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Re: Eraser nipple or thick lip = High sex drive?

Originally Posted by hugootober View Post
Eraser nipple + or thick lip = High sex drive?

I have 3 ex-gals friends + 2 FB before.

1st ex-gal (eraser nipple) and 3rd ex-gal (eraser nipple + think lip), wow, very horny horny type, every time they will take the initiative

From the above, can I say that for those gals with “eraser nipple + or thick lip = high sex drive”

Anyone here got FB, gf or wife like what I mention in above. Ok to share please!

Just sharing…..
Bro, I dont have the luck to come across gals with eraser nipples or thick lips. However I have heard and read that this type of gals usually are very wide and horny on bed.

The nipples and lips (both sets) are related to love and sex. So thicker ones naturally points to being more powerful in that aspect. I envy your lucky encounters.
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