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Re: L18h18

After much attempt, finally find a slot to try this G9. Waited for 20min she finally came down, first look, er..... rather normal only and was abit regret to advance booked her.

Her bathing is very SOP but she cleaned my ass hole very detail and we could click very well as I knew some thai language. On the bed, we was hugging one another and french like no tomorrow. Then she proceed to lick my ears, near follow by my nipples while her hands busy stroking my junior. She then made full of her boobs and rubba against my body. Shiok!! felt the pointer nipples writing against my body.

Slowly, she proceed south reaching out hungrily for bro junior to give him a bbbj. She seem enjoying licking and sucking the tips of it follow by swallowing the whole of it. While I'm feeling like 5th heaven, she hinted me to lift up my legs and I knew she is going to bring me to 6th heavy soon.

I could felt that her tongue was licking and poking my ass hole. It accompany with circular motion, anti clock wise, up/down, left/right, faster...... faster..... and faster...... OMG!!! The tickling sensation, the coldness and smoothness of her wet tongue. I'm unknowingly left go a soft moan as it is really very shiok.

While I'm still enjoying, she suddenly stood up and walk near the fridge to have a drink and I was like. Knn $%^&()&(*&%^%, I want more lei. She came back and suddenly swallowed my cock. Oh.... oh.... my....... god. My cock was surrounded with warm sensation and occasionally felt the sweet tongue licking it. She followed by drinking a slips of water and bbbj me again with cold water. Sorry, maybe I'm rather new in this as it is my first time trying this 'Bing Huo Wu Cong Tian'. My white soldiers almost wanted to dash out from the castle and surrended themselves. Just then, the alarm clock start ringing. (Realised it was the speaker where the okt hinting time up later)

She quickly took out the CD and cap me and i could see she transform to a wlid cowgirl and kept rocking up and down furiously while I hold her great asset and fondle it and sucking it. I deicded to end it with missionary as i love to see the facial expression of the girl when I wack them hard. The feeling of seeing my junior in out in out of her tight pussy and the way she moan is really a enjoyment. Soon, we both reached the 9th heaven and i loaded all my white soldier into her. Ops!!!! I mean the CD.

Overall she is a very service orientated girl and could give you the 100% shiok feeling. Imagine she spend almost the full 20min (Minus undressing and bathing time till phone ring) just to service me and make me felt so shiok. Bros going for service MUST NOT miss this gem.

Face :6.5/10
Body :6.5/10 (nice curves and slight bak)
Boobs :6/10 (C cup but abit hard type)
frenching: 8.5 / 10
Catbath :7/10
Boobs massage: 8/10
BBBJ :9.5/10 (Bing Huo Wu Cong Tian)
AR :8.5/10
AJ : Nil (No time to try but will attempt during next visit since mine is only average size)
RTF :But of course.
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