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Re: Managed To Last Longer In Bed

Originally Posted by YW239 View Post
will the penis goes soft after awhile due to not being able to feel anythig or cum?
The answer is no, please see post 63, see the FAQ below also
.................................................. .................................................. .....

I wrote another Q/A but this one is a different Q/A, it has to do with usage issues
or application errors.

Here is the Q/A

Q: I did not feel any cooling feeling after applying, why?
A: This means that the liquid was never absorbed in the first place, this
means something went wrong during the application process

Q: Can i apply the gambir after bathing?
A: Yes you can, just remember to keep the surface area dry when applying

Q: After spraying the liquid, i only felt a slight cooling feeling, why?
A: This probably means not the entire liquid got absorbed, hence its an
application issue, which is due to the fact the liquid was not spread
evenly on the head/shaft

Q: I put alot of gambir on my penis till its soaked but still nothing, why?
A: The more you put the longer it takes to absorb, putting more does not mean
good, the correct way is to put a the liquid on your penis spread evenly/thinly

Q: How long should i leave the liquid on to absorb nicely?
A: Atleast about 10 minutes or until you feel the cooling feeling start subsiding
meaning the liquid is fully absorbed

Q: How much of gambir should i put?
A: Normally for most people its 2-3 squirts but for some maybe more as
this depends on individuals, basically as long as you cover the surface
area its fine.

Q: Will my penis become numb till i cannot cum?
A: No, for this particular grade of gambir the "Unggul" grade, there is
no numbing feeling at all

Q: Will i still be able to have an erection when using gambir?
A: Yes you will, because this particular grade of gambir does not numb
hence it will not affect your erection in any way at all

Q: How should i clean up after application?
A: The best would be by dry tissue, you can rinse lightly as well
but do not over wash.

Q: You say do not over wash but when i go to commercial sex they will bathe me as well
how will this effect the gambir?
A: When you go to the commercial, you would have already applied the liquid and it
would have been absorbed already, so it won't be an issue, but washing by the sex worker
is fine, but for yourself do not over do the washing. Its like you wash they wash hence
becomes over wahing, single wash by the sex worker is fine.

Q: Do i need to pull back the foreskin to apply?
A: For some people it does not matter, but for myself i pull back the foreskin
when applying, for me it just absorbs better

Q: Do i need to be erected when i put the gambir liquid on?
A: No its not neccessary as it will still be absorbed into the skin anyways

I will add on more to the Q/A as i can soon
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