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How I finally convinced my wife for threesome

Me and my wife have been married for four years, with one boy and girl. My wife does not work, full-time taking care our children, our relationship were harmony, but sex life was not really exciting, and is the main reason we start to approach this type of activity.

My wife is a traditional girl, quite pretty, but temperament and living simply. Before me, she had sexual experience with two other men, and had three times sex with both of them, all in each other's initiatives, all occurred unexpectedly. Sex before marriage may be because the influence of her unmarried status and experience, so her reaction was less enthusiastic, but acceptable, and tie for me also, and I thought, after marriage, she should be better. After married, the situation is getting worse, sex life between us ware boring, I was not allowed to role play with her, just strip, touch a bit, insert, fuck and cum, for this on many occasions, only learned that when she had a concept of "make love not to give birth to a child that needs you? ". At that time, I was shocked! But think about her other than sex, I she knew how to take care of our house well, I just want to see how I can change the situation. Starting surfing the net and came across to know about swinging or threesome, also met some friends on the Internet, through the mail and phone, I understand that couples may also have different changes, but how I to communicate with my wife is a big problem, but I also was the first time, self knowledge is limited.

Begin to speak with my wife wants to do some changes in our sex life, swing between husband and wife or a threesome, one can imagine my wife's reaction, she refused, after repeatedly communication with my wife for more than 10, still no results. In a fortuitous chance met Chen and later the first teacher taught me the oil, He is from Taipei, Chen chat with me via telephone about our problem, also give me advice, I accepted his proposal through oil massage to get my wife get used to touch by other men.

Again try to communicate with my wife, I talked about it with showing a bit of anger, and my wife felt it, when I propose to try oil massage, my wife was reluctant at first but agreed, so I start looking through the newspaper looking for a professional male massage therapists. Preliminary communicated through phone to finalize the time and place. Agreed on that night at a nearby hotel, informed my wife two hours before that afternoon, my wife was too nervous stutter, I nodded. I was filled with hope and anxiety waiting for the arrival of the time, I thought was finally able to take the first step, and just want today to be carried out smoothly.
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