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Re: Si bei Bad bonk

I tried several ladies in this sg_wolf_ stable :mostly are ok, some are friendly but I disagreed on the type of pics posted in sg_wolf_ to mislead cheongsters like us and especially using those long time ago (10 yrs or 5 yrs ago ) young and cute pictures to attract customer. See what I mean for Mei Qi and not to condemn her, she is actually overpriced with 120 + 50 entrance fee. She should be at least Cat 100 and with her looks and skills on bed, I can easily find a Cat 100 from GL who is better than her.

Actual ( Live ) pic:

Honestly the moment of seeing some fake picture of FL which turned out to be Aunties or Ah Ma looks, it will lead to my mood to be switched off.So please OKTs, use recent and live picture to attract genuine cheongster like me. I do appreciate some good OKTs like yese998 posted the real live picture - my respect to you!
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