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Re: Si bei Bad bonk

i am back again..hehe

guys, do beware of girls with white card, they r so called monitor by police and giving information to them, they r required to report back to police, but don worry, as long u don do anything illegal(stealing their hp or money) u r safe to fk them or walk away without fking them because of cui face.

recently I was threaten by 1 of the girl with white card, she even dare to haolian, and say I got white card, I can "report" u to police(I 1 to leave because she look like face rub on tarmac for thousand years) but I still left don be afraid or feel guilty to leave, just leave when something is not right or up to standard.

I even left when I was undressing halfway n the girl 1 to collect money first, even after I say I will put it beside the bed.

now is getting harder and harder to get good qualities girl from prc, for as long as I can remember when wolves website exist till today, I only got 3-4 price at 100 but qualities same as past years when geylang was busty with prc, viet, thai and indo.

now to avoid disappointment, I will just go with 80-100, even the quality not exactly the same, but at least still can justified with that price range. alternatively if u got the time, u can try wechat nearby to look for viet or thai, but this required lots of time, and if u r lucky, u might get urselves a fb. I have slowly shifting myself to start hunting for thai or viet now, prc prostitute just CMI, comment in wolves r mostly from their own ppl or written by the girl themselves.

PS Now I got more competitors in wechat nearby.
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