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Re: Great Services-Great Massages-Great Bonks

Spa Review




Lot 1 to Lot 11, 4th Floor, Block G, Plaza Sentosa, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor


-208RM without water bed
-248RM with water bed


-Cafe with 2 guys servicing you. You can get free food and drinks here. There is a buffet too.

-Movie Room was showing Lan Kwai Fong during my visit. Seats are good with powerful air con.

-Locker with electronic locks are provided as a wrist band for you. There is a guy here that will pass clean towers and clothes to you.

-Toilet and shower rooms are clean and smell free.

-There are 2 suana rooms.

-4 Hot pool Jacuzzi. Although 2 arent working, it doesnt matter much.

Overall the ambience of the place is really good for bonking. Below are a few pictures i have taken after approved by Captian Edmond. You can see the Hot Pools and their water bed room in the gif and the locker room, shower and sauna in another picture.


-There are two captians there that i saw. One is always walking around while the other who i got to know by the name of Edmond, should be of the higher ranked there. He is a friendly young man. He doesnt hard sell and are patience to clients who cant make up their minds. IMHO i think he runs the joint well.


-There are quite a lot of ladies working there. They are from Vietnam and Thailand. I dont know the real number as they comes by batch of 4s or 5s. They will come to the hot pool area to pose for clients to choose or the cafe area. Everyone of them when presented will be smiling. The one who i had chosen kept blinking and smiling seductively at me trying to catch my attention which she did haha.

Water bed:

-The room as show above the gif looks really good to me despite there are some fading paints. The ambience is perfect for bonking. Temperature is also cool enough to make me feel good.
*One suggestion for Bro Edmond. If you can change the water bed to the type that has a hole for your face will be great.

Main Event:

-Body to Body rubba. With a soapy body, she rubbed me all over with her body and it really turns me on the whole duration. What can i say. this is heaven on earth.

-Tigerbath. Until now then i realized what is real tiger bath. Those Thai FLs that i bonked in SG were only catbath. This is a new standard set by this viet lady servicing me. She will lick me from top to bot and bot to top. Front to back and back to front. Stopping at certain sensitive locations. The feeling made me twitched my body non stop. Damn!

-Hot and Cold BBBJ. Really really really fantastic. Never had this done to mini Yashlro before. I felt Mini Yashlro become a Popsicle and then a BBQ sausage. Two extremes experienced. I felt that my body had rejuvenated.

-FJ. As she seems quite young, her body is very tight. Pussy also tight. Bonking on the water bed is really good. I sprayed water over her and took her in various position. After released she BBBJ me to help me clean up then wash me again. This is the kind of service i have always been looking for.

My Reviews:

-As a Spa newbie, i truly think that this place is really value for money. 248RM is only like SGD$84.50. You get free jacuzzi hot pool, sauna, food, movies and a full service bonk.

-New Bros who just start chionging must try this kind of venture. This is what i call real services. This is what i call value for money.

*Note to Captian Edmond. You need to change the notice in your center toilet. It should be saying "Please Flush After Use. Thank You!"

*Thank you Bro Naka for letting me tag along in this trip. We should recommend and bring more Bros to this kind of joints so that they can enjoy good times like we had.

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