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Re: Anal action - how to convince a girl


What every norrmal, red-blooded male would LOVE to hear ....When she says[SIZE=7],"Okay, you can put it in my ass...", [/SIZE]
Here's what you need to know to do it right,
make her like it, and get her to ask you to do it again!

Anal Sex Tips # 3Finger-fuck her vagina while you're entering her ass!

One of the best tricks to get your woman to relax and experience her ass-fucking as pleasure is to touch and finger the opening of her pussy, her vagina, and to enter her with your fingers and give her a good old-fashioned finger fucking while you are in the early and sometimes painful part of anal entry. It seems to connect the wires in her head that tell her that this is a sexual experience, and not just a pain in the ass. I'm not talking about rubbing her clitoris, that's another technique, for another issue of anal sex tips. If you try a clit rub with most woman in the early stages of anal entry, they will try hard to stop you, complaining, and pushing your hands away unless "forced" into the clitoral rub. But they will almost always welcome fingers in the pussy, which is an experience of the right type and intensity to 'mellow' the discomfort of anal entry into the inexperienced asshole.

One girl I assfucked told me afterward, "when you were using your fingers on my pussy, you touched that area between my pussy and my, you know (she meant asshole, and was talking about her perineum, that ultrasensitive area between the anus and the vagina), it was like all of a sudden the pain I was feeling turned into a sharp bolt of pleasure. It still hurt after that at times, but it was a different kind of hurt that I kinda liked....". I've since used that trick, of stroking a girls perineum and fingering her pussy while assfucking many times.
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