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Re: Nude traditional Thai massage

Originally Posted by despicableme View Post
I know what you are referring to but you cant really find this in bkk. If you go phuket and you go those small massage shops which is littered everywhere, not those big big massage chain, then you will just strip naked, lie on your front and use the tower they provide you to cover your butt and they began the massage. The reason is because special is definitely on the table if you want it, but phuket is not so straightforward where you can select massage and sex from a menu, it is you who negotiate directly with the lady on what you want and what you willing to pay.

Bkk is either you go in choose sex and massage or is legit ones where you need to wear loose loose clothing. For legit ones, I usually leave my underwear on, because those clothes fits anybody and is really damm lose. You can still ask for special if you fancy the girl, thais are very tolerant about this and may even be flattered that you asked. But those girls are not really attractive in most cases and you may be assigned a guy as well. So unless you want to play against the odds, in bkk, legit stays legit, sex and massage go to those shops where you can choose from the menu. You can request for those experienced in massage but dont expect standard same as those legit ones.
sorry, what i mean was aromatherapy oil massage.

In Sg usually (or 100% of the place i go) they will provide disposable undies, then i will wear it without question.

But in Bkk, if they provide, i will wear it. If they don't, i just strip naked. No complain or objection of ML anyway.
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