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Re: Batam Info Thread

Originally Posted by Vizz View Post
basically a 2d1n trip cost me only abt $130-$180.nothing much to do there only bonking n cheap beer from the supermarket.meals just have it at the roadside stalls or coffeeshops.pretty cheap too.

I had to STRONGLY disagree with you on that...!
Unlike the other islands (Balai, Batu and Tg Pinang), you can actually do loads of other things (then only bonking) in Batam.

Apart for those girls booking joints or FLs hunting disco, which was being mentioned hundreds of times in the other Batam thread, these are the othere things you could do in Batam, after you got your girls you could...

1) go either window or actual shopping in few of the big malls here (at least 4 of them), or
2) go have a 2 hrs massage (clean, real and proper type) for only Rp.120k. There are also full spa packages if you have more time to spare.
3) If you are into games like Pool, Bowling or even Golf, there are a FEW (professional/proper) places for each individual sports where you can go and join yourself.
4) Take a long and relaxing car/taxi ride, just make sure you get a nice and comfortable car/taxi with air con ect, and go to either Bengkong, Nongsa Batu Bersah and if you have time (min 4hrs), even to Barelang for fresh and cheap Seafood.
5) Apart from the typical Karaoke clubs, there are actually MANY small and mid size pubs (ang mo style/concept) in town where you can have a beer for less then Rp.20k. Most are with free Pool tables.
6) Also, apart from the Disco, currently only 1 (Pacific), there are also few other night clubs with live bands playing nightly, where you can go to if you think that the disco is TOO LOUD for you...

If anyone have any non cheong related questions, post them here and I'll try my best to help answer them...
Happy Bataming
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