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Re: Anal action - how to convince a girl

Be Lovingly Demanding: It relaxes her when you let her know you're in charge!
Sex is always a power game with women, and anal sex is the ultimate surrender of her power to your mastery of her body and the pleasure centers of her brain. If she senses too much uncertainty or weakness or excessive "niceness" she will be honor bound to resist you, to try to talk you out of it or get mad or cry. If you give in to her psychological jiu-jitsu, your dominant male status will be lessened in her eyes. Yet, at the same time, if you hurt her with either physical or emotional clumsiness, she will rightfully trust you less and have a harder time surrendering to you in the future. The secret to success here is psyching yourself into a state of mind that combines loving sensitivity with a rock hard determination that her asshole belongs to you, that you have just as much of a right as a Man to anal sex as to vaginal sex, and that it is her female duty to work with you to learn how to give you the anal sex that you demand as part of the sexual deal between the two of you.
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