" at full attention.

She looked down at the mess that he'd made then back up at his face. Her eyes were honey-colored today. Sometimes they were hazel. Sometimes they were sapphire. Sometimes they were blue. And sometimes they were her natural, every day dark brown color. He found her natural eye color easier to take. The pupils were so dark it was difficult to tell where she was looking exactly. But with the honey ones, there was a clear delineation between iris and pupil, and one only had to look to know exactly what was on her mind. She had to have seen it, and instead of shrinking beneath her scrutiny, it seemed to swell in pride. It wanted her to see, which meant part of him wanted her to see.

She smiled at him. "So," she said, "gotta go to the bathroom again?"

He felt his mouth go dry, his throat constrict. "No," he finally croaked out.

"You know, it's been over a month since I've had one. Cleaned my car out, washed all my shit, tossed all my lighters and ashtrays. If someone just met me, they'd never know I used to be a smoker."

That had been the one thing he'd wanted to change about her. It was nothing personal. Being a former smoker, just the smell of cigarette smoke made him sick, and, unfortunately, she always seemed covered in it . . . till about a month ago. "Good for you," he nodded.

She maintained her distance, but continued to stare, her weight shifting from one hip to the other, her upper teeth lightly gnawing on her lower lip. Offhandedly, he wondered if her lips were as soft as they looked and if her lip gloss was flavored. She took her eyes off him long enough to glance up at the wall clock over her shoulder, then once again focused her attention on him. "Half an hour," she said.

It was 6:30. He locked the door at 7 and, unless there was a late-coming customer, he was out of here by quarter past. "Yep."

"Guess I better hurry up, then." She turned on her heels and again saw to her sorting.

He swallowed hard then tried to will away the growing tightness in his groin.

"Horny, little devil."


"That's what they say." She kept her back to him, her hands on the tapes, her eyes on the shelves. Her voice was cool and even, but there was something else . . . as if she held a secret she'd soon share with him. "They're red, and the writing's in black. The front says 'Horny' with one horn on each side, the left cheek says 'Little,' and the right cheek says 'Devil.'"

He forced a laugh, trying to hide . . . whatever it was bubbling up inside him. "What? No tail?" he shifted himself in his pants, chortling lightly. "Devils are supposed to have tails."

She stopped shelving. "I've got all the tail you could possibly want." Then she started again. "If you want it, that is."

The stack of new acquisitions went crashing to the floor.

"Do you?" she asked.

"Mecca . . ."

"No conversation necessary. It's a yes or no question. Yes, I wanna take you to bed, or no, not really."

Was he actually . . . panting? Man, maybe men really were dogs . . .

"I won't get pissed if you say, no, you know? Like I'm not gonna start throwing things and trash the place or whatever. I just thought something needed to be said, and I was really hoping that you'd be the one to do it, but, you are a total prude, man." She glanced over her shoulder and laughed. "I mean, I can't ever imagine you saying, 'Hey, Mecca, why don't you come over here and sit on this cock?' or anything remotely sexual, for that matter . . . which is probably why I'm so interested . . . or maybe curious is a better word . . ."

His racing pulse slowed, and his thoughts cleared. "So, you're just fucking with me, I get it."

"No, I'm serious. In all honesty, I haven't let a man touch me in over five years." She stood in profile, now, her eyes to the ground, her head tilted to the side. "Partially, because of . . . you know . . . and the other well . . . I mean, I'm a girl, I can get ass anytime I want. But, as I've said, there are things I just don't do, and spreadin' my shit all around town is one of them." She turned completely towards him. "Yeah, I talk a lot of shit, but when it comes to put out or get out, unless it's you, I'm getting out."

He laughed, yet again, trying to think of a way to talk himself out of this increasingly odd situation.

"I mean, this shouldn't come as a complete surprise . . . should it? I mean, your dad loves me. He . . . surprised the hell outta me. Like, no offense or anything, but people are pretty uptight around here and, I fully expected him to freak out when I showed up at your mom's wake . . . I mean, I didn't even wanna go. I didn't belong there; I'd never even met her, but your dad was like . . ."

Was she . . . tearing up?

"I've never had anybody be that accepting of me straight out the gate, you know. People always wanna hate on me and start senseless shit . . . and, I don't know. It's just hard sometimes . . . not knowing who you can trust, and who's just trying to use you and . . . But your dad was totally cool. I mean, he'd never even met me, and he was puttin' his arm around me and shit, showing me family pictures, and then when I said I had to go, he was like, 'No. Sit down. Talk to Terri.' And I'm sitting there in the front on the family's side, trying not to have a total panic attack because I think at any second somebody's gonna start being really rude to me, and I'm gonna get pissed off, and everything's gonna get totally fucked up even though I don't want it to because this has nothing to do with me everything to do with your mom, and . . ." She drew in a deep breath and pushed it out. "Sometimes I get really nervous and forget to breathe. Isn't that stupid?"

He felt himself slowly returning to normal, and he, too, took a deep breath.

"When it comes down to it, even though I really hate it, and I do my damndest to try to hide it; I'm just country girl. Yeah, I'm black. Yeah, I'm educated. Yeah, I got to go to Europe for a couple of weeks one summer, but the moment I sit back and relax that country drawl just comes spillin' out my mouth, and I think if my professors could hear me, they'd be so ashamed. But then I think, I'm not in that stage in my life any more, am I? I'm supposed to have taken their teachings and integrated them into my daily life as it applies to me." She looked at him and laughed. "So what if I say 'y'all' and drop my G's?"

He looked up at the clock again. Somehow, it was 6:58.

She followed his gaze and came to the same conclusion. "Where did the time go?" She sighed and wiped at the corners of her eyes. "Guess I'll go. I think I've made both of us equally uncomfortable enough for today." She straightened the top shelf one final time, then walked over to the window seat to retrieve her fur-lined jacket and chenille gloves.

"Don't put those on just yet"

She looked over at him as she slipped one arm inside her coat, then the other. "Why not? It's time for you to close, and time for me to go home. Alone." She stifled a laugh. "Don't you wish you could see into the future, so you could avoid entirely embarrassing situations like that. I mean, despite what I've said, I'm sure you think I'm some sort of tremendous whore, now, with red devil panties, and wouldn't condescend to fuck me with the proverbial ten-foot-pole, let alone your actual dick. Don't you just hate the smell of desperation?"

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08-02-2008, 09:29 AM
Things were getting out of his control again. He wanted her to stay. He wanted to take her to bed. He wanted to see if her underwear actually said what she said they did. And he wanted to know if that was flavored lip gloss or just regular lip balm.

"It's seven," she said. "You should lock up."

But that wasn't who he was. He wasn't good with women or with words. He was good at haggling. He knew how to run a business. He could sing and play guitar, but everything else was beyond him.

It was ridiculous! She'd done the hard part; she'd made the proposition. He just had to say "Yes." What was so hard about that? Saying "Yes?" Admitting need? Declaring want? Exhibiting desire?

She slid on her gloves then walked over to the door.

Alicia still haunted him. Even when she'd said "yes," everything else about her demeanor said "no." But Mecca was practically begging him for it, and what would she really get out of it?

She had her own place. She managed her own restaurant. She paid her own bills. She didn't do drugs. From his understanding, she had quite an expansive liquor cabinet, . . . So there really wasn't anything she could get from him that she couldn't get for herself, unless you counted his cock.


Her hand was on the door handle. "Hey what?"


She felt her knees about to go out. "What?"

"Stay for a minute. We'll uh, leave together."


He slowly made his way to the door, reaching over her shoulder to slide the sign from Open to Closed. "You've . . . never been to my place, have you?"

"No. You've never invited me."

He placed his bare hand over her gloved one, inhaling deeply as his nose came dangerously close to that space between her neck and her ear. "Wasn't sure what you'd think if I did."

Mecca laughed. "I'd think you wanted me to see your place."

"That all?" he asked.

"What else?"

He moved her hand from the door handle to rest in the palm of his own hand. "Nothing ulterior?

"Please!" she laughed. "From someone as prudish as you? You probably would've spent the whole night sitting on the couch with a pillow in your lap."

"Yeah," he scoffed.

She turned to face him, her hand still in his. "I'll bet I could drop my pants, shove my cooch in your face, dripping wet and ready to go, you'd turn bright red, take hold of my pants, pull them back up, give me a tap on my ass, tell me I need to 'Quit it,' and then send me on my way."

"I'm a gentleman," he argued.

"Gentlemen don't get busted for B&E, possession, or reckless endangerment." She smiled as his face visibly paled . . . as if he weren't pale enough already. He'd told her about the B&E from his high school days, but Terri had told her about the possession charge (roughly 10 years old) and his dad, of all people, gave her the heads up about the reckless endangerment charge, which happened when he was 16. He was drag racing (of all things) with some other dumb kid, he took a turn too fast, flipped his car, nearly broke his neck and had his license revoked till he was 18.

She brought his hand up to her mouth, running his index finger along her lower lip. She felt him shudder as she drew the digit into her moist interior, licking it from base to tip before releasing it with a playful nip. She watched as his eyes glazed over and the flesh of his face went completely flush.

She then pressed her hips again him and smiled. "I can guarantee that I will always know more about you than you'll know about me."

"And why's that?"

She relished the rough quietness of his voice and rewarded him with a quick lick to the tip of his index finger. "I have more resources than you do. You can ask people things about me, but unless you hear it from me, you'll never get the whole truth. Privacy is my middle name."

"I thought it was Deidre," he half laughed, half smiled.

God, she loved his eyes: bright, shining, deep, playful. Then there was the curve of his lips, the arch of his eyebrows, the point of his nose, the chubby cheeks and that cute, little chin. He had a total baby face, which sent her motherly instincts into overdrive, making her want to coddle and coo over him, then there was the baser beast inside of her that wanted nothing more to swallow him whole and feel him fill her slit with his scorching spend.



"We need to go."

* * *

Three minutes flat. It took him three minutes flat to lock up the shop, get her to his car, drive ten miles up town, unlock his door, drag her inside, then shut the door behind them. She was on him the instant they were inside. Touching and teasing, gripping and groping, feeling and fondling, licking, kissing, and sucking any and all exposed flesh.

It had been too long, and her first and last encounter with a man had left her lacking . . . unless you counted a pain in the ass and a bad taste in her mouth. Seeing how eagerly he responded to her, she had nothing but the highest of hopes for Daniel. His hair was feather soft, his lips silky smooth, his hands somewhat uncertain, but strong, and his entire body just seemed to melt into hers, perfectly molding to her contours, jutting into her recesses, resting on her hills and valleys. His touch was electric, his scent intoxicating, and the feel of his warm breath blowing across her already fevered flesh . . .

She closed her eyes and forced it back down. She wanted him before she experienced that particular pleasure.

"It stinks in here." She kept her lips latched onto to his throat.


They bumped into walls, stumbled over furniture, tripped over odds and ends left on the floor. She had the feeling he was trying to fumble around for the lights, but she didn't like the light.

"Too many scented candles," she said. "All blending together. It stinks."


She stripped off his coat and tossed his baseball cap to the side. "Just trying to cover up another scent, right?" Beneath the aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin pie, apple pie and raspberry was the overly sweet, slightly musty scent of herb, and it clung to Daniel as a second skin. The exotic scent sent her back to a different time when she was younger, freer, less jaded, "It's all right. I don't mind."

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08-02-2008, 09:30 AM
She felt his hand at the nape of her neck, giving the tight curls a slight tug, urging her to tilt her head back as his mouth planted itself in the hollow of her throat. She took the opportunity to slip out of her own coat and kick off her shoes as he blindly led her to some unseen destination. It didn't really matter where, as far as she was concerned. As long as she ended up on a flat surface of some type, him above her, behind her or beside her, she could bring them both to their desired end . . . As long as she didn't have to be on top. She hated being on top.

She found the fasteners to her skirt, undoing them, then letting it fall to the floor.

At last they reached an open doorway, and he guided her to what she assumed was his bed. Made or unmade, she didn't know, but the moment his mattress met her back, she wrapped her legs around him and pulled his shirt off over his head.

"Hey . . ." He twisted and turned in her grasp, trying to keep the garment in place.

"Don't be shy." She kissed his right cheek. "I wanna see all of you."

He shook his head. "I don't care how dark it is in here. That's just not something anyone wants to see."

"I want to see."

"Why? So you can go to the bathroom and throw up?"

She gave him a light slap. "That's mean." She reached up under his shirt and grabbed his left pec, her thumb ghosting over the erect nipple. "There's nothing wrong with man-boobs. If they're part of you, I'll take 'em."


"C'mon . . . take it off. You're gonna get all sweaty."

"Mecca . . ."

"What if I . . . take mine off first?"

He still seemed unwilling to comply.

"Hey," she slipped her hand under his chin, tilting his head upward, "I'll make a deal with you. I'll show you what I like by doing it to you, if you show me what you like by doing it to me."

He huffed lightly. "It's been so long I don't think I remember what goes where . . ."

"It's like riding a bike--"

"Without a seat?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"I'm uh . . . kind of . . . big."

"So you've put on a few pounds . . ."

"No, uh, big big. Down there."

She followed his glance, then felt herself color slightly. "Oh. Um, okay."

"Some girls have trouble with that . . ."

"So, you'll have to loosen me up a little first . . . or a lot."

"So . . . you're not gonna back out?"

"I never back out of anything."

"No?" He grabbed hold of her hand and forced it to wrap around him.

She drew in a short, sharp breath, then pushed it out. Her hand barely fit around him at the base, and she doubted very seriously she'd be able to take all of him inside her this time around. He was a good ten inches . . . if not twelve. "What do they feed you white boys?"

He shrugged. "Chicken."

"Well, I've seen a few before you . . . mainly due to figure drawing, but I can honestly say they couldn't have eaten much chicken if any at all."

His eyes fell, and she watched as he reached behind him, trying to unhook her ankles.

"Now, hold on, I didn't say we were gonna call the whole thing off. I just . . ."


"Concerned," she corrected him. "I probably wasn't too clear about this in the beginning, but . . . uh . . . you're number 2. There was . . . you know, that guy, and now you. I just . . . have to get in the right mindset, you know."

At that point he came down and kissed her, softly, slowly, purposefully on the lips.

After she caught her breath, and her eyes regained their focus. "Wow."

He gave a slight shrug as if to say, no big deal. "I feel like I'm crushing you."

"No," she shook her head. "You're fine. You're . . . very fine." She gave him one slow stroke from the base of his shaft to the tip of his manhood, through the fabric of his track pants.

"Shit . . ."

She rolled them over, relieved him of his shoes, socks, and pants, then positioned herself between his parted thighs.

He swallowed hard.

She slid her hand over, around, then under the plain blue cotton of his boxers. The man beneath her hissed.

"Can I make you feel good, Daniel?" She felt his stomach muscles twitch. "Can I suck your cock and lick your balls then rub 'em between my tits?"

He looked down at her, eyes heavily lidded, his own musky scent over-powering the artificial aromas of the scented candles. "You are a dirty, dirty girl."

"Nuh-uh. I told you. I'm just a horny, little devil trying to have a little fun."

"Mecca . . ."

She licked up the front of his boxers, then took the tip of his clothed erection into her mouth.

"Damn girl . . ."

The boxers came off and the oral pleasures continued. "Tell me you like it."

"What?" His eyes were closed; a dopey, but endearing smile etched across his face.

She took one, long lick up the underside of his shaft, then circled the tiny opening in the head with her tongue. "Tell me you like it," she repeated. "Tell me how good it feels and what you want me to do to you."

"Do," he panted, "to me?"

"Tell me what you like," she whispered.

"Like?" Dear Lord in heaven was she actually going to put that beautiful body of hers in his unsteady hands?

He felt a hand creep up his left thigh, over his stomach, under his T-shirt, around his left nipple and along the side of his neck.

"I want you to be on top," she said. "Men are supposed to be dominant, and women are supposed to be submissive . . . if they want to, of course. You know, submit. It's something they choose to do; not something they're forced into doing."

Force? his mind idly echoed. Was he a wicked stepsister? An evil vizier? A jealous queen?

No. He was the lovelorn beast smitten with a too-charitable beauty.

"Daniel. Say something. I'm starting to feel a little ridiculous down here."

He looked down at her and grabbed a handful of her hair. It wasn't rough at all. Or tangled or brittle. It was quite silken and smooth. When he pulled lightly, the curl straightened, and the instant he released it, it recoiled, returning to its natural state. His hair was curly when short; wavy when it had some length to it. But it didn't do anything like hers.

"Come up here." He held onto the back of her head as she made the short climb to meet him eye-to-eye.

"What?" Her voice held a smile, her eyes bright with challenge.

He brought her down to him: her lips to his mouth, her tits to his chest, her legs along his thighs, her cloth-covered core to his exposed groin. He probed her with his tongue, caressed her with his hands and stimulated her clit with the rocking of his hips.

"Daniel . . ."

He slipped his hand down the back of her panties, squeezing her right butt cheek, then sending his finger along her crack. She visibly tensed as he neared her asshole, but he coaxed her into a more relaxed state with a few lingering kisses and some carefully chosen words.

A few minutes later, her panties were off, her shirt had been discarded, her back was against his mattress, and her legs were spread wide, her slit slick with her own moisture. Her clit was erect and receptive, and what little hair she had, had been shaved into the shape of an arrow.

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08-02-2008, 09:31 AM
"Don't make me wait," she pleaded. "I can take it. Make me take it all."

"Is that right?" he asked her, finally ridding himself of his cumbersome top.


"Well, you're gonna have to wait just one minute more." He rolled away from her and reached for his nightstand. He certainly hoped they were still good.

"Aren't you presumptuous," she laughed. "Or have you been fucking some other filthy bitch in this stinkhole?"

He gave a light chuckle. "Never fucked a chick up the stinkhole."

"And you never will," she proclaimed. "Unless . . ."

He glanced over his shoulder at her, unopened and unexpired Magnum in hand. "Unless what?"

"You marry me," she said matter-of-factly. "I guess I'd sort of owe it to you at least once . . . seeing as how you'd be forsaking all other women."

Daniel shrugged. "Eh. I don't think I'd want to." He tore off the top of the packet and secured the latex in the appropriate place.

"No?" she asked.

He rolled back over to her, assuming his former position above her, then lowering himself to press a wet kiss in the crook of her neck. "You said you didn't like it, right?"


"Why would I wanna do something I know you don't like?"

"Curiosity," she shrugged.

"Fuck it. Ass-banging is for homos and porn stars . . . You're not a porn star, are you?"

She stuck her tongue out at him. "No."

"Then it's settled."

She spread her legs to receive him; he positioned himself at her entrance. "Just go slow, okay? I'm pretty sure my hymen got torn to shreds last time, but with my luck, who fucking knows."

He slipped his head inside her, pressing his lips to hers. "It'll be all right."

She looped her arms around his neck. "Yeah."

In his younger, vainer days, he once took a notion to time himself. He spent all of 18 minutes staring at a digital alarm click, mindlessly thrusting as the LED display marked off one minute after the next. If the female beneath him enjoyed herself, he honestly couldn't say. He only knew it took 18 minutes from entrance to exit, and he was sweaty, tired and sore once it was over.

Of course, 20 minutes later, he was ready to go again. Such is the insistence of youth . . .

With Mecca, he didn't know how long he lasted. Not that there wasn't a clock in the room, there were just . . . more important things on his mind: the fine sheen of sweat on her skin, the dazed look in her honey-colored eyes, the bounce of her breasts as he pounded himself inside her, the scent of her musk as it mingled with his own, and the sound of her panting and moaning, whimpering and sighing, pleading and shrieking, her head thrown back against the mattress, her nails digging into his triceps, and her heels indelibly pressed into his lower back.

Indeed, she took him all, but there was no force involved. Initially, there did seem to be some type of resistance: not a barrier or a blockage, just a very tight squeeze. Then, as if by magic, he seemed to find some hidden treasure deep within her, a tiny bump that, when properly scratched, produced a preponderance of liquid that greatly aided his endeavor, allowing for wonderfully tight slides that increased both their pleasure immeasurably.

"Mec-ca . . ." His hips finally ceased their motions, his body slumping against hers.

She continued to grind against him till her entire body shook with the force of her orgasm, her arms and legs wrapping tightly around him till her tremors ceased and she could, again, breathe normally.

"Ow!" He felt a sharp pinch at the juncture between his neck and right shoulder. "Did you just bite me?" he laughed.

She shook her head. "Couldn't control myself."

"It's not a vampire bite, is it?"

"Fuck no. I hate blood. I just felt the need to bite down on something, and your neck was right there. Sorry."

He rolled off to her side, careful of the contents of the used condom, and ran his hand over his neck. "I guess I'll live."

Mecca shrugged. "You can bite me back if it makes you feel better."

"Nah. I'll just come on your face after you fall asleep."

She punched him in the "injured" shoulder. "Eww! That is beyond gross. Cream pie is not on the menu. Duck or swallow. Those are the only two options in my book."

"And you said I'm a prude," he laughed.

She rolled to his side and kissed his left nipple. "And you finally took your shirt off. It's not so bad," she smiled. "So you've got a bit of a gut and some man-boobs. Big deal. You're still fuckin' cute."

He hoped the room was dark enough to hide his blush.. Not that he was blushing. Men didn't blush, after all.

"And forget horse. You're hung like a fucking rhinoceros. If you'd been the first guy I'd slept with, I guarantee you, I never would've done it again."

"Didn't hurt, did it?"

"A little, at first. Like I was stretched too tight, then . . ."


"Magic?" she laughed.

"Everything just fit," he said.

"Yeah, but I'd hardly call that magic. It kind of hurt, then it just stopped. The strain went away, and it was just . . ."

"Magic," he said again.

"What is it with you and magic? I know you don't believe in that shit. That's for little girls who believe in fairytales and all that. Or little boys with black wands, red capes and top hats."

He wasn't trying to be sentimental. Romance wasn't a language he had any sort of handle on. Every poem he knew had the word "fart" in it, and the only cards he dealt with were either playing cards or sports related. But . . . he did do what he did, and he did say what he said.

He grabbed hold of her hand, lightly brushing his thumb over her knuckles. "Or," he said, "two people who've had a really shitty time finally find each other, and suddenly, things don't seem as bad as they used to."

He kept his eyes focused on her face, and was mildly amused and, somewhat embarrassed, that it was not dark enough to hide a blushing face. "You're ridiculous," she finally said.

He shrugged. "You gonna . . . sleep here tonight?"

"Do you want me to?"

He shrugged again. "If you want."

"You don't snore, do you?"

"No one's ever told me I have."

"Guess I'll stay, then. For tonight anyway."

His hold on her hand tightened. "Promise not to turn into a pumpkin?"

"Only if you promise not to slip any peas under my mattress."

He pulled his hand away, and finally moved to dispose of the used condom. "Smartass."

She simply smiled as her head hit the pillow and her eyes drifted shut.

The End

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thanks bro birdid8819 and the rest who contribute to this thread.
glad that during this festive period, still post such good stories to help us get thru the day..;)

09-02-2008, 12:21 AM
Good morning bro birdie...tks for ur stories for accompaning me thru my CNY....hehe cheers bro.

HUAT AH.....

09-02-2008, 09:36 AM
I Could never do that!

It was July, and that meant it was time for the annual camping trip. My friends and I had been doing this since we were teenagers. Now, most of them are married, and we don't spend much time together anymore, so we really look forward to this trip. Me probably more than the others.

While my friends have been busy getting married, I have focused my efforts on my career and it has paid off. I am a 29 year old guy with a six figure income and with a nice muscular body, good hair and a killer smile, I am very confident and an unstoppable flirt.

We all arrived at the campground on Friday night. I was the same old gang, except we had someone new this year. The reason I was looking forward to this weekend this year more than in recent years. My friend Mike brought his sister Rachel this year. Mike has been at as many of these camping trips as I have. He and his wife Jenny talked Rachel into coming this year. Rachel had been married for 2 years and just recently got divorced. I always thought Rachel was hot. She had long blond hair, weighed about 100 pounds and had a cute face with a smile that was so inviting.

From the time we were teenagers, Mike had made it perfectly clear that he didn't want me anywhere near his sister, so out of respect, I never went out with her. Of course, I've always flirted with her and she always flirted back. There was a definite attraction between us but neither of us ever acted on it. Of course I'd be lying if I said that she never played a starring role in my fantasies. When we were teenagers, I had a picture of her in a bikini which I had masturbated to more times than I can count.

Rachel had only gotten sexier over the years, and so, as soon as Mike, Jenny and Rachel arrived at this camping trip, the flirting between Rachel and I had begun. So as to not be obvious, I flirted with Jenny a little as well. Mike was used to me flirting with his wife. It was always harmless. Mike did pull me aside and told me that Rachel was still upset about her divorce and he asked me not to make his sister uncomfortable by flirting with her. I told Mike that I would respect his wish and I would keep my distance.

Soon after that, we all started drinking. Even though we were no longer kids, we would forget that on our camping trips and always drank too much. Unlike when we were younger, and the beverage of choice was cheap beer, we were grown up and were now sharing drinks like martinis, appletinis and such. It didn't take long before we were all pretty drunk. Rachel was no exception. We were all standing around the fire when Rachel walked past me and tripped. I caught her as she was falling, but I was pretty drunk too, so I didn't pay much attention to how I caught her and I quickly found my hand cupping her perfect breast. I probably should have moved my hand quicker, but the look in her eye told me it wasn't a problem. She then quickly gave me a hug. My penis quickly responded and was fully erect within seconds. I looked over at Mike and he was passed out in his chair, so I felt a little more at ease.

Rachel and I spent the next hour or so talking. Well, she was talking and I was picturing in my head what she looked like naked. When she asked me to escort her to the restroom, I did not hesitate. She was stumbling a little on the way, so I put my arm around her and said it looks like you need some help staying up. She laughed and then grabbed my still hard erection through my pants and said "it doesn't look like you need any help staying up." I quickly responded by saying that I had all the help I needed just looking at her. She smiled and quickly kissed me. Her hand, still resting on my rock hard boner then began to slowly work it's way up and down through my pants. She quickly stopped and said that if she didn't get to the bathroom quickly, she was going to pee her pants.

I told Rachel to just go in the woods. She agreed, and I turned my back. A few seconds later, I heard her fall. I turned around and saw that she had fallen as she tried to squat. She was trying to stand up, her shorts and panties were down to her knees. I grabbed her hand and helped her maintain her balance as she finished peeing. She stood up and without pulling her pants up, began to kiss me again. She was now fumbling around with my belt, trying to undo my pants. It wasn't long before she had my hard cock out of my pants. I unhooked her bra and she lifted my shirt over my head, before long, the two of us were standing in the dark woods, completely naked.

We had no blanket or anything to lay on the ground, so I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me. My cock quickly found it's way into her hot wet pussy. And then, being drunk, I lost my balance and we fell down. Neither one of us wanted to do this in the dirt, so I suggested that we go to the showers. It was now 3 o'clock in the morning, so there was little chance that we would be disturbed.

We were at the shower building within minutes, and I wasted no time getting her clothes off once again. She undid my pants and got down to her knees. She began by slowly kissing my hard-on, and her fingers gently carressed my balls. I was so excited by this time that I knew if she didn't stop, I was going to cum very quickly and I knew that that pussy is what I really wanted. I coaxed her back on her feet and then took a seat on the bench. She knew what to do, as she sat on my lap facing me and quickly lowered her soaking wet pussy down on my cock. It felt so good to be inside of her. At that exact moment, we heard a voice calling Rachel's name. It was Jenny, Mike's wife. We both quickly put our clothes on and responded.

Jenny asked us what we were doing, but looking at us like she knew. I said we were talking. Rachel was not so discreet. She said that we were trying to fuck each others brains out. Jenny was pissed off. She told Rachel that I was just using her for sex. Rachel said "that's fine with me, because that's all I want too." Jenny, as drunk as the rest of us, said "I want to fuck too, but my husband is passed out drunk, he's pissed in his pants and if I'm not getting fucked, why should you guys get to fuck?" "I'm not leaving without you guys." Rachel told Jenny that if she stayed, she would just have to watch us fuck. Jenny said that she wasn't leaving, so just go ahead.

I figured that it was over and I was ready to go, but Rachel began to undo my pants and quickly had my cock in her mouth once again. I looked at Jenny and she seemed very disturbed, but she was sticking to her word and didn't leave. I've always thought that Mike was lucky to have Jenny. She was a hot little brunette with a smoking hot body.

Just having Jenny watching as Rachel began to suck on my cock was so hot. Once again, I had to stop myself from cumming. I pulled Rachel's pants off, and quickly had her back on the bench. Rachel began to slowly raise and lower herself onto my cock. I watched Jenny turn her head away and then quickly look back at us. I whispered to Rachel that Jenny was still watching. Rachel asked Jenny if she wanted to join in. Jenny had a disgusted look on her face at first but at the same time she was allready pulling off her pants. She pushed me down on the bench and as Rachel repositioned herself over my cock, Jenny positioned herself over my face, facing Rachel. I quickly shot my tongue into Jenny's dripping wet pussy. Jenny was loving it. Rachel pulled Jenny's shirt off and they embraced. With one of the hottest pieces of ass I've ever known fucking me and the next hottest piece of ass I've known sitting on my face, As both of them began to orgasm, it was more than I could handle. I had reached the point of no return. My penis was convulsing and a felt my load shooting out into Rachel's pussy. I was spent.

I was starting to put my underpants back on when Rachel told Jenny she needed to switch places with her. Jenny grabbed my now soft penis with two fingers and said "I think he's done." Of course, having Jenny touch my penis is all it took to get it to show signs of new life. Jenny stroked it a few times and that was all it took to return it to all it's rock hard glory. Rachel wasted no time pushing me back onto the bench. My cum was still dripping from her pussy when she sat down on my face. Somehow, this didn't matter so much at the time and my tongue went right to work. Jenny was a little more reluctant, but Rachel coaxed her onto my cock. Jenny lowered her self onto me, allowing my cock to slowly enter her, she was slow to start, but it was obvious that she was enjoying it because she quickly developed a rythym. Rachel was the first to orgasm and I felt her pussy tighten up around my tongue. Jenny was definitely enjoying this experience and she began to orgasm for what seemed like several minutes. She then got off of me and put her mouth around my cock. As soon as my her mouth was full of my cock, I began to feel my self, starting to cum. I remembered that Mike told me that Jenny would not let him cum in her mouth, so I quickly pulled away. Jenny chased my cock with her mouth and put her mouth around my shaft just as I began to shoot my cum. She kept my dick in her mouth until I had unloaded every last drop.

We all got dressed and headed back to our campsite. When we returned, Mike was awake. He asked where we had gone. Jenny said that Rachel and I were going to the bathroom, and she went with us to keep an eye on us. Jenny then looked at Rachel and I and said thanks for letting me cum with you.

Mike still has no idea what happened that night.

09-02-2008, 08:29 PM
What the Cab Driver Saw

My name's Joe. I've been driving a cab in this town for over twenty years. I've had my share of memorable fares: College girls changing clothes in my cab, couples screwing, whores giving blow jobs, you know, the stuff you see on cable TV. But last week's trip to Livia Street was one for the record books.

Willy, the bouncer at a downtown bar called Poppa O'Brien's called me about 2 A.M. to tell me "the Boys" were ready to call it a night. I knew right away exactly who he was talking about.

Dave, Hank and Bill are three local business men, real go-getters who are closing in on their first millions as they approach their thirtieth birthdays. They're married to their careers first and second to their college sweethearts that look like trophy wives are supposed to look. A year and a half ago all three couples bought houses on Livia Street, the local yuppie neighborhood and became famous for entertaining. I'd never get an invite to their parties, but I did plenty of business hauling the who's whos home. The wives let their husbands have a "boy's night out" every month and I frequently got them home safely. They were always good for a nice tip.

I pulled up at Poppa O'Brien's Saloon and Willy opened the cab door for the boys. They were more wasted than I had ever seen them. Hank was out cold, with his arms around Dave & Bill who could barley stand up themselves. Willy poured them into the back seat, made sure no fingers were in the door and slammed it shut.

"303 Livia Shtreet" roared Bill.

"Naw, naw," said Dave. "The wives are all at my place. 305 driver..."

"Yer plashe? Water they doin' at yer plashe?" drooled Bill.

"Din't Angie tole you? They were gonna break open a bottle of merlot, watch chick flick videoshs, do each others toe nails and talk about us!"

"Oh yeah, I remember, they w' havin' a slumber party!. Driver, 305!"

"Yes, sir" I said.

"Hey, Dave, how we gonna get Hank in?" Bill slobbered. I don't think I can carry him all the way to the door."

"I'll go in and get my wheelbarrow..." moaned Dave.

I thought "This should be worth seeing."

A few minutes and two choruses of their college fight song later we pulled up in front of 305 Livia. Dave stumbled up the walk to the well lit porch and stopped to fumble with his keys. As he tried to put the key into the keyhole the door opened from inside and I got a look at DiAnne, Dave's wife. "Holy Shit in a brick outhouse" doesn't quite describe her: The see-through white nightie gave me a good look at her 38DD's but only for a second.

"Honey, are you alri...Oh my God" she gasped as he fell past her, close enough for his breath to repulse her. They disappeared into the house and the sounds were enough for me to imagine what happened next.


"No, no! Don't worry. He's too drunk to notice us."

"Dave! What are you doing? Not on the rug, damn it!"

Dave staggered out the front door pushing a wheelbarrow, Halfway down the walk he tripped and went face first into the monkey grass edging. Dianne ran out and dropped to her knees next to him, obviously so worried that she didn't notice me, Damn, that see through nightie looked good on her! I didn't get a really good look, though, because two more beauties ran past her to their fallen soldiers in my back seat.

Sue had her light brown hair tied back in a French braid. Her pink silk nightgown hung just far enough past her behind to make me wonder if she was wearing panties under it. I didn't get much of a look at her body as she climbed into the back seat yelling "Hank! Hank, talk to me!" She put her hands on his cheeks and turned his face close to hers to see if he was breathing. Instead of being disgusted by the whiskey on his breath she just wrapped her arms around him and whimpered "Thank God! You're OK!" This was all lost on Bill, who broke into another chorus of the college fight song.

We were rescued from Bill's singing by Angie who had run around my cab to the driver's side. Obviously, we had interrupted some secret female grooming ritual because her short hair was wet with some kind of jell that dripped onto her bare shoulders and trickled down to her black tube top that barely covered her itty bitty breasts. The only other piece of clothing on her was a pair of Valentine's Day panties that were at least a size too small, even on her toned and trim body. Bill saw her and stopped singing to proclaim his undying love and ask her to be the mother of his children. Angie humored him: "Oh yes, Bill, please come to my bed and mount me like a stallion!" I couldn't hold the laugh back anymore and snorted loudly. Even Sue burst out laughing, still wrapped around her guy.

Well, in a few seconds the girls figured out that Dave could wait on the grass while Dianne brought the wheelbarrow over to the cab and helped Sue pull Hank into it. The two of them pushed the barrow toward Sue's house and disappeared into it. Angie helped Bill out on to the street side and pulled his arm over her shoulders. He made an attempt to fondle her breasts with his other hand but missed and touched her washboard abdominal muscles.

"Damn, girl, you 'r' in great shape" he drawled as she lead him toward their house, her ass making the hearts on her panties seem to jump up and down.

Dave had recovered from his fall enough to start yelling "DiAnne! DiAnne!" I hadn't seen DiAnne come back but she appeared next to him. After all the commotion I finally got a good look at her and what she was, or should I say was not wearing. Her shoulder length black curls framed an angelic face and drew attention down to her white shoulders and the spaghetti straps of her wisp of clothing. The nightie floated over her tits and stopped high enough to show her pierced navel ruby. The matching panties were equally see through and even under the street light's monochrome glow I could see her dark pubes as she approached her man and squatted down.

"I love you DiAnne" Dave slobbered from the ground as he tried to roll toward her.

"I know Baby, but right now I need your wallet to pay the driver." She rolled him far enough to reach his hip pocket and pulled his wallet out

"Don't be gone long shweetheart" Dave growled as she walked toward my window. As she turned toward me at the front bumper she pulled her hair back out of her face and her eyes told me she recognized me from one of their parties.

"Oh, I'm glad it's you, Mister, uh, ..."

"Joe" I finished her sentence for her. "I was here after some of your parties to take your guests home."

"Yeah, that's why I know you won't spread this all over town." She pulled two fifty dollar bills out of Dave's wallet and offered it to me.

"Don't worry, ma'm, I know better than to blab" I said taking the cash. "I hope he survives the hangover in the morning. They'll really have to pay the piper!"

"Oh, they'll have to pay more than the piper for this" she snarled, then flashed an evil smile at me. I could tell she had something planned for Dave by the sharks circling in her eyes.

"Good night Joe." She walked on past my window and around the back of the cab and up the walk. I got a great view of her backside as she bent down to offer Dave a hand up. But poor Dave couldn't get up so she stepped past him and looked back at him. He crawled on his hands and knees to follow her into the house. As she closed the door I radioed the dispatcher that I was available again.

The End

09-02-2008, 08:30 PM
Sandy Brings Him Lunch

Upon graduation from college, Larry Wilson began his job in lower management for a plastics company and received several promotions over the next few years. Sandy, his wife, enrolled in a small liberal arts school and finished her degree two years later, fulfilling the promise that she had made to her parents when she got married.

She barely made it though. She had been unsure that she would even be able to complete her final exams and she didn't know until that day if she would be able to attend graduation. She walked up to receive her diploma three days before she gave birth to their twin daughters. Less than a year after the girls' birth, she had a son.

After six years with the company, Larry realized that although he had received numerous promotions, his chances at an upper management job were limited because it was a family controlled and run business. A small plastics manufacturing business was for sale in northern Indiana and he had about one hundred thousand dollars that had been left to him when is parents died a few years back. He and Sandy had decided that they would take the gamble and purchase the company.

The previous owner who was retiring had handled everything from sales to production management to shipping so Larry knew that he would have to completely reorganize the company. The total reorganization had taken considerable work on Larry's part and he was spending twelve to sixteen hours per day at work. Sandy felt that she could lighten his load if she worked at the plant; but they both felt that it was more important for her to be home with the children at least until they all started school. This wore on Sandy. Although she was kept busy raising the children -- the girls were now three and Jack was two -- she was a horny woman. Larry was seldom home and when he was, he was too tired for sex.

Sandy was relegated to using her fingers now more than she had during her first year and a half of college. One afternoon while the kids were napping, her next-door neighbor, Ann Bush, was over for a cup of coffee. Sandy was complaining about Larry being at work so much and how she missed spending time with him. Ann said, "What you're really saying is, you're horny as hell and you want him here so that you can fuck more; isn't it?"

Sandy was slow to reply, "Bluntly put, but yeah."

"You think that you're the only broad to go through this. It's the curse of being married to a man that is ambitious. You wouldn't want him any other way; but you want to feel that hard cock in you a little more often. What time does he go to work in the morning?"

"About six-thirty. Why?"

"Timing is important. Does he have inside windows or a window on the door of his office?"

"No. Why?"

Ann smiled as she said, "Well, you've got to have a plan. If he goes to work at six-thirty, he should be getting hungry at about eleven o'clock and he should still have some energy left at that time of day. I'll come over at about ten tomorrow morning and help you get ready and then I'll watch your kids while you take him lunch and screw his brains out. Just don't let him know what you're planning to do, because he will feel guilty thinking about having fun when there is so much work to do and then find an excuse to cancel out on you. Now, about how much longer will your kids stay asleep today?"

Sandy was somewhat puzzled as she asked, "It's two o'clock. Probably another hour or so, why?"

Ann grabbed Sandy's hand and said, "We need most of that time to take the edge off of you. Let's get you in the bedroom and get your clothes off." Ann led Sandy toward the bedroom, with Ann starting to get her clothes off on the way. As the bedroom door was closing, Ann began to kiss Sandy and unbuttoned her blouse. Sandy's bra was swiftly unhooked and Ann kissed her large breasts. Sandy was fumbling with the snap on the front of her shorts when Ann pushed her hands away and, with one swift motion, removed the younger woman's shorts and panties at the same time. When both ladies were naked they climbed on the bed and locked in a warm embrace. As Ann fondled one of Sandy's still firm breasts, she said, "Honey, you have such beautiful breasts and, after three kids, they're still firm and so little sag."

Sandy replied, "Thank you, but I just hope that in another ten years mine are still as firm and upright as yours." Sandy then resumed sucking and chewing on Ann's 34C's. The two continued their ministrations to each other's boobs while each had one hand working feverishly on the other's pussy. After about fifteen minutes of this, Ann dropped down to begin eating Sandy's bush while positioning her dripping slit over Sandy's waiting lips. The two women went at each other's pussies wantonly for about ten minutes until they both started convulsing and they finally rolled over on their backs until they could catch their breath.

The next morning, the doorbell at the Wilson's home rang a few minutes until ten. Hastily, Sandy admitted Ann. Ann asked, "What did you fix him to eat?"

"A couple of sandwiches, some chips and fruit."

"The sandwiches are cold aren't they? You don't want hot food, because then he will want to eat it while it is still hot. Then he won't feel like fucking on a full stomach. That would destroy the whole purpose of the trip."

"The sandwiches are cold, but my pussy is hot."

"Well keep it that way until his dick has exploded in you. Let's go get you dressed right." They walked toward the bedroom to prepare Sandy for her trip. Upon entering the bedroom, Ann saw the clothes that Sandy had laid out. She saw a pair of bikini panties, a short skirt and a tank top. Sandy's imagination wasn't very vivid. "You weren't planning on wearing these were you?" asked Ann.

"That's the same type outfit that I wore the first time we had sex. I thought that if it worked that time, it would work again."

"Baby, it might work on him. Although you want him to know that you're there to fuck; you don't want everybody in the place to know that you're there to fuck. He's not a college kid any more. He's the owner of a company who needs to maintain some semblance of dignity in front of his employees. Let's see what else you've got." Ann started looking through Sandy's closet and her dresser drawers. She said, "I notice that you didn't set out a bra. That's a good idea. But the rest of it we have to change. Get undressed. We'll have you ready pretty quickly. I can't find the right panties for you, but that doesn't surprise me."

She was quickly interrupted by Sandy, "But those are my sexiest underwear."

"That's what I thought," said Ann as she reached into per purse, she noticed that Sandy was now naked, and added, "I brought these for you to wear -- they should fit."

Sandy exclaimed, "There's no crotch in these."

"Exactly, you won't even have to get totally naked. Remember, this is a quickie at work, not an all day seduction. Slip those on." Ann returned to the closet and located with a short, black skirt and said, "Here, put this on. Notice that it is short enough that he can get access to your pussy and loose enough that you can just pull it up to your waist when you're getting fucked; but it's dressy enough that you will look professional when you walk through the office. Now to find a blouse. A hah, this one will work." She handed Sandy a dark silk blouse that buttoned up the front all the way to the collar. Ann said, "Try this on."

With that she came over and started helping Sandy button the blouse. When she neared the top, she kept buttoning and unbuttoning the top buttons. Then she added, "When you go in there, wear it like this; as soon as you are in Larry's office unbutton, at least one more button. Dressed like this you won't raise any eyebrows from the casual observer, but when you loosen a button or two he will know what you're after."

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09-02-2008, 08:31 PM
The two of them gathered everything that Sandy needed and headed toward the door. It was now ten forty-five. As Sandy was ready to drive away, Ann said, "I hope that you don't mind, but I'm going to put the kids to bed for their naps a little early. Not only do I want to hear all about this, but I want to suck his cum out of your twat when you come back."

Sandy grinned and said, "Ann, you're fucking evil."

"I know. And I love it," replied Ann.

As Sandy pulled into the parking lot, she got a feeling of pride as she saw the new sign being erected on the lawn in front of the building. The words "Wilson Plastic Products, Inc." on the new sign made her heart beat faster and the nerve that she had felt dwindling during the last few minutes was quickly restored. She parked in a visitor's spot in the lot and walked up to the front door of the building. Opening the door, she spotted Molly at the front desk. Molly was the receptionist/secretary and was a leftover from the previous ownership. As Sandy approached her, she thought, "Larry has got to get a younger, better looking secretary". Approaching the desk, Sandy asked, "Is Larry in his office?"

Molly responded, "Yes, Mrs. Wilson, is he expecting you?"

"No. I'll just go in anyway."

"Of course, Mrs. Wilson." With that Molly was scrambling to let Larry know that Sandy was on the way in to his office.

Sandy opened the door to his office and as she was closing (and locking) it, she heard him say, "Yes Molly, I can see that Mrs. Wilson is here; she's standing right in front of me." Hanging up the phone, he looked at Sandy and said, "What brings you down here?"

Sandy began walking around his desk and said, "I've been worried about the hours that you've been keeping lately and I think that you're skipping meals. So I brought you lunch." She set the bag in the middle of the desk.

"You mean that you drove all of the way down here, just to bring me lunch."

"Well, I came to make sure that you're getting your nourishment and..." grabbing his crotch, she added, "I came to check on this." Sandy glanced down at herself and saw that one boob had nearly worked its way out of the opening in her blouse.

"Sweetie, I know that I have been putting in some pretty long hours and I have been neglecting you lately, but is this really the time and place for this?"

"It's always the time and as for place. You know what they say -- If Mohammed won't come to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed." Unbuttoning another two buttons on her blouse, she stuck her tits in Larry's face and said, "You may be saying no, but you're dick is saying, 'yes, please yes.'" With that she deftly pulled down the zipper of his pants, reached in and freed his cock from the restraints of his shorts.

By this time, Larry was sucking and chewing on one of Sandy's tits and had a hand on her pussy and Sandy was unbuckling his belt and sliding his pants and shorts down to his knees. Larry said, "I like these panties, I can get complete access to that fantastic pussy without having to take them off. When did you start wearing these?"

"That's the purpose of them. I borrowed them from Ann, next door." Sandy then sat on his hard erect cock, so that she was getting fucked from behind while they were both sitting down. Sandy began panting hard and said, "Oh, I needed this so bad. I haven't had any cock in so so sooo long. Fuck it, fuck it. Oh god." They finished quickly and when Sandy slid off, she looked back at Larry's cock and said, "Oh, we can't have you putting that back inside those expensive suit pants." She dropped to her knees and licked it clean. She then stuffed it back in his pants and said, "Now, don't you feel better."

"Much better," he said "I almost forgot how great your pussy was; it's been so long."

"Well, whose fault is it beside yours that you haven't been getting any lately. I'll tell you what, I'll bring you lunch a couple of days a week, if, and only if, you'll promise to come home early more often so that a couple of nights a week you can have supper with the kids and me. Then after you have spent some time with the kids, we can have a good, long, screaming orgasm fuck at home. What do you say?"

"I say that I'll definitely do my best to be home more often. Honey, you're the greatest wife that a guy could have. Some women as horny as you might have just gone out and found someone in a bar to fuck."

"Don't think I didn't give it a lot of thought. You owe Ann from next door a lot and not just the panties. She's the one who gave me the idea and she's watching the kids. I think I am going to have to pay her for baby-sitting today."

"What, do you need money to pay her?"

"No. I'll pay her by letting her suck your cum out of my pussy.

"That's my girl. I didn't think it would take you too long to find someone to play around with during the day. I haven't been so lucky. Unfortunately, Molly is the best looking woman working at this place."

"Oh sick. We've got to find you a new secretary."

"Well, she doesn't know it yet, but replacing her is on the agenda for next month. This place has some distance to go to get our heads above water, but I think that in another month to six weeks, I should have the right people in place to cut my hours down a lot."

"Yeah, then you'll probably only work twelve hours a day."

"Probably for quite some time, but that's an improvement. You know that I want to spend more time with you and the kids."

"I know. Sometimes I get so wrapped up with myself that I forget that we have our whole lives tied up in this place. I know that this is our future and the kids' future. I had better let you get back to work. The sooner you get back to work, the sooner you can get around to replacing Molly. Sandy checked herself to see if she again had that "professional" look that Ann talked about. When she was satisfied that her clothes were looking the same as when she walked in and that fresh fucked glow was gone from her face, she headed out the door.

Sandy was so relaxed that the drive home took her almost fifteen minutes. As she pulled into her driveway, she saw that Ann was standing in the door waiting for her. Sandy told her how great everything had gone and then headed toward the bedroom to change clothes. As she was shedding her clothes, she looked over at Ann and said, "Before I left, I told Larry that I was going to have to pay the baby-sitter when I got home and he asked me how much money I needed. I told him that I didn't intend to pay with money." Sandy looked over again and saw that Ann was now naked. Sandy then said, "Come over her and lay down on the bed." Sandy then crawled on top of her and put her mouth in Ann's pussy and set her pussy in front of Ann's face.

The two of them then ate each other furiously. Ann climaxed first; she hadn't cum yet today as Sandy had. However Sandy wasn't too far behind. As Ann started to put her clothes back on and Sandy started to dress in the clothes that she had had on in the morning, Ann asked, "You didn't tell him how you planned to pay the baby-sitter, did you?"

"Sure did."

"He didn't get upset about it."

"No, I always tell him if I'm fucking around and he always tells me if he's fucking around. Of course, he hasn't had time for it since we moved here. About the only woman that he has contact with besides me is his secretary. If you ever saw her, you would understand why he never comes home predisposed to sex. I have to get him started on my own"

"He sounds too good to be true. No wonder you care so much about him. He sounds so good; maybe I could fuck him sometime."

"Probably, when he starts taking care of my needs often enough -- maybe we could both fuck him at the same time.

A short time later, Ann went home and Sandy and the kids were left alone again for another night. Two days later, Larry was home at six o'clock for supper. After supper, Larry played with the kids until it was time for Sandy to put them to bed. Sandy hadn't seen the kids so happy in the months that they had been in Green Park. She told Larry that when she returned from putting the kids to bed. It was then that he informed her that he had ordered a couch for his office and that it would be delivered in about a week. They went to bed a short time later and had a long passionate session of lovemaking. Larry was true to his word and made it home in time for supper at least twice a week; so Sandy kept her part of the bargain and brought him lunch twice a week. A few months later, he was finally able to reduce his hours to about fifty-five per week. He was there in time for supper most nights and was home all day on Sunday and generally from noon on Saturdays.

The End

09-02-2008, 08:36 PM
The Mysterious Mrs. Sang Grace


For the first half of the story I have deviated slightly from safe, sane and consensual for the sake of plot and character development. Without a conflict, there is just no story.

'Once upon a time; they lived happily ever after,' makes for a dull read. While descriptions of sexual activities and the feelings they bring up are fun; it's better when there is a bit of a plot first.

So bear with me on this story.

Spoilers follow to the start of Chapter One.

Let's face it, nothing truly permanent will happen to either 'I' or 'Mrs. Sang'. What would be the point?

The naughty bits start a quarter into the first chapter.

But the naughty bits with Mrs. Sang start at the I am tested - and then I am tested again. beginning of Chapter Four.

Chapter One -- Unusual Developments

It had been over six months since I had saved Mrs. Sang. Over six months of wedded bliss; except that there had been only words to each other and the 'Double Ring Ceremony'. Now my nipples carried one tiny ring each. I was her man but I was not her husband. For me; given the context of 'us'; that worked.

Our days went the way they had before. But our Nights; those were different! Only the activities remained the same. Our passions had been ignited and respect and discipline were like fires that kept us hot!

We rode close to the edge and we liked it that way yet on the outside nothing seemed to be amiss. Our passions were our little secret.

One day, Mrs. Sang's 'wild child' twenty year old niece, Grace Tan came from Hong Kong to stay with Mrs. Sang temporarily.

When I say she was a 'wild child'; I mean that when you looked up the term in the dictionary, there was her picture sneering back at you, as she gave you the finger.

It was an inconvenience but only a temporary one, at that.

Grace had ignored the rules at her home so at first she tried that with Mrs. Sang's too. That had been a mistake on Grace's part and after a battle of wills, Grace had backed down.

Mrs. Sang still had a lock installed on the door to her basement. Just in case...

Grace attended college and twice a week, she attended night classes. On those nights, we played for the two or three hours she was out.

On the other nights, we would allow the intensity to build. It made for an interesting time.

One Friday, Mrs. Sang and I went out for dinner. Grace was supposed to join us but one of her friends called and she went with them instead. As it turned out, that was a good thing.

Mrs. Sang had promised me a traditional Chinese meal. 'Dim Sum' she had called it.

We made arrangements to go to a restaurant in another city not far away.

Once seated, Mrs. Sang waved away the menus and ordered an assortment of appetizers. The 'Won Ton' soup was brought to our table and it was delicious.

A few minutes later I noticed I was becoming disoriented. I looked over at Mrs. Sang but she had passed out. I looked around and noticed that the place seemed deserted. Then I passed out too.

< . >

I was dreaming. Mrs. Sang had tied me spread-eagled in her basement. My arms and legs were spread wide and bound securely. A hood with a cable attached to it was over my head, the gag in place. I was blindfolded but I could tell that I was nude too.

First she'd lashed my butt with a whip. It cracked and sounded very menacing as it sizzled through the air. I would grunt and yell through my gag inarticulately and uninhibitedly, as the leather landed.

"Odd that Mrs. Sang would use a whip instead of the belt." I thought to myself.

After a few minutes, she'd fondle my dick to hardness. There was a harshness that wasn't usually there. I also noticed that the timing was off from the way she usually masturbated me.

"Odder still, that she used so much force when she grabbed me." My silent train of muddled thought ran, "Almost like it was someone who didn't know me intimately..."

Suddenly, I came to full awareness. The restaurant, the drugs, all of it came back in a flash.

I was also aware of something else. It wasn't a dream. I really was bound nude and spread-eagled! I was also blindfolded and gagged. Worse still, someone unknown to me was whipping me and masturbating my helplessly bound body!

I was obviously giving someone a lot of pleasure. I could hear heavy, ragged breathing. Whoever she was, her perfume was definitely working. In spite of my predicament, I noticed its sweet scent as she stood behind me, in complete control of my bound nudity.

I involuntarily tightened up and grunted against the lash. If I had been thinking more clearly, I might have played possum but I reacted instead of taking control. It was a slip on my part.

"Ah...He awakens!" A voice that sounded vaguely familiar said with what sounded like triumph.

I heard her high heels click on the floor as she stepped closer to my broad, bound nude back. I inhaled her sweet scent. I involuntarily gasped and flinched as she put her gloved hand on my shoulder.

"Oh...Touchy, aren't we?" She said with mild sarcasm, "You weren't afraid of my touch a few minutes ago."

As if to emphasize her point, she grasped my semi hard cock and squeezed it, hard.

This time, I refrained from flinching although I thought to myself, "A few minutes ago, I was drugged into semi consciousness."

She continued her monologue while I stood nude, bound, blindfolded, gagged and helpless.

"I went to a lot of trouble to acquire you." She pouted, "It took a lot of time and effort, not to mention the money involved; just to acquire you!"

She began to enumerate the various costs involved.

"There was the P.I. just to find you, bribing the people at the phone company so I could listen in on your conversations, renting the restaurant on that specific Friday...All these things took a great deal of effort!" She spoke as though I should be grateful she had kidnapped Mrs. Sang and me.

She continued to rhythmically squeeze my cock but softer this time and was rewarded when it became engorged. I could feel it become harder as waves of pleasure shot up my hardening shaft. I could feel the veins on the side of my cock becoming distended and its bulbous head seemed ready to burst at her now softer touch.

"Damned treacherous thing has a mind of its own, sure enough!" I thought grimly to myself.

"Well, at least a part of you is grateful!" She observed.

She added sarcastically, "That's okay...This I can 'work' with."

She laughed then, a soft girlish giggle, quite at odds with what she was doing to me.

Suddenly I felt her removing my blindfold. There before me stood the infamous Madame Chow!

She was still a big bodied woman but obviously she had been working out of late. The last time I had seen her she had walked heavily and slumped when she sat.

This woman was alive and poised. She walked with an athletic stride and if she was not thin, she was truly voluptuous. Ripe full breasts were barely contained in a black corset that flared out again to wide hips and shapely legs.

God! I loved big beautiful women, almost as much as I love Mrs. Sang.

Hated myself for feeling anything for this treacherous thing but it was what it was. Lust can do that to a guy.

She smiled then, a real honest smile. That worried me, that smile did.

"Where was Mrs. Sang?" I wondered, "And how were we going to get out of this one?"

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Chapter Two -- Magnificent Obsession

I felt her drop her hand back to my now iron hard dick where she continued to squeeze it ever so well.

"No one has ever bested me before." She nodded; her eyes suddenly wide, "I have been in this business for a long time and no one has ever gotten away from me under the conditions that you did. No one has ever shown such courage or resourcefulness."

She looked up and away as if remembering a suddenly important detail; her hand still rhythmically squeezing my throbbing erection as she continued.

"I once had a partner but she tried to steal from me. When I caught her, her lover ran, rather than stand and fight." She reminisced, "So I had her turned into a heavy submissive. It was an object lesson."

She nodded to herself but the image that she had just painted for me caused my dick to droop ever so slightly.

She noticed and looking down, commented, "So you don't have a hard heart, hmm?"

Her eyes met mine again and she let her true colours show as she said, "Too bad! I do have a hard heart and unless you learn to enjoy obedience to my command; I will be very unpleasant to your lady!"

Madame Chow stepped back away to reveal a desk with a computer, monitor, key board, microphone and mouse on it. The chair was pushed out of the way.

The monitor was on. It showed a naked oriental woman tied spread-eagled between to support columns. She was gagged and her head was immobilized in a harness attached to a cable that ran from the ceiling.

There were three men conversing off to one side as the woman struggled helplessly against her bonds.

"Madame Chung was most surprised when her faithful bodyguards suddenly turned on her two short days after your last visit." Madame Chow observed, "Eventually, she told me everything that I wanted to know."

"Her interrogation, especially the latter parts of it, inspired me!" She added; her eyes alive with lust as she watched the woman on the screen.

After a moment she snapped again, "Now, watch what they do to her!"

She had snarled the last out and I allowed myself to flinch. It was as much of a reaction as she had hoped for because she suddenly touched the keyboard and spoke harshly into the mike.

Then she turned toward me and stepped close. Her hungry eyes roamed up and down my naked body as she resumed squeezing and releasing my sagging dick.

I put my worries behind me. Believe me when I say that was hard. But I put them behind me and played the part Madame Chow seemed to want me to play.

On the monitor, I watched as the three men approached the naked Madame Chung. She seemed fearful and tried desperately to get away.

At the last, I tried to look away or at least close my eyes but Madame Chow wasn't having any of it.

"No, no..." She said softly, "I didn't hurt her. Well, at first I did but when I found out 'The Secret', I stopped hurting her..."

I looked at her quizzically and she smiled, "Just look!"

She gestured at the monitor and I forced my eyes back to what I feared would be some horrible sight.

I was wrong.

The naked woman was being lightly whipped from behind by one man but he obviously wasn't hurting her. Her reactions were not those of someone in pain.

Another man stood in front of her and was busy fondling her breasts. He wasn't hurting her either. He was smiling but it wasn't a nice smile.

The third man was kneeling at her feet. In his hands was an electric vibrating wand. It was pressed firmly against her bare cunt.

The naked and bound Madame Chung was fearfully shaking her head. Her body was already starting to show the signs of a building climax. The three men ignored her protests.

As if to answer my unspoken question about 'The Secret', Madame Chow spoke, "Eventually, she told me why Mrs. Sang had thrown her out. She said you displayed pride and courage while bound and aroused and that Mrs. Sang had actually shown feelings for you...A sex slave!!!"

"Upon further investigation, I realized that intensifying orgasms with pleasure must have been Mrs. Sang's secret to controlling you!" Madame Chow beamed at me and I had to work at not groaning, at such a hokey explanation.

"I know I know..."Madame Chow continued, as though sharing an impossible idea as real, "It sounded implausible to me...So I decided to experiment. I took a...Well just watch...We are getting to the first one now."

Madame Chow continued to squeeze and release my now quite flaccid cock as we watched the naked woman sexually stimulated on the screen before us.

Within a minute, as the woman on the screen became aroused, so did I. I hated myself for responding to this predator's manipulations but I could not deny that she was seriously arousing me.

The naked woman on the screen began to convulse and heave as her first orgasm took hold of her. The three men smiled at her obvious behavior and as her orgasm passed they gave her a slight break before starting back up and stimulating her again. She pulled all the harder at her restraints and screamed silently at her three tormentors.

Madame Chow continued to squeeze and release my now iron hard erection. The sensitive shaft and turgid length throbbed and pulsed to her obvious delight.

"Just as a show of how kind I can be, we will be gentle tonight and let her off with half her daily allotment of twenty orgasms. Isn't that kind of me?" Madame Chow smiled at my hard dick.

Once again, she overstepped her good sense when she added, "How do you think Mrs. Sang will look when she undergoes this treatment?"

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Chapter Three -- Saving Grace

Just the thought of my beloved in the cruel hands of these people was enough to get my blood boiling.

Madame Chow must have been ready for it too because she did not react angrily to the near disappearance of my erection.

Instead, she pressed her breasts against my naked torso and allowed her scent to invade my nostrils as she spoke.

"Maybe we will just have a private party. It will be just you and me." She paused and smiled before continuing, "Give to me what you give to 'her' and I won't do anything to her."

She left the rest unspoken but it was clear enough. Either I service this woman or she'd take revenge in the form of a trip on the 'Forced Orgasm Express' for Mrs. Sang. That she was holding Mrs. Sang against her will was obviously not a big deal for Madame Chow.

I made a show of thinking it over before I nodded my assent.

She smiled condescendingly and said, "Just as a show of good faith, I'm going to squeeze and release your cock while we watch Madame Chung's treatment for today!"

I looked right at her as she continued to rhythmically squeeze my hard cock. Her big body was so tantalizingly close. It was just out of touch and so firmly contained in that black leather corset.

Her eyes were filled with lust as she continued to torment my now very hard and throbbing organ. She ignored the woman silently screaming and convulsing on the monitor as she touched me so intimately.

As much as I hate to admit it, all that she was doing to me made me hard as a rock. I would have stopped it if I could but she knew that and was determined to bring me over to her side. I'd obey her and love her or else...

That this would destroy who I actually was did not seem to dawn on her and I knew that if I told her, she'd take it as scorn.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." I remembered.

So I pretended that I was enjoying the 'treatment' of Madame Chung and I submitted to the Madame Chow's 'treatment' of my hard dick.

The hell of it was that a part of me did enjoy what was happening or I wouldn't have been hard.

Madame Chung was now wildly shaking her head and wringing her bound hands as the three men continued to torment her. After each orgasm, they'd give her a break for a few seconds and then they'd start again.

She knew what was coming and it was going to be her...Again!

My iron hard cock throbbed and pulsed under the cruel Madame Chow's absolute control.

Madame Chung neared another climax. She shook and her head arched back as it took hold.

My breathing turned ragged and I could feel the beginning of an orgasm.

Madame Chow stopped and said, "Well, we wouldn't want that, would we? Not yet, in any event."

I looked at her and it was obvious that she was very pleased at my reactions.

She stepped back and said, "I have just the thing! Wait right here!"

Then she was gone. Without her constant attentions to my dick, I went soft almost immediately. I started looking for a way to get free. I knew I did not have much time...

Madame Chow hadn't been gone thirty seconds when a head popped through the door. This was followed by the rest of Grace Tan!

She began to work furiously on getting me free, taking the gag off first.

"I want you to know that if Aunt Evelyn wasn't so in love with you, I'd leave you here. It's obvious what you have been doing! I have no respect for unfaithful men!" She spat the last out.

"I have not been unfaithful...Little girl!" I retorted, my voice more shaky than I cared for, "That woman gave me scant choice. Now let's get your aunt and get out of here!"

My clothing lay in a pile in a corner of the room and it took but a moment to dress again. Man, it felt so good to have clothes on again!

Mrs. Sang was in the next room. She was drugged unconscious and still fully clothed. I didn't know whether to be relieved at her condition or grateful to whatever deity was watching over her.

I picked her up and we were all at the front door when Madame Chow reemerged from her office into the hall.

She was nude except for a gigantic strap-on and high heels.

"It's my size, isn't it?" She sounded crestfallen.

I was surprised and it sounded in my voice as I spoke, "No, it isn't...You can't force someone to love you."

I waited a second to marshal my thoughts before adding, "You can only force them to come on command."

"All you're interested in is that I have displayed a strength that you find appealing." I said.

I paused until she looked up before adding, "Do you realize that I still don't even know your first name?"

"Brenda...My first name is Brenda." Madame Chow said softly.

"Brenda..." I said firmly, "You're running with a rough crowd and you make up the rules as you go along...It's not something I want to be a part of."

Turning to leave I added, "Please, leave Mrs. Sang and me alone, from now on."

Although I tried not to show it, my heart was thumping in my mouth. If she called upon her men; we were going to be in a lot of trouble.

I took a couple of steps with Mrs. Sang before I suddenly realized that I was alone. Grace was still at the door.

As if to put the lie to my words, Grace eyed the big naked woman in an insolent and lustful way.

"Looking Good...Brenda!" Grace said with emphasis on the last word.

We left and went home. Brenda Chow let us go; she stood at the doorway nude except for her strap-on and high heels.

There was no one around as we left but I got the impression that she wouldn't have cared anyway.

There was a thoughtful expression on her face as we pulled away in the car Grace was using.

After that, we were extra careful over the next while.

For Mrs. Sang the whole thing was a non event. She had slept through it all.

Frankly, I was relieved.

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Chapter Four -- Renewal

It turned out that Grace had decided to join us at the last moment at the restaurant. She had seen us being abducted and followed before attempting a rescue.

I thought us lucky that she hadn't been kidnapped too but I kept my opinion to myself. After all, I was the one who had been the object of Brenda Chow's affection and without Grace's help things would only have gotten worse.

I explained what had happened after Mrs. Sang had lost consciousness. I did this for her when Grace was around. I also did it for her when we were alone.

When we were alone, I explained my feelings as best I understood them. She had stroked my face and told me that she was proud of me. I believed her but I was not proud of my actions.

Intellectually, I understood why I had done it but emotionally, I felt cheap and silly, like I had been bested by an inferior opponent. It wasn't logical but it was the way I felt.

One night, a week after we had gotten off safe and sound, Mrs. Sang and I found ourselves alone.

"I don't know about you but I have waited long enough!" Mrs. Sang said, as we cuddled on her couch, "If you're up to it, I want to play tonight!"

I gulped and a little flutter went through my belly as I responded, "S...Sure, I'm up for that."

If she had seen my hesitation, Mrs. Sang gave no indication.

She grabbed me by the hair, opened the bathrobe she was wearing (now that we were alone) and forced my face down to her shaved pussy!

"You know what to do!" She commanded me.

She smelled all woman to me as I bent eagerly to my task. I felt her hands on the back of my head as I licked and stroked her intimately with my lips and tongue.

Her passions grew and she became very wet and swollen down there. I could hear her muttering things in Chinese as she began to slowly hump back against my face and the tender ministrations I was giving her.

"Enough!" She cried, at length, "Get up, get your clothes off and go downstairs!"

I was eager enough to obey her.

As we stood, she unceremoniously dropped her robe to the floor and standing proud in her nudity, followed me downstairs.

Once downstairs, she cuffed my wrists together and then attached them before stringing them above my head on a cable attached to an electric winch located on the ceiling, the panel to operate it being located on the wall.

When I was standing on tip toe, Mrs. Sang took down the leather harness from the wall and attached it to me. It included an open place for my shaved privates to poke through. It also included a leather hollow phallus.

Mrs. Sang was thoughtful enough to grease it before inserting it anally. I also heard / felt her insert the buzzing vibrator into the hollow phallus and lock it there.

She then tied my ankles together. Taking a large ball gag from the wall, she inserted it and buckled it up before stepping back to survey her handiwork.

I knew that the gag would not interfere with small words and the butt vibrator would do plenty to keep me stimulated. I still felt silly...

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Chapter Five - Retribution

Picking up the belt from its customary place on the wall, she spoke, "So, I will ask the questions and you will answer the questions. It is a simple arrangement, really."

She continued, "For every 'yes' you will receive ten lashes on the ass. For every 'no' you will receive thirty rhythmic squeezes of your cock."

She paused and smiled cruelly before asking, "Do you understand?"

I nodded but she wasn't having any of it.

"Uh, uh...How do we answer?" She asked.

She answered her own question, "We answer with a 'yes' or a 'no'."

Then she reiterated her initial question, "Do you understand?"

She smiled and I saw at once that I wasn't going to get out of this without a lashing.

I hesitated ever so slightly before answering around the gag, "Yes."

"That's what I thought." She said as she positioned herself directly behind my nude bound body.

The belt whispered through the air before impacting on my tight butt. I gasped and I knew that she had lashed me hard! It was going to be a long night!

Nine more strokes followed. I did my best not to cry out or flinch. My tightly bound body tensed as the hungry belt kissed my leather bound ass over and over.

"Do you like this arrangement?" She asked coyly

I gasped and hung heavily on my cuffs as I answered, "No!"

Stepping to my right side she gently grabbed my very flaccid penis in her knowing hands. It was the work of a mere handful of squeezes before I was fully aroused. Another few strokes and I had a very hard erection, indeed.

"Now we can begin." She said.

"Were you tied spread-eagled and totally available for Brenda Chow to torment?" Mrs. Sang asked.

"Yes." I said.

She stepped back behind me and lashed my nude bound body.

I jerked involuntarily, as the belt landed. She whipped me silently. All that could be heard were her breathing, my grunts and the sound of the belt whispering through the air before it landed with a wet slapping impact.

Had you agreed to this bondage?" She asked.

"No." I said around the gag.

Stepping close again, she squeezed my cock back to iron hardness. I could feel my arousal after another score of strokes, despite the pain. I wasn't going to come at this rate but I definitely wasn't going to be comfortable either.

"Did your dick get hard when Brenda Chow stroked it in her dungeon?" She asked.

"Yes." I said as I hung my head and I felt my dick sag.

I heard her step back and I tensed as the lashing impacted on my helpless butt. Nine more times, she let fly before stopping.

"That damned belt was getting quite a workout tonight!" I thought.

"Did you want her to touch you?" She asked fiercely.

"No." I said as I straightened up.

As she stepped close to me, I took a moment to stare at her face. She didn't seem to be having a good time either yet I knew that she needed to ask these questions under these conditions as much as I needed to answer them.

It wasn't a matter of logic; it was a purely primitive response. Someone else had tried to take her man and she was reasserting her claim!

"Could she have made you come?" She asked calmly, her eyes alight with lust.

"Yes." I said as shame filled me and made it hard for me to answer.

Mrs. Sang lashed me harder this time. The ten strokes were delivered in fast succession and I was having a very difficult time not crying out.

Mrs. Sang's nudity while she tormented me was not an issue, amazingly enough. Usually I was aroused by her naked body.

"Did you want to stay there and let her make you come?" She asked.

"No." I answered her simply.

As her lashings had been hard and intense; her squeezes were exquisite and very erotic. I was gasping and groaning as she brought me to a heightened state of arousal.

Then the questions became a little more complicated.

"Did she ask you: To give yourself to her...As you do to me? Mrs. Sang asked.

"Yes." I answered her (as I had when I told her earlier).

She positioned herself behind me and I heard her swear in Chinese. Then she struck out with the belt.

Its fiery kiss on my ass set me to gasping. The next was equally as powerful and I cried out, as much at her fury as at the power of her rage.

She was not deterred and continued to whip my butt eight more times, very hard!

By the end I was yelling and pulling helplessly on the cuffs that held me immobile for her. I shuddered with relief when she finally stopped.

"Did you want to give yourself to her, even if I hadn't been there?" She asked.

"No." I answered.

But I thought, "I don't care how good looking Brenda Chow was; Evelyn Sang was the only woman for me."

She murmured a consoling sound as she stepped close and rhythmically squeezed my dick to iron hardness, once again.

"Did you want Brenda Chow to touch, 'ME'?" She asked with a heavy emphasis on the last word.

I hesitated and felt very embarrassed before saying, "Yes".

The image of a helplessly bound Brenda Chow on her belly before Mrs. Sang and servicing her with lips and tongue while I watched was a very erotic one to me.

There was surprise in her voice and I had the feeling she was not expecting that answer when she said, "Oh really?"

She said, "We'll see about that!"

Stepping back, she lashed my naked butt again and again. The strikes were hard punishing blows and I flinched as they found their mark.

"Do you want to see her dominate me?" Mrs. Sang asked coldly.

"No." I said resolutely.

"Oh! I do see!" She said tartly, "Don't be holding your breath while you're waiting for that to happen!"

Mrs. Sang stepped forward, grabbed my dick and rhythmically squeezed me to iron hardness once more.

As she played with my manhood this last time, I felt better now.

I had felt like I had been tempted by Brenda Chow. Now I felt like I was somehow vindicated.

It wasn't logical but it was the way I felt.

When she was done, Mrs. Sang put the belt back up on the wall. Turning without a word or gesture, she started up the stairs.

Partway up, she paused to catch my eye.

She winked and smiled before she left me, nude, bound, whipped and so every aroused!

I no longer felt silly!

The End

09-02-2008, 08:52 PM
Pierre or Impossibilities


It is generally believed that the writer Herman Melville thought his wife dull, and took every opportunity to leave home for the all-male company of bars, shipyards, and long sea voyages. Still the known facts of Herman Melville's life reveal nothing so scandalous as an overtly homosexual liaison. One can, however, suggest with some certainty that Melville was "confused." For example, when his son Stanwix was born, Melville on the birth certificate accidentally identified his own mother as the mother of his son. This was when he was writing the novel Pierre.

Just after the lackluster reception of Moby-Dick, Herman Melville published Pierre or ambiguities in 1852. Dealing with immensely controversial issues such as incest and moral relativism, and savagely lampooning the American literary establishment, Pierre and its author were mauled by infuriated critics. The book sold very poorly. The combination of publishing failure and critical hostility affected Melville's approach to writing, causing him to turn to short magazine articles rather than novels. The following excerpts from the contemporary criticism say more than enough about the novel.

'The amount of utter trash in the novel is almost infinite -- trash of conception, execution, dialogue and sentiment. Whoever buys the book on the strength of Melville's reputation, will be cheating himself of his money..... To save it from almost utter worthlessness, it must be called a prose poem, and even then, it might be supposed to emanate from a lunatic hospital rather than from the quiet retreats of Berkshire.' -- {Gordon Greene, in Boston Post, August 4, 1852}

'The novel... is a mass of incongruities, "ambiguities," heterogeneities, absurdities, and absolute impossibilities. The characters are absurdly paradoxical and greatly overdrawn; the incidents are impossible, in real life, and the whole book is utterly unworthy of Mr. Melville's genius. --{Washington National Era, August 19,1852.}

'The most immoral moral of the story, if it has any moral at all, seems to be the impracticability of virtue... if it has any meaning at all, simply means that virtue and religion are only for gods and not to be attempted by man.'- {New York Literary World, August 21,1852}

'Pierre, we take it, is crazy, and the merit of the book is in clearly presenting the psychology of his madness; but the details of such a mental malady as that which afflicts Pierre are almost as disgusting as those of physical disease itself.' --Philadelphia Graham's Magazine, October 1852

'Mr. Melville is a man wholly unfitted for the task of writing wholesome fictions; that he possesses none of the faculties necessary for such work; that his fancy is diseased, his morality vitiated, his style nonsensical and ungrammatical, and his characters as far removed from our sympathies as they are from nature.' George Washington Peck, in New York American Whig Review, November 1852

Despite such harsh remarks one can say that Herman Melville has written a novel much before the time where it can be tolerated and appreciated. I tried to recreate the novel 'Pierre or the Ambiguities' in a way that it will become the novel it should have been. [Please take it as a parody of sentimental novel. No offence] One purpose of writing all this is to tempt people to read the original. If you don't want to buy the book than try to search it on the site called 'Arthur's Classic Novels'.

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I- Pierre Just Emerging From His Teens

Pierre was the only son of an affluent, and haughty widow; a lady who externally furnished a singular example of the preservative and beautifying influences of unfluctuating rank, health, and wealth, when joined to a fine mind of medium culture, uncankered by any inconsolable grief, and never worn by sordid cares. Through all the infinite traceries of feminine art, she evenly glowed like a vase which, internally illuminated, gives no outward sign of the lighting flame, but seems to shine by the very virtue of the exquisite marble itself. In mature age, the rose still miraculously clung to her cheek; litheness had not yet completely uncoiled itself from her waist, nor smoothness unscrolled itself from her brow, nor diamondness departed from her eyes. So that when lit up and bediademed by ball-room lights, Mrs. Mary Glendinning still eclipsed far younger charms, and had she chosen to encourage them, would have been followed by a train of infatuated suitors, little less young than her own son Pierre.

But a reverential and devoted son seemed lover enough for this widow Bloom; and besides all this, Pierre when namelessly annoyed, and sometimes even jealously transported by the too ardent admiration of the handsome youths, who now and then, caught in unintended snares, seemed to entertain some insane hopes of wedding this unattainable being; Pierre had more than once, with a playful malice, openly sworn, that the man -- gray-beard, or beardless -- who should dare to propose marriage to his mother, that man would by some peremptory unrevealed agency immediately disappear from the earth.

This romantic filial love of Pierre seemed fully returned by the triumphant maternal pride of the widow, who in the clear-cut lineaments and noble air of the son, saw her own graces strangely translated into the opposite sex. There was a striking personal resemblance between them; and as the mother seemed to have long stood still in her beauty, heedless of the passing years; so Pierre seemed to meet her half-way, and by a splendid precocity of form and feature, almost advanced himself to that mature stand-point in Time, where his pedestaled mother so long had stood. In the playfulness of their unclouded love, and with that strange licence which a perfect confidence and mutual understanding at all points, had long bred between them, they were wont to call each other brother and sister. Both in public and private this was their usage; nor when thrown among strangers, was this mode of address ever suspected for a sportful assumption; since the amaranthiness of Mrs. Mary Glendinning fully sustained this youthful pretension.

The day they decided to call each other brother and sister was a special day. It was apparently a usual June morning. Both of them were strolling in their backyard garden when the clouds opened up and a crack of thunder rent the air. Their house was a little far from them so they made in the direction of the fountain where there was a shelter where they could wait until the rain stopped. Pierre' mother Mary ran as fast as she could with her skirts held up. She almost reached it when she stood on the hem of her skirt and tripped falling headlong onto the grass. She gasped a little as she was winded, then a firm pair of hands took hold of her.

"I'll help you mom" said Pierre and pulled her to her feet.

Before she could know what was happening he swept her into his arms and carried her towards the shelter. By Gathering his mom in arms Pierre felt a strange pleasure running inside his body. By the time they reached the shelter they were both soaked somewhat. They stood looking bedraggled at each other and began to laugh. They waited for the rain to stop but it kept falling.

"Darling, I need to pee badly" suddenly she said,

"What! Lets wait for the rain to stop mother," he said, meaning then she could go to a bathroom and do it proper.

"I can't hold anymore, I need to relieve myself here," Pierre listened with some surprise. Realizing they were entirely hidden from public view he nodded in affirmation. "Would you be kind enough to hold my dress," she said nonchalantly,

"Okay, if that's what you want me to do."

She held herself so that Pierre could see her perform. He held her dress up and her 'cut' knickers came in full view. She positioned herself so that he got the best view inside her thighs that was further improved upon by her by spreading her legs slightly. She felt the air brushing between her thighs and knew that Pierre was enjoying the sight of her soft pink petals. She contracted her tummy and soon she could feel the warm liquid spurting from her body onto the ground. She felt her heart pound with the naughtiness of her activity.

"Ah, that felt nice" she sighed when she was empty.

Pierre was not expecting such a course behavior from his mother. His jaw dropped to his chest and a firm growth appeared to distort the front of his breeches. His mother finished and sighed with relief. She thanked him and looked at the area of frontal discomfort in him.

"I feel I have soaked my dress by pee as well, I wonder would you help me remove it?"

He hesitated briefly then fumbled at the back of her dress undoing the thin laces and clasps until the dress slid to the ground. She unfastened her petticoats and removed them one by one until she was clad only in her linen shift and knickers.

No further words were spoken between them. The small shelter had a table lying in it. Mary Glendinning laid herself on the table and widened her legs. Her fingers trembled with excitement as she fumbled with the buttons on Pierre's breeches. After two more buttons she finally revealed his pink hard manhood. She hesitated and then opened her mouth to gorge herself on the hard pink rod. He felt very hard and tasted a little salty, but not unpleasant.

After making him harder she reluctantly allowed him to slip out her mouth. She watched as he moved between her legs. She remained on her side so that she could she him better. He took hold of his member and guided it towards her glistening petals. She looked him in the eye as his tip nudged against her opening. A clap of thunder rent the air as he finally slid inside her. He was rough with her, his animal lust overcame his tenderness, and he forced her legs apart and thrust up deep inside her warm wet tunnel. The mature woman gasped as if she was penetrated for the first time.

"Gently Brother" She said as a faint memory of her first fuck came to her mind.

"Okay sister" he replied because he always desired to have a sister older than him.

She smiled as his firm rod slid deep inside her warm, wet tunnel. She looked up at him. Their eyes met and she knew that they both wore expressions of lust and passion. He began to move inside her and she closed her eyes in a dream of pleasure and sensation. She saw him thrusting with gritted teeth and to her surprise she found herself doing the same. She heard the rain falling outside, and she heard the slick sound of her juices as he slid his organ inside and out of her.

She bit her lip and her breasts ached to be touched. As if he could read her mind, Pierre moved his hand down to rub her stiff nipples through the soft linen shift. She closed her eyes so that her senses could enjoy the moist movements within her body.

The fuck was short and intense. Pierre began to jerk as she felt him twitch inside her before he filled her tunnel with his spurts of hot sticky come. Felicity felt her body start to glow as she came closer to her orgasm, She lifted her bottom off the table as Pierre slipped out of her. Finally she relaxed back exhausted with something warm and wet oozing out of her pussy.

They collected their clothes and walked back to the house. As soon as they reached inside her bedroom they again took their cloths off. She lay back on the bed so that he could kneel between her legs. She raided her legs up and her knees were level with her breasts exposing her pink hole for his delight.

"Now ravish me brother" Mary snarled and pulled his lead so that he almost fell onto her. He placed his penis inside her and she gasped as she felt him fill her with his warm rigid length. She pulled his head down and began to kiss his mouth with quick kisses she took his lip in her teeth and pulled it gently as he continued his hard pumping into her body. "Come on" she said unable to believe her own voice "Harder, ravish me harder you beast."

Soon she felt the hot burning inside her as his slick penis shafted her relentlessly and soon the warmth spread to seemingly every part of her body as she squealed and was wracked by the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. She saw lights; the sounds around her faded as the experience lasted for what seemed like an age until she felt Pierre changed his rhythm and soon he jerked and filled her tunnel with his copious hot emission.

They lay there regaining their breath, slowly returning to normality.

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II- Love, Delight, And Alarm

Pierre had arranged with his girl friend Lucy the plan of a long winding ride, among the hills which stretched around to the southward from the wide plains of Saddle Meadows. While Pierre and Lucy are now rolling along under the elms, let it he said who Lucy Tartan was. It is needless to say that she was a beauty; because chestnut-haired, bright-cheeked youths like Pierre Glendinning, seldom fall in love with any but a beauty. Her cheeks were tinted with the most delicate white and red, the white predominating. Her eyes some god brought down from heaven; her hair was Danae's, spangled with Jove's shower; her teeth were dived for in the Persian Sea.

She was the daughter of an early and most cherished friend of Pierre's father. But that father was now dead, and she resided an only daughter with her mother, in a very fine house in the city. But though her home was in the city, her heart was twice a year in the country. It was fortunate for Lucy that her Aunt Llanyllyn -- a pensive, childless, white-turbaned widow -- possessed and occupied a pretty cottage in the village of Saddle Meadows; and still more fortunate, that this excellent old aunt was very partial to her, and always felt a quiet delight in having Lucy near her. So Aunt Llanyllyn's cottage, in effect, was Lucy's. And now, for some years past, she had annually spent several months at Saddle Meadows; and it was among the pure and soft incitements of the country that Pierre first had felt toward Lucy the dear passion which now made him wholly hers.

Pierre looked at his girlfriend and felt proud. From Lucy's mouth and cheek came the fresh fragrance of her violet young being.

"Smell I the flowers, or thee?" cried Pierre.

"See I lakes, or eyes?" cried Lucy, her own gazing down into his soul, as two stars gaze down into a tarn.

Now, prone on the grass he falls, with his attentive upward glance fixed on Lucy's eyes. "Thou art my heaven, Lucy; and here I lie thy shepherd-king, watching for new eye-stars to rise in thee. Ha! I see Venus' transit now; -- lo! a new planet there; -- and behind all, an infinite starry nebulousness, as if thy being were backgrounded by some spangled veil of mystery."

Is Lucy deaf to all these ravings of his lyric love? Why looks she down, and vibrates so; and why now from her overcharged lids, drops such warm drops as these? No joy now in Lucy's eyes, and seeming tremor on her lips.

"Ah! thou too ardent and impetuous Pierre!"

"Nay, thou too moist and changeful April! know'st thou not, that the moist and changeful April is followed by the glad, assured, and showerless joy of June? And this, Lucy, this day should be thy June, even as it is the earth's!"

"Ah, Pierre! not June to me. But say, are not the sweets of June made sweet by the April tears?"

"Ay, love! but here fall more drops, -- more and more; -- these showers are longer than beseem the April, and pertain not to the June."

"June! June! -- thou bride's month of the summer, -- following the spring's sweet courtship of the earth, -- my June, my June is yet to come!"

"Oh! yet to come, but fixedly decreed; -- good as come, and better."

"Then no flower that, in the bud, the April showers have nurtured; no such flower may untimely perish, ere the June unfolds it? Ye will not swear that, Pierre?"

"The audacious immortalities of divinest love are in me; and I now swear to thee all the immutable eternities of joyfulness, that ever woman dreamed of, in this dream-house of the earth. A god decrees to thee unchangeable felicity; and to me, the unchallenged possession of thee and them, for my inalienable fief. -- Do I rave? Look on me, Lucy; think on me, girl."

"Thou art young, and beautiful, and strong; and a joyful manliness invests thee, Pierre; and thy intrepid heart never yet felt the touch of fear; -- but -- "

She stopped speaking because she looked at the front of Peirre's breeches that were showing his erect hidden phallus.

"With kisses I will suck thy secret from thy cheek! -- but -- what?"

She reached out her lithe little arms and ran her fingers through his hair. Then firmly grasping his head she brought it forward, nearly smothering him with her breasts. She rubbed her bulging tits back and forth across his face driving him mad with the sensuous feel of her aroused nipples encased in a lacy bra lightly covered by her dress. "Does Pierre like Mommie's breasts?" Lucy cooed gently.

"Oh yes, Mommie!" answered Pierre eagerly. "I like them a lot!"

"Would Pierre like to kiss Mommie's breasts?"

"Please, Mommie, please!"

"Perhaps Pierre should kiss them now, just to make sure!"

He cupped her red-clad breasts in his hands and nuzzled between them. Then he covered first the left then the right breast with light kisses, paying special attention to her protruding nipples. He could feel the filigree of her bra cups on his lips as his tongue darted out and flicked one of the hardened nipples back and forth. Lucy sighed huskily and stopped him for a moment, her hand on his head.

"Is Pierre hungry? Does he want Mommie to nurse him? Breasts are so much nicer than that stupid ol' bottle!"

Pierre could feel his erection rapidly telescoping in his pants. He liked this game a lot!

"Oh yes, Mommie! I want to suck your breasts so bad!"

"I think you should take your pants and shirt off so that you can feels more comfortable," Lucy said decisively. "And when you are done with that, you can help Mommie with her dress and bra.

Pierre speedily removed his pants and shirt, feeling slightly foolish standing there with his large and twitching cock tenting out in front. Lucy walked over to him and pirouetted around, presenting him with her back.

"Now Pierre, unzip Mommie's dress."

He did as he was told, finding the zipper beneath her long brown tresses and pulling it down. Lucy shrugged the red straps off her shoulders and let the dress drop to the ground around her ankles, keeping her back to him. All she had on were a white brassiere and lacy white knickers stretched tight across her round slender buttocks.

"And now can my big boy unhook Mommie's bra?"

"I'll try, Mommie!"

Pierre struggled with the little hooks for a moment before the deed was done. Lucy slowly turned to face him, her hands cupping her breasts, keeping the large bra cups in place. With a swift lithe movement she shrugged the bra straps off her shoulders and let go of the cups. The brassiere dropped to the ground and Pierre was presented with a sight that made his mouth water.

Freed from confinement, Lucy's large rounded breasts swung low on her chest, graced with faint stretch marks and extravagantly large brown areolas. In the center of each areola was a stiff nipple the size of a thumb.

"For instance... I believe my ass is long overdue for some serious attention and worship. Pierre did an excellent job on my breasts - especially for such a young beginner - but it takes an older, more experienced man to appreciate a woman's ass, don't you think?"

"Very true, Ma'am!"

Lucy walked past Pierre and leaned forward on a tree with her hands on its trunk, her legs spread, and her magnificent bottom stuck up in the air.

"Would you be so kind as to come over here and tell me what you think, Pierre? Do I have a nice ass?"

Pierre stepped over to where Lucy stood bent over and squatted behind her. In this position he could see how her knickers hugged the contours of her buttocks. There was a wet stain in the knickers' underside where they had been drenched with Lucy's juices. The pungent odor of a woman in heat made his nostrils flare. A raw excitement began to build in his gut.

"I dare say Madam's ass is unequaled for its bewitching beauty. The flawless texture of the skin just begs to be touched."

"Yes, doesn't it now?" Lucy said wryly. "Well, let's take things in their proper order, shall we? I think it would be best if you controlled yourself and only touched my bottom with your nose, to begin with. Go ahead, Pierre, this is no time to dawdle!"

Pierre nosed against the unimaginably soft skin of her ass. She must use baby powder on it every day, he thought to himself, marveling at its smoothness. His nose slid across the satiny surface of her knickers and stopped at the crack in her ass. He nudged the material up into the crack, breathing deeply as he worked away. His nostrils were parked just above where the knickers hid her asshole when he felt her push herself back against his snout. There was a faint hiss of escaping gas and the dirty sweet smell of her anal vapors enveloped him. Pierre inhaled deeply and leaned his nose even deeper into the valley between her cheeks.

Lucy broke his reveries suddenly.

"Oh, Pierre, sorry to interrupt your meditations but this posture is beginning to tire me. Why don't you remove my knickers with your teeth!"

Pierre shifted his legs to a kneeling position and grabbed the elastic band of her knickers with his teeth. He tugged and peeled the knickers slowly down over the expanse of her bottom. By pulling first on one side and then on the other, he was able to bring them down to the tops of her thighs. He paused. Lucy stood, brought her legs together and he grabbed the knickers again in his mouth and yanked them down her smooth shapely legs. They fell around her feet and she stepped daintily out of them.

Pierre was down on all fours and Lucy turned around and stood over him, her hands on her hips and her large brown nipples taunting him. For the first time Pierre had a chance to see her pussy. A thrill went through his body as he saw the profusion of thick pubic hair surmounting her cunt. The bush hung down in thick unruly curls, totally masking her pussy. Before he could catch his breath, Lucy quickly moved away.

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lll Misgivings And Preparatives

"Sister Mary," said Pierre, returned from his sunrise stroll, and tapping at his mother's chamber door: -- "do you know, sister Mary, that the trees which have been up all night, are all abroad again this morning before you?"

A light step moved from within toward the door; which opened, showing Mrs. Glendinning, in a resplendently cheerful morning robe, and holding a gay wide ribbon in her hand.

"Good morning, Madam," said Pierre, slowly, and with a bow, whose genuine and spontaneous reverence amusingly contrasted with the sportive manner that had preceded it. For thus sweetly and religiously was the familiarity of his affections bottomed on the profoundest filial respect.

"Good afternoon to you, Pierre, for I suppose it is afternoon. But come, you shall finish my toilet; -- here, brother" -- reaching the ribbon -- "now acquit yourself bravely" -- and seating herself away from the glass, she awaited the good offices of Pierre.

"First Lady in waiting to the Dowager Duchess Glendinning," laughed Pierre, as bowing over before his mother, he gracefully passed the ribbon round her neck, simply crossing the ends in front.

"Well, what is to hold it there, Pierre?"

"I am going to try and tack it with a kiss, sister, -- there! -- oh, what a pity that sort of fastening won't always hold! -- where's the cameo with the fawns, I gave you last night? -- Ah! on the slab -- you were going to wear it then? -- Thank you, my considerate and most politic sister -- there! -- but stop -- here's a ringlet gone romping -- so now, dear sister, give that Assyrian toss to your head."

The haughtily happy mother rose to her feet, and as she stood before the mirror to criticize her son's adornings. She had never yearned for admiration; because that was her birthright by the eternal privilege of beauty; she had always possessed it; she had not to turn her head for it, since spontaneously it always encompassed her. Pierre, noticing the straggling tie of her slipper, knelt down and secured it. She wiggled her exposed toes at him, showing off her dark red painted toenails. He carefully kneaded her feet, while she sighed contentedly. Coyly she grasped her gown and pulled so that the bottom hem rode up her legs to mid-calf.

"Madam is being quite risque!" Pierre observed dryly.

"Madam is feeling quite horny, Pierre! When it's her time of the month she always has trouble keeping her hands off the servants!" she exclaimed. "But Madam is also feeling extremely lazy. Perhaps you'd assist me in preparing for my toilet?"

"Very good, Madam!"

"Here, Pierre, I suggest you kneel between my legs." Mary Glendinning slid down in a chair and spread her legs in a brazen "v". Pierre positioned himself on his knees between her feet. She slowly inched her gown up to her knees, then to mid-thigh, and finally gathered it up in front, all the way to her navel.

As Pierre had suspected, she was knicker-less, and as he knelt there awestruck, Mary flaunted her obscene cunt. She ran her little fingers through the mass of curly tendrils, grabbing a handful and tugging. She unveiled her unfurling clitoris and Pierre marveled anew at its mutant beauty. Then her hands slid the remaining pubic curls away from her vaginal lips. Her outer labia rippled at her touch, a wrinkled gash of moist flesh. She inserted two fingertips between them and spread the fluted lips back. There was a white string hanging from her inner lips, and the strong fishy bouquet of menstrual blood.

"Oh dear! I'm afraid I stink like a fishmonger's wife! My sanitary device must be overdue for a change! Would you mind removing it for me? With your mouth, of course!"

Pierre quickly brought his head down to her potent crotch. The stench was terrific and he was afraid he might piss himself out of sheer olfactory overload. He stuck his nose right up against her cunt lips as he tried to lick the tampon string out of her fleshy folds and into his mouth. He held his breath and licked frantically, and finally succeeded in grasping the string between his teeth.

Pierre tugged his head back slowly and the bloody tampon appeared in her vaginal mouth. He yanked more forcefully and the engorged device exited with a pop, whacking him on the face and then hanging foolishly from his pursed lips. Pierre knelt there as if in a trance, as Mary slowly massaged her nether lips, pulling them wide apart. Time seemed to almost stand still as a small dribble of piss escaped from her demure pee-hole. Then Mary bore down with her muscles and a geyser of piss spurted out catching Pierre smack in the face. The elegant Victorian sighed lazily as she directed her flow all over Pierre's head and chest, soaking him thoroughly. Then her piss subsided, dribbling back down to a few little squirts running down between her labia. Mary looked down at Pierre on the floor before her, and a sly grin came to her face, quickly suppressed.

"Dear me, Pierre! If you could only see yourself! You _are_ a sight! Please go clean up and dispose of that _thing_ at once!"

Pierre pinched the string away from his mouth and held the bloody tampon, now dripping urine as well, out at arm's length as he tried to walk in a reasonably dignified manner over to the bathroom. He dropped it in the lidded garbage pail beneath the sink and peeled off his wet clothing. Stripped to his underpants, he rinsed his mouth and and quickly washed his face and upper trunk with warm water from the tap. Man this was intense! But at least he wasn't jerking off! Score one for the gipper!

Water was still dripping off his nose as he returned to Mary , feeling sheepish.

"Why, Pierre! Was this exercise a strain? Oh dear! I don't want to overtax my best manservant. Good help is _so_ hard to find! Here, walk me to my toilet and let me freshen up a bit. I think you need a moment's rest."

Pierre accompanied Mary to the bathroom door. She entered and shut the door behind her. Pierre walked a little unsteadily back to the easy chair and plopped himself down. What's the matter Pierre? he asked himself. For the first time since he and his mother had become lovers he was feeling a slight hesitation.

It's not like anything had really changed that he could tell. Her menstrual blood was hardly a big taboo for him anyway. He had certainly fantasized plenty about being bathed in fountains of pee spurting forth from the hairy pussies of elegant women. In agreeing to play with her he had certainly asked for it, hadn't he?

The door to the bathroom opened and Mary emerged looking much refreshed. She had traded in the velvet gown for a simple shift. She looked more wholesome although the jiggling titflesh hanging low under her shift gave her a wanton edge.

"Oh, Pierre!" She called to him gently. "Come here and give me a big hug!"

Pierre grinned back, his spirits rising along with his cock. He went over to her and dropped to his knees so that his head was just high enough to tuck into the crevice between her bountiful breasts. He nestled his face against her tits, nuzzling the pebbly areole and gumming her nipples. His arms were wrapped around her hips, and his palms gripped her mighty bottom cheeks and squeezed.

"Well! That certainly is a big welcome!"

"I've missed you, sister!"

"And I've missed you too. I'll bet you want to nurse."

"Uh huh! I love your titties, sister. I really do!"

Mary led Pierre over to a waiting futon in another corner of the room, and placing a few pillows against the wall she sat down cross-legged. She unbuttoned the front of her shift to the navel and pulled out one of her giant brown-nippled baby-feeders. Pierre scrambled onto the futon, placed his head in her lap and gave suck.

His need was urgent and as he suctioned deeply against her flesh he calmed and his anxieties fled. Pierre felt the glow and security of a child safe in its mother's arms. He wished he could stay like this forever.

Mary sighed as he sucked, little moans escaping now and then as the stimulation of the nerves in her tit made her cunt contract. The smell of an excited cunt began to penetrate into Pierre's consciousness. Mary brought out her other breast and fed it to him. Pierre chewed gently on her nipple, making her gasp with pleasure-pain.

She reached over and sought his cock, grasping the hardened member tightly through the fabric of his underpants. She squeezed and jacked his organ a few moments and then stopped.

"Pierre? Give my tits a rest for just a moment. I have a confession to make and I want your help. All right?" Pierre sat up slowly, forced out of his reverie, but attentive to her request. "you're getting to be a big boy now and I think I can let you in on a little secret. Can you keep a secret?"

"Sure, sister, I keep secrets real well!"

"Good. Now you know that ever since Daddy went away your mother has been without a man. You've been my little man and I've watched you grow as I've nursed you and fed you. Your little penis has grown into a big man's cock, and you've got a big strong man's body to go with it! Pierre, your Mother's a weak woman. I try to deny it but I've got urgent needs. I need sexual release and I need to have certain things done to me to give me that release. Do you understand?"

"I think so. I feel funny sometimes too."

"I'm sure you do! I hope you won't be embarrassed if I admit that more than once I've caught myself dreaming of you and me in bed together . . . engaged in carnal congress! I've dreamt of your cock inside me as you bite my titties. Oh the shame of it all!"

Mary was really building this up, fleshing out this fantasy to new emotional depths. Pierre was very turned on, wondering just where it would go.

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lV Isabel, And The First Part Of The Story Of Isabel

So perfect to Pierre had long seemed the illuminated scroll of his life thus far, that only one hiatus was discoverable by him in that sweetly-writ manuscript. A sister had been omitted from the text. He mourned that so delicious a feeling as fraternal love had been denied him. Nor could the fictitious title, which he so often lavished upon his mother, at all supply the absent reality. This emotion was most natural; and the full cause and reason of it even Pierre did not at that time entirely appreciate. For surely a gentle sister is the second best gift to a man; and it is first in point of occurrence; for the wife comes after. He who is sisterless, is as a bachelor before his time. For much that goes to make up the deliciousness of a wife, already lies in the sister.

"Oh, had my father but had a daughter!" cried Pierre; "some one whom I might love, and protect, and fight for, if need be. It must be a glorious thing to engage in a mortal quarrel on a sweet sister's behalf! Now, of all things, would to heaven, I had a sister!"

It may have been that this strange yearning of Pierre for a sister, had part of its origin in that still stranger feeling of loneliness he sometimes experienced, as not only the solitary head of his family, but the only surnamed male Glendinning extant. A powerful and populous family had by degrees run off into the female branches; so that Pierre found himself surrounded by numerous kinsmen and kinswomen, yet companioned by no surnamed male Glendinning, but the duplicate one reflected to him in the mirror. But in his more wonted natural mood, this thought was not wholly sad to him. Nay, sometimes it mounted into an exultant swell. For in the ruddiness, and flushfulness, and vain-gloriousness of his youthful soul, he fondly hoped to have a monopoly of glory in capping the fame-column, whose tall shaft had been erected by his noble sires.

Then one day he received a letter informing him about his sister Isabel. It ran as:

"The name at the end of this letter will be wholly strange to thee. Hitherto my existence has been utterly unknown to thee. This letter will touch thee and pain thee. Pierre Glendinning, thou art not the only child of thy father; in the eye of the sun, the hand that traces this is thy sister's; yes, Pierre, Isabel calls thee her brother -- her brother! oh, sweetest of words, which so often I have thought to myself, and almost deemed it profanity for an outcast like me to speak or think. Read no further. If it suit thee, burn this letter; so shalt thou escape the certainty of that knowledge, which, if thou art now cold and selfish, may hereafter, in some maturer, remorseful, and helpless hour, cause thee a poignant upbraiding. No, I shall not, I will not implore thee. -- Oh, my brother, my dear, dear Pierre, -- help me, fly to me; see, I perish without thee; -- pity, pity, -- here I freeze in the wide, wide world; -- no father, no mother, no sister, no brother, no living thing in the fair form of humanity, that holds me dear. Nothing more; I will write no more; -- silence becomes this grave; -- the heart-sickness steals over me, Pierre, my brother. Scarce know I what I have written. Yet will I write thee the fatal line, and leave all the rest to thee, Pierre, my brother. -- She that is called Isabel Banford dwells in the little red farm-house, three miles from the village, on the slope toward the lake. Tomorrow night-fall -- not before -- not by day, not by day, Pierre.

'Thy sister, Isabel."

This letter, inscribed in a feminine, but irregular hand, and in some places almost illegible, plainly attesting the state of the mind which had dictated it; -- stained, too, here and there, with spots of tears, which chemically acted upon by the ink, assumed a strange and reddish hue -- as if blood and not tears had dropped upon the sheet; -- and so completely torn in two by Pierre's own hand, that it indeed seemed the fit scroll of a torn, as well as bleeding heart; -- this amazing letter, deprived Pierre for the time of all lucid and definite thought or feeling. He hung half-lifeless in his chair; his hand, clutching the letter, was pressed against his heart, as if some assassin had stabbed him and fled; and Pierre was now holding the dagger in the wound, to stanch the outgushing of the blood.

"Mystery! Mystery! Mystery of Isabel! Mystery! Mystery! Isabel and Mystery!"

Without wastig any time Pierre took up the journey to find his sister. As soon as he found his sister's address, he knocked at the door of the house. The door opened up slowly and to his utter delight he was standing before his sister Isabel. No word was spoken; no other soul was seen. They entered the room of the double casement; and Pierre sat down, overpowered with bodily faintness and spiritual awe. He lifted his eyes to Isabel's gaze of loveliness and loneliness; and then a low, sweet, half-sobbing voice of more than natural musicalness was heard: --

"And so, thou art my brother; -- shall I call thee Pierre?"

Steadfastly, with his one first and last fraternal inquisition of the person of the mystic girl, Pierre now for an instant eyes her; and in that one instant saw in the imploring face, not only the nameless touchingness of that of the sewing-girl, but also the subtler expression of the portrait of his then youthful father, strangely translated, and intermarryingly blended with some before unknown, foreign feminineness. In one breath, Memory and Prophecy, and Intuition tell him -- "Pierre, have no reserves; no minutest possible doubt; -- this being is thy sister; thou gazest on thy father's flesh."

He sprang to his feet, and caught her in his undoubting arms.

"Thou art! thou art!"

He felt a faint struggling within his clasp; her head drooped against him; his whole form was bathed in the flowing glossiness of her long and unimprisoned hair. Brushing the locks aside, he now gazed upon the death-like beauty of the face, and caught immortal sadness from it. She seemed as dead; as suffocated, -- the death that leaves most unimpaired the latent tranquillities and sweetnesses of the human countenance.

He would have called aloud for succor; but the slow eyes opened upon him; and slowly he felt the girl's supineness leaving her; and now she recovers herself a little, -- and again he feels her faintly struggling in his arms, as if somehow abashed, and incredulous of mortal right to hold her so. Now Pierre repents his over-ardent and incautious warmth, and feels himself all reverence for her. Tenderly he leads her to a bench within the double casement; and sits beside her; and waits in silence, till the first shock of this encounter shall have left her more composed and more prepared to hold communion with him.

She was a sight to behold. She had pinned her mane of brown hair up in a lavish Victorian bun atop her head, little wisps of fine hairs falling free on the back of her fine neck. She wore a floor length gown of black crushed velvet with a plunging front that showed her cleavage most generously. Judging from the bulge of her breasts under the dress, she had decided to forego a bra tonight. Pierre wondered to himself whether she had skipped her knickers as well.

The question of Tune occurred to Pierre. How old was Isabel? According to all reasonable inferences from the presumed circumstances of her life, she was his elder, certainly, though by uncertain years; yet her whole aspect was that of more than childlikeness; nevertheless, not only did he feel his muscular superiority to her, so to speak, which made him spontaneously alive to a feeling of elderly protectingness over her; not only did he experience the thoughts of superior world-acquaintance, and general cultured knowledge; but spite of reason's self, and irrespective of all mere computings, he was conscious of a feeling which independently pronounced him her senior in point of Tune, and Isabel a child of everlasting youngness.

Now Pierre began to see mysteries interpierced with mysteries and mysteries eluding mysteries; and began to seem to see the mere imaginariness of the so supposed solidest principle of human association.

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V The Second Part Of The Story Of Isabel

HIS SECOND interview with Isabel was more satisfying, but none the less affecting and mystical than the first, though in the beginning, to his no small surprise, it was far more strange and embarrassing.

As before, Isabel herself admitted him into the farm-house, and spoke no word to him till they were both seated in the room of the double casement, she suddenly turned, and fully confronted Pierre with all the wonderfulness of her most surprising face.

Pierre pulled Isabel into his arms, crushing her mouth in a powerful kiss. His tongue thrust aggressively into her mouth. Isabel hung in his arms, submitting to and then becoming caught up in his passion. She began to duel shyly with his tongue. He moved up the settee and settled his mouth over hers, thrusting his tongue between her moistly parted lips. His arms crushed her briefly in an involuntary spasm, and then he again took possession of her mouth, exploring her with erotic skill. A moment later, his hot lips and nibbling teeth began to explore her neck and then moved to her shell-like ear, thrusting his tongue inside. Her head fell back, her eyes gazed blindly at the star-studded night sky, and she creamed her pantalettes. "Oh God," she panted. "Please stop. We mustn't," she pleaded unconvincingly, His cock kicked against his trousers, demanding attention. "Right now, I'm so hard that it hurts. I'd like you to help me find satisfaction,

"Oh Pierre I can't afford any sort of scandal." She whispered. "Believe me I am a virgin"

"Isabel, my sweet, I shall not take your maidenhead. None but your husband will have that honor." He assured her. "The ways that I teach you will leave Society as ignorant as a child. You will not lose your virginity, nor will you become pregnant."

"Is it possible dear?" she asked with her heart beating wildly.

"Yes, I want you to take my cock into your mouth and suck on it. Lick it with your tongue."

From the folds of his pants, Pierre pulled out a long, hard shaft, the tip swollen almost to the size of a plum. The thick shaft pulsed in his hand. Pierre slid his hand slowly, cupping the large head in his palm. Isabel watched hypnotized, her eyes all over the large member, seeing a single pearly drop of fluid well up from the open slit in the top and then hang trembling on the plum-like top. Dreamily, Isabel reached out and caught it on her fingertip, brought it to her mouth and tasted his essence. She was oblivious to the gasp and lurch of Pierre's body as her nailtip gently scraped his urethral slit. He watched her savor the salty taste of his precum, her eyes closed as she concentrated. When she opened them again, she blushed to find him watching her. Pierre's eyes were hot, and the planes and angles of his face clenched with the effort to restrain him.

"Isabel," he growled. The tone raised chills on her back. "Suck my cock." For some reason, the demanding way that he spoke was very erotic to her. Without thought, she leaned forward and kissed the tip of his hard shaft, feeling drops of pearly fluid escaping from the slit in the top as she kissed him. "Take it in your mouth," he ordered.

Obediently, her eyes closing, Isabel opened her mouth widely to engulf the thick tip of his cock in her heated mouth. "Watch your teeth, darling," Pierre warned tensely. "A man's cock is very..." he hissed at the feel of her tongue licking all around the tip inside her mouth, "sensitive." He finished somewhat raggedly.

Isabel seemed to have a natural affinity for cock-sucking. Within moments, half of his cock was swallowed into her mouth, laved with saliva as she swept her tongue around it. Even the occasional touches of teeth were erotic rather than painful. Isabel listened happily to his groans and hisses of pleasure. Pierre raised both hands to her head, guiding her mouth into a rhythm that would lead to a swift conclusion. By his calculations, they had less than ten minutes to reach her home. But at some future point he would have her take at least an hour just to suck his cock into her talented throat.

"Isabel, I'm about to orgasm." Pierre struggled to keep his voice steady. "When I do, a lot of juice is going to shoot out of my cock and into your mouth. I want you to swallow it all darling."

At seven Pierre changed his dress; and at half-past eight went below to meet his mother at the breakfast table.

Mrs. Glendinning kept her fixed eye on Pierre, who, unmindful that the breakfast was not yet entirely ready, seating himself at the table, began helping himself -- though but nervously enough -- to the cream and sugar. The moment the door closed on Dates, the mother sprang to her feet, and threw her arms around her son; but in that embrace, Pierre miserably felt that their two hearts beat not together in such unison as before.

"What haggard thing possesses thee, my son? Speak, this is incomprehensible! Lucy; -- fie! -- not she? -- no love-quarrel there; -- speak, speak, my darling boy!"

"My dear sister," began Pierre.

"Sister me not, now, Pierre; -- I am thy mother."

"Well, then, dear mother, thou art quite as incomprehensible to me as I to-- "

"Talk faster, Pierre -- this calmness freezes me. Tell me; for, by my soul, something most wonderful must have happened to thee. Thou art my son, and I command thee. It is not Lucy; it is something else. Tell me."

"My dear mother," said Pierre, impulsively moving his chair backward from the table, "there is nothin to tell thee."

"Not in the slightest degree, Pierre. Have you seen Lucy lately?"

"I have not, my mother."

Mrs. Glendinning slowly rose to her feet, and her full stature of womanly beauty and majesty stood imposingly over him.

"Tempt me no more, Pierre. I will ask no secret from thee; all shall be voluntary between us, as it ever has been, until very lately, or all shall be nothing between us. Beware of me, Pierre. There lives not that being in the world of whom thou hast more reason to beware, so you continue but a little longer to act thus with me."

She reseated herself, and spoke no more. Pierre kept silence; and after snatching a few mouthfuls of he knew not what, silently quitted the table, and the room, and the mansion.

She was not risen yet. So, the strange imperious instantaneousness in him, impelled him to go straight to her chamber-door, and in a voice of mild invincibleness, demand immediate audience, for the matter pressed.

Already namelessly concerned and alarmed for her lover, now eight-and-forty hours absent on some mysterious and undisclosable affair; Lucy, at this surprising summons was overwhelmed with sudden terror; and in oblivion of all ordinary proprieties, responded to Pierre's call, by an immediate assent.

Opening the door, he advanced slowly and deliberately toward her; and as Lucy caught his pale determined figure, she gave a cry of groping misery, which knew not the pang that caused it, and lifted herself trembling in her bed; but without uttering one word.

Pierre sat down on the bedside; and his set eyes met her terrified and virgin aspect.

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"Decked in snow-white, and pale of cheek, thou indeed art fitted for the altar; but not that one of which thy fond heart didst dream: -- so fair a victim!"


" Tis the last cruelty of tyrants to make their enemies slay each other."

"My heart! my heart!"

"Nay; -- Lucy, I am married."

The girl was no more pale, but white as any leper; the bedclothes trembled to the concealed shudderings of all her limbs; one moment she sat looking vacantly into the blank eyes of Pierre, and then fell over toward him in a swoon.

Swift madness mounted into the brain of Pierre; all the past seemed as a dream, and all the present an unintelligible horror. He lifted her, and extended her motionless form upon the bed, and stamped for succor. The maid Martha came running into the room, and beholding those two inexplicable figures, shrieked, and turned in terror. But Pierre's repeated cry rallied Martha from this, and darting out of the chamber, she returned with a sharp restorative, which at length brought Lucy back to life.

"Martha! Martha!" now murmured Lucy, in a scarce audible whispering, and shuddering in the maid's own shuddering arms, "quick, quick; come to me -- drive it away! wake me! wake me!"

"Nay, pray God to sleep again," cried Martha, bending over her and embracing her, and half turning upon Pierre with a glance of loathing indignation. "In God's holy name, sir, what may this be? How came you here; accursed!"

"Accursed? -- it is well. Is she herself again, Martha?"

"Thou hast somehow murdered her; how then be herself again? My sweet mistress! oh, my young mistress! Tell me! tell me!" and she bent low over her.

Pierre now advanced toward the bed, making a gesture for the maid to leave them; but soon as Lucy re-caught his haggard form, she whisperingly wailed again, "Martha! Martha! drive it away! -- there -- there! him -- him!" and shut her eyes convulsively, with arms abhorrently outstretched.

"Monster! incomprehensible fiend!" cried the anew terror-smitten maid -- "depart! See! she dies away at the sight of thee -- begone! Wouldst thou murder her afresh? Begone!"

Starched and frozen by his own emotion, Pierre silently turned and quitted the chamber; and heavily descending the stairs, tramped heavily -- as a man slowly bearing a great burden -- through a long, narrow passage leading to a wing in the rear of the cottage, and knocking at Mrs. Llanyllyn's door, summoned her to Lucy, who, he briefly said, had fainted. Then, without waiting for any response, left the house, and went directly to the mansion.

"Is my mother up yet?" said he to Dates, whom he met in the hall.

"Not yet, sir; -- heavens, sir! are you sick?"

"To death! Let me pass."

Ascending toward his mother's chamber, he heard a coming step, and met her on the great middle landing of the stairs, where in an ample niche, a marble group of the temple-polluting Laocoon and his two innocent children, caught in inextricable snarls of snakes, writhed in eternal torments.

"Mother, go back with me to thy chamber."

She eyed his sudden presence with a dark but repressed foreboding; drew herself up haughtily and repellingly, and with a quivering lip, said, "Pierre, thou thyself hast denied me thy confidence, and thou shalt not force me back to it so easily. Speak! what is that now between thee and me?"

"I am married, mother."

"Great God! To whom?"

"Not to Lucy Tartan, mother."

"That thou merely sayest 'tis not Lucy, without saying who indeed it is, this is good proof she is something vile. Does Lucy know thy marriage?"

"I am but just from Lucy's."

Thus far Mrs. Glendinning's rigidity had been slowly relaxing. Now she clutched the baluster, bent over, and trembled, for a moment. Then erected all her haughtiness again, and stood before Pierre in incurious, unappeasable grief and scorn for him.

"My dark soul prophesied something dark. If already thou hast not found other lodgment, and other table than this house supplies, then seek it straight. Beneath my roof, and at my table, he who was once Pierre Glendinning no more puts himself."

She turned from him, and with a tottering step climbed the winding stairs, and disappeared from him; while In the baluster he held, Pierre seemed to feel the sudden thrill running down to him from his mother's convulsive grasp.

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VI The Unprecedented Final Resolution Of Pierre

When the full sun was well up the heavens, Pierre drew near the farm-house of the Ulvers, he descried Isabel, standing without the little dairy-wing, occupied in vertically arranging numerous glittering shield-like milk-pans on a long shelf, where they might purifyingly meet the sun. Her back was toward him. As Pierre passed through the open wicket and crossed the short, soft, green sward, he unconsciously muffled his footsteps, and now standing close behind his sister, touched her shoulder and stood still.

She started, trembled, turned upon him swiftly, made a low, strange cry, and then gazed rivetedly and imploringly upon him.

"I look rather queerish, sweet Isabel, do I not?" said Pierre at last with a writhed and painful smile.

"My brother, my blessed brother! -- speak -- tell me -- what has happened -- what hast thou done? Oh! Oh! I should have warned thee before, Pierre, Pierre; it is my fault -- mine, mine!"

"What is thy fault, sweet Isabel?"

'Thou hast revealed Isabel to thy mother, Pierre."

"I have not, Isabel. Mrs. Glendinning knows not thy secret at all."

They passed into the room of the double casement. He was turning from her, when Isabel sprang forward to him, caught him with both her arms round him, and held him so convulsively, that her hair sideways swept over him, and half concealed him.

"Pierre, if indeed my soul hath cast on thee the same black shadow that my hair now flings on thee; if thou hast lost aught for me; then eternally is Isabel lost to Isabel, and Isabel will not outlive this night. If I am indeed an accursing thing, I will not act the given part, but cheat the air, and die from it. See; I let thee go, lest some poison I know not of distill upon thee from me."

She slowly drooped, and trembled from him. But Pierre caught her, and supported her. she bent over him toward him; his mouth wet her ear; he whispered it.

"Foolish, foolish one. Behold, in the very bodily act of loosing hold of me, thou dost reel and fall; -- unanswerable emblem of the indispensable heart-stay, I am to thee, my sweet, sweet Isabel! Prate not then of parting."

He kissed her hotly while skillfully loosening the ties, tapes and fastenings to her dress and petticoats. When the kiss ended, he leaned back a little and watched with satisfaction as the front of Isabel's outfit fell forward, completely exposing her succulent breasts to his view. Before she could be overcome by modesty, Pierre swept her up into his arms and carried her to the bed, laying her down on top of the covers. He stood back for a moment; admiring the beautiful sight of Isabel spread before him, breasts heaving with her quickened breaths, skin a fiery red with shyness. He removed his cravat, wrenching at it with impatient fingers, then swiftly undid the fastenings to his waistcoat and vest. Dropping them carelessly on the floor, Pierre joined Isabel on the bed, bending immediately to take the hardened, sensitive tip of one succulent breast into his mouth.

She was unprepared for the shafts of delight that went directly from her breast to her already moist cunny. The thought that he would suckle her like a babe was too delicious to bear. Isabel arched her back, offering herself more fully to whatever he would do with her. For long, breathless moments Pierre suckled and pulled at her nipples, bringing them to such a state of erection that they protruded nearly an inch from her breasts. He ran one hand over the other breast, teasing her nipple without actually touching it. The other hand grasped both Isabel's hands holding them above her head. The bombardment of erotic feelings caused her love juice to trickle wetly between her nether lips.

Isabel laid with her head arched back, neck submissively bared to him. Pierre felt several spurts of male-juice drench the front of his trousers. His cock pushed forward against his trousers and threatened to burst from the friction of the cloth rubbing over its head.

Pierre discretely shifted his bone-hard cock, trying to find a more comfortable position. He wanted Isabel naked and writhing on the bed before he removed the rest of his clothing. The sensation of vulnerability she would feel, naked while he was clothed, would arouse her almost as much as his caresses. Pierre began to remove articles of her clothing, stopping frequently to suckle her breasts whenever he felt her flinch with maidenly shyness.

Finally, she lay completely naked save for garters. Pierre stood beside the bed a moment, one hand pinching and twisting her sensitive nipple while his eyes roamed over her body. Soft curls the same color as her hair covered Isabel's mound sparsely. Droplets of moisture had dampened the curls slightly. The sweet, musky odor of her arousal hung in the air. Pierre breathed it in, his eyes closed to savor the heady aroma of virgin cunt. Isabel's soft moans grew louder, and Pierre realized he was savagely pinching her nipple. But far from a moan of pain, Pierre observed with some amazement that this tender young virgin had actually grown more aroused at his unwittingly cruel grip. Her thighs rubbed together, and her head twisted on the coverlet.

"Isabel," Pierre spoke commandingly, "open your legs for me." He nodded as she slowly opened her eyes to look at him, shaking her head half-heartedly. "Yes, Isabel. Obey me. Open your legs."

Slowly, her legs inched apart.

"More, Isabel. Open them all the way. Until your legs cannot open any further. Do it! Or I will do it for you." Isabel shuddered at the commanding words, another rush of wetness sliding down to make her nether lips rub wetly together. She spread her legs open, crying out as Pierre rewarded her with another hard pinch to her nipple.

"Now, reach down and open your cunny for me. I want to see inside that virgin cunny. Do it, Isabel. You know you want to. I can see how wet you are from here."

Blushing hotly, Isabel complied. She had never touched herself in such a way, and couldn't believe the naughty sensations. Her eyes were closed tightly, bright sparkling lights on the inside of her eyelids as she used one finger from both hands and parted the lips of her cunt.

"That's it, darling. That luscious cunt of yours is just aching to be filled and reamed by a hard cock, isn't it? Isn't it?" he insisted more loudly.

"Oooh, yes," Isabel moaned, not really understanding the implications of his question, responding instead to his tone of voice.

"Well, that's too bad. You will have to wait for your future husband to tear through your hymen. I'm after a different virginity, darling." This last was drawled between firm pinches to both nipples. Then, moving one hand down to the vee of her thighs, "That doesn't mean that I won't play with your sweet pearl, darling. I see that it needs some attention. Why, it is swollen almost as large as your nipples. Open your eyes and look, Isabel. Watch as I massage your tender bud." He suited action to his words, firmly massaging, rubbing and finally pinching her swollen, aching pearl. Isabel's hips arched up off the bed and she gave a small scream. Pierre watched fascinated as a small spray of her wetness covered his hand and her inner thighs. Isabel's hips hung in the air for long moments, and Pierre was able to see the mouth of her virgin cunny pulsing, sucking hungrily at the air. Finally she collapsed back onto the bed, covered in a fine layer of sweat, panting.

"We are not finished, sweetheart," Pierre informed her imperturbably as he began to remove the remainder of his clothes.

Isabel's eyes felt weighted by lead, but she slowly managed to look at him. What she saw shocked her awake. Pierre stood there naked and proudly erect. His shaft was larger than she remembered, pulsing an angry red, rising up from a bush of honey-colored hair that clustered thickly around the base. Isabel didn't even realize that she was studying him so intently until Pierre cleared his throat politely. "Will I do?" he asked her semi-seriously. He didn't see any fear in her eyes. Then again, she didn't know where his cock was going to go, so she had no cause for fear - yet.

"What more will we do? Would you like me to take you in my mouth again?" her voice was little more than a whisper of sound.

He smiled. "No, darling, there is no need for you to take me in your mouth right now. Although, we will need quite a bit of moisture for this," he announced cryptically. Briefly turning away from Isabel, he went to the small bedside table and opened a drawer, making a satisfied sound at what he found.

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Pierre brought out a small glass flask with a cork in it, filled with an almost clear liquid. He set that on top of the table, and next removed several other items. There were gloves, several cloths and some strips of black velvet, about 3 inches wide and several feet long. Isabel watched with wide, wondering eyes as all of these items were laid out neatly on the tabletop. Pierre's demeanor had changed with the advent of these mysterious items. No longer the teasing, urbane lover of moments before, his features had hardened and become fiercer, more purposeful.

Isabel had no idea what had caused this change in Pierre, but it sent a thrill through her nonetheless. At his command, she rolled over on the bed and lifted herself up to allow Pierre to place several cloths on the bedspread beneath her pelvis, wondering what they were for.

It was time for the final act, the taking of her bottom's virginity. This would require some patience, some force, and a certain disregard for protests once the insertion began. The first few moments were often uncomfortable, but the unguent in the flask would assure entry for even the tightest of bottom-mouths and the stoutest of weapons.

"Turn over on your belly," Pierre commanded. She obeyed.

"Raise your hands above your head, and raise up your bottom half, bringing your knees up closer to your chest." Isabel hesitated for a moment, but complied with a small squeak when Pierre smacked her naked bottom cheek. Taking two of the velvet strips, he tied one around each wrist and fastened the other ends to the bedposts above her head. He took another velvet strip and tied it around Isabel's head to blindfold her. A fourth strip unexpectedly came around her head and was settled firmly in her mouth. She gave a muffled protest, feeling some trepidation about why he would want to prevent her from speaking.

"Isabel, this will increase your pleasure. It will also help you to relax and comply with my commands, as I have removed your ability to make decisions about what will happen. However, if you find that you are unable to bear the pain or the pleasure of my caresses, raise the index finger of both hands and I will unbind you."

The explanation was growled hotly into her ear, raising goosebumps along her back. Isabel moaned deeply, unsure whether to be scared or excited at the mention of pain and pleasure together, settling herself into the position he had demanded. "Raise your fingers to show that you understand."

After confirming that she understood the signal, Pierre took additional strips and tied them just behind her knees, pulling the long strips up and binding them both behind her neck, thus trussing her securely in position. He donned one of the gloves and uncorked the flask, held it above the taut split of her buttocks, and tipped it over two outstretched gloved fingers. He watched as the oil slid over his gloved fingers, some dripping down to land in the valley between her ass cheeks and sliding down over Isabel's tightly clenched amber rosebud. She flinched at the touch of the liquid on so sensitive a place, then flinched again when his drenched fingers touched her bum, smearing the liquid sensuously. Pierre set the flask down for a moment, and used that hand to further spread her cheeks, allowing better access. He began to rub the two fingers more firmly against her clenched anus, sensuously spreading the unguent in ever-decreasing circles until his fingers were centered on the small bud. He watched with fascination, his hard cock dripping precum on the covers.

Isabel was gasping for breath, eager to feel the strange pleasure of his finger entering her behind, and hugely aroused by the helpless position. She was unable to move, to avoid his caresses. Why the oil, she wondered innocently? He hadn't needed it before. Such thoughts were stopped as one finger slid deeply into her bottom mouth, involuntary contractions trying to push him back out but only drawing him in more deeply.

"That's it, my hot little cunt, that's it. Suck on my finger. Feel how it spreads you open, tickles your rectum. God, you are so tight!" Pierre's voice was fractured with lust as his eyes hotly devoured the sight of his finger thrusting in and out of Isabel's tightly grasping anus. He continued so for a few moments, feeling the ease with which he pushed in and out as the oil did its work. Almost before she had become accustomed to the sensation Pierre removed that finger. Isabel moaned a protest at the loss of sensation, but suddenly his finger was back. Only this time, it was accompanied by another finger, and both slid smoothly inside her tight bottom.

Isabel's back ached at the incredible sense of fullness in her passage. She thrust her ass involuntarily up into the air. The liberal application of oil had eased the entrance so that even the stretching of her rosebud was pleasurable. Moans and cries escaped the velvet gag, and a spurt of wetness trickled down her inner thighs, dripping onto the covers. He smiled painfully at the sight. Rarely had he come across a woman as passionate as this one. The carnal sensations of his fingers steadily, rhythmically spearing in and out of her bottom mouth consumed the young miss. Her head tossed back and forth, moans steadily growing louder. Pierre removed the hand that had been spreading open her bottom cheeks, and reached around to caress her neglected clitoris.

Through the gag, he could hear Isabel moaning. Even through the velvet gag, he understood her muffled request to "flick my pearl, Oh God, yes, flick my pearl." He complied, and she came immediately, rectum clenching and rippling around his embedded fingers.

Pierre breathed in hard, preventing his own climax with effort. He kept his fingers inserted deeply in her rectum, beginning to spear them gently open and closed inside her even before the orgasmic tremors had died away. He needed to stretch her anus as much as possible. He also admitted to himself how much he liked to watch her rosebud wink open and closed as his fingers scissored inside her.

Isabel had barely caught her breath from the incredible orgasm before he began to arouse her again. She was moaning weakly into her gag, the velvet soaked with her saliva. She bent her head down, resting it on the bed. The movement caused her knees to pull forward even more, further opening her to Pierre's lustful gaze and erotic caresses.

Pierre again took up the flask, but this time he stripped off the soiled glove and dripped the fluid instead onto his heavily engorged cock. Isabel would have cried out in alarm had she been able to see his thick, pulsing cock, the head a deep red, drooling male-juice almost continuously as it approached her still extremely tight bottom mouth. His two fingers were no match for the thickness of his cockhead.

His hot, hugely swollen cockhead nudged against her rosebud, sending shivers down Pierre's back. He could feel small flutterings from her bottom mouth, almost mouthing the tip of his shaft. His oiled shaft slid pleasurably through his fingers as he positioned himself firmly against her. He braced himself, holding one of her hips with his free hand, crouched on his knees behind her upturned ass, and took a deep breath. Then he thrust forward.

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09-02-2008, 09:09 PM
The first thrust opened up her anus and slid the head of his cock inside. Isabel's head jerked up, her mouth open in a soundless scream as her bottom mouth snapped closed on the thinner portion of his cock behind the head. Pierre was two inches inside her rectum. He stared down in awe at the sight of his cock, extending out from her hugely stretched anus. The light amber ring around her rosebud had been stretched into a thin band. He threw his head back, taking deep breaths to control the urge to thrust fully inside her. Pierre knew that he must wait for her to grow accustomed to the invasion of her bottom before entering any further. He wanted her to enjoy sodomy, though the beginning part might be somewhat painful.

Isabel finally was able to voice a muffled scream at the sensation of something large stretching open her bottom. It was much larger than his fingers. She felt a burning pain! She finally realized what Pierre had meant, when he said in the carriage that he wanted to put other things besides a finger in her bottom. As Pierre remained unmoving inside her, though, the first stinging pain was transformed into a strange achy pleasure. It felt so odd, having something go in where things had only come out in the past. She panicked for a moment, feeling the urge to expel his cock and afraid that she would lose control of her bowels. In the midst of this panic, Pierre leaned forward, carefully holding his cock steady, and breathed into her ear, "Relax, darling Isabel, relax your bottom mouth. Push out as though you are going to the bathroom."

Isabel tried to follow his directions. The thought of calling a halt by their pre-arranged signal never entered her mind, she would later realize. The sensations, while somewhat painful, were also too pleasurable to give up. She felt an itching inside her bottom, and suddenly desired him to push inside her more deeply. Remembering how long and thick he was, she wondered if he would try to push the whole shaft into her. She also wondered how she would survive such a thing.

Pierre felt the slight relaxing of her bottom's tense grip, and pushed forward immediately. He gained another inch, then stopped and waited again, murmuring soothingly to her all the while. Again, he pushed forward and watched as another inch of his cock entered into her tight, hot rectum. Then another. At that point, Isabel cried out in protest, and he instantly stilled, waiting for her to grow accustomed to something this deeply inside her. He was past the point where his fingers had touched previously. Pierre pulled out slightly, hearing a sharp gasp from Isabel, then pushed forward again to his previous position. He repeated that motion, but when he pushed back in, he kept going and slid another inch into her rectum. Only two inches remained outside her tightly-packed ass, and he was determined to feed them to her before he exploded. His balls had long since drawn up tightly in his scrotum, and Pierre could tell that he would positively flood her ass when he finally allowed himself to cum. But not just yet. He slowly stroked in and out, assuring Isabel in a husky voice that the discomfort would pass, that soon she would feel nothing but pleasure. He constantly reminded her to push out with her muscles.

Isabel knelt on the bed in a welter of pleasurable pain. Her mouth hung open around the gag, and she took huge breaths through her flaring nostrils. With her eyes covered, she was completely focused on the sensations of feel and smell. The musky scent of sex in the room; her wet cunny dripping her juices on the bed; the herbal odor from the unguent; Pierre's sweat dripping onto her gleaming back - all were far more intense without sight. Her stretched-open rectum, full of thick, hard cock, burned and throbbed as muscles involuntarily spasmed around his embedded shaft. She felt the head flex deep inside her, growing larger for a moment and dragging a gasping moan from Isabel. Pierre heard her and did it again.

"Oh, God, Isabel, your ass is so tight! It feels so incredible, almost like your rectum is sucking on my cock. God, you are so hot. Do you like this? I think you must, the way your cunny is dripping all over the bed. How does this feel?" He pushed forward slightly, sliding an additional half-inch inside her. "How about this?" He slid his hips in very small circles, stretching her bottom mouth even more. "And this?" He pulled back, sliding his cock out until the head began to emerge, watching as her rectum clung to his flesh on the outstroke. Then, he pushed all the way back in one long thrust. This time only an inch remained outside her aching bottom. After another two mins of haevy thrusting he came and collapsed down saying "That's was good Isabel , wonder when can we do it again" and then falls asleep .

The End

09-02-2008, 11:19 PM
Beautiful Creatures

It was a warm night so I crossed my room to open the big French windows before I settled down for the night. My black silk negligee fluttered around the tops of my legs as a slight breeze entered the room, my nipples hardening against the material tight against them. I crawled into bed, the black material feeling cool and sensual on my smooth skin, bathed in the pale moonlight. I turned my head to look at the window, I had a peculiar feeling I was being watched, I couldn't see anything which made sense as I was on the 3rd floor.

Something fluttered from a nearby tree and my mind eased knowing it was just some sort of bird. I smiled to my self and rested my head back onto the big soft pillows as my body slid down into my bed, my hair fanned out around my head like a black halo. The cool material felt so good on my warm skin, and I could feel my nipples hardening even more against it. I slid my hand over my nipple, gently pinching it, causing me to moan in pleasure. My pussy started to tingle in anticipation as I slid my hand down my body, the other hand still caressing my erect nipples. My fingers quickly found my clit, and I rubbed it slowly, enjoying the sensations that flooded my body, "Mmm, yes" I moaned. My hands started to move faster and faster, as my orgasm quickly built inside me, God I needed a man, I began to fantasise about some tall, dark stranger coming to my room, and fucking me mercilessly as I plunged two fingers deep inside myself. I came hard, my pussy flooding around my hand. I smiled, satisfied, and drifted easily into sleep.

A few hours later I awoke, again feeling I was being watched, but I felt no unease. I sat up, my hair cascading down my back, contrasting against my creamy skin, glowing in the beautiful moonlight that was filling my room with shadows. From the dark corner I heard movement, footsteps but still I was not scared. He came out, and stood at the end of my bed, and I gasped at what I saw, he was the definition of beauty, his skin was paler than mine, and his jet black hair shone. It was long almost to the shoulder of his long red coat. His body looked gorgeous, and his face even more so, his eyes shone a brilliant green, so captivating I found it hard to break away from his stare. He had full red lips that seemed to call to me; he parted them and licked them slowly, his teeth flashing a brilliant white, the canines growing into long pointed fangs as he parted his mouth wider.

"Come to me." The voice seemed to echo in my head even though he had voiced no words. I rose onto my knees on the bed, as he moved around the side seeming to glide across the floor. He bent down as I turned up my face to kiss his luscious lips. His kiss was gentle but firm and I melted inside. Her pulled away and turned my head, my hair parted leaving my bare neck exposed, the left strap of my nightdress falling to reveal my breast. He cupped it squeezing the erect pink nipple as he opened his mouth wide.

I felt his fangs pierce the soft warm flesh of my neck as he drank my life-blood, the dark red liquid running down my white skin. I felt no pain only bliss, and at that moment I became his forever. He stopped as I began to weaken, opening a vain in his wrist for me to take him into me, I drank, the metallic tasting fluid burned through me, never had anything ever tasted so good, I felt truly awake and alive.

"Yes...drink my love...I will show you a new world, one where we shall be together for eternity," he whispered in my ear.

I drank, until my body collapsed back onto the bed writhing as I began to turn, to start a new life as a vampire, something I had dreamt of for so long. I had longed to become one of those beautiful creatures, forever young, elegant, and now it was finally happening. My body died, and my new eyes opened drinking everything in, looking into the face of my creator, my master, my lover, my soulmate.

He slowly slid his hand down the soft skin of my face, pushing my dark hair out of the way. I could feel his beautiful eyes boring into mine, seeing right into my soul with a deep animal lust.

"You are beautiful," He almost growled, his voice deep thick with desire, "and now you are mine." He pushed me back roughly, and I could feel my want for him pulsing through my veins instead of the warm blood, that used to give me life.

"I have watched you my love, watched you try to find us, and I have waited until you are ready, I have wanted you for so long, and now I have got you. You are so beautiful, I wanted you so badly earlier." I looked up at him questioningly, then realised it had been him at the window.

Knowing he had secretly watched me as I played with myself, made my pussy flood. He seemed to know this, and grinned down at me, canines flashing. "Tell me what you want, my love." He said, removing his coat.

"Oh, please...take me..." I mumbled, too frustrated to talk.

"You'll have to do better than that I'm afraid." He laughed at the frustration in my face.

I sat up, moved close to his face, and whispered in his ear, "Fuck me...now...truly make me yours...I give myself to you." With that he was suddenly naked, pushing me back, kissing me hard on the mouth. I thrust my hips up to meet his trying desperately to get some friction on my aching pussy. He laughed and moved his hips away from mine and kissed my neck, gently biting me, almost but not quite piercing my delicate white skin.

His kisses moved slowly down my body, as he kissed and sucked my nipples through the thin material of my negligee. I pushed my head back and groaned, my body felt like it was on fire, I needed him to fuck me, taste me, anything, but I needed it bad. My desire had never felt this strong before. He seemed to sense this and his kisses went further down still. His hands pushed my nightdress up above my hips, as he pushed his face between my legs. I cried out as I felt his wet tongue swirl around my clitoris, my hands raked through his hair, it felt so good. His tongue licked up and down my pussy, and my need to be fucked increased tenfold.

"Yes...please...mmm...more, fuck me, I need you to make me cum..." I moaned. His fingers roughly pushed inside me, as he continued to lick, slowly and gently sucking on my clit. It was too much for me, and my orgasm came crashing through me, I screamed out, almost whimpering until it finally subsided. He crawled back up my body, kissing me gently, and I could taste my juices faintly on his lips.

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09-02-2008, 11:21 PM
His kisses became harder, more urgent as his hips pressed down onto me. I could feel his erection hard against my stomach. I reached down desperately trying to reach for his cock. He pushed my hand away.

"No, my love, not yet, I need to be inside you." I moved my hands to his back and scratched my nails along his soft skin making him moan. He grasped his hard cock, and began stroking my wet pussy with the tip. I threw my head back gasping, I didn't know how much more of his teasing I would be able to take. I screamed in pleasure as he suddenly thrust deep inside me, nothing had ever felt like this. He was so deep inside me, I felt so full. I moaned again as he pulled almost completely out of me then thrust back in hard. He kept doing this, pushing me to the edge, then stopping before I was taken over. I could feel another orgasm building deep inside me already, no-one had ever made me cum so much, but everything he did felt incredible, his skin felt like fire against mine as we moved. He just seemed to know exactly how I felt at every moment.

"Shall I stop, am I too much for you to take?" he grinned down at me and his green eyes flashed as he teased me.

"No, No...please...don't ever stop...I'd do anything for you. It all feels so good. You feel so good inside me." He looked at me lying there beneath him, and stopped moving, smiling. I groaned my disapproval, thrusting my hips up, trying to get him moving. "Please...please...please my love...fuck me, I need to cum, I need to feel you cum, deep inside me" I begged and pleaded him.

He moved suddenly, flipping us over so I was now on top of him, his cock still buried inside me. I moaned and arched my back, he felt so fucking deep. I began to ride him, slow at first then picking up speed as my climax came closer. I screamed and shuddered as my body exploded in orgasm. I leant down to kiss him, but he grabbed my long hair, and pulled my head back, arching my back into an almost impossible curve, and began to thrust upwards; I came again, my pussy flooding around him.

After I got my breath back I continued rocking back and forth grinding down hard on to him. I could feel my clit rubbing against the base of his stomach, and every ridge of his cock as began to move up and down, riding him even harder. He let go of my hair, and tore my negligee over my head, throwing it to the floor. He grabbed my hips, moving me faster, and began to groan. One hand slid up my body to my nipple, and he pulled it gently, "Mmm, yes that feels so good." I whisper, as I rake my nails down his chest. God he looked so beautiful. He lifted his head to my nipple and began to suck; I could feel his sharp teeth graze over the surface.

"Bite me..." I whispered. He did as I asked, gently biting and I felt his teeth pierce my soft flesh, I groaned and threw my head back in ecstasy, he began to suck harder, tasting me, drinking my sweet blood. He stopped and laid back, his mouth coated with blood, my nipple dripping rubies to his chest. I leant down and carried on fucking him as I licked up my spilt blood, smearing it across his perfect skin. My own canines begin to grow and a deep hunger awakened in me as I moved up and kissed him hard on the lips, tasting more of my blood.

"Soon, my precious love, you will feast." He soothed me. My pace quickened as I was filled with urgency, partly to cum and partly to feed. He grabbed my ass; his long nails digging into my flesh. He moved faster too, matching my rhythm until we were fucking hard and fast, our sweat covered bodies glistening in the soft